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Dave & Buster's Corporate Office Address

Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc.
2481 Manana Drive
Dallas, Texas 75220

Contact Dave & Buster's

Phone Number: (214) 357-9588
Fax Number: (212) 838-8664
Website: http://www.daveandbusters.com
Email: Email Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's Facts

Founder: David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley
Date Founded: 1982
Founding Location: Dallas, Texas
Number of Employees: 2220

Dave & Buster's Executives

CEO: Brian Jenkins
CFO: Scott Bowman
COO: Margo Manning

Dave & Buster's History

Dave and busters logo

Dave & Buster’s has its roots in the late 1970s in Little Rock, Arkansas, where two businesses were successful in their own right, side by side in the Missouri Pacific Train Station.

One business was Buster’s Restaurant and the other was Dave’s “Slick Willy’s World of Entertainment.”

dave and busters store frontBuster and Dave became friends and decided to open a restaurant that combined delicious food and the biggest and best arcade games. Their first site was in Dallas, Texas, in 1982.

Today each Dave & Buster’s has a full-service restaurant and a video arcade. There are 133 locations across the United States and Canada. Dave & Buster’s is a subsidiary of Oak Hill Capital Partners, who bought the company in 2010.

Dave & Buster’s has 2,220 employees and had $541 million in revenue in 2011. dave and busters arcade

The company launched a second IPO on the NASDAQ in 2014 under the ticker symbol: PLAY

Dave and Buster’s had a disappointing second-quarter return posted in September 2019.

Company headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

Dave and Busters inside arcade


Dave & Buster's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Dave & Buster's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Dave & Buster's is (214) 357-9588.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Dave & Buster's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Dave & Buster's is Brian Jenkins.

Question 3: Who founded Dave & Buster's?
Answer 3: Dave & Buster's was founded by David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley in 1982.

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steve September 17, 2019 at 4:47 am

How do you get in touch with guest services/customer service for this company? I have tried ringing and get passed around or hung up on, at best I get passed on to ‘Christie’s voicemail’ in guest services, I have left 2 messages in 2 weeks and heard nothing back. Is there an email address which gets a response? I have been overcharged on my credit card for what I signed for at the New Orleans branch.


Tammy Robinson September 17, 2019 at 10:01 am

Thanks for letting us know the site was out of date. We have updated the contact information.


KENNETH MCCRELESS September 14, 2019 at 5:01 pm

I work at store #133 in corpus Christi and i want to let someone know that the way maintanace is being treated is unfair we dont get respect and the culture no longer exists in the store we only get pointed out for anything negative we have tried talking to management only to be met with resistance and attitude please help this issue i habe been there for 9 months and already want to quit


Employer August 18, 2019 at 10:41 am

Hi I am your employer that I respect the restaurant business in Syracuse NY I feel like I’ve been forced to write a statement Our guess Give me their Star Trek card for me to redeem their tickets

They were standing in the wrong spot at Win Circle across the other side of the desk I told our guess I will be right back Because I have to used the other computer to redeem their tickets after I scanned the Star Trek card I told our guess they have 100 tickets.

our guest told me they cannot hear me so I raised my Voice a little bit higher so they can hear me .

they also asked me so the card is it 100 each I told them no it is 50 tickets each so they walk away and say thank you

everything was fine and OK Until I got called in the office The manager told me they heard that I got a little bit competition with our guess so I was so confuse

I told managers I did not know what they’re talking about I did not get any competition with our guess after I say that

The managers asked me before they check the security camera can I explain what happened I was so confused until they told me About The Star Trek card

I believe everything was misunderstanding and I was not rude to our guess


Marion Marre July 9, 2019 at 9:53 am

Is Corporate afraid of receiving too many complaints or why is it impossible to email them, call them, hear back from them? Are their so-called “store managers”, “general managers” trained to be unapproachable, rude, ignorant?


Rodney Cathcart February 24, 2019 at 10:24 am

To the leadership of the D&B company, I cannot believe you took the Banana Foster’s pie off the menu. We currently frequent the Springfield, VA location and would come to the restaurant just to get the pie…as a matter of fact we buy 3-4 at a time cause we don’t like to share. What do we have to do to get this back on the menu? We are in disbelief that you all do not sell this dessert any more and would love for you to bring it back.

Thank you,
Rodney Cathcart


Robert franco jr January 19, 2019 at 7:21 pm

We were looking forward to a place like Dave and Busters to come to Corpus Christi and unfortunately we’re very disappointed. It started as we entered when they told us there was a 2 hour wait, which is expected on a Saturday but there were like 5 empty tables. Then we sat at the bar and the service, or lack of, was horrible! We had to ask 3 times if someone could please clean the area in front of us. We sat for at least 15 minutes and not one person asked if we wanted a drink or anything. The lady next to us said she had been waiting 40 min just to order and they said she had to wait. The same waitress that finally cleaned our area asks the younger guys next to us if they want a drink, doesn’t ID THEM , and keeps talking to them while we still have had not even an offer for a drink. When another bartender walks up she attends to us finally and she is the only one who asks us for an I’d yet no one else does for any other person at the bar. We spoke to 2 managers and got no response. It is unfortunate and sad that the service and attitude from the employees were uncaring and unprofessional.


Alicia January 19, 2019 at 10:04 am

On 1/18/19, I went to the Utica, MI location with three female friends for fun and pool. I paid for my meal which came to $39 (included a $4 tip). My card was charged $925. Later after shooting a couple games of pool, I went to pay for the games and my card was declined. I contacted my bank on the spot and was told that Dave & Buster charged a transaction of $925. While still standing at the bar to handle the matter, I asked to speak to the manager Zeus and I told him what my bank said. He simply did not care and told me the money would be back on my card at 4 a.m. and walked away.
As a struggling college student, I did not understand his lack of concern or the fact he called the security to have me remove from the premises when I became upset. Because I work in retail, I know that he could have cancelled the transaction and my funds could have been returned immediately. Instead I will have to wait 3-5 business days and Monday is a holiday. I will have to call my parents for a loan so I can buy food next week and put gas in my car all because of poor customer service and a case of I Don’t Give a !#**.


Kelsey Sepeda November 7, 2018 at 1:27 pm

Good morning , I wanted to reach out to the corporate office . My family and I were at your Orange, CA location this past Sunday ( 11/4/2018 ) and we had horrible service and a employee assulted my wife . I’m very upset and we are considering legal action. We were at the ticket center trying to get prizes for our 2 sons and we decided to get apple air pods (2) , so they were “priced” at 30,000 tickets each on display and it took them 30 mins to just to get a manager over , and finally she ranged us up and we were good to go , and as we were walking out and random employee comes up behind my wife and Viciously rips the two boxes out of her hand and shoved her . He had no idea what was going on. Not only did you guys display the price at 30,000 ticket but we got rang up by a manger and even she herself said it was correct and gave them to us. My wife got really scared and the manager just walked away, we asked for her again because not only was that rude and disrespectful, he put hands on her and we wanted our refund or the two apple ear pods back. We got completely ignored and they unrightfuly took the AirPods backs even tho they made the mistake not us. We purchased those and was already walking to our vehicle. My sons were really upset and didn’t know what to do as well. I’m really upset on how we got treated and we basically got cheated out of our tickets and money . My sons went home with nothing . I won’t be returning to your business if this is allowed . Not ever is it okay for anyone to rip anything out of people’s hands . I wanted my 2 apple ear pods back please or my 200$ I spent that day. This is not right and we are considering to take legal action.


Danielle Hernandez September 27, 2018 at 1:36 pm

Hi Dave & Busters Team!

We had our annual Luncheon for our F&B Team at your location.

Every employee that I came in contact with was courteous, friendly and helpful. In particular I would like to thank Andi Mayer for being patient with me while I was planning our event. She replied quickly and was very helpful with the numerous changes I made. She also followed up with us during the event to make sure everything went well.
Also our server Sheree was terrific and took care of our group very well! She had a wonderful personality and I would like to thank her as well! My team was very impressed when Richie came out to our table to make sure everything was fine. He is a great asset to your restaurant. The food in the restaurant was delicious and came out quickly.

