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Target Corporate Office Address

Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall TPS-3165
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Contact Target

Phone Number: (612) 304-6073
Fax Number: (612) 370-6565
Email: Email Target

Target Facts

Founder: George Draper Dayton
Date Founded: 1902
Founding Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 360000

Target Executives

CEO: Brian C. Cornell
CFO: Cathy Smith
COO: John Mulligan

Target History

Target Logo 2

Target began in 1902 as the Dayton Dry Goods Company.  The company was founded by George Draper Dayton.

In 1938, George died and his son, Nelson took over the multi-million dollar business.

In 1962, the company opened its first Target location.  The idea came from John Geisse, who envisioned an upscale discount retailer.

In 1967, the Dayton Corporation was formed and went public.

By 1979, there were 80 Target stores in 11 states.

Target Sign

In 1982, the company expanded to the West Coast with the acquisition of 33 FedMart stores.

In 1990, Marshall Field’s was acquired.

In 2000, the Dayton Hudson Corporation was renamed to the Target Corporation.

In 2011, the company expanded to Canada with the acquisition of 220 Zellers locations.

Target Store Front

In March 2019,  Target distanced itself designer Mossimo Giannulli, who heads the “Mossimo” clothing line that has been sold in its stores for years, after he and his wife, actress Lori Loughlin, were linked to a college admission cheating scam.

Today, Target is the 2nd largest discount retailer in the US with nearly 1800 locations.

Target Logo

Target FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Target?
Answer 1: The phone number for Target is (612) 304-6073.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Target?
Answer 2: The CEO of Target is Brian C. Cornell.

Question 3: Who founded Target?
Answer 3: Target was founded by George Draper Dayton in 1902.

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MARLENA June 25, 2019 at 4:51 pm

WHY DOES THE COLLEGE POINT, NY LOCATION NEVER HAVE THE A/C on??????????????????????????????????


jakir July 8, 2019 at 11:18 am

your email address


Karen Jones June 21, 2019 at 3:30 pm

I was just your Culver City store on Sepulveda where I shop (and buy) frequently. I know you’ve just done a renovation and I have to say I hate it. The store now makes no sense, the departments are a mish-mash of items (umbrellas mixed in with handbags mixed with cheap jewelry, etc.), but I’m really writing about the displays at the front of the store.

I was appalled to see booze (wine and hard liquor) integrated with the innocent summer items like beach towels and colorful accessories. This is a family store and I object to people having to walk their kids past alcohol, which is nestled among items that will attract youngsters. I drink wine. I have no problem with anyone drinking. But I have a BIG PROBLEM with displaying bottles of booze up front where people with kids are forced to pass it and even walk through them to find fun summer things. This was a really, really bad call. Please fix it.


David May 30, 2019 at 12:22 pm

​Below is a Facebook ​post made yesterday ​by my friend Lila, about the really maddening treatment she was subjected to at the York Ave Target in Edina, MN:

“I am at Target, Edina on York Avenue shopping. Enjoying my afternoon. I go to self-check. The woman working there let everyone pass, but when I entered she said, “Hello.” My instincts said, ‘I wonder if she’s letting me know she’s there for some reason!’ I start checking my product, the first of which was a makeup zipper bag. She comes over and grabs it from me and says something. I said, “pardon me?” She replied that she had to check the makeup bag to make sure there wasn’t anything inside. In other words, in case I had stolen something. I was so angry, I told her I didn’t want it. She smiled and said “whatever.” I told her I felt insulted and that I noticed I was the only one she spoke to and with a smirk she said, “that’s right, I did!” I asked her if it was because I’m Black? “No, i have to check all bags.” Then she called security. I completed transaction and asked this young guy if he was security. “Yes”. I said, “there is nothing to worry about here” and told him that the woman profiled me and I was insulted. She didn’t even look at what others were purchasing. I then walked out the door. And here I am.”

Lila is a lovely person​, a distinguished lady in her 60s​. She dresses well, has beautiful manners, and is a completely solid citizen. ​The way she was treated in your store is shameful.

It seems that some of your employees need much better training than they have apparently received. Or perhaps they simply need to be replaced by people who know how to treat customers with decency and respect.

I am sorry to say this is not the only such incident I have heard about from my black friends.

I used to be a loyal Target shopper and was very happy with my local Target (Shoreview – Lexington and 694). In the last year or so — in fact, since the big remodel — it has really gone downhill. Poorly stocked, often out of things I came in to buy (groceries), not enough cashier lanes open. I was already wavering about giving more or all of my business to the Cub store that is just down the street. An incident like the one described above is enough to solidify my decision. What is happening to Target? It used to be one of my favorite stores to shop. Now it seems like it’s just descending into mediocrity​ — and worse, institutional racism​.​ I expect much better from a Minnesota-based company.​

David G


Steve C. May 28, 2019 at 7:58 pm

Since Target stores still continue to promote unhealthy family values, and now will be donating $100,000 to support GLSEN…. I am continuing, and so are many others that I know, to boycott your stores.


Michael June 13, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Close minded idiot. Go shop at Walmart more your speed anyways.


Jim Hoots May 17, 2019 at 8:39 pm

Target store Albany, Oregon # 0609. Sold me a blu-ray movie. It wouldn’t work, so they exchanged it. thank you. After the 5th replacement they were out of them the 6th time. they had them pulled off the shelf during this period. Looks like a bad batch of movies. The other two movies I bought worked, so it wasn’t my player.Myra the floor manager was rude, not willing to help the last time & without calling ahead, told me to drive to the next city up the freeway & try exchanging it there. I not only have a defective movie, but also I’m out my money. thats theft in my book. How do we get this resolved ?? I’ve been a good customer for the last 20 years having a couple thousand movie titles, mostly from your store. LETS GET THIS RESOLVED !!!


joe modica May 8, 2019 at 2:19 pm

i called 5 times so far today. i spoke with mark and was told by him to get the information he needed which i did and to call back and he would call me back, well i waited 2 hours or so and he never called back, so i called again and the girl i was talking to instant messaged mark and he told her he would call me back in 2 or 3 hours, i wasted most of my day waiting for him to call, that was rude that he didn’t call me back, the girl i was talking to she had the nerve to laugh at me, i was mad and i hung the phone up on her, she should not be working with the public, she should be fired, I WANT MARK OF THE GUEST RELATIONS TO CALL ME, MY NUMBER IS AREA CODE 508-947-XXXX


Michelle Yin May 1, 2019 at 12:41 am

I cannot believe that I just got scammed by Target (Factoria, WA)

I was made to believe that if I spend $150 or more and apply for a red card at the same time, I will get $50 off. So after spending $150 at the store and applied for the card, I was told that the $50 coupon will arrive in the mail instead.

Today, the mail arrive, but it says that it will have to spend an ADDITIONAL $150 more to get the $50?!

I thus went to the customer service desk to complain and all I got was a robotic “I apologize but there is nothing I can do about it”, like this is not the first time she has to deal with this and that she really could care less.. is this a scam or what?!!

I think I will just go and cancel my red card..


Lorrie April 23, 2019 at 4:52 am

Very annoyed with Target , I purchased 3 pairs of AirPods generation 2’s for Easter for my kids, in three different purchases because it was limit one, I chose to purchase from you even though Best Buy also had in stock just to save 5 percent and I used to like target . Easter morning comes and they open them up, only to find that you guys are trying to pass off generation one as generation 2’s , I call immediately after being put on
Hold forever to just return to store , with no replacement she said it was just human error , which I could see with one but not all three as being all purchased separately . Now they are out of stock everywhere and the only ones I could find were $200 each so I now didn’t $40 plus the $8 from the 5 percent off more time 3 $144 total, I could have purchased 4 for the price I paid , had to spend my time and gas to return them , I feel Target should in some way compensate me for all of this ! Very upset !!


Laresa March 31, 2019 at 5:45 pm

I have been a card holder for over ten years and today I have made a decision to cancel my account. After making a 500.00 dollar payment on March 2, 2019. I was charged a late fee although my bill was not due until march 28th. This greedy Company told me that since I paid early I’m Charged a late fee. To top it off, they refused to remove the fee. Creditors like this are nothing more than scammers. Although I may be only one customer, don’t get besides yourself because Target can definitely go down just like other companies who was the direct cause of shutting their doors.


cheryl klipfel March 23, 2019 at 9:33 pm



Laura March 13, 2019 at 7:54 pm

Please get rid of your Mossimo line, they are not worthy of being in your store. I would hope your store would not stand for the things Mossimo and his wife, Lori Loughlin did. You have eliminated T-shirts for less of an infraction than this college cheat scam and the ridiculous money they spent. Maybe no sales will put them in the poor house and they will wish they had their $500,000. back. I know I will not step into your store again until you drop the Mossimo line. Thank you.


Lisa M March 15, 2019 at 11:19 am

I totally agree. I was trying to email, as well, but for some reason, email is not available. This designer and his wife have stepped so far outside of the lines of decency that they should not be rewarded for their behavior. She has lost her job with Hallmark, and I believe he should also suffer the consequences of such despicable behavior. Cut him loose, Target!


Carmen January 29, 2019 at 6:22 pm

I am complaining bout the Norwalk, CA store at 12051 Imperial Hwy. Several times I have attempted to go to the snack bar for lunch since it is near my place of employment. I was told by customer service more than once that the snack bar would be open at 12:00 pm. I made several attempts to go for lunch and it was not open. I finally caught it open today and it was already 12:25, the poor cashier had a line of people with nothing prepared in the snack bar, not popcorn, not hotdogs, not pretzels, not anything. We all had to wait anywhere from 10 to 20 to get our food prepared. i was there 18 minutes of my lunchtime and never saw a hotdog get put on the grill. If the snack bar does not open until 12, then why is there not someone there at 11:30 getting the food prepared for the customers when they arrive for lunchtime rush. This is bad scheduling by management and I watched several customers walk away because of the wait. Neither myself or my work colleagues will go to Target snack bar again. Very undependable and unorganized.


Andy December 30, 2018 at 6:48 pm

Target should be ashamed of themselves all you care about is you big bonuses you don’t care about the employees that work at the stores. You cut hours so bad that you are taking food off the tables of you workers you are taking medications away from you workers and spouses. When the tax cuts came into effect a lot of people cut bonuses Walmart gave bonuses to there employees but not you. You decided to keep them for yourselves and to hurt you employees who are faithful to the company, you hire a lot of seasonal workers and give them all the hours and cut the employees that are always there. You should be ashamed of how you are treating your employees you don’t have enough people working on the floors. Why so you can get huge bonuses for yourselves you ruined holidays for your employees as you sit back and just collect your money. Target prides themselves on helping people who need it how about your employees help them or don’t they count


Brian Beecher January 4, 2019 at 8:19 am

haha,, I had an employee at Target curse in front of me when trying to scan an empty item on an aisle that was literally half full. I had asked him to call the mgr. and to see if the item was in stock because I was annoyed because when I was there 2 weeks earlier they were out of 2 of the 3 items I was looking for. When scanning he said the work f&ck.. I asked him please don’t curse in front of me. When the manager came over I complained about the half empty shelf and told him his employee shouldn’t curse in front of customers right in front of Marcus(the employee with no name badge.:) Marcus came back with my item and when he walked he said “remember crack kill” basically trying to call me a crack head. Marcuse was skinny with long unkept hair and looks like a meth head. I again complained to mgr. Mike. He said he would take care of it but seemed uninterested . I will be writing a letter to corporate of my experience. Target employees are crap and deserve crap. signed Brian This was in San Jose, CA S, King location. Cheers.


Brian Beecher January 7, 2019 at 3:55 am

Edit: location was Silver Creek road , basically the same street . the run into each other.


Nicole December 13, 2018 at 9:59 am

The holiday season is an extremely busy time of year. I found that the online customer relations explanation was inefficient and unacceptable on an issue that is easily confirmed. Monday of this week there were online specials for that day only, in the advertisement there was no description of material or dimensions. After sending a text to verify this information the response did not come back until three days later. I responded asking if I would still receive the special for that day, after talking with several customer relation representatives and Michael a supervisor, I was told that the sale could not be honored because there are too many sales this time of year and I should have ordered it while it was on sale and if it wasn’t the right size just return the item. In this era of immediate information response this system seems to be inadequate and is a disadvantage for the store as well as the customer. Sorry that you missed out on an item that was in your cart while waiting on a response!


Vernon D. November 15, 2018 at 1:19 pm

I am writing this out of concern for the direction I see your wonderful company going. I was an employee of Kmart during the total disaster of CEO Conaway. What I see is some corporate official taking Target down the same road that took Kmart to ruin. Your stores have gone down hill to a point of losing customers without any concern for what’s happening. You have cluttered and blocked aisles, empty shelves, rude employees, and policies that continue to degrade your stores beyond belief.
Some of these policies. Cutting hours so much that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the needed work done on a daily basis. Yes, this puts money on the bottom line immediately, but puts employees at a loss, since they get blamed for not getting these tasks done. NO ONE ever looks at the corporate IDIOT that implemented the policies. They are usually so completely UNINFORMED about what it takes to make a store work properly and efficiently that ANY decision they make is not going to be one based in reality.
How many GOOD employees have you lost by policy changes that screwed up their lives, and, or families? How many GOOD customers have you literally DRIVEN out of your stores with these STUPID decisions. I watched a good, profitable company destroyed, and many of it’s long-term employees ruined financially, and customers disregarded to satisfy one IDIOT in the corporate empire. Kmart has taken it’s final gasp of life, and whether you like it or not YOU as a company are headed down the very same path. Only the names have changed.
History should have taught something, but you have people making decisions based on the very same premises that showed how WRONG they were in the past. What’s changed?
I remain a HOPEFUL customer, but I’m losing faith fast, along with thousands of others.


Richard Smith November 10, 2018 at 1:49 pm

Ordered a new TV at the Target store at the Gateway in Brooklyn N.Y. at 9:28 this morning. Was imformed that I would receive an E Mail within 2 hours to pick up the TV. STILL WAITING!


matt huupponen October 29, 2018 at 6:08 pm

hi target – xmas ideas –
reindeer in front of the store ( real or cardboard) –
contest trip to rovaniemi ( finnish santa claus ) –
in rovaniemi( korvatunturi) has reindeer and dogs pulling the sleights around the finnish lapland –
xmas trees decorated by real looking white candles ( battery operated )-
scandinavians had a middle of the winter party ( that turned into xmas after cristiany appearad )
original decoration was a straw goat ( joulu pukki in finnish ) –
the straw goat can be used as an store decoreation –
joulu kinkku is a finnish xmas ham – extremely delicious –
in sweden young girls wear a crown made from lighted candles ( battery operated ) –
the current xmas decorations are a little boring –
matt huupponen ( mhuupponen@


Suzette Ronco October 19, 2018 at 4:41 pm

I bought a beautiful Keurig mini in the color mist in August. I followed the instructions on how to use the water first before trying to make coffee and it worked wonderfully…once. Since I bought it with my Red Card I thought that because I didn’t have the receipt, it would be no problem to look it up and return my item. Well I went back to the store I bought it from and at customer service they said they couldn’t look it up to verify my purchase. After many attempts to find my receipt through my Red Card and failing I called customer support and reached Seth who helped me with the problem. He acted as it was no problem at all. He contacted the store I made the purchase at on Monument Drive in Philadelphia and had the whole issue solved in no time. He gave me my receipt number so I could go back to my Target and make my return.
I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to speak to such a eloquent and knowledgeable person and have my problem solved. I’m an RN and deal with cranky people daily. I can’t even find the words to compliment this man. Please give him a warm fuzzy for me.
Suzette Ronco


Agnes Wiktorowski September 27, 2018 at 9:08 am

I have your Red Card Member Ship from 2012 and not happy about it but all my friends and family shop at Target .I have to Call every month or visit a store to pay my bill because the main offices can’t fix this problem .and every month I have to void a check . I have 4 Major Credit Cards and No problem just Target .Then to call to make a payment I have to listen on the phone for advertisement you got to bee crazy . I need for some one to call me 440-465-XXXX and help me on this problem or I’m going to be your night mere because I pay everybody I”m the customer right now that is NOT the way I feel I think it is time that I say something.I will wait 3 day and then I will tack things in my hands and work on this problem
Thank you for reading this
Mrs Agnes Wiktorowski 440-465-XXXX or agneswiktorowski@


Shipra Chaudhary August 19, 2018 at 12:09 am

Greetings from Kathmandu Nepal. I’m a fashion designer in Nepal running a small garments factory. I export my designs to Europe, mainly in Belgium and France.
Last year, US State Government sponsored me for the IVLP program to USA where I visited your store in Minneapolis. After observing the garments in the store, I thought my designs could also be the best choices of the customers.
Is there a specific department where I need to contact exploring business prospects? How can I contact Target for the business of my products?
I would appreciate your advice.


Sheila July 5, 2018 at 12:20 am

I want to speak to corporate about the manager of a particular Target. My elderly mother who also is a vendor for Target was accused of shoplifting when she certainly was NOT. She had her card in her hand to pay and after working 12 hours that day , wasn’t thinking and stepped through the first doors , forgetting about a charger and a candy bar in her cart.. she tried to turn around to go back and pay and was almost tackled by a hateful manager, who would refuse to believe her. Cops were called , now her Job and her life have been ruined. She is almost 80 and has never stolen anything in her life. Ever heard of treating elders with respect and listening to each individual story before literally CONDEMNING everyone that makes an honest mistake?


Thelma Copeland June 6, 2018 at 9:30 am

I was appalled at a story I just read concerning your policy of perp walking people who are
said to be shop lifting but were not and you think just apologizing solves the problem


Greg April 20, 2018 at 9:38 am

Target manager at Clarksville TN refused access to a group of disabled children that wanted to shop, price check and possibly buy items . So if you have a disability ,handicapped you may want to reconsider shopping at this Target because you are not welcome and may be asked to leave.


Vince April 7, 2018 at 10:01 pm

Subject: Target employee’s exhibiting wildly inappropriate behavior

I write to you today on behalf of a close friend because she was too embarrassed to do so. My friend was so traumatized by the Target employees, who treated her soo poorly, that she left the store, leaving the cart with all of the items she intended to purchase right where it was at her final encounter with these employees. Further, she began looking for alternatives to Target as a source for her purchases going forward.

Allow me to recount the experience that left her, and all of her friends and family reconsidering their shopping destination. I will do so in her voice.


I was dreading the expense of purchasing a new clothes, but I needed to buy some because of the new job that I am starting this coming week. To try to keep the bill down, I thought I would go to Target, so off I went. Upon arriving to the plus size section two elderly female employees were bickering and complaining. At first I felt sympathy for them doing a difficult job and even though I couldn’t find what I was looking for I continued to browse while they complained about all the work that needed to be done, so they were grumpy and they clearly weren’t happy to begin with.

I proceeded to ask if I was in the plus size section because last time plus size was separate from regular sizes and the lady replied “yes you are” and walked away complaining about another employee getting special treatment.

After browsing for a while, I was able to find some tops that I thought were so cute and couldn’t wait to try them on, but I was still having a difficult time finding pants. I continued to walk around looking, and after 10 minutes I asked the lady if they had plus size pants and she said “If we do they would be over there”, not pointing, not even identifying where there was, but I thought “okay, perhaps she is busy.” and I tried to identify where “there” was. Just then she groaned looking at her co worker as if to say “what, I should hold her hand?”.

As I continued to look around they didn’t realize that I was near them and they began complaining and said that there should only be three sizes, and were complaining that fat people made their job difficult.

I was excited when I was finally able to find the plus size pants, no thanks to the distracted/disgusted employee. I gathered all of the new clothes that I’d found and started towards the fitting room. One of the ladies was there and she groaned and yelled at me to “make sure you bring out all the clothes and hangers when you’re done”, so again, I ignored the rudeness and just continued on to the dressing room that I had spotted as she walked away.

She didn’t look at the clothes to make sure I didn’t have too many or assign me a dressing room. She just yelled at me to bring all the clothes and hangers out when I was done.

Finally, I was done and excited about the cute clothes I had found, and I was satisfied that I had everything I wanted and needed to start my new career. I placed items that didn’t fit back on their hangers and carried them out, and as I exited the dressing room one of the ladies must have thought that I was her co-worker and with her back to me she said, “well, is it a disaster in there or what?”.

At that point I had reached my limit and I was so angry and upset that I just threw all the clothes on the cart and left.

I have always been told to respect my elders and I treat every one like they are my own grandparent but this was so rude and disrespectful.



Bonny Pesch March 16, 2018 at 7:41 pm

I just got off a chat with Target. I’m pretty sure they were not US based. And to say they were not helpful would be an understatement. Below is the chat…
Landon: Hi! My name is Landon. How can I help you today?
Me: Why can you not use a Target gift card online to purchase a Disney gift card but it can be done in the store?
Landon: I’m sorry this option is not available.
Landon: I request you to change the payment mode.
Me: Yes, I know that. Why?
Landon: As per Target policy.
Me: OK, understand that, why?
Landon: We don’t have much information about this.
By the time I finished I was laughing but it really wasn’t funny. Target fell a few notches in my opinion after this interaction.


Patricia Schreiber February 3, 2018 at 7:35 am

I used to love to shop at Target. In December, Target had a promotion that a $10 gift card would be given for purchases of certain items and a certain amount. I qualified for the gift card and it was given to me. Then in January I tried to use the gift card. The cashier said it had never been activated and would not honor it. I went to Guest Services and was told that I had already used it apparently, and I was asked to leave the store. I called corporate and was told I had better talk to the store manager and produce a receipt for the gift card. The store manager treated me like a criminal, and I will not go back to that store. Target thinks I am a liar and a cheat. But Target lied to me when they gave me a worthless gift card, and they have cheated me out of a $10 promotion. I don’t need Target. I can shop at Walmart. But Target needs good customers like me, and they have lost me!


Beverly Bennett February 10, 2018 at 10:19 am

Hi, I would like to stand in solidarity with Patricia, we had similar experiences! I have pretty much decided that Target team members get their training in North Korea 🙂 I have shopped at our neighborhood store for 16 years and am always walking thru our ‘hood carrying my big, red Target bags with the target symbol on them. Partly because I don’t want to get run over and partly, because I like Target and it’s cool free advertising. But I won’t be going back to my neighborhood store because, like Patricia, they treated me like a thief for a trivial issue that should have been quickly resolved. I spent $3,500 at that store last year. I won’t be back.


Aaron S Hill January 10, 2018 at 3:14 pm

I love your store. Not only because of the atmosphere you create in each one of your stores, but also because of what you guys stand for as a company! Ever since the transgender bathroom issue I have started going to Target more to help support you guys. Keep it up!


Mitch December 2, 2017 at 7:20 pm

Was excited to order one of your Black Friday deals on a new LG Microwave. However, from beginning to end this order was a disaster. Communication was lousy, a shipping label wasn’t even created until the day you had claimed I would receive the item.

Received the package today. Upon opening the box I could see the product box had been re-sealed after having been opened; this was obviously not a factory seal. I opened the box and could see this was not factory packaging by any means either, and there was a scratch on the top of the unit. Clearly, Target sent me a return that had been used! That’s disgusting! Company has some nerve sending used merchandise when purchasing a new product. Will report the issue to the NYS Attorney General’s office for fraud. Will never order from Target again, I don’t care how good the sale. Take your used merchandise and shove it!!!


Kimberli D Mungia November 28, 2017 at 8:55 pm

I bought a hoover board last year on black friday, psid almost 300, it broke 3 months later, i have still yet to a call back from target, the manager told me rhe manufacturer would take care of it, they dont even call me back either.. i went this year, you sold another hooverboard no warranty. I went to walmart bought plus got a 2 year warranty on it.. so basically im out of 300, now its been a year, telling me now its been way to long to do anything for me.. i have been calling since february.. im very disappointed with a broken hooverboard.. that i want fixed or replaced, they never even took it outside.. still have receipt


shi, xiaorong November 19, 2017 at 10:32 pm

I visited US from Oct. 4 to Oct. 19 and was in TX for a few days. I visited your store at Waxahachie and bought your Green&Black’s pure milk chocolate / sea salt for 4 pieces. I now want to consume some and was surprised to find that the best before date is “20 Sept 2017”. I visited your store on Oct. 15, 2017 and the receipt number is REC#2-7288-1962-0075-0101–2, VCD#759-284-945. How can that happen? I cannot believe that.


shi, xiaorong November 23, 2017 at 11:18 am

I visited US from Oct. 4 to Oct. 19 and was in TX for a few days. I visited your store at Waxahachie and bought your Green&Black’s pure milk chocolate / sea salt for 4 pieces. I now want to consume some and was surprised to find that the best before date is “20 Sept 2017”. I visited your store on Oct. 15, 2017 and the receipt number is REC#2-7288-1962-0075-0101–2, VCD#759-284-945. How can that happen? I cannot believe that.

What should I do? I got a mail from a strange address and name as “”Jay Briggs” ” and asked me to “CONFIRM BY VISITING THE LINK BELOW:
. Was that from your company or from an invader to the internet? That happens a lot recently.


Tammy Robinson November 23, 2017 at 1:56 pm

The email was from our website, asking you to confirm if you want to be notified of updates to your comment


Jeanette Bowen November 13, 2017 at 11:04 am

Just came back from visiting the Johnson City, Tennessee store. We were wanting to view all of the Christmas decorations. Entering the store we found the aisles full of stock blocking the aisles very few decorations and limited Christmas items. We have more at our home than you had in the store. Stockers offered to help but if they don’t have stock out for me to purchase I can’t buy it! I told them exactly what we were hoping to find. Plastic molded animals to add to our outdoor nativity scene. This store is very disappointing as we are new to the area.


Fred Nothstein November 3, 2017 at 5:05 pm

I went to Target in Allentown, PA on 11/3/17 to get some Video Games for my kids for Christmas gifts. The ad said ALL Video Games are buy 2 get 1 Free. I picked out 2 Nintendo games & 1 Xbox game & took them up to the register. I noticed that the price was to high when the cashier rung me out. He told me that the Nintendo games weren’t included in the sale. Evidently Target doesn’t know the meaning of the word ALL. The sign should have read that all Xbox & PS games are buy 2 get 1 Free. This is false advertising as far as I’m concerned. I would greatly appreciate it if Target would honor this deal.


Fred Nothstein November 3, 2017 at 5:10 pm

In addition, your not allowed to say excludes after you’ve already said ALL because that’s contradictory.


Michelle October 31, 2017 at 11:25 am

It is a shame that when at the Opelika Alabama store there are LOD’s standing around bashing the Starbucks workers. They often work alone and when there is a line it can be stressful. I don’t think its very professional to have other Target members talking bad about other employees when customers can hear. Very Unprofessional. Apparently this has been going on for a long time and the managers do nothing to correct the action. Its time to get some new people in there who actually want to work as a team and not put others down.


Karen Hemerick October 28, 2017 at 2:15 pm

My order was incorrectly packaged. Wet things were open and the entire order was wet and unusable.
After calling customer service and finally talking to a person, whom I could barely understand. It appeared she was reading from a script. I was told to take pictures of the order and the damage and forward them to target. I was given a reference number to use. I then called again and went through the entire automated system finally getting a person. I gave her the reference number and she didn’t seem to know what to do. I told her that I’m requesting refund to my credit card. Still delayed telling me my refund would be processed
This is not the way to do business, in my opinion.
On- line shopping is the future and Target needs to train staff how to package items and how to process refunds. I order from Amazon, Zappos, and Walmart and none of these companies have EVER asked me for photos of the items. In the future, I will not order anything from target on-line due to your policies that are not customer oriented.


Dawn October 16, 2017 at 8:19 pm

For what its worth, I have been a loyal Target fan in the past however, seeing some changes lately in your newly remodeled stores that are not good ones (imo) plus the clothing is not attractive and much higher priced than your past clothing offerings. Keep raising your prices Target and carrying dull, unattractive clothes and you will continue pushing your former loyal fans over to Marshalls or TJMaxx.


Silvia Geiger September 26, 2017 at 1:20 pm

I have been a loyal Target shopper for years. I especially enjoyed the Massimo cloth and shoe line. Always colorful and fun for any age. But now it seams that Target is changing styles. And I have to say, not to the better. This winter collection is gloomy and old fashioned. Young people will not be interested in wearing cloth that would rather fit their grandmother. The styles are old and unflattering. PLEASE bring our Massimo line back!


Patricia Donohue September 23, 2017 at 3:39 pm

I live in Commack NY. Where’s the Skim Plus milk??


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 1:56 pm

It may be a great milk, but only certain companies only allow some of their products to go to certain stores. Also, it will take an enormous amount of people to request this product, but if the product is already sold at one store, they may not want to create competition of their brand. The company that makes this milk may only have a limited supply, the milk may be only allowed to sell at that one store. It isn’t always up to the store you shop at. Remember there a lot reason why it may not be available and you may not find it on a website. Most vendors have to bring it in to the store not the other way around. So you see it may not be Targets fault, the vendor is the one who has to bring it in. So write to the maker to get into the Target stores and see what they say.


Patricia Donohue September 23, 2017 at 3:37 pm

I have been food shopping at Target for awhile now and every time I ask the sales person/manager for the product Skim Plus milk they say that it’s not available to even order it. So I have to go to another grocery store just to get the skim plus milk. Therefore I do all my grocery shopping there instead. It is inconvenient because Target is so much closer. My question is WHY DON’T YOU CARRY SKIM PLUS MILK??? It’s a popular item. The salesperson said even his mother drinks it.


Kim September 14, 2017 at 12:14 pm

Hello – I am located in TX – recently lost everything due to Hurricane Harvey and visiting Target for Camp Fuel so I can cook meals. Walmart has this product however they were out of stock. Can Target please carry Crown Camp Fuel as it is a necessity for disasters AND for camping?


Piccval September 12, 2017 at 2:15 pm

What happened to your Merona line of women’s business clothes? Why did you stop carrying it?
I buy all of my work clothes at Target and absolutely love the Merona modern fit ankle pants. I must own at least 15 pair already, with their matching tops and cardigans. I have tried ankle pants from other stores (Macy’s, J.C. Penney and White House Black Market) but the fit is not the same, nor can you beat the price. I got so used to ordering them online since I already know the fit will be spot on.
I’m not saying I will stop shopping at Target, but now I have to search out other stores for my business wear. Bring back Merona!!


Sheila September 8, 2017 at 9:32 am

I have been to Target in Monaca on Wagner Road 4 times to fill out an application for a job all of which is done on-line and have Not heard anything! They have a sign out and a Manager of the store has said they are hiring. I would love to shop at Target and thought it would be a nice place to work. I am rethinking that. It would be nice to get a response to any of the applications I have filled out.


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 1:47 pm

Why you haven’t heard from:
1)They will wait until the holiday season begins 2)Just because you apply doesn’t guarantee you an interview 3)You may not be what they are looking for, it happens, just it happens to us all.


Wayne Martin September 5, 2017 at 10:50 am

On September 4, 2017, I saw an ad (Target flyer) which came with the Duluth News Tribune in Duluth, MN. On page 20, “good for Sept. 3 & 4th”, one of the sale items was for Baby Back Ribs at $2.49/lb. I went to the Duluth store at about 4PM on the 4th. After looking up and down the grocery section for the ribs, I finally asked an employee and was told there were no ribs left. I proceeded to the Service Counter and told them the problem. I was told they had some the morning of the 3rd and the morning of the 4th but there were no more in stock. I asked for a rain check and was rudely told “we don’t do rain checks”. What disgusts me the most is when stores have lead-in ads and then the items are conveniently out of stock. Target is supposedly working hard to increase it’s market share in the grocery line. Obviously, this kind of customer service is a giant flop! I will never shop at Target again and will let everyone I know to do the same, and then head out to Cub Foods, Super One, and Wal-Mart.


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 2:08 pm

It was the top sale on the front page, it will run out. The store you shop at can’t control what they get, it is just sent to them. All you do is hurt the employees who work at the store, NOT the BIG CEOs, when you choose not to shop at the store. All stores have the same problem. (Wal-mart, chubby chubs food store, etc.)
IF YOU WANTED THOSE RIBS, you should have been there in the morning or called in when the store opened and had some put on hold. You waited until 4pm and on a Sunday, which is a very big shopping day in the retail and grocery industry.
Are you NEVER going to watch a football game because the tickets are ALL SOLD OUT? Will you not buy gas again because they advertised one price Monday and Tuesday and then it is higher on Wednesday? If your price doesn’t agree at Wal-Mart will you never shop there again…..boy your shopping places are going to get really thin.


Kendra Creekmur August 28, 2017 at 12:47 pm

I work at the Target in Mount Pleasant Charleston South Carolina. I have a Supervisor by the name of Yolidia who goes around and picks on people. She always have an attitude with people and she is always talking down to people. I love working at Target but she makes it difficult to work there. All I want is for her to be moved somewhere else because I have been told by former and present employees that they don’t like how she treated them.


Cynthia August 28, 2017 at 12:11 pm

I visited the store in Bronx, New York, (Exterior) on Sunday, August 27 at about 8 p.m. My grandchildren were with me. When I took them to the electronics department, some employee began playing loud music. Not sure if it came from a stereo or one of the television sets. The problem was that within 10 seconds of the song starting, I heard the b-word, n-word, and the f-word. Appalled, I quickly moved my grands to another department. Today I called the store to complain and was told: “All of our music is approved by corporate. What you hear in one store, you will hear in all.” The woman, who identified herself only as “the manager,” offered no apology, which upset me even more. I immediately replied: “Then I’ll need another number.” After searching online (she did offer to transfer me to the store operator to get corporate’s number, but left me on hold for about 5 minutes, so I hung up) I found an 800 number and this website. I am waiting for a reply, but if playing this type of music is really Target’s policy, they have lost a customer. And I will blast them on social media, as I am sure many other moms and grands with tots would be devastated. Is Target no longer family friendly? Anyone out there having the same experience?


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 2:59 pm

I will tell you this, that music didn’t come from any music display in that store. There is no possible way because the televisions are a preprogrammed series of shows or advertisements, no Bluetooth capabilities. The radios are also preprogrammed and have no Bluetooth capabilities either. You should approached the employee and asked them to turn it off, got their name and reported it directly to the Leader on Duty, given them the time and location of the incident so they could go back and review it on camera. I know for a fact that a lot of kids run around playing music from their cell phones at night.
Don’t wait to report the incident or the culprit will not get caught or just straight chew them out, give them a grandmother butt chewing, you have grandkids, one humiliation may put a stop to it.
DON’T JUDGE THE WHOLE STORE BECAUSE OF ONE EMPLOYEE, that is what is going on with our country. People are judging us because of a few people.


wendy August 20, 2017 at 1:07 am works on occasion but this time was terrible. i ordered a facial wash online since the store did not have it in stock. after 1 week i was able to pick it up at the local store. the clerk gave me the target bag which contained the facial wash with 1/4 of the liquid leaked out. the receipt in the bag was all stained from the leaked liquid & someone even wrote on the receipt that “this item is leaking” and you guys still give it to the customer? really? wow i am not happy with target at this moment. worst yet i was NOT able to return it to get a refund due to the fact that it is an online order & not a store order. i would have to come back tomorrow-after 24 hours with the defective item to simply return & get a refund. bottom line i am left with NOTHING at all but time wasted. they did not even offer to give me future discounts or offers for my inconvenience. whoever processed this item needs to be trained properly. i have never heard of any store giving customers a defective product after waiting a week for it from an online order.


Angelia Solomon August 17, 2017 at 11:55 am

Oh my god bad experience people do not purchase a Vizio tv from target are any tv Specially if it’s open box make sure you ask questions are find out the return policy I purchase a tv for my husband it sat in the box for about a month are two when I got ready to use it wasn’t working properly so I reach out to the store I have gotten nothing but the run around they are real good in having you go threw all these supposedly managers then they don’t know what the heck they are doing they your dealing with unprofessional customer service department who in the heck are these people hiring so I reach out to supposedly corporate department they are just as worse as the store they offer know resolution for the customers at all just a simply iam sorry so I was instructed to call Tec support and let them fix the Issue plus I was instructed to lie to vizio to tell them that the tv was bring new 😠🤔 when it wasn’t so I told the lady iam not going to do that cause iam a Christian I a Believer in Jesus Christ iam not going to deceive others like target is doing so people be aware of what you purchase from target are any store now it done got so bad we’re it’s a lot of dishonest stuff going on to get that sale and to get you to spend your money as a business person in stay in business with less complaints by treating your customers fair just something to share with others. Be bless people have a great day.


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 3:09 pm

You have 30 days to bring back your unopened electronics purchase or exchange it for a new one. (with receipt) It states that on the receipt. Everyone in the store has to follow the procedure, they can’t break protocol. If they do they have to do it for all people.
Plus, try adding punctuation to your paragraphs and read through your post before you post it. It is unprofessionally written, they do try their best to help people out, but protocol is protocol.
If you sold a T.V. to someone and it didn’t work, would you give their money back or tell them, “hey it worked when I sold it to you!”


Diana August 14, 2017 at 4:21 pm

dande36494 at
I placed an ordered on oct 12 on line because it said it was not available in the store so I placed the order I got a funny feeling so I called the store and they said yes they carry the product so I called within 2 hrs to cancel I called back the next day was told it was cancelled when I called on Monday to see why the money was not released on my card they said they have problems with their computers and they don’t show any cancellation I had to hang up and wait a while before I call back when I called back I was told that it was not my right to cancel a item it was up to I will not order any more thru target I think I will continue to go thru amazon and Walmart I receive much better service


Tiffany Johnson August 12, 2017 at 5:21 pm

I am very disappointed (and that is an understatement) in Target. Recently my husband and I completed a baby registry for our new edition. You would think that after the hours it took to create one in store and online, that the store could actually follow through with one thing: ACTUALLY HAVING THE BABY REGISTRY bag available. I previously worked for this company, about 6-8 years ago and it has been the history that we never carried the baby welcome registry bags. YET, they advertise their registry to come with this welcome and congrats baby! I called guest relations and all they wanted to do was continuously transfer me to a different team member until they hung up! I am HIGHLY disappointed and frustrated. The only in-store suggestion I got was to call back every other day to see if they finally got any in. WHY WOULD I DO THAT?! I cannot stress how upsetting the store service was, the disappointment, and then to top it all off – the guest relations line. It would be great for a team member to actually respond to this.


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 3:25 pm

Remember the workers can only give you what is available when it is available. You only get what is sent to you. You should know this if you worked there. You, the employee, can put the order in, but that is the limit to your power, enough said, don’t make that employee feel worse than what they already do. Besides what are you getting in the new baby package? Here let me give you something worth more than that bag of useless stuff…..Congratulations on the new addition of your family, I hope you will enjoy the time you have with your new addition and I hope we can meet the needs for your future child with the baby and child apparel we have here. A bag doesn’t represent a company, half of the kids they hire in any retail store don’t know how to be customer friendly. They just want a paycheck, not to help you out, it is the way of the world. They are OUR future, we are all in trouble. Have a wonderful day and sorry we didn’t have the baby bag, but we have nothing to give out for free.


Anne Sullivan August 11, 2017 at 11:33 am

Why is Target taking property from low income seniors to build a MINI Target in Chicago when there is a full size target 1.5 miles away! WHY is Target risking their good name being involved with these shennaniganss?!


The Thinker September 26, 2017 at 3:36 pm

I read your article, where was Target involved? If they are building a mini Target there, it is meant to help the seniors by giving them a place to shop right in their building and not having to rely on anyone to help them out or the stuff can be directly delivered to their apartment doors. TARGET HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR ARTICLE


A V Zaugg August 3, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Make it easy to contact the right people with customer feedback.
Hard to locate the right Target.
Will be sending to Corporate awa to increase visibility.
Was a delighted customer, am now beyond disgruntled.


Sara July 21, 2017 at 4:46 pm

I can’t believe how Target’s customer service has gotten HORRIBLE ! I am a American with disabilities and now because Target can not pack and ship items correctly I am now told I can no longer shop at and only in the store. I placed a on-line order for a couple of item’s and the box arrived open they only placed 1 strip of poor tape on the box and not even on the opening, the post office even had to place tape on it and a $12 item must of been lost along the way ? I called into customer service and told them the situation and even sent pictures of the box that I took before I even touched it. I was treated so poor by the agent. After a few weeks I placed a order for my grandson a baby toy and received a e-mail telling me the order was canceled ? Again I called customer service where by the way they can’t even communicate with you because they can not understand you or you them because they are in a different country and can not speak correct English. I was told they canceled the item due to the issue with the way I received my shipment and was now only allowed to shop in the store. I find this unacceptable to make a customer responsible for the way the shipping and receiving of product’s on their end failed !. Not only would this be wrong to do to any customer but for a disabled person who can only shop on-line is just plain wrong on so many levels ! I hold a Target credit card and debit card and will be closing them and Target has lost a customer I wouldn’t shop at a Target store now for anything ! The agents are rude when you ask for a phone number to corporate they refuse to give you one so you can’t even speak to someone who can communicate correctly with you or to place a formal complaint. This is DISPICABLE and the way Target is going they will be closing stores and losing more customer’s at this rate, and I used to love Target to. Target has lost my respect and I feel their integrity is gone along with their customer service, I am in my 40’s and have shopped at Target my whole life. I find it hard to believe there is no one on a corporate level to talk with and file a complaint not only about the situation but the way I have been treated threw this whole thing. Target is so WRONG on so many levels and I will shop at stores who know how to treat their customer’s and pack and ship item’s and my orders and get them to me with out problem. SHAME ON YOU TARGET !


Monica Whitman July 13, 2017 at 5:32 pm

The IRS contacted me expressing Target reported income paid to me in 2015. I have called H.R. Operation center, they transferred me to 800-996-7566, they forwarded me to Solutions Support, they forwarded me to the W2 line, they forwarded me to Target Corporate office, they forwarded me to W2 inquiry, and they forwarded back to HR Operation center. All of the calls, transfers and holding took over 2 hours and no one knows how to assist me! Do you see anything wrong with this?


Jack Waters July 5, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Expect More and I only expected to receive the same treatment that anyone would expect.
I changed banks and I was changing all my auto payments to the new account. I wanted to make sure everyone got paid on time so I prepaid all my accounts before they were due. Some way everything went Haywire. All the payments were rejected from the new account. I was able to correct the problem before the due date on any of the accounts. Today I discovered that TARGET had charged me a 27 dollar returned payment fee. Keep in mind that at the time the payment was returned, I did not owe them anything. I talked to three people there and was told that it was corporate policy to never void these charges unless I could prove Bank error or if they had made a mistake. The four other credit card companies I deal with did not even try to charge me for the same error. I think this policy should be changed. My payment record is flawless and it should not take an Act of Congress to remove this fee.
Jack R Waters


Tammy Higgins July 1, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Today I saw a post on FB. That our local lincoln, Ca Target is selling High School tee and shorts for a Whitney High School in Rocklin. There are 2 different Targets in the city of Rocklin. Each city has many other High Schools Around them. And it is a poor business plan to support schools in this way. It is very offensive that you do this to the only high school that is in Lincoln where your store is located. Also to Wheatland high school and other surrounding areas that shop at our local target. LHS and Wheatland are very old high schools. Lincolin high school is 100 years old. Whitney was built in 2005, twelve years old with all new equipment and everything 12 years ago, also with lots of parental support to the school. And taxes bonds that support the school for 25 years. That being said it is a slap in the face of locals and surrounding cities that you do this. Also our school District doesn’t do transfers so there are only a hand full of students that go to Whitney. I love Target and I know they try support all schools . I love that they do this but I don’t think this type of school support is a positive business plan for your company and it is only fair to fill you in with the information when a store does something like this.
Disappointed in Northern California,
Help the needy schools ,


Susan Rowe June 12, 2017 at 2:22 am

I went to price an iPhone se for Verizon. I tried to get the price online but couldn’t. I went into the store to see an associate. He pulled out the add and told me the phone in the add was refurbished. I asked him to show me where it said that. He said it didn’t. I said if it doesn’t say refurbished then it should be new. There is no in between. The women associate chimed in on the conversation. She said, it doesn’t say it’s new either. I said if the add doesn’t say refurbished, people would assume it’s new. She replied you know what happens when you assume. I told them that there add was a bold faced lie to the customer. She says, that’s Target. Are you kidding me. I told them I was contacting their corporate. They didn’t even care. Target is the new K-Mart. I’m calling the BBB. They are lying in print. It’s fraud. I’ll tell everyone I know about it, post it on social media, whatever I can. It’s seems illegal what they are doing. If any one can explain this to me I would appreciate it. In the mean time, be careful buying anything at Target. They lie and cheat their customers. Pathetic.


Art June 16, 2017 at 3:24 pm

Good for you, Susan. We pay their salary and should Demand that each worker does their job. If they don’t like Target, and yet, take the pay, they are admitting an absence of integrity. This is embarrassing for Target and other employees.
This sort of behavior has become common in US business. Not too long ago this sort of thing would not be allowed. Now, it seems that everyone is taking their example from Walmart. That is; do whatever it takes to make more money…Now!
I’ve had enough.


amanda June 1, 2017 at 1:53 pm

regarding the target on 44st Thomas phx az85018. what rude staff esp Mary at service desk so rude acts like she owns target sly cunning and sneaky and also Micheal their their to work that what their hired for . Mary comments go to another target and we only like Mexicans as she is one that how she defraud the government too. The store is dirty the carpet need to be replace in the front.if you say anything she just laugh and then her comments is she can the people in trouble that shop their for shoplifting as the store manager does what ever she and Michael say. The other Targets store and wonderful in the phx area and advise us to have u address it and we did the the manager before and he did nothing we have been shopping we it open first now drama queen make it hard for honest people to shop their.


