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Firestone Corporate Office Address

Bridgestone Americas, Inc.
200 4th Ave S
Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Contact Firestone

Phone Number: (615) 937-1000
Fax Number: (615) 872-1599
Email: Email Firestone

Firestone Facts

Founder: Harvey Samuel Firestone
Date Founded: 1900
Founding Location: Akron, Ohio
Number of Employees: 40000

Firestone Executives

CEO: Gary Garfield
CFO: Amanda Mathis
COO: William Thompson

Firestone History

Harvey Samuel Firestone founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company  in 1900 to supply rubber tires to wagons and buggies.

Harvey Firestone had a personal friendship with Henry Ford. Ford saw the potential market for tires for automobiles and Firestone tires were chosen to be the original supplier of new and replacement tires for the Ford Motor Company.

In 1998 Firestone was bought by Bridgestone Tire Company Ltd, a Japanese company that was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi, for $2.6 billion.

Firestone was renamed Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc in the United States and is the largest subsidiary of Bridgestone.

The company was again renamed and is now called Bridgestone Americas (BSAM).

Today Firestone has 40,000 employees.

Firestone FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Firestone?
Answer 1: The phone number for Firestone is (615) 937-1000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Firestone?
Answer 2: The CEO of Firestone is Gary Garfield.

Question 3: Who founded Firestone?
Answer 3: Firestone was founded by Harvey Samuel Firestone in 1900.

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Pattilee Church June 27, 2019 at 3:50 pm

The last week of May,2019 I went to Firestone in Bradenton,Fl. to have them check out a leak under my truck, I live in Sarasota but work in Palmento,Fl.,so this shop, and the fact that I knew the mechanic who used to work on my truck when he worked in Sarasota had been relocated to this Firestone. He put my truck o the balancing lift since it couldn’t be lifted on a regular lift and said I had to wait for it to cool down,(about an hour)…. than after waiting he checked it out and said it was the crank seal. He made another appointment the following Monday to do the work , but he wanted to clean the area around it first so he could tell better. He didn’t have the part that day and made another appointment the following day, only he wasn’t in the next day and so I was asked if I would come back the next day, since I preferred him to work on my truck since other mechanics have messed up working on my truck past. The next day I brought it in …. now this is the 4th time I have been there, the last week in May and Monday-Wednesday, I am also driving about 15-20 miles each way to have him do the work since I trust his work as a mechanic.This is now Wednesday and I had to wait for the part for about two hours, I have to wait since I live out of town. Finally the Part comes and it’s the wrong part so I have for another part to come , it arrives some time later and ANOTHER MECHANIC.. puts the gasket on, and I go home and the next morning when I check my truck… it’s still leaking and I call Firestone AGAIN…. Again I’m told to bring it in. Now my mechanic says the other mechanic didn’t put
the” sleeve” on and they have to get another part but with the sleeve, but the only place that has the part is in Tampa,Fl. …so I have to come back when they have the part, again I go home. I’m rapidly losing my Faith in Firestone. Finally my last attempt to get my truck fixed ,I go back AGAIN the next day, and the part’s not there yet, was supposed to be there in morning… I am told the part not able to be found in Bradenton, so My Mechanic took me and he drove to SARASOTA my town and finally got the part from the CHEVY Dealer in Sarasota. Now we go back to the shop and the part is put in. At about 2:30 p.m. I leave as I have been there that day since 9 a.m.and as soon as I get down the road there’s a” horrible shredding noise” comming from under my hood….. my belt has physcially shredded apart and is flying all over under my hood and shredded my lining on my hood which Firestone replaced due to their error but I am left going back to firestone (after mechanic drove to wear I was and after pulling pieces of my belt off and instead of towing my truck said it would be safe to drive back to the shop with him following me.I now had to leave my truck overnight . I had also left Firesone the first time that morning….. and heard a rapping noise…. I drove straight back to Firestone, which was my belt and they replaced it with a brand one, by this time I’m overwhelmed with this whole mess. It’s cost me almost $200.00 and is not done right, with hood liner re-placed new belt and bolt and correct gasket with sleeve, but not till again the next day because they couldn’t get the bolt that day .They suggested “UBER” to get me home and that and the distance was out of the question…. I had to call my job saying I would be late.that night….. my son had to come from his job in Sarasota through the rush hour… and than talk with his boss about getting me back in the morning in time for his work. I ‘ve been checking my truck each morning and still have a leak with more fluid around the leak, will be seeing mechanic again tomorrow morning at Firestone ….BUT WILL NOT >>>> BE PAYING ANY MORE MONEY !!!!!!!


Shadric Williams May 17, 2019 at 8:05 pm

Hello as stated my name is Shadric Williams I live in Pineville Louisiana and had the experience of needing a tire valvecore installed in my wife’s BMW and it was the weekend so I did’nt want to wait for the BMW store to open on monday of the next week. Calling around town for shops with aluminum valvecores to fit her car contacted the irestone store in Kingville shopping plaza about 3 miles from our home. The person that answered the call said they had replacement cores and with labor it would be $21 plus taxes so after my wife got off work at the medical facility for Tulane here we went over and got the paperwork filled out and was told it would be about an hour so we sat down and watched the television programming with other customers and about two into the experience some customer who had been there when we arrived was having troubles with vehicle braking and said she only wanted the things she said worked on. I got up to inquire about the bathroom and was directed in what door to enter. My wife got while I was in there and unpon my exit said look why they have the drivers whel off my car? She then asked an attendant who said that she said the driver wheel! No I said front passenger wheel, they had already removed the drivers wheel and broken the bead on the tire. Replace it and then removed the front passenger wheeland went to the otherside of the shop away from the glass door that lead to the workshop area. The attendant then came inside holding the sensor in hand and showed us the laminated unit was flayed apart and claimed it did not work. I then spoke up and said that would have been rattling around inside the tire and making all sorts of noise yet all it did was to lose air over night and the central onboard unit for the car monitors and broadcast a warning for the wheel that is low on the vehicle information center between the gauages on the dash. My wife said put it all back like you found it the passenger tire has a small white cord exsposed between the rim and tire bead, Everything was recorded after the scewup and the aluminum im is scratched in several spots as the passenger rim had just been purchased after reassembly the man backing out of the bay area with her car forgot to turn the lift arms back inside and turn down the standions that make contact with the car frame and as he backed out popped part of the underbody cover and the other shop attendant handed the two pieces to my wife and waalked off with his head down. So every day since March of this yearI get up and air her tires up She has been dealing with a Mr Flint since the onset of this crap storm and the only time I di not air the tires is from April 30th to May 4th when I was in Shreveport Louisiana for cancer surgery and we have yet to have the car restored to the condition it was in when driven into the Firestone store in Kingsville Louisiana The inspector came weeks ago to the medical clinic to get pictures from my wife’s phone as well as his own accessment of the damages and at the time it was lear that the tires were new nipples and all and the car was not damaged paint wisw or otherwisw. What do you think is the next step as my medical condition improves?


John Barbieri May 17, 2019 at 7:36 am

I brought my car in yesterday for them to bench bleed my brakes I was told that the hose was bad and the flange was cross threaded. However I watched a young mechanic curse and say that “ they always give me the sh*t jobs, I’m sick of this sh*t, I’m tired of them passing this jobs on me.” And cursing getting frustrated. He didn’t realize I was right outside the bay watching him the whole time hearing everything he was saying. Obviously he was a new mechanic that didn’t know how to work on cars. He tried to put a new flange on for 4 hours until the older gentleman ( probably a manager) tell him he had the wrong size flange to fit the part. They told me the brakes were bled and the problem was fixed. I started driving and when I got to the light right passed the firestone location in Conway sc, the brake petal went right to the floor. I called the manager and he said to bring it in tomorrow. I’m on my way there and I really hope they fix it.


Breanna Hernandez April 18, 2019 at 9:07 pm

My husbands truck is getting f-ked up everytime we take it to firestone!!! Everytime something gets fixed something breaks. 6th f-ing time taking there!!! 😡🤬 im fed up with this!!! Someone better get their a** in gear or imma be getting money from them!!!


Melanie April 9, 2019 at 7:10 pm

I have been without my car for 1 month now. I took my car in for a simple oil change at the Firestone in Port Jefferson Station, NY and they destroyed my engine by running the car with no oil in it. I have a claim number and a SR. Specialist named Chet at 615-937-2717 was supposed to be handling my case. Well it has been I month and no one at Firestone can tell me what is going on! Call after call and I just get directed to someone else. Chet has no followed up once or returned any calls or emails. My Jeep dealer called him as well and no call back. This is the most unprofessional company I have EVER interacted with. My car estimate is $10,000 to fix because Imade the mistake of using Firestone. They will definitely be hearing from my lawyer!


Latoshia love April 3, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Let me just say I had the worst f-ing experience ever I spent right at $1500 and my car is in worse condition than it was when I took it to them if I was a white woman rich I would have had better treatment there is no way they would not try to make this situation right I had all gasket leak gaskets leak and I was told that I need a front and back brakes OK I say fix it then I was told I need a front wheel alignment OK go ahead and fix it mind you I just wanted my all gaskets fixed and I think I want some new tires my car it’s still leaking all this service now I have not been done a month ago and now they’re trying to tell me you need a oil pan gasket leak and your power steering wheel leak but it was not leaking before I brought my vehicle to fire stone on McCain in Arkansas the worst f-ing experience ever at the end of the day I will be getting my money back even if I have to sue because I got my car service every 3 months as needed the white guy that worked on My car is not a real professional he messed up something which they had to fix over and I don’t care I know he did something to try and make me spend more money that’s what they do to women and I’m a blank woman at that if I was a man this would not have happened Period but they won’t hear the end of me I promise I will get my money back it’s the principle of the situation I don’t care how much I have to spend on a lawyer I’m tired of these white people in this kind of job field getting over my money don’t grow on trees I work to hard for my money and I damn sure don’t like throwing it away every dime I send somewhere else I’ma need that back to they thinking cause I’m a woman that I will fall for anything no ima always stand for something us or else Period..


Gladys April 3, 2019 at 1:08 pm

Worst experience ever I was just going in for an alignment and it turns out that one of the employees had placed wrong tire size causing all four tires to loose thread . Now I’m being charge to replace the tires at $350.00 definitely a safety hazard and a convenient.Firestone 3685 stagg drive Beaumont,Tx.


Latoshia love April 3, 2019 at 12:55 pm

Let me just say I had the most worst f-ing experience I spent about 1500 hundred dollar any nothing has changed with my car actually it’s in worse shape than when I took it to them I have to spend money somewhere else for some sh*t they messed up thinking I’m a woman and they can keep coming up with stuff if I was some rich white woman they would have been trying to make this right but this not over even if I Have to sue I will be getting my damn money back very unprofessional a** people at that McCain location in Arkansas he couldn’t even look me in my damn face my damn motor almost burn up because my engine still leaking oil in a place I know for a fact it wasn’t I should have never taken my car there in the first place Should took it where i been getting my car service at but I needed some work done for a trip and


Tavisha Russell March 24, 2019 at 5:27 am

Dear Bridgestone/Firestone cooperation,
I am a very dissatisfied customer. I have had several issues with your Firestone Lakewood Washington location. I had a full inspection of my 2014 Jeep Patriot at said location after hearing a slight squeaking noise, the tech said the Jeep was fine and the brakes just needed to be “clean” and that was at the cost of forty dollars. I gave them the ok to “clean” the brakes. I noticed after I left the establishment that brakes were still making the noise but worst. I brought my Jeep back to the location and explain to them that brakes sounded worst. I told your employees that I thought I was hearing squeaking from the rear but was not sure. Mind you I am not a mechanic, I was just giving them my guess. After my repair was complete, I noticed that my brakes were still squeaking. I took it back and they realized it was the front, they said they would go ahead and fix the problem free of charge. It is obvious that they did not check to see which brakes really needed the repair. They said it would take about three hours, which I waited. Once again, the service was complete, and I took my Jeep home. A couple of days after the repair, my brakes were squeaking again! Needless, to say I had to take my Jeep back to that location. This started in 2018 it is now March 2019 and my brakes are still squeaking!
On March 23, 2019 I went in to have my passenger front tire replace. I spoke to the Manger Charles Sederberg(Chuck) who I have been dealing with for the last year, the day prior. He ordered my tire which came in the same day around 3pm. I work the nocturnal shift at the local VA hospital and was extremely tired so I asked to come in the following day. I asked what time they I opened he said 9:30, my shift ends at 6:30am, so I was forced to stay up to make the appointment. I get there for my appointment just to find out that the store opened at 7am.
Eric was behind the desk when I arrived. I told him I was here to have the tire replace. He had the information in the computer and told me he would get it back there. I told Eric that Charles the Manager told me it would take forty-five minutes to an hour. Eric told me that it would take One hour to one hour and forty-five minutes. Keep in mind that I finished my shift three hours prior. I reiterated the time I was told and that I was very tired. I stated to him that I was very upset with services I have received in the past and told him to look at how many times I have been to their location for my brake problem on my days off. He acknowledged my many visits. I was clearly upset, I told him I was not angry at him, I was angry at the situation. After an hour, he said my vehicle was ready. I drove my car to a lot away from that location. I took pictures and recorded what I found. The tire was dull and dirty, it did not look like a new tire. I went to put my exercise gear back in the rear of my Jeep and to my shock and disbelief my car jack had my jumper cables wrapped around it! That is a real safety issue, it was deliberately, and I was allowed to drive off the premises with no knowledge of the danger in the rear of my Jeep. My spare tire compartment was built to have the jack placed back in with the tire. The tech obviously did not do that, my jumper cables are placed in a built-in compartment on the right inside of the trunk. I have pictures of how the cables were wrapped around the jack. I called the location, Eric answered the phone. I told Eric what I found and about the dull tire. Eric said “I told my technician to hurry and get you done so that you can get some sleep. If you want to drive back to the location, I can unwrap the cables for you” I stated, “Why would I drive back with the cables wrapped around the metal jack!”
It is clear neglect, a safety issue, and poor service. I cannot believe that a well established and well know company such as Firestone would allow this to happen. I am also fierce that I have had to come back to that location for the same issue that has yet to be fixed.
I don’t know why I have received such treatment and blatant disrespect as a customer. I am an African American Woman and feel that my gender and my skin tone has played a part in such poor service. I expect as a consumer to be dealing with an honest and transparent company, I do not view your company as such.


Larry C March 22, 2019 at 11:45 am

The Firestone store off yellow brick rd in Rosedale Maryland is the most disrespectful and ignorant rude bunch of characters anyone will ever find in a public service store. They don’t have any qualified mechanics, no knowledgeable people at any level, they are liars and scam artists who will break your vehicle and refuse to fix their mistakes. They need to be shut down and go to jail for fraud and malicious conduct


Livingston Miles March 25, 2019 at 9:48 am

On March 23,2019 brought my2008 Cadillac dts for a 11:30 appointment at the Firestone in Towson,MD on York rd for alignment and to replace the front passenger side Tpms. I ask the service writer to check the ride height on the front on my car because it look a little high. The Manager called to informed me that I needed a special technician to check the ride height and that it will cost 110.00.. I informed the manager David Molock that I will have it done at a later time, to please perform the alignment. The Manager call to infom that everything was done and I can pick up my vehicle. After picking up my and went home when I got out my car I noticed on the rear passenger side bumper was damaged. I immediately called Firestone but know one being that it was after 7pm when there closed. So I went up there and Supervisor informed that it will be taken care of and that the Manager David will be in on Monday. I came here on Monday at 7:50 was informed that David will be in at 9am.. At 9:15 I asked a staff member has the Manager come in yet, he informed me that the Manager will be within a half hour. I feel the customer service here is horrible and would not be suprised if the Manager didn’t come in at.


Jackie S Scialabba March 21, 2019 at 2:34 am

I have been a long time Firestone customer until now. I purchased two tires for my 1995 GMC 1500, in Late 2017. Recently my Son, was Driving the truck when he noticed Air coming out of the Front tires. Miles from a Firestone Store, he Found A Mom and Pop shop, who Patched both Tires (One from a Thorne from a Rose Bush and the Other from a Nail. He made it Home. Later that evening he went to get Something out of the Truck and Heard Air coming from both Tires. I told him to take it to Firestone the next Morning (Sunday) and get them Patched right. When he arrived at Firestone in San Jose, California on Tully Road, they told him since someone else touched the Tires they would not Patch them! They then Offered to Sell him two new Tires at a Discount. Both Tires were repairable. We did not expect anything Free. Just the right service. We will think twice about going to Firestone, in the Future. They should put this fact in writing before they sell you Tires. This was and is terrible service.!


Bidarshi Barua March 12, 2019 at 7:20 pm

I left my Lexus sedan LS 460 2010 with Firestone
with WOODGLEN, 6730 FM 78, San Antonio, TX 78244 on 2/25/2019 at 8 am to fix the Brake Pads. The called me at 11 am and informed me that all my 4 brake pads to be fixed. I axked them if they do for Lexus or not. Manager Albert said yes, they do.
They also called at around 2 pm and said, they were working on it. I said, by 2 pm you supposed to deliver the vehicle and you said still working. Albert said, usually they don’t do for Lexus, becuase it is comptersied and complicated. Then I said before you go furthwer, better give me the vehicle back before more complication arise. Albert said, they got the wrong parts twice due to mistake and he apologized. That would be done soon.
After 5 pm I got the message that they said their technician is not as expert as Lexus technician. So they have a technician used to work for Lexus for long times in Walzem store.He would be coming tomorrow 2/26 and fix everthing properly. Again I told him to give me vehicle back before any more hussle comes. The promised to deliver the vehicle by afternoon on 2/26, but couldn’t. Finally .
Finally I went to Firestone at 4:15 pm, saw my vehicle still under work. At around 5 pm, Albert said, they are checking the sign to get them off the screen. I waited till 6 pm and finaly Albert said, sorry they can’t take the any sign off.
When I start the vehicle, looks a bunch of asigns appeared in writing and symbolic. In other words all are totally massed up.
I called Lexus dealer. They said if the work done properly those sign arenot supposed to appear. If I try to release the brake to accelerate, it makes light jump before I press gas.
Over all they spent my 2 days and kept me waiting in lobby for 2 hours just for nothing.
Firestone didn’t provide me with right service despite I went back to them upon their request, but couldn’t do anything.
So, I want to dispute whole payment for $950.03
According to advise by Mr. Christopher, Area Manager, I left my vehicle with North Park Lexus dealership. After checking they stated that Firestone fixed all 4 brakes were wrong and Lexus dealer are fixing again, total cost will be around $500-600.
I informed Mr. Christopher but received no response yet.

Bidarshi Barua
San antonio, TX 78244
321-247-XXXX or 407-486-XXXX


Deborah Jones March 8, 2019 at 8:04 pm

My experience with Firestone was absolutely horrible!!! My daughter took her Honda Accord to Firestone in Riverview Florida to get an oil change and the technician didn’t secure the oil filter. Long story short, her car stopped on her and we had it towed to Honda. The head mechanic said the filter was put on correctly and all of the oil leaked out causing the engine to cease up. Of course Firestone disagree and said she needed a timing belt. We filed a complaint with corporate and this is the worse customer service EVER. Someone name Chet is in charge of our claim. We’ve been calling him for a week and all we get is his voicemail. Then we were told that someone was sent out to look at the car but didn’t know where the car was located. Really, how about calling the owner of the car to ask! We still haven’t heard from Chet but now I’m told that Chet has 3-5 business days to return our call!!! Really!!!! Firestone you are the worst!!!


ROXANNE PASQUARIELLO March 6, 2019 at 12:28 pm



ROXANNE PASQUARIELLO March 6, 2019 at 12:24 pm



ROXANNE PASQUARIELLO May 20, 2019 at 8:44 pm



Alejandro Marcilla February 25, 2019 at 4:59 pm

I went in on Friday 2/22/19 for an alignment and called me an hour later telling me that their “master tech” had broken my tie rod and that I had to replace it. I had no other option fix it or don’t drive my car after all that was done they called me that the car was done and when I drove it the alignment was worse that how I dropped it off, they tell me they had forgotten to test drive it and they’ll fix it again and not only did they not fix it, lie to me telling me how my vehicle is lifted a perfect alignment cannot be done, all my traction lights were on and the tech that looked at it stated that they were on when he drove it!! I owned my car for almost a year they were never on. They never wrote it down saying my lights where on. They said they tried to call me letting me know something was too rusted and that there was a possibility that it would brake when there was no call and now they want me to pay for something they broke. They gave me paper work on my car saying they could do half of the alignment and not the other half. When I took it to the other shop the paper work I had before was nothing like it was at the place that actually fixed my car. Tired of their excuses I took it to another place and they did a perfect alignment. So now I’m out the money for Firestone’s mistake but another alignment from another shop. They lied to me, did not give me full information and I had to bring it back to them 3 TIMES with it still not getting fixed. I used to bring my car and my families cars here but not anymore


Danielle Armstrong February 22, 2019 at 6:25 pm

I made an appointment 2 weeks in advance for an oil change. Wait 10 minutes to get waited on while manager was checking his email, and was told it would take 45 minutes to complete. I came back in an hour and my vehicle was not touched. But I could come back the next day for half off. A call would of been nice to inform me they were having trouble or running behind. I will not be back and will inform family and friends about terrible service


Doris Kelsey February 20, 2019 at 1:46 pm

Had 4 new tires put on Nov 26 2018… Just had to take my vehicle back because it was vibrating and making a very loud noise in the front end… After being put off several days I decided to insist as I could not drive it… Well come to find out There was a loose bad lug nut! Really and they could not see that 2 months earlier??? They claims it was not caused by their install.. I don’t believe that What I think is either they over tightened the nut or they did not tighten it probably when they put the tires on… As if to make me feel better the service guy said he would make sure they were all tight Cost $46.43 and also was a dangerous driving situation! I will never go bk again!! I believe this was a error on their part from the time they installed the new tires!! also took 2.5 hours for this to be corrected!


Carol Hunold January 5, 2019 at 12:20 pm

October 2016 I bought a new set of firestone tires for my truck. Within the first year I noticed that rubber around the seams began to fall off. Since I have had it in for balance and rotation and no one said anything, I assumed they are safe. But recently I have noticed it getting worse. I took it to the Firestone complete care center in Warner Robin’s Georgia, where I purchased them, and was quoted a SLIGHTLY reduced rate to replace them. I was told that the rubber coming off was just cosmetic and I must be hitting too many curbs. Wow…I have three tires with rubber coming off at the seams, but somehow I’m causing that by hitting curbs. I should not have to pay 3/4 the cost to replace DEFECTIVE tires. I have never seen this on other tires. I am VERY dissatisfied!!!!


john s brissette December 27, 2018 at 2:33 pm

on Nov 25th I went to Firestone store # in North Smithfield to get a power steering leak repaired. After the technician looked over my vehicle, I was told it needed 2 lines going to the steering rack. He quoted over 800 dollars to do the job. I thought that was extremely high for the job but told him to do it. When I was called to pick up the car, I noticed a leak under the vehicle and told the service rep. He said there were leaks all over the parking lot but would bring my vehicle in and check it over. 15 minutes later I was told no leaks and paid my bill. I asked for the veterans discount and was told he can give me the 7%. Online it says 10% discount for veterans. Which is it? I was told they only needed one power steering line and my bill dropped a little. When I drove the car home it was whining and sputtering but I assumed it was due to air in the lines and I would give it a few days. Dec 10, i ran out of fluid and called Firestone but no one answered. I added more steering fluid and hoped for the best. On Dec 26th my steering locked up and I almost hit another vehicle. Tried calling Firestone again and no answer I went online and requested a service appointment for 11 am. I arrived at 1045 and my vehicle was taken in to the service bay at 1120 am. 1145 am I was told that the lines were stripped in the rack. I stated they were the last ones that touched it and they should fix it. The rep went back in and looked once again at the leak then came and told me it was the boot on the steering rack that was leaking. I said I was upset and cant keep paying for guesswork and that they assured me last time it was the lines The rack is only 6 months old. He noticed the rack was new and stated I should take it back toi whoever put the rack in. I said because Firestone touched it last, they wouldn’t be liable. The rack is under warranty but labor isnt. I was quoted another 400 plus dollars to install the rack. I would get back to them and left around 1230 pm. I arrived at another service center and was told the lines were stripped going into the rack. I feel cheated and lied to. On a good note, The service rep was nice enough and tried helping any way he could. I would like the 693.00 I paid reimbursed to my Firestone cc since the leak was never fixed properly.


LYNWOOD BREWINGTON November 22, 2018 at 1:07 pm

Yesterday I went your firestone shop for car care package the store manger proceeded to do repairs without my consent then comes back.and tells me it`s $604.04 so I tells him he dd work without my consent and remove parts installed his reply is he can`t but he can reduce price to $200.00 I only had $196.00 on me he accepted that so I leave shop and goes to another shop they tells me that (NO PARTS BEEN REPLACED) after being in shop for 5 hours and been charged $196.00 I would like something to be done about this fraudulent service? shop in MT EPHRAM NJ 08059 STORE #017221 Bogus service!!……


Larry Bourgeois November 21, 2018 at 9:09 am

On Nov 12th, 2018 my son was going to drive my 2001 Jeep Cherokee from MA to NC. He got 2 hours out of MA and the car stalled in Cromwell CT. It was towed to the Firestone Complete Auto Care – Store# 6629 – 136 Berlin Rd. Manager: Nicholas Piccirillo and over the next two days they replaced coils and sensors and when the car continued to stall finally gave up saying they could not figure out what the issue was. However this did not stop them from handing a bill to my son for $730.00! I had the car towed back to MA and within four hours my mechanic here spotted the problem. The sensors had not been adjusted properly. I am disgusted that Firestone would have the audacity to charge that kind of money and not even have the experience to fix the car. I will be addressing this directly with their corporate offices. This stores incompetence needs to be addressed.


