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Hyatt Hotels Corporation
150 North Riverside Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60606

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Phone Number: (312) 750-1234
Fax Number: (312) 750-8550
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Hyatt Hotels Facts

Founder: Hyatt Robert von Dehn & Jack D. Crouch
Date Founded: September 1957
Founding Location: Los Angeles, California
Number of Employees: 96627

Hyatt Hotels Executives

CEO: Mark S. Hoplamazian
CFO: Patrick Grismer
COO: H. Charles Floyd

Hyatt Hotels History


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Hyatt was founded in 1957 when Jay Pritzker purchased the Hyatt House motel, located just minutes from the Los Angeles airport, from Hyatt Robert von Dehn & Jack D. Crouch for $2.2 million.

Realizing that quality hotels near airports would be a lucrative business, the Pritzker’s opened a second Hyatt in 1960 at the San Francisco airport, and the following year, at the Seattle/Tacoma airport in Washington.

In 1962, the company went public on the NYSE under the easy to remember ticker symbol of: H.

In 1968, Hyatt International was formed and hotels were opened in Hong Kong.

In 1979, the Pritzker family took Hyatt private.  hyatt 3

In 2004, the company acquired AmeriSuites.  Summerfield Suites was acquired the following year.

In 2009, the company went public again as the result of lawsuits within the Pritzker family.

In 2011, the company acquired the Hotel Sierra chain. hyatt 4

Today, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation owns over 500 properties worldwide.   These properties operate under several names, including Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Resorts and Hyatt Residence Club.

Headquarters for the company remain in Chicago, Illinois.

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Hyatt Hotels FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Hyatt Hotels?
Answer 1: The phone number for Hyatt Hotels is (312) 750-1234.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Hyatt Hotels?
Answer 2: The CEO of Hyatt Hotels is Mark S. Hoplamazian.

Question 3: Who founded Hyatt Hotels?
Answer 3: Hyatt Hotels was founded by Hyatt Robert von Dehn & Jack D. Crouch in September 1957.

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Angel C November 12, 2019 at 9:59 am

I just joined Hyatt this year. I had my first stay this past weekend at the Hyatt in Hauppauge, New York on Long Island. IT WILL BE MY LAST STAY! When we arrived, there weren’t any luggage carts or anyone to direct us to them. I had to find one one who finally got a cart. The manager Yasir wasn’t that friendly when we checked in. I then got an alert on my email showing me the hotel charges which didn’t match what I had booked. I went down to ask about it and was then told they add a $50 charge JUST IN CASE we order food or damage something but it would be taken off. We went to room, changed quickly then went to a wedding. We returned late, changed quickly again and met friends in lobby. We didn’t drink – I brought my own bottled water. We returned to the room and went to bed. In the morning, we decided to leave and shower at home. We never used the shower and only 2 small towels were used. When I got home I realized I left a small bag with my jewelry in it. I called immediately. I spoke to Sam who was the rudest most condescending uncaring person. He actually told me that he spoke to the maid ( I don’t how he did it that fast since I was barely on hold more than a few minutes) and told me we “trashed” the room! He also said the maid found nothing. That is a lie! We are mature people in our 60s we don’t”trash” rooms in fact I told him she was lying or maybe he was also in on the theft of my jewelry. If personal items are left in rooms, which I know that happens, the maids should return them and the front desk should call the occupant of the room. I spoke to many people there. Yasir, who was very uncaring and told me they don’t have security when I told him I wanted to make a report. I spoke with others who just seemed to fluff this all off. There is no way the maid cleaned up my room and didn’t take the jewelry. The room was left very neat. I would suspect something is going on there since everyone especially Sam and Yasir seem to be defending the maid. Someone is lying and someone is hiding something. I’ve stayed at many hotels and have always been treated with the utmost respect. We forgotten items and had the hotel mail them back to us. That is service. HYATT is a disgrace and they need to investigate this issue closer. That jewelry had history and memories that cannot be replaced. The person that took it will live with that guilt and suffer the consequences for stealing eventually. I would like someone from the executive staff of Hyatt to look into this. A police report has been filed.


Anthony Garrity September 1, 2019 at 1:56 am

I have been travelling Excusively all Hyatt Brands for 32 years, and, I am always in awe of the service. I never expect or demand any special needs or attention,however, the Management and Staff,Globally, are so skilled in anticipating our needs. I am ever Grateful with “An Attitude Of Gratitude ” The suites and rooms are always Beautiful, The Staff know us personally and reflect warmth and care.I guess if you treat people with respect it will open a Welcome Door. I have a Favorite saying ,which may be a TV Commercial one day ……………”If the City I am Flying into does not have a Hyatt…I don’t Fly into that City…So….Hurry up Budapest !” I suppose people like to whinge about every little thing these days,but, all I can say is Thank You, World of Hyatt” Anthony Garrity. In OZ.


Tammy Lynn August 27, 2019 at 10:44 am

From August 12 through August 18 I attended a harmonica convention at the Tulsa Hyatt. I reserved a ADA adapted wheelchair room with ADA shower. I even contacted the local Independent Living Center and asked someone to check the room and make sure it was appropriate. You can’t just move some furniture around and declare a room is ADA compliant!!! While there is no absolute height requirement for a bed… 28 inches is too high for most people to comfortably get on the bed. For a disabled person or wheelchair user it’s insulting! 20 inches is the usual bed height for ADA beds. You could have offered to remove the platform the bed was sitting on. I did request it be removed leaving the bed the perfect 20 inches high. The shower bench was nowhere near the water dial. You can’t turn it on while seated. The toilet in room 438 (my room) was sloped downwards! The front being inches lower than the back! An interesting raised toilet seat with no grab bars!! The lightning was very limited and dark… there were no safety outlets in the bathroom! I reported all this to the manager Allyson who didn’t seem to care. She offered to move me to another room or refund my money for the other days I was booked. I moved to a standard room. Had a shower bench chair delivered to the hotel… had the bed platform removed and made the best of the situation. No one seemed to care about the disabled. I would never stay at a Hyatt hotel again.


Juan Mayor August 20, 2019 at 1:30 pm

This year vacation was ruined by the lack of administration at the Hyatt Regency in Cartagena, Colombia. I went in a tour around important and touristic cities in Colombia. I stayed at the Grand Hyatt Bogota and had an amazing time there. On my fifth stop in Cartagena, Colombia, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency, but everything went wrong from the beginning. An employee, David Zamorano send me an email welcoming me and offered airport transportation for $106,000 COP which includes 3-6 people and I accepted it by responding to his email stating that I would like to get the transportation. There was no one at the airport from the hotel to pick me up. After 10 minutes I called the hotel and no one picked up the phone. I called again several times until a lady answered and transferred me to Mr. Zamorano, but the phone was not picked up and it hangs up by itself. I called again and someone else picked up the phone and I could not get anywhere. I went to the recommended local taxi and after I gave the info of the hotel, the lady gives me a bill for $19,800 COP and I asked her if that was for each person and she said, “NO, that is for up to 4 people.” That was a huge difference between local taxi and hotel transportation. After all, I was thankful that the hotel did not pick me up because it saved me $86,200 COP ($29 dollars). Upon arrival at the hotel, the front desk person told me my reservation did not include breakfast and I did not want to argue because my children were with me and did not want to ruin the vacation. On August 18, I was able to check my emails and noticed that on August 15, I received an email from Angi Navas stating that my reservation included the breakfast for two adults and that I will have to pay for my 14-year-old son $59,400COP per day. She stated that breakfast was $75,000COP per day for each adult. I told her that they were taking too much advantage of the tourist and that $25 dollars per day was too much for breakfast. I reply to her email on the same day 8/18/19 stating that I have been paying for breakfast every day and I did not see her email until today 8/18/19. At the local restaurants, full breakfast was only about $8 to $10 dollars. We went every day to a different restaurant. On that same day August 16th, we went on a trip to Playa Blanca from 8 am to 4:00 pm and we arrived at the hotel, the room was not made. We went to the pool and saw the cleaning lady and she said she will clean it up. We returned from the pool at 5:30pm and the room was still not made. We went out and stopped at the reception to complain and the room was done by the time we returned. On August 18, the same thing happened, we went on a tour and when we returned, the room was not done and I sent an email to Ms. Navas but she did not respond. I went to the front desk to complain again. The hotel offered me complimentary transportation to the airport and we were able to have breakfast on the hotel on August 18 only because we were supposed to be at the airport at 3 am on August 19 and had not a chance to have breakfast.
I was very disappointed with The Hyatt Regency in Cartagena because of their skyrocketing prices for transportation, breakfast and how we were to return tired and find the room not made. This prevented me and my family to enjoy our vacation.
A situation like this will not allow me to recommend this particular hotel to associates, friend, and family in the future.


Thomas Ahlfeld July 10, 2019 at 5:47 pm

I was attacked at the Hyatt Hotel in Evanston Il. The nman was allowed to park his own vehicle and was sent a fifth to his room. He scammed the valet mngr Ryan for 600 dollars saying they broke his car lock look up a 1998 Mercedes benz with 140000 miles the locks fail . He did not like me as I said I lived in Edgewater I was there with mother because of a fire. He said it was Andersonville that is just a real estate lure to draw more people to bwhat yhey call boys town. That is trye as I lived here for 63 years and am crippled he attacked me as me and the desk clerk Olivia were watching Notre Dame burn Mon after Palm Sunday. He hit mme with his computer bag across my head then called the [police and filled out a false report anyone there would tell you he was a drunk and trouble maker to the valet people and I was not able to walk 2 blocks as I am paralyzed from hip to knee and have had 17 surgeries in recent years. He ran at me my left hand was broken off and I was on a crutch with right hand I tensed up and he bounced off of me then I used my broken hand to try and distance him he hit me across head with computer if I ws not in shape strength wise or he would have killed someone else. I filled out a counter complaint and have witnesses look at the tapes for the 15th of april around 1 pm you will see what this dram shop violator did to me Yes Dram shop as you gave a drunk booze knowingnhe was dangerous drunk call the Evanston Police and ask Olivia or the valet group and any clerk they will tell you I was not a trouble maker and I always tipped them for parking my vehicle the thing they let him do by himself they told me there were nights he had trouble getting into car or parking car and ALWAYS smelled like booze. So now I suffer from whiplash and my left hand is broken again and I lost my upper teeth somewhere. I willtalk to my lawyer as I already did but you are in for a dram shop law that was broken. This guy is a scam artist and is a suspect in scamming my mom for 3000 dollars as one of your valets gave him personal info he used to scam her. Investigation is ongoing. You have my info at the hotel and I have him to worry about as he lives 4 blocks from me the police are watching this guy and he is lucky I have been sober for 32 years as I could just drop one call to get this settled but I will let the police nd my lawyer take it from here!


Natasha J. June 21, 2019 at 8:41 am

I am staying at your Galleria location in Birmingham, AL for an annual Workers Compensation seminar. I arrived here 6/19/19 at 9am and was told that I could not check until 4pm! Or I could pay a $50 fee and be checked in sooner. This was the first I have ever heard of this from such a prestigious organization. We were told that housekeeping could not keep a hold on the rooms past 4pm. If check out is at 11am why would it take five hours for rooms to be released? Also how could rooms be magically ready if we paid $50? I received an e-mail at 11am stating that my room was ready and I had the room#. When I went to the check in counter I was told that it didn’t matter. I either paid $50 for early check-in or wait until 4pm. The funny thing is that people from Mercedes Benz came in after us and they were able to check-in with no problem. I find this interesting as they are your sponsor. When I finally made it to my room I was too tired to look into anything. Later that night I went to take a shower and the tub was dirty! There was a ring around the tub and I have pictures to prove it. I had to take a shower in one of my colleagues room. I went downstairs and complained to management. I was told that someone would we be up to fix the matter. No one ever came! The next day housekeeping cleaned the room but the pillows were tossed on the bed as if I had laid down. I have never seen a bed made like that before. I too have pictures of this. I went into the bathroom and the tub remained dirty. There is still a ring around the tub. This is just poor service all the way around. I have been given excuses and promises and nothing is acceptable & the promises haven’t been fulfilled. I have no desire to stay at a Hyatt anywhere again. Nor will I recommend this hotel to anyone. I have also spoken to the Director of this seminar along with many other customers. We all have asked that the seminar be pulled from this established based on how we all have been treated. I would really appreciate if someone from your organization would contact me to discuss this matter as well as rectify it. I’m sure even if I stayed at a Motel 8 my experience would have been much better. Thank you.


Deborah T June 14, 2019 at 5:28 pm

Had a reservation issue on May 18th. Hyatt Place in Biloxi said they called me 3 times and left me a voice message on my phone. Never received any calls or messages. They then proceeded to tell me that I had no reservation after drive 3.5 hours to get there and that the only available room would cost me more than double than my original reservation. They would not even give me credit for what I had been charged because their system reflected me as a no show. The manager could authorize it but she was not there and would not be there until the following Monday. I have emailed and called and LEFT her messages and still no response. apparently they do not give 2 sheets about their customers. I will definitely not be using the Hyatt Place again for stays.


KENNETH NICHOLS June 12, 2019 at 8:01 pm

On June 11, 2019, I made reservation to stay at: Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport – South – Confirmation – Kenneth Nichols – 11 – Jun – 2019 – Confirmation Number:34340520. The time reservation was confirmed was 9:57 AM. Once my reservation was confirmed I contacted the hotel and asked whether or not there were rooms currently available for early check in. The front desk person informed me that there were in-fact rooms available for early check in. She confirmed that my reservation was in her computer and that I could come in early to check in. At this time, I was a current guess of Hyatt and had stayed in your Hyatt Place Atlanta/Buckhead location the two previous nights before.

I arrived at the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport – South location at approximately 2:18 PM to check in as I was previously informed to come in at any time and my room would be available to me. However, upon my attempt to check in, I was told that I could not check in at that time and would have to wait until after 3:00 PM. I explained to the Front Desk person that I was intown on business and that she had earlier informed me over the phone that I could come in early to check in and now she has changed her story, as well as my circumstance. She then states ” that the only way for her to allow me to check in just over 30 minutes early is that I pay an additional $25 fee. I again reiterated that I was in town on business and I was headed to my business functions and meetings and only came by early because she informed me that I could check in early. My meetings were down town Atlanta be tied up for the remainder of the day and I would not be able to return until late. I additionally, asked for a guarantee that upon my return for my room/accommodations of which I had paid for, my room to be available when I get back. She informed that my room would remain on hold because it was already paid in advance for and would be available upon my return. However, that was not the case upon my return!!! I returned for my room after 12AM, very tired and sleepy, expecting to check in and get a great night rest. However, the night desk person informed me that my room was given to someone else and that hotel could not accommodate me in any form or fashion. When I came into the lobby, the desk person was sitting to the left of the front desk area near the snack-bar area entertaining a gentleman. In dealing with my situation she displayed very little compassion about my dilemma. Stating “I don’t know what you are going to do, but we are booked up and don’t have any rooms. Your room was given away. By the way, how did you get such a good rate? The rate that you have is better than our employee rate, and if you’re not an employee, your rate would have to be changed to $79 plus tax anyway, if we had a room available.” I asked for a refund of my money and she stated that there was nothing that she could do and I could come back later today (June 12, 2019) and speak with the manager.” At this time the hour the time was approximately 3:30 AM. All the hotels in the surrounding area was booked up. However, I was able to get a room around 5:10 AM, for $108.32 plus tax, with another hotel chain of lesser value, cleanliness, convenience, and extremely substandard to my taste of travel accommodations. I would like to speak with someone from the corporate office immediately regarding this issue to ensure that I get a refund of my money spent and I expected to be well compensated for my inconvenience. I am a business man and I travel extensively. I would hate to know that the Hyatt Corporation condones this type of treatment towards their customers, if so, I will not continue to participate at their venues/hotel chain, and I will share my experience of this situation with others. So, I will ask again that I be contacted soon as possible at: 910-506-XXXX or email: shepherdschoice@


Arthur Brunell June 11, 2019 at 11:26 am

June 11, 2019

To: Hyatt hotels

From: Arthur Brunell (#537194874V)

I had a most unfortunate experience at the Hyatt Place New York/Yonkers that I wish to share with you.

My wife and I stayed there this past Sunday evening (confirmation # 3372012001). I had checked in that morning via your online service. We arrived at about 7:15 and went to the front desk to get our key.

The young woman there did not even say hello. I walked up to the counter, said, “Hello, my name is Brunell, and I’ve checked in online.” Here first words were, “I’ll need your ID.” I showed her my driver’s license and she handed it back, again without a word. She typed into her computer and began filling out the room number and wifi code onto the electronic key card holder. Again without a word being spoken.

While she was writing, she mumbled something that I could not hear. I asked her what she said. Her response, “I wasn’t talking to you!” floored me. She was apparently talking with a colleague at the next terminal. Of course, I had thought that she was talking to me as she had said only the words I recounted above!
She then slid the key holder with the information written on it across the counter to me. Again, without a word spoken. We were appalled.
Upon arriving at our room, we were again surprised. We’ve stayed at this facility several times and, as a Hyatt member, had always received a room with a couch. Instead, this time we received the smallest possible room! And I had checked in that morning! The hotel was not full so I know that such rooms were available. Yet, after dealing with your front unhospitable desk person, I did NOT complain as I did not want to give her another chance to be rude!

We paid $160 plus for that room. It did no good to be a Hyatt member. The only plusses are that we had a clean room and an extraordinarily friendly breakfast staff!

As a business person, I thought that you should know all of this.

Arthur Brunell


Anne Berger March 6, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Very unhappy with the unprofessional handling of reservation for labor day weekend. I have a confirmation from the hotel stating that I may cancel up to 48 hours before. Rec’d an email from Maggie Figueroa, reservationist.
stating that there has been a “miscommunication” and that I have until next week (3/11) to
either cancel or be charged for the 1st night of my stay. This is not a miscommunication, this is an error on their part. Hyatt should stand by their confirmation. If she made an error in the contract or how things were reserved, Hyatt should stand by this. Terrible business practice to reach out to me via email (which may have gone to my spam) to let me know this undesirable change on their end.


Keith Yochum December 25, 2018 at 10:47 pm

If your hotels are going to fly the American Flag, it must be flown responsibly. The Hy att Place Memphis Primacy Place had not lowered the American Flag to half mast for the death of the U.S. president, George H.W. Busch. I lowed the flag and explained the reason to the manager ( on 24Dec18) and the flag was returned to full mast on 25Dec18 ( this is being disrespectful and irresponsible). If you are going to fly the American Flag, it is your responsibility to fly it responsibily.!


Ed Golterman December 12, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Not a complaint. Just a recognition that downtown St. Louis, though years behind other cities in downtown rebirths, is showing signs, and Hyatt could benefit. It’s existing properties and one or two in the planning. What they need to recognize is that Kiel Opera House is and has been the legitimate catalyst. That is what downtown performing arts centers do. The problem is Kiel is still strangled, sacrificed to something called Grand Center at midtown, which could never ever replace it. Limited to mostly banquets, and corporate events. . Not only does that not fill hotel rooms, it competes with hotel ballrooms and restaurants. It would be wise for Hyatt to join the other chains and pry control of the opera house away from her abusers. Maximize it with shows and concerts and fill your rooms. And in Forest Park, free the MUNY-the greatest outdoor theater in America. Or suffer the seasonal sports image. Drive in and drive out. Drive in and drive out. These are my battlegrounds and there is a lot at stake so if Hyatt helps me, I’ll help them.


Zeuska November 10, 2018 at 8:32 pm

Hyatt sounds like the most horrible place in the world to work. I have a friend who’s son-in-law works at a Park Hyatt hotel and must work EVERY holiday. They don’t even rotate and give at least one holiday a year off, they must work EVERY holiday. Not only that, she just me told that family members are not allowed to eat at the resorts restaurant on THANKSGIVING even though they are paying customers. This sounds like slavery to me. What kind of horrible people are running Hyatt who won’t let their employees have a holiday off or allow their families to eat there. It must be run by vampires who don’t have to answer to anyone. This is not only disgusting but sounds like a lawsuit just waiting to happen.


Leroy Ford October 7, 2018 at 8:08 pm

If Hyatt proceeds to discriminate against anti-terror groups like ACT, based on advice from SPLC, which is itself an anti-Christian hate group that incited a 2012 shooting against FRC, then my friends, family and I will not patronize Hyatt Hotels.


Ramendra Awasthi September 30, 2018 at 6:01 pm

Hyatt Hotel’s & Resort,
Hyatt Regency Delhi,

Subject: In hospitable and unbecoming treatment at the hands of staff at Hyatt Delhi.
Respected Sir,
At the outset I want to mention that I have been staying at Hyatt properties all over India for past 8 to 10 years on a regular basis I have especially stayed at Hyatt, Mumbai, and Hyatt Delhi. Today I am writing with my recent stay at Hyatt Regency Delhi. As I am writing this letter I am about to check out from the property room No. 235 where I had been staying for past 24 days due to the inhospitable behaviour of the entire staff especially Room Service, House Keeping and the Café.
Having said that, I’d like to bring to your notice that this time, my stay has been extremely bad and the entire experience of your hotel was quite disappointing and definitely not at par with the kind of expectations I’ve developed for a 5-star hotel especially from this property where I have been staying for past several years at times months at a stretch. Hence, I found it inevitable to write in to you.
During the stay, the room was in a total mess, I called room service however they never showed up. They came after hours of calling to House Keeping. The quality of food was complained for umpteen times however there was still noting, instead there was a mosquito in the food that was served upon trolley to my room at breakfast, every time I visit the café the service is really bad and it takes an hour for serving after ordering the food. Moreover, the room service for my room (i.e. Room no. 235) didn’t bother to turn up for the daily chores and I was forced to use the same bedspread for 2 days and when they finally came post various calls, the behaviour was completely disrespectful. The room wasn’t dusted at all and the laundry boys never reached my room. When I tried to bring the issue with the manager concerned, he used foul words to me which not only shocked me but also traumatised me.
Such an inconvenience is disrespectful and demeaning for someone who has had a long association with you and I’d definitely think twice before visiting any Hyatt property henceforth in the future as I don’t feel like a valued customer anymore and staff taking us as granted.
But, I do hope there’s no repetition of the same in future with me, or any of your guests for that matter and that you take the necessary action to ensure the same.Going to the Taj Property now.
Expecting at least a reply/feedback from your end apart from a stern action.
1) Amit Singh
2) Ramendra Awasthi


Glenda Campbell August 31, 2018 at 5:10 pm

I was appalled to read the report that the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA has allowed the scheduling of an anti-Muslim HATE group conference in early September. It would be good for Hyatt to remember that there have been Muslims living, working, fighting in the military, and contributing to America since the country’s inception. There are millions of patriotic American-Muslims living peacefully in America. It is totally unacceptable that Hyatt would excuse their decision in this matter on the basis of “freedom of speech.” HATE HAS NO HOME HERE!!!! There are millions of pro-American Muslim supporters watching the choices American businesses make regarding minority groups in America.


Lorraine Krasner August 9, 2018 at 5:06 pm

Hyatt Hotels is Making ‘Active Choice’ To Host Anti-Muslim Hate Group’s Conference. I understand you are making a business choice and you will understand that myself, my family and others whom I communicate with will no longer use your facilities. I don’t support hate groups.


Wendy Gaddis July 24, 2018 at 3:21 pm

Hyatt house Richardson Texas, I got a call from them on July 9th that the room I had booked in January wasn’t available. We were traveling for a national youth bowling tournament. I had researched this property for months prior to booking. So I ended up in a scramble to find a room that could accommodate us the way I wanted. No help from them other than two separate rooms. To be somewhere, living, for almost two weeks, you want what you want. I called around and found Staybridge suites which turned out to be absolutely wonderful! I called back and told them I booked another place and the clerk said they had found us a place. I said no because of the treatment I received I didn’t trust it. He said he canceled our room. Then next day I looked on the website and my room had not been canceled. I then proceeded to do so myself. If I had not, they would have charged me. After talking to others who had come from literally around the world, multiple people said hotels all over Dallas had done the same thing, some when they walked in the door. To have a name like Hyatt has, you would think they would care about their reputation.


Cheryl James June 25, 2018 at 11:49 pm

I visited Hyatt Regency Hotel, 601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, La from 6/23/18 to 6/25/18. I placed and locked my wallet with 140.00 and a number of credit cards, checkbook, debit cards, insurance cards, business cards, etc. In the safe. Once I got home on the even of 6/25/18 I realized I left my wallet in the safe. I called the hotel and spoke to security. They stated my wallet wasn’t there. My sister, Shelia Golden called hotel security back and supposedly they checked the key system and stated that only the housekeeper and maintenance entered the room and my wallet wasn’t in there. Someone on your staff took my wallet out of the safe by because I left my wallet in the locked safe. Now my identity is out there because someone who works for the Hyatt has stolen my information. This is very serious and your staff doesn’t seem to be concerned. This is a difficult situation for me. I had personal information that I can’t remember all of what was in my brown Brahmin wallet.


Angel November 12, 2019 at 10:05 am

I just had jewelry stolen at a Hyatt inNew York – Hauppauge, Long Island. I guess THEFT seems to be a trend at the HYATT


Amy N June 23, 2018 at 8:27 am

We came to Hyatt Place Hendersonville (Reversation #884074) to check in at 12:05am on Sat June 23rd and they told us they overbook and do not have any room left. The guy at the front desk said we should have called to let them know by 3pm for late check in. He said all the hotels in nearby area are full and sent us down the Quality Inn with a smoking nasty smelly room. That’s a room they called comparable to their room at this Hyatt Place Hendersonville location. I called the Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express within 2 miles and both have rooms available. That’s just prove Hyatt Place Hendersonville is a liar. I called them back to told them I found a room on my own at the Hampton Inn. We are on a long road trip back from FL and shouldn’t have to gone through all these at midnight. First of all, we booked with a credit card. If we didn’t showed up, we will still get charge for the room. Second, the hotel front desk never did their job of finding us a comparable room. Third, they are lying. Overall, this is the worst customer service I have ever received from a hotel chain. We just stayed over 4 nights at another Hyatt Place down in FL Lake Buene Vista and now we really regretted it. We should have never stay at any Hyatt Place. We will never be a customer for the Hyatt Place ever again.


Glenda April 3, 2018 at 11:02 pm

On March 25, 2018 we stayed at the Charlotte Arrowwood Hyatt, having booked a room with king bed. When we checked in, they said we had booked two doubles. I passed it off since it wasn’t an issue for us. After returning from dinner, we heard people trying to get into our room. It turned out they had a room key for our room and we had been double booked in the same room. They were nice enough to go back to the desk and get another room. We then received a call from the desk apologizing and saying we could order from room service complimentary which we didn’t do.
Upon returning home and checking my visa, I found they had charged us for the room twice with 2 different charges. After two phone calls talking to the clerk on duty that night as well as a manager, they promised to refund the second charge. I have checked my Visa bill online and it still hasn’t come through after 3 days. We come through Charlotte every spring, but this has certainly affected my attitude to Hyatt hotels.


Naomi Locklear January 4, 2018 at 11:08 am

We recently stayed at Hyatt Ziva Cancun for several days. Their website states that the resort is a non-smoking resort for the health and well being of all their guests. However, we were shocked to arrive to find many people freely smoking everywhere at the resort. They were smoking nearby outdoor eating facilities which we frequented, on the beach, by the pool, by our room and all over the beautiful verandas and common outdoor seating areas. Additionally, we were plagued by a baby and children crying at all times of the day and night for three of our four day visit. We tried to remedy these issues but to no avail. It seemed no one cared! Upon return to the States, I wrote a letter to the Hyatt Management, believing that someone would care!! Shockingly, Teresa Rush responded that they did not feel that the issues and problems our family encountered were issues that deserved compensation. She said that they can not control others smoking on the facility as it is not posted around the facility that it is non-smoking. I had indicated that tons of employees saw and encountered the smokers but NEVER did anything to ask them to stop. They insulted us further!! I have since seen all the complaints regarding Hyatt Management and realize that they do not care about providing customer service. They are not concerned with the longevity of their Organization. It is sad but I am trying to advise people so that they opt for a different resort/hotel and hopefully, can avoid the heartbreak and mistreatment that we suffered.