Yolanda Marcotte May 19, 2017 at 8:54 pm

This is driected to CEO Gregg Steinhafel although I Know you will never see this I just have to express my opinion. First of all let me tell you your overseas people that work for your credit card are the most rude people I have ever dealt with. The card is in m husband name and I am authorized to ask questions about Account I am not authorized according to you people not to ask questions about payments or even questions about why a check has not been cashed to pay the card off, but however you will take my money. Needless to say they will not even give me a phone number to reach you I am so disappointed on how the corporation treats customers.

Sincerely Yours
Yolanda Marcott


Oren david April 22, 2017 at 3:46 am

I went to the Target store on Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys with a pair of shorts that I paid for with cash about a week and a half prior. When I get to the customer service desk the lady scans my receipt then says that I need to go upstairs and grab another pair of the same shorts because the tags are gone. Even though about a week ago I returned a pair of jeans that I purchased at the same time also Levi denizens and the customer service representative never said anything about me having to grab another pair of the same clothing and furthermore it says nothing in the return policy about having the tags connected to the clothing when having a receipt. However I obliged went upstairs grab the exact same pair even the same size also saw a messenger bag that I purchased the week prior to see that a sticker of clearance for $12.48 was put over the clearance sticker that red $17.48 when I bought it. That messenger bag with another 10 to 15 of them were in a section that says 50% off original price which was $24.99 I brought it to the attention of the girl at the register when I purchased it about a week and a half ago yet it did nothing and I had to pay the price of the clearance sticker coincidentally a week and a half later there is a clearance sticker above the $17.48 which shows $12.48 just a few cents off the original price. to get back to the original part of this long complaint the customer service representative scans my receipt for the second time and says the shorts were already refunded period and item from that receipt was refunded but not those shorts hence knee still in ownership of the shorts hasn’t I have possession she goes on to say over and over again how they’ve been refunded and then starts talking down to me with the other two employees ganging up on me saying how I mistaken and that I don’t know what I’m talking about the lady said the only way she could do something for me his if I give her my identification even though it clearly states in the receipt with a receipt ID is not needed. I gave her my ID anyway trying to be cooperative but at this point already the customer service is nonexistent at best and is borderline verbal harassment. the lady then tells me that I will be getting my refund on a Target gift card which I which I let sink in for about 30 seconds. I then realized that I purchased those shorts and every other item on that receipt with cash then ask her why am I getting a Target gift card when I paid cash? She then tells me because the shorts were already refunded. at that point I’ve had it up to here with the lies that are being thrown in my face. I then say how how the heck have they been refunded if I still have the shorts then said what you’re telling me is I got a refund for the shorts and kept them at the same time? At that moment a tall man with the name tag that reads Ian says to me verbatim you know what buddy you just got yourself out of getting a refund grab your XXXXX and get the hell out of my store. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and of course the people on the side that were ganging up on me from the gate he is the supervisor and the end-all. If that’s the case Target has a huge problem on their hands if that guy who also walked around the desk approached me aggressively put his chest into my face since he was pretty tall and says get out of my store and don’t let me catch you back here again in an extremely aggressive tone


Kadeja April 5, 2017 at 1:38 am

I’m pissed off that a month ago a friend and I were getting recorded by some weird man so I called after I left to talk to a manager and they wrote down my information and never contacted me back. I guess they don’t care! Now that all the information is out about gangs, I truly believe that guy could’ve been one of them. This happened at the target in Lynchburg, VA!!!!!


Alyssa Albert February 19, 2017 at 2:23 pm

I wish the stores carried cuter clothes, the tables were full, more sales people on the floor. New product coming in the stores. Be more like Costco.

What is with all of these mannequin’s?

I wished they carried New Years Eve product, Valentine, Easter, thanksgiving, cute Halloween, cute Christmas clothing and accessories. Shirts for father/son, mother/daughter, sister/young sister, brother/younger brother.

Product located where it made sense. Drawer liner by sewing machines?

Stop asking me for a red card. I already have one.


Cynthia February 14, 2017 at 2:29 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I ordered the Men’s Sketchers S-Sport Ascender on January 31, 2017. I accidentally ordered them in brown when I needed the black ones. I called the store the next morning that had my order in Minneapolis and was told that the order had been filled and that I would have to send them back. I had not been notified by email that the order had been processed and being prepared to be shipped to me. While I appreciate the prompt attention to my order, I should have been allowed to change the color of the shoe to black since it had not been shipped out. The price was the same. I placed a call to your Columbia Heights store and spoke with a young lady about the shoes. I told her my dilemma and asked her to see if they had the black ones in stock. She placed me on hold and came back and said that they did have them in stock. They had only one pair. I told her that I needed a size 11 for my son who is in military school and needed black sneakers. She told me that she would put them at the Service Desk and I can come in and pick them up. I asked her if she was sure that they were size 11, she told me that they were. I asked her how long would they hold them? She said until the close of business that day. I told her that I did not get off work until 5:30pm and I did not want to make a trip after work for nothing. She assured me that they would be there when I arrived. I got off work and went straight to the subway and headed up to Columbia Heights to get the shoes. When I got there, the shoes were no place to be found. Everyone developed the Forest Gump syndrome. No one knew anything. I went upstairs to the shoe department and they did not have the shoes in the size I needed. I went back down stairs and asked for a manager. Some juvenile delinquent with a piece of beige tape on his shirt with the name “Chris” written on it told me that he was the floor manager. He kept calling me sweetie. I said “Excuse me.” This idiot kept on calling me “sweetie.” I don’t know where your company find these ignorant, incompetent people to work in the stores but maybe you should consider hiring quality people instead of cheap labor. This was the worst experience that I have ever had with your store and I have no plans to do business with you ever again. I will post this on my facebook page and tell all of my followers not to do business with you either. I was tired and was in no mood for incompetence and ignorance and that is exactly what I got at the Columbia Heights store. Please send your people to training in customer service because they do not possess customer service skills at all. Tell your managers to wear real name tags and not something that looks like a kid wrote your name in crayon on a piece of what appeared to be “freezer tape.” How ridiculous. This store cannot be that hard up that it cannot afford a name tag for the alleged managers. This person who called himself Chris really made your company look bad by not only his unkept appearance but by his lack of knowledge on how to deal with a customer. We are not friends, pals, buddies or anything else and he should be told to never address a woman customer as sweetie, any idiot should know this. He should have found out who that lying CS person was that answered the phone. He was too busy calling me sweetie until I came close to decking his ignorant ass. I wanted the Sketchers S-Sport Black Ascender, TCIN 17251247 with DPCI # 098-08-1603 but I mistakenly ordered the Brown S-Sport Ascender TCIN: 17212346 with DPCI # 098-08-1564 instead. This should have been an easy fix but instead, it was a nightmare. If you need to speak with me, my direct line at work is 202-205-XXXXX and my name is Cynthia Henry. Your website stated that the shoes would have been delivered on February 3, 2017 but I did not receive them until February 6, 2017, so much for honesty in business.


tiffani January 10, 2017 at 2:02 pm

I worked at target for a few months, they told me that I was seasonal at first but then they came up to me and told me that I was full time, it was snowing pretty bad over here the other day and they had told me that I work from 9:45 am – 4:00 pm and I was ok with that so I came into work 5 min earlier because it was starting to snow a lot more and my dad was driving me in his car and his car wasn’t good at driving in the snow , well I got to target and I was getting ready to work when my lod ( leader on duty) came up to me and told me that I wasn’t working till 4pm -8:15 pm. I asked them if they were joking around and they said no , they told me that they got the hours mixed up again and that i was suppose to come in at work at 4 … now by then their was at least 1-2 feet of snow on the ground outside and I already saw 3 accidents on the road . i asked them if it was ok that i worked earlier and have someone cover my shift , they said ok and i had asked my coworker to cover my shift .. they also told me that they didn’t need me that morning so i went home . but before leaving i asked them if i would get in trouble if i called out , and my lod and hr person told me no i would not get in trouble. so i left and went home , my dads car was sliding al over the place and it was snowing pretty bad by then, so with out telling me the next day i come into work and i find out that not only have they switched my schedule without me knowing , and they had fired me for calling out that one day …. apparently they got all confused and told me i wasn’t seasonal even though i was seasonal.. they are constantly changing up our hours with out telling us . and they treat seasonal employees like crap.. i really had a bad experience working at target and i no longer want to buy, work, or even go to target anymore … the only reason why i visit target is because i have friends that work there and i like visiting them


Penny Levers January 9, 2017 at 3:23 pm

Target is one of the stores that I regularly frequent and have generally had a positive opinion about, so I was extremely disappointed to find advertising for your product on, a fake news site that promotes many disgusting conspiracy theories including one that the horrific Newtown Connecticut school shooting never happened. Until you make sure you are not unwittingly supporting Alex Jones and the filth he peddles on his site I will be shopping at your competitors.. Thank you.


Mavis December 17, 2016 at 4:28 pm

On Sept 24, I was at the store on 4th St in Ontario, CA. I started to open a freezer door and a dozen frozen pizza boxes fell from the top shelf and hit me on the head and knocked my glasses off. They were unwearable and all bent.. I had to find someone to come help me, then the store manager couldn’t even come to me, She told the worker to have me go to the front of the store and find her. I couldn’t use my glasses. She had to fill out the paperwork. She didn’t even offer to get my glasses fixed. No one ever contacted me. After 8 days I wrote a couple of reviews on the internet. The next Monday someone called me, but I was teaching and couldn’t talk. I told the person two times I was available. I was told if you want to talk to us call back you know the number. Since then I have had headaches everyday and neck pain. I have been to headache classes . I’m going to physical therapy, and have been taking Meloxicam. I am still dealing with the results of this accident at my own expense. Mavis Baksh


Jody Teter December 11, 2016 at 12:23 am

My husband and I picked out $40 worth of Purina cat products to get $10 off. While in the check out after everything rung up (a lot of cat food) we didn’t have the Cartwheel app. I do not have a smart phone so the order was cancelled out. my time was wasted and the people behind me were furious due to the wait. I checked online when I got home and they said to print the coupons off at home. What coupon???? I printed off my bar code, but don’t know if it will work. I spent over an hour of my valuable time to look all this information up. I understand that Target is marketing the 30 somethings as it is their choice purchasers. I do not want to believe this rumor. What I want to know does my bar code work on all these so called cartwheel money off items? I do not want to go through this escapade again.


Susan Cartwright December 10, 2016 at 9:51 am

I was in the Bullhead City Target on Black Friday to do some shopping while visiting in Laughlin. When I got back to California, I found that I was missing some of my purchases. I called guest services and was lucky enough to speak to Liz. She located my purchase and checked to see if it could me mailed to me. I received my package in the mail just a few days ago. Thank You Liz, and Thank You Target for the GREAT customer service!!!!!!
Susan Cartwright, Joshua Tree, Ca


Lauren James December 6, 2016 at 6:40 pm

I purchased a Keurig K425 on 11/28/16, Cyber Monday, and chose the site to store with standard shipping on my Red Card. The online price was $119.99 but I received a 15% discount at checkout and a 5% discount for using my Red Card so the total came to be $105.13. The estimated delivery date was for 12/03/16. Well I received an email shortly after my purchase informing me that there was a delay in my order and it will not make it to the store the date I received with my original order. The new estimated delivery date was 12/05/16, which was reasonable. Come Monday morning, I checked to view the status of my order and I saw that my item left Dublin, California and was in progress. I checked again that evening and it was at the same progress I seen that morning, so I figured that maybe I would pick it up Tuesday morning.
When I woke up this morning to check my email, I saw an email from Target notifying that my order was cancelled! I was baffled because I did not cancel it or give any authorization to cancel my order. I called 1-800-591-3869 immediately to figure out why my order was cancelled. I asked the first representative why it was cancelled and all he kept saying was that it did not make it to the store in time (he spoke really bad English and did not understand me well). I explained to him that I saw on the website that it left the warehouse in Dublin and was in progress. I asked if they sold my item to another customer and he could not give me an answer and offered to see if the item was available for reorder. He stated that he was going to put me on hold while he checked but he hung up on me.
I called back and got a different rep named “John.” I went through the same motions with him as the other rep so I asked to speak to a manager. After being on hold for 10 minutes, I finally got someone who spoke English and her name was Bridgette. She told me that she was the floor supervisor and she tried to accommodate me to the best of her ability. She told me that there weren’t any notes as to why my order was cancelled, however, she advised me to reorder it online with my Red Card and choose “Premium” shipping and she will leave notes on my account that I should receive the 15% and 5% discounts I received online. Also that Target would be responsible for my shipping cost. I agreed since that seemed like the ONLY solution. She told me my CASE NUMBER was #18949180.
After I got off of the phone with Bridgette, I went online to reorder the Keurig and seen that the price was $139.99. I went ahead and tried to complete the order and the total came out to be $162.89. My order could not be processed because I did not have enough money on my Red Card. I checked my Red Card account and it still shows that $105.13 is pending on the account. So that leaves me with only $129 left on the Red Card. Target cancelled my order but did not refund my Red Card!
I went to to chat with a representative. His name was Ross and I explained my situation and he advised me to call the REDcard team and ask them to remove the authorization hold. He gave me the number 1-800-424-6888. After being on hold for 12 minutes, I spoke to a female representative and explained the situation and gave her my order number and she told me she was going to verify the order and asked me to remain on the line. Right when she put me on hold, the line was disconnected. I called back two more times and did not reach a representative because as soon as I pressed “0” to speak to an operator the line would disconnect.
I went back to to chat with another representative to inform them that the REDcard team kept hanging up on me. The representative’s name was Maria. She apologized 5 times and told me that she would process a $10 Target gift card to my email for the inconvenience. She also instructed me to call the number on the back of my card, 1-800-659-2396. Even though this is a different number it has the exact same phone tree. I called this number despite my dismay with the whole Target operation. After being on hold for 10 minutes, I finally got a male representative on the phone and he put me on hold to verify my order number and hung up again. I looked through my email and seen 1-800-394-1829 and called that number and immediately asked for a manager or supervisor. The male representative asked me why I wanted to speak to the supervisor and I explained to him that I was hung up by the REDcard team four times. He apologized and asked what service I needed to relay it to the manager. I told him that I need the authorization hold removed. He stated that was something he could handle and will look into it. At that moment I knew I was going to be hung up on so I told him no and to transfer me to the manager. He then said well I was looking at your account and it looks like someone is trying to process your request the same time I was trying to process it. (How convenient. The moment I demand a supervisor all of a sudden my request is being handled).
I now see that the $105.13 is back on my Red Card, however, I do not see the $10 gift card in my email that Maria told me she would give me. should not be allowed to cancel a customer’s order without trying to initially assist the customer with another solution. The REDcard team should not be allowed to hang up on customers or have a wait time of over 5 minutes. I am highly dissatisfied and disappointed with the Target organization. Target does not care about their customers. I am no longer interested in reordering my item or purchasing anything else from Target!


Peggy December 4, 2016 at 7:07 pm

On Thanksgiving weekend I took advantage of the spend $100 on Christmas decor, get $50 off (or so I thought. We decided to purchase an inflatable for our front yard,a 6ft blow up Mickey. Today we opened the package and brought the kids outside(they were so excited) to put it up. Well, the excitement was short lived because they sent us Iron Man. Now, of course Mickey is out of stock and on back order until the end of January. I spoke to several people at customer service and each time I got a different story. Awful experience, you just lost another customer.


Lauren November 25, 2016 at 3:28 pm

I was at Target early this morning, Black Friday shopping. I purchased a sound bar that was on sale for $69. When we finished paying for our things, we went to the car and I forgot the sound bar in the bottom part of the buggy. I called to see if it had been turned in and it hadn’t. They told me it was out of their hands after items are already purchase. They said it was possible to file a claim. I understand it was my fault for not checking the buggy, but I was just wondering how I would go about filing a claim? Thanks!


Rebecca Shea November 19, 2016 at 10:58 am

This morning, the Target website showed Hatchimals “in stock” at my local store. I know there aren’t guarantees that the site is correct, but I arrived at the store at 7:30 am anticipating that I could trust that Target would open at 8:00 am. To my dismay, another customer got out of her car and joined me a in line of 4 people, only to show me that the manager had opened the doors at 7am and given out tickets for the 4 Hatchimals in stock, so they were all gone. In other words, Target is arbitrarily deciding when to open and sell their stock. I don’t have a problem with a ticket system, but tickets need to be distributed at 8am and no earlier. Now, customers have no idea when a Target manager will decide to sell their stock. The printed store hours are meaningless. It’s false advertising. Not to mention the fact that the lady who told me about her ticket, went to her car and sat after receiving her early ticket. Under a correct system, she would have had to wait or lose her place in line. At the very least, Target should post a sign notifying people of what they’re doing. One excuse given was that it was a security issue to prevent a rush. That makes no sense. The tickets should still be give out at the stated time. You want to see a mad ticked off rush? Let a group of waiting people know that they never had a chance, in the first place. Bye Target. I’ll just get my everyday stuff from Amazon. Trust is gone.


Maryann Nakonechny November 18, 2016 at 2:12 pm

I bought Xmas light C9 clear wondershop and laid them on my rug to see and see if they would cover my window and 20 minutes later they burnt my rug . I called customer service and the male who answered thought it was funny. He sent me a $9.00 gift card big deal. Great service they could have burned my house,my tree and killed somebody. I do not think it was funny and expect better respect from your company.


Kerri November 8, 2016 at 1:21 pm

I shop at target at least 4 times a week. I usually never spend less than $100. Absolutely love target merchandise and sales! But this time I am very upset. I bought a phone case there and when I tried to use it, it didn’t even go on my phone! It’s not even the same case pictured! So I went in to return it and they refused my return because of this! Now I have a $50 phone case I can’t use because it’s not even for my phone and they won’t even let me change it to the one that would work.

Extremely disappointed.


Connie Lee Woods October 30, 2016 at 11:58 pm

Hi, need Ashley Oneal filled off of me here in Fort Worth Texas.I cant use her for precert or surgury this year.We like that ole ahsley but because of the fillings against me at the Target I have to know my place this year.I am currently filled off for three years at Target.I need to be compensated with prescription plan QRZ please from the submit that I recived from her please.Contact me to dicuss the issue asap.
Thank You
Connie Lee Woods


Tracie Hamden October 27, 2016 at 1:07 pm

Oct.13,2016 I went online to check baby registery for daughter in law. Found perfect gift and ordered. Ship date was Oct19,2016. Here it is Oct 272016 and after calling both Target and Fed Ex I was told it was lost in shipping. Nobody showed interest in helping me or making sure I was satisfied. Refused to allow me to go to local store and get myself even though it said 2 we’re available. I had to repurchase and reorder and now can’t get a tracking # to check on. Also couldn’t get a number to contact corporate for a complaint. Very unsatisfactory work on your part. I am praying this order goes through and arrives before my grand baby does. Will never do online ordering through this company again. Tracie Hamden.


Lindsay October 24, 2016 at 3:27 pm

I just recently found out that I got banned from for absolutely no reason. When I went to email guest relations, they’re reasoning were not accurate , I was told that I was “never satisfied” and returned alot of stuff that I bought online, and asked for refunds. I actually work for target, and I buy everything in the store as well as returns. I very rarely order anything online. When I notified guest relations and asked them to investigate it, they wouldn’t . They won’t do anything. I have everything on file that I’ve ever ordered online and have not returned a single thing.. and I’ve recieved everything I’ve ever ordered as well. As all my online orders have appeared on my bank statements as well. I’d really like target to investigate it, I work for the company and am very upset that I’ve been treated this way when I work for target , and very upset I was banned for no reason.


Bonnie Parker October 23, 2016 at 4:01 pm

I went to pick up an order. I asked if it would be possible to get another one of the same items, the person, can not call her a lady, was very rude. she told me I would have to pay for it. I told her I did not plan on stealing it. Then she said I would to get it in the store, I told her the store did not have any in store, she was hateful and rude, she said well you will have to get on line. This was in Burlington N.C. There was no need to be so hateful. I feel she should be remanded for this.


Sherry McCowen October 3, 2016 at 4:26 pm

I am contacting you to inform of the overall condition of your store in Midland, Texas. I was appalled when I visited your store on Saturday, October 1, 2016. The entire store was in complete disarray in regards to merchandise misplaced and literally appeared to have been thrown purposely around the entire store, scattered on the floor, items piled up at the dressing areas, and the list goes on and on. I am embarrassed for Target and I clearly cannot comprehend that an organization of your stature and wealth would allow your store to be compared to a third world country. This is obviously management issues which are not being addressed. Your reputation and most patrons in Midland will not tolerate such an oversight or continue to be a frequent shopper of this store in such extreme chaos.


Danielle De Dios-Rivera July 19, 2016 at 10:28 am

I was shopping for school uniforms for my daughter who wears plus sizes. The stores never have the size she needed so I googled plus size school uniforms. was the 1st to pop up so I ordered several uniforms at a great price of $90.03. I paid with my debit card and the order was prepped quickly. A $90.03 debit hold was then placed twice on my debit card and then $90.03 was deducted from my checking. This made a total of $270.09 unavailable in my checking for a $90.03 hold??? I spent in total over several days 4 hours on hold and speaking with several customer service reps and supervisors and no one demonstrated care of the financial burden on me….even when my total bill was paid…..several days after…..the holds were still on my account. There were literally 4 different time lines of hold times given and all anyone could say was “sorry”…….UNACCEPTABLE…….IRRESPONSIBLE………LACK OF OWNERSHIP from target on expediting a resolution!!! There were many empty apologies and ZERO resolution. I will never shop here again and I strongly recommend that your careful before every embarking on this negative day ruining experience.


Shannon Clausen July 18, 2016 at 6:36 am

FYI: Your store nation wide just lost a whole lot of buisness. I copy and pasted the following from a facebook post. This post had since went viral. This happened in Cincinnati. I’m in Oregon. I will never shop at another target store. My daughter is autistic. I’m already fearing the judgmental people the way it is. I shouldn’t have to worry about going into a store and the employees talking g crap about my daughter. This is unexceptable behavior..

Copy from Facebook post:
So I had to run up to Target in Western Hills today. As I was walking down the main isle by the baby stuff there is a associate in her radio asking where the lady is who needed help with the car seats. Then out of the electronic area a male associate comes walking towards her and is saying to her in a very loud voice, well she isn’t hard to miss, she is the retarded fat woman with large a** bumps all over her face!!! As I turn down the isle I see a large lady that had Down syndrome with a couple of what looked like miles on her face. She was crying. I am assuming she heard the associate say what he did. My heart was hurting for this lady. So I went up to the front talked to a “manager” I guess told him what had happened and all he said was with a chuckle, that’s not my department not my problem. I set what I had down on the counter and said I will never be back if this is how you deal with things. His response was, your only one person and you won’t make a difference so see ya bye! I am still sick over this. #target


Kristy Stephenson July 14, 2016 at 8:53 pm

FYI regarding Target Store at 6150 Glenway Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. This post has been viewed / shared thousands of times, it is reported that local media & local down syndrome chapter have been contacted.

Copy from Facebook post:
So I had to run up to Target in Western Hills today. As I was walking down the main isle by the baby stuff there is a associate in her radio asking where the lady is who needed help with the car seats. Then out of the electronic area a male associate comes walking towards her and is saying to her in a very loud voice, well she isn’t hard to miss, she is the retarded fat woman with large a** bumps all over her face!!! As I turn down the isle I see a large lady that had Down syndrome with a couple of what looked like miles on her face. She was crying. I am assuming she heard the associate say what he did. My heart was hurting for this lady. So I went up to the front talked to a “manager” I guess told him what had happened and all he said was with a chuckle, that’s not my department not my problem. I set what I had down on the counter and said I will never be back if this is how you deal with things. His response was, your only one person and you won’t make a difference so see ya bye! I am still sick over this. #target


S Baker July 12, 2016 at 10:46 pm

So, another Target online shopping saga….
I order an item online (Coleman Cooler) on 7/4 and pay for premium shipping to have it by 7/7 (for a family gathering.) No cooler on 7/8 so I go online to Target chat. “Kerry” and I chat away, for an hour. I explain the problem to him and he keeps directing me to a weblink for lost items that ‘will solve my problem’. Well, it didn’t and now he wants me to reorder and pay (again) for expedited shipping (when I hadn’t even received the first item!). I begin to ask for level 2 support or supervisor…..4 times. Finally, he connects me to a supervisor (Victor) who is bright, personable, and very efficient. He straightens things out in 3 minutes, reorders my cooler, refunds my expedited shipping, adds a $10 gift card, and invites me to get in touch with him if any questions. Thank you Victor.
On 7/11, my replacement cooler shows up (Fedex). A few minutes later, UPS shows up with my original order, a Coleman cooler in a beat up cardboard box. On 7/12, when I have a minute, I get online to tell Target I now have two coolers and do they want one of them back.
Andrew, via chat, takes my info and I ask for Victor, who is my savior. Unfortunately, I get the evening supervisor, Todd.
Todd says yes, send the 2nd cooler back. How, I ask? Return it to the Target store. No can do…I’m on vacation and Target is miles away. So Todd says, “take it to the Post office and send it”. What about the postage costs for a large box, ask I? Todd replies: ” Just tell them to write on it ‘Return to sender’. (Like the Elvis Presley song, heh-heh).
That doesn’t work, Todd, I venture, since the box came by UPS, the Post Office isn’t going to ship it on their dime.
Thank you for shopping at Target, types Todd. “Is there anything else we can do for you today?

WTF!? Who hires, trains, or puts up with these people? Surely Target, a multi conglomerate entity like you can do better.

I wrote Todd back, ” the cooler is in the beat up, but unopened box here, call UPS when you want it picked up and I’ll be glad to give it to them”. I will contact my credit card company to make sure i am charged for one cooler only.


armando l. salcido July 9, 2016 at 9:53 pm

my target experience with the redcard has been horrible!!! i have been shopping at target for over 25 years without any problems. then a few months ago I was asked to get a red card, I declined, but the cashier would not let me go my way when the card process did not go through. she even grabbed my arm and would not let go. I am a veteran with post traumatic stress disorder and my anxiety level went up really bad, i felt like I was under duress! especially with the line piling up behind me! i cannot stress how horrible the whole experience was. I never receive the card in the mail, so I call and ask about it. It was sent to the wrong address. about two weeks later I get the new card, which took forever to activate, which was very irritating. i go to target to use it. no pin number. the less than helpful cashier says that it has to have apin number. i said well it didn’t come with one and I said I will never shop at target again, then i tossed the card into one of your bins. later on I find for little number where the card was glued. never again!


gerald aucoin June 18, 2016 at 10:25 am

I completed an online application for a job at
Target. One of the questions asked if I was over the age of 18 and under 40. I can understand asking for legal age, but why over 40? So I am asking Target C.E.O. Mr. Gregg Steinhafel is this Targets way of age discrimination. I doubt if an answer is forthcoming, but please answer why that question was asked.


Cynthia August 28, 2017 at 12:29 pm

This reeks of ageism! No employer can ask your age, race, or marital status. Please follow up!


Debbie June 12, 2016 at 2:33 pm

The morals in America are gone…….I closed my Target account out, stopped shopping there, and called the store to let them know that I would no longer be a customer. They don’t care. Brian Cornell says that it’s just like when they put the African American models on display. I disagree. This has to do with real humans – women and children lives that are in danger and can be ruined. In fact I am glad that I took a stance. Now I am really saving my money.


isaiah boston June 12, 2016 at 5:46 am

i was accused of having a drink in the lobby table when i did not put it there when trying to explain to my boss becky she did not want to hear the truth i was wrote up on a lie how do i fix this ? a get a layer and take it to court or what please help me out with this problem this happen on 6-11-16 at around 8:30 and 9pm


Jeffrey J payne May 31, 2016 at 8:12 pm

I think there should be two kinds of bathrooms at Target. One for people who wash their hands and one for the people who don’t. However after reading some of folks comments,perhaphs another for people who need their mouths washed out with soap. If you want to have your option seriously considered perhaps you should articulate it in a manner that is a little bit professional ( and nicer as it sets a better example for our children.)


Bobbi Trans May 24, 2016 at 3:48 pm

As Target’s moral values take a dump – their stock takes a sh*t. You deserve it.


Jennifer May 24, 2016 at 2:19 pm

NJ Man Arrested for Using Mirror to Look Up Women’s Skirts at Target. A New Jersey man has been arrested and accused of using a mirror secreted in a basket to look up the dresses of women at a local Target store.
Ocean Township, New Jersey police charged 56-year-old Julius G. Reynolds with invasion of privacy after Target department store workers said they saw him placing a basket with a mirror attached to it on the floor next to female shoppers and using the mirror to look up the dresses and skirts of unsuspecting female shoppers.

According to Ocean PD Detective Lt. Timothy Torchia, Reynolds was arrested on May 16 and is being held at Monmouth County Correctional Institution on a $7,500 bail.

Reynolds already has a police record for such inappropriate behavior.

The suspect was arrested in 2007 for using his cell phone to take inappropriate photos of women in public and was later handed a three-year sentence on the charge.

Reynolds was placed on the New Jersey sex offender registry stemming from his 2008 conviction.
Still think this is GOOD idea Target?????


gary May 20, 2016 at 2:35 pm

Target since you are willing to let GROWN MEN follow young girls and women into the bathroom and dressing i feel that my family is no longer safe in your stores!! i will never shop at your stores and i will never let my daughter into your store!! this has nothing to do with transgender people and there rights! it has to do with safety.


Julie May 22, 2016 at 1:39 pm

I myself would not even use a rest room at target…Not only the children but myself. This is crazy. Where are people morals? Give them there own rest room and not drag the rest of us in on this crap


Bruce Hoffman May 18, 2016 at 4:49 pm

I understand that Target is allowing people to use whichever fitting room or restroom they want to use. If so, I am afraid to try on clothing or use your restrooms for fear that a woman will walk in at an inappropriate time. I treasure my privacy more than that. And to prevent the possibility that I might be in a Target store and realize I need to use the restroom, I will just stay out.


Jo miller May 18, 2016 at 1:51 pm

I am writing to you concerning your new bathroom, and dressing room policy. Most people assume privacy while in a restroom or dressing room. I have no problem with anyone’s gender identity; though as a biologist a couple of chromosomes seem to define gender or sex of an individual. Transgender individuals are not my concern. My concern is for the safety and privacy of my children and grandchildren. Who is trained in your stores to recognize a sexual predator? What materials have you provided to your employees so they can protect your customers? Who is liable if there is any sexual assault of a customer on your property? And last is it fair to hold any Target manager or employee responsible if they are not properly trained?

I can not trust that you will protect my family; so we will no longer shop at Target. I regret that this may hurt your employees.


Bud Carte May 18, 2016 at 8:40 pm

Due to the decisandion by Target to allow men in to the women’s restroom, my family will never shop at Target. The entire board and executive team should be removed immediately. Stock holders should be incensed. I know the institutional investors are. Take heed corporate America. We are informed, we vote, and we decide where to spend our disposable income.


B Grove May 18, 2016 at 12:54 am

I certainly understand Target’s commitment to inclusivity as we live in an increasingly divisive and diverse world. I applaud your desire to be proactive in issues that are evolving amongst the collective conscience of America.

That said, I believe Target is approaching the issue of restroom selection for transgender individuals in the wrong way. As you seek to accept the transgender individual, you now affect the next generation in forcing them into uncomfortable situations that certainly approach the line of disrespecting them in an effort to include all. For example, a thirteen year-old female should not have to exit a bathroom stall and see a biological male in the same restroom.

I understand it may be a costly solution, but if Target truly desires to be inclusive, accepting, respectful and welcoming of all its customers, I would suggest a redesign of the current restroom facilities to make all restrooms single-user, any gender identity restrooms. This action would show transgender individuals that you care about making them feel welcome, while also allowing those who might feel uncomfortable with such issues the opportunity to use the restrooms without anxiety or trepidation.

As long as the current policy remains in place, my family will no longer be shopping at Target stores or online at I respectfully suggest you support your policy of acceptance and welcome to all shoppers by renovating your restroom facilities. This will also set a corporate example that profit is not more important than the inclusive acceptance of all your customers, regardless of the gender they choose to identify with.

Thank you for your attention in reading this letter. I truly hope my sentiments resonate with your corporate desire to pursue social justice.


John May 17, 2016 at 11:20 pm

My family, my children’s family, my children’s children’s family have agreed to not shop at Target stores any longer. We are not willing to take a chance with the females in our families using the restrooms. This is not a transgender issue. It is a safety issue for the protection and right to privacy of the females in our families. I could say a lot more about our feelings on this issue but what you need to realize is that you have made a huge mistake by devaluing the safety and right to privacy of your customers.


Virginia May 13, 2016 at 8:39 pm

I have always shopped at Target instead of Walmarts because they are cleaner and usually don’t have as many freaks shopping in them. I always justified the upcharge in costs because I didn’t have to put up with the class of people that usually shop at Walmart. Now you are going to allow men in the women’s room??? What kind of stupid are you???? How is a woman supposed to feel safe in the bathroom?? How am I going to feel safe letting my granddaughter go to the bathroom??? You have given the pedophiles and perverts free reign to do whatever the hell they want. The transgender population is NOTHING compared to the female population in this country and I hope that the women of this country are as outraged as I am and BOYCOTT your business. I hope that you go bankrupt for appeasing and pandering to the perverts and pedophiles. I just hope that some little girl doesn’t get molested or raped because of your incredible stupidity!


Rich D May 13, 2016 at 7:39 pm

I am very supportive of the corporate policy that allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their gender identity. . I will continue to use Target stores especially because they recognize that we are a diverse people and that transgender people are NOT sexual predators. It is important to understand that Sexual predators are NOT confined to any type of sexual orientation. Policies need to be non discriminatory.


sandy May 12, 2016 at 8:26 pm

I would never feel comfortable using a bathroom knowing any pervert could just walk right in pretending to be transgender, or maybe he is just “feeling feminine” that day. Give me a break! What about the hords of pedifiles who are salivating now that they know they can’t waltz right in Target and stick their camera under, over, or accidentally walk right in the stall where little girls and other women are half naked trying on clothes while shopping in good faith at Target? Well, I just answered my own concerns….DON’T SHOP AT TARGET! Done.


sandy May 12, 2016 at 8:27 pm

Oh, did I say “can’t” waltz right in? That’s right, now they CAN at Target! Idiots.


Beth May 12, 2016 at 2:52 pm

There has been a lot of talk in the media of late regarding the bullying of LGBT individuals. Bullying has always existed and I do not approve of it. When I was a child I was bullied. This bullying was not out of sexual orientation but rather because I was small, shy and didn’t have very many friends. This was not referred to as bullying so much as it was referred to as teasing. When I was in kindergarten, one of the little boys would not let me get off the bus at my bus stop. This was extremely frightening for me. So to say that I think it is okay to bully anyone for any reason would be inaccurate.

I would however like to discuss the topic of transgender bathrooms and locker rooms. It was announced early this year that Target, a well known chain of stores, would now be opening up there bathrooms to allow transgender individuals to use whichever bathroom they so desired. I ask you, not out of discrimination but rather safety, is this an acceptable decision to make? I am not accusing people that feel that they are transgender of any wrongdoing. However, how do you distinguish between a transgender person versus a pedophile or rapist? I do not think that a transgender person is a pedophile or a rapist, but a pedophile is a pedophile and rapist is a rapist and you can not tell them apart from any other person.

If we open ourselves up to this risk we are being foolish and have no regard to a child’s safety or a woman’s safety. Have we lost all that we fought for when it comes to women’s rights. Regardless of how someone identifies is their safety at risk or are we discussing whether or not they feel uncomfortable? As a woman, I will no longer feel safe to enter a public bathroom or locker room due to safety issues. I will have lost my right as a woman to feel safe using a public bathroom or locker room. This in fact will be a matter of discrimination against women. This in fact is not a matter of discrimination against transgender individuals. Where are my civil rights as a woman? Women have fought for justice in the courts to be taken seriously regarding rape. Women of rape were once accused of asking to be raped because of what they were wearing, that they enticed the perpetrator or that they were in fact asking for it. How would we be able to get justice in the courts if we are expected to share these intimate facilities? Common sense should dictate that this is not an acceptable situation. Transsexuals have the right to use these facilities but not those that are transgender and are still physically the opposite sex.

My solution to this issue is to tell these businesses that if they desire to make it possible for men and women to use the same bathroom that they either make a separate bathroom for transgender individuals or let them use the family bathrooms that are available in numerous businesses these days. Locker rooms should be treated in the same way. If there is a complaint regarding not wanting to be exposed to those of a sex that they do not identify with, then we must consider everyone in this case. I would not feel comfortable using the rest room or locker room with a man, regardless of whom he identifies with. Do I not have the same rights as they do? This issue needs to be looked at from all directions, not just one. This is not a matter of discrimination but rather an issue of safety. To require this practice is to rule against the Violence Against Women Act.


DD May 9, 2016 at 5:58 pm

Concerning your push for men using women’s restrooms, where did you think that was going to be accepted by any society? Why aren’t you concerned in the least for the safety and security of the women and children who spend their money to help you keep your jobs? Do you realize there are gay women and men who have children, who are also very concerned about their children’s safety as well? I guess you don’t care about them as either. Evidently you are not very thankful, which is consistent with the banishing of the bell ringers from the Salvation Army in front of your stores to help the poor as well. Obviously you are just supporting “Sexual Predators” and that is unacceptable!! My family and I will be boycotting your stores. We pray Target will go under and quickly! Disrespect for those who shop there is obvious! There are way too many other places to shop who respect their customers!


Jim May 9, 2016 at 11:04 am

Dear Target,
I used my debit card at your store to make a purchase for $95.11 Saturday evening. I was told that the transaction was declined, so I was instructed to swipe again. Nothing, still declined. I know my card was fine but what could I do? I went home and checked my account and indeed, the transaction went through. I went back to the store and got no help. Called the bank and they said there was a problem with the card machine at the register. After calling corporate, the said it takes up to 3 days just to file a dispute. Why? I have a copy of the signed receipt, transaction #, ID# and even the store manager’s cell. Does it take you 3 days to make a phone call and help me?

I will NEVER step foot inside a Target store again.


Nancy May 5, 2016 at 3:14 am

Nancy Lynne Nelson

I have a question and have gone through your site and cannot see a standing on the issue of a man in the woman’s restroom. I have put this on your facebook with no response so I thought I would take this directly to you. I would like to know your stand on this. I know many who are going on and on that this is a transgender issue when in fact they are a very small portion of those involved. Nobody is looking at the crossdressers (the majority who are heterosexual), the transvestites, and pedophiles, those who like to video tape women in the restrooms. What is your stand on this? I ask because I know for a fact that many crossdressers, their girlfriends and wives want this for the crossdresser. I say this, because I have had a lot of exposure to this part of society and know that are happy this is now acceptable. Women’s right to privacy is being stripped away and while the small percentage of transgender (who.. let’s face it.. have already been using the women’s bathroom) know it’s on the books, it’s the rest of those who are crossdressers and more will see this as a free pass to visit the women’s bathroom. So, if you ARE for this… what will be done to protect all women and children?


Gabrielle J. Forman May 4, 2016 at 3:25 pm

I am in the process of decorating a large new home from scratch. I was going to be shopping at Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc., but now, because of your new policy of gender-neutrality, I will make sure that I buy everything I can from Target.

I am not transgender, or even a member of any minority group. Just a middle-aged caucasian woman who was raised to believe that the greatest American value (let alone a Christian one) is treating others with respect and dignity.

Thank you, Target, for upholding this value.


Julie May 22, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Yes, I understand that…but it is being pushed for everyone to accept this is the way it is. If a child or a woman get hurt in the bathrooms by someone, is target responsible or liable?


Keren Elrod May 1, 2016 at 7:47 pm

Dear Target Manager,

I’m writing to let you know that I’m deeply offended by the intolerance shown in Target’s recent statement of “inclusivity” by allowing people to use the restroom or fitting room of their choice, regardless of their biological gender.

Although Target has stated this upholds inclusivity, in reality, it is incredibly insensitive toward families raising children and even toward women in general. Despite the shifts in culture, I do not want to put my daughters or those I love in a private place where any man, including a sexual predator, could walk in.
I am aware that Target has suggested those who feel this way use the single-stall restroom, when available. I do not understand why, when there is already a single-stall for those who, for whatever reason, are not comfortable using the gender-specific restroom, Target doesn’t simply encourage them to use the single-stall restroom.
Because of these concerns, I will no longer be shopping at Target, and I am asking you to consider the millions of customers who are offended and uncomfortable with Target’s corporate stance on this issue.


Keren Elrod


Karen May 1, 2016 at 5:40 pm

I am disappointed that you’ve decided to make your public bathrooms gender neutral. It’s an unwise decision, it’s offensive and enough to convince me not to return to your store while this policy is in place. I will be returning my red card, shredded, later this week.


Dustin Hughes May 1, 2016 at 1:42 pm

As a former shopper of Target, and one who actually loved the store, I would rather spend more at other retailers than step foot into a retail store with the current “restroom policy” in place.

As a father, husband, brother and son, I cannot imagine a more ignorant policy. To dismiss nature and society’s most fundamental division of differences in a public area where there is a real expectation of privacy and no cameras, this is a company which doesn’t care about its customers or bottom line for that matter.

Bon chance et au revoir, Target.


Vincent W. Hawkins April 30, 2016 at 11:36 pm

To Whom it may concern: I’m not sure if your organization manages The Gold Strike Casino and Hotel located in Tunica Mississippi, but, my overall experience was good. However, me and my wife stayed in the hotel for our anniversary… on April 28,thru 30th, but after we checked out, a very expensive outfit (yellow shirt and pants) was accidently left in our room (543). When my wife try to contact Management, they pretended that nothing happened. There are over 1000 security cameras in that hotel, I can’t understand how housekeeping can’t account for what happens on their watch and what the staff do. I served my country for 30 years, and to be treated in that manner was very unprofessional.


J. Hall April 30, 2016 at 12:31 pm

I am a red card member, a stock holder, and a consumer. So I feel justified in voicing my opinion. I and my husband are completely against your decision and justification to allow anyone, other than the actual physical Gender to be allowed in restrooms not designated for their gender. I do not want to be subjected to the discomfort and concern that could or would occur in restrooms (men or women) women, especially. You and a small portion of our society seem to think you should decide for the majority of people what we and our children should be exposed to. As a stock holder, I don’t remember being considered in the decision. You spend a lot of money on PR. So instead, allocate money to build an individual bathroom for ‘Gender Neutral’ people, and let the rest of us feel safe and secure in the restrooms of our real Gender. It places too much of a risk for women & children. All it would take is one possibility of harm or perversion on someone, to cause a large lawsuit against Target. It is like putting lights at an intersection. It takes a death to get them put in. I have no problem with people doing ‘their thing’, but I do have a problem with it being shoved down my throat. So please, reconsider your position, as I will reconsider my stock options too. Very Disappointed Stock holder and Card Holder.


Richard barnes April 29, 2016 at 9:41 pm

I will bet George Dayton would not approve of your bathroom policy. Hope your stock continues to tumble until the board calls for an immediate termination of all upper level employees. Your business should be ran according to the majority of your customers. That being said the majority is calling for your termination. We will continue to boycott you until the stockholders call for action. God bless and I have nothing against different people. Most Americans want to have their families safe and you do not provide a safe environment. If I say I’m a Mercedes, Please Dont grab for the dipstick to check my oil. I am not a car. I am a person. God made male and female. He made them. He did not make a mistake. Every knee shall bow and everyone will have to make an account for what they did.


Kathy April 29, 2016 at 8:38 pm

Please stop commercials that are Not spoken in ENGLISH!! This is the United States of America not Mexico not Puerto Rico – not India!!! Please honor AMERICANS-stop trying to ram your commercials down our throats–THIS IS AMERICA!!!! Use the correct language for the area!!!!!


Bryan April 29, 2016 at 3:44 pm

Dear Former Favorite Shopping place,

First let me say that as the father of 5 children and a wife who has shopped at your store for over 20 years, your recent allowance of men who identify as women or women who identify as men into a dressing room or bathroom that is opposite of what they are and not what they want to be is completely disgusting!

I can honestly say we have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at your store! You will never receive another dime from my family. The 3 girls that I have that are now in their teens and grown will NEVER come to your store. You pander to be politically correct and hold no family protected values.

This email is specifically for everyone listed on the board who obviously has no family valies. You can see their information here –


A Former Customer


Mary Kay April 29, 2016 at 12:15 pm

I wanted to let you know, I was compromised by Target’s data breach. As a result I did not shop at Target, it took a long time to get over. I forgave Target’s irresponsible behavior and began to shop after receiving a chipped debit card from my bank.

Unfortunately, Target has again compromised it’s shoppers safety by allowing people to use dressing rooms and bathrooms willy-nilly.

A man shouldn’t be able to enter the women’s restroom or dressing room because he says he ‘feels like a woman today,’ That is absolutely ridiculous. The fact is, gender identity isn’t something we choose or feel. We are the sex God created us to be – male or female. How a person feels doesn’t change the facts.

