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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
200 Innovation Way
Akron, Ohio 44316

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Phone Number: (330) 796-2121
Fax Number: (330) 796-2222
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Goodyear Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Goodyear Executives

CEO: Richard J. Kramer
CFO: Laura K. Thompson
COO: Gregory L. Smith

Goodyear History

Goodyear was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling in Akron, Ohio where the headquarters remain today.  The company is named after Charles Goodyear, who invented vulcanized rubber.  They originally produced carriage and bicycle tires.

In 1901, the company provided Ford with racing tires.  By 1908, all Model T’s feature Goodyear tires.

In 1925, the first Goodyear blimp is launched.

By 1926, Goodyear is the largest rubber company in the world.

In 1927, the company goes public.

In 1944, the company opens a subsidiary called Goodyear-Oxo in Mexico.

In 1986, the company completed a huge buyback on common stock after a hostile takeover attempt was launched by James Goldsmith.

Today, Goodyear is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.  Besides automobiles, they also manufacture tires for trucks (light & commercial), race cars, airplanes and farm equipment.




Goodyear FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Goodyear?
Answer 1: The phone number for Goodyear is (330) 796-2121.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Goodyear?
Answer 2: The CEO of Goodyear is Richard J. Kramer.

Question 3: Who founded Goodyear?
Answer 3: Goodyear was founded by in .

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Mildred Willis January 31, 2019 at 1:57 pm

On New Year’s Eve – 2018, I had a flat and was able to drive to the Goodyear located on 1625 N. Missouri St., in West Memphis, AR. It was a very stormy day. I am from another city, Forrest City, about 40 miles west of West Memphis. Since I am a 62 year old female, I was a little concerned about being over charged, etc. I was treated so well by all I came in contact with from the gentleman who checked me in, Mr. Alonzo Pritchard, Assistant Store Manager, to the young man who fixed my tire. The waiting area was comfortable and clean, including the bathroom. I was very surprised that there was no charge for the service I received. They were exceptionally courteous and nice and all acted as if my business was welcomed and appreciated. Sometimes it’s hard to encounter such exceptional customer service. Please make sure that they know how much their actions are appreciated.


Monica Brasseaux December 22, 2018 at 6:23 pm

We ended up at the Goodyear shop at 5725 Johnston street in Lafayette La. I don’t even know where to start with this place. First of all we spent $1500 here on brakes and tires. When they put the new tires on they damaged the rims on our vehicle and claimed they were already that way. I let that go. 8 months later we went in for balance and rotation that comes free with tire purchase. Once we left Lafayette and got on the interstate our vehicle was shaking so violently that we had to pull over and noticed that indeed the tires had not been balanced at all and in fact had no weights on some tires and too many on others. We had to drive home very slowly over an hour away. The next morning we had the tires balanced elsewhere and it is still shaking. I have no idea what these people did to our vehicle, but I do know that I will never again set foot in that place of business again. When I called the manager all he wants to do is defend the work, but the vehicle was driving fine before they touched it. I have always used Goodyear shops, but this particular shop is just plain terrible. I can only hope that we can have our truck working properly in time to not miss any days of work over this. He actually had the nerve to tell me to bring the vehicle back in on Monday so they can check it. As if we could even drive it that far again. And even if I could, as if I would trust them to work on the truck again. No way!


AG Allen June 20, 2018 at 4:44 pm

I went to Good Year Tire on Louetta Road in Cypress, TX. I purchased 4 tires and requested an 4 wheel alignment because the old tires showed wear on the insided and there was some pulling to the left while driving. After installation of the tires I was a given a quote of charges ( I had already calculated the price) (1) I asked if the alignment had been done and I was told that it wasn’t needed. I asked why was my total the same that I previously calculated. (2) I was told that Road hazard insurance had been added. I didn’t ask for that nor had it been offered to me. They just added it. I had it removed.
(3) I didn’t get what I requested plus after leaving I discovered that some of the caps were left off of the tire plugs. The tire plugs cost 1.99 which was cheaper than driving back to Good year to have replaced.( 4) I took the vehicle to a Chevy service department and they did the alignment which corrected the problem. It was $30 cheaper. That worked out for me.
I guess because it was getting close to closing no one wanted to take the time to do the alignment. They had to order tires and told me they would be in aroung 4:30. If that had not been enough time I would have waited til the next day to get all the service I needed.