Melanie November 21, 2017 at 8:48 am

Hyatt- Downtown Boston

Why is mistreating employee a normal behavior and no being looked into? Is it more about the profit of business and not about treating people with manners and respect.
There is lots of discriminating and prejudice getting played at this location.

Corporate needs to look into it before a complaint get taking to the highest.


Christine November 10, 2017 at 12:51 am

I have never been treated so poorly as a customer that was trying to book through your website tonight. It has not just been a lack of customer service – it has been a mistake by your employee that is going to end up costing us thousands of dollars. I was on your website tonight to book my husband and I for our 1-year anniversary, next Wednesday, 11/15 – 11/19 in the Ocean View Master King, which is available on your website, Trip Advisor, Expedia, etc. We called the Hyatt customer service line to see if the World of Hyatt membership was free, or a paid membership, as it affected the room rates online. Prepared to book the room immediately, we spoke with a representative that told us that the membership was free, and she was adamant about enrolling us over the phone, of which we were grateful. We asked about the possibility of using points for our stay, and she told us that it’s possible to do so, and offered to stay on the phone while we transferred our points. She told us to transfer our 80,000 Chase Sapphire Reserve points while she waited on the phone. Once transferred, I asked how the points are allocated for the different rooms, as we are booking the Ocean View Master King. She then realized that she never told us the room options with points, and informed us that only the garden view double bed or Ziva Suite are available through points. Upon realizing that we never discussed the room we wanted prior to her having us transfer points, she put us on hold and told us that she would see what she could do. She put us on hold for 15 minutes, came back and said that we could use our points and upgrade to the room we want, for $90/night. The Ocean View Master is $5 more per night than the Ziva Suite, on the Hyatt website. I told her that we didn’t want to use 80,000 points (in this case, over a $1600 value) and pay $400 on top of what would be a $20 difference. She understood that she made a mistake, put us on hold for another 25 minutes, and then hung up on us. We called back, and got transferred to a manager named Melissa (employee ID 1349565). We explained our situation again, and Melissa told us that our prior conversation was recorded, and that they would review the recording and make a case with upper management and would figure out how to get our chase points transferred back to us. She asked to put us on hold and took our phone number, explaining that if we were to get disconnected, she would call right back. Patiently and politely, we waited on hold for at least 20 minutes before being disconnected again. We tried calling back again, getting an extremely rude representative named Darlene, who had to have been one of the most unprofessional reps I’ve ever talked to. She laughed when we asked to speak with a manager, and hung up on us. Hours have passed. My husband called back again, and was passed to a supervisor named Jenny Escobar, who required another explanation of the situation. She put us on hold again, for another 30-minutes, and told us that they couldn’t do anything for us, and points could not be given back to us even though it was Hyatt’s mistake. She told us that she called the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos and spoke with the Director of Rooms, Claudia, and was told that the Ocean View King is not available. I told her that I was on the Hyatt website, and could book the room in current time. She said that Hyatt just needs to update their inventory and take it off the website. I told her that it is also on Expedia, Trip Advisor, etc. ALL bookable. She said that there was nothing we could do but go to Mexico, get to the resort, and hope that they could give us an upgrade. She was extremely unprofessional, unhelpful, and unwilling to provide assistance. She was blatantly lying and claimed that “basically all rooms can see the ocean.” I have worked in the industry for many years, and hate that this is how the Hyatt is represented. We are now in works of taking the next steps to ensure that we will get our points back, as we were misled in being instructed to transfer them in the first place. This is the worst customer service we have ever received.


Cornessa Samuels November 7, 2017 at 9:40 am

Grand Hyatt San Antonio made a huge billing error on my account during my stay from 11/2 – 11/5-2017. They printed out one total when I went to the desk to confirm the total on the first day, which was the determining factor on whether to stay there or get an AirBnb. When I went to pay the night before checkout, they changed the prices and told me it was an accounting error and that the new girl tho gave me my rates on paper wouldn’t have known it was incorrect. Instead of Hyatt honoring what they printed out to me, they made me pay the $315 error. Now, I understand that mistakes are made, but it is not the customer’s fault when the error is printed out and given to them. I took Hyatt’s word on paper as true and made a decision based off of that information and they duped me good. Beware customers as you are made to pay for their mistakes even when you have proof!! I guess it’s the customer’s job to catch accounting errors. I should not be held responsible for your untrained staff and that’s the principle of the matter. You do what’s right, especially when I have a printed paper from you stating what my balance would be.


Cornessa Samuels November 13, 2017 at 8:49 am

Just an update: Hyatt has since honored the rate that was printed and given to me on paper and refunded me the difference. However, this was after several calls and transfers. I do appreciate them finally admitting to and taking responsibility for their error. A little bit of faith has been restored.


Paul Joannides October 6, 2017 at 2:42 pm

After more than 30 years of travel and stying in hotels all over the country, I can honestly say that our family’s experience at the Hyatt Place Albuquerque Airport was by far the worst experience ever. It’s a relief to see all of the other horror stories here, because I assumed it was just our bad luck. I have never experienced a hotel staff member who was so incredibly rude and mean, all done in a monotone voice, and with no recourse because he said he was the manager and he’s the one who had full authority. Had my wife and daughter not arrived at midnight and had no car or other option, they would have left instantly. I ended up speaking to him by phone, and he insisted my wife did not have a reservation even though she showed him the email confirmation from Hyatt and he could see my credit card number that was used to secure the room that had been reserved three days before. Not once did he say “I’m sorry for the mixup” or “Let me call another hotel for you…” An hour later, after my wife refused to leave, he seems to have discovered his mistake (it was after midnight and he apparently didn’t know to have looked in the prior day’s reservations), but he still did not apologize. He offered my wife and daughter a free water. Honestly, after having my wife in tears and insisting for an hour that she had no reservation in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary, he couldn’t be bothered to apologize. Hyatt is clearly a company with serious management problems.


Kristin Turpin September 24, 2017 at 2:09 pm

I stayed in Hyatt Livonia/Detroit location and I just want you all to know that Rochelle the manager charges guest cc’s fraudulently and thus should be looked into. I’ve also submitted a formal complaint on your website.


Ken Mayse August 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm

We just spent 2 nights at Hyatt Place Baltimore/BWI. We checked in on Friday 8/18/18 and checked out 8/20/18. On Saturday night 8/19/18 we returned late to our room after celebrating my dad’s 87th Birthday. We went to bed knowing we had to get up at 4am to shower and make our flight back home. Getting in the shower and finishing I was looking for the bath towels which were usually in the shower area, but there were none to be found. I had to use our face towel to dry off. Because of our time constraint I got ready when to the front desk and reported we did not receive ant towels in our room last night. The lady acted like that was no big deal to her and said I’m sorry and are you checking out?
I replied yes it was very early and I was surprised there was no offer to compensate me for not having any towels in our room.
As a Gold member I expected better from Hyatt. Maybe its time to switch my customer loyalty to Hilton. – Disappointed with the customer service-Confirmation Number : 45758800 -Mr Ken Mayse


Rosaline Wong August 21, 2017 at 12:25 am

To Whom It May Cncern

Cosaman Ltd. is a Hong Kong Based meeting organizer.

We would like to bring your attention to our 2 unpleasant experience with Hyatt Hotel:

1) On June 25 – 27 2017. We organized a meeting for our client in China. Contacted
Grand Hyatt Pudong Shanghai. Received a proposal from Anita Yuan – Associate
Director of Sales which we accepted. When we asked for a contract then we were told
that we are 2nd on the waiting list. If that is the case, she could have told us at the
beginning. The worst is, when we contacted Vireo Yeung of Global Sales Office if he
could help. The answer was ” Nothing we could do because you did not book it
through us”. Of course at the end, we have to move to another hotel _ Ritz Carlton

2) We will organize another meeting in Xian on 9 September. Due to June incident. We
have ask contacted Connie Kwan of Global Sales Office for a proposal instead of
contacting Hyatt Xian direct. Received proposal and accepted by client. On 15 Aug,
received email from Andy Xu Sales Manager of Xian Hyatt Sales reminding us that
we have to confirm our booking. After further discussion, option date pushed to 22
Aug. BUT on 18 Aug we have received below email from Andy Xu:
“Dear Rosaline,
Warm Greetings from Hyatt Regency Xi’an,
There is a urgent case I have to let you know, I afraid we can’t hold event 6 for your
meeting until 22nd Aug, because another company will use event 6 due to their
meeting date was changed from 10th Sep to 9th Sep, and they already signed
contract and paid deposit last month,
On 9th Sep, there is only one meeting room available, size is 71 sqm, the space is
enough for 15 persons meeting as u-shape, but if your set up is complex, it can’t fit
your request,”

Please be reminded that our meeting room requirement is at least 110 sqm and according to his suggestion, we have a feeling that hs is kicking us out.

We have contacted Connie Kwan of Global Sales. Of course, the answer is we are sorry, but nothing we could do!!!

This is most disappointing and in-professional!

Rosaline Wong
Senior Project Manager
Cosoman Ltd


TISH.G August 7, 2017 at 11:32 am

Letter of Complaint:
Good Morning ,
My Husband and I stayed the Hyatt Regency ( 4 Star rating ) in Baltimore’s harbor area the price for a over night stay was $ 259.00 a night 08/05/2017, We flew in from Boston for our son’s thirty birthday celebration dinner @ Morton”s Steak House , when got to the hotel at 11.30 am and was told that the check in time was 4:00pm , I had asked what would be the earliest time to check in and the guy behind the front desk said 2pm, we came back to the hotel and was told that we had to wait until 4pm …..not a happy camper we were expecting the hotel to be grand because of the rating and the price, it was terrible a experience , the pillows were too small and the air quality was not good and the towels were not soft , not sure why this hotel would get a 4 star rating ,
I would like a refund of my night’s stay , Because of my bad experience i will never stay @ a Hyatt property again .


Mike August 3, 2017 at 8:04 am

Letter of Complaint

Hyatt regency Houston Texas( 2626 Sage road)

Bad experience at this property!

Skinny girl that was the front desk manager (roohie) lacked the proper training and guest service experience required to properly handle any situation. This young woman should NOT be in a management postion with what we witnessed and overheard. We stayed at hotel for a couple weeks and we had an issue while we tried to talk her about the issue we had but she responded us unprofessional way. That XXXXXX don’t deserve to work in there! She is fkn rude as f**k!
I don’t encourage anybody to stay at Hyatt regency Houston Texas( the galleria area)


JeffWenande July 20, 2017 at 10:31 pm

Hyatt Owners and Executives
Please explain why the outlandish price you charge at your Aurora Colorado location
You choose to build in a location near three hospitals and then gouge people that need to be near their loved ones at critical times Your company is more concerned with profit than compassion I will never stay at a Hyatt property because of your greed and lack of humanity


T nichols July 20, 2017 at 7:36 pm

My name is Tiffany Nichols. I stayed at your Hyatt Place Chicago-Downtowon The Loop from July 2-July5th. When we checked in, we told the hotel that we’d be paying for parking with cash when we checked out of theMy name is Tiffany. I stayed at your Hyatt Place Chicago-Downtown The Loop from July 2-July5th. When we checked in, we told the hotel that we’d be paying for parking with cash when we checked out of the hotel. The parking was $66 per night. At around midnight on the night before we were checking out, my card was charged $198.00. I contacted the front desk agent, and told her that we were supposed to pay for the parking with cash, and she said that she would let the morning Manager know when he arrived. The next morning, July 5th, I checked my account and there was an additional charge on my card for $198.00. So now there were TWO charges for $198 each on my card. I called and spoke to the manager on duty Jesse Nichols, and he stated that there must have been a mistake in the system, and wasn’t sure why I was charged twice for the parking. He stated that he remembered me when I checked in and that he would call my bank to have he parking charges released. He did call my bank, and they released both $198 charges. We checked out of the hotel, paid cash for the parking fee which was $198, and headed back home to St. Louis. The next day, I checked my account, and BOTH of the charges were back on my card. I contacted my bank, and the card service department told me that if the hotel hadn’t voided/cancelled the charges on their end, then the reverse wouldn’t stick on the banks end. So, the bank did its part when Jesse called, but apparently he didn’t void or cancel the charge on the hotels end. I contacted the Hotel on Friday July 7th, a total of 7 times, the first call being at 8:30 am. I spoke again to Jesse, and he told me hat he would contact my bank immediately and give them the authorization codes to delete the two charges of $198. I gave it a few hours and checked with my bank again around noon, and they told me that no one had called them from the hotel. I called the hotel again, and the front desk agent told me that Jesse was in a meeting. I called back around 2pm, and she said he was still busy and gave me his voicemail. I left him a detailed message. Another hour passed, so I called and asked for the accounting or sales department, just so I could speak to someone. The Sales Department transferred me the the General Manager of the hotel. I told him the story, he said he would make sure the charges were voided and took my number down and toke me he would speak to Jesse, and call me back shortly. ANOTHER HOUR PASSED and I didn’t get any calls from the hotel. It’s now 4pm, and I called back and asked for any manager on duty. A female manager (I can’t remember her name…maybe Heather?) took my call. Again, I told her the whole story. She told me that she would make sure that I was taken care of. She took the time to call my bank with me on a 3-way call, wait on hold for about 7 minutes for the card service Department, and gave the bank representative the authorization codes for both of the $198.00 UNAUTHORIZED charges on my card. The bank released the charges. I thanked her profusely for keeping her word and helping me out with the mistake that the hotel made. Between Thursday July 6th and Friday July 7th, I made approximately 20 calls to the bank and hotel. I should not have done the footwork to get this resolved. If the hotel made a mistake and charged my card the initial $198 for the parking, even though I said I was paying with cash, I understand. But not only was I charged for $198, I was charged twice. And no one seemed to think I was important enough to make sure that my issue was resolved. I have screen shots of my call logs for those days. I DID NOT RECEIVE A SINGLE CALL from the Hyatt. Anytime I spoke with the hotel, I was the one calling. Not one manager, even the General Manager who took my number down, thought enough of me as a customer to just give me a call back to help. I’d like to thank the female manager on that was working at 4pm on Friday July 7th, for taking a few minutes to make sure I was taken care of. As for the other two managers, it is very disappointing that my issue took a backseat to whatever else may have been going on in their workday. hotel. The parking was $66 per night. At around midnight on the night before we were checking out, my card was charged $198.00. I contacted the front desk agent, and told her that we were supposed to pay for the parking with cash, and she said that she would let the morning Manager know when he arrived. The next morning, July 5th, I checked my account and there was an additional charge on my card for $198.00. So now there were TWO charges for $198 each on my card. I called and spoke to the manager on duty Jesse Nichols, and he stated that there must have been a mistake in the system, and wasn’t sure why I was charged twice for the parking. He stated that he remembered me when I checked in and that he would call my bank to have he parking charges released. He did call my bank, and they released both $198 charges. We checked out of the hotel, paid cash for the parking fee which was $198, and headed back home to St. Louis. The next day, I checked my account, and BOTH of the charges were back on my card. I contacted my bank, and the card service department told me that if the hotel hadn’t voided/cancelled the charges on their end, then the reverse wouldn’t stick on the banks end. So, the bank did its part when Jesse called, but apparently he didn’t void or cancel the charge on the hotels end. I contacted the Hotel on Friday July 7th, a total of 7 times, the first call being at 8:30 am. I spoke again to Jesse, and he told me hat he would contact my bank immediately and give them the authorization codes to delete the two charges of $198. I gave it a few hours and checked with my bank again around noon, and they told me that no one had called them from the hotel. I called the hotel again, and the front desk agent told me that Jesse was in a meeting. I called back around 2pm, and she said he was still busy and gave me his voicemail. I left him a detailed message. Another hour passed, so I called and asked for the accounting or sales department, just so I could speak to someone. The Sales Department transferred me the the General Manager of the hotel. I told him the story, he said he would make sure the charges were voided and took my number down and toke me he would speak to Jesse, and call me back shortly. ANOTHER HOUR PASSED and I didn’t get any calls from the hotel. It’s now 4pm, and I called back and asked for any manager on duty. A female manager (I can’t remember her name…maybe Heather?) took my call. Again, I told her the whole story. She told me that she would make sure that I was taken care of. She took the time to call my bank with me on a 3-way call, wait on hold for about 7 minutes for the card service Department, and gave the bank representative the authorization codes for both of the $198.00 UNAUTHORIZED charges on my card. The bank released the charges. I thanked her profusely for keeping her word and helping me out with the mistake that the hotel made. Between Thursday July 6th and Friday July 7th, I made approximately 20 calls to the bank and hotel. I should not have done the footwork to get this resolved. If the hotel made a mistake and charged my card the initial $198 for the parking, even though I said I was paying with cash, I understand. But not only was I charged for $198, I was charged twice. And no one seemed to think I was important enough to make sure that my issue was resolved. I have screen shots of my call logs for those days. I DID NOT RECEIVE A SINGLE CALL from the Hyatt. Anytime I spoke with the hotel, I was the one calling. Not one manager, even the General Manager who took my number down, thought enough of me as a customer to just give me a call back to help. I’d like to thank the female manager on that was working at 4pm on Friday July 7th, for taking a few minutes to make sure I was taken care of. As for the other two managers, it is very disappointing that my issue took a backseat to whatever else may have been going on in their workday. Update: Today is 7/20/17 and I have yet to hear back from Hyatt about my emailed complaint and not even an apology has been offered.


David Koll July 17, 2017 at 3:52 pm

I recently stayed in your Hyatt Place Haymarket Lincoln, Nebraska. We traveled out from California for my daughters graduation from UNL. When we woke up the next morning we found that our car would not start. Your manager, Chad Pitlik, went out of his way and brought his car around and jumped started our car. A true event saver as we were in a hurry. Mr. Pitlik did not have to do anything to help us but he went out of his way and helped. I have told several people of the kind deed. We truly appreciated the hotel and will never forget the service…


Jemieka Bryant July 15, 2017 at 1:29 pm

I’m writing in regards to a issue that I have with The Hyatt Place Phoenix /Mesa River View location. For the dates of 6/16-6/18/17 I had my wedding block set up for 15 rooms at this Hyatt place hotel. I checked in my room on Friday 6/16/17 for a two night stay. (Only needed two nights because I live in Chandler but needed to be closer to my venue).
My debit card was used to pay for my room reservation. When I checked in on 6/16 there was a pre authorization hold amount placed on my debit card for $250 and some change including incidentals and tax etc. Which I agreed to and was made aware of during check in on 6/16. I checked out of my room on Sunday 6/18 in the lobby with a front desk attendant in agreement of the final amount to be charged to my debit card of $203.96 (minus incidental fees)that day of check out. Yes I Agreed to that amount as well as got a receipt after the transaction was completed.
Fast forward to yesterday Thursday 7/13/17 close to a month later I go to look at my debit account recent transactions and I see that Hyatt Place withdrew $203.96 on yesterday 7/13/17. Just now I called the hotel front desk to get answers as to why almost a month later money is being taken from my account from Hyatt for my stay that took place in June? The front desk attendant who I spoke with did not have answers to that question and transferred me to The general manager Dave, who did not answer the call. I then call Hyatt 1-800 customer service to speak with a representative who put me on hold to call Hyatt hotel Phoenix Mesa to inquire further on the issue. The customer service representative came back from her conversation with the hotel to relay to me that the day of my check out 6/18, Hyatt place Phoenix Mesa was having “technical difficulties “and wasn’t able to process payment that day.
Really wow and who’s fault is that ?!! My issue is that I was not made aware of any “technical difficulties ” in processing payment at check out on 6/18 by the front desk attendant. On my receipt that was under my room door it had the approved amount $203.96 that would be charged to my debit card. Also, I have other guests who are my family (more than 4 separate guests in separate rooms )that also checked out on the same day as me Sunday 6/18, whose debit and credit cards were all charged that same day of check out 6/18 with NO Problem!! But Hyatt is telling me My debit card out of all the others was the only one that had this “technical difficulty in processing.”
No, it was not my bank fault. I called them to verify my transactions from June 16-18th and they were able to verify that I did have a approved authorization hold on 6/16 from Hyatt hotel for $250. But they did not see any payments posted to my account from Hyatt until July 13th. Which they found odd and advised me to dispute it with Hyatt as to why it took almost a month to collect payment from me.
Later my husband and I take a drive to Hyatt Phoenix/Mesa to speak with a manger face to face to get detailed answers as to what happened exactly. As I am not content with the nonchalant explanation of “technical processing errors.”
I proceed to ask to speak with a manager, Only to be asked by the worker the reason for my request. I gave my reason. The worker told me the manager is on the phone. We agreed to wait. Not even 5 mins later out walks the wedding sales coordinator Beverly to talk us. The manager never came out to address us at all. Wolf hiding behind it’s sheep. Beverly did what she was told to do. but could not give me A solid detailed reason as to why this took place . However she did say that this has happened at least three times in the past where they have “processing issues “. That’s not ok!!! Nor is it fair to your guests!!
My wedding did give Hyatt good business. However, I do not think it’s fair that I am being charged almost a month later for a room that I was under the impression I paid for when I checked out on 6/18. I was not made aware of any “technical issues ” prior till now! If that were the case I should’ve been made aware of it when it was occurring. Or when they took notice of the issue!! I could’ve paid for it with another card or cash back in June had I been aware of their faulty technical error they were having!! But no Here I am a month later being charged when I had other plans/ needs for that $203 that is now taken from me due to “technical difficulties in processing payments” on Hyatt place behalf. Big or small, my money is my money it is not ok to take money out of someone’s account whenever you choose without valid detailed reason as to why.


Carinna July 7, 2017 at 11:58 am

NEVER stay at Hyatt Place in Topeka, KS!!! They are the sXXXX of the Earth. I called from the road to book a hotel room for myself and the boys they said I had booked the last room of the evening, I let them know that I was headed their way but would be at least 90 minutes to get there and they assured me it was fine. When I arrived I was greeted by a most unpleasant front desk lady with a chip on her shoulder that looked delighted to inform me there was no record of my reservation and plus they just gave a man the last room, not 10 minutes before I arrived.
So I keep it together as best I can and find a room down the road.
fast forward to today and the Hyatt charged me for the room that I was not allowed to stay in since they had given it away. I call to get them to refund the money and now they say I checked in at 2:03 pm on the 16th… Now they have lost their minds and have generated a fake bill. I did not even call to make the reservation until after 9:00 pm, in fact, I was in Denver, CO at 2:03 pm eating lunch not even thinking I would stop for the night.

Just stop arguing and realize that your ghetto employees are not competent, obviously, management does not know how to run your hotel all that I needed your company to do is refund the fraudulent charge, but instead your corrupt employees are generating fake bills to cover for their incompetence.


Robert J Cranston July 2, 2017 at 12:50 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen:

When we planned on traveling to Rochester’s Jazz fest this year we decided to step up our plans to include a stay at a nice upper-end hotel. Hyatt’s fine reputation is well known so we booked a river view room expecting a relaxing and convenient stay. We try to plan ahead to avoid potential problems and to minimize stress while traveling because of my wife’s disability. We relied on your website for room descriptions as well as for on-site hotel restaurant menu options to plan our stay. From arrival to departure our plans were shaken. We had planned on dining in the hotel’s restaurant, and using the shuttle for transportation to our event.
I’m not usually inclined to write a letter of complaint but given the issues of safety and hospitality, I felt someone at your level should be informed. Expecting a posh hotel experience became a stressful ordeal. I have bulleted the major issues that I felt need to be addressed ranging from facility safety to guest comfort and security.
• No signs to parking garage from building front on Main Street
• The building does not have a front door or side door entrance. The only way to get into the hotel is to walk through the parking garage.
• The building is Not handicapped accessible from any entry.
• The Street level entry closed after 4:00 No signage to help direct guests and to minimize the confusion.
• Long lines forming at the lobby elevator and reception around 6:00 p.m., when people are arriving and trying to exit for evening events.
• The Scene on Main restaurant did not offer what was listed on the hotel website menu. A buffet was the only food available and the dining area had no seats. No room service was available.
• The website also indicated that all rooms have balcony’s, which was not the case.
• After a long wait for an elevator to the street level, we were unable to get out of the main doors to the street. No one told us that this exit was closed and the only way out of the hotel was through the parking garage. Pushing a wheelchair up ramps where cars are driving and going over curbs is not accessibility.
• When we were trapped on the street level, trying to exit the building, we felt panic. What if there was a fire. How would I get out with my wife in a wheelchair? There was also no stairway out of that area and the elevators were not fully functioning. This was most certainly a fire hazard and possibly a violation. I was near pulling a fire alarm to call attention to our situation.

For strong and healthy people, these issues would be very annoying and inconvenient but, for us it was a shocking, stressful and frustrating experience. This hotel was not up to being occupied. I am happy for the renovations, but the safety of your guests should not be compromised. I also know that other hotels will not allow their names on the property during major construction and renovations. I expected much more from your brand ‘s reputation and we were very disappointed by this experience.
On a positive note, the staff working were very polite, professional and as helpful as they could be. I am not sure what remedy would solve this problem for us. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes.
Robert and Carol Cranston


Joseph Bologna June 28, 2017 at 8:10 pm

We stayed at the Hyatt Forum in Ft Myers on June 24th. They gave us Room 131. As soon as we walked in the room we noticed a VERY strong urine smell in the carpet all over the room. I am amazed that housekeeping did not report this! On top of all this, we are both disabled and my wife and had to pack up and walk way down the hall to another room. We have stayed at many Hyatts and have always had a good experience until now!

Joe Bologna


Deena Kenworthy June 21, 2017 at 7:41 am

My husband went through Chemo and had to have surgery to remove affected organs. I made reservations to check in Wednesday, June 9, 2017 and check out Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at the Hyatt Place Norcross location in Peachtree Corners, GA. I informed them as to why we were checking in so they were aware of my husband’s condition. I am a smoker, but respect my husband who quit and go outside away from him. Friday afternoon/night people were checking in for the weekend. My husband and I were woke up by a knock on our door around 2:15 A.M. by a police officer. There was also a strong smell of pot. My husband had a drain bag and urine bag on him when he had to answer the door. I also got up and went to the door. I told the officer that I had smelled it. He also said the smell was all the way down the hall. After they left (there were 3 officers), we could not get back to sleep right away. I went and spoke to the “manager” later that morning and informed her of what happened. I reminded her that we were there since Wednesday, because my husband was recuperating from surgery and this place was close to my work (I work for a home builder in the area). She informed me that the neighbor accused us of doing that and they were being moved to a different room. She said she didn’t figure it was us because we were there earlier that week. That next night/early morning NO POT SMELL!!! On Sunday my husband said there was a $200 charge on his card. I went down and asked what that was about. The woman at the desk said it was for smoking in the room and was looking to see who authorized that and that the manager went to our room when we were gone and did not smell anything. The young man at the desk went to speak to the manager in her office. At this point I was more angry, because the day before the manager said she didn’t think it was us and apparently was in our room to see if she could smell anything. I thought more highly of the Hyatt Hotel chain, but after this experience, I will definitely inform the owner’s of the company I work for and all of my friends of this.
On a brighter note… I have to add, Susan, the woman in the kitchen that gets breakfast ready and the housekeeping staff were amazing! They made us feel important and helped with any of our needs that we needed for our stay.


Al Richards June 20, 2017 at 3:29 pm

hyatt place herald square NCY- do not stay at this establishment. The front desk is rude and unsupportive. The rooms are dirty and not ready on time. The elevators are constipated. It takes as long as 20 minutes for an elevator from the tenth floor. The complementary breakfast is disgusting, especially when little kids help themselves to scrambled eggs with bare hands.
Go to the Holiday Inn next door for a superb experience.