It’s as if an anatomical fog has rolled across the fruited plain – causing befuddlement in bathroom stalls from coast to coast and opened another concern for safety. Any pedophile or rapist who choses can now enter a Target dressing room or bathroom using gender-identification they chose that day to assault would be victims has the go ahead from Target. I can’t wait to see Target named as a co-defendant in all of the impending assault cases.

People man-parts should use the men’s room and those of you with lady-parts should use the ladies room.


Jennifer April 29, 2016 at 12:08 pm

It is not only about protecting children but also OLD women – I am one – who are yet another vulnerable TARGET [pun intended] for predictors.

Both my daughter and daughter-in-love shop at Target. Let me restate that USED to shop at Target.


Jennifer April 29, 2016 at 11:58 am

I was told the reason for the new restroom policy is because Target wants everyone to feel comfortable. Well I don’t!! I guess Target considers me a NO ONE. You won’t let me pack heat in your store. NOW you expose me to predators. I am closing my Red Card and transferring my Rx’s to another store which is farther from my home.

With great joy I say in Russian До свидания.


HeatherM April 28, 2016 at 12:41 pm

I am concerned about your new inclusive bathroom policy. I am the mother of three precious girls. Your new policy allow a pedophile to follow them into the restroom claiming their are identify as a women. The same can be stated with a woman following a boy into the men’s restroom.

I love a sign I saw in a Kroger store and think it would be a perfect solution to being inclusive. It states:

“we have a UNISEX bathroom because sometimes gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations. And since we have a lot of our friends coming to see us, we want to provide a place for our friends who are:

Dads with daughters
Moms with sons
Parents with disabled children
Those in the LGBTQ community
Adults with aging parents who may be mentally or physically disabled

THANK YOU for helping us provide a safe environment for EVERYONE!”

I feel that a unisex bathroom would be a perfect solution for inclusiveness. It is my hope that you will change your policy and add a Unisex bathroom to your stores for the safety of all your guests and employees.

Thank you,


dennis monzo April 29, 2016 at 11:11 am

Dear Target,
Sadly you have lost me and my family as a customer for ever. I have had it with your contributions to destroying the moral order. You will lose thousands of dollars my household has spent in your stores.
You would think it would be smarter to stay out of such issues, but you chose not to you. This will result in the loss of many customers. I hope the transgender customer base can sustain your typical annual sales because I wont be.


Angie and Todd Olson April 21, 2016 at 12:09 am

My husband and I have been hunting for a large Patio Umbrella, and yesterday we were so excited to find the perfect one for our family. But wait!!!! A very helpful associate confirmed the price, the DPCI/UPC code, and the detailed description. He also confirmed there was only the floor model in store. After checking MANY other surrounding Target stores it was quickly determined each store only received 1/store and that was the floor model! Also NOT AVAILABLE on line. Although it was the floor model (as with all other stores as well) we decided to buy it. We went to get our truck and after returning with 15 minutes they advised they could not sell it to us since it was the floor model, that it was Targets policy!! Their policy: to display a seasonal item (only one per store), Item Description, DPCI but we are the Guest yes the purchasers cannot buy it until it goes on DISCONTINUED!!! In 8 weeks!!! I’ve so incredibly disappointed with target, the lack of respect for our time, and complete false advertisement of their seasonal items! I never ever ever thought I wouldn’t be a loyal Target shipper until yesterday….so disappointed and so ready to hear from corporate to make this right!


brad self April 20, 2016 at 7:31 pm

Target doesn’t give a XXXXX about alienating millions of normal people who don’t want their childrens privacy and safety violated. They apparently don’t care if I or people like me don’t agree with their bathroom policy. Me and my family and anyone I can convince will never shop at target for the rest of my life .Not that target cares I don’t pretend to be a woman or sodomize men so i really don’t matter to target that’s pretty clear now.


Deborah Spears April 23, 2016 at 7:09 am

I am in agreement with you I will not shop Target. I have emailed them and tried calling. No one emailed me back and my calling them was a joke. I could never got to talk to a human so I could ask questions.


Bruce April 24, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Well this is just a sign of our times we keep losing more and more things in the name of a kinder and gentler nation. Just got to keep everybody happy but you have forgotten Gods laws. Hope you all know what is coming and you have to answer for what you have done.


Becky April 24, 2016 at 6:51 pm

I can’t agree more. I loved to shop at Target but after this stunt it saddens me that I will take a stand for parents everywhere that want to protect their children from the evil that is infiltrating our country. So disappointed that I have no rights as a parent to protect my children.


L April 25, 2016 at 10:03 am

If anyone wants to voice their opinion,


stern April 25, 2016 at 6:01 pm

I agree with you it is not a good Idea with all the un stable people running around and if you are a Christian you surely know God words in the Bible if not try looking it up surprise are you not what it says . I and many others are not going to target any more and shop. hope you understand why if not again ck. your morals standings on this issue


alll.con April 27, 2016 at 3:42 pm

This is regarding this whole target policy .
I want to start with saying I’m all about the LGBT community, but this whole bathroom policy is WRONG!!!. Why can’t a separate bathroom be made for people who are unsure of what bathroom to use ??. Why do I need to feel unsafe about using a bathroom , why do I have to tell my daughter that a man is allowed in the girls restroom ?. Why when I take my 3 month old baby to change her diaper there will be a man in there while my baby is exposed when changing her??. What are you thinking Target ?. Are you kidding ?. I was going to work there a while ago and wanted to return , now I will not nor shop there I’ve been shopping at my local Target since I was able to even walk now I don’t see it happening and that is just sad!. I want to feel safe at my local Target not unsafe or uncomfortable using the restroom . I hope you know what your doing Target and all the CEO and upper level founders. If there is a rape, or molestation or invasion of privacy or men and women abusing your so called “everything is equal” bull , you will need to put your face and your brand on the line. You will ruin a lot of families if a situation like this occurs or becomes a regular thing. Male a separate bathroom !!!. If you have children or loved ones thong about it. Would you feel comfortable with your chicken, wife, aunt ,mother using a restroom where a man who will play a part of being gay,bi, for a day be breathing down the stall next to your lived one or invading there privacy ??. I get it we are not safe anywhere , but now your just making it worse.
Please think about your policy and make a separate bathroom for those who want to use different gender bathrooms..
Until then I will say bye to Target and inform all my friends and families to do the same
Thanks for the great shopping experience untill now..


Alex April 18, 2016 at 7:20 pm

I have a late fee which amounts to 151% interest. This is a rediculous amount. I tried calling and was told there is nothing that can be done. I asked for it to be elevated but they refused. They are content to lose a long time customer for a small amount of money. Although the amount is small the percentage is very high.


Alex April 20, 2016 at 5:38 pm


Got a call back from Supervisor David who just said the same thing as the others and would not let me speak to a manager.
When I had worked for customer service in other companies the idea was to work it out, get upline approval if needed and make it so the customer was satisfied and wanted to buy more stuff and tell friends about what good service we had.
The policy they have in this matter is so bad that I do not want to buy from this company anymore. This is not something I am just throwing out there.
I am completely unsatisfied and think a policy change or exceptions should be built in to their system.
This is not the way to run a service department.


Marita Reed April 7, 2016 at 6:49 am

I went into a target located in Canton Ohio looking to purchase a shopkins mystery edition 2.0 but they have none in stock nor can I purchase the item online. Mind you I drove about an hour just to visit this store in hopes they had something I could purchase for my child. While there yesterday 4/6/16 I purchased 3 items. The total seemed kinda high but I was in a hurry and just assumed the one item was not on sale as I thought it was. After driving the hour home and giving my child the items which she has already opened I found my receipt and to my surprise the cashier rang up my item that was on sale $11.86 (our generation toy) and she rang the shopkins tin with trading cards up twice which was $9.99 but failed to ring up the shopkins mystery plush toy bag which I believe was only around $4-5. I do not understand why the alarm didn’t go off which I would have realized the mistake right then and there. Because my child opened the items and I already tossed the wrappers away there is no way for me to absolutely prove what she did not do I remember her name but I am very unsatisfied and may never shop at a target again not only because of this but also because your store has the item I actually wanted but no way to order online and I was told most stores only get a handful of that item if at all. I was a new customer but thinking Im done attempting to shop at any location or online.


Bob March 25, 2016 at 2:27 pm

Just purchased a outdoor furniture set $1700 . Target apparently uses an awful shipping company which has as little regard for customer service as they apparently do . The company Estes Worldwide something ( don’t recall acronym) sent me an e-mail for delivery on 3/23 , and confirmed it the day before on the 22nd that it would be delivered between 8am and 6 pm . Quite the window , in which case I took a day out of work and burnt a personal day . On that same day at 1;39pm in the afternoon the e-mail saying sorry something came up and it might be today but most likely the 24th . I advised that is unacceptable as I am not taking time off to wait another day, nor do I trust them . I suggested a Saturday delivery and was told they don’t work Saturday ( apparently they don’t work Monday either) . I contacted Target at the same time as they select this company and I assume are one of there vendors for shipping , thinking there is no way Target would allow this , or at the very least arrange an option to have it be after 5 the next day not what was convenient for the shipper . No such luck , got the same story except how about next week . They further tell me they have Jarred on the phone from the shipping company who appears to be on the management team . Are they kidding would these people actually accept this in there own personal dealings ? Ended up telling them keep it and ship it back which of course they are more than willing to do and could care less that you wanted the item. The icing on the cake is it gets shipped back they credit my credit card less $64.20 handling fee . I called regarding that ended up with a supervisor who said they already put the credit through and offered me a $64 Target card . I explained I would rather eat the money than shop there after all of this and there inability to try and negotiate a solution with there shipper and myself . I am sending various communications etc to Mr John Mulligan EVP . He may or ,ay not read it or care but should be aware of the types of decisions that are being made at the other levels of Target . There should have been an insistence that some type of accommodation was made after the inconvenience especially as I really liked the item. I cant see why they could not have narrowed a delivery or made it at the end of the day because of there error. I was also told they could not issue another credit to my card for the $64.20 which I know is not true as I am 32 years in the banking industry .


Dawn March 23, 2016 at 2:45 pm

THANKS Target for GREAT customer service here in Toledo OH. Your quality Target brand merchandise is also very much appreciated. You are the best place to shop for budget-conscious customers who also want good products. We ❤ our Target! -Dawn


Amber March 22, 2016 at 2:54 pm

Target doesn’t care about their ex-employees. I worked Seasonal for the 2015-2016 Holiday Season. I have been trying to get my W2 since January. It is now March 22, 2016. I have spoken to everyone in HR at the Far Southwest store in Las Vegas Nevada. I have been given a complete runaround. When I called today, I was informed that there NO ONE was in, or going to be in HR today. I finally reach an LOD, which took my name and phone number and said that he would get back to me with a phone number I could call. Target treats their Seasonal Employees like disposable trash bags!!!! Their management team where I worked was all young and very irresponsible. Their phones never work. You will be cut off several times. This is a ruse to discourage calls. Corporate uses the same technique. Only they use the “choose a number” of what department you need to talk to. But no matter what number you press, it never takes you anywhere. You just keep hearing the recording over and over again.

I would never work, shop, or refer anyone to target.


Joann Hinton April 27, 2016 at 2:46 pm

It is a shame that Targets has no regard for the safety of our children or women of this country. I understand sales are lower than last year. I personally signed a boycott today saying I would never shop at Targets as long as their bathroom policy remains the same. Being politically correct is being carried to far, when it infers with the safety of our children. I will tell you right up front if I or a child in my family is injured physically or mentally in your store, I will hire a lawyer and sue Targets. Sorry I should not have included myself since I will no longer shop at targets. Making the restrooms open for transgenders is one thing, put opening the women’s restroom to men in general is wrong. The Boycott I signed almost had a million signers and understand that it is not the only one going around. How do you explain to your stockholders the lose of business. Wish you luck but think you will closing more store than first were mention at beginning of year.


brendawbryant March 3, 2016 at 3:59 pm

Target doesn’t care about their employees or customers .I fell in target in tennessee lost the use of my right dominate hand with nail and screws .I am uninsured they denied me medical expences.I am 62 and I have a disabled huspand.This is what target stands for thoughtlesss arrogant rude Godless even terrorising.


Karee Haywoof February 6, 2016 at 8:04 pm

I just want to say I went to Target to use my gife card , and when I went to check out the girl started asking me for my Driving License I told her I was using my gife card . But wanted to see my License I give it to her then she wanted me to put my SSN: in this pad , I told her I don’t need a credit card because I already have one , as I was putting my SSN: in the girl at the next register was Looking over my shoulder trying to see my SSN: I felt like they were trying to steal my identification and when I reported it to the manager of to Target store he didn’t do anything and I could her the two girls laughing in the back ground I don’t think that was funny trying to steal people identification is a crime . And something should have been done about that , so people please be careful when you are shopping at that Target store . maybe I should file it with BBB .


R.L. Fletcher February 4, 2016 at 1:20 pm

I will never shop or for that matter Target. It is just unacceptable that minutes after you place an order that included a big mistake, you can’t cancel it. I ordered some items for a baby shower on the recipients registry page. I also added a couple of other items to the order. The default shipping address is the recipient not the purchaser so I quickly clicked on change shipping address and entered my own. Low and behold, they don’t give you a “check your order” screen it just submitted and the confirmation order summary showed the shipment going to the recipient. I immediately called and they told be it couldn’t be canceled because the items already shipped. I said that is absolutely preposterous, there is no physical way they could of shipped already. So then they said that they could cancel all but 4 of the items and the last item I would have to wait until it shipped, get the tracking number then call and they’d intercept. The next day, (this morning) I get an email that the 4 items they canceled shipped!!! OMG what is going on with this place. I have a case #10810280 So I call, they say there isn’t a option to intercept, they say call UPS. UPS says you have to contact the shipper that the label has been created but the package hasn’t even left Target. OMG, what? Did I mention that in the mean time I re-ordered the 4 items so that they’d ship to my address? What a mess. This doesn’t even include the one item that hadn’t shipped yet and they claimed couldn’t be canceled. I’m just at a loss, so frustrated. Big stores like this just don’t care if they loose you as a customer, nor do they care that this experience makes us long time consumers stick to our guns. I will not ever do business with them again. And to think I haven’t even begun to try and get refund for double order. I don’t have time for all this, but feel a need to speak out.


Joe April 19, 2016 at 2:54 am

Targets credit department sucks! I got laid off and missed two payments and got charged late fees that cost more than the items. I purchased. When I called they refused to negotiate even though I want to make it right. The supervisor just keeps saying sorry that’s our policy. She would rather lose customers than help them.
This is the worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. The worst!
I have been a customer of Target over 40 years. That supervisor should be ashamed of herself representing the company like that. It’s disgraceful.
I guess I’ll take my business to Walmart.


Mindy Shapiro January 28, 2016 at 6:01 pm

Ordered a crib, dresser and crib mattress. Rec’d dresser and mattress. No crib. I called and they said there was a label prepared for the item but it never shipped. Ordered crib again. Never rec’d. Called customer service (in India) and they were useless. So I went to the,store and purchased the crib myself. If they ever do deliver it, I will not accept the order. And by the way, they charged my account immediately after I ordered. They are no supposed to charge your credit card until the item is shipped. And for those that don’t know, is not owned by Target anymore. Another company bought The Target employee told me that ever since this part of the company was sold, they’ve had nothing but complaints. I will never order from again.


Donal Strother January 28, 2016 at 6:21 am

I tried to order a outside firepit on line . When delivered it was damaged not once but twice. Target an the shipping company that they choose to do the delivery now are pointing fingers at each other. The third one was said to have been delivered . I was home all day from work and no delivery. Shipping company that was contracted by target either never got it or they STOLE IT. I am out 400.00 dollars , broken fire pit. An hours off trying to strengthen the mess out. I wish some one in corporate office would get to this and resolve it. I my be crazy for continuing to order Target. But I have. This story can go on for ever. I IT HARD TO BELIEVE
But I have pictures and notes to back up. Big Corporate don’t walk on the little guy


Mindy Shapiro January 28, 2016 at 6:06 pm

Donal, was sold to a third party. No longer owned or run by Target. I’ve also had a huge problem with a delivery. I’m never using and I suggest you do the same. Also, their drugstore is now owned by CVS not Target.


Glen Henry April 19, 2016 at 12:33 pm

That’s a good thing,target gave me the wrong meds in Dec/15…still waiting to see what is going to happen…They have contected me several times,but…..nothing but problems.


Chris January 15, 2016 at 7:23 pm

My credit card was hacked at Target. Several years later, I purchased an item online via PayPal. After returning the item, I was issued a GIFT CARD. I don’t want a gift card. I requested a refund to my PayPal account. The customer service rep & three supervisors, either rerouted my call or just hung up. As you can see from all the negative comments on this site, I am not the first customer to be disgusted with TARGET. Another dissatisfied “LOST” customer.


Samantha Kimmel January 8, 2016 at 7:10 pm

I sent this to CVS today:

I get my medications at Target drugstore, which you have acquired. Actually, I must presume that you know, as the “ISSUE” I want to let you know about requires an IQ of at least 3 digits and my visit today insinuated that you people are not… MENSA material. Here’s the deal: Today I was given a pneumonia vaccine. I saw the sharp’s container and it’s LUDICROUS: the drop slot is completely useless. It is about five inches across, has some plastic flowery thing over that, but there is MORE than enough room for anyone to stick their entire hand into the sharp’s box and THIS IS NOT SAFE.
A SAFE sharp’s box is one which BLOCKS retrieval of needles, which might lead to accidental transfer of pathogens, or criminal intent.
FIX THIS. (I have 17 years experience working in the hospital biz, but an idiot should know that sharp’s containers must be impregnable. Look that last one up.) I know what I’m talking about.
Fix it.


Monica January 5, 2016 at 3:40 pm

Found out today that Target Visa is no longer accepting online payments from individuals who have closed their accounts!! Other companies are happy to take my money online. Why the change? You had been taking my payment online. My account has been closed for sometime now because I got frustrated with your customer service reps. This is discrimination!


Gary Jones January 3, 2016 at 10:36 pm

I have had a 10k credit limit on my Red card for years. I went a year without using it. When I did and received my statement I had a $200 credit limit, and no notification. You could have put me in an embarrassing position if my purchases had exceeded the limit. I.called Customer service,spoke to a managerin the Philippines call center and was told you would respond. Nothing. I will not shop Target unless my credit is restored.


Corporate January 3, 2016 at 11:09 am

I’m writing to complain about your company I am trying to shop for my daughters baby shower and this is the second time this has happened to us the collection is on clearance in stores and also showing on line but when you called the online number they are telling only a few color patterns are on clearance so why are they showing the one I’m looking for,I have called nearly every store from Fla to ny every store has it clearance but sold out ,I was told but to different manager on to either pay full price or go somewhere else and buy a different item ,I have never heard this before your company is very rude and would rather lose a sale , so we will go to Walmart and give then our money this is unbelievable how you treat your customers,also please get manager can speak English as well as has mentters very unsedified


larry ahrndt December 28, 2015 at 6:32 pm

just wanted to say DONT RETURN anything to target unless you have a sales slip….Went to my target store in fort smith Arkansas to return a $45.00 heater no sales slip as it was a Christmas gift that I did not need….out of $45.00 I get a f**ing gift card for $ 11.59…Not only can target kiss my a** but I will dam sure do my best to slander there name and let everyone know they are a rip off….Hope target sees this ……..


Lynn December 30, 2015 at 1:29 am

Hey Larry, this just happened to me today also. My husband bought me a blanket for Christmas. It didn’t fit my bed so I returned never used. I got store credit card for it. I shopped then bought some more items and used the card they have me. I saw that my amount was like 16 something on the card they gave me. I didn’t think that blanket was that cheap. So later I called to ask my husband and it was about $40 he spent on it. I went to target to see if I could get it fixed but they told me since I didn’t have a receipt or card that it was bought with that they had to take half off the original price which I don’t understand because the customer service lady neverrrrr told me they were going to do that. If she would have then I would have waited for my husband to bring it back up there with his card to return so we can get our full amount back!!! Duh! Came home and called the manager. She was very very hateful to me and said the least she could do was give me 20% off a new item!? Crazy! I’m wanting to contact corporate in the morning. Did you happen to do that by chance?


Just call me Joe Shmo December 26, 2015 at 5:30 pm

I was going to post a message about how bad is but after reading all the posts here I’d only be redundant.

My advise to anyone is never ever order from and expect delivery before Xmas. I ordered on 12/12 and was promised 12/22. 12/22 came and I called and was promised 12/23. 12/23 came and I was promised 12/24. I think you can guess by now it didn’t come. On the 24th they promised me the 26th. Guess what! After speaking to a manager I was offered a $5 gift certificate.

My biggest mistake, besides trusting Target to live up to its obligations, was telling my little grandson that Santa missed thiis ft and will come tomorrow with it. Now my grandson thinks Santa is a big screw up.

Happy Holidays everyone


Jan Bruce December 24, 2015 at 1:40 pm

Dear Mr. Steinhafel,
I am very disappointed to learn that Target Stores are open until 11pm on Christmas Eve. Are your stores really in need of late night shoppers on Christmas Eve? Shouldn’t most shoppers be done by 7 or 8pm and home with their families? No wonder the American Family is in crisis when employers such as yourself are requiring Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers to work so late on Christmas eve. At least you are closed on Christmas Day, I will give you that. I realize that not all of your employees are Christian and don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas. Perhaps those employees should be the ones working Christmas Eve if they do not celebrate this holiday.
I am a very disappointed customer and will not be shopping again at Target any time soon. It is time to take a stand for American Familys.


Valerie Wieckhorst January 2, 2016 at 5:57 pm

I agree with Jan.


Hershell December 21, 2015 at 8:42 pm

Target is a joke. The Target near were I leave blocks the Christmas dept with trash in the morning.The store on Laburnum Ave in Richmond, VA has a team of people that place product out when the truck comes in I call them the dump team. If there is room for 5 items they dump 50 so the product is just a big mess and you can’t find anything. Check to see if a product is in stock and they say yes and then you get to the store and the item is not there. Go the purchase an item they have no price so they just make one up and sell it. The jock with customers is just give them a price the do not check as long as it is under 20.00 they change it. One day the store is busy they decide to clean up the office supply area you know office supply is important at Christmas. I went into the store the begining for Dec. picked up about 25 items. After paying for the items the bill seemed high . I went out to my car and then back into the store to check the prices. out of 25 items 18 of them were incorrect The items were either placed in the wrong place or the sale price from 2 weeks ago were still up on the shelf. I think that the team of managers needs to do there job and stop giving away the store.


Susan December 23, 2015 at 10:05 am

I too am totally disgusted with Target. I shop in our local store regularly and have always enjoyed the merchandise. Last week I ordered a doll for my granddaughter for Christmas and it was to have been delivered by 12/24/15. Yesterday, I received a doll that was a fraction of the cost and not even close to what I ordered. Inititally, I called the customer relations number that I found online. I spoke with someone who could not speak or understand English well at all. She informed me I had to return the doll to the store for an exchange. I explained that this doll is not available at the store, only online and I asked to speak to her supervisor. This call lasted about 30 minutes and I never did get to speak to a supervisor before I was so enraged, I hung up. I then called our local store in D’Iberville, MS and spoke with the manager, Eric Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman was extremely condescending with me telling me that he has nothing to do with online orders but he would see about “letting” me return the incorrect item to the store for a return. I explained that I needed the correct doll sent to me by Thursday as this was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter. After hearing repeatedly that this “was all he could do” for me, I was furious! This is how customers are treated at Target? Yes, I used some choice language. I was extremely upset and he has no interpersonal skills whatsoever, don’t know how this guy is in management! He hung up on me and told me he would not speak with me again. I again called the customer relations number and yet, again, got someone else who did not speak English well. I asked, where exactly am I calling for customer service in an American based corporation. Guess what, Central America! They outsource their customer service out of our country!!!!!!!!! After 2 hours of phone calls I am told, “We haven’t even shipped the doll yet”. Well, they surely did. The wrong doll and a packing slip with the order that I originally placed! UNBELIEVABLE!!! After this is resolved, and it will be, I will NEVER shop at TARGET again and will encourage ALL of my friends and family to do the same!


Karen December 21, 2015 at 8:16 pm

Target is a joke. The Target near were I leave blocks the Christmas dept with trash in the morning.


Jerod Johnson December 21, 2015 at 7:44 pm

How Target stole my four kids Christmas

I tried to buy a trampoline online from target
Upon completion of the order i was informed target did not have the item there is no charge
Target took my last $200 dollars the weekend before Christmas told me it was not a charge and i would have6my money back in 24hrs
Its now three days before Christmas and after being on hold the phone for two hours i was told by Aurora that there is nothing that can be done that she is the end all be all of target finances
Again i tried to pled my case that that is all the money i have too by my four kids Christmas
Ages 1,2,4&6
Aurora then chuckled and said sorry hopefully you get back in a few days
I even said i would take a gift card from local store another chuckle
I am appalled at the customer service from target

Well thanks for listening im off to Amscott
Hopefully i csn make rent in a couple of weeks


Ryan Engelbrecht December 20, 2015 at 11:18 pm

Hello Target Management

I am so disappointed I’m not sure where to start. My wife set out to buy an elf on the shelf and found it online. She paid online and was informed to pick it up at a local houston store. Once arriving at the store she was treated with such disdain to leave her almost in tears. She was told she never placed the order and forced to log in to her bank to prove she had actually paid for the item. She was told to call a 1800 number and come to find out the store was out of the item. From there we set about calling the online number to try and get the issue resolved. After talking to a manager we were hung up on, we called back and were left on hold for 2 hours. I used my cell phone and was able to reach a man called ‘Frank’ in Central America. He refused to refund us our money or find a way to get us the item we already paid for. I personally manage a call center and I am absolutely disgusted in the way your associates treat customers and there inability to resolve a simple issue. I plan to inform the public by any means possible to no longer shop at Target.

Please do the right thing and contact me asap.




Agnieszka December 14, 2015 at 11:18 pm

I purchased TV on cyber week at The TV came in broken. I wanted to exchange it. They had a problem with giving me the link to UPS. After that, a person at the customer service said that I could leave the TV at the store and that they would ship me a new one. I contacted customer service again, but this time they told me that I can get a TV with regular price. I came back to the store and canceled the return and I took the broken TV back home. I just wanted to exchange the TV for a new one. I’ve called customer service many times and spent hours trying to solve the problem. They lied to me by telling me that if I leave the TV at the store I could get another one for the sale price. I’m sick and tired. Target’s customer service doesn’t help me solve the problem. Where can I find help to solve my problem? Ordering a new TV doesn’t help because always cancel my new order.


Ashley Mills December 14, 2015 at 9:31 pm

I pre ordered Minions on Nov 205th. Estimated delivery date Dec 10th. On Dec 8th the item was in my state. Now 5 days later it is in Pennsylvania and upon calling corporate to inquire as I why my item is not here yet she told me after looking it should be to me the 15th…which is tomorrow. I said no it will not since its in Pennsylvania and I’m in Michigan. That’s all she could tell me or do for me and said if i don’t have it tomorrow to call back. I am very very unhappy with the service Target CORPORATE has given ME. I could have bought the item at the store or 9 other online sites 5x over by now and received them all. I want my product or my money back ASAP to go and purchase my child’s Christmas present at another store.


Judy December 14, 2015 at 8:09 pm

I placed an order order #102883468570 Ninja® Fit Single Serve Blender for $39.99 on Nov 30 plus 15% cyber special. On 12/11 I got an e-mail that the order was delayed & should be ready by 12/13. On 12/14 I received an e-mail that the order cancelled with no reason. I called 5 times. The 1st representative told me the order was cancelled because I did not pick it up at the store, when asked for a supervisor I was placed on hold for 46 minutes and she never returned.
The 3rd associate said she would honor the order, but I would have to place in again. I did that while I hold the line I got an e-mail with the order confirmation $10 more than my original order. I called to find out why the order price was different, he told me it has to do with tax we only have 6% tax. then he gave me several excused and that the order was honored. I asked to speak to a supervisor, after holding for another 40 minutes. William came on the line his attitude was outrageus. He told me thye honored the order and they are busy, when I tried to explain to hime the problem he claimed that he cannot hear me. Refused to give his ID no. I honestly believe I was just put back in the queue and passed to another associate.
5 minutes later I got an e-mail that the order that was supposed to honored the 11/30 order was cancelled again with no explanation as to why.
Since then I called 3 times and each associate put me on hold and never return.


Toshia December 14, 2015 at 2:29 pm

I’ve purchased a large gold mirror console from Target and the item was delivered damage. Contacted customer service multiple times to attempt to exchange the console and I have been left on hold for 1 hr. Once a target team member answered, which was the same person when I called multiple times; he gives me the run around and will not assist me.

I need assistance right away. The customer service suck therefore, I will never shop in Target again.


John Thompson December 14, 2015 at 10:07 am

I purchased a TV on cyber Monday at The TV came in broken and I had to send it back. Target said they would not be getting anymore of these TVs in. I purchased it with my Paypal account. They then sent me an email stating that they would send me a gift card for the $599.99. I called them and spoke to a manager who was EXTREAMLY rude and uncaring about the situation. I told her I could not cash out a gift card to pay my Paypal back with. She did not care. I called the corporate office in Minneapolis and talked to the highest person I could speak with. She would not do anything about it either and hung up on me. Targets customer service was awful. I would understand if I got the TV and did not like it, but it was broken and did not work plus they would not be getting anymore in stock and they would not replace it so I would at this point expect them to refund the Paypal account. I will be reporting it as fraud at this point and contacting the Consumer Protection Bureau. I will never set foot in a Target store again.


Catalina December 13, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Dear Mr. Steinhafel,

I am writing to you as a target fan who shops at a target store on a weekly basis.

This past Cyber Monday I made several purchases online and one of them was canceled for no apparent reason. After several emails and phone calls, lasting more than 2 hours, I was finally told that your computer system automatically canceled my order because “it” thought it may be a fraudulent purchase. I was not informed that my order was canceled until several days after my purchase – otherwise, I would have ordered it again. All I ask is that the price I purchased this item for is honored now. It was not my fault and I am not asking for anything unreasonable.

I ordered this product at a promotional value during cyber Monday and I am requesting that the price be honored.

Thank you,
Order #102891178994


Maria A Habiger December 10, 2015 at 12:15 pm

THE WORST… I plan on paying down my Target Card and NEVER using it EVER again… Sad part is I love shopping at Target.

Ordered over $600 worth of merchandise for my grandchildren for Christmas. I’ve had to track everything down myself because things where not showing up.

Most recent last night I show the 3 tablets I ordered for my grandchildren where delivered to some random address in Amariilo Texas~ clear across the State from where my children live. I’ve spent a total of 8 hours between holding and calling back and forth between Target and UPS and neither are taking responsibility and now the items are no longer in stock at Target.

Target refuses to contact USP to put n a claim about this and UPS refuses to take my claim stating they delivered to the address Target provided them and therefore there is no claim to be made.

So this is $200 worth of product unanswered for and neither party wants to make it right…. the worst part is the only thing my granddaughter asked for is a tablet,…. and now this…

I HATE TARGGET They will never see another dime from me


Lisa December 8, 2015 at 12:21 pm

My customer online experience has been the absolute worst experience of any online shopping that have done in my years of online shopping. Overuse of automation and overall poor customer service. I placed an order for pick up , I received a confirmation of the order. However, the high demand order was suppose to be available for me to pick up at the store. I called before going to the store, which resulted to little or no information. I waited, it was suggested two days, called the online number and was told the item would be shipped when it came in. Then, three days later my order was cancelled stating i needed to change my delivery method, however when I went on line and when I talked to the representative at Target the shipping could not be changed. The worse being that they kept my money never delivered the merchandise nor did they return my money back on my card, not allowing me to purchase the only Christmas toy my baby wanted. I still have not been credited back my money over a week later. I tried calling daily and was put on hold 30-40 minutes trying to follow up after this. I even went on the online chat which returned a message that they were too busy to answer.Lastly i called the corporate office this was the only human response. After calling the corporate office the representative at the corporate office was very nice but was unable to do anything but offer me an apology. At the end the customer service representative apologized and forwarded my complaints. He stated he would send something in the email in response to my bad experience.


bob December 9, 2015 at 5:26 pm

I completely agree with the above customer. I ordered a coffee marker on cyber Monday (was suppose to get a free $15.00 gift card-promotion).,. well this week I have been charged $15.00 for the card on my credit card. I called and after waiting for 40 minutes on hold a supervisor finally answered.. He indicated that yes I was charged $15.00 for the FREE gift card.. (Target afraid I would return the coffee marker and than use the free gift card… He actually said “Target does not want to be out this $15.00 dollars if you return… What B.S. Nothing more than a “bait and switch” with the card… FREE – yeah right..
This has pissed me off that I will never shop in a target again (hell last year my credit card number was hacked- when shopping at Target-remember all the customers that had their accounts hacked)..
Do your self a favor………..Shop Amazon or any where else the provides quality customer service and “cares” about their customers.. Lets Hope that Target has a lousy Christmas season and just maybe they will go down the road like out retailers that have gone out of business……….”one can only hope”..


melissa December 10, 2015 at 10:22 pm

On 11/30/15 Cyber Monday I ordered a Diono car store item number# 030-09-3488 seat order # 902886792895 from the Target Website to be delivered to the Meriden Target. After promo codes my order came to 201.86 plus a $50 Target gift card. I have received emails confirming the order and most recently this week stating the order was delayed on 12/7/15 and was given a new in store delivery date of 12/7/15-12/19/15. On the morning of 12/10/15 I woke up to an email that said my order was cancelled. I promptly called customer service and spoke to a pleasant woman that said the fulfillment center was unable to fulfill the order but she could see if they would be able to ship to my house which I agreed. The color I order was not in stock but they had other colors which I was agreeable to color storm or shadow store item number # 030-09-3490 which was same original price just different color. When it came time to process the order she stated the price was 287.00 I said I didn’t believe I should be penalized for an error caused by targets system. I was asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Ashely W who was less than helpful. She said she could give me 10% off the 287.00 price. I explained that this was not satisfactory because I ordered the item and have waited over a week for it which is inconvenient as it is and am then being penalized because target made an error or had a system issue which cancelled my order due to fulfillment issues. She explained that there was nothing she could do. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she said she could not transfer me because the phones didn’t have the ability to transfer which I questioned because I was transferred to her. I again asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she was a supervisor and didn’t have a supervisor. I then questioned this several times and she repeatedly said she could not transfer me and that she didn’t have a supervisor, I requested that she doXXXXent this. She then disconnected the call. Up until this point I have always had positive dealings with target and do a significant amount of business with target. I am quite shocked and dissatisfied with the lack of professionalism and in regards to this matter. I feel that this was no fault of mine and I should not be penalized, I believe the customer service representative should have been accommodating and helpful instead displayed a lack of empathy and understanding in regards to this matter, all I wanted is the item I purchased for the purchase price that I have been waiting for over a week. I’m hoping you can assist me with this.


Maria Samonte December 7, 2015 at 10:22 pm

I believe that our company guidelines are not being followed. Rules and regulations of the company policies applies differently depending on individuals involve.
I suggest that Employee Relation or Integrity Hot line number should be remove in our handbook because it doesn’t really help tm’s at all and it’s just a waste of time and also put tm’s as a target for retaliation.
Target care about TM’S WELL BEING – should be remove too because nobody care about our WELL BEING.
AND being BRAND and EXPECTATION should be more specific within our guidelines. Is there different expectation if your Asian and is the expectation from another nationals are different.
COACHING AND WRITE UP – who does it apply to? I’m pretty sure not to everyone if your an Asian team leader and have a thick accent I think that’s an easy target because your STL look at you as stupid and not smart enough.

This are all suggestions only. I love working for Target it just happened that I’m not lucky enough to be on the safe side.

It really sucks that now a days to get promoted all you need is kiss up to the stl and etls or if your lucky you just need to be a personal friend of one of them unlike before everything is measured through hard work.


Rev Carole December 7, 2015 at 5:07 pm

I am very displeased with Target this year I needed my Hanukkah candles and Hanukkah supplies. For the last 7 years I have bought them at Target, and was very pleased to find a great selection of items. This year I checked 5 Targets in 2 states all told me the same thing they never received any Hanukkah items. I called Target today, and after 20min wait I get a customer service rep who cannot speak english, did not have a clue what I was talking about, when I insisted on speaking to a supervisior he hung up on me.
I guess Walmart isn’t so bad after all. I wonder what would happen if I contacted the media about this, and posted my complaint on facebook and other sites.. shall I say anti jewish?


Kasi December 7, 2015 at 4:21 pm

I placed an order on December 4, 2015. The sum of $128.98 was deducted from my account and I was notified that my shipment should arrive by Wednesday December 9, 2015. This morning the money was back in my account, the delivery date was changed to the 11th, and my order still has not been shipped. When I called the 1800 number I was told that no one could tell me when my order would be shipped or why the money was back in my account. When I was transferred to the supervisor, she kept telling me that the items could have been out of stock, the system has not been updated, and that she had no idea why my money was credited back to my account. When I asked to speak to her supervisor I was told that her supervisor does not receive phone calls and could not give me an email address. I am beyond frustrated! I have never had this problem and I buy from Target online every year at Christmas time. I would like to know when my order is going to be shipped out. I would like to know why money that was on hold is now back in my account. I also would like to know who do I place a formal complaint to.


Mary Dito December 7, 2015 at 9:26 am

My husband John paid our account in full on 12/2. The statement for January says we owe $1.11. He called to say account balance was zero (0). Placed 4 different calls, as after waiting 45 min., they hung. These reps were Emily, Kendra, Chico and one other all of whom HUNG UP when he asked to speak to a supervisor. I was ill, sleeping but my husband had to wake me up to speak to these people. Rose said in 48 hours my account will show zero balance for she could see payment in full. YOUR staff needs training as it concerns Customer Service and resolutions. Not worth the aggravation. Since I had a brain aneurysm, we submitted the proper doXXXXentation allowing HIM to handle my accounts. It yet has to show posted as such!!!!! We will never spend money at Target again.


Suzanne Kramer December 5, 2015 at 12:25 pm

Placed an order on Novemer 22 on Target website for a Samsung 32″ Smart TV with the option to ship to store and the website stated it would arrive by Decembet 2. On December 2, I received an email update that the new arrival would be between Decemer 2-4. On December 4 when I still had not received the T V, I called the 800 number listed on the order confirmation only to be on hold for at least 45 minutes. A rresentative, who I could barely
understand, her name was Sherry, came on the line. She informed me that I think she said the update on arrival was 3-5 business days. After finding out Inwas speaking to someone in the Phillipines, Inasked to be transferred to someone in the U.S. She said it would be a long wait and I said I would hold. After another 30 minutes she came back on the line and said she could not transfer me. I told her to try again and shortly after that I became disconnected. Not happy with Target outsourcing to the Phillipines and now I am on hold again today, December 5, again so far for 45 minutes. My dilemma is that we are heading to Florida for the winter and will not be back until April and we wanted this TV before we went. We are only here through December 8 near the store location where item was being sent. I want to see if the order can be redirected to a different store near where we will be in Florida. VERY FRUSTRATING AND VERY DISAPPOINTED IN TARGET!!


Revae December 2, 2015 at 6:39 pm

On Cyber Monday I placed an order and charged it to my credit card. Because of the “mess” on the Target site the order was duplicated. After waiting on the phone for 45 minutes, I conversed with a rep from Target (had difficulty understanding him). He told me the second order would be cancelled I checked my statement for my credit card and the duplicate charge was there.I again called Target, after a 35 minute hold, and was told it would take 7 to 10 days before cancellation would be completed I asked for an email stating this information – have yet to see it.
Tell me why it takes only moments to charge my credit card but 7 to 10 days to process a cancellation?
Dealing with the Target reps via phone is long and annoying. Obviously, Target does not care as they have outsourced all their customer service. It is an insult to Target’s customers to be treated in this manner.


gordon December 1, 2015 at 4:09 pm

it is no wonder the Canadians refused to do business with the company. i tried to place an order that included delivery and a discount. on line assistance pushed it through short 1 item and with out of state store pick up for another item. i spoke to 4 customer service people that could not speak english clearly or say their names. after hours of trying to get the order corrected i tried to cancel the order. they could not cancel the order but were able to send an email request for cancellation. the company is spending a lot of money for people that do not speak english clearly and can not amend or cancel an order. if you see this please be warned as to what you will encounter with problems ordering online.


James Sorrentino November 26, 2015 at 11:31 am

Thanksgiving morning 2015. I just came back fro your store at Tyrellan and Veterans Road in Staten Island N.Y. and let me tell you I was totally upset looking a large parking lot full with garbage and shopping carts. I have told the management of that store many times the carts are not being collected, you can see them all over the neighborhood. It is terrible !! The store is located near a large community of beautiful homes and we would like to see the whole neighborhood kept up. This store is a complete disgrace, you would think it was the slums. Why can’t the parking lot full with debris including food be cleaned on a regular basis like other parking lots. Poor management !!!! In addition to my email address I can be reached at 718 317 XXXXX or my cell 917 862 XXXXX


Take Back the Holiday Season January 29, 2016 at 11:40 pm

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday. You were at the Target store?


John Doe November 23, 2015 at 1:07 am

That fax number doesn’t work. It just rings.


Griffin Anthony Glaze November 22, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Hi target headquarters this is Griffin Anthony Glaze I am drawing you a picture of building a new super target on soldano blvd columbus ohio wait until the paint dries then I will send it to you and you can write me back to 4600 Hunting Creek Dr Grove City Ohio 43123


Linda Klancher November 21, 2015 at 11:31 am

I went to buy a can opener at my local store. Every one of them was made in China. I went home, looked on Amazon and ordered a Made In The USA can opener for the same money. If made in the US can openers are available, why doesn’t Target stock them? Give people a choice and let’s keep the jobs here.


Griffin Anthony Glaze November 20, 2015 at 5:18 pm

Hi Target Headquarters I am sending you another letter that they are demolishing old target great land on soldano Blvd. Columbus Ohio and building a new super target with live lobsters and hand dryers in the bathroom and touch less faucets.

4600 Hunting Creek Dr Grove City Ohio 43123


Take Back the Holiday Season November 16, 2015 at 8:45 am

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday, not a day for Target or any other retailers to be open. Whoever made the decision to open the stores on Thanksgiving should be ashamed and should be fired.
My family will not be shopping at Target until they show some respect for families and holiday traditions.
People need to wake up. This “Black Friday” garbage is not what the holidays are about. We have been bombarded with this rubbish since the first of November, including Target’s stupid “Adventure” commercials aimed at kids. This is a ploy to instill greed, materialism and selfishness in children.
It is time to reclaim the holiday season. New Year’s Day, Easter and July 4th were actually holidays at one time. One by one they were turned into another ordinary weekday with business as usual. Thanksgiving Day is the latest casualty. Christmas is all that is left and will be the next to face extinction, unless we put a stop to the destruction of what should be a special, joyous time of year.
Do not be swayed by the media with all its asinine commercials. Stay home on “Black Friday” and enjoy some well-deserved time off.


NUKAGUY November 15, 2015 at 4:37 am

I want to confirm this being an employee of a Target. We received these shipments about a week and a half ago. I had already read and knew when the release date was and had waited patiently till today to purchase one two them. One for consumption and one for collectors item. I had several customers asking about them and tried to help them out but noticed they weren’t on the shelves yet. I checked the back room, customer service, and electronics. As I was leaving I found out that the 24 our store had in stock where purchased by the managers of my store and that they came in two hours prior to opening to pick them up. I just want to state that the store policy is that any employees including managers are aloud to purchase limited edition anything until the store has opened and at least one customer has purchased it. Even then we have to follow the store limit. So on behalf of at least one target employee I apologize for our douche management for ruining not only a once in a life time product but also ruining the fallout 4 opening day for all gamers a like.


NUKAGUY November 14, 2015 at 3:49 pm

Posting here is a complete waste of time. Going to a TARGET store and speaking with the executives is also a waste of time.

I presented with evidence of TARGET employees violating TARGET rules on employees “reserving” and behind the counter purchasing of exclusive promotional items and then the items end up being listed on eBay.

A single bottle of Nuka Cola being sold at the TARGET exclusive Fallout 4 promo sold for $2.99 and customers were allowed to purchase one bottle, yet within an hour full cases of Nuka Cola with the shipping bar codes displayed were up on eBay for between $600.00 to $1,395.00.

Despite posting my original complaint here as well as going to my local TARGET and providing evidence and leaving my phone number for the manager no one has called back suggests TARGET through a lack of response must indirectly condone their employee behavior.

“Bethesda Softworks said that it shipped 12 million copies, or $750 million worth of postapocalypse role-playing game Fallout 4 to retailers for its launch day”.

“Fallout 4 sold nearly 2.5 million copies on the day of release”.

I’ll be contacting Bethesda Game Studios directly about my complaint that by TARGET’s lack of interest and response to my complaints I can only assume TARGET condones its employee’s behavior of obtaining exclusive promotional items by “reserving” promo items that ultimately end up on eBay such as unopened cases of Nuka Cola still displaying shipping labels with bar codes that can be used by TARGET to identify the TARGET store of origin.

