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Bookit.Com Corporate Office Address

14251 Panama City Beach Parkway
Panama City, Florida 32413

Contact Bookit.Com

Phone Number: (850) 234-8887
Fax Number: (850) 235-0402
Email: Email Bookit.Com

Bookit.Com Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Bookit.Com Executives

CEO: Jamin Finlaw
CFO: John C. Fraser
COO: Bud Finlaw

Bookit.Com History

Bookit.Com was founded in 2000 by Arthur Finlaw. The company name originally was Reservationsystem.Com and the company was run from the family garage in Panama City Beach, Florida. With help from his wife and son, the company grew quickly.

Today, Bookit.Com has become the largest privately held travel booking systems online. The company was the first to provide bookings and reservations for hotels and airlines internationally. It currently has more than 100 destinations and has offices in the US, Mexico,and the Caribbean.

Bookit.Com began using the FROM technology in 2008, making it easier for customers to find their destination quickly. The company states that in 2010 they had more than 5 million visitors to their webpage. Jamin Finlaw began operating as CEO in 2010, although Arthur “Bud” Finlaw still works at the company daily.

Bookit.Com FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Bookit.Com?
Answer 1: The phone number for Bookit.Com is (850) 234-8887.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Bookit.Com?
Answer 2: The CEO of Bookit.Com is Jamin Finlaw.

Question 3: Who founded Bookit.Com?
Answer 3: Bookit.Com was founded by in .

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ashley lawson June 21, 2019 at 12:36 pm

my cousins and I booked a trip to punt cuna and with all the deaths going on we decided to change our destination so we called MONTHS ago and they said somebody will be contacting you so we waited no call its 3 weeks unto our trip that we no longer want to go on ! and all we want to do is get our flight changed to a new destination but being as though we didn’t get a call back we don’t know what to do and cant even book our airbnb that we wanted because we don’t know if we will ever get a call back . so after waiting on a 2 hour hold and a extra hour because the first person told me he couldn’t help me !somebody finally picks up and I tell her the reason for her call she tells me to hold on to transfer me and instead she decides to hang up !!! so after all that I’m pissed ! your company is unprofessional and need to be shut down !! this don’t make no sense that I have no clue what’s going on when I go on vacation in a couple weeks this is crazy !!and I want answers NOW OR I WILL TAKE LEGAL MATTERS!!


katrina thomas April 11, 2019 at 9:24 am

I called Book It Customer Service to pay my balance in full. My trip was set up on a 6 payment plan arrangement. I had made 3 payments and called in to pay a lump sum of the remaining 3 payments. I am being told that I only paid 2 payments previously and after my lump sum payment I will still owe another payment of $471.30.

I even have my bank statements showing that I made 3 prior payments and also emails from BookIt of payment confirmation of 3 prior payments. Customer Service is no help.

I am in desperate need of assistance as my trip to Mexico is only 4 weeks away and I have paid over $3,000.


Marcela Prado August 19, 2018 at 8:44 am

I am currently on my Costa Rica “vacation” Upon arriving to the Double Tree Puntarenas on August 15th, I was informed by the front desk my reservation was only for 2 adults, however when I booked our vacation it was for 2 adults AND 1 child. In order for my child to stay in the resort I had to pay $117 per night!! What?! I showed them my voucher which clearly states 2 adults AND 1 child. The front desk said this was your travel agents fault and to call them to clear up the matter. I have called every single day during my vacation, with no outcome at all! Bookit is not taking responsibilty, Turico the 3rd party agent is blaming Book it, I’ve spoken with countless agents, have been hung up on, promised a call back which I never got. The resort has reached out to both agents, again to no avail because they are staying the customer is responsible for the charges!! My booking id# 45339186. I am still here, about to call Bookit AGAIN , this is very unfair to the customer, I am so disappointed I’ve spent my vacation calling Book it .


