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Domino's Pizza Corporate Office Address

Domino's Pizza, Inc.
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

Contact Domino's Pizza

Phone Number: (734) 930-3030
Fax Number: (734) 930-4346
Email: Email Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza Facts

Founder: Tom and James Monaghan
Date Founded: 1960
Founding Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan
Number of Employees: 290000

Domino's Pizza Executives

CEO: Richard Allison, Jr.
CFO: Jeff Lawrence
COO: Russell Weiner

Domino's Pizza History

Domino's pizza logo 2

Domino’s Pizza began when Tom and James Monaghan bought DomiNick’s Pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  In 1965, the company name was changed to Domino’s Pizza.

In 1967, the first franchise location was opened.

By 1978, there were 200 locations.

In 1983, the company expanded to Canada with a store in Winnipeg.  The 1000th store also opened this year.

Domino's pizza in a box

In 1985, the first UK location opened in Luton.  A location also opened in Tokyo this same year.

In 1998, Tom Monaghan retired and sold 93% of Domino’s to Bain Capital.

In 2004, the company went public.

Domino's pizza store front

In 2006, the 5000th US location was opened in Huntley, Illinois.

In 2012, the company dropped the word “Pizza” from its name to enhance its other food offerings.

In 2018, the company began opening stores at a more rapid pace, adding 232 stores in the last quarter of 2017. This has resulted in shorter drives for delivery drivers, which is increasing the amount they earn in tips.

Today, there are more than 16,000 Domino’s location in over 70 countries.  Domino’s is the 2nd largest Pizza chain in the US.

Domino's pizza logo



Domino's Pizza FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Domino's Pizza?
Answer 1: The phone number for Domino's Pizza is (734) 930-3030.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Domino's Pizza?
Answer 2: The CEO of Domino's Pizza is Richard Allison, Jr. .

Question 3: Who founded Domino's Pizza?
Answer 3: Domino's Pizza was founded by Tom and James Monaghan in 1960.

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Cheryl October 5, 2019 at 12:25 pm

I ordered pizza and chicken on line by 10:30 ( lunch is 12:30 ) , I got a text that they were on their way at 11:06 , it was delivered at 12:00. Pizza was cold chicken was warm. I called the store at 1023 Washington St, Norwood, MA 02062. The person on the phone explained that they had a lot to deliver .. 1 1/2 hrs from start to finish at 11 am ? NOPE. Its not the happy people you see on TV to deliver a mess up. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yet I got push back
(BTW I am less then 1 mile up the street )

1. The store opens at 10:30
2. A call would have been nice (but I did get a text as he was walking in my work place )
3. box was damp underneath
4 Pizza was tossed about in the box
5. Attitude when I complained to the driver was a shrug and a statement they will credit me..

SIgned – disenchanted with Dominoes


Betty elakamp September 19, 2019 at 8:28 pm

First I have to say back in the day when gas prices were high they added a delivery charge which went to the driver to help with gas, you don’t make enough money you take that delivery charge wow, next first time I order a steak sandwich steak was burnet the nasty sandwich I never in my life was so discaused with a sandwich will never order again, not happy in port Charlotte fl


Kaylin Bryce September 10, 2019 at 7:12 pm

Hi my name is kaylin bryce. I may have a story for you about dominos pizza.

I used to be a general manager there so I know all this because of that. Well the owner Karl Waller is a horrible person he tells his employees that’s he’s all about family and about dominos. However when it comes down to there being a problem he doesn’t face them. He tells his own employees to contact the district manager Rufinda Scott. Waller owns 7 stores in Ohio. The store in Willoughby the general manager over there her name is jaquis Gray and she told a fellow manager that they belong in prison and that no matter what she would do Rufinda would never do anything to her because Rufinda has favorites. Jaquis also has told an employee that because she was short on her deposit she’s going to have her check garnished which is not legal, her deposit was short because jaquis refused to give the employee her manager priveliges in the computer but yet the store has been short 100$ because of jaquis and all Rufinda said was that she will get it taken care of. Rufinda has done this before the dominos in South Euclid was missing a 700$ deposit but yet somehow a week later it miraculously appears in the store. Waller talked an employee into not filing worker comp after she got into a car accident on the clock because he didn’t want his insurance to raise. Waller everytime a employee comes to then for a problem the only thing he says is to contact Rufinda, he won’t deal with it at all. An employee was forced to work a open to close then come back and open again all jaquis didn’t want to come in on her day off even though that is her job. So Rufinda told the employee they have to stay even though the employees daughter was in the hospital Rufinda told her oh well and of she dies then it was meant to be. Waller and Rufinda tell the management that dominos is #1 priority in their life so if you have lives to give it up because dominos comes first before kids, school, family anything. There’s an employee at mentor who is 9 months pregnant and is supposed to be in bed rest by her doctor and they are still forcing her to work 40 hours and this isn’t the first time they have done that to an employee who was on bed rest. Corporate has been notified and so has human resources. The stores Waller owns is Barberton, Kent, Portage Lakes, south Euclid, Euclid, Mentor and Willoughby. Something needs to be done about this because what they are doing is not only illegal but is wrong and how can they do that to such a big name pizza place


RON July 3, 2019 at 7:43 am



Keith Allen Redington May 16, 2019 at 5:42 am

I’m a driver in Hampstead NC I was working at privately owned store in Ashland in Virginia. I moved to NC so my check I knew it would take a few days to catch up to me. It turned into now almost a month now we are talking 2 checks and nothing. The owner blows off the GM and hasn’t done a thing about it. I have already contacted the Department of labor in Virginia about this situation. This the 3rd time this problem has happened. First time was when I was still in Virginia. I’m due a check from the 30th of April and now the 13th of May. This problem is uncalled for. I was under the impression that this company takes care of their employees. If this matter is not taken care I will proceed with send my email to the Department of labor and another email to the US Government department of labor.


john hirschinger May 16, 2019 at 12:32 am

2310 N 16 HWY denver NC store # 8972 phone # 704-489-8686 i had the worst experience with a food place in my life tonight. i placed 2 separate orders online and paid for then with credit cards online. 1st order was a large pizza to pay for and also a free sized pizza cause i had reward points. 2nd order was a sandwich & cheese stuffed bread sticks with 1 extra dipping sauce. the food was made correctly and was fine tasting when i got home, this isnt what the problem was. i will try to get this as close to 100% correct as possible & i know it will be VERY CLOSE if not on the money. when i got there i told my name and the register girl had me sign my 2 receipts and gave me my copies . my order was not finished yet so i just watched the workers do there work AND ALSO BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I ALSO WATCHED 2 small children of close to the ages of ill say 6 and 10 ish, running, jumping and swinging on counters with feet off the floor & basically playing all around the whole store which includes between and around employees, by the food pizza making station , into the back room also by the oven. NO ONE WAS SAYING anything to these 2 kids as they were playing and doing what they wanted in the store which is so dangerous and unsafe let alone against what i believe is a code violation.& i believe (pretty sure) they belonged to the manager who took them outside eventually before my problem started. ok now my order is finished and it is handed to me, i always check my orders to make sure they are correct. the 2 pizzas were fine and also square cut as i wanted. the sandwich was good but i had a problem with the bread sticks. my problem was that even tho i paid for my extra dipping sauce i didnt have it so i i nicely told the lady that i had only 1 sauce and had paid for 2 so that i needed 1 more. now its time for a fact that will apply in a bit (the order with sandwich & bread sticks was 2 items for $5.99 each along w/extra 75 cent dipping sause & our NC tax is 7% which comes to $13.73) . at this point now when the register lady tells me that i didnt have an extra sauce and all was good with the order. this is the poiint the manager came up front and took over, he said you didnt get an extra sauce and didnt pay for 1. i said yes i did get one and i paid for it and my computer said that i got it and paid for it on the dominos site. he once again repeated that i didnt get one or pay for 1 & that he could get me one if i wanted to pay for it. i said OK get me one and i dropped a dollar bill on the counter. the manager instructed the register lady to ring up the 75 cents and tax and give me back the change. the manager gave me the sauce at that point but i still wasnt happy with the outcome. i told the manager again that it was paid for and NOW HE IS GETTING PISSED. he raised his voice and told me i was a constant trouble maker for him and that im a A** and at the same time he says ill show you that you didnt get the sause or pay for it. he then turns the computer toward me so i can see it and says see you A** you did not get it & then preceded to turn computer back around to his side again as he YELLED at me to GET OUT OF HIS STORE !! he said again GET OUT OF MY STORE !! as this is going on, a flash went thru my brain that I DID SEE the extra dipping sause on the computer before he turned it away from me. so now i ask him what 12 X 7 is & he tells me 84, and i say ok then how is it that my receipt is well over 13 dollars when 2 $5.99 items w/tax would be under 13 dollars.. & i show the receipt to him. so now i told him that i had just seen it on my order at the top of the computer screen & he replied no you didnt and ill prove it to you. he turned the screen toward me again and said SEE… YOU DIDNT………………………..and a pause happened before he then said OK i see you did order it and pay for it, so he gave it to me and then said & here is an extra for free NOW GET OUT OF MY STORE. i was so mad i yelled with a raised voice SEE YOU A-HOLE YOU GAVE ME SH*T & YELLED AT ME AND IT TURNS OUT YOU WERE WRONG ALL ALONG & now you act as nothing ever happened. i told him that i would be calling corporate about this and he just said to me “i dont care if you call corporate” i left the store & on the way home realized that a i actually had paid for my extra dipping sauce that he supposedly gave to me for free, cause i had given that extra dollar to pay for the so called one i never ordered but really had….so now im paying for the extra one that he said was free….but really wasnt……………..i want to add that i use to manage a food joint and YOU NEVER TREAT customers like that & even IF THERE WAS an issue over a 75 cent item you let it go and give the customer the big whopping 75 cent item because its not worth risking to lose a customer over it, but at the same time you kindly explain anything you might need to explain to the customer. i also owned my own company and had people who worked for me and i knew how to treat them and also they knew how to treat my customers properly. if this ever happened with 1 of my workers i would have corrected them and explained why or fired them on the spot. it is always the managers job to take care of these type things from beginning to end and number 1 is to keep the business of the customer and number 2 is to find a acceptable resolution of the problem and just do it as long as its not closing you down or breaking the bank or whatever. even when i came into the things when i managed and if i knew 110% i was right i still would make sure the customer felt they were right and just talk and explain things so all is well and the customer will be back and also know the next time how things are to be. im a customer who only wants 1 thing consistently and that is to get what i paid for and to get it the way it is suppose to be, when it is not i let whomever know about the problem and it has always been taken care of where i keep coming back because i was made to feel that i was an important customer. sometimes when something was so messed up that it really could not be corrected right away i have had places offer me a mal on the house or whatever they might offer that is fair for the next time i came in. THAT IS HOW YOU TREAT AND TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE WHO KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS, and im oone of them being that i have gotten $25 dollar orders pretty much consistently about 13 times in just the last few months. ill close in saying that the only thing previously that had ever come up with this manager was tiny small stuff. 1 time i asked why 1/4th of my pizza had just 1 tiny piece of sausage when they should spread the toppings around a bit better. another time i asked how they made the cheese bread and just commented that the 2 ends of the bread , when cooked had about 1 1/2 inches on each end that was pure bread only & no cheese inside on that part and wondered if that was something they could correct on mine when ordered & finally 1 other time they didnt give me the extra dipping sauce that my order on the computer said i got, this time they just gave it to me and no problems at all.. but even these times i can say that when this manager was ever working when i can in with problems or not that he always just had what i refer to as a “i dont care look” meaning in my mind that he was just there for a pay check and the job really wasnt something he liked at all & of coarse thats just an opinion that was in my mind & doesnt mean its true or not. FINALLY I END IN TELLING ALL CONCERNED THAT CORPORATE WILL BE CALLED TOMORROW


Judd L. Keener April 29, 2019 at 2:07 am

Please tell me why none of your stores sell Diet drinks in support of diabetics? America today has at least 26 million diabetics who like pizza. Yet there are NO DIET DRINKS BEING SOLD AT DOMINOS!!! I went into store 8562 and spoke with Kevin who stated “Corporate would never listen to me if I were to ask them”. The Store Manager said something similar. I now await your statement as to the new plan to support diabetics choices for Diet: Pepsi, Orange Fanta, 7-UP, Dr. Pepper, and maybe Canada Dry Ginger Ale. If you do not respond I will go public against Dominos. Please don’t test me. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Debbie Plachy April 22, 2019 at 5:04 pm

Yesterday I called the Domino’s store (#1627) located on Noland Road in Kansas City Missouri. After letting the phone ring in my ear for at least 12 I hung up and decided to drive over and place my order. I entered the store and was waited on promptly which was nice. I paid for my 5 large pizzas and sat down in the store to wait for them. While I waited someone called and the phone was left to ring at least 10-12 times before a man that was putting up boxes for orders finally answered it. The second time the phone rang, the girl working chose to go to the cooler to get pizza dough instead of answering the phone. I looked at my daughter and told her I knew now why my call had not been answered.
While we were there the girl on duty did nothing but complain about how busy they were in front of the paying customers. I guess she doesn’t realize that we pay her wages.
My last and final complaint is about health and food safety. I watched her make pizzas spreading the toppings on with her bare hands. I did not at any time see her wash her hands but I did see her scratch her head and then proceed to go make another pizza. I really feel that anyone working in the food service industry should wear gloves when handling another person’s food.
As a business that promotes customer satisfaction with their products I felt that you should know hat this customer was not satisfied and I feel bad for all those customers out there who unknowingly have eaten pizzas from this establishment.
II hope that you will check into this and not just let it be tossed to the wayside. Your good name is at stake.
You have already lost one customer because of this as I will not be ordering there anymore. Next time I will take my business to Pizza Street a block away.
Thank you for your time,
Debbie Plachy


Mark Hamilton April 19, 2019 at 11:39 pm

We have lived in our house for 15 years, being forced to order from the store at:
930 W Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282
We have had our dog for 12 years.
The pizzas from this store are hit or miss, mostly miss. I’ll bet our dog has eaten 70% of them? I always take a bite or two and determine if it is his? Our tactic all these years is to buy a really bad pizza, then order from Pizza Hut (who is far worse than you) for 2 months until we are sure your bad cook has quit or been fired, then we try again to see if they are better?
Since you put the time on your banner when the driver leaves the shop, tonight was exceptional. We live 10 minutes from the store and he got here 40 minutes after he left. The pizza and brownies we ordered were ice cold. Since my wife insists on the Philly Steak (I’m a pepperoni and mushroom guy), it smells and tastes like road kill when it’s cold. I took 2 bites and it went to the dog as it often does. He thanks you graciously for his doggie treats!


Jan Harris April 7, 2019 at 7:15 pm

I would like to leave a positive comment for the 4493 Wake Forest NC store. The people are always excellent and professional . Kati is one of your best employ’s. She is always quick to take your order and always gets it right the first time. Kati makes the best pizza I have ever had time and time again . I believe she is the reason the store does so well. Thanks, Jan


Edward Smith February 17, 2019 at 1:34 pm

From Canada, I ordered a Domino’s Pizza from your Main Street location in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada yesterday.

On a previous occasion, I found that when I ordered my usual 14 inch Build Your Own vegetarian pizza, it tasted like only one tablespoon of tomato sauce was on the pizza. It tasted so dry. I ordered other pizzas – same type, same location – and they tasted much better with sufficient tomato sauce.

However, yesterday, I got the same dry pizza, and the dough was way too dry as well. Kiran was the lady who was manager. I am certain she is the same woman who served me previously when I got the other dry pizza. I could be wrong. I asked her previously if she was the one who made the pizza and she said yes. I had checked the pizza before I left the store.

As a 65 year old male, I have always enjoyed Domino’s pizza especially while living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But I am losing faith.

Many other new-fangled pizzas have moved into our neighbourhood. Local brands like: I Dream of Pizza, Blaze Pizza, Roma Pizza, and Cosmic Pizza. Corporate brands like Pizza 73 and Boston Pizza are also here. So there is lots of competition.

I will send my receipt for my last Domino’s 14 inch pizza and a letter to your Canadian CEO – if I can ever find his name on the Internet.

I am afraid you just lost 100 customers because I am going to tell at least 10 friends about my bad experience at Domino’s and I assume they will tell at least 10 others — there’s your 100 customers.

Thanks for patiently listening to me rant. All the best.



susan February 14, 2019 at 11:43 am

O.K. I got a pizza at the store in Christiansburg,va pick up for $7.99 plus tax. Well you use to have good pizza but not now. I got a pizza plus bread sticks. The are suppose to put garlic butter on the pizza and of course garlic on the garlic bread sticks. Well there was hardly any at all. In fact I threw the pizza away. I will never go back now for sure. If you still use garlic butter you need to tell your employees about this for sure.
I’ve e-mailed at least a month ago about this but have NEVER heard anything. In fact haven’t been back since then.
I did call about 1 month ago and they gave me a FREE pizza and garlic bread. The manager opened it up and said it was on there. Well I never looked and should have but I got home and who knows what he saw but it sure did not have any on either.
Sure hope something is done about this.


Karen February 8, 2019 at 7:06 pm

Sent Domino’s a complaint about the store on East Drive, Arbutus, Md but never received any response. Had also sent a picture of one of the pizzas that was burnt, no sauce and very little cheese. It was horrible. Other one was not much better. Took you off my e-mail and will not order again.


Brian Sackrider August 15, 2018 at 9:45 pm

I live in Port Huron Michigan and I tried to use my csl plasma veza platmum credit card but it was declined. I can use this card anywhear else in town but not at dominos. I was told when I called that it was there is no zip code on the card and this is for security well if that is true then why can I use it anywhear else.


Laura- crazy eds discount tobacco August 12, 2018 at 10:58 am

I used to praise the management at our local domino’s in heath , Ohio 43056. To the owner himself. I will no longer do that as of last night. I stopped over to get an order of Parmesan bread twists to take home after my shift. There was a new employee taking my order, so i quietly mentioned that i work next door and by word of corporate i get a discount. so she stopped john, (excuse for management) on his way through saying that i work next door and is suppose to get a discount . when he looked up and saw me me turned around and walked away with his nose in the air. now I’ve put up with his shenanigans long enough. i am tired of getting an attitude from him for the last few months. i listen to him scream through the walls at the employees and give people a cold shoulder. people come to my store for change because he wont cash nothing bigger then a 20 $ bill. i will not do this for them no longer. i will not shop in this establishment as well as long as he is employed with you. i will let my customers know of his uncleanliness and failure to wash his hand before preparing food. and his attitude towards the general public.


Donny Jay June 26, 2018 at 4:37 pm

Check out a driver in Odessa Texas at store on West Loop 338 …near WalMart. Dillon. Been there almost 3 years.Closes EVERY NIGHT he’s scheduled…never calls in sick…..and he said you guys don’t give vacation to drivers. WTF???? I see this guy at least twice a week and sometimes more. Greatest guy you’ll ever meet.PLEASE don’t burn out this man…not many his age still polite and respectful.


Alcid Forcier April 3, 2018 at 2:11 pm

you are hard people to find
I am writing about your ad on tv, the one with the tree falling on the man.
this is so bad and not true
how can a man have a tree fall on him and no snow on his person not possible
next bad point how can snow get inside of the cab when he bruses it off after taking it out of the car
I have been trying to get a hold of you but you only have adds and no way for a person to contact you
no snow on the man and snow on the pizza in the car the only thing true about this is him falling on the ice
can you send your answer to my fb account
or you can text me 231670XXXXX
or you can mail me at
alcid forcier
Muskegon Michigan
can you see the mistakes yes
thank you for your time


Domino Gilley April 1, 2018 at 8:48 pm


I am writing this email to you because of your treatment to your minority managers here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been an employee for almost a year, I have been promoted to GM, but not treated with respect nor given a true responsibility of a GM. I have been an employee of such companies as Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, as a matter of fact, I was born in Detroit in 1967, my point is, is there any possible way for anyone to come here and monitor our corporate offices?
There are a lot of good employees but here they reward the bad and make problems for those that are good.
I have also been inquiring about owning a franchise, I have simply been given the runaround every time I bring it up. Is this a policy of Domino’s to do this? I have completed all of the qualifications and taken every class given by our local corporate office. I would just like answers to questions that I have. My dream was to own a Domino’s Pizza, because I love the company and of course my birth name’s sake. The corporate office here is making me regret all that I would like to do. Would someone please just talk to me and let me know if I am being realistic or not. I brag on this company all of the time, please do not let people such as myself and the dreams we have die. I am a pastor, I simply wanted to have this franchise to assist with keeping the church going, to be honest, I am looking for something else now. thank you for your time, be blessed.

Pastor Domino Gilley
Store 7509 in SLC, Ut


Tami M Donaldson March 26, 2018 at 8:23 pm

I need someone from Corporate to call me ab being wrongfully terminated from your company and discrimination before I find a lawyer


Mike Pals March 17, 2018 at 10:39 pm

Hello, I work for your company in Rockford Illinois at the main street location. I am writing in reference to some issues I am having with management and can not get the issues addressed. At this time I am asking for someone from the corporate office to contact me as I can not continue to be discriminated against, my confidentiality violated as well as had my hours cut for making a complaint with OSHA for the hazards of having a non- working bathroom. At this time I am asking for a meeting or I will be left no other choice but to file a complaint with the eeoc as well as the department of human rights as I can not continue to work in such a hostile and unprofessional environment and possibly need to seek medical attention for the stressed that has been caused by members of your management team. Thank you for your time and prompt attention in this serious matter,. I will await and look forward to your reply. Please contact me at 815-980-XXXXX or by email at mike.pals@


Stephen Jared December 26, 2017 at 1:45 pm

How do you become a Corporate (traveling) trainer at Domino’s? This could be a win-win for the Customer, the employees and Domino’s Corporate. Let me train your employees to act just like the Chick-fil-A employees do!! You should not be hiring employees and teaching them how to be friendly, just simply hire Friendly people!! It’s not Rocket Science!! Give me a call, I’m ready to go!!


Anonymous December 25, 2017 at 3:35 pm

The reason i am Here rate now is because i have found a major security vulnerability in the Dominos Pizza online ordering.i found that when you are ordering a pizza to an address you dont have to do any verification of any sort,this is prone to being abused and anybody could order anything to anybody’s house without being tracked.this also mean that anybody could waste hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product without having to worry about being tracked or prosecution. the way to defeat this is simple . make it so when you placing an order online you have to put in your phone number and then verify it with a pin number this will ensure the number being used is legitimate .this also makes it very difficult for hacker or anyone to place an order without being tracked.
so there you have. it skip the dished has adopted this method in order to combat false orders.


Cee cee December 11, 2017 at 10:23 pm

I placed a order on 12/11/2017 at 7:22 p.m, I tracked my order on the tracker it said it was deliver at 8:00 pm I called the store and I was told that the tracker just do that, I waited and waited as my husband stood in the doorway waiting for the delivery driver, ( he never showed up) I called back at 8:51 pm and was told that the driver came back to the store because he couldn’t find the address (my address is very easy to find) which was a lie it was never delivered. I bet if I wouldn’t paid for my food ahead of time it would have been delivered. This is the worst service I have ever received from Dominos, I would never order from them again.


tom laframboise March 18, 2018 at 1:09 pm

I ordered a large vegetarian pizza with a hand tossed thin crust. when I picked it up ( which was a Sunday ) I asked for my senior’s discount and was told that the senior’s discount was not allowed because I used an online coupon. Very disappointing as they did allow it a week prior. What changed ?????????


Ron Richardson December 3, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Friday Dec 1/2017 Pick up at Niagara st. store in St.Catharines On. One half looked like burnt toast. Took it back next day to see what is was . Manager said no toppings were put on it but refused to do anything about it. Said too bad I didn’t call same day but can’t do anything now(who would know that)
What an attitude to loose a customer of 3 years over this.
Her only comment was “have a nice day”
Someone needs some training on customer relations.
Gone for good


Art Shiaro November 1, 2017 at 11:27 pm

I am totally frustrated with no longer being able to order online.
I forgot my password and have clicked on the “Lost Password” on 3 separate occasions and have never received a reply.

I live in St. Andrews Manitoba, Canada and deal with the near by Boston Pizza shop in Selkirk, Manitoba. I would appreciate a new password.

Regards – Art


Donni Barber October 19, 2017 at 7:19 pm

I’ve had the worst experience with North Main
Store in Salinas,Ca. My Dad incorrectly ordered
A pizza through his I phone app the store called to
Confirm the order however the young man was exceeding rude & demeaning to my 88 year old
Father, refusing to slow down & listen to my Dad &
Ended the conversation by hanging up the phone
Saying I guess you really don’t want a pizza
The manager called to discuss the problem
He was equally as rude made discriminatory remarks about my Dad & threatened me
Saying the company would place me in a
Crazy “string” I finally became angry &
Hung up on him as he refused to acknowledge
The employees behavior & stated he served
1500 pies a week & he didn’t have time to
Help his customers with their orders.


Brandy October 17, 2017 at 4:45 pm

It has been a month ago now that a Dominoes delivery driver in Post Falls ID hit my car after delivering our pizza. The owner of the store refuses to return any messages, the delivery driver claimed he was the manager and would make sure everything got taken care of however now is too busy to take my calls and the district manager said to file a police report and call the owner. The entire staff is wonderful on pointing fingers but at no point have they made the effort to make things right.


Ilene October 16, 2017 at 4:22 am

The one on 1904 north Chester in Bakersfield ca this is a warning never go there or call in a order. They will make u wait an wait An never deliver your order. If they did it to me how many more people they will do it to an get away with it . They need new management . Bring in people that actually care for there job . Your store will see better results An feed back . I was treated poorly An wanted to spread the work An make it clear.


mike October 5, 2017 at 6:07 pm

I live in Keizer or. I get a text from my bank, saying a charge 170.+ was charged at store # 2563, a franchise store. I call the corp. office and they kept saying the same thing over and over. I tried I to tell them they were hacked, all she kept saying was they were not hacked, I asked how do you think they got my information to order on your web site. she said nothing. what they need to do is sent the order out special delivery by the local police, when accepted and signed for, arrest them for it. now I have to cancel my debt card THANKS FOR ALL THE INCONVENENIE ! ! !


Gerald Biscoe September 5, 2017 at 7:48 pm

Tracker said out at 655pm delivery at almost 8pm store mod didnt care when called. Almost 1 hr to deliver.. this is store 5285 devonshire rd harrisburg pa. Store rufesed to make it right and they set trackervto delivery before it goes out so itvdontvshow on self out of over longervthen 15 min. This store is worthless and the MOD on 9/5/17 @ 745pm is worthless.


Vickieb August 31, 2017 at 7:48 pm

Staying in s motel with little or no resources. The delivery person does not earn a tip if no napkins or plates are provided! Barry at Domino’s says that the customer has to ask for these items. Apparently. There no brain power at Domino’ s if the employees cannot anticipate this out for themselves. As Einstein says, Common sense is not so common.”


Jeremy Parks August 19, 2017 at 2:19 am

I live in lynn ma and delivery of pizza sucks out here first you have to go down stairs to get your pizza thats not delivery. Delivery is getting your pizza at your door like every other pizza place and my pizza comes to me all messed up every time i order and if u talk to the manager at the western ave location he just brushes you off i have pics of my pizza where the cheese is on one side of the pizza and this location does not care


David and Glenda August 17, 2017 at 12:40 am

We are Natives here in Tarpon Springs Florida, 34689 and I have been buying from this store since the early 1990. I just am so Upset as we ordered a family dinner tonight and on one of My Pan Pizza’s it has either Peppers or Banana Peppers on it and I do NOT eat any kind of peppers or the kids, Well I had other items I have 2 pan Pizzas and they were Ordered Identical but the 2nd one has peppers on it I do not eat peppers EVER I was Poisoned my a drugstore in 1992 and I don’t have a good lining in my Mouth as I did before I was poisoned so peppers are a NO no. Anyways I called and talked to the Girl who took my order and she said hang on and got me the Manager, his name I Mike, he straight out from the second he started talking he said, quote, YEA THE GIRL THAT TOOK YOUR ORDER SAID YOU WOULD CALL BACK AND COMPLAIN BUT I SAID NO YOU WOULDN’T I MADE IT PERFECT! I said sorry But everything is perfect except the 2nd pizza and its got peppers or banana peppers on it and I can’t eat it it burns my mouth, he said No no there are No peppers on that 2nd pizza, I said there is and I can send you a Pic why would I lie, he said you can send me a Pic but there are no peppers on that pizza Lady. I never have been so ashamed to be talked to as if I am a scammer trying to get a Free Pizza, I told him the pizza is here untouched you can have it back, well that’s fine lady but there are no peppers on it and I was told you would call back to complain, I don’t know this man from Adam, and I sure don’t need a Pizza made by a guy that can’;t take being told he threw some peppers on my 2nd pizza, why make me feel like I was 2 inches tall and get my high blood pressure even higher by arguing with me replying that I am a Liar, a Liar over 1 pizza that the other pizza was the same order with the same items and it was Perfect and this 2nd one has peppers, My order was 44 45.00 I can’t be positive if it was 44 and change or 45 and change, Nothing else was wrong just that pizza with peppers. I can understand if he had said I must of gotten some by mistake Ma’am and can I make you another one and send it, No No No he had to be mean and make a Joke of me and and it sounded like they were taking bets if I would call back, so I believe someone put those peppers on the 2nd pizza on purpose so I would call back and the Girl that said I would call back, well she won that bet by putting peppers on the pizza. They had to shame me in front of my Family and had my crying when my Nephew looked at me and said Aunt Glenda I seen the peppers you aren’t lying why is that guy being such a jerk to you, that’s when I got emotional and cried. I have never felt so Humiliated and EMBARRASSED in my life over a Pizza Order for 44 45.00 dollars. I feel bad, I am ashamed that he talked to me like I was scamming him for a pizza at 11:28pm at night I was ready to go to bed But I’m up now because I cannot sleep I am too upset and can’t sleep But I bet that manager is sleeping and enjoying his rest while I am up upset and unable to rest. I want someone to please get in touch with me, I feel this needs to be handled by an higher up and if that guy is staying at out Tarpon Store I will not Order again from them. Thank You and I will await a Email and a Call. Glenda in Tarpon Springs Fl


Vickie August 31, 2017 at 7:59 pm

Call Domino’s corporate office (computer info) and speak with upper management/administration. Do not talk with customer service. Ask for someone who is able to can evoke change. Then tell him/she your story and you want f/u regarding a solution. If you have the person’s name you spoke with this will enable focused problem solving. There is a prompt for safety. This sounds like a health safety to me. If you call you may have to call twice m: first to management. Then use the prompt “safety”. I hope there is resolution. Sent the photo to CEO office. If time allows you can write and print the photo. Also notify the FDA and file an official complaint. Sorry so long. Hope the helps.


Doris Flewellen July 31, 2017 at 8:23 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

When did you start requiring to see debit cards in person for online orders? I live in Pembroke Pines, FL, and I wanted to place an order for pickup, and was told I had to come in, and show my card before the order could be placed. I then suggested ordering online, and simply have it delivered and still was told I would have to show my card. I asked to speak to the manager, and was told he was the manager. If this is true this is such an inconvenience for valued customers, which I consider myself to be since I frequently order from dominos, because it’s conveniently located 5 minutes from my home. If dominos is going to start being less proactive in customer service, I’m definitely going to have to take my business someplace else, because as a regular paying customer I expect to be satisfied with my services, and tonight I can’t say that I was, because I was refused service.

I would appreciate it if someone could explain your policies to me since I was also told it was “Policy”.

