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Applebee's International, Inc.
8140 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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Phone Number: (913) 890-0100
Fax Number: (913) 890-6879
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Applebee's Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Applebee's Executives

CEO: Julia Stewart
CFO: Rohan M. St. George
COO: Rebecca R. Tilden

Applebee's History

Applebee’s was founded in Decatur, Georgia, by Bill and T.J. Palmer in 1980. From this single restaurant, Applebee’s has grown to at least 2,019 locations in the U.S. and 15 countries around the world. The company focuses on a casual dining experience and serving American cuisine such as chicken, beef, hamburgers, pasta, shrimp, and ribs. Most locations offer a full bar and take out services.

Applebee’s has 28,000 employees and had $ 4.5 billion in revenue in 2014.  IHOP Corporation purchased Applebee’s in 2007, making this restaurant chain a part of the DineEquity Corporation.  The company recently moved their headquarters from Illinois to Kansas City, Missouri, in 2014.

This company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symptom DIN.


Applebee's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Applebee's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Applebee's is (913) 890-0100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Applebee's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Applebee's is Julia Stewart.

Question 3: Who founded Applebee's?
Answer 3: Applebee's was founded by in .

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Juanice tribett May 24, 2019 at 9:58 pm

My family and I had a terrible experience at AppleBee’s, this past May 23rd 2019. My second grandchild had just graduated from high school and we went to AppleBee’s to celebrate. We even had family fly in from Columbus, Ohio to celebrate with us. We arrived at the restaurant about 10:30 pm. Graduation exercises were over at 9:46pm.First we checked to see if they were still open. The closing time was1:00 am. Upon arrival the hostess informed us that the wait time was a hour and a half,looking perplexed we stood there noticing several tables unoccupied and unclean. The hostess stated give her a minute and she would check with management to see if we could be seated. We were a party of 9. The host never returned sending supposedly management for the evening, who promptly and a RUDE standoffish manner that just as the host said wait time was 1 hr and a half and the kitchen was backed up.Feeling offended by this rudenesswe left and celebrated at Denny’s which didn’t have problem accommodating us. I us to be a regular at Applebee but your staff has left. Bitter taste in my mouth. Not only was Denny’s accommodating but the service was excellent and professional. Our server was left with a great tip for their attentiveness and service.


Jasmine Avery May 23, 2019 at 6:03 pm

I was a employee at Applebee’s. I wasn’t scheduled to land my aunt had passed and I was on the way to meet my family and my store manager asked if I was coming in and I stated that I wasn’t scheduled to work and then I informed him of my family emergency and his response was well let me know if you are coming. The next day I was scheduled to work and though I did not want to I did so anyways as I tried to clock in the same man asked why I was there I said I’m scheduled to work today and he said well I don’t need you and made me leave. About a week ago the night shift manager was frustrated and that’s understandable but it isn’t my fault that the food was coming out late. They have me a plate that want properly assembled and I told them and was to take the plate anyways and the customer complained and the manager blamed me. And the customer left without paying and as the next guest came in the food was taking too long again and they decided to leave nut they said they’d pay for the drinks and I told the night shift manager and he started yelling at me and cursing me and although I went outside for fresh air and a cigarette he followed me escalating the problem and then I said I was on the way back in and he came back outside immediately after he left and got louder and I started to boil and I told him he wasn’t speaking to me in that manner and it made things worse and he tried to hit me and I got off the floor and asked him what’s his problem what did he want to do and I told him to hite if he dared amd he clocked me out without my tips and I got fired and it’s crazy my manager tried to fight me and another employee prevented it and I lost my job without a conference or anything.


John D. March 29, 2019 at 5:51 am

Hello. You need to check the manager at Applebees on Outerloop in Louisville, KY Seriously, needs new training. We got to Applebees around 7 pm. We ordered our food. Did not get it until 8:20 pm. By the time we did get it, the food was ice cold. While we were waiting we could only hear rap musicc blarring so loud we couldn’t even talk to each other. The employees that were in the kitchen were hollering back and forth. My girlfriend took three bites of her chicken and threw up.We There something seriously wrong with the chicken and the manager if you think it is ok. Your website needs to be fix can’t put in a complaint.