Crystal Madden June 19, 2017 at 3:11 pm

I booked a reservation at 2301 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 on Sunday, June 18, 2017 for myself and my 9 year old daughter. Upon arriving around 1015-1030, I checked in with ease and I was assigned to room 660. Upon approaching the room, my room key doesn’t work and I could hear very loudly a woman, obviously engaging in sexual intercourse screaming and moaning very loudly. My daughter hears this and attempting to use my key to get in the room, it doesn’t work. I went through the hassle of getting front desk on the phone while trying to get the elevator downstairs to change rooms and I got Pauline on the phone claiming she’ll send someone up, which never happened. I recorded on my phone the noises in the hall before the elevator comes up. We make our way with our luggage back downstairs where I explained the incident again and Pauline sees me and doesn’t come over to help or apologize. So I approached another gentleman, whose name I couldn’t pronounce and he set me up with room 1460. I was fuming because of what my nine year old heard.
I am reassigned room 1460 and I make my way up and call front desk by room phone twice, 45 minutes apart for blankets for my daughter and I. No one comes. I called the third time from my cell phone saying my call was recorded and Derek answered saying “they still didn’t come up”? I told him no and in about 10 minutes someone was up with blankets.
For the reputation of this hotel, I was expecting better attitude and service from the front desk and staff. This was my first time being here, and this is the impression I received. I will write my review on the hotel, as I didn’t have an enjoyable experience at all.


Diane June 18, 2017 at 11:15 pm

Hyatt Regency Houston
I had a minor dining problem during a large event meal this evening. The event service manager, Mr. Herman Byfield was very quick to appear by my side and listened attentively to my complaint. He then personally corrected the problem quickly and efficiently. As if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Byfield further made sure that every remaining aspect of the meal was outstanding. Thank-you for employing and retaining such a high caliber person.


Gaby Dovalina June 14, 2017 at 4:50 pm

I made a reservation for the Hyatt Place in Katy, TX way in advance to save some money since I was going to stay for a whole week due to my husband attending a training. I booked the hotel using the expedia app since it was giving me a cheaper price for the entire week. The reservation was under my name and my husband was arriving on 6/4/17 and checking out on 6/10/17. I didn’t think he was going to have a problem checking in even though the reservation was under my name since it was just a reservation. Once he arrived to the hotel the General Manager/Leticia Rocha was giving him a hard time checking in since the reservation was not under his name. I usually do that every time a reserve a hotel and I never have any problems since he is the one that ends up paying with his credit card. My husband had travel 5 hours on the road and was exhausted and this lady was making his checking in a hard time. He had to call me and I had to speak to her an explain to her that I was authorizing my husband to check in using the reservation under my name, she said that I had to sent her an email authorizing my husband. After 30 minutes of waiting for her to authorize the transaction he was able to check in. When I did my reservation based on the pictures and the info on the website I decided to choose the room that was on the high floor with a separate space and an extra tv which was $5 extra per night. I didn’t mind to pay extra since I was going to need that separate space in order for my husband to have his own time studying for his certification. I asked my husband how was the room and if we had 2 TV’s like it showed on the picture of the website and he said no. I thought that maybe they made a mistake and gave him a regular room, so I called the receptionist at the hotel and she said that all the rooms were the same even though on the website it was giving a different description and a different picture compare to how it was. the only difference was that you get to be in the highest floor. To be honest I was paying the extra $5 in order to have an extra tv not to be on the top floor. I requested to speak with the Manager in charge and they transfer me to Leticia Rocha, the lady that checked in my husband. I ask her about the difference on the rooms and she stated it that all rooms were the same and the only difference was that some where on the top floor. So I ask her if that was consider false advertisement and she replies yes and that I had gotten my room so cheap that I couldn’t complain. I did get the room very cheap compare to the price on the website but that doesn’t make a difference on the room that I had chosen even if I had paid for regular price I wasn’t getting the right room. She never took the time to apologize or gave an option to upgrade the room or offer to reimburse the $30 that I was paying extra for a different type of room not even because I was staying for the entire week and ended up paying for another room for 2 nights. Also, on the other room that I reserved the sliding door form the restroom was not sliding and I did reported at the time we arrived to the room but the housekeeper said that she was going to sent maintenance and they never arrived. The hotel was nice and it was in a really good location the only thing was that the General Manager was rude and they only had one person at the check in and check out and they would take too long. I decided to choose this hotel based on the price and location but next time I think I’m just gonna go with the ones that offer a special discount for attending the training that my husband was attending. thanks


Beverly Kelly June 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

I went to log into my Hyatt account the other day to find out it was deactivated. I called customer service to see how we could resolve it, and they said we can open another account for you. I had 150,000 points and have been a member since 2005, and no one bothered to reactive my old account or points. I was told because there was no activity since May 2015. I stayed at a Hyatt in March of 2015, and I’m getting ready to stay at a Hyatt this week. I explained that I couldn’t travel much because of for unforeseen cirXXXXstances, but they didn’t seem to care. It appears Hyatt does not care about their long-term customers, and don’t go out of their way to help resolve the matter. If it was so late to change my reservations this week to another hotel, I would.
I will not be recommending Hyatt for corporate events, etc in the future.


Alberto Contreras June 11, 2017 at 8:14 pm

This complain is About your new hotel you have in Yonkers New York , bad service , i didn’t even had any water to drinki , no room service unless I ask them to do it I think that 200 hundred dollars a night should be enough money for at least have some water bottles in the room costumer service bad Was there for a week because your hotel had 5 stars but nothing to do I’ll give 2 stars I will never stay in one of your hotel again I’m making sure to not recommen your hotels to my friends and family


Pamela May 17, 2017 at 5:34 pm

My daughter stayed at hotel in Birmingham ( galleria) on May 15, 2017
When she returned home she had bites all over her body. We contacted the hotel. The night manager told us that it could take 24-48 hours to find out if the BED BUGS in her room. This morning when we called to talk to manager again. We were told that there is a guest in the room!!! Are you kidding me??? The hotel did not remove the current guest to another room. So here we are 24 hours later. The room is still occupied. They have done nothing!!!
I am at the emergency room w/ my daughter and the bites have turned into big welts and blisters!
Still nothing from HYATT!


Dee December 19, 2018 at 11:08 am

Hello Pamela,
want to know if you ever received a response?


Murray Miller May 11, 2017 at 5:11 pm

I stayed at the Hyatt in Indianapolis Indiana .The staff accessed me of smoking in the room when I told them that I do not smoke. Then they accessed me of smoking dope in the room. I do not do any drugs They are trying to charge me 250.00 dollars for room cleaning I could not get anyone to call me back.They have been running me a round for a week. I was told that they had pitchers of the cigarettes ashes and buts. They now say it was dope. I can take a drug test any time. This could be the new way for Hyatt to make money off of guest.I am look for a full refund. Check your room with a manager before you go in and when you check out.


Leena Gosal May 10, 2017 at 1:09 pm

This complaint is directly related to Hyatt Ziva in Cancun. I was injured on the property in my room on a staircase made of stone with no handrails. The General manager has had me dealing with his assistant who on the phone relays one message I E reimbursement for stitches in hospital bill, upgrade fee for that room, and possible reimbursement for the room itself for at least three nights. I had to get five stitches, severe bruising from my back down to my leg, and constant therapy and care when I got back to the United States. Every time the hotel communicates with me the message always changes. They told me they would reimburse I had to get five stitches, severe bruising from my back down to my leg, and constant therapy and care when I got back to the United States. Every time the hotel communicates with me the message always changes. They told me they would reimburse my emergency room charges and prescriptions first and that has yet to be done. This injury occurred on April 6, 2017.


Jon Scadden April 25, 2017 at 9:28 pm

I don’t for a minute think that anyone at Hyatt even cares about the gross number of complaints but I will vent anyway. I have been a Platinum member for many years. I remember when Hyatt really welcomed points to be used at there hotels because we were loyal member of Hyatt. I hadn’t traveled for about 6 months to use a Hyatt hotel and when I did my wife and I had booked free night stays at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai. When we arrived we discovered that hotel had changed its award points drastically and we were looked at like homeless people. I was even told that your only a Discoverist now that the plan has changed and they charged me an additional $100 per night to stay in a bottom floor garden view room when I had to cough up many thousands of points and was told that if an ocean view was available we could up grade. No such deal. Since we returned I tried to book the San Francisco Hyatt we have stayed at many times and was once again told that we no longer were able to do because the classification had changed. Turns out we couldn’t book anything in the city. So much for being a loyal member of the Hyatt hotel that I once bragged about as being one of the best hotel you could stay at. This Chain as turned into another cheap non loyal chains just like many of the airlines have. I will do my best to use up what points I have and never again stay at this hotel.


Nicole Preston-Owens April 6, 2017 at 1:07 am

I came in to the Hyatt Regency at 1209 L St in Sacramento Ca around noon for the Jeff Tomasulo Event being presented there. After the event I went to the bathroom at the closest one to the banquet hall we came out of. It was almost empty so I went to the last stall and proceeded to use the restroom, I notice it was a little wet around the toilet, but I didn’t know that there was more liquid on the floor than there was. So when I got up I slipped and twisted my ankle banging up against the toilet bowl catching my fall in between the wall separating stalls. There was no one in there when I came out I was hurt but didn’t know it until about 3 to 4 hours later. I spoke to a desk clerk asking him for a Manager explaining what had happen, he then went and got Rocky Roquet (the Manager) and he said they would go clean up the mess. Then Rocky asked me if I was ok I told him I was stiff and a little sore but, I guess I was alright. He then asked me about where I parked I told him right across the street because valet was full when I came in he gave me his card and said to call if anything came about later. I called down to the office for Rocky and was advised he wasn’t there and to call him tomorrow in the morning sometime. My contact info is (916) 826-XXXXX or email nicmerica at thank you.


Nicole Preston-Owens


Frank Bellavia April 5, 2017 at 9:47 am

My wife and I had reservations to stay at the Hyatt Union Square in NYC for 4 nights beginning March 28th. We are Platinum Marriott guests but decided to give Hyatt our business this time.

Upon arrival, there was construction and loud noise in the lobby area, as they were renovating Lounge and Restaurants. Surprised, we asked why this was not noted on Hyatt Reservations as a “pop up” or such…and the Hyatt reps just shrugged their shoulders.

When we returned around midnight, our taxi could not drive to the hotel due to massive road construction with jackhammers on the streets surrounding hotel. We asked Hyatt reps again why we were not notified of this? Again, they shrugged their shoulders and then pulled earplugs from a basket on counter and handed each of us a pair!!!

After not sleeping most of the night, we checked out the next morning. We requested that the General Manager contact us. The Hyatt rep stated that either David McManus, General Manager or Nisha Williams would reach out to us. We also called The World of Hyatt. We spent 30 minutes with Melissa. Melissa confirmed that here were no “warnings” or “pop ups” in the Hyatt Reservation System about any construction activity in or around the Hyatt Union Square. She called the Hyatt IT Department to confirm this and get this information updated.

Melissa stated that a Supervisor would call us within an hour.

We have never heard from any Hyatt representatives or management. How pitiful of Hyatt Management. But, the Marriott Marquis NYC was wonderful! We should have stayed there from the beginning.


Pam April 2, 2017 at 5:41 pm

I’m running to your hotel to express my disappointment for your headquarters in Chicago hosting a known women terrorists that took the lives of two men even though she’s being deported from Israel your hotel either didn’t do research or they went ahead and took the money anyway to let her speak I will be informing my friends and relative and anyone else that makes international travel that when they travel to not book rooms at your hotel this is a very serious matter and violence and murder are unacceptable


jim mason March 18, 2017 at 10:16 am

We stayed at the Hyatt in paramus nj last week for 1 night. It was a funeral for a family member.Many people from midwest upstate ny long island and denver were all at same hotel.My wife and I usually stay at marriotts but this location was where the family decided to stay.It was my first and last time ..Location was very hard to find.3 different GPS gave different locations.The room was clean and had good size…. but it looked unfinished.. pipes were clearly visible under sinks.. pillows were hard and the cases were pilly.. towels were ruff .. not sofe and fluffy.Ice machine on 3 ed floor and we were on 2 ed at other end of building.Hallway was loud.. you could here every kid in the place and every door slam … Outside traffic 11 pm was loud…I called from desk at 10 pm phone rang 20 times..Prices were 10 to 20 $ more the Marriott and HI…I did comment on trip advisor… I got a reply from the manager but he never addressed the problems… just said he was happy the room was clean and of good size.. and he stated to call for a good rate next time…. We will NOT have a next time…I do hope this gets some attention


Vashti Person March 13, 2017 at 1:41 pm

I visited Hyatt Place on Wednesday (Feb 22,2017) and woke up early on Thursday (Feb 23,2017) itching. I turned on the lights and visibly saw bugs (bed bugs) crawling on sheet and pillow I was sleeping on. I screamed due to being shocked, and woke up my friend who was sleeping in the other queen bed. We both checked her bed and saw a few bugs ( bed bugs) on her bed crawling on her comforter. Their were more bed bugs on my bed which freaked me out even more. I contacted Overnight Manager downstairs (Charles) and he was not apologetic. He asked was I sure that I saw bed bugs? At this point I wanted to leave the hotel but it was 4:00 am in the morning and would’ve been difficult to get another hotel at this point in time. I demanded to be moved and he eventually moved us to another room. He sent the overnight bellman whose hygiene was extremely questionable. He brought our luggage to our new room and appeared confused to why we were changing rooms at this time of the morning and attempted to ask questions. I asked for lysol to spray the bed due to just being bitten by bugs ,and seeing bed bugs in the previous room. The bellman was slow to return, and brought homemade ALL PURPOSE CLEANER. He insisted on spraying it in the bed and I gladly declined and asked again about Lysol. Lysol was never brought to my room. Spoke with the Overnight Manager Charles regarding the situation again and finding out through a friend who arrived shortly after the incident that Charles was in the lobby gossiping about me overreacting about the room, and having bed bugs. (Charles didn’t come to the room to see the bed bugs,Charles didn’t call to see if everything was fine once we transferred rooms.) I attempted to contact General Manager, and was told on that he wasn’t available. I eventually spoke with the General Manager Steve K. and he appeared somewhat apologetic regarding my experience. In conclusion, I lost clothes, time, and needed to go to the doctor. Mardi Gras was suppose to be highlight of my vacation, and it ended up being a nightmare…..


Vashti Person March 13, 2017 at 1:31 pm

I visited Hyatt Place on Wednesday (Feb 22,2017) and woke up early on Thursday (Feb 23,2017) itching. I turned on the lights and visibly saw bugs (bed bugs) crawling on sheet and pillow I was sleeping on. I screamed due to being shocked, and woke up my friend who was sleeping in the other queen bed. We both checked her bed and saw a few bugs ( bed bugs) on her bed crawling on her comforter. Their were more bed bugs on my bed which freaked me out even more. I contacted Overnight Manager downstairs (Charles) and he was not apologetic. He asked was I sure that I saw bed bugs? At this point I wanted to leave the hotel but it was 4:00 am in the morning and would’ve been difficult to get another hotel at this point in time. I demanded to be moved and he eventually moved us to another room. He sent the overnight bellman whose hygiene was extremely questionable. He brought our luggage to our new room and appeared confused to why we were changing rooms at this time of the morning and attempted to ask questions. I asked for lysol to spray the bed due to just being bitten by bugs ,and seeing bed bugs in the previous room. The bellman was slow to return, and brought homemade ALL PURPOSE CLEANER. He insisted on spraying it in the bed and I gladly declined and asked again about Lysol. Lysol was never brought to my room. Spoke with the Overnight Manager Charles regarding the situation again and finding out through a friend who arrived shortly after the incident that Charles was in the lobby gossiping about me overreacting about the room, and having bed bugs. (Charles didn’t come to the room to see the bed bugs,Charles didn’t call to see if everything was fine once we transferred rooms.) I attempted to contact General Manager, and was told on that he wasn’t available. In conclusion, I lost clothes, time, and needed to go to the doctor. Mardi Gras was suppose to be highlight of my vacation, and it ended up being a nightmare…..


Candace Young February 13, 2017 at 12:15 pm

I decided to spend new years eve in New Orleans. I booked a room for Hyatt House downtown. I had a fabulous time for new years in the city, but I WILL NEVER STAY AT THIS HOTEL EVER AGAIN! Hyatt House employs nothing but theives and management allows it! I checked out of my room and left a $350 camera lense behind. I immediately called and spoke to management. There was supposedly an investigation. They basically told me I shouldn’t have left it. They aren’t responsible for items left in the rooms. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!


Jeanne February 8, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Hyatt is planning on killing the cats at Hyatt Regency Maui. The people feeding the cats can move the area they feed away from the hotel and start TNR. There is no sanctuary in Maui and the pest control Eco will kill the cats. This is senseless and we will no longer stay at any hotel that kills animals.


rhonda February 6, 2017 at 12:17 pm

My husband and I recently stayed at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency. We travel quite frequently and enjoy meeting new people and seeing new things. Our stay from 2/3/17-2/5/17 was the most pleasurable hotel stay that we have ever had. From the moment that we pulled into the valet parking to the time that we reentered our car to leave, every employee at this property was amazingly cordial and helpful. The young lady at the front desk and the front manager made us feel as if that hotel had been built just for us and that we were the most important people to them. That rarely ever happens at other properties!!!!! The captain of the bellmen was so kind and so personable. The adventure to the Polaris was magical. I am a “cleaning snob” and usually find something that needs addressing where ever we stay. Our room was spic and span clean. A great deal of attention was made to the cleanliness of our room. No negative points there. And we do understand that this is a gratuity driven environment, but it did not reflect that aspect . Every employee was genuine and caring. You have an amazing staff at the Hyatt Regency. Please share our gratitude with your staff. And do everything that you can to keep these people in your employ. You have a rare gem that is not easily found. Than-you for making our stay so wonderful!

Scott P. Lowther

Rhonda R. Lowther RT RMA

Ridgeland, SC 29936

843-247-XXXXX rhondarlowther at


Machelle Christensen February 5, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Seriously? What are you thinking by having a Socialistic conference at your hotel? If you really think that this is appropriate, then take your corporation elsewhere. Will never stay they again. And will see to it every one I know or is associated with doesn’t either! WAKE UP!


Anna February 5, 2017 at 10:15 pm

I’ve stayed at your fine hotels numerous times. I always thought you prided yourself with beauty, taste and American achievement. The Socialism conference you are scheduled to host in July will be presenting Anti-American themes which would rob Americans of their basic constitutional rights if enacted. Socialism would take away the ownership of the hotels you have worked so hard to perfect and give what’s no longer your property to the government to run as they see fit. Socialists are already rioting in the streets and destroying property. Please do not lend your good name to support such anti-American activities.


Shiou Ling Hsu December 28, 2016 at 4:34 pm

We booked a 4 night trip in “Hyatt Pinon Pointe” in the end Nov. 2016. We owned the timeshare for over 10 years and never have any issue with the parking till now. The golf carts drove crazy fast when we first got into the property and we were wondering what’s going on. We didn’t complain to the front office about it but we found out our car have a sharp dent in the rear end bumper and fender, at the connecting area. At first, we couldn’t figure it out what kind of vehicle could cause a damage like that without a bigger dent or impact in the surrounding area. Then we found out a golf cart with the sharp edge on both end parking right next to our car, which matched with the damage in our vehicle. We reported it to the front office the next day and the manager Victoria R. apologized it to us of what had happened and accepted the liability, she also said that their insurance company will handle it. It took me almost a month to process my claim with back and forth contacting the insurance agent Andrea W. and Victoria R. to have my claim moved forward. After Andrea W. spoke to Victoria R. somehow they decided to deny the liability since there’s no witness or proof, even though Ms. Vitcotria R. already accepted the fault that day after I show her the photos of my damage. When I took my car in for inspection who saw the damage to my car mentioned confirming that the damage matched with the golf cart and it’s sharp edge as well. In the email from Andrea W., she mentioned there’s no witness and this damage could happen somewhere else besides in the Hyatt property. This is really an insult and I haven’t had any claim handled in such an unprofessional way ever. I request Hyatt to take the responsibility of my car repair and have a better insurance agent to handle my case with respect. Thank you!
Please advise what is the next step for my complaint.


Evan Torch, M.D. December 19, 2016 at 1:54 am

I have been trying to rectify the various mishaps incurred at the Hyatt Magnificent Mile in Chicago, which is ironically in the same building as the corporate address of Hyatt Hotels Corp!
Communicating with this hotel is like using a lamp with a short in both the plug and the lamp itself. They answer or they don’t; they get to part of the answer and then don’t answer.
By the way, never pay for anything above the closet of the most standard room–you won’t get it! AND…never ever book a stay which includes a free night!
Hyatt’s reservation system cancels everything that you do after that whether staying in a room, eating inside the hotel or buying anything IN the hotel from earning points.
I paid for a club level room and they still stuck me in a regular room on a non club floor after trying to misrepresent it as one; only the elevator’s requirement for a key swipe clued me into that in that I didn’t need one. It just goes on from there……


MDG December 5, 2016 at 11:17 am

Stayed the Hyatt place in Alparetta Ga over the weekend . Of course they have seals on the extra blanket near the sofa to me this seal means its been cleaned. well I break the orange seal wrap myself under this blanket deep all up by neck all OVER ME. I keep getting a big whiff of urine im thinking maybe its the carpert . keep smelling it so I go and get some spray and spray the room. I get up get the remote come back and what to do see on the blanket 3 BIG URINE YELLOW SPOTS ON THE BLANKET. CAN YOU SAY HEALTH ISSUE WhoI WANTS TO LAY IN SOMEONE ELSE URINE SOOOOO GROSS..


Ruth Maxwell November 19, 2016 at 8:18 pm

On November 11, 2016, after driving all day we arrived at Hyatt Regency in Jacksonville, Fa., around 10 pm. The staff at the front desk was extremely friendly and very welcoming. After checking in we took our belongs to our rooms and came back down to dine at the grill. I made my way back to the front desk to explain a little dilemma I was having. My girlfriend and i were traveling with our husbands to celebrate our birthdays, the 11th was my girlfriend”s birthday and I made the mistake of asking her what her husband had got her, she replied nothing yet he told her, that her gift was order and would be there on their arrival home. My gf was tired hungry and disappointed that her husband had not made any effort to acknowledge her birthday the day of. She had wiped away a single tear while answering my question, which you can imagine made me feel horrible. So after explaining the situation to the front desk they went into action, Katie or Haley attempted to have room service deliver a birthday package to the room, they did not have much luck when William stepped in and said, “ladies step aside I got this, I know people”, and before I knew it William along with another employee, I believe her name was Kathryn, they were flagging me over for entail, soon after they delivered a piece of chocolate cake with strawberries for the birthday girl from her husband, he looked the most surprised lol, and she the birthday girl felt special as she should have. There was also a bottle of Campaign awaiting them in their room. The husband admitted he had nothing to do with it, why I don’t know, maybe he knew if the truth came out later it would not be good for him, but regardless of all that, I just wanted the night shift employees that made her birthday special and memorable to be acknowledge for going above beyond the call of duty. I wish i would have gotten their last names but the day shift MOD said, they would know who they were by their first names once I completed my survey, but the problem was I never received a survey. Please try to contact them and tell them how much I appreciated their extra efforts. It was the river front Hyatt in Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks so much from a very satisfied customer.


Ursula Bott November 9, 2016 at 5:14 pm

To whom it may concern:
my Name is Ursula Bott and I have worked for Hyatt Regency from October 15th 1980 until November 11 2015. I received a rewards package which I haven’t yet claimed.
I apology that I forgot because my Family in Germany needed me. Since I’m back, I try to claim my Gift and every time I get told I’m no longer on the List . However, I was not aware that I had to meet a Deadline. Human recourse told them that to much time has gone by. I would really like to get the Tiffany Company $350 Gift Card and I was wondering if there is anything you could do to help me. After all I spend 35 years .was Employee of year and I believe I was an asset to the Company. I would appreciate that very much.


Richard Hagan November 7, 2016 at 6:20 pm

I am writing to compliment the staff of the Hyatt Place at Schipol Airport in the Netherlands. They were extremely helpful and cooperative during our stay but were even more helpful when, after returning to the US, I realized that I had left my wallet behind in Europe.
Simone, the acting Night Mgr, was particularly helpful in determining that I had not left the wallet in the room my wife and I occupied while at Hyatt Place. Fortunately, I later determined that I had left my wallet in the safe at the hotel we had been in the previous night in Rotterdam.

My thanks to the Hyatt Place staff at Schipol Airport and in particular to Simone who was so helpful in my search.

We will continue to enjoy our stays at Hyatt Place.
Richard Hagan


Ad corporate September 28, 2016 at 5:27 pm

Just so everyone knows, the Hyatt Hotel brand is a franchise. The owner of the hotel pays the Hyatt to use its name, brand, there are standards but all complaints should truly be directed to the General Mgr. of the specific hotel. You could call Hyatt corporate office. They will only investigate.


Evan Torch, M.D. December 19, 2016 at 1:57 am

What do you do if the management never answers?


Diana Puente September 8, 2016 at 12:57 am

Princess Liza An Hussein started this motel during World War 2. She is still alive. The current family stole the papers from her. 08-07-16


Sandee August 26, 2016 at 9:59 am

Hyatt at 11367 Viking Drive, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344. I cannot begin to verbalize my embarrassment, frustration and disappointment with this facility. My son and his bride enlisted the services of this hotel for their wedding guests (August 18th to August 21, 2016). We had out of town guests from California, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida and of course Minnesota and each guest had issues with their room reservation. My son and his wife were told they would have a website to book reservations and that if any guests chose to call would just need to mention their wedding block, this turned out to be a disaster of epic proportions. Their expectations were simply to receive the services as discussed in the contract and highlighted on your website. My son had to send multiple emails to have the website setup and the link sent to them. Once they received the link they heard from a number of their guests that it wasn’t working and they just called in to book their room. This was the case for most of their guests as my son was contacted on every single reservation their guests made to either confirm a reservation or follow up on a reservation because it did not get booked properly. They had guests being told they didn’t have a block of rooms, they had guests being told the block of rooms were sold out, they had guests being told certain room types were no longer available, all of which were untrue. They had to fix every last reservation themselves. There were multiple email exchanges between my son and Jenny, the venue contact person, to try and remediate the situation yet they continued throughout the weekend to hear stories of the struggle to reserve a room. They did not expect to have continue to deal with issues and what I feel to be worse is the rude customer service and hassle their guests received from the front desk staff (Danielle and Brittany). Today, a week after the wedding, my son and his wife are still dealing with issues. I am appalled by the fact that my son and his wife had to deal with all of these issues for four months prior to their wedding, and continue the day before, the day of and the day after their wedding and are still working to resolve all of the issues their guests faced by this hotel’s front desk.


John W July 16, 2016 at 7:54 am

Having stayed at different Hyatt Hotels in the past, I and my wife have always come away with positive thoughts about the Hyatt experience…….What changed?? Mr Ozgen Cevik
IS RUDE he lacks customer care courses and diplomacy. His associate Ms Dunleavy is no different.
Someone needs to retrain both on how to handle issues that arise. Upon checking out after a seven (7) day stay I asked to speak with Karen Cohen who handled our booking. She was
extremely nice and accommodating but not in on the morning of our departure. This was after the night shift said she would be in in the morning. Mr Cevik became aggressive when I said I was told she would be here and she is the person I want to speak with. His response was she isn’t in . I said how convenient and he said”are you calling me a liar”.
The irony is we sought out Ms Cohen to thanks her for helping us when we booked the reservation four months earlier.
It’s amazing how Mr Cevik turned this from a possible 10 rating into a 3 verbally!! we will never return to the Hyatt because of it.


private June 21, 2016 at 8:46 pm

There is a man named Jermaine Madison who offers room at the Hyatt, he has someone working there and you send him money and he’ll get you a room some kind of way. Some scam they’re doing. He lives in Chicago Ill, he has an account on Tagged under the name of Jay S where he has pics of the rooms and basically states he can get you one at a discounted rate.


jean pheth May 16, 2016 at 1:15 am

I am posting to make sure everyone is aware of the unbelievably poor customer service. We stayed at the hyatt la jolla ca. on 05-15/ 2016 We were “mortified” there was an incident with the police being involved at 5am in the morning!!!! A couple had been fighting and screaming threats and banging against our wall. I had called the front desk and no answer and it took a 3rd call to pick up inform them if they can contact that room to simmer it down. The yelling, fighting, threats starting from 1am- 4am. I never experienced an incident this horrible at the Hyatt before and at this location this was our 4th stay for this year. And management explain why front desk couldn’t answer. She said they were trying to contact the police…. I made the called! How is it that no one from desk can’t answer!!! And we’re informed we will be credit back $100 Is This a joke or What? This will be our last stay at this Hotel and I will make sure my family wedding party in July will not be checking in there. We’re so disappointed. I will contact corporate office myself!