Kimberly Adams August 4, 2018 at 9:13 am

Good morning. I can’t begin to tell you how LIVID I am. I called BOOKIT.COM on 7/16/18 to book 2 rooms for a event that I was traveling to on 8/3-8/5/18. I called back on 7/20/18 to book a third room and asked of all of them could be together. I received my confirmation e-mails, the funds were deducted from my account, and I began to prepare for my trip. Well, after driving 9 hours, I was told that there was only room (the one that was booked on 7/20) and no record of the initial 2 rooms. I then called BOOKIT and talked to Bev who placed me on hold and then hung up on me. I called back and requested a manager, and Cathy S. took the call. I questioned what was going on with the rooms that I booked, and she could not tell me. She could only give me a “I don’t know”,,, very unacceptable!!! All she could tell me is that the rooms were cancelled the same day that I booked and pad for them. I asked who cancelled them and she didn’t know… I asked her to re-book the rooms, and she told me that the hotel had no availability, but I had the manager of the hotel standing right next to me, and he confirmed there was avability. she absolutely refused to assist me, would not give me the number, address, or e-mail to corporate. I was in total disbelief. She just absolutely refused to help fix something that was BOOKIT’s fault. Well, I ended up paying TWICE AS MUCH for the rooms that I had already paid with Lets just be clear, I will NEVER use this company again! I have already told family, and friends to avoid this site at all costs, No one that I talked to was helpful, and tried to make this whole situation my fault. The customer service is POOR, and if they sent a e-mail to confirm my reservation, why did I receive one for the cancel that I did not request??? Also, when I called to book the 3rd room, and asked for all 3 to be together, it was NEVER mentioned that the rooms had been cancelled. This was beyond disbelief… I am just Flabbergasted as to how a company could treat it’s customers so terrible… I don’t see being around too long with such Horrible SERVICE!!! This was just shameful!!!! I know I probably receive a response, apology, or ANY type of compensation for this terrible incident brought on by your company. This was the worst experience EVER!!!

One VERY displeased customer


Russell Lamborn Jr. May 21, 2018 at 10:40 am

I booked a trip for May 19th-May 25th for Barcelo Palace with excursions. Initially two of the excursions were booked incorrectly by your agent. So May the 18th had to contact book it to correct the mistake. In this process we were charged $60.00 extra for your mistake not to mention the two excursions Captain Hook Private party cruise was booked with no transportation and the Xcaret Park did not show and as a result missed that excursion all together. Today we called the book it corporate number and the lady we spoke with said they would refund both excursions. However, said she would have to check about the cancellation charge of $60.00. This is the 3rd trip we have booked with your company and it just so happens to be our 30th Anniversary trip. I’m very disappointed with the service this trip but I know you will make every effort to rectify this situation.


Theresa Connell March 16, 2018 at 6:29 pm


I am responding to this email from Raychel Lowe.

I do not agree or accept the above terms of this email. In fact I did not book this trip through Hotel Xcaret México. I book it through So help me to understand why you are reaching out to Hotel Xcaret México?
I will answer all the questions to this email. They are as follows:

• Swim up garden suite-We were honored the original reservation. However, we were advised we were not eligible for a upgrade, because our reservation was for (2) Adults and (2) Children. The upgrade would be a Swim Up River Suite, since we were traveling with children we were not eligible for any upgrade. I book this reservation through for (2) adults, I do not have (2) Children. A week before I was to travel, I called down to Hotel Xcaret México, to check my reservation and possible upgrade and was advised the following.
o We were advised we were not eligible for a upgrade, because our reservation was for (2) Adults and (2) Children. The upgrade would be a Swim Up River Suite, since we were traveling with children we were not eligible for any upgrade. I called, and they showed my reservations for (2) adults and could not understand why Hotel Xcaret México showed 2) Adults and (2) Children. I was told by they would send an email to Hotel Xcaret México to make sure that they had the correct reservations. When I arrived Hotel Xcaret México stilled showed for (2) Adults and (2) Children and advised I needed to get that corrected with Unfortunately numbers cannot be called form Mexico.