Larry Bourgeois November 29, 2018 at 3:01 pm

It is now Nov 29th, 2018, and even after sending an email to their corporate offices there has been no response. I plan to now contact the local television media that looks into companies that feel they can take advantage of customers in these situations. Perhaps this will get the attention of Firestone and help other customers not be ripped off by the company.


Sandy Means November 19, 2018 at 9:20 am

We took our truck in the night before to have the tires looked at because they keep losing air in the front. We were asked if we could leave it overnight and we said yes. The tires were purchased in July 2018 with the works. We call to pick up the truck at 3p to find out they haven’t even pulled it in. We go in at 5p to find out they haven’t even pulled it in still. When they finally look at it, they tell us we damaged the rims and they won’t warranty the work!!! Are you kidding me…you damaged the rims when you took the tires off and put the new on. How do we know this…you would of brought this to our attention when you put the new tires on. The rims are caroated and have damaged the new tires, the old tires were only worn the rims were fine. We have spent so much money at Firestone on tires to be treated like this…what a joke!!!


Joel Ward November 3, 2018 at 6:40 pm

I dropped my vehicle off the night before utilizing the early bird service for a brake diagnostic as my truck was leaking DOT 3 Break fluid. The following morning around 9:00AM PST I receive a call from the Firestone located at 150 Northridge Mall Salinas, California from the Manager “Patrick” indicating my break lines were rusted and they could not complete the work because it was beyond the scope of his technicians capabilities. I asked him did he have any recommendations on who could do the work and he said no. Fast forward, 2:45PM PST, I go to pick my truck up and notice it is parked in the exact same place, further more exactly as I had parked it the night before… My truck was never put into the service bay for a full diagnostic and assessment of the brakes… I know this because I asked Patrick was my truck put in a bay and he told me no. My follow on question was how were you able to effectively conduct a diagnostic in my vehicle when it was not looked at properly? He responded to me by sayin he used his flash light and made the assumption the breaks lines were rusted because of the brake leak location. He also tried to justify his response by saying my vehicle is from the east coast succeptable to rust on the break lines. If Patrick and Firestone did a proper diagnostic, they would have seen the break lines have been replaced, so that was not the issue. I’ve been with FireStone for 10 plus years and when I take my vehicles to get serviced or diagnosed for a problem, I fully expect that to happen at a with the highest standards that Firestone and I expect. I am extremely disappointed with the way Firestone has handled the care of my vehicle and will be reaching out to the “chain of command” all the way to Coorporate if need be, until I am satisfied with how this situation was handled! I expect more our of Firestone and will hold you accountable!


Gloria J Robinson October 1, 2018 at 3:07 pm

I visited the Firestone Complete Auto Care store on June 3, 2018. I was informed that the diagnostic on my 2007 Toyota Avalon revealed that the Direct IGNITION Coil needed to be replaced. At the time, the salesperson person suggested that I replace three (3) coils due to the labor cost of replacing the coil. Based on the information he provided, I agreed to have all 3 coils replaced.

After the work to replace the coils was completed, the salesperson called to inform me that another code was showing, and it indicated that I needed to replace an oxygen sensor. Due to time constraints, I opted not to have the work done. This auto repair shop is a distance away from my home, but I had plans to be in the area on June 3rd and selected this shop to do the work on my car.

I decided to have the oxygen sensor replaced by another auto repair shop. When I took the car in for the repair, I presented the summary of the ‘Recommended Services’ that I received from Firestone. Since my visit to Firestone, I now have multiple codes coming up on my car, the brain box is malfunctioning, the ABS code is coming up after having brake work done the month before visiting Firestone both in addition to the oxygen sensor. Please note, none of these issues existed prior to visiting Firestone. After dropping my car off this morning, I received a call from the repair shop and they informed me that the oxygen sensor DID NOT need to be placed and that the sensor was UNPLUGGED. Did I really need to replace the ignition coils (1, 3, and 5) for the cost of $801.59? Why am I now getting all these additional codes coming up on my car? My trust in Firestone auto shop has been shattered! Was everything put back in place and checked? If the work was done in an area that affected other things, does it make sense to check the immediate parameter of where the work was done??? Tell me what you think Firestone.


Rick Dennison October 1, 2018 at 2:37 pm

I had my Nissan pickup in the shop at the Firestone dealer in Wichita Falls , tx ,Lamar st location, on 09-18-2018. I took it in for a frotend alignment. Made a 12:00 noon appointment. The person called me from Firestone around 1:15 and said , in order for them to do the alignment , they would have to replace both tie rod ends. Also said it needed front shocks. I told them to go ahead with all of it. $626.42 total bill. Not a problem with the bill or the work , I think they did a good job. The problem I have is , I just bought this 1998 Nissan Frontier pickup the week before , and it is a SUPER clean , inside and out truck. Garage kept. Really , really clean , good looking truck. I compounded and waxed every inch of it 2 days before I took it into Firestone. It came back with several bad looking scratches on the drivers side rear quarter panel. Very disappointed. I have always taken all of my vehicles to this location , but I am leary togo back now.


Richard Buck September 12, 2018 at 11:43 pm

I parked at Hospital seen antifreeze leaking called my son who is 32 year ASE Master Technician, he was unavailable to fix my car. He suggested to have it towed to Firestone to have radiator fixed at 4015 E Broad st columbus ohio. I’m 77 years old and cant hear very well, the tech called me and said I need
left wheel bearing replaced
left lower control arm and Ball joint
left inner tie rod
outer sway bar links
Keep in mind my son had just inspected my car 2 months ago everything was fine!
they told me $2100.00 they called me said its ready and when I got there I asked what was leaking on radiator and they said they didn’t know there was a problem with it.
I stood and pointed to both service techs said I told you both my car is leaking coolant from radiator and is being towed here for inspection, so basically it cost me another $400.00 to get radiator fixed that they were supposed to look at.
Yeah they Ripped me off BIG TIME and to take advantage of me at 77 years old, they should not be in business. they are THIEVES!
when I got in car to leave I could not turn steering wheel to the left to turn. I went back in and said you messed up my car they said if I wanted to leave it they would look at it, they should have noticed they messed up my steering when they test drive after front end alignment, they said it will cost another $900.00 to replace steering rack that they messed up when replacing left inner tie rod, I drove it home almost hit 2 vehicles and almost got hit because I could not turn left steering kept locking up. Im calling Corporate office and the BBB bureau and the news 6 on your side, they have drained my bank account and want more to fix what they damaged. If i would have got in a accident they would find they damaged my steering rack. I am also calling our Family Lawyer tomorrow!!
Do not trust Fire stone anywhere, other than my son there is no HONEST Mechanic I can TRUST.


Cathy Oppelt September 7, 2018 at 11:49 am

I took my BMW Z4 into the Olympia West Firestone for new tires. My car tires are Run On Flat (ROF) tires. My wheels were fine when my car went in except on small patch of curbing on the right front wheel. When I got my car back all four of my wheels were machined on the edges and had tool scraping marks on the insides of the wheels. I am now almost 2 months into my ordeal of trying to get Firestone to take responsibility for their action. I have jumped through all of the hoops and been as nice and as kind as I can be working with the customer service personnel. Claims denied my claims based upon an independent party saying that all of the damage was cause by curbing. I have provided proof to the contrary but cannot get the claims manager to even acknowledge the information I have sent to him. Now I am in round two of corporate to get ahold of me. I spend $1300 on my tires and yet this company is not acting like they care about that very much.


Leslie H. September 4, 2018 at 10:30 am


On Friday evening 8/31/18 I had finished washing my car and went to start it while in my drive in order to pull it into my garage. DRAT! The battery was dead!

I contacted AAA to come charge the battery. While waiting for AAA to arrive I checked my records and saw that the battery had been purchase in April 2017 and had a 2 year warranty. At about 6:40PM I called the Firestone Store that I frequent and spoke with Ulysses who told me that the store closed at 7:00PM, but that they would WAIT FOR ME!!

What a pleasant surprise….Ulysses was not only pleasant on the phone, but when I arrived after 7:00PM he took my car immediately and I was out of the store by 7:30PM with a new battery at basically NO COST. Sure…I was not happy to start my weekend in that manner, but I was very happy to deal with such a pleasant person – Ulysses Glee should be given a nice BONUS!!!



Carole August 11, 2018 at 10:16 pm

I bought a 2017 Jeep Patriot in July 2017. I have 18000 miles on it. It has Firestone tires on it. The tires started humming real bad. I took it to 2 different Firestone dealers in Tallahassee, Florida. The first one told me there isn’t anything they can do and that they were sorry. The second one told me it was because the tires weren’t rotated at the correct time. My dealer does the oil change and rotates the tires. I don’t believe rotation has anything to do with all four tires scalloping, as they called it. The first dealer told me the only way that it can be corrected, was for me to buy 4 brand new tires. These tires aren’t that old. Why should I have to buy new tires, when I only have 18000 miles on these. To me, Firestone should take care of this problem. As far as I’m concerned, these tires are faulty. We are taking a trip in October to upstate Georgia and traveling around the Highroads Trails. I don’t want anything to cause me to have an accident due to faulty tires. I would appreciate updates on this issue. My husband & I have had problems in the past with Firestone Tires, and swore we would never buy them again. Unfortunately, when I bought my new Jeep, they were on it. I gave Firestone the benefit of the doubt, and accepted the tires that were on it when I bought it. I should have insisted on taking the tires off my trade, which were new, and put them on my new Jeep. If this issue isn’t corrected within a reasonable time before the beginning of October, I WILL take further action.


Susan DeLuca August 9, 2018 at 12:05 pm

I went to the Firestone Complete Auto Cary, Cary – Davis Dr, 1717 High House Rd. Cary, NC 27153 on 7/30/2018. And unbelievably they charged me 12.99 for my Head Light replacement and 65.00 for Labor = $88.52 for a headlight bulb replacement! ARE YOU KIDDING… I go to the Auto Care in Morrisville less than 2 miles away and buy the bulb for 12.99 and they put it in for FREE…yep FREE…. Lesson Learned Firestone! NEVER AGAIN. Really you should be ashamed of yourself.


DeAnna D. August 2, 2018 at 3:49 pm

My daughter was in town for a visit, and on her way here she has a leak in her 2014 Ford Taurus Limited. so i went online and looked up tires and price, found Firestone Firehawk AS, so I made the appointment at Brooklyn Center location and drop the car off. when it was time to pick it up her car i was told that we could not use the coupon on those are not there brand tires. so i called to 2 other firestone stores and was told that i could use the coupon and they are firestone brand tires and to bring the car in and they could do it today. Brookdale store still was not willing to accept the coupon. called Corporate and no answer and then call disconnected. If i am unable to reach them i will have to file a report with the BBB. How are you going to sell another brand of firestone tire with the same name as your company. I will be closing my credit card with them, they don’t deserve my money.. who does that 🙁


James Chisler July 21, 2018 at 9:18 am

Took my 2010 Sonata to Firestone for repairs on July 6 of 2018. I received new tires, breaks, and break pads totaling 1500 dollars. The next day I picked my car up I noticed my emergency breaks was loss and took my car back to Firestone and was told my emergency breaks wires was rusted and had to pay again to repair the rusty wires. Before taking in the car to Firestone there was nothing wrong with my emergency breaks. Now my family and myself lives are in danger because of the money scam Firestone employees in Ohio has inflicted upon my vehicle and myself.


Seaprisoner2 July 31, 2018 at 1:07 pm

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, the Firestone near me leaves much to be desired too. An appointment was made and after an hour my car still isn’t on the rack. 😡


cheryl duke June 28, 2018 at 10:29 am

went to get a state inspection was told my truck failed the inspection .went to different place my truck passed the state inspection no problems .
went back to firestone to complain service manger was there told him what happen he said he was back there when the guy was inspectioning my truck .
I am so mad that is not right to fail my truck inspection to make money I am going to do everything I can to let it known this happen .the place address is


Seaprisoner2 July 31, 2018 at 1:06 pm

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, the Firestone near me leaves much to be desired too. An appointment was made and after an hour my car still isn’t on the rack. 😡


Howard Owens June 17, 2018 at 10:20 pm

What a joke! I dropped off my wife’s KIA at the Moreno Valley, Ca location at 09:38 AM after first calling Antwone to confirm her car battery would be replaced today. He said “yes, no problem” I called back at 12:30 pm and was told her car was next. We went to the movies so after receiving no calls, I called back at 3:30 pm and was told her car was next. I was pissed. I went back to the shop where Antwone thought he was clever enough to play games with me; he wasn’t. With no customers waiting and
only 2 cars in the service bays, he said they were busy all day, appointments, etc. He then said he allegedly told me the car would be out today before they close and that wasn’t until 2 1/2 hours. He then said they tried to jump her car with their car starter but couldn’t, yet my 4 – cylinder car jumped it on its 1st try. The whole time this transpire, he wore a s**t eating grin on his face and offered up all the names for me including his district manager, mechanic’s name, Corp CEO, etc., telling me the whole time that they won’t care either. Pretty amazing how this 7 hour job took them 23 minutes, as we waited in the shop. After a nearly 15 year relationship with this same store; adios; I’ll try not to let the door hit you on my way out. Too many other competitors will be glad to take my money.


Seaprisoner2 July 31, 2018 at 1:09 pm

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, the Firestone near me leaves much to be desired too. An appointment was made and after an hour my car still isn’t on the rack. 😡


Lacey Summersgill June 16, 2018 at 7:36 pm

My husband, myself, and our two little ones went to the firestone address 202 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80903. We were not impressed whatsoever, we got our oil changed there before and they put the drain plug on to tight which ruined the torque seal. My husband and I took it back to firestone for them to fix the problem and the guy at the counter “James” was not pleasant at all. He told us he could fix the problem but turns around and says that he can not without doing an oil change. We had been there for an hour already waiting with a 1 year old and a not so happy newborn. At the end of the whole service though the problem was caused by their technicians they told us we needed to pay over $65 for the oil plug and the oil change. My husband always goes to firestone for tires and services but after this situation we will never be spending another dime at ANY Firestone company. The way that everything was handled was very unprofessional.


Carl June 7, 2018 at 6:54 pm

In 2015, my car was involved in a 4 car accident, took my car to my neighborhood Firestone Service Center the next day to have it inspected for damages. The Service Rep stated that no damage was discovered due their inspection. A week later, I started notice vibrations & shuddering from the engine. Over the next 2 years, on multiple visits to the Firestone Service Center, I would tell the Service Rep about the vibration & shuddering while driving. Their solution was to replace various engine parts that they claimed was the cause of of the vibration to a tune of over $4,000 over a 2 years period and never resolved the initial problem with the vibration & shuddering which became worse.
It wasn’t until I took my car to AutoNation Chevrolet Service Center and after 45 minutes they diagnosed the problem which was 3 broken Engine/Transmission mounts and the transmission had shifted out of alignment.
After the mounts & transmission were repaired, there was no more vibration or shuddering, my car ran and sounded like new. Cost, $815.00.
At no time during any of my visits to Firestone was it mentioned or doXXXXented by their mechanics that the engine/transmission mounts were damaged. Tryed to get reimbursed for the cost of all the parts, inspections, and diagnostic test for the past 2 years. My Complaint was eventually denied after an Arbitration Inspection was concluded. Unable to get a copy of the Arbitrator’s Report
for unknown reason/s. Their conclusion was, my car was old and mechanical parts do wear out and their was no fault in regards to their mechanics although the broken engine/transmission mounts & shifted transmission was not mentioned as a cause for the vibration & shuddering.
It will be a cold day in hell before I ever take my car to any Firestone Service Center, I feel totally “Ripped Off”.


Seaprisoner2 July 31, 2018 at 1:10 pm

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, the Firestone near me leaves much to be desired too. An appointment was made and after an hour my car still isn’t on the rack. 😡


Seaprisoner2 July 31, 2018 at 1:11 pm

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, the Firestone near me leaves much to be desired too. An appointment was made and after an hour and 10 minutes – my car still isn’t on the rack. 😡


James Cornelius June 2, 2018 at 7:55 pm

I was in Burlington, NC over this recent Memorial Day weekend. Took my vehicle because they were open on Sunday. I needed my wheels balanced, which they did. Then, they informed me my front passenger wheel bearing was shot. Needed replacement. Just the bearing. The cost would be another $300. For just the bearing. I was there visiting family and I’m from Florida. Supposedly the bearing was replaced. I notice a rubbing noise almost like brakes grinding. I’m back home and at a repair shop in Florida. Thinking my front brakes need replaced. They are fine. Guess what’s wrong with my vehicle? Right front passenger wheel spindle is bent. Needs a new bearing as well. It wasn’t bent before. It shouldn’t need a new bearing, was supposedly just replaced. This grinding noise started after it left Firestone on Sunday, May 27, 2028, I have been ripped off by this Firestone. I have proof this repair by Firestone in Burlington didn’t happen and I was charged dearly for it. I have paperwork from both places. I will be to submitting to my attorney. This repair cost me $272. I’m not thru with this Firestone yet. They, Firestone, Burlington, NC, will be hearing from me concerning this very soon. I will do what I can to prevent this from happening to someone else. Stay away from this Firestone in Burlington, NC. I will never again be taking my vehicle to any Firestone, period!!


Seaprisoner2 July 31, 2018 at 1:10 pm

Thanks for taking time to respond to this, the Firestone near me leaves much to be desired too. An appointment was made and after an hour and 10 minutes – my car still isn’t on the rack. 😡


james May 21, 2018 at 3:01 pm

furious… start and looking at this…..I see approx. 10 other customers since 2018 those frustrated with a reputable name like firestone. I had a nail in a tire and proceded to buy two tires…….that left a spare and two other tires -one was quoted, and thought had more time and so denied that 3rd tire. I drove off with 2 tires. I did very little driving-went to church next day which was yesterday. This Monday morning went to work out and thought, wow-I need to get back to firestone to get the tires balanced……;little did I know while parked in a shopping center, when I got back in my car—the quoted tire was flat and a nail was in that one. SUSPICIOUS—VERY SUSPICIOUS-SO I WENT BACK TO FIRESTONE. They were not very nice and asked them if they were in my place, what would they think. I HAVE NOT HAD A NAIL IN A TIRE FOREVER….AND NOT 2 IN 78 HOURS……SUSPICIOUS. So get this….so they said they would put the spare on my car and i got that accomplished and now i check my trunk—and a tire was placed in there. SO THEY PUT THE TIRE WITH A NAIL BACK IN MY TRUNK…AND PUT THE RIM AND ALL BACK IN MY CAR. NEVER THOUGHT -NEVER DREAMED THAT THEY WOULD PUT THE DAMAGED TIRE BACK IN MY TRUNK. SO JUST CALLED CORPORATE oFFICE AND THEY WERE CLOSED DUE TO A MEETING. I CANNOT EVEN TELL THEM ABOUT MY DILEMNA. I READ SOME OF THESE COMPLAINTS—TOO MANY AND TOO MANY DISATISFIED CUSTOMERS…….WOW


Charles Jones April 29, 2018 at 3:51 pm

Well I guest firestone does not care if they lose customers. All they want is to get the money they can. And when they brake something on your car.And when you try to get it fix or make a complaint it falles on deaf ears.So you all should take down your complaint page or your feedback page.Because you all will not respond to any thing 256 690 XXXXX ph.


Charles Jones April 27, 2018 at 7:10 pm

I went to get my oil change. They told me that my tage light was out Itold them to put one in.The guy that work on my car broke it while he was putting it in.Whin I found it I went back to kia to see what one would cost.they told me it was $52.00 dollars.I told the firestone manager.He told me to get the to order me one through Advance auto.Witch they did.Whin Iwent to get them to put it in the manager told me I would have to put it in myself.I call and made conplaint to district manager.And he told me their was not much he could do about it. As soon as I get them pay off I’am done


Charles Jones April 27, 2018 at 6:47 pm

I had my tail light fix at the Bob Wallace Av Firestone. The guy that put it in broke it.They got me another one.But the manager told me when he gave it to me.Was I Would have to put it in my self.It looke like they brook it they wood have to fix it.I made a conplaint to the district manager.He did not have much to say.HE said their not much he could do.That he would talke to the manager. I would like to her from someone.All I know is that Ihave pay Firestone a lotes of money.But whin I get them pay off I will take my money and go to soneone else.


Brian Clark April 20, 2018 at 2:42 pm

Just had my tires replaced there last week. When I picked my truck up there was tire lube all over the rims. Not a big deal. After washing my truck today I noticed scratches all over the rim and a huge gouge in one of the rims. I called and spoke with Bill and he put me on hold to get the store manager. When Bill returned to the phone he stated they must have already been there and were marked on the ticket and it is impossible for their machine to do this as there is a plastic guard. I know for a fact that my rims were not like this when I turned my keys over to them for new tires.


Ronald Collins March 18, 2018 at 5:45 am

I went to the Firestone Complete Auto Care shop at 731 E. Union Hills Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85024, to get a fluid brakes bleed on my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. The Mgr. said they can’t just bleed the brakes, They would have to do a complete brakes system flush, $69.95. I said OK. Replacing all the fluid sounded good. I said as long as you have it up on the rack, a few years ago I signed up for a lifetime front end alignment, might as well do that while you have it up on the rack. He said it would take a few hrs. He was shorthanded, people were out sick, on vacation and one guy was a trainee. I said OK just do the brakes, I walked home, I live a few blocks away. When I came back, my car was parked out front. I went in, paid the bill, $75.51. There was a different guy behind the counter now. OK it’s getting close to closing, Thursday night, maybe he left early? Anyway, got my keys and went to get in my car. When I put the key in, and started the engine, I hear this loud CLICK, CLICK. I don’t drive with the radio on so I heard it loud and clear. When I placed my foot on the brake pedal, it nearly went to the floor. “What the heck just happened” I thought, how could they expect me to drive home with the brakes in this condition? I could get killed? I went directly back into the shop and explained to the gentleman, what I had just experienced. He went outside with me, I gave him the keys and he started it up. He heard the CLICKs and said the sensor in the gear shift console was bad and he would have to replace it. He couldn’t get the replacement part at any of the stores he would have to go to Nissan for the part. He said he had my number and would give me a call. (I thought it was a little strange that he knew so much about that part, when he was sending me out the door without mentioning it.) WHAT about the brakes I said, He said the shop Service Tech said “Bla bla bla some bladder was weak and might have to be replaced bla bla bla? I didn’t understand what bladder he was talking about. I’m 74 years old. I think he probably thought I would go home and he would never hear from me again or maybe because it was close to closing time he just wanted to be rid of me, I don’t know.
I came back the next day approximately noon because I still have not heard from anyone regarding my vehicle. Now the original Mgr. was behind the desk. I proceeded to explain what had happened the day before. He told me, if I wanted, he would give me my money back and I could go get a second opinion. I said OK. He then did something to put the money back in my account, $75.51. Before I walked out the door I asked, what about the broken sensor and the fact that the brakes go to the floor? He said the service tech never touched the sensor and in order to fix it he would have to tear apart the whole console to get to it and besides that the brakes were old, worn out and the “bladder” over time would go bad. Thinking to myself, isn’t that why I came here? I was thinking this was Firestone “Complete Auto Care”…………………… As far as my refund goes, It is now Saturday evening at 10:00 pm and I have yet to see a deposit back in my account. (nearly 36 hours later) This is the worst service experience I have EVER had from any establishment, “COMPLETE AUTO CARE” shop or any other organization for that matter.
One Unhappy Customer,
Ronald Collins


Karnella March 15, 2018 at 10:26 am

I have never been told that something is working properly and 3 days later it has to get replaced. I came to the location in Madison,Alabama 8604 Highway 72 December 2017 to have my alternator replaced. After taken my vehicle home and tried to start it up and it wouldn’t start. So I went to autozone to have the battery replaced and was still having the same issue. I called Firestoneto set a appointment and they only had openings for the weekend. So I called a few days after and they had appointment open for Tuesday March 13,2018. When my husband took the car to Firestone for the appointment they said they couldn’t fix it because he didn’t have the paperwork. So I called them back after I got off work and set a appointment for the following Saturday March 17,2018. After speaking with the personnel he said it was dead cell in the battery. So here I am back at Autozone asking for a replacement. Autozone said the alternator was not charging the battery and itneed to be replaced. On March 15,2018,my car wouldn’t start at all. So the morning on March 16,2018 with no way to work, I had it towed back to Firestone and now the are replacing it under the warranty. This has really been a inconvenience for me and my family. If I paid $482 to have the alternator replaced why not replace it while it’s under warranty the first time. Tim Sanders, the store manager made sure it was replaced due to the alternator being the issue in the first place.


wayne February 22, 2018 at 6:36 pm

i’ve been a loyal custermer for over forty years here in Bartlesville Oklahome, now this is the second time time i’ve been treated this way, made a appointment twice with manager troy and even called this last time and told him i was stuck in bad weather and to reschule me for thursday [2/22/18] for repair of a previous issue they fixed? rear seal that cost over 800.00 and now it’s leaking worse than before!! dropped off this am @ 7:30, ive called and said somebody had issues as they were travling thurOklahoma, and assitiant manger Sara said she call me when ready, so then arounf 3pm i stopped and asked what problem was and she said 1 was still ahead of me and i asked what was reson was for me making appointment, she said i didn’t have a appointment and i said BS, this is second time troy blankenship has done this to me!!!! i aksed if this would b taken care of tommorrow [2/23/18] and she said yes and said that troy would b bak in at 10am if i wanted to talk to him and i will but wanted to tell everyone what kind of BS goes on in this store!!! after 40 yrs of loyality this is how you get treated signed wayne


Alan H January 27, 2018 at 11:52 pm

I had a Texas safety inspection done at Firestone Store #019313 in Dallas by Tech 44 Godfrey on 01/08/18. This person did the inspection and never put sticker on my vehicle after passing test. Never did realized till today that the old sticker is still on windshield. So I wonder where the new sticker is now. I have decided to take this issue up with The Texas Department of public safety to investigate this asap. Should be an interesting case.