R. Carley March 16, 2018 at 10:48 pm

Hi. I took my 2006 Kia Sorento the Karl Goodyear located on E. harry Street I Wichita, KS for a tune up which they said they could do. They ended up keeping my vehicle for 2 days(tis was March 8th, 2018) and on the 3rd at me and my husband went to ick it up because we got a call from the head mechanic saying that he couldn’t figure out why it keeps misfiring. When we went to get the SUV, the mechanic came out and said that they figured out what was wrong and that it was fixed. they charged us $352.35(that’s after a $25 military discount). We drove the car home and it was okay. Then we drove the car to the store and it was running rough and the engine light was on. We put the SUV in the garage and decided to take it back on Monday due to it being late Saturday evening. When we took it back to Goodyear, the head mechanic begged us to allow him to try to correct the problem. We asked if we could just get our money back or part of our money back and he said that he couldn’t refund any of the money because they did a tune up and more. We told him that we only wanted a tune up and they should have called to let us know if they found additional issues but they did not. We decided to let them try once more and at 3:00pm we went back to check on our SUV and was informed the mechanic accidentally broke the radiator so they were waiting on the part to fix it. He said it would be done by 4pm. He apologized and said it was no charge due to it being his fault. By the end of closing(5:30pm) we went back to them and he said it was fixed. We took our SUV home and after about 5 minutes the engine light came back on. Also my husband noticed something sticking out from the lower left hood. it was a clipboard that they had left under the hood and it had broke in half. My husband also noticed that the KIA cover that goes over the motor was missing so we immediately took it back to Goodyear. The mechanic was waiting for us and said he was about to call and let us know that they forgot to put it on. We did tell him that the engine light is back on. He said he could fix it but we decided to not allow them to ever touch the vehicle again. The next morning we took the SUV to Midwest Kia in Wichita, KS located on West Kellogg. After doing a diagnostic check, they found that the radiator hose clamp was not put back on correct and almost all of the coolant had leaked out of the radiator, there were hoses that were obvious in need of replacing and something about the 02 oxygen not working right. Midwest Kia said that they can fix it and will charge $1,182.00 because they have to order the parts from Louisiana. Goodyear was very much in the wrong and we will never go to them again. I feel that they need to be investigated and should at least give us half of our money back. Midwest kia said that Goodyear might have even put the spark plugs in wrong.


Erv. Mueller December 18, 2017 at 11:40 am

Merry Christmas! I,an investor shareholder,wish you a successful 2018….and on level with Apple ,Facebook. Microsoft, etc.with worldwide fame …i.e. invite shareholders to be part of Goodyear with new ideas and offer 10% of your and management salaries as reward !! …. And with a worldwide slogan “Let GOODYEAR HELP YOU against big losses in extreme fires !! Because of daily fires somewhere, Goodyear could be in daily news !! And at Goodyear a big… new division with new solutions could develope with worldwide reach …and happier Insurance companies !!Please Mr . Kramer make Goodyear great and all people happy !Will you respond ?


Vincent Castiglione August 24, 2017 at 10:08 pm

I bought Good year Dura track tires for my Dodge 2011 1500 Ram…Just recently tuesday the 22nd of August i had them installed by Goodyear in Levittown New york…. the next day i had them do a alignment… right away it slightly pulled to the right and more when i stepped on the brake …. called them immediately …they said it was a brake problem… i said i just personally did them …New calipers pads and rotors …i have been working on cars for decades and that truck for 5 years …. with no invite to come back and they would take a look at it….i called again first thing in the morning and they said to bring it in… I did!!! and they found my 4 wheel drive CV joint rubber boot ripped . there was grease all over the new brakes ,pads, and rotors… that why it pulled to one side…I was pissed i know that there was no other way this could have happened but for carelessness … on the the mechanics part and the management not taking care of me and their customers the right way… they are fixing it for over 4 hundred dollars…I should have called the cops and a lawyer AT THAT MOMENT I am calling Corporate it the morning and a LAWYER…I SHOULD PAY FOR ANY OF THIS…. UNBELIEVABLE 516 297-XXXXX SOMEONE I HOPE WILL HELP ME…Vincent Castiglione


Vincent Castiglione August 24, 2017 at 10:00 pm

and there was grease all over my new brake job…. still pissed… that why it was pulling to the right ….there was grease all over the left pads and caliper…. I want this fixed at your cost ….not mine


Richard E Ross June 27, 2017 at 11:45 am

Dear Sir I’m trying to locate a former employee of Goodyear. Can you help? We both worked in the accounting dept. in 1982. His name is S. R.( Rick ) Laney. He later became manager of Wingfoot Lake Park after Frank Balint retired. In 1982, Rick worked in dept 623, and I worked in dept. 625. I’m sure this doesn’t help, but I’ve tried every thing I can think of. I would be very happy if I could find an address or some history on Rick. Thanks for your time. R. E. Ross


JOSH BUCKINGHAM June 26, 2017 at 10:35 pm

I’ve never had Goodyear tires on a new car before. Being from Ohio, I was kind of excited to have them and was thinking I would stick to them after the OEM pair needed replaced.
Well, that day has come. Except the bubble In the sidewall that came out of nowhere has just multiplied to 2 bubbles in BOTH front tires within 2 weeks. NO damage,Pot holes or other impacts. Just take 5 minutes and do a google search. The EfficiencyGrip RunFlats are not a joke nor are they inferior to other brands I’ve experienced. They are Completely Dangerous and should be summoned by NHTSA for a Recall. I have made a formal complaint already and would be happy to furnish the email to GOODYEAR. Tomorrow if the local dealer does not take this seriously, then the new company I just started will NOT ever purchase Goodyears on any of our future company vehicles.