2. When I made reservations with and along with the friends I was traveling with. The only difference was they had the Swim up/ Oceanfront Suite. There booking ID was 44807286, under Sandra McCoy. BookIT.COM had this information and so did Hotel Xcaret México. My friends were give the VP plan and we were not.

3. Also it is not mention in this email, my reservation included round trip transportation from and to the airport through BD Travel. BD Travel failed to show up on the departing day and I had to go through Hotel Xcaret México to go back to the airport.

Please advise, on how I will be compensated for a service I did not receive.

Theresa Connell
503 341-XXXXX

From: Raychel Lowe – Operations Support Analyst [mailto:raychel.lowe@]
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018 11:21 AM
To: cx3@
Subject: Theresa Connell ID: 44821705

Dear Theresa Connell,

Thank you for taking the time to contact® and comment on your recent concerns. We are disappointed to hear we did not meet your expectations on this experience with us. We have shared your comments with Management, which will provide a valuable training tool in efforts to provide excellent service to all Guests. We want your experience with® to be as enjoyable and smooth as possible. Please accept our sincerest apology for any inconvenience this has caused you. We have contacted the property on your behalf with your comments and concerns. The property has responded with the following:

It is disrupting to learn that our mutual client left with a poor perception of since that is not what we strive for.
We would like to kindly transmit that the original reservation of the Guest was a swim up garden suite, the aforementioned was honored and although indeed they were eligible for a complimentary upgrade, this is subject to availability and unfortunately, we were unable to grant this given our occupancy on those dates. We would also like to mention that the booked room category does not include butler service or private check in.

We also tried to find more details on the guest’s reservation but we did not find any notes that stated that they were traveling with friends or else we would have attempted to locate them closer to them.

Having loyal guests like Mr. & Mrs. Connell coming back to us is indeed on our best interest therefore we would like to kindly extend a complementary upgrade on a future visit to Hotel Xcaret México to the next room category based on the original unit that they choose, as well as VIP treatment, butler service, and free access to our water ritual throughout their stay, we would also like to offer pre arrival personalized service provided by our Guest Service Management team to ensure their entire satisfaction and a stress free vacation.

To accept this offer, please read the terms and conditions which will require your approval:
• Your acceptance of these terms will bring a complete resolution to this matter making this settlement final.
• You hereby release® from any and all present or future claims relating to this matter, and approve all current charges you have related to this booking.
• The terms of this agreement are unique to this situation and will remain confidential.
You agree not to disclose or release the details of the booking, settlement agreement, or any part thereof to any third party.

If you agree to the above terms, please reply back that you accept. Thank you for allowing me to assist you, it has been my pleasure. Once again, Thank you for choosing® for your travel needs. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 1.877.742.9879 Ext 2806. My hours are Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4PM(CST).

Kind Regards,

Raychel Lowe
Operations Support Analyst |®
e: raychel.lowe@| p: 877.742.9879 ext.2806 | f: 850.249.1421
14251 Panama City Beach Parkway | Panama City Beach, FL 32413® | You know what to do.


David Roberg September 19, 2017 at 2:11 pm

I booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas in April, I was supposed to leave on September 3rd, we tried to cancel 3 days before the trip due to a hurricane Lydia , We couldn’t get through after being on hold for 2 hours, We have spent over 5 hours on hold trying to get a refund of $2300, I wish i would have done my homework and read the reviews, I can’t believe this company is in business, Why can’t we be protected from this fraudulent company


