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Bridgestone Americas, Inc.
535 Marriott Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

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Phone Number: (615) 937-1000
Fax Number: (615) 937-3621
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CEO: Gary Garfield
CFO: Christine Karbowiak
COO: Eduardo Minardi

Firestone History

Harvey Samuel Firestone founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company  in 1900 to supply rubber tires to wagons and buggies.

Harvey Firestone had a personal friendship with Henry Ford. Ford saw the potential market for tires for automobiles and Firestone tires were chosen to be the original supplier of new and replacement tires for the Ford Motor Company.

In 1998 Firestone was bought by Bridgestone Tire Company Ltd, a Japanese company that was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi, for $2.6 billion.

Firestone was renamed Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc in the United States and is the largest subsidiary of Bridgestone.

The company was again renamed and is now called Bridgestone Americas (BSAM).

Today Firestone has 40,000 employees.

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Khrystal Austin January 6, 2015 at 1:11 pm

Good Afternoon,

I would like to share my experience at the Firestone Complete Auto Care in Hillside, Illinois. My boyfriend hit a curb while trying to turn which damaged my rim. Unfortunately, my car was shaking so I needed to get this taken care of immediately. The only shop that was open was this location since most places are closed on Sundays. I arrived to this location around 10 am and was speaking with Chris. I informed him of the situation and he stated it was an 4 hour wait before he would be able to look at my car. I knew I would have to walk home since this was going to be a long wait. Chris was nice enough to offer a free code to Uber so I wouldn’t have to walk home. Luckily I live up the street so it only took me 30 minutes to walk home. I received a call around 3pm to state what was wrong with my car. I was informed my control arm was bent and the rim was dented (which I was already aware of). I was told I would also need an alignment but asked if I could hold off on that until I get paid on Friday. I needed my car since this is my only means of transportation. Chris stated that was fine. Chris stated they would have to order the part but could have my car finished by 12pm tomorrow (January 5th). I was ok with that since I would have my car before I needed to go to work on Tuesday. I also asked to have my oil changed and my rear light replaced (none of which ever happened).

I had to call a cab to take my son to school and take me back home. I called the store and spoke with someone named Lily but was informed the part still had not arrived even though it was ordered the night before. I was ok with that since I was told my car would be done by 12pm. Around 11:50am I called again to check on the status of my car. I started off speaking with Chris who informed me the part still had not arrived. I was put on hold and then the phone was picked up by Lily. I informed her that my car was promised to me by 12pm and so far nothing has been done to my car. She goes on to say the part has not arrived and I would need an alignment. I informed her that I asked to hold that off until Friday when I get paid. But before I could speak another word I was RUDELY interrupted by Lily again stating they would not fix my car until I got the alignment. I told her to call me when the part arrived since I was so offended with how she spoke with me. Luckily I called other places around and found a shop to do the work without the alignment but informed if I did, it would cost $55. That was great price and I was willing to get alignment.
I called a call a cab to get my care from Firestone. When I arrived I had the unfortunate luck of meet Lily, the store manager. I waited until I was called and when I spoke with her I asked to get my car. While she was bringing up my paperwork, another customers car was just done and the keys brought to the front desk. Lily COMPLETELY stopped working on my order and took the lady who now appeared on the side of me without asking if she could ring this lady up and then help me. I have never been treated that way in my life which unfortunately I have a long way to go since I am only 27. Chris was at the register and asked if she wanted him to take the customer who just came up and she said no, take her without even looking at me. How very, very rude. Chris brought up my order and was closing out the sale when the part arrived. He checked to see if this was the part for me and it was. I stated I was willing to just have the work done since the part arrived. Chris was looking at the order and was going to try to figure out something with the alignment but Lily (even though no one was talking to her) stated, “No, she doesn’t want the alignment, so we will not work on her car.” I told Chris to just cash me out and I will take my car someone where else. I actually took my car down the street and was able to get the work done for $100 less than what Firestone was going to charge. But get this: I was informed they could not do the alignment because my rim was so badly dented there would be no purpose to do one. Well isn’t that a kicker since Lily stated my car would not be done at their shop since I would not get the alignment.
So this weekend I will be getting a new rim to replace my dent one. I will never EVER shop at another Firestone and I will make sure my family and friends will never go there even if this is the only place open. I have never been treated so rudely by a store manager. I want to say that Christopher Parks is the best associate I have ever dealt with. He tried to do many things to get my car fixed but I was so upset by Lily that I never want to go there again. Please make sure something is done for him in regards to how he works. He is very kind and answered any questions I had. He should be the store manager and NOT Lily since she is clearly lacking customer service skills. For a person who has worked in customer service all my working career, she is one of the worst I have seen.


