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Cabela's Inc.
1 Cabela Dr
Sidney, NE 69160

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Phone Number: (308) 254-5505
Fax Number: (308) 254-4800
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CEO: Thomas L. Millner
CFO: Ralph W. Castner
COO: Brian J. Linneman

Cabela's History

Cabela’s was founded in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela as a mail order company.

In 1963, Cabela’s mailed their first catalog.

In 1970, the first location was opened in Sidney, Nebraska.

During the 80s, the company expanded their product offerings to including new products such as Gore-Tex and Leatherman.

In 1991, the company opened it’s first signature showroom in Sidney.

In 2004, Cabela’s went public and has expanded it’s retail store locations since that time.

Today, there are 35 Cabela’s showrooms in the US and 3 in Canada.  Cabela’s corporate office is still located in Sidney, NE.

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Phillip Amond May 27, 2015 at 7:50 am

On 5/26/15 about 9:15 AM I entered the Cabela’s store in Glendale, AZ. I had did some research on the Cabela’s web site for some binoculars and had made my mind up what I wanted. I also needed some rain gear so after visiting the men’s room I made my why to the area where the bino’s were. After circling the case for about 5 minutes no one showed up so started looking for chest cases to hold them in, still no one came to asked if I needed help so off to look for some rain gear. I circled that area 3 times, gosh there is a lot to look at and with no one asking if I needed some help it was back to the bino area. Still no help, I checked my watch and noticed if has been 20 minutes with hardly no one in the store since it just opened. I gave up and on my way out noticed two ladies talking. I asked one for the manager and she said she was a lead so I informed her about the lack of customer service and my experience. Of coarse she wanted to help then but it’s too late, I should not have waited 20 + minutes and informed her the store lost a bino sale and probably some rain gear if I could have found what I needed. This is not the first time I have experienced poor service at this store and I do have friends that avoid this store for the same reason. I will pay off my card and cancel it and take my business else where. . Cabelas is not the only act in town.


Mark McGlasson March 1, 2015 at 2:37 pm

.I was there about two hours and no one even asked if I needed help. I say this because there were other customers (that came in after I got there, which was 30 minutes after the store opened) getting assistance without even having to ask for it. After about 2 hours of waiting, I finally got someones attention and just started talking, letting the person know why I was there. I was sent to go stand in another line, and I was in that line for about an hour. When I was finally next, and called to the cashier, I thought I was making progress, but that’s actually when it really started going downhill.

I was asked for my picture ID, and then I was asked for a second form of ID with my picture on it. I didn’t understand why because the first form of ID I gave them was my CCW. For whatever reason though, they asked me for my Driver’s License again, after I inquired why they needed both since I had provided them my valid AZ CCW. I ended up taking it out of my wallet and I handing it to the cashier.

Behind the gun cases/cabinets, there is a door with a sign that reads “employees only” with a 2-way mirror next to it. As I am standing at the cashier, a woman came out of this door a few times, she didn’t do anything except speak to the one cashier that was supposed to be assisting me and another employee that was next to us at the same time. The three of them spoke each time she came on the floor, which was multiple times, and I noticed she didn’t do this with any other employees. It was fairly obvious she was security personnel in “plain clothes.” Prior to me being at the checkout register, she hadn’t come on the floor at all, nor had she spoken with any employees on the floor. Initially, after the three were done having a discussion, they were going to complete the transaction. When the cashier turned around, he must have seen the old medical marijuana card in my wallet. It has been expired for over 6 months because I do not use it.

I am a disabled Marine Corps Veteran. Years ago, it was prescribed due to the 5 spinal surgeries, and 2 more coming, as well as many other medical issues I suffer from due to active duty. The “Supervisor” was very short and rude, and he wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. When the “Manager” came over, he simply shoved a piece of paper in my face that the ATF sent to all FFL holders stating that because of the possession of an AZ MMJ card or the assumption of use of marijuana, firearms transactions cannot be completed with the individual in question (which shouldn’t even have been considered since I do not use the card or marijuana. I had not been asked if I possessed one. I hadn’t provided it to anyone, and I certainly did not give any employee of Cabela’s authority to review the contents of my wallet and/or personal information, other than what I had already provided. The card it is not even valid and hasn’t been since 2014, therefore irrelevant). At that point, I left the store because I was already extremely upset.

I am an honest person. I was raised that way, and it was also instilled in me during my time in the United States Marine Corps. I have honestly never had this problem, not even when I renewed my CCW and I provided MMJ card as a form of picture ID!

That’s why I stated it has to be racially motivated, because I was the youngest person there, the only Hispanic person, dressed in a black t-shirt, a black hoodie, tattoos, and using a cane. Other than that, I don’t know what it could have been. I’m actively seeking representation to pursue this claim from a legal standpoint, but in the interim, I don’t know what to do about the gun. I hope this makes more sense than my first reply. If you can advise me what to do about the firearm I purchased, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your time in advance!


jennifer rose January 28, 2015 at 7:04 pm

I bought a calcutta reel for my husband for christmas, when he opened it we found the security tag still attached. I called and sent it back, received a new one a couple days ago, security tag still attached. I called yesterday they sent me a 3rd reel today, security tag attached. Now i have 2 reels to send back. I have never dealt with anything so ridiculous in my life.


Kelvin swancey December 20, 2014 at 2:42 pm

I bought a trail cam for $149.00 on December 6th 2014 I went in the store on Saturday December 20th an they were $129.00 no one would help us on getting a store credit for the difference,they said its a door buster so they couldn’t well what’s the difference in me taking mine back an getting the same cam for that cheaper price it doesn’t make since !?


