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Copart USA Corporate Office Address

Copart, Inc.
14185 Dallas ParkwaySuite 300
Dallas, Texas 75254

Contact Copart USA

Phone Number: (972) 391-5000
Fax Number: (972) 386-6736
Email: Email Copart USA

Copart USA Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Copart USA Executives

CEO: Jayson Adair
CFO: Jeffrey Liaw
COO: William E. Franklin

Copart USA History

Copart was founded in 1982 in Vallejo, California, by Willis Johnson. Johnson began buying salvaged and repossesed vehicles and reselling them. Beginning with just one location, by 1994 the company had more than 12 locations.

Today, Copart is the largest provider of online vehicle auctions and remarketing services in the US. The company has international sales offices as well, including Germany, Ireland, Spain, Great Britain, and India. Copart has a large range of services to sell every type of vehicle, including personally owned vehicles, through its patented Virtual Auction platform. The company sells repossessed vehicles, salvaged vehicles, parts only vehicles, donated to charity cars and trucks and much more.

Copart went public on the NASDAQ in 1994 and is still publicly traded under the ticker symbol: CPRT. Annual revenue in 2014 was $1.5 billion. The company reported selling more than 1 million vehicles. Headquarters were moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2012.

Copart USA FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Copart USA?
Answer 1: The phone number for Copart USA is (972) 391-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Copart USA?
Answer 2: The CEO of Copart USA is Jayson Adair.

Question 3: Who founded Copart USA?
Answer 3: Copart USA was founded by in .

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Jack Opach March 25, 2019 at 10:25 pm

Copart Canada in Edmonton is nothing else but tiffs and layers. Did forward email to Shawn Curtis about the refund but was told instead, that I but on the vehicle and did not pick up in 10 day so my security deposit is confiscated. I did explain, forward a screen shoots, even called member services, nothing.
Friend of main did bit and purchase vehicle, two days later Hi went to pick it up, and find out that is nothing in the system. His deposit vanishes with the vehicle!

But I would like to get my bayer and all deposit back!


Jack Opach


Larry Lang January 24, 2019 at 4:39 pm

We are member 64373 and we cannot access our account, log in says password is not correct. We are unable to get anywhere to change the password. we had the same problem a few months back and told our e-mail was no good and you had to change and use our other email account. The correct e-mail should be aalcoauto@
We have tried to contact you by phone and have been unsuccessful in in getting this handled, after several disconnections, we finally spoke to a person who was unable to help us. After all this running around we are trying this approach.
Please resolve this issue as we cannot even pay for cars previously purchased and we are incurring late charges.
Also we are loosing several days of bidding because of this on going issue.
You can contact us by phone at AALCO – 1 845 452 0877. Or use THIS email account to communicate with us. aalcoauto@

This is urgent, and time is of the essence!
We are effectively out of business at this time..

A timely response will be greatly appreciated.

William Leskody
sys. admin.

50 Creek Rd.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


Helen Lanier January 15, 2019 at 3:01 pm

I am trying to reach the Legal Department or Land Management.
This is URGENT. Please contact me immediately in regards to your Gaston, SC location.
thank you
Helen Lanier
Lanier Construction (803) 920-6868


shane jones October 23, 2018 at 8:38 am

bought a car from chester uk and paid for vehicle got my driver to collect it the following day of winning the car and first they loaded the wrong car and put my car on someone elses recovery and my car was £10k more than the one they put on my drivers truck and when I got the car to my yard someone in chester yard had stolen the steering wheel airbag which is a very expensive part I made a complaint with chester manager and all I got was TERMS & CONDITION APPLY so he was no help at all and would not acknowledge that there is a thief in his yard everyone as a copart customer should be able to trust to leave our vehicles in any copart yard and not worry that workers there are going to steel out of them…


Octavian Badulescu July 19, 2018 at 6:15 pm

Dear Sir/Madame,

Thanks much for taking the time to review this matter.

Here are my concerns regarding Copart transaction for Lot #24930168 sold under member: 922349.
The vehicle Audi A4 2009 was sold as lot #24930168 has been delivered on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 9:00 am to 178 Broadway, Jersey City, 07306. Unfortunately, the engine did not start, and a local body repair shop immediate noticed engine and water damages. The delivery driver confirmed the engine did not start while loading the vehicle at the Copart facility located at : 82 Cape Rd, Mendon, MA 01756. I have called Copart GM Tim B. on April 17, 2018 as soon as the vehicle has been delivered to discuss this matter, mentioning the fact there were undisclosed damages and conclusive evidences this vehicle has been misrepresented. He promised to trace back what would have happened and find a ways to assist me in resolving this unexpected situation, but there is no resolution yet.
In the following days two third party inspections confirmed the engine been burned out and water damages, so the vehicle could not started while on the Copart yard to have the ability to move forward under its own power, as advertised. Having in mind Copart described the vehicle as Run and Drive, Primary damage: Side, Secondary damage: None – all this indicates the vehicle information has been misrepresented, so there is conclusive evidence of misrepresentation for this vehicle leading to entire sale transaction being voided.
I have already spent significant about of money inspecting, replacing the battery, shipping from and to Copart and storing this vehicle in addition to the initial invoice and the broker fees in value of $3.223, just to learn about significant undisclosed damages which should have been properly advertised. Meanwhile, the vehicle was been returned to Copart facility at Copart 25 RIVERVIEW DRIVE, MARLBORO, NEW YORK 12542, and has been sold as Lot# 35479308 for $1850, but Copart did no follow-up crediting for the sale transaction fees as promised.
The net result of this this unfortunate transaction, I have lost over $ 2650 mainly due to the fact vehicle has been clearly misrepresented when has been sold to me. It is unfair to customers to be exposed to significant financial loss and distress as result of the fact the vehicle has been inaccurately described on the Copart site as run and drive, but in fact third party inspections revealed the vehicle has a burned engine and water damages not disclosed at time of sale.
Having in mind, I have mislead in bidding on this problematic lot being led to believe that I was purchasing a vehicle without engine or water damages, I therefore demand restitution of the initial sale fees to recover some my losses.