We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to do another event at this location in the future.
Thank you all!!!


Danielle Hernandez
Director of Food & Beverage
Holiday Inn/Market Square
318 W. Cesar Chavez Blvd
San Antonio, TX, 78204


Thor August 12, 2018 at 9:59 pm

How do I report an employee or employees embezeling your Denver store?


Scott Morris October 29, 2017 at 6:07 pm

On October 3, I posted a complaint on this website. To date, I have not received any emails or phone calls in response to my complaint. Only an automated email stating that the complaint was received. This has solidified my conclusion to not visit Dave and Buster ever again.
Original complaint is the following: I normally do not complain..but my son wanted to have his birthday party at this location.I visited the site when they opened to inquire about the birthday packages and prices.I thought I would get good service as no one was in the restaurant..however, I was simply pointed to go and look at the board that listed the packages and prices.That’s it…no help..nothing.So I reviewed the packages and then also inquired to the same person about how to reserve a room.I was then simply instructed to call the corporate office as they cannot reserve rooms.That’s fine..but this person did not even offer the phone number or where to find the phone number.So, frustrated,I took some brochures and left.Due to the bad service,I decided to not do a package and simply eat at this location and buy some game cards.We all ordered and 2 meals did not get communicated to the kitchen and it was always difficult finding our server to get help (drink refills,additional orders,etc.).My son’s order was one of the two that got lost and he ended up finally eating after everyone else had finished. I value service as a huge indicator of any return visits to a location and this experience does not bode well for any future visits by me or my family.


Latasha Danforth August 28, 2017 at 10:10 am

On August 26, 2017, I visited your establishment located on I-Drive in Orlando. I and some friends decided the best way to enjoy fight night was with good food and a little friendly competition. We’ve visited this location along with countless others over the past few years and have always enjoyed ourselves; however, this night was very different and disappointed cannot even begin to describe how I felt at the end of the night.

When my friends and I arrived, there was a long line to get in which was understandable as it was fight night. We waited in line and had no problem. The front door employee who was taking money was friendly and welcoming. We proceed to the hostess and add our name to the waitlist for a table of seven. Again, she was pleasant and informative and explained because of the large crowd the wait would be approximately two hours, which for the record wound up being only an hour. (pleasant surprise)

This is where the night went to “hell in a hand basket”. We proceeded to the line to purchase our play card. After being in line for about 10 minutes, Ross (an employee), moved the back of the line to the outside of the stanchion and informed that there was supposed to be two lines. The ladies behind the desk then began pulling people from that side while those of us who had been standing there, just stood there. It should be noted, there was no sign to indicate that there were two lines, no employee was there to indicate there were to be two lines and the young ladies who were working the counter never mentioned so. I took photos of the set up to ensure that what I perceived, any person with common sense would have done in the same situation.

We were eventually serviced, and afterwards I went to Ross and stated that as a customer, it felt wrong that the people who had just walked in were moved and serviced ahead of those of us who had been waiting. Ross responded with “well it’s just common sense that there are two lines”. After I recovered from the shock of being insulted by the insinuation that I did not possess common sense, I asked him if my understanding of what he was implying was correct. Again, Ross responded with “It is just common sense. That’s why there is a divider there. It’s not my fault if you didn’t see it. We’ve been doing it this way all day.” At this point, I am livid and in disbelief. I could not comprehend that Ross was in fact the representation of the Dave and Busters brand which I had come to know, embrace and love as being a family friendly, fun, safe and pleasant place to relax, hang out and enjoy my family and friends. I again regrouped and I asked Ross if he was management. His response, “of course I’m not management”. I asked Ross if he would then get a manager for me. Ross then informed me that “no, he would not get a manager” and if I wanted one then I “should go find one myself”.

At this point, I am furious and ready to leave but because we had friends visiting from out of town, I chose to suck it up and take one for the team. My friends Anthony and Tina who were present went to find a manager, while I spoke to one of the ladies at the ticket desk. After a few minutes, Marco (a manager), approached. I explained what had just taken place and I will admit Marco was very apologetic. He offered to provide me with extra tickets, which for the record, was not the issue. I didn’t want anything free, I wanted to feel as though my business was appreciated. I wanted to feel as though I was not mistaken about what I believed the brand of Dave and Buster’s represented. I wanted to know that even if it was a busy night and Ross was over worked, stressed or just having a bad day that no other person would be in the receiving end of such offensive, belittling and inappropriate communication.

I explained to Marco that he had done nothing to me personally and although I appreciated his apology, I believed the apology should come from the one who had caused the offense. Marco called Ross over and asked him his account of what had happened. To my surprise, even in the presence of his supervisor, Ross’ demeanor did not change and again I was told that if I had common sense, I would have known there were two lines. At this point, I’m no longer trying to conceal my anger, aggravation and disappointment. Ross then points out that because I am using my hands to speak that I am disrespecting him and therefore his continued demeaning and insulting behavior and conversation is acceptable and warranted. Ross also took this time to inform me that it is not his “prerogative” to be concerned with who gets served when, and that the fairness of dividing the line is not his job. To my amazement, Marco is standing there listening to the exchange and says nothing.

At this point my night is ruined, I am in total shock and disbelief. I informed Marco that the conversation at this point was no longer necessary as Ross obviously had no respect for me as a patron because he had no respect for him as a manager. Marco eventually tells me he has to go to the office and sends Ross on his way. I work daily as a Hearing Officer, dealing with people who I sometimes must rule against or deny. In my 8 years of doing so, I have never been disrespectful. I have never raised my voice, insinuated that my customers were less than or beneath me, lacked education or common sense and I have never disrespected those over me, even if I didn’t share their same sentiments or opinions, especially in the presence of others.

After the exchange, I remained to be with my friends, but it was not the same. A damper permeated the night and Ross and his disrespectful, demeaning, insulting and offensive behavior was the topic of conversation throughout the night. If this is the type of people chosen to be the representation and face of the Dave and Buster’s Brand, then maybe it is time for myself, my family and my friends to research other family friendly places to spend our time.

A once loyal but now disappointed customer,


Justina August 20, 2017 at 10:38 pm

My daughter wanted to go to Dave & Buster’s for her 18th birthday. The waitress brings our drinks on a tray, the tray topples and it’s a waterfall. She immediately disappears. A bus boy starts mopping up the table throwing puddles on the girls, so they can’t get out of the booth. Mike and I had already jumped up. I take everyone to another table to clean up, for 4 minutes, until I had to say something to someone. The waitress still hasn’t returned, NO ONE checked on us, or offered napkins. In fact, napkins were never given. I had to use an entire container of wet wipes in my purse. They were only worried about cleaning the table, and trying to hand us sticky menus. 3 full drinks spilled on us, literally. And no one offered a single napkin. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. So I start to see red and I yell at the bus boy to get a manager, it took 2 minutes- which is a long time. The manager approaches me in s condescending manner, assuming WE spilled the drinks. He asks me what I want him to do, and I said “common sense says give me some napkins and move my table, then your comping my bill”. He doesn’t get me napkins, he squares up to me and this is the conversation:

Manager- You’re not going to force me to do something?
Me- what am I forcing you to do exactly? You asked me what you can do and I told you ( literally, I am confused, because of his use of the word force. He asked me what I wanted, I told him. He just didn’t like the fact that I told him he was comping the bill)
Manager- you are disrespecting me
Me- What do you mean??? I don’t care if you think I’m disrespecting you.
Manager – don’t force me to do something for you
Me- How about you show me some empathy?
Manager- don’t clap your hands at me

He then proceeds to lead us to another table.

No one in my family including me recalls any clapping. I am loud when I get pissed, but I don’t clap. He comped the meal and gave us $100 in game cards but I have never experienced that type of interaction with management as a customer.

Fast forward, I wasn’t mad at the waitress, she kept serving us and was very apologetic, we left her a very large tip. She told me the manager didn’t understand the issue and why I was so mad. So he approached the situation defensively, and then continued to give me attitude, like this was my fault. Let me remin you, the waitress spilled the tray of drinks on us- on my phone, on my daughters birthday.