Jackie Gray August 14, 2018 at 3:31 pm

I had Dinner with my family at the Applebee’s on Windsor Spring Road in Augusta, GA. I left a black purse in the booth near bar area. I immediately called and went by the moment they opened the next day to see if someone was honest enough to turn it in. I had lots of important items in this bag including prescription medication that could potentially harm someone. I spoke with manager and asked if a review of camera was possible. I always tip well and as always, I tipped over 20 percent this night. I would really like to know if an employee did take it, as it was late and wasn’t very busy. I was informed that the camera doesn’t work, which is dangerous if true. I did have area manager call me, but I was out of town and couldn’t answer Immediately. I called and have left two messages and no response yet ( hoping he’s very busy and just hasn’t gotten messages). Anyone reading this have any idea how I could find out who took my bag and possibly get it back? I pray they will at least bring bag back with important things left in it
Take the money and gift cards, I just need my purse back.


Jackie Gray August 15, 2018 at 7:16 am

Still no return call. I can see why it’s 1 -2 star rating


Summer May 22, 2018 at 5:39 pm

My daughter worked at the Applebee’s here in Dallas,Tx. Just recently she was let go due to an incident cause by a co-worker boyfriend… Let them say you can’t be at the job if your not on the schedule… This man taunting cause my child to go in self-defense… She is the victim and should not have been let go….. Will really like sum feed back.


Melissa March 20, 2018 at 3:38 pm

Recently, we visited Applebees in Beaumont CA on Saturday March 17, 2018 for nice dinner with friends table for 12 people.
We were not pleased with the service at all we had to wait 30 mins for our drinks, 30 mins to take our orders, 45 mins to
Receive our food and it was cold the appetizers and steak we ordered with not heated up and my husband was very upset. I mean we live in the area and enjoy going to Apple bees but after repeatly talking to the main manager we are no longer considering going to that restaurant in Beaumont. Our check was over 100.00 and I don’t think we should’ve paid that amount for bad service. Theres been many occasions when we take our family to have dinner and The servers give us the wrong orders and not checking up on drinks we have kids so there patience is only a certain amount of time . Just wanted to give customer feedback


Terri Leivas March 1, 2018 at 12:23 am

I think it is very important that you know what my family and I experienced this evening at the restaurant, actually, I am going to send an email to anyone with Applebees that will listen to me as I feel its that important.

This evening, my mom, dad and sister went into the restaurant located at 573 Grand Avenue, San Marocs, CA to have dinner. The waitress, I believe her name was Tyler was our waitress. We ordered dinner and a server came out to give us our meals. One of the steak orders was wrong, when we pointed it out to him, he said “I’m just a server, I will bring it back.” No big deal but I could tell he had an attitude. The wrong meal was brought back corrected, it was my moms steak dinner. He put the plate in front of her and I asked him, “how big was the steak she was served?” I asked because the steak was very tiny. He responded with “I don’t know, I didn’t cook it.” He was serious. I looked up and said “okay, you can go now” with my palm up as to warn him to not be so rude. Honestly, I was shocked at how he was speaking to me, as I was not rude at all and simply asked a question. After I put my palm up and told him to leave, he proceeded to yell at me and put his hand on his hip and said “your not going to speak to me like that women.” He was literally yelling at me, in the restaurant. It escalated as my sister was very upset I had to calm her down, as he stood there yelling at me. I asked for the manager, several times. He finally left and the waitress came back and I asked her to get the manager. Gil the manager came up to our table and I told him what happened, I was floored that someone actually yelled at me especially since I did nothing to provoke it, I simply asked a question. Gil gave me your card and told me he would take care of it.

My family sat in shock, literally in shock, I thought I was on the show “What would you do?” as the server, was so rude and so out of line. The servers name is John Perry. As my family gathered our thoughts, we were having dinner and the same guy that yelled at me was walking by and serving other customers. I can not imagine why Gil the manager or anyone would think that was okay. After John Perry yelled at me, I honestly was in such shock I didn’t even hear everything he was saying, I was so upset, I started shaking, my sister started to cry and I’m 57 years old. I have never experienced anything like it.

I believe its very important that John Perry, the server needs to be stopped, he should not speak to ANYONE like that, moreover a customer who simply asked a question. If he could do it to me, he will and most likely has done it to other customers and that is not acceptable.