Aaron November 15, 2014 at 11:39 am

I bought a new Nissan 15hp outboard online and had it shipped to the Fort Worth store. The motor was damaged and since I bought it online and the salesman didn’t get a commission all I received was a SORRY. Just spent 2200.00 and feel I flushed it away.

Not happy with Cabelas marine and will post pictures of my new cabelas broken motor and my experience on several forums so others that do a research will see how to avoid Cabelas marine at all cost.


Dan Miller November 6, 2014 at 10:24 am

I bought a new Lanber 12 gauge September of 13. I was shooting on November 2nd of 14 and the barrel blew out it literally split on the bottom seam I brought it in and needless to say it is out of warranty with Cabelas and the company closed its doors April of 14 so I am out of luck. The bad thing is I had to find out the info for Cabelas on who was warranting the gun, sales had no idea. The warranty company said that these guns where made for Cabelas exclusive. I understand the warranty but I can not understand the customer service. there was no offer to deal on another gun or a credit for a replacement gun.


Cowdog November 20, 2014 at 11:02 am

Why the f**k would you expect a credit on a year old gun?


Jeff Lind October 1, 2014 at 1:48 pm

I have an Outfitter 700 UTV that I dropped off September 15th to get a bumper replaced at the Rogers MN location. It’s Oct. 1st and the parts have not even shipped yet. The people I have been dealing with at the Rogers location have been very nice and understanding but it sounds to me like they are at the mercy of Coleman. It was 2 weeks on Monday that I dropped it off, that is unacceptable. I can’t believe that Cabela’s would allow that kind of service to their customers. I was told that Ken Uewing is the corporate parts & service manager, I need this message to get to him. Here we are at the start of the bow hunting season and I’m without my UTV, that’s what I bought it for. I want this resolved now.


marshall winn October 29, 2014 at 11:54 am

Jeff.. I bought a new coleman 400 utv. it has around 25 hours on it. Brought it to the Cabelas in Gonzales, La for an oil leak. they had it for around two weeks. Picked it up and parked it since still too early for hunting season. noticed oil in carport so took it back to them on sept. 8th. Its now oct 29th and still no utv for hunting season. I am affraid its been sitting outside in there goat yard of broken utvs and the weather has gotten to it. I know the store hands are tied cannot fix without parts. But when the salesman sold me this that was my main concern. Availability of parts. Assured me not a issue. Coleman powersports is giving Cablelas a bad name. I am contacting Shuffield finacial to see what they can do . Since its no motivation to make payments on something you cannot use. next step Lemon Law. Sorry for the Vent :)


Aaron November 15, 2014 at 11:44 am

Yep!! I was in the service dept and their service bats were full of “new Coleman” utv’s. I believe your not the only one that bought a lemon. They had several 4 wheelers in there too that were new but broken.

Wish you luck!


Dominic September 28, 2014 at 12:41 am

Hello I am not here to complain I want to know if there are plans to bring cabelas to Albuquerque nm we need a awesome store like cabelas we don’t have one, surprisingly
With all the hunting fishing camping ect New Mexico had to offer would be a great place to build a store


Darryle Petters September 21, 2014 at 4:09 pm

I am 65 years old and I recently bought a boat from Cabelas Ft Worth. I had not owned a boat for 35 years. My sales person was Scott Day. He was very knowledgable and professional. Scott spent and extra 5 hours helping me pick out all of the boat accessories and safety equipment that I would need to get started in boating again. He was great as was the sales manager Jason Hickman. Jason checked on me several times and it is evident that he has a great relationship with his employees. Two ladies helped me finalize the paper work. Their names are Shirley Womack and Katherine Poulsen. Both of them were knowledgeable and courteous.
My next stop was the service department and the boat orientation. Glenn Hetling who is the service manager was very helpful. Ryan Negreta walked me through the entire operation of the boat. He was thorough and knowledgable.
My last major stop was the fishing department. I was starting from scratch. I got a cart and Mike Morrow helped me acquire the equipment, rods and reels, and lures that I needed. He was very knowledgable and helpful. His recommendations have proven to be just what I needed. Mike continues to help me each time I return to the store.
I have to mention two of the people that signed me up for the Cabelas card. Jimmy Johnson and Dessire Presley were very courteous and made me feel at home.
Overall, this was the best buying experience that I have ever had.
Darryle Petters


Perry West August 12, 2014 at 2:45 pm

To All, I was at the Dundee store last night at 6:30 I live 10 miles from the store. I have spent a lot of time and money there. My son even work there for a while the service lately has become terrible when I arrived at the gun counter I took a number they were on 69 my number 73, I waited for 1.5 hours watching service people wait on someone the leave and never return we started with three service people and ended with one and the women in front of me had to yell at him to waited on her his unwillingness was shocking. I put down the 150 dollars in merchandised and took my wife and two children home. Johnsons sporting good is a farther drive for me in Adrian but all my business will go there I also cut up my Cabala’s card and will not return. What has happened…


Rich coy July 15, 2014 at 5:26 pm

We finally got our cabalas stores in Denver Colo and was glad the wait was over. Even though we have bass pro/gander mountain and sportsman warehouse the choice is always good and I have always felt cabalas had better quality in some areas. But after going to the new store in Lone tree several times I can only wonder how long the crowds will last with the customer service you get or don’t get I guess. Almost every employee I talked to was really down with the turnover the way things are done and the meager wages but it seems to be getting worse and don’t even try to get an answer from the deli manager. I don’t blame the employees but you have a serious morale problem but I guess if the dollars come in just ignore the problem. I will cancel my cabalas card and go back to the other stores at least you can get an answer there and the supervisors have been trained to be polite to the customers. Really hope you will send someone from management to see the way it really is.


