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Caesars Entertainment Corporate Office Address

Caesars Entertainment
One Caesars Palace Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact Caesars Entertainment

Phone Number: (702) 407-6000
Fax Number: (702) 407-6037
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Caesars Entertainment Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Caesars Entertainment Executives

CEO: Gary W Loveman
CFO: Jonathan S Halkyard
COO: Jan Jones Blackhurst

Caesars Entertainment History

Caesars Entertainment was known as Harrah’s Entertainment until 2010, when that name was changed to Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

Harrah’s Entertainment was founded by William F. Harrah in 1937 as a small bingo parlor in Reno, Nevada.

Harrah’s became the first casino company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange when it went public in 1973.

In 1980 Holiday Inn acquired Harrah’s, Inc., which at that time operated private residences, two hotel casinos, and the largest auto collection in the world, with 7,000 antique automobiles.

In 1990 Bass PLC acquired Holiday Inn’s hotel business. The Promus Companies was created to retain the remaining assets of the company, including the casinos. The company quickly began to open new casinos in Las Vegas, Mississippi, and Arizona.

In June of 1995 the company changed its name to Harrah’s  Entertainment.

In 2005 the company completed the takeover of Caesars Entertainment, Inc. This merger made Harrah’s the largest gaming company in the United States.

Today Caesars Entertainment owns and operates more than 50 casinos, hotels, and seven golf courses under several brands. Caesars is #31 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies, has 69,000 employees, and had $8.82 billion in revenue in 2011.

Caesars Entertainment FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Caesars Entertainment?
Answer 1: The phone number for Caesars Entertainment is (702) 407-6000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Caesars Entertainment?
Answer 2: The CEO of Caesars Entertainment is Gary W Loveman .

Question 3: Who founded Caesars Entertainment?
Answer 3: Caesars Entertainment was founded by in .

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K Kelley February 6, 2019 at 1:27 pm

Non-caring professionals in group reservations. Tried several times to book rooms through them and cannot get a response as I am with a veteran’s group. Everyone loves the staff in the properties but dealing with groups and reservations is a nightmare.
I followed up several times last year (3 months) and received no response even promised several times. This year since I didn’t have time I asked a TA to take care and she has been a month with no response.
So which is is it: Is the veteran’s you don’t care about working with or just any customer?
When calling corporate; they send you straight back into the nightmare that you don’t want to deal with as they do not let you speak to anyone in corporate.
K Kelley


Adelia Carrillo November 30, 2018 at 6:09 pm

I am writing this review as I had a horrible experience with Caesar’s Hotel Casino in Las Vegas and did not get what I had purchased. For over three months, I have been planning a two-day meeting event for potential investors and clients. After researching all the available suites in Vegas, I found the perfect one and in October, I finally was ready to commit and reserved the Julius Duplex Suites from November 13th-November 16th.

I had planned to have morning meetings with potential clients, investor presentations and company pitch deck streaming on the tv’s screens, light appetizers, hosted bar and private dinner’s on November 14th and 15th in the suite I reserved. We spent the last 3 weeks using the design of the suite, to create and design a setup that would represent our company well in front of potential clients and investors, however, once we arrived, everything completely went down the drain.

On Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 I arrived an hour early to check-in, I checked in with the front desk and everything seemed okay. I went to my suite and was in shock. It was half the size of the suite I ordered, it was missing the main dining room table, the large kitchenette, the bar table, and the additional seating and rooms. I immediately went downstairs to speak with a manager, it took them over 30 minutes for a manager to come out and apologize that no one let us know that we had been downgraded. Mind you, not only was I not told I was downgraded, but I was also going to be charged the same amount even though I was downgraded.

They then told me that they had nothing available that was close to what we reserved, and tried to offer smaller suites, however, everything they showed us was not going to meet the needs of my meetings and plans. Finally, the last option was an old suite called the Rainman Suite that has not been remodeled since 2000. We were now getting into the time being way past 4:30 pm and I was supposed to have my team members and designer in the suite by 5 pm to begin setting up for our meetings and hosted plans, so I asked to see the suite and with no other options, I had to take this suite.

We still were missing a space to schedule our private meetings so they offered us another suite in another tower that we could use for meetings, however, they said it would not be ready until 8am-9am on Wednesday, the day my meetings were supposed to start at 9 am. I said that is fine, as long as we make sure it is available by 9 am.

Once we checked into the Rainman suite, we began noticing that the suite was dirty, floors were not vacuumed, no trash bags were in any of the trash cans, puke was on the wall, floors were not mopped, we then called to have housekeeping come and clean the suite up. Mind you, we already had to have our team in the suite while all this was happening. We also had to have them bring in a mock bar which they got that wrong too and brought a plastic 6foot table to the suite and then when we stated this was wrong, they then brought in the correct bar, as the suite did not come with a bar and we had to completely redesign every setup we had designed based off of the suite they now provided us.

Hours later after we finalized decor setup, we started testing out the TV’s, they were not working to stream our presentations, again, this was a key need to have working tv’s that could stream our presentations. We had to call the front desk and requested maintenance to come to the suite as we had investors coming by as early as 9 am. It took us three calls and 2 hours later to have someone come in and help us, this was at 3 am in the morning and we had to be up by 6 am to start finalizing the final touches before our guests arrived.

The first day of the event
As we started getting closer to 9 am, I went downstairs to the front desk to ask about the suite for our meeting room, the manager stated they would have someone clean it right away but it won’t be ready by 9 am. Soon after, we were then told they can no longer give us that suite as they found luggage in the suite and they provided us with another suite that was across the casino. Now instead of keeping my team in one area to help manage and maintain our meetings, I had to ask them to walk across the casino for every meeting to bring our guests back and forth. However, we didn’t get that room until well after 10 am and I had already had to cancel over 5 meetings due to this issue and we ended up having to cancel the majority of our meetings as there was no way we could have our team split without it affecting our other outline and activities.

We also ran into issues with the remotes not working nor did the downstairs phone not work correctly.

Since we had to cancel the investor dinner at the suite, we ended up having to have the dinner elsewhere, prior to leaving we requested housekeeping come and clean the suite so when we returned to the suite after dinner it would be set up for the next day. They never showed up nor cleaned the suite as asked. We ended up cleaning the suite ourselves, cleaning the bathrooms, taking the trash out, etc until the late hours again to fix the suite.

The second day of the event
We requested for room service to come to take the trash can out, it took them hours before they were able to take the trash can out, we requested ice for the suite and it took them over 3 hours to bring the ice, 30 minutes before our networking hour ended.

The A/C broke and was blasting and myself and 2 team members who were staying in the suite were freezing until they finally were able to get someone in to turn off the A/C. We also had to call them back to fix the remote downstairs and the phone downstairs.

The final day of the suite
The final day of the suite, we did ask for late checkout, as we had to try to save a potential client by taking them out to breakfast because we had to cancel there meeting due to not having a space to meet with them.

Once we checked out of the suite, we let the manager know of all the issues we faced. I understand Caesar’s Palace tried to help but everything they provided did not meet the needs to what I reserved or expected. I did not get what I paid for and at the end of the day came out of this experience losing not only 2 accounts, but also had to reimburse my investor’s dinners that were canceled and had to cancel 10 business meeting that could have led to new clients for 2019.

They offered $1,000 off the reservation to eliminate fees and some of the cost of the hotel, $100 food credit and they gave us the meeting room suite for 1 ½ days, however, that does not suffice for the loss I faced with my clients and reputation, nor did I get what I had paid for. We requested at least half the bill be refunded, as we not only were at a loss because of this, but we also were not provided what we reserved, they told us they could not offer any more than $1,000 off the bill and that if we were not satisfied to dispute this charge.

Which leads us to where we are today, I am a very fair person and have a lot of patience, however, now that I am home and looking back at the whole experience, I cannot believe everything that we faced with this hotel, it was a complete disaster and I am not satisfied and completely upset on the experience that we faced.

I would have never paid such a large payment for a suite, if I knew this was the experience I would be faced with, I would not have put my reputation nor my business on the line, if I knew this was how Caesar’s Palace deals with their own errors and issues. And the biggest issue out of this all is that I was not provided with what I had expected to be purchasing, instead of a polished business professional suite, I was given a suite that was made for partying and looked like it had its fair share of partying done in it and although I made it work, it did not provide the experience nor the representation I wanted during this experience.

Additional information.

Outline of issues with Caesar’s Hotel

Hotel Reservation Purchase Details:

With 2,084 square feet, this suite features sectional couch seating, a dining area that seats eight, a King bedroom, a gorgeous stone and glass bathroom with a double sink vanity, another half bath, and custom Roman-inspired artwork. A pool table, a nice large kitchenette a small meeting room, and well-designed bar.

The link below is not from the hotel but provides you with exact info on the suite and its amenities.

The hotel suite we were given had:

The Rainman suite aka Forum Tower Duplex Suite:
2,947 square feet, two bedrooms, living room, small dining table, small kitchenette, seating area. The link below is not from the hotel, but it shows you what this suite looks like and the different in amenities.


The Issue:
Hotel Suite reserved was not provided, a suite was given that was not close to the needs of what we reserved.

Initially check-in, the hotel did not inform us that our suite was not able nor that we were downgraded.
Once we approached the hotel, they apologized that no one told us, but informed us that they did not have anything available that would fit the needs of our trip.

Issues with what the hotel provided:

The suite they provided in replace of the one we reserved- was old, not remodeled for over 10+ years.

The suite was dirty- floors were not vacuumed or mopped, there was stuff on the walls and trash on the floor.

We had to call the hotel to come to fix the AC, TV’s, remote to the TV’s, the phone didn’t work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

They also had to come to fix the TV’s again because they did not stream our presentations for our meetings

We had to stay up the night before our meetings until 3:30 am, trying to get everything fixed by the hotel prior to our first 7 am meeting on Tuesday.

The suite did not have a bar, did not have the additional rooms we needed, or the pool table nor did it have the large dining table we needed for the suite

The provided an additional room for our business meetings and said it would be ready by Tuesday, October 14th, 2018, once the day arrived, they told us they could no longer provide that room to us.

They then provided us with another room for our meetings, however, it was across the hotel and not convenient for my staff to utilize for our meetings and we had to make changes.

Loss from this issue:
Two client leads lost, as we could not provide them with what they wanted or expected from our initial offer, which leads to a loss of over $3,000 in returns.

Had to cancel over 10 meetings because the suite was not available when we initially were told it would be.

Had to cancel two investor dinners with over 8 investors due to not having the available dining table as requested in our main suite.

I have reached out to corporate and hoping they can resolve this issue but until then I will not ever stay at this establishment again nor will I recommend it to my family, friends or professional network.


Mona September 14, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Does anyone have information as to retrieving the “Group Life Insurance” Co. that Harrah’s Operating Co. was using in 2001? My husband passed in 2001, and had group life insurance when he worked at Harrah’s in Maryland Heights, Mo. I recently came across his W-2 from 2001 and it shows he had “Group Term Life Insurance”. I have never received anything from them, not even his las pay. I have been searching for any information that may be helpful since mid June, and have spent 100’s of hrs. on researching, e-mails, phone calls, and sending out information I have contacted:
New York State Dept. of Financial Service
Ill. Department of Insurance
Freedom of Information Act
Penn National Gaming
Harrah’s Operating Co.
Hollywood Casino
Caesar’s Entertainment-since they took over for Harrah’s, they were helpful, so as to let me know that the Life Insurance was cancelled on 6/27/01, and my husband passed away on 6/25/01 (now I’m not a CEO of a co. or the Pres. of U.S.) I do know the basic math lol! The “Benefit Specialist”, however was not able to give me of the name of the “Insurance” company, because “Print archives have been destroyed”, “We only need to save those for 7 yrs”. As I said before,” I’m not a CEO or the Pres. of U.S.”, but if archive records have been destroyed, how did the cancellation date of the insurance pop-up on the screen? I may have to go back to school to become a Rocket-Scientist, (if there really is such a person) lol!
Again they were helpful in sending me the web-site through an e-mail to retrieve the information that I requested but since I didn’t know MY EMPLOYEE LOG-IN information, I was not able to access the web-site.
I would greatly appreciate any information at all that may help me from this MADNESS I have been dealing with. Thank you in advanced to anyone that has any information that can be helpful and God Bless.


June McCann May 8, 2018 at 12:07 pm

Dear Mr Gary W Loveman, CEO,
On April 29,2018 I went to the Omnia for the first time. I was so excited to go. I never been to Caesars Palace before & wanted the full fun experience here. But all of that changed. It was bad enough to go around the self parking area, which I understand. But this being my first time here was a bad experience.
My party was already in the club waiting for me. Your security gave me a hard time, moving me from one line to another & then one the head of security said not to let me in. He said I had a backpack. I said it’s a Coach bag with removable straps! I then asked for his name & he refused! He said I needed an attorney & a warrant to get his name! And I know for a fact, that isn’t true. I worked with law enforcement before. (He was approx 5’10”-6’1″, probably Asian). He then told his whole staff not to let me in because I was trying to get him in trouble. I just wanted to go in & join my party, that’s all. And then after all that, he said I would have to pay to get in, since the “guest list time” was over!
He made my night, my first time experience, the worst night to remember! I was never ever treated so badly. I cried there, looking for somebody to help me with this ordeal I was put through. All I got was info to speak to either Adam Miller Hotel Director or David Barrientos Hotel Operations Manager. They weren’t available. I cried & went home. Never got to see my party. I don’t think I ever want to go there again. If security is that bad, I’m afraid to step foot in that place.
Sir, I really wanted to experience the Omnia, but as you know, it didn’t happen the way I hoped. I still want to go, but I am afraid of your head of security (Asian guy). I am afraid of setting foot in your establishment.
Thank you, for taking the time for reading this from your busy schedule.


June McCann


Robertgoodwin September 22, 2017 at 6:14 pm

Wife and I took vacation at the horseshoe in bossier city.while there my car was damaged by the valet service. Could not get any help from supervisor or anyone in the department until I returned home. Finally got call from David Bruce supervisor,who referred me to a lady Don who denied my claim. Really disappointed with the way I was treated by your supervisors in charge of this. I don’t plan to attend any of your businesses I and i’ll advise my friends As well.


MELVIN CLABAUGH July 25, 2017 at 12:24 pm



Anthony August 15, 2018 at 12:03 am

Hire a lawyer. My guess is ESIS is handling the claim


Larry Garretson July 22, 2017 at 9:58 am

i ordered breakfast at harrah’s in council bluffs at bj cafe after 30 min i got up to find a manager. there was me and the waiters pregnant girlfriend that was it no one else the place waiter spent more time talking to his girl friend than doing his job. the cashier and manager were both there when i order. they could see me as i could see them you would think after 30 min. someone would check on me yeah right. the manager i found i told him i wanted my money back because if you didn’t want my business i would go somewhere else . he replied will have to go back to the cafe i thought wow your a real genius did you figure that out all by yourself. he talked to this oriental lady who was the manager she goes i have an order to go she said to me linda i reply do i look like a linda it was 4 pancakes and coffee i don’t even drink coffee i said this crap is inexcusable the manger said listen sir im try to apologize to you i reply what have you got to be sorry for you didn’t do anything wrong the 3 people who did however you think any apology came out of their mouth no none of them could car less and that included the genius manager i found. they gave me my money back and after all that the idiot short changed me i payed 4.28 they gave me 4.00 dollars back then the genius manager asked me if i wanted the pancakes that had been sitting in the styrofoam container for 45 min . i jest looked at him and said really, man what a genius. the next day i talked to a different manager whose name was carol i explained what happen and she was extremely upset she said that it was handled completely wrong i said you think she said that mr genius should have walked back and told them all other orders stop until this man gets his food refund the whole amount i payed for my food not just a partial refund and assured me i would not have any issues again with bj cafe . well today i ordered pancakes again and they gave me blueberry syrup instead of maple well i caught it before i ate it good thing to im allergic to blueberries i’m glad the issue at bls cafe was taken care off like carol promised and once again the oriental manager was on duty. i kind of saved them some medical bills by not eating the blue berry syrup so is that what its going to take is for someone to get hurt before they do something


Maria April 30, 2017 at 5:35 pm

I have been going to Horseshoe since it opened and I am throughly disgusted by how it has gone downhill and complaining to management doesn’t help.Haven’t been down in a month and we see it hasn’t been improved. Ladies bathroom is filthy, pi** on seats, paper towels on the floor, sinks dirty. Had to wait 30 minutes for an attendant on. Machine and others complained same issue
And still never showed we even went looking for one. No one hitting no bells going off. Continue to go down hill. Very sad how management has lacked on this property. Will contact main office now. Machine are so tight that it is getting less crowded.


Jason Feinstein March 30, 2017 at 8:02 pm

I have tried contacting Caesars Palace many times today for something I thought would be easy. My husband is a guest there and his birthday is today. I wanted to send a bottle of sparking wine. Each time I called I have been transferred many times between departments that didn’t know how to handle this request. Many people called me ma’am even though I gave them my name and said I was a man. Many others could not figure out that I was sending them to his room and kept assuming I was the guest in the room even after I corrected them. Multiple people in several departments including in house kitchen and concierge services said they have no idea how to do this. Three suggested I just not do it. One seemed to try to remember my credit card number as she didn’t have a way to enter it or write it down. She kept trying to repeat over and over. Another got upset with me because I did not know the internal billing code for the wine. I was merely looking at your menu online. It doesn’t contain that information. I am, frankly, shocked by how poor this service has been. I frequently send wine to rooms for friends or family on trips and have never had a hotel seem confused by it. This really surprises me. Your staff needs extensive training and you should really expand services to include being able to send wine to a room.


Cassie March 17, 2017 at 6:10 pm

Horseshoe hotel. We paid over 375$ to stay in this hotel. Me my husband, and three daughters. Last night decided to order room service. Which amounted to $80 four plates which me and my girls were sharing. Placed the food on all plates, upon eating my daughter was like candy and tried picking off a left over mint stuck on the lid that cover my food. Which means plates were not properly cleaned. View photo below. Took off the poppers I had sitting on top of that mint. We all quit eating and I called the number I ordered the phone from. They called back three times, which the third was the manger. Why does it take me having to explain the situation three times for someone to be sent up to our room? Manager said okay I’ll be up there.

He then sent someone else other than himself. Which I then had to explain. Again! Ridiculous! My husband went down to make sure we wouldn’t be charged as they took all the food. The “manager” Tate then I quote ‘ your wife was being a XXXXXX and hung up on me’ not one time did I use profanity. I simply explained why am I receiving three calls when the first person I talked to said they’d be right up. He then put in fingers in my husband face. Called security and ordered he be thrown out of hotel. I’m not sure what kind of customer service you all train your employees to give to your PAYING CUSTOMERS. That is a shame. I’m sure you all have this on camera.

My husband was then let back in, mind you I had no idea he was even thrown out as I was waiting for someone to pick up food. 45 mins he returns we discuss the situation. Yes by this time I am beyond discussed with the way we were treated. We are paying customers that paid $375 to stay here. Me and my girls ordered $80 worth of food. Not to mention the hundreds and dollars we played for hours at your casino. I then go down cause by then I need to speak to a manager! Then again security is following us. For what reason we hold no threat to your casino, is it cause of our race (Hispanic?). At least ten of your security followed us. So now we are being harassed!!!! I will this on every social media and rate your hotel and tell anyone and everyone of how disrespected we were.

This morning as we are getting ready to check out we get a knock at the door. A woman stated she was sent by her higher up apologized and said the tapes were in review. Mentioned the situation should have never happened and or escalated to that. Gave us $25 buffet and $20 spot play.

No thank you on your free buffet. We already had free buffet from our rewards cards. 20$ slot play no thank you! If this is how you repay your customers you should have not came at all.

Cassie Barrientos
An unsatisfied customer whom will take their money elsewhere. Thank you for ruining my kids spring break!

This kid covered by blt. Not noticing it as me and my girls were sharing we put the poppers and celery stick on lid. Upon grabbing a popper my daughter tried picking off candy to eat. The candy or mint was dry and stuck to lid.


Mike February 7, 2017 at 12:11 am

I have been a member for 18 years +and what really got me passed is how you call for a reservation and you can get a cheaper rate on line. The tier levels that they use is a joke. For example I was in vegas playing for hours betting 25 to 50 dollars a hand we left flamingos and went to another casino on strip no name but played there half the time and was asked by pit boss if I was staying there and if not like to comp me rooms. I feel like over 18 years that I have been loyal to the brand in Vegas/ Biloxi and Tunics that they Ceasers Doesnt really care if I’m loyal or not. Very Disappointed Might have to be a MGM Member.Really Pissed..


