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Bass Pro Shops Corporate Office Address

BPS Direct, LLC
2500 East Kearney
Springfield, Missouri 65898

Contact Bass Pro Shops

Phone Number: (417) 873-5000
Fax Number: (417) 873-5060
Email: Email Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Facts

Founder: John Morris
Date Founded: 1971
Founding Location: Springfield, Missouri
Number of Employees: 22000

Bass Pro Shops Executives

CEO: Johnny L. Morris
CFO: Dan Hoy
COO: James Hagale

Bass Pro Shops History


bass 1

John L. Morris began Bass Pro Shops when he started a fishing section in the back of his father’s Brown Derby liquor store in Missouri in 1971. This small department sold homemade bait and worms.

The homemade bait proved popular with tourists and people began to inquire about how they could order them once they returned home. Thus began the Bass Pro Shops catalog in 1974. bass 5

In 1975 the company established American Rod and Gun (ARG) as a separate wholesale entity.

Today Bass Pro shops operate 56 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. The stores carry a number of house brands, including Ascend, Bass Pro Shops, Bob Timberlake, Johnny Morris Reels, Natural Reflections, Offshore Angler, Redhead, Uncle Buck’s, White River, Worldwide Sportsman, XPS, and XTS.

Bass Pro Shops is a privately-held retailer of camping, fishing, and hunting gear and other related outdoor recreation equipment. The company’s largest stores are operated under the name Outdoor World. Bass Pro Shops is #93 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies and had $4.58 billion in revenue in 2016.

It was rumored in 2015 that the company would buy out competitor Cabela’s.

bass 4

In October of 2016, it was announced that Bass Pro Shops would acquire Cabela’s for $5.5 billion. This will nearly double the number of stores to 184 locations, as well as increasing the number of employees from 20,000 to 39,000.  This is the 5th largest merger in US history and was so complicated that the companies hired no less than 13 banks and law firms to ensure the deal went smoothly.

In mid-2018, Forbes stated that the company is the #2 hottest retailer in America.

While it is unknown at this time if Cabela’s will be rebranded as Bass Pro Shops, company officials have stated that Cabela’s credit cards would be honored at Bass Pro Shops stores.bass 7

Bass Pro Shops FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Bass Pro Shops?
Answer 1: The phone number for Bass Pro Shops is (417) 873-5000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Bass Pro Shops?
Answer 2: The CEO of Bass Pro Shops is Johnny L. Morris.

Question 3: Who founded Bass Pro Shops?
Answer 3: Bass Pro Shops was founded by John Morris in 1971.

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R Kite February 12, 2019 at 10:29 am

Stop advertising merchandise in your magazines that you do not have! Went to buy a handgun Saturday in Ashland Virginia to find out you never received any, at least that’s what your employees at the gun Dept said. And just this morning I get a email about this Again. And the sale is still on til Feb. 14. I also got told there is no rain checks. Well imagine that. I’m done with Bass pro.


George Dudley, Jr. February 7, 2019 at 7:39 pm

NO COMPLAINT… imagine that???
But I do have a question. I LOVE my World Wide Sportsman RN# 74747 shorts. I just discovered that all three of my pair have a mysterious “button hole” in the bottom of the front pockets. Could someone tell me why please? I found that most intriguing.
Thanks for your attention
George Dudley


Din Holman December 25, 2018 at 5:48 am

I shop at the Tacoma Washington bass pro shops on a regular basis. Recently I went in planning to purchase a Bergara HMR and night force optic scope combination (about $4k with tax). I arrived at the gun counter around 4:30 PM. It was a Sunday and they close at 6 PM. They were serving customer number 8 when I arrived and I took a number and got number 19. I decided to shop around a little bit and check back later. Got back to the gun counter around 5:15 and they were serving number 14. I noticed that there was only one person working the gun counter at this point (there were two people when I pulled my number) and there were at least 10 people hanging around waiting to be served. I waited until 5:50, and the lone employee was still serving customer 14. I was obviously not going to be buying a gun this day. To make a long story short… the service at this gun counter is terrible…every time I have been (at least 7 times) there there is one, possibly two people working to serve 5-10 or more customers…after this last visit have chosen to not put myself through the hassle again and will shop For firearms elsewhere, probably SportCo/Outdoor Emporium where they have several skilled gunmen working their gun counter. Should also be noted that I did speak to the manager before I left the store and told him I didn’t appreciate an hour and a half of my time being wasted because he can’t staff his gun counter appropriately. I also let him know (when he made an excuse about being understaffed during the holiday) that as I walked around the store I observed several employees in other departments that were obviously not busy doing anything (talking with a fellow employee). Do these people not know how hard it is to attract and maintain customers? Bottom line, there are better options for firearms than Bass Pro or Cabelas (where I bought my last Bergara and NF scope). Get your people trained and staff your gun counter with customer service as your guiding principle.


Scott November 3, 2018 at 2:37 pm

I bought a pair of Redhead hunting boots wore them 3 times pulled them out for this season and now the soals a literaly disintegrating. When I called customer service I got the very nice gal in the sweet voice tell me ” Oh gee, sorry you need your recipe and we only cover our items for a year, sorry” So Base Pro boots are only good for a year then fall apart? AND you need to keep reciets for years if you want help from them. The ink doesn’t last that long. Amazing how other quality boots last year’s and years but Bass Pro boots are good for one year only. Then they want you to spend another $150.00 to buy a new pair.
Bad products and horable customer servic, looks like it’s time to find a store that carries quality items and cares about it’s customers.


Kim Ernce October 23, 2018 at 9:14 pm

First, I love the Bass Pro Shops.
I am writing you regarding a very disappointing experience with Uncle Buck’s Banquet Room in Broken Arrow, OK. My Husband and I reserved a room in person with the manager on staff several months prior to our Son’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. We were provided with information and options, which we took home to discuss with our Son and his Fiancé. My Husband and I returned to the venue in person to discuss the final details with a manager 3 to 4 weeks prior to the reservation date. We spoke with H. Bagee. When we left the venue that evening we thought everything was finalized and felt comfortable that the 35 people set to attend would be well taken care of. The dinner date was set for 10/12/2018 at 7:00 p.m.
As a precaution, I stopped by the restaurant on my way home from work the day of the event to make sure that everything was as it should be. A different manager was on duty at the time. I explained that I was there to make sure that everything was in order with our reservation for later that night. To my surprise, they had it all wrong. We had requested a select menu for dinner and they had us down for appetizers and drinks only. How does this happen? The manager took my copy of the select menu and spoke to the kitchen staff. I was assured that the error would be corrected. At that time, I explained to the Manager that we did not want our guests billed for anything, including alcoholic beverages. He noted this and said that they would put the drink menus out on the tables and tea and water would be on a separate table for self-service.
When we arrived that evening, the menus were on the tables and the waitress soon took our orders, however there was no tea or water as promised. After trying to eat our appetizers with nothing to drink for approximately 15 and 20 minutes, my husband and I went to speak with the manager, H. Bagee about the situation. While we were waiting to speak to her we realized they were having our guests run a tab for their alcoholic beverages. We were incredibly embarrassed. When the manager finally came out, we quickly realized that she had absolutely no people skills and seemed as if she could care less that our guests were without drinks. She was completely unapologetic and kept making excuses with no genuine regard for how these mistakes were ruining a once in a lifetime event.
The restaurant was not busy at the time. There were never more than 10 people in the main seating area while we were there and only a couple of people at the bar. I suggested that perhaps she pull another staff member to help get the drinks out. She agreed to do so, and the alcoholic drinks were finally brought out, but we still had no tea or water. When the tea did arrive, it was hot! We had to ask for Ice! I could literally go on and on about the poor service, but hopefully I have painted an adequate picture for you. Said service did not improve and we never saw the manager H. Bagee again. I assumed that when the bill came, there would be a discount due to the poor service, but this was not the case.
To avoid further embarrassment in front of our guests, we did not contest the bill and left a generous tip as we did not feel this was the fault of the bar tender or the waitress. This was clearly poor management!
Suggestions for improvement:
1) Let H. Bagee go – She is simply not management material.
2) Provide a detailed form that lists everything the customer has requested for the banquet room and have both parties sign after final selections have been made.
3) Provide more than one waitress for any party larger than 15. Sincerely,
Kim Ernce


john October 14, 2018 at 5:08 pm

my son was in bass pro outside of Calgary today . he was told by your staff that night vision scopes are illegal . Because a fish and wildlife officer said so . Your staff should check the laws before answering a question they have no clue about . When i called out the manager about it he said the same thing , just because a officer said so is nothing more than cop out for not asking the right agency the question . Night vision is not illegal google is your friend use it . Certain lines of night vision is not available to the public for use by police and military only . I would think better training of your staff in general would be a step in the right direction , had the manager in question not angered me by hanging up on me you would not have received this email .It will be some time before i step foot in bass pro store again


Rusty October 5, 2018 at 10:19 am

My associates and I have the busiest undeveloped corner in south eastern Co. We are reaching out to companies for this great opportunity. This corner is located on highway 50 and Pueblo Blvd. This corner sees 80,000-90,000 motorists daily. It is also located minutes away frim Colorado’s busiest State Park (Lake Pueblo). This park has 1.8 million attendees yearly’ We are in the process of site plans and are inviting you to help in this to fit your needs. I will be looking forward to hearing from you Thank You Rusty Singletary


stephen depew October 3, 2018 at 5:49 pm

we just purchased a TrackerTF from Bass Pro in Rossford, Ohio and was very disappointed in the customer service in that store, the salesman was very nice and polite but was not have much knowledge of what he was selling, we went in to sign the papers and the traffic was bad that day and we were running a little late and the business manager Sara says to us very first thing “I guess I will wait for my morning snack” really like it was a very big deal to deal with a customer, then she said it would take 2-3 weeks before we would receive our registration for the boat, said we could still use it but would have to show watercraft officers the paperwork everytime they call you to shore, we asked he why it would take so long and she explained its 20 minutes to license bureau and 20 minutes back and she was waiting until a different day, after my husband got a little upset with her she said she would go do it so we went back to BPS to pick up our registration a week later and she was very rude and just left our stuff with the salesman so she didn’t have to deal with us. Then 2 weeks later we took boat out and fish finder would not turn on, I called and they wanted us to bring whole boat back to see if they screwed up wiring and I then call Lowrance and they said if its within 30 days they could just exchange it, went today to pick it up and overheard business manager and service manager complaining about us load enough for me hear, so I said something to her and she never even apologized or nothing, I would never recommend Rossford BPS to anyone until the employees in boat department get an attitude adjustment, very disappointed.


Roger Stewart August 7, 2018 at 9:27 am

To: Mr John Morris
I have an Idea to perhaps raise money for some worthy causes You may think of, Have some In House Bass Tournaments using Your Disk ” THE STRIKE” as the Tournament It’s self, Set a bunch of lap-tops up, charge a fee to enter the Tournament, then award Trophy’s perhaps to the three top place winners…..
Just an Idea, Thank You for any consideration on this Idea
Roger Stewart
Cape Coral, Florida


Bill July 26, 2018 at 8:33 pm

billdriscoll59@ I just returned to California after visiting the Springfield store. One thing I noticed was the tribute to and from veterans. I am a Disabled Army Veteran. When I went to the Rocklin California store, I was told that Bass Pro Shops does not give a discount on larger items, (IE Trolling Motors) to Veterans’s. As a former Soldier I appreciate companies that support veterans, and was wondering why discounts would not apply for these items. Thanks you for any response.


Sherman Lyle May 22, 2018 at 3:05 pm

Who us charge of your restaurant division? I know that you have about 40 restaurants in your group. I would like to send in a resume.
Best regards,
Sherman Lyle


Ceo August 31, 2018 at 12:28 am

Learn to spell, it might help you with your job search. Thanks for the inaccurate fun fact about how many restaurants we have.


Hall April 17, 2018 at 4:22 pm

Bass Pro Shops advertised (by circular and a full-page ad in Bassmaster Mag) a 2018 World’s Fishing Fair at the Springfield, Mo Store April 13 – 22. I drove 3 hours to Springfield on Friday, April 13 and found NOTHING GOING ON. No booths & exhibits, No seminars, No bargain tent, No family fun activities, No huge store wide sale and No TV Hosts. Well, the TV Hosts would be there Monday, April 16 according to a store sign I saw. What a disappointment!


Anthony March 8, 2018 at 10:26 pm

My Bass Pro Expereince

I just wanted to express how disappointed I am in this past 10 months on the whole bass pro experience. I have spent countless hours dealing with nothing but problems that bass pro and the tracker service center have caused. I was so happy that at this point in my life i was able to buy a brand new boat and be able to take my family fishing ( all 3 of my kids fish with me on a regular basis, if I go one of them or all go). I work roughly 120 hours a week, I have a very demanding job so any chance I can get to spend with them is a blessing and going fishing is one of those things that I really cannot explain. So when my wife and I talked about us getting a boat it was really a big deal financially, but this was something that we wanted to do and worked very hard to get our selfs in the position to do. So when we decided which was about a 2 month search on what to buy and where to buy from, it was a tracker boat from bass pro because its bass pro. I have been going there since I can remember buy fishing gear and I buy a lot of fishing gear. I have had a 4 boats before buying this one and anytime I needed anything I have always gone there.

So on to the purchase, went into the bass pro in Bolingbrook,Il. I looked at 4or5 different boats my salesman that was helping me was a nice guy but was not to knowledgable or wasn’t able to answer most of my questions. That should have been the clue to stop and take my business else where. Unfortunately I did not, so I over looked, my biggest mistake. Any case I choose to go with the 175TXW it was the perfect set up hook up and go fishing. PERFECT. Told him this is the one we wanted and was going to put 10% down and finance the rest. OK When I filled out the credit app in the store I was told that they would be sending to 3 to 4 banks to give me some options. I received a call on a saturday afternoon and the girl told me I was approved through AQUA Financing and that it was a great deal the interest rate was like 6% and that the terms where for 60 months or something like that and my payments would be around $250.00 a month without an extended warranty. That was extra. When I asked about other banks that I was approved for she got really pissy with me and was like what other banks this is the one. I told her well if this was the only one then I was not going to accept and after a long pause she said ohhh wait a second I have an approval from McHenry Savings and Loan I was like awesome because I already had 2 boat loans through them before. She explained the terms from them and it was like 2% less interest longer loan term and I would be getting an additional 7 years of warranty and my payments would be $172.00 a month. So my question is who’s getting a kick back from AQUA that you guys are pushing so hard to go with and how many other customers has this happened to. SHAME. Strike 2. I was really taking back buy this and complained right away but nobody seemed to care to much. But when I came in to pick up the boat everyone was looking for the cash that I was using for the down payment.

Ok onto the pick up of my brand new boat, so I thought. They pull it in the shop and started going over the boat and checking it out. Now my oldest son came with me and took the day off of school he hadn’t seen it yet so I figured it would be nice to bring him to pick it up. Upon looking the boat over I noticed that the driver console was scratched up and I questioned the gentleman he ignored me. I said it 3 more times before he actually stopped and looked he said ohhh it just a couple of scratches no big deal, WHAT no big deal sorry it is a big deal. I told him I wanted it replaced, he had to go talk to Adam to see if they could, Adam then went and talked to TIM and they agreed that it was to be replaced. What a pain, Tim told me go ahead we will order and when it comes in they will call me and they will replace right away. I picked up on a friday afternoon we made plans to go out that next day, drove to the lake dropped in and off we went. Awesome Myself and all 3 kids go get out to the middle turn the motor off drop the trolling motor in the water and nothing YEP trolling motor did not work after it was plugged in all night. I called at least 10 times and no one called me back had to bring into the store they looked at it and said it was the main breaker that was blown reset it and imagine that it worked. So went the following weekend everything was going good then the Fish Finder goes black what you have to be kidding me come on. Called a couple more times nothing, brought the boat back down there, now I have had the boat maybe 3 weeks and when I got there started talking to one of the guys he said this happens screen goes black and that it just needed to be reset. Ok cool. I seen Tim and asked about the console, he looked at me like I had a horn coming out of my head. He said ohhh ya don’t worry use the boat through the season and at the end we will replace no big deal. At this point I was really getting upset. Went out like a couple days later to the Chain. It was windy that day so the trolling motor wasn’t really working all that good but then i noticed we where in a cove blocked by trees and the houses up on a hill no wind trolling motor was not working here I thought it was the wind NOPE trolling motor not working. By this time I am really upset ruined our whole weekend and went home early.
Brought it back to them once again they checked the batteries said everything was good that they just needed to be charged. I have a cord that is plugged in all the time, I thought to myself well maybe I screwed up or one of the kids unplugged it. Bring it home plugged it in and it was maybe another week or so we went back out and to my surprise the trolling motor was not working. I just about lost it. So I was so frustrated that I called and guess what no one called me back I even called the salesman to complain to him. I used the trolling motor once all season.

I finally got a call in November the the console was in I said ok explained to them that I would be out of town for a couple weeks and that as soon as I got back I would bring in. I dropped off on December 20th, at that time I expressed again my concern about the trolling motor and that I wanted it looked at, cool they wrote the service ticket up and I was on my way. About a month went buy and I haven’t heard anything so I gave them a call guess what some one answered they told me that they ordered only half of the console and that they where just waiting for the rest to it to come in. Imagine that they didn’t order the right parts. I received a call that everything was done and I asked about the trolling motor and they told me it was the charging system that they had to replace I then asked well if the batteries weren’t getting charge where they replaced also he said yes that the trolling motor battery was no good that the charger had ruined it. Awesome, I then explained that I was looking at added either a radio or another fish finder to it and that I would come down and talked to them about doing it. Went there picked out a new $500.00 fish finder and asked if they could move the one that was on it to the front they yes I asked if there was going to be a charge to move it up front, they told me that someone would call and let me know if there was. Maybe I finally caught a break NOT, They called me a couple days later everything thing is ready come pick up, said ok. Then he had told me that there was 100.00 charge to move the old fish finder to the front. Well at this point I just wanted to pick it up and be done.

Went there this Monday afternoon to pick up get there start talking to the guys I was really happy that this was finally going to behind us. Guy pulls up with my boat drops it, puts some blocks by the tires and drives away. I was sitting there for about ten minutes waiting for someone to come and go over everything that was done. Then I looked at the cover and seen what I thought was a stain I got out and looked closer its a hole WHAT you have to be kidding me. I got really pissed walked in and demanded someone come out there and go over with me what was done, I still haven’t received a service ticket on the work that they did. I told them that the cover had a hole in it and I wanted it replaced Adam explained that he could not do that that he would send it out and patch it. I think, not so here is where it gets really good I then proceed to inspect the whole boat in and out. The shroud for the motor is all scratched, the cover has a hole in it, and the console that they replaced they used all the old screws and the paint is all chipped of the heads of the screws which are going to rust, I looked at the charger I could not tell if that was even changed because where I had pulled the cord out before to be able to access the plug it was in the same spot with a black zip tie which I used also, I just don’t know. the batteries have oxidation on the terminals so which tells me that neither where replaced. By this time Im ON FIRE, I was so upset I called and talked to you that same afternoon. Tim then called me later in the day and asked if I could bring back down on tuesday and he will look at everything and he would make right. Well let me tell you about Tim, he came outside we looked at the cover started taking off and he started telling me about how he has seen ice do this to covers before and that he needed the cover to send in to get patched I told him that I wanted a new cover that I would not except a patched cover. He was kneeling in the boat and said well thats what Im offering, he was trying to bully or intimidate me, by the why he was talking to me. I told him that I wanted the cover replaced that I brought it there without any holes in it and thats how I wanted it, he said no I’ll send to get patched in a very sarcastic tone, I then told him either replace the cover or get out of the boat that I did not want him or anybody else from his store touching my boat. I was very upset all this time all this money that I have spent. I’m so DONE with the whole BASS PRO experience.

