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Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.
8501 Williams Road
Estero, Florida 33928

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Phone Number: (239) 301-7000
Fax Number:
Website: http://www.hertz.com
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Hertz Facts

Founder: Walter L. Jacobs
Date Founded: 1918
Founding Location: Chicago, Illinois
Number of Employees: 36000

Hertz Executives

CEO: Kathryn V. Marinello
CFO: Thomas C. Kennedy
COO: Richard Frecker

Hertz History


hertz 6

The Hertz Corporation was founded in 1918 by Walter L. Jacobs.  He started the business in Chicago, IL with 12 Ford Model T cars. Within 5 years, Jacobs company, simply called Rent A Car, had a fleet of 600 vehicles and an estimated annual revenue of $1 million.

In 1923, Jacobs sold the business to John D. Hertz who renamed the business to Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System.

In 1925, Hertz sold an interest in the company to General Motors.  The remaining shares were sold to GM in 1943. General Motors opened the first car rental credit card in 1926 and the first airport car rental counter in 1932 at Chicago’s Midway airport.

In 1953, Jacobs purchased the company back from GM and took the company public on the NYSE.

Hertz 2

In 1967, the company was purchased by RCA.

In 1987, Hertz was sold to the Ford Motor Company subsidiary Park Ridge Corporation.

Hertz 4

In 2010, Hertz acquired British Car Auctions and in 2012, acquired rival Dollar-Thrifty Automotive Group.

In 2013, the company partnered with China’s largest rental company, China Auto Rental.

Currently, the company has 9,700 locations in 150 countries between the three brands; Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty Rent a Car.

Hertz added approximately 335,000 2015 model-year vehicles to its fleet through September 30, 2015.

Annual revenue in the US alone is $9.3 billion for 2016. Hertz 3

Today the company operates in 145 countries worldwide.  In May 2013, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Hertz Global Holdings would relocate their worldwide headquarters from Park Ridge, New Jersey to Estero, Florida.

Hertz 1

Hertz FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Hertz?
Answer 1: The phone number for Hertz is (239) 301-7000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Hertz?
Answer 2: The CEO of Hertz is Kathryn V. Marinello.

Question 3: Who founded Hertz?
Answer 3: Hertz was founded by Walter L. Jacobs in 1918.

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Les Tramble August 9, 2019 at 8:22 pm

Ms. Kathryhn V. Marinello, Chief Executive Officer

My name is Les Tramble. Although I am 53 years old, I have NEVER written a complaint letter to a company. Clearly, there is a first time for everything. I was billed $171.22 for a vehicle rental (Buick Encore) from the Hertz office located at 6001 Nieman Road in Shawnee, Kansas on March 6, 2019. I discovered this billing when I received my Discover bill with a closing date of March 13, 2019. I immediately recognized that I was over-billed and called Hertz on March 19, 2019, to dispute the charge. I initially spoke with Jeremiah, the Rental Agent that rented me the vehicle, and he informed me that I was billed through March 6, 2019, even though I returned the vehicle on February 28, 2019. Jeremiah acknowledged their error and transferred me to the Rental Manager, Mitchell May. Mr. May also acknowledged their mistake and told me my bill should have been $85.20. He then informed me that I would be credited $86.02 on my Discover card and I would receive the credit in 3-4 weeks. Mr. May also offered to give me a $50.00 coupon to assuage my inconvenience for their error. After not receiving the credit on my April 13, 2019, Discover statement, I called Discover and placed an investigative stop payment on the $86.02 portion of the initial $171.22 charge. Discover issued an investigative credit of $86.02 on April 28, 2019. On June 25, 2019, I received a bill from Hertz for $86.02. The bill clearly states I had the vehicle 17 days when I only had it 10 days. As indicated above, Hertz staff acknowledged that I was billed for seven (7) days after the vehicle was returned and apologized for same. Why I was sent a separate bill for the amount I was over-charged is incomprehensible. Hertz is attempting to extort money I don’t owe. I have an excellent credit rating and pay all legitimate bills in a timely manner. As indicated above, Hertz Rental Manager, Mitchell May, told me I was only supposed to be billed $85.20 because I was billed one (1) week longer than I should have been. I can only conclude that May and the Rental Agent that rented me the vehicle, Jeremiah, don’t stand behind promises and assurances given to customers. Additionally, how would I randomly arrive at $85.20 as the amount I should be billed? It appears that communication within your company is abysmal and the left hand doesn’t know and/or acknowledge what the right hand is doing. To conclude, I should actually be billing Hertz for the time and effort I’ve devoted to resolving this error. Adding insult to injury, I recently got another bill from your company. I consider these collection efforts to be harassment and am seriously considering reporting the matter to local law enforcement. After all, Theft by Deception and Making a False Writing are crimes.

Any assistance you can provide with regard to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie A. Tramble


Kelly Kellett August 7, 2019 at 4:14 pm

Absolutely awful!!! I will never use them again! Upon arriving at the counter we were told they could not rent to us from their Prestige line because of my son’s age as a driver. We were told they cancelled the reservation and refunded the money and then rented us another car and changed us for that. That was on July 7th and now a month later still no refund!!! I’ve called many time and each time get a different story! I’ve had it!! That is theft in my book and at this point they are forcing me to get an attorney to handle it. I don’t have time for this type of horrible customer service. Don’t rent from them, run away!!! I’ve used Avis and Enterprise many times and they both have provided an awesome experience. I guess OJ took them down with him!


Clarice July 30, 2019 at 8:19 pm

I will never rent from Hertz or recommend this company. I prepaid for a standard rental car via Hotwire for 8 days. However, I used the vehicle 4 of the 8 days. After pleading my case of why I was requesting a refund for the remaining 4 days. I was told I would receive a refund within 5-7 business days. Well guess what 26 days later no refund. Called about the refund and was told my refund was declined. I asked, Why was the refund decline? Representative didn’t have a response. Asked to speak with a supervisor and conveniently a supervisor was not available per Andrew (Hertz Representative).

How is it acceptable to charge for days, I never used? Your customer service process needs work.

First and last time using Hertz. I usually rent from Enterprise, Avis and Budget without any problem. I will gladly rent from any of the three companies because they appreciate the customer.


Janice July 19, 2019 at 4:06 pm

This is ridiculous I rent from hertz I had their vehicle for 4 mos. clearly the biggest mistake of my life first of all reds flags everywhere should of told follow gut when I got there the vehicle that was reserved wasn’t there second the one they provided had a plug on the side of the tire she stated bring it back in the morning to swap out got nothing she said keep this everything would be ok as soon as a vehicle is available I will be the first to come in this went on for weeks then finally a blow out called hertz roadside they said it could take hours I said I don’t have that type of time so roadside said I would be reimbursed if I had the vehicle towed and tire replaced just present receipt did that took the vehicle back to close out charge the first thing I’m hit with Hertz don’t replace for that you got to be kidding me when Hertz don’t even keep a spare or jack in there vehicle just so you have to call Roadside I paid over 3200.00 dollars on renting this vehicle and you don’t want to honor your end of the bargain if I knew this I would done you the same way by locking my account so you couldn’t get your money and blocked all calls and all Never Again and the sad part is Corporate are the one who ignores and won’t respond to nothing but the debt out your account Enterprise is higher but at least they respect and appreciate there customers


Pamela Magee July 10, 2019 at 9:32 am

I am writing in hopes to get this issue resolved.
I was charged $460.82 for a car that I did not rent. My schedule pickup date was the 16th June. My flights kept getting cancelled coming in from Dallas. Several calls where made to the Hertz facility at MCI to keep them aware of the situation. I was assured that the car rental facility would be open until 2:00 a.m. When I arrived at 1:30 the car place was CLOSED. However your agency kept the prepaid amount of $460.82 I have been trying since the 16th of June to get my refund. I have spoken with two managers Karen and Marcus Conely. I have been promised by both that I would receive my refund. This has not happened. I am a military dependent and a Federal Government employee. I was dependent upon that vehicle to use to get to my TDY was location at Ft. Leavenworth. Although I have not on a regular basis used Hertz because I do not travel that often, I still took time out to join. I am very disappointed and frustrated with the events. This really should not have been such a long process, obviously, you have $460.82 that is not associated to a car rental contract. For the record I will not rent or recommend to anyone, military or civilian to use Hertz car rental from this point on. I will place on my Facebook my experience with Hertz Rental from the MCI airport.
Thank you one lost loyal customer


Tim Gess June 22, 2019 at 9:26 pm

Without a doubt the WORST costumer service department I have ever TRIED to talk to. I will never use Hertz again and will tell everyone I can to never use this company!
Enterprise is 10 times better and their customer service is right on top of things.
I’ve been trying to get my refund from hertz for more than 2 weeks and just keep getting blown off time and time again.
When Enterprise owed me a refund it was in my account in 1 day, 1 day do you hear my Hertz! You are the worst company in the USA


Stanley May 29, 2019 at 8:04 am

Good morning, I was going to leave a detailed complaint about my experience with your company and with your customer service and most importantly your management. I was going to give you names and the address of the location in question. However, after reading what seems like hundreds of complaints about your company it seems to me that It’s your practice to have dissatisfied customers and it’s painfully obvious to me that you simply don’t care! I sincerely believe that you could care less if I had a happy experience or not and because I do not appreciate that type of business model I will never use your company again!


shawn May 28, 2019 at 2:32 pm

********************************* anybody who wants to rent form this company , Hertz , I would suggest very highly have you re-think your options.
Had a so called driver of an Hertz car run into me from the opposite lane over a center divider , his fault , video support & multiple witness’s.
almost 3 weeks later , no resolution , no urgency , no business ethics and no follow up call to the status.
you can’t talk to speak to a live person , no v-mail , no transfer option.
E-mail only.
Called corporate in Florida , ended up with an offshore operator.
Asked for a supervisor , l.m. , no call back.

After reading the long threads of complaints , seems really funny they are still in business.

Pretty standard , steps on the little guy , gonna sell my shares and call it a day.

KARMA for you , plus an extra helping as to get what you deserve.


dennis R williams May 23, 2019 at 11:20 am

my name is Dennis Ray Williams,
I’m so upset with your corporation! I was accused of damaging my rental by one of your employees! I told them that the damage was already done to the vehicle. The staff still continued to dispute what I said and say that they inspect every car well I beg to disagree since I received a damaged vehicle. I really don’t wish to do business with your corporation again if this is how you treat your consumers! you may reach out to us at 615-554-XXXX or 832-891-XXXX


Nancy Sanders May 20, 2019 at 2:22 pm

all i can say is never again hertz. . serious near fatal crash w hertz guy driving us in our rent car to terminal. absolutely f-ing Terrifying. Never again. Never. Again. Done with Hertz.


Joe newman May 15, 2019 at 2:40 pm

At the Hertz used car lot in Leesburg Virginia you need competent able employees. I emailed enquiring about a car yesterday and Gerald Swift responded that Mena Saleab would answer all of my questions momentarily and Mena Saleab answered that Gerald Swift would respond to my questions.
I have not heard from either one with an answer . I even emailed again asking when someone would answer my question. And got no response at all from Hertz or from Gerald Swift or from Mena Saleab. Does Hertz really expect these people to sell their used cars?


Joe newman May 15, 2019 at 3:24 pm

This must be here to insure that The CEO of Hertz Kathryn V. Marinello never sees or never has to deal with actual problems real people experience when trying to spend their money with Hertz Corporation.

I was simply trying to buy a car from their own brand Hertz Used Cars in Leesburg, Va. and no one at Hertz cares.


Mrs Jacqui Claridge May 15, 2019 at 11:43 am

I wish to make a complaint about my experiences with Firefly car rental. I understand that they are a subsidiary of your company. I have had several experiences regarding incorrect additional charges and hence what can only be described as extremely poor customer service. The particular Firefly I have an issue with is based in Spain and offers services to those unfortunate enough to come across them when traveling from the UK. Please advise as to where I should make a formal complaint about heir distinctly questionable charges and policies. Thank you.


Anonymus- To be sent to Corporate Legal April 23, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Avis Budget Group is using some internal pricing data to quote deals and to give sign-on bonuses to the large and mid market accounts. Someone internally from your company as well as working with Nicholas Hanson – are getting sending pricing data to Avis and Avis is quoting rates knowing that losses are expected. Documentation exists to prove it.

We are not looking to get any monetary benefit from this allegation. Just fair treatment.

Sam Amoresano-VP of Internal Audit is covering up this scheme since he is Joe Ferraro’s friend. Sam Amoresano is not independent and he is totally biased. Avis just lost his Treasurer and the Investor Relations guy after working for so many years there. There is a complete mess in that organization.

Approximately 37% of the independent operators working without insurance.
Avis is not being honest reporting the reality of the operations.

SOD issues not reported for years….etc etc.
Hope this helps.
Reply back I will let you know more details of the scheme.
Anonymus Reporter


Hopie Acosta April 11, 2019 at 9:46 pm

I’m sorry I truly believe if I leave my remarks here the right personnel will never see it.I have written on your online remarks form twice. Once it said my session was too long. The other it said there was an error you receiving it. Truly very frustrating. I would love to see that you prove me wrong Thank you, Hopie



Chiew Teo March 18, 2019 at 11:15 am

Gold plus rewards member: 98242446. Confirmation no: H9341059128 I booked a car online at the San Jose / Los Cabos, Mexico airport branch from Feb 23 – Mar 2, 2019 for USD30.13. The website attracted me with ‘fast lane’.

Upon arrival, I had to wait 1/2 hour in queue and another 1/2 hour haggling with the counter person who continuously tried to upsell all the various insurances – which I insisted are provided by my credit card. Eventually, he took a USD1,300 hold charge on my credit car. This is unheard off.

While waiting for the car which took another 20mins, another person at the collection point tried to sell various activities such as water sports, golf and even condo timeshare. This made me wonder if this is an airport market place or Hertz? Why is the branch manager allowing such disgraceful activities.

When the car arrived, it had 7/8 full tank and multiple dinks and scratches. Due to the large hold charge on my credit card, I had no choice and took another 20mins to note all defects.

Upon, returning the car Hertz carefully inspected the car delivered with full tank and found no defect. On checking out, they charged USD28.91 as stated in my credit card statement.

Summary: This is my worst experience as a car renter and the Hertz corporate office needs to learn about how this particular branch office ill treated a Gold Plus Rewards member. I hope the CEO of Hertz gets to read this and await a reply.


Joyce March 12, 2019 at 7:51 pm

I rented a car on-line for my sister for a week as she did not have a credit card, so it was paid for before she got the car. I did not drive the car at all and told the agent at the counter that she would be the driver and he said OK and took a copy of her driver’s license and nothing was said about an additional charge. After she returned the car a week later, I was checking my credit card charges and discovered an additional charge of $100. When I called Hertz I was told it was for my sister driving. That is a ridiculous charge when she was the only driver and nothing was said at the counter about an additional charge. After calling Hertz and waiting for 10 minutes for someone to answer the phone and the person offering no help I ask to speak to a supervisor who offered to cut the $100 in half. That again was no answer as the charge was fraudulently added to my bill with the agent saying nothing about it. I can assure you as a CPA I will not recommend Hertz to any of my clients. It is the last time I will do business with Hertz. I don’t quote a price to a tax client and then at the end slip in an extra charge without them knowing about it. It is totally a dishonest way to do business.


Betty March 7, 2019 at 11:19 am

When I went to pick up the car, the location did not have the car class that I’d reserved. They did not offer any type of concession. They told me they only had compact cars and would not be getting any others in. Then suggested I call the 800 # and tell them to change the reservation to the airport and they’d waive the airport fee. I called the 800#, spoke to Recci (?), however, the language barrier made it impossible to understand her. She told me the airport location was closed due to renovations & Fayetteville was next, but it was 11:40 & they closed at 12pm. I asked to speak to someone else & she wouldn’t transfer. The line was disconnected, I called back and it was her again. Finally I called another number & explained the situation, she told me the airport was not closed & made the reservation there. Also, there is no waiving of the airport fee & she sent a message to the area manager who was going to reach out to me on Saturday about the situation at the Union City location and to try to get the rate reduced back to the original amount since they did not have the car that I had reserved & since I had to travel further out to get the car. No one has called about this issue and it is very upsetting to know that this is the level of customer service one should expect from Hertz.


Tracy S. Nichols February 14, 2019 at 11:34 am

Rented from Oneonta, NY HLE location. I had a vehicle break down, walked into Hertz, and was greeted by the most polite and professional representative, and had a nice clean car ready for me within minutes. My rental experience at Hertz has been outstanding. We are very pleased with the great service. Thank You, and please let Vicky in Oneonta know what a great job she is doing.


Arlene February 7, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Your Confirmation Number is:
Please see above reservation.

We arrived to pick up our vehicle and was told it was given to another because that person’s rental was not delivered to this center yet. The customer promised to return our vehicle at 1:00 pm at which time his vehicle would be ready for him.

The client never showed up. He would not answer his phone. Totally understood that he was upset because his vehicle was not there. Here is where the frustration comes in. The vehicle he was to exchange for was in fact in the lot and we were NOT able to take it. We could see the vehicle but they would not give us the keys just in case this person came back??? In the meantime he would not answer his phone and we stood there hoping he was on his way back with our vehicle.

The counter person was not helpful at all. She tried but seemed unable to make decisions. We were very calm and I actually brought up the YouTube video of Seinfeld renting a car. After much prodding she called
her manager and he would not speak with us. He left her to her own inexperience. She explained how irate the customer was that his vehicle was not there. We didn’t go that route although it seems the squeaky wheel get the oil. We just don’t act in the fashion. Had the manager gotten on the phone with us it would have taken the pressure off of her and perhaps made us feel more at ease.

All in all we finally were given a vehicle after having to return later in the day to pick up “A” vehicle. This action entirely changed our plans for the day!

We had guests here and were going on a cruise with them the following day. We were taking care of all the plans and were totally embarrassed and very put out.

The simple solution would have been to give us the vehicle that was on the lot for the other gentleman. Outcome would have been two satisfied customers.

Thank you for allowing me to have a voice. Please if you have any input I would appreciate your contacting me.

Arlene Clausen / Executive Vice President
arlene@ clausenagency.com

The Clausen Agency, Inc.
Office: (631) 744-1393 x 145 / Fax: (631) 744-1732
333 Route 25a, Suite 150, Rocky Point, NY 11778


Pascal Theriault December 14, 2018 at 10:58 pm

So I worked at Hertz for 4 years time. So the previous CSR that was a female a lazy miserable one who was full time so I was hired part time…I worked Mon 8 am to 5 pm, Tues and Wed off Thurs, Fri, 8 am to 5 pm and Sat 8 am to Noon. Sun my location was closed. So my Branch Manager was of a certain religious to which I will not mention….So right way my hrs were cut our to declining sales. So who was my ever so ethical Branch Manager renting to…Barber’s so that was the cover anyway….so I started getting called that the rents were being used illegally in drug runs to Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria. So all those not so nice renter would ask 2 question. I need my rental to have tinted windows and to be from out of province..to which I would explain if you are caught speeding bt the local police the Sherrif or the RCMP the rental which is not your will be impounded and seized and you will more than likely go to jail. So these stupid customer’s like to make needless trouble for themselves….so she got arrested and the rental was impounded and seized by the police. So when the rental plates go through the car rental such as Avis, National, Budget, Enterprise, Dollary Thrifty shows up and yes it gets seized and impounded and yes just like the newly graduated University Graduated who wanted to see just how fast the Ford Fusion SEL AWD would go he was clocked going 195 km/hr in a 110 km/hr on the highway. He was arrested and charged with dangerous operation of a Motor Vehicle, careless driving, undue car and attention, he lost his Driver’s License for the rest of his life and he was 20 yrs old. Wow what an impressive way to impressive way to impress his girlfriend a $400 taxi cab bill back to her parent’s home. Then he has the nerve to call me back and asked me if I could rent out again I said “I’m so so sorry but you are herby banned from every again driving one of our rentals. You owe $2,500 in impound charges but don’t worry I have placed a forced charge on your credit card. You will be paying for that and the loss of use…and now you can’t cancel your credit card either until the balance is paid with the accruing interest charges as well. Mt Manager treated me like complete and utter garbage, yelled and screamed at me 24/7. Called me in on my days off since he would make all his medical appointments during his working hours. Would take his kids to each each mornings he would tell me to lie to my other Branch Manager to say he was washing a rental…so instead of starting at 8 am he would come in 3 hrs or 4 hrs late and send me home after a 3 hr shift. So the greatest thing he would do that was so unethical was that each day because his family came first..he would rent out the Chrevolet Sunburn SUV so when my reservation showed up for a month or 2 he was driving their rental. So when I politely asked him he told me “To mind my own God damn business or else he would fire me. I got a speeding ticket he threatened to fire me. I got rear end he threatened to fire me and it wasn’t even my fault. He called me a bad driver. So I got injured and only took 1 day or else he was going to fire me, because he couldn’t handle the rental location vy himself because he was so lazy. He was supposed to wash the rental which he never did. Just sat in his office and closed the office door and locked it and talked to his immediate relatives for the entire shift. His personal cell phone would go off during work hrs in front of our customer’s and he would leave and go into the his office. He always never worked his hrs. Left at noon to go to his Son’s Graduation. Went traveling because the company for for his gas, maintance and vehicle insurance. So no wonder we we not making any revenue when he was the Branch Manager. He would be renting his own personal vehicle and his Wife would show up and he would give her a free rental which he was not allowed to do… What a bloody unethical crook. He would make me clean the inside and the outside of his rental, even though he was told to not fill it up unless it was empty, and take a dirty rental only. Made me clean the location too clean to hire a cleaner. Our cleaner quit and to save money I had to handle the counter plus wash the inside and the outside of the rentals. The other locations have 2 full time staff member’s with their own cleaner’s…Just the worst most evil, unethical Manager I ever worked with in my entire life. National was a much more profession and way more ethical company to work for. And he treated our customer’s horribly as well and would never go to the local area Body Shops for business..he took a 1 hr or a 3 hr lunch break with his family and friends and would not come back ever. I would work after 5 pm for all of those years and I was never ever paid for it either. Never even allowed to have a sick day.


Shantel Smith Doyle November 20, 2018 at 4:33 pm

OMG! I never read so many horrible reviews. I have been a faithful Hertz renter until today!!!!! I am livid!!!! I hope the world reads this……it seems that I am the only dummy that was renting from them from these reviews SMDH! I can not believe what they are trying to do to me. Well, I rented at vehicle on 9/23/18 for a whole week and returned the vehicle on 9/30/18. My mother and I took a trip to Dallas and returned the vehicle together. I am a 5 Star gold member of HERTZ and I normally rent from the airport locations in Houston, Tx (George Busch Intercontinental airport). Two months after I returned the vehicle I noticed a charge for $589.40 on my credit card account. So I called Hertz billing office to find out that the IAH location did not file a claim, they just charged my account and I could only speak with their location. Well, it’s like getting to the President of the US because they do not answer their phones at this location. I called the 1-800 number back and was told that I had to physically go to the location to speak with someone, they could not give me a phone number to speak with anyone directly and neither could they reach anyone at the location. I was furious because, what if I did not live in Houston, Tx and normally people coming through the airport DON’T! No one from Hertz contacting me to let me know anything about the damages and the attendant walked the vehicle over and emailed me my receipt that did not include any damages at the time of the return. So two months later after I find out about these charges on my own, without any notification from Hertz, I go to the location to speak to someone. Well, the person I need to speak to was not in, so a manager gave me a phone number to reach Miguel Manuel……..the phone number was the main number and no one ever answered it. About 3 days later, I went back to the location and spoke to another manager and he informed me that he could not provide me with a phone number but he could give me Miguel’s email. He also told me that Miguel was the only person that could handle my concerns. I emailed Miguel and did not get a response until about 2 days later. Miguel informed me:
Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: “Manuel, Miguel”
Date: November 20, 2018 at 1:58:50 PM CST
To: Shantel Smith Doyle
Subject: Re: Damages dispute
I do not have physical pictures from this point since it has been almost too months. I can provide with a invoice to submit to your insurance company.
Sent from my iPhone

On Nov 20, 2018, at 1:46 PM, Shantel Smith Doyle wrote:
Please forward me proof of damages and I will provide you with additional information/proof. I returned the vehicle the same way I rented it and I have proof so please forward me a picture of the damages
Sent from my iPhone

On Nov 20, 2018, at 12:25 PM, Manuel, Miguel wrote:
Shantel, I had the opportunity reaching the extent of the damage of the windshield. I do not show any prior damage to the windshield prior to you renting the vehicle. You was the last person in the vehicle when we discovered the damage on the time of your return which was 9/30, and we couldn’t rent the vehicle until 10/4. It was a special windshield that had to be order thru Infiniti only. Unfortunately, I cannot reverse any charges for the windshield that we invested in.

From: Ryder, John K.
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 12:05 PM
To: Shantel Smith Doyle
Cc: Manuel, Miguel
Subject: Re: Damages dispute

Hi Shantel,

Miguel has been in the office this week. I have not seen him today. He usually uses an out of office message if he is out an extended period of time.


John Ryder
Manager Customer Engagement

O: 281-209-6700
M: 281-728-8892

john.ryder@ hertz.com

The Hertz Corporation
17330 Palmetto Pines
Houston, Texas77032

Hertz. We’re here to get you there.

From: Shantel Smith Doyle
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 11:55:55 AM
To: Ryder, John K.
Cc: Manuel, Miguel
Subject: Fwd: Damages dispute

Mr Ryder
Are you able to contact Miguel are do you know if he’s out of the office? I’m still not getting a response

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Shantel Smith Doyle
Date: November 16, 2018 at 6:37:10 PM CST
To: miguel.manuel@ hertz.com
Subject: Damages dispute
John Ryder manager gave me your contact information because a charges were made to my account without my knowledge for damages to a windshield on a vehicle I rented. I really need to dispute this matter and I’m being told you’re the only one that can handle this for me. Please contact me ASAP I have been trying to reach you for over a week at a phone number given to me that I’m now being told was another bad number.

Pls return the call or respond immediately I did not return a vehicle with any windshield damages that occurred during my rental
Shantel Smith Doyle

Sent from my iPhone
Also, this is what Miguel said:
From: “Manuel, Miguel”
Date: November 20, 2018 at 1:58:50 PM CST
To: Shantel Smith Doyle
Subject: Re: Damages dispute
I do not have physical pictures from this point since it has been almost too months. I can provide with a invoice to submit to your insurance company.
Sent from my iPhone

On Nov 20, 2018, at 1:46 PM, Shantel Smith Doyle wrote:
Please forward me proof of damages and I will provide you with additional information/proof. I returned the vehicle the same way I rented it and I have proof so please forward me a picture of the damages
Sent from my iPhone

!!!!!!!!So………HERTZ wants me to steal from my insurance company???? I am not responsible for any damages and I will not pay or let my insurance company pay. They better quit playing with me, I am not the one. Miguel also, told me I would be put on the DO NOT RENT list for HERTZ……. I will NEVER in my entire life rent from a company that tries to SCREW me over like this! I contacted the corporate office and opened an investigation!


Shannon L Siedlik October 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm

My uncle worked for hertz for 16 years till he had a stroke in may of this year. He has a pension. I have had nothing but a run around about getting even the correct forms on his pension multiple phone calls since may. I am full beneficiary of his pension. Every time i get a call back which is rarely im told they are still working on paperwork or its being mailed. Ive left two voicemails this week alone. It is almost November and still no paperwork. Sad you work for a company so long and their family cant even collect his pension that is owed so i can pay off his bills. Im leaving this complaint for anyone else going through same problem i am having.


Dennis L. Sheffield September 18, 2018 at 3:03 pm

After reading all the complaints about Hertz, I’m like what’s the use? But none of the complaints I’ve read compere to the one I have.

I needed a car for the week, because I have AAA and they offer discounts through Hertz, I decided to give them a try, first mistake. I normally use Enterprise Car Rental when I need to rent a car. They’re not 100 percent but no where near as bad as Hertz.

Monday morning I’m at the counter, there’re busy; mind you it’s a two person shop inside a Pep-boys Auto store, and only one person is working the counter. I’m patience, finally I’m waited on. The rep was friendly and professional. I booked my reservation online to get the AAA discount. There was no mention of a deposit, but that’s no problem given Enterprise ask for a deposit as well. However, Enterprise only ask for a $100 deposit and Hertz wants $200, again no problem. Here’s the first oops, my rental cost and the deposit would have been $440, However, the receipt shows $570. I’m like what’s going on here? The rep says there was some kind of computer glitch, calls her supervisor to find out what’s going on. After a few minutes of talking with him, she tells me I have to options, cancel and create a new reservation at the original price, however my funds won’t be available for a few days, or Keep the current one and she will make an adjustment when I return the car. Well, because I need a rental car and they had my funds tied up I went with the latter, bad mistake.

I returned the car on a Saturday, they were closed. Monday morning my receipt is emailed, no problem, there was a $12 late charge, I call the rep she apologized and made the adjustment. Tuesday morning I check my bank account and there’s a $912 charge for Hertz Rental car, I’m livid!!! I call the rep and customer service both are giving me the run-around. The rep was apologetic but the customer service person was anything but. As I’m writing this I’m still trying to resolve it, however I just needed somewhere to vent. Man, I PISSED


Greg Bromley January 11, 2019 at 2:44 pm

I have Sort of have the same problem. I’ve been a Gold Card Membwr and have rented weekly cars ( for work) from Herts for the past 5 years. They have over charged me $1,000 on my back account. I prepay for all my cars, they then charged me again for the same weeks. I have talked to their POOR Customer Service Dept so many times, does anyone there know anything!!!???? I have an email from a Customer Service Rep. that found the problem and acknowledge that they had made the mistake…. but guess what?? No one knows her now!!!
I have spent so much money there and I’m sure Enterprise or Budget would love to have my business!!


Dennis Morgan September 5, 2018 at 1:14 am

Hi, I was rented an unsafe vehicle. No one seems to care. Have offered future discounts but do not want to deal with the fact that some one could be hurt of killed in one your vehicles. I do not want a discount, I just want you to know about the problem so you can make sure you only put save vehicles on the roadways. thanks D. Morgan


Bert Schaeffer September 4, 2018 at 6:07 pm

I would not recommend Hertz to anyone. I’ve never seen a more incompetent organization in my life. I’m a Vice President of a corporation and if we treated our customers in such shoddy and unprofessional manner. We would not be in business long.

Here is my story my daughter had her car hit while parked in Philadelphia,Pa. I notified my insurance carrier the next day. They did a great job of taking care of the information and assuring me they will handle everything. I inquired about a rental vehicle and they told me they have a discounted rate and direct billing. They even set up the reservation for me. Shortly there after a representative from Herz called me. So far so good. He had my info I ask him his location. It was farther from my daughter residents so I asked for something closer. Again the nice young man gave me a number for a location that would be nearer. This were the wheels fell off the bus.

I called the location and state my business. She informed me that she was new and did not know how to proceed with insurance claim. This was at 1:30pm. I asked for someone who did know. She stated her manager was down in the garage and would be back shortly. Could I call back. I believe the professional thing to do is ask for my number and have him call me. So I waited to 2pm and called back no answer just got a recording the mail box was full. So being a persistence SOB I keep calling to I got through. This was around 2:30 now. Same answer he wasn’ t back. That I should call back. I made several call backs same story.

I then got frustrate and called a few more location not one answered and the mail box was full. Now it is 4:00 pm my daughter was getting out of work at 5 and was going to get a ride to pickup the rental. I then called the original location that contacted me and surprise no answer and mail box was full. Finally at 4:30 I got through praise the lord. I spoke to the agent had original called me. He rembered me yea. He asked me what kind of vehicle I wanted. I informed him of my choice. He said he have to check on availability and but me on hold. After 10 minutes of listing to a beep every few section. Yes Hertz is to cheap to but hold music on. Someone hung up the phone.I then called right back guess what no answer and the mail box was full. I then thought he would call me since he had my number wrong. Tried to call again no answer.

I then called the other location in hopes the manager had returned. Not even close he was still gone at 4:45 So my daughter has no rental car after 4 and half hours and has to find a ride to work tomorrow.

I’m a black belt in six sigma and if I ever had to chance to audit Hertz Corp. I’d have writers craps writing the non conformity. Hertz if you keep this up you won’t be number 1 for long. I’m glad my company doesn’t use hertz I never will either.


Michael Costa August 24, 2018 at 11:15 am

My girlfriend and I rented a car from 2019 Rand Road Palatine Illinois, We informed the agent that she did not get out of work till 5 P.M. and she would not be arriving till 5:45(15 min. before they closed) and would need transportation the 2 miles back home. After being RUSHED to pay the bill she inquired that she needed a ride home in which the agents response was ” We close at 6″ then proceeded to close the door and exit the building leaving my single mother alone without transportation home to her son. Unable to pay for a uber or cab she WALKED the 2 miles home. This is completely unacceptable and narcissistic. We are very disappointed and are looking for a full refund or compensation. These actions I hope do NOT reflect the integrity of this corporation.


Brenda August 17, 2018 at 4:08 pm

hertz is the worst!!! They do not care about their customer al all!!! hertz left my family and I stranded at the hospital after an accident and we had to rent a hotel room (had to pay for a taxi to get there) and hertz refused to bring us a vehicle. What is wrong with hertz? The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. We rented from a local franchise airport location (closed at the time of accident and next morning) who has helped us when we finally got home-but they are not the problem-it is the hertz group that is open 24/7 on the weekends that did not help us- the 800 number that you are told to call in case of accident or emergency.HAHAHAHA……..what a joke this company is for customer service. How do you leave a family stranded? Sickening, pathetic service, you should be embarrassed. I have been emailing for two weeks with ZERO response!! The person in charge of customer relations needs to call me


DJ Shingles August 1, 2018 at 11:23 pm

Hello, my name is DJ Shingles. I rented a vehicle from the Southaven, MS branch. I am also a police officer in Southaven, MS. I rented a Toyota Camry on Wednesday July 25th while on duty. I picked the car up after I got off around 6pm. I drove the car to my house which is about 17 miles away in Cordova, TN. The car was parked until the next morning at 415am. I loaded my 3 small kids, 7yo son and 4yo twins, in the vehicle at 415am and we set out to visit my parents in Knoxville, TN. No more than 15-20 minutes on I-40 east bound, the ADD OIL light came on in the car. The car started to sputter. I pulled over on the side of the road where it was still pitch black. My kids started to panic because we travel all the time however this has NEVER happened. I leave early in teh morning so my kids will sleep through most of the trip however they were wide awake. The car continued to sputter so i put it in park. The tried to get back on the road because we were in a construction zone and it wasn’t a safe area to park. The car continued to sputter then the check engine light came on and another light saying PULL OVER IMMEDIATELY or something like that. We pulled over off on EXIT 56 to get help at a gas station however it was closed. The car automatically shut off. By this time, I’m trying my best to keep my composure because I am furious that HERTZ have put my kids in this predicament. We made it down the street to a Shell gas station in Brownsville, TN. I jumped out the car and went inside to purchase an $8 bottle of oil. I came back outside with the help of the gas station clerk. I checked the oil stick and it was dry. I put the entire bottle of oil into the car. As i poured the oil, I could hear something hit the ground. The entire bottle of oil drained completely out onto teh ground. I have no idea why but appartentl something was cracked or busted on the engine. I moved the car to the side of the gas station lot so the clerk could clean up the oil spill and not hold up a gas pump. By now my kids are crying and worried because they sense my irritation yet im trying my best to keep them calm. I took my kids inside and let them buy whatever they wanted to keep their mind off this mishap. I contacted Hertz roadside service. The rep had me on hold for about 15 minutes so i hung up. I called back 10 minutes later and this time I was able to explain my situation to another rep. She said she felt very sorry for me and the kids and she was dispatching a Lyft and tow truck. The Lyft driver was going to take us to Jackson TN to get another vehicle. By now its about 6am. Approximately 2 hours later, a tow truck shows up. He’s wondering why are we still with the car? So am I. I call Hertz back. I told the rep that I couldve called my own Uber service if i knew Hertz would leave my kids and I stranded. The lady says why don’t you do that because all our Lyft drivers are tied up. I said are you serious? So if i hadn’t called i guess my kids and I would still be here at noon looking for a Lyft driver that wasn’t coming. I told her this is the worst rental car service ever. The tow truck driver felt sorry for us so he said my kids and I could ride with him to the Jackson TN airport Hertz location. I loaded my kids into the back of this strangers tow truck with the broken down Toyota Camry in the back. We reached the airport. I was greeted by the Hertz manager. She tried to offer her apologies for the mishap. I asked the manager if she had a SUV because that’s what I wanted initially but the Southaven location didn’t have any available. She said she did but there would be an up charge. I told her are you serious? She kept saying i initially had a full size car. I told her i initially didn’t plan on being stranded with my kids in a rental. She said that she isn’t affiliated with the other Hertz and kept mentioning an up charge for the vehicle, but she would try and get me a good rate. I said whatever because its after 9am by this time and my kids are irritated and tired and i still have 5 more hours to drive with fussy kids. I told her ma’am im not paying any more money even though she tried to put another hold onto my credit card. Eventually she said that she would need to contact the Southaven location to get the data transferred. She got in touch with them and gave me a Chevy Tahoe for the remainder of my trip. As soon as I started the trip, the Tahoe started saying CHANGE OIL. The dash showed that for the next 4 days. Also, the tag was expired for June 2018. I dropped the SUV back off in Southaven as I was advised. I even gassed it up considering my frustrations. The manager Bryan Jackson, I believe that’s his name. He stated that i would only be charged $43 for the entire rental and apologized for the inconvenience. Yesterday, I received an email from the Jackson, TN airport location charging over $320 to my card. This is unacceptable in so many ways.

I have consulted with family and friends,and been encouraged to take this horrible experience to social media and/or news. My family and friends were praying for us and calling us non stop during the breakdown. I will give Hertz an opportunity to make this right and just taking care of the charges isn’t enough. I deal with mishaps as a cop everyday so i understand things happen in life but when your actions or lack there of place people in danger or harms way, you have an extreme duty to make it right. The car couldve easily given out on the side of the interstate and what could we have done since roadside assistance showed us that you will leave their customers stranded so we’re pretty much on our own. I don’t play when it comes to my kids and this has left a bad memory for them and caused us to lose a day of visiting with my family. Ive been renting cars for past 20 years and NEVER once has this occurred. I’m going to give Hertz a chance to make this right before I take this to the next level. I also have plenty of photos for evidence purposes.



Rickey Purvis July 24, 2018 at 4:16 pm

Hertz has to be the worst rental company on the market. My daughter has to go to Phoenix with my wife for radiation treatments and be there for two months. I called and asked if I could use my Gold Club membership so they could get my discounts while they are there. She had a brain tumor and has to have treatments. The person I spoke to on the phone said she COULD NOT use my membership. In a case like this, Hertz should have had a little empathy and let her use my membership. It only meant a couple hundred dollars, but at this point, any little thing helps us out. As far as I am concerned, you can cancel my Gold Club Membership because I will NEVER use Hertz again. Lesson to Hertz… HAVE A LITTLE EMPATHY TOWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE EXPERIENCING MAJOR ISSUES!!!!!


Dee July 7, 2018 at 1:14 am

Ridiculously bad overseas call centre technicL difficulties with website, last minute cancellation of booking, completely unreliable and hang up as SOLUTION! Stay away bad news


Alicia July 3, 2018 at 9:01 pm

I demand to know answers. I wrecked my rental car 1 1/2 weeks ago. People refuse to return my call I want my 300 Dollar Tablet back or i will take a lawsuit I leave on vacation on Friday at 2 and i want this tablet before i leave. I left the tablet in car by accident and it took me a week to get a number and that lady refuses to return my phone calls.


Melissa May 25, 2018 at 4:56 pm

I inquired about a used car. I received an email from Devon Trouten stating to call him to go over additional information. When I called, he did not try to provide information willingly, but instead I had to keep the conversation going for him. I knew, prior to contacting this location, that I would probably not be approved for anything. However, I was assured by Devon that I could go online, fill out a financing application, and submit it to be used as a “pre-qualified” offer and it would NOT pull a hard inquiry, but would instead pull a soft. I verified this 3 times on the phone with him and he assured me he would not do that. No more than 45 minutes later, I received a notification that my credit score had dropped by 3 points. I contacted Devon and he “apologized” for the mistake. That’s all well and good, but now my credit was illegally pulled and in return, I lost 3 points. Devon stated, “well, you work for a bank and therefore you should know that credit scores are changed regularly”. First off, where I work has nothing to do with someone illegally pulling my credit report. I then requested to speak to a supervisor. A man by the name of Dave came onto the phone and my husband took over the phone call at that point. My husband introduced himself politely and then proceeded to explain the issue. Dave then interrupts my husband and says, “are you finished now so that I can talk?” in a very nasty tone. I then spoke to him and stated that we were just trying to provide information on the situation that happened. He responds, “well I don’t need you to explain because I’ve already heard the story from Devon. I then advised that as a part of customer service, we should never be talked to that way, number 1. Number 2, Devon would say anything to save his own behind, therefore you should ALWAYS listen to what a customer has to say without being disrespectful or interrupting them. All of which Dave did not do. I then advised that this was their mistake and it needed to be rectified. He refused to do anything about it and said “call your lawyer. They won’t do anything”. I then disconnected and contacted Transunion. Transunion advised that a soft pull would NEVER cause a credit score to drop down, therefore it was verified that a hard pull was completed. I have been given directions on how to proceed by Transunion, therefore I will be taking this higher, however I would recommend that no one contact this location for business.


Meredith Kerner May 8, 2018 at 1:35 pm

I had a SUV reserved for 10:30am today. When I went to get it I was told I had to wait because the were waiting on FedEx to bring vehicle registration tags. The assistant manager told me they usually came between 11-12noon. He showed me the car I was waiting on. It had mud all over seats and door on the inside.

I went back to my house and called Hertz customer service and their reply was contact the local office. Then i called corporate and rep said management would contact me. At noon the local assistant manager who is who I’d dealt with called and said my vehicle ready.

We went back and first thing he said was FedEx had been there at 1030am- seriously that is when I was there and if they arrived early why did it take until 12 to call. He said he knew I’d called corporate. I asked if car cleaned inside he said he had no way of cleaning . I asked for a clean car from a different location. He offered me the same type but filthy one on lot. I asked for it to be cleaned. Needless to say 2.5 hours late I had my SUV.

I tried messaging on FB and again was told contact the local office. I’m furious that my trip was delayed for an inexcusable reason that tags not there. If I’d been called it would have been a step in the right direction. This is a small local Hertz location that is corporately owned. I wasted 2.5 hours and had to delay a meeting out of town because of this.


Jury Reed March 8, 2018 at 3:40 pm

I was not told about the 200.00 or thing when I called to see what I need to do and I that some thing needs to be done about


A Newtown mom March 5, 2018 at 11:42 am

THANK YOU for distancing yourselves from the NRA!


Richard Komancheck March 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm

Because of your decision against NRA members nationwide, my selection process has become easier when choosing a rental car company in the future. With so many rental companies to choose from I can eliminate Hertz and its subsidiaries from my list of possibilities. Maybe corporate should rethink letting politics dictate company policy. Good luck.


Tim February 27, 2018 at 3:32 pm

The good news is that this is still America. So you can make any decision you want as a company. My hope is that the rest of us do the same that you have done to The NRA who had nothing to do with any of these shootings. Hopefully every law abiding citizen cuts ties with you. This Gold member is gone!


glenn February 26, 2018 at 2:48 pm

As a Hertz Gold member I’m writing, like many others, about my disappointment in Hertz and the recent decision to stop doing business with the NRA. Although I’m not a member of that fine organization I am a gun owner. Like the 5 million official members you have now alienated I can’t help to think about how that group will now rent cars elsewhere. I too, will now have to consider that same option due to your short sighted and quick reaction to a situation that had nothing to do with the organization you just shunned. You should stick to doing with you do best and that’s rent cars. Once you choose to become political you have put your customers in a position to have to pick sides and that, my friend, is bad for business.


Mike February 27, 2018 at 10:14 pm

Please tell the Hertz president and board that I am disgusted at their punishment and political pandering against the NRA and its members for the total failures and misconduct of the Broward Sheriff’s department and the FBI. The NRA is not responsible for the Florida shootings, yet in light of all of the egregious failures in the local and federal agencies, as well as the Broward Board of Education you chose to penalize and attack people that support our US Constitution.

You are just as bad as the NFL. They would not allow the players to wear patches on their uniforms in memory or 9/11 or fallen police officers. Yet in violation of their own policies and regulations, they supported players kneeling during the national anthem for nothing more than a political agenda. I always viewed your company as one of the premier rental companies, until you showed your true colors. Obviously, Hertz in no longer my go to rental company.

By the way, I was a Democrat most of my life but became an Independent a few years ago because of the political corruption that your company seems to be a part of. I am a recent member of the NRA and a member of AAA & AARP. Very disappointing!


Dru Thomas February 25, 2018 at 7:29 am

You are no longer a corporation serving all Americans. You have chosen to abandon and essentially lay blame on a group who’s views are different then your obviously politically charged frantic left lib ones. Sad part is this group deserves zero blame for the recent tragedy in Florida and defends the very freedoms that this great country was founded on. Thank you for showing your true coward colours and we will never again be using any services from you or any of your affiliates.


Ken February 25, 2018 at 1:52 pm

Bravo, I too will never deal with Hertz again…, I am so done with these anti-American companies…


Rick February 24, 2018 at 8:26 pm

Due to your recent attack on members of the NRA I will no longer be using the rental services of Hertz or its affiliates.



Anonymous February 24, 2018 at 4:46 pm

Your decision to no longer do business with the NRA is foolish and short sighted. You just insulted 5 million law abiding citizens and essentially blamed them for the actions of 1 person. You are exploiting a tragedy for cheap political points. Shame on you!!! I am an NRA member and I will no longer be doing business with you.


Fred February 24, 2018 at 2:02 pm

When a company or corporation chooses to react to different views or thoughts without listening to/or votes of its shareholders; then I too must react. While I am not a member of this group – the NRA, it is an American association; and I cannot condone the treatment of its members because of what they believe in.


Frank February 24, 2018 at 1:10 pm

You will no longer be able to help me after your action against the NRA; of which I am not a member, but a am a member of AARP and the FBINAA, and others. Your actions could happen to the many organizations I do belong too; because you are pressured by different thoughts. Be advised my family and I will no longer fly Delta.


Ray in Idaho February 24, 2018 at 1:17 am

Dear Mr. Frissora:
Be advised I will NEVER use your services again because of your grandiose stupidity in rejecting the NRA. You’ve fallen for the dolts who don’t realize the ONLY SURE way to prevent some fool who has the intent to kill you with ANY kind of weapon is to HAVE A GUN!



Philip February 24, 2018 at 1:12 pm

Ray in Idaho, our family in Medina OH agree with your sentiments 100%. We are on this site to get Hertz’s mailing address to notify the Board and C-Suite.


L Butterfield February 23, 2018 at 10:25 pm

I am very disappointed that the management at Hertz/Thrifty/Dollar thinks that the NRA had ANYTHING to do with the school shooting in Florida. I am a proud NRA member. So Hertz, etc. decides to discontinue association with NRA members? Good, I can decide to not rent from Hertz/Thrifty/Dollar/Enterprise. There are lots of places to rent all kinds of cars, even sites like turo.com. Hertz is proving that they are bowing to liberal computer-bot pressure. I’m going to rent elsewhere!


Philip February 24, 2018 at 1:16 pm

Agree L Butterfield. I am a disabled Vet, life patron NRA member, former large city police officer and retired federal agent. I also served four 13 month tours in war zones. In the past, I have very often rented Hertz through USAA, but will no longer rent from them. I can also choose whom to associate with and my family will no longer associate with Hertz.


Erich Huff February 23, 2018 at 9:26 pm

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
Since you company has decided to boycott the NRA based purely on politically biased reasons I’m hereby informing you that boycotts work both ways. I will no longer use your company for any type of rental need.
I would like to ask where is your indignation/stance towards the thousands of people killed by drunk drivers and the thousands of unborn babies murdered during abortions every year. Has your company dropped affiliation with any alcohol/beer/wine producers? How about Planned Parent Hood or the American Medical Association whose doctors murder unborn babies? Lets not forget the car manufactures, whose vehicles are the “tools” used by drunk drivers to kill innocent victims.
The morale high ground your company is trying to stand on is very crumbly. Remember Kmart made a purely political decision to stop selling a product several years ago and look where they are now. I have boycotted them ever since and am ecstatic their company is going under.
Good luck in your boycott. I’m sure other NRA supporters will be joining me in boycotting your company and I look forward to the day your company goes under just like Kmart.


Erich Huff


Philip February 24, 2018 at 1:17 pm

Very good points Erich.


bob kerr February 6, 2018 at 7:02 pm

I am dissappoined in the Hertz Rental Car Co.


David Nicol December 13, 2017 at 4:32 pm

I rented a vehicle at the Munich airport last month. As I did not see a service station on my way back to the airport, I turned in the car with a quarter tank remaining (recognizing that there would be a higher rate charge than at the service station, but we are only talking 14 gallons according to vehicle specs.) Was I shocked. While i had paid about $290 for a six-day rental of a Volvo XC90 (a Presidential Circle upgrade), I was charged over $300 for refilling the tank. More irritating was the response from Customer Service, who, in multiple communications gave no indication of considering the incongruence of the charges, but rather quoted his standards and defended his position based on supplemental information which was never provided. The treatment irritated me more than the charge. I will take my business to an organization that treats me with respect.


Thaddius Peck December 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm

I rented a full size car from Hertz location where I live. After A-day I was upgraded to a premium because I am a presidential circle member. The premium was a 2017 maximum Nissan . After 3 days of being in the maximum I’ve noticed the maximum was leaking a fluid. Which was a Sunday so I took the car to Chicago which was the closest airport location to me 2 hours away to switch the car out For another premium car. Upon arrival at Chicago o’hare hertz. I was told by the manager that he wasn’t going to send a premium car back to Decatur Illinois which was 2 hours away from Chicago which is where I rented the car from.. I was so upset that the manager of the hertz at o’hare airport refused to give me a premium car. So I told him that I was a presidential circle member and I asked him what does that mean to him. And he told me being a presidential member didn’t really mean nothing. So in conclusion, There is no perks of being a president so circle goldmember with in the Hertz corporation!