Peter Theofanopoulos December 16, 2016 at 5:37 pm

i would like to let any one know that caesars,and ballys and harrahs, in atlatic city are stealing from any person they can.Specially ballys,Either they going to get you drunk and steal your money or they will throw you out and keep it. ON 4/16/2016 i was playing a poker tournament and got into a argument exchange with this drunk women.she told me to kiss her a** ,and i told her to kiss my private.The floor people ask me what happen and i told them that she was drunk and cursing non stop,and when she told me to kiss her a** i told her to kiss this. I was one of the chip leaders in the final two tables,they call security,and kept me out of the game till they checked the video. And then they decided to throw me out,while the drunk women was still getting drunk.I was asking the floor people for their name but they did not want to give,they wanted me out…II did find out one of the name of the the floor person (JIM O’KEEFE). I did file a compaint with the casino commission and they did an investigation,and said that i was not wrong,BUT they cant do anything.if wanted to take them to small claims court for my buy in only.I could not sue for the price money.This happen in ballys casino in atlantic city.i have not have in any of the casinos,caesars bellys,or harrahs since that day.And most of my friend dont go there any more.One day i was playing in borgata casino and i see one of the floor person who threw me out dealing cards,and i went and file a comlaint with the borgata casino.And i also found out he was fired from ballys. I CAN WAIT TO SEE ALL THREE CASINOS CLOSE DOWN,HARRAHS,BALLYS AND CAESARS……I dont need a casino to ben me, i ben myself. the only thing they know is to steal from the people that pay there salary..>if the cosino needs my card number here it is,just remember me when you shut down like showboot..10700186431


Lisa Barmantje December 2, 2016 at 5:57 pm

Please read my email posted November 30th 2016.


Linda Rice November 30, 2016 at 4:50 pm

I have been a customer of Caesar’s Entertainment for over 25 years. Recently, I have become very frustrated with the way Caesar’s treats their long time customers. I usually travel with junkets out of the Wilmington, NC area and I have been to Vegas, Reno, Tunica, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Gulfport and other locations. Recently, I was bumped off of a junket after I had confirmed reservations for me and my husband. When I called the junket to complain about it I was told it was because they had no control over it and that Caesar’s wanted this other person to go because they spent more money than I did. Sorry, but that has put a very nasty taste in my mouth. When I visit a casino for the weekend, I usually spend approx. $3000 and sometimes more. To my surprise, I realize now that I am not appreciated at Caesars. Therefore, I have contacted other casinos and have been welcomed by Tropicana, Golden Nugget and Borgata in Atlantic City. I will be traveling there on the 17th of Dec. to spend 3 nights at one of these locations and I am looking forward to it. I am hoping these other casinos will appreciate me spending my hard-earned money in their casinos. No one should be treated like that, especially when they have been so loyal for so many years. Shame on you Caesar’s Entertainment!! You lost a very good customer (or at least I thought I was).


Lisa Barmantje November 30, 2016 at 12:51 pm

I am writing to express my frustration over my host which as I understand is assigned by corporate. I am a frequent patron and diamond member( three times over) at Horseshoe Southern Indiana. My total rewards account is #15400725988.

I have been assigned to a host that works at Harrah’ Las Vegas. Her name is Mely Hamilton. I have no knowledge or dealings with this person. I did recently receive ONE email from her. My frustration is this, I need to have a host from the Horseshoe property assigned to me. In my opinion, it would be the job of this person to keep me appraised of any upcoming promotions such as slot tournament’s, upcoming entertainment and the like.

I feel that although I am not a Seven Stars member, this level of service is certainly warranted. Afterall, service is all you have to offer!

Please feel free to contact me at either (502) 265-XXXXX or (502) 648-XXXXX. I would prefer a phone call however, an email response would be accepted.

Lisa Barmantje


Keisha Sparks November 19, 2016 at 1:23 pm

To whom this may concern,

I was at the bar inside of the Cromwell having drinks with my boyfriend. The bartender at the first bar on the right when you’re entering the casino from the main entrance blatantly disrespected me and humiliated me in front of everyone at the bar. Customers and employees. There were 3 bartenders and what looked to be a supervisor on this shift. The one who attacked me was pouring a drink for another customer and the drink splashed in my face. I jokingly told him that he splashed in my face. He said “that wouldn’t be the first time something splashed in your face. I thought he was joking so I responded with well that would be the first and last time that you did it. He proceeded to call me chunky, chubby, and ask me how it feels to be overweight. I stood up to tell him that he was disrespectful and that I was not fat at all. He proceeded to yell out “ugh ugh” as if he was disgusted. I became upset and told him that he wasn’t a man. I asked him what type of man would disrespect a woman like that. He started to move his neck around and said here comes the black girl. As if he were mocking me. He also said that I needed to take my wig off of my head. This man who is on the clock making money behind the bar on your property completely disrespected and belittled me A woman.. With no remorse in front of a crowd of people as well as his fellow bartenders. I can not believe this is the representation of the type of employee you would allow to work in your establishment. Being a black woman who was sitting at the bar with her white boyfriend who overlooked the whispering and looks given to us I cannot help but to feel like that attack had deeper meaning. My boyfriend and I left the Cromwell and went across the street to Ballys. The bartender that was servicing us before this took place even apologized to my boyfriend for what his coworker did. My boyfriend took the supervisors card and name and and we left. When we got to Ballys I went straight to the restroom and I broke down crying. A custodian lady was working and I explained to her what took place across the street. She was so upset and couldn’t believe what happened and she began to comfort me. I can guarantee that we will not stop until this employee is reprimanded for his malicious verbal attack. What kind of man talks to a woman that way? What kind of employee in a customer service field would humiliate a customer in that fashion? Especially with the only reasoning behind it being that I told him that he splashed alcohol in my face while he was making someone’s drink. I will make sure that I take the steps needed to have this matter investigated and handled. I am a former Caesars employee and I know what your company stands for and that is clearly not it. My uncle works for the NAACP and I will stop at nothing to have this matter investigated. In no way shape or form should one act like that while on the job especially not knowing who the customer is or who they are sitting in the presence of. A couple of hours after leaving I received a Facebook message from someone that I went to high school with in California asking if that was me inside of the Cromwell and that he saw the whole thing and heard what the bartender was saying about me. He apologized and said that he couldn’t believe that someone with a customer service job would conduct himself in that manner. With everything going on in today’s society since our election people are starting to feel like it is ok to attack others and I will not stand for this. Cromwell.. Caesars Ent this saddens me that this is a representation of the people you have working for you. I will not take this verbal abuse lightly and I respectfully hope that your corporation will not either.