jamie July 2, 2014 at 11:19 pm

was trying to find if any rules against using tents at cabelas and not have to buy a rv — not all people can afford a rv and camp grounds close in the winter except the rare tent friendly rv park then it is a thing of must rent a group space and pay for 12 people when only going to be you and their fees is the same as a hotel — nothing is ever said about not using tents as long as not use any more space than a rv but nothing is said for if you can either and not going to rent a group space at a fancy rv park and pay hotel price for tent camping just because the camp grounds close for winter months


Pat Ackerman July 2, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Jeff Montgomery:
Jeff on June 4th,2014 I sent by certified mail several pictures of full body and
shoulder mounts of my trophy room and explained that we have to down size
and that I would be glad to work with Cabelas if they can use any of these mounts.To date
I have heard nothing back but did recieve the signed certified mail slip back so I
assume that was recieved.
As you can see most all of my mounts are from the North American species and
I would much rather work with Cabelas then to go to an Auction HKouse.
For your consideration my e-mail is and my home phone
is 503-581-xxxx.
Thank you for your time.
Pat Ackerman


James Rossi June 26, 2014 at 1:20 pm

I am 76 years old and have many Beautiful Animal mounts from Africa andCanada and the United States. I am concerned that they will end up in some dumpster and to avoid that, I am hoping that you will find a home for them. I understand that your building a new store, here in Oklahoma City, Okla., and that is where i live andI am approx. 4 miles from that store. I can send pictures or you can have a representative come to house and look at them and decide. They can also stay here, with me, until you would be ready to hang them on your walls at the store. No charge of course. Contact phone is:: 405-843-XXXX, address is XXX NW 95 street, Oklahoma City, Okla. ,73114


Roger Carlson May 23, 2014 at 10:40 pm

Dear Cabelas administrators:
After many months of anxious waiting for your brand new Woodbury, MN store, I was delighted to receive a pre-grand opening card in the mail. Woodbury, MN is much closer to my home than either the Rogers, MN store or the Owatonna, MN store, and I had been expecting a similar but slightly smaller layout at Woodbury. Unfortunately, the Woodbury store’s layout skimps significantly on several important marketing features. First and foremost is the deli. The cooking facilities and menu are very disappointing. My absolute favorite Cabelas menu item is the walleye finger platter! I have been known to drive 40-plus miles to the Rogers, MN store just for the walleye fingers! My wife happens to like the Philly cheesesteak, and my son-in-law enjoys a good Cabelas bison burger. Woodbury, MN would be a very good marketing area for walleye, bison, elk and the other game-related menu items found at other Cabelas locations. Other family attractions are also missing at the Woodbury location, such as the Laser shooting gallery at Rogers. Even my adult daughters enjoy shooting at the old car, the frying pan, and the stuffed skunk that squirts water! The puny little aquarium at Woodbury isn’t going to attract families with kids. You have a lot of merchandise packed in the Woodbury store which is easily duplicated at several other nearby outdoor stores, but the store lacks the amenities that attract families, impulse buyers and new customers. Oh, yeah, the parking lot is poorly designed for RVs and boat trailers. Woodbury, MN is just a few miles from the Wisconsin border and a logical freeway stopping point for out-of-state customers headed for the North Shore of Lake Superior and for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

So far, I have been to the Woodbury, MN Cabelas three times and have been unable to find specific merchandise items regularly stocked at the Rogers, MN store…1) no Flatfish fishing lures, 2) no X-Large Tall long sleeve bug-proof or UV protective shirts, 3) no Williams peep sights, 4) no waterproof gun bags, and 5) no gunsmith on duty. I am certain other customers can add to this list.

I hope these comments are helpful. I still look forward to the day that my wife and I can plan on Cabelas family dinners with our outdoor-loving adult children and grandkids. (Our granddaughter loves walleye!)


tom smith April 27, 2014 at 4:32 pm

I was
Iin the Dundee store today looking for taurus revolver 17hmr they s I told them I saw them on internet in stock they said they cannot order any firearms would like to know why they arent allowed to order when someone is ready to buy one thank you tom


JAMES E. SMITH JR April 27, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am James E (Jim) Smith Jr and want you to know that I am and avid shopper at Cabela’s. The large assortment of quality products that you provide have been more than one could expect.

With that said, I must bring to your attention my concern about Cabela’s current discount policy pertaining to Veterans. I am a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran with a service connected disability from the US Navy who watches my spending very closely. The 10% discount I received at Cabela’s was very much appreciated. Now it is gone.

I spoke with a manager at the Buda, Tx. store and he said that Cabela’s would give Veteran discounts on certain Federal holidays only. We have to wonder what if the Veterans of the United States decided to only work on Federal Holidays. This truthfully conveys a “What Have You done for us today” position.

Many major stores across America such as Lowes gives all Veterans a 10% discount 365 days a year with no exclusions in appreciation to Veterans’ sacrifices. As long as Dick Cabela was alive this was the policy, and now just a few short months after he died Cabelas corporate office has changed policy in regards to the American Veteran.

Many of my friends at the VFW have expressed the same concerns as I have and are considering purchasing from other sporting good stores that provide a Veterans discount all year.

I respectfully request that you consider to reinstate Cabela’s former discount policy on all products sold in your store 365 days a year to the Veterans of the US Military as well as active Military personnel.

