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Conns Inc.
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Phone Number: (409) 832-1696
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CEO: Theodore M. Wright
CFO: Brian E. Taylor
COO: Michael J. Poppe

Conns History

Conns began in 1934 when Carol Washington Conn, Sr. purchased a plumbing company and named it Conns Plumbing and Heating.

In 1937, the company began selling gas ranges and refrigerators.

In 1940, a physical store was opened on Pearl Street in Beaumont, Texas.

In 1959, a second store was opened on 11th Street.

In 1964, Conn Credit Corporation was founded to help consumers finance their purchases from Conns.

In 1966, C.W. Conn Jr. took over as company president and CEO.  The company operated 4 stores at this time.

The company expanded under his leadership and eventually went public in 2003.  Today, the company has 65 retail locations that sell electronics and appliances.



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Sylvia Martinez July 27, 2015 at 3:42 pm

To Whom it may concern

I Sylvia Martinez would like to address this e-mail to CEO: Theodore M. Wright, I would like for him to know. how the customers are being treated. Yes the people that come to one of his many store. I have a big complain regarding a 32 in TV set that my husband bought last year at Conn s store located in San Antonio the store is on W. Commerce yes its only a small TV set. On or about July 7 2015 I took the TV set into the store to get service . Because I coudn t get no picture only the sound worked, the person at the counter told me just to leave it at the store and my TV would be checked out by a service technician . Well its being almost 3 weeks and yet no service technician has contact me nor anyone from any where I have to be calling everyday to check on my TV . I filed a complain and someone called me from you corporate office last Monday. And when told the rep. what was going on she placed me on hold and called the service department and service told her that the part for my TV was ordered and had just arrived so the rep. told me that I would have my TV set by Friday. Well its Monday again and no TV and so today July 27, I called service and was told by the person on the other end that my TV was waiting for a part. Someone is just not telling me the truth. All I want is my TV set fix . When I bought the set and the warranty no one ever told me that I would have to wait this long. And no I was never late with my payment or did not ever get a phone call for missing a payment. I have called your office and asked to speak to someone in the corporate office but got no where. So I sure hope you can help solve my problem . Because if I would have known that I was going to run into all this problem I would have not bought the Fridge that I just bought last month so that is why I am asking for you help. If you could call me my number is (210)364-****. the Reference # is 433040


Noemi P July 24, 2015 at 6:58 pm

I have been a Conns customer fro several years. Each time purchasing an item with interest free for a number of months and paying off before so no interest fees charged. However, the last item we bought did not qualify for no interest because it was less than the caped amount for no interest financing. The sales person insisted we purchase something else to qualify and we said no because we had no need for anything more. So we purchase it, finance it (because we’re going to pay it is asap anyhow). Well, we bought it in May, it is no July and we go in to pay off. Payoff is more than we had noted. So we ask why and the person who takes payments in store is rude and tells us they don’t know and to call customer service number on the receipt. I get home and I call, needless to say that was not helpful at all. I asked how interest is charged and she doesn’t know. She is not sure what day the interest charge hits. I’m presuming their is a certain daily interest that shoul be charged as any other interest account does. Nope, not this one they charge you 30 days of interest on any day they decide I guess. So we make 3 payments in July and we’re still have to pay interest fee included in our pay off??? This makes no sense to me What so ever! So, being that I am a paralegal I am going to review consumer laws and rights because I am more than certain their are laws about how a company should charge interest on their accounts. I will no longer buy from conns, nor will any of my family members who I have referred in the past. Nor will any one else I can reach out too and warn about their illegal means of financing. I understand that most people who buy here go because they have less than perfect credit, but some of go because in the past we had a good experience and just like going back to what we know. That is not the case here anymore. May these be a notice to all members of the conns corporate office that I will not let this go. Even though it is a small amount it is the principle and the fact that this is happening to many people! Some have no clue that it’s happening, some don’t understand it, and some just don’t know how to handle it. I do, and I will even if it means going to court but it will not happen again! If you, or any one you know feels you may have had the same illegal finance tactics used please contact me, class actions are heard so much better than a mere one!!!!!!


Lequita Pearley July 15, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I am reading several complaint against Conn’s that I wish I had read before I actually did business with them. At this present time, Conn’s has tricked me out of my money and product. I have been told to refer matters over to the Attorney General. I hope to a good report for you all later. In the meantime, DON’T do business with Conn’s. Especially if you don’t have money to waste. SO disappointed!