Keisha Sparks


John Laak October 21, 2016 at 6:52 pm

We just got home from Las Vegas. This is the last time we will be going to Vegas.
Your resort fees, the new blue light thing at the bars. You keep finding ways to get more of our money. The machines are tight, the next thing you will start charging for parking as they
do now at the MGM.

Thanks, but no thanks.

John Laak


Amanda Goad July 13, 2016 at 12:50 pm

I’m trying to get ahold of Rod Stewart or someone on his management team. I live in Vegas and have purchased tickets to his August 6th show. My Mamaw (grandma) is a huge Rod Stewart and has always talked about seeing his show and I would love to see if there was a way for her to actually meet him. My Mamaw is the greatest person I know. She has the biggest heart ever. For years she did foster care providing a loving home for over 200 children. She only stopped being a foster mom because it became too hard to give the children back to their families after growing to love them so much. Over the years she adopted 3 children, 2 of which had special needs and she gave them the best lives possible during their short time on Earth. My Mamaw has 4 children of her own and last year was a very hard year for her as the youngest of the 4 was hospitalized on August 8th just days before his 45th birthday. Jason was her best friend and had a kind heart just like my Mamaw. After 9 long days at the hospital and lots and lots of prayers my Mamaw had to make the hardest decision of her life and had to take Jason off of life support. On August 17th Jason passed away…August 17th is my Mamaw’s birthday and it is now the day that her youngest son, her best friend left us. This year she is flying out to Vegas from Oklahoma on August 4th along with her 2 daughters to try and take her mind off of the terrible things that happened this time last year. I would love to do whatever possible to make this Vegas trip the trip of a lifetime for the most amazing woman I know. If anyone could help me do that, it would be greatly appreciated.

Amanda Goad


robert bowling April 23, 2016 at 7:55 pm

Is the Fuel Rewards program a scam? Have not received proper credit on FR card since last August. Signed up for a new card…#6051450000499759191 and have acXXXXulated 3000+ Tier Credits since and still no FR credit? Horseshoe Cincinnati and Fr customer service keep blaming each other…thought since you have transferred the interest in Cincinnati, that this program is no longer valid…..if so….stop advertising and promoting it? I am starting to understand why you got rid of Cincinnati!


James McPherson March 26, 2016 at 3:30 pm

Sent he following to Harrah’s Gulf Coast:
We had two bad experiences the last two times we stayed at Harrah’s Gulf Coast.
On 02/14/16 we booked a Gulf view king, when we got there they said our room wasn’t ready, but if we leave a number they would call when it was, At 3pm my wife went to the desk and asked about our room, they said it was ready, no apology for no phone call. When my wife went to the room it was the opposite side of the casino, not gulf view. When I arrived and saw the room, I went to the desk and asked to see the manager, Jessica, she apologized for the room and said we will move you to a gulf view upgraded in the morning, which she did. This time we went 02/24/16, we told them we were suppose to get a gulf view king, he said we don’t have any, but said he would see what he could do, he said I’m going to upgrade you to a luxury room. We went to our room it was on the side of the hotel facing a parking lot, AND NO HOT WATER!! I went to the desk and asked for Jessica, she said he same thing I will move you in the morning, but in the mean time while I was wainting for Jessica the man at the desk told me for $20 I could get a upgraded room, when Jessica came she said they were sold out, but could move me in the morning. I said I wanted to talk to the Hotel Manager, she said she was in a meeting and said to call her and gave me her card. I called Lisa DeMiller and left a message, no one called. All night we had no hot water, we called maintenance and so did Jessica supposedly. The next morning I called Lisa three time, no response. I went down to the desk after our workout, and said I need to speak to Lisa, they finally found her and she came and said her is a suite, a old one not updated, I could use it to shower in and if I wanted to stay in it it was fine. Then to add insult to injury at about 8pm the power went off for the whole night. So two VERY BAD experiences. James McPherson Total Rewards #18300103662

I heard back from Lisa DeMiller, Hotel Director, who apologized and said she would give us a room in an upgraded room, which is not offering me anything because I can get comped rooms anyway. So I told her it was our Anniversary, and if she would give us a dinner at Magnolia House I would be fine with that. She sent the Followin:
Good morning Mr. McPherson,

Thank you for getting back with me.

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary, 37 years is something to be very proud of.

We would love to have you back with us to celebrate and I will be happy to put a reservation in for you for April 3rd for one of our newly renovated rooms. Unfortunately, I am not able to include dinner in Magnolia House.

