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Honda Corporate Office Address

Honda North America, Inc.
1919 Torrance Blvd
Torrance, California 90501

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Phone Number: (310) 783-3170
Fax Number: (310) 783-3622
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Honda Facts

Founder: Soichiro Honda
Date Founded: 1946
Founding Location: Japan
Number of Employees: 215638

Honda Executives

CEO: Toshiaki Mikoshiba
CFO: Soichiro Takizawa
COO: Rick Schostek

Honda History

Honda logo

Honda was founded in 1946 by Soichiro Honda, who opened the Honda Technical Institute.  Their first product was a bicycle engine.

In 1958, the company unveils its Super Cub motorbike.

In 1959, the American Honda Motor Company opens in Los Angeles, California.

In 1963, the S500 sports car is released in Japan.

In 1964, Honda’s Sayama plant begins producing automobiles.

In 1966, the N360 compact car is debuted.

In 1969, the CB750 motorcycle is launched.

Honda motorcycle

In 1972, the Honda Civic is released.

In 1978, the Honda Prelude is released.

In 1986, the Acura brand is launched.

Honda steering wheel

By 1989, the Honda Accord has become the best selling car in America.

In 1990, the Acura NSX supercar is debuted.

Honda CRV Honda issued a recall affecting more than 1.6 million Honda’s and Acura’s with Takata air bags that could potentially cause death.  The recall affects other manufacturers as well and was so large, it forced Takata into bankruptcy.

The company is expanding into other areas including aircraft, robots, bicycles, and solar power.

Honda makes about 1/3rd of the Hondas sold in the US at a plant in Ohio but uses parts imported from Japan.  The Honda Passport receives high rankings and is made in Alabama.

Today, Honda Motor Company manufactures cars, motorcycles and other small engine items.  Honda has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959.

Honda emblem

Honda FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Honda?
Answer 1: The phone number for Honda is (310) 783-3170.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Honda?
Answer 2: The CEO of Honda is Toshiaki Mikoshiba.

Question 3: Who founded Honda?
Answer 3: Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1946.

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Andrew Brosseit October 3, 2019 at 9:53 pm

Honda and My Debacle

To whom it may concern,
My relationship with Ed Morse Honda began in 2013 when I went in to look
at cars, after months of looking at Nissan, Toyota… The salesman there talked me into
a lease, under false pretense’s. The payments were more attractive, plus he told me
if I ever fell behind in payments enough to be repossessed it would not reflect on me
or my credit. He also told me if I am not completely satisfied with the lease I could
come back within 30 days and return or renegotiate for a different car. I have never .
had an issue enough where a repo was necessary. Later I was telling a friend what
the salesman said about not worrying about being repossessed without effecting my
credit, that they would just come get the car and that would be it. He informed me
that it was a total lie. I looked into it, and sure enough, if you have a leased car
repossessed it hurts your credit more than any other action, or lack of. The salesman
lied to my face just to make a sale! Not that I ever worried about a repossession or
failure to make my payments.
When I went back to Ed Morse Honda at the end of the lease I planned on
purchasing the 2014 Accord I had leased. The next salesman said he could get me into
a new Accord for a lower monthly payment. After some negotiating I agreed, and I
really loved the next Accord, a 2017. The sales manager even came out and said since
I was a return customer he threw in two years maintenance and a free tint job, I was
I traveled a lot for work with the 2017 Accord and reached 17,000 miles over
the 45,000 limit that was agreed upon. A salesman from Ed Morse Honda, Stephen
Flood, kept calling me months before my lease was up trying to get me to come in for
another car. Since I serviced the car routinely he knew I was over in miles, he said
if I purchased that car or another lease or sale the miles would be forgiven. I agreed
to come in and chat, but Stephen said he wouldn’t be there and was having me talk
with Nick Duarte.
Not to the fault of Nick Duarte, but the dealing of leasing a 2019 Accord was a
total debacle. I would put this on his supervisor David Poole. When they came out
with the numbers my monthly payment is $80 more than my last car. Upon looking
at the contract closer I noticed they lowered my miles from 15,000 to 10,000. I told
Stephen Flood that I wanted more miles and he said I could get as many as I wanted.
So when I told Nick that I wasn’t happy with these numbers he went and got David
Poole. He said the high payment was because of my credit. That was a lie, they
showed me the numbers before they ran my credit. Plus he went on-and-on about
how the miles number “Doesn’t mean a thing, Mate, you just get out of your lease
early”. His words exactly! So I was told two more lies within two minutes, that may
be a record, with car salesmen, most likely NOT!

Now, Let me explain a little personal history. In January of this year I was
diagnosed with stage 3 Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Unfortunately I
learned that term by heart). This is something I shared with Nick Duarte during our
time together and ‘small’ talk. The finance manager even gave me his condolences,
saying he lost his wife two years earlier from breast cancer. There are symptoms
people get from cancer treatment, one of them is called ‘chemo brain’. That is where
patients are sometimes in a fog and don’t think too clearly. So when I relented to
David Pooles rationalization of my payments and low miles, I kick my self in the
ass for not thinking correctly and walking out of the dealership right then!
After a couple days of driving the new car, I realized how much they cut back
on comfort and quality in the interior, the dash and display… I have always prided
myself on how clean and shiny I keep my cars, they are normally in a constant state
of ‘detailed’, inside and outside. The material the dash and doors are made of doesn’t
allow a shine, no matter how much I wipe it down with the top quality liquid spray.
You can even feel it doesn’t feel like top quality material like my last two Accords had
The speedometer display, it all looks so 1990’s. I would think things go forward and
technology improves. Instead it all looks smaller. The seats in my other cars were
softer, I literally have a small blanket folded I sit on because the seats aren’t as soft
and it hurts my ass after a long drive I learned, that didn’t happen in the other cars.
The rugs are smaller and not as plush. The glove box is smaller and can’t hold half
the equipment I usually have in it. The compartment between the drivers seat and the
passenger seat, the hinges are of low quality, same with the sun visors. You can feel
the difference in quality of each. But my biggest complaint of the interior is that they
did away with the blind-spot camera. I’m sorry it took me this long to see what a
mistake I made in agreeing to take a this car.
After a couple days of driving this car, and thinking more clearly,I knew I didn’t
want it, So I went to my bank, where I have my mortgage. Then I called Nick and
told him I wanted to get my 2017 Accord back and out of this step-down of an
Accord. I was again informed that the first salesman lied to me about the fact that
I have a time period to get out of it. Apparently if you sign a lease, ‘the deal is done’
Nick told me. I told him I was going to check with an attorney on the matter.
In my sorting through this situation, I figured out that the eighty extra dollars was
in fact paying for the extra miles I was over in the 2017. 80 times36 equals $2880.
After being in the Ed Morse “family” for six years I am surprised at how they treated
me. I was told that the reason for the higher payment was because of my credit.
That also was a lie. They gave me the numbers BEFORE they ran my credit! I want
out of this lease and my 2017 Accord back, or just out of anything Honda all together.
This whole experience has put such a sour taste in my mouth that I will never go to
Ed Morse Honda again, except to return this car.

A few years back an AT&T sales person lied to me about a landline I was buying
for my business . They were charging me $50-$75 more a month than what she
promised. I actually made her promise that there was no hidden fees and taxes. They
would not relent over the phone and give me back my money. So I made up a big sign

saying how “AT&T lied to me and ripped me off”. I picketed in front of there main
store in my area. Within 15 minutes two AT&T managers came out with two bottles
of water and asked me what they can do to make me leave. I told them to give me
back the money they over charged me. They did so and I left. The point is I believe
in principle and integrity, unlike the gentlemen I was dealing with at ED Morse
Honda. Today I bought a white pencil, I was going to write on the back windshield
of the car I don’t want: “DO NOT BUY THE 2018-2020 HONDA ACCORD. THE
But I figured I would inform you of what’s going on first before I take
that step. My second step is calling and sending this email to a investigative news
channel here in Palm Beach County. I spoke with them about the AT&T incident
and they told me to call them when I was there so they could interview me while I
was picketing out front of the business. But since AT&T relented I didn’t need to
call them. My third step is to picket in front of Ed Morse Honda with a big sign
saying the same as my back windshield. I’m sure it will divert a few possible
customers at least. I know I wouldn’t go into a business where someone is picketing
out front how they did him/her wrong.
Please do not think I am bluffing, I already have the material to make the sign.

Andrew Brosseit
561 389-XXXX


Danelle Montante September 27, 2019 at 4:15 pm

On August 25th I walked into dealership with my preapproved USAA financing in hand with the intention of buying 2 new cars and trading in two 2016 Chevrolets. I don’t know what is going on at Honda Fremont – Autonation in NCAL. I do know I’m consulting with an attorney as I am still having to make payments on 2 cars I traded in and additionally I am paying for insurance on all 4 cars. This is ridiculous it’s been over a month.
I’ve left several voicemails for multiple people in your establishment and you all (sales manager / finance manager:George/general manager: Joey) haven’t not acknowledged my attempts to address/resolve this issue.
MILITARY Personnel beware of this dealership!! They do not know how to process USAA paperwork. Horrible experience.


Michael Warfel August 25, 2019 at 5:16 pm

Good afternoon,
I wanted to touch base with the corporate office as there is something going on that I think may hurt sales for the corporation. I have been a very loyal Honda customer for many years. I own a small business and anytime I need to buy a piece of equipment I make sure that it comes with a Honda Engine due to the success I have had with Honda products. I have owned several Honda cars and am now getting ready to purchase another one. The new car that I am interested in is the new civic type R. This would be my first real performance car that I have purchased. I am 58 years old and my children are grown and out of the house. I went to my local dealership and to my dismay they are asking $10,000.00 over MSRP. I would like to purchase the civic type R but I am not willing to pay $10,000.00 over MSRP. I think this is a travesty that your dealerships are doing this to potential customers. I think if this continues and the dealerships are not going to be reigned in I will just go to competitor dealership and buy a different type of performance car and not buy a Honda. If you are interested in making sales I would have the dealerships re think what they are doing with the over pricing of I think a nice car and what could be a very happy car buying experience. I am planning on buying very soon and if this over gouging of this car does not stop I will not buy another Honda. Please do something about this issue. Respectfully, Michael Warfel


Christopher Landrum July 28, 2019 at 3:21 am

I can honestly say I’ll never have anything to do with your company again. Your company is full of hypocrites, I recently lost my job becouse I didn’t give medical disclosure. Like any other human being I forgot to write a couple things down. Your hypocrites becouse all I heard my first week of training was how much you all want people to succeed hell I didn’t even get a chance to get on the floor to work and it’s all becouse I forgot I’ve always wanted to work in one of your mfg companies I got the chance in Greensburg Indiana and a simple mistake that ANYONE could’ve made even the CEO cost me my job so sad


Dr Subodh K Singh July 23, 2019 at 9:06 am

Reminder 3

Battery Failure Issue

Dear Chris

Thanks for pursuing this case and agreeing to reimburse for battery. Please find attached diagnostic showing bad battery and receipt of battery I got from Sams club. I chose Sams club over honda dealer to get battery because
“last battery installed by same Honda dealer in December 2016 had warranty of 7 years but they did not honor warranty”

With reimbursement you are taking care of one concern, but the main concern is still pending i.e. find out why battery is failing repeatedly in my vehicle?

I love Honda, Japanese people and technology and hence want Honda to find and fix issue.

Mailing address for reimbursement

Dr. Subodh K Singh
XX Sheltered Arbor Ct
The Woodlands
TX 77382
Ph. 917-853-XXXX

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Honda Customer Service
Sent: Friday, July 5, 2019 4:18:53 PM
To: subodhsinghusa@
Subject: Case # 09680133

**This is an automated response.**

Dear Dr Subodh K Singh,

Thank you for contacting American Honda Motor Co., Inc. We have received your email and will respond within three business days. We have created Case #09680133 for your reference.
We can also be reached by phone at 1-800-999-1009 Monday – Friday from 6:00AM – 5:00PM PST; please provide your case number when calling. We are closed on holidays.
For quick answers to commonly asked questions, please visit:
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

For your reference, we have provided your case information below.

Case #09680133
Topic: Product(s)
First Name: Dr Subodh K
Last Name: Singh
Email Address: subodhsinghusa@
Zip Code: 77382
Phone: 917853XXXX
VIN: 1HGCR2F8XGA130756
Vehicle Mileage: 54,962
Description: This is my third Honda accord EXL bought in June 2016. In December 2016 suddenly its battery went down when I started to back home after work. The dealer replaced the battery for free (thanks). 2 days ago again the battery went dead as I started to go to work. How can a battery go dead in 6 months and them 30 months?, I called the dealer (Honda of Spring) and they ran diagnostic test but found nothing wrong and asked me to pay for new replacement battery. The new battery they installed in December 2016 was also a Honda battery which comes with 7 years warranty (as per dealer). I get this vehicle regular service done at Honda shops only, last one was on 05/29/2019 at Keating Honda in conroe. The battery was in perfect healthy state that time.
I trust Honda as reliable product but both times it broke my trust.

I want Honda to
1. find out what is wrong in my vehicle that battery goes dead suddenly
2. Refund for the cost of battery I paid today.

Dr. Subodh K. Singh


Dr Subodh K Singh July 13, 2019 at 6:19 pm

Battery Failure Issue

Dear Chris

Thanks for pursuing this case and agreeing to reimburse for battery. Please find attached diagnostic showing bad battery and receipt of battery I got from Sams club. I chose Sams club over honda dealer to get battery because
“last battery installed by same Honda dealer in December 2016 had warranty of 7 years but they did not honor warranty”

With reimbursement you are taking care of one concern, but the main concern is still pending i.e. find out why battery is failing repeatedly in my vehicle?

I love Honda, Japanese people and technology and hence want Honda to find and fix issue.

Mailing address for reimbursement

Dr. Subodh K Singh
XX Sheltered Arbor Ct
The Woodlands
TX 77382
Ph. 917-853-XXXX

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Honda Customer Service
Sent: Friday, July 5, 2019 4:18:53 PM
To: subodhsinghusa@
Subject: Case # 09680133

**This is an automated response.**

Dear Dr Subodh K Singh,

Thank you for contacting American Honda Motor Co., Inc. We have received your email and will respond within three business days. We have created Case #09680133 for your reference.
We can also be reached by phone at 1-800-999-1009 Monday – Friday from 6:00AM – 5:00PM PST; please provide your case number when calling. We are closed on holidays.
For quick answers to commonly asked questions, please visit:

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

For your reference, we have provided your case information below.

Case #09680133
Topic: Product(s)
First Name: Dr Subodh K
Last Name: Singh
Email Address: subodhsinghusa@
Zip Code: 77382
Phone: 917853XXXX
VIN: 1HGCR2F8XGA130756
Vehicle Mileage: 54,962
Description: This is my third Honda accord EXL bought in June 2016. In December 2016 suddenly its battery went down when I started to back home after work. The dealer replaced the battery for free (thanks). 2 days ago again the battery went dead as I started to go to work. How can a battery go dead in 6 months and them 30 months?, I called the dealer (Honda of Spring) and they ran diagnostic test but found nothing wrong and asked me to pay for new replacement battery. The new battery they installed in December 2016 was also a Honda battery which comes with 7 years warranty (as per dealer). I get this vehicle regular service done at Honda shops only, last one was on 05/29/2019 at Keating Honda in conroe. The battery was in perfect healthy state that time.
I trust Honda as reliable product but both times it broke my trust.

I want Honda to
1. find out what is wrong in my vehicle that battery goes dead suddenly
2. Refund for the cost of battery I paid today.

Dr. Subodh K. Singh


Bob Van Sise July 2, 2019 at 12:50 pm

I’ve owned used and new Honda Accords for 23 years, and most recently a 2008 Honda Ridgeline, which was sold privately.

I absolutely love Honda vehicles for their design, low operating costs and dependability.

However, when Honda stopped making the Ridgeline 2016, I thought Honda was going to redesign and increase the size of the vehicle to compete with the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan. But instead, Honda redesigned the existing vehicle and it mirrored the frontend of the Honda Pilot. To me, it didn’t look like a pickup truck anymore. Unfortunately, I am no longer a Honda owner due to the shape and design of the newly designed Ridgeline and now driving a 2018 GMC Sierra Crewcab 4×4 Denali.


Laura Pojero July 2, 2019 at 7:43 am

Very suddenly last week my transmission failed catastrophically. I was pulling out of my driveway, heard a clink, stopped to see what the noise was, got back in the car, went to put it in gear and nothing. Thankfully, I was in my driveway when it occurred and not on the road. I then had the car towed to a mechanic who inspected the car and advised that the transmission had failed. He advised there is a recall for this type of failure that currently exists on some 2014-2015 models. He contacted Honda to see if my vehicle could be covered under this recall. Despite his efforts, he was advised that my vehicle is not eligible under the recall for the defect in the CVT pulley inside the transmission as my vehicle fell outside of the recall parameters.

Our mechanic then contacted us to advise that replacement of the transmission will be in excess of $7000 and at least another two weeks without my car. My car is only 4 years old. The car should not be having catastrophic failure of this nature.

While this seems like I just drew the short straw and how unfortunate for me, I assure you that in the end if I must pay for this repair out of pocket, I will make sure that whatever the cost to me, that the cost to the Honda brand is 100-fold. I am what you may call an influencer. I will be certain that none of my family buys a Honda again for the foreseeable future. That is a minimum of 20 years of familial sales. Alternatively, I will share my story many times over. I can say with extreme certainty, that when friends, family and coworkers hear “it cost me X months take home pay to pay for a catastrophic transmission failure that Honda was aware existed but declined to cover” my circle will consider their alternatives. While I may only be one person, I will touch many people and this story will be told for many years.

If I sound mad, I am. This is not just a small inconvenience. I work very hard and to lose X months salary on a defective part that Honda is aware exists but refuses to own is unacceptable and unfair. The cost of this repair to Honda’s bottom line is not impactful but to my bottom line is monumental. It is my opinion that Honda needs to extend the parameters of the recall. Clearly, given my circumstances, the recall is not encompassing all the defective equipment the recall is meant to cover. Luckily, my transmission failure didn’t result in anything more than an auto repair. This failure occurred without any warning and could have been far worse if the failure had occurred while I was on the road.


Lori Lesher April 30, 2019 at 5:05 pm

First I would like to say that I am very grateful that make very safe cars. We have owned a few Honda’s in the past 28 years. Never had any issues. I current own a 2016 Honda Pilot that I am very please with. My 20 year old daughter had a 2006 Honda Civic. She was in a serious car accident last Saturday night. She fell asleep less than 2 miles from home and hit a telephone pole and then proceeded to flip 3 times. She walked away from that car without a scratch or bruise. I am forever grateful that my daughter is alive due to driving a very safe well made car. Even the police officers on the scene told her they were buying their daughters Honda civics because of how she came out of her car with absolutely no injury. I hope we can replace her car with another Honda. Unfortunately my husband had just reduced her insurance to only have liability because it had almost 300,000 miles on it. She’s a college student and college softball player so she drives a lot so having a safe car for her is imperative. Thank you for providing safe vehicles for your customers. I am forever grateful.


Mike Beller February 22, 2019 at 9:46 pm

Dear Honda/Acura Execs-I would like to start by saying my experience with Honda started as a pre-teenager learning to ride a motorcycle on a MR50 in the mid 70’s, moving up to the CR motocross series, to the the ATC250R 3wheeler in approximately 1984, and to this day I wanted to pull a rabbit out of my hat for a vintage 400cc Honda Pilot. Then my adult married life took over and my wife and I enjoyed our first big purchase, an Acura Vigor. Wow was it a fantastic car for a couple 25yr olds to own. Fast forward to 2019, our marriage is still strong and our Honda/Acura loyalty remained strong until this very day. My wife’s 2015 MDX, ( I believe it’s our 8th Honda/Acura product) needed warranty work and Acura doesn’t allow warranty work to be paid directly to a Honda dealers service department. My experience with Amerik, our customer service rep, has been poor, he still has not returned my call from this past Monday nor my call today around 10am CST. I’m not even sure where to send my paid invoice of $845.00 to for reimbursement. You all are completely out of touch with your customers, and their needs. My experience is pathetic at best.

I am thankful Brown Honda of Amarillo is such a first class dealer, but why you don’t trust your own Honda dealers enough to not pay them for the warranty work is sad. It’s a shame and has certainly put Honda/ Acura way behind its closest luxury competitor. It’s clear why Lexus continues to be in the top 3 if not the top car manufacturer in customer satisfaction and resale. I believe Lexus was launched the same year Acura was and wow have they left you in the dust.

I now hope to have someone willing to speak to an ex-loyal customer, and contact me for further instructions to be reimbursed. I also look forward to washing our hands of any Honda/ Acura very soon for the rest of our lives. I have our salesman already looking for a replacement. This even makes me look at the Honda jet in a very tainted view.

It clearly is nice and soft at the top of Honda, but I can’t imagine such a huge company playing 2nd, or 3rd to its nearest Japanese competitor and even having worse customer service experience than some American made autos. I never thought I would see that happen!

I will not hold my breath but I will wait patiently.


Mike Beller


Phil Chadwick February 7, 2019 at 2:32 pm

Dear Gentlemen: When is Honda going to bring the Super Cub 110 and 110 Pro into the United States for sale?? Honda is missing a HUGE sales opportunity with all the aging baby boomers who’s first exposure to Honda and motor scooters was back in 1962, and the fond memories that they have of those times.Honda is in the business to make money and they would make it by the pallet load bring these units back to the U.S.; especially in a current soft motorcycle market place. Your tag line would be: ” After 60 plus years, You Still Meet The Nicest People On A Honda”. The boomers would be lined up at the Honda Dealers buying two Super Cubs at a time; one for the husband and one for the wife. You have an huge untapped market for this product, why doesn’t your marketing department grab this moment and run with your already proven product?? Hello Honda would you please take our money?? You already have the product, the dealer organization and the customers, what are you waiting for. I read the article several years ago in Cycle World about the new Super Cub that was available everywhere else except the U.S. and I have been waiting to buy two, what is wrong with this picture.
With regards,
Phil Chadwick


Mary Ann Hynes January 11, 2019 at 8:38 am

Good morning, I have owned a Honda car for the past 20 years. My first and second Honda cars were Accords. I loved my Accords. 5 years ago I purchased a Honda Pilot 2011. I take very good care of my cars, bring them in on schedule for maintenance on time. I brought it in for reg.maintenance in Sept. in the process of a simple oil change, something happened to my A/C it didn’t work I was still at Honda when I noticed it, so I called the tech. back over. it took it back to ck. it out. when I got my car back, the center console was broken, half of it was gone! They said they would replace it, It’s been 4 months I’m still waiting. They said corporate office was the hold up. So, I’m asking WHY? Please help to get this done. Can’t imagine why your office would hold up the repair the one of their employees broke. Thank you, Mary Ann Hynes my phone # is 954-540-XXXX


Annie Bell Mizell December 8, 2018 at 1:18 pm

I thought a bought a new 2016 Honda pioneer 100 from Honda dealer in waycross Ga. come to find out today they lies to me. Something happen and they told me they couldn’t fix it cause it’s not under warranty. I am hurt cause they lies and told me it was a new one. And I had warranty for a year and could buy extended warranty before our year was up and that’s next June 2019. I want a new Honda side by side like they told me. Southern outdoor sports lies. I am 80 years old.


John Jacobson December 4, 2018 at 2:49 pm

I want to see if the engine mounts of my 2010 Fit could be used to make or remanufacture a replacement Electric Motor with a minimum of Chassis weight displacement compromises. What would be the weight displacement over an Electric Motor Storage Battery and Generating System over the present Battery Accommodation of my Honda Fit??? Are Honda Engineers open to suggestions like this? It would increase your reputation World-wide like no other in the history of the Motorcar. I live in Brandon, Manitoba. Canada at XXX-21st Street. R7B1N7. I bought this car new at Winnipeg Honda in 2010.


Joe Ginocchi November 12, 2018 at 7:39 am

Why does Honda not offer a $500 military discount to all honorably discharged us veterans? Many of your competitors offer this courtesy discount! I believe that you should also offer this discount in order to thank veterans for their service! Ty


AFAQ ALI October 15, 2018 at 8:02 pm


It is to inform you that I need a kind attentions of superior management regard of my brand new car Honda Hrv 2018 which had a 29 miles.

When i bought & after 2 days its been almost a month in the service department of Rock Honda dealer at Fontana California USA. They did not found the noise which was coming from the windshield then American Honda engineer came to fix that issue which took a month. After that i went to pick up the car and as i drove the car from the dealer shop i heard the whistle sounds were coming from the right passenger side .

I returned it right away and they started working on the Second Issue….
To sum up, its been almost 3 month on octber 22 since i bought this car.

My car has been diagnosed & has been repaired the same whistle issues 3 times.But unfortunately i am having the same problem of very irritating whistling sound.

In spite of all these issues and hard time when i faced some more Unprofessional peoples who were even not trying to help me. they were saying you have options to go consumer court and lemon law…

I paid $ 7000 and bought a brand new Honda car for peace of mind.
I just bought this car because Honda is the name of satisfaction.
but the person he did not care about it and advising me to go to court.

During this whole process 1 day i got panic attack while talking with regional manager her name is KIYA.. but they dont care

Reason why i am writing to you
1: Rock Honda dealer saying that is manufacture fault we are keep repairing it
and we can not give you rental vehicle until American honda will not allow us.
2: American Honda my Case Manger Michel he is saying we are not responsible
for any kind of rental vehicle.

Although i have a extended warrant and which is included all kind of services like towing, rental vehicle , and some others.

3: Dealer and American Honda saying we cant not provide you rental vehicle because there is no safety issue .

My simple question is if my car stay in the work shop then how can i go to my work and my wife is pregnant if any thing happen then how gonna be responsible for it.

Sir both sides playing with me i become a ball and both kicking me to each other.

Sir my entire family they have Toyota and only 1 of them i dare to get honda but unfortunately i am facing too much problems.

I have all kind of documents and if you need i can provide as needed by you.

You are requested to please look into this matter & cooperate with me
because Its about the Honda which is well known world wide.

My simply request is can you replace it & it will be really great honor for me.


Pat Mosley September 20, 2018 at 11:53 am

I purchased a Ridgeline last evening, 9/19/18. I paid cash with a check the amount the finance person stated. Today, 9/2018, I was phoned by the Honda dealership that I owe another $1066. I stated I paid with check the amount I was told. The check was accepted. I acted in good faith. I do not believe the dealership, Allen Honda, act in good faith. I am wondering is this consumer fraud? The amount was originally given to the sales person by the manager who then repeated it to my husband and myself with the manager standing there. The finance person and I repeated it several times during the paperwork. She told me the amount to write the check which I did. I received the paperwork and left for the evening.
When I went to Allen Honda this morning the finance person was out. The sales person, courteous as always was left to hand the situation. Finally a manager came out, did not bother to give his name and told me if I thought about it I would realize I didn’t pay enough.
I explained I paid the amount in full that I was told by the finance person. I had acted in good faith. He stated his dealership did not do business that way and handed my check back thinking he would shut the female off and get out of the deal. Does he not realize HE JUST DID DO BUSINESS THAT WAY !!
I phoned American Honda customer service. ‘Monica’ listened and then stated Honda doesn’t have anything to do with it. All dealerships are independent. I said and say, NO. The name on the door is HONDA. Honda did not sign away all control of how there name is represented. She said they’d o nothing. Basically it’s not their problem.
It will be HONDA I will notify governmental state and local agencies of this deception if not fraud and HONDA via social media to get the word out.
I have purchased for myself six Hondas from this dealership and more for my husband, all cash. Over the last years we have had about twenty Hondas. Never before has a dealership used such tactics and NEVER again for we will never purchase another Honda and will inform as many as possible to avoid what to me is a blatant scam.


Eddie T Curtis July 8, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Dear Mr Takahiro Hachigo,
It is with regret I find it necessary to contact Honda Global. But Honda UK does not seem to have its customer interest at heart. On a number of occasions I have asked technical questions I feel would be better answered by the factory that makes the vehicle, as I believe they are better informed. But instead I am pushed aside and told to contact my local dealer. And when I do they can not answer my question, and suggest I contact Honda UK. Who in turn refer me back to my local dealer.
Please sir, is it possible to get some kind of organisation formed at Honda UK. As to me it appears that all they are interested in is doing the least possible work for their pay.

I am sure that this is not the way Mr Honda would have dreamt his company would evolve.

The following in a message I sent to Honda UK.

Good afternoon Honda,

The paint code on my 2012 registered Honda Insight EX, presumably 2011 model, (as following models were designated HE-T) is, as on the ‘B’ Pillar, Paint Code B572PX.

Before you pass the buck in passing me off to my local dealer as you have in the past when I have made a legitimate enquiry, I am asking you for the correct name and code for my vehicle. As so for I have come across the following:-

Honda Insight Dyno Blue Pearl 11 – B572P

Honda Insight Mediterranean Blue Pearl – B572P

No where can I find a Honda paint code B572PX.

The vin number on the vehicle is; JHMZE2870BS212355
Registration number; HJ12 OJY.

Thank you for your time.


Eddie T Curtis


Sushil Chauhan April 19, 2018 at 1:53 am

Dear Honda,
I own a Honda City since May 2009 in Mumbai, India.
In 2016-17 there was a recall of SRS airbag – passenger side. So the service centre of Solitaire Honda, Borivali, Mumbai, INDIA changed it during my regular service visit in Feb 2017. After sometime I noticed that they have made a big scratch on the dashboard. I informed them about it in my next service visit. They are refusing to repair it. I also found that lately the issues with Solitaire Honda, Borivali Mumbai have increased to multi fold.

I have been having multiple issues for last 4-5 years where while the car goes for body repairs, the workshop will damage the car. If the customer notices it immediately, they may offer to repair. But if customer discovers it later and tries to tell them they will behave differently and will refuse to repair it.
Out of all the issues, some have been addresses after a long fight and involving their vp Mr. Anwar. Some are still unaddressed. I had written to the customer care but still no help.

Just to mention some of the issues (All related solitaire honda borivali):
– once the car was delivered partly painted
– car rear bumper and doors damaged – twice
– car seats spoiled everytime it went for repair at solitaire honda borivali, mumbai. I had to fight to get them clean everytime…
– recently 14-15 ltrs of petrol spent on repairs from my car and they tried to deliver the car almost empty tank to me.
– estimates for horn replacement of Rs.3500 while it was fixed by joining (Push fit) the wire which had come out.
– door lock was told to be damaged, estimated to cost Rs. 2500. When i stood with them at the shop floor along with the manager at solitaire honda borivali, it was found to be alright with one wire not working.
– no clarity given on bills even after asking them – took 15 days to get it.

Etc, etc… (The list is really big for solitaire honda borivali, mumbai)

In addition i still have 3 issues that are still unaddressed

1. They scratched the dashboard while replacing the airbag on passenger side, which was part of recall from honda.
2. The bonnet has been painted 3 times but still has bubbles in it.
3. Last time they cracked the plastic near the rear seat (Lhs).

Here is the reference of the mail written to customer care of honda cars india and solitaire honda borivali, mumbai
Communication id: 1-10831305402/1-10107809201

I have been writing mails to Honda management but no one has yet responded.


D. Sirabella April 8, 2018 at 12:38 pm

I would like to advise you that I am disappointed that Honda would drop their advertising on Laura Ingraham’s show because of an ill-advised comment she made about David Hogg, especially after she apologized. It’s a shame that your organization is so closed-minded about free speech and so cowardice as to let themselves be bullied by those trying to close down a rival news channel because of their opposing ideological views. I currently own two Honda’s but I’ve lost respect for your organization and, therefore, will no longer be a Honda consumer.


Ragu April 5, 2018 at 11:59 am

Attn; Mr. Mohamad Din (Manager),
Mr. Shahrin (Customer Service Executive)

Referring to my case.

I bought new honda city hybrid on 3/2/2018. When you put your car in gear, there should be minimal noise. The transmission should engage easily, and you should be able to drive without any effort.

1. I am hearing knocking noises when the car is put in gear (shift mode to P, R, D, N). This noises exist even when the car is in idle condition and even you can hear it from the outside.

2. While driving, when the car pick up speed even at (20km/h to 30km/h. There is ticking noise. The gear XXXXX was initially smooth when newly bought.

Both this issues was not encountered during the first 2 weeks after the car was purchased. I have raised the issues during my FIRST service at Angkasa Motor, yet it was not bothered and informed as normal for hybrid cars by the service technician.

3. Mr. Tan Service and Repair Manager (Angkasa Motor Sdn Bhd)

– Mr. Tan checked the car and acknowledge the issue. He confirmed *IT IS NORMAL* for i-DCD (intelligent dual-clutch drive). To have operational noises during clutch exchange. I really appreciate his effort in going extra miles to inspect the car condition.
– I am dissapointed and unacceptable for me to agree with such explanation. I drove test drive car and my wife did too before we purchased the car. We even have proof stated by Honda the car’s gear conversion/ gear shift mode is smooth and seamless. Recently, I even took the trouble and tried test drive the city hybrid car AGAIN in Kah Motor Penang. I hereby attach the video proof and sales advisor’s name card. This car is tested by myself, with the sales person and Honda technician. Both of them agreed agreed the gear conversion must be smooth and should not be any noise. It was indeed very smooth for the test drive car which was used since August 2017 (Kah Motor Co. Sdn Bhd) !!!

4. Honda Customer Service

– Honda does not give much important to its client as much as before they purchase their car. I have been trying to reach Mr. Din for past few days and the answers given is either he is in meeting/ outstation which is the same reason to avoid talking to customers. I am surprised Honda is not taking responsibility to face the situation and giving lame excuses. I have encounter few disputes with your customer service team over petty issues and they do not keep up as much to promises for any callbacks or records to Honda’s standard. I am taken aback by Honda for their terrible customer service support, this shows lack of professionalism and tarnish my confidence on Honda even more right now.

I really hope Honda will give serious attention to this matter.


Mr. Ragu


America First April 2, 2018 at 8:54 pm

I wouldn’t buy a Honda on a bet from you on bended knee. You align with a little piggy hogg instead of Americans, therefore, since you do not believe in the 1st Amendment, just like whiny little hogg, and you have proven how much you hate conservative America, you can take your business and stick it where the sun does not shine, up a hogg. Enjoy your time in the mud with the whiny hogg.


Monica April 2, 2018 at 7:51 pm

Recently I went to a car show. I loved the design of the new Accord. I had planned to turn in my Prius for the new Accord. However, when I found out that Honda pulled their ad from Laura Ingraham show, I will purchase another Prius. Since Honda choose to make their political stance, I will take my hard earned dollar elsewhere.


Rich Stone February 18, 2018 at 8:54 pm

I work in the service industry and I have the unfortunate need to go to Honda Venice Florida My job has me on the receiving end of tips. typical tip is $ 3 to $5 The food order at a mere .05% Yes .05% would be $5 The amount a big fat 0 yes Zero na da Nothing zilch. The Dealership manager has to be the cheapest crap of a person I tell everyone I meet, If he can’t treat a delivery person well how or why would he care about his workers I’ll never by a Honda


James H. R. Bussey December 28, 2017 at 1:55 pm

To: Mr. Takeo Fukui, if you wish to hear about the problems with Acura and Honda in the USA you may contact me. The higher ups in Honda and Acura in the USA are more concerned about their golden parachutes.


James H. R. Bussey


James H. R. Bussey December 28, 2017 at 1:50 pm

The problem with Honda and Acura made cars is the American Worker, they are lazy and have a huge problem with understanding service to the customer should be their main priority. I purchased a 2014 RLX with 20 miles on it, I’ve had issues with wrinkles in the leather of the steering wheel, my seat making noises and being loose, my center counsel being extremely loose and the paint is very poor. My wife purchased a 2016 civic and she has had nothing but problems with the navigation systems and computer program, in both situations the dealing say’s Honda and Acura have been notified. After owning over 16 Honda’s this is it. Only Lazy Americans can destroy a good company and they have done it. Time to sale and change company. I heard Honda is planning on moving their company from Japan, it better not be the USA, they will go under.


EDWARD B. SPALDING December 7, 2017 at 11:00 am

On my last visit to Neil Huffman Honda in Clarksville Indiana to get my oil changed(oil change was a $39.95 special offer for customers), I had the service person come to me and tell me that during there inspection, they found a leak in a front roght ball joint. I was preparing to travel the following week so I told him to fix it. While waiting and chatting with other customers waitng for service(2 of them for the special oil change) the service person came to each of these 2 people and reported that they had leaks somewhere in the vehicle. These just happened to be the 2 people who were waiting for the oil changes. I find this a bit odd and suspicious and would appreciate you(Honda HQ) looking into this matter. The 3 of us who were waiting discussed this oddity and think perhaps we were victims of a scam. Thanks. A reply would be appreciated. Edward B. Spalding


Christine Holmes November 10, 2017 at 11:14 am

I am in hopes to reach the GM or CEO of Honda Autos. I recently purchased a 2008 Honda Accord from another. Come to find that 2008 Honda Accord 4 cylinders had issues with oil leaks which have caused further issues causing us to having to spend lots more money to try and fix this. I called Honda and come to find out that there was a warranty extension on the vehicle up until last year which would have covered the vehicle cost free for said me if I had purchased it last year which I did not. The sad part is that you do not send out information to your clients that own these vehicles notifying them of the issue so that it can be resolved, you only do this on recalls. I believe this issue which I have come to find out was truly a big issue for these vehicles and should have been a recall and at the cost of Honda instead of praying on people as my family for not only buying the vehicle that is now a lemon pretty much as it looks like all parts need to be replaced or the engine itself for which I do not have the extra money to do this at this time. I am so disappointed in this company and I truly believed in Honda but I don’t think I do anymore and I don’t know if I will ever recommend Honda to anyone after this issue. I hope that this message can be forwarded to your President and CEO of Honda please. I would really appreciate some help in getting this issue fixed.
Christine Holmes


kanjana October 31, 2017 at 4:46 am


i have given my honda civic to your dealer botanic auto mall sdn bhd (953719-U) for a normal service. after checked everything they said need to change pad at front wheel driver side. then 2 days after the service and change pad i found oil leakage at front wheel driver side which i didn’t faced before. and there is no any complaint or remark from me about this oil leakage before.

i have made a call and complaint about this problem to the honda service Centre. than i brought my car on 17.10.2017 for inspection to the same Honda service center. after the inspection they said need to change the whole set of steering pump which cost about RM1500++. i wanted to meet the manager but he didn’t appear, and the operator is dealing with me and the operator says that the oil leakage is not because of after change the pad. but if you see the leakage happened after the service and after change the brake pad. after discussion the Honda botanic auto mall sdn bhd said that they will bear the cost and will do the paper works to get approval from Honda Malaysia. after few days the service center called and said the Honda Malaysia didn’t approved.

1. here I would like to mention to you that the oil leakage happened after they change the brake pad

2. if you check my service history there is no complaint about steering pump before

3. the service center mentioned that changing brake pad nothing related to steering pump

4. but the oil leakage occurred after the service and after change the brake pad.

my question is
1 why Honda Malaysia didn’t approve to proceed the repair which the Botanic Auto Mall Sdn Bhd agreed to bare the cost

2. why the Botanic Auto Mall Sdn Bhd didn’t do any appeal regarding this case and no further action was taken to settle this problem

I need a responsible email address in the headquarter from Honda in Japan.

Please send me the responsible email address.
Thank You and will be looking forward to a professional response from management

best regards


Abul Hassan September 21, 2017 at 1:56 am

Is there anyone who could reply to my last post? Or there is same behavior like Honda Pakistan? No Feedback, no response … etc.
Best Regards
Abul Hassan


Abul Hassan September 18, 2017 at 6:41 am

Please go through my communication with Honda Pakistan for which I have received no feedback as solution. I have sent 5 reminders but no feedback. I have videos and pictures as evidence to share. Very surprisingly, non professional attitude of Honda Pakistan Management is observed, not bothering to give feedback even after one month.

To: ‘’
Subject: BRV quality Issues -Ch# 001971

Dear Honda Team

I have purchased Honda BRV last month and had 1st chance yesterday to drive on long route at Motorway for official matter. Although many things are missing to my knowledge when booked this car including Arm Rest, Push Start and Passenger SRS air Bag that is available in 660 CC cars even. Besides all that I am shocked to experience the problems in this new Model that I would like to mention here for your consideration and actions.
1. At 120 KM/Hr I felt I have problem in road Grip and car slightly and at once move on sides left or right. This is serious safety matter. SAFETY MATTER
2. There is lot of noise felt not only due to wind Pressure but also from engine. It’s just like you are sitting on window seat of ATR Plane. This creates irritation and headache. During normal drive at 120Km per hour noise reaches 78 dBa which is high on standard side. When horn is used noise reaches in cabin to 88 dBa. All these tested and recorded on noise meter. SAFETY MATTER
3. Driver and front passenger can easily feel air thrust on the car that not creates noise but also sudden losing road grip. SAFETY MATTER
4. Front car seats are so hard that it caused me back pain for 2 to 3hrs drives just one sided driving. SAFETY MATTER
5. Fuel Mileage not impressive with only 2 Passengers on board. PERFORMANCE ISSUE.
6. When car is accelerated Engine noise increases much higher as compared to car acceleration. There is CVT abnormal behavior that indicates under power of Engine, as the RMP moves from 2500 to 4000 but Speed increases to 3 – 4 Km /per as slow response. PERFORMANCE ISSUE
7. Front passenger remained uncomfortable during the journey by knowing that car does not have SRS bag for front passenger. SAFETY MATTER
8. Car is 7 Seater in specification but there are only 6 head rest in the car? Why seventh passenger is deprived off head rest?
I am just wondering how come Honda can play with its brands by lowering quality of their products. Quality Issue /Brand Image
9. Over all quality of manufacturing is poor as you can see screws on sun shade, door handles etc, giving it low brand image. This is not expected from a quality conscious company like Honda.

Honda team needs to seriously look into these issues and immediately resolve problems before owners of these cars start selling this car even on loss including myself. Thank you to respond positive.

Best Regards
Abul Hassan


Milan August 21, 2017 at 3:48 am

Dear Madame/Sir,
I was proud Honda Accord owner since years. Also I use Honda as company car.
Quality of car is undisputed.
However, car parts availability, especially here in Serbia is terrible.
It is not due to your bad service network, but because of people work in.
Every time when I order any spare part, but please pay attention -EVERY TIME, I receive wrong car part.
Also every time service people are not listening what I am telling and what is wrong with car and what are the symptoms, but checking something else.
I am very pissed-of with this behavior and I am forced to sell my Accord to avoid additional stress. Simply words – bunch of idiots work for Honda in Serbia. Bad, very bad.
Please do something in order not to loose complete Serbian market.
Milan Mijatovic
P.S In case you need my phone number or address please send me e-mail


A Chopra August 19, 2017 at 4:13 am

Attn : Takahiro Ichigo -San

Dear Hachigo-san

First of all – I am sorry I have to write to you to escalate this issue – however this has been handled poorly by your dealership and India leadership in Mumbai – and hence this email.

I am a loyal Honda car customer and love the brand – I have owned and driven several Honda cars over the past 18 years and have had a great experience. I just purchased a new Honda city in Mumbai – the registration number is MH 43 BK 0818, from Western Honda – a dealer in Mumbai.

When the car was delivered to my residence last weekend – I noticed a heavy fogging from the inside of both the headlights. The dealer promised he will immediately replace the headlights and too the car back – it was delivered back to me the same day with the same issue. When I refused to accept it the dealer and especially their VP of sales, were very rude in his language and essentially blamed me for raising a minor issue. I additionally came to know that several new Honda city cars had the same problem.

In any case I also raised this issue to your country head, Yoichiro-san, and have sent him several emails since then. I have had no response from him. Instead I did get some strange emails from a the customer service team who essentially did not bother to find out what the real issue is. I also got a call from a call center – the individual had no clue what my problem was and just wanted to know the engine and chassis number of my car.

Yesterday I personally took delivery of the car from the Western Honda showroom with the assurance that these headlights have been replaced with a fresh set delivered by Honda. Well – by the time I reached home I found out that the new headlights have the same issue.

The dealership – who took the entire money in advance from me – has behaved rudely and have left a very bitter taste – for a loyal and long time Honda customer this is a sure shot way of destroying customer allegiance. I am sorry to say your country leader has not even bothered to reply even one of my emails. I lead the country business of a large Fortune 150 company in India and we pride ourselves on our customer service levels – quite frankly I am shocked to see this level of apathy and lack of consideration with Honda.

I hope the problem with my new Honda can be resolved and more importantly you can review the way Honda is treating its customers in India, as well as perhaps – some deeper and fundamental quality issues in your cars which can boomerang like the Takata air bags issue


A Chopra


Teo Chee Kiong August 9, 2017 at 3:43 am

Complaint from Mr. Teo Chee Kiong
Car Defects Complaint.

CEO: MR.Takanobu Ito / MR. COO: Masahiro Yoshida, Honda Japan.

I, Teo Chee Kiong ( Mr. ) pruchased one unit new Honda CRV on 13th October, 2015, registration no. NDD 928, chasis no. PMHRM1830GD713192 ; engine no. R20A56902776, from Ban Lee Heng Lee Heng Motor ( Melaka ) Sdn Bhd ( 94279- P ) and took delivery of the car via Delivery Check Sheet dated 13/10/2015.

After 2 months of driving on the road, the car started to show defects one after another such as:

1. Dashboard started to generate squeaks. Refer to Appendix ” A ”

Action taken :- The car was sent to Ban Lee Heng Melaka workshop for about 7 to 10

10 but the defect was not rectified. Finally, the car was sent to Ban Lee Heng

workshop Seremban before it was solved.

2. Meter seemed to produce some noises. Refer to Appendix ” A “.

Action taken : – Eventhough the car was sent to BHL workshop for repair, the meter

stiill generate squeaks and yet to be identified and rectified.

3. The bonet produces noises. The noises can be heard when the car moves on uneven

road over road bumper while depressing the brake. Noises also prevail and heard when

the cars rolls over holes on the road. refer to Appendix – B

Action taken : – The car had been sent to Ban Heng Lee workshop Melaka for 7

times before it was sent to Ban Heng Lee Seremban for further checking. Unfortunate , till

today the defect is still not detected.

4. Passenger seat started to produce noises. Refer to Appendix – B

Action taken : – This was solved when replaced with new part finally

5. Arm rest between driver and passenger seats also generate

squeaks. Refer to Appenxix – B

Action taken : – The car had been sent to Bang Heng Lee workshop Melaka for 3 to 4

times for repair. Until today, it is still not solved.

. I wish to inform that although I had sent the car to workshop for several times for rectification, the defects mentioned under items 2, 3,and 5 are still not solved. I am not satisfied with the ongoing repairs which had taken for more than one ( 1 ) year.

One final point I wish to point out is that after fixing up all the dashboard part, I found gap between two adjoining dashboard piece. The gap can be clearly seen . Refer to Appendix ” C ” .

Finally, I have no other alternative, but proceed to Consumer Claim Tribunal ( Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna ) on 4/5/2017 in Melaka for further action. For your information, during the hearing in the tribunal court, the legal advisor, Encik. Izudin from Honda Head Office , Kuala Lumpur, reiterated in the tribunal court that ” all this model, Honda CRV comes with this type of sound/noise. I would be much obliged if any officer from Honda Japan can clarify his statement. Is he trying to imply that these defects can no longer be identifed and fix up accordingly. If this statement sounds true, why on one officer inform me when purchasing this car.

I sincerely hope that officers from Honda Japan look into this complaint seriously so that the said defects/problems can be solved immediately instead of dragging for more than year.

Thank you very much for your kind attention in this matter.



Jason Chong Khin Hua January 14, 2019 at 8:29 pm

Re: Forfeiture of Unutilized Service Maintenance Package Fee
1. Bought a Honda Jazz for my daughter 2 years ago, license plate : SLP9334B. She enjoyed driving the Jazz very much. Kah Motors (Singapore agent) also provided excellent after sale car service and convinced her to sign for S$2k+ maintenance package.
2. Unfortunately, she was involved in a chain collision car accident and we had to totally scrapped the car as it was beyond repairs.
3. As a result, we didn’t utilize the service maintenance package at all. Kah Motors took advantage and forfeited the unutilized service maintenance package fee, stating in non-refundable & non-transferable. Even though we had appealed a few times to transfer the maintenance package to another Honda car (own by a friend).
4. Would like Honda HQ, being a reputable company, to intervene and appeal to Kah Motors to allow the unutilized service maintenance package to be transferred as a goodwill gesture (exception case). Instead of enforcing such “mercenary” policy, taking advantage of the unfortunate customer’s pride, this would tarnish Honda’s image as an excellent organization.

Best Regards – Jason Chong
Owner : Honda Jazz SLP9334B


mark christopher parsons August 8, 2017 at 2:53 am

look me up briefly in your corporate confidential files, and then call me.
I am in very good knowledge and functional condition.
I am seeking knowledgeable contacts for employment in helpful productivity.
I am also investigating partial back pay.

intend cc:
fujitsu, matsuXXXXXa, mitsubichi, mufg, honda, nissan, toyota.


Rashid Pervaiz June 24, 2017 at 2:37 am

Dear Sir

Subject: Vehicle Name : HONDA CIVIC VTI PT ORIEL UG
Engine No : 4020331
Chassis No : 124094
Model : 2015
Color : WHITE
Registration No : BDF 087

This is with reference of Invoice # 198802 dated ___________ against service and maintenance. It is astonished to note that only 14000 km run my said vehicle and it is advised to replace of excel unit. Further, since my purchasing of this car service and maintenance used to done by your service centre.

I will severely request you to look into this matter as per under Honda warranty procedures and let me enjoy and clinch me always with Honda.

I assured that you sure solve my problem out and settle as requested.

Looking forward to your reply on the subject.

Thanks & Regards

Muhammad Rashid Pervaiz
Cell: +300 822XXXXX


amarpal singh kohli June 14, 2017 at 9:23 am

dear sir
your customer care is not able to reply my query regarding crash test score of wrv and secondly i hv put a query regarding call coming for feedback of wrv asking copy of rc and giving promotional incentives pls revert
a s kohli


anil KHALATE June 7, 2017 at 5:08 am

Customer Care Department.
Honda Cars India Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I Anil Dhondiram Khalate purchased Honda Amaze MH-42-AH-4021 (VIN – MAKDF2SADGN202189 & Engine No -N15A14005567) on 20th October 2016, (total dist. traveled 10,022 kms as per odometer) from ‘Radiant Honda’, Bhigvan Road, MIDC, Tal. Baramati Dist. Pune, Maharashtra – 413102.

The incident happened while I was on my way back to home on June 01, 2017 in night around 09:15 – 09:20 pm my car suddenly broke down near Shriram Nagar Chouk, Bhigvan Road, MIDC, Baramati. Though there was pre monsoon shower that day but there was no deep water logging anywhere on the road. Looking at the road build quality in town there is hardly any chance for water to acXXXXulate on road further it was only my vehicle which got broken down, all other automobiles were moving as usual. Looking for help, I called up Radiant Honda‘s service manager Mr. Desai, he conveniently replied to my request that, ‘I will not do anything, you may call Honda’s Road Side Assistance’, I was surprised and shocked with his response as above said location was only a kilometer away from authorized service station.

Next morning, i.e. on June 02, 2017; I called ‘Road side Assistance’ assistance offered me was 110km away (dist. Satara) from the location where my car was broken down. Looking at ‘excellent support provided’( I decided to toe car on my own to authorized servicing station. At service center technical guys told us that there is water inside the engine which damaged the engine & this problem is not covered under any warranty. As per offer made during purchase I was told that, Honda gives warranty 40000 km and 2 years.

Even insurance company is also refused to cover this issue. While finalizing my purchase, Honda dealer offered me Nil Depreciation Policy (usual cross sale products from this dealer) is the best available policy in the market and will take care of all issues. As informed to me by service guy, there were 8(eight) Honda amaze diesel variant having same problem with water. Even technical department accepted that there is problem with this car and they said that we already escalate that issue to Honda but no reply regarding this.

I’ve received an estimate of ₹1 – 1.5 L for repair of my 9 month old car. I sincerely request you to look in the issue and assure coverage of my problem under warranty provided. I’ve invested huge amount of my earning in purchase of most trusted car brand for my family and I’m sure Honda will live up to it’s reputation in market and will provide an amicable solution to my problem.
anil khalate
ph no-950349XXXXX


Atul Gokhale June 11, 2017 at 6:23 am

Dear Mr. Khalate,

Did anyone respond to you on your email of complaint?


Joe Chen May 10, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Hello everyone
I’m Joe Chen from China.I love CDX and want to buy a CDX car in China.but I hate“Active Sound Control”only in this car.because It can not be turned off! i even heard a little this kind of noise when it’s comfort model.i asked every staff in store,but no one can answer.I think that NVH for CDX is good.but No one can bear the noise from “active sound control” if longtime.there are many CDX owners who ask about this problem on forum.I think it will make more people to care about this car if you can find a way which turn it off.So could you help us?to inquiry about it.

Thank you
best regards
Joe Chen


Umar May 6, 2017 at 7:58 am

Honda pakistan selling rubbish cars
Please check this link


Aman Batta April 24, 2017 at 4:55 pm

Dear sir,

This is to inform you about an accident involving a Honda City (Model) bought from South End Honda having Chassis No.MAKGD853A6N301747 registered on 22/01/2006(Date) registered in my name.
On 13th April 2017 at 07.15 pm, I was driving the abovementioned car when suddenly I noticed smoke coming out of the bonnet of the abovementioned car and once I stepped out to check, I could see small flames which got converted into a large fire (Photos attached). It is pertinent to mention here that no unusual action had taken place before the fire broke out and it was very sudden and unexpected.
In addition to the above, I would like to bring to your notice that I had given my car for routine service on 20th March, 2017 in your workshop Delight Honda and I was not informed of any defects that could lead to such a mishap. Therefore, it is very shocking for me to experience this without any fault on my behalf as I was driving the car as usual when the fire broke out.
Hence, I kindly request you to take cognizance of this matter and treat this matter with utmost importance as my car is my only source of travel and apart from the inconvenience; this problem has also caused me to incur additional cost.
I hope of timely assistance from your side considering I have been a loyal customer of Honda since 2012

Thanking You
Aman Batta
Phone No. 981013XXXXX
Address: New Delhi- 110049


UI AI LING March 20, 2017 at 12:10 am

Dear Honda
At 23/12/2015 My husband sent me a Christmas present is Honda City,but i drive until Oct 2016
the car start have problem.I turn light and turn left body have noise ,i have send many time to service centre repair my car but can‘t sattle.But they are very dishonest, every time I tell you can solve.The day 15/2/2017 the technician call me send my car to repair again, until today (20/3/2017)can’t sattle. so wait for more than a month, my car has not been repaired.I am in the payment bank every month,so I am losing money.This is my first time to support your company’s products,You give me such products and services, how do you call me to continue to support your company.The car can or can not repair please give me a reply, do not hide.
Finally, I hope you can help me solve this matter, I do not want to have been delayed.thank



Aravind Raj April 5, 2017 at 9:51 am

I really regret buying the the latest Honda Civic TC-P in August 2016. I felt cheated and deceived by not only the Service Centre (Kah Motor Puchong) but also Honda Malaysia. All of them are just one bunch of profit orientated people. My car broke down in the middle of the road and already had many parts subject to repairs which includes replacement of the air-cond compressor, torque converter and now they intend to change my engine. They also disagree that there is leakage in my trunk despite have an unknown watermark. It feels like I bought a junk because it is unreasonable for one to expect so many parts to be changed. It’s such a shame for a company that boasts being the so-called “Power Of Dreams”. SHAME ON YOU HONDA FOR CONSISTENTLY MISLEADING AND MISREPRESENTING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!