FREDDIE CLIFTON March 6, 2017 at 2:40 pm

One year ago I took my 1998 Ford Ranger into a Goodyear Dealership located on Gleenwood in Boise Idaho and asked to have the thermostat replaced. All I got after the repairs was leaking coolant and had to return the vehicle 3 times to resolve that problem and the thermostat still reading cold. My son had a breakdown in Seattle that was related to a broken thermostat that caused the cold reading and other faults costing more money for repairs that were not done at the Goodyear dealer that I paid for. Now I have no choice but to initiate a class A law suit against the dealer and Goodyear Corporate.


Steve Ababan August 10, 2016 at 4:25 am

For the past 2 months, I’ve been dealing with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Please know that I’m writing this only because I feel obliged to expose the personal and possible criminal experience I had with Lehua Soares (Goodyear Store Manager at Kihei, Hawaii). What I have personally experienced is the foundation upon which a very rude awakening has taken place! Until recently, I have always viewed Goodyear as an American organization that has achieved its high success through providing high level customer service, as well as being trustworthy in their business dealings.

Two months ago, I purchased 2 new tires from Goodyear in Kihei. I was told that I needed an alignment and balance both tires. I was surprised to find the cost would more than double ($430.00) for both alignment and installation. Because I don’t have the knowledge to determine the fairness of the cost, I accepted Lehua’s explanation and I trusted Goodyear as well. After purchasing and installing the tires, I believed that my car was in pretty good shape.

Because I have 130,000 miles on my Prius, I decided to check the condition of my front brake pads. Before doing so, I called Goodyear for their price to replace front brake pads. I spoke to a gentleman who told me that it would cost $310.00 to remove and replace my brake pads. Because I know how to R & R the brake pads on my car, I could not justify the price Goodyear wanted to charge me. In fact, at this point I became dubious of both, Goodyear’s prices, as well as the quality of their workmanship.

Good brake pads for my car cost $50.00 at Napa Auto Parts. The time it takes to remove and replace the front pads on my car is less than an hour. However, in order to check the brake pads, both front wheels have got to be removed. This is where my relationship with Goodyear began to go South.

Before lifting the right front wheel with a floor jack, I needed to loosen, but not remove, all of the lug nuts on the wheel (a common practice). In the process of doing this, I found that one of the lug nuts did not loosen and could not be taken off without using the lug wrench with considerable effort. As the nut was being backed out (counter clockwise), I noticed the lug stud was coming out with the lug nut. Once the nut was backed out completely, it was obvious from the damage to the lug stud thread that too much torque was applied causing the thread to buckle during the wheel mounting procedure. Knowing this, I immediately drove to Goodyear in Kihei to show them the damage. Unfortunately for me, I had to deal with Lehua Soares.

When I arrived, Lehua asked me, in a kind manner: “What can I do for you today?” My response was to show her the lug nut and damaged stud. Lehua immediately recognized the damage to the lug stud and told me that it would cost me $80.00 to remove the other half from my rotor assembly and replace a new lug stud. I told her that Goodyear worked on my car last and I didn’t cause the damage therefore, I shouldn’t be responsible for having to repair it. Lehua quickly responded: “Well I wasn’t there when you took it off!” Here it should be noted that there were other customers in the lobby observing when she verbally implied that I was being less than honorable.

At this point I made it plain to Lehua that the damage occurred while the lug nut was being torqued down in a clockwise direction; not in a counterclockwise direction which is when taking the lug nut off. Again, Lehua responded by saying: “The fair thing to do is for you to meet me halfway!” I responded: “But I didn’t cause the damage!” Once again Lehua said loudly: “Well, as I told you, I wasn’t there when you took it off!”

As I became more embarrassed because of Lehua’s implication of me not being truthful, I asked her the amount of money she wanted from me. Her response was: “Forty dollars!” I told Lehua that charging me anything was unfair. Because of my embarrassment and because I felt myself becoming upset, I wanted to leave the lobby. At this point I told Lehua that I would be willing to pay $20.00 instead of the $40. Then a curious thing happened.