He had no intention of being nice to me, because I told him he was comping the meal. He needs put back into conflict management training and some sort of soft skills training. Your other employees need to learn basic human decency of not ignoring people when they are there drenched in drinks. Offer napkins.

That manager never apologized, he was too worried about his pride. I really hope that this incident is on video tape


Marie A Sijen July 25, 2017 at 7:10 pm

To whom it may concern

i am appalled the way your staf treats our military ! This political correctness has gone way to far !! Your company owes these soldiers more then an apology !! And that manager needs to be fired !! Zero respect is not acceptable !! How dare she tell them there badges were gang related !! How stupid are they !! We have to send them back to school and also have them serve in the military to understand what that means !! Because it shows ignorance and stupidity !! An American Flag , a Bald Eagle and the Prisoner of War Flag !! None of these flags have any gang relations !!
wel you will never see our family in your restaurant again !! Especially that since my grandson is active serving in the military !!


Deanna Shepherd July 16, 2017 at 6:45 pm

I had the worst experience at your Duluth Ga location. I called to report issue with man agent and was told to escalate my issue for store #19. When we first walked in there was no greeting or smiles. I had a party of seven we had no instructions. 80% percent of the games did not work and took away my credits I went back to the front she stated to find someone on the floor saw no one no promotions provided! After playing for 2 hrs we wanted to eat waited another 30 minutes no one acknowledge me a manager addressed a table in front of me complaint about waiting and never spoke to me. It was a terrible experience I will never recommend this location to any one the whole staff needs customer service training or new jobs!


Deanna Shepherd July 16, 2017 at 6:48 pm

My daughter was turning 13 I wanted her to have fun instead a lot of sad faces when machines were broken.


J. Ruffin July 13, 2017 at 3:46 pm

So disappointed. Today July 13, 2017. I brought my daughter to the Times Square location for her Birthday. Online it state’s this location will be closed at 6pm. Upon arrival, it stated 4pm. The staff attitude was incredibly snobbish and rude. I was in even recommended by a staff member to take my family inside to have a meal and fun. I couldn’t believe it bring that it was 3:14 and they were closing at 4pm!!!! Called corporate was transfered. I left a message but I won’t hold my breath. So disappointed.


victoria July 13, 2017 at 5:46 am

If I could leave no stars I would
this place was terrible my sister came all the way from Nebraska thinking she would have a great time my dad came from Arizona and I have been coming to this Dave & busters for years my family friends and I will NEVER come back to a Dave & Buster’s ever again
first it started when we walked in no one welcomed us but we didn’t really care we went to have a great time we then walked to look for a hostess we stayed for a wile looking for one one never came I then saw another one she was a little rude but nothing to make us stop enjoying our time the service was not the best but yet we didn’t stop that we spent about $160 on food and $800 in games
a game that gives you cards and chips would keep getting stuck so I walked up to a man working the area where you enter the chips and cards to see how many points you have
I told the man ” HI can you help me with a game the cards are stuck” he then told me ” sucks to be you I’m about to close” I then asked the man can you come help me? and he just looked at me with a smile on his face as if he was trying to make me upset the girl working behind the counter the starts laughing I then walk away with out being rude but very upset the man then comes behind me to help
so after all this we keep spending money I then go and put the chips and cards to see how many points we had we had 2000 something points I then go to see how much the keurig coffee maker it was on the wall and no one was helping I had to pick my sister son up so he can bring it down for me then the lady behind the counter told us it was 2000 something all I remember was I needed 50 points to get it my dad and I went to the ATM to get yet more money out to play to get the 50 points I then told my sister and dad to go look at how much it was to make sure we had enough points they saw the same amount I did
I go put my card and chips in and at that point I should of had enough I didn’t find the coffee maker out anymore my sister walks over to the counter and tells the man if they sill have it he informed my sister the lady put the coffee maker in the back we walk over to the counter then she tells me you don’t have enough extremely rude I explain she Told me about 15 min ago how much it was we all saw the amount and now she’s telling me its 1000 more
she then got even more disrespectful putting it a side and trying to help someone else I left and called a manager to inform him of the bad costumer service they had and about that problem it didn’t look like he cared to loose clients or to do anything about it
I am a Vet I work with a large number of clients every single day and have to deal with a lot more money than a coffee maker and one thing we try to do is keep clients happy and wanting to come back specially if they are spending a lot of money and trying to enjoy a night out with family and friends i had a long day at work and I was hoping to have a great time and it was the worse time I’ve had in any restaurant WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY DAVE & BUSTERS AGAIN.


Larry Dunphy July 9, 2017 at 1:34 pm

Of all the asinine policies, Dave and Buster’s arcade and restaurant in Kentwood, Michigan demanded veterans, Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown of the American Legion Riders Post 179 of Grandville, MI, remove their vests or vacate the restaurant.

The patches on their vests depicted the American Flag, a bald eagle and the Prisoner of War Flag. The restaurant’s management claimed the patches on their vests promoted gang-related symbols.
What’s the deal? I served for 39 years and ride Harleys. Is this standard for your company, is the manager still with you? If so, he shouldn’t be.


Carl Geigler July 8, 2017 at 7:59 pm

I heard about how your establishments treats veterans. It is disgraceful and shows a total lack of class. I will not step into one of your places again. My family who also serve this country will be glad to let everyone in their commands know the contempt you have towards members of the military. The word will be sure to spread fast.


who cares July 8, 2017 at 11:04 am

all these complaints, obviously who cares, I have complained before through multiple channels and have never even received a reply from dave and busters, they do NOT care about their customers and if you complain in store they treat you like criminals surrounding you by their security guards in case something happens, Very bad place. There they make the rules and they are god


Susanne July 5, 2017 at 1:29 pm

In recent article I read on FB. yes I know, FB, but this is the gist of it:

“In Kentwood, Michigan, a Dave and Buster’s told American Legion officers they had to take off their jackets because of “gang affiliation.” The jacket had an American flag, the prisoner of war flag, and a bald eagle on it. (via Military.com) The only “gang” these gentlemen belonged to was the “veteran” gang.”

How can an American company allow such disrespect to our Military and Veterans. It is because of them you have the right to make disrespectful decisions, such as the one above. SHAME ON YOU!

I a now very grateful, that there are not any D&Bs near where I live. I am also now very grateful that I will not be tempted to spend my hard earn money somewhere the defenders of our FREEDOMS are DISRESPECTED! You should be HONORING the MEN and WOMEN who have served and therefore, ALLOWING YOU TO MAKE STUPID, DISRESPECTFUL DECISIONS LIKE THIS ONE!. SHAME ON YOU!


Lance Mabry June 23, 2017 at 9:08 pm

Please read to the end as to why you need to immediately fire manager Steve Perry.

My family ate at Dave and Busters in Hanover MD at Arundel Mills on Friday 23 June at approximately 6pm.

Survey ID number 035 940068 10237818

When we arrrived, we went to the first host station where there were 5 employees. 2 of them were doing each other’s hair, and the other 3 were on their cell phones. We waited for a considerable amount of time there, but no one acknowledged us.

So we went to a second host station where they seated us. We got very prompt service by a server that was amazingly nice. My wife ordered a salad. I ordered a steak and pasta meal. We ordered a kids meal to share between our two toddlers. We also ordered lettuce wraps for an appetizer and a goose island IPA.

Our appetizer never came, but the food came very quickly so we weren’t too worried about it. Unfortunately, my order was incorrect as they brought me a steak and mashed potatoes meal. I tried to send it back but my server never came back to see us. My family finished their meals and I hadn’t eaten yet so I flagged down another server. At that time, he got our server and they worked on getting my meal and I also ordered another goose Island.

The food came out very fast again, but I never received my second beer. Shortly after getting my meal, a roach crawled out of the wall by where we were sitting. We informed management who comped my meal. However, they still charged us for my wife’s and kid’s meal as well as 2 beers. At this point, my toddlers were getting restless so I paid the bill to include a 20% tip for the server and got them out of there.

