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Aaron's, Inc.
309 E Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305

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Phone Number: (404) 231-0011
Fax Number: (404) 240-6584
Website: http://www.aarons.com
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CEO: Ronald W. Allen
CFO: Gilbert L. Danielson
COO: Mitchell S. Paull

Aaron's History

Aaron’s was founded as Aaron Rents in 1955 by current Chairman Emeritus Robert Charles Loudermilk.

In 1964, the company began renting furniture.

In 1982, the company went public.

In 1987, the company enters the rent to own business after acquiring Ball Stalker.

In 1990, Aaron’s begins to offer franchise opportunities.

In 2008, the company sold their corporate furnishings division to Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2009, the company changed their name to just Aaron’s, Inc.

Today, Aaron’s has over 2000 stores in the lower 48 states and Canada.  Over 1200 of those stores are corporately owned.

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Tina kusler November 24, 2015 at 8:10 am

I’ve had the worst luck here I call and call and all they say is someone will call u back for almost 2 weeks now I am paying on a fridge that doesn’t work mind u that this is the 3rd loaner I’ve gotten from this place I keep making my payments but nobody wants to give me a working fridge I will NEVER buy nothing from this place again


perry sloan November 23, 2015 at 11:26 am

a manager named sean in branson mo, is hatefula nd is not willing to work with you. we paid 188.00 on the first and our payments are suppose to be 240 a month so we owe like 52 dollars. we asked if they could wait till the first and we would catch them up and sean said no and that he was coming after all of our stuff. yet we paid for at least 3 of our items


Michael Riggins November 20, 2015 at 3:43 pm

I was interested in paying my account off early so I made 3 one hundred dollar payments and $75.00 payment rather than my normal payment of $59.00. My account balance got down to $348.00 and for the last four months my balance hasn’t change. The billing office told me that the contract was for x amount of payments. So I have to honor the contract. His he some kind of fool. So I supposedly spoke to the regional manager. He made me an offer to payment 200 cash and I’d be finished. I told him I’d think about it. When I decided to make to $100 dollar payments: I was told the offer was off the table. I made a payment today for $59.00. Guess what? My balance decrease by $29.00. And I was told I still have 7 1/2 more payments to make per the contract. Someone thinks I’m a fool. Why did my account balance stay frozen at $358.00 for four months? And guess what…there’s no debate about the balance. I receive an email with the balance $358 dollars four months ago. I was told to furnish the document. Why? There is no debate about the balance being $358.00 regardless of making my payments four ties 29.00 is 116. ($358-116 =$246- 29.00 I paid today equals $215.00. When you pay extra money on top of your normal payment the months in the contract decease. They do not stay the same. I’d like an investigation into my situation. This is an insult, injustice a slap in the face and some B.S. I don’t have time for. Anyone with common sense can figure this out and I have a Master Degree in Legal Analysis. I Cordially request and investigation into the Towson Store in Maryland. I made all my payment with a debit card, however its not a issue of proof the store seems to think that can say anything an that’s the end off it. At lease that’s what they think.


Robert Becker November 17, 2015 at 7:18 pm

I bought a sound bar from Aarons I was told they will get brackets for it never did bullhead city arizona told them i get paid on the 5th and20th they constently call my phone my boss phonetold them come get their tv nothing but a runarond 17 years paid off a lot of stuff and treated like crap no more


Lee Johnson November 17, 2015 at 11:45 am

I had been a customer of Aaron’s in Laurens SC for at least 9yrs. Dec.13 I bought a upon tