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eBay Corporate Office Address

eBay Inc.
2065 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Contact eBay

Phone Number: (408) 376-7400
Fax Number: (408) 516-8811
Website: http://www.ebay.com
Email: Email eBay


CEO: John J. Donahoe
CFO: Robert H. Swan
COO: Devin N. Wenig

eBay History

eBay was originally founded under the name AuctionWeb in 1994 by Pierre Omidyar in San Jose, California.  The first item sold on the site was a broken laser pointer.

Growth was rapid.  In January 1997, the site was hosting 2 million auctions per month.  In September 1997, the name was officially changed to eBay.

Also in 1997, the company received venture funding from Benchmark Capital.

Meg Whitman was hired as CEO in March 1998.  eBay went public in September of 1998.

In 2002, the company purchased IBazar and Paypal.

By 2008, the company had expanded worldwide and is one of the few success stories from the dot com bubble.

The eBay corporate office is still located in San Jose, CA.


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Karen price February 25, 2015 at 9:11 am

I ordered a pair of ugg boots. They came in and were to little. So I contacted seller. She said sure send them back. Well it has been 3 weeks now and she says they have not gotten back to her. My post office says they have waiting for her to pick them up since February 10th. So I went through resolution center on eBay. They decided to side with seller. End of discussion, I am out money and boots! Will never use eBay again! I will also tell my friends about this too! Their money back guarantee means nothung!


mike brenesell February 23, 2015 at 5:33 pm

I am in complete accord with other complaints noted herein about eBay customer service.
The fact is there is no customer service just customer frustration. More than a 1 hour hold then finally someone who doesn’t and a canned apology and of course no help whatsoever. Bottom line is I am out my money having ordered printing cartridges that are not as as represented to be compatible with my printer and cannot receive a refund because I can’t reach anyone in a position to listen to my complaint who has the authority to take action. If you are considering buying from eBay stop now and switch to Amazon unless you wish to be ripped off.


Prince Drake February 21, 2015 at 1:23 pm

My first item I put up was a black PlayStation Vita original box and everything it came with plus a memory card I tree in there which you have to buy separately. I received notification that someone bought it same day I put it up. I required immediate payment and I figured I was already paid so I contacted the buyer and everything went smoothly. A day after I ship it he says he doesn’t want it. Ok cool when you receive it send it back I have another buyer. He finally receives it (confirmed by USPS) and I get a message that he doesn’t have it. I talked to him respectively told hi I don’t have too much time as I am going into the marine corps soon and he plays dumb and pretends he didn’t know it was shipped to him when I told him two days prior it was. I was very upset and opened “buyer has not paid yet” but it only works if you still have you item. Now there is no way for me to get my Vita back unless he decides to be nice and send it back. All I want is my vita back and eBay can’t help. I called customer service and they told me to file a complaint on ic3.gov which is an FBI online criminal website. I should of stuck to amazon because at least the individuals are trustworthy. Even if they aren’t Amazon’s customer service is far better. Thanks for ruining my experience eBay… Thanks a lot.


nrh0802 February 11, 2015 at 9:55 am

I have been selling items on ebay for many years & in the past 6 months I have had several problems with ebay returning funds to buyers without me (the seller) having a chance to rectify the situation. I’ve had items that were returned to me broken (because buyers clearly disassembled the product & put it back together with missing pieces) & ebay refunded the money. I’ve had no support what so ever from ebay. So as a seller I’m done using ebay.So beware if you are thinking about selling on ebay because as a seller you get NO SUPPORT!!


lander January 22, 2015 at 10:49 pm

Ebay demonstrates a complete inability to support their sellers. I have spent hours upon hours speaking with offshore outsourced customer service who struggle to speak English and are unable to provide any support to sellers. After selling over 85k on ebay I am pulling my store and moving to sites who are able to provide adequate support and accurate invoices.


steve February 8, 2015 at 11:10 pm

its amazing i just found this web page looking for E Bay corp phone number and i see all these negative comments and all these people can’t be wrong yet bottom line E Bay does not care about customer service anymore,i have now sat on hold for 2-hrs,been transferred to 5-depts,all over seas where they speak broken English,they don’t understand you,and you can’t understand them.this is what you get for support.i have been a member for 11 yrs now..have a 100% positive feedback,i canceled a order on a item,because it was on a offer,and seller didn’t respond back quick,so i bought the item from another seller who shipped item right away,communications were hard with the seller,after i canceled the order he sends me a invoice and i responded back right away that i canceled the order and why very nice,he then opens a unpaid item case against me and lies point blank.he states to e bay i have several negative feedback,none of that true,in 11 yrs its 100% positive,yet he makes a false statement, when i reply back to him with this is not true,get your facts straight,he reply’s back e bay has suspended your account until final outcome of his case and say ha ha ha ha.now this is what e bay allows now, and when you try to contact them about this problem,what you get is a run around by people over seas who speak very little English,and you get no help or support,like everyone else here claims. what e bay knows,and it shows they don’t care since they have grown out of control,that it takes 2-people to make e bay work..a seller..a buyer..and what i read here power sellers are leaving and going to Amazon to sell product since Amazon has real customer service to their sellers,and buyers.the word will get out..e bay gives no support to their sellers,and buyers,i now have waited for 2.5 hrs only to be told now that i will get a call back with in 4-hrs,but its 7:45 pm Sunday night.everyone below who has closed their account and gone other places,remember WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST ADVERTISEMENT IN TODAY’S WORLD.YOUR UNHAPPY TELL PEOPLE..THAT’S the only way they will find out before you buy or sell on e bay be careful.e bay gives no customer support.it shows right here on this web site.hen i started with e bay 11 yrs ago things were much different,you received customer service,you had honest sellers,not anymore,e bay listened to both sides of a complaint,not just 1-side..e bay had customer service people who spoke English very well 11 yrs ago,now they hire cheap labor,who speaks very little English, but they work cheap,and e bay would rather cut corners on customer service,and loose customers over it,and make millions still a year profit,yet what made and built them is no more,and by reading other complaints,you can see power sellers who made e bay have left negative feedback here..yet again it shows how e bay doesn’t care about their customers any more.but with that attitude some day another company will come out and put e bay out of business and e bay then will wonder why,but right now e bay is a billion dollar profit company,and all they care about is the profit they make by sellers,buyers,yet when both party s ask for support they don’t get it..so people out there who have had issues,word of mouth is the best,tell people to stay away from buying items and stop profit from coming in.Amazon is growing bigger everyday,they gain new unhappy e bay sellers ea day now i see this,so if you want great customer support shop Amazon.because when you ask for e bay support over a seller who lies,and you prove it to e bay they still do nothing,and give you no support in return,even know you have 100% positive feedback.it shows they don’t care,and their customer service support you call over seas shows the real quality of the true e bay..e bays corp office is in California…..yet customer service is over seas..cheap help.labor…you would think as much as e bay makes,they could have a USA call center somewhere,and give the American people who speak English a real customer support person,not just a person over seas who you can’t understand,and they don’t understand you..so anyone reading this you can see that several people on 1-web site all claim the same,and yet e bay still continues to give no support to sellers,or buyers.so know this before you sell something,or buy something,e bay has no control over a seller who lies,and they see this,they still want his money because he sells on ebay and buyer in this case with 100% positive feedback gets no support.and the below comments all say the same…thanks for reading this..hope it helps someone…


Trevor January 19, 2015 at 11:44 pm

After 5 years as a buyer I have noticed the strong swing away from being a buyer oriented company to the seller oriented company that E bay now is. Case in point. I purchased a De Longhi cappuccino/coffee maker combo unit online which the buyer claimed they were sending USPS 2nd day, and they provided a tracking number. When after 5 days it hadn’t arrived, I checked the tracking number, it appeared they hadn’t even shipped it! Various communications with the buyer ensued where they said it had been shipped, and calls to 5 different USPS escalation centers confirmed the seller had purchased the shipping and tracking online, but had failed to deliver the unit to a Post office; it hadn’t shipped!

Ebay themselves checked the tracking number and were able to confirm the same! However, despite the fact that the seller was sending communications to my inbox stating the package was in my PO box, which it wasn’t, and which both the USPS AND Ebay themselves could see was not the case, they refused to do ANYTHING for another 3 weeks, before they would “step in”. What will happen then I have no idea! The seller is lying through its teeth and the USPS has confirmed that, yet Ebay is dragging its feet on its “buyer guarantee” on a blatant case of seller fraud! This 5 year+ Ebay buyer has bought their last item from Ebay!


Top Rated Seller Leaving January 8, 2015 at 11:11 pm

I am just another Top Rated Seller leaving Ebay because of their lack of support to the very people who made them what they are. The buyers claim that Ebay only supports the sellers but it couldn’t be further from the truth. In truth, I think Ebay has stopped supporting both the seller and buyer. They initiated automated system that takes the human aspect completely out of everything. They put customer service in an Asian country where people can barely comprehend the English language let alone understand a complicated situation that requires someone making a logical and educated decision to settle the matter. The only way Ebay will learn to start respecting both seller and buyer once again is if both do a mass exodus from Ebay. When it hits the pockets of the CEO and the stock holders, then a change will have to come about. Until then, they sit back sipping their 12 year old scotch and laugh while readying these complaints. Like one person once said, there is no such thing as bad publicity unless it’s your obituary. It’s time to write the obituary for Ebay or at least put them on their death bed.
I remember the days when you could call Ebay and speak to an American and explain exactly what was happening and the person would make an educated and informative decision right there on the spot. Now customer service is in the Philipines and if you can understand the broken English, you won’t get any satisfaction other than the repeated “I’m sorry” comments and the quoted policies over and over. I’m so sick of hearing about Ebay’s policies. Common sense and the doing the right thing doesn’t matter anymore because everything has to fit the policies except those policies change when it fits the needs of Ebay.
I sold something to someone on 11/15/14. The buyer first contacted me to ask to return it to me 10 days later. He said there was nothing wrong with the item but it just wasn’t what he expected. The manufacturer has a 15% restocking fee after 14 days so I negotiated that exact same deal with the buyer and he accepted. The item was to be returned to the manufacturer at the buyer’s expense. Ebay immediately attempted to send him this partial refund before he even sent the item back to the manufacturer. I had to put a stop payment at my bank to block this refund.
Ebay then allowed the buyer to open a “not as described” case against me even though the buyer only stated that I did not send him a return shipping label Ebay policy says that typically the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Ebay, without even consulting with me, closed the case 2 days later and awarded the buyer a FULL refund and gave the buyer 10 days to send the item back; not the usual 5 days that is stated in their 30 day money back guarantee policy. So the policy was changed in this case to allow the buyer 5 extra days to ship the item. The buyer definitely took advantage of that by waiting until the 10th day before taking the item to the post office. Ebay also overrode my agreement with the buyer by giving him a full refund instead of the negotiated partial refund. I also found out that Ebay’s 30 day money back guarantee doesn’t mean that the buyer has to return the item in 30 days to the seller either like most logical people would think. To Ebay, it actually means that the buyer just has to notify me or Ebay within 30 days that he will be returning the item. So 45 days after the buyer received the item, the item finally got delivered to the manufacturer and the buyer got his full payment refunded to him immediately. Do you think you can walk into Walmart 29 days after buying something and tell them that you want to return it for a full refund but wait another 16 days before actually taking it back to them. Especially if there was nothing wrong with the item to begin with? How about a car dealership that has a 30 day money back guarantee? Buy the car and drive it off the lot. Come back 14 days later and tell them that you want to return the car for a full refund. Then wait another 31 days to return the car and see if you get a full refund! This is where Ebay doesn’t use common sense anymore to do the right thing. Everything is related back to policies unless of course those policies need to be changed in order to make Ebay look good. Policies can be changed to allow buyers an extra 5 days to put something in the mail but policies can’t be changed when it comes to giving a FULL refund back to someone who takes 45 days to return something that he just doesn’t want.
So far, I’m out $102 from having to put 2 stop payments on my bank account. Another $28 to supply a wasted shipping label to the buyer which he never used. Ebay still got their fees and so did Paypal. The manufacturer has a 30 day return policy too so since it wasn’t returned until 45 days later, I get nothing from them. So I’m also out the cost of the item itself. So Ebay’s flexible/non-flexible policies has cost me and my family over $800 on this one sale alone. We are not Walmart and we don’t make a ton of money from selling on Ebay but it is my only source of income to pay our mortgage and keep food on my 2 year old sons high chair. This guy, along with Ebay’s ridiculous policies and total disregard for logical definitions, like 30 day money back guarantees, has just taken this away from my family. Maybe there is something in their policies that will tell me how to buy my son food this month since they have emptied my bank account and the mortgage is due in another 7 days.
People, a mass exodus from Ebay is needed. There are many small auction websites that need honest sellers and buyers. Many of the sellers from Ebay have migrated to these places. Hit Ebay where it hurts and maybe they will be more customer oriented and move the customer service back to the USA. The customers are both buyers and sellers. Dell learned their lesson; it’s time Ebay does too.


Shelley January 14, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Wow, I feel the exact same way as you do about eBay’s lack of support for seller’s.
I was a Top Rated Seller Plus until I sold a brand new handbag to a woman who was a liar and made false claims about the condition of the bag. eBay told me I didn’t have to refund her money, that they would reimburse her; and that it would not impact me negatively. What they didn’t tell me was that she could still leave negative feedback stating I wouldn’t refund her money. When I tried, over and over, to get someone to understand that it is incomprehensible how I could get negative feedback when I just did what eBay advised me to, all I got was their “on message” policy nonsense. So with just one negative feedback I was no longer a Top Rated
Seller. And my business has taken a hit, big-time. There are many other details to this story that I won’t bore you with. Suffice to say I am completely on board with everything you’ve said. I would love to see an en masse defection of eBay Top Sellers. However, I don’t know how to find alternative options.


Alyssa January 16, 2015 at 3:41 am

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I’m sitting here smiling after reading your post. They just pulled some completely ridiculous crap with me too and I am so totally appalled at the frigging lack of common sense, the unsympathetic and absolutely no personable conversations with their crap support team that sounds like they’re reading off index cards! I called and talked to 4 different reps, all said the same exact thing! Hello. Where are the managers that can override and fix these idiots decisions based on ‘very thorough investigations’, and sending out the rudest auto emails I’ve ever seen! Apparently no one can override anything there, nor can they do a real investigating into our seller accounts to see how clear and black and white it is, and here they’re making a decision based their ridiculous policies only. They have absolutely no exceptions to anything at all.. Like when I almost died from chemotherapy and they had to close out ten cases for me, and have now permanently and forever banned me from ever selling on there again! Excuse me?! I think not! I’ve already started my letter, and thoroughly investigated my own sellers account, feedback, ratings.. And I was more astonished at their total lie about even investigating crap. Cause it’s oh so clear with my perfect account except for these 10 cases! I don’t give two crops about your seller guidelines when I’m not only fighting for my life but about to die from the intense treatment I went through for three months. eexplained all of this, even offered to send my labs or proof of my circumstances at the time of those cases. They didn’t care.Not even a ‘I ssure hope you’re getting better miss Jones’.. Just total disregard, uncaring, unsympathetic or impathetic to their loyal and honest and fair buyers and sellers! It honestly brought out so many different issues here about what they think they’re frigging doing! I have made it my mission to go all the way to my local news to start (have friends so easy easy to just cause a huge uproar).. But I’m putting a clear picture together with allll my account Info,history, etc.. As well as a very nice and appropriate letter demanding how this is moral or right, and who left out common sense and didn’t teach these idiots what real customers service is! I’m first sending this packet to their totally different office that deals with people like me and can over ride these reps that are just nonchalantly banning me from eBay for no reason that makes any sense at all! I am requesting that it then go to the CEO, although I’m mailing him a packet too.. But just in case. These are the people thatmmake their crap support team answer to! The only thing I disagree with you about, only because I’ve worked for multi million dollar businesses for years and have seen this so many times.. They are simply lied to and have no idea what these idiots are doing! A CEO depends on wayyy lower down people to run things. They spend no time in the custom support building. Honestly, I don’t think they’re gonna be happy with the way I’ve been treated! I don’t at all think CEO s and share holders just don’t care.. In fact I think it’s a very negative smear not the company as well as them personally. These higher ups know how it ‘should be’, and not enough people like us are telling them ‘what it really is’. So I’m going to, and by the end of this I promise I’ll have my seller privileges back. Between the eBay council depart and the CEO, if I don’t get the understanding and resolve I know I deserve, it’s ON! I’ll go straight to the news stations and start telling at least my communities around here! They’re not getting away with this crap! I also emailed the ‘support team’ , the one who has sent me 5 different but the same rude emails stating that they back their decision 100%,an no matter what I do I will never be able to overturn their decision, and I midus well stop even calling or emailing them about this because it’s not gonna change no matter what’.. So those people that have no business even working in customer service! I told them exactly what I’m doing now and where all these packets are going, and that ” decision ‘ you so insist is irreversible, it’ll be reversed and reinstated by some way more important people in the company that are not not gonna like what they are reading! and seeing clearly how totally bogus and unjustified these decisions are, andhow tthey are using completely damaging business practices that can and will eventually blow all the way up and sink their company… So when they’re sitting in their cubicals they don’t even deserve to work in, and your whole department is read my letter and complaint.. You better start thinking about your answers now! It’s not nothing and I was told by the only decent rep I talked to that these things do, have, and can go all the way to the top, and then someone has to answer to them! I can’t wait!. No more Xmas turkeys for you and your families! Thanks for hurting mine too!!