I came back to ask for a refund for my second beer as it never arrived. I thought paying full price for my wife’s and kid’s meal as well as my first beer seemed reasonable since we did eat/drink them before we noticed the roach, but I was upset I was charged $6 for a second beer I never received.

When I came back, one manager (female, white, short, long brown hair) was very nice and gave me $6 in cash to reimburse me for the beer. However, the senior manager working at the time, Steve Perry, was very rude to me and my family. He had a smug smile on his face and never seemed at all remorseful about our experience.

I worked in food service for 11 years. Nothing that happened at today’s meal was a deal breaker to include the roaches. Roaches happen… fix it. But what was the deal breaker was the manager Steve Perry’s smug response to our concerns. I do not believe the proper management is in place in Hanover VA which is a significant blemish on your otherwise fine establishment.

I will certainly never go back to this Dave and Buster’s, and I am unsure I will ever go to any Dave and Buster’s in the future. I await your response.

Thank you
Lance Mabry


Gina June 12, 2017 at 4:04 pm

The first time I went to Dave and Buster was in the late 80’s in Dallas, TX. I loved the video games, the food was great, and the service rendered to me was beyond excellent! This past weekend those childhood memories came to a crashing halt. We had an event scheduled for 22 people for 6 pm at the 2931 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108 address. Our group was diverse consisting of multiple races, church members, and six veterans. Upon arrival for our 6 pm table, we discovered that the table was given away due to overbooking. The manager did not seem to be moved by this but put us on another wait list. We were finally seated at 8:09 pm to a table for 10 people for 22 people! When asked to speak to the manager he was prepared to argue with us rather than try to find a common solution. I stepped away to allow for the manager and the person in charge of booking the event to have each other’s full attention. I along with three other adult women sat at an empty booth while waiting for them to find a solution. At 8:21 pm a waitress came out of the blue screaming that we could not sit there! I told her that I did not like her tone and did not want to hear what she had to say, she had ample opportunity to approach us in a more professional manner but chose not to. Her manager was of course still talking to the host about not being able to seat our party. This young lady was indeed a POOR representation of Dave and Buster! I left the table only to interrupt the manager to ask for an additional table. By this time most of the other guests had left their presents with the host and left for the night. Finally the manger agreed to add another table (big whoop). The water glasses were greasy and we had to ask for everything – silverware, plates for appetizers, condiments, and we never got a refill for the water pitchers on the table. The ultimate stinker was when one of the guests at our table thought her food was old and stale. She asked the waiter to take it back for fresher food. She had taken a small bite out of the pretzel dog. The waiter brought back the same food only microwaved! We showed him where she had previously taken a bite and tried to explain that reheating old food does not make it fresh. Again we summoned the manager and at this point I was ready to go. The kids were so disappointed and the birthday girl night was completely ruined. I told the manger that I will be notifying the Health Board as well as unsatisfactory basic OSHA practices that are quite visible (slippery floors, unattended spills, room capacity, dirty dishes due to poor housekeeping…). Although unprofessional, in his defense the manager never raised his voiced at us like the waitress did. In all fairness to the company, the waitress should be dismissed (I have never made such a suggestion). We could have easily made a scene but it seems we were showing more professionalism than the staff. Major changes would have to transpire before Dave and Busters receives any business from me again. My childhood memories of Dave and Buster are forever ruined!
Beyond disappointed😡


Gail A Korbe June 5, 2017 at 12:07 pm

I am completely appalled at how one of your locations treated our veterans. If that’s truly your policy you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Anyone who refers to our veterans as a gang needs their heads examined. We used to love Dave & Busters but I’ll never step foot in there again after that. Your people should have honored them instead of trying to make them leave. Your idea of political correctness is outrageous


Sabrina campusano May 7, 2017 at 8:38 pm

I am giving 1 star because I have to. I have been to the Dave & busters in Miami and today we came to the one in Hollywood fl and let me tell you this one does not compare to the one in Miami. The women’s bathroom had no toilet paper in any stall, no soap, no paper towels, half the doors didn’t work, and the floor was so full of pee that my sandals kept getting stuck to it. The cashiers were extremely rude they were having a meeting of 3 and didn’t even greet us when we walked in. They didn’t give us our card with out points and when we told the other girl she complained about having to fix it ! The people in the dining room didn’t even acknowledge us, there was a man in a long sleeve white shirt who I assume is the manager who didn’t even say hello either we walked around like morons waiting for someone to seat us. Finally we sat at the bar and this gentleman was very nice. He was the only one who greeted us with a smile and took care of what we needed. This place needs some work. And I will drive an extra hour to the one in Miami but I am never coming back to this one!!!


SSGT Western April 30, 2017 at 9:39 am

I just seen On Face book that a Group of Veterans were Treated as GANG MEMBERS in one of your Restaurants,,,,, I seriously Hope this is not true,,,I am going to do the research and see.. If it does turn out to be true I am going to have to never eat or go to Dave n Busters…
I am going to Spread the word that DAVE n BUSTERS is -%100 ANTI AMERICAN,, they would rather serve LIBERALS who care nothing for AMERICA then our Former Troops. Then I will tell the story ……
I am going to make sure everyone I meet I spread the Word about how your company HATES THE MILITARY and thinks we are a GANG then I will tell the story……
How a couple RETIRED VETS, who offered their LIFES UP in exchange for my freedom when they go in to get something to eat and they are treated like GUN TOTTING GANG MEMBERS… Because WE WEAR PATCHES SAYING WE ARE VETERANS!~~!~!

Yes I am going to spread the word wide and far as quickly as far as possible to every church group , troubled teen group,, after school programs I go to EVERY WEEK.


Melissa Morris April 2, 2017 at 6:56 pm

I live an hr from my closest Dave and busters but it’s usually a great afternoon so I don’t mind making the trip several times a year! Yesterday was probably the worse service I have ever received at ANY restaurant. A group of 7 of us went it to the Times Square location. We put our name in the list and waited for the text. When our table was ready the hostess walked us to a table with 6 seats and walked away! There was 7 of us! Then she acted annoyed when I said we needed another chair. Then she only gave us 4 menus? Again annoyed when I asked for more. We ordered our drinks which took 20mins to come. Our appetizers came before drinks. We had to ask for silverware, ask for plates for appetizers, ask for salt pepper and ketchup (more then once), ask for refills and ask for the check that they do happily added the tip on for us since we were a large party! I watched the tables around us none of them seemed to have these problems?!? Not sure what we did we were three mothers with four kids who spent over $400! I feel so guilty for suggesting we go there! Will think twice before I do that again!


Brian Hegedorn March 29, 2017 at 6:46 pm

The first time we went to Dave & Busters was Toronto, Canada. The kids had a blast playing games; albeit we were all very disappointed with the quality of food. We live about 20 minutes from the Rochester NY location at Marketplace Mall. I’d say we’ve been to this location 10-12 times since it’s opened. Unfortunately, the food quality here is just as bad as it was in Toronto. In all seriousness, I’d rather eat a frozen Swanson TV dinner than the food at D&Bs. We were there two Saturdays ago. We first stopped somewhere else for dinner, then went to D&Bs so the kids could play. I ended up spending about of my time at the bar. No quality problems with cold beer & Tequila! It’s really too bad, because the potential is there. Our friends said pretty much the same thing – ‘no, we never eat here – just play games’. You should take a look at Champps Sports Bar for ideas. They have a simple menu and the quality is surprisingly very good. If Chammps had an arcade, they’d crush D&Bs.


