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Conns Inc.
3295 College St
Beaumont, TX 77701

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Phone Number: (409) 832-1696
Fax Number: (409) 832-4344
Website: http://www.conns.com
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CEO: Theodore M. Wright
CFO: Brian E. Taylor
COO: Michael J. Poppe

Conns History

Conns began in 1934 when Carol Washington Conn, Sr. purchased a plumbing company and named it Conns Plumbing and Heating.

In 1937, the company began selling gas ranges and refrigerators.

In 1940, a physical store was opened on Pearl Street in Beaumont, Texas.

In 1959, a second store was opened on 11th Street.

In 1964, Conn Credit Corporation was founded to help consumers finance their purchases from Conns.

In 1966, C.W. Conn Jr. took over as company president and CEO.  The company operated 4 stores at this time.

The company expanded under his leadership and eventually went public in 2003.  Today, the company has 65 retail locations that sell electronics and appliances.



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Jeff Lamkin February 4, 2016 at 8:44 pm

I am writing to inform you that customer service is terrible and very disrespectful. I bought a washer and dryer set and made all payments within contract guidelines and I made an attempt to pay this off early. Again within the contract guidelines and this did not happen. When first my wife called she was told it was because we were late on a payment therefore we no qualified for the cash option or whatever you refer to it. And when I called I asked to speak to a supervisor they put me on hold and finally someone came on the line who I thought was a supervisor. I explained the situation to her what happened next was I got transferred to the very same rude person that my wife spoke to and apparently she was told I said everything was handled and she informed me very angrily she never said that. I explained to her no I did not say that. I was looking for resolution. To no avail she again rudely and disrespectfully told me anther lie. She explained to me that she had referred this to see if this would be able to satisfied and that would take up to 24 to 72 hours. I explained we have met the contract agreements and if this did not get resolved to my satisfaction I would never do business with conns ever again my wife made the same statement and was laughed at by the rep. Now I work in the communication industry which I come in contact with a great number of people also I am well connected in the social media. I am willing to tell all about the terrible service conns gives.


Robert Garza January 17, 2016 at 4:04 pm

Dear Mr. Wright,
Your company has it all wrong!!!! I purchased a HP Pavilion 17-g166nr Notebook (PV17G166NR) Laptop ( NO LESS THEN 20 TO 25 DAYS) and have used it a total of less then 6 to 7 times and it stopped working. Basically you sold me a Lemon. On top of all this, I did not get offered an “Extended Warranty” from your sales associate. She only offered me the Insurance. I was told by your other sales associate that if there was a Manufactures defect that your service department would take care of it. Then I get a call this morning from the store telling me that I have to call your service department to explained what happened. After being on hold forever, I finally was connected with customer service only to be sent to two other associates. This is the…and I MEAN the WORST Customer Services I have ever been involved with!!! I got sold a Lemon from your company and all your company can say is “Sorry for your Bad Luck”. I feel like I am being swindled and scammed. not only out of my money but also my time as well as my credit. I’ve done business with you guys for over 10 yrs. and this is the “Thanks” I get!? I will never shop at your store again nor will I recommend you to anyone. What I will do is report you to the BBB. I do understand that Business is business but you need to understand that the customer is what pay’s your check and your employees. I’ve been a sales man before and one thing I know for sure is that I would never treat or put my customer through this(and yes I’ve been in this situation with a customer and did the right thing by just exchanging the broken product with a new one and yes they bought allot more from me after that). Conn’s need to re-thing the way they treat there customers.

Robert Garza


Robert Garza January 17, 2016 at 7:51 pm

I have Also sent an EMAIL to HP’s Corporate Office as well, on this matter.


Danielle R January 14, 2016 at 10:29 pm

Conn’s Support

#466172 Contact Form

Jan 14, 9:07 PM Drizzo0411


Name: Danielle Rizzo 
E-mail: drizzoXXXXX 
Telephone: (480) 334-XXXX

Comment: EXTREMELY UPSET WITH Conns SERVICE. I have made two purchases and referred two family members who have also made purchases. I purchased a wood table that has bubbled up and split on the side of the table (in one corner the wood has bibbled and burst)The store referred me to the service repair department which I called and made an appointment for someone to come out and look at the table. The repairman stated someone from conns would be contacting me, that has been 7 days ago. I contacted the store tonight and talked with a manager. I Explained the situation in hopes of getting an update on the service repair order. The manager was VERY unprofessional and wanted to argue with me the entire time about how Conns has nothing to do with the manufacturer and that I should be contacting the service department not the store and “they don’t make the tables”. I Explained to him that I was upset because nobody has set the proper expectations and I had no idea what was happening with my order. Since I am the customer I would have no idea what their internal process is between the store and the service repair department. I understand that conns did not make the table however they are representing the manufacturer and selling their products in their stores. I would not refer anybody to conns again. They should also consider who they put in their management positions to represent their store. The manager made a bad situation even worse. The call could have been handled in a much better fashion with me as a satisfied customer at the end. All it would have taken would have been a little bit of empathy and education on how the process works and realistic expectations of the next steps involved.


Danielle R January 18, 2016 at 8:50 pm

The corporate office called back and left me a phone number to call which is the customer service contact number. I contacted the customer service department and was told that corporate will not be contacting me again that this is the number they leave for you to call back and retrieve your message. The message they left was that they apologize for the unprofessionalism of the manager in the store #9397 and since my table was not under warranty they will not repair it. Last time I talked to the manager at the store I was told that they were contacting the manufacturer to get them to replace the table. The rep that answered the phone had no information of that and stated that I can contact the manufacturer if I would like but they do not have the phone number and said that I would need to google the phone number for Crown Mark (manufacturer). I will be blasting this company on every single social media website that there is so that people are aware of how this company does business. I will also tell everyone I personally know. This company does NOT back ANY of their products!!!! I hope the price of the table (under $500) is worth it to
Conns to lose the potential of thousands of dollars in new customers and loss of any decent reputation that they might have had. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I am absolutely disgusted with this company and their service!!!!


Sharnea Davis January 5, 2016 at 3:30 pm

To Whom Ever this may Concern 01/05/2016

My Name is Sharnea Davis in May of 2015. I came to conns in search of a new refrigerator and on that day I thought I lucked up when I got a great deal and low monthly payments. But boy was I wrong in October 2015 I made an over the phone payment with one of your customer service reps not knowing that on that day the way I view your company would change for every. The rep double charged my account in the amount of 61.33 once I noticed a few days later I called in to your company and explained I was then told that a ticket had to be made and some research and it will take 7 to 10 business days , I was clam and understanding but things happen so I asked if it would go back into my account the rep then told me No it would have to be by mail I was so confused but sucked it up and then we verified the mail address and everything was then a waiting point I was told this Oct 27th with a end date of waiting 11/11/2015 while that day came fast but my check didn’t come so I called again and was then told that I still had to wait because the first waiting period was to verify that I didn’t agree to the payment which I didn’t so it was now in the mail and I would get it by 11/19/2015 so I waited still nothing I called back and then was told it went to the wrong address even with the address being verified I didn’t understand how that could happen, so then my payment date comes and your company has the nervous to ask me to make my payment when you still have money that belongs to me your reps where about it like it was something I did wrong I’ve asked for manager after manager I’ve been hung up on and not called back I’ve been told ma’ma I don’t need to get my manager they will tell you the same thing I’ve been told managers I will call you back no call backs have yet to happen, so now at this point it’s now 12/02/2015 and I’m being told that they are fixing the error with the address and my check is in the mail, and I have to wait 7 to 10 business wow heard that before , so I wait still no check I call back they say on Dec 18 2015 the check was resent I had to wait 7 to 10 business so at this point I’m pissed I’ve emailed your contact use line like 4 times I’ve called every number I reached out to lawyers I’m waiting a few to tell me my next steps this has been so stressfully and yeah so its 61 bucks its mines and I didn’t say you could have it so you stole my money and to feels like your refusing to give it back, please miss me with we sent it to the wrong address mess because I forwarded my address even if that was true I would’ve still gotten just like everything I get from you guys that yall send to me at the old address …but back to how I’m very sick and feed up you guys again tried me by mailing me letter telling me to make a payment on the on Dec 29 2015 I got that on the 01/04/2016 but not my check you want me to believe that you have even tried to give it to me I hate this company so much I plan to return the item and never I mean never again will I come to your company for anything I plan never to even walk by it please give me my money back geesshhh I plan to use every avenue I can to get my money back and to let people know not to every lease with your company ever

Name: Sharnea Davis


Richard - Houston, TX January 3, 2016 at 3:21 am

CONN’s is a REAL SCAM and like to CON their customers !!! They purposely sell you a defective TVs so they can milk all they can on billing the manufactures for the repairs so they can exploit their customers and the manufactures.