Alyssa January 16, 2015 at 4:31 am

Here is a copy of a current email I sent to their customer support people who black balled me! LOL. This is a good over view of what happened, better than my post from 30 Mins ago. :)


Alyssa January 18, 2015 at 7:35 pm

Lol oops.. I think I forgot taste the email I sent to their ‘customer support team’.. This sums it up the best!
can you please forward me a copy of the message i sent to you this past week trying to explain why i had been absent,and in response to you guys restricting my seller account. i did not send myself a copy so can you send or forward it back to me please. i will be writing a very nice and detailed letter to the corporate counsel and request that they take my complaint straight to the CEO after they’re done with it.i am still astonished that a decision like this was made at all.why could you guys not understand a severe medical condition and reason for the only time i have ever fallen short?..did anyone even check out my ratings and feedback as a seller, just for the last 12 months? the only 7 negative i have ever gotten is for that same time frame i was very sick! i have 6 pages of positive and very complimentary and “thank you so much for all the extras”!! and as a buyer i have 15 pages of all positive!! so i had 185 pos feedback 2 neutral and 7 negative.why in the world would you guys totally ignore those numbers,as well as my very sincere email about my not nothing health issues,and make a final and permanent decision like this ever?you really must not understand how utterly upset and disappointed i am about this situation.clearly you did not infact do any “in depth investigation”,nor did you guys even care at all about such a serious issue for me such as cancer and chemotherapy treatment which is like taking in poison and creates allll kinds of other “fun” things to have to deal with in addition!!.why were none of these things considered,out of common sense and obviousness,as well as being a reasonable human being and perhaps a little understanding and sympathetic to different life’s circumstances and events,that we alllll experience in our lives in some way or another!!please dont even respond to my questions,i will ask these same questions to the corporate counsel..and i’m already interested in hearing their response and answers because it is clearly inappropriate and im confident they’ll agree..and i hope all of the great “points” i have about the very rude and poor customer service there,make it all the way up that latter,and right back to the people that are so nonchalantly affecting the lives of some of their most loyal customers and sellers (meaning you guys!).do you think i appreciate,or it makes me happy to be banned from selling on there this spring, and forever?ya know,i actually used my gardening and selling on ebay as a kind of therapy and focus for me to get me through the most difficult thing ive ever had to deal with in my life! was already looking forward to doing a little again on there this spring,as i will never work a “normal” job ever again,and have been waiting on disability forever now!i had to quit my full time job this year,and i literally lived off that little money i made on ebay and with the help of family .so atleast i could make a few dollars plus share lots of great plants with other great people i’ve met on here,and have even become friends with!so personal this is for me!!how disappointing!how rude and unnecessary!i will also be asking why there aren’t exceptions for situations like these,along with alot of other unexpected life events that just happen!!i understand that is not you guys call or policy making ,and that is why its just that much more senseless to make final decisions that are clearly unjustifiable in the first place! so i will get my answer and resolve elsewhere,and i can almost guarantee my selling privileges will ,in fact ,be reinstated,unlike what your responses to me have been .about how the “restriction was made correctly and will not be overturned “. no, it absolutely was not made correctly and i can assure you after all the paperwork im about to send off with proof of this,i promise it will be overturned.im not playing with you guys..you have no idea what customer service is even about apparently,nor do you have any care either about the people that keep you guys livelihood and families provided for.thank you so much for ignoring a very serious issue and valid excuse for me to have missed those “resolution issues”!my gosh..really?!!could you have not taken that into consideration before banning me forever,period?!!cant see that?heck,i thought you guys would take care of it for me and after i could get my senses back again and explained the situation,which was over a 1 month period,it would all be fine!no problems.i am confident that the higher ups and people who normally dont get told about these types of things will not think it’s just nothing! it’s not nothing for a multi dollar business to be losing their own sellers for no real clear valid reason,nor do they appreciate a poor reputation or stain on their images! and that’s exactly what you guys are doing in situations like this,and im gonna share every single thing with them and hope you guys end up hearing the letter im sending them,from someone of importance,if not the ceo himself! do you guys even know what customer service is? do you know how to be empathetic,sympathetic, personable,ad how to try to relate to your customers ?or why that is so important? that’s the correct way to do customer support,and that is not at all the experience i got..not even a “well i sure hope your health is getting better miss jones” or “wow,you are beating cancer so far,how wonderful”..do you know the impact and the resolve ca you get from a simple sentence and acknowledgment of that,after it not even being considered in the decision to restrict my sellers privileges? obviously not because i only spoke with 1 out of 4 reps today that actually listened,was so sweet and funny,and was the only one who even acknowledged at all my situation ,and that even offered the people i need to go to next! everyone else basically just said “too bad”.!i will be discussing all of this stuff with corporate. trust me,they understand what it “should be like”,and now they’re gonna understand too “what it’s not”. please resend me my own email that i sent to you through this same way,and in response to my restricted account ,and as quickly as possible please.i will be sending alot of extra “papers” along with my letter to them so they clearly understand what you guys are doing there,how you treat your customers, and what kind of decisions you guys are making for their multi billion dollar/ worldwide business!i was a managecustomers, or ked in customer service/support myself for my whole life prior to getting sick..it;s not nothing to your cystomers, and I think your superiors will agree.
Sincerely, Alyssa Jones


Mark January 29, 2015 at 12:50 pm

everything you claim is spot on,but where can we go ?


M Dickinson February 8, 2015 at 4:22 am

The FCC regulates eBay. They have to follow federal regulations just like phone companies, Amazon, etc. I too am sick of their terrible customer service, if you can even call it that. They are changing my bids, blocking me from seller’s sites and I am a blue star buyer! Good luck. You can find their Corporate info just by searching. Names, address, phone number in San Jose. By the way, did you know they own PayPal! How great for them! I intend to report them for all the good it will do. I too am sick of speaking to customer service in China! I think we should all get together and file a class action suit!


geoff druin January 6, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Ha, my comments have to go through moderation before getting posted. If only this was as easy as the buyer clicking paid.


geoff druin January 6, 2015 at 6:07 pm

Will never again use ebay. First time selling. Per the ebay website payment was received so i sent the package to the buyer(475.01). When I called to check on payment was told payment was not received. Apparently the buyer can just check paid and no verification is done on ebay’s side. However I can’t leave a negative feedback with out it being looked into. Ebay says it is my fault not theirs and can only refund me the sellers fee. The customer service is horrible, every time I call have to start from the beginning. I guess they do not know how to document phone calls. Take some responsibility and deposit the money in my account.