Lehua began what appeared to be a series of calculations. While calculating she said: “I’m trying to reduce your amount to the lowest figure.” A few seconds later Lehua told me that $36.00 would be my amount. I responded saying: “No way!” At this point, Lehua angrily stated: “My Technician needs enough money so he can eat!” I was flabbergasted by this remark but even more so when she told me that she was going to go to her bank and get the money to pay my fair share. What an absurd thing to say!

I told Lehua that I’m done here… let me have the damaged part and I will leave and not return. At this point Lehua said: There will be no charge!

I told her that because of what I’ve just gone through, I’m going to write a review and I am going to communicate with her home office about this matter.

PLEASE NOTE: This complaint suggests that lug nuts are routinely over-torqued in order to surreptitiously generate future business. The quick remarks of Lehua Soares (Goodyear Store Manager at Kihei, Hawaii) as she attempts to get unwitting customers to pay unfair charges suggests Lehua has rehearsed her remarks which supports Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company having become involved with surreptitiously generating business.



Rosana June 21, 2016 at 7:15 pm

I purchased 4 new good year tire in Certified tire and service center here in Moreno Valley CA April 9, 2016. Which only after 2 months June 20 I notice a bubble and got flat tire Rt. rear .Which makes me unhappy because my old tires I never had problems for 4 1/2 years until i finally have to change and buy a new tire. While this new good year tires that i got it takes only 2 months to last. Yes went I went to the dealer they change it ask me to pay 58.68. but still unhappy because it takes only 2 months my new purchase of tires. I will not recommend to my friends to buy GOOD YEAR TIRES AND I MYSELF WILL NO BUY ANOTHER GOOD YEAR TIRES AGAIN. GOOD YEAR TIRES IS NOT A GOOD TIRES AND NOT A GOOD QUALITY TIRES. NOT RECOMMENDED.


William Huseby January 21, 2016 at 3:24 pm

I am more than unhappy with the Goodyear tires I put on both my car and my truck. I put four new tires on each vehicle within a week of one another. The first thing I noticed was that one of the new tries on the rear of my truck was weighted about 2 ounces on one side. I hadn’t even left the store yet. I asked the installer about this and he said as long as it balanced it would be fine. Well, it isn’t. Both the truck and the car started having road noise and the tires are delivering a rough, noisy ride. I took both vehicles in, had the tires re-balanced and rotated. This only made things worse. The car has very loud road noise from the tires pounding the pavement and the ride is so rough I hate to drive the car. Immediately after re-balancing and rotating the truck tires the steering wheel developed a vibration and it is miserable to drive. Since my cars are in excellent condition and have good shocks, no worn suspension parts and are properly aligned, the problem is the tires.
Prior to buying these tires I was advised by a friend not to purchase Goodyear. I ignored that advice since Goodyear is a name brand company and one of the largest in the tire industry. Now, I feel like I just threw away twelve or thirteen hundred dollars. I have written a letter to Goodyear even though with everything I’ve read I’d be surprised to get a response let alone satisfaction. If Goodyear resolved the situation I’d let people know about that too, but my hopes for a satisfactory resolution are pretty low. At this point if anyone asked me about Goodyear tires, I’d say run away as fast as you can.


michelle December 7, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I just want to start off by saying that I am VERY disappointed in the work that is being done at your center in Springhill Florida FL REG# MV82597 FEDERAL TAX ID# 340253240. My son brought my car (2009 Ford Fusion) in for a simple FREE fluids check (as was advertised) on 10/30/15 @ 12:20 pm and was told he has to purchase an oil change for $16.50 He agreed. Little did he know he would end up paying $197.95 due to them doing a Transmission Fluid change and Air filter Installation. So, $84.35/parts, $90.40/Labor, $11.99 Shop supplies & $11.21/tax which totals $197.50 NOT a thing was wrong with the car to begin with. Nothing. Then in less than 2 weeks the car started to vibrate so my son took it back. After a couple hours of them trying to figure out what was wrong, the “experienced” workers said that the car has to be left there overnight so it can be looked at the next day. Needles to say, the car remained in their care till 11/7/15 when I was told the car was “dead” and they triggered the Anti-Theft on the car and it would have to be towed to a Dealership, and the Ignition Coil had to be replaced ($149.95) Intake Gasket (24.39) Spark plug(8.95) Valve Cover Gasket(149.35) Wire & Butt Connectors(15.72) . So, the car was there for 9 days, went in with NO problems but left dead and to be towed away and with a bill for $214.05 more to pay. It has now been sitting at a Ford dealership since 11/7/15 while they try and figure out what YOUR company did to my car. I was told it would be an automatic $400 charge just to test the wiring. I was told by the Manager of YOUR store that the Tech was in contact by phone with someone from Ford regarding the wiring of the car, but couldn’t provide a name. Hmmm. I am asking that this issue be looked into as I will be contacting a Lawyer within the next few days if someone from your corporate Headquarters doesn’t contact me ASAP. My email is: XXXXX
Thank you.


