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Big O Tires Corporate Office Address

Big O Tires, LLC
4280 Professional Center Dr, Suite 400
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

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Phone Number: (800) 321-2446
Fax Number: (303) 728-5700
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Date Founded:
Founding Location:
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CEO: John B. Adams
CFO: Horst K. Mehlfeldt
COO: Kevin A. Kormondy

Big O Tires History

Founded in 1962, Big O Tires was originally a part of OK Tires. Big O Tires is the second largest franchiser of retail tire stores in North America. The company has more than 400 locations in 19 states.

The company was acquired by TBC Retail Group in 1996. TBC Retail Group was then acquired by Sumitomo Corporation of America in 2005. Sumitomo is one of the world’s largest producer of consumer goods, including tires.

Big O Tires was part of a landmark decision in a lawsuit against GoodYear Tires over their use of the word “BigFoot Tires.” GoodYear lost the decision and Big O Tires was originally awarded $19.6 million, although this amount was later reduced in an appeal decision.

Big O Tires had annual revenue in 2014 of $1.6 billion.

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Heather Vaughn December 11, 2017 at 10:17 pm

I was so optimistic going to Big ol tires. Everyone was so polite and it seemed like I would be very well taken care off. Let me start by saying my car has never had any trouble, ever. So when we’re heading out to vacation it was on a Sunday and I realize I needed an oil change before the drive so I had to take it too Walmart to get the oil which I never take it there. After they did the oil change I was smelling burning so I took it back to Walmart and there was oil splattered everywhere all in my car and they said they couldn’t find the leak and the technicians couldn’t go deep enough because basically it’s Walmart and thats not what they do there so I had to take it elsewhere. So I go to Big Ol tires and had to get my valve cover replaced which cost me $300. It wasn’t broken before that oil change so maybe one of them broke it because that’s an interesting coincidence. So big ol tires offer a full check of your vehicle for free when they fix something AND everything on my vehicle checked out and they replace the valve cover and I was on my way. Very next day while I’m driving my car is sputtering on the highway and anytime I took it over 2 RPMs the check engine light was flashing so I took it back to big ole tires and they were saying that even though it wasn’t their fault they feel bad so they won’t charge me labor but the part itself, the ignition coil is $300 and then he went and called someone and said the best he can do is 230 and thank God I’m not a complete idiot cuz I called O’Reilly’s while he did that and they have it for $100 out the door so he came back to talk to me and I was like is it not cheaper anywhere else and he said you have to be careful where you buy it because the China Brands you have to replace every 10,000 miles and even though the one at O’Reilly’s is 100 it has a lifetime warranty so I told them that I’m going to buy the part and bring it back in the am. Now I’m currently on my way home from the mechanic after they put my car back together and I didn’t even make it home because my car is sputtering and jerking so badly that I had to park,,,which is was NOWHERE NEAR THAT BAD before I took it back to big ol tires. I am just so frustrated and angry that I can barely think straight and I’m stranded and my wonderful car that never had an issue is giving up on me completely before having no previous issues in the entire time ive had it. Not to mention the extra $400 before Christmas that was my kids christmas fund. Im heartbroken, im feeling conned and cheated and just very upset.


Maggie November 8, 2017 at 6:12 pm

I went to Big O to have my oil changed in Tucson Arizona on kolb and Golf links , Oil change went well or at least that’s what I thought. When I got home I noticed a small oil drip, when I got up the next morning all on my oil was on my carport! They did not put the Oil plug in correctly or they didn’t tighten it because the oil plug was barely hanging on and all the oil in my car had come out onto the carport. I had to get under there myself put the plug back in and put oil in my car, by the way it took 4 quarts of oil that’s how much was on my carport. Thank you for your time.


Diane Richards September 20, 2017 at 7:25 pm

On August 24, 2017 I had my oil changed. I had a coupon for $19.99 for synthetic blend. When I paid I was charged a $1.00 than it should be. I understand a $3.00 disposal fee but I was charged and extra dollar. It doesn’t seem much, but when I called the manager Timothy Uher I was told that was standard practice that its in the computer that way. So they have charged 1000’s of people an extra dollar everytime. I asked for the corporate office number, he told me that he couldn’t give it to me as it was against company rules. This is total BS. So I looked up the corporate office number myself, I spoke to the customer service department over 2 weeks ago and no reply. This is store # 28900 at 7145 So Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas NV 89119
My next cal is to the news statio here as they just love to go after auto scammers. Total jerks. t will be my mission to let people know what thieves they really are.