Michael Fulton November 29, 2017 at 12:51 pm

I rented from Hertz last week due to my car being hit and they told me that they need to hold 50 on my credit card and i would get it back when i turned the car in.. Monday i go to turn the car in and give everything back.. The man from behind the counter go to the car to get the miles and gas and then someone from the back comes and gets the car and don’t go to the back of the store but leaves the premises in the car.. As i go next door to get my car from the shop i see the car is back and the man went to the corner store. The problem is today i see on my Credit Card statement that i have been charged 300 dollars to Hertz.. I call the location and ask them what is going on with this charge and I’m told that it’s a Smoking in the Car charge.. Nooooo i don’t smoke and nobody has been in that car that smokes when i had it.. Y’all will not charge me for someone else’s BS.. I want my money back on my credit card now and i will no longer be doing business with this company!


CLINTON JOHNSON November 13, 2017 at 7:33 am

Hertz is the worst rental car company in the world period the service is poor. Nobody knows anything. I cancelled my reservation and simply asked for the hold to be removed from my bank account instead of removing the hold they took the money instead.


Diane Kirstein November 8, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I booked a last minute trip to Florida with my family from 10/16 to the 23rd 2017. Hertz was the only available rental agency @ Tampa airport (TPA). Not surprised, All the GOOD agencies were all booked in the class I was interested in. Aproching Hertzs location there was no line a bit concerned since flights were landing & ALL the other agencies had lines. After 5 min. ( again no line, 6 agents @ the counter) I was created by a rep. very nice. I proceeded to give him my info & requested a different car based on the car I was getting on my reservation. I to,d him I did NOT want a Null-Null car. He looked puzzled & confused & asked what was that? I said are you serious you do not know what cars you offer your customers? & proceeded to show him a video of the car. I would be lying if I said I knew what that car was ( my 20 yr old son did he said it was a car from a video game but in a nut shell it’s a race car) He offered me a car that was smaller but was gonna still charge me for the bigger car that I reserved I told him “NO” & I ended up w/ a Hyundai Sonnata, which was fine cause I like Hyundai’s ( own 2) once the transaction was completed to get the correct car he said he needed a credit card (cc) for a $200.00 deposit & when I return the car I will get it Bach ( I wanted to pay cash upon my return) I requested that they keep the deposit & I’ll pay the difference @ the end he said they are not allowed. Fine! They he asked about the gas. If I return the car w/o a full tank then I will be charge what it coast for them to fill the tank @ $9.99 per gallon!!!! Mind you I live in N. Y. & I don’t even pay that much to fill my 8 cylinder truck or my husbands F250! (Scam alert!!!) I said I’ll fill it myself & it only coast me $20 to fill & it was below a 1/4 of a tank not the approximate $200 (rounding off) that I was gonna be charged @ $9.99 per gallon. After I was redirected to walk across the airport again to p/ u the car. I went to the window gave my paper work the woman in the booth did not even greet me handed me a key & said your car is in spot 69. I asked & where would that be? W/ annoyance she said right over there around the corner. Very rude! I’m sorry but I love Enterprise not only do they pick you up , they drop you off bring the car to you go over the car w/ you to point out any dings the car may have & if it’s not clean to your satisfaction they reclean it right then & there or offer you another car. Also make sure you know all the operations of the car. Hertz 👎🏻 Nothing. Got to the car a bit dirty inside out, the car stunk of cigarettes ( mind you I’m a smoker & this stunk) but I let it go I wasn’t in the mood for another pissing contest. Now I’m driving to my destination my husband asked why am I all over the road? I to,d him it wasn’t me it was the car the alignment or so thing was off the car kept pulling. Mind you I haven’t been to Fl in almost 20yrs & never to the area I was in. Unfamiliar w/ the road ways & the tolls I drove through a few w/o realizing there was side tolls that you can pay if you didn’t have a pass. According to our navagation we couldn’t go that way & we thought it would lead us off the highway Do you think Hertz could of gave us that info upon p/u the car? No! Once we got to our sons house he told us that was a new toll system that was recently put into effect through out the state. Ok fine. USB ports in the car & the other charger didn’t work & when it suddenly did the GPS didn’t speak through the radio like the car is designed to do so. The next day we went out for 1 hr & 20 minutes ( the place I went to I had to sign in it was 5pm & signed out & 6:20) getting in the car the car was filled w/ ANTS. Yes ANTS 🐜 ALL coming out of the passenger side air vent & all along the door jam, dash board & seat. (the day before getting ready for bed I had bites on me but dismissed it to being masqito bites but in the morning they were bigger my husband said something bit you your allergic to. Fortunately I had my medication w/ me) I called Herts immediately & was told “customer service doesn’t do ANTS that I need to call road side assistance. Ridiculous. I s/w someone by the name of Vinny from roadside. He @ first said what are they suppose to do about ants. I’m not injured, the car is running, we weren’t in an accident. After yelling several choice words. He said it would be easier for me to call in the morning cause it MIGHT get resolved quicker then doing it now cause it could take as little as 5 hrs as much as 6-8 hrs if we do it now. Again A LOT of repeating & yelling very choice words I demanded to s/w a supervisor & not to give me any excuses as to why he can’t get one on the phone & DO NOT get a colleague on the phone pretending to be a manager after several times being out on hold & consistently being told there was anyone available to s/w me. I demanded he continued to work on resolving this problem ASAP while I wait for a mgr. eventually he said I can get you a car but it won’t be delivered until sometime tomorrow cause there’s no one available to retrieve the car I requested that I can bring it to a Hertz & he said theonly rental there for hertz would be at TPA which I thought was ridiculous. (Unlike enterprise they have little pop-up locations all over the place). I told him that was not acceptable I want a car now. He wanted to put me on hold again & I said no get me a car w/ in 30 min & call me back or social media will receive this information along w/ corporate.. he cb in 15 min letting me know an outside tow company will be p/u the car & delivering the new car. I made it clear I better not be getting charged for any of this. That this is not my fault that it was there’s for not properly maintaining their cars he said I would be Wrong! He said the car would arrive around 10-10:30 pm since I was so far away. I to,d him that was not true cause I got to my destination w/ in 30 min from TPA doing the speed limit. My husband & I ran out to get a bite to eat. Just as we got our food the driver called me letting me know he was on his way & the ETA was approx 15 min. Mind you I was @ a fast food place & wasn’t even there 15 min before the driver called. We swallowed our food whole ran back & just as we got there w/ in 10 min so was the tow. I told the drive the ordeal showed him the ouctures & video I took. He said when we return the car show them what I have I also asked if I was being charged for this he didn’t know but didn’t think I should be charged for this due to there negligence. This isn’t uncommon in Fl & he’s been on several runs for Hertz about these type of problems. He said this is basic maintenance on cars if you live in Fl. Interesting. The next morning I inspect the car. Dings all over ît I took pics. Car filthy food on the seats dirty spilled beverages the car was never cleaned. Stunk of cigs again! I actually carried a bottle of fabreeze to spray the car every time I got in it just like the other car. Two days later I went to TPA, Herts to complain about everything thing gust has happened. I was directed to walk across the Airport AGAIN to talk to management. When I got there the girl behind the counter couldn’t help me cause she didn’t speak English! Hello if you live in America Learn the language be sure to speak the language clearly. she went in the back & got a mgr & told her to give me $50 hertz credit. No no I demanded for the mgr to come out & s/w me. When she came out the mgr proceed to take $50 off my bill & was about to walk away w/o even speaking to me but I stopped her. I went off on her after all was said & done I made it perfectly clear the $600 balance that is there better remain the same upon returning the car. I tried to get a car from another age but to no avail. She ensured if any additional charges should appear there will be a note on the acct stating additional charges are to be waived. Wrong! The morning I was flying out I received a email by Hertz of my bill that was almost $800. Oh hell no so my p,an was when I dropped off the car I was going to address it. Well that didn’t happen because drop off was so disorganized that I waited so long I was cutting it close to my flight time. When I finally approached the correct drop off the young girls were received if get cars again NO ENGLISH! The little communication that was there they said just leave the keys in the car & proceeded to laugh & walked away speaking in Spanish. @ this point I had no time to address this. Now I’m home & approximately 1 week Herts finally takes the money from my acct. not happy @ all. I called TPA Hertz. Got no where. Nobody knew what to do now I have my paper bank statement & demanding corporate contact me w/ a explanation on how the conduct business or I will contact the better business bureau & the Atty general in the state of Fl & Ny. To let them know this is how they treat, lie to customers & steal money!
I do have video & pic if you’d like to see them. I do expect a response from corporate in a timely fashion but they probably push it off to morning cause it just might get handled faster or maybe 8 hrs later. W/ the amount of time I had to spend in this was 2days away from my granddaughter. Not happy @ all 😡


Melanie Rodgers October 18, 2017 at 7:32 pm

melaniecmontgomery71@ gmail.com
Please in the name of God do NOT use this company!!! I was in a bad car accident where a lady hit me so hard she totaled both cars and was cited by the police. Not only did they not bill her insurance properly they stole from me blind over a thousand dollars and now I’m in trouble with my bank. The manager at the Topeka Kansas location told me he would fix this and call me back by five to assure me my account had been adjusted. He didn’t call me back they kept hanging up on me and when I called corporate they told me they were a separate entity as a buyer into their company. I’m paid once a month which was today and they drained me almost five hundred dollars and I’m screwed for being a victim. Someone please HELP


Todd Parker September 26, 2017 at 3:07 pm

I recently rented from Hertz due to my personal car being hit. I spoke to a Hertz agent Reese Williams (Hertz location 8141 Ogontz Ave, Wyncote, PA, 19095) 2 days prior to the pick up date and confirmed everything. The next day I also stopped into the Hertz location to reconfirm my vehicle would be ready around 9am because I had a appointment at 10am. The day of my pickup I arrived at 9am, there was no one there. Finally around 10am I am able to speak to Mr. Williams, emphasizing that I had to be somewhere, but was asked to be patient. So I respectfully waited. During all this, Mr. Williams is going back and forth with another gentlemen, who I saw come and go in the same exact rental Nissan truck that I was finally given 3 hours later. Yes, I was forced to wait until 12 noon to pick up a vehicle which I confirmed twice (on the phone and in person) 2 days prior. There was also another couple there as well, had their reservation printed out and everything. I just sat an listened to them get lied to about why their reservation could not be fulfilled. I was told that the truck would be given to me and not them. They wound up booking from another rental place as they stood there, which is what I should have done. Upon my return of the vehicle there was no one around to accept the vehicle. After waiting an hour, Mr. Williams finally showed up. He proceeds to tell me that there is a tire pressure light on. I responded, there was no light on and I have been sitting for an hour to drop off the car, anything could have fluctuated in that time. So he tells me there is a nail in the tire and I would have to pay $13.99 to get it fixed, but I will receive a call to let me know before the charge. A week later my bank account is short $190.00+. There was no call from Hertz. When I go back to the Hertz location, yes, was forced to wait again because no one was there. I question the charge, and why I wasn’t contacted as was said. Mr. Reese Williams told me that the tire had more than one nail. My response, was that we only saw one together and it was in a spot that could be patched. That why he told me prices. So I asked to see the tire in question because at this point I feel like Mr. Williams is lying to me. There is no tire to show. Can I see pictures of what the tire looked like. There are no pictures to show. Can I see notes on the tire that was removed from the truck. There were no notes taken. Wheres the guy who took the tire off? The guy doesn’t remember. So at this point I know Im being lied too. Mr. Williams told me that I was only being charged $140.00 for the tire, but my account was charged $190.00. Couldn’t explain nor rectify the difference. But, I’m supposed to be satisfied because he told me $140, but my account states $190. Any business who does GOOD business always has proof. For all I know Hertz is working with Midas to sell tires since it is the same location. All Hertz is, is just bunch of liars who produce horrible customers service. All of this took place in July, on September 5 I received a charge for an EZ Pass.This is crazy, I have my own EZ Pass and even replenished it while I had the rental. That box that they place in the window seems to be a scam. I didn’t request it, nor touch it because I have my own. If I could attach my personal EZ Pass Activity Summary for the month of July I would. So you can see “PROOF” ( I’m willing to present proof of something, Hertz is just all talk) of the bogus charges. For the bill to come a month and a half later is just ridiculous. If I could give Hertz negative rating I would. I will be sharing this letter on as many websites, forums and blogs as possible so that people will use other companies to avoid this headache and just overall horrible service. It is beyond disgraceful when all Hertz sees is dollar signs and not the people or customers they are receiving them from.


Jill Joiner August 30, 2017 at 10:51 am

You claim to be a diverse supporting company yet an HR manager posted transphobic comments on a Facebook page run by Sophie Labelle who is the creator of Assigned Male and getting ready to go on a European tour to promote her book. Here are the comments made Chris McFadden How delusional can this disgusting blob get? Chris McFadden You have an “interesting” taste in guys after someone stated that Sophie brought out her inner lesbian. Oh and here is the person in questions Facebook page facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008269363641&lst=100000809409370%3A100008269363641%3A1504103063&sk=about and here is the conversation thread for further verification facebook.com/assignedmale/photos/a.333363570179247.1073741830.300503316798606/763589033823363/?type=3&theater

I hope you deal with this in an effective manner


Jill Joiner August 30, 2017 at 10:54 am

Also this:: Chris McFadden (name redacted) I’m actually pretty handsome 🙂 I was talking about the guy with the pink hair who thinks he’s an attractive woman.


Rickey Sprinkle August 30, 2017 at 9:52 am

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regard to my name being added to the HERTZ DNR list. I feel
that the situation leading up to the decision had very little to nothing to
do with me and I wish to be removed from the list. As active duty military,
being on the DNR list, prohibits me from being able to complete my
contractual duties in remote locations at times and forces me to deal with
“less preferred” rental companies as I just had to do on 18 June 2017 when I
was denied my 2-week reservation with HERTZ and informed about the DNR lis.

On or around 24 December 2016 I received a phone call from a friend after
getting pulled over by police and having the vehicle impounded for not
having a valid Driver’s License near my home in Dayton, OH. She was told
that since she wasn’t on the contract that she could not get the vehicle out
of impound. After explaining the situation to me I agreed to retrieve the
vehicle and return it to HERTZ. She asked the individual who rented the
vehicle to add me as a driver so that I may retrieve the vehicle, and he
agreed. After arriving at the impound lot, the owner informed me that since
the vehicle was seized from a non-operator on the contract that the entire
contract was now void and the vehicle could only be recovered by HERTZ. If
there is any way to look at timestamps it should read that the contract with
my name was done after the vehicle was impounded.

As you can see, I was not the renter nor the driver of the vehicle in
question. I was only added as a driver after the vehicle was already
impounded and it was only to return the vehicle to HERTZ. I actually never
even saw the vehicle that I’m being punished for so if you could please
remove me from the HERTZ DNR list it would be greatly appreciated so that I
may continue doing business with your great company. Thank you.

I am now stationed in a middle eastern country where HERTZ seems to be the only rental company for American citizens and due to this issue im not allowed to rent a vehicle. I Have to live here for a year and am forced to hitch rides instead of renting my own vehicle. HERTZ, please fix this situation.


Rickey Sprinkle August 30, 2017 at 10:09 am

I can provide my DL# if needed


Ken Nielsen August 30, 2017 at 12:10 am

I’m concerned about the inability of anyone in the company to issue me a letter verifying my pension plan which I have had with you for many years. I have been told they have no way to mail anything and they have no way to email me anything. It has been 13 weeks now and a lot of phone calls and excuses. Is you pension department really in a little black box with no ability to communicate? I am trying to close on a home and you entire company cannot verify you have the pension funds. That’s scary. I’m beginning to wonder what happened to that money and why no one in your company if allowed to email or mail letters.


Vladimir Vuka August 29, 2017 at 12:17 pm

What a disappointment.
We normally rent cars all the times from Hertz. Normally hasn’t been this bad.
This time I rented a car in Graz Austria. The lady who was at the desk spoke a little english. She gave us the key of the car after doing all paper work and said that the car has no damages and it is full of gas. Was nighttime and hardly could find the car.
After driving the car from Graz to Viena next day in morning. We went to return the car and attendant tell us that the car has a damage. was something that when you park the car door of the next car leaves a little mark. It is not even visible. We did not even park the car next to another car.
I thought that they would understand that we did not damaged the care whatsoever, but thought this might be formality. Now I am 7 days back and they have a hold in my Credit Card for $2000. That is nonsense.
Wont use this car rental company anymore.


Robert Koenig August 25, 2017 at 10:41 pm

I had rented SUV from GSP Airport in Greenville SC , I had a problem with the first SUV went back to Hertz and spoke with a wonderful woman named Lynn. I was a bit upset but Lynn
Went about her job like a pro and toke care of me and my needs. Today too many people will
Only complain and not take the time to thank people who go above and beyond to take care of the customer so I only hope Lynn gets some due recognition.
Thank you Lynn and Hertz you have a great employee.
Robert Koenig


anonymous August 23, 2017 at 5:15 pm

I applied to hertz on 11 diff occasions i feel like im being discriminated by the regional branch field recruiter michael gosslin based out of Boston Ma also i had several interviews with them where the manager would offer me a higher position then what i applied for because i actually have experience in the Industry and Mr Gosslin would call me and shatter my dreams but then i would look on the post the next day and the job was still available even tho Mr Gosslin would say the position was filled I reached out to corporate on two different occasions i did receive one phone call from them but nothing has happened i was told they love my passion determination and drive…hmmm so why not hire me then ????


Mike Schmeisser August 22, 2017 at 9:32 pm

I rented a vehicle in Sacramento airport. After a couple day I needed to head down to Los Angeles. I tried to call but was re-directed to the out sourced cheap labor call center where they could do nothing more than I can on the website. They would also try to call your Sacramento office and also no answer. This went on for 2 days and I went to Los Angeles. I finally sat on the phone for an hour and reached Sacramento via your call center patching me thru. His name was Joseph and he was helpful but I then found out my rental would multiply by 3 times the original amount per day when I’m only returning to a different location. He offered to send me a $150 voucher only to call me back and say it will only be $50. This is not the first time I have had this problem and I am a 5 star presidents circle member but for what? Your customer service is sub par at best and if you want to keep me as a loyal customer you will reach out to me with an explanation as to what you are doing about the communication issue along with a reimbursement of some of my rental as if I knew and could reach someone the first day I would have returned the vehicle at sac and got a cheaper one way option with another company


Michelle Freel August 20, 2017 at 11:46 pm

Don’t ever rent from Hertz. I reserved a car 4 months in advance through AAA to be picked up at 1 pm on 7/22/17 and returned on 7/31/17 at the Hertz office located at 30507 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak, Michigan. My husband and I had travel plans to drive to Maine. The sole purpose of renting this vehicle was to avoid putting mileage on my personal vehicle. We had to drive 4.5 hours out of our way to pick up this rental vehicle. About 12:25 pm (after driving 4 hours) i called the Hertz office to let them know we wouldn’t be able to pick up the rental vehicle until about 1:10. “Mike” informed me that would not work due to them closing at 1 pm. I asked him if he could wait for us to arrive and i was told “nope, they close promptly at 1 pm!” That was when he said “oh, we don’t have any cars available for you to pick up anyways!!” He didn’t even care!! After reserving this car 4 months ahead of time i find out after driving 4 hours out of our way they have no car for us to pick up! I asked him “you weren’t even going to call us and inform us that there was no car available?” His response was “that’s not our standard procedure”. How could a company just leave people hanging like that!! He offered absolutely no alternative solutions to try and find us another vehicle. So unprofessional!!! I was so upset. This was a tremendous inconvenience for our travel plans. I thought of Hertz as a top of the line rental company. They are the worse company out there!! i feel Hertz should reimburse us for all the mileage that we had to put on our personal vehicle. 3000 miles total. I called the corporate office and filed a complaint and was told all i would receive is a $50 certificate for future rentals and the certificate has several restrictions attached to it!! Seriously!! Restrictions after what we encountered!! I will be notifying AAA and the Better Business Bureau about what we encountered!! Good luck to anyone who has to deal with these people.


Lynn McFarland December 20, 2017 at 2:49 pm

That sounds very similar to what just happened to my son and his fiance in College Station, TX. They made the reservation 3 weeks ago and had pre-paid for it. They arrived 5 minutes before their rental time and the office was closed. After spending 10 minutes trying to locate someone, they called the emergency number on the door and were informed that the office closed and it was basically their fault for being late. Which they weren’t late when they arrived to find no one there. They transferred their rental to the airport location only to be informed they did have a single vehicle available. Customer NO service basically tried to blame them for the situation. The saga went on and on. Worst service ever! After the way they were treated, I will never rent from them again!


Stephen Youngs August 14, 2017 at 1:24 pm


Employees constantly lie and deceive. I was told that a representative would call me regarding questions regarding my rental. NEVER Happened. What is worse, when I finally got in contact with customer service, they told me that Roadside service always tells people that but they never do it. I had stopped renting from Hertz due to these exact same service issues. I was in a pinch and could not find any other option so reluctantly I found myself renting from Hertz again. SHAME ON ME!! Worst customer service I have ever experienced…hands down!

CEO: Mark P. Frissora
CFO: Elyse Douglas
COO: Scott P. Sider



Lisa August 10, 2017 at 6:04 pm

I the past I has been a Presidential Circle and Gold member with Hertz as I traveled a lot for work. However, more recently I’ve not had the best experiences with Hertz. Most notably a trip to Vancouver, WA in July. I made an online reservation as I always do for a care for myself and 4 kids. When it was time to get the rental care, I was told by the location supervisor they were sold out for the week. This was not a simple case of renters not bringing their cars back on time. This location and all locations in the area were “sold out” . I asked the supervisor why then would I have been allowed to rent a vehicle and she responded that the online res system does not know their inventory. I proceeded to call the Gold member’s service desk and their response was that that the location had not provided an inventory update for them to have an accurate availability. No one would take accountability and my family and I were left without a car to get around on our vacation. I half of my day calling around to other companies who were also sold out for the week. I finally got in touch with Enterprise and they had 2 cars available for pick so I went to get one.
My anticipated $46/day expense for my Hertz rental because $110/day at Enterprise. I’ve reached out to Hertz for a reimbursement of the difference due to their error in over booking and I’ve been offered $25-$50.
I’m thoroughly frustrated that Hertz cannot get their act together. They seem to have no problem ruining vacation plans for people.


Denise August 8, 2017 at 9:11 am

I planned a trip to visit family in Michigan to attend a wedding in October 2016. I pre-booked my rental car with Hertz through Triple A.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 I flew into the Detroit, Michigan Airport, took the shuttle to Hertz to pick up my rental car. I was given a Chevy Spark and was ready for my wonderful vacation with family. I left the Detroit Airport to Montrose, Michigan, 1.5 hour drive. The drive wasn’t too bad in this little compact car I mainly stayed in the slow lane as the car did not have much get-up-and go and it was very windy.

I arrived in Montrose to meet up with family. That same afternoon I went with two family members to the grocery store to pick up items for the house. Upon leaving the store I pulled onto the main road and the car would not accelerate. The engine light came on and there was very little power even with the gas pedal to the floor. I was able to ride in the emergency lane to another driveway and pull off the road. After gathering my barrens of all of us almost being killed in traffic, I was able to get the car back to the house and called Hertz Rental. I was on the phone with Hertz customer service at least 45 minutes and was told a tow truck would be coming and the car needed to be towed back to the Detroit Airport, 1.5 hours each way and I could ride with the tow truck driver to get another car. I asked if someone could ride along with me with the tow truck driver as I am a female and did not feel comfortable riding with a male driver by myself. Hertz rental told me that three people can sit in the cab and that would not be a problem. The tow truck driver arrived and had another male in the cab with him. There was no way I was driving with two men by myself for 1.5 hours to Detroit. (Please Note the tow truck driver notified me that there are many recalls on this vehicle and he has been called to many customers driving a Chevy Spark with the same situation. Not sure why a car rental company would risk the liability of having this vehicle in their fleet of rental cars). I consulted with family members in the area and they mentioned there is another airport closer, Bishop Airport. I contacted Hertz rental and suggested the car be towed to Bishop Airport and I would have to go there the next day to get another car.

Thursday, October 6, 2016 I was able to get a ride with a family member to Bishop Airport to get another Hertz rental car. Upon arrival, customer service was very rude. They could not find the Chevy Spark in the lot and would not give me another rental car until the other car was found. The manager came out of the back to help me at least she had better customer service skills then the other guy at the front desk. They FINALLY found the car after I waited for half an hour; it was parked in an Enterprise parking spot. They rented me another compact car, not great but much better than the Chevy Spark.

My trip ended Tuesday, October 11, 2016 I returned the car to the Detroit, Michigan Airport and was not very pleased with the front desk customer service as they were very rude. After returning home, I disputed the pre-paid purchase with my credit card company and they issued me a provisional credit while they researched the transaction. After the credit card company completed their investigation they concluded the provisional credit originally issued to my account is now permanent. Which means the credit card company agreed with my report about my bad experience with Hertz. Several months pass and then I receive a letter from a collection agency. I contact the collection agency to dispute this claim, as instructed by the collection agency rep. I wrote a letter dated March 16, 2017disputing the claim. Since then I have received three (3) calls from the collection agency and it is now August 2017; this is harassment. I tried to contact Hertz directly to talk to a manager and no one will talk to me. It is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. This is all over $156.05, it must be costing HERTZ a lot of money to keep resurrecting this matter. I will NEVER, EVER rent another car from Hertz.


Erika July 31, 2017 at 4:23 pm

whom it may concern:
I have been having issues with the charges done on a recent rental. I used my points for two free days and I extended the car for 3 extra days. The amount quoted for those 3 days was 356.00 tax included, the charges me an outrageous amount of 800.00 and some change. I call customer service and they took of 300 or but still have a charge off 500 and some change. When i saw the charges today on my card I decided to call the customer service to dispute is. The guy that answer the phone was really rude and put the music on while I was speaking to him and also hang up. I have been a loyal customer to hertz for 9 years and never had to go thru this. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO DISRESPECTED BY HERTZ CUSTOMER SERVICE, I felt that being in the president circle and gold member was nothing. I need someone to fix my charges and talk to whoever had done that to me. I will probably go to another rental company because I don’t want to feel this way ever again.
Thank you


Alicia July 19, 2017 at 8:38 am

I was a Hertz employee from September 2016-May 2017 as a Management Trainee. Upon taking the position, I was told it is a position where if I work hard, I can get promoted quickly and during that time I was promoted to Management Associate in January 2017. This promotion came with a pay increase which I worked hard to get because they did away with bonuses on how much you sell. Here it is the end of July and I haven’t worked for Hertz since May and I have still yet to receive my retroactive pay from when I was promoted in January. This company is one of the worst companies I’ve worked for.


Mark July 12, 2017 at 5:44 pm

2 trips to Atlanta in 2 weeks. HERTZ now aka HURTS NO CARS. I have been a gold member for 20 years and I have been very happy with the service. Both times in Atlanta NO CARS I was told to get in line and wait in the 100 degree garage with everyone else. Those poor Hertz employees listening to everyone XXXXXX. Why are you sending me the email confirmation about my arrival time and posting my name on the board when you don’t have a car for me you should send me a email saying we don’t have a car for you and I’ll go somewhere else just a thought …


R Fox July 8, 2017 at 11:11 am

David Hayer, Branch Manager, of the Hertz Rental on Midlothian is rude, childish and should not be in a place of management. I rented a vehicle through the 800 number. When I showed up to get the vehicle, ‘Dave’ did not honor the reservations made online. He proceeded to berate me, question my intelligence, question my religious preference and said I used language I did not use. I was there with a friend so I have witness to all this taking place. In addition, I made a voice recording of the way I was talked to by ‘Dave.’ I have tried reaching the area manager, Larry Roth, to no avail. Hertz, if this is how you allow your managers to talk to customers, you will not be in business at that location much longer. People should be treated like people, not trash as ‘Dave’ treated me.


Gina Gretz July 7, 2017 at 7:59 pm

I made my reservation days in advance online through carrentals.com and it was seamless. I went to pick up my car and waited 1 and half hours to get car and leave, and took an hour and 10 minutes for an attendant to speak with me and process my paperwork. Very disappointed is an understatement! I will stay away from renting from Hertz, especially this location, 1969 Covington Pike, Memphis, TN!


Theresa Hunt June 27, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Just wanted to let everyone how they ruined my daughters wedding weekend. My daughter and her new husband were leaving for Chicago airport to go home when her hubby accidentally locked the keys in the car trunk, we called AA who promptly came md unlocked the car doors only to find there was no way into the trunk without a key, we called Hertz, had it towed to the local office, they could not open it, and eventually ended getting to towed to the Kia dealership which was closed by then as thing has taken hours and my daughters luggage was in the trunk. They had to change flights costing them $400 them change them again for the next day, the dealership finally got it open but when my daughter called Hertz the manager in Chicago said there was nothing they could do for them even though the car was faulty because they noticed when they came through Chicago the horn would not work and the roadside assistance said this was and electrical problem. Everyone else my daughter called said she should be due credit from them except the XXXXXX if a manager in Chicago.so TH ask Hertz for spoiling their wedding.


Deborah June 26, 2017 at 10:35 am

I have been using the Hertz office in Coral Springs, Florida for several years now.
I would like to give kudos to the Coral Springs, Florida, Office Manager.
Unfortunately, I cannot remember her name and she has assisted me on a couple of different occasions.
She is extremely efficient and very professional every time. Her office was super busy the weekend I came in to rent a car.
She is definitely a multi tasker doing her best assisting her clients with getting us in and out as quickly as possible. She is great!
Thank you,


Greg June 26, 2017 at 8:39 am

On June 22, 2017, I went to pick up a prepaid rental car on my lunch break so that I could take my son to his college orientation. I got to the rental car company only to find out that they have just changed their policies a few months ago. I was not able to get the rental car because I was using a debit card. The only way you can now rent from them with a debit card is if you have ALL 3 things: 1) Corporate ID #, 2) AAA and 3) Credit score of 670. I was shocked but if that is the new policy for a debit card, I will just have to go somewhere else. The issue became when it was time to refund me the funds. I was told that I was to call 1(800)654-4173 ask for the billing department and they should be able to refund me the funds ASAP. I called the number as soon as I walked out the door. I asked for a refund and told them the urgency of getting it within the same day because now, I had to find another rental car. The lady told me she could expedite it but I wouldn’t not be able to get it until 3-5 business days. I have a major issue with this because I did not have the extra funds to get another car and had to make some sacrifices to get it. Now it is Monday and I haven’t seen a dime. I called back as soon as they opened this morning and the lady told me it will be here within 7-10 business days and basically I just have to wait. I told her that I never received an email about the refund or receipt. I was told that I would have to wait for that as well. I’m just very frustrated because they are taking forever to refund something that came out of my account as soon as I pushed confirm.


Tierney June 8, 2017 at 9:10 pm

I recently took a trip with a couple of friends to Maine. We flew into Portsmouth, New Hampshire so we rented a car from Hertz. On our return Saturday, our flight was delayed numerous times due to bad weather. Being 2 hours from the airport we were worried about getting the car back and getting to the airport on time. We called Hertz and spoke with Ed Young. He was so helpful. The customer service was spectacular. I wish all company representatives were so good.


Angie June 5, 2017 at 7:41 pm

I was charged for an additional $300 due to the smell of smoke in the car??!! I rented the car with two 9 year olds, and I am almost 6 months pregnant. No way anyone smoked in the car, yet they refuse to remove the charge. Nothing was advised at the time of drop off, nor do they have evidence, they’re just going off of the employees word. My credit card company has since filed a dispute for the charge, but this will be the last time I rent from Hertz.


Teyanna Lewis June 3, 2017 at 9:43 pm

When I picked my car up I wasn’t greeted in a pleasant warm way. When I dropped the car off the one smaller man at the myrtle beach airport ignored me when I came back in to question him about the charges that shouldn’t of been charged. He took several other customers ahead of me. The bigger man told me he couldn’t do anything about it and to call the location where I picked up from, the manager there could change it. I called there and they were completely rude. The associate talked over me and consistently cut me off. I asked for her manager and she wasn’t no better. As a manager she was a terrible role model in this situation. Those girls have no idea how to be great or know how to treat customers any better, because they have a poor example of a leader. To top things off customer service call center even told me as well before I dropped the car off that I would only pay the amount I thought I was to pay. Got to the counter it was completely different. Called customer service back and they said they already fixed it, and now I would have to wait to speak with customer service Monday. Complete run around and I’m tired.


Angel May 8, 2017 at 4:03 pm

I reserved a car for a pick up May 4th. I received a call that morning, stating they did not have the size I needed and they were doing their best to locate a car. By the end of the business day, I contacted the company and they informed me they could not locate a car for me. The person working the counter was very pleasant. I do not have an issue with whom I spoke with, but with the company over all. I called and spoke with a person in Corporate on May 8th and the only thing he stated, was an apologize. I had to rent with another company on short notice at double the cost. Just not acceptable. Very dissatisfied.


Moss May 4, 2017 at 10:19 pm

I had a reservation – appointment on Wednesday 1pm at 145 john glen dr in concord ca. The establishment was a joke about ten customers waiting and 5-7 hertz clueless employees. I was suppose to have a car ready at 1pm at least that’s what my lyft – hertz email stated. The clerk told me I needed to sign in. I waited patiently for 30 mins and no one assisted. The lyft clerks were in a separate office with there child and never showed any type of courtesy for their waiting appointments. I then left with no car and was told it would be a three hour wait. I will never rent from Hertz again horrible customer service close to nonexistent. My afternoon was a waste of time even with an appointment


Ninette Exline May 1, 2017 at 5:43 pm

Dear Corporate Hertz,
I was assuming my story was one of merely a few but, after reading many of these others I seem to be seeing a trend. I rented an economy car for this past weekend from your Bellevue, Nebraska Location on Fort Crook Road. I was given a 2017 Toyota Yaris. I had some problems from the beginning since I booked my reservation on line, It claimed If I paid online I would receive a 9% discount for doing so and that if I didn’t want them to run out of cars they recommended I book immediately. I also was offered insurance but, was NOT informed this was through a 3rd party company. I reserved the car for friday 8am returning sunday at 8am for a 48 hour rental. But, when I arrived to pick up my car I was told that the store would be closing saturday at 12pm and would be reopening until monday morning at 8am and that I would have to pay for an addition rental day that I didn’t need. They put a $250 hold on my debit card even though I had already paid for the rental and the insurance??? Upon receiving the car I had to go back inside to confirm that they had doXXXXented the stains the car had, without getting my signature to prove the cars stains I reluctantly took the car, after an entire hour. I hit the interstate where the speed limit reached 75 mph and started to notice the problems, the car was very very loud, seemed to not handle the highway speeds and was all over the road. after about an hour I started to hear a loud thumping, thinking it was the rain but, after a few more minutes I noticed in the passenger mirror that a piece of the car was flapping in the wind, I was on the interstate miles from anywhere. I called the store and tried to explain the problem, i received no sympathy and was told, “I cant imagine what that could be” I was advised to call roadside assistance. When I was safely able to exit the interstate I pulled over to see what the problem was to learn that I had a 2017 vehicle with less than 10,000 miles on it and the bumper was actually falling off. I called road side assistance and they told me I was welcome to exchange the vehicle if Id like to drive to kansas city, I was an entire state and over 500 miles away from kansas city??? So I had to stop every 15 minutes on the interstate to try and “snap” the bumper back on terrified it would completely fall off and I would be responsible. If this wasn’t bad enough if was pouring rain and I ended up missing several parts of the convention I was to be working at. Terrified on the drive home, I returned the vehicle and was told the company. The clerk tried to look up my roadside assistance call and couldn’t find it, after I gave him the claim number I was given I was told there was no notes on the incident and only a statement that I was was NOT RENTABLE until inspected. no longer offered vouchers for a free rental and since I booked ONLINE, they could NOT give any refund. After reading some of these complaints I fear since I booked online I too was punished for doing so. Yes I saved $10 a day on my rental but, it seems now not to have been worth it.


Rebekah Jackson March 6, 2017 at 10:16 pm

I had a good friend rent a car from hertz for the past weekend. I was with her through the whole rental. We arrived at hertz in Bowling Green Ohio 1011 S. Main St. The man that waited on her was not helpful. He only ask her name, ask if she had her credit card, and ask if any others drivers. Printed a receipt and handed her the keys. She got in the car drove down the street had to call and let them know that the car did not even have a full tank of gas. So had to take the car back. Returned the car today and got charged for smoking in the car. Told them no one said that there is not smoking in the. No signs posted showing that there is no smoking unless you have a 3 years that can read. Because that is how far off the ground this hertz had their no smoking. So how can they get away with charging people a cleaning charger when the with hold this policy and don’t have it posted where it can be seen by the people renting cars. The whole process took maybe 5 minutes. I will not have anyone I know rent for hertz anywhere. These guys where bu** holes. The one that printed the receipt on March 2 could not even look me in the eye today and talk to me like a man. Because he knew he was lying about telling us no smoking. We are the type of women that have enough respect to not smoking somewhere there is no smoking. First time renting from here and will never use another hertz rental again.


Levelle Williams April 14, 2017 at 7:39 pm

Don’t smoke in the car you rent its not yours. And other customers can be allergic to smoke. Inconsiderate on your part. Regardless of whats posted in the vehicle common sense should tell you not to smoke if your not sure.


susan February 27, 2017 at 4:26 pm

Do you know that Hertz owns, Thrifty and Dollar rental !!?
Anyone had email address for Executives for Hertz and Dollar.
Its unbelievable how much they charge for easy pazz or sun pass
$10 a day for a toll .82 cents and if you do not but the $10 aday
you through cashless toll which in FL is common they charge .82 plus $15.00 fee


Daryl Watson February 12, 2017 at 7:57 am

We had signed up online through Kayak.com to rent a car in Tampa, Florida from February 2nd to the 5th, 2017. I had paid for it online which cost me $102.30 ($66.30 + $36.00). So, we go, get the car no problem, enjoy our time in Florida. Return the car on the 5th, and they bill us for $141.00. I am so mad right now, but what do you do but pay and catch your flight home. Once home, I start checking into things, call hertz, get no satisfaction but a rude women on the phone. Then I go to the website and get a copy of my receipt, it states my total was $141.30. So, then why was I charged $66.30, $36.00, and $141.00???


Kathleen Klosterman February 9, 2017 at 9:48 am

Hertz at Regan National Airport, Gateway to Hell
All I wanted was a car for 3.5 days in the Washington D.C. area. Instead, Hertz took 16 hours from my life that I will never get back. Because they accepted my bid from Priceline for the rental, I was treated like sXXXX. By that I mean that I was deliberately issued one of their “shop cars.” That is, I was given one of their cars that was supposed to be in the shop. It even had written across the back window in blue grease pencil, “broken right tail light.” They parked in a darkened parking space hoping I wouldn’t notice. I didn’t until after I drove off the property.
Then, I noticed the cracked tail light. I didn’t know for sure if it really worked and I had three concerns: 1) It didn’t fully work. 2) The glass/plastic would fall out as I turned a corner. 3) I would be pulled over by the police. My idea was that Hertz could simply swap out my current car with a different one at a pre-determined time the next morning. It would be a simple fix.
I called Hertz using the corporate number on my reservation/contract cards. A recording said that because of my reservation number, corporate Hertz would NOT talk to me about my reservation. (I have learned that they code Priceline, hotwire and other online deals with these numbers.) The local office is in charge of these reservations and often is the final say on accepting these reservations. Hertz’s dirty little secret is that we are not “real” customers. Often they overbook us, hence the need to use “shop cars” when they oversell car reservations.
So, I tried to use the local number that I found buried in those weird cards given to me with my reservation. This number had several extensions that I was to hit if I had a problem with my reservation. The last one, 831 always ended up with lost and found. Three others were rarely answered. At around 10:30 that night (I had received my car at close to 7 pm and started calling at 10 pm) I had a live person. This person could understand my contract number. But, suddenly she couldn’t understand the spelling of my name (which was on the contract) until I repeated it 6 times. I asked her why. She said because she was in a room with a lot of other people on the phone. I didn’t hear any noise in the background. I told her about my car swap idea. She said, “no, that will never happen.” Then, she pretended once again to not hear me. I suggested that she use her headphones which would eliminate that issue. Then she asked me to repeat my first name 5 times. I asked to speak with her supervisor. For this request as with my swap out idea, she had no problem hearing me. She said I could be connected at any time. I said, “great, how about now?” She said, “no.” I couldn’t be connected until she had completed a report about my issue and she would never do that. Again, I would like to note that she was hearing me fine now. I asked her to do the report. She again refused and hung up.
Multiple calls for the next 90 minutes or so yielded nothing but recorded Hertz ads, a hold into nothingness, or lost and found. So, I called Priceline. Someone in another country politely put me on hold while they researched my issue with their supervisor. The gentleman came back on line and said no, as his supervisor reminded him, per his manual, only Hertz could help me and I should call them. He connected me and I once again reached lost and found.
It was near midnight now, I called the emergency road crew which is charged with helping you when your car breaks down or you are in an accident. They are a first rate group although they couldn’t understand why I didn’t talk with the local office who they said was open 24 hours. I had no answer for that. They also thought my idea to swap cars made sense. After multiple calls, I convinced them to come and get my broken, unsafe car. They expedited a tow truck and logged an incident report. 40 minutes later, the tow arrived. His supervisor called before to make sure I was aware that he was on his way. The process was both courteous and professional. They had offered to give me a ride to the airport. They assumed that because the desk was open for 24 hours, I would receive a car immediately. I voiced reservations about this plan multiple times, but ultimately gave in just to get this ridiculous issue over with.
The tow truck driver dropped me off. I walked into a dim garage. It was 2:10 in the morning. I had to walk through the shadows across the garage to area where the darkened reservation desk sat by other rental car companies’ darkened desks. No one was there. The Reagan Airport was closed until 4:30 AM. There was no shuttle, no skyway to the closed terminal. I was on my own in a dark garage and in a strange city. Shadowy people walked through the garage. OK, now I was afraid. Still hopeful that I would find a Hertz employee, I went to the second floor as I was told that was where I was supposed to return the rental I no longer had possession of. I also saw a sign that stated that Hertz was in the process of moving operations from the first floor to the second. I found a Hertz office desk on the second floor which had a light on over it, but no one was there. It was not anything like a check-in counter, rather a simple desk. I checked it multiple times over the next hour in the hope that someone would come. No one did.
Feeling panic, I called the number for rental issues and its five extensions multiple times. I never got an answer. Finally, I called the emergency roadside service. It was 2:31 am. This time I was told by them that there was no 24 hour desk. The person left at 2:30 am. I could only wonder how this person managed to be invisible. They asked me if I felt my unsafe. I said, “Yes.” This person offered to call me a cab. I didn’t believe that she would do it, but I said, “yes, please.” She said that Hertz would pay it, but of course they couldn’t actually pay it now, I would need to get a receipt and ask them later. I didn’t care, I wanted out. She offered to pay one night’s hotel, but I said that I had a hotel, I just wanted to get back to my room. She called back a few minutes later promising me a cab in about 15 minutes. At that point all I could say was, “I don’t know what to say.” What I meant was I didn’t know why Hertz had done this to me instead of simply swapping out the car and I didn’t know if I could believe her. I called two members of my family who were not local and told them where I was in case I didn’t make it back to the hotel. They were very upset.
I called the cab company who answered promptly. (This is the company Hertz should benchmark for customer service.) The driver arrived as promised but I couldn’t find him. I was frightened, waiting for my purse with tablet, wallet and phone to be stolen. I was defeated. Talking on my cell phone, he coached me through the garage to where his cab sat. This was a completely different area then where I had been dropped off. He was very nice and assured me that Hertz would make everything ok. I bit my lip.
It was 3:30 am when I arrived back at my hotel. The desk clerk look at me puzzled, “where is your car?”
“I didn’t get one,” I answered. He looked at me shocked.
I finally fell asleep after 4 am. I had plans at 8 am that morning. I slept through them. I finally awoke about 9:30. I took a shower before I once again began to deal with Hertz. After 6 calls, I finally got through. Three of the prior calls I was put on indefinite hold without speaking to anyone, the others didn’t even get that far. My 7th got through. I don’t know why. The person I spoke to upon learning my name, didn’t ask for my contract number. She mentioned that everyone knew that the airport office closed at 2 am. (This is the third different time regarding the office hours given to me.) The claim was also made that it was a little confusing because Hertz was moving from the first to the second floor of the garage. The fact that she didn’t ask for my contract number indicated that they had something written up, likely beyond the incident report from roadside service. I was put on hold for 10 minutes. The person came back on hold and told me that either one of two people whose names were provided, would call me back. They were allegedly supervisors. It was 11:50 am. I had first tried to fix this issue at 10 pm.
I had lunch plans and WALKED out of the hotel to lunch. The hotel graciously cancelled my parking charge for the previous night. I handed them a badly soiled parking voucher which I had spilled diet Pepsi on. You see I bought the soda from the front desk at 1:30 am so that I could be alert when I drove my new rental car home. I thought I’d sealed the bottle when I put it in my purse and got into the tow truck for the ride to the airport. Not so, it dumped Pepsi over my entire purse’s contents. I discovered this while talking with Hertz about the cab the night before. Several items in my Coach purse were ruined.
On my way to lunch I longing looked at an Enterprise rental office just around the corner from my hotel that I had no previous idea was there. I reached the restaurant and proceeded to have lunch with my adult daughter. Just after 1 pm, my cell phone rang. It was one of the previously named supervisors. The restaurant was very noisy so I walked outside with the call. The Hertz manager claimed to be totally unfamiliar with any issues with my car as if she had no idea why she was calling. She asked me where the car they originally gave me was. OK, this was the last and final straw. I told her in a firm voice that Hertz had now had possession of this car for 12 hours, much longer than I’d ever had it after renting just the previous night.
I mentioned to her that I was tired of being punished for using Priceline to secure the reservation. She said, “Oh, that’s not true. We don’t do that. But, I can’t give you any discount or refund because you booked through Priceline.” Her logic was beyond ridiculous. I realized that somehow, I had entered Hertz hell and I wasn’t sure if I could get out. She said no car for me unless I gave her names of every employee I had talked to or dealt with. She did throw out the word sorry just before she made her demand, but somehow I believed that her interest was solely in blaming others when it was clearly a corporate and local management issue. I lost it. I admit it. Sleep deprived after traveling cross country the day before and being left at a garage in the middle of the night, I was finally MAD. I chanted multiple times; “Get me a car.” I chanted this over her repeating the demand that I give her names. I’m not proud of it, but I was shaking and felt like I was going to have a heart attack, I was so upset and stressed out by the lack of empathy or concern. This was harassment. I hung up.
She called back and due to concerns for my own health, I handed the phone to my adult daughter. This supervisor continued to make demands for names and explicit detail about all that had transpired. She forgot to throw out the word sorry this time. Maybe it was my daughter refusing to back down, I’m not sure, but she finally asked for my hotel address. This was the identical location where Hertz had picked up my car early that same morning and included in the incident report she had in front of her. I told my daughter the address. The supervisor demanded to know if the hotel was on a Street, Drive or Boulevard. I didn’t know and begged her to check it. I still had not been in town even 24 hours. The Hertz supervisor claimed to not have any computer access so I had to do it. Why did she think I had computer access in a restaurant? It seems less probable that I would have a bank of computers with me in a restaurant booth. But, this is how Hertz “customer service” people think: you service them.
I arbitrarily picked “Boulevard.” It proved to be correct. She said she would see about a car. 20 minutes later, she called back and demanded that I return to the hotel immediately to get the car. She said the “could” give the keys to the front desk, but she didn’t want to do that. At this point I am thinking does she think I actually had anything to do today beyond this? Perhaps I flew here for no reason? Disgusted, I expedited my meal and check and we rushed to the hotel where we waited close to 15 minutes for the car. She told me I should be happy because she found me a 2017 car. “So,” I said thinking that my husband has been driving a 2017 car since last May. “All I want and have ever wanted is a SAFE car,” I said. “I don’t care what year it is.”
So, at least she was proud of herself. She suggested at one point to my daughter that she personally deliver the car. “No!” I said. “I do not want to see her. Trust me, it is a very bad idea.” So, I think she may have been in the shadow car, but a wonderful person handed me the keys. She was terrific, thoughtful and I admit, I gave her a hug I was so excited for this ordeal to be over. It was now close to 2 pm.
16 hours just to do what I had originally asked. Mind numbing why Hertz put me through what they did. But, they weren’t totally finished . . .
I returned the car 90 minutes before it was due per my original contract. A nice Hertz guy was talking to me at the rear of the car and offering to help with my luggage. The woman who was supposed to check me out stood at the front of the car. She leaned in and verified that I had refilled the gas which I had. She said something and I nodded. She handed me a slip of paper and said, “that will be $330.” Stunned, I told her, “nope, not gonna happen. I refuse to pay nothing now or ever.” She told me I had to go inside and discuss it with the desk. It wasn’t her problem. I said that it wasn’t mine either and handed her the cards that contained my original reservation. She scanned it and said, “oh, you’re right. You don’t owe anything. Why did you tell me you were Cathy Summers?” I looked at her puzzled. Why would someone else’s name be attached to my car? “It’s your fault for nodding at me and making me think you were her.” But what about the fact that your scan gave you someone else’s name? That’s my fault? The italics are because those were my thoughts, I had no energy to say anything. You can’t argue stupid.
The day after I returned home, I received a survey regarding my experience because I am a Hertz gold member. I was not very positive in general, but the survey told me a lot. It told me that corporate measures and rewards local management on speed of check-in, speed of return and that’s about it. No questions were asked about the quality of car I was given or if the car was anything like I was promised. Nor did it ask about the local policy to screw folks who book on Hotwire or Priceline. Nor did it ask about how no one answered the phone most of the time or you were put on hold the other times they did answer; or even the blame game and rudeness of local supervisors.
During this whole ordeal, I was told at one point, that they answered the local trouble shooting number 24 hours per day, then another employee said that it was answered until midnight, but my experience was not after 10:30 pm at least not by a live person. Hertz hides better than any company I know behind robo answering that directs you to hit a number and/or extension. It is one of their most often used torture devices.
Later that day, I got a generic, insincere email from the Regional Manager that stated:
“Dear Customer,

Thank you for completing the survey regarding your recent rental with Hertz.