Sarah young May 28, 2016 at 8:24 am

You’re an idiot. $100 credit for being woken up is more than 99% would do, most would apologize and maybe comp you breakfast. Obviously you don’t travel often and from the sound of it, the Hyattawould be a better place to stay without you there.


Joanell June 19, 2016 at 9:29 am

Would you mind sharing how you made a corporate complaint?


Thomas young April 19, 2016 at 3:43 pm

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Bloomington – Minneapolis 3200 East 81st Street
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, 55425. This was truly my best experience ever at a hotel the customer service was extraordinary, from the time I checked in until my departure. I have never felt so welcomed at a hotel like this before. I was waiting in line at the restaurant in the hotel and several staff members asked me if I had been helped and if it was anything that I needed. The room was super clean and housekeeping did an wonderful job keeping my room clean during my stay.

If I am ever back in Bloomington Minn, this will be the only place I stay, keep up the great work and thank you!


Michelle April 18, 2016 at 1:22 pm

To whom it may concern,

This past weekend I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort for a friend’s wedding. When booking the resort online I was taken aback by the high price for a one night stay, but the pictures looked nice and I had no other choice due to this wedding. I drove into the resort with very high expectations and unfortunately left not only angry, but highly disappointed.
The room we stayed in was average and very basic for something that cost me $230/night plus the $30+/night in a resort fee, which I was unaware of until I was checking out, plus additional taxes and fees. Again, I held this resort to a very high standard based on the high cost and was not pleased with the room or the poor customer service, especially by the management staff.
As for the staff, the bartenders acted like they didn’t want to be bothered with both before and after the wedding. Service was slow and none of the three bartenders were nice to the paying customers and guests staying at the resort. My fiancé and I left the wedding about 30 minutes early so we could sit at the bar to get food and water before the “after party”. We ordered an appetizer, which took about 20-30 minutes, and by the time we got our food, the rest of the wedding arrived. My fiancé was talking to all his friends when all of a sudden the bartender, from the other side of the bar who was not serving us, told him he was cut off. As we were both embarrassed, he asked this bartender why and he just smiled and walked away. The bartender that had been serving us continues to serve us, because he too didn’t know or understand why he would “cut him off”. His friends and even parents around us were all questioning why he would do such a thing when he was not drunk or being rude or disruptive to anyone.
Once again I am in shock by the way a bar manager would treat a paying customer, who is also a paying hotel guest, who is doing nothing wrong. I’m even more blown away by the way the assistant front office manager handled this situation when I was checking out the next morning. To make a long story short, she basically told me that since we had been drinking that we were in the wrong, even though the other bartenders didn’t agree with their manager and EVERYONE around us, except for the one bar manager thought my finance was not being disruptive or disrespectful to anyone. I didn’t appreciate this assistant manager giving me a weak and insincere apology either.
After the insincere apology, I asked if she could take $50-$100 off my bill for the poor customer service and unimpressive room and she basically laughed in my face and said she cannot do that. I asked for her boss or manager and she told me they are unavailable. Basically I left this resort being embarrassed for no reason and treated like XXXXX from upper management. That makes me wonder, do you train your staff especially the management staff on how to treat their customers? I took this experience to see if me and my fiancé would want to get married here but after the extremely poor customer service, average room and a bill of almost $400 for one night, we will definitely not have our wedding at this or any other Hyatt because I don’t want the guests at my wedding to go through what we went through this past weekend. The least I think this company can do, is refund my total bill from this night as I didn’t think I would have to go all the way up the chain in order to be taken care of and have my voice be heard. The first thing I was taught when I was in the customer service industry was that the customer is always right. I don’t think this was taught to any of your staff at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort. In fact, I’m not sure if anyone there has had any training but I do know I would have received the same service at a Motel 6 or Best Western and I would’ve saved myself about $300 too.


Sarah young May 28, 2016 at 8:31 am

Obviously you’re an idiot because they haven’t taught ‘ that the customer is always right’ since the 80’s. It sounds like you are just being cheap and trying to get a free room. I’m sure and bartender wouldn’t cut someone off for no reason. I’m sure you aren’t telling the whole story. And every resort charges a resort fee. Like I said, you’re an idiot


Ryan June 3, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Hello Sarah,

People are entitled to their own opinions. Good or bad. Im sure Hyatt is working relentlessly to handle these issues with the utmost care and respect for their guest and employees. I understand that you may be hurt about people bashing Hyatt. But calling them idiots will fix nothing.

I have no connection to Upper level management in Hyatt. Im just an intern exploring the company, but one thing i have learned at my time here is that Hyatt likes to focus on care so people can be their best.

Thank you


Peter McAlpine October 17, 2016 at 11:07 pm

Sarah, is it necessary to call people an idiot? I am just passing by this website, but I’ve seen 2 instances so far.


Peter McAlpine October 17, 2016 at 11:17 pm

Sarah, you certainly like to call people an idiot, don’t you!


Michelle April 18, 2016 at 8:21 am

I recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay for a wedding. When paying for a room that’s about $250/night (plus $30+ in resort fees/night), I expected the room to look amazing and the service to be even better. Unfortunately that was not the case. You would think at a resort like this, that the management staff would be on point. They were actually worse then their co-workers. I’m just shocked by the terrible service they provided at such a nice resort like this. I have never felt so disrespected as a paying customer in my life. If there was a Hilton or even a Holiday Inn near by, I would’ve stayed there as I would have received the same quality room and probably even better customer service for a lot less money per night.


Joseph April 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Staying at the Hyatt in Sana antonio tx and we stay here all the time this time around sucked people at the front desk was very very bad we were very up set cause this is the place we like staying all the time but for next time not going to be


Sarah young May 28, 2016 at 8:32 am

Learn how to puncuate and formulate a complete sentence.


Dave Pucciarella March 5, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Hyatt Chesapeake Cambridge Md. Life guards are a joke at the pool. I count at least 50 children under 10 and whether they are with adults or not the staff is disonterested. Almost children themselves they bounce basketballs and mingle with other young staffers. Are not interested in the safety of the guests


Kewanna Poole March 1, 2016 at 8:36 pm

I recently stayed at Hyatt Place in Cranberry PA from February 26 to the 29th. The whole time we were there nobody cleaned our room. We got fresh towels and emptied the trash. I checked out yesterday and. And I see a $200 charge from hyatt. I inquired about it and they said the bed was wet and they had it cleaned professionally. I told them it was just oj my daughter spilled. The manager argued with me and said no it wasnt. Really it doesn’t matter what it was it doesn’t cost $200 to clean a mattress. The manager was very rude and was not trying to hear anything I said. I will never stay at another Hyatt again.


Yeng Fong February 25, 2016 at 6:32 pm

We recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Honolulu HI. First of all the did not give us the suite upgrade as diamond members. Three hours into checking in, my husband slipped in the bathtub and was brought to the ER. He has a broken rib. He remain in bed for the trip. Not one manager reached out to us following the incident. I called to speak to the manager(Claudia) she said she was not aware of what hapoened. She was going to talk to her suoervisor and get back to me. Well she didn’t, instead the head of security Mitch Johnson called and talked to me. He offered 20,000 points and free breakfast. We already as daimond members are getting free breakfast and snacks. He asking offered to take care of all my husband’s meals but I have to always try to get in touch with him to get food for up to him. It was just faster and easier for me to get the food up to him myself. Well guess what no points were giving to our accounts plus we still had to pay for the meals. I tried many times to get in touch with management especially the GM. No one will give me his direct email or phone number. Finally I was given a general GM email for the Hyatt. I sent him an email and did not hear from him until the last day of my trip. He left a message for me and when I called back I left a message for him. I just spoke to him two days later. This hotel management sucks!! All the the other staffs were great. They were made aware of what happened to my husband and they all were sincerely kind and apologetic. Everyone we spoke to told us that we should file a law suit against them.
There is no problem with the hotel and staff only management. Although be careful of the tub and the tile area of the bathroom because the tile is very slippery even when it’s not wet. This could have been avoided if we have gotten the suite!


Eva A.Janda February 16, 2016 at 4:18 pm

State of Emergency in Porter Ranch, ca.

Hyatt Valencia, ca. A true D- hotel! GM Eric Ducat thinks he is CEO of GM; won’t meet with disgruntled guests or answer their emails.
A true state of emergency was declared in Porter Ranch, Ca. A gas well blew up on Oct 23 sickening over 4,400 and shutting down 2 schools. Mr. Ducat enjoyed over 80% occupancy with families who were forced out of their homes. Many resided at this hotel for over 2.5 MONTHS!!! To repay them for taking lodging at HYATT Valencia a decision was made to fill cheep seats first; no matter how many in your family. The allowance per mont was 375 per night for lodging ,45 per day per person for food, 150 for laundry, 150 for pets. Hyatt Valencia put us in a king suite for 7 nights but sold it out from under us at their first opportunity and wanted us to move to a king room for 338.00. Their front desk accidently outed themselves and said they do NOT charge this for a king. Told them they do now; taking full advantage of the sold out situation in a state of emergency is shameful! They showed no goodwill toward any of these families who spent thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in their hotel. Not one small gathering for the children; an ice cream party etc.
The suite that should not have been available because a family should have been placed there from the beginning was shameful. They bill it out at 400 per night. The bed was awful the decor dated and worn to the nub, phones not working, furniture placement terrible. Mini fridge in bedroom not in living or dining area, molding and trim beat up, furniture stained with large chips and dings.
The absolute worst is how they allocated rooms and inflated prices during this crisis!!!
GM, would not meet with us, customer service people were argumentative but I will keep persisting until I am heard. Gas company will be looking hard at Hyatt, private message boards for victims already have horrible reviews for Hyatt Valencia. I will find someone in this originazation who cares about this situation.


Thomas Brown February 8, 2016 at 12:16 am


I have stay at several of Hyatt company brand hotel. The Hyatt Place in Jackson-Ridgeland MS need to replace the mattress in the rooms. The last few stays at this hotel the mattress not comfortable. I have mention this concern to management by email and in person. I’m thinking about checking out a different hotel brand on my next visit to the area.

Thomas Brown


Kristin Melton February 7, 2016 at 7:34 pm

I was a guest at the Hyatt Place Lakeland Center February 5th & 6th for my daughters’s dance competition. The Hyatt was the host hotel. At approximately 6:30 am, Februaty 6th, I went out to my car to discover a window smashed, the inside ransacked, and $200 cash stolen. My car was one of 19. 19 cars in the hotel parking lot broken into. The police were called and forensics worked the scene. The hotel staff was not sympathetic or helpful in the least. The parking light is barely lit and there are no video cameras. When I spoke with the hotel manager, Leah Freeman, she did not offer help dealing with the broken windows or try to accommodate us in any way. When asked why the security at the Hyatt was so poor she had no answer. When asked what the hotel would do about such poor security she the hotel would not do anything about it. I stayed at the Hyatt because I believed it was a safe hotel and it was the Host hotel. I could have stayed at many other hotels nearby for A LOT less, but trusted the Hyatt name. I have never been treated so poorly at a hotel before. What’s worse is to learn the Hyatt could care less about the safety of its guests. I know a few guests called corporate only to be told they were on their own. That back parking lot is an easy target, which was my exact thought as I parked my car in the ONLY available spot Friday night. I am sick to my stomach at the thought that should any one of the hotels guests could have been easily harmed and the lack of concern or thought of the hotel is inexcusable. I want to know what the hotel/ corporate is going to do about this? I will contact newspapers and hit social media hard if something isn’t done and soon.


Kristin Melton February 13, 2016 at 9:02 am

I still have yet to hear from corporate. At the very least I should have been refunded on my hotel stay and security cameras, along with good lighting should be installed for future guest safety


Sarah young May 28, 2016 at 8:40 am

You’re an idiot for leaving that much cash in your car. Everyone in the world except you knows that a hotel is not liable for theft unless you valet, which you didn’t since you said you walked out to your car. Sounds like you just want something free. I’m sure the cars did get broken into but that could happen anywhere, and it’s very convenient that you claim to have cash stolen. Who in their right mind would ever leave $200 in a car overnight?!?!?


Ms. Williams January 21, 2016 at 1:38 am

After various complaints with this company whom my daughter of two children that has been at this company are getting discrimination issues with you supervisor at the boston, massachusetts hotel in cambridge. The persons name is jose santango who is the director of housekieeping. If this continues my attorney has been notified with this issue. This employee needs to displine with respect to employees when it comes to delivery of messages regarding her children in emergency situations or any other matter. He give more assignments to black women than latino’s of this facility. Being a concern parent and advocate of Attorneys in the Massachusetts Legal System I feel their needs to be a action against this type of behavior regarding this matter. To inform you is my way to see that this does not continue. Papers will be served if this individual continues . Location: 575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge Attn: Jose Santiago.


Gabrielle Ingram May 28, 2016 at 8:45 am

Hello dumba**,
You don’t threaten legal action on a forum that isn’t even moderated or run by the company you’re threatening. Obviously you DO need to contact your lawyer because you can’t even contact the company by yourself. And your daughter is an adult and should handle this herself. Cut the cord already left!


MERITA C Mema January 15, 2016 at 1:54 am

One of the best hardworking mother of two at housekeeping department as room ATTENDANT that i was hired at june 29/15 sent by union as substitute then eventually with the big dream that one day i will become a family member of HYATT company with my amazing service to make our guest feel more than welcome.instead of a simply thank you Being Abused.retaliated .mistreated and threw out of work like a piece of paper in streets from management and HR of Grand central Hyatt N.Y..I will never back down and give up standing for my rights as a household single mother of two that do the best she can !! No. doesnt have to be a unskilled hotel management. To make The hyatt company to look bad ..can you please make it possible to contact C E O. I truly need that to be heard by president of the best global company #1 HYATT. Thank you .914-258-XXXXX…GOD BLESS.


Audra Staks January 14, 2016 at 8:53 am

I have been disputing charges since October of 2015. The most ridiculous thing is that i’m not even disputing the amount i’ve explained three or four times that i the original amount printed on the original receipt is fine minus the charge of $550 of parking for 4 nights. Its simply the fact that they had a credit card authorization form on file which i’ve confirmed with customer service and they still charged the wrong credit card over $5000 dollars for a 4 night stay. I have been trying to get a refund issued to the credit card and have the charges charged to the correct credit card since October. Chanel with customer service at this point is being rude and i’ll be sure to book all my travel with another hotel from now on.


Anonymous January 5, 2016 at 3:37 pm

Hyatt, Faro Blanco, in Marathon Florida, you really need to start questioning why half your resort is Foreign exchanged students.I can tell you from first hand knowledge that half of them are with expired visa’s working for an false agency in which you hired, and are hiring illegal aliens living in this country. You are feeding the very thing in which we are trying to get away from by putting hard working americans to work. All the international students in the area are going through this agency and staying after they are supposed to go home from other jobs they have had their j1 visas from. On op of all that, they are not even paying taxes on their paychecks. All this i have seen and i am furious about it. I will go to the IRS, immigration, and to your corporate offices about this. What kind of example are you trying to set for hardworking,taxpaying citizens of the United States?


Anonymous January 5, 2016 at 3:40 pm

if you wish to contact me, i can give you every detail i know about this.


Ryan June 3, 2016 at 2:58 pm


Im studying hospitality management and wanted to let you know that there is actually several amazing hotel management schools in S. America. These students are among the top of their class and are selected by Hyatt to get experience in resorts around the world. I work side by side with these interns we make the same pay, and they get to learn valuable skills and improve their english.

I understand that companies abuse illegal immigrants in the USA, but Hyatt is not one. This company focuses on care. Hyatt creates a family between colleagues and guest alike. I have truly never worked for a company more dedicated to my future than Hyatt.

Thank you Hyatt, and i’m sorry for people commenting on things they have no idea about.


Bonnie December 29, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Recent stay Dec 23, 2015 Hyatt Brentwood , TN There is a strange odor throughout the hallways and elevator. The bathroom is so small that the door barely clears the toilet and in order to close the door you must step into the shower. No room to undress in the bathroom in privacy. Was told by staff all rooms have tiny bathrooms and air freshener is piped throughout the hotel. Made if very difficult to breath in the hallways and eleveator. A large person would never be able to use the bathroom and definitely not accommodating for a handicapped person. If in the Brentwood area for a little bit more a night I recommend going to the Hilton Suites, which we did. Very friendly staff, beautiful hotel, spacious rooms and bathrooms. My impression of Hyatt has definitely changed after this stay.


Anna Stassens December 10, 2015 at 11:28 am

This is my letter to corporate, very unhappy, working with the Minot,ND Hyatt!

Dear Hyatt Corporate Manager,

I am writing with my concerns about your Minot, ND managers.

I have been working for the Hyatt for about 3 months and in that time I have seen 4 employee’s walk out and have heard of at least two of them the managers have made there employee’s cry.

The managers are very unprofessional with there employee’s.

I will attach a separate page of text messages of some of those employee’s when they reached out to me, as I know you are very busy.

I would like to address a personal problem I faced today and the reason I have resigned. I hope my letter will make a difference for the employee’s who are still there and any future employee’s and I hope this letter will bring attention to a very serious problem that I believe will affect your business directly.

In every job I have worked I have been well known for my work ethic and getting along with others, I also want to point out that I got hired with the understanding that I have to leave by 3pm everyday, due to kids.

The first incident was with one of your managers Lorena, we had a very busy day and had lots of rooms to get done. I was asked by Lorena to do all my checkouts first, I had a big board and knew I wouldn’t be able to get both my stay overs and checkouts done.
So I said “I have to leave by 3pm, do you want me to still do all my checkouts first and have someone else do my stays? or do my checkouts until lunch then finish my stay overs and then go back to checkouts like Vicky (house manager) has me do”.

Lorena said “The idea is that you finish your board” I said “I know, but I may or may not get them all done before I have to leave”. Lorena was very irritated with me and said “well do the best you can!”.

Latter that day, just out of the blue Lorena says ‘So is that how it is with you?, you just leave early and not finish your board?” I said “No, not always”. To make along story short,she said we needed to talk about me coming in earlier (I come in at 8am). I would like to add that it was not said very nice to me, she made me so upset I wanted to walk out, but did not because I can’t afford to do that.

Today I was working and getting a lot of rooms done and had like 3 checkouts left on my board of 11, plus my stay overs.

When I clocked out the other manager we have Joe (she does our payroll), she said “Did you finish your board?” I said “No, there were just a few left.” Joe motioned for me to go into her office. Joe said “Why didn’t you finish your board?’ I said “Because I have to leave by 3pm”. Joe said “Why didn’t you finish your board?” I said “I did my best, I can’t stay I have to pick up my kids, because my husband and I work opposite shifts.” Joe said “Lorena said there is no reason you should have not finished your board, why didn’t you finish your board?.” I would like to add that Lorena was not even in at work that day.
I said “I did my best.” (very lost at what else she wanted me to say)
Joe said “Doing your best is not the same as getting your board done, I have 70 people checking in and need those rooms.” I said “I work hard and don’t fool around and I did my best.”
I was so upset I don’t remember what she said after that. But I told my husband and he was not very happy and he did call Joe and she kept trying to talk over him so he had to raise his voice until she would let him talk.

I called Vicky right right away and told her that I quit and if she needed to call me, she could. I also told our room checker for the day Carlie that I was very upset and and that I was not coming back.

I would like to add that a lot of these rooms we clean are horrible, beer on the floors, food, trash, food dried on dishes, tons of hair in sinks, and some of the rooms I have cleaned I have taken out 2 to 3 trash bags full of trash.Some of our guest who live here for a long time, some even a couple years.

Our stay overs aren’t much better half the time, bed sheets all pilled in a pile,so that takes time and lots of trash and just filth, so it does take time with those rooms, not all the rooms are that bad, but a lot sure are!

I hope my letter was not to winded, but wanted to let you know the details. I will attach the text messages that I have gotten if you care to read them. I do know that 2 other ex-employee’s told me they were going to write you as well. Tiffany and Loren” and do know the other said she should, but I am not sure she wants to bother.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I really hope things will change there, I would have stayed if the work environment was better.

I wanted to make a detailed report for you, so you can see what is going on in your hotel.

Cats (named changed):
Walked out, here is her text to me.

Vicky is horrible. I tried to be nice and respectful and do as I was told, but she is so rude and its unprofessional.

Yelling and talking to us the way she does isn’t right. Thats why I had enough. I didn’t complain to Lorena because it seems like if the problem has never been solved then she probably is right in there feeding into Vicky’s crap,so she’ll back her up and everyone will continue to work for hitler (Vicky). If she didn’t favor people or bust her a** right along with everyone else I’d respect her more. Instead she barks orders sometimes in a way thats totally out of line. I am not a dog and she smokes every lil chance she gets while we are stressed the f**k out.
Looking for other jobs because nobody wants to be treated that way she treats people.
My boyfriend overheard (Bluetooth) how Vicky talks to me and he suggested I go to corporate and report her. He said “No grown woman deserves to be spoken to like that”.
After that I wasn’t allowed to have my bluetooth at work anymore. Which is ok. I thought it was just me, but thank god someone else heard her and clearly agreed with me that Vicky is beyond unprofessional.

Anne (name changed):
Quit, almost walked out, but wouldn’t give the satisfaction to Lorena.
(we have been talking back and forth at work, but here is the text of the last straw.)

Lorena blew up at me for no reason at all and said I’m the reason no one likes Vicky and I’m the one talking sh*t and making everyone follow in my path and that I’m going to work at the Fairfield Inn. I said what in the hell are you talking about?. I said no one is following me, I’m not talking sh*t, everyone sees things for themselves, I have never told anyone to hate or talk crap about Vicky and once I leave here I will never work at a hotel again nor have I ever said anything about working at a hotel. So I have no clue what is going on. And I was going to walk out, but my boyfriend said to stay until I get a different job, I said I can’t do this, I said after today I have to be done, I can’t come back here that is so crazy to me, she should be fired.

Lorena is crazy and two faced and I have no clue what I have done so wrong. She made me cry so that is what, now 4 people she has made cry. Very very uncalled for and unprofessional.


Kathleen Rameshwar November 14, 2015 at 1:28 pm

I am not sorry to be blunt but “SERVICE IS PISS POOR”. On the 24th October 2015 my husband, sister and myself cheched in Hyatt Place Airport & Cruise Fort Lauderdale situated at 91 SW 18th Ave Dania Beach FL 33004. The room # was 620. Within 10 mins. of making myself comfortable my foot was piearced by a piece of broken glass that was in the carpet on the floor. My foot bled. Upon scrutinizing the floor in the area, there were other pieces of glass and blood stains were found. Obviously the room was not cleaned. Yolanda, who identified herself as the manager visited the room. She was of no help and became aggressive to my sister. We agreed to call in the paramedics who responded quickly and offered very good service. A complaint was made to the Scott, who identified himself as the co-operate Manager the next morning. Whilst he apologised for her behaviour, to date neither called me to obtain a status of my health. This “SERVICE STINKS” Apart from intaking stress of broken glass that was contanimated with blood stains, within the incident there was no URGENCY to my distress. My sister and husband had to plea for assistance and Yolanda, the manager, seemed more upset and angry to have to deal with the incident. Your hotel shows UNETHICS, PURE UNSANITARY, LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE. This could have been a life and death situation, as I suffer with circulatory problems, with the same leg that got injured. I am advised to have a blood screening done, due to the dried blood stains found. HIV/AIDS and OTHER DISEASES can be contracted in this way. My Life is possibly at Risk because of YOUR INEFFECTIVE AND INEFFICIENT STAFF and MANAGEMENT. RE-TRAINING and or NEW EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT should be considered for this Hotel Property. Please be reminded that your establishment is Human Service Oriented and not a Product. Your Competitions are right next door and I have written this same complaint to the Hotel Association. THIS HOTEL CANNOT BE RECOMMENDED. There was absolutely NO COMPENSATION for YOUR HOTEL DISGUSTED SERVICE AND IRRESPONSIBILE HOUSEKEEPING.


Ta-Neha Smith October 12, 2015 at 7:58 am

I could not believe the behavior of the staff at the Hyatt Place in Richmomd, Va at laburnum and i64. Without reliving and risk being traumatized again I will tell you not to take your kids to stay at this hotel. They were so rude and unprofessional. Etiquette classes are needed for the staff which should be a requirement. We will not be staying here or with this chain ever again.


Anonymous October 7, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I am done and tired of hyatt I had a group of people who’s coming to west palm beach for vacation over 100 people I told them NOT To stay at Hyatt I’ve been working at Hyatt place west palm beach downtown for almost 7 years since hotel was open , and I never had problem with them until how disgusting this place is , how rude the stupid ass housekeeping manager is I am trying to keep it cool but honestly I can’t do it no more . She is so rude , tray us like we don’t mean nothing , I know the headquarters Don’t care about no Employees all cares about putting money on their own pocket , she been here for 4 month now over 20 people left the Job do something because i am so tired of them . Kerry the GM shes the same thing as her she need to fire as well I am done with them they are such a 2 faces. I refuse these corrupt individuals to take advantage of one out of 100 best companies to work for in the u.s. Again thanks for reading


Jess October 5, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Hyatt Does not care about these responses. Nor do they even reply or contact you regarding the situations posted. Why waste the time to write on this “cooperate wall” it is obvious this company has NO customer service what so ever and is only relying on there name for business. So just make sure when anyone says there going on vacation make sure to tell them not to stay at a HYATT. That is all we can do. #HYATTworsthotelever Yelp, instagram, facebook, and twitter will make them listen!
They literally expect you not to look at your statement and did not even redeem the gift certificate they told me to leave with them when I checked in. On top of that they did not give me the Triple A discount I asked about when I made my reservation! The supervisor said there was nothing he could do about it even though the rep said he heard me ask for it! Where is the disconnect Hyatt? What are your business practices?
This is sad such a big company can be so misleading!


Anonymous September 8, 2015 at 9:09 am

I forget to write her name EVIlL her name is SANDRA


Anonymous September 8, 2015 at 9:00 am

Hello I am an employee of hyatt place west palm beach downtown. and I have been working here as a housekeeper for 5 years .Recently we came across a new supervisor who was very rude since the first day but now it’s getting out of control she believes it is her duty to take over and control us as grown women.The way she talks to us is like we are dogs or trash to her. She Doesnt communicate to us as a manager . She yells at us when she talks and she.demands respect. And sometimes she make most of the housekeeping cry . We use to find tips in the room now we don’t because before she give us the room she went I heck them to see if they don’t have money on them so she can get them i..She feel like crap and as if we dont belong and it makes me not want to come to work when this is my only job. She doesn’t have the IT to be a manger . She’s unprofessional there’s no one you can talk to .she been here for 3:30 month there’s about 8 people who quit and she hires over 5-6 more they all left . And she also can’t stand Haitian she said we don’t speak English she need people who speak english on the floor before we leave we need to send Haitian that’s speak English for her . And she hire bunch of Spanish when nun of them speak English as well she’s so racist omg I hate my job . And when she yell at you , you have to stay like a lil girl if you answer her back she will send you home . Please CEO do something if you don’t believe us you can go undercover and see for yourself .