Nicole Price September 19, 2017 at 12:20 pm

I book a room with this company over the phone for a local hotel here in morrow Ga which was the Knights In. On April 13 an also there was a booking for April 19-21 which when arrive at the hotel I was told that they cancel my room cause I live within 30miles of the company so they also told me they was going to send over they information to bookit so my credit card don’t get charge which I notice I never got a refund for them days that I didn’t stay there. Now I been trying to get my money back which was a total of $160.00 I have called bookit over an over again each time I bee put on hold which I been on hold for a hour on one day an then the call hung up which I laugh cause I see there not about customer service, I did get one agent on the phone which he try calling the hotel an they didn’t pick up, I was told that the hotel charge bookit for the service an then bookit charge me I ask the hotel on many time for a cancellation proof so I can get my money back they tell me there system don’t go back that far an that the manager told the front desk lady she was going to give my money back butt I did a bad review online on my Facebook so she decide to kept my money which she know I didn’t stay there now the hotel have told me if I call them asking questions about my prooof or refund they going to call the police. The hotel told me that bookit took my money an they didn’t butt bookit paid them for services I never use. Your customer service people is not trying to refund me my money an now I will have to see about filing a complaint also with the BBB.


Kymberley Gallego September 7, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Hello, I booked my trip in April of this year to the Royalton in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Everything was fine until the week of my booking. My friends and I chose to go with the pay delay option, all of our payments went through just fine except for one, the last one. I then saw a $35.00 charge for a declined payment fee. I called the same day waited for 1 hour and finally spoke to some rude Jamaican girl. I simply asked her if she could run the payment again because there was obviously a mistake. She then proceeded to tell me she cannot run a card with insufficient funds because it will charge me again $35.00. I told her that there was a mistake and there is money in the account. After she was very rude to me, ran the payment and left me on hold for 45 minutes. In the end she said that she refunded the $35 and the payment was successful. My mind was clear and I was finally ready for vacation, YA RIGHT! WRONG!!!!

I get to Jamaica I check into my room, when I get to my room it is nothing like the description. The room was about 300 square feet if that, with 2 twin beds. The description when I selected the room stated there were 2 queen beds and it was a Jacuzzi tub in the rom. I then get a call from the front desk telling us we need to come back to the desk. when my friends and I get down to the front desk the lady at reservations tells us our reservation was cancelled by BOOK IT for non-payment. I now have to contact BOOK IT, and was on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes. When the representative finally gets on the phone he tells me that the person who took my payment never put the proper notes on the account, so book it did not know I paid. WHAT???? So now I’m in a foreign country, kicked out of my room and had to wait 3 hours after check in to get to another room which was not even the room I paid for. I was there on vacation for a wedding, I missed the rehearsal dinner and the meet and greet because of BOOK IT and their poor staff and false advertisement. What a way to start my vacation! I will never use Bookit again! I need a refund please.