They sold me a defective LG 65″ 4K TV at $1,500 before Christmas and I’ve tried to exchange it at the store for a non-defective unit. They said they cannot exchange it because they insisted that they have to repair it for me. I’ve told them many times that you sold me a defective unit and I do not want it to be repaired, they told me it doesn’t matter and still insisted on repairing my unit from their in-house repair department. They also told me the only way for me to exchange for a non-defective unit is if my TV has been repaired three times to qualify for the exchange. That means that they’re going to milk the manufacture for three more repairs before I can qualified for a exchange. That is a exploitation on their customers and the manufactures.

I’ve wouldn’t be in the situation if I had bought my TV at Best Buy, Fry’s, Micro Center, Walmart or any other stores. Those stores would have exchanged for me on the very spot and on the very same day without any delays, hassles or hurdles to jump over.

This has been a REAL NIGHTMARE for me from the beginning. First, they really insisted to have a Conn’s Service Technician to come over my house which he did confirmed that my TV is defective from the store and I wasted 8 hours of my PTO from work for this. Second, I have to take another 8 hours of my PTO from work for Conn’s Service Technician to perform the repair work at my house. THAT IS A TOTAL OF 16 HOURS OF MY PERSONAL PTO FROM WORK WASTED ON THIS !!! They also stated at their stores “Our goal is 100% satisfaction”, with their horrible customer service, I WILL NEVER be 100% satisfaction !!!

This will be my last purchase and set foot at any Conn’s stores. That’s the reason why they named Conn’s is because they are truly a con artist. CONN’s is a REAL SCAM and a TRUE CON ARTIST…you have been warned !!!


George January 18, 2016 at 12:46 pm

What u end up doing? I’m on the same situation


Danny Santiago December 27, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Christmas of 2014 I bought two tvs. August of this year I bought myself a tv. I was told I can combine both accounts from 2014 and my new purchase together for one payment with interest free 12 months same as cash. Contract was put together and I noticed my first purchase is not on the contract but only my new purchase. I brought this to the sale reps attention and he said this contract is both accounts combined and this is your new Balance new payment congratulations. Come to find out 3 weeks later when I received payment book and both are accounts are still active and not combined and I was told I couldn’t combine the accounts without losing the 12 months same as cash due to my first account being an interest loan. Only the second account can be 12 months same as cash. I wanted to return my purchase but I was told that it would hurt my credit even though at the time it was within 30 days and I didn’t know I had 30 days to return the product. I made my first payment and for weeks I argued back and forth with customer service and the store both places telling me that it was the other that I had to deal with for combining my contracts. My argument was for conns to honor what i was told by the sales rep in combining contracts at the price and monthly payments I was told I had. I talked with a customer agent that said I had 90 days to dispute any contract or return the product and mind you all phone conversations I was told are recorded. At this time it was onky 60 days. So I went back to the store to return product and I then learned I had 30 days to do so and the store manager did not want to call customer service to verify that’s what I was told. The manager only discredited the customer service department by saying that customer service don’t know the company policies. I’m a bit confused now and I then state that if I need to retain and attorney or file bankruptcy I will and the only responsee from the manager is that he no longer wants to help me if that’s my direction. When asking customer service to listen to the converstion i had with the agent telling me i have 90 days the only response they come back with is my response in the conversation of me saying its only been 60 days. Go figure. So now I get called 15 times a day asking for a payment but no one wants to get me a district manager to look at my concerns and help and I’ve been asking now since November or can’t get any answers or help in combining accounts honoring what the sales rep said I had. I will never shop here again and I plan to boycott Conns in las Vegas. I’m printing up papers to pass out in front of conns saying that conns basically live up to their name.


mike salehi December 17, 2015 at 2:50 pm

wow, i mean, i have read this forum for a good 20 min now and i have read nothing but dissatisfied clients who have the exact problem as i do. I wish i had done the same and read reviews before purchasing from the dreadful place. thw company, the people are the worst ive ever had to deal with. im throughly convinced thaf they intentionally sell defective products to people and its basically am “as-is” store. you buy it from us but dont come to us with problems. Thry at least live up to their name, Cons…


Ann December 15, 2015 at 2:59 pm

I would really recommend that you don’t buy from conns. The store manger don’t call you back and I’ve been having the same ticket opened since October 13,2015. BS and I would NEVER go back to getting anything!!!!


Libby Hoover December 2, 2015 at 10:21 pm

Good luck to anyone trying to get past the rude and totally insensitive customer service reps. My husband’s lift chair (he’s a 100% disabled Viet Nam veteran) has been broken since October 23rd. and isn’t even close to being repaired. The service tech (contracted because they “don’t have a large presence in Las Vegas, NV) suggested a replacement because he felt the damage occurred in the manufacturing process, however, Conn’s continues to order and “throw parts” at this chair to make it work. The very nature of a “lift chair” is to assist someone who has problems with a myriad of issues, for example: sitting, standing from the sitting position, keeping legs elevated to prevent swelling, etc. Conn’s customer service personnel cannot understand this. CONN’S IS ONE BIG CON!


William F. Hoover December 2, 2015 at 8:25 pm

On November 29, 2014 We purchased two Conn’s recliner chairs. On October 23, 2015 my recliner quit working and we called the Conn’s store here in Las Vegas, NV for help. That was the last bit of courteous service we ever received. The problem still exists. We are being treated like we broke my leather chair on purpose.
Lets note here that I am a 100% disabled Combat Veteran who served in Viet Nam. I asked and have since that time pleaded for expedited service. I live in my recliner. I walk very poorly and I can not sleep laying done in a bed. This from my extensive injuries. No one has given us any straight information at all. Most of the two dozen or so people from Conn’s and their contracted repair service have treated us curtly or rudely when dealing with us. There has been not one attempt to help me get some relief from pain or sleeplessness. Actually, one women laughed at my wife.
They have done no serious attempt yet, to get my chair repaired. After their initial inspection of my chair they are dragging their feet with ordering parts one at a time, getting the parts delivered, scheduling appointments, and trying these parts that have not worked to repair my chair and then reordering more parts. At one point I was told by a technician that the problem was factory manufacture mistakes and defective parts.
Here I sit on a straight backed chair with my legs on a coffee table to try and sleep or just get some comfort. Cann’s is the worse customer service my wife and I have had to deal with in our 46 years of marriage. They do nothing but nit-pic and stall. They sure have no respect for a disabled Veteran of the American military.
Since we bought a service policy when we bought the chair good until 11/29/2018 we should have coverage. It is like these Conn’s people think I broke the chair because it was nearing it’s full coverage first year. 11/29/2014 – 11/29/2015. Again, the chair quit working 10/23/2015. Therefore, I had over a month of the initial purchase warranty left. It is safe to say that these very non-empathetic Cann’s people will probably NEVER repair my chair or even give me a credit to buy another one somewhere else.
Finally, We paid full floor price for our chairs. Mine was 999.99, my wife’s was 377.00 the insurance on chair repairs totaled 189.98, a 79.00 delivery fee to bring them to our home less than 5 blocks away, and of course almost 112. 00 tax.
I will NEVER purchase from Conn’s again and will now share my experiences with whoever will listen to meThis report will go to Conn’s Headquarters and up on my Facebook page.


David Nunley December 1, 2015 at 7:51 pm

I have had a my first and last attempted purchase from Conns. I had purchased a television last week using their in house financing. I have been getting the run around 7 days now, after it was supposed to be delivered. They have no POS system, cant track a delivery, have no answers. Customer service line is just another empty headed moron that can only half assed read from her appolgy script. This is what I am doing, and suggest everyone else do the same. Aside from the usual posts in social media, i am also going to the local media. One news station in particular likes to do bad business investigations. Also the Texas governor has already made a class action law suit against conn’s while he was attorney general. He might be angry that the law suit didnt change Conn’s business practice. I am writing to the governor’s office and that of the attorney general. The more letters written the more attention it will get. The best way to help protect others is to hurt Conn’s profit. If enough people who have been robbed my this company take action, they may not be able to afford all those full color, glossy mailers they send, or the billboards or commercials. Attack their profits and in turn attack thier stocks. This weekend look for a Conn’s bad business facebook page. I al going to work on getting a petition together to send to the governors and attorney generals office.


Fabiola December 23, 2015 at 4:23 pm

I’ve had nothing but problems with them from my first purchase and even not processing my payments. All I ever hear from them is a “I am sorry”. I hope something gets done and they close them down!


