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Harps Food Stores Corporate Office Address

Harps Food Stores, Inc.
918 South Gutensohn RoadP.O. Box 48
Springdale, Arkansas 72765

Contact Harps Food Stores

Phone Number: (479) 751-7601
Fax Number: (479) 751-3625
Website: http://www.harpsfood.com/
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Harps Food Stores Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Harps Food Stores Executives

CEO: Kim Eskew
CFO: Jim Antz
COO: Mike Thurow

Harps Food Stores History

Harps Food Stores was founded in 1930 by brothers Harvard and Floyd Harp in Springdale, Arkansas. The company is best known for providing a wide variety of services beyond simply groceries. Some locations offer fueling stations, while others sell sporting goods.

The company has 84 locations in 4 states, with the majority of locations in Arkansas. The company had annual revenue in 2015 of $808 million and employs more than 3,300 persons.

Harps Food Stores became employee owned in 2001 after buying company shares from the Harp family. Stores are supplied by Kansas based Associated Wholesale Grocers. The company has maintained a “growth through acquisition” policy that saw them expand, even during the 2008 financial crunch.

Harps Food Stores FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Harps Food Stores?
Answer 1: The phone number for Harps Food Stores is (479) 751-7601.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Harps Food Stores?
Answer 2: The CEO of Harps Food Stores is Kim Eskew.

Question 3: Who founded Harps Food Stores?
Answer 3: Harps Food Stores was founded by in .

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Eric G Warbritton October 17, 2018 at 5:52 pm

Please give Kim Eskew my email address it will be greatly appreciated


Eric G Warbritton October 17, 2018 at 5:50 pm

I am Eric Warbritton I went to school with Kim Eskew I have some much needed info for Kim . I lost Kim’s email a while ago so please give Kim my email address, it will greatly appreciated. ERIC Warbritton


Sacha Halferty October 23, 2017 at 1:03 pm

Mr. Eskew,
I resigned one month ago from the Harps store in Vilonia, AR as a cake decorator because I was emotionally exhausted from how I was being treated by the lead cake decorator, Jerri Ann Brown. When I first got hired at Harps in Cabot, AR I had such an amazing experience and loved what I did and who I worked for. I was asked by my then regional manager, Kathy Spaulding, to transfer to the brand new store in Vilonia to help with the opening set up and stay on as a full time decorator because she was proud of my progress and believed I would do very well at this new location and I gladly went. Things were fine at first but as the first few months of 2017 rolled things became very tense for me and anyone who had different political views then Jerri Brown. She would openly ridicule and say hateful things about people who believe and voted differently then she and it became so bad that it caused me to have severe panic attacks and sent me to urgent care twice because I was constantly on edge the moment I walked into my dept about what would set off another tirade and how I would be talked about. This went on for 7 months until one day I had had enough and expressed that I wanted to be transferred back to Cabot and that brought about a whole other ugly argument that lead to me no longer speaking to Jerri Brown for a month. During this whole time I never started drama or gossip about what was going on nor did I speak harshly or act ugly towards Jerri Brown. Those close to me knew I was very upset and tires of being mistreated and I confided my frustration with them but I did my best to have clean hands in the entire situation. A meeting was finally called for the cake dept because Jerri wanted to apologize for her behavior and for a while things were better. A month later Jerri was again saying ugly things about me because she had found out that I was doing some cake decorating work on the side to supplement the income I had lost because the entire bakery/deli dept hours had been cut by the new regional manager, Jennifer, because sales were low and instead of firing the bad employees like any rational company would do, Jennifer had my manager, Amanda Johnson, cut everyones hours, except Jerri Browns. If the company I worked my heart out for and gave my best to every day wouldn’t take care of me then I had to do what I needed to in order to pay my bills and that was doing decorating jobs on the side. I never once took business from Harps for did I ever advertise at the store. My customers came from the Morgan/Maumelle area and I did all of my business via Facebook through an anonymous name. When Jerri and Jennifer found out about it they told my manager and assistant manager that they couldn’t prove it was me and had to bide their time and wait for me to mess up so they could fire me. Jerri started saying horrible things about me behind my back and when I was present would pretend like we were best friends. Finally had to quit because it was just to much. I gave my everything to Harps and was rewarded with this. I never signed a no competition clause when I became a cake decorator and my side work never interfered with my Harps work so I don’t understand why I was treated with such disrespect and disdain. Jerri Brown needs to be severely delt with for her actions as her actions towards me while working at Harps was workplace harassment and grounds for a lawsuit which I am contemplating. This needs to stop so the next person who is hired isn’t treated as I and others were.