I do not typically do this, complain about service in a restaurant as I know how hard it is to be a food server, I always tip well and treat food servers with respect, but this is not something I believe he should get away with or the Apple American Group should tolerate. He could have simply said, I don’t know the size of the steak but I can find out for you… anything other than scream at me, and then tell me, “You aren’t going to speak to me like that women.”

Bottom line, I’m going to complain to anyone that will listen, as my entire family was very upset, our night out was ruined and he should not be able to get away with treating ANYONE especially customers like that.

Feel free to call me if you have questions.


Jeffrey Banks February 14, 2018 at 12:31 am

I reasonably believe Applebees Restaurant employees personnel handbook inadiquately prepares new hires with proper procedures, orientation around racial profiling practices with its paying customers. Accordingly, my extended family and friends take issue with recent mistreatment of Rutgers student and her party at Independence MS Applebees. Whereby charges of imporpriety in this case : Boycotting is necessary for consumer health and safety. Perhaps this boycott will resolve nothing from Applebees perspective. I could be right un my assertion change is necessary, not to mention an inclusive business practice modle is a good business practice. Truly, Jeffrey Banks, Bellingham WA.


Carol Smith February 2, 2018 at 11:47 pm

I gave my husband a birthday party @ applebee;s in walla walla Washington on Feb1 2018 . when they got done with the cake and put it back in the kitchen /They threw away my candles and matches . I;m very upset and will not be going back


Dominique Sanders December 5, 2017 at 6:40 pm

Good Evening, Saturday night between 8:45pm and 9:15 pm me and a friend of mines came to the restaurant to celebrate her promotion and my acceptance into Grad School. We entered and the place was packed, we asked to sit at the bar and the hostess told us we could go find a seat there. We found 2 empty seats and relaxed for a moment then motioned the bartender over. She said give her a second and tossed two menus at us, literally tossed them. We browsed at them and she then came over and asked us what were we ordering, she never introduced herself or told us about and specials for the evening. We agreed on your promotional $1 long islands and she proceeded to slop them in a mug and slide them to us, swung around, tossed her ponytail and walked away. Beyond rude, unprofessional, no customer service displayed at ALL! I motioned her to come back and slide the drinks back to her and told her I did not want her to serve me, I’d rather have the other bartender for the night. Your bar has a mini platform that I was not aware of so when I slide the drinks one spilled and she yelled, “you just threw a drink at me”, but honestly I didn’t. They proceeded to clean it up and I looked over to my friend and asked her if she wanted to stay and she said no. The other bartender with glasses politely came over and asked if we still wanted to order anything I we both said no and left. The manager was on his was out of the back as we were leaving so I did not get a chance to talk with him. I’ve been in retail management for over 5 years, I’ve never been treated that way, Nor have I ever worked with or encouraged my team members to act that way. I felt like I was treated extremely poorly and I don’t feel she likes her job nor takes customer service seriously. She needs to be retrained in how to treat paying customers. We left and went to the Applebee’s on Alexis and had a wonderful time. Not only was the bartender knowledgeable of mixology, told us about the half off appetizers, and simply treated us like she wanted us there and our hard earned money. She was tipped $15 for her appreciation. I’m beyond disappointed and I honestly feel bad for the young lady, if she don’t change her attitude she will not get very far in life. Signed, Dominique D. Sanders


cheryl everhart November 16, 2017 at 5:08 pm

On Nov. 4th 2017, I took my daughter and granddaughter to the Applebee’s in McPherson Kansas for dinner. My granddaughter’s purse fell down between the wall and the booth, my daughter was seated on the other side of the booth by herself and told her she could put her purse in the booth beside her, but my granddaughter said that’s okay it can stay there till were done. We ate our dinner, paid and left. We were in the car and were going to stop at a store across the parking lot, when my granddaughter, who was in the back seat said, “what is on my purse, she pulled off what was stuck to her purse and went into a panic attack, and threw it outside the car door in the parking lot. It was one of those sticky mouse traps with three dead mice and a applebee’s crayon stuck to it. We went in the store as fast as we could and asked to use the bathroom so she could wash her hands, her in a panic the whole time. We threw away her purse at the store and went and bought her a shirt to put on since she had it up against her. We then drove back across the parking lot to applebee’s and asked to talk to the manager, she came out and we took her outside to tell her what had happened, and show her a picture on my daughters phone that we took of the trap. She told us they had been having some problems and told us how sorry she was and that she sent a text and the picture to her regional manager, and that we would hear from them. A week went by and nothing, they didn’t even offer to refund our meal that we had that night. Mind you the trap was 30 inches from the tabletop. I have not posted on social media about this, but since they have not done anything about this I think I’m going to have to.


anita mcneil October 19, 2017 at 9:49 pm

We go to your location on Amargosa once or twice a week and sit at the bar. For the last year there is a really strong sewer smell. Victorville. We asked the girl and she said they are working on it. It’s been a year.