Ms. Ross


Charles Paul July 31, 2017 at 4:04 pm

This comment is regarding store number 7685 in Prescott, AZ and a really great experience I had with one of your delivery drivers. I actually did not order a pizza, but your driver helped reunite me with my lost dog. I had forgotten to close my garage (which I never do), and he (the dog) had taken off about an hour earlier. I was in a panic, running around all over the neighborhood in the dark because he was in danger. Anyway, after looking all over for him, I discovered that my dog had actually returned to near the entrance to my home because your delivery driver saw the dog and took the trouble to contact me to let me know he had found him. My dog is so very important to me, and I am just so grateful to this guy for bothering to help. I never got his name, but I’m pretty sure that the one on Cortez St. is the only Domino’s in town – he is a young man with long hair, kind of tall with a slim build and drives a Mazda. I offered to tip him, and he just told me that he would want someone to do the same if it were his dog. I don’t know if you’ll bother to track him down or not, but he’s a great employee and a great person, and you should definitely give him a raise for going out of his way to help a worried-sick owner get his beloved dog back. In any case, I wanted to share that with you. – Charles


Bob Urzua July 30, 2017 at 8:48 pm

Hello, I have over 15 years experience with Dominos pizza, I started as a CSR, then an assistant manager, then general manager, and then a District manager for 7 stores, I understand the system very well, I am now in Nicaragua working with a call center and am wondering if you are still outsourcing calls, we have a dedicated team that speaks perfect english, and could outsource calls, if there is any interest, please email me

thank you


pat July 30, 2017 at 7:22 pm

I am a regular customer lately all my orders it’s been a problem with each order this last order on July 29/2017 I order 2 Brooklyn style pizza’s with extra sauce, pepperoni, mushroom, and green pepper the order was a carry out when I pick up my order they said only one pizza was ready I had to wait 10min for the other one I got home with my order both pizza was wrong two regular style pizzas one with only pepperoni only the other pizza was regular style pizza no extra sauce it had mushroom, green pepper, and pepperoni it was dry for me I was very unhappy with my order I don’t think I will continue to do business with you . this is store # 5756 1560 indian trail Lilburn rd , norcross,ga 30093


Eunece Williams-Rogers July 14, 2017 at 3:02 pm

I ordered 40 bbq wings, 1 pasta bread bowl and 3 – 2 liter beverages at approximately 13:05 hrs. I did not receive my order until 22:00 hours; after calling multiple times and without my beverages. However, my account was debited $60.50 – which is the amount for the complete order. I just called today to inquire about receiving a refund for the missed beverages. I spoke with the manager named Margaret; who would not give me her name – located at the Domino’s Pizza 105-02 Merrick Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11433 office. She wasn’t too pleasant and after telling me that she was too busy for my problem, handed the phone to a worker named Alvin. Alvin did have patience and took my information to refund my debit card and identified Margaret and himself.
I am utterly disgusted with 1) this treatment 2) negligence in delivering in a timely manner 3) lack of respect to their customers 4) hesitation in giving me the information that I was requesting.
I had to google search in order to find this platform.
I am requesting a follow up and response to this complaint. My email is musik216 at Please and thank you.
Eunece Williams-Rogers


Caitlin Kelly July 13, 2017 at 1:30 am

Recently, I ordered two pizzas at the Huntsville, AL domino’s (local store 5873). My first complaint is that the store did not take half off my pizza order when I ordered online. My second complaint is that they messed up my order to where my gluten free pizza was not gluten free. When I received my pizzas, the gluten free pizza was in a “thin crust” pizza box, and the thin crust pizza was in a “gluten free” box. Now, all ingredients were what was listed. The only issue I first saw was the boxes. After tasting the gluten free pizza, it seemed off. It did not taste like a gluten free pizza, but I figured, as most would, the dough recipe changed. Three hours after eating the pizza, I end up on the floor screaming in stomach pain and have seizures due to the extent of gluten in my body. When ordering gluten free pizzas in the past, I never had issues. Domino’s is THE only delivery pizza joint in the area that has gluten free crusts, but now, I’m not so sure anymore. If the pizza was not gluten free or was extraordinarily contaminated, there is a likelihood I will end up in the hospital. And that will be the first of many times you hear from me.


D. Wright July 11, 2017 at 7:05 pm

The local Domino’s did not recognize your sale of 50% special from 7/10-7/16 2017..The store is located at 445 Merrimac Trail in Williamsburg , Va. I responded to the special by ordering a “Brooklyn pepperoni medium” and was charged $17.32. When I tried to call the store I was hung up on 2x.I gave a copy of the email flyer that Dominos’ sent me and gave it to the driver to show the manager of the store. He has refused to give me 1/2 off of my order.. I am very dissatisfied with this attitude and will not patronage Domino’s in the future


Erica July 7, 2017 at 2:04 pm

My niece works at the Domino’s on Tower and Hampden in Aurora CO . And one of the little girl( Zoe) decided to mistreat her after the GM left. Telling her that she had to go outside and scrub the pavement with a toothbrush. Then the little girl started cussing and disrespecting my niece telling her that if she don’t do it then she will get her fired! The last time I checked that is rude, discrimination, and unprofessional . No GM should ever leave people like this in charge because that could cause a problem . My niece has decided to quit before she has a real situation with her. I will be going up to this location today to have words with her and the GM .


Ac July 4, 2017 at 4:21 pm

I work for Dominos in Oakville,St. Louis. Monday(yesterday) 7-3-17. I was mistreated by the GM. She screamed and accused me of not working when I WAS working. When I tried to explain that I was doing what she said I wasn’t doing she screamed more and sent me home for “talking back”. I am not a child and should never be screamed at for any reason. Most especially in front of co-workers and customers. She handled the situation poorly and I lost pay because of it. She was having a bad day for some reason that occurred before I arrived at work. I said good morning in a happy and upbeat manner only to have it returned with a grunt. This is not unusual so I did what I usually do in this situation, do my work and keep my head down. Unfortunately, after a run things were slightly chaotic and myself and a co-worker were trying to communicate to each other about what was going on. While packing my hot bag and clocking out on the road she proceeded to turn around (she had her back to us all along) and screamed at us to stop talking and standing around and to get our deliveries out the door. To which I began to reply that we were doing just that, packing up and getting ready to go. Apparently she thought I should just stand there and let her verbally abuse me. I will not! After trying to relay to her what we were in fact doing she then chose to send me home. That was a huge overreaction that cost me money. Her personal problems should not be allowed to impair her judgment. Not to mention the embarrassment she caused myself and herself. Customers were in the store and watched her explode. If that is not bad enough her manager has instructed me, after I contacted her about the incident, to work it out with her (my manager). So, I get the impression she (the bosses boss) has no intention of addressing this situation and prefers to ignore it. This all has happened after over a year of working there and dealing with this type of treatment. I have not complained or created any ripples about these issues before and have not been reprimanded for anything before either. This should be handled better. I will make sure to follow up relentlessly on this issue until I am satisfied it has been handled appropriately. I am not the only person to have similar issues with this manager and turn over in this store is very high because of it.


Athena Bruce June 15, 2017 at 7:03 pm

Concerning Domino’s Pizza of Richlands, NC

I worked for Domino’s from September 2016 until February 2017. During that time I never missed a day of work and even picked up other shifts that other employees could not show up to. Over the course of time our manager, Tracy Maloney, started to become extremely disrespectful in words and deed. In front of customers and anytime his job became to much for him to handle. I have a history of panic attacks, which over the course of time at work were starting to become worse, not only due to his disrespect, but also to the fact that when I was hired I was told that a bank of $20 would be provided to me for change. I had three days off and when I came back to work I was told no more banks would be provided. That if we didn’t have $20 to come to work with then we couldn’t work. This was very stressful as I am a mother to 4 children at home. This was not what we agreed to when I was hired and was the beginning of things becoming more stressful at work. There were times when I did not have a bank, ($20 change) and my first run would be a cash run. I would have to call the customer and lie, telling them it was my fault, that I did not realize the run was a cash run and ask them if they had the correct amount of money for their order. When I first started working I was a closer as well. The number of mice that ran about store should be a concern for anyone storing food. We were told to lay traps and would catch as many as 6 to 8 mice a night. In the middle of a conversation with Mr. Maloney, I was asking him a question about labeling the boxes. Someone had told me to label them one way, and another person told me to label them another way. When I asked him, “which way is it?” the phone had just began to ring in which he replied, “Answer the damn phone. That’s the way it is.” The money missing overtime wasn’t that much of a surprise to me considering when drivers were ready to leave, most of them were told to, “check themselves out.” The last incident, which prompted me to leave as soon as possible, was when I was folding boxes while Mr. Maloney was hanging out with a driver in the office. He told me to go help the customers up front, which I did. In the middle of the transaction, I was getting ready to get the customers their change when Mr. Maloney comes up and bumps me out of the way, taking over the transaction and giving the customers their change without reason or word. I couldn’t even think. I fell into having a panic attack because of the stress. I told them I had to leave and they checked me out. They asked if I was coming back to work anytime soon and I told them no. Fast forward to recently. I went in and spoke to the GM, Kyle Bradshaw, who told me he never looked into what happened or called me to find out what happened, because he “thought I was mad at him.” I did ask him about coming back to work. Now that I’m pregnant I told him the morning shift would be a better fit. He told me he would talk to Kevin, the Regional Manager, and call me Monday. He never called. Finally today, three weeks later, I came across my shirt and hat from Domino’s so I called to inquire again about coming back to work. If I could not come back to work I simply wanted to know if I should return the shirt and hat or throw it away. I was hung up on. I called a second time, in which I heard Mr. Maloney in the background saying I was harassing them. This was not the case. I was hung up on after asking if I should return the shirt. When I called back and asked to speak to the young lady I was speaking to before they told me she wasn’t there. This was like 1 minute after our initial conversation. I had recently been told that an employee had to be written up three times before they were not allowed to be hired back. There have been employees that have been written up more than 3 times due to being no call no shows at work who still work there till this day. Employees who left and came back time and time again. Even when I started working at Century 21 full time I still came to work everyday, never missing a day. I would appreciate some answers about the practices and standards these managers hold themselves to. About deciding to not give out banks and sending people home for not having change to work. About the lines of disrespect they cross with employees and if I am not able to come back to work then I would also like Mr. Maloney fired. He is not capable or dependable to handle the position or authority he has been given with any level of character, discretion, or professionalism. Last but not least, drug testing should be monitored very closely, perhaps given more often at this location particularly. I have seen managers at work high on cocaine, which is extremely uncomfortable as a female closer not knowing how a person might react on drugs. It’s the main reason I quit closing.


SH June 11, 2017 at 9:40 pm

I will never spend another dollar at any Domino’s again. Even called corporate to complain about a specific location and NOTHING has been done about it. Hope you guys go bankrupt!


Angie June 5, 2017 at 9:08 pm

I can’t imagine I’m the first one to mention this but…
I see you are going “old school” with your new Ferris B. Inspired commercials. So why not take it a step further and go back to the pizza you use to have back in the late 80’s! Everyone I know use to Love your pizza! It was the go to, best delivery pizza by far!!! No one I know would take dominoes over, well anything else available now. Just not what it use to be. I pass on Dominoes now, and I really don’t know anyone who would say they like it much. Just convenient sometimes. Bring it back!


Elissa June 4, 2017 at 2:43 am

6/3/2017 @ 9 p.m Arizona time.We were delivered cold wings and pizza. I am not a person that usually complain much, but this is unrealistic. I don’t know if the workers were having a bad day, or if the store was closing soon but even with those being the excuses, then I would of rather you contacted me and said that you will not be coming and reverse the charges. The crust is soggy and the ingredients are “old” tasting. The wings were to be “mild” and the sauce seem to have been an after thought that was applied to wings that weren’t even done completely. So I won’t be ordering anything else from this store. I want a refund of $29 and a letter of apology for such terrible food!!! If the workers and management don’t like their jobs and appreciate what they are doing, then this store should be closed down!!


Marsha June 1, 2017 at 7:08 pm

I have tried to order a pizza twice this week from Dominos in Moultrie,GA. by phone and either no one is in the store or they are too busy to answer the call. I have called several times and the call goes unanswered every time. This is the first time I have had this problem with ordering a pizza by phone. I don’t know if they are under new management or just under staffed. My family has enjoyed your pizzas many times in the past. I hope this matter can be handled soon as pizza night is a favorite at our table.


Lucile Reeves June 1, 2017 at 11:52 am

I went in for an interview on May 17th and was TD that I have the job for assistant manager, but they had to get my background check in first. They sent it in on Friday the 20th. I have called to see if it has come in considering it has been almost 2 weeks and I keep getting the run around. I was told the other night to call in this morning to talk to Kitty, so I did this only to be told that it has still not come in and it wasn’t even Kitty that told me it was one of the crew members. He wouldn’t even put her on the phone. I have an AAS in Culinary Arts, so I know I’m more than qualified. Who do I get a hold of to find if my background has come in yet. I applied at the store in Black Jack, MO.


Cricket Smith May 28, 2017 at 5:44 pm

This was my first Dominos pizza and my last. The pizza was horrible! I threw it in the dumpster and ordered a REAL pizza from Pizza Hut. When I went to complain the manager hung up on me. Nice job training your employees Dominos! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You obviously allow this type of behavior. No wonder I was the only one there getting a pizza from one of your stores. I should’ve known by the lack of customers that your pizza is no good. I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER PIZZA FROM DOMINIS EVER!


Cheyenne Trujillo May 19, 2017 at 1:32 am

Hello I called a dominos pizza in south bend Indiana on Edison Rd and when I placed the order it was 12:26am they told me 40-50mins so I called and the guy thay answered the phone was rude and kept asking if I wanted to cancel my order and I kept telling him no and here it is 1:31am and my order is still not here this is ridiculous why is it taking so long for an order to get to me ??


t boutain May 2, 2017 at 9:28 pm

I was placing an order with your longwood, florida location. I had a card that was handed out at a local event to be used for free stuffed cheesy bread. Your manager there accused me of it being fraud and no such thing existed. First of all I deal with customers all day long and to wrongly accuse a customer of this is wrong and against the law. I will never order from here again and will be posting this on facebook, there is no reason to ever treat your customers like this. She was full of excuses but they were just that lack of customer care and false accusations. If I did that to my customers I would rightfully lose all of my business. She then told me because I didn’t order a pizza (I ordered 2 sandwiches and chicken carbonara) she would still not honor it. This is rude and disgusting.


Tom April 22, 2017 at 3:12 pm

The only resemblance your pizza has to good pizza is that is round. Here’s a suggestion. Go to a place were they have really good pizza. Copy. Easy.


Jan Francisco April 19, 2017 at 5:05 pm

“My Little Town”
I live in the great state of Oregon. In a small township called Vernonia, which has suffered many floods of the years and each time the town shrinks in business. Leaving only two Taverns, one seasonal restaurant, 3 year-round nonfranchise or corporate establishments Mexican, Italian, Meditoranian and American Style one Subway Sandwich Shop. This town is famous for its lumber industry that’s since gone away like other business. Yet the town tries to survive as we hand beautiful visual vistas as well as a very popular 20 miles state bike route that’s busy at least 9 mos. of the year.

This is where Domino’s can make a difference, given the chance. We need one out here badly. For the city the people that drive through State Route 47 and to increase our business rate of recovery that has been hit or miss since I’ve been here. Could you Mr. Doyle sir take a good long look for opening a corporate store here in Vernonia. Give us a chance to our children, families, visitors of this town that just driving through. I thank you for your time and hope to hear from Domino’s soon.


Jamie April 19, 2017 at 2:28 pm

I have never been so disrespected as I was on Monday (4/17/17). I ordered a pizza for myself and my gf and had them delivered to her work. I used the app to make the order and proceeded to follow the process. Once the Pie was out for delivery the driver called asking me where the pizza was headed. I called back to the store which was the number given to me on my V-mail….. I spoke to a woman who was immediately upset with me when she realized who I was. I asked her to please send her delivery driver back to 925 Union so my gf could have her dinner. She started telling me I wrote the address down wrong and that it was my fault the driver didnt know where he was going. I have e-mails confirming the correct address not to mention it was correct on the box as well. I said that the address was 925 just as it is in my phone and to please send the driver back. The mgr started yelling at me telling me I was wrong and It was my mistake not theirs. I asked for a manger thats when she told me she was the manager and I could speak to her. I asked her if she was arguing with me and her response was YES YOU ARE WRONG! I told her that I was the customer I have proof I was correct and she should never speak to a customer like that. Thats when she hung up on me. I was contacted yesterday regarding the incident by another manager. She apologized for the incident and told me she’d have a conversation with both Managers that were on that night & offered me a discount on my next order. I informed her I’d never be ordering from domino’s ever again due to how disrespected I was! Again she apologized and told me she’d be having those talks later. Im sorry but a talk or stern conversation isnt a resolution to the complaint. This person doesnt need to represent Domino’s anymore. They are rude, inappropriate, & need to be taught some manners! Her customer service was definitely not what I’d want to represent me as a business! Whoever trained her should probably be let go as well. Clearly what domino’s thinks is acceptable Customer service isn’t really acceptable!
I hope this situation has brought some light to someone and they realize something needs to be done!



Lisa April 14, 2017 at 3:50 am

When are you going to offer a non dairy cheese? Vegan movement is growing and no one offers non dairy cheese. Be the first i promise your clients will grow. I miss your pizza and have been waiting. Please hurry! Thank you.


Carolyn Hembree April 11, 2017 at 1:01 pm

Domino’s Argonne Spokane Washington location I wanted gloves and it just didn’t happen the workers do not wear gloves when a customer is concerned about no glove requirement and mentioning how gross it was.

I commented about the Saran wrap on the key bored and what a great idea. My husband was impressed thinking oh if they care enough to Saran wrap keyboard, then the workers on the prep line would surely be gloves and hairnetted, but no quit the opposite.

The employees were not going to put those gloves on for me period. I was hoping.

I was treated very disrespectfully​ by management. A man came from the back of the store told me to get out, if they would have just used gloves when I first mentioned it and then mentioned it again it would have been fine.

My husband is a disable vet and the manager was not willing to give up her homework spot in the main area while we waited 15 mins.

Sad this was our first experience in an actually dominos restaurant. We even tipped $5 for a carryout order. Who does that? My husband and I do, because we appreciate the hard work these employees do.


Joseph Madura April 8, 2017 at 10:37 am

I have contacted your customer support line for this already, however haven’t been contacted as of yet like the rep said was going to happen.

The complaint is as follows:
I attempted to place an online order on Thursday, April 6, 2017 around the noon hour. The site kept stating there was a unknown error. I then called your Clackamas, Oregon location located at Sunnyside Plaza, 10117 SE Sunnyside Rd b, Clackamas, OR 97015. I later found out from the delivery driver, that I had been talking with the manager. I told her I wanted to order your Italian Sausage Marinara pasta and your Italian sandwich. After the several failed attempts at placing my order online, I remembered the sandwich had onions, tho at the time thought it said red onions. I proceeded to request no red onions and she said it didn’t come with ANY onions. She then read off all of what was on the sandwich, leaving off onions as a ingredient. I then told her that it list onions online. She had a annoyed tone at this time and repeats there are no onions. My son has a allergy to onions so everything we order comes with no onion please as part of the order. The food gets to my residence a bit late, due to the driver not finding my house. She called me and I directed her to my house. After getting my son’s lunch, I looked at the sandwich and it had onions. I called the location back and got the same person that took my order. I said I told you no onions and she said no you didn’t. She said I said no red peppers. There would be no reason I would order no red peppers as he loves them. She got extremely rude and I stated I wasn’t gonna argue with her and asked if they could replace the sandwich. She chuckles and says, “umm, no”. Then states she was going to cancel my order and place me on a do not serve list and hangs up the phone on me. I’m at this point, am in total disbelief at the disrespect and the tactics of this person. I attempted to recall the store to talk to a manager thinking at the time that the had a rogue employee treating their customers very VERY badly. The phone rung and someone, one would assume, it was the same manager, would answer the line and hang up without saying a word. After this happened several times, I wasn’t gonna play these childish games with this lady. That’s when I called your corporate office number and talked with a male representative. He explained that this location was a franchise owned store and that he would forward my contact info to the owner. He said that corporate gives the franchise owner the opportunity to handle situations first and if I didn’t hear from anyone, to contact corporate again, which hasn’t happened and is the reason I’m again contacting corporate again. After I hung up with the rep, I was leaving my house and was passed by the same driver. It appeared she was heading to my house so I turned around. In fact, she was heading to my house to apparently return my money to me at the orders of the manager. I returned the sandwich and apologized to her for her having to be a middleman to the situation. I asked her who I was dealing with at the store because I intended to talk to the manager regarding this encounter. That’s when she said that I had all along been talking to the manager. I am amazed but not shocked any longer after reading and myself submitting a review using yelp and the BBB. This location has a 2 star rating with yelp and never responded to a BBB complaint submitted a while ago. This location seems to be consistent with poor customer service. I pose this question to corporate, why are they no interested in retaining longtime customers like myself and do something about this location? I have never been so blatantly disrespected by a business. With so many other pizza options in our area, I will never do business with this Dominos and am now considering never doing business with any other dominos. Do you as a corporation not care how one franchise can destroy your corporate name like this and turn myself and others away from dominos in the future? i appreciate the forum to express my experience and would appreciate legitimate follow up with corporate.

Thanks for reading my complaint


Judy Gonzales April 5, 2017 at 8:55 pm

New Iberia Pizza Delivery
506 Vicnaire St, New Iberia, LA 70563…..The poorest Dominos ever. The management is rude. The training of employees is missing. The drivers drop pizzas, can’t find addresses 4 blocks from the store. Overcooking, under-cooking and wrong items plague this store. If this is a company store, your area manager needs another job to fill the time that this one never gets done. Four years back in this town and every other pizza order is messed up. 4/5/2017…no olives, one salad left, dropped order on front (one of 4 pizzas) . Two were burnt. One had incorrect items and to top it off….cold(not hot). If this is a franchise store, well, your not checking them. Senior, Disabled veteran that was a Dominos faithful for 20 yrs. Michael and Judy Gonzales


Kdougless March 16, 2017 at 10:18 pm

If there is anyone who needs some drugs hit up the Domino’s in Lancaster Ohio. It’s the only place where the managers will take you right in back and hook you up.


Maria Rivera March 13, 2017 at 10:09 pm

I ordered from your company on Feb 23 with a debit card. I waited for my pizza for 3 hrs at the Rockaway ave in brooklyn. I never got my food. I called several time I was told the money woul be put back on my card within the next 4-5 business days. I never got my money back. Who can I contact to resolve this situaton


Taylor Kutz March 11, 2017 at 11:42 pm

My boyfriend and I ordered two medium pizzas in Reading Pa. It took close to two hours for it to be delivered. Then, we noticed his pizza was not what he ordered. I double checked online to make sure I ordered right, which I did, then tried calling the store. I was hung up on 3 times. My boyfriend was hung up on once and then they kept him on hold for 20 minutes before we decided to give up and go to bed. Normally, we would have just ate the pizza but the toppings and alfredo cheese were not to our liking. We were extremely disappointed with the customer service and thought this was a horrible representation of the Domino’s establishment.


jay barger March 10, 2017 at 3:47 pm

While in erie pa. I ordered a pizza from the Domino’s Pizza in Wesleyville Pennsylvania. The pizza told over a hour to get to me. The gentlemen delivering the pizza was rude. Pulled up in a red Monte Carlo. With a passenger in the car. The gentleman got out of the car reeking of marijuana. I dont get how you can have someone with a piss pour attitude representing your company and driving around delivering your pizzas smoking marijuana. I will never even think of ordering another pizza from your company. By far the most disrespectful representation of a company.


jay barger March 10, 2017 at 8:07 pm

Maybe you should look into drig testing your drivers more then just when you give them a job.


Rachael Verma March 7, 2017 at 2:52 pm

My Family placed an order at the Guildford Surrey location & had to phone to ask why the order was taking so long. Mind you there was snow but still wasn’t informed.
We received the pizza,pasta etc & the delivery man was very polite so I gave my regular 10% tip.
Soon afterwards we received a call from someone claiming to be the manager of the place.
He was so rude,swore at us,called us horrible names!
We hung up and this person would not stop calling with harassing phone calls!
Ended up calling the non emergency police to lodge a complaint.
We wanted to go down to the Domino’s bc of being so angry..but of course we didn’t.
To make a long story short,the actual manager of Domino’s said an employee gave out personal phone numbers of customers to a random caller and offered only 20 dollars off our next purchase!!
I refuse to ever buy from them again!
I say it’s an inside job!


TOM HOLCOMB March 6, 2017 at 3:14 pm

Called in with $41.44 order before tax, delivery using Domino’s Online Coupons to Montrose, CO store. Could not order ‘Online’ – believe this was ‘deliberate’ at this location. They said $68.77 – I said what about coupons – he said he could lower $10. I said this was still higher than online coupons – would not budge – so I cancelled order. Delta, CO honors coupons at $41.44. What’s going on with this location? I am contacting Domino’s HQ. Very unhappy. Pizza Hut here I come. There were similar comments on ‘YELP’ concerning high prices at the Montrose, CO store.


KAREN GAUSE March 3, 2017 at 11:23 am

On 3/2/17, I went on line to place an order. I waited 20 min. and went to pick it up. Once there I was told that he had not even started on my order and it would be 30 more min. This was not the workers fault. He was left there by his self alone to answer call in orders and walk in orders. There should always be two employees in the store at all times so this will not happen. Your walk in customers are just as important as your delivery customers. The locate is Kingstree, SC. When I did get my order the pizzas were not hot they were warm just turning cold. If this is the way its going to be operated it just needs to close its doors. I will go to Pizza Hut next time.


Patricia Dungan February 17, 2017 at 10:58 pm

Today, February 17 i noticed through email that you were running a special, 2 topping large pizza for $5.99. But it was carry put only. So running errands we dropped by your place an order. I walked in at 6:08. As you can imagine there were tons of phone orders picking up their orders. As they were taking orders i believe the counter person forgot to label my order on the box. At 6:55 my husband got tired of waiting. When i asked the student to check on my pizza, he said it was next in line to go in the oven. That would have been anothet 40 or 45 minutes.this location needs more than 1 counter petson to make sure the boxes were labelef and for heavens sake stop taking phone orders or label carry out lobby so you know that person is not a phone order. We difnt get our pizza but got our money back. The location is on Hewitt Dr Hewitt texas.bthe number on the ticket says 6854 phone 254-666-0222.;This needs to be fixed its a big problem.


Kristie martin February 5, 2017 at 10:17 pm

I currently work at dominos. Since we have had a new owner I have been screwed out of my hours plus the district manager changed the schedule and I wasn’t informed of changes that I wasn’t on call anymore I was waiting all day to be called in then find out I wasn’t even on call anymore and if the payday is on a Sunday we get our checks Monday why can’t they have them to the store by Saturday?


Tsiki watermann February 2, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Something wrong is going with dominos pizza Israel.
I’m a reputedly costumer.
I had many delays with my last orders and I complained.
The local customer service replied and gave mea compensation.
Today I have decided to give another chance and ordered again.
After I paid online I received a phone call from the local store (Raanana) saying that they are sorry but only 1 delivery guy showed up at work so the delivery will arrive after 2 hours!!!!!
I cancelled the other.
I hope you make some changes here!!!
Thank you


Michelle Elliott January 31, 2017 at 5:19 pm

My son currently works at Dominos and has been there for a few months during his time there he has been harassed by his management well just one of the managers trying to push him out and constantly harassing him and being incredibly rude to him Outkasting him from the others and he does have autism spectrum he’s an incredibly smart boy very hard-working and I don’t see how that would have been a factor with him working by any means there hasn’t been any complaints about his work however he may not be in another words quote on quote cool enough for the rest of the crew but the customers love him he’s a very social very kind person. He is nervous about saying anything because he doesn’t want things to get worse in the workplace he doesn’t want to lose his job but he feels like she’s trying to push him to quit and I see it I’ve sat and I’ve watched her be nasty to him. How does a mother handle this without flipping out?


zcde June 30, 2017 at 6:44 am

Why haven’t you report this .. that’s harassment period no matter if he or she has Autism or any other disability


Alexis Avelar January 22, 2017 at 9:15 pm

I ordered from the dominos on Winn st in woburn ma and I waited over an hour and a half for my medium pizza and wings. When I called, Marina assured me that my food would be hot. When I finally received my food, it was cold! When I called and asked for a refund Marina got upset for even asking and said they never said it was take 30 mins for it get here, but the email clearly says 20-37 mins and then she said hung up on me. She was extremely rude so when I called back to speak to the manager she told me the was “impossible”. Although I did get a refund, I’m never ordering from here again. Worst service ever!!!


Odessi Brewster January 20, 2017 at 2:09 am

I ordered a order for delivery and i never received the order , the order was placed at 11:13pm , the location I ALWAYS order from closes at 1a.m , I contacted them at 12:15am because we still haven’t recieved the order , and couldn’t get a hold to anyone , it is currently 1:04am and still no pizza , I am totally dissatisfied with this customer service , I am more upset about the fact my money being tooken off of my debit card and I have not received my order yet , no one has contacted me about anything , there was a number provided and I’m a regular customer sooo I know they have all of my correct information. Horrible service, I will be contacting someone tomorrow to have this situation handled! My family was up waiting for this order , and now we are stuck without a meal for the night , I will be taking this to the next level , this is sooo unexcepptable!


WantMy Money January 25, 2017 at 12:04 am

After reading others complaints It seems like a trend for Dominos. Do not fulfill delivery and keep the money. I need someone to contact me regarding an order that I never received.
I Want My Money Back. FRAUDS


Brittany Lester January 18, 2017 at 6:45 pm

I ordered two pizza’s last night for delivery. Two hours later it had not shown up so I called the store. The individual that answered the phone advised me that my pizza had been canceled because they could not reach me. I asked why they were trying to reach me and was told they were out of steak topping for one of my pizza’s. Instead of delivering two of the other pizza, or just the other pizza, they completely cancelled the order but not before charging my credit card. I asked him to refund me and was told fine but it would take 2-3 days before I would receive it. The charge was $25 out of my $35 in my account. So I was left with barely any money and no dinner for my children – I had to ask my neighbor for assistance. I cannot even explain how unhappy I am with your company. Many friends/co-workers suggested that I email you. I’m not sure what good that will do, but hope it helps other people trying to order from your company.


Manderson January 10, 2017 at 7:55 pm

After reading all these complaints I have came to the conclusion that Domino’s Corp really doesn’t give a crap about their name or their customers by the way pays for their way of living. My husband works at a Domino’s in Lancaster Ohio and comes home all the time complaining about how rude his co-workers yes even the GM are to the customers. He has even went to owner of this franchise about what goes on but still seems like nothing gets done. He has worked in the pizza business for 25 yrs and says he has never seen anything like it before. U would think the corporate offices would be checking into these problems if they gave a dam about their business.


Kathy Rezabek January 9, 2017 at 10:50 pm

I ordered a pizza at 9:43 pm. On Monday evening. I picked it up at 9:59 pm. When I had called in. I asked for one marinara dipping sauce. I’ve never been charged for it. Ever before!! The man I gave my order to. Told me about the .55 cent charge. But told me. Remind me when you pick up your pizza. I’ll take price off. I thanked him. When I pulled up to the window to pick up my pizza. A lady. Whom I gave my money to. Returned with my change. Then gave me my pizza. I asked her about the sauce. She told me I’d have to pay. She was the Manager!! But I told her. The man said,,,, she then called me a LIAR!!! Yes a liar. I told her. Then you know what he told me then. I told her I would not ever buy a pizza again from Belpre Ohios Dominoes Pizza. She just shut the window in my face!!! There are a lot of other pizza businesses who will appreciate my business. If I had an employee like that. I’d ask myself. Was .55 cents worth losing a customer??? Kathy Rezabek.


Lauren July 11, 2017 at 10:50 pm

Is $.55 really something to write a nasty review to corporate about? Or are you just trying to be cheap? Customers I swear to god.


Ricky Holbrook January 4, 2017 at 11:01 pm

The last couple times I have ordered from Domino’s in Wahpeton North Dakota I have had nothing but this respect given to me from these employees and my food has been way late on delivery. I have called and asked them what was going on with the delivery and what was taking so long and they said that there was no reason for me to call and complain that they are busy and that they will get to me when they get time. What kind of customer service is that. I would appreciate a reply back on how you are going to take care of this matter with the employees at the Wahpeton North Dakota store thank you Ricky Holbrook.