VF June 16, 2018 at 9:34 pm

C’mon, dude. I’m as pissed as anyone at Firestone, but this is just silly. There are no more inspection stickers in Texas- that’s the reason for the whole “Two steps, one sticker” ad campaign that has been running since, oh, 2015 when the change came into effect. Have you seriously not had your car inspected in the last three years? It’s all filed in an electronic database. I mean, yes the tech should have taken off the old sticker (dick move not to, but hey- it IS Firestone) but nothing about what they did is really wrong.


Christie Modlin January 23, 2018 at 11:28 am

Firestone located on 4330 Shaw Ave in FresnoCA. Has been nothing but trouble and a complete disaster. I wanted new tires, oil change, and new wipers. Took two days to finally get the tires after a complete mess and was charged for all the work only to find out I did not get a oil change or new wipers had to take it back again. Well my car started leaking oil and making a noise and it is now at the dealership. Firestone did not put the drain plug back in and so far it’s costing me $490! I’m beyond pisses. Hopefully it’s not worse and I’m planning to make some heated calls.


me January 3, 2018 at 3:25 pm

WOW.. i made a mistake going to your service center when plainly i can see from these complaints and the reviews that CORP doesn’t care…
this is rediculous


John Heredia December 30, 2017 at 4:42 pm

I dropped off my truck to get the window fixed since the motor went out and upon picking it up i noticed deep 3 gashes/nicks on one of my rims. I’m very particular about my vehicles and rims and noticed it right away. I spoke with someone there and he took pictures and said I had to wait until the manager was in on Monday. I’m from out of town and travel back that day so it’s very inconvenient. I just want it taken care of. Hopefully they will be in contact ASAP.


Christopher Gamino December 11, 2017 at 12:30 pm

December 11-2017

To:  Firestone Customer Service Department

From:  Christopher Gamino     Brownstown Twp. Mi. 48134  1-734-652-XXXXX

Re.:  Formal Complaint on service

Dear Firestone,

On 11-13-2017 I purchased and repaired my daughter 2008 Ford Focus front passenger side lower control arm.  I have the receipt from Auto Zone for the Duralast part for $91.99.  I contact the local Firestone in Woodhaven Mi. to have a alignment done due to them having an $69.99 12- mo warranty special.  I took her car there to have the alignment done, and they ended up up-charging me $197.91 for the alignment and a driver side tie rod.  I had them make sure everything was in good working order on the front end, and they assured me ‘it was good to go”.

On Friday 12-08-2017 my daughter says her car was acting weird and pulling again to the right, and her steering wheel seemed to be off.   She was unable to bring the car back home due to being a full time college student at Wayne State University.  So I advised her to take it back to her local Firestone in Madison Heights for warranty work on the alignment.   She dropped her car off on 12-10-2017 to do the warranty work on the alignment.  On 12-11-2017 she arrives to Firestone to pick up her vehicle.  She gets a ridiculous bill for nearly $300 and the employee advised her she would need a life time warranty for the alignment for an additional $130.  She declines the lifetime warranty, however pays for the $290 for the questionable service, which I did not authorize. Unbelievably my daughter calls me and says that Firestone charged her for a new passenger side lower control arm.  I advised her that this was brand new and just changed/repaired less than a month ago.  The employee at Firestone said it was not a newer part and advised her that she could not drive the car, it was dangerous.  I call the Firestone and talk to Ralph, who advised me that the control arm was not newer, and it needed to be replaced.  I advised him I was 1000 % positive this was a new part, and that I changed the part myself, and that i have receipt to prove this.   We argued about this part being newer, and I advised him that there was no way this needed to be replaced and this appeared to be an unethical improper service.  I requested all parts that were changed to be given to my daughter.  She was only given the control arm and upon further inspection of the part (lower passenger side control arm), there appears to be no damage to the part or ball joint.

This is simply unacceptable business practice.   To take advantage of a 19 yr old college girl who comes in for warranty work is simply unethical and borderline criminal.   I will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB, and any other entity that takes complaints on business that condone this type of business practice.   

Sincerely,  Christopher Gamino


Ylonda Tomlinson December 6, 2017 at 11:15 am

I called and spoke with a very nice gentlemen named Seth and scheduled an appointment and made sure the tire needed was at the location for my son to get his blown out tire fixed or replaced. I had a warranty on the tires. I explained to Seth he gets out of school after 4pm so he scheduled an appt for my son to come a 4:30pm. Now mind you, I had several things done to both of my vehicles with firestone in Irving tx. Always great experience. The issue that occurred was in Odessa Tx at the firestone at 2317 E. 8th street. 432-614-1703.
Now keep in mind, my issue was not with Seth, he explained to me the day before, he would put everything in the system for the technicians to see because he would be off the day my sons appt was scheduled. My son made it to the location around 4:45 or 5pm. He was turned away and told they were short staffed and had four other cars to get to. My problem with this is the operating hours are from 8am to 6pm. Why was my son refused service. I called and spoke with the rude a** regarding it and he would not even let me speak to a manager when I asked to, he claimed the manager was working on a car. I asked him to explain to me why he could not replace the tire and he stated, short staffed, closing for a meeting and when I said, but my kid is driving on a donut how do you know his donut is okay if you didn’t even look at his tire, you just turned him away, his response was a donut can get you to point A to point B. This guy was a total a-hole. I asked him could he at least make sure another location that was open til 7pm had the tire we needed, and he refused to check. This guy needs to be dealt with by upper management. I hope someone from corporate reaches out to me regarding this matter. I have emailed corporate as well. Stay away from Firestone on 8t street.


Edwin L Gaupp November 29, 2017 at 12:46 pm

On Aug.28,2017 I went to a firestone service center in Challmette. La. , 70043 for an alignment. In which I was told it would only take an hour. 2 hours later I was told I needed a camber kit and was sold one and alignment completed took rest of the day. Now today is Nov.29, 2017 and I am in here because the camber kit bolt fell off. I find the desk person very defensive and not apologetic. Just leave it and we will look at when we get a chance. I’m not even sure it they intend to fix it free. I would think if someone does this kind of alignment and it falls apart on a customer in 3 months. Some sense of liability should be felt not well it’s been 4 months. (1 month added in defensive tone)This could have been my families lawyer sending this email. If this was my business I would have assured my customer this would be taken care of free and immediately with some sincere apologies . And assurance that it would not happen again probably free oil change (what ever. ) This service experience has been very disappointing and appears to be systemic with all firestone from what I’ve been reading on the web. I hope this email will give the reality check your customer service needs because I used to be a fan of your tires. But experiences like this are generally not recoverable.
Regretfully ,
Ed Gaupp


Michael Green November 17, 2017 at 10:40 pm

My wife and I have been clients of store 21156 for several years with great service. However, at our recent scheduled appointment, a worker named Justin, was extremely rude and had an attitude. He is representing your company, and doing a very poor job at it. We have spent a few thousand dollars between 2 of our vehicles, in the past year or so. We will not do anymore business with your company since you employ and advocate rude, obnoxious and unprofessional behavior from your employees.


Robert Ihnat November 17, 2017 at 12:17 pm

I came to get a simple inspection for my van for Go Share I made a appointment for 11am store is in Elmwood park new Jersey …. the manager Mike says to me we don’t accept walk ins I said I’m not a walk in I wana make a appointment guy was rude … now it’s 1pm I’ve been waiting for 2 hours .. .. horrible service never again will I go to Firestone


Fernando & Lisa Gavilanez November 7, 2017 at 12:02 pm

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I have been using your services for about 15 years, and have always been satisfied with the experience Firestone has provided us with, which is why, on August 9th, when my car originally broke down, it wasn’t even a thought in our minds to bring the car to you. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that that decision was going to be the start of a snowball-effect of one unhappy experience after another.

On August 9th, we had my truck towed directly to the Firestone in Laci, New Jersey, immediately following the breakdown. The car was in their possession for 2 days. After looking at the truck, the mechanic explained that what he would have to fix would cost a total of $1,298.06, which we did not expect, but we understood that in order to have the car running again, this was going to be necessary. At the time, we did not have the money on hand, so we opened a credit line with Firestone in order to cover the expense. At this time, the mechanic had mentioned to my husband that there may be was a possible computer issue; they were having a hard time reading the computer. Having already had multiple positive experiences with Firestone, we took the mechanic’s word, and fixed what, in his opinion, needed to be fixed in order for the car to be put back on the road. That did not include the above mentioned computer issue.

Just one week later (August 18th) the truck broke down, again. Again, we had the car towed to a Firestone; however, this time the car was towed to the Bronx location. Given the fact that the car had just been serviced a week prior, the Bronx location worked on the car, free of charge as per the Laci New Jersey’s request to float the bill, to repair a ground wire.

Just two weeks following that service, the truck broke down for a third time, whereby, at this point, we were so displeased with the fact that the car had been serviced twice prior, in a three week period, that we didn’t even want to bring it back to Firestone. In many ways we felt an obligation at this point to bring it back to Firestone because of the prior services, that we felt we were being charged an arm and a leg between the service and tow charges, that we needed your company to fix whatever may have been done/find the REAL cause of the issue.

The car was brought in, for the third time, on September 7th to the Middletown location, and I am still without a car. After a few days in their care, I received a call from the mechanic that there were a few issues with the work that had been previously done to my car at the Bronx location, and I was promised that they would fix the mistakes the Bronx location had made. Unfortunately, the ground wire repair was ultimately the cause of the computer breaking down, and because of the fact that my vehicle is older, we were made aware that the issue was not going to be a “quick fix.”

I have to say, throughout this entire process, the Middletown location has ended up being the most helpful of all the locations we have been to. Not only have they adequately answered both mine and my husband’s questions, they have also been great with following up, and letting us know the status of the car. Unfortunately, as pleased as I am with their customer service, I am still extremely frustrated at the sequence of events leading up to getting the issue resolved.

My first issue in this entire fiasco is that I entrusted your company, back in August, to look at my car and explain to me what exactly was going on. Having left there, about $1,300 later, I expected that the issue was fixed. Please keep in mind with that $1,300 bill, the electrical issue was brought up as a “possible” issue, but not dealt with as I would have expected, knowing what I know now. My second issue is that I again entrusted my car to your company’s care during the Bronx service, whereby not only was the problem not fixed, but I later found out that they were the cause of the ultimate computer malfunction we are now trying to resolve. My third issue is that after having brought the car to your company for a third time (the Middletown location), when the Bronx was contacted, by your employees in the Middletown location, to see what work they had done to the car (trying to get some answers) the Bronx location hung up, twice. I would have expected to be treated as priority given the open admission of fault on the Bronx location’s part, and the fact that this was now my third time bringing the car to Firestone. I was not given that- in fact my husband and I were the ones who had to continue to call seeking answers from both the Bronx and Laci locations.

During this entire time period, from August up until I received the rental, I had to ask a family friend to borrow their car so that I could get to and from work. This process has not only been stressful, but highly costly to myself and my husband. Not only have I accrued tow fees to have the car brought to Firestone after each breakdown (whereby each visit and service has ended in more harm than good), but I have also accrued months of insurance and car payment bills for the borrowed car during this time period. Please keep in mind the fact that I am also having to pay insurance on a car that has been off the road for a total of 3 months, and in your care.

No rental car was offered to me until I spoke up about the fact that I needed my car back, or a loaner, because our family friend needed their car back. I think it is, again, unreasonable that I, as a customer, have to bring up a possible solution to a problem that your company is allowing to continue to happen. Had my car been dealt with properly the first or second service, would this issue have already been resolved?

I am very displeased with the service, communication, and due care this company, overall, has given to us throughout this process. Although the Middletown location has genuinely tried their hardest to make us a priority, this has been, XXXXulatively, months of back-and-forth, months of miscommunication, months of following up, and months of not knowing what is going on with our car, or when the problem will be resolved.

Your own company promise is “customer service, quality products, and auto care solutions for your vehicle.” I feel that this promise was not given to me as a customer, and has still YET to be made. At this point my husband and I feel forced into service with you, as we have already invested our time and money into your services, we have been told that one of your branches was the route cause of the computer issue with the vehicle, and now we are continuing to wait on a part that has been ordered by your Middletown location. On top of all of this, the bills we have accrued throughout the process to make sure that Firestone was able to take care of the car, from upwards of $400 in tows, to insurance payments to car payments for borrowing a friend’s car, because we trusted your company and its services, now feel completely wasted. This process has not only been stressful and time consuming, but at this point my husband and I do not trust that by the time we get the car back that the problem will be completely solved. Going into the holiday season with that worry is highly disconcerning.

As working parents of 3 children, two of which are fairly new drivers, and one of which is still in elementary school we, in a sense, entrusted your company with the safety of our children. We trusted that the initial approximate $1,300 would fix what needed to be fixed in order to ensure that our children would have a safe vehicle to drive and that our youngest child would be safe while in the vehicle. On top of that, this car is my only means of transportation to-and-from work, in order to provide for my family. Granted, none of this is your problem, but I am asking that you please take a moment to understand the underlying frustration that also has come from our experience with Firestone over the past 3 months.

At this point, my husband and I want answers, and we want a solution to our problem. We want to know what you are going to do to help, not only have our car fixed and back to us in a timely fashion, but what you are also going to do to fix this disaster of an experience we have had with Firestone. Again, although the Middletown location has been as helpful as humanly possible, my biggest annoyance is that, had the Laci and Bronx locations taken due care with my vehicle, it should never had ended up in the care of the Middletown location.


David November 4, 2017 at 7:32 pm

I went on March 2017 and had 4 new tires done to my dodge caravan which is prime well and few month later heard nose while driving and it was from the tires they was a bad brand so I went to firestone on Murfreesboro road and spoke with Mina who stated he was the manager at that time in the store and young lady and I asked if I can upgrade to firestone batter brand and they said sure they have checked what is left from the old tire which I got from firestone on march 2017 and mina and the young lady don’t remember her name they both said the difference between the prime well and firestone brand will be $162 and I agreed to get it done and later went to pick the car up they said its $260 so they should said from the start and not lied and I will pay only what they said which is 162 or il get the old tires and no fees


Crystal November 1, 2017 at 9:54 am

I recently took my car into Firestone because it was making a loud chirping/squeaking noise. My appointment was schedule for 11:30 so I dropped my car off at 11:00 and went back to work. I got off work at 4:30 and had a co-worker take me to pick up my car only to find out they had not even looked at my car. At this point I am frustrated because I was scheduled to go out of town the next day and I needed my car. After having worked an 8 hour day I had the pleasure of sitting at Firestone for another 2 1/2 hours for them to fix my car. $300 dollars later they tell me one of my pulley’s were bad and so I pay to get it replaced. I get in my car and go home. I drive to work the next day and the noise is back ……. they obviously did not test drive my car before they gave it back to me. I couldn’t take the car back that day because I was going out of town. I called the shop back told them what’s going on and scheduled another appointment. After taking the car back the sales manager calls me to tell me “oh…. well the serpentine belt tensioner is going out and that’s where the noise is coming from” at this point I am hot….I just spent $300 for this issue and I was given the impression the problem had been fixed. This new issue which I believe was the initial problem is now going to cost me $930.91. Are you serious Firestone…..a total of $1,200???? I get there may not be an exact science to fixing cars, but not only did I receive bad service but you are basically telling me you fixed the wrong thing and now I have to pay an additional outrageous amount because you guys didn’t take time to test drive or wrongfully diagnosed the issue.

My husband and I have been Firestone customers for over 15 years, and it is very disheartening this industry thinks it ok to fix things that are not broken and push the cost down to its customers. I want to believe this was not the vision of mission that Mr. Firestone intended for his organization or customer base. I often wonder was it the fact that I was a woman dropping my car off. My husband is active duty military and we geographically live in two different locations. It’s really sad that I feel like I was taken advantage of while my spouse is defending this country. At this point I don’t know what to do. My car is still not fixed …..I would have even settled for some type of credit option where my previous expense could have been credited to this new expense seeing as how the problem was never fixed and it’s still making noise. At the end of the day every business has the potential is fail, it doesn’t matter if you have been in business forever. Organizations should pride themselves on providing quality service and if that is not the case they should at least attempt to ratify the situation while keeping the customer in mind, valuing that customer and understanding it is because of customers entrusting their service that keeps their organization afloat.


Margaret October 16, 2017 at 10:14 am

I went to Firestone on 10/15/17 2136 George Urban Blvd Depew, NY 14043. I had a very loud nosie coming from my brakes. I nomally don’t go there but My regular auto shop is closed on Sundays. So I took chance with Firestone Big mistake. The guy said it could be my brake pads will check them. So he said the pads looked good. He said they sometimes have dust on them and they interfere with the rotors. So they replace them. The guy took the car for a test ride didn’t tell me the noise was still there. When I got in the car the noise was even louder than before. I came right back and told them, he said the new pads had to get use to the rotors. I’m like ok. So I ran couple of errands I said I can’t take this noise. When I got home I called them he said come back in so I did. When they looked at the car he said oh it was the back brake pads. I’m like why didn’t you look at the back brakes too. Bottom line I had to pay for front and back brake pads when I only should of paid for one. I spent over $300.00. I will never go to Firestone again. I’m calling their corporate office this is crazy. They take advantage of women. I’m also calling the Better Business Bureau. These people should not be in business. To ALL WOMEN DO NOT GO TO FIRESTONE!!!!!


Noor October 5, 2017 at 1:48 pm

After dealing with Honda Dealer ,where I wont go for free even . I gave a shot to Firestone Middle town. Got my tires changed all 4 . Mike #05 was the service advisor .He asked me lot of questions regarding my driving habits and suggested me the tires .While the tires were off they suggested my front brakes need to be replaced and the tech #10 Andrae showed me .I got it done too I was very pleased with the results and my car drives like brand new. Recently got my rear shocks replaced and oil changed again by Andre perfect . Love this kid .Very knowledgeable and honest . I will not any body touch my car .Good Job. I would highly recommend tech #10 Andrae .


Christine Smith October 4, 2017 at 5:05 pm

I really don’t know who is addressing all these issues I am reading about. I wish I read them before I took my car to Firestone in Westfield Ma. Long story short, took my car into my trusted Mechanic to do some repair work and I was informed I need work done that was already done by Firestone. I had my mechanic pull the paper work from my glove and sure enough it was the same repairs. If anyone reads this stop begging them to help you, find out what the laws are in your state about auto repair. For me, I left two messages for the District Manager. I told him he has two days to get back to me, by Monday I am sending a 30 demand letter for the money I payed. they will have thirty days to respond and in my state if they dont I will seek triple damages per Mass. Law. I am having my mechanic box up all the parts that are coming out during his repair. I will also get doXXXXentation from my mechanic. I am taking them to small claims court and I will not let them get away with ripping me off and I wont me ignored and go away. So for all of you find out what your laws are and demand your money back and take it to court. Small claim should have no real cost, no attorney so if they dont resolve your concerns, take it to court you cant lose because you have already loss dealing with them, make their life miserable and deal with the corporate office directly. Good luck I will update you in 30 days if I get a response to my demand letter.


DK February 26, 2018 at 3:59 pm

What is your update?


BC April 4, 2018 at 1:38 am

Any updates? I have a issue of paying for work that did not get done and the work that was done was done incorrectly. I can not believe all these complaints I am reading about. My first step is to talk to corporate cause I have had enough of the store talking to me like I don’t have a clue because I am a woman. Also getting different conflicting answers from different managers. If this does not get resolved through corporate I will file a complaint with the BBB and speak to the attorney general office. I have taken the time to snapshot all these complaints to post them with a WARNING sign about my Firestone experience on Offer-up every Craigslist in every city along with every social media web page. If we do not pay they can easily place a lien on our vehicles but where is our protection when we do pay and find out the same day the job was not completed and I even have a receipt. Also the partial job that was completed was done very poorly and will have to be redone so it’s like I just threw $700 in the trash. I think the NEWS would love to make a story on this and I will be the one to submit it if this matter is not resolved. I even found out after the fact that my son-in-law (Air Force Military) spent $3000 and vehicle was not fixed he still had the problem. Had I read these comments and knew what happen to my son-in-law I would have never taken my vehicle to Firestone. Good luck I really hope they made things right. Incase that have not appoligized…. I have to say I’m sorry your going through this cause I know how it feels. May you have a blessed day. There are also pro bono attorneys that will take on our cases and get paid only or when we win in court. Best of luck.


Laurie McDonald October 2, 2017 at 12:40 pm

Paul Scott manager at Firestone 7752 Denton Hwy Watauga TX 76148 told me on Friday September 29th that he would issue a credit to my account by the end of the business day in the amount that I was charge for parts and labor for a master cylinder and brake flush. I have not received a credit to my Firestone Account. I would love to talk to someone at corporate about how I almost got killed twice when my brakes failed at major intersections after Firestone completed the almost $800 repairs. On my third visit to Firestone concerning the brakes failing after their repair they recommended that I have another almost $700 part replaced (They said there was a service bulletin out for my vehicle for that part and the dealership confirmed that was false information. So I feel lied to.) The part they recommended replacing (the brake booster) is perfectly fine as I had to take it elsewhere for diagnostics. They did not do an ABS brake flush, they overfilled the brake fluid and the reservoir was completely full to the top.
I’ve been a customer of Firestone for over 24 years and this year I have been treated horribly and ripped off by both local stores. I left a voicemail for Tim Barber at corporate on Thursday September 28th and still have not heard back from him.
I have am a single mom to two very young children and do not have alternative transportation. When I took my vehicle to Firestone for the original brake job one of the men working the counter told my 3.5 year old son he couldn’t have a drink out of the water fountain. He lied to him and told him that it was broken (we drank out of shortly after arriving to the store so I know it was not broken.) I walked my son over to the water fountain and told him to have a drink, then we spent the last 1.5 hours of our wait outside in the parking lot (This was in July in Texas). Is it because my children are half African………….
Also on my last visit I asked Paul Scott how did they know for sure if the master cylinder they removed from my car really needed to be replaced (since it didn’t fix the problem.) He first said “I’m not here to argue with you” and I responded with “I’m asking you a legitimate question” and I repeated my question, he said there’s no way to know…………


Michael Garcia September 29, 2017 at 1:12 am

I am writing to express disappointment on a recent service on my 2015 Honda Accord.
I have been a loyal Firestone customer for over 10 years. On 09-17-2017 Sunday evening my vehicle would not start. I called AAA and had my vehicle jump started around 7:00 pm. I was told that it could be that my battery needed to be recharged. I decided to go to you Firestone the next morning at 6:45am to check my battery. My car started without any problems Monday morning and I drove to your location (store # 744254) and waited until it was open at 7am since I had to be at work at 8:30 am and was getting off early because I had a 3:00 pm medical appointment. After waiting approximately 45 minutes,
I am informed by Store Manager Holinbaugh and mechanic Spencer that my battery is good and my alternator was bad and needed to be replaced. I asked about warranties since I have a Honda certified pre owned vehicle that I purchased down the street from Huggins Honda dealership. Manager said he did not know about warranties. After being told that the alternator needed to be replaced. Also said he had to order part and would not be delivered until 11:30 am. I had to call in to work to take a non- paid day off. Around 1:30 I called Firestone when I found out that MY CAR had 48 month bumper to bumper warranty from the Honda dealership and requested the part to be taken off, Gary said he would have to charge me double labor. Any reasonable Firestone Manager would have called the dealership in advance to see if my alternator was warranted but instead took advantage of me by selling me an alternator I did not need.

My vehicle was ready at 2:00 pm and I was picked up at home by your courtesy truck. Picked my vehicle and went to my 3:00 pm medical appointment. At around 4pm I left my appointment an attempted to start me Honda Accord and it would not start. I called Firestone and Manager and mechanic drove to my location a couple of miles away and jump started my car. I drove to the Firestone where Gary installed a new battery free of charge and I asked why. He said my battery was bad and was misdiagnosed. I asked for a copy of alternator test which could not be located nor was there a copy on my receipt. I called the next day and complained to area manager Mr. Timothy Barber. He said they were not in the business to call and verify warranties on vehicles. My mileage was 38, 042. I had an extended 12 month warranty through the Honda dealership down the street. I again asked for a copy of alternator test and Mr. Barber gave me one done at an Auto zone. After consulting with a Honda mechanic at the dealership the next day I was told that the alternator test had to be done while on the vehicle. This test was invalid because it just shows that a bad alternator was taken to the Auto zone and tested. Cannot be verified if it was mine. I once again drove to Firestone and asked Gary in person for a copy of the Test. He could not find it. He said they could put the bad alternator on my vehicle and re-test it and would charge me labor fee. I will not trust your mechanics to work on my vehicle after the alternator has been in your possession for a couple of days. Once gain I left a voice mail message for Mr. Barber to call me- never returned my call and I called customer service and said my case had been resolved and closed. I once gain called to refile a complaint with your customer service on Thursday 09-21-2017 and that a regional Manager would contact me in 24-48 hours. As of today no one has called me back. I called again today and filed another complaint. I am requesting that you refund me in full $717.85. Admit that your mechanic made a mistake and move on. I am willing to go to a small claims court and file petition in a Tarrant county JP court if this is not resolved to my satisfaction.

Mr. Michael Garcia

Firestone will not even contact me. They know that they screwed up.


Clabe Taylor October 31, 2017 at 10:28 am

Firestone in the Elyria, Ohio location is giving me runarounds as well about damage to the trunk area of my vehicle, I guess i can only get justification through commenting here?


