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Chuck E. Cheese's Entertainment, Inc.
1707 Market Place Boulevard Suite 200
Irving, Texas 75063

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Phone Number: (972) 258-8507
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Chuck E. Cheese's Facts

Founder: Nolan Bushnell
Date Founded: 1977
Founding Location: San Jose, California
Number of Employees: 6300

Chuck E. Cheese's Executives

CEO: Thomas Leverton
CFO: Dale R. Black
COO: Randy G. Forsythe

Chuck E. Cheese's History

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Chuck E. Cheese’s was founded in San Jose, California in 1977. The company is a chain of American family entertainment and food restaurants. Co-founded by the creator of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, Chuck E. Cheese’s was the first restaurant to integrate food, live entertainment for children, games, and a play center inside one business. The original name was Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre. chuck e cheese theater

The company began franchising in 1979 and has been sold several times over the years. Today, Chuck E. Cheese’s is owned by CEC Entertainment Concepts, who also owns Peter Piper Pizza.

chuck e cheese game room

In July 2018, the company initiated a “pay once play all day” program, rather than rely on tokens. This has been a very successful program, with all participating franchises reporting increased revenue.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has more than 600 locations in the U.S. The company had annual revenue in 2015 of $922 million. The restaurant chain most often hosts birthday parties for children, which feature costumed figures of performing animals and arcade games.  chuck e cheese logo 2

Chuck E. Cheese's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Chuck E. Cheese's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Chuck E. Cheese's is (972) 258-8507.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Chuck E. Cheese's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Chuck E. Cheese's is Thomas Leverton.

Question 3: Who founded Chuck E. Cheese's?
Answer 3: Chuck E. Cheese's was founded by Nolan Bushnell in 1977.

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Tahda Ahtone December 2, 2019 at 2:50 pm

In Norman, Oklahoma location the manager Paul Wilson needs to be fired. I adult and investigate many corporate losses and really feel this man is stealing from the company as well as attempting to have sexual affairs with the young teenage employees. He knowing had one teen live with him give her alcohol and have sex. She quit but moved in with him and ran away from her home. Money drawers have come up short on many cash drawers when he counts them and will blame these shortages on the young employees. My daughter said her drawer only came up short when he counted it even on days she didn’t use cash. I’ve recorded every day she came up short because this needs to be looked into. Paul Wilson yelled at my daughter on front of customers when she trying to help out since he failed to assign her drawer or an area to work. After one of the other managers said she could go home because they were over staffed Paul Wilson told everyone he fired her which was not what happened. He presents so unprofessionalism as well as questionable character that Chuck cheese needs to follow up on. Otherwise, they have a lawsuit on them.


Anonymous September 9, 2019 at 4:27 pm

I am writing to express the unfairness of how the part time hours have been and still are being allotted towards the employees at Chuck E Cheese in Union, NJ. There is a lot of favoritism among manager’s and staff. Please take a look at the hours at this location of all the part time staff, especially starting this year 2019 (staff hired). During the summer months there was a huge discrepancy in the part time scheduling. There are staff members who have been there less than 4 months and already been moved to Team 2 positions, whereby staff that have been there longer have not moved up the ladder. Please explain, this to me? To my understanding there are staff members who are willing to learn more things within CEC, however they we told they were only hired to do what they signed up for. Why is that? However staff hired after them, are learning many other things besides what they were hired for. Also, can you explain how the employee of the month works? How can you be employed less than 4 months and make employee of the month. I have been there for quite some time and never made employee of the month. Managers are showing favoritism when it comes to schedule hours and promotions, How can an employee be there as a part time worker less than 5 months make team 2. Please take a look at every part time employee that were hired this year and you will see the unfairness in scheduling hours of work. Also, school is back in session and a lot of the part time employees are back to school and the unfairness still exist. If you take a look at this months schedule (Sept, 2019) unfairness still exist. If some part time employees are able to work weekdays and some can only work weekends, why can’t the hours be delegated fairly. How is it that a part time staffer can pull over 20 hours a week, but other staffers have less than 7 hours and all the staffers are high school students. If some students are able to work the week day then let them, but don’t give them weekends hours as well and the other high school employees get a couple of hours on the weekend for one day. UNFAIR and UNJUST. Please look into this, management is totally unfair when it comes to scheduling hours.


Marissa mccaffrey June 26, 2019 at 11:29 pm

My daughter is an employee for Chuck E Cheese in San Bernardino. I got home today to find my daughter was sent home with 2 inch long and quarter deep gash! She was sent home with no medical treatment and o my a band aide and gauze!!!! I called the manager and he did not know what medical Office to send her I asked for the GM’s number and he then proceeded to put us on hold for 5 minutes came back and told
Us the GM had asked him to find out what hospital she should go through from
Work and he would call us back. What kind of manager doesn’t have the training to know what procedures to take in a situation like this??????? I still waiting to hear back but at this point I’m taking my doctor to the doctor and Im making sure they get this bill along with a phone call
From our attorney!!!!!!!


Jamie L Fox June 12, 2019 at 4:05 pm

We took my 7 year old grandson to the Chucky Cheese in Naples Florida on Monday evening for his Birthday. as I walked in there was this large kid about 9 or 10 years old running full speed past me and almost spilled my salad and I asked him to stop running, but he keep on running, as time wen on my daughter and three other little ones a new born & 5 & 6 years old we there playing the games, my daughter had her new born in a pouch on front of her body and the same big kid was running around pushing the other little kids and throwing a little football across the room, He was asked to stop it by my daughter and her husband he just kept doing it so her husband went up to the service desk and report it to the manager what was going on and again nothing was done about it. Well then it happened, that kid threw the football and it hit the new born in the head while it was still in the pouch on my daughter, he just laughed my daughter yelled at him but as he walked away, saying he mumbled obscenities. A few minutes later a gang of women including 2 or 3 toddlers can over and got right in my daughters face yelling at her without asking what had happened and then a verbal confrontation started by the other women. I really thought that one woman was going to punch my daughter in the face so I stepped in front of her to keep that from happening my daughter kept telling them to just walk away, just walk away, but they wouldn’t so her husband stepped in and separated them all and we packed up and left. We did go to the service desk and told the manager what had happened. She didn’t handle the matter very well. We have been going to this place since it was opened but it has just gone down hill. My grandson was crying for it was his birthday gift that went bad. We will never go to that place again ever. Also the salad bar had brown lettuce and I said something to the worker behind the counter that it was disgusting and all he could do was just look at me not saying a word. ???? I do have a picture of the lettuce. Just another reason to close this place down, or get better Managerment in there.



Jesus Godoy March 29, 2019 at 12:53 am

Walked in at 6:30 on 3-7-19 Moreno Valley CA with my entire family like usual ( wife, 8 year old, and tall 2 year old) when we walked in my 2 year child ran past the child check entry running excited like any 2 year old. No one was statind at the entry. My wife went after him while my oldest child and I waited at the entry point. The Manager behind the counter started to yell at my 2 year old “excuse me”. My wife was no more than 10ft behind him to get him back Why not wait till she reach him? It’s not like a 2 year old will understand “excuse me”. This only tells me this manager was not aware of the surrounding or directed her staff correctly to have someone at the entry point. I confronted the manager and told her to NEVER yell at my son again. I don’t do it why is some stranger going to. To top it off, the Manager has not apologize at all for what she did. You folks have the time and date when I walked in, feel free to review your camera. Hopefully someone will take responsibility and apologize. Thank you

Update- Leslie Q has send me this message below. This makes it worse by defending the employees actions.