DeAnna Jackson November 28, 2015 at 2:10 pm

In August I received an invitation to apply for a credit line with Conn’s after working very hard to re establish my credit in the past couple of years. I was very excited and went into a local retail store and had a great experience there. However, within a day of my couch being delivered I realized it had some quality issues. It is apparent that it is a manufacturer’s issue. The couch mostly consists of pillows, there are 9 total. They are not just throw pillows, they are the back of the couch. The stitching is raveling on almost all of them, it’s uneven, coming apart and has threads hanging off. The actual leather portion of the couch (not real leather) has the white batting sticking out at the seams. The seams on the seat cushions themselves are very uneven and not pleasing to look at as the lines do not match up from cushion to cushion. The ottoman has the same issue with raveling at the seams and you can see threads hanging down. I got out my contract and read that I had 24 hours to report my desire to not accept the furniture or 72 hours w/the purchase of a RSA. I contacted my salesperson right away. I was instructed to contact another #, which I did and was promptly told by an agent that the issues I was describing were not covered. They entered a ticket on another piece of furniture which I thought also had an issue (as it turns out the holes in the wood on my entertainment center are just details of the wood) but I was told by my salesman to keep the ticket open on the wrong piece of furniture and when the technician came to show him the issues with the couch instead. The appointment was set for several weeks out and when the day came I was contacted and informed due to weather conditions in my area the appointment had to be rescheduled, that appointment was for another 2 weeks out. When that date arrived, I was contacted and told the technician had a family emergency and the appointment was rescheduled for another week or so out. In the meantime, I had tickets entered with Corporate, in an attempt to address payment issues before my first payment was to be due. When I got approved and the furniture was delivered in September, I was informed no payment would be due until November 2 and having addressed this matter within 24 hours I had no reason to think this could not be handled well before any payment was due and I made my intention clear from the start, I would not be paying for this defective merchandise. Here it is days before December 1 and I am not closer to resolving this then the day I first reported it. I have had multiple helpdesk tickets open, some by myself and some by my salesperson. Those have been pointless. I have never gotten a response from any of them and yesterday my salesman told me he opened another one and I called corporate again today and was told yet another one would be open. By the way, they also told me they have no record of me reporting the issues until October. This is incorrect. I reported them right away, they just kept telling me it wasn’t covered and my salesman can vouch for how timely my reporting of these issues was and I have ticket #s dating back to early September. When I asked what is happening to these tickets, I get a range of answers, from I am not sure why it was closed without a response to there was no response because there is no service ticket open. In October, a ticket was finally opened on the right piece of furniture and closed on the wrong one and when the technician did finally come, the second week in November, after my first payment had already become due and was late, he took a couple of pictures, told me they don’t really do anything about pillows and when I tried to address specific issues with him and asked him to take pictures of certain things, he told me everything would be in his notes and he had what he needed, the decision would be made based on what he decided and not any pictures that he did or didn’t take. A couple of days later, I was contacted and informed my claim was denied and the issues were not covered. Meanwhile I continue to receive excessive collection calls because I am now going on two months past due. My salesman Frederick continues to apologize to me, assure me he is fighting for me and tell me this is not how Conn’s usually does business. The only reason I am even still trying to work with Conn’s is because of him and how well the staff at the store treats me. But even that is wearing thin for me at this point and this has become a real nightmare. NOT PAYING FOR THIS PIECE OF CRAP AND THE COMPANY CAN’T FORCE ME TOOOO!!!!!!!! Filing complaint w/BBB


Lola Rider December 1, 2015 at 9:28 am

I think I will end up like you. My 1st payment is due Jan 3rd, but most likely not going to make it unless they replace my husbands defective lift chair. Cant even get a repairman out til Dec 11, I purchased it Nov 19th. I have pictures to prove how he has to sit in it, and he suffered a stroke 6 yrs ago. The American Disabilities Act may be handling this one if not taken care of by Conn’s. Hang in there.. I was told that I could return it to store for a 15% charge, which would be about $150.00. for a piece of crap. I don’t think so..


Lola Rider December 10, 2015 at 10:02 am

Thank you for reconsidering the exchange for a defective chair for a new exchange, It was delivered Dec 5th and so far so good, Went into local store and they claimed they knew nothing of my problem. Hopefully all this is resolved, but I did purchase a 3 yr warranty for $159, just in case future problems. But I have read so many bad reviews, I really wonder about their satisfaction policy, but they did finally work with me after repairman said it was defective.


Lola Rider November 27, 2015 at 12:23 pm

I bought a lift chair at Conns in Harlingen on Nov 19, 2015, it was delivered Fri Nov 20, 2015. My husband had a stroke 6 yrs ago and either lays in bed or in a recliner, cause he cannot walk. He sat in the chair on Sat and I noticed it sits lop-sided . One arm is 4″ higher than the other. I went into the store on Sunday and spoke with a rude salesman, He said call repair dept..I replied only after one day. its needs repaired. C’mon I’m not stupid. Come get the defective and bring a new one. Or let me out of credit contact. Well, I’ve been hung up on 4 times..Cant get repair man out til Dec 11, cause he only comes to area every so often. I was told I could return it to store for a 15% fee, which was $150. Why should I pay for defective merchandise? About ready to call BBB or hire legal advisor as how to get out of this. Nobody gives you an honest reply. Are they taught to be this way when they hire on as an employee? Very unhappy customer. Please see that Theodore Wright sees this. See if he really cares about 100% customer.satisfaction.


namaa muhammah November 19, 2015 at 10:16 am

Customer service is very rude unprofessional I would never never purchase another item At conns and going to let all my friends know not to spend their money at Conn’s.
sales reps call my phone day and night invading my privacy I’ve been a long time customer but as of today that is now!!!!!!


Krystal Craft November 17, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I NEED RESOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM SOMEONE WITH AUTHORITY – tired of “reps” that DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please see below…. These are not the first issues I have had.

Mon 06/08/15. Went to Conn’s Mesquite TX Store #084. Wanted a refrigerator. .found what I wanted and decided to get a 36″cooktop as well – delivery for Wed(can find receipt on this one). When I arrived home, I had to doublecheck measurements… wrong oh no. I immediatly called the store and got a gentlman on the phone, explained it was wrong, can I change it? No.. not without coming into the store. Unable to do that. Can I cancel it. No???? Serious? Can I have a manager? No? Theyre busy? Dial tone……….. wow, very rude. After 4 more calls and being on hold total over 30 mins.. I got a “male” manager (name unknown) that cancelled cooktop. Ok. Very irritated but ok.Tue 06/09/15 decided to leave work early and go get cooktop. Quintina?? Unsure correct name.. she was an assistant manager. I explained my error and wanted to make sure the other was indeed cancelled (yes) pick a new one.. add it to my fridge and hopefully still get Wed delivery. When she completed the sale, I had the fridge..Inv **SSN**02/002 and cooktop..Inv **SSN**31/001 Before I signed, I asked why the were seperate….she felt it better to do it that way. Im am the consumer not her. I requested ONE. Im irritated.. now it WHATEVER. She calls warehouse to ensure delivery with fridge for Wed. Explained to link the 2 invoices and even notated it on both. The warehouse even got on the phone to verify my address and delivery for the following day. Warehouse explained that I would get a call early am forma 4 hr time frame. I went home..Wed 06/10/15. Get call early. 1-4pm. Told my son to keep by phone (back of house cant hear door) I would get a call 30 min prior to delivery. 3:50pm called son.. still no conns. As I get out of a short meeting, I missed a message at 4:03 that driver is at my door. 4:07 called my son, no one was there. Called driver back.. no answer. LVM. Called store..they say call warehouse. Warehouse states driver was at my door 20 min. Lol. It hasnt been 20 min. Im upset and angry. They end up hot shotting. That night. Wheres cooktop? Not on truck. Only fridge. After a huge struggle to get in house, 9-10pm at night im done for now.Thu 06/11/15 go get ice out of my new fridge. Oh no. Digital screen has a code on it. (C ERR) google!!!!! Find out it is a communication issue. Either board has malfunctioned or damages OR possible pinched wire or hopefully something simple. Time to call warehouse. Where is my cooktop and problem with fridge. Can find cooktop info. Finally.. can deliver till friday. OMG I have a huge baby shower Saturday. Im stressing. Ok fine. Friday it is. My fridge is broke havent had 24 hrs. She says call corporate. Call corp. Put a complaint in for all that has happened. After that I was tranferred to warranty/repairs? She tells me I have to call the warehouse back because it hasnt been 24 hrs. Ok. Call warehouse. Told them to please send someone to look at fridge when bringing cooktop. Ok. Finally. Done.Fri 06/12/15 call early am. Yay gonna be there around 9am. And my fridge will be fixed also? NO not techs. Reschedule to afternoon 6-9pm. Oh no gotta lot to do for party. Anxiety attack #2 so boss sends me home early.. to get my nails done and calm. Oh snap in middle of nails, across street from home. Delivery is coming early.. im not done. My son met them, stovetop didnt fit. They wouldnt tell me how. They unplugged my fridge and it worked. TheY lleft.I get home 30 min later. My fridge has same code. Wow… I call warehouse in tears again. They will send someone sat. Nope.baby shower… sunday ok.Sun 06/14/15. 2 techs came out .. friendly amazing customer service. They pulled both top door covers off, un-wrinkled wires and it came back up. Great. They stated if it happens again, the warehouse will replace it. 10 minutes after the left.. Error code.the following week, I made multiple calls to warehouses, corporate, stores (even LG because i am now sick to my stomach with their product and a comapny that represents them) only wanting now to just remove item from my home. The stress I have endured, I can take no longer. I even called the Plano TX store .. got the mngr? Said his district manager was over both stores. He sent e text to the DM to ask him to please contact me. Thinking maybe I can just choose a different fridge without all the electronics I had the GM of Mesquite.. melissa?? Refuse to help me because I stated that they are cons. It is now July 18th. And the fridge Iis still sittin there with an error code. But now they are calling for payment. I dont know what else to do?! News? Investigative reporter? Attorney?? Im at a loss. I will pay for my purchase. I will NOT pay for a broken item I DO NOT WANT!I have taken my business to Nebraska Furniture Mart. My item from them works great and I had NOT one bad experience.