Jim Smith


John K April 10, 2014 at 11:13 am

After 27 years in management in the retail industry, I believe I can recognize the difference between keeping down overhead and just plain old poor customer service. As is the way of retail chains today, more and more customers are having to fend for themselves when it comes to finding the right product in a retail store. Perhaps some in the retail industry have taken on the attitude that the company has a limited lifespan, so “take the money and run”. Such was the attitude of retail giant Circuit City.
What I detail here, has similarly happened in several locations over the past year.
I point this out because of recent experiences in the Grand Junction, CO, location, the last on 4-8-2014. I knew the departments I needed to go to, and just wanted advice on the best products for my needs. In the boating department, 2 other customers were waiting, in the fishing department 1 customer, in the bargain cave, empty, in the fly fishing department 2 customers, in the shoe department 3 customers. I needed product from all these departments, and none of the customers had seen any “outfitters” while they were there. I walked toward the front, approached an employee in clothing, he said he didn’t know where anyone was, and was not allowed to go to other departments. After finding one other employee between the rear of the store up to the customer service desk, no employees other than the greeter. I asked him where everyone was, he pointed toward the cash register, where there were 4 employees and no customers. I walked over to that area, and asked for help specifically in the boat and fishing departments, and the young man said, “what do you need?” I said, “I am not sure, that is why I need help”. He said, “I will try”, so I asked him before we headed back to the other end of the store, “can you give me advice on the best additives for my outboard?” He suggested we go back their and check the labels! When asked where all the help for that the department, or any of the departments I mentioned might be, he said “we try to staff for the busy times, they were all off at 5:00.” This was at 5:45 on a Tuesday evening, around the time people were heading home from work, and would be making a stop if they needed something from your store.
Not feeling very confident, I said “no thanks, but there are several customers in the back areas of the store that may need help”, and left.
I went a mile up the street to Sportsman’s warehouse, spent $842.29, and went fishing the next morning.


Ron Franks April 9, 2014 at 7:55 pm

I saw a Cabela’s ad in Sunday’s paper on a 10% discount on some shotgun shells. I went to your store on the following Wednesday, which is clear across town, to purchase the shells only to find out that the sale didn’t start until Thursday. Needless to say I was peeved! The store manager showed me the ad which showed the sale didn’t start until Thursday but that information was in small print and wasn’t very conspicuous and didn’t stand out. With gas at $3.59 a gallon and living across town it would be worth it to return the next day to get the 10% discount. The store manager was very nice and said he had turned down numerous potential customers this day who had miss read the ad. He said one potential customer had driven 60 miles one way only to be told “Sorry Charlie”.
One of three things needs to happen if Cabela’s wants to keep my business:
1. The ad needs to come out the day of the sale.
2. An exception needs to be made for customers who didn’t catch the sale date in the ad. (What difference does it make if you sell the product the day before????
3. The largest print on the ad need to be highlighted in a strong color stating the attached will not be on sale until a certain date.

Every Cabela’s employee I spoke to including some other customers standing near by agreed with me that this is wrong.


James Braun March 23, 2014 at 10:13 am

Just to let the people that shop at Cabela’s stores I am a Silver credit card holder and a member for years but will close out my card and buying habits with a store that doesn’t care about there good customers. I have had contacted cabela’s by email and no response to me. They have been rude to me at the gun counter and also in there gun library. Also the other septs when asked about a product they sell are very rude. So I have decided to close my card and shop at other sporting goods store that appreciates my business.


Mike G. March 22, 2014 at 6:10 pm

Mr. Millner,
I wanted you to know how disappointed my wife and I have been with the Cabelas club Visa center. We went to check our account balance online and found out the company had substantially reduced our credit limit. When we contacted the Visa office to find out why, we were treated like criminals. Basically they told us they we had delinquent accounts and had to many inquiries to our credit. We were shocked since we have outstanding credit and tried to explain to the person on the phone that we haven’t been delinquent with any accounts and even questioned if they had the correct person. We also asked if they took into consideration how much we have spent with the store, enough to obtain a black card last year. Our balance has been paid in full every month since we’ve had the card. We were very angry that no one there would listen to us. How can you make judgements about someone’s credit without even contacting them first, especially a long time customer? Well, you have lost a customer because after our account is paid this month we are done with the card and Cabelas. We have told all of our friends this situation and encouraged them not to patronize a store that doesn’t care about it’s customers. It was quite obvious to us when you reduced our credit to almost 0. Continue to do that to your excellent customers and before long the Company will be no longer!


Sue Borden February 23, 2014 at 10:19 pm

My husband and I were excited to see a new Cabela’s store opening in Springfield OR three years ago. We’ve shopped at Cabela’s in Nebraska and been very satisfied. We’ve shopped in Springfield many times since it opened and have seen a steady decline in customer service. Either there are not enough sales people on the floor or they’ve not been very well trained to help customers. They aren’t unfriendly, they’re just nearly nonexistent. I have also noticed a steady decline in the quality of Cabela’s brand women’s wear. I will not be shopping at Cabela’s again anytime soon. It takes us over an hour to get to the store, and frankly, it’s not worth the gas to go there again.