Khun Jeff September 19, 2017 at 12:06 pm


Their warranty is BIG O CRAP
When you follow up with there warranty, They know to tell you a BIG O LYE, they will weasel out of and blame it on the franchises and there Coporate number is a Joke too!
Please go to a well known tire company that may be an independent and read the reviews!
Some time the little companies appresiate and welcome your return business!


Mz. C. Matlock June 15, 2017 at 5:55 pm

I bought two new tires in March. One tire went flat, not once but three times. I paid for a warranty but still paid for a tow & paid for cab rides, which cost me a fortune. AFTER MY TIRE WENT FLAT 4 THE 3RD TIME I was informed that my RIM WAS CRACKED. My tires needed to be replaced from simple wear. My car is a 2015 Mustang GT Convertible that I bought new in 2016. My car was undamaged until I took it to Big O in Maricopa. They told me that they could order my rim and pay them a whole price, which I flatly refused. One rim costs 946.00! I’ve been driving on my spare with a new tire attached to a broken rim because I cannot afford $946. I am single and a disabled vet. They told me that they would give me my money back for the warranty and then they refuse to give me my money back! Ive called the corporate office numerous times & have not received any assistance at all. I have started working on my packet to file in small claims because they REFUSE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for damaging my car! BUYER BEWARE, THIS COMPANY IS SHADY & DISHONEST IN MY OPINION. PS. Always LONG & unreasonable wait times even with appointment!


Diana June 6, 2017 at 4:02 pm

OOPs… forgot to add the$2.26 for shop supplies.


Diana June 6, 2017 at 3:56 pm

My name is Diana. I had my oil changed at Big O Tires this morning at store #4171 in Mesa, Arizona. I used a coupon that I received in the mail announcing a basic oil change and filter for $14.95. I was informed by the manager “Doug” that they have always treated those types of coupons as $20 off their basic oil service (or your preferred oil service) which would bring it to $14.97 + $2.68 (oil filter) + $3.00 (wasted disposal) = $23.31 So they have been charging every customer who uses the coupon a minimum of $2.70 too much. $2.70 may not seem to be very much to some folks but to me that’s a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk, loaf of bread….that’s why I use coupons. The owner of this particular franchise is making bank by over charging it’s customers. I will never go to Big O again. The coupon stated “welcome” Fletcher’s customers…I didn’t feel welcome when they argued the price with me.


Mitch Maddox May 25, 2017 at 7:10 pm

This is from the tracy CA store.
After getting my check engine light looked into they said “advised all new catalytic converter and all new O2 sensors” at the price of $2400.00 which I thought was alot.. but got it done for smog. The next day the jeep had a terrible sound and I took it back. With less thank 50 miles on it from when I picked it up. After they looked at it now they say it has a cracked exhaust manifold!
And at the price of $1450.00 they can fix it. I told them it did not have this sound when we took it in and you worked on the exhaust! If it was cracked before then how did you miss that on the inspection of the exhaust system. For $2400.00 You would think they would make sure it was good… now I wonder if it really needed all the work I paid for, it could have just been one of the 02 sensors?? I feel like I was ripped off!! And they tried to rip me off even worse again! The worst part was the attitude I got, basically so what! No trying to help or work with me,, just too bad! I will never use them or any Big O ever again! I had been a ling time customer as I had my family use them as well… never again will any of us use the place again!! I wish I had read the review’s, I will be sending this to all the yelp & all the agencies I can


Vanessa Matthews April 7, 2017 at 2:05 pm

This is in reference to the “warranty” offered. I bought new tires last year around Feb, they were for my 2013 Toyota Sienna. I specifically went to big o tires because of the warranty. I went in last month because my husband said the wear bar was showing on the drivers side, so I took it in to find out what was happening. At this point they wanted to check my alignment, which came back fine. The tires had about 20,000 miles on them. So they rotated my tires from driver side to passenger side and said my tires looked ok. My rear tires look brand new. They did mention ok n that I didn’t keep up on the rotations and that was why it was wearing so badly. But they sent me on my way. Well today I got my oil changed and the recognition told me to get my front right tire replaced as soon as possible to to the wear bar showing and it was severely bald. So from there I drove straight to big o, were the manager said it was probably an alignment issue, so he wanted to run the test again. Well once again the alignment came back normal, so I asked ok what can we do now? How does the warranty play into this, the manager said the warranty is not applicAble because I failed to rotate every 5000 miles. He said I needed to buy two new tires all over again. This is a summarized version of how it all played out, but I am so very upset with big of tires! First they rotated my tires wrong, second he allowed me to drive away the first time knowing my tires were bald (I drive with my kids), and then third making me do another alignment only to find that, that wasn’t the issue, and lastly denying me my warrant, it has only been a year and now they want another 350$ for tires that should have lasted at least 30,000 more miles! I am so disappointed in big o tires! They have lost me as a customer and I will be sure to let all my family and friends know that the warranty is a gimmick and they have zero truth to replacing tires that are junk!