Mr mark S hoplamizar
President and CEO


Wayne Coetzee September 7, 2015 at 8:25 am

To whom it may concern
I have been trying to get my salary which is owed to me from the Park Hyatt Hotel in Zanzibar. I have contacted the Financial Manager at the hotel who told me my salary was paid into my account on 2 September 2015. I contacted him again today 7 September 2015 and he told me he only paid my salary into my account today. I


patrick September 4, 2015 at 2:03 pm

Hyatt has steadily gone downhill in recent years, as evidenced by all the feedback on this site. Classic case of chasing profit and sacrificing quality. My understanding is that the talent has left them in droves.


Joanne September 3, 2015 at 2:39 pm

We were scheduled to stay at the Hyatt/Portland/Old Port for two evenings, 8/28-8/29. The first evening, we were woken up by drunken men in the next room. We called the front desk twice. The second time security came up and told them there were noise complaints, to quiet down, and “Have a good evening.” Meanwhile, they continued with the noise, and we didn’t get any sleep. The following morning we went to the front desk, and they only offered to change our room, not theirs, because they didn’t request it but we did. I will never stay at another Hyatt again!


Sharla Hill July 30, 2015 at 11:53 pm

I just stayed at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, Texas and the group I was with had several issues with charges on our credit cards during our stay and after our checkout. I had a charge of $163.00 on my account that was not accounted for on the receipts I received when I checked out. When I called them, they said it was just the temporary charge that was placed on the card to hold for incidentals and that it would be taken off in a few days. Then I spoke with a manager who told me that the amount was automatically charged by the system and they had no control over it. My question is why was anything charged to my account at all. The bill was paid by a check from my employer which was given to them when I checked in, and I paid for the parking at checkout. I’m not sure what they are getting out of charging me temporarily, but I am not at all happy about it. We were told several times that our cards would not be charged at all unless there were additional charges or fees. There were no fees, so why were they excess charges on my account?


Joseph Johnson July 22, 2015 at 2:57 pm

When I look at the other reviews, I wonder why am I writing this, apparently nothing changes regardless of criticism. So I will also follow up with a letter to the Hyatt CEO.
However I hope this will help somebody else.
On July 15, 2015, I phoned the Hyatt on Cox Road, Glen Allen, Va, where we had booked a reservation weeks earlier, to request an early check in for 19 July of about 1 or 2, to give us time to shower and change prior to attending my sons wedding at 4:00 pm of the same day at the nearby Dominion Country Club. Being a Sunday I hoped it would not be a problem. I was informed it was virtually unlikely to happen. My daughter and her family, also booked at the Hyatt, phoned later that evening, and she was informed by a gentleman that he did not see it as a problem if they arrived early around 1:00 pm and my husband and I could change in her room and go to our individual rooms after the wedding. When we arrived at 12:30, we were treated as if we were looking for free lodging for the night. My daughter informed the 2 ignorant rude clerks on duty of her conversation and we were told it was not going to happen until 3:00 pm. We waited in the Lobby after staying in our cars until 2:30 pm, because of the intense heat of 97 degrees in Glen Allen. As time drew to a short close, I went into a rest room and had to straddled my luggage across a commode and dress there. When I came out at 3:15 I was informed my husband and son in law had dressed in their Tuxedo’s in a meeting room and that we could now check in. I was livid as it could have all be avoided with a little common courtesy. You cannot tell me that at 2:00 pm, not one room was available for occupancy.
Returning at 10:00 pm from the wedding, our exhaustion was great and we prepared for bed. I noticed 10-12 long blond hairs on the top sheet (there was no comforter or blanket) and thought, Oh My Lord. I pulled back the sheets to throw them off, as I always carry my own linen, and it did not take a rocket scientist to see that the bed had not been changed, was full of hair and soiled. The rage and disgust caused me to regurgitate as I phoned the front desk to tell them, Oh H— no, this is deplorable, nasty, unsanitary and anything else dirty you can think of. Yelling from the bathroom, my grandson called to say the bathtub is full of hair and in the floor. It was sickening. Someone from downstairs sent up 4 sheets and 2 pillow cases and I said to them, “What”!!!! I do not work here to make beds or change Linen unless I choose to, I don’t do it at home. I was informed there was no one from housekeeping available and the gentleman who arrived with the sheets did not know where to find anything else. I have seen some nasty things in my day, but how does a major hotel household technician not know to change the nasty sheets on a bed and not clean the room. We have stayed in hotels around the world but have never in 40 years of military and retired travel, seen anything like this. The next morning my husband spoke with another manager and he offered us another night in any Hyatt, but after seeing the earlier review from Sylvia G, it’s probably non-negotiable.
How can this happen!!!YOU DONT EVEN CHANGE THE SHEETS!!!!! WHAT IS THIS “””” A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Never again!!!!!


Amy July 14, 2015 at 6:32 am

I made a reservation at your Hyatt Place in Lansing MI for 8/8/15. Unfortunately my nieces wedding was canceled so I called for a refund. Instead of getting my refund for $192.78, they debited my card ANOTHER $771.72. This caused several overdrafts to my account. I had to take a 1/2 day off work to try to straighten it out. It is still not straighted out. The management at that hotel is AWFUL!!! I have called Corporate 3 times and no one has called me back. This is a shocking way to conduct business.


davis July 10, 2015 at 3:46 pm

Dear Hyatt,

I am a General Contractor in Orlando and have been doing some capital work at your Hyatt on International Dr. This has been the worse professional experience in my companies history. This engineering dept headed by a tyrant who is the most inept, unprofessional Director I have ever had the displeasure of working for. I have completed 100,s of projects for Marriott, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, etc., and never had any issues.
During course of work I received no notices as required by contract law in terms of items not sufficient, I was yelled and screamed at by this man in front of others for minor issues. I was called in for a meeting in front of entire staff and embarrassed over false issues, issues that proved how inept this dept really is. I have had over $100,000 of my personal money held without any notice or communication. If you expect a Contractor to finance your projects you damn well should have him paid on time when project is completed. After several notices, without zero acknowledgment, I am being forced to pursue all avenues including filing liens on all jobs, appealing to upper management to address this gross abuse of power, and have retained a lawyer to address these issues. Is this the kind of reputation the Hyatt wants in this industry? I have fulfilled all obligations and expect to paid for the services rendered in a timely fashion. I had been warned prior not to work for this director as this has been an issue everywhere he has been At this rate Hyatt will be lucky to have any contractor do its work in this area as no one will work under these conditions. I also do work at the Grand Cypress and have very few issues and the staff is much more courteous and professional.


Anne Murray July 9, 2015 at 7:49 pm


My name is Anne and I am not for sure if this site is maintained but I am a travel agent and I would like someone to contact me in regards to a situation with the Hyatt Regency in Aruba. I would rather explain the situation either in email or by phone. Please reply.

Thank you,



Dr. Paula A. Price June 30, 2015 at 11:25 pm

I just posted this review on the Tulsa Hotel’s site.
My experience with the Hyatt Regency Hotel Tulswa was dismal. My guests and I were treated abominably by the sales department, reservations, and the general manager who refused to meet with me to hear my concerns or resolve the issues. We signed agreements with this hotel the end of last year or the earlier part of January. We had done business with them before, and the experience was sketchy. We tried them again because we are growing and needed a larger venue.
After the agreement was signed, we published the hotel on our website and our registrants started calling to book rooms. They were told no such event was there under my name. This went on for some time before we found out about it. As time for the event drew near, we were told that the hotel was fully booked and that my guests who were turned away had to go elsewhere. My company had to pay for and arrange daily transportation for my guests to the event site, though we reserved our block six months earlier. Those who were fortunate enough to get a room were bumped by a larger group. I had guests put out of their rooms and made to sit in the lobby until someone wanted to work it out. The security guard burst into my suite filled with guest to imply that I had no business being there. Throughout the 3.5 days we were there, my guests from all over the country were booted out of rooms, mishandled; their rooms sloppily cleaned and overall treated shabbily. Clearly, as far as the registrations went, we were too small to risk losing a larger group’s events. So the rooms that we contracted for were obviously given to a more prestigious group. I attempted to resolve the matter with the hotel, but the general manager opted to ignore me entirely. If this were a lesser hotel, one would merely shrug. But it is a Hyatt and one does chose a Hyatt Regency for such treatment. From refusing to review our folio to dismissing my concerns this hotel team has to be the worst I have dealt with in my 30 year career as an event sponsor. It is a shame that it is a Hyatt and worse that I have no recourse for my ill treatment.


Karen Capasso May 18, 2015 at 3:02 pm

After being delayed at JFK in NYC and arriving in Alburqerque a hour late without our luggage that Jet Blue had left at the NY airport,all I wanted to do was get to our room and go to sleep. We arrived at Hyatt Place at Alb Airport at 2 AM which to us was 4 AM NY time. We had to wait at the desk because no one was there. After a short wait, someone did go to the front desk. I had confirmed a 2 room suite the night before,so I thought everything would be fine,wrong… The employee, Zach advised us that instead of 2 rooms,they only had one. Ok, he checked the other Hyatt in town and they did not have any rooms,so 4 of us stayed in the one room. In the morning,he promised we would have two rooms.
In the morning,after breakfast I went to the front desk and no one knew anything about us having another room. At this point, I was upset with the employee on the night shift as he didn’t do anything to insure us another room as promised. He also told me that he would make sure we had a free vacation at any Hyatt in the US. Because of the time and what was promised to us, we stayed. There was no other room set aside and the poor guy at the front desk was very nice but didn’t know what to do. I requested to speak with the manager,his name Chad Adcox. He was very nice and calmed my nerves down. He did not charge us for the first night and apologized for the night shift not doing what they said.. Chad is a wonderful employee of the Hyatt and wanted to let you know. We are looking at vacationing at the Hyatt in Key West in September, I hope this trip goes smooth. I have just applied for a Hyatt Credit Card with 2 free nights. This will help getting my vacation that was promised to me.


diane Bousquet May 4, 2015 at 7:48 am

Sunday, May 3, 2015

* Pyracantha Court
Springfield, VA 22153

Mr. Mark S. Hoplamazian
President and CEO
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
71 South Wacker Drive
12th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Mr. Hoplamazian:

My Hyatt membership number is 519549131Y.

Since 2012 I have stayed at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach, CA – with the exception of last year when I was not able to travel due to rotator cuff surgery a couple of months previously.

Several minutes ago I called the Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA, to make reservations for my annual 4th of July vacation and was informed that all rooms were sold out.

I then called my son, who resides in Huntington Beach to tell him of this, and amazingly he was able to book a room for me through a “travel/hotel” website at a room rate of $369 per night.

I would like to know why there are no rooms available through Hyatt, but a website has availability?

I understand that a block of rooms can be booked by anyone, but I would like to know why the Hyatt does not “reserve a block” of rooms for its Members.

Unfortunately having my Hyatt Reservations booked through a travel website, I will not be able to receive any Hyatt Rewards.

I thought one of the “benefits” of being a Hyatt member was reservation availability, I guess that is not always true.

I did not think to ask the Huntington Beach Hyatt if there was any availability for Senior Citizens (AARP member) or for those with Military ID’s, which I also have.

I hope I will receive an answer to this letter tomorrow, Monday, as I have until Tuesday morning to cancel the hotel with the travel company.

Please feel free to contact me by email at bmr****, phone at 703-455-**** if you have any further questions. I leave for work by 7:50 AM and do not return home until 7 PM, and am unreachable at work as I work for a government agency.

Thanking you for your time to read of my concerns.


Diane C. Bousquet


bill May 2, 2015 at 1:30 am

Absol that this happened suutely the worst customer service we gave ever had . Spent 20 years on the road as a special hazard fire suppression designer and often stayed at Hyatts. On a weekend trip the the Hyatt in Columbus Ohio we were threatened with eviction for the hotel for listening to the radio and talking to a small group of friends in a suite. The columbus police treated us like the Ferguson Police did the protesters in Missouri. Sad that this happy during a tattoo convention. Filing complaints to the police department as well as your hotel.


julie May 1, 2015 at 4:00 am

Want to know how important your safety is to Hyatt and their franchisors? This is a letter I sent to Customer service, Victoria Boylan about a horrifying night that began at Hyatt Place Gateway center, SLC and ended with me kicked out on the street in the middle of the night. And, as seems to be the norm, I got no response to my cry for help….

I will attempt to explain what happened in somewhat of a chronological order. I’ve done a lot of thinking about the cirXXXXstances over this weekend and I still can’t determine anything in my behavior that would have caused Derek Soucie and staff to feel so ‘threatened’ that throwing me out on on the street in the middle of the night alone was the preferred resolution.

My day began the morning in Boise Idaho. I checked out of the Hyatt place in Boise late morning. As is the rule at Hyatt Place, the front desk gal was wonderful and sweet. When I realized my travel cup was cracked and leaking, she even offered me a water for the road. I have enjoyed my stays at Hyatt Place and your brand has become my go-to choice for lodging – by far: I feel safe. I feel comfortable. I feel like family. When I am planning a trip, I specifically look for a Hyatt Place location. I frequent Hyatt Place locations in Carrollton, Portland airport, Boise, and was expecting to stay at the Hyatt place in Salt Lake City.

My flight arrived in Salt Lake City just after 730. After picking up my rental car I went straight to the Hyatt place – Gateway Center. I sat in the lobby after dropping off my luggage and talked to my husband while enjoying a couple glasses of wine during the conversation. A group of loud college age boys came in and I took that as my cue to go back to my room ordering one more glass of wine to take with me.

In my room I was on street-level in the front of the building and it was quite loud as a basketball game had just concluded. I called the front desk and had a pleasant conversation with someone, Chris, maybe, about whether there was another room available that might be quieter. He explained to me that there were no rooms that were quieter as they were quite full that night. I thanked him. Sometimes when you travel the situation just is what it is. I continued to work on my computer in the room for about an hour. When it was time to retire, I went to lock the slide on the door and it had been removed. There was no slide lock on the door of room 119. As I travel so much so I am keenly aware of my of my safety and called the front desk to let them know there was no lock on the door. I was told, I believe by Derek, that they could move me to another room or they could use some manager only key for the night. I opted for the different room because I don’t trust this manager key. He, in a rather frustrated tone said, ‘Well pack your things and come get a key to the room.” I did as I was told and went out to the lobby with all of my things. It was at this time at this time that our interaction began going downhill. He threw the key at me and dismissed me outright to work with someone else in the lobby. I was so surprised and shocked at his hostile behavior and I walked around to the other end of the food bar and asked a young woman for the phone for corporate. When Derek realized I was on the other side of the counter making my request, he approached me and in a very nasty tone asked me, “So what can I do for you now?” I told him that I wanted the phone number for corporate because I have never been treated like this at a Hyatt Place before and I felt like his behavior was inappropriate. I wanted the phone number to corporate as I felt I was being bullied. He did not like that answer and told me, “I have given you a key to a new room. Go to your room now or I will call security;” At this point he was the one that was making a scene. I had not raised my voice. I had not been demanding. In fact, I had asked him to come see the room so that I can show him that he in fact did not have to “clean up after me” and that, in fact, the door lock was broken. My only thought was that he thought I was just trying to be high maintenance and get a different room. This was not at all the case.

His aggressive behavior continued and even escalated and I asked for his name. He refused to give me his name. So, I sat down in the lobby near the spot that I had left my belongings until he had time to talk to me. At the time, there were other patrons coming and going. The seating area closest to my luggage was occupied. To my knowledge, it’s never been a crime to sit on the floor, so I sat on the floor near my luggage. He finally gave me his card and I noticed he was the assistant general manager. I asked him then for the general manager’s name and again he refused to give me any information. At this point, I’m not given a phone number to corporate for help and he refuses to give me the name of his GM.

It has now become clear that his frustration is growing quickly. He then tells me he is going to call security and have me removed from the building at which point I was flabbergasted. I had threatened no one, I had only asked for information, and he was the one that was being aggressive and a bully. He even told me as he waited on the phone for security that I should put my shoes on because I was ‘out of there’.

It became very clear that he was in fact calling security to have them remove me. Now, I was the person I was the one in fear for my safety as he was threatening me. Being a single woman in an unfamiliar town, I felt incredibly threatened by this young man. No matter how I tried, I could not engage him in any de-escalating conversation or logic. Absolutely panicked, I called the police and I told the operator I was being bullied and this young man was threatening to throw me out of the building for reasons I could not explain nor understand.

I am really becoming very afraid for my safety. On the phone with 911, began crying and begging for help. By that time I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe. All of that is shown quite clearly in my conversation with 911. The police arrived, spoke briefly with Derek and then in an aggressive manner approached me and tried to physically move me out of the building. The police did not even speak to me until much later at which time their demeanor softened substantially as I explained the fear I felt with six large men baring down on me.

In the parking lot at my rental car, the policemen were very nice and helped me find a place to stay. They even drove me to the Holiday Inn Express as I was uncomfortable driving after consuming wine earlier, my emotional state and being in an unfamiliar place. They let me know that unfortunately there was nothing that could be done for me during the situation as once the proprietor on private property requests that someone is removed, regardless of the situation, that is what they have to do.


I tried to have a conversation with Minda Zoloth the next morning and it does appear that the behaviors of staff begin with the senior manager. Instead of having a conversation with me, she was far more intent on chastising me for my behavior. At one point in this ill-fated conversation she said, ‘If it was my employee that was so aggressive, why wasn’t he the one that was carted off in a police car?’ I corrected her assumption by assuring her that I was not ‘carted off’ in a police car. I was assisted by the officers in my quest to find a new place to stay. She was, just like Derek, condescending, abrupt and unwilling to have any type of conversation about the prior night’s events. When I realized this, I ended the phone call.

I apologize for the length of this email. I wanted to be a detailed as I could about the events of Thursday evening so that I would not have to revisit this horror again. I am thankful that I did not take the ‘manager access only’ security key that was offered because I learned that night that the manager himself was far more imbalanced that almost anyone I might come in contact with randomly.

Also, as I travel to SLC often, I went looking for another Hyatt Place in the city. I came across another site that is owned by the same company in Kansas. An employee there told me, after a very brief description of my experience the night before, said, ‘Oh, yes. Minda. I’m sorry. Minda is crazy.”

I am ending this email. I have ordered a copy of my 911 calls. I’m happy to forward the copy to you as it’s the only piece of information that offers any proof of my experiences. And finally, I was NOT ticketed, arrested, or even asked for my identification! No report was ever filed by the officers.

Please let me know if you have additional questions for me. I would welcome a conversation about your actions on this matter. I need you to understand that Derek Soucie has the power to enter and exit any room in that hotel at any time and that, after my experience with him, terrifies me. He is a menace supported by a GM known to be crazy by her peers.


The Tropical Winds April 10, 2015 at 1:15 pm

I sent my product off to the Hyatt Regency Maui last year around June/July to see if they would sell them in there shops, well time went on and I tried emailing several times to find out if they were going to or not, well just the other day I finally got a response telling me they were not interested and so I asked them to send them back, I just received them yesterday and they never even opened them to look at them, so how could you say your not interested if you didn’t even look at them and it took them 10 months to say anything or get back with me..If you want to know the person I sent them to please contact me.Im very disappointed in how you conduct business.


Anita L Conerly March 31, 2015 at 3:14 pm

I just want to say that I had the most horrible stay at the Hyatt Place. I was working on a job and I stayed at the Hyatt Place in Birmingham Alabama off Hwy 220. I arrived on February 1 and I stayed until March 5, 2015. The hotel accepts dogs. I arrived I brought my son 21 years old and my dog. I was told that I have a pet fee and they give me a sign to put on my door to warn the staff that I have a dog that was it. The Management staff needs education regarding dogs. You have a dog policy and every day they are telling me stories about what my dog did. The manager called me into the office and said she got complains that my dog was barking. I told her that’s what dog do. They bark sometimes just like babies cry. The first week she actually called my job and informed them that my dog was barking and if it don’t stop I will have to put the dog in a kennel for the day. Mind you my son who was 21 was there in the day time to care for the dog. About a week later she called my job again about my dog barking to find out later that it was someone else that had a dog in the hotel. Her reason was that the customers were complaining. Well I was a customer too. I sat down with her and I thought we had gotten everything straight I had complied with every ridiculous complaint that they had. They even told me I could not have my dog in the lobby which I thought was crazy.
Our last couple days I was there we all went out to dinner. When we got back she said you dog was barking again so you going to have to board her for the night. I asked her why she don’t bark when I’m in the room may I remind you that was the day that we was sent home early because Birmingham was getting a snow storm and everything was shutting down. I told her I was not going to board my dog we would be leaving tomorrow after I get off work. She called my manager at my job again and told him that I could not stay there anymore. I was livid she not only called my job but it was starting to snow. He suggest that I just leave so I packed my things and me, my dog and my son headed home in the snow.
What kind of person first call someone employer when she could have settled that with me. If you are going to have a dog policy you should know that dogs are going to bark. Mind you she didn’t bark continually she only barked for a little while. The ignorance of the management staff is atrocious. To get my employer involve was despicable and nasty. I don’t know what she was trying to prove by calling my employer but I know what I’m trying to prove by right this complaint. I am looking to hear from the Hyatt as to why they have management staff that don’t treat all of their customer fairly I call it discrimination because I had a dog. If you are going to except dogs in your hotel your staff should know that they bark and that I am a customer too. This is not the end of my complaint I lost a day’s pay and I want to be compensated for it. IF YOU THINKING ABOUT STAYING AT THE HYATT WITH YOUR DOG YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER GOING SOME PLACE ELSE UNLESS YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOG FROM BARKING

THE Hyatt place at birmingham discrimination against me becuase I had a dog..


jim March 1, 2015 at 5:51 am

Currently employed with the Hyatt century plaza in century city c.a, I’ve stood against curuption H.R wants to pretend that my story is false by creating diversion, intimidating not just me but fellow co workers, and even going as far to threaten my employment. They’ve used my own union that suppose to represent me and protect me against me. They have also humiliated, intimidated, and disrespected me after a horrific event that went down on February 27, 2015, today is March 1st 2015 2:25 a.m in the morning and I am big time stressing it, stressing on how my future will appear. I hold two H.R representatives liable for this statement Nicole (which she is head of H.R ) and Marcy (which she just got hired around or before 90 days). All I ask is please Headquarters take care of this situation. They are ruining people’s lives with their narcissisistic, two face mentality. I declare an appropriate investigation in the name of civil justice. This problem should not Be responsible for the loss of any good employee’s employment. Anyone willing to support me on this feel free to contact me through my email which is rev***** and you will definitely here my testamony, which currently I’m awaiting to either be terminated or given my job back. Thanks for reading, I refuse these corrupt individuals to take advantage of one out of 100 best companies to work for in the u.s. Again thanks for reading and PEACE


Darlene February 27, 2015 at 12:08 pm

So many time people send in complaints. I’d like to send a nice “Shout Out” to the staff at The Hyatt in downtown Baltimore MD !
Maryland had a pretty bad snow storm on Feb. 21st. I was trying to get back home but knew I couldn’t because all of the streets in downtown MD where either moving very slow and/or at a stand still. Just so happen I was passing The Hyatt, which I have stayed at in the past. So I parked in their garage and went the reservation desk to see if I could get a hotel room for the night. Luckily I was able to as other people where also checking in. After I was able to get a room I received a call from a friend, he stated he would able to get me so I wouldn’t be stuck downtown. I didn’t think I would be able to get my money back since I had already book the room and paid. I spoke with the hotel manager, Rachel Smetana; asked if they would consider not charging me as I was able get a ride home. Ms. Smetana stated since I wasn’t in the room for a good hour they would not charge me. I still had to wait 2 hours for my ride but the staff made sure I was comfortable during my wait.
Even though I didn’t get to stay at The Hyatt this time, I would recommend the hotel ! The staff was very professional and attentive.

So giving my BIG Shout out to the staff at The Hyatt ! And a special ” thank you” to the manager, Rachel Smetana & front desk associate Breonna Beck !


Anita February 8, 2015 at 2:10 am

Worst hotel experience ever. Will not ever waste a penny staying at a Hyatt again. Stayed 2 nights in the Hyatt Place hotel in Houston. Worst customer service I’ve ever had. I waited for over an hour at the airport waiting for a ride when they told me they would be picking me up. I’m a single woman and was standing there in a parking lot alone with strange people walking past asking if I wanted to go with them. I was terrified and called the hotel 4 times with no answer. Finally when I was able to reach them they told me they driver came and couldn’t find me so she drove back to the hotel. They had my cell phone number and didn’t think to call me. The woman on the phone told me to just catch a taxi. I told her I wasn’t going to catch a taxi and to send a driver. When the driver got there she didn’t even come open my door, nor did she say a single word to me after picking me up. No apology, no nothing! Then to make matters worse, she texted and talked on the phone the first 10 minutes of the drive. We had 91 people in our party going on a cruise staying at this hotel…. 91 !!! Not a single person in our group had a good experience with this hotel. My brother waited over an hour at the airport for a ride and called to remind them they were there waiting at 12:10. The girl at the desk said “we stop the shuttle service at midnight so you’ll have to catch a taxi” regardless of the fact that he called long before midnight. I was in the lobby at 11:45 watching the 3 employees sit around doing nothing… while there were people at the airport waiting. This hotel needs a management overhaul. Would not stay here for ANY price. Would stay at a motel 6 before I’d stay here again. It’s unfortunate because the rooms are very nice.


Mark Pfeifer January 23, 2015 at 8:08 pm

On Christmas Eve of 1997, Mark Pfeifer, a formerly homeless man approached the Hyatt Regency in Dallas with a bold proposal that no millionaire in Dallas had any interest in doing in prior years. Mark wanted to book seven hotel rooms on Christmas Eve then graciously give these rooms pro bono to 13 homeless souls. So, that’s how a grand Christmas tradition started at the Dallas Hyatt Regency. Over the years, until 2004, Mark continued to book rooms at the Hyatt and in 2002 the number of homeless he lodged had reached a high of 160. Then, the unexpected occurred. Primarily because of his kind-hearted generosity towards the less fortunate Mark became homeless himself once again and ended up living out of his car. So, with his Christmas Eve tradition quickly arriving in 2004 he contacted the Hyatt and requested a meeting where he told the Hyatt management that he was living in his car with very little money. He then asked the Hyatt for credit for the very first time. Would they be willing to charge $1,000 worth of rooms for a short period of time? They graciously extended me this credit and I had thought the time for this debt to be paid was by the end of the first quarter of 2005.
I was wrong and when I approached the Hyatt in early March of 2005 I was given a very unprofessional reception outside the Hyatt. I had $500 cash in my wallet that I was ready to hand Randy, the assistant manager, but after the rude reception he gave me I simply walked away as this was the second time he had treated me so badly. Well, put that down as being a very big mistake on my part.. I had every right in being upset as I had given this hotel thousands of dollars out of my wallet for hotel rooms over the years and I simply felt that I was being grossly mistreated by this manager. And, his reaction towards me outside the Hyatt was caused partial by the head of security, who stood near to Randy and egged him on by some remarks he made.
SO, what does the Hyatt do to me after I had tried to make a partial payment on this JUSTIFIED DEBT, and to ask the hotel for another 4 weeks to pay the debt in full?
They quickly found someone else to take over my event at the Hyatt on Christmas Eve.
I was the man who originated the concept of putting homeless people in upscale hotels on Christmas Eve yet the Hyatt didn’t care as they quickly went about in finding someone else to take over for this presently homeless man still living in my car.
SO this new guy at the Hyatt had huge success with my creation at the Hyatt over the years until Christmas Eve of 2011, his last year at the Hyatt. He was made aware in early 2012 that the Hyatt was being renovated and that they could not accommodate his group of 500 homeless on Christmas Eve of 2012 but would do so, once again, on Christmas Eve of 2013 if he wanted to return. He did not. He has taken his 500 homeless group to the Dallas Omni hotel since Christmas Eve of 2012 and you might say that the Hyatt Regency has lost his business via default because of construction iwork. So, that’s WHY Mark Pfeifer and his Angelic Christmas Crusade wants to return to the Hyatt on Christmas Eve of 2015 with 100 homeless souls lodged in 50 hotel rooms.
I strongly feel that this charity event needs to return to the Hyatt where it all started, and that the Omni SHOULD NOT have the exclusive rights to this event, but rather both hotels should rightfully share the spotlight on Christmas Eve. I will gladly pay the old debt of $1000 if requested of me, and then I will pay for the 50 hotel rooms this Christmas Eve two weeks in advance. Simply put. This would be nothing but a good business decision by the Hyatt as we all know that Christmas Eve remains the lowest occupancy night of the entire year and the Hyatt has hundreds of rooms available to lodge my group this Christmas Eve, and make thousands of dollars in profit by wisely doing so. I will be sending our most recent video regarding my 501 (c) (3) non-profit very soon.
Thank you! Mark Pfeifer Angelic Christmas Crusade


WILLIAM ESCUDIER January 12, 2015 at 5:03 pm

Booked a Hyatt in Naples/Estero area in Fla. The hotel was Hyatt Coconut Point. Immediately, I discovered I was put in the wrong Hyatt Coconut Point. Also they would not refund my 3 night cost for the room or move me to the Hyatt I booked. Really? The booking was from 2-7-2015 to 2-10-2014. A nice vacation ruined. Thank you Hyatt, I will be sure to keep you in mind for future trips.