Cynthia Vita January 4, 2017 at 3:19 pm

I order pizza and they called me back and told me that they had one driver it would be hour or more nice lunch not I cancel the order


Kimberly Mumford January 1, 2017 at 1:16 am

We ordered pizza at 3806 Chosin Ave San Diego 619-344-0850 at 7:13pm for carry out with a 12-15 minute wait time. My husband picked it up to the 2 medium pizzas and they were all total grease, looked like some punched the dough, were not cut right, and the pizza looked horrible like it was run over by a car. We are regular customers to this location and I called the manager. The manager, Amanda said they would replace them both and it would be 25-30 minutes for the delivery. We waited and waited and waited. I called them back the second time, at 8:52pm and said we didn’t get the pizza it was supposed to be delivered by 8:40pm. I got another manager, she said it was on it’s way. I called the third time at 9:05pm got the 1st manager Amanda, she was rude, mean to me on the phone. She was making up excuses of only having 1 driver and not enough help on New Year’s Eve. I told her that I wanted a complete refund and asked for the millionth time where’s the pizza. She gave me the excuses about rain and said that our replacement order for the 2 medium pizza was holding up all her other orders and it was our fault that people who placed their orders for their pizza had to wait because of us. I was like did she just said that to me. I told her as a person who was a manager and a marketing consultant; I don’t want to hear excuses since we have been waiting for 2 hours for pizza for dinner. I told her that she as a manager should have called employees in and she was yelling at me to not tell her how to do her job. I could not believe the way she talked to me. She was so unprofessional and I want Corporate Domino’s to looked into this location and have a talk to the manager Amanda. The driver finally arrived at 9:19pm and I gave him back the horrible pizza and told him to give them to Amanda. The driver named Rob was very nice and he should be recognized for having to deal with bad management at this location. You never fight with a customer over the phone, never make up excuses for not having help and drivers on New Year’s Eve night. She said that she was sorry, but it was not real. I have previous experience for working at Domino’s in Pennsylvania- answering phones and making pizza while I was in college and you don’t treat your customer’s bad.
Horrible experience with Domino’s.


mike December 30, 2016 at 7:30 pm

I was ordered 2 medium pizza from:Store #3336
815 Onderdonk Ave
Ridgewood, NY 11385-4235.When I get my order the pizza it was cold! I called the store and i get a very bed attitude.They make me looks stupid! I’m going to tell everybody how’s the dominos treat the costumers!They don’t even say sorry when i called and tell them what’s my problem.I don’t want free pizza or any refund but i just lett them know I was not happy about the service! If anybody like a cold pizza I recomend this store!


Paul A. McKiernan December 21, 2016 at 9:34 pm

Me and a friend (both transplants from the East coast) went into a Domino’s location in Maui to order a pizza at the counter and when it came time to pay the credit card screen prompted me for a 10%, 20% and 30% tip… REALLY?
Are your employees so UNDERPAID that you have to extract money from your CUSTOMERS to augment their meager earnings?
For their “TIP” they did absolutely NOTHING!
Will seriously reconsider visiting a Domino’s again, completely and totally unprofessional business model when you treat your employees and your customers like that.
There are MANY other pizza places (non-Corporate , without shareholders)scattered across America that would never do such an insulting thing.


Lauren July 11, 2017 at 10:54 pm

Oh boo-hoo, it asked if you wanted to tip. That’s soooooo awful. No one should have to give people that work their a**es off for minimum wage an extra $1.02.


Jackie Perez December 16, 2016 at 9:54 pm

It is only fair to give direct warning to the corporate offices of Domino’s Pizza; for a formal inquiry is being launched and investigated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other national food critics concerning the professional standpoint of particular Philadelphia, PA – based franchised stores. This investigation will be conducted on the validity of their unprofessional conduct occurring throughout administrative staff and other personnel. All doXXXXented proof of suspicions in the areas of unprofessionalism; poor customer service and quality of sold product delivered by the hired staff will be reviewed during this inquiry. ANY NECESSARY LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN TO RESOLVE THESE MATTER UPON THE THE STATE AND F.D.A. LAWS.

Our personal concerns for this informal complaint are derived from incidents concerning Domino’s Pizza store number # 9064 (Philadelphia, PA) and the compelling burden of proof will be judged according to the evidence acXXXXulated from numerous patrons.


Philip December 15, 2016 at 6:42 pm

Id Like J. Patrick Doyle’s Email address please Send to my private email. Important and confidential. Thank You.


Angry 😡 December 13, 2016 at 9:03 pm

Today 12/13/16 at approximately 6:45pm; Order #1146375 was placed. After checking their “TRACKER” I discovered that the order was delivered to phone #347 987-0740, which is not mine. So the young lady says “you gave us the wrong #…” I informed her that I just placed serveral orders less than a week prior. She said it’s still my fault. I called the store, several times & no one gives their name… I still haven’t received my order. How can I get my money 💰 back? The Store #3545, the Mgr on duty felt that this was so funny


David wells December 11, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Went to Domino’s pizza at 34th garnett to let an assistant manager know not to hit my granddaughter or curse her again she works with him at Domino’s” Trey Thompson ” he I told him to nvr hit her again he fingered me inside b the work place called me a f—— XXXXXX then I left he ran up to my new lincoln mkz kicked a huge dent and threw a lit cig in my face said he’s gonna kick my a–.im handicapped 60 yrs old cant protect myself why would they hire someone that crazy I dont know but stay clear of trey he is loco!!!!


Kim December 10, 2016 at 8:50 pm

Has anyone replied back to all of the complaints below?


Jeyra Ortiz December 9, 2016 at 8:27 pm

I was driving past the Dominos in belleview Florida when one of the drivers decided to pull out and attempt to run the stop sign. You could tell that the driver was being careless and just wanted to get the delivery over with. Meanwhile I had 2 young children in the back seat that could of gotten very injured. I was very upset so I called the store, I asked to speak to the manager in charge and it seemed like she was trying to speed up the conversation, seemed like she didn’t want to hear a word I had to say. So pathetic.


Tucker December 6, 2016 at 10:23 pm

I called the domino’s #5630 on Herlong Ave in Rock Hill, SC on 12-6-2016 @ 5:58pm(order # 325297) to order pizzas. When the phone was answered, the greeting was “hold on”. While waiting, I called from another, the line was busy so I decided to stay on my cell, on hold and drive to to the location. With 7 people behind the counter, I ordered at 6:24, looked at the phone on the counter with ALL lines on hold( I know this because I have the same phones at my place of
business). I asked Server 1692, was something wrong with the phones. He told me, all the lines are down, and I still am on hold with my cell in hand. A few minutes later, the phone started ringing. One young lady answered the call, took the order and I am still on hold. She asked server 1692, why all the lines are on hold and he walked off, while she started answering the on hold lines, one by one. She answered my call at 6:33pm. It’s truly a shamed you can’t get any decent service at Dominos. Last month, this same location put the wrong ingredients on my pizza, remade it 40 minutes later. I won’t be back.


bobby mobley December 2, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Hello, order number 312461 we ordered a pepporoni pizza and breadsticks from the Dominos store 2361 on Dayton Xenia rd in Beavercreek Ohio. We asked for extra sauce and paid for 3 extra sauces we immediately checked our order because they did the same thing a million times before never put in the sauces we paid for. Told the delivary driver they forgot our sauces again and he had no extras on hand and never offered to refund us. To top our experience off we got the wrong pizza !!!! We immediately called the dominos store hoping they could call the delivery driver hoping he had the right pizza and just messed up the orders… Unfortunately after continuous attempts of calling for .30 minutes straight no one answered the phone!!! that’s so ridiculous I have never see such bad customer service. You should really understand that some people are highly allergic to certain ingredients and If we order a pepperoni pizza that’s what we want for a reason! So they way I see it is you guys charged me for something I never received. So basically your taking money from your customers which Most people would consider theft. If I came in your store and took a pop out of your cooler without paying that’s considered theft. You guys are taking my money without me receiving the product. its really not about the money it’s about the inconvienence and the way the company really doesnt care about its customers wants and needs if I am paying for a service or a product thats what I should get! So many times they forget to put the extra sauces in the orders and I am sure you get alot of angry customers. HERE IS A SUGGESTION TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY IN THE FUTURE since people there can’t double check the orders for some reason… HAVE THE DELIVERY DRIVER KEEP SAUCES ON HAND and if a person is missing a sauce the driver has it on had… That would solve one of your problems and well getting the right pizza to the right house Executives
CEO: J. Patrick Doyle
CFO: Michael T. Lawton
COO: Scott Hinshaw
These people should figure out a better system and crack down on their franchises !! because they making your company look bad.. This is the first time we wrote in to complain but this happend on several occasions and Frankly we are just fed up!!!!


Charita Scott November 23, 2016 at 12:21 pm

I received a call from a friend in need of dinner who had no transportation. I went and placed an order on yesterday 11/22 at the Houston Dominoes Store #6784. After waiting and money being deducted from my account, I was called and told that they don’t deliver after 4pm. WHY? did dominoes accept my online payment??!!. You need to fix this. This family was stuck without dinner and I was told today by manager, Omar Franklin that they would not redeliver order # 541929 and that I would have to reorder again after I’m still waiting for funds to be credited back with a 2-3 day processing time. I don’t have that type of money to tie up with Dominoes and highly disappointed in your business and the fact that I couldnt help a friend in need because of you. Not to mention, your employees lack customer service all around. Not a single care was given.


Tom Stuetzer November 21, 2016 at 7:53 pm

I live in St. Louis and travel to Kansas City Mo. quite often. I ordered from Domino’s on a daily basis to eat in my hotel. I always had a great experience and my order was always delivered at the specified time. Then on Oct. 24th ordering from store 1695, my usual store, the problems began. I made my order online as usual and set it for delivery at 7:15 PM.
7:30 PM came and I called the store. The manager answered and I asked about the delay with my order. I was told that the website does not know how busy the store is and they will get it to me as soon as they can. At 9PM there was a knock on my door and he handed me my pizza and told me no charge. That was great until my company called me to inquire why I did not put this on my expense report. The manager told me no charge, charged my card, did not have me sign a receipt or give me one. On 11/8/16 I gave the location another chance and ordered again. Same thing occurred only worse this time. I ordered for a 7:15 delivery and that time came and went. I called the store at 7:32 PM and was told it would be there very soon. Still nothing. At 8:19 I called again and the manager states he was at my hotel, even talked to the people in the lobby about the election, went to both rooms, the one on my previous stay and my current stay, called my phone, which no call was received and that he cancelled my order. Why did he not have the hotel call my room? I was watching for them because by now I was very hungry. I emailed the customer service people and have a case open #2574240. I keep updating the situations that occurred and I am emailed back that they have sent this to the appropriate people. I really like the food at Domino’s but will never use this particular one. The rest of my stay in KC I used Papa Johns and had no issues at all. They even bring you plates and napkins which is great when you are eating in a hotel room. This is such a easy situation to resolve but the customer service contacts are pretty useless at solving them.


Anthony Sorokaput November 21, 2016 at 12:20 am

Today was family football day. All tge kids came over and I usually order dominos every Sunday. Until today. I call up and tgey said they don’t deliver to my town anymore. They are literally 6 miles away and the been coming to my town since I lived here in 2007. I ask y and I get told because of their drivers. Instead of getting dominos I ordered from my other pizza store and made a order of 50$ u will not get that 50$ any day now. U were good. But when I told the kids no dominos and their faces dropped and ur own employee said I kno it sucks. U will lose that store in hometown pa.


Amy Villmer November 15, 2016 at 9:17 pm

I ordered pizza one day last week and I received cinna stix that looked like breadsticks and the icing was not in the box either. I threw them away. Tonight I called to order again and the man that answered the phone said that he would make sure that they were made right, and they were. However, the cheese pizza with Alfredo sauce was so full of bubbles, over half of the pizza was horrible. I called and they sent me out a new one. Before they got here I started to eat the cheese bread. I thought it was melted cheese stringing from my mouth, but it was actually dough. I sent them back with the driver that brought the replacement pizza and let her know that I did not want them replaced. Really poor quality coming from the dominos in Farmington Missouri. It will be a very long time before I order from there again.


Kathryn E. November 14, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Please offer specials for those of us who live alone and cannot consume a large pizza in 2 days. Pizza older than that is dried up, does not reheat well, and I do not want pizza more than 2 meals in a row. Your specials are always offered on too much food.


Natasha November 11, 2016 at 8:45 pm

Hi I order a pizza tonight and we had a misunderstanding about my order I had order a carry out but they put it as a pick order so when I call to get my order Wright they till me I had to repay for my order and the assistant night manager just hung up on me and I didn’t like that one bit that was so unruly old them to hang up on a customer face when she’s trying to get her order taken care of and the Dominos I am speaking of it’s the one in Dublin Georgia they are so unprofessional with their work I have ordered from them too many times and they have messed up my order and I am so tired of going through this with your dominoes down here in Dublin Georgia and when I asked for my money to be put back on my card the night manager going to tell me that it will take 3 business days before I can get my money back and then when I go up there to pick up my pizza she tells me I had to repay and I wasn’t about to pay for a pizza all over again so I’m letting you know your Domino’s in Dublin Georgia it’s not doing a good job or what they need to be doing thank you and have a bless day


cynthia XXXXmings November 5, 2016 at 12:43 am

I tried to do phone order. The person was so rude. To me he said,he had someone waiting on the line. Did not get to finish my order or give my name. When I arrived to pick it up. The manager ,”yes I was rude, damn rude” and walk away from the counter. I’m done with them. Brownsville, TN. This not the first encounter with him.


Kerry November 4, 2016 at 10:45 pm

This is the 3rd experience where my ordered was screwed up! After waiting over an hour they brought the wrong pizza. It’s pretty basic, no meat. Time and time again they same store delivers a pizza with meat! How hard can it be to look at the pizza then match it with the ticket? There needs to be some oversight when the same franchise/store keeps getting bad reviews!!! Never again!!


Sandy McCarol November 3, 2016 at 11:23 pm

I ordered from my local Domino’s tonight. I’m a very loyal customer. I can order sometimes twice A week. It’s always a peperino pizza ordered the same way + other items. So I know how it’s prepared. When it was delivered, my son & I opened 1 Cheese thin crust & 1 peperino thin crust…there was so much grease, soggy crust, sauce (I ordered light sauce). As most 13-year-old teenagers will eat anything, mine 13yr. son, would not touch it. I called the store and spoke with the manager. She was polite, but she was telling me double cheese makes a lot of grease. So I asked her as to why was the peperino pizza greasy? She replied that the peperino makes a lot of grease as well. I stopped her right there and told her I have never had greasy pizzas there. That if she wanted to check on the computer about me being a loyal customer. She said yes I know you are…I would assume she has knowledge of every customer or has ESP…not sure which one. She offered at 10:30 p.m. to remake a pizza. I said no and told her I would be contacting corp. headquarters, her response was “go ahead”. I said I ordered 2 pizzas and paid for 2. Well “I said I would replace them”…that was her next comment I have no idea to whom she even was speaking to. She had never said that to me. There is a lot going on in this store.Respond to my complaint and I will give you the telephone number to the store or whatever you need. Thank you.


Latasha Ponzo October 30, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Yes I’ve been working for dominos since August 2016, the managers treat the csr with no respect, they are very slow, very nasty, and serve old food. Many of days I’ve watched managers take bugs off pizza dough and demand me to continue to use the dough. They never wash there hands. Also do not like African Americans. They think that they are better and always right I’ve contacted many people and still have gotten no response. Two days ago at work a man came in and one manager was so rude to him he told he would return and shoot up the place. I to have calmed down so many customers and in which of doing so they have tipped me nicely for my work performance. My next step will be to call the BBB and the health department. Also to be honest I wouldn’t never order anything from my job here on Merrick Blvd nyc due to the nasty workers. I’d only bring home what I fix as only in the pasta bowls. Also when ordering chicken if dropped on the floor they do not care they will still serve to customers. I think it’s unbelievably cruel and needs to under investigation. ASAP. And if I need to talk to anyone higher then the Gms then I honestly will. I’d rate this place not even a #1 I’d say -0000 and if you care for your loved ones don’t order from 1313 Merrick Blvd dominos pizza they are very very nasty to customers and to customers orders THANKS I’m only looking out for people to not get sick from this place.!!!!


jason chan October 22, 2016 at 10:15 pm

Iam a fan of domino’s pizza but the one on florence and alameda is very unprofessional when dealing with customers service ordered 2 medium pizza took over an hour to receive it and spoke to assistant manager” juan” and he refuses to let me know his last name was very rude and very unprofessional some kind of action or should be taken with this assistant manager on florence “juan “……i will not be ordering here again


Lori Spence October 13, 2016 at 1:17 pm

NOTE TO ALL MY IBEW BROTHERS: Do not; I repeat — DO NOT ever give another Domino’s your business !!!!!!
This is the crap our people deal with when working storm trouble.

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Yesterday at 9:19am ·
poor move #zeroexcuses
My husband, who works for Duke Energy. wanted a pizza for dinner from the local pizza joint in Laurinburg. He preordered his pizza and headed on down to the store to pick it up. After they repeatedly asked his name, they kept saying it would take a little longer….a little longer…a little longer. Twenty other people came in to get orders placed after his. Finally, after 1 hour and 15 min he got it. He asked the manager if he thought it was reasonable for it to take over an hour for a pizza that had already been called in. Manager’s response….”Do you think it should take 3 days to get my power back on?It didn’t even rain at my house.”
REALLLY!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! This is a payback because you thought you waited too long to get your power back on a city that is flooded.
Zane and his co-workers have worked non-stop since Saturday. Zane and other Duke employees HAVE NOT HAD POWER IN THEIR OWN HOTEL!!! So for the immature, unprofessional, vindictive , self-righteous idiot that works at the Domino’s in Laurinburg. You can say thank you to the Duke employees that you see. They have gone without power, without water, without showers, without food for long periods, and are away from their families to help ungrateful people like you. You that have NO understanding of how electrical distribution and repair works.
Fortunately, most people do not act like this group of people…but you…employee #8198…be assured you will have a formal complaint filed against you in corporate so good luck. — at Dominos Pizza Laurinburg Nc.

22 Gus J Glikas and 21 others.

Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson I’m impressed he still left a nice tip, even after being treated like this.

Eric Rose I get so sick of sh*t like this. I don’t care how you FEEL, do your MFing job.

Sidney Johnson Jr.
Sidney Johnson Jr. I called their corporate office and flip sh*t on them you don’t treat my power crew family like this. I am mad as hell. If they did this to my dad there are no words to express what I would have done.

Jo Ann Peck
Jo Ann Peck This is terrible. No excuse for behavior like this.

Danis Wood Boyce This makes me so irritated. These employees were working around the clock in terrible conditions.

Joey Childress
Joey Childress Not WERE working around the clock…..STILL are working around the clock.


Jenna Shaffer October 4, 2016 at 12:55 am

I had an AWFUL experience with my local Dominos. The “manager” I spoke with was rude, ignorant and condescending. I made and order at 11:42 (while the website boasts ordering right at midnight and you’ll still get served). I waited until 12:20 to call. No answer. Called again at 12:30 and the person answering was so rude I had to put my brother on the phone. This place is unethical, poorly maintained and a disgusting disgrace.


shekira smith September 17, 2016 at 2:23 am

Today I had the worst experience with Dominoes. My door bell rang tonight. It was a guy delivering a pizza from dominoes. I was not surprised because my husband orders dominoes a couple times a month. Most of the time when he orders pizza, I just sign for it and add a five dollar tip on the receipt. So, I thought nothing was out of the ordinary, until i took the pizza to my husband and he informed me that he didn’t order a pizza. At that time I ran back to the door to try and catch the driver to tell him that he delivered the pizza to the wrong house, but he had drove off already. I assumed that he would realize his mistake and come get the pizza. So I sat the pizza and the receipt on my counter and went to finish doing laundry. About an hour and a half later I was startled by a loud banging on my front door . I was afraid to open the door because whom ever was banging so hard my door was shaking. This noise woke up my husband who then ran to the door and opened it , to find another dominoes worker yelling, talking about a stolen pizza. He and my husband both began to argue, until my husband told him to get off of our property. I then went outside to try and calm the situation down, and let him know that we did not steal a pizza, and that i signed for it because I assumed my husband ordered it like he has in the past. I was trying to tell him that I had the pizza and the receipt in the house. But he was so busy yelling and accusing me of identity theft that he could not hear what i was saying. Then he told my husband and I that we better explain ourselves to him or we would have to explain ourselves to the police. At this time I was angry and told him to call the cops. My husband then called the police and we explained the situation to them and gave them the pizza. The dominoes worker was then down the street pointing at our house and telling our neighbors things that weren’t true. The truth is they delivered to the wrong address and I didn’t catch their mistake, so they accused me of stealing from my neighbors. This situation was very embarrassing. I have not lived in this area for long and I don’t know any of my neighbors personally. I feel like this guy created a problem for no reason. I’m calling the corporate office tomorrow to file a complaint


Dave August 16, 2016 at 2:41 pm

I Live very rural.
I use to stop and pick up Domino’s on my way home from work. But by the time I arrived home it was always cold, required reheating, which always made it tough.

It would be nice to be able to order a fresh uncooked (or chilled/frozen) pizza before I leave work , pick -up on my way home, and cook it in my own oven when I arrive home for dinner at my convenience.

Has Domino’s considered this as a carryout option?


Anna Garcia August 9, 2016 at 12:02 am

I would like to say that after calling corporate and shortly receiving a phone call from the area manager regarding my complaint, I am please that this gentleman named Troy handling the situation as it should have been handled at the franchise. Props to Troy for his professionalism and his prompt response. Hopefully the “manager” at the franchise can learn something from him. Thanks to Troy my temper is cooled off.


Anna Garcia August 8, 2016 at 11:59 pm

Domino’s Pizza on Goff Blvd. in Albuquerque, NM literally is the worst in town. I’ve just let wrong orders and terrible pizza slide for too many years without much complaint. Today’s incident with this Domino’s location lead me to call corporate and also post this complaint! Whoever this so called manager is needs a great deal of training in his professionalism as a a lead and customer etiquette as well as phone etiquette. I had 16 people over for dinner and out of the 4 large 3 topping pizzas on which I ordered double cheese and double pepperoni…which was not applied to these pizzas I still have nearly 2 pizzas left, minus one slice. Not even the 8 children who were present at more than half a slice of pizza because it was so dry and the crust was bubbled to the center of the pizza. Then to call and make the manager aware and he have such an unprofessional attitude and insisted on telling me that they indeed made these pizzas as I ordered and offered no apology for the inadequate quality of pizza. He said me made them right!! That’s all he could say. No why on earth would I call and complain if my family had enjoyed our pizza night!!!! I have had minor complaints in the past, but never made much of a fuss, because the pizzas did get eaten. I live like 4 blocks from this franchise, but I highly doubt that I will order pizza from here anytime soon.


shun fields August 8, 2016 at 5:30 pm

WORST service ever at the stoner ave. location in shreveport la, and that’s ever time I go. This location should be shut down. The workers are very rude with nasty attitudes like they live in the project will never return here again..


Tony Thurman July 14, 2016 at 9:59 pm

Gallatin T.N. Domino’s was really rude with me. I called and told them that the pasta bowl and Philly Cheese Steak was burnt and they would only give me a discount on the sandwich. Very rude……


Diane Bellaire July 14, 2016 at 12:44 pm

I have been ordering from dominos all the time. I ordered a pizza last night, and my dough was pretty under cooked. Called to let them know, and the manager didn’t even offer to replace it. Told him he lost a customer,then hung up. I thought the customer was always right,besides we pay there wages. Would like a explanation on how they treat there regular customers.


Nellie Tillman July 12, 2016 at 11:50 pm

HORRIBLE SERVICE AND BUSINESS PRACTICES.On 7-12-2016 ordered two pizzas one large one small online plus stuffed cheesy bread and 2 liter Sprite a coupon for 50% off my total came to $40.73. To add insult to injury we got the wrong large pizza and when we called the Dominos pizza store that delivered the pizza store at 8682 Beach Blvd Buena Park CA 90620 714-761-6333. Talked to a Viviana Vasquez and she told me they couldn’t help me because it was ordered on line. When we told them that they could have the wrong pizza we just wanted the right order she still said they couldn’t change it. So they just stole out money because we did not get what we paid for.


Harry Maciekowich June 18, 2016 at 12:31 pm

To Whom it may Concern; I was employed for 14YEARS at store 5648 on May 27 a Friday night was I was envold in a minor accident in the parking lot was not charged with the Accident. I called Pulse because the Manger said she was not calling them. This was the first Accident in the 14years working for Domino’s. Manger told me I was suspended. I was a loyal Employee. I think something should be done


Alcid Forcier April 3, 2018 at 3:13 pm

report it to your local labor board asap


constance hearne June 18, 2016 at 4:00 am

I ordered $23.28 worth of food online. When I submitted the payment it said (more or less) *ERROR payment did not go through. Try again in a few mins if it keeps happening contact the store.* so I waited a few and resubmitted it and it said payment accepted (whatever) and it was done. About 30 mins later I decided to check my bank account. Ended up seeing 2 charges to dominos for $23.28 making it $46.56!!!!!!! My mouth dropped and was like “what…the…f@%#!!!!” “It worked the first freaking time!!” “$@#! *@% #$!@!!!!!” So yeah I had to call the store and explain. The manager wanted to give us a refund but he said he had no control over the online orders and site. He said to call corporate/headquarters. So I did. They said they couldn’t do anything that the online site was a separate department. They told us the online department would call us Monday asap. They never did. I have to now dispute


reginald harper June 13, 2016 at 4:21 pm

Dear DP corporate officer-CEO: On 28 May 2016, I purchase a meal for delivery from 1930 Ashley River Road, Charleston,SC and it was unsatisfactory-sparse bland items
on the 2 pizzas and soggy small bone in wings. I complained the next week trying to get the head manager(memorial day weekend). That was 31May-Asst Mgr took complaint and replaced meal. That meal had to much ? garlic-stinged my tongue and lips to the point of numbness(I personally felt that this was imtentional since all 3 items(sandwich substituded for cwings) had the same effect on my tongue and lips. I almost went to the ER for treatment. It was that bad!!! I wrote the Gen Mgr 11/2 weeks ago- no reply. I tried using your email feedback on inside dominos, but it was frozen on New Zealand. I am upset at my treatment and the non response from the local dominos franchisee. My address is royal Palm Blvd Chas. SC 29407. Ph:843-442-****.


D webb August 14, 2016 at 5:52 am

Wineass really went to er for lips give me a break idiot


Michael Seibert June 12, 2016 at 5:25 pm

I ordered two medium pizzas, cinnastix, drinks, bread sticks and I was just called and told that they were not delivering my food because it had started raining. If I wanted to pick up my food I could. I’m on a motorcycle , I could just imagine that. Store 6685 at 1425 w. Gray in Houston TX, told me they could care less about my food. They told me I could not speak to the manager. It was extremely rude and they did all this after waiting an hour and fifteen minutes. I can say this. I am literally going to use all my spare time to ruin this store. Instagram and facebook are great outlets for sharing the horrible way people treat you. And with my 11,789 followers, I bet I can make an impact on that stores sales. This needs to be corrected and quickly. I have a party of people who are not satisfied at all. And they all too have social media outlets in which to share the horrible way I was treated. And I had it on speaker phone, so they all got to hear it.


Mali June 11, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Ordered 2 pizzas online for delivery the app said 19 to 25 minutes wait time, that was 2 hours ago!!!!
Domino’s pay your drivers more so my local store won’t only have one driver!
My local store is Hallandale Florida


Shaelie June 8, 2016 at 9:38 pm

My mother-in-law ordered a couple things but didn’t receive one of those items we tried to call them when we got home because it’s too far to drive back we were told that we would get a refund of the money or that they would give us the item free next time, we would just have to mention it to them so then we tried to order about two weeks later (today) But they told her that she was lying about food put the manager on the phone and then hung up on us so not very happy.


Shaelie June 8, 2016 at 9:40 pm

Sutherlin, Or.


Erin May 24, 2016 at 3:56 pm

Please forward to the District Manager of Santa Fe NM store: General Manager Justin was overwhelmed, (per the hour & 1/2 wait time) does not know how to handle a dissatisfied customer and gave me the only option to send the food back and he would throw it away and not do business with me anymore. Poor business practice and lack of protocol. He had simple options of : sorry about that can we send you the remainder of the order. We are really busy right now could I give you a 5$ coupon for your dissatisfaction. Many ways of handling the situation other than the way he did!!!


Kieth Dorenbach May 22, 2016 at 12:29 am

Over the past week, I’ve ttied several times to place an order. I’ve attempted to enter the order through the app where all the information is stored and I’ve called and attempted to place the oder over the phone without success. The domino’s system has stopped accepting my credit card information. I have contacted my bank and they insist nothing is wrong with the card and I’ve used the card everywhere else without difficulty. This means your system has blocked my card. Please investigate further.
Kieth R. Dorenbach
Round Rock Tx


Seriously Pissed Off In Birmingham-Vicki April 22, 2016 at 10:52 pm

Horrible customer service. I had enough reward points to get a free pizza. I ordered my pizza, plus some other items online for delivery. An employee from the store called 30 minutes later to tell me they couldn’t deliver to my area after 5:00 pm…what??? They have before several times, and why did they wait 30 minutes to tell me??? I thought about it, decided I would go pick up my order, I called them back, FIVE TIMES, they picked up the phone and just set it down with saying anything. I finally spoke to someone on the 6th try, he said I had to place my order again but he couldn’t give me my free pizza-they couldn’t do anything about my lost reward points. Ridiculous! This is Store 5848 in Eastwood, AL. It’s bad enough they mess up my orders, forget to bring dressings, forget to bring drinks, etc this is soooo much worse. They should all be fired!! What happened to good work ethics, and providing good customer service these days? Is that even taught anymore?


Patricia Wilhelm March 26, 2016 at 9:52 pm

I ordered 2 large 1 topping pizza’s at 8:41 pm and my pizza still isn’t here at 9:50 pm I called and was told i am sorry we got real busy and the manager didn’t schedule enough people they said we can remake you new pizza’s or i can bring these and toss in a 2 liter I said just bring my food we are hungry this is terrible I probably will NOT order from here again !!!


Patricia Wilhelm March 28, 2016 at 8:43 pm

I am including the address of this store 104 Pricedale Rd, Belle Vernon, PA 15012
Phone:(724) 929-4444, and so far looks like it doesn’t matter to the corporate office on how their customers are treated by their stores ….. well Now I will Not be ordering from Domino’s again !!


Tara martin March 31, 2016 at 1:02 am

I ordered food from Domino’s Pizza in Perth Amboy New Jersey and the delivery driver was playing games and not coming up to my hotel room door and delivering my food and he has told the manager that I’m playing games and I’m not at the door and I’m not answering and I keep calling and I keep texting and I keep calling the manager and now the manager is asking me what I am getting out of it playing games with food and he’s laughing at me and he thinks it’s funny that I want my food I will never ever ever order from Domino’s ever again it’s not funny when someone orders food and it doesn’t get delivered and the delivery guy makes the manager believes that the customer is playing games that’s bullXXXXX
Edison, nj


Teresa March 21, 2016 at 2:33 pm

I’m sure the majority of the comments are negative but since I can’t get a response from my local store I will complain here.
I ordered from the Domino’s #1422 3951 Taylorsville Rd. Louisville kY last night. I ordered 14 wings , large order of parmesan bites with extra ranch (4) and extra marinara (2) that i was charged for and a 2- liter. It arrived an hour later, of course minus the marinara for the bites and the driver blames the store. I called the store and the lady who answered seen by my number we had an order in, I explained the situation not expecting re-delivery on the sauce, the bites would be cold by then. I just wanted then to know of the error and a possible discount for next time something like that. I was not happy but in no way was I intimidating. After her explanation of… it is the drivers fault (which he blamed the store) and her asking me “what I’m I suppose to do”!!! I tried to explain that they should be more careful to make sure the order is complete before it leaves the store….as I’m speaking I hear hold music and continued to hear hold music for over 32 min. In the mean time I call from my fiance phone which I’m sure shows the same address and his call is never answered. An hour later we did get a complete reorder with the sauces but totally does not void this entire situation. They would not answer the calls from either phone through the evening…….How does that even happen! Horrible customer service and will NEVER order from Domino’s again. I guess Papa will be hearing from us going forward.


Tisha March 25, 2016 at 9:02 pm

Thank you for sharing your story. I just had a horrible experience with Domino’s. I will be calling corporate on Monday morning.