Sherman Johnson September 26, 2017 at 2:22 pm

I am very disgusted with Firestone I bought 4 brand new tires on the 25th of April 2017 from Firestone Complete Auto Care at 3500 Carrolton Ave, New Orleans, La 70118 I was told when I purchased the tires that I needed Tire Rods and Ball Joints so I then purchased the Tire Rods and Ball Joints and had my mechanic do the work. I then returned to Firestone on 6-11-2017 where I paid for Alignment Service (Lifetime Warranty) they aligned my vehicle with no problems I had no trouble with my vehicle until my water pump went bad and my mechanic took my passenger right tire off of my vehicle to discover that the bolt from when Firestone did my alignment were gone and the screw holding my tires were hanging. I have photos. So I went on 9-16-2017 to Firestone and I spoke with Manager Francois J Chartian he immediately took our car and replaced the bolts and offered a free oil change they aligned my car but my vehicle was still pulling to one side so on that Monday 9-18-2017 I brought my vehicle back to Firestone for them to fix this issue and they refused. Stating I needed Struts okay so I purchased the Struts and I allowed my Mechanic to replace them. On Saturday September 23,2017 I returned with my vehicle which was one week later they still refused to align my vehicle stating that I need Ball Joints if my Ball Joints were ruined its because Firestone left those Bolts off of my vehicle enough for me to have a major accident I want justice. Yes, I was refunded the money for my alignment but my brand new tires are worn do to you all refusing to align my vehicle. I would like compensation


Linnea September 10, 2017 at 12:39 am

I own a 2016 Camero SS and was traveling from Denver, CO to Loveland, CO when I received a low tire notice on my dash. When I got to Loveland I went to two tire stores who were unable to help me in any form. I went to The Firestone Complete Auto Care store at 1282 Sculptor Dr. in Loveland. A young gentleman named Clay Hart got on his computer and tried everything to get me a replacement tire. I believe he even attempted to find a tire through competitors. He then called the Chevorlet Dealership and made an appointment for me (it was late afternoon and nearly closing time). He gave me directions to get to the dealership. They were able to get a tire the following day, meaning a unplanned overnight hotel, dinner, etc. but success. Don’t know if you call it small town, just young man with good upbringing and ethics;however, I am convinced. Think I might consider a trip to Loveland just to buy tires from this young man.


Johnsetta Sims September 7, 2017 at 3:00 pm

I went to Firestone on Westheimer Rd in Houston, TX on 9/3/17 to have a complete vehicle inspection because my car was making noise when I drive and worst when I turn left. I was told that I needed left front and left back bearings to total a cost of $702.07. I went to Ford to buy the Ford parts and had them put on. they did not tell me that I had wheel hub damage to my front left wheel. also I needed a bearing to right back wheel and a wheel assembly because it was bad. I have been put out of so money depending on this “complete vehicle inspection”, what a joke. I don’t know if this is done because it was in an affluent white area and I’m a senior citizen and Black. I am so disappointed with your service and out of unnecessary money. my mechanic tried to tell that I didn’t need the bearing for the back left but I insisted that he put it on based on Firestone’s inspection result. ended up having to buy three bearings when I only needed two because one was put on the wrong side. this is utterly ridiculous especially after having to deal with hurricane Harvey.


Ruth Stoker August 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm

I have been waiting on a fuse for my car for the past four days at your auto service in San Tan Valley Az. I originally took it in and the diagnostic says I need an alternator. The alternator installed and now it still does not fire up. They say it is in need of a fuse. because the alternator is not able to connect the starting system without it. Well, this 20.00$ fuse has taken 3 days to get to the repair shop from the Ford company. The technician said it was hard to get?????? I called today Thursday, Aug 24 at 1 pm. Still no fuse; maybe on the run at 2 pm. I reminded them that I was promised a rental from Robert. I said I will call at 3 pm since they do not communicate. This is place a disaster and a business I will do not deal with again. I am praying that my car is returned in one piece and working. On Monday, August 22, I sat in the shop from noon until 6 pm thinking it would be done any minute only to be told something else was wrong and finally one of the employees took me 3 miles down the road to my house. It is craziness. I am not going to blame the solar eclipse. It had nothing to do with this shop. They simply are wasting people’s precious time with their unfulfilled promises.


Ruth Stoker August 24, 2017 at 9:52 pm

I have talked with the mechanic today; and received a rental car, he assures me that the part is hard to assess from Ford and will be calling me when it is finished. Thank you.


Jan August 24, 2017 at 7:57 am

Couldn’t be any more disappointed with this business. My daughter’s car needed new bearings, AGAIN, so she took her car to our local Firestone in Franklin, TN, because they’d done this repair a few months ago and it would still be covered under Firestone’s warranty. Incredibly, they told her the car didn’t need bearings, the problem was her transmission, and since they didn’t work on transmissions, she’d need to go somewhere else. She picked up her car and took it to the dealership for diagnostics, and, predictably, they said the bearings needed replacing. One might be tempted to think Firestone didn’t want to honor their warranty, and that they thought we were too stupid to figure this out. My husband and I and our six grown children all USED to be Firestone customers – needless to say, once these bearings are replaced at no charge to us (and they will be, even if the attorney I work for has to get involved), we’ll take our business elsewhere.


Shawn spencer August 22, 2017 at 7:51 pm

I called Firestone on Steele creek rd they said if I get there before 7pm they can fix my flat or give me a new tire I said OK I am five minutes away at that time it was 6:40pm I arrived at 6:43pm I asked can I get a new tire he looked my name up and said I will be back let me ask my technician then he comes back and tells me that his service technician vetoed all service for the night. so I said I just called and someone told me that they can help me he said that was me so I said I got here before seven so what’s the problem you not to give me a new tire or Patch it he said no The technician said he’s not taking anymore tonight . So now I’m pissed then he tells me you can leave it overnight and I said how my going to get home you just can’t put a new tire on it real quick he said no. I said let me talk to the manager because this doesn’t make sense of them here before 7 PM I should be serviced I just called and you said you can service me order took the car somewhere else he said I am the manager so I said why can’t you and Vito it he said my technician is not taking any more customers tonight which is sadBecause I’m sitting here stranded and I’m in the store doesn’t close until 7 so technically I have the right to be served. I’m outside changing my tire while he pulls around in a customers car with a smirk on his face. It’s just sad that I really had to sit in front of the tire store and couldn’t even buy a tire when I had enough time to after I just got off the phone and they said they can help me Firestone you just lost a customer


Nicco August 19, 2017 at 10:39 am

Well to start off your guys service sucks and so do your employees. The firestone in Huntington Beach 16171 is poorly ran due to the fact that the phone rings no one picks up you guys get s**t reviews the sevice is half a** and the manager there acts like a little kid. The shop is open 7 days a week and always decides to start @7am can’t catch a break from these clowns wrenching and making loud noises with their machines and re acting the water boy. Mind you I have to be up every day @5 in the morning for a corporate job and I’ve asked multiple times if they can just wait till 8 but no anyways just wanted to file a complaint and let you know how horrible your shop is doing and how soon it seems like they will be out of business haha 7 days a week and cannot even manage … smh god bless !


Jessica August 10, 2017 at 12:21 pm

I went to Firestone located at 2570 Schillinger Road South, Mobile AL 36695 on Wednesday, August 9, 2017. I went for an oil change. My paperwork says that Austin is the one who performed the work on my vehicle. After doing whatever it is that he did to my vehicle, a female employee bagged my truck out of the bay and pulled it to the front of the store. When I got into my vehicle, I turned the key slightly to see if the “change engine oil” light was still appearing and it was. I walked into the store and informed a male employee that they did not reset my vehicle, so that it would not say “change engine oil.” I went back out to my vehicle and attempted to crank it up, but it made some weird noise and then it started smoking and it would not crank at all. I informed Firestone employees which one had already walked to my vehicle due to the engine oil issue. They looked at it and said that the alternator was fried then walked away. I argued to the store employee that my vehicle was perfectly fine before I brought it to them. I was only coming to get my regular oil change. Now I had to get my truck towed and we don’t know what’s wrong with it. Firestone ruined my truck when all I wanted was an oil change.


Gregory Thompson August 21, 2017 at 12:19 am

On 8/18/2017 I took my car to the Firestone store in Waco Tx. for a state Inspection, after waiting for about 45 min. the desk jockey came and told me that they checked my tires and 3 were bad and would not pass, also my 6 month old Die Hard battery was loosing cranking amps ?, and my right brake light was out. They Never showed me the supposed bad tires, being stupid I told him to replace the tires $250 later he showed me what they said needed done $ 750 more, I said replace the bulb and just finish the inspection, he came back and said that the brake light bulb didn’t fix the problem and for $80 they could find the trouble the teck said there was No power to the brake light he checked it with a meter,? now if there was no power to the light nothing on that side would have worked, but they said I had a tail light but no brake light ???? how is that possible?? I told them to button it up I would fix the light myself. I drove about 3 blocks to my house and parked the car. Sat. after noon my wife and I decided to cheek the light, low and behold NO light problem at all. If they lied about the light, did I rely need tires ??? I have been doing business with Firestone for about 15 years, I even worked at that store when it was owned by Jerry Stevens and was not a company store, I will Never do business with them again I think they are a bunch of low life’s that rip off everyone they can hoping people believe all the BS they tell you. and I will tell as many people as possible NOT to do business with them.


Todd Gantt August 8, 2017 at 7:38 pm

COMPLETELY IRRITATED and disheartened. I received a recall notice regarding touring tires. I phoned the local Firestone where I purchased the tires as directed. (Eureka, CA. 95501)

I spoke with the employee that answered the telephone regarding letter received. She pulled up my information on their computers to verify if my tires were included in this recall. She stated to me that they were tires that fell under recall notice (the serial numbers/size etc all matched recall notice) and that they would be replaced free of charge to me. Also, stating the sooner the better to keep my car safe on the road. Hearing this already slightly freaked me out. She apologized they were not in stock but would order them and they would be delivered to their store next day. I was very thankful, and scheduled appointment for following day.

I did not drive my car, being afraid of issues, and warning they needed to be changed as soon as possible to be safe on the road by store employee. I waited until following day (today, August 8th, 17) to drive the additional 30 miles from where I was to store. (NOT driving at all after being given “warning of safety” by employee the previous day.

I called one hour before appointment again to make sure the Special Ordered Tires that WERE NOT in stock had arrived. Not wanting to drive on my “dangerous tires”. I was assured they were delivered and to Come on Down basically.

As I arrived, employee’s gathered further info (mileage and VIN number, etc.) before taking car back to service… also offering wonderful courteous checks on car and all fluids fill-ups, etc. I was quite pleased of this offer and gracious my safety was being so taken care of.

Then.. Another employee pops out with (AS THEY ARE ABOUT TO PULL MY CAR IN BACK FOR ALL ABOVE MENTIONED SERVICES..”Well, wait, I think you may have had the original Touring Tires (not the Touring Tires II on recall.)

My heart drops. Not driving because I’m told they were the tires under recall and needed to be replaced for my car to be safe on the street. I called ahead as directed. Employee of Firestone is the one that verified my tires WERE under this recall; obviously or she wouldn’t have special ordered the tires to be ‘next day delivered.’

I refrained from driving until I had to drive the 30 miles into town to have them safely replaced.. ONLY to be told. “oops, our mistake, sorry bye”

My family and myself have bought At LEAST 6 or more complete brand new sets of tires from this Firestone. I was promised something (not to mention all the freebie fluid and car check, etc) and left with NOTHING…

NOTHING but a very sour taste left in my mouth.

I wasted 1/2 my day waiting for services promised (all free to me), drove 1/2 scared my tires might pop on the highway driving into town, only to leave with NOTHING.

I felt very disheartened . I felt insulted, like I was trying to get a freebie from your company

I would like to know what can be done to rectify this situation. I feel my sanity, my time, and promises made by Firestone’s employee to me should be kept.

Todd Gantt
(707) 498-XXXXX cell
(707) 497-XXXXX home
scorpionjaden at email


Joseph Nelson August 8, 2017 at 9:36 am

I purchased a set of Primewell Tires made by Firestone less than 24,000 miles ago on my Chevy Tahoe. The tire tread down to 3/32 to 4/32 on the tires. The tires have a warranty for 50,000 miles. I would be lucky to get 30,000 total miles on these tires. I went into the Firestone Store in McLean, VA (703) 847-6516 this morning. I spoke with Derek. I explained to him that the tires are not lasting the expected 50,000 miles and wanted to purchase a new set of tires. Derek stated that the tires are not qualified for warranty. He stated that they were not rotated or aligned. I explained that the tires were rotated on a regular basis when I changed my oil. With regard to the alignment the wear pattern is within 1/32 from the inside to the outside of the tire. Long story short. He stated that I have no warranty claim. I told him that I have purchased tires at that store for my 7 cars and was hoping that they would do a better job of standing behind the products they sold. He stated again I was not eligible for any type of warranty claim. I explained that he might avoid the warranty claim but was going to lose a customer who has repeatedly purchased tires for his 7 cars from firestone.

It is hard to express my disappointment with Firestone. You have a loyal, repeat, customer standing in front of you wanting to purchase another set of tires and the best he can do is offer the standard promotion of buy one get one free.

Buying the Primewell Tires was a big mistake. I had purchased another set for my Chevy Suburban and had to replace those around 25,000 miles. I explained this to Derek as well.

You can look me up in your system with my phone number 703-282-XXXXX.

I am asking that you stand behind your product and offer some sort of recognition that 23,000 miles is not the expected life for a tire.

Joe Nelson


Peter Magdalinos July 25, 2017 at 7:25 am

When management doesn’t care about bad service, appeal to your credit card company. If you paid with a Chase credit card, call them and tell them what happened. The key is “paying for services you didn’t get”. Chase will put a hold/refund on your account until THEY settle it with the merchant. It worked great with a problem on, and I’m gonna notify them with my current Firestone situation.


Eugene Shores July 17, 2017 at 7:01 pm

I use Firestone for my repairs and i do have a life time alignment with them and their credit card, they have treated me proper up till this last Friday 07/14/2017, I dropped my Subaru off on 07/13/2017 @ the 104th and federal location in Denver co. for the passenger side front control arm replacement and power steering pump replacement. I was called on Friday 07/14/2017 at 1 pm and informed the car was ready… I arrived around 2 pm and paid and left, I got on the highway cuz I was going to Leadville for the weekend, I got off the hwy to grab some supplies from a friend and not even three blocks after I got off the highway the passenger side ball joint released and sent me into the curb, trying to gain control of the vehicle and get off the curb the wheel thrashed into the wheel well several times pushing the fender back into the door, destroying the mud flair and tearing the fender from its lower mount,.. these are brand new rims purchased from Firestone about 8 months ago and the one now has a huge gash and is possibly bent. this is all just visual damage.. there is no saying what could have happened to the strut tower or if the framework could be bent and or misaligned… I stated this to the manager and all he offered was to replace the rim and give me an in store credit of another $200.. Then says.. (well it is an older vehicle) after I asked if that was all he had to offer… I informed him that the car can stay there and I will contact a lawyer and a body specialist.. the car is still there and I am waiting to hear back from my lawyer, I have a specialist that is going to take a look at it in the next couple days… u truly hope this can be resolved with out having to take further actions.. This car is my baby and I recently had an upgraded rebuilt transmission installed less than 10k ago,.. new rims and tires just after that and a brand new stereo system for hands-free calling and texting, I put a lot of money into this car for it to get wrecked from shotty work, then knowing what could possibly be wrong with it now along with the body work it now needs is a lot more than $200.. WHAT AN INSULT!!!


Eugene Shores July 27, 2017 at 11:32 pm

I am replying to my own email due to I have not received a reply and I went and picked up my car and had to argue with the manager about the damage that occurred when the ball joint gave, he is trying to say the damage had possibly been there before due to the damage that was there, I told him that there was no damage cuz even though the control arm was broken it was still attached to the wheel and frame, and the mud flap and fender was not broken,.. that I have not driven it since their work faltered and they had to have it towed…(i have the loading video) and I watched and recorded the tow truck load the car onto the truck and some of the damage that occurred to the fender in the process,… The manager states that it was on the towtruck driver, I say it should be on firestone due to it would have needed the towtruck if the work was performed right,.. They also replaced the power steering punp because it had a small leak. Now in the last week i have gone through more power steering fluid that i have the whole time i have owned the car,.. there are problems that i believe stemed from the faulty repair that caused the accident.


LISA SPARGO July 13, 2017 at 8:05 pm

We took our car to the Firestone Service Center at 5045 W. Indian School Rd. because it was overheating. After charging over $500 for diagnostics and fan replacements, The “technician” said it would still overheat if we did not replace the thermostat housing. This would have been another $200. Why did they not recommend or perform the less expensive and obviously correct repair to begin with?
It is actions like these that will cost you our business and the business of anyone I can warn about your shops. I find it disheartening that your mechanics are apparently dishonest, even when they have a banner with a quote from your founder, Harvey Firestone, that says honesty is the keystone to business.


Valerie Diamond July 13, 2017 at 1:41 pm

I was ripped off by Firestone and they lost a customer. Been using them for tires and oil changes, but let them do a transmission flush last week, July 8th 2017 because the price was right. Nothing was wrong with my car, except needing the flush and oil changes. Left there, car stalling every 3 minutes, herky jerky movements, not feeding gas, brought it back, and they said there was NOTHING they can do, want to charge me another 250 dollars. They ruined my car, I am 65 years old. Beware if anyone wants to use them for anything more then air in the tires.Valerie


Mary Gallegos July 13, 2017 at 12:03 pm

I used to like Firestone until today. I went for a tire check. That is all I wanted. I am 68 yrs. old. I don’t need any pressure tactics when I know what I want. He kept insisted that I should get a Firestone card and all my flats would be free forever. I could not make him understand I was not interested at the moment. So guess how much I paid for a flat tire repair? $30!!….His comment was see you could have gotten it free if you had gotten the card. My son was right. If I had gone to Discount Tires, they would fixed it for free. I should have listened.


Eileen Garcia July 10, 2017 at 2:20 pm

I’ve been bringing my cars to Firestone for oil changes and tire purchases for the past 4 yrs (since living in CT) happy at the beginning but for the past year Customer service skills and mechanics have gone down the drain. I don’t spend thousands of dollars at Firestone but I’m still a paying customer and deserve the same respect and courtesy as anyone. My problem should’ve been fixed the first time I brought my vehicle back..and here we are 1 yr+ plus later and my problem has not been fixed “addressed” but not fixed. Trying to get a manager over the phone is like pulling teeth. Today 7/10/17 I called to speak to a manager to explain my ongoing problem and to schedule an oil change. A gentleman by the name of Gary answered the phone, I provided him with my name and asked to speak to a manager Gary quickly proceeded to tell me that the manger “was busy with another customer and if I wanted to call back later”. I had a gut feeling Gary was lying so I disconnected and arrived to the Firestone location (55 Chestnut Street, New Britain, CT). My gut wasn’t wrong this Gary guy I spoke to over the phone is Gary Grote (Manager of Vehicle Services). There is no other Gary at this location I was so disappointed and called him out on it, and all he can say is “Do you know the numbers of calls we get in a day people trying to sell us stuff”. 1. That’s not of my business 2. You should screen your calls before going into conclusion that it’s a sales person and 3. I stated my name and asked for a Manager. (sales pitch usually start with “my names is ABC from DEF company may I speak to a manager”…I know the deal I’m an Administrative Assistant at a great company in which customer service skills is our #1 priority. I’m pretty sure the little money that I spent at Firestone won’t make a difference to your sales but I’m pretty sure that if you don’t start to make a difference about your employees you will loose more and more business AND then maybe it will impact your Sales Dollars.
Sorry about my long complaint but the People need to hear about your services and your employees.


Darrell Scott July 9, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Well all it takes is one person, I have used Firestone for over a decade and never had an issue until now at the Fredericksburg Virginia location off of Route 3. I was told by several employees throughout the decade that Firestone honors competitors coupons I had a coupon for $19.95 for an oil change from Good Year and I was told it would be honored. Ben the manager at the Firestone declined my coupon therefore I refuse to pay for my services which include a lifetime front end alignment. I look forward to hearing from someone at the corporate level and sharing my entire experience today 7/9/17.


Evangelina Salais July 7, 2017 at 8:12 pm

I’ve been bringing my cars for service to firestone for about 20 years or more. And up until 5 years now I have been so dissatisfied with the service they have done. They do the work and then I have to bring the car right back for the service again. I have spent a lot of money over the year’s which I didn’t mind the repair of the car has to be done. I will have to look for another auto repair location but hopefully not with firestone anymore. I will most likely only get my tires at the store. Sincerely dissatisfied!


lisa flemming July 5, 2017 at 10:39 pm

I live in Hollywood, Fl. on two separate occasions, I went to my local Firestone service center to get air for my car tire. Twice the service manager who looks as if he is doing nothing at the time walks by me not even greeting me as a customer. I say excuse me can I please have assistance getting air. He said I’m busy each time. And continues to walk around doing nothing.. I thought customers came first. At least acknowledge the customer and say someone will be right with you. Instead, I got nothing twice. Finally after sitting there 10 minutes “Nick” walked over to me and put the nozzle for air on the air hose and I told him I was going to report him.. I mean after all what is a service center if it doesn’t cater to the customers. He threw the air hose up on top of a pile of tires and told me to get the air myself. Something needs to be done about his customer service.


Nicolas Lara July 5, 2017 at 2:22 pm

I have been a customer of firestone for 11 years with three different vehicles. I’ve been to the Peoria, Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale locations in Arizona. I have also been to the Montana Chelsie, and Executive center locations in El Paso Texas. I have always been treated with courtesy, and respect even when I took my vehicle back after a repair was not done right. They were genuinely concern, listened to my complaint and in my opinion worked to correct the problem. Honored all discounts and promotions. So I am pretty shocked by most of the above comments. Maybe they did happen or maybe as I have noticed myself on occasions the customer walks in with an attitude or angry which starts the ball rolling. Which is not a excuse the manager should try to calm the situation. However we as customer should understand that not everything comes out perfect the first time. I am a 65 year old marine and truck driver and in those 65 years I’ve had maybe a handful go perfectly right the first time had to repeat till done satisfactory correct. The determining factor, I have discovered, is how they respond to the situation. In my opinion they have responded appropriately. So I want to give a shout out to all your employees at the locations I mentioned . And to customers be polite, respectful, understanding and have patience. I just bought 4 new tires and a lifetime alignment package from the executive location in El Paso Texas. I had to return because the alignment was not done right, no hassles they worked to correct it. It feels a lot better now the technician worked hard to correct the problem. I was told that if I had any more problems they would take care of it. I believe them and I also believe that if I take it to any of the locations I mention above they will also take care of any problem even if they did not do the work. I’ve also had to contact the customer service office and got the same great service. So thank you all.


Sofia June 26, 2017 at 10:02 pm

To whoever may concern on Firestone headquarters… what kind of irresponsible directors,managers and employees are you hiring.
But it’s not only that issue is also that your teaching your employees and personnel to do fraud to Consumers… you know lawsuits may happen. And you be losing,customers..
I suggest you must do something about it!!!!
If you heard about FTC.
And I expect to get my money back on that alignment and balancing as well.


Sofia June 26, 2017 at 9:52 pm

My worst experience in Firestone in Edinburg Texas, between 12th Street and McIntyre. I took my truck for an alignment and balance.. I got the lifetime warranty for both of them. So I’ve been taking it after every an oil change. For alignment and balance. As I was waiting for it.for those two things to get done I sat to where I can see the employees working on it. time pass by like 2 hours they never did nothing to it they did not do the alignment neither the balance at all. the only thing the employee did, picked up the hood and check the battery.. never laid a hand on doing the balance at all.. so I went to the person that was in charge there in front. I said; your employee did not do the balanced cuz I didn’t see no work at all no tires taken off. So I told the person in charge of the mechanics to call his employee and to tell him to show me what he did with a balance,to pick up the truck and to show me. to explain to me what he did the employee was very nervous when he was showing me what he did. and I said; but I never saw you speeding no wheels and the balancing machine.. so I was very unsatisfied with all this thing going on. So all this time within this year of 2017. Firestone employees never did the alignment and balance all this time. that’s why my tires were wearing off and shaking…. this will will be posted nationalwide on Facebook. Firestone is the biggest fraud company… I’m going back tomorrow to get my refund back for both alignment and balance.. they better give it to me…


Jose solorio June 14, 2017 at 8:55 am

I just wanted to let you know that the shop on sahara and nellis I when there on 6/12/17 around 1:20 pm to get alignment and this Hispanic guy told me that he wasn’t going to fix my car just like that I don’t know why


AJ McPhaul June 7, 2017 at 7:14 pm

We took my wife’s 2003 mitsubishi galant to Firestone in Dallas, TX because the temperature gauge was moving to overheat then back down to normal as we were traveling from Austin Tx to Dallas. They put in a heater coil, motor mounts, but couldn’t figure out why the heater was not working. They kept our car for over two weeks and couldn’t figure out the problem. The technician called me and told me what he did and was doing, he did not mention anything about the dashboard. We decided to just pick up the car since they were not going to do anything else to the car. When we picked it up, the dashboard had several cracks on the driver’s side and the windshield was cracked. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we had to wait again until the following week to have the windshield replaced. In reference to my dashboard, it remains cracked because the Mitsubishi dealer told us they don’t make the dashboard anymore. It they did, it would’ve cost $800 plus labor to replace it. Firestone told us, they were trying to find a cover to put over it. We’ve taken our cars to Firestone and never had any problems like this. This is the Firestone on Forest Lane in Dallas, TX, Do not go there!