Kathy December 22, 2014 at 2:12 am

Firestone in Apex NC last week the customer service was absolutely awful the tiresalesman was very rude & used several degrading curse words about women. I was highly offended by the lack of professionalism


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 2:35 pm



David A Cardone December 15, 2014 at 3:50 pm

I was injured in an accident that was a result of negligence on behalf of a Firestone service station. Presently have a lawsuit against Bridgestone Americas (David A. Cardone V. Bridgestone Americas) for negligence and would be more than happy to assist.


stephanie johnson December 29, 2014 at 10:44 am

Yes,I’m interested in being a part of the class action against these unscrupolous organization.Two weeks ago I went to HoustoN Webster Tx location to get Tires for my Honda,tires… car was in immaculate engine lights,no oil leaking….firestone pressured me into having a diagnostic done. I argued with the manager that there was no need since I wasn’t complaining I needed my car repaired. I only came to get new tires,my chief complaint to firestone was my tires was bald. Firestone diagnosted my car needed an oil pan drip gasket replaced. Firestone refused to show me the so called leak, this diagnosis was very suspicious because my car had no oil leaks, no spots on my parking space,my engine had no noise….firestone pressured me into these unnecessary repairs because firestone wanted my thousand dollar voucher the state of Texas workforce solutions issued me to use to get my tires.All firestone saw was that thousand dollars, firestone formulated a plan to deceive me into believing the repair was necessary. Firestone immediately dismantled my car ,took apart my engine…only to let my car just sit for hours with no work done I brought my car on ay about 130 pm that day,I left at about 9 pm that night. I had to call 911, and get the Houston police to come over and force Firestone to put my old tires back on. Because at that point, I wanted no part of those the cops showed up and basically told me that my issue with Firestone is civil….Firestone told the cops they wanted to keep my car overnite to finish the next day. I say no way….the next day I spike with a regional manager and was put in contact with a second firestone location in Dickinson Tx, I drove my car in to have the work order completed on my car,not knowing that would be the last time my poor car would ever drive excellent again.that friday Dec 19,2014 was the day Firestone ended my cars life.Firestone replaced the drip pan oil gasket,that Friday, I began to smell oil immediately, as I drove home and throughout the weekend I called the manager , he assured me that the smoke smell will disappear. He assured me further that the oil probably dropped on the manifold and will resolve shortly. During the weekend of Dec 20,21 2014 I called the store so many times about my car wreaking of oil smell, that the tech on duty accused me of harassment. The manager Don called me from his home and told me that my car was in excellent condition, that he had personally looked at the gasket after it was repaired and personally signed off on the job done correctly. I insisted there was something wrong with my car, Don told me that he had no guys qualified to check my car out that day,only tire guys on duty. So did the tech that anwered the phone and accused me of harassment. so, Monday the next day came,my car was driving bad, I had a bad feeling in my gut. I spoke with this guy on the Firestone Presidents customer service line, the same guy that took my report initially and he issued me a case number. His name is Tom, very rude, condescending,sarcastic, not helpful insensitive.I told Tom what was happening,and that I’m going to Jiffy Lube to have my car checked out,my car was gushing out oil, said Jiffy Lube…and this was told to Firestone rep Tom by phone,while the oil was gushing out. I told Jiffy Lube what Firestone did to my car, I was advised to go back to Firestone so they can fix their mess ,I slowly inched back to Firestone. Got their, I was livid, I was pissed off at the total disregard Firestone has for my life and property. Out of retaliation, Firestone called the League city Tx police on me. Accused me of robbing the place,according to the officers that came out. I explained what condition my car is in at the hands of Firestone, and I was no robber….this was about 3pm….Firestone took my car under the bay at 330pm,I have video on my phone proof. Firestone put on the