jim October 4, 2015 at 9:03 pm

i own a 2015 dodge ram 1500 with Goodyear wrangler 20 inch tires on it. the truck has a tire vibration at speeds 70 and above. the dealer posner dodge in davenport fl can not seem to get the problem resolved. i contacted tire kingdom in cagen crossing clermont fl. they said they would be glad to take a look at it but that they need a authorization to do it under warranty from Goodyear. the truck has 2500 miles on it and has had this problem since day one.


Robert F Timm March 31, 2015 at 2:11 pm

To whom it may concern.
I went to a new tire place called JOE’S AUTO AND TIRE at 1252 service drive in winona, Mn. 55987.
I was dealing on four new tires and made a deal after explaining that I wanted to keep my old tires because they were good yet and rags $$ we came to a price to be installed the next day. The next day came and when it came to install them they said they needed to do a alignment or goodyear will not give me any warrentee! My alignment is good and I am not paying for something I don’t need! this-plce is a scam and I talked to another person the same thinghappened! I went across the street to a Toyota dealer and purchaced 4 tires with no problem. This place is a scam and why is goodyear dealing with a scammer.


Martin August 29, 2014 at 9:32 am

Hello I just happened to be browsing and my God Almighty what a bunch of negativity you have on your website it doesn’t do you have company justice so I can tell you that much being a business owner I’m wondering if you ever respond to these customers it if you do go maybe should post on your website that respond and was noted and I don’t know what to tell you you know you scared to go to good year service store


Joel June 30, 2014 at 2:13 pm

I am writing to say that I have purchased many (12-20) of your 100′ 3/8″ Inside Dia shop air hoses from Northern Tool that have failed shortly after the one year warranty period runs out, I have had over 50% of them fail not long after the warranty runs out.
Certainly these hose are built and intended to last longer than a year.
These hose are used indoors and out of direct sun, they are rolled and when not in use, operating pressure of our compressor is aprox 110-125 psi.
The following product summary was copied from the Northern Tool web site.
Product Summary
Sturdy Goodyear 3/8in. dia. EPDM rubber hose is ideal for use with pneumatic tools, stapler guns, lawn sprayers and air compressors. Features a weather-, oil- and heat-resistant outer coating to survive tough conditions. U.S.A.Northern Part
I believe these hose should have lasted much longer than a year and would have to think about it before buying any more of these hose from Northern or any other Goodyear dist based on my past history with this product.
What seems be happening is that just below the crimped fittings the hose starts to swell up and start leaking air.
I would certainly appreciate you forwarding my comments and concerns to anyone with the Goodyear family that ought to know about this problem.
I have used many other brands of air hoses but have not had anything close to this type of failure.
Thanks for allowing me to write and express my concerns.

904-388-XXXXX X419


Karl Dulake April 6, 2014 at 11:18 pm

I’m also a manager for a multibillion-dollar corporation. I’m responsible for a 95,000 ft.² facility and maintaining 200 pieces of highly technical equipment that manufacturers circuit boards. We are one of the few circuit boards manufacturing shops left in Orange County. The reason we are still in Orange County is because we manufacturing circuit board that nobody else can. I have also worked as a machinist, driven a cross-country commercial truck. Received mechanical training and class A mechanics license at Golden West College, I worked my way through GWC as a front end/brake mechanic for Firestone, South Coast Plaza (there still there) and have worked in various other mechanic shops I.E. H&T fleet Maintenance, Robbins Ford.

My grandfather was a self-taught mechanic. My father was a farmer, doing his own mechanical work. This means I have been twisting wrenches since I was old enough to hold a screwdriver.

Now I know you’re asking yourself why I have provided this information to you. I wanted you to know that I’m not just somebody that just came in off the street. I’ve lived in Costa Mesa since 1968 and had plenty of dealings with different mechanic shops throughout the area. This, with all my training and knowledge makes me REAL picky on the shops I allowed to work on my vehicle. I’m one of those people that can stand outside the service bay and tell you what the mechanic just did wrong.

Now we’ve established that I know what I’m talking about, I’m going to voice my complaint.