Maybe next time Bethesda Game Studios should offer promo items through a different venue if for no other reason than to ensure promo items get into the hands of actual customers and curtail employees cirXXXXventing promo items being absconded with and put up on eBay.


NUKAGUY November 15, 2015 at 2:57 am

The story about TARGET employees buying up Nuka Cola and putting them up on eBay is all over the net. GOOGLE Nuka Cola and look for links on reddit, facebook and gottabemobile.


Sandy Mason November 13, 2015 at 11:22 pm

Southeast Iowa NEEDS a Target store. Please look at the Ottumwa, Iowa, store again. We have no other Target store nearby. Burlington, Des Moines, and Iowa City are too far away to do weekly shopping. The Ottumwa KMart store is closing in March (bad news, there, too) But, PLEASE don’t leave us with just WalMart as our only option.
Does anyone with any kind of influence even read these thoughts? It is unfortunate if you are ignoring the requests from loyal Ottumwa, Iowa, Target customers.


Esther Garcia November 10, 2015 at 7:35 pm

I want to know why do you keep o turning down my job application for job you keep on telling me that i don’t quality for the job i been turn down for times and ever time i apply do you descramtion i think thats the way it spelled i dont care is it race or age im reporting this to the labor office


Phillip Wiley November 10, 2015 at 10:43 am

To whom it may concern;

So I called a few hours off work today and waited over hour and half outside Target to ensure I got a bottle of NUKA Quantum and a hat. After being first one in line and waiting over 30 min as they did not have any of the games, bottles, or hats end capped till asked for, I was briefed I could only purchase 1 bottle as it was limited and they had no hats.

I purchased my game and bottle went to the car found that he had given me the game for incorrect game system and thus returned. On return they started selling hats and said they only had 3. I was placed at the end of the small line and they sold all the hats just prior to me getting there. Now the people who purchased these items waited maybe 10-15 min tops, I waited outside in the rain for over hour and half and then another 30 inside.

So needless to say by the time I left the store I was unable to make it to the next store until almost 930. After getting the brush off from the electronics department for 25 min and watching a lady that worked there walk off with 5 bottles of Nuka that she said had been called in and reserved?!!? I walked to the front and asked the woman at the help desk who then could not get an answer from Electronics concerning the hat and just politely told me she did not think the store received any and was unaware of the hat. What happened with your dissemination of information to Target? Was this chaos a purposeful action?

This is poor practice to treat customers this way.

The 2 Targets that I went to are below:

6100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044-2901
phone number (703) 237-8118

6600 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306-6601
phone number (703) 253-0018


NUKAGUY November 13, 2015 at 5:08 pm

I went to my local TARGET and asked one of the administrative staff if there is a TARGET policy that prohibits TARGET employees from purchasing limited edition exclusive promotional products?

I was told that all TARGET employees off shift could purchase promotional products but only if they are not working and they have to wait in line like anyone else and they can NOT personally reserve promotional products.

The TARGET administrative staff was shocked to see the eBay listing of a full unopened case of Nuka Cola with the bar code label still on the case, but was flabbergasted to see the eBay auction But-it-Now price of $1,395.00.

The TARGET Fallout 4 exclusive release of Nuka Cola premonition products of the Jones soda, the Nuka Cola beanie, and ball caps were restricted to the purchase of One Nuka Cola soft drink per customer upon release last Tuesday. TARGET stores were restricted to one case per store, yet within hours sealed cases of Nuka Cola displaying shipping bar codes were up on eBay for sale ranging in price from $600.00 to $1,300.00 dollars per case (the cost per bottle was $2.99 each).

I have screen shots of the cases of Nuka Cola on eBay with shipping bar codes. One of the sellers markets video games on eBay.

Full cases of Nuka Cola are for sale on eBay from the geographic regions of Valparaiso, Indiana, and Lincoln, California and Morgan City, LA and Chicago, Illinois and San Leandro, California.

Of the current 800 eBay auctions for Fallout 4 products (not all soda) close to 100 displays three or more Nuka Cola sodas in the auction listing meaning somehow some buyer obtained three or more bottles and at least four sellers obtained full cases.


Jeannine Vitucci November 9, 2015 at 12:08 pm

I was in the Levittown, New York store in the market for a TV. A very nice older man was helping me when he needed to go on break. An yonger young man came to assist us. We had many questions he could not answer. When we showed interest in a specific model he said that it was not in stock but more importantly it was priced with a sale sticker so we inquired on how to purchase the TV or get it from another location. He became aggitated with all the questions we had and then proceeded to say that the sale sticker price on the TV was wrong. He was rude obnoxious and when he no longer wanted to assist us he accused me of “biting his head off” because he could not answer my questions. Not really how you should treat customers. Very RUDE and unprofessional. Its a shame I just got approved for a TARGET card…Guess I wont be shopping there anymore….


Angie Kubiak November 5, 2015 at 6:25 pm

So I have a deaf son who applied to your store in Arlington Heights, IL online. He received a voicemail( interpreted by a hearing person) to call back with this phone number and ask for an HR team member. We called back using VRS (video relay service), we asked for HR team member service, then the operator stated that HR has left for the day! Ok, so I didn’t believe this because this was aournd 3:45pm today. I called them voice! I asked for the HR team member service, lo and behold! I get transferred to your HR department! Not only did I speak to one but TWO HR people!! Train your employees to NOT discriminate against people who are deaf that call you using the video relay service!! Not looking good Target!


TiffanyH506 November 5, 2015 at 4:36 pm

I’m frustrated to learn that our target store in Rapid City, SD is still deciding whether to be open Thanksgiving or not! Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together! For college students to return home to their loved ones and spend time with them!! Yet, how is that possible when you guys are choosing to stay open?! Half of the Rapid City store is made up of collage students who wish to return home for a family dinner its one of the very few holidays they get and it’s wrong to stay open. I run a store in our local mall and we decided that for our customers and for our team that we will close! None of our customers plan to shop on Thanksgiving because they feel its just wrong and so does our team. Spend time with your loved ones while you can and enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving together. Close your Rapid City store. Thank You


A Haines November 5, 2015 at 11:32 am

Please explain to me why you are going to close the Target store in Casa Grande, AZ, I have been a loyal Target customer for many, many years. I do not shop at Walmart unless that is the only store available. I much prefer Target because the stores are cleaner, the products are better quality and your employees are the best. But do you really think I will spend 40 minutes to drive to the Target in Chandler, AZ you are sadly mistaken. Further more I will no longer encourage others to shop at Target.

I am very disappointed in your decision to close this store. Have you even thought of other solutions? Shorter hours, a smaller version of the store? This would save you money on salaries, utility costs, less inventory.

Come on you guys. You are smart people I am sure you could come up with some way to keep this store here.

I may never shop at any Target store again.

I am very disappointed that my FAVORITE store will no longer be a place that I can shop.

A. Scaggs


Sally Huber November 4, 2015 at 2:12 pm

I am saddened to learn corporate officials have decided to close our local Target store in Casa Grande. Our store provides quality customer service and vital shopping for a rural setting. Many Casa Grande residents are unable to travel to Phoenix and Tucson and will no longer continue to be Target customers. Please reconsider this decision and keep our store open.


Campbell November 2, 2015 at 3:14 pm

I placed an order online over 10 days ago and kept getting emails from Target that my order was delayed and they changed the shipping date twice, then I get a cancellation notice stating that it was cancelled for either two reasons, 1. An item may be cancelled if it is unavailable from our vendors or our warehouses after your order has been placed. We may also cancel an item if what we have in stock doesn’t match what is listed on 2/ A technical problem in our order system allowed the item(s) to be purchased even though we can’t ship to the designated address. This is unacceptable, why would you allow an item to be ordered and 10 days later say, sorry we don’t have it in stock? This to me is false advertisement! I will never again order anything online. I spoke to customer service on the phone and all I got was “sorry” and then they had the nerve to ask me what I ordered, checked to see if they had the item and in fact they said it was in stock, now how can that be when just the day before I got my cancellation notice they didn’t have it in stock?? This is so unprofessional and I hope everyone reads this because I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. Target needs to change their ways of showing if an item is in stock or not and not have the customer wait to be told 10 days later sorry about your luck!!


Jeania December 1, 2015 at 12:53 pm

Happened to me too. I ordered an Xbox One on Black Friday and receivedo the confirmation email. Later, I get an email telling me to pick another store,; apparently the store said it has stock and did not. A after several hours of speaking to supervisors, I was hung up on and my order was cancelled. Now I am stuck with a $400 gift card Target won’t refund!!!!!


Kyle Sullivan November 1, 2015 at 9:56 pm

My wife is in the process of changing our address for an online order. When the confirmation came through it had our old address. She has been on the phone with someone at a call center I am guessing, for about thirty minutes. The person at the call center has a lot to say and a lot of questions. Shouldn’t an address change take about thirty seconds? She is now on hold for the third time. Is is too much to ask for your all American company to have employees in their call center that can fulfill a simple request? Is my wife’s time of that little value to you? Perhaps we should try to keep these jobs in America, I hear a pretty strong accent on the other end. She just repeated our new address Two more times and is trying to explain her very simple email address. She has now given them her phone number twice, lord knows why? She is now on hold again, this is an address change!!! Nothing more!!! This really makes me want to rush to my nearest Target for all my shopping needs. My wife answered one question and is on hold again. Still just an address change needed here. A couple more questions from the call center employee….My wife tried to explain something and was interrupted. She has now repeated her e-mail address. That is at least three times for that. She just asked if she needed to call back tomorrow. Now silence from my wife she just thanked someone twice and is off the call. Nothing was resolved. Again, we she wanted to update our address!!! Very embarrassed for you and sad for the time my wife will never get back.


Tia October 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm

I have had an account (store credit card) with Target since 2008 because I have always enjoyed my shopping experience in my local store. Last month when I logged in to make my monthly payment, I received an error message that stated that the website was down. I thought nothing of it so I tried again later, same message “oops, there’s been an error….website down for maintenance”. Online bill payment is the most convenient way for me to pay because I’m often traveling and do not have time to call and punch in a bunch of info while I am driving. Needless to say I tried several more times over a period of a month and still was not able to log in to make my payment. When I finally called to let them know of the website issues and to make a payment, I realized that not only had they charged me a late fee, but they would not remove the fee even though they knew of their site issues. I consider this a fraud and i am completely appalled by the fact that the issue was on their end but they refused to remove the late fee. I truly hope that $35 fee that you charged me was worth losing a longtime customer.


Anonymous October 24, 2015 at 1:53 pm

I work at T-1258. I was in a car accident a week ago and have been in the emergency room twice due to my neck injuries. On my last visit I was given a doctors not that said I was not to be lifting items for 5 days and was to be put on light duty. When I came to work the next day they kept me on register which made my neck injuries worse and causing the pain to be horribly unbearable even though I’d already taken my medicine. My LOD said they can accommodate me by putting me in softlines or photo or guest services where there is minium lifting and/or items are to light to do damage but refused to do so saying I’d be doing more lifting than I would on register and to just not lift. Being a cashier requires lifting EVERYTHING! If I was to be injured itd fall back on me for going against doctors orders. Its really sad target doesn’t take better care of their employees. They refused to accommodate me according to doctors orders.


Bryan D. Waters October 24, 2015 at 1:05 pm

I placed an order to be delivered to the Salem, NH store. I never received an email stating that it was delivered by the Post Office. I researched the package and learned that it was delivered today. I called and the manager said that it was not there. I research further an learned that it was delivered at 12:43. I called a second time and at the time I am sending this email I have been on hold for 10 minutes. I am following up this email with a phone call to your office.


Starr Smith October 24, 2015 at 11:49 am

We were in your store in Van Nuys, CA on October 21, 2015. My husband and I walked in. From that moment, a security guard (didn’t get a name) followed us everywhere. He stuck by us for quite some time. We had our little 7 pound dog with us, which we’ve done on many occasion and had never been bothered by security or employee. When we got on the escalator to go upstairs, the security guard finally decided to say something about the dog. He had ample opportunity to tell us before that we couldn’t have him in there, such as when we first entered the store and he started following us. He was very rude and confrontational. My husband has tattoos on his arms. We feel this security guard harassed us. We were trying to shop but the security guard told us to leave. When I said I needed to get milk, he said to get it fast and leave. It wasn’t about the dog, it was about my husband’s tattoos. This is profiling. The guard stayed with us right up to the checkout. At the checkout he told us he’d better not see us in that store again. This is absolute harassment. First, we won’t shop in any Target store again and second, I’m a paralegal for a major law firm in Los Angeles. If something is not done about this security guard and our experience, I’m going to talk to one of our civil attorneys.


Lucy October 21, 2015 at 2:26 pm

Target as a big retail business in America is great store to shop, but Target has the worst customer service calling center. I talked to a customer representative over the phone about 3 minutes, but I couldn’t understand what the person was talking about. So I asked to speak a supervisor, it took more than 10 minutes for me to listen the music, and finally someone talked to me that I hardly to understand. I gave up at this evening, and I called today since morning 9:43am to 11:30am, someone told me had to transfer to another department and I waited again, after 5 minutes the phone broke off. I called again with someone that I can’t understand. It’s nightmare. I asked to speak to someone else, he was so cold to say “what is your social number?” I said “could you please transfer to another person or I had to hang up,” he firmly told me “Hang up!” I shocked with his answer. I hope Target could check the recorder to survey how their customer service calling center dealing with their loyal customers. What a shame! I’m going to cancel my Target credit card and stop to shop there!


Carla October 20, 2015 at 2:20 pm

hmmm Target why is there not a corporate contact email directly to hr or someone that can do something. Your interest rate is outrageous!!! Why do you rip the public off so much?? I get paid less than 1% at the bank and you rip everyone off by charging 22%. I call to get it lowered and they say they cant?? I have paid my bill every month. So nothing is keeping me with you. I think I will just get the money from the bank and say good riddence to Target and HELLO WAL-MART


Chetna October 19, 2015 at 8:24 pm

When I go to target every cashier look at me and if I going other counter one cashier come and tell there cashier don’t take more than 4 coupen that time I feel same and insulting but I don’t tell anything that happen every time in east Windsor target


Nancy flynn October 11, 2015 at 9:27 pm

My mother ordered a product online for my twin children’s birthday and it was to be shipped to nj. The store decided to ship it to Staten island. We called less than 24 hours from placing the order to change the shipping address. The supervisor namedo Kay said she could not change the address nor cancel the order. She was rude, cut me off, and it was comole tell ridiculous. How dare target and.their employees for not wanting nor caring to fix their mistakes! They said they would hold our money for 4 days where it would possibly be cancelled and the money returned after the product sat in Staten island for that amount of time. Never dealing with target again?


Nik Deems October 5, 2015 at 3:47 pm

I just wanted to thank you for forcing my wife to work over the Thanksgiving holiday so that we can’t spend it with our family. Cheers to you for putting your company’s bottom line ahead of your employees’ familly lives.


Kuulei September 28, 2015 at 8:35 pm

Target in Lakewood Washington……. I had the worst experience couponing. According to them purchase and transaction means the same thing. Said they have the right to refuse service to anyone.. …I get it if the customer is being fraudulent or causing a scene but I wasn’t doing either. I feel like a target every time I step into target ( maybe that’s why the stores named TARGET ? ) . Since when did shopping become a drag ? I use my coupons properly and follow the rules yet I’m still being picked on. Why would anyone want to shop at a place that discriminates……Sara is a terrible manager. She should be removed. Told her i wouldn’t shop there again and she said that’s fine with her ( what kind of manager is that ? ) ..unwelcoming and rude…..


Chetna October 19, 2015 at 8:19 pm

I have same problem with me that y I don’t like target any more


L. Jones September 23, 2015 at 7:05 pm

So pissed at Target and I will never step foot in any target store. TODAY I WENT SHOPPING WITH MY SISTER AT THE TARGET IN WESTMINSTER, CA.


Dawn September 21, 2015 at 2:49 pm

I’m very disappointed in target. This store was my favorite store to shop at and after this experience I will never shop there again. I purchased a three piece luggage set on line and when I got it it was only a two piece set. I called customer service and was on hold for 25 minutes then hung up and then I called back was transferred seven times and finally a lady said she will fix the problem and send me the three piece set out. Today I get my order and once again it’s a two piece set not the three piece set I prefer I called customer service again and a manger came on and said she will help me. She said will can have ups come pick it up and offer me 15% off another luggage set I said I had 15%off when I ordered it so your not giving me anything for my troubles she said yea I guess your right so do you want to order another one or not. I said yes I need a three piece set she said well I cant promise you that it will be a three piece set. So anyone ordering from target BEWARE of what you order and what they send you. I


Gerry September 13, 2015 at 7:01 pm

I’m so disappointed right now with Target, which is my favorite store to shop for all things. Today I tried to place an order online. For some reason my card wouldn’t work. I just received a new card with a chip and although I had used it all weekend I’m thinking that could be the issue.

So I called Target mobile for assistance. Target what are you thinking!!!!! Customer service needs people who can spak English!!!! The woman had issues finding the product even though I gave her the information and number. I sat patiently for 10 minutes as she searched. Then came the data gathering. Even with me spelling out the info I.e. That’s G as in Giraffe ….. After numerous attempts to give her the information I gave up.

Target I thought you were better than that, hire people who speak the language.

Disappointed in CT


Rhonda Laufer September 20, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Same experience… Once you buy, Target has no intention of providing any assistance .., they don’t want to be found .., only non English speaking call center uninformed bodies. Their website ordering system is horrendous and screwed up. I am on a campaign to convince all brides to register anywhere but Target. No one answers the phones after hours or on weekends.


Susan December 23, 2015 at 11:53 am

Absolutely agree, Target has no customer service. They outsource their “customer service” to Central America where you spend hours on the phone with non-English speaking “representatives” who are absolutely CLUELESS about customer service! Target does not care about their customers once they have made a purchase! See my comment from earlier this morning!


Gerald Tysiak September 11, 2015 at 2:37 pm

Buying a mobile phone and service plan at Target is more painful than a root canal procedure. Just spent more than 2 hours trying to purchase 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s at the store located at 26w6 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo,NY. Multiple attempts made by sales person to activate phones w. no customer service at call-in centers. In the end, we were able to buy 1of the 2 mobile phones. We were also unable to obtain insurance as the necessary card read is not installed at the Target store. They said they”very been waiting more than 2 months for a technician to come. No wonder Target is having troubles competing.


bpeterson September 9, 2015 at 11:56 am

Pursuant to Colorado SB 08-200, attached, there are a number of us that will be using the women’s restroom from now on. This will continue as long as Target feels gender neutral is the way to go. No more boy/girl signs so any men’s/women’s restrooms are also not valid.
We are all males that identify as transgendered. I will not attempt to explain the law to you.

Understand starting now and going forward, and especially two weeks prior to Black Friday we will be shopping in various Colorado stores and when necessary use the women’s restroom and dressing rooms. This will continue through Black Friday and beyond if necessary. So far there are 20 of us we hope to get around 100 volunteers.

We will be in the store weekly and when Target decides to get rid of its gender-neutral policy we will cease.


P. Jones August 30, 2015 at 6:07 pm

I work at T559 Indianapolis distribution center. This past year I have been harassed by employees in the packing department. There were some unethical issues going on and I reported it to my GL and the to the building manager Chris. Saturday three death guys worked in the department and I witnessed them being teased by other Target employees. I feel compelled to report it but when I reported the last incident, it just made things worse off….I’m currently looking for employment elsewhere because I shouldn’t have to go to work every weekend and witness this type of behavior from adults. I love working for Target but lately I have not been able to tolerate the behaviors and I’m just tried of working weekends. I have tried several times to change keys but my seniority won’t allow it. Another issue with all of the temps, there’s a double standard that needs to be addressed. I really hope that Target get itself together, I love working for Target….If not, you’re going to lose a lot of hard working dedicated people. Don’t know what else to do in this matter but to try to stay out of it until I find other opportunities.


Tammy Rhoades August 27, 2015 at 8:52 pm

I have shopped and loved Target stores for years, and am sad to hear you are going to gender neutral departments. That is absurd and I will not be shopping at Target ever again and will let everyone know. Too bad for me too because there is a Target right next to my work. Thank you , Tammy Rhoades


Jessica Caines August 25, 2015 at 2:54 pm

On August 25, 2015 i was verbally terminated and i was also harrased specifiaclly by the assets protection lady and she is very rude and disrespectful she does not know how to talk to ppl and and even harrasses the guess about seeing their receipts she follows the guests out the door to hunt them to see if they stole something she even accuses the team members of stealing which to me is complete harrassment and its not fair for the gust or the team members nobody wants to report her but im taking the stand and im going to be the voice for every team member in my store she even follows the guest around in the store to watch and see if their stealing she hides in corners, in the clothes so nobody can see her and i feel like the guests should not have to look over their shoulder while their shopping they should be able to shop in peace and not be harrassed or followed out the door also ive heard team members specifically say that they dont even want to shop at our store any more because of the AP and thats terrible
This inncedent happened at T-1480 in plantation fla i want the whole world to know about what is really going on in the target corporation team members are being harassed, bullied, and fired because of nothing


Mary August 25, 2015 at 10:07 am

I commend Target for their “gender neutral” category. I hope more companies follow suit. The company that I work for embraces Diversity and Inclusion. God loves everyone. Children should not have to die because they commit suicide because of narrow minded people who can’t love and accept everyone for who they are… We all are made to be unique. People are ridiculed and mocked for their differences. We need to embrace everyone – no matter what makes them unique so they feel like the gift they were meant to be.


j gallagher August 21, 2015 at 9:10 pm

You have discontinued bright spot and there is no way to contact you to release my phone number. I have gone to T Mobil and they say they cannot do anything. What are you doing about the customers who now are left stranded? I need my phone number !!!!! Don’t give. me any bright spot numbers. .they are useless. I need to talk to someone in the Target org. who knows what is going on with the disolvement of bright spot.


sandra diane August 19, 2015 at 7:17 pm

I hope this decision to have gender neutrality BLOWS UP IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!! When you stand for nothing, you FALL for anything! My family will NEVER AGAIN shop at a Target!


Donna August 18, 2015 at 2:29 pm

I have always enjoyed shopping Target..traveling g sometimes 45. Min to an hour because I like the people that work there and the product selection. That shopping experience will no longer be my choice due to your recent decision to go gender neutral. I believe that was a huge mistake on your part,alienating your customer base to jump on the crazy bandwagon. God created male and female…people do not get to choose. Why your company decided to go this route is beyond me…I think you will have loyal customers like me deciding to shop elsewhere. Just on a shopping experience alone it will be crazy.when I want to shop for my daughter I hear for the girls dept.same if I am shopping for.
my sons, I shop the boys dept. I don t want to have to look all over for things. Hope you rethink this decision but if you don’t I have shopped my last time T Target.


Nunyabizness August 18, 2015 at 10:35 am

You all do realize that you are posting on a site that only profiles Target, which Target execs will never see, right?

Look at the domain name. It’s a 3rd party site.

You all are probably the ones that get hacked due to not paying attention to what site you are at. The intelligence level proves it.


Charonne August 17, 2015 at 1:41 pm

I see I am will like minded people after reading their comments!! Take a look at yourself are you netueral?? You are either one or the other! That is the way you were created!! I am sure Mr Drayton would be appalled as well!! I will NOT BE SHOPPING at your store!!! I really like your products but you are not the only place to shop!! So sad that you have to choose!! By the way when you take a shower to night look in the mirror and really look at what you see!!! boy parts or girl parts??? God created them male and female??? Not neutral!!! Can a neutral procreate???
Praying for you and your team


Jerry August 16, 2015 at 3:32 pm

Dear Mr. Steinhafel,

With regard to Target’s new & recent “transgender neutral” posturing. I, along with all of those in my circle of family & friends, COMPLETELY disagree with Target’s new above mentioned posturing!

Oh, I realize you or others at Target believe you are on the cutting edge, frisky and on top of the wave… but Sir, being on top of the wave, also positions one to ride that wave, and very possibly FALL!

Obviously I would “strongly” suggest you revert and rescind your PR campaign back to boys & girls, and being NORMAL once again. But I realize you will do what you want to do.

For the record, my wife and family and countless friends have all declared openly, that they’re NOT shopping at Target any longer. Just thought I should let you know.

Lastly Mr. Steinhafel, why do you not just let kids be KIDS?!?! By the way, many will quit buying from you – we’ll see when quarterly sales come out – eh?

Dr. Gerald Rampton


Alex Stewart August 16, 2015 at 3:20 am

I am so let down by the gender neutral decision which is absurd and makes no sense not only does it not help but will only seem to confuse people especially children boy is boy and girl is girl and this is a disgrace in America for a major store branch to allow themselves to be bullied by such a small population of gender neutral activists and ridiculous what’s next??? I hope you reconsider this decision as you will lose a lot of loyal customers who have loved shopping at TARGET but will no longer find that same enjoyment coming there with this new change mistake TARGET huge mistake please reconsider


RV Myers August 15, 2015 at 2:35 pm

Your gender neutral policy is totally absurd. Whether straight or gay, we are male or female. Catering to the political correct madness has lost you another customer FOREVER!


Cathryn Angel August 15, 2015 at 12:54 pm

I am disappointed in one of my favorite places to shop-Target.
What is this change to gender neutral???? Political correctness? Donors with a lot of money? A complaint? Denial of basic male and female that all humans are? Whatever people’s gender, sexual preference or medical issues, we are born male or female. Most people joyously celebrate their male or female identity whether they are 3y/o or 80y/o. Gender identity as male or female seems to be seen as “wrong” by your corporate decision makers. Gender neutral is simply gender denial. Boys and girls, men and women and their differences are to be celebrated! Similarities are great too-we are all human- but do not deny reality!
I love Target and have shopped with your stores for years, but I disagree with this purely political agenda your corporation has chosen. When this shows up in my local stores, I no longer will make Target my “go to” place.
I am just one customer that hopes your corporation takes a second look at this ridiculous decision. I spend hundreds of dollars monthly at your store. My business will go elsewhere.


Jerry August 16, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Well worded Cathryn. Mr. Steinhafel (Target’s CEO), is off his rocker! We will NOT be shopping at Target any longer – period!!!


Aidan MacAnBhaird August 14, 2015 at 3:30 pm

I went to Kohl’s for the first tme in ages this week. Found everything plus some nice surprises! After reading your corporate decision to inject your company into political hot topics, I chose to forgo shopping at Target both noe & in the future. Abd as a business owner providing community integration to individuals with developmental disabilities, none of their dollars will be added to your cauffers, either. They don’t need the added confusion, frustration. & other negatives associated with the chaos of atremrong to trend politically correct.

You had a pretty good idea that has worked for over 100 years. If you sincerely believe you will be able to maintain sustainable profitability to keep those stores open another 100 years, well good for you! However, jumping on the PC bandwagon with a small percentage of the population’s activists, while throwing rational LGBTand straight customers a cold shoulder just doesn’t make good husiness sense.


Peggy Fedorovich August 14, 2015 at 3:17 pm

I will no longer be shopping at Target. Boys are boys and girls are girls. Don’t try to blur the lines.


Shelly Linagen August 14, 2015 at 11:54 am

This is so offensive that Target would choose to impose on the American public it’s gender neutral policy. I complained to the store manager at my local Target yesterday. I live in Germantown Tn. And shop at the Germantown store. I happen to know it is the top grossing store on our location which is right outside Memphis. My husband and I spend thousands per year in that store and yes it is in the thousands. We have three Grandchildren and 4 daughters. We are boycotting this notion and I will be personally campaigning against this unethical decision. I will contact my local news stations and bring a huge spotlight to this decision. It’s a disgrace!!


Robin Smith August 14, 2015 at 11:49 am

I am a Christian mother of two daughters. Two daughters that know, believe, and are proud of the gender God created them to be! They love girl things, but they also love to play with or do things usually associated with boys….. And that’s cool, just means they are well rounded, not that they are gender neutral. There is no such thing as gender neutral!! People are the gender they were born as, no matter how confused they are and try to change it! If people are confused about their gender, I feel sad for them and pay for them. I would treat them with love & respect, but world not agree with them, or change my belief to appease them. You are adding to the confusion and demise of America. That saddens me. I love shopping at Target. You have some great things…. But I will not be shopping or supporting you any longer! I pray for those that have made this decision…. Yoh hand got this one wrong!


Kristy August 14, 2015 at 12:58 am

Target was my “go to” store for most of my needs. Went there weekly for years! No more! Your gender neutral decision is so disappointing. You are alienating the majority of your customers for a very few! It just doesn’t make any sense. I will now shop at stores that don’t cave in to such political correctness and care about the majority of their customers!


bocephus lagrange August 14, 2015 at 12:04 am

Over the last 24 hours i’ve been hearing about Target’s “gender neutral” (Newspeak if ever there was some) policies. I recognize a destruction-intent, political-social inflammatory, “progressive” campaign when i see one. I am of the generation of conceited “youth” who (thought we) invented this stuff in the 60s and 70s, who now in our 60s and 70s are many of us bitter and, paradoxically, wealthy. My cohort seized the world when we were young, saying our youth was the reason we had to belly up to power; now that some of the twentysomethings and even teenagers who were elected to offices in those heady days have spent their lifetimes and our money in positions of privilege variously political and academic, they now spin the pure BS that they are valuable and even vital because of their lifetime tenures in these posts from which they’ve hectored and tinkered with the worlds in which real, “little” people live and work. This afternoon i called Target and was disconnected after i spoke for maybe 30 seconds. I called back and got a “team member” (why can’t people be called people; why must people who shop be called “guests”?) who listened to me and gave obviously prepared responses. (She said the policy refers ONLY to the paper colors behind displays, only only ONLY.) I shop frequently at Target, or i did anyway. I am taking my business with pleasure to a number of places: the competition in this industry is fierce—the irony that a department store would eliminate departments is something a fool or an idiot might see as an “improved experience” is something Target’s accountants can watch to measure its success)—my “progressive” family and friends are actually much more fickle in their commercial behavior than i am. For years i’ve watched these folk dear to me go from boycott to support, more than once and more than a dozen times, of businesses that have for whatever reasons made patronizing them a political statement. I don’t switch casually. I just want to shop—get a lunch—have a coffee. When my “experience” becomes a “teachable moment” i’m out of there.
I write now because as i was in my car i heard a professor of some sort on a blowtorch radio station (clear channel from Boston covering the continent except for the farthest west) telling a skeptical host that the highly articulated, jargon-laden, increased-effort-for-decreased-result program of Target ORIGINATES from “parents who want their children to have diversity of experience”. I couldn’t get into the phone lines to ask the prof, simply, “PROVE IT!”. Everybody in this burdened country knows the language of the left, and that Orwell’s words have come depressingly and fully true. “Diversity” means nothing of the sort. Anybody who hears of this, today’s, this hour’s attack on the lives and values of what are probably Target’s entire customer base recognizes that though we don’t know who or where or when Target has been gotten to by the shakedown thugs who have been executing the “fundamental transformation” of this society. After spending years myself considering the “why” i’ve made radical decisions of my own, to reject and oppose all their stuff—because i realized these people don’t sincerely want to know the “why” of the folk they attack. The left intends to destroy, period. The lessons of history to the effect that leftists—progressives (what a perversion of language there, though fun for me to see that the word “liberal” has become so well-known to mask what it masks that the word went forth that that word needed to be retired)—ultimately destroy their own means nothing to them. Of the most practical importance is what’s most important to the most people, that the left is always ready with something new. Chickfila, Starbucks, Budweiser, Target, mean nothing in themselves. Incidentally changed behavior by the left’s targets (pun intended) is never rewarded anyway. The left means and needs to do two things: to destroy all it can, and to seize the young.
In my life i’ve been everywhere sex, drugs and rock and roll could take a person. I was well into my thirties before i even started to recognize that i was living in “choices” that aren’t good for anybody. In an almost equal period of years i’m at a place where some damage cannot be repaired, lost opportunities cannot be regained, and i am FIERCE about the manipulation of young people. I lived in the gay scene and culture. I know these people. Some of them, personally. By the way i know a couple of people who were familiar with a very famous mixed-race politician in his years in the Ivy League who was in the same gay clubs i was in. The left lies and lies and lies. Most particularly the left is sex- (excuse me, “gender-“) obsessed. Leftists mean to sexualize children. They mean to divide societies in as many ways as possible, and they have no values at all—NONE—they sincerely hold and they are loyal to NO ONE and their behavior proves it though their rhetoric denies and by controlling major media they are able to fill their programming and publications with the rhetoric and that’s believed by a public purposely dumbed down by the same media.
“Diversity”, it seems to this non-progressive celibate man ruined by this culture, is served by a multiplicity of options. I don’t have the diplomas this professor has, who tap-danced and ragtimed how the elimination of differences achieves diversity (since when was this a goal anyway?) for the children of the parents the prof said felt their kids are “threatened” by pink for girls and blue for, well, non-girls. The prof tossed out this “ten percent” we’ve been hearing so much about since the radical gays invented it so long ago. Let me tell you, dear readers or the prof if she’s reading, i was so frustrated as a cruising gay to find no basis at all for “ten percent”. I don’t think a quarter of that is “true”. The prof said anyway that ten percent of children do not respond “traditionally” to stimuli she didn’t define, and she said that Target was initiating radical, expensive changes—and introducing complication to the daily agenda of a busy, complex performer in a deadly competitive industry—because Target management was convinced—of what? There her talk fell apart, to me as a critical listener. As she went on i thought how much ground she was gaining in the bent minds of those half my age who purposely were not taught critical thinking. I thought how many thirtysomething “progressives” were applauding her. But i thought also how many were not applauding, and that they’re the ones with kids. Real parents don’t think like the fabricated parents of whom the professor went on tonight.
Retail is competitive, and profit margins are not fat. In real businesses, they never are. The professor may have friends who’ve made millions from their crowdfunded startup, or their cute Indo-Thai-Ghanaian cupcake shop. The professor may hang with folk who have trust funds, friends who can get their “non-profit” legitimized, or even have “foundations”. But businesses succeed and continue to by serving some kind of core, and most businesses that desert their core FAIL. They may be praised for “creativity”, “diversity”, or any of the left’s words that mean the opposite, but they FAIL. Confusion is not diversity. Target is introducing confusion, making its name itself ironic.
Did they pay for the prof to come on the radio tonight, or was she there on the tab of some “advocate” “group”? (I detest the former term, and so often when you’re ABLE to check the membership of these units you find, well, not much.) I wouldn’t doubt either, but i don’t care either. I’ve spent what seems a lot of money to me (maybe not to the prof) over the years at Target and had been planning to go there soon as i was next at that end of the highway. I don’t care if i travel twice as far, and i’m happy to buy on the web anyway—Target has gotten their last dollar from me. I’ve cut up my card. I’m telling my friends and my civic acquaintances.
Last laugh, before they file for bankruptcy anyway, is that “progressives” have always looked down their elite noses at Target among others—but it’s only Target that at present is at the end of the “rainbow” and their losses must necessarily exceed any gains because any business they lose necessarily goes to another purveyor. The dollars don’t stay in my wallet, they go to Sears or WalMart. Target is shooting itself in the face; their losses WILL BE others’ gain; there is not enough “moonbat” business to stanch the losses they’ll incur and i’ll suggest they won’t get ANY of it. Liberals—excuse me, progressives—hold the department store industry in general and Target in particular in their special contempt, from the withering heights in which their dollars go anyway to L.L.Bean or Nordstrom. Liberals are notoriously cheap anyway, and to the extent they do come down and patronize plebian businesses they won’t, for the most part, pay a penny they don’t have to (yes, i do suppose that’s how they got rich). Why is this important? Because—and i’ll leave you with this—LEFTISTS REALLY DON’T PRACTICE THEIR POLITICS IN THE MARKETPLACE. Target management, listen up: You have been had by ideologues, destructive and yes, threatening. Grow a set of youknowwhats. Stand up and stop. You are going to tank your business and i mean completely and for real. You will experience an acute drop in patronage, sales, and income. The people you’ve given into are statistically few, and an economic nonentity whose support is neither sufficient nor durable for a business to thrive. The sea on which you set sail will drown you. You’ve been had and it’s not too late to turn back. If you don’t, though, your company will be gone—and in this sick, sick society will be an object lesson to which the academic blackmailers will point as they bring “diversity” to their next, well, target. There are things more valuable than money. That’s why i suggest you toughen up. Don’t be a bunch of sissies. Or maybe you’re just diverse.
No more money for you from me,
Bocephus Lagrange
Norwood MA


joanne hulett August 13, 2015 at 6:23 pm

I am a grandmother who shops a lot for my grandbabies but I can assure you that I will not be shopping at Target anymore due to your new gender policy. The vast majority of American citizens are just normal people yet so many seem to address the few. I hope you are not comforted and I also hope that your sales plummet. Please ask the American people FIRST what they want…the 99% not the 1%. Thank you, Joanne Hulett


Judy August 13, 2015 at 6:01 pm



Kathy August 17, 2015 at 9:00 pm

Just writing to let you know you have lost a customer who has 8 grandchildren to buy Christmas, birthday and just shopping with grandma day. However, my grandchildren are boys and girls, their gender is not neutral. What in the world makes Target’s management team think parents, grandparents and anyone else who shops for children think it would be ok for them to push the evil Progressive agenda on gender neutrality against their lifelong beliefs that gender is not neutral would be OK. They can’t be to bright and do not deserve to be running a company or get any of my money again.


Mary August 25, 2015 at 10:13 am

the mess that you refer to with mass shootings and the Middle -East is all because of intolerance and hatred which you are expressing because there are people who are different.


Glenna August 13, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Target has been my “go to” store for many years. As of today I am transferring all my families prescriptions to a Christian store. I really can’t believe that a company as large as yours is stupid enough to change a wining policy to cater to a few misled people! Never again will I spend a single dollar in a store that pushes homosexuality!. Very few people in our country are gay, and yet you shove it in the faces of all us “straight” people who have made your store a success! Also, at your drugstore today I was waited on by a lady wearing a burka! This is the US and people need to conform to our way of living if they want to live here! As a Christian, I will not shop at a store that blatantly goes against our God!. Pick up your Bible and read it! God created male and female and it is not
your place to try to change that fact. EVEN TARGET ISN’T THAT BIG.


Linda May August 13, 2015 at 8:44 am

Are you aware that we ARE male & female? Whether you like it or not so are the LGBT crowd. Shame on you Target for jumping on the PC bandwagon. I’m done with Target, I will now give my business exclusively to Wal Mart.


L. G. McLean August 13, 2015 at 6:57 am

We are minutes away from a Target where we have shopped regularly since they opened.
Your corporate decision to over react by declaring that gender difference will no longer be included in your stores is not only absurd but sad.
Until your policy in this matter changes we will be driving past your store to shop at another retailer that is farther away.


Bob A August 13, 2015 at 1:33 am

Following the Target decision to go gender neutral, I will follow with my decision to spend my money elsewhere. If Target feels their corporate responsibility is to pander to certain small segments of the shopping population, I feel that they are making a very bad corporate decision. I shopped at Target 2-3 times a month and will no longer do so.


T August 12, 2015 at 11:59 pm

I will NEVER shop at Target again! There is no place in the United States for neutral gender! The majority of Americans are not GAY! Your store will lose a large amount of sales.


John howell August 12, 2015 at 11:57 pm

I will never shop at target again. This gender neutral move is slap in the face to people that made your store what it is. You won’t get my business anymore


Tina Voigt August 12, 2015 at 10:44 pm

I have always preferred shopping at Target over Walmart. I have a Target within a couple of miles of my house. I have made the decision to drive a few extra miles from now on to the nearest Walmart. You have gone too far with your new gender policy. This politically correct nonsense is getting ridiculous. I’m ashamed of you for caving in to a few activists or whatever you want to call them. The very people that have made you what you are today are getting fed up and I hope in time you start feeling the effects of your decision. I have been a loyal Target shopper up to this point, but no more.


dsvid bybee August 12, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Not that it will make any difference to you but, my family will not shop at target anymore. I am among the many Americans who are fed up with this politically correct bs. It is your profit to squander as you see fit, the same way I can choose to not give you any more of my money.


Jim Schoentrup August 12, 2015 at 9:34 pm

I would like to tell the Corporate office that your decision to make your store gender natural is a disgrace . I own stock in the company and have spent Thousands of dollars at your store in the past,but the future look really dim for your stores. I will not encourage my wife or any of my grand children or great grand children to use your stores. I do not think you appreciate all the years that the traditional family has done for your business and has made you who you are to this point. Your failure to support us will be your demise and you will go the way of other companies that have lost their way with good sound practices.
The Truth will make you free and you are on the wrong side of this issue.


lisa August 12, 2015 at 9:23 pm

My daughter was given a $100 Target gift card for graduation. We used it to buy items as she prepares for college. We walked the toy isles as we did together years ago. If she strayed, I always knew I could find her in the toy section, labeled GIRL…lots of pink. I explained that Target, the all American store that we could always count on to have what we needed and save money had CAVED to the few LGBT that aren’t satisfied that Gay Marriage is the law of the land. Fine…good for you. Instead, the LGBT community wants us (everyone else) to not only accept it, but love it and eat it for dessert.
If I wanted to live in a gender neutral society I would have castrated my son and given my daughter a crew cut her whole life. Target, you just made Walmart, Amazon and Kohls Richer. If they follow, they’re next. The clothing isles will be next. You’ve lost my business. Pathetic and spinless company.


Jean Shutak August 12, 2015 at 9:21 pm

Are you so desperate for business that you would pander to the “PC “police of America? My children are boys and girls not gender neutral. Your new stance will keep me from shopping in your stores.


John August 12, 2015 at 9:16 pm

News flash, girls are different than boys. Catering to a confused, pc minority may not be the best business decision. Time to take down the bathroom signs since there’s no difference. Wake up !


Rory File August 12, 2015 at 9:13 pm

Due to Targets non separation of kids toys to appease the transgender movement our family will no longer shop at any Target Store.


Stephanie Runkles August 12, 2015 at 9:05 pm

I will no longer shop at Target if they continue with this gender neutral ideology. It is ridiculous and offensive. Target may want to rethink this one.


Helene Jarvis August 12, 2015 at 9:05 pm

Gender Neutral? You have got to be kidding. What about those of us who are boys and girls, men and woman? If you are going to cater to Gender Neutral, what about the rest of us? How about dividing the stores in half? Gender Neutral on one side and the rest of us on the other?


Barbara Deebold August 12, 2015 at 9:00 pm

I have shopped at Target for quite a few years. It has been one of my favorite stores.
But sad to say, after hearing of your decision to “combine” both male and female
articles of clothing and toys, I am very disheartened. Needless to say, I can no longer
shop at Target and will be giving up my Target card. If and when the policy changes
to where it should be, I will be back.


James Romero August 12, 2015 at 9:00 pm

I will not shop at Target ever again. I’m very disappointed that Target would ignore the hundreds of millions of Americans and those of us with kids, and other non-LGBT community, to cater to such a tiny percentage of people in our country. I am not anti-gay or hold any grudges against the LGBT people. I do hold Target responsible for making a foolish judgment that alienates the majority, in order to accommodate a tiny minority with a very unnecessary decision. Target should be careful to inject it’s business decisions into extremely toxic and controversial POLITICAL issues. I’m very, very disappointed. If Target decides to reverse its decision, I will maybe reconsider my decision to boycott Target. However, Wal-Mart is literally right across the street.



Dave Stone August 12, 2015 at 9:00 pm

Just to let Target management know that I will no longer shop at Target stores. So Target too has now caved to the gays in our country. God made man and women to be individuals which specific tendencies which compliment a man and a woman or a little boy or a little girl. SHAME ON YOU SPINLESS TARGET Top management. You’re a weak organization who follows and does not lead. YOU ARE A DISGRACE To Middle Class families who Believe in God in the 10 Commandments.
Will not step foot in your store until you stop caving to gays and flaming liberals.


Lorie DeLuz August 12, 2015 at 8:58 pm

I have spent a lot of our hard earned money at your Target stores BUT that will be changing if you choose to join the no gender nonsense !! God created Boy and Girl ! We as America should not have to accommodate people who have gender identity issues !!! Please keep your stores as they are, stand up for the hard working families who shop your stores !!


Donna Muller August 12, 2015 at 8:58 pm

I am appalled to hear that I cannot shop for children’s toys in boys and girls sections. Your corporate decision to become so politically correct that the majority of Americsns must now be in inconvenienced. This was a stupid decision and makes absolutely no sense. I will now exclusively shop elsewhere. I am offended and hope you are overwhelmed by complaints and will reconsider. Let’s allow all children to be children And stop using them for political reasons.


james patterson August 12, 2015 at 8:57 pm

Boys are boys and girls are girls. As long as Target doen’t know this, then I feel that I must take my business elsewhere. Wish you luck on your gender-neutral experiment!!!


C. Green August 12, 2015 at 7:47 pm

I have been shopping at Target for years and loved your store. However, I will Never shop there again, as you have caved to the politically correct views of a very small minority of people, and would rather appease their never ending radical and ridiculous demands, than to have a backbone, and stand up to this insanity! “Gender-neutral”!!!!! Absolutely appalling!!! Shame on you!!!


jen August 13, 2015 at 10:57 am

You lost my business. Gender bs stop confusing our kids


Cindi porter August 12, 2015 at 1:35 pm

It is with sadness I will not be going to Target to shop. I love their stores but just cannot support the decision to go non gender. If God created genders …….then we need to acknowledge genders also.
I will miss you Taget but will find a new place to shop.


