Domino’s Pizza Corporate Office

Domino's Pizza Corporate Office Address

Domino's Pizza, Inc.
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Contact Domino's Pizza

Phone Number: (734) 930-3030
Fax Number: (734) 930-4346
Email: Email Domino's Pizza


CEO: J. Patrick Doyle
CFO: Michael T. Lawton
COO: Scott Hinshaw

Domino's Pizza History

Domino’s Pizza began when Tom and James Monaghan bought DomiNick’s Pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  In 1965, the company name was changed to Domino’s Pizza.

In 1967, the first franchise location was opened.

By 1978, there were 200 locations.

In 1983, the company expanded to Canada with a store in Winnipeg.  The 1000th store also opened this year.

In 1985, the first UK location opened in Luton.  A location also opened in Tokyo this same year.

In 1998, Tom Monaghan retired and sold 93% of Domino’s to Bain Capital.

In 2004, the company went public.

In 2006, the 5000th US location was opened in Huntley, Illinois.

In 2012, the company dropped the word “Pizza” from it’s name to enhance its other food offerings.

Today, there are more than 10,000 Domino’s location in over 70 countries.  Domino’s is the 2nd largest Pizza chain in the US.



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Doreen Mclaughlin January 21, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I live in Albert Lea mn and I asked my caregiver, Mitch, to get us a large 3 topping pizza carryout. I am disabled and on a limited income so Dominos Pizza has been a weekly favorite for a couple years now, since my last stroke. The carryout deal for $7.99 makes it a favorite treat for us, but this store has raised the price for carryout to $10.79 and now they are charging for parmisan too? Im afraid I am being taken advantage of by this store and its just not fare! Please tell me this isnt so, I do love your Pizza.
Doreen McLaughlin
* katherine st.
Albert Lea MN 56007


Tracy Hyrske January 21, 2015 at 5:27 pm

TO’Day I ordered a Philly & 2 20 oz. Sprites at 2:00 pm. I got a call seconds after I ordered online and was told that it would be 2:53 pm before I got my order as the we’re backed up. I told them that as long as I got my order hot that I was okay with that. So I waited, at 3:20 pm I called the store (Tooele, UT 84074) to find out where my order was. I was told that my order had just been put in the oven. This is unreal!! I have NEVER had to wait this long for an order in my life. The woman on the phone said we have just had order after order, I told her, of course you have that is what you are in business for and that I should have been called and told it would be late. She then tells me it will be ANOTHER 30 minutes before ai get my order! 2 hours for a sandwich and a couple drinks?!?!?!


Tracy Hyrske January 21, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Just got my order, it is hot. LucKY me, I got a bag of smashed chips for all my trouble. Never ordering from dominos again!!!!


robert grote January 18, 2015 at 11:15 pm

Today I ordered a medium 1/2 combo and 1/2 hawian. I received a meat lovers. I Called store # 7790 phone 831-424-3535 in salinas ca . I was told ” well I don’t know what you and the Other Guy discussed but ” at this point I’m feeling challeged she goes on to say ” leave the pizza and I will send a driver for it and we will make another.” She then said she was going to charge us a delivery fee. Whohh whohh. My wife rhen told her we will not pay for thier mistake. To the end I was offered a new pizza or a voucher .I’m an assistant manager and this is a case that the customer should get some satisfacton. Not because of the mistake … bUT because the manager on duty eluded that it was miss communication on my part…BULL….I know what I ordered. I also ask for peppers and was told he would send some…but upon arrival I was told that he lied to me by the driver. . My bill was $39.65
What is going on at this store??????
I will continue until I’m contacted
Robert Grote 956 lupin#6 salinas ca. 93906.


Jhonatan January 17, 2015 at 8:59 pm

I made an online order around 6:30 pm today (Saturday 1/17/15). The order came about 30 minutes later, great, but the order was wrong. This is the second time that happens. I called the store as soon as I opened the wings. I ordered hot wings with ranch sauce and I received regular wings and blue cheese. The manager said he would send the right order. An hour passed and nothing, so I called back and was told it was on the way. An hour, now two hours, later and nothing. This is ridiculous and very unprofessional. Is now after 9 pm and my wings are nowhere to be seen. The store is located in Hialeah store 5097.