I have contacted Mchenry savings bank to file a complaint, I called the bass pro customer service and filed a complaint this morning, I have a complaint in with you. I really don’t even want the boat any more just take it back, I do not trust the guys that have worked on it several times and how can I feel safe that what they have done is going to fix the issues with the charging system, what happens if the boat catches fire while I have my kids on there. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT PUT MY KIDS ON THIS BOAT EVER AGAIN, I don’t trust anything that these guys did. I have been lied to several times and been made a fool of by your company. I’m done with this boat something needs to happen.


Fidel January 8, 2018 at 5:11 am

Hi there, after reading this remarkable post i am also happy to share my knowledge here with mates.


lharding December 19, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Went to Bass Pro Shop. Bought and paid for and had receipt in hand waiting for the store to ready a atv. Store calls back after I had made arrangements to pick up the atv and told me they they were refunding my money and denying me the atv cause I had asked if my daughter would be allowed to attend a free atv riding class. They claimed that I was purchasing the atv for my daughter and they were refusing to to honor the contract and bill of sale cause she was under 16 years old. For some reason Bass Pro shop who I always thought was a family driven store, seems to find it perfectly acceptable to tell me what is good for me and my family, and has decided upon themselves to make the decisions which effect my home. Pitiful excuses and a sure sign of the direction the corporation is taking


Rich Shamory December 15, 2017 at 10:45 pm

We just came from your Harlingen TX Uncle Bucks Restaurant where brought a very group of our friends for a Fish & Chips dinner . We were all extremely disappointed when our order was brought out and there was 3 measly pieces of fish on the plate. For $12.99 your out of your fricken mind to think we’re that crazy to waste that amount of money on $3 worth of fish. Our last visit on Veterans Day I brought a number of my vet friends to this same restaurant where we ordered the Fish & chips, the order came out with 3 very nice pieces of fish and complements, which was well worth the $12.99 then.

I don’t know was the smart a** was that changed the product, but who every that is they should be fired. At this time of the year in south Texas, Winter Texans come from all over the country for the warm weather south Texas offers. The last thing they will tolerate is a big box store ripping them off. American Legions and Churches all over the area have Friday Fish Fries, a lot of them are all you can eat and they charge upwards of $7. So why in the hell would any waste their money at Uncle Bucks/BassPro. From the looks of it, this restaurant is feeling the backlash of smaller portions and the changes in the menu, because when we left there was only one customer in the restaurant drinking and over priced beer.

We feel sorry for the Manager “Roy” who apologized. He said “he had no control over the management decision and that a number of customers complained about the same”. Then the poor waitress had to be confronted the for the same reason.

The Uncle Buck’s Restaurant management need to be replaced with people in the restaurant business that know how to generate business not destroy it.

We have been long time Bass Pro customers, our experience tonight just about destroyed that.

While on the subject of the Uncle Buck’s food, the “all you can eat shrimp” is another joke. They bring out maybe 7 pieces of popcorn shrimp the have been butterflied to look much large then they are, especially with all the batter on them. $9.99 for this item would be bad if the shrimp were of a decent size. Reorders were waste of time you are limited to 5 more minuscule pieces.

Our entire experience with your Uncle Buck’s restaurant was as negative as could be expected.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for cheating your customers like that.



adam hulsebusch October 19, 2017 at 11:43 am



robin goetz October 17, 2017 at 4:47 pm

On Thursday October 12, 2017 my son called the bass pro shop in Tacoma Washington to see if they had the PSE Sequoia Long Bow #55 pounds in stock.
Bass Pro said they had one left in stock, so my son Colby Goetz asked them to hold it, that we would come the next day to purchase it. The drive is over 65 plus miles one way, and with traffic takes over 90 minutes each way.

We’ve always had a good experience with this store, and have purchased different items from time to time, as my husband and sons are avid sportsmen.
My oldest son is a licensed hunting guide and my son Colby is an avid bass fisherman.

We drove down to Bass Pro Shops in Tacoma, the next morning on Friday October 13th, arriving between 10 -11 am. In fact, we took the day off work to make the trip. When we got there, there wasn’t anyone in the Archery section. I went up to customer service, and within 10 minutes a salesman named “Joel” came into the department. My son Colby explained that he had called ahead and asked them to hold a 55# PSE long bow. I was in the clothing section.
Joel told my son that the salesman who normally works in the Archery section did not come to work that day. He also said he did not have a key to open the locked room that they store on hold items. He told my son that we would have to wait until the second shift salesperson came in that day. That my son should “shop around the store” for the next 3-4 hours.

When I came to back to the archery department I told them, that waiting for 3-4 hours was not an option. I told them I wanted to speak to a manager. Funny,
Joel then came up with a key. I said that I had some questions and he said I can’t hear you. I repeated myself he then again said I can’t hear you. I motioned for him to take his earphones out so he could.

If I hadn’t been there, I wonder if they would have made my son wait the 3-4 hours for second shift to show up. I have never been so frustrated with a store as I have been at Bass Pro Shops. When my son asked if he had to wait if he would get a discount Joel said “nope”. This entire experience has been a wash for us.
I will not go to this store again, and have never been treated so badly after spending over 400.00 that day for all we bought.

Customer service is very important to the consumer, so is politeness which neither was given to us that day. I just want you to know the kind of customer service we received at Bass Pro in Tacoma and why we will think twice about making the 90 minute trip each way, again

We never got to speak to the manager, I asked several times and was given a sales member.


Robin Goetz


Eric Abraham September 7, 2017 at 10:00 am

Mr. Franco,

The sales associate I spoke to on the phone identified you as the assistance general manager for the RIM Bass Pro Shop located at 17907 IH-10 West San Antonio, Tx 78257. Myself and two close friends frequented your store on 3 Sept 2017 to pick-up some ammunition and shooting targets. We had some additional question about the pellet guns sold in the gun section. After getting the attention of a sales associate (James), he answered our initial questions about pellet gun reloading functionality. James preceded on a sale pitch for a (Sig Sauer Semi-automatic CO2 Rifle), stating it could be fired out of an Impala, it could be used to rob banks and it had the same kind of sight as his AR57 he owns. As a sales associate it’s a valuable characteristic to know your audience, it’s another thing to insult the customer stereotyping them. Even if the stereotypes were unknown to the sales associate (James) , it’s unacceptable to suggest to any customer that your products should be utilized for felonious acts as a sales techniques. I purchased my XD in 2015 from Bass Pro Shop and shopped for other assortment of items over years with great customer service.

To suggest that two veterans with over 47 years of active military service and a current active duty military member of 20 years would engage in felonious activities was very offensive.


Ray Hamilton August 30, 2017 at 8:04 pm

I would like you all to know I was very touched when I heard that you all had donated all of those boats to help those poor suffering people in Houston Texas I have always been a customer of yours and I will always continue to be the cause of just makes you feel good to see people that go out of their way to help others in such as this so to all your people continuing to do the job that you are doing and may God bless each and everyone of you thank you and God bless you


Christopher Zemla August 17, 2017 at 12:24 pm

I recently ordered a Bass Pro Shops coffee mug. The first one came in about 5 pieces I received the replacement today 8/17/2017 and it was in more pieces then the first one there was no bubble wrap in the box at all for the second one like it was done on purpose . Customer service said they would send out a third one . But, I have no expectations for the third one it seems like your employees at your facility do not have pride in their jobs. Bass Pro is about to lose another customer. I used to prefer Cabelas but now you are or have bought them I will look else where to buy my fishing supplies.


Mike Smith August 14, 2017 at 1:24 pm

VISITORS BEWARE: DO NOT speak with the ” vacation consultants” working at Bass Pro Shops stores. I am a loyal Bass Pro customer and I hope Bass Pro is unaware of the SCAMS they are allowing to happen in their stores. Bluegreen Resorts are the company behind these vacation packages and they even use Bass Pro Shops affiliation in the INITIAL presentation. This lasts 1 hour. The COMPLETE presentation, where they lie and pressure ( bully ) you into signing a contract can last up to 6 hours. IF you do not stay for the entire time, meaning every offer they make after you continually say ” NO”, they threaten to bill you the entire room rate which is well over $1000.00 total. PLEASE, Bass Pro Shops, discontinue your affiliation with this company. I have filed complaints with the Florida Attorney General and BBB and intend to filed with the Tennessee Attorney General and BBB as well. The fact is, we were lied too and pressured into buying a product which was no where close to what it was promised to be. I know Bass Pro Shops would not do that to its customers, but apparently you are supporting an organization that does. You and your customers have been warned.


C J Berniol August 9, 2017 at 10:22 am

Dear sirs I am a loyal customer and need to inform you of my disappointment.I recently purchased a Regency tritoon from the BPS in Miami, FL. They would not do an in water test prior to delivery, they said it is not their policy. My first mistake. I have purchased many boats throughout my life and always have had the opportunity to run them in the water prior to finalizing sale. It was an older model but was still being sold as new. Upon delivery I noticed that some of the carpet was off the trailer bunks, I still accepted delivery because no big deal to replace carpet, second mistake. Once i got the boat fueled and launched It would not start, would crank but not start. I run a charter business and am a member of NACO. I had to cancel my charter for the day because of this issue and not only disappointed my customer but also loss of income. Once I got back to my house, I removed the cowl and checked for reason of not starting, however with the cover off it started and ran fine. Went out last weekend with another charter and again it would not start nor run with cowl on, But instead of loosing second income and disappointing another customer I ran without cowl at idle speed all day. Upon loading boat unto trailer one of the trailer bunks broke. Upon further investigation the bunk was rotten. It is now in the shop and Jay said he will take care of all problems, However the boat should have not been delivered in the condition it was delivered in. I am waiting to see if upon completion of service all issues are taken care of before making any comments to the public and to my association. I choose to purchase from BPS because of the prestige, prior history and good reports from other customers.


C J Berniol August 10, 2017 at 6:19 pm

Update to above report. Jay, the service manager, Stated the bunks will not be covered under warranty. I signed a no cosmetic warranty on the boat. However, if anyone knows about trailers and boats, the bunks are not cosmetic. Yes the carpet being torn is, but a rotten non functioning bunk is structural not cosmetic. With a boat resting upon a trailer improperly because of a rotten bunk there can be catastrophic damage to boat, trailer and even cause an accident when going down the highway. With the boat being only just over a month in my possession i feel that all bunks should be replaced and trailer made as a new trailer, which is how it was sold as new.


C J Berniol August 17, 2017 at 8:44 am

The store manager made it all right. I picked up the boat and trailer the other day. The motor is running fine, and the trailer now has all new bunks and even more appropiate size bunks increased from 2×4 to 2×6.
Happy Again


Loyal customer July 29, 2017 at 10:17 pm

I was a customer at your store in Clarksville, In. I was in the process of buying a gun. A gentleman came up and was looking at a gun and asked the man behind the counter to take off the tigger lock so he could feel it with his finger on the trigger. The man told him it was corporate policy that he couldn’t remove the trigger lock. The man got agitated and stormed off. Next thing I know he was back at the counter with another man, guess is a manager, whose name tag said Brian. He pulled the gun out and took the trigger lock off then handed it to the man. I could tell the men at the gun counter were upset. I felt very uneasy about the situation. Then the man asked about another gun and Brian got it out and took the trigger lock off and handed it to the man. I didn’t understand because I had asked to compare two guns and was told they could show me one at a time but now Brian had two out. I was uncomfortable about the whole situation and left.


Dion Anzisi July 27, 2017 at 6:19 pm

I’m writing to Mr .Morris I just want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to work your company in Atlantic city ,unfortunately, I guess H.R.department felt otherwise ,I felt really good after the 2nd interview, I just wish people would follow through ,stick to their word and not string people along ,I was told I would be notified by Tuesday July 25 by phone or Email,I had to leave a voicemail 2 days in row,not until Thursday July 27 I was told that they weren’t any further with the application, after being told I might be a good fit for your company.I was just looking for an opportunity with a great company like yours,I have 2 friends that work for your company and they are very happy! It’s hard to start over at 51,years of age ,it would be nice to be notified earlier,and with a more professional responsive manner! Thank you once again for the opportunity, Sincerely Dion Michael Anzisi!


tony goff July 20, 2017 at 5:47 pm

I bought a nitro z 18 back on May 24 of this year did not get the boat till June 17 or so .they told me 6 to 8 weeks .this was at bp in Manteca California .many times I called and got the voicemail and no return call .well finally I get the boat and they said it will take 2 hours to do all the paper work well it took 3 and a the second time I take it out the motor started to smoke and I opened up the motor cover and the hot wire going to the starter was glowing red and then caught fire my gf started freaking out I grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried putting it out but it flamed up again so I started yelling at someone on the bank if they had anything I could get the battery cable off of and luckily one guy did so before I abanded ship I was able to remove the cable and it stopped .we trolling motored back to ramp got back on the trailer then drive back to bass pro told.showed what happened I write a report .on the 7 of July they told me that mercury going to replace the motor I said ok how long will take they said they get back to me well some one did but still did not have a date that was a few days later I wait a few more and nothing so I call and left message but no response so I wait a few more days and call finally a guy answers I tell them I want to know what’s up he said I don’t know I’ll get my manager so I talk with her and then she said she get back to me the next day .well I call mercury and talk to a guy he said the new motor should of been shipped about the 7 of July because he said they have them in stock but here it is the 20th so bass pro called told me they shipped it on the 17th of july and they won’t get it till the 27th I’m like wow so I called mercury about why it did not ship on the 7th they said because they had to build it so I got 2 different stories from mercury but at least they answered my call so I let bass pro know how I felt I have a boat but can’t even use it the first payment is coming up in a few days and still won’t have it they said we can give you a 300 buck gift card and 2 free tuneups. Well for me that’s not good enough my life was in danger and my ::). I have no boat I got the run around and I paid 39.000 for a boat please help me out Johnny Morris I’ve been a fan of you for years and bass pro thanks tony goff


Katharine Bowers July 10, 2017 at 11:13 pm

I placed an online order on Friday July 7th, 2017. I received an email the same day stating that my order had been shipped. I tried all weekend to track the order and kept getting the same message that Fed Ex had ONLY received shipping information, a shipping label was created, as soon as they took possession of the package the tracking would be updated, and to check back later. Another email was received on Sunday July 9th stating that the order was “on its way,” No Changes at all over the weekend. After waiting until Monday afternoon for a tracking update, I checked again and got the same info that Fed Ex had not received the package yet. I contacted Bass Pro online and chatted with “Jarek.” He proceeded to tell me that the package was definitely shipped out on Friday and that Fed Ex just has not had enough time to update their website (now 3 days later). He suggested I contact them to see what was going on and gave me the phone number.

I spoke with Dee from Fed Ex who confirmed what I had suspected and that Fed Ex had not taken possession of the package yet. He also enlightened me about how the shipping process works. For Fed Ex to receive a package it MUST be scanned. Period. It will then show up in the tracking information. He double checked his system and confirmed that the package had not been scanned anywhere. He recommended contacting Bass Pro back AGAIN and explain this to them.

From there I chatted with “Brittney.” She gave me the same excuses that Fed Ex doesn’t update tracking info for 1-2 days (remember it had now been 2 days). I explained everything Fed Ex had told me yet the only answer I got was that it was shipped out and I “SHOULD” get it by the promised date. She stated she would forward my complaint to the “correct” department because they were not available at that time and I should hear from them in a day or two. I told her that was not acceptable and I wanted a response buy noon the next day.

On Monday afternoon (7/10/2017) I received an email from “Connie” at Bass Pro stating that my order actually never shipped out on Friday and that it was in that 5% that didn’t get same day shipping. She then stated that the package should be picked up tonight from Fed Ex and that it wont be able to be tracked until after Fed Ex received it.

5pm comes along and the package is still not able to be tracked. I chatted with “Regina” who would not give me an answer whether the package was shipped at this point or not. She just stated I should receive it on the promised date per a supervisor.

10pm comes along and still no update so I again contacted Fed Ex. I received the same explanation from them again that the package has not been scanned at all therefore it has not been picked up or received as of that time.

I called Bass Pro and was told first that Fed Ex is correct and that only the shipping label had been created and the package should be shipped out tomorrow. When I asked why for the last 2 days customer service reps were lying to me and telling me it was 100% absolutely shipped out she of course could not explain it. I again explained that I had to have this package in my hands by Wednesday before I left for vacation and asked if it will now be over-nighted to assure this happens. I was placed on hold for a brief tine. Then the rep returned and stated now that the package was actually shipped out today around 6pm but Fed Ex hasn’t updated the tracking info quite yet. I explained to her again I had just spoken to them and they vehemently stated that they have not taken possession of the package at that time so her statement was untrue. She stated I should still expect to receive this package by the promised date and this is “all on Fed Ex now.” I requested that someone contact Fed Ex and change the shipping to be done Over-night to assure I got this in time. She stated she would put in the request and that there was nothing else she could do, and that I should receive an email from someone tomorrow.

This is the First time Ive ordered from Bass Pro and it will DEFINITELY BE MY LAST!!! Please stop making excuses for your poor customer service and having your customer service reps have to lie to cover you mistakes up. Just BE HONEST!!! Not once was I offered any solution to help with this ridiculous issue that happens to be 100%the fault of your company! Bass Pro Shops’ customer service skills are SEVERLY lacking and quite Pathetic. You should be ashamed.


David Hucthinson June 14, 2017 at 9:50 pm

My son and I arrived at the Cincinnati BP at 3pm today as discussed with a Tracker Rep on the phone. When we arrived the two person sales crew were with customers and we waited patiently approximately 30 minutes for one to become free. All the while our presence was not acknowledged by either of them even though they walked by us numerous times. When I approached the salesman (I am so sorry I did’t get his name, that was a mistake) I explained that I spoke with a Tracker Rep in MO and she setup a 3 pm appointment to look at a TXW 175 Tracker. He said he didn’t know if they had any on hand but would check. There was one on the showroom, but had a 75 HP motor and was not the Red color I wanted. Plus, this one was sold, so I felt uncomfortable asking to get on the boat deck to check things out. After about 5 minutes he came back and said ” I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we have two, one Red and one Black and the bad news is they are still in service” and couldn’t be viewed. I explained to him again that I spoke with a Tracker Rep and it was to have been arranged for one to be available for me to look at 3pm. He said yeah, we got her message, but it only said to watch out for a dad and son coming in to look at a boat, but no time was given.

I explained to him we had driven an hour and thirty minutes to look at the boat in pouring rain and I was prepared to pay cash for the purchase, but I would really like to look at the one with the red finish. That’s the boated I wanted to buy. He responded with lets look out back and see if I have a red boat of any kind out there, that’s the color it will be. There was none. I asked again if it would be possible to just go look at the boat, hoping he would do what he could to help me make the purchase. He said if that happened he would have to take me over to service and then another employee chimed in a said “You will need to call service first and they would need to prep it first”. Can you come back tomorrow. Again I explained I spoke to a rep, setup an appointment, drove 1 1/2 hours and had cash to purchase the boat now. He replied ” look, I’m not going to stand here and argue with you about this” I responded I’m not trying to argue, I’m just explaining the situation you (Ashley) and I had arranged. At that point I said “forget it, I’ll look else where to buy a boat. He in-turn responded that’s fine, now get out.

I have never been treated so poorly or asked to leave any establishment or business ever in my life. I never raised my voice, nor did I use any profane or provoking language. As a Christian I try to treat everyone with respect and courtesy I wish to be treated. I simply went to BP prepared to buy a Tracker with my hard earned money and was treated in like they didn’t care if I bought a boat or not.

