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Acme Markets Corporate Office Address

Acme Markets, Inc.
75 Valley Stream Parkway
Malvern,, Pennsylvania 19335

Contact Acme Markets

Phone Number: (610) 889-4000
Fax Number: (610) 889-3392
Email: Email Acme Markets

Acme Markets Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Acme Markets Executives

CEO: Dan Croce
CFO: Robert Dimond
COO: Rick Navarro

Acme Markets History

Acme Markets was founded in 1891 by Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company operates a chain of grocery stores. In 2011, Acme Markets was the second largest retailer in Philadelphia.

The company currently has more than 179 locations in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and employs approximately 20,000 persons.  Currently, the company operates as a subsidiary of Albertson’s. Customers can place orders online and pick them up at the store of their choosing. Home delivery was discontinued in 2009.

Most locations have Sav-On Pharmacies inside the stores, as well as a bakery, deli, and salad bars. The online site offers recipes, coupons, and tips for healthy living. Many locations are being remodeled at this time. Company headquarters are located in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Acme Markets FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Acme Markets?
Answer 1: The phone number for Acme Markets is (610) 889-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Acme Markets?
Answer 2: The CEO of Acme Markets is Dan Croce.

Question 3: Who founded Acme Markets?
Answer 3: Acme Markets was founded by in .

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icy August 27, 2018 at 2:36 am

make some business


Robert Saunders August 11, 2018 at 9:30 pm

I was at acme on 2nd and girard I’m a black man and was eating grapes 🍇 out of a bag of grapes I was paying for my son was paying for my food in line I was trying to send money to my Philippines friends in the Philippines 🇵🇭 threw money gram like I always do the lady that made a problem out of the situation is a lady that take care of me and see me all the time white woman told another white customer in front of me hold on I have to handle something called a manager on me and they made a issue out of a hand full of grapes 🍇 that I paid for as I always do, if something isn’t done about this I will call channel 10 news fox 29 6 3 the NAACP any body I can to let them know that you acme people have racist workers working in your stores I do not like the way I was treated tonight I always spend money in that store and white customers be eating from their grape 🍇 bags all the time I will bring a law suit against the store my mother and father is pastors and bishops of a church and know big people all I want is the situation delt with asap I will tell others about how I was treated tonight if something isn’t done about that worker and the manager name is Danny and he treated me with a bad attitude I didn’t like that also I don’t know what type of buissness you people are running but I’m very upset about what happen to me tonight and won’t stand for it I need someone to messege me as soon as possible thank you


Robert Saunders August 11, 2018 at 10:29 pm

It’s the acme on 2nd and girard you all have racist workers in that store and I’m very upset on how o was treated by one of you all white worker and demand something be done 😡


Robert Saunders August 11, 2018 at 10:31 pm

It’s in Philadelphia PA racist workers 2nd and girard acme I’m pissed 😡


Donna Lind August 1, 2018 at 8:06 pm

I was at the acme on RedLionRoad in Philadelphia tonight. I ran in after work to grab a couple of things to bring to my mother, as I went to checkout there was only one cashier working who seemed to be new. She had to have the woman from customer service come over three different times to help her with just one customer transaction. There were over 15 people in line so I decided to move down to self checkout where there were about twenty five people in line but it was moving faster. As I was scanning and bagging my things I noticed that each time an error came up the young man would just scan his card and put his code in, I personally watched numerous people just throwing stuff into bags without scanning as I paid for my $88 worth of groceries. This was hands down my worry’s experience in a grocery store in over 50 years!


Arturo Gravino April 7, 2018 at 7:01 pm

Every time I shop at the Acme in saddle brook New Jersey I see Acme employees doing questionable things. Every since I saw the store manager Eugene Pate making out with a deli clerk, Tanya, outside on the side of the store, it rubbed me the wrong way. He is married with kids and the company allows this and hasn’t taken action. I am not the first person to report this but nothing has changed.. And how you have the “store manager,” Eugene Pate conducts himself with other associates. He is everything you don’t want as a store manager, taking advantage of his position in the store. You need to send in personal between 8:30 am to 11:00am when both these individuals are working and you will see it first hand. Disgusting and ruining the reputation of a great company. So sad to this in a professional


lynne mayo January 23, 2018 at 9:45 am

Rosalie in Customer Service in your Paoli, PA store is a total asset to you company. She is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and goes out of her way to help all customers. I have been shopping at this store for years and she is one of the reasons that I do. There should be more employees/people like her.


