Cabela’s Corporate Office

Cabela's Corporate Office Address

Cabela's Inc.
1 Cabela Dr
Sidney, NE 69160

Contact Cabela's

Phone Number: (308) 254-5505
Fax Number: (308) 254-4800
Email: Email Cabela's


CEO: Thomas L. Millner
CFO: Ralph W. Castner
COO: Brian J. Linneman

Cabela's History

Cabela’s was founded in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela as a mail order company.

In 1963, Cabela’s mailed their first catalog.

In 1970, the first location was opened in Sidney, Nebraska.

During the 80s, the company expanded their product offerings to including new products such as Gore-Tex and Leatherman.

In 1991, the company opened it’s first signature showroom in Sidney.

In 2004, Cabela’s went public and has expanded it’s retail store locations since that time.

Today, there are 35 Cabela’s showrooms in the US and 3 in Canada.  Cabela’s corporate office is still located in Sidney, NE.

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todd morris September 29, 2015 at 11:50 pm

I would love to see cabelas in multible places in Indianapolis.Indianapolis is the 13 th largest city in the nation and is capable of having several of these destination stores.Mayor Ballard says over 100,000,000 million people travel through Indianapolis every year on our interstates.I would put a cabelas at circle centre mall in downtown Indianapolis.I think it would be great if you put your national headquarters here.


Therese Hopkins September 22, 2015 at 12:03 am

Hello,I was wondering if you ever purchased Moose or Deer heads from people? I have two huge mooseheads on my wall that I would like to sell as my husband passed away in May and even tho I work I could really use some extra money.Thank you so much!! Therese


Byron September 19, 2015 at 11:03 am

I emailed the note below to info at on August 18th… they didn’t bother to reply or phone.

Yesterday August 17, 2015 was my first visit to a Cabelas store; I bought Bates M Tactical Sport boots 77896446168 from the South Edmonton (6150 Currents Drive) location. The boots were marked $129.99 on the display; but once I got home (a 15-20 minute highway drive); I noticed that I was charged $134.99. I called the store and asked that the overcharge be refunded to my credit card; the lady checked the display price and confirmed that I was overcharged and said I would have to return to the store to have it refunded. I really don’t understand why a pricing error by Cabelas forces me into the inconvenience and cost of an additional 30-40 minutes round trip of highway driving. It wouldn’t be a concern if I drove near your store now and then but that is not the case, because unfortunately, I never drive anywhere near there. Please send a cheque to me at the address below.

My Customer Copy number from the invoice is 990002091022166643
Items 1 Aileen H
08-17-15 03:13:57PM
000002 09 6725 1022



Rod August 13, 2015 at 1:56 pm

I’ve been in customer service my whole professional life. I have never had a manager (Wayne Romero / Thornton Colorado) go so far above and beyond to satisfy the customer. Cabelas has earned my loyalty and respect I just ordered 8 of there classic shotguns totaling $23,000. If Cabelas has a manger that is willing to work so hard to make a $21.00 purchase correct for a customer I’m confident all my dealings with Cabelas will be great ones. Thanks, Wayne


Jo Reed August 11, 2015 at 2:26 pm

Yes, I do plan to order the olive shoes, but when I brought them up on the internet today,
.they were $99.99 and it appears on August 13th they will be on sale for $69.99 and
that is when I plan to order them.Thanks


Dave Bonner August 3, 2015 at 7:48 pm

On 7/2 I ordered the T/C Impact black power rife on line.Living in Mi I had some paperwork to take care of so I needed to talk to someone in the gun department, The guy I talked to was great took care of everything I needed. Well its been down hill ever since! !!! The ad said it’s a backorder item so assuming it would be a week or two so I order the gun. Not hearing anything for two weeks I started wondering if all my papper work I had to send them was in order so I decided to call ,and was told yes everything was in order and the gun was supposed to arrive there on 8/1. On 7/27 I received a email saying it would be there on 7/10??? Questioning this I call and was told that it didn’t make sense and she would find out what was going on and someone would email the next day and let me know.Well two days came and went with no email, but I did get a promotional email asking if I was still interested in the gun and if they could help me order it !!!! With a line that read YOUR FAVORITE ONLINE STORE! !! REALLY! !!! I got the women’s name and phone from her on the day we talked and was told if I did not receive a email to call her back,but of course when I do no one answers!!! So I call back to costumer service and got a women that told me her paper work show on was to show up on 7/25 again this is on 8/1 and was basically told that’s all the information I got and we’ll let you know if we get more.Now I would think someone should be trying to figure this think out and give me some real answers!! What ever happened to customer service? ??!!! If I didnot have a month tied up in this thing already I’d cancel my order, than again if this is going to drag out much longer I just might! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!


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