Sapphire June 1, 2017 at 9:14 pm

FIRESTONE CORTANA MALL BATON ROUGE,LA. I took 2013 Toyota Limited Highlander in to have 4 brand new tires install and was asked did I want to them balance. So,I agreed. Most important fact my 1st time every have tires changed and brought vehicle new. Tires had been rotated, but NEVER replaced. Once my vehicle was ready. My truck looked nice, tires armor all, and I like to have had a heart attack in I looked down at my tires and noticed deep scratches on ALL 4 of my rims…informed staff Moran came outside pretending that he couldn’t see anything drove vehicle to back for weekend manager to inspect WHILE Showing him scratches that he couldn’t see.He talked to tech about vehicle and took him to inspect vehicle by this time I turned in another person. Weekend manager told me that he wheel take all of wheel off and buff the rims. Which he did. After buffing wheels, he admitted that these where scratches that couldn’t be removed with buffing. He told me that they had taken pictures and store manager Robert R. was contact and told me to come in Wednesday May 31 or June 1, 2017. Today, June 1st I took off work to go back was told that only thing
Robert tried to say that it is glue and immediately said that “I AM NOT BUYING NO NEW RIMS” Not even as how we solved the problem, but not buying any rims. How much did u pay? Told me to bring vehicle back and leave it so that he can. Buff my rims. I told that weekend manager and done that Saturday and determined that it was deep scratches and couldn’t be buff. That was why he was contacted. Suggested that he could refund $96 and some change. Robert Store manager then invited me to look at several
Rental and other vehicles.. GUESS WHAT??? Out of 5 vehicles he could not show me, but 1VEHICLE that had 1 scratch on 1 scratch on rim😳😳😳😳. I wonder why maybe he knew that they were going to inspect and Firestone was going be responsible. Hell ya!!! Kept saying that these are newer vehicles. So, I guess since 2013 Toyota Highlander wasn’t knew enough to get the best service. When actually my retail value for vehicle is probably near Newer vehicles that I was shown. Is this what FIRESTONE represent and kind of service they provide if you do not aNEWER VEHICLE….I have had several vehicles and recommended customers to them for several years no problem, but major_________ .i should have followed my 1st mind when I noticed all of young employees chilling looking at customers. I need to talk to someone in CORPORATE hope u read comments


Lurina Decembre May 29, 2017 at 10:31 am

I have had a horrible experience with Firestone Complete Auto care in Hickory, NC. They were supposed to fix my left strut and axle for which they charged me 503 dollars, and they never did. When I went in to demand my money back, so I can take my car elsewhere, they told me only the manager can authorize a payment like this. I spoke to the manager this morning before driving up there to get my money, and he told me to come and get it. When I got there, he told me he opened up a claim, and it should take 4 days for someone to get in contact with me. Just to remind you, I may be driving an unsafe vehicle, these people don’t give a damn. They are reckless and very dishonest people. Just because they see you are a woman, they think they can rob you of all that money. I am not going to just let this slide. I am going to take this to anyone who is going to listen, and help me get my money back.


Ruth McLish May 10, 2017 at 9:11 pm

Hi..I am having an issue with this Firestone. Took my car in for repair. Was told it needed a radiator. After got car back, driving on 65 south, gas pedal went to the floor. Going up to 95 miles an hour and brakes would not stop it. I finally had to put car in neutral and then put it in park..the. shut it off to stop it. I was almost killed and could have killed someone. Call Firestone. They were supposed to be sending tow truck but sent technician who worked on my vehicle. He had knocked the gas pedal latch or something loose. I was a nervous wreck and still to this day. No one from Firestone Management called me to see if i was ok or anything. I called the District Manager maybe and corporate. The District Manager stated he would reimburse me to take it to Dealer to have checked. Before i could take it it shut down on me. Had it towed to another Firestone location at my expense. Then they states i needed a fuel pump. One of the technicians told me my vehicle was probably messed up due to how i had to stop it and that it was wide open. They put the fuel pump in. Got vehicle back. It was making a ticking noise, when press gas pedal may not go. Running bad. So called District Manager back. He provides me a rental and takes car to dealer. Calls me almost 4-5 days later and states the motor/engine has a vibration in it. He does not think they should not be liable for that. Keep in mind when they did the fuel pump they did an engine test and it was fine. Vehicle been in 3 different firestone locations in past month or two never had that issue. Now the air is not working..this was repaired by Firestone less than a year ago. The District Manager states he opened a claim and someone should call me within 48-72 hours. Its been 5 or more days no call. I emailed him to state i haven’t heard anything. No response. Firestone almost took my life and the life of others. No response. They also messed up my vehicle.


tim herring May 10, 2017 at 1:52 pm

I spent about $900.00 on Sat 5/6/17 to get new tires put on my truck at the Hopkinsville, Ky firestone location. they states that they had to change a valve stem also. Sun evening my tire pressure light came on. No problem, i put some air in tires, light stays on. On wed 5/10/17 i stop by the same firestone location, guy at front counter says “no problem, pull it around and we will check it out.” when i pull around, two guys in the bay are arguing screaming F&*( YOU across the garage. then another guy checks the tire pressure and uses some handy sensor machine to check the sensors. The mechanic, Chris, said, i dont know, something isnt right, my tire sensor thing isnt working. He talks to the manager and returns stating “manager said you have bad sensors, you should take it to the dealership because there is nothing we can do”. i have been known to lose my cool at times like this so i took a deep breath and stated that “he needs to let his manager know that the light wasn’t on when i brought the truck in, i spent $900.00 and they put new tires on, and now the light is on. His service sucks and I will never spend another penny in that store.”


Laurie Frisch May 8, 2017 at 11:32 am

We’ve had 2 bad experiences and will never give Firestone another chance. First it we had ball joints replaced on my sons car. After picking it up it still had the same noise. We returned was told it was defective and they’d order a new one. Had them replaced and same issue and they told us there’s nothing wrong! Recently we brought it there (only because it’s convenient for my son, he works beside it) and the power steering pump needed to be replaced. We brought it in because of a lot of squealing. After it was replaced we then had a whining noise. We returned they said it must be defective, wow another defective part???? So they replaced it. Same thing again, we returned they greased it up, thanks for the coverup boys it doesn’t fix the problem!!!! After a few days it’s worse now, whining and the squealing is back. So here I sit with it in the shop with a bunch of morons who have no idea what they are doing! I’m beyond mad and upset, we’ve had to work around rides and what not about 5 times now and I bet they don’t fix the damn thing again today. SOmeone needs to do something here.


Robert Thompson March 4, 2017 at 3:29 pm

I am a employee at the ag plant in Des Moines Ia and took a vehicle to get new tires put on, I made a 11 oclock appointment so I would expect to be without it all day, now I gave the store a call to see how the progress was and I was told that thay were busy and haven’t gotten to it yet, now it’s 1:30 pm so I drive to the store to check progress and it’s in the same spot I left it….long story short I was told that I got pushed back because I didn’t sit and wait, I got no phone call to say thay were behind just waiting, I bring my vehicle to get serviced and for the discount (that’s a given) but each time I’ve delt with a certain person I get pushed to the side, I feel that’s a poor costumer service, If I still go to this outlet discount or not will be lucky.


M. Barrera March 27, 2017 at 11:29 am

Absolutely the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE in America. I agree.


Falisha Johnson January 11, 2017 at 10:36 am

Good morning,
My name is Falisha Johnson and my phone number is 864-525-XXXXX. My claim number is 1611-2221311. Not to going to details of my claim but I had a transmission flush at your location on Antrim drive 3/15 and I am being told the reason my transmission failed is for wear and tear after inspection. I visited your location on 5 Forks on 11/15/16 to get oil change, tire rotation, and alignment check also all fluids checked because I was about to travel. After getting those services performed my car started to malfunction. So I returned to the location to find out why. At that time the tech that performed the services listed above looked over my car because he stated it wasn’t malfunctioning before he couldn’t find anything. Then the master tech got involved and drove my car to determine what the problem was. The hook it up to the tester and no codes came back anything was wrong. James reviewed my records and saw where a transmission flush was performed. He then told me it shouldn’t have been done because of the high mileage on the vehicle and they wouldn’t have never performed or suggested this type of request on my vehicle. James proceeds to tell me details about how the transmission works and the change of fluid what it does. So he advised me when I left his location on November 15, 2016, 15 minutes till 6 PM, at this time I was advised by a representative/employee of Firestone James that my car was malfunctioning because of a service that Firestone on performed and that the location on Antrim Dr was liable for my vehicle. He advised me that Firestone was going to take care of my vehicle and take care me by putting me into a rental into my vehicle was repaired. Of course I’m being told now James has a different story but I don’t know how true that is because everyone seems to not tell the truth so far or just leaves out important information. Back to my claim, this claim has been going on since November 15 I have spoken with the claims representative Jim Flint which continue to say wear and tear, and here now have recently spoken with a Gil Leon and he is saying wear and tear as well after someone was sent out to review my vehicle. Here’s my problem and I have two now. First, your representative James advise me that it was Firestone was going to take care of me and that my vehicle will be taken care of by Firestone as well. Secondly, now my other issue is after the transmission shop got my vehicle and upon arrival did an inspection has stated my transmission fluid was a quart low. Now how would this happen when Firestone has been completing services on my vehicle since the flush and even on 11/15/16 and stated after each service my car was fine and good to drive. So for over a year of my transmission fluid running a quart low of fluid and me not knowing have been driving my vehicle normally each day pulling a hill because my location I use to live in was up a hill which I did on a daily basics and driving constantly the transmission did not have the correct amount of fluid and eventually burnt my clutch out. Now that the shop also torn down my transmission and reviewed it they are advising the same thing the clutch burnt out because the fluid was not correct. So how does Firestone feel they are not responsible for the malfunction of my vehicle? When clearly the service was not done correctly and even after the quart low of fluid was not caught and fixed by Firestone. I have left several messages for you to contact me and not received a callback. At your earliest convenience can you please call me or respond to this email because I truly feel that I am being treated unfairly and Firestone is not sticking to what I was advised the night of November 15 after James and the master tech at the five Forks location reviewed my car and stated again that it was Firestone on Antrim Dr. was at fault for my car malfunctioning because a transmission flush should have never been done on a high how mileage vehicle and that Firestone would be taking care of my car and would be taking care of me by putting me in a rental into my car was repaired.

Thanks in advance,
Falisha Johnson


M. Barrera March 27, 2017 at 11:33 am

I agree FIRESTONE is absolutely the WORSE company in America. I have been waiting over 60 days for “CLARK” to return my call.


C.O. January 4, 2017 at 9:08 am

It is apparent that the customer service at Firestone is awful everywhere. I have never been disrespected by an employee there. It does it matter if I am small or big. The judgemental comments need to be kept to themselves when you’re dealing with customers. I went in to get a battery in my car was stuck down the road and the lady at the register was really trying to help but one of the workers stated that I look big enough and strong enough to carry it why does he need to help? Can you discriminate against my size any more than that? It does not matter if I was capable to carry it you do not make comments personalizing about the customers. If they did not want to help me all they had to say was I’m sorry I am too busy right now plain and simple. Very unprofessional staff members at Firestone and I will not be returning for any Services there again.


M. Barrera January 5, 2017 at 12:03 am

PLEASE note all the COMPLAINTS are consistent with BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


M. Barrera December 28, 2016 at 9:15 pm

I am a USAF Disabled Veteran that served my country proudly. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses. My family and I are going to replace two tires at a time. But, today when my wife and kids stopped by to get air on the tire. She was told by “Henry” an employee that he was not going to do it! That instead of getting air every three days that we should buy “used tires” at a tire shop around the corner. We were planning on buying at least two new tires from this shop. Well we will take our business elsewhere!!! Maybe, my fellow veterans SHOULD also take their business elsewhere. By the way “Henry” who upset my wife and kids was playing around with a car and was not busy at the time.


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 6:51 pm

It is now 5+ days since I posted this complaint. I was so UPSET regarding the way “Henry” treated my wife and kids that I had to return to VA ER after my treatment! Apparently, FIRESTONE management does NOT CARE so they have not even had the courtesy of returning my call. I will make sure to continue to tell and post that FIRESTONE has become so ARROGANT and does NOT CARE ABOUT its CUSTOMER’S!


Leland LaRose December 8, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Recently my family and I traveled from Pickering MO to Beaufort SC for my daughters birthday, anniversary and thanksgiving. On the way I experienced brakke problems in Atlanta Ga. I had no idea where to go but called my son-in-law in SC, as he had friends in Atlanta. I was directed to the Firestone Complete Auto Care in Decatur. I was very close to the care service center and went there at about 8 o’clock on the morning of Nov 17. I waited for the estimate for about 2-3 hours as other patrons of the center came and went. When I received the estimate, I was taken to the work area to see the repairs that were needed. They said that all the breaks, drums & pads were needed to be replaces at the cost of $622.80 for the back and $1,040.67 for the front. I did not have that kind of money so I asked what could be done to get me to Bft SC. They told me I could fix the back brakes and the front would be OK for a week or so. I paid for the rear breaks to be don and paid $622.80 and left at 1:26PM.
We make it to Beaufort without any problems. The next day my son-in-law took me to a service center in Bft. They had the truck approximately 3 hours and took the truck on a road test, removed the the tires and inspected the front breaks and COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG with them.

Now here’s the problem I paid $622.80 for the back and knowing something about replacing the shoes and checking the lines, Why did it cost so much? Here’s what the invoice charges were: PAB855 Relined break shoe 74.99 for each side, Break fluid exchange 19.99 each side, Basic break fob rear drum $115.00 each side, Break fluid exchange labor $60.00 each side, Break drum $43.99 each side, $21.00 for shop supplies and labor cost to the total of 4622.80.

There seems to be duplicate charges for the same thing. For example: why break fluid exchange of $39.98. I would think that the break fluid would be done all at one time and not separately. Labor cost $60 per side. All of this was done in the same hour not for each side. About the only thing I agree with is the cost of the drum whether 1 or 2. It is not clear as to how many drums were bought but the coast is probably right. So my question how can the parts be, as the invoice says, parts cost $233-95 and the Labor was $350.00 does not compute. Please help me understand.

Thank you for your help.

Rev. Leland LaRose
Pickering, MO 64476


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 6:59 pm



CJackson November 16, 2016 at 3:53 pm

Went to firestone in Livingston NJ today my car is not starting properly they where busy so i went to the Firestone in Orange NJ I arrived there at about 9am I explained the situation to JC the tech at the desk he stated it may be a while ok understandable. About 12pm the female desk person comes and asks whats the problem with the car ?????? I explain again she leaves. Its 2pm now! At 220pm I go to get an update I was told the tech was still trying to reenact the problem. This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS five hours for ABSULTLY NOTHING. At this point I just asked for my car back I will not be going back to this location. Firestones service leaves a very bad taste very dissatisfied customer and card holder


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 6:55 pm

I am in total agreement with you regarding Firestone’$ BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!


dawn H November 14, 2016 at 9:37 am

I am so fed up with the bad quality parts and the horrible mechanics at Firestone. Brake pads, even though new, have been squeaking since the day they were put on. They had the nerve to tell me it’s because I park my car in the garage and there is dust on the pads. They squeak all day long no matter where my car is parked. Took car for check on my tire which keeps going flat but the mechanic couldn’t find a thing. When I explained to the person at the desk that there is definitely something wrong with the tire because it’s been loosing air for weeks, he got upset and yelled back to the mechanic in a sarcastic voice, check it again. Well he still couldn’t find the problem. Then I was told it’s the change in weather. Really? The change in weather making one tire go flat. And these are your professionals. Went on vacation two days later and came home to a flat tire and no I’m bringing my car some where else because I’m done with crappy service!


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 7:01 pm

Without doubt the WPRSE CUSTOMER SERVICE in our country.


albert foster November 6, 2016 at 4:06 pm

my wife had her oil changed 10/02/16 at the langhorne,pa. branch.she noticed oil spots on the driveway 10/03/16.she took the car back,the mechanic put the car up on the lift and my wife was told there was excessive oil on the frame from the oil change,that was not wiped up.i can understand that.then on 10/20/16 my wife says she sees spots on the driveway again,i look under the car and see oil everywhere.i trace the oil coming from the drain plug,i reach over to the plug and find out the drain plug is loose.the mechanic never checked the filter or drain plug which is the first thing you look for.the mechanics are supposed to be APSE certified??????????


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 7:15 pm

PLEASE note all the COMPLAINTS are consistent with BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


Samuel Uhler October 19, 2016 at 7:43 pm

My mother and I have had a joint Firestone account for a number of years and most of the experiences have been good. I own a 2008 Lincon MKZ that I keep in very good condition. I took my vehicle in on Sunday to have the oil changed and two tires put on. The next day, while driving around town, my oil pressure light came on. I called Firestone and told them that I would bring the car in on Wednesday.

By Wednesday I had noticed oil stains in my driveway. I thought, oh no! I just had my oil changed. When I brought my car in just a few days after having my oil changed at this very same Firestone location, the service adviser, Isaac, became defensive. I was not accusatory, I just wanted my car reinspected. Before that happened Isaac was going into what it “could” be or what “might” have happened. I finally had to stop him and ask him to just put the car on the lift so we could actually see what the problem was.

When the car was put on the lift I was shown that the oil sensor was leaking very badly. I was extremely disappointing. Mind you I have never had any oil problems with my car ever! I drive a luxury sedan and take very good care of it. I expressed this to Isaac and he was again defensive. He even went so far as to say I was questioning his tech’s integrity. I find it coincidental that within inches of my oil filter is my oil pressure sensor and it is gushing oil and leaking everywhere within 24 hours of having my oil changed. So if they did do nothing wrong why did they not catch the leak?

All of that aside (which was very disappointing workmanship) I just wanted to hear Isaac say, ” don’t worry, we’ll take care of it”, or “here are your options”. I heard none of that. KEEP IN MIND MY MOTHER AND I HAVE SPENT SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS OVER THE YEARS WITH 3 DIFFERENT VEHICLES. I would have like to have heard some options or but Issac was so busy being defensive and not actually communicating with me I finally just asked for my keys.

I will not be back to that Firestone ever. I have spent quite a bit of money over the years there and had planned to do business there for most of my auto repair needs. I had just happily spent over 300 dollars there days before. I wasn’t treated like a valued customer by service manager Isaac and now Firestone will no longer have my business.

In reference to the Firestone Complete Auto Care at
4325 Elverta Rd, Antelope, CA 95843


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 7:05 pm

The only thing that the employees at FIRESTONE should be certified on is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Richard Smith October 19, 2016 at 7:37 pm

My Firestone store charged me for work that I approved and was charged but NEVER done the work< went back to the store Mgr. got some song and dance and I do have a list of repairs I want done but it will NEVER BE FIRESTONE again. Public BEWARE they will take your money for nothing! BBB will be contacted but I will give you a chance with first response. No response, class action just might wake you people up and I'm sure I am not the only one.


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 7:11 pm

I must agree that FIRESTONE has the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE in our country!


Letty October 13, 2016 at 11:49 pm

This is my third trip to Firestone and I bought my battery from Firestone 6 months ago. They said it was guaranteed. Brought it on Tuesday to have it checked. they said it had to be checked and charged. my 82 yr old mother was there at the cold Firestone for at least 3 hours and a half til it was fully charged. It was in good condition they said. I drove the car the next day to work. Coming home that night at 9:30pm the car stalled on me and barely just barely made it to my parking lot at my apartment, thank God. and died on me. Next day I called and told the agent at Firestone what happened I had to take the battery “again” and he said he had to have it recharged. I actually wanted a NEW battery as promised. No, but no I need an alternator and a fuse and I and my precious mom have to wait at least 4 hours more so that the guy can go across town to get them and install the things. we were at Firestone all day til 7:30pm. guy didn’t even drive test the car took my money, $329.00 and gave me the keys and said thank you, good night. I drove the car around the block and it started to die, “again”. I left the car on the Firestone parking lot, called my mom to come pick me up, car started but won’t take me anywhere. what next we shall see on tomorrow : As The World Turns! I’m threw with Firestone! never again, they are so quick to take your money and tell you what’s wrong with your car without even test driving it before and after! jerks. and my birthday is tomorrow, this is sickening. whatever happened to the real mechanics? where are they?


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Please AMERICA take your business elsewhere – FIRESTONE has the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Pasquale Federico September 5, 2016 at 11:00 am

I live in Massachuetts and on Sunday 9/4/16 I got a flat tire on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The closest placed that was open was Firestone Tire in Natick MA. I got there about 11:15 am. The order was put in to repair my flat tire. The employee told me I was the second person in line. After 2 1/2 hours they finally looked at my tire. The technician started to patch it. I was told they were just waiting for the glue to dry. When the Manager or whoever was working out front went to see what was going on he noticed the inside of the tire has many bubbles on the wall. He informed me that I would need a new tire. I purchased 2 tires for the front and was told once again, I was the technician’s top priority. 1/2 hour went by and no one even touched my car. I was getting very upset by then. Finally after 3 1/2 hours my car was finally done. The person who was helping us just kept telling us what we wanted to hear with the wait time. It took 2 1/2 hours to tell me I needed a new tire and another hour to put 2 front tires on. After I paid and left the store I noticed that they added in tire insurance for the 2 tires without even discussing this with me. Needless to say this has been the worst experience I have ever had. The staff was unprofessional and kept avoiding me when I asked for updates. He wasn’t honest about the situation.

Pasquale Federico


M. Barrera January 4, 2017 at 7:20 pm

I was so UPSET regarding the way “Henry” treated my wife and kids that I had to return to VA ER after my treatment. FIRESTONE does NOT CARE!


CLARISSA WOOD August 15, 2016 at 1:03 pm

I will never go to Firestone again! After I bought my 2002 PT Cruiser in 2012 I only used Firestone to work on it! I have spent over $4000 on repairs for my car at Firestone! On August 9, 2016 on the way back from a dentist appointment with my Granddaughter my car started to overheat so we went straight home and I called Firestone. The manager told me it was a good thing it didn’t overheat completely as that could ruin my engine! I took it up the next morning and they did a diagnostic on ….well the car and told me I just needed a new thermostat and he suggested I get new hoses and everything would be good to go! It was $665.21 for the bill! On August 12… 66th birthday….I was taking my 4 Granddaughters to Olive Garden to celebrate when a few stoplights before we got there my car overheated completely! This time there was white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and you could hear the water boiling in the radiator! Needless to say my Granddaughters were freaking out! We called Firestone and they towed the car back to Grandview! The first thing they did was call me and accuse me of putting Stop Leak in my radiator and pretty much called me a liar when I told them they were the ONLY ones that had ever touched my car since I bought it! They had found black chunks in my radiatormore than likely this was the head gasket that melted when it overheated….just like the manager told me the first day I called him! Another sign was the white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when it overheated the second time! They Finally did a test which should have been performed the first day they serviced my car and said the head gasket now needed replaced which they cannot do! Then to add insult to injury they want me to pay them $100 for the tow after my birthday and my car were ruined! And guess what? I still have to pay the $665.21 that I put on my Firestone credit card for the thermostat and hoses that I sure would not have approved had I known it was the head gasket…which I honestly believe happened the second time it overheated! Oh AND since I have refused to pay the $100 tow fee I have to wait until next Wednesday because the manager had a death in the family and will not be back until then and the acting manager can do nothing until he returns on Wednesday! Now I have to get a ride to take my disabled brother to his doctor’s appointment on Tuesday because I have no car!! I probably will have to total the car and I still have to pay the repair bill!!


M. Barrera January 7, 2017 at 1:01 pm

What a surprise! I am a disabled USSF veteran and was at VA clinic at the time when my wife and kids stopped by FIRESTONE to get air – when “Henry” treated my wife so badly that she called me at the VA so upset that she was crying. We were planning on buying new tires BUT now we are going to replace them elsewhere! FIRESTONE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Samantha August 11, 2016 at 1:10 pm

Good Afternoon,

I recently have used Firestone services at the Clemson Road location in Columbia, SC. I paid for 4 new tires, alignment, oil change, and a new battery for my 2013 Madza 3. I left there paying a little over $609. That’s a lot of money to me as I am a single mom and when I pay it I expect the work to be done correctly and have everything working properly on my car when I drive away. That wasn’t the case for me. I drove away hearing what sounded to me like my front drivers side tire was loose or not all the way on. Also my auto window was no longer working either. I turned around and went back to Firestone and told them of my complaints. The manager is rude and is telling me that he can’t do anything for me. I told him that my window was working when I brought my car in and I expected it to work when the work was done. The manager was telling me that nothing they did would have caused my window not to work and that the problem was a bad sensor. He begins looking up prices for sensors on the computer in which I told him that I am not paying for because that was working when I brought my car in this morning. Still insisting that this is a bad sensor issue he try’s calling the local Madza dealership for additional insight. No one from Madza answers but I doubt he called the correct number. Meanwhile while he is still insisting that I need to pay extra to replace a sensor I begin to google “I drive a Madza just had my battery replaced and now my auto window doesn’t work” on my phone. What I found out was that Madza has a window reset that has to be done anytime the battery has been disconnected. I showed him what I found and asked if we could try this. He hastily agrees and still insists that I need to pay more money to have a bad sensor replaced. The window reset was the solution!! So basically I fixed my window! While this is a simpler issue and I’m glad that it was fixed, my bigger issue is the poor customer service I received after I reported my complaint and the fact that he is insisting I spend more money to fix a sensor that wasn’t even broken!! I chose Firestone because it was more convenient for me rather than waiting to get in with my mechanic. Never again!! I will take my car to Firestone again and I will tell everyone I know to do the same! What a rip off scam! Had I not googled on my phone this unprofessional rude manager would have tried to charge me to replace something that wasn’t even broken!! I’m beginning to question if I even needed a new battery in the first place now! An hour and a half job ending up taking about 2 1/2 with all the issues. I will never use your services again and will tell everyone I know to do the same.


M. Barrera January 7, 2017 at 1:08 pm

We should all tell our family and friends about the way FIRESTONE treats us! FIRESTONE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!