Please let me know if you’d like for me to put your reservation in for you for April 3rd.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

See obviously doesn’t what our business, to not offer us anything for our bad experiences.


Marlene Znidarsic March 16, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Can anyone furnish the corporate phone number or email to Gary Loveland’s successor? No one at Harrah’s Las Vegas front desk or management has this information.


Carole in TN December 3, 2014 at 12:20 am

Today Dec 2, I received an letter from Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort An Enterprise of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians……………the Indians might as well have scalped us, it was the most unkind, rude, ill mannered, disrespectful, ugly, threatening, nasty letter I believe I have ever received. Threats such as eviction from the casino, no more offers being sent, no comps. I was so very very upset………..I was pretty sure I had never done what this letter was accusing we the PLAYERS of doing. I called the casino and this was about 10:45 EST, so of course the only people to hear the complaint was people in their service center……………..Sean Ross not available, whose name was on the letter, Brook Robinson person in charge, you could leave a voice mail for and my Host off…………….the wording of this insulting disrespectful letter was appalling and I wonder if any of their PLAYERS want to throw away their money at this place again. This is no way to TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS……we may be stupid CUSTOMERs for throwin our money away, but we are STILL THEIR CUSTOMERS, without we fools, who would pay your salaries. Then you turn around and abuse us and treat us like dirt. If you know of cases where PLAYERS are cheating, send them personally this terrible letter, not just a random accusing insulting spiel like your company sent out to ALL PLAYERS AND YOUR CUSTOMERS………………you insulted us and disrespected us big time…………………..shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mark Crowl October 30, 2014 at 1:12 pm

My wife and I are both 7 Star. I recently got a call from the North Kansas City Marketing Director Tim Fajkus announcing that he was revoking the 7 Star complimentary room benefit because I had not played enough since attaining 7 Star status. He could not define playing enough.

I spent a great deal of money becoming a 7 Star. I would tell you just how much it cost but I have not been able to get win/loss information from my host or Tim Faikus.

I am welcome at the other 39 Harrah’s locations and can book rooms except for North Kansas City. Is it OK for one property to make their own policy instead of following the corporate mantra of how important and special (the elite) 7 Star players are and that complimentary rooms are a standard benefit. I have not seen anything stating that receiving 7 Star benefits was predicated on additional play once 7 Star status was achieved..

I feel completely disrespected and am astonished that North Kansas City would treat a supposedly valued (at least at the corporate level) 7 Star this way.

For now we will book any rooms we need on my wife’s 7 Star account but you should know just how awful I am being treated at the North Kansas City property.
Mark Crowl


jacqulyn Nicewander July 21, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Trying to figure out how to cash out my 401 k today. Thanks.


JamesG.W,Gray July 21, 2014 at 12:38 am

Dear Sirs,
I am having a great deal of difficulty communicating with Total
The system seems to need a Tech. genius to get into it .Your Phone people have the patience of Job dealing with all the untech . savvy clients like myself.
yours sincerely,
james G.W.Gray.10600024350.


Tyra Cunningham February 11, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Tyra Cunningham – Prior Guest 02/04/2014 – 02/06/2014 – Paris Hotel

I’m not sure if this will get to the proper person, however I am compelled to write about my experience.

To say that I am disappointed with the service is not harsh enough. Upon arrival we were dealing with a Rep named Charles. I asked Charles if he would like to see the room confirmations and he immediately said No!

We have booked rooms for the Social Media Summit and was told that the $119 rooms were gone so we needed to upgrade to your Premier King Rooms which were the only ones you had left.

Charles was the most incompetent person I have ever dealt with. FYI, our confirmation numbers were HLRBL, CDRBL & WQRBL. Charles took 20 minutes to decide if he could or could not get us on the same floor, which we stated it didn’t matter each of the 20 times he asked.

Finally, we receive our rooms – Once I got to my room, I noticed that it was not the Premier King room that I was told that were the only rooms left, but instead a small Double Queen room which looked like a downgraded room if you ask me. It truly did not look like it was worth the $149.00 per night that was paid.

I called the front desk to advise on what was going on with the rooms and was put on hold for 20 minutes, which was unacceptable. I hung up and walked back down to the front desk and was greeted by a RUDE woman named Bernece!! She was offended that I would even make mention of the perceived down-grade and yelled at me that “It clearly stated that rooms are not guaranteed”! I get that, but #1 – I was told the King rooms were the only rooms you had left, and #2 – There is really no need to yell at a guest in your hotel!!!

With much hesitation, Bernece gave me the King Room. I asked if my other co-workers could be given the rooms we booked and she stated “No, we only have 1 more left and it ain’t clean”!!

Ok, so now we go to the Concierge since we were told that we had to go there to get a shower cap deliver my co-workers room, the person took all of her information and we are still waiting for the shower cap!!

As a manager of a customer service department, I fail to realize how allowing rude behavior from your employees is acceptable!

I’ve been to Vegas many times and have never been treated like a nuisance! Ever!!!