As a Gold member, your satisfaction with your experience is important to us. On behalf of our entire team, I would like to apologize for not exceeding your expectations. We will be using the feedback you gave us to implement improvements to ensure we offer a better rental experience for our customers in the future.

Our aim is to resolve your concerns so that we can ensure that you have an extraordinary experience on your next visit.

If I can provide any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at jordan.riley at hertz.com.

Location Manager”
In Mr. Riley’s defense, he certainly provided me an extraordinary experience. One that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I told him that I hold him personally accountable for claiming to not know what happened—that was why his employee refused to write up a report—and allowing it to happen.
When I complained that his email was insincere and ridiculous this was his answer:
“I do apologize for what occurred during your previous rental. I looked through the notes for the vehicle and do not see any maintenance issue and did not have a description of what happened in your feedback. Could you explain to me what happened? We definitely do not want our customers to believe that we are ok with renting faulty vehicles if anything is wrong with them.”
I can only believe what I actually experience Mr. Riley, while you continue to deny it ever happened. Shame on you. Shame on Hertz corporate. Shame on the lack of training given your managers and supervisors. Remember there are witnesses, multiple ones. I also advised him to get out of his office so that he can fully experience the hell that is Hertz in Reagan Int’l Airport. (Note: if you pay full price, you may get great “service”. Miracles happen.)


Alisha Gaines-Porter January 26, 2017 at 2:27 pm

I was in a car accident in May of 2016 so I had to get a rental vehicle while my car was being repaired. I went to Hertz for my rental and the gentleman that helped me seemed nice. He told me how much my insurance compnany would pay for a rental and for how long. He informed me that I should get insurance on the vehicle and I asked him would the insurance be covered by my insurance company and he said yes. So I got it. When I returned the vehicle a month later, I was charged over $300 for the rental, the extra insurance, gas, taxes and fees!!! I called Hertz and the rep. Stated that there was nothing they could do and I shouldn’t have gotten the insurance. I informed her on the conversation I had with the rep and she said she would look into it and call me back. When she did, she informed me they actually fired the rep that rented me and she believed that he did improperly inform me. She offed to give me 20% of my money back and that I still had to pay for the gas. I told her I wouldn’t mind paying for the gas but I wanted a full refund for for all the other charges. She then put me on hold, came back, and offered me 50% back I told her everything to Hertz and they agreed to refund me my money which was put back into my account. Well today I got a call from JR Adjustment Company which is a debt collecting company, saying that I am on a “do not rent list” can cannot rent another vehicle until I pay Hertz back the amount they agreed to return to me!! I’m beyond upset!! Please never rent from these people here in Yorkville, NY they are scam artists that have nothing better to do than to harass individuals because of their own personal feelings. I tried recording my conversation with the debt collector and he hung up on me, but in the beginning of my call their automated system stated their calls are recorded!! He was just as rude as the Hertz company.


Sarah Lane January 18, 2017 at 1:10 pm

If someone hasn’t realized this by now. Please go to enterprise or somewhere else. Its a joke of a company and will rob you any chance given. Poor communication. They LIE . I mean come on how are they even still open????? like seriously!!! please listen to those that have suffered and go some where else. don’t make our same mistake.


Whitnie Fisher January 14, 2017 at 12:13 pm

HERTZ IN EL SOBRANTE IS HORRIBLE. I made a reservation to pick up an economy vehicle, the “assistant manager” named ROZ said she didn’t have the car, and that I would have to pay a $15 upgrade fee to get a Prius or else I wouldn’t get a vehicle at all! I don’t care if its a small car, it was just a temporary replacement for my vehicle going into the shop! And because they were closing she said “so…what do you want to do? Pay the $15 or not, I don’t have all day..” They had a TON of vehicles when their door closed, so instead of helping me, she was just rude and greedy. I guess the “gold” and “corporate” members mean nothing to you!

“ROZ” ALWAYS has attitude, she’s given me a problem EVERY TIME i’ve gone in there, the manager (and her other employees!) are always apologising for her behavior, you guys have a real problem and need to fix it!


Carolyn Brenny January 13, 2017 at 10:25 am



Carolyn Brenny January 13, 2017 at 10:21 am

Hertz at Ft Lauderdale airport is terrible!!! First, we missed the shooter in Terminal 2 by 3-4 minutes. The shooter was on our flight also. You can imagine how traumatic this event was. We then go to Hertz to get our car. They don’t have reservation, not in our name though, it was made!!! They evacuate the building we did not hear announcement of shooter. Hertz agent said nothing. the Manager of the Hertz counter came and got all his employees for shelter. We were left talking to a Hertz agent on a TV. I asked the manager what was happening, he told us about the shooter. I said to him “you have evacuated the entire staff to shelter, what about us your customers?” He said he didn’t know if there was room. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Our friend continued on the TV with agent. The agent should have known immediately and told us to take shelter!! Instead she tells us she has a Cadillac SUV available for $1,000 a week. This was totally unexceptionable!!! So we end up getting an old Suburban that was 100 ft long and ridiculous for over $500. We couldn’t leave of course, they were not letting customers out. They apprehended the shooter, We finally left and got our car. The Hertz Manager then comes to say to come to shelter after the fact. The airport was on shut down but we left. Thank god we did leave would have been hours of waiting. Other car rental counters were taking customers to shelter. HERTZ GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!! It was more traumatizing to have such an awful experience with Hertz. Everything that happened at that counter was unacceptable!!!!!!! We deserve an explanation and refund.


Arthur Bainbridge January 7, 2017 at 12:16 pm



Ronald Tabellione January 5, 2017 at 10:26 am

In Sept. 2016 I rented a car through AAA in CT. We flew to Vegas where I picked up the car. The woman at the counter was very rude and never showed me the paper work but did it all on a computer which she said sign here. i signed and we drove off to Sedona for our vacation. On the way to our resort in the dark a deer ran out from the side of the road and hit our car. We were all shook and traumatized but not hurt. the deer disappeared and we continued on to our resort down the road. the car was slightly damaged with the passenger side mirror torn off and a small dent in the rear quarter. i called my Ins. company back in CT. and they said report it and turn the car in when You get back to Vegas which we did. The woman there said no problem you are covered, make out an incident report which iI did and we left. Three weeks later I received a notice from Hertz that I wasn’t covered because we were on vacation not on a business trip. I said was never on a business trip. They said the woman at Hertz in Vegas signed us up for corporate ins because we were on business. I said its Hertz and that woman that mistakingly signed us up for corporate so I should be covered. Needless to say no one at hertz would take responsibility for the mistake. I spent two full days calling Hertz in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Pasadena etc. etc. I spoke with 5 or 6 people and finally spoke with supervisor of the bunch and he said not to worry It was Hertz and they will take care of it. Apparently he forgot to tell the collection agency and they sent a notice that I owed $1200.00 for repairs and lost rental income. I immediately called Oklahoma City again and the supervisor said he would take care of it. He forgot to notify the collection agency that the matter was resolved. I haven’t heard any thing in a couple of months so I hope the matter has been resolved. Needless to say this has been one of the most traumatic experiences we have ever had. Not only hitting the deer but dealing with the Hertz corporation. I must have spoke with 7or 8 people and not one of them ever made any attempt to apologize to us. Never again will we rent from Hertz


Robert Hoffman December 30, 2016 at 11:47 am

Been waiting at Hertz location in Port of Miami for 2 hours plus… hundreds of people with confirmed reservations waiting for cars THEY DON’T HAVE!!! The worst excuses ever and a complete screw up by Hertz in Miami. I am a long time Gold member and have never seen a rental car office this messed up! Shameful performance by Hertz in Miami.


Deborah December 14, 2016 at 10:40 am

Rented a vehicle on a Saturday at Hertz in Apex, North Carolina. The amount of the billing was $351.03 ($151.03 rental plus $200 hold) and was billed to my card. First of all the vehicle needed vacuuming and the windows should have been cleaned. Secondly, I returned the vehicle the same day by putting the keys in a lock box. On Sunday, my credit card was charged $100 for another days rental. On Monday morning, my credit card was charged $100 for another day as if I still had the vehicle. I called the branch and talked to a MANAGER and he assured me that he would return the vehicle in the system and the charges would drop off. On Tuesday, there was yet another charge of $100 for another day. I was at the branch when they opened at 8:00 AM. The MANAGER was no place to be found and it turns out, he didn’t return the vehicle in the system like he said he would.

The agent on duty returned the vehicle in the system and printed me a return receipt and was very helpful. He assured me that my money would be back in my account the next day (Wednesday). That did not happen. However, Hertz changed the billing amount of my card for Tuesday from $100 to $151. I tried calling 1-800-654-4173 for assistance. NO HELP! I then called the Apex, North Carolina office again and asked for the manager. HE WAS NOT THERE!!! The agent on duty assured me I would not be billed again and that it would take seven days for my bank to release the hold on my account. He blamed everything on the bank. He had the nerve to offer me a discount on a future rental. REALLY?!!!!!

My recommendation is to not ever rent anything from Hertz. The customer service is horrible and they will make no attempts to resolve your issue, especially if it’s their fault.

I’m sure nothing will come from this post but hopefully it will be read by potential customers to scare them away.


Debra December 13, 2016 at 4:06 pm

A Hertz employee picked me up at the Toyota Collision Center where my vehicle was being repaired. He drove me to the Hertz office down the street to pick up a rental. I had my car insurance card, a credit card but had left my drivers license on the table at home. The employee was unable to release a rental to me without the drivers license. I understood that. The employee asked how far away was my home. I gave him my home address and he googled the distance from the office to my home. Exactly 5.5 miles. Will, another employee and the manager says to the employee who picked me up, “I do not care if it is only5.5 miles, it may as we’ll be 100 miles and besides that, you should not have to wait outside her home while she fumbles around looking for her drivers license!” “Take her back to where you picked her up from and let her figure out how she is going to get home and get her drivers license.” So, I was driven back to the Toyota Collision Center and dropped off. A sweet employee from the collision Center arranged for a shuttle to drive me home, pick up my drivers license and drive me back to Hertz. This was accomplished within 45 minutes. Will, the manager was surprised to see me back so soon! Will says, “oh, did you manage to get a ride and get your drivers license?” I slammed my purse on the counter and told him, “no thanks to you and do not talk to me you are rude as hell!

Will is inconsiderate and arrogant! I have a masters degree and do not appreciate being talked down to like I am an imbecile. I always rent cars, trucks and vans from Enterprise.


LOST customer December 3, 2016 at 8:55 pm

My husband rented a vehicle from Hertz in Ocala to drive home to Coral Springs. When he got to Orlando he had a minor accident and called Hertz roadside assistance. He was told the tow truck would be there shortly, and he subsequently sat on the side of the road for FIVE hours. He had no phone with him and the toll booth worker refused to let him call Hertz back when they never showed. After five hours a sheriff was kind enough to stop and let him use his phone to call Hertz back, who acted as though they had no idea he had previously called, placed him on multiple ten-20 minute holds, and asked where he was multiple times. When he was finally met by the tow truck driver he was taken to the Orlando airport Hertz to exchange the vehicle. He was given the keys and space number, only to find out as he tried to leave the lot that the car he was in did not match the numbers on his rental. After driving back and being given the correct vehicle he left, now seven hours since he had initially rented the car. He got 20 miles from Orlando and released he had forgotten his wallet in the first car he was erroneously put into. He drove all the way back to the Orlanda airport Hertz and was advised the car had “just been rented a few minutes ago”. He asked the associate to please call the renters to ask that they look in the vehicle for his wallet and she refused. He explained that this wallet had his id, debit card, social security card, birth certificate, and other necessary cards. He had no means to pay tolls to get home without it. The associate made it clear this was not her problem, told him she would not be calling the other renters, and sent him on his way. When I called the next morning I was told had this associate asked a manager, he or she could have called. Now of course no one has found the wallet. Nightmare after nightmare with this company, never again!!!


Brian Stuchell November 30, 2016 at 3:05 pm

PISS POOR CUSTOMER CARE,,,,as you call it,,,

Unique query reference: 00112927
Company Name:
Pickup Country:
Rental Agreement No:
Invoice No:
Reservation Id:

General Information:
First Name: BRIAN
E-mail address
Street address:
Country: USOH
Zip\Postal Code: 44601
Phone :
Hertz #1 Club Number: 64257990

Rental Information:
Date that rental began: 11/12/2016
Date of return: 11/15/2016
Rental PickUp Country: USFL
Rental location: Orlando
Vehicle Type: JEEP
Rental record number: 546699775
ResID: H0784912803
Amount billed and currency: 210.43

Technical Data:
Browser Type & Version: Google Inc. 54.0.2840.99
Operating System: Windows NT
Screen Resolution: 1600 x 900


This vehicle was a piece of junk,,,I requested a Chrysler 200 I even called to ensure I would get one an they said none available,,SAD this Jeep would not get out of it’s own way,,PIECE OF JUNK,,I did not even have time to return this junker or I would have,,,SAD SAD I want what I rent!!!! Sad customer service…Brian SFC,USA Retired an Disabled American Soldier,
————— This message (including attachments) may contain information that is privileged, confidential or protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that dissemination, disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this message or any information contained in it is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please immediately notify the sender by reply e-mail and delete this message from your computer. Although we have taken steps to ensure that this e-mail and attachments are free from any virus, we advise that in keeping with good computing practice the recipient should ensure they are actually virus free. —————

Kind regards

Customer Care
From a pissed off Customer,,,SFC,USA Retired and Disabled American Veteran..


Ashley November 14, 2016 at 1:53 am

Bad customer Service from Hertz 3575 Vineland Rd Orlando Florida on Thursday 11/10/16. They ignore you and was having a conversation with each other. I had to go and let them know i need to go to work so they can call me to help me. And the guy said he will call me and still continued talking for another 2 mins.


Victoria White September 29, 2016 at 4:42 pm

My mother signed for my brother to rent a vehicle. She was told all she would be charged was the $50 fee to reserve the vehicle since the rest was covered by insurance. Upon completion of repairs, my brother didn’t return the vehicle and no one contacted my mother since June. Just this week she gets a call on Monday about the vehicle not being returned and that she is going to be billed about $5000. I intervened and called the local store and spoke with the manager who said nothing but lies to me over the phone. She said that we have to report the vehicle stolen. Upon many phone calls between the police, Hertz local office, and the 800 number (who said a different story), the vehicle was finally reported stolen…..3 days later!!!! My mother has asked for original paperwork that they say she signed……and the manger will not give it to her. Last night the truck was finally returned. My father showed up at the office before they opened and they still refuse to give them original paperwork. My mother said she never signed papers for this vehicle; my brother did. Yet they are still saying my mother is responsible. I live states away from them have spent the past 3 days trying to get this dissolved. Today I try to get in contact with the area manager. I’m told he will call back; still hasn’t. This company is giving my elderly parents the run around and trying to cover themselves from a mistake they made in their office. I am so disappointed in their customer service skills; or lack there if. I will be sure to let all my friends and family never to do business with them!


JOSE GUERRERO August 11, 2016 at 12:15 pm

Hi Hertz,

I am a Hertz gold plus member, my number is 65263701, it seems my last name on this account is spelled wrong GUEERRERO, it should be GUERRERO, can you please correct this and send me a new card and update my profile name,

thank you


Cynthia Deil August 7, 2016 at 2:01 am

Ok you guys after reading your posts I’m sick to my stomach. I was still holding out hope I would get my $600.69 back from Hertz Den of Thieves, after reading your posts not so much.
On January 24 someone backed into my car rendering it unsafe to drive. was fortunate enough to have an honest driver in the car that hit me. He provided his contact info and I gave him mine. After 48 hours I received a claim number which after approval I could provide to a rental car company and they would be financially responsible for the rental. I went to a local Hertz location (BIG MISTAKE!) I gave them the claim number and told them the insurance company would provide verification of the approval within 24-48 hours. I had a job interview the following day and I was in dire need of full time employment so when they said they would need a credit card number until verification was made I was very hesitant. All I had was my debit card for my savings account and really didnt want them to have it but since I needed the car, I asked why they needed it the insurance company was financialy responsible not me or my debit card they assured me it was only a security measure and they promised that once verified any security deposit ($50.is the amount they said it would be)would be credited back ands they wouldd destroy the card number. The following day I called and the verification was completed and card number destroyed except it wasnt. During the rental process while going through the contract I was asked several times if I wanted Insurance added etc and my reply remained the same “if the insurance company is covering it only I was already insured and did not need to duplicate it The car I reserved and confirmed was not available so they gave me a Chevy Trax which was quite a bit more and was out of gas and dirty. I asked if the insurance company was ok with the more expense and Nichole the clerk helping me said it was the same price as the lesser car but would I mind takingt it in the condition it was in and just return the same way. I agreed did as instructed a month later when my car was fixed. a couple of days later aI see a debit in my savings for $600.69 so back to the store where I spent 2 hours waiting while the manager looked for the contract which he never found I asked him to call me with an update before the end of the day which I never got. How many times and how many ways can you say only if insurance will cover it.
I was told it was for gas since I brought the tank back empty ($85. or something) and the rest was some kind of insurance. I have never received my money back and I am determined to get it. Wheres all the ambulance chasers when you need them? Do any of you think we get together and file a class action cause at the very least i was thinking small claims. If this was an individual he would be in jail with a criminal case pending for fraud, robbery, and probably a lot more.
Contact me by email if anyone wants to try to move against them I WANT MY MONEY BACK they stole from me!


Mayco Mesa August 2, 2016 at 8:08 pm

Hertz has a failing grade 0 (zero) . My mother rented a vehicle due to the fact her car was in an accident. After a few days found out her car would be total we had a certain amount of days to return it. We used all the days allow be the insurance company via State Farm. In returning this vehicle we made sure everything was good for the return. I allowed her to the transaction thinking it would go smoothly. 30-45min later she returns highly upset. An employee started joking ” Oh I need to check you car there $250 surcharge if you had any animals in the car. Huh ? Ok, sure we don’t own or have any animals of any sort. Comes back in minutes later I found some it’s going to be @ lease $50. Why ? How ? How does someone check a car a so calls finds animal hair. When we don’t own or have any animals. This is the second time an issue has happened at this same location. Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD sadly we’ve been and were warned not to rent from them because how horrible they are. This was told to us by many people we know and don’t know. Failing grade is a zero. And I’ll make sure I nore any of my friends rent from any or Hertz as a whole. Period. Smfh. Sickening #HertzFails


Gina Centani August 2, 2016 at 4:36 am

Rented a car from Hertz in Madrid, Spain for 1 day on July 21, 2016. Picked up the car at Atocha Train Station and returned it, on time with a full tank of gas, the next day, July 22. Paid cash – about $75.00. For a one-day rental they placed a hold of over $700.00 on my credit card which, as of today’s date 11 days later – is still there. I tried to resolve the issue by phone but was transferred so many times that I just gave up. Went to Atocha train station where the Hertz representative basically said to wait until the charge drops off by itself, automatically. I asked him to please go in and remove the charge and he told me that he couldn’t/wouldn’t. BTW, they need a refresher course in customer service at the Madrid Atocha location. Why is it that Hertz is very efficient when it comes to placing a $700 charge on my credit card but when it comes to removing it they do not lift a finger and have the nerve to tell the customer to just wait because it will eventually drop off automatically? I’ve rented many cars from many companies. I will not be renting from Hertz again.


Robin July 21, 2016 at 10:54 am

I am very upset with Hertz in Ventura, California. I made a reservation 4 months in advance for a Large Pick-Up Truck. I would be receiving at the time of picking up the vehicle a Chevrolet Silverado or similar. I need a large truck for a trip across California and to haul all my family’s camping gear and personal items. I had not rented from Hertz for about 4 years because of a problem I had had back then with Hertz. I have been renting each year up to this year, from Enterprise and have been very happy. I was price shopping and Hertz provided a better rate for the 2 weeks I needed a truck. I called 2 days before the trip to confirm my reservation and to find out what kind of truck I will be receiving. First the phone rang 10 times before someone picked up, then the rep. asked me to hold, which I did for 10 minutes. When she finally came back on the line, I asked my 2 questions and then was told that I would be receiving a Nissan Frontier. I told her that that particular truck was not a Large Truck. “I spoke to corporate and that is the truck you will be getting.” I again told her I did not reserve a Small Truck. She said “We don’t store trucks in our lot and it is coming from another area. I was told this morning a Nissan Frontier will be here for you on Friday.” I told her I needed the Large Truck I reserved and that a Small Truck would not be able to carry me, my family, camping gear and personal items from one end of California to the Oregon Border. “On Friday when you arrive a Nissan Frontier will be waiting for you.” I was so mad and frustrated and the customer service rep. could care less. I forgot to ask the rep. if I was going to be charged the rate of a Small Truck, but I was so upset that I told her goodbye and hung up. I also question why a Hertz Rep. didn’t call me to tell me that I wouldn’t be receiving a Large Truck?! Poor customer service! Hertz receives an F grade from me for customer service. They don’t care about their customers and seem to not want to work with their customers in making them happy. Now I remember why I haven’t been back to Hertz in the last 4 years and rent from Enterprise in Ventura, California! Thank God for the last minute accommodation from Enterprise. I will continue to rent Large Trucks from them as they honor the reservations and want their customers to be happy and satisfied.


Williams, Darlina July 14, 2016 at 4:26 am

Peoria, Il. Airport. …… THIEVES and LIARS stole my tablet and gave me the run around when I contacted them to get it back, which i never got it back.


Tiffany July 13, 2016 at 10:27 am

I am a gold member of hertz and I m totally disgusted with there service. I reserved a large suv because of the much needed space for a handicapped family member and because we were going on a road trip. I specifically made them aware that I would be needed room for a wheelchair! Not only was I given a small suv, but it forced me to have to two make two round trips instead of one. But that wasn’t all, in the middle of the road trip I was threatened to come but because of mistakes that the employee(with manager along side giving instructions on how to complete rental)made and was told I would be charged more money than what was stated on the rental agreement. That’s not all they also went into my account again, was very unprofessional, and last but not the least this wasn’t the first time. I am wondering if this unprofessional rude basis behavior is the norm for Hertz Corporation(Employees)!


Leo Degraffinried July 12, 2016 at 12:47 pm

I rented a cat from the Orlando, FL, airport location. My car wouldn’t start the next day. When I called roadside assistance they wouldn’t accommodate me. They told me I would have to catch a cab from my Resort back to the airport to receive another car. I told her I shouldn’t have to do that. I asked if there was a nearby Hertz that could accommodate me ..she said she would have to call around and see if there was a car and she wasn’t sure she’d find one. Since my daughter was graduating that day and I didn’t have a lot of time to spare so I chose what sounded the most promising…. theoption to go to the airport. Once I got there the representatives questioned my story and had to call around to find proof. Meanwhile there was no compensation for my time or my business.In addition my husband left his watch in the car and it was supposedly never recovered. I will never do any business with hertz again. Its not my fault that they don’t keep proper maintenance up on their vehicles. Why should I have to pay for their lack of care ?


Jennie Schluth July 6, 2016 at 2:51 pm

This is the second time this has happened.
My mother in law made a reservation a month in advance. When we arrived at the Boca Raton
181 N.W. 13th Street location.
When we arrived the lobby was full of customers and we were told that there were not any cars available. We were informed that we were going to have to wait for a return. The CSR also said that they could not have cars brought over from another location. There was no estate of time to wait. This office poorly manages their reservations. Although the staff seems sympathetic it was made clear that this is a daily occurrence. The computer system that is used in this sector is in serious need of updating. Corporate needs to address this issue as it is a serious problem.


Melanie July 5, 2016 at 7:04 pm

Evidently my experience was not unique. I rented from the Kennesaw GA location. I am amazed at the lack of attention to detail on display by the hertz employees I encountered. I usually rent from Enterprise but my car was rear ended and the insurance company recommended hertz. I will demand anyone other then hertz in the future. When I picked up my reserved car I noticed the contract showed the car had a full tank of gas; which it did not; I went back inside and asked for the contract to be corrected and it was. The next day I realized the contract included the tank of gas refill option which I never requested nor was ever brought to my attention. I called and they reversed the charge. When I received my credit card statement I could not figure out how they had determined the amount I was charged. Over the next few weeks I called repeatedly and spoke to a different person on each call no one could figure out how the amount had been determined and each one was going to have to talk to the manager and call me back – needless to say I never got a returned call. Finally in early June I spoke with Chris who seemed to have a clue, was not in a rush to get off the phone and seemed as interested to figure it out as I was. He determined the overcharge was due to the tax on the automatic refuel option evidently when the charge was reversed in the system the computer did not reverse the tax. Chris said the branch manager (Deann Toombs) was the only one who could issue the credit and he would leave her a message and have her call me-another call which I never received. Feeling more then frustrated I decided to stop in one day on my way home and speak to Ms Toombs face to face. Amazingly she was in the branch and told me the credit had already been issued and I should see it within the next 2 weeks. After 2 weeks had passed I called again and was able to get Ms Toombs on the phone and she pulled up my file and told me the credit would have to be used manually and she would need her manager to approve it but I should see the credit in 3-5 business days. I asked if I could just stop by and pick up the refund since the credit card had already been paid and she said they did not keep cash in the branch. As of 7/5 the credit had not been issued so I called again and was told (somewhat rudely I might add) Ms Toombs was unavailable and it would be best if I left a message, which I did. Towards the end of the day I had not received a return call so I called from my car on the way home. Ms Toombs was available and when I reminded her of who I was and I still had not received my credit she said “credits could take 10-14 days and I needed to be patience”. I explained it was the middle of June when we last spoke and she asked for my contract number so she could review it with her manager and she would call me back before she left for the day at 6:00. About 20 minutes later I received a call from the original girl who wrote up the rental agreement and asked if I could stop by because they had “pooled” their money together so they could give me the refund in cash. I had just past the branch but told her I would turn around and would be there in a minute. When I arrived I introduce myself and said I was there to see Taylor. The gentlemen behind the counter went to get Taylor. When she appeared from the back she call me over and handed my an envelope and said here is your money. She would not look at me and when I said “I am really sorry this became such a problem” her response was well you have your money now. No apology not a tidbit of giving a crap. Just rude. Totally rude. When I got home I opened the envelope and the entire refund was issued in quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. I say again I will avoid renting from hertz ever again and will tell everyone I know who cares to listen not to rent from them either.


Juan June 22, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Rented a car from the Dallas love field location for 8 days took it back on the 7th day cause I was 2-3 hours over the original time I was charged a extra day the manger at the locations told me they would remove the day when everything get closed out that was a lie, I called in and the customer service told me had I gotten a freed day cause of my coupon that was a lie never again will I rent from hertz I’m going back Avis’s rentals never had a issue with theme or needed a $200 deposit every time.


Colleen June 14, 2016 at 9:29 am

I reserved a vehicle on May 22nd online and paid for it in advance. When i went to pick up the vehicle, I was $12.00 short of the $200.00 that they have to hold on my account. They would not allow me to rent the vehicle and stated there was no way to over ride that. I had to then cancel my reservation and take someone else’s car for my trip. I called that morning and cancelled the reservation and was informed that I would get my full payment back, which was $51.20. It is now June 14th, and I still have not received my reimbursement. I’ve since spoken to 4 people and sent 3 emails to hertz in regards to this issue and I have had no response. Everyone I speak to has something different to say and keep telling me to wait. At this point I will not be using Hertz again in the future. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


Ron Braun June 13, 2016 at 2:32 pm

On March 31st, I rented a Hertz car at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for 4 days and planned to return it to the same location on Sunday, April 3rd so that I could catch a flight to Bordeaux.
On Saturday, April 2nd, I drove to Mont Saint Michel and when I returned to the car I noticed that one of the “low tire pressure” gauge lights came on. A parking attendant put air in the tire and I started driving back to our hotel in Bayeux. About halfway there, the light came on again, so I stopped at a gas station to add air.

When I got back to our hotel, I contacted Hertz who sent a repairman. He removed the tire and showed me a bulge on the inside sidewall (which would appear to be an issue with the tire and not a problem that I somehow caused or could have prevented).
I spoke with Hertz (Sarah) who said that: 1) the tire could not be repaired and 2) the Hertz location Bayeux was closed, so they could not provide me with a replacement vehicle for our return trip to CDG, and offered the following (all at Hertz’s expense):
• They would have a cab pick us up at our hotel the next morning and take us to the train station.
• Hertz would purchase two first class train tickets to Paris.
• A cab would then meet us in Paris and drive us to the airport.
Upon arriving at the Bayeux train station, the attendant had no record of Hertz purchasing two train tickets in our name to Paris, so I had to pay for them myself. After repeated attempts, I finally received credit from Hertz for this 80.60 EUR expense.
When I received my Hertz invoice, I discovered that I was being charged 245 EUR (Damage Charge/Estimate) for the tire, along with 47.18 EUR for Fuel/Fuel Service Charge (even though it was impossible for me to refill the tank since the car could not be driven and had to be towed) for a total of almost 292.18 EUR or approximately $350 US dollars.
Hertz has since removed the fuel related charges and reimbursed me 80.60 EUR for the train tickets. However, the Hertz Roissy CDG Airport manager has refused to discharge the tire related charges, apparently, because I declined the Hertz insurance coverage (because my credit card company provided rental car insurance).
Please explain to me why I am responsible for a tire with a slow leak, which was due to an inside sidewall defect. If I am not responsible, please remove this item from my final invoice.
However, if I am somehow responsible (and please explain why), please send me the necessary doXXXXents so that I can submit this claim to my credit card company for reimbursement.
Thank you for your assistance.
Ron Braun


Tony Obas June 6, 2016 at 9:57 pm

This an email I sent to the manager regarding my recent rental. I sent this email on 5/31 and I have yet to hear a response.

Hello Ms. Webster,

I’d like to express a some dissatisfaction with the level of service this past weekend. I’ve worked in the rental car industry so I understand a little about the industry. I made a reservation for a standard size car (Res#G94635736B6). When I got to the office there wasn’t a vehicle ready for me. Soon after a Toyota Corolla was returned and was told this is the vehicle I would get. When I asked if this was a standard size car, I was told yes. I knew in my mind that a Corolla is not a standard size vehicle. While I sitting in the office waiting for it to be vacuumed, I looked at the hertz.com website and it lists a Toyota Corolla as an intermediate size car (smaller and cheaper than what I reserved).

I’m not too upset about taking the smaller vehicle. I am upset at the fact I was told a Toyota Corolla is a standard size vehicle. We both know that is not the case and I was still charged the price of a standard size. I’ve rented from your office several times before (twice in two weeks) so I know the level of customer service has been better.

I rated your office 4 stars because I know how tough it is to get cars in and out especially on a holiday weekend, but I didn’t give you high marks on the service I received because I had to wait longer than usual and the deception of the vehicle I received. Please contact me soon so we can make this wrong a right.

Tony Obas


Tony Obas June 6, 2016 at 9:58 pm

I would like a phone call from someone soon.


steve colson June 3, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Trying to change my name on my profile, the profile has the middle initial wrong and just want all the frequent flyers, hertz, etc. to match up.
I called and was told to send request via email to “golddataentry@hertz.com”
I sent the info, no response, asked for update, no response.
called hertz back and was informed they could not handle this over the phone, the only option was to use the email provided. Send another request for a status update, no response. Very, Very poor customer service


steve colson June 3, 2016 at 4:00 pm

would like email address for CEO and executive officers


Lorraine B Hopson June 6, 2016 at 5:47 pm

I recently rented a car in ATL airport 5/28 to 6/01 pre purchased gas up front.
Extended rental for additional day at 39.95. OK well upon return was charged additional and was not told it would be a gas charge. If I repurchased gas up front it shouldn’t matter when I return car. I do not feel this additional cost should be on my part.
I would like this matter looked into as I am a loyal customer who was misinformed. Please dismiss this addition charge. Thank You


Russell P June 1, 2016 at 8:57 pm

I was told I could not decline the liability insurance when I went to pick up my rental at Firefly Rentals at MCO international. If I declined it I had to produce my own insurance papers saying I was covered. It was told to me that it was the law in Florida. I was refused a rental unless I purchased it from them. I reluctantly agreed. Upon returning at the end of the contract and renting another car from Avis for an additional day Avis informed me that it is not law. I have tried to get ahold of the area manager Chris Roberts. I have left dozens of messages at his number 407-888-5412 over the last 3 weeks and have not received a call back. I have since launched a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


Pissed off May 31, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Have I got a story for you to read everyone on social media. This is a doozy. Why is Hertz getting away with the bs they continue to get away with. Why is it they have incompetent, untrained, unrelaible, unstable yo-yo’s working for them.
The real reason is because they really don’t care about there customers but yet they want there money.
I wish this company would be investigated by the news media and public officials. Because they are doing the public and the customers very very wrong and no one seems to care.
They have illiterate untrained bozo’s who don’t pay attention, who don’t follow instruction, who don’t seem to be on the same page as you
and don’t seem to get anything right the way it is suppose to be. The create more anxiety, frustration and resentment. They act and pretend to do there job as to impres whoever is listening and watching to make them think they are truly working when they aren’t.
They have the worse customer service imaginaeable.

They have screwed up communication issues, rental rewards issues and other inportant related issues concerning a rental and its responsibilities and promises. Why is it they have been held accountable and continue to do this day after day and year after year. Who can be repsonsible to oversee these companies and what can they do about holding hem accountable for their inconviences and dilemmas they put people through when trying to obtain there services. They should be fined and be accountable.

Half these people working shouldn’t even bother to come to work. That is how bad they don’t pay attention to detail or know what they are doing. How many others experienced this on a daily basis and go to their competitor and loose business.
Who ever is responsible in the state that they rent from please look at the pattern of inconsistancy and stupidity and problems they create for the consumer.


RUTH M LAWSON May 27, 2016 at 7:11 pm

I rented a Toyota Corolla to drive me and my granddaughter to Decatur, GA. all seemed well until we were close to our final destination. I heard a dragging sound coming from the bottom of the front of the car. When we reached our destination, we saw that the front splash protector of front part of the undercarriage cover had come loose, and that was the cause of the scrapping sound. We connected the cover to the front grill until we got the vehicle to a Hertz rental counter in the Atlanta area.
Less than one month later, your vehicle recovery specialists send me a bill for $1773.60 for repair of a damaged undercarriage. The only damage to the vehicle was the scraped front edge of the cover. I do not understand how I can be held responsible for a faulty vehicle. The cover connection was obviously faulty, for I had driven over no rough roads nor through highway construction.
I really believe that I am being charged for something that your company neglected to correct. I would like to have this matter resolved without my having to pay for something that is not my doing.


Cecilia Cannon May 23, 2016 at 5:48 pm

I recently rented a car the Phoenix airport location. As many others have stated, the process is not the best. I made my reservation in advance. When I finally got to the counter, the agent told me she was going to put me into a different car. I told her the car I reserved was fine as it was just me traveling. She insisted which I figured may have been due to vehicle availability. I’ve been given a different car for this reason before. She then told me rather than give me the Corolla she would give me a small SUV at the same price. The bells kind of went off when I heard this and suspicions were confirmed when I had to sign the agreement and saw she was actually charging me for an upgrade.

So sorry I took the vehicle. I am not going to frighten you and post pictures but the vehicle had bed bugs. Steer clear of a white Nissan Rogue. One week later and I am still aggravated by the bites. I tried to inform the person working in the receiving area to no avail. As you know, the rental area is not well organized, kiosks working at 50% and limited number of agents at the counter. I spoke to the person working the floor. She took my number and told me the manager would call me, I did not receive a call. I have called two more times. The second call I spoke with someone who told me the manager would need to speak with me and she was emailing the information to him. Guess what? No call back.

I could have rented the same car for less money at another company. I chose to use Hertz. I’m not sure I will use them again. I know I will not use this location. I have my bedbug scars to remind me of this trip.


Oralia Conejo May 23, 2016 at 3:18 am

Dear Oralia,

We are truly sorry to hear of your experience with Hertz Corporation and
that you were not able to use your reservation.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to provide us with your
feedback. We demand the same service for our customers as any travel

We have doXXXXented your experience and a Customer Service manager will
review your concern and provide feedback to the travel partner team. If
you have not already done so, we urge you to share your experience
directly with our travel partner.

Thank you for choosing to email us today.


Jayesh K.
Customer Service Specialist

Original Message Follows:
————————Subject: BAD EXPERIENCE
Category: Past Reservations
Name: oralia conejo
Itinerary :246-148-643-47
Comments :I went out to this location for pick up and they would not
open the door. Not only did we knock once but we knocked twice. Why
would they and priceline allow this type of Customer Service? We Were
not able to rent from this location therefore, inconvenienced!


Ms Brown May 22, 2016 at 12:05 am

We rented a car in New Orleans at the convention center location.All i have to say is if there is anither option to get a rental car from take it.Angelica is by far the worse most disrespectful person ever….If you dont like your job quit and find a new one.She needa to be fired her attitude just validates all the things people say about african americans being abrasive and hostile.


Tom Minerich May 18, 2016 at 6:17 pm

On May 17th I arrived at the Thrifty car rental at LAX. Traveling from across the country on business and having booked my rental on Concur I expected no issues. I fly almost every week and rarely have a problem with a car rental agency except for today. My reservation was for 530 PM and I arrived at the facility about 6PM. although the facility was almost empty and there were about 6 employees standing around the pushed me to using one of the agent/phone kiosks (why would anyone want to pick up a dirty hand set when all the agents are just standing around). After the agent on the phone hung up on me because she could barely speak English and had never heard of the state where I am from (Maine). I urged the agent who was standing there (late for my appointment now), to book me in. He have my conformation number and license and credit card and then told me my (COMPANY CORPORATE), credit card’s address was not the same as my license so they could not rent me a car (not kidding here). I proceeded to explain how I rent from Hertz all the time and have never had a problem yet after he conferred with everyone there they refused. I could not believe what I was hearing so I asked they drive me to the Hertz rental car location near by and I would rent there. I was informed I would need to go back to the airport and catch a shuttle and that everyone has gone home already (except the 6 folks standing around). Fortunately for me and my CFO also travelling with me there was a Westin hotel next door and we caught a cab to the Hertz facility where a very pleasant fellow rented me a vehicle in about 10 minutes and we were on our way. Adding to this experience the thrifty location at LAX smelled like urine. I have make a decision to immediately stop doing business with the Hertz corporation until this situation with Thrifty is rectified. I have informed all of my employees to do the same. This cost our company dearly and I believe the lack of training at this location was clearly visible and I expect it to be fixed.
Tom Minerich, Vice President of Sales, The Mircom Group of Companies


Chenault May 9, 2016 at 4:44 pm

Today May 9th upon returning my rental car at Orlando International Airport and walking away for no more than 5 mins my cell phone was taken from the car. I immediately return to the agent who check me in to inform her that my phone was in the car. She called it in while I stood there for the driver to check but to no avail. Here’s what I know for sure……… between the time I walked away and return someone from Hertz place my phone in there pocket . They also turned the ringer off because it immediately went to voice mail when calling the cell. I just want Hertz to know that I have reported it as stolen and will not hesitate to press charges against the employee who stole my phone. Also, don’t waist your time calling lost and found because NO one will answer the phone and no one appears to know the process ; you will only be getting the run around . Each time I use Hertz it is all ways something . Not a good customer experience as a Gold Member or just as a Customer period.


Ramona May 2, 2016 at 11:09 pm

As I read all these complaints mine is similar but with dollar .I had a prepaid voucher ,when I arrived at Newark was asked for my card and voucher was dismissed I was charged almost 2100.00 and after contacting bank travel agent ,I contacted Caribbean headquarters and talked to Mr Bausarto head honcho there 5times and couldn’t recall my problem a yr has gone by to be told their computers were updated and doesn’t keep that info but I will be following up with BBB and call TV channels to follow up on thousands of complaints with nothing being done


Donald M. Price April 11, 2016 at 5:22 pm

Hertz sucks this my second time renting from them the first time they gave me a vehicle with expired plates and I got pulled over by the cops on vacation and I just rented a car this weekend and it broke down in another city not only I received a smaller vehicle at the same price but hertz charged me one way fee to exchange a vehicle and it was there vehicle that broke down on me.


David Luck April 13, 2016 at 1:46 pm

Add my name to the long list of people who are giving up on Hertz. Back on Feb. 1, the care was slightly damaged by a piece of flying debris on the Highway. Upon returning the car, a report was filled out, I notified by insurance company, and notified American Express (as i had used their card and they would cover the damage). As of today, I have spoken with eight people at various Hertz groups – Customer Service, Claims Center, Claims Management – who does not seem to communicate with Claims Center, and even put a call into Hertz Legal Department (at the suggestion of one of the folks at Customer Service). That last call was not returned.

Issue is that while AmEx promptly paid the cost of the repairs, they are awaiting doXXXXentation and justification for an additional $183 of random add-on charges.

I have been a Hertz #1 Gold Club Gold Card holder almost since the program was started. At this point, I am done with Hertz !!!


Danilla Sands April 18, 2016 at 1:42 pm

Im feeling the same way lately. going to do a small claims shortly for the inattentiveness of their bussiness. perhaps this should get them on the ball.


Tre March 9, 2016 at 10:23 am

Reserved a car on the hertz app, caught a cab to the location and walked into a Seinfeld episode. No car available have a nice day. WHAT??!!! No apology, ride home, compensation or reimbursement of any kind. Called customer service only to be hung up on after being told theres nothing they can do except make another reservation for me. (Smh Yea lets do that) Although i am a gold member this is my first and last experience with this company i pray.


John March 28, 2016 at 7:09 pm

Rented car from hertz thru Priceline. Picked up car , was asked if I would like to up grade for an additional 3 dollars per day for fourteen days. 42 dollars, when I checked my credit card statement I realized that Priceline charged me 324.00 and hertz also charged 299.00 . Called both companies said this was not their fault. No resolution. I will never use either Priceline or Hertz. You go nowhere with customer service, can’t really blame customer service rep. All companies works from the top down. Don’t think they don’t know what they are doing. Since this happened to me , I have talked to many other people who have experienced very similar problems especially with Hertz. I will continue to inform others about this. I’m not giving up on this.


Teba Toffling Holmes January 27, 2016 at 9:57 am

Absolutely amazed with the horrible customer service!!! My 21 yr old daughter reserved a car through Hertz to pick up at the airport upon her arrival in St. Croix. She was told at the window – “oh, sorry we can’t rent to you, you’re not 25”, but the St. Thomas location could rent to her ?! How is that going to help her when she moved to St. Croix? When I spoke with Customer service (a joke trying to call it service!) just now I was told that there isn’t any way to enforce the rental reservation, that the local manager can do what they want. When I asked about local offices having to abide by the affiliation agreement with corporate I was again told they can do what they want. I asked if she felt it was consumer fraud to accept a reservation and not even attempt to fulfill it or address the issue. She said they have legal people (really? how old are you?, how about counsel) that review the laws and they follow them. I asked how I could speak with these “legal people” and was told the only way was to fax a subpoena to a specific number. She refused to even give me her name, her rep id #, or even the location of the office she worked from to refer to when I do contact Hertz legal counsel. Of course this doesn’t address our immediate need of my daughter being stuck in St. Croix with no transportation. Way to provide ‘customer service’ Hertz!!


billy henley January 11, 2018 at 11:04 pm

I just finished driving 326 miles to OKC to purchase a car I had talked to one of your salesmen yesterday (he wasn’t there-on the phone he seemed nice-but I was helped by another salesman who was friendly and alright)) but anyway after spending the entire day there in below freeZING weather-I was confronted with the dumbest person I’ve ever seen in my life(your paper work clerk) He was RUDE-DISGUSTING AND ARROGANT & A LIAR. Yesterday I asked the Bryan on the phone if I needed to get a Cashier’s check or bring cash-He told me neither that they would take my personal check( actually that made since WHO ON EARTH would be dumb enough to write a check for nearly 12,000$-which is a Felony) And the Salesman today named Mike also re-affirmed that BUT YOUR IDIOT OFFICE CLERK refused to take it) IF YOU FOLKS THINK THIS IS THE WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS’ your’re sick. I wasted a whole day now for nothing to show for it and a TRIP of 326 miles. I hope you people will do your best to make this right and either “bring the car to me with a discounted Price” or MAKE IT WORTHWHILE FOR ME TO RETURN THERE****But you should fire the Idiot that hassled me UNLESS YOU DO NOT CARE HOW THEY TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS This CRAP was wrong. Both You and that idiot owe me an apology and a better deal. BY THE WAY I SHOWED YOUR SALESMAN (that had helped me-A Bank bag with more than enough CASh to buy anything on your lot BUT THE IDIOT claimed he would NOT take cash either SO WHICH IS IT? you don’t take cashier’s checks or Cash AND NOT MY CHECK AS I WAS TOLD (Do you get-off by hassling people? THIS CRAP IS WRONG AND YOU PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE IT RIGHT What is wrong your employees?


Eva January 26, 2016 at 3:49 pm



Dominique January 22, 2016 at 11:51 pm

I rented the car for 10 more days after the first week of renting. Everyday I would call & the receptionist will push back a day and instantly charge me $31.06. I would look on my account everyday and see the negative -$31.06 which was fine. As long as your company was receiving your amount daily was great! I even confirmed with her that taking out the daily amount worked out great for me. Never did she explain that they were in fact daily holds that wasn’t permanent!? I returned the car Monday every thing was great. Then I look on my account & see one $-311.12, three -34.00 insufficient charges and two -1.25 auto vacuum charges?! Never have I EVER had insufficient charges on my account!! From me renting a car from anyone but your company…Taking the money out barely yesterday put me in a fine with my chase bank and caused all kinds of confusion. My family and I will NO longer rent from your company AGAIN. Back to Enterprise We Stay!!

Where theirs No hidden prices, and agendas!!

Thank you for your time.


Joe Beaver January 14, 2016 at 2:05 pm

We rented a Hertz rental car thru priceline for a vacation in Panama City Florida on July 22,2015. Upon arrival it was a real challenge to get the car rented with only 4 people ahead of us. I noticed that each of the customers were complaining about being upgraded. When I got up to the counter the same thing happened to us. The representative claimed the car we had reserved was to small and that he would upgrade us to a SUV for only $10.00 per day more. When we went outside we had been upgraded to a Kia SUV which was the same size or smaller inside. The girl just handed us the keys and walked away. When we returned the car a week later we told them that we had filled the car and the space we had parked it in. We were told thanks and it was all taken care of. When I received my credit card statement they had charged us an additional $700 dollars. We had been charged with all of the insurances plus $132.00 for fuel. I contacted the customer relations in Oklahoma City and was told that my complaint was with priceline. It had nothing to do with priceline Hertz representatives charged me for this. I got nowhere. Since then there have been articles written where other people have experienced the same thing. Hertz definitely needs to get people to better handle their customer relations. One more great American Company gone down in customer relations as far as I am concerned.


Tyressa January 4, 2016 at 11:56 am

I agree with the many comments submitted on the website. In the past, the service was great, rates were great, no question about billing/charges upon return. The old Hertz was the BEST. Now, the new millennium has generated these “employees” that don’t care about their job, just want a pay check! It is reflected in the attitudes and treatment you receive at the local offices and on the phone with the customer service representatives. The local branch rarely has the answers to your concerns and frequently advise there is “nothing we can do”. Seems like the corporate office in NJ is the only route you can take to get anything resolved.


Nina January 26, 2016 at 11:26 am

I totally agree with the comments. Hertz needs a serious Customer Service overhaul. My experience on Monday January 25, 2016 was one of the worst customer service experience in renting a car for the week. The counter representative at the Lexington Kentucky Airport counter can use some serious Customer Service training. Hertz Corporate needs to serious address the Service customer are receiving. As a gold member; I’m no longer going to give them my Service. ……………
Many thanks to Avis Car rental for there excellent customer service at Lexington Kentucky Airport.


Frances Ely December 23, 2015 at 10:57 am

Customer service needs a serious overhaul. When pilots rent a car at one FBO and have to leave at another FBO Hertz needs to be more attentive to the process of picking the car up and closing out the rental ticket. It has been our experience over many years of having to constantly make many calls of which you can only leave voice mail when the car is not picked up, the ticket is not closed out and the daily charges continue to be charged to the credit card. If there was another rental car company to choose from we would do that and never use Hertz again, however they seem to have monopolized the business at many airports that privately owned or leased planes use. If anyone that reads this has any problems I would suggest that you call the N.J. corporate offices and not continue to be frustrated with the local agency.


Melicia Dennis December 16, 2015 at 10:45 am

My family was hit from the rear while on vacation, by someone driving a Hertz rental car. After returning home I contacted the Hertz claims office and was assigned a claim representative to only find out months later he no longer worked there. Assigned a new one that made my family an offer of fraction of my medical bills. I am starting to learn that big company’s get that way by trying to XXXXX others, shame on Hertz. What ever happen in people taking pride in what they do. Think I will let my Attorney handle this one.


Veronica Eldridge December 3, 2015 at 6:46 pm

My husband was in an accident and had to rent a vehicle. The insurance company had set up everything the day before we went to pick up the rental on 12-3-15 He was suppose to get I. A mid size vehicle. But we were told the only car available was a Chevy Spark. A very small car. I have a small child I would not recommend anyone with children to ever drive something so small. The lady at the Hertz rental place on Chapman Rd in Chattanooga TN was very rude and was not willing to work with us on a different vehicle. She never introduced herself at any point. I have no ideal her name or it would be posted. This is the first time we have ever had to rent a vehicle and it was the worst experience!!!!