NOW – Went to Conns in October to try again…….. Bought a king mattress set and ANOTHER fridge (this time Frigidaire) GUESS WHAT – FRIDGE HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY HOUSE BROKEN STILL TO THIS DAY.. Over a month. Now Conn’s wants payment?????????? Why should I pay for an item I NEVER RECEIVED??? I bought a BRAND NEW FRIDGE – received used broken one. Still NO RESOLUTION. Been trying to get hold of a District Manager Neff?? Since June. Called multiple stores and corporate MANY times – NO CALL FROM Manager. Conns just sends consumers the run around once a sale is made.

Technician came out – manufacturer defect.. Would have replaced immediately – NEVER have I received a call, email NOTHING. Have complained to LG and Frigidaire about Conns. Im at a loss

All I get now is sorry and I can exchange it??????? A month later?????? And I have to go to a store and re-sign paperwork.. HOURS HOURS AND MORE HOURS on the phone, taking off work to deal with issues.

As a consumer, I want EXACTLY what I ordered and am going to pay for. NOT used – broken, etc. Once Conn’s delivers a product, customer service goes downhill from there.


J Lujan November 1, 2015 at 2:28 am

Have 2 accounts with Conns. In July received a letter offering consolidation of both accounts and have one payment. Called and was accepted. Was told we were to receive them by email. Never received. I gave them 2 different emails, kept calling them advising not receiving. I asked if we could have them mailed. One rep said would mail, others I had spoken with stated could not be emailed. Kept calling them advising then not being received. Went down to the store and hoped they would be able to help. They advised they could not do anything. Called last week because had received a collection letter. Explained to them what had been happening. I was advised the offer expired on Oct 20 and was no longer eligible for the offer. Our credit bureau has been marked for 60 days late and we have to pay back payments. What I cannot understand is how we can receive the collection notices by mail, but cannot receive the documents needed to consolidate the accounts. I totally agree this company does not follow through on their commitments to their customers but only compound the problem with no resolution.


Chani Hileman October 31, 2015 at 12:33 pm

NEVER AGAIN!!! I will never buy from Conn’s again and will recommend to everybody I know that they avoid doing business with them. This company scams as many people as possible! And when you call customer service, they give you different information each time you call, on top of being very discourteous. Conn’s continued to auto withdraw my monthly payment from my bank account even though I had paid off the account with Conn’s. They were going to continue to do so until I officially told them online that I wanted it stopped. They wouldn’t even stop it per my request on the phone. Unbelievable!! I’ve never heard of ANY other company doing that and have never had that happen with any other credit account. IT’S A SCAM!! BEWARE OF CONN’S!!!


Michelle November 15, 2015 at 10:53 pm

I am having issues with cons delivering broken furniture. I intend to take this to Channel five news media for anybody that wants to also do this with me. This company is bad news and does not deserve to be open any longer.


Matthew Ray October 29, 2015 at 1:57 pm

I was not a customer of conns. I was a part of their delivery system. There is much dishonesty and deceptiveness involved. It would be a bad idea to attemp to be employed by them or anyone they associate with in relation so getting the customers their products.


Anthony October 19, 2015 at 12:50 pm

Was a big time customer with conns.. Not anymore I tried paying off my account after some issues talked to a manager named Sheena told me all I had to do was pay $700 to close my account gave me a confirmation # and everything come to find out a few months later after having to find out on my own when checking my credit report saw a balance. Called conns back they told me they decided to add some interest and want me to pay another $500 these guys are all trained conns there name says it all they lost a very good customer I know someone who works there they taught him tricks into adding fees and Un needed warranties etc.. just to rip you off my suggestion stay away


Oran October 9, 2015 at 3:53 pm

I too am a LOOOOOOOONg time Conn’s customer. Atfter making several purchases over the years I’m sad to say I will NEVER buy from Conn’s again. All behind $46 YES $46 I only have 1 derogatory account on my credit report because some genius failed to document my LAST payment properly. I got no phone calls nor letters. If it wasn’t for my subscription to my credit tracking service I would have never known my account was 60 DAYS PAST DUE! I went in and the manager who knows me assured me it would be resolved. I even made a good faith payment just in case. Now a year later faxing my credit report over…NOTHING. Being sent from person to person with no manager and being laughed at and treated like a joke. So disrespectful . My little coins may not mean m,uch to you in the grand scheme of things but your company will get them no more. Nor my church’s business or my business. Yes we all had accounts!


Denise October 8, 2015 at 1:06 pm

I bought my fridge 10 -2-15 they delivered it 10-3-15. It was a floor model so it was a clearance model. I had bought washer and dryer before so I didn’t think I would have any issues. Well they installed it and within an hour the fridge began leaking from the ice maker. It damage my less than two year old custom made kitchen cabinets. The guys came back from Conns that initially installed it came back to check it out. They confirmed it was the was the the defective icemachine. Than that’s when the run around began. I must say the guy that installed my fridge felt bad for me. I hear him tell his boss that he was not going g to take the fridge because he felt bad because I had to small children and I had no working fridge. I just want to know who is going to fix my damaged property. My wooden cabinets.


Megan Martin September 30, 2015 at 1:26 pm

Today is the last day this company jerks us around. If we do not close on our home due to negligence of your company we are moving into a lawsuit against this company. I will also be contacting the local news to blast how much distress you have caused our family. Im sure there are a lot of other people that would love to do the same.


EBONIE ROUSER September 30, 2015 at 5:21 am

Love the temperpedic bed, no issues there. Unfortunately, the couch my family purchased has become an unnecessary annoyance. The power cord did not work at the time of delivery. They replaced it but then the vibration did not work on one side. Took 3 weeks to get someone to look at the couch. The serviceman came by my house with no prior notification or time scheduled, calls me and says I need to reschedule for next week. Also, I called customer service. Twice they forwarded me to furniture service and the automated machine hung up on me. The third time, a very nice lady named Kristi told me the phone line wasn’t working. If that was the case, WHY DID THEY KEEP FORWARDING ME??? I’ve left emails and messages saturday, it’s Monday afternoon and they say there is no openings: they cannot be more specific because the regional manager is not at work today. So I’m waiting for my couch to be fixed because of someone else’s mistake. It’s been another week since the service center stopped by my house without prior notification. They called twice during the week to tell me they have no available openings in the schedule. This business is run by liars and thieves. I’m told less then 24 hours in advance that I have to be available from 1030-1200, the next day. Unfortunately, my Supervisor was not hearing it so I had to tell the serviceman that the time wouldn’t work for me. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks for an appointment!? So, I just made the 1st payment for a broken couch. What would you do in my position?


Allen Fowler September 25, 2015 at 5:39 pm

So I was doing the bills and noticed that my Conns bill came through twice which put me over and I received an overdraft charge. I called “customer service” and they said rather rudely I authorized the payments. I asked to speak with her supervisor Neicy employ # 11685 and she said the same thing so I asee to speak with her supervisor April employee # 21710. By this time I’m fuming and apparently have become a joke with the 3 girls because this one is out right laughing at me. I explained again and she told me that there was a glitch in the system and “some” of the customers who auto-draft were charged twice. So check your account and expect an ordeal to credit back your account the unauthorized draft from your account. DON’T USE CONNS there name says it all….