Kristin January 8, 2015 at 9:02 pm

Worst ever! Took over an hour to deliver my food and hour and ten still waiting. Manager was rude told me there was no corporate number and he was the only manager at all at the location “Teddy” also raised his voice to me several times. Unbelievable that corporate run business allows this to go on. The location I ordered from was on Barrington Rd Streamwood IL. Never again!


Anonymous January 8, 2015 at 2:02 pm

I am giving this as an anonymous tip that two of your previous general managers, Sam Harris and misty smith, are still able to log into your system even though they are no longer with your company. They brag about this calling your company “stupid” and use it to check your weekly deal and specials in order to adjust the specials and deals of the Marcos Pizza store that they currently manage.


Jae January 2, 2015 at 2:10 pm

After I don’t know how many years ordering from Dominos I am officially done. I will never place and order again. When you get terrible, rude serivce, it makes you wonder what they are doing to your food. The Dominos by my house stopped delivering pizza because they got to busy and stopped taking orders. I didn’t mind that but their behavior was out of control. You would have thought the place was on fire. Aldine Mail RT, Houston TX. I was hung up on and when I called back, I was hung up on stating that “They don’t have time, they are too busy to take orders.”


Eric December 28, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Worst service ever. I was repeatedly hung up on. Pizza took 2 hours to be delivered. Judging by all these negative comments, it looks like dominos doesn’t care about customer service. I guess I will have to order from another pizza place to get quality customer service. Like pizza Hut or papa johns.


Korey December 28, 2014 at 4:00 pm

While I was having surgery at the University of Minnesota last week my family called Domino’s pizza and ordered dinner. In order to have it delivered, they had to tell the location they were in the hospital. The pizza was delivered with no problems. My family was finishing up their dinner when a man in a Domino’s shirt approached them and explained he was the manager of Domino’s. He handed this to my fiancé and told my family I was in their prayers. Inside is a certificate for a free large pizza of choice. I just wanted everyone to know how much those prayers meant to us. Thank you Travis T. Schaar manager of Dominoes pizza on Oak Street Minneapolis, Mn. You are making a positive difference in this world!


i am very upset when i called dominos December 26, 2014 at 9:08 pm

hello ordered a pizza gave the card and they took our visa then said oh can’t deliver here. I had been told it was a corporation. tizza he took. my card and ran it took my debit. said oh sorry can’t deliver but took my card and laughed. I was hungry I am going to report them and hope no one eats there. he seemed very high on something. better see if he is high please check him out


V.M. December 24, 2014 at 3:18 am

I thought the only bad Domino’s was here in Socorro, New Mexico. I’ve never recieved the two for one deal. The delivery people are slow and expects $3.00 extra plus tip. It takes forever for someone to answer the phone. Tonight the delivery pizza was just barely warm, like eating a warm, oily pillow. It only takes six minutes to drive to Domino’s from our home. I am pretty sure it’s the same distance from Domino’s to our home, unless some strange time/space quantum physics has warped the distance. Employees of a Domino’s should be glad to have a job! There is no such thing as an unimportant job. It all works together. Job performance reveals your personal best and character. An entry level job at Domino’s is a step up the ladder to higher levels of success. You learn, and grow. Treat your employer with respect and a job you can be proud of. Most importantly treat your customers right! They are the reason you are there! They also pay for your paycheck. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect earns respect. Until Domino’s changes for the good, we aren’t eating anymore Domino’s. We used to enjoy it a lot!


rai leikei December 22, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Too salty some don’t wash their hands also they don’t have accurate change for customers. Where was rhe manager for this location! Don’t get me started about some of their attitude!!!!!!!!! This is definitely my last time for this company. Adieux.