Payne says March 2, 2016 at 10:47 pm

I called dominos for a delivery of pizza with pineapple topping and black olives. Location is Cozine St. Brooklyn NY. The pizza was delivered an hour later, once I opened it I relalized it was the wrong pizza. This pie had pepperoni’s, which I can’t eat. I called back and spoke to the manager , he promised a new delivery within another hour. I waited and no delivery. I called back and spoke to a very rude women, she wanted me to place another order. When I complained she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to another person, and she said they would make another delivery I waited another hour. And no pizza. I will take my business to papa johns from now on. Your employees are rude and incompetent. Angry as hell.


S. Owens March 2, 2016 at 9:07 pm

I ordered a medium pan hamburger with extra cheese pizza online February 26, 2016. I HAD the stores phone number saved in my contacts because I often ordered pizza. The store number is #6894 and the address is 3264 Fall Creek Hwy. in Acton/Granbury Texas. Jesse reported to the officer the manager’s name was Debra.

I had not eaten anything since breakfast. I ate three slices from the pizza and put the rest in the refrigerator. The only thing I ate Friday night was the Domino’s Pizza. Saturday morning I had diarrhea. I could not leave my house fearing the results. I took the pizza back to the location Sunday, February 28th. I asked to speak to the manager, a young girl stated she was the manager. I requested my money back. Here is where the real fun began.

When I told them the pizza had made me sick and they must have a problem with their cheese the girl (Mirah) went behind the counter to speak with an older gentleman. He (Jesse V.) came back to the counter and started doing the talking. He said the manager would not be there until 4:30 p.m. and I would need to come back then. I asked him to call her. He refused stating she would not speak to me. I asked him again to call her. Neither one of them had any solutions. He would not. I asked him if I needed to stand outside and warn other customers. He said if I did he would call the police. He asked me if I wanted him to call the police because I was being disruptive. I said go ahead. He did. Everything he told the dispatcher was inaccurate. He said the store was full of customers, there was 1 couple and 1 guy. He said I was unruly, no just wanting answers and my money refunded. He stated I ate most of the pizza, no-3 slices which amounts to 1/4 of the pizza.

Long story, the officer came talked to both. Domino’s representative, Jesse V. on duty told the officer Domino’s would refund the pizza but it would take several days. Mirah (supposedly the manager on duty) could not do refunds. She did not know how. Fine ALL I WANTED! Jesse V. the Domino’s representative stated via the officer I was not to come back to the store or be on the property. Fine, I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH these people again. Jesse and Mirah told the officer the money would be refunded. I took a picture of the pizza box take, left the pizza there and left. At 2:36 p.m. Mirah calls me (hmmm, she can’t refund money but she can locate my phone number) asking for my credit card number so she could refund the pizza (not sure I want these people with such poor judgement skills having my credit card number). I asked for the manager to phone me. Mirah stated, “If I didn’t give her the number she didn’t have to give me a refund.” REMEMBER this is the same person who 30 minutes earlier with the police officer present did not know how to credit money. I told her I would be calling the corporate office. So far that has done no good. I made three phone calls to the Texas Corporate Office and two to the Corporate Office in Ann Arbor Michigan. I have yet to have a phone call returned.

I read other reviews with similar problems: Personnel who need better training, quality control, and customer care.

If you have had problems after eating Domino’s call the health inspector!


S. Owens March 2, 2016 at 9:13 pm

Oh, here is Domino’s printed guarantee from their website under “Legal Stuff”— Our Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your Domino’s Pizza experience, we will make it right or refund your money.


Tara Garner February 12, 2016 at 11:23 pm

Earlier tonight I called Domino’s on M Street, SW in Washington, DC ordered 2 pizzas, cheesy bread, and boneless wings. First, the young girl answered the phone hello like she was at home. I picked up my order and got home it was wrong. I called to inform management and was informed that if I couldn’t bring the pizza back, he would have to charge me. After I explained it was no fault of my own, he agreed to have it delivered free of charge. I waited for 45 minutes and called to check on the status of the pizza because I did not eat the wrong pizza and he was very rude and hung up on me when I asked was it already out the door for delivery. It’s been well over any hour and I realize I’m not getting my pizza and will have to go to bed hungry due to your incompetent staff at the M Street DC location.

I spent over $33 and was treated very poorly because your staff was incompetent. I am a regular Domino’s customer and do not like the unprofessionalism at this establishment. Domino’s, you must screen your employees from the telephone staff to management, especially the ones dealing directly with your customers. If not, you are going to lose a lot of money! Because this not my first or second problem with this Domino’s, I have decided to give my business to Papa John’s who is around the corner from your establishment. Good Bye Domino’s!


Tara July 24, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Yes i too have left dominoes forever,! Because their customer relations from the CEO of dominoes right down the chain of command to the local sales associates in Forest city NC is the absolute worst I’ve ever had to deal with and I’ve been locked up from McDonald’s for snotty managers so dominoes hows that Feel knowing that you’re quality assurance and customer relations is worse at customer satisfaction than the monster fast food chain McDonald’s! It should feel pretty crappy to know that you are padding your pockets and wallets with money spending hard working COSTUMERS THAT YOU DON’T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT TO RETURN A PHONE CALL maybe one day you all will know how it feels to go to bed hungry because someone didn’t do their job and their will be nothing you can do but bend over and take it!!


helen heard February 9, 2016 at 2:54 pm

As im reading all these other comments
I realize dominoes has truly gone down a bad path
This used to be the best pizza and service world wide
Now its a joke
Ive contacted the district manager last time and yet my next order from
Springfield Illinois
I get a build your own pasta dish 12$ with no damn sauce and they wouldnt even answet the phone when I called back once order arrived
The lack of management and training has ruined this company


Rebecca Morales February 9, 2016 at 2:44 pm

We have tried to order twice from our place of business from the store off of Zafarano , Santa Fe NM on several occassions. The guy I spoke to over to phone kept cutting into what I was saying. he later called my cell phone (the number I initially left for confirmation of our order) and was still rude as ever, he said he took it upon himself to cancel our order. I was surprised he did that. I was able to get in a word to explain to him that you don’t treat customers that way. Because of him this store lost our business, not once but twice.
I have dealt with this same gentleman in person for a personal order to take home and he still was rude. I don’t understand how Dominos employees people like this. seems like they are the same everywhere from reading other posts. Maybe this corporation should get “undercover bossed”.


Scott February 5, 2016 at 3:22 am



Scott February 5, 2016 at 3:36 am



jacki February 25, 2016 at 3:01 pm

Look Scott stop trying to get something for nothing. Dominos gets real busy sometimes and so maybe during the rush they did not have time to stock the cooler but that is no reason to expect something free, have you ever heard of ice !!!


Kathy Valencia January 30, 2016 at 6:01 pm

I been ordering Pizza for years…Today i called to order pizza and i had the rudest person.answer when i asked to speak with the manager he said it doesnt matter who`s the manager he called me back and was very offensive …all i said was why im i paying 26 when usually i pay 18.00 he went off on me my other was nevered place…his name was Louis or Lui at the store in Bakersfield Ca, the store on Brundage Ln With phone number of 6613233030 the date is 1/30/16 it happen around 2:30pm ..iam very upset we the customers deserve respect….this is not the way to handle customer calls!


mike January 28, 2016 at 12:45 am

I was suspended from your company for a person in a parking lot making racist comments towards me saying I’m going to get you fired so I get in the next morning and I am suspended for this women making hear say defamatory , racist comments towards me and all you can say it’s company policy that I be suspended while they investagate ,investagate what I said this women always hassles the driver coming to make deliveries even after I told her I was a disabled combat veteran trying to support my family no response accept malice and I told this to my managers at the distribution center that I have certain rights as a disabled combat veteran all they did was gave me a smerck and laughed at me they came up with the same excuse were trying to grow the brand from their actions I guess I shouldn’t be treated with respect and dignity like a human being especially a disabled combat veteran I guess they promote racism because that racist got what she want a minority with no job all they can say for them self is were trying to grow the brand. Really still waiting for a response it’s been a week and a half I guess dominos hates veterans to that should have never happened beside I know those managers lied they said it was at the coburg store when it actually happened at the river Rd store in Eugene what’s are you going to do to rectify this issue the is a clear cut case of discreamination on a federal level


Pris January 27, 2016 at 4:59 am

*ordered 2 medium pizza on 01/26/2016 / online / delivery/ brand new store open about 3 months, this is our second order. We picked up the first time we ordered, but due to events at our house decided to go with delivery. We are with no exaggeration 7 min timed. We ordered @ 7:02pm.

1) our phone number was screwed up by 2 numbers being transposed….happens when you work early morning shifts (3am) but shouldn’t have delayed our pizza
2) driver didn’t got through guard gate properly, if he did the guard would have announced he was on his way and we could have met driver outside. So tell drivers the importance of not cheating the system and following a car in….
3) since when did getting a pizza delivered mean the driver doesn’t even pull into your driveway but instead sits in his car waiting for you to meet him at the mailbox…(example, what if I was elderly , in a wheelchair, had small children I can’t leave unattended or a babysitter ) I understand driver safety….but asking your customers to wait in the street when it’s 40 degrees or raining is ridiculous and dangerous also.
4) so the driver sat outside of our house he said for 15 min trying our number, which again two numbers were transposed, so he couldn’t reach us and instead of knocking on our door drove away…..
5) if he had went through the gate an invalid number wouldn’t have mattered, they would have announced he was here / if the driver was already there, but new regulations required them to stay by there car, get out ring the doorbell and walk back to your car… least we would have known you were here.
6) call the store, where is our pizza and even the manager sounded inexperienced. Trying to blame us for a non delivery because of the phone number. I get it. But again IF the driver didn’t talegate another driver, the gate would have announced him…. ( beautiful thing about gated communities in Florida)
7) this is a golf community, at one point before the real estate crash homes hit it the $700k mark, this isn’t the middle of the woods, this is a fully developed community, why are the customers picking up pizza curb side…..if that is the rule send a flyer out announcing this or make it a carry out store…..only.
8) called store asked them not to re deliver , just refund money…..they had no idea how to do that, the manager put a free large two topping pizza in the system for future. (Really!!!!)
9) pizza was re delivered after driver calling apologizing that he was sitting at the side gate and that he couldn’t get in to the neighborhood as there were no cars to follow in, if I would meet him at the gate ( btw… This side gates is way way way on the opposite end of the neighborhood ) asked him to go to the main gate, he has no clue it was right by their store entrance. (Training ?????)
10) asked me to meet him at main gate, I said NO, I paid a delivery fee, deliver the pizza. 8:45pm still waiting.
11) guy shows up stressed and tired and I get it, rules are rules, but what is the point of delivery if I have to go to the car to pick it up. I would have spent less time and energy going to get it myself….that delivery fee is a convenience fee and happy to pay it if it’s delivered to my doorstep….
I’m not writing this because I want free stuff. It’s about customer service. If mailbox delivery is the new way, then my days of delivery are a bittersweet memory. Because if I have to go pick up pizza, I have more options like authentic little pizzaria with fresh ingredients and quality. I chose to give dominos my service for convienence…….it was a huge inconvienece.


A, Simmons January 24, 2016 at 8:29 pm

I just returned from ordering a pizza for the Domino’s Pizza in Freeport on Merrick Road. As I viewed the hard working employees, I notice a laminated sign attached to the inside service window. Printed there was “Do Not Feed the Employees”.
As a public school teacher with decades of experience in one of the most affluent areas on Long Island, the holder of a Master’s Degree and I proud resident of Freeport, New York, I was shocked to see and read a sign posted on the glass partition which separates customers for workers. Printed there was a sign that read, “Do Not Feed The Employees”

Just as one sees “Do not feed the animals” when visiting the zoo! Is this corporate’s way of saying that they think of their hard working employees as ZOO ANIMALS!!! I am offended, shocked and revolted by this offensive attitude apparently, not only held by, but advertised by the Domino’s Pizza toward their hard working employees!!!! I think it is a outright disgrace!!!


Rob Horner January 16, 2016 at 8:36 am

I am not sure what has happened with the local Dominos here in Oshawa, Ontario, but I am not sure I can order another Dominos pizza. Last pizza was well over an hour to arrive and stone cold. Previous pizza was almost an hour to arrive a few weeks before, and also cold. Driver said they were crazy busy, which is great for them, bad for people like me who like their pizza hot. So long Dominos, it has been a slice!


Tonya Drake January 11, 2016 at 10:33 pm

Hello, I called at 9:01 pm to order pizza and wings. I was told it would take 20-30 mins for delivery. I literally forgot about the pizza till my kids said something about it. So I called back at 9:46pm and ask where my food was and he(Mike) said it was under the heater and the driver was backed up. It would be another 20 mins. He also gave me a $20 credit for the next time I order. The food finally gets here and it’s cold and stale, not fresh looking or fresh tasting. So dissatisfied tonight!!! Next time I will pick it up myself!!!


Barry Cohen January 3, 2016 at 9:09 pm

Jan 3rd 2016

To J Patrick Doyle CEO Of Domino’s,
Jan 3rd, 2016

My name is Barry Cohen, I am an entrepreneur originally from New Jersey and I have been weened on pizza! There is something that has been bothering me about the fast food pizza industry for a very long time (Many Years) and I want to bring this to your attention! I am asking no money from you but if you take action on my suggestion to you please contact me to at least thank me.
Domino’s and all other pizza competitors are missing a huge source of income which is a simple ingredient that is a very large niche and will sell a lot more pizza at least here in the United States. This ingredient is FRESH GARLIC on your pizza’s Do you realize that almost all mom and pop pizza restaurants offer and sell tons of fresh garlic on their pizza’s but absolutely no chain pizza restaurants offer fresh garlic on their pizza’s. Can you tell me why? If you can’t then you should offer fresh garlic to your customers ASAP because you will have a HUGE advantage over your many competitors. I ask you this simple question. When you walk or drive past a mom and pop Italian restaurant what is it that grabs your attention? I’ll tell you what does it! It’s the beautiful aroma of fresh garlic coming from the food they are cooking and it’s mostly coming from the pizza! I promise you that if you do a test of adding fresh garlic on your pizza the aroma alone will bring many customers into your stores! The entire USA enjoys fresh garlic on their pizza but the East coast will be a huge positive hit for Domino’s! There are many people that refuse to go to any pizza franchise just because they do not offer fresh garlic and I know that I am on the money with this!

Please pass this information to upper management of Domino’s and to any other correct others about offering fresh garlic to your customers and please contact me if you take action on this simple idea that will not ever make you sorry. My direct phone number in South Florida is 1-561-629-XXXXX. Please call me if my suggestion is considered or acted on.

Thank you and best wishes,

Barry Cohen


Reyanne Aguirre January 2, 2016 at 6:19 pm

I ordered mushroom & pep pizza from Domino’s in Glendora on Foothill Boulevard. And I received my pizza and I found a ball of dirt with hair That smelled like poop. I then reached out to dominoes and tried to get my money but the only way I could get my money back is if I bring the pizza and the Object back to Domino’s pizza. The manager told me I can’t have my money back unless I brought it all back to her. the next time I talked on the phone, I spoke with a male, who worked at dominoes that they could provide cash back. Next thing you know my call got disconnected. So the following day I decided I would give dominoes a call back to speak with the manager who I spoke with the day before. She then told me that I cannot get my money back. I called cooperate but they’re just going to have that dominoes franchise give me a call back. I feel as if this situation is going to be overlooked if i am not heard out. Monday I will be contacting the health department if I am not contacted. Trying all ways possible to get in touch with one of the higher ends of dominoes to be accommodated properly.


Cita Moore January 1, 2016 at 2:30 am

I ordered a simple large extra cheese pizza on December 31, 2015 at 8:15pm. Come 10:30pm my pizza still wasn’t delivered, as the delivery driver said that the cooks never made my pizza and that he would tell them to prepare it immediately. 11:45pm came and went and honing in on midnight there was still no pizza. I called again and the manager claimed that the delivery driver had tried to contact me regarding delivery when he did not. I record every phone conversation that I have, so I would’ve had in my records that he’d called. A $25 gift certificate was then offered, however, I declined due to my 5 and 7 year old children still haven’t eaten since 8pm. At 12:45 I was told that muy pizza was finally ready and would be delivered immediately. I am currently on hold on two phones at 1:25am and now this location is closed. This is really unacceptable by business, and I will also call the Better Business Bureau to report this location. In Chicago, they’re literally 5 blocks south and 10 blocks west of my home, so the runaround for a simple cheese pizza was uncalled for. My children have went to bed in empty stomachs, and us adults cannot take our medications because we haven’t eaten tonight. No, I do not want a gift certificate. I want the food I ordered and had PAID for!


Rachel Wilson December 30, 2015 at 12:06 pm

The Domino’s on Jerome and Burnside resloved my issue, with the missing marble cookie brownies, they granted the credits given by Johnathan thank you .


john December 20, 2015 at 5:45 pm

i use ur store on aldine mail rt. in houston tx, on 12/20/15 i caslled and ordered 1 large meat lovers and 1 large everything and they told me they had no drivers today. so i didnt get my order. this store is very screwed up bad service when calling they hung up 3
times, thats bad service. any how i will not be using ur stores no more. i will use pizza inn. u just lost my bussiness for good.


Mia December 19, 2015 at 10:23 pm

I ordered 2 medium pizzas online my order was $28.38. We use a gift card for the $20 and $8.38 was in cash. The delivery lady Akia shows up and states she doesn’t have change for a $20. First how are delivering anything with out change, Akia the offered to take my daughter to get change. Second I don’t know so why in the world would I do that. I call back to the store location Minnesota Ave NE Washington DC 20019 manager was Paul. States we will remake the pizzas an I asked them to be sent out by another driver. Don’t trust ppl with my food at this point. The manager Paul says ok, an hour goes we call back the pizzas were never made so they were not sent back out. So at this point I’m asking for the money to be put back on the gift card since we never revise bed the order. Paul was very rude he put us on hold the girl Nay who picked up the phone an hung it up. I called back and was disconnected again Paul came to the phone finally. And started yelling about I’m rushing him and these things take time. Third all we want is our money back on the card keep y’all pizza. They was rude and very unprofessional even the manager was rude just like the staff.


scott December 19, 2015 at 1:35 pm

I am just wondering as a dominos employee and a devout christian, why am i required to work on Christmas day?


Britnee P December 17, 2015 at 11:07 pm

Ok as we can clearly see this location accepts this coupon , the coupon is valid as it does state it expires Dec.2015. Miss Manager Mariam said it expired in 2013, weird since my 2015 SaveAround South Puget booklet with attached coupon says otherwise. She got a very nasty attitude and would not honor my coupon, EVEN after I said I’d gladly text/email the coupon. Mariam handled it horribly! This manager obviously doesn’t know customer service. She was very rude when CLEARLY THIS CUSTOMER IS RIGHT ! 😉 I am paying for this coupon book and you advertise in it and WONT HONOR A VALID COUPON! I would like a gift card as I will also attach my credit statements showing how frequent I order! This was my spot! I love the pizza but am so appalled that you have incompetent managers running stores.


Abhijeet Morwal December 5, 2015 at 8:30 pm

I am a loyal customer with Dominos and I am having really bad experience in couple of orders now, 1 ) one order came for wings from Camp bowie store and with barbeque wings no barbeque sauce on It really its mention on menu barbeque is the main ingredient and no sauce wow. Called the store said they will give me credit never received. 2) today I ordered the pizza with No Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Alfredo Sauce, and I wish I can attach picture here but ( its like the sauce of drooped & dripped on the pizza all over the pizza and box,) . waste of my money and appetite. Also u promises for a good meal with great service how its come its really ridicules. I am not at all happy with services now not doing the quality check seriously, need to improve and I am from service industry and I know how to improve and I know u will take care of it. Please need your response as soon as possible.


Abhijeet Morwal


Shelley Kisch December 5, 2015 at 1:56 pm

I order Domino’s pizza frequently from the Federal Way, WA store. While driving 3 youth in my car in the Milton/Fife area, my 12 yr old daughter noticed a Domino’s delivery car in front of us. Her favorite pizza is Domino’s so she was watching the car closely. I saw two bumper stickers on the car that were disgusting and was hoping she did not see them, but she did. The bumper stickers were “Grass, gas, or ass…no one rides for free” and “Horn broken, watch for finger”. I understand people have a choice to put crude words on their vehicles, but am very disappointed that now my 12-year-old daughter and I will forever associate Domino’s with those foul words. I am disappointed Domino’s thinks that is ok for children to see. The driver was most likely from the Milton, WA store and license plate number is AUM2639.

I tried to send this information to you via your website, however, it requires information that was not relevant to the incident and would not take my comment.


Robert Bowen November 29, 2015 at 8:49 pm

I have had bad customer service in my time but my UK Dominos store messed up my order and when I called the only thing they offered was a great deal next time I ordered.
What about my order now I said and I was asked so you want the missing item delivered now!
At this point I said yes and hung up the phone there was no point in saying the whole meal was cold.
So I contacted Dominos UK and all they said was the store manager would call me in 5 days, its now eight days and nothing.
As the main world headofffice of Dominos do you think this is good customer service?

I do not, and I will never use Dominos again.

Yours Truly

R Bowen


Kat Yost November 28, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Interesting experience with the local Domino’s today……….I ordered my pizza with no problems at all. was told to allow 26-30 minutes, went to pick it up, got there 45-49 minutes, went into the store to pay, paid the amount billed, and was told that they were getting to my order soon, and that it’d be a bit. I questioned that, based on what i was told when my order was placed. I believe i said, something like, oh, really? You’re just starting it? Because I placed it about an hour ago? and was told that they would be starting on it now. So i left to run next door for soda…when i got back I walked into the store, and the same girl who checked me out met me at the counter with the pizza. I asked “Is that it?” she nodded. I opened it and looked at it, and said that’s a 14″ Brooklyn? she said yes, so I nodded, took the pizza and left. As I was walking out the door the box tilted, the pizza fell out on the sidewalk, so i just left it all there, went and got in my car to leave. The person who handed me the pizza came running out the door yelling, “You are banned from this site!!! You can never order pizza here again!!” I responded with no big deal, I’ll just go to Caesar’s….She yelled get off this property now or I’ll call the cops!!!! I responded with Okay, no big deal as i was driving away…….and God Bless Your Heart!!!! God Bless Your Heart!!!
Needless to say…I REALLY don’t care to shop at this particular location again….so while she might think she has made a really strong decision….so, too have I.


Matt bavington November 27, 2015 at 10:54 pm

Here in Fort McMurray Canada, poor management seems to be company policy. You really have to wonder what the corporate plan really is with this company.. I would say they won’t last in this town. We work hard for our money here, and we don’t throw it away.
Constant bad service , managers who just don’t care, incompetent staff. Just epic fail all around.


lou November 22, 2015 at 9:02 pm

Look up to see yet another interracial couple but always with a black male white woman. do you have any other way to shove this culture down conservative america’s throats? I and my friends will not be patronizing your brand anymore.


Karin Hassell November 17, 2015 at 8:36 pm

I ordered a sandwich and requested No Bacon, because I’m allergic to pork. And I told the clerk that and to please stress pork allergy. When my order arrived at 5:56 p.m., it was loaded with bacon. I immediately called and told them and they responded with apologies and they would make another one and have it to me in 15 to 20 minutes. That to me was ok at that time. I had been waiting over an hour and still no sandwich. It’s now 6:50 p.m. and now My husband tells me that I need to call and so I did. I asked for the manager. Finally the manager came to the phone, her name was Brandy. She had a bad attitude and told me that I was suppose to ask for the manager and that they were too busy. All she done was talk down to me like I was a child and complaining about being busy and the staff. I told her that I wasn’t going to argue with her, that my family has already ate and that I get to bed at 8:00 p.m.. Now its 7:31 p.m., and still no sandwich.
This is bad management. What ever happened to customer service? I know that she was just rude and had no respect or customer service manners. I’m so disappointed.


Karin Hassell November 17, 2015 at 8:40 pm

This was the Dominos in Saraland, AL 36571
And still no sandwich. …


Frank November 15, 2015 at 7:39 pm

Domino’s tends to keep the people that are the most worthless employees while driving out the hard working employees. The franchise I work for has had people embezzle large amounts of money and they give them a warning. Meanwhile, I don’t have the throw away money to spend on a Domino’s coat so they write me up and threaten to fire me if I don’t comply. No, I’m not spending $50 for a coat when I have plenty perfectly fine ones already. You say Domino’s doesn’t care about its customers? No, they don’t care about their employees. Treat us like child laborers. The harder you work, the worse you are treated. But a guy that has worked for the company for two years and still can’t do the bare minimum gets rewarded.


kitti November 10, 2015 at 5:36 am

Called Milpas St Dominos in Santa Barbara CA . and when I asked if this store delivered to the address I was at. The punk who identified himself as Rafael Ramirez stated it wasn’t his job to tell me where they delivered. ???? I told him I didn’t live there and wasn’t sure if it would be them the Mesa st store or State st. Then he says “Oh God just look it up”
I hung up. And he actually called me back and left two voice mails calling me a retard and an a@@hole. Really??????? I think he better rethink that 1. First leaving messages Like that is beyond stupid. And second I can press charges. And I think I just might. I mean really. I didn’t deserve that and he should not be allowed to work in customer service.


Patrick Forbes November 6, 2015 at 9:54 pm

The store at 900 a us1 in Fort Lauderdale is a joke. Employees that do not care about customers!!!!!!!!


Frances Nieves October 18, 2015 at 6:08 pm

I had the worst experience with your Dominoes Store located at Pirkin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207, I tried to order by phone but call kept getting picked up & hung-up, so online I ordered it was a horror, delivery man didn’t even leave a message, so I drove to store and was treated badly


Cmg October 11, 2015 at 7:04 pm

Sadly, tried to give the store on w Central Ave hapeviile Ga a chance. Pizza not made with ingredients, did. not use proper amount of other toppings. Put some kind of hot hot pepper on my pizza and then denied it. I was paying my bill when a man walked in. An employee told my cashier to back out my payment and take the guys money who came behind me. She did that with no explanation or apology. There were 8 tiny pieces of roasted red pepper over a 16 slice pizza. Half the pizza did not have the topping. Got hung up on twice. Called coro, but doubt they care either. I do notsuggest this location.


Khrisane October 8, 2015 at 10:50 pm

I always order from their metairie location and when u call them about something went wrong with your order they gets real upset as if they paid for it I asked the lady no garlic spray she insist there isn’t any garlic on my order I told her if she would like they can send the driver back out and retrieve the order back and see that there is garlic on my order Alexis was rude and started screaming and instantly hung the phone up in my face


Chell October 4, 2015 at 10:15 pm

I order pizza from this location 1331 Nw 61st Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL
8:00 p.m. In my food ain’t arrive till after 10:00p.m
I got a family kids has to be in bed in for school I was calling them they stop answering they phones this the worst service ever I don’t understand how they take people money in don’t answer they phone in to top it off the food was cold never again online service ain’t no better then walking in


Ellen October 2, 2015 at 7:23 pm

We ordered pizza from the Domino’s in Rogers MN, When the pizza arrived the pizza was all wrong. When we called back to inform them what happened the response we got was down right rude, there was no sorry can we replace the pizza. This is not the only time this has happened. The staff there has always been disrespectful with treating there customers like they are always a burden. I walked in there one day and I never got a hello can I help you, not a glance. I waited 14 mins for someone to say do you need something.. The female cook that was preparing pizza that day was coughing and sneezing on the pizza she was preparing. When I said something the manager said just don’t worry about it ” Hilary ” I believe she said her name was. is fighting with her boyfriend and has been just crying. She is just upset and she is not sick… This is outrageous.


N September 28, 2015 at 9:12 pm

I used to order Dominos once a week, something I really looked forward to. There’s a location down the block, little over a mile away. I could literally walk there and back in 30 minutes but I was willing to pay a premium for convenience. I ordered a pie a few weeks ago and after 45 minutes called the location and they said it was almost here. At an hour and a half, I called them and told them to cancel and then I ordered Papa John’s. Frankly, I think PJs sucks but I was hungry enough at that point to suck it up. They’re three times as far away and showed up in 20 minutes. And it was hot, something Dominos lost the ability to produce a while ago.

This location has degenerated quickly over the last few years. Cold pizza. Incorrect pizza. It’s just not that complicated, and I order online. Virtually impossible to screw up. Never underestimate the creativity of idiots.

My neighborhood is being developed quickly, definitely the worst possible place you could get a bad rep. Twenty years ago you guys could deliver pizza to Antarctica in 30 minutes or less, what the hell happened? We have infinitely better technology now, how can it be possible to screw up something so simple?

Enjoy it while it lasts guys. Worse tasting food is going to beat you because you can’t cook and deliver a pizza in less than an hour. When corporate won’t even respond, even to a bad Yelp review, it’s clear that you just don’t care and you think your historical significance will save you. Lot of companies thought that.


No Meat...Really? September 18, 2015 at 12:02 am

I would like to send you pictures of the 2 philly cheese sandwiches I received a few minutes ago. Please contact me and I will be happy to upload them for you. Unless of course you would prefer that I upload them on Twitter instead? One of the sandwiches literally has 5 tiny burnt strips of steak on it and nothing else. The other probably has 7 tiny burnt strips of steak. There’s clearly much more burnt bread than there is steak. As a matter of fact you can barely see the steak. I have been a customer for many years and the Roxbury store has always been plagued with problems. When I called the store and spoke with Fredy (according to your website he made the sandwich) he offered to send a replacement order. To make matters worse, I entered my phone number in 2 areas when I placed the order on your website. But the delivery man told me he received the wrong phone number. He said he’d been calling me repeatedly. I never received a phone call. The only way I knew he had arrived is because I happened to look out of the window, just as he was returning to his car to drive off.

I called and asked for the manager. And wouldn’t you know it, the guy who (according to your website) prepared my order happens to be the manager as well. Fredy barely speaks clear english and had the nerve to speak really fast. Customer service works two ways. Fredy understood my words but I couldn’t understand his. How is this serving the customer? The only words that I understood clear enough was “I will make another one and deliver it to you now”. It’s fiunny how he was able to say this more clearly than anything else. And I had to ask him to repeat himself 4 times before I could even understand that! I told Fredy it’s too late at night and I need to rest for work tomoirrow. He continued to apologetically offer me a replacement meal. I can understand if the oversight was made with 1 sanwich…but both of them? Really? If I didn’t know any better I would think he knew he was in the wrong, while he was making those burntwiches you delivered to me. I actually had to ask Fredy to refund my card. He said it has been refunded. But of course I won’t know for certain for another 3-4 days. That’s probably when I will find out you charged me a second time instead. Yes, that’s my expectation of this store. The Roxbury Massachusetts Dominoes constantly forgets to send the correct or full order for deliveries. I will admit the store showed notable improvements last year. There was a young man named Andru, who tried hard to improve the service. But of course he’s gone now. Always some type of drama with that store’s service. If they were a reality show, you would definitely get good ratings. And I would watch it too…as long as I didn’t have to order from them. I’m really tired of the numerous mistakes this store makes. I am seriously considering walking away from Dominoes permanently. If I do, I will be sure to tell everyone I know about the poor service at the Roxbury store. When is someone from corporate finally going to visit that store and realize the dead weight working there? There’s far too many good hard workers out here looking for a stable job. So, why is that store unable to hire them? Meanwhile, please at least re-train the ones curently working there, especially Fredy!


Mr. Nice Guy September 10, 2015 at 11:53 pm

WoW!!! where do i begin okay so i ordered 2-pizzas from National City Ca 91950 location the side of box has the #os 481465 Total tonight 8-10-15 was $16.32 total delivery .i ordered it at 7:04 pm it arrived at 8:10 pm Cold ,all bread hardly no cheese topping not one but both Pizza pies were dry like card board , and they put 6-7 slices of Jalapenos on entire pizza “really” . So far this location is batting 0-4 all four times they always forget to send something we ordered out always running late for one Excuse or another.
“NOT COOL AT ALL”. 12 after 3 strikes i should have stopped ordering but being the nice guy i am i thought i would give you guys one more try “WOW” your staff needs help Bad ,its mind boggling i use to enjoy Dominos Pizzas now iv’e lost faith in you Guys.