I have been going to Just Tires for as far back as I can remember, almost since I got my first car. (72) Since that time I’ve had a number of different vehicles and I’m considered a mechanic head by everybody that knows me. All my friends/family/neighbors asked me where to take their vehicles for repair/tires/service. It’s always been my honor to promote your company. (Just Tires)

So when my son came home from Flagstaff (spring break) I looked at his truck and realized that he needed new tires. I immediately thought of Just Tires. After all I’ve been doing business with them for years. So I had no qualms about taking it to the store in Orange. (4820) It also made it easier for me, since I work in Anaheim and that was the closest store I could leave the truck at for the repairs.

03-19-14, I made arrangements for (4820) to
Install two new front tires, move front’s to rear, pick the best tire on the rear as the new spare, alignment and balance the tires that they were putting on the rear. I was trying to locate a vibration. I even voice that to the service writer. The service writer assured me he understood exactly what I was looking for. By the way, the tire that they were reinstalling on the rear was purchased from your Costa Mesa store in December. I left the truck with (4820) at 11:00 am. Your service order says it was picked up at 6:43pm.

On my way home, via 55/405 Freeway. I noticed that the truck had the same vibration as it did in the morning. It also seemed to pull harder to the right then I remembered. Not having time that evening, I did not take truck back to the shop. Tell you the truth. If a company allows the vehicle to be release like this, I don’t want them working on my vehicle. When I worked as a front end mechanic we always did test drives. (before-after) After I got home know that there are only two places on a vehicle to cause this kind of vibration, I.E. tires out of balance or bad U-joints. I slid under the truck and check the U-joints. They were in great shape! That left tires………

I proceeded to think about it that evening and fume on how very displeased I was on the truck repairs. It was also very discomforting that my son was now going to be driving back to Flagstaff !!! And if it was not repaired while in CM he had to drive back from Flagstaff to have it repaired. That’s 1000 miles of fighting a truck that is vibrating and pulling!!! As an ex truck driver -mechanic. I know that is very tiring and unsafe to drive a vehicle in that condition.

Since I was so displeased with the service I received at the orange store I decided I would take my receipt and see my friends at the Costa Mesa store. This is where I’ve always done my business before. After they listen to my rants and raves (bless them) they immediately started on my truck to find out if I was correct. Of course, this time my son and I stood outside the bay and watch all work……

They found; the tires that were installed on the rear. One was 4 g. out of balance. The other was 1.5 They also rechecked the balance on the front new tires and found one was 1 g. off. The other was 2 g. off. Next they proceeded to check the front end alignment. The mechanic noticed that it was way out. He’s knowledgeable enough in front ends to realize that they had aliened the truck to a C1500 requirement. This is not the correct alignment No’s for our truck. C1500s have A arm front ends. Our truck is a 1500 Silverado; it has Torsion bar front suspension. This calls for entirely different numbers on alignment. I noticed even the service writer don’t know the difference, he has on the service ticket C1500. I would think the mechanic would be able tell the difference between a C1500 and a Silverado. At least a front end man looking under the truck would know the difference???

My suspicions; Move the tires around, (no balancing) Install new front tires. Never put truck on the front end rack. (Was not given an alignment sheet) This is called in the business (set the Tow and let it go) Shame on me, as I assumed all Just Tires would have the same quality requirements no matter what store did the work. Needless to say; I guess we go back to the original saying (customer be where) it was not the fact that I wasn’t willing to pay for the work. (456.56 invoiced)

If it was for not for your Costa Mesa store being such a great store. Not only customer service but there mechanic’s knowledge and willingness to make ME satisfied customer. I would’ve probably taken this straight to Bureau of automotive repair. I’m sure glad I don’t have egg on my face.

A satisfied customer. Thanks to Costa Mesa store.


Hilary January 25, 2014 at 11:10 pm

To Whom It May Concern,
As a mechanic’s daughter, I generally work on my own vehicles. I had an emission issue on my truck that I have been working on for at least 6 months with no avail.
We recently moved our office to Alpharetta. I discovered this great shop, in pursuit of tires, around June of 13′. Their shop was clean, their employees VERY knowledgable (trust me, I tested them…shhhhh, they didn’t know that).
My birthday was this past Tuesday and I was out of time with emissions, which failed AGAIN a week ago. I decided to bring my truck to GoodYear Monday, as they were so good to me with the tires. I was out of time with no room to wait.
Not only did they have answers that I NEVER heard of, they repaired TWO problems, not just one. My hands have suffered great pain for years, Gods joke on an artist. I wasn’t tightening my gas cap enough because it’s such a challenge for me to open. That was the ONLY reason my emissions wouldn’t pass earlier.
Since the first several scans, I received two new codes, Cam and Crank sensors. HUH? I thought. This cannot be right. The truck runs like a top! When the guys at Midway ran diagnostics on the truck, they thought the same thing. With further investigation, they uncovered bulletin that stated this year and a few other year S10’s would throw these two codes if the Start was failing.
Funny, I JUST started having trouble getting the truck started!
Now you see, these fine gentlemen not only repaired the emission issue, they saved me from walking when that starter totally failed.