K nett December 20, 2014 at 11:00 pm

I Live in Salem, New Hampshire and called the Dominoes at 254 N Broadway, Salem NH tonight ordered the barbq bacon chicken and a pizza.
The food came and the chicken was burnt BLACK, I couldnt even believe that they put this in a box and sent it. I called the store and spoke to the “manager” told him about the chicken and he argued with me and said it wasnt burnt. I said that it was black and disgusting, since only a couple minutes had gone by i asked him to send the driver back to pick it up, he continued arguing with me, and then hung up on me!! (This is customer service)?? I called back, and he would not pick up the phone, the dominos recording played over and over, he finally picked up, I asked if this was the way he usually treated customers, and he replied that I was giving him a hard time, then he hung up on me AGAIN!!! I was mortified!!! The telephone number to the store is 603-893-7100 and it was 1030pm when we spoke. I’m sure you can find out who was working at that store at that time, hopefully, he will not be a Dominoes employee for much longer, because if he is, you will truly lose more customers than just me. I will NEVER, EVER order from ANY Dominos anywhere. Good luck with that store!!


patrick December 19, 2014 at 11:45 pm

Well tonight my wife called to order pizza. The woman argued that we were more than 5 miles away from there location instead of saying sorry we dont deliver to you. I called to speak with a manager. She was the manager. I told her she was very rude. I was told i am an a**hole and i can go f*** myself. This is the Elon Nc dominos on west haggard st.


Jocelyn Taylor December 19, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Today, was one of the most horrible days of my life. I ordered 7 pizzas yesterday to be delivered today to my Third grade class for their Christmas party. I asked for a 1:00 delivery. School was dismissed at 2:15 and the pizzas never showed. Oh my goodness the disappointment on the kids faces tore my heart apart. There was nothing I could do. A parent offered to pick ghem up and when he arrived they were still not ready and by this time they never did get their pizza. I went backk over after school was dismissed and spoke to Calvin the manager who took the order the day before and he told me yhey were busy but they readynow if I still wanted them. That was pointless sonce school was dismissed for the Christmas holiday. I felt I let my class down and Domino’s was the grinch that stole their Christmas. Those sad faces will be forever etched in my mind and heart. You may have good pizza but the service sucked. I want to know how can you make it right for my class


tekpal sidhu December 16, 2014 at 8:23 pm

I ordered 3 pizzas, and 2 of them came out perfect and the 3rd one had some problems, and we called the store and the manager was extremely rude and literally just told us he cant do anything about it. The store managers name is Mr. Nick and the store number is 929001 Beaumont Alberta 50th street. I am a regular customer and this has never happened before, I’d like you to take some action against this as soon as possible. Thankyou


Melissa Swanson December 14, 2014 at 4:17 pm

I will not be ordering from dominos again. I ordered online from store 4626 at 2:40 pm. Email said delivery 24 – 34 minutes. I called and was told there was only 1 driver and it would be delivered as soon as possible. My order was ssupposedly equality checked at 2:46 pm. When I called it was 3:20. I said I didn’t want my food to be cold because it had been done since 2:46 and that if they were behind they should change their delivery time. I got my order at 3:30 pm. The wrong soda was delivered 1/2 later I am still waiting on the correct soda and that I paid for. I didn’t get the extra sauces I paid for either and my food was Luke warm. When called to complain I got “well if we remake your order it will take another hour”. I informed Mohmed my food was Luke warm. He was suprised. When I asked for a credit he said he could give me a store credit. I informed him I wanted some form of credit to my order since I won’t be ordering from them again. This is the third time I have had a wrong order or warm food. Not acceptable. I asked for a credit of the items I didn’t get and was told he can’t do that. I will be disputing those charges with my bank as fraudulent charges since I didn’t get what I paid for. There was no customer service and no working with me. I would like someone to email me back please.


Ruben Juarez December 13, 2014 at 7:54 pm

I am so upset I can hardly write this comment….where do I start?! I placed my ordered over the phone and was asked to give my credit card info over the phone (but this not complaint). My complaint is that I was told that my order would take over a hour …but since I really like dominio’s pizza ,I figured ..”what the hell”. Here’s the kicker , after about a hour and thirty minutes I called to check on the status of my order (for some very hungry kids btw) and I was told by a very rude manager that there was no ordered placed. She (her name is Lakisha if I’m not mistaken) didn’t bother to offer at minimum an apology ..she just hung up. Then when I tried calling back I just kept getting hung up on. I really like your pizza but will have to start ordering from Pizza Hut and I will make sure that other people know this ,for I will use social media to express my anger with this repeated “glitch” in this company. Btw this store is on 3312 North Buckner Boulevard #207, Dallas, TX 75228
(214) 324-****


Brian December 13, 2014 at 4:42 pm

You don’t make it easy to file a complaint. Well we will see how this goes. I walked into your store located on saratoga street East Boston Massachusetts to order a couple of pizzas at approximately 4pm on 12/13/2014, which i do 2 times a week. I was greeted by the most miserable employee i have ever uncounted anywhere let alone dominos. I asked if i was troublesome and i got “im busy”. there was not a person in the store and no orders being processed. it may sound like its not a big deal and im not going into detail except to say i wont be ordering anything from dominos anymore.