I’m sad to say I will never step foot in another BP ever. I will never again entertain purchasing a Bass Tracker. My son and I just looked at each other with disbelieve how we were being treated. He said to me dad, I would have never believed this if I hadn’t been here. I can tell you BP had a boat sale if they would have offered me some kind of assistance and let me look at the boat I wanted and was going to purchase today. Not now. I will be sharing my experience on all forms of social media available to me. This was a horrible experience and to think I wanted to give BP my money.


ernie alvarez June 13, 2017 at 2:56 pm

To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to update you on my experience with Mako so faron my custom built boat. Being a preferred Bass Pro customer for many years, having purchased multiple bass boats in the past, having referred many friends to go and see my contact at my local Bass Pro to make boat purchases, I found it fitting to upgrade to my bay boat and stay loyal to the Mako brand. My experience started on March 29th, the day we placed the order for my custom built Mako 21LTS. I put down $3,000 on March 29th to make sure I qualified for the 5 year Mercury motor promotion, only to find out that even though Bass Pro took $3,000 of my hard earned dollars, I didn’t qualify for their 5 year motor warranty because there wasn’t an actual invoice with serial #’s… Then, I saw my local Bass Pro was advertising other Mako bay boats with a $1,000 Nitro gift card associated with the purchase only to find out my Mako 21LTS didn’t qualify because it was a special order and this promo was applicable only to in store models. That’s strike #2 for me. As we stand now, I am going on week 11 since placing the order and found out recently that my boat is still awaiting rigging then another 1-2 weeks for the hauler to deliver it to my local Bass Pro. What was supposed to take 8-10 weeks looks more like an extra month of waiting.

I’m not a complainer and love my local Bass Pro but my experience with this purchase has been far from what I had expected. Next time, I will simply buy a boat from the showroom as this special order has let me down time and time again. I lost the 5 year Mercury promotion, even though my work order was completed within the promotional time period which ended on March 31st, I lost out on a $1,000 gift card that was being promoted locally with the purchase of Mako inshore boats, but only seemed to apply to showroom models. Mind you, I would have turned around and spent the $1,000 at my local Bass Pro as I still need a power pole, and now i’m on week 11 and still probably 2-4 weeks still out of the boat I ordered through Mako.

At Mako, there is a HUGE disconnect between the boat manufacturer and the buyer. At no point, did I receive an e-mail or phone call from Mako to update me on my pending order. You would think that a $40,000 investment should have some form of communication from the production line. Maybe its too far fetched but a monthly photo showing the progress would be pretty cool. After all, as a new owner, there is a level of excitement with this new investment. I’ve called Mako 2x in the past 3 weeks and all I get is that the boat is in the rigging phase.

This is in no way a complaint towards my local Bass Pro. I love that place and the staff is wonderful. I see them almost every week and they treat me like family. I just wanted to recap how my experience with my custom built Mako 21LTS has been so far. Around 6 months ago, I sent my buddy in to my local Bass Pro and he also ordered a custom built Mako 18LTS and he too had a rough experience with Mako, waiting 13 weeks on an order that was told would take 8-9 weeks. Keep in mind, I’ve been in the customer service industry since 1986 and the type of service Mako provides to their customers is definitely not one that would promote repeat business. I don’t expect this email to go anywhere but just wanted to share my experience so far. Thanks for your time.

Ernie Alvarez


Lacey Gordon May 27, 2017 at 12:34 pm

You should be ashamed of how your people plan events. Went to Hampton Bass Pro Shop for the outdoor event and no body knew where the fishing was taking place, the age range was 5 and up when there was NOTHING about it on ANY website promoting this event, and when I confronted the Ad Manager all I got was oh well that’s what we have and other lame excuses. Nothing about how it could be resolved or anything. So you better believe it there will be HORRIBLE reviews and we will take our camping and other buying needs elsewhere. Hire someone who KNOWS how to promote and PLAN an actual FAMILY event! Not the bulls**t we went to last weekend andthis weekend. Shame on you!


J. W. Hampton May 25, 2017 at 6:35 am

Sean Hannity is hurting our country and I was shocked to see you advertise on his vile show. He lies and spreads fake news for the sake of profit, with no thought of the harm he does to real people or American Decency. Thanks for your time.
J. W. Hampton
Chief Petty Officer, USN(Ret.)


Justin Malonson April 18, 2017 at 12:51 am

Bass Pro Shops buying Cabela’s for $5.5 billion, was a major deal we love bass pro. They just a hired a myrtle beach roofing contractor by the name of nance roofing to Sky-High Roof Replacement” of the BASS PRO SHOP in Myrtle Beach. They are filming it live here


Dennis Curtsinger March 23, 2017 at 10:54 am

I would like to stat out to say I always enjoyed going to Bass Pro , now for my complaint I was shopping for a used Fish and Ski boat and I found one that I liked at the London, KY Bass Pro. we talked and agreed on a price. I was going to write a check for the total amount but I was informed that they had to have a certified check and I understood that. I lived about two hours away so I went to my bank and got the certified check and returned the next morning. we started the paper work and I ask if the boat and trailer had titles and the lady that was doing the paper work was VERY RUDE and told that the boat because the boat was a Fish and Ski that the titles were combined . My wife was with me and she has been our county clerk for many years . My wife tried to explain to her that wasn’t correct. The lady got VERY RUDE again. Needless to say we did not buy the boat.
I am sorry to have had this experience with Bass Pro. I think Bass Pro needs to put qualified people in these type positions. Thank You


Randy July 9, 2017 at 10:44 am

There is no Bass Pro in Kentucky


Max Osborn March 20, 2017 at 4:52 pm

Been a “”Preferred Rewards” Member for several years. BassPro been sending me credit card applications for years and I have never acted as I generally operate on cash (by choice)….have had no credit card debt for years! Decide to go ahead and apply so as to multipmy the rewards points I have acXXXXulated .. DECLINED… I work in a bank and know for a fact I dont have bad credit….so the bank that issues their cards for them turns right around two days later and offers me a pre-approved credit card (which I threw in the trash!
Anyway…went and cashed in my $300 in rewards and will never go back…..Preferred Rewards No More…..Great Job BassPro!


Morris March 19, 2017 at 8:27 am

Can you supply T-shirt , Towels or Drilling Pipe by contract


Keith March 4, 2017 at 3:21 pm

I find the idea of a “10% military discount on SELECT ITEMS” a bit appalling for a corporate mind set, especially in view of the fact that most of the corporate stores in my area offer 10% ACROSS THE BOARD to military members and veterans. Those currently serving and those whom have served have given up a part of their lives and the lives of those who love them, to serve our country and preserve the rights which so many of us take for granted on a daily basis, and I find it dis-ingenious of a corporation as large as Bass Pro is to limit a discount in order to make more profit. I have been doing business with Bass Pro for over 30 years, but I find the idea of a limited military discount so off-putting that, henceforth, I will buy from them only when I cannot locate a particular fishing item anywhere else.


Rebecca MarkXXXX February 27, 2017 at 10:42 am

This note is tell the public to beware of the Grapevine TX Bass husband and I went there 2/17/2017 to see about financing a bass boat for his birthday,we found what he wanted,wrote a check for the down pmt,they told us $2100. So we put $3000. Down figured that would show the financial department we were putting our best foot forward,that was Friday,Tuesday they called wanted cash or cashier’s check ,we asked if we were approved they said not yet,I explained that the check was good and if the check was the issue when we were approved I’d be more than happy to bring cash to them to replace the check,the lady said OK. Then Thursday 2/23/2017 they called my husband and said we can’t help you, he called me right away and told me to check our bank account there I found out that they cashed our check and I called them now they’re holding our money for x amount of days .I asked why they cashed the check before they got the go ahead on the boat,they said they had to hold our money, my lawyer said they can’t do that so now we wait for our money to be returned all $3000.of it.


Bob Carbone February 20, 2017 at 11:39 am

OKC Store leaves a lot to be desired. General finger pointing instead of looking for solutions to problems .
Floor personnel and check out employees are great, Managers must have gone to the school of making excuses and pointing fingers at someone else.
Please don’t screw up Cabela’s, they are one of the few large companies who really care about their customers.


Bob Carbone February 20, 2017 at 11:29 am

This morning, Feb. 20, 2017 I checked OKC Bass Pro’s open time, it said 9:00 a.m. I got to the store and the doors were locked and they were not even answering the phone or have the common respect to give customers correct store hours. I was told it was my problem for being at the store at 9:00 am instead of 10:00 am. No, it is Bass Pro’s problem for not having correct times. The attitude of the Management Staff was crap. The attitude of the regular floor employee and check out personnel was excellent.


Ferd Snow February 20, 2017 at 12:58 am

Worked at Bass Pro Shops Nashville store from july 2006 to feb 1st 2017. was fired over ringing up my own soda because I was dizzy and needed it right away . worked hard for this company and was fired over 1.45 cents that I paid for. explained it and still was fired two weeks later right before the fishing classic . I was there asset in marine dept and was for years and it hurt me because I was always on time and did my work and was known for my knowledge at the marine counter. they said I broke a company policy and you are going to fire a 10 year employee over them trying to take care of themselves. its nonsense and I just don’t think I was done right. I hope Mr . morris sees this and I have meet him at Nashville store many times . I just pray that he looks into this and hope its does not happen to any other employee. I was even turning my marine keys in one day to go home and heard the manager said I was whining about it and was talking to and ops employee about it. wont say there name but that’s not how you treat a employee that has always shown up on time and did his work and always helped his coworkers and customers . it crushed my coworkers because we were a team and we helped each other and got job done. I loved bass pro and now I am struggling to make a living . I loved my time working there and hope things will get better.


Angela Podnar February 16, 2017 at 8:15 pm

I worked at Bass Pro from July 2016- February 2017. Even though I quit on my own behalf, I wasn’t really given the option. We got a new manager (who already worked there), after they decided to get rid of the other worthless manager that they hired about 3 months before. The new manager told me, and several other employees that she needs open availability, and nothing more. How does that make sense when she’s only giving us 2 days at most? Why do I need to be completely open for you, if you’re not even willing to give me enough hours to pay my bills? She even gave another employee an ultimatum by telling him that she can’t honor his school schedule. Her reasoning behind it was because it wasn’t his schedule when he was hired.. what??? Things change, and I doubt she’s ever been to college so she wouldn’t know this, but each semester is different. While their cutting our hours, the people who’ve been there since, maybe June or July, their hiring more people ( yes, you heard that right) and giving them the hours; even though supposedly the store is suffering and not getting enough business. We also had an employee held at gunpoint in the parking lot, and we weren’t even told about it, so we could be extra cautious when walking out to our cars. The only way I heard about it was through the other employees. After people started talking, they said we had to walk in pairs, which lasted a whole couple of days.
Also, the front cashiers hardly ever get their 10 min breaks. I guess they think that it’s okay to work us, let us stand on our feet for sometimes, up to 9 hours a day, and not get that 10 min break. Bass pro also has a no drink at register policy, which I found absolutely ridiculous! We talk to let’s say, a hundred people a day and don’t even get water at the register. I started bringing my water because I’m not going to excuse myself to the bathroom every time I want some water. Then they will be complaining about that. It’s obsurd. Believe me, the customers aren’t offended by us drinking water.
Good luck if you get hired at Bass Pro.. they use, abuse, and then throw you away when they no longer find a need for you.
I’m writing this because I feel it’s important for you, as the corporate office, to be aware of what is going on in your stores.

Orlando, Florida


Michael Arens January 27, 2017 at 10:54 pm

Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill , Destin, Florida

Ever feel uncomfortable before you even get a table? You go through the door. The entrance to the restaurant is down a hall to the left. Menus on the right. No one around so we go into the restaurant. Britany the waitress sends us back out to look for “Jake”. Jake is at the shoe rental desk for bowling. He sees us again and turns around and ignores us. I ask if he is Jake and he begrudgingly turns around. Takes us back in to Britany and seats us. The place is empty except the booth beside us. You know how sometimes a waitress will fall all over one table and ignores your family? Yea a lot of that. The food sucked. Son got something different without even being asked. Because they “changed the menu” but didn’t change the menu.
So if you like bad food and people that are to good to serve you. This is the place!


Tammy Cagle January 6, 2017 at 11:24 am

My son was on leave for Christmas from the Army. He bought a pair of boots for 164.99 and BASS PRO SHOP took the 164.99 from his acct. TWICE!!! Their excuse is the system messed up. As far as I am concerned the system is only as smart as the dumbass that programmed it. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT BASS PRO SHOP AGAIN!!!!!!


Tammy Cagle January 10, 2017 at 10:17 pm

This happened at the Leeds Al. Store


Jennifer Bailey February 15, 2017 at 9:41 pm

We recently visited the Bass Pro shop in East Ridge and just realized I was charged twice for my purchase for over $300. This is not the first time this happened to us .. it also happened in the Leeds store as well. We have good friends this happened to at the Pigeon Forge store. Very irritated and frustrated !!!!!


Robert D Williams Jr January 3, 2017 at 8:21 pm

I am shocked after reading all the negative remarks about Bass Pro. After all I’ve heard about Bass Pro , I thought after hearing about their take over of Cabela’s , that it would still be a nice place to shop. I’ve never been in our Bass Pro store and now I’m debating about visiting it


Mary Sullivan December 27, 2016 at 10:23 pm

Went to Bass Pro to return a $10.00 item with original cash receipt. After waiting for a bit of time the clerk told me she had to have my driver license. I told her I can’t give it because I had my identity stolen in August and am not to give my license to anyone. She went to talk to someone who said they had to have it. I said “no” so she got the manager. He said they had to have it because their system is set up that way. This was a cash sale with receipt but I could not get my refund. These companies don’t care about protecting your identity, just their bottom line, I will donate the item but never, never shop there again!


Stephanie December 21, 2016 at 9:39 pm

I am very disappointed with Bass Pro this Christmas season. This evening we took our two children to see Santa. Upon arriving we were told there were no more Bass Passes to see Santa. This was at 545pm. I do not understand how you can turn families away after they have dressed for the occasion, driven long distances and have excited children. We were told that we could get a pass for tomorrow between 1130-1 because that was all that was available. Our two children are in school all day plus we have jobs. We had to tell our children that they couldn’t see Santa, they were crushed. How does it feel to crush the dreams of little children. They started crying in the middle of the store while they got to watch other children see Santa. They didn’t understand why. The manager was nasty and ignorant!! We didn’t want our children to miss out on the joy of seeing Santa so we took them to our mall. We waited in line, which was perfectly fine. We had a joyous experience and I was happy to pay for pictures. I am disappointed that Bass Pro feels the need to tell children they can not see Santa, for that matter have the store manager tell my children they can not see Santa. It’s unforgivable, rude, and plain hurtful. Bass Pro has no compassion. From now on we will no longer shop a Bass Pro nor will we return for Santas workshop.


Melissa Leveque December 21, 2016 at 4:49 pm

I was hired by bass pro for a seasonal position in santas wonderland. I started the last week of october. I was there for the opening of conservation night, with many angry customers who came to get autographs from tony stewart, only to find out they needed a wrist band to do so but were not informed they were only giving out a certain amount of them starting at 4p.m. we were supposed to close at 9p.m but right before 9, they announced to our surprise, we would stay open an extra hour. This is just one example of how they treat employees. Their idea of traning is to let you watch a short video and take a test over and over till you pass it. As an employee of this company, you really have to wing most of the time. However, this is not the real reason im here writing this. During my time working there, before the wonderland even opened, i have worked in different areas of the store. Apparel was where i mostly helped out. I quickly became an asset to this department and was told so by several of the permanant apparel associates. They all urged me to apply for a position in this department and said they would recommend me. So that is what i did.
On the website the only position available was a full time apparel and one in archery. Since then they have hired on several santas wonderland people to permanant positions that were not even listed on their website. Two weeks ago they hied a new santas wonderland person. This guy just stands around getting paid to do nothing. He is about 3 feet tall and walks around trying to boss everyone else around. He has a foul mouth and customers have called and complained about his inappropriate lanuage. Basically is a pervert on the job, and in an area where young children and families frequent this store. I found out he is a friend of the human resources manager and that is why he gets away with these things, but what really makes me mad is he with all these negatives was given a permanat position in a department that had no openings on the website. I am a hardworking single mother, tomorrow is my last day. As of friday i will be unemployed, but he wont and he does not deserve to work there. He got a job because he is friends with th hr manager. Good to know bass pro managers abuse the authority given to them. Other companies wont allow managers to hire friends and family members to avoid conflicts due to favoritism. I took the seasonal position to get my foot in the door, it seems they only kept the younger wonderland workers. They also have employees that appear to work for bass pro, but are employed by Bank of America, walk around looking for customers to sign up for the bass pro credit card. At a time when our country is so in debt, is it good business to stalk people in your store to get them to sign up for credit. It seems the same about the people who walk aroud trying to sell bogus vacation packages and time shares. I used to think they were a great company, no now. And why a company that appears to be pro America, sells 90% merchandise that is made in china.


Richard m December 15, 2016 at 9:20 pm

I ordered 8 round magazines for my mp shield. I was told that they could not be shipped to me in the state of Massachusetts. Even though the web site says 10rounds is the highest capacity they can ship. I’m really going to miss doing business with bass pro and cabelas since they own them too. The customer is no longer cared for correctly by this company. They need to learn how to do math! They should state on their web site we will not ship to said states instead of the round limit.


Joe Clark December 13, 2016 at 10:20 am

I orders a scope for my rifle on line Bass Pro Shop and clicked free shipping. The Bass Pro Shiop On line tracking system for orders does not work. Called a received Customer Service and received a tracking number for Fedex delivery. Fedex delivered the package to a Post Office 6 Miles from My house. The Post Office Sent the Package to another Post Office 18 miles away. The Fedex tracking disappears at that Post Office.
I call Bass Pro Shop shop customer service and was told My Post Office does not deliver in my area. I have to go pick up the package. With what a Fedex Tracking Number? As my Grand Dad Always said “Free Shipping is not really Free”. I will not order on line from Bass Pro Shop again.


ScottW. December 2, 2016 at 1:19 pm

Once again……. False,misleading,fake advertising in your “Black Friday” mail out flyers I receive. Example…. This past Black Friday s sales event the flyer listed a Hummingbird Helix 7 fishfinder with GPS and a Lake Master chip card for an awesome price of $649. So we drive 3 hours to our nearest BPS, we showed up just an hour after opening and no surprise…….SOLD OUT. Then later to learn that particular store only received 3 or 4 units to sell. The sales associate then told us that throughout the ENTIRE Bass Pro Network (USA and Canada) , there was only 40 available units to be sold.!!! WTF! What kind of a company actually takes the time to advertise such an expensive item just to USE or LURE people int their stores?? Well here s how I handled it……. I just cancelled my name off their mailing list for their flyers(no point in reading the flyers if the store
ISN T stocked with the items) I ll purchase my tackle, boating supplies from local stores instead. (they all match Bass Pro prices anyways) Done!


Jerry McCue November 21, 2016 at 12:01 am

You keep saying you’re coming to Greer South Carolina but the people of Greer want to know when.


Disgusted! November 5, 2016 at 9:07 pm

I believe you need to go over customer service etiquette! Due to my experience tonight I will NEVER buy anything from y’all again!! My husband and I were browsing around tonight and wondered over to the gun area, I was trying to get a Christmas idea. I asked the man to show me two guns and explained to him I just wanted to see the size difference. He would not show them to me and instead told me I wanted different gun. I tried to explain to him that I had some physical issue so I really had to be careful with my purchase, but I don’t think he was truly cared. I also tried to explain to him that I’m a beginner and to explain these terms differently, I jokingly told him I can handle a dog better than a gun. Then he told me an attack dog was worthless because you can kill them easily. Afterwards he dicided to share a personal story how his own dog turned on him so he stuck his hand down the dogs throat and “ripped his throat out” I was shocked! I believe he realized his mistake and tried his best to convince me it was humane! BULLXXXXX! I am a veterinary technician and I have devoted my life to caring for animals! I’m so disgusted with this man! Everytime I hear “Bass Pro Shop” this story will be what I think about! I don’t understand how ANY part of this experience was customer service friendly! He was a typical pushy salesman that intimidated me, made me feel dumb and then shared a gruesome personal story.