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful group of men you have down at that shop. Through all of this, they even gave me a ride back to work when I dropped it off.

ALL these guys should be recognized for their fine skills and customer service that I have NEVER experienced in this arena before.

Thank you, SINCERELY, Thank You all for your hard work!!!!

Hilary S. Martin


Kim January 21, 2014 at 8:19 am

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

9:00am – Problem: Air pocket in breaks. Need checked and estimate. Bob said bring by in am.

I dropped off car to “ Bob” the front desk manager. He called later with a quote of $400.00. Told him okay.
He will call me when ready for me to pick up.
6:15pm – Goodyear calls and says car is “kind of” ready. I go to Goodyear, on my 30 minute lunch break. Car still has same problem with breaks, and now Right rear break “ grinding.”
Don and mechanic looked at vehicle again for another 45 mins. Told him I have to get back to office. He said to bring back in am and they will take another look at it. He said he would have to order special parts, and would be 5 days before the hose lines come in.
7:15 pm- Left with vehicle, still not done right. Had to get back to work. ( was late getting back to work.)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

9:00am – Breaks still grinding and what I call, “air pocket” in breaks.
Dropped off car to “ Todd,” the service manager. He said Don gave him update, and I explained to him the problems, I was told and now instead of grinding, right rear break is squealing, along with the initial problem I came in with, where there is like an air pocket when I press on the breaks. Not working.

6:30pm – went to pick up car after work. Todd said they replaced two of the hose lines, that seemed to be cracked, however didn’t seem to resolve the problem. Said to bring by in am.

Friday, January 17, 2014
Same problem, however brakes are squealing now.
9:00am – dropped off car.
3:30pm – left work early to pick up car. Don explained to me situation.
3;45pm – Don said car breaks don’t work at all. Unsafe to drive and kept my car. He said that Goodyear will pay for a rental car until they get car fixed.
He called District manager, Mike D’Angelo, and talked to him in the back office for a good 30 mins., trying to figure out how to get me a car. Don said that District manager told him to go ahead and replace both parts. They want to use my credit card and they will reimburse me, later.
4:15pm – call my Nephrologist and had to cancel my appt, which you have to schedule these appts 2 months in advance. I was very upset. Crying. Enterprise young man was my witness on my condition, and so is my md office, as I was crying hectically. I was very distraught. I’m a very sick person, and have no way to get to my appointment and just so upset on so many levels, for so many reasons.
4:45pm- I left w/ young man from Enterprise and we went to their office on Fruitville road and I put that on my credit card, $ 250.00. they said they charge $25.00 a day.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Don from Good year called me at 5:00 pm, Monday and said they have replaced the Master Cylinder and he “ thinks” that may have been the problem and wants me to take a test drive with him. I asked him if my car was “ Fixed.” He said, “ Well, I don’t know, I want you to test drive it.” WHAT !?!!? Who is the mechanic here??!!
I asked him about the Booster drum part. He said that will come in 3 days.
Told him I would stop by to check out my car, but will not pick up until they add the booster drum. Told him I will then take to Toyota dealership directly from his garage, so the Toyota dealership can check out their work.
He said okay. He didn’t say much after that.

(I work until 6:30pm, will stop by after work, as I have missed way too much work going back and forth, and missed my Nephrologist appt, last Friday, because my car was “ inoperable” per Don. I had to put that on my credit card and Don promised me Goodyear would be paying for the rental car, and reimburse me.)
6: 40pm – I stopped by and tt ” Todd”. I asked him if my car was fixed. His response was, ” We’ll, it seems to be working.” He said the booster part takes three days to order. Told him I will pick up car when they tell me it’s ” fixed.” I left with the rental and asked him to have Don call me in am.
P.S. I drove by Goodyear earlier today at 2:00Pm and my car was still being worked on by mechanic.

1/21/2014- I called to get District Manager, Mike Dangelo, phone #., but “Don”
Refused, only giving me email address. I noticed
This is common through out the Company,
According to your complaints.
Car still not ready…. It’s been a week.

Kimberly Crary


Everett R Tarter January 16, 2014 at 5:00 pm

On Wed. Dec 18, 2013 I developed a problem while near the Goodyear Tire Independent Dealer in Boynton Beach Florida, aka Gold Coast Tire of Boynton Beach. My car was repaired with the comment the service light would go off in a few days. I paid $668.94.

The light still being on I called and they told me they then had the right part now for my car. I got a rental car and left my car. The next day, I was told my car was back together and what they did didn’t work.