Hrishikesh GOSSAIN January 9, 2015 at 3:35 pm

We are sorry to say that we had a terrible experience at Hyatt House Cypress/Anaheim ,5905 Corporate Ave,Cypress, California 90630, US. We were there on Jan 2 2015. We are distressed to think that we just wasted our time and money on a hotel that is shoddy and has low standard of quality.We believe in its brand name and usually look forward to Hyatt group .We have stayed at different Hyatt and thought that the brand is consistent, yet we feel hesitant to recommend the place because of our latest stay.

There was a major disturbance due to the construction .Our room was on the first floor. The room next to our room along-with other rooms in the hallway were being renovated.The furniture,appliances were being striped and pull down.The room next to our room was being junked and messed up.We could hear workers talking and whistling amidst the tearing down and clanging of equipments and furniture.

The hallway was dusty and sooty. Our 4 year old and 1 year old were coughing all the time.As we were just next door we could hear the constant striking and noise .It was very upsetting and disturbing as there was continuous hammering and we could not even take rest. It made the children woke up and cranky.Whenever we stepped out of the room we had to ask the workers to stop and give us way to move ahead.It was dangerous for kids to move around the equipments and mess. We were shocked how do the hotel staff allow for that kind of raucousness with kids around next door.

Inside condition of the room was also substandard. The stove top and the refrigerator were severely rusted and poor quality .Sofa had a creepy dirty feeling and smelled bad. The room felt like that of a cheap motel.After complaining and explaining our frustration at the checkout we were absolutely dumbfounded when the front desk attendant said she was sorry and that she could take 20% off the bill for the room.The hotel knows the rooms are unusable and the hallway was dusty and that the room next to our room was being stripped yet they book it anyway and hope that the people will stick in there won’t complain.We had our other plans otherwise we would have vacated the hotel right away.

This place feels as if it is running on its own–without vision, without sincerity, without concern… this is a management flaw! I cannot recommend the place because it spoiled our visit !!! Needless to say, after that experience, I no longer have confidence to stay there either or trust the Hyatt brand.I’m usually not a condemning or overcritical person and have praised and enjoyed our stay in Hyatt hotels in the past, yet after this experience wouldn’t feel confident to recommend it at all…couldn’t have been more disappointed.We deeply feel that this was not right and hopes that Hyatt improves and look into this complain.


Sandie Fournier December 25, 2014 at 6:11 am

Hello Hyatt..
I did have an issue with Hyatt group. But having read thru the guest comments, I thought.. Why waste my time here.. Not one positive comment here, not one response from Hyatt grou,,or respective franchises… That explains a great deal.
I shall comment with my wallet, and never, not ever visit a Hyatt hotel again.
Being honest,,I didn’t stay in one, just had the misfortune to have had brunch. That was truly enough. Sorry to discriminate, but I should have known better to expect anything great from an American chain.not only in the USA Europe & Asia. Never again.
My greatest respect for the independent hoteliers!
Want to make sure Hyatt see this comment post on facebook.. Sorry, I would be to embarrassed to have people know I even went there!


Angela December 16, 2014 at 8:52 pm

During a recent travel soccer tournament we were assigned to the Hyatt in Lithonia, Georgia. During our second night my vehicle was broken into and sustained over $800 worth of damage. I asked the hotel who reviewed the security footage from the parking lot. I was told that they don’t have security cameras in the parking lot. I am disappointed that the Hyatt does not provide this layer of security. I am now out over $500 and three days without a vehicle due to the vandalism and theft. Now that I know that Hyatt does not provide security cameras in their parking lots I will not be staying again.


Savi singh December 3, 2014 at 6:02 am

i just got back from Trinidad and I stand at Hyatt regency, such horrible and degrading supervisor RICK JUPITER!

Details as follows-

) On the night of Tuesday 25th I requested a rollaway bed since I hired 1 Sargent and 2 police officers due to having a business in Trinidad and the county being unsafe,in any event very rude young lady brought the rollaway bed and dropped it at the door and told the Sargent “here you go ” never even said hi goodnight etc.

2) It was approximately 3:30am on November 28th myself and a undercover policeman went down to get coffee and a snack however the Cinnamon pastries deli is ” supposedly” 24hours as per hotel. We were waiting on a staff to assist,then a young man that was a hotel staff (waiter) saw us and said some one will be right with you so after 10-15mins or so I decided to help myself to a cookie, then I proceeded to the waiting area which is 30 yards away and sat awaiting the arrival of a staff to assist us still no one got there
Then a female security guard came and said you took a cookie and I said yes I’m aware of that and will pay for it once Someone is serving in the deli, she then rudely pulled down the blinds and proceeded to call another security guard to stand watch as if I’m going to “steal” a cookie,that’s how it made me feel so degraded and ashamed.
A few minutes passed and at that point a very RUDE young lady by the name of “Adana” arrived with an attitude very rude and hostile feeling.
I ordered my stuff she even forgot about the cookie in which I mentioned earlier and never rung it up I reminded her to kindly charge me for the cookie.

I went to the front desk spoke to a very nice gentleman by the name of Amit explained I don’t like to complain but I felt the need too because that type of service is not what I expected @ the Hyatt.
Mr Amit called Rick Jupiter(“SUPERVISOR”) this man had the nerve to tell me I should not stick my hand in the jar because its stealing I said to him “sir if you see a sign that says “24hrs” would you not think someone will be there at all times? Granted I comprehend people need to Use the restroom etc.. Or at least put a sign up that says will be back soon? But don’t treat a guest that’s staying there for days feel like a cookie is being stolen. My entire issue with this situation was after my conversation with Jupiter he walked me to the elevator and he proceeded to walk behind the deli counter and said something to the rude “Adana ” and they both started to laugh,obviously it was regarding me! Then he saw me looking at him laughing,and then stopped.

That type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and after all that money I spent and to feel so degraded that made me never ever want to go back to Hyatt because I was laughed at and if you kindly put yourself in my situation how would you feel? Thank you for listening.

Customers pay for a certain level of treatment and customer service and in that situation so called SUPERVISOR Mr Jupiter did nothing but made it worse by laughing.
I will not ever return to Hyatt.
Please don’t get me wrong the front desk staff was great! Mark at the poolside bar was amazing.


Michelle Nathan Hanish November 30, 2014 at 1:06 am

I just wasted 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. My husband and I just signed up for a Hyatt Platinum card and we were excited about using it. I have to take a few trips without him so I called the Platinum line where you are supposed to get great customer service and spoke to the most arrogant clerk and Manager I’ve ever encountered. I asked about making a reservation without my husband and the first clerk told me I couldn’t do it. She said it’s his account he needs to be there. I assumed she just didn’t know the policy so I asked to speak to a manager. I am then left on hold for 15 minutes. I hang up and call back again only to be placed on hold for another 25 minutes. I finally speak to the “manager” Max who rudely reiterates the same rule and tells me I cannot use our account without my husband present (what is this the dark ages?) I told him I’m furious and ready to switch to another chain and he doesn’t budge at all. Said he’d be happy to help me close the account. Hire some people who know how to treat customers. I’m done with the Hyatt. This has completely left a bitter taste in my mouth. Learn some customer service.


Mark Parrish November 26, 2014 at 9:56 am

My wife and I travel all the time and always stay in upscale hotels. We’ve stayed in a few Hyatts and have never had problems until now. The trip was a surprise for my wife so I paid for the room via Western Union so she wouldn’t see the deduction in our joint account from the hotel. Again, the hotel was paid for way in advance. Our stay was fine despite the trouble we had getting up to our room bc their system was down and they couldn’t make additional keys. What I am furious about is that this hotel STOLE $226.88 from us after our stay. I understand that it is required to put a credit card on file, but I do not understand why the hotel double charged me and stole this money and I really don’t understand why they sent me a letter stating that they had to put a hold on the funds. They are not entitled to my money and I want it back right now or I will be forced to put these matters in legal hands. Like I stated before, we travel all the time but we will never stay at this hotel again.


Sharon November 20, 2014 at 9:41 pm

I recently stayed at the Hyatt Place in Houston Tx at Bush International I was with a group people from my church attending a conference. I reserved a room for someone in the group when they checked out the paid for the room in cash that was on Oct 25 then on Nov 7 they charged my card for 522.00 when I called them on the 10 th of Nov they said they did. Ot charge the card my bank sent them a copy of the withdraw they sated they would put it back into my bank account on the 20 they still had not put it back in my account, ever tine I call they said they will have someone call me it never happen, I call corporate they transferred my to the accounting dept no one ever picked up the phone. I love the hotel but this is no right if u owe them money they hound u for it but they don’t get I a hurry to refund your money


phyllis and robert brodsky October 14, 2014 at 6:15 am

Guy Naillon , Guest Relations Manager of the HYATT REGENCY IN PARIS is one of the most sensitive people I have ever met at a hotel.

When we arrived at your hotel in July, 2014. I wanted something across the street .I was too tired to go after an international flight. He went and got it for me. I felt loved and cared for.We were privileged to stay at the HYatt Regency and you are privileged to have such a sensitive person in your employ. The men in the club upstairs also showed us much consideration, when we came for breakfast. Forget their names. Knowing i like chocolates, they sent some to our room. You have a great team at the Hyatt Regency.


Disappointed Guest October 10, 2014 at 10:29 pm

This past week I was a guest at the Andaz suits which is located in Savannah, Georgia. I have visited this particular location on a number of occasions and have found it to be an extremely welcoming and pampered experience and interaction with your staff. Unfortunately, When I approached the front desk for assistance and directions, I found the staff to be extremely frustrated and distracted with the treatment and interactions with a member of your staff whoes name I have found to be Sharon. While speaking with a member of your front desk staff, one of several whom I favor based on previous visits, I have found that everyone does not seem to be treated equally. Ms. Sharon is afforded certain privileges that others in the same field are not. I have never seen her assist a guest on any occasion that I have visited the establishment. These actions are affecting the moral of your staff which in turn affects their ability to effectively assist your guests. As someone who is a frequent visitor of Savannah and of the Andaz, I would greatly appreciate someone in management to take a more detailed look at these issues. I absolutely adore the staff members that I have come in contact and most definitely don’t appreciate the wonderful young people being treated in this manner. I am looking forward to visiting again in the near future and observing the wonderful people and much needed improvements. I thank you in Advance for your time and attention to this matter.


Nguyen Thi Hoang Bau September 30, 2014 at 8:48 am

I have been thinking thoroughly to write down my experience here, that was awful and i promise myself as well as recommend all people i’ve known i would never come back to Hyatt again even just for entertainment. My case is Hyatt Regency Danang resort and Spa in Vietnam.
First, I am a master student in Taipei, Taiwan. On summer vaction (2014), i went home and applied for being an internship there ( i loved Hyatt so much that i nearly visited when i had time before). Human resources department i may say have ” specially arrogant style”. I did make clear to them about my motivations and purposes that i had a survey and hoped during time i tried to work hard there they would approve me to do survey for my thesis. They said i must work there as a full time employee for 2 months and 10 days without getting any pay even transportation fee support. I accepted ( i had no complaints) as long as i was allowed to do survey as they promised. That is not the most interesting part. I came and totally surprised that all most managers there do not even graduate from colleges ( that’s ok if they are really qualified enough with their experiences). They almost got high postions based on their relationships only , some has relatives and some uses other strategies to get postions like dating with boss. Ridiculously, They all use their power at their position to force someone to leave their job or recruit someone they want for a job. I just felt like this is not a big global corporation but a family company. I did tell the truth when my friends work there and define in me. Meanwhile i saw it by myself. They made use of their power very clearly and dont hesistate showing it at any time any where. They look down on people with low positions as i am as an example. I worked from 5:30 am to 3:00pm and sometimes at 1:30 pm to 11pm always started at 4:00am and 12:30 for preparing and got home at 4:00pm and 12pm. I had no complaints because i did accept it at first but the point is they never trained me anything all the things i must do was cleaning all the time. There are so many sides at Hyatt Danang to retain power, you must wisely choose the right one to survive well, i was sick of that kind of environment and frustrated to see working hard people have to suffer a lot in silence from this time to time without asking for anything since i do not even have voice and higher postions there take it all. Low educated, rude and arrogant management staff are the top of Hyatt. I totally lost faith when i expected to learn at Hyatt and finally got nothing but unlimited exploitation. Finally, two months was over and i thought days i suffered there were gone, just went ahead for my survey and left there with gratitude that they are still human when agreeing to help me at last. Unfortunately, they said my questions are not appropriate, they couldn’t allow me to do survey for confidential information they explained. I was shocked and speechless. They didn’t say that at first. They even destroyed my plan and my future. I wasted too much time for them and i couldn’t join my conference in Shanghai because i couldn’t finish my thesis on time. SHAME ON YOU HYATT. YOU ARE BIG BUT SMALL. With the same questionnaire, Hyatt refused me i sent it to Regent Hotel in Taipei i don’t have to work for them even a day, they still say yes. Does my questionnaire have problems or You Hyatt? . If i have any recommendations for you Hyatt, please just recruit the high educated and qualified for jobs, do not let some people to use their power to destroy you from inside. If you do not trust me, please check 90% of employees at Hyatt Danang are from the same hometown (same hometown with someone in Human resource department). some good people who contributed for Hyatt since it was first built left the job because of some high postions force them to. Hyatt you definitely owe them. I am writing here not for me only because i do not have faith in you anymore and i dont have to waste my time here but for my friends still suffering there day by day.
PS: later when i left i found out that i was not allocated for internship at Front office but Food&Beverage as a waitress though i have two foreign languages, master degree in tourism and experience working at hotel before because human resource department do not like ” someone is more outstanding than the rest of them” and high seasons need more cleaners. YOU ARE AT HYATT TO BE EXPLOITED NOT TRAINED. and i was innocent to get myself involved in Hyatt because i believed HYATT IS PROFESSIONAL TO HELP ME IMPROVE MYSELF BY EVEN THE SMALLEST POSTION. I was wrong!
Best regards


j steel September 16, 2014 at 4:38 pm

September 11, 2014

For all of my married life my husband and family enjoyed staying at Hyatt Regency Hotels. Our experiences were always productive and positive until recently. Presently, I am a 74 year old widow living on a fixed income who is a victim of the incompetence of your staff at the Hyatt Regency, 151 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
I attended my family reunion August 22-24. As customary, my daughter and I chose the Hyatt for our stay. I had secured the reservation using my MasterCard debit card, and was quoted the cost as $497.10. When I check in and presented my debit card I was told the charge would be $497.10 as I expected.
When I returned home and reviewed my debit card statement I discovered that I had been charged $647.10. I immediately called the Hyatt to report the error and to get it corrected. The person I spoke with agreed that an error had been made on the hotel’s part. He then stated that the amount overcharged me would be credited back to my account in 7 to 10 business days.
As stated above I am a 74 year old widow who closely budgets my fixed income. This mistake made by Hyatt personnel caused my bank account to be short of the money I had budgeted for food and other essentials. This unfortunate occurrence put me in the embarrassing position of having to borrow money from a family member.
I am sure that your customer service policy allows for some type of apology/compensation when situations that cause this kind of undue stress and inconvenience occur. Please know that I wish to continue to stay at Hyatt Regency Hotels. However, if I do not hear from you, then I will know that you do not value my patronage, and my family and I will not choose your hotels again.

Justine Steel


Joseph Wills September 9, 2014 at 10:57 am

I booked a room at the Hyatt Place in Richmond on Cox Road and I am sorry to say but it will be the last time. Although some of the staff in the evening were very helpful, the manager during the day was not very cordial at all. During our stay one of the lights in the bathroom fell and hit my girlfriend in the face. I informed the front staff the next morning, whom referred me to the manager on duty. After waiting for her to come from the back for approximately 20 minutes, she directed me to the seating area where she pulled this form. After answering all of her questions she just simply stated that someone would be in touch. Really? Not a sense of sympathy what so ever. No “I apologize, Is there anything we can do to help you?” Nothing. In addition, how does it make sense to have a mini fridge in the room but no microwave? Lastly, I paid for my room in cash and am still being charged for the room on my card.


Never Again.


marcus calco September 6, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Every year I fly my granddaughter [from Seattle] to Ohio and we go on a very lavish vacation… this year we spent four nights at the Hyatt in New Port RI [ two rooms] my wife, my daughter and granddaughter and I will not be staying at a Hyatt again. All the bath fixtures were falling apart, MOLD growing on the bathroom wall paper and in grout of shower….lots of little black bugs flying around and spiders in the beds, this was typical n both rooms. Our rooms were not ready even though we arrived well after check in time….lady desk clerks were border line rude…. when I mentioned problems…. with the exception of two gentlemen who tried to correct problems to no avail. I have always tried to be a loyal Hyatt customer but this was the straw that broke the camels back…by the by your daily thirty five dollar resort fee per room is a total rip off….Total vacation dollars spent this year exceeded $8500.00 for five days, Hyatt will not get any of my hard earned money unless I hear from corporate Marcus Calco confirmation # 4126822901 and 412682****


Dr. Raymond Knuppel September 5, 2014 at 11:49 am

When visiting Corpus Christi, Texas, on several occasions, our family has always had good experiences with our accommodations. We always reserve two to three rooms, and also recommend the Hyatt Place to other parents and grandparents of TAMUCC students. The last time we stayed , however, turned out to be very disappointing ! Your hotel staff ( other than housekeeping and those in authority) was exceptional. When we left the room we stayed in, we unfortunately left behind, clothes hanging in the closet and electronic chargers plugged into sockets . After discovering this, we immediately contacted the hotel and spoke with several employees who were courteous, polite and who appeared to want to help find the items, They always took our phone number and told us they would ” get back to us”. After making several of these calls, and a couple of days,we were finally connected to the head of housekeeping, who told us that she would “investigate” and call us back. After not hearing from her, once again, we contacted the corporate office, in order to be connected to the general manager of the Corpus Christi Hyatt. She told us that she would “investigate the missing items” and would get back to us. My guess is that you know the rest…She never ” got back to us”; nor return our calls left on her voicemail . After several weeks, all we were told is that “according to our records” nothing was left in the room you occupied. We have to question the integrity of your employees!!!!


Karen Dyer August 30, 2014 at 4:29 pm

To whomever this concerns, I booked a the Hyatt Place Hotel in Princeton, Nj. The experience has not been the greatest. The time is now 423 pm and I called the front desk at 10 am after awakening and noticing what appears to be a dried blood stain on one of the pillows. Also I left my room for several hours expecting to come back to a straightened room. Boy was I disappointed. I then once again called the front desk to ask for a fresh pillow to only be greeted with the front desk answering the phone with the word. “Yeah”. I am very dissatisfied and will be posting this gripe on facebook and yelp.


Tosha Ponders August 27, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I was working at the Hyatt Place in Park Meadows in Lone Tree, CO for a about a month. My first day of training was by a young lady who had started a few weeks before for me. It was a horrible experience with the training her food skill and preparation was just out right nasty. I spoke to the General Manager the next day to address my concerns. During my time there I experience from the Galley host who have been there a short time as well very rude bossy behavior. Again, I spoke with the manager in regards to there behavior towards me. I told him I RESPECT everyone there and i wish the same in return, One Gallery Host went on a rampage yelling and screaming in from of guest.The General Manager was in his office did nothing about her behavior, But he says to me I have to have thick skin to be in this type of business. I work with the public most of my career and I never experience the foolery that goes on in the Hyatt Place.If having “thick skin” mean being disrespected by my coworker then Hyatt has it’s priorities really messed up. I refused to be disrespected in the work place where we are suppose to be in a team environment. It’s unfortunate that the General Manager has no type of control over his staff no wonder the high turnover. From my first day there they were complaining what jerk he is, and he will screw up your schedule just because he feels like it, and this came from his management staff. All my complaints to him was please tell the Gallery host to show RESPECT in the work place, something so simple. And I was basically told to get “thick skin” and suck it up, that this might not be the right fit for you. That I’m a prideful person. Shouldn’t I be a prideful person, If I don’t have pride in myself then where does that leave me. In a work place I don’t care if I’m working for the President of the US. if I’m disrespected I will no longer work for him either. So I told him know what, your right, this will not work for me. RESPECT is KEY!


Stan Frazer August 25, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Hyatt Mission Bay San Diego is not the place to spend a relaxing and peaceful get away. The entire reservation process ( messed up 3 times), check-in process (slow, late and inaccurate) and front desk attitude is not in keeping with Hyatt standards. We had a large group in for a wedding (event staff was outstanding) with reservation mistakes causing some to get rooms elsewhere, rooms not ready, doors broken and not working, TV channels fuzzy, leaky bathroom sink drains, no waters or hair dryers in some rooms etc. No attention to detail that one would expect for a resort. Management must have low expectations for their workers.


Eric J Gaines August 21, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Very poor customer services at the Hyatt Place Orlando/Universal in Orlando Florida. Please remove me from the Hyatt Gold Passport program. I will no longer select Hyatt when needing a room.


Sylvia Gutierrez August 18, 2014 at 2:20 pm

I was given two Hyatt Stay Certificates (Classic) to be used at any Hyatt Place. Hoping I could use them at the Hyatt Place Vista/Carlsbad, CA. I come to find out that this hotel will not accept the Classic category. I called the front desk inquirying if I could use them paying the difference for an upgrade but apparently not all Hyatt employees seemed to be familiar with these coupons. I spoke directly with one of the hotel managers, Wes Lavender, again thinking I could request the upgrade with no problem. However, the answer was “NO” and offered his apologies for not being able to help which leads me to believe that Hyatt is not willing to empower even management to better serve their guests. As a former travel consultant my training in hospitality has always been …FLEXIBILITY will always keep yours customers coming back. I suggest that if you’re planning to market these certificates through third parties like everything else in today’s world we have to give our customers better options to upgrades and our employees better training and knowledge of these services.


Raymond August 18, 2014 at 12:59 pm

Ruined Anniversary!! My wife and I had planned a 3 day weekend at Hyatt Grand Tampa Bay!! When we showed up there were at least 500-1000 bikers in the lobby! They partied none stop for the 3days we were there. The hallway noise at all hours of the night was more then we could take. Called desk staff and asked for a new room and they told us NO that there was nothing we could do. I don’t blame the bikers I blame the staff of the hotel for not preparing the hotel to accommodate all there guest’s. When I emailed Hyatt corporate they offered me a 100.00 gift card.. What a slap in the face. 1000.00 hotel stay, a ruined weekend with my wife of 20 years and you wont even attempt to at least give me back my weekend.. Shame on you Hyatt!! I will recommend that the 6300 employees that work for my company stay at HILTON hotels from this day forward!


Carlos diaz August 11, 2014 at 9:54 pm

Hope mr.: Mark S. Hoplamazian CEO has read my comments. Carlos diaz August 11, 2014 at 1:40 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I will leave tomorrow this hotel hyatt time square and glad that i am leaving this hotel in new york. I have two rooms 3301 and 3101 for all the family and very bad situations

1) front desk call me to say casd(visa) was rejected. I was surprised since i travel 6 to 8 times a month and never had a problem. So a gave them my master card and they said that one is ok. I called my bank and was very upset but they told me it was hotel error not my bank. So. I went to the front desk and told them the card was ok. Then they said o yes it alright. Wow what a situation. But that night when i got back from a show the front guess person told me the master card rejected i said imposible and after rechecking the card he said sorry mr diaz your alright. You have to give better trainning.

The day i arrived people don’t know how to solve situations in regards to my arrival to the hotel.

Then i went to the skylounge and had another situation with a guest it was his fault and bottom line situation was not taken care properly. The bar manager name Brendan Shorrock.

I always stay at the marriott marquis for years never a porblem. I wanted to see what the hyatt was all about and beleive never will come back to thos hotel you don’t have the touch that it takes. The reason i did not leave to the marriott was that it was full

For the sake of others better get on your heels and get better.

Carlos diaz
Interhational Ethical Labs
XXXX San Juan,PuertoRico00918
787-765-XXXXx Office
787-934-XXXXx Cel



Robert Boyd August 9, 2014 at 8:03 pm

Looking for rude, arrogant management staff? Then the Hyatt in Merida Mexico may be for you.
After years of both using and recommending the hotel, I told a recent college graduate friend with a degree in tourism that the Hyatt would be an excellent place to apply. I was wrong. She was unfortunate to encounter rude Human Resources staff at this hotel. Not only, rude but they lie for which their is no excuse.
My friend had an interview and after being told of an available postion, she was assured of a phone call to set up an appointment time the next day. After 10 days, she is still waiting. Needless to say, she was excited at the prospects of working for Hyatt. Really no excuse for treating a potential employee in this manner.
I do not know the name of the Hyatt employee involved but can give you the name of my friend and I am sure you can locate her application and resume to see the person involved.
Really a disgrace.


Joseph Faucette July 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm

You must have a lot of dissatisfied guest if you pass out a printed WE
CARE generic postcard. (attached).

We (my wife and our granddaughter) Checked in to your hotel on July 16
and the room assigned was directly over pavement activity with
Jackhammer noise and tar odor. We called the desk and requested another
room. Were told your computers were down and you could not reassign .was
told to check in the am . On the 17th Amy at the front desk said she
had a room on hold for us. I asked if we should move our belongings and
was told to do it later. I asked to speak to the Mgr and was told he was
out but would call me at my cell phone number. I later received a call
from Brendon resolving charges for the first night. we then begin our
tour of San Francisco. upon returning to the hotel about 9PM. was told
the hold on our new room was only good until 6PM. The arrogant and
uncoopertive Mgr on duty that day said he tried calling me about the 6pm
hold but could not reach me. He never called my cell but left a message
in our room which we were not in since we came to see the city. Another
night in a room we did not want. The next day we were reassigned to room
625. After a long day and in need of a restful evening,We came home to
the noisest room on the planet.The man bringing the requested roll away
told us every Friday there is Happy Hour on the patio below us.Why in
Gods name would you put my Family in a known noisy room. I am totally
upset with Hyatt and feel I wasted Earned Platinum points during this
stay. Your manager Brandon credited back 15k points for the first night
debacle. I feel credits should be issued for at least one of the other
horrible nights (especially Friday)

I Plan on Sending a copy of this to the Hotel General Manager if I can
find him or her.