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Richard Warber March 1, 2017 at 3:36 pm

I am an American living in Vladivostok, Russia. My friend has 30,000 Sq.M. of property and Russian Government approval to build a dealership here. We have approved drawings and concept also by government. All I am sure you know difficult to come by here. We have a company Japanese interpreter within his company, but we have questions and would like a email address or phone number of someone we can talk to on opening a dealership.


balusankar February 13, 2017 at 5:10 am

Hi Honda Team,
I had purchased my H city 6months back and before purchase itself I had sent an query to Honda if any facelift is coming in or not ? They said NO and asked me to talk to the dealers . They said Honda does not change/facelift until the next generation is completes it cycle and current generation is just 3years old.
I feel that I am cheated and betrayed. There are so many Honda Fans who would be feeling the same.
How is Honda Going to justify this …. A new launch or facelift cannot be just over a night ..It would be a planned one correct…… Need Justification on the same.


George February 1, 2017 at 2:24 pm

Dear Mr. Honda (Japan),

I have not been able to find customer service e mail at your headquarters in Japan, so I am forwarding my complaints through your US headquarters

I have owned a 2013 Honda Pilot bought in 2013 to your exclusive concessionaire in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was purchased for USD 51,500 in August 2013.

I took my car to your concessionaire for the 30,000 KM scheduled maintenance and to have some body shop repairs as well. This was on Friday 20th of January 2013 (as I was to travel out the country next day for one week and felt this was the most convenient moment to conduct the previously mentioned works done).

Saturday 21st of January 2013 was a national holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Upon my return to Santo Domingo on Friday 27th 2016 I was advised my car was not ready yet because they had a lot of work at their body shop repair division. Also they claimed they had tried to contact me by phone without any success, so that I may approve additional repairs to be performed (other than the regular 30 K scheduled maintenance).

Upon dropping off my car on Friday 20th of January I explained I was to travel out of the country and I did not have roaming services. I told them to contact me by e mail if needed.

This past Monday 30th was also a national holiday so to make a long story short, your local concessionaire has had my car for almost two weeks (for 9 business days) and they have only changed the oil and filter and completed the body shop repairs.

I am now told that the additional mechanical work to be performed, namely changing two (2) BUSHING CATRE has not been completed because they (HONDA’S LOCAL EXCLUSIVE CONCESSIONARIE FOR THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) don’t have these spare parts available.

They will call me when they have them so that I may drive back and have them changed.

How can this possible ?? They claim they ran out of those spare parts. How many do they buy every time they order spare parts ?? Do they buy as little quantities as possible so they sell fast and their money is not sitting for one or two weeks at their warehouse ???

Shame on you Honda. !!!!!!!!


George February 1, 2017 at 2:33 pm

Of course I meant the car was taken for the 30 K scheduled maintenance in January 2017 (not 2013)

I look forward to hearing from you.



Gary Rhoden August 4, 2017 at 11:35 am

I have sent emails to Senior Vice President and General Manager, Honda Division, concerning my dissatisfaction of handling my complaint (case: 06164803_06200658). I am requesting a response in writing (no phone calls). I also requested the email of President and CEO of Honda North America (HNA) and American Honda Motor Co. (AHM); or his staff to address my issue.

Honda could care less about customer satisfaction. The will piss on you and tell you it’s raining.

No written or email response from Honda.


Robert Adams January 22, 2017 at 10:45 am

I hope this email reaches the right person for response. I would like to get a floor mat for the third row seat in my 2017 Honda Pilot. I have been a loyal customer with Honda for the past 17 years. Recently we traded in our 2006 Honda Pilot for a 2017. When we got it home we noticed it was missing the floor mat for the third row seat. I called the dealership and was told I would have to purchase all of the floor mats at a cost of $275.00 in order to get the floor mat for the third row seat. I already have the floor mats for the front and back seats. After what I paid for the 2017 Honda Pilot, I find it extremely difficult to believe it didn’t come with a floor mat for the third row seat. We take care of our vehicles and would like to keep the carpets in good shape as well. Can you help me in getting a floor mat for the third row seat of our 2017 Honda Pilot? The carpet and floor mats are black. Thank you.


Holly January 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm

I would like to make a complaint about one of your employees customer service. She was rather rude to me and hung up on me. Yes I was frustrated and upset but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to give me the best customer service. I am very disappointed in her lack of customer service and refusing to explain things to me in a way I could understand. At this point I’m ready to give the car back, get a bicycle and pedal my happy ass to work, or go to different car dealership. Maybe a Dodge or a Chevy. I am not a happy customer.


Desmond chee November 30, 2016 at 3:55 am

We bought a new Honda accord last year march 2015 at Honda Malaysia

Honda accOrd consider a high end and most luxury car in Honda category.

But the car totally disappointed us.

Last 2 month my car broke down due to air cond problem, is so trouble for me, they repair for me. The car is only 1.5 years. After they repaired, I still feel the car unstable and I purposely make a trip to Honda service center to check my car yesterday 29/11/2016. The service center say no problem with my car.Today 30/11/2016. The car break down. Today totally cannot start my car. Is so trouble for me to call tol car

I so curious a luxury range of Honda car can easily break down, so loss confident with this luxury car. The service center didn’t check probably my car when I send in my car yesterday, so disappointed with the service.this make me so trouble and make my life so miserable.

I am buying a luxury range of Honda NEW car but give me so many trouble. I am so disappointed with your car brand name and service. Pls reply on what happen to my brand new car? Is there any technical problems or this is a defect car of Honda and sell to us consumer. I want a valid reply if not I will reserve my right for further action. Thank you


Marty November 21, 2016 at 8:25 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to export my Honda Gold Wing motorcycle (GL1800, 2010 model) from America to Australia within the next two weeks. A member from the Australian government has informed me that this bike needs to conform to the Australian Design Rules (ADRs).
Is there anyone within the Technical department that let me know whether my bike conforms to the ADRs?
The VIN for my bike is: 1HFSC47GAA901229.



Arijit Nath November 13, 2016 at 5:27 pm

Please help me by providing email id of Yoichiro Ueno San.

My Cousin brother Samprit Choudhury working for Honda India at Kolkata office is murdered while performing his duties.
He was on the way to meet the Honda Dealer and is killed after he disembarked from train on the Tinpahar Railway station. Dealer has fabricated a unsustainable accident story like in Hollywood movies to cover up the incident with local Police.
There are lot of evidences and flaws in the story to support that he was murdered in cold blood. By murdering him Dealer has finished the whole family as my poor brother’s old father and mother have lost their source of sustenance and are totally shattered, not to mention that he just married three months back.
As my brother was a Honda Employee and murdered while performing his job I would like to contact Yoichiro Ueno San / Honda Management and request their help and intervention to initiate a Departmental Inquiry & detailed Police probe into the whole incident. This will uncover the mystery of his murder and the guilty can be brought to book. By doing the right thing will help Honda and the world in general. Mal-practice / involvement of Honda officials if any and potential coverup will come to light
Arijit Nath


Mohd.aarif October 22, 2016 at 11:36 am

I am live at delhi in india.
My compliant no. Is 1-10741365261

Sabse pehle me mujhe ye kehna he ki aap ke service center (rajender services at jhilmil in east delhi )ke advisor mr. Guru darshan singh ka talking of way sahi nhi tha .

My problem is .

Mene 11/09/2016 ko activa 3G purchase ki thi .uske 15 din baad hi fuel indicater kaam nhi kr rha tha .

Mene ccomplaint kri to kaha gaya 1st service pr kra lena .jab mene 1st service me kaha to un hone service to kr di but jo problem thi vo clear nhi kri .he say you come after 2 days .(i am working and my off only sunday ) me  16/10/2016 ko gaya to boht argument huyi .tab ja kr unhone aaj 4:00 pm tak scooty deliver krne ko kaha but mujhe deliver ki 6:15pm .its ok but my fuel problem clear but me scooty back lights not working .

Or appke advisor darshn singh ne gusse me kaha ki zindagi boht badi he tum dobara bhi aaoge …

Me kese faith kru aapki service team pr .

Appki service team ne ek problem clear kr di but mujhe dusri problm de di .

Meri scooty ki back light kaam nhi kr rhi .

Pls is a my humble request .pls pls pls resolve my problem on sunday .my compliant no. Is 1-107413XXXXX


aniruddha bhuyan September 13, 2016 at 8:02 am

#Honda #Car #India I bought a Honda Jazz vx from #spectrumhonda Guwahati around 45 days ago. I want to report the quality of types provided by #goodyear which is used in the car along with the pathetic response from #spectrumhonda , Guwahati and #goodyear tyres.
Within 10 days of my purchase while driving my car I happened to go through a pot hole (which is very common in Indian Roads). The front right Tyre burst and it was beyond economical repair. Admitting that my driving may be at fault I got a brand new Tyre shelling out around 4.5 grand.
Yesterday I was driving pretty carefully and as the adage once bitten twice shy, I deliberately tried to avoid potholes. However in an unavoidable pothole my cars Tyre had a puncture again and when i got the tyre inspected I was told that the tyre needs to be replaced.
My queries to #honda , #spectrumhonda and #goodyear tyres are :
I am fully aware that the cars launched in india are meant for Indian roads which are not exactly the smoothest. Does that mean that every time I run through a pothole I face a puncture and I have to replace the tyre. Secondly what if the company’s Tyres are not able to take the load of the vehicle. I had a # chevrolet before this car and I must say that I never faced this problem ever. Lastly the indifferent and pathetic response from Honda Spectrum, Guwahati and Good Year has left me flabbergasted. I am an Army officer and even if I was not I expected a positive approach towards this problem which I didn’t get.
Even after posting on social media and personally speaking I got no response.

Are you in Honda working for the ratings which you get after fooling the customers and then forget everything about them?

i had also lodged a complaint with a number given to me 1-5544974323 and i have got response yet

i am really regretting buying a Honda with equally pathetic response from Spectrum Honda Guwahati.


Siddharth Jain August 28, 2016 at 5:57 am


1. Honda Assure charges a premium ( 24k when other insurance companies are providing insurance starting at 16K) claiming that the turn around time for the survey is 4 hours and all settlements would be hassle free and many other bull XXXXX. They took 4 DAYS to get the car surveyed.
Car was ready but not being released because they haven’t received some formality mail in 5 days (they didn’t even bother to follow up with the insurance company with which they have tie up in last 5 days).

2. Ring Road Honda knew right from Friday, 22nd that the ac pipe had to be replaced and were still unable to get the same in stock will Friday, 26th. (in fact, I believe they didn’t even bother to check the stock till Wednesday). Pipe suddenly came in stock when the insurance lady informs the advisor that it is that time of the year when the insurance has to be renewed (money money money).

3. Service Center advisors are highly irresponsible and unprofessional. They just want to play blame game to save their asses (Vikas and Mohit blaming each other for the delay and all the problems). They will always promise to call you back in some time to give the status and you can keep waiting forever. Leaders like Col.Sehgal do not even have the courtesy to call the customer who is facing problem and trying hard to reach out to him via phone/messages.
There is NO ONE POINT OF CONTACT for the customer – separate people for insurance, tyres, ac/bumper repair (you guys are giving a good competition to the government offices – KUDOS)

4. Ring Road Honda makes a bill of 17K (major cost for bumper painting) and the bumper already has a new scratch when customer receives the car.

5. Let me add a cherry on top of the cake- The GOODYEAR tyres that I have been provided in the car are a piece of trash. Tyres got punctured twice in last one year. Both the times the tyres bursted off. Spent 4K changing the tyre in the first case and waiting for the GOODYEAR surveyor to come and say that this time as well the tyres will have to be changed at my side. So two tyre changes in one year old car – excellent. Now you guys will come back and say that Honda doesnt make tyres and you just have tie-ups. My Question- Why the hell do you have tie-ups with such Company whose tyre quality cannot withstand the Indian Roads????

Story In Detail:

Last year, during this time of the year I decided to buy a Honda Jazz from Ring Road Honda, Gurgaon and put an end to the peace of my life. They literally made me cry in the process of delivering the booked car and now I am celebrating the anniversary with the same experience. Below is the series of events :

19th Aug’16: Car AC stops working (no cooling) and I send the car for service/repair. It took 3-4 days for the driver to come and finally pick my car on 19th Aug’16 at 11am. I get a call from Mohit(advisor, Ring Road Honda) at 4pm that there is leakage in the AC pipe and I should go for an insurance claim to get the ac as well as the front bumper covered. I reach the Service Center at 6pm for the formalities and Mohit informs that there would be no survey for the next two days as it was a weekend. I completed all the formalities then and there and brought bring back the car and requested him to get it picked at 11am on Monday, 22nd Aug’16 as the car would not serviced in the weekend.

22nd Aug’16: Car is picked at 11 am for service and I get call from Vikas (advisor, Ring Road Honda) that he would take care of the car. When asked about the survey, he says that he has received the car on the same day and the surveyor would come the next day. When I told that I already have completed the formalities with Mohit three days back, he says he is not aware of anything and I should talk to Mohit only. On calling Mohit, he replies that my car is not with him and Vikas is responsible for everything.

23rd Aug’16: I called Vikas to know the status and he informs that the surveyor came on Tuesday evening and he would start working on the car from next day (Wednesday). He said that he would need 4-5 days to repair an ac and change the bumper of the car.I informed Vikas that I would need the car by Friday (26th) as I need go out of town for a very important work.
The ice on the cake was that only the front bumper was covered by the insurance and not the back one (I was earlier informed by Mohit and another advisor during the first service of the car that I could get both my bumpers covered whenever I want to make a claim).

25th Aug’16: I called Vikas to know the status of the car and he said that the ac pipe which needs to changed is out of stock. He has ordered one and has no clue when the same would arrive. I told him again that I would need the car on Friday at any cost as I had to go out of town for a very important work.

26th Aug’16: I called Vikas in the morning to know the status and he informs that the pipe is still out of stock. He would reach office and call me back to inform the status which as expected with Ring Road Honda people, he never did. I get a call from Anjali, Ring Road Honda in the afternoon to renew the insurance of my car with HONDA ASSURE. I told her about the fantastic experience I was having with HONDA ASSURE and Ring Road Honda and she took the number of Vikas to have a word with him. I called Vikas after an hour and suddenly (after having a word with Anjali) he was able to arrange for the AC pipe which was out of stock from last 3 days. I felt relieved and asked him to get the car ready by the evening.

Vikas calls me back at around 6pm and informs that the CAR IS READY but he cannot deliver/release it as he has not received the release (money release mail from insurance , Bajaj Alliance). I was totally shocked at this- The car is ready but cannot be delivered because of some stupid formality which has been delayed because of some stupidity of I dont know whom. I was furious and warned Vikas that I would escalate this matter to his seniors and everyone I could. After multiple calls and a lot of screaming/shouting/requesting/warning, the car was released. I was made to pay to Rs 1450 instead of Rs 1000 as they had not received that stupid mail. I even tried to call Col Sehgal, GM, Ring Road Honda but he has not bothered to pick the call or reply to my message till date (great leadership ). I received the car at 8.30 pm at night.

27th Aug: I checked the car in morning to see the repair work and found that there is already a deep scratch and another light scratch in the new bumper which has been put. Fortunately, the car was cleaned properly and the ac was working.

28th Aug: I decide to CONGRATULATE Ring Road Honda,Gurgaon for the fantastic customer experience they have provided me in the last one year.

With this, I would like to thank RING ROAD HONDA, HONDA ASSURE, GOODYEAR and HONDA overall for the excellent customer experience they have provided me. I know many people from your side may now want to reach me to say welcome(apologies and sorrys) which you guys do not mean at all. Please do not waste more of my time and consider all your apologies accepted. Do not call me unless you have something really considerable to help me out of miseries (trust me sorry does not help).

Thank You so very much

Siddharth Jain
955528XXXXX( do not call to say sorry)

PS: My cousin was going to book a Honda Jazz CVT last weekend and I stopped him from doing so. Advised him to go for Baleno or I20.


Jesse Strehl August 24, 2016 at 3:50 pm

I am very dissapointed you discontinued the seat belt retractor for my 1987 Honda Prelude si. I have put 5600 dollars of work into the car since i bought it four years ago. Now that is the only thing i need. It should not be legal to discontinue parts that relate to safety in such a big way as the seat belt does.,Especially when there are so many Honda still on the road from the 1980s. If you care enough about your customers safety then I think you should make it mandatory that dealers have to fix issues related to the seat belt of your cars.
If anyone out there reading this can help me find a seat belt retractor for the drivers side of my 1987 Honda prelude si please call me directly at 1-907-891-XXXXX
my name is Jesse
Thank You


RISHAB JAIN August 22, 2016 at 8:35 am

Please help me. My Honda Amaze car caught by fire. Car no.UP 14CE 4511, chassis number – MAKDF155CE4000955, Engine number – L12B31600956, Model – 2014
my car was under warranty. and now i want to a new car.
kindly please take an action
My contact number: +91926688XXXXX


Karan Agrawal August 13, 2016 at 7:02 am

I am fed up with your dealer in Nagpur
HE cannot repair the fault and just manages to get rid of the problem

Dont u have a negative rating for you feed back form so that can rate you all accordingly



Miguel Timoteo July 30, 2016 at 9:55 am

I will start this letter, trying to explain that I am writing this complain having in mind one of the most important things: respect.
I live in Argentina, and this year I bought the Honda HRV. In my country this car is considered as an “high end” car.
That is why I can’t understand how this kind of car, is produced with no:
– automated locked doors (doors are locked only if I press a button)
– darkness sensor for turn lights on
– rain sensor

Just to give you more information. this kind of sensors are in almost the whole models of middle range cars in Argentina.
And, of course, I know that this sensors are a standard for Honda HRV in the whole world.
I realized this, only once I received the car. Belive me, if I were realized about this, I would not bought the car.
That is why that I wonder, and I don’t know why, Honda allow that in it’s Argentina facilities their HRV models are produced with no this technology.
I have in mind that may be you don’t know this. So, once again, please receive this comments with my most deep respect, and I only would like to receive a simple answer, telling me if you are realize of this situation with the HONDA HRX models in Argentina.

Kind Regards


Danielle Saulle July 7, 2016 at 7:02 pm

Would like to know why I am not entitled to a rental when you recalled my vehicle for driver and passenger side airbags…stated you did not and will not have the part at the dealer for a month to a month and half? Your dealer made me call the call center…call center made me call the dealer….dealer has no answer…called the call center back and they said don’t drive with passengers???? Are you kidding me??? It would be nice if someone would actually handle this since it is not my fault your airbags are faulty…apparently my mistake was buying a Honda. I called twice…the first time she told me to call the dealer back and ask for the service manager and tell him to read the recall because it states they were already authorized to give me a rental. I did that and Justin the service manager said that is not true and he was calling his Honda rep…Justin called me back and said he is waiting for his Honda rep to call him back…Justin called me back again and said his Honda rep would call me back. I then called your service center AGAIN and that girl told me Honda suggests you not take any passengers…when I told her I wanted a supervisor she said ” you’re not getting one”


Richie July 1, 2016 at 3:19 pm

I have been purchasing Honda’s from Lou Sohb for 4 years now. I had the WORST experience that anyone could have. I was there for 6 1/2 hours and left with a higher monthly payment along with a car that did not belong to me. When I called I was told , no worries we will take care of it. It has now been 2 months & I am still driving with Dealer plates and my old plates have been CXL in motor vehicles. So now I tried to contact the dealer & has been unsuccessful. The best part I called the manager & while I was talking to him he started another conversation with someone else. When I called his name to get his attention he totally ignored me and said he was listening to me. I told him that was so rude that he should be removed from his position and fired


sherrie lange June 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm

Dear Honda I have a 2009 Honda accord which had no issues until I brought it to Premiere Honda. I have had nothing but problems since. I was told the first time the battery needed to be changed to stop the first issue from happening again. We had a mechanic check the battery and the battery was good. The battery was under warranty so we went ahead and changed it. About a month later the same issues with the car. Was informed that part that was just changed was the problem. Price would be $900 to fix. Had to wait 2 weeks to retrieve my car because of the price. Again I am faced with the same problems with my car and now I can not get my phone call returned. Would love this issue to be addressed. Sherrie Lange


Raajaraman June 26, 2016 at 1:09 am

I am one of the backstabbed customer of Honda customer service ..who had a passion to buy Honda car.

I have purchased the Honda connect which was pushed by the dealer and interestingly was using it for a month ., later due to my personal
Requirement I have not renewed and want to renew my kid going to school after 3 months ., when I renewed I found the device is terminated and the Honda company have taken my money for 1 year .
When enquiries they have asked to provide the device back to Minda office and they will return after rectification .,
Now more than 2 weeks over after the dealer taken the device and customer care teammisnshamelesa to say again and again we will cordinate with Minda team and get back .,
So far a company like Honda don’t know when he device would be duly retuned to me .,

Company like
Honda can’t provide replacement immediately .,

I am dissapointed ., my vechile number , TN09CB9227

Pls reach me :



Manish Bajpai June 24, 2016 at 1:23 pm

Dear Honda Team,

This is with reference to An issue and due to this we have a major business loss since the vehicle is under repair in Magnum Honda, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore from 27th May 2016 onwards.

Not only this, There is a major expense on the vehicle has occurred which requires complete Engine opening and replacement of parts.

While researching the internet, I came across many similar complaints all over India and it now looks like a Defect in the production which is causing customers to suffer.

I hereby request Honda Cars to look into this matter and provide a resolution ASAP.

For your reference I am also providing some of the website references where this known problems were reported.

KA53C 3485 experiencing similar issue. Currently in Magnum Honda, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore

KA53C 3485 Experiencing similar issue. Currently in Magnum Honda, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore

I have sent so many emails (13) but I have not received a single response.

Please help!

Thanks & Regards

Manish Bajpai


Sandip June 11, 2016 at 10:18 am

Hi All,

Good Afternoon..

I am Sandip Patel working in L & T Vadodara live in Ahmedabad. I am doing daily up-down from Ahmedabad to Vadodara.
I was suffering a lot with up-down so I plan to take new car for my comfort. My uncle suggest me to go with Honda & I purchased “Honda Mobilio S MT” in month of November-2015.

During the period of sales and delivery, you are awesome. I appreciated that. But it comes into service you are totally fail. There are several “Blunders” happened during these six month.

These are the Blunders :

1. I put my car in service in Emerald service station near Gandhi bridge, Ahmedabad in around month of Jan-Feb. Your people doing service & I get my car on same day.

But when I drive car next day I found that my rear AC vents are not working properly. I contact your person and your person said that I will take care this point in next service.

I again put my car in service after a month and ask him to check with AC issue. I surprised when I heard your person response. He said that rear AC vents are not working because of I put some metal thing in these vents, I fight for that and somehow I manage to repair these things are in under warranty.

I found that this issue happen because when my car in service that time your person clean my AC lines with high Blower was damaged and rear AC was not working.
This is clearly states that your person did not do his duty well and may be lack of knowledge.
I require proper justification for that.

2. My car met an accident few months back, Front and rear bumper was damaged so I put my car under insurance. My insurance was approved. Front bumper was replaced and rear bumper was repaired.

I got my car after ten days and I was very happy to see my car again. But I found some issue after this service also.

A. Front bumper was not properly colored. I inform this to concern person, He said that this will cover in next service.

This thing suggest that you person was lazy and not serious related to his work.

B. Your person remove my Holding Connector ( A connector which holds Rear bumper with car) and hold this bumper with metal wire I took picture and sent to Emerald and ask for justification. Your person accepted his fault and Replied : “ This is done by our worker and he left job”

Again I said that this was a blunder. I don’t believe Emerald is removing my spare part in every service”.

Require Justification.

C. One day I found Plastic which is locate under AC compressor, Hold front bumper was not properly fitted. Due to this, plastic was come contact with tire and totally burned.

As off now I manually fit this burn plastic with some wire. I already inform this thing to you person

Again your person was not doing his job properly.

3. I drive my car around 3000 km after completed all issue with AC, Bumper etc…

One day I found two tire nuts not present in my car. I drive this much of km with only two nuts. You can see this in picture.

All above points are not under risk but this point comes with high risk not only with me but with other people who come with me every day.

There is no chance of remove these nuts from my side because I have own parking at my home as well as in company and your person confirmed that these nuts cannot be removed while driving.

This is not acceptable. I will go with legal procedure.

Also these points which I described are shown by naked eye but as per this experience “ Your people definitely remove some more components from car which I cannot see from outside ”. I guaranteed.

Take strictly action

I communicated following person during these issue :

1. Mahendra Jani +91 9714501666

2. Mehul +91 9714504906

3. Vishal +91 9714502713

4. Chetan +91 9714566625

I will come at Emerald tomorrow. Be ready with proper justification.

Sandip Patel
+91 960135XXXXX


Vishal Mane June 7, 2016 at 7:53 am

I had purchased new Honda City VX (which is supposed to include a connect device) from Crystal Honda Dealership (Kothari Autolink Pvt. Ltd.) Bavdhan, Pune, India.
I took delivery on 8th April 2016. At the time of delivery I was assured that the connect device would be installed within 2 weeks.
I have already paid for the above mentioned device and do not have any pending dues whatsoever.
However this is still to be installed. Every inquiry to the Account Manager about its status is replied by “it will be available in few weeks”.

I believe in multiple universes, but i am not sure from which universe the dealership AM is from where a few weeks is still to be realized.

This does not reflect good on the excellent quality and commitment Honda is known for.

Vishal Mane


Gopa Basu June 6, 2016 at 9:19 am


My Honda Amaze met with a minor accident damaging the front bumper and marks on the right side of the bonnet. On May 31, 2016 I took my car to Pinnacle Honda Workshop near Ruby Hospital at Kolkata. After I reported at the reception at around 11:45 am, I was asked to wait and was also informed that I will have to wait for minimum half an hour.

After almost one and half hour when no one informed me anything I went to the manager. The manager asked one of his assistants to look after us. After listening to our case this gentleman asked another person to go and check our car. This gentleman was busy with lots of other paper works. Again we complained to the manage.

After that it took me almost one hour to bring my car inside the workshop’s premises.

Finally when this gentleman finished his inspection he gave us a quote for the repair works, after taking my insurance cover, almost 3 times that of offers received from local body repair shops. This gentleman also informed us that they will need 10 days for the repair. When I protested another gentleman decided to give the car back by Sunday (5th June).

We could finally leave the workshop by 3 pm. I was also informed that such long waiting period at the workshop is normal and they cannot receive cars through prior appointments.

Today June 6th at 6 pm we are yet to receive the car.

In spite lodging complaints about this, we are yet to receive any feedback from anyone in Honda motor, India and Pinnacle Honda.


Rita Desmond June 4, 2016 at 10:18 pm

I had a prelude 1980 got 350,000 miles on it then I got a 1986 prelude si I got 280,000 on it I loved my preludes I think was the best ever made It was like an affordable sports car Why did honda stop making I have a 2000 accord 6 cylinder I like it ok It does not handle like my Prelude but its not bad Honda needs to bring the prelude back or come up with a car like it that is under 30,000 dollars


Sabareesh March 18, 2016 at 1:31 am

EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE AND FEEDBACK ABOUT HONDA AMAZE purchased from Kolhapur and serviced at Pune.

Dear Mr. Rajesh, (Also Kind attn: Honda Car India and others concerned)

I am an Assistant Commissioner in Central Government and I will obviously be busy during office hours. How can you expect me to keep attending to all your calls?
I had attended 2 of your calls from Honda and had apprised my concerns. Even for the call from Honda Delhi I had told my concerns and the fact that during office hours I will be busy.

Now you tell me by common sense, what action you have taken after I have registered my complaint? Is this the way Honda treats customers– “While we earnestly want to resolve your issues, due to your non availability, we are treating the concern as closed at our end. ” You give me a missed call and then you can give such a vague statement and say issue is closed. How ridiculous? Its your responsibility to make good the faults/mistakes and the issues that has come up in violation of the contract between the buyer(me) and the seller.(Honda and yourself representing it). If my ph is not available you can send me the mail and reply would come the same day evening. Let things be on record.

My concerns
1) I had already registered my complaint when I first took the Honda car in the month of July and it was told that the car will be picked up and concerns addressed. This did not happen and I had to take my car to service station for addressing the complaints in the month of September. That was my first service. But none of the concerns was satisfied except one.