Dawanda Johnson September 2, 2015 at 5:20 pm

Hi my name is dawanda Johnson . one of your employee at your stores. Names Kendra Reed very rude young lady . when she told me to look her up on Facebook. The things I have seen I don’t think that’s Lady like or improper for corporation status. Retraining is needed and background checks. I love to come back to that location. Last 9 months can’t even enjoy my loving place for good pizzas. Thank u for listings.


Ericka August 30, 2015 at 8:27 pm

I placed a order on August 20th 2-15 I have my online receipt and my bank statement to prove my order and to look up who was working around 8pm and it was a female that i spoke to. I ordered a Philly cheese steak pizza and it had NO steak on it. I called and she said I would have credit for another pizza the same in a future order. I called last night August 29th and was told that I never ordered anything and I have no credit. So I called tonight approx. 8pm spoke to Jacob the manager whom was extremely rude and very unprofessional and was told this is the only time he is going to credit me and to make sure I ask who im talking to otherwise it wont happen again. Not sure how they are trained but this is far from being a manager and far from all the commercials that are falsely portraying friendly service. Never will I order again from this store to be treated like a fool. As I said above I have my receipts to show I did in fact order!


Dorthy August 24, 2015 at 2:18 pm

The store at N 7th Street and E Union Hills Drive in the Bashar’s shopping center there allows their delivery people to park in a drive thru lane between the store and the ice cream shop which is painted red and yellow curbs. So, to get from the back of the building and into the shopping center, you have to turn left onto a 6-lane road, get into the turning lane to turn into the area of the grocery store. Dangerous to do so during rush hour!


Jacqueline August 13, 2015 at 9:24 am

I called 3x one evening & talked to the order taker 2x. I then talked with the manager, Josh at the Ladysmith, VA Dominos. They refused to sell me a buy one get one free gluten free pizza from a card that is a fundraiser for school. Clearly it says Buy 1 get 1 free pizza. The manager said he would sell me a large regular pizza. I explained to him that this was not legal to discriminate with people who have dietary issues as well as if it is printed they are obligated to honor what the coupon says. I called & talked to Larry the head guy the other day. Once again, I was offered to buy a regular large pizza. Don’t you think if I could eat a regular pizza I would? Total discrimination & not legal. I am done with Dominos until they decide to fix their problem.


Chelsea August 14, 2015 at 9:43 am

That is just how our coupons work. Its stupid, but that’s how it is. We can’t do those on the small pizzas-gluten free or not.


Ed August 3, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Ordered 4 pizzas only received 3. Tried calling the store for over 30 mins before giving up and decided to drive over there. Girl behind the counter was rude and refused to let me speak to a manager then changed her mind and decided that she was the asst. manager. This should have been something easy to fix but not at that store.


Kimberly Jones-Wyatt August 2, 2015 at 7:18 pm

I called Domino’s Friday evening to place a order and they were not sure if they delivered to my home. Finally they said yes I placed my order paid for it with credit card. They didn’t ask me my phone number as I offered to give but they declined. They stated it would be arriving in 40 minutes I said cool a hour went by a hour and half went by. I called back omg they had no recollection I placed a order I was pissed I told them never mind and hung up. I called bck cause I used my credit card and wanted it stopped they told me they had the wrong address and asked if I still wanted it I ask them was it free because they messed up not me they told me they would bring our order which was now over 2 hrs late for free but would not make a fresh order for free I was like wow so my family suffers cause Domino’s messed up I was livid. I told them they were not customer friendly and customer service in my opinion is a F-. The person who took my order Liam was not nice and the manager on duty Desiree would not get on the phone this the Domino’s in Tri county in Cincinnati,ohio. Very sad. I will never know what Domino’s taste like yea it was my first time and this how I was treated.


Katie smead July 24, 2015 at 6:30 pm

I have an idea for you folks. Offer Sunday Brunch delivery and make breakfast pizzas such as:
Egg and cheese pizza, quiche pizza, cinnamon pizza, bacon and cheese pizza, Hawaiian pineapple crisp pizza.
Please name one after me lol


uranus July 22, 2015 at 7:35 pm

I always have an awful experience with my order. Domino’s can care less about their customers. I have complained on many occasions and nothing was ever done to resolve these issues. I actually was there in Domino’s waiting on my pizza was scheduled to be ready in 20 minutes. I ended up being there for an hour because, one of the drivers there at a few slices of my pizza. Yesterday (7/21/15) while placing my order, the person that was taking my order starting yelling at me and asking who would order topping like that. How professional can you be by yelling at your customer; using the words like what or oh my God while they’re placing an order. Needless to say, my pizza was not how I wanted it fixed. The person did not even take my name when I placed the order.


Chelsea August 14, 2015 at 9:44 am

It just depends on the dominos. The one I work at, we get s*** taken care of as soon as there is a problem .


Eugene marconi July 18, 2015 at 8:40 pm

I had waited for1hr called to find out where my pizza was they said i told them it was a pic up so i asked them to please just deliver my pizza i understand we make mistakes a hr gose buy still no pizza and more happened i Ben complaining to corporate for over two weeks they tell me someone will call me and still nothing going on three weeks shame on you dominos


Herbert Langer July 10, 2015 at 7:36 pm

I called my local Dominos this evening to have pizza and cinnasticks delivered but was told that my address was in the gray area (no delivery). I asked why and was told that they deliver to a road “just past” mine but do not deliver on my side of the road which, they have to pass to go back to their store. They have delivered here in the past. I spoke to the manager which was a waste of time. I called corporate and spoke to an individual in customer care who said he would forward my complain and have someone get back to me. I then called another Dominos in the same franchise area and spoke to a GM about the issue and he said he would call the local Dominos I initially called and get back to me. So far no call back. A really poor experience. I wonder if I’ll hear back? I have my doubts.


Cindy June 30, 2015 at 9:09 pm

1910 Washington St, Manitowoc, WI 54220
Phone:(920) 683-3881: Danielle Lighy and Kelly Gulseth are managers of Domino’s need investigated for smoking pot in bathrooms during work also drinking alcohol when closing store! And are very rude to customer’s!


Dissatisfied customer June 21, 2015 at 2:16 pm

The domino’s in Hinesville GA and the supervisor name Glenda through a box at another employee and called her a “XXXX”. I was very upset and refused to go back. I Love Dominos Pizza So Much I Had My Husband To Go IN Another Time ANDROID He Can Back Saying The Employee’s Was Arguing ANDROID One Walked out. What type of business or they running in Hinesville ga?


Vuemanchu June 9, 2015 at 5:11 pm

I ordered two large pizzas with 3 toppings last night for 7.99 each as advertised. The tulare california store told me they were charging 8.99 each and refused to honor the ad price of 7.99. I told the lady that’s false advertisement and she said they get that all the time. Will report them to the corporate office and bbb for false advertisement. Oh and will go to little Cesar or round table from now on. Bye dominos.


Brittany George June 7, 2015 at 7:53 pm

I ordered 2 pizzas sausage and pepperoni, and they added onions. As I am allergic I was not thrilled. However I spoke with Sandy and she was so pleasant and assured me she would fix it. I called to redeem my two replacement pizzas and the manager Chris basically belittled me by telling me “make this story short” and “what exactly do you want me to do?” I tells him oh I don’t know maybe be respectful to paying customers. This was at the location in dallas,ga.


Susan Guzman June 3, 2015 at 1:04 pm

I want to explain my last two order experiences with Domino’s #5844, Forest Rd., Hueytown, AL 35023, (205) 744-0900.
I ordered a delivery on May 9th, Order #262594. When the delivery person arrived, he was missing 2 items that I had ordered. He had to return to the store, pick up the items, and returned, again, to my home. I called the store, because I had been following the process online, and saw they had a Quality Control check, which obviously had not been done. I was told I would get a free pizza with my next order, to compensate.
I made another order on June 2nd, Order #265389. I order 2 items and requested my free pizza: Large Italian Sausage, with a Thin & Crispy Crust. When I received my order via delivery, I noticed that the free pizza was a hand-tossed crust, and it wasn’t even sliced!! I called the store; obviously the Quality Control check was not done. The manager argued with me, and told me they always slice the pizza when it comes out of the oven. I asked him if he was calling me a liar, to which he responded that I always complain. I then had to correct him that I had only complained one time previously, because I did not receive my entire order. I asked him to come pick up the pizza, so he could see it for himself. He said he would have to charge me to come back out, so I was stuck with it!


Luther May 30, 2015 at 11:33 pm

I ordered dominos pizza yesterday I had two pizzas and they were so overcook it was awful and I talk to a manager Eric and he said there’s nothing they can do about it just was at the Carrollton location off of Josey Lane and Rosemead I am totally not satisfied with dominoes


Shelley Williams May 27, 2015 at 9:59 pm

I went to Domino’s tonight, and felt like I stopped at a gas station to pick up my pizza. There were 6 guys working, 3 or 4 of which had chew in their mouths. The man who waited on me couldn’t really talk he had a big wad in his mouth. I almost told them I didn’t want my pizza. It grossed me out very much. Therefore deciding that I will not be stopping there to get pizza again. I don’t want coupons for free pizza what I would really like is a refund for my pizza. The sauce was really spicy. I bought 2 large pizza’s. I had a coupon buy 1 get one free.The total was 15.36. The store number is 4763. The manager was even there. I feel this is not professional, and are not taking their customers into consideration. There should be a policy in place of usage of tobacco on work location.


Tameka May 13, 2015 at 11:47 pm

I am from Pulaski,Tn and I have been a customer all my life, my daughter is an employee there now and since she has been there it has been nothing but a headache, as to how they determine who gets management position I have no idea because she has put up with so much from those unprofessional people! How do you expect to keep employees if your attitude is as unrighteous and unmeaningful than anyone I have ever meant. There is a way to talk to people and they are the rudest people I have ever seen in customer service, my daughter has been mistreated, talked to like an animal and not to mention a manager tells her that he doesn’t need her because he already had enough people there anyway, but she has been there since November and I guess that was a threat. There has been many countless times that she has mentioned in which she has been disrespected, mind you she is 17 still in school, has a dance career and other responsibilities outside of work that they knew about before she started. There is no justification of why people are so mean, maybe they are unhappy with themselves or just so under trained as to knowing how to manage their staff and to have great customer service. When you walk in no one is smiling, everyone looks unhappy to be there, no greeting, nothing, but for a manager to say that he can’t get me a district manager number because he busy making pizza but their is the other staff looking around at him like they scared, wow! I have always been a civil person, but tonight I seen things with my own eyes as to why they can’t keep a staff, My daughter has choices and Dominos will not hear the last from me, some people are not made for managing positions and I hope that one day that boy will humble hisself, God grant him that!


james May 10, 2015 at 12:40 am

I used to work for dominos I just recently quit in the past couple hours does not pay enough to work there run your car to death place is very very dirty I have pictures that I took they do not buy for sweep the floors at night during closing does not take the trash out for several days the freezer walkin cooler is leaking water the toilet is leaking around it pushing the tile up because they don’t want to spend the money in fix a rubber gasketso if you’re from byesville Ohio don’t stop in byesville dominos go to Cambridge cleaner and nicer. I fell walking into the door where their drivers door is for employees only I fell and hurt my ankle because of that tile was busted up better have something to cover my bills


John and Julie May 6, 2015 at 6:55 pm

We’ve tried to stop your emails – unsubscribe !
We keep getting the emails over and over as a result have no desire to ever order from dominos ever again- we used them every Friday for years but really…..
I don’t understand why we still get emails.


Della Roberts May 2, 2015 at 5:15 pm

My son just ordered 2 medium pizza’s, pepperoni, bacon and xtra cheese. When he got them home, we live approximately 30 mins from the Somerset location, I noticed there was no sauce on the pizza. I called the location, talked to Keisha, (sorry if the name is spelled incorrectly), I told her that the pizza had no sauce. Her immediately response was “You are a liar, I know there was sauce on them, I made them” and yes she used the word liar. She told me she had been there 4 years and was the manager. Kept calling me honey, even though I told her my name. She then said I did not have to be rude, when I told her I was not her honey. Needless to say I am very upset right now, and will NOT be returning there as long as there is management like that. Everyone makes mistakes, but I guess if you are a manager at Domino’s you know every pizza you make, and are mistake free. And why would I call and report it, I didn’t ask for a refund, all I wanted was to make sure they were aware of the situation. There could have been a person that wanted it that way and now they have a saucy pizza.


Terry west April 27, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Tryed ordering 2 14 wings. Then I was told I had to order med pizza sandwiches or 3 drinks. AL I WANED WAS 2 16 PAK OF HOTWINGS.AND IT WAS BLACKMAIL! Never again


Paul Tomlinson April 25, 2015 at 8:36 pm

I will never go to the dominos in my home town ever again. I went for a pick up order, left a tip and I heard the employee complain about the tip. Let’s be reminded, this was not a delivery. I could have left nothing. Never going there again.


Jay April 27, 2015 at 1:27 pm

I had a pizza delivered to me at work, ran out got pizza and didn’t sign nor fill out total amount. I called the place back and told the delivery guy I’m sorry I will bring him a cash tip when I get off in a hour. He wrote in a 10.00 tip on his own. I called the store and the manager said “What do you want me to do about it?”


kathy April 24, 2015 at 7:54 pm

I ordered a sale deal. Large pizza and wings. It was a good deal. When I called was not informed of delivery charge. So not a good deal. 10 dollars for delivery could have gotten me a whole side. Thanks for not informing customers of extra costs. I will not order again and tell everyone what a scam you are. Thank you


Jenny August 11, 2015 at 10:39 pm

I work for WINNDIXIE, and our liquor store is right next door to Domino’s… We get a discount from them… I ordered a pizza tonight, med 2 toppings, I prepaid over the phone like I always do… Since I was working by myself I asked if someone could walk it next door to me… They get there, and the charge on my slip was $14.27??? I understand the additional topping charge… I called back and asked for the manager, I asked her why my charge was sooo high… They charged me a $2 delivery fee to walk it next door… WTH…


Ayan Mobley April 17, 2015 at 6:40 pm

One of the 1st jobs that I had as a young adult was at Dominos. Fast forward several years later until now I have just experienced the worse customer service that I have ever received from any restaurant. Not only did I never received my pizza when I called to inquire about it and was put on hold excessively and treated rudely. I expressed my frustration and the Assistant Manager told me that he did not care and that it was going to take me 72 hours to get my money back. Called back to speak with the GM, I was given a story about the driver coming out to my house. The only missed call I received was from the store. If the driver was unable to reach me why did he not call me when he was at my residence? So basically a driver can lie about a delivery that was not made and management takes their word for it. Not to mention I paid via credit card and these people that were so rude to me, now have my credit card information to do what they want with it. I will never order from Dominos again!!!!!!!!


Ruslan April 12, 2015 at 3:14 am

I placed an order at 12:45 am, and waited until 3:10 am, no pizza no nothing. Called 15 times no answers called again a dude picks up talks to me rude and hangs up by saying I gotta wait. What for what a pizza for 3 hrs? What the hell is this the worst place to ever order pizza. Ppl need to take legal actions on dominos and how youR employees talk to customers, you are a fail fail fail fail , the store STORE #3647
1216 Cortelyou Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 692-0900
Should be closed down and change all the employees there. Worst piece of crappy service. People will die out of hunger ordering dominos and never getting it and then we get charged on credit cards for food we never get. Will never ever again order dominos I’ll report you at BBB


Chelsea August 14, 2015 at 9:51 am

Maybe you should cook your own food, fat lazy.


Michele Hollis April 7, 2015 at 5:38 pm

I LOVE your pizza! Unfortunately, I haven’t had any for years (we live in the middle of Nowhere). I noticed many complaints, which are likely from separate store owners; work ethic is different in each. My suggestion, however, references your TV advertisement. You might get better response if you changed presentation of your extended – menu items. The food looks less palatable on the brown am-I-a-piece-of-bathroom-hand-towel mats on which the food is placed. It doesn’t highlight the food, which was the goal it seems. It makes you kind of internally gag as you view supposedly delicious food on what looks like bacteria-ridden placemats…from a public restroom! Yuck!


Kirsten April 4, 2015 at 6:17 pm

I was wondering why you changed the marinara sauce. It now tastes like ketchup. Please change it back.

Thank you


Nathan Keith March 29, 2015 at 4:06 pm

It’s funny how people take the time to complain but never take the time compliment. I however would like to compliment the service I received from store #6712 @ 13402 West Ave. #101 San Antonio, Texas 78216. I have only ordered twice from this location but they can definitely expect more orders from me. In both cases my order was delivered in less than 20 minutes and it was prepared to perfection! I wish people would compliment as much as they complain but I know that will never happen. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Paula July 8, 2015 at 11:40 am

Good food and customer service is expected, don’t you think? I mean… that’s what we are paying for as the customer, am I wrong? We “compliment” both their service and food by tipping generously and re-ordering in the future. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t lucky enough to have shared the same experiences with Dominos as you have.

Many of us are saying that we love the actual Dominos pizza but customer service is the reason why we are choosing to buy our pizzas elsewhere. We are not complaining but rather attempting to reach out to corporate to address what seems to be a major flaw in their operations.


Chelsea August 14, 2015 at 9:53 am

Customers are a big part of employee attitudes though.

Do you think we care that “your family can’t eat tonight” because you’re too lazy to cook for them? -not you specifically, just a broad generalization-


Sunil March 27, 2015 at 1:03 am

Dear Dominos,

We booked an order on 26Mar2015 at 1: 44 pm and contacted the store where they assured that the order will be delivered in 30 minutes.

Later it has been delayed hopelessly by One and a half hour and there is no proper response from the store when it is contacted via phone. The store manager spoke very rude and asked us to contact his reporting manager on the given number (9986624901 – Krishnaiah). On arrival of the Delivery guy after one and a half hours, we asked him to mention the date and time of delivery on the bill to raise this issue as a concern. He said that he could not do that and had his manager speak to me where the manager bluntly rejected to provide doXXXXentation for the late delivery and told me that doXXXXentation could only be provided by the Head quarters. Now at that point do you expect me to contact your Hq in US and ask for doXXXXentation ? When somebody is owning a Franchise, then it is their responsibility to handle and resolve issues. We cannot contact your Corporate Hq for these issues.

There is not even the minimum courtesy of your staff to address the concern of ours in diligent way. Also, they denied to accept the fact that the order was delivered very late.

Since the order was made to office location, we are forced to leave the premise before they delivered the order to us. We have paid the complete amount to Dominos through Debit Card and there is no refund of amount for the same. We have contacted the Customer Care and store thereafter several times to get refund, but nothing has been reaped out of such efforts instead we got unpleasant wordings and shouting’s from your Staff.

It will be appreciated if your company provides suitable training on Communication skills and better customer service to your staff and educate them appropriately on their behavior with Customers. Also please take note that the Store should be properly trained on how to speak to lady customers as in this case the Store has been very rude to my female colleague.

It is requested to refund the amount immediately along with suitable compensation for your horrifying act in the matter failing which further Legal action will be initiated for your torture and service deficiency in this matter.


jon st louis March 26, 2015 at 5:00 am

i love your business model. here is an idea to expand your sales to people that have bowed out of the pizza eating enjoyment. a low carb pizza . now that the american heart association has given the ok to the carb free diet i think it would be a great idea for u to develop this product since most of the ingredients of a pizza are carb free cheese mushrooms bacon salami. so the key is the crust where 80% of the pizza carbs lye. i have experimented with making my own carb free pizza and would love to share them with you. if you are interested contact me at the above email. jon st louis


Maria March 24, 2015 at 1:07 pm

Very disappointed in Domino’s. I was responsible for ordering food for 75 people last Friday (3/23) to have while watching the NCAA game. I went online the day before and ordered 14 pizza’s to be delivered the next day at 12:15. The next morning realizing that won’t be enough pizza’s, went online and ordered an additional 11 pizzas, for a total of 25 pizza’s to be delivered at 12:15. I was concerned about whether the two orders would be put together, so I called the store as soon as they opened and verified the order. Yep, they have all 25 pizza’s to be delivered at 12:15. At 11:50 I get a call – nope, the pizza’s will be 15-2 minutes late. I told the person that wasn’t acceptable because 75 people are waiting for them…doesn’t matter, I’m told that they have 80 pizza’s to deliver by then, and ours will be late – sorry, but our pizza’s count for 25 of them. Regardless, they will be late. Around 12:35 the guy walks in and starts putting the pizza’s on the table. I ask where are the rest of them? He said, that was all. That we ordered 14…no, I ordered 25. Of course what I was afraid would happen..did. The delivery guy then goes back to the store to see where the rest of the pizza’s are. In the meantime, I try calling the store to find out what’s going on? And that there should be some kind of compensation for the fact that they were late…and they didn’t bring all of them. I waited on hold the entire 15 minutes it took for the guy to go and get the other pizza’s. No one EVER answered my call. I was listening to the “canned” spiel about how great Domino’s is…blah..blah..blah. The delivery guy comes back and says, they were short handed…excuses…that was not my problem. Anyway, he said the manager would give us $50 off our next order. This order was almost $200. I told him there wouldn’t be another order. Basically everyone told me NOT to order from Domino’s…we should go with Jet’s – which we have all the time…but no, I have to order from Domino’s….It was humiliating and embarrassing to have all those people sit in the room and wait…and wait..and wait…for their lunch. Had I not called to confirm the order, then I would be mad at just myself…but I did call and it was confirmed 25 pizza’s to our address at 12:15. Needless to say I will never order from them again. I do have to admit the pizza’s were very good…but it didn’t matter. Their problem became our problem I believe that we are entitled to compensation for the lack of doing their job correctly. But I’m not willing to take a chance and order again from there.


Sherry Hutchins March 21, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I placed an order on 3/21/15 at around 10:30PM at the dominoes location of 1105 NW 22nd Avenue in Miami Florida 33136. I only got 1 large Half pep and Half cheese pizza.
However I waited til 12AM, and they never showed, so when I called them 11 times to check and see what was going on, they never answered (ALL 11 CALLS). So I didnt know what else to do and so I waited til today 3/22/15 @ 7:00PM, I waited so late because I had a bunch of appointments today, so I called and asked for the manager and yes they actually answered and the lady put me on hold for about 7 minutes and then when the manager got on the phone, he couldnt even speak English (I dont know spanish). So I spoke with another lady who was relaying the message to the manager in spanish, and she asked me if I would like to order again, and that I would have to pay for it. I told her no, that I should be compansated for waiting so long and still never got my order that previous night. I remember it came to like $16.90 or something. And the lady put me on hold for about 28 minutes and I got tired of waiting and so I hung up and attempted to try to call again. I called three times and of course; NO ANSWER!! Never Ever Goin to Dominoes Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:((


Peter Schmidtke March 16, 2015 at 8:01 pm

I hope you actually read this and unsubscribe me from your emails or I may have to complain to the BBB, Better Business Bureau.


kg March 11, 2015 at 12:46 pm

never again will i go there
i just got off the phone in your office the care center and the lady says cant help me because the stores can do what ever they want i guess i will use another pizza place
i used one of your stores 4 times a week but never again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vibhuti patel March 10, 2015 at 9:19 pm

We live in holyoke,Speaking the manager and owner of america’s best value inn.we are 18rooms small property and We have been going through an issue with dominoes in Holyoke.
The delivery person is delivering pizzas but they doesn’t drop the front desk reward card and thats been going on for years. I complained about it so many times but they didn’t do the needful and i called them yesterday at the store and the assistant manager(named sherry)was being rude and was proving me wrong and she kept saying that you are supposed to call us the same day when they don’t drop the card and i did but she told me that nobody was in the office but i live here and i am here 24×7. She also told me that the delivery man is dropping off the card but we didn’t get any card. So wheres the card going? When i tried to explain her about this issue,she flipped out me and shes telling me that shes not gonna send me cards anymore. I wanted to talk to the store manager or owner but she said i don’t need to talk to anybody else about this issue as,according to her, she can take all the decisions.
So no more deliveries on my property; and i am also going bring this issue to dominoes headquarters.


Peter Schmidtke March 16, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I have tried repeatedly to unsubscribe from your emails. I moved to the Philippines and there is no dominoes near me. I wish to unsubscribe but the link in your emails does not work. Please remove me from your email list and fix your unsubscribe link.


The jones family March 5, 2015 at 9:15 pm

I ordered food for my family of 5 on 3/4/15 for delivery and it was a pretty extensive order….the man that took my order told me it was deliverable but that it would take a little longer due to weather/road conditions….I told him I understood and that he could take as long as he needed because I am in a hotel and do not have a car to travel in the weather to get my family food….he even told me he would be the driver. After I placed my order, which was difficult to do because the man taking my order was acting as if he didn’t know what I was ordering or as if it wasn’t on the menu, I hung up the phone and automatically got a text message from my bank saying the money 49.04 had been removed from my funds. However not even 1 minute later a female at the store called me back saying her manager said my order was undeliverable because of the road conditions and that it would have to be canceled…when I asked her to let me speak to the person who relayed this message she passed me over to someone else who identified himself as a manger…he was very rude and even promised me my money back in 24hrs. (49.04) I told him this does nothing for the fact that I have a family to feed and now no way to feed my family as I would have to walk in the snow to find something to eat. He didn’t apologi or even sound like he cared so in result I exclaimed that because of his behavior and e inconvenience that I would like my order compensated to me on a day that it could be delivered…he told me he couldn’t do that…I asked to speak to his manager and he told me the owner of the store had left for the the night and at he couldn’t give me any information as far as the owners name or corporates number….and hung up on me

Fast forward to today 3/5/15 I called back to speak to a manager because my money has not even been pended as going back and it’s been 24hrs. He told me unconvincingly that he would talk to the person who was rude to me and that he would inform him that it could actually take 2-3 business days for the money to be returned….then when I asked what else could be done for me since I wasn’t able to feed my family as I again am staying in a hotel and don’t have cabinets stocked with food he asked me what I would like to be done….I asked him to compensate my order since now I haven’t seen my money nor my food…he told me he would but he doesn’t see the order for me from the night before….and that without the order he could not compensate me as they can’t confirm what was ordered…I listed what I had ordered and the amount it should come out to and he then proceeded to tell me that he would not be able to compensate my order…..I then asked what form of manager he was or if there was anyone higher ranking. He said he was the gm of the store (located on council rd and Hefner in OKC, ok) and that he would like to make me happy but doesn’t know how….he kept cutting me off when I conti to ask for a compensated order and he told me he could only return the money…..we went back and forth for about 3 minutes and then he started saying that acts of God can not be compensated…. Then he shouted the supposed number to corporate and hung up in my face….and I wasn’t even using foul language with or towards him….the number he shouted was 1-800-dominos which when I called I was told that it was a store locator and was given the correct number to corporate

7743 W Hefner Rd okc, ok 73162

I would like my order to be compensated….

1medium pizza pepperoni and sliced Italian sausage
1 medium pizza bacon and ham
2 pasta bread bowls chicken Alfredo
14 hot wings doubled baked
8 bbq wings double baked


Raven March 3, 2015 at 1:43 am

The first time I ordered from you guys the order didn’t get to us until almost 3 hours later when the delivery guy finally got here he had his little girlfriend in the car with him. When I called back his number after he called to tell us he was downstairs and we found that he didn’t show up he said he thought we didn’t want the order and went back to the store. He didn’t bother to call back to find out what we wanted nor did we get an apology. Today we ordered at 11pm it is now 1:37am not only did they not answer the phone after 3 hours but the manager did not come to the phone when asked to speak to him and we got hung up on 3 times. Now we have to wait 3 to 5 days for our refund this is very unacceptable I will not be ordering from here again. This is the dominos on Webster ave in Bronx, NY. Horrible Service.


Michael/cheyanne February 27, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Let me just start by saying we love dominos pizza and probably eat more of your pizza than we should, but for some reason it take your employees 2 or 3 time to get our order right. Not sure whats so hard about making 2 medium 1double pepperoni with no garlic (allergies) and 1 regular pineapple and ham. When delivery gets here what is delivered to us is 1 double pepperoni with garlic and 1 regular pepperoni with/without garlic, or regular pepperoni with garlic and the other without garlic etc… The order is always the same 1 meidum double pepperoni without garlic and 1 pineapple and ham and every time without fail the order is botch-up.Weve been to the hospital twice for food allergies, i use to actually work foryouguys and know its not that hard to make that order, the delivery we just ordered will be our last. We are not complaining to get anything, we dont want anything, just try to hire people that know the difference between garlic and no garlic and also know the difference between double pepperoni and ham and pineapple so other customer dont have to go through the hassle too, and im not kidding every time we order,


Jason Bradshaw February 22, 2015 at 5:28 am

Me and my family live in Creedmoor NC last night we called our local domino’s pizza to place a large order and we were met with the rudest person we ever talk to so we will not be ordering from there ever again it’s sad that people forgot what customer service is


kim February 18, 2015 at 10:21 pm

I really hope some one from corporate see’s this. I’ve been dealing with the same domino’s for years, located on New Garden Rd in Greensboro NC. My family and I order from there once a week. Everyone loves pizza night. I have to say they are the nicest people there. I usually get the same driver, I believe her name is Marisa, always very polite and always speaks to my kids you guys need more drivers like this. I have delt with John and I believe Kristen again you need more people like this. Both very perfessional. My pizza is always on time and aways right. I did have one time where they forgot to add bacon. I called them up and right away a new pizza was being made. My kids said to me tonight as we got our pizza, mom they sure are nice you should let them know so they can get a surprise. My children made me realize that every now and then you need to show your appreciation. Our delivery girl came out in the ice and snow still with a smile on her face. Please pass this on to corporate and also to that store let them know they are doing a fantastic job.


Christie February 16, 2015 at 11:43 pm

My name is Christie and I had order 2 pizzas from Domino’s in Austin Texas on oltorf I placed my order at 9:11 and is now 10:35 and still im yet to see a pizza this is bad business they did refund me but I will not order from here again very very dissatisfied.


Christie February 16, 2015 at 11:53 pm

yall act like you really care about all customers in the commercials but in reality u guys really don’t I should have went to pizza hut.


Nathan Keith March 29, 2015 at 4:11 pm

Wow, you might want to stop ordering pizzas and pay for some proper grammar lessons.


Marvin treanor February 15, 2015 at 12:58 am

Second time I have waited hours for my delivery, when calling the store they blame the online ordering, but THREE hours to get a pizza. That is unacceptable, and the first time this happen. Both pizzas were cold. I sent a complaint, but got no response, do you really want feedback or is that just a front to make your customers feel you care, well I guess not since you don’t respond to complaints. This particular location is in need of some customer service skills. At this point they won’t get a third chance, unless I given some reassurance.


Don Kwasny February 14, 2015 at 12:04 pm

What kind of an sleazy operation is your company running . Employees not paid ,bullied ,taken advantage of. I am referring to the recent article on CBC news where 2 young men are owed thousands in back wages and are being threatened by the owners of your franchise operation in British Columbia . You need to put in place safeguards that ensure that employees are paid and working conditions are up to standards . Your company standards leave much to be desired .


maria pierlioni February 14, 2015 at 11:23 am

Why don’t y’all have a cancel button on your website I’ve been on hold with the location that I ordered from on line and they still haven’t answered I don’t want to waste food or y’all money but they never answers the phones


Jeanne February 10, 2015 at 8:05 pm

I had the worst experience ever at the dominos on E222nd st and white plains rd in the Bronx. I ordered a large 3 topping pizza and I wanted all 3 toppings chicken. When I got to the store to pick up my order I looked at the pizza and it didn’t even look like 1 full topping of chicken and definitely not triple chicken. When I brought it to their attention a woman (who I later found out was the manager) ever so rudely told me that the chicken is weighed and that was 3 toppings of chicken. I have pics, clearly it is not! When I requested the manager, the same extremely rude woman came to “address me” in a very disrespectful manner. Her name is Karyn. I told her she was rude and I would be making a complaint. She proceeded to the back and told another employee she didn’t care. I am very dissatisfied with the pizza and the service I received. I will not be ordering from Dominos anymore unless this is rectified.


Donna McCoy February 8, 2015 at 7:52 pm

Store #4325
3780 Minnesota Ave Ne
Washington, DC 20019
(202) 396-9500
I am a cust service Mngr and pride myself in providing exceptional service. As a consumer my family and I patronize Domino’s quite often. The service I received this evening from the driver Akia is / was unacceptable. She was argumentative about my location when she called. While obtaining clarity about her location she drove off. This is poor customer service.