Hello Jesus, I’m sorry about your experience here at CEC. We have reviewed the cameras and you can hear the manager try to stop your kid from coming in which is policy. Unfortunately, we didn’t see your wife getting your child; therefore the kid needed to stopped , but as said it is policy to let a kid know or stop them from coming in, which they need to be stamped at kid check. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Kimberly Titus February 26, 2019 at 2:27 pm


seems to be the only way of contact… besides the phone of course… but, we want upper upper management to see these threads… anyone have an more direct email address we can send our complaint to?


Kimberly Titus February 26, 2019 at 2:25 pm

I am writing this on behalf the Kimberlly Tisus. There needs to be an report recorded of an incident. Ms. Titus 2year old was allowed to exit unaccompanied, while the attendant watch the boy leave without supervision. When attendant was asked, “did a boy come through here …” and the answer was yes! He went that way!… That is grounds for an investigation and accountability to Chuck E. Cheese on how to ensure safety to all it’s patrons and children. the boy was chased earlier and he was allowed to exit the first gate, and reached the exit door before someone was able to obtain him. 2nd time the boy was allowed to exit all the way out the building and found next door at PetSmart! The parent Ms. Kimberlly Titus needs to be contacted immediately and explained to what is going to be done about this! The outcome could have been more severe and dangerous. The parking lot was full! And lots of traffic! The duty managers and employees were very nonchalant about the incident and didn’t seem to show any concern or interest in this serious matter siding with the employee. If, there is video and surveillance. We will need that looked at by some sort of official or legal capacity.

Please contact:

Ms. Kimberlly Titus



NOT SURE OF My receipt number: AHNAH/R2 or 40027, Stephanie was our server

Dated: 02/23/2019 @4:57PM


Jennifer Griffin November 5, 2018 at 9:27 pm

I visited with my family of 11 people on October 27, 2018 in the Savannah restaurant. Never again!! This place was chaos from the word go. We spent 170.00 and left with half of our points and had to get food for the trip home because 3 kids ate our pizzas.The place is a daycare for unsupervised children. We had 2 tables one for the kids and one for the adults 3 unsupervised 10 year olds sat at the table and ate our 2 large pizzas and drank our kids drinks. We were treated ridiculously over the salad bar which we paid 8.79 each person for. Made us wear bands and refused to give clean plates unless we showed the band, however I did report that 4 people were at the salad bar without bands and no one was saying anything about them but I was having issues greeting clean plates and we had paid for the salad bar. The games were out of tickets and it took me 3 trips to the front desk to get a machine fixed because it was out of tickets and my child had won 139 and it was not dispensing them. This place needs some managers that know how to run the place. We traveled 2.5 hours to take my grandchild there for her birthday, I was very upset at the money we spent for nothing!! There was no supervision on the games or rides children were jumping ahead of our little ones and I had had enough never again Chuck E. Cheese not to mention that the animated band never played the entire time we were there!


Rhonda Melvin November 5, 2018 at 2:09 pm

Horrible service and I will never spend another dime here. I will make sure more people come to this site and read the experiences of others so that they do not make the mistake we made.


Sabrina October 13, 2018 at 1:42 am

Love the new reward app but definitely need to train the employees on how to use it!! Manager at the Chuck e cheese location in Carson, Ca is very unprofessional and seems to not care to hear what customers has to say. When talking directly to the manager she looks around with the look on her face like yeah I’m not listening and then tries to make everything ok by giving ticket vouchers out!! Also the person in charge of redeeming tickets for prizes needs to learn math or use that dam Calculator and not be embarrassed, that way you dont diss kids for there left tickets that they didn’t redeem. That location needs a new manager to replace the lazy female one they have. Multiple visits here plus a happy reward customer but 2x both had bad experience and with same manager on both days!!


Yvonne Duval October 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm

We were looking forward to the experience at Chuck E Cheese. My 3yr. old grandchild was so excited to get to go to CEC again. My husband is handicapped and I just had cancer surgery. I will be starting treatment for that, which will prevent me from doing anything with my grandchild for quite some time. The reasons our visit to CEC was a total disappointment are listed below. We have no desire to return with the circumstances being what they are, however, I believe in letting management know when we are satisfied and when we are not. I would have spoken to the local management, however I felt there was NO management in the building, and we could not get out fast enough! This was a fun place to frequent at one time, but the last couple of times that I went it was not so nice, and this last time was totally unacceptable! If things don’t change soon, I cannot foresee it being a successful business for much longer. Hopefully, this will reach someone that is willing and able to correct the problems at this facility, so that it can go on to be successful for many years to come.
The following took place on Saturday, 9/29/2018 at 18:53:04:
1. Pizza was smashed at the entrance and was not cleaned up.
2. 6:20pm arrival and order was not taken until 6:53pm. Then another employee finally opened the second register.
3. Half of the restaurant tables and booths were not used (near the CEC stage). And there were no clean tables available anywhere else. I had to clean our table myself. Every table and booth in the stage area had a reserved sign on it and not one was used the whole time that we were there, for birthday parties or otherwise.
4. The entire restaurant was filthy everywhere inside and out (entrance, salad bar area, dining area, and the game area, and the restroom was disgusting). Food, drinks, and paper trash were all over the floor with no one attempting to clean it up. One employee was laughing and just walked right over some of it.
5. Children were unsupervised by parents or employees and continually running into people carrying food and drinks, including myself, causing them to spill everything. They were also taking the basketballs out of the games, bouncing the, and throwing them at each other.
6. Children were eating and drinking off of other people’s tables.
7. The BIGGEST PROBLEM: My 3yr old grandchild went into the “tube-slide” when no children were in it. Shortly after she got into the tube, at least 6 children rushed in. They were totally wild, chasing after one another (no parents around). I watched them (at a clear bubble) literally crawl over my grandchild, watching her terrified and screaming, and I could do nothing to help her! I could only attempt to stop the other children as they came down the slide from going back into the tube. Some of them ignored me and still tried to go UP the slide as the others were sliding down. When my grandchild finally got out of there, she was flushed beet red, crying, and just wanted to go home without eating or drinking anything. We had to box our pizza and salads to go and carry that, as well as our drinks all out to the car. It was the absolute worst time that any of us have ever had in a children’s fun facility, or restaurant. My grandchild got sick, and told her mom how CEC is bad and the kids are mean, and she doesn’t want to go back.


Leslie Millar October 2, 2018 at 2:00 pm

I have filed a complaint and have talked to several people. I was promised an answer to my compaint today as I have a meeting with the American Cancer Society and want to give them an answer to our fundraising event. It is no wonder that you have two stars when it comes to communication and helpful. All I get when I call is the answer machine.
I guess I take this problem to the News and Social Media to get some kind of satisfaction as nothing has been solved. This makes me so sad as we have done so many events with Chuck E. Cheese in the past years with our school and this has been quite frustrating to say the least.
Leslie Millar
I will make sure to let other schools know my problem so they don’t have to go thru what I have been going thru.


S. Roundtree September 28, 2018 at 9:39 am

I read nearly all the complaints on this website and have come to the realization, THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE!! They do not care about the customers and they DO NOT care about their employees. My concern and displeasure is with the Chuck-E -Cheese in Savannah GA. The General Manager is a terribly miserable, racist, unprofessional , rude individual. I decided The Department of Labor will be the best option. For those with a child employed at this location, BEWARE!