2) When I submitted the car to Deccan Honda, it was my second service. By what logic do you call it third service. For a fault of yours which is still to be addressed, do I have to take the burden of it.
The concerns
3)The dashboard or the glove box as you call it is still not closing properly.
4) The suspension in the back side is not proper. It keeps bouncing every time.
5)The car cover given to me is torn. I don’t know how this happened. And I had paid an extra sum for these accessories at the time of purchase.
6) When the car was given back to me the logo had been removed. I cant imagine how it happened. How can you give an explanation that “The logo might have been removed by some urchin, while in transit.”
What is the transit you are talking about. Your people refused to allow my car move out of the service station just because the money transferred to the account by NEFT took some time and your people agreed to deliver it to my office after 2 days which is just 5 kms from your service station.? Now , I understood that you give cars to ”urchins” to get it delivered to their customers. I pointed it out to the driver who delivered it immediately and he seemed to know about it. The strange thing is that when I immediately called your office they said ” Oh, Yes. We will get it delivered there” which appeared that everyone was aware of this. How can anyone trust and give the car to you, people

I seriously doubt whether you are replacing original parts and replacing it with fake parts.! This is an extremely serious issue which has to be even written to Honda, Japan since this is serious fraud on your part.

And I am ashamed to see the callousness by which you treat customers. I want each of these queries addressed immediately.


Sabareesh G Pillai IRS
Assistant Commissioner,
Central Excise and Service Tax,
Pune, Maharashtra.

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 6:37 PM, Rajesh Valavil wrote:
Dear Mr. Sabareesh,

This has reference to your concern about the above car, logged at Honda 121 since 8th March, 2016.

We equally appreciate your concern and like to reiterate the following points.

1. Honda cars comes with 3 free service (Labour Only)

2. All consumables are to be paid by the customer (Same is mentioned in the service booklet)

3. We like to clarify that, we are here to serve the customer and to take care of his car. We don’t remove any part of the car. The logo might have been removed by some urchin, while in transit. However the same was compensated free of cost to you next day at your residence)

4. The glove box cover was also rectified as desired by you.

We at Deccan Honda, have tried to contact you in the last several days. Due to your pre-engagements you have not been responding to our calls. I personally called you today and sent sms, with no response from your side.

While we earnestly want to resolve your issues, due to your non availability, we are treating the concern as closed at our end. Request you to kindly contact us for any issues on 9372233618/19 or email at

Thanking you and assuring of our best attention at all times.

Rajesh Valavil
General Manager (Service)
Deccan Honda
Mobile: 937223XXXXX


Lakshmikant March 4, 2016 at 4:40 am

Hi there

I am a proud owner of Honda car from last ten years and had a lot of faith in Honda due to its reliability, service and concern of the Honda owners for the SAFETY, till I purchased my last Honda City VX(O) few days back. I am shocked to see the boot cover without any lining inside which left the wires and bulb exposed which is not et all safe. I heard from the show room that it had been done for the cost cutting which is not expected from a company like Honda. I would request the Honda management to look into this issue and try addressing this at the earliest as its a major safety concern and puts the Honda brand name at risk. If I would have been shown this prior to sale I would have preferred to move away from Honda to Toyota.

Please get in touch with me for more details if there is a concern for customer satisfaction, which is Honda’s biggest selling point. I will be looking forward for a positive response soon and would still like to maintain my love for Honda alive.

Thanks and Regards

Bangalore, India


Gan February 19, 2016 at 9:58 pm

Hi Sir,

Yesterday 19th February 2016, i have make few calls to 0358828282 but nobody pickup my call (4pm+). After that, i make call to 1800882020 and he advice me to make call again on next morning. So 20th February 2016 morning 10.40, i call few times to 0358828282 but still nobody pickup my call.


Long time ago i have heard my friends say puchong service center service damn suck, a lot forum also comments same things to this center. Now i feel it.



Varghese Babu February 19, 2016 at 4:57 pm

I am Varghese babu lives in kochi Kerala India,I am a Honda mobilio diesel car owner, reg no KL 07 CC 3926 Mob. +91944707XXXXX,my vehicle is complainted past 1 year that is over acceleration ( unconscious rpm ) caused higher strain to driving
And continually pedaling couch & break and damage my knee bone and lower millage (10 to 12 km/l ) this complaint is project ed to dealer it is normal but till the complaint continue ,please rectifie the complaint to needful my complaints no 1.) 1-3843155787
2.)1-3962235002 pls give Justice ..please this is i am requesting


Varghese Babu March 3, 2016 at 11:15 am

Dear Honda Authority’s,
There is no action taken about my complaints , reported after 22 days on this way ,complaint continued last 1 Year
It is really frustrating and dangerous to drive the car especially in city traffic when the car moves by its own. I took the car because i thought i can trust Honda products but now the situation proves it isn’t. Will you be responsible if something happens to the people who are travelling in it? I need my vehicle to be thoroughly inspected by a Honda representative and the issue to be rectified ASAP. I am not happy with Vivaan as i guess they are new in the field and yet to gain sufficient technical knowhow on these kind of issues. If this problem is not resolved by Honda, then I will take this up legally. Thanks for your understanding and immediate action.


ichen arian January 26, 2016 at 3:33 am

Dear Honda corporation,

I am now,inovation for motors nothing not oil and carger..
Because inovation me… At Magnetic…

Call me for imformation
> +628533765XXXXX

Our i can go to you corporation japan.

I am from Indonesian





S.Kanes Selvarajoo December 30, 2015 at 2:54 am

Dear Honda,

This is probably my 4th time writing to you or your subsidiaries (Honda Malaysia) without proper response/solution on my case. I have been complaining ever since I bought my car (Honda Accord 2.0 VTL) back in June 2015.

My car has this vibration in it at all times. Whatever things I put into any compartment vibrates and makes noise and this makes my entire driving experience bad. Honda Malaysia and its dealers are saying its normal which I totally disagree.

IM sure there is something that Honda Malaysia could do to solve my issue. Isnt there any tools to measure vibration level? Is my car experiencing higher vibration level due to poor product quality? I have no proper answer from Honda Malaysia. All the customer service agents I have been talking to are NOT HELPFFUL at all. The last one being Mr Safwan. Totally 0 on customer handling.

I would expect a callback or written response from Honda on this ASAP.
Appreciate if Honda could value your customer a little more!!



Kerren Taylor December 17, 2015 at 4:04 am

I purchased a 2013 Honda Pilot in 2013 from Supertitions Spring Honda in Arizona. Purchased it brand new. Within a week after my purchase I got a low tire warning and contacted the dealership. The dealership assured me that it was due to climate change. I ended up having to pay $300 for a new tire. I contacted corporate and was imformed that I would get a refund on the $300 but it would be in the form of credit to be used at the honda service center for services or accessories. I was told this in January of 2014…Its been almost 2 years. I’ve left numerous messages at the center and yet no call backs.


mihir patel November 24, 2015 at 5:29 am

I have visited the show room at hyderabad pride honda known as shri krishna automibiles, jubilyhills had a very bad experiance when i visited a show room sales executive and his team leader and branch manager where not been able to answer my question nor they were haveing a knowledge about the honda products this is the first time i have seen in the car industries that the person now haveing a knowledge of the product which they are selling for and yes about the hospility it was the worst part i have seen after a chat of 1 hour i was not been offer a glass of water and the Air condition was also closed it seems that if this is what the honda people are and in this manner they serve the people then its the hard time for the company and there owners to mange the things third class service third class customer care and third class people working at honda pride show room at hyderabad its like an we how the honda company is tolerating all this kind of stuff big big boom at hyderabad pride honda


mike keeney November 18, 2015 at 2:14 pm

I need help concerning the Takata airbag recall. I own a 2006 CRV. VIN: JHLRD778X6C009492. I was informed by a America Honda that this car was manufactured in Japan. America Honda does not have a listing for this VIN number and I was told I would have to deal with Tokyo directly.

This vehicle was built for and sold in America. I think it’s a responsible that I cannot get service through America Honda or my local dealership. In addition, I have been unable to find any kind of contact information or e-mail address that I could use to contact Honda in Tokyo.

Mike Keeney



Prem Babu Pipal November 14, 2015 at 12:57 pm

I Purchased A Car From Honda Nerul(Navi Mumbai) And Before Purchasing All Are Telling Me To Take This Service Like Zero Depth And Lots And Because Of Your Customer Trust I Have Taken Honda City 1.5 Vx Cvt(Top Model) But After Purchasing I Have Written A Feed Back Form For The Bad Behavior & Bad Service So I Got A Call From Nerul Honda And They Told Me To Give Me A Free 4th Service And Teflon Coating Free But Before Taking This Facilities I Have To Write Good Feedback To Honda Nerul As In Feed Back Form, It Means They Give Me Bribe To Write Good Things About Honda.

After Purchasing The Car My Car Get Accidentally Accident From The Truck And They Told Me Yo Will Get Excellent Service And You Will Not Get To Know From Where Car Is Accident But Now They Are Not Giving Me Any Good Service So You Want Me To Sell This Car For Your Bad Service And Before Purchasing Car Your Sales Person Tell Us You Will Get Superb Service Not Like Maruti And Other Car Dealers That’s Why I Have Taken Honda Top Model Now My Son Is Going Every Alternate Day For Single Single Issue Because Of Your Bad Service ,…

After Accident And After Getting Repaired Car Is Not Like Same As It Is, When It Is New Car It Look Superb But After A Small Accident, Car Is Not Same As It Look Before .
If I Tell Them My This Part Is Not Perfectly Fitted They Are Telling Me We Cant Fit It Properly I Dont Know Why And The Person Is Nice Thats Why I Am Not Telling The Proper Wording What He Told Me So I Can Take Any Car From Any Brand But I Preferred Honda Because Of The Trust But Because Of This Service Now I Will Tell To My Friends Not To Take From Honda Because After Accident There Are Lots Of Issues For Fitting.

I Want You To Solve It Or Give Me An New Car Because Car Is 3 Month Old And After Watching The Car It Seems Very Bad And A Thing They Dont Know To Paing Or What ,
Paint Is Pred To The Mirror , All Body And When M Telling Thm They Told Me Car Is Same From The Starting.

I Dont Want This Car , This Stupid Bad Service And I Am Working In ONGC Now I Will Tell Them And My Wife She Is Working In Delhi Parliament As A Cabinet Secretary .

I Will Take This Issue To President (MR.NAREND MODI) Also .
Your Bad Stupid Behaviour And I Am Blaming You All Because You Have Given Job To Them And This Is Your Responsibility To Take Them In A Proper Way.

My Son Went To This Stupid Showroom More Then 100 Times Because Of LCD Issue Now This Issue .

I Want You To Change My Car That’s It.
I Don’t Want This Car In Written Give Me The Same Car I Don’t Want Another Car.

Next Time I Will Not Write This FeedBack I Will Call In Media And Tell My All The Issue To Them And Then Watch About This Issue In TV.

Bad Service


Chander November 6, 2015 at 2:35 pm

Sir i need your help in getting discount on my dream car honda city. Cant afford your recent price … Pls sir do something ..


Jacob Varghese September 11, 2015 at 2:36 am

Well, I am pretty surprised at the work pace of the Honda Jazz XMT, that I have provided at Whitefield Honda.
I had a minor accident, and both the doors on the left got jammed, submitted the vehicle to the Honda dealer on 21.08.2015, and still the work is going on …
At about 8000 kms, the car had a gear box problem, which I was charged at Rs. 20000 for the replacement but no insurance offer was given saying this is a consumable part and can get wrong ” even if the vehicle runs 50 kms” …. Quite ridiculous
At 28000 kms, disc break went faulty, however this was fixed on the same date itself, I was pretty okay with the service
At 35000 kms … Honda tell me that there is no part available now, it might take weeks more to get this repaired …

With all these experience, I would never recommend a Honda to anyone considering that a gear box can get faulty at 50 kms … or it takes eternity to get a part … I am been told that the part which they received is faulty, so they have to order again !!!

Do not know if this post will help me, but this is one of my last resort where I think I can voice my concern before taking a decision to change from Honda


Cherrise Rogers August 27, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Good morning,

I have finally resorted to emailing my experience and continued experience here at Honda of Cerritos. My husband Norman Nelson’s car which he bought from the your Honda dealer, Norm Reeves Honda of Cerritos located at 18500 Studebaker Rd., Cerritos, CA 90703 about 4 months ago, a brand new top of the line (as explain by the sales person) Honda Touring. The car only has 2,200 miles to date. On Sunday August 23, 2015 we brought the car into your dealership. We were driving when all of a sudden all the lights including the navigation system went out in the car. The car would only do 25 mph. Can you see how this is and could have been a safety hazard? Upon dropping the car off to the dealers we waited the next day to see what the problem was. Since my husband was listed as the contact, he dealt with Honda service dept. Then on August 26, 2015 I got sick of the treatment he was receiving. He received a text from Michael Vasquez which stated “ok the drivability issue with the light on the dash is fixed. The nav screen issue looks like we’re going to be ordering the audio unit. What time will you be by to pick up the car today? The unit probably won’t arrive until next week.? Michael Vasquez.” So we are supposed to pick up a car that isn’t even completely repaired? Are our payments going to be lowered since we paid for the navigation feature and we are not able to use it? No, they aren’t, we are expected to pay our payment anyways. That is why I expected to receive far more better service from Honda, especially when my husband bought the top of the line car. We have small kids and both of us work full time. We don’t have time to run the car back and forth to the dealers, especially when the problem isn’t fixed completely. This is when I started dealing with Honda and with Michael. I in my right asked for a rental car. After all my husband had purchased your “top of the line” vehicle and got all warranties with it, a hefty price. When asking for a rental, Michael stated that he had to ask the manager and would call me back. True to his word, he asked, and called me back. He stated that they would put us in a rental. I asked what kind of car it would be, Michael told me he didn’t know and that enterprise would know since they would be the ones releasing the car. This didn’t sound accurate since Michael was the one making the reservations for the car. When you make reservations for a rental car, do you not tell them if you want an economy, compact, sedan, or luxury car? Yes you do. So I called enterprise (knowing already what Honda reserved) and true enough, can you guess what was reserved? Yes, an economy car, a kia rio! Now if you bought a $40,000 plus car that was a luxury car from a dealership and you have your NEW car with 2,200 miles on it serviced, and not serviced because of something you did on your part, and the dealership put you in an economy Kia Rio AND you had to ask for a rental car that was never provided since Sunday. How would you feel about how that dealership valued you? You would feel like they didn’t, you were just another sale to add to their number 1 selling status. After they have that sale they could treat you anyway. Wouldn’t it be wise on Honda’s part to ask enterprise what vehicle’s they have that are comparable to a Honda Touring and then book a vehicle with comparable value. Well of course I called back Honda because that was not acceptable. I ended up speaking to Dan Sandu, sales manager. He is the only person who in all of this truly helped. He walked me over to another dept. and had a lady book a new reservation. Dan then gave me his number and said if I had any further problems to call him. He was very polite and direct, which was very nice. I should have called enterprise a few minutes later to confirm those reservations but I had my 2 yr. old with me and was distracted. I went to pick up the rental with my husband this morning at 7:30 a.m. being I have to be at work at 8:00 a.m. I figured everything would be in order. Well it wasn’t, the lady at Honda failed to make the reservations and the only reservations they had were for the economy car. Enterprise looked for the reservations in my name and my husbands. I tried calling Honda and spoke with Melissa the receptionist twice before she stopped answering the phone. I explained to her the second time as I did the first that I was at enterprise and needed to speak to a live person, not a machine. She sounded irritated and transferred me to the service dept. which again transferred me to I believe Carrie (one of the managers) to only receive her voicemail a second time. I tried calling Honda a third time and several times after, no answer. When I got to work I called from my cell again, no answer. I then called immediately from my work phone and miraculously Melissa answered! When I explained to her I had been at enterprise and was calling and had to leave since no one was answering she just said “our power was out for an hour” I called her on that lie it had not even been an hour, or close to a hour. You can tell she was irritated and just transferred me to someone else. She didn’t tell me who she was transferring me to. Upon transferring no one answered, the phone would ring and say a message such as someone will be with you shortly. Then after about two minutes the phone just hung up on me! That’s when I just had it. I was late for work dealing with this issue that should have been handled by Honda. It’s not that hard and it’s not that hard to show people you truly value their business. I don’t feel I was unreasonable in my request. I can understand if I had purchased a Honda civic and you placed us in a Kia Rio. But we didn’t. And not to even offer a rental car to us is not okay. I understand not offering it that night or maybe not even Monday, but when you are saying this can take the rest of the week or into next week, wouldn’t you want to provide excellent customer service since Honda is the “SoCal helpful Honda Dealers. I don’t see how helpful Honda has been to us. We aren’t returning a 6 month old car with 6,000 miles on it. We are returning a car brought BRAND NEW with only 2,200 miles we put on it. It should not be having these issues, if any issues what so ever. I have had cars were I spend less and had way better customer service! We were thinking of purchasing the new Honda Pilot 2016 from Norm Reeves Honda of Cerritos. In fact a sales associates had been calling me about it. I now say FORGET IT! Just fix the problem correctly with our touring and be done. Also the kindly people at enterprise allowed us to get a better vehicle (still not navigation) and they said they would call a Chris at Honda to settle it. If it weren’t for enterprise, we would still be stuck with an economy car.


Margo August 12, 2015 at 9:14 pm

Hi One week ago, received letter of recall, registered on line. My 87 yr old Mother’s Honda “pending recall” and according to web site WILL keep me up to date. No up dates!. Yesterday as Mom drove her 2004/ 13,000 k mile car. RED lights flashing on dash “AIR Bags”. Of course after hearing defected air bag’s not employing on impact but MAY DEFLATE without impact causing metal fragments to blow out on passengers. I called Honda 1-800 recall to find out “YES WAS ON RECALL LIST”. Humm no notification notice to my email. Completed information needed, ALL day carried my cell phone ( a number I instructed to call), against my employer’s rule , I am a Nurse and not allowed to answer cell phone calls. Arriving home a message found from” Brittany” 909-664-9263, yes SHE called wrong phone. Brittany stated this is “case by case” and needed call back. At 4:34PM I called Brittany/ Mail box filled/ 4 calls later prior to 5pm EST/ mail box filled. I called 1-880 recall number X 2, first time was told Brittany in and awaiting call/ mail box filled again when I called. Called Honda Recall again 1-800 no help at all. Keep calling Ms Brittany 909-664-9263/ called until 8:30 PM/ 8/12/15 Mail box filled.. WE are not driving car / I do not want a face full of metal fragments. Mom does not deserve this after being Honda owner for past 40 years. Shame on you. WE ARE NOT CASE BY CASE WE ARE YOUR LOYAL COSTOMERS.


Alok Negi August 3, 2015 at 12:30 am

We dropped in our company vehicle Honda Accord V 6 for engine overhaul work for which the respective supervisor was appointed.(Estimate Provided on 16.06.2015)

As it was a major work which required our approval, which was provided on 25th June 2015
We personally visited the workshop and personally checked as in on what date the vehicle would be provided for which we were was assured it would take almost 10 ~ 15 Days after parts arrival

It is my repetitive contact with Mr. Manish to which we got a very poor response and till date one part i.e. as informed by him will be received on 19th July 2015 and after that we are still not

aware as to when the vehicle would be provided.

Mr Pushpender (Body Shop Manager) had been very co-operative and regularly updating me but is it not the duty of the Service Advisor to do so.

Till date the vehicle is not provide and delay in parts.
It is almost more than One month the part has not arrived and
still they are saying that it will take another 2 months to arrive
What a pathetic service ……….


Dennis Smith July 28, 2015 at 1:03 am

I recently purchased a certified used Honda Accord for my wife. After a year or so she complains of a thinking noise from the front end of the car. Honda had a service bulletin on it and how to fix it. They want me to pay for repairs due to their faulty engineering. This is the last Honda I will ever own. And I’ve owned a few.


Jaye July 19, 2015 at 3:12 am

Dear all complainant,

I have read the comment from year 2014 until today. There is no reply from any Honda. Do they care our complaint? or they only care about sales target? Pls write your comment here. Thanks


Whatever September 30, 2015 at 12:05 am

Same problem no one at honda gives a ratz azz.


Andrew July 10, 2015 at 11:24 am

I am called Andrew Bamanya, i am currently in Uganda. I bought a Honda 2006 model Tk-AF8-J1190, Chasis number FDI-1005647 ; Shipped it to Uganda in 2008 however it had/has a terrible air bag manufacturer error problem which one time, had almost costed me my life and thus i parked it ever since: Please kindly advise me on how i can be reinstated? Otherwise i am a disgruntled honda fan at the moment.


Mehmet July 2, 2015 at 2:20 pm

This is beyond rubbish. i own a civic 2012 for 3 years. my car only has 20.000 km’s but technical service tell me that my car’s roller bearing(i dont know this is true translation in turkey we say “rulman”) has to change. i say this car has still warranty but they tell me this isnt including in warranty. How can i damage some part inside the car? and is this honda’s warranty policy? till u purchase they keep saying this is honda this is japanese and after make a purchase they say this isnt in warranty. honestly they want me to pay almost 400 usd to change it but i wont. i am gonna sale my honda and never make purchase again and fıy i am academic in social media and pr. trust me i ll be speaking negatively about honda in any media. thanks


linda schmitz June 26, 2015 at 1:36 pm

I bought a new Honda CRV 2010 in June of 2010 from Jon Hall Honda in Daytona Beach, . I have only 22000 miles on the car and upon going for an oil change was told my power steering fluid was leaking and I needed a new Rack and Pinion. Also the tires were cracking and worn and I needed at least 2 new tires.
The car is only 5 years old with very low mileage. I paid $1600. for a new rack and pinion, alignment, and two new tires. Unfortunately I had to go to Honest One Auto in Ormond Beach, Fl. as they were almost $400. cheaper than Hendrick Honda in Daytona.
This is my second Honda CRV because it has always been such a good car. Should this problem have occurred within such low mileage and age?


Cruz June 15, 2015 at 10:00 pm

I just by honda civic 2015 the dealer give a bad service i paid $28500 i went back to the dealer tint my window they said i dont paid also i find the car another dealer $ 21000 thousand out the door dealer tampa Florida


How May 19, 2015 at 12:44 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, they are so unprofessional and unethical, I am experiencing 1 now. The sales division head as well as the manager are also arrogant. In April, I requested for a CRV quotation from Honda Malaysia HQ, right after I confirm my purchase with loan approved and signed, balance as down payment fully paid immediately as instructed by their email, they immediately called me to say that is not the price. Immediately they increased the price byabout RM12,000 which is about USD3.5k. I have made several official complaints including to Consumers Tribunal Malaysia (hearing date is end of May 2015), i wrote to their CEO’s office (with all docs attached), i email to their joint venture parent company, Oriental Holdings Bhd, but it seems that they are not going to reply me in any form but insisting on the revised quotation.
I have discussed with lawyers and also lawyers from bar council, this is clearly a legally binding contract, where there’s an offer, and acceptance by me (loan + downpayment = full initial quotation price).
Dear Honda, I am seriously very surprised, how can a big and renowned organisation like Honda to do this kind of mistake? Or should I say, big organisation like Honda tries to take advantage of/bully a consumer who wants to buy their products?
What I want is simple, just honour the initial quotation. Awaiting your reply, your Honda Malaysia CEO, Yoichiro Ueno’s reply, also the reply from Oriental Holdings Bhd’s reply. Thank you.


How May 18, 2015 at 3:23 am

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, they are so unprofessional and unethical, I am experiencing 1 now. The sales division head as well as the manager are also arrogant. In April, I requested for a CRV quotation from Honda Malaysia HQ, right after I confirm my purchase with loan approved and signed, balance as down payment fully paid immediately as instructed by their email, they immediately called me to say that is not the price. Immediately they increased the price byabout RM12,000 which is about USD3.5k. I have made several official complaints including to Consumers Tribunal Malaysia (hearing date is end of May 2015), i wrote to their CEO’s office (with all docs attached), i email to their joint venture parent company, Oriental Holdings Bhd, but it seems that they are not going to reply me in any form but insisting on the revised quotation.
I have discussed with lawyers and also lawyers from bar council, this is clearly a legally binding contract, where there’s an offer, and acceptance by me (loan + downpayment = full initial quotation price).
Dear Honda, I am seriously very surprised, how can a big and renowned organisation like Honda to do this kind of mistake? Or should I say, big organisation like Honda tries to take advantage of/bully a consumer who wants to buy their products?
What I want is simple, just honour the initial quotation. Awaiting your reply, your Honda Malaysia CEO, Yoichiro Ueno’s reply, also the reply from Oriental Holdings Bhd’s reply. Thank you.


Jaye July 19, 2015 at 2:56 am

Dear How,

i’m honda car owner of new honda city. My car 2month old with less than 3k milleage have to change to CVT gear box. Now, my car hv another porblem when running at 40kmph. I wish u can forward the CEO e-mail to me to mykopi****.com. Thanks How


Gayatri Padhi May 17, 2015 at 9:22 am

I have been a loyal Honda customer for last 30 years. As a family we own three Honda vehicles currently and plan to continue the Honda loyalty in future. However, there have been few incidents over the past one year especially one that happened on May 15th 2015 which makes me think twice. While Honda vehicles have been great, Honda service centers are not so, especially the Avenues Honda of Jacksonville, Florida. I am bringing the following incidence to your attention:

One of my Honda vehicles is a Honda Accord that has approximately 150,000 miles and I have been servicing at only the Honda dealerships since I bought it. I called Avenues Honda of Jacksonville on May 13th to schedule an appointment for oil change and talked to Steve, a service advisor. Steve wanted me to get the timer belt changed although it has been only 75,000 miles since last change. He quoted a price of $799 plus tax which was way more than what the other Honda service centers quoted. After I mentioned that a competing Service center is willing to do the service for $499 plus tax which he verified with the competing service center he agreed. We settled for a price of $600 including timer belt change, oil change, water pump replacement, replacement of battery on both the remotes, coolant replacement etc. and free car wash. He also agreed to drop off and pick up from my home after 5 PM. After I dropped the caron May 13th, Steve called me and told me that there was a leak in the engiene and it will cost $2000.00. I was suspicios since the same delaership had done the same service few month’s earier and there are no oil marks on my floor. When I explained him they had done the same service few months ago, he said leak is at the top (I believe he was bluffing and though since I am a woman he can get by with a XXXX and bull story). I became suspicios and asked him not to do anything. I asked him I will pick up the car. Then he backed off. After some time, he called again and said a valve needs replacement and will cost $160 + tax bringing the total cost of timer belt replaceent , oil change etc plus valve change to $814.00. I agreed to do it for $800.00 though my husband suspected the service advisor was not being truthful (from our previous experience with the same service center). When I went to pick up the vehicle, Steve was not there. I talked to XXXXx. He wanted me to pay the bill and pick up the car. I noticed the bill was $814.00. I told him that as per my agreement with Steve it should be $800.00. Besides, the remote batteries were not replaced and the car was not washed as agreed upon earlier. I talked to Roger, who introduced me to be the Servce Manager. He was not only unhelpful but rude and at one point told me “You don’t have to come here. We don’t need your business.” He is not the only one who has been rude at this service center. Last time I was there for repairing my Honda Pilot another employee Jeff was rude too. Then also, I was not happy with the service that they did on my Honda Pilot. The washer fluid was not coming out while we were driving in clod weather in Virginia and we got stranded and stopped and cleaned the windshield before proceeding. There are many such incidences with this service center. Would you have gone to this dealership were you in my position? Is this the way Honda teaches its employees to deal with the customers?

Gayatri Padhi


Shanmugasundaram May 15, 2015 at 7:01 am

I bought honda city on October 2014 and there’s a leakage from sun roof. Honda had been thr dream car from my childhood days but feeling sorry to say the quality is comprised. Kindly acknowledge.


Shanmugasundaram May 25, 2015 at 11:46 am

It’s sad that I didn’t see any response from the head quarters regarding the quality issue of my brand new honda city having water leaking from the sun roof. I really doubt if the company values customer feedback. I am unhappy to share this issue in social media.