Donna February 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm

poor svc


Bart Tinder February 7, 2015 at 4:01 am

I have developed a pizza crust that uses no flour, and less than 90 o/o of the calories of a regular or glutten free crust ill send photos to a text if you like or call me
Bart Tinder 517-286-**** home


Natasha February 5, 2015 at 7:36 pm

I ordered pizza at Domino’s address 16605 W Sunset blvd ste 103 pacific palisades ca 90272
I ordered a pan pizza delivered home to me and my pizza was not cooked all the way. The dough was not cooked. I called there phone number 310 454-1035 spoke with a guy named Andrew. Told him my pizza was not cooked all the way . He said I cooked it for 15 min . I replied to his comment said Sr regardless of how long you cooked it my pizza is not cooked. He said I’ll make you another pizza. I replied no thank you can I just get my money back? He said no thank you and have a good day and hung up on my face. I was shocked . I called back Said you hung up on my face that was very rude. He replied I cooked your pizza in the correct minute. I told him I want my money back . He replied there’s nothing I can do for you I told him I’m calling the police. He replied are you threatening me? I replied you won’t give me my money so I will let the police handle it the right way . I did just that so the cops can be my mediator . I got my money back. ANDREW SHOULD NOT BE MANAGER AND WORKING WITH THAT TYPE OF ATTITUDE.


Flavio Bazan February 3, 2015 at 12:49 am

Have you heard what’s going on with your concerns in Peru?? Coackroaches, mice, awful employment conditions! Better take a hard look and do some real damage control before the whole world knows about it.


Tracey February 2, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I am so pissed right now! I ordered my pizza, with the coupon you send out through text. I ordered online paid for it with a CC. My son went to pick it up and they said he needed to show ID, and then asked for a pic of the CC that was used to make the purchase. That is BULLXXXXX I am not about to send anyone a pic of the CC. I told him to tell her to cancel the order and refund my money. So far that has not been done. I have ordered from you a few times before ONLY because you are right across the street from me. You have ALWAYS screwed it up! EVERY SINGLE time. If there was any other pizza place close, like say, PIZZA HUT I would be ordering from them. You guys suck! So far I have been on hold with corp for 12 mins. Must be alot of people complaining! Hummm, I wonder why!? Oh yeah yall suck!


Dayna February 1, 2015 at 12:25 am

I ordered pizza about a month ago, when I did the guy on the phone was extremely rude( until I asked for his name) then he changed his tune. So when I finished ordering my pizza and he gave me a total that I knew was to much when I asked him about it he told me my flat bread pizza was 19.99, I said “what that is a 9.99 pizza” to where he says “ooops sorry”.
Now tonight my daughter called to order pizza she asked what te specials were, the guys said there are no specials( which is b.s because we had just seen a commercial for 2 med pizzas at 5.99 ea. then he asked is this for delivery she said yes and he told her they don’t deliver to our address ( once again bull XXXXX) I’ve ordered pizza from there for about 20 years. So my daughter walked in to order and pick up pizza, ONCE again they told her it was 23.00 for 2 med 2 topping pizzas, she said what! Then he replies oooops sorry it’s 13.00. I will never go back I this dominos and I will be contacting corporate. Who ever owns this store needs to know what’s going on to many young kids with attitude running the place


Victoria hunter January 29, 2015 at 8:09 pm

Me an my boyfriend ordered a pizza from dominos using yalls Domino app we ordered 2 large pan crust pizzas they charged us for two large pan crust pizzas and they say when they delivered it it was medium we therefore call the store to have this corrected when they informed us at all they carried wear medium in the pan crust was a thick crust and there was nothing they could do about it when I was charged for 2 large pizzas I would like something done about this this was the Ardmore storethe order from dominos all the time and if something is not done I will just take my business elsewhere they were very rude and we are taking the pizza back we do have pictures of the pizzas at themselves look terrible and I will never shop with y’all again


Sabrina January 28, 2015 at 12:08 am

On January 10, 2015 I ordered the same pizza I always order. During the phone conversation, the male voice on the phone working in your store in Tazewell, Tn. asked me if I was the Sabrina that once dated this employee at the store. I replied in shock and told him very clearly I am not the person you speak of and that I’ve been married to the same man for 25 years. He asked where we were located. I told him they won’t deliver out here cause of the gravel road is the reason I always got before this night. He went on to mention that I have to meet their guy at the church like we always have to pick up our pizza.

January 11, 2015 I am at home and what I see amazes me. The same dominos truck that I had to go to the church to meet has just passed right by our house. The girl, the man on the phone was mixing me up with, is my neighbor also named, Sabrina. I called the store and asked them what is going on and he said that would be the last time cause they didn’t know she was out there. I know better. They always ask your phone number and location first before that pizza hits the road. I’ve seen deliveries go down the road plenty of times and never said anything. Now he wants to get me mixed up with some Jezebel. May I add goes on to argue that we can’t be delivering too far out of the way. I measured from the Tazewell store to my house is ten miles one way. From my house to that neighbor’s house is another five miles. This doesn’t make sense.

Before we left here in 2005 the only pizza we wanted was Dominos. When we went to San Bernardino, Ca and lived there we ate Dominos. No more I can get pizza from five other places.


Garth Allin January 27, 2015 at 9:29 pm

41 Dollar order 60 Dollar Payment and No Change Carried from Delivery Driver !? way to go Domino store # 6623 Killeen Tx Best Part about this Amazing experience is when the Manager Said “there nothing i Can do”


Doreen Mclaughlin January 21, 2015 at 7:49 pm

I live in Albert Lea mn and I asked my caregiver, Mitch, to get us a large 3 topping pizza carryout. I am disabled and on a limited income so Dominos Pizza has been a weekly favorite for a couple years now, since my last stroke. The carryout deal for $7.99 makes it a favorite treat for us, but this store has raised the price for carryout to $10.79 and now they are charging for parmisan too? Im afraid I am being taken advantage of by this store and its just not fare! Please tell me this isnt so, I do love your Pizza.
Doreen McLaughlin
* katherine st.
Albert Lea MN 56007


Tracy Hyrske January 21, 2015 at 5:27 pm

TO’Day I ordered a Philly & 2 20 oz. Sprites at 2:00 pm. I got a call seconds after I ordered online and was told that it would be 2:53 pm before I got my order as the we’re backed up. I told them that as long as I got my order hot that I was okay with that. So I waited, at 3:20 pm I called the store (Tooele, UT 84074) to find out where my order was. I was told that my order had just been put in the oven. This is unreal!! I have NEVER had to wait this long for an order in my life. The woman on the phone said we have just had order after order, I told her, of course you have that is what you are in business for and that I should have been called and told it would be late. She then tells me it will be ANOTHER 30 minutes before ai get my order! 2 hours for a sandwich and a couple drinks?!?!?!


Tracy Hyrske January 21, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Just got my order, it is hot. LucKY me, I got a bag of smashed chips for all my trouble. Never ordering from dominos again!!!!


robert grote January 18, 2015 at 11:15 pm

Today I ordered a medium 1/2 combo and 1/2 hawian. I received a meat lovers. I Called store # 7790 phone 831-424-3535 in salinas ca . I was told ” well I don’t know what you and the Other Guy discussed but ” at this point I’m feeling challeged she goes on to say ” leave the pizza and I will send a driver for it and we will make another.” She then said she was going to charge us a delivery fee. Whohh whohh. My wife rhen told her we will not pay for thier mistake. To the end I was offered a new pizza or a voucher .I’m an assistant manager and this is a case that the customer should get some satisfacton. Not because of the mistake … bUT because the manager on duty eluded that it was miss communication on my part…BULL….I know what I ordered. I also ask for peppers and was told he would send some…but upon arrival I was told that he lied to me by the driver. . My bill was $39.65
What is going on at this store??????
I will continue until I’m contacted
Robert Grote 956 lupin#6 salinas ca. 93906.


Jhonatan January 17, 2015 at 8:59 pm

I made an online order around 6:30 pm today (Saturday 1/17/15). The order came about 30 minutes later, great, but the order was wrong. This is the second time that happens. I called the store as soon as I opened the wings. I ordered hot wings with ranch sauce and I received regular wings and blue cheese. The manager said he would send the right order. An hour passed and nothing, so I called back and was told it was on the way. An hour, now two hours, later and nothing. This is ridiculous and very unprofessional. Is now after 9 pm and my wings are nowhere to be seen. The store is located in Hialeah store 5097.


Kristin January 8, 2015 at 9:02 pm

Worst ever! Took over an hour to deliver my food and hour and ten still waiting. Manager was rude told me there was no corporate number and he was the only manager at all at the location “Teddy” also raised his voice to me several times. Unbelievable that corporate run business allows this to go on. The location I ordered from was on Barrington Rd Streamwood IL. Never again!


Anonymous January 8, 2015 at 2:02 pm

I am giving this as an anonymous tip that two of your previous general managers, Sam Harris and misty smith, are still able to log into your system even though they are no longer with your company. They brag about this calling your company “stupid” and use it to check your weekly deal and specials in order to adjust the specials and deals of the Marcos Pizza store that they currently manage.


Jae January 2, 2015 at 2:10 pm

After I don’t know how many years ordering from Dominos I am officially done. I will never place and order again. When you get terrible, rude serivce, it makes you wonder what they are doing to your food. The Dominos by my house stopped delivering pizza because they got to busy and stopped taking orders. I didn’t mind that but their behavior was out of control. You would have thought the place was on fire. Aldine Mail RT, Houston TX. I was hung up on and when I called back, I was hung up on stating that “They don’t have time, they are too busy to take orders.”


Eric December 28, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Worst service ever. I was repeatedly hung up on. Pizza took 2 hours to be delivered. Judging by all these negative comments, it looks like dominos doesn’t care about customer service. I guess I will have to order from another pizza place to get quality customer service. Like pizza Hut or papa johns.


Korey December 28, 2014 at 4:00 pm

While I was having surgery at the University of Minnesota last week my family called Domino’s pizza and ordered dinner. In order to have it delivered, they had to tell the location they were in the hospital. The pizza was delivered with no problems. My family was finishing up their dinner when a man in a Domino’s shirt approached them and explained he was the manager of Domino’s. He handed this to my fiancé and told my family I was in their prayers. Inside is a certificate for a free large pizza of choice. I just wanted everyone to know how much those prayers meant to us. Thank you Travis T. Schaar manager of Dominoes pizza on Oak Street Minneapolis, Mn. You are making a positive difference in this world!


i am very upset when i called dominos December 26, 2014 at 9:08 pm

hello ordered a pizza gave the card and they took our visa then said oh can’t deliver here. I had been told it was a corporation. tizza he took. my card and ran it took my debit. said oh sorry can’t deliver but took my card and laughed. I was hungry I am going to report them and hope no one eats there. he seemed very high on something. better see if he is high please check him out


V.M. December 24, 2014 at 3:18 am

I thought the only bad Domino’s was here in Socorro, New Mexico. I’ve never recieved the two for one deal. The delivery people are slow and expects $3.00 extra plus tip. It takes forever for someone to answer the phone. Tonight the delivery pizza was just barely warm, like eating a warm, oily pillow. It only takes six minutes to drive to Domino’s from our home. I am pretty sure it’s the same distance from Domino’s to our home, unless some strange time/space quantum physics has warped the distance. Employees of a Domino’s should be glad to have a job! There is no such thing as an unimportant job. It all works together. Job performance reveals your personal best and character. An entry level job at Domino’s is a step up the ladder to higher levels of success. You learn, and grow. Treat your employer with respect and a job you can be proud of. Most importantly treat your customers right! They are the reason you are there! They also pay for your paycheck. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect earns respect. Until Domino’s changes for the good, we aren’t eating anymore Domino’s. We used to enjoy it a lot!


rai leikei December 22, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Too salty some don’t wash their hands also they don’t have accurate change for customers. Where was rhe manager for this location! Don’t get me started about some of their attitude!!!!!!!!! This is definitely my last time for this company. Adieux.


K nett December 20, 2014 at 11:00 pm

I Live in Salem, New Hampshire and called the Dominoes at 254 N Broadway, Salem NH tonight ordered the barbq bacon chicken and a pizza.
The food came and the chicken was burnt BLACK, I couldnt even believe that they put this in a box and sent it. I called the store and spoke to the “manager” told him about the chicken and he argued with me and said it wasnt burnt. I said that it was black and disgusting, since only a couple minutes had gone by i asked him to send the driver back to pick it up, he continued arguing with me, and then hung up on me!! (This is customer service)?? I called back, and he would not pick up the phone, the dominos recording played over and over, he finally picked up, I asked if this was the way he usually treated customers, and he replied that I was giving him a hard time, then he hung up on me AGAIN!!! I was mortified!!! The telephone number to the store is 603-893-7100 and it was 1030pm when we spoke. I’m sure you can find out who was working at that store at that time, hopefully, he will not be a Dominoes employee for much longer, because if he is, you will truly lose more customers than just me. I will NEVER, EVER order from ANY Dominos anywhere. Good luck with that store!!


patrick December 19, 2014 at 11:45 pm

Well tonight my wife called to order pizza. The woman argued that we were more than 5 miles away from there location instead of saying sorry we dont deliver to you. I called to speak with a manager. She was the manager. I told her she was very rude. I was told i am an a**hole and i can go f*** myself. This is the Elon Nc dominos on west haggard st.


Jocelyn Taylor December 19, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Today, was one of the most horrible days of my life. I ordered 7 pizzas yesterday to be delivered today to my Third grade class for their Christmas party. I asked for a 1:00 delivery. School was dismissed at 2:15 and the pizzas never showed. Oh my goodness the disappointment on the kids faces tore my heart apart. There was nothing I could do. A parent offered to pick ghem up and when he arrived they were still not ready and by this time they never did get their pizza. I went backk over after school was dismissed and spoke to Calvin the manager who took the order the day before and he told me yhey were busy but they readynow if I still wanted them. That was pointless sonce school was dismissed for the Christmas holiday. I felt I let my class down and Domino’s was the grinch that stole their Christmas. Those sad faces will be forever etched in my mind and heart. You may have good pizza but the service sucked. I want to know how can you make it right for my class


tekpal sidhu December 16, 2014 at 8:23 pm

I ordered 3 pizzas, and 2 of them came out perfect and the 3rd one had some problems, and we called the store and the manager was extremely rude and literally just told us he cant do anything about it. The store managers name is Mr. Nick and the store number is 929001 Beaumont Alberta 50th street. I am a regular customer and this has never happened before, I’d like you to take some action against this as soon as possible. Thankyou


Melissa Swanson December 14, 2014 at 4:17 pm

I will not be ordering from dominos again. I ordered online from store 4626 at 2:40 pm. Email said delivery 24 – 34 minutes. I called and was told there was only 1 driver and it would be delivered as soon as possible. My order was ssupposedly equality checked at 2:46 pm. When I called it was 3:20. I said I didn’t want my food to be cold because it had been done since 2:46 and that if they were behind they should change their delivery time. I got my order at 3:30 pm. The wrong soda was delivered 1/2 later I am still waiting on the correct soda and that I paid for. I didn’t get the extra sauces I paid for either and my food was Luke warm. When called to complain I got “well if we remake your order it will take another hour”. I informed Mohmed my food was Luke warm. He was suprised. When I asked for a credit he said he could give me a store credit. I informed him I wanted some form of credit to my order since I won’t be ordering from them again. This is the third time I have had a wrong order or warm food. Not acceptable. I asked for a credit of the items I didn’t get and was told he can’t do that. I will be disputing those charges with my bank as fraudulent charges since I didn’t get what I paid for. There was no customer service and no working with me. I would like someone to email me back please.


Ruben Juarez December 13, 2014 at 7:54 pm

I am so upset I can hardly write this comment….where do I start?! I placed my ordered over the phone and was asked to give my credit card info over the phone (but this not complaint). My complaint is that I was told that my order would take over a hour …but since I really like dominio’s pizza ,I figured ..”what the hell”. Here’s the kicker , after about a hour and thirty minutes I called to check on the status of my order (for some very hungry kids btw) and I was told by a very rude manager that there was no ordered placed. She (her name is Lakisha if I’m not mistaken) didn’t bother to offer at minimum an apology ..she just hung up. Then when I tried calling back I just kept getting hung up on. I really like your pizza but will have to start ordering from Pizza Hut and I will make sure that other people know this ,for I will use social media to express my anger with this repeated “glitch” in this company. Btw this store is on 3312 North Buckner Boulevard #207, Dallas, TX 75228
(214) 324-****


Brian December 13, 2014 at 4:42 pm

You don’t make it easy to file a complaint. Well we will see how this goes. I walked into your store located on saratoga street East Boston Massachusetts to order a couple of pizzas at approximately 4pm on 12/13/2014, which i do 2 times a week. I was greeted by the most miserable employee i have ever uncounted anywhere let alone dominos. I asked if i was troublesome and i got “im busy”. there was not a person in the store and no orders being processed. it may sound like its not a big deal and im not going into detail except to say i wont be ordering anything from dominos anymore.


Richard Ferrari December 12, 2014 at 10:36 pm

Patchogue, NY….11772

the dtivers are still driving to fast….without their store sign lite…so they can run stop signs…ignore traffic circle and double yellow lines…I call the store and I’m told nastily they have no drivers out with the type car I described….hope no one gets killed one night…maybe just the driver….happy holidays.


Mr R Gearhart December 12, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Told by your Kungwood lTexas ocation a pickup order for 2 sandwiches would be 10=15 minutes…arrived 1n 14 minutes…asked for money…paid…then told sorry was 30-40 minutes. Very poorly run location. Inept. Employees.


mrs. L. Hamblin December 7, 2014 at 12:33 am

I would like for someone in corporate to contact me. I don’t appreciate the treatment I have endured. Please.


mrs. L. Hamblin December 7, 2014 at 12:31 am

I have lived at the same address since 1999. Had pizza delivered yesterday, intact. Called today to get the run around, told they have never delivered here, fused out, and threatened by A Mitch, and a Jason from the Stage coach store. In little rock ar. After talking to the. “trainer” Mitch, who admitted my address was in delivery area, I was verbally assaulted, and threatened with physical harm. I am pressing charges…


Scott December 6, 2014 at 8:18 pm

at 6:31 used the Dominos app to order pizza at the Holbrook NY dominos. The tracker said at 6:47pm the pizza/wings/bread was done. At 7:30pm I called dominos which is 5 minutes away by walking. After waiting at 7:40pm i talked to a person who said my order was in the car and the next to be delivered even though he said the car is 10 minutes away in the different direction. I told him to cancel the order he then hung up on me.

I will make sure my credit card does not get charged and I will never ever order from dominos again with the app or anywhere. I have ordered from that store before and expected at least a courtesy call if the order was taking so long.

Papa johns is about a block further and I will be ordering my pizza from there from now on!!!



Rachelle December 4, 2014 at 11:57 am

Was in the dominos on 38th and moeller in indianapolis lastnight only to see a lady whom is manager lifting het shirt up at the front counter. Disgusting. She needs to be fired or punished.


Samella Buchanan December 3, 2014 at 9:52 pm

I’m from St.Louis mo Its 8:45 I have be on hold and huge up on since 8:00 its very hard to get in contact with the stores were I stay I really love your pizza but the service makes me not like it please write back


C.SMITH December 2, 2014 at 10:38 pm

I will like to start off by saying I have always loved pizzas and I have always purchased domino’s pizza and recently I began ordering pizza from domino’s and I can honestly say I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for this company after to the experience I had from ordering domino’s from the 3400 N.w 2nd location upon me calling to order pizza I had to calls several times before my order was actually placed due to rude staff answering the phone and immediately placing me on hold and never came back to the phone while I was on hold and when I was able to place an Order I was told it would take 30 minutes for it to be delivered while awaiting the pizza I noticed it had passed the 30 minutes arrival time and I gave it a couple of minutes before I called the location And when I did I was once again placed on hold several times and when a staff member answered my call I asked when will my pizza delivery and instead of answering my questions in was hung up u called back and another employee answered my call at this time I was upset and asking why was the pizza not delivered at the time I was given he then told me to lower my voice which was understandable then as I told him the time I ordered the pizza and why was it taking so long for delivery and I was going to report it to corporate he told me to have a nice day and need the call never telling me any information about my order so I called corporate to inform them of my experience at 4:45-4:55 the pizza was delivered while on the phone with the representative being upset I signed and accepted the pizza I had a second thought and even asked her if I needed to reject the pizza talked to her twice that day regarding this incident she told me I would be called back to also tell her the pizza was warm and my family members and I were able to taste dough in the pizza like it wasn’t fully cooked by making a complaint with corporate I didn’t even bother to call the domino’s where the pizza was ordered from due to the problems I had with placing the pizza and delivery issues…on Nov.20.14 I wanted pizza for dinner and was hesitate to call this particular domino’s for delivery because the last problem I had so eventually i thought about it said by me being a long time customer i said go ahead and order may be they were busy I made the decision to call and tried to placed an order upon placing the order I said I had a coupon from two days prior and the rep acted as if she didn’t know what she was doing kept giving different pricing for my order after giving me the total for delivery and food i gave a coupon code that she said they could not accept i was confused because there was no expiration date on the coupon I cancelled the order afterwards I called back requesting a supervisor and I explained to him what occurred on the previous call and I told him I had a coupon he told me he couldn’t sell it to me because the code was not valid I said to him to place an order for the regular price and I will just explain what happened to corporate since the coupons came from this domino’s he asked me what did I want him to do and if I still want to report it to corporate I Immediately cancelled the order and placed an order with papa Johns due to the second issue with this restaurant I am even more embarrassed for placing an order after the two separate Incidents and making a complaint to corporate about my issues and all I was ever told was someone would calls me and I have never ever received a call so I placed an order to domino’s on Nov .22.14 when I called from my number every single time I called they would answer and immediately placed me on hold so after making about three more calls I decided to make the call from my landline and I was greeted I didn’t mention I tried calling I placed my order and was puzzled as to why they answered one line and brushed me off when I called from my cell phone I came to the conclusion that the restaurant may have caller ID and they screened my calls the pizza was ordered by me paying with credit card I didn’t have a tip for the driver and seems to have had an attitude about it even when I mentioned I was told my total was $2.00 less once again I called corporate to let them know although no one ever reached out to me to apologize for what I experienced when I was told I was going to be contacted a rep gave me the number to the district manager number I called to have the issues address the first time he didn’t answer the second time he literally dismissed the issue I was trying to explain when I told him I had an complaint and told me that he was in a building and he would call me back which he never did I called corporate to get information to make a complaint to the Bbb about my overall experience she then told me she would have the manager over the district manager to contact me which still didn’t happen I guess my complaint was not considered important and I can truly see my business wasn’t not wanted or appreciated the company that prides themselves on customer excellence has some what dropped the ball and I can truly that domino’s does not value their customers and does even take the time to address or correct the issues at hand and as for the district manager of the domino’s over the domino’s located at 3400 N.w 2nd ave I could see why I have had the experience I’ve experienced he is no better than the employees working at that location due to my overall disappointed for the service and food and wasting money I was offered a $20.00 gift card to give back to the company that treated me like my complaint was not worth reading I did not use the gift card and do not intend to I am limited to the food delivery services and a lot of restaurants are too far to deliver food to me but I will not purchase domino’s ANYMORE I would rather give Papa Johns or Pizza Hut my money as Long is the food and delivery service are great and they Value me as a Customer


brandon November 26, 2014 at 2:57 am



Maggin McMillen November 23, 2014 at 11:17 pm

I used to work for dominos and i even order from the one i worked at. my husband worked there too. we work at a hotel now and he ordered a pizza, when the pizza arrived there it was missing the hot sauce of the toppings so he called the store and they offered to give him hot sauce in the little cups. that is not what we ordered. how is one little cup supposed to cover all of our pizza. its a large. so i had to call them and talk with the manager (my old boss) and he was rude and rushed me off the phone. i did get the pizza re made and gave back the hot sauce cups. i didnt appreciate the way things were handled. it made the drivers have to do more runs than they needed to. and its all cause the manager is lazy and didnt want to fix the problem right away. .


Margo S November 18, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Unacceptable and embarrassing …I ordered seven pizzas for a meeting. I called at 10:45 so we would be sure to get them by noon. The delivery man called about 11:50 and asked me to meet him in the lobby….I was thinking what kind of delivery is this? Went down and could not find him. It turns out he was not even in the right building. I gave clear delivery instructions to the order taker and pizzas are delivered here every day! The pizza finally arrived at 12:10 and we still had to go down to the lobby! Needless to say I did not look very good to my supervisor!


David Haines November 14, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Ordered a pizza at Amherst, ohio store, I was told it would take 30 mins. I went to pick it up and they didn’t have the order. I call my wife to make sure it was ordered and she said that she talked to a women. They said that they didn’t have any girls working there, funny thing she walked by me to make a delivery. I had to wait 15 min for another pizza. When it was done the guy charged me full price and I said you lose my order and make me wait an you are going to charge me full price? He said that’s the way we do things here, so I asked to talk to the manager an he said that’s me. He was very rude. I order a lot of pizza and I like dominoes but I will never go back their again. That was the 5th time they lost my order. Enough is enough. Marco’s tonight!


Katie Halle November 13, 2014 at 7:36 pm

Ordered a pizza from diminos pizza in grove city ohio on Braodway. I gave my credit card and they wanted the 3 digit code. This is unexceptable. I wll no longer deal with Dominos pizza. I will report this to the columbus dispatch and to channel 6 news. I am a writer for the dispatch and will make an example of poor policy on dominos Inc.


Gicela Ventura November 9, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Well, my experience was the worst, because I usually get pizza on the same store as delivery, and I always order my pizza online, this time they took the money out of my banking account and told me there was no order, so besides everything they also steal money, I’ll sue domino’s pizza ass or that franchise idc for $16.36 because they stole my money, that was in Orlando Fl .32808


Dan November 2, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Wanna understand why the drivers don’t get the delivery charge you charge everybody I tip the driver to help pay for the gas. And if you charge a delivery charge the gas is been paid for so why does not the driver get that delivery charge.Concern customer if you don’t answer right I’ll guarantee that I won’t be buying pizza from you guys ever again and a whole lot of other people won’t be in Lansing either because I’ll post it in the State Journal


ck November 2, 2014 at 8:18 pm

Today I completely used every curse word in the book. Sorry Domino’s you will no longer get my business. Store #5142, Manager was horrible. My son is away in college and when the school runs out of gluten free foods (seems to occur on the weekend) I have to order a gluten free pizza from Domino’s and PAY FOR IT ON LINE WITH MY CREDIT CARD. My son does not have this card on him. I placed the order, called the store and spoke to the person there and confirmed the order was indeed legitimate just so they would not ask for the card. So the manager wants to speak to me as if I was an Idiot (or a dumb ass and I’m far from EITHER) and tell me it’s COMPANY POLICY to ask for the card when they arrive. When I told him I order all the time and they never ask for mine when they come to my door, then he proceeds to say “do you live in Florida”…no I don’t so if it’s a company policy then it would apply to all and it does not. Then he says each franchise has their own policy. Whatever!!!! Your attitude is horrible and to speak to a customer the way you did brought the XXXXXX out of me. I will NEVER order I mean NEVER order from this store or any store for that matter. I’m sick of poor customer service. When you have customers that WANT to spend money be treated like this it’s not worth it. I don’t NEED to buy pizza…I wanted to. There is a difference.


J Rigney October 31, 2014 at 9:22 pm

Ordered from the Domino’s in Round Rock, Texas – the one on Sam Bass. Ordered at 5:30 pm and was told delivery in 45 minutes. After 1 1/2 hours, called the store and they said it was being cut and out the door for delivery. At 7:30 pm called again, waiting 10 minutes on hold. The person asked for the address and put me on hold; then after 5 minutes hung up on me. Called again at 7:45 – it took that long to get through again – to be told by an assistant manager that it was on the rack but they did not have any drivers to deliver it. After an outrageous 2 1/2 hour wait the best I could do is cancel the order. I was never given an apology or an explanation for the poor customer service. We will never order Domino’s again. I think the corporate office should do a better job at screening and training their franchisees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deirdra October 31, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Yesterday, I went to Domino’s for a lava cake. After the cashier took my payment, he started working with the dough without washing his hands. Two other employees came in to work. The first employee went towards the back, so I’m no sure if she washed her hands or not. The second one stayed towards the front of the store. Before he started his work, he began to tuck his shirt into his pants. It was disturbing to see his hand repeatedly go down the back of his butt and then down his front. He never washed his hands before handling the food. I had also observed an employee talking on the phone and handling the food immediately after hanging up and without washing his hands. I went to the counter and mentioned to the first employee that had just come in to work. I told her that I wanted my money back, because the employees are not washing their hands. She nodded her hand in agreement and confirmed that my observation was true. The employee who originally took my order proceeded to take the lava cakes out of the oven with his bare hands and box them. He came to the counter to present them to me, but I refused them and explained why. I requested a refund. He angrily slammed the money down on the counter and said, “take your money!” I will never eat their food again.


dan October 29, 2014 at 8:52 am

Crap service at crown point indiana. ordered pizza at 5;50 pm arrived at 6;15, watched the order bord, said 7 minutes, then said ready, i waited because i saw they were busy, i asked several times if 2 pizzas were ready, employee said 2 minutes 6;43 pm at 6;45 i left without pizza -not ready yet, went back around 7;30 pm picked up pizza, came home opened pizza boxes and found pizzas were not sliced. what a joke! They lost a customer, plus i own a business in town, i will never never buy lunch for my employees ever again.Respectfully


shari daracunas October 27, 2014 at 2:18 pm

I like your pizza and cheesy bread but your service is horrible.I order from your salt lake and west valley city locations and my order is either wrong or both locations forget part if my order..I am ready to start ordering elsewhere where they will pay attention to my order and not bring me cold food..


Trudy Aguillard November 19, 2014 at 10:18 am

My school recently ordered pizza from the Dominos Pizza in Port Allen. Louisiana for our schools family night. I placed the order for 17 pizzas for 10 Pep. and 7 cheese in advance, was told they could cut the pizza into 16 slices per our request, provided the tax exempt paper, and had a coworker pick up the order. I had a prewritten check for the amount I was given that we owed. We asked to have the order ready for 5:30. Vincent told me everything would be ready. To my surprise, the pizzas were not ready when we arrived to get them, we only received 12 pizzas total, 11 cheese and 1 pep., only 4 were cut the way we requested, and we were not given a receipt. Grant it, the person that picked them up should have counted , but because she was late she was trying to get back and didn’t think about doing that at the time. We could not get back to Domino’s before the family night started because of traffic and had to order more pizzas from Pizza Hut to feed our families. I called and explained to Vincent our issues and he stated that he was not there, but assured me that he would look into what happened and get back with me. I asked him to print a receipt as I needed to get this for our school records. He never followed up with me and when I went to get my receipt that he told me would be printed out and ready, the manager there could not find it. As I waited for 20 or so minutes for them to find my receipt, I observed on the big screen TV, the Jerry Springer show playing very loudly. I learned about people having sex with their wives sisters and best friends, heard inappropriate language, and when I explained to a worker and then to the manager that Jerry Springer was not an appropriate show to be playing while customers and children are in the store, they both looked at me and did not comment. Nor did they change the channel. I finally get me receipt and leave very disgusted!! I get to school and realize that they charged me tax after we gave them our tax ID information. Needless to say, our school or myself will never use Dominos again!! Extremely disappointed in my experience. This restaurant just recently opened and in my opinion it is not a place for respectful people to go. I’m still appalled at what I witnessed.