Maura Groves November 24, 2015 at 1:09 pm

A letter was sent to the CEO approximately one month ago regarding a maintenance contract refund we are expecting. The maintenance contract was never used. The Medford Oregon sales team advised us that once we paid off our Hertz car purchase, we would receive the $2,000+. We have not received a reply or a refund. A response would be appreciated. We will not give up.


martha November 3, 2015 at 12:13 am

recently rented a van come to find out they over charged my credit card 150.00 more than what I was quoted, I will never rent from this company again


Withheld October 9, 2015 at 2:37 pm

I reserved a car Thursday night and checked in online at 8 am. I hailed a cab to take me to the rental office only to be told there were no cars available to fill my CONFIRMED reservation. I was stranded!!!!!!!! They tried to put me in a more expensive car costing double the original rental and then told me oh sorry we don’t have that one available anymore either. THEN WHY WAS I OFFERED IT IF IT WASN’T AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!! I was starting a new job on Friday and had no way to get to it! After another hour on the phone with people I couldn’t understand I had to call another cab to drive me 40 miles to my new job. That cab ride cost me 64 bucks!!!!!!!! Now I will have to call yet ANOTHER taxi cab to pick me up from work and spend ANOTHER 64 bucks. I called and complained a report was filed (whoopie big deal) that doesn’t help the fact that I was STRANDED. I was told they wouldn’t have any vehicles available for me until Monday after 5 PM. Monday will cost me ANOTHER 128.00 in cab fares! THANK YOU HERTZ RENTAL FOR PUTTING THE SCREWS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am far beyond done, I have the corporate office’s address they WILL be getting a nice long letter about how AWFUL their service is!!!!!!!


STEVE STRINKO October 6, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Sent to Hertz through their web portal.


Kay Elam September 20, 2015 at 10:48 pm

Unlike most of the customers on this site, my husband and I had the best customer service experience we’ve had in years at the Jacksonville, NC Hertz location.

Our Sept. 4 flight was scheduled to get in at 10 p.m. The flight was actually changed and didn’t arrive until 11 p.m. We were on the flight but our names apparently weren’t on the flight manifest given to Hertz. However, the customer service agent, who was scheduled to get off at 10, stayed to see if we were on the 11 o’clock flight because she “had a feeling we’d be on it.” We were the only customers who had a Hertz reservation from that flight.

Because I’m a gold member, there was minimal paperwork. She asked where we were staying and listened to our moans and groans that the hotel was 30 minutes from the airport. Who knew that the Jacksonville airport didn’t have hotels right at it?

Anyway, she sent us to get our luggage, and she actually went to the lot and brought the car to the front door. She said it was parked at the far end of the lot and she needed the exercise 🙂 When we got in, we found the GPS programmed for our hotel. My husband tried to tip her, which she refused. She said she liked working at a small airport so she could give personalized service — and she excelled at it! She did let us give her a hug.

When we returned the car a week later, she came from behind the counter, asked about our trip, and gave us another hug. Now THAT’S customer service. Kudos to Valerie Johnson in Jacksonville, NC.

Greg & Kay Elam
Nashville, TN


Charles McIntyre September 17, 2015 at 1:46 pm

I am a Hertz Gold Member and longtime customer of Hertz Rental Car. I’ve been a Hertz Gold Member for at least 10 Years and used to think that Hertz Rental Car was a good company in terms of Service Delivery, Quality and Customer Care. Well that used to be years ago, but now that’s a joke. Let me tell you a story…… I went to visit my father for his birthday in Philadelphia, PA back on July 5 and rented a car from Hertz Philadelphia International Airport. Upon my return to the airport on July 8th, I was running behind when returning my car. Mr. William Johnson, the clerk that returned my car for me said “I’ll be more than happy to take to the airport”. I had already dropped my bags off, so the only things I had left were inside of the vehicle. Upon checking the car return approval, he noticed a plastic bag on the back seat driver’s side and asked me if that was a trash bag or not, and I told him no, that the bag had some personal belongings in and I needed to make sure I took it with me. He said no problem he took me to the airport.
As luck would have it, I got the two bags that were in the trunk, but did not get the bag off of the back seat. Once on the plane, I realized that I did not have my plastic bag and it was in the rental car. Upon arriving in Atlanta, I immediately got my luggage and went to the Hertz Rental Car Airport Location, and spoke with Ms. Hattie Henry in lost and found. I explained to her what happened and she immediately went to work. First she tried calling to the Philly Airport Location and could not get through. She tried, tried, and tried and could not get anyone to answer. She put the car on hold, put notes in the system so that someone should contact her before renting the car again. She also gave me her business card and told me to check with her over the next few days and she should hear something from the office. Over the next week or so I called Ms. Hattie and unfortunately, no one ever called her back from the Philly location. She advised me to call the corporate office and report the issue. She actually opened a claim for me as well and told me that I should continue trying to get through to the Philly location as well at 215-492-7246. Over the next week I called over and over again never once getting a human. When you tried call the main number and choosing the selection for getting someone at the location the mailbox was full and you got nowhere. Finally about a week later I did get through to a voice mail box that wasn’t full and left a message with my name, telephone
number, rental car information and what was left in the car. Today is Sept 14 and I have yet to get a call back from that day to this one. After trying to get through to the Philly location for about 10 days, I called Hertz Corporate in Oklahoma and spoke to a gentleman in the customer care department( didn’t get his name) and he said these words to me “ Oh yeah, they never answer the phone at that location”. “When you call next time, ask for the extension of Brian Bishop the Operations Manager and then you should get someone to help you get your things”.
Again over the next two to three weeks, I called and left Brian Bishop message after message after message, and still no one at that location cared enough to call me back. I’ve made at least 30 calls to the Philadelphia International Airport location and still haven’t gotten not ONE callback. In addition, I left messages of why I really needed to have my bag back, because it contained my medicine and medical devise which I really needed to get back. Still, I got not a callback!
Let’s fast forward to today September 15, 2015, I have not yet heard one thing from that location. I’ve called, left messages and of course nothing. Now let me share some bad news with you, inside that bag, I had over 350.00 worth of equipment that has not been returned to me:
1) OneTouch Ultra Diabetes Monitor / test strips and insulin valued at 100.00, which my insurance does not cover.
2) Bluetooth earpiece valued over 75.00 dollars.
3) A dual USB Charger that plugs into the wall outlet and cigarette lighter valued at over 50.00 dollars. The one that was in the bag was either an Ericson or General Electric one which I have not seen in the stores, because I had it for a while.
4) Charge pack which my company gave me as gift valued at a least 50.00
5) My Samsung Phone Charger which is valued over 40.00
6) Sunglasses
7) Misc. Items
Today I called Ms. Hattie Henry at the Atlanta Airport and she advised me that the service should not be that way at all. She remembered my claim, has it logged in her book and still can’t believe I haven’t heard anything from your company. Since August, I have now begun renting with National who knows what service delivery is all about with their Emerald Club Program. In fact, I’ll be visiting my corporate headquarters and talking with the corporate travel department to see if we can get a corporate program with someone else.
My company has over 270 locations nationwide and we have 27,000 employees; many of which travel and are field based. If I have anything to do with it, I’ll make sure that none of our
employees rent from Hertz. Although it’s not a lot of money it’s a principle, you don’t keep customer belongings. I’m also contacting an attorney to launch an investigation into your location at the airport. Why? Not only do I believe that your company is liable for customer goods not being returned, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your Ops Manager is either giving customer property away to his staff or “selling” it. In these days and times, I put nothing past companies that don’t support their company values and behaviors, and train their staff to do the same. If you had any kind of values at all, I would have at least gotten a call back from the Ops Manager.


David Sonne September 23, 2015 at 3:49 pm

I understand you concerns with no returned calls, etc. I don’t believe the person that told you he would remind you about your plastic bag cleans the vehicles. Those folks may have just thrown the bag away. You even stated that the person from Hertz asked you if it was trash. To make a statement that the OPS manager could be giving property away or selling it is just rude and reprehensible. I don’t know, or care who you work for but why not show your comments to the CEO? I’m certain he/she would be proud to have someone like you representing your Company. Moral of the story…it’s YOUR STUFF! It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! YOU WERE RUNNING LATE! YOU FORGOT YOUR PLASTIC BAG! It’s time to quit whining, apologize to the OPS manager, take responsibility for your actions and in-actions. IT”S YOUR FAULT!


Cecelia Chandler September 15, 2015 at 6:56 pm

Will never rent from Hertz ever again……..car was dirty and on empty……customer service rep.was very rude….and bragged about it said he was from the streets of Chicago…… Wow really….now he’s working dirty hertz…..Indpls.Ind….13th Shadeland…


Edmon Yafai September 14, 2015 at 6:42 pm

On Aug 15 , in LAX picked up a Dodge charger(nice car) but smell of cigarette smoke was terrible. I proceeded to Hertz gold choice only to discover only 2 Hyundai elantra available, asked the attendant for choice and the result was sorry no other cars. I was late for appointment so I reluctantly drove the Dodge.
Aug 17 returned the car and advised the quick check rep but did not care.Got on the Hertz bus # 82 and promptly got yelled at by the driver for standing behind the yellow line (which is perfectly ok). I got off the bus and took the next one to the airport.
I have called Hertz customer service 3 times and was offered a 50 dollar certificate , 3 calls later no certificate yet . It’s like begging for dollars.
I’m a five star gold member and been a loyal Hertz customer, but I found out that it does not mean anything,time to go elsewhere!!!!


Elaine September 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Does Hertz believe in good customer service and providing clean cars to renters?

Rented a dirty car for one day from Hertz Dulles Airport (plenty of cars in the lot and the rental office was almost a ghost town) on 9/3 and was due to return it on 9/4, but I got caught in a rainstorm so I was 2 hours late and did not get back until 2A on 9/5. What did I get?

Found food rolling around in the car, the lady checking in my car was so lazy she waived her hand in an empty rental office (no customers, I mean no one) to me to come over and then she proceeded to charge my card $231.50 and when I protested, she told me to call her manager. She never moved, nor anyone else to check out the mileage on my car, nor gas or condition of the car. As I drove off, the young woman got on her cell phone and was talking to someone. When I got home I noticed authorizations on my car that were done at the same time of $399 and $115, plus the $231.50. If you returning a car, then why do they need any more authorization. Calling the location manager proved to be worthless because the manager told me that I needed to wait on the authorizations to drop off and he would see his senior manager on my other issues. I am hitting social media to let people know about the poor treatment you can receive from renting a Hertz Car. From now on I am going to the competition!!!!!


Dianne Dale September 1, 2015 at 11:28 pm

Looks like Hertz is “batting a thousand” this month. My husband and I rented a car to be picked up at Chicago’s Union Station on Sunday, August 16, 2015. We were arriving there by Amtrak train from Syracuse, NY to begin our vacation. The train was 3 1/2 hours late arriving. We initially reserved the car for 10 a.m. because we were supposed to arrive at 9:30 a.m. Imagine our surprise when we found the Hertz closed. Apparently they close at noon on Sundays!? I checked. This was not noted on any of our paperwork. Who would expect a rental car office at a major train station to be closed at noon on any day?! They had the number of the train we were on, so had they checked when several people didn’t show up for their cars, they would have known the reason. We were not the only travelers stranded at this point. There were at least 4 other people there with us. Information at the station gave us sheets with other rental places to call. Time now was 3:30 and most of the downtown rental places were closing at 4. We finally discovered that the subway was a 3 block walk from the station and went to O’Hare airport. We decided that our only option was to go to the airport for a car, which is what we did. We had to get to and ride the subway for 45 minutes with 3 suitcases. When we arrived at the airport, we took the shuttle to Hertz against my better judgment. But, my husband who held a Hertz Gold Card for 34 years as an employee of IBM insisted they would help us out. They did……..we got a car for TWICE the rental agreement cost…$800!!! The customer service rep was very rude saying we should have called and this was not their problem. He also explained the added costs because we were renting at the airport and had not reservation!!??? He completely disregarded our original reservation. I thought at the least an upgrade. No way! He finally said to my husband, and I quote “Do you want the car or not?”. We will never be Hertz customers again. I wish that we had taken the time to go to another agency once we were at the airport. Even if we had to pay the same rental fee, at least it wouldn’t have been paid to Hertz. We have already told this story to our many IBM friends, and I have been posting online about it. Since it may affect others traveling from the Syracuse area to Chicago via Amtrak, I will also be copying this letter to local papers. Hertz is no longer a name to depend on. Beware!


Lawrence Lord August 27, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Last week my retired in-laws from La Centre, Washington, USA, had an unfortunate collision with an elk, on Vancouver Island, which totaled their family car. Bruised and battered, they came to Ladner, BC, where they needed to secure a rental car and I took my brother in law to the car rental centre at YVR, the Vancouver international airport. As AAA members they were recommended to use Hertz. It just so happened that Hertz had a compact car with Oregon plates that needed to be returned to Portland, Oregon. This was convenient since their daughter could pick them up in Portland, and take them to La Centre, which was not far. However, this seemingly win-win situation cost them $728, or, $177/day for the 4 days they would need the car, and this was after the AAA discount. This wasn’t just “highway robbery”, this is an example of exploitation of travelers in distress and definitely not the Canadian way since their car insurance guaranteed just $30/day for a rental car. What do you intend to do Hertz, before I make sure everyone, including local media hear about this?


Resh K. August 29, 2015 at 12:46 pm

I myself have a situation with Hertz where i’d booked a rental 5 months in advance and there was no vehicle when I arrived at 2 pm for my pick-up, asked me to wait, when they had no idea how long the wait would be. Also, they couldn’t get a hold of the person who rented the vehicle and was told they had extended the rental for the type of vehicle i’d booked for. Had to go to a different company paying 200% more than what I was going to pay at Hertz. Long story short, I too am thinking about going to the media with it. Fed-up and frustrated.


Teresa Verret August 26, 2015 at 1:05 pm

I rented a car through my insurance company after an accident. I left the car at the repair shop for Hertz to pick up late Friday afternoon (repair shop says they do it often) since I had tried for over an hour to call Hertz with no answer.

I called Monday (again no answer) to verify everything was fine. I called Tuesday and spoke with someone who said everything was handled. Late Tuesday evening I received a notification from my bank that I had been charged $29+change. I called and the call center said it was a fuel charge. I thought that was strange because I had gassed the car to the fill point that I had upon initial receipt of the car, a little over 3/4 tank. I called the local store and they said that I hadn’t filled it to the 7/8ths mark. When asked what 7/8ths meant to them, they said, between the 3/4 and full marks. I have a photo I took of the dashboard proving I filled it to that “vague” point. They said I would have to take it up with Corporate…which I promptly did. Their Executive Assistance representative told me that I would have to have the receipt where I filled the car…that my phone, time and date stamped!!!!…was not good enough. Well, I paid cash because I don’t swipe my cards at the gas station anymore due to theft, and foolishly did not get a receipt. Is it just me…or shouldn’t the photo count if it’s stamped with the exact time and date that I took the photo and it shows their mileage, etc. that can be verified???? I suppose I’ll have to eat this charge, but be wary when they ask you to sign off on the refueling charge…..don’t do it!


Kayce August 19, 2015 at 8:19 pm

I am writing in regards to my recent experience with your company. I reserved my rental car for August 1, 2015 at 10:30 am at Fort Lauderdale International airport. I arrived at the service desk at 10:40 am. There were only three people working including the employee working the kiosks (which many times they were empty for long periods of time). I stood in line until 12:10pm and was then informed that my car was not available and that I would have to continue to wait. The service person I spoke to also asked many personal (“What did you do for your recent birthday?” ) and travel questions which I do not believe were necessary especially when the wait was so long and there was still over 100 people in line. I had to wait for another 30 minutes and that was after I went up and asked again, had I not gone who knows how much longer I would have waited. I was one of many customers who endured this same situation. This is not how I wanted to spend the first 2 hours of my vacation, and this ruined my previously made plans. When I got to the car it smelled like it had been sprayed to cover up the smell of smoke, and there was ashes in the ash tray holder and deodorant stains on the door. So not only did I have to wait 2 hours later than my scheduled reservation it was not a clean car. Due to this experience I will not be using your company again, nor will I recommend it. With the high costs of travel and subpar service I would like a refund. If you do not have enough cars to meet the demand of reservations, then reservations should be unavailable. This is just unacceptable. I emailed your customer service department on August 4 and have yet to get a response.


Capt. Kevin M. Mac Donnell August 19, 2015 at 2:35 pm

I admit that this is well past the rental period, but I just came across the rental agreement on the bottom of a drawer in my desk and I decided to address my issue upon seeing the doXXXXents. I rented a car from Hertz and ended up having some potentially dangerous mechanical issues with the Passat. I had never driven a car that had an auto-shutdown feature before. Actually, I found such a feature to suit my environmental concerns. However, this vehicle would very occasionally shut down while I was driving. I would be motoring along at 30mph and the motor would just quit! Being a former Marine aviator who flew a single-seat, single-engine attack jet and a current airline pilot, I am well trained in handling emergencies. As such, I was always able to get the car started quickly while on the move allowing me the ability the maintain control of the car. That being said, I was lucky that these engine shutdowns were infrequent and occurred on country roads and often while on straightaways. But, had this occurred while driving on a highway, in busy traffic, or perhaps in a turn, things might have gotten very interesting and even dangerous. Knowing that I could quickly get the car started, I wasn’t overly concerned for my safety because of my training, but this could have been very serious for someone without my skills. Anyway, shortly after the initial occurrence I had to leave Wales to drop my mother off at the Manchester Airport. I made it a point to exchange the vehicle while there. I ended up getting another vehicle from the staff at Hertz but I had to accept a downgrade in class of car because they did not have availability in my class. That was fine, but all I was offered was a $50 rental credit towards another vehicle, which was valid for one year. Frankly, I felt that the staff there did not seem overly concerned about the safety ramifications of the VW’s shutting down while I was driving. Thankfully, you had someone behind the wheel who could handle the car’s faulty auto-shutdown feature. It might have been a lot worse. Anyway, I never had the opportunity to use the voucher and I believe that the potential adverse safety situation of driving that car, regardless of my skill level would have afforded me a refund of $50 as opposed to a voucher that could expire. Please be so kind to refund me $50 and I shall consider the matter resolved to my satisfaction. I think that is a reasonable request considering that Hertz rented me a vehicle that had a very serious defect with the potential to do serious harm to my mother and myself. (Rental Agreement No: 249241156)
Thank you very much, Capt. Kevin M. Mac Donnell
P.S. I have posted same request on your website’s feedback page.


Tony McDowell August 15, 2015 at 10:05 am

We recently rented a car in Venice, Italy and returned it in Hannover, Germany 4 days later. When we picked up the car, it was double parked on a very busy road, so we made a quick inspection looking for any obvious damage – didn’t see any. When we returned it in Germany, the Hertz employees made an incredibly detailed inspection, and found two very minor scratches. Both were, in my mind, completely normal wear and tear and I had not even noticed them. I suspect they were there before we rented the car. Our credit card was charged $481 USD for the “damage.” There is no way to appeal this. I feel like I’ve been the victim of a scam designed to steal money from customers who have no option or way to fight back. I wonder how many more future customers will be charged for the same “damage” to this car.

I’ve been renting cars for 30 years and I’ve never had anything like this happen before. My phone calls / emails to the company have resulted in no response of any kind. I AM VERY UPSET with Hertz and will tell this story to everyone I know for many, many years and strongly recommend they rent with another company.

Hertz – shame on you.

Tony McDowell
Richmond, Virginia


Sean Cov August 31, 2015 at 3:11 pm

Hi Tony,

I could have written your email myself! Unbelievable. I feel like I have been scammed and treated like a criminal by Hetrz. A tiny scratch on the rubber of the tyre itself (talk about wear and tear!). Hertz (and their employees) are scamming their clients and their insurers. Disgraceful and unacceptable. I suspect that the is a new directive from management. They will no doubt make some money in the short term but lose faithful clients in the long term. Short-sighted, moronic and criminal. I will not be using this crooked company again.


L. Daniels August 14, 2015 at 1:36 pm

On the morning of July 23rd a representative from the Duluth office contacted me to confirm my reservation and stated that he wanted to make sure a car would be available when I come in at 11:00am. Well, when I arrived at 11:00 I was told that there were no cars available in the area. I was upset because someone could have called to inform me of that. In addition, why did the representative who called that morning tell me that he would make sure a car would be available? I was informed that I would receive a call because they were expecting returns. I did not receive a call. No one followed up to inform me of anything.
I called the office around 16:30 to follow up. I spoke with a guy who informed me that a car was available but had a mechanical issue with the horn; however, thought it was an easy fix by replacing the fuse. I was informed that I would receive a call back, well you know what happened – I did not receive a call. The office closed at 17:00 so when I called no one answered. This was a complete disregard of my time as person and customer.
I called the 877 number and spoke with a representative by the name of Annie. I explained the situation to Annie but she really did not provide any support that would be in my best interest. She stated the only place I could pick up a vehicle would be the Hartsfield airport, which is 50minutes away. I was willing to take the ride to pick up a vehicle however I was told that I would have to pay $340 to rent the vehicle for the week. My reserved vehicle’s rate was $164.34 for the week, you do the math. Why would I drive further to pay more? On top of that, this was a Hertz issue and I feel someone should have done more to assist me as a customer.
I informed Annie of my concerns which is mentioned in the paragraph above. She put me on hold stating that she was calling the Hartsfield Airport office to reach a manager because the manager would have to approve the $164.34 weekly rate. Well, she stated no one answered – I really did not believe her at this point. It was near her shift and she stated she would send an email to that location and check for response before the end of her shift. I asked who would follow up with me. She stated that she would call me before she left for the day and let me know if there was a response or not. Well, as usual, I did not receive a call. I did not expect much from anyone at this point, just awful customer service.
In the end, the actions or lack thereof from your company messed up my plans. I did not leave for my destination at the planned time; I had to call around to locate a vehicle the next day when I should have been traveling. To this day, I have not received a call from any Hertz agent/representative. This entire ordeal threw a monkey wrench in my trip.


Mrs. L.D. Thomson August 10, 2015 at 3:31 pm

I just finished a customer service call about getting a rental car. It was one of the most irritating experiences I’ve ever been through. For one thing, they said they close at 5pm. How are people who have jobs, who often already missed work due to a wreck, going to get there during the day?
The on-hold music was sad, disturbing and annoying. It sounded like it was composed by a depressed tone-deaf 14 year old on a Hammond organ. Why not play something pleasant, that doesn’t make people want to throw their phone across the room? Do you just hate humanity and want to cause people mental pain? Is the company just living up to its name which sounds like “hurts”?
They couldn’t even give directions to their store. They gave me an address and said to google it. I’ve never talked to a representative who was unwilling to give directions.
I guess it’s a sign of the times.
Thank you for your time.
Lisa Thomson


Jesse Green August 2, 2015 at 11:53 am

I think this is the last time I rent from Hertz. I shouldn’t be stuck in the Billings airport waiting for a car to become available while Hertz hungrily eyes my accounts with visions of emptying/maxing them out. I should be enjoying my vacation. Sadly I cannot do that thanks to Hertz.


Sopheak July 30, 2015 at 9:05 pm


Rented 7/22/15-7/27/15.

Reading all the comments on here just made me really realize how the employees at Hertz really have no idea how to explain to customers what they are going to be charged for. I just had a similar situation happen to me like Jose Rivera. The only difference was that I was on time to pick up my rental that I booked with Hotwire. When I got to the counter the employee (Eddie) asked where I was going and I told him that I was taking a trip from San Jose, CA to LA. He stated that they had a minivan and that he recommends me getting it since it will be roomier. I specifically asked what the upgrade fee would be and he stated that he would not charge me any because I was a nice lady. Great! NOT! Later that day I checked my account online and seen that Hotwire had charged me for the rental but I also seen that Hertz had charged me also. Tried calling many times that day but no answer. Called again the next day, no answer. Gave up since I was on my trip and decided that I will just talk to them when I dropped the car off. Got to Hertz earlier then my scheduled drop off time and asked to speak with a manager. The girl at the front asked me what I needed so I explained to her what had happened. She took my agreement and said “oh, I know exactly who this is” while shaking her head then she asked me to wait while she got her manager. The manager (Sahjeev Sharma) came out and said I heard you have a complaint. I said yes I do and started to tell him what happened. He then stated “well there’s nothing I can do”. Really?! He was very rude and short with me. That’s when I asked to speak to his boss. He didn’t seem to like that much but he circled a number on the front of the agreement and said you can call them tomorrow. Oh and I asked for his name and the name of the man who booked my rental. He really didn’t care for that either. So I called the next day and the lady on the phone said that she couldn’t help me because my rental wasn’t closed out yet. I was like are you serious right now. She stated that she will send an email to them so that they can close it out and I will have to call back after. So i waited…called them today and spoke with Kathy. She was very nice and helpful. She asked if I tried talking to the manager at Hertz and I said yes but he said he couldn’t do anything for me and gave me this number to call. She was like I don’t know why he did that because we are just the billing company. I feel like they are being sneaky about upgrades and are just ripping people off! I wouldn’t have mind paying extra for an upgrade but be upfront with me when I specifically asked! Maybe this is how Hertz makes their money but I am not having it! I will contact as many people as I have to to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else! I don’t know what the deal is but I definitely know that I will never be renting from them again!


Anne Marie Anderson August 11, 2015 at 11:00 pm

I feel exactly the same way. We were just in Phoenix and were charged for an upgrade that we took because they said there were no economy cars available. We were never offered the option of waiting for a car to arrive. The customer service rep assured us we would not be billed for the extra expense since we rented the car through a travel package. They ended up charging us another $300 on top of the $275 we already paid for what I consider to be a basic car! We called six times….SIX! Each time, they told us they would take our information and have someone call us back in 24 hours. Each time we heard NOTHING! We have called over SEVEN times and finally got someone who said they would refund our money and my husband just looked at his credit card charges and they still haven’t refunded the money!!! So now, we have to call an EIGHTH time! At this point it’s the principle of what they’ve done and the fact that they are intentionally deceptive and lying to us over the phone. I will report to BBB immediately but I don’t know how they can get away with this type of business practice – is there no oversight on businesses like this? They obviously just want the money and do NOT CARE one bit about the customer.


angela Howard July 30, 2015 at 2:50 pm

When we picked up the car it was extremely Dirty. I asked them to run through the wash and Wipe down. The stated we will run it through which they did but refused to wipe car down. I just asked for towels and wiped it down myself. Then the 2015 carry was scratched up all over both bumpers. They said they were gonna take 20 dollar hold on card until I return it. M bank doesn’t have that activity. So know I have to do that research because they don’t answer the phone.


Kris July 29, 2015 at 1:03 pm

Rental from Hell with #Hertz…I booked a car from July 19 and until 7 Aug. and the week after I go a call, why I have not returned my car. I told the lady, that I was not suppose to return it before the 7th and she said ohh ok, I will fix that and I believed her. Yesterday I got another phone call that I have not returned the car, so I called the location and she said Opps she forgot. fair enough, so I asked her to honor the deal we had and she said no can do. and in the next breath she said btw you need to talk with your bank, the card we have on hold is not working. I asked her why she was trying to get money out since the car was not returned and we still had it until the 7th. she couldn’t explain that to me why she was trying to get money out. I told her too, that the amount she was trying to take out was way to much, that the whole period was a locked price of $426.47 and she said, plus this and plus that and plus insurance, where at I said, Insurance?? yes the insurance of $180 that I already got before I went down to you guys and informed you about when I got the car. She said no the insurance we have put on. I asked her why they did that when I said I had my own insurance? She informed me that is why they do. I told her no, I said from the time I rented the car, that I had my own insurance and was told they had received a copy so why should I pay more? she said that is what they do and if I was not happy I could return the car. Now we are returning the car and have to pay for insurance that we declined in the beginning, is this really true, that when someone from Hertz mess up, we customers is going to pay for it? and not even a single apology only a “FCK you,, if you are not happy you can just return the fck vehicle.”


Jose Rivera July 28, 2015 at 11:25 am

President, Hertz Corporation

I had a reservation for a rental car from Hertz thru Priceline from 16 -23 Jun 2015 with a rental fee of $280.75. On 16 Jun 2015, our plane was delayed. Due to the plane being delayed and changing of planes we were not able to contact Hertz. When we arrived at the rental counter at San Jose Airport, California, our car was no longer available. We were offered an upgrade due to the fact that at the time that was the only car available and we agreed to get the car. We were offered the upgrade and at no time we were told that we were going to be charged an additional $266. According to the corporate agreement between Priceline and the rental company it states “since your reservation is pre-paid, when your reserved car class is not available the counter is supposed to provide you with the next highest available car class at no additional charge”. A few days later I noticed that an additional charge was made to my credit card from Hertz for $266.44. Hertz claims that we signed and agreed to the upgrade which is true. They also stated to Priceline that “the “L4” vehicle is a larger vehicle than the reserved “Q4” and is a multiple car upgrade (I was never informed that it was a multiple car upgrade). I understand that I signed the agreement (I guess next time we have to read the entire contract before we signed). I feel that Hertz should have explained briefly about the additional charge and they should have made sure that we understood the policy. I feel that Priceline and Hertz are contradicting themselves and that the agreement between the two companies is not being enforced and I should not have been charged the additional $266.44. I need copies of all the paperwork that I signed. I have tried to resolve this matter but I feel that I am given the runaround. None of the companies want to take responsibility.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Jose Rivera


Jonathan Hunn July 15, 2015 at 12:30 pm

I would like to file a formal complaint against the STL office. On last Tuesday July 7th I rented a car from the St. Louis Hertz location. 3 hours into my trip I had a blow out (WITH NO SPARE TIRE!!!!) and was stuck on the side of the dangerous Hwy for 5 hours with my 3 children 5, 7, and 16 along with my wife. After being disconnected several times and being transferred several other times I was told that at this time at the night there were no locations open and I would have to stay till the next morning when a car would be brought to me, or the tire would be fixed. We were put up in a local motel that night which had blood stains on the sheets and bugs in the bathtub, and other filth throughout the room. I did take pictures. The next morning I had contacted roadside assistance and they told me a car would be to me in 2 hours. 3 hours later I called again to be told that someone was suppose to call me back regarding the local car not coming and a car being sent from STL where I had rented. At this point I was outdone. Who sends a car that far when their are local locations closer. At the end of the day Hertz is trying to charge me 515 dollars for the delivery of this vehicle. Hertz are YOU SERIOUS. At this time I am contacting Hertz Board members as well as executives to notify them of this locations practices. I am wanting this situation fixed. I am currently still out of town. I WILL NEVER RENT FROM HERTZ AGAIN!!!!


JOHN July 14, 2015 at 12:42 pm

we had a rental for a month, and returned it on 07/13/15@1130am. the price was 1145.00. ok but they charged me three times. now my account is over. but no one at the Colton ca. location can help. this company needs to have undercover boss go and check it out. I will never rent from them again and make sure that AAA knows about it


Nicole July 10, 2015 at 12:51 pm

Made a reservation earlier this week for Thursday the 9th, they gave my car away & never replaced it. I missed an important job interview with the post office because of them. Then I made an online reservation last night and I called to change it. They tell me “oh, well I sent over a car for you after you called”. No phone call, no apologies, no discounts.Hertz in Ukiah,CA sucks, your representative James lied and never called me back yesterday about making sure I had my rental, fixing my reservation. So that crap about them replacing my vehicle is a bold face lie.


Kristin Piekarski July 9, 2015 at 3:43 pm

I will never use Hertz again!!!! I was charged for a “gas saver” car after I declined upgrades. It was not explained to me that this was an upgrade! I was told the total on my credit card being held would have a full refund after I returned my car. This did not happen and I was told I signed the agreement even though it was not explained at all to me what I was signing. I asked for the car I paid for and reserved and nothing more!! I called the local branch and the manager would not help me or offer a refund. She said the lady who helped me worked there for 25 years and acted like she was perfect and never made mistakes. I also sent an email to corporate days ago and still don’t have a response. I want my $81 back!! I also made sure my company knows not to rent from your company again along with friends and family members.


G Pena July 9, 2015 at 9:51 am

Absolutely the worst car rental co, I ever rented from. Did not have the car I reserved a month prier. And no answers for me, and offered nothing to solve the problem. I always used Enterprise in the past with no problems, they have my business in the future.


Tracey July 6, 2015 at 10:50 am

NOT so impressed with Hertz what so ever!

1) We were charged for an upgrade because Hertz in Dallas TX didn’t have vehicle we reserved online upon our arrival! Shouldn’t Hertz be compensating the customer here? Why should I have to pay for an upgrade because YOU did not have the vehicle I reserved?

2) We were charged for a full tank of gas EVEN THOUGH THE VEHICLE WAS RETURNED FULL!!! The “fuel purchase option” was explained via your counter agent that “we would only be charged for fuel if the vehicle was NOT returned full” The Hertz agent inspected our vehicle upon return, noted mileage and fuel level, AND took the gas receipt (vehicle was filled at Valero in Dallas Tx just prior to our returning it).

3) Spoke with 5 different Hertz representatives this morning (Yes, FIVE), including one at your corporate office, and I have gotten absolutely NO where in getting this matter resolved. As a matter of fact, I was told verbatim the EXACT same thing from EVERY single representative I spoke with! And now your corporate office is telling me to return to your Hertz agency in Dallas TX from where I live in Michigan to retrieve a $20.00 gas receipt your agent has? Seriously?

We were OVERCHARGED $122.58 … And I can’t help but wonder how many customers Hertz screws this way per day???

Hypothetically speaking; if Hertz overcharges 100 customers $122.58 per day, that equals $12,258.00 a month, which in turn equals a whopping *drum roll* $637,416.00 PER year!!!

Not a bad little chunk of EXTRA change there for misleading your customers );/

This WAS our first time renting from your company, and it is DEFINITELY the LAST! We drove “153 miles” and PAID $67.58 for fuel!!! That right there is beyond bloody absurd!


Liu Fang Kai July 2, 2015 at 11:02 am

I don’t know how to describe my anger.

I really don’t understand what is your meaning of customer service.

The first you did a wrong charge.
And then, Hertz said will refund the wrong charge ISK 35,800. But the fact is you did not do it till now.
More seriously, you charge me another for no reason, no show up on IV and ridiculous charge.

What are your guys doing?????

Evidence as attached


From: Customer Service [mailto:customer@hertz.is]
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 11:28 PM
Subject: RE: Hertz Car Rental Invoice

Dear Customer,

Mr. Pétursson is out of office these days so we are trying to solve this matter.

Attached is a copy of the credit card refund transaction of ISK 35,800 to the credit card shown in the rental agreement as method of payment.
Please pay attention to that the Icelandic word ENDURGREITT means REFUND
You will see the transaction and the authorization numbers on the copy.

Please accept our apologies for the mistake of charging this amount to your card.

Best regards,
Omar Anderson
Customer Relations
Hertz Iceland

From: Andrea Dögg Færseth
Sent: 29. maí 2015 09:27
To: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Hertz Car Rental Invoice

Hæ customer service , þessi er mjög ósáttur væru þið til í að svara honum ?


From: louis
Sent: 29. maí 2015 04:28
To: Magnús Bjarni Pétursson
Cc: Andrea Dögg Færseth
Subject: RE: Hertz Car Rental Invoice

Mr. Pétursson.
I agree but not so satisfyed your description.
You will revise your mistake, of cause it is necessary.
If I don’t find this issue on my bill by myself. Hertz’s mistake will really make my lost.

First : pls. show me evidence you do inform city bank to refund me the wrong charge.

My next step will depends on your attitude.

I hope I still can believe Hertz is a high class and good service travel parterner.

Best Regards

Louis liu

From: Magnús Bjarni Pétursson [mailto:mbp@hertz.is]
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 12:34 AM
Cc: Andrea Dögg Færseth
Subject: FW: Hertz Car Rental Invoice

Hi Mr Liu

I‘m sorry about the misunderstanding.

The employee accendentally closed your agreement at the wrong time and therefor charged the amount of 35.800 kr.
But i spotted the mistake, changed the agreement and refunded the same amount back to your credit card the same day 

I‘m really sorry about the mistake and hope that this dosen´t reflect on our service.

Magnús Bjarni Pétursson
Afgreiðslustjóri | Front Desk Manager
Hertz Íslandi | Hertz Iceland | International Franchisee
Bílaleiga Flugleiða ehf | Flugvallarvegur 5, 101 Reykjavík | Iceland.
Sími: Tel: +354 522 44 35 | Fax: +354 522 4401 | Mobile. +354 858 04 35
Email: mbp@hertz.is | http://www.hertz.is


Felicia king June 23, 2015 at 3:50 pm

I rented a car as a ONE WAY trip when I picked up my car the clerk changed my reservation to a round trip without my permission even when I confirmed that it was a one way. I was then charged an additional day due to the original office I was supposed to return to being temporarily closed. I just incurred another $351.00 charge for intracity fees due to your employees negligence! I am requesting a full refund of that money due to this being the fault of hertz. If a resolution is not made in a timely manner i will take this further. I will also be contacting the BBB due to this issue.


dave June 21, 2015 at 7:31 pm

We had to rent a car for a week, everything was ok til we returned the vehicle after 5 days rental
We were advised when we thought there would be a 2 day refund since we only had it for 5 days, the person advised us that hertz classifies a week as 5 or 7 days
I don’t work for Nasa but last math test and a look at the calendar, a week is 7 days so we are now going to file complaints against the hertz co owner and company with the BBB, consumer protection and the attorney general


Joan June 17, 2015 at 11:48 am

On May 19, 2015 I picked up the vehicle. I was asked if I had insurance, I said yes, and that my insurance company had called to set it up. I was asked for my credit card to reserve the car for $139.00, and told that it would not be charged to my credit card, it was only to receive the car. It would be removed when I returned the car. I was never given a contract. The only doXXXXent I received was a pink paper showing the condition of the car that I rented and the make and model. I signed an electronic signature as he made me believe it was required in order to rent the car.
However, when I returned the car on June 13, 2015, I was given a bill for $617.48 that was charged to my VISA for additional insurance coverage. I spoke to the clerk who attended me about the charge, that he did not tell me or asked me if I wanted additional insurance. I asked him immediately to see the contract I signed, but he said he couldn’t give it to me because it was already processed. He did not have it. I called Hertz Customer Relations and told them what happened and that I would like a full refund of $617.48, I was told that they couldn’t give me a refund. But because the car was not cleaned, bottles and the previous renter’s wallet were left under the car seat that she’ll give me half the money back, $308.74. I refused, and asked to speak to a supervisor. She said “you can’t get the money back if you want to speak to a supervisor.” I questioned her logic; I am still waiting for a supervisor to call me back, 6/17/15. I also asked for a copy of the contract I signed authorizing the additional insurance. She said she would email it to me. I did not receive it and I’m still waiting for a copy. I won’t use Hertz again. Customers beware! Watch what you do and say, ask questions, don’t assume they’re doing the correct thing,
I did not authorize the clerk to charge my VISA $617.48 or $139.00 for additional car insurance, because I had car insurance with my own insurance company and I was fully covered for everything while driving the rental car. I was told the $139.00 was just to reserve the car and I will not be charged, it will be removed from my VISA when the car was returned. I told them I was billed for additional car insurance that I did not authorized or needed. I am very disappointed with Hertz
Rent-A-Car agency. I will not rent from them again. I’ve never had a problem with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I want the entire amount refunded back to me. I should not have been charged anything.


JD June 10, 2015 at 8:06 pm

How can your web site allow customers to make a reservation for a rental car, send a confirmation email…. and then not have ANY vehicles at that location?
I made the reservation online, received my confirmation email, TOOK A $20 CAB RIDE to the location, and was told there are no vehicles available.
I called customer service. I had to demand to speak to a supervisor several times before he was put on the phone, (and frankly, I don’t believe he was a supervisor). I was told that “Corporate” would be calling me back in a few minutes to address my issue, and to keep my line open. That was 50 minutes ago!
Now I have LIMITED time to find a rental car… and I am out $20 in cab fare.
Is this how you run your business? Why isn’t there someone in Customer Care that can handle my complaint in timely fashion…. this is a time sensitive matter. I do not appreciate the added insult to injury, by ‘getting back to me when Corporate investigates the problem’. Hertz is ignoring the severity of this issue, and not acknowledging the error or the dilemma I find myself in due to that error.
The poor guys at the Pick-Up location look beat down. They said they have been going through this for several days. Is that how you treat your employees? Hang them out to dry for every angry customer that walks in with a reservation number, expecting to drive away in a car? That must be the worst job in the world.
As I am typing this complaint, I have called back into customer care, and I have been on hold for 5 minutes.
I cannot understand how a company as a large as Hertz does not have a way to address customer issues in a timely manner. Surely….I am not the only person to make a complaint regarding this web site/ reservation/ no vehicles available issue!
NOW 21 MINUTES INTO THIS CALL AND I’M….Still on hold! Still no call from “Corporate”.
26 minutes… still on hold.
Good news! I’ve plugged my charger into the phone so I can sit here until my call is answered! I certainly don’t have anything more important to do. 30 minutes… still on hold. I will be happy tosend you a copy of my cell phone use… so you can see that I am indeed on this call this long. Apparently, i was transferred to another agent… who argued with me, and explained I should call the manager at that location. He has put back on hold… at 39 minutes into the call. Supposedly, he is getting a manager to take the call…. which I asked of the first agent.
46 mins into the call, on my 2nd hold for over 6 minutes now. Isn’t this fun? This whole ordeal makes me very proud of the company I work for, where we actually VALUE our customers and RESPECT their time. 52 minutes…13 minutes on hold.
That call is over… after an hour. Nothing was accomplished. I was told maybe there would be a car available in the morning….maybe. I was told it would take 24- 48 hours for my complaint to be answered. I even gave the guy a solution. Call the Hertz desk at DFW airport and have them drive a vehicle up to me now. He said(and keep in mind he’s a manager in the reservation center)….”that would be up to the manager at that location, and they’re closed now”.
The CEO of Hertz should be mortified and ashamed by the lack of attention to detail, customer service and professionalism I have experienced.


L. Synor June 8, 2015 at 8:56 pm

I have been a LOYAL customer for nearly 15 years and I must say I am very sad to see the comments above especially since mine is so very similar. I did at least get a call from my local office to inform me prior to my pick-up date that there would not be any cars available. I was able to get a car from the Airport but at a higher rate.

What is troubling is that there is no response from Hertz the Corporation. Where is the customer service you indicate? What about the benefits one is supposed to receive when they are Gold and Presidential status? Who inside your organization looks at these comments and takes action? Is there a standard anymore? There are some good people who work for Hertz to make the experience good, but for the instances such as the ones noted and mine it seems there should be more than a electronic posting board without responses. This is a public company with millions in revenue, will it hurt the bottom line to improve service, respond to customer concerns and provide the service and product for which we come to you for?


Tabitha Hobbs June 5, 2015 at 3:54 pm

I’ve never in my life had such poor customer service from an office! My husband and I were looking for a new vehicle to purchase and found the exact one slightly used thru Hertz. The car was at the Winston-Salem office and we were in another state but willing to drive to get the car since such a good deal. From the beginning it was unreal with the lack of perfessionalism, horrible customer service, etc etc. We were able to get the van and then days later was told our lender changed which changed our rate and term!! Then was told our plates were already paid for so look in the mail. 2days before they were expiring I had to call (yet again) to see where they were and was told that someone left me a message 2wks ago that we needed to get it inspected. I said no one called if they did why would I be calling asking what was going on! The “manager” really told me “I suggest you check again”!! Still nothing! I said how do I get my plates??!! He said go get inspection fax over and we will have to u in 48hrs! 7days later still nothing!! Called this guy now says he’s out of the country!! I called the office and the other “manager” tells me he will call me back in a hour , 3.5 hours later I had to call, since they didn’t call AGAIN, and I was told that guy has stepped out of the office!! I’ve called the corporate office to figure out my plates and everything else , the lady there was at least nice and seemed like this would be resolved ASAP. We can only hope! So be advised do not to business with the men from Winston-Salem NC Hertz


Dan Lupuvieru June 5, 2015 at 1:22 am

Worst experience ever with a rental car , car smelled like an ashtray also smelled of urine never will i go back to hertz for a car


joxune June 2, 2015 at 7:57 pm

i have had the worst possible experience trying to book a rental car. the representative instead of helping was extremely rude. i wasnt able to ask her questions or verify anything about the rental. she said “i dont write it down” i mean really?? so after she lectured me i asked to speak to another representative because it was obvious she didnt want to answer. help me… she then hung up on me. after i called back and informed representative i needed a supervisor she also hung up… this is HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!


Allen May 29, 2015 at 1:24 pm

Thank you ever so much for ruining my vacation plans and the missed once in a lifetime chance to see my son graduate. Made 3 reservations and your agents refused service apparently my Master Card isn’t good enough for Hertz and May 30th is the graduation. I wanted to leave yesterday, but couldn’t thanks to Hertz and tried again today same crappy service. Now everything is excessively expensive because it’s last minute.


Ralyn Jelus May 10, 2015 at 1:15 pm

The Courtland location in Atlanta should be shut down. Five people with reservations were unable to get a car today. What a joke! Horrible customer service. Not sure why I continue business with Hetrz or why our company does? Guess we are the dumbs after reading the other reviews.


frances May 4, 2015 at 2:43 pm

Hertz has the worst customer service… after you rent the car they have your card and they simply don’t care, I rented a car from 4/15-21— car died on april 16th, they came out and recharged it. Car died again on April 18th,,They came out again..claimed they wouldn’t hit me with fuel charge which they did. didn’t have Air conditioning sent emails attempted to call the local office no response,……..


Dedra Perkins May 1, 2015 at 10:00 am

This is my 23 phone call/email about this. This is extremely frustrating and I’m really soured by this experience and how I am yet to hear from the SFO location with my closed ticket and receipt. I returned the vehicle approximately 4:38am 4-29-15. The booth was closed and a sign on the windows said go up to VIP desk to close out. So there was a rep there, I dropped the keys off to him, and he said I was “good to go.” Being that I was rent from Hertz, I usually have my e receipt within a couple hours. Well after talking to I don’t know how many reps in Oklahoma, I have been told my rental is still active and I need to speak with SFO Hertz. However even after a rep email them and cc’d me on it, I have still yet to hear back. I travel for work and I have been using hertz since I started on the road in march. However this experience is really making me consider another company. I really hope you guys get this resolved, because its really sickening to be calling for two days and get voicemails at SFO, statements of email from reps in OK, and still no resolution.


michael lessing April 21, 2015 at 3:28 am

I’m in Marathon, Florida with my 2015 Rental. One tire leaks air and is on it’s way to flat. We have to add air several times a day (SAFETY CONCERN.)
My spare is a donut and (SAFETY) rated to 50 miles. Herzt will only repair at a Goodyear Tire location. Repair a Radial tire mind you, something that just isn’t done for (SAFETY)reasons. My choices for repair are Key West (60 miles) or Miami (110 miles.) All Hertz can tell me is what they can’t do, including Premium Roadside Service @ $6.41 a day and multiple calls to customer support, and an email sent directly to Hertz executive customer
I’m 70 years old with multiple medical issues Including 2 trips to the ER in the last 5 days.
We’re heading back to Ft. Lauderdale today (115 miles.)
Wish up luck and may God have mercy on us if we don’t make it.
Hertz, I’m very dissapointed in your responce to this emergency. All that I have asked of you is to replace the bad tire with a like new tire. I’m not asking for money or discounts or any kind of rate reduction. I only want to be safe on the road in the car you rented me. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk Hertz. RR# 166033873


Earl Remer April 3, 2015 at 2:21 pm

Leased what was described as a full-size sedan, Chevrolet Impala or similar. It turned out to be a 2013 Hyundai Sonata, with 48,000 miles of wear and tear. Misrepresentation as to touting this undersized vehicle as a full-size sedan. The car in question should have been retired years ago. Adult passengers had extreme difficulty entering and exiting from the rear seat. My 6’3″ frame was uncomfortable entering and exiting the front seat. Steering and suspension gear made groans and noises at times, leaving me with qualms about its transportation abilities. Rental location: Fort Lauderdale Intl Ap, Vehicle 00599/4606570LocNm:FLFA11/0132011. 3/1715-03/22/15.


Treylin Crayton March 27, 2015 at 9:53 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to discuss my utter disappointment and dissatisfaction with Hertz Rental Car. I have rented cars with Hertz over the years and I have never had this type of poor service that I have received.

I rented a car on Thursday March 19th from the Houston Hobby airport location for the weekend ending on Sunday March 22nd. My complaint is not about the Houston Hobby employees as they were very courteous and professional. Constance, the manager at Hobby went above and beyond to try to help, but saw the issues that I was dealing with on the corporate level.

Yesterday (03/22/15) I called to extend my rental until Sunday, March 29th, 2015. The agent the helped me in the extension department stated the charge would be $394 for the extension of the rental. I allowed him to run the card and he told me my card was declined for the $394. I though that was odd and its rare that it happens. Hopefully there was an issue in the computers systems or something. That was not the case, I was charged the $394 one my credit card. I call back several times to speak with the agents and none of the agents were able to see the charge. In fact they wanted to re-run my card again. I explained that you all have been paid again and I am not paying or the funds need to be credited back to my account. I decided to call it a night and wait till 03/23/15 in the morning to work out these issues.

I call the Extension Department (1-800-654-4174) this morning only to run into the same issue. I call the Billing Department (1-800-654-4173) this and they were able to see the charge for the $394 and I explained the situation with my personal car and the reason for the payment extension needing to be verified. Well I got automatically transferred to the Extension Department again. I start speaking with the person and told them how frustrating this is and explained again what happened. Well she automatically forwards me to the Billing Department. I hung up, because I did not want her to forward me to anyone. What I wanted was someone to take the time to find out what is happening with these funds. Not for one person to tell me that they don’t see the funds on this side and I need to deal with the billing only to be transferred back to the Extension department. So I start to explain and then say I am not going to keep talking to lower level employees (no disrespect on their position). I needed to talk to someone that could help and felt that would embrace your values of an organization. I ask to speak with a Supervisor, and I was transferred to a senior representative. So I explain the whole scenario again. I wish I remembered her name, but at least she attempted to help by not letting me have to make calls, she made calls and then called me back. Her call back had me in the same position and she stated that I had to call the Billing Department.