Sam December 5, 2016 at 8:48 pm

OMG THIS IS DISGUSTING! Did Customer Service ever reply back to you? Tu for posting this. I recently had a crap experience in 1 of their stores and came here looking for email addresses for their CEOs. After reading this and the experience i had we will NEVER spend any hard-earned $$ at Bass, Cabelas, or any other business they’re affilliated with, again!


Jesse November 3, 2016 at 4:25 pm

Hi, I was told to send my info to you guys here at Bass Pro Shops. I have been informed that the company would be very interested in this commercial lot for sale in D’ibverville Mississippi. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the us and i have a beautiful 33 acre commercial lot right on the highway. The city has been trying to get a bass pro shop here for a while and i think this lot right in the heart of D’iberville will be perfect. This is a family owned lot and we are ready to sell it very cheap, Half of appraisal value. Please contact me any time for all the info. Thanks! 228-326-XXXXX or e mail at NitroKing5000 at


Phil Morgans October 12, 2016 at 10:51 pm

To: Corporate person responsible for the Denver outlet store.
I am contacting you regarding my recent frustration with persons in the gun department at your Denver outlet. To Make a long story short, I tried to obtain a Weatherby Vanguard series 2 rifle in 30-06 form both the Denver and Colorado Springs stores and was told that both stores were out of stock as of 9/22/16 but that you would order one for me. The subsequent fiasco I just went through trying to get one and the (bullsh*t) I got from the incompetent persons in the gun dept. have left me going hunting tomorrow for an entire week with a borrowed gun that I have not practiced with yet. I would appreciate it if you would contact me regarding the situation.


Greg and Paula September 20, 2016 at 10:22 pm

We purchased a time share that we were approached with at the Bass Pro Shops in Des Moines, IA. The company is Bluegreen Travel, and we signed up in Des Moines to go on a free 4 day 3 night trip. After going and listening to the time share presentation we purchased one. We were told that we were purchasing a time share that not only took care of lodging but we could also use the purchased points for airline tickets. They told us to pick a destination and we told them Hawaii and they then told us it would only cost us our food and attractions because all the rest was covered with the points we purchased. We were told that our first years maintenance fees were paid in full and later found out that only the first 6 months is paid in full. We were told we could have a free stay in a resort like we purchased to try it out, and it took three weeks for them to contact us after we were told 1 week, and finally we ended up calling them and were told that we had a motel room instead. I cancelled our stay because we were told it would be the resort like what we purchased. After returning home I called to make airline reservations for a Florida trip and told the Bluegreen reservation person I wanted to use my points to get the ticket and was told in his exact words, “I wish they wouldn’t tell you that because you really can’t do it that way.” He then told me that in order to get airline tickets you would have to sign up for frequent flyer miles or cash them into the RCI and you wouldn’t ever have enough points to get free airline tickets. We have called numerous times to tell them we were lied to and want out but were told since we could get free airline tickets through frequent flyer miles that they weren’t really lying. We have been passed around that company always with someone telling us that they don’t handle this but they will put us in contact with someone that does. We have been to Bass Pro in Des Moines two times since to complain and were given a phone number with a promise they would make it right. After not getting anywhere with that phone call we went back to Bass Pro and the sales person recommended calling the owner in Springfield Missouri. We are attempting to find that number. We have also filled out the attorney general consumer complaint form in Louisiana and Iowa as well as the Better Business Bureau. We have also contacted the Time Share Exit team over the internet and they want $4,300 to get us out of the time share but can’t get the money back from the charge cards. The people in Louisiana that sold us the time share were Denise Hubbard, April Womack, Erick Moscoso, Courtney Carr. The supervisor we have been talking to is Cherish and she is the one that told us that essentially we can get free frequent flyer miles and she won’t let us out of the contract. The address that we attended the presentation was La Pension, 115 Decator Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70103 and the phone number is 504-558-9594. They are part of Bluegreen.


Ashley July 28, 2017 at 10:14 pm

As a family we always enjoy the atmosphere when entering our local bass pro shop. About a year ago we walked into the bass pro shop in Shreveport/bossier Louisiana and were greeted by the blue green vacation representatives that asked for a minute of our time. We listened to their dreamy family vacation plan and took a leap of faith. We ventured up to the big cedar lodge in Branson Missouri to enjoy our free trip at the resort and to listen to the presentation. Once the presentation was complete we found out that we were indeed staying at a three start hotel in downtown Branson. We we’re lured in and again fell for all of the lies of our most exciting outdoor adventure for generations to come. My husband and I purchased a small 7000 point biannual vacation package. We were misled, falsely sold a package for a separate resort at a random week and have not received anything but a burden. We are an active duty military family that cannot project leave 11-13 months in advance. We will never get to enjoy the American dream family vacation we were falsely sold. I know that bass pro honors military veterans that protect their daily freedoms. Why incorporate with a dishonest, misleading company like blue green that takes advantage of anyone for their own corporate gain? Please help us resolve this burden…a contract for life that we will not enjoy for decades. Is this what really what bass pro stands for?
Sincerely, Ashley


Raymond August 15, 2016 at 8:26 pm

Would never recommend buying a tracker boat. I purchased a Tracker Superguide V16 boat in May 2016, from the Manteca, CA Bass Pro Shop, The boat was purchased with the upgraded vinyl flooring and sides. In June I noticed that the sides were peeling, Took me over a week, after many dropped, unanswered and mis-directed calls to get through to someone. I finally made an appointment and was able to take the boat in to have them repair it, with the assurances that Janelle, the department manager would call me. Finally after a week and receiving no contact, and again many dropped, unanswered and mis-directed calls. I spoke with the MOD named Tyler, who stated he would have the Janelle call me, no phone call ever came. On 6/30/2016 I finally contacted the Bass Pro Shop Customer Service via email. The CSR Garrett texted back said he could not get through either, but that he would forward my complaint to the Tracker Marine Division. After numerous calls and emails, I was finally contacted by the Manteca BPS Service Manager who explained that they finally have my boat fixed. When I picked up my boat, I noticed some stains on the flooring, but did notice that they vinyl sides were glued down. After about two weeks I noticed that the sides had came a loose again and was peeling on the sides. On 8/4 I called Janelle at the Manteca BPS and she stated that it was probably due to the hot weather and that she would see what they can do and call me back. To make this short, after numerous phone calls, emails and calls to the corporate offices, (one where the CSR, (no name) said I should just be patient, I have contacted an attorney and we are in the process of sending a letter of intent and pursuing legal actions. I recommend “DO NOT PURCHASE A BOAT HERE!”


joe ives August 15, 2016 at 4:05 pm

buyer beware.

Inside most Bass Pro Shop, there is a kiosk for Blue Green Resorts. They will offer you short 2 night stays for little money. In turn, when you get to the resort; you must sit through a presentation to buy a time share. This presentation will last most of the day as the sales representative will try every trick in the book to get you to buy a package.


These time shares are almost impossible to sell and the contract you sign require maintenance fees to be paid non-stop. If you are even remotely unsure whether you are right for a time share, just walk away. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done.


Kristin July 28, 2016 at 2:54 am

First of all I want to say superb blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to
writing. I’ve had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there.
I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or tips?


Amanda June 30, 2016 at 10:56 pm

I am so disappointed in bass pro shop but like other things it came down to what I needed I had to get from this company. Unfortunately me spending almost 40 thousand dollars doesn’t satisfy answering or returning a phone call when I have called repeatedly to the myrtle beach office. I promise any individual reading this to please remember big businesses are not always the best to work with remember the little man when spending your hard earned money. If it wasn’t for my son and fulfilling an interest in something for him I would have definetely chosen else where that being said Bass Pro Shop after you get my 40 grand trust in this I will not revisiit your store to spend a dollar or even twenty on anything.


John June 22, 2016 at 11:40 am

You are not alone fellow boaters. I have been without my 2013 18 foot Combo Tracker for almost 12 weeks now thanks to BASS PRO catching the entire back end on fire while trying to fix a bad weld on the hull.

Originally they were just going to fix the wiring and give it back to me. Until I showed up unexpectedly to actually see the damage and starting taking pictures. At that point, I said that was unacceptable and they would be replacing the boat. They reluctantly agreed. Now months have passed – partially because the Service Manager tried to stick me with a used hull that was not a COMBO. When I reminded him that mine was a COMBO – for which I was still making COMBO payments despite their MASSIVE screw-up, he had to start over and find another hull. It took them 2 weeks to get a hull that was literally 3 hours away!!!!!

So overall, I am MASSIVELY UNIMPRESSED with the crap that comes from this Ft. Myers store. While they are polite – I will give them that – timely service is NOT a concept that they have mastered. NOT EVEN CLOSE !!!


Jason June 3, 2016 at 5:35 pm

I am appalled at the service of this location (Macon). I have had someone steel valuable items out of my car while in the parking lot. After trying to contact someone, Robert in “operations” could not answer simple questions and the reception lady that answered the phone was extremely rude. After making a police report, the local sheriff stated that there has been a rash of break ins in that area yet nothing is being done. So I suggest you avoid this location at all costs…


Deon Edwards June 3, 2016 at 4:31 pm

Bass tracker service f***ing suck I just brought a boat not even a year ago and the weld broke twice and they sent it back to the factory. It took a month just to get to the factory. And now they talking about another month or two to get back to Manteca where I got it from. And the bad part is I have to still make 3 mouths of payment without a baot. Very bad service I guess they really don’t care like they say they do. Attn ceo and president or bass tracker bass pro whatever


Deon Edwards June 3, 2016 at 2:04 pm

Bass tracker service f-ing sucks I just brought a boat not even a year ago and the weld broke twice and they sent it back to the factory. It took a month just to get to the factory. And now they talking about another month or two to get back to Manteca where I got it from. And the bad part is I have to still make 3 mouths of payment without a baot. Very bad service I guess they really don’t care like they say they do. Attn ceo and president or bass tracker bass pro whatever


beth cook May 3, 2016 at 10:16 am

I have been a dedicated and Very Reliable Associate at the Harrisburg Store #26. But was recently terminated from employment. I worked there From October 2004-April 2016. I was the victim of some serious associate drama brought in to the department from my Lead. I was also texted on my days off from that lead. You need to know what goes on in that particular retail chain.I just want to voice my opinion. Thank you


Micah Wertanen April 21, 2016 at 1:23 am

I noticed Tracker boats won the NMMA CSI Awards in 2015 for excellent customer service and it is that very reason I ask for your help today.

My wife and I recently started the boat purchase process through the Brandon, FL Bass Pro Shops location and we have not experienced the award winning customer service I hoped to find in your brand. We are trying to purchase a new 2016 Sun Tracker 20′ Fishin BargeDLX in black for my family to enjoy but we have been severely disappointed thus far.

My wife and I wanted a new boat and not one that has been on the showroom floor getting abused for weeks on end. So after putting $250 down to secure and ship a new in storage and unused boat we wanted from your Bradenton location to the Brandon store, a sales personnel told us that our credit would only be pulled one time if we tried to get financed through Tracker Marine Finance and that the corresponding banks would use that information. Instead, I was shocked to see that I received not one but three hard credit inqueries. I tried asking my Tracker Marine Finance agent, Emily Tuck, for a reason for this and I was told what the sales personnel told me was false. I waited for days to receive word from your bank so I decided to go to my personal bank and apply for a loan. I had the loan approved and printed in 3 hours. When my wife and I returned to finalize the paperwork, we were told the boat had not shipped and we would have to return days later to inspect the delivery after their service department inspected the boat. A few days later, I spoke with the service manager and he said the boat would be ready to be inspected and picked up the next day mid afternoon. So, I took a half a day off work and went to inspect the boat. What I saw was passing for a “new” unused boat was an embarrassment and unethical act by your company. I posted the video I took of the boat and posted the findings on youtube so when someone else decides to follow in my footsteps, they will know what they could possibly get as a result from trusting in such a renoun brand. I posted this video hours after I left Bass Pro to show the deep scratches dents and marks in the aluminum pontoons along with dry rotted rubber stoppers, labels that had fallen off and a rip in the bimini top cover. One could wonder what else is damaged that I did not see. Would you buy a vehicle with damage such as this for the full price? Would you be content with a service department trying to pass this as new or if nothing was wrong? Better yet, why would the Bradenton location send this damaged boat in the first place?

I rejected the boat and asked to have a new one shipped to me from the factory as soon as possibly and I was told this would take 4-6 weeks and possibly more! this is unbelievable! I need your urgent help to get this matter closed or at least past this information along to those who can prevent this situation from happening again. In the mean time, I will be posting and blogging continuously with my experience so others can be made aware. I really want the boat but it seems like Tracker Boats is not interested in making the sale or helping me close my first boat purchase.


nemo April 3, 2016 at 6:34 pm

As a relatively recently departed employee, I thought I’d comment on a policy in effect for several years now that negatively affects the average Bass Pro associate. It would seem that Bass Pro does not what is a standard common practice in the retail industry to allow “pro-deals” which gave employees generous discounts directly from the manufacturers on high-quality merchandise that Bass Pro carries, which in general, are relatively difficult for the average Bass Pro employee to afford given the nature of pay in the retail industry.

Let’s face it, the average wage at Bass Pro Shops is much closer to the minimum wage than what most states and economists consider a living wage. For many, Bass Pro is one of multiple jobs they need to get by. It is simply too much of a stretch for the average employee to afford some of the quality items from famous manufacturers Bass Pro carries

You’re more likely to find the average Bass Pro associate shopping regularly at Walmart than even a mid-tier retailer.

Now we find that Bass Pro is forcing manufacturers to raise the industry standard “Pro-deal” prices on items to make sure they get their cut, in a sense, taking their “pound of flesh Industry reps will tell you that the pro-deal price for item “X” is “Y”, but for Bass Pro associates the price for the same item is actually “Y+”, and that “+” is often a significant amount, especially relative to the average associates income. I found this out from a friend, who owns a small local shop. He allowed me to pro-deal through him instead of paying the significantly inflated Bass Pro price. Sometimes it’s even cheaper on eBay.

Even Dick’s Sporting Goods honors industry standard Pro Deals.

Can you imagine comparing Dick’s more favorably than Bass Pro on anything?!

Now some companies won’t even give pro-deals to Bass Pro, and of course Bass Pro associates are not allowed to use the 3.5 website. I had heard it was because management didn’t want us spending time training on merchandise if we weren’t getting paid for that time. Let me tell you, in the time I was there, there wasn’t one thing I learned from Bass Pro training about merchandise. As enthusiasts, if not experts, we are self-motivated in areas of our expertise.

Richard Branson of the Virgin Empire said in an Inc. Magazine interview:

“Surprisingly, Branson recently revealed that Virgin does not put the customer first. In fact, Virgin employees are the company’s top priority. That may sound counter to decades-old business wisdom, but it has worked so well for Virgin that Branson says he’s surprised more companies haven’t adopted an employee-centric management strategy.

It should go without saying, if the person who works at your company is 100 percent proud of the brand and you give them the tools to do a good job and they are treated well, they’re going to be happy,”

Branson tells Inc. president and editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg in an interview.”

Now, many of your associates are already under some level of financial stress by the very nature of the compensation regime in the retail environment. Add to that the tentative economic conditions, as well as the dis-intermediating Amazon effect of the Internet, Bass Pro has been cutting back hours on already financially stressed individuals, which of course, negatively affects their ability to consume. In addition, it makes employees feel like a disposable item, which in reality, we all are, but greatly affects morale, and job performance and company loyalty.

The question becomes, “Is the pound of flesh you extract from your employees, by bucking an industry standard practice, of such a XXXXulative amount to Bass Pro’s bottom line that it warrants denying them the opportunity to own something they might not normally afford (perhaps becoming advocates), thereby further negatively affecting morale more than it already is?”


Tim February 20, 2016 at 12:37 pm

Is it common practice for Bass Pro Shops to Hire people give them 40+ hours to help open a store and then once the store has opened cut them back to 5, 10 to 15 hours a week? Also is it common practice to groom the store for the younger generation?


Upset vet February 17, 2016 at 3:33 am

First off let me say I have always loved bass pro shops . However today I received a phone call informing me that I was being offered a cruise and a weekend in TN well I informed the young lady that I am a disabled veteran and I tried to explain that I am on a fixed income but she transferred me to another lady before she understood what I was saying well I informed the next lady of my income situation and she said ” because I don’t have an income of at least 50,000 I do not qualify for these offers ” then she just hung up. I’m good enough to fight but not good enough for your offers. I’m terribly disappointed


Donald Otto Cunningham January 29, 2016 at 9:40 am

Kiss works for you. Be Friends with other Banks. Salt and Vinegar Bad, Honey Well. ??

I have never been so Disgusted Appalled and just plain Angry after try numerous times to set up my checking account info and could no find any were in the online account to do that unless I had a checking account with your “Bank of America” on your online Rabbit hole jumping online banking I came to the conclusion that it was not there at all for “APS” Knows why. 1 that made me wonder if I was doing something wrong so I call Bank of America and once I was logged in again. 2 your people didn’t have a clue why?? so they sent me some where else putting info in phone robot talk over and over till going from southern part too northern NY too middle of the East coat of America and for a 3.5 Hour tour of company a gentleman told me to go too, “choosedirectdebit.bankofamerica” and after trying There still no luck I call the 1 800 789 6701 phone# talk with another Gentleman and told him frustrating over 3Hrs. problem and he had it set up in seconds, Well by now: KNOWING THE SERVICE YOU PROVIDE FOR USE GOOD CREDIT AMERICANS I TOLD HIM CLOSE THIS B”S ACCOUNT PAYED IN FULL AND I WILL BE WRIGHT EVERYONE IN AMERICA AND TELL THEM HOW YOU TREAT AMERICANS IF THEY DON”T HAVE YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT AND NOW PLAIN OUT CRAPPY YOUR ONLINE SERVICE IS. I feel for the people that work there because of all the wasted time your system causes, and your fools just think of money your paying them in time after with everyone with the same problem I had and the amount is Business your loosing!! Poor Bass Pro is Loosing because you came make USER FRIENDLY *** FOR ALL AMERICANS. In the tech. world we call it the KISS method. this means. “KEEP IT SIMPLE Stupid”. my credit is very good and I can pay for what ever I or my family needs and my son and I fish and hunt year round all over America. So You have not just lost a customer but you lost Bass Pro a Customer also. WE don’t need MrFancy pants. Final I take care of my Customers 16 + years and A 5 star Rating!

Your Lost Customer: Donald Otto Cunningham
Email: ottoc58@
Phone # 706 300 XXXXX Cell
706 867 XXXXX Work


Paul newman January 5, 2016 at 1:04 pm

As a long time employee of tracker marine plastics division I would like to report the horrible drug problem at the lebanon plastics division reguarding pill distribution and the ingestion of drugs during working hours. Tony Myers/ kimo conception/ jerimiah miller/ Kyle Bain/ Eric whitehead/ chad/ Cody McCulloch/ zack Jenkins/ Jordan summers/ Danielle sien/ sherry Carroll. I ask that they be removed before I take it to legal enforcement


Franklin Harrell December 26, 2015 at 2:53 pm

12/24/2015 12pm Bass Pro Shop 1133 North Dobson Rd Mesa, Az 85201.