Nicholas mason August 20, 2017 at 2:53 am

My name is Nicholas mason, I booked a trip with your company over the internet two days ago. My booking ID# is 44248536. Today I went on to your site because I wanted to look at photos of the resort my fiancé and I booked. I’m super excited and went to take another look at it and read more about it. I booked the “superior select room which is the cheapest room the resort offers which was fine for us but I noticed today the prices have wet down and the room type above mine which is the “deluxe select was now cheeper. When I say cheaper I mean if I booked this trip right now with the deluxe select and added a coupon code of “early300” the total would be $2,392. Now the trip I already have Booked is a lesser of a room and the entire package cost $2,485. That also includes the coupon “early300”. I thought to myself, wait the better room is now cheaper. I decided to give bookit a call to see if I could switch to that upgraded room. It’s now cheaper and better so it’s a no brainer to call and see what can be done. The first woman I spoke to had very broken English and could not comprehend half of what I was trying to say. She first told me it could not be done, then told me it could be done but I’d have to pay a $25 service fee, a $25 “manual” service fee, and have hotel holding fees of $89.99. Now this is not the first time I’ve booked using bookit. I’m not a new customer but rather a returning customer who also recommends this website to everyone I know looking for a great vacation deal. She told me I would also have 4 remaining payments of $406 because I chose to use the paydelay feature the site has so that I can spread out the payments. I asked why it was 4 because when I booked mine it’s only three which I like because there is more time between payments to save up money. As this point I just did not understand why I had to pay all this additional money plus also increase my payments from 3-4 times which I did not like. I asked to then speak with a supervisor because as a returning guest I was not trusting this woman’s word because she was flipping and flopping over her words. When I asked to speak with a supervisor the woman says “why, they can’t do anything more than I could” I told the woman I want to speak to a supervisor sternly and finally I got put on hold. Ten minutes later the same woman comes on the phone and says thank you for the wait, my supervisor is still busy, I got put on hold again. 3 minutes later I get hung up on. I was on that phone for 28 minutes and got hung up on. At this point I’m a bit upset. I’m simply trying to figure out if bookit is going to let me switch my booking to get the better room and save money. I then call again. I get another woman with broken English who again seems like she is clueless, I explain to her how I just got hung up on. That I was on hold waiting to speak with a supervisor. This new woman says well maybe I can help you. So I decided to give it a shot with this new representative. This was even worse. First I was told the upgraded room package if I was to get online right now was still more than what I paid for my basic room two days ago. I told that woman she was incorrect and that I was looking at the page right now and it states the package would be $2392. I told her my package I booked which I have in front of me is $2485. The woman then says our prices are “live” and change by the second. I laughed and said I’ve been looking at this destination on your site for two months I’ve never seen the prices change in seconds. She asked me to refresh my page and look again. I refreshed it and again still got the same price. I told her there is no way she is looking at the right places. I explained to her that this deluxe select package is indeed cheaper. One she realized I pointed out her bold face lie about it being more money than what I already have Booked she apologized for getting it wrong. At this point I’m now really upset because this woman lied to me about prices and now knows I know. I asked to speak to a supervisor. This woman says to me “we only have one supervisor and she is busy it could take awhile” I told her I wanted to speak to one now. At this point I get out on hold. 4 minutes later she comes back on the phone and says what’s your search number on the website. I give it to her and ask her what she is doing, she says this will let me see what you do. She opens it up and indeed sees that this new package is cheaper.. all of a sudden I can switch to this upgraded room, I will only have 3 installments rather than 4 and things are now looking well. I’m thinking to myself at this point why couldn’t we have just got to this point in the first place. The woman says I will just need to pay 89.99 to hold the hotel. I ask why as I did not have to pay that fee in original booking. She says sir this is on top of the first installment you have to pay today. I then say I don’t understand, this fee didn’t exist on my last booking and tell her I’m looking at my confirmation email right now for my booking and at this point she hangs up on me. Now I’m very mad. I spent 28 minutes with the first representative and got hung up on. I then spent 57 minutes on the phone with the second woman who by the way would not let me get In touch with a supervisor but also hung up on me. Now at this point I’m so upset. I just spent $2485 on a trip using bookit and this is how I get treated, I’m a returning customer who has spent over $4,000 with the company since 2015. I’m so upset and now wish I didn’t spend this money with your company because I’m being treated very poorly. I called one last time and immediately told this woman I wanted a supervisor asap. After 7 minutes of being on hold I finally got a supervisor. I explained everything to her. I told her how upset I was that I was treated this way. How multiple representatives hung up on me, gave me false information and showed horrible hospitality. She says she was sorry and explained to me what I could do to upgrade. She said I could modify the hotel reservation but would still be about the same as I’m paying now for the lesser room. She then said i could also cancel it 100% but that it would be more with extra charges I’d accrue from airfare and canceling. I got my answer 1 hour and 37 minutes later. Yea I can do it but it will cost more both of the ways because of canceling fees. I stressed to this manager how I myself am a hotel manager and deal with people all day. I explained to her how being hung up on multiple times, being lied to, being given multiple different stories and having one employee not allow me to talk to a supervisor would not be acceptable at my place of business. I told her this behavior demonstrated to a returning customer is unacceptable. I told her I understand now that I have a few options but that they are going to cost me but at this point there should be some compensation on your end for this horrific nightmare of a time I have had with this company right now. She apologized and told me the best she could do was the two options she gave me for getting the better room. She asked me if there was anything else and being so mad I said no. Later on after all this I’m sitting home telling my fiancé about this and decided to email bookit corporate. I’m very upset to have spent $4400 with this company in the last 2 1/2 years and be treated this way. The manager who did nothing to fix this issue today that occurred with multiple representatives should be ashamed. This is hospitality. You take care of guest/customers. If you drop the ball in any manner you do your best to fix it. There is no way that manager got off the phone and could for a second feel like I’d book again with and thats not good. That’s bad business! If the manager said Let me comp upgrade you to this deluxe room free of charge or took money off my bill for these unfortunate events that took place today And deeply apologize because this behavior is not your standard then I will be honest I’d be happy and would continue to do my booking with you guys because I’d feel like I was taken care of even when things didn’t go well. since I went through hell for this all day and your manager did not feel the need to do the right thing and Compensate me in any manner other than saying I’m sorry I will never book with this company again nor ever encourage friends and family to go through bookit ever. I am so very upset to spend my hard working money with a company who treated me the way I was treated. With so much competition it appears bookit isn’t trying to win over its customers. As for my current booking right now. Compensation in some manner is highly recommended and if this email needs to go to the CEO of bookit then I will send it there so he knows how customers are treated because it was unacceptable