Shanmugasundaram May 25, 2015 at 1:44 pm

Dealer is sundaram honda ,Salem,Tamilnadu, India. Vehicle registration number is TN 30 BB 3915
Model VXMT Petrol. Please do the needful.


Bandara May 14, 2015 at 9:09 am

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I am a Honda Grace GM4 car owner from Sri Lanka. I brought my car via a local dealer who couldn’t supply me service and user manuals in English. Please could you help me to find those manuals in soft or hard copy form. I tried my best to find those but was not successful as I expected.

Hope your kind response

Thank you
Bandara(B.Sc(Hons)Electrical and Information Engineering)


Amaresh XXXXar May 5, 2015 at 11:34 am

I bought HONDA CITY Vx MT Petrol in Oct 2014. On second service I reported unusual noise problem to the service guy.
He agreed that there is unusual noise from left outside, but passing it as normal.
More than 10 days has passed and I see solution in near future.
Also when I ask for escalation matrix (Name, Phone Number, email) they refused to share.
I strongly suspect that they are filtering my complaint at lower level and not reporting it to senior persons for obvious reasons.
Being a HONDA customer I request intervention and resolution my problem at the earliest.


RAJENDRA XXXXAR April 16, 2015 at 5:10 am

Thank you very much for your confirmation regarding the issues of “VIBRATION” or Handle Bubbling, The Vehicle has just run “2896” Km in last 9 Months, out of which 4 months it stayed with the service station in all, including the present service tenure.
This has been intimated to your team HONDA immediately after the purchase of this vehicle on 5/6/2014, But we where told that once the vehicle will get on road, the issue will be resolved
After that we have left the vehicle with your organization/Service station at 5 different occasion to get the problem resolved, But we where handed back the vehicle with assurance that the problem has been resolved to the satisfaction, But the problem still persist.

I am unable to accept the TECHNICAL FAULT, which has been intimated to me by the service staff as “MANUFACTURING DEFECT” without any rectification. So it would kind of you to accept the vehicle for issuance of a new product instead of this defective piece which you refer to be working without VIBRATION or BUBBLING, We have checked the BIKE and the problem is still on the Heights,

In the month of October, I was even informed by the GM ( Services) Mr. Verma that he has changed the Tyre and Rim of the Front Wheel and He has paid the Amount from his Pocket, But later it was found that his statement was false and he has been provoked by the back end staff to do this. This way you are not only spoiling the International BRAND value of “HONDA” but sup rising the customer of his rightful trust.

I would like to add that I have purchased this motorcycle with my Hard earned money and paid to you for getting myself with better conveyance, But to my shocking experience I am left with puzzled situation of just being at your service station involving my time, Energy and money,

If you getting any solution to my problem with immediate effect, it would be nice, Otherwise I would be left with no option to file a Case in Consumer’s, where as I have been cheated of my Hard Earner money and Trust.

Looking forward to your respectful resolution to this mail,
And further provide three days to my resolution,
ENGINE NUMBER : 80027***
YEAR : 2014


kaushik April 14, 2015 at 1:42 am

Dear aditya ..

This is my final email to you in regards with the same old noise emitting from the cltuch . yesterday been to magnum service at yeshwanthpur . with the same prob . mr Thomas checked the car and said this is a common noise in all honda brio. ( This is from his point of view ) not from the end user .

my view is clear this noise started only after the first service and not before that . first i will clear a point that after changing the related component the noise level have drop to an extant but not eliminated it appears in mild freq . Mr Thomas explanation and theory was not convincing on any ground . next i had an horrible experience at honda service premises . A truck was going out from service premises hitting my park honda damaging left side view mirror by the reckless driving and a hulkat manner of the truck driver . no one came on the spot till i called Mr thomas . he said will replace the damaged part . is this the justification ? how such things allowed ? another incident was above to happen when Mr Thomas took a drive with me in the premises . an L board person was taking an new honda city blindly in reverse with out seeing on the right side not aware of us.. Mr thomas have to hit the brake hard and fired the driver . the attitude was apparent of honda employee who was on the driving seat in honda city . He still would have done the same if that new honda city belong to him ? I acknowledge the approach Of Mr Thomas …

This truck driver in fact he was above to hit some other cars which where parked, just miss with an inch . I need the details of the truck driver and the owner to whom it belongs .. and what action honda will take on this ? .. or it will be like our government ? .

Mr Aditya need an action to the problem and not an stereotype replay ..

thanking you


KellyM April 28, 2015 at 1:50 pm

I purchased a 2015 Honda CR-V LX on February 28, 2015. 20 minutes after I drove it off the dealer’s lot the seat and steering wheel started vibrating. The only time it stopped is when I was stopped at a traffic light and put it in neutral. Upon extensive research, I found out that Honda knew all along about this problem, and told the dealers to continue selling the CR-Vs but don’t mention the vibration problem. I took it back to the dealership and had them doXXXXent the vibration. They told me that they are aware of the problem and told me that Honda of America is also aware of this problem and that Honda of America is working on how to fix it. This vehicle was voted Motor Trends car of the year. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I want you to buy my vehicle back for the full purchase price. That is the least you can do.


KellyM April 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

Here is the WJLA Channel 7 on your side news report about the 2015 Honda CR-V vibrating issues.


Frank Hagy April 2, 2015 at 10:18 pm

About 20 years ago I had a college exchange student that I am trying to locate. He visited us many times and we have lost touch. His name is Norio Hirayanagui. I know that he worked for Honda and believe his father was an engineer with the motorcycle division. At the time he was married to a lady named Miko. He lived in Skizuoka. He would be about 48 years old now. I know it’s a long shot, but if he is still working for Honda and you can find him, can you ask him to send us an email. Thanks…
Frank, Wini, Chris and Todd Hagy


wayne March 28, 2015 at 3:36 am

Dear sir/madam

I wish to make a formal complaint concerning the Honda Rizal dealership.
My wife and I recently got in contact with the dealership with regards to purchasing a 2015 Honda CRV AT white.

Due to family health problems, we were unable at that point to provide a down payment. I quickly informed the dealership of this situation and they provided me with the utmost assurance that the transaction will go through.

After a numerous amount of texting and emailing our basic requirements to them, we agreed to a meeting on the 24th march 2015. We proceeded from our hotel in manila to the dealership, where after presenting our final doXXXXents and bank details, we were then asked how much we were contributing as a cash payment towards the CRV.

I waz absolutely furious with that question after being straight forward with them and telling them we didn’t have the available cash at this time and for them then to reassure me that the transaction would go through.

The dealership then avoided me and asked to speak to my wife to break the news that we were only able to get a Honda civic and not the CRV as promised.

The main reason that we were looking at the CRV waz that we have 8 people in the family and we were looking at putting the extra seat in the back so that everyone would be able to fit.

After a few days (after telling them thank you for screwing us with our pants on) I sent a message of disappointment to the dealership manager, and also some options like: 1) give us the CRV at 900k (about cost price) the amount we were approved for
2) Give us the CRV for 930k( we would add 30k) and he could ride the rest of on tax
3) or don’t sell us a CRV and have an unhappy, unsatisfied customer( who by the way has access to over 25ok people on fb/twitter)

So I am writing to you in hope of some resolution to this problem and also to maybe be able to do something in regards to the poor customer service that they provided giving Honda a bad name for such a great brand

I look forward to hearing from u

Thank you

Wayne Douglas


Paul Fleishman April 19, 2015 at 9:13 am

Acura Client Relations
Reference #B012015-04-0703692

Dear Honda,

I have been driving Acura since Legend became available. Previously I owned Honda Accord. Recently I went through my worst car experience with Acura TL 2006. HFL has been draining the battery. The car would not start after not being driven, at first, for a few days, then for 1-2 days, especially in cold weather. It is hard to tell now hown many of my battery problems had been caused by HFL over the last few years. I prematurely changed a battery, experienced significant inconveniences over the last few months dealing with the car not starting. The condition was not diagnosed by a (non-Acura) service station. The solution (if it works) was asking Acura dealership to disconnect HFL (Acura of Boston). What aggravates me as a customer – HFL never worked (and was never set up) on this car, then I was charged $139 to disconnect it. I complained on-line. The customer support was very slow, although I did indicate urgency of the problem. A couple days ago customer representative called to offer $250 as a “financial assistance” (HFL replacement costs $500). I think Acura should reimburse me for disconnecting faulty HFL module and replace it at no cost since it was never working. The problem with HFL draining the battery has been discussed on internet. I hope Honda/Acura address this design problem. The reason I am holding on to this car: I did not have any major accidents, I spent over $3000 addressing some maintenance/reliability issues to pass it to my son as his first car this summer.
VIN 19UUA66206A040061

Paul Fleishman


Jon Kuzma March 20, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Dear Sir: I am writing this letter to ask you not to change your style of the Honda Pilot. Your going in the wrong direction. Americans like the pilot, we just wish you would improve on the gas mileage a little. Also, Put the ashtray back into it. People still smoke, and the ones that don’t can still put change into it for parking.
I know that the new style is slimmer and not at all the same but you are making a big mistake. You need to refine it, not redesign it, we like the design, and all that it do’s.
I’m sure in the next year you will also find this out with the declining sales of the Pilot. They did the same thing with the mustang by Ford. Changed the stile and everyone said what did you do.
I also have a small comment on your Honda Element. You have the right Idea the car was great. Only your gas mileage again was the same as the Pilot with only a four cylinder car, Which had no go power.
The price was right, but gas, and guts, when you pushed your foot to the floor, nothing happened. it just moved a little faster. Not good in an emergency when you want to get out of the way. I liked everything about the element, but when I test drove it. The power was not there and the gas mileage. Two things I look for in a car If you had put the same engine as the Pilot in the Element you would have one hot little car and they would sell in America like hot cakes. Hands down.

I had to write to you to tell you this. because I am a Honda fan, My first car was a Honda coupe in Okinawa. Chain driven. Wow what a car. 1965.
I hope you take note. You have a great product. I will be driving a Honda for Years to come. I just bought a New Honda Pilot. Thank You

Jon Kuzma
*** 50th Ave. N.E.
Olympia, Washington,98516


Abdul Rub March 17, 2015 at 12:52 am

dear sir,
Sub: Spare Wheel is not Of ALLOY TYPE
I want to say that Honda is the best name as we talk about brand image. they have some value and business ethics for selling their products. I am fan of Honda cars especially Honda City. I purchased Honda City VMT petrol on 14.11.2014 from Stallion Honda, Indra Nagar Lucknow. At that time i was in opinion that the spare wheel supplied wud be of Alloy one. but recently, when i checked it , found that it was ordinary wheel i.e steel

As you have mentioned in Brochure that the” Wheel Type– 15″ Alloy(V,VX). it gives the clear picture that all wheels should be Alloy type. but the dealer has given me spare wheel as ordinary one ie.steel.

most of the automobiles company are providing all the wheels including spare one as alloy type.

as Honda is a very reputed brand name in the business of Car manufacturing, i am astonished why the dealer has not provided me all the wheels of Alloy type and when asked, they replied that Honda is providing spare wheel as steel one.
we would appreciate you if an immediate action is taken to resolve this matter

hoping for prompt response and action

Car No- UP32FX8807

with warm regards

Abdul Rub


amit karkare March 16, 2015 at 8:42 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

Complaint ref#: Q242939

Kindly refer to my trailing email with reference to the complaint about delivery of vehicle.

More than 2 months now still waiting… I don’t think honda is in mood to deliver vehicle to me!

Can I expect to get some genuine feedback on this issue??

This is horrible experience with Honda for me. I do not know how to handle this further.

Finally, I received a call from your Head Office last week asking to collect the vehicle from Preetam honda, Oshiwara, which I agreed to do so.

However, this is not been intimated yet to Preetam honda by your Head Office and hence they are unable to comment anything about delivery.

I hope this message reaches correct person and things get sorted soon.

Amit Karkare.


Mak Chuen Sum February 10, 2015 at 2:17 am

Subject : Poor Customer Service – Unable to Deliver the Car as Promised

With reference to the above and the meeting held at your sales office at Vivahill Auto Sdn Bhd between your Sales Manager, Mr Eddie Goh and the undersigned on 9th Feb 2015.

During our discussion with Mr Eddie, we found that your Sales Manager didn’t give us any proposal or solution to the issue and therefore we have no choice but to write in.

Chronologies of event;

On 17th Jan2015 – Purchased a Honda Accord 2.0 by paying RM3,000 (as per attachment).to your Sales Executive, Mr Ong as booking fees and he promised the car can be delivered within this month.

On 26th Jan 2015, we have received a called from your Sales Executive, Mr Ong requested for balance payment to be made and promised the car can be delivered by 28th Jan 2015.

On 27th Jan 2015, we have paid the full differential sum of RM53,997.50 (balance outstanding thru Maybank HP loan) and also the payment for the road tax. Upon request from Mr Ong, we also purchased the insurance for this new car (as per attachment)

On 28th Jan 2015, we were told from Mr Ong that the car cannot be delivered due to wrong chassis number. The chassis number shown in the car is PMHCR1630DD501184 but the chassis number shown in the registration card is PMHCR1630DD501148.

Due to the above negligent from your company, I have been suffering losses and damages(emotional stress, etc) from 28th Jan2015 onward as I was supposed to get a new car from your company to travel to works, etc. For your information, I have sold out my car (existing) and expecting to rent a car at the rate of RM350 per day.
Buying a new reputable car like Honda is a very happy occasion for me and my FAMILY but these whole episodes has turned up to be the worst nightmare in my life.

We would appreciate it if you can act fast to work out a solution immediately to resolve this issue by tomorrow or else we have no choice but to seek assistance from Tribunal of Consumer Claims, etc.

Your immediate solution and action to the above is highly expected as we need a fair compensation and a new car especially for this upcoming Chinese New Year festival.

Thank you

From: Mak Chuen Sum (Penang, Malaysia)
Contact: 6012-495****


Arch February 9, 2015 at 10:57 am

To whom this may concern!
I hope this get to the right person!
Good News! (First)
First and formost I want to say, that In my opinion, I believe Honda (no matter what it is)is the best name out there!
Reason: I’m A Honda Man!
I got my first HONDA motocycle when I was 12 years old, It still runs today! (38 years ago) I own 3 Honda ATV’s. (Love them) I always wanted a Honda car. I was finally was able to Buy my first Honda Car in 2012. ( Your salesman, are bad hard to deal with!)
I loved my 2012 Honda Civic! Awesome Car! I wish I hadn’t traded it in for a 2014 Honda Civic. That was when everything went down hill! I used to brage about Honda and how I was pleased with Richmond Ky, Honda.
That was then, this is now!
Here’s the bad disappointing news!
First and Formost, I hate being Lied too. Your manager at that time, (in 2011) promise me, when I bought my Honda Civic, that if I made my first 18 payments and was never late, with Honda fiance, that I would have a excelent credit report with the Honda corporation. That the next time I wanted to buy another Honda I could get Honda’s best fiance, they had to offer!
(Lie !!!)
The more I think about that, the more that fry’s me! Anyway I had made more than 24 + payments! (never late) before I traded it back to you. You know it’s kind of hard to deal with people who’s not honest! That can lead to a bad reputation. (I think you know that!) That’s why I’m writing this letter to you!
Here’s my story. A few years ago I had excellent credit. My X went crazy and that done away with that! Not my faught but I understand my credit woe’s. So when I got my first new Honda in 2012, (bought in 2011, when it first came out) I had to get my Dad to help co sign for me. Sad but true! (that was the only way I could buy a Honda) That’s when the Manager told me, if you keep your payments on time for 18 months, that will change and you’ll always have great credit with Honda! So I could get their best rates, when ever I would get another Honda! (GREAT NEWS, I’m for that!) I can be a loyal Honda Family member from here on, so I thought?
Anyway I met my new wife. She own a Kie and they really rake her on her used Kie Soul. She was bad up side down on her Kie. So I talked her into getting a Honda. I told her I was suppose to have good credit with them. So for what payments she was making on her used Kie, she could have a better New Honda, instead. That’s when the disappointment started.
To help her out, because she was upside down on her Kia, I traded my first awesome civic in, to help her, get a New Honda Civic. Bad mistake! Partly my fought! I guess this is what fry’s me the most! They wouldn’t let me have .9% Honda was offering. (As I was promised, 2yrs ago!
I know this is business but I think of this as family too! (Honda Family that is)
Just something I do personally, after I trade anything in, I keep a eye on what they sell my trade for. So to get my first 2012 Honda, I traded a 350z in. (Very Bad Mistake) They cleared over 4K, The other trade the Kie Soul they made 4K, and they made 4K on my 2012 Civic. That a 12k profit, that’s good business! That doesn’t make me upset. What does upset me is this. I got some road paint on my 2014 new Civic and took a power washer and tried to get it off. I blew off a little paint (on my new car, 3mo. old) the size of your little fingure 3”L – ½ W. I kind of would think, that being a repeat customer, Honda would fix that, But NO! It couldn’t cost them $30 – $50. Is that what I can exspect from someone that I have spent over 48K with in the last 3 years and a repeat customer. Plus lost over 12K in trades??? $50 is a Small price to keep a Honda Family member happy and coming back!
Oh! Because of the paint, we now don’t trust the rest much, (we don’t like defects on a new car, so my new car feel like a old car now) we checked on trading it in for a 2014 Accord or EX-L Civic, they said they couldn’t. Goes figures! I guess regulars customers don’t mean that much anymore. (I guess will try toe-toe’s or vw’s)
Thanks, if you have read this. I guess I feel a little better but still pretty disapointed. I thought maybe you should know!
PS: Just incase you might wonder, what would make me happy and stay a Honda Family Member customer and renew my wife trust. (She likes Honda’s too,) but she has a eye for a VW Jetta. Just give us what was promised, in the beginning. Honda best lowest percentage rate! And as a repeat, repeat, repeat customer, the best trade deal, either on a New Accord or Ex-L Civic. After all Honda has made over 50K, off me! (Again I understand, that’s Business)
Thanks, again
Dispointed Repeat Customer


Bonnie Goodrich February 5, 2015 at 5:18 pm

I have a low mileage (56000 K) 2008 Honda Civic sedan VTI 1.8L. I was happy with this
vehicle until recently when it started using excessive fuel. I bought this car new from Von Bibra Motors in Southport, Queensland, Australia and have had it serviced there ever since. They have had it twice to determine why the fuel usage is excessive and tell me they cannot find a cause. Latest count is one quarter of a tank only got me 63K. I need
your advice as to what could possibly be wrong and where I should take this vehicle to fix it. This is the only site I could find to contact you. I emailed Honda Australia with no
reply………… Bonnie Goodrich


S Sriram February 5, 2015 at 8:21 am

I had registered a request from your customer care regarding an issue pertaining to the purchase of a new scooter Activa-I in the name of Santosh XXXXar. Whereas the booking was done in the month of December and full amount paid in advance, the dealer is now demanding excess amount due to revision of Excise duty from Jan 02, 2015. It should be noted that the full amount was paid on 08 Dec 2014 and the onus of delivering the vehicle was on Honda which took nearly 2 months to deliver the vehicle. The vehicle was delivered only on 02.12.2015. This is very unfair as such I have lost interest on the amount for two months without the vehicle being delivered.
Repeated calls to your customer care has not yielded any results and they only ask for more and more time. I have not seen a more inefficient customer care centre ever which is not expected from Honda (HMSI)
Could you please advise whom should I contact to resolve this issue or kindly forward the same to the respective personnel for speedy resolution. Thanks.


Elmer G Smalley February 3, 2015 at 2:53 pm

Who should I contact concerning a better way to run your Generators.


Douglas Lingard February 1, 2015 at 7:29 am

I have a Honda Prelude 4ws 1989 model, I am having some difficulty at the moment trying to get it thru the itv ( same as MOT in the UK) here in Spain. The person who owned the vehicle prior to myself registered it in Spain as a 5 seat car. Could you please send an email by return that you have never produced a 5 seat Prelude. I thank you for your assistance in this matter and look forward to your reply. Regards D. Lingard


Ron morris January 31, 2015 at 10:03 am

I have a 2004 Honda Goldwing I am looking to buy a newer bike. I was always told it was the top of the line motorcycle. I am wondering now Harley has all the HID lights has everything is accessible on the Harley right from the factories. Why hasn’t Honda updated their motorcycle. Going to test ride the new Harley ultra today. And it gets better gas mileage.


Deepak bisht January 12, 2015 at 1:12 am

Hi I have been working in media house for a long time and doing a show called car and bike, I bought my first sedan honda Amaze but after spending my hard earned money i found this car is a compromised segment. no safety poor quality steel, poor pickup, low quality horn and bad seats.
Apart from all this the dealer is not at all bother about this he says hona made this we are only selling it.
I am not at all satisfied with this car.can you pls do something about this.
if not i am sending this mail to every social sites so that people will not buy this car


john m smith January 7, 2015 at 5:41 pm

I have a great 2015 honda fit. In the manual it says I can’t tow, whereas if I lived in austrailia I can tow 700 #s. Why can’t I tow my little 500# boat and trailer. The new fit is more powerful and has a more reinforced body for the new urban(hr-v) series. My Fit has the cvt and is THE best car I ever owned. Mileage is 6.1 km/100 in over 5000 km of driving. Great car but I need to tow my little boat here in Canada.


J.M. Smith


J Wood January 1, 2015 at 7:45 am

Please trash the skeletor tv commercial. There are surely others like me that mute the commercial every time it shows. It is the most irritating/intimidating commercial on tv today. How would a commercial like this help sell cars when it only tends to offend the people who view it. Fire the person responsible and move on.


B.suthakar December 14, 2014 at 8:47 am

Dear sir,
I am from Kulai, johor Malaysia, I bought Honda odyssey on 1,12.2014, on 11.12.2014 battery spoiled, difficult to start , needs jump start, went to Honda kulai(Wang Loo) , they told me have to wait 1 week for new battery. They not even bothered about giving me a spare battery .
Complain to honda Malaysia, no response
everyday I need to jump start the car
feeling irritated


Gurpreet Singh Khalsa December 12, 2014 at 3:50 am

I purchased new honda city disel v 1.5 model in India jan 15 2014 my car numer cg 09 j 0007 and engine no Makgm85aaen000126 N15a11101048 The issue was tyre goodyear but in another Honda city car the tyre was Michelin the Goodyear tyre was poor performance n quality cheap i wanted to replace this tyre i had suspension and car body low quality 11 lack was not accqurate amount for this car problem in my car I complained in Honda india toll free numer such topics 3 to 4 times but customer care did not bother a bout that take some step to ward my complain otherwise I take legally steps such matter …


Ashwani Kapoor February 20, 2015 at 9:59 pm

Dear Sir
This is to bring in your kind notice that I am a owner of 2006 honda city zx model…three days before I made a request to Hallmark honda situated in thane mumbai for general servicing and given the appointment for 11 o clock pickup guy came to my home and picked the vehical from my home…

In the afternoon I recieved the call from service adviser and he told me that as it is 50k km service so it would cost me 5500 INR for servicing of this I had given my approval to them but again in the evening one guy from service center called me and said me that your vehical is not getting started and we have checked the same and found that there is the problem in the fuel pump and filter and replacing both as well as service would cost you near about 32K iNR Now otherwise your vehical will not get start so you have to replace these it is upto my utmost surprise I told them that I m using this vehical from quite some time but not faced even a single problem than how come it suddenly got defected even when the guy came to my home it was perfectly fine it got started in the first self. Even the vehical had just completed 48k km of running.i had used so many cars but never faced this kind of problem..I think these service peoples are making fool of honda customers and they are cheating like anything and overcharging as well ..or if the fuel pump of honda city got bad just on a average of 50k km than i m sure yhat there is serious quality problem in the product..requesting you to look into this seroius matter and suggest them to delever my vehical as in the same condition I had given to them..Otherwise I dont have any option else to go to Consumer Forum..

Hoping the best reply from you…

Warm Regards
Contact no :0750607****
Vehical registeration no MH02AU**** Honda city 2006 model


Ashwani Kapoor February 20, 2015 at 10:03 pm

Now it is one week passed and they still are unable to give me the satisfactory service..


Ashwani Kapoor February 20, 2015 at 10:04 pm

The car id still at your service station and I m using prepaid taxi to go to my office regularly. .


KAMAL CHOWDHURY December 11, 2014 at 11:01 pm

Hello Dear

I have purchased a Honda Civic Touring on 1st October, 2014 seeing that the average fuel cost is 7.9/6.1/7.1, but my odometer still showing 10.7 average. Total km now 2800. Moreover, I realize that my car fuel tank is only 40L, I did not ask the fuel capacity when I purchased the car, I thought it must be at least 60L, for this reason I have to go the gas station frequently, the seller never disclose the fact to me when I bought the car, I am fully dissatisfied with average km and fuel tank. Please look into the matter and give a solution.

Thank you.

Kamal Chowdhury
email: ****


Leslie Brown December 10, 2014 at 10:35 pm

As a Honda owner of over 20 years, I am compelled to comment on your current advertising campaign. What is going on???? Do you think your target market is made up of a bunch of toy idolizing idiots from the 70s?


sandy c December 2, 2014 at 10:59 pm

1999 honda odyssey. JULY of 2006 transmission went out.mileage into honda 81670.mileage out of honda 81672. honda replaced it (no charge) recall. JULY 2009 it went out again honda replaced it.n/c. mileage in 102062,mileage out 102063. DECEMBER 2010 went out again honda fix it n/c.mileage in 109799 mileage out 109802. AUGUST 2011 transmission went out again honda replaced it n/c mileage in 125589 mileage out 125884.?? FEBRUARY 2013 transmission went out again honda replaced it n/c. mileage in 151884 mileage out 153455. ??? thats 300 miles in 2011 and over 1500 miles in 2013 that the dealership put on my van.?? now in NOVEMBER 2014 my transmission went out again and they will not fix it .mileage in 178751.


Jen February 10, 2015 at 2:34 am

You have condoned the harrassment, bullying and defamation activities carried out by one of your Queensland employees. I have reported this, on numerous occasions, to your Australian Head Office HR Dept and it has fallen on deaf ears! You have a duty of care and a legal responsibility to ensure that your ‘tools of trade’, supplied, maintained and paid for by you (mobile phone namely) are not utilised for such disgusting behaviour. Behaviour that has caused far too many suicides in our community! And Honda appears to be condoning it. I suggest you review your values? I suggest you review your Marine employee phone call and text message records dating back some time. Clean up your act – it should be a matter of instant dismissal!


Chong Por Shen November 10, 2014 at 3:13 am

I had sent my complaint to Honda Malaysia by 4th Nov 2014.
The ref no: CCL 1481.

However, I still not get any feedback after a week.
Just wonder how they justify their KPI and why or what took them so long to feedback to me.



Greg November 8, 2014 at 8:28 pm

My 22 year old daughter drives our 2004 Honda Accord EX and unfortunately the car engine cut off in the middle of a freeway in Atlanta. We just had the battery and starter replaced two days ago. Is there a recall on the ignition switch for this vehicle?


Viju Nair October 30, 2014 at 10:24 am

Kind Attn : Head R&D or Quality.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am not a Honda Customer (Yet), but a Hyundai Customer since last 10 years (I have 4 Hyundai Cars with me as of today). Lately i am driving a Hyundai i20 Asta diesel model (Which i bought in July’13), this time i was looking to upgrade my i20 (due to mileage issue) with a bigger and better vehicle and i have been impressed with the Design and Quality of Honda vehicles.

My friends bought Honda city lately and so I was tempted to try Honda city VX Diesel model for a change. To your surprise I had practically finalised the vehicle as in colour and variant choice, and the only thing left before finalisation of the booking was a test drive. But the test drive not only made me upset, but totally brought down with the impression i had for the Honda Brand.

When i did the test drive of a Honda City VX 2014 diesel model from the showroom, the noise of engine it was transmitting within the cabin room was literally very annoying. I have been driving Hyundai i20 since 1.5 years (almost completed 29000 km drive till date), but the noise transmitted within the cabin was so less compared to current Honda model.