receipt my check in time was 530pm and check out time was 637pm….huge liars, I left at about 715 pm, I have proof on my phone video of the tech finishing and backing out my car . So, that was the second replacement of the gasket, the tech stated the first time, was not installed correctly. This tech was name David,he stated the gasket was not bolted in the correct way….the entire time, the manager, knew I was going out of state to visit family. David the tech stated, I’m good to go out of state, so did Don, the manager, both looked at my car and drive my car. So, I hit the road,get on I 10 east, my car quit on me in Baton Rouge Louisiana on the Mississippi River bridge, a gigantic dangerous bridge. My car just quits,in the pouring rain,my car starts rolling back down the bridge. I put on my emergency blinkers. I came within inches of a tractor trailer plowing into the back of me. Another alert driver noticed,I was in distress and car conking out as I was trying to go up that steep bridge, as I was rolling backwards, the driver got behind me. Stopped me from rolling into a tractor trailer and pushed my car up the bridge. To safety on the exit on the shoulder halfway to the foot of the bridge. …the pushed me into AutoZone, got it checked by the manager there,my car had oil in it….it was still cutting off….i called Don, the manager back in Houston Firestone store, he told me he would send a wrecker to take my car to Firestone Baton Rouge, was a lye,…i call back repeated ….Don refused to answer, the man at auto zone said that my car had oil in it, I decided to keep on going,I was in a town I knew nothing about a single woman traveling alone….plus Don, lyed about the tow truck, and so did the guy Tom on the Firestone presidents line on Monday. I didn’t trust their word, Firestone damaged my car and are refusing to be accountable for their actions. During my trip to out of state, I was obly able to drive 50 mph in the pouring rain, tornadoes weather conditions that were occuring on the gulf coast that weekend…I was speaking with a rep from name Mr McCleeson, for about an hour explained how Firestone had damaged my car. McCleeson had stated he would take responsibility and have my car fixed,I told him I wanted Honda to fix what needed fixing and wanted no more part of firestone because of the gross incompetence and malicious negligence….Mc Cleeson told me he would call me within an hour,never got a call from him. So I called back to corporate in Illinois, the receptionists, promised he was working on getting help for my situation. All lies,I got a call from a Dallas Tx manager named Mr Holton, he was rude,belittling,insulting to me as well.Houlton stated to me that he was not interested in hearing my 3 hour story about how my car was damaged. I kept asking Holton whether he was calling in behalf of McCleeson to arrange and coordinate my car being repaired. Holton stated no,that he got all sorts of emails about me. I explained to that snake that I’m traveling 50 mph on I- 10 in the pouring rain….I got a Mr Rahonen from Illinois by phone on Saturday,told him the about Firestone damaging my car and my car not drives me.Rahonen is a liar, he advised me to have my car taken to a shop for evaluation,and get the estimate of repairs and damages to him so a claim can be filed. My car needs a new engine according to Honda, the drip pan gasket is leaking…I didn’t need Hinda to tell me my car was damaged related to the drip pan gasket Firestone replaced….TWO times,…..any idiot can see firestone is incompetent and needs congressional investigation for crimes against consumer,including,deceptive practices,Texas workforce voucher fraud,failing to make repairs according to their work order, dismantling consumers cars in efforts to pressure work to be done, practicing,and engaging in discriminating against women in relation to servicing vehicles…. I’m starting a petition to gather signatures for congress to investigate these snakes, a lawsuit is not enough. The feds need to look into their company on corruption charges, these are not isolated incidences, it’s too many of these to be isolated. This is company wide systemic,institutionalized depriving consumers,and specific to me,women of our federal consumer protections and ultimately connctitutional rights…..these snakes ate continually lying about making good on my car being repaired. Firestone have proven to be bullies, Firestones actions almost got me killed on I-10 in Baton Rouge Louisiana somebody at Firestone needs to be arrested.