I decided to take another route. I called my credit card holder and explained the scenario and they conferenced called the billing department. After I verified my rental information (RR# 151328505), the representative from Higher One Premiere accounts spoke for me to the billing department. Higher One rep explains that there is a charge hold for $370 from 03/19/15 and a charge hold for $394 on 03/22/15. The Hertz rep at first did not see it in the system and stated they saw a decline for $123 and the charge for $370. Higher One Rep explains and even provided the authorization code to the Hertz rep. The Hertz Rep looks in another part of the system and sees the charge and states that the charge did not decline. I explain that I was told that it declined and that they still needed to charge my card the $394 to extend the rental. The Hertz rep stated that I did not need to do it and that everything should be fine. I stated that I needed them to call or communicate so I can keep the rental that I currently had because it was for the extension. The billing rep stated he could not do that and I would have to speak to the Extension dept. We get transferred to the extension department again. Then once again we (me and Higher One Rep) have to explain the whole scenario and then guess what? We get transferred back to the billing department because they did not see it in the system and it was still seen as declined. At that point I hung up because I was too frustrated.

I call the extension department to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor explains that I need to go into the Hertz office where I rented the car. I go the Houston Hobby Hertz location and I speak with the manager, Constance. Constance researches the issue from the terminal after having to explain the whole situation again. She was very courteous and offered satisfactory service. I told her about the issue with being transferred between one department to another and how frustrating it was. As she researched the issue, she saw a charge from her office for $123 that was declined, but did not see the $394 hold that was paced on my card. I showed her my bank statement by logging into my account on my cell phone. She saw the hold for $37 and the hold for $394. With her standing their, I called Higher One Rep again and the billing department so everyone could try to be on the same page. Constance and my Higher One rep heard the Hertz billing department agent say that there was ahold for $394 on my credit card. Constance told the billing rep that is not showing on her side. Higher One Rep verified the hold as well and guess what we were transferred to the Extension Department. The billing rep stated that they had to handle it. I said Constance this is what I have been dealing with all Morning. This day was really the worst day of my life, and it caused me to be super late for my meetings and missing my physical therapy from my accident that I had the previous week. After being on the phone with the Extension department again, Constance, Higher One and myself just to here that we have to be transferred back to the Billing department was an irate experience for me. I got so irate because I saw a poor lack of ownership and truly trying to help the customer.

All the reps that I dealt with in the billing department and the Extension department had a very poor customer service attitude. They acted as if it were my fault and not theirs or the company. I wouldn’t personally blame them for the issue because I can see that there is a technology issue. I do blame for “NOT CARING” and saying hey I have seen that you have been calling for over 6-7 hours today, let me help you and I will get back to you at a designated time. No, they pass the buck and have me have to repeat the same damn story over, and over and over and over and over and over (yes I wrote its like that because that how 6-7 hour plus of my day was). I was at a point that I said I was not going to repeat the story anymore and that they would have to check their notes. Constance told them the story. All of my Higher One reps said the story. I said the story too many damn times only to get passed on like a cheap whore. Passed from one person to the next. My feelings about Hertz is not really high at this point because of that day. Finally around 6 or 7 PM in the day we get a resolve and everyone can see the funds. The issue at that point for me was not the funds it was the lack of care for the customer. I know I don’t rent all the time, but Hertz is my first choice whenever I travel and go places. Why? Because you all in the past have offered Nordstrom type service. You went above and beyond and I was all ways happy until now.

I wrote this letter because something needs to be done about the poor service in your corporate offices. A customer should never have to call like I did to find out what happened. Customers should not get bounced from one person to the next, especially if it’s the same department that transferred you to them. I am very displeased at the service I have received from Hertz due to that incident. It was lack of care, a lack of concern, and frankly you all told me to go XXXXX yourself. Might not be in those words, but the attitude from the Billing reps to the Extension reps. I hope things change with Hertz with customer care in those departments because I frankly would not want to deal with you all ever again after that experience. Constance was a sweet heart and had care and concern that made at least gave me a glimmer of hope because you can’t mark the whole organization because of a few. Constance and her team at the Airport were great and I would rent from them only. I would never want to deal with any one ever again at corporate ever! Looking forward to hearing a response from Hertz Corporate and hope that change in those areas will take place.

Thank You,

Treylin Crayton


tammy bialobrzeski March 25, 2015 at 12:54 pm

I have a horrible complaint about the Hertz Rental Car company that happened on our vacation last October.
My husband made reservations on July 8th, 2014, for a rental car to use on our vacation in Panama City Beach which was booked for October 8th through October 19th. So he made the reservations 3 months in advance for a rental car. When we landed in Panama City Beach on October 8th, approximately 9:00 pm, we went to the Hertz counter with our reservation papers in hand and the gentleman at the counter said that they ran out of cars, that there were no cars left to give us. I could not believe my ears. I asked him over & over, are you sure, we have a reservation and he just said, we don’t have any more cars to give you. I was more than mad at this point. Here it is 9:00 pm at night, we are exhausted from traveling all day and the Hertz representative really didn’t care. At this point we are stranded at the airport. We then walked outside and sat on the benches, I was in tears now. We looked at each other and said, “Now what?” I finally got on my smartphone and looked up taxi services in the area. After a few phone calls I found a taxi service that could drive us to our condo on Panama City Beach. This was an additional $80.00 plus a tip that we had to shell out because of Hertz Rental Company did not have a car for us. After a very restless night, worrying about getting a car, we woke up very early and again, on my smartphone and I found a place approximately 2-3 miles from our Condo that had a car. So my husband WALKED to this rental company, mind you, it’s very hot in Panama City Beach, and he was able to get us a car. It was the last one left.
So you tell me how you would feel if this happened to you on your first day of VACATION. I am a customer service rep and this was the worst service I have ever experienced in my entire life. The gentleman at the Hertz counter really didn’t even care that he left us high & dry without a car. To make matters even worse, MY HUSBAND IS A GOLD CLUB MEMBER !!!

We plan on going on the same vacation this coming October (10/3 thru 10/17) and do you really think we should use Hertz ? Let me know your thoughts on this matter.


Sabrina Baulding May 15, 2015 at 12:03 pm

Absolutly NOT! I wouldn’t use them ever again and I would tell my experieces to all.


Sue Garuder March 6, 2015 at 3:00 pm

I rented a car from 2/19/2015 through 3/1/2015 through Hertz, Chicago. I had an issue with the invoice (they only charged my credit card for one day of rental). I contacted the 800 customer service number and spoke to Rita. I asked that she credit the incorrect amount and invoice the correct amount. Rita informed me that they were unable to do this. I asked to speak to a manager. Rita informed me that the manager would only tell me the same thing she did. This was a business rental, and I had to submit the invoice through my expense reporting system. Our particular system does not allow me to submit expenses where the actual invoice amount does not match the actual rental amount. I explained the problem to Rita, who once again, told me there was nothing they could do. I have now contacted the Executive Customer Service (when I asked Rita about this, she informed me that SHE was the Corporate office) and spoke with Lindsay. Lindsay is extremely nice and understanding. She took my information, and has promised to look into this and expects to call me back on Monday, March 16th. More to come!!!


bob polaski March 3, 2015 at 7:06 pm

I arrived at the Hertz counter at the Orlando airport at 10:30 pm after seeing signs in front of their counter that said “we have cars available; no reservations required”. There were three Hertz employees working at the time. One was helping a customer, one was just sitting behind the counter and one was walking around the lobby not really doing anything. There were four customers waiting in line. The woman walking around the lobby (Martha) asked those in line if we all had reservations and then stated that there were no cars available for those without reservations. I asked her about the signs and she simply repeated that there were no cars available for those without reservations. I asked to see a manager/supervisor and she stated there wasn’t one working. When asked who was in charge, she stated no one was but I could talk to Robert the next day. I let the people with reservations behind me go ahead while I called the reservation center and was immediately given a reservation. After completing the paperwork for my car, I approached the other male employee and asked him who was in charge. He stated he was. I told him about the signs and the statement of the female employee and he looked dumbfounded and asked what signs (they were still set up in the lobby where I first saw them). He noticed the contract for their car in my hand and stated “you have a car, what’s the problem?” Then he asked to see my contract. I stated that the contract was not the issue I was complaining about. I asked him his name and he refused to provide it. I told him it didn’t matter as I could read his name tag (Zachary) reached for a pen to write his name on my contract. He immediately stated he was voiding the contract and refused to release the vehicle. After returning home I contacted the customer service department ton file a complaint and asked for someone from management to contact me. I was told no one would contact me and had to trust that the would handle this issue internally. Not very reassuring coming from a company that lied twice during the rental process.


Michael Maravich February 27, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I am truly disappointed with Hertz. I made reservations in early January for a trip to Orlando 21-26 Feb 2015 for my Son’s wedding and when we arrived at Orlando Airport there were no Hertz cars available.

The personnel you had working at the counter had an attitude towards all the customers and were not very helpful in trying to figure out a solution. All they kept saying was “if people don’t return rentals we don’t have one for you even if you reserved a car”.

We had to cancel the reservation by phone through your customer service 800 number because the Orlando manager wouldn’t cancel the reservations at the counter. He told us to sign in and sit in the airport until a car/SUV became available. I ask for how long this would take and he said he had no idea.

The only person that received a car in the 1.5 hours I was waiting in line and with your representatives at the counter was waiting for 3 hours after arriving in Orlando.

I went through USAA to reserve this vehicle with our discount and I have notified them of the situation and they said they would investigate this situation and take the appropriate actions in the future of USAA personnel reserving cars through Hertz.

If your personnel would have been helpful and courteous I would have waited but their ignorance and attitude drove not only myself away but almost the entire line of people waiting for a reserved vehicle. They were threating people with “you’ll have to pay anyway if you leave so stand by and have a seat”. Smart move!!

I am truly disappointed trying to reserve a vehicle from Hertz and I probably will not do it again in the future and probably will not recommend anyone to reserve one either.

I work for a government agency that has personnel go TDY often and need rental cars and I’m still undecided to let everyone know about this experience.

Oh, you wouldn’t believe the help we received from the Avis rental counter right next to the Hertz counter. Most professional personnel taking all the people that were in the same boat as myself.


Vickie Hodes February 12, 2015 at 11:59 am

I am an administrative employee of an organization. I was in need of a rental car because my car is in the shop for repair. I contacted Hertz because of the employee discount program that my employer offered. I set up my reservation a full day before I was to pick up my car today. When I got there the standard car I had reserved was not available. I was given a Chevy Malibu in its place. The car was in poor condition to say the least. As I made rounds reviewing the damage , I also had to make note of how many stains where on the seats and how dirty the inside was. The smell of perfume was overwhelming as you opened the doors. There was no other car on the lot that was in any better condition. I felt forced in my situation to take the car because I had an important meeting I needed to get to at work. The Hertz employee said I could call back later to see if MAYBE there was a car I could exchange it for later today or tomorrow. As I rode in the car I felt dirty sitting in the car wondering what the stains were that I was sitting on. The perfume smell has given me a headache. I contacted the 1 800 number. I was extremely disappointed with the transfer to roadside assistance that was not able to help me exchange out my car either.
I generally have not used Hertz but a competitor. I have never had an experience like this ever. I just paid 300 dollars to rent a car that would I hope mortify the Hertz company to know they are supplying. When I called to rectify the situation I was left feeling very unsatisfied. I am never a complainer, but this experience has compelled me to say something. I spent 2 hours trying at first to just get the car exchanged. I was transferred all over with no resolution. I finally googled the corporate information because the Hertz site was no help. It only upset me more also to see the clean and safe experience certification. I requested a refund because of my terrible experience and I was told the only people who could do that were” the desk” I rented from. When I was dealing with that “desk” this am they were not concerned about the condition of the car, why would they want to refund me money? I finally after 2 1/2hours reached someone at the corporate office who agreed to help me. I’m returning the car and will go somewhere else because of my experience with Hertz.


Rachel Reyes February 5, 2015 at 11:15 am

I rented thru hertz on an insurance claim, about a week after having a compact car with 2 full size car seats and a 10 year old I exchanged the vehicle for something larger. The insurance company had not yet sent over a contract so the associate simply handed me the keys. Upon returning the vehicle I was told the had just been reported stolen and that there was still yet to be a contract received by them therefore would not be able to take te can I was in nor rent another.I proceeded to hand the associate my paperwork and it was evident I was in the right. After about 30 mins of phone calls and what have you the associate proceeded to say oh my manager says oh well she’s just happy we found our van, as if I made the mistake. So all was figured out the associate was great helping me rent a car. SO I THOUGHT , he put me in a car even smaller than the previous compact I was in and upon returning home which is 45 minutes from the location Not only was I charged a large fee without my consent, being it the first of the month and all my bills had been deducted from my account,which I budget specifically in this specific account, I was now over drawn! I’ve been calling since Monday morning 7:40 and one call back with no message left!!!! This is ridiculous, what type of employees consistently screw someone who’s been a longtime customer to this specific Corporate location.


Eboni Swain January 21, 2015 at 2:36 am

I have been renting from Hertz since May 2014 have had small problems but nothing until an agent suggested the multi month dept which I thought would be great boy was I wrong. I was giving a great monthly price until the end of my contact I was charged an additional 270.00 I have called around to do may ppl trying to get this straighten out but no luck 3 managers was supposed to contact me back nothing. I think it’s time for me to go to corporate and talk to them. I even have proof of the piece I was given but everyone seems to be stupid to the extra money I was charged


Nick January 23, 2015 at 1:35 pm

Boy you don’t want to know what Im going thru with hertz I feel ripped off. All misquoates from the agent who rented us the car. What turned out to be190.00 rental not including taxes fees and discounts(military and aaa),which should have totaled about 350.00 to 400.00 for the week, turned out to bejust shy of 800.00. Im writing to corporate about the situation. I WILL NEVEFR RENT A CAR FROM HERTZ AGAIN AND IM TELLING ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDSBECAUSE A LOT IF FAMILY RENT FROM HERTZ WHEN THEY VISIT.


Inga nash January 26, 2015 at 12:05 pm

Don’t know what i feeli like, with Hertz I can get a manager to return any of my calls, Employees customer service is a nightmare and upper mangers do not care. I would not recommend this company to anybody.


Robert Marrow January 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm

This is happening now at the Tampa airport.


Robert Marrow January 17, 2015 at 7:03 pm

I am sitting at your rental counter waiting for a car. Every other agency is renting and providing cars to reservations but not Hertz. You have no cars for me or for the other 15 – 20 people who are waiting. All of us have reservations but you have no planning process to provide us with one. How can you overbook while every other agency is supplying their reservations with cars . This has been going on for several hours and you have no process in place to alleviate the problem. Shameful .


bella lauve January 17, 2015 at 1:51 pm

I was told I could get drop off service to a location on the border of Md/DE… After my 4 day rental that wasn’t the case. I was yelled at and left stranded at the Willmington Delaware train station.
Thanks alot Hertz….


Pedro January 17, 2015 at 8:46 am

I made the reselvation, hertz send me the email with the confirmation number and the total of $95.40 and 3 hrs later hertz send me another email with a another rate of$289.00 i call and talk to a supervisor she change it to the original rate $95.40 she send me an email with the confirmation number, 3 hour later i recive an email again with the $289.00 rate again i call hertz and nothing they can do. I will call cororate monday


Benita Crosby January 14, 2015 at 11:36 am

Dear Sirs, I have suffered an injustice regarding money that was placed on hold by Hertz supposedly until after the payment for the rented car was processed by my bank. I have spoken to Hertz at least 10 times about notifying my bank and removing the hold of $304.75. When I called my bank they would not take the money Hertz put on hold off and were requesting a confirmation number in order to release to me my 304.75. I will never do any business with hertz for as long as the earth still revolves around the sun. I would seem to me that hertz would be more helpful instead of making the release of my money so difficult especially since they had already been paid. What goes around comes around and can’t wait to Hertz gets their come around.


Matt wolf January 8, 2015 at 9:06 am

Just got a car from the canton store yesterday which took me 4 days to get even though I had a reservation they were letting walkins take the cars I was supposed to get, so I get the car and it was trashed Pop splattered everywhere inside interior is all ripped up the transmission shifts hard and is about to go out and the motor knocks like no other. This car is just all around trashed and should not have been given to any customer! I will never use hertz again and I will tell other people not to as well this company is a joke ENTERPRISE ALL THE WAY!!!! I have never had these issues with enterprise! Maybe hertz should take some notes!


Hector Caraballo December 29, 2014 at 4:18 pm

I was supposed to rent a car on Wylie Musser Motors HLE Terrell, Texas. I booked via hertz.com website and had a confirmation of my rental. When I got to the location, the employee that “assisted” me told me that it was another rate higher that the one I had confirmed. This was strange, since I did not added any collision insurance since I have my own. When he showed me the screen, it had an extra hour charge that I did not had on my original confirmation and I did not arrived early to the location. I inquired him about this change and he stated that he could not do anything about it. I even asked for the manager and he stated that he could not get a hold of him since he was in another location. He even made me call another costumer service number, which confirmed the original confirmation price that I had. Even with this information he did not called his manager nor saw my online rate since he supposedly did not had internet to see it. Worst costumer service ever.


John Lomaga December 29, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Just read this and it even mystify’ s me even more !
The Hertz Corporation was founded in 1918 by Walter L. Jacobs. He started the business in Chicago, IL with 12 Ford Model T cars.
And now today as per LAX HERTZ representatives “We have NO FORDS in our Fleets”


John Lomaga December 29, 2014 at 1:10 pm

Can’t tell you how disappointed and deceived By HERTZ we are. For our 40th Anniversary we wanted to have a special vacation to LA. we were impressed that we could or led to believe we could rent a chosen vehicle and it be guaranteed by HERTZ to have it when we got there. We made reservations back in August of 2014 and called several times prior to our arrival to confirm I would have a FORD Explorer. All Hertz representatives assured us that it was reserved for us and will be waiting upon our arrival. (LIE! #1) The reasons why we specifically requested this vehicle was due to my medical reasons and being familiar since we own one specifically for my medical reasons and the comfort it affords me. Needles to say it wasn’t made available and we having no other alternative was given a much smaller, uncomfortable Chevy Traverse. By the time we reached our destination (45 min. later) and due to it’s tightness and non supportive seats I was doubled over with severe back and hip pain. Now I expect to suffer while touring LA for attempting to contact any customer service rep. has been fruitless to this point. We were also told that HERTZ has NO FORD vehicles in their fleet by supervisor Angela at LAX so you can see how rather confused I am and deceived we have been by HERTZ, especially when I made the reservation based on the HERTZ website. Based upon all the support currently received by HERTZ this comment most likely will not be reviewed. But believe me that I will follow this up with other agencies such as the BBB and Consumer affairs based on HERTZs’ bate and switch policy and false advertising and the ADA since HERTZ apparently discriminate against Americans with Disabilities. (My reservation was noted that due to medical issues a FORD Flex or Explorer will be available)


ronald lewis December 11, 2014 at 1:29 pm

December 8,2014 my wife rented a Toyota corolla silver 2012 model with Texas license plate DR1-G636 on front of car I noticed a Louisiana license plate on rear my wife used car about 15 miles that day the next day I noticed that the Louisiana license plate on rear of car had been replaced over night some one trespassed on private the plate was Texas DR1-G636 now car has Texas plates front and rear we returned car on Dec 9,2014 about 10:30 am I brought to the young lady attention who serviced us when we returned car there were three other employees that did not seem to phase them uninterested the next day Dec 10 mentioned to two Jefferson parish police men this could have been a big problem for us if the car was in a hit and run drive by shooting robbery or something else


Courtney December 9, 2014 at 5:35 pm

I rented a vehicle through a third party booking site. It did not say that the original card used for the payment needed to be presented in order to rent the car, just a valid credit card in the drivers name. The customer service rep at the airport would not give my employee a number for me to call. After spending an entire day on the phone attempting to reach a Hertz manager on duty at the Los Angeles Airport I did finally reach one man named Ahmad. He was very rude and said he was protecting me by not allowing my employee to rent the car. Customer service is terrible, attempted home office and they were already closed for the day. I will never choose Hertz as the car rental company for my business or pleasure.


kim lauria December 3, 2014 at 8:37 pm

In Hartford airport Herts rental. Being told 2 hours before I receive car. Called customer service very rude said they have no standards on wait time. Never Again !!!!
don’t we reserve cars???


Bobby Pittman November 25, 2014 at 5:55 pm

I recently was charged over 400 dollars for hertz optional insurance that I refused at the time of pick up and the guy said ok no problem so he did something on the computer and gave me the forms to sign now this should be noted that this was a insurance replacement while my car was being fixed and at the end of my rental I return the car and and a few days later I get a bill on my statement I call and soon there after I get the run around I got charged over 450 dollars for some Insurance that I didn’t even want this is completely unacceptable and I’m not stopping until I get my money back.


g hebert April 27, 2015 at 10:57 pm

It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions and look at the detail of the charges before taking delivery of the rental car. Did you ask for an explanation of all charges, including the taxes and fees? I think not.


thirapong varangoon November 19, 2014 at 4:28 am

As per the email from Tricia’s Hertz Corp., I wonder why the actual rental was calculated from 14/9 to 21/9 (21.21H) since the delivery was made on 20/9.
Please note that the rental record (ref. attachment) states the rental period of 14/9 – 20/9 without any remark of late return or extra day charge. This is also confirmed by a copy of our return ticket from Heathrow Airport on 20/9.

Therefore I would appreciate your explanation for your claim of an extra day.

I also expect your Thai office to pay attention on this matter, and not just passing the emails back and forth. However if this is only what you can do, please provide an email of Tricia so I can communicate with her directly and with hope to get things sort out clearly and quickly.

The amount of the overcharge is not substantial to me but as long as there is no clear explanation of this overcharge, I feel cheated. And this is the last feeling that Hertz, a renowned international car rental company, should get from its clients.


Felicito Garcia November 8, 2014 at 11:58 am

I returned my rented car in reno nevada last nov 5 2014 around 4pm.
Because i arrived late to return the car and to my flight schedule
I forgot the winshield attachement of my GPS

Is it possible if u can mail that item to my friends address
In reno?
** Glen Carran circle
Sparks 89431

This is my rental record to determine my car rented

Thank you very much


Jennifer Rawson November 4, 2014 at 10:23 am

I was charged for insurance, which I did not agree to. Carlos told me that the insurance was only $20 more TOTAL, so I said ok and then my credit card was billed for almost double what the rental cost was. I had to call 3x to get the manager, Jennifer, who was very rude to me and told me repeatedly that they have the insurance charge in 5 different places, like I was too dumb to notice that. The problem is that I TRUSTED that a representative from HERTZ was telling me the truth when they said that the charge was only $20. I had no reason to believe that I was being lied to and, as such, did not read, but rather simply signed where instructed. It is my belief that people must call all of the time from being improperly notified regarding these charges and that is why the manager was automatically rude to me. She may be used to dealing with this, but I am not! I don’t know what the charges are unless I am told by someone who does (the employee)!


g hebert April 27, 2015 at 10:59 pm

Sour grapes. Renters remorse. I have heard this so many times after having explained all charges, taxes and fees at time of rental. Renter signs contract at time of rental. Renter complains at time of return in hopes of having charges removed.


Anne October 29, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Please make sure they ask you first the question on whether your current insurance company covers car rentals, before they sell you their expensive car insurance. They did not do this with my daughter. Poor customer service training. I was told they are not trained to ask that question but to sell their own insurance. I was also told by the area manager that it is not their policy to ask customers if they are currently insured. They told me my daughter sign the agreement and she knew it was optional. All untrue, yes she signed the agreement but was not told it was optional. They just asked her if she wanted insurance to cover her if some one hit her or she hit some one or if a deet hit the car she would be covered. She is 21 years old her first experience dealing with a car rental. She was clueless. I was in customer service for years, you explain all options to your customer so they can make reasonable decision.Hertz office were very unhelpful to me in getting the charges removed I had to go to corporate office to get the charges reversed. Annai at Corporate Office was the only one that understood and showed concern I was refunded. I do feel they take advantage of people and game is to sell their insurance to make money, corporate greed or poor customer training. Please beware.


g hebert April 27, 2015 at 11:04 pm

Not all insurance companies will cover a rental car. Not all credit cards offer Damage Waiver. If you chose to use your own auto insurance, you are still responsible for payment of any loss of rental use and down time to the renting agency. Your auto insurance will not pay for these charges. The rental company has every right to collect for lost revenue while the damaged vehicle is being repaired. The renter will also have to pay his/her deductible. File a claim with your insurance company. You WILL see an appreciable increase in your premiums or policy termination.


Devin Kellogg October 29, 2014 at 5:09 am

I just returned a car to Milan Malpensa Airport. Your companies handling of an accident that was not my fault was very poor. While parked a local backed into my rental car while parked. I read and followed all procedures carefully and the gentleman who was at fault took me to his insurance agencies office to complete paperwork. I even called a US representative to get advice in English even though I speak good Italian. I checked my insurance policy with my company before I left to make sure I was covered for foreign rentals. I made appropriate adjustments to my policy. Upon returning the car I again followed all procedures as I was instructed. I asked several times, this was not my fault, the other drivers insurance is to pay. This was confirmed by the attendant at check in. His next step was to charge my credit card and ignore my insurance policy. This was not what was just told to me seconds before. The indifferent counter attendant said since I did not get your insurance I am responsible for all damages and to take this up when I get home.
I quote from your paper work, Rental agreement page 10 ” You will not be responsible to us if the loss or damage is directly due to us or it is admitted by anyone else, or their insurers, that the fault is thiers.” So who is responsible for my overdraft charges and time lost because of the indifference of your employees. Not what was explained to me on multiple occasions by persons from you company. There is not sufficient funds on that card to cover damages. If I was informed they were to charge that card I would have provided one that does have funds, I was not… Again your attendant did not care and ignored me because you already took my money. I am not at fault yet payed. I realize it is up to me and my insurance to handle this matter. Again not what I read or was explained to by your employees. There lack of care and understanding for essentially ruining my trip is concerning. I travel extensively for business and pleasure and will never use your company again and I will take to social media to express this. I also realize that if the attitudes I have encountered from your company so far continue you will do nothing about this matter… So I say thanks for nothing… I have been told many times that you use your insurances and policies to scam your customers. I will research this matter further and take legal action where applicable. I am in the business of caring about my customers, I have just seen that you don’t. Copies of this will be sent to your executives, the better business bureau, my state representatives. If I was not miss informed multiple times by employees of your company this matter would not have arisen. I hope someone in you company has that ability to care about your customers. I await proof of this.

Devin Kellogg
XX East Cherry Creek Rd
Cloverdale, Ca. 95425

RR 347501630


Mr.Wilson October 28, 2014 at 2:00 pm

My girlfriend was taking to jail for theft of vehicle. Shes never had a parking ticket to her name. Clean innocent woman! For some reason after continuously extented our contract to keep the car longer, which your worker out minden la Mr.Daracca hadnt put In the computer nor paperwork stating we wanted another extension was fired the same week of we filed for another extension. Now manager of hertz in minden la is now saying he couldnt help me with fact my girlfriend is locked up he do what the paper work says”! I think that very unprofessional on hertz and thier employers. I need to speak to someone direct about this situation and yes my lawyer will be involved


Tommy Bellflower October 24, 2014 at 1:29 pm

I picked up a rental at the 11451 Phillips Highway location and the car was running. When I got home I noticed that BOTH keys were wired together. When I called the rental location, I was told that was corporate policy so the keys could not be duplicated. And the manager (or at least he said he was) was very rude and sounded like a hillbilly. When I asked for a corporate number, he provided a number that cannot be connected to a real person. Both keys will not fit in my pocket, but if I should happen to lose both keys are you going to charge me $400? This is a stupid corporate policy, if you think someone will duplicate the key maybe you are in the wrong business.


Carolyn Holmes October 22, 2014 at 5:20 pm

I rented a vehicle last night in Fort Myers with a one way rental to Fort Lauderdale. The rental Agent (Erik) deceived me and took advantage of me because i had no reservation and was in desperate need to get home to Ft. Lauderdale. He quoted me a high price and issued me Hertz insurance even though i told him that i already had insurance. When i called customer relations to complain they said that i should have check the contract and shouldn’t have signed it (at 12:30 am after traveling for over 12 hours). She then went on to hang-up on me before i could get a question out. Me and my husband travel a lot (he’s a gold member) and have always been happy with Hertz. However, this treatment was unacceptable, disrespectful and unprofessional. At this point, i will NEVER use Hertz again and will spread the negative treatment to everyone that i know. i hope that the corporate executives read this complaint and take immediate action against employees who tarnish the company by mistreating customers.


Shawn frost October 22, 2014 at 2:29 pm

I’m am not happy with your company. I rent cars a lot an this was my first time with hertz St Paul Minnesota Airport after hulling 100 ponds of gear around your lot 3 times looking for cars that were not their over 1.5hrs I finely got a car . then upon bringing the car back was met by people that barely speak English I left my hard hat an a expensive h2s meter in back seat .. I tried to have one of my colleagues pick it up an they said I had to put a claim in to get it back .. I need it for my job an was not happy with how lazy the people are at your facility I had to pay 200$ out of my pocket for a new h2s meter an will have to file a clame to get my stuff back. When all someone would have had to do is go get it from lost an found an bring it to front desk save me money an time plus if someone didn’t still my things I’ll most likely have to pay to have it shipped to me. Now as a costumer would you want to do business with your company thanks Shawn Frost


Joe Ables October 21, 2014 at 4:12 pm

To whom it may concern:
The battery on my recent 48,300 mile rental car died, leaving me stuck in a parking lot and missing an extremely important appointment. The 48,300 mile rental vehicle did not even have a key fob to lock and unlock the doors. Also noted that this 48,300 mile car had a piece of plastic molding on the back of the trunk practically hanging off that I had to pop back in place with my hand before driving off of your lot. If I wanted an old abused car that would breakdown on me and should not be presented to any sort of business client or associate, I would have driven my kid’s 1986 Honda from EL Paso to Houston to entertain business prospects. There is a reason I rent a car and pay for a service, and that service should work, simple as that. It was painfully obvious, as I waited for AAA that this overly used vehicle was not properly maintained, and more than likely should not have been in service. After AAA came to jump start the car, I had to drive the failing car to the Hertz location myself to request a replacement vehicle. What’s the name of the rental car company that “pick’s you up”? Certainly not Hertz. Once I arrived at the Hertz Hobby Airport location in Houston, TX where I initially rented the vehicle and explained the situation, I was offered nothing more than a completely insincere apology. After the totally uncaring attitude of your employee I was offered yet another high mileage vehicle, but at least this one started and I could actually lock and lock the doors from a remote. Does it not matter to you as a company that your inability to properly maintain vehicles or remove from service could leave me, or any one of your customers stranded in an unsafe situation? Do you all, as a company, not realize that by renting poorly maintained vehicles you are putting unsuspecting individuals’ safety at risk? Would you want your mother or grandmother stranded anywhere simply because a company is trying to save a buck or two? And if by some rare instance a vehicle did breakdown, knowing that your company possibly put a person in a dangerous situation, wouldn’t you do anything and everything to make it up to that person? Start by showing genuine concern and sincere empathy for the inconvenience and trouble you caused and compensate that person for the time they have lost and will never gain back as well as the problem, hassle and inconvenience of having to call for service, wait for service and then take the car back to have replaced. A sincere apology and compensation is deserved in such a situation, and as a company, you all should know and practice that. This is the second time in only a year and a half that I have been stranded by one of your cars and forced to take the car myself to an office to have it replaced, at my inconvenience obviously. And this is the second time your company has failed to show any genuine remorse for the failing of your vehicles. And this is the second time that your company has failed to offer any sort of compensation for my hassle due to your inability to properly maintain vehicles properly or retire vehicles from service in a timely manner. I appreciate the many rentals I have received from Hertz that have actually done what they are supposed to do, run. However, I am far too aware of the countless other rental car companies out there to allow myself to be inconvenienced and put in a possibly dangerous situation ever again by a company that obviously does not care for the well being of its customers. Thank you for helping me understand that when I rent, I have a choice and Hertz will never again be one of those choices.

Joe Ables
A former gold member that only patronizes businesses that show concern for the safety of their customers and can amend mistakes created by their errors in a manner that benefits the paying customer and builds loyalty through some sort of authentic appreciation and compensation.


Lartaza October 20, 2014 at 8:21 pm

I rented a car 1 way 10/2/2014 2:07pm to Las Vegas JW Marriott 10/3. I arrive just after 1pm and to my surprise no one available to check me out. So I write the time, gas and milage down and leave. I get a notice from my credit card they charged me for 2 whole days instead of 1. I have talked to the rep at the location, he says it will take 30 days to see. To see what?!?! It didn’t take 30days for them to charge me! I have talked to the Customer relations and all they can say is call the area manager. Are these people serious? I rent 3-4 times a month sometimes more and Im getting the run around and no one can help me? Maybe I should contact my local news? Or maybe Mark Fissora CEO since the location, nor customer service , nor corporate can assist me!!! I may have to choose another company to do business with.


Dward Farquardt October 20, 2014 at 10:02 am

Re: Hertz Gold # 7111026

I arrived at Washington Reagan Airport Hertz Gold area fifteen minutes after my requested pick up time on October 16. No name on the board. I entered the customer service office and encountered what must be the 2014 version of Hertz customer service. The Hertz receptionist made no eye contact, provided no information for twenty minutes and seemed totally uninterested in my situation. After persistent questioning, I was told “they” were transporting a car, and then was told to pick up my car at a location in the garage. I found a Toyota SUV with 47,000 miles wedged next to a car so close that I had to climb in through the passenger door. Obviously, not a vehicle recently parked there.

I returned the car on October 19 and was surprised to be told that I was to be driven to the terminal in the vehicle I returned. I have used the shuttle at Reagan airport many times from the rental car facility to the terminal. I was then exposed to a spiel on how much Hertz cares about customer service, and told that tips are accepted. Apparently, Hertz is attempting to increase employee compensation through customers’ wallets.

I don’t travel much anymore, but when I do I’ll be sure to use a rental car company with personnel who will look at me instead of a computer screen and will provide customer service without reaching into my wallet for a gratuity.


Josh October 18, 2014 at 4:37 pm

I recently rented a car from Hertz in Racine WI at the Mt Pleasant Office. I was charged two additional charges. After at least 3 emails and 2 phone calls to Hertz Customer Relations with a promise from a Customer Relations representative that a Hertz Corporate Supervisor will call me personally to rectify the situation this is the result I received. The only human interaction was from the Racine WI Mt Pleasant Hertz Manager, which was the person whom I was having the dispute with. This matter is not so much about the $75.00 extra I was charged (although I feel it should be refunded) it is more about the principle and the very deceitful practice that just happened at the Racine Mt Pleasant Hertz Rental.

Hertz Customer Relations
Oct 16 (2 days ago)

Dear Mr. *****:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about the optional services billed on your recent rental.
We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the detailing charge on your rental. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, if the vehicle requires more than Hertz’s standard cleaning on its return, Hertz may charge the customer for the actual costs incurred to have the vehicle cleaned. The charges for this rental have been reviewed and are correct.

Hertz vehicles are serviced and cleaned before being assigned to customers. Customers should return the vehicle in the same condition as rented. We completely understand a customer may not wash/vacuum the vehicle prior to return to remove normal road grime, etc. However, pet hair and other similar impurities require more time and detail to remove. In such instances, Hertz will assess a cleaning fee.

We appreciate the opportunity of clarifying this matter, and look forward to serving you again soon.


Ashley O.
Customer Correspondence Administrator
OKC Customer Services
The Hertz Corporation
P.O. Box 26120
14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

FAX: 405-290-2899

For all correspondence sent USPS, please use the address below.

The Hertz Corporation
Attn: Customer Relations Department
P.O. Box 26120
Oklahoma City, OK 73126


Dear Ashley:

There was no pet in the car ever, so how the pet hair was in the car must mean that they did not properly clean the vehicle before the consumer recieved the vehicle. I would appreciate a phone call to talk to someone about this matter. If you would please call me at *********** it would be very appreciated.



Hertz Customer Relations
Oct 17 (1 day ago)

Dear Mr.***** :

We have received your reply to our correspondence.

We have previously explained why we are not reimbursing the disputed charges. Upon further review, we stand by our original decision. Further correspondence received concerning this matter will be filed with no response.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this matter.


Ashley O.
Customer Correspondence Administrator
OKC Customer Services
The Hertz Corporation
P.O. Box 26120
14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

FAX: 405-290-2899

For all correspondence sent USPS, please use the address below.

The Hertz Corporation
Attn: Customer Relations Department
P.O. Box 26120
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Hertz Customer Relations
| , ,
customer-relations@hertz.com | http://www.hertz.com


Debbi Olson May 1, 2015 at 4:21 pm

I wanted to discuss my rental experience with you and the issue of the optional damage waiver that is offered.
I rented my car on 4/10/15 at the Hertz office location on 1995B Vassar St. in Reno, NV, 89502. The car was rented through a AAA claim as my car was totaled several says prior. Upon returning my car I was shocked to realize I owed $139.93 out of pocket for the damage waiver. I was told I agreed to this and they would not return that charge. After much resistance to that charge on my part the agent agreed to hold that charge until discussing with the manager who would not be available until after the weekend. On 4/24/15 the charge then appeared on my bill. The only thing I could find that I actually signed on was the vehicle inspection form.

Here are the cirXXXXstances of the transaction that I feel deserve consideration:

When I arrived there was only one agent there who was in the process of training a new employee and helping someone ahead of me. In the meantime people began pouring through the doors returning and picking up rentals. The place was clearly understaffed. The new trainee began the process on my claim as the trainer began to help another person. She was jumping back and forth between my transaction and other people so she was on hyper speed. She did finish up with me on the rental but was talking so fast I had no idea what she was talking about much less what she was writing down or offering. She clearly needed to get me out the door so she could get to others. I was standing there in pain with a neck brace on from a fracture I sustained and in pain from my car accident. I just wanted out of there so perhaps did not take the time to question everything fully. In all fairness the agent was on overload and trying to handle way too much for one person. She could not possibly take the time to clearly explain the details of the extra insurance. It is possible she made a very quick reference to the waiver but definitely did not fully explain what my responsibility was in that regard. I would have absolutely declined that coverage as my own insurance covers rentals. I rent cars twice a year when on vacation and never ever purchase extra coverage. When ever I have been offered that coverage in the past it has always been made clear to me and I ALWAYS decline. In this instance it was not clearly communicated as the agent was obviously extremely rushed. I sincerely felt for her because so many customers were beginning to arrive and she was doing the best she could under the cirXXXXstances. I have never rented a car under these cirXXXXstances before which was a claim that was being paid by an insurance company. Something was definitely lost in the translation.
As I began to read the very terrible reviews for this particular location I realized I was going to get nowhere fast with the manager there. This has been an ongoing problem with this particular Hertz and the issue of the waivers. There were so many disgruntled customers involving the very same issue and reviews like…”if I could give them 0 stars I would. I have never read so many terrible reviews for a given business. It is a well known fact that that type of coverage obtained from customers is the bread and butter of the rental car industry and is often obtained by scrupulous means. I think a review of your business practices should be a consideration with updated training involving the damage waivers. Perhaps this location just needs a review. In this day and age in order to stay competitive it is always a good idea to operate with integrity and a progressive business paradigm.

I would really appreciate your consideration in reviewing this erroneous charge and the possibility of a refund in this regard. I would like to give you a fair chance to make this right before pursuing action with the BBB and the attorney general in your district.

Thank you for your consideration,

Debbi Olson


Angelique Trump October 15, 2014 at 2:17 pm

NEVER AGAIN! I recently had a rental from Hertz due to my car being repaired. Well I took a look at my statement today and they charged me $178 for gas!!! I had a 2013 Nissan Altima! #1 The entire rental was paid for by the insurance company #2 it costs $55-$60 to fill up the tank and #3 THE REP NEVER TOLD ME I NEEDED TO FILL IT! This is the first time EVER that I have rented a car and I was not notified. I called the manager and he told me that he had to talk to his rep and they might be able to go half with me! I will not pay $90 to fill up the tank. Then the rep calls me later and continues to argue with me and tells me that he did tell me and he remembers the conversation perfectly. He kept arguing with me and I told him this is not resolving the issue, you are arguing with me. He precedes to tell me that he is not arguing he is just telling me what was said. I know what he said and it is incorrect. He then told me that my boss said he can go half but that’s it. I told him to let me talk to the manager because I am not paying $90.00 He just told me he would relay the message and would have him call me back. This is so ridiculous! I will never EVER rent a car from this company. The customer service is terrible and the reps do not know what they are doing.


Cario Cordero October 15, 2014 at 4:28 am

I JUST HAD A HERTZ NIGHTMARE!!! I reserved a full size vehicle at the Fairfield, CA location for 1 week for a trip to Los Angeles. I was given a vehicle that had a lot of body damage and after driving it, found that the transmission was slipping and it hesitated on acceleration after stopping. I returned the vehicle to fairfied and was told by the agent that that was the only full size vehicle that he had. He then offered my a compact car, but that was unacceptable for a comfortable ride to LA. He then told me to call back in about 1 hour to see if anything came in. I told him I was on a schedule and I suggested that he call Vacaville for a possible vehicle. He called and said they had a VW Jetta which wasn’t rated as a full size care but was the same size as a full size. I had no other option, so I accepted. I drove to Vacaville and exchanged vehicles. We then loaded the vehicle for the trip. After driving about 30 miles on our trip, my wife tried to use the accessory plug in to charge her cell phone and found that none of the accessory plugins were functional. We needed our cell phone for the trip down I-5. We stopped at the Concord location that was listed and found that it was permanently closed. We then stopped at the Walnut Creek location at 12:30 pm and was told that because it was saturday, they were closed at noon, even though they were still there. They stated that they had no full size cars available, anyway. They suggested going to the nearest large airport that was always open in San Jose. This was not on our planned route to LA, but we had no other option. We went to the San Jose airport location, where we were given an upgraded vehicle and were treated with very good customer service. I normally have very good service with Hertz, but it’s usually because we deal with Hertz at the airports. 3 different vehicles within the first 100 miles of our trip was unacceptable. The result of this experience is that I will never deal with a non airport location because of the lack of upkeep and maintenance of the vehicles. CMC


Jeff October 10, 2014 at 4:36 pm

We have spent over $19,000 with Hertz over last two years and have been a Gold member during that time. We usually don’t have problems with them, but we recently used our points for a 3-day rental. When we dropped off the car after the rental was complete, we didn’t think to check the receipt and later found that they had charged us $333. They had forgotten to use our points. We had just completed another weekly rental on points the week before and it was only $45. We spoke with Hertz and they offered to reimburse us for the $210 base rental charge, but not the sales tax and other associated fees that were calculated on the $210 base rental price. Had they used our points these fees would have been about $90 less and we would only spent around $35-40. Additionally, they have been giving us the navigation for free when we use our points, but they charged this time because we didn’t use points. They even admitted it, but, they would not refund anything but the $210. They tried to blame it on the Memphis Airport, but Memphis Airport location can’t do anything about it. All we wanted them to do was cancel the transaction and re-do from scratch – sorry, wouldn’t do it. Now, I repeat, we have spent over $19,000 on Hertz rentals over last two years and we will be moving all future business over to National or another company. And we scratch our heads wondering why these companies go out of business.


Loni October 10, 2014 at 1:29 pm

I reserved a car a week in advance and was an hour mate to pick it up due to traffic. I wa told my car was given away as they only hold them for 30 minutes past your reservation time. Weekend trip ruined.. All thet can say is sorry.. Why not call the customer before giving the car away. Horrible service and horrible policies.. Good luck renting from this company!


UNACCEPTABLE October 9, 2014 at 11:23 am

I am so amazed that a billion dollar company handles things the way they do. I was plowed into by an employee of Hertz company ( driving a Hertz vehicle) while sitting at a red light. It has been nearly 3 months since that date. No settlement offer, they would not authorize use of a rental car ( hilarious) and so I have been driving the wife’s car this entire time. I can’t even get a return phone call. So now the attorney thing has to happen when all I wanted was a fair settlement in a timely manner. This is baffling to me! So be told we will never use Hertz, I have cancelled our business account and have encouraged several other clients to do the same. Keep treating people this way Hertz and we will not “Meet you at the top”


Smith October 6, 2014 at 3:30 pm

I am very appalled at the lack of customer service skills within the Hertz company. Here’s my story. Due to an accident, I was suggested by my insurance company to use Hertz for my car depositl needs. I’d never used them before, so I figured ok why not, boy little did I know of how something so simple can turn so ridiculously unprofessional. I rented the vehicle, which was very dirty and simply unkept, but after being given the run around for most of that day, I just happy to have a vehicle and move on with the everyday responsibilities of my life. I paid the 50$ deposit, accepted the keys and went on my way. Seven days later I return the vehicle, in good shape with gas above requirement, here’s were things get twisted. They tell explain that a receipt couldn’t be provided because “it hasn’t been closed out” once it was, a receipt would be sent to my email. That was on 9/25/14 today is 10/6/14 and still no returned deposit and no closed account. I’ve connected them so many times and all they tell me is “they’re not sure what the problem is but are working on it”. Lies!!!! All lies!!!. If they don’t resolve my issue by tomorrow, I will be contacting my local news. People should know the truth about such a Company as this. If you are in need of a car rental by all means go with Enterprise. Unfortunately Hertz despite being in business since 1923 has no business doing business ANYWHERE WITH ANYONE!!


Patrick M D'Angola October 6, 2014 at 11:21 am

Attn: Mark Frissora: If you read these customer comments then you are on the way to improving your empathy towards your customers..
Get involved and back to basics….
Hertz’ old advertising campaign that I vividly remember “Just Let HERTZ put YOU in the driver’s seat!”) is, in my opinion what you must resurrect to re-ignite the getting back to basics focus necessary to succeed!
You should hire me and get out of your Ivory Tower, as the Baby Boomers are the key to Hertz’ future… You need new blood from the “Old School” to transfuse your staid architecture….
I am Patrick M D’Angola. former pres/CEO of my own manufacturing establishment in New Jersey. Save lots of your corporate funds and hire me!!
I have a college degree and a very successful track record, relocated to South Florida…
Know your demographics (I majored in Marketing/Advertising) and do not summarily dismiss the ideas of others outside your insular group of yes men….
I am willing to work as a Consultant, (saves you money) or part time exec… pay me properly and let me get you guys moving forward….
By the hour by the day, by the week or any way! Just let “HERTZ” put “YOU” in the driver’s seat!……….
Have me assist you in making better things happen at Hertz!
Patrick M. D’Angola
you can contact by email initially, Thank you, PMD


Susan B. October 1, 2014 at 5:10 pm

To whom it may concern,

On September 24, 2014 I made a reservation at the Holland, Michigan Hertz car rental, under the name of Randy H. The reservation was from Friday at 5 to Sunday the 28th. I had asked for a full size car and explained the reasoning for my rental. The gentle man I spoke with seemed kind and very helpful. I’ve rented from Hertz quite a few times but had picked up my car at the Grand Rapids, Michigan airport, this was the first time using the Holland office.

On Friday, the 26 at 3:30 pm I received a call from Randy that Nate from Hertz had called and stated that he didn’t have a car for us to rent, that there were no cars in his lot. After speaking with Randy I immediately called the Hertz office myself, the phone rang and rang, no one picked up, I tried for over 25 minutes and finally got a hold of someone. The guy who answered confirmed that there were no cars to be rented despite the fact that I had made a reservation days in advance. I asked to speak with the manager and he told me that no manager was there. I was extremely angry and asked that a car from Grand Rapids airport be brought to Holland for our use, and he stated that they didn’t have any cars either. I was beyond angry at this point, and this guy said that he would call me if a car became available, and then hung up on me, he never even asked my name.

What happened to my family that day was inexcusable. I’m a single mom of an 11 year old son, I worked all summer saving up for this weekend trip to take my son to a University of Michigan football game. My son went without all summer with the dream that we would be attending this game. It made it worth while for both of us to sacrifice doing anything this summer so that we could enjoy this experience. I work for Hope College, a small Christian college here in Holland, I don’t make a lot, but I work hard. Not having a lot to offer my son is heart breaking, but this outing we had was a life time opportunity that we couldn’t wait to have.

You can’t imagine how painful it was to tell my son that we couldn’t go, not to mention the price of the tickets, that went unused. In the past when I had used Hertz I was able to drive my mini van to Grand Rapids and pick up a car at the Gerald Ford Airport, my van is such rough shape that this year that made it impossible, so I rented from the Holland Hertz with the expectation of not having to worry about the drive out of town. Randy, who the reservation was made under is my fiancée, and was taking time off work to join us for this weekend. So two people lost wages, and the price of 3 tickets, at 75.00 each.

I can’t possibly tell you how this whole event broke our hearts, but most of all my 11 year old son. As an adult I can handle disappointment, but when it effects my child, I’m going to come out swinging. I’ve talked to a great deal of people about what happened with your company, as well as calling other rental places about their policy’s about reservations and keeping them. Not ONE said that there wouldn’t be a car in place if there had been a reservation made.

The Holland Hertz dropped the ball hugely, and for this I’m not just seriously angry, but heart broken as well. I don’t know how this can be rectified, but something needs to be done. Bad news travel far faster than good, and I will make it my mission to inform all of Holland about what has happened and how we were treated. This is a small community and we take care of our own, I want nothing more than to tell others that Hertz make it right with us about a HUGE mistake made.