Even by paying 13.5 lac on the car for our convenience, and to still bear the noise was something not acceptable to me as i usually travel a stretch distance of 150km to 200km from time to time.

This is a genuine feedback (Which you may not take it on a serious note but still) on the product of Honda City which i admire the most and wish to take one, but not with the cost of Nosie. I look forward from your R&D team to come up with something that will suppress the total noise (if not than atleast 80% of the noise) to atleast enabling us to enjoy the Honda Quality Products.


Kathir October 27, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Hi, I have 2012 honda crv, I bought this car as new car, In the first week I noticed that there is shake in steering wheel @70 Mph. I took it to dealer and cheif technican said it is wheel issue and it will resolve in 1000 miles. Then I took it to them after 1000 miles and they did balancing and rotation it is ok but there was minor shake. but the problem did not get resolved. how do I get this fixed or should I live with it for trusting the honda brand.


Jagdish Raichandani October 25, 2014 at 6:49 am

I would like to seek some information on CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) being used in auto transmission cars.
1. Is CVT is a repairable part ?
2. What is the Aprox. cost of replacement of this part ?
3. What should be the aprox life of this part ?
4. What is the warranty being offered on this part?
I would appreciate if you can provide me the above information.

Jagdish Raichandani


Umesh Unnikrishnan October 24, 2014 at 12:43 am

HI, I have taken an Honda amaze diesel third variant from Landmark Honda, SG Highway. From the day of delivery to the first service, the team at Landmark Honda has been very inefficient and careless.

Delivery date- 7th September 2014. The car was in such a shabby condition there was no sales person available, there was water inside the car, ants roaming, there were open dots on body with no paint at two three places, the shade of paint was uneven. It was such a bad experience considering Honda being such a big brand know for customer service.

Again we saw the car after 10 days and it was still not completely done.

After delivery we had to collect the pillows and cover in person as on the date of delivery the said freebies were not available.

the first service- They picked the vehicle, got the service done, and as per my request they also got the number plate fitted, but it took then another day to deliver the vehicle. And when I checked the vehicle they had not done anything to the scratch marks which I had constantly reminded them to be done.

Now I am really feeling frustrated with such kind of stupid service by Landmark Honda. I put a text to the customer relationship head- Ms Devangi and Mr Kapil the sales head, they dint even bother to reply. Also some junior advisor on phone was so rude, I felt like going to Landmark and slapping the person.

I feel cheated after paying around 7.5 Lakhs for the car.

Umesh Unnikrishnan


Sally S October 19, 2014 at 7:59 pm

OMG. After reading all of these complaints I am almost sorry for buying a Honda. I bought a Honda Accord in 1998 and was very pleased with it. Now I have a 2013 Honda Accord and frankly it not worth the money. MPG (only 32—–33mpg hwy) Should be closer to 37mpg. No power when accelerating.


Sally S October 19, 2014 at 7:48 pm

Hello; I am very concerned about a problem I am having with my 2013 Honda Accord. I have reported it twice to the local dealership where I bought it and they say there is nothing wrong according to the testing machines. Every once in a while the car hesitates and loses power. It mostly does this from a takeoff position. However; the other day it happened 3 times when I was accelerating from a lower speed. This is very dangerous and I am afraid of an accident. I don’t feel comfortable driving it. Advise? Thanks; Sally S.


c.r.nanda October 19, 2014 at 8:04 am

Dear Sirs,
I had purchased AMAZE S MT in the May 2013 from Deccan Honda, Pune. y registration number is MH14 DX 0664. I now understand due to faulty design of Air Intake many AMAZE vehicles are having Hydrolock Problems. I have written three mails to HONDA India but no satisfactory reply has come.
I also understand Honda has corrected this problem in vehicles manufactured after August 2014. Honda has also recalled few vehicles and corrected the problem
I want HONDA to correct the same in my vehicle when it goes for servicing in Nov. 2014. I shall appreciate a confirmation to that affect.
Warm Regards,


Tonyia Fleming October 18, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Good Evening,

I had maintenance services performed yesterday and something else checked out this morning and I wanted to share my experience with you so that maybe some training could be done with your staff.

First allow me to briefly tell you my experience with Honda. I am 3 months shy of completing my 2nd lease on a Honda Accord EX Coupe. I think Honda is top of the line and a very prestige brand. I have never experienced any major issues with my vehicle and I was highly going to consider leasing a 3rd vehicle….up until this morning.

Let me first get back to my first issue from yesterday. I arrived around 4:50ish for an oil change and tire rotation. I don’t recall who approached me, however, I had a coupon and I showed the gentleman this. He started filling my info on the clipboard, then quickly gave me the clipboard to fill it out, instead of having to ask me all the pertinent information. Which was fine, it would be quicker that way. Gentleman #2 approached, gentleman #1 I guess didn’t want to “deal”with me anymore or had somewhere to be or something to do, so he passed me on to gentleman #2, briefed him on what I was requesting, but in doing so, he mentioned my coupon and made a sarcastic remark about the “cheap”oil change I was getting. Unacceptable. He could have kept that comment to himself. First of all, I’m not paying for a high priced oil change on a vehicle that I am only having for another 3 months and second it’s none of his business which one I get. Very unprofessional.

The next issue, for the past month and a half my driver side speakers would stop working when I plug my auxillary cord in with my phone and play music. They play on the passenger side but not the driver side. All the speakers would work when the radio plays and when the XM radio plays or when a CD plays but when the auxillary cord/port was used the driver side speakers stop. I used a different cord at one point and it would sometimes give off static. So I thought it was the port itself. So I then took it back the next day, this morning. I explained this to Philip Kotrola. He wanted to see what kind of auxillary cord I was using, I showed him. He immediately saw the problem. The end that was put into the port, the tip was broke. I hadn’t noticed this. Had I noticed, I would have replaced the cord. I asked him to take a look inside the port to see if it was in there still, he took a light from his phone and flashed it in the port and said that the tip was still in there. It was stuck. The only way it can be removed it by taking the whole entire console off. Which he priced it to be $180-$200.00 to remove the console to get to the auxillary port to either replace it or remove the piece.

I was bothered by this, so I went home, got some tweezers and some other objects that could fit in that hole. I even looked again inside to see if there was anything that could be in there. I didn’t see anything. I went to Radioshack and purchased another auxillary cord. Hooked it up to my phone and played music. Voila! All the speakers, including my driver side started working again.

This really made my blood boil. Any other time, I am quick to take someone’s word at the diagnosis of my car issues. I don’t like being played for stupid nor taken for my money and in this case I feel like both were being done. If he didn’t know, he could have said that, but it felt as though he just wanted to get me out of there really quickly and make some quick bucks which is B.S.! He didn’t even attempt to really troubleshoot anything. I don’t know what kind of experience it takes to become a service advisor but evidently not much. I am so disappointed in the level of treatment I received. This is my first and last time I will deal with this location at 14610 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249.

I’m seriously considering other foreign brands of vehicles and I will be sending this same email up the chain of command. I thought I would start with you to let you know how unprofessional some of your staff are and perhaps some refresher training is in order.

Have a good evening,


Tonyia Fleming


Abhinav Rawal October 16, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Dear All,

I am writing this on 16/10/14 to tell you that after signing a paper and promising me Mr AMIT MALIK ass. Manager ph no. 86976514 C.P branch, New Delhi, India has not provided me seat covers for my car HONDA AMAZE.

After calling him 50 times he has stopped taking my calls and its been 2 months i am still waiting for my seat covers.

I find it really irritated and feel really bad that HONDA can cheat me like this.

Treat this as an official complaint because i am sending it to whoever i can find online.

Thank you,
Abhinav Rawal


Brijesh K Baweja October 9, 2014 at 6:00 am

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Brijesh Baweja” <

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: "Brijesh Baweja"
Date: 21 Sep 2014 14:44
Subject: Failure in keeping the commitment against booking
To: “Customer Care”

Dear Sir,
I had booked one honda activa 125CC disk brake black colour on dated 14.8.2014 serial no.1281 at m/s Shiv Shankar Trading company Ambala Road Jagadhari Distt. Yamunanagar(Haryana).
There was written commitment of delivery on dated 5th sep 2014.
It is very strange and astolishing that till there is no response from ur
After repeated enquiries there was no satisfactory response.
Why are u booking against advance if u know u will not b able to keepup the booking promises.
Why are u cheating on customers againt advance.
Till date there are no contact from honda2wheelrers india to me
Brijesh K Baweja
Yamunanagar-*** India


Rajendra Bagade October 7, 2014 at 2:21 am

New Dream Yuva serious Wobbling problem
I bought this bike on 25/11/2013 from Venetian Honda Authorized Showroom 2 wheeler bikes, Kandivali – West, Mumbai and after first service of bike, its giving serious and threatening wobbling problem and its almost unsafe now to ride this bike.
I took it to Om Sai Honda Service Center, Charkop ,Kandivali West, Mumbai and I explained entired problem to the manage Mr. Dalbeer and Mechanic Mr. Raju for more than five times and they are unable to solve this problem, In the fourth time they had change my whole engine now it is again coming the same problem. They itself accepted that they are not able to solve this problem. Also they are not able to diagnose that what is causing this issue. Again i went to the Venetian Honda Authorized Showroom and meet Manager over there Mr. Prashant Kadam, he suggested me to take my bike to other service center ( Borivali West , Mumbai ) which is very far away from my house and it is completely pathetic and unjustifiable suggestion by them. I am very disappointed and scared to drive the bike. I bought this bike to reduce my travelling time and problems while travelling, but my problems are now increased after buying this and getting pathetic service from HONDA.
We users are paying such big amount on bike and we are getting fooled as we are getting such pathetic service centers nearby who dont know to solve the problems. How and Why This service centers are given authorization to run the service center? After paying this much user has to do all the compromises like suffer due to these problems, wait for its correction, fear drive the vehicle and risk our own life. I paid 18k for down payment and I have paid every month installment 1731/- without any delayed for 11 months to its brand value but i got 0% safety. I want urgent and permanent resolution on this wobbling issue and if it is not sorting out I will stop my EMI immediately. My problem r not resolve in india. Please help me.
Rajendra Bagade
Email Id : – r****


Bob bufalini August 27, 2014 at 8:28 am

Hello, my name is bob bufalini and all I want to say is I met the best car salesmen at the moon twp. Dealership in Pennsylvania . His name is frank. He really knows his stuff and was very respectful of what I wanted. I bought a new honda civic off him and will buy there again as long as he’s there. Thanx for everything.


Andrey August 22, 2014 at 4:51 am

Dear representatives of Honda-Ukraine and Honda-Japan!

I am the owner of the car Honda Accord, year of manufacture of the car – 2013, faced with a very unpleasant situation in service center in Kiev, Ukraine.
I am a driver with experience more than 30 years, and used a variety of car brands, in particular Lexus and Porsche Cayenne, and had never encountered such a problem with service.
I really appreciate cars made in Japan and I have a great respect for the trade mark “Honda”, and when choosing a car, first of all I preferred Honda and its warranty provision.

Let me inform you that at 15 000 km of mileage during braking at speeds of 120-150 km/hour there are honking wheels (discs), unusual noise and rattling steering appear in my car.

When I contacted an authorized service center specialists gave me his opinion that this is due to the fact that I drove through a puddle, and it is not covered by warranty.

Frankly, I was greatly angered primarily because I’ve always respect the quality of Honda.

I have no doubt that the Management of Honda is really care about consumers and their attitude to the quality, and to the Trademark “Honda”.

In connection with the foregoing, I ask the management of Honda-company to consider issue about replacing the two front wheels (discs) in my car through the warranty service.

Thank you


sze hock lim August 6, 2014 at 8:19 pm

Dear Honda headquarters
I am from Malaysia, I was in Malaysia, Honda proxy SYARIKAT MOTOR GS TAY SDN BHD 29-10-2013 purchased a HONDA ACCORD 2.0L VTI-L (A) NO.ENGINE: R20Z62820916 NO.CASIS: PMHCR1640DD800933.
When I was driving to 8709KILOMETER when I have not started the engine before, I used the test rod engine test engine oil, engine oil, I found a little, gets only about 5 percent test stick. After 24-03-2014 I went TAY AUTO SERVICES SDN. BHD. Complaints about it. They only recorded less half LITER., I complained that want CLAIM a brand new engine, when I drove to 9998KILOMETER when I I found my ENGINE OIL to even test rods are less than the amount I went SERVICES CENTER newspaper complained about it, they said to help me do all the checks and writing reports in order to make a decision, after they just help me to do ordinary SERVICE and changed 4LITER engine oil, did not help me write a report to me, just told me that little half LITER only. I asked how they did not help me with the report, they told me to rest assured that your computer will be recorded, HONDA MALAYSIA’ll see.
02-08-2014 When I was driving to 16185KILOMETER time, engine oil and less, only about 20% test rods, and I went SERVICES CENTER ask them to help me and how much LITER engine oil left in the day out of the amount The result is left 3.1LITER.
03-08-2014 before I am not yet done a test to start the engine, the engine oil rose to about 50% odd test stick.
04-08-2014 I went SERVICES CENTER amount of engine oil, engine oil is not strange to increase, but declined to 2.8LITER., After I asked them to finish the engine oil all fell out, and then go back engine 2.5LITER amount, the amount out of the effect is about 30% test stick.
Logically speaking, 02-08-2014 test rods at around 20% capacity out of the result should be less than 2.5LITER fishes, how would 3.1LITER. They can not explain. After I asked them to write a report to me, they say give them time. Told me to take the car back to the first signature. I told their manager said that if today they can not write a report to me, I can not take the car signature, if I signed it on behalf of me to accept the amount out of their results. After today, I asked the manager must come out to help me solve the problem, because I use the car tomorrow to do business. The manager said he did not empty tomorrow to go outstation business.
So my car until now have been SERVICE CENTER, can not be used.
Now I do not understand why they are very experienced in specialized automotive repair professionals under HONDA ACCORD, why they perceive to reduce the severity of so many useless engine oil, their company did not take into account the life and safety of consumers, in case of engine failure resulting in an accident, who is responsible?


BTaylor July 25, 2014 at 2:52 pm


I am really sorry to trouble you but do not know what else to do.

My Honda CRV which I bought from Honda in Bracknell, England…is unuseable because it appears the Air conditioner compressor is kaput.. I live most of my time in France and bought what I thought was one of the most reliable cars on the market ( I have had two Honda CRV’s before). I looked up on the internet about the problem with this model and it says it has an extended warranty for 100.000 miles or 7 years (for this particular
complaint) my car has 68800 miles on the clock so one would assume its covered. I asked many questions when I bought from the garage and at no time was anything ever mentioned about air con problems on these cars (obviously they wouldn’t mention it because I would not buy it). It also appears there is a world wide warranty extension for this complaint.

I had a long conversation with a really nice gentleman in your customer service department Honda Uk this morning and he said nothing could be done….I explained that there were three Honda garages in France within an hours drive that I could take it to…I was told it would have to go back to England which seems ludicrous to me when the car is not driveable.

I just do not know what to do…I have a car thats not paid for (another year to go), undriveable…has an obvious problem that is well doXXXXented all over the world and yet nobody wants to assist. I am 64 years of age on a pension, want a peaceful life and a car that I thought would see me out my driving days.

I have survived quite a lot in my life believe me but this has me completely beaten.

I just wondered if you could do anything at all to help me.

Regards and thank you for your time.
Hai watashi wa anata no nayami ni wa hontōni mōshiwakearimasenga, jikkō suru ta ni nani ka wakaranai. Sore wa eakon no konpuressā ga nozomi o tata reta. Watashi wa Furansu de no watashinojikan no hotondo o iki, watashi ga omotta koto wa ue de mottomo shinrai-sei no takai kuruma no hitotsudatta katte hyōji sa remasunode, watashi wa burakkuneru, Igirisu de Honda kara kōnyū shi, watashi no Honda CRV wa… Unuseabledesu ichiba (watashi wa 2 Honda CRV no mae ni motte ita) o. Watashi wa, kono moderu no mondaiten ni tsuite wa, intānetto-jō ni mite, sore wa sore wa 1 ga kabā sa reta to kateidaronode, (kono tokutei no kujō no tame ni) watashi no kuruma wa tokei ni 68800 mairu o motte iru 100. 000-Mairu, matawa 7-nenkan no enchō hoshō o motte iru to iimasu. Watashi wa garēji kara kōnyū shi, jikan ga nai toki ni, kore made korera no kuruma ni kūki sagi no mondai ni tsuite genkyū nanika (watashi wa sore o kōnyū shinainode, akiraka ni, karera wa sore o genkyū shinaidearou)datta toki, watashi wa ōku no XXXXXsumon o XXXXXa. Mata, kono kujō no tame no sekai-tekina hoshō enchō ga aru hyōji sa remasu. Watashi wa sore o toru koto ga dekiru jikan no doraibu-nai de Furansu no 3 hondagarēji ga atta koto o setsumei shi. … Watashi wa kesa, anata no kokyaku sābisu bumon, Honda, Igirisu de hontōni sutekina shinshi to no nagai kaiwa o shimaXXXXXashi, kare wa nani mo shinai koto ga dekiru to iimaXXXXXa··· watashi wa, sore ga kuruma ga kudō kanōdenai baai, watashi ni kokkei omowareru modo~tsuIgirisu ni ikanakereba naranaidarou to iwa remaXXXXXa. Watashi wa chōdo watashi ga kuruma ga (iku tame ni betsu no toshi) no tame ni shiharawa rete inai thats no motte iru… Nani o suru ka wakaranai, undriveable… Yoku sekaijū ni bunsho-ka sa re, mada dare mo shien XXXXXai to kangaete inai meihakuna mondai ga aru. Watashi wa nenkin ni taisuru nenrei no 64-sai wa, heiwana seikatsu to watashi wa watashi no unten-bi watashi o sanshō XXXXXe kudasaidarou to omotta kuruma ga hoshīdesu. Watashi wa watashi o shinjite watashinojinsei no naka de hijō ni ōku seizon XXXXXe iruga, kore wa watashi wa kanzen ni nagura remaXXXXXa. Anata wa watashi o tasukeru tame ni, mattaku nani mo shinakatta baai, watashi wa chōdo gimon ni omoimaXXXXXa. Yoroshiku, anata no jikan o arigatōgozaimaXXXXXa.


Ricardo Antonio July 23, 2014 at 11:17 pm

Hello, I am Ricardo From Mexico City

I addressed my Accord to the 40,000 km-service and I also requested the left rearview mirror to be changed because it was broken.

I realised that the rearview was changed, but the technician broke the security support case when trying to release the mirror and he put the broken security support again with a dreadful job.

Where and who in Mexico may I contact to set up a formal complaint?


Alkiviades Vardikos July 23, 2014 at 8:17 am

Hello, I would like to tell me about their rights of service manual.. May I digitize a manual and then exposure to a website?

Thank you


F. Andrew Dixon July 10, 2014 at 6:29 am

I purchased a new Honda City car from M/s. Sundaram Honda, Coimbatore, India in the last week of June 2014 only to find that one door has been repainted and that too in a different shade which is clearly visible only when parked under direct sunlight. My grievance for replacement of the repaired car that was sold as new is not redressed until now. Please forward this email to the concerned for immediate redressal in line with the standards and protocol of HONDA.

The contact persons in the dealer M/s. Sundaram Honda, Coimbatore, India are as follows:

Mr. Murali – Business Head – 0091 9940 100135
Ms. Anusha – Sales – 0091 9994 398109

Thanks / Regards
0091 9444543844


FRANKIE July 4, 2014 at 10:08 am



Ivan Teo July 4, 2014 at 2:41 am

Dear Honda HQ,

I bought a MY2012 Honda Jazz in Feb 2013 from a dealership in Perth, Western Australia. Since then, the car always has a ‘woong woong’ sound from start off, especially when we make a right turn… We have sent it umpteen times in for check and repairs but to date, no valid explanation has been given plus they are not able to find the source of the problem. Really hope you guys have the answer for us… 🙁

From a very disappointed and frustrated customer,


George J. Gorman III June 27, 2014 at 9:21 pm

Dear Honda,
I have a 2009 Honda Accord that I am very happy with. Previously I was a diehard GM fan. (I have several older GM Cars, one a 1964, 1970 , etc.
I am a Mechanical Engineer and have been working on cars as a novice for many years. Lets get to the point…Recently, I put the sun visor down but it let out a loud crack and now it droops and does not fully retract. I had to purchase a new one at …Over $100!! This is ridiculous. I have one car that is 50 years old , One is 40 years old and a 1998 Honda Accord where the sun visors are still ok and functioning correctly. How did you design these sun visors that cannot be repaired cheaply and why are they breaking.
Angrily, George J. Gorman III


Romeo June 24, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Last June 22, 2014, I was at Norm Reeves Honda to find out if I could trade in my 2013 Honda Accord Sport to get a new Civic LX, so I could at least lower my monthly payment from $382. Surprisingly, I was told I could no do a lease, only another purchase, so the monthly would be higher for the new Civic LX than my 2013 Accord Sport.

So, I did not pursue for the Civic LX. However, I notice the Norm Reeves appraisal of my 2013 Accord Sport was only $15,500 ( at 23,339 miles.

But when I got home, I double check the trade in value on at 23,500 miles, the result was $18,275..

The difference is significant, no wonder I would pay more for the Civic LX. Thank goodness, I would have been shorted by almost $3,000, had I purchased the Civic LX. Is this unjust appraisal pricing I get for my being a loyal customer since 2004? I thought to myself, I already did this 3 times, 2005, 2008, & 2012, and wonder did I get a fair appraisal during those trade-in’s?

At this time, I don’t ever want to go Norm Reeves, until I am convinced that there is certain degree of fairness in appraisal of trade in, not just getting a better deal.


Kirti Solanki June 21, 2014 at 7:31 am

The worst experience ever faced in the automobile industry. Against my better judgement i bought a Honda City , thinking that such big a brand would have excellent after sales service. Since the past 50 days my car is lying at their service center and all one hears from them is we dont have the parts available.

Wind up the company and buzz off for all I care. I have decided to approach the consumer grievance cell and claim damages both for the emotional trauma and the inconvenience that my 60 year old father faces everyday due to lack of car at his disposal.


Seema Verma June 12, 2014 at 9:09 am

HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!! I was elated when I heard that my car is being delivered to me today. For the first time in my life I was buying a Sedan. I’m already a proud owner of a SWIFT. When i bought my swift from Delhi i was so well treated that i considered that day as one of the most memorable days of my life. NOW, on 3rd June, when i went to receive my Sedan (as my birthday gift), i was so excited. BUT, i would like to mention that it turned out to be one of the worst days of my life. I was so badly treated. The temperature was 44-45 degrees Celsius and i and my family were shocked to see that the showroom was the showroom of HONDA, WHICH IS A GLOBAL CAR LEADER. The door was not there. Ac was not working and the windows were shattered. We complained to the sales staff about the scorching heat we were standing in and asked them to do the paper work ASAP so that we can leave home. The staff said that ACs never work here. We were all in sweat. I wanted to talk to the manager about this and one of the employees said that the manager was calling me in her cabin insted. haah!! She didn’t want to come out. Lo! her make-up must have been ruined lol. Still i asked her that we cannot sit here in this humid condition. She made faces and said, ” Are you feeling hot? I’m totally Okay.” She said if you want to have your car you have to sit and wait here. I tried to make her understand that we cannot sit in this condition and she kept on arguing . At last i had to end the argument. She left after that. I stood there helpless. After she went, the sales person Mr Dharampal kept apologizing for the misbehave of his manager as he had worked really hard to make me buy my HONDA CITY. 🙂


2) FILTHIEST SHOWROOM (You can see a showroom beautiful than yours of a bicycle in Jaipur)
4) NO A/C


I guess Sir Soichiro Honda had never imagined such disgusting and bad-tempered dealers selling his products.


Karina June 12, 2014 at 7:26 am

Good Afternoon.
I have a Honda Accord 2005 still in a very good condition apart from one thing, which is an exhaust manifold craking/leaking, all the fumes are in the inside of the car. I started having that problem on my holiday in Poland back in 2011 when the part was still under 7 years guaranty and had only 43 000 miles driven. As I was on holiday I went to the nearest Honda service in Opole, Poland and told them about the problem. Unfortunately, no one informed that I can claim the part and the repair for free as that is the producer fault and I still qualify.
I was only informed of the costs. I explained to the Honda service that I cannot afford the new part so they advised me that I should find someone who could weld the part and they will fit it back if all new gaskets/seals. So I did so, where I really should have had that part and repairs done for free. Today, the problem is back due to very poor quality of the material, the fumes are killing my family, but no one at the Honda service wants to take responsibility. I have contacted Honda Dealer and Service in Bognor Regis, England where I live, Honda UK, Honda Europe, Honda Service in Opole, Poland and they cannot explain why I was not given advice and I was charged for what I should not have been charged. Now, Honda UK rejected my claim saying that the car is 9 years old, although the car has still less than 120 000 miles. The car has been serviced mainly in Honda Service but that either does not mean a lot to them. I believe that people who are employed at Honda Service should have the basic knowledge of what can go under guaranty and they should give honest advice to their customers. I feel that I was ripped off and they charged me for what they should not. I hope you can help me to solve the problem and Honda UK will approve my claim. I have kept my invoice for the fitting dated 19.08.2011.
Kind Regards,


Raj Kamal kukreja June 3, 2014 at 10:47 am

This is to bring to your Notice that i had Booked new honda city Diesel on 2nd December 2013.I was promised to give the delivery im a month or 2.
I has been more than six months that i Have Booked the Car.
I have’nt Received my car till date.
I am very dissappointed with the Honda company,I never expected Such Poor Service from Honda Company.
The Car has been booked By the Name Of:Mr Raj Kamal Kukreja.
Address:36,Adarsh Nagar Rishikesh,Uttarakhand India.
Contact No.+91-9837604436.

Following Is the Detail of The Honda Dealer.
[ Postal Address ]
Divine Honda
Mohabbewala Industrial Area,
Saharanpur Road, Dehradun
[ Phones ]
0135-2645001 / 02 / 03 / 06

[ Mobiles ]
96390 16101 / 96390 16102

[ Fax ]

[ emails ]


emil June 2, 2014 at 7:32 am

Hi,I’m from Bulgaria and i’ve a problem with your dealership here.I have a Honda CR-V and hav had a problem with a slipping clutch.The guys here refuse to repair it since the car is out of guarranty but the problem started when it was still under guarranty and they repaired it without changing the dual mass flywheel.Now the problem has reappered ofcourse and they refuse to have anything to do with it.One of the guys have even lied to me that the dual mass flywheel HAS BEEN CHANGED which is a total lie.I don’t know what to do anymore,please can someone help me.Someone in Honda SHOULD CARE about Honda’s customers and that people working for them are treating your customers kile an idiots!!!PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO


jaleel May 20, 2014 at 11:39 am

Dear Sir,
I have one honda civic 2013 model which i have got before 4 month but i am experienceing problems like my battery is draining alternatively and cal will shutting down immediatly. once i depositing car to near delaler in uae Rashidiya service centre they are not willing to do replace the battery and there is rude behaviours from their side..
my mob no is 00971552335577 uae


Isabela Curbat May 15, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Honda Romania cheated us and stoled from its clients more than 39000 Euros, by its distributor HATCHI. We gave the value of half of a CR-V car and now they dissapered with the money and nobody does anything. It is not possible to take 16000 Euros from us and even if we have proves and all the doXXXXents nobody from Honda does not to anything! 16000 Euros is not a joke.


Mrs. Wan Ko WY May 14, 2014 at 12:30 am

Our family drove Honda Stream for about 6 years since my daughter were borned.
She got a question yesterday when her father changed a new pair of windscreen wiper .
” Why can’t we use transparent plastic materials for the windscreen wipers? So, there won’t be two black sticks wiping on the glass again!!So, disturbing !”
Is there any transparent windscreen wiper ?
Thx for your kindly reply for my daughter!