Alex Mccormack March 27, 2017 at 12:11 pm

Attended a birthday party for my nephew at Dave and Buster’s yesterday. My six year old son won big on a basketball game and was super excited. When he tried to redeem his tickets though the manager told us that due to a power surge the game had given him too many tickets and he had to take them back. My son had picked out an over the door basketball hoop and with tears in his eyes was forced to put the game back. I can understand if this happens a to an adult or teenager this policy but my six year old son was left embarrassed and heart broken. No matter how many times I told him it was the machines fault and not his own you could see the sadness in his face. And to have to put his prize back in front of all the other kids! It was embarrassing for him I’m sure. I tried to get the manager to work with me on this as the issue was not my sons and their games but he was unmoving. He told me this is something that happens all the time and he had to follow policy. If this is the case and this happens all the time then please take the time to consider changing this policy for young children. We stood there jumping for joy when the machine counted out his big win tickets. We had no reason to believe that he didn’t really win that many. I am not the type to make a scene and so I directed my son to pick a different prize and then we quickly left with upset stomachs but that car ride home was one of the worst ever. Please do not do this to any other children. Please change this policy when it pertains to a small child who went from having g the best day ever, to the worst when I’m sure this could have been prevented. Thank you for your time. Alex McCormack Toledo Ohio.


Linda Vlcek March 15, 2017 at 8:15 pm

I sincerely hope the BOYCOTT of your establishments is a huge success. I will never step foot in any establishment that disrespects our military….and to state that the American flag is a gang symbol. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for your treatment of those who sacrifice so much so you can run your successful business.


Doug Rufle June 30, 2017 at 9:17 pm

If I heard correctly, it’s a total disgrace the way you treated our vets who came into your establishment. The way they were dressed is not something to be ashamed about and in no way did it resemble gang colors. If you don’t come forward and make this right I will never enter your place in the future and I will let anyone I know that you are a place that should not be patronized

What do you have to say about the matter


Joseph Oravec March 7, 2017 at 9:24 pm

I think I will be sending back all my “Power Cards”, as I No longer have any use for them. The best way to lose customers. Is to Disrespect Veterans. And, that is exactly what you did. To make things worse. Your COWARD CEO, has done or said NOTHING Nationally PUBLICLY, to correct your error. I am in the Sons of the American Legion. My Dad served in Korea, and had the shrapnel from a Gernade to prove it. My Family are and have served in the Army, Navy, and Marines. So, good Luck. When Every Vet in the USA stays away from Dave and Busters. Along with their Friends and Families.


Courtney March 6, 2017 at 11:58 am

I recently just visit the dave and buster in hanover, md at the arundel mills mall. I never have been and it was good and all until i purchased one of their plastic tumbler the neon color ones for $7. I got home and i wanted to wash it out of all the stick lemonade i had in it for my daughter. Well input it in my dishwasher and i pulled it out and my tumbler shrunk!!! I think they should put instructions on the cup on how to wash them! Very disappointed😡


No Longer a Fan March 5, 2017 at 3:44 am

Just read an article about your Michigan location equating the American Legion Bald Eagle symbol and the American flag on bikers jackets as gang attire. Well, you have now become another corporation in this country that will never see a dollar from this family. If your employees can’t tell the difference or read the patch on the bikers back to see that they are simply proud veterans versus outlaw bikers, then they don’t need to make a salary off of my family’s support. I intend to share this on the various social media sites I frequent and be sure that everyone knows how un-American your corporation is. The American flag? G F Y!


Jim March 3, 2017 at 10:10 pm

I just read a article about the Dave & Buster’s establishment and the American Legion, a organization I’m a proud member of, along with the VFW, and the DAV, I know how sometimes this articles are sometimes blown up….and I just wanted to see if this is true or not…..I just wanted to check to see if there was any truth to this or not. I hope this was just a misunderstanding, and not a standing policy of your organization….because if
it is, I will pass the information along to the 3 aforementioned organizations I’m a member of. Below is the link with the article…..thank you in advance for your response back to me.



Veronica March 3, 2017 at 8:35 pm

Our family spends time at your facility in Mi. I was highly disappointed to hear about the disrespect to our US veterans. It does not take a genius to know an America flag and supporting the prisoners of war ( people who where tortured and killed who put their lives on the line so Dave and Busters could be a company in the US and makes money) is not a gang patch showing their colors. Will you kick someone out who wears t-shirt that says USA? Or a group of people celebrating a holiday with jesus or the Star of David on it- I mean it’s symbolic. Do I need to worry that I walk in with a police officer who wears a shirt that says support the police may get kicked out? Your staff to do such a thing was disgusting. To tell veterans they could not wear what they put their lives on the line for! Dave and Busters should be ashamed. Seriously, your staff and your management can’t be that dumb, can they? But, you know what they say- you can’t fix stupid! Highly disappointed.


Mike February 12, 2017 at 2:23 am

To whom this may concern,

Yesterday, February 10, 2017, my wife and i visted your Glendale, Arizona location. We were having a great time, had your food, enjoyed a beverage, and spent plenty of money on gamea. Over 200+ and planned on spending atleast a 100 more. On one visit. With just the two of us.
This is where our visit took a turn for the worse, my wife, who was using the restroom, attempting to exit and was detained by a group of young girls who were unsupervised, playing games, and blocking the exit of the restroom. My wife told them to move in a curt manor. And the confrontation was done..so she thought..they called the police and accused my wife of hitting one of these unsupervised kids.
She talked to an officer, he seemed to understand the situation, took it for what it was, kids being little brats and lying about the situation that occurred. The real issue I have here is the manager and how he dealt with the situation. He made us feel like we were criminals, embarrassed my wife and myself.
I have been enjoying your company for many years, spending a significant amount of money, and wish to continue so. I have taken a day to really contimplate what happened. And it reall came down to the manager on duty. He said we were making his customers uncomfortable, we were also a customer, he amplified the situation. I myself eork with the public would not have handled the situation like this.
I am not stuck with a significant amount of money on a power card, stuck with the embarrassment of going back to your establishment, stuck with the judgment if we were ever to go back and attemt to have a great time.
This is something I dont do, contacting you guys for an issue like this. I love my wife and feel she was treated, lack of a vetter word. Treated like crap.
I am a long time customer and have no problem spending money for a fun time, this taints my desire to ever return.

Thank you.


Bill Vala December 28, 2016 at 12:12 am

We asked my son what he wanted to do on his birthday and he said he wanted to have his party at Dave and Busters. We requested a table to eat and we’re told 1 hour 40 minutes. Waited about 40 minutes and got a table. 20 minutes go by and no one greets us. We are a table of 17 so you couldn’t miss us. After asking 2 more times over another 20 minutes – manager Terry comes over to our table and says he sorry. I asked him to take our order and he said he couldn’t because he had so many customers in a 64, 000 square foot facility. He said if I didn’t like it, go to Midway and started to walk away. I said to him if he was going to treat customers that way he probably wouldn’t have a job for long. He immediately told me I had to leave and called security. We were walked for waiting too long and expressing our disappointment. I did not yell, curse or threaten. I have been a dish washer, prep cook, line cook, waiter, practical trainer and never have I ever been talked to like Terry talked to me let alone in front of my entire family. I am small business owner for 20 years and I brought 17 people to your establishment and now none of them want to ever return. My son and his friends all think Terry was mean and now do not like Dave and Busters. I have read the other reviews of this location and it’s sad it’s gone on this long.


Erica December 27, 2016 at 5:28 pm

What a way to spend your birthday. I was overcharged on my debit card and also gave a cash tip, only to get home tipsy and realize that the waitress walked away with double the tip. She charged my card the top and took the cash tip. Now here I am a week and a half later with no refund yet. Suggestions at 42 street Newyork, Newyork, be a little curtious and at least have better customer service. Don’t loose loyal customers because your too busy with your coworkers having a whole shabang and not paying attention to what your doing. Although I payed that cash tip, I can’t get my cash back now I will have to wait until after newyears to get my refund


Alma Klages August 8, 2016 at 5:50 pm

Planned birthday party for weeks in advance; showed up the day of the event and it was completely unorganized. The staff asked us repeatedly what we had signed up for, brought us an appetizer meant for another party, and even forgot the birthday guys’s food. Got the run around when I attempted to get some resolution. Too much money spent for such a half assed effort placed forth by the “organizers.”
Save your money and plan your celebration elsewhere.