Gino Grosso December 15, 2017 at 7:22 pm

Where to begin because my experience with 2 Acme stores has been persistently way BELOW acceptable and I say this as a understanding, tolerant senior. I have used the 5927 Ridge location as it’s within walking distance. Some items I truly want are almost NEVER in stock even though I’m told deliveries come in several times weekly. Then I’m told to call before I come in as if this is routine for a major market!! What??? This store at least in the evening hours has mostly college age kids as staff. I’ve yet to see anyone over 30. In both this store and the one on South St, certain items were past expiration and there was no one —ZERO—at customer service. Finally a person who looked no older than 16 was pulled from bagger to go to customer service to talk to me and she was literally clueless. The Ridge location looks, feels and yes smells dingy. Could I add anything more one could reasonably ask?? The answer is YES. On December 12, I was confronted by an outside vendor security person who blocked my entrance, banned me for “life” and gave me no reason or proof for such outrageous action and public humiliation. There was no one in authority for me to complain at that time but I called the manager and he did reply, promising an “investigation”. Was I reassured? NO. The reason is not personal because I never met him. It has to do with how this company presents and acts with its community customers-its lifeblood. A company that is SO OBVIOUSLY apathetic to appearance and reliability of product access and careless as to quality and impact of who to bring on as outside vendors doesn’t have my confidence they will maturely address my traumatic interaction of a few days ago. But I’m NOT letting it slide and meekly go elsewhere. I will be following up as OFTEN UNTIL I’M SATISFIED with the local store director with copy to company CEO and my attorney. In conclusion, to whomever is reading, Acme is expensive in comparison to many local competitors except WF. But the company is run at corporate and local levels shows an glaring lack of interest/awareness, much less investment, in the fundamentals of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. I can’t imagine REAL improvement. Unless you are apathetic as well to a sample of my personal experiences just do the rational


Gino Grosso December 15, 2017 at 7:28 pm

Sorry I cut off my prior comment by mistake.
It should end: TAKE THE ONLY MATURE COURSE OF ACTION: Communicate to and EDUCATE your fellow customers as I did here. AND take yourself and YOUR hard earn dollars to a BETTER place. You BOTH deserve it!!!


Denice Montero December 13, 2017 at 12:33 pm

Acme at university plaza Newark Delaware. Numerous products out of date!! I personally took a cartful of yogurt and cheese 3 months or more out of date to the manager. I was told there was a new employee and he would take care of it. Next week bought ham and cheese that was pre cut at the deli. Ham was darker than beef bologna and cheese was stiff on the edges. Both out of date! Sunday purchased bag of rolls and brooklyn bread pizza crust. Opened pkg and had mold on rolls and the pizza crust !!! They are going to kill someone!! Please anyone stupid enough to shop there please, please check the dates!! I have been to the manager numerous, numerous times. There is now no section in that store i will purchase from. Shop Rite will now get my business!! I am tired of wasting time and gas running back to return products continually!!


Ethan Cottrell November 20, 2017 at 9:04 pm

I just left your acme store in Bala Cynwyd on city line av at 830pm 11/20/2017
The employee was good but ur register was broke items were being scanned but on the computer itvwad a glintch and things were just moving at a face pace. When we were finished i paid $182 n some change but i never recieved an reciept and they told me they cant print me one out till tomorrow. Im pretty sure some items where scanned more than once and im pretty sure its going to be a dispute about this and in positive i wont be going here again because things where handled wrong


alan brody September 22, 2017 at 10:56 am

I was shopping today at acme richboro pa 18954 and encountered a grocery manager short fellow named Ed terribly yelling and screaming at a young lady. While i was in the aisle this food rep approached ed and asked how he was doing. He ignored her and walked away. She apparently inquired if she could put up a display of some sort so I assume she wasn’t an acme employee but an outside rep. Several shoppers were appalled at his attitude and treatment. He called her a stupid girl and dressed her down. She just stared at him in disbelief. It appeared they were discussing an ad in your circular. I tried to find the store manager but he was either unavailable, in a meeting, or not in yet. I just left my cart there and went instead to another market. I am contemplating putting this on social media. Look forward to your reply and his apology
Al brody
Richboro pa


M Cambre August 27, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Your store at 146 Fox Run Drive in Bear,De never has enough cashiers. Usually only 2 maybe 3 lines are opened. We were no. 15 in line yesterday and only 2 lines opened. Several in line were complaining, but it did no good. This is not the first time this has happened. Hire more workers please! Also you have some of the rudest people who work in the deli. I’m looking for another grocery store.


Sonja Carassai-Haus July 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm

This is not a complaint at all!!

Our family only purchases meat from Acme- Lancaster Brand Beef or Perdue Chicken. I wanted to know what state the Lancaster Brand company is located and where are the cattle raised? Are they free range? Grass fed? Again, we do not purchase our beef or chicken from other supermarkets.

Thank you!


Daniel levine June 13, 2017 at 3:16 pm

On behalf of the red bank Ymca in my capacity as a volunteer
I would like to meet with your local Management of the red bank New Jersey territory
And share some on going Community Activities that reaches a large portions of your
Customer base.
Thank you for taking the time to respond
Regards Daniel levine. Phone #. Home 732-747- XXXXX. cell 732 539 -XXXXX


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