Pam January 2, 2015 at 11:16 am

I just had my car towed back home – went to Firestone for engine light on, they “fixed” it – and 1200 miles later (11/25/14 – 12/31/14) I now have a seized engine. Honda Element with only 96,000 miles on it should not have gone bad.


Mr In Disbelief February 17, 2015 at 9:04 pm

So, at what stage is this move for action to date? I too would like to get my car fixed since the online C/S will not forward my simple request to Corporate as to obtain a name, phone number or email address to directly speak to the local Corporate Service Manager to explain how and who stole new replaced parts then replacing with used and damaged unsafe! I won’t even let my wife or daughter drive the vehicle still. 2 months since I started this now and still can’t get the information for speaking with them first. Current company policies for contact was explained as follows… “Give us your contact info, the store location and what happened with your complaint in detail. Then they email 4-5 people internally. Corporate? However many upper management are required or needs to see the case along with whomever will address or contact the store. And finally the store manager gets a copy of the complaint” The latter is where I disagree! My case will be reviewed and gives forewarning to the individuals who stole my parts then giving ample opportunity for a cover up or the ability to make it a null issue before you even get the opportunity to discuss it with a real person! No! I don’t agree with this procedure. I want to speak to someone first and show them my case first then confront the individuals not allowing to conspire or have warning they’ve been caught ripping off the customers. Email me if there is something in the works to stop this deceit and crooked Firestone employees and in my case his manager knew about it obviously!


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 1:26 pm

I have had a horrible experience with firestone in st.Paul Mn.I simply asked that my fuses be checked as my heat went out.two employees checked my fuses and said they were all in working order and there was none missing which lead me to believe it was my blower then made an appt for me to bring my vehicle to another Firestone which would have cost me approxately 500.00.I then brought my car to another mechanic shop and explained to them it Was not the fuses,it had to be the they went to put the blower in,one of the lights was not working.they put the fuses in and sure enough the heat started blowing which caused the fan to break.this was a 6.00 job that has now turned into a major problem. I them called and spoke to Dana who holds a management position which I did recored the conversation in which she preceded to tell me that the gentleman that were under my hood and inside my car were not qualified or expierienced enough to tell me if my fuses were working or not.she tried justifying the situation by saying I was not charged and they stayed open late to look at my car,which I was there at 7:15 and they closed at 8pm.she was a very rude,disrespectful,dishonest manager and had absolutely no communication skills to hold a management position. I have yet to receive a call back from cooperate management. I am looking into having Firestone investigated. In no way should Firestone allow their employers to work or look at any customers car that are not qualified or expierienced. I am going to try to gather all complaints against firestone and see if there’s any type of group lawsuit that can held against them.this has been handled unprofessionally,calls not being returned, management positions not being fulfilled by management duties and I believe e a full investigation needs to take place with Firestone and ripping and cheating out of their money,turning a minor problem into a major problem to take innocent hard working people for their money.hope to c u in court firestone and hope enough people come forward to do a group lawsuit.