Well all I can say Jeffery Moss is that I encountered almost the exact same experience though at the knife counter. I patiently waited as the store associate assisted another customer and his son. It appeared as if the dad was getting the son his first Swiss Army knife. After a few minutes of rummaging thru the cabinets looking for the packaging the knife came in the associate gave up and asked if he really wanted the packaging since it was the floor model anyways. They said no and the associate then began to walk over to the case a few feet away where the optics are located and checked out his guest.

Immediately after helping them the associate walked over to an older woman at the optics counter and asked how he could help her. I was extremely offended because I was next in line and had clearly been waiting for over 10 minutes. That’s when I said “excuse me but come on I have been waiting here for 10 minutes, let’s be real”.

That’s when the associate who was clearly frustrated by his body language put up his finger and with the most snobbiest attitude he possibly could said “let’s be real…okay sir, I’ll be right over there.” I immediately lost it and shouted across the counter at the guy “F*#! You buddy” while I proceeded to walk out. He then began to escalate the situation even further by saying “Alright, See ya later Girl Scout”!

That’s what when I really lost it. I walked downstairs to customer service and explained what happened to the head security and store manager. I told them I had half a mind to go back upstairs to beat the $*+! out of the associate who for absolutely no reason neglected to help me then got an attitude with me. I also told them I had half a mind to wait out in the parking lot for the a$$*&!? to get off work to beat his a$$. They said I couldn’t make threats against there employees or they would have to call the police. I said “look you can call the police if you want but I simply haven’t threatened anyone.” I have 4 witnesses right here that can attest to that. I simply stated I have half a mind to do so meaning this guy pissed me off so much that I may consider just catching a charge to knock him out. The worst part was the knife shelves were extremely scarce and the knife I was looking for a gift that I had seen a week prior was not there so I figured they may have sold out but I just wanted to confirm. When explaining to the Store manager the issue he looked up the item and was able to confirm that it was no longer in stock. He then made a comment “wow, all that for this”. I said “I know”. Bottom line your associate was completely out of line as was I so for that I’d like to apologize. I have a mood disorder and take a lot of medications for it. I’ve been doing very well lately but don’t take kindly to rude, degrading behavior. I understand that it was Christmas Eve and things were crazy but I’ve worked retail before and it’s always first come first serve. Let’s be clear on one thing. It wasn’t having to wait or even the fact that he overlooked me as the next customer in line. It was his little XXXXXty attitude and if for whatever reason I have to go in to one of these stores and that associate decides to start that crap again, I can’t promise I’ll be as nice as I was last time. I WILL NEVER SHOP THE BASS PRO SHOP EVER AGAIN BECAUSE OF THIS. Hats off to the store manager for owning the situation but you guys definitely better get rid of that associate because that’s the kind of person that pushes someone over the edge which ultimately creates a hostile, and potentially dangerous environment for everyone. I don’t care if I have to pay double for something it’s either Sportsman’s or Cabellas from now on.


Jeffery Moss December 18, 2015 at 9:59 am

Subject: Re: Today (12/16/2015 at 12 Noon) My wife and I were at the; Bass Pro Shops 175 Bass… [Incident: 151216-003068]

Sent to Bass Pro… Customer By Web Form (Jeffery Moss) 12/16/2015 09:10 PM
Today (12/16/2015 at 12 Noon) My wife and I were at the; Bass Pro Shops
175 Bass Pro Blvd, Denham Springs, LA 70726 – (225) 271-3100

My wife and I were VERY Interested in Purchasing handguns so we can take the Concealed Weapon’s License Course at the Livingston Parish Sherriff’s Office for a cost of about $150 each. We where hoping to be able to shoot a few different Caliber Semi-Automatic Hand Guns at the store or borrow a couple guns to see which ones we like the best. I think my wife will be best suited for a 0.38 Caliber Semi-Automatic Glock or Equivalent with the Largest Clip Capacity Available and I am leaning toward a 9 mm Semi-Automatic Glock or Equivalent with the Largest Clip Capacity Available. The gun center was not busy since it was Wednesday and raining. We waited at the hand gun section looking at hand guns in the display case for about 30 minutes and NEVER HAD A salesperson ASK US IF WE NEEDED HELP… BUT THERE WERE FOUR SALESPEOPLE HELPING A COUPLE PEOPLE 25 FEET DOWN TO OUR LEFT at the Rifle Section… There was a sign on top of the display case stating to take a number… BUT THER WAS NOT A NUMBER DISPENSER IN SIGHT… My wife and I FINALLY GAVE UP ON BEING SERVICED AND LEFT BASS PRO VERY IRRITATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have been to a couple other gun shops; Accurate Firearms & Police Supplies, Baton Rouge and Academy Sports… Neither seemed interested in selling my wife and I guns… I guess because we are Elderly White – White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP)… Where at Accurate Firearms & Police Supplies and Academy Sports the customers being serviced with 100% Attention were Black and I believe the customers at Bass Pro today were Mexican… I am 64 and disabled/retired and my wife is 61… I guess Bass Pro Shops, Baton Rouge Police Supplies and Academy Sports DO NOT NEED THE BUSINESS OF Elderly White – White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) CUSTOMERS… WE HAVE PLANS TO TAKE THE NEXT Course offered by the Livingston Parish Sherriff’s Office and apply for our Concealed Weapon’s License at the Louisiana State Police Headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA… We will be going to a REAL GUN Retailer – Jim’s Firearms – 5760 Siegen Ln Ste A, Baton Rouge, LA; Frank’s Custom Gun Works – 1315 Florida Ave SW, Denham Springs, LA; Red Jacket Firearms, 9683 Mammoth Ave, Baton Rouge, LA (which are also gunsmiths and will make custom guns; Cabela’s Sporting Goods, 2200 W Cabela Pkwy, Gonzales, LA; Barking Irons Firearms, 14111 Airline Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA – TO NAME A FEW GUN SHOPS IN THE BATON ROUGE, LA AREA… That HAVE Shooting Ranges to try out different handguns. I picked up the Bass Pro/Outdoor World “Comments and Suggestions” Pamphlet as we were Irritatingly LEAVING Bass Pro at about 12:30 PM… It states on the front cover “In order to better serve your outdoor needs, we need your input on how we’re doing. At Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR CUSTOMERS” I Believe Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World HAS Severely Failed THAIR MISSION STATEMENT AS OF TODAY BETWEEN 12 NOON TO 12:30 THIS AFTERNOON IN FAILING TO Promptly Give My Wife and Myself Proper Service in the Handgun Department TODAY… On the First Page of the Back cover of the Bass Pro/Outdoor World “Comments and Suggestions” Pamphlet… it states: “Success doesn’t just happen… our goal is to be THE PLACE YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS VISIT AND SHOP FOR ALL YOUR OUTDOOR NEEDS. WE STRIVE TO “EXCEED” YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND MAKE YOUR VISIT “THE BEST POSSIBLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE”. “FILLING OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE WILL HELP” US MEET THIS GOAL… Jim Hagale, President and Chief Operating Officer… I worked 44 years in a Laboratory for PCS Nitrogen – PotashCorp in Geismar, LA, with Corporate Headquarters located; Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan · 122 – 1st Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada S7K 7G3 and KNOW Extensively About Quality Control and Quality – using Tools such as Northwest Analytics | Manufacturing Quality Analyst that Electronically keep track of a Corporation’s Quality… Manufacturing intelligence for intelligent manufacturing.™ … In Detail. NWA Quality Analyst® is a comprehensive statistical process control (SPC) software and is used by MANY High Quality Corporations… You MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO PURCHASING THE NWA Quality Analyst® is a comprehensive statistical process control (SPC) software at;

REPLY from Bass Pro:
From: Bass Pro Customer Service Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 9:10 PM
To: jeffery
Subject: Today (12/16/2015 at 12 Noon) My wife and I were at the; Bass Pro Shops 175 Bass… [Incident: 151216-003068]

Thank you for contacting Bass Pro Shops. For your convenience, we have provided a summary of your inquiry below.

To update your inquiry, please click here.

Question Reference #151216-003068
Summary: Today (12/16/2015 at 12 Noon) My wife and I were at the; Bass Pro Shops 175 Bass…
Category Level 1: Other
Date Created: 12/16/2015 09:10 PM
Last Updated: 12/16/2015 09:10 PM
Status: Unresolved
Zip Code: 70706
Phone Number: 225#######

My Email Reply to Bass Pro:
Bass Pro Customer Service;

This is Amazing… I send a VERY IMPORTANT Email In Regards to Bass Pro’s VERY POOR QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE At Bass Pro on 12/16/2015 at 12 Noon… And ALL I get in a reply from Bass Pro is:
Thank you for contacting Bass Pro Shops. For your convenience, we have provided a summary of your inquiry below… Basically this is a Typical Lawyer – Human Resources – Customer Service “Standard Reply – Blowing Hot Air up my @@@! This is the type of reply I figured I would get From Bass Pro when I sent the Email Complaint… NOTHING, BECAUSE Bass Pro DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS, as MOST Corporations Don’t… Your Mission Statement Doesn’t Mean Anything for the Average Consumer… The Mission Statement as Printed On the First Page of the Back cover of the Bass Pro/Outdoor World “Comments and Suggestions” Pamphlet, IS JUST Useless Words That a Group of Highly Overpaid Uncaring People, who Probably make $500 MILLION EACH Year, Not Including Ten’s of Million’s In Bass Pro Stock Options… Outdoor World. Bass Pro Shops is #93 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies and had $3.83 billion in revenue in 2012; Executives: CEO: James Hagale, CFO: Joe Cazenavette, COO: Larry L. Whiteley, Lawyers – Human Resources – Customer Service Managers sat in Bass Pro’s One Billion Dollar Plus “Ivory Tower” Corporate Headquarters located in Springfield, MO, 2500 East Kearney… around a 6” Thick Solid Mahogany “Think Tank” Table that Probably cost Ten Million Dollars and Developed Bass Pro’s Mission Statement… “Success doesn’t just happen… our goal is to be THE PLACE YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS VISIT AND SHOP FOR ALL YOUR OUTDOOR NEEDS. WE STRIVE TO “EXCEED” YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND MAKE YOUR VISIT “THE BEST POSSIBLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE”. ”

On the First Page of the Back cover of the Bass Pro/Outdoor World “Comments and Suggestions” Pamphlet… it states: “Success doesn’t just happen… our goal is to be THE PLACE YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS VISIT AND SHOP FOR ALL YOUR OUTDOOR NEEDS. WE STRIVE TO “EXCEED” YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND MAKE YOUR VISIT “THE BEST POSSIBLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE”. “


Dean Manning December 14, 2015 at 12:47 pm

I went to your store in Tampa,Florida on Wednesday 12/09/15 to purchase a riffle I was shown one that I like I told the sales rep that I would be back in the am to get it she told me the riffle I was shown was $529.00 I told her I will be back to get it when I arrive the next morning she was helping another customer so another sales representative help me I told him What I was looking for and that she put it in the back when he return with the same box and gun that she had shown me last night I knew because the paper work that was inside was the same I told him that was the one and he was very rude and said not this gun this gun is $729.00 I then told him I will wait on her. Cause she is the one that put it back there and she would remember me and when she was done I ask her if she remember me from last night and she said yes I told her what was just told to me and she said he was incorrect so she went back to the back room he followed her and she came back saying that was a different gun and the one she showed me was sold I am not happy because I knew that was the same gun I can see if she told me the wrong price that’s one thing but to lie to me is another I email the store manager with this information but have not gotten a response I have purchase a lot from this store and is my favorite store but this has change the way I look at Bass Pro.
Dean Manning
Riverview,Fl 33578


Tia December 13, 2015 at 10:21 pm

For the past 3 years I have taken my daughter to see Santa. Well today even though I am sick I took my almost 4 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son to Bass Pro in Destin Florida which is over an hour drive for us. When we got there we were told that they could not see Santa and after explaining to the man that we have drove over an hour to get there with our 2 young children (since we can’t go during the week since both my husband and I work) he told me “well you can come back tomorrow Santa will be here until 8”. After telling him we work during the week and this is the only time we could go down there all he would say is “Well I’m sorry”. We arrived an hour before Santa was to leave and was told my children could not see him. After getting highly upset about this we walked out and my almost 4 year old daughter asked me what she did to get on Santa’s naughty list that he did not want to see her. Now try explaining to an almost 4 year old that it is not because of anything she did. Finally I had to tell her it is mommy’s fault that Santa did not want to see her thankfully my son does not know exactly what happened. I am very upset with the whole situation since we do a lot of business at this store and for the past 3 years have gone to see Santa and bought one of the packs of extra pictures each year we have gone and planned to do it again this year.


AAbby Albin December 12, 2015 at 5:01 pm

Today, I went to bass pro in Portage Indiana, a 45 minute drive, to pick up a 4 wheeler that I had financed the week prior. I signed all the paperwork and everything went smooth. Was taken to another associate, Chris, to have him explain the ins and outs of the 4 wheeler. While speaking to Chris, I had mentioned that I had a 7 year old who was going to enjoy riding the 4 wheeler. He then said he had to go check in with his manager and would be back momentarily. When he returned with the manager, he said he would not be able to sell me unit because you have to be at least 14 by state law to ride 4 wheeler. I informed him that my son would not be riding alone and he told me it didn’t matter, he couldn’t sell it to me. I said, well you already did sell it to me, as I have made the down payment and signed all paperwork for the financing. He refused to let me take it. The main Reason behind my frustration is, by that point, I had dealt with 3 different employees who never said anything about an age requirement, the manager never offered any kind of solution, and seemed like he really didn’t care. Now, not only do I not have the atv, I’m out hours of my time and no one even suggested some sort of resolution. I must of signed at least 10 sheets of paper and there is no “release from liability” form. Really? I will not be going back. What a sad excuse for customer service.


Randy Peterson December 2, 2015 at 8:24 pm

WOW, I can’t believe these comments.
Well let me add a negative comment. I purchased a Bass Tracker Boat this fall. I was given a VIP card which promises 20% discount on Bass Pro products for two years. My first purchase I was charge full price. I have had multiple conversation with their online support, they did not change the charge or offer a refund on the difference. Order has been cancelled.
I will not be lied to from a dishonest company. Family, friends, colleagues will know how I was treated. I will not due business or purchase from Bass Pro again. If I could afford it, I would sell my boat. They stuck me with that but never again. I am on my 3rd boat. The fourth will not be a Bass Tracker.


Mr. Ebersole November 28, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Dear James Hagale, Joe Cazenavette, Larry L. Whiteley,

First and foremost, a serious matter needs to be brought to your attention and resolved immediately.
On Friday November 27, 2015 (Black Friday) approximately 10:00 PM, I arrived at Bass Pro Shop to pick up an employee. I walked up to the “entrance” doors and noticed the store had closed for the day after shaking the door in attempt to see if the door was locked. At that time, I saw the employee I was to pick up, standing next to a couple co-workers at the customer service counter. At that point, I knocked (tapped) on the glass window to notify the employee that I arrived and would be waiting at the picnic table outside in front.
After sitting at the table, an Orlando Police Office came running out of the store and approached me in front of other customers hanging around outside. The male officer gave me the 3rd degree in a very nasty tone by making harsh statements, and those statements came from the manager (Shawn). The officer stated; “the manager sent me out here to find out what you are doing and tell you to get out and off Bass Pro Property.” The officer stated; “I work for Bass Pro and I want to know what you are doing here?” I said; “waiting on an employee.” The officer continued on for several minutes disrespecting me while making feel like a criminal. After the officer’s scare tactic, he walked back in the “exit” door and perceived to talk to Shawn. Both were talking and pointing at me, in addition to other customers and employees staring at me.
At that time; I became scared, humiliated, and offended trying to figure out what I did, so I stood up and decided to wait in my car, wondering if I will be approached again.
I will NEVER step foot onto any property or into a store owned by Bass Pro. I am frighten and scared that I or anyone else will be attacked by a manager or a police officer just for walking into the store. However, I want a full description of what I did in order to be treated like a criminal by a manager (Shawn) of Bass Pro. This incident needs address immediately! Either Shawn is fired or I will take this further.
I have already started the process of sharing my experience with local residents and will share on every website and media nationally. Thank you for your cooperation and immediate attention to this serious issue. This matter occurred at the Bass Pro Shop on International Dr. Orlando Florida. I can be reached at XXXXXfor further questions or concerns.

Mr. Rodney Ebersole


Ian bass November 28, 2015 at 11:54 am

I purchased a Tfo fly rod form bass pro 2 months ago. After a month I was going to return it because it is a bad casting rod. The guy working in the fly fishing section convinced me to give it another try saying it was probably my casting. Now it’s over two months and I’m not able to return it. All I want is my money back so I can get a good rod. I spend a lot of money at bass pro and all I ask is for good service. And let people return things that are bad quality!!!!


AG October 29, 2015 at 1:39 pm

I am deeply disappointed to see that you will be opening up at 8AM on THANKSGIVING DAY!!!! You need to take a step back and think about letting your employees enjoy the Thanksgiving day holiday with family and friends. Please rethink this opening time and maybe open around 6pm if you need to open on Thanksgiving day.


Emory Knowles October 21, 2015 at 5:57 pm

This past Monday I drove 30 miles to the Arundel Mills, MD store to buy a Garmin combo fish finder/GPS. The model I was looking at was priced at $399.00. I wanted to buy this model but no one was at the work area. Nearby, in the fishing equipment department were four employees. I walked over to ask them for help. They were quite nice and radioed the person who manned the electronics area. He radioed back that he was busy and would not be back to the work are for some time. I was quite perplexed, having driven over 30 miles to the store, and not being able to find any help.

Needless to say, I left and went to a marina near where I live and bought the same model and had it installed.

This is not the way to manage a store or customer relations. Needless to say, I will not be doing any holiday shopping at Bass Pro Shops nor will I likely take the time to ever shop at Bass Pro Shops. You have lost a good customer. I did a lot of business at that store.


Ruth Moore September 9, 2015 at 6:37 pm

As a result of your Fishing Manager, Carl Kieslling, I have also sent messages to Stealth Cam, Maui Jim and Yeti, as he suggested,” let them handle it”. I did.

Stealth Cam is looking into this issue.
Maui Jim will be responding in a few days.
Yeti responded immediately. You may be interested in their response;
“Thank you for your feedback. The Hooper 20 is intended for a mobile option when spending a day at the beach for example ….as 10 pounds of ice in a Hooper 20 would not last more than a day.”

Yesterday, 09/08/15 my husband and I went to the Bass Pro Shop in Ft. Myers. We live 120 miles round trip from the store and have purchased thousands of dollars in merchandise since the store opened. Recently we needed a cooler for our dinghy. Jack wanted a Yeti. It was not what we had expected of that product. Jack really wanted to return it, and so the story goes;

I went to the service desk with receipts in hand for each of the 4 items we did not want to keep. (I know that sounds bad, however, since we only go there when we go to Naples to see my doctor I have always been treated well, no matter how long or what the price.)

On July 23, 15 My husband wanted a Yeti Cooler. After looking at the cooler on the second floor, we liked the portable as it would appear to work fine for us when walking across the islands to the beach. We discussed it capability with a salesman working in that department as we could not find any markings on the label stating 4 or 5 days as shown on some of the other brands. Your employee stated Yeti is the best and he is sure it would keep ice at least 4 or 5 days. We decided on the Yeti Hopper 20, $299.00 and a Marine Grade 0 Degree ice keeper thing, $29.99. We used them both for the first time on our boat 09/04. Pre-cooled Yeti in the morning. The 0 degree ice preserver had been in our freezer since the day we bought it, when we took it out to use it was still pliable. I have never used one of those so did not know if it was ok or not. Around 1600 put the 0 degree ice thing in the bottom, filled cooler with ice, 6 24 ounce bottles of water and 4 cans of soda. We anchored out. We had the Yeti on the rear deck under cover and shaded, through the night of course it was much cooler. In the morning around 7 or so there was no ice, only cold water. We stayed on the boat most of the day. Did not open the Yeti except to get a cold water, which did not last long. That evening we went ashore and picked up 20 lbs of ice, using 10 in the Yeti. Again, in the morning it was melted. What was wrong? Do not know. Anyway the next evening we again filled it with ice. In the morning, gone. Needless to say, we no longer wanted the ice keeper thing or the Yeti. We wanted to return it.