Mary Anna B Leverett July 2, 2014 at 2:31 pm

I saw the Fox News segment where Jesse Watters did an interview with the NOW women at their convention in the Hyatt Albuquerque, NM location. I’ve stayed at the Hyatt’s and always enjoyed them but much to my surprise I saw where Mr. Watters was asked to leave and not return or he would be arrested! I saw his interview that they showed and his questions were a bit silly but the answer that the president/head of NOW gave made no sense to me whatsoever. She seemed to ramble somewhat. I can certainly understand if the NOW group didn’t want Mr. Watters attending their convention meeting with even an ugly woman saying she didn’t answer questions from people she didn’t like. Did she know Mr. Watters personally? So I saw them, NOW, as the ones being nasty and offensive. I am a 72 year old WASP, white, anglo saxon, protestant, and was around when all that “Women’s Lib” started back in the 60’s and 70’s with Gloria Steinham, bra burning and all that craziness. They and the NOW group did not and do not represent me in anyway, shape or form. I’ve always viewed those groups as very bitter, angry, no life Lesbians and since when did the NOW Organizations run the Hyatt Regency Hotels???

I doubt I’ll be staying with you anymore and will give my business to the Hilton Group.
Thank you for your time,


Glen July 1, 2014 at 1:56 am

I saw the way in which a Fox News reporter was treated at your Albuquerque, NM location on the O’Reilly Factor tonight. While I have not stayed extensively at Hyatt, I am a Gold Passport member. To have security escort him out and then have the Albuquerque police criminally trespass him from the property was inexcusable and an abomination. I work at the largest hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas and I have never seen any legitimate person ever thrown out the way your staff did. I can assure you that I will never stay at one of your properties ever again and I will make sure that I can inform as many people as possible as to how you treat people that enter your hotel. This is a huge public relations blunder and someone should be fired or held accountable for this transgression. Again, a truly hideous example of guest relations. You should be ashamed.


Mike July 1, 2014 at 12:42 am

I have read through the horrible complaints from most people on this page, and it is right in line with what I just became aware of in the news. There was a women’s convention at a Hyatt Hotel in New Mexico, and one of the newscasters was doing interviews of the women at the convention, when the security asked him to leave the property. Then the New Mexico Police addressed him outside the hotel and gave him a Criminal Trespass warning, that if he came back they would arrest him. There are two things that are Despicable here. First, the fact that if you disagree with someone these days, they attack you with such ridiculous treatment, and threats, instead of realizing that we all have the right to free speech. The second is that the Hyatt backs up the attack on free speech, and just made a name for themselves, to be a hotel that needs to be avoided and NEVER should be a place that anyone ever stays at again! Don’t believe this….believe what all these people have written, that shows how despicable Hyatt really is! Who the hell would backup a hotel that treats a customer with a service dog, the way they treated that minister and his daughter! Outrageous! Read it in these comments, for yourself! This guy needs to sue Hyatt for every penny they have left, before going bankrupt very soon, treating people the way they seem to find commonplace! I suggest everyone finds a Respectable hotel to stay at, and boycott Hyatt forever, so they go bankrupt and go away, forever! It is outrageously expensive to stay at Hyatt, and then you get treated the way all these people are being treated and paying for it! No Way People! Go elsewhere!


Anonymous June 29, 2014 at 8:41 am

Hello I am an employee of hyatt house fishkill, and I have been working here as a housekeeper for over a year.Recently we came across a new supervisor who was very nice the first day but now she believes it is her duty to take over and control us as grown women.The way she talks to us is like we are dogs or trash to her. She Doesnt communicate to us as a supervisor. She yells at us when she talks and she.demands respect.She tiptoes to our cart just to be sneaky,and report our business that has nothing to do with and she wont even let us know if we have extra rooms to do or early checkouts.She feel like crap and as if we dont belong and it makes me not want to come to work when this is my only job.My supervisor is paola and she is very rude


Maurice Randall June 28, 2014 at 7:45 am

I spoke to Mandy, the Front Desk agent at the Hyatt House Charlotte Center City, since there was no manager available to speak to or on duty on June 27, 2014. Per my conversation with Mandy I advised her on June 20th I checked into the Hyatt House Charlotte Center City hotel, however I left never going into the room. I originally reserved the room since I was the best man for the groom for preparation for his wedding on June 21. An hour later I return and spoke to the same agent I checked in with to let her know due to an emergency with the groom I do not need the room. The agent sent a security guard to the room to ensure the room was not being used or was used. The security guard returned and advised the room had not been used. The agent told me I would not be charged for the room. However, three days later I was charged and my account was overdrawn. I am furious because the original agent who checked me in and I spoke to the evening of June 20th about not needing the room no longer lied to me that I would not be charged and this morning I could not even get a manager to talk to. Instead I got another agent, Mandy, who told me I was charged a no show fee that is why I saw the hotel charged on my account. Because of the false reporting from the original agent on June 20th my account overdrawn. All I got was an apology and a refund, but what about the overdrawn fees due to the hotel negligence!!!!!! And what about my time and frustration I have to go through because of the agent from the hotel mistake. The time I have to take to call the hotel, the bank and my family headaches of having money taken out after being told it was not going to be. This hotel does not care!!!!


Terry Hurtt June 21, 2014 at 10:56 am

My wife and I were encouraged to join your Gold Passport program, which we did. We try when ever possible to use Hyatt. The Grand Cypress in Orlando has and will continue to be our favorite. Our choice of rooms are in a class that do not allow us to apply Gold Passport points towards the price of a room. We would like to know what value this program serves with the restrictions that are policy. In short my acXXXXulated points are invalidated.

Thank you


Employee June 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm

Hi it’s me again from the hyatt house in fishkill see the reason I wrote what I said is because I was very upset because of housekeeper, and I didn’t mean to put our gm in this.he did nothing wrong.what I said about him was not true he is a good gm. but what’s true is about the housekeeper. The one that works on the first floor. see I work at the front desk and she is very rude to us at the front desk I do apologize for what I wrote. Thanks again for your time


Employee June 14, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Hi I’m an employee at the hyatt house in fishkill ny you guys really to see what’s going on there the gm doesn’t care what happens there he doesn’t care about his employers at all the housekeepers do what ever they want the hotel looks like crap because the gm doesn’t care espaiclly the housekeeper that works on first floor her name is Elaine she like make everybody life hell there she really needs to be fired she thinks she the boss there instead of the gm his name Eric because she tells them she gonna call you guys so they let her do what ever she want and I don’t think that’s right guy please help we other housekeepers need your help here because the gm treats us like slaves here and doesn’t respects us at all so if you receive this message please act on this matter because what there doing is wrong thank you for your time I know I didn’t leave my name is because I love my job I’m good at what I do that’s why they hiried me I’m been doing hotels for about ten years and this is the worst experience I had ever so please act ASAP thank you


Brian Arbuckle June 11, 2014 at 11:30 pm

I am a disabled person with a service dog. I took my daughter to Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa for spring break 3 months ago. It was a complete nightmare. My civil rights were violated daily with questions by the staff as to what my medical condition is and even being excluded from areas of the resort. All of which are civil rights violations and against the US Department of Justice ADA guidelines and laws. My daughter was in tears the entire trip. This was supposed to be a get away to forget about my fatal future. She cried everyday as more and more staff accosted us. Jesse was one of the worst offenders. I requested that the Maui Police be called but instead, the head of security came from his house to our hotel room for almost 2 hours again making my daughter cry as he asked about my medical problems. The staff made many notes in the computer about the problems we encountered. After returning home, I called the Hyatt corporate offices in Chicago. I spoke to people on a March 18 and 19, 2014 and was offered a free weeks stay at the resort if we ever chose to return to Maui. A very amicable solution on my part to what could easily be a multi-million dollar law suit. Being a minister, I did not want to sue. My daughter required months of counceling and is still traumatized by the events. The counselor suggested that we take up Hyatt on their offer and let my daughter experience the adventure and relaxation that we should have the first time. Yesterday, I called to make the reservations. SURPRISE! They don’t show anything in the computer about the free week with exceptional service that we were promised. However, they do show all of the notes in the computer about the horrific experience that we had in March. I’m now being told that I have to wait until the resort can contact the corporate offices in Chicago tomorrow to verify the offer. I am mortified. I’ve been vomiting blood for hours now from the two hours spent on the phone with the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Do they think I am just making this up when there are notes still in the computer and Jesse as well as the head of security admit to the manager that they remember us very well and all of the problems we endured. The airplane from Maui almost had to turn around and return to Maui because I had heart problems on the airplane from all of the horrific treatment we endured. Luckily there was a Dr. onboard that stayed with me the entire flight and monitored my condition. I’m supposed to receive a call back in the morning after Mr. Salem from the resort contacts the corporate offices in Chicago to verify the free week. The hotel is the least expensive part of the trip. We are spending $8k+ just for the airfare. I was willing to let all of this go for the offer of the free week of exceptional service and accommodations at no charge. A very nice gesture on my part considering the alternative, a lawsuit with huge media attention when you violate a disabled persons civil rights. PLEASE Hyatt, do as you offered to do and give my daughter the relaxing, stress free vacation that we paid for in March and did not receive. I asked for nothing. This was an offer given to us. Now, it’s being taken away. PLEASE Hyatt, read my comment and do the right thing here. I’m literally sick about this.


Rob June 11, 2014 at 2:35 am

Letter of complaint;

We stayed at the Hyatt mission bay in San Diego for two nights . It was one of the most horrible experiences my family has had. The rooms we got were part of a block reservation my sister had made for her wedding party. We checked in around 4 pm and the front desk manager named Clayton checked us in and at first he said my sister had to be there to check in. Our understanding was she asked for an X amount of rooms to be held for her wedding party but each individual guest makes and pays for their own reservation at the rate that was pre-negotiated. (Which makes sense) but the manager refused to check us in without my sister being there. Well after a while we were able to check in. Next we asked for two connecting rooms, he said they were not available, I told him a I had call well in advance requesting two connecting rooms and he said that connecting rooms at that hotel was a first come first serve. Well we took the two rooms he gave us, when we were going to our rooms we notice a strong urine smell and that there were no elevators. Si went back and ask to be moved because if the smell and no elevators. He moved us to a different room but you can see he was already frustrated and would say comments to himself that I was not able to hear. As we were going up to our room, we happened to see two connecting rooms being clean near the ones given to us. By us I mean my sister in law and her husband and daughter and me, my wife and kid. So I went back to the front desk and ask if we could please have the connecting rooms that were being clean and hadn’t been given out yet. The lady told me they were already reserved, but could accommodate us in a different area. I was happy and didn’t mind waiting. By this time it was already over 6 pm. As the lady was in the process of issuing different rooms, Clayton came in, cut her off and told me he had ready helped me. I told him the reason I was there and asked him why he told me there is no such thing as reserving connecting rooms in advance but yet there were two empty connecting rooms reserved for someone? He said the lady taking care of me doesn’t know what she us talking about. Anyways, we left because we had to get ready for my sister wedding rehearsal. So we left for the rehearsal and returned to the hotel at approximate 11 pm. To our surprise, when we returned, my sister in law and her husband’s luggage was at the front desk!!! Clayton was at the front desk and at first. He said my sister had taking it out because someone had issued the same room to someone else I then say, it hiw can my sister take stuff out? With what key? And she was with us at the wedding rehearsal. He then said he had taking bit out because he had found connecting rooms. (Magically he found them) i said we don’t want to move anymore as we are tired, it’s almost midnight and we just want to go to bed. He then said, someone had told him to get stuff out, by this time, Clayton didn’t know what to say and he told my brother in law to calm down, otherwise we both be spending the night in jail because he believe we wee intoxicated. I said, you know Clayton, it’s midnight, we have sleepy children with and we come to find our stuff in the lobby and instead of you apologizing for illegally breaking into a guest room, taking the luggage out you have the nerve to make threats of thus nature, we have all the right in the world to be upset and instead if rendering an apology you keep blaming others for your mistakes. Needless to say that we have not had anything to drink for ur information admvd if anybody should be calling the police it’s us on you for illegally breaking into a guest room without the proper authorization and taking the stuff out! Finally, we begged him to give us the room and he gave us the same room he had taken the stuff out. The whole thing didn’t make much sense as to why he would do that.
I hope Hyatt corporate see this posting and does something about that inconpent manager that all he seems to care is his ego!


george bornyek June 10, 2014 at 1:06 am

I worked for the Hyatt for over 30 years. A friend of mine who is an engineer there was telling me how his difficulty with the catering depart. The catering department will not give him ample information prior to events and think nothing about changing the wiring of setups after they are in place. It is always a last minute notice for setups. He has also been to HR and never gets suppor.t. Nothing has changed with these problems for years and years, etc. I suggest that he approach the GM with his complaints and suggestions. But it seems that his department is taken for granted. Perhaps a visit from corporate having a general meeting with only the employees and asking for their direct comments about problems that management is not taking care of. These could be printed out and placed in the box anonymously and after a brief break they could be read to the employees for comment. A lot of problems will come to lite that otherwise, Corporate never hears about. With corporate’s intervention things will run more smoothly especially if approprate training is give about protocol and communication between departments improves It is not wright treating other departments or employees as, let me not say gofers, but as rats. You may respond to this email and let me know if you intend to improve the running of the Hyatt Mission Bay and Marina. Thanks for listening. George


Marci Williams June 6, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Rakesh Sarna,

I hesitated taking this survey because it usually doesn’t matter what you say or what comments you make. But then a second email came through and asked me to take the survey again so I complied.
The grades I gave the Hotel above were generous at best.
This Hotel should not have the Hyatt sign hanging on it. I feel it does not live up to the reputation of the chain and certainly doesn’t match other Hyatt hotels I have stayed at in the past.
The only truly positive comment I can honestly make, is the clerk that checked us in was the highlight of the three night stay. If the conference wasn’t being held there, I would have checked out the very next day.
Lets begin with the fact I asked for a wake up call at 5:30am. It didn’t happen.
The hot food on the Breakfast buffet looked like it came out of a microwave and was not edible. The coffee was luke warm the milk and juices were room temperature.
Then we ordered lunch as a group from the conference I was attending.
It took 1 hour and 15 minutes for a club sandwich. Needless to say, we didn’t get to eat because the afternoon session was starting.
Next, I went back up to the room at 4pm and it had not been cleaned.
I called the front desk and asked if housekeeping was still on duty. I was informed they were gone for the day. But she would bring some towels since the room was not serviced. This left the front desk unattended.
As I started running the shower, a pool a water started gathering in the tub. The drain was clogged creating a few inches of standing water in the tub.
The safety strips in the tub were worn down to the point of making the tub slick and very dangerous. I decided to put a towel in the bottom of the tub to have some traction. Otherwise it was impossible not to slip and possibly fall.
During my stay I went to get some ice. The two rooms next to the ice machines (4th floor)were being renovated. I knew this because the doors were open, paint and tools scattered around the hallway and a sander going full blast creating a cloud of dust on the ice machine and dust falling as I dispensed the ice. Perhaps drop cloths were not provided to the workers.

Day 2 – again, no wake up call. The same dried up french toast, rubber eggs on a bun etc on the buffet. I settled for toast and coffee.
To my complete astonishment after I left the conference at 3pm my room was not cleaned AGAIN! Trash overflowing towels under the sink bed not refreshed. Housekeeping was no where to be found. I called the front desk again and finally an attendant come to clean the room.
I thought I would take a break at the pool. I was surprised that on a 85 degree day the pool was empty.
I soon realized why. There was a layer of slick grease on top of the pool water and debris everywhere.
The chlorine smell was so strong, I didn’t dare go in the water.
The general condition of this Hotel is an embarrassment to the Hyatt chain.
The fountain in front of the lobby was not running which is not a big deal except it had trash in it and was in terrible disrepair.
Like I said, I didn’t respond to the first email asking to take the survey, but then the second request came in the same time as the $201.68 charge was posted to my credit card.
I feel very shortchanged by Hyatt concerning this stay.
The reason I was there is a nursing conference was being held. I have written to Marie Biancuzzo ( The person holding the seminar) and expressed my concern about having the next nursing meeting there at this Hyatt.
I hope this finds it’s way to the right person.
I also hope something is done about the condition of this Hotel and its operation.
I’m absolutely sure you have received other negative comments about this hotel.

I would appreciate a response to know I didn’t waste my time taking this survey.
I was in room 423.

Thank you
Marci Williams RN

cc: Hyatt Corporate (Mark S. Hoplamazian) (H. Charles Floyd)


Greg Carlson May 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Stayed at Hyatt Santa Barbara, CA. Checked out on May 5, 2014 and the invoice showed NO charges/credits etc. I asked why – the clerk said because the room was booked by On May 12th/2014 our banks activity page showed two charges – !) first was the actual room charges – that statement was accurate. 2) second charge from Hyatt Santa Barbara was for $91.24? I have called the hotel 6/7 times talking to clerks, hotel manager, and people in accounting – NO one has a clue as to $91.24 charge to our account.
I twice called the hotel only to be told I need to speak to someone in accounting – they transfer my call to accounting – I get a voice message saying they are on vacation and back in office on May 27th. Why would you transfer a call to a person on vacation and not answering their calls? I called the Hyatt today, 529, again transferred to accounting and again a voice message – “on vacation through 5/27” WOW – what a way to run a business.
Called Hyatt corporate office and once again explained my timetable and billing problem with the Santa Barbara Hyatt – the person on the phone said he would check on my complaint and placed my call on hold – waited about 3-4 minutes – then a different person comes on the line and asked if he can help me???? Now I have to explain the entire story/experience over again – probably the 8th or 9th person I have had to explain my complaint.
How can a major world-wide cooperation NOT know how to identify a costumers charges from a recent stay at one of their sites?
No one from the Hyatt Corporation will read this complaint or even attempt to respond.


Cathi Lefton May 19, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Dear Corporate Headquarters,
I just warned to let you know about the fabulous experience my girlfriends and I had at the Hyatt Times Square this past weekend. There were four of us celebrating two big birthdays. Our flight was delayed arriving in New York, it was pouring rain and crowded in the lobby. But the lobby we entered was bright and cheerful and the wonderful young man at the desk (Floyd) was so friendly and welcoming that we were able to forget the previous aggravation. When we opened the doors to our rooms we were thrilled. Two very comfortable queen sized beds, terrific lighting in the rooms (which were immaculate) and fabulous, well appointed bathrooms. We loved the products in the bathrooms and the showers were great. All of the linens and towels were in perfect condition. We all loved the magnified mirrors in the bathrooms as well as the hair dryers and the full length mirrors in the room. The lighting in the bathrooms could have been a little bit better for make-up applications.
But the very best part of our stay was the amazing staff. We were greeted with a cheery smile each time we entered or left the hotel, handed an umbrella in the rain, and constantly made to feel like this is where we belonged. We are all women in our sixties (but seem much younger) and we all do a great deal of traveling but we will only be staying at the Hyatt Times Square on all future trips to New York. Thank you so very much. Cathi Lefton
P.s. If you ever need an anonymous traveler to check out any of your hotels and give you reports, I’m available. I travel by myself on business sometimes (I’ve stayed at the Hyatt Wacker many times), with my husband, with girlfriends and sometimes with young grandchildren.


Shon Ginnis May 16, 2014 at 12:40 pm

While sitting in a very expensive class, my wife contacted me about an issue she was having while checking into the Hyatt in Richardson Tx. Upon making the reservation on the computer, her name was not placed on the reservation so the person at the desk by the name of Chaena was giving her problems because her ID did not match. She was very rude to my wife. I then called to discuss the issue with this person, she became rude with me too. We attend the Richardson Wild Flower Fest every year and chose to use a different hotel because of Hyatt being a better deal. I have a serious issue with being treated this way. I chose to stay at your hotel…..I don’t work for you…. You work for me…. Sorry to be so blunt…..


Jake Neville May 14, 2014 at 8:31 pm

My name is Jake Neville. The reason I am contacting Hyatt corporate is because I have a major concern with one particular operation at the hotel I work at. The new key system we have at my hotel often times is faulty. Ethier the front desk agents accidently made a mistake while making the keys, or the guest does not use the key properly and they can’t open the door to their room.

Ok. In regards to the first point I made about mistakes happening concerning making keys. At the hotel I work at we are constantly having guests complaining their keys don’t work. Often times their clame is legit. The times their claim is not ligit is because they have never seen the kind of locks my hotel has. The locks we have you need to place the room key directly against the (black cylinder) lock. So many guests have trouble unlocking the door to their room because they wave the key up and down. Waving the key up and down does not work. There are two places you need to use the keys that is the elevator’s and the rooms. Maybe it would be helpfull if we can plar a sign in the elevators and next to the bedroom door that would help them use the key.

I have mentioned this idea to the hotel I work at (Hyatt mcMcCormick Place), but it seems they don’t really take interest in what I have to say. Maybe its because im a bellman and they don’t want to listen to a bellman.


bast oxossi May 14, 2014 at 6:46 pm

Hello! I wanted to voice my disturbance at going to The Two Hyatt’s downtown to eat as I occasionally do in Denver, the one 15th and welton and the other one on 18th and welton. I went for their all you can eat has been awhile since last being there and what disappointment foreal. the newer one on fifteenth and welton, well I had to make the approaching waitress say hello in greeting , I had to? also prices of certain items were not known in asking. I decided to go to the grand which I use to love to go to and it was the highest disappointment of all the food quality has gone down, the person who approached me did name amy had absolutely no selling skills I had to couch her a few times she made no suggestions on a expensive menu, also when I had went to the food bar it had lost its lustered in the Pub as they call it everything was geriatric and when I questioned the person Amy again on what happened she could not give me words instead, She was worst person with no interaction or selling skills and it was tragedy all the way around. Hyatt has lost me and now I can only think of not staying their in future as in the past the grand was even more a disappointment the other ate elsewhere I had guest cards for hotel eating not interested and the food needs another look it was a tragedy what I saw in the grand restaurant on 18th and welton.I ate elsewhere not a good experience on Monday at 1:30 not happy with the two especially the grand. needs work tremendously then new interior designs.

Bast Oxossi


Amber Patterson April 16, 2014 at 11:25 am

The worse experience ever at Hyatt Regency downtown Tulsa, OK. Paid $15 for valet parking to come back and everything stolen out of the car with no sign of break in!!!! Coincidentally the valet worker did not sign off on the ticket and was nowhere to be found. Asked for a general manager and the Assistant General manager came down being flat out rude and had the audacity to tell us that they are not responsible for what happens in the parking garage! But you should be responsible for your employees! One either your employee stole our things or two he left the door open for someone to steal everything!!!!! He also told us “How do we know that stuff was in there in the first place?” Are you out of your mind why would we be wasting our time letting you know things that were in our car every day but not in there now!!!! It was the principle of the fact that we trusted our car with YOUR valet service and to get treated like we did something wrong was the craziest thing ever to me!!!! I will not ever stay at another HYATT ever!!!!


Roswell April 15, 2014 at 10:30 am

Dear Sirs from Corporate (Human Resources),

Every year we travel to Aruba for our special vacation. We have been doing this for the past 8 years and are still pleasantly surprised when meeting your most cordial employees.
I am writing you on behalf of my family and group in order to request you consider giving a special recognition to one of your employees Mrs. Luz Mery who works at your pier.

We always observe and discuss about what makes us want to go back to Aruba and it is the way we are treated is what makes us feel special and makes us want to go back every year.
The most memorable moment was during our last visit when we visited the Hyatt pier. It is amazing to see your employee work so hard to please everyone yet maintaining a smile and the ability to still crack a joke with everyone.
Her name tag said Luz Mery (she introduced herself as Lucha). We think she said she was from Colombia but has lived in aruba for more than 10 years. She deserves an award plus plus! Excellent service!.
We just thought it would be nice to send a special Thank You to the Hyatt and your employee for making our vacation as special as possible.
We really appreciate your services.

Kind Regards
Roswell family


Matt Gale April 11, 2014 at 8:32 am

Just wanted to give a huge “Thank You” to the GM and HR Manager at the Hyatt Bellevue In Philadelphia. I am the Director of Education and Training at a job training program for low income youth. Yesterday we sent a group of students to tour the hotel and the experience was fantastic. The students in our Hotel and Lodging program returned with a whole new outlook on professionalism and customer service due to an amazing experience facilitated by The Bellevue. It is now the goal of every student to work for Hyatt! Thank you for taking the time to pay it forward and inspire the next generation of hospitality professionals!


danielle simmons April 10, 2014 at 10:05 am

I’m writing this because of the Hyatt house Cobb galleria in I applied for a job on the website and was called in for an interview the interview was at 10:00 a.m. but I arrived early so when it was time for the interview they called the lady Cecilia to let her know I was waiting on her well she never came to the lobby to get me at the schedule time for the interview this was 4-6-2014 so she didn’t come until a hour later so she took me in her office interviewed me and showed me a room and what I would be cleaning. So then she said well I couldn’t find your application on the computer you have to do another but she hired me that same day well that following Monday I had to go back to the Hyatt but was told to dress in all black bring my I.d. and social security card because I was going to be working that day well my friend was also told the samething so we get there at the scheduled time which was 9:00a.m. we informed the front desk to let her know we where there well once again she didn’t come until 10:00 so we are just sitting lookin dumb and then she comes out stood in front of us and couldn’t even remember my damn name she was looking confused so o Tell her who I am then she says oh yeah you need to redo the application so she put us on the computer and left well we filled out another application and we was finished so we went and had a seat back in the lobby we sat in the lobby for four hours before she came back up to the front to get us so when she came she said I needed to do paperwork and she had to interview my friend took us to the break room in the housekeeping department and then told us you could just hang around in there and just forgot about us.. I feel that she is very unprofessional and does not need to be in that position she don’t know what she is doing because I went yesterday to do paperwork and she told me I shouldn’t be there she would call me but the day before she said I had to fill out paperwork she tried to say that the guy name josh told her to wait and she will call me because they had a lot of turn downs and they failed they inspection yesterday well I see why I feel like that didn’t have anything to do with me I just wanted a job and she had me coming back in fourth for nothing very poor management and she shouldn’t be in that place if she can’t even pull up a damn application off line its sad and ridiculous that I waisted my damn time buying black clothes being told I was gonna work And then I’m suppose to wait on her to call me I think not I have worked for way bigger hotel’s and have plenty experience in housekeeping and never in my 36 year’s of living ever experience no bullXXXXX like that I spent five hour’s dressed in black clothing hanging around the Hyatt for nothing we I could have been trying to find a Job somewhere eles I just moved to Atlanta from Florida and never went threw this much just for a housekeeping job and I see why they failed inspection cause she unorganized and very very unprofessional and she don’t need to call me cause I won’t be going so just to let you guys know you might need to find someone else that knows what they doing cause Cecilia d*** sure don’t


HB employee April 8, 2014 at 11:29 pm

This is an interesting story, a Hyatt Huntington Beach employee quit because another employee by the name of Bianca Herrera bullied the employee. That did not stop, Bianca called the employees new job and got the employee fired. The employee was applying for other jobs and Bianca would give bad references I know because I called and spoke to Bianca and she told me not to hire this employee. She even said that the Hyatt HB thanked her for making the employee quit. The employee committed suicide. Bianca is a Human Resources Assistant Director I wonder home many more employees will have to die before they make her resign?


no named worker April 6, 2014 at 8:47 am

Dear Hyatt corporation, I would like to let you know of the ill treatment and substandard wirking conditions at the Hyatt Regency Saipan. I came to work here as an intern for 5.55 an hour and I was ok with that because they offered me free housing. So I come to my first meeting in HR and they all look at me like I am crazy and I was told by a person that would be my boss that I looked ridiculous, why you might ask, because I was wearing my hijab seeI am Muslim and in my religion I must wear it. Instead of the head of HR scolding this person she looked at me and asked me to remove my cover because it made them uncomfortable. I explained that it was part of my religon and they didnt care so I took it off. I started my work as an intern and I received my first check and I noticed that they had charged me to stay in housing a discrepancy that they have yet to fix. I also thought that my unifoms were provided for us but alas no not at least for 6 months, not because its the policy to take forever, but because they really dont care about their new employees or anyone that is not in management
So I bought my own and was not reimbursed. I was left to my own training because no one took the time to show me how to do anything correctly and if I did make a mistake I was yelled at instead of shown properly. But enough about that lets talk about the substandard conditions. None of tha a/c units in the kitchens work, the refridgeration systems in the chillers and walk ins never work right and instead of fixing them theu just say oh its ok jusy serve the food which is always well within the temperature danger zone and some were evem spoiled but its like they dont care. I was put in another outlet in the hotel to work by myself and I was actually electrocuted by a burner on the stove, that the maintenence department had claimed to have fixed in the past but alas it wasnt because if it had been I would not have been electrocuted. While I was out no one called to check on me and the day that it happened they had the nerve to ask what I had done. When I came back to work because I was off for a week after the incident, I asked if the problem was fixed and theyvsaid yes and thats when I saw that their idea of fixed was the guy putting electrical tape around the exposed wire. I asked to be moved to a different kitchen and they moved me to another kitchen. Before I was moved I witnessed and incident with a guest that slipped and fell. The guest is severly handicapped so to me it was a big deal so I told the one person that I knew could get things changed and his response was well its a pool area people will fall. I told him that though it was a pool area a reasonable amountbof safety is expected especially if the area was covered and near stairs where there should be a handrail, which there isnt. This is the same person that told his waitstaff that he dudnt care about their credit card tips because the money wasnt going to hyatt. He also said that the new cooks were slow and they could all be replaced. The problem with that statement is this the new ataff was trained even less than I was and getting rid of them will onlybstart the cycle over again, he wasnt holding the people accountable that needed to be held accountable. Oh dud I mention he us the food and beverage director. They are ruining a good company by weak leadership and pushing out the local people. I am ashamed to say I work there because the people in town always say oh hyatt the food there is expensive and it sucks. We are the only 5 star restraunts on the island people shouldnt be saying these things. Your name is being tarnished if not ruined by these people. Before I came here I used to stay at the hyatt when I traveled but never again.