michael s February 17, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Hello I am from Minnesota, and have bought many products and firearms from cabela’s at the Rogers location in Minnesota, here’s my situation, approx two weeks ago I am in the market for a new high end pistol, the model was a Sig 220×6, $2500.00, a high end gun by the master gunsmiths at Sig(germany). A couple days later I go in and it is on “clearance” for $2499.88, which I laugh over the ploy of a clearance tag on it at that time..11 cents off, It is a very sought after pistol, as few are ready to plunk out $2700.00 with tax on a new pistol? This is where the problem begins and just goes downhill from there. I look at the pistol and really like the design and ergonomics of the pistol, I was not happy with the appearance of the barrel and lockup area, as it had many scratches and appeared to have a blem, I know that gun was not at that counter for more than a couple days, as I go in every week, I asked if they had another new one in back, as it is a $2700.00 pistol, I was not really thrilled with the counter gun being handled and cycled a thousand times and still calling it new, in the next twenty years I would not have fired it to the degree that it has been cycled at the counter. so how do you call that new?is a demo car with 2000 miles still new? anyhow I ask if they have another and I am told this was a special order that the gentlemen refused upon delivery, I can see why. I am told this is the only one they have….but in the moment I concede a little and put the pistol on lay away, to pick up in a day or two. The next day I walk in and to my suprise there is another sig 220×6 on the shelf, I am getting a little curiuos now and ask to see it, as I have my serial number of the one a put on layaway, the salesman give me the same song and dance that it was a special order gun that didn’t get picked up, and at that point I made him aware that I heard this story before(yesterday) on another sig 220×6 that was deemed as the only gun that they had in the store. So at this point I demand to see the other pistol to look at the condition, and che3ck the barrel marks, it looks much better and decide to put this one on layaway instead of the other, as it appeared much cleaner on the barrel marks. So the switch is done that night and I plan on picking it up the next day and paying in full. When I come back in the store, I check out the gun counter and don’t see the second sig 220×6 that I passed on, I get ready to pay and take another final look at the pistol that I exchanged the day before and I swear it has the scratched up barrel on that the previous one did, i inquire about it and the counter guys assure me that this wouldn’t happen, and I explain that I was not told the truth when trying to purchase the first one, as they had multiples. At this point I am not happy with the tranaction, and want to see the second one again to compare, they look it up and cannot see it in inventory? strange as I was just there the night before at closing? the one counter guy cannot even find any record of it, which annoyes me and keeps pushing me that the half dozen scratches on the end of the barrel doesn’t look that bad, as my reply is that I have pistols that are ten years old that don’t lookk this bad, as this was to be a “new” gun for $2700.00. I told him that I fell off the pumkin truck, but it wasn’t today……in the meantime the other guys at the counter are trying to resolve and see what they can do by getting another pistol, but as I stated to them..I want a new pistol not a cycled display gun that is already worn….so at this point I am very disappointed in the whole situation. PS I also brought a few rifles in for trade, a herter custom mauser with burl wood and deep bluing,1960′s model, and a bl 22 browning which was exceptional. I was offered $150.00 dollars for each on trade in, which I decline promptly, as they had used browning bl22 on the used rack for $550.00, and nothing near the mauser quality for $150.00
once again as the gun library sales guy explained that is all he could pay, I question the pricing out on the used rack then, and he promptly replied that they are overmarked and that is really not what the intent to get for them, I thought to myself really? this is how Cabela’s operate, shafting customer on the trades and on the purchases then? otherwise why wouldn’t you just price them accordingly? not a pleasant situation, in which I wanted to spend Thousands of dollars with them, and some how feel cheated..

Michael S Coon Rapids MN


Mike February 8, 2014 at 9:41 pm


I purchased a pistol this week at the Columbus Cabela’s store. A sale later in the week offered a $50.00 discount on the same pistol and the sales associate tried to have it honored on my purchase needing Store Manager approval. When presented the situation by the sales associate, Jim, the manager gruffly started exhibiting his authority in a very condescending manner hardly like the Cabela’s I have been a customer of for over 35 years. When I tried to speak during his litany he said “are you going to let me talk or are you going to talk?”, I told him he could keep his damn $50 gift card and he was rude to say what he said. He then accused me of putting my finger in his face, which I did not, and in less than a minute of contact, he threw me out of the store.

After reading Lloyd’s G. comment from 1-23-14 on this page, I am not surprised by his obnoxious behavior if he would subject a Disable Marine vet and his service dog this way. Better improve your manager training program Cabelas. This pompous, empowered person has unwound 35 years of goodwill as I am now a former Cabela’s customer (and my circle of family and friends.)
BTW, thank you for your service to our country Lloyd.


James Spence February 6, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Also i would like to thank Ms. Stevie at you call center for convincing me to close my card with Cabela’s and for putting me in contact with her manager who confirmed to me it was actually closed and that i should destroy my card.
Thanks agian Ms. Stevie, i know i will be beterfor it in the long run.


James Spence February 6, 2014 at 1:45 pm

This is to Confirm closing and MY my Cabela’s Club card VISA ACCT # XXXX XXXX XXXX1392 with your firm and i will be telling everyone i know not to sign up with your firm ever. That includes Van DYKES Restorer’s i have never ever delt with people wanting to waste my time – over an hour and a half to take a payment and think they are being smart by lying to me about who they are transfering me too to take my final payment only to be asked the same question. i can only surmize; that is what they are taught. i would rather by something from anywhere else than Cabela’s


Lloyd G. January 23, 2014 at 7:33 pm

I just walked out of Columbus Ohio’s cabelas store. I am a disabled Marine Corp. veteran that has a service dog. When I entered their store, the manager was standing with a young pretty female worker looking as though he was a entry guard at Fort Knox. I think he was trying to impress this young employee with his mighty authority position over customers prior to enter the store. She commented, what a cute dog, as I informed him that he is a service dog. He than asked me (can I see his paper work) My reply was (it,s not required of me to show you paper work but I will show you his tags) He replied (ok) after seeing my dogs tags. Everything was fine with me at this point but as I walked on he said (just so you know, don’t take him in such and such areas, they serve food there) I turned and asked him what he just said and he repeated the same. After informing him that he should read the laws about service dogs before lecturing customers, I went on across their DMZ. In on minuted I became to upset to shop I walked back and informed him that he has not heard the end of this. His statement was that he never said this and continued to repeat this as I walked out. Cabbelas is the only store that I know of that has people standing guard at their entrance. Their corporate office will not return my call. I would rather buy something from N. Korea than their store. Lloyd


Rodger January 23, 2014 at 1:04 pm

I have never dealt with more rude people in my life as I have with Cabelas. They lie, mislead and treat you as though they don’t care. The CEO hides so he won’t have to talk to no one, and let’s his cronies do the dirty work. Stuff his pockets with our money and won’t even talk to you. And everything the others say is all misleading. This is my first purchase from them and you can sure bet it will be my LAST. Stay away from CABELAS!!!