Dhaniram Persaud July 11, 2016 at 9:17 pm

I have been visiting Dave and busters for around 10 years now and I honestly love the place until last Thursday night , a few friends of mine visiting from another country and I decided to go there to hang out by the bowling alley . There they accepted my id and gave me the bowling lane . Now the waitress said frank she cannot serve us alcohol when all of us were over 21
The smallest one was 25 . There reason was we didn’t have proper id when all of us had our said country international license and New York State ID cards . There excuse was it isn’t a valid id when all our ID were up to date . There wasn’t anywhere which said we need a United States ID to come and hang out there . Now Dave And busters isn’t going to see me anymore .
The manager and waitress was extremely rude to us
The guy by the bowling alley and the bouncer was extremely welcoming and nice to us


Devin Petersen May 11, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Advice greatly appreciated**
My lady and I have been building up tickets for the last few years or so from Dave and busters to save up enough for a NEW PlayStation 4 unit worth 115,000 tickets. We finally made it a few days ago! The big problem is when we took the console home to plug it in (haven’t even unwrapped the game) it continues to shut off with no avail and is obviously faulty. When I called the manager to receive a working unit he instructed me that it’s “company policy” that I HAVE TO go through the manufacturer for assistance and a replacement. Upon looking at the PlayStation website, if I send the system in they will replace it with a “recalibrated” unit! So not only did the thing cost me over $1000 but I have to wait for a 3 to 4 week process to receive a unit that is in no way brand-new?! What rights do I have here? How can they not be responsible for giving me a faulty unit? Any help or advice would truly mean the world to our family. I live in Texas and couldn’t imagine this is legal, POLICY is not the law, I just need to know the law and I’m going to court- Thanks and God Bless!


Paula May 5, 2016 at 9:13 pm

Went to the Clackamas location to celebrate my 50th birthday with family and friends; this was the WORST decision I made. Service was horrible; Alex our waiter was rude and did not pay attention to any order hence they were all incorrect. They lack diversity in the work environment. I asked for little ice in my drink the glass was filled to the brim with ice. The Frazzled onions were a glob of oil drenched mess. The kids mac and cheese looks over processed like it came straight from a box of Kraft mac and cheese. Burgers were regular burgers, Carl Jr’s has better burgers according to my children. No organic or natural choices. The wait for the food was astronomical; I waited over 30 minutes for a plate of lettuce with 4 grape tomatoes on the side. Food was dropped on the floor, than our server argued that he had replaced it when he clearly did not. I never got a chance to order an entree. The food that came out was not worth the price. I can out cook their cooks with everything on the menu. Lighting was horrible. The fact that there is one set of bathrooms in such a large establishment was ridiculous; my handicapped friend had a real difficult time with this. We were not offered any eat and play combo’s even after asking about them. They refused to put the Blazer game on in the dining room so we had to settle and watch horrible videos; although I suppose we could have left. They offered us free deserts which were in turn just nasty. The brownie tower thing tasted like it had been in the fridge with onions; hence it was hard as a rock with onion flavor. I could go on and on but I won’t. Maybe the east coast establishments are better.


C Green April 2, 2016 at 9:23 am

Our waitress was Lindsey. I specifically told her the orders I was paying for & the orders that I was not paying for. We had two separate tables. She was fully aware that the grown up table was responsible for their food. I even checked with her to make sure the extra bills were paid when I noticed some guest leaving. I communicated with her ALL night. Only for at the end of the night she had a manager that I had not dealt with all night came to my Mother saying a $105 bill was not paid (The grown up table). The majority of the party was gone at this point as Lindsay had collected money from BOTH tables & brought out bags for the “Grown Up” table. Only for her to send someone to tell my Mother that a table didn’t pay. At that table Iwas my Brother (NBA player) & My Uncle (Owner of 3 Budget Rental car locations) and their families. Both of which have more than enough money than to walk out on a $105 tab. After spending over $1000 that night. I immediately called them & they knew exactly how much the bill was and they gave her $120- a new $100 bill & a $20 bill & told her to keep the change. They wanted to come back to the location to confront her but I did not want to make a bigger scene then It already was by the lingering security and staff. She kept the money & the tip & brought them carry out bags. Only for her to send someone else over to tell someone other than myself that the bill was unpaid. She talked with me throughout the night. It seemed very odd that she didn’t even tell me herself. Then when discussing it she did not say one single word. If they didn’t pay why would she bring them carry out bags & literally watch them leave. If they didn’t pay why not say something to ME BEFORE they left. I explained to the manager who was nice and tried to make the situation better, we are not the type of people to walk out on a bill. We had tipped her more than $105 from the party bill and 5 other separate orders. I am not sure if it was a deliberate theft or a mistaken over site. Nevetheless it ruined our entire experience as the security and managers lingered around our area to make sure we handled the bill. It was embarrassing to say the least. I paid an additional agreed amount but told the manager that she took the money & we watched them give her money yet she insist she didn’t get money from that table. My entire family watched my bother give her the money & told her to keep the change. I should have known something like this was gonna happen because the night before I received a call from your reservations office rep Nicole telling me she gave me the wrong time for the kiddie call. She told me it was 11 in error (which is what I based the party time & unlimited cards on). The actual kiddie call is at 10 giving my party only 2 hours with the unlimited cards. She said she was leaving work at 7 and would call me tomorrow (the day of the party) to see if they can make some accomondations. She never called me. She never returned my call/email. I should have known then. Only for the waitress to lie about receiving $120 which the entire room seen two bills $100 & a $20 was put in her hands. She said “thank you I appreciate it” after being told to keep the change. A revision of the business practice for large parties should be revisited. She needed help with serving. Maybe you should create a procedure that puts managers over the entire bill for large parities. Or maybe a communication class because she could have said something to me. Better yet “if” they didn’t pay maybe she could of requested the money BEFORE bringing out carry out bags. . The process of cashing out orders and waitress responsibility is something you should re consider. It’s better for the guest & it will make sure all tickets are paid ESPECIALLY when the host tells you who is responsible for their own bill and even followed up to make sure the separate bills were handled and she said “yes the other bills were paid”. That’s is when I asked for my final party bill which a manager brought to me. Even at that time the $105 bill was not mentioned. In total we spent over $1000 last night and I am honestly regretting it from the kiddie call time mix up to the missing $120 that the manager claimed he didn’t find in her apron (of course not). Nevertheless GOD sees all whether it was an error or intentional. I will not return & will be sure to right a review regarding my experience.


heidi March 5, 2016 at 11:39 am

Dave and Busters i-drive Orlando 3/04/16
I have never made a complaint in my life because I too work in the service industry and can understand most situations. Our entire experience was awesome until the end. We decided to have dinner after hours of playing games. The food was great! Our server Tasha seemed busy but that’s understandable for a Friday night. She forgot about us a couple times which was fine with us too. When it came to the bill is the part that truely bothers me. She brought it and it was $70 something. I read the suggested tip at %18 was $85 and honestly thought that sucks at how many people probably only leave %18 and not % 20. When she brought me my change she had the bill folded in half and held onto it so I could only see the $85 . She gave me my change for $16. She then took my reciept with her. I.questioned if maybe gratuity was included and I missed that bc that’s understandable. So we waited until she came back.and said “oh do you want your reciept?” She gave it to me and when I saw it was only suggested and not included I was irritated. I wonder how many people she scams into tipping her twice at night? Just feel like it should be known. Funny thing is even though the service wasn’t great I would have still left her $30 but instead she got the % 18 she decided to.take for herself.


Bob January 10, 2016 at 11:16 am

Went there with a group of 12, mostly children. Thought it would be a good place for the kids to play while we waited to be seated. We got there and they didn’t have a problem with our group size, told us it would be a while before we got seated. No problem, I can understand that….. an hour and a half later, after they have seated numerous other people we left the place. The manager who confronted me, stated it was our fault for having a large amount of people and that he couldn’t make people leave there already occupied seats.This after already paying over $150 for the kids to play arcade games coupled with their non customer friendly attitude, we decided to leave. We went right across the mall from there to Margaritaville and despite being as equally busy, they were able to seat us withing 10 minutes.


Mark Hume December 30, 2015 at 1:32 pm

Horrible experience with renting a party room. I left a deposit on my debit/credit card and when we were done using the room the bill was paid in full not using my deposit. I rented the room on the 20th and still haven’t gotten an answer on when I’m getting my deposit back. I know if I take anything back to the store and ask for the money to be refunded it’s immediate. Customer service is horrible with follow up.