Tori Knox October 25, 2014 at 8:14 pm

Me and my family ordered a pizza tonight. It took over an 1hr 1/2. We called and they said they didn’t know it was on the way. After 25 more minutes we pay for the pizza and open it to a burnt/ blackened pizza, cold and hard with hard cheese not fully cooked and in my opinion unfit to eat. The family had ordered for dinner and was hungry, so I called to speak with the manager named Dalton @ 1210 Rockbridge Rd, who was not only extremely rude but was unwilling to accommodate our request for a new pizza. He said that if he had it remade it would take over an 1hr 1/2. He said that he would not give us our money back and allow us to pick up new pizza. I told him we just wanted our money back, he said that he couldn’t tell me when we could get it back. He said he would send someone back at some point. I informed him that my family was hungry and that we needed to go out now to get dinner and couldn’t randomly wait around with no word on getting our refund. He was rude and said ” You will get it when i can” I finally ended this fiasco with saying i would bring the pizzas back and pick up our money. This was ridiculous to have to endure this while trying to simply order a weekend night of pizza for the family and be treated harshly, disrespectfully and rude. Dalton has the worst customer service I have experienced in a while and was truly unwilling to repair or fix the issue. The pizza was not only hard, cold and burnt but we had to endure waiting a total of almost 2 hrs to eat with the disappointment of still receiving nothing. I warn anyone not to go to that location and I truly don’t want to eat Dominos again. This makes too many times of getting horrible pizza and bad service.


sonia estrada October 24, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Placed an order of 2 medium pizzas and one order of 8 piece wings went to dominos in oxnard California in oxnard blvd to pick up order and when i got home i saw that they had only gave me 6 pieces of wings called dominos waited 10 min to speak to someone and they. Said sorry and hung up!!!!!


Arielle October 20, 2014 at 2:35 am

I placed an order for delivery at 1226 am with Domino’s on Jackson Avenue in Long Island city over the phone. This order was for myself and coworkers. We ordered 3 orders of Cheesy bread, 2 orders of sweet bbq and bacon specialty chicken and 1 order of hot wings.The person who I placed the order with was very polite and efficient. The delivery guy was also very polite. The problem was the food itself. The food was extremely overcooked, especially the the chicken. The chicken was literally burnt. When I discovered this, I called the store back to see how management would handle the situation. The first time I called an associate answered and placed me on hold for 5 minutes never coming back to line. The second time I called I specifically asked to speak with a manager and Rahman answered. At the time I didn’t know the manager’s name because he never greeted me by his name and he was trying to rush me off the phone. He wanted to give me a credit for next time. I felt I deserved a refund. He said he would credit my card for $11 and hung up on me. I called back because $11 is not a sufficient refund for the 3 orders of chicken that were burnt. Plus he didn’t even give me his name. At that point I also wanted to know the number to the corporate office. When I called back Rahman agreed to give me a full refund. The way how he went about it was very rude. I was appalled by his behavior. He even made asked me snidely “Is that it?” And hung up on me again. This is not a way to treat customers nor to run a business. The business I work for always orders from Jackson Avenue Domino’s for holiday parties and spends hundreds of dollars. I will let the president, of my company, know of this incident.


richard October 18, 2014 at 10:50 pm

would just like to say. i have never went to a place of business that tells someone that they are to busy to take a order WOW. what happen to customer service . i live in a small town in fort mohave az . tha domino’s , on hwy 95 X camp mohave will never get my business every again . it think some one should do something about the employees at domino’s .
so for that been said. thank you saving my money domino’s . i will tell me friends.we will meet at shake’s pizza for now on .


Martin Stolmeier October 18, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Been ordering Pizza Hut for a long time. 20$ at most with extra toppings. Decided to try dominos, ordered my se favorite pizza and you wanted 27 dollars!! Guy gave me a coupon after asking.. Brought it down to 19$. It got here in 30 min but it was XXXXX!!!! Never again Dominos, never again!!!


BJ October 17, 2014 at 2:11 pm

I recently quit as a driver for Dominos and the reasons seem to parallel the complaints which I have read. The particular management of the Dominos I worked for stated that the customer was more important than the employees and that employees are a dime a dozen. So if you have bad service the employees have had enough of being treated as disposal items. The straw that broke the proverbial camels back in my situation came about due to a managers statement. He stated that anyone who joined the military was stupid! Well I happened to be military retired and the vice-commander of an American Legion…need I say more!


Bob October 15, 2014 at 10:07 pm

I just ate some of your pizza for the first time. I’m from NYC the pizza capitol. Have you ever eaten NY pizza? The crap you sent was worse than frozen pizza. I ate one slice and threw the rest in the garbage. Please don’t call this pizza, just call it cheese bread. I don’t know what they eat in Michigan but it’s not pizza. Why don’t you send some of your people to Rays Pizza in NYC to taste good pizza and see if you can copy it. I would have to be starving to ever eat a Dominos Pizza Again.


Benjamin October 14, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I placed an order at 7:40 and 8:35 I called to see the status and the guy that answered was so rude and stated that there was no order under my number and hung up! The order confirmation was sent to my email as soon as I place the order @ 7:40 I called back and spoke with Jeremy the shift manager and he too stood to their belief that the order was never placed! Do not order here at Clearfield utah dominos they never acknowledge their mistake and they will make you feel like a fool! Unprofessional, uncivilized and uneducated people work here…


Marsha October 9, 2014 at 1:25 pm

I waited for 45 minutes to get pizza and wings delivered, When they arrived neither was exible, the wings were soggy and the pizza was luke warm. $19.00 plus a tip later I called the store and spoke with the manager and figured out immediately what the problem was. Customer service was lacking as well. The Domino’s in Overland Park, Kansas on 9th street needs to remember that there are pizza’s sold on every corner. They are not the only one’s in town.


Jose Velez October 6, 2014 at 7:10 pm

On Oct 2 my kids wanted me to buy a pizza pie from our local Dominos. So I drove to STORE #3676 1430 Richmond Ave Staten Island, NY 10314 and as I was walk in I notice the restaurant in the window even though they were trying to hide it. It was a “C” grade.
A letter grade of ‘C’ indicates more than 28 health code violations. This is when things start to get pretty gross—and possibly dangerous. For instance, sanitation violations at this level sound like “Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas;” “Hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room;” or “Food item spoiled, adulterated, contaminated or cross-contaminated.” At the moment, about 200 of the 473 inspected Manhattan restaurants on the DOH website fit into the ‘C’ category. I’ll never eat Domino’s again!


Peggy Griffin October 4, 2014 at 7:47 pm

We recently visited Dominos in 2 different towns in England, where they serve chocolate chip cookies…..Fabulous! These were truly some of the best cookies I have ever eaten. My husband and I strongly encourage you to make them available in the USA (and DO NOT Change the recipe!!!!!)


CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON September 30, 2014 at 9:43 pm



tina September 29, 2014 at 11:08 pm

I ordered from dominos pizza in 607 Riesterstown rd at 10:15pm september 29, 2014 Pikesville maryland tonight and the manager Deria……was very rude. She did not acknowledge her mistake and told me I could not get my order fixed. She messed up my order and told me to bring my order there or there wes nothing she could do. she made me pay extra for what I have already ordered and told me to send the product back that they gave me. She Was rude, disredpectful, Unprofessional, Unapologetic and getto. I fear eating from the branch of Domino’s pizza because of her nonchalant and disredpectful behavior. Customers service is everything. I feel totally violated and afraid to eat my food that just arrived and it’s burnt. Soooooooooh disappointed !!!!!!!!


Jess September 28, 2014 at 4:06 pm

Worst pizza I’ve ever ate!

I ordered pizza from dominoes last week the pizza came absolutely fantastic.
You could tell, it was fully cooked. Thick in middle and golden brown.

Now. Today. Sunday, September 28th
I ordered the exact same pizza’s.
First off it came in 20 minutes,that was my first red flag.
Payed EXTRA for a bunch of seeds in a container. After asking for a package of red peppers. Wtf is that?
Anyways. I opened up one of the pizza’s. The pizza was not done. Period. The middle as THIN AS A SHEET OF PAPER, Soaked up with tomato sauce that had NO FLAVOR. how can you go from a 110% great pizza. To a total SLOP pie?
It was way under done,to the point of tasting the active YEAST IN IT.
ALL this on My FOOTBALL Sunday. It truly was tge worst pizza I’ve ever tasted.
Ordered from Sauk Rapids Mn dominos. I called and was told it was fully cooked.
Bull XXXXX. And yourselves proved it to me last time.

Guess its a crap Shoot like 1980s again.


vm September 27, 2014 at 3:11 pm


I will no longer order/eat Domino’s pizza as long as Domino’s refuses to take responsibility with respect to its suppliers and implements an international policy on food animal protection. Nestlé did. So can Domino’s.

Re: recent media reports/Leprino abuse 

“A Domino’s spokesman said that this was not an issue with the cheese supplier. Instead, it was an “isolated case of sadistic acts by employees at a single dairy farm in southern New Mexico,” Tim McIntyre said in a statement emailed to several news outlets.”

Sadly, I will miss your delicious pizza 🙁

A former, regular customer in Barrie, Ontario


Lily September 18, 2014 at 10:01 pm

I had made n order numerous times with the dominoes in my area. They as usual did not bring the dressing and it’s not the first time. The “manager” chantalia was very rude as well as all the other employees that answered the phone and hung up on me 8-10 times which I have record of on my phone. They said that they are a private company and don’t care if I call corporate because they won’t do anything g for me. They still represent your brand and should not be working for your franchise if they don’t know how to talk to. Customers. They had me on hold several times and after 10 minute waits just hung up on me. Please contact me as I would like to speak to someone high up to see what they will do to rectify this disgusting example if customer service. My number is 954-756-2466 and my name is Lily


Ashley Shultz September 14, 2014 at 10:43 pm

I will be reporting this LOng Island City, NY Dominos to corporate, along with every single investor. As a publicly traded company, investors need to know the complete and utter lack or respect and blatant rude behavior your employees treated me, as a previous (no longer ever again) customer, with.

Last night around 8 PM, and after 2 hours and no pizza, I called your store location 17 times, and was hung up on twice after I asked to speak with the manager. This also included speaking over me as I was trying to ask whom I was speaking to, and then was told if I wanted my pizza I could either come pick it up myself or go get it from another location. Then I called back and asked if this was even seriously happening and asked to speak to Lance and they hung up on me again!! At this point, I had absolutely had it, and I so not out up with this behavior.

I went to the store with my husband to ask who exactly I was speaking to and to get their names-Lance Stokes, Mohammed houssain, and Avi. They all denied who it was I was speaking to, and wouldn’t let us get a word in without going back and forth trying to speak loudly, and highly aggressively over us. After being hung up on, yelled at, and lied to- I pointed out that not so much as one single person had even apologized for the rude behavior. Lance (the alleged manager) walked away in the middle of it all. I have NEVER been treated like this, and I absolutely will without a doubt be heard loud and clear until something is done.

I will be reaching out to every single investor that you have, along with contacting corporate, reporting you to the NYC health department, the better business bureau, and I want a call immediately Monday morning.

Ashley Shultz


c September 14, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Lehi Utah Dominos, second time I have ordered from them in a month after not using their services for a while because of same issue, order is late and when you call to find out how much longer it will be the employees are completely Rude, treated me like XXXXX, acted like how dare you call here we already have your money,and then tell you it will be there soon why are you calling. When I ask to speak to the manager and after waiting forever on hold the manager is rude and doesn’t care that his employees are rude!!! And the food is late. 50 min. For pizza is rediculous. And after all of that the food is not cooked ! The cheese bread is raw! And the pizza is messed up, the olives are old. I will take my business else where. Not to a company that doesn’t care about customers, service or the quality of their food. And continues to have poor service and treat their customers badly!


Susan September 12, 2014 at 2:53 pm

I just received a phone call from my caller id said (909)881-2521 from what sounded like a young black male stating that my number was left on his car for hitting his taillight, I said that he had the wrong number,he said “give me your insurance XXXXXX”. I did a call back from my caller id and spoke with the manger that stated nobody from that facility had called my number, that anybody could have used the number. I told her that it had to come from that facility because i did a callback. She denied any such doing. I researched the number that was on my caller id on the website of dominos and found that it is a store on the other side of town from where i live.I do not appreciate someone calling my home and accusing me of causing damage to their car. I should have got a name but was shocked by the accusation. I wanted this encounter to be doXXXXented.


john waters September 11, 2014 at 3:16 pm

On Monday I called for a pizza at about 6 pm. I had just left the vet for my dog. We made plans for him to be put down the next day. I was not in the right state of mind. I walked in the Domino’s pizza on Warwick ave in Warwick R.I. and I found a 100 dollar bill. I saw a couple walking out and I asked them if it was there’s. They said no. A second latter the cashier said give it to me, so I did. As soon as I left I called my farther and told him what happened. He called right away, the manager told him they will find the person it belong to because they have three camera’s. I did not want him to call. I got home and sat down with my family and my wife said to go through my wallet. When I did we noticed it was mine. I did not call back because the way I was treated. The way the acted I know they wouldn’t even care or believe me. There is no way anybody will come forward. If they do have a camera, they will see that it was mine. My number I gave them when I ordered the pizza is 401-738-XXXXx. The number I called from is 401-545-XXXXx. I know they decided to keep it because they never called my number when they looked at the camera. Also when the girl ordered me to give it to her. She didn’t ask for anything. Even if it was not mine and they couldn’t find the person who it belong to, they would keep it. I just didn’t want argue with them, I was not in the right state of mind. Thank you John Waters.


Christopher Thompson September 5, 2014 at 7:15 am



Leslie August 31, 2014 at 1:54 am

I called and spoke with manager Shane, who would not give his last name, in Abilene,TX about my food being delivered to the wrong person. When I got angry at his tone he started yelling at me and ended up hanging up on me. He handeled the situation VERY poorly. The driver didn’t ask for proof of payment from the people that signed for my food. The manager wanted to know why I couldn’t just go ask my neighbors for the food. He was extremely rude.


james porter jr August 29, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Im making a complaint on the dominoes in Englewood fl the manager lou plays faverites with an employee named mike. mike only folds boxes and steals other peoples deliveries just because he knows they tip good if they dont tip good he pushes them off on other drivers so they get a XXXXXy tip or stiffed on order he has been playing favorites with him the past six months ive seen and lou makes the worst food ive seen from dominoes him and mike both need to bare fired the two of them are why you lost all your customers not the people lou has fired saying it was them when it was really him and mike they are gonna have your stuff closed down if they ain’t fired and this ain’t a threat just to say I know more then I’m saying Ann’s odd give the store a negative teen stars just because of them to not counting things in freezers and other stuff I’ve Seen in the stor but call me at 941585**** for rest of info about this Englewood fl store


Jessica Bradley August 21, 2014 at 6:54 pm

I have worked all day I have ordered my food over an hour ago. I only live about 7 min from the newark dominos on central avenue in nj. They keep telling the driver is on the way, and that thwy are very busy. By the time I get my food it will be time for the store to close. I am not satisfied with the service being rendered.


jessica August 22, 2014 at 5:40 am

The result of last night. I never got my food. I went to the place the order came from , and They closed the store. One guy came to the window and said we are closed, I explained my order never came, he went back to doing his work.


Tristan August 13, 2014 at 3:43 am

This is actually a pre employment complaint I got terminated from store number 7109 canyon rd washington for asking for a break after working for 7 hrs. The manager told me to get out of her store and I was terminated the next day. The managers there manipulate all there number by marking there pizzas as triple sauce and by editing customers rating in the system. The managers steal tips from there drivers. They have all there employees work off the clock. They sell over proofed dough and leave all the food sitting out in the open not In the cooler after 10pm. This company also does not insure there drivers with the delivery charge that they charge there customers!!! The manager Devon from this store treats her employees and customers horribly and she has a low rating. Nobody in the store feels comfortable working with her and has had many complaints to the area supervisor Bryan HanXXXX who seems to be playing favoritism with her and giving her no consequences she also makes $13 hr which is more then the gm. I have never been treated so poorly by a company before.


Tristan August 13, 2014 at 3:55 am

They also clock there drivers out early on runs and edit peoples schedule. The store also doesn’t have a license for sitting in and eating and they have people come in throughout the whole day and eat inside the store. There is so many things that this store does wrong and honestly I just would like to see things fixed cause some of the other drivers there are my friends and don’t want them to loose there job or keep getting mistreated. And customers should not be treated that way they should never be snapped at to hurry up and pick a crust style. I have worked for this company for 3+ years and have always put my all in this company sucks that they won’t fight for there employees. I will miss working for them wish I could of got transferred….


Amanda August 2, 2014 at 10:27 pm

for those of you that had a bad experience with dominos I sincerely apologize I actually used to work for them not to long ago for almost 2 years. aside from what happened while I was working there the only reason that we don’t wear gloves is because we’re supposed to wash our hands before during and after any type of contact with any raw food at least I would make sure I wash my hands and all the employees on the makeline with me washed their hands too. we were taught to never touch the food with our hands after it comes out of the oven though. I was told that’s why people who work at Subway wear gloves because they touch the food and it doesn’t go into any type of oven so that’s how people could get sick whereas at dominos the food goes into the oven so they say that because the ovens are at a really high temperature it can burn any germs or so they say. as long as people keep calling corporate and making sure that places like these including other types of companies aren’t treating customers like this hopefully it changes things. there’s a lot of places including Domino’s where young people are hired and they don’t really care about the job but I know it’s not just the young people, it just depends on the type of people you hire I guess who actually want to work and who need to pay their bills instead of just working somewhere for the fun of it. Namaste to all! 🙂


Doug Riggs Jr. August 2, 2014 at 12:20 pm

To whom this should concern within Domino’s Pizza Headquarters;
This last Friday night I ordered from my local Dominos in Chino Valley AZ, I believe the total was $22.57 for a salad, bread sticks a pasta dish with one 2 liter of diet coke. I am a long time customer I try very hard to be fair, long suffering, and kind to those I deal with at Dominos (and through out life) most of the staff is kind, mostly easy to deal with two of our favorites are Dennis and a young man named Daniel. Having to write this bad review really is a low point in our relationship but I finally have had enough of the bad service, poor attitudes and less the great product of late. I know Dominos can do better, heck this is not rocket science here, your making food, pizza, pasta this is what you do. A couple of weeks ago I watched a show on either the food network or the history channel about the long history and development of Domino’s Pizza, they even showed your basicly idiot proof system for product control in making your pizzas etc, very cool. If this is so why am I having so many problems with my local Dominos. The quality, customers service etc, has really dropped like a stone, why? I know that working at a pizza joint is not high pay not the best job in the world (most of these young persons are most likely going to school) But is it too much to ask for some professionalism, some pride or basicly giving a darn.

This last Friday dear Daniel (Daniel is a nice guy, really) shows up with no order slip for me to sign for the order, plus he has no pen with which to sign. This is not the first time this has happened I think this is the eighth time (with different people) third time with Daniel. This is unacceptable, Ryan the manger says we do not require them to carry a pens (really a pen seems like a basic needed tool for a pizza person) Sounds like Ryan was just try to b.s. me. But wait it gets better..I have asked them plus Ryan and Daniel please make sure you have a pen and an order slip with you please..this goes in one ear and out another. They (Dominos employees just seem to roll their eyes at this) While at this point I was so disappointed with Daniel I told him to go back to the store get a order slip and a pen, I had finally had it. Daniel just looked sheepish and kept saying I m sorry. Daniel finally returns with a slip but no pen!!!!! I just looked at him in disbelief. Daniel said again for the third time I could follow you to the house you could find a pen inside (really!!!!) I live on a three acre property, we have three large dogs each 100lbs or more, they don’t know him but because of the poor mangerment and Daniel’s lack of professionalism, I m to let him on the property?. Again I looked at him in slack jawed disbelief, I said that is not a good idea. So I had to walk back all the way to the house to look for a pen which Daniel should have had upon his person! Is this really the kind of cut rate customer service things have come to? I return with the slip signed, but with no tip (I always tip, pretty good too) but I felt that his proformance didn’t warrant it. Daniel was disappointed and so was I (I like to tip)

So after an hour I finally get my food, the pasta was just thrown into the bowel (not really attractive) but I ate it (plus I had to reheat it) The bread sticks were hard and over cooked (like dog biscuits) and no dipping sauce at all. The salad was ok. I called Ryan several times as my disappointment grew. Ryan was no help he just kept say sorry well get it right next time. I said Ryan these sticks are hard I have no sauce. He said what do you want me too do? Really!!!! He should know what and or how to fix this. At first I thought that Ryan was a nice young man, but by the end of our dealings I don’t think much of this management style. Finally Ryan says maybe next time I will fix you up with some free food. I said Ryan I don’t want free food, I want good service and good food and my order to be filled correctly, where is your quality control? He said I believe sorry man. I said maybe I should deal with Little Caeasrs next time and save myself from your lackluster attitude. He said what ever floats your boat dude. I am now no longer Mr. Riggs, I have been down graded to man or dude..really!!!! Now I have finally met the real Ryan this young man really is in over his head or he clearly doesn’t give a darn.

I would like someone in headquarters to contact me and explain why this happened, why this and other issues keep happening? Is it that my standards are too high, am I wanting too much. Am I out of touch with reality??? This was the day that broke the bow guys, this is really piss poor.

In closing we once upon a time did business with Pizza Hut ( Great yummie pizza) we kept running into the same issues of bad customer service wrong orders (all the time) Then when we brought the issues to the managements attention (a lot of the time they were rude) I think because there were so many problems, they were most likely wondering what was going on (so were we) Finally decided that enough was enough it was not going to get any we switched to Dominos solely to fulfill your pizza and yummie food fix. Now things are going south again..maybe we will have to switch again? I am not an unreasonable person (most of the time) but I will not put up with bad service, bad attitudes, bad product? Period!!!! and people just trying to do the bear min just to slide by. I will start making my own pizza before I do that. So balls in the court, wow me or at lest entertain me with a grand tale, yes my attitude sucks as well at this point.

A Reasonable Customer Who has had his Fill!
D. Riggs
(928) 636-XXXXx or (928) 308-XXXXx


quita July 16, 2014 at 12:38 am

I order a pizza n paid with alotta change. The driver look like a crackhead. The manager unprofessional.. the driver sent threatened txts. He sent me a text saying was short change and threatened call the police. I will contact corporate office tomorrow


charles phillips June 19, 2014 at 3:14 pm

I live in shelburn, Indiana and have ordered pizza from the dominos pizza place in sullivan,Indiana for about a year now most times I order 3 or 4 times a week.Over 2 months ago I ordered a pizza and it was delivered.I ate the first piece and it was ok,when I bit into the second piece I bit into something that cut the inside of my mouth and my throat, I spit out what was in my mouth and hacked up what was in my throat and discovered that it was a hard piece of clear plastic,I called the sullivan,Indiana dominos and the driver came out and retrieved the plastic and assured me that they would contact me in a few days about it.They never did.I again called them back and they said that they sent it in to be tested and would get back with me when they heard something.They still never called back in over a month and 1/2. I called the cooperate office and they said they would contact the owners and have them get in touch with me,they never did call me.I once again called the cooperate office 2 days ago and they said they would esculate the matter to someone higher up and that they would contact me.They never did.Now i call back today and they tell me they are esculating to the top people.If i dont hear something back by this weekend I am going to take your company to court and sue you to the fullest extent and contact the channel 2 and channel 10 news team with my story


Michael Grissom June 18, 2014 at 11:29 am

Last night we ordered pizza from our local Dominos in Fenton Missouri and have to say I was so disappointed not only in the fact my pizza was not made right but also the fact the manager failed to do anything to correct it except offer me some vouchers in the mail. Which I know he won’t send. We have ordered pizza from here so many times and if there ever was a mistake they would give us a credit for the next time we ordered. I have been to friends houses and they order Dominos and the pizza looks phenomenal, and other times just a mess. If corporate does read these I would hope that you would do something about this as I think spending 25.00 on some pizza that only costs you 3-5 dollars to make would be a simple fix if you are wanting to retain loyal customers. Thanks


Patty Smith June 9, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Yesterday I ordered two pizzas, a sandwich and your new specialty chicken (order #117481). The food arrived in the estimated time. We tipped the delivery guy $10. We sat down to eat our food and found that the large 1/2 Cheese and 1/2 pepperoni had NO cheese on the pepperoni side. Is it a pizza without cheese!?! The medium pepperoni pizza was BURNT. The sandwich was good and your specialty chicken was awful. I called the store #7854 to complain and the manager was the rudest I think I have ever been treated. He said the problem was ME and that I ordered it wrong. I asked about the burnt pizza we received. He said that was impossible because the pizza is cooked on a conveyor belt. I told him it is burnt. He said he won’t deal with me and then hung up. We took pictures of the burnt pizza then threw it away. The center was so burned it just crumbled apart. It is ridiculous to spend the kind of money we did for delivery and then to have someone hang up on you when you have a legitimate complaint. You have lost a customer for life. I will tell everyone about Domino’s reaction to their customers. Pizza Hut has all my business now.


Lee Webb June 4, 2014 at 7:41 pm

I am aware an inexpensive device made of 2 pieces of injection molded plastic that could be given away to increase the number of pizza deliveries. It is original and has never been produced. By it’s nature, when used, it would be in the hands of many millions (almost everyone) on a daily basis.
The device could have Domino’s tel number or phone link on it.
I have a working prototype and would like to do a quick show and tell to a Domino’s rep in Phoenix.


mcooke May 31, 2014 at 9:09 pm

Usually eat dominos all the time. Until passed two incidents my family had enjoyed pizza with your company for years. 1st incident, ordered roughly $40 worth of pizza and wings, took 3 hours to arrive. When it came it was cold to the touch. Delivery driver complained that they were tired of being the only delivery driver and had headaches, so and so forth. Called the manager, said he would not charge my card for the order ( apologized, seemed very nice). Read off a receipt with a card number and everything. My husband had ordered online and selected cash, but I thought he played with card so the manager blatantly lied to me reading off phony numbers to me. Spoke with a customer care associate, told me the manager would contact me. Didn’t happen. Contacted same rep, apologized and sent me a gift card. Manager finally contacted me but I figured its been two weeks, I’m done with it. We decide after a couple months, “hey maybe that was a bad night, let’s try again.” Order pizza online arrives in timely manner. Box is hot and pizza looks pretty good. Until you bite it and its straight pizza dough. Called same guy “charlie or chuck ” apologizes tells my husband he’s making one up himself as if “cooking it for his own brother from another mother” or whatever. Calls let’s us know when its on the way. Doesn’t take too long but it arrives and its the same color as the black box the pan pizza comes in. Not only that, one of the pizzas is missing some toppings. He must not care much for his “brother from anotha mother.” I’m thinking we should of went with our original gut feeling and ordered from somewhere else. Tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but money doesn’t grow on trees. Even if it did, I wouldn’t waste it on another dominos pizza. Location needs new employees and management.


Travis May 29, 2014 at 8:17 pm

Although there are a lot of negative comments on this website i for one enjoy my experience with Dominos I have ordered several pizzas in the past and have usually been satisfied with the outcome. I think Domino’s Pizza in Hyannis Cape Cod is doing a phenomenal job I would also like to suggest that they make CHILDREN’S PIZZA for a price point of approximately five dollars and have the box with the games on it or perhaps a toy kind of like a “happy meal” for Domino’s


Jamie Brand May 20, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Tonight we ordered pizza and two orders of wings. We asked for blue cheese dipping sauce, and none was delivered. I called the store and the “manager” said it would be here within 10 minutes. We didn’t want the wings without the sauce. 45 minutes later I called the store again. We were waiting for the sauce to eat. What a waste of $20. The wings are cold and disgusting. The “manager” asked “What do you want me to do about it? I can’t control what the driver is doing” . You lost a loyal customer.


Tammy May 19, 2014 at 5:31 pm

The nicest people in town. I have been a customer for the Dominos in Douglasville, GA on Kings Highway for a couple of years. The greatest staff and management you could ask for. They are personable, friendly, efficient and professional. I asked the manager how is he always in such a great mood, he replied, “he loves people and he loves his job.” And in hard economic times I have been able to feed my family for under 10.00 at a place they love. I have nothing but praise for Kings Highway Dominos.


cathy haddad May 18, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Its been bothering me for a while so now im gonna tell u like it is…stop coming up with new ways to invent new menu items ! Instead work on the size of your pizzas!!! Back in 80s and 90s things were going great right? What is up with your so called large or xtr large pizzas looking like a personal size pizza? This is the whole reason why I stopped ordering from you! Fix the problem dont invent new ones!


Tayla edge May 15, 2014 at 10:51 pm

I have called several times in one night I waited two hours to get food and never got it this guy says he was the manager and he told me his problems and I said look I don’t need you to get snappy with me I’m telling you I have a diabetic grandma and it’s been two hours and I still haven’t gotten my food and I’m only 15 and I don’t have a vehicle so I can’t go pick it up so he decides to cancel my order and it was very very rude


1960 store treated me like dirt here in houston tx im gonna file mistreatment of public May 15, 2014 at 10:44 pm

please call me i was treated very sorry ass tonight from management at your houston texas fm 1960 location we called in order at 7pm and at 9:30 i called and only for them to tell me the driver had been by and knocked on my door which was a damn lie and then when i called your customer phone rep put me on hold for 15 minutes.i have supported your resturant tremendously and feel this is a great. level of disrespect and will call my lawyer in morning i can be reached @832-398-XXXXX rev.cliff walls


dian murphy May 15, 2014 at 6:05 pm

My daughter has phoned in orders to the Riverdale, Ga store several times and they continually get the orders wrong. Today, in addition to the order being wrong, the driver cursed me! Needless to say, No more orders will EVER be placed from this household again!


Rafael Cozzarelli May 15, 2014 at 3:27 pm

The service of Domino’s in the Republic of Panama is terrible, nothing compared with the previous comments, which I consider light.
Is a shame that the second largest pizza restaurant in the US, does not pay more attention in customer service, specially in the representatives they have in the country. A not oriented person in customer service in this organization is letal to the image of Domino’s. This is the case of Panama. The operations Manager let this things happen because in Panama, the Customer service in general terms, is terrible!. so the attention on details are so important to validate the strongest quality of food that Domino’s offer around the world. Please, make corrections soon.


zureena May 8, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I went into store 7510 in Utah worst experience ever I will not be returning anytime soon.They did a horrible job on my order the pizza was all burned and when you picked it up it crumbled apart. When I told them about it they said I need to pay attention to what I am ordering and I wouldn’t have that problem. I originally had a large and when they remade the pizza I ended up with a medium. It didnt even feed my whole family so half of us had to eat cereal. The staff in this location were very very rude.


Kate Allen May 2, 2014 at 10:20 pm

Don,t be so proud you can,t fix your problems. I will never use you again, even for a free pizza, That is not what this is all about. My son delivered pizzas years ago. Before he got a cell phone people would say he did not deliver on time and try and get a free pizza. After the cellphone age he would sit outside their home and say they were there and purposely not open the door to him. I don.t want your free pizzas, just good service.


Kate Allen May 2, 2014 at 10:11 pm

This is Friday night. We normally order a pizza from you and relax for the evening. No delivery lots of excuses and whats worse we can,t get through to your company Online. Are you so busy you don,t have time for your customers. I guess profit is more important to you. This has been a really bad experience for my husband and I. I never thought the pizza business was bigger than it,s customers. Maybe it,s time I make my own and not give you my money.


Vickie Ives April 30, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Dear Dominos,
I love the idea of a fruit pizza….with a cream cheese icing base and seasonal fruit.


maurice April 28, 2014 at 12:41 pm

here’s the Corp number…734) 930-3030


Kate Allen May 2, 2014 at 10:28 pm

Just try getting through to them. It,s a big joke all around. They really don,t want to hear from us.


Lisa April 27, 2014 at 9:58 pm

I ordered my family pizza and it never came!! When I called, Jordan (Sand springs manager), told me it was canceled. When I was upset he put it off on me. Supposedly he tried to call me 4 times but that can’t be the case because my phone does not show any missed calls nor did it ring. I will never order Domino’s again. Jordan does not need to be a manager if he doesn’t understand how to speak civilly to a customer especially when it’s their fault.


Chris Berube April 25, 2014 at 7:55 pm

The cookie pizza was not a stupid idea you should sell more of them all the time there a group of use that are very upset about it


Aundrea Sparks April 20, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Hi. I am writing this email because I’m very disappointed. We live in hot springs arkansas and have been ordering delivery from the dominoes on east grand for over eight years. Our minimum order is ALWAYS $35 and we always tip graciously. Just called to place my order and they informed me that they “cut back on their delivery zone” and I am no longer able to be a delivery customer. Pissed off! This was our closest and only dominoes option. We have always paid whatever delivery charge they have charged us, now you have lost a customer for good. I won’t even order for carry out anymore. This is crazy!