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Correction,my car was brought at 6:15 as they closed at 7pm.I am hoping a class action lawsuit will be brought against Firestone. Please people get involved so we can show them this is unacceptable and they cannot get away with continuing to cheat their customers and should pay us back for the time we have been unable to drive our cars.hold Firestone accountable!


jeffrey bledsoe November 25, 2014 at 11:56 am

I have file a complaint for the third time, and I’ve still haven’t resolve this issue going on four weeks now. I do trust that someone will look into this situation and be able to make a decision that will be the right one. I have to tell you how sadden I am to have been going through this problem for four weeks. All I’ve experienced is how firestone has been trying to convince me that my car was not running at all when I brought it in. The truth of the matter is, my car was RUNNING as long as I kept my foot on the pedal, now how did I get to where I am today; I DON”T KNOW. all I ask is that firestone would fix what they messed up. Not try in push me off as if I don’t matter. Everyone sounds very friendly as if they care but NOTHING is being done, come on FOUR WEEKS!!!! I have been without my car as if it’s nothing to them. What is our world coming to? is this business or a scam? come on firestone WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I pray that God deal with all false witnesses and the truth be made known. No one should ever had to go through what I’m going through. But as I’ve read all the other complaints my heart is sadden to se how in America we are being taken advantage of. God Bless America!!

Sincerely Disappointed Still,
Jeff Bledsoe


BROOKS ERGLE November 1, 2014 at 12:42 pm

I researched for the best deal on 2 tires available and found Mark @ the 014257 Firestone store in Jax, FL.who said the tires would need to be ordered since they were out of stock on that particular tire. I was quoted $78.99/tire plus additional fees. While waiting for my tires to be installed, I found the tech., talking to his friend whom was feeding a dog, chicken bones. My car was in the air unattended, and when asked whom was working on my car, the tech. admitted that it was he. Additionally, he started replacing the 2 tires not intended to be replaced. I addressed the situation to the manager and was given a discount on Firestone tires (obvious) for my “wait time”. Now, I will have to buy the same type of Firestone tire, since it is common knowledge that you don’t run mismatched tires on your vehicle, spending nearly $100 more than I had originally budgeted. I work for my living. I don’t steal from the little people. Surely, this is not what Harvey Samuel Firestone had envisioned for his company in 1900. Obviously, Firestone tires are not of quality, as advertised, if they are offering them in place of a previously quoted cheaper tire to cover up for their employee’s intentional “mistakes”.


Lance October 29, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Lance Allstun
2007 Acura TL (current vehicle)

Firestone Customer Care,

My name is Lance Allstun.

At this point, I’m angry and outright disgusted with the lack of professionalism and customer service I’ve experienced on my latest visit to a new store. The past three weeks have been frustrating and disappointing due to the ongoing work being performed at the following Firestone store:

Jeff, Ruben, and Jesus at:
9823 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024
(713) 401-3946 OR (713)464-2688

I normally entrust my repairs and maintenance to the Firestone location on Little York in Houston. The store manager there, George, has always taken good care of me since I moved to Houston. The only reason I considered the Katy Freeway location is because they were the only location open on Sunday when my serpentine belt began squeaking. I love my car so I considered this an emergency and brought it in for repair.

The store manager called me later that day to tell me my serpentine belt was in bad shape. I inquired about replacing all the belts including the timing belt/water pump. The total job including some other work to be performed was around $1260. I agreed to this. It’s a lot of money but worth it to me to keep my dream car running for the next decade.

What was supposed to be a 24 hour job, turned into an utter disaster. The mechanic installed my timing belt incorrectly and tried to start my car, instantly damaging my valves. Firestone decided to tear off the top end of my engine and repair the valves. They eventually replaced 12 valves and several other components, although I couldn’t tell you exactly because my receipt is illegible (no toner in printer).

Over the past three weeks, Firestone has wasted countless hours of my time and turned my dream car that always started on the first turn and purred deeply into what sounds like an old clunker with a permanent check engine light on blaring in my face.

The store manager, Jeff, is not taking responsibility for the damage his technician caused on his watch. Everything has been a struggle with this Jeff. I wish I had never stepped foot in his store.

As much as I like Firestone for most maintenance and repairs, I would not bring my Acura TL in for a head job and valve replacements even if I needed it. This was serious damage and the repairs should have been performed (and my car tuned) by an Acura specialist. None of this work was needed when I arrived and I did not come to Firestone to have this type of work done. My car ran perfect. Once the mechanic damaged my engine, my car should have been sent to Acura for repair. From that moment forward, Firestone has only been concerned with getting my car “running” regardless of the other damage, lights and noises that are present now.