Terry Carpenter September 22, 2015 at 11:00 am

I have never in my life had such a bad experience with a company. The name “Conn’s” is appropriate. I tried to contact the CEO and never could get through. They send you into a continuous loop of customer service reps that can’t reveal the last name of the customer service manger. I spent over $6000 and have never been treated so poorly in my life.
When my merchandise arrived a lamp was missing and my chairs were torn. I spent 1 hour on the phone with customer service trying to get the lamp thing straightened out and I ended up having to go pick it up myself even though I paid for delivery. I then went around and around trying to get delivery of the two replacement chairs. They sent one and that was damaged. I spent another hour with customer service again to prove I had indeed received verification and approval to receive 2 replacement chairs. Each time I have to start from the beginning. The customer service people are rude and have no authority or clue as to help anyone. They attempted delivery of my chairs again. i was given a window of arrival. I accepted the time and went to my luncheon. I received a call from them 1.5 hours earlier than the scheduled window notifying me they were sitting out front of my house and I would have to get home or loose the delivery. So I got home as quickly as possible. When I arrived they had only 1 chair and it was defective. I had to again get on the phone with customer service and start from the beginning to get it straightened out. I was assured it would be taken care of. Later that night I received a text stating they were going to make delivery the next day of 1 chair. So I called and had to start from the beginning again to verify that I indeed was to receive two chairs. I still have not heard back from them. The computer I bought is acting up. So I called them to return it and asked that the $145 restocking fee be waived. I was told that it had to go to service first and then they would determine if it was not working properly then they would make that decision. I asked how long it would be in service and she could not tell me. She gave me a two week window. I just bought it. I spent almost $1,000 on it and had no idea that I couldn’t return it let alone pay a restocking fee especially if it is damaged. When I asked to speak with the manager of customer service I was told they would not transfer me. When I asked for the persons name and number so I could call directly i was told they could only give me her first name and she would have to call me. So I asked for the number of the corporate headquarters and she would not give it to me.
I am at a total loss at this point. If I had any idea this was what this company was like I would never have purchased anything from them at all. I will be having my attorney contact them and that of course will cost me money but at this point I have no other choice.


Scott B September 21, 2015 at 4:18 pm

Received my new washer on Thursday at 330pm by 8pm that day I was calling that it doesn’t work. today is now Monday still no washer and we have no idea when a replacement will be dropped off.


Shelley Duclos September 21, 2015 at 11:20 am

Sick and tired of getting multiple phone calls a day from these people and by several different numbers. Why isn’t there a lawsuit against these people yet I would love to join. At the end of my rope!!!


Raven September 30, 2015 at 3:24 pm

Pay your bill on time or the day before and you won’t get calls


Amanda October 1, 2015 at 4:30 pm

It’s not always feesable to pay your bill before the due date, and Conn’s gives you a 10 grace period to pay your bill. So there is really no reason to HARASS people multiple times a day. I am sick of the calls also they are ridiculous. I have gotten 4 just today an I am sure I will receive another 3 to 4 before the day is over.


scott December 3, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Isn’t that your job …..to handle customer service calls?
If it is then shut up and do your job. OR find another job!


Mari Trevino September 17, 2015 at 9:11 pm

I have been a customer for at least 10 years and all of the appliances in my home are from Conns. I’ve always been very pleased until today when I wanted to exchange the floor model laptop that I bought less than 24 hours ago. When I bought it I was told I wouldn’t be able to buy warranty on floor model but at check out I was able to buy the warranty. After discovering that it has very poor performance and several things don’t work properly I asked to exchange it for a different laptop that was new. The store manager acted as if I offended him with my request. I wasn’t told that the return policy doesn’t apply to a floor model. The manager powered up the laptop and began the process to restore the factory settings and handed me the laptop. He said not to turn it off and plug it in as soon as I get home. So I had to walk through the store and parking lot with an open laptop! It felt so humiliating to be turned away in such manner. But if I were to trip and fall in the parking lot and break the laptop my warranty will replace it…please tell me how this is good, logical business. Poor customer service is all it takes for me to take my money elsewhere.


henri menard September 17, 2015 at 7:19 pm

Hey,please include us in your class action law suit’ our list of complaints is to long to list here. Long story short, charging us for delivery charges that never happened and screwing us out of a accintal damage warranty when it was a hard drive that went out and they tried to fix twice’, unable to fix it they blamed us for waterdamage gave us a different computer and said the warranty ddoesn’t carry over to the new one. We never damaged anything. Calling the store is as useless as calling the corp. Headquarters, they just double talk and bullshit. They don’t care.


Mandi gross September 14, 2015 at 1:56 pm

Just to make it sort and sweet this company is terrible. Chesley the manager at haywood road store is rude and unprofessional I could assure my 9 year old is more capable of doing her job. The company is nothing but a joke. I have had consistent problems with them going on 1 full year. Watch our for there interest rate.


Barbara Johnson September 12, 2015 at 2:16 pm

I have been besieged with pre-recorded phone calls and telling me if they have the wrong person to push #3. Done. I get even more calls 3-4 a day.

I have NEVER been their store or, bought anything from them. Finally called the corporate office and reported this information. I was assured the calls would stop. had 2 more calls just this morning. Called back and got some snippy guy who transferred me to a woman. I went over the facts for the 3rd time and told her if this did not stop I would take legal action

What goes on at your company – She told me they had no record of me on their books — of course not — that is what I have told everyone I spoke with at the company.

Any more calls and I’ll see you in court. I suggest you train your people better.


rob sanchez September 11, 2015 at 1:58 pm

Very disappointed “Coned by Conn”s” thats what I call it. 12 days without a frig that was 2 months old.now again going on 8 days. getting run around Hey CEO what do you think of this??


Nia Vaughn September 11, 2015 at 10:48 am

I purchased two beautiful furniture pieces from you less than 3 weeks ago. Once the delivery guys came out to set everything up they were very confused on how to put the legs on the couches. They even pulled out a manual to determine the right way. Once they left, the couches seemed sturdy so I didn’t think much of it. A week passed and both of the couches back left leg have completely broken off. I contacted conns service that said a repair man will be out today to fix it. Well 30 mins ago I just received a call saying the repair man will not be able to come out and the next available time is October 3! Really? I need something done ASAP, my furniture is literally laying on the floor. I am a loyal customer that always purchases from Conns. I took off today to be here and nothing can be done. I’m highly upset.


Lamar August 31, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Good afternoon. I was just contacted by a family member stating that someone was attempting to serve me with lawsuit paperwork from Conn’s. Please be aware that as of April 14th I am in Chapter 13 and if this continues I will contact my bankruptcy court and possibly file suit based on my automatic stay that was put into affect on 04/14/2015 based on the principles below:

-state unfair trade practice laws
-the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
-state fair debt collection practices laws, or
-the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Sarah August 27, 2015 at 11:04 am

I have had nothing but problems with this company. From start to what they think is finished. I’ve heard nothing but good thing about this company so I got a new fridge from them, being 24 I am going to buy a lot more appliances in my years and at this rate I will never go back to Conns. Let’s start off by the day my husband and I went to the store. We got approved for $2000, picked out a Samsung French door fridge, Paid $10 down. The sales man starts telling us about the warranty, he said the warranty covers if it breaks, if we break it, if we loose our job our payments would be covered.. I asked how much this was and he said $300. Once we started doing our paperwork I noticed it was $399 and that was only for the warranty on it breaking. Another $600 for payment protection. I have a savings, I don’t need to pay an extra $600 for payment protection, that’s what my savings account is for. I asked him to remove it and he was refusing, saying I could take it off when I came in to make my first payment… I had to forcefully tell him to remove it or I wasn’t signing anything. He finally did the paperwork up again after I basically yelled at him that I wasn’t paying an extra $600. Funny how a $300 warranty turned into a $1000 warranty.. I would have walked out but my credit had already been ran, and they already took my down-payment. Then the delivery day, we were supposed to be delivered on a Thursday between 2:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. we asked for a 30 minute call ahead, my husband took off work early to meet them at the house, by 5 they hadn’t called or showed up. I called the warehouse and was told they would be running late, expecting good customer service I explained it would have been nice to get a call saying they would be late. My husband ended up leaving because he had class that night, so then I had to leave work early to meet them.. They didn’t show up until 6:30, then when they got there the fridge was damaged!! It had to deep nics and a dent on one of the doors. I have pictures to prove this. They wanted to offer me 10% off. I was so upset I told them I didn’t pay for a damaged fridge so I didn’t want to receive a damaged fridge. The delivery man said he spoke with his warehouse supervisor and they said they could exchange it for a new one. They left the fridge so our food wouldn’t go bad, they didn’t hook up the waterline or handles and left. I got a call room his supervisor who then wanted to give me 10%…..i was shocked. I said well the delivery man said I could have an exchange. The supervisor said it would take a couple of weeks to be approved. I explained how they said it would be next day and how they didn’t even put the handles on. The supervisor said “I told them not to tell you that”…….my reaction, Wow……. So they came out the next day without any time frame I was at work and got a call saying they where there. Both my husband and I where at work. So again, he leaves early to get to the house. They left without hooking up the water so my husband had to do that. I did a survey online about this with low scores and got a call back. Every person I spoke with was so unengaged with me, they couldn’t care less about what I had to say. I could tell in their voice the boredom. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was denied. They kept calling me while I was at work. I explained I could only talk before noon and r on Friday I requested a call back before noon on monday. They never called. I emailed them and they were so rude. I really hope someone hire up can call me back or email me to resolve this issue. I feel so disgusted with this company.