Richard January 18, 2014 at 10:58 am

I just find out at the Glendale, AZ Cabelas you let go a casher name Marrti because she is seasonal I talk to other employee and they cant believe Cabelas let her go according your employee and lead cashers she a very good employee she got a whole lot of visa sign up was getting more customer review then any one else. Instead you keep two employee that know someone which is unfair to your hard working employee


Bob Weiner January 10, 2014 at 1:10 pm

Called Cabelas again for info on a parts order.

1. Last year around June or so, I ordered parts for the 1858 Pietta on back order. I followed it up by calling Cabela’s and was told to “put it on the wish list” and that got lost after three months.
2. Reordered on September 23, 2013, phoned Cabelas and was told parts would be in October.
3. Called Cabelas in October Told parts would be in before thanksgiving. Thats when they started making excuses that Pietta products are made ion Italy and there is a communication problem and or a production problem.
4. Next, checked back, email states product will be in on Dec 30, 2013.

5. With tongue in cheek I called today….. NO PARTS. The customer service person transferred me to Ken (they would not give me his last name.) Said if he didn’t answer to leave a message. Told me he was a VP …….. I left the message.

6. This is the problem as I see it. Cabelas is a large dealer of Pietta fire arms. Are the try to fling bull about communication problems with Pietta? Either someone in corporate doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing or something else is going on. Being on the open stock market, maybe the corporate leaders running Cabelas don’t belong in their jobs if they can’t get some minor parts for their customers.

When I run over to the store in Penn, they have one hell of a display for Pietta and sell a lot of those guns. Having sold firearms and sporting goods in NJ, I know their a top seller of Pietta products. Whose kidding who?

Ken, if you read this, call me.

Will probably get another Facebook response telling me to call the same numbers I called today duhhhhhhhhhhh.


Charles P. Boylan December 19, 2013 at 12:37 pm

As stated above my name is Charlie Boylan, this is more of a commentary than a comment. This is something that I have in common with CEO: Thomas L. Millner and is off topic but we both lost people dear to us in Vietnam and his loss and mine were best friends. LCPL Sammy Monroe his uncle and LCPL James Reddington my neighbor and hero ( he was 6 years older than me ) both attended Paris Island ,Camp Leguene, together arrived in Vietnam and were both assigned to 3rd platoon 2nd bat. 5th Marines on Dec. 16 1966. this was a one in a million chance. Sammy was assigned the M-79 grenade launcher that day By 1st Lt. Terry Ebbert and fire team leader Cpl Joe Silvestri. 2 days later on Dec. 20, 1966 in a horrific firefight Sammy Monroe was hit in the head by enemy fire. Silvestri crawled over to him and took his weapon and gave it Reddington. Reddington then asked WHERE IS SAM!!!. His best friend was hit 2 days after arriving. Reddington and Silvestri carreed Sam to a hut were Corpsman worked on him. Marine LCpl Sammy Franklin Monroe died of these injuries on Feb. 27 1966 at the Charleston Naval Hospital, never regaining conciseness. Reddington then carried Sammy’s M-79 in his honor until March 23,1967 when during another ambush he either seen or heard that cpl Silvestri was shot dead ( he was shot and bleeding ) but not dead. At that point Reddington could not bear losing another close friend like Silvestri and Monroe , he then walked intentionally into the line of fire shooting his M-79 at the enemy while screaming and was killed instantly. He and Sam are now reunited. Cpl. Silvestri lived and he and visit Reddingtons grave several times per year in Scranton Pa. I have added photos of Sammy Monroe to the Vietnam wall that I received from his brother Johnny in Mt. Gilead N.C. CEO: Thomas L. Millner uncle Cpl Monroe is always talked about when we meet and will never be forgotten in Scranton Pa. Mr Silvestri lives in the Phila. area and he and i will be at the grave this week. thanks for your time. Charlie Boylan Clarks Summit Pa..


Ryan Olsen December 15, 2013 at 7:18 am

I have spent the last week trying to find my order calling the 800 number and the lehi store trying to get help and I just keep getting out on hold and being passed back and forth to find out no one can help me. They gave me a tracking number that don’t work and told me good luck finding it myself instead of helping me. I have to drive over a 100 miles to get to the store and back and I pass many sports stores along the way. I won’t be doing that anymore.


Norma Kline December 10, 2013 at 8:09 pm

I want to recognize an employee from the Alliance Center, Ft. Worth, Texas Cabela’s store. I had searched, and researched, purchased and returned a number of leather boots to a variety of high end businesses prior to my experience at the aforementioned store. Today, I received the best experience I have EVER had with a shoe salesman. And, I am sure that the money I spent is not only an investment, but will satisfy my desire to find a comfortable waterproof boot that will keep my feet dry during an upcoming family trip.

The salesman has a side job. He works at your Cabela’s and then moves to a night shift as a mechanic with American Airlines at the Alliance Airport. I’m sorry, I don’t know his name.