Mike August 12, 2015 at 9:56 am

I’ve shopped at Target for years, but after this gender neutral garbage, never again!


debbie nicolay August 11, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I will no longer shop at Target stores. Your gender decision is unbelieveable have u not noticed God DID make us male and female. What next?


Christine Small August 11, 2015 at 3:32 pm

I am extremely disgusted with this new policy that Target as adopted.
Really, you personally believe that there is NO difference between
a boy & a girl? Really?
As far as I’m concerned, Target has moved so far “off-target” that
this consumer will no longer shop at your stores!


Diane english August 11, 2015 at 12:16 pm

Since you have decided to remove all gender specific signage in your stores, giving in to the latest sickness to plague our country, I will no longer be shopping at your stores. I will also encourage everyone else to do the same. If this politically correct society does not stop pushing their agendas on everyone and rejecting the moral principles on which this country was formed, it will be destroyed from within. We are already seeing the erosion of families due to the sins that have been pushed and accepted by generations indoctrinated by liberal media. I will not be silent on this matter! I sincerely hope you will rethink your decision.


Trina Bickham August 11, 2015 at 12:13 pm

To whom it may concern, your idea to take gender out of of your clothing is ridiculous. To not have a boys section separate from girls section from babies to adults is absurd. Since the beginning of time and creation of this earth their have been both man and woman….so why do you think you need to change that now. If you go forward with this idea, know there will be a uprising of people who will not shop at your stores again. I have been a Target shopper and supporter for ever, but if you do this…I won’t be again. Everyone that I have talked with is frustrated, disappointed, and confused as to why you would feel the need to push your agenda on us. And of course there is a liberal agenda behind this! This is the MOST ridiculous idea ever!


Vicki Rayburn August 11, 2015 at 11:51 am

The Target slogan, “Expect More Pay Less”, is no longer fitting in my view…the recent announcement regarding “gender neutralizing” in your stores is a such a disappointing move that is already causing many long time Target shoppers, like myself, question whether I want to keep spending thousands of dollars annually with your company. Caving to special interest groups and “political correctness” is not how companies will remain strong and grow in this day & age. Maybe soon, it will be better for Target, Walmart, Costco, Menards, etc to just merge as one big government run retail store….that way no interest group will ever be offended or singled out! Eliminating the individuality of people will definitely create a world where stores like Target will have no place….I truly EXPECTED MORE!!!


Lynn August 11, 2015 at 9:51 am

It seems you forget that FAMILIES are who made Target strong, not the tiny percentage of deviants that live in this country. Families have little boys and little girls, they don’t have neutral gender entities. I will NOT be shopping at Target as long as you have this in place. You have bowed down to a small percentage of the population – let’s see if that small percentage is enough to keep you in business.


Mrs. Roberts August 11, 2015 at 1:54 am

Target, I heard the ridiculous news that you are taking down signs for girls and boys things. What? Oh my God what is Wrong with you. Do you not have ANY COMMON SENSE???? How about standing up for what is right and not giving in to peer or social steering to complete and utter insanity.You need to do some Serious praying, God will judge you.


Pete August 10, 2015 at 10:30 pm

I am writing you to let you know how offended I am that you are siding with the gay lesbian and gender confused I must cut my dick off so I can be a WOMAN, society of murica. these freaks only make up 1% of our murican population and you cave into them because you are to chicken XXXXX to stand up for AMERICAN values and MORALS. I will NEVER, EVER spend another dime at you XXXX and lesbian love stores


Wanda August 10, 2015 at 10:23 pm

Target you have hit rock bottom and you are a follower not a leader. The God of this universe created everyone of us to either be boy or girl. He did not instill in our minds an identity crisis, this is done by Satan himself. The only hope that girl, boy, man or woman has is to identify with the God of the universe, the God who created them and for them to understand who they are in His sight. Your company’s decision to move away from gender-based signs in your stores and to add to the confusion that already exist among so many has made my decision to never spend another penny with Target easy!


Rose Ann Bauer August 10, 2015 at 8:32 pm

Just to let you know that I will no longer shop at Target stores. So Target too has now caved to the dumbing down of our country. God and I mean God forbid that we should all be individuals which specific tendencies which compliment a man and a woman or a little boy or a little girl. SHAME ON YOU TARGET. You’re a weak organization who follows and does not lead. YOU ARE A DISGRACE.


Sarah August 10, 2015 at 6:17 pm

After seeing how target will take down boys and girls departments signage is going over board realky !!!! just lost me as a customer girls are girls boys are boys period! !!!!


R millane August 9, 2015 at 5:04 pm

It is unfortunate that Target has decided to support the biased no gender campaign – we will no longer shop at target. This is ridiculous!


Debbie August 12, 2015 at 10:30 pm

How disgusting & disappointing that Target has caved to ” political correctness”! I hope this country will soon wake up & stop catering to fringe groups. God made male & female. Your decision greatly offends me! My family & I will no longer be shopping there.


Anne Redlus July 30, 2015 at 8:33 am

Inquiring about a donation of an item or gift card from Target for a fundraiser on September 15, 2015. Non profit club, GFWC Woman’s League of the Lowcountry in Bluffto, SC will be holding a game day/luncheon/basket auction and we are looking to stores in our area to participate and support through a donation. We are a 501(c)3 organization which is a part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs ( and the South Carolina Federation. The profit will go towards local food banks, Operation Smile and Staying Connected (a volunteer group serving the elderly by assisting with grocery shopping, doctor’s appts and social interaction. I can submit any doXXXXentation that you might need. Thank you for your consideration….Anne Redlus, President


A Gardner July 29, 2015 at 12:22 pm

After looking at all the post regarding Target I have lost hope. I was on the phone 3 hrs today trying to get an issue resolved. I was disconnected approximately 10 times trying to transfer to a live team associate. When I called the cooperate office, I was informed the executives do not take calls. No wonder the employees feel they are above reproach. I will never shop at Target again and will make sure my friends and family all over the country are aware of the horrible customer service and ask them to not shop there as well.


kevin dang July 27, 2015 at 12:57 am

I bought 4 Whynter Portable AC/Heater 12K BTU unit on Target Store on EBay. Yes, Target does sell their product on EBay. But apparently the store manager, Andrea, at store 2523 in Portland OR doesn’t know so. After trying out one of the four units, I decided it wasn’t what I needed and brought to Target store 2523 to do a return/refund. Along with the four units I bought on Target Store on EBay I also purchased a Hair 14KBTU AC and brought back at same time to do a return/refund. I went into Customer Service of the Target store to do the return/refund. The original Customer Service that tried to help me didn’t know how to do a return/refund on the units that was purchased online so he called the Store Leader/Manager, was the highest person in charge at the time. Andrea, the store Leader/Manager was able to do a refund on the Hair unit that I bought through But she wasn’t able to refund the units bought on Target Ebay store because she said ” Target doesn’t have a store on Ebay or sells products on Ebay”, which was strange because she stated that she has been a store Leader/Manager for 9 years and have never heard or seen Target selling on EBay. SO, I went outside and called customer service and they told me that Andrea is wrong in her knowledge of such sales on EBay because Target DOES sell on EBay. I went back inside to ask to talk to Andrea about the confusion. After waiting for 15-20 minutes, the clerk that called Andrea to customer service again also stated that it was the guy with the AC unit returns, I told Andrea that I had spoken with customer service and they said it was returnable at the store. Andrea told me that what customer service number did I called to get that info, I told her that the number is on the invoice from the Hair purchase that I just returned. She said that the invoices for the four units I bought on EBay Target Store was a photocopied and didn’t look original like the one from the Hair purchased on, indicating that it must be a fake. Andrea also stated that the customer service number that I called wasn’t the ones that she knows of and stated that it “wasn’t a trusting number”. Through this point I was feeling discriminated by the way my appearance is, being disable from my tours, and I do admit I don’t dress like before my injuries. But no way should I be judge by this Andrea store Leader/Manager of store 2523 in Portland OR. Andrea called corporate number that she had on hand and stated that they too don’t know that Target sells product on EBay so I must be lying or crazy for bring in the units to try a return/refund. On the invoice I had it prints clearly the return process and all the info I needed to get a return/refund. Andrea told me that I would have to call Target Ebay customer service number on their business day to get help with the return/refund. Asked Andrea to look up Ebay and search “Target” if she didn’t believe me that Target sells product on EBay. Andrea pulled her phone out and search but said that there was no Target result from search. She was very adamant that Target did not sell on EBay. SO, finally excepting that Andrea does not want to help in my return/refund, I went to another Target store and they were able to help me get my refund of the 4 AC/Heater units with no issues. They even offer to send help carry the units from my truck to inside. A few of the gals in customer service at this Target store mention that the Target store that Andrea was leading/managing had known problem with customer services issues, even when they called from their Target store. Target just needs to train their Leaders/Managers better!


Len July 22, 2015 at 12:25 pm

I just received the ugliest catalog in the mail. Terrible illustrations, crappy minimal had to read text, and illustrated, white text on black background coupons on th back pages, and useless “college checklist.” What junk.

I called to talk to someone at corporate about such poor advertising. The supervisor I talked to never heard of the CEO or the COO of TARGET. How embarrassing for the company.


Hunt July 21, 2015 at 7:40 pm

It has been terrible trying to get help with Target and the call centre . Waisted over two hours trying to put our complaint in and arrange for a egift card to be sent as a gift card. I was cut off the line twice in the process. All our familys have been loyal customers of Target, well that might just change. Come on Target get your act together before you loose many more customers!


J Mitchell July 20, 2015 at 10:47 am

To the brilliant business people taking Target down the toilet:
I have been a customer since that 1st store in Roseville in 1962. Cool stuff, and all the necessities at a cheap price, never mind it was the first store I’d seen built out of concrete block. So: good for years and years, then I start noticing some of my favorite items are not carried any longer. I mention it, the manager is accommodating, and sometimes that item will reappear, but it worsens. Anything in environmentally friendly packaging disappears from the shelf. Then, the kiss of death: employees are instructed to ask moronically ‘are you finding everything OK?’ ad infinitem.What you failed to grasp is that the Target customer is not the Walmart customer. Target customers can think, and find the products they want if the item is on the shelves, and we also resent insincerity.
I noticed that a product- CoffeeMate the Original was not being stocked; visit after visit (for months) it wasn’t there. I explained that to someone in the dairy dept. and was told I’d have to contact management because management “did not listen to anything we say”.
Oh, I’ve stuck it out, because old habits- 54 years- die hard.
Now you’ve cut another product that was available only at Target: the 2mg nicotine gum in original flavor(you offer another that says original on the box, but it’s not). So, no, I won’t switch to Walmart. I never shop there on principle. But adios Target. The business heads have ruined a once great company.


L.A.Bell July 18, 2015 at 6:10 pm

To Whom It May Concern;

I only wanted to buy a pair of overalls for my 80th birthday. I live in a rural area and if my local Target stocked overalls, I would purchase them there, where I could try them on first, but Target in SLO doesn’t stock overalls. I went to and placed an order on 6-9-2015 for one pair 44×30 overalls, which is larger than my pants size. I received them on 6-16, unfortunately they were too snug so I returned them to the store and received a refund (25 mile trip).

On 6-16 I tried to order another pair of overalls in 48×30, order number 102564519310, after prompt acknowledgment of my order, it was immediately canceled. Thinking that the larger size was the problem, I tried to place an order for one pair of 46×30, order number 102564499316. I called guest services on 6-21 at 1-800-591-3869 and asked why my second order (48×30) had been canceled, they said it was due to an incorrect price listed online. When I received my third order on 6-23, they were also too snug, so I returned them to the store for a refund. On 6-23 I reordered one pair of 48×30 and received a confirmation email that said the item was “in stock” order number 102574182559, later that day, the order was canceled.

I called guest services again and was told that for my “patience and inconvenience” they would issue a $5 gift card, but it can only be used online and I can’t seem to get a completed order processed online, so it seems to be useless at this point. I discussed size and length issues and incorrect price issues with the supervisor and was assured that there were 100 pair of 48×32 in stock, for the price listed online, so I placed my next order number 1025733243596 and again later that night my order was canceled. This happened again on 6-24 with a new order number 132574832515 even though I received a “success” we have received your order, it was again canceled the same night.

I called guest services again and immediately asked for a supervisor, I have spoken to Angel, Richard, Zach, and Angie. Angie told me that the problem seems to be incorrect pricing on the web site and that I can not reorder until the problem with the incorrect pricing is fixed and that this will take up to 10 days. When I asked to speak to her boss, I was told “NO, I could not” and that I would not be given any information to escalate my concerns any further, although I felt I was not the only customer having this problem. I’m sure some try once and give up. I can’t believe Target is unable to verify both product availability and price online

On 6-25 I had a chat with Dustin on and I explained my situation. He said that Target has doXXXXented and forwarded this issue to the “order research team” and suggested that I email guest services: which I will do.

I would hope that Target can improve their quality and price control so that things like this don’t continue to happen to everyone else trying to place orders online, I’m sure most people don’t spend the amount of time I have spent just trying to buy a pair of overalls. I am 79 and don’t usually order online, but this frustrating experience has certainly not made me want to continue to shop at Target and especially not at . I hope to hear from someone regarding these issues, I can be contacted via email at: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX or by phone at 805-528-XXXXX.

I only wanted a pair of overalls for my 80th birthday on July 4th, I guess I won’t be able to get them from Target and this entire process has made me very unhappy.

Sincerely, L .A. Bell

P.S. My sister-in-law, after hearing my story went to one of her favorite .com retailers Sierra Trading Post, ( and found a better brand of overalls at a much cheaper price. She placed the order and they were delivered 4 days later IN TIME FOR MY 80th BIRTHDAY!! I was so impressed I ordered a pair for my wife and grandson. So THANK YOU Sierra Trading Post and suck an egg target!


Brenda Randell July 18, 2015 at 3:04 pm

7-18-2015 I visited a Target Store #43 at 5400 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112-5407 and was treated with the most hateful pharmacist in my life. Her name was Katie I believe, I asked for names and they refused to give them to me so I read her name tag and got her first name.
She undoubtedly was by herself due to employees calling in and was behind in her prescriptions and customers. I arrived to pick up a prescription for my dog and she asked for some info which I gave her. While she was inputting my information about my dog, new customers began to arrive. She stopped working on my prescription and started working on those customers. Meanwhile she left me waiting with no explanation what so ever. I was being ignored and continually to the back of her line.
Just because my prescription was for my dog did not mean that I was any less of a customer. I pay with money just like everyone else. I was first there at her counter and was a paying customer.
After 45 minutes went by and I still did not have my prescription I left to go find the store manager. Her name was Perry and I told her my problem. She went to the drugstore to help me and I told her I was going to file a complaint against the pharmacist, and the store due to her discriminating against me with other customers.
I plan to continue my complaint process of discrimination against Target for being treated so rudely, and disrespectful, and I really feel as though just because my prescription was for my dog I am being discriminated against.
The manager said that she would not give me anyone’s last name because it was against Target’s Golden Rules.
I have worked for the public in retail sales and customer service for over 56 years and I have never treated anyone like this and will not let anyone treat me this way again.
I hope that if anyone else feels as though they are being discriminated against that they will join me in protesting against Target’s drugstore.
I also do not recommend using this store’s drugstore because of discrimination.


Susan Harrison July 17, 2015 at 11:47 am

Target became my go to drugstore since I’d had enough of other places, the prices were great and the drugstore staff have been terrific. Much to my surprise I found out that the drugstore portion of Target has been sold to CVS. Here in Hawaii the CVS stores still carry the name Long’s since that was a household name for as long as I can remember and I was surprised when CVS took over but kept their name in small print. I don’t go to CVS because their drugstore prices are too much. Now with Target out of the drugstore business I’m going to have to look for some other drugstore since I’m not going to give my business to CVS. Target, what the heck were you thinking since now CVS has a monopoly on the east side of the island. A little competition is all I ask.


Lou Ellen Plummer July 13, 2015 at 9:21 am

I have been a loyal customer of Target for many years and have always been happy with my experience at the stores. That changed last week when I went in to buy the promotional IPhone 6. I was told that there were no phones and that there had not been any since Tuesday. I was there on Saturday. Yesterday I went int to look at the Iphone 5, another promotional item, and found out that not all stores carry the same products. I checked online and found that not many stores within my area even carry the phone and everyone that did was sold out. This sounds a little like the old ‘bait and switch’ schemes of yesteryear. I am very disappointed with Target. Oh and I tried to get a replacement cartridge for my Sodastream. Once again they were not available. I was told that they had used up all the ones on the shelves and had 3 cases in the back waiting for return labels so they could get more cartridges. I DO NOT blame the local Target store! I sure hope someone reads this and takes the comments seriously!


Debra Chapman July 13, 2015 at 4:26 am

I want to report that the most shocking and humiliating experience of my whole life occurred at the Target Store in Easton, MA, on Wednesday, July 8, 2015! Before I get into this horrific experience, I need to state that my husband and I feel that we are we are being discriminated against because we are senior citizens. 99% of the people working there are much younger. They don’t really understand about what our upbringing was. Parents at that time were not afraid to correct or discipline their children in public or private. Anyway, we have spent thousands of dollars per year at this store, including close to $2000 on prescriptions. I am on about 14 types of meds and my husband is on four. We went to Target because we could no longer afford CVS’s or any other drugstore’s high prices. Now, since my husband retired last year, we were forced to switch to an HMO with much higher co-pays for doctors’ visits, procedures and hospital costs. We didn’t think we would have to worry about the prices of our prescriptions going up. So Target got our business because they charged lower prices for generics. And as of of May or June of 2014, we had gotten into the habit of going to the Starbucks in there, almost nightly. I was a fan of their iced tea. Also, the surroundings were comfortable and and there was a nice, friendly atmosphere. We always had friendly and kind words for all of the workers there, including the HR person, Maria. We weren’t allowed to tip at either Starbucks or Pizza Hut, so I would give those workers little hand creams because I sell Avon. We would have friendly conversations from time to time and I always took an interest in their lives. Also, It was one of the few places you could go where there were no blaring TV’s and loud, piped in music. We also began getting a lot of our groceries there and other things we needed like office supplies, electronics, bathroom accessories, pocketbooks, footwear and so on. Anyway, going to Starbucks was a very pleasurable outlet for my husband and I. We could do paperwork, use a tablet or laptop, or just have friendly conversations with the workers and other customers. On the aforementioned night, I was sitting at a table in Starbucks, enjoying an iced tea, and working on a crossword. My husband had gotten up to go to another part of the store. As I was sitting there, I heard what I thought was a baby crying and screaming at the register. This went on and on for about 10 or 15 minutes. The mother was either returning something or was getting a price check on an item, because when she came over to Starbucks, she didn’t have any purchases. Anyway, that whole time, she said nothing to the child, like trying to calm the child or leaving the store. The workers let this continue without saying a word. Then as I mentioned before, she came over to Starbucks. Accompanying her were 2 young children. It turns out the the person who was making all the commotion was a four year old girl and she had a younger brother who looked about 2 or 3. Well, the little girl kept up the “hissy” fit and the mother wasn’t doing anything about it! By this time, I was completely exasperated because the crying and screaming were becoming deafening and no one was saying anything. I couldn’t hear myself think and I was trying to make a phone call. So I said more to myself than to the woman: “Oh God! Do I have to keep hearing this?” I wasn’t even looking at her when I said it. She turned around and said, “She’s just a little girl!” Like that was an acceptable reason for the tantrum that lasted as long as it did! I looked at her and said “usually when a child is that upset or out of control, the parent tries to calm the child or take him/her out of the store in consideration for the workers and other customers.” Now, perhaps in this day and age, it may be politically incorrect to say that, but then I wasn’t creating a big scene by letting my child act like that for such a long time. All I know is that in my experience as a child, if I ever acted in this manner, my mom would have the manager give me a good talking to, and then I would be punished either with the belt or at the very least told I would not be able to go into any store for a good, long time! Upon hearing this calm, quiet suggestion, she started harassing me verbally, saying that I was insulting a small child. I never once looked at nor spoke to that child! I wasn’t faulting or attacking the child, it was the mother’s whole attitude. Trying to ignore her, to get away from her and also to diffuse the situation, I went around the corner to Pizza Hut to get something to eat. She followed me there and continued to yell and scream at me. So I said to her, “Let’s just drop this, it’s done, it’s over. She still kept yelling at me in front of her kids and everyone in the store, accusing me of insulting her child and calling me a XXXXXX and a harasser. I got fed up with her trying to engage me, so I said, “Get the hell away from me, you XXXXXX!” Then she stormed away. I took my food to my table and was about to talk to the manager, when the HR person, Maria, came over to my table with a young man who I took to be an asst manager. This mother is right behind them, saying: ” And I’m just going to call the cops now! You messed with the wrong person!”. In the meantime, my husband had returned to get the tail end of this woman’s harassment of me at Pizza Hut. I looked the HR person (Maria), straight in the eyes. By the way, neither she nor the manager would give us her last name! I said to her:” I wasn’t harassing or verbally abusing her child in any way. She was harassing me!” She just looks at me and says: some of the workers heard you cursing her! Later, I learned from the store manager, Rick Toussant, that 2 young kids sitting at a table there and 2 female workers said I had started it. None of those persons witnessed what had happened at Pizza Hut, when I tried to end it. If “starting” it means saying something under my breath because it had gone on too long, is tame compared to her reactions! The young man with whom I was trying place the order, saw and heard that she had followed me and CONTINUED TO HARASS ME! No one bothered to ask him what he saw and heard. It seemed to me that because I walked away and then wouldn’t engage, just increased her anger. I just wanted to be done with it and I wanted her to get away from me. I’m the one who should have called the manager, but I didn’t because she finally stormed off and I thought she had had her say and then left the store. Anyway, as she was talking on the phone to the police, for 10 or 15 minutes in an ironically low voice, I was still trying to explain my side of it. These people knew me and my husband and did not know this other customer at all. They knew how much business we gave to their store and how friendly and complimentary we had always been. But they wouldn’t listen to me, and there was no one defending me. At this point, my husband who had refrained from losing his temper, holding his temper, stood up and said to me: “Let’s leave this place and never come back!” Before we had a chance to do that, the policeman arrived and to my further embarrassment and humiliation, he was a former student of my husband’s who had taught in the Easton School System for 43 years. He says “Hello, Mr. Chapman”. Then proceeds to the talk with the mother of the child. She spoke in a very soft voice, which was surprising since she had just been screaming at me. Then he comes over to me and asks me for ID. I gave him my license and he starts saying the numbers on it over his walkie-talkie. Like I’m some kind of a criminal and he’s checking for other offences. Then he beckons me to walk with him and tell him what happened. He also asked me if I touched the child, so it seemed to me that the XXXXXX might have told him I was harassing or touching the child. I explained to him what happened as stated above. I assured him that I neither touched not spoke to the child. I was a little upset at this point; my voice was shaky and I was on the verge of starting to cry. He said: “Just calm down!” He then told me to pack up my stuff, and he went over to the mother again. While I was doing that, I started talking in a low, shaking voice to my husband, saying how I couldn’t believe this was happening, that I don’t think I had done anything that horrible and certainly not anything to warrant calling the police. So the officer came back over to me and said, please don’t say anything more, and why don’t you go wait for me at the back of Starbucks. When he came back, he said, why don’t you just go home for the evening. I was still upset and trying to defend myself. But I wasn’t refusing to leave and I wasn’t yelling. I was trying to talk to him in a calm voice. Then he says, “Why don’t I escort you to your car” and then says “you came very close to being arrested tonight.” He still wouldn’t really listen, and I felt that I wasn’t being believed and that he was being treating me very unfairly. But then again, he was young. This rankled, especially since the woman, who was way louder than me and the aggressor was not asked to leave. As soon as I got home, I called Maria to make an appeal to her. Again I tried to explain, and all she could say was “He said, she said”. I asked her if I would be able to come to the store again. Maria said she would talk to the manager and call with their decision the next day. I spent the night crying and I hardly slept. I felt so traumatized. And I am a 19 year breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed about 6 years ago with diabetes, and diagnosed 2 years ago with congestive heart failure. So, to say I was very traumatized by this experience is really going some! Anyway, I wrote everything down and asked my husband to talk to Maria for me, when she called. She called on Thursday, but my husband was unable to take the phone call. When he went to call her back, she had left for the day. On Friday, the 10th, he called and asked to speak to Maria. A woman came on the line, who, my husband felt, did not sound like Maria. My husband went over what I had written and she told him we were banned from the store. He asked for her name, and she wouldn’t give it. Then he went to the Police Dept. and put in a complaint about the officer who came to the store on Wednesday night. He said he felt that the officer had mishandled the situation. The policeman he spoke to seemed sympathetic, and told us that the store (Target of Easton) could not legally bar me from their store without filing a complaint. Which to that point, Target hadn’t done. On Sunday, July 12, we called the manager, Rick Toussant, and he seemed willing to hear our side of it, but said a few witnesses had said that I initiated the whole thing. I told him that he could not legally ban us from his store without filing a complaint at the Police Dept. He said he would do this, and then he said this isn’t a lifetime ban. I laughed and said “Honey we are ages 60 and 65, we don’t have much of a lifetime left. I thanked him and hung up the phone. The last part of my complaint is that now this store has put us in a real pickle. We cannot afford the prices that CVS or Rite Aid charges for prescriptions. The nearest Target is about 35 minutes away, and the nearest Wal-Mart which has the same deal is 35 minutes away. We are senior citizens on a fixed income, and cannot afford the extra gas, time and wear and tear on us or on our car. As I mentioned before, I take 22 pills a day, which amounts to 12 prescriptions per month. My husband takes 4 types of meds. If we can’t find an affordable solution, this store will hear from us legally!


Zaheerah July 7, 2015 at 2:45 pm

Target’s(July 5, 2015) weekly ad paper on pages 9-11 titled: It’s baby sale time! has disturbing images of two African American babies, one has its back to us and the other images shows only legs. The other babies faces are shown and most of them have smiles on there faces. This is not advertising, it’s insulting. You just lost another customer do to ignorance.


Dawn olson June 29, 2015 at 10:56 pm

This is how Target treats their employees and I would like people to be aware. My son called to tell management he needed the upcoming( Fri/Sat) days off because his grandfather was in ICU and we didn’t know if he would make it through the weekend. My son was told that he could have them off , if he found someone to work for him. This is what he did, he found someone to work his shift. His grandfather ended up passing away and my son called to see if he could get his schedule changed so he could attend his grandfather’s funeral when they informed him that he was terminated!! The reason? They said he had 2 no calls/no shows on those particular days he asked someone else to work for him (which management told him to do) so he could be by his grandfather’s hospital bedside whIle his was dying. They failed to inform him he was suppose to still call in on those days as well. I think this is absolutely cruel to terminate an employee as they are grieving as a loved one is dying! Shows they do not care about their employees at all!


Breezy July 13, 2015 at 11:45 am

Sorry about your lost . I understand what you are going through because they terminated me for no reason too I called the headquarters to see what they can do , Target is so mean to the Employees that want to work …


Stacey July 14, 2015 at 1:10 pm

I will never shop at Target again! My son who is almost 20 and trying to pay his way through College applied for a advertised job. It was a series of questions in 3 series.
First interview they told him went great as did the 2nd. There was one more left and he was told Corporate wouldn’t be there for 10 days but it all looked “great”. Just a few days later he got a rejection letter. Yes I am upset he didn’t get the job but, this goes way further than that. The girl (and I am talking 18 tops) that interviewed him had blue and purple hair and was very unprofessional I always loved shopping there but, never again will I spend one dime in there..


Donna McPheeters June 29, 2015 at 10:11 am

I am done with this company. I attempted to register for the survey/sweepstakes on my Target receipt. It is good for 72 hours. I attempted registration 24 hours after my purchase. It kicked me out saying the codes were expired. I called “Guest Relations”—I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing at that term. It was a guy in a foreign country, who said to me–“What’s the problem?” He had no idea how to solve my problem. I could barely understand him over his thick accent. There were no supevisors available. I was on hold for 20 minutes. I called back—disconnected twice. Told today to Mail in my registration—-is this 1968? I tried to email my experience on Contact Us. No way to email—-just endless subjects/suggestions. This company is not long for this world. I pick retail stocks BASED on their Customer Service. Customer Service is a reflection of a company’s culture. Target’s Culture is to isolate the Customer from Executive Management as much as possible. It’s all about the financial sheet. When that happens, you’re already going downhill. I saw it in Abercrombie and Fitch, which I predicted over a year before their demise. The CEO Brian Cornell spouts their commitment to “social responsibility”. They need to be concerned with 3 things: level of inventory, quality and customer service. Period. Everything else can take care of itself, as without happy customers you won’t need to worry about “social responsibility.”


Amy Maguire June 22, 2015 at 1:29 pm

I purchased an item for a gift for my husband for fathers day. The item was damaged when i received it. I called the 800 number and was told the item would be expidited and i would receive it by fathers day.. I told them specifically that if they could no gaurantee it to be delivered by fathers day that I did not want it.. The man I spoke with gaurenteed it!! Saturday, the day before fathers day I called to check on shipping and was told my package would arrive on Monday.. A day after fathers day!! A little to late! Now I have NO gift to give my hard working huaband and amazing father of 2 except for a broken gift and promise that a new one will be here by Monday. Back to my saturday phone call.. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for over 20 mins. When a representative named Diana answered I aaked if she was a supervisor and she said No. I told her I was on hold for a supervisor for over 20 mins, her reply was sorry we are busy. I then proceeded to tell her how upset I was with the situation and some of the issues I was having and she then told me she was a supervisor and could help.. Are you kidding?!! I asked for an employee number or extension to report her and was denied. Now today I received an email staying my shipment is delayed and wont be here until thursay.. Say what?!!! I called the 612 number at you corporate offices and spoke to a gentleman that I got disconnected from.. So I called back yet again. The woman that helped was courteous and did as much as she could for me.. She put in a cancellation order but could not gaurantee that it would be cancelled in time so i was told to either not accept delivery or return it to the store. As for the damaged item I have I need to drive 30 mins to the store return it and drive 30 mins home.. After being lied to, deceived, given the run around, and feeling like the worst mom/wife ever for not having a gift for my husband. Wow.. Just wow!! What a horrible experience.. I dont think I ever want to shop at Target again.. Off to Wal-Mart where I will spend the thousands of dollars yearly. That I used to spend with you.


leah July 16, 2015 at 6:03 pm

OMG you are not alone i am going through your same situation a month later.. this company is joke! and their customer service foreigners are rude and are clearly paid to give buying consumers the “run a round”..


PS June 22, 2015 at 10:09 am

Very poor service trying to pay bill over phone. I inputted all info correctly and was waiting for confirmation number and it transferred me to a foreign country person. Antiquated service. I should be able to contact CFO’s office to let them know of this poor functionality. After the hacking one would think payment systems should be excellent like other companies. Not so.
One cannot speak to any headquarters staff…very poor service here as well. Cust. service tells you to snail mail them…what century are they in? This is like Walmart no service, which I avoid and it should be 100 times better. Do something about it.


Larry E. Davis, Jr. June 19, 2015 at 9:19 am

There is a account that was added to my credit file that is not mine. My farther and I have the same name and at the time same address. My dad went to a local Target to get his account number and they gave him my number without him know it. He used it for years and had drafts coming his bank for the payments. Whne the bank sold out the payments stopped. In the end a charge off came and I was at fault. The Law office that i used to help out was told that it is ALL my bills and I must pay the price and Target will not change anything even with the paperwork from both my dad and myself stating the information on file is incorrect. It was Sr’s bill not Jrs bill. I closed my account off many years ago. I tried to correct this myself for years before I called a Lawer to help. It is still on my credit file even with the account having a $0.00 balance. I feel this company is ONLY out for the money and will not be a friendly person company. Now I am having to pay for their mistake for the next 7-10 years.


Melanie Beaton June 12, 2015 at 10:08 pm

Recently I went into my local target and went to use my card when I found out it had been frozen. I came home and tried to call about my card but had no luck. I registered my card and was surprised to find out that Target had been charging me a late fee for the past 4 months. My account was paid in full prior to this and I had a credit on my account. I used my card in February but have never received any statements since January of 2015. Target states my mail has been returned BUT according to their RED card site all my contact information is correct. I have notified the company about this and give me any information. I REFUSE TO PAY ANY LATE FEE ON MY ACCOUNT and I did pay the balance I owed from February, but they still refuse to take off all the late fees as I would NOT have had any if I would have received my statement. It’s funny I have lived at my address for the past 3 years and all my other bills seem to be delivered on time and I have had no problem with any of them just with


Monses Rocha June 5, 2015 at 4:43 pm

I worked for Target years 2015 at Webster,Tx and got fired for no reason and I told them and request to leave because of I have to go out town for my family personally reason and my family has passed away and in hospital and HR name Chance he decide to fired me because of this reason can’t leave after 1 years that kind of stupid to get fired of your family has passed away or family in hospital so now I couldn’t apply or want to work for Target again. I trying kept fighting about it and then HR change on records saying because of my absence reason that really bulls*it and I going to filled law sue against Target and want back to work Target again.and, there Target too many discrimination with HR and making funny with Deaf people or handcapping at work!!!


Breezy July 13, 2015 at 11:54 am

Did you ever File a law sue ?


larry mathiak June 1, 2015 at 9:43 pm

For the very first time, I placed an online order for a 55 inch TV from Target on May 21, 2015. As of today, June 1, 2015, I still do not have the TV nor a firm delivery date. the best I have been told it should arrive somewhere between June 1, and June 4th. I have called in to Target several times attempting to obtain a status. Their customer service is horrible and I will never ever purchase from them again. The worst customer service I have ever experienced.


Sharlene May 16, 2015 at 10:25 pm

I love my drugstore at Target in Hadley MA. In fact, I drive 40 minutes to use that drugstore instead of the one in my own back yard (literally). The pharmacists there are top notch, professional and so well informed. They always make the time to hear questions and concerns. The whole team is fabulous but I want to especially mention Greg and Bill. Greg probably saved my life. It is nice to go to a drugstore where you don’t feel like you are being herded through. Thanks for hiring this wonderful team!


Adrian May 13, 2015 at 1:43 pm

I was a former Target guest service employee and was released yesterday but not because of my Service skills, not because of my guest service, not because of my personality or other traits, and not because I didn’t work, because I worked so hard. Instead, I was released due to the fact that I wasn’t BEGGING hard enough for RedCards. Every time I was coached it was only about me not getting RedCards. It had nothing to do with my Guest service. They let me go because I couldn’t beg as good as the other cashiers. Now I really find this unfair and very ridiculous. I did what ever it took to satisfy every guest. And that’s what I thought Guest Service was about. I was fired because I put more time into helping the Guests rather then getting RedCards. You tell me if that sounds fair to you.


Adrian May 13, 2015 at 1:59 pm

It seems like everything revolved around this RedCard. I saw employees Lying to guests just so they would sign up. I saw employees treating Guests badly that didnt sign up. Its just to much. How do we live in a world where A card Is more important then Honesty and Hard work


Justme May 14, 2015 at 9:54 am

I do not shop at Target because of the constant begging trying to get you to sign up for a red card. I do not trust their card and would never sign up for a card. Thus I know you are now being punished for us not taking them. I will not shop Target again.


Jeff Janson April 30, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Who is charge of your Refurbished Electronics Division and can I please have contact information for that individual ?

Kind Regards~

Jeff Janson


Kathrina April 10, 2015 at 11:16 am

My deaf daughter applied for a job with this company and I was told by Kathy in HR she cannot work for the company because we use walk talkies and she cannot hear anything. Could she have given another reason? They had a sign up we employ people with disabilities. I felt this was a slap in our face.


Dave May 25, 2015 at 4:50 pm

That sounds exactly like just cause for a discrimination lawsuit based on the Americans with Disabilities act. I would not hesitate if I were you.


TSXS June 27, 2015 at 11:36 am

Thats bs. half of the team members dont have nor use wt! she discriminated her for no reason! there are so many jibs you can have at Target where there is no conversation/communication necessary. They all work independent!


Kp April 6, 2015 at 11:33 am

Target just need too close down. Customer service is weak they dnt help u. They just want ur money, I will never shop at target again..


Sophia r April 5, 2015 at 12:26 am

DEAR F***ING TARGET! Last week I bought a kimono/ shall artical of clothing!I placed thr clothing item in the wash and when it came out the fringes were ALL broke, it looked like frizzy hair, All snarly and knotted. When I pull on the fringes it undoes, turning to nothing but thread.I spent $25 on it and the quality is horrible now of course I cannot return the HORRIBLY MADE shall, because The tag was taken off. So now target is making me pay for THEIR mistake!


Annette Gilbert April 4, 2015 at 2:11 pm

I ordered my grandson the Batman Embrace booster seat online and it was delivered on December 15, 2014. It was hard to get unbuckled but I figured it was just new, however, it kept getting harder and harder. On April 2, 2015 while shopping he could not get it unbuckled, three adults tried to unbuckle him and failed. We finally had to loosen the straps and have him just climb from under the straps. I drove directly to the K Mart since that is who I thought I purchased it from. The manager came out to my car and tried to unhook the seat and finally got it undone. He said even though it was past the 90 days it was unsafe and he would replace it or give me a refund. We went back to his office and he looked online for my receipt, which of course we couldn’t find. I told him I would come home and look on the box since it was still in my garage. When I got home I realized it was Target not K Mart. I called Targets online help and talked with a supervisor who said she was going to send me UPS pickup sticker to send it back but since I paid with PayPal I would be getting a Target gift card for a refund. The Target supervisor never e-mailed me the form to send it back so I called today and after a very long hopefully recorded phone call I was told there is nothing we can do but give you a website to the manufacturer. My mistake here was ordering from Target instead of K Mart since K mart cares about my grandsons safety in a clearly defective car seat sold by Target. I talked with two supervisors, one who did not follow through and send me the return label and one who said the only information I have on the manufacturer is a website I am sorry. Car seats should last more than 3 months and Target should be handling this for me especially since this is a defective car seat!


Annette Gilbert April 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Also, I did not share this on my Facebook to get more attention, however, I will if I do not get a response from target within a reasonable amount of time.


ashton April 16, 2015 at 11:28 am

Sure, Facebook will help you. Lol


Steven April 16, 2015 at 11:34 am

I love Target. I have had no issue with them, and they even are great on my returns, and replacements. Keep up the good work!


Mark April 3, 2015 at 8:43 pm

This is America if you want to have commercials in the US have them in English.We need our language in this country not Spanish.We will start shopping at Walmart if this Spanish speaking commercials continue.


joe hall March 31, 2015 at 3:02 pm

Hi I’m back again. Target is so intent on NOT providing customer service that even if you call there corporate office in Minn. they will instantly tell you they are transferring you to a tier 2 level of service which means another long hold time before you are disconnected. Target knows it has zero customer service and simply doesn’t care because it doesn’t have to. It’s obvious they don’t read their emails let alone these complaints.


Arlene Buckley March 30, 2015 at 11:48 am

Hi Target I am setting a new goal to NEVER buy another item from Target
I ordered a baby gift to be sent to ME
not address on baby registry. I called 1-800
591-3869 to ask what address within fifteen minutes . In formed addressed to
baby registry not my address. I am told
NOTHING can done except cancel order.
The best part it may not accept cancellation. This is the SECOND time
BYE Target it was not pleasure
To shop with you!


Tanisha Richards March 28, 2015 at 1:38 pm

And is of yet I still haven’t spoken to someone regarding this second shipment of a wrong item and my refund… Do I need to contact the BBB? This is quite ridiculous… And if there is anyone who is still flyer months and had net gotten their money back then I suggest you sue.. People work hard for their money that they spend and to get this type of service is unacceptable… Period!


Tanisha Richards March 28, 2015 at 1:33 pm

Now I call corporate at this # r: (612) 304-6073 and I’m told they can’t help me .. But they can take my name and # and give a report/comment to the right people but I have to contact someone in ….

What the hell is going on? So corporate has not control or say when it comes to their company online service? This is asinine and ridiculous


Very ticked off customer


Tanisha Richards March 27, 2015 at 2:21 pm

Good afternoon…. I have been having issues with your company… I just can’t seem to fathom why I can’t get what I ordered….

I have previously emailed you regarding two products… One was the Naturals Design essentials Shampoo and Conditioner…. A replacement was sent out for both products… I received a package today which is supposed to be the Naturals Design Essentials conditioner and once again I received a product that I did NOT order just as before… Please refund my money for the amount paid for the shampoo and conditioner… I am not happy at all with this type of service… I’ve been waiting weeks almost a month now for these two items.

Sincerely dissatisfied customer


Tashia Parker March 26, 2015 at 8:50 am

Apparently I am not the only person experiencing some major problems with Target. I ordered a mattress and box spring set on 31 Dec and that was delivered wrong. They sent a bed frame instead of the box spring, so I called Target and put in a replacement order on 19 Jan which was delivered about 5 days later and nothing changed. They sent the bed frame again and no box spring. I just ordered a bed from Target that cost me $599 and I need a box spring and a mattress not another bed frame, I already have that. I called Target again and they sent someone to pick up the mattress. The mattress was opened so it’s pretty long and big, queen mattress. UPS guy said he can’t lift it by himself and left, saying that he would be back. He never returned. So I get back to calling Target and we play this game for two whole months. I have been disconnceted several times out of the over 20 times that I called. Mind you, that I have not be refunded my money because they said they would need the item first before they could refund me. It is their responsibility to come get this item and to take care of their customers needs. What has happened to you Target? You have outsourced what seems to be all of your cutomer service representatives, that just don’t have that same sense of urgency as we do, and have a script to follow for all customers. Managers are not following up on problem cases and you have major technogical problems where customers are getting disconnected and receive no return phone call. I have reached out to every source possible to get this matter resolved and I am still not sleeping on a mattress nor have I received a refund. I even spoke to a level 2 team member/supervisor about receiving the compensation of $149 that it now cost me to order a box spring/foundation mattress from Walmart. I did so yesterday and if this matter is not resolved in a week from today, I will discontinue shopping at Target and let my voice be heard about Target to everyone I know.


joe hall March 24, 2015 at 1:13 pm

I think it’s pretty clear NO ONE from Target will ever read these it’s meant to be that way. Right now as I’m writing this Target who recently laid off thousands of employees to establish a larger online presence has failed miserably. Target’s website is virtually non-working i.e. it freezes when you try to put something in the cart and now I just received an email stating that TARGET IN ONLY ACCEPTING PAYMENT THRU EBAY USING PAYPAL. That means that is so broken or more likely hacked and Target is hiding that info again, that Target itself is not even able to take it’s own gift cards or a Visa for payment and they are keeping their shoddy customer service in the dark and are lying to them. I think Target is about to to under and this is the beginning. I cannot reach anyone anywhere within their corporation which means they are hiding.


Becky Pamperin March 24, 2015 at 12:21 pm

I am very disappointed in Target. I love to shop at Target and use many of the Up & Up products including the baby formula. My local targets and all of the surrounding Targets within a 50+ Mile radius have been out of the Up & Up gentle infant formula I use for my daughter for over a week now. Every day I call to see if they have any and I get the same response ” we’ll be getting a truck tomorrow morning so call back at 8 am to see if we have any.” I finally called Target headquarters in Minneapolis today and the girl I talked to didn’t know anymore than the store operators I talked to. This is very frustrating as it’s not good for my child to keep changing her formula. Looks like I will be buying my formula elsewhere from now on. I would be much more understanding if someone was able to explain the shortage to me or give me an idea as to how long they will be out. This is not good customer service. I know I am not the only one with this issue. It would be nice if Target let it’s customers know what the deal is.


Robert Perschmann March 24, 2015 at 10:29 am

I have tried to speak to an actual Target employee who is allowed to make decisions. The highest I can get is a man in Central America who answers the Customer Service call. The person has zero ability to help me. To begin with there is so much noise in the “call center” that communication is not possible. The person sounded as though he had never been in a Target store. I also got connected to Canada CS. No better.

Conclusion: Target has no interest in connecting with customers. NO INTEREST in CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS. I have been spending thousands at Target. I’m done. Back to Byerlys for me. I won’t bother telling you what I wanted because you don’t give a damn what I wanted.