Rodolfo Castillo August 27, 2015 at 2:16 am

Rudy Castillo We bought a brand new refrigerator on March 29 2015. On April 25 the refrigerator STOP making ICE. So we call the store to see if they could repair it they said they would they order a part it would take them 2 weeks .Well 2 weeks went buy nobody show up. I call them again they said they would send somebody nobody came by after a month somebody call us they said they would come and check it. They check it they said they have to order a part it would take 7 days to come in. Ok so we had to buy bags of ice since April 15. Well it been 2 Months another repair guy comes and said he had to order part again. so its been 2 weeks again .We finally call corporate.they call us next day……as of today Aug.27th we still dont have a working refrigerator that makes ice…This well be our FIRST AND LAST time we will buy anything at CONNS, We are very unhappy customers. Im paying for a refrigerator that is not working….IM thinking of calling my lawyer to do a class action suit .Well as of today we are still buying ice bags everyday….They should have better customer service . Well Hopefully somebody can help us to take care of this problem,,,soon.


Juan Vasquez August 22, 2015 at 6:42 pm

I have been a customer of Conn’s for years and have bought $1000′s of furniture from them,well maybe no more.I bought a LG 65″ 4k TV on July 25,2015 even bought their extended warranty,we set it up on the 27th during the day worked ok went to work came back that night TV doesn’t work,my son did some troubleshooting and even call LG they told him what the problem was so he call Conn’s on the 28th they came by on the 30th yes TV doesn’t work the tech ordered some parts told me the parts would be here on the 7th well not all parts came in told me they will be here on the 14th well they told me they did,but they were wrong not all the parts came inso they said the 21st they call me said parts in,and they would be the 22nd of July,well no parts yet,its been almost a month and I can’t even watch my $2100 TV,call them ask them why don’t they just replace keep the customer happy,but nobody seems to give a darn,the service manager wouldn’t replace according to the tech man,so here I’am waitng for parts,since I’m just another number to them and already obliged to pay for a non working tv,This is last time I buy anything from them or recommend them again I don;t think they care.


ZeldaTruitt August 19, 2015 at 12:48 pm

Mr Theodore Wright, I am not sure if you are responding to any of these people’s concerns, however I am so hurt and have been so disrespected by your company that I am now contacting an attorney to file a class action suit against your company. I will no longer beg, plead or continue to be transferred continuously to settle an issue with a product I purchased not even 2 months ago. If anyone out there would like to be part of this suit, please contact me directly


Tequilla browm August 24, 2015 at 11:56 am

I’m interested


rob sanchez September 11, 2015 at 2:08 pm

Zelda please keep us posted on this. some may follow.


Tequilla browm August 24, 2015 at 12:18 pm

I am filming a documentary on Conns conning the customer! We are asking for videos of broken products, audio recording with customer service, tech service, resolution department. Any relevant information as to how you were conned. We currently have over 100 customers participating . If interested email me. We started filming the documentary due to Conns selling an 87 year old community leaders and former teacher a defective laptop. Two days after purchase her nephew could not get WiFi to connect. They contacted customer service was connected to technical. Technical advised to restore the new computer which took several hours. That did not work! They were then given a service number. The new laptop would not be replaced but would be sent off 5 days to get replacement parts!!! On a new laptop!!!! Called customer service daily no help or resolution no exchange or given a working laptop. So they bought a broken product was forced to keep it get it repaired and haven’t owned it a week. The laptop is returned and still did not work. She has been given the run around since. Was told after its repaired three times they will replace. To this day the laptop does not work. When we began filming our team noticed the overwhelming number of complaints and did more research. It’s shocking a class action suit hasn’t been filed before now! Send us your story let stop this conning company in its tracks!!!!


Sarah August 27, 2015 at 10:40 am

I have had the same poor customer service from Conns even almost being Conned out of $600 from them. I have emails that are rude as well


Cindy Speck August 29, 2015 at 12:15 am

To whom this may concern;
I’m filing a harassment. Charge against Conns!!!!
They have called my phone 36 times a day for a $228.00 payment. I always pay for 2 months in advance, & was told I was covered through September But the next day I started to get 20-35 calls in ONE DAY OVER $228.00?????
Are they that desperate ???
My chase account got hacked as well as my Capital one card when my wallet. Was stolen. I couldn’t get a new account b/c my TDL had just expired. I’m a stock broker & work 60 hour weeks, but I took care of it yesterday but my checking won’t work for 24 hours!!!
I explained this to Conns after I answered their 35th call!!!! I can’t even leave my phone on. I’ve contacted my corporate attorney. In Houston who will be handling things from here!!?
It not only ruined my weeks, but made me feel like a criminal!!!! This should not be allowed under any circumstances!!!!
I’m taking action on them now so they can see how it feels !!!!!
I haven’t seen 1 good comment & I never buy their stock or shop their stores except once….. BIG MISTAKE!!!!


rob sanchez September 11, 2015 at 2:02 pm

Tequilla lets do this, we must save other consumers from this. I say we start a national picket of these jokers.


Angelica August 14, 2015 at 9:10 pm

I’ve had a Conn’s acct for 2 years. Never missed a payment. But, I get rude collection calls. Telling me I can get the merchandise repoed! Really! With a banace of $120, this is how we are being treated!!! When I asked to speak to management my call was passed along to several individuals. None, in my opinion of management material. Not one was able to correct the situation. If you record the calls I suggest you listen to these. These CSR have NO business on the phone.

Very disappointed.


alma dixon August 14, 2015 at 1:37 pm

It is such a horrible feeling knowing this company rips people off and even worse feeling when you know and nothing can be done. I’ve tried for several days now to get my refund back made from a mistake your customer service made. Now I’m left here waiting for it to process for approval 7-10 business days. It didn’t take that long to take it. Businesses like yours make people like me want to just give back the furniture. Especially since I can never get a real answer. I’ve spoken to about 15-20 people regarding this matter. I’m sure this will also fall on deaf ears. I will not make the same mistake twice. I’ve read alot of the same complaints. Had I known this in advance I would have never bought anything from this company


Annette Lara August 10, 2015 at 12:50 pm

Dear Mr. Theodore Wright,

In May of 2015 I purchased an adjustable Tempur- Pedic Breeze king matress and box springs. The price of this purchase was $6059.83. I was hoping for the best sleep in a long time with this purchase, however, I have been burdened by the lack of respect your offices and support staff provide to consumers for about three months now.

Let me explain that the sales staff, did fine, The problem began as soon as the contract was written up and the wait for the delivery began. I was promised a delivery the following day, so as you would imagine in preparation I removed my current mattress from my home awaiting the arrival of my new product. The day came and went, with a late phone call that my delivery was rescheduled for the following day. (Day one as promised was already a bust!)

Perturbed that I had to sleep anywhere but a bed now, I waited anxiously for the arrival of the bed the next day. Day two, the delivery people came and I discovered that my bed sat on the floor, there were no feet/legs that came with my bed and the sales person, Johnny Pena, had told me in the store that it would have came with feet “just like it looked in the store”. The delivery people contacted your distribution center who were then advised to return the box frames to the store, leaving my mattress on the floor of my room. (Day two, another bust) I would imagine that neither yourself Mr. Wright, or your board members or any of your staff for that matter, would take kindly to having to sleep on a mattress on the floor after having made a purchase of over six thousand dollars!

We contacted the store who who agreed that feet/legs should have came with the bed. They contacted the distribution center and another scheduled another delivery. Derrick Lara (of no relation), store manager, offered me a small concession of $70 stating this is the refund for the cost of delivery. Here in lies my reason for this complaint. Your delivery charge is $130 and it took THREE delivery attempts to clear up just the matter of the full and correct purchased product, (which eventually turned out that I received just a frame, no feet, but at least my bed was now off of the floor). I contacted your resolution department because I am unsatisfied with a $70 refund for my troubles, any they send a half witted/ sarcastic reply back via email about not reimbursing me for time away from work (let me remind you I had to take time off over three days) but my dispute was obviously not for lost wages but for fair and just reimbursement to ease my discontentment due to CONN’S INC. error and Consumer Impact.

I contacted Derrick Lara, who told me he sent an email for a paper trail to the warehouse, someone by the name of Jaime was supposed to be taking care of it and just shy of 90 days later, I have yet to see any type of concession or refund as promised even as ridiculous as that is. In contact with the ware house (210-637-7088) they said 6-8 weeks, we are well past that, today no one answers the phone.