Richard Ferrari December 12, 2014 at 10:36 pm

Patchogue, NY….11772

the dtivers are still driving to fast….without their store sign lite…so they can run stop signs…ignore traffic circle and double yellow lines…I call the store and I’m told nastily they have no drivers out with the type car I described….hope no one gets killed one night…maybe just the driver….happy holidays.


Mr R Gearhart December 12, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Told by your Kungwood lTexas ocation a pickup order for 2 sandwiches would be 10=15 minutes…arrived 1n 14 minutes…asked for money…paid…then told sorry was 30-40 minutes. Very poorly run location. Inept. Employees.


mrs. L. Hamblin December 7, 2014 at 12:33 am

I would like for someone in corporate to contact me. I don’t appreciate the treatment I have endured. Please.


mrs. L. Hamblin December 7, 2014 at 12:31 am

I have lived at the same address since 1999. Had pizza delivered yesterday, intact. Called today to get the run around, told they have never delivered here, fused out, and threatened by A Mitch, and a Jason from the Stage coach store. In little rock ar. After talking to the. “trainer” Mitch, who admitted my address was in delivery area, I was verbally assaulted, and threatened with physical harm. I am pressing charges…


Scott December 6, 2014 at 8:18 pm

at 6:31 used the Dominos app to order pizza at the Holbrook NY dominos. The tracker said at 6:47pm the pizza/wings/bread was done. At 7:30pm I called dominos which is 5 minutes away by walking. After waiting at 7:40pm i talked to a person who said my order was in the car and the next to be delivered even though he said the car is 10 minutes away in the different direction. I told him to cancel the order he then hung up on me.

I will make sure my credit card does not get charged and I will never ever order from dominos again with the app or anywhere. I have ordered from that store before and expected at least a courtesy call if the order was taking so long.

Papa johns is about a block further and I will be ordering my pizza from there from now on!!!



Rachelle December 4, 2014 at 11:57 am

Was in the dominos on 38th and moeller in indianapolis lastnight only to see a lady whom is manager lifting het shirt up at the front counter. Disgusting. She needs to be fired or punished.


Samella Buchanan December 3, 2014 at 9:52 pm

I’m from St.Louis mo Its 8:45 I have be on hold and huge up on since 8:00 its very hard to get in contact with the stores were I stay I really love your pizza but the service makes me not like it please write back