Jim Allen August 22, 2015 at 4:10 pm

Horrible experience X 2. Euless Texas is a new location. On the first visit, we had three different waiters, took forever to get our food, 2nd waitress was rude, Darius I will give kudos to, he was great. So because of the convenient location we decided to try again. This time was carry out, when I arrived to pick up the food they were not sure what to do with me, hostess had to discuss the order with two other waiters, finally got my order, left got home, portions very small, not worth the $28.00 I paid. Never going back. We had a very good experience at a location in Los Angeles and thought it would be the same here. Wrong!!!!!!!!!


mindi April 24, 2015 at 5:54 pm

Hi I was at your Manchester Connecticut location two days ago. This is not my first time visiting this location. I had been there previously when they first opened twice. Both of those times were horrible. But I gave it another chance due to the location being fairly new. Boy was I wrong. Nothing has changed. Host are very rude. Acted like they did not want to seat us.. asked us three times how many in our party. Then we had a server very poor service. In the previous times we have gone service was horrible as well. Our server did not care to answer any questions we had. Very rushy. Our order came out wrong and took him forever to fix the problem. Half of is were already done. We had children with us who wanted their refills for their beverages. He never came back until we were all done to bring us our check I then told him wait we want dessert. He shook his head. He then brought the bill with the dessert. He messed up on the play cards. I asked a manager to come over she said he already charged what he charged we can’t change the cards. I was so upset. I feel like they make no effort to help in this location I’ve been to many other locations and never have had this issue. My family and I were so excited when we found out a location was being built in Manchester as for we always had to travel pretty far. But now that we have been there three times and have had horrible service. I’m not quite sure with going back. It’s not cheap to go there so I would expect to get what I pay for. It’s very sad because we really enjoy Dave and Busters. I hope someone can really follow up with this location and hopefully fix the issues it has. I really want to throw my son’s birthday here this year but I don’t want to risk a bad experience. THANK YOU.


Adrianne March 18, 2015 at 4:16 pm

I went to Dave & Buster’s in Maple Grove, MN. When I got there…all the lights and how big it was…was kinda overwhelming. I have a 13 and a 6 year old, so we wanted to have fun. First, the waitress, Corissa, was nice but the service was lame because she was busy. The way the place does the meals and tokens combined was seriously confusing. My 13 year old son is a big eater and he ordered the cheeseburger off of the 48 token portion of the menu. My son didn’t finish the burger because he said it was nasty. My daughter ate the mac n cheese and I ordered the lobster, steak, and shrimp pasta bistro. That meal was so nasty. The steak was dry as the desert with no flavor, their was little to no shrimp and their was more mushrooms on my plate than anything. I didn’t even finish it. Instead of sending the food back and complaining( chefs sometimes spit in your food, if they have to make it over), I just paid my expensive bill and took my kids to play in the HUGE arcade. My 6 yr old daughter was able to play 7 games with a 48 point card. The straw that broke the camels back and another reason why I will never return is after we were done playing in the arcade, we went to the gaming center to get prices. My daughter had 224 tickets. The prices in her ticket range was candy and small choking toys. Most of the good prizes you have to have 500 tickets and up. So even after I spent close to 100 hundred dollars in that place, the food sucked and my kids left with no prizes because D&B wanted more money.

Very unsatisfied customer
Check #7865
visit was on 3/17/15

Unless I receive some form of compensation, I will continue to go to PINZ or SKYZONE and let all of my friends know what type of place this is. BAD BUSINESS.


Dennis January 20, 2015 at 10:37 pm

I had the opportunity of visiting Dave and Busters in Frisco, Texas this evening. I have never posted anything negative about any company ever before, but I am compelled to do so this evening.
I planned on having a XXXXtail and dinner at the bar. There were three other customers at the bar, and there were two barmen behind the counter.
It was clear that the two barmen were only interested in chatting about the intricacies of some sporting event. I waited about eight minutes before a menu was presented by Johnny. I ordered a beer and was asked if I wanted a food menu. After receiving the menu five minutes later, I was completely ignored by the two barmen on duty as they were so deep in their personal conversation about sports. Neither barmen was at all interested in taking care of their customers in any way.
I decided to simply ask for my bill for the one beer that I had half consumed. After waiting another unacceptable amount of time the bill arrived. I paid and left as soon as I could.
This is the third such experience with Dave and Busters.
Three Strikes and You are Out!
I will never return to Dave and Buster’s again. A shame as I have been a customer since their headquarters moved to Dallas on Manana Road in the mid 90’s
Neither Dave nor Buster would be proud of how their company has deteriorated over the years.


A. Mitchell January 2, 2015 at 8:21 pm

To whom it may concern,
On December 25, 2014 my fiancé and I took our family to the Dave and Busters in Cary, NC. We were shown to our tables and was informed by the host that it will be awhile before our food came out as they were understaffed. Since my fiancé was an employee at the time, he explained to myself and the family that it may be due to the holidays and he asked that we be patient and understand as he was aware of what was going on. After waiting thirty minutes our waiter finally comes to take our orders. He took our drinks and food orders and off he went. In addition to my dinner I ordered an appetizer and requested that it come out before the food. Twenty minutes go by and we are still waiting on drinks. After 5 more minutes of our children complaining that they were thirsty, my fiancé gets up and goes to the bar to put in the drink order for us. He comes back to the table with our drinks and we continued to wait for our food.It took an hour for our food to come back. There were no complaints as were fairly warned. Everyone began to enjoy their food. I took one bite of my sandwich and became disappointed as the chicken breast was ice cold. It seemed as if the cook took the chicken breast out of the freezer and slid it over the grill once maybe twice. This was not cold like it had been sitting in the open for some time, my food was ice cold. We called for a manager and informed him of what was going on. His name was Johnathan. He apologized and said to us that they were busy and he would get another plate for me. He left with the sandwich and fries. After waiting ten minutes our waiter zooms by as if someone were chasing him,drops off the food and left the table. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him that my fries were missing, and that I never received my appetizers, and that my children needed refills on their drinks. Well I decided to bite my sandwich and again it was cold. My fiancé at this point embarrassed since he works there and suggested we come there to eat called for a manager again. He managed to get a hold of Seth. He tried to explain to him what was going on. Seth did not even apologize nor allow him to say that not only was the food cold they did not bring out the entire meal, or the other issues going on at the table.Seth simply said in a extremely rude manner, with an expression of disgust on his face, “Well what else can I get you?” I replied, “At this point there is nothing else you can do.” He then took the plate in his hand and walked off. He did not bother to apologize nor did he seem to want to acknowledge the fact that a customer was not satisfied. My fiancé saw the frustration on my face and knew that I was disappointed as we were trying to have a good dinner for Christmas. He went to talk to Seth for the second time. Seth came back to the table and said that my fiancé informed him that his apology was not sincere. And I said, “Sir you never even apologized, you asked what else could you get me and walked off.” His entire demeanor was as if we were bothering him because my food came out cold twice. He stood there displaying not a bit of interest or concern for the issue or how I felt. I told him that I should not be treated with such disrespect and was curious if this were happening because my fiancé worked there. He said well. “Are you sure you don’t want a cheese cake or some sort of desert” dismissing the issue at hand. I told him no and without a concern he walked off.
I am not sure how this situation would have played if my fiancé were not present, but bottom line, as a customer, this was the worst experience I have ever had not only at Dave and Busters but at a restaurant period. Then to add insult to injury they turn around and fired him because of the situation in which was there fault.
Regardless of if a person works there or not a customer is anyone that has interaction with the company and should be treated with respect, in which we did not receive from Seth. He is unprofessional, extremely rude and very unmannerly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from a representative to further go over my concerns and issues pertaining to this day.
Kindest regards,
A. Mitchell


Stephen Shafer December 29, 2014 at 12:37 pm

I wanted to leave some information with you guys to let you know how poorly my family and I were treated yesterday evening (Dec. 28th 2014). I have been super excited to visit this location since it was built, because the couple that I used to frequent in the Dallas Texas area were awesome, with great food and loads of fun, and the staff was excellent. This location in OKC was the biggest let down I have had in a very long time. It was my daughter’s Birthday and we had a party of 10 with 6 kids ranging in age of 4-15yrs old, she was excited and everything went ok when we finally were given an appropriate explanation of the cards, which was given to us by our server in the Restaurant area. The woman working in the stand for the cards was not any help and was very argumentative with us and talked down to us because we weren’t knowledgeable with the process. As far as the food goes, the best thing we ordered were the hot wings and they were brought out when they were hot. The other food was actually warm at best. Overall the experience is one that is not one that would let me make a recommendation for friends or family to visit. Being in the restaurant business myself in the past and in the car business now, peoples’ satisfaction is the most important thing, and making sure that visits are memorable for the good rather than the bad. I am not one that just sends emails or makes phone calls when I have bad service, but I love making calls and sending emails to let managers and companies know that their service was remarkable! Thank you for your time.