But, thank you Cabela’s for hiring him, and thank you to him for helping me find the right boot this time. Money well spent. You’ve made a lifetime customer.


Lisa Jones Castronova December 8, 2013 at 9:31 am

Cabela’s has lost a customer. They placed an item on the website for sale at a certain price. After I ordered it and never received it, I researched the order status only to find Cabela’s cancelled the order without notifying me. I eventually found out they oversold the item and cancelled my order (again…without notifying me). However, I can purchase the item NOW for $100 more. Bad business all around. I will be contacting the corporate office and if I do not receive the item at the price originally offered, I will contac the BBB. Buyer beware.


Robert Latto December 6, 2013 at 3:05 am

I am a long time resident of Anchorage Alaska and you are opening a new store here in spring ’14 , I can hardly wait to go shop there .. Your store will be far above all the other sporting goods type stores in the state …
I am trying to make contact with Jeff Montgomery, of Cabela’s as I have a very large caribou antler mount and a old very large bear trap in like new condition that I would like to have Cabela’s display in their new Anchorage store .. I am a retired private citizen and these items are owned by me .. Fair chase hunter .. Thanx , Robert Latto


Judy Nagy December 3, 2013 at 4:24 pm

I’ve been ordering from Calela’a for years, the service has gone down hill. Customer service doesn’t seem to want to help anymore and as for their bonus offers, not everyone gets them. Also, you don’t stand behind your merchandise. I won’t be ordering from you anymore. They say “customer service” but it’s not good customer service! What they should say is we’re not happy until you’re unhappy.


Jim Baney October 19, 2013 at 9:05 pm

Hello Cabela’s,

To start off Cabela’s is “top notch” in all you do. I’m from the York, Pa. area and our closest store is the Hamburg store that is located 100 miles from us. It’s also the only Cabela’s store in Pennsylvania with its rich hunting heritage that I’m aware of. The reason for this email is; I was wondering if Cabela’s has ever given any consideration to building another store between the current Hamburg store and somewhere heading toward Baltimore, Md. just off Rt. 83? I’ve spoken to many outdoors people about this subject and to the same question always comes up- why not a second store? No one does it like Cabela’s!
Jim Baney


JOAN DUNCAN September 12, 2013 at 4:17 pm

I am trying to email your product people.

We make sweaters

Can you forward the mens & ladies product people email address?




Herbert Jones July 9, 2013 at 8:00 pm

To whom it may concern. My name is Herbert Jones I am interested in purchasing a boat. It concerns me that I called your store here in Fort Worth to talk to the finance department, I left a message well over a week ago to talk about finance options with no response. I have been in the boat department to look for something I like. The bad thing about that is the whole time I was there no one help or even tried. I am still looking for a boat I guess I’ll be looking at your competitors products. Thanks Herbert Jones


Valentin B. Rivera May 6, 2013 at 7:13 pm

I bought a used JC Higgins Model 80 semi auto from your store in Hoffman Estate Illinois. When I bought it, I ask them how many shells does it hold and they told me that it holds three, then when I took it home and tried to put three shells. I was only able to put two and not three. I called the store and ask why does it only holds two, they told me I have to chamber one and add one more in the magazine. I told them that’s not what I been told. Frankly I am not happy with the purchase. if they told me it only holds two, I would not have bought it. I hope you could help with this problem?


John Neal July 1, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Dear Valentin,

Your unhappiness with Cabelas is seriously misplaced. I am sure you misunderstood the salesman, or he misunderstood you. Any time a shotgun or rifle is described as holding a certain number of shells, that always includes the round in the chamber. The maximum capacity is three because that happens to be the legal maximum for migratory birds. Your shotgun does not hold “only two.” It holds three.


Hal Fowler May 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Please stand behind your merchandise.


Ralph Workman April 21, 2013 at 8:13 pm

I was at the new Cabela’s store in Grandville, Mi. on Friday, April 18th, and had some idiot key my truck in your parking lot. Fortunately for me, one of your outfitters, Joe, in the hunting department, witnessed the vandalism, and wrote down the license plate number of the dirt bag that did the damage. Someone from the store came out and put a note on my windshield, asking me to come to customer service, and ask for Tom, the store director. I called the local police department, and an officer came and met with me, looked at the damage, and after I left contacted Joe. At some point Joe picked out the guys picture. The damaged is going to cost my insurance company $1286. They will then go after the perpatrator for reimbursement. I am very grateful to Joe, and everyone at Cabela’s that helped identify the person. Joe should be commended for his efforts In this matter. I’m a satisfied customer for sure. Thank you
Ralph Workman


Randy Thorstenson April 18, 2013 at 10:36 pm

Cabela’s recently opened a new store in Grand ville MI, about 40 miles from my home. I received a post card invitation to go to the store the night before the Grand Opening as a special invitation to Cabela Club Card holders. It offered the usual bring a friend program and I thought it was nice to be recognized by Cabela’s as a loyal Club member and to be invited to a pre opening night event. I invited a couple friends to come along, left work two hours early, loaded the family in the van and drove an hour to the store. To my dismay, this was not a special event for Club Members only. We arrived to find many area people received an invite….and all you had to do was sign up for a Cabela Visa to get into the store that night. ( So much for being a loyal Club Member) One of my buddies signed up for a card and we went inside thinking we were going to find some great specials while we checked out the new store…..Another kick in the teeth….no specials, no great deals. It appears this evening was all about issuing Credit Cards and the potential Interest that goes along with any Credit Card you sign up for. We were there and used up our Cabela points and bought a couple hundred dollars more worth of decor for my kids rooms anyway. I have to say that every time I take out my Cabela’s Card to make a purchase, I wonder why I keep supporting a Company that really did not appear to value me as a Club Member. I have spent thousands of dollars at Cabela’s and thousands more using the Cabela’s Club Card. I was truly disappointed by the experience. Sincerely, RLT, Muskegon MI.