Mr. Wright July 15, 2015 at 10:36 am

Mr. Wright,

I am a victim of identity theft who has personally never been inside a Conn’s store, nor have I ever purchased anything off of your website. After attenuating to purchase a home, I noticed a 7000 charged off account from your store. I immediately went through the proper steps of attempting to clear my name. I called your organization, left a message with the fraud department and was surprised to get a call back within 2 hours. The representative took all of my information and advised me someone would call me back, and I would receive paperwork in the mail. I NEVER received so much as a call or letter. I have made several attempts to call the fraud department only to never get a call back. I have sent three escalations through customer service, and not one has ever been returned. I have recently by the grace of God gotten to Amanda in your fraud department, and this woman is a complete joke. Initially she told me there was “nothing” she could do and I would need to call the collection agencies first. Once I explained that I had already successfully did that, she agrees to send out the coveted affidavit. I fill it out to the best of my knowledge only to be told the “lawyer” says my id is fake and so is my police report. I attempted to explain that she could easily verify the police report herself and she began shouting and telling me that no one in the office believes me because they have never heard of me, after provided my affidavit, and tickets and passport confirming that I was not even in the country when this “purchase” was made. I cannot tell you how incredibly unprofessional and rude this person is. To have such a person representing your organization is very sad. I need someone to contact me regarding this matter as it is not being taken seriously, or taken care of at all. I am a MBA holder, and a school teacher and I work very hard to take care of my family. I do not deserve to be treated like a street thug as I have been scrutinized like a criminal, and I AM THE VICTIM. Please have a professional worker/representative contact me regarding this matter as I am eager to get CONNS off my Mind and OFF OF MY CREDIT!


Rosa Finamore July 21, 2015 at 7:57 pm

I know how you feel. The employees at corporate are very rude and unprofessional. They try to demean youand treat you as if yu are below them. I don’t know how the heads are allowing this. If this was my company, I would be ashamed that this is the representation in my main office. If I would have known they would give me so many issues I would have never done business with them.


Rosa Finamore July 21, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I wish I can just give them back their merchandise and be done with this company. DO NOT BUY FROM CONNS. THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND RIP YOU OFF FIRST CHANCE YOU GET.


Robert young July 13, 2015 at 7:26 pm

Mr. Wright

My wife and I we’re approved for $10,000 worth of Conn’s cash. My wife $7500 and myself $2500. We were excited to get a new 75″ or 80″ TV to put in our new theatre room. We were helped by a new employee, who was very helpful. We decided on a Samsung 75″ TV – even though it was out of the box, we were assured that we would get the 24 month financing- well after we worked the deal, he told us that could not have the deal becAuse it was out of the box. We said fine and looked at a new,75″ Samsung TV. It was dinner time by then so we went across the street to eat. Very close by was a best buy and a h h Greg. Both of these stores had the same TV for $100 less.
I called the store back and they said they could match it. I hated buy somewhere else when we have been working with them for several hours. We came back to close the deal and after another hour of waiting were told that they were waiting on approval.

My wife was just walking around the store and noticed a Sharp 80″ TV that was even better. I told the furniture manager to forget about the comp issue,that I would like to purchase the 80″ sharp TV instead. He checked and said it was the last one -out of the box . I asked could it be marked down a few more dollars. He checked with Management and came back k with a price that I accepted. At that time it was 9:30PM and they were closing. He said he would have all the paperwork complete and the TV wrapped by10:30 the next morning We were excited, so I called two construction helpers to get the wall ready for our New purchase and help with the mounting of the TV to the wall.

The next day we went to pickup our new TV and they told us that they did not get the price approved. And there was nothing they could do. I explained that they quoted a price that was approved by the manager on duty to us and was told to return. To bad so sad. They did not care we lived 50 miles away and had made 2-3 trips to the store.

I called and asked for the District Managers number, but they said I could not have it.I asked fora Regional number but was refused as well. I called a number I got off the internet – called customer service, there I was given a ticket # and would be cAlled back. Well I called three times and no response. I just can’t understand this.

My major concern is not the money,but the lack of concern by your employees. No one ever called us back, even when they said they would. The store manager – never called , I have called the store to see what can be done and no one will call us back. I called customer Service and they put me on a list. For three days I have not heard anything.


Karen Steen July 9, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Dear Mr. Theodore Wright,

After many attempts and numerous transfers to people who do not know what they are talking about,and refusing to let me speak with a supervisor you are now my last resort.
I have requested to speak with the Resolution Department and that was denied as well.

Currently l have a computer that was purchased 2 months ago from Conns that is not working. All l get is a loud beep. I want this computer replaced and not with another Dell, it is a piece of junk. After only 2 months a replacement should not be an issue, especially after l paid for your extended warranty. Another money rip off?

In May, before a payment was even made on a portable air conditioner that was lost in the Memorial Day flood,l contacted Conns to let them know. At the time l was homeless and destitute and had no money to get gas to fill out their paperwork. They also requested a picture and l would like to know how l could take pictures of property that had washed down the San Marcos River. As a result l now have made two payments on something l do not even have in an effort to save my credit. I do not want to be making on two things l don’t have.

Right now l am ready to return the computer, the window unit, and you can hire a scuba diver to find the portable unit.

Let me hear from you immediately,or l will return it all before next payment is due if you cannot make this right.