C.SMITH December 2, 2014 at 10:38 pm

I will like to start off by saying I have always loved pizzas and I have always purchased domino’s pizza and recently I began ordering pizza from domino’s and I can honestly say I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for this company after to the experience I had from ordering domino’s from the 3400 N.w 2nd location upon me calling to order pizza I had to calls several times before my order was actually placed due to rude staff answering the phone and immediately placing me on hold and never came back to the phone while I was on hold and when I was able to place an Order I was told it would take 30 minutes for it to be delivered while awaiting the pizza I noticed it had passed the 30 minutes arrival time and I gave it a couple of minutes before I called the location And when I did I was once again placed on hold several times and when a staff member answered my call I asked when will my pizza delivery and instead of answering my questions in was hung up u called back and another employee answered my call at this time I was upset and asking why was the pizza not delivered at the time I was given he then told me to lower my voice which was understandable then as I told him the time I ordered the pizza and why was it taking so long for delivery and I was going to report it to corporate he told me to have a nice day and need the call never telling me any information about my order so I called corporate to inform them of my experience at 4:45-4:55 the pizza was delivered while on the phone with the representative being upset I signed and accepted the pizza I had a second thought and even asked her if I needed to reject the pizza talked to her twice that day regarding this incident she told me I would be called back to also tell her the pizza was warm and my family members and I were able to taste dough in the pizza like it wasn’t fully cooked by making a complaint with corporate I didn’t even bother to call the domino’s where the pizza was ordered from due to the problems I had with placing the pizza and delivery issues…on Nov.20.14 I wanted pizza for dinner and was hesitate to call this particular domino’s for delivery because the last problem I had so eventually i thought about it said by me being a long time customer i said go ahead and order may be they were busy I made the decision to call and tried to placed an order upon placing the order I said I had a coupon from two days prior and the rep acted as if she didn’t know what she was doing kept giving different pricing for my order after giving me the total for delivery and food i gave a coupon code that she said they could not accept i was confused because there was no expiration date on the coupon I cancelled the order afterwards I called back requesting a supervisor and I explained to him what occurred on the previous call and I told him I had a coupon he told me he couldn’t sell it to me because the code was not valid I said to him to place an order for the regular price and I will just explain what happened to corporate since the coupons came from this domino’s he asked me what did I want him to do and if I still want to report it to corporate I Immediately cancelled the order and placed an order with papa Johns due to the second issue with this restaurant I am even more embarrassed for placing an order after the two separate Incidents and making a complaint to corporate about my issues and all I was ever told was someone would calls me and I have never ever received a call so I placed an order to domino’s on Nov .22.14 when I called from my number every single time I called they would answer and immediately placed me on hold so after making about three more calls I decided to make the call from my landline and I was greeted I didn’t mention I tried calling I placed my order and was puzzled as to why they answered one line and brushed me off when I called from my cell phone I came to the conclusion that the restaurant may have caller ID and they screened my calls the pizza was ordered by me paying with credit card I didn’t have a tip for the driver and seems to have had an attitude about it even when I mentioned I was told my total was $2.00 less once again I called corporate to let them know although no one ever reached out to me to apologize for what I experienced when I was told I was going to be contacted a rep gave me the number to the district manager number I called to have the issues address the first time he didn’t answer the second time he literally dismissed the issue I was trying to explain when I told him I had an complaint and told me that he was in a building and he would call me back which he never did I called corporate to get information to make a complaint to the Bbb about my overall experience she then told me she would have the manager over the district manager to contact me which still didn’t happen I guess my complaint was not considered important and I can truly see my business wasn’t not wanted or appreciated the company that prides themselves on customer excellence has some what dropped the ball and I can truly that domino’s does not value their customers and does even take the time to address or correct the issues at hand and as for the district manager of the domino’s over the domino’s located at 3400 N.w 2nd ave I could see why I have had the experience I’ve experienced he is no better than the employees working at that location due to my overall disappointed for the service and food and wasting money I was offered a $20.00 gift card to give back to the company that treated me like my complaint was not worth reading I did not use the gift card and do not intend to I am limited to the food delivery services and a lot of restaurants are too far to deliver food to me but I will not purchase domino’s ANYMORE I would rather give Papa Johns or Pizza Hut my money as Long is the food and delivery service are great and they Value me as a Customer


brandon November 26, 2014 at 2:57 am



Maggin McMillen November 23, 2014 at 11:17 pm

I used to work for dominos and i even order from the one i worked at. my husband worked there too. we work at a hotel now and he ordered a pizza, when the pizza arrived there it was missing the hot sauce of the toppings so he called the store and they offered to give him hot sauce in the little cups. that is not what we ordered. how is one little cup supposed to cover all of our pizza. its a large. so i had to call them and talk with the manager (my old boss) and he was rude and rushed me off the phone. i did get the pizza re made and gave back the hot sauce cups. i didnt appreciate the way things were handled. it made the drivers have to do more runs than they needed to. and its all cause the manager is lazy and didnt want to fix the problem right away. .


Margo S November 18, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Unacceptable and embarrassing …I ordered seven pizzas for a meeting. I called at 10:45 so we would be sure to get them by noon. The delivery man called about 11:50 and asked me to meet him in the lobby….I was thinking what kind of delivery is this? Went down and could not find him. It turns out he was not even in the right building. I gave clear delivery instructions to the order taker and pizzas are delivered here every day! The pizza finally arrived at 12:10 and we still had to go down to the lobby! Needless to say I did not look very good to my supervisor!