My car now makes a ticking sound like an old car and has an engine light that won’t go off. Firestone damaged a solenoid component on the top part of my engine causing my engine light to come on. A smoke test resulted in a quote for me to pay an additional $300 to replace this part that was damaged during its removal and reinstallation by them. This part would never have been touched had the mechanic not damaged my engine. Returning my car to me with a check engine light on after damaging my engine is ridiculous. Asking me to pay more money to fix the damage they caused is outright rude. This is only one example of how bad the work performed and customer service has been at this location.

I entrusted my car to Firestone to perform the kind of preventative maintenance that would prevent this kind of serious damage from occurring in the first place. I understand the mechanic made a horrible mistake, and I was patient and understanding even when I heard my engine wouldn’t start and then would take over a week to fix. Now it has been three weeks and it is clear this Firestone store has no intentions of fully correcting their mistake.

All I want is for my TL to be in as good a condition as the day I brought it in.

Thank you,

Lance Allstun


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Would u be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Firestone?


Luwanda Reed October 18, 2014 at 1:56 pm

I just left firestone in Riverside Ca, my visit with them cause I had bought 4 new tires 2 months ago. Yesterday I had two flat tires so, towed my car into firestone today. the manager Peter help me and told me, that the damaged done to cause both flats where my fault something I did while driving, like running over a pot hole. he also said there was no warranty for my tries, I spent $400 for two new tires I drive a Saturn view with 15in tires what tire cost 200 a peace for a Saturn view.

I hope this will get fixed soon how are you in business? you build on reputation but your employees are hurting your brand name. Please train your staff not to rip off 71yr old women


d clark October 17, 2014 at 4:39 pm

I had work done by the firestone in naperville. Car broke down and they had it towed by axel towing in sugar grove. The tow company did damage to the car and wont fix it. Firestone wont stand behind it and help us even though its their tow company and now that the district manager is involved (Joe) they wont hardly talk to us anymore. Getting a lawyer .


David October 6, 2014 at 9:48 pm

I went of one of your locations in North Carolina to get a state inspections, I had then told that my vehicle did not past State inspection because my serpentine belt was cracked. They took me out to show me it, I could not see the cracks in it. I then left an went to replace it myself . After doing so returned to complete the inspection , had asked them how long a belt lasts an they told me 100,000 miles , I had this replaced at a Chevrolet dealership at around 80,000, I only have 123,000 miles on it now. I believe that this is what you would call a RIPOFF on their part. You needed a micro scope to see the so called Cracks in the belt. I have the belt and will be contacting the State of N. Carolina in regards to this matter of ripping off the general public off. Also over heard stories they were telling other customers what repairs would cost to have work done, amazing the prices they said ????


Jordan Ashlock September 29, 2014 at 4:16 pm

I’m currently stationed at luke afb in Arizona . I had a bad flat tire so I went to the Firestone on base. I inquired about my tire and they told me it needed to be replaced but they did not have my tire type in store so they had to order it. Two days later that new tire that they put on that I paid 189 dollars for goes flat. I call that Firestone and they tell me to come in , when I get there they tell me the tire needs to be replaced due to a nail messing up the inside. The employee told me that since it was not from their store I could not get it replaced without paying for a whole new one. I just paid 189 dollars for a new tire and now I have pay another 189 for another new one. I am completely frustrated with the business I was giving.