Sidier Brookson September 25, 2018 at 10:15 pm

My child was injured at chucky cheese when the super bonus arm struck him in the eye while playing the game. Giving him a black eye. I spoke to Mark who was the manager on duty that day 21st September 2018.
I went back there on the 25th of September 2018 because his eyes was still black,purple,green and blue. I spoke to the manager who was on (Melisa)the first she told me they didnt have any reports handed in on the 21st of september. Then she told me she would have to call Mark. After I guess reaching Mark she passed me on to the internal claims office were I spoke to Lisa Mc Daniels who said she was the risk manager. When I explained to her what happened she told me that my child a 3 year old was standing in the wrong position and it was his fault. There is no lines there indicating were you should stand and there is a 3 lbs solid ball on the pull handle of the game that springs back. I was also surprised that nothing was done to retify the flaw ,so no other child is injured in the same way.That heavy ball was still in place and the game up and running in the same manner. He could not sleep all weekend. My claim # 128067075.
Being on vacation I tried to use my insurance for my son to see the doctor but it was not permited.
I went back to chucky cheese and explained them about the insurance and because
Mark who was the manager there on the day of the incident told me if anything they would pay for the doctor visit. So I tried that approach because my son was in pain and I wanted to make sure he did not have any facial fractures, because it was fours days now and his eye was still all type of colors. When I spoke to Melissa Mc Daniel she said thats not policy. She said she did not know were Mark got that information from.
Mark clearly lied to me that day just to get me not to call the police and ambulance or reporters there that day.
I am very disappointed in the way they blamed my son for this injury and that they are allowed to have this game up and running to injure another child. You promote that your establishment is where a kid can be a kid well you should be known as where a kid gets their first black eye.


Steven Duch August 26, 2018 at 3:55 am

We visited the 1000 Lehigh Valley Mall Whitehall, PA 18052 location on Saturday August 25th. My wife and I have a 1 year old grand daughter and decided to bring her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and for her to watch the show. All I can say is WOW, what a disappointment for us. We ordered a personal pizza and 2 salad bars. First let me start by saying how dirty the place was. I understand its a kids place but we were there for about an hour and a half and the table we sat next to was never cleaned, an hour and a half the table stayed dirty. Food all over the floor, garbage cans piled with garbage and not emptied. Thats not my main complaint, the salad bar was absolutely disgusting and not worth the $9 you are charging for it, I would pay $3.99 at most places for that salad bar. So I went up to get a salad and for the 1 and a half hours we were there no one filled the salad bar or checked on it because we waited for them to fill the lettuce container and guess what no one ever came to top up the salad bar. So we had to have a half salad with no lettuce. There was food all over the salad bar not to mention food mixed together in containers from people dropping it and no one ever came to check on it. The ham cubes looked nasty, there were only 2 eggs in the container. On the website you claim to have over 40 items on the salad bar making it sound more than what it was, also the commercial on TV talks about how great the salad bar is. Well I counted 33 items on the salad bar and 8 of the items were salad dressing. So for $9 you want to have the smallest salad bar in the world. And the fruit was orange slices and grapes really? The cheapest fruit out there and again you want to charge $9 for it. We work hard for our money and I get its a place for kids and mainly a pizza place but dont advertise this great salad bar when its far from even a good salad bar. I have been on a diet for 5 months and have to watch what I eat and I feel that the salad bar is the most fattening thing I have eaten in the last 5 months. It is now 3:30 on Sunday morning and I have been to the toilet 3 times with diarrhea and fear its from the salad bar that no one ever came to check on. So because no one ever checked on it i have no clue as to how long the food sat out, for all I know it could have been sat out all day with no rotating. So in the end I was expecting to have a good time with our grand daughter but instead left very disappointed and probably will not come back to Chuck E Cheese.


Sam June 13, 2018 at 3:34 pm

Yesterday 6/12/18 was my little daughter 5th birthday, I called Chuck E Cheese in Dublin and asked them if they have anything special for kids on their birthday, the associate said yes, we have.
We give the 100 points towards games for kids on their birthday, he even said let me confirm with my manager and came back said confirmed that they give 100 points for birthday kids.
I thanked him and I asked if I need to bring my daughter’s birth certificate and he said I won’t need to, however I took it with me anyway.
I took my daughter and her birth certificate and went to Chuck E Cheese in Dublin CA, and we I went to the register, I told the girl at the register about my daughter birthday and she said to me:
I don’t know what you are talking about, let me get my manager (Amber)
Amber came and the girl told her in front of me and my daughter, I have no idea what he is talking about
So, I had to tell Amber again why I here for and what happened over the phone with associate that I talked with.
She said in a very rude and confronting way (No we don’t have anything for kids on their birthday) and I told her that is what I was told by one person of your staff who confirmed that with her manager and she reiterated in the most rudely and confronting way you can every imagine that they don’t do anything special for kids on their birthday and I WILL MAKE SURE TO SAY SOMEHTING TO MY STAFF.
please keep in mind she said that in front of my little daughter. I said ok and walked away.
Luckily, I had an old card for Chuck E cheese loaded with points, I gave it to my daughter and she was playing and having fun.
After she is done she went with her ticket receipts to redeem them towards these little toys!
someone was there and she counted her points and told her that she had 866 points and she pointed towards where she came redeem them and tear them up and throw them in a bin that she has at the counter, my daughter needed few minutes to decide what she needs, after few minutes this girl was not there however (Amber) came by and we told her that she is ready to select her toys!
She asked for the tickets and I told her that we gave them to the associate and I pointed at her, so she called her and asked how many tickets,
The girl told her 836 and she questioned her and I and asker her (where are the receipts, I don’t see them) the girl answered and she I teared them up and I put them in the bin as we normally do.
So Amber started looked in the teared receipts to verify what her employee and I said (to make sure that we are not lying) Once again this happened in front of my little one. After she did she said in a very bad attitude (ok you have 834 points) so I told her no it is 836 and she kept arguing with me that they are 834 not 836; finally, I told her I am not sure what is your problem, (why don’t you go and ask your employee and she will confirm what she already told you and me, that we gave her 836 points)
She did and as she was walking she said, I don’t have a problem, and loudly on her way she asked her employee 2 times how many tickets I have and the employee confirmed 836 twice so she asked her again 836 and not 834???? The employee looked really embarrassed and said yes, they gave me 836 and I told you that before!!!
Again, with her horrible attitude, she came back and said I GUESS IT IS 836 and she pointed to what she gets, and my daughter picked her things and she was missing 10 extra points and for play dough
She had 115 left and the play dough was for 125
Amber refused to give it to her and she that is not enough and finally my other kid had extra tickets to make it up for this 125 and got her play dough.

Now, I am not sure how you have someone like that deal with kids, obviously she had some issues!!!
I need someone from upper management to contact me and explain to me why I was given wrong information, why my daughter and I were treated that way on her birthday!!!


Donna March 15, 2018 at 5:26 pm

Chuck E Cheese in Placentia, California.
Brought the grand children for the lunch buffet and some playtime. We got here at 1:15p.m. and the buffet was supposed to end at 2:00pm. At 1:40 the kids got up to get a second slice of pizza from the buffet and the warmers had been turned off for awhile and all the pizza was cold. When I said something to the manager about this I got rude and disrespectful attitudes from both of them. Yes there were two managers present.
I spent $30 on lunch for two children and one adult and $30 on play passes. What a joke…. what a rip off.
Spend your money elsewhere.


Mrs Edwards February 28, 2018 at 10:00 pm

Tonight we went to Chuck E Cheese on Hulen Street in Fort Worth, Texas. Service was not so good. I gave it a D. I was told they were understaffed. I could see that on my own. Took forever to place an order and get our pizza. The young girl working the sale of the tickets needs a class in respect. This was the worst visit at this business. My young grandson loves Chuck E Cheese and picked this place for his birthday. I’m sure under different cirXXXXstances things would have been better. We have been going to Chuck E Cheese for many years. Hopefully next time things will be different.


Stephanie December 9, 2017 at 3:09 am

I used to love it until I went to the Chuck E. Cheese in Port Orange, Florida and over heard the manager Megan refer to one of the workers as a XXXXXXXX. The games are always broken my kids have had to wait for the tech guy to fix several games. They are all in horrible condition. The staff are more helpful than the managers. The managers are not happy and lazy as if they don’t wanna work.


Natasha November 26, 2017 at 6:15 pm

Came to Chuck E. Cheese #660 Sunday November 26th and the manager Alyssa was very nasty and racist!!!! She harassed our party since we walked in the doors! We asked Mollie if we can use a unused long table and she said yes, then Alyssa had someone tell us we couldn’t sit there. (Which our whole 3 hours we were there no one uses the table) so we moved to the smaller side table and we decorated it and she then came up and said to make sure we don’t use any outside cups to fill up with soda. Which we haven’t even started the party yet, but we said ok we will purchase cups. We bought cups and got a few water cups also. My uncle whom is over 60 yrs old put soda in a water cup (not knowing we bought over 8 cups) so she was really NASTY with us about the cup, her body language and tone was very unprofessional! She snatched the cup and threw it. Then later on a 5yr old from our party lost his cup at a game, so he took a water cup and shared some juice with another kid (which came from a paid cup and was poured into the water cup) Alyssa watched our party the entire time we were there and she then ran over again with her NASTY attitude and was so rude about taking the child’s cup to throw away ! I will NEVER go back to this place ! They are racist and unprofessional!!!! Very bad service !


Nen dna yram November 20, 2017 at 3:30 pm

My biggest complaint is that the ‘prizes’ are far too expensive. The lower-tiered ‘prizes’ are cheaply made and not relative to the number of tickets paid to get them. Some of the ‘prizes’ are upwards of 1,000 tickets. Seems to me they’d draw more customers if they either cut the ‘prizes’ to about 1/3 of what they are now and increase the ticket payouts.
For just under $70 our grandkids walked out with a bag of cotton candy a plastic beetle and other assoryed low-tiered ‘prizes.’
Not enough bang for the buck.


Hill November 9, 2017 at 3:53 pm

I am at Chucky cheese in Mays Landing, NJ 08232 came here to have a get together with the family and you have seven tables the manager on duty said we could not sit at one of the long tables because we didn’t pay for a party we came here to spend our money a lot of money to pay for a lot of kids to play and she says we can’t sit at the tables because they have parties not even of table is set up for a party we will think about spending our money here if you want Business you need to chance never heard of this before I’ve been coming here for years


Lena October 19, 2017 at 2:03 pm

I was here this past weekend for my nieces birthday party at the Gaithersburg location and if I EVER DECIDE TO GO BACK IT WILL BE ONLY AND ONLY FOR STEFANIA!!! One of the managers there. Our food was never submitted by the other manager by the name of Blanca and if it wasn’t for Stefania saving the day it would of been a disaster. As soon as she came in she got our food orders in and politely apologized. She made everything better and did everything she could to accommodate us. Blanca on the other hand was hiding in the back the whole time and did not check back with us. So thank you Stefania. I will be coming back to see you and I hope your general or district manager hires more realiable people because every other employee seemed to be doing nothing. Also I have been calling all week and no one answers the phone.


Tyrak October 12, 2017 at 4:37 pm

Hi my name is Tyrak coronado I’m a new employee at the chucky e cheese off of 67 and bell rd in Glendale Az 85345 . I’m high functioning special Needs and I feel like I’m being Missed Treat by the manger Steve who runs the store in Glendale AZ . I am Seriously Done ✅ with getting Missed treated . Not only that I had a mental health problem and I’m applying for OTher jobs . Not only I’m getting missed treated but when Steve had ask me to come into chucky e cheese I did HE Told me to come back in 1 week . Which that was the 1 day . So basically it’s been Really. UNOrganized and very disrespectful and very rude . And very very unprofessional.. so I would like for the corporate office of chucky e cheese to look InTo that chucky e cheese in Glendale Az off of 67 and bell rd. Ps I’m done so thanks for your horrible company and rudeness and really unprofessional. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💯💯💯. I’m done and I’ll let others know so they won’t go to your guys company and more . Thank you I hope you have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡💨😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Amy Villegas September 19, 2017 at 11:13 am

We were at the Lincoln Nebraska locations we do go several times to this complaint is since you guys have started uses theses new card game passes it has discouraged us from going back this last time we were even wanting to have our 4 yr old sons bday there this October but because of theses new passes we choose to do something different the little kids do not understand that if you keep waving the cards in front of the scanning device that it takes tokens it took 6 tokens from my son for one game because he was standing there and the card waved in front of the device while he had it on his wrist. This needs to be addressed and fixed if anything should of kept the tokens and done away with the headache of the tickets. I will be looking for a reply from this office or I will keep contacting till I do.


Bonnie Zeiger September 16, 2017 at 11:15 pm

I took my family this afternoon to Chuck E. Cheese in North Olmsted, OH. This is not the first time I have taken my family to this store. I have got to say that the staff there are phenominal! The door attendant was very welcoming and friendly, the place was kept very clean from cleaning off tables quickly to picking up the litter on the floor a.s.a.p.! If there was a problem, it was very easy to find an employee who quickly took action to resolve the problem! We ordered food, which came in a very timely manner. I especially need to commend Tyler, who is unbelievably attentive to all customers, and truly seems to enjoy his job! Whomever does the hiring there, chooses great staff! I tried to give this a 5 star rating, but it would only let me choose up to three stars. If I had my choice, Chuck E. Cheese in North Olmsted, Oh deserves 10 stars!!!!!


Liz September 15, 2017 at 12:42 am

Visited Rogers Ar promenade location as we do at the least 3 times a month because we love seeing the joy in the little ones faces but lately service seems to be getting worse managment is rude and seems to act like everything annoys them mchines mess up and they are annoyed if we let them Kno game stole our childrens points and one certain manager andrea is the worst I come and pain my money to have a good time and enjoy myself and I I would like to use a coupon she acts as if it’s again the rules these coupons are on the Chuck e cheese site to be used I suppose . It’s just getting worse Everytime I go and it’s sad I feel like my money and buissness is not wanted or appreciated here how can someone work customer service yet not be A people person she is clearly in the wrong line of buissness customer service is a job to make people feel welcome and happy to be there not want to leave and not come back very disappointing .


Amy Villegas September 19, 2017 at 11:10 am

We were at the Lincoln Nebraska locations we do go several times to this complaint is since you guys have started uses theses new card game passes it has discouraged us from going back this last time we were even wanting to have our 4 yr old sons bday there this October but because of theses new passes we choose to do something different the little kids do not understand that if you keep waving the cards in front of the scanning device that it takes tokens it took 6 tokens from my son for one game because he was standing there and the card waved in front of the device while he had it on his wrist. This needs to be addressed and fixed if anything should of kept the tokens and done away with the headache of the tickets. I will be looking for a reply from this office or I will keep contacting till I do.


Amy September 10, 2017 at 8:32 pm

I took my 5 and 3 year old sons to Chuck-E-Cheese in Tinley Park, IL yesterday afternoon to celebrate their birthdays. I’d like to say it was a great experience- it wasn’t. After waiting in line for over 20 minutes to buy tokens (which I found out had been switched to the “play pass- I get it, it was a Saturday, I expected it to be busy and expected to do some waiting). The pony tailed girl working the register was very unfriendly and refused to answer my questions pertaining to the play pass, like for example, how it worked, and also refused to take my non-expired coupon emailed to me that was to allow my son 100 free tickets for his birthday. That was my first request to speak to a manager. (dyed blonde, heavy set, F/White). I brought my 2 sisters, my 2 boys, myself, and my father to celebrate the boys’ birthdays. We ordered 2 large cheese pizzas with 4 drinks, set to come out at 6:30 pm (when their dad arrived after work)
At 715pm, I inquired about the food, and was told it was “never put in” by a second blonde, glasses wearing, male manager). At this point, it was an hour past dinner time and my boys were crying they were hungry before our order was even “put in” (which took an additional half hour- mind you, it was all paid for, up front, in full initially when we got there).
The place was destroyed- there was toilet paper, candy papers, garbage, and cigarettes, YES, HALF SMOKED CIGARETTES, and just general trash EVERYWHERE. I was extremely disappointed that no one was making an effort to clean anything. Also, the area with the pop machines/drinks had sticky liquid on the floor leaking out for an estimate of 4 feet so you couldn’t even get near it, or safely get to the bathrooms, which were located past the drink mess.
Someone from the corporate office should seriously consider a surprise visit and show up unannounced to see how things are really run at the Tinley Park location.
I will upload pictures soon.


Porsche September 2, 2017 at 12:49 am

Good evening, my family and I went to the Chuck E Cheese located in Inglewood on La Tijera blvd. When we received our pizza and our Giant Warm Cookie, we wanted to know if the waitress which happened to be the Store Manager Alyse could take the cookie back and bring it out later after we ate our Pizza. She replied with a very condescending tone, “you should have told the cashier”. I replied “so are you saying that we can’t have it brought out at a later time”. She replied “I would have to throw this away”. I wasn’t going to go back and fourth with the General Manager so we keep the cookie. I really feel as a General Manager she could have handled the situation much better and and without an attitude. On top of that the entire eating area was filthy, there was no one in sight cleaning off the tables and trash on the floor. When I went to the restroom that was filthy as well, I didn’t even use the restroom. I took pictures of the restroom which I will upload. I think if the health department walked in to the establishment tonight it would be shut down!!!

On a better note the Manager Kevin was very apologetic, and took the cookie of of our bill after I made a complaint about the Store Manager Alyse. He was very nice and professional.


Melissa H. September 1, 2017 at 9:19 pm

I had my son’s two year birthday party at your Florence KY location. It was a TERRIBLE experience, & I didn’t get AT ALL what I was promised & paid for, such as;
The food coming out timely and coming out at the same time
A party hostess
Any of the services included within the package I chose (the most expensive package offered)
And more, this just names a few…

After the visit I completed a survey with full, detailed explanations regarding the many different issues I had. I received a reply from the stores manager (which she didn’t even bother changing to my name for from the previous email she sent!), and I’m honestly completely & totally disgusted with what Chuck E Cheese has become if THIS is the level of service that’s acceptable by your corporation now…

RESPONSE from the store manager regarding my dissatisfied survey & feedback;
“Dear Ms. Magee,” …[**THIS IS NOT EVEN MY NAME!!]…
“Recently you visited our Florence location and took our quick survey.  Although we strive for the Perfect 10 visit I understand your visit was not. I do apologize for this. I have read your concerns and will discuss this with my team to correct the issues so to ensure your next visit with us will BE the Perfect 10. Please give us the opportunity to show you a FANTASTIC time again.
Again, thank you for your visit and feedback.
Ginny Coleman
General Manager
Store #112”

I sent a reply to both the GM, Ginny, as well as copied in Ali Elali,  aelali at &
GuestRelations at to try to ensure that my feedback was heard instead of completely dismissed. My reply said:

Though I appreciate you read my concerns, my name is not Ms. Magee… And I was very dissatisfied with the services I received for my son’s birthday party, much of which I assume would fall on the general manager to fix, not “the team”.  Seeing that I took my time to fill out your survey and provide feedback, I would have appreciated, at minimum, more than an  incorrectly addressed reply that appears to be nothing more than just an automated generic email.

My aggravation and desire to frequent your establishment is rapidly declining

Melissa Haggard”

…. I’ve yet to receive a return reply from the Manager, guest relations, or anyone…

My parting thoughts;
The fact of the matter is, I grew up having birthdays & was rewarded with ChuckECheese as a child, & I loved that experience then and wanted to pass that experience onto my son while he made new, fun childhood memories. The fact of the matter is though, with service like I’ve received, paired with the response from management, and lack of response from guest relations, I’m m not inclined to return. Entertainment places for children are a dime a dozen now, and we can make memories, have celebrations, & my son can be rewarded at any number of establishments who will value our patronage & feedback.


tracy February 24, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Florence CEC SUCKS bad. Tonight the place was absolutely REPULSIVE!!! i will not be going back and i will not be hiding behind this computer. Needless to say I am calling Tx on monday and will be HEARD not read!! Im sorry your little mans birthday sucked but get used to it of you’re going back there. That place is gross and unsanitary and their reason tonight was that he only had 6 employees because underage people don’t want to work any more!! Seriously!!! LOL it was a joke


Brandi C. August 28, 2017 at 10:22 am

This weekend we had a birthday party for my nephew at your Chucky cheese location in Tulsa, ok. We were having a fine time until our pizza finally came out and it was not the correct pizza (it was traditional and we ordered pepperoni, which would not have been a big deal but my son only eats pepperoni and we paid $13 for a $5 cheap pizza) but that was besides the point. I took my receipt up the the counter which was extremely busy. So i asked an employee if she would see if the manager was available. upon her return she tells me the manager said you need to take it up with the person that took your order,. (first of all being a manager of a very well known phone company I was shocked that someone in a managers position would respond that way) so i waited for abour 15mins in the line to speak with the girl that took my order and explained that we ordered pepperoni and she just have put it in wrong… (i’m thinking No Big Deal mistakes happen.. they will just make me another pizza.. all set) She apologizes for the mistake and says she has to get the manager. About 10 mins later the girls are at the front counter and i could tell there was something wrong. The employee comes up to me and say i am so sorry HE IS REFUSING TO COME OUT OF HIS OFFICE. he SAID WE MADE THE MISTAKE AND WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT OUT OF OUR OWN POCKET. and THE GIRLS GO ON TO EXPLAIN I AM SORRY I DONT HAVE THE MONEY… ONE GIRL IS ALMOST IN TEARS!!!!!!! A MANAGER YOU PUT IN POSITION AT A FAMILY/CHILDREN’S VENUE IS MAKING HIS EMPLOYEES PAY FOR THINGS AND MAKING THEM CRY (stating he always does this to me because he doesnt like me)!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? By this time there are 2 other people with food complains. that askes to speak with this manager RYLAND and they to are being told he is refusing to come out. So i told the girl working up front that i want a refund. NO MANAGER IS REFUSING TO COME OUT!! I overheard a conversation with a few other employees and she is saying THAT MANAGER RYLAND said we can all just wait until the other manager gets done with doing birthday party stuff and then she can deal with it. I AM IN SHOCK! By this time my pizza is cold my son is still hungry and i am PISSED with a lot of other people!! i waited for over an hour, had to eat cold pizza and then go somewhere else to feed my child. Other other manager was finally free and came to give me a partial refund. Thank you other manager for doing your job! I want mediate action taken against this so called manager. If you do keep him employeed he would be scrubbing the toilets with a toothbrush. Ryland you are no better That anyone and just Failed horribly at your job! I will keep checking this location and keep contacting corporate offices until something is done about this guy!


Jessica Ward August 25, 2017 at 8:45 pm

I would like to start this complaint off with my daughter who was a employee for you all until today. My daughter worked in Mayfield Hts, Oh 44124 (golden gate plaza). My daughter has been working for the company since February 2017 and she has never had any problems. Valerie Hurley became the manager at this location recently and she has harassed my daughter on numerous of occasions. My daughter has come home and complained about Ms. Hurley so many times saying she wouldn’t ever speak to her. My daughter has also made statements about her register coming up short only when Valerie worked with her. Valerie takes her register and go in the back to count my daughter isn’t around at this time she send her off to do other things. She then come out yelling at my daughter saying you are always short. Today my daughter went in to work and she needed Valerie to assist her with clocking for whatever reason. My daughter stood next to Valerie and Valerie lightly touched my daughter armed and started to yell and state why are you right here. My daughter said you don’t have to speak to me like that. Let’s keep in mind that customers were standing here and witness this taking place. My daughter went into the back and Valerie followed and was yelling and stating that she can say whatever she wants to her. Valerie was not aware that I was on the phone and turning back around to come to my daughter. My daughter again is 17 she is begging me to hurry up and get to her, as a mom do you know how I was in a panic my daughter should be safe at work and not being physically and verbally abused while in the work place. When I walked in I witness my daughter crying non stop by the door and Valerie yelling to the top of her lungs while doing some ignorant dance ” I can say what I want to say to you” and laughing. How immature of her I said to Valerie please get me another manager because you will not do this with my daughter. I then directed my daughter to get all of her things because she cant work here anymore. As I am waiting for the other managers to come out Valerie is still speaking badly about my daughter as she ring out customers. Ron one of the other managers came out to speak with me and he was very nice and professional and asked for us to step away from customers. He was very soft spoken and apologizing about it all. Ron went in the back to get the other manager Don and he came out and asked what was going on, Valerie starts to get very loud again and he had to walk away and speak to me directly. While speaking with him Valerie starts to speak to another cashier Alexa about my daughter and she is a minor as well she even knew it was wrong and didn’t engage in the conversation. The young lady walked away from her as if she doesn’t want any parts. I have been told by a few of the workers that this lady has often done this to varies workers. My daughter doesn’t have to deal with stuff like this. this world is evil enough and these kids endure a lot at school, home etc. So I hope something will be done about this situation I have also been in contact with the police department as well. Valerie Hurley you make it hard on mother’s like me I try to teach my kids to be respectful to adults, go to work and do the right thing and you are way older maybe 50’s you look like. You have showed these young teenagers it’s ok to act this way in the work place. I have left messages for upper management to call me. I will also contact labor relations as well. I wrote a google review and the next one will be in contact with the BBB to let them know. I will also write to the city of South Euclid/Lyndhurst and let them know as well so they won’t recommend for the children to apply at this location anymore. Signed off a angry mother and very disappointed.


Nicole Strege August 8, 2017 at 10:09 pm

My husband and I wanted to take our kids to have alittle fun, we brought in outside food just for my husband and I and we’re going to buy food and tokens for the kids, my husband has medical issues and can only eat certain foods that’s why we took in our own food but they weren’t having it they said it was a health code violation and it could contaminate there food! WHAT? Why is it ok for People take in cakes and cupcakes ice cream? And what about those dirt tokens you can’t tell me that can’t contaminate there food! This was the chuck e cheese in Moreno Valley California. We just left and went to shakeys.


Sana July 30, 2017 at 7:12 pm

I have been coming to the cec on 58th and 9th ave in st. Pete, fl for many years now, but today i had the worst experience. I paid 18$ for wings they brought out chicken nuggets , when i said this is not what i oredered they told me they didnt have wings. Then i bought all you can eat salad and there was hair in there. When i went to manager Holly she said she could take it out IF I WANTED TO. They didnt try to do anything to fix the problem.


Michelle July 19, 2017 at 9:09 am

when we arrived there was no body to stamp us for like 5 minutes then a manager asked us to come to the counter to be stamped.i got the 120 tickets with 4 drinks and 2 large pizzas.the pizzas took a long time my milk had to ask about them.when we received them they looked different from the pizzas at the buffet and ones other ppl had at there tables it tasted old and looked really brown not golden with seasoning like everyone else.When we brought this to the managers attention she said it’s supposed to look like that.These pizzas were completely different in comparison it had holes poked throughout and the sauce tasted like ketchup.She replaced one pizza which looked nothing like the previous pizza I think that’s a pizza from before your recipe changed for the pizzas.i asked her for a box and for the pizza and she gave me a white box that’s for salad or something other than pizza.They only have like three ppl working every time I go and chuck e only danced once in the three hour disgusted somebody would attempt to serve this random old pizza to my kids.She wasn’t apologetic.The fact that nobody is up front just behind the counter somebody could just run out with a kid.This is the Louis henna round rock,Texas.Everytimd we’ve gone it’s been nobody upfront and 3 ppl working if they are understaffed there aren’t any hiring signs.


La Shonda July 9, 2017 at 7:15 pm

I went to Chuck E. Cheese in Houston, Tx. the location on Westheimer @Dairy Ashford where i had a discussion with the General Manager named Patricia. She was very rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. The whole entire conversation she talked over me, then got up and walked away. I never got to discuss all my concerns and issues. I find it very tacky of her.


Keith July 3, 2017 at 4:32 pm

My daughter was offered a position to work at the local CEC. We purchased the clothing we were asked prior to starting, She went to the training on a Saturday and was told to call back for her hours. My daughter called several times and never received a return call. In addition, she was never paid for the time she spent in training and we were unable to return the clothing we were instructed to purchase. We sent a letter to the main office and as of today we still have not received a call or a letter. I am now going to file a complaint with the Department of Labor!


Irma June 28, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Are part-time employees covered under workman’s compensation? Does the company have workman’s compensation insurance for their employees? Lastly, is the company HOSA certified?


Trish Kalopodes June 27, 2017 at 10:21 pm

I take my twin grandsons to the Chuck E. Cheese on Broad Street, Richmond, VA on a very regular basis always during the week. We have had family birthdays there as well. I took one of the boys this past Saturday night, June 24th, around 9:00 pm. NEVER AGAIN! As always they needed more staff working. The place was full with parents on cell phones and absolutely no supervision of their children. More than half of the children were running around like it was a playground. Many weren’t playing games and some were sitting at the games/cars preventing others from playing.

I asked the young lady working if they allowed running. Her answer was they didn’t like it. No signs were posted and no one was corrected. We stayed about 30 minutes and left. I didn’t feel my grandson nor I were in a safe place with the full on running. I have shared my horrible experience with my friends and family.

If I were the manager the first thing I would do is post NO RUNNING signs. Second thing I would do is post signs PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR. It’s my opinion if you choose not to change things someone will be seriously injured at your expense.

Trish Kalopodes


Stacey Scott June 14, 2017 at 8:45 pm

My sister and I just brought our kids to Chuck E Cheese in Palm Dessert. After paying $60 for pizza, drinks and play, we went to get our drinks. None of the sodas worked, we could only get lemonade. When I asked a manager she said the C02 was out and they wouldn’t get any until tomorrow. No soda for us. Then we went to sit down and could not find one clean table. I’m not one to complain, but this is ridiculous. I will not be coming back here again.


Gabriela Gómez June 16, 2017 at 12:24 am

Location, SUN VALLEY CA my order was skipped by 3-4 orders wen I ask a female employee there she started giving me a attitude it had been 1hr that I had order I had all rights to find out where was my order then she said “first of all don’t yell at me” with a attitude as If we where both in high school this is a kids place you guys should really look into who is working in a kids environment NO Custumer service what so ever I might of gotten loud after she gave me attitude not only that but while this no manners person is not being profesional at all her store manager is standing right next to her all I needed to hear was I apologize ma’am we are running a lil behind sorry for the 1hr wait why was your order skipped I don’t know teach simple customer service to your employees this was by far the worse service you lost a customer and I will definitely make shure my friends and family never attend this location again


LorRena Dejurnett June 6, 2017 at 12:08 pm

Yesterday 06/05/17 i took my 3 year old son to your location in Los Angeles (6901 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045.It was not only unsafe ,Not clean but a very unprofessional environment. There was trash everywhere ,no ice and about 75%of the games were not working and had out of order signs.This is just the beginning it was only one person upfront so lines were beyond long.A fight broke out in the kitchen between two employees to a point security had to help.After the fight nothing was done the police never showed up the employees who were fighting called family members to come up to the location where they were crowed around the entrance it was very unsafe for children.I felt bad for the one employee who was working the toy section(female) i could tell she was very uncomfortable.I will never go back to any location again i would never want my child put in harms way with out of control situations like i witnessed yesterday.