John D. Meyer April 11, 2013 at 8:48 am

I just received information towards LifeLock Account Protection for Cabela’s Club Visa. I have had a credit card with Cabela’s since year 2000. If I am forced to pay for account protection at $ 10 a month I wil cash in my points are stop using the Cabela’s Card.
I just retired from my full time job and trying to enjoy life a little bit.


Bonnie April 9, 2013 at 7:06 am

Please consider opening a new store in Harborcreek Township in Erie Pa. Just heard on the news that the deal has fallen through with the area near the Millcreek Mall. Very disappointed!! Harborcreek is just East of the original site and a great spot due to the Fishing, Hunting and Water Sports near by. There is a large parcel of land for sale by the Walmart Superstore in Harborcreek on Rt 20. Please consider this as an option. We would really appreciate having your business here!!


John Falzone April 7, 2013 at 9:57 pm

I have a unique business idea for Cabela’s. As an avid fisherman I’ve been mesmerized by recent fishing shows on the Discovery and Nat-Geo networks. Shows like River Monsters showcase fish species that I, along with most others didn’t know existed until recently. I would do just about anything for the chance to fish for these aquatic giants. The problem however, is that most of these species are fairly exotic and require expensive travel. Many species also require hard to acquire permits. I’d be willing to wager, that if someone were to create a man-made environment that anglers could fish for these amazing fish people would be willing to pay quite a bit for the once in a life time chance. The idea is nothing new. Safari lodges for hunting have been around for centuries. Why couldn’t the same idea be implemented on an aquatic level? I visualize it as a high end vacation destination for the adventurous angler. A high end “rustic” themed restaurant, luxurious cabin-like accommodations, and guided fishing tours where exotic trophy fish are a guarantee.
I’ve given the idea quite a bit of thought and considered almost every aspect of the project. If this e-mail finds its way to anyone in your company that would be in a position to consider taking on a project of this scale I’d love the opportunity to share my ideas and solutions to possible problems in its implementation. I myself am a former Boyscout with extensive fishing and outdoor knowledge who is currently attending college for construction technology. I understand both the outdoor enthusiasts’ perspective along with the logistical construction angle of the project and feel I’d have a lot to contribute towards the project.
A great idea like this backed by the respected Cabela’s name would surely be a successful venture to consider. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I’d love to be part of the process. (Cell phone- (716)-867-6860, E-mail-
Please forward this e-mail to others in your company who are in positions to consider the proposal, or send me their contact information.
Thank you for your time,
John Falzone


Jim Call "call of the" March 29, 2013 at 11:25 am

I would like to know who I might be able to talk with in – regards to – I have just recieved my patient on “The Last Stand”. This is my own invention I have been using this tree stand since the 1980′s. I have hunters who book with me “who have said” This is the safest and most easy accessable Bow Stand they have ever hunted on” The platform is 3 feet by 4 feet, it’ ladder is 18 inches wide, and has ajustable brackets that are bolted to the tree. I am now ready to start the manufacturing. I would like an opportunity to show you my Tree Stand for marketing purposes. The stand also has rotating swiveling seat, so the hunter turn any direction without getting up from the seat. I’m sure you have many people who contact you about their products, but if you will give an opportunity to show you my tree stand, you will not be disappointed. You will not find another one that will compare in safety and with any of the features my has. Thank You for your consideration. Jim Call “Call of the Wild Outfitters. com” .


Brad K. Call March 8, 2013 at 3:52 pm

Dear Cabela”s: I”m the parks and rec superintentant for Hyrum City Corp, were a city located in northern Utah, 2 years ago the city build a libary inside it has 30 foot ceilings, and going in your store in Lehi Utah, I see this airplane hanging from the ceiling and think a plane like that would look great hanging form the ceiling in our libary, and I was wondering where to purchase or where we could get a plane like the ones you have in your Cabela”s stores, could you please send me an email on information where you get them airplanes. Thank You Brad K. Call


Stan Cope February 12, 2013 at 2:22 pm

We would like to offer you a complete one stop shop recycling program. We cover all recycables such as Plastic,Cardboard,Paper,Alum Cans and misc. Steel. We offer drop trailers at no cost to the company. We can place Balers at no up front cost to the company.
Revenue from the recycables can cover the cost of the unit. As for revenue, we pay top market pricing for all recycables removed. Everything remove is brought back to our facility and destroyed, ( recycled ). Example for revenue payed to you, baled cardboard is running around $65. to $70. ton. Film plastic baled is in upwards of .12lb. to .18lb. payed to you. Note, with our program in place, a lot of times Compactors in place are removed
for the mear fact they are not needed. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.
Stan Cope
Plastics Division
Central Paper Stock
St.Louis,Mo. 63134
314-521-8686 ext.106


Janet Baker November 20, 2012 at 10:48 pm

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
My name is Janet Baker and I just have a few questions. I know from time to time you purchase items for your stores. I have a beautiful polar bear fur blanket. It measures 7′ x 10′ and is in great shape and looks simply beautiful. There are no tears or rips and the back is white flannel that was professionally sewn. The only flaws on this blanket are on the back which are a few small, light discolorations. I was just wondering if maybe you or someone you may know that might be interested in purchasing this wonderful blanket? I can send many photos and close ups if you like. If interested please feel free to email me or call me at 231 942 XXXX. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Janet Baker


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