Tanisha Richards March 22, 2015 at 12:38 pm

I’m very disappoint with target/ Target. Com s to their shipping and also their customer service… First I will say I’ve recent place orders with With one of the orders all of my items were shipped piece by piece… (Separately), an email will say a particular item was delivered when in fact I received another item within that order.. Second.. An item that said it was delivered but I did not receive and one person I spoke to was helpful and did do a replacement order but why did he not offer to express ship it..? The next item I did receive and it was something I didn’t even order… I called customer service spoke to a woman who in fact tried to tell me I had to go to. Store and make arrangements as to exchanging , returning etc… She never gave me any options and had the nerve to tell me she didn’t want to send a replacement and that end up being what I didn’t order , which believe that you guys are very aware of the foolery and mishaps that are going on in this warehouse… Sounds like this company has no regard for its customers time, energy and money… I guess u purposely send the wrong item hoping the customer doesn’t look into things… My response to her was why do I have to go out of my way to fix a mistake you guys made..if I wanted or could go to the store I would have to begin with… She didn’t offer to send me a return label or anything… When I had asked for the number to corporate she insisted she didn’t have the information … #disgusted all in all my issue still has not been resolved… I spoke to another person and they had the nerve to tell me that if I didn’t go to the store that I wouldn’t be able to get the product I wanted to refund… You people have a lot of nerve…


Connie Jacobs March 19, 2015 at 9:51 pm

I hope the CEO Gregg Steinhafel reads these comments……your shipping department needs alot of help.
They can’t seem to get a shipping address correct, not once but twice sent to the wrong address and now I have to wait for the refund a second time. My poor grandson still waits for a brithday gift that should have been delivered on march 5th. Its Marth 19th and the second delivery was just returned. So tell me what kinda of managers do you hire? I think that if you want your store to stay in business shipping out your product correctly would be a priority. When an item returns, it should be looked at and customer contacted – since you require phone numbers at order time. It would take two minutes to call and get the correct address and reship it. Second of all it should not be up to the customer to reorder what was not their mistake to begin with. Now third you have tied up thier money not only once but twice. And the customer still does not have their product shipped and received at the correct address. I will be sharing this with my facebook family and anywhere and every where I can, not to use your services. When you get people on the phone that you can’t understand and they can’t understand you I guess that would be part of the issue. Perhaps a big company like target should take a good look at their shipping…because without it you don’t have a business…..Alll Management should be suspended and new managers put in their place to do a better job…after all this is the life of your company. I am sure the $10 gift card they was to be used on this order is also gone but it doesn’t make up for the loss of items purchased but not delivered and wasted time waiting for the money to return to my credit card. This forces me to have to wait more time to get my grandson his birthday gifts that are now very late. Great Job Target.
I will not be wasting anymore time with your service.


Tashia Parker March 26, 2015 at 8:54 am

I was wondering if you have received any correspondence from Target on your issues? Even though this is my first time having an issue with Target, it is so large that it will also impact myfurther business with them.


TSXS June 27, 2015 at 11:37 am

No one gets any answers! The Public Relation of Target suck!


Linda Ferguson March 16, 2015 at 6:01 pm

I no longer shop at Target. If you people do not have the intelligence or courage to stand up to the endless demands of Muslims who are attempting to overtake our culture one bit at a time, I have no use for your store. I am pointing out to all my email and Facebook friends that you cater to Muslims and contribute to their cult by kissing up to them. I see on the news that business isn’t so good for Target. No one likes cowards, especially those who suck up to people whose religion (cult) encourages them to kill non-Muslims.


Les April 13, 2015 at 11:16 pm

Linda, your comments are so out of line, you are placing all Muslins in one category and that is so unfair of you. Most Muslims are peaceful, non violent people, a few are ruining it for everyone else.


James Merrigan February 16, 2015 at 11:25 am

I had cataract surgery on Nov. 17, 2014 and subsequently required a new prescription for eyeglasses. I brought the new prescription to Target Optical on Jan.30, 2015. The store manager told me that they do not fill out Medicare reimbursement forms, but that I could submit them myself. Medicare will reimburse for one pair of eyeglasses after cataract surgery. I submitted the form to Medicare and was denied payment due to the fact that Target Optical is not an official supplier. I should have been told this by the Target Manager. My total bill for two pairs was $170 and I should have been reimbursed $85. I feel I was misled and Target should have advised me that they are not a participant in the Medicare program.


Pam deLeon February 7, 2015 at 2:33 pm

I want to express my disappointment with your phishing tactics. I have been divorced since 2002 and when I was using my Target Cartwheel app last week I noticed something very disturbing…my old, married name was on my profile. I have not legally used this name for over 13 years so why someone in your company thought it was acceptable to put this name on my profile is baffling. I spoke to a very pleasant woman on the phone and found there is no way to edit the name on my cartwheel. In this era of online shopping I find it disturbing that someone in your company used a name that is no longer legally mine and didn’t use the name that I use on my Target card or my Target Debit Card. Identity theft and fraud have hindered your company and yet I’m wondering if the problems with these areas lie within your own employees? There is no logical explanation for that name to be used in affiliation with anything I currently do or have. Millions of people get divorced and change their names. It is your corporate responsibility to ensure mistakes like this do not happen. I will not be shopping with your company any longer. Words cannot express how disgusted I am with whoever thought it was acceptable to use that name.


Jo Lewis January 27, 2015 at 8:53 am

I saw the Gibson Pueblo Elite 16 piece dinnerware set on ebay and was leery about making that big of a purchase on ebay. When I saw that Target was the seller I immediately ordered 2 sets confident that the transaction would go without a hitch. Much to my amazement nothing was further from the truth. The 2 sets of dishes arrived yesterday. The box was partially open because it was “secured” with one strip of tape. When I opened it the boxes that the dishes came in were in the box with no packing whatsoever except for what came in the boxes of dishes themselves. This made me nervous so I unpacked every dish and found that one of the bowls was in pieces. One hundred and twenty eight dollars and some odd change may not be a lot to you people but it was quite a big purchase for me and the more I thought about it my anger turned into insult that a retailer such as Target thinks so little of their consumers that they could not be bothered to make sure that the items purchased arrived to a customer safely. I’m pretty positive that there are surface cracks on some of the other dishes as they made a trip across country banging against each other as there was no packing in the box. Dishes!! No packing is just unbelievable. I called the contact us number to no avail and got in touch with ebay. I also went back a read the negative feedback that Target has gotten and it looks like I will have a snowballs chance in hell of getting my broken dishes replaced…in fact, if a replacement is sent out whose to say it will have the same grueling trip that the first sets and arrive broken as well.
I would appreciate a replacement. I have pictures of the broken pieces and the lack of packing. I just want two sets of unbroken dishes.


Jennie Bean January 26, 2015 at 11:48 pm

I have spoken with customer service no fewer than 8 times since placing my order on 12/19/14… I have yet to received my item but have been charged for it.. I’ve been told item is no longer carried and would receive a refund but after several days when I called back I was told the item had been delivered and no refund had been issued. It’s now 1/26/15 and no horse has been delivered and no refund issued. I will never shop Target Online again. The worst experience I have ever had ….


Roselyn smith January 18, 2015 at 5:28 am

I Have called and emailed with no help i am so


Ebony C. January 17, 2015 at 10:04 pm

am writing this email to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the service I have received from your company and the fact that the merchandise that I ordered on January 2nd still hasn’t arrived and no one seems to know where it is located. on January 2, 2015 I ordered a doll house bookcase. I then received an email on January 5th that says your order is on it’s way with a tracking number for UPS. I looked up the UPS tracking number and it states that a label wasn’t even created until January 6th which is odd to me since the email from the 5th stated that my item was already on its way. In addition to that the target website and my email differed in the dates of arrival for my item which was also frustrating. The email said the item would arrive between January 8th and January 12th. The website said the item would arrive between January 5 and January 8th.

With all of that said I checked the UPS tracking number several times and there was never an update. So I decided to call UPS and ask them where my package was. I was told that they do not have the package and that it was still at Target. I then called Target on January 7th or 8th and inquired about where the package was just to make sure that it was on the way. I was told by the customer service rep that it was still at target and to give it 2 more days and it should be on its way. This was only after I had spoken to one person who put me on hold for 15+ minutes to try and track the package but then hung up on me. So with that said I waited until January 10th to call again but before then I continued to check the UPS tracking information with no updates. When I called January 10th I asked to speak to a manager. No one was able to to tell me for sure where my package was AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I then asked to speak to a manager and he informed me that since the package was not supposed to arrive until the 12th I would have to wait until then and then add 2 business days as a cushion before someone at Target was able to do something which I think is ridiculous. I then called on January 13th after the order had not arrived on the 12th or the 13th. I spoke to a very rude customer service rep and then I asked to speak to a manager. The young lady informed me that my package was in Savannah, Ga and that it was delayed. I asked her do you all not communicate with your customer’s when something is delayed. She stated that I was right and that I should have gotten some type of correspondence and she apologized for that not happening. She then stated that my package should be here by the weekend. Well it is Saturday January 17, 2015 and guess what!!! I still have no package and no explanation as to why my package isn’t here and no updates in the UPS website!!!! This experience has definitely put a bad taste in my mouth for this company and how business is handled. Since so far I have not been able to get anything accomplished by calling I figured I would send an email and maybe just maybe someone would provide me with an answer as to why I haven’t received my package and provide me with better customer service.


Janie January 17, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I ordered two perfumes on the 01/06/15 and still can not receive merchandise .You all took my money but will not deliver on your part. I have talked to five people on what you call (TEAM MEMBERS)and have gotten the run around. One says” it shipped “and someone else says” not in stock,”but BOY you sure were fast in taking my money. I have never ordered online, this is my frist time and it is the WORST experience I had .Never will I order from you guys again. Now if I do not get this fixed soon I will report you to the Better Business Bureau and start letting everyone on Twitter and Facebook on how you conduct business .
Janie Goff De La Rosa


Jane freeburg January 11, 2015 at 4:04 am

I am very disappointed I your online service my husband ordered a total gym for 149.99 and your company added 383.51 in shipping costs this is considered price gouging the customer and I am canceling my order – but you operators do not kniw there job sand I am taking this into my own hands at this point if this product is not canceled I will sue your company the order number is102159231385 you are cheating the American worker and I will not sta for this it’s an outrage please contact me at 309737**** jane freeburg asap


Nicholas VanHoutan January 7, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Hi, this is not a comment or a complaint.I like shopping at Target.I was wondering if your company was looking for new puppy items your company could sell. My idea would be a puppy hoodie so when it gets cold or windy outside you can just flip over the hood. The hoodie would only be $15.00. It would be especially useful in winter time here in Minnesota. Please email me if interested.Thank you for your time.


Scott Smith January 5, 2015 at 3:16 pm

We bought a PS3 right after Christmas that was a bundle deal. It was a 12 gig system with Call of Duty “Ghosts” on sale for 189.99. The box said 219.99. When we checked the price scanner it came to 189.99. After we got home and looked, the game was not in the box. We called the local store ( in Rosedale CA.) They told us to come back in and get the game. It’s over 35 miles each way. We drove back to the store with receipt and unit and they still tried to charge us for the game. I’m still mad about the 40 bucks in gas, not to mention the time it took, but they wouldn’t honor their own sale. We went and looked and they still have it advertised. You would think that a company like Target would take care of it but nothing has happened yet.


Jeri January 2, 2015 at 11:15 am

I purchased a Threshold Carson 5 Shelf Bookcase less than one year ago. I went last week to purchase a matching bookcase (only without doors) and was surprised to discover (after having seen the red bookcase still on display only weeks prior to Christmas) that the red color in those items (the bookcases with and without doors) have been discontinued. When I called Guest Relations today, I spoke to a very nice gentleman (Robert) who told me I could return that bookshelf for a refund or exchange, the latter of which I preferred so I could get two bookcases in the same color. When I called the Washington Square store, Angie indicated they (per her Store Manager) could not assist me without a DCPI number and suggested I call back Guest Relations to obtain same. When I called I got Robert again, only this time he indicated the store would not be able to take the item back. I called Corporate Headquarters and spoke to Nicole, who indicated they were the “highest level” of customer service I would be able to receive. Although, like Robert, Nicole was very friendly and professional, she did indicate that there was nothing they would be able to do for me. This is unacceptable Customer Service and will definitely alter the way I shop at Target – if I continue to shop at Target.


Elizabeth December 29, 2014 at 10:52 am

To Whom it May Concern,
Hello. My name is Elizabeth Horvath. I recently placed an order online. To be exact, on 12/19/14 so I met the deadline to receive before Christmas. I have had extreme hardships this year but I was able to locate and scrape up the money for a Minecraft gift my son has been asking for for months. Your website was the only place that had it. So I placed my order with guaranteed arrival for Christmas. Along with that, I placed an order for an Elsa costume for my daughter. When I went to the Target store today to grab some groceries, I noticed they had the Elsa dress in stock. I immediately got excited and called your online team to see if they could switch my order to store pick up instead of having it shipped to my home since the order hadn’t been sent out yet. When I called, the VERY VERY RUDE man on the phone says “uh no offense but why wouldn’t you just buy the dress if you saw it then?”. I advised him that I in no way have the money to pay for the item twice. I couldn’t afford to buy it in the store because I already paid for it online. He then said “hmm I don’t have to deal with your tone I’m canceling your orders” as I’m starting to yell “NO” this man hung up the phone and I get an email notification two minutes later saying he canceled my orders!!!!!!!
I tried calling back and spent TWO hours on the phone trying to express what happened. Not only did this jerk cancel the Elsa dress but he canceled the Minecraft item for my son that is no where else in town!!! Three business days before Christmas and this man cancels my orders!!! No one on your end believed he did that to me. They kept saying “ma’am the notes say the guest wanted the order canceled”. I NEVER WANTED MY ORDER CANCELED!!!!!! Why would I want to cancel my order when it would take days to get that money back on my card and I couldn’t afford anything else? Not to mention MY SON WANTED THAT SPECIFIC GIFT!!!! Not one single person seemed to care that man completely RUINED my Christmas. RUINED IT!!! After two hours on the phone all I got was a lowsy $30 gift card emailed to me to purchase another gift. I didn’t want another gift. I wanted the gift I ordered in the first place. So I had to go back to Target…look through your picked over inventory…and purchase a totally different thing all because your representative wanted to be plain rude, spiteful, mean and cold hearted. I have never in my life had someone do such a vindictive malicious thing!!!! And I don’t feel your team did a good job in handling the situation. Everyone acted like they could care less.
Thanks to Target, my Christmas is ruined. My son will not get the gift he really wanted. And I will never shop at Target again. I used to love Target and go there for everything. Target has received a lot of my business. I always bragged on Target. Not anymore. Never again.


d December 28, 2014 at 2:54 pm is a big disappointment! I ordered four Christmas items for my family that lives in another state. When they received them, there was only one item that was ordered and some diapers(that were not ordered). The shipping label had the other 3 items listed, but weren’t there. Customer service was the worst! The calls kept getting dropped or I was hung up on. When I finally had a call not disconnected, the rep was very rude. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she was the supervisor. I asked her who supervises her. She wouldn’t answer. I just wanted to know where the other 3 items were. There was no apology for the mistake.


CUNNINGHAM December 24, 2014 at 10:32 am



Donna Ward December 22, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I ordered 2 play station 4 games online. My name was on the package but inside was someone else’s order. I called Target and they said they would send replacements. The package came and inside there was only 1 game. Even though the invoice said there were 2. I called Target after 20 minutes the call hung up. I called back and the same thing happened again. I called again asked for a supervisor and he said the first guy screwed something up and they can’t refund me or send it I have to pick it up at the store. This was after being on the phone for a 1/2 hour. The closest store was in Philly. Which is not close at all. No other store near me had it. I said forget it. Just refund me! He said he can’t until a later date. I have no idea why he couldn’t refund it but now someone is supposed to contact me about my refund. I’m thinking I’ll be calling back again. I have already chopped my card up and I will never shop there again! Worst customer service I have ever had at any store in my life! I would love for someone in the corporate headquarters to contact me so I could hear what they have to say . But looking at this extremely long list of complaints I am not alone.


Tina December 22, 2014 at 7:05 pm

I purchased a 32gb ipod touch online for my son as a Christmas present on December 1, 2014. The tracking number for my order was not a valid tracking number for UPS or USPS. I contacted customer service last Thursday to inquire as to the whereabouts of my package. They asked me to wait until Monday December 22. Today is December 22, I again contacted customer service. I started this at 3:45 pm EST and had to call them several times up until 6:45 when a somewhat resolution was made. I worked in a call center for 15 years, and this experience was just ridiculous. soft hold or placed on hold with no updates, transferred to another rep, when they answered they kept saying hello , I can’t hear you. I asked that I’d be allowed to pick up the item at the store, and they are unable to do that. They can return my item and I can repurchase it at the store. I didn’t want to do that as I didn’t want to pay more for my item then I had already paid. The solution on their part was to do a replacement order with rushed shipping. However the package would take 24 to 48 hours to be sent and could take up to December 31st. That doesn’t help me as this was to be a Christmas present for my son. Seeing that it was the one item that he asked for and the amount that it cost, This was his only present besides stuffers. For such a large company you would think they had the proper training for their customer service staff and shipping department to provide exceptional customer service. If I had to QA the first call that rep would have failed, and if I had to QA my entire experience of today’s ordeal, it would be that Target received a zero and final written warning for not making the experience for their Guest exceptional.


Kelly Stevens December 18, 2014 at 6:09 pm

On Dec 3rd I ordered 3 $25 gift cards for holiday gifts. The closest Target store to me is one hour driving time one way so ordering on line was the most efficient method for getting the gift cards. I was told the order would arrive in 5-8 days. The first card showed up and it was only one card. I received an email that the other two were delayed and would ship between the 16th-18th. On the 16th I received a second card. On the 18th I received no card. The 19th is the last day to get items in the mail that would be guaranted for Christmas delivery. I called and after a 25 minute all with someone that was very hard to understand I was told that they could cancel the card that had not yet arrived and send me a new one. Well that does not help my gift giving issue that I now had. I asked that all cards be deactivated and I be refunded my money. This was done EXCEPT because I used Paypal at check out I was being issued a Target E-Card. I don’t want a Target E-Card. I now need to take that money and purchase something else to give as my gift. I called Paypal and a complaint has been opened through them. Not one person that I spoke with at could help me. They all used words like “I can not”, “Our Policy is this”, Or “this just isn’t how we do it”. Not at one time did anyone try to help rectify the situation other than making me spend a long time on the phone on hold to be issued an E-Card that is useless to me.


Harvey Zeugin December 20, 2014 at 12:02 pm

I had almost the exact same problem. I will never ever purchase .05 cents from Target after this. I wanted to cancel the card before it was billed and shipped. I also used PayPal and they told me they cannot issue a credit to PayPal, but they could cancel the card they shipped to me and issue another card. WHAT????REALLY TARGET??? I called Corp and they pretty much blew me off. So I now have 2 gift cards as I thought I had cancelled the first one so I went to a store and purchased another gift card. Oh well, this was a big lesson learned. Never buy from Target. They don’t care about customers or their problems.


Donte M December 18, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Target customer service is horrible!! i have been dealing with this issue since black friday. The website had a 40inch element tv on sale for $119 but the tv never went on sale online and kept saying unavailable. I went to the store on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in West Palm Beach FL and showed the error to the manager Heather. Heather acknowledged the error and said she would see would she could do and made me wait for her, she left me for 45 minutes!!!!! and never came back, I went to the register and had them call her and she told them to tell me there was nothing she could do for me even though she knew there was an error. I filed a complaint on the target website and all they stated was your complaint has been foward to leadership but no one ever tried to fix my problem. I called guest relations and spoke with Kendra who told me there was nothing they could do for me and not even a rain check on the item. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me they did not get on the phone and she could not give me her supervisor name. There was never an offer to fix the situation, there was never a real apology form anyone at target. I will never spend my money at this chain of stores ever again and I will be sure to advise others. This type of treatment to your customers is unacceptable.


Kelly Stevens December 18, 2014 at 6:11 pm

Their customer service is horrible I agree. They offer no solutions and no answers. They have lost my business.


Anne December 17, 2014 at 1:01 pm

I have been on the phone with “customer service” hahaha… for over 2 hours regarding an online order that I wanted to cancel. I had placed the order only minutes before making the call. I hadn’t even received the confirmation email. They charged me for express shipping when I wanted standard FREE shipping. The phone calls were dropped 3 times. The end result was I would have to leave a note for fedex/ups stating not to deliver packages from Target.
So, basically, I have become responsible for their screw up! If I had the time to do their jobs, I wouldn’t be trying to save time shopping online.
I’ve spent a lot of money at Target in the past, but never again! You all need a refresher course in customer service 101.


Sheila S December 15, 2014 at 6:21 am

Ordered an IPad and cover on Dec 1…. Had a UPS tracking number but for some reason that no one can explain, the package was handed over to USPS, tracking info on UPS said it was given to the wrong post office, but is being corrected. 2 weeks gone by, no merchandise and no solid tracking info or explanation. Called customer service, and was transferred 3 times and told I would have to wait to receive it and just return it to a store. They would not cancel, refund or rerout the shipment. I will never shop a Target online again, and I am disputing the charge with the credit card company. Thanks Target


Laura B December 17, 2014 at 10:05 am

Same situation. Ordered 9 Christmas toys on 12/5. They all were shipped on 12/7 in one package. However the tracking number says “The shipment has been processed by the sender. Once the shipment is within the UPS network, an expected delivery date will be made available.” Called customer service 4 times in the last 2 days, and after hours of hold times, they kept dropping my call. Each time I call, the representative has to research my order and put me on hold for 20-30 minutes, then they finally transfer me, only to have my call dropped. Then today when I finally get transferred to the right department, they say I just have to wait for the package because “UPS and USPS are very busy right now”. It is clear that UPS or USPS never got the package, so I asked why they just can’t put in a replacement order. She said their system does not allow them to do it, because usually the customer eventually receives the package. They said it is not their fault that UPS and USPS are slow, so I asked “HOW IS THIS MY FAULT??!” So now I have to sit and wait for a package that is never going to come with Christmas toys for my 2 year old and 5 year… Way to ruin Christmas for my kids Target!


Donna Casiano December 13, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Placed an order 11-28. As of today, 12-13, one item has still not arrived. Another item they shipped the wrong dress. I have emailed five times regarding this order without the courtesy of a response. I just spent 40 mins on the phone, only to be disconnected without a resolution. I called my local store who told me they could not help. Would NEVER order anything from Target again. They say they are bringing back Caldors. Can’t wait!


Casey G. December 15, 2014 at 3:58 pm

I am having the same issue!! They said they delivered on the 11-28. They delivered the wrong package. Called the center 8 times, 8. Now they say they are SHIPPING it Dec 24-29. Whats the point of a CHRISTMAS GIFT?


Doreen Klein December 12, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Hi tried to call and at least speak with someone in just customer service because your site would not allow me to place an order. First I waited about 15 minutes to have the CSR answer then I was disconnected. I called back and waited another 20 minutes to get a CSR that did not speak good English — I tried to give her the order to place (a kitchenaid mixer — 1 item) and I was literally on the phone with her for 40 minutes and she still could not place the order — I just hung up.

This order should have only taken 5 minutes to place — how frustrating. The item is on sale with free shipping but it is not a good deal if you cannot order it.


Bob Alexander December 12, 2014 at 11:50 am

Placed an order online for pickup at the local Target store in 2 hours. Called the store 2.5 hours later to confirm & was advised that they were out of stock. I was directed to call 800-400-0680 to arrange for pickup at another store. I contacted the call center & spoke with a woman who stated that she would arrange for pickup at another location, then she hung up. Moments later I received an email stating that the order had been cancelled. I contacted the call center again and spoke with a man who stated that the order had been cancelled & he was unable to help, then he hung up. So… I’m thinking that the credit card security breach isn’t the only massive problem that they’re having in the Land of Target!


antoinette reshenberg ( toni) December 11, 2014 at 7:13 pm

I have been writting you since pre-black friday sale and still no response . i have also call and left a complaint. still no response. this is no way to treat your customers. I have had it. you have no respect for your customers. not even a phone to follow up or anything.


Sherry December 10, 2014 at 2:06 pm

I ordered my daughter some clothes from the online Target website. I accidentally ordered the wrong size. I checked the order to see if it had been shipped out. No it has not. I called Customer Service and was told that although my order had not shipped they could not change the size. I was told that I would need to wait for my order, then go to a Target store and return the items for the correct size. One item was available at a location, that is 50 miles out of my way and the other two items are available online only. I was told that I could re-order my items in the correct size, meaning that I would have to pay for these items twice. I was so upset that I asked to speak to this agent’s boss, I was told that his boss does not take calls, I asked for his boss’s name, he said he could not give that info to me, I asked for the reps Target ID- he said that he cannot give this to me, I then asked for Target’s Corportate #, and low and behold, he gave me a disconnected #. I had to research to find a corporate #, when I contacted Target (corporate) I let them know of all this, and let her know that all I want to do is change the size, since these items have not yet shipped, again I was told that I could not change the size… REALLY???, Target is supposed to a better Class ACT than Wal-Mart……but I definately would rather do business with Wal Mart anyday after this experience. FYI—- the worst customer service AGENTS: Guillermo, Mark and LaCresha…..NO HELP AT ALL……



Leslie December 10, 2014 at 12:56 pm

I have to say that I have never been as disappointed in customer service, and a situation as I am right now.

I ordered an item almost 2 weeks ( Order # 102066835XXXX). My husband and I received the item on Wednesday, 12/3. When we went to put it together, all hardware was missing. We called the company that makes the item, as well as Target, and were told the hardware would be sent to us. We would receive an email with a tracking number within 24 hours, and the items in 7 – 10 days. By Monday, I had not received an email, and called Target again. They told me that the hardware was backordered FOR MONTHS. A pick-up was arranged, and I figured I’d have to re-order.

When we went online to re-order, I realized the price had gone up, so I decided to call Target again yesterday. I spoke with a supervisor in Tempe, Arizona named Terri, who seemed to understand my predicament. She arranged for a refund, and told me that she would arrange for delivery for another item to be sent to me. She would utilize the refund, so that no other charges would appear on my paypal or credit card. What actually happened was that I was issued a refund via electronic gift card, that I did NOT want. I called Target AGAIN today, in ordered to see if I can use that gift card to re-order that same item, for the same price. I was told by Todd in Arizona, badge # 1012638731, that he would not honor the price, and there was nothing he could do.He also told me there is no one else that he or I could talk to, and if I insisted anymore then he would have to disconnect the call. I then hung up, with the intention to not even try to order anything from Target again.

NOTE: I typed the above section while I was on hold one more time with

11:15AM, Wednesday, 12/10

I finally made my way back to Terri, in the Tempe, AZ call center. She completely remembered our conversation and was is disbelief that I received a gift card, and not a replacement, and that I was told by Todd that this could not be fixed. Well, she took care of it! She honored the original price, and accepted the gift card. With a bit of finagling she was able to straighten everything out, and get my order processed. Unfortunately she could not expedited it, but I’m OK with that at this point. She is an asset to your company, and should be recognized for her persistence, patience, and kindness. I am hoping against all hope that the hardware is included in the box that I receive next week!

To sum this up – Disappointed with the situation, and somewhat happy with the result, once I was able to find my way back to the correct person. I have always had good experiences with Target, and feel that I was left unsatisfied. All I wanted was the product that I had initially ordered. It was not my fault that we did not receive the hardware. It was not my fault that a gift card was issued to me, when in fact, I was told that an exchange would be done. As it turns out, Terri had me enter my credit card, and then adjusted the price. She said that my card would be REFUNDED. Why in the world did I receive a electronic gift card again??? This is absurd, really. I don’t believe this is her fault – if I pay with credit card, the refund should go back to credit card, not to a gift card!!!

I would like to hear back from someone regarding a resolution to this situation.


james e December 15, 2014 at 12:29 pm



Jana Mitchell December 9, 2014 at 11:51 am

I ordered a sweater for my son on 11/25/14. As of 12/9/14 I still have no sweater. I called my local postal service and the package is being sent back to the target store due to NO ADDRESS AT ALL being put on the shipment. AND the wrong zip code was put on package. So the wrong sip code with NO address was on the package. I have now been on hold with for over 2 hours and they are telling me even though it is their mistake i have to repurchade my items and they will ship to correct address and zip code. Now i have my email confirmation from ordering this the first time and it has all of my correct information on it. They cant guarantee me that the shipment that is in route back to them wont be returned and my money back. TARGET IS REFUSING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! I do not feel that i should have to re-order my items and spend the money again when i am not even guaranteed my money back on the lost items (due to their mistake). They said the items when they are returned to them chances are they will resend it with the correct address on it. I stated that I dont need duplicates of these items. The hateful clerk AND supervisor (Ness and Alex) stated at that point I would jsut have to pay for my own shipping and ship it back as a return. Well the problem is I dont have this kind of money laying around or sitting in a bank that i can jsut pay for these purchases again and hope for the best. It is Christmas time and i know the mail gets a mess sometimes but this is not the carrier services problem either, this is stictly a mess on targets end. The customer service is horrible and i am at a loss no matter what. I will not buy from target again and i WILL put a stop to any family or firends buying from here again! I dont care what kind of sales they have i WILL not be back. I am so diasppointed. The only reason i started shopiing at target again after the whole identity theft actions last year was because a friend of mine is constantly shopping there, even for her groceries and i thought i would give it another chance. I will count my losses and pass the word to fellow shoppers.


Jana Mitchell December 9, 2014 at 11:57 am

After reading some of the comments below, i realize i am not alone in this matter. TARGET IF YOU WNT TO STAY IN BUSINESS THEN YOU NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMERS THAT YOU STILL HAVE!!!! I am not one to complain at all and usually think on some comaplints that you just cant make everybody happy but according to my complaint and the other complaints then Target need to go out of business!!! You can not run a business with customer service like this.


Greg December 4, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Oh, Holy God! The customer service people in the Mexico call center are the worst. You cannot get anything but a canned answer from a representative, and when you ask for a supervisor, the rep puts you on hold, and then comes back leaving her headset on the desk, and just leaves it there while you hear all of the conversations in the background. I do not know Spanish, so God knows what she had to say, but I bet she had plenty to say about the stupid customers who call Target, hoping for service. Maybe she was just ranting about “stupidos” in general…

All I wanted to do was cancel a gift card order, placed over a week ago, that they say won’t ship for another 8 to 12 days. Kind of makes it hard to give as a gift….



Beth December 3, 2014 at 6:35 pm

I ordered a tv on line, cyber.monday deal… I requested to pick it up at the Red Wing store. I received an email that they were out of stock. No problem, right??? They should be able to get one in stock and I would still get the sale price… WRONG!!!! The customer service department informed me I would have to travel 35 miles to pick it up. They refused to ship it from another store to the target store in Red Wing or to my home. The excuse was…. is because I originally requested pick up from the Red Wing store, I now have to travel to another location.
My question is shouldnt Target “help the paying customer”, considering the data breach and all of the other problems.
Needless to say, they lost my business once again. I am sure Best Buy appreciated your poor customer service, because the received my business….


Margie December 2, 2014 at 6:16 pm

I ordered a gift card for my granddaughter for her birthday. I never received the card called them 3 times was hung up on three times called another number they said they would send me another card got it today, but it was not the card I ordered. Called them again was told to take it to the store for a replacement went to the store the lady who was waiting on me went to find a card never returned come back home called headquarters and was told they do not refund gift cards and they no longer have the card I ordered. This store should not be able to treat customers this way. If it was not for your customers you wouldn’t be in business and I for one will tell anyone I see not to do business with TARGET


kathleen dapkus December 2, 2014 at 11:31 am

i have quit shopping at target for one reason.. when at the register i must watch every item carefully as a lot of what i buy is not wrung up at the incorrect price.. when brought to the attention of the cashier she/he will adjust the price.. it just happened again on 11/29/14 at the tinley park il. store.. this is not the first time i have complained about this happening..
i hesitate to shop in your store even though it is very close to my home and i am in this plaza often and it would be easy to stop in for milk bread etc. but this has happened too often for me to patronize your store…

kathleen dapkus
* tullamore dr
tinley park il 60487


anthony defranco December 1, 2014 at 9:01 pm

I purchased a 55″ samsung smart tv from target online 11/25/14 (THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING) This purchase was confirmed via: email.I was sent a 55″ magnavox regular tv. I contacted target customer service and for over three hours on the phone all they had to say was that they were sorry to just return the magnavox.That was their answer. That there was nothing else they can do.I was hung up on several times and all they do is talk in circles. So fustrated with Target i’m not going back there ever again.


abe November 30, 2014 at 1:10 pm

The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I will never do business at target again. I now realize why target stores are getting fewer and fewer in my state.


toni pierouchakos November 26, 2014 at 10:55 am

I viewed your pre-black Friday sale Wednesday 26th of November. you had a TV for $119. element TV
.I called the the Bristol Virginia store and they yes they were having that TV, but they would only have 10. i called the Johnson city one and they said no it was a miss print so i called the one in Bristol VA back and said they would call the Johnson city one and tell them yes that was true on that TV. that TV was on sale. i talk to the manager (Shonna i might have her name miss spelled) in VA. and she talked the manager in tn. I took a picture of the web site with it show Wednesday 26 pre- black Friday sale and it has that TV in the picture with it. the manager pulled up the ad. i was talking about and seen it and said that was a misprint. that was suppose to be the black Friday sale. well this is one mad customer and i will spread the news about my shopping experience with target with others. and i have pictures to back it up.


antoinette pierouchakos November 30, 2014 at 7:49 pm

I will call the BBB. if this issue does not get taken care of and my local news paper with the picture I took of the ad. I will also send it to the biggest papers like the Washington post and the new York times. I have friends their that are also waiting to see how you handle this. You had false advertisement and I traveled 100 miles to go get this item. I am a single grandmother of 6. in which I have 4 living with me that I take care of. $ is hard to come by and I search for every deal I can get to save as much money as possible. I took off work that day to go get 2 TV’s. lost money for that day and did NOT get what I came for and had to pay for gas to get there. very unhappy customer.. still waiting to heard from you, I called you also and put a complain it nothing from that either. saving all email and letters I write you.


antoinette reshenberg ( toni) December 11, 2014 at 7:15 pm

still no response


Nancy Rae K Nitzberg November 25, 2014 at 10:59 am

I have never had problems at any Targets in any states Md too always the best customer service except a naughty disrespecting Aventura store with this mgr who loves to insult me yesterday when eating! i did not do nothing but came from credit union to pick up items they were holding for me.


Jane November 21, 2014 at 9:45 am

The number above is not for corporate. I called back twice and got the same person and she said that she takes the calls for corporate but is not the corporate office. I agree with the comments above that TARGET DOES NOT CARE for their customers. I did ask for a phone number for corporate and was told that there was not a number for corporate. I really hope with Targets bad customer service and data breaches that they go out of business. I will not be buying ANYTHING from target again


Manny November 20, 2014 at 11:03 am

I am currently an employee. About a month ago I reported an injury after I finished unloading the truck. Ever since then, my store manager has literally made me feel discriminated because of it. What am I to do? Help!??


james e December 15, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Get a good workman’s Compensation Layer and sue their asses!


Veronica November 18, 2014 at 10:41 am

The company has demonstrated serious problems with “Guest Relations” which need to be addressed. I tried to complete an online purchase yesterday, using Paypal, but theTarget website was unable to allow my order to proceed to completion. I received an email verification from Paypal that they were ready to release funds for the order, as soon as Target completed the processing. Target was unable to complete the processing and after repeated phone call with “Guest Services,” I cancelled the order in frustration. The last person that I spoke with was KATTY in “Guest Services,” who was unhelpful and blamed Paypal for the problem. I was unable to speak with anyone above KATTY, which indicates a severe breakdown in company communications. My case # is 01409870. Let’s see if anyone from Marketing reads this and responds appropriately.


S Campbell November 17, 2014 at 5:41 pm

I am wondering if you have eliminated the weekly Target advertising inset, usually distributed in the Sunday newspapers? For the last five Sundays, the Baltimore Sun, in Baltimore Maryland, has not had an insert and I wonder if it has been missed or if you have eliminated the insert. I am in the Towson suburb and there is a Target within one mile of our location. I did contact the Baltimore Sun and they indicated that there should have been an insert. If so, you may want to follow up as you are not getting what you are paying for them to do.


P. M. Dearing November 12, 2014 at 8:01 pm

I am trying to locate a former student, Eric Bibelnieks, who does, or did recently, work for Target at corporate offices in MN. Could you send me his contact information? Thanks.


Diane November 12, 2014 at 3:47 pm

I will never do business with Target again. I never experienced such rude customer service. Every time you speak to them they tell you something different. A supervisor advised me they do not notate the accounts or record calls, I was hung up on four times. Their corporate office doesn’t take calls you have to mail a letter for them to hear your complaint. They are the worst.

My advise to anyone that shops at target for their prices, there is many stores that price match like Kohl’s, Wal-Mart,, Buy Buy Baby, etc


Deanna Lutz November 11, 2014 at 9:29 am

Hello, I am currently a part time Target Team Member. I work with the early morning Logistics Team at 4 am. We have asked on several occasions for a new line repeatedly. Our District Manager Jewels, at the time, informed us that we did not need the line and that we would have to make due with what we have. Every morning I scan the truck and every morning there is always an issue with pushing the boxes down the line. We have to contstantly put empty boxed under the line to level it out. Each of the rungs on the beginning or end of each attachment is severely bent, which interupts the flow of the boxes, which in turn causes boxes to constantly fall off the line then it can make a large mess. Laundry det, shampoo, broken glass etc. We really need a new line so we can perform our job to the best of our ability and the constant interuptions on the line is not allowing us to do so. Is there anyone that will listen to us? The holidays are approaching and will be here in a couple of weeks, we really could use the assistance. I would very much like the abiltiy to perform for Target to the best of my ability and I believe with the help of a new line, our whole time team would definitely be able to be more diligent in our performance. Thank you for listening. Team Member at #2418.


Mike Ouyang November 4, 2014 at 10:03 pm

I would like to find a Target buyer in the Gift and Greeting Card category. We’re a greeting card publisher in Taiwan and make a very unique, interactive greeting card line that would do great at Target. For more info on our line you can visit us at or a recent blog about us by Card and Gift Network
If you have any questions please email me at ****

Thanks for your time!


Theresa October 30, 2014 at 8:57 pm

To Whom it may concern,
I can’t buy a phone because the main office hasn’t changed our zip code in your computers. Our zip code was 97006 but now it is 97003. I appreciate it if you could change this in your computer system. I can’t use my credit card on line either.


Cindie Romanofsky October 20, 2014 at 1:03 am

Will someone please tell me how to contact Target Corporation via e-mail? I have tried every “Contact Us” link and icon any where and every where on the website and NONE of them will take me to a link where I can e-mail them.


stacy hutner October 7, 2014 at 2:21 am

I relieved my new card today. wonderful , except for the fact that the cid number from the back of the card left an impression in reverse on the accompanying sheet it was attached to, which also has the last four digits of the card typed on it.
I see this as a potential breech. someone tosses it out doesn’t notice all info included on a single sheet of paper.there is a problem that will occu rdue to this.


deysi October 6, 2014 at 8:29 pm

I had a bad experience at target today i was getting bounce sheets and i try to use my mobile coupon that target offers and the coupon did not scan after i spoke to the manager that was so rude she told me that there was nothing she could do if coupon didnt scan. Coupon says $2 off 2 bounce excludes travel size after i left i contacted corp office and i got same answer i dont know why target offers mobile coupons if they will not honor it .. i will not shop there not more its so frustating


carol reid September 30, 2014 at 10:32 am

This is not about any purchase that’s been made or price marked differently than advertised. This is about a time when companies really cared about their name.
I have been in Retail sales and Management the last 25 years and NEVER have I encountered a company so ready to discard company property.
10 days ago I called Target located in Winston Salem ,NC 27103. I called because there were (still here) two Target carts in our parking lot ( A BUSY DOCTORS BUILDING). I explained how they got there, I said, a couple of elderly people pushed them here then walked across the street to where they live. I asked if they could come pick up the carts. Not sure if who I was speaking with was in management or not, she did not identify herself. She said they have trucks but they were being used at the time. She never asked for my name or number or address to come get them at a later time when the trucks came back. Now mind you, that was ten days ago. Yesterday morning (09/29/2014) I called again. I asked to speak with the store manager, I got the MOD. I introduce myself and explained to him the story and that they have been here over a week now and is an EYESORE to our establishment. He said he could’nt do anything about it. So I suggested if I load up the heavy carts into my SUV could I be compensated for the return. He said, NOPE, just go ahead and trash them.
Well it’s not my place to throw away or dispose of your product. He didn’t care. He also did not ask me for a number to reach us at either.
Needless to say we are now stuck with these carts in our parking lot.
The distance from that Target to us is roughly 3 minutes, 1.25 miles ( MapQuest). If poor elderly folk can push it that distance, why would’nt they make that same effort to save Target, the same company that writes their checks, some money.
The lack of care and consideration for other businesses is an abomination to the world of retail and customer service. Whether its Target or Walmart or Lowes.
There is NO GREAT SERVICE, it no longer longer exist !


Megan Dyer September 24, 2014 at 4:27 pm

When my guests started using my Target baby registry, they were able to pull up my registry but unable to update the purchases at the checkout. They were told my registry ‘wasn’t working’. I emailed Target on 9/16/14 and received an email back on 9/17/14 telling me to have each person call Target with “Descriptions or item numbers for what needs to be updated and the quantities for each item”. My shower was three days later, and I was not about to have all my guests call Target so they could manually update my registry–which is absolutely ridiculous in the first place. I received many, many duplicates from my registry. When I took them into the Evansville, Indiana, Target (on 8/20/14) to exchange them for things I did not receive, I was told there was no purchase history. I was able to pretend I was a guest and pull up my registry on the kiosk with no problem. They called the registry department and they were unable to help. I was told I could only exchange up to $75 worth on my driver’s license and even then it would be for the lowest cost in their system. For example, someone used my registry to purchase a diaper bag for $63.99, however they could only give me around $49 or so since it was they lowest price in their system–and even then I couldn’t exchange all my gifts because it was over the limit. They tried everything they knew to help me but were unable to. I was told to call the registry department and talk to a supervisor.

I called the registry department today (9/24/14) and asked for a supervisor. Lawrence did not want to transfer me and wanted to try and help himself. I explained to Lawrence the problem for 20 minutes (I timed it.) and he stated “Your registry is active and working fine. So what is your problem?” Right then I asked for a supervisor. I told him I just explained to him for 20 minutes about what my problem was. He said he was ‘distracted’ and was ‘sorry’.

After another 10 minutes on hold, I finally got to speak to Peggy in Minneapolis. She told me there was nothing she could do and that she couldn’t even find my registry online. I told her that I just had pulled up my registry Saturday in Evansville and she told me ‘there is no way for me to verify that.’ I currently have the registry that I printed in Evansville Saturday in my hands and Lawrence had just told me 10 minutes prior it was online and active. She also said there was no way to verify my guests actually pulled up my registry and used it to purchase items. They bought the exact items off my registry, so they obviously must have been able to pull it up. She also told me the cashier would have updated my registry when they checked out. I told her that was the problem. The cashier told each person who tried to purchase from my registry they were unable to update my registry because it ‘wasn’t working’.

Peggy did not want to help me. She told me to call each guest and have them mail me the gift receipt they received when they purchased the gift. However, many of my guests did NOT receive a gift receipt, though she stated it was ‘policy’.

In the end, after she talked to another supervisory, she put a note on my case number that I can exchange any amount of gifts, but it will be for the lowest price. I tried to explain to her that I should not have to pay the price because Target’s registry isn’t working. She just repeatedly told me there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me I couldn’t.

Target should not force an 8 month pregnant woman to go through all this extra work-that is the point of having a registry!

I am extremely maddened and upset how Target has treated me and has been reluctant to help their customer. I was treated poorly and treated as if it was my fault the registry system wasn’t working-and now I have to pay the price!!!


john mckight September 23, 2014 at 9:26 am

Target manager’ (the lady’s) that manages the New Jersey area in Middlesex county are bulling there employee’s. that is just so wrong. you really need to check into this. I have a good friend there and it is happening to them. PLEASE STOP BULLING. WE HAVE TO MUCH OF IT IN OUR SCHOOL’S.


Nicolette M. Krumholz September 21, 2014 at 2:26 pm


CEO: Gregg W. Steinhafel
CFO: John J. Mulligan
COO: Kathryn A. Tesija

Dear Sirs and Madam:

I have purchased many items with insurance from your Medford store over the years. I have never had to report a claim.

I purchased a NIkon Coolpix S230 on September 28, 2009. In March of 2012, I contacted your insurance department with a request for service. Since that time, I have made many, many attempts to have this issue addressed. I have been told by many that the camera wasn’t registered. I registered it the day I bought it and several times since then. I have consistently been told that I need to follow the instructions of a pending email in order to have the camera either serviced or replaced with the same or similar model. I have continually followed up to no avail. Today I was told that the camera was registered, however, no service request has ever been cataloged. Inasmuch as it is no outside the coverage date of the insurance, no assistance can be offered. This was told me to after I called the number on the insurance paperwork and spoke to Sara ID 155145, who instructed me to call 1 (800) 440-0680. I spoke with Ivan ID 45372 who transferred me back to Sara’s Department and repeated all of the information to Andrea who refused to give me her ID number and switched me to Donna who indicated that she was a supervisor and her ID 153044. She indicated that there was no way to help me because no one I had ever spoken with had made a “file”. When I asked Donna to direct me to the upper escelon of your company, she refused.

The registration process is flawed. Your customer service team does not record many of the calls they are taking because of this issue. Your customers are being denied the insurance they have purchased because of this issue. Your guest relations representatives are very difficult to understand, however, IVAN 45372 was very respectful, and I honestly felt he understood my problem and was sure customer service could resolve the matter. Donna gave me the distinct impression that she could not care less about my plight and had no inclination to resolve this matter amicably. She did say, however, that she would address the issue of refusing to give her ID number out with Andrea, because they are supposed to give it to the customer, when asked.