Next 2 items to return; We had purchased a pair of Maui Jim Glasses, $219.99 and a Night Vision Camera, $119.99 last May. Yes, I realize that was to long to wait but I did forget to take them in July. So yesterday, the 9th we went to BPS. I went directly to the service desk. The young lady told me any items over $100.00 would have to be approved by a manager. I had never been told that before. but OK. Carl Kiesling, Fishing Manager, came and my nightmare began. First he was rather rude in his demeanor. He said there is a 30 day return policy. I had never known that either. He did not want to return anything for me. He questioned me about wanting to bring so many things back although he really did not want to hear it. He asked about the camera. I told him we could not get it to work properly even though I had called technical support and followed their directions. Actually, operator error most likely had something to do with it, however it took 20 or more pictures in succession with no sign of movement. We tried several days, even took it to MN with us in late June. A person we know has several night vision cameras and he could not figure it out. We did not have the box any longer. Mr. Kiesling “would not accept it without a box so he could re-sell it”. Next item; Jack had purchased some Maui Jim sun glasses. He never took them out of the box from the day we left the store. They sat on the dresser. I asked him if he really wanted them and to try them on, which he did. The nose bridge piece has a place where it is secured to the lense that is within eye sight range. Jack was not sure he could get used to it. So back they went. Manager Kiesling mortified me in from of the employees and other patrons. (Yes, they were in the box.) He removed the case, removed the glasses held them up and said “they have been worn” considerably. Then he looked thru them and stated in a loud obnoxious way, “They are filthy”. That is not true. He made me out to be lying. He said, “I am not going to return them. you will have to deal with Maui Jim”, His further verbalization was offensive. His customer service skills were deplorable. His entire presentation of reasoning was unprofessional, crude is better description. Lets suppose the CEO had my experience…Carl Kiesling, Fishing Manager, would have more than a repremand, he would have been fired on the spot.

He was amazed that I was returning a Yeti! He practically yelled, “No one has ever returned a Yeti”. Well, I wanted to. Finally he said he would give me a store credit on that and the ice. He did not believe I was telling him the truth. I replied by saying, “it sounds like you are doing me a favor”. He stated, “I am”. Before I walked away I asked him to “do something for me, tonight before you go home fill this cooler with ice, leave it outside in a shaded area. See how it is in the morning”. He did not want to hear that. However, since Yeti did contact me wit in minutes of my message to them perhaps he should be advised of their response. I did not lie, the ice did melt, as he intimidated me. The sales person was in error and it appears Carl Kiesling does not know his store policy and procedures as well as vendor products.

When I left the service desk I was frustrated by his attitude and embarrassed by his accusations. We had planned on purchasing a good amount of items for our boat and fishing gear. I found Jack in the glasses area thinking of getting another pair. No thank you. No fishing gear, no glasses. Nothing. I did not want to use our credit there, and I will not ever shop at this particular facility again. We left disgusted. One bad apple spoils the barrel, guess this is true. He is not the kind of representative we are accustomed to. Nor is he the kind of representative to be given a managerial position. Someone should take my complaint under investigation. Such as it is, you will continue to make a profit with or with us.

And, by the way, training of floor personnel working specific areas should be stressed. Advice should be accurate. Some people are outstanding, some are useless. I request this complaint to be forwarded to the Corporate Office for closure. I shall await your reply.

Ruth Moore
**** Parkside Drive
Englewood, FL 34224


James Terra September 2, 2015 at 4:47 pm

I have a question regarding the rental or use of the training room in a store with a range.

I have been getting mixed messages regarding the room. As a professional firearms trainer is there a cost for using the classroom and if so what is the pricing policy?

I have been told it is free by a few and others are saying there is a charge but there is no doXXXXentation that I can look at. It seem in my particular store the pricing kind of comes off the hip.

Can you please advise. This is getting very aggravating.

Thank You,

Jim Terra


al mckee August 30, 2015 at 11:26 am

hi i shop in your store often i brought my bow to be restrung me and my son were there for three hours and when i brought it home it was shooting all over the place so i took it to another (pro shop) and here it was dun very wroung it end up paying to have it dun again it was a disappointment please help me under stand about your (pro)shop thanks al


al mckee August 30, 2015 at 10:50 am

hi i shop at your store often im from south jersey and i move up here in upstate NY and i shop in your store in Utica NY i needed my bow restrung and i figured i would try your archery proshop i took it in and gave them a shot me and my son were there for three hours witch i did not mine i take good pride of my hunting equipment well i took it home and gaver a shot broke to red maxamas couldn’t get here sighted in so i took it to the shop up here witch is a hour a way from your shop and found they never adjusted cam cables and pep sight and rest cable not right at all hart braking i love your stores and i will keep shopping there i never ever complain and im sorry to do so it just cost money i didn’t have to spend tey need more tools to run a pro stop they use a mason level and i should of stopped them right there you are a pro shop no well i again appolagise for the complaint and will keep it to my self your friend AL


Larry Sarver August 16, 2015 at 10:22 am

My name is Larry Sarver and I purchased a 2013 Pontoon, Motor and trailer from. Bass Pro in Pearland, Tx in June of 2013. I financed with one of Bass Pro’s preferred Institutions. I paid the loan off early this Summer, 3 years early. I recently had decided to purchase a bigger Pontoon and put mine up for sale. Just this week I had a deal made to sell to a couple, but when I got to their house and we sat down to finish the deal, the guy looked at the 2 Titles. He said he wasn’t buying a 2013 boat and trailer with a 2011 Mercury Motor and I said what are you talking about? He showed me Title and it has 2011 Mercury. I was disappointed when he said he wasn’t gonna do deal but understood clearly.
I purchased a 2013 Bass Buggy and trailer with a 2011 Mercury 30. Please help me understand? I called your Corporate Office and after talking to a few different people, a Lady got on the line and told me she had a phone number for Mercury, and I told her I didn’t purchase from Mercury, I purchased from Bass Pro. I called the number anyway, but it only validated that I bought a 2011 Mercury Motor, not a 2013 like all my paperwork from the actual purchase of package, except Title.


michael barbere August 15, 2015 at 2:46 pm

I’m the owner & operator with Mr. Whit Tarlton of North Carolina. Our is a Charity race team known, as FCC Monster Truck Inc. We have four charities we are working with, already on board is Autism Speaks we have been talking to Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, another is Ocean Futures Society which is Jean-Michael Cousteau and Earth Echo run buy Jacques Cousteau grandson and granddaughter. Our truck is to bring awareness to these Charities. We have been talking to Honda they are giving us a 2016 Pilot to use as our monster truck. We are looking for one more sponsor and I like to have Pro Bass Shops on board with us it’s a nice way to get into the ocean side of your business I know I have been doing the worlds largest boat show in the world Ft. Lauderdale boat show for 20 yrs. now email me at be****** or call 954 609-**** if you need to see our business plan. Our attorneys are doing our 501c-3 papers now thank you for a few minutes of your time. Michael Barbere


Kenneth Shelton August 14, 2015 at 2:14 pm

On August 9, 2015 at 7:00pm, I, along with another co-worker stopped in for dinner at the Islamorada Fish Company in Dania Beach, FL. This restaurant is connected to the Bass Pro Shop Store. We parked our vehicle (Dodge Durango) in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot within 75 feet of the sidewalk leading in to the restaurant. We finished our dinner at 8:20pm (still daylight) and proceeded to our vehicle. Once there, we could see that the driver side door lock had been damaged. Upon further examination we determined that my luggage and flight bag (I am a Corporate Pilot) had been stolen from the rear of the SUV.
We flagged down a contracted security fellow that began his shift at 8:00pm and he called the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. Officer Goodnow (Badge # 17048) took my information and began filling out the Case Number # 02-1508-834. He stated that this type of robbery was very common at this location.
My co-worker, Lee Mickey, went inside the restaurant to let the assistant manager know what had happened and to see if you had any surveillance tapes that would be helpful. She assured Lee that someone from Bass Pro would call me the next day. As of this moment, I haven’t been contacted by anyone from Islamorada Fish Company or Bass Pro Shops.
On Monday, August 10, 2015, Lee and I went to the Bass Pro Store to speak with the manager and the Customer Service Agent in charge (Nicole) to see if they had had a chance to view the surveillance video and also buy some clothes and a piece of luggage. She didn’t know anything about it and refused to let me speak with a manager. Her direct report was a fellow by the name of Sam (Lead Ops Support) and he was busy unloading a truck. I asked for her to have Sam give me a call and she said unless there was some evidence on the video that he would call the police but probably would not call me. Again, I asked to have someone call me from Bass Pro Shop, if for nothing else, it would be good for customer service. At this point I was frustrated that I couldn’t speak with anyone in management, so I left without purchasing any clothes or luggage.
I have been flying this week until today and have not had time to address this issue. I sent an e-mail to Bruce Kirschenbaum, the manager at the restaurant and have received a reply that he will report this to Operations.
I certainly don’t blame you or anyone in your organization for this robbery, the people that did it have sole responsibility and one day they will pay for what they have done. However, your management needs to know what is going on so they can implement some countermeasures to these people or you will not have any customers left to serve.

My best suggestion would be: when a customer comes into your store to let them know they have been robbed in their parking lot, the CSR should be able to locate a manager for the customer to speak with.

Thank you for your time.


Kenneth Shelton
Aviation Department Manager
Pike Electric, LLC
Pike Way
Mount Airy, NC 27030


todd morris August 12, 2015 at 11:21 am

I think Bass Pro Shops should be built in Westfield Indiana because Westfield Indiana is the new Entertainment Capital Of Indiana.Westfield attracts 1,000,000 people annually to Grand Park Sports Complex the largest sports complex in the nation.Westfield is building a entertainment venue that has arcade,bowling alley.Westfield is building a 20 acre lake that is surrounded by retail ,brewery’s.It will be designed like Nantucket bay and new england theme.The 20 acre lake will be used for a beach ,sailing,paddle boats will be used.Also there will be a go kart track ,water park,putt putt golf too . A ferris Wheel,and Merry go around will be built.A monon trail for biking,walking is located near by.Westfield is 10 miles from Indianapolis.A amphitheater is being built .If Bass Pro Shops were to build the worlds largest Bass Pro Shops this would be the place.


James Dewhurst August 6, 2015 at 5:29 pm

Mr. James HagaleTo Whom it may concern: Aug. 6, 2015

Let me relate a tale of a store and employees that were not interested in selling a “Tracker SUPGV16C” stock 776833, motor and trailer. I had $4,000.00 cash a pre-approved Loan through USAA and this store let a stone-cold buyer walk out, without a care in the world. Aug. 2,nd my wife and I went to 175 Bass Pro Blvd, Denham Springs, La., with the intent to look and purchase a boat. We could not find anyone to help us, the store was not exactly busy, so agreed on which boat we both liked and left. A customer that was also looking told us about the “Boat Center” in Hammond Louisiana had “Tracker” boats as well, so we decided we would try that the next day.
We went to the “Boat Center”, found the same boat and were quoted a price $675.00 higher than Bass Pro; which was $15,090.00. The Salesman @ boat center said we were looking @ the wrong boat, etc. So we decided to return to Bass-Pro to see if this was true and it wasn’t. This time we found a helpful salesperson, he took a credit app and we tried to get the ball rolling. I was on vacation from work in Ohio, General Electric Aviation and wanted delivery of the boat before Monday Aug. 10th. The salesman said both Business Managers were off on Thursday and he was not sure about Wed. so he did not think we could do business till maybe Friday and this is a Monday. I told him I had a old Bateau trade in and he said there might be someone to appraise the boat on Tuesday the 4th and I would need to be in by 10am or so, I asked if 11 was o.k. Tuesday the 4th, arrived @ 11 am, “Dewayne” instructed us to go to the back @ service and talk to Jeanette and get her to get someone to look at the boat and we did that. Jeanette said it would take a couple hours and she would call us when it was done. Two o’clock in the afternoon I had received no phone call and called the salesman and he informed us that Bass Pro did not want my trade in. Sounded like a deal stopper to me, I did not have room in my drive for two boats and proceeded to go pick up my boat. Met Jeanette and she claimed she had tried to call me; but I showed her my “I-Phone” no missed calls, she said maybe I should have dialed area code, we are in the same area code, she was lying. So I asked her if any mechanic would like the boat for free, I had title etc. with me, I would give the boat away so I could get a new boat. Went back up front asked the salesman if we could make a deal today? I have four-thousand cash, showed it to him, I have a pre-approval letter from USAA and could we talk to your business manger. She was in and knew nothing of the deal, had not looked at my credit application and was not thrilled about doing a deal. I told her I would like to take delivery as soon as possible as I would like to enjoy the boat before my vacation ended Monday. She said it might take too long for USAA to mail me a check or send her a check and called what I thought was the Boat Manger Dewayne and asked him if the boat could be ready in one day for delivery, he said no and offered no time-line. I could not risk the boat delivery on Monday as I would be driving my truck back up to Ohio on Monday and my wife would have no way to pick up the boat if it was a Monday delivery. At this point no-one was showing interest in delivering or selling a boat. I had already learned from Jeanette in the service dept. that they could rush up delivery and a Thursday delivery was possible. I am not mad; but find it hilarious how much this crew did not want to make a deal or sale. Folks have forgotten customer service and
how to make a deal. Since then no fallow up calls or any word.

Thanks James R. Dewhurst
Deal quote 323392


Robert Howe July 16, 2015 at 7:13 pm

To All,

 I traveled to the Bass Pro – Round Rock,Texas store last Friday, 7-10-2015 late morning to purchase a handgun I had seen on your website. I normally buy from Cabelas, but am an old fan of Bass Pro. I lived in Branson, Missouri for years and loved the store and people there and in Springfield and the treatment I received there was always awesome and professional , as well as stores in Florida. So I thought I would give Round Rock a try. What a mistake !!

 Your gun dept only had 1 person both times I was there that day and he did not even know the most basic info of the guns displayed.  

When I said I wanted to buy as I had made a long trip, he said could not leave counter and no none was in vault to assist him. I waited for a good while.  Eventually a woman came back and stood at counter while he got gun to record serial number, etc. 

 Next was the app process. Took forever and came back delayed, I said no problem, call when cleared. Never heard back. 

 When leaving the gun dept, the sales people in the travel booth attempted to call me over, when I said no Thanks, salesman smarted off under his breath about what I would not be getting. I almost called him on his attitude, but figured someone else in management surely had to have seen or heard this on camera and I did not respond to this person. Wow!!

 Called Monday and was again told nobody in vault at 11 am and they would call me but that some applications had been lost..  What???

 Called Tuesday and was told no one in vault and that he was at lunch at 11 am, but that my app was likely still being processed. I asked for a call when someone could give me info.  Never got a call,  though I verified they had my correct phone number.

 Drove 4 hours to store at 9:35 am this morning as the 3 day wait time was well completed yesterday and again, only one guy behind counter, not even a gun dept person, and again no one in vault. Same name was given to me each time on gun vault employee who never seems to be there. I was stunned, but after a 4 hour drive I wanted to get this resolved. I waited again. The young man just stood there and I said can’t you call someone to help and he said ,” I don’t have a radio, I can’t call anyone”.. This is the gun dept at a Bass Pro ???????

 Eventually someone in clothing dept saw me standing there and went and relieved him at counter so he could go find the gun expert. 

 After another wait, the gun guy appeared, did not ask who I was or even say hello and said did you get called by us ?, I said no, but wish someone had called me. He said if we did not call you we are not clear to sell any gun. He Did not ask my name or verify anything re my application.  

I said fine, remove my application, I don’t want gun and don’t want the application on my record. As I was walking away he then asked for my name.

 I bought a Redhead case I had selected as I did not want to throw a big fit (though I was livid) and left. Very disgusted with staff attitudes, knowledge and engagement.  

 Got in my truck, drove straight to Cabelas. Talked to a group of helpful staff in gun dept and was helped to see the guns I was interested in and they answered all my questions fully.  I filled out my ATF app, went to lunch, got a call from Cabelas a couple hours  later saying I was approved and went back and purchased gun.

 I also bought another gun from Cabelas 2+ weeks ago, so I know there was no issue with my background checks before or after my experience with Bass Pro Round Rock.

 I WASTED A WHOLE WEEK and lots of time and fuel on my trips from Corpus Christi to your store and my calls to store waiting on your staff to help me thru process and keep me informed as to what your process was and explain delays.  Outrageous treatment of a customer!!!

I can’t even imagine how many sales you people are losing. ……



This is not how any Bass Pro or gun store I have ever been in operates and definitely not how your competition operates.

 I plan to report this treatment and lack of proper staffing to Bass Pro and anyone else warranted. I will also tell my friends and family who are active sportsmen and sportswomen.

 You don’t even have qualified, knowledgeable people attempting to sell firearms and process paperwork and you people need to address this mess immediately. 

 Consider me terribly disappointed and disgusted with your store and my treatment by your unprofessional, uninformed and rude staff. 

 Where the heck is the management of this facility ?????? 


Robert Howe 

Corpus Christi, Texas


Jim Nelson July 14, 2015 at 2:49 pm

In march I bought a 2015 Mercury Outboard motor 30 tiller with tilt and trim. I ask the salesperson if this would make a different in my boat performance. My boat is a 1760 lowe roughneck flat bottom boat. I’m very disappointed how the motor preformed on my boat. I recently have learned from other people that you should only go down 75 % of what the boat is rated at. Will guess what my boat is rated for a 60hp. So a 30hp is only 50% of the rating. I believe the salesman and the service department should have warned me about this, so I didn’t spend $5200 dollars on a motor that won’t get my boat on plane. I have called the Altoona, IA store three different times and ask what they could do for me, the manager said he would talk to the salesman and get back to me. I ask when I could expect his call and he said that afternoon or the next morning. No return call has ever been made. This was around the 24th of June. I again called last week and talk to a gentleman name Richard sounded like an older gentleman. Told him my story and how disappointed that no one calls me back. He agree with me that he would be upset also if nobody got back to him. He was going to leave a message with the manager and to follow up with me. Guess what it’s been over a week and still no call from anyone from Bass Pro.
So I feeling like once you get the money from a customer you no longer have to deal with them and their problems. I have since bought another motor a 50 hp that should have been recommended to me in the first place. I guess I’m going to look into filing a small claims on the Bass Pro store in Altoona IA. Maybe I’ll least get someone to answer my calls. If someone does care they can contact me through my e-mail.
Very disappointed
ex-customer of
Bass Pro


Rick Coe July 2, 2015 at 11:15 am

I just purchased a Ascend FS12 sit on top Angler Kayak at the BPS in Harrisburg, PA. The initial kayak I had purchased took on about 2 1/2 gallons of water in less than 15 minutes on the water. I called BPS and returned the original kayak, which they replaced immediately and thoroughly inspected the new replacement. The lead Kelsey Myers and associate Jeff Farling could not have been more accommodating, friendly and professional with their knowledge. FYI-the new kayak did not take on a drop of water and performed to my expectations. I have shopped at this store numerous times and everyone has been fantastic and accommodating on all occasions.
Thanks for the positive experiences!
Rick C


James Lynch July 2, 2015 at 10:13 am

World Wide Sportsman is a Bass Pro Shop owned location in Islamorada, FL. ” The sport fishing capital of the world”. This location is a very attractive tourist trap. I have spent over 30k here on fishing tackle. There is only one employee, tackle manager, that knows anything about fishing. He is a great guy and extremely knowledgable about tackle and the fishing needs there. NO other employee has a clue what is going on!!!! This place has become a Walmart….. I have tried calling to speak to Tackle manager to order products and was told the department was too busy on multiple attempts by the operations manager who is sitting upstairs with no idea what is really going on…. The vast majority of employees are bussed in from mainland and barely speak English. This company is only concerned with the bottom line and has no culture of customer service. It is truly a disgraceful retail operation. I will never shop there again and only buy online from tackle direct. It is really sad how generic and poor this establishment has become.