Linda October 4, 2017 at 6:07 pm

Hello, I just had lunch at Applebees in San Dimas, Ca. About 18 months ago I had to go gluten free due to digestive issues. There really wasn’t a whole lot to order from for lunch that was gluten free. The company that makes Mission Tortillas make a gluten free flour tortill. I buy mine at WalMart. I would love to see your company offer a chicken wrap in a gluten free tortilla. Thank you for your time….Linda


Donna Arnold September 29, 2017 at 4:49 am

971 Bullsboro Dr
As I am eating I couldn’t help but to notice the Hostess was not busy,so she was at a table not far from us,brushing and braiding her friends hair-Extremely long straight hair,as the hair was being pulled up into knots and sections on top of her head,loose hair was falling on the table,and floor! I’m thinking what a Violation of Health Code-the man sitting at the table adjacent was a management trainee,my waitress that has been employed at this location for 8 years-agreed with me that it was not appropriate,but apparently she had no senority to bring to anyone’s attention or chose not to! When the trainee spoke to the girl’s-his mannerism was as if it was humorous! As the Hostess walked past me,her eyes gleamed with anger that she had been spoke to about the matter,the other girl out of spite stood up and pulled more of her loose hair out and through it on the floor not far from the bar! Neither girl’s behavior was appropriate for a Restaruant and Bar! This is something you do at home or at the Beauty Shop,not at a place where we eat! I took it a step further but was Furious by the time I spoke to the manager!And walked away before he had a chance to defend or to correct the behavior of his employee’s-at this point I just wanted to take my Dinner and Go Home to eat! After all this Conduct continued the Entire Time that our food was being prepared,while we ate and as other people entered the Applebee’s!
I have to ask what other Health Codes are being Violated behind the Doors since this was taken so lightly by Management and Staff!
I’m a Dog Groomer,last thing i want to see while I am Eating Dinner is Dog Hair!
That includes Hair Dressing around My food!
And now it has been presented to Corporate


Mitchell Moore July 21, 2017 at 4:39 pm

July 21, 2017

To whom it may concern:

Please I would like to speak to someone in Corporate.
This regarding my daughter in regards to retaliation and harassment.
So far she has been given the runaround.
Management (male) seems to want to have meetings behind closed doors.

I’m looking to get these issues resolved.
I’m trying to avoid legal action but I as a father will protect my daughter.

We live in the Bronx, New York

Please email me a helpful, reliable contact name position and phone number.

Sincerely yours,
Mitchell Moore


JONATHAN ARNS March 21, 2018 at 2:05 pm

what location was this at?


Savera July 5, 2017 at 9:25 pm

Applebees in Arlington Texas 76017. We had a bad experience earlier but then the store manager Denny invited us for dinner and took care of it for us. Brad was the manager on duty who was very sweet as always and actively involved with all the guests and made everyone feel like they’re at a warm place like home. Our sever was Margo who was extremely sweet. I’m glad I can be back at this place all the time once again ! Thankyou Jenny, brad we really appreciate it and Margo !


Jorge Espinoza July 2, 2017 at 10:46 pm

Yo trabajo en Applebee’s en Alameda ca and i need to talk to the district manager please


Paulette Thompson June 3, 2017 at 5:25 pm

Beaver dam, wi Applebee’s
Very dissatisfied with the Applebee’s in beaver dam wisconsin. I don’t know why I have gone back there more then one time. Something seems to go wrong every time. Half of the servers are rude,unproffecianal, and have no knowledge of the actual menu. They have cleaned house from there general manager to there D.O but still no change. Looked at there reviews because I got to thinking maybe I just have bad luck or bad timing but no. There are only complaints. Everyone I talk to that goes there either said their never going back or how terrible the whole experience was. We don’t have many restaurants in beaver dam so it would be nice if something could be done. I know a few people that have worked there and nothing good has been said. You can clearly tell there understaffed and the general manager is unprofessional and inappropriate. Apparently the applebees he was transferred from there were many complaints on inappropriate behavior with coworkers and unprofessionalism .
Thank you for your time I hope something will be done about all of this so my family and Friends can return eating at Applebee’s.