Martin Gonzalez December 25, 2014 at 8:21 pm

eBay could not have done more to screw me over as a seller. I’ve been reading through all of these complaints and they all seem to go back to the same basic problem, eBay’s customer support is completely useless and are feeding off of their sellers without even giving us any sort of fighting chance.
I have been a seller for over 3 years now and have made eBay A LOT of money off of these insane fees (something which has irked me for ages but nothing i could do about it). after selling 65 items, with only 3 of them that had “defects” (petty customer’s submitting false claims about items that are perfectly fine), eBay set me to below standard rating. This means I can’t continue to conduct efficient business and they keep collecting fees like it’s all good.
On top of that, the feedback system is completely absurd. After giving a customer a full refund on an item they weren’t “satisfied” with, they left this feedback, “The worst seller ever deal with! the phone damage ,screen replaced etc be aware!” Not only was this customer using slander to hurt my business (the phone was in functional condition), but on top of that, proceeded to leave this nasty feedback which seriously affected my performance. After talking to customer service reps for LITERALLY hours on end, the lady on the phone responded with, “maybe you should take this as a learning experience, after all I’m trying to educate you about selling.” I could not believe what I heard that moment and decided there was nothing any of these incompetent customer service phone representatives could ever do. eBay has some serious shit going on that none of the people that make money for them seem to be happy with. We need to do something about all of their bullshit ranging from this ridiculous “seller dashboard” all the way to their incompetent customer service.


Terri December 17, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I have been Fu&&&@(ed by ebay and there “NEW CHANGES WITH FEES” only warning we got was through a announcement! I have been with ebay since 1998, now all of asudden I am getting charged repeatedly with relisting charges that ebay has snuck in,, I have been in contact with them 3 times this week trying to get .75 fees of relist adding up to crazy fees, that i was not aware of, I list 500 items, now at .75 a pop since they auto relist I have no control of. Now again ebay has told me a supervisor woill call me back because they don’t want me to be on hold,, I ASKED ARE YOU SURE THEY WILL CALL ME BACK IWAS TOLD YES WE VERIFIED MY PHONE # THEY TOLD ME TO WAIT BY THE PHONE WITHIN THE HOUR 2 hours later NO CALL BACK so I CALL BACK IAM TIRED OF HEARING I’M sorry <<>> WHAT THE FU*K! I tried calling corporate to complain they have a recording to call the numbers I have already been calling,, it’s a loop they are taking our money charging us fees that we normally were not charged I am filing a consumers complaint and any other places,,this is NOT RIGHT> any one that wants to join in on a class action suit please email me at s****4@aol.com… we are talking around 300.00 worth of charges x no telling how many other customers got in the butt like me…. FED UP!


Tiffany December 20, 2014 at 1:46 pm

My mom has been having the same issues and wanted me to pass on her information so you could get in touch with her. Her name is Thumper McDonald and her e-mail is nann****@yahoo.com. Her phone number is 352-625-**** and she is awake mostly evening and nights. Thank you.



Alyssa January 18, 2015 at 7:40 pm

We can’t see your email address here.. Are you still filing a comp? There’s lots of avenues.. I’m totally on board. But I can’t email u if I can’t see your address.?!


Richard Porter December 12, 2014 at 4:16 pm

E-Bay and Py Pal between them have completely stuffed me up. Two items, both incorrectly listed, were returned. E-Bay have all the information proving the items have been received by the sellers. No matter, Pay Pal take the money anyway, after they know the items have been returned. Not only that but they took the money for one bitem from both my paypl account AND my bank account. They managed to cross information between the two items. After numerous phone calls and live chats they have reolved that but think that by refunding my Pay Pal account matter closed. Can I get through to them that they have taken the money twice but only refunded it once! Nobody will take responsibility each blaming the other. I have been lied to, patronised and generally mucked about but I still don’t have any answers!! Meanwhile, I am out of pocket!!


johnny December 9, 2014 at 8:07 pm

Ebay is completely out of touch. First and foremost, they treat their sellers like dog crap. Their outdated algorythym program cassini uses seller sales history to promote a handful of sellers to the top of search results. Once there over time they generate many sales and then are declared by ebay as “the most popular items. When you take into account the cost of goods to a seller, the shipping costs, ebay fees and commissions, the remaining profit is peanuts. So the only sellers that are able to make it worthwhile sell primarily cheap Chinese products. USA made items are not economically viable for sale on ebay. Once a seller has generated ebay created artificial popularity, other sellers are unable to compete unless they are willing to process thousands of transactions making practically no profit on those items. More importantly, even if a seller starts up with ebay and matches the top search result lowest price item, it’s not good enough. They have no sales history so?…. tough crap. Only those sellers with a history of sales, who sell cheap Chinese junk and are willing to make nothing off each sale as a prostitute on ebay will be successful. Want to discuss the issue with ebay? Good luck. Their so-called “Customer Service” to sellers is a joke. That department is a bunch of ebay sellers who are trying to supplement their crummy sales by being ebay “representatives”. However, they are nothing more than a shield to keep the real “ebay” from having to speak to any seller. When the conversation with one of these so-called ebay employees turns to what can be done to resolve inequality issues, they change “here at ebay” to “they don’t explain that to us”. So there are 2 ebay? The ebay who never speak to sellers and the ebay who speak all the time to sellers but who are simply low paid call screeners who have no power or influence over the real ebay that sits back and ignores seller issues. There are many disgruntled ebay sellers like me. They also make sure that if at all possible they do not make purchases through ebay because if ebay is going to ignore sellers then why help their business by making purchases. I have 100 times more respect for Amazon than Ebay. That’s where I shop for personal and business goods. Keep screwing over sellers ebay. Soon your books will show the results in poor performance. Then investors will dump ebay shares. I certainly hope so after being rear ended by the a-holes.


Alyssa January 18, 2015 at 7:54 pm

Thank you for these points! I insisted on speaking to a manager, after talking to 4 reps this day.. I did not believe that their idiot final and forever decision about my account couldn’t be overturned by a manager that just had some common sense! Turns out, noneof them can! It liliterally goes into the system as FINAL! Now who in the hell doesn’t have management to deal with obvious decisions that were incorrectly made? And who or what company doesn’t make acceptions for things like sickness, unexpected emergencies, or natural disasters! I mean, come on! That’s absurd! Youre so right about there being two different eBay s! LOL.. And the annoying part is that no one within the customer support team is standing up and saying, get this IS wrong, and how come these issue are happening, or why don’t we understand the reasons for these policies so we can explain them better to our customers.. Because there is no real reason or explanation to meto make permanent decisions with no exceptions! They’re all a bunch of idiots with no backbone themselves! Change doesn’t come by sitting on that as* and going along with their ridiculous crap! I’m astonished that not one of the support reps I talked to would even admit or acknowledge the wrongfulness of their decisions! Uggghh! Hello.


Wilson Clark December 6, 2014 at 5:33 pm

I have been on the phone over 3 hours with eBay and PayPal trying to resolve the issue on my account restricting/holding me back from bidding or purchasing ANYTHING off your site.I have been transferred from one to the other being told different stories each time.I have made 3 purchases ,2 being bids that I’ve won,another being a buy it now item,I payed immediately afterwards and recieved great ratings from all 3.I was able to bid on 18 items my first day,now I have been restricted to 2? I am not quite understanding why I am receiving the message I have unpaid items in my cart when there is nothing there,and How am I supposed to get better history when I have been restricted by your quote “system” ? I was told when I first got on the phone that it would be lifted when they saw nothing telling them why I was in this category? As I spoke with more representatives, I discovered no one apparently can fix the issue .I am very unhappy,very irritated by this glitch that needs to be resolved promptly .As far as my bank account going on eBay’s site,my mother uses eBay as well and did not have to do this,and she is the one who told us to try eBay,and I am sorry I did,this is a horrible experience.As of right now I am bidding on 3 items and tried to buy now a charger for my sons little tikes train,and I am not able to increase my bids,or buy anything and no one can tell me why,or fix it.I don’t want to lose my items that on 2 of them I am the highest bidder but if someone bids,I miss out because of a problem I did not cause,nor ask for.I’m not understanding why good customers are punished ,it shouldn’t matter that I am a new customer when I have paid quickly and I received great ratings from the sellers,I am trying to Christmas shop and this issue is preventing it.Please feel free to have someone contact me promptly to resolve this,so I may continue or I will take my business elsewhere and give your company horrible feedback because I wouldn’t want any of my friends to experience this nonsense. Thanks Wilson Clark