Iraj December 28, 2014 at 8:00 pm

To Whom this may concern,
My wife and I have been loyal customers to D&B restaurants for many years. We always take our out of town friends to show them a good time. This last time my wife and I decided to take a dear friend of ours for taco Tuesday at 7pm right before Christmas. We saw the sign in front stating there is $2 beers. We sat and asked our server for the $2 beer that was advertised outside. The server went and came back and told us they no longer had $2 beers. We asked why the sign was outside bringing people in for this when they did not offer the deal. We asked to talk to the manager. The manager Shanon came over and we asked her for $2 beer and she told us they had $3 beer. At this point it’s not about the money but a establishment honoring what they advertise. I told Shanon she can bring us the $3 beer and charge us $2 because that would be fair. Shanon told us she could not do that and I told her she was not being a good manager. What happened next was absolutely humiliating and in my 78 years of life I have never been treated like this. She pointed her finger at the door and told us to get out. I never shouted or raised my voice at her so her unjust behavior is either because she’s racist or ageist. This country still has respect for elderly and this woman was throwing a 78 year old his wife and their friend out of the restaurant. I told her that we didn’t want the beer and would just have the tacos since we were already sitting. Shannon had the nerve to call security to escort us off the premises. I have been traumatized by this episode and can not believe that your establishment would put a woman like this in a managerial position, let alone work with customers. I believe she is racist and we were treated inhumanly. My wife has been in tears ever since this episode. We are good people and believe in fairness. I have lived and worked in this country for the last 70 years. This woman treated us inhumanly and action needs to be taken immediately in this matter.
A very mistreated customer,
Iraj Parsa


Tim Barnes September 29, 2014 at 11:12 am

I just wanted to share what an awful experience my family and I recently had at Dave and Busters.

I’ve been going to Dave and Busters for years. It’s usually a pretty good time. About three years ago, though, we moved, and now the nearest Dave and Busters is an hour away. We decided to make the trip to the Wes Nyack Dave and Busters on September 14, 2014. It would be our first visit in a long time.

I couldn’t believe the ineptitude. I ordered the Tomato Feta Soup and the Bistro Steak and Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo. My wife ordered the Crisp Apple Pecan Salad and the Philly Cheesesteak. We thought about ordering the Grilled Cheese for our 6-year-old, but then decided we would just share our plates with him instead.

I loved the Tomato Feta Soup – that is until I ate the French fry that was at the bottom. I assumed it was a vegetable or something – maybe a slice of avocado. Nope. It was a disgusting tomato-soaked French fry in my soup. That was just the beginning.

I asked for the steak on my Bistro Steak and Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo to be cooked medium. I even discussed what I meant by medium with my server (pink in the middle). What did I get? A dried up flavorless well-done steak that hurt my jaw to even chew.

The server also brought a Grilled Cheese for our kid. Of course, when we ordered we said we didn’t want that – but she brought it anyway. Well, of course once a 6-year-old sees that, you can’t tell the server to take it away, so we ended up paying for that, too. Our server also had told us – several times – that the Grilled Cheese and Philly Cheesesteak would come with “seasoned fries”. There was no seasoning on those fries. Those were just plain old French fries that needed more salt. Definitely a far cry from what one expects when told he or she is going to get “seasoned fries”.

So, in the end, we were quite happy with the Crisp Apple Pecan Salad. That’s about it. My soup had a disgusting French fry in it. My steak was dry as a bone and overcooked. My wife’s Philly Cheesesteak and Pink Lemonade were underwhelming. The French fries were lame. And we ended up paying for a Grilled Cheese we had told our server we didn’t want.

I showed our server the not-medium steak and she apologized. I told her about the French fry in my soup and she sarcastically said “wow, the kitchen’s really helping me out today.” Of course we reminded her we didn’t want the Grilled Cheese when she brought it, but our kid saw it and would have thrown a fit if we had then taken it away. We didn’t even bother mentioning the unseasoned French fries because – based on her previous responses – it had become obvious that our server wasn’t going to offer any solutions to make us satisfied. She barely came around to check on us as it was, and my wife was never able to get the free refill for her Pink Lemonade.

So, I ask you this: How would you feel if you drove over an hour to take your family out and this was your experience? And how would you feel when you see the server made absolutely no adjustments on the $83.69 bill for this debacle?

Table 201/1
Check # 9385
September 14, 2014 7:28pm
Dave and Busters #15 West Nyack, NY


Tim Barnes


Kevin Gross August 30, 2014 at 1:33 am

I observed tonight several times at the Virginia Beach VA location that if a customer wishes to receive a military discount the waiter/waitress must take the card with the check to someone higher up to verify. WRONG. That is illegal. “An ID card shall be in the personal custody of the individual to whom it was issued at all times. If required by military authority, it shall be surrendered for ID or investigation. ” http://www.cac.mil/docs/DODI-1000.13.pdf. If management does not trust the employee enough to make that call to give the discount then management must walk to the table as you are making them do something illegal and which could possibly compromise base security and lives of military personnel if something were to happen to that card while it is out of sight.


J Wright May 3, 2014 at 10:25 pm

On Saturday, May 3rd at your Marietta location I would have to say was poorly managed. I live in this area and patronize fairly often. I totally understand that seating was first come first serve however, when you have a table with one person sitting and holding seats for hours for their friends is unacceptable to me. I stood behind a woman and her kids who had been in line since 7pm. It is now 9:51pm as I write and she still has not been accommodated to feed her children. Not once did the manager try to correct the overflow. When approach he laughed and said there was nothing he could do because people was spending their money. Well, we all planned to spend money. The right thing to do as many of the servers did, was to ask if people could join tables to be comfortable, watch the fight, and eat. It has been an hour and I have not seen the manager. If you are going to advertise the fight it would have been great to be accommodating, make announcements regarding the ability to eat. Don’t just assume and think this is OK.

In the future, my suggestion would be as with other well known establishments is that if you do not have your entire party you should not be allowed to sit and hold seats.

While I am sure the $5 cover charge that Dave and Buster Marietta was great for business but, the customer service was terrible. Many of these people do not live in this area but I do. I do not think I will be visiting or referring this establishment to anyone in the near future.

By the way it’s 10:07pm and the manage is just watching the game. Just asked about seating in standing alone leather chairs with no tables and was told the people seating in some of them are waiting for others to come.

J Wright

Live Love Life


Siobhan Hogan April 14, 2014 at 7:08 am

I was at Dave and busters in Northeast Philadelphia at Franklin mills. The service was horrible and are table was not cleaned. We had to wait 15 or so minutes to even get drinks and then another 15 mins or so to order are food. When they brought out are food they forgot to bring my nephews food out and gave it to someone else. We had to wait another 20 minutes for the waiter to come over and ask if everything was ok. So not did my nephew not get his food by the time it came out myself and my fiance were done eating already. We never got any refills or anything. That night my fiance got food poisoning and was sick for 2 days. Please let me know how this will be handle. I did pay 60 dollars for a meals that were not good and my nephew received his food and he had to eat 40 minutes later than all of us.
Thank you
Siobhan Hogan


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