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Athletic Propulsion Labs Shoes (APL) Corporate Office

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Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) Corporate Office Address

Athletic Propulsion Labs, LLC
9701 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1000
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Contact Athletic Propulsion Labs (API)

Phone Number: (310) 229-1211
Fax Number:
Email: Email Athletic Propulsion Labs (API)

Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) Facts

Founder: Adam and Ryan Goldston
Date Founded: 2009
Founding Location: Los Angeles, California
Number of Employees: 50

Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) Executives

CEO: Adam Goldston
CFO: Ryan Goldston
COO: N. Goldston

Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) History

APL shoes 1

Twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston began working on their business idea while they were still attending college at USC. The brothers played on both the football and basketball teams at college when they decided to design an athletic shoe that would help improve their game.

They became legends almost overnight. While designing and selling other types of athletic shoes on a small time basis, they found that the NBA had banned the use of their basketball shoe called the APL Concept 1, as it gave players an “unfair advantage.” Adam stated in one interview that the company sold more shoes in the 4 day period after the ban than they had in 6 weeks. APL shoes 4

Currently, the company sells its products online or at selected retailers, such as LululemonAPL shoes 3

While the company won’t give actual sales figures or revenue numbers, they do say they are currently returning all profits back into the company for development and expansion. The Goldston’s hope to have running and other shoes ready for Olympic teams in 2020.

Athletic Propulsion Labs, commonly referred to as APL, have headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. The company recently introduced the worlds most expensive sneakers, made from crocodile skin and dipped in 24K gold.

APL shoes 5

Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Athletic Propulsion Labs (API)?
Answer 1: The phone number for Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) is (310) 229-1211.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Athletic Propulsion Labs (API)?
Answer 2: The CEO of Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) is Adam Goldston.

Question 3: Who founded Athletic Propulsion Labs (API)?
Answer 3: Athletic Propulsion Labs (API) was founded by Adam and Ryan Goldston in 2009.

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