I picked up my car and had it repaired at a different Shop. My car had a broken part left in it. Now repaired, I have the broken part and report it was received in that condition. I called the Gold Coast Dealer back and he said the part may have been broken in the first place, this after it was in their shop twice and was not fixed properly…..


Raymond CHASTEL January 12, 2014 at 9:52 am

Dear Mr Rich Kramer ,
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I’ve touched on THE subject with MAURICE TAYLOR OF TITAN ,but he wants me to settle THE closing process with you before going any further .
It’s a Dear serious proposal .
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We should discuss THE subject seriously ,
Drop me an e-mail or call me at 00 33 4 9298XXXXX.
Don’t miss this occasion to settle this question properly and once and for all
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Thomas DeFilippo September 16, 2013 at 4:49 pm

I had a blowout on my 1994 Corvette on July 3rd 2013. When the tire blueout the car swerved right. The torqued when swerving caused my glass top to crack. I contacted goodyear claims and was told that the tire had a road hazard, and that they were not responsible for anything. I wrote to the president of goodyear, Mr. Kramer on August 1st but I guess he is to busy to read and respond to my letter. The tires only have about 6,000 miles on them and there was no offer to even pro-rate them and pay me that amount.I am surprised that this is how the goodyear (american made) tire company does business. A last time customer. Tom D.


Paul Shannon August 31, 2013 at 1:15 pm

Dear Rich Kramer (CEO)
My name is Paul Shannon.I have been going to one of your stores (7608 Oswego Road,Liverpool N.Y. 13090) for years and have spent alot of money.I took my Daughters car there to get a NY State Inspection and an oil change and new tires.I spent $271.54 Invoice NO#183722 on 6/27/2013.It passed and they gave me a list of what they believe will need in the near furture .It came to $982.22 estimate NO#017434 Two weeks later my daughter brought it home and told me that something was wrong with her car (2001 Dodge Neon).I looked at it and the tire`s didn`t look right.I thought that it was the wheel bearing that they stated on the estimate was the problem since I`m no mechanice.So the next day I called a place that I use for big jobs (Swift Automotives)for an appointment. He told me to bring it in.The next day I drove it over slowly over to his shop.As I slowly crossed the rail road tracks the car drops and would not move.I was 500 yards from his place. To make a long story shorter the Frame broke.The place it broke was right next to the oil filter that was changed that day of inspection.I stopped in to inform the Goodyear Manager (Joe Aquilato) in private so other customers wouldn`t hear it, He seem professional and concerned. He did asked me what I wanted and I said at the time I don`t know other than I want our cars safe when we have them inspected here. Since it was my Daughters car and I bring my wife`s car here too. My Daugther could of been her or killed as while other people! It took a couple of weeks to get Joe (Goodyear manager) and Owner of Swift Auto to get together to look at the Car. Joe from Goodyear took pictures of it. He stated that he was going to send it in to corporate.I kept calling him for the next month to see if they had contacted him because I had not heard from anyone,since I had given my phone number and my e-mall.So finally I took it in my own hands to get a hold of Corporate! Joe wold not give me the District Mgrs phone number,only his E-mail but I don`t know how to do that.I did get a hold of Property damage. Her name was Beverly but wouldn`t give me her last name. She stated that she didn`t have any report about this.She called Joe Aquilato the store manager.She called me back and told me that they are not responsible for it! She was very rude and told me do do to do what ever I had to Do! All I what is so help with the cost to fix it.Your store was so close to my house and now I feel that I can`t go to this store any more.I`m not trying to hurt your busness. I just what some help.Please if you could help me I would appriecate it.I know that you have children and you what to keep them safe too! Thankyou for your time Paul R Shannon


Mark Maldonado August 22, 2013 at 6:47 pm

To Whom It May Concern;

My name is Mark Maldonado my phone number is 720-434-XXXXX and I just had my truck oil changed by your store which was to include a tire rotation and when I went to pick up my truck I was told that I needed all new brakes, rotors and they tried to get me to get a charge account with your company.

I proceeded to tell the cashier that I had just had my brakes done not 6 months ago and my brakes are fine, he kept insisting that I needed $600 worth of work done on my brakes, I told him there was nothing wrong with my brakes and my truck is braking just fine, then he goes to take my money for the oil change and I asked if they rotated my tires and he said yes, well I marked my tires and they were not rotated and I told him such, he looked at my paperwork and said that he had the wrong paperwork in his hand and it was not my truck that needed the brakes and rotors. Well surprise, surprise! He then informed me that they did not rotate my tires at all and I stated that I paid for the service so I was told to bring it back tomorrow and I told him never……………………..your company is a scam and I will let everyone know how they tried to get me to put $600 worth of brakes and rotors on a vehicle that did not need it and that I did NOT get the service I paid for as advertised!


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