I have recorded the name, date and ID number of every conversation I have had on this matter during the last two years. if this matter is not resolved within thirty (30) days, I will be forwarding that to my attorney, along with the information contained herein in order to seek justice. I have always been a loyal customer of Target, however, I will never purchase another electronic item or any item requiring insurance from you again, because my experience has lead me to believe that your team is instructed to avoid processing these claims.

Devoted customer turned unhappy customer,

Nicolette M. Krumholz
63 615 XXXXx


ZB September 18, 2014 at 3:35 pm

I don’t recommend anyone use target to register for their wedding or baby shower. When you register you are told that any of the items on the registry can be brought back with out a receipt because the registry will be used as a receipt for the item. First, after my wedding I received repeat items, and they would not let me return them because they could not find my registry in the system. My registry just disappeared, but it was sure available when people were buying items off of it. My husband and I were forced to use our id to return some of the items, but the items were expensive so the $75 a year limit was exceeded with 3 items between the two of us. We did not learn our lesson the first time, so I registered for my baby shower and got repeat items again, now they tell me that I can’t return the items because they are not on my purchased log, how it is my fault that the items were not checked off the list either by the cashier or my guest. So they basically tell me that I am stuck with these items because they want me to use mine and my husbands id again to return things but we have exceeded our limit for the year from our wedding registry. I was told that I am basically XXXXX out of luck, and sorry. There should have been no reason for me to have to use my id the first time because of their computer issues. I was not asking to get cash back, I just wanted to get store credit to get things that I actually needed that I did not get, that were on the registry to begin with. It’s like dealing with Wal-Mart employees. The customer service employee tells me to ask people for the credit cards that they bought the items with, really?! Hemet, CA. target employees for you. Terrible experience, will not bother to stay a loyal customer. Customer service need a few classes on how to treat the customer.


Kathy October 18, 2014 at 11:56 am

Hi! I work at the Yorkville, IL Target at Guest Services, and Yes you can return any items you got from your shower regardless if they are on your purchase log or not. I would definately take your items back and tell them they are able to return your items even if those items are not on your purchase log. I’ve done it for many of my guests that come in and return items that they got from their shower but it wasn’t on their purchase log, I know it can be done. Good luck!


Phyllis Brennan September 15, 2014 at 12:45 pm

I had problems with my Target credit card and called customer support on 4 different occasions, only to get a different story each time. I wrote to corporate only to be told to contact customer service with whom I had the problem. I asked to cancel the card and had a credit which I asked to be refunded. They said it would take 7-10 days. It has now been 3 weeks and no refund. I telephoned today, the first excuse was “the request was filed and cancelled due to waiting on a check” the bill was paid directly to Target on 8/27. The second reason given by the same person was “the credit was never requested”. I spoke with a second person, who also said “the check for the credit was never requested” and then in the same conversation “the check for credit is doXXXXented on 8/27 at 7:41 PM but somehow slipped through the cracks as human error”. These people in customer service have trouble discerning fact from fiction. How abut I charge them a late fee for not doing as they said. I have had nothing but problems and corporate does not want to stand behind the customer. As others have said the customer service department is extremely rude and one person even called me a liar while I was talking to them and still has his job. What type of individuals does Target hire and retain. I will not shop there again and will advise family and friends to do the same. DO NOT SHOP AT TARGET!!!!


Andrea September 13, 2014 at 7:15 pm

On Sept 13, 2014 I called the Harlem store in NY. I asked did they have a item in stock. The young lady told me please hold. Needless to say 10min went by she never came back. I hung up the phone and called back customer service 5min later no answer. 10min later again no answer. 20min later again no answer. So I called and pressed 4 for electronics the gentleman answered. I asked is there anyone in you customer service Dept. He said yes you have to call and press 0. I said I’ve been doing that for the last 20min no one is answering. I said can I speak with your store general manager. He put me on hold for 5min and came back and said our store manager is busy at the moment. By now I was frustrated. I said ok no problem thank you. I can’t express how unprofessional this is for a store. Why should I buy any merchandise from a store that can’t even answer there phones for information. This really needs to be addressed. Maybe upgraded training for the manager on what needs to take place for a professional corp.


eamon mitchell September 12, 2014 at 8:34 pm

My name is Eamon Mitchell I have never written any company or any person about a complaint before.
Today i was in Target in Rockaway New Jersey to get some photos done and pick up some items. We had to wait for awhile for the photos and did some shopping , when we came back tried to get someone to help us with the photos . All the staff were very busy doing there jobs and giving a 100% . One of the guys was great in helping me get started downloading pictures from my phone.
However when the time came to pick up the photos i asked one of the so called managers who was sitting in an office behind customer service to help me out she lies to me telling me the photo center is closed. i check that out and one of the cashiers tells me it is open till 9;00. at that point i go back to the so called manager or what ever she is and asks her to help me again and again i get an answer that she will not help me wow i was shocked!! I then get one of the girls who was very busy to help me get my photos she was great . She works hard and is a very good worker!!!! I wish i knew her name. While i was getting the photos the so called manager sent security over to me to see what was wrong. I think he knew right away it was nothing wrong on my part. However i was embarassed and frustrated . I work in the medical field and part of any job is customer service even though i am in building maintenance part of my job is to help any one no matter what.
To be totally blunt my one memory of target will always be the girl Laura who was working tonight september 12th . She was rude obnoxious self centered arrogant and thinks she is better then any of her fellow employees and customers .
again i have never written about any thing or anyone before however this girl Laura was totally over the top

Eamon Mitchell


Mike SHUSTER September 10, 2014 at 3:13 pm

Great stores in the Columbus Oh area. Suppose we spend around a $1000.00 a year, which certainly isn’t much, but my concern is your recent support, through court action, for gay marriage. Cannot imagine why companies such as yours do not remain neutral, take no stand, on these social issues. What your senior corporate officers believe and support on their own is their business, but when these same people bring in their corporate business I think they have crossed the line. Since I know your preferences now, I will not step foot in another Target Store.


Sandra Pittman September 9, 2014 at 5:16 pm

On 9-7-2014 about 3:30 I entered the Traverse City Mi. store at the same time as a gentleman carrying a pistol on his hip. I informed customer service who stated Michigan has a right to carry law and there was nothing they could do, but their security guard would follow him. I left the store without my purchases and will not return for them. I followed up by phone with the store manager “Jamie” .Let me be clear, I am not against all firearms all the time but I do not believe Taget is the appropriate place for armed patrons. If need be, Target Corp. needs to push for legislation that allows you to set policy for your business. If this is already legal you need to make it clear that firearms are NOT welcome on the premises. I have had a RED card for some time, even through the security breach, but I will not patronize a store where I so not feel safe.


Doug September 10, 2014 at 11:55 am

I saw Sandra Pittman’s artical against gun carriers on 9-10-2014 the day before 911,I am sorry Sandra Pittman thinks she is unsafe when she sees a gun. I appreciate you not making a stand for or against this policy. A police officer would be pretty defensless without a gun, I wonder if she feels unsafe when a police or security officer is around. Our Country Forefathers thought it to be pretty improtant for any American who wishes to bare arms to have that previlege as an american. Guns, Airplanes, knives, bare hands, cars, forks, rocks, they all have been used to kill people. “People kill people” not the instruments it self. Educate against violence, I bet she doesn’t cut off her TV because she sees a gun, don’t single out one item.
Choose to abide with American Laws.
Thanks for your time.


BG September 8, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Target clinic refused to provide a sports related physical to my 19 year old because he has special needs. The practioner on staff asked specifically if my son received special services in school or had special needs. I asked why and she pressed the question. When I said yes he did, she told me she cannot perform a physical for him. Literally it is basic questions about height weight, BP, etc. He is a student athlete no different than any other student. I then called another Target Clinic and they told me they don’t provide physicals for “special” populations or anyone with any type of chronic illness. WTH. How can Target be such a large organization and be so blatantly discriminatory?


siham hammani September 8, 2014 at 9:51 pm

My father was discriminated, he applied for a job at target Rosemont,il 60018. but they did not give him the job because he doesnot speak english or spanish, however, a lot people work in target that they dont not speak any english but they still got the job because they speak spanish.


Jane Christiansen September 8, 2014 at 7:16 pm

On Saturday evening the fill-in pharmacist refused to look up my prescription on the computer and refused to serve me, for no reason I know of. He said loudly, “This is a controlled substance!” It’s 5 mg. of Ambien. I asked him to please look it up, but again he said loudly, “This is a controlled substance!” I asked him to not repeat that. 6 times he said that in front of other customers. This violates a patient’s privacy rights. He continued to say it and then began adding, “This would be illegal!” It was clear-cut discrimination. I have 3 refills due with 135 tablets. Had he looked it up he would have seen my doctor’s prescription and orders. I have had my medication at Target drugstore since I moved to this city 2 years ago. Why the violation of the law of the discrimination?


Pastor Emma Lozano September 3, 2014 at 4:06 pm

September 2, 2014

In care of:
Bedford Park Target #0841 Belford Park
7100 S. Cicero Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60629-5813
Human Resources : Jenifer
Managers: Lisset, Mark
Security Guard: Josh

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is on behalf of Target employee Virginia Saucedo #25449885 and a recent incident that occurred in July of 2014 that led to her termination. Ms. Saucedo has been a Target employee in good standing for 14 years. One day while on the job, she realized she forgot her reading glasses at home and because of this could not properly perform her tasks. She decided to wear a pair of Target reading glasses during her shift so she could see properly and perform her job correctly. By mistake, Ms. Saucedo left the store with the glasses on her head. Following this incident, she was spotted on security surveillance and was eventually terminated by management.

We, Centro Sin Fronteras, have a history with Ms. Saucedo and we know her to be of good character. We also know that this was a simple mistake and not an intentional theft. We also believe in conflict resolution. That is, instead of terminating a long time employee over a simple mistake we believe it is appropriate to clarify the cause of the situation and rectify any mistakes made. This is something we are prepared to assist with. Specifically for similar cases, we advise that you have a set of spare reading glasses available for use by your employees in case such incidents occur in the future. We know that Ms. Saucedo has been a diligent worker and valuable asset to your team and it is in your best interest to maintain these types of employees. We also believe that this incident was a clear and strong example to other employees that stealing from the store will result in consequence. However, Ms. Saucedo’s punishment did not fit her actions and her job should be reinstated.

In the past, we worked with Ms. Saucedo and others at this same Target location and other locations to fight the mass unfair termination of employees. I and Rev. Walter Coleman worked with Congressman Luis Gutierrez to defend these employees and are prepared to do so for the defense of Ms. Saucedo. Attached is information about these cases. Target Corporate found it was in their best interest to reinstate all but one of the workers. This is a simple case of rectifying a mistake made by one employee. We urge you to contact us within the next seven days to set up a meeting to discuss the incident and the status of Ms. Saucedos employment. If we have not heard from you, we will proceed to take other measures. We sincerely hope we can set a meeting we can all agree upon before September 12, 2014.


Pastor Emma Lozano Reverend Walter L. Coleman
Director Congressional Aide
Centro Sin Fronteras Congressman Luis V.Gutierrez
773/671-**** 773/671-****
cc: Christopher Bergin Shiller Preyar Law, Congressman Gutierrez, Target Corporate Headquarters
Firings are protested at Vernon Hills store
January 21, 2003|By Sean D. Hamill, Tribune staff reporter.

• New

About 40 Latinos protested Monday outside a Target store in Vernon Hills, saying the company unjustly used Social Security discrepancies to fire as many as 100 employees from the chain’s local stores after the holiday season ended.
With the help of recently released Death Row inmate Aaron Patterson, the workers spent 45 frigid minutes chanting, “Don’t shop at Target!”

“We’re here in the spirit of Martin Luther King, seeking justice,” said Emma Lozano, a protest organizer with Centro Sin Fronteras, a Chicago community group.
Patterson, who was freed from Death Row this month by former Gov. George Ryan, said he attended because an attorney for the group had worked on his case.
“These are the people who supported me, and I support human rights,” Patterson said.
At dispute are so-called “no match” letters that the workers say cost them their jobs. The name refers to forms the Social Security Administration sent to businesses last year, informing them that more than 800,000 workers nationwide had discrepancies in names, birth dates and other details on their W-2 forms.
Marisela Hernandez, 33, a Mexican immigrant who lives in Mundelein, said the Target at 313 E. Town Line Rd. in Vernon Hills told her that a no-match letter claimed a man she didn’t know was using her name and birth date at a separate job.
Hernandez said she was unable to clear up the problem with Social Security officials. She said she was fired Saturday after working 2 1/2 years for Target.
“I felt very depressed when I was told because I’m a single mother with three kids,” she said.
In a statement Target said it had given those who received the notice time to clear up the problems and that the company could face fines and penalties if it didn’t comply with tax and Social Security laws.
“This problem is not caused by Target,” the statement said. “The federal government has put Target and many other employers in a very uncomfortable situation.”


Lynn Wilcox September 3, 2014 at 8:26 am

I placed an order for a dining set on Aug8th canceled it Aug10th because I wasn’t happy with the late delivery date. Here it is Sept. 3 and still No Refund, now they want to give me a Target Gift Card. The amount of my order is $466.39 I used my debit card and want that put back in my acct. This has gone on almost a month now. I will not accept a Gift Card, I need the money put back in my account.


Rbolz September 2, 2014 at 8:21 pm

I have had nothing but bad experiences with their customer service especially when you are trying to work something out when you are in a financial difficulty, the out sourcing they have done is unreal not helpful at all no compassion and extremely rude I wish people would join in and publicize their experiences on social media so that everyone knows how TARGET does not care for their customers.


Happy Customer August 14, 2014 at 8:13 pm

Would like to thank and acknowledge the fine staff in the customer service dept at the Target store on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego freshly bootcamp graduated son forgot his cover(hat) at this store and after several calls and some pleading Matt and the other fine folks in the dept. went out of their way to send his cover back to him in Washington State in a very timely matter……cannot thanks your staff enough for getting it back to him…….thanks again you folks in SD are fantastic folks.


Mona Freeman August 9, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Since you wish to disregard the Christian believes our country was founded on I am sure Target can get along with my $1,000 + a year purchases. Hope you are happy with 20% of the world of atheist and 20% on none Christians. I watch for your bankruptcy notice.


Pem August 20, 2014 at 5:50 pm

Ms Freeman,

I’m not even sure what you are complaining about, but please re-read your Declaration of Indedpendance and Constitution. The USA was not founded as a Christian country. It was founded so that Christians and others have freedom of religion Just as I wish to practice religion my way, my cousin another, and several friends another. Jesus would prefer you to let us each worship our own way and be good to each other.

By the way, despite the Supreme Court ruling, corporations are NOT people so Target does not have to worship at all, nor should it.

Please focus on helping those less fortunate & worshiping your deity not trying to get people to worship your way.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep supporting Target & its wonderful staff.


Ariane Gindap August 9, 2014 at 4:59 pm

My sentiments are the same as Victoria’s…the last post you had. My husband and I will no longer use our Red Card nor step foot in a Target Store. Your public stand taken on homosexuality was not necessary and definitely stepped over the line.


R Solomon August 9, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Since you want to force your agenda on everyone, my family of about 20, will longer
patronize your store….

many of same-sex marriage’s advances have been made by federal judges, who are not accountable to voters or constituents.

There is a massive push to legalize ”gay marriage”, but one of the defining characteristics of the secular LEFT (TARGET) is the delusional hubris that human opinion defines reality. So if we can just get the law to say gays have the right to
marry members of the same sex, then (viola!) gay commitments are marriage!


smasaoka August 9, 2014 at 2:41 pm

So glad you are going gay, and hope you stay that way, as I and many others will no longer shop at your stores.


Keith Lemons August 8, 2014 at 5:27 pm

Your corporate policies have finally made my decision on shopping much easier. Considering the massive data breach, the Anti-2nd Amendent stance, and now your endorsement of gay and lesbian marriage, we have determined that we will drive a little further and shop with merchants more aligned with our beliefs. Merchants should leave political statements to others, and concentrate on customer service. Target is no longer an option for us, and no more money will be spent in any of your stores.


victoria August 7, 2014 at 9:55 pm

After seeing your public stand taken on homosexuality my family and any friends I can get, will no longer purchase from your stores. Hiring people with different views is one thing but throwing it out in public in faces of people it offends, that steps over the line…No more purchases from Target and I will promote to all others I know to do the same….


Amy Rosenwasser August 7, 2014 at 7:11 pm

I am a loyal costumer of the Target Corporation for over a decade. My entire extended family also shop there faithfully. Unfortunately, last week I had the worst experience with management at the Hillside Target store. I was making a purchase in the electronics department and I had a few questions on warranty before paying for my items. The manager Marco Mendoza from store #2490, his unprofessional comments to me regarding my race and religion I found to be anti-Semitic. As I was hesitant to purchase the extended warranty without knowing more about the coverage. This manager commented to another target employee he was training that he will “encounter this with Jews because we know how they are with every penny.” I heard his comment clearly and as my young sons watched and listened to this disgusting anti-Semitic comment I requested an apology for the comment, he refused he then rephrased his comment stating he was just implying that “most people will be hesitant to purchase warranty”, when I clearly heard him state “Jews will give you a hard time about buying this warranty cuz we know how they are with their every penny”. I will no longer shop at Target Stores and will tell my friends and family of this disgusting experience I had at target Hillside with store management Marco Mendoza.


Nancy c August 7, 2014 at 6:34 am

Asked in my local store for a particular product, which is new and have been told for the past few months it’s coming, but no one knows when.
I would like to suggest Target add (1) a means for your employees or managers to put in product requests to corporate with fear of reprisal, and (2) put a consumer friendly contact form on your corporate website and hire someone to review employee input requests and direct consumer requests.
I will know this has been read when you contact me to find out what the product is. Wal Mart stocks this product and it flies off the shelf. Problem for me is hating going into their store. Problem for Target, if I have to go there for this product I get the other stuff I need from them.


abi July 29, 2014 at 5:54 am

Tonight I was at your Target store in Burbank, Ca at the Town Center and had a horrible experience! And… It was murder to get anyone’s phone number – a real person not a South East Asia phone bank.

1. After completing my purchase I walked by 2 security guards in uniform and on duty. JASON let loose an f-bomb right in front of the registers with customers walking in front of him. As was I with my 10year old. Very nice… someone in authority acting like this.

2. I told him what for and walked to customer service to ask for the manager, MELISSA. Guess who Customer Service asked to call her over… JASON. Who stood in front of me in a defiant stance as he called her over.

3. I told MELISSA what happened who seemed shell shocked and unable to even get out an apology at this customer visibly angry that such language would be used in a family store by not only an employee but the security!

4. I asked MELISSA for the DM and RM name and all she could get out was Apple. and Customer Service gave me the South East Asia number. Ugh!

5. JASON looked at me and smirked that I should have a nice day. Seriously? Jerk. That guy should be fired. He has no business wearing a uniform to protect others. He’s a thug with a badge as far as Im concerned.

6. After I got home I called and was put on hold for her. Then asked who was I and what did I want. I offered to hold since “she was with another customer.” Then, Juan got on the phone and told me she was actually at lunch and HE was the Manager on Duty. I asked him for Apple’s # and got 800-557-3720.

This was outrageous behavior.


Fed Up August 28, 2014 at 4:36 pm

Welcome to the new standards of customer surly – er service. I too just called a nontoll free number at corporate hq & was intercepted by a most “officious” rep who said that SHE was the highest up I could speak with & that if I had anything to report that it would be through her only as I was NOT going to be allowed to talk to any of the administrative assistants of their corporate officers. I asked for the admin of their COO [by name] & she claimed to not know who that was [big shock]. What bozos do corporations hire these days? When they’re not outsourcing to the Philippines, Nicaragua, India, etc etc…


Natalie July 27, 2014 at 10:41 pm

I am hesitant to write this for fear it won’t be read, but it is the only place that I can find to voice my disappointment with Target. I have been a loyal customer for many years. I even stood by Target when my credit card was one that got compromised with the security breech. Today, however, is the final straw. I ran into Target to pick something up for my daughter’s birthday. I had 3 items. I went to the express lane (the name implies fast service). There were 2 registers next to each other, but the last one was the open one. There was a couple in front of me. They had made their purchase, but I guess they were also doing a return which I was under the impression that was to be done at customer service. They were taking quite a while. In the mean time, another employee opened the first register and said ‘next person’. I was the next person. The lady behind me, however, said she was next. He took her first. Even though I was clearly the next person in line. She was rude to go in front of me, but it was his responsibility to take me first. When she was done and left, I told him he should have taken me first when he replied, “did you want me to push her away?” He was very rude. Meanwhile, the people at the next register-in the express lane-were still doing a return. I
I was so floored at the employee for taking the customer behind me first, I asked to speak to a manager. The manager assured me that that was not Target’s policy and asked me who had helped me (I am using the word ‘helped’ loosely). When I turned around to point out the men, he was gone. I said it was an older man and gave him his name. The manager told me he was a supervisor. Whoa-I am floored beyond belief that a supervisor would be so flagrant as to not honor the ‘next’ customer in such a rude way.
Target needs to be very careful about the training they give their employees and their accountability for their employees behavior or they will continue to loose customers. Although, I love shopping at Target, it is not the only store where I can find my items. I know I am but one of the many customers that shop Target, and by me saying I won’t shop there anymore, means nothing to the company. I know I feel better not supporting a company that hires people who don’t care about all of their customers.


ip July 24, 2014 at 7:33 pm

I recently purchased an item from Target Online for the 1st time. Ive been satisfied with Walmart and Old Navy and was hoping to have the same experience. Unfortunately that was not the case. I should’ve realized that and cancelled my order when my order was mis-processed and a correction had to be issued.

I received my item about 1 1/2 weeks later – a portable Rug Doctor which is new to the market and not an item that is used on a daily basis.

I used the item 2x and the 3rd time, it malfunctioned. I immediately contacted target for a return which was refused.

The rudeness and lack of care and concern really caught me by surprise. In retail, returns are part of the business and depending on how these situations are handled, determine continued business.

I was told, regardless of what questions I asked, that their 90 day return policy had expired. For that reason, they had nothing more to say to me. They stated the 90 days begin at the time of purchase – not receipt of the item which is really not right especially for an item that is new to the market and not used on a regular basis. To have the same policy for in-store purchases which you have possession of the day of purchase vs online purchases which could be 2 wks before you receive possession.

With this discrepancy in mind, I would’ve been within the 90 day period, and even if I wasnt, I would expect Target to be accommodating and understanding.

Rather, they chose to be rude, short, and inconsiderate – both on the online level speaking with Supervisor Marie and at the corporate level speaking with Wilbert

Very disappointed!


Shatoria Veasey July 23, 2014 at 4:19 pm

I really hope this message is read; I’m not looking for anything in return only for the problem to be fixed so the same thing that happened to me wont happened to anyone else. I just finished my interview at the Target on 5401 W Broad St
Richmond, VA, 23230-2629
And I have to tell you I have never been so upset, confused, discouraged by an interview as I have been today. With any interview you never know what to expect but I always have found the good in them rather its a great conversation with the interviewer or even better getting the job, but my interview with Target has been the worst experience and as a customer and someone who wanted to become an employee, by which I thought was a great company, I don’t think I will ever shop, apply, or even look at Target the same. I will tell you why, I went into my interview today early, I was seated and I filled out the questionnaire, once done I was escorted by an employee to HR, I was greeted by the Hr office assistant Matt who printed my application and informed me someone would be with me in a moment, about 20 minutes later i was informed by Matt that after speaking with the HR personnel that the position which i applied ” HR team member” was filled the previous day. I was confused because no one had contacted me by phone or email, the HR rep never came out of the office to apologize whoever she was she continued to send Matt to inform me of the situation. Now ready to leave, I asked Matt why no one called and I informed him that I actually took off from work just to make the interview; Matt could not provide me with an answer. Matt asked me was I open to any other positions offering maybe something part time and again me loving the company and the service it provides I told him that I was. He informed me of the 3 positions and I decided to go with fitting room operator. Matt informed Hr and then came back to inform me that I would be interviewed by Adam. A few minutes later Adam came by and directed me to a room where the interview took place. The interview consisted of behavior questions, asking me what I knew about the company, my availability, you know the average interview and it was a great interview just like I expected. Once done Adam told me to wait a few minutes while he spoke with the same Hr rep that Matt had spoken with to see if I had could be hired for the job or was eligible, Adam soon returned and informed me that the availability I provided was not enough and they needed someone to be a little more flexible, he stated ” she wouldn’t budge even for part time hours”. I stood up and thanked Adam for his time and proceeded to leave. I was at target a total of 1 hour and a half to basically nothing. I was more so upset with how they handled someone who applying for a job; it almost seemed as that though I had been inconvienced and clearly someone didn’t do their job, I really didn’t matter. I would have really like to meet the Hr rep behind the door with no understanding and who never decided to apologize for such a lack of organization and communication.
My hopes for the future would be that no one ever has to go through such an experience as I had to.


Brisa cirlos July 21, 2014 at 3:40 pm

I have been a loyal customer for years and I’m was so happy to finally get a target closer to home but unfortunately that excitement didn’t last long. He costumer service is horrible cashiers and managers alike. I had purchased four items and they told me I could only use 3 coupons. I asked the reason why and they had no explanation. I also tried to price match and they told me that is was not possible, when clearly it’s advertised that it is.the spend 15 save five was not ringing up and they said because I had only spend 15.97 before tax it would not work. So I went to a different target 30 minutes out and they helped me with no problems. I think this location is in need of serious education about customer service and their own polices. For now however I will shop at wall-mart where there is never an issue.


Nancy Lawrence July 20, 2014 at 8:38 pm

I was under the impression that Target sold decent merchandise. Well, I seem to do well ordering shirts and pants for my boyfriend/partner, but as for -women’s- items… I ordered what I thought would be useable pants, anklets and a t-shirt (the EXHIL and MSC lines) and anticipated timely delivery. Ummm, nope. Apparently Target uses UPS for the first part of their deliveries, then UPS passes the merchandise to good ‘ol USPS for home delivery. The USPS website said the package had been signed for.. but I never saw it. Hmm. I called and requested a re-send, which -was- received a day later than I expected.
I only hope that whoever got the first package is truly happy with what they purloined.

Great! New duds! Boy, was I ever disappointed. The ‘woven cotton t-shirt material’ pants were THIN, THIN, THIN, and rough, rough, rough; the anklets… one pair was a size too small, another had a HOLE in it. The t-shirt I’m keeping, but it’s not that nice; it, too, is awfully darn THIN.

Target, get a clue, stop importing crappy merchandise from CHINA, it’s good for NADA.

The customer-service person I spoke with today was in.. South America (outsourcing at it’s.. best?); he’s sending me a $5 email coupon. Wow, I’m underwhelmed. Perhaps Target corporate folks, like the CEO, COO, CFO, CIO and the upper three levels of management could, like, actually TRY OUT the they sell themselves, see what their wives and kids say about the hahah ‘quality’ thereof. There’s a serious disconnect here… do you think?!?!

J C Penney and Kohl’s aren’t good for women’s clothing, either, to be fair; this seems to be a trend? Haven’t tried Carson’s lately but I’d guess they have the same purchasing philosophy. Think it’s time to hit YELP as well. And I’m keeping a copy of this missive on hand. If anyone out there has found a company that sells stuff you can actually Wear, puh-LEASE let me know.


DebbiH July 15, 2014 at 12:24 pm

As a previously faithful customer of Target, I would like to share both my disappointment and frustration with the target Corporation. I am one of the people, who was affected by the Target security breech, it cost me much inconvenience and time to change all of my credit cards and financial information. Yet, I stayed with Target as a loyal customer and continued to shop using my RED card. During that time, I made a large payment to my account, which was 1 day late. I was charged a $25 late fee. I called Target and they removed the fee. Several months went by and hundreds of dollars spent at Target, I unfortunately made a large payment toward my bill again, only a few hours after the due date.. Another $25 fee was charged. I called and they refused to remove the fee. I told them I was very flexible with their egregious mistake, but they refused to budge. I returned all items I could which I had purchased, paid off the balance, except the late fee and closed my account. Two months later, Target is compounding late fees on my account and charging me interest on the late fees. Calling guest services is a joke, they are programed robots from India. Calling the corporate office, was again like speaking to a brain washed individual. I am now to the point of wanting to not only boycott Target, but also send them a bill for and expect to be reimbursed for my time dealing with their security breech. Is there a class action suit being filed against Target? If so, I am in! Shop at Kohls where people are treated with respect and dealt with as individuals.


roslyn c thomas July 14, 2014 at 5:55 pm

My experience at your establishment ,I have a red card used it before at your store,tried to use it on 6/19/2014 made a large purchase $232.25 tried to us my red card cashier stated no problem just 5% but ,and told me to call the number on the card to resolve the matter called the number there was no problem with the card ,the cashier showed her impatience with the matter ,I went back to the store on 07/07/2014 to inquire about the situation she stated to resolve the matter i could bring the item back and repurchase to receive my 5% off it was a Bissell Carpet cleaner which I had already used and quite a large item to return .
I would greatly appreciate this matter to be resolved with a store credit or something receipt number .


D DiCianno July 14, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Good Day:

I am emailing regarding Target’s “gun free zone” announcement.

I continued patronizing Target upon learning about the data breach; however, I cut up my “Red Card” when Target announced that their stores are now “gun free zones.”

My position, as a patron of Target stores, is that I consider advertising as a “gun free zone” an invitation for trouble. My preference is patronizing businesses that are “gun friendly,” because if there are any shootings, there is the possibility that there are person(s) nearby that have weapons and will alleviate the situation.

Is Target’s CEO and Board aware that:

“Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 48 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $51 billion” (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

What is Target doing to prevent the monstrous amount of deaths resulting from drunk drivers? Is Target removing and stopping the sale of alcohol from their stores? Is Target pouring billions of dollars in advertising that alcohol is detrimental to your health and causes the amount of deaths caused each year from drunk drivers advocating, “Don’t drink and drive,” “Alcohol kills?”

Ideally, other corporations, businesses, entities will not follow Target’s or any other entity’s example regarding endangering their patrons safety in order to further their political agenda, instead demonstrate their value and appreciation of their patrons by providing a safe environment while frequenting their establishments.

“Gun free zones” no thank you Target!

(Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) 2013)


phil kranz July 11, 2014 at 5:11 pm

To whom it may concern
my wife and I have been loyal customers for at least 10 years but I will no longer shop at your stores.
I refuse to risk the safety of my wife or myself at your stores.
I understand you have the right to implication any policies you deem fit but my safety and security trump your right to ban my weapon.
In the last few days 2 people have been attacked in target parking lots in georgia.
Those attacks would have been prevented if people had been allowed to carry


Debra Richardson July 9, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I am writing to complain that I am under a monthly contract with the drugstore in Brandywine Maryland for pain management and every month I go in there they don’t have it or it will take seven days to order more. I understand that these medications are under the Government but I also know that if you are under Contract when they get them in they should be set aside for the ones that are under Contract and if they are out they have to provide you with them within 48 hours. I have several severe medical conditions and I need this medication to get me through the day (oxycodone 15 mg). So due to my contract drugstore not having them I have had to go around to several different drugstore that take my insurance and they don`t have it because they have to keep what they have for there contract patients so I have even had to pay out of pocket to one drugstore that does not take my insurance to get my medication. If you can please inform your Pharmacist that when someone is under Contract with them that they need to order ahead of time to make sure there contract patients have there medication. Thank you


Terry Bakowski July 20, 2014 at 8:50 pm

Debra.. I’ve had similar issues with CVS and Walgreen’s (who, apparently, is thinking about relocating out-of-the-country.. for tax purposes…). One thing that might help is a website called, they let you print coupons which provide a bit of a cost reduction at most pharmacies when you HAVE to pay out-of-pocket. Another source is; if you Google “patient assistance programs” there are several websites which can help you obtain meds directly from the manufacturer if your insurance doesn’t cover them, or sometimes even if it does.

Hope things are going better for you. If pain is a serious issue, talk with your doctor about methadone; it targets the same neural receptors as the other opioids but has much less effect on your lower GI, is Very good at reducing pain and is non-addictive.
Pain, unfortunately, isn’t well understood by those withOUT (ie, doctors) and they don’t ‘get it’.. Hope this helps.


Jeff July 8, 2014 at 9:25 am

Sorry Target, you put my family at risk. I won’t be shopping at your stores any longer and I have told all my family and friends so they can make their own decision.


Cyrus July 7, 2014 at 11:06 pm

Thank you for forbidding concealed carry in your stores. I have since found another chain store that respects my Constitutionally protected rights, offers lower prices on most common items, and keeps profits in my state of residence.


Larry Casto July 7, 2014 at 4:19 pm

I just cancelled my credit card and will cut it up and send to your CEO. He can try to take away my second amendment rights but not my right to never shop at Target again. I stood by you with the credit card fiasco and now you slap us with a disgreceful attempt at taking away our right to bear arms. I know I am just one little customer but I am rallying all I can to never shop Target again. Larry Casto


Cliff July 6, 2014 at 11:34 pm

I am very sorry to see Tartget take this stand on the gun ban issue in ur stores
Since u made ur decision our family will too.
We will not shop in ur stores immediatley and close out our charge card and close out
our drugstore business with u. We are only 3 people but many followers i
believe. We will take our business to companies that support our ideas. u will loose between 5 to 7 k in buasiness from us.
Good luck, Iam affraid u will loose alot of business over this issue.


lloyd July 6, 2014 at 8:52 pm

I will not be a target costumer anymore over your recent comment for everyone to leave thier guns at home. Because the only people that will have guns in target is about maybe a dozen criminals and one losanely security gaurd in front of your store if he is not hiding to save his on butt. So,don’t plan on me be in your store anytime soon.


Fed Up July 6, 2014 at 6:50 am

I am sorry to see that Target is willing to put me and my family members at risk by banning law abiding citizens that hold gun carry permits from possessing guns while in your store. You have just sent a message to all the nuts out there that they how have a free zone to start shooting into. I will no longer shop in your store and will encourage my family and friends to stay out of your stores also.


Jack and Peggy Peters July 4, 2014 at 4:36 pm

To add Target to the other “gun free zones” will sure work out well. Think about recent history. We will feel ever so much safer without our legally carried firearm…..not.

Bloomberg’s “mommies” got to you,huh?


Mark C July 3, 2014 at 11:12 pm

Since Target doesn’t support my God given and Second Amendment protected right to protect myself while on their property. I can no longer support Target.


kendall smith July 3, 2014 at 10:32 pm

I am a former police officer, concealed carry permit. Since I’m not welcome at your store, my family and I will shop elsewhere from now on…


Dan July 3, 2014 at 5:16 pm

I cannot express my disappointment enough in your decision to ban firearms in your stores and thus shredding the constitution. I in no way support the people who have brought long guns into retail stores as I see no use for this other than brandishing. However, as an officer who carries his weapon off duty in a concealed manner, I cannot offend others while protecting myself, and my family. You build a multi-million dollar business in this country, and then shun thousands of your law abiding customers to cater to some liberal bullies who seek to destroy our constitution and American way of life. I resect your right to do as you wish on your property, and would fight to the death to defend your right to do so. Having said that I choose to take my business elsewhere, where I can still protect myself and my family as well as exercise my constitutional rights. Aside from that I will also choose to shop elsewhere when I shop online so as to support companies who defend our constitutional rights as well as our American way of life.


Marian Steffens July 3, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Thank you for asking your customers not to bring guns to your stores..makes good sense to me…I will shop there even more.


Jon July 3, 2014 at 11:20 am

I’m very disappointed at Mr. John Mulligan’s announcement. It appears he is bowing to a vocal minority. Rather than taking an opportunity to endorse the local laws, Target has chosen to supersede them. Target ‘was’ my favorite store. No longer.
People have unsubstantiated fears. The fear of guns is one of them. Target might consider what this company has to say/does on the issue.
Good luck at getting your business back which you will miss due to the stand you have taken.


Daryl Showalter July 3, 2014 at 9:53 am

I am sorry to see target make a decision that is against my constitutional right as an American. The second Ammendment was created for just this case and to allow everyone to protect themselves. My question to target is how do you expect to protect your customers including myself if you do not allow those of us who are law abiding citizens to carry a weapon. I would expect to see armed guards and scanners in every store and I personally would still not feel safe. I have been a customer for many years but this decision has made me look for other stores that do not take my rights away as a US citizen


Daryl Showalter


old patriot July 3, 2014 at 9:04 am

I respect Target Corp’s. right to set business policy as they choose. Unless, however, they will guarantee me, in writing, I will be unharmed while on their property (inside and out), I will choose to shop elsewhere. To defend myself is my personal responsibility, inalienable right, and personal choice. You have lost my business until you reverse your policy.


Vic Williams July 3, 2014 at 8:44 am

You don’t want my guns, you don’t want my money.

You probably don’t know that every mass shooting in the US has occurred in a “gun free zone” where guns are prohibited.

Do you intend to apply this policy to permitted concealed carry also?



steve July 3, 2014 at 7:13 am

since Target wishes that i do not carry my legal concealed firearm into their store, i will cease doing business with them, and will make that fact know to all the people i know and come into contact with. there are plenty of other places that i can spend my money.Target will not be one of them.


scott langston July 3, 2014 at 6:20 am

we have 6 people in our family an love our 2nd amendment to protect our family while in your stores..we have bought most of our supply’s in target since i was a little boy we will no longer be doing business with you.
Scott and tracy langston


Robert Hauboldt July 3, 2014 at 2:03 am

Dear Sir/Mamm, No Guns = No Money, I will no longer leave my money In a store that has no regard for my right to self defense and maybe the defense of others .

Sincerely, very well trained ,law abiding gunowner , and former Target costomer R Hauboldt, Racine Wis.


B Cogswell July 3, 2014 at 12:27 am

I am a legal resident with a Washington state issued Concealed Pistol Permit. You have seen the last of me in any of your stores.


Charlie McElyea July 3, 2014 at 12:10 am

I am sorry to hear that you are asking the law abiding citizens who are allowed to cancel and carry a weapon. I hope you are asking the non law abiding people to do the same, the problem is that these law breakers will most likely show up with an illegal firearm, a knife or a club to commit their crime or bring harm to someone. I am pretty sure you cannot guarantee the safety of me or my loved ones and that is the reason I choose to arm myself. So maybe my best bet would be to find a store that embraces the fact that citizens that legally carries a firearm is not a liability and may discourage the very crimes that your company is not willing to protect me from. Good luck at discouraging the criminals from entering your stores without weapons of any kind.


Steve July 2, 2014 at 11:23 pm

Maybe you shouldn’t called it Target.


Melodie Luna July 2, 2014 at 9:59 pm

I have had horrible experience after horrible experience at your folsom target store. The first incident happened when I asked for a price match and the cashier named Justin G stated he was not comfortable helping me. I called corporate and recieved no resolution. I believe it was racially motivated. 2nd incident, I purchased some items that were tagged with a certain promotion and managers did not honor it. It was clearly labeled. If it was a mistake, it is not the consumers fault. On top of this, your
Employees accused me of trying to scam you! In front of several employees and customers. I was completely humiliated. All
I got was “sorry” – unacceptable . At the very least honor the promotion printed. Target seems to be getting to big headed to care about customer experience. Especially the folsom California target store. The employees discrimate customers who are not Caucasian and customers who use coupons.
I hope I hear back from someone willing to help.


Patrick G July 2, 2014 at 9:38 pm

I had already forgiven Target for the loss of my personal data- but Target’s action on firearms is over the top- I’ll never spend another $ at Target.


Todd July 2, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Dear Target,

I am contacting you to let you know I will not step foot in any of your stores ever again as I do not feel safe with your anti gun policy. I will patronize stores that allow me, a law abiding citizen, to protect myself with a gun.



Jose R Ramirez July 2, 2014 at 4:55 pm

To whom it may concern:
I’m contacting your Corporation to express my feelings in regard to the weapons carrying prohibition implemented recently. Since you you cannot guarantee my safety 100% in your store or parking areas, I’m force to do my shopping in another place we’re my right to defend my self as a law abiding citizen it’s respected. I been a loyal costumer of your stores for many years but convenience and quality doesn’t trump safety.
Sincerely: José R Ramirez, US Army/ US Air Force Retired


John Roberts July 2, 2014 at 2:58 pm

No guns at Target — equals no shopping at Target


outaged friend July 2, 2014 at 1:59 pm

I refuse to shop at Target anymore, along with a couple co-workers of mine. One of my friends had gotten assaulted by a 6’4 muscular man (she’s only 5’5) who thought it was ok to punch her full force in the face because he was able to talk smack but couldn’t handle getting it in return. While there, Target employees didn’t help her, check to see if she was ok or needed medical attention. None of the Target employees bothered to call the police to report it or were concerned about the safety of anyone else in the store because he was still talking crap, all worked wanting to fight even more. None of the Target employees called a paramedic to see if she needed medical attention because she couldn’t breathe through her nose and it wouldn’t stop. The Target employees didn’t care about what happened at all, just went on about their business like nothing happened!! I’ve have tried to find out what their safety policies/procedures are in case something like that happened but when I email or speak to anyone in Target, I get no response.


lillian mittner July 2, 2014 at 11:58 am

! decided to boy cot your store doing the Iraq war when you refused to donate to the young men and women coming home you are a Swedish co in the United States making money off stupid Americans buying from you, now at one of your stores a manager throws a group of mothers carrying signs against guns in your stores because he said it would be disturbing to the customers, but under stand you allow people to come into the store carrying weapons out in the open you people are absolute jackasses I only hope people see this and boy cot you


Greg Max Brandt July 1, 2014 at 3:10 pm

I am absolutely disgusted that you would threaten Moms protesting a Target store in Texas by calling the cops on them but you allowed at the same store to allow Open Carry to congregate in the same parking lot a month earlier with their semi automatic weapons with their fingers on the trigger and allowing them to openly carry their weapons in the store with no consequences Target is a family store and does not need people with self esteem problems to carry loaded weapons in the store. It’s time for someone at Target to be sensible and have a nation wide ban on openly carrying loaded semi automatic weapons in your stores.


Shawna Baker June 27, 2014 at 12:46 pm

I payed for my medicine at the drugstore last Saturday the 20th of June, I was awaiting a PreAuthorization for my insurance and went ahead and payed for my meds. I was told to contact Medicaid office after I received my card to start a claim to get my money back. I went there this morning and the little woman up front had such an attitude for one. On top of that, she was trying to tell me that they couldn’t do a back bill for anything like that because their systems won’t do date changes. I called the medicaid office and the lady told me that it could be done because all they have to do is call corporate to find out how. So the lady on the phone asked to speak to the pharmacist I had spoken to. I asked the woman to talk to medicaid and she huffed and then went to say something but snatched the phone out of my hand. She proceeded to tell the medicaid office that she had told me to come back to speak to her pharmacist tomorrow. She never told me that. She had an attitude with me the whole time. She then told the lady on the phone that she was somewhat new and was always told she couldn’t do that but to speak to the pharmacist in charge to “hmph” as if to say told you so and then slapped her hand on her leg as she was walking away like it was such a bother and that she didn’t like to be challenged so to speak. I am very upset with this lady and the people that were working with her. There was a woman and a man there with her and heard all of this and didn’t say anything. I am very angry that this woman thought she could speak to me this way. For one, I don’t know her name because she wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to read her name badge. I will find out her name tomorrow. I would like to speak to someone about this because this is no way to treat your customers. Especially when your “somewhat new”. I work in customer service and I would get fired for treating someone this way. I don’t care how bad of a day you are having, that is no reason to treat me that way. I didn’t cause you to have a bad day and I was not rude to you at all even after you treated me this way. It’s just immature and unprofessional if you ask me.


Daphney June 23, 2014 at 3:44 pm

TARGET is making me feel like I am not important. They have over seas workers who don’t understand issues and I can’t reach anyone in the corporate office. I am tired of trying and I guess Target doesn’t care!!! SMH


Berenice Pena June 22, 2014 at 1:02 pm

had an unpleasant shopping experience on 06/21/2014 at the Modesto NW 3900 Sisk Rd Modesto, CA location around 6 P.M. with a cashier (Stephanie), front lead (Lina), and a manager (John). As I walked around the store for about 30/40 minutes knowing what I wanted and needed already. A $139.00 patio set (Dpci:009-26-0070 online item #: 14671139), a $14.99 Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set (Dpci: 204-12-0132 online item #: 13885289, a $0.99 birthday card, and four Oral- B toothbrushes $0.99. I was at register #6 quick and speedy as Stephanie had no one else in her line, she proceeded to ringing all my items up, I had four manufacture coupons for the toothbrushes, Stephanie rang the coupons just fine with no issue, she than called Lina over, and as soon as Lina came over, out of nowhere my coupons became an issue, she manually entered my coupons, but a few seconds later she then proceeded to taking out the toothbrushes from my bag, and then didn’t want to take my coupons? I have no reason why, I had no issue using them at Walmart for the same exact product. Lina then just said nothing and walked away. Stephanie than asked for the manager John, as I was explaining my concerns every time John responded, all he said was “OK” as if nothing I was saying mattered, I can’t believe I was going to spend over $150 to get treated that way, especially when Big Lots, Toys R US, and Walmart are all within 5 miles of Target. I was disappointed in the level of customer service and have never felt as disrespected or neglected as a customer at this location. AS i tried calling this morning to guest relation I was talking to someone for 15 minutes then got hung up on, then called back and spoke to a gentleman as I asked if someone higher was there for me to speak to he proceeded with, no there’s not bye bye , and hung up on me.