Klarissa January 18, 2017 at 2:51 pm

These horrible stories are all true,i was mislead,taken advantage of baically had patched my own tire in their parking lot while waiting to get service,a female 2017 in this day and age shouldn’t be taken advantage of like this. Now as far as filing a complaint with the corp., was left on deaf ears,never recieved any word back from them,3 1/2 hour wait,fixed my own tire repair they should have taken care of PLEASE NEVER USE this corp., mng.’s in Bentonville ,AR, don’t even know how to type up a ticket some people,right?


A Layne December 16, 2016 at 11:42 am

Was in your Peoria street store in Denver and you need to either shut it down or let Javier be the store manager. I was very miserable waiting in your store for over 3 hours. What I saw and experienceed is so patheric, ya’ll need to send help right away. Your store manager is worthless Breck ,Brent something to that affect. Sam is really more of an insult to your customers having him there. He doesn’t finish anything he started. Put it all off on someone else. Talked in circled actually lied to me and other customers. The tires I purchased were not the ones I said I wanted. He had way to many issues filling out forms. Didn’t complete them and passed them off. Paid for alignment but they couldn’t do it and Javier had to deal with this very unhappy lady who drove from small town CO to Denver 2 1/2 hour drive to end up waiting so long because of the pure cluster $/$^×^× that is going on in that store. I am a pretty loyal Big O customer. Big Mike in Colorado Springs on Nevada has always been efficient friendly ,communication is good. Runs they way it should then I went to Peoria store in Denver. No one but Javier would answer phone. Everyone just about stood around doing nothing or being stupid. It was a sad example of your manage. I am so disappointed that you all would let the future Big O ture franchise owner deal with some of the worst conditions possible. It took everything I had not to jump 9n and start answering phones and tell people to get there buts to work. I wasn’t paying 1000 for them to pick their burst and talk . If it wasn’t for Javier my situation would have ended very very ugly. I am so glad he has the fortitude to work so hard amongst people who slack all day. They are 3 people short and no one would do any more than the minimum possible. Take care of Javier before he leaves and Peoria street will have to close cause everyone will riot over they treatment they received.


andy newhouse November 8, 2016 at 9:43 am

I went to your store in Eagle Vail Colorado to get a price on brake work. The quote given me was a total of $490.42 for pads, rotors, labor, etc.

You need to know, I went ACROSS THE STREET and had the work done for $231.30. They told me the rotors didn’t need to be replaced. They laughed at your quote. The difference to me was that I saved $259.12.

To begin, I question the competency of your staff. Why did they say I needed new rotors when it was obvious I didn’t? But I also question your business practices. I strongly feel as though your company lied to me in order to nearly double its quote in hopes that I would bite and WAY overpay.

I have always been reluctant to use Big O tires. Historically you’ve had a poor reputation. That said, after this experience with your store I will NEVER step foot in a Big O store ever again. I have also posted my experience on social media. People need to know that your company is technically lacking and your business model is to try to screw customers as much as possible.

My money and time is valuable to me. Your company business model discounted both of my needs. I won’t forget and I will make sure my friends and family understand my experience.

Andy Newhouse
Vail, CO


Michael J. Schneider August 19, 2016 at 1:48 pm

I live in Vail Colorado. I have been using Big O tires for over 20 years for my 2 Land Rovers, Audi Quattro and a Porsche Carerra. Last week I brought my Porsche in to fix a rear tire that had a screw in it in your Eagle Vail location. There were only two cars in the lot and it took them 3 hours to fix it, the reason is they ruined all four locking lugs and never told me until the end, the car is mint and when they brought it out to me it was filthy with grease, etc. I can sen you a photo. The rim is also severely scratched as well. To add salt in the wound, no one has ever called me back regarding the lugs, pretty pathetic! When I called and asked for the manager, I am on hold forever. I would like the 4 new locks installed and a new rim. Please advise, it’s a small community and someone is liable. Thanks


chris medina August 10, 2016 at 3:13 pm

i took my 2000 nisan truck into our local store to keep my business local. it was running,but was running slugish. i was told that they could fix it .after 10 days and numerous visits they could not fix it.they kept saying i needed this part then this part. after a bill of 936.91 plus a new battery,i brought it home when they called and said it was ready to go.well it wont start.j i will go the extra miles for my vehicles next time.