Howard July 18, 2018 at 12:58 pm

Dear Copart CEO,
This is an open complain about your Portland,Oregon branch.
My nephew was looking to purchase a car from your online site,he saw a 2011 white BMW. Lot# 33176088, I was sitting with him and he asked me to pay for it choosing buy it now option,I have told him to call the auction site where the car is located,I have personally spoken with the lady who have answered the phone and I have told her we are going to purchase this car and I will be paying for it,hint,we share the same last name.
She said ok and even we uave tried to lower the auction fees since it was $1800 anx this was expensive,but she said these fees are not negotiable,therefore we have completed our purchase and paid for the car in full.
After this we have arranged with our shopping company to go and pick up the car from this location in Portland,Oregon,unfortunately when the driver arrived there the site manager refused to release the car and asked the driver to let us call them, once we did,they informed us that we have a problem with the payment since the first name on the Credit Card used id different,I have spoken with the manager myself and I have informed him with the situation but he refused to further discu1this issue with me since the Copart account is under my nephew name,then I have suggested he calls my nephew.
Unfortunately we have not been able to reach a resolution with this manager,because all his excuses were irrelevant and does not make any sense.
At the end We have told him if this is your case why tgen you have accepted the charge of the deposit then accepted the charge of the full payment for the car which both have been charged to my CC.
If you have refused the charge you would have saved us the hassle of this issue.
Then we have told him that we had left with no option but to quit the purchase and cancel it.
However since we have cancelled the purchase untill now he is holding our money of $10938.00 and he is refusing to issue a credit back to our CC.
Please do look in to this issue and have the location manager immediately issue a credit back to our CC. If things doesn’t go well in solving this issue then we will have no other option but to hire an attorney and sue your company for the hassle and hard time which you guys are giving us.


Umeh virginus November 26, 2017 at 4:50 am

car bought from copart for more than 65 days has not been received.please what could be the issue?i have made several calls to member service they told me they can not do anything about it I should keep sending emails to export team.for 3 weeks I have been sending emails to export team nobody responded.please what do I do next?thanks


John Betteridge August 30, 2018 at 9:38 am


I bought a Harley Davidson Motorcycle on 14th June and it eventually left the yard on 27th July following problems with the salvage paperwork. Another month has gone by and I cannot find any further information and the export team are not answering my email enquiries. Can anyone inform me of the whereabouts of my bike.

Destination Country: United Kingdom
Copart Lot Number: 22226778
Member Number: 695351

I have sent several emails since (There is no telephone number to contact) with emails sent to copart export and member services again on 24th August. Once more with no reply. I bought this bike on 14th June with the expectation of having it back in the UK by now, ready to prepare for a European tour in early October. This looks like a very slim possibility now.

Will somebody please get in touch to update me on WHERE IS MY BIKE.


Umeh virginus November 18, 2017 at 12:58 am

I won a car on 21st September 2017 and paid all the money needed to paid including shipping.up til this time I have not receive the car even shipping doXXXXents has not been send to my question is does it copart more than 50 days to ship a particular car and what could be the problem delaying it so long?the lot#37492957


Miguel A Yanez October 19, 2017 at 3:53 pm

miguel yanez

Today, 2:43 PM
To whom it may concern at Copart:

We are trying to pick 2013 nissan altima lot # 35757777 from the yard in houston for the last 2 weeks. My wrecker driver has talk to the yard manager at yard 11. According to the manager, there is more time needed to find the vehicle. Do they really need more than 2 weeks to find this car? I would appreciate if you just reimburse the money paid on this lot. Its not sense selling cars with not updated pictures with severe undisclosed damage (water). Why don’t you guys do what is fair? I hope there is some customer service regarding this matter. The fees we as buyers pay for every single purchase are not so low, and there should be better customer service from your side in exchange. Please contact me regarding this matter as soon as possible.

From: miguel yanez
Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 12:22 PM
To: ryan.reynolds@; jesse.perez@; jim.white@


I bring to your attention that the vehicle with the lot number 35757777 suffered water damage during the last flood. I had spoken to one of Houston yard representatives about this matter and I have been told that there could be many vehicles with water damage in your yard which had not been branded as flooded vehicles.

General sense is that this vehicles under such conditions are branded as “flooded vehicles” before they get out from any salvage yard to avoid any type of fraud to retail consumers or deceiving Copart customers.

I had returned the vehicle to the yard and would like to discuss about any procedures that Copart management would advice me concerning this matter.


FirstCaitlyn October 17, 2017 at 11:52 am


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