Tyra Cunningham


Danilo December 28, 2013 at 11:03 pm

Dear Caesars Corporate Office:
We have been an AVID customers of Horseshoe Casino in Hammond for several years. We come to play almost every every month if not once a week. I wanted to give you some suggestions and recommendations, but this time, I have a very specific purpose to let you know about what happened to us last Monday December 23, 2013, which was my birthday.
While we were enjoying playing the machines, I called my wife on her Black Smartphone, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S (cellphone), then I came over to where she was playing, then she went to have her vouchers cashed. When she can back, she could NOT FIND her cellphone anymore. We go right away to the Security office/Kiosk to report the incident. We gave all these information including our contact address where to reach us. We suggested to the security officer to ANNOUNCE that we lost our cellphone on the public address system. He said, we DO NOT DO THAT HERE. We said WHY?.. He could not explain why he could NOT ANNOUNCE, that someone lost a CELLPHONE… We told him; what if SOMEBODY WAS ROBBED in the washroom, or somebody slipped and broke his arms, or a child had been kidnapped,; YOU CAN NOT HELP TO THESE PROBLEMS, that happened in your casino? YOU MUST REMEMBER, that 90% of the customers going to Horseshoe Hammond are Seniors and they come there MORE OFTEN than young people…If you can not help your customers find their LOST ITEMS, or prevent A ROBBERY or KIDNAPPING, then what is the use of coming to HORSESHOE CASINO… We come to enjoy playing the machines, and if our security is NOT ASSURED THERE, then we might was well go somewhere else.. If your casino can not help PREVENT robbery or kidnapping, then, HORSESHOE CASINO, will soon become the center for ROBBERY, for the Seniors are the EASY TARGETS of these crimes. So, we are demanding to compensate or pay us for our lost Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone… We would greatly and gratefully appreciate it, if you can replace or reimburse us with our LOSS.
Our account numbers: 19802435691/ 17000536068
Thank you very much,

(This is my second letter on this case)


Nicole Cruz December 19, 2013 at 12:10 pm

I sent this letter to you in November and you did not have the respect to send me a note letting me know it was received. I am deeply sadden by this and could not imagine that your organization would not even acknowledge the complaint. DISAPPOINTING REALLY DISAPPOINTING…
Caesars Corporate Office
One Caesars Palace Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 407-6000
Harrah’s Las Vegas
3475 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(800) 214-9110

Dear Caesars/Harrah’s Customer Service:

This letter will not probably get an answer but my husband and I needed for peace of mind let Harrah’s know how disappointed we were with our stay at your hotel/casino.

MY STAY – October 1st to October 8th at Harrah’s Las Vegas

My husband and I were very excited about staying at your establishment because we had stayed several times at Harrah’s in NJ so we did not think twice about staying at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. WE WERE WRONG…IT IS SO DIFFERENT. When we booked our room we specifically asked for a “King room w/walk in shower due to my handicap and the person we spoke to told us that would be no problem (I wish I had gotten her name). Never the less, when we arrived at the hotel and did the earlier check in which was not a problem, we received a room was with a tub which was not what was request or handicap accessible. So, after lugging our suitcases back down to the reservation desk we were told by another front desk person that those rooms did not exist (which I had gotten his name as well). So I asked, why would customer service tell us that our request would be no problem if these rooms do not exist and no answer given. So I asked AGAIN for the room with the walk in shower due to my handicap and was told that I had to wait for this room which would take four (4) hours to be ready (yes four hours). But the funny thing is my husband and I noticed that your other guest that were Diamond and Seven Seas were getting rooms right away and even some people who did not have a reservation were getting rooms right away. Is that because we were low budget people or not big spenders or was it racially motivated? Just a question.

When we finally ended up with a room it was equipped with two queen beds and a walk in shower, yes the dreaded walk in shower that we waited four hours to get into. The whole time we stayed at Harrah’s I was wishing I had made arrangements with another hotel/casino. See STUPID ME thought that Harrah’s treated their entire guest as DIAMOND AND SEVEN SEAS people, boy were we HORRIBLY WRONG. Our stay was HORRIBLE AND I DO MEAN HORRIBLE from the check in to the departure. The only thing we did at the hotel was sleep and wash. If it was not for Olga in the Flavors restaurant we would have not eaten there, she was the only bright spot.

Everyone was so cold even to the cleaning people who changed the towels. We asked for towels at least three times and only received one towel YES ONE TOWEL. It was so bad that we put the do not disturb sign on the door and kept what we had because we did not want to bother anyone with our request.

We were so disappointed with our stay, I checked to see if there was availability with the Tuscany Casino Resort, Circus Circus (which I do not care for) and some low budget hotels because we wanted to leave so badly but there was no availability. Also, we were told there was no shuttle to and from the airport and Harrah’s do have a shuttle. What about the casino bus that only runs to Rio and no other of Caesars/Harrah casino, we had get off of one casino bus to get another casino bus to get to Bally’s REALLY…are they not owned by Caesars? This was just so out of bounds and to think how excited we were to be in Vegas and to be at Harrah’s to have all this happen made want to get back on the plane and come home. I kept saying to all my family and friends that we were going to have a fantastic time, we did but not with the hotel I was excited to be staying at and could not wait to get to.

We usually take things and just don’t return to the place but I felt so strong about this because I really am a fan of Harrah’s and to be SO DISAPPOINTED with my stay was overwhelming. I HOPE AND PRAY that this does not fall on deaf ear, that you really talk to someone regarding what we observed and handle this situation. I also know that this company is about making money and we are not your money people like your DIAMOND OR SEVEN SEAS. But I am a patron and don’t know if I will return to any of Caesars establishments again. Thank you and I hope everyone have a pleasant day.

Eric and Nicole Cruz
Phone: 215-457-XXXXX or cell 267-423-XXXXX


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