I can’t believe that I still even do business at Target with their horrible customer service.


Melodie Luna July 2, 2014 at 10:02 pm

Sorry to hear that. I’m beginning to see that they discriminate against customers who use coupons. Don’t they know they get reimbursed? Don’t they know their policy? Better yet someone needs to train them on courtesy and customer service


lee June 14, 2014 at 8:44 pm

I had a HORRIBLE experience with the telephone “customer service” department. The customer service rep would not resolve my issue. Actually, he would not stop talking long enough to let me tell him what my issue was. He continually interrupted me and continued talking over me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, Sean told me he has no supervisor with whom I may speak and there is no procedure by which I may escalate my issue. When I asked repeatedly to ask to a supervisor, Sean continually spoke over me repeating the same script and then hung up. This is from a purported “customer service supervisor.” That treatment of a customer was shameful. This guy was borderline verbally abusive.

This does not even address my issue.

My issue is that I paid extra for express delivery of an item. I have an email acknowledgement of my order reflecting this. Days later, I received a notice indicating that the delivery date would not be honored. In tracking my order in their system, it appears that TARGET failed to enter the order timely. I say this because the order data appearing in their system is LATER than the date on the email I received from Target acknowledging placement of my order. Target messed up and now the order is late. And the “customer service” rep says it is impossible for Target to make it right. There is no possible procedure that can be done to get an item that is in their possession onto a truck that is under their control to honor a date that they promised, for which they received extra money from me to meet. It is impossible. He can’t do it.

I don’t believe that. I think the proper word is “won’t” not “can’t.”


Pamela G. June 12, 2014 at 1:41 pm

I just purchased two of your Threshold Organic Blankets (twin size) at your store located in Winter Garden, Florida on Daniels Rd. I put both blankets in my washing machine together (with nothing else in with them). Upon retrieving them from my washing machine, I discovered the entire tub was layered with thick lint! I removed the two blankets, and had chunks of lint falling off them and making a mess in my laundry room. I didn’t put them in my dryer due to the extreme amount of loose lint so had to take them outside to shake all the lint off. The more I shook them, the more lint just kept coming off! It was as if the blankets had been made of loose fibers that, upon exposure to water, simply disintegrated. Finally, after a major, major mess, I just took them to my outside clothes line and piled them on it to dry. Meanwhile, it took me over an hour to clean out my washing machine tub of all the lint (that had now hardened!), as well as lint all over everything on the floor, etc. I disposed of wads of lint, and could only imagine how much must have been washed away through my washing machine—-possibly now damaging it with such an extreme amount of lint it had to process.

Needless to say, I was extremely unhappy! I planned to return the two blankets as soon as they had dried. But all the subsequent mess, clean up and frustration was so upsetting I decided to discuss the situation with your store manager. I put the blankets each in their bags and I retrieved a fist full (of the tons of lint in the garbage) to show the manager just a “sample” of the thick lint I had to deal with!

I went to the store on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 12:50 pm to the return desk and informed the person there that I had a return, but asked if she would please call a store manager. When the manager came, I confirmed she was the store manager (however, subsequently I have discovered the actual store manager is a man, not a woman), and then I stepped over to an open area where I took one of the blankets out of the bag and shook it over the floor to show her the extreme amount of lint still coming off the blanket, and then I just dropped the blanket there on the floor. And then I put the wad of lint on an open desk to show her had thick it was! I explained how upset I was over this, and the potential damage to my expensive washing machine, and said “I know you can’t compensate me for all this”. But I at least wanted some acknowledgement that there was no excuse for this kind of poor quality. (NOTE TO TARGET: Online for this particular product, 7 reviewers had a similar experience with extreme shedding and pilling–all within 12 months, and yet you continue to carry this product.)

Her first and only response to my initial complaint was that she would not condone me mistreating her team members. I had no dialogue whatsoever with the staff there in her presence. My conversation was strictly with her. She then handed me my receipt return (on my Target REDCard that I’ve had for probably 10 years) and said “have we taken care of you now” in a very dismissive way. I said “you’ve credited me for my return, but you cannot compensate me for my frustration….”. And then I stated that she probably wasn’t going to even do anything about the obvious quality issue with that product—no comment from her, just repeated that they’ve “taken care of me” and that she would not have me mistreat her team members (again, that was absurd!). She was terse, totally unsympathetic, and to add insult to injury then told me she would have me escorted out of the store and barred from ever shopping there. I was dumbfounded, and don’t even know what my response was, but then that wasn’t enough, she then threatened that she could call the police and have me removed!!! Is that what you train your store managers to say to customers???

I am a 66 year old retired professional woman. I used no profanity, or even any alternative slang. I did not yell or raise my voice in our discussion, nor was I personally insulting. I was upset at the extreme poor quality of the items I had purchased and the resulting situation I had to deal with. She never apologized for my inconvenience or had one sympathetic comment to make.
When I dropped the blanket on the floor (where else was I going to put a miserable pile of shredding blanket???), she told me to apologize for that. So I did, just to appease her, as I realized she had no intention of assisting me outside of the perfunctory credit she issued. When I said “I’m sorry”, rather than responding in kind toward me, she said “I should be”…..and then the subsequent unbelievable threats to “ban” me from Target and call the police! I was shocked at such a response, and how it could escalate to that point.

Never have I experienced such a situation! Those were serious threats and should only be reserved for extreme situations! A very, very poor example of a manager – she did nothing to create any feeling of resolution! I walked out of your store in total disbelief of what happened!

Interestingly, according to your “Business Conduct Guide” online, it states:
“ Guests are loyal to Target because they trust us to bring them high-quality merchandise at a good value, and to be a partner in building healthy communities. We’ve built that trust over decades, but we can damage it in an instant if we tell our guests something that turns out not to be true.”

Well, my relationship with Target is most definitely damaged after this experience. I don’t ever want to go in your store again…..


Berenice Pena June 22, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Has anyone contacted you for your issue? Or tried fixing anything?


Tina Richardson June 10, 2014 at 6:42 pm

I was shopping in the regency store in Jacksonville fl when an employee said to my daughter and her friends you cant take XXXXXXXXs anywhere they replied excuse me and he said you heard me hoe I don’t need this job and was upset because they picked up a toy and didn’t replace it where he wanted it to go I went and spoke with a manager who said she would talk to him I said ok but that just wasn’t enough so I went back and found her to get the corporate number and there names she was speaking with him and he was telling her he didn’t need his job I got the numbers and was walking to the front when manager approached me and said I need to ask you to leave because if you continue to shop the you are provoking him to say something else to you this was unbelievable to be my 13 year old girls get harassed called names and im ask to leave a store I shop in every day I called the number the manager gave me and reported the incident they promised they would have someone at corporate return my call that was 4 days ago I went in store this morning and he was right there working I just don’t understand I will not shop there again where 13 year olds get harrased by an adult that is there employee


eureka,ca June 7, 2014 at 1:02 am

Eureka target has the worst customer service, esp Ezma the cashier or floor supervisor, she so rude and don’t know how to handle customer issue like a supervisor should. Why is she always bringing someone else with her when there is a issue??? So she have more strength?? Or what???. Shes always attacking customer ,the way how she does it, makes it looks like she picks and choose the customer, this is very bad. The store manager David needs to do more observation, but of course everyone will always try to impress there boss when they are around.


Susanne Carpenter May 28, 2014 at 5:39 pm

DO NOT SHOP at TARGET.COM. I purchased a patio set online and when I saw that it was available in a store, I called to see if Target .com would match the store price so i don’t have to cancel my order. They said that they do not price match so I purchased the item in store and cancelled my on line order. During this process, customer service noted that they have requested cancellation and will send a refund once the delivery has been confirmed cancelled. I took it upon myself to call the delivery company who confirmed that has requested cancellation of my purchase. I called and “Jennifer” confirmed that there is a cancellation and that my refund will be in a form of a gift card. I was shocked by this because, Derek the original customer service person never mentioned a gift card. In short, Jennifer noted that i could accept the item and return to the store for cash. I agreed with this terms. I just called the store and they too will have to provide a gift card. The disconnect between each caller and decision made has been frustrating. All this could have been avoided if TARGET.COM would just honour the in store price. Poor customer relations and a victim to the target identity theft has definitely made us re-evaluate shopping at Target. I will never shop at and will pass on my story to all my friends and family.


Linda Tyler May 22, 2014 at 2:11 pm

I really would like to know WHY Target has stopped selling Plus Size clothes? Every store I have been to in Louisville has clearence items where Plus sizes are suppose to be.


franki cohen May 21, 2014 at 9:07 am

TELEPHONE SERVICE A NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF TRANSFER AND THEN GETTING NOTHING SOLVED. I’ve enjoy being a Target customer for 11 yrs, with the exception of the Target on Queens Blvd., the in store employees are top notch, really. But any customer service needed outside the store sucks! I’ve stop using my target redcard and avoid shopping there.

Their are many messages here that agree with my view of customer service sucking, you’d think they would take these remarks seriously.


Chuck Harrison May 19, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Worst customer service ever , it is ridiculous to advertise a sells item and then not have it for almost 4 weeks now and have us call & check on the item every Monday Wednesday Friday and still not have the item cause you have no intentions of stocking the item but when we fine a solution for your guys screw up y’all still don’t want to help us you rather me drive 60 miles to the nears store when your competitors will ship it to a locate store or offer to send the item to are house .. Lefts get real that’s not customer service


Patrick May 17, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Worst experience ever store employees very crappy and rude I bought and ab toning belt for $99.99 about four weeks ago when I bought it I was told if I didn’t like it I could return it. I called target in muncie Indiana (where I bought) because I miss placed my recite I explained to them what I had and told them when I bought it they told me as long as I had the box and every thing to come on in they would get it tooken care of so I drove 25-30 minutes wasting gas and time to go up there when I got there I talked to briean the same one that was on the phone she scanned the item then asked for my id since I was unfimiliar whith returning an item I didn’t have mine my brother drove me he was with me. So we gave them his then she slid it back and said with a stuck up attitude I can’t take this I told her u told me. U would on the phone she said well because it cost more then $70 I can’t do anything for u. I asked why can’t u do anything now when I was told u would. Then she says well ur not getting $100 for that thing after she played on her register or computer whatever it is she told me I could exchange it or trade it for some other weight equipment that had to be $89.99 exactly (I paid 99.99 plus tax) I went and looked nothing back there cost $89.99 I then asked to talk to the store manager. briaen says well shes not going to do anything for u when she came up briean and. sissy(store manager) talked privately then sissy came and told me she couldn’t help me at. that point I tried to explain what was going on but she wasn’t having it she kept saying stuff like can’t help u I couldn’t even explain things because I kept getting caught off I then told her I’m a lil upset I don’t understand why I couldn’t at least get a gift card. to spend in the store after drivig all that ways she says there computer wouldn’t allow it I asked if I could have corporates number she said why went ah and gave me a card for guest relations I the turned to walk out with me product and I got bumped into I don’t know by who could have been another costumer but my product hit the ground and scattered all over at that point I was so mad I just walked out at this


Carol May 17, 2014 at 8:45 pm

I have always been a Target fan but now I am not. I am appalled that they are selling sandals with felt soles! After you wear the sandals a few times the felt becomes very slippery!!! The same as if you were running in socks on a hard wood floor! I slipped and fell and so has my daughter! When I bought the sandals I felt the bottoms and they felt like a rubber sole but as I said that surface soon turns to a slippery felt. I have read that It costs less to import felt soled shoes. Target STOP buying these felt shoes so customers can stop getting hurt! Pay a few more dollars so the footwear is safe!!


Carol Finizza May 13, 2014 at 7:51 pm

I am a proud Target Shopper. I personally believe that Target has embodies the American spirit that all things are possible. More specifically, that great things can come at a reasonable price. Target’s vision to bring high end designers to the mass market was brilliant. Because of Target, I own a Mulberry purse (a purse I dreamed about after visiting the UK store). I also love Target’s commitment to education. Thank you for your vision.
Carol Finizza


Carla Thomas August 1, 2014 at 10:33 pm

Carol your vision is blurred but hey at least you got yourself a Mulberry purse…..good for you!
and I can’t stop laughing about the American spirit comment! thank you for making me laugh during these rough times due to Target letting my husband go due a work accident after 20 years of working for the ungrateful assholes.

You have a great day with your Mulberry purse and be proud that you support a company with unethical practices after all that is that american dream…


ellen May 13, 2014 at 4:59 pm

Been dealing for five months with specialists, shout out to Tina,
who have been trying to collect a $26 charge which has now cost me about $150. Every time I pay it they tell me it’s late and I HAVE to pay yet another $35 late fee. I can’t stop the madness. They tell me they are the only ones I can talk to and won’t put me through to a manager and I now owe again $36 because there is interest on their fifth late fee to me. I REMIND YOU IT STARTED OUT AS A $26 bill. And it’s all wrong because I had been very happy with Target’s debit card that I had and misplaced and TARGET took it on themselves to give me a credit card. I thought I was having my debit card misplaced so all these charges started because TARGET made the mistake of changing cards on me. I was receiving statements but had no reason to open them because I thought they were coming out of my bank account. TARGET HAS NO COMPASSION. DO NOT GET A TARGET CREDIT CARD UNLESS YOU WANT DEBT!!!


Destini Holbert May 13, 2014 at 1:16 pm

my order # is 101621105169
I recently made an online order on the 23rd of april. When I initially made the order I put my current shipping address which is in Rock hill, SC. When I realized that the order was going to be shipped to my old address I called customer service and I was told to give it some time and the usps will realize the address change and forward it to my current address. ok, Great! I thought. So, I gave it some time. When I got the email that my package was delivered another customer service rep then told me that that meant the package was delivered to the post office and they should be forwarding it to the new address, and yet again, give them MORE time for it to come. OK? so I did. And yet and still no package. Yesterday I called to request a refund and I was told that since package was “delivered” already that I would not be issued a refund. I asked representative to transfer me to a manager and she told me the same thing! So, I said so basically I’m getting F’d out of my money and or my order and she told me yes! As a customer this is not acceptable. You all are not just going to TAKE my money from me! I work to hard and get paid very little for someone to tell me your not going o accommodate me in no way, shape or fashion. I’m a customer and I Demand to be treated as such and my monies refunded to my account. I’m not here to put the blame on anyone, and if your going to just TAKE my money from me you should at least give me what I paid for! And, that’s even with getting me a refund or resending my order to me at least in good faith. Is this how you treat your customers? I mean, not only has my account information along with everyone else who shops with you guys have been compromised but you Customer service reps want to bully me and just tell me that I’m basically SOL and no one will assist me in this matter is beyond horse crap! it’s unacceptable and you just not going to TAKE anything away from me that I Paid for and didn’t get. I’m a customer and I shouldn’t be treated this way by anyone or any corporate entity such as yourselves. Money is already hard to come by! Either you got it or you don’t, and I DON’T have it to just have it TAKEN away no matter whose fault it is. Refund my money please, it’s not a lot but it’s the principle of the matter. Thanks


edward Binet May 8, 2014 at 5:25 pm

I am a Canadian childrens wear major company in Canada.
would like you to pay attention to my letter.
the way we were treated by your buyers is a real shame.
we cater to all retailers in Canada and Europe we were dealing with Zellers in a big way
we sold your Canadian division were you had a unbelievlbe check out
what do you think happend for this season not a single order your buyers treated us like dirt. by the way this is licenced merchandise which you cant get any were else .
wal-Mart will have a field day.
she tried buying from us one style was barganing and bargaining till enough is enough
this only half the story
they had no clue what they were suppose to do.
was real ameturish and frustrading
canada is not the US
you can do better if you would have a differnt attitude for Canada
i am not trying here to sell you my company just hoping for Target a sucess in Canada
edward Binet owner


Dmg May 6, 2014 at 8:30 pm

I first want you to know that I love your store and have for years.i don’t know my store number but live in Fayetteville NC. I really hate to see the negative comments about the customer service and have had similar situations happen with your drugstore from the pharmacist down to the cashier. Not sure what the problem is but it does seem to be on going. I am in the customer service business and understand bad days and personal issues but your store is the only one here and has seemed to change over time. Items on the floor around the store, shelves are empty from time to time and clothes are array. Could it be their leadership? Customer service has to start with those employees or it will not work.
Love my Target debit card and thank you for the 5% everything I buy. Would love to help this store, somehow!


darrell Katan May 5, 2014 at 3:49 pm

I live in northern Canada ( north east of Edmonton) we were so excited about Target coming into Edmonton. My wife and I were excited for different reasons. She was the prices and not being Walmart. Mine because having to go Las Vegas gets expensive (those were our cheapest flights) well over $200.00 one way( we don’t gamble).

Target bought our Zellers discount stores, but as I have been in several Target stores in the Edmonton area, they still look like Zellers. I was hoping coming to Canada, it being a new direction, for the company, the stores would look more vibrant and different from what we had. Unfortunately, sorry to say they look pretty much the same as our old Zellers.

Thank you

Darrell Katan


Victoria Farley May 3, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I was in target Santa Maria calif. today 5/3/14/at 2:45.I was leaving in the parking lot pushing a wheelchair and pulling a shopping cart. An employees was outside,talking to who he said were his parents,wearing an orange vest.THEY were parked in a handicapped spot,Idaho plates on their prius,no handicapped sign.These placards are NOT interstate,but when I watched them for ten minutes struggling uphill with a wheelchair and a cart,he and his “DAD” looked at me and ignored me,for 10 minutes. When I spoke to the young man,he claimed it was okay to ignore me as it was “Parents”.Jeremy,or Jerry Ross he said was his name.I’m a midget senior citizen with a paralyzed husband.Thanks,Target,never again


sandra rector April 29, 2014 at 10:35 am

Target In Rock Hill SC is the best store!, 2 of the best associates one named Dee, and another Daniel, helped an old schooler, with lots of concerns and questions, they took the time with me at different locations of store, and made me feel at ease, gosh, I felt like they were like my own kids!, I grew up when times were at a slower pace, and customer service just came normal, well, I felt like it was normal at this store, thank you guys!, I will be back!


Mike Ross Valley Forge Vol. Fire Co. April 28, 2014 at 9:22 am



Stephanie Lopez April 24, 2014 at 1:57 am

I will never shop at Target ever again for the fact that Target in Oceanside California has provided horrible customer service. I have never been more insulted and embarrassed in my whole life. I went to Target to browse around and look for packaging tape for some boxes that my father in law needed to ship but I love to look at all the sales that the store provides. As my significant other and I were shopping, we had an associate ask us if we needed help. We kindly said we were just browsing and thank you for asking, he then began to follow us. I work with a loss provention crew and right then and there I figured he thought I was stealing. Now this was on one side of the store, when we went to electronics to look at the phone cases for my iPhone 5C which is on the other side of the store, (you guys are the only store that has a variety of cases for my phone.) we were receiving assistance from the phone provider personnel. At that same time, that same employee tracked us down and asked if we need help AGAIN! At this point I wanted to leave the store and purchase whatever I had already found and still needed to find tape for my father in law. As we left electronics, we had SECURITY!!!!!!! Come up to us and ask us if we needed help finding anything! How is security going to help me find something!? I was so insulted and embarrassed at the fact that I was being accused of stealing by an employee and the security. They wasted their time harassing me with customer service and insulting me by accusing me of something I would never ever think of doing. I did call management and tell them what happened and all I received was a sorry and that she would speak to then about what happened. The way I was insulted can not be forgiven with a simple sorry and a “I will be sure to talk to them” this doesn’t assure me that the issue will be addressed.We would always buy electronics and games and clothing from your store. After this incident I will never shop there again. I will now be forced to shop at walmart! I was even planning on registering my wedding here but after what I went through, I would hate for my family and friends to go through that as well. I will never recommend this store to any one of my friends and family and I have already told them my incident and told them not to shop there as well. I can only imagine how many innocent customers have been insulted and falsely accused like I have. The associate was in no position to be acting like security and the security was in the wrong by trying to do customer service. In working with loss provention, everything that they did was extremely wrong and super upsetting for me. Not once have I ever been treated like a criminal in my whole life. I am so livid from this so situation and I can only hope that something will be resolved at this store!!!!!


Amy F May 1, 2014 at 3:11 pm

you write that an employee and security “accused” you of stealing..?..You keep saying “fausley accused” but did they actually accuse you of it? you should make sure you know what you are typing and careful…poor baby…


Steven Olivas April 18, 2014 at 11:38 pm

Hello, my name is Steven and I used to work for T1867 a year ago. I worked for the company for almost two years and I loved every moment. The customers where great the environment was amazing and the team members were awesome. The reason I am writing this is to get my job back. While working for target I was in my Team Lead training I had knowledge of every department of the store I was just getting a raise above 10 dollars and everything was so great , however in the midst of all that was happening for me I was offered another Job. The job offered me a desk, my attire was a suite and tie very professional looking and very similar to a bank environment. I was so excited to work two jobs, but after weeks of working both my schedule for the new job did not work with target so I had to make a decision and put my two weeks in and I did not complete them. It was a BIG MISTAKE I have been working for this new job for a year and every day I tell myself I left Target for this. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of being a team and accomplishing goals together. I made a mistake of losing the best thing that happened to me I lived and breathed target and Now when I apply for a career with target I get turned down. I just want to be part of the team again and a second chance .


Amy April 4, 2014 at 11:39 pm

Very difficult to speak w/customer service-they hang up on you,refuse id or badge number to identify them by,and do not doXXXXent accounts properly…Had an issue with my account not being noted properly about a pmt that was made,and received a bill after ithad been paid.Have been trying to get it taken care of,and even management has been rude…Chris called my mom’s phone,which was suppoae to be removed,and never was,so she felt comfortable calling my mom and waking her up-she is 75 years old-to talk about my bill.She had a cell number to contact me at,and she was rude,saying that I had called 15 times to get my issue ressolved….Pretty sad that in order to speak with anyone ou have to call that many times to get your bill taken care of…I will pay off my balance-since I do owe it,and not buy anything again from Target-as well as contact the BBB and the Attorney General’s office,to let them know that Target likes to call and harrass people late at night about bills that are not even past due…?Unbelievable…


Lynne Bell April 4, 2014 at 10:43 pm

The Lombard Illinois Target is my go to store.When checking out I do not want the checker to “be my best friend” but I do expect a hello or good morning . Eye contact would also be nice. And upon taking my money and giving change a thank you would also be nice !
Yesterday SYDNEY did none of the above until I sarcastically said “your welcome ” after receiving my change !!
I am aware the cashiers r to process each customer’s transactions in a certain time limit, bt this should not prevent the customer to feel Target does not care . I am sure a robot could be programed to give better customer service. An this is not the first time I received this same service from the Lombard store. BTY SYDNEY then proceeded to the main aisle to oversee the flow of customers lines to the cashiers so am “assuming” his responsibilites r more than a cashier and if that is the case he is not a role model for your store. Thank you—lynne


Paul Hake April 3, 2014 at 6:51 pm

Mistreated employee hear at target 1875. Is it your job to violate human, civil, and labor rights and cover it up. I left an email with integrity and u stated silence means you and target does allowed illegal conduct ans covering up the mess. Sure enough ut was confirmed. I am nit asking but order my employer to send me 10 million in damages fir compensation or a federal government class actions lawsuit will happen and I will speak public on tv. This stores should no longer be in operation. Call me and email me to stop this lawsuit against yoy. Id rather take it out if court. 717698XXXXX


Amy F May 1, 2014 at 3:42 pm

WOW–asking for 10 million but you cant even spell words correctly?!?
That’s hilarious !


Carla Thomas August 1, 2014 at 10:52 pm

Amy F… making fun of someone cause they can’t spell is ignorant on your part grow up..And Paul if you have proof of these allegations you need to seek a attorney that could handle this for you. But you won’t do yourself any good by making threats like that against Target on this post. Target is notorious for breaking labor laws and has been taken to court …


Charity Comand March 30, 2014 at 11:57 am

Gregg W. Steinhafel
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Dear Mr. Steinhafel,
The following is a true account of what happened to me at the Kannapolis, NC store yesterday, Saturday March 29th.
My husband had an appointment at the Optical Department inside the store. He had contacted me after his exam because the optometrist told him if he put his purchase on the Red Card he would receive a discount. So, we did that and then continued to shop.
Now we are at the checkout and my Red Card was declined. The cashier suggested trying it again, I did and it was declined a second time. It was very embarrassing to have that announced aloud while there was a line of other people waiting to check out. The cashier said I would have to pay with another method, and it was very reluctantly as I did not want to use my personal debit card at your store. In light of recent events I am sure you understand that, and this was the second embarrassment for me. I went to the Customer Service desk to find out why this happened and after waiting in their line I was told they could not do anything about my Red Card being declined and I would have to call the 800 number on the card. This was the third embarrassment for me.
Now I am dialing the 800 number to speak to a Target representative to tell them what happened. They got all of the initial information and promptly put me on hold for several minutes, I was soon told that my card limit was dropped to two hundred dollars for not being used in a certain time frame. That would have been a valuable piece of information to have upon checking out in your store however, it seemed I was the only one who was not aware of this policy. This was the fourth embarrassment for me.
I was put back on hold for several minutes and then cut off, needing to call the 800 number again to get an explanation. As the second representative was getting all the initial information for the second time, I interrupted him and asked for the Corporate telephone number so I could talk to someone who may have a little better information for me, after being put back on hold for a third time he came back and gave me a phone number. The very same exact number I had used to call him! I then asked him if he was aware he had given me the number on the bottom of the Red Card. He said nothing and then apologized. This has to be an embarrassment for you. I have had my Red Card since 2007 and up until yesterday was very happy to own it, but today I threw it away.
Charity Comand


Unsatifsfied March 27, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I purchased a women’s laptop bag in November for $ 44.99. The bottom corners are already wearing thin. I went back to my local store and was told that due to the receipt already expiring, they couldn’t do anything for me. However, I could call this number 1-800-303-0308 and they would take real good care of me. I called the number and was told that they wouldn’t stand behind their products and my only option was to contact the manufacturer myself. Wouldn’t Target want to ensure that they are carrying quality products? After all the horrible press that Target has experienced with the hackers during the holiday season, wouldn’t Target want their customers to feel that they carry quality products? Apparently….NOT! I am not impressed and if I didn’t have a reason to already refuse to enter their store…I definitely do now! In addition, I will be sharing my views on Target and their mediocre, high priced items with everyone I find that currently shops at Target.


Ms. Collins March 24, 2014 at 9:13 pm

Dear Ms. Kathryn A. Tesija,

I can see why Target is closing a number of stores. The customer for the TARGET REDcard is absolutey disappointing.

I spoke with Victoria, who said she was out of Minnesota, she refused to provide a Representative ID# and she was rude, disrespectful and she hung on me.

I called back and spoke with Ryan, Rep ID# 491179 who was rude and disrespectful. I asked to speak with a supervisor 6 times before he would transfer me.

They were attempting to collect a debt on a payment that was already made. And, even though I called them they would barely allow me to speak.

Target Customer Service Representatives has gone rogue. They talk and treat Target Customers rude and disrespectfully because there is no ACCOUNTABILITY.

Target customers can shop somewhere else. And, believe me….WE WILL….


Kathleen Seriamni March 24, 2014 at 10:47 am

I would like to a sent Thank You to the Corporate Office regading a gift card card that was.purchased on Facebook. I.had to go though a lot of people to find the one that actually .that person is. Essica she was.great she stayed it till it was resolved. When and if I have another issue I will call her.

Thanks you Essica,

Kathleen Serianni


Jennifer Bielot March 23, 2014 at 4:42 pm

yesterday I was in your store in Chantilly, Virginia – i must admit I am quite upset about my experience 100%. We went to the store to purchase quite a few things, but one of them specifically was the Skylanders Swap Force Freeze Blade. When I grabbed him from the shelf – there were NO signs up that stated he was NOT available until 3/23 – nor was he locked up behind the glass with signs saying he could not be purchased until 3/23. The email I got telling me about him also did not advertise that he was available 3/23 – it just said “exclusive to target”….

When the cashier went to scan it – it gave him an error code – saying he could not sell it until today, 3/23. Now keep in mind – these figures were ON the shelves and available for customers to grab and buy. When the cashier grabbed the manager – all the manger told me – after taking the merchandise from the cashier – was – this item should not have been place on the shelves, this is a “stocking error” – we can’t sell it. Then I was fit to be tied. At this point – my son has now realized he is not getting the character he wanted very badly and was so excited to get as a reward – and was now in tears and crying his eyes out. Your own manager didn’t care – when I asked why they were on the floor – she said they shouldn’t have been. Told me I could come back tomorrow (today) at 8 am because they were a first come/first serve basis since they are brand new. So now I have to waste MORE gas to come BACK to target to buy the item that Target screwed up on. Its not my fault that targets employees can’t get their stocking straight. Your manager could have authorized a dummy sku purchase and then for the sale of the item – for today – did a return for the files today and rang it up again in her own system. But no, her recommendation was for me to come back at 8 am…. i was so angry that the best I could do was get her to actually put my name on it and hold it for 24 hours… my kids were both upset at this point, I’ve got a migraine and we were all angry.

So tell me why your lack of communication is my problem? I wasn’t the only one this happened to either. in no way is it my fault that the store can’t control their stockers and can’t manage the fact that the merchandise was put out when it shouldn’t have been!!!

I want to know what is going to be done about this? My son was quite upset for the rest of the day – was quite looking forward to playing with that character yesterday and couldn’t.


Joanna March 21, 2014 at 5:31 am

Hi, I am nothing but still shaking and upset. We were at Target tonight and they had Market Pantry Energy liquid water enhancer marked as this 0.20 so I ran to my daughter and friend to tell them. Then they said, “It says $2.20 on the bottle though”. I told them that they shouldnt have .20 on the sign. I took a picture of it and told them I wanted to question corporate about it. A worker then told us to take in our items and they will honor it at the register. I took $5 worth, my friend had $3 worth and my daughter had $3 worth. I seen a worker as we were by the deodorant and asked for the manager. The worker went to call him. His name was Jerry. He came and I explained the price on the items. He laughed at us and stated, “thats not gonna happen”. I told him he has to honor the price they display and the company can be sued for it. I then explained there are plenty left that its not like we wiped it out. He then stated, “Ya thats what I like to hear”. I again asked if he was going to honor it. He saw that I was already sitting on the floor to pick out deodorants so he pointed and told me, “well if you clean all that up maybe we can make a deal, its not money coming from my pocket anyway”. He then left. I stood down there and cleaned up the deodorants that were messed up. When he came back I told him I fixed it all. He said, “Good, but its not gonna happen”. My daughter was upset and shaking. I didnt know why but in front of him she told me that she heard him talking bad about us to all the workers. I said, “fine, ill contact Ceral Lawrence in the morning, he’s a lawyer who will send me to his fellow lawyers who handles these cases”. Jerry then said, “fine do whatever you want, what I told them I said in front of your faces didnt I” My daughter told him he was inappropriate. He then argued back with her and told her, “you dont have to get combative”. I told him, “what are you talkin about combative, my daughter is just telling you she heard you talking bad about us and another customer heard you as well, you dont even know what combative means do you” He also stated that WE changed the sign to make it like that and now he has to check the cameras. I WANT corporate to look at the cameras and see we did no such thing. Your SO CALLED manager offended us several times. First he treats me like a slave and makes me believe if I clean his mess then I will get my deal, then he makes comments about these mexicans wanting to take advantage of him. Then he makes up a story stating my daughter was combative. HE is the one who is suppose to uphold himself as professional. He didnt. He laughed at us, treated us as liars and stealers, and talked down about us to co-workers. Is this what you teach your workers? I am going to post this on my pages so everyone is aware of how Target treats their customers when THEY, make a mistake. Im giving YOU the opportunity to fix this before seeking counsel. He was wrong in every way. Inappropriate and abusive to customers. No one should ever be accused of stealing when they are innocent, and slavery is against the law. He should not have made me do his work for my deal in the first place. Id like a response ASAP! My daughter will be sending in a complaint along with my friend…………………… humiliated! How dare Target!!!


Amy F May 1, 2014 at 3:19 pm

you should have never cleaned up the deodorant-why would you even entertain that ?!!?


chriselda cuevas March 16, 2014 at 5:44 pm

i am taking everything back !!!!!!! u don’t do your job !!!!! please call me !!!! 773-552XXXXX i will post what happen two me at target store !!!! i will put this in the internet !!!!! GOT IT !!!


Trista March 13, 2014 at 6:23 am

I have a dispute.
I didn’t authorize or participate the transaction with“TARGET”.please help confirm my purchased merchandise items, and please contact us asap
Tel:886-2-2577XXXXX ext 204


Erick March 8, 2014 at 11:22 am

I Recently went to the TARGET store in SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE and had the WORST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE I have ever had. I had been there the day prior and had come back for an exchange. The lady at guest service was very nice and told me to go select the merchandise I was going to exchange and then come back to the customer service desk. I noticed an associate watching me while I was on my way to the aisle to get the exchange item. This person was very persistant and rude and would not leave me alone. Asking me several times if she could help me when I would smile and say, no thank you I am all set, she would continue to watch me. When I told her that I had already spoken to someone at guest service and they instructed me to go get the item I was going to exchange. She said that I wasnt allowed to do my own exchanges. I then explained that I had spoken to someone at guest service and was instructed to select the item I was going to exchange. She stood by me the whole time inspecting everything I did. When I explained to her that I had bought some white t-shirts and 2 out of 3 were stained she just looked at me with a look of dissbelief. As I was walking back to guest service after I had made my selection I felt like the person was still watching me so I turned around and sure enough peeking around the corner was this same person watching me still from about 25ft. away. As bad as that experience was it didnt end there. As I continued to walk to guest service I could hear over the radio that the person who had been watching me the whole time, was now inquiring and talking about me via walkie talkie!!!! Never have I been so upset, embarressed, and demoralized in my life!! I hope no-one ever has to go through the same experience.


David Smith March 3, 2014 at 9:52 pm

We shopped at Target in LA in December. Because of this purchase our two Visa cards wee cancelled. We only found this out three days ago when we tried to pay a bill in Denver using our card. My wife has shopped at the Alameda and Colorado Blvd store in Denver since 1978. I cannot guess how much money she has spent in that store. Presently we are living in Lima, Peru and would like our new cards which are sitting at our son’s house in LA. I spoke with customer service today and all they could offer was a one year credit service. I’m not quite sure what that includes. I asked for the company to pay for the DHL cost of shipping our cards to us. They offered this credit service. I saw the CEO of Target, Greg Steinhafel, on TV last week discussing how they were going to recover customer confidence. But he is not very approachable via this web page. My opinion is that he should be right out front concerning the Visa fraud problem and have a phone number or an e mail that is directed to his office. and in order to get our customer confidence back that he covers the cost of shipping our cards to Peru.


James W. McLaurin February 27, 2014 at 9:26 am

We are a young company that has a real solution to credit card fraud, wouldn’t it be great for Target to issue new Target credit cards that are fraud proof!
We have developed that technology, it is even more impacting on the on-line shopper, the tablets, iPhones, Androids and iPads that are increasingly making purchasing transactions every year.
We have seen the terrible impact this breach has caused your company and we really do have a solution that you should at least look at.
I can be reached at “” or please call me at 540-227-0210 to discuss some preliminary ideas to see if your company is interested in learning more.
Please give us just a couple minutes of your time, it will be valueable to your company and it’s investors.
Thank you very much for listening.
540-227-0210, Washington, VA


Corey Doyle February 25, 2014 at 5:22 pm

I have not gotten my 1040 tax sent to me from Target. I worked at 1042 Target in Maryland for 11 years. I had to move and I called many times to get my tax-return info and did not get it. How can I get it? I now live in Pagosa Springs CO. I would have transferred, but I am 100’s of miles away from the city. How can I get this fixed?


nayla February 19, 2014 at 11:27 am

I order a roller Skate for my daughter birthday. First they cancel my order due to a technical error, they cannot ship the item(s) placed on 02/13/2014. I called and place the order one more time. Three days later I find out that they cancel my order one more time. The worse experience ever, this was my first and last time with TARGET. ! Wont’t recommended to no one.


Michael Nelson February 16, 2014 at 10:24 pm

The parking garage elevator at your Addison Street store in Chicago has now been out of order for two months now. I cannot get an answer from the store on what the issue is. Since the store has a small ground parking lot you need to use the parking garage to park. The third floor is now unusable for anyone with disabilities and combine this with limited handicap parking spots it makes it very difficult to find parking.


Kathy Battle February 5, 2014 at 12:11 am

Target is horrible for registries! Do not ever do a wedding or baby registry with them! They are very unhelpful, unprofessional and unaccommodating.
I did a baby registry with them a few months ago and the cashiers neglected to take the items the guests purchased off the registry, so I ended up with doubles and triples of things – which was not a problem. The problem was when I went to exchange them for store credit, they would not do it for me because I did not have the receipt. THE REGISTRY IS SUPPOSE TO SUFFICE AS A RECEIPT! That is the whole point of a registry. All of the items I was trying to exchange were registry items. Horrible experience!


dn February 3, 2014 at 4:59 pm

TARGET sucks. Their customer service is a joke. No response to any query from a customer. Just a bull#*@& generic letter.

Their gift card policy sucks. Who would ever shop their? Who would give a gift card and encourage anyone to shop at this crappy red store.

You can google their contact info and write to the CEO, CFO, COO and Media Relations. Also blast them on their FB page.


Ms gipson January 18, 2014 at 12:30 pm

I would like to file a formal complaint against Target and it’s incompetent employees. I have waited since December 27, 2013 for a copy of a receipt that was needed for my warranty to be honored. After almost a month of waiting I am now told I can’t get it because it’s to late. If you had knowledge of this in December why have me as the consumer waiting. I spoke with several associates that have refused to escalate my concerns and basically been flat out rude. I have never had any issues with your company and will never shop at your store again. It is really sad that you sell a product and fail to be cooperative in order for them to honor the warranty. I will tell all my family, friends, and even neighbors about this experience in an effort to steer them from making future purchase from your company. Not to mention you don’t have management available to escalate calls to. I spoke with Alex on 1/18 that refused to escalate my call but portrayed himself as a manager. This is a joke and if you don’t value your company by standing by your word how could you value the consumer experience or time. Thanks for nothing.


ghewre werwq February 18, 2014 at 12:31 pm



Vicky Pearson December 20, 2013 at 10:14 pm

I want to cancel my Target Red Card and can’t seem to be able to call anyone or do it online. Please contact me. phone 219 253-XXXXX


mike December 20, 2013 at 10:43 am

Trying to reach anyone at Target to cancel my wifes Reddot card is a joke. Phone lines are busy or they ring and disconnect, or “all circuits busy”. Left a voice mail for the General Counsel… let’s see if I get a return call. No other Target Corporate numbers will work.


corsandra smith December 5, 2013 at 2:06 pm

I been a employee of target since 2008. I was hurt on the job. Never been hurt on a job. Target is refusing to offer me another job, train me for another position and basically refuse to talk to me. I was injury and still work on the job. I was treated by target doctor release from there doctor , he stated there is nothing wrong with me. I have had two knee surgery, one shoulder surgery, herinated dics in my back and neck. Target do not care about the well being of there employee.


RJ December 30, 2013 at 3:58 pm

I have a very good atty for you. He has a 98% success rate. Call David Denis in Los Angeles.


JC March 26, 2014 at 2:46 pm

You need to get a good attorney to help you fight this workman’s comp case don’t let them take advantage of you this way you have rights as an employee. I am an ex President of an huge corporate company that got injured on the job as well and now I’m permanently disabled so believe me fight for your rights good luck and hope all goes well GOD BLESS!!!


Jean Louis Clary November 9, 2013 at 5:50 am

I world like to submit à CV for executive position ,
Let me Know to whom should i send It .
Thank you in advance


Mary September 12, 2013 at 12:54 pm

I cant believe Target use to have an employee who almost killed his wife!! I used to work with this guy and he had some mental problems so I needed to share this info so other employers would be aware of this situation.

Nery Anselmo Flores

Here is the link for the Collier County Police Brief

Domestic violence arrests
• Nery Anselmo Flores, 22, 212 Garfield St., East Naples, was arrested Thursday at home. He was charged with threatening to kill April Fallen Sagraves, and writing on the wall: “Sorry I kill you” and “It was necessary to teach you a lesson.”


Roy July 12, 2013 at 2:23 pm

I wanted to email Corporate Officers and voice my disappointment over the handling of middle managements and HR aapproval of educating your White Staff on Hispanic employees using a racist “Memo”
The Micro racism Target is allowing is over the top. The message Target is sending is that your mmanagers are above this group
The other message that is being sent to your consumers (who many are Hispanic) is that you are taking advantage of this group who is low wage, low education and probably cannot defend themselves.
From the top down, this action, this Memo that was intended to “educate your white managers how to deal with this group” is an obvious sign that there is a problem. I can tell you from experience that in my dealings with employees, the only reason we begin education for managers is when there is a problem.
Your problem is SKIN DEEP. Target does not understand the Hispanic mindset. Why? Because you are trying to clump this group as a whole! But, this group works independent of itself. Yet! The Micro-aggression that is being brought forth will result in a financial blow to the Target Corporation. Why? Well! it may be difficult for your Caucasian Leadership to grasp. Hispanics don’t consider themselves Hispanic.
Hispanic is a term that was invented by the Nixon administration! We do not consider ourselves Hispanic. We Consider ourselves from the place of origin. We are also highly educated and aware of our consumer power.
I hold an MBA and I am a Radiology Director: I can tell you this from experience that Target biggest problem is the fact that top management is comprised exclusively of Caucasian. The glass ceiling is a continuous process that is the underlying issues facing Target. Its a viscous cycle that does not end and will not end until you begin to promote others that do not fit your “Cookie Cutter Approach” To White’ism.
I do not represent any group or entity. I am just a consumer. My wife are the people who walk into target, buy our groceries, buy our clothing, purchase our toothpaste, pick up extra batteries, find lactose milk and cereal as well as cookies. We are the consumers who use Target to prepare for parties.
I spoke with several of my friends (Who many are Mexican!!!!!) and we have decided that we will stop shopping at Target. We feel it is unjust that Target is allowing this type of racism to be promoted. It is easy for people to claim ignorance and say things like “I don’t know how to deal with this people” or “What do I call them”.
The reason you hire Managers is because the assumption of education and critical thinking skills must be present. If your managers cannot rise above this stereotype, racism and bigotry then you should not be giving jobs to this group. This group will cost Target both now and into the future.
Again, My wife and I are just consumers, she has called me today and reinforced that she will no longer be shopping at well She has also said she has called her “Hispanic” friends and relatives to do the same.
You see! Not all Hispanics are uneducated, speak with an accent and cannot make critical decisions.
We can see obvious signs of racism at the corporate level. Your corporate culture is promoting the racism by not promoting non-whites.
I am disappointed at Target
Roy Vera R.T., MBA
Target Ex-Consumer, American, Served in the Armed Foces, Educated, Radiology Director and yes, with Mexican background.


Sally Johnson July 4, 2013 at 2:05 am

I am very upset with your Target customer service.My family and I have always shopped at Target even though the other chain was closer to our home. I am the youngest of 13,the mother of 5 and grandmother of 7 with 2 on the way. I tried to return my twin grandchildrens recalled Fisher Price high chairs to your store at 1919 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825 and I was told no. The cashier Rosa told me I had returned recalled items 6 times and was over $10,000 in merchandise. I asked her when these returns were she would not say .I spoke to the store manager she said she was standing behind Rosa. It is the stores discretion not to return anything for you any longer.
I filed a complaint with 1800 target and Joan your guest relations person told me I could take them to another store. My recall returns were 2 in 2013 none in 2012, 1 in 2011 and 3 in 2010. The 3 in 2010 were crib recalls as I come from a huge family and have nieces and nephews older than me by 10 years family get togethers are huge. I took Joans advice and about a week later took them to the store in Vacaville Ca. I was again told no this time by the customer relations person James. I still have not been contacted by your store from the first problem. Is there a limit to recall returns? If the item is recalled because it is a danger to children what does it matter if I have 50. How many is to many and why is there a limit? I have had maybe 1 return without a receipt in all the years I have shopped at Target. With a large family and all the children’s product recalls How can Target say it cares about its customers and not return recalled items. In addition to a moral responsibility in California Target has a legal responsibility. We have Health and Safety code 108040-108050 known, and may be cited, as the Product Recall Safety and Protection Act. In section California Health and Safety Code Section 108046 It says (6) A retailer who is a first seller shall accept any recalled product for the purpose of returning it to the manufacturer or distributor. It doesn’t say I need identification. It doesn’t say there is a limit to recall returns but in this section of the code it does say (b) (1) The manufacturer of the product shall provide for the safe return of the product to the manufacturer or the appropriate disposal of the product in the manner required pursuant to paragraph
(2) at no cost to the end consumer or retailer. So Target is not out any money. Just return them to Fisher Price. I did not make them harmful, I did not declare them harmful but they were bought in good faith at Target why is it hard for Target to fallow the law in Ca. You have no problem taking a lot of money from our family but refuse to return it even though its the law. California Law is not up to the discretion of a Target employee. Please respond to me with answers to my questions Thank you


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