Luis mora May 29, 2017 at 10:36 pm

Hello: to whom it may concern.
I just visited the applebee’s restaurant located at Elzabeth and hiway 50 in pueblo co.
When I entered the restaurant and was sat was around 5:30 pm the waiter was very nice therefore I asked if happy hour was consider even if I was waiting for someone by this time was 5:50pm.
She then stated that the registers only worked until 6:00 pm for the ticket to be considered happy hour she suggested for me to call my party and order before the time expired .I did so when ordering I asked another question, is the sampler was consider part of happy hour. She stated no, but if you want it ill make it happen. I then agree to have it then I say yes.
When the bill arrived I notice was a full regular price. I then asked the as I t we to correct it.
She came back and stated she could not do it therefore she will speed to the manager, few minutes later she came back and stated that the manager couldn’t do anything and thebill will stay the same, my friend got upset for the way things where handled and stated it to the waiter that we will never return to this place because they did not kept their word. There was not a misunderstand ing at all the waiter stated that she didn’t remember having that conversation with me.
That endured my friend more it was embarrassing because she was treading me for my late birthday dinner she LOVE the wanton tacos and use to come there at LEAST once a month. Now they loose business with us my family is big in number and I will make sure they don’t visit Applebee’s that is how much the bill was today. Not only my family but friends and anyone that feels unappreciated because we are the ones that make business happen at any restaurant.
I do still will like someone from corporate to get in touch with me because at least I want to be heard.
Thank you.


Dianna Finn May 18, 2017 at 2:44 pm

WE were in the Applebees in Quincy, Il last night 5/17/17. It was approx 8pm when we got seated. From the time our order was taken, it was 45min. before we got our food. I ordered something from the light side which to my surprise was 3 tiny pieces of chicken about an inch big, grilled mushrooms and onions in some sort of sauce and one leaf of spinach. This cost me $12.00! My husband ordered the riblet basket and his riblets were burnt! The manager offered to fix again (only right) but at this time it’s 9:00. We still had an hour drive home. When my husband said that he would just go through the drive-thru at McDonalds , the manager offered to cook him a burger /fries to go. (On the house) After another 30 mins. we’re on our way home. I personally will NEVER set foot in that place again!!!! I have never had a good experience at that particular store!


William G. Cantrell December 8, 2016 at 4:30 pm

When is Corporate going to do something with the sorry operation of Applebee”s on Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC? Numerous deoragatory comments on business operation and food.
I went there today, Dec 8, 2016 at 11:10am and business was still closed. Several customers led due to not being open.


Jb November 18, 2016 at 7:00 pm

I work for Applebee’s in alameda ca and we dont get breaks and went we do the manager in bury he clock me out and sends all as home . We wildo something if this don’t change


Debra Haddox June 26, 2016 at 5:43 am

My husband and I live on a very tight budget and eat out very rarely, we love to go to Applebees so we save up and make the trip over to Sugar hill/Buford area on Nelson Brogden buld. we live on the other side of town with Chillis one block from our home. We went yesterday after work there were only four tables occupied so they were not busy, we ordered two long island ice teas. and looked at the menu it was new since the last time we were there noticed that the prices went up about 15%. We ordered when we finally got our food we told the waiter John that the drinks tasted like sweet&sour mix with very little alcohol in them so I ordered another one,looked at our food my husbands food was cold my potatoes were to have cheese and bacon bits on them my steak was tough over cooked and cold no reason for that they were not busy,anyway our waiter stayed gone we asked for napkins four times never recieved,so when he came back to see if we wanted anything else we said No very dissatified with everything so he said he would get the manager so he finally came over and we shared with him our concerns, he said so do you want a free meal and my husband did not like his attitude and said No he said do you want our district manager to contact you my husband said yes, well he went back to his office and never came back so we left we paid with a gift card then cash never could get our reciept from the waiter and my husband said lets go. We would of spent double the amount with them like I said we go out to eat very rarely and it was our favorite no longer will we make the trip. I have been in customer service for years and that is no way to treat your customers maybe thats why they were not busy.


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