Diana Smith December 3, 2014 at 11:15 am


I get now why customer service does what they do. Becauase their are no reprocussions for their actions. Corporate does not care and will not step in when a customer takes the time to make geniune complaints. No way to get in tought with nayone for corporate or escalet concerns. You protect your Sellers. I see now I need ot do business elsewhere. Too much comptetion for online buying. The frustration of the hold times, constant emails, and even coming here and not getting a resolution. Not worth it esoecially going into a new year….I used to really Love you guys


Richard Loren Fels December 2, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Why when you call ebay, your on hold for an hour when the person does not know what the hell they are doing they disconnect you and you have to call back. How does your defect percentage go up when you sell more items? When an item is broken by the USPS or damaged and you return the money 100% your defect goes up and your responsible for it? Who at ebay is competent to answer these questions


brian November 26, 2014 at 9:41 am

haha…I sold a computer and sent it via USPS without insurance bubble wrapped with OCD, and it STILL arrived damaged or shaken up enough for the HDD screw to fall out. and then it didnt BOOT UP…i ask the seller for proof, he does not give it….after it got escalated, The team made a HUGE mistake…they told the buyer at first to get an ESTIMATE of repair, and then changed their mind IMMEDIATELY after reading my email about sending a HDD…they thought the computer has only 1 HDD, and requested a return, cause it cant boot without a drive, which he had 1 of them…THEN i received the item 3 days ago…OBLITERATED !! it was torn open on one end and cracked open on the other…one component is lost…and UPS denied my claim !!!!

AND then i called EBAY, and they said, ” THATS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS!!”


Diana L Smith November 23, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I purchased Item: 181459500369 on October 21. The item was not received. Shipping information was not for me but someone else. I gave the seller a second chance to deliver. The item was not received. I contacted Ebay for buyer protection and was told they sided with the seller because the shipping label was signed for by “smith.” I told Ebay to contact UPS and validate the item was not delivered to me. The first shipping the seller gave went to an address where the item was damaged and the buyer refused. All the seller did was resend to that person and not me. I have a great reputation with Ebay. I asked them to view the seller account and validate another shipment was not sent to TX. I asked them to contact UPS and confirm the address the shipment went to. I was told no. Though the proof of delivery has no address. Ebay said they made a decision and it was up to me to provide proof and call back. I asked for this to be escalated sup told me he was the last stop. Each call to Ebay is an hour. No one to take ownership. Buyer protection means nothing. I will call USP on Monday and get proof of address where package was delivered and then I will be calling corporate. I should have had my refund in 48 hours from Wednesday.


charlotte starks November 19, 2014 at 4:48 pm

I ordered an item from a seller on October 5, 2014 from India, which was my first mistake, and have not received the item yet. I really don’t like doing business with these international companies because they take forever to deliver and when there is a problem Ebay takes their side and refuses to resolve or refund money for the item lost or never received. Delivery was expected by November 5, 2014. When I checked for the delivery I found USPS had given inaccurate information and Ebay said the item was delivered to me. This is not what happened. The item as never delivered and has been sent back to the seller as of October 15, 2014. Ebay also denied my appeal without knowing the full extent of this problem. My next appeal will be to corporate and the CEO,
CFO and the COO. I hate customer dis-service when it involves my money.


Savannah November 14, 2014 at 2:17 pm

100% satisfaction, and a little problem called “customer refund policy” i should have not gotten money taken out of my bank account to refund theses boots that i got back damaged! even tho i spoke to the buyer on the phone and i gave her a refund date and she refunded them 16 days after the fact. also told her she damaged them and she went to ebay and told them she got them damaged. wheres sellers protection against ebayers like this, LIARS. ebay needs to protect the sellers from this! im about to close down ebay for this EXACT REASON. i will also be mailing corporate with the call long, all the emails and the before and after pictures of my boots.


marci November 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

ebay suck’s you only get to talk to a 3rd world country…………they only side with the buyers and don’t even communicate with the sellers……only take take take fee’s


Cheated eBay customer November 13, 2014 at 2:12 pm

eBay as a company is all phuqued up. It’s a shadow of its former delightful experience. Counterfeit products–mainly from China–are all over eBay and eBay won’t do anything about it. eBay’s buyer guarantee is worthless. Buyer beware!


Mike Roe November 7, 2014 at 5:59 pm

With a 100% satisfaction rating I tried to list a few more items and ran up against EBay’s “customer refund policy” which they demanded a direct link to my bank account or credit card and told me it allows them to refund a customers money for any reason up to six months after I delivered it. Even if I refuse to refund EBay will take the money out of my account. Are they for real? Thats like a woman who buys a $700 dress on a Friday, wears it to a party on Sunday and returns it on Monday for a full refund and when the store refuses she is able to take the refund out of your bank account. That was the end of that. I closed my EBay and payPal accounts and after speaking with 26 other merchants I now understand why all of them left and what they mean by EBay is not a good company to do business with.


Savannah November 14, 2014 at 2:18 pm

SAME ISSUE HERE! Its not fair to us sellers.


Puri Shea November 4, 2014 at 6:26 pm

So far so good, I have not have issue w/ ebay but the “NoMoreRack online store I do, because I ordered a 7 inch tab, 2.0 GHz and they’d sent me a 1.2 ghz. and my order was back to them because the U.S.P.S issue.

Is anyone here want to buy my 3 bedroom (not a house) furnitures, entertainment cabinet- oakwood, 32 inch Sony TV, 2 dr stainless refrigerator, 2 living room sets including a matching coffee table (beige and dark brown, w/ matching 2 swivel chairs ($600 each), sewing machine cab w/ close drawers w/ two doors, 1 chest drawer for boy, 3 computer desks w/ only 1 hutch, 6 pc dining set (marble top and 6 leather chairs matching the living room furniture.

Because of our financial issue that can no longer afford to pay my storage due to the piling of medical expenses of my husband. He is currently at the nursing home receiving chemo and radiation therapy. PLEASE CALL ME 408.724.****, to set the day, time and you are responsible to haul out the stuff from my storage.
Puri S.


Detecitive October 31, 2014 at 2:18 pm

I am currently working an identity/fraud case. I have a victim who’s identie is being used to purchase items though ebay. I have obtained a subpoena/court order for the records so I could find and arrest the suspect. Seven days ago I sent a email to stopfraud@ebay.com asking for guidance because it is not a typical case. Your eRequest system requires I have a user name, email, transaction number ect. I do not have any of that information, therefore I cannot use the eRequest system. I have made attempts to contact your customer service and was told to email stopfraud@ebay.com. All I get is a automated response referring me to the eRequest system.

The online portal is the problem. It is obvious Ebay does not read emails from Law Enforcement. Your eRequest system requires I have a user name, email, transaction number ect. I do not have any of that information, therefore I cannot use the eRequest system.


George Kane October 28, 2014 at 5:16 pm

I have been selling for 17 years on ebay. For the last few years I have not been able to have technical issues corrected that occur over and over again. I call and call and write message from the listing pages and they all go unanswered. It’s particularly frustrating at this time of the year when the holiday season is upon us. I am steaming with frustration on this day. Why can’t anyone get the technical issues fixed? Don’t keep telling me for 3 years that the problems are being working on.