Lori Slavich September 29, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Cross Gates Firestone in Slidell La, where I have purchased tires for almost 20 years for four vehicles multiple times, just informed me that they did not include road hazard on my last purchase just two months ago & now I’m in Arlington Tx with a bunk tire and no warranty! $800 for tires and no warranty?? I’ve always had it & that’s why I buy Firestone tires. The nice people in Arlington are taking care of this for me but I will not ever buy another tire from the Cross Gates location & neither will the rest of my very large family who live in the area. You are boycotted & I will blast you on public media.


angry September 29, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I went in for a 22 dollar inspection and came out with a busted break line firestone needs to be shut down if I would have gotten on the express way instead of going home I probably wouldn’t be here… and of course they took no responsibilty thank you firestone in hillside IL for almost taking my life now ur being sued


Yvonne September 23, 2014 at 3:27 pm

After 2 days of the worst customer service ever, Firestone @ Cloverleaf Mall, Richmond, VA. I was told by customer service to go to another Firestone to get the service I wanted. Firestone @ McGuire Circle in Richmond, VA treated like customers should be treated (with respect). Thanks Jerry (store manager


Renita Mitchell August 30, 2014 at 4:14 pm

This is totally ridiculous that Firestone Humble, TX is refusing to fix my car, because I called Cooperate on them. This is so childish for grown men to be acting like children. I have never heard of such a thing, just fix my car and send me on my way and I will never return again. Don’t they know customer service is everything!


Renita Mitchell August 30, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I have taken my car to Firestone several times, each time being dissatisfied with the service. This is the worse place to take your care to be serviced. They are dishonest individual’s out to take advantage of woman. I will never recommend this place to family, friends or co workers, I am very disappointed in the service, I have received. They always come up with excuses why this has happened to your car, but they will never admit when they’re wrong. I am a woman and I feel they have totally taken advantage of me. What a trouble thing to do to innocent people.


Patricia Mibb August 11, 2014 at 11:27 pm

I first went to Firestone last Friday August 8th for them to look at my car where I had been told i had a exhaust manifold leak. They quoted me a price of 577.00 to replace the manifold. When I explained I didn’t have that much money, they invited me to fill out a finance form Well to my delight and relief I was approved for enough to fix my car. They told me to bring it in this morning at 8am, i was there. I called them at 11:30 to my surprise they had not even started on it but I was assured it would be ready by 5:30. I called him again at 3:30 to see how it was going, he told me he wasn’t sure if it would be finished today but he would try. I called again at 5:00 and he told me that the bolts was rusted therefore it would be tomorrow. I told him I needed my car for Dr appt tomorrow and he told me that I could come get it. So, when I got there my car was still parked in the same place I parked it this am, it was obvious that it had not been moved. He flat out lied to me. They never even put it on the rack but let me go all day without a vehicle and not even one phone call to let me know they couldn’t get to it in stead it was easier to lie! Too, I really believe they were charging me too much for that job. I was going to use them for several things I needed done, but they lost a customer today.


Amanda McCarthy August 7, 2014 at 9:12 pm

I have received nothing but horrible service from this company. I had a wheel hub barring replaced on my vehicle in April, the part was never installed correctly. I took it to a Nissan dealership because I had several lights come on, they told me all the lights had to do with the same Hub that was replaced by Firestone less then four months ago. I had to pay the dealership $136 for the Diagnostic test for them to tell me that Firestone has installed the Hub incorrectly and that I needed a new one. I asked them to refund me the money that I had to pay the dealership since that was the only problem with my vehicle. The district manager will not return any of my calls, the store manager assured me that my vehicle would be finished by lunch and was not. I would not recommend Firestone to any one. Terrible customer service!!!!!


john June 10, 2014 at 10:22 am

This company is going to face a class action lawsuit for scamming customers.


Pamella Roark May 14, 2014 at 9:57 am

Looked online for a tire quote and noticed a BUY 3 TIRES GET ONE FREE. THE SALE PRICE IS $100.49. Under the sale price it says REGULAR PRICE $133.99, and this regular price line has a line going through it. There is a quote link that took me to another page and it priced the tire at regular cost and get 1 free. I called the Springfield store on Glenstone and they gave me their District Manger Melissa VanCastle to call. After explaining the problem she agreed with me and then transferred the call to David. David said that this is legal practice and in order to get the advertised buy 3 get 1 free that I would need to pay $401.97. THIS IS WRONG! I should be able to buy 3 get 1 free at the advertised sale price of $100.49 and pay $301.47 plus any taxes and fees.
Furthermore, after David told me that this is a legal advertising practice in advertising, he also stated that I should return to school. Is this how your managers treat your customers? How long has your company been running this SCAM?