Kathy Leone April 2, 2014 at 5:10 pm

I called your property in downtown Houston to make a strange request. My daughters birthday was going to occur while staying there. I called your concierge Sheila Bowie, and asked her if she could grab some of her staff and go to my daughters room and sing her happy birthday. Her response was I call you back when I’ve done so. Twenty minutes later she called me back to relay that her and some of the staff were successful making my daughter very happy. Sheila was one of the people that sang happy birthday to my daughter and I feel she went above and beyond the call of duty and should be recognized. She really made my day and of course my daughters too! Please recognize her for being the professional that she is and stepping out of the box to make a mothers request a realization. Thank you so much Sheila Bowie!!!!


Robyn March 28, 2014 at 9:52 am

We had a company event at the Hyatt Place in Houston, on 300 Ronan Pl. We flew in, and went to the location where the shuttle picks you up. We called the hotel, and the person on the phone said it would be 25-30 min. (they are 15 min from the airport). We waited for the 30 minutes and no show. We called back and was told they could not find the shuttle driver, but would put in a call and let her know we were there. Another 15 minute went by and we called again. She said it would be another 35 to 40 min, and that we should get a taxi, and they would pay us back when we got there becasue the shuttle driver took some guest to a resturant. Deciding not to wait another 40 min. we did take the taxi, but upon arrivial the girl at the front desk did not appologize, and said it was not their fault but they would give us a drink to make up for it? really? We decided to order food from a local resturant, and while sitting by the front door we experienced this. The 2 employee’s left the front desk for 15 minutes, and the phones were ringing off the hook, a customer walked in and stood there asking if anyone worked here, she proceeded to run the halls looking for someone to check her in, at the same time a gentleman at the bar walked to the office to knock on the door to see if he could get help…. NO ONE….then one of the employee’s came from the back with 2 boxes of pizza for a man who was sitting at one of the tables. Not sure if he did the run himself since pizza would be delivered through the front door of the hotel? Around this time the Shuttle driver came in, and when she left again we heard her say to the 2 employees at the front desk that she was leaving but had her cell phone this time. She was gone for a while, and we watch her come in later with a new printer (shopping)!. Needless to say I talked to the Sales manager the next day who really did not seem to care much. I informed her we would not be having any future events at this hotel. All she could say was they were short a shuttle driver. Maybe the 1 they had should not be making special trips, and keep the pick up stickly for customers who are waiting at the airport for a ride. This hotel is old, dirty, and needs quit the update. Would not recommend this hotel to anyone. We will not be having any future recruiting events there.


Royce Johnson March 20, 2014 at 5:56 pm

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Northwest and I was treated like crap at this location and was charged 250.00 for a smoking fee that I wasn’t made aware of that the facility was non-smoking. I was told I was authorizing one charge only when I checked in and the guest service person Michelle failed to inform me of any of the hotels terms and conditions. I then called to speak to the reservations manager named Kishma about the authorization they went back and took the next day of 250.00 without my knowledge and consent and she was rude to me. Refused to refund my 250.00 that they went in and took without notifying me and informing me that the facility was non-smoking. Kishma then gave all kinds of excuses about how she was sure the guest service person told me it was non-smoking so I then asked her to pull the cameras and she claimed that the cameras record but the audio didn’t work. That was my way to prove what was said on my behalf. Then Kishma proceeded with being rude telling me I should’ve looked for ash trays in the room and since I didn’t see them I should’ve known it wasn’t any smoking in there. Also Kishma told me there is a little foldable card in the room on the desk by the tv that says its no smoking and that I should’ve been responsible enough to look around the rooms for the cards. Again she still have yet to take responsibility for her guest service not informing me of the hotel terms and conditions at check in. I wasn’t provided with a receipt or anything. Kishma and the controller of the location named Nadeen called and laughed in my ear telling me how the guest service don’t have time to inform all of their hotel guest about the terms and conditions for that hotel yet again they still charged my account 250.00 trying to back up their employee as well as themselves. Nadeen told me that she has no manager above her and that it stopped there. She laughed in my ear telling me that Kishma was willing to refund half of my 250.00 and I should’ve took that so I told her no I’m not paying for something that your employee failed to inform me about neither do they have a visual sign big enough around the hotel facility to point out that it is non-smoking. they then told me to call the consumer relations which when I called there they kept sending me back to the hotel location where the reservation manager and controller were already rude to me. The consumer relations told me it was nothing they could do other than to go off what the hotel decision was which was no point in me calling to consumer relations. I had to reach and research myself to get in contact with someone higher up that was over both Kishma and Nadeen because they refused to provide me with that information. Finally after going through hours of being on the phone being treated like I wasn’t a human being, getting laughed at in my ear and the employees telling me that they wouldn’t give my money back said they can do what they want to do I ended up speaking to someone at the Chicago headquarters. My blood pressure was extremely high from the way these ladies talked to and treated me. I had to take two bc powders because I was just that upset and had headaches from dealing with the issue. Mark who is over the Atlanta regional location then called me and apologized for the way I was treated and understood what I had been through and agreed to refund my 250.00 fee they charged to me without my authorization and approval. However the things that I went through and the experience I had from these ladies whom call themselves in the management field of this hotel I think I should be entitled to a free night stay at a different location other than theirs. That was my very first time staying at the Hyatt on Windy Hill and my last. I will never refer anyone to stay at that location because of what they did to me. How do you charge someone card after not going over any terms and conditions as well as the fees for the stay at the hotel and then didn’t contact me. I looked on the Hyatt website and saw similar issues such as mine to where the guest wasn’t informed of the terms and conditions of the hotel and was charge a fee the next day with failure to notify the guest when they went back to charge an un-authorized charge. I have to now wait on my money to be refunded which is very inconvenient to myself because I had bills pending to come out of my account. I would like a free night stay in a suite at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta location for a future stay. I do not want to go back to the Marietta location where my experience wasn’t pleasant and I was treated like crap. Being that I experienced this difficulty and nightmare for the experience I have very bad reference to provide about the Hyatt and the way they do business with their guest. I would like to have the option of getting to know what its really like to get fair treatment at the hyatt regency with great customer service. Until then I will not refer that anybody stay at the hyatt due to my experience until im showed otherwise.


Don Kingly March 29, 2014 at 1:47 pm

At this time and day you still don’t know smoking is prohibited on almost all areas (if not all)??! In what planet did you came from?


Jeannie Leavenworth March 29, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I agree that they are so rude. You shouldn’t had that kind of experience. In fact, they should encourage you to smoke. What are they thinking? You wouldn’t experience this kind of experience when you stayed in any of our hotel. You ought to move in our place. – Jeannie of planet Venus


Lydia Miller March 11, 2014 at 2:08 pm

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Reunion Blvd in Dallas from Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2014. I checked out via the express checkout in the room, but called the front desk about a copy of the bill. I was told it would be sent to me in “a day or two”. I have been trying to get a copy ever since, without success. I need this copy so I can be reimbursed. I got an email from Johny Elkahwaji, a guest services specialist with an Omaha address, saying my request (the latest one) would be forwarded to the hotel. Today, I got an email from Janet Caldarone of Starwood saying I needed to update my Outlook account so they could send me something. So I have these questions:
1) Is the email from Starwood legitimate for your hotel?
2) Can a copy of the bill be sent via regular US Post Office mail ASAP?
The stay was fine, but the aftermath is beyond irritating.


K. Czys March 6, 2014 at 2:54 pm

I will NEVER again stay with your hotel. While on what I was hoping to have be an enjoyable vacation in New Orleans – has turned into a nightmare. I have charges on my credit card that were not authorized, “property damage” that was never shown or identified to me – even though we pointed it out to your housekeeping staff upon our arrival to make sure that we were not blamed for it, we were required to buy wrist bands to access the place where we already paid and had a reservation at even though it was never listed on the website or identified as an expense – which significantly cut into the spending money of a few of the people in our group. Your manager’s customer service skills were lacking to put it nicely, housekeeping services were only available until 4:30 p.m. despite requests for varying times, the pool side bar that was so prominently described was not staffed, front desk clerks were rude and seemed annoyed when asked questions about general information like regular parades and times, the lobby was the only place with free internet service, and I could go on and on. When I called to question charges to my bill after my stay because I didn’t want to take up more of my friends vacation time I got told that the manager couldn’t handle it in a timely fashion because he wasn’t able to contact the appropriate staff and he didn’t have any knowledge of the incident. The manager doesn’t know what is going on in his own hotel? Are you kidding me?? Items went missing from our room as well, but the manager claimed we must have misplaced things and that his staff is completely trustworthy. The things didn’t just walk themselves out of the room and we specifically left them in the room so they would be safe. I can not even begin to explain my disgust, dissatisfaction or complete irritation – so much for a relaxing and fun vacation that I spent over $4000 on. My money will go to other places more inclined to make my stay enjoyable in the future – and I travel a lot. I will also encourage my friends to stay other places as well.


BD Dale February 23, 2014 at 2:22 pm


Greetings. I came to deliver a Word from the MOST HIGH God on yesterday, out in front of your hotel at Hyatt Regency in Denver Tech at around 5:00PM, Saturday, 22 February 2014. I was sad to see the female manager’s total loss of composure – Amy Lowe? I worked for Marriott for quite a few years as a General Manager and and was most sad to see such loss of bearings by a leader while front line staff watched.

The situation, for me doing nothing more than sharing Christ while exercising my first amendment right to free speech, could’ve gotten much worse Hyatt. I am an African-American male, tall and the cops who showed up were vicious race bigots with their hands on their guns when all I had, in my hand, was a Bible. The point is, especially to the female manager – you must effectively see the bigger picture when managing the property. All you could see was your immediate need to get rid of a pest and the strategy for doing so was heightening the paranoia against blacks, of law enforcement by speaking lies? Did you notice, when they showed up how nervous they were having neither spoken a word to me (yet) strictly based on what you called and said? Was there a reason, other than the manager telling lies, for them to have their hands on their guns when all I had was a Bible? I am a combat, Marine Corps Veteran and I recognized the look in those officers eyes – this could’ve gotten really bad Hyatt – really bad.

Sure, you may say “Well staff and guests were bothered by what you were doing”. You mean SOME staff and SOME guests, right? A few of your staff gave me the ‘thumbs up’ and the Believers who PAID for the event, did the same. Now, suddenly, if things would’ve escalated based on your totally inaccurate police call, there are conflicting accounts of what happened. As a business owner, this would’ve only meant one thing for Hyatt – LIABILITY.

What about Hyatt’s reputation globally? Headlines such as “Black Pastor killed by Denver Police was un-armed after false report by Hyatt” could’ve been devastating. All I am saying, especially to Hyatt Leadership, is more training is needed because the manager, even now I am sure, has no idea of what her incompetence (as measured by my Marriott GM experience) almost lead to. All she had to do was say “Hey buddy – leave”. Law enforcement asked (and I quote) “Wait. You mean no one came out and asked you to leave from the hotel”? I told them no, they didn’t. Most of those youngsters working that night would’ve done so but based on my observation, the lady manager passed her fear onto them. She paced, yelled into her phone and, wow – this woman, at some point Hyatt, is going to cost you money and I don’t only mean her salary – I guarantee it.

OK – I am a black man and she a white woman so, she was afraid. I get it. Just an FYI – I am of mixed race and my mother is white 🙂 There was a young black man working who certainly didn’t share her fear. He was looking over at me smiling. Why not send him to say “bru, we need you to leave NOW”? When people ask me to leave (I street preach often), I always do, first amendment right no withstanding. The officers threatened that I’d be arrested, even though I was on public property and this was after they were ready to shoot me down, especially the young blond guy. Further, they said I was to never return to Street Preach. I told them I wouldn’t guarantee that and as a matter of fact, I probably, at some point, will. (This is the 2nd time I’ve been down there). Now that I think about it, I am going to each Denver Hyatt and share the good news of Jesus Christ as many times as I feel lead to! Praise the LORD.

Just an FYI – I shot video of the ENTIRE scene and offered to show law enforcement what really happened and I assure you all, it is contrary to what your manager reported not according to what I say but law enforcement shared with me. Essentially, the manager made a false police report.


Glenda February 19, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Please email me asap with numbers as to who I can speak with regarding a problem with Hyatt Hotel in Crystal City. To be considerate to your hotel company, I will not write the issue for the public to view.
I hope you will be responsible and take this matter into action.
Thank you.


Smith April 11, 2014 at 11:56 am

I have the headquarter number for Chicago Illinois the numbers 312-750-1234 hope this helps


Lisa Gardner February 2, 2014 at 6:09 pm

A remarkable, unforgettable, wonderful customer service experience at Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus in Oakbrook, Illinois: on January 23rd (just past) my husband and I traveled from Florida to Illinois for a shareholders’ meeting. The last leg of our trip left us at the Hyatt Lodge check-in desk exhausted and out of sorts. Our rental car had been so heavily doused in perfume that we both had headaches and I was having trouble breathing. Hyatt employee Chris patiently and sympathetically listened to my sad story, then checked me in. Later, we went to swap out our rental car, joined colleagues for dinner, and returned to our room to retire for the night. There, a bottle of wine, a cheese and cracker tray, and a welcome note from Chris awaited us.
Every Hyatt employee at The Lodge was attentive, personable and accommodating. My sister noted that the staff made us feel like we were the only guests when, in fact, there were at least two other large groups (in addition to ours).
The restaurant and snack bar food was excellent. The rooms and common areas were spotless. The service as well as the services provided for all our functions over the course of three days were faultless.
We often stay at Hyatts. We wappreciate what you have done with the Orlando Peabody — another superb staff. We are never disappointed but this most recent experience at The Lodge was exceptional.
Good job, Chris! Thank you, Hyatt!


Kashyra Farley December 28, 2013 at 10:03 pm

I did have $4 in my possession because I told him he can search me and he can call the police if he have to but he said no that don’t need to done but when I told the GM upon the following day of my termination that I’m willing to take a polygraph test and he said that’s not needy also. So now I thinking its something going on with this picture because neither one of the member of manager want to take action but to fire me which I think I will be filing against this because of what the GM manager at that location have said to me in the passed about saving money he want all temps and Mexicans to work for him.
And with me being an house keeper supervisor I truly think that my family is suffering bbecause of some lies that was told. And now its out between other staff works that work their.


Kashyra Farley December 28, 2013 at 9:37 pm

Dear Mr. Hoplamanzian,

My Name is Kashyra Farley and I’m writing this letter to you because I truly
Think I was terminated for a false allegation that cause me not to have a Christmas.
And not just a Christmas but be without an employment due to lie’s that a member of
Your management team told which the GM manager was very nice through the whole or deal until when he returned from a weekend of fun with his family. I was told that I took $4 from a room that I had went into to check to make sure that it was nicely clean and clear for
Customers. Which I know in my heart, and god knows I didn’t take this $4 because I have a husband that works really hard and with three children I wouldn’t sacrifice $4 for my job.
That was supposed to be left behind from Management Thomas Harris of Hyatt. Which on the day of my suspension I had a conversation with Mr. Thomas Harris and suppose
He said that he put $4 into a room where my supervisor card swiped which it did but


stephen elliott December 25, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Mr. Hoplamazian, CEO Hyatt Hotels December 25, 2013
Dear Mr. Hoplamanzian,
My name is Stephen Elliott and I am 20 year Hyatt Gold Passport member. My number is G@#%$%%Q. I have truly enjoyed staying at your hotels for both business and personal travel and would look for, especially, Hyatt Place hotels when travelling for business. This relationship with Hyatt has spanned two decades and now is in danger.
I have been very hesitant to write this because my family has truly enjoyed staying at the problem property and lodging a complaint will mean we should not stay at that property due to being labeled problem guests. The Jersey City, New Jersey Hyatt has provided my family a nice safe convenient place to stay on our visits to New York City. We have truly enjoyed this property.
Over the past six months, myself and my daughter have been having our credit cards billed for phantom charges from this hotel. We will call, get placed on hold for long periods of time before someone would finally address the problem only to have the charges reappear a couple months later. One of the credit cards was linked to my business checking account and recently one of these strange charges caused the account to go into overdraft status. I had to place the charge in dispute with my bank for fraud, fill out a bunch of paperwork and change my credit cards. It was not fun and none of the charges were valid.
My two choices for travel has always been Marriott or Hyatt. Anytime I had a problem with a Marriott property is quite rare and was handled very quickly. The very rare problems never happened again. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with Hyatt and I think I need to find another choice for my travel needs. Trust me Hilton is not on the list because their customer service is far worse than what I recently experienced with Hyatt. I wish it were different because I truly enjoyed Hyatt Place for my business travel.
It is shame it has come down to this but I just could not allow this to just pass without making you aware. If you will notice I have not stayed at a Hyatt in the past few months. I will not, by choice, stay at any of your hotels again.

Stephen Elliott


Jessica Martinez December 17, 2013 at 2:26 pm

I am frustrated beyond belief. Several of our staff members will be staying at the Hyatt in Jacksonville in February for a conference. I had one simple question to have answered, do think that has happened? No! Over the last week I have spoke with hotel staff, called customer service and been placed on hold and never answered, left voice mails and emails. It started off with calling the hotel first, I was transferred to 7 different staff members, 2 of which were extremely rude to me. During the 8th transfer, I finally grew frustrated and hung up. I then called the customer service number listed on the bottom of the reservation twice I sat on hold, once for 25 minutes the other for 30, neither time was my call answered. I have left voice mails and numerous emails. My question was simply this: What is the check policy? I have several staff that will be attending a conference in February, I wanted to know what address should the check be mailed to (to pay for the rooms) and how far in advance should the checks be received prior to the stay? That was it, simple enough right? So today after all my attempts, I finally get an email that states the invoice I was requesting could not be located….what??!! After all my attempts that was the reply, which had nothing to do with my question.If this hotel was not the conference hotel, I would defiantly be cancelling all the reservations and booking elsewhere. Very disappointed and still no answer to my question.


Anonymous December 11, 2013 at 11:13 pm

My name is Earl King and I work for the parking garage through Laz Parking at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, Maryland. I am an ex-convict and I really appreciate the Hyatt Regency and Laz Parking for giving a nigga a job. It’s sweet, I come and go when I feel like it and have no set schedule. I am really suppose to be a full time employee, as of to date, I have not had a full time pay check because I do what I freaking feel like doing. Yes-Hyatt Regency I love you all. Good friends with the manager-we cool!


Barbara Ramoneda December 6, 2013 at 5:53 pm

I am very disappointed by the treatment I received today in the hyatt regency, coral gables. I am the owner of a photography company for over 43 years and have never been treated so badly. The new catering manager has treated me like a second class citizen since I have been taking my customers to the hotel for a photo session. I have very good memories because we have been visiting the hotel since 1988 and have paid for permission to take our customers. We are non intrusive with our sessions and the hotel guests loved to see my brides during the photo sessions and have even taken pictures with them as part of the hotel experience. The general manager did not help the situation because he was also very rude and unresponsive to the problem at hand. Unfortunately I will no longer use the hyatt regency or recommend it my customers for future events or sessions.


Gustavo Cadena November 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

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Joseph Grubbs November 12, 2013 at 11:24 pm

I am a Tour Director with a major company who is having the most difficult time getting an issue at you downtown LA property resolved.
This has been ongoing for almost one month.
It involves the theft of $600.00 from one of my tour passengers rooms.
The money was in the room vault and management has admitted that one if their security personnel was the culprit.
My passengers have been promised for the last two weeks that the money would be deposited in a special bank account they opened with their bank in Australia.
It seems as though this was an inside job and no one is willing to resolve this issue.
We have been told evey non truth you can imagine, and still no money.
My next step, should this not generate an appropriate immediate response, is to contact the CEO and COO of Hyatt to see if they can be if assistance in hastily resolving what has become a nightmare issue.

I can be reached via email; or via cell at. 901.399.XXXXX

Regards ,

Joseph Grubbs


Anonymous November 12, 2013 at 10:48 am

It seems like there seems to be much discrepancy concerning this company; however, after having worked for this company, in addition to, the personal experience of maltreatment; I’ve learned that it takes time to change the bad reputations that has been instilled by so many individual experiences with terrible customer service; yet, to know that change is occurring is encouraging. Furthermore, to know that there are people in the corporate mainframe that are actively seeking to render resolution bringing forth more positive paradigm shifts regarding the company is also most certainly comforting – to say the least. Hopefully, there are not many grudges being continually held toward the company, if so, it might be helpful to contact the corporate office Chief Executive Officers via written letter professionally expressing the concerns. They are more helpful then what many people further down the chain have allowed them to be perceived.


Diana Conaway October 29, 2013 at 9:40 pm

On OCT 26, check in to the Hyatt place in Richmond va it was not a good place to stay it was very noise and loud and doors slamming all throu the nite check out on OCT 27, and breakfast was a joke there were not plates and we had to wait a half hour to get the plates by then the food was not good and the doughnuts were picked over and the coffee was just a couple of drops left in the coffee pot I have never had that problem at the J W Marriott I will not pick the Hyatt again we are military and we will tell our friends not to ever stay at any of their facility’s ever we were very upset and I told the front desk as well and she act as if she didn’t care


MARK OBROCHTA October 25, 2013 at 3:01 pm

I was at the hyatt in Orlando (old Peabody hotel) me and my fiance were swimming with are daughter, my fiancé cut her foot on a piece of glass in the pool, I went to the towel hut person, and the man supervising the slide, they had no first ad kit, they called security it took 15 min for the first aid kit to get their, im very upset with this.


Mark October 17, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Letter of Complaint

Grand Hyatt Tampa, Fl

Bad experience at this property!

Skinny girl that was hotel manager lacked the proper training and guest service experience required to properly handle any situation. Was overheard saying to a bellman: ” I can’t handle this you deal with these people!”..and walked away! This young woman should NOT be in a management postion with what we witnessed and overheard.
They have a woman who is a bellman/shuttle driver that is driving a shuttle van with only one hand? Turning left, turning right, backing up and steering this vehicle wlth guests on board and lifting luggage with just one hand (left). On her right hand and wrist she wears a brace. Are you kidding me! This was a shock and concern to us. Accident waiting to happen. Another shuttle driver (wayne) was swearing and cursing the whole time my wife and I were there. Very awkward and unprofessional!

Stay far away from this property!


Marie Q October 8, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Stayed two nights at the Hyatt Regency in Paris France. It was the worst experience I have ever had with a hotel especially a Hyatt. Was with a tour group out check in was for 3PM we arrived after 4 none of the rooms were registered. Our luggage was outside the hotel we were told to get our own luggage no one stopped us security was really bad. We had an extra night. When we inquired we were told there was no reservation even though we showed a voucher showing we paid for the additional night. We were finally given our rooms on the 12th floor. Open the door the room was a nice size but in shabby condition. Holes in the walls run should be replaces. Only good thing was the bed which was comfortable. I will not recommend this hotel to anyone even thought the lobby was very impressive the rooms were not.


Ruvy October 4, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Dear Sir / Madam,
I don’t know where to go to voice out my feeling against Hyatt Regency Saipan. I am one of the job seekers last September. Our interviewers that time are late of almost 45 minutes ( they did a group interview actually its not really interview its dramatization of the job). After waiting of 45 minutes, the interviewer announced that they are not accepting cw1 ( cw1 are foreigners that are legal to work here in Saipan). My points are, first they should inform us a head of time so that we don’t waste our time. That cw1 people are not accepted. Second this is discrimination, yes, we are alien workers but we have US citizen kids to support. Last, HR people should be on time. Thank you for reading this letter. I am not expecting anything. Thank you… Have Great Day


Robert Hamblin September 30, 2013 at 12:39 am

I wanted to extend a special thank you to Brenda at your Northstar Lake Tahoe Hyatt residence location. From the time we arrived until we left several days later we were exceedingly impressed with the staff. None however, more than Brenda. Her infectious personality and hospitality truly amazed us. We felt at home and due to her actions and professionalism we hope to return often.

Truly Brenda should be groomed for positions of higher authority. She is a consummate professional and worthy spokes person for any establishment. Thank you Brenda you made our trip special. R. W. Hamblin


LeChelle Akiens August 22, 2013 at 2:03 pm

I stayed at Hyatt Place in Baton Rogue. Worst check out experience ever. My company sent me there on business and had paid for the stay in advance. Well when I checked out they charged my card that I had given them for incidentals REALLY that was my company card for Gas I live in Texas near Austin. I called back when my card was declined and Lauren assured me my card was going to be credited in 2 business days (it was a Saturday). Then Monday I called back just to make sure it was done and the Mgr Gary assured me it was done. Well Tuesday I call Customer Service and got the rudest person in the world on the phone. I then called the location was placed on hold 12 minutes and 20 seconds and spoke to Sheree and she feed me an unbelievable story about how the card kept getting declined (No one ever told me that my entire stay) then Kat picks up the phone I tell her I was holding for Sheree and she says Sheree walked away from the desk . A few minutes later Kat comes back and tells me she’s transferring me to Sheree and it goes to some guys voicemail. By this time I am so upset I decide not to call back and try and get someone a corporate to handle and let them know how I have been treated.


Jo Berry August 21, 2013 at 2:32 pm

I worked at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek , Santa Rosa, Ca. I was a nail techician at your Spa Le Carre under the supervison of Charles Castellisi. I was let go without notice! I called in for my hrs and was told over the phone I No Longer Worked There, I am a professional for 30 yrs.owned my own salon and have never been treated so un professional by a salon in my life. Never recieived my check, they mailed it to me, unlawful! I requested it to be paid and they refused. I have turned Charles into the Ca State Labor Board, he has cheated me on my hrs and my tips, and I have proof! I thought you might be interested in knowing that “Charles” Does Not have a Ca State Board of Cosmotology License. I am turning him for No License! Charles is working illegally, he has interns working under him, that have to work for min. wage and hes not even legal, he treats his employees like second rate people, unfairly, I have always respected the Hyatt properties so I thought you should know! thank you Jo Berry


John Sharkey July 24, 2013 at 6:13 pm

A special recognition for the housekeeping crew at the Hyatt, Dulles Airport, VA location. On July 24, I left my iPad at the hotel and was happy to hear that housekeeping gave it to the Lost and Found section. They are mailing the iPad to my house. It’s gratifying that the staff at your hotel are trust worthy people who accomodated an absent minded client!


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