Ron Kizer July 1, 2015 at 9:03 pm

Now everyone knows how Mr. Morris got so rich. I purchased my new Bass Tracker Pro 175 TXW also from Cary, North Carolina. First, they delivered the boat to my home without any warranty books, no plugs for the boat and a inexperience person that didn’t know jack about the boat. This being winter time, I didn’t use the boat until April 2015 and the first thing was the speedometer didn’t work. The hose had a wire tie clamped down on it so no pressure/water was going to it. Then each time I went out and that has only been 4 times, the trolling motor after charging all night, last 3-5 minutes and it was dead.
They tried to tell me the battery (new) may have a bad cell in it. No, the truth is, me and my neighbor checked the battery, it did show it was dead, however, we noticed the red positive cable was connected onto the negative post and the black negative wire was hooked on the positive pole. When I notified them about this they acted like they didn’t care. Then I noticed the back pedestal seat post was always loose and would not tighten down. Well the 3/4 thread on the pin was stripped. Now I live 65 miles from Cary, NC where this Bass Pro Shop is located and I just noticed on other sites this Cary NC store has multiple complaints. I sent Patrick an email the manager and asked him could they send me a new rear pole with the 3/4 thread and a return label to send the defective pole back to them but got no response. They have the worst customer service nationwide, never honor the warranty and always blame the customer.


Wayne pike June 25, 2015 at 2:21 pm

Me and my wife just bought a tracker boat from Bass Pro Shop in Prattville Alabama we were told we were getting a new boat off showroom floor we also ordered a boat top an extra seat well the first thing we were approved for the boat went to sign papers and was told that the motor 40 horsepower Mercury was last year’s model and we would have to pay an extra $250 for them to put on a new motor but if we wanted to keep the motor they would extend our warranty too we spent over 1,600 dollars cash for a down payment and didn’t have anymore and then they told us it would take 10 days for the top be coming in and its been over 2 weeks now and nobody knows nothing so I called an email and finally found out that it was just ordered today me and my wife was so excited and been saving for years for this and this is the respect we get and I’m not through yet we were also toad that we would get up to $500 saving with a $250 gift card and a free vinyl floor well we got the $250 gift card but was charged for the vinyl floor I feel like we should either get another gift card or a money back for that vinyl floor which I can show you the invoice for we were charged during the promotion it has not even been 30 days yet and wires were loose on the boat speedometer didn’t work on the boat and the exter $240 we spent on the seat did not match the other two seats we were going to have that fixed when the top come in but has still not come in yet. This was a dream of ours for a long time to have a new boat and enjoy our weekends for the rest of our lives we are getting ready to retire soon and have to go through this I know this may not seem like much to you all but I’m sure you all started out small as well and work hard for what you earn so you would have something to be proud of that’s all me and my wife is trying to do thank you I hope you can help me I have always loved Bass Pro Shop I hope this doesn’t change my mind. Gary Wayne Pike & Brenda pike 205217****


David June 20, 2015 at 3:20 pm

Your Hampton store is poorly run and managed. I just tried calling twice and their was no answer, at all!! Big retail chain, customer service is number one. Doesn’t seem that way with this store. Always outta stock on stuff too. I hear nothing but complaints about this location from people.


Rick lowther June 3, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Mr Hagale my name is Rick lowther I love BPS but your boat repair section at the Hampton va store is seriously incompetent. I own a nitro 929 which my wife says I love more than her, which like anything something will break. On several occasions I have had several bad dealings with service.(1) needed new brake pads for my trailer .one that you sell ,they couldn’t tell me or find what went on it ,this went on for 2weeks called mare marine also one of your dealers took 30 min with the right results.(2) needed coils didn’t have them ,come to find out thru Mare once again that there was a bulletin out for this on my motor they were free your people didn’t know after I went back to cancel my order.(3) I had my hot foot installed they told me it was in ,set up,and ready to go,NOT it was installed and hooked up but never adjusted was only getting 1/4 throttle would not get boat on plain.(4) needed a part for my dash didn’t hear from them for a couple days so I stopped in imagine this they couldn’t get it REALLY , not on something you make and sell that couldn’t be. Once again MARE they ordered the part and I will get it on Monday or Tuesday. These are things that are killing them and theoretically you $$$$$$$ walking out the door with no other excuse than incompetent employees or leader ship. I fish many tournaments in this area and know many fisherman on the tours and the general consensus is they would rather drive two/three hours to get work done to their boats . The company I am with had the bad rep in the department I run I took over in 99 as supervisor and after all is said and done we have a great rep the workers in my dept are happy and our rep is out of the roof to the good. If you need any help with that I would be glad to take that over , I have been in charge wherever I have worked ,Navy,Army And my current position ,so experience is not an issue neither are skills I’m not a desk jockey certified hydraulic tech USN,and a master electrician state of Va. Actually a regional manager position would be better I have friends that live in Richmond and Baltimore and they say the same things about their BPS service depts also. It’s a shame this is happening to such a great company.


Paul Taviani May 30, 2015 at 4:57 pm

Unfortunately, I will be shopping at Cabela’s now. I found that Bass Pro Shops reneges when you sign a contract with them. I purchased a 2014 Bass Tracker TXW 175 last year on 3/26/2014. As a VIP member now, I should be getting 10 – 20% off items except electronics when I show my VIP card at the counter; however I was told today, “You do not get any discount on any items.” So, my VIP card is draffish now! I will not shop there anymore…and my parents are in the market for a new pontoon boat. My parents WILL NOT be purchasing a Sun Tracker because of this and they are okay with that. Bass Pro Shops has lost my business and many others who fish with me.


Bruno May 26, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Read a few comments. Not that the comments are not justifiable, it’s just that, the manner in which the English language is written detracts from the integrity of the author. That is to say, folks, you can not be taken seriously by your readers if your written words are remarkably illiterate. Perhaps your readers even make sport of you. Think about this when you write a comment. Take the time to proofread your message. If you cannot write the language, seek help.


LU ANN BRAYMAN May 19, 2015 at 9:19 pm

I received an add in the mail from Bass Pro Shop. The sale started on May 11-25. It is the 19th today. I wanted a pair of the Teva shoes for men that were advertised for $39.97 reg. $69. Item numbers 1755879 or 17655872 and was told they were out of stock. I ask if I could have a rain check and was told no. You have a sale and don’t have what you advertise and then will not give a rain check out. I can say this, I will not shop at Bass Pro Shop again.


Tim May 9, 2015 at 12:33 pm



Tim June 11, 2015 at 7:43 pm

Over a year now still nothing.


Oriphiel May 7, 2015 at 3:36 pm

I will never shop in your store again.


Neal April 20, 2015 at 9:28 am

I am extremely disappointed in the boat dept!! I was scheduled to pick up my new boat on Saturday the 18th. Myself along with my family were extremely excited to get the boat Saturday and go out Sunday and enjoy the weather and boat after the long winter!! I received a phone called Friday night around 7:30pm to inform me that one of the workers had drilled thru the hull of my new boat and that I will not be able to pick up the boat Saturday do to this….which 1.i opted out of working overtime on sat to get the boat so I missed 8hrs of extra money! and my family are absolutely disappointed in not being able to use boat and plans were ruined for the weekend. Try telling that to 4 year old!!! Now they have to try to find a new boat for me because I refuse to take a boat with a hole in it. They are telling me it could be several several weeks to get a boat there never mind installing all the options I got wit it. Now have to re register the boat the trailer!!! Do over the insurance for it and re do the loan!!! To register this boat and trailer I had taken a day off to do this I can’t waste another day do it!!! I have already paid on the loan for a boat I no longer will be getting! I am extremely disappointed in bass pro and the tracker dealership! So I will be missing a couple of months on the water with my family and friends making new memories!!! And losing money and days off of work to fix the MAJOR screw up they did!! Sincerely a disappointed family!


Mark wright April 15, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I just purchased a “new” 2014 Tracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX from Bass Pro Shops in Olathe, KS. Unfortunately, upon delivery I noticed that my boat was dirty and damaged. Olathe Bass Pro Shops service and sales department has been less than helpful, saying things like ” this must be your first boat” when the dents and damage were brought to their attention. I don’t think it is too much to ask to receive the new, undamaged boat that I paid for.


Tim June 11, 2015 at 7:47 pm

I am dealing with the same thing dents, scratches and Boat cover. Been going on for over a year. Filed complaint with BBB and now got my local TV Troubleshooter in on it.


Greg Cornwell April 4, 2015 at 11:06 pm

Just about to go bat s#~t with anticipation / excitement / CRAZY.


Craig Murray April 4, 2015 at 8:19 am

I recently dropped in to BPS in St. Catherine’s Ontario and I was shocked at the lack of fishing lures. I specifically stopped to pick up 4 different items I figured you would have. I found out that this BPS is not very good as far as the fishing dept goes. That surprises me as I thought BPS was suppose to be for fishing equipment etc.
I was informed by a BPS employee that I am not the first person that has been in looking for different product and found that this BPS doesn’t carry much at all.
Very disappointing and wont return. I can get what im looking for at a local fishing store in Hamilton On. and the overall pricing for most lures are about 25% higher than a small tackle shop who don’t buy on large volume like BPS does. This is another situation of high margins and corporate greed. How can BPS charge $7.49 for a Strike King KVD crank bait where I can purchase the same crank bait for $5.89 elsewhere.
Its too bad because I have visited BPS 25 years ago in Missouri and was impressed back then at stock and pricing. Now this store just plain bad.


WILLIAM W. WHITE March 27, 2015 at 4:54 pm



Bruce Bockover March 25, 2015 at 4:02 pm

I loves your stores.I never had a problem returning a product.The people in Cincinatti are wonderful.I live in Greensburg,IN,.I wish we had a Bas Pro Shop here.We have the new Honda manufacturing, with lots of land for development,come check us out. THANK YOU. Bruce


Ray Warn March 22, 2015 at 12:51 pm

I wonder why bass pro shops parking areas are not large enough for trucks The customers of bass pro shops are outdoor people which have trucks these parking spots at your stores are not large enough maybe in the future when building new stores you could keep this in mind!!


David Brower March 20, 2015 at 12:54 pm

To James Hagale
Regarding poor product quality and the lasting effects.

James, I had a lengthy conversation about a pair of Columbia hunting boots ( Alpine series shoe ) with Jacky Jackson I bout two seasons ago. I hunt elk near sleepy cat out of Meeker CO, totally private land with the ranch manager. During my 4 day hunt in unit 23 for the black powder ( Muzzle Loader ) season on the very first day we were climbing up to about 8000 feet starting from about 6000 feet. It was a great day as the bulls were bugling and we were right in the midst of locating the heard so I could get a shot at a cow, since all I had was a cow permit. On the way down from a ridge we were following two cows when one of my shoes fell apart , which ended the hunt. The sole of the shoe pulled away from main part of the upper shoe rendering the shoe useless.

What bothers me most I would say is that I explained to your General Manager Jacky Jackson that it was the Bass Pro shoe department that highly recommended this particular shoe over other hunting boots after I explained how and where I was going to use the boots I took their recommendation and purchased these boots.

What I tried to articulate to Jacky it is my belief that Bass Pro negotiates the various manufactures to a point which the manufactures need to make quality decisions to meet Bass Pro’s price point and the boot coming apart is a direct result of this process.

I was not looking for a cheap or inexpensive pair of hunting Boots. Quite the opposite I was looking for a pair of middle weight hunting boots for the mountains of CO during the September time frame where serve cold was not going to be an issue but severe mountain terrain with lots of rocks and ridged would.

Now I will stress that Bass Pro’s sales person recommended these boots over all the others.

So what ultimately happened ?

The boots were made poorly they came a part ( the Lawrenceville GA store has them ) I lost two full days of hunting out of four as I had to go into Meeker to buy another pair of boots.

So your store manager thinks appropriate compensation is to just give me a damn credit for the show , BS !

I lost two days of hunting at a very expensive daily cost and stress that I was not hunting at prime time to which we never really got close to the group of Elk again.

All because of crappy shoes recommended and sold by Bass Pro !

So now lets look at another scenario , Cabela’s recently opened a store in Acworth GA. I had not been in that store until recently. I talked with their hunting experts about an up coming Snow Goose hunt where my guide asked if I could provide a snow goose call as his was broken and there were none available he could find in Evansville IN. I called Cabela’s and they said they had five available. I drove there and purchased a very expensive $149 dollar snow goose call.

Well it turned out their expert was completely wrong and sold me a Canadian goose call. Seeing that I never used one and this was the very first time I was going snow goose hunting there was no way for me to tell the difference.

So what happened, I showed up the night before the hunt. Proudly showed the guide our new snow goose call , two which he pointed out that it was actually a Canadian call that was no good for us and effectively ruined all of his efforts to put out decoys to call the snow geese too. Ruined the day , but I still had to pay for what was called jump shooting instead of hunting over decoy’s.

So what did Cabela’s do for me. Well they credited my amex for the Canadian call , gave me the call for free and then gave me a $150 dollar card to soften the blow of the expenses I laid out.

Sir I can tell you Cabela’s is now my store of choice as Bass Pro did next to nothing for me. Financially I have spent well over 10K in your store in GA as I have outfitted myself and three boys with guns and hunting gear. This revenue is gone and to date I have spent over 2K with Cabela’s since the first of the year.

So I have to wonder , what will you be telling your shoe department folks and your purchasing group ? Combined they lost you a very good customer


Robert W Coleman February 16, 2015 at 12:25 pm

I would like to ask the owners of the Bass Pro Shop do ya’ll read these responses? My nightmare began Dec 9 2014. I brought my bow to the new Bass Pro Shop here in Colorado Springs Co.I came there with my bow bought 200 $worth of stuff to fix my bow and was told my parts would be in ,in five to seven days . While waiting AT Christmas I spent over a 1,000 $ ,my younger brother spent over 800 $ . Well in latter January I called and ask what was going on it had been six weeks since my purchase. Well I was told that person did not work there no more and no one had a clue as to what I was talking about. That made me hot ,but what really made me mad was I got an invite to a exclusive hunting resort in Mississippi which is called Davis Island. It has a 250$ guest purchase fee which I lost because of Bass pro! Well I live in Colorado Springs now ,but I am from West Monroe La. Yep good old duck dynasty home place. Well after I was told my bow would be done by the second week of January I made plans to go home and hunt the two last week’s of bow season there. We’ll after a week I got a call from an older fellow that works in the archery dept. Called me and said I got your bow put together and ready but I put the busted part back own because Escalade Sports sent the wrong parts two them three times. At this point my bipolar disorder took over! I hung up called back and ask for the person who done the hiring and firing,well they said can I help you I said no I want the head person ,which was real ironic cause he just called me back after finding out my bow had finally been fixed right. I told him I was writing a letter on the line and he told me he didn’t care about that because he wasn’t going to lose his job ,which his name is ” Chris Cannon ” . That was pretty XXXXy and made me real made that he thinks and may be the case worked his way into a position where his is not expendable! He also is a real ass . I am going to type maIL to CEO James Hagale ,CFO Joe Cazenavette, and COO Larry L Whiteley and I’m going to post this letter all over Facebook, Twitter, and spread the word that Cabellas may be a few dollars more but you get treated like a prison ,because I went there yesterday and bought a 100$ bow case and took my crossbow and they put my new string on it FOR FREE because it wasn’t a big deal the guy said ! I told himy story and he said I would never get treated there that way ! Not to mention I had to drive an extra 30 min. But now I half to go back and recant what I said about Chris Cannon although he is XXXXy he just gave me 70$ worth of lighted knocks. So all in all this is my story ! God bless all ,Robert Coleman! !!!!!!!


Jenny February 8, 2015 at 10:05 pm

Nashville, Tn store has horrible customer service! Rude management. Do not order online & expect to return to the store if an item of clothing or shoes doesn’t fit. Even after calling the store & VERIFYING that I could make the return.. they refused. I drove an hour & 45 min to get the store. Never again will I shop at Basspro. I emailed the store manager, and he basically said I lied. No one was rude to me. Very unprofessional. Buyer beware!


Roberto Torres Sr. February 3, 2015 at 7:46 pm

I have an issue with Bass Pro Shops purchasing points. This past Christmass I was given four Bass Pro Gift Cards. I was like a child at a candy store. Loaded up on my Zoom Green Pumpkin trick works, # 5 worm hooks. I could go on and on. I love when I gain points, because I use them on what I call emergency basis. I tell people I get my prescriptions at Bass Pro Shops. My therapy is shopping at Bass Pro Shops, and my cure is Fishing with the prescriptions I purchased at Bass Pro Shops! But here’s the kicker, I learned that after I spent over $150. With my gift cards, I got NO POINTS


Charles Valentine January 31, 2015 at 8:20 pm

January 31, 2015

Mr. James Hagale, CEO
Bass Pro Shops
2500 East Kearney
Springfield, MO 65898

I retired in March of 2014 and sold my big boat (22’ Bayliner Trophy) and moved back to Western Maryland where our family is from. I bought a small reservoir/river rig that needs to be outfitted and also need to change out my fishing gear to light tackle. My wife got me a $75 Bass Pro Shops gift certificate for Christmas. We also just got a new puppy.