From Hong Kong


Satyanarayana Murthy May 8, 2014 at 9:23 am

I bought a Honda Amaze Petrol Variant in January 2014… speeds less than 20, car in second gear and the rpm is around 1000-1200-1500, the engine refuses to cooperate even when the accelerator pedal is floored…it takes about 10 crucial seconds to pick up speed….very dangerous 10 seconds in a moving traffic…..I am forced to come to the first gear even as the vehicle is moving…..


eawuirzwieurzw May 8, 2014 at 4:26 am

honda motorcycle USA


Otília Lima May 6, 2014 at 5:53 pm

This is information of public interest. Please, share it!

Never, ever buy an hybrid Honda in Portugal. After nine years, all revisions done in the brand (Santogal) and 104 000 kms, my car´s destiny is the scrapheap… The costs for the repair of the electrical batteries, IMA system, are largely superior to the value assigned to the car by Honda itself, before the vehicle breakdown had occurred.

At the moment you are considering the purchase, they´ll probably tell you (as they said to me) that the electrical batteries have a lifetime warranty, but reality is far too different, believe me. Who would buy an hybrid car, knowing that eight years later, with 160 000 kms, the repair costs would be superior to the car value?! The answer is obvious: no one would do such a thing!

Otília Lima


Myra May 6, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Why are they making the Honda element so cheap. The reason I am saying this is because my Mother has had an element since 2003 and the seats are coming apart. When taken to the dealer to complain. They dealership asked her is there any heavy people driving her car. I just thought that was a sorry excuse for an answer due to your equipment being cheap! Come on so what are you saying Honda your cars are made only for smurfs to drive it. Americans are what 80% if not more over weight these days but should that matter if you are making a vehicle for adults not children to drive. I alone have had 4 cars and I am pretty hippy myself but has NEVER had any of my seats rip apart!!!!!! That is just ridiculous. What type of material are you making your elements out of. This is the second person I know that has a honda and the inside is ripping appart. Can someone give me a true answer as to why the seats are coming apart at the seams? I’d like an answer from your corporate office if you don’t mind.


Sharon Kepler May 1, 2014 at 2:50 pm

I currently own a 2011 Honda CRV with less than 20,000 miles. Last year both front windows began to rattle. I brought the car to Krenzen Honda in Duluth, Minnesota three times to have the problem repaired. Each trip was a 150 mile drive. Parts were replaced on both windows. The drivers side window seems ok but the passenger window rattle is worse. The dealership told me there is no more they can do to fix the problem. I have been driving Hondas since 1979 and have never had a problem that couldn’t be fixed. Can you help?


Don April 30, 2014 at 6:42 am

Dear Honda

Why is it so difficult to contact Honda head offices? There is no e-mail address on line for Japan and I cannot easily detect one for Honda France? Also, why is it impossible to get a response from concessionaires in France regarding buying a brand new Honda maxi scooter? Why do they not bother responding at all? Here I am with a pot of money to spend on a brand new scooter and Honda have never replied. The nearest concession to where I live in France is Espace 7 near Limoges. I have tried e-mailing them in French and English but to no avail. I am now considering one of your competitors – Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, all of whom respond quite quickly. It’s very poor customer service. Not really encouraging people to buy Honda. The main Honda website asks for people to subscribe to e-mails. It’s as though Honda is only interested in sending out e-mails but doesn’t want to receive any!!! Communication and customer relations should be a two way thing. Very disappointed.


Vinay Saib April 28, 2014 at 2:29 pm

Hello Honda Motor Team,

After taking the delivery yesterday after repairs from Honda dealer, again the problem is resurfacing and the engine oil leakage has increased from the Car, nothing seems to be working well from the Honda India Motors. Brand New Honda City Car has been giving problem from day one.

Buying a new Honda City Car has become a headache / burden and leading to stressful and sleepless nights. Please suggest what next you want customer to do. Please immediately take back your defective product and refund my money.

Vinay Saib
9873461414/ 9810517074

On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Vinay Saib wrote:
Dear Honda Executives and leadership team in India, Japan and wherever responsible Honda chiefs are, if at all they listen to customers voice:

Hope you guys have little of customer centric values left and have little bit of quality consciousness that Japanese companies can be proud of. My experience with Honda product has been the worst in my life so far. As far as my association with global companies like Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Hyundai goes, I have had their product utilized by me over last 30 + years and never ever I had faced problem like this, even my current Mitsubishi Lancer has not been touched by Mechanics except for Oil filter change for last 15 years and same for Hyundai Santro for last 10 years.

The New Honda City that I have purchased from Honda has been giving me sleepless nights, the sequence of events is as follows:

1. Reported the pin heads (Paint defect) on car at the time of delivery, answer from dealer is – This is how it has come from Honda plant, basically answer is “We can’t do anything about this”. The attitude is, we are here to sell whatever defective / crap is being produced at Honda, we have got our money, your car is here (defective non defective, your problem), take it.

2. Reported Oil engine leakage from the engine component, first of all no one from Honda Principal / Plant cares to reply, dealer customer care calls up and send a mechanic who confidently gives a false report that “Sir I have checked Oil is coming out from the bottom of the car but it is not coming from engine, this oil must be the surplus oil which Honda (Plant people) might have put at the time of assembly and since we get the car by trailers so this might be falling out due to this, He cleaned the surplus oil which is on the bottom protective shield and confirmed that all will be good going forward. Total False claims and assessment.

3. After few days, the oil again started coming out of engine and started falling on floor, I further requested Honda dealer to check and went to dealership 20th April, 2014 , this is the first time Honda acknowledged that yes there is an engine oil leakage / defect and “Main Oil seal / plug” is needed to be replaced, part is not available in stock, it will come in few days, and we will let you know.

4. Today i.e 27th April, 2014, we went again to dealership, after taking off the GearBox and other important components, Honda realized that problem is deeper and it is some other chamber seal which will require chamber to be opened up and the chamber seal needs to be changed.

I am totally frustrated and I have decided to never ever buy Honda product and nor recommend Honda products to any of my acquaintance. I will also share my experience and make everyone aware of this quality of products that Honda India is creating and will also reach out to Japaneses Headquarters Chiefs (Fumihiko Ike, Takanobu ito and other senior SVPs, Director and CEO) and global media houses.

I will request Honda India chief to immediately return my money and take back their defective product at the earliest, failing which I will reach out to consumer court and Media houses / Social media platform to get justice. I am being humiliated and continuously stressed out from the time I have taken delivery of the Honda car for which I will request Honda global office to also compensate for mental harassment by Honda India office. Hope there is some senior management in Honda India / global who care about their product quality and customers.

Vinay XXXXar Saib

CC: Indian Media houses
CC: Social Media Sites
CC: – Mr. Jahangir (Consumer Activist)

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Vinay Saib wrote:
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I, Vinay XXXXar Saib R/o 505P, Sector 15-I, Gurgaon, have purchased a Honda City VXMT model car bearing Chassis No. MAGM654CEN000593, Engine No. L15Z11005451, vide Invoice No. 01026069, dated 24.03.2014 from Ring Road Honda- Bas Engineering Pvt. Ltd , MG Road Gurgaon, Haryana.

I have observed that the oil is leaking from the engine. The vehicle has been delivered with the oil leakage defect to me. There are also pin heads on the paint of the car which was shown to the sales consultant at the time of delivery. There is also a paint defect on the front bumper as well. It seems that the vehicle has been delivered to me without pre delivery inspection and the defected vehicle has been delivered to me. This is not at all expected from a company like Honda.

I request you to replace the defective vehicle ASAP or make refund of total payments immediately to me.

Thanking you,

Vinay XXXXar Saib
Mob. 9873461414,


Jim Parr April 28, 2014 at 10:16 am

I have a 2006 Honda Accord with only 78 thousand miles on it and the main rear seal went out, don’t you think that is a little early for something this major to go wrong? I have had Hondas since 1990 and have never had a problem with any of them. I would like to know what Honda is going to do about this problem? Waiting for your response.


Low CX April 18, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Dear Honda,

I am from KL Malaysia. Bought a Honda City Value added with GPS, rear camera and touch screen audio system one year ago. The GPS, rear camera and touch screen audio was sent to be dismantled due to the not responding touch and hang/stucked on the main page!

I have been waiting for the completion for more than 2 months and
I am totally lost confidence on your after sales service!!!!

The dealers and vendors and even HONDA MALAYSIA are pending my request and my follow up without providing me a proper explanation and compensation of this lost. and i am still waiting for them to fix it back for me!

I am sick of waiting and pushing the responsibility among the three parties mentioned above! It is totally a poorest customer service ever!


c mcgrath April 14, 2014 at 11:42 am

Trying to let corporate know you are not happy with a product is impossible!! My husband and I have leased Honda’s Crv and Accord for 30 plus years. The Crv this year is really a poor body design (ugly). The best was 2004 — 2 things a window that opens in the back (really miss) and you style (you had no blind spots). The price was always a problem, but now it is not a consideration for the terrible design. Looking at other car dealers. C McGrath.


Ahmed Allam April 9, 2014 at 5:28 am

Hi. I need to communicate with the hq office of Honda and I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone please tell me what the email is?
The two rear shocks in my civic 2012 have oil leakage only at 20,000 km, it is very depressing.
Thanks for any help or advice.\

Ahmed Allam


Thomas Crane April 3, 2014 at 10:22 am

I don’t know if anyone from the corporate office reads / responds to any comments listed, but I hope they read mine. I just want them to know they have lost another Honda customer. I am deeply upset about this, was looking to buy a new vehicle next year, but now it will have to be with another company, I really don’t want to but feel I have no choice. My problem is that after only 4 years (I have a 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid) I am now developing rust spots on the hood corners of my car. After my local dealer contacted Honda, they will not cover this. I could understand if it was 10 years old, but only 4 years??? I paid OVER $1,000.00 for that coating put on my car, but only for 4 years?? I’ve had 2 previous Civic Hybrids with the same service & had no rust. In fact my very 1st. car was a Honda Civic, it was 8 years old & not one spec of rust.

People tell me to get it fixed myself, but I am going for Soc. Sec. Disability, I’m not working & have no income. I’m not saying Honda should pay for this but when you get rust spots only after 4 years, there’s a problem, then it makes me feel that what else could be wrong?? I will be contacting my attorney & see what I can do to get a refund for that service for putting on that coating. I honestly believe if this was done properly, I wouldn’t be getting rust spots. You can contact me me at 567-274-XXXXX or email me at:
I have nothing against my dealership & will continue going there for service as long as I have my Civic. I am so dillusioned with Honda & what they stand for.. At least i got this off my chest whether anything is done or not.


Ribhav April 2, 2014 at 3:21 am

To Whomsoever it may concern.

With reference to my first complaint I will like to bring to your kind notice

I had a meeting for which I was called by Courtesy Honda today ie 31st march 2014 on their request made on 29th march 2014.

Following are the happenings during and after the meeting

In the meeting the concerned person (service head, Courtesy Honda) started to try and strong arm us as soon as we entered the cabin. The meeting was called to discuss the situation of the car and the earlier email i had sent expressing my concerns dated 25th march 2014 but the service head was bent on having a car inspection which he or his service staff had done last week ie 22nd march 2014 and he was not ready to reply to any questions that were raised by us in the email.
While leaving we were mishandled and actually pushed and shoved by the service head at the service centre and other members of the staff joined in with him. Also we were abused at with some really shameless and unacceptable language. Me and my colleague who had accompanied me were mentally and physically harassed.
I would like to bring this to your notice that it was an actual assualt inside the Honda service centre and if there are cctv cameras installed it will be clearly visible how the whole team was involved in the same.
We had to actually run out of the service centre to avoid getting beaten up by the staff and we were actually chased out.
I have received an email from Courtesy Honda after the incident, instead of being apologetic about the incident it is clear that they are trying to cover up their actions.
After the above actions I am considering a police complaint against m/s courtesy honda.

I shall be eager to respond to any inquiry from your end regarding the above mentioned incident.

Please note: I have a recording of the conversation.

As a customer I am deeply saddened by the above happenings as this is never expected from such a reputed organization.

Ribhav Kapur


De Michele Celestino March 27, 2014 at 8:01 am

Hi all, I try to contact the Honda motor or direction for a long time to send them a file, I also tried a emali address of the Director Takanobu Ito, but until now I did not succeed, can you help me look for an email address I can send a file that perhaps you might be interested? Thank you.


Bill Powers March 21, 2014 at 7:15 pm

Okay, I’m going to be a little long winded so please forgive me. My wife and I own a 2006 Honda Accord. This vehicle has 152.000 miles on it and has been a good car. She bought the car before we were married as she felt the long life expectancy was a positive one. In March of 2014 we received a recall from Honda as it pertains to the power steering line. NHTSA Recall 12V222. We took the car into our local dealership for repair. The Honda trained mechanic contacted us and told us that if he changed the power steering line it would put out to much pressure and cause the power steering pump to fail. My response, well if that happens looks like to me Honda will be replacing the power steering pump. Simple really, if a line is recalled due to a “safety” issue and this part causes the pump to fail, well its like placing a Band-Aid on a broken arm. The “safety” issue is not been addressed and this makes no since. To further this the Honda trained mechanic said that from his training and experience he has had several power steering pumps fail after he replaced the power steering recalled line. He said he was sorry, but his hands were tied. Now the mechanic did not have to address the issue, he could of replaced the line and said nothing, but he did not. This speaks volumes for this mans character and being honest goes a long way with me. They further stated that I needed to contact Honda and deal with them.
I contacted Honda and was so surprised to hear that they would only replace the power steering line and not the power steering pump. See Band-Aid comment. I spoke to three separate people about this and I cant believe that they cant see it. They provided me a case number of N032014-03-2101566. I learned from the second lady I talked to that this was a number they just give people as my complaint was not going to go any further. Basically this is a shut up number. The third person I talked to said well sir the car has 152.00 miles on it. Now I found this funny as Honda gets on national television and is proud of the long life expectancy of their vehicles.
Now I’m not the smartest man alive, but I do know the difference between right and wrong. If a vehicle part is recalled for a” safety” issue, and this part causes a greater “safety” issue, why isn’t the whole thing being dealt with? Honda’s stance, the power steering line will only be replaced and if this power steering line causes the power steering pump to go out, well that’s just to bad. I will be contacting the National Transportation Administration to inform them of the stance Honda has taken as well. Do I want to do this, well to be honest no, but this makes no since. If a Honda trained mechanic says, if he replaces the recalled power steering hose, it is going to cause the current power steering pump to fail, well fix it all.
I’m hoping to hear from someone in the main offices that have some degree of common since and can understand what I’m talking about.


K l koo March 20, 2014 at 5:35 am

Hi, I own a 2009 civic hybrid from new and every time I leave the car not driven for 2 nights, I will need jump start cables or else the car won’t start, my singapore local agent Kah Motor has looked into the problem several and each time telling me there’s nothing wrong with the car, but I’ve got this problem since day 1… Can some one pls help?


ivan March 19, 2014 at 7:36 am

Hi, I’m 31 years old,and a Honda costumer since 2003. I’ve had 6 Hondas: Two Accords, two civics and two Fits. I have a Honda Fit at the moment. It’s a 2013, 2GN, 1.4 16v, 105hp. I really like to ask you, what’s Honda waiting to put a 9 speed like, cvt transmission in all your cars. To increase fuel economy in at least 30%. My Fit does 15 Km/L at 100 Km/H. But at 3 thousand rpms. What is too much (in my opinion). I saw your new Vtec Turbo line. I hope it’s out soon. I can’t wait to drive a 1.5 turbo Vtec with 200hp, and 25 Kgms of Torque (as a 2.5 engine) doing 20 Km/L at 140 Km/H.
I’m waiting for your Technology. Thank you!

……………..Ivan m.


Vishal aggarwal March 14, 2014 at 2:34 am

I have booked new honda city vx cvt
Please tell me delivery dates
as acording to dealer it will deliver in may
Please tell me exect dates


Ayman March 10, 2014 at 2:30 am

How can I complaint about Honda Qatar? I need contact such as head office email or even corporate please.


Janet Long March 8, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Dear Honda. Honda of Richardson, Texas has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced! I wish I could take this car back and get a Toyota! The car that I bought has a DVD player, the salesman lost the remote to the DVD player then he lied continously saying he did not have the remote. The salesman showed us the remote. We asked him how did it work, he said ley him go and get the book. My husband and I saw him take the remote out of the car to go and get a book. His name is James Brown.. I bought a 2012 Honda CRV, I will never go to Honda again! The manager refuses to answer or return our phone calls. They are telling us there is no remote. We moved to Killeen right after buying the car and went to the Honda dealership to try to get help with the DVD player and we were told it was supposed to have a remote. Richardson Honda wants us to drive 3 hours to see if they have a remote for us. Honda Corporate Office, please call me at 254 239-XXXXX to resolve this matter ASAP. Thank you.


william ciccotti March 4, 2014 at 3:31 pm

My son Bill has a 2003 CRV. He has driven cross country 3 times in it and “Big Blue” as he calls it, is running like a top. He has slept in the car on several ski trips. Bill has taken video on a go pro from different angles going through mountains and deserts of the car driving. It looks pretty good. He was wondering if you would like to see it? Also if you would be interested in using any of his clips in and Honda projects. All my kids drive CRVs. My daughter Jennifer has a 2000, my son Bill a 2003, my wife Kathy a 2007 and finally myself a 2008. We are a Honda family. Please get back to me. Thank you Bill Ciccotti, Scranton Pa.

PS Birney Honda is where we buy all our cars and they have a top shelf service department.


Judie pham March 4, 2014 at 1:40 am

I spoke to 4 people I financial department; they all denied. After, I get very mad and being really rude. They finally made the correction, but I have to be there hours of hours before this problem fix. I was cried do to their liers and liers… I recommend new buyers, please watch out on this dealer locate at Westminster and beach blvd California. They are bunch of lier people working their.


Judie pham March 4, 2014 at 1:46 am

I am seeking for lawyer to sue this dealer. They hurt my dignity and give me a lot of headache. If lawyer out their reading my messages and can help me. Please email with lawyer info @


Judie pham March 4, 2014 at 1:33 am

I just brought a new card accord ex 2014. The salesmen are lier as so the people in the financial department. I feel that I was cheated by the honda dealer located in Westminster and beach…. Attention to buyers, please be very careful and read over the lease or purchase contract before you sign. They did my lease contract all wrong; I came back on the 3rd days to have them correct, but they avoid to do so. The financial avoid to help correct the lease buy put all the blames to me because I didn’t read before I signed. And yes, this is my big mistake; however, the salesman that help me leasing the car was lier (vinh Nguyen) and the financial prepare the doXXXXent was not explain the lease. He just said sign here and signed there. They don’t coordinate the deal between the salesmen and the financial processor. After u signed u done. Even though they are a lier. They just laugh at your stupid and walk away with out help.


Nancy collard February 27, 2014 at 5:14 pm

To whom this may concern, I have a 2008 Honda Accord and we bought it brand-new from a dealer. In the car we bought those rubber floor mats. The expensive ones. We made the mistake of buying the beige / tan ones. Honda needs to just admit that they made a huge mistake in having that color of floormat. These floormats get very very dirty and always look terrible. I have had numerous Honda people try to clean them and they never clean up good enough to look halfway decent. today I finally took them out of my car went to a Honda dealer and bought the black ones so that my car didn’t look filthy all the time. Those tan floor mats need to be recalled you should not sell them to anyone because the bottom of any shoe that is black makes a mark on these floor mats. They are terrible. Honda should admit it and they should get a hold of those people that have them and ask them if they want to trade them out. Or they need to make it out of a better material that is more scuff resistant that will not show the black marks of shoe the minute you enter the car. We love Hondas. We have owned five of them in our lives. This is really the only complaint I have had over all these years. Sincerely yours, nancy collard


Marcus February 23, 2014 at 5:38 pm

I have a 2010 honda accord ex-l. I purchased the extended warranty and felt very satisfied with my car until now. Recently a noise has been coming from under the engine, first they told me it was the belts, I got that fixed. Then they said it the battery was no good, I got that fixed. Metro honda in jersey city nj. The noise is still there and I know it’s the alternator but they refuse to fix it. My warranty states that if for any reason they can not fix the problem I get a loner car until it’s fixed or I get a new car. They refuse to give me a loner car. Customer service like this will make me not return to honda to purchase another car.


Mark Eagan February 21, 2014 at 4:53 am

I recently purchased a Honda CRV 2014 on 2/14/14 @ Waldorf Honda in MD. My fiancé also purchased a similar model and year. The salesman Hal did an excellent job for both of us providing a test drive and working a deal we each could feel good about. The problem started once we got back home and reviewed our paperwork and discovered that we did not receive our $500 in flex cash. Your sales manager Mike had taken our $500 and added it to the price of the vehicle after we had reached an agreement, then deducted as part of our down payment. I feel as though this $500 was mine to do with as I wanted and not his to inflate the price of the vehicle so he would make himself a better deal. Never during our dealing process was this $500 flex cashed mentioned by anyone. It only appeared at financing and it was quickly explained away and the papers were signed. I feel this was very deceiving by your sales manager and he “robbed” both of us of $500 and that is very disturbing. We plan to further investigate this with Honda Corporate, Honda Finance and Maryland’s Better Business Bureau to ensure this doesn’t happen to any other future customers of your dealership.

This was my first dealings on a Honda and most likely my last. I have purchased several vehicles in the past 40yrs. and I never felt that I was taken advantage of until now. I can assure you I will never purchase from your dealership again and I will let anyone I know who may be considering purchasing from you to go elsewhere or at the very least bring an armed guard so this doesn’t happen to them.


Adel T February 16, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Unavailabilty of genuine 2005 HONDA civic transmission fluid ATF Z1

Hello ladies , Gentemen ,

I would really appreciate your urgent assistance on a technical issue pertaining to the automatic transmission oil change for my Honda civic 2005.

Having browsed through scores of website with this regards today , Honda is absolutely adamant the sole condition to replace the automatic transmission fluid with THE GENUINE HONDA ATF DW1 , the huge nerve-wrecking big problem I am facing here is that I am stationned in ALGERIA north Africa and this specific fluid does not exist at all because Honda left Algeria in 2006 and never came back so far , no dealers , distributors or retailers at all , no spare parts you name it ….

To which end , I have stopped by some car dealers and garages today asking them about the automatic transmission fluids available here and all they have right now aside from the couterfeit and bad quality brands is CASTROL ATF …. which the best reliable brand here so far.

As matter stand now , my intent is to stop by the 3 other Japanese official distributors i.e. Nissan ,Toyota and Suzuki here , request their maintenance experts what transmission fluid do they put all of the Nissan , Toyota’s and Suzuki’s.

That being said , the one million $ question for you guys ( actually 2 queries ! ) if you don’t mind are :

A/ May I use Castrol Dexron III transmission fluid or Nissan , Suzuki or Toyota ?

B / Is my 2005 honda civic EX sedan equipped with a basic automatic transmission gearbox or a CVT one ?

C/ How about that far-fetched story of flushing the gearbox with10 quarts of auto fluid oil ? shall I just carry out a plain fluid change once , knowing that my Honda civic reached 194.000 km whareas the last trannny auto change was carried out at 177.000 km .

FYI , the fluid is getting brownish

That is it , Hope some Good samlaritans at Honda HQ Edmunds will stand in my shoes and understand my urgent concern here.

Thanks a million for your assistance ladies & Gents & look forward to receiving your prompt feedback.

Sincerely Yours



john Shaw February 13, 2014 at 12:12 pm

I would like the email address of your CEO Mr Takanobu Ito

Thank you


Driss Cherrat February 10, 2014 at 11:20 pm

So I got a quote over the phone for a specific car on Bell Honda Phoenix AZ lot. I drove 36 miles based on that quote. When I got there and after I test drove the car I was given a much higher price. The salesman and I actually listened to the recorded conversation where I was given a lower price. Bell honda refused to honor the deal based on $600 loss. I will never go back there and neither will anyone I know. This is simply embarrassing to a dealer this size!!!


dolphin1989 February 8, 2014 at 10:53 pm

Hi! I’m looking for a new engine to the transmission on a Honda coupe SE 1997. I would appreciate specific information. Regards Amir.


A K SAXENA February 7, 2014 at 12:42 am

I have booked Honda Amaze SMT Petrol (Red Colour) on 15/1/2014 with advance of Rs 21000 thro.Rahul Kalra sales executve & he intemated delivery date is 31/1/2014
On dated 29/1/14 rahul ring me for change of colour in reply i refused to change the colour.On dated 30/1/2014 he again called me says that there is technical problem in red colour & booked car is not coming ,Again says if any other colour u want, will be available.On quiry to other dealers of honda,They says there is no tech.problem in red colour & we will provide u in 10 days.Again I contact to Rahul He says others reasons, even not informing the exact reasons he telling lies.Next day I contacted Sale Manager Sh Aditya Srivastava He said tomorow i will intimate the next delivery date
Till date neither Sales Manager nor sales Exec,intemated the delivery date. nor he responding my phone.On dated 5/2/2014 Rahul ask me you can cancel the booking
As i have taken car advance of Rs 500000 from our deptt on 14/1/14 & rule of our deptt. is that if i could not submit the purchase doXXXXent with in 30 days ,will return the advance money with intrest.
,You are requested to intemate who is responsible ? who will bear the intrest which i have to deposit in our deptt? this is breach of contract & faith of brand Honda.
In view of above facts,u are requested to expedite the matter & ensure that booked car Amaze SMT petrol (red colour) will be delivered before 14/2/14 with leavy of penality against mental harrassment & time spend for such stupid & unwanted reasons
D4/3,NHPC Colony,Sec.41,Faridabad


larry stevens February 4, 2014 at 11:40 am

i am a longtime honda lover. i want to upgrade from my 2006 civic hybrid that will have 250000 miles. i really want a honda vezel hybrid 4wd. i do not want a turbo. how about trying to make this dream come true in the next year or two. thanks larry


Jeff Bowen January 27, 2014 at 6:15 am

Dear Sirs,
I have a working prototype of a 2013 honda civic BIFUEL/CNG and gasoline.
I drive it daily. I have discovered some things honda would like to know.
contact me at


Wayne Powell January 26, 2014 at 2:15 pm

Looking to purchase the new Honda Pioneer ATV side x side. I am having issues with on line posted video of several of these models negotiating a hill in 4 wheel drive only to see them just stall 9stop moving). No wheel spin or digging they just stop moving forward or digging. This could be very dangerous if on a very long &steep ascension as turning around may not be an option.
Until this has been clarified I will look elsewhere for my off road products. Thought Honda to be more engaged and active with not only their products but their consumers as well.
It would appear to this consumer that Honda would rather stay isolated from their own consumers rather than inter act with them.This attitude makes me very weary of their corporate attitude. Talking to a dealer generally does not accomplish a lot where as speaking to R & D and/or management seems to work much better. What is Honda HIDING FROM ? Very frustrated , at least this consumer is.
I believe that it would be in the best interests of both Honda and the consumer to have some form of feed back to management at Honda DIRECTLY. Very disappointed and frustrated by this corporate philosophy personally.


Charles Nevil January 23, 2014 at 3:42 pm

For 14 years, I have driven only one model car, and that is the Acura MDX. I am presently driving my 5th MDX, and find it to be a special and magnificent car, in most respects.

I must tell you however, that I will not purchase another, and will be switching my loyalty to Lexus where, from the experience my wife has. customers are always number one. My experience with American Honda has been so disappointing, and now, after 4 other MDX cars, I have a complaint, one which is not denied by your employees, but one which they will do nothing about, nor even treat me with dignity on the subject.

Please, if you will, see the material below, and then you will understand why I will no longer be your client when it is time for me to purchase or lease my next vehicle.


Charles H. Nevil

Notification of Case Change (All times are GMT-0500)

Workspace: NHTSA Hotline Center
Case: Back up Camera Acura 2014 MDX
Case Number: 598258

Date: 01/22/2014 Time: 18:12:13
Creation Date: 01/22/2014 Creation Time: 12:57:59

Entered on 01/22/2014 at 18:12:13 EST (GMT-0500) by A P:

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Vehicle Safety Hotline Information Center.

If you are interested in filing a complaint you may call our Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you.