Cris Rasmussen August 3, 2016 at 4:28 am

Put my 2002 Chevy Silverado truck in the shop at Big O’s in Hollister, MO. 65672. I had purchased bad fuel at a neighboring Cum and Go gas station, so I took it to Big O’s for an estimate. The estimate included 25.00 replacement fuel since they were going to have to drain fuel tank and replace fuel pump. The whole total would be 1175.00. Upon picking up truck I asked the cashier Russel if Big O’s put the 25.00 worth of fuel back in the truck as I was getting charged for the replacement fuel…was told over and over that yes there was. I asked for a receipt showing that the fuel had been put in and was told Big O’s does not keep those receipts, and again reassured there was 25.00 worth of fuel put back in…got into the fuel meter read on E put off lot and my fuel light went on. I called Big O’s and told Russel that he was dishonest with me…He proceeded to tell me that, “that he was not a dishonest person and that he personally put 2 5.00 dollar cans of gas in my truck which does not add up to 25.00 dollars that I was charged.. And when I told him that doesn’t add up to 25.00 dollars worth of gas he said, ” we are in the business to make A PROFIT.” wow WILL SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE WHO ASKS HOW Big O’s did about fixing my truck. They do have a bad reputation around Branson, MO and I had been told they are a ripoff…. truck was in shop on 7-12-16/8-01-16 – they also broke a part changing out a spark plug which was an additional 111.00 that I had to fax to insurance claim which is why my truck was at Big O’s so long. Big O’s also said that moving my truck in and out nightly used all the fuel as well. I tried to give them the original amount of 1064.01 till the insurance department could send the additional 111.01 but Big O’s said no they need payment in whole. Cris Rasmussen 8-03-16


Ralph Simmons July 10, 2016 at 7:49 pm

Big O at 2284 E. Fort Union Blvd
Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121
Contact: Taylor
Nature of complaint: They claimed that my vehicle a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport needed new front disc pads and rotors, but since there were no aftermarket parts available on this model that it would take one week or more to procure the above from Hyundai. I located the pads at a local dealer (Murdock Hyundai of Murray) and had to UBER there to pick up the pads myself. I paid approximately $135.00 for these parts and Big-O installed them for a cost of $103.00 plus tax. Furthermore, I have since found aftermarket brake parts for this 2013 Hyundai at both Napa and Pep Boys for only $40.00.
I believe Big-O only checked with one smaller Hyundai dealer ( Riverton Hyundai ) and failed to do their due diligence to locate me the appropriate parts for my vehicle. They seemed indifferent to getting my problem resolved in a timely manner. I had to find the parts myself and retrieve and deliver to them so I could get the install done the same day. I am disappointed that I have obviously overpaid for new brake pads and with labor + UBER fees these charges exceed $250.00. Big-O originally quoted me $169.00 for new brake pads including turning the rotors which was not completed. I have also had two separate inspections of the rotor in question (right) and although slightly grooved from wear the opinion is that a refinishing (turning) would suffice. It seems that Big-O deceived me about the availability of parts for my vehicle and deliberately mislead me about the extent of work needed to fix my brakes. Ralph Simmons 801-913-XXXX


Will Sleeth June 11, 2016 at 4:21 pm

We filed a complaint with BBB about 9 months ago. The file number is 10744765. Our BBB contact, Marie Garcia told us their automotive committee met and felt we deserved $2395. She told us that Big O tires wanted to give $1200. We then told her we were willing to meet halfway at $1800, because we incurred costs and headaches outside just the parts and tires but didn’t want to drag the issue on, unless we absolutely had to. We hadn’t heard back from Big O’s since then (3-4 months ago). This issue/complaint has dragged on for 11 months now and we hate to have to take the next legal step. I know Big O tires has to constantly deal with legal matters and waits and fights as long it can to protect the company. We aren’t money hungry people and only want what is reasonably fair. Thanks for your consideration.


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