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Buc-ee's Corporate Office Address

Buc-ee's Limited
327 FM 2004
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566

Contact Buc-ee's

Phone Number: (979) 238-6390
Fax Number: (979) 230-2931
Website: https://www.buc-ees.com/index.php
Email: Email Buc-ee's


CEO: Don Wasek
CFO: Arch Aplin III

Buc-ee's History

Buc-ee’s was founded in 1982 by Don Waesek and Arch “Beaver” Alpin in Lake Jackson, Texas. The company operates a chain of convenience and fueling stores. The name is a combination of Alpin’s nickname and the name of his dog.

The company currently has 37 locations, most of them in Texas. The size of each location varies, but most have gas stations for large trucks and cars, but not for 18 wheelers. Many locations also offer car washes. The largest Buc-ee’s opened in 2012 and it features 120 fuel pumps, 83 restrooms, 31 cash registers, and 80 fountain drink dispensers. This location in New Braunfels also sells water gear and inner tubes for those enjoying the nearby Guadalupe river.

Buc-ee’s is perhaps best known for its entertaining billboards found on highways throughout Texas. Billboards with slogans such as “Ice, Beer, and Jerky, the 3 Food Groups” and “Don’t Pass Our Gas” are common.

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nora poncio July 31, 2017 at 11:03 am

First off would like to say that I love your stores. But this morning had an experience at the Angleton location at the loop downtown that I was not comfortable with. I stop by there everyday for my coffee and snacks for work. This morning I stopped for coffee, gas and beer. My husband grabbed a six pack of bud light ice. One of the cans fell off the sleeve and busted open. As if that was not embarrassing enough. My husband went and got a single beer. The cashier told him that because he dropped it, that he would have to pay for the whole six pack and the single beer. The money wasn’t a problem. I was just upset at the fact that she made us feel like we did something so wrong that we would have to be punished for it. Maybe I am over reacting to the situation, but knowing that you could write off the six pack upset me. You see my husband was a night manager at a grocery store. My husband told me he went to the same store and the same thing happened to him with the six pack of bud light ice, one fell out of the sleeve, but he just got it anyway because it didn’t bust open, just dented.


Christian Vasquez June 1, 2017 at 11:34 am

Hi, I am new to Texas and think your stores and ideas are amazing. So amazing that I would like to buy stock in your company. Is that possible yet and if not when possibly?

Thank you!


Sandra todd April 20, 2017 at 8:19 pm

This is by far the worst place to take your animal. I had my dog groomed over a week ago, I wish I had done my research prior to taking my baby to the Newnan GA petsmart. The groomers caused so much trauma to our Shih Tzu, he may never be the same. He was burned from the razor, they choked him which caused both blood vessel in his eyes, he is scared and not as active as he was before i took him there. One week later, no one from their corporate office had contacted me about my dog, no one cares for what they did to him. It’s now with my lawyer. Do your research.


Mickey Weeks April 20, 2017 at 3:14 pm

I purchased a cast iron skillet when I was on a road trip but I want to return it. I am in katy, texas 77450. what is your return policy and where is the nearest Buc-ees to my zip code? also, I here buc-ees is putting a new store close to I-10 and 99 in my area. what is the address and when will it open?


Ivan Stavinoha April 13, 2017 at 12:38 pm

I am Ivan Stavinoha from Alvin, Texas. I belong to the Knights of Columbus, Alvin, an
organization dedicated to help charities. Each year we have fund raisers for charities
and have raised approixmately $40,000 each year. Charities such as Meals on Wheels,
food bank, high school scholarships, priest hood, and for unfortunate individuals who
are in need. The main income is the gun raffle of 130 guns. We do tickets sales at
Tractor Supply, Joe’s BBQ Restaurant, Citco Station and Garage Bar and Grill here in
Alvin. I purchase my gas, etc, at the Alvin location where there is a very good business.

Would it be possible for us to do a couple of gun raffle ticket sales at the Alvin

Respectfully, Ivan Stavinoha, 281-705-6445


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