Nicholas Mason

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Jo Holland July 17, 2017 at 10:31 am

No one will give me a correct fax number for the bank to send a fax to.
My bank had “operational mainenance” at the time that my last of 5 payments was due. That payment did not go through since they had reduced my limit. cancelled my reservation. I was told by a supervisor that the payment had tried to clear 3 times. That it a LIE-the bank says the payment was only tried once. If they had actually tried again, the payment would have gone through as it was a very short time that my limit was reduced. I have contacted many times due to me having to pay a total of $492.00 extra. I have had the bank try the 2 fax numbers that has given me, the first went through but claims they never received. The other is not a valid number.
This is definitely the WORST CUSTOMER service that I have ever experienced!!!

Reservation #43622566/2Holland/Paul/JO, October 21.

Can someone please help me? I would think you would want to have your company treat people better!!

Jo Holland


TriVante Thomas July 31, 2017 at 12:10 pm

I booked a room at the Plaza Pelicanos and OMG what a lie of a description Bookit has on its page. The resort is nothing like described on web page. The food are is infested with flys. The game room is a joke. The drinks are the absolute worst bottom shelf you could find. The room was very out dated. The resort was bussing in people from small towns in different parts of Mexico mostly women and ALOTTTTT of small children. Clothes hanging off the balconies , people hanging out of room window, no fire extinguisher on first floor. The food was not fit for human consumption. The housekeeper stole money out of our room. the management was the worst. The resort does have adult activities, non-motorized water sports, no Fine dining areas, when requested towels for my room it took 2 hours to receive that’s after I went to front desk. I complained about my accommodations and was offered a room for a additional fee at the Grand Pelicanos and what another trash hole. Do not book with this website because there marketing dept puts lies on there web page for sales. This Plaza Pelicanos had nothing described on there wesite at this resort!! It is a lie and a scam.


Michelle July 10, 2017 at 6:54 pm

It is so disheartening that after spending approximately 8k dollars with bookit, no one from guest services can be of any assistance. A supervisor wouldn’t even take the call. I informed them that the wrong flights were booked with my hotel. Instead of offering the assistance that the airline stated that the ‘third party booking agent’ could offer, they refused and had the audacity to offer me a $100 credit for a future vacation. Who in their right mind would ever do business with them again? I wish I had seen all of these complaints before ever giving them a dime. How sad is it that I was in the process of booking another vacation when I noticed the problem? Smh with utter disappointment.