Kevin J Hadden October 28, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Hi Ebay Seller’s and Buyers please Understand and i wanna share my situation with ebay,/ Paypal being seem that they are partners in crime, so to speak, well, i have been sellinf for over 4 yrs now, in the past 4 month’s it has to been hell !! to say the least, and i mean that, for instance i sold an item for $ 129.00 Ebay took the proper 10% out -$12.50 well then SELLERS they go ahead and take another,, i call it double dipping,so for and item that sold for $ 129.00 i am as this point looking to receive about $104.00 mind you they also throw in tricky seller fee;s / listing fee’s beware and call COMPLAIN dont settle for a Representitive at the least a supervisor i have gone up at the Manager of the Supervisior’s &&&& ALSO i did get some credit back but nearly what i should have , and what else happened was i keep a SEPRATE CHECKIN NOT SAVINGS LINKED TO ACCOUNT REASON BEING IS THAT IF YOU OPEN OR LINK IT TO YOUR SAVINGS AFTER 8 or 9 SALES THE GOVERMENT COMES IN AND TAKES $9.00 FOR EVERY SALE< THERE SWINDLERS ALREADY<<GEZZ But back to EBAY Sellers watch for more then 1 CHARGE FOR 1 ITEM !! and ot hidden fee's,, they definently are CROOKS i am thank i have there service they provide but not how it is MANAGED. and as of now i have $345.00 N change pending in my paypal,being EBAY did the DOUBLE DIPPING i can not get my funds for 21 day ,,lol my ass, im getting them today , speak up dont take no for an answer ,, and also with it the double dipping again i keep a low balance in a SEPERATE CHECKING ACCOUNT but to cover all occuring FEE;S but by EBAY'S actions of DOUBLE DIPPING ON SELLER FEE;S @ OTHER BS FEE"S , IT PUT MY ACCOUNT IN OVER DRAWN STATUS 115.43 OVER DRWAN 3 SEPERATE NFS'S AND A $9.00 FEE AND OTHER MISS CHARGES ,,


Jeff Peake October 26, 2014 at 2:44 am

Problem Date: October 19, 2014
Purchase Date: October 6, 2014
Model Number: Tuneup Utilities 2014 3-User License
Order Numbers: 301342319657
Account Numbers: ebeowulf
Sales Rep: n/a
Payment Amount: $4.95
Payment Method: PayPal
Other specific details to this complaint:
After it became clear that the seller had sold me a bogus product key, I tried to go through the proper channel to get my money back. eBay claims to have a money-back guarantee, but trying to find it and take advantage of it results in an infinite loop of clicking on their website.


Dick Chan October 22, 2014 at 3:19 am

Ginny and Valerie Strunk pretty much summarize what I want to say.

Ebay really has no concern over their sellers. They defend chargeback scammers and allow them to get away with items for free. Also new buyer with 0 feedback whom has no idea how ebay works and allow them to randomly leave negative feedbacks or opening case that destroy seller performance. Ebay do not even give seller chances hmm no not even 1 chance to defend themselves to improve. Sellers are like Ebay employee who pays their fee and were never treated with support. I spent two hours tried to resolve a problem with the escalation manager over the phone and he end up spending two hours complaining what I was doing wrong and basically telling me not to call him back in a nice way. There is no hope for sellers. It is hopeless. I mean really……


robert.weisman October 21, 2014 at 2:04 pm

to get thru is impossible. when you do they say they are fixing your problem and do nothing
they LIE


Ambenn13 October 21, 2014 at 1:37 pm

I have been with Ebay for many years, & NOW MANY ISSUES CONCERNING EBAY :
Customer Support Actions If Any ,Feedback extortion, Buyers Return Abuse, & Account Holds ups for issues that’s out of my hands & I get blamed for it too. In my opinion nothing protects us sellers on Ebay, they only secure/ favor their interest in buyers & their money and I have recorded a few conversations & examples to show the world on youtube soon on how bad business this is getting with Ebay. I’m trying to get my stories on the local news here and hope to generate a lot of people to speak up about doing business with Ebay world wide which in my opinion is bad business for sellers. I don’t understand how are you going to hold an account for $135 when there’s way more money in account then case is open for & account cant be used, locked up for funds transfer, send parts out ect. until seller me returns money to buyer even if buyer/customer didn’t return any item’s back even with a case opened yet escalated by me :/ Yes everyone It don’t make sense huh & I still didn’t get back items from buyer/customer after Ebay sent a return shipping tracking # to buyer so at this point I’m out of $135 & the item, “thanks EBAY” , just bad business with Ebay on how they operate. Customer service … Talk about hold time is hours with as much as I pay Ebay monthly no customer service should make clients / customers wait that long . I’m trying to get my stories on the local news here and hope to generate a lot of people to speak up about doing business with Ebay which in my opinion isn’t so good at all. The best is when you try to talk to someone high up they take forever to even consider hearing your issue, reply ,calling you back, or you get to wait so long till you give up & hang up phone. I pay Ebay $500-$1100 pending sales monthly , imagine how many others & what they pay for Ebay services . Nothing supports us sellers, we cant even leave a negative feedback for buyers who abuse the system that Ebay has. I’m still waiting for a response on the question of what protects us sellers? When will I get my negative removed from Fed Ex’s mistake not mine I sent package out but I get blamed for it yet with feedback extortion proof & I spoke to Mitch whom said yes that’s feedback extortion then transfer me to Christian who then says its his honest opinion let me talk with my manager then makes me wait for ages then we will call you back, u huh well can I leave an honest true opinion Ebay personal lied about removing Neg. feedback & I did get blamed for some ones else’s mistake all on video & recorded on my end for proof . This is the second time for feedback extortion that Ebay is supposed against, they will say well its the honest opinion so its not my fault though real silly you get blamed for other woe’s but cant leave a neg. for buyer hmmm sounds 1 sided where the money is doesn’t matter who’s right it’s about filling Ebay pockets & making amends with buyers who do at any cost . I’m still waiting for that phone call back by a so called manager…. like watching the grass grow. If you have other or similar issues with Ebay email me at ambenn13@yahoo.com . Thanks Amy


BILLY ARIKS October 21, 2014 at 1:45 am

And get those dang pictures of other peoples stuff off of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s up with that??? How do you expect me to sell anything if there are other items pictures right on top of mine for them to go to without looking at mine!!! Just another greedy ploy to make YOUR money!


BILLY ARIKS October 21, 2014 at 1:19 am

I, like the majority on here are about fed up with ebay! First of all I am not still in school anymore and secondly, I don’t appreciate the way ebay treats sellers as if we were children! Seller dashboard? That’s a joke! You want to judge us by our number of sales? Ridiculous! Because I was on vacation for a month this summer & didn’t have many sales, you stripped me of my “top-rated seller performance? Even if I have 100% good rating I am no longer considered top-rated? I can only regain my top-rated status by selling more items for YOU! THAT STINKS! I’M READY TO TELL EBAY WHERE THEY CAN PUT THEIR SELLER DASHBOARD! You make money from EVERYTHING! I only make money from my item! You make a profit from the shipping which I don’t see a penny of! And you want to tell me I’m in the red? Ha! I can’t get out of the red if I tried because you’re making a profit from something I’m not! Fair? I don’t think so! And to drop my rating down because I took a vacation and didn’t make YOU enough money in the allotted time period is ridiculous! I will have to think long and hard about putting anything else on here for you to profit from because I’m going broke and I’m demoted! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it you greedy bunch of paper pushers! You sit there all day wondering what kind of jobs you can come up with to make things harder and harder for us plain folk! What will you come up with next! I think social media would be a fantastic place to start letting others know of your stupid practices!


ginny October 19, 2014 at 10:05 am

Ebay has changed drastically and NOT for the Best~~~~They side with the buyers alllowing them to leave bad feedbacks and NOT defending the seller at all. The punishment is permanent suspension. Do not understand your way of dealing with the problems that do arise when selling on the net but you need to change your policy. You are hurting alot of people that depend on this as a source of income. Shame on you