Aundrea Sparks


Don Howard April 18, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Ur current tv ads r disgusting. 3 scenes sho personnel handling food without gloves…now, that’s dirty, against health regs. I trust sane people in ur organization wud agree…that’s disgusting.


Lindsey Basham April 14, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I order the same thing every Monday. I just click on the order and today they sent me the wrong thing. So I call and the manager was so rude and said it was my fault. I told her that I order the same thing every week and he responds with “I don’t care. You ordered the wrong thing”. When I asked for the corporate number she said she would send me another one. That was two hours ago. Does any one know of a corporate number to call? This is ridiculous. And I am very aggravated. 🙁


Amber April 13, 2014 at 3:25 pm

I called Dominos on 4/13/14 to place an order for my sons birthday party.. I live in Saginaw, Mi and called the one on State street in saginaw i talked to the office manager well at least he said he was. His name was Chris.. I asked for some special’s and he told me that i needed to order 5 or more for 5.99 each.. I asked about bread sticks and he said what didnt i understand about just the 5.99 pizza! I asked to speak to someone else and he refused to let me, I asked for Corps number and he told me i didnt need it. So I asked again “I need pizza for 32 kids and bread sticks, He stated I am not sure what you arent understanding they are 5.99 each for the pizzas and you need to order 5 or more! If this is how you guys allow you managers to talk to people then you should shut down you pizza places.. That manger was beyond rude and i let him know it.. I also told him my family wont ever order from them again.


matt krueger April 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

I order at dominos pizza in Denver, CO. Park Ave & I order from the app and the past 3-4 times they have messed my order up & I had to wait for them to remake it….=( Plus some of the staff their are very very rude! I order twice a week and they seem to mess it up every time & then they act snobby and rude =( I would not recamend this store =(


Nathan March 27, 2014 at 2:11 am

Just ordered 3 pizzas from fruitvale store in oakland ca. I ordered online at 10:03pm by 10:26pm the tracker says its ready, giving them a little extra time we go pick it up at 10:40pm, I get there and they give me 2 pizza, I asked for my third one and the stupid cashier giving me attitude stated I only ordered two, mind you, she already took payment for 3 pizzas!! I end up having to wait additional 20 mins for my third pizza. And you still want to charge me for f***ing crushed pepper? You’re f***ing kidding right? $2.00 for a couple packets!? After you f***ed up my order, that should’ve been the least you could’ve done. Needless to say, i’ve never had to pay for crushed pepper, EVER! NEVER ordering from them again.


Isaac Davis, Jr., MBA April 5, 2014 at 9:53 pm


Thank you for sharing. I have never written a complaint letter EVER but after reading your experience and my own experience I was compelled to write one this time. It is horrible customer service and someone needs to address this immediately.


Kathie Norris March 26, 2014 at 9:40 pm

After being a dedicated loyal customer of dominoes tonite i no longer am, i livein Holister Mo. Tonite i ordered a philly cheese stk sandwich and a order of choclate lava cakes. The sandwich. Was horrible cold, dry, and tasted like rotten meat.lava cakes were. equally a dissapointment hard and cold when i called the store to coplain and to inform them that the meat was ruined the guy ( nathan) said ” it just. Come in this morning and hung up hence dominoes allowes it employees to act so rude and disrespectful?


joe mullin March 23, 2014 at 3:33 am

So I just ordered 3 large pizzas… and the one the entire pizza was black and green mild in the dough!!!!! And this mold was very clear to see. And your employee at 5018 – 45th Street Unit 103
Red Deer, AB T4N1K9 ( exact address) had the f***ing nerve to tell me that it’s grease from the dough make machines?!?!?! Well guess what that’s still hazardous to the body I better get some f***ing answers real f***ing fast if not my lawyer will be called.


jimmy weakland March 16, 2014 at 3:31 pm


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Jimmy Weakland SM T835


tiffany March 15, 2014 at 9:28 pm

I just seen the new commercial and makes me not want to eat the pizza… shouldn’t the pizza makers be wearing gloves? Who knows what the touch, gross! I used to like Domino’s, but not after seeing the workers do Not wear gloves.


IKP March 28, 2014 at 7:05 pm

I was just thinking the very same thing!!!!! In this day and age, how is it possible that gloves are not worn?!?!? Please…. Put some gloves on those “tools”!!!!!


TK April 11, 2014 at 9:17 am

Sorry, you’re wrong here. It is standard to not wear gloves when making pizzas (or any hot food for that matter). First, gloves don’t necessarily mean that they are germ free–what did they just touch with their gloves? Are they changing their gloves frequently? Forgetting how difficult it would be to actually make and handle the dough with gloves, when the pizza is placed in the very hot oven (usually around 600) and germs that were on there during preparation will be killed.
This is actually common practice in restaurants as dictated by food safety courses. They are doing nothing wrong, but if it bothers you that much, I recommend that you make pizza at home, since every pizzaria cook will be touching your food.


David March 15, 2014 at 4:17 pm

Yes i have a complaint Taylor the head manger at the china springs location and one of your divers that drives a yellow Chevy cobalt were in the back of your store smoking weed if these is the kind of people you hire then i don’t want any thing to do with your company and I’ll make shur no one else does ether…..


cindy March 7, 2014 at 3:31 am

Hi my name is Cindy Watson, my parents not only lived across the street from the first dominoes pizza in ypsi, they also knew the men who opened it. And it just so happens that mom was pregnant with me and all she could keep down was dominoes pizza. So I guess I was born to eat pizza, and yes I was born in ypsilanti!!


sarah currie March 3, 2014 at 10:00 pm

I used to be an assistant manager at dominoes pizza in Pembroke Ontario until we Had an issue concerning a gas leak which I had complained about for 2-3 months. Eventually, I decided to call the gas company myself to have them fix it. That night, an employee disliked by the owners was wrongfully accused of tampering with the gas pipes. and his employment was terminated. During my employment there, I had written a coupon for a free pizza to a customer who was given the wrong order many times. I ran into him several weeks ago, and he told me they did not honor his coupon since i no longer work there. I was baffled to hear such a thing and apologized embarrassingly. Just tonight, another customer I used to serve recognized me and told me the exact same thing. Not to pleased with that store. But why would I be surprised?


Ryan March 3, 2014 at 8:49 pm

Dominos location 3111 White St, Rock Hill SC. Rude manager, told me I have the option to go to somewhere other than Dominos when I called with a complaint about the Dominos store, Monday 03-03-14, 3:00 pm. Unbelievable. I’ve been a long, long time customer until now. No more. Papa Johns it is.


David February 26, 2014 at 9:18 pm

I have not had a Domino’s pizza in several years but while staying in a hotel in Florence, AL I decided to give it a try. It was by far the best delivery pizza experience that I have ever had. The food was perfect, the service was outstanding, and the price was fair. Kudos to that location for winning me over and I will give Domino’s another try. I can only hope that the next time I order it is in the same ballpark. Great job team Florence, you should be recognized for doing such an outstanding job. Thank you.


alpha February 25, 2014 at 10:06 pm

Have very important information that would like to know about one of stores in the st. Louis mo. Stores on 2- 25-2014. Please call or email me. Thanks


Kendra February 22, 2014 at 7:08 pm

I like dominos fine but the commercials show the pizzas being handmade and NO ONE is wearing gloves. Grossed me out so much!!!


Bernisha February 21, 2014 at 6:12 pm

Never had a problem with Dimino’s pizza till February 20th my boyfriend ordered us a pizza after I got off work around 9:30 to 10 First Complaint the lady was very rude he said to me and Second the next morning we both woke up throwing up with headaches and the runs we went to the hospital and was told we had food poisoning On February 21st.


Elliott February 21, 2014 at 4:23 am

I was watching TV the other night and a Dominos pizza Ad come on. Its the new one where their talking about craftsmens and then they gone on making a pizza , then one empolyee turns and says, we are carftsmen and these are my tools, even in the back ground while he was talking someones making a pizza, Then i think to myself on ones wearing them plastic see threw gloves that that all other resturants that deal with food prep. So if their emoplyees are making you a pizza just after one wipes or picks his or her nose or even changed there kids diaper then went into work and made ya a pizza with them same hands, Think about it before you make that next phone call for a pizza from Dominos. If Dominos wants to be a leader in its industries , then they need to set the bar for others stating we care about our customers enough to show them that at Dominos their employees wear gloves while making the customers pizza and that they set a heath standard for the customers well being.


Drew Comer February 23, 2014 at 3:31 pm

I know someone who works at dominos and I understand your point no question but they dont have to wear gloves becae the oven is at 500 degrees or more so the bacteria is nullified its destoyed sort a speak when it comes out of the oven is a differnt story.


Kimberly Sulpizi February 20, 2014 at 9:55 pm

I ordered a pizza and ended up being charged $12 more then my receipt said. I emailed Domino’s and was told they were fowarding my complaint to the owner of that particular store. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard back. Not a happy customer at all.


Joan Nuttridge February 10, 2014 at 8:40 pm

I ordered medium pepperoni pizza & bread sticks. Was told total was$17.74. When I picked up my order I questioned why I wasn’t told about early weeklarge 3-topping pizza for $7.99 or 2-topping medium for $7.99? Employee had no answer for me. I hesitantly paid the $17.74. I had to request a receipt. Only then did I read the sign that said if not given a receipt your pizza is free. This employee had no intention of making me a happy ,repeat customer. PizzaHut- here I come.


Brendan February 3, 2014 at 4:54 pm


I’m hoping this gets into the right hands. Recently I had placed an order at dominos for two pizzas, bread sticks and two beverages. I waited over two hours for cold food pizzas no drinks not even an apology. I called the store and informed them of how I felt. The “supervisor” was quite defensive stating that they are busy. I have been a long time customer you can check my account activity and never have I encountered this type of situation. After arguing with the supervisor I asked to speak to the “manager” to which he was a bit more accommodating crediting the order and apologizing. This was over a month ago I call today no record of any of this on file or notes.

I find this ridiculous coming from the food and beverage industry as a chef myself. The customer is always right even when they are wrong. I find this outrageous and demand an explanation. The store says there is no notes on file (of course) and that they cannot comp the pizzas essentially calling me a liar.


Jamie February 2, 2014 at 9:47 pm

I ordered pizza and sandwiches from Domino’s for the Superbowl, I ordered early in the day with a delivery time for 6:30 PM. The order arrived on time so cudos for time management. However, when we got our food we had to wait some time to actually eat our food so we were not able to eat until about 8pm. Our order was a large pizza and 4 sandwiches. Our order came to about 40 dollars. Once my elderly and disabled mother bit into her sandwich she bit into a plastic bread tie that was INSIDE of her sandwich. Now I am ont an unreasonable person, I understand mistakes happen. So I called the store where we ordered from and advised the manager MB? of the issue. MB was rude, disrespectful and kind of antagonistic. I asked him only to reimburse the one sandwich which is a cost of 5.99 plus tax. He told me to come in and pick up my money, and to return the sandwich when I came in. I told him that I would not be able to do that and that he had my credit card number so he could just refund it to the original form of payment. He refused to assist me and told me “no you come and bring sandwich.” Im sorry but I do not feel that I should have to return a sandwich when I call in for such gross negligence. Which is now what I am believing it is due to his lack of response and respect for his customers. I will NEVER eat at Domino’s pizza as long as this individual is working there. If we are finding bread ties in our food it makes me wonder just how clean this restraunt is. Maybe a call to the Health Department in my city would help fix such NASTINESS. Oh and not to mention the sandwiches were very lite with their ingredients. I order from Domino’s frequently and this is the first and LAST time I will ever have this kind of disrespect as a customer. Corporate office I hope that you are ready for my call in the morning because I am one PISSED OFF customer.


Joshua Brightman February 17, 2014 at 7:02 pm

I sympathize with your situation. I just resigned as a GM at a Domino’s in Middletown RI, store #3951. And I can say, common sense must be scarce everywhere. I can’t count the # of times I’ve had to say no leaving plastic on my makeline. As soon as you open the bread, throw the tag/tie out. Open wings, throw out the bag, no need for piles of plastic near the food. Cleaning out pits/catch trays, being neat to not have cross contamination, so many ppl have allergies. I felt like I was talking to a wall, the place was/is utter chaos. I’m now going back to an actual restaurant as a chef, where rules are followed, or you’re gone. Hope your future experiences are better. Try going the “Mom n Pop” pizza places route, they usually have the best service and food 😉


Timothy January 30, 2014 at 12:42 am

We bought pizza for several times and we asked for pepper and cheese. The employee always keep on telling us about we’re running out of cheese and pepper and it is the Domino’s policy to pay an extra a dollar for it. We’ve never had this kind of problem over Pizza Hut.


kenny hubbard January 15, 2014 at 3:41 pm

I ordered online didnt get my 50% off for ordering online then the pizzza i got tasted horrible called the store in tulsa,ok told them it was nasty and they again for the 5th time forgot my dipping sauces for my breadsticks why even buy them if i dont get them pretty pissed off never odering dominos again ppl that work there are rude individuals and the drivers try an not give you the change try to just walk off without giving me my change wtf is that then he had trouble counting all my change back get smarter people to deliver pizza guys thought u were better than that


india January 19, 2014 at 9:58 am

I order online i didnt receive my 50% discount so when my food came it was cold pizza
Looked old my bread sticks was hard & i didnt get my salad so i call up their in some guy was getting smart telling oh well i have to wait 2 hours for me to my salad in i wasnt happy with my food i wanted my money back he told me he can’t do anything about it.. so i wont be ordering nothing else from yalls company yall have horrible people working their. . High st in lane in columbus ohio is so so so horrible. . I really want my money back !


Nikki L. H. Penny January 14, 2014 at 4:48 pm

My husband Marshall on January 9, 2014 ingested some metal that was imbedded in a slice of pizza from the Domino’s located in Ferndale, WA. When he swallowed it, it hurt his throat going down to his stomach. We called the corporate headquarters and told them about the incident. Brandy, an representative, said it would take about two to three days to investigate and it is now five days after it was reported. We haven’t received any phone calls from the corporate headquarters or from the owner of the particular store. No I’m sorry or what they are going to do for it. He would have gone to the emergency, but you know the cost and the way medical issues cost. We’re in the black of the Obama Care. They didn’t even offer to pay for the medical costs.
The bottom line is that we want to know what kind of metal he swallowed and some kind of apology about the incident and they are taking the incident seriously. Also it would seem right to make some kind of compensation on this matter. They aren’t taking this seriously and obviously the owner of this store is lacking the seriously the matter and is acting as if it’s no big deal.
This is a big deal and corporate and the owner don’t care. Their actions show this. They have horrible customer service. Their protocol of letting the owner try to handle this first is not a good way to handle things of this type. I did get a case number, but again no phone calls. We are thinking that this happened at their processing plant of the dough. How would the owner know this? Obviously one of their machines have broken down and we’re sure that other people have been affected by this, but they don’t seem to care at all.
Shame on Domino’s Pizza


Carl Reidy January 4, 2014 at 5:12 pm

I can’t be the only customer with an address that can be difficult for some delivery drivers to find… how about..”Expecting Order” signs for regular customers and irregular drivers…. just a thought


empoloyee of caldwell id December 31, 2013 at 2:25 pm

to customer service and ceo j. patrick doyle: The caldwell Idaho dominos is ran by rob the manager.. I just got employed there less 2 months ago.. I found out they have a thief taking money ,so us drivers can’t do carry out. The manager rob said that dominos takes the loss out of his paycheck. and he will take the tips from the employees to make up for that… I believe that is against the law. isn’t that stealing funds as well…. rob has so many complaints against him over the past 14 years and andrew the owner still keeps him. It is terrible that we have to give up our tips to rob when all he has to do is find the thief that is stealing money, and fire her,,not take our money so he won’t lose anything at all. isn’t it against the idaho law to steal from employees ???? oh well just another complaint we all have to find new jobs he keeps his…. you know their is mold in the walk in still there.. month after month sad!!!! oh well all you ceo get yours but it is us drivers that make you your money remember that…. unhappy employee I am going to try to transfer to another store.


Larry H. Ramos December 30, 2013 at 3:15 am

What a crappy business you run! I placed an order and paid for it in advance and then do not get the full order. I called the store and explained that the order was incomplete and was told, too bad, if you want the rest of the order come pick it up. Really? I don’t think so, why should I pay for your stupid mistakes. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM YOUR CRAPPY BUSINESS AGAIN. ORDER NUMBER 343019 PURCHASED ON 12/28/13 AT 10:33 PM FROM THE 8442 FREDRICKSBURG Rd, San Antonio, Texas STORE #6704. PISS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!


Stacy December 29, 2013 at 11:24 pm

Tonight was my worst experience with Domino’s! I call to place an order for my family which I’ve done plenty of times. I spoke with someone named Lisa at store #5078 @ 5452 N. University Dr lauderhill, fl. She refused to take my order from my son or myself claiming we were not in her district. I asked if they had changed since my last order? She claimed they never delivered to my address. I asked well who gave me the coupons and why had I programmed your number in our phone. She was very hesitant to give me her name and when I asked to speak to the supervisor she said she was the supervisor. Wow! What a coincidence. So, finally after this very unpleasant experience I will no longer spend my family’s money with this corporation. I understand its late and many ppl are ready to go home but to lie as if the magic phone fairy replace their # with another # is totally ridiculous.


Kayla Yeachshein December 26, 2013 at 8:01 pm

First avenue Atlantic Highlands Dominos has really become the first store on my DO NOT ever order or go to place. I would just like the say I was a true customer to Dominos for years up until now that is. I called from my cellphone 9 times without any answer. Finally called from private and a lady by the name Ruth answered as if it was no big deal she had been ignoring customer calls. I asked her why they were not answering and why it took a blocked call for her to finally pick up.. Her response “we don’t even answer blocked numbers” yet she had just answered mine. She continued to argue them finally asked what I wanted. When I explained I had a credit she she told me to hold and while I literally waiting 10 minutes on a phone NOT on hold I hear the manager in the back asking “well what the f*** does she want me to do, get her name” as the girl comes back on the line she goes “what’s ur name” again I am then put on hold for another 7 minutes, in that time I hear the wonderful “manager” curse towards his own employee and speak to him as he is a toddler. When Ruth came on the line I began to tell her that it would be a gesture to place customers on hold and I get “I put you on hold so” I then cut her off and repeated back the lovely conversations I had just heard from “Vinny” the “manager” I also told her my line was recorded. She then has the nerve to say hold on and AGAIN not on hold goes to Vinny and says “she’s on a recorded line” and his response “so be nice” I am still disgusted and shocked. I’m a single mother who was trying to place an order in a Town that I am new to.i will NEVER ever call them. She had the nerve to call me back and say I never told her what I wanted. I could seriously scream at this very moment. The fact that this place is running this way and the manager on top of that clearly has no regard to his position is just a disgrace. I know this is a big chain but never should customer courtesy be a lost cause.


Renee December 18, 2013 at 1:41 am

Riverside Ca
Central ave.

The worst pizza experience I’ve ever had! I ordered two pizzas online and one was wrong when I called to let them know I got cut off by some rude Mexican girl who sounded like she was doped up on xanax. They have no clue on what customer service means. I asked for the manager and she informed me that she was. I usually and from now on well only go to Little Caesar’s for $5 hot n readys! At least they know how to speak to customers and their pizza tastes way better. I’m over people having a job and treat and talk to customers like crap! I’m sure there are plenty of Americans that need work and will be more respectful. It’s no longer about my wrong order but it’s about how I was talked to!


Magda December 16, 2013 at 1:17 am

This is inaceptable…. I’ve been waiting over 39 mins sice the online order tracker said that my order was on its way…. I lice about 7 min away from dominos in Watsonville ca…. And i called in and talked to the manager and he said that it was a system problem…. I dont care if its a system order or not i just want to eeeaat…… U get it … Never coming back to Dominos again…. NEVER….. And u should give a better training to ur leaders they dont know anything about customer service….


Amber December 12, 2013 at 7:52 pm

I think Dominos shouldn’t even be in business! I too have had a bad experience with the restaraunt. I called manager Adam three times and was told that he was sending some body right over with a gift certificate. That was five days ago and still waiting. I can presume by reading these other comments that Adam nor corporate Dominos will ever do anything about it. Dominos will never get my business again and I will be spreading the word of my negative experience.


Kapil Chadha December 6, 2013 at 7:59 pm

Order number-288
Outlet Number-DPI65908

This is to let you know that once again the Dominos has let me

down in terms of Customer Service on the same Outlet Yesterday I

ordered a Regular Margarita Pizza thru phone at 22.45 Dt

28.11.2013 Amount 445 Naveen was the Person Who took order He

Informed about the amount ,I told him I get a Discount of 25%

,He Checked with someone and Gave me the Price after discount .I

went the outlet and Came to Know that the Pizza was double

Cheese Margarita ,I informed him that my order was Regular not

the Double cheese he said we cannot provide any discount on the

regular hence we made double cheese to provide the discount ,I

informed him that without my consent how can it be done you need

to ask me first and then you can change the order ,I was never

informed that my order has been changed ,In the meanwhile other

guy charged my card without explaining the bill to me .I called

the supervisor to my surprise the supervisor was the same guy

who cheated me last time ,I informed him about everything that

happened he said it’s our mistake but we cannot do anything

about this , you are welcome to do what you want hence after

getting disappointed again I left the outlet paying for

something and not getting anything with a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
Remind you that this order was Placed at 23.00 ,hence me and my

family was not able to have anything as all the restaurants were

Closed at that time .We had no other option.


Bill December 3, 2013 at 6:13 pm

It’s not doing me any good complaining to a open forum but the dominos in Torrington ct is horrible as far a phone communication I’m sorry I think everyone deserves to work and I don’t hold anything against any person working no matter what or where your from but it took me a half hour trying to tell the person on the line my order and still never got it correct I had to call back and speak to a manager and still had a hard time the whole order just on the phone was over 45 minutes. It was a very frustrating experience just to tell someone what I wanted then wait an hour for delivery. As I said I’m glad people are working but have the right person do the right job I will not order from there again and that’s sad.


Toni Hooper November 21, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Worst experience ever by Jesus (Manager) in Platation,Florida. He just called me a chronic complainer and advised me this label is tied to my billing information within their system! Sorry if I expect a certain level of respect / customer service considering I’m spending my hard earned money with your company! This is slander and if or him to label me with such disrespect is unacceptable!


John November 19, 2013 at 1:16 am

Worst experience ever! Had to deal with a very rude & prejudice employee, only to go through the same inconsiderate, insensitive, disrespectful ordeal with the manager as I attempted to make a complaint. Never stepping foot in the downtown St. Paul dominos located on St. Peter street.
Awful service, and even worst management.


Lena November 15, 2013 at 7:54 pm

I call Dominos, only to be put on hold for over 7 minutes…. I take it as they forgot about me and try calling back and am put on hold AGAIN, for over 10 minutes. So I hang up again and call back they said the same please hold and this time I said no and that was on hold twice for over 7 minutes and you know what his responds was oh I guess I can take your order. I could not believe what he said and I just hong up the phone. So I decided to use the online ordering and if was easy to use, but this I was home but what about next time when I am not phone. I am very disappointed with domino’s service. The located was in Callahan fl


gina November 13, 2013 at 6:49 pm

I call Dominos, only to be put on hold for over 7 minutes…. I take it as they forgot about me and try calling back and am put on hold AGAIN, for over 10 minutes. While on hold I try calling from a different phone and was told I’d be put on hold, I ask the guy how long it would be because I had already been out on hold for over 15 minutes total. He said they were busy and put me on hold again. Not for nothing but it’s bad enough they charge a delivery fee when everyone else’s delivery service is free, but then they leave you waiting forever to place an order. Dominos is really not worth the time or the money if that’s the case….. very disappointed with the customer service


Harry Gorgans November 9, 2013 at 12:16 pm

We bought the brooklyn pizza and it was a poor excuse of a pizza, i rather of eaten the box the box was thicker than the pizza and when they cooked it, it was in the oven to long and it was burned, i would not of given it to the dogs, i could of gotten a cheap frozen pizza and it would of tasted better so if they want me to stay with them and eat there pizza they better do a miracle, but i am going back to pizza hut and get my pizza , here were i live in lake mary fl there is a pizza hut that has a buffet for $5.95 all you can eat pizza.


Tim Wellhung October 31, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Do it now!


Tim Wellhung October 30, 2013 at 5:54 pm

So last night the kids wanted pizza because it was movie night, so I said where from kids, Dominos! So I go pick up the pizza get home and guess what happened! The box of twisty bread leak oil on the pizza box and on the seat of my truck, now one of the kids started crying and because one of them sit’s there when we drive. So I clean up the oil sit them at the table and put the movie on for them to watch, and half way into the movie the 7 year old started crying, so I said what’s wrong now? I need the pizza box for show and tell tomorrow and because this box was cover in twisty oil it was no good so I had to pack up the kids and the dog because mommy is at rehab because you can’t drink and drive like I said! So now they all sit in the seat with the dog because of the oil on the front seat, that is no longer there. so now we get there and I park in front so I can watch them, because taking them out and and back in is a job in it’s self. So I get another box go back to my truck and some homeless guy ask’s me for money and I tell him to beat it, and then tell’s me to XXXXX off! I knock him out 2 teeth fall out and I drag him to the side and go home, now the kids are sleeping in the truck and when I get home. So now I have a real job on my hands, so now mommy comes home drunk because some new girl is in her class got dunk and now want to have a 3 some! I’m ok with that but I have get up in 6 hours for work. So no sleep for me, get to work find a nice spot to sleep. Now I get home from work and she is drunk again with her new friend, the kid’s are crying because the pizza box he had for show and tell didn’t have any pizza marking’s in it from the pizza last night. Making him a lier so now some of the kids call pizza lier. So thank you Domino’s Pizza and I will never eat there again and if you email me back, DON’T NOT USE THE WORD SORRY IN IT! And yes I have pictures if you wish to see.


Tim Wellhung October 31, 2013 at 8:59 pm

How come no one has got back to me about this? Should I put it all over FaceBook? With the pictures?


Renee December 18, 2013 at 1:49 am

Are you serious!? This is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard.


Jana Helmer October 19, 2013 at 7:07 pm

Midland Texas. Rankin Highway Location
The staff was not knowledgable about the product AT ALL!!!!
While I was waiting on my order in the store, the CSR put everyone that called on hold!!!
These people want a raise, but are not capable of doing their jobs!!!
And, after I spend $30.00 on pizza, they want to charge $1.08 per package of Parmesan Cheese!!!!
This was just pitiful….


Tim Wellhung October 31, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Pizza Hut is free


pamela holmes October 8, 2013 at 2:42 am

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 5:08 pm I entered the Domino’s in Washington, DC on Minnesota Avenue. A man took my order for two, two topping pizza’s for $5.99 each. (this is my favorite and I order it each time I visit any Domino’s.) This was my most negative experience at domino’s since I have been buying their pizzas. I always have my two toppings be the same, one pizza will be with pepperoni and pepperoni and the second pizza will be with sausage and sausage. The man who took the order told me. “no double portions” and gave me all these different types of pepperoni to add (I was confused and just ordered anything. He did the same with the sausage pizza, so I asked for sausage and bacon on the second pizza.) The man then told me that the wait would be 12 minutes, but he changed it to 10 minutes. I was the only person in the shop at the time and their were 3 men and 3 women working. Seemed slow, so I sat down to wait. Much later a strange woman entered acting erractically and asked. “how long does it take to get a pizza?” I told her that the man had told me 10 minutes. I asked her the time and it was at least 20 minutes later from when I had placed my order at 5:08pm. Then a different man came out with my two $5.99 pizzas. He wore sun glasses and his dread locks were not pinned up and the pizzas were barely warm. Also, when I ordered the two pizzas, the original man taking the order told me the price of $13.18 and when I tried to give him $14.00 he said “that’s okay” and just took 13 dollars and did not seem to want the 18 cents. He also gave me no receit (I smelled a rat). I was also not told what crusts were offered. So the man with the sun glasses on and the long dread locks brought out “handtoss”. They did not ask my name as they had with one other person there. The meat on the pizza with sausage and bacon was slim to none. I had to hunt for the meat. Later I realized that something was terribly wrong with this experience and called the home office in Virginia to complain. A woman took my complaint and before I could finish, she said she had another call and that she would get back to me. She never did. So, to sum it up, I was made to wait long for no apparent reason, I was not given the toppings that I wanted, the toppings were bare, the pizza was not hot, I got no receipt, one female had hair past her shoulders and it was not pinned up, nor did she have on a hat or cover (this is a health department violation I believe) and when I looked at my pizza box, the side with the order and price on it had the codes smeared so that I could not hope to complain on this store. I feel this was all intentional, but was able to read most of the code anyway. (That is when the service rep on the phone at the Virginia home office chose to get off of the phone.) I want a coupon for the replacement of my two 5.99 pizzas and I will try to find a better store to use it in and then I will never use Domino’s again. Money is too hard to come by to be wasted on incompetence, poor food preparation and poor hygiene habits by people with long hair that could get into the food,


Kandy Beaudin October 5, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Ordered two pizzas and they put mushrooms on it never ordered that called to complain and brian hung the phone up on me…2700 state st. Saginaw mi


chase Demonbrun September 15, 2013 at 6:10 pm

Hello. I love all your pizza and only go to Domino’s but today really got me down. I went into one of your store’s in Kirkland, Washington. I ordered my pizza and waited for 45 minutes. I then asked how long tell the order is done. Your employees very rudely told me it’s going to be a while. Look at that screen. I told them I have been sitting here for 45 minutes. Then he looks over and my pizza has been done for some time and just sitting there getting soggy. There was no sorry for the wait or anything. I believe the store number is 7139. Thank you for reading this and maybe doing something about that store.


Angie September 12, 2013 at 7:35 am

I have always loved dominios pizza but when i ordered from my local dominos, The man who answered the phone was very rude. I asked him for 2 médium pizzas with two toppings and he charged me 30$. So i asked him , i thought they were on special and he told me that i didnt ask for a special so i dont get a special. Now, i Work at mcdonalds and we have a special for the bigmac and Fish sándwich
If a customer asked me for 2 bigmacs and i charge them regular price,they’ll be angry bc o know its on sale. They dont have to ask. I ask for a manager and he wouldnt allow me to speak with one. This dominos in columbia md in the hickory ridge village center. I know all your stores arent This way but you should be made aware of this one. I’ll be going to papa johns until i find a better dominos.


ron beaupre August 27, 2013 at 4:34 pm

I was just curious as to why the prices advertised on tv are never any good in Canada. They always tell me Oh thats only in the states.Just wondering why that is. thanks


Ruthanne August 18, 2013 at 5:23 pm

Last nite I ordered a vege pizza and it was very sloppy very thin crust..
I called this morning and talked to the store and the mgr was very polite and
Said he would make me the vege pizza and it would be ready in 15 minutes…
It was the best pizza ever!!!
Thank you Dominoes
I will return to this store and thanks to the mgmt and the
Crew for a great job!!!


Shenna Ganzy August 2, 2013 at 3:27 pm

I was a very loyal and frequent customer until I got served a pepperoni pizza with a dead fly in the crust..would love to send you a picture of the gross meal we sent back!!!


dennis July 27, 2013 at 8:52 pm

I am a loyal customer of Domino’s pizza, recently I had a bad experience with one of your
stores, I was credited to my account for a vegetarian pizza that was not prepared properly
on July 14, 2013. When I called July 27, 2013 to use the credit I was informed that it was not available. I’m really disappointed that I could not use the credit that was promise to me because the cashier said” it was taken out of the system”. I ask her for the corporate office number and she said that you all would not do anything about it, she also denied me the opportunity to speak with a manager. Is this Domino’s policy for customer service? The store number is 6078 Upper Marlboro, MD. Thank you for any assistance in this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you. I still ordered my pizzas!


Tony Millholen July 21, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Hello is there a reason there are no Domino’s in Fairfield, Ca. Any more? I have been ordering from the one on Oliver rd.forover 25years. I order 2 pizzas at a time 1-2 times a week. I called them today and found out they closed . What are your plans for us here in Fairfield, Ca. Thank you


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