DeborahBaker October 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

Invoice 192339 I have been a customer for a few years now. I was told that car had extreme leaks and radiator bracket was cracked to bring it back and for $35.00 dye will be added. So I did. I was told it would cost $3,000.00 and leave the car for a few days to fix these leaks. I asked to see car problems. At that time I was told car only had a few minor leaks and they could not find radiator problem. I want the $35.00 credited back to my account. I was sold things I did not need. So how does one trust Firestone to do the work that one pays for and do it right. These people lied to me. I am a senior lady and they simply told me lies. I contacted BBB, Consumer Affairs and the Corporate Office of Firestone. I want the $35.00 back.


al August 6, 2016 at 11:38 am

i have had plenty of work done at firestone on my previous hyundai sonata from tires to brakes to other basic repairs.
today i brought my new 16 hyundai elantra to firestone due to a nail in the tread in the tire causing a slow but bad leak which i needed fixed asap. the rep gave me a quote on a plug fix that was 33$ which was higher than the 22.99 that i had paid previously for the exact same fix. i said ok, whatev what can i do. the nail was in the tread of the front passenger tire which isnt even a year old.
about an hour after i dropped it off, i got a call from the rep who stated, ” im sorry but we cannot plug this tire due to where the nail is.” i said i dont understand you have done it before. the rep insisted i needed a new tire and ofcourse was upselling me on buying a pair so the wear is even, again this car is about 11 months old with approx 10k miles and tires rotated once so far by the dealer based on there recommendations. he then began to attempt to upsell me on an allignment which wasnt needed as my car was in the dealership for inspection one month ago and they said that all was fine during there routing inspection and 10,000 mile service check. So i again was and am a sucker for caving into the salesteam there in having to buy one new tire even though i have had the exact same patch fix done on previous vehicles at the same exact branch in the past. i would really hope that this gets addressed and would love some sort of compensation as i know for a fact that tire could have been repaired. i asked that the old damaged tire not be disposed of so i can take it to a real tire place to have it patched the right way and i will send pics to prove it. So now im stuck with one brand new tire, since they “couldnt” fix it and 3 11 month old tires that are in great shape. im totally over firestone and will be cancelling my credit account, referring others elsewhere, and will be blasting them everywhere until something gets done about this. Its one thing to be a sales man, but for god sakes at least be an honest one.


Charles Bivins July 22, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Update on my 7/21/16 post

On 7/22/16 I returned to Firestone at 7950 E Speedway to ask about my previous visit. The Courtesy Check list appeared to have been done by someone that didn’t actually look at my car. The staff member I spoke with the first time didn’t appear to be working.

I didn’t get the name of the new guy I spoke with, but he was friendly. I showed him the invoice from my visit, and told him of the inconsistencies on the list.

I asked new guy why the brake fluid flush was marked as suggested when it was done 1,000 miles ago, he said the copper in the system was ‘probably left over from the flush’ but the current level was at “new car” levels, and was good.

When I pointed out my oil was reportedly “1 qt low” on the check list new guy replied “maybe he checked it in the wrong spot”.

I pointed out the washer fluid was marked as good, when in fact it was completely empty. New guy just nodded.

I asked new guy how would I know I really needed a fuel pump if these other items were incorrect. New guy responded “because he’s a master mechanic”.

There you have it folks. Master mechanics know when you need hundreds of dollars in repairs, but don’t know how to check the oil or washer fluid.


Charles Bivins July 21, 2016 at 12:32 pm

I have been a customer at the 7950 E Speedway Tucson AZ location for years. The staff has always been helpful and friendly, so I’ve had no issues there. On 7/20/16 I dropped my car off because my engine light had come on, then shut off. I needed to pass emissions and wanted to be sure there would be no issues.

After getting a phone call from Firestone, I was told I needed a new fuel pump and I should have various other work done. I agreed to the fuel pump replacement ($600 + $98 for the use of the computer diagnostics) but wanted to wait on the other issues due to the additional cost.

After picking up my vehicle I decided to look at the Courtesy Check list after going home, which I never do because I trusted them to tell me about what’s going on and to take care of it.

They must use some sort of Magic 8 Ball during this “Courtesy Check”. The first clue was the washer fluid was marked off in the green OK box. My washer fluid was completely empty when I brought it in and wouldn’t even squirt.

The oil level box was marked off in the red box with a hand written note that stated “low 1q”. I couldn’t understand why this wouldn’t have been mentioned to me during that first phone call. I checked the oil level myself, and it was fine.

The brake fluid box was marked in the yellow box as suggested, and the copper PPM were circled at 30. The brake fluid in my car was flushed about 1,000 miles prior to this visit, and it will be good to go for some time.

The air filter was marked in the green box as good, but on my last visit it was marked in the yellow as suggested. Things were looking up!

I can’t help but wonder if I really needed that fuel pump, or was it just the Magic 8 Ball? Have I been spending hundreds of dollars again and again on work I didn’t need?

I happen to have all of my invoices dating back since 2009. I guess it’s time to look them over.

I don’t know a lot about my car, but this has inspired me to learn more. I guess I should be thankful to Firestone for that.

I will never step foot in a Firestone location again, even if I need to push my car past one of your stores to get to another shop that charges more.

Sincerely, Charles Bivins


Vladimir July 3, 2016 at 5:27 pm

Hi there,

just wanted to let you know how disappointed i am with the service provided at store#028398. My service advisor was Joshua.
Made the appointment for a lifetime wheel alignment.
Brought my car in with an hour earlier than my appointment was.
Went for lunch and comeback after 3hours to the store.
Nobody called me to tell me that my car is ready or anything like that.
Joshua come over and with a piece of paper from the mechanic trying to explain me that they didnt touch my car bc my car was in a wreck. Well why you didnt call me about this right away.
He even didnt know what is going on with my car, was trying to read the notes from that paper the mechanic gave him. Also i found out that there was issues with my exhaust system that was leaking, O2 sensor need it to be replaced and also lights to be replaced. Things that your service advisor didn’t told me, things that you guys were suppose to tell me and attempt to fix them. Your employee`s indifference towards your customers and their security lack big time.
Took my car across the street to Monro Muffler & Brake service which fixed all the issue in about an hour.
You need to step up and fix this issues if you want to stay in business.



Kaissar yousif July 2, 2016 at 7:54 pm

I’m so disappointed of the service I wish I never had come here my I bought my car down for alignment they did a XXXXXy job and left my car dirty with oil spot on the car I can Believe what kind of XXXXXy job they do and when I called back and tell them what’s going on they hang up on me I will never recommend any body to come get his car here .


Bertha Giddings June 27, 2016 at 12:35 pm

I am so disappointed
I arrive at the Bert Kowns store in Shreveport, Louisiana, only to see all new faces. I am so upset, I drive over an hour to have my suv serviced by people I have grown to trust just to be told that they have cleaned house. I can promise you firestone, this will be my last visit.


Michael Sweeley June 11, 2016 at 10:13 pm

Firestone Tires in Rancho Cordova: Store # 015199

Today’s venture was horrible. Took car in at 11:30 am. I wanted estimate on rebuild motor if needed, an answer to my check engine light, a tire repaired that had a nail in it, an alignment and rotation of tires since I have the lifetime alignment. I actually had to call at 5:30 pm to see what the status was. Was given a list of recommendations, I said I’m calling about the issues and not recommendations I did not get the answers but was hung up on instead. I was hot about having to call but come on. I get down to the shop and it gets worse. Not only did they not call to go over anything the didn’t even do the things requested. The reason they said was because they needed the the rim lock nut to remove the tires. Well why didn’t you call I asked again? It is (Was) in the car. OMG I am so upset! Going in to discuss it all next week with Johnny the manager. Oh and they had no acting manager available since Johnny was on vacation I was told. I only go in to their shop because I use a Firestone card. Time to switch back to Goodyear I guess. I’ll leave update after speaking with Johnny. Maybe he can turn this poor review into a good one. We’ll see.


Linda Lockney June 7, 2016 at 12:36 pm

I have a complaint about the location at 7806 Northcross Drive, Austin TX 78757. I took my car into this location yesterday — after having made an appointment — to have my air conditioning looked at and my oil changed. I arrived early in the morning, left my car, walked to work — about a mile away. I was initially told that I could sit and wait for my car. I explained that I needed to open my office. I was told that I would be called before 11:30 am with the estimate about what was wrong with my A/C, and that my car would be ready by 1 pm, at the latest. I was NEVER called. I had to keep calling them to find out any information at all about my car. Depending on which person I spoke to, I got different answers. Apparently the air conditioning machine at this location was not working. Someone should have called me early in the day to let me know this. No one did. I only found this out by calling about every hour to check on my car. Never once was I told how much it would cost. Only after my daughter called them, because she knew I was very upset (I am 73 yrs. old) and she was worried about my health, did we get an estimate. I got a ride to pick up my car at 5 pm. It was still not ready. Finally, at 7:35 pm I left with my car. During the wait, I was told that my car was ready and I could leave, however that my battery was not putting out enough power. I told them I had a new battery and something must be wrong. Guess what?? They were talking about the WRONG car. I am so frustrated and upset with the treatment I received at this location that I will NEVER return and I will also let everyone I know hear about this. There is never an excuse to be treated the way I was treated. Someone from the corporate office needs to check up on these incompetent people.


Jaime Febus May 31, 2016 at 5:49 pm

I came to the location on 2400 military drive in San Antonio, TX …it was pouring rain and my battery was dying. I had my alternator replaced here before. I told them I needed someone to look at it immediately since it is our only means of transportation to get me to work my kids home from school and my wife home . They simply said they had no one QUALIFIED to do diagnostics. Basically someone to press a button on a machine to check the car. Why even have a business if its not going to serve the customers that ultimately pay their salary. It was so simple for them to just put their heads down and say next customer. Now me and my 3 children are stranded here…my windows are down and won’t roll up and corporate has hung up on me TWICE


Stuart Soffer May 20, 2016 at 12:18 pm

On April 8th I complained about service at the Pine Bluff, AR Firestone Tire Center and asked for a refund. Firestone agreed and wanted me to return to the tire center. I will not return to that venue and asked for a check. Since then three separate promises of a refund check were made by various Firestone officials and still no refund. I would appreciate my refund without the need for third party involvement. Thank you.


Leonard J Craig May 5, 2016 at 12:57 pm

I have a complaint I don’t have a UID care to get my retirement discounts and would love to use my privilege as a retired employee from Bloomington, Illinois plant, I retired January 31st, 2003 with 30 years service. My address is San Bernardino, California 92404. Please help me.
Plus I have a formal complaint and it is that the I was divorced in 2013 and the retirement office in Akron, Ohio, won’t give me my half of my retirement benefits, National law states that I get 50 percent regardless of what the divorce judge states, it seems to me that the law should be followed, Social Security agreed and defied the judgment and is giving my half, please order the benefits office to do their job.
Thank You Leonard J. Craig 909 927 XXXXX a disabled Veteran


milton melson May 2, 2016 at 9:58 am

I had shaking and vibrations on my 2006 f250 and was recommended to go to firestone. This will be my 4 visit for the same issue in the past few weeks because iv been out of town everytime I pick it up it still has the same issue. So far I’ve bought the lifetime warranty for balance and rotations new tie rods with a warranty still the same issue so I purchased new tires which was $1700 still didn’t fix the problem so I took it back. Then they replaced the steering damper/steering stabilizer and asked if I wanted to replace my powersteering gear box which I don’t see how that could cause shaking in my vehicle I said not right now so I picked it up and soon as I pulled out of parking lot it was still doing the same thing. So I will will be taking it back today since I have all the warrantes with them I feel like they are just googling the problem I tell them and fixing the first thing that pops up and eventually they will figure it out after I’m in debt.


Burley April 25, 2016 at 1:04 pm

Worst customer service ever. Ben Taff and the boys spilled oil all over the front of my 2016 Escalade, then got an attitude with me when I expressed my disappointment. This gentleman has a very clear anger issue. He should be removed from his position before he hurts anyone.


Sean Rashti April 20, 2016 at 4:40 pm

I have trouble with one of your dealers. After changing 4 (70,000 mile) tires on my car and traveling to San Francisco, I lost my wheel well cover from my right front side in the middle of FWY 5 (N.) Multiple hoses, and wires were rubbing against the wheel when I exited out of the Fwy. Additionally, the tire balance on the same side front was off, causing a lot of vibrations. The noise that began shortly after, from the (Left) front tire was also from rubbing of tire against the wheel well cover. I have not lost the (Left) front wheel well cover, but now there is a big gaping whole in the plastic cover from rubbing against the tire.

Upon returning to the Firestone Tire Shop, they only rotated my tires, did not comment on the tire damage that had transpired on my wheel wells covers, and said I should change my air filter (dirty) and change my battery. They did not rebalance my (Right Front) vibrating tire, just moved it back, it still shakes, but now its is in the rear. The front (LEFT) tire has a bubble that is very dangerous for my driving to San Francisco back and forth every other week.

I am an Uber/ Lyft driver. I depend on my tires and good service. This is something that I will complain about in all review websites, if I don’t get clear understanding and common grounds. There is a Fiduciary Responsibility, and Firestone must reprimand this dealer for poor tire balance, incompetence to know issues with tire size and performance on the car, and irresponsibility for real dangerous issues still besieging me about the safety. I must go back to work as a driver back to SF, and every day stalled is a day lost. Please heed my issues with urgency, or I must approach you in court.

On amicable terms: I demand good customer service, I need my original tires, I need my wheel well covers repaired, I don’t need Air Filter or batteries, I need my money back for lifetime balance and rotation, and alignment. Legal action will mean additional costs on your back that would include loss of income issue. Please resolve this in the next 2 days. Thank you.

Reference # 218-72-64. Area Manager: Guillermo


Heather Wood April 15, 2016 at 12:23 pm

We purchased new tires on January 23, 2016 at the Blue Springs Missouri location. The reason we chose to go with Firestone is because we were told there was a lifetime rotate and balance on our tires. It is now April and our car has started to shake(not sure why). I called to see about making an appointment to have the tires rotated and balanced to see if that fixed the issue. I provided my husbands phone number which is what is our our account and they pulled up our information and told us we only purchased a basic tire install and would have to pay $55.96 plus tax for a rotate and balance. We spent over $800 with Firestone(which mind was by far NOT the cheapest) because of the great warranties and such. I talked to 2 different people who stated this to me. I WILL never again use Firestone. Almost $1000 worth of tires and service purchased to be told there are no warranties with our tires. I am totally appalled and very angry. Again we were impressed with Firestone and the so called warranties which is why we spent the extra money to be told something different. It also states on the back of Firestones invoice about the Lifetime wheel balance. Still was told I only purchased a basic install which is stated NO WHERE on my invoice. I will take my money else where and will be sure to let friends and family who we referred and family actually purchased tires since at Firestone what our experience now has been and that maybe they should look into also. Firestone has lost our business.


Barbara Young April 11, 2016 at 9:47 am

Matt at the Milford Connecticut firestone auto service center is fantastic….I have had dealings with him many times…he is always very nice and solves the problem…gives service with a smile…he takes the stress out of any situation… You need to clone him….I an not praise him enough….Barbara Young


Mike Hendrickson April 10, 2016 at 7:48 pm

I had my 2004 Saturn Ion towed into a Firestone MasterCare location in Santa Ana, California, on March 9th. It had died on the road that evening. The next day, their store called me saying the starter needed to be replaced. I thought it might be the alternator, since my car lost power as i was driving. I was told that the starter and battery were ok. I let them put in a new starter anyway, and picked up the car the next day. I drove it home and it died in the same manner as the night before. I had it towed to the store again, and told them to really inspect it to make sure it won’t die again on the road. They called me to say that there was a wiring short that damaged the new starter and alternator. They put in a new starter without charge, since it was under warranty, along with an alternator. They repaired the faulty wiring.

I drove the vehicle for two weeks with no symptoms. Then on March 26th around midnight, i went to start my car up in a parking lot. It was dead as a doornail. I decided to have it towed to a different Firestone closer to me, in Yorba Linda, California. I found out a few days later (store’s electrical expert was out for a few days) that my car had no oil in the engine. The first Firestone store offered to pay for the starter and alternator, but not the damaged engine.

I told them that i want them to put an engine in my car, since I feel they mis-diagnosed the problem with my car. (I feel they should have checked the fluids, including the engine oil.) They would not do that, and stated their offer to pay for the alternator and starter was withdrawn, and they would have a claim rep contact me.

In the 12 years I have owned my car, I never lost a drop of engine oil, nor has my engine burned oil. I had an oil change done at a different shop four months prior to the car’s problems. If there was low or no oil in my engine, it should have been caught by the first Firestone store prior to them releasing the car to me. I never got a dashboard message showing the engine oil was low.

Both times my engine failed I was on city roads, and at risk for an accident when the engine died. I have paid for three tows and three rental cars since the March 9th incident.

I feel that the most fair approach Firestone could take is put in an engine (used or new) for me. The only money I would request is for two of my tows (after 2nd and 3rd failure with car) and my car rental costs.


Obviously Nobody Important March 7, 2016 at 4:33 pm

I am writing in reference to your rebate program. Sent in my request for $70.00 rebate and just received my card in February. Didn’t really give it much thought to see if card was going to expire and place the card with my insurance to be paid file. Went to activate card and had no problem until I went to pay my insurance and was told card had expired??? What kind of rebate is that if you kept my money. No a very good practice if you ask me. So after researching for 3 days I come to find out that your cooperation already paid the bank, sent me a card which I did not receive on time and the bank is now keeping the money????? Is that good business sense? I think not! I have several vehicles all which are now waiting on tires….so do you really think I want to purchase tires from your company if you can’t even hold up your end of a bargain? When I was growing up a hand shake was as good as your word… what do you call your deal? How to cheat the public? I am a single parent of 3 trying to hold onto my home, and put food on the table. This is not a good business practice in any way! With a corporation as large as yours, you mean to tell me that you are allowing the banks to just take your money and not own up to giving it to the public! Have a heart once in a while….I did not have anything to do with the mail system….I was only on the receiving end of a long lost letter.


Darlene February 16, 2016 at 4:15 pm

What was to be a $64.99 simple alignment turned into an estimate of $2,272.54, of unnecessary “needed” repairs. This was at the Deerwood location in Miami, FL. My appointment time was 11:30. They started on the car at 2 pm. At about 3:30 I receive a call stating that they can’t guarantee the alignment because I needed to buy 4 new tires. My tires are 2 years old and in excellent condition, happily purchased at Goodyear. After feeding me a song and dance, my boyfriend took the phone and handled it. In the end, I did not have to pay since they couldn’t “guarantee” that the car would stay aligned. They claim that they did the alignment and rotated the tires, but once I drove away, the car pulled to the right the same way that it did when I dropped it off. I wasted half a day with no car, and no results. Just aggravation. I am aware that the technicians work off commission, but this was ridiculous.


Paulette March 28, 2016 at 6:50 am

Hi I feel as though Firestone are a bunch of rip off scam artist . I bought 4 tires from them for a 2012 Buick Regal which the drive nothing like the ones I had on their feels like I am driving a truck now not happy about that I paid 900. know mind you I have a 2012 Buick Regal for 2 years never had a problem till I went to Firestone in black wood in ,they told and showed me I had a nail in my left rear tire i had not Been anywhere so how did I get a nail in my tire ,a week later I need hub bearings replaced and they want to charge me 700 $ wtf all this in a months time is any one reading these complaints or what .not good not happy feeling ripped off.


Laurent Carrasco February 8, 2016 at 9:56 am

Firestone mechanics and. Managers are the worst put together none of them know their butt from their elbow.
Coral springs location in Florida don’t top off fluids during oil change and I found fluid cleaning wiper in the RADIATOR.WTF…
Had a axel boot fixed a year ago and now it’s leaking again.
Do not go to Firestone they will butchered your car as much as they can.
I’ll post on Facebook warning.we as consumers need to boycott those types of abuse that are totally unacceptable for anyone to go through it.
We are talking about car repairs here and we can’t play around with our lives and the one from our loved ones do not go to firestone and make sure you tell everyone about it.


Elvie Franklin February 3, 2016 at 10:14 pm

I sent the following message to Firestone complaints, but am not sure where I really sent it. I am sending it to you as well. I have a 2000 Nissan Quest. I visited Auburn Firestone on Several occasions. Regarding the visit that I took my vehicle in because my check engine light was on, I got an independent diagnostic, so when I was told that I needed a major tune up to solve the problem of a misfire, I did not argue even though my vehicle had no sign of missing. It was driving smoothly. I was unhappy with the repairs that were done to my vehicle because when I got it back, it was jumping and making a sound that it was not making prior to repair. It sounded like knocking. I turned my vehicle around and went back. I told the representative that something was wrong because the van was now knocking. They came out and said that they did not hear anything. I drove away and came back again. I insisted that they drive the vehicle. The tech drove the vehicle and told me that I must have the fuel filter, oxygen sensor and knock sensor changed in order to correct the problem that it did not have before the major tune up. I said that I would have the work done. I parked my vehicle until I could afford the work. It took 2 additional visits to complete the work. I got a call from the rep saying that my vehicle was not in good shape and to come pick it up. The charge was 848 dollars. I did not agree, so when I calmed down, I spoke to the complaints unit and they took away the charge. I then picked up my van. I was unaware before leaving with it that it was in such bad shape. After the repair, the cooling fan was wired differently and comes on as soon as the vehicle starts, Also, my van is in even worse repair that It was before the supposed repair. The knocking is so bad that it would not stay running for even one block or when I take my foot off of the gas. There has to be some recourse when someone damages a vehicle that they are supposed to repair. I am seeking answers to what was done wrong and why my vehicle’s fan is straight wired or whatever was done. My number is 206-679-XXXXX. Thank you, Ms. E. Franklin


Joel A February 2, 2016 at 10:57 pm

I went to Rancho bernardo, San Diego firestone 02Feb2016. I called firestone at 6:15 pm and would not pick up a phone call and i was in route to make sure they were open. As soon they got there they were saying it was closed but the sign by the door says its open with a big sign and the hours was they are closed at 7pm. They start giving me attitude specially the manager and very unprofessional telling me they don’t pick up the phone after 6pm but your store doesn’t closed at 7pm. Now i had to wait tomorrow and my tire is flat if they did the better job when i got the new tire i would not have the problem. I would never go to a firestone again and ill make sure all my soldiers will never go to a firestone again. The manager need to get fired you don’t need that kind of manager in the establishment.


Joel A February 2, 2016 at 11:00 pm

One more thing They need to give more information on their hours instead of finding out that they don’t work at 6pm but closed at 7 pm.


Greg Howell February 1, 2016 at 1:23 pm

Hello my name is Greg Howell,

On Thursday 1/28/16 I had your Naples Florida store at 5495 Airport road N., Naples 34109 replace my standard OEM tires (Goodyear) with your Firehawk Widoval run flats. I must tell you that this store is probably the most unprofessional store I have ever been in. I was dealing with I believe Andrew, who I thought was the store manager. He gave me the pricing and I said ok lets do it. When the car was done I paid and took the car for a drive to see if I liked the tires. I noticed the high pressure tires light came on. I checked the computer and they all showed 40-41 psig. I have a 2012 Corvette, and the tires should be 30 psig all the way around. The computer showed the left front being the high pressure. I stopped and let a little air out of the left tire. I drove the car again and the light came back on. When checking the computer, it showed still 41 psig in the Left front, but the right front now showed 2 lbs less than before. Bottom line was the left sensor was showing the right front tire etc. I called the store and they said bring it back. Andrew was gone so another guy had me pull the car over to a bay, where he checked the tires, and they were 11 psig over inflated. He yelled to the guy at the tire mounting and balancing saying your gauge is off by 10 psig. He adjusted the tire pressure, and recalibrated the sensors. I asked how do we know that the sensors are now actually reading properly, and he responded with an attitude “Because I just recalibrated them” He didn’t take any air out of one tire to see if it showed that on the computer, he just said your all set. I left and drove home with no high pressure light as now the computer showed 30 psig on all 4.

On Friday 1/29/16 I had to go up to Tampa as my mom was having surgery. I took the corvette, and at 60+ I had a terrible vibration in the steering wheel, and the wheel when driving straight was XXXXed to the left (Not Straight). I called Andrew and he said bring it back in and they would check the balancing. I went to Tampa, and took the car in on Saturday morning 1/30/16 to check the balancing. Andrew was there and I asked if he wanted to go for a drive so I could show him the problem. He said no, let us rebalance them and fix the steering wheel, and then we will see if the problem goes away. I went to eat at a dinner next to the Firestone shop. After a few minutes I saw the Manager drive away in my car. He returned in less than 5 minutes. I finished eating and went back to Firestone. I asked a guy at the desk what they found on my car and he told me that they had to calibrate the balancing machine, then it showed my tires needed more weights. I asked Andrew what the guy found when driving my car, and he said it was fine per the test drive. It was the same guy who adjusted the tire pressure on my tires after the mounting. I asked if he took it on the highway since the vibration was in excess of 60 miles an hour. He said no, he took it around the block, which is a 45 mph zone. While sitting in the waiting area, Andrew and the guy who took my car for a ride got into a loud conversation, which got louder and began getting out of hand. Finally they went into the shop and the guy talking to Andrew got very loud and was pointing his finger at Andrew and yelling. I could hear just fine even through the glass sitting in the waiting area with the TV on. After a few minutes Andrew came in and asked if I wanted to go for a drive to check the car. While in the car I asked if he (Andrew) was the store manager, or the other guy whom he was arguing with? Andrew told me that the other guy was the manager. I took the car on route 75 and took it up to 90mph, with seems like good results. The wheel is straight now, and I did feel some vibration, but minimal so Andrew and I agreed for me to drive it a while and monitor the situation.