So, spent a lot of time online surfing the Bass Pro website to prepare for our visit to Arundel Mills BPS. Very excited to go to BPS, hadn’t been for a few years. The three of us went this morning and had less than a pleasant experience. The first thing on our list, 4-cycle 10W30 FCW engine oil, there was one liter left on the shelf. My new engine (Honda 9.9 hp) takes a little more than one liter. Second item on our list, SAE 90 lower unit lube. The only bottle we can find is prepackaged in plastic with a filler pump. The package states that the pump will not work on any Japanese model outboards. Strike two. Next item on the list, 10 lb mushroom anchor – in stock, put it in our cart. The fourth item on our list – Anchormate anchoring system – in stock, put it in our cart. Fifth item on our list – a swivel pulley and two line guides that the Worth Company website states matter-of-factly that the retailer where you buy the Anchormate will have this in stock – not at BPS. Strike three.
So, we meander over to the fishing area for a reel that is on sale and some line. I ask the first sales guy that I see if he can help me with the oil/lube situation described above. He doesn’t hesitate to tell me that he only knows about fishing gear (ever heard of cross training like at Home Depot or Lowes?). He said to see the guys at the boating counter and they will know (no one was at the counter when we were over there). So I tell him I need one of the Browning reels that are on sale. He said we don’t have a Browning reel on sale, do you mean a combo? I said no, the Medallion Browning reel I saw on sale on the BPS website. He asks, oh, which one is it? We’ll honor the internet price. I said what, you aren’t aware of the reel that is on sale. He, and others at this point, explained that just because it’s on sale on the website doesn’t mean it’s on sale in the store. I’m like what??? And you’re not even aware of what’s on sale at your own company’s website? Finally, one of the younger sales guys went in the back to get on the internet to find the reel that was on sale while I whined to the other guys about the BPS business model (I feel that if BPS has it on sale, the item should be on sale throughout the company). It took a good 10 minutes for the guy to find the reel that was on sale and to get a manager to approve it. While all of this was going on I was really thinking about just walking out and buying everything online so that BPS would have to eat the freight (some fairly heavy stuff). I was really trying to make the best of it as we had driven 70 miles one way. Good thing your sales folks fell in love with our puppy, that seemed to ease some of the tension. Finally, the young guy comes out with the approved sale price, he hears me still complaining about how you do business. He gave me a heads up that, just so you know, when you check out, the person at the register will have to get another manager to approve the sale. Huh??? I’m really scratching my head at this point. I told the crew that I would be writing a letter to BPS as soon as I got home. I got the impression that I was not the first customer to complain about the store prices being different from the internet prices. Just to be clear, I am not busting on any of your staff at Arundel Mills BPS. They provided the best service they could within established constraints.
We return to the boating area as I saw a sales guy over there. I went over the oil situation with him and asked if they had more product in the back as I needed at least another liter (lots of retailers have stock on hand in there storage areas, especially fast moving items). He said matter-of-factly, if it’s not on the shelf then we don’t have it. Huh? Is that for every product displayed in the store or just the boating items? We get to the last item on our list and the fishing line is in stock and easy to find.
We proceed to checkout and I tell my wife that I’m going to join the Outdoors Rewards club as we’re going to spend nearly $200. As soon as I tell the cashier that I want to join the club she says that I can’t do that at the register, have to go to customer service. Of course, another Huh??? from me. So, I waited in line to learn that I can’t join at the register, wow, this trip to BPS is getting out of hand. I go over to the customer service area and of course there are lots of customers returning stuff with only two attendants. I finally get my rewards card and get back in line to pay for my items. Sure enough, the young lady working the register had to get a manager to approve the discounted reel (glad the other guy let me know ahead of time as I was getting pretty upset by now).
End of story. I am hoping that someone in BPS upper management gets to read my complaints and provides a meaningful response. I worked in the service industry for over thirty years and we always strived to add value to our products and services that enhanced the customer’s overall experience. It seems as if BPS’s business philosophy is if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. In my opinion, something’s broke here. A totally frustrating trip to a store that I used to really look forward to visiting for the overall experience.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Charles B. Valentine
*** Howard Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
E-mail: c***
Phone: 410686****


Alissa keating January 18, 2015 at 1:21 pm

I would like to give praise to Sarah R. She was the manager of the footwear and camping department in Bolingbrook IL. She moved to the Indiana store in 2013. I cannot thank her enough for her hard work and dedication not just to her customers but her employees as well. I can’t remember her last name but if someone could find her and congratulate/reward her for the amazing job she does, that would be great. She is wholesome caring and runs a good ship. She is an example of good management. Thank you.


Eena Wiest December 29, 2014 at 7:14 pm

We have had extremely poor service in the bar and bowling alley on 2 occasions at the new Tacoma, Washington location. The first time was over 50 people for a 50th birthday party back November. 20 people were on list to bowl and had to wait over 3 hours, no waitresses we had to go look for them. My daughter ordered pizza and had to wait over an hour and half to get a pizza. They gave her order to other people multiple times. The waitress didn’t bring back change after she paid. Took almost 20 minutes for her to get change. We gave the bar and bowling alley another try on December 26th with a more miserable experience. 8 people in this group. Alligator came and we took a bite and found plastic wrap deep fried into it. Waiter took it to kitchen and didn’t even come back to talk to us about we had to ask about it and they took it off our bill (this could have been choked on) then the waiter mischarged my card 3 times and brought change back to our other friend 4 times before he got it right. I have multiple charges and credits to my card. It took 20 minutes for him to get our bill figured out. We had to talk to manager because while the waiter was screwing up it cut into 20 minutes of our bowling alley lane rental. We had 3 waitress show up to take care of our first drink order needless to say that took 10 minutes to figure out what was happening. The same manager was on duty both times we were there. He is useless and not well trained in restaurant skills. Our food was cold when it arrived in the bar. The first big group was avid hunters and fisherman that will continue to shop at cabelas and not bass pro shop. I tried a 2nd trip there and have never had such miserable expirence before. If you do not get the customer service in that area resolved quickly bass pro shops is going to lose the business back to cabelas. I have been in customer service for over 25 years and this is unacceptable. Eena Wiest.


Katrina Whitney November 18, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Please Check us out for quality Bipods!


Bill Myers October 26, 2014 at 1:32 pm

The Islamorada Fish Company restaurant in Pearland, TX has a beautiful and comfortable dining room with one of the best views in Houston. The food is good. We used to eat there two or three times a week until the regional and/or corporate management decided to close the dining room to the general public. It is now open to the occasional large groups but most of the time it is empty and closed. We were told by the staff that it was a corporate management decision. We believe that because the first time it was closed, the regional manager was using it as his personal office and nobody was allowed to eat there. Only the bar remains with high tables and high chairs that are uncomfortable and hard to maneuver. I have heard other customers complain about the same thing. If the two normal tables are not available, we turn around and leave. It is so frustrating that we hardly ever check any more. That is too bad because the fish restaurant is the most convenient for us and we like the food. There are over 22,000 restaurants in Houston, so we have plenty of choices. We request that you open the restaurant dining room as it was designed.


johnnie s. bordelon September 22, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Am concerned because I was informed that all Tony Stewart merchandise was removed from Savannah, Bass Pro Shop in Georgia! Is this happening for a reason and did not Johnny Morris say he was supporting Tony Stewart during this period in which he is being accused of a wrong doing in the accident that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr. It was my understanding that Johnny Morris was standing behind Tony Stewart 100% If this is not the case then I will no longer be a customer of BASS PRO SHOPS and think it is a disgrace to not support Tony Stewart at this time when he needs all the support he can get. Tony Stewart is a true racing Champion and I was proud of the fact that BASS PRO SHOPS were a main sponser for Tony
Stewart! It concerns me greatly that this man is being wrongly accused and being made to suffer greatly because of somebody else’s bad choice that caused his own demise. Tony
Stewart deserves better than this and if you truly are pulling his merchandise then his fans will be made aware of this and am positive it will be a deciding factor in where his fans shop
for their hunting and fishing needs as well as all their sporting needs.
I remain sincerely,


N. Simmons September 15, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Re: Dining Experience at Bass Pro in Bristol, Tn. 37620
My family and I decided to try the new restaurant at Bass Pro in Bristol, TN. My husband and I ordered the split/ dinner entree which offered 1/2 a sandwich and soup or salad for $8.50 I ask the waitress what kind of soups were available and she said chicken enchilada or chili. We both chose the chili. When our bill came, $1.00 had been added to each of our entrees. We waved the waitress over and she said she didn’t know why that she had never seen that happen before and that she would check with the manager. She returned and said that he said that it said it was written on the meun that it was a $1.00 extra for chili. I couldn’t see it so I asked her to show me and she couldn’t find that information either. I ask her to please ask the manager to come to our table. When he came, he squatted down with his arms on the table and asked , “What can I do for you?” (What’s happen to professionalism?) He then begin to say that it was the waitress’s fault for not telling us about the extra charge. I told him that it should be printed on the menu as this was very poor business. He said that he would tell his superiors, which I really did not feel that he would do, at this point. He said he would fix the bill and take that off this time. When I received the new bill, it was not longer itemized but the amount was the SAME. I called the waitress over ONCE MORE. She said ONCE MORE that she was sorry and that he had taken the $2.00 off of someone’s bill at our table instead of ours. By this time we just shook our heads and waved her away.. I did give her a 15% tip as she did try to be nice, but this is really bad business for an up and coming new restaurant in our area. It was a small amount, but the principle of this problem really irritated us and somewhat spoiled our first dining experience. This could and should have handled in a different manner and was never really resolved for us.
Please try to clarify charges on the menu as this is only fair to your customers and train your managers to deal with problems efficiently. Sincerely, N. Simmons


Jim Walter August 27, 2014 at 12:54 pm

To Mr:James Hagale, Mr. Joe Cazenavette and Mr. Larry Whiteley,
I am the owner/broker of GOLD KEY REALTY & AUCTIONS in Box Elder, South Dakota.
Our community is located just outside the gates of Ellsworth Air Force Base and less than 10 miles from the town of Rapid City, SD.
I have been most fortunate in acquiring a land development listing right at Exit 67 on I-90.
It is also known as Liberty Blvd. Due to this prime location, the demographics of our surrounding area, the huge traffic count on 1-90, proximity to Rapid City, the current in progress building of a huge new truck stop plaza directly across the street from this location and all other positive factors regarding our community and state, I firmly believe you could not find a better or more receptive location anywhere.
I am going to be sending to the corporate address more information regarding this property and do hope to hear back from you or anyone designated to land acquisition for possible future building sites.
Thank you.


John Fraser August 13, 2014 at 2:49 pm

Please let me know how to contact your buyers department. I think my product ROUGHHANDREPAIR would be a popular item in your stores, as it speeds the healing process of dry, cracked hands and feet caused by work, weather or playing
Thank you
John Fraser. Owner


Betty lou Sangiorgi August 4, 2014 at 9:57 pm

A sincere compliment for (2) Members at Store # 25 (Las Vegas Nevada)

First: (Lead) Name: Star
Second: Footwear Associate: Billy

Both Star & Billy were (extremely) gracious and helpful to me when I purchased (10) pair of Red Head Sandals on: Sunday Aug.3rd (2014). Please offer Corporate ‘Praise’ to each of them. Thank You, Betty Lou Sangiorgi


todd morris August 3, 2014 at 11:49 am

I think a Bass pro Shops in Richmond Indiana would be good.Richmond Indiana is off i70 and the national road.Richmond Indiana has water falls and a canyon.Richmond Indiana would be a good place where the employees of bass pro shops would be happy.The city of Richmond wants a Bass Pro Shops.They are looking for destination stores.Richmond is 70 miles from Indianapolis,and 30 miles to Dayton Ohio.A huge profit opportunity to Bass Pro Shops.Richmond is close to lake Brookville and Brookville Indiana .Its also close to Metamora Indiana.Richmond has a strong tourism industry.


Concerned Citizen July 20, 2014 at 4:08 am

Hello, today I noticed an employee of yours named Brandon Eason posted racial comments on I noticed on his profile, he claims to be an employee of Bass Pro Shop. Figuring that Bass Pro Shop is not tolerant of racial descrimination, I’m sure an employee actively using the N word is not appreciated. I hope that your company would like to be represented in a much more professional and non descrimitive manner. It is sickening that he is obviously promoting such blaitent ignorance openly and is using such derogatory language.


Stephanie Lievers July 6, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Hello, I would like to submit an idea for Bass Pro. I am married to an extreme hunter/fisherman, I do like the outdoors and fishing as well, but, being a woman I love to enjoy lady stuff too. I would like to propose the idea of having a nail salon in or directly beside your stores, I think you would benefit greatly from this as when the men are shopping, the ladies can have a little pampering after they are finished shopping, and in my experience… still waiting on their husband. I know this sounds crazy, but, I truly think it would be a wonderful thing! I do not do nails for a living, I work with children, I just thought this would be a nice thing to have available for the girls. Bass Pro is a big part of our family’s life and I feel as a consumer I would give it a shot….. Please do not laugh at this idea…… or I guess you can if you want, but I just know it would do well!


David Peterson June 25, 2014 at 11:26 am

Sorry to hear about these few complaints. As in any case some days are better than others.
I have been to Outdoor world Bass pro in Manteca ca. many times to purchase an assortment of items from fly fishing to hunting to bass fishing including a 175 bass tracker boat. I have had great experiences every time. The service was exceptional the quality of products were also great, I don’t buy low end stuff to begin with, I did have a issue with the axle being aligned slightly off and wearing of tires in a couple of hundred miles. Bass pro took the boat realigned axle and installed new tires with one trip there. I like outdoor world bass pro shop and the employees professional service and attention I get.


John Duncan June 23, 2014 at 2:14 pm

• Worst Buying Experience ever… Went to Purchase a new Boat when i arrived it was 4:30
And all the Sale person did was …look at his watch the whole time. A few minutes before 5:00
he left and had other Sales Person show me a Boat I should have left then but i did not.
Next Day i called and told them i would be dropping off my boat for Trade in Value, Two Days later after making many calls they came up with a trade in value. When writing the Purchase and Sales they did not reach out to the Bank to find out what the Payoff would be after i
gave them a contact at the Bank. Two Days later went there to Pick up new Boat and Brought them a Bank Check assuming they had done their Job. After giving them a check Signing all the Paper work they called me to let me know I owed them and extra 2000.00 dollars. I should have told them to bad paper work was done they signed and i signed, But I’m not a stiff
so I went Back and Gave them the Money. They need to learn how to do Paper work and how to sell Boats … I was going to go to Dover Marine were I purchased my last Boat, But since they were so close i thought i would give them the Sale… Worst mistake i have ever Made.
Hookset NH


Gregory Felts June 7, 2014 at 8:38 pm

I’ve read alot of everyone’s complaints and they all seem to be closely related to the one I have. I drove to the portage, ind. store to buy a fishing reel for my birthday,as soon as I walked into the store I checked there fathers day flyer to see if it was still on sale (which it was)proceeded straight to the fishing section and stood there trying to decide if I wanted the one that was more expensive or the one on sale. I chose the one on sale got a few other things and went to the register,it rang up the wrong price I showed the cashier the flyer she imediatley called some no count know it all tried to make me feel like I’m illiterate and pointed to some small print that said “starting at” I told her they were all that price and there was nothing on the rack stating different.”Well if you want this one your paying this price” is what she said I told her to stuff it and went to customer service told her what happend and this so called manager from apparel basically told me I was crazy and I needed to prove that there was nothing on the rack. I threw the flyer and my points card on the counter and told her Cabelas can have what little money I spend and that’s where I will go from now on. This is not the first time something like this has happened,the last time the gun department lost a gun sale because they was too busy talking and didn’t have time to help someone with cash in hand before that someone had to come out of the back to help me in the shoe dept. because the two that was standing there was too deep in another conversation about whatever.
It kind of makes me wonder if they are trained to piss people off and make them go to Bass Pro’s competitors or are they trained in the old ” Bait and switch”
BOYCOTT this place people!!!


Craig Murray April 4, 2015 at 8:32 am

Agreed. BPS is just another big box store that charges too much and has pathetic stock. Who does their buying. Elmer Fudd? Lost my business for good.


Digger May 29, 2014 at 8:19 pm

I’m a 66 year old retired guy and want to spent time relaxing and fishing. I’ve heard of bass pro shops and have watched many Bass Pro Tournaments, However this is the reason I will never do business with this company.
I found their website and I checked it out fishing gear along with numerous gear I found a reel on sale so I checked for store locations and found one in Manteca Northern California so I called and spoke to a person about the sale price if it was valid if I drove down to the store for purchase. I gave the person the model number and he checked stock and said he had two so I could pick one up the next day. I told him I was driving from Sacramento and it was quite a long drive an hour and a half one way, a three hour round trip.
When I arrived at the store I grabbed a shopping cart and proceeded to load it up with fishing gear including 2 reels one of which was the sale one. I took the reels to the station that installs line on the reels and showed them to the guy there and asked him if he could mark the sale price on the one. He told me I had to go to customer service. I proceeded to CS and that’s when I came to the conclusion that their customer service was genuine disservice. This lady gave me every excuse for not giving me the sale price. She couldn’t find it in the computer, it was never on sale, sorry we can’t do it. I explained to her my call the previous evening and was told I could pay for it and pick it up here. She didn’t care, I called the 800 number and was stonewalled there, even spoke with a supervisor and he said there was nothing they could do about it. The last resort after a very long drive I asked to speak with the store manager and he wouldn’t give me the sale price either.
So with that I looked at my shopping cart and told the manager “HAVE FUN PUTTING ALL THIS STUFF BACK, I’M GOING TO WALMART” and promptly left the store and drove home disappointed.
Today I found a Sportsman’s Warehouse less than a half hour from my home and promptly drove over there. Well Bass Pro Shop, I just want you to know I spent a TON OF MONEY at Sportsman’s Warehouse, a whole shopping cart full, 3 new reels, 2 new rods, tackle box with a ton of new tackle and some other goodies I didn’t even need.
Goodbye Bass Pro, Hello Sportsman’s Warehouse…….


Curtis hall May 13, 2014 at 1:41 pm

I have a 22 ft sun tracker I bought new in 1999
On both pontoons in the front top and bottom
The welds are cracking behind the welds.also on
The top front welds are brakeing away from inner
Brackets.takes on water whom do I contact about
To get resolved.I have pictures to show how bad
This is bad.


Anthony Bermudez April 14, 2014 at 1:18 pm

My son was injury due to the negligence of the Bass Pro Shop Ft. Lauderdale, Florida store management. Your insurance company, Traveler’s is not expediting the claims payments to the service providers and they (the service providers) are now threatening collection actions.

CEO: James Hagale, CFO: Joe Cazenavette and COO: Larry L. Whiteley; if I’m faced with collection and my credit rating is in any way affected I am going to be forced to take action against Bass Pro Shops.

Please contact me asap. It’s in your best interest.


Jim Amburgey March 30, 2014 at 12:07 pm

How do I go about submitting a new and unique fishing idea into your company ?



H Jorgensen March 28, 2014 at 9:05 pm

OK, the three guys in charge…..James,Joe and Larry ( sounds like a TV sit-com)I have recently visited your Daphne Al location as I have done many times before.As construction coordinator for Sweet Home Alabama (CMT)n as wells several other arenas OWN,WB,and several years of film and TV productions I have a slight gripe.
As a centennial I have the great fortune of being able to wear the same size clothing since high school. Levi’s 29×34.Now since this really pisses of my wife and her friends as well as most women in the world I find it difficult to shop.Everything in your store has a minimum size of 32 w.Now imagine me with 32 inch pants trying to chase wild game in the woods as they fall upon my ass(like some that don’t hunt) or those that shop at Wal -Mart.Hey skinny people hunt and fish too.So would some one in your acquisition dept. PLEASE find a supplier(poss US)that can supply cargo shorts,and other apparel that fits the demand.Please hurry the dear have been laughing at me all season and the turkeys still try to ruffle my missing feathers as they are still in season here.


j c parker March 28, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Had a problem at the Colorado Springs, Co store but it was an act of congress to resolve it. In my opinion all bass pro shop employees should work at cabelas and learn how true customer service should be practiced. I turned in my rewards card. My reward is not going back. I wrote to the corp. office several weeks ago , but no reply


Richard HadXXXX March 27, 2014 at 7:02 pm

mr. James Hagale My name is Richard HadXXXX and i bought a 2013 Pro- Guide V- 175 last June 2013 and payed apx $ 20,300 . this boat has less then 15 hours on it (due to my work). but this is not the issue . the issue is i was looking at the 2014 Pro- Guide v 175 .this boat has more of what i,m looking for . so i went to Bass Pro and wanted to trade my 2013 in for the 2014 , but i was told by the sales man that my boat was only worth $ 11.500 . now that is not good business. now this is my second tracker, first one i had for seven years . Now i understand your in this buiness to make mony, but you can not lose in this case. hell i,m even willing to pay a extra $ 2.500. so sir if you could find it in heart to help me in this matter it would make this 55 yaer old man , a happy fisherman .thankyou please contact me at XXXX Hillsdale ave Syracuse , N.Y 13206 or at


anthonu March 12, 2014 at 10:12 pm

I was wanting to know where i can buy wholesale pallets of bass pro. We own an overstock shop like to get some pallets to sell


bryan johnson January 1, 2014 at 5:27 am

My dad Irvin Dale Johnson from new albany, indiana. Recieved a letter stating he was the grand prize winner of a 2014 toyota tundra from the bass pro shops clarksville, indiana can we find out if this is lagitimate..


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