I recommend you have someone look into the absolute disconnect between your stores and your warehouses and then how your refund process is handled. From a consumer standpoint and an MBA who works with Regulatory Consumer Affairs for a fortune 50 insurance company I am DISGUSTED at the way this entire situation was handled and the fact that it has yet to be resolved.

I’m sure this will also fall on deaf ears, but to whom it may concern, I am also filing a consumer complaint with the BBB and the Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division. Time is money and I have neither to waste, (unfortunately, I have already wasted far too much time, but the principle of the matter forces my hand in hopes that you will improve your operational performance.) I whole hardheartedly regret my decision to shop with you due to this circumstance and I will be sure to express that to anyone and everyone I know. It is not worth the stress in dealing with incompetents.

Annette C. Lara, MBA


rob sanchez September 11, 2015 at 2:06 pm

Mr CEO, I think its time to expose Conn’s Yes to credit and NO to customer service..


Phillip August 3, 2015 at 6:03 pm

I have done business several times before with Conn’s without complaints over price or staff. However this is the first time I’ve needed customer service, and it was pure rudeness.
I was totally frustrated with the unbelievable experienced I encountered one particular agent and the dispatch upon my second call. I have to say the agent I spoke to should not be customer facing. In short I going through a process of trying to return a portable AC which I purchased in May that never worked. By recommendation of the manufacturer it was taken to the shop where it remained for more that one month but could not be repaired. The unit was purchase for a portable used for our youth church. We had to get another solution because we could not use the broken unit. The manufacture has issued an authorization to Conn’s to replace the unit , give store credit or possible refund.

Trying to get ahead of the process, I initiated the call to Conn’s customer service. After three transfers, I got to a representative that had no patience, was very combative as though I had done something wrong by asking her question to understand the process. I was trying to explain why I was calling and what I was needing. She talked over me in a word-for-word as if it was a prank call. She was very rude and would not stop talking to hear what I was try to as or communicate to her. Finally I told her I need you to listen to me, I need to be heard to explain what I need. I asked her if she could do that and if not to let me talk to some one who could. She transferred me to a ring no answer that went on for more that 15-20 minutes. How do I know? I called back on another line while the other line rang awaiting an answer. Then the second frustration was when I asked to a customer service manager. The person answering my call preceded to ask me several questions some of which I clearly understood but other were as if I need to convince her before I could be transferred. She asked me why I felt I needed to speak to a service manager. It was in a nice voice but unwarranted nevertheless. I plainly said to her it’s because I am not satisfied with the service I received from the customer service center. She started asking more question. I finally had to say to her that I need to talk to a service manager and I am tired of answering question. Finally someone got on the phone. I apologized venting, but ask if he would just listen to me to understand why I was calling and then I would listen to his response and instructions as to what needed to be done. From that point on, it was customer service. I am waiting to see the outcome of this unfortunate purchase gone bad.


Sylvia Martinez July 27, 2015 at 3:42 pm

To Whom it may concern

I Sylvia Martinez would like to address this e-mail to CEO: Theodore M. Wright, I would like for him to know. how the customers are being treated. Yes the people that come to one of his many store. I have a big complain regarding a 32 in TV set that my husband bought last year at Conn s store located in San Antonio the store is on W. Commerce yes its only a small TV set. On or about July 7 2015 I took the TV set into the store to get service . Because I coudn t get no picture only the sound worked, the person at the counter told me just to leave it at the store and my TV would be checked out by a service technician . Well its being almost 3 weeks and yet no service technician has contact me nor anyone from any where I have to be calling everyday to check on my TV . I filed a complain and someone called me from you corporate office last Monday. And when told the rep. what was going on she placed me on hold and called the service department and service told her that the part for my TV was ordered and had just arrived so the rep. told me that I would have my TV set by Friday. Well its Monday again and no TV and so today July 27, I called service and was told by the person on the other end that my TV was waiting for a part. Someone is just not telling me the truth. All I want is my TV set fix . When I bought the set and the warranty no one ever told me that I would have to wait this long. And no I was never late with my payment or did not ever get a phone call for missing a payment. I have called your office and asked to speak to someone in the corporate office but got no where. So I sure hope you can help solve my problem . Because if I would have known that I was going to run into all this problem I would have not bought the Fridge that I just bought last month so that is why I am asking for you help. If you could call me my number is (210)364-****. the Reference # is 433040


Noemi P July 24, 2015 at 6:58 pm

I have been a Conns customer fro several years. Each time purchasing an item with interest free for a number of months and paying off before so no interest fees charged. However, the last item we bought did not qualify for no interest because it was less than the caped amount for no interest financing. The sales person insisted we purchase something else to qualify and we said no because we had no need for anything more. So we purchase it, finance it (because we’re going to pay it is asap anyhow). Well, we bought it in May, it is no July and we go in to pay off. Payoff is more than we had noted. So we ask why and the person who takes payments in store is rude and tells us they don’t know and to call customer service number on the receipt. I get home and I call, needless to say that was not helpful at all. I asked how interest is charged and she doesn’t know. She is not sure what day the interest charge hits. I’m presuming their is a certain daily interest that shoul be charged as any other interest account does. Nope, not this one they charge you 30 days of interest on any day they decide I guess. So we make 3 payments in July and we’re still have to pay interest fee included in our pay off??? This makes no sense to me What so ever! So, being that I am a paralegal I am going to review consumer laws and rights because I am more than certain their are laws about how a company should charge interest on their accounts. I will no longer buy from conns, nor will any of my family members who I have referred in the past. Nor will any one else I can reach out too and warn about their illegal means of financing. I understand that most people who buy here go because they have less than perfect credit, but some of go because in the past we had a good experience and just like going back to what we know. That is not the case here anymore. May these be a notice to all members of the conns corporate office that I will not let this go. Even though it is a small amount it is the principle and the fact that this is happening to many people! Some have no clue that it’s happening, some don’t understand it, and some just don’t know how to handle it. I do, and I will even if it means going to court but it will not happen again! If you, or any one you know feels you may have had the same illegal finance tactics used please contact me, class actions are heard so much better than a mere one!!!!!!


Lequita Pearley July 15, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I am reading several complaint against Conn’s that I wish I had read before I actually did business with them. At this present time, Conn’s has tricked me out of my money and product. I have been told to refer matters over to the Attorney General. I hope to a good report for you all later. In the meantime, DON’T do business with Conn’s. Especially if you don’t have money to waste. SO disappointed!


Mr. Wright July 15, 2015 at 10:36 am

Mr. Wright,

I am a victim of identity theft who has personally never been inside a Conn’s store, nor have I ever purchased anything off of your website. After attenuating to purchase a home, I noticed a 7000 charged off account from your store. I immediately went through the proper steps of attempting to clear my name. I called your organization, left a message with the fraud department and was surprised to get a call back within 2 hours. The representative took all of my information and advised me someone would call me back, and I would receive paperwork in the mail. I NEVER received so much as a call or letter. I have made several attempts to call the fraud department only to never get a call back. I have sent three escalations through customer service, and not one has ever been returned. I have recently by the grace of God gotten to Amanda in your fraud department, and this woman is a complete joke. Initially she told me there was “nothing” she could do and I would need to call the collection agencies first. Once I explained that I had already successfully did that, she agrees to send out the coveted affidavit. I fill it out to the best of my knowledge only to be told the “lawyer” says my id is fake and so is my police report. I attempted to explain that she could easily verify the police report herself and she began shouting and telling me that no one in the office believes me because they have never heard of me, after provided my affidavit, and tickets and passport confirming that I was not even in the country when this “purchase” was made. I cannot tell you how incredibly unprofessional and rude this person is. To have such a person representing your organization is very sad. I need someone to contact me regarding this matter as it is not being taken seriously, or taken care of at all. I am a MBA holder, and a school teacher and I work very hard to take care of my family. I do not deserve to be treated like a street thug as I have been scrutinized like a criminal, and I AM THE VICTIM. Please have a professional worker/representative contact me regarding this matter as I am eager to get CONNS off my Mind and OFF OF MY CREDIT!


Rosa Finamore July 21, 2015 at 7:57 pm

I know how you feel. The employees at corporate are very rude and unprofessional. They try to demean youand treat you as if yu are below them. I don’t know how the heads are allowing this. If this was my company, I would be ashamed that this is the representation in my main office. If I would have known they would give me so many issues I would have never done business with them.


Rosa Finamore July 21, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I wish I can just give them back their merchandise and be done with this company. DO NOT BUY FROM CONNS. THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND RIP YOU OFF FIRST CHANCE YOU GET.