Lina Osorio June 14, 2017 at 5:23 pm

No one in the customer support office can’t help with our case (ID 43680346)! Our reservation got canceled because of the expiration date on the credit card. We called the same date the last payment was due on our trip to make the “date” change. At that point, we had paid for three quarters (over $900) of this trip but our trip was cancelled (the same date the payment was due, not the next day and there were not outstanding payments). They threatened to have us forfeit our previous payments, $900 plus, unless we agreed to make another booking right away and that they didn’t have the same hotel availability. We wanted the same hotel we had previously reserved but the only option was to paid additional $400 dollars. During the booking process they neglected to giving us the member price and the coupon that was applied on the original booking and these are mostly the reasons why we ended up paid a lot more for an option we did not want. We made the reservation paying the extra $400 dollars because we did not want to lose $900 plus and we had paid for airline tickets already.

We want our previous reservation reestablished at the price we agreed to pay for this service or we need a refund for the amount we had to pay extra ($400) or we could also get an upgraded room with the same hotel if the member’s rate and coupon are applied.

We are planing to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Protection agencies for this bad business practice. It seems that several customers have similar complaints. You should have a fair business criteria when cancelling reservations. In our case the payment was not outstanding by the time we call to make the date change on the credit card. This appears to be a frequent business scam that has been implementing in order to get extra money from clients.

Member email: linamariao at
Reservation ID: 43680346

Thanks for your help,


Izaak Castillo May 16, 2017 at 6:33 pm

Horrible customer service!!!! No one in the customer support office knows anything or they don’t have access to anything! My reservation got canceled by mistake for my hunnymoon and there is no way according to them that they can fix the issues so I had to pay 600$ extra for a down graded room! I need a response from the highest person at corporate ASAP! Or I will be making a trip to the corporate office in the near future to talk in person!


Philippe Gibbs April 17, 2017 at 11:40 am

Dear sir/madam, on April 16 at 10:22 pm i went online to Book it .com. I booked a hotel reservation for Royalton St Lucia Resort and spa all inclusive The room was the luxury family suite 1 room for 2 adults the cost per night $164.00 per person for 5 days total amount 1942.42 including taxes. I accepted the terms and conditions and processed my credit card . for the amounts agreed of $1942.42. I received an error message ref# 19221855 . the bank did placed a hold on my credit card and issued an approval to Book it for such amount. I spend over 3 hrs on the phone with several customer care employees , i received conflicting answers Price increased , no avail abilities, insufficient funds. The bank finally spoke with Akim a Bookit rep. i was told by the bank the funds are held for Bookit. will not be released unless Bookit call the security dept of the bank with the approval code then the funds will be released immediately. for the customer’s use .
This appeared to me to be a bate and switch skim.. Presently i have a flight but no Hotel. I am demanding that book it makes good for their computer error on malfunction and the missleading to the public. I went back online to re-book the same package by placing $1.00 and pay later. i did received another error code.19222056. I would appreciate I can be contacted at 516-526-XXXXX Regards Philippe Gibbs


Shelby Purcell December 12, 2016 at 5:10 pm

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau’s Online Complaint System.
Your complaint has been assigned case # 19043878.
Correspondence regarding this complaint will be emailed to : shelby1229 at
Please print a copy of this for your records.

Filed on : December 12 2016

Filed by :
Shelby Purcell
Murrieta CA 92563

Filed against :, Inc.
14251 Panama City Beach Pkwy
Panama City FL 32413-2820

Complaint Description:
vacation reservation that was essentially held hostage and we were threatened to lose $2000 if we didn’t agree to pay an extra $400 First reservation: 40513915 paid over $2000 and the final payment was due 1/2/17, but we decided to pay it off early – the computer misidentified our credit card number and payment was declined. Within hours of this we called to pay balance online and they threatened to have us forfeit our previous $2000 unless we agreed to pay an additional $450 and we were made to create a new reservation: 42210885. The first person we spoke to said the card was declined because of the code on back was type incorrectly, yet the other representative stated that the address was input incorrectly. We feel this a scam that has been happening in order to get extra money from clients.

Your Desired Resolution:
We want the $450.00 returned immediately since that was above and beyond the original agreed upon price and feel this is a scam to get more money out of customers.

This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded.

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