Valerie Strunk October 17, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I am a long time seller on eBay (12 years – Top Rated Seller). It is time to bring some of their unfair practices into the news. My account was just suspended because & had 2 duplicate listings within 90 days. Sometimes if you submit a listing twice by mistake, a screen will pop up & say it is a duplicate listing. This did not happen to me. Evidently I listed something twice on 9-25. My selling rights have been suspended for 7 days. This is my full time income. I called & spoke to several people about this, eventually ending up with a supervisor. She said all people were treated the same & hung up on me because we were going in circles. I commit to giving the highest service with shipping within 24 hours. I cannot understand how a company like this can treat their sellers (employees who make it tick), like dirt under their feet. There is no consideration. Also, they have a Detailed Seller Rating system in which buyers can leave you an Item Not As Described feedback for things they perceive as not right. I can accept that if an item description is incorrect, but if someone thinks the beads on their bracelet are larger than in the photo & then leaves a low Detailed Seller rating, it directly affects your ability to sell on eBay & your visibility. It doesn’t matter that you are paying the same rates as everyone else, eBay reserves the right to limit exposure at a whim. You would think a company would realize that it is much more beneficial to value their sellers (employees) & to treat them with respect would result in even greater effort by the sellers. But to be punished like a grade school child is their way of coping. They are trying to be competitive with Amazon, Etsy & the new sales site from China. Is this the way to make a team effort? It is time to bring their policies into the news spotlight so others are not duped by them. This is my full time business & I was suspended for listing a SEWING PATTERN twice. No fraud, no dishonesty, no ripping someone off – I just listed something twice & DIDN’T EVEN RECEIVE A NOTICE ABOUT IT! Other potential sellers should be forewarned! Thank you! Valerie Strunk


Barbara October 4, 2014 at 10:52 am

I am more than disappointed to see how EBay support seller that violates EBay polices. The item I bought is a copy of counterfeit copy of a designer dress. At first I didn’t know this was a copy I just went to EBay a company that I used to trust because it used to protect the customer. Found a dress we liked and order the dress. The auction said that they have been in business for over 10 years and they designed their own line. What a surprise when I got the dress, the dress didn’t look at all like the picture. Not only the colors but also the designs, different materials than the picture and auction description were used.
This is the link to the designer website from the dress that I thought it was designed and produce by an Ebay seller
Getting this bad made copy of a dress, really put a bad note to our plans of taking my daughter 15th birthday pictures. Just for your information a 15th birthday in the Hispanic culture is a very important milestone that girls reach to move from childhood to womanhood. This situation has ruined part of my daughter celebration. Now we are too late to take pictures since the trees are losing leaves and pictures would not look as good. At the time I got the dress I was very disappointed and realized that I was being cheated, this people are not designers but people who counterfeit designers dresses and make it their own. I went online to search for purple dresses and found the designer dress in one of the stock pictures in google, front the designer, the same dress that I had ordered. The auction even use the same model picture. I called today and was told because the item is made by hand is not counterfeit. Below is the full definition of counterfeit.
Counterfeiting- source
The process of fraudulently manufacturing, altering, or distributing a product that is of lesser value than the genuine product.
Counterfeiting is a criminal offense when it involves an intent to defraud in passing off the counterfeit item. The law contains exemptions for collector’s items and items that are so obviously dissimilar from the original that a reasonable person would not consider them real. However, making a poor copy is no defense if the intent to defraud exists.
Counterfeiting most commonly applies to currency and coins. It is illegal to manufacture, possess, or sell equipment or materials for use in producing counterfeit coins and currency. Federal law also prohibits producing counterfeit postmarks, postage stamps, military papers, or government Securities. Counterfeiting also applies to the fraudulent manufacture and sale of other items, such as computer software, CDs, consumer products, airplane parts, and even designer dresses.
definition ofcounterfeit By Merrian Webster dictionary
: something that is made to look like an exact copy of something else in order to trick people
Definitely the definition shows that counterfeit is making a copy which is what this people are doing, using a designer picture and making their own copy of a designer dress. I advise the designer in her Facebook of this situation, since I was told by customer service that I needed to contact the designer regarding this.
I am more than willing to return the dress with a prepaid shipping. My disappointment comes from EBay asking me to pay shipping cost out of my pockets to China that is about $74 dollars half of the cost of the dress. According to Ebay Money back guarantee policy:
“Counterfeit items
If a buyer suspects that an item is counterfeit, and there are strong indicators that the item is counterfeit, we don’t require the buyer to return the item to the seller. The buyer agrees to cooperate with us to ensure the proper disposal of the item. In such instances, we refund the buyer for the full cost of the item and original shipping, and the seller reimburses us for the refund. The buyer may not sell the item on eBay or elsewhere.”
However, I have been asked to pay for the return of a counterfeit item which is a violation of Ebay polices.
I have being a member of Ebay for many years. I have bought and sold items. I have 100 feedback from buyers and sellers. I am an honest and reliable person. I follow protocols and never lied or cheat to any member on Ebay. I am extremely disappointed of how Ebay has let me down on this situation and instead of protecting me as a buyer is defending a seller who sells counterfeit items on Ebay. I will not be doing business with Ebay any more. It is sad to see that a relationship of many years is broken due to bad practices, starting from Ebay customer service. I would return the dress at my own cost, lose money, leave negative feedback for the seller for others to know what to expect. Ebay is also loosing their good reputation when it comes to being a reliable website where to obtain goods, when it comes to me and providing feedback about this company. I am done doing business with this company that states to stand by their customer in paper but definitely they do not stand by their customer when it comes real situations like I just went through.


lexxster00 October 2, 2014 at 10:15 pm

I been a customer of ebay for a long time and have never done nothing wrong! but EBAY is punishing me for something i didnt even Do. So i Said Fine i want to close my account and all of the account in my house hold if we cant do business. i Hate that it had to come to this but it is what it is! I want to close my account with Ebay But they wont let me, i talk a cusomter rep. and a superviser (Nate) and he said that they cant do that! CAN EBAY DO THIS? I read through there poloice it didnt say anything about keeping my account open even tho I want ot close it! i saw on couple post that it will take 30 day but that not what the supperviser told me. He said (“I cant do it because its not my account its EBAY”) ForReal ! I feel the need to close my account for security purpose but they wont let me PLEASE HELP! PLEAE HELP !


Bonnie October 2, 2014 at 12:36 pm

I am new to eBay and I must say it has not been easy. I have listed 30 plus children’s books for sale over the last two weeks. During this time 6 of those books have been canceled three times. The first time I called customer support I was transfered four times and then put on hold for over an hour so I hung up. I relisted the items. They were canceled again so I called back and asked for an explanation. I made the changes requested after several hours on the phone and relisted the books. Again they have been canceled. This time I called customer support and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told one was not available and then when I wouldn’t accept that answer I was told Albrin would call within 24 hours. He did not call. So I called back the next day and was told that there are no supervisors but that I would receive an email within 24-48 hours. I said that I would prefer to speak to somebody instead. I was placed on hold for over 30 minutes so I hung up. I called back and spoke to Ann and told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I finally received a call back from Albrin and he stated that he would need to send an email to Policy Experts in order for them to fix the system otherwise the books will continue to be cancelled. He did look at my listings and noted that I had made the changes requested and that they looked great. He wasn’t sure why they were continuing to be bumped. He said it would take up to 72 hours to fix and then someone will call me to let me know when I can relist the books. I hope this works. Customer Service should have been able to address this the first time instead of reading from a script, getting nowhere, and causing me so much frustration.


Dirk Howard September 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm

If you make a purchase on eBay using their guest checkout you could have more problems that you bargained for. You will not be allowed to contact the seller, support will not talk to you because you don’t have an account and eBay may even withhold your money from the seller causing even more problems. They have more than 30 support sites with email addresses. The email addresses will return a NO-RESPONSE email telling you to call support. If you can support they will tell you to log on! If you go to the support page in the website you will get a page full of other sites to visit. These other sites will tell you to call support or go to the online support page. What this boils down to is that there are a number of departments at eBay that don’t have anything to do. eBay management that I have contacted don’t seem to care, they are making so much money they could care less about one customer with a problem,or dozens, or thousands! In short eBay support that is advertised is a lie and nobody at eBay seems to care.


Tom September 26, 2014 at 10:40 am

Here I sit waiting for the cash register to ring on my IPhone as it used to do when someone bid on an item of mine on eBay. I used to hear that sound when I sold an item as well. I miss them sounds.
I miss the days of care and concern for the sellers on eBay.
I miss the days when I would be sitting here packing up 20 more items to mail.
I miss the old eBay where selling was fun and sales were high.

My message to those of you sitting in your leather chairs behind your walnut desks, smoking your Cuban cigars and drinking your fine wine, its time to put up or close down shop for those of us who made you what you think you are today.
Ya see…without the sellers on eBay you have no buyers. Without the sellers your fine wine living days are numbered.