John Cruise May 28, 2017 at 2:05 pm

We had a great experience with Makayla whom goes by Kayla at your Monroe St. Toledo.
She was very spirited and handled our party very professional and had several spills that had been cleaned up. She as we saw played an Awsome Chuck E. This girl seems vital to your company hope you pay her well.
Good people that are hard workers should get more recognised besides your cashiers whom push sales. They both play a strong roll.
Thanks we will be back.
Management team are as well very helpfull.
Shannon and Taylor were very hospitable.


Laken May 28, 2017 at 1:33 pm

I was at Chuck e cheese in tupelo Mississippi yesterday around 12:00 p.m. an I ordered a bbq chicken Ciebatta an my sandwich bread had a big mold spot on the inside of it, i got real sick when i woke up this morning.


Melissa May 27, 2017 at 6:35 pm

So let’s get to the point I had bday party in your SD/Rapid City area we spend a good amount of $$ when u have a bday party but when your host comes up to and says we do tips here but it has to be cash and that you can’t add that to the receipt so if you like to leave a tip it has to cash. But when u spend the amount of money and the party package u get a host you really don’t think about a tip and then to come up to me after I had paid the bill 😠NOT HAPPY!! Not that she was the greatest. So is this something your business does if so then make it so you can add it to the bill or put something on your web if not then get that cleared up


SATYA SAI SECKHAR DEVARAKONDA May 26, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Dear team,

Yesterday (25 May 2017) evening i had pizza with token no 44 at your store in Cupertino.
It was on the occasion of Kid’s birthday. While i am having my piece of pizza, i bite a piece which got stuck in my mouth and was not able to bite. It was inside the cheese and cooked with it. I am pure veggie and requested in counter also for the same. So thought some non vegg. I cleared it with paper napkin and checked. Found that it is a piece of packaging paper material. I dont know how much we have consumed that kind of paper in pizza as kids are there. I am afraid of the consumed food for any impact on me as well on kids. I requested your manager to take a complaint. They asked me whether i want refund and i rejected for that. I put a complaint on a piece of paper as there was no complaint form available which is strange. But i am afraid of already eaten pizza and given written complaint. I have concern on health and safety and become panic for that food already consumed. I have requested bill for the token no. 44 and also kept the material which i got in pizza. I felt bad when manger saying this piece of the material not smelling like pizza. And we showed it as cooked one with cheese they asked me whether i am interested in taking refund. It was bad experience on kid’s birthday occasion in evening time. I am afraid of food eat there and wanted to make a complaint. For Kids it is absolutely dangerous if the same they get in their piece. Hope you understand my concern raised in this complaint.


Alexandra Silva May 23, 2017 at 11:24 pm

Hello I was at the Chuck E. Cheese in Carson ca we had horrible service. It took 45 mins just to get our pizza and wings, our wings we got were cold and they weren’t what we ordered. We did not get an apology from anyone I would never go back to that one again. We asked to talk to a manager and no one came to us.


Debbie April 13, 2017 at 1:35 pm

So we visited the store in Englewood, CO….never again!!! We left little one’s partially eaten pizza on the table and were planning to come back to it and the pizza was gone. We had covered the slices with napkins but they still took it. The napkins were carefully placed, not swaddled up so why they took the pizza is beyond me. Also, the games shorted her on prize tickets, drink selections were out of product…very disappointing considering we frequent the establishment and spend a lot of money there. Thumbs down to your company. We will be going elsewhere to spend the hard-earned money in the future.


Janet Burton March 31, 2017 at 2:13 pm

Hi I’m writing you because I’m in your Streamwood location it is spring break and it is very busy at 1:pm I brought my family of six in to have a good time and eat the the lunch buffet very up set my kid having to wait 20 minutes or more just to get one slice of pizza and about 20 people at a time waiting at the same time as a manager my self I see this is a problem and your manager in the location is walking around and laughing at the out come. We spent over a $150.00 for bad service and cold or no pizza we have learned are lessons not to come to this location again. Thank you, Janet Burton


Ayana Parrish March 20, 2017 at 1:05 pm

On the evening of Sunday 3-19-17 my 1st son was supposed to have his 1st birthday party. Raleigh NC location at 6:30-8:30. 1st nothing was organized after finding the hostess she rudely with attitude said im the only one doing this party. Alot of staff called out sick. I asked if management .could help she said managers even called out sick. Complaining to customers about your job is not Great Customer Service Skills at all. If anything that makes customers a little ill with company. I really feel like that was none of our business since we are not a employee. After waiting 15 or more minutes the hostess came to take my order for food. Rushing and even upset because I needed a menu to order my parents some food. I booked a party for 20 children 14 parents@ 18.99 per child eat more new package. Party including xtra food ordered came up to around $450.00plus. $50 deposit was payed via internet for 20children 14parents so I feel like we should have had more than 1 hostess or host if not management should have stepped in. Or management should have refunded my deposit and cancelled party. She disputed me about how many pizzas I would receive since it should be 4slices per child. I told her it should be 8 pizzas she said 6 and if not (shruggs her shoulders) I will bring the rest out later. In the process of waiting for food I asked can the children have their drinks. Another hostess hosting a smaller party fixed drinks for the children. I brought in 4cakes with large tub of icecream and sherbert. After asking several times could this be put in freezer she finally took 1 tube. Attitude again when I asked can the sherbert go into the freezer as well items sat on table 15-20minutes. In a 1 1/2 times frame myself as well as guest complained to manager Serena several times. Serena using the word colored several times really offended my family and guest. We are Black or African American. However if i was orange I still would want Great Customer service. The color of my skin should not matter at all. After she brought out food she left. I ended up asking for gloves so I could serve all of my guest including parents had to share pizza with children since it was such a long delay on my parents order. Chucky comes out never acknowledges our 2 tables. Never performed act very tired. After a while I became very upset with suppose to be hostess I dismissed her from my sons party since her demeanor and attitude as well as being very disrespectful. She rolled her eyes and was very snappy. I let her know I might look your age however I am 40yrs old and I want respect. One of my guest had a arguement with manager police was called party cancelled. Manager used the word colored people to the 911 operator also after telling her we feel like she doesnt care for our race. First management Serena or Selena said she was going to give me a discount then when police came she said she needs to call General Manager who is on vacation. I ended up paying for party and did not get our full 2Hrs as well as 1000tickets,ticket blaster and shirt. The icecream and sherbert that I purchased was never returned know one had time to get it. My parents food did not come out until close to ending time 8:15. I am a regular at this location for over 23yrs. I have seen managers come and go as well as staff sad that this experience put a uncomfortable feeling on all of us we feel like we were racially discriminated against thats why the poor customer service. But it says chuck e cheese is a equal employer opportunity. Its very sad that in 2017 we have to not go certain places due to the color of our skin as well as poor customer service.I would really appreciate some feed back on this ASAP.