David Haines November 14, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Ordered a pizza at Amherst, ohio store, I was told it would take 30 mins. I went to pick it up and they didn’t have the order. I call my wife to make sure it was ordered and she said that she talked to a women. They said that they didn’t have any girls working there, funny thing she walked by me to make a delivery. I had to wait 15 min for another pizza. When it was done the guy charged me full price and I said you lose my order and make me wait an you are going to charge me full price? He said that’s the way we do things here, so I asked to talk to the manager an he said that’s me. He was very rude. I order a lot of pizza and I like dominoes but I will never go back their again. That was the 5th time they lost my order. Enough is enough. Marco’s tonight!


Katie Halle November 13, 2014 at 7:36 pm

Ordered a pizza from diminos pizza in grove city ohio on Braodway. I gave my credit card and they wanted the 3 digit code. This is unexceptable. I wll no longer deal with Dominos pizza. I will report this to the columbus dispatch and to channel 6 news. I am a writer for the dispatch and will make an example of poor policy on dominos Inc.


Gicela Ventura November 9, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Well, my experience was the worst, because I usually get pizza on the same store as delivery, and I always order my pizza online, this time they took the money out of my banking account and told me there was no order, so besides everything they also steal money, I’ll sue domino’s pizza ass or that franchise idc for $16.36 because they stole my money, that was in Orlando Fl .32808


Dan November 2, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Wanna understand why the drivers don’t get the delivery charge you charge everybody I tip the driver to help pay for the gas. And if you charge a delivery charge the gas is been paid for so why does not the driver get that delivery charge.Concern customer if you don’t answer right I’ll guarantee that I won’t be buying pizza from you guys ever again and a whole lot of other people won’t be in Lansing either because I’ll post it in the State Journal


ck November 2, 2014 at 8:18 pm

Today I completely used every curse word in the book. Sorry Domino’s you will no longer get my business. Store #5142, Manager was horrible. My son is away in college and when the school runs out of gluten free foods (seems to occur on the weekend) I have to order a gluten free pizza from Domino’s and PAY FOR IT ON LINE WITH MY CREDIT CARD. My son does not have this card on him. I placed the order, called the store and spoke to the person there and confirmed the order was indeed legitimate just so they would not ask for the card. So the manager wants to speak to me as if I was an Idiot (or a dumb ass and I’m far from EITHER) and tell me it’s COMPANY POLICY to ask for the card when they arrive. When I told him I order all the time and they never ask for mine when they come to my door, then he proceeds to say “do you live in Florida”…no I don’t so if it’s a company policy then it would apply to all and it does not. Then he says each franchise has their own policy. Whatever!!!! Your attitude is horrible and to speak to a customer the way you did brought the BITCH out of me. I will NEVER order I mean NEVER order from this store or any store for that matter. I’m sick of poor customer service. When you have customers that WANT to spend money be treated like this it’s not worth it. I don’t NEED to buy pizza…I wanted to. There is a difference.


J Rigney October 31, 2014 at 9:22 pm

Ordered from the Domino’s in Round Rock, Texas – the one on Sam Bass. Ordered at 5:30 pm and was told delivery in 45 minutes. After 1 1/2 hours, called the store and they said it was being cut and out the door for delivery. At 7:30 pm called again, waiting 10 minutes on hold. The person asked for the address and put me on hold; then after 5 minutes hung up on me. Called again at 7:45 – it took that long to get through again – to be told by an assistant manager that it was on the rack but they did not have any drivers to deliver it. After an outrageous 2 1/2 hour wait the best I could do is cancel the order. I was never given an apology or an explanation for the poor customer service. We will never order Domino’s again. I think the corporate office should do a better job at screening and training their franchisees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deirdra October 31, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Yesterday, I went to Domino’s for a lava cake. After the cashier took my payment, he started working with the dough without washing his hands. Two other employees came in to work. The first employee went towards the back, so I’m no sure if she washed her hands or not. The second one stayed towards the front of the store. Before he started his work, he began to tuck his shirt into his pants. It was disturbing to see his hand repeatedly go down the back of his butt and then down his front. He never washed his hands before handling the food. I had also observed an employee talking on the phone and handling the food immediately after hanging up and without washing his hands. I went to the counter and mentioned to the first employee that had just come in to work. I told her that I wanted my money back, because the employees are not washing their hands. She nodded her hand in agreement and confirmed that my observation was true. The employee who originally took my order proceeded to take the lava cakes out of the oven with his bare hands and box them. He came to the counter to present them to me, but I refused them and explained why. I requested a refund. He angrily slammed the money down on the counter and said, “take your money!” I will never eat their food again.