Bottom line is that Andrew was great, and so far I like the tires. As for being run as a professional establishment, far from it. The Manager was NOT helpful, and he didn’t even speak with me about the problems. His actions in the front counter and waiting area arguing very loudly was not how a manger should handle a situation. At the time of purchase, Andrew told me that if I didn’t like the Firehawks after 30 days let him know and he would put me in something else. I was not sure about the Firehawks as I had the original Goodyears on my car. I didn’t get that in writing as I thought Andrew was the manager, now I wish I had asked for that. So far I like the tires, but I am not sure if I will ever go back to that Firestone store. I surely won’t tell anyone to go there.


Guocai Zhen January 8, 2016 at 9:02 am

I dropped my car off to the Firestone in Columbia, MD 21044 on a Saturday Morning to get my 5,000-mile oil change once every month and a half. I had asked the General Manager, who was subbing in for customer service rep. to have the technician check my rear tire on the driver because it was running low on air. I had purchased the tires from Firestone previously and wanted to know if there was a nail in the tire so that I can have it changed. The General Manager made note of it on the service sheet. I went to pick up my car the next day after they had service my vehicle. I ask the customer service rep. did the technician check my tire, he said “YES.” That was an LIE!! I went to pull my car up to the side of the entrance and told the customer service rep to check the tire pressure. He immediately apologize to me and said, “I don’t know why they didn’t check it.” Come to find out there was a nail in my rear drivers side tire. I was heated!! I’ve been going to that Firestone for the last ten years. What made matters worst was it took 30 minutes for them to put a new tire in. I have two daughters, a four and nine-year-old. Safety was my biggest concern, I’ve been a faithfully repeated customer for over ten years with Firestone and was willing to pay for a new tire to replace the old one. Not only was I ready to pay for a new tire, but the fact that the technician blatantly lied about checking out an issue that I had with the vehicle. That made me wonder how many other service requests that I had requested was never performed. That to me was very unprofessional. I still have the invoice stating that they had checked the tire. I called the store manager and corporate to complain about the horrible experience, but NOTHING was done about the situation. Will never recommend or go back to Firestone again.


Dean A Bosworth December 30, 2015 at 6:55 am

I have a complaint about your FIRESTONE COMPLETE AUTO CARE STORE on 462 E Pershing St, Salem,,,Ohio 44460. I have done business with your store for many years now and it has recently come to my attention that i have been getting ripped off on the price of auto parts and repairs. I have been told by CHUCK that he cannot use parts that i purchase at Auto Zone, O Reilly’s or Summit Racing., that all parts have to come from their shop. A recent example is i was told that my rotors were warped. It would be $40.00 a rotor to grind them down. and 100.00 a rotor to purchase each one. I checked at Auto Zone for a price comparison and they said a new rotor would be 40.00 . So why am i paying the price of new rotors just to have them ground down and why is Chuck telling me 100.00 a rotor when they do not cost that much. Upon further questioning i was informed the parts come from Auto Zone so why is your company doing a 100% mark up on the parts? I believe that is called price gouging. I needed my catalytic converter replaced and was quoted 500.20, with the part bring 140.00..I had it replaced by another company and total price was 160.00 and that included the part. I have been told i needed a new head gasket, only to find out there is nothing wrong with it. I was charged 122.00 recently to clean the egr valve and the check engine lite is still on, ..When i told them i was unhappy with the work, the response was that they had not told me the cleaning would take care of the problem.
I have used your shop a lot in the past for auto repairs and tires. Not true anymore. , especially when i can purchase the parts on my own with a much greater discount. My question is that in today’s economy…..why is Firestone ripping consumers off? I think the Attorney general office would e interested in knowing this. It would be really nice to get reimbursed for some of your outrageous prices i have paid.. ..I know another man who has had similar dealings with this i would suggest you take care of the problem……


JohnMalone December 23, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I would like a corporate officer to contact me on a situation I had in the Orlando Florida Firestone service center. We brought our car in a 03 Mazda 3 for an oil change back I June 2015. The problem we had was that the service mechanic put on a faulty oil filter and all the oil pumped out of the engine causing the engine to blow. I do have to say Firestone recognized the issue and did put in a used engine and also paid for the rental car for the 8 weeks they had the car. My issue now is that a month after getting the car back the check engine light came on. When we instructed to bring it to the Mazda dealer who did the work and was told that they would look at the issue free of charge. Then charged us $95 to look at the car to tell us the great news.. When they checked the car out they found that there was major oil leaks causing the compression to cause the light to come on. When they called me and told me that this issue isn’t part of the warranty on the engine kind of made no sense since they put the used engine in and never changed or looked at any of the gaskets involved with the engine causing severe engine leaks. Also there was several problems they found that should of been seen when changing out the engine. First I was thrown back when the engine cover was never put back on either and they said it didn’t come with the engine. So instead of using the old one decided to not put one on at all. Anyway since they gave me a estimate for over $2300 to make the repairs to a engine that was replaced due to the failure to change the oil correctly. Firestone was very good in the beginning but when they heard of the screw up on the replacement engine wanted to hear nothing about it and told us it’s between us and the Mazda dealer? The vehicle ran great and had no leaks before they had to replace the engine and now they wanted us to pay for the mistakes the dealer made. Now when I went to trade the car in we were told since the issues are there with the engine the vehicle is worth $2000- $2300 less and needs to be sent to the auction. I told Firestone people to give us a buy out and total the car and give me $8000 for the car and we would get another vehicle to replace it. Was told that can’t happen and needs to be repaired. Okay it would be fine if the car was repaired correctly and not a junk engine put in with many issues. I would like Firestone corporate to look into this and would like them to reimburse me the 2k that was lost on a trade in that would only be fair since it wasn’t our problem that this all happened in the first place. Our claim number is 2136817. Please look into this and email me back to what Firestone will do to help with the money that we lost due to a failure with the first oil change and the junk engine that was eventually put in that should have never been put in if there was issues with the engine. Again in the beginning the Firestone company was very helpful but when something happened they kind of told us there done with doing any thing . You would think if my company paid $5700 for a junk engine and about $3000 for the rental car they would want to make sure the job was done correctly. Some one needs to look into the policies of over paying for repairs even tho there is probably a insurance claim they used to pay for it. If I was the insurance company I would be investigating this claim also. Thank you for your time and will look for a response to this message. John Malone


Lindsay Ueckert December 4, 2015 at 8:18 pm

You will probably just read this and toss it aside like the others but I wanted to share my experience with your lincoln ne store. I have a family and my husband and I decided that we would go with the best of best for when it came to safety with our family on the road and where do you go Firestone of coarse or so we thought…when we left with the new set of tires no one bothered to tell us that only 3 of our tires were the right size for our gmc envoy the fourth was bigger. It didn’t come to our attention until we had it in a different shop because of our 4 wheel drive not working. I feel not only did we get cheated money wise on the set of tires, but we have been so lucky that nothing bad has happened to us while we have been driving it at 75mph. The people that my husband has talked too here in nebraska obviously aren’t very worried about something happening to their customers. Anyone who cares for their business treats it and everyone it comes into contact with like family that to me is good customer service. I know mistakes happen, I just hope they learn from this and it doesn’t happen to another family with a different outcome


Hugo November 27, 2015 at 5:02 pm

I understand that it is a business, and as such the employees should take in consideration that, we also have a job as well with that been said.

When you bring your car to them for minor repairs, that usually takes no longer than an hour to complete and give you an specific time to pick up your vehicle they a list should have the brains to let you know if anything changes instead of you returning to pick it up as agreed instead of having to wait well two hours longer because they couldn’t pick up the phone to call you to let you know that it isn’t ready, but if you ask them about the reason for the delay all you get is some very nasty actitud about it, i guess the costumer its no longer a priority as it should be……..


Roxanne Brown October 21, 2015 at 12:02 pm

I took my car VW to fire stone in FREDERICKSBURG VA 22401
and ask for a oil change 3-4 times and was not acknowledge. I call back the next day and complain so I got a free oil change which was on 10/21/2015 …now at that time I got 2 tires brand new but notice there was a scraping noise in my front brake after the fact There was no noise what so ever there before ..mmmmmmm I find that very strange

I am asking the ceo to look into this and ask firestone to fix my brake that I know someone else had knowledge of wrong doing and didn’t tell me about it but would rather have me drive off and notice it after the fact.. I think that is cruel and dirty .

I had nothing to do with this because if the brake was making noise before I arrived I would have ask to fix it. I am to afraid now to take it back and get shock work..woww


Roxanne Brown October 21, 2015 at 12:03 pm

sorry the free oil change was on 10/20/2015 NOT 10/21/2015


Tonya October 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm

One week after oil change low cool fluid light came on. I spent over a hundred dollar to have my vehicle service and now I am wondering how many other fluid were not check or were they check? Did I receive the full 19-point inspection? Or was it gets as much cash and on to the next customer?


Michelle Harris October 9, 2015 at 4:59 am

To Whom This Should Concern:

On October 4th I contacted you in regards to how I felt that your Jennings, Missouri Firestone handled my business in regards to my 2004 Impala being towed there on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

As previously mentioned in my prior complaint, the diagnostic read M.A.P. and the PCM needed to be reprogrammed, but this could not be completed until Monday, October 5, 2015. Because of this I had to rent a car from Enterprise and incurred a cost of $171.72. When i picked up my car from the Jennings, Missouri Firestone on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at approximately 7a.m., Rocky informed me that they only reprogrammed the PCM and did not replace the MAP sensor because reprogramming the PCM should handle both problems (actually Rocky explained this to the male that was there to drop me off and not to me).

Now on Thursday, October 8, 2015 at approximately 6 a.m. i leave work only to have my car do EXACTLY what happened on October 3, 2015 and a few months prior too…start, die, start, die… So, AGAIN, i have to have my car towed. This time the tow company towrd me to Johnny Londoff Chevrolet. JLC ran diagnostic and it showed MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR. THE PART YOUR JENNINGS, MISSOURI FIRESTONE DID NOT REPLACE EVEN THOUGH IT SHOWED ON THEIR DIAGNOSTIC. This cost me $652.84 and was all completed in less than 5 hours (tow to fix).

Due to the same problem reoccurring now, repeatedly, and your Jennings, Missouri Firestone not properly fixing my 2004 Impala, I believe Firestone should totally reimburse me for the catalytic converter & 2 sensors they put on (even they verbably told me that they didn’t know what the problem exactly was but thought this should fix it), plus the Rental Car cost of $171.72, what I just paid to JLC, $652.84 and my tows $124.00 for a total reimbursement of $2,248.56.

I would appreciate being personally contacted so we can discuss this.

Michelle Harris
** Criterion Avenue
8St. Louis, MO 63138


Gladys Scott October 5, 2015 at 3:32 pm

I took my car to Firestone in Vicksburg, MS to get a routine oil change at about 7:45 AM last Wednesday and left it. I asked the guy who got my information will they check my transmission fluid, antifreeze, power steering fluid and every thing else and he said “yes”, that comes with the oil change. I also asked him if they would rotate my tires and he said “yes”. (I had bought the tires from them back in May). I called around lunch time to check if car was ready and was told that it was. About ten minute later I got a call from one of their other service men stating my car was ready. I got there and paid them the $40.00 for the high mileage oil change, didn’t notice that my tires weren’t rotated until I got home that evening and they were closed. Saturday I went to Wal-Mart about ten miles away from my house and parked and smelled something like a radiator was running hot, but thought it was coming from another car. On the way to Wal-Mart my windshield wiper fluid dinged letting me know it was low. Bought some of that out of Wal-Mart. Got home to put windshield washer fluid in and something told me to check my antifreeze. I went to turn the radiator cap and it just came off. I didn’t have to press down and turn, it literally just came off. I had to go to auto zone and buy more and ended up putting almost the entire container in my radiator. I looked down at the oil filter and it had not been changed. It was still the old oil filter from my previous oil change with them and it was not just dirty from oily fingers, it was worn. I do not know if my vehicle got an oil change or not. Called Firestone and got a guy named Nathan. I told him everything that I had experienced with the car. He asked me how I knew the tires were not rotated. I told him that I knew because the tires with the brake dust were still on the front. My back tires had no brake dust on them. He told me the only way I could know is if I had them “marked”. I don’t know anything about marking tires and why would anyone mark them unless they did not trust their servicing shop? I told him about the oil filter. He told me that I had gotten the oil changed three days ago and that is should look that way. Now I don’t know a lot about cars, but I know my car. I didn’t even have a new oil mileage sticker on the inside of my windshield. I will not be taking my car back to Firestone for any reason. The service at this Firestone was awful.


Delinda McCoy September 17, 2015 at 1:20 pm

To whom this may concern,

My name is Delinda McCoy and I want to be heard! I need everyone to be aware of the service that your store has given me. I have been a loyal customer since 2003 when I was stationed in Virginia with the US Navy. I have trusted my services completed by firestone for two vehicles. I was advised to contact you again to see what can be done. This is my second letter to you all on this same subject. I came to your Union City Store in May to have my timing belt done. I had received another quote from Honda and Patrick stated that he would put his best guy on the job. He stated that he would order all parts that day and I needed to come in at 7 am. I explained that I would have to wait and they explained it would be 6 hours. I got there at 7 and they were not there till after 7:30 am. After getting no update on my car, At 4 I asked how much longer and I was told 2 more hours. I was till between 9:30 pm and 10. They pulled me to the back and explained that my car was making a loud noise. I explained that it wasn’t making that noise when I came in. They stated the mechanic had rechecked his work for hours and could not figure out why it was making the sound and it may be something else. I was told to drive home and bring it back tomorrow. I explained that I had a job interview so they got me a rental car. Before I left Patrick pulled me aside and told me he would make this right even if he had to take it to the Honda Dealer. After complaining to corporate I received a call from the area manager Drew stating the same information. Patrick called me later that day and said my car was ready. When I picked it up it was no longer making the sound and it was drive-able. 4 months later (two weeks ago) I had to drive to Virginia to meet a potential renter for my home that I own and when I got to Anderson SC, my car stopped working. I pulled over and had to call my insurance company to have myself and daughter towed to the nearest shop which was Piedmont Honda. They did an inspection and told me it was my timing belt. I explained that I just got it done. I had to call Firestone after Honda did a more extensive inspection and spoke with Drew again. I had Honda explain to him what they found so far, which was that the mechanic put a part in wrong and messed up my engine bad. I was told that no repairs could be done that day as they still needed to get to the bottom of the engine to see just how bad it was and they were already at $4000.00 of damage. It was Labor Day weekend. Firestone had to get me another rental that I had to wait over an hour to get as Enterprise had no vehicles. I missed my potential renter and lost money!! I now had to drive back to GA and wait on my vehicle to finish being inspected. I was called on Tuesday 8 September by Honda and they stated that aftert completing the inspection they have determined that It would be more cost effective to just get a whole Engine. I stopped by Firestone to make sure they were aware and Patrick stated that they were just waiting on a price to pay for it and that everyone is aware of what was going on. I had to call Enterprise and ask for an extension on the rental as no one else had done that and I did not want to have a vehicle not authorized. I received my next call from someone at Firestone On Sept 16 stating “ Your car is ready and has been paid for. I stated thank you, and then he stated Will you be turning in your rental today. I stated yes.” I get there to find out that firestone decided to get me a used engine with new parts. I was told a new engine so I was confused on why I was not called on this decision. No decisions were made on my car or discussed by me or been involved and I was told I needed a new engine due to the negligent of Firestone. After driving 3 hours to pick up my vehicle And finding out the decisions that were made, I took the 3 hour trip back to GA and now my Cruise Control stopped working as I went down hills. I called Honda and they were closed. Let a message and they called back and stated that I would have to bring the car back 3 hours at my inconvience to them in order to see what is going on. I was told by Firestone that the best person is completing my job, I was told my car was fixed the second time, I was left stuck on the side of the road with daughter, and I have lost money all for trying to be proactive on maintenance work and trusting a company as they kept explaining to me that they could do the work. It is posted on my paperwork that Firestone put in part wrong and caused the problem. I understand you got me a rental and paid for repairs as that is the LEAST your company had to do as it could have been much more tragic. If your company was unsure if the job could be done they should have just said it instead of taking my money and wasting my time which is valuable to me and obviously not to your company. Now I have to be inconvience once again, take off work again and now be pushed off onto Honda as I am their problem because Firestone has already paid for their parts (used). But let’s just remind everyone that the loyal customer is still responsible for paying for a service that I did not get on my Firestone card!!!! I need someone to call me and explain how they plan on fixing this now!!! I am truly afraid that more is going to go wrong with my car. I just want to be convienced just once in this whole ordeal and treated as you would want your veterans and loyal customers should be treated. JUST ONCE!
Delinda McCoy 757-389-1229


J R Brown September 1, 2015 at 6:59 pm

I was on my way from Maryland to Tennessee on vacation with my family of 5 in our minivan. We broke down with a flat at 615 am on Sunday August 9, 2015 in Virginia on route 66. I put on the donut spare and with the van loaded up the tire was looking very stressed. We finally did find a Firestone opening at 9 am in Harrisburg Virginia, and showed up at opening. There were others with appointments and as it turned out the tire was beyond repair so I bought 2 tires. We were in and out the door in no more than an hour and they even pumped up the donut to a more acceptable level. The guy working the front desk was Jason, and the experience was great considering how our trip started out.


Orena Jones July 25, 2015 at 6:07 pm

A family member visited a Firestone Repair Center in Cobb County in the early A.M on 07/25/15 to have a F150 brakes checked and repaired. This family member was still at the center at 5 P.M. The reason given was that they put a defected part on and would have to wait until another part arrived. How does this happen?


Steve May 25, 2015 at 10:58 pm

I have been a customer at your Chapman Ave Garden Grove CA branch for years. I have finally given up on you. I have had almost every repair fail. Turn signals have been replaced several times. Keep going out. had my AC replaced and it failed three times after that, taking it back over and over. Still remained loyal.

Final straw, today, 5/25/15 I called and explained my turn signals went out for the fifth time and the guy who answered the phone said, ‘so what do you want me to do about it?’ very sarcastically, almost angry with me.. even though I was not being rude or upset, even though I had every reason to be. As a matter of fact I was very polite and friendly until then.

You have a bunch of young guys working there who haven’t grown up. Even the manager seems barely out of puberty. Get some adults working there and I may come back. I have patience where incompetence is concerned, but both incompetence and insubordination at the same time is too much to ask of anyone. Now I am pissed.


Ron Christie May 18, 2015 at 9:02 am

I have been a Firestone customer for many years and have all maintenance on my vehicles as well as my children’s vehicles completed at my local Chesapeake Va. Firestone Complete Auto Care Center. I recently scheduled an appointment to have my tires replaced and experienced less than the service I expected. I contacted the store (#590746) manager Bob Conti about the issues I had and he immediately refunded my money and scheduled me for a follow up appointment for which he offered to provide me with a rental car while my vehicle was in for service. This type of customer service is extraordinary and should be commended. Needless to say, Mr. Conti’s attitude, professionalism and superior customer service has ensured I will be a loyal Firestone customer for life.


Bob Maurer April 26, 2015 at 7:38 am

Yesterday I was at prices corner in Wilmington Delaware Firestone getting an inner and outer tie rod along with the sleeve replaced for they can do an alignment . Everything turn out fine except where are there house keeping . There were full hand grease hand prints all over the hood bumber and fenders. Don’t they were gloves any more cause this is a crapy type of job. They need to respect others property. Part of being a professional in the field is also keeping clean when doing the job. I been to dealers were they are clean about what they do . This is what brings me of going back to them cause of the service I get. It’s a shame that your employees don’t care .


Ellen Harris April 9, 2015 at 2:03 pm

First and foremost you put your trust in the name “Firestone” and the people working for this company to do their best in providing service to your vehicle. I have been trusting in Firestone since moving to Arizona in 2006, big mistake. Thank God I have not had any issues until recently, when my 2010 Equinox starting having problems. The Firestone in Gilbert Arizona told me I needed a new transmission after my car hobbled into the shop. They drop the pan and said “the fluid is black and has metal filings”… so $4200.00, two maxed credit cards later, I have a new transmission (we opted for a “new” rather than a rebuild for the warranty). Three weeks later, my car locks up and won’t move, had it towed to Firestone, where they said they dropped the pan and the fluid “is worse than before and there is metal filings” so you need a new transmission AGAIN. Because we opted for the “new” transmission, they sent my car to the dealer to have it fixed, well four days later they said “there is nothing wrong with the transmission, the car seems to be working fine and we can’t fix it unless we know what is wrong with it”. So I got it back from Firestone being told that I would just have to drive it until it happened again. So I took my car, and 30 minutes later, while driving it locked up again and wouldn’t move. Called Firestone, and they came and hooked up the computer to the car and discovered it had something to do with the brake system. So what about the fact that the first time it was towed they told me I needed ANOTHER new transmission, hmmm. Apparently all the times I had brought it in for an oil change, they were adding brake fluid (which didn’t need to be added). There was a leak in the brake system and now the master cylinder was ruined. Makes you wonder if I ever needed a new transmission to begin with!!! Oh did I mention that when I got my car back the second time, discovered they broke my key, and nobody wants to take the blame for this!! So, I’m out $4200.00 for a transmission I’m sure I never needed, two maxed credit cards, and a broken key!! Thanks for nothing Firestone I won’t be coming back and I will YELL from a mountain top to all who will listen to NEVER go to Firestone!!!


Khrystal Austin January 6, 2015 at 1:11 pm

Good Afternoon,

I would like to share my experience at the Firestone Complete Auto Care in Hillside, Illinois. My boyfriend hit a curb while trying to turn which damaged my rim. Unfortunately, my car was shaking so I needed to get this taken care of immediately. The only shop that was open was this location since most places are closed on Sundays. I arrived to this location around 10 am and was speaking with Chris. I informed him of the situation and he stated it was an 4 hour wait before he would be able to look at my car. I knew I would have to walk home since this was going to be a long wait. Chris was nice enough to offer a free code to Uber so I wouldn’t have to walk home. Luckily I live up the street so it only took me 30 minutes to walk home. I received a call around 3pm to state what was wrong with my car. I was informed my control arm was bent and the rim was dented (which I was already aware of). I was told I would also need an alignment but asked if I could hold off on that until I get paid on Friday. I needed my car since this is my only means of transportation. Chris stated that was fine. Chris stated they would have to order the part but could have my car finished by 12pm tomorrow (January 5th). I was ok with that since I would have my car before I needed to go to work on Tuesday. I also asked to have my oil changed and my rear light replaced (none of which ever happened).

I had to call a cab to take my son to school and take me back home. I called the store and spoke with someone named Lily but was informed the part still had not arrived even though it was ordered the night before. I was ok with that since I was told my car would be done by 12pm. Around 11:50am I called again to check on the status of my car. I started off speaking with Chris who informed me the part still had not arrived. I was put on hold and then the phone was picked up by Lily. I informed her that my car was promised to me by 12pm and so far nothing has been done to my car. She goes on to say the part has not arrived and I would need an alignment. I informed her that I asked to hold that off until Friday when I get paid. But before I could speak another word I was RUDELY interrupted by Lily again stating they would not fix my car until I got the alignment. I told her to call me when the part arrived since I was so offended with how she spoke with me. Luckily I called other places around and found a shop to do the work without the alignment but informed if I did, it would cost $55. That was great price and I was willing to get alignment.
I called a call a cab to get my care from Firestone. When I arrived I had the unfortunate luck of meet Lily, the store manager. I waited until I was called and when I spoke with her I asked to get my car. While she was bringing up my paperwork, another customers car was just done and the keys brought to the front desk. Lily COMPLETELY stopped working on my order and took the lady who now appeared on the side of me without asking if she could ring this lady up and then help me. I have never been treated that way in my life which unfortunately I have a long way to go since I am only 27. Chris was at the register and asked if she wanted him to take the customer who just came up and she said no, take her without even looking at me. How very, very rude. Chris brought up my order and was closing out the sale when the part arrived. He checked to see if this was the part for me and it was. I stated I was willing to just have the work done since the part arrived. Chris was looking at the order and was going to try to figure out something with the alignment but Lily (even though no one was talking to her) stated, “No, she doesn’t want the alignment, so we will not work on her car.” I told Chris to just cash me out and I will take my car someone where else. I actually took my car down the street and was able to get the work done for $100 less than what Firestone was going to charge. But get this: I was informed they could not do the alignment because my rim was so badly dented there would be no purpose to do one. Well isn’t that a kicker since Lily stated my car would not be done at their shop since I would not get the alignment.
So this weekend I will be getting a new rim to replace my dent one. I will never EVER shop at another Firestone and I will make sure my family and friends will never go there even if this is the only place open. I have never been treated so rudely by a store manager. I want to say that Christopher Parks is the best associate I have ever dealt with. He tried to do many things to get my car fixed but I was so upset by Lily that I never want to go there again. Please make sure something is done for him in regards to how he works. He is very kind and answered any questions I had. He should be the store manager and NOT Lily since she is clearly lacking customer service skills. For a person who has worked in customer service all my working career, she is one of the worst I have seen.