Your staff is incompetent, rude, and completely unaware.
Thank you,
Karen Steen


Lisa & Roland Bourque July 6, 2015 at 4:06 pm

We have been Conn’s customers 14 years and in 2013 bought a Samsung Electric stove with a 3 year warranty, and the dual oven separator so it acts like a double oven when needed and totally loved it. Then in February 2015 the whole control panel went out on the stove. They sent service out to fix it and ordered the new board, tech comes the next week and when he goes to install the circuit board it is the wrong one. He leaves and reorders another one and comes out about 5 days later. Someone from the order department had physically scratched out the part order # and written in the part we had sent back. So when he gets there to install it the part was wrong again so he calls the parts warehouse and asks what is going on? They tell him that the stove has been upgraded and they cannot get the parts for my stove anymore so he puts the ticket in as a replacement stove. Conn’s credits me the $1179.00 that was already paid off but the warranty doesn’t transfer to the new stove we have to pick out, we have to buy a new one. I still wanted the split oven so we went with the upgraded model and paid another $500 approx. plus new warranty on a new contract. The new stove was delivered April 28, 2015. When they installed it I noticed that the door was not a tight close on the oven and the installer told me that was how they were made so I said ok. When I used the oven for the first time on Mothers day weekend(May 9th, 2015) the whole kitchen heated up because it was not closing properly. I called the service line 5/11/15 and they sent a tech out 4 days later 5/15/15 and he said the hinges on the door were defective and ordered me a new oven door. They called me while I was on vacation 6/2/15 to see when they could come install the new door and I told them that I would be gone for 2 weeks and they told me that they would have to send it back and reorder it so I said no schedule it for the 15 of June and I would take the day off. I called them the morning of the 15th and told them that I had to go to work because of the storm (BILL) coming in and I was on the emergency team at work and couldn’t miss so we rescheduled for the 22nd. A different tech came and had the new door and when he put it on it still wouldn’t shut and he investigated further and said it was the latch that was broken coming out of the oven. I told him I thought I had a defective stove and was going to call Conn’s and tell them I wanted it replaced but to go ahead and order the part and I would call the office in the mean time. The warranty office informed me it had to be deemed unrepairable by the service tech before a credit could be issued. I said fine and waited for a call on the part delivery. I called on the 25th and asked if my part had came in and what was the ETA, they told me there was no part ordered and my ticket said completed. I was furious and told them I wanted a manager right then. The young lady told me that Mrs. Perez would help me and transferred me and what did I get “a VOICEMAIL” go figure. I told her basically what had happened and to please call me asap. Two hours later nothing, so I called back and a gentleman answered and when I asked for Mrs. Perez he told me she was not in that day, I told him that the lady earlier said she was and put me through and I had gotten her Voicemail so someone lied to me. I told him not to put me on hold and to get me a manager right now. He said he was transferring me to Mrs. Hernandez and she would help me and when it picked up I had ANOTHER voicemail. I was pissed to say the least and told her so on the message. She called me right back and said she didn’t know why the tech had not ordered the part but she was escalating the matter to the service manager, Mr. McKauley? and he would call me within the next 24 hrs. Well guess what he has never called to this day. What kind of management team do you run in that place anyway? On the 26th Samsung district manager from Dallas called my husband and asked how we liked our new oven and he told him that it would probably be great if we could get Conn’s to fix it and told him what was going on and that we were very dissatisfied. I called Conn’s on the 29th to make sure my part was in and they said yes and scheduled me for July 3rd in the afternoon. I called the service line on the 2nd to confirm my appointment and the part and they told me the part would be with the tech when he came on Friday the 3rd. The tech called and said he would be there between 3 & 5pm. When he arrived he asked me what the problem was and that sent RED FLAGS up immediately. I told him what was going on and he said that they had this marked as a first call and when I asked if they sent the latch replacement with him he so they did not give him any parts. I blew up. I picked up my phone and called the service line and asked for Mrs. Hernandez and did not want to be put on hold to go get her. They got her on the phone at approx. 4 pm. I told her what happened and that the tech had the 2013 stove on his papers that had been traded in and nothing about the new stove, no part and that this was set as a first call for this repair and I wanted it fixed. I also told her that Mr. McKauley had never called me back from 2 weeks ago and what the HELL was going on in those offices! Again she was going to escalate the problem. What good does it do to escalate a problem when no one gives a crap about the customer service and the techs can’t figure out what is going on.The tech (Ecelio) wanted to look at the stove anyway while I was on the phone and took the door off and said there was something wrong with the hinges and he couldn’t get the door back on and by this time my husband had gotten home and he was pissed off to the max when he couldn’t get the door back on. We had a huge family picnic and party planned for the 4th and I was cooking the pork roast for pulled pork and surprise I don’t have an oven at 5pm on Friday, so I had to take my food to my daughters house to cook over night. How convenient for the customer is that. I called back at 4:40pm to give Mrs. Hernandez an update on the oven and the girl told me she was on the phone with another customer and she would call me back as son as she got off. Well at 4:55 I called back and guess what Mrs. Hernandez was already gone without calling me back so I left her a NICE message on her voicemail. As of today at 3 pm I have not heard from Mrs. Hernandez, Mr. McKauley or Mrs. Perez supposedly all managers who need to be demoted or fired in my opinion. So all this time I could still use my oven till the 3rd if I wanted to heat up my kitchen or tape the door shut with painters tape. CONN’S CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY SUCKS BIG TIME. THANKS FOR NOTHING CONN’S. Lisa Bourque


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