Looking for results,



p.a henry September 30, 2014 at 1:50 am

Hello, I’m Mr. Henry a very unsatisfied Gold Member!!! I am extremely upset with Hertz, after traveling since 4am, I have to tell someone about my experience at the Denver airport location at 10:40 to 22nd of August 2014, 11:32 at night! I am a Gold Member and I’m normally cared about and satisfied after leaving but from the moment I arrived I was treated unfairly! I decided to get the “Manager Special ” vehicle which was a old smoke smelly suburban with over 60k miles on it. I wanted to swap out but however, with no one being outside to assist me I drove to the front where I told HAN what was going on with it. So he told me “hey just pick ANY car on this row”. Which is what I did. There was a Impala, Chrysler 300, a Infiniti truck, and a Tahoe. So I chose the Chrysler 300. I drove to the gate to check out and go but that never happened because I ran into the rude LOUEY (LO-EY) however it’s spelled or pronounced. He was by far the rudest person ever. So he said “oh no who told you to get this car? I’ll walk over to talk to them myself he added along with asking me about the color of the guy shirt in which I said was yellow. He rudely added you can pay a upgrade charge if you want.” This was after being told by Han to get any car i wanted. So I went back in and spoke to a guy named Chris which was trying to get me to get a Camry or some small vehicle! I did another reservation after telling him “no”, and I simply asked if I can just get a Escape. He lied and said “we don’t have any”! I said sir I booked another vehicle and it came up. Then he proceeded to say “oh yea we do have one”. So I kept it but 30k miles on this truck which are high miles as well. I think the customer service is HORRIBLE if it consists of (HAN, LOUEY AND CHRIS) I have a witness to this bitter and mean treatment I was given! I don’t appreciate being given all cars with high mileage, this is my first time to Denver and I refuse to be stuck on the side of the road because of an unsafe vehicle!!! Also Chris was by far the rudest person ever, every car i asked about new or old he said they didn’t have, when I was in fact staring right at each car i inquired about. I’m driving it but I need a manger to contact me ASAP THANKS


Diane September 27, 2014 at 9:22 am

I am writing to complain about Hertz not returning my deposit. I was forced to take a rental from Hertz from the Insurance company of the person who hit my car. As my car was in the repair shop, hertz was an hour late in picking me up first, then demanded 50.00 deposit from me for the rental. I had the car for a week, it took them 4 days to tell me that they had refunded me my deposit but the money still has not been refunded. According to my bank, they do not have any electronic trail that my money was refunded at all. Hertz told me that they did all they could. Looks like it is now time to talk to consumer affairs and a lawyer.


Daniel Chaij September 22, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Mr. Mark P. Frissora
The Hertz Corporation
Something is terribly wrong with your staff. I had to stand in line 1 hr. and 55 minutes at your LAX waiting to be taken care of. You have 26 counter positions and only five were operating. This lack of customer care is totally unacceptable, I lost more money in the wait than what the rental cost me. Don’t you have management that prevents this type of event? You know by the number of reservations and the hour they will be calling for a car the number of staff that should be on duty. I complained to your counter person and they said “management is cutting staff trying to save money to please the stockholders”. Continue with this attitude and you will have even less money to please your blessed stockholders.

I know that this note won’t get to you. Your staff will block it, but this is the last time I rent from you–a totally arrogant company whose staff don’t care about the customer. What a pity for a company that claims to be number one.

Daniel A. Chaij
Confirmation Number G 3200386339


Darrell September 22, 2014 at 2:07 pm

First things first the employees at hertz are some of the dumbest people you will ever deal with. First they tell us our credit cards are not credit cards and that by there policy they are debit cards which is an excuse for them to run your credit. According to the rep if our credit is bad then you will pay more than the agreed upon price before arrival. Our credit is good so the price didn’t change but as most people know every time your credit is run it lowers your score for a while which is not good for consumer. Secondly the rep. Tells us we have to have one of the insurance plans they offer. We are first time renters and we don’t know that you don’t need the extra insurance. So the price we we’re told now when we left New York has now nearly crippled from 180 for the week to almost 500. After complaining and getting the manager involved they lowered the insurance to 90. $90 is not a lot of money, but when your being told that you have to have it and that your car insurance doesn’t cover the car by the manager (Chris) it kinda pisses you off when you talk to your insurance company and find out your coverage would have 100% covered the rental and you paid $90 for nothing. Then when you bring this up to hertz there attitude well we’ve. Already billed you what are you going to do about it. Well this is what I’m going to do about it every one in the 3 soccer league’s will hear about this the people in the paintball league will hear about it all off my friends and family. I will be posting it Facebook the local newspaper, so that thousands of people can read and here about how awesome hertz is. Hertz may have cost me $90 but my host are to cost them thousands in lost business. If for some reason some one does rent from hertz a helpfull hint is to bring bananas. Reason being trained monkeys only preform when food is involved so bring bananas. My post to the paper and Facebook will be done on Wednesday 9-24-14 unless this resolved. I’ll be more than glad to promote talking business from hertz.


billy kenny October 1, 2014 at 2:32 pm

HAHA. They are dumb yet you don’t know that a debit card is not different than a credit card?


sb20 October 3, 2014 at 1:45 pm

So was your card a debit card or a credit card because there is a difference? But then again, I don’t see why the rate would change since you’re still funding the charges either way and they shouldn’t have to run your credit. This is new to me and I’m a gold member for many years. Hope your Hertz issues will get resolved in a timely manner although this website is not the best place to seek resolution.


Bearschick September 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm

After reading all the complaints I feel I need to speak out about how bad the service is even to a disabled person. I have only used Hertz once before, but now never ever again. I walked into the Hertz office with the aid of a walker, to get a car. I was promised a larger SUV because of my Hip Disability. I was given a smaller SUV and it was over the Labor Day weekend, so I was patient and said can you find me a larger car after the holiday weekend. I received a call from another Hertz office saying they had a car, a surburban for me. When I tried to get it they said you’re not our customer so I had to deal with the other office. In the mean time, I pulled my hip out trying to get out of the smaller SUV.. My daughter was told she could not drive the car, even though my hip was out(I’d call that an emergency). Needless to say extra people time and effort were used, I will never use Hertz or their companies again, they are not for the Disabled and from the sound of all these complaints actually not for the able bodied either. Went to ENTERPRISE, they had a car( a surburban ) for me within the hour and they also came to my home to pick me up. That’s what I call SERVICE!!! People with Disabilities should band together and never use Hertz.


Mike Hutchinson September 19, 2014 at 6:06 pm

I will follow this up via letter to Scott P. Sider, but I have a Dollar rental dispute where I had reserved a standard size vehicle and was provided a under-powered, worn-out mid-sized vehicle to negotiate the mountains of Colorado. This experience was totally unsatisfactory and will not pass.
I have told American Express not to pay the full amount and you will have to sue me to get it. My travel community …. your target audience, is listening to my stories ….. sincerely yours, Mike .. an affluent, traveling senior that knows what is fair.


Scott September 13, 2014 at 11:21 pm

First problem was the long wait at the counter to get the car. Also, minutes after leaving Hertz and getting onto the freeway the tire pressure warning light went on. Then the low windshield washer fluid light went on. I had to stop at a gas station in bad area (seriously worried about my safety and my wife’s safety) to check tire pressure. After I filled all the tires with air the warning lights went off and stayed off, but I was worried the entire time I had the rental I was going to get a flat tire. Don’t your crews there check the tire pressure before the cars go out?? and don’t they check the washer fluids that I didn’t even need to use but the warning lights and dings kept going off throughout the rental? The car was also filthy dirty!! Stains on the doors and seats in this so called PREMIUM car. When I returned the car the attendant asked was everything OK and I said no and began to tell her about the issues I had, she NEVER said a word back to me. I will try NOT to ever rent from Hertz again in the future. This is my second Hertz rental in the past two months and I should have learned my lesson from the first time in July when I had to wait in a long line to get the car.


Mark September 6, 2014 at 4:26 am

I never ever leave comments about companies but this last experience wit hertz —
Who btw in the northeast and ct has an excellent reputation for being one of the best options for car rentals.
However my last experience takes the cake.
I was on vacation August 10-17
Reserve my car through west palm beach Florida
Prepaid for my reservation via Hotwire .. Did not remember making a previous reservation a few months earlier via my corporate website.
I arrived at the airport .. Customer service suck ..
There was two less than efficient representatives helping at least twenty people waiting to be helped…after about 90 minutes being third in line and becoming frustrated I was referred to a video phone option ..(possible outsourced) representative who was incompetent at best.
I explained to the representative and also confirmed with the representative
That the reservation to be affected is the prepaid reservation.
I was guaranteed by the hertz video representative despite my reservation with our communication that I was using my prepaid reservation .. To my surprise upon returning my vehicle .. She was wrong and I ended paying twice for my rental.
It has been three weeks since I started m attempt to resolve my issue which is purely the fault of hertz and their employees.. Four dead end contacts it is line talking to a doorknob no resolution… Three meal referrals no responses beyond an automated response communicating receipt of request .
To add insult to injury .i rented a full size / premium vehicle and received a bucket with almost 60k mikes ad breaks and a bent rim which means anything over 60 mikes per hour the car was shaking violently and when you hit the breaks up the entire car vibrated .. Also alignment was off pulled to right .. When I returned the vehicle the rep at desk apologized and after looking at car stated that that car should not have been on road.
Only gets better my brother got a toyota corolla .. Trunk could not close
My sister fora a Kia with exhaust hanging and broken ..burnt so much gas
She gave up ..
Our vacation was reduced to staying at hotel and staying local all road trips reduced or cancelled …
I rent cars at least twice a month for travel and business and this experience at a minimum if not resolve in a satisfactory way will prevent me and my family and friends from ever using hertz and their spinoff companies ever again.
M next step us writing to their executive offices and social media outlets.
My last contact into their customer service center which was civil and professional ended up with the rep hanging up .. After putting me on home for about five minutes.
Hope this helps …


shantel September 2, 2014 at 11:42 pm

Hertz antioch ca suck ive been a member since 1999 and over the years has gotten worse there are never enough cars there youll wait at least 1 hour plus the cars sre dirty inside and out im a 5star member and there is 0 gold counter service available they answers the phone and leave you on jold 10 20 or even 30 minutes i have proof on my phone there is 1 employee there that goes out her way to help a customer but the others simply dnt care I have done some home work and found a few names in the cooperate offices just need to figure out thier email address


Linda S. August 29, 2014 at 9:03 pm

I have been renting a car from Hertz for my son since Jan. 15, 2014 = 7 1/2 months. We went to pay & rerent a week ago today. She gave us a balance of $4,696.00 for 12 wks & 3 days. Well we paid it, & when I got home I checked the reciept, & it said, paid $4,196.00 -$500.00 not accounted for! Her word against mine & my son. I called the HERTZEXPLAINARECIEPT. Well, she also did not deduct the 10% discount for AAA, nor a $25.00 promo discount. They said they would give me my discounts & deposit , almost $300.00 back to my debit card 2-3 days. Well, if its 10% off of $4,000.00 why wouln’t itbe $400.00? Well its been 5 days, so I called today & he said “no, 3-5 days” same department & two different *Quotes*. Also, she had both of our licenses, & we both signed, but she did not add my son as a driver, as well. Are we really supposed to accept that she took $4,696.00, & is claiming that she only took $4,196.00. The Manager, said it was under investigation, since Monday, but I have not heard a thing, & probably never will. I am sure she needs the money working for min. wages, but why us? No cameras so like I said her word against mine & my sons. Well, we ae not lying! She messed up so bad, & we are supposed to accept that????????? I am trying to let them handle it, but I don’t see anything happening, unless they give her a lie detecter test, because she did take $4,696.00 from us. $1,000.00 on my visa & the rest in cash, & my son knows wht he had in his pocket! She took that $500.00 & we are supposed to accept that???? Reading all of these complaints, makes me wish I did read these before this happened. I can’t even sleep, knowing what she has done to us, & knowing that we will probably eat it. Really sad that this happened, but also mad.


Mike August 25, 2014 at 4:22 pm

I was in an accident recently and was made to rent a car. The car was rented by the other persons AAA insurance. Someone dropped the ball and Hertz is DAILY IS DEDUCTING $15.00 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT (putting it on hold tying up my checking balance).I called the rental location that put me threw to the Hertz billing Dept,all the way to Corporate and nobody can seem to help me out. To the point of reporting the card as stolen and fraud charges being charged without my consent this company is completely inept and out of control and AAA don’t seem to be much better I wouldn’t recommend Hertz or AAA to anyone that doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money for Hertz to help themselves too


Brian August 22, 2014 at 2:49 pm

They are real good at giving quality cars, prices,,

But when you have a problem they cant resolve it,
I had an accident 3 weeks ago and i have ldw , which mean i have full coverage so i cant be charged and well they are sticking their hand in my bank account

HERTZ SUCKS! I will make sure noone that i know rents from here


Charles Miller August 16, 2014 at 12:51 am

Well, my work arrangements are requiring that I travel from time to time. So I booked a reservation with Hertz 2 weeks in advance. The morning I went to pick up the car at Freedom Dodge
815 East Camp Wisdom Road. They tell me they don’t do Hertz anymore. Called Hertz, all they had to say was sorry. Not caring they messed up my trip. This was a prepaid rental. It was July 19, 2014, they still have not refunded my money. So I called them again today. Now, they had a mix up and I would get my refund in 10 to 14 more business days. Hertz Sucks! Gonna try Budget!


Dani August 21, 2014 at 7:35 am

I believe budget might be owned by hertz. I had the same problem with them…still waiting for my money. They’re a bunch of crooks!! Will never rent from hertz or give my business to ANY company owned by them. Stick with enterprise. May be a bit more expensive, but it will cost less in the end. I got my deposit back from them in 2days, and the customer service was awesome!


will August 14, 2014 at 11:50 pm

Why is there a deposit which I put down on my rental from my Visa and
I am still waiting. The difference to be put back from it. I put 200 down an my bill was 115.00?


Liliana E. Chae August 10, 2014 at 6:31 pm

I would like to have an English Speaking International liaison customer care for rentals in Mexico to email me with their number so I can explain my problem with Hertz Mexico Gualdaljara. First of all and most important, the service was below average. When I say service, the breaks failed on two cars, and the engine transmission light so it needed to be changed. We went through 3 cars until finally the trip came to an end. Second thing is that the paperwork and what the hertz associates say do not match up. ex. Gas level, and the things inside the car. Third, the price of the car rental is not what they say at the end of the trip. ex. we had a total for 5442.77 peso’s which is equivalent to $453 US. But they just tried to charge me $918.00 US. They say it’s a hold but in actuality it is a charge. I will be posting on travel advisor sites for public viewing if no one is going to come forward and handle this matter. I have been waiting for a call from you (Hertz) and still no answer! I wonder if there is anyone really scrutinizing this matter. Our Contract number is F1249298


Liliana E. Chae.


Linda S. August 29, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Will you please post if you get your money. I too am waiting for a refund.


Stacie Tovar August 7, 2014 at 2:15 pm

I’m a gold member. I reserved a car in my name. During my flight to my destination by mom passed out and when we landed she was taken to the hospital. I road with the ambulance and I sent my husband and my 2 kids and there 2 friends we brought with us to get the rental car and meet me at the hospital. Even though our name is the same, it was under his credit card and he is my husband Hertz would not let him have to car. They said he could however if he paid $1000 more to our already existing rate for a total of $1800 for the SUV I rented. Once my mother was settled I had to take a taxi for $80 back to the airport to get my car and family. The Hertz representative was very rude with no compassion. I won’t be using them again.


Michael August 5, 2014 at 5:00 pm

I recently rented from hertz at a set rate at the end of the rental my local hertz store manager raised the rental rate and wouldn’t have it another way but to charge my card the increased rate. Then they also charged a claim to my insurance company….double dipping at a jacked up rate.


Markiesha Reynolds August 3, 2014 at 9:39 pm

My rental was fine, but what was messed up that I drop the car off little before 12pm. The checked the car got my recipient. Left my phone on the passenger side. Went back to get it . They manger pass me my phone. I said “What the f***!!! Did u all do to it. They cracked my whole screen. He said we did nothing just sat it in the safe. I told him he was lying my phone was not cracked r broken. This is fresh still had the glass particles on it. He just walked away like so what we broke ur phone.


joanna August 1, 2014 at 10:55 pm

My rental car broke down while driving down road at 75 mph. I called emergency number to get help. No one helped me, I sat in 110 degree weather for over an hour with two babies. A guy from enterprise came by and took us to hertz 8 miles away. Five hours layer I got a call from hertz saying they would call me in a little while to confirm help was on the way. I am pissed


J.L.Calvet August 1, 2014 at 7:09 pm

In Hertz I will trust again.

I am a Spaniard who had ang incident in an office of Hertz in Paris (France), for which I felt seriously offended, due to the misbehaviour of one employee. I submitted a complaint in writting to the responsible of the subsidiary in my country (Spain) and a long time after that, the only thing that I received was a standard letter of an office in Ireland in order to get rid of me. I was very disappointed and dissatisfied, so I was forced to escalate the problem to the Corporate Governance. Their answer has been unexpectedly magnificent: very quickly, satisfactory and positive. My perception of Hertz has changed. The companies are the people who work there and I am very pleased to check, how in such a globally relentless and dehumanized world like the present one, there are still people who are worried about solving some problems which may seem insignificant for a company like Hertz, but not for the great silent and anonymous majority in which I include myself.

Thank you Hertz.


O.T. July 28, 2014 at 9:55 pm

After 6 telephone calls with zero help I am down to this non-sense of posting on a forum! We had a PRE-paid reservation (family vacation) in Hawaii I was refused rental with ZERO explanation. I was given a telephone number in Oklahoma, it was SATURDAY so no one answered……brilliant! After 25 minutes and finally getting a supervisor the discussion continued with NO SUCCESS, talk about vexation! Fast forward and I am back in Texas and learn I was denied a HERTZ vehicle for a toll violation in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious I have rented 20+ times since 2011 with multiple companies???? Come on HERTZ!!!! I had not been contacted about anything being owed in 3 years?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! In addition, I could have paid this phantom toll fee at the counter in Hawaii instead of looking like a criminal in front of 20+ people! Do your computers not have access to something this simple???? This is the new millennium, there are 14 year old kids that can link something that easy probably using a smartphone. Really sad organization if something this simple makes you loose customers. Now I can understand all the complaints on multiple sites and why the HERTZ stock is down constantly. I guess the move from beautiful N.J. to Florida is not working out as the customer service/relations reps are non-existent. Shameful, pitiful and downright despicable organization obviously ran by individuals from TWA or Kodak! Oh, how/when/where do I get my money back for pre-paying for a vehicle that I was refused, or do you just keep it to pay off the Class Action Lawsuit??? Thanks to NATIONAL for the upgraded vehicle at a LOWER cost as they will have a client for personal and business travel moving forward! I suggest that CEO Frossa (sp) pick up the phone or laptop and respond to very unhappy individuals personally as the employees beneath him are not responsive, qualified, trifling or useless!


kimberly farmer July 28, 2014 at 1:23 pm

I would like to file a complaint against the Hertz location listed below in the email that I am forwarding. The situation was that I was authorized a rental car by RK Chevrolet (Virginia Beach). The paperwork contained a PO# from the dealership for them to be charged for the rental time frame. July 8th I went in the afternoon and brought the paperwork in, and on that particular day the computers were freezing or not working at all so there were issues inputting the information. The car was turned back in on July 11th as normal. The following week on July 16th a charge shows up for the cost of the rental which was $88.00. I called right away, and the dealership contacted the Hertz Manager, and gave a him the original/correct information that should of been inputted on who was to be charged. I called the on 17th and asked if the transaction had been corrected and how this could of happen. I was told it was probably because of the system not working on the 8th, and that I should have the refund in a few days as per (Mike). I called back on July 18th, the funds were still not refunded, then I spoke to TY (Manager), he stated it will take a couple of weeks. As of this morning the funds are still not deposited and it has been 2 weeks. Plus when I tried to call and speak to the manager, I left a message but I was never called back. This mistake cost me financial issues, and throws a few items off of clearing. I would like to know when is this going to be settled. This situation is UNSAT. I am retired NAVY/ and a DOD Contractor. This type of mistake is costly. Thank you for your patience.


Edward McDevitt July 27, 2014 at 8:00 pm

I am very pissed off about the treatment I have received from the Hertz Co. I had ordered a car and paid for it online. I was picking up the car on July 14th at the Tallmadge, Ohio location and they informed me that they had to run a credit check because I used a debit card for the purchase. This was information that was not on the web site telling me that this was going to happen. I checked my bank information and the money was withdrawn from my account for the car rental. The credit check results came back and I was not aloud to rent the car, which meant that I was not going to Fl. to visit my dying cousin! She passed away on the 16th and was not even able to tend her funeral or say goodbye to her because your company and their frivolous policies!!!! Now they had informed me that the only way to get my money back was to call a number that was on the paperwork, to which I did. They refused to refund my money and said that I had to go to the website to do it, no more information was given by the operator on how to do it. So I go to the website, with no inclination on how to do it. There is no directory on how to get my money back in this case, only the phone number that I had called and was rejected. What in the hell am I supposed to do?


TRL July 15, 2014 at 4:34 pm

Recommend avoiding Hertz subsidiary Dollar Rent a Car at all cost! My experience with Dollar Rent a Car at the Denver Airport location proved to be the worst customer service experience that I have had in over 30 years of extensive business and leisure travel.

To begin, I reserved a vehicle weeks in advance for pick-up on July 4th at 12:00 PM. When I arrived at the rental location, the facility was full of travelers and there were perhaps at best three cars on the lot. The staff, starting with the counter associate up through the manager, was exceedingly rude and confrontational.

The experience significantly deteriorated from the moment when an incredibly unprofessional counter associate attempted to sway my wife to purchase optional gas, insurance, etc. I stated that we were not interested in any options and solely wanted the car. He then began arguing with me and told me he was not talking to me and then stated to my wife that no vehicles were available at that time since Dollar overbooked on that date. When I questioned how they could possibly overbook in light of reservations and known inventory, he became even more argumentative and condescending. From there, I sought out the manager and expressed my concerns and asked why there were no cars on the lot. The manager, in a very rude manner, stated that he had over 200 (yes, 200) vehicles break that morning. I advised him that I received conflicting information from the counter associate to the effect that they overbooked. He stated that was false and stuck with his story of 200 broken vehicles. He followed that up with the fact that I would have to wait for a vehicle to arrive at the location.

Note that I did have discussions with numerous waiting travelers, all sharing the same unsatisfactory experience and some of whom indicated they had been waiting there for hours.

At that juncture I contacted Dollar corporate and was greeted by an unresponsive and dismissive representative who stated that what the manager said must be the facts. The representative then took my phone number and stated that I would be contacted by corporate to discuss the situation (I have not yet received a return phone call).

The rental car that they finally gave me was filthy inside, had numerous scratches, dents, and abrasions all over the vehicle, and had wipers that did not function properly–I found that out after I left the lot. I was initially charged approximately $350 dollars for a four day rental. The only silver lining was the first day rental fee was removed bringing my total to $298.75. Naturally, the option to decline the vehicle did not exist because the location was out of cars and the other rental companies did not have inventory either. In short, I was essentially forced to accept a subpar, unsafe vehicle at a very inflated price by rude and condescending employees who would really expect me to believe that over 200 cars broke that particular morning.

Finally, when I returned the car, I had to show the associate the rental contract to remove the first day rental fee. She shared with me that she was working there until 10:00 PM and there were still folks who had been waiting for hours for a car to arrive. Unbelievable.


Jessica July 15, 2014 at 1:27 am

I rented a car for 3 days from hertz and did not have a problem until I returned it. The customer service at the Memphis International Airport is horrible! First when i pulled Up to return my vehicle no one was there to greet you. I had to park the car and go in the inside. I then proceed to the counter and there was one gentleman working and the line was very long. Finally another guy walks up with a frown on his face and ask can he help me. I explain that I am trying to return a vehicle and that no one was outside to retrieve the car. He looks at me and with an attitude and says, where are the keys? I said I left them in the car. He just turns to walk away with saying anything and leaves me standing there. He finally returns and says you want this on the card. I said yes and he hands me the receipt. The next day I call to inquire about an item I left on the car and a girl name Katrina answers the phone, also with an attitude, and before I could get a word out she says, we busy you gone have to call back in 30 mins. It was 11:30 and in 30 mins the location would be close. Why would you tell a customer that? I then state that I just wanted to ask a question and I will hold. She says well we got 13 people in line and it’s gone be awhile I said ok. The phone hangs up. I has to call back 10 times before someone picks up the phone, doesn’t say anything and just places me on hold. I hold for 5 minutes and she returns to the line and say how can I help you. I asked for the manager. It is crazy how we as paying customers are treated. If your job beings you to treating people horribly. I feel you should quit. I did nothing to the gentleman or Katrina but they both were nasty and rude. This surly proves that great customer service is dead and it is all about the money for these companies. How do hire people like this? What is the hiring process? Because if this is what your company is based on I will never rent from Hertz again. I will be contacting the cooperate office tomorrow.


Steve July 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm

My Experiences at Firefly Rental – Houston IAH

I utilized Firefly for what was supposed to be a routine rental. When I checked the car out it was explained to me that I could
either bring the car back full of gas or simply pay for the cost of the gas. This was presented as an either/or
and in a manner as if this was no big deal. I decided I will just pay for the cost of the fuel. When I returned the car just two days
later it was explained that they had charged me 9.89CENTS per gallon rather than the actual price of gas. What was supposed to be
a 50 dollar rental fee ended up being an overall cost of 150 dollars. The process of the fuel service fee and the actual fee itself
was NEVER fully explained to me. Why on earth would someone agree to pay 9.89 per gallon voluntarily?

I called their customer service line, I was on hold for at least 10-15 minutes. When I finally did receive an answer, the customer service representative
only recited the fuel policy which was NOT explained to me when I rented the vehicle. This was an extremely misleading business practice and these
people seem more concerned with billing hidden service fees than actual creating a positive experience with their customers.
I will continue to file complaint and send emails until I receive an answer as to why these policies were not explained to me fully. All I want is to be billed correctly
and not someone who is trying to take advantage of a customer.



Tiffany July 14, 2014 at 12:32 pm

I am completely unhappy with the customer service from the employees at the Broomfield Air Center @ 11705 Airport Way, Broomfield, CO. I get rude, condescending, oppositional attitudes. The very first guy that helped me was friendly. Theresa, one of the managers, was not rude. However, Alex, and the few other guys definitely are.
First of all, I have had 3 cars with Hertz in the last 3 months. The first one, I had to return after a day. We had a snow storm and the wipers stopped working. The second, I have been in for 3 months. The car itself was fine. However, about 6 weeks ago or so, I went to leave for work, drove off to find out that I had a flat tire. SO I parked the car 2 houses down from my home. It was parked along side the curb, but facing the wrong direction. A cop had saw it, and called it in for whatever reason, thinking it was suspicious. This was 9 AM. that I had left for work, by 10:15 or so I was getting a call from the police dept. They were asking me about the car and told me my agreement was up, but once he validated my story, he said just get that agreement settled with Hertz and let me go. So I called Hertz, to try to figure out if I needed to bring the car in or what was the deal. He said State Farm hadn’t gave them authorization for the car this far out, that he would talk to his manager when she got in and call me back. After that, I called my BF to see if he had fixed the tire. He hadn’t. While being on the phone, he said a tow truck was there. I call Hertz back they claimed it wasn’t them that sent it. Even though the tow truck driver said it was. I called the police back, she told me, Ma’am this is between you and Hertz not us. Hertz ended up leaving me a message with the cops name who had called Hertz and said he believed it could have been involved in a crime. I was getting the total run around. All this for a flat tire. In the time frame of 1.5 to 2 hours that the car had been parked there.
The next day, they tried to charge me $147 for a tow fee. The tow truck never took the car. So they removed the charges. However, when I called about this, I got a very bad attitude from Alex I believe it was. He did not have any empathy for the situation. He told me he would not be frustrated by this situation. He tried telling me the car was abandoned and left in the middle of the road. I said no it was not abandoned, nor in the middle of the road. It was along side the curb across the street. Which my neighbors even told the police who’s car it was. He was condescending and rude. This was happening while I was at work. I had to keep stepping away from my client. Then I kept getting the run around. I was not happy, then to see charges, who wouldn’t be frustrated? So this last Thursday, I called about a new $39 charge that came through to my account. Also, asked about who was responsible for servicing the vehicle. They looked it up, saw it needed an oil change and also that the tags we expired. I get to work, the tags expired 5/14. 2.5 weeks after they issued me this car. I never noticed, nor did I think to look at the tags. You would think this would be taken care of before renting out a car. So they have me come up Friday to exchange the car. On Friday, I find out they are still trying to charge me $77 for the tow that never happened. I said that is BS. I looked up the law. A cop has to give 48 hours for a vehicle to be towed if they believe it to be abandoned, which was the excuse I got for the tow. A property owner, can call after 24 hours to have a car towed. Like I said before, The car had only been there about 1.5 hours when I received a call from the Westminster PD. Hertz decide to make the final call to tow. They never called me to ask if I had the vehicle. They never tried contacting me about a thing. If they would have done that, I could have let them know. Then they could have decided whether a tow was necessary. Finally, yesterday, I notice some significant damage to the bumper that we did not mark. So I called, spoke with Alex. He argued that this was not doXXXXented when I picked up the car. I said I know, this is why I am calling. I tried to explain the damage to him, also, that there was a chip/crack in the window that wasn’t marked. He was once again rude. So I said, you know what. I will be there in 30 minutes to show you in person. When I get there, he looks. Makes a snide comment about, that’s not a crack. I’m like I’m sorry a chip, can you please just mark it. He said that’s nothing we would even worry about. I said please just mark it. He comes over, looks at the bumper. With attitude says, that’s it? I’m like, Alex, I have not had a good experience with you all, I am not chancing a damn thing, please, I am asking nicely, please mark it. He says you made it sound a lot worse on the phone.. He asked me if the bumper was hanging off, I said not but it’s sure separated. So with opposition, he finally marked both of our doXXXXents and I left. What ever happened to customer satisfaction or the customer being right? This whole experience has been awful. Thank god I am getting my car back by Wednesday. I will never rent from Hertz again.


Tiffany July 14, 2014 at 12:43 pm

I forgot to mention, when I went to pick up the car on Friday. The man went out to look over the car without me. Theresa made the excuse probably because it’s raining. I said can you please go look at it with me. He said I already did. Theresa had to speak up to say, can you please just go out with her. There was a few things he had not marked that I asked him to mark. He never had a friendly smile or attitude. While we were inside, I had noticed I accidently popped the hood on the car I had just returned. So I asked the man, to close it as he was walking in. He looked back, annoyed at me. Then walked over and closed it. He could have said no problem, or I can do that. Anything, but he didn’t say anything.


Dissappointed July 14, 2014 at 12:13 pm

My Experience with Hertz in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rented a rental on July 21, 2014 I realized that the port to charge the phone wasn’t working. I felt that is was important for me to have a vehicle that I can charge my phone. So on June 26 I returned this vehicle in exchange for another one. This was when my problem began I realized after heading back to my destination I noticed my video camera case Video/Camera wasn’t in the vehicle. I called Hertz multiple times to see if I left it in the vehicle…. after several days of calling with no answer I drove to San Juan Int’l Airport to talk to someone in person. I didn’t recover my items and when I questioned if they can review their video surveillance they said it only holds five days of recording. If they would of answer the phone when I first called then they maybe could of saw something. I am disappointed at the service and the statement it states that they have customer service 24 hours….LIE. LIE. LIE. The 24 hours is for reservations just because this benefits the company not the complaints. Hertz don’t care about their customers. I do will mention that the actual clerks were friendly and courteous.


Mark Perkins July 13, 2014 at 3:32 pm

I am extremely disappointed with Hertz. I rented what was supposed to be a PRESTIGE vehicle (Mercedes Benz C250) and after driving the car for a day discovered how it wasn’t. There was a funny smell in the car when we picked it up and didn’t realize that it was because the previous renter had smoked in the vehicle. My wife became ill inside the vehicle (she is allergic to cigarette smoke) and I had to pull over for her. This was when I noticed something on the carpet in front of where my 5 year old son was siting. There was cigarette ashes on the carpet, rear of the seat and in the rear ash tray. As my wife attempted to maneuver herself out of the car, the assist handle almost pulled completely out of the roof. She moved the visor and almost took out her eye as it too was broken. There was paint ( I though it was dirt) on the drivers side door window. I took pictures of all these items. I attempted to contact the Tampa Int. Airport location to see what they would do to resolve the issues only to get transferred multiple times with no success in reaching anyone there. Your customer service rep transferred me to road side assistance which was no help. I was then transferred to the closest location to me Orlando Int. Airport. The manager there offered to exchange the vehicle, but I had to bring it in. So 1.5 hours of my time, tolls which I would have never had to pay and fuel that I shouldn’t have had to pay are all lost. What I didn’t mention was the original vehicle I was in had 35000+ miles when I received it. NOT TO PRESTIGIOUS. The manager at orlando assured me that he would get in contact with Tampa management and have them contact me. Tampa management never contacted me. He also said he couldn’t do anything to adjust the bill and compensate me for the problems and inconvenience. He told me that when I return the rental to Tampa, explain everything to the manager there and they should do something to compensate me. I was told by the staff at Orlando that they receive and exchange many cars with issues from the Tampa location. When I returned the vehicle to Tampa, I spoke with a young lady who referred me to the manager Sheshu Iyer. I attempted to explain to him what the problems were. He told me I should have brought the car back to Tampa and I could’ve exchanged it there as they are open 24 hours. He told me the best he can do is to offer a 20% discount on a future rental. I said it wasn’t reasonable for the problems and inconvenience for my family. He told me I could rent from someone else in the future. This manager was rude and inconsiderate. He didn’t seem concerned with my issues or complaints. I will be sure to inform all my friends, family and colleagues the problems I have encountered and inform them to also rent from other companies. I will also advise them that Hertz owns Dollar, Thrifty and firefly so they don’t use them either. COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED!


accounting clerk July 11, 2014 at 11:35 am



Charles Knight July 10, 2014 at 10:12 pm

I had a situation occur on the evening of July 8th, 2014, which I believe was an attempt of fraud.

I had returned a vehicle to the MSP airport ( Minneapolis, MN) on Sunday July 6th that I had rented at the Toledo Airport Express location on 6/29/2014. At the time of the rental a $710 hold was placed to my AMEX card. On the evening of July 8th I was notified by an AMEX email that another transaction in the amount of $710 was initiated from the Toledo Airport Express location. I spoke to an AMEX team member in the Merchant Authorization department and was informed that the request was manual (ie CNP) and a verbal authorization was requested. This smacks of fraud, and as a Presidents Circle Member I demand that this incident be investigated! I can be contacted at the email in this comment for further Facts!


Gail White July 9, 2014 at 10:54 am

Where do I begin. I called on Sunday to make a reservation. The rep acting like I was bothering her. She took my information but neglected to tell me about any specials so I asked after she told me the price for a one day rental ($219). I asked if she applied my points and she replied “no”. I asked if she applied my AAA discount and she replied “no”. I asked why and she said that is not her job. Ok now I’m pissed. I’ve been a Gold Club member for 3 years and I have had more complaints that I care to mention. So now I ask to speak to a supervisor she places me on hold for what seemed like forever and then I was disconnected. I call back just to find out she never put my reservation in and I had to begin the process all over again. I ask to make a formal complaint and I was told a supervisor would contact me in 24 to 48 hours. No one ever called 3 days later.
Now I’m on the phone again to speak with a supervisor. The first call I was put through to a supervisor supposedly the phone rang about 50 times then disconnected me. This happened twice. I am so very sick and tired of this company and I canceled my reservation. From the look of things I’m not the only dissatisfied customer. We need to band together to let this company know that THEY SUCK!!!!!


BPM July 9, 2014 at 10:44 am

Effective immediately all pilots are to remove all company credit card and contact information from your Hertz Gold Card accounts. I had a compromise with my Hertz card this morning and it is apparent Hertz does not have the processes in place to protect our company information. Use your Gold accounts for personal use if you like, but DO NOT use Hertz for company business unless it is the only option available or requested by upper management.


Jeff July 9, 2014 at 8:56 am

I have spent 50 minutes either being put on hold, talked down to or threatened by the customer service deck with Hertz. The company line is you should read the contract given to you. Though my issue with the refuel was an option verbally given to me, not in writing even though Marie “supervisor” says it was in writing. Long story is I chose the option versus refueling as I was told at the counter it was cheaper, not the fact they will charge you the full amount of the cost of a tank, even though I am asked to give them the amount of fuel left in the tank and the mileage. If you are desparate and have no other option other then walk, then I guess the walking part isnt bad. This is just one really horrible company.


Shari July 8, 2014 at 4:14 pm

I have rented cars from Hertz 5 times each time i have poor service I wanted to be a loyal customer service to this rental car place because I have already started a gold member ship with Hertz and wanted to build point to get free upgrades.I believe and giving people chances I mean we dont living in perfect world.each time i rented a car i stood in line for 40min to an hour this last time I rented a car was it for me with Hertz the last two they didnt have the car i requested july3 i rent a car a 300c the breaks was bad I spoke with the manager Lisa at ohare air port to complain about my car and how trouble the lines be at night when i come to rent my car that i have to spend 40min to a hour her exact words was “Well I see you rent with us a lot so obviously the line couldnt be that bad”.i was so shock of her respond being that she is a Manager.I then starting to tell her about my breaks on my car and the wrong return dates they had on my reservation Lisa the manager at Ohare airport was so very rude after i see that she wasnt trying to listen to my complaints and didnt care i become very angry.i ask for her name her respond again “you dont have to rent from Hertz and if you get loud with me i will call the police”.I trying to make the Manager Lise to understatnd what i have been going thru with the lines and the over all.she wasnt no help she didnt care some guy name Adains Henry who work there was so rude they both embarrass me after by saying they gonna call the police when i only was try to get great customer service and to fix my reservation.after a company tell me i dont have to rent there anymore who does that on your web site it says Hertz is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service. WHich is a lie I will never rent from hertz ever!!! after how the Manager out of all people treated me like an dog. as a Manager you would think she will talk to the customers respect but she dont. she need to be fired


Military Special July 7, 2014 at 8:12 pm



Worst Customer Service z July 2, 2014 at 9:57 am

I utilized the “pay in advance” option to book an online reservation. I called to change the reservation to the Hertz airport location that offered more flexibility and was told it would be “no problem” to change locations. I asked the representative did I need to cancel the first reservation and she “assured” me she would “handle it.” When I went to pick up the vehicle that I pre-paid for I was told they didn’t have any left but they would give me a comparable vehicle. That vehicle didn’t have the same room I needed for such a long trip. The agent at the airport suggested an upgrade and I agreed to pay the difference my credit card was charged again only to be told all the upgrades was spoken for. Out of desperation I agreed to a many van only to be told my credit card was “declined” The Rep who assured me she would cancel the first reservation didn’t. Hertz h


Ryan Halpin June 30, 2014 at 10:59 am

My fiancé and I booked a rental that was supposed to be picked up on June 17th, 2014. My fiancé made the reservation through Priceline with me listed as the primary driver, however she used her own credit card. Upon arrival at Hertz; Hertz denied us the rental car because I could not provide a credit card with my name on it as I was the primary driver. I understand this policy; my credit card had been recently stolen and we had no other option. What was more concerning was the treatment we received from Manager Kyle Mackee and his staff. Mackee offered us no other options and was dismissive of us. When asked for advice from the staff, they responded with “NEXT IN LINE” and ignored our request. As a small business owner in the area of customer service, this treatment was appalling. I have never been so disrespected by a company that I was trying to do business with. I thought these issues should be brought to the attention of corporate management as I am sure shareholders would like to be aware of this example of customer service.

On a brighter note, we took our luggage and other belongings over to Dollar Rental (a subsidiary of Hertz now) and were treated with the utmost respect. The staff at Dollar Rental agreed to honor the Priceline quote that we had received and were more than gracious seeing the frustration in our eyes. So kudos to Khalid at Thrifty/Dollar Rental for providing excellent customer service, especially in contrast to the atrocious experience with Mackee.


wideline June 30, 2014 at 8:45 am

Ive never in my life delt with a car rental company that was like this never will I rent from Hertz again propele dont wast your time ok. Should’ve stick to Enterprise worst compay ever.


Kimberly Keeton June 27, 2014 at 11:08 am

3rd Update: So my refund finally hit my account yesterday. Happy I got my refund, but I will still never rent from Hertz again because of the way I was treated when I rented the car, the run around I got trying to change my reservation and being overcharged. Not to mention all the horror stories I’ve been reading here. Who would have though it would be so hard for a company to rent car’s properly and make their customers happy?


Natoya Dorsey July 1, 2014 at 8:26 pm

I see that I’m not the only one who has been duped, ripped off, conned and dealt with in the rudest way by Hertz. we need to come together and file a lawsuit against hertz.

On Jan 7th 2014 I went to the hertz location on 18400 nw 2nd Ave and was given a special bodyshop rate. the manager who was Ernesto confirmed the rate of $400 but apparently Terrence the agent at the desk decided to put $200 per week instead of every 2 weeks in the system on purpose. I signed to $416 to be authorised to my card which was suppose to be for $200 biweekly plus the $200 deposit. instead at the end of the rental after 2 months I was charged 1545 which was supposed to be around $800. Terence told me that Ernesto no longer works there and he was the only one who could’ve changed to what he had agreed upon with me. I told Terence that he was the one who put it in the system so he knew how much he should’ve put in the system but did otherwise so he should fix it. needless to say, they did not fix it and charged me anyway as they had my card on their file. they knowingly put a different amount in the system than what we are agreeing to and had me sign thinking I was authorising for $400 per month. They apparently do not have any head office cause all their number route you back to their office saying only the location can help you with a refund!! no they won’t help me because they are the ones who ripped me off! I need someone who is at their corporate office to really do an investigation into this location cause I’m sure other people are facing similar issues with them and their fraudulent behaviour. I won’t let you just take my hard worked money Hertz. this is America and I will receive justice! if this medium won’t help i will personally rally on social media for the thousands of person that you ripped off and we can have a voice together in court! you need to set up a proper cot omers service system! it is no help! Hertz owe me a refund of $662.54 after you take out the right amount that I should be charged.


Nikki June 27, 2014 at 9:24 am

I have had the worst experience with a car rental company ever with Hertz. I have been calling for a week trying to get issue resolved and no one will call me back or email me back. Today I was told it would take 10-14 days for someone to return my call. Are you kidding me? I am going to file a complaint with the BBB, Dept of Commerce, and my credit card company. I’ve been renting for years as a member of the Gold Plus program and I can’t even get anyone with the authority to do something to call me back. Customer service is a joke with Hertz! All they do is take a message; an idiot can do that!


Margie June 26, 2014 at 7:55 pm

my Rental Experience with Hertz today was very upsetting! when I arrived I was told that I had to leave a 200 dollar deposit that I will get back when I return the car…. Nothing like that was stated/written when I rented the car!! and it’s not on any of my doXXXXents!! On June 23rd I went online to rent a Full Size Impala for pick up on June 26th 5:30pm. I arrive at Hertz June 26th @5:25pm only to be given a Camry with the front end bumper coming off! Loose AND Hanging ON THE PASSENGER SIDE!. I refused to take the car and asked for an upgrade and was told they didn’t have any! (I have to leave for my Trip Tonight!! I can’t wait until tomorrow to get a car! Thats why I made the reservations for June 26th! AND DID THE ONLINE CHECK IN AS WELL, That was a waste of my time! I WAS SHOWN ANOTHER COMPACT CAR THAT WAS SO DIRTY and deffinately would not accomodate me and my family! After the clerk called around and Nooo One could help me. Then the clerk said had one full size car available but the REGISTRATION IS expiring on June 30th! and that I couldn’t take that car… I demanded a car and although this car was dirty as well! I made the suggestion to take the car with the exspiring registration on June 30th for two days June 26th and 27th then return it when I reach my destination to another Hertz and get another full size car! Because I have to leave Tonight!! And every other rental place was closed I couldn’t cancel!! I Need someone from your corportate office to contact me!! Not Happy with my Rental!!


William June 24, 2014 at 8:49 am

Rudest people I’ve ever spoken with. Don’t return phone calls. Don’t answer the questions posed to them. I have been a loyal (too loyal?) customer for 13 years. I’m done. Avis…here I come!


discouraged June 24, 2014 at 12:39 am

look at all these complaints about hertz. Some are serious and life threatening. <Anyone interested in filinga class action law suit and have the governor of nw jersey investagate this company for further shakedown and incidents that may be corrupt and illegal.

I am willing to get the ball rolling. Because customers lives were in danger due to Hert'z's neglience. Someone one pass it alonga nd lets get this going. They don't seem to care about the customers. Even thought its been a 15 years loyalty and never had an issue until this pst week.

May the buttwipes at corporate reap what they sow and may karma come back to them.


sb20 October 3, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Help me understand. You’ve been a loyal customer for 15 years without a single issue and now you want to start a class action lawsuit because of one incident? lol


discouraged June 24, 2014 at 12:24 am

They have the worse customer service at the west palm beach airport location on belvedere road. The managers are never around and the people at the gate upon entering and exiting the lot are rude, arrogant and extremely offensive. The ignore your questions and make rude comments. They are are daydreaming and their minds arenot on there work but up in the clouds. The people at the gate on sat’s and suns don’t acknowledge you. But they are suppose to be christain woman as they state it in your face redundantly.

Resevations don’t understand one word of what you are requesting. Can’t speak, understand english. Can’t acknowledge your needs in a articulate, clear, detailed,
focused manner. They ares o busy trying to impress others like they ared oing there jobs when they aren’t. You can’t get your questions answered or resolved. Leaving you frustrated and disgusted.

Corporate is no better. Customer relations is a joke. They don’t care about there customers or clients. They only care about there investors. They have bimbos and bozo’s eating up your mins on your phone and they don’t care as youw ant to get to thepoint and fix theproblem.

They connect you to security who is a freaking joke, because your so mad by then as things escalate instead of neutralize properly. What do you expect frompeople in new jersey who can’t even drive right and they are in the rental car business. What a joke.

I have contacted public agencies as well as tourism agencies, rental car magazines and other related industries to make thema ware of how bad the service has gotten. A simple thing that could have gotten fixed has gone outof control.

I am so turned off, it is pathetic. West palm beach airport location and reservation needs disciplined, removed and newpeople in thereplace.

Theydon’t know how to answer question they should know. They don’t know how to get a manager when you get no where with the idiot operator. Just cause you have a job one day, does not mean it will be there the next day.

People don’t waste your time giving hertz any business. Because I mightjust have Governor christie investagate there professional tactics and attitudes. As well as otherpublic officials.

Maybe even the local newspaper and other media related people as well.

Shame, shame to do this to a loyal, committed, dedicated customer of 15 years. And you want business. The people that I know who use hertz will probably drop you now and the incident will spread and you will loose more customers. BUt you don’t seem to care.
Because your attitude. You loose one you get 10 more. Wrong. Not anymore that doesn’t play out.


Lydia June 23, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Don’t rent a vehicle through Hertz. The representatives in person and on the phone are rude and aggressive. I only rented a vehicle once from Hertz, and I will never again!


Kimberly Keeton June 19, 2014 at 10:48 pm

2nd Update: So the refund for the two days they over charged me has not hit my account yet. I returned the car May 26. I called again Monday, June 16 and was told that they had refunded it and it just hasn’t gotten into my account yet. Well here I am, four days later, still no refund. I will call them again tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll get the same run-around answer. What a shame that the company cares so little.


shayee a June 16, 2014 at 12:48 am

confirmation G2330343778
I made this reservation pre paid it and drove 3 hours to pick up that vehicle as I get to the counter, the agent tells me that they have no car to give me< I asked if they can bring over from other location, they said there is completely no cars available, so I called reservation line and cried to them that I need the car they please change my pickup location, they did when I got back after driving back almost 5 hours hitting traffic, I found out the changes were never made!!! I called in again with long wait times, then rate was switched to lga where it was availability, when I gave my res to the manager mike v! didn't want to give me the car he said rate doesn't match their rate, after 3 hours he gave me a car that makes noise, and that's after 15 hours travelling aggravation "shame on hertz"

#this lga manager mike v! will kill youre business


Kimberly Feighery June 12, 2014 at 10:27 am

Good Day. I thought I would write you, and let you know why I will never use Hertz for business or pleasure. I had a pre paid reservation booked on 3/29/14 #G15916653D0 through Hotwire. I called the 1-800 number to verify the reservation prior to the boarding process at the airport. The conversation ran long since the rep offered to check me
In over the phone and was assured by the agent that I should proceed to the garage and look for my name on the board. Don’t be alarmed if it isn’t there, just proceed to the agent at the gold counter and they will handle my reservation details. I proceeded to the counter and that where my trip went horribly wrong. My flight landed 10 min early and I got to the counter about 5:45. The agent told me “your reservation was cancelled” that can’t be, I prepaid and confirmed with an agent. She abruptly turned the monitor around and repeated ” MAM LOOK, you reservation was cancelled, NEXT!” Wait I prepaid for this car you need to fix this”NEXT, you need to move mam” there was one white woman and one light skinned African American woman both with tight curly hair that were extremely rude and unhelpful. I called hertz 800 number and was in hold for 45 min and told there was nothing they could do call hotwire. I called hotwire and they sat on hold forever and they couldn’t get an answer as to how it got cancelled. You agents at MCO were aggressive and impulsive visually and verbally toward me and other customers. I saw the white woman run up behind one customer and it took everything in her to hold back from hitting him
And jumping in him. Not one customer didn’t have a problem and not one person left happy or under an hour. I am glad I went through Hotwire who eventually got my
Into another car agency at 830. I spent $$$$ in order to stay one night at the bay lake towers with a theme park view and dinner reservations for 815 which I ultimately was out that money as well. You ruined the beginning of my
Trip which ultimately put a damper on the weekend. You really need to address your customer service problem. Not only were your agents unhelpful but they talked about each customer openly and in a defamatory manner. I never expected this from hertz, I will be contacting JetBlue as well to let them know how this went down considering they offer your services to us true blue members.


Harry June 8, 2014 at 3:54 am

When we rent a car we have full faith and i assume with certainty that I am getting a good car and I do not need to waste my time on checking its functionality. I expect to get a good and a safe car with all safety check done and that the car is road worthy. But the car that I choose was not.
1) When I returned the car the person who returned/took my car in said that the cars Tires had low treads. Even the person who helped me had the same observation.
2) The car did not have the lug-nut remover wrench.
3) The pressure in the spare doughnut tire was much less. Even after having put in the spare Doughnut tire I could not drive, as the pressure was less. Had to wait till we flagged a RV who happened to be carrying a DC car tire inflator.
4) The person who was supposed to help me in road assistance did her very best to avoid helping me
5) Because of these factors, which were due to the poor condition of the car and they not being maintained well that I had these problems. In-fact I almost had an accident because of this flat tire.
6) To be fair I am asking that you refund me – My insurance and my rental for two days as the events/program for that day and the next day (26th and 27th) were washed out because of this short coming at your end. I would be justified in asking for a full refund but no I would like to be fair and ask for the refund as mentioned above.
7) My friends and I rent cars from Dollars at least three times a year. This is the first time we had this “couldn’t care less attitude” from your staff especially the front desk and the worst was the Help desk.

The Chronological happenings: –
1) I had rented a car from Dollar Car Rental for the date’s 23rd to 27th with all the insurances and the toll pass.
2) This car was rented so that I could attend my Nephews wedding on the 25th in Chicago and to return to Washington and then Pick them up at IAD airport that night and then to show them Washington DC as their Honey moon gift from me.
3) On the 26th while returning from Chicago I Had a flat tire on route 70/76 East and cross road of 119 /66 – it understand that this can happen to anyone who drives a car… that is why for peace of mind I bought all kinds of insurances thru Dollar Rental at the time of renting the car. When one buys insurance and Road assistance one does so as an assurance that if something goes wrong then I will have the required and needed help.
4) I needed assistance because the car did not have the lug-nut remover tool. So could not remove the deflated tire and put the doughnut tire, it was some passer by who stopped to help me with this stool from his car and he noticed that the tires had low threads for a Rental car. Later after the doughnut tire was put on the vehicle we found out it did not have proper air pressure and we waited till we flagged someone who had a tire inflator.
5) Before doing all this I had called the number that was in Dollar agreement for help 1-800-434-2226 and they asked me to call 1-800-235-9393.
6) I called 1-800-235-9393 and spoke with Ms Jamile or Janeli .She was First the customer service person that I spoke with and she tried her very best to deny me any services by saying – we cannot locate you – since you do not have the confirmation number I cannot find you … even thou I gave her the Number that was on the reservation slip … she kept on saying “you have not rented the car from us” and that I need to call the people at the place I got my reservation from … and finally I asked her to repeat the info she was putting into the computer – she did not even have the right info … I do not know if this was done on purpose or by mistake as the phone call was clear no dropping off – and I also understand that this happened on a busy “ Memorial day”…. Finally she got my info and she confirmed that I was eligible for road side assistance … but she did all her best to push me off by saying she cannot locate me even thou I gave her the cross road on 70/76 … she finally said she located me and that she was trying to send some one to help me and then she got back saying that it was very far away and that this was a restricted area, To me this is an excuse which I cannot accept. As I saw so many assistance vehicles on this road Helping stranded Vehicles – so that is not excuse.
7) The tires were worn out and had very little tread on them and this was pointed to the personal that returned my car.
8) When I rented the car this car has all scratches all over and was unclean – I mentioned this to the sales personal at the front desk of dollar rental and I was told that the person at the gate would write all this down – Which he did on the Rental receipt.


Betsy June 7, 2014 at 11:24 am

We rented this car on Sunday June 1, 2014 to drive from Charlotte to Akron Canton. This car should NOT have been let off the lot for local rental let alone a 500 mile trip!
Once we left our place in Huntersville and headed north, the car was vibrating at any speed over 60mph and was so loud it sounded as though we were riding in a train!
I called roadside assistance and was told I could exchange the rental at the Roanoke airport which would have been a 3 hour delay out of our way. Then the check engine light came on and the next call to roadside assistance, I was told to exchange it at the Charleston WV airport which was still 3 hours away or I could wait 3 hours for roadside to come to us which was not very reassuring!! At this point, my dad was already on his way from Akron to meet us because he was concerned about our safety. I then wanted to just return it to charleston and have my dad drive us from there, but was told I would be charged an additional $101 if I returned it there!! So I was forces to continue driving an unsafe vehicle to the original return location!
My dad followed me from Charleston ( with my mother and daughter whom I put in his vehicle along with our belongings) and what would normally be a 7.5 hour drive turned into over 9 hours because I was afraid to go the speed limit for fear of a breakdown, which would result in me waiting for 3 hours for roadside assistance, apparently!!
I am so disappointed in the quality of the vehicle that would be sent out for a trip of this length and in the poor customer service I received on my many calls to roadside assistance that while I was a hertz customer,(we had a rental in Charlotte from May 30-June 1 that I had to return because I was going to be charged $600 if I returned it to Akron, this is when I exchanged a very nice and reliable vehicle for a car that is not fit to be on the road!) I cannot say that I will EVER take the chance of renting from Hertz again. My weekend expenses to hertz totaled over $300 and I was given a small credit upon returning the vehicle to Akron at 11pm last night, but still paid $120 for 9 hours in a car that I assure you, would not pass a safety check!
I hope you can rectify this situation, or at least take measures to ensure this does not happen to another unsuspecting family that rents from this location!
Betsy McNulty – Medina, OH

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Kimberly Keeton June 4, 2014 at 2:02 pm

UPDATE: I did drive to the Hertz Rental where I rented my car here in Huber Heights. Luckily there was a nice gentleman there and not the rude girl who rented me the vehicle. He made a copy of the sheet showing I had returned the car May 26th, not the 29th, but then told me it could take up to two weeks to get my refund. A lot of people have too tight a budget to be out of $100 that long, but after all I’ve read I’m just glad I didn’t run into more of a problem. It surprises me that there are hardly any replies to any of the complaints I see here, The only one’s I saw were from Hertz telling the customers that they were wrong. I guess the CEO’s of Hertz really don’t care. I’m just crossing my fingers that I really do get my $100 returned to me without any more problems. Why do I have a bad feeling?


Shalin Shah June 3, 2014 at 7:51 pm

I am a Gold Rewards Member and have used Hertz for about 2 times because I appreciate your emphasis on value and excellent service. Yet a recent episode at Hertz has made me question the service.
I rented my vehicle on 05/23/2014 which was ok. But when I drove the car it had a loud humming sound so I called the location back to see if I could exchange the car and grab another one but they stated they don’t have any vehicles in my rental category & they advised that I call Customer service about it. So I did and after being transferred 4 times I got to a rep who stated I can go to O’Hare airport location and swap my vehicle out. So we left for our trip and planned to stop at O’Hare and get the car swapped.
When we got to O’Hare there was a huge line which we stood in and got to the agent who advised to talk to the manager. Manager (TIFFANY) who was EXTREMELY RUDE and stated she can’t help without even listening to what the issue was. When another Manager who was above her advised her that she should at least hear what I have to say before jumping to conclusion. So she heard what I had to say and what had happen so far in the day. But she stated she can’t do anything and I would have to “DRIVE BACK TO LIBERTYVILLE” to get my vehicle replaced. But when I said I want to talk to a manager above her she stated it she will have someone look to see if my vehicle is having issues but current wait time is 6-8 hours and if there is something wrong then she will decide if she can issue another car to us. At that time it was about 1:30pm.
And since we were getting late for our trip so we called customer service; again we were transferred about 4 times before we got to road side assistance and they suggested that it would be better if I take it to another rental location and only one that I could think off was MIDWAY airport. So she called MIDWAY Hertz rental and spoke to them and confirmed that they have a rental for me to swap too and it’s ready for pickup. But when we got to MIDWAY gold rewards member booth they stated have to go in so we did. But the person at the counter stated they didn’t get any calls from roadside assistance and she will have to call roadside assistance before she can do anything. After standing there for 1 hour she stated she can’t swap the vehicle. So I advised her to talk to her manager and check what can be done. She took about 15 minutes and came back and told me she can swap the vehicle for Toyota Corolla so I said anything Mid-Size works. Half way through it she stated she can’t swap to it since I’m not new customer and since I didn’t do the original rental from them I can’t get that car. But she can swap me to a compact Nissan Versa. And since I had spent 9 hours from the time of my rental to get one vehicle swapped I said yes. But when I got into Versa I was having a hard time adjusting in it. So I went back to her and asked if she could swap me to another vehicle and she stated that is a Honda Civic and she can swap me to it but I will have to wait in line again for her to help me since she is going on her BREAK. So I stood in the line for about another 45 minutes and then was able to get the Honda Civic. At that time it was about 4:30pm
When I got the car and got back on the road I wasted over 9 hours trying to get the vehicle swapped that had issues and I didn’t feel safe driving a vehicle with humming sound on the road for 40 hours.
From this experience all I can say HERTZ has the WORST SERVICE out there. I have been a member for ENTERPRISE for last 9 years and I’m not even on their rewards program but still they have the best service. Had a similar issue about a vehicle but they swapped it out without any questions or hassle.
I just wanted you to know how customers are stiffed & poorly treated at Hertz.


Mary S. Wood June 2, 2014 at 11:33 pm

Hertz Corporation May 28, 2014
Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.
225 Brae Blvd
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

To Whom It May Concern:

Aloha, I am a Hertz customer who is an elementary school teacher from the Big Island of Hawaii. I am writing to notify you of the total lack of customer service and disrespect I received at the Lindbergh Field Airport Hertz location (3202 North Harbor Drive ) in San Diego on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

I prepaid for my month long vehicle rental and reserved it months in advance; I notified my banks of my San Diego visit, notified Hertz of my flight information, and had all my doXXXXents and receipts handy.

At 11:00 PM, when I arrived at the Hertz Airport location, there were 3 customer service agents and two customers. I was directed to use the kiosks in the back.

I went through the process of scanning my driver’s license and credit card to verify my identity, and the process of going over the paperwork. The virtual agent said I needed to pay $264 taxes, etc. plus $200 deposit to be refunded after the vehicle is returned. When I swiped the credit card again for this transaction, the virtual agent said the card was declined. I swiped a different credit card and that was declined. I knew there was a problem that could be solved because I had everything all set up for success on my end.

The store manager (on site) said that I couldn’t rent the car. I told her it was a prepaid month rental. She was adamant and said it was company policy that if credit card was rejected, no rental. I offered a suggestion of negotiating a one-day rental until I resolved problem with bank the next day. The answer was No.

I tried to call my banks using my cell phone. During my calls, the office manager asked if someone else in town had a credit card I could use. I hung up and called my father who offered to use his credit card over the phone. The office manager’s answer was “no, he would have to drive over”. My parents are senior citizens and it is now midnight. After several minutes, the office manager said that my dad would have to rent the car. I told her that I had already prepaid and I am renting the car. She told me she couldn’t rent the car to me. While I started calling the banks again, she interrupted and told me that she couldn’t even rent the car to my dad and his credit card wouldn’t suffice because this was a prepaid rental. She asked if I had a ride for the night. I asked the agents to show a little aloha and that I would appreciate some customer service. They all laughed.

I cannot believe what is happening. There is not another customer in the place and I can’t even get a person to help and now they are mocking me. I said that I am ready to change over to National Car Rental because of all this abuse. The office manager asked, “How are you even going to get your money back to rent from National?”

I am in full distress at this point because of the lack of respect, lack of aloha, and complete lack of customer service. At that moment, I got in touch with First Hawaiian Bank using my cell phone. It was a relief because they said that everything is fine with the status of my account and card. First Hawaiian Bank said that just now Hertz Car Rental inputted an incorrect expiration date with my card information and the transaction was rejected. Hertz Car Rental did not correctly read the expiration date. Everything would be fine, if Hertz would input the correct expiration date.

Problem solved. I let everyone know that Hertz had made a mistake. The office manager told me to go back to the kiosk to complete transaction. I asked to work with one of the service representatives instead as the kiosk transaction was problematic. The office manager said No.

Upon completing the transaction and explaining everything to the virtual agent, I asked the male service representative, on site, if he would be a gentleman and put the back seats down in the mini-van since I had oversized baggage. He obliged and even drove the van out to the front so I could load the vehicle. Finally, some customer service! The office manager stomped outside to direct the Hertz service rep to not park there; she then followed the vehicle across the lane and ordered him back inside the building. Once inside, they all stared out the window while I put the back seats down and loaded up the vehicle. I asked for a vehicle inspection and they all just stared at me. I noticed a dent on the rear door and asked for an inspection doXXXXent to record. No response. I left the car rental location at 12:30 AM – a full 90 minutes of aggravation!

I have never ever experienced such disregard and disrespect! I am appalled and will never recommend Hertz to anyone. When you rent from Hertz – it Hurts!


Mary S. Wood
Kamuela, HI 96743


Kimberly Keeton June 2, 2014 at 2:41 pm

My sister became critically ill and I had to drive from Huber Heights, OH to Colorado Springs, CO on May 21. I booked the car one way after I was told I could change the reservation to round trip if I needed to, I’d just have to call and check the rate. I liked the idea of blue tooth since I was driving a long way by myself. When we arrived at the Hertz Rental the girl was pale, no name tag, and very rude. I asked her if she could get me a car with blue tooth and she said I would get what I rented! She was giving me a Nissan Versa, which is very small and no blue tooth, and I asked if she had something a little larger. She said no, this was her round trip vehicle. I told her, but I was going one way. She still gave me the Versa. I called the 800 number and was sent to the Dayton Airport and told I could get an upgrade for only $5.00 extra a day. I thought that was nice so I drove to the Dayton Airport, where I was told they didn’t have anything! When I explained everything she searched again and found a Toyota Corolla, which worked great, blue tooth and all. My sister passed Sunday and I was debating whether to drive back or not. Called the 800 number to find out what I would be charged to drive it back and was told they don’t have access to L contract numbers and I’d have to contact the place where I rented it. I explained that they were closed until Tuesday because of the holiday and they said there was nothing they could do! How terrible that I couldn’t find out anything when it’s their company! So, because I couldn’t find out what the charge would be I decided to return the car and take the train home. I returned the car on Monday, May 26 at the Colorado Springs airport. As of today I hadn’t been charged so I called the Hertz where I rented the car and after checking I was told that Colorado Springs Airport shows I returned it on May 29! Now I have to wait until my husband gets off work and drive to the Hertz to show them the receipt I got showing that I returned it on the 26th and not the 29th! Tried calling Colorado Springs airport, they said they couldn’t help. Called billing’s 800 number, they showed no record of my contract. I think it’s ridiculous that I can’t get any information and now I have to drive to the rental place to prove when I turned the car in! My sister suddenly passing so young was very hard and the run around by Hertz made everything even more stressful. So I will drive to Hertz when my husband gets off work and all I can hope is that the rude girl who rented it to me won’t be there. I HOPE I can get this all settled today, but for some reason I have my doubts.


Penny June 1, 2014 at 10:01 pm

I have had the worst experience with the rent to buy program. I was hit and my car totalled and rented a car. I was told about the program. I have spoken to many sales people and have been told they would call back. After the third person one of the associates got involved and spoke to someone and sent my information to her. After another three weeks of no return calls still renting this car. Now it has been three months and I call and the person said she had my phone number wrong, and nw the tag has expired and has been
35 days and they still have not gotten the car to me, I rented this car and because now after 4 months they drained me dry, I had to turn in the loaner and have no car for work or to go see my husband in the nursing home. Thanks to Hertz I may lose my job.


Mike May 30, 2014 at 2:10 pm

I cannot begin to tell you how horrible my experience with hertz was. To start I made 3 reservations at 3 different locations a knowing that i was going to have a problem at least at one location well it turns out that I had a problem at each one
First i drove 15 minutes to get there then they making problems up on the spot and lying strait out to me they would tell me one thing then I would call the corporate office and they would say another so here I am after 6 hours of trying to take out my reservation without any car I dont think I am sane anymore… so basically dont think that just because you have a reservation that you will just be able to go there and rent the car they WILL give you a problem even if everything on your part is fine and dont think that you have all your info and what could go wrong…well thats the problem they make things up go to a different company were its official do yourself a favor……


Simon May 26, 2014 at 11:55 am

For the attention of Mr Sider – Chief Operating Officer of Hertz Car Rental USA

At your next board meeting I would be obliged if you read this to you colleagues and then ask yourselves why there are such obvious problems with your organisation. From comments by others my experience is not unique. I can only summise that Hertz is an organisation destined for failure.

My wife and I arrived at Dulles Washington DC on 12th May from London. We had booked a full size car for our vacation. We chose Hertz in expectation of a ‘no fuss’ car rental from a competent and reputable international business.

There was a large queue for the 3 rental desks that took nearly an hour. No seating available and when you have to stand outside in 80 degree heat after a long transatlantic flight it’s not long before you start to feel unwell. The rental office is small and shabby and in no way reflects my expectation of your organisation.

I presented reservation doXXXXentation and had the unexpected $200 deposit. I then went out to the allocated vehicle to find a smaller vehicle class than I had booked and paid for. I then had to agressively complain to be provided with the correct vehicle. Having stress in an unfamiliar location at the start of our vacation has determined a permanent negative perception of Hertz. It is not an experience we have had with Dollar or Alamo on previous visits to the USA over the last 5 years

It would be helpful for your organisation to grasp that you have one chance with new customers. In this instance you failed and next year in San Francisco I will exercise choice by eliminating Hertz as a car rental supplier. A loss of business that is entirely your own fault. I would be obliged if you or your PA take the time to properly respond to my comments.

Thank You


john finnerty May 20, 2014 at 7:57 pm

10 days after contacting Hertz/Firefly about the problems listed below, neither company has responded to me.
Another fine example of Hertz/Firefly’s lack of compassion, understanding or business ethics.


Dave Wise May 22, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Good afternoon,

5/21/2014 – E mail to Hertz
I wanted to bring to you attention that I spoke to your road side service associate yesterday at about 6:15 pm relating to a concern that I have with one of your vehicles that I’m driving.

The issue is that the front brakes are making some grinding noise and the vehicle seems to have a rough idle at times. I attempted to return it to your location in Troy , MI which was closed so I request to return it to Lake Orion which is near where the car is parked. I took the vehicle to the Lake Orion office at 11am today and I was informed that they did not have a replacement vehicle available. This is the first disappointment.

I told your associate in Lake Orion that I can wait until up to 4:30pm at which time that will be the be first opportunity that I have to return it to Lake Orion. Your associate assured me that they should have a vehicle by then and I will receive a call. Well now it is 4:30pm and no call so it seems that I’m stuck with this vehicle for another day. This is the second disappointment.

The only reason that I agreed to wait until 4:30pm because I felt that the brake and engine idle issues were not extremely serious but I was concerned about driving it. I had planned to drive its replacement vehicle to Lansing in the morning which I will have to delay.

This is very frustrating since I’m trying to come back to your organization from years of rentals from National. Do you have any suggestions of what my options are at this point with this vehicle.

I still have the same car because they do not have one to replace it out in Lake Orion, MI. This coule be the worst customer experience that I have ever had with a rental car company. No one have even call me back and they told me that woudl twice. I had to reach out to them.


Amanda harper May 19, 2014 at 1:56 am

I had prepaid a min van through hot wire for mother day a week in advance I paid $103.65 to take my mom and my very I’ll father which would be his be his last time traveling out of town for the day. I had return the min van that same evening but was charge $98.99 to my credit card James is the one that helped me. But when my daughter told me this Sunday that I was charged twice I called hot wire and they told me that James should have knew the that the min van was already paid for but he still charged me. When I called hertz I happen to get James and when I started to tell him he just said I can’t help u and hung up on me. I’m going to call my credit card report fraud. I have also had reserved a prior car from them for this 4th of July to take my granddaughter to Disneyland but because of how I was treated I’m going to cancel my car rental with hertz. I did gave James a good review but now afteftr stole my money and hung up on me he can kiss my a**.


Sylvia Grass May 13, 2014 at 12:12 am

Sylvia Grass
RR 147708050
My day was hectic and I forgot my Garmin GPS with cord and clip in the car. I also forgot a green auxiliary cable in the console. 
Since my sister lives in Rochester I figured I could have her pick it up and send it to me. No sense in waiting two weeks to one month for Hertz to go through the motions of a system that’s clearly FLAWED. Can you say inconvenient?
Hell I was probably still in the airport when they found it. They could have paged me to come get it. For that matter the woman checking me out could have pointed it out. At any rate it was my error and sadly it revealed a lot about your company and how you treat your customers.
I called the local counter and was repeatedly disconnected and routed back to the automated line. No way to leave a message. Go ahead and call yourself 585-279-7420. Press 9 to speak with an agent and wait. 
I gave up and called customer service and spoke with a woman who told me to go online and fill out a form. I asked how long that would take and she stated two weeks or longer. I explained that my sister lives locally and since I use the GPS for my work if I could just speak with a local agent I could probably get faster results than your current inhuman and cold system. 
She stated rudely that “You have the same number I have so if they won’t answer for you then they won’t answer for me”
WOW! I mean holy XXXXXing wow! Is that how you train them at Hertz?
I begged her to try and she placed me on hold. Came back and stated they wouldn’t answer and I will have to use the online system. At this point I’d had enough of the attitude and just wanted to speak with someone else. I asked to be transferred and she refused, said no one was available and started to hang up on me. Really?!?!
I continued to politely plead with her to speak to someone else. Her rote response “No one is available to help you, go online. No one is available to help you, go online. No one is available to help you, go online. No one is available to help you, go online.”
Again, wow!
Please go listen to the call for yourself. I grew frustrated and cursed her out and hung up.
Called back later to find a second customer service person who actually defended the first ones actions. Really?!?! 
He too stated repeatedly “There’s nothing we can do, go online, goodbye. There’s nothing we can do, go online, goodbye. There’s nothing we can do, go online, goodbye.” This must be the Hertz royal treatment. Do you condone this type of attitude? Do you instruct them to act like this? Are you seriously this type of company? 
The second “service” person offered to file a complaint about the Rochester location refusing to answer but REFUSED to file a complaint about the service I received. 
Talk about solidarity, they must be union. Never seen such a rotten group of workers stick up for each other. You must be so proud. 
I asked the second person to transfer me and while he too claimed nooooo one was available he also stated “they can’t help you get your iphone back”. I replied that I hope he was paying better attention than that. I didn’t lose my iphone. Again, top notch training you got there.
He did transfer me to a manager and I broke down in tears. This manager claimed he would work on my problem and he too tried to call the Rochester counter, they didn’t answer. 
In the end you’ve revealed yourself and lost my business permanently. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and expected so much more from a Midwestern company. I expected some hospitality and a little human understanding. Going the extra mile makes a customer for life. But you’ve made your choice and I will make mine.
I still need my GPS and cords back and I still need the Rochester location to answer the XXXXXing phone. 
If you have anything useful to say please respond. If you respond with “There’s nothing we can do, go online, goodbye.” Well there’s consequences for all actions aren’t there. 


John Finnerty May 10, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I just attempted to rent a vehicle from Firefly, Hertz’ newest venture into the car rental business.
Calling this a “second class operation” would be a huge compliment.
After a wait of over an hour to see one of the two reservation agents at Denver Airport, I was assigned a vehicle and told it was in spot #5.
The car had scratches and dings on every piece of sheet metal, the plastic molding around the base of the window was falling off and the remnants of duct tape or bumper stickers were on the trunk and right rear fender.
I approached the Firefly manager, who was in the lot, and he stated “don’t worry about the scratches and dings, we don’t charge you for them. And the molding was not correctly replaced after the windshield was installed”.
I attempted to have the security guard at the exit make note of the damages to avoid me being charged for them later. He simply scribbled the words “hood, fender and trunk” on the cover page of me rental agreement. Every other reputable car rental firm has a small form where damages are noted and signed by both parties!!
I returned to the reservation desk (without leaving the lot) to return the car and get a refund to my credit card. I was told my the desk manager Lorrie that it was impossible to get a printed receipt that the contract was voided or get any verification that my credit card was refunded. After insisting that I receive some doXXXXentation, I was given a hand written not by Lorrie that the car was returned-contract voided. I received nothing regarding my credit card payment. I will be watching my next statement for Firefly’s attempt to process some payment to them.
At this rate, Firefly will not last long. As the parent company, Hertz has instilled it’s lack of business ethics or compassion for the customers.
Save yourself a headache. Avoid Hertz and Firefly!!!!!!


Marcus May 9, 2014 at 4:28 pm

At Las Vegas Mcarran is one of the worse place on this planet to rent your car the fees are staggering and the return service is as arduous as tring to catching a flight to the moon one return person by the name of gale accused me of smoking pot a criminal accusation when it take a law enforcement officer 2-5 years before he or she can testify in a open to determine whether it’s marijana or not big boo boo on her part law suite in order right.


rob May 9, 2014 at 7:22 am

Had a caddy cts from or to tn I was detained in ne and car was towed. so far charges are over 6000 dollars for a one week rental. 1. they thought is was a kia. 2. they waited over a week to get it even though they were notified. 3. they still dont know what kind or wherre the vehicle is, even though I called them, went to a desk and notified them and have talked to people for 3 hours a day for a week straight. DO NOT USE HERTZ you will be screwed.


Vincent Thomas April 30, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Rented a premium car back in August of last year at the boardman Ohio location and they gave me a Wrecked Cadillac ATS. I took the car because it was only cosmetic damage and I needed the car asap. Nice car ran great BUT once I turned it in and closed out my sale I had been wondering why a week later it hadn’t reflected on my credit card yet. Turned out that they never closed it out even though they gave me a receipt, I was billed for the guy that had the car for two weeks after me and turned it in at an airport in Michigan. I was billed over 1700.00 dollars for this and they did everything they could tell me I had the car and was nothing they could do even after contacting the district manager. Contacted the BBB filed a report and called the corporate office to let them know they then investigated and saw the information on the guy that rented after me and refunded my money a month after all this happened but said they could not refund any overdrawn fees or aanything. They offered 200 in coupons towards my next rental which I never recieved. I called today they said they did away with the coupons and switched to their hertz rewards system and offered 675 points which is equivalent to an 1 day rental. Does this sound fair to you to go from $200 in rental to one day? Do not rent here bad customer service go to Enterprise or Budget!


David Havrin April 28, 2014 at 8:46 pm

We rented a Jeep Liberty (small SUV) from Las Vegas Airport for our drive to and from the Grand Canyon. We declined insurance, declined the GPS and decided to go with the gas add-on for the convenience of saving time to catch the flight back. We noticed that the Jeep had several chips and dings in the fenders and noted it but could not find anyone to walk around the car with us or ask us if this car was the right fit (we were only told what # space it was located in). After 10 minutes, we realized that the attendant at the gate would note it (he didn’t, he just told us to write it down – great system) so we took pictures. The Jeep had 50K miles on it and it was a 4 cylinder so it had no power to climb the hills/mountains. The denied and unrequested GPS was hard-wired into the dash, took up valuable space, and consistently turned itself on and played commercial ads to boot. The GPS would blind you when driving at night so you had to keep turning it off every 10 minutes (a nuisance). It took 35 minutes to rent the car and then when we had questions, we could not get anyone to help us. This Jeep Liberty is good for two people but with 4 people and a lot of hiking gear, it was an uncomfortable 10 hours of driving. The biggest issue was the high cost for a small vehicle, the wait and then no one wanting to help us with our questions. We will never rent from Hertz again – very complacent staff in Las Vegas. We love Enterprise and should have booked this ourselves and not through a travel agent. No deal to be found! Lesson learned – Hertz is off our list! No service whatsoever.


David Olshan April 28, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Recent rental with Hertz at Myrtle Beach Airport was the worst of my life! Filthy car with bald tires and the branch manager and Hertz could care less about how unsafe the car was! Don’t waste your time or money! Over rated and priced!


R. Stertz April 26, 2014 at 2:55 pm

We rented and prepaid for a Hertz car through Travelocity; we got a good price, but it wasn’t worth it!!!! Upon arrival at Orlando, FL the counter person, Melanie, was abrasive and tried to sell us insurance, which we told her our insurance agent said we would be covered. She berated us telling us that was not true and we would have to pay $200/day that the car was out of commission if it was involved in an accident. She also tried to get us to purchase FastPass servie for the tolls. We told her we brought our own change in preparation for the tolls and she berated us again saying, “It’s your problem if you miss one. You’ll get fined, too.” She wanted us to buy their gas for the fill-up; we told her we would fill it ourselves. She huffed and puffed. So on and so on and so on. Now, we received a charge on credit card for PlatePlass charges of over $84 on a car that was in New York/New Jersey while we were renting their car in Florida! We have called our credit card company to dispute the charge and we have to cancel our credit card because some fool has it. This will mean we have to change all automatic pre-pays to our new card (when we receive it in 2 weeks)! DO NOT RENT FROM HERTZ!!!!!


Vincent Thomas April 30, 2014 at 12:21 pm

They kept my card information also and billed me 1700.00 for the guy that had the car after me for two weeks and had it Michigan and I’ve never been to that state in my life.


Kim Kirby April 25, 2014 at 8:29 pm

3 emergency roadside assistance calls. 1 customer service call, 1 911 call, 1 insurance call, 1 call to Port Arthur site, 1 call to Fort Worth site, 2 calls to corporate customer service, 1 call to Beaumont site. 1 return call from Fort Worth manager, then 1 email with wrong address provided.

Consumer Alert: Do not rent from Hertz Rental Cars. Over 4 hours trying to get drivable car due to a road hazard and we are 5 hours from home. No–we are not going to attempt the drive home thru the Piney Woods when we can’t get help in the middle of Beaumont. Yes–I will be sending a certified letter to CEO, Mark Frissora.


David Olshan April 28, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Agree, Hertz is the worst!


z Bonnie Derr April 24, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I was just reading my bank statement and there was a charge from Hertz Rent a Car on there for 51.02. On the date were charged this amount we were driving own car and did not even rent a car from them. Back in January we did and it was out of Venice, Fl after a accident and our insurance covered the cost and we had to pay$5 a day for the vehicle and returned in 3 days. I do not understand what is going on. I guess I will change my debit card because they are so crooked they will bill you again later and charge a person for something that never happened. STAY AWAY FROM HERTZ RENT A CAR.


Andrew Siman April 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Hertz is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. During a recent rental I was not able to exchange a defective car that I had rented for two months. I was also not able to get Hertz to get the oil changed when a “need to change the oil” notification appeared on the dash. Then I managed to get through to customer relations. What a joke that was. I was put into the spin cycle by “Mary” who does not have a second name or a personal email address. What an absolute joke! “Mary” must be the only person at Hertz’s customer relations office. BTW ever try to get in touch with a real live person about rental issues?


David Olshan April 28, 2014 at 7:40 pm

Agree, Hertz is the worst!


Richard Rivero April 21, 2014 at 2:08 pm

My wife and I placed a request for a med size suv with navigation in the vehicle on line. We planned to visit our family in Charlottesville VA and travel to all the Sept 11, 2001 sites. We arrived as scheduled late on on Wed night, cold, rain and snow at their airport location. The agent was very abrasive and did not have the car we wanted. A few days after, we took our grand-daughter and friend on a play date approx. 70 miles away, while enroute, the center console advised me that the oil needed to be changed out…GREAT. We started using OUR phone to naviage with because their port unit cord was broken but, that is another matter..we/they could not find a replacement so I took time away from our visit to take care of it. All in all it was a very bad experience and something we would not care to do again using Hertz. We/I saw mostly everything planned but using the phone for navigating was hard on both of us being seniors an all.


Sharon Croxton April 18, 2014 at 11:00 am

I made reservation in Summerville SC at your 975 Bacons Bridge Rd Branch for 0900 on 17 Apr 2014. I was told to call the Hertz Summerville SC location at 0800 to confirm we wanted the car to be delivered to our location by 0900 on 18 Apr 2014 which I did right at 0800. We were told that State Farm customers were one of their main clients and that they came first. We finally received the car at 10:45 after several phone calls and persistence to your Branch. This is unacceptable professtional to me. Some type of compensation from Hertz should be made for the inconvenience of the delay. If I ran my business this way, I would not be in business. Hertz reservation G17831131E3.


THOMAS PORTER April 17, 2014 at 5:15 pm



hguzman April 17, 2014 at 2:09 pm

I was in a car accident and the other drivers insurance company provided a rental through Hertz in Toms River, NJ because my car was in the shop for repairs. On the morning of 4/2/14 I stopped at a local gas station (one block away from Hertz) and topped off the gas tank paying cash. I went and returned the car. The Hertz rep inspected the vehicle, recorded mileage, etc. He said everything was in order and marked my receipt as returned on 4/2. The rep then drove me to the auto body shop (2 miles away) and continually said for me to remember to use Hertz in the future, etc.

Now a week later I see a charge for $34.97 on my bank card. So, I call the Hertz office and speak with the branch manager Melissa. Who then proceeds to tell me that if I can’t prove I brought the car back with a full tank of gas and having a receipt then they will not refund my money. I tried to reason with her by asking why would I let them charge me $35 for half of a tank when $45 would fill the entire tank. So, because of someone not doing their job and entering the information correctly and me not asking the gas station for a receipt while paying cash; Hertz believes they can screw you.

I then called Hertz Corp office and the rep Ashley says “I would be upset too if someone messed with my money but our policy is to go by the local sites notes in the system”. Not a courtesy, not a “we can work this out”, NOTHING!


I have since filed a chargeback with my bank. However, this is ridiculous that their reps are so callous and don’t give a damn about customers. Who cares if you return because they will just screw the next guy out of money anyway!


Bob Marker April 17, 2014 at 1:41 pm

Robert L. Marker
XXXXX N Blackstone Dr.
Chandler, AZ 85224

The reservation for an economy car was prepaid via Travelocity to be picked up at Natrona County International Airport February 06, 2014. The arrival of the airplane was 11:14 pm.

The temperature and the airport was -11 degrees Fahrenheit with a light snow and approximately a 25 mph wind. When I approached the counter, the agent for Hertz informed me she had a Toyota Prius and asked me if the electric car would be alright. Since I had never driven one before I said “probably”.

I made my way outside to the parking area, the car was not plugged in to a charging station, and it was parked in the regular parking area for the rentals. I started the car and went back to the lobby of the airport (small airport) only about 50 yds from the car. I stood inside the lobby while the car was running for about 15 minutes. I went back out to the car, keep in mind it is 11 degrees below zero and the wind is blowing snow. When I got back into the car expecting to see some heat, there was absolutely none. By this time my fingers were numb from the cold so I went back into the lobby and told the agent the heater did not work and could she please give me something with a radiator so I could get some heat.

The agent said all she had was SUVs, no other economy cars and I would be required to upgrade to a different car if the Prius was not acceptable. All I wanted was something with some heat, I didn’t care if it was a single passenger car I just wanted some heat so I would not get frost bite on the way back to town.

I lived in Casper Wyoming for almost 40 years and am very aware of the danger of traveling in weather below zero without a car heater especially over a snow packed road with blowing snow and limited visibility.

The airport is approximately 15 miles from the town of Casper and at 11 below zero at midnight with iced roads the car could slide off the road and I could freeze to death. The traffic on the main highway to town this time of night is almost nonexistent.

The agent from Hertz said she had nothing unless I paid her an additional $60.00 per day for another car. (Approx $200). I had no other options; I couldn’t take a cab because I had an early morning meeting and needed dependable on-time transportation.

I did not need nor want a car larger than the economy I expected to rent. Hertz was unable to fulfill their contract with me, No other car rental was open at this time of night so I had no choice but to agree to take the upgrade. I was so cold I just wanted to get to town to get warm. I expected Hertz to honor their commitment to me.

Early April of this year I called Brad Williams, manager of Hertz and he said he would have to check to see if there were any other complaints about the heater in the Prius. I’m not interested in other complaints; the car would not meet my needs because the heater didn’t work at 11 degrees below zero. I don’t know why, I only know I could get no heat and did not request an upgrade; I just requested a car with a functioning heater.

Hertz did not honor their contract by positioning me where I had no choice but to take an upgrade, regardless of cost. This type of service is unacceptable and does not reflect the type of service I am used to with Hertz.

Thank you; please continue to have Hertz recognize their responsibility in this matter.

Robert L. Marker
Email: bmXXXXX@cox.net


Vincent Johnson May 1, 2014 at 9:09 am

No cars motor will heat up to produce heat in 15 mins in below 11 degree temperatures. I’ve owned prius’ s and the small 4 cylinder takes time to warm up. It’s not because it’s an electric vehicle that statement is false because it is a true hybrid running on both gas and electric they have radiators lol. Your complaint is based ignorance expecting a vehicle in -11 weather to warm up to 180 degrees instantly. That isn’t possible


Ric Justice April 15, 2014 at 7:09 pm

By the way Enterprise ,Budget and ,Avis have no problems using Debit Cards


Ric Justice April 15, 2014 at 7:04 pm

I have been using hertz ounce a month for over a year
I misplaced my debit card and received a new one .I was tolled to bring it in
And it was going to up date my profile .All I had was to go to your office so they
Would fill it in .
I tried to rent a car and it would not go through I re contacted hertz and they told me it mite take4 24 hr.
But not to worry So tried the next day no luck so I called the mane office and they transferred me for about 25 minutes I talked to a supervisor she told me we don’t take debit cards and hung up .After over a year of
of having good service I am going to Enterprise .
I was on your Face book and was happy to see im not the only person to be disappointed with your service
Thanks for nothing.
R J.


Cathy April 14, 2014 at 8:36 pm

After already paying for our rental a head of time, we got to the Hertz ticket counter and she asked several questions: SHE WAS VERY DECEPTIVE WITH HER ANSWERS
1. do you want the fuel purchase option?
We said “what is that?”
Her answer was this: “You only have to pay for the fuel you use. If you fill the car up yourself, it will be $4 a gal. If you let us fill it up, it will be $3 a gal.”
We only drove the car for 75 miles and she charged us $44.34
2. Do you want an additional operator?
We said “how much?”
She said “only $12.95” Then charged us $21.34
Our total bill was $77.85 This was at the Las Vegas airport.
I sent in my survey and gave them my two cents. She called me back on Saturday and left a message to to call her back as soon as was convenient. I called the number she left and stayed on the phone for 9 minutes just to get a message that said they were closed and call back on Monday-Friday. I called the number that came up on caller ID and that was for a whole different rental agency. Plus she talked so fast I could only understand half of what she said.
I will never rent from Hertz again! My total bill with rental came to $137.85 for two days. The advertisement stated $15 per day. What a scam this company is!!!!


carol April 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm

They don’t listen to what you say and charge you for items you said you didn’t want.
Terrible Service and as the person in charge of travel for my company, I can assure you that Hertz will not be used by anyone traveling in the future.


Lee April 9, 2014 at 11:55 am

We reserved a vehicle on expedia.com and when we went into hertz to pick up the car we were told that there were no compact car available but was offered an SUV at an upgraded price. We were upset and it was clearly wasn’t our fault there were no vehicles available but was still charged at a higher rate. Also the representative that helped us in the hertz office did not informed us that the location was going to be closed on a sunday @ 1pm so we were charged an extra day that we were not told about until we saw the charges on our credit card bill. Also, the SUV that we got from Hertz smelled really bad inside the car and the alignment for the car was horrible.

Anyways, I called hertz when I saw the charges on my Credit card but was told that there’s nothing they can do about it and due hertz policy that if we drop off the car after hours we will be charged an extra day and will not get a refund when we were not given those information when we rented the car. WE WILL NEVER RENT FROM HERTZ AGAIN!!!!!


Heather April 2, 2014 at 10:31 am

I was giving a car throught my dealership while my car was in the shop, the car Hertz gave me was parked across the street covered in snow. After driving the car for 24 hrs my son opened the armrest and found personal items in it, a credit card, press on nails, cash and a bag of weed! I can’t believe I was driving around with drugs in the car with my children! All Hertz said was sorry and they will make sure they clean out the card better.


Theophile March 24, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Very unsatisfied customer, I rent a car every two weeks, it’s my first and possibly the last time I rent from hertz, the customer service sucks, the employees seems like they have no customer service training, I went in I waited nearly 30 minutes before I was help all the reps were just walking around, if you don’t like your job quit, they acted like they didn’t want to be there, when I returned the car the service was even worse, no ne wanted to help, the greeters have attitudes and the sales reps were the same, never again


kathrene spires March 24, 2014 at 10:33 am

Can someone please help me . I am at my breaking point on my prepaid refund. I have been waiting since Feb 21st and was told 5 to 7 business days. Then I callagainwhen that time was up and find out no record was recorded to show that the request was submitted to the prepaid dept. So thenim told 7 to 14 business days I call again and am told it will take until the 24 th of March.I called today and now I’m told the 31. Of March.I am so upset at this point . I have been more than patients. This is aweful. I need my money and I asked to talk to someone else a supervisor someone in that dept. I was told there is nothing more I can do but wait really ? If I owed you money I would be charged intrest and late fees ect.I know we own a body shop and we refer atleast 100 customers a year to rent cars I know that’s seems to be tiny compared to the millions that rent but how would you feel if someone had your money and took it in 30 seconds but can’t return it in over a month someone please help me have some peace of mind about this.


Emily Coglizer March 24, 2014 at 9:45 am

I left a VERY unsatisfied survey for rental record 106374564. Please reference these survey results for an explanation of my anger with your company. Ian and Jessica (they didn’t share last names) both stated they upgraded my manager (Mary Coffin, EVP Wells Fargo) to a T series SUV. I called multiple times to confirm and 2 things happened, to make me never want to rent her a Hertz vehicle again (I’ve been at Wells Fargo for 18 yrs and have never had a rental company treat me this poorly)….1) I was quoted a $30 upgrade for this SUV. I wrote it down immediately and asked for an updated confirmation and Jessica said she couldn’t adjust the current reservation. I know I heard her right because it was the only SUV that I asked for (Tahoe type) and it was the only upgrade charge amt she quoted me-period. Before the trip, I called this office multiple times because something about this kiosk (at Panama City Beach airport) seemed unprofessional and just not right. To make matters even worse, after 4 verbal confirmations with this office, they tried to switch vehicles on the way to the airport! I spoke with Ian on Saturday and asked for his manager’s name (slips my mind presently). I was told they would never have rented the SUV for an upgrade of 30/day because it is their largest vehicle and it was spring break week. He also told me his office conducts a lot of ‘bad business’ practices and gave me a few examples (including booking reservations for vehicles they no longer have available, etc). Wow! I book a lot of rentals for our company and honestly, will do my best to stay away from Hertz going forward. I will also share this example with the many admins in our company who use Hertz for all of their travel needs. If you need further information, please contact me directly. I have a feeling this major concern will go nowhere though, which is really quite sad…..


Todd Ripley March 19, 2014 at 5:03 pm


I am very disappointed in the response regarding my Hertz rental car bill and do not understand how the price can be that much inflated from the original quote. It was not our fault that Hertz upgraded the vehicle. This was not requested from our side. The reason for me calling down in advance to pre negotiating a rate was to ensure we did not run into a problem with price gouging.

If this is your proposed final resolution, after being a long time Hertz customer, I will not long rent vehicles from Hertz and in addition recommend to my family, friends and colleague that they steer clear of Hertz due to bait and switch tactic and questionable business practices.

I am very disappointed in your customer service and no longer a Hertz customer.

Todd Ripley
XXXXX Shore End Drive
Crownsville, MD 21032
Phone: 202-366-XXXXX

—–Original Message—–
From: Hertz Customer Relations [mailto:Customer-Relations@hertz.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 1:21 PM
To: Ripley, Todd (MARAD)
Subject: HERTZ FILE IQ3114 /083

Dear Mr Ripley:

Thank you for your inquiry.

I have checked to see what it would cost to rent a car for the 47 days if we were to make a reservation today. The total I am getting on the price would be $2705.94 for a Compact car. Your daughter actually received a Full Size car and she was not charged any more for the difference in size.
A lot of the cost for this rental was because your daughter was not 25 years old, and that added on to the price of $20.00 per day for an underage fee.

The rates are only guaranteed at the price that you reserve the car at, when you make a change and extend the rental the price most of the time is different. The location just gave you the best rate available when the car was returned.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide assistance.


Customer Correspondence Administrator
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Oklahoma City, OK 73134

FAX: 405-290-2899

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Hertz Customer Relations
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tom March 18, 2014 at 12:30 am

Plains and simple f*** off


Kassondra Jackson March 14, 2014 at 6:57 pm

I am writing you to let you know that I am absolutely livid with the service of your company firefly located on century Blvd los Angeles, CA. I rented a car for two days to attend my aunts funeral. Returned the car exactly as it was given to me only to receive fraudulent charges for repair work for body damage that existed when I returned the car!!!! They also billed for a plate pass though I never even got on the highway I drove a total of 46 miles. I have never experienced such robbery. I will be reporting this to the BBB as well as every social media outlet.I will also be calling fox news so they can launch a full blown investigation. No one should be victimized like this especially in a time of grief shame on your establishment!!!!


Michael Nussbaum March 13, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Dear Mr. Firssora,
As one CEO to another, I have just returned from vacation in Florida and my experience with hertz was profoundly disappointing and may lead me to discontinue using Hertz as well as my Gold membership. The location manager in Palm Beach Airport , Shawn Smith as well as his assistant Michael(did not offer his last name) turned a vacation into distress and a waste of my time.
I am a Publisher of newspapers in the New York region and I have never been totally insulted by the above managers than I was this past week.
Besides having a filthy car and no washer fluid, I attempted to clarify a bill, where I was charged $861 for a car I never used. A hold was placed on my Amex card for over 8 days.
Mr. Smith spoke to me and assured me he would look into it as well as return my calls. Not only did he NEVER called me after leaving many many messages on his phone(561-686-4300 ext 220) his staff and associates were down right rude when I finally dropped off my original car on March 11th. This Michael(manager) was snotty, rude to my wife and I and his attitude left little to interpret that I was important to him or to Hertz..
you can follow my record .RR100766750 ResG09203979D0

without receiving any apology, I am left to warn my associates and readers to stay clear of Hertz…especially the Hertz desk in Palm Beach Airport.
I never received an apology nor any feeling that I was wanted as a customer.


Daniel Murphy March 13, 2014 at 1:04 am

My family and I arrived at the Wichita Falls Airport 10PM an went to the Hertz counter. We had reseved a car for 5 days and paid for insurance. All of which was deducted from our bank account as expected.

When arriving at the counter the car was waiting as promised BUT they wanted to hold another $200 from our card which is not plainly visible or explained when reserving the car. Because we were expecting direct deposit thye following morning we drained the account by puling remaining cash which we had on our persons.

Hertz would not rent the car to ius and instead they just abandoned my family 1 hour from the hotel and that airport closes after the last flight..We offfered to leave a $500 depost in cash and they wouldn’t assist us. My wife, daughter and I were trteated like bums. I will be writing to the BBB and depart o cosumer credit protection complaining about HERTZ.

I could not find anywhere on the Hertz website to file a complaint, customer statisfaction means nothing to them. If I had not been with my daughter and wife would have been stranded in the middle of no where. That is just wrong . DONT RENT FROM HERTZ


althea drysdale March 12, 2014 at 2:12 am

And this started from the hertz on snapfinger rd in decatur ga


althea drysdale March 12, 2014 at 2:07 am

Last. Im not gona let hertz stesl my $200 like that im taking it to the court. Yall betta believe that.


Ellen Schafer March 11, 2014 at 5:36 pm

HERTZ totally lacks professionalism, customer service and is possibly the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. SHAME ON YOU! Three hours of my time, nine different phone calls to obtain a credit refund and the matter continues to be unresolved. As former Gold Card members we are shocked at the inefficiency, the way we’ve been treated-appalling. NEVER RENT FROM HERTZ!


althea drysdale March 11, 2014 at 5:24 pm

When I caught up on them trying to charge me twice. One of their employee told me oh we have to charge u another $ 513 untill hertz get paid when they already got paid on the 3rd which the bank confirm. Another one told me I dont know why they told u im getting back a deposit because u not getting back one. I have rent from enterprise numerous times and have never got this kind of treatment. And the manager like she think her attitude was stink than mines really probably f*** for the position.


althea drysdale March 11, 2014 at 5:15 pm

Dont ever rent a car from hertz. They are a bunch of thief. And where ever they pick up those managers in the corporate office they are a bunch off pigs. Customer service stinks. ne and my family would never in HSTORY rent Another car from hertz. Today is my first and last. Hertz keep that $200 deposit u thief’s from me and on top if try to charge ne twice for a car. I wish hertz go ouf of businesd.


Nikkie Orzel March 7, 2014 at 8:26 am

Please do not give your business to Hertz in St. Louis. The city manager has questionable character and the executives are aware of him as there has been many many complaints filed by employees. Please do not support this location and potentially give this manager room to move up in this company. This type of treatment of employees is what is wrong with companies today.


Raza J March 6, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I rented from Hertz downtown Miami location after returning from my cruise on Sunday. It was a one way rental to Tampa and the pre-paid price was really excellent for a one way rental. The free Hertz shuttle from the criuse port to the rental office was on time and got us to the rental laoction promptly. The driver was very courteous. The only problem we had was the long lineup at the location and we had to wait for two hours to get our renatl vehicle. With three agents working each customer was taking about 30 – 45 minutes to complete the transaction. The agents would start the rental process and than disappear for 20 to 25 minutes probably trying to find the vehicle for the customer and than come back to complete the process. In between they were also serving Gold members and anyone trying to return a rental. The simple solution is to set up automated check in kiosks, similiar to what Alamo has at the Miami airport which will help move the line faster. If this is not possible than at least have the capability to scan the driver’s license to capture the data instead of manually keying it all in.
Some folks I spoke with in the lineup mentioned that that there is always a long wait at this loaction on the weekends due to short staff which a common complaint in all other posts.
Bottom line is I will only rent from this place if i have time to wait or try to get there early to beat the line up and I will definitely get the Gold membership to get gaster service.


Nikkie Orzel March 6, 2014 at 8:43 am

I am posting again and will continue to post asking people not to rent from Hertz, especially from the St. Louis Lambert Field location. They way the city manager runs this operation and handles the employees is not on a level playing field. The city manager has questionable character and I am asking that no one rent from this location.


Cornell Daniel March 5, 2014 at 8:30 pm

I would like the office of the C.E.O of hertz read my complaint ive been having from day one,
This review is directed towards the mid Atlantic hertz 24/7 location, before i proceed i would like to point out certain customer service representative that heard my frustration and done nothing about it to the vehicles at the NEW YORK AVE METRO LOT, which lead me to join another car share (Enterprise). Charles, Gabreial, Melvin, John just to name a few… here goes my review

This is the most unprofessional, unorganized Company I’ve ever dealt with time after time, rental after rental its always an issue, im tired calling, tired fighting for my goal points to be added, down to reserving cars that said its not available but has been at the same spot for a whole month, i mean i felt like a sucker. There was a Volkswagen, a dodge avenger that has been sitting at this lot for a whole month. and i swear no one came to look after these cars, or saw no one booked it i even drove pass every four hours just to see if i was delusional, like “who would book a vehicle and not pick it up time and time again”? . I was force to book cars that i did not like and i mean cars that look like golf carts paying premium prices close to the ones of my choice… RETICULATED… lets not forget about the gas card not working/changes to my reservation because cars was wrongly available. I mean I could go on for days about this XXXXX… if you ask to speak to a manager or a supervisor. It will be follow by ” sorry no manager’s is available but we can have one call you back”. lol right like if i was counting on that.. one of the representative by the name of Gabriel was the one that top the cake for me to look else where for my share car experience. I called in about two reservation ago to check on the status on issues i think hertz is not aware of within their fleet… all i ask was for an listening ear… she made me feel stupid as a customer, she said that i will not look into every vehicle on the lot to see if their is working or not and that we count on our customers to update us on every rental so hertz will know which vehicle needs to be looked at. she then later told me that she cannot add my goal points towards my account due to some error i can not recall, which then lead me to call back to another customer service representative. my last conversation was by a representative called Melvin.. he was very respectful but at the same time untrained to handle certain question, for some reason this whole goal points is like war for these people to give towards their customers. another representative promise me 10 dollars back on a reservation i was one minute late on…she then on went to lecture me on their return time policy.. not forgetting the fact that hertz had to changed my reservation to another location due to some technical issue that, it was not available even though its been there for weeks, not to mention that the one that i did got had a dead battery, which made me took public transportation to another lot to get into a vehicle. With all that said im still waiting on my $10 late fee refund to be rewarded back to me for being one minute late, that she promised me. I send an email on a receipt of gas I had to pay out of pocket due to a faulty gas card that been faulty for weeks, which i called in every time. same time i have to called in to reminds these lazy bastards to update my XXXXXing points.. but… its all good im not going to ever use you guys ever again unless its an emergency and i mean emergency…so keep your points, keep your XXXXXy cars…. keep your unprofessional, un-train, don’t care representatives, because i don’t want it any more no one cares about their customers, oh their cars just sitting on a lot that making no money at all.
Thank goodness I just joined Enterprise car share.. and those guys don’t hold 140 dollars for every reservation placed. lol Thats a whole story by it self but its funny that how much money that will be token form your account if you book a car for 3 hr , then to modify it with another car… just calculate the hold for that limited time you will need a car share for. 140 for hold plus the length of the reservation.. so if you made a mistake by booking a car for three hours.. lets say there charge $30 for three hours and $140 hold and you change it to a different car that would be a total of 280 just on the hold because it takes three days before your bank drop the hold from hertz and deposited back into your account… so that nice date you planned for the night.. you just cancel because you XXXXXed up and booked the wrong car.But that’s all water down the bridge now.. i just want to share my happy divorce from hertz to enterprise which i’v seen right across the street form the Hertz lot and their cars are all updated full size with good prices….
Thank you


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Feb 28 at 9:23 AM
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Welcome to Enterprise CarShare! You have been approved as an Enterprise CarShare member. Your Member ID is R13540.
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Nikkie Orzel March 5, 2014 at 4:47 pm

Don’t rent from this company. The St. Louis location is run by a manager who has questionable character and apparently the corporate office supports this kind of manager. I will find every avenue available to me asking people not to give this company your money.


Kevin Wilson March 2, 2014 at 8:32 am

This is Hertz at the Airport. Stay away! Do not give them your business! Terrible! I was charged 44.02 for the car, and come to find out when I checked my credit card statement it was 67.72! I called the Ithaca Hertz at the airport and the representative stated they had to put in 2 gallons of gasoline. So that is 23.70 for 2 gallons of gasoline. I filled the tank!!!! They are very rude at this Hertz location too. This was my second time there and my last! Both times they were very rude at the counter! I am a customer service manager and I give people the benefit of the doubt, but these people are rude. The person I spoke with on the phone said he could do nothing for me at that is the gasoline fee. I can’t understand since I filled the tank!!!!!!

I have been using Hertz for 15 years and will be changing to Enterprise for my business needs.

Hertz at the airport in Ithaca will give you the worst experience ever! I never complain about anything, but I feel it is my duty to inform the public about how bad they really are at customer service.


Steve Green February 27, 2014 at 1:33 pm

I rented a car from Hertz and used a new credit card. I only used it one time, at Hertz. My bank contacted me to say the card had been put on hold because it had been used at numerous places in Michigan and Indiana. When I attempted to report this to Hertz I was told that they didn’t have anyone at the corporate office to deal with this issue and I should contact the office where I rented the car. I asked what if the person I speak to is the one that possibly misused my card, all they said was “we are sorry but that’s our procedure for dealing with this issue. It’s obvious Hertz has no interest in customer service.


althea drysdale March 12, 2014 at 2:17 am

They did me the same thing but I caught up on them early. And guess wat the employee told me oh… we have to collect another deposit of $513 to release my $200 deposit thats the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my old life.


Karla Rrhein February 26, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Hertz has the worst customer service I have experienced since the early eighties when my insurance connected me to rent a wreck. We rented from hertz to attend a wedding in Orlando back on Nov 1 2013. We arrived in Orlando 3 1/2 hours prior to the rehearsal dinner we were to attend. After waiting for a little over two hours to get our car the smell was so pungent we were forced to stop and buy air freshener so be in the car. Needless to say we missed our event. I tried contacting hertz for over a week to no satisfaction. The general consensus was that it’s not my job, let me connect you to someone else that can’t help you either. After about a week. I gave up with the idea that I would never rent from Hertz again.
Fast forward to Feb 25, 2014. My husband’s company made us reservations at Hertz. We arrived to no cars available. Again their response is not our fault. I feel at minimal they should have contacted us prior to our arrival to make other arrangements. We have incurred large taxi fees. These should be covered by Hertz. While trying to reach customer service for hertz I was started with a 800 number then connected to somewhere in OK, Jackson MS, to Gulfport MS, NJ USA, and back to Gulfport MS. This only took up two hours of my time. I will do anything in my power to convince any business I’m apart of to exclude hertz in future travel plans. Interesting enough their stock price was down this morning. I’m not surprised. I suspect that they have the lowest complaint ratio because it is impossible to get ahold of anyone with Hertz to file a complaint. It’s a shame that hertz use to be known for excellence and management has allowed their goodwill and reputation to slide to unreliable and rudeness.
Karla Rhein


Cornell Daniel March 5, 2014 at 8:33 pm

i completely agree, read my review
I will do every thing in my power as well to not rent from these b**tards


Jerry Leonardo February 25, 2014 at 11:59 pm

To: Mr. Scott P. Sider, Exec. VP & Pres. Rental Car & Leasing, The Americas, Hertz Corp.
From: Jerry Leonardo, Email – lalXXXXX@aol.com Feb. 25, 2014

I am contacting you to let you know of a terrible/disappointing experience I had with a Hert

To: Mr. Scott P. Sider, Exec. VP & Pres, Rental Car & Leasing, The America’s, Hertz Corp.
From: Jerry Leonardo, Email LalXXXXX@aol.com, RR # 650517630, Code # 07713

I am writing to you to let you know of my terrible/disappointing experience with a Hertz rental car and will list my concerns:

1) First of all, after doing 20+ years of rental business with Hertz as an employee of Xerox Corp. in Webster, NY I went directly back to Hertz for my personal rental as I always received excellent service in those past years. I purposely by-passed the other rental companies to what I thought would be an upgrade with Hertz, but I was terribly mistaken.
2) I reserved a car for one week with a one way drop off and personally visited the Rochester rental office the day before to confirm my reservation and stressed the importance that I was to travel a long distance and expected a decent car. Well, that was my first mistake with Hertz!
3) I was given a 2 year old car, 2012 Chev. Malibu, with 46,000 + miles with California plates. Should have known I was in for trouble with such a “beat up car” but because of important family matters out of town I had to take the car right away and hit the road. No problem I thought, because it was a Hertz (and Hertz is always good quality/ service), WRONG!
4) Both front tires were very near illegal as the middle thread was bald.
5) Shocks were completely worn, going over any bump was terrible. The front end suspension was very loose (ball joints?).
6) Windshield wipers, replacements, were totally worn and were no good in the snow and rain.
7) Paint scratches front and rear bumper (as doXXXXented)
8) AND ABOVE ALL, an empty Red Bull can and potato chip bag was under the passenger seat.

My total cost for this automobile rental was $ 479.78. Certainly I did NOT receive my money’s worth for this transaction. Thus, Mr. Sider, I am requesting that a reasonable and equitable cost adjustment be made, as I estimate I only received 50% of what I paid for, to credit my account for services NOT preformed by Hertz Corp.

All of the above was shown to and confirmed with Mr. Costa Kontodiakos, Assist. Branch Mgr., Clearwater, FL

Thank you, Jerry Leonardo (and I did not previously complete your online survey request as was noted on your survey website)


Jeff February 28, 2014 at 11:29 am

Sorry to tell you my friend, but you won’t see a nickle of what you paid for (in reimbursement) when you rented your vehicle with Hertz. I recently have had a similar experience with this unprofessional and thieving “company”. Not only was my rental filthy dirty, but upon return of the car I was to receive my deposit back onto my card from Hertz. Well, after days and days of checking to see if my deposit had been returned to my card and not receiving it, I was told Hertz wasn’t able to refund my deposit back to my Visa card. How can they not refund my deposit back to the same Visa card from which they TOOK the deposit from???!!!. Been nothing but HELL dealing with anyone about the matter and still have not received ANY of my money, nor one callback from any of the numerous jerks who “say” they will call you back either!. Best of luck on your end!…


Mui Tan February 24, 2014 at 8:09 pm

We rented a car from Dollar JFK airport from 24 Oct – 31 Oct. We returned the car in good condition and asked if there was anything else we need to settle. We were told there was nothing else.

On Jan 29 2014, our credit card was charged an amount, although small we didn’t understand why and what it was for. How can there be charges 3 months after we retuned the car and we have already returned home to Asia!!!!!
When I wrote in to Mr Scott Sider, some admin person took over the complaint and explained that it was for some toll charges on Jan 29 2014???? \

How can this be??? we have been back for 3 months???
How do you live up to your goal of : “Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible. “???


Richard Cohen February 18, 2014 at 4:35 pm

J. Wesley
Branch Manager
Hertz Rental Cars
Delray Beach, Florida

Dear Customer Relations: On December 13, 2013 at 12:13PM, we made reservations for a 7 passenger van to be picked up at the Hertz location at 600 SE 5th Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida on February 15, 2014 at 11:30 AM. We made the reservations at this time because we knew that it would be a very busy time at this location because of the overly busy Presidents Weekend/Presidents Week reservation requests. Our request was confirmed immediately to our satisfaction. Great so far! Upon arrival at the Hertz location in Delray at my appointed time I was not surprised at the numbers of customers (a total of 15 at the time and more arriving after me) waiting to pick up or return vehicles. My surprise was that there was only one (1) customer service manager on duty to handle our needs. He informed all of us that this location only has one customer service representative working on Saturdays. This might be protocol for the average weekend needs BUT for Presidents Weekend/Presidents Week business I find this lack of personnel on duty a total disregard for your customer base. The loan Rep would fill out paper work, take customer to lot to see vehicle, then return with said customer and finish paper work then hand key to finalize the procedure. This of course was repeated with each customer and in between had to handle all the RETURNS also. It was 1hour and 40 minutes from the time I arrived until my paper work was completed and I was handed the keys to my vehicle. The manager NEVER took me to the vehicle to inspect it just told me where I would find it. It was clean but had a highly toxic odor inside the cab from the disinfectant that was used to clean it. There was a scratch on the passenger side rear panel that was NOT noted on my paper work and…there was ONLY LESS THAN A 1/4 TANK OF GAS. Needless to say, after waiting as long as I did to take possession, I was just happy I had a vehicle drive away. All the windows were kept open as I drove to the nearest store hoping that the toxic odor would clear out but it didn’t happen until I purchased a deodorizing agent to spray inside. What a difference that made.

I’m usually not one to complain about service but I feel that this was ONE MAJOR GLICH that could have been PREVENTED, especially the LACK of preparation by this HERTZ site personnel not to have more help on hand to meet customer needs on the Saturday of Presidents Weekend/WEEK. They CERTAINLY KNEW the number of reservation requests made for that day and…the number of “drop-offs” expected. This lack of preparation and lack of respect and courtesy to your customer base is inexcusable, especially from a company that claims to be #1 in customer service. I’m hoping that when I return my rental vehicle on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 11:00AM, I won’t have to pack a lunch because I will be held “hostage” for another 1hour and 40 minutes to complete MY RENTAL OBLIGATION.

I hope that your department can and will address the issues I noted in the above statement so that I and other Hertz customers will have a much more pleasant experience when renting from the Delray Beach, Florida location in the future.

Richard Cohen
Confirmation # G053030XXXXX
E-mail: rcgrXXXXX@comcast.net


Rodney February 14, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Just rented a car from hertz threw the body shop working on my car what A death drap tires were bauld.we had a snow storm got stu k 4 times. Brought car back told shop to shove it its not safe to drive.now i know why it had texas plates would have never passed inspection in ny


jen February 14, 2014 at 12:43 pm

I was over charged $236 at Tampa Florida Airport. I told them expressly I did not want insurance. Before I signed bill I asked what a $200+ fee was for and they told me it was just my credit card deposit fee and would be returned when I returned car. I brought back car in perfect condition a week later. Now they are calling the fee is a “loss waiver” that I “agreed to”! When I called customer service they would not even let me speak to a manager and then hung up on me!!!!!!
I have called them back,called Expedia who booked my trip and called my credit card company all to NO avail. Its so outrageous. I’m a full time student and can’t afford this.
Hertz owns Dollar now.


Elaine February 13, 2014 at 11:45 am

Hertz Customer Relations: Are you even going to respond to any of these customer issues listed here. They are very concerning.

My mother was double charged for a rental that was prepaid and it has overdrawn her bank account. Every time I call they tell me it will take 7 days longer. Still waiting………

Hertz used to stand head and shoulders above the competition. What is happening?


althea drysdale March 12, 2014 at 2:21 am

They not gona give u back that money they did me the same thing. And i Will make sure hertz be on the news for this. They are thief.


Savannah February 11, 2014 at 6:09 pm

I was rushed out of my rental which resulted in me leaving very important doXXXXents in the visor. I called the lost & found dept and spoke to a man named Dean who told me not to get my hopes up on getting it back that it was just paper and he was sure that it was tossed in the garbage. When i said would the employee not check to see if maybe it was important his response was if it was so important then i should not have left it there and people with important things usually do not leave it lying around. I then asked why is there a lost & found dept and he went on with his rude comments. I was blown away worst customer service experience ever.Out of all the rental companies out there i chose Hertz and spent a few hundred dollars and that’s how i was treated. RIDICULOUS!!!!


mike reier February 10, 2014 at 9:03 pm

what is going on over there? I am one of your Presidents Club members. I rent at least once a week. The last six months it seems the company has been in melt down mode. In fact, in the last 3 months, I have not had a single error free rental. you cannot make a reservation from a mobile phone (has nobody tested this for the IPhone 5 in two months, really??), I have to call to make reservations, the reservations are wrong, my name is not on the board, you charge me for the insurance and gas despite my profile clearly indicating that is not my preference, the billing is always wrong, and now, you lost a car that I rented and send me a nasty gram accusing me of stealing your car? somebody needs to contact me asap or I am moving on.


mildred February 5, 2014 at 10:50 pm



LOUIE PAPAS February 5, 2014 at 12:33 pm

It’s been 15 days that I have been trying to contact the claims depatment for a motor vehicle accident. The line is always busy. No one is calling me or the claims examiner from Geico back. We have left numerous messeges for Adam in the claims dept. at phone#: 201-307-5880. He never calls back, and when it does ring it goes to voicemail. This is ridiculous. Claim#:0220142028. Please RETURN OUR CALLS!


Kristen Johnson February 1, 2014 at 12:12 pm

When my fiance picked up the car from Dollar Car Rental on Monday at the Orlando International Airport, he told by a female employee multiple times that he was
not interested in additional insurance. This employee told him he was NOT
allowed to take the car without agreeing to it. Your employee held the car
hostage from him until he agreed to the additional insurance, which was not made
to be an option, but a requirement. He was also told by this same employee that
it was a deposit, and that he would get it back when he returned the car. This
was a bold faced lie. When he returned the car he saw the extra charge for
insurance and told Steve he did not ever agree to it, nor did he want it. Steve
told him that he had to have it. When he told me what happened, I went over to the counter to try to rectify the situation. At this point, my fiance had signed the receipt and only at this point did Steve say it was optional and he did not have to accept it. That was
the first we were told that it was an option.

We have rented cars multiple times and have never gotten extra insurance.
Furthermore, we chose Dollar Rental because of the low cost and the corporate
discount, which amounted to just five dollars. We were prepared to pay $63, not
$272. We are planning a wedding and trying to save every penny. There is no
way in this universe we would have wanted to incur an extra unneeded expense,
such as this. After spending several days in Disney World planning our wedding,
our trip ended with a black mark thanks to your poor customer service and
tactics, which can only be described as a scam.

We deserve to have the $115.96 + any related taxes returned. For the headache
you have put us through, we really should get a full refund. I am prepared to contact the local business bureau if this issue is not resolved promptly.

RA#: 7A4727704


Kristen Johnson February 1, 2014 at 12:16 pm

I forgot to add that we asked to speak with a manager. His name is Carlos, and he exhibited the worst customer service I have ever encountered. He refused to give us any sort of refund. He offered us a coupon to rent from Dollar again. When I asked if it was worth $115, he laughed and said no. I believe that he is encouraging his employees to misinform customers about the insurance requirements, and only after they have agreed, tell them it was actually an option. When I asked for his first and last name and the contact information for customer service, he instead wrote down his email address: carlos.rios@dtag.com


James Dorton January 26, 2014 at 2:18 pm

I recently was hired with the help of NC Vocation Rehab, Dept. as a transporter (driver) in your Monroe, NC office. It has been my experience that in the past 5 weeks I have been subjected to a “hostile workplace” and discriminated on the basis of race and /or handicap.
It seems almost ridiculous that myself (white) would be the one person to see this as what it is. This could be called “reverse discrimination” I just call it for what it is, Racial and/or handicap discrimination. Our manager was fired (white) and I have lost most of my hours to another driver (black). I only mention this aspect because now the three employees left in the office are African Americans who really have made it clear from the time of my hire, that they don’t like me. I spoke to the remaining management (a manager trainee) and asked for the HR person to contact and the telephone number but was refused. It is known that the phone number is in the speed dial of the branch managers office telephone. When I expressed these concerns of a “hostile workplace” and “discrimination on the basis of race”, It was denied by the area manager (Dave Merrill). It has been my experience in business, throughout my career, that something is really wrong with your management team at the branch and area levels. My complaints were simply dismissed and I was told by Dave Merrill that .”if I didn’t like it I could quit”. I have a successful business and professional back-round and though I am semi retired, it is apparent by your managers actions that a “hostile workplace” and “racial discrimination” are accepted to Hertz .


toruslu January 19, 2014 at 12:16 pm

On September 12, 2013, I had an advertisement of your low cost company FireFly and I made a reservation online for one of your vehicle at price of 21.84 Euros for two days, with a reservation number of 02LCHX.
At the airport of Valence, Spain on 11 October 2013, the lady at the reception asked me sign a doXXXXent in urgency because there were a lot of other customers and it was necessary to quickly leave the reception.
As I am a regular traveler for the company which I work for I was confident that your employee was also respectable person and without checking I signed the doXXXXent when leaving the reception.
On my return, on October 13, 2013 at the airport of Valence the person who was at the reception could not give any invoice to me and showed the doXXXXent which I had at my departure. I saw at that moment that the amount was Euro 53.14 and not 21.84 Euros. Your rep told me that this was arriving regularly with his colleague as she was not asking her customers for any acceptance.
I immediately refused and made a complaint. I was not at the end of the surprises as at the reception of my state of account VISA, the difference was not 30 but 130 Euros. Your company invoiced me Euros 154.-.
Mr Frissora, You are with the head of a company which is known universally.
Would accept a behavior this kind and that somebody accept an invoice of more than 150 Euros for a reservation low cost of 2 days.
At your opinion, would you not consider this as one swindles?
Does your collaborators not to take people for imbeciles?
If you are at my place would still rely in HERZ or Firefly?


MILLY January 17, 2014 at 11:48 am



Mary January 16, 2014 at 10:52 am

I rented a Nissan Altima from the 30th st. station location on November the 27, 2013 for a three day period to be returned on November the 30. On the 30th, I suffered an accident with a deer rendering the vehicle immobile. Two state troopers assisted me and I immediately called Hertz to report the incident, relaying towing information and the car’s location. I was informed that I have supplied all the necessary information. The following day I emailed the instructed .pdf reporting the incident. A few days later I received a phone call from your location and explained the situation, the Hertz employee stated that the information was likely not in the system yet. This is the only time your office has contacted me.

Since that time, I have had numerous automated inquiries from Hertz looking for the vehicle and subsequently, spent hours on the phone attempting to resolve the issue. In the last month, I have called Hertz corporate and the 30th street location dozens of times. Finally I, through Hertz Vehicle Control, resolved the issue of the car being collected.

A weeks days ago if I received a bill from the 30th street office for over $2,000 with the rental agreement closing over 2 weeks later and over $1,000 in towing fees. This is unacceptable. I am strongly considering legal action, but will certainly be filing with the Consumer Protection Agency as we’ll as taking action with the Better Business Bureau.


April Secura January 10, 2014 at 6:29 pm

Part Two of my dilemma. (Refer to my previous comment). I contacted the Issuing Authority – Oceanside, CA and just received a copy of the ticket. NUMBER ONE – the ticket has been paid (not by me). NUMBER TWO – the ticketed vehicle was a Ford –
I rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee
To any others who might receive notice of violation on a rented vehicle from HERTZRENTALFINE.com, you might want to do your own investigation.


April Secura January 10, 2014 at 5:44 pm

I rented a minivan 2 months prior to my trip to Orlando, FL. I called 10 days prior to confirm my rental. The day of pick-up, I received a call from Hertz that they were having difficulty locating a minivan, due to the holiday weekend. Why? Do you over-book? Do you not have control of your inventory? Is it too difficult to match a request for a rental to a vehicle? Not rocket science, fellas – starting at the top with MARK P. FISSORA. I ended up with a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not enough room for what I needed. I used the Jeep and returned it with a list of 3 vehicle problems that needed addressing. Six weeks later, I received notice of a parking violation while I had the vehicle. Go back to the beginning of my comment….I was in ORLANDO, FL. The parking violation was issued in OCEANSIDE, CA!
Now I have to prove I was in Disney World on that day, or pay the ticket ($58) AND HERTZ, a $30 processing fee. Ya gotta have a gimmick to make money – especially when you have a company with a lot of competition! NEVER, NEVER HERTZ AGAIN. P.S. CEO Mark, I hope your next family vacation starts and finishes a whole lot better than mine did . Your company disappointed us. Shame, Shame.


Natasah Ranchigoda December 18, 2013 at 12:05 pm

I am sick to see the same thing that happened to me 12/12-12/17 has been happening for some time. I booked via priceline 12/12-12/15 and called Hertz to extend the car. I was told a small charge similiar to my priceline charge. Well for 3 days I paid $70 taxes included with priceline and for 2 extra days HERTZ CHARGED ME $1100 – i have not heard back from their customer service and I will be filining a compliant with BBB and CFPB for deceptive use of my credit card.


J K Brooks December 11, 2013 at 10:43 am

I rent from Hertz regularly for business purposes. I am a GOLD customer and my company has an agreement / contract with Hertz.

I am appalled at the level of customer service I see. It has declined significantly over the past few years.

In Chicago O’Hare, they are clearly understaffed or have terrible operations leadership.
– I have encountered my car not being ready, no one to receive cars in at the beginning of the work day, mis-charges.
Once they didn’t even register that I had returned my car at O’Hare.
– The customer service team with whom I spoke on the phone was rude and unhelpful when I was charged incorrectly for fuel, again at O’Hare, after I verified with the return agent that I was not being charged for the prepaid fuel because I had filled the car. I will NEVER get the prepaid fuel again.

When I was incorrectly charged for a Plate Pass toll – on a date after I returned the rental car – I submitted an online dispute. I never heard back. NEVER. I called customer service where I was stuck in a loop, finally found a person who was with ACS. They transferred me to Plate Pass where I got stuck in another loop and disconnected 3 times. I finally got to where I waited for 5 minutes and an agent at Plate Pass came on to help me. He was the only positive, helpful experience I have had with Hertz in some time.

Last note, is that there is a gentleman who works in the garage in Mitchell Airport, MKE as a return agent. He is a friendly, helpful person as well.

It is not enough to be a GOLD customer. If this level of customer service continues for Hertz, you will lose customers. Other companies have loyalty programs as well.

I have wasted a great deal of time just trying to get help with the issues I have had with Hertz recently. You really need to focus on improved operations and customer service.


Stephanie OBrien December 4, 2013 at 12:05 pm

To whom it may concern,

I would like to share my experience with you on a minivan I rented on November 23rd 2013. I picked up the minivan at Hertz rental in Boca Raton Florida, there was a long wait but I understood because it was prior to Thanksgiving holiday. I get the minivan there were scratches and dents, which the guy noted and I was on my way to pick up my family to start our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. One hour into the trip I go to plug in my phone and the charging unit does not work, which I was using my phone as a GPS and I needed it in case of emergency. I was not happy about this since I was going on such a long trip with my mother and my four children, but what could I do. Well 2 hours into my journey the tire goes flat, so I pull off into the service plaza on the turnpike and I call road side for Hertz, I explain to him that I cannot be on the phone for long period of time since I could not charge my phone. So I have to wait there for him to call me back, in the mean time I have to figure out how to change the tire, I take the tire off, lo and behold the Tire has a PLUG in it!!! I could not believe it, how could you give me a vehicle with a plug in the tire?? The guy finally calls me back after an hour and tells me that I have to go to a Hertz rental at an airport since it was Sunday and the local offices were closed. I had to drive 4 hours to Melbourn airport, I get there and they inform me they do not have a minivan available. I get the excuse that road side does not call them to confirm , they just look in the computer to see if there is one available. After a while they finally give me a vehicle that was due for someone else the next day. All of this took me 6 hours of my time, the whole reason I rented a car was so that I would have peace of mind on safety, I was under the assumption that you maintain your cars. I was told by the agent at the counter in Melbourne that there have been many issues like mine because you are too busy and it has been hard getting the cars maintained in time for the next rental. I was appalled!! When I let the manager at the Boca site know what happened, she told me that they had issues with people stealing tires , exchanging them for their own cars. If you know this wouldn’t you check the tires before you rent to anyone?
Your company put my life, the life of my mother and my 4 children in danger!! I thank God we got through that trip without getting hurt or in accident because of that tire.


Disgusted December 3, 2013 at 12:02 pm

NEVER RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY OR ANY OF IT’S AFFILIATES. I HAVE BEEN TRIPLE BILLED ON MY CARD AND WAS TOLD “TOUGH S***” AND DISCONNECTED! I cannot believe that in today’s day and age that this is the practice of ANY company. No one returns calls, and no one cares. Personally, you ( and I ) would be better off walking. You have a better chance not getting screwed by getting picked up on the side of the road by a rapist than dealing with this GARBAGE pile of companies. BE SAFE AND GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!! It is not an option of ” if ” you will get screwed, it is a matter of ” when ” and it will be HARD. Please, atleast let me have solice in the fact that I saved another family from getting RUDELY screwed, and go ANYWHERE else!!!


M O'Neil December 2, 2013 at 11:01 pm

On October 28, 2012, I was in New York City as hurricane Sandy approached. The Ritz at Battery Park reserved a Hertz car for me from the downtown Battery Park location. At the time of rental, I was given the vehicle with one-third tank of gas which was noted by the rental agent on the agreement. After driving nearly 400 miles, and adding more than a tank of gas, the car was left at Pittsburgh airport with the same one-third tank of gas. No one was at the rental return location at drop off time. A sign said to leave all paperwork in a box. I was later charged for the additional gas to fill the tank, nearly $40. I complained to Hertz customer service. They refused to remove the charge without gas receipts. I did not pay for the gas personally. Another passenger paid and, hence, I do not have the receipt. Further, I could not have driven 400 miles without adding gas. Also, I do not have the paperwork due to the absence of Hertz staff at the return area. The amount of $40 is small. It is the principle of that Hertz cheated me out of the money that I would like to have rectified. In addition, Hertz customer service reps were nasty and condescending, calling me a liar regarding having purchased gas and having picked up the car without a full tank. I deserve an apology as well as compensation to the extent of $40 at least if Hertz has any desire to improve customer relations with me.


Jesse Evans November 13, 2013 at 11:55 am

One of Hertz employees T-Boned my one week old Mercedes SLK while driving one of Hertz’s Rental Vehicles This happened a year ago last May, My car is not repaired as of yet, I have emailed numerous times and they send me to an office in Dallas, I live in Houston, They are using an adjuster from here that is a contractor, and they refuse to repair my car. I have driven my car 3 times due to the existing damage resulting from the accident that Hertz refuses to repair. It is time we all get together and have a class action Lawsuit against this Company and put it out of Business. If you truly have all paperwork showing where they have messed up your Reservations, Charged you for fuel when you brought it back with the proper amount, or Deplorable vehicles call me and lets all hit them for what they actually owe each and every one of us. I will employee the Legal Representation which will come back out of their pockets. Call Me


Matthew Thompson October 29, 2013 at 2:40 pm

First I go online to rent a car I find a Hertz close to the transmission shop that I have repairing my transmission. I choose an eco-car for $127.00 for the duration, because the transmission shop is going to be expensive. I get a confirmation number from the lady. Then I get to the hertz place to pick up the car. Guess what? They say they don’t have it. Wow an hour later and with a lot filled with eco cars. Humm, they say I would be better off in an SUV and say it will only be $25 more. I ask for a total bill for the 4 days $374. Humm, that’s not $25 more maybe $25 more a minute. Then after 15 minutes of telling the lady I am having my transmission rebuilt and I don’t have the funds for extra crap. They finally say we have a Nissan Versa and give me the keys, but say “You won’t like it, IT’s slow”. I finally get in the car and off on my way. I find later than they have put a hold on my car for $327. Then after I have returned it put another hold while retaining the first for $3.00, then $134.00, then $32.00 more. Then the next day they put in $82.00. Then the next day today $82.00 more. This car was returned the 26th at 11:00 AM the bill they said was $210.00. So three days later they have run up $660 on my credit card. I call corporate and explain that this is outlandish and she tells me it’s normal since they have not closed your ticket. I was like closed my ticket that was three days ago and your still charging me! All I can say is now I know why they call it Hertz! I will never do business again and I will inform all worldwide to stay away!


BJS September 24, 2013 at 5:35 pm

After my past 2 experiences dealing with Hertz, I will NEVER use your company again for my car rental needs. In August, I rented a vehicle, did the online rental reservation. I reserved for 2pm. I called earlier that morning and asked if the car might be ready by 1pm, and was told yes. I showed up, at 1:15, the agent called to see where the car was, he then told me, “it is on route now from the airport and will be here shortly”. At 1:45, he receives a call and they tell him that “the car has been sold”. What? So he decides he will upgrade me because of the inconvenience…but of course, is that really a benefit when I specifically requested an economy for fuel efficiency and cost savings? No! I ended up paying more for gas than I anticipated. My second experience, last week. Show up at the appointed time, give them my DL# and my wife gives them the credit card…oh but wait, even though we are married, have the same last name, the DL name and credit card name have to match. What? Are you joking? He then proceeds to tell me that he can add me as an add’l driver for an added fee of $13+ a day! Really? What kind of customer service is that? He then processes the paperwork, gives me the keys, I end up getting a Dodge Journey (SUV), and NOT the economy car I had rented, so yet again, I have to pay a lot more out of pocket for the gas expense. PLUS, he never came out and checked the car out with me to make sure there was no damage. I am done with Hertz, your customer service is non-existence, there are many other agencies, and albeit they might be more expensive, I would rather get what I ask for, at the time I ask for it, then play games with an agent who could careless. I plan to tell as many people as I can about your poor customer service and not that it will make a difference, but if I can persuade one person not to rent with you, I have been successful!


Joy Queen September 21, 2013 at 6:48 pm

Omg! I am so disappointed in Hertz after reading all these emails. I too have been a customer for several years off and on with Hertz. I have never had a problem with LAX Hertz, therefore when I went to Louisiana recently, I expected to get the same great service. Oh boy was I wrong. I too got charged for fuel, when I return the car there was no agent to check the car in to confirm fuel and mileage. I paid cash for the fuel, therefore I had no receipts to verify my purchases. I did fill up the tank on full, but I could not tell her the mileage, I couldn’t get the digital dashboard to show me the mileage. The next thing I knew, my account was charged $307.97 for fuel. I called the company to dispute the charges and the agent on the other end was very rude. As if I was lying to her. There has to be away they can check to see if the vehicle was service after I returned it. Hertz may need to take their company on “Undercover Boss” to find out what their employees are really doing, before Hertz become a company of the past.


Anson September 10, 2013 at 8:54 pm

I just recieved a $5070 debit to my bank account from hertz that wiped out my bank account on a car I rented over two months ago for only 2 days. Now they are saying it will take 5-10 business days to refund my money. I’ve never been so pissed. I’m starting a anti hertz movement.


Michael Gregory September 6, 2013 at 1:28 pm

I rented from Hertz about a month ago and got terrible service – filthy cars and the wrong vehicles. Here are the e-mails I have sent since then, with absolutely no response yet. Also several phone calls with no return calls.

Aug 21


As per our conversation at the Hertz counter in Portland on August 13, I am very unsatisfied with the service we received from Hertz regarding reservations (F79713,15462,F7970226541, F7974212277) we made with your company.

We originally made reservations 2 months ago for 3 Cadillac Escalades for August 11 – 13. We specified that only Escalades were acceptable because we were using them in our business (Sunshine Limo Service) for a contracted job for Cadillac Inc., in which we were to provide service for Cadillac executives and dealers at Bandon Dunes resort. We reconfirmed these reservations multiple times (the last time being Friday the 9th) and were assured each time that we would have 4 Escalades available for the contracted dates. We stressed that only Escalades were acceptable because of the nature of our need for them each time that we reconfirmed.

Well – when we arrived Sunday morning we were told we had 2 Escalades and 2 Mercedes waiting for us. I couldn’t believe my ears. The manager (Alex) told me that Hertz “didn’t even have 4 Escalades in their fleet”. I responded that that information would have been nice to know when we were being assured that there would be 4 Escalades waiting for us on the multiple occasions we were told that was the case – we could have made other arrangements.

Your company belatedly located a 3rd Escalade, and National Car Rental provided a 4th, thankfully (although at a $250 higher rate) and we thought hat we were in good shape.

Until we observed the filthy deplorable condition of the cars we received. The cars were clean on the outside only to the extent that it appeared that they had been run through an auto wash and no further wipe down or finish cleaning was done. OK, we knew we’d have to clean them properly ourselves, but no big deal. Until we saw the interior (see attached photos). The carpets and upholstery were disgusting. Hertz should be embarrassed to have offered a vehicle in such a deplorable condition. We had to locate a car detail shop on the fly (we were on a tight schedule) and with our help (and $100) we cleaned the carpets as well as we could in the time we had. Even with this our clients (The Cadillac group) made a number of observations about the poor condition of the cars – which reflected poorly on us and Hertz.

Bottom line here is Hertz dropped the ball on these reservations. We run a business ourselves and I can’t even imagine providing service this poor to one of our clients – and if I did I would take responsibility and refund their money.

Please respond to this e-mail and let me know what you intend to do to make things right.

August 29


This is the 3rd e-mail I’ve sent you, along with 3 phone calls. I spoke with Jackie today, who told me that you would call at 3 PM. No call. Does anyone honor their commitments down there?

Again, please respond.

Michael Gregory.

Sept 6

It has now been over a month since we had such a horrid experience renting 4 Cadillac Escalades from Hertz. I have called and e-mailed on numerous occasions and haven’t even had the courtesy of a single response from your company. Is this really the way Hertz approaches customer service? Just ignore complaints and maybe they’ll go away?

If so your company is an embarrassment to the car rental industry.

These reservations involved 8 persons in my business. Starting Monday the 9th I am going to have each of them write reviews to Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and whatever other review service I can find outlining our experience with Hertz. My partner and I will also write reviews for a total of 10. I also will contact the BBB and lodge a complaint, and beyond that will probably file a small claims suit.

I think I’ve given you more than enough time to address this and I don’t intend to be screwed by your ethically challenged company.

I’ll follow this e-mail with forwarded copies of my original e-mail, including attached photos of the filthy conditions of the cars we received.

Michael Gregory


Lori B September 4, 2013 at 3:37 pm

I will never rent from Kennedy Rentals also known as Edwards Garage a.k.a. RIP OFF ARTISTS in Rocky Mountain House, AB again (Hertz Car Rentals) and the only one in town. When dropping off rental, the vehicle was full as they signed on the paper,(dropped off at the airport location) but the owner said it was only half full and charged my credit card $2.99 per liter a total of $91.00 WHAT A RIP OFF ARTIST.
I will never rent from any HERTZ again , ever. I did call the owner and he just said it was only half full end of story, TOTAL ROBBERY , I will LIKE this on facebook and yes only to get more attention not because I like them.


Lidiane August 13, 2013 at 6:46 pm

So disappointed with the services Thrifty provides. I rented a car from Fort Myers to Pompano Beach, FL and returned the car the same day. Right before returning the car that same day I refueled leaving a FULL TANK. To my huge surprise the next couple of days my deposit of $250 was never returned. I contacted Thrifty customer service and they said it was because I left the tank EMPTY??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I contacted the agency in Pompano Beach office, which are useless!! They put me on hold for the longest time and had no name or names of the person who inspected the car… They have no work ethics or organization skills. What they probably did was drive the car around the state and said it was empty!!! I’m livid!! Now I need to waste my time trying to look for the gas receipt from my bank in order to get this resolved, can you imagine if I filled the tank by cash??? Thrifty is a bunch of thieves trying to steal money from everyone!! I WILL NEVER RENT FROM YOU GUYS AGAIN!!!! What if I didn’t have the $250 to cover my expenses for this month or grocery shopping for my kids. I hope that all of the so called “CEO’s and Board” do something about this and not sit around with a bag of money packed from the corruption of stolen money in your pockets.


Manuel Garcia July 25, 2013 at 2:01 pm

Dear Sirs,

I write these lines just to inform you that the Hertz staff working at the Nürnberg airpot in Germany are carrying out fraudulent performances. I have rent several times with your company within Europe without any kind of problem and that is the reason for me to inform you about the problem I faced up, because I consider it’s enough serious to inform the most relevant party in the Hertz company.

When we arrived for taking the car, instead of the one booked, a higher level car was assigned to us, apparently due to lack of availability. The problem lies in a minor damage report which was signed by me at the Hertz counter before collecting the car. It showed a couple of scratches in the rear bumper as well as two small dents in the front bumper and next to the right hand wing. As I trusted in your company after having rent several times without problems, I just signed before having a look to these minor damages. When we arrived, we had a look and the front mark was not exactly located where the dent was but I thought that it would be the same damage. I took a picture of my wife in front of the car because it was really beautiful.

After one week we returned the car at the check-point of the airport, a guy inspected the car and asked me if I had any problem. I told him that everything was ok, in fact the car was redelivered in exactly the same status than collected. We took the suitcases and went for the boarding area. After several hours I received a warning about an amount of 628 plus 222 euros, total 850 euros charged in my credit card. We were already back in Spain however I phoned the Nürnberg airpot office immediately in order to clear up matter. I was told that it was about the deposit and it would be deleted within the next days. My surprise comes when one week later when I received an invoice at home for a total amount of 850 euros due to damages to the car. I tried to contact someone via email from the damage department in Eschborn city, from where I received the letter without any success. My only option was to treat matter via facebook. They told me that within 10 working days I would receive a clarification. A few days later I received in fact a confirmation but it said that I was the responsible for the dent in the wing and for a minor trace of paint located in the driver’s door, at the middle. They would charge me with 711 euros supported with an invoice written in Deutsch and totally unreadable for me and 50 euros plus, in administration tax concept… They sent pictures. For my relief I remembered the picture I took to my wife in front of the car before leaving the Hertz premises when we collected the car and there was the dent. I have sent several email with the two pictures, the one they sent me after returning the car and the one I took before driving the car and the dents are exactly the same. No new damage is existing. I am completely outraged because nobody answers me, the guys in the facebook page do only say that I have to treat matter via the customer service in Eschborn, however nobody from there replies my messages and it’s absolutely frustrating to see how my current account is close to be holed for the rest of the summer, as consequence of a negligent behaviour.

I had no option than treating the matter via the European consumers office, where they have informed that this kind of performances are sadly quite usual within the rentals carried out in Germany with Hertz, and this is also the reason for me to inform you. I had an image from Hertz as a great company that has absolutely cracked after this experience. I will probably be able to get my money back because I can prove that the damage was there thanks to the picture taken to my wife, however the malpractice, the wrong behaviour of the staff, and the attempt of cheat will always remain close to the name of your company and in the future I will think it twice before renting again with Hertz.

I trust that someone relevant within the company takes matters in this subject as it is really serious.

Best regards.


Bloj July 24, 2013 at 5:06 pm

Terrible service at Miami Intl Location! Louzy service!
To Whom It May Concern/Atten,Mr.Mark P.Frissora:CEO:

Dear Sir:

After more than 20 years as Hertz Customer and Gold Member, I would like to report my terrible experience with Hertz in my last car rental, which is ending today, since I´m returning the car.

I pick up the car at Miami Intl Airport location, I was attended by Hertz attendant name Kelly (She´s Brazilian), at the Gold Club Front desk. The car that was waiting for me was a Dodge Caravan with no GPS ( I reserved with GPS). I ask for a a car with GPS, she inform me that I will be charge for an extra US$ 30,00 daily for the service. I asked for an upgrade for bigger SUV ( in the last 5 years renting with HERTZ I always got an Up Grade), she wanted to charge me an extra US$ 2.500,00 for an Infinity SUV!!!!! ( Three years ago I got this car with an upgrade and no extra charge!). At end I pick up a Dodge Caravan standard (not a Grand Caravan), Dirty and with the GPS. I told her that my wife was the extra driver, she says that since she was my wife I will not have to pay for the additional driver (As mistake this Additional driver charge was included in my reservation). But she keep the additional cost, and included the GPS Cost, so an original Rate of 1 month, went from US$ 1.691,68 to more than US$ 1.900,00!!!!

I thought that since it was the weekend before Independence Day holiday, after Hertz will have other cars available. On July 8th I call Hertz 0-800 to he how I can change the for better car, they transfer me with the Manager of Hertz Miami Intl Airport, name James. He talk to me at the phone, said he was going to solve the problem, put on hold and guess what? 30 minutes on hold he never came back, I call again and direct to Hertz Miami Intl, phone never answer.

On the next day I went to Miami Intl, to Hertz Customer Service, guess who was the attendant? The same Ms Kelly from my pick-up, again she wanted to charge me with extra cost for an up- grade!!! Left the Miami Intl with the same car.

I tried to change the car at Hertz Ritz Carlton Location Key Biscayne, the attendant Jose was excellent but he didn´t had cars with GPS.

Well I´m returning the car this afternoon, Extremely upset with Hertz, and with my “Gold Card”. Lousy service, dirty cars and charges that were reserved.

Please find attach my copy of reservation.

If I don´t get an answer from Hertz or refund of what was charge as extras, I will be canceling my Gold Card and ending a relation of more than 20 years with Hertz

Sincerely yours

Guillermo Bloj
Gold Member


J. Vivinetto June 24, 2013 at 12:22 am

I would like to send a n email directly to Mark Frissora regarding a very disconcerting business transaction with a hertz employee. Please provide his direct email address.

Thank you,
J. Vivinetto


Erik Bauer June 20, 2013 at 11:49 pm

You have a real problem at the Denver Airport. Worst managed outfit I have dealt with in ages. Fire the incompetent fool you have running this office. Then fire his superior. Good luck


Donna Winder June 20, 2013 at 6:31 pm

And you better watch your bank account, because a Hertz employee that was not authorized took some money out of our bank account. They were only suppose to deal with the insurance company, not the rental car driver.


Pete June 16, 2013 at 1:14 pm

I’m current on hold with Hartford Conn Hertz office at BDL. I called and was immediately put on hold a male employee that answered at approximately 12:15 eastern, I’m still on hold and it’s now 1:15pm and I’m about to hang up. I’ve tried 5 times to call the same phone # at Hartford from my cell phone and it goes to voicemail each time??? Your phone system requires a customer to jump through so many computer prompted hoops all ending in leaving a voice message that doesn’t get returned.
I called a week ago and finally after 20 minutes of computer prompts and dead ends, I called back and used a prompt that took me to reservations, they answered immediately, go figure. The lady that I spoke to assured me that the she was getting a message to the branch manager of the Hartford office about a lost item left in a returned car and that the manager would contact me. It never happened.
What’s going on with Hertz and Customer Service? Can someone at Hertz follow up with me?


Beverly O'Hearn May 2, 2013 at 10:59 am

I rented a car from Hertz through Hotwire and picked up the car at the orlando airport. I later realized that Hertz charged me an additional $340 for an upgraded car. However, I did not request an upgrade, and the Hertz agent did not ask me if I wanted one, nor did he indicate there was a charge of $40/day for the upgrade. Hertz customer service would not authorize a refund nor refer me to a supervisor. This was a deceptive tactic that borders on fraud. Beware of this company – there is no integrity here.


Mr. Eleazar Chavira April 17, 2013 at 9:15 pm

To Whom It May Concern/Atten,Mr.Mark P.Frissora:CEO;My name is Mr.Eleazar Chavira i have been a Hertz customer off and on for several years.I have been a customer when O.J. Simpson was your spokesperson and that is going way back.Anyways i would like to bring to your attention that lack of customer service i experienced on April.17,2013,at 1:00 pm in the afternoon.I called for a full size car or an SUV,and was informed by the associate that she was going to take my reservation and proceeded to take my information down and input it into the computer,and was informed that she (Kaira) would give me courtesy call at 3:00 pm to let me know if the vehicle was available.So that was the transaction that happened.So i waited for the call back and it never occurred,so i called the store located on 1352 Camino Real #100,San Bernardino,Ca,to which to my surprise my initial associate was not there another associate answered and her name was Dominic,to which i was informed that there wasnt any of my info and reservation in the computer.To which i was flabbergasted with disbelief and wanted to speak to a supervisor and was diassappointly informed that there wasnt anyone in that capacity there at all,well if that is the case then someone is breaking a federal law to which someone of authority is suppossed to be present just in case there is an accident with an employee,but i dont want to get into that i just wanted to bring that to your attention. So back to the issue at hand, long story short i was very,very dissappointed with the transaction and wanted to bring it to your attention,reason being is your greatest asset are the customers,for without the customers there is no HERTZ period,the company was not made on a whim,it was made on the backs of your customers not anyone else,so this needs to be addressed,if the employee doesnt want to be there and represent HERTZ then that employee needs to either down the road to learn a valauble lesson in life or keep a tighter presense so that they will be better customer friendly emploees and so that things run better all around.Sincerly Yours Mr.Eleazar Chavira. P.S. just to inform you i just got a better deal with Enterprise,Thank You for your customer service.


Alvah Hayes April 12, 2013 at 12:32 am




Tom April 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012 I was in a Hertz rental vehicle a 2010 Hyndai Accent GLS. The other driver in a 2010 Dodge Avenger rear ended my vehicle. I was contacted bu Ms. Betty Iagallo on Monday, April 29, 2012. At the time of the accident I was a Customer Service Representative of Hertz Canada. I rented out this vehicle for my own personal use during the May long weekend. To be quite honest dealing with Hertz Insurance is quite frankly a nightmare. Countless calls to the Hertz Insurance line go unanswer. It was not until December of 2012 that I heard from the Crawford Insurance adjuster handling the claim for Hertz Canada. But the worst part from my experience has been dealing with the cruel and unprofessional Insurance Adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company which is Intact Insurance Company. The file was closed prematurily by Intact Insurance Adjuster Mr. Roger Dawson because their insured Mr. Eric Langevin has been quite uncooperative to say in the least. The Intact Insurance has dragged on and is still continuing till this day, the file was forwarded to Ms. Amanada Lapaine a Casulity Claims Representative. I have never ever deal with such a rude and unprofessional Insurance Bodily Injury Adjuster. She took five weeks to get the Edmonton Police report sent to her office in Calgary. My Branch Manager for my location was Mr. Taleb Dassouki in the Edmonton Westend Office. He verbally harassed me for this car accident. He told me that “Tom you are a bad driver!” And he threatened to fire me over the collison which was not even my fault. He was the most rudest and unprofessional Branch Manager to have ever worked with. I deserved alot more from the respect and dignity. When I told the Downtown and the Southside Branch Manager what was going on with the verbal harassment instead of notifying the Area Manaher Clayton Montany as to what was going on at the Westend location he did absolutely nothing. Things continued to get worse so on Friday September 7, 2012 I formally resigned from the company because of the sexual and verbal harassment I endured from Mr. Taleb Dassouki for over three and a half years. I just wanted to let you know what was going on. And quite frankly Mr. Taleb Dassouki should be fired for what he did to me, but I am sure that nothing will happen to him because he will just deny everything. As a result of this treatment I will never ever be renting again from Hertz Canada ever again. Could you please look into this serious matter.

Tom Puhjera


Patrice Bullocks March 6, 2013 at 1:17 pm

On Monday, March 4th, 2013 my vehicle was struck by a rental car owned by Herbs. I do have a police report, and I was informed at that time that Herbs would be paying for the damage done to my car. I have tried for the past couple days to reach an representveof Hertz


ben smith June 12, 2017 at 7:18 pm



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