dan October 29, 2014 at 8:52 am

Crap service at crown point indiana. ordered pizza at 5;50 pm arrived at 6;15, watched the order bord, said 7 minutes, then said ready, i waited because i saw they were busy, i asked several times if 2 pizzas were ready, employee said 2 minutes 6;43 pm at 6;45 i left without pizza -not ready yet, went back around 7;30 pm picked up pizza, came home opened pizza boxes and found pizzas were not sliced. what a joke! They lost a customer, plus i own a business in town, i will never never buy lunch for my employees ever again.Respectfully


shari daracunas October 27, 2014 at 2:18 pm

I like your pizza and cheesy bread but your service is horrible.I order from your salt lake and west valley city locations and my order is either wrong or both locations forget part if my order..I am ready to start ordering elsewhere where they will pay attention to my order and not bring me cold food..


Trudy Aguillard November 19, 2014 at 10:18 am

My school recently ordered pizza from the Dominos Pizza in Port Allen. Louisiana for our schools family night. I placed the order for 17 pizzas for 10 Pep. and 7 cheese in advance, was told they could cut the pizza into 16 slices per our request, provided the tax exempt paper, and had a coworker pick up the order. I had a prewritten check for the amount I was given that we owed. We asked to have the order ready for 5:30. Vincent told me everything would be ready. To my surprise, the pizzas were not ready when we arrived to get them, we only received 12 pizzas total, 11 cheese and 1 pep., only 4 were cut the way we requested, and we were not given a receipt. Grant it, the person that picked them up should have counted , but because she was late she was trying to get back and didn’t think about doing that at the time. We could not get back to Domino’s before the family night started because of traffic and had to order more pizzas from Pizza Hut to feed our families. I called and explained to Vincent our issues and he stated that he was not there, but assured me that he would look into what happened and get back with me. I asked him to print a receipt as I needed to get this for our school records. He never followed up with me and when I went to get my receipt that he told me would be printed out and ready, the manager there could not find it. As I waited for 20 or so minutes for them to find my receipt, I observed on the big screen TV, the Jerry Springer show playing very loudly. I learned about people having sex with their wives sisters and best friends, heard inappropriate language, and when I explained to a worker and then to the manager that Jerry Springer was not an appropriate show to be playing while customers and children are in the store, they both looked at me and did not comment. Nor did they change the channel. I finally get me receipt and leave very disgusted!! I get to school and realize that they charged me tax after we gave them our tax ID information. Needless to say, our school or myself will never use Dominos again!! Extremely disappointed in my experience. This restaurant just recently opened and in my opinion it is not a place for respectful people to go. I’m still appalled at what I witnessed.


Tori Knox October 25, 2014 at 8:14 pm

Me and my family ordered a pizza tonight. It took over an 1hr 1/2. We called and they said they didn’t know it was on the way. After 25 more minutes we pay for the pizza and open it to a burnt/ blackened pizza, cold and hard with hard cheese not fully cooked and in my opinion unfit to eat. The family had ordered for dinner and was hungry, so I called to speak with the manager named Dalton @ 1210 Rockbridge Rd, who was not only extremely rude but was unwilling to accommodate our request for a new pizza. He said that if he had it remade it would take over an 1hr 1/2. He said that he would not give us our money back and allow us to pick up new pizza. I told him we just wanted our money back, he said that he couldn’t tell me when we could get it back. He said he would send someone back at some point. I informed him that my family was hungry and that we needed to go out now to get dinner and couldn’t randomly wait around with no word on getting our refund. He was rude and said ” You will get it when i can” I finally ended this fiasco with saying i would bring the pizzas back and pick up our money. This was ridiculous to have to endure this while trying to simply order a weekend night of pizza for the family and be treated harshly, disrespectfully and rude. Dalton has the worst customer service I have experienced in a while and was truly unwilling to repair or fix the issue. The pizza was not only hard, cold and burnt but we had to endure waiting a total of almost 2 hrs to eat with the disappointment of still receiving nothing. I warn anyone not to go to that location and I truly don’t want to eat Dominos again. This makes too many times of getting horrible pizza and bad service.


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