One other thing I must tell you supposed masters of the universe, what are you without all of that money we made for you?

Get real money grubbers.


GmansTrading15 September 25, 2014 at 3:16 pm

This can be considered a comment or a complaint if eBay cares which they not.

I am selling stuff on eBay since last 3 years and never had a problem in the past. This all started few months ago when I noticed a lot of people joined ebay to buy stuff. They basically open case after they get the item and change the product and ship it back to you or they intentionally take screws out and show them broken and claim partial refund. I am sick and tired of calling eBay customer support as they are not professional at all. I sell more than 100K worth of electronics on eBay but they dont care about sellers at all. I feel very sad today as I have closed my store with them and have unlisted all my items (about 30 of them) from eBay after being cheated 3 times in last 2 weeks. eBay should consider looking at this issue closely. eBay sales have dropped drastic since last year and I know a bunch of people that have stopped working with eBay because of their unprofessional behavior. Hatred of eBay is increasing every day and confidence of both good buyers and good sellers is shaking due to their stupid policies.

I would suggest eBay to take action right now and bring back the confidence of old sellers and buyers or else it will be too late.


Pamela Bacon September 24, 2014 at 3:42 pm

The shear incompetence of eBay employees never cease amaze me! I sell Hookahs, and hookah accessories, have been doing so for over a year. Yesterday, I had 13 items removed, accusing me of selling drug paraphernalia. I called yesterday and pointed out my evidence that proved that my items were indeed Hookah accessories, not drug paraphernalia. The guy I spoke to talked to his supervisor who told him to have me relist them under the category: Collectibles>Tobacciana>Hookahs. I lost half a day relisting the items and making the change of categories that I was told to do.
Today I wake up to discover that the items had been removed again! I called eBay again and I used the link to the DEA that eBay gave me in the removal notice and guess what? My items are 100% allowed, under the DEA guidelines that eBay uses. Over the course of 3 and a half hours I have had to call 6 times because every time they are going to connect me to the Care Team, who I’m told makes these decisions, I get disconnected.
At this point I have absolute no faith or confidence that any of eBay’s employees know what they are doing. Every person I speak to tells me something different. A clear example that one hand has no clue what the other hand is doing.
When I do make my point, they just want to shove me off on the next person who disconnects the call.
Honestly, if 80% of my sales weren’t from eBay, I’d tell them to go to hell.
All I want is for ALL eBay employees to be trained correctly. It’s so frustrating to speak to an employee who is clearly regurgitating a “script” on their computer screens with no clue to the actual rules and policies.


gerald September 24, 2014 at 1:34 pm

we have been an ebay seller for several years and have had a major problem that has stop
our ability to list and sell items for some reason we are unable to comunicate with anybody at Ebay for help I had called several times and stayed on hold for 8 hours at a time
I think that you charge enough to service your sellers.


gerald September 24, 2014 at 1:04 pm

to whom it may concern
we have been an ebay seller for several years and have had a major problem that has stop
our ability to list and sell items for some reason we are unable to comunicate with anybody at Ebay for help I had called several times and stayed on hold for 8 hours at a time
I think that you charge enough to service your sellers.

we need some communication asap this is 911 problem


Robert Buckley September 22, 2014 at 4:27 pm

I bought a Fit Bit Flex on July 17th. It was a gift to be mailed to my daughter in Chicago. The seller sent it to me instead. I had to then mail it to my daughter who was out of town for two weeks. By the time she attempted to charge this item and begin using it, she found it didnt work at all.. She tried many times but the Fit Bit Flex would not charge. I contacted the seller who was rude and would do nothing since I was past the 30 day period. In this case, there should be an exception. His eBay name is techno_force (26475) and the transaction # is 181467800181. Any help appreciated as the Fit Bit is worthless. Thank you.


Jeffry DeVillez September 20, 2014 at 4:16 pm

I made 3 calls this week after receiving a “customs duties”bill from a transaction in March..
I called FedEx and they said it was”to be billed to the seller”.They waited 6 months to tell me it was unpaid and sent me to collections withing days.Now collections are hassling me and my credit.I was “on the crappy “soft jazz”guitar “hold”long enough to get really furious.I heard that stupid track over 100 times.After finally reaching someone in California,Carl said”Too bad,try outside alternatives”.I sent Email to John Donahoe to give him a chance,but employee after employee at Ebay have lied to me and wasted my time.How do you report something that happened 6 months ago when you were just notified.Ebay has no system for handling this.They want a claim within 30 days.What if you are told of a problem in 180 days?.NONE of their fax numbers works today-I have tried several.They keep changing them so people can’t catch up.Their customer service(total LACK thereof)is inexcusable and disgusting.This is deception at it’s best.


Julie Giles September 29, 2014 at 12:06 pm

Just read your comments…I am having real problems with ebay…can you give me Mr Donohoe’s email address. thanks


John C. Cox September 16, 2014 at 8:33 pm

I spent 4 hours on the phone and on-line today trying to rectify my e-bay account which appears to have been “hacked.
I was treated with no respect
No courtesty
No understanding of what my problem was, the people on the phone
knew only what their script told them to say!
and frankly I have had George Benson guitar music up to my ears on the hold
I want to speak to someone with ENGLISH as their first language.
Is that too much to ask?
Maybe the FTC needs to get a copy of this e-mail.
I haven’t even been successful in canceling my account which I’ve had
since 2001!
Are you a Stephen King kind of company?
I don’t expect a reply
That would indicate you care.
LTC (Ret) John C. Cox, MSSG


Mo Rezai September 15, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I have a serious issue with defect rate unjustly left on my account disqualifying me for the 20% discount was getting. Supervisor DON at the Resolution center referred me to the corporate office at the general number. but no appropriate extension to a live supervisor. I need a contact number to a responsible supervisor that can discuss this matter to remove these defects put on my account w/o my knowledge & cause. Or, you may wish to call me at 985 641-**** instead. Thanks


Deni Niethammer September 12, 2014 at 2:28 pm

I’ve been trying to get ahold of an eBay representative since last night! I’ve been a seller with you for over 10 years and NEVER had this problem before. I was on hold for an hour last night and gave up, a half hour this morning and gave up and now I’ve been on hold for over an hour!!! What is going on????


Kang Cutes September 9, 2014 at 5:02 pm

I paid for an item that was falsley listed as “NEW”. It wasn’t. The seller agreed to refund me the itme and shipping back and gave me a PO Box address. I shipped it back (62 lbs) … it cost $99.51. I told the seller and the seller said it was too much. How did the seller NOT know how much it was going to cost unless they did not and knew I would be out the money for shipping it back. I got the refunf for the item, but not for shipping. I am out $99.51 dollars for shipping and have nothing to show for it. The seller gets to continue to sell on eBay with their bad practices. Is this Fair eBay? The item was advertised as NEW when it wasn’t … wasn’t even working properly … now I’m scammed out of $99.51 just for shopping on Ebay!!!


Kang Cutes September 9, 2014 at 5:07 pm

eBay says basicaly I’m out the money I spent for shipping the item back … where is the Buyer protection! $99.51 for nothing but shopping on eBay!!


Jaunty September 9, 2014 at 1:35 am

This complaint is against the company eBay in San Jose, CA.

I’ve had an eBay account for several years and recently decided to explore Selling. Not more than one week later, eBay suspended my account (see below). I had a $10K+ seller limit and the individual price of my products ranged between $18-$95. I had about 12-14 listings total.

There was no explanation contained in the email from eBay nor was I allowed to reply back. I contacted customer support via phone and was told the following:

“I was only allowed to list 1-2 products per week”
“I listed items that were too expensive”
“I hadn’t established a seller reputation”
How is a seller supposed to establish a reputation if they aren’t allowed to sell within their seller limits?

No where in my seller limits was the above information listed. It is very confusing and misleading to tell the seller otherwise, AFTER the fact. Especially when eBay has already charged listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees. Both eBay and Paypal have charged fees and then closed my account while in the middle of a sale and communicating with my customers.

This is no way to run a business and I hope attention is brought forth to this matter.


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