Robert young July 13, 2015 at 7:26 pm

Mr. Wright

My wife and I we’re approved for $10,000 worth of Conn’s cash. My wife $7500 and myself $2500. We were excited to get a new 75″ or 80″ TV to put in our new theatre room. We were helped by a new employee, who was very helpful. We decided on a Samsung 75″ TV – even though it was out of the box, we were assured that we would get the 24 month financing- well after we worked the deal, he told us that could not have the deal becAuse it was out of the box. We said fine and looked at a new,75″ Samsung TV. It was dinner time by then so we went across the street to eat. Very close by was a best buy and a h h Greg. Both of these stores had the same TV for $100 less.
I called the store back and they said they could match it. I hated buy somewhere else when we have been working with them for several hours. We came back to close the deal and after another hour of waiting were told that they were waiting on approval.

My wife was just walking around the store and noticed a Sharp 80″ TV that was even better. I told the furniture manager to forget about the comp issue,that I would like to purchase the 80″ sharp TV instead. He checked and said it was the last one -out of the box . I asked could it be marked down a few more dollars. He checked with Management and came back k with a price that I accepted. At that time it was 9:30PM and they were closing. He said he would have all the paperwork complete and the TV wrapped by10:30 the next morning We were excited, so I called two construction helpers to get the wall ready for our New purchase and help with the mounting of the TV to the wall.

The next day we went to pickup our new TV and they told us that they did not get the price approved. And there was nothing they could do. I explained that they quoted a price that was approved by the manager on duty to us and was told to return. To bad so sad. They did not care we lived 50 miles away and had made 2-3 trips to the store.

I called and asked for the District Managers number, but they said I could not have it.I asked fora Regional number but was refused as well. I called a number I got off the internet – called customer service, there I was given a ticket # and would be cAlled back. Well I called three times and no response. I just can’t understand this.

My major concern is not the money,but the lack of concern by your employees. No one ever called us back, even when they said they would. The store manager – never called , I have called the store to see what can be done and no one will call us back. I called customer Service and they put me on a list. For three days I have not heard anything.


Karen Steen July 9, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Dear Mr. Theodore Wright,

After many attempts and numerous transfers to people who do not know what they are talking about,and refusing to let me speak with a supervisor you are now my last resort.
I have requested to speak with the Resolution Department and that was denied as well.

Currently l have a computer that was purchased 2 months ago from Conns that is not working. All l get is a loud beep. I want this computer replaced and not with another Dell, it is a piece of junk. After only 2 months a replacement should not be an issue, especially after l paid for your extended warranty. Another money rip off?

In May, before a payment was even made on a portable air conditioner that was lost in the Memorial Day flood,l contacted Conns to let them know. At the time l was homeless and destitute and had no money to get gas to fill out their paperwork. They also requested a picture and l would like to know how l could take pictures of property that had washed down the San Marcos River. As a result l now have made two payments on something l do not even have in an effort to save my credit. I do not want to be making on two things l don’t have.

Right now l am ready to return the computer, the window unit, and you can hire a scuba diver to find the portable unit.

Let me hear from you immediately,or l will return it all before next payment is due if you cannot make this right.

Your staff is incompetent, rude, and completely unaware.
Thank you,
Karen Steen


Lisa & Roland Bourque July 6, 2015 at 4:06 pm

We have been Conn’s customers 14 years and in 2013 bought a Samsung Electric stove with a 3 year warranty, and the dual oven separator so it acts like a double oven when needed and totally loved it. Then in February 2015 the whole control panel went out on the stove. They sent service out to fix it and ordered the new board, tech comes the next week and when he goes to install the circuit board it is the wrong one. He leaves and reorders another one and comes out about 5 days later. Someone from the order department had physically scratched out the part order # and written in the part we had sent back. So when he gets there to install it the part was wrong again so he calls the parts warehouse and asks what is going on? They tell him that the stove has been upgraded and they cannot get the parts for my stove anymore so he puts the ticket in as a replacement stove. Conn’s credits me the $1179.00 that was already paid off but the warranty doesn’t transfer to the new stove we have to pick out, we have to buy a new one. I still wanted the split oven so we went with the upgraded model and paid another $500 approx. plus new warranty on a new contract. The new stove was delivered April 28, 2015. When they installed it I noticed that the door was not a tight close on the oven and the installer told me that was how they were made so I said ok. When I used the oven for the first time on Mothers day weekend(May 9th, 2015) the whole kitchen heated up because it was not closing properly. I called the service line 5/11/15 and they sent a tech out 4 days later 5/15/15 and he said the hinges on the door were defective and ordered me a new oven door. They called me while I was on vacation 6/2/15 to see when they could come install the new door and I told them that I would be gone for 2 weeks and they told me that they would have to send it back and reorder it so I said no schedule it for the 15 of June and I would take the day off. I called them the morning of the 15th and told them that I had to go to work because of the storm (BILL) coming in and I was on the emergency team at work and couldn’t miss so we rescheduled for the 22nd. A different tech came and had the new door and when he put it on it still wouldn’t shut and he investigated further and said it was the latch that was broken coming out of the oven. I told him I thought I had a defective stove and was going to call Conn’s and tell them I wanted it replaced but to go ahead and order the part and I would call the office in the mean time. The warranty office informed me it had to be deemed unrepairable by the service tech before a credit could be issued. I said fine and waited for a call on the part delivery. I called on the 25th and asked if my part had came in and what was the ETA, they told me there was no part ordered and my ticket said completed. I was furious and told them I wanted a manager right then. The young lady told me that Mrs. Perez would help me and transferred me and what did I get “a VOICEMAIL” go figure. I told her basically what had happened and to please call me asap. Two hours later nothing, so I called back and a gentleman answered and when I asked for Mrs. Perez he told me she was not in that day, I told him that the lady earlier said she was and put me through and I had gotten her Voicemail so someone lied to me. I told him not to put me on hold and to get me a manager right now. He said he was transferring me to Mrs. Hernandez and she would help me and when it picked up I had ANOTHER voicemail. I was pissed to say the least and told her so on the message. She called me right back and said she didn’t know why the tech had not ordered the part but she was escalating the matter to the service manager, Mr. McKauley? and he would call me within the next 24 hrs. Well guess what he has never called to this day. What kind of management team do you run in that place anyway? On the 26th Samsung district manager from Dallas called my husband and asked how we liked our new oven and he told him that it would probably be great if we could get Conn’s to fix it and told him what was going on and that we were very dissatisfied. I called Conn’s on the 29th to make sure my part was in and they said yes and scheduled me for July 3rd in the afternoon. I called the service line on the 2nd to confirm my appointment and the part and they told me the part would be with the tech when he came on Friday the 3rd. The tech called and said he would be there between 3 & 5pm. When he arrived he asked me what the problem was and that sent RED FLAGS up immediately. I told him what was going on and he said that they had this marked as a first call and when I asked if they sent the latch replacement with him he so they did not give him any parts. I blew up. I picked up my phone and called the service line and asked for Mrs. Hernandez and did not want to be put on hold to go get her. They got her on the phone at approx. 4 pm. I told her what happened and that the tech had the 2013 stove on his papers that had been traded in and nothing about the new stove, no part and that this was set as a first call for this repair and I wanted it fixed. I also told her that Mr. McKauley had never called me back from 2 weeks ago and what the HELL was going on in those offices! Again she was going to escalate the problem. What good does it do to escalate a problem when no one gives a crap about the customer service and the techs can’t figure out what is going on.The tech (Ecelio) wanted to look at the stove anyway while I was on the phone and took the door off and said there was something wrong with the hinges and he couldn’t get the door back on and by this time my husband had gotten home and he was pissed off to the max when he couldn’t get the door back on. We had a huge family picnic and party planned for the 4th and I was cooking the pork roast for pulled pork and surprise I don’t have an oven at 5pm on Friday, so I had to take my food to my daughters house to cook over night. How convenient for the customer is that. I called back at 4:40pm to give Mrs. Hernandez an update on the oven and the girl told me she was on the phone with another customer and she would call me back as son as she got off. Well at 4:55 I called back and guess what Mrs. Hernandez was already gone without calling me back so I left her a NICE message on her voicemail. As of today at 3 pm I have not heard from Mrs. Hernandez, Mr. McKauley or Mrs. Perez supposedly all managers who need to be demoted or fired in my opinion. So all this time I could still use my oven till the 3rd if I wanted to heat up my kitchen or tape the door shut with painters tape. CONN’S CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY SUCKS BIG TIME. THANKS FOR NOTHING CONN’S. Lisa Bourque


Justin McCulloch December 3, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Conn’s doesn’t stand by their warranty and tries to screw people over. I do not now or will I ever recommend your company. I feel we all as a group of customers should fill a joint lawsuit against Conn’s cooperation for not standing behind their warranty’s.


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