You may also visit our web site at for information pertaining to Recalls and Defects. The site will provide you with the following resource information:

•Compliance Testing Database
•How To File a Complaint
•Early Warning Reporting Assistance
•Questions and Answers on Recalls and Defects
•View Existing Defect Investigations
•Monthly Defect Investigation Reports
•Search Technical Service Bulletins

We hope that you find this information helpful. However, if you need additional information on our services please feel free to contact us at 1-888-327-4236.

Thank you, Response Team

Disclaimer: “This response is for information purposes only and does not constitute an official communication of the U.S. Department of Transportation. For an official response, please write U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, West Building, Washington, DC 20590.

Entered on 01/22/2014 at 12:57:59 EST (GMT-0500) by
Sender Name: Charles Nevil
Sender Email:
Subject: Back up Camera Acura 2014 MDX
Comments: Since 2000, I have driven only one brand and one model of automobile, the Acura MDX. I am driving my 5th MDX and mechanically, the new model is fabulous, with one exception. The Reverse Back Up Camera on these cars has always been mediocre as far as night images are concerned. But in the 2014 model, at night, it is so blurred and indistinct as to make it almost unsafe to use. I have discussed this problem with my dealership and with Acura factory reps for over three months, and while they admit there have been other complaints and that, in fact, the visual from night use is not as good as in previous models, they issue only the party line, “the camera meets factory specifications”. I submit that the batteries on our new Boeing 787 also met factory specifications, and we know that the airplane had to be grounded for months because of the battery’s failure to perform correctly. I was further advised that even if they were to take corrective measures, I would not benefit since they could probably not retrofit my vehicle. I have tested the camera against another brand of auto and against another 2014 Acura MDX. The Acura unit is simply no equal to the Lexus I tested against, nor is the other Acura better performing. The camera simply is not good enough for expected safety assistance. The tests were side by side A-B tests. I would request that this manufacturer be made to carefully run engineering tests on the failing part and if tests prove what I am advising, that replacements be made to bring the 2014 Acura MDX up to expected safety standards.


Koh Yen Peng January 14, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Dear Customer care,

I believe ‘’ Honda’’ , I choose ‘’ Honda’’ , due to i know noted ‘’ Honda’’ care their client, let all customer satisfaction .

Based on my order confirmation sheet (refer to my attached), my car should delivery to me by early Jan 2014.

But really disappointed ,Malaysia, Johor Bahru Branch sales manager Mr Muhammad Alfiap Bin Baba,ask me to wait until further notification.

I call to ‘’ Honda” care line, same response to me too.

As global brand “Honda”, I believe that should be have international standard operation procedure and system ,

well trained to all ‘’ Honda” staff and other Honda committee members. Not just simply answer to client as’’ wait until further notification”

Please verification and advice my order and delivery status.

Your prompt response much appreciated.

I hope “Honda” can take action to “Honda Malaysia” A.S.A.P

**This comment is from Malaysia

Best Regard,
Mr Koh Yen Peng

My Phone No.: 60-12-785 8938
Address: No.38 & 40, Jalan Kemuliaan 2,
Taman Universiti, 81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.


hagop Nalbandian January 10, 2014 at 4:59 pm

I am so pissed off honda has limited the colors on manaul. Why would u have red and not the best color sliver good job honda I didn’t buy a honda. I love sliver accords coupe in manaul best choice. Honda is dumb no sale from me.


rajXXXXar hissaria December 29, 2013 at 6:05 am

I have bought Honda brio in April 2013 from linkway Honda malad , being very satisfied with my 2004 Honda city which I still going good. But now your company has degraded the quality and standard.
Your salesman and company booklet said that brio will give fuel average of 18+km/lt but we are getting just 7.5. When I complained your person arranged me first service call, but that also couldn’t make it better.
And now from past 2 months vibrating and dangling noise is coming from front and rear tyres. This has really disappointed me.
I do wish to get it repaired as no use Awaiting for reply
RajXXXXar hissaria

Honda brio: MH 01 BG 4011
CH NO: MAKDD174ADN105010
Honda city: MH 04 CB 9663


Neoh December 21, 2013 at 9:19 pm

2 years ago, I bought an exclusive, executive and stylish Honda Accord. My whole family are very happy with the car performance and it comfort. Why I bought accord is because of the brand I trusted for so long. I drove Honda Civic before Accord and there is no reason for me to change to other car brands until recently I saw a news saying that Honda Accord sell over to Proton. What?? My luxury and executive car become a local car now in Malaysia?? I felt like foolish to drive Honda Accord on the road now. All my friends are talking about this, and laughing at me. I bought my wife to see CRV on September and now just forget it. NO more trust in Honda anymore. NO Honda car in the rest my life. I truly don’t know how to express my disappointment on HONDA, felt like being cheated. I hope Honda can explain to all the Honda Accord users in Malaysia.


Rohit Gambhir December 21, 2013 at 11:32 am

Dear Sir,

We had given our car (Honda Brio TN 06 J 9436) In India – Chennai for Service.

After 3 weeks of many calls; emails and follow ups – my wife received the car.











SOME of my emails / complaints sent earlier are as below.

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Customer Relations wrote:

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to your trailing communication.

We sincerely regret to learn of your feedback with us.

We are understanding the details of the matter from our dealership M/s Capital Honda, Chennai and request you to kindly bear with us. In the meanwhile,we are advising our dealership to get in touch with you and address your concern.

For any further concern/query you may please write back to us or let our Honda One 2 One representative hear from you at 1800-113-121 or 011-39898918.

Assuring you the best of our services at all times.


Parampreet Singh
Customer Relationship Management
Honda Cars India Ltd., Greater Noida

Date: 16/12/2013 14:36
Subject: Honda Car India :: Service Feedback Information


Service Feedback Details







User Pincode





















Car Reg.No.


TN 06 J 9436



Capital Honda-Before Perungudi Toll Plaza



Very Very Poor service for simple accident repair. No communication – we have to call every time; NO Commitment kept; PARTS NOT AVAILABLE; Very Very Poor record keeping; NO SYSTEMS – WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN !! WORST POSSIBLE SERVICE AS COMPARED TO ANY OTHER COMPANY –




Paul December 19, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

I just brought a Honda CRV a few months ago and it’s great except for the Bluetooth.
My Phone is a Sony (Xperio tipo dual) Model ST21a2
It works for a while then all of a sudden it toggles between the car handsfree and then back to my phone. (Maybe picking up other phones cause I first noticed the problem when a friend sat in my car with another mobile )
I mentioned this problem when I had my first car service however they did not seem to know much about the problem and it appeared to me that they just wanted to service the car and forget about any fancy overheads.
I had a look on the web and it seems that many people are having problems.
I thought that with all the technology that Honda has, a simple Bluetooth problem would be easy to fix.
Also can my CD be replaced with a DVD/GPS unit?




Adam Leong December 16, 2013 at 1:23 am

Disgrace to have a honda accord in Malaysia as u guys are so fool to sell this accord gen8 to Proton…i use to have a big smiley face driving your honda accord around and now i feel like a stupid fool driving a accord around cause its been sold to proton…bring us some justice…this is my 4 th accord and its really shameful to see this…i m really really felling disgusted with honda now…u guys really sucks!!!


Adam Leong December 16, 2013 at 12:01 am

I m a big fans of your Honda…i been driving 4 honda accord including the current one…and i thought of changing another honda this time..CRV…so i went to the dealer here and trade in my current accord..and what they told me is my current accord has no second hand value anymore due to my model of accord is due to sell to Proton as their replacement models…how the hell this thing happen??and it doenst sound fair at all to us…later if i buy a crv again then the same thing will happen??i m very very unhappy bout this all this while honda doesn’t practice this things…especially to proton..the image of honda has been dark in my heart now…and i cannot get any good value to trade in my car…i suggest you people do something about this problem…u should do something about your image in Malaysia…the good image has be tarnished and be expecting a downfall of sales in Malaysia???as people always say learn from other peoples mistake!!!!!!your arent the first who makes this mistake!!!!i m hoping to hear from your people to see what response are u guys giving back to me…


Sonny December 12, 2013 at 11:15 pm

In August I ordered All New Honda Accord 2013 and I received it in September 2013. Star from the beginning there were problem with its GPS and SRS. The GPS coundn’ catch any signal from GPS Satellittes and the SRS Indicator was on. When I claimed it to the dealer, they try to fix and exchange the SRS switch but the GPS was still broken. My brand new car was stayed for about 2 months for fixing the GPS but still they couldn’t repair it. They had exchanged the GPS unit twice but nothing change. 2 technicians from Honda Jakarta were sent to fix the problems and after examining for 2 days they decided to change the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). I went well just for 1 day, after that the GPS errored again. it seems like they had already gave up. Yesterday Honda Jakarta asked that the film (Ray Band) of the windshield to be tear off. It didn’t make sense, because they had tried it in open area with all windows open but still error. So yesterday I said to the dealer, please give me a Brand New Unit. My car had been staying in Honda for 2 months (remember I bought it in September 2013) and i just used the car for one week. Is this the policy of Honda? How long should I wait for the car to be fixed (and in fact they had gave up)? I think this is a “CRIPPLED UNIT in Production”. Not to mention the time which I had wasted just for checking my car for the last two months, the leasing which I still paid without using the car (US $ 55,0000). The Dealer was very helpful and friendly but I want an answer. This is the most expensive (5 seaters) Honda which is available in my hometown. Can you imagine my feeling seeing my Brand New car was ripped apart with no solution? Deep in my heart had rejected the car (the present unit). I love Honda, with all its innovation but not THE CRIPPLED CAR in line of production.

Sonny T. Lisal, MD, Ph.D, Psychiatrist
Lecturer and Chair of Psychiatric Specialization
Department of Psychiatry, Hasanuddin University
South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Cell: +62-816254868


Ann Bartasius December 11, 2013 at 11:34 am

Your recent run of holiday commercials featuring Michael Bolton are absolutely repugnant.

I mute your commercials on live TV just so that I am not subjected to his straining, screeching, ear piercing voice. It’s absolute torture.

He’s nothing to look at either.

I will NEVER purchase a Honda product because of this disgusting display of an untalented, annoying and repulsive so-called entertainer well beyond his prime.

Ann Bartasius


W.F.Choi December 11, 2013 at 8:04 am

Dear Honda,

I live in Auckland,New Zealand. I have got a Honda,City, 3 &1/4-year new. In November one the passenger windows was not working, so I brought it to the local Honda car dealer ,where I had purchased the car, for an inspection. They found that the window regulator was faulty, I think it is unreasonable and unacceptable for an up-to-standard window regulator to last for only 3 & 1/4 years. A replacement would cost me about $ 500, I haven’t made up my mind to have it fixed ,or let it be a mobile demonstration around town as a failed product. I have been a Honda customer in the 90’s back in Hong Kong, a loyal customer like me should deserve better.



haydee rios December 6, 2013 at 5:31 pm



Tomeka November 27, 2013 at 10:33 am

I bought a 2012 honda cross tour in 2011. Ive had the car a little over 2 years. I bought this car BRAND NEW! Ive had my power steering pump replaced once and now Im on my 2nd time getting it replaced. My wind sheild wiper pump is broken and needs repair. My keyless entry keys came apart form each side and now I have to hold it together to crank my car. My driver side seat belt is not working properly. Last but not least the other day my roof in my car was leaking….Thats baffled me and anger me because i dont know what is next! I would like an even exchange. This has been a night mare.


Loretta Stuthers November 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm

Hello, I need to contact one of the following or they can call me at 812-229-XXXXX.\
CEO: Takanobu Ito
CFO: Satoshi Aoki
COO: Masahiro Yoshida
Its very important and I’m sure they will be pleased with the information I have for them. Please it is very important. The email is no good that is posted on this site. I hope to hear from one of the three. Thank you


Adarsh Tripathi November 19, 2013 at 12:49 am

I have a Honda Jazz 1.2 S’MT October 2011 Chasis No.-MAKGG172JBN200700, the rooftop has developed encrustation. When I raised this issue with the dealer and took it to the workshop in India, they are coining silly excuse that it might have happened with bird excreta. In first place I have not let any thing like this ever happen and secondly it’s beyond imagination that any bird can carry such a potent chemicals in it’s intestine. I am sure it has happened because of poor manufacturing. The team Honda in India is not taking my concerns seriously, please take note of my problem and provide me a quick solution.

Adarsh Tripathi


LaVerne November 8, 2013 at 5:14 pm

I will never, ever, buy another vehicle from Tony Autoplex, Hawaii again. I leased a CR-V this September, for a 3 year lease. Honestly, I should have known better. Getting some of our questions answered was like pulling teeth. That was the sign and, I ignore it. Anyway,
after having this car, I started to notice spider webs near the driver’s door hinge. Didn’t put too much into it until, I came face to face with a HUGH CANE SPIDER! For people who don’t live in Hawaii, the location where Tony Autoplex is, it’s in Kunia. This area was all cane fields. My first lease vehicle from them was VW Jetta. After bring that car home, I parked it and hundreds of black ants was all over the outside and under the car. Now a spider. Not just any spider but a Cane Spider. Women, hold your hand out with your fingers stretched out, that’s how big this thing was. After 3 complaints made on this, no one from Honda ever got back to me. Then waiting on my license plates, two months went by and I finally called to see whats going on. Was told it came in a month ago. Asked why I wasn’t notified, the lady said, “oh, we left a message on this number” Well, that number is a recorder that tells you to punch in a extension number. It’s a federal number. So, I went to pick up my plates, then the “pass the blame” game started. Customer service lady said it’s the salesman job to notify the customer, Assistance Manager said, “I don’t know”, my salesman told me, “It’s customer service job to call customers”. After telling him about Mr. Cane Spider, all I got was, “oh, humm, yeah that’s scary, and I hate spiders”. Not once had anyone ever said, I’m sorry. Oh, and doing this time, the salesman asked me to “hold on, I got to take this call”. That call, was from a potential customer, from the way the conversation went. Then he ask me to wait a minute, went into a managers office. He started off, standing talking to him, then, sitting talking to him. All of this time, I’m standing in the show room waiting. The correct thing to do in this case is, for the manager to come out and talk to me, or, ask me to come into his office. So I left. Very angry. Never did my salesman or the manager try to contact me. The next day, I get an Email from the salesman saying, “I apologize and so sorry you to wait. I went to managers office to address your concerns after a couple minutes you’re gone. Also, I forwarded this e-mail with them too.” This is word for word. Amazing. Oh, and one last complaint here, while putting on my license plate, I had to start the screws for this other salesman on both plates……..SERIOUSLY! Yes, I think a refresher course in Customer Service is needed by all Tony Autoplex personnel. Either way, I’m done. I’m afraid if I did go into another car from them, I would be bring home a snake!


Corinne Moore November 5, 2013 at 9:20 pm

I need help from someone and no one here in the states seem to take any pride of your brand. I’ve had five Hondas purchased or leased in the last fifteen years. I received a letter stating my leases would come to an end in October 2013 so I went to my local dealer, honda city levittown New York to get another car and turn this one in. On August 28 this all started and is still going on. The salesman called american honda finance and he stamped on the binder they would agree to make one payment (which would be the last for an October lease end). Bills were received in October and now state I’m in arrears and credit would be damaged. Dealership salesman says he remembers calling honda finance and there was a month left. Honda finance states lease didn’t end till March 2014. To save my credit I had to pay off 1855 for a car that honda city levittown has had in their possession since August 28, 2013. Honda dealership has been giving me the runaround and upper management even told me the. Ad was sold when in fact it turned up on lot days after I started questioning. Honda corp in Torrance CA stated it’s not their problem but a dealership, finance company problem. Finance company says it’s dealer problem. Dealer says it’s not their problem. I know that this the place where it all began with honda. Can you please have someone look into this matter and refund my 1855 which I was forced to pay for a car I don’t have. On August 28 I even leased another honda from this dealer. Was the dealer so wanting to get the sale that they made the mistake on lease end. Did american honda finance corp give the wrong information. I don’t know but I am so stressed and disappointed in the way I’m being treated. I feel I’ll never have the faith to get another honda product unless someone can help me. I will definitely never have dealings with mr burns and his honda city levittown New York dealership again

Thank you for your time.


Peter Hine October 31, 2013 at 5:18 pm

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have a 2009 Honda S2000 Limited edition No. 90 ( VIN : JHMAP11409S200207 Engine No.: F20C21090208 )
which is just over 4 years old and the ECU and connecting wiring harness has corrosion in then, causing a major problem with Honda dealership’s computer communicating with the car.Astonishingly this unit is in the passenger leg well out of reach or exposure of water or any moisture I would have thought.

This has all arisen form the episode I had a couple of weeks ago when I away for the weekend in York when I mistakenly locked the keys in the boot with my case.
I called for the RAC and eventually they managed to press the button in the glove box with a length of wire and open the boot, hooray !!!! Oh No , I put the key In the ignition to find that it would only would turn over and not start the engine. So I had to be transported to a ALM Honda Macclesfield Cheshire , dealership nearer to back home.

Thinking it would be just a matter of re-coding the keys. But alas NO , only to be told a couple of days later the ECU had corrosion on the unit and connector.( The unit is located in a the passenger leg well in a dry place ) and a new unit is needed for the computer to talk to the car at a cost of £950 + complete harness total in the region of £1900 , What on a 4 year old car 17,000 miles garaged .

Then to add to insult, I was told that the parts are not available until 28th December, totally unacceptable and ridiculous .

Honda are supposed to be synonymise with quality and reliability , What has happened !

I am neither satisfied nor impressed with the service have received so far, and I expect a lot better.

The S2000 limited Edition was suppose to be a flag ship to Honda’s sporting history, and is crippled by corrosion in its electrical components , very poor to say the least.

So now the car has had to be sorned and stored in the garage until parts can be supplied. The promised delivery date of 28th December I am sure is a false one because I am sure nothing will be happen until the new year due to the Christmas period.

I would appreciate the matter looking into, and a much more speedier conclusion to the problem.

I have sent a letter to HONDA UK but I have not had a reply or any acknowledgement from them, so I have decided to
contact you direct in Japan.

Yours faithfully

Peter Hine

Benthead Farm,
+44 1538 30XXXXX
+44 797313XXXXX


D.Tsvettkov October 29, 2013 at 9:05 am

Hello carmakers Honda and greetings from Bulgaria.

Thank you for a great car made ​​by you

I own a Honda Accord 1.6 from 93. produced ’82.
I have 5 years of gas and works perfectly with my improvements in the carburetor.

This summer, paint it and upgraded and would like to send you pictures.

   If you are interested expect an answer

Greetings and success in production, design and marketing

Dimitar Tsvetkov


ciano October 25, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Ho acquistato una motozappa mod. F 200, sembra molto vecchia , proviene dalla Francia, tutte le scritte sulla macchina sono in francese. E’ un po sgangherata ma funziona. Probabilmente è senza qualche accessorio, ma soprattutto manca di libretto di istruzione e di manutenzione. che ritengo molto utile e necessario.
Ho chiesto questo libretto a vari concessionari in italia ( Milano ) , ma non sono riuscito a trovarlo. Per questo chiedo a Voi se è possibile avere un libretto completo di manutenzione scritto in ITALIANO.
Vi ringrazio anticipatamente per quello che potrete fare.
Ciano stefanoni Milano Italia


Cynthia Rodriguez October 22, 2013 at 8:35 pm

I have a problem with my 2002 Honda Fit and the local dealer is unable to solve it. The engine vibrates terribly when the car is at a standstill in the DRIVE mode. It is not as bad in the PARK and REVERSE modes and there is no vibration in the NEUTRAL mode.
The engine mounts were inspected and deemed to be ok. The mounts were re-positioned and the vibration was still there but slight. Unfortunately, this only lasted about 2 weeks. The vibration seems to be getting worse now especially when the air condition is on.
Can anyone help? I cannot get a contact e-mail for Honda Japan to lodge this problem.


Paul October 15, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Back in July, my wife took our Civic to AutoNation Honda in Lewisville, TX. She had heard some loud noise coming from under the hood. They looked at it and stated the tires were wearing unevenly and that we needed new tires. We proceeded to go get tires for the car but the noise could still be heard. We took it back to the dealer for a second time and miraculously, they found a problem with the CV joints. They fixed the issue at that time. A few weeks later, we hear a similar noise so we go back to the dealer for the third time and they state the ball bearings need to be replaced. Then to top it off, my wife was driving the car last week and she said it felt like the tire was about to fall off. I was out of town and it was a Sunday so I suggested she take it to someone that was open and have them check out the tires. They put it up on a jack and said that the mechanic that did the CV joint was an idiot and had no business working on cars. He used the wrong type of nut and did not put a pin in it either. He stated that the nut that was on there had come loose and was a half of turn from coming off all together. He stated if that would have happened, my wife would have lost complete control of the car and no telling what would have happened. He tightened for us and I took it back to the dealer for the 4th time. They looked at it and agreed it was their mistake and they fixed it again. My wife and I have lost complete trust in the Honda dealership and the vehicle. How do we know it is fixed this time? We asked the service manager for an extended warranty or something for our trouble and he offered us $100 credit at their store???? What a joke. I have spent 15 to 20 hours away from work trying to get this fixed, spent over $300 on tires that were not needed and now have a wife that is afraid to drive our car. I am taking my concerns as high as I can to get this corrected. I will not be happy until everyone knows the poor service we have received and until Honda steps up to make this right!!!!

Paul Graham


Bui Thi Hien October 14, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is Hien, from Viet Nam. I am writing this letter to your company so as to make a formal complaint against your product quantity.
I bought a new Honda motorbike 4 years ago. It was imported directly from Japan. At that time and even up till now, Honda Crea Scoopy is rare in Viet Nam. As you know, almost Vietnameses use motorbike as the means of transportation. Honda is so popular in Viet Nam that we say “I have a Honda” instead of “I have a motorbike”. This is mainly because we believe in your quantity. Although the price for Japanese products is very high in comparison with our income, we always try to buy your goods unless we couldn’t.
Before buying it, I knew I had to face many difficulties such as:
– The price is too high. I had to pay $3,000 for a new one (while my income was only $ 300 per month).
– Honda scoopy was not imported and sold by Honda Viet Nam so if I meet problem, I couldn’t be given free warranty for my motorbike.
– Because this product is not popular in Viet Nam, it’ll be very, very difficult if you want to find spare-part.
I had consulted many technical experts if I should buy it. Most of them adviced “ Don’t worry. You could buy every Japanese goods without hesitance”.
Finally, I had decided.
But now, it was a wrong decision.
Only 2 years after the day I bought my motorbike, some errors started to appear. Sometimes, it stopped suddenly when I’m on the road. Very dangerous! No longer after that, I found that the PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection System) had problem. Every 3 months, I meet this phenomenon: only 5 kilometres after departing , PGM-FI will turn red. While it is red, I can drive at speed of around 15 km/h in maximum. Very, very slowly. And now, it even turns red after 3 kilometres and keeps red until I stop.
Unfortunately, at the same time, the headlights blew out so I couldn’t use my motorbike in the evening. I had to replace it with the other kind of headlights but it blew again soon.
I took my motorbike to Honda warranty stations several times but they refused to repair because they don’t have spare- parts.
My friend’s Crea Scoopy met the same problem as mine.
How inconvenient it is.
So could you give me an advice for my situation. Can I repair it myself?
Of course, I want to have my motorbike repaired. I couldn’t throw it away .
I am sorry if it’s difficult for you to understand me because my English is not good.
Please feel free to ask me for making it clear.
Thank you and I am looking forward to hear you soon.
Best regards,
Hien (Ms.)

P.S: Please forward this email to the person who could help me. Thank you!


Aurorah October 1, 2013 at 7:08 pm

I’m making a doXXXXetary about restoring a vintage honda CB 350 and riding it approximately 11,000 miles across the united states. I was wondering if Honda would be interested in what I’m doing.


Steve Roberts October 1, 2013 at 12:42 pm


My daughter is on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. She purchased a 1996 Honda CRV. As you know, parts are hard to come by. She needs the power window regulators for the front driver and passenger doors.

Can you help?


les burney September 24, 2013 at 5:53 am

it would be nice to know honda sort these problems out ? .


Kim September 19, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Dear Sir/Madam-

I brought 2002 honda odyssey and my transmission failed when my car reached 60K. I have contact the division regional manager department and the case manager said their nothing they can do since my car already too old. Even my car is 11 years old but we only drove for 60K and they told me the car too old that why it failed.. 2002 odyssey have been recalled for transmission and got extend warranty to 7 years but this is not fair for the customer that do not use the car much. Honda represent to be a top reliable car and your transmission only can last up to 60K miles. This is not a good statement to tell customer. We very disappointment with honda office because we always believe in honda that why we always brought Honda only. But this time we very very disappointed.



Stephen Chabururuka September 19, 2013 at 11:48 am

Hello, I have got a Honda Accord sedan 2003 model chassis number CL7-3005766. My problem is I need the part number for the power relay which is next to the EPS computer. The EPS computer is mounted in the front passanger seat left side, there are electrical wire plug which have power relays/ fuses.
Thank you


Rajendra K. Bhat September 19, 2013 at 2:18 am

Dear Sirs, I had purchased Honda-Activa scooter from Pilot Honda, dealer at Mumbai, the authorised dealer of HMSI (Honda company-India) on 25-03-2013 & completed 2 free services out of 4 free service. On 10-09-2013, while I was driving on the Eastern Express Highway, my Honda-Activa had a break failure, fortunately due to red signal all the vehicles had slowed down from 90kmph. To avoid hitting the car in front due to break failure, I tried to move towards left & in due course lost control of the scooter & dashed the divider causing damage to it. My query is “How could a new Honda-Activa have break failure” with due checkups while servicing. I suffered a loss of $1000 US dollars aprox due to damage to my new Samsung netbook, laptop bag, my wrist watch & damage to my vehicle which I have to pay initially. I need to be reimbursed and exchange the Honda-Activa with a new scooter as I am afraid to drive the same killer vehicle. Both the manufacturer of Honda-Activa & the Authorised service centre are equally responsible for the accident mishap. It was due to the red signal that I am alive to submit this incident to HONDA – who hold the power to our dreams / nightmare? Hope to appeal to your inner decency and take a responsible action to my incident and expect an early reply.


MICHELE RAINEY August 10, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Dear Honda,

Please provide an email address for upper management in which oversees Honda financial Services Employees. I am highly disappointed with the associate in which refuses to identify herself, has tampered with my account and Harassed myself as well as my extended family . I will not put up with this anymore and demand she no longer have access to my account and also demand that she never again call myself or anyone I know

Thank You and will be looking forward to a professional response from management

Michele Rainey


Helene March 12, 2017 at 3:28 am

I can’t but “love” your logic. But I really don’t expect more from neoXXXXs like you: just ramblings and disepsrect. There’s some kind of people with whom it is impossible to dialogue and you epytomize that kind.


Bernhard Kohler July 26, 2013 at 11:37 am

Dear Honda,

I have a complaint about the back tyre of my motorbike Honda Click 125. In Thailand they do not accept my request.

So I need a responsable email address in the headquarter from Honda in Japan.

Please send me the responsable email address .

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Bernhard Kohler


itzhak nideam July 16, 2013 at 12:22 pm

on Jan. of 2013,I have come to Honda of White Plains NY,to trade in my LEASED Honda accord with same car 2013 model with the early termination program.
My car had some damage which was estimated by body shop to be $1,000.
Albert the sales person at Honda White Plains took my car to your shop for evolution.
We have agreed that I will pay $2,765.50 for the damage and $285.98 per a month for the lease, which I have paid thinking that the deal is over.
Much to my surprise I have been receiving letters from Honda finance that I owe them $3,032.30 for the damaged,I have been talking to the explaining that I have already paid for the damage and I don’t intend to pay twice.
I also spoke several times with Albert and Kim from Honda White Plains NY.I tried to speak with the general manager but no success.
I intend to take this issue to court of law exposing Honda of misconduct and misleading its loyal customer,unless I will hear from you.
My phone no. 9146361275
Honda finance account no.130413707.
Itzhak Nidam
25 Harlan Dr.
New Rochelle NY 10804


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