Sara August 21, 2015 at 5:33 pm

Mercer University location in Macon, Ga, The WORST!!!! I will never ever in life go there again. And I will tell everyone I know not to go. I work at a place where they are ALWAYS looking for local shops that perform Total car care, I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND Firestone. Horrible customer service,


Kathy December 22, 2014 at 2:12 am

Firestone in Apex NC last week the customer service was absolutely awful the tiresalesman was very rude & used several degrading curse words about women. I was highly offended by the lack of professionalism


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 2:35 pm



David A Cardone December 15, 2014 at 3:50 pm

I was injured in an accident that was a result of negligence on behalf of a Firestone service station. Presently have a lawsuit against Bridgestone Americas (David A. Cardone V. Bridgestone Americas) for negligence and would be more than happy to assist.


stephanie johnson December 29, 2014 at 10:44 am

Yes,I’m interested in being a part of the class action against these unscrupolous organization.Two weeks ago I went to HoustoN Webster Tx location to get Tires for my Honda,tires… car was in immaculate engine lights,no oil leaking….firestone pressured me into having a diagnostic done. I argued with the manager that there was no need since I wasn’t complaining I needed my car repaired. I only came to get new tires,my chief complaint to firestone was my tires was bald. Firestone diagnosted my car needed an oil pan drip gasket replaced. Firestone refused to show me the so called leak, this diagnosis was very suspicious because my car had no oil leaks, no spots on my parking space,my engine had no noise….firestone pressured me into these unnecessary repairs because firestone wanted my thousand dollar voucher the state of Texas workforce solutions issued me to use to get my tires.All firestone saw was that thousand dollars, firestone formulated a plan to deceive me into believing the repair was necessary. Firestone immediately dismantled my car ,took apart my engine…only to let my car just sit for hours with no work done I brought my car on ay about 130 pm that day,I left at about 9 pm that night. I had to call 911, and get the Houston police to come over and force Firestone to put my old tires back on. Because at that point, I wanted no part of those the cops showed up and basically told me that my issue with Firestone is civil….Firestone told the cops they wanted to keep my car overnite to finish the next day. I say no way….the next day I spike with a regional manager and was put in contact with a second firestone location in Dickinson Tx, I drove my car in to have the work order completed on my car,not knowing that would be the last time my poor car would ever drive excellent again.that friday Dec 19,2014 was the day Firestone ended my cars life.Firestone replaced the drip pan oil gasket,that Friday, I began to smell oil immediately, as I drove home and throughout the weekend I called the manager , he assured me that the smoke smell will disappear. He assured me further that the oil probably dropped on the manifold and will resolve shortly. During the weekend of Dec 20,21 2014 I called the store so many times about my car wreaking of oil smell, that the tech on duty accused me of harassment. The manager Don called me from his home and told me that my car was in excellent condition, that he had personally looked at the gasket after it was repaired and personally signed off on the job done correctly. I insisted there was something wrong with my car, Don told me that he had no guys qualified to check my car out that day,only tire guys on duty. So did the tech that anwered the phone and accused me of harassment. so, Monday the next day came,my car was driving bad, I had a bad feeling in my gut. I spoke with this guy on the Firestone Presidents customer service line, the same guy that took my report initially and he issued me a case number. His name is Tom, very rude, condescending,sarcastic, not helpful insensitive.I told Tom what was happening,and that I’m going to Jiffy Lube to have my car checked out,my car was gushing out oil, said Jiffy Lube…and this was told to Firestone rep Tom by phone,while the oil was gushing out. I told Jiffy Lube what Firestone did to my car, I was advised to go back to Firestone so they can fix their mess ,I slowly inched back to Firestone. Got their, I was livid, I was pissed off at the total disregard Firestone has for my life and property. Out of retaliation, Firestone called the League city Tx police on me. Accused me of robbing the place,according to the officers that came out. I explained what condition my car is in at the hands of Firestone, and I was no robber….this was about 3pm….Firestone took my car under the bay at 330pm,I have video on my phone proof. Firestone put on the receipt my check in time was 530pm and check out time was 637pm….huge liars, I left at about 715 pm, I have proof on my phone video of the tech finishing and backing out my car . So, that was the second replacement of the gasket, the tech stated the first time, was not installed correctly. This tech was name David,he stated the gasket was not bolted in the correct way….the entire time, the manager, knew I was going out of state to visit family. David the tech stated, I’m good to go out of state, so did Don, the manager, both looked at my car and drive my car. So, I hit the road,get on I 10 east, my car quit on me in Baton Rouge Louisiana on the Mississippi River bridge, a gigantic dangerous bridge. My car just quits,in the pouring rain,my car starts rolling back down the bridge. I put on my emergency blinkers. I came within inches of a tractor trailer plowing into the back of me. Another alert driver noticed,I was in distress and car conking out as I was trying to go up that steep bridge, as I was rolling backwards, the driver got behind me. Stopped me from rolling into a tractor trailer and pushed my car up the bridge. To safety on the exit on the shoulder halfway to the foot of the bridge. …the pushed me into AutoZone, got it checked by the manager there,my car had oil in it….it was still cutting off….i called Don, the manager back in Houston Firestone store, he told me he would send a wrecker to take my car to Firestone Baton Rouge, was a lye,…i call back repeated ….Don refused to answer, the man at auto zone said that my car had oil in it, I decided to keep on going,I was in a town I knew nothing about a single woman traveling alone….plus Don, lyed about the tow truck, and so did the guy Tom on the Firestone presidents line on Monday. I didn’t trust their word, Firestone damaged my car and are refusing to be accountable for their actions. During my trip to out of state, I was obly able to drive 50 mph in the pouring rain, tornadoes weather conditions that were occuring on the gulf coast that weekend…I was speaking with a rep from name Mr McCleeson, for about an hour explained how Firestone had damaged my car. McCleeson had stated he would take responsibility and have my car fixed,I told him I wanted Honda to fix what needed fixing and wanted no more part of firestone because of the gross incompetence and malicious negligence….Mc Cleeson told me he would call me within an hour,never got a call from him. So I called back to corporate in Illinois, the receptionists, promised he was working on getting help for my situation. All lies,I got a call from a Dallas Tx manager named Mr Holton, he was rude,belittling,insulting to me as well.Houlton stated to me that he was not interested in hearing my 3 hour story about how my car was damaged. I kept asking Holton whether he was calling in behalf of McCleeson to arrange and coordinate my car being repaired. Holton stated no,that he got all sorts of emails about me. I explained to that snake that I’m traveling 50 mph on I- 10 in the pouring rain….I got a Mr Rahonen from Illinois by phone on Saturday,told him the about Firestone damaging my car and my car not drives me.Rahonen is a liar, he advised me to have my car taken to a shop for evaluation,and get the estimate of repairs and damages to him so a claim can be filed. My car needs a new engine according to Honda, the drip pan gasket is leaking…I didn’t need Hinda to tell me my car was damaged related to the drip pan gasket Firestone replaced….TWO times,…..any idiot can see firestone is incompetent and needs congressional investigation for crimes against consumer,including,deceptive practices,Texas workforce voucher fraud,failing to make repairs according to their work order, dismantling consumers cars in efforts to pressure work to be done, practicing,and engaging in discriminating against women in relation to servicing vehicles…. I’m starting a petition to gather signatures for congress to investigate these snakes, a lawsuit is not enough. The feds need to look into their company on corruption charges, these are not isolated incidences, it’s too many of these to be isolated. This is company wide systemic,institutionalized depriving consumers,and specific to me,women of our federal consumer protections and ultimately connctitutional rights…..these snakes ate continually lying about making good on my car being repaired. Firestone have proven to be bullies, Firestones actions almost got me killed on I-10 in Baton Rouge Louisiana somebody at Firestone needs to be arrested.


Pam January 2, 2015 at 11:16 am

I just had my car towed back home – went to Firestone for engine light on, they “fixed” it – and 1200 miles later (11/25/14 – 12/31/14) I now have a seized engine. Honda Element with only 96,000 miles on it should not have gone bad.


Mr In Disbelief February 17, 2015 at 9:04 pm

So, at what stage is this move for action to date? I too would like to get my car fixed since the online C/S will not forward my simple request to Corporate as to obtain a name, phone number or email address to directly speak to the local Corporate Service Manager to explain how and who stole new replaced parts then replacing with used and damaged unsafe! I won’t even let my wife or daughter drive the vehicle still. 2 months since I started this now and still can’t get the information for speaking with them first. Current company policies for contact was explained as follows… “Give us your contact info, the store location and what happened with your complaint in detail. Then they email 4-5 people internally. Corporate? However many upper management are required or needs to see the case along with whomever will address or contact the store. And finally the store manager gets a copy of the complaint” The latter is where I disagree! My case will be reviewed and gives forewarning to the individuals who stole my parts then giving ample opportunity for a cover up or the ability to make it a null issue before you even get the opportunity to discuss it with a real person! No! I don’t agree with this procedure. I want to speak to someone first and show them my case first then confront the individuals not allowing to conspire or have warning they’ve been caught ripping off the customers. Email me if there is something in the works to stop this deceit and crooked Firestone employees and in my case his manager knew about it obviously!


Tonya October 20, 2015 at 2:17 pm

Poor service


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 1:26 pm

I have had a horrible experience with firestone in st.Paul Mn.I simply asked that my fuses be checked as my heat went out.two employees checked my fuses and said they were all in working order and there was none missing which lead me to believe it was my blower then made an appt for me to bring my vehicle to another Firestone which would have cost me approxately 500.00.I then brought my car to another mechanic shop and explained to them it Was not the fuses,it had to be the they went to put the blower in,one of the lights was not working.they put the fuses in and sure enough the heat started blowing which caused the fan to break.this was a 6.00 job that has now turned into a major problem. I them called and spoke to Dana who holds a management position which I did recored the conversation in which she preceded to tell me that the gentleman that were under my hood and inside my car were not qualified or expierienced enough to tell me if my fuses were working or not.she tried justifying the situation by saying I was not charged and they stayed open late to look at my car,which I was there at 7:15 and they closed at 8pm.she was a very rude,disrespectful,dishonest manager and had absolutely no communication skills to hold a management position. I have yet to receive a call back from cooperate management. I am looking into having Firestone investigated. In no way should Firestone allow their employers to work or look at any customers car that are not qualified or expierienced. I am going to try to gather all complaints against firestone and see if there’s any type of group lawsuit that can held against them.this has been handled unprofessionally,calls not being returned, management positions not being fulfilled by management duties and I believe e a full investigation needs to take place with Firestone and ripping and cheating out of their money,turning a minor problem into a major problem to take innocent hard working people for their money.hope to c u in court firestone and hope enough people come forward to do a group lawsuit.


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Correction,my car was brought at 6:15 as they closed at 7pm.I am hoping a class action lawsuit will be brought against Firestone. Please people get involved so we can show them this is unacceptable and they cannot get away with continuing to cheat their customers and should pay us back for the time we have been unable to drive our cars.hold Firestone accountable!


jeffrey bledsoe November 25, 2014 at 11:56 am

I have file a complaint for the third time, and I’ve still haven’t resolve this issue going on four weeks now. I do trust that someone will look into this situation and be able to make a decision that will be the right one. I have to tell you how sadden I am to have been going through this problem for four weeks. All I’ve experienced is how firestone has been trying to convince me that my car was not running at all when I brought it in. The truth of the matter is, my car was RUNNING as long as I kept my foot on the pedal, now how did I get to where I am today; I DON”T KNOW. all I ask is that firestone would fix what they messed up. Not try in push me off as if I don’t matter. Everyone sounds very friendly as if they care but NOTHING is being done, come on FOUR WEEKS!!!! I have been without my car as if it’s nothing to them. What is our world coming to? is this business or a scam? come on firestone WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? I pray that God deal with all false witnesses and the truth be made known. No one should ever had to go through what I’m going through. But as I’ve read all the other complaints my heart is sadden to se how in America we are being taken advantage of. God Bless America!!

Sincerely Disappointed Still,
Jeff Bledsoe


BROOKS ERGLE November 1, 2014 at 12:42 pm

I researched for the best deal on 2 tires available and found Mark @ the 014257 Firestone store in Jax, FL.who said the tires would need to be ordered since they were out of stock on that particular tire. I was quoted $78.99/tire plus additional fees. While waiting for my tires to be installed, I found the tech., talking to his friend whom was feeding a dog, chicken bones. My car was in the air unattended, and when asked whom was working on my car, the tech. admitted that it was he. Additionally, he started replacing the 2 tires not intended to be replaced. I addressed the situation to the manager and was given a discount on Firestone tires (obvious) for my “wait time”. Now, I will have to buy the same type of Firestone tire, since it is common knowledge that you don’t run mismatched tires on your vehicle, spending nearly $100 more than I had originally budgeted. I work for my living. I don’t steal from the little people. Surely, this is not what Harvey Samuel Firestone had envisioned for his company in 1900. Obviously, Firestone tires are not of quality, as advertised, if they are offering them in place of a previously quoted cheaper tire to cover up for their employee’s intentional “mistakes”.


Lance October 29, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Lance Allstun
2007 Acura TL (current vehicle)

Firestone Customer Care,

My name is Lance Allstun.

At this point, I’m angry and outright disgusted with the lack of professionalism and customer service I’ve experienced on my latest visit to a new store. The past three weeks have been frustrating and disappointing due to the ongoing work being performed at the following Firestone store:

Jeff, Ruben, and Jesus at:
9823 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024
(713) 401-3946 OR (713)464-2688

I normally entrust my repairs and maintenance to the Firestone location on Little York in Houston. The store manager there, George, has always taken good care of me since I moved to Houston. The only reason I considered the Katy Freeway location is because they were the only location open on Sunday when my serpentine belt began squeaking. I love my car so I considered this an emergency and brought it in for repair.

The store manager called me later that day to tell me my serpentine belt was in bad shape. I inquired about replacing all the belts including the timing belt/water pump. The total job including some other work to be performed was around $1260. I agreed to this. It’s a lot of money but worth it to me to keep my dream car running for the next decade.

What was supposed to be a 24 hour job, turned into an utter disaster. The mechanic installed my timing belt incorrectly and tried to start my car, instantly damaging my valves. Firestone decided to tear off the top end of my engine and repair the valves. They eventually replaced 12 valves and several other components, although I couldn’t tell you exactly because my receipt is illegible (no toner in printer).

Over the past three weeks, Firestone has wasted countless hours of my time and turned my dream car that always started on the first turn and purred deeply into what sounds like an old clunker with a permanent check engine light on blaring in my face.

The store manager, Jeff, is not taking responsibility for the damage his technician caused on his watch. Everything has been a struggle with this Jeff. I wish I had never stepped foot in his store.

As much as I like Firestone for most maintenance and repairs, I would not bring my Acura TL in for a head job and valve replacements even if I needed it. This was serious damage and the repairs should have been performed (and my car tuned) by an Acura specialist. None of this work was needed when I arrived and I did not come to Firestone to have this type of work done. My car ran perfect. Once the mechanic damaged my engine, my car should have been sent to Acura for repair. From that moment forward, Firestone has only been concerned with getting my car “running” regardless of the other damage, lights and noises that are present now.

My car now makes a ticking sound like an old car and has an engine light that won’t go off. Firestone damaged a solenoid component on the top part of my engine causing my engine light to come on. A smoke test resulted in a quote for me to pay an additional $300 to replace this part that was damaged during its removal and reinstallation by them. This part would never have been touched had the mechanic not damaged my engine. Returning my car to me with a check engine light on after damaging my engine is ridiculous. Asking me to pay more money to fix the damage they caused is outright rude. This is only one example of how bad the work performed and customer service has been at this location.

I entrusted my car to Firestone to perform the kind of preventative maintenance that would prevent this kind of serious damage from occurring in the first place. I understand the mechanic made a horrible mistake, and I was patient and understanding even when I heard my engine wouldn’t start and then would take over a week to fix. Now it has been three weeks and it is clear this Firestone store has no intentions of fully correcting their mistake.

All I want is for my TL to be in as good a condition as the day I brought it in.

Thank you,

Lance Allstun


unhappy Minnesota customer December 2, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Would u be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Firestone?


Luwanda Reed October 18, 2014 at 1:56 pm

I just left firestone in Riverside Ca, my visit with them cause I had bought 4 new tires 2 months ago. Yesterday I had two flat tires so, towed my car into firestone today. the manager Peter help me and told me, that the damaged done to cause both flats where my fault something I did while driving, like running over a pot hole. he also said there was no warranty for my tries, I spent $400 for two new tires I drive a Saturn view with 15in tires what tire cost 200 a peace for a Saturn view.

I hope this will get fixed soon how are you in business? you build on reputation but your employees are hurting your brand name. Please train your staff not to rip off 71yr old women


d clark October 17, 2014 at 4:39 pm

I had work done by the firestone in naperville. Car broke down and they had it towed by axel towing in sugar grove. The tow company did damage to the car and wont fix it. Firestone wont stand behind it and help us even though its their tow company and now that the district manager is involved (Joe) they wont hardly talk to us anymore. Getting a lawyer .


David October 6, 2014 at 9:48 pm

I went of one of your locations in North Carolina to get a state inspections, I had then told that my vehicle did not past State inspection because my serpentine belt was cracked. They took me out to show me it, I could not see the cracks in it. I then left an went to replace it myself . After doing so returned to complete the inspection , had asked them how long a belt lasts an they told me 100,000 miles , I had this replaced at a Chevrolet dealership at around 80,000, I only have 123,000 miles on it now. I believe that this is what you would call a RIPOFF on their part. You needed a micro scope to see the so called Cracks in the belt. I have the belt and will be contacting the State of N. Carolina in regards to this matter of ripping off the general public off. Also over heard stories they were telling other customers what repairs would cost to have work done, amazing the prices they said ????


Jordan Ashlock September 29, 2014 at 4:16 pm

I’m currently stationed at luke afb in Arizona . I had a bad flat tire so I went to the Firestone on base. I inquired about my tire and they told me it needed to be replaced but they did not have my tire type in store so they had to order it. Two days later that new tire that they put on that I paid 189 dollars for goes flat. I call that Firestone and they tell me to come in , when I get there they tell me the tire needs to be replaced due to a nail messing up the inside. The employee told me that since it was not from their store I could not get it replaced without paying for a whole new one. I just paid 189 dollars for a new tire and now I have pay another 189 for another new one. I am completely frustrated with the business I was giving.


Lori Slavich September 29, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Cross Gates Firestone in Slidell La, where I have purchased tires for almost 20 years for four vehicles multiple times, just informed me that they did not include road hazard on my last purchase just two months ago & now I’m in Arlington Tx with a bunk tire and no warranty! $800 for tires and no warranty?? I’ve always had it & that’s why I buy Firestone tires. The nice people in Arlington are taking care of this for me but I will not ever buy another tire from the Cross Gates location & neither will the rest of my very large family who live in the area. You are boycotted & I will blast you on public media.


angry September 29, 2014 at 12:24 pm

I went in for a 22 dollar inspection and came out with a busted break line firestone needs to be shut down if I would have gotten on the express way instead of going home I probably wouldn’t be here… and of course they took no responsibilty thank you firestone in hillside IL for almost taking my life now ur being sued


Yvonne September 23, 2014 at 3:27 pm

After 2 days of the worst customer service ever, Firestone @ Cloverleaf Mall, Richmond, VA. I was told by customer service to go to another Firestone to get the service I wanted. Firestone @ McGuire Circle in Richmond, VA treated like customers should be treated (with respect). Thanks Jerry (store manager


Renita Mitchell August 30, 2014 at 4:14 pm

This is totally ridiculous that Firestone Humble, TX is refusing to fix my car, because I called Cooperate on them. This is so childish for grown men to be acting like children. I have never heard of such a thing, just fix my car and send me on my way and I will never return again. Don’t they know customer service is everything!


Renita Mitchell August 30, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I have taken my car to Firestone several times, each time being dissatisfied with the service. This is the worse place to take your care to be serviced. They are dishonest individual’s out to take advantage of woman. I will never recommend this place to family, friends or co workers, I am very disappointed in the service, I have received. They always come up with excuses why this has happened to your car, but they will never admit when they’re wrong. I am a woman and I feel they have totally taken advantage of me. What a trouble thing to do to innocent people.


Patricia Mibb August 11, 2014 at 11:27 pm

I first went to Firestone last Friday August 8th for them to look at my car where I had been told i had a exhaust manifold leak. They quoted me a price of 577.00 to replace the manifold. When I explained I didn’t have that much money, they invited me to fill out a finance form Well to my delight and relief I was approved for enough to fix my car. They told me to bring it in this morning at 8am, i was there. I called them at 11:30 to my surprise they had not even started on it but I was assured it would be ready by 5:30. I called him again at 3:30 to see how it was going, he told me he wasn’t sure if it would be finished today but he would try. I called again at 5:00 and he told me that the bolts was rusted therefore it would be tomorrow. I told him I needed my car for Dr appt tomorrow and he told me that I could come get it. So, when I got there my car was still parked in the same place I parked it this am, it was obvious that it had not been moved. He flat out lied to me. They never even put it on the rack but let me go all day without a vehicle and not even one phone call to let me know they couldn’t get to it in stead it was easier to lie! Too, I really believe they were charging me too much for that job. I was going to use them for several things I needed done, but they lost a customer today.


Amanda McCarthy August 7, 2014 at 9:12 pm

I have received nothing but horrible service from this company. I had a wheel hub barring replaced on my vehicle in April, the part was never installed correctly. I took it to a Nissan dealership because I had several lights come on, they told me all the lights had to do with the same Hub that was replaced by Firestone less then four months ago. I had to pay the dealership $136 for the Diagnostic test for them to tell me that Firestone has installed the Hub incorrectly and that I needed a new one. I asked them to refund me the money that I had to pay the dealership since that was the only problem with my vehicle. The district manager will not return any of my calls, the store manager assured me that my vehicle would be finished by lunch and was not. I would not recommend Firestone to any one. Terrible customer service!!!!!


john June 10, 2014 at 10:22 am

This company is going to face a class action lawsuit for scamming customers.


Pamella Roark May 14, 2014 at 9:57 am

Looked online for a tire quote and noticed a BUY 3 TIRES GET ONE FREE. THE SALE PRICE IS $100.49. Under the sale price it says REGULAR PRICE $133.99, and this regular price line has a line going through it. There is a quote link that took me to another page and it priced the tire at regular cost and get 1 free. I called the Springfield store on Glenstone and they gave me their District Manger Melissa VanCastle to call. After explaining the problem she agreed with me and then transferred the call to David. David said that this is legal practice and in order to get the advertised buy 3 get 1 free that I would need to pay $401.97. THIS IS WRONG! I should be able to buy 3 get 1 free at the advertised sale price of $100.49 and pay $301.47 plus any taxes and fees.
Furthermore, after David told me that this is a legal advertising practice in advertising, he also stated that I should return to school. Is this how your managers treat your customers? How long has your company been running this SCAM?


Peter Fowlkes April 30, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Reference no. 2067565 complaint, fire stone store, 9970 lower buckeye tolleson az.a racist word that I was addressed by one of the employees, at that store I went there to put air in my 10 speed bick, the employee approached to assist, can I help you bub, the word bub is defined as negative, word for me and my family and race, it depicts me in the definition and manner of ( little boy ) terminology used in slavery and our fight for equality here in America, this fight is now in it’s 400 year existence, I am not be reminded of of struggle for justice, by an employee of fire stone or any other corporation, this remark is in definition is and always be in same gesture as the word ( n***** ) the proper response to responding to one in need is and always be may I help you sir, or mister, or by name I will not accept anything less, this my right, this employee was and is in violation of that right, and demoralization, will not be tolorated from me or my family members, I am not a (bub) and will not tolorate it not one second, I do have to be reminded of our fight for justice I expect you will do what is right to resolve the ignorace that is within this person, I know who I am, historicaly and biblically, 100% I know truth and I know falsehood, I know it’s origin. From genesis to revelation I know the truth, this employee knows the hurt that why he inflected it for that pupose pain and mental stress on the mind, this not be tolerated at all


Jimmy Bradley March 21, 2014 at 10:02 pm

I had the oil changed in my BMW at your Lagrange Park, IL store. When I recently went to have the oil changed again, I was told the tech was unable to remove the oil pan plug, due to the plug being powered drilled in place. When I informed your store manager that, they were the one who had done this, he denied it being possible because the plug should be tighten by hand. Also the same service broke the oil filter rubber mounts and spilled oil on the engine and bumper of the car. The service experience was horrible. They never offered to attempt to rectify this in any manner. I took my car to BMW dealer the repairs of the stripped oil pan plug and the filter mounts will be $683.36. I’m seeking a response from your management team. Is this what you call “GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE”.


Randy Williams March 18, 2014 at 12:21 pm

I call rebate reward line I explain to the supervisor Jesus that we was given the wrong paperwork from the Firestone store where we purchase the tires. I explain that Bridgestone said, I need to contact Firestone because it was there error. He said, sorry they can not do anything & contact store manager. I ask for his superviors name he refused to give me that information. Then refused to give me his last name. I told I just want right a letter to upper management about my concern. I will never spend a dollar with a firestone. If you have those type of individual working in a area of services. You see why store are closed. We have other company cars they will not be gettiing our business. It is not about rebate, now it is about the services


maja chengly February 19, 2014 at 1:35 am

this is to let you folks know one of your newark,ca store employees stole my car and transfered ownership of my car in his name. now i think i have a law suite against him and yiour firestone co. i would like to speak too high ranking person in this co. real soon. my number is 510-342-XXXXX


Alan February 10, 2014 at 4:07 pm

How is store manager can get his 2w before everybody else and I longer work there I ask store Manager to see what going never get any answer
Other employee can bring wife there when work on car at Chalmette store


Jack R Smith November 2, 2013 at 11:39 am

I would like to contact your advertising/marketing department. I am a Voice Over Talent and would like to ask if you are accepting voice over demo submissions?
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


Debbie July 13, 2014 at 8:22 pm

I went to the Spokane, Washington Firestone downtown 7/13/2014 at 4:30 to get a oil change. Store doesn’t close until 6. There was 1 vehicle in the shop with customer in waiting room. There was 2 or 3 auto techs in the shop and the manager which is a woman told me no I couldn’t get my car in as she was waiting for someone to come in and get a nail removed out of their tire. I then called the Spokane Valley Firestone and the guy answering the phone says they could not get me in as they have a tire sale going on. I will take my business somewhere else, I have been a regular customer for many years and the rudeness of the manager made my decision.


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