Regina Alvarez February 27, 2017 at 2:52 pm

I am very disappointed with they way Chuckee Cheese runs their business. My daughter had a birthday party for my granddaughter this weekend at the Chuckee cheese in Valencia california. Having paid over $300.00 you would expect a good party. Food did not get ordered and brought to us for almost over 1 hour after being there, they forgot to bring out her dandwich ordered. We did not see much if the host at all. We got pizza finally a hour later but no sandwich. When Chuckee cheese came out to sing Happy Birthday my granddaughter was the only one who did not get her Birthday crown and bracelet that’s included in package. We had to ask them for it once we were leaving. There was no good service we brought are own cake did not get a Chuckee cheese cake as requested thank goodness I brought one. It was the worse party ever for my 4year old granddaughter. We did not get any discount just I’m sorry at the end while we were leaving! Paying $20.00 for each kid is a rip off I suggest not having a party there


Jonathan Booth February 26, 2017 at 7:12 pm

I’d like to put in a complaint about the Chuck E. Cheese’s located in the Golden Gate Plaza in Mayfield Heights, OH. We took my 2-year old daughter there for a late birthday celebration so that my in-laws from out of town would be able to celebrate with her. The girl who first checked us in was nice but the girl who took our orders was extremely rude. She continuously yawned while my in-laws were trying to place there order and had a really nasty attitude with them and us. She clearly was bored with her job and that is not at all how someone in any customer service position should be toward there customers, especially someone who works in such an enthusiastic, fun-loving atmosphere like Chuck E. Chesse’s. Additionally, each time Chuck E. made an appearance he, too, did not seem very energetic and fun-loving. He clearly had a demeanor like he was just coming out and doing a performance for the kids because he had but his performances were extremely dull as his body language showed how board the person in the costume was. Bottom line is, aside from the girls who greeted us on our way in and out, the staff was terrible. Very rude, lazy and disrespectful.
The food was also not good. Out pizza had a ton of bubbles and some parts were overcooked. Even my 2-year old who loves pizza would not take a bite. Instead, she pushed it away from her and said “yucky pizza”. The breadsticks were hard at first so my wife went and told a staff member and asked for them to remake them. It took a while before our new and improved breadsticks were brought out to us. Also, my wife’s stepmother who has a gluten intolerance was told that she could not have any toppings other than cheese on her gluten free personal pizza. What’s up with that?! That doesn’t make any sense. Her pizza was also not very good either. My wife also nearly got sick after having some of the spinach and cottage cheese from the salad bar. She said it tasted like there were spoiled.
Also, some of the games did not work but did not say that they were out of service so we did not find out until after we had spent the tokens.
This was just our experience when we went today, but if you look at the reviews about this same Chuck E. Cheese on facebook, YOU’LL SEE A LOT OF THE SAME COMMENTS THAT i’VE MADE. This Chuck E. Cheese needs a complete housecleaning as far as the staff goes. Please do not just look over this complaint and discard it. I work in a customer service role myself and it disgusts me to see employees treating customers the way I saw today at Chuck E. Cheese.



Tiffany January 14, 2017 at 10:43 pm

I’m writing to put in a formal complaint. I just left the Chuck E. Cheese location on Fielder Rd. In Arlington TX. I had the most horrible experience. It started with going online and reserving a birthday party for my 5 year old son. After putting in my credit card Info online for the $50 deposit I noticed I didn’t get a confirmation number or email. Since I noticed my bank account was indeed charged, I called the location to confirm of they had received my reservation. A very rude female answered and when asked to confirm if they had received my reservation she went on to say that she was too busy and can’t go to the back to check if it was received but said that if it charged my card I just need to bring proof I was charged on the date of the party. I thought that was odd but figured since I was charged that they must have received it.

When arriving to the location I let them know I was there for a birthday party and they just said all birthday are in the back. After awkwardly walking around the birthday tables searching for a table with my sons name on it for about 10 minutes, it dawned on me that, most likely they didn’t receive the reservation. We asked a worker and of course I showed my bank account from my phone proving that the deposit had been paid. The young lady (who claimed to be the manager) asked what package I bought and started frantically setting up our table while me and my party stood there. I was already upset that nothing was prepared when it was supposed to be but allowed her to prepare the table. Everything was so unorganized. I let it go since of course I’m there to have a good time for my sons birthday. The package I bought was the most expensive and I expected to have everything in order. I let the host (manager) know how upset I was that I had even called to confirm and let her know what I was told. Now, I’m not the type of person to complain or get angry and irate but I kind of expected as the manager she would have kindly given me a discount or something for the inconvenience but of course when I was brought my bill, I was not discounted or compensated for my inconvenience. Again, I let it go and let the party continue.

After the majority of my party left and it was time to leave, we started to take everything out to the car when i remembered that the package was to include the dippin’ dots ice cream for the kids and we didn’t receive it. So I asked to speak with the manager again and asked why we hadn’t received them. She explained that she had forgotten and asked if we wanted them to go. Well of course since I had paid for them, I wanted what I paid for so she gave me and my 2 children an ice cream. Mind you, all of the children had already left so I felt I did NOT get what i paid for. I shrugged it off and asked her if there was a survey I could take or a review process and she suggested I go to and click on contact us. Well that link takes you to a “FAQ” form to submit any questions. I feel like she purposely didn’t want to give me a corporate number or email because she didn’t want the bad review. Well the last straw for me that led me to write this review was noticing that my son also didn’t receive the ball and thunder sticks that he was supposed to get with the “sports, sports, sports” theme.

To conclude, the all around experience at this location was awful and I will never return. The only reason I decided to go to this location was because the party was cheaper “per child” than the one we usually go to in Grand Prairie. Now I see why it was cheaper! I will never return to this location and i will warn all of my friends to not make the same mistake i made of choosing this location. I hope that someone steps in to have the issues addressed with this location so no other parent has to go through what I went through.


Sara January 8, 2017 at 3:12 pm

We just visited Chuck e cheese in Tupelo , Ms last night . An I wanna say thank you to all the cast members that was working that night from 6:30 – 7:45 Chuck was amazing an put a smile on all of our faces , some of the games were not working , but we notified a guy in a black t shirt , and he made sure to fix the games that was down an give us a smile . The pizza was delicious an I can honestly say this is my favorite game store . Thank you again .


Connie Sproessig October 22, 2016 at 4:24 pm

I recently for the first time visited Chuck E. Cheese in Clarksville,Indiana. My little grand daughter wanted to have her papa’s birthday there. We only asked if Chuck E could bring the cake to the table. We were told yes in phone conversation and in person. It took us forever to receive are food. Had to ask a couple of times about it. Then they told me that they were under staffed!! First I understand that but that should not be the customers problem. Then a cake after asking about it again was bought out and set on the table by an employee. After I had asked if it would be bought out by Chuck E and was told it could be. The next time I was told that I did not want Chuck E to bring it out. Then was told it would have to be about an hour before it could happen!! Not exceptable at all. Then I purchased a cup to bring home for little one. She was having lunch and drinking from the cup and I looked at her hands she had black all over her hands and arm from the cup decorations!!! I could not believe that the color was coming off. How can something be offered that I pay for and now get to throw it away because it is no good!! Did not know kids are not suppose to drink from it. My first time visit can’t say it was something that I would go back to. And now I have two cups that I can tell little one she can’t have because of the color coming off. Unfortunately she does not really understand that much. So very disappointed!!!!


Debbie Pihana June 19, 2016 at 10:32 am


I am writing this email to your company because we could really use a Chuck e Cheese in Hilo Hawaii. Our town has absolutely no place for a kids party or even room for a bunch of kids to have as good as a time my kids use to have living on Oahu. Our island has so much many people and I can guarantee you would be packed everyday. Please consider Hilo for a location we really need you.


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