Peter Fowlkes April 30, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Reference no. 2067565 complaint, fire stone store, 9970 lower buckeye tolleson az.a racist word that I was addressed by one of the employees, at that store I went there to put air in my 10 speed bick, the employee approached to assist, can I help you bub, the word bub is defined as negative, word for me and my family and race, it depicts me in the definition and manner of ( little boy ) terminology used in slavery and our fight for equality here in America, this fight is now in it’s 400 year existence, I am not be reminded of of struggle for justice, by an employee of fire stone or any other corporation, this remark is in definition is and always be in same gesture as the word ( n***** ) the proper response to responding to one in need is and always be may I help you sir, or mister, or by name I will not accept anything less, this my right, this employee was and is in violation of that right, and demoralization, will not be tolorated from me or my family members, I am not a (bub) and will not tolorate it not one second, I do have to be reminded of our fight for justice I expect you will do what is right to resolve the ignorace that is within this person, I know who I am, historicaly and biblically, 100% I know truth and I know falsehood, I know it’s origin. From genesis to revelation I know the truth, this employee knows the hurt that why he inflected it for that pupose pain and mental stress on the mind, this not be tolerated at all


Jimmy Bradley March 21, 2014 at 10:02 pm

I had the oil changed in my BMW at your Lagrange Park, IL store. When I recently went to have the oil changed again, I was told the tech was unable to remove the oil pan plug, due to the plug being powered drilled in place. When I informed your store manager that, they were the one who had done this, he denied it being possible because the plug should be tighten by hand. Also the same service broke the oil filter rubber mounts and spilled oil on the engine and bumper of the car. The service experience was horrible. They never offered to attempt to rectify this in any manner. I took my car to BMW dealer the repairs of the stripped oil pan plug and the filter mounts will be $683.36. I’m seeking a response from your management team. Is this what you call “GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE”.


Randy Williams March 18, 2014 at 12:21 pm

I call rebate reward line I explain to the supervisor Jesus that we was given the wrong paperwork from the Firestone store where we purchase the tires. I explain that Bridgestone said, I need to contact Firestone because it was there error. He said, sorry they can not do anything & contact store manager. I ask for his superviors name he refused to give me that information. Then refused to give me his last name. I told I just want right a letter to upper management about my concern. I will never spend a dollar with a firestone. If you have those type of individual working in a area of services. You see why store are closed. We have other company cars they will not be gettiing our business. It is not about rebate, now it is about the services


maja chengly February 19, 2014 at 1:35 am

this is to let you folks know one of your newark,ca store employees stole my car and transfered ownership of my car in his name. now i think i have a law suite against him and yiour firestone co. i would like to speak too high ranking person in this co. real soon. my number is 510-342-XXXX


Alan February 10, 2014 at 4:07 pm

How is store manager can get his 2w before everybody else and I longer work there I ask store Manager to see what going never get any answer
Other employee can bring wife there when work on car at Chalmette store


Jack R Smith November 2, 2013 at 11:39 am

I would like to contact your advertising/marketing department. I am a Voice Over Talent and would like to ask if you are accepting voice over demo submissions?
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


Debbie July 13, 2014 at 8:22 pm

I went to the Spokane, Washington Firestone downtown 7/13/2014 at 4:30 to get a oil change. Store doesn’t close until 6. There was 1 vehicle in the shop with customer in waiting room. There was 2 or 3 auto techs in the shop and the manager which is a woman told me no I couldn’t get my car in as she was waiting for someone to come in and get a nail removed out of their tire. I then called the Spokane Valley Firestone and the guy answering the phone says they could not get me in as they have a tire sale going on. I will take my business somewhere else, I have been a regular customer for many years and the rudeness of the manager made my decision.


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