jerry wallace August 10, 2017 at 7:11 pm

My understanding is that your company owns the 10boxplus stores. It is my belief that you are providing false information. I have driven 110 mile round trips to your Russellville store twice. I have cookouts for my family at different times, so the meat specials are of main interest to me. I have purchased briskets, pork butts and shoulders, ribs, chicken and other products. Once I purchased a full ribeye roast. I am very disappointed in your beef and are in fact providing false advertising in your weekly ads. This weekend, I am having a cookout and checked your ad to see if it was worth the drive. Your ad shows a beautifully marbled ribeye roast at a wonderful price. Since I was extremely disappointed in the last one I bought, I decided to call before making the long drive. I asked what was the grade of the ribeye roast. I was told that it was not graded, and then asked about the marbling. An honest employee told me there was little to none. Most groceries will not even sell such poor quality. Yet you misrepresent your products in your ads. Remember the old saying “pictures are worth a thousand words”. I have no doubt you do this in order to scam your customers. I won’t be shopping at ANY of your stores. Those who lie and misrepresent themselves, however it is done, will lose more customers than it will ever gain. By the way, it was the same situation on the briskets I bought.


Keith Locey June 30, 2017 at 4:05 pm

I have as of today resigned my position with your corpoartion, I was employed at your CashSaver store here in Tulsa located on 31st and S.Garnett.
When I went into work today I was called into the office and the Mgr. Chris Parker informed me that he was going to suspend me after a 2nd complaint on me by my co workers in the meat dept. Apparently they took offence to my loud comments about people learning to put the white meat trays in the sinks in some type of order keeping the clean ones separated from the dirty one. Supposedly I used foul language in expressing my feelings. And i also said that I was going to quit in the middle of a shift leaving the meat room trashed. well to save the suspension processing time i resigned. So I feel that I can now inform you as to the problems that I have seen going on in Store# 142.
You have one girl in Meat that is constantly asking people about their sex lives, namely Rachel Stephens, Then there is Danny who comes in under the influence of alcohol, also using foul language, and Dyanna that has periodic anger burst not only with other employees but also with customers. Then you Have Ken who has health issues to where he gets dizzy and passses out while doing his job at night cleaning the meat room, so much so that security and night time managers have to keep checking on him to make sure
that he is alright. Finally in the past month two different female employees have quit because of the constant harassment from the Store Manager Chris Parker. The first was a young pregnant girl named Georgia a closing mgr. Chris constantly harrassed her saying she wasn’t getting her nightly jobs done not believing her when she said it was because she had to finish what the day time people didn’t before she could do her list of tasks, and that the store was usually busy later at night between 4pm and 9pm to the point of her having to spend most over time at the front of the store taking care of customer issues.
Then two weeks ago the receiving mgr, Serene up and quit after returning from a short vaction due to the sexual harrasment from the Store Mgr. Chris Parker. Chris has a habit if anyone of his employees causes him any kind of drama as to having a problem with other employess then he constantly dumps more and more issues onto them mostly because of their attitiudes. One employee quit after he was going to make her write and essay on how she could modify her work attitude, The girl’s name was Jesse, she was good with the customers but because she didn’t smile a lot or didn’t appear happy he harassed her to the point of her quiting. I have not said anything in the past about any of these issues because i feel that what happens in the store should stay and because of the fear of his retaliation in the store, but now that i have beeen on the receiving end of this harassment, I have been forced to resign my position with the store thusly ending more drama for Mr. Parker.
I also am under the understanding that Mr. Parker is attempting or is guarenteed to be transferred to another store in the Arkansas marketing area to be closer to his children following his recent divorce. I think it would be in your company’s best interest to look into these alligations prior to rewarding Mr. Parker. His mild and hidden harrassment of employees is how he has achieved his store performance and taken the credit for all the hard work of the people posted under his control. At one time I applied for the co- grocery managers postion, during the interview it was made very clear to me that I needn’t ever apply for another management postion in the store and basically that if I wanted to keep my job I should just shut up and do my job and not cause anymore drama. The Co-Mgr. Richard was present during this interview. Mr. Parker has had many problems with other Manager in the store to include Co-Mgr. Richard, Meat Manager Paul Spurling, and Co-Grocery Mgr. Ashley, and closing Mgr. Robert.
I thank you for your time and would like to maybe someday return to work for the Harps Food Stores, INC.

Keith W. Locey


Wayne Smith March 29, 2017 at 2:38 pm

I have found many times that the prices in our local store (Grove, Okla ) are becoming less competitive with local competition. Fuel prices are down so why aren’t grocery prices. Meat prices are currently very high.
The gas pumps are always out of towels, cleaning fluid, and it also smells when washing the car windows.
This store opened with high expectations for our community but has slowly decreased in the efforts to maintain my business. It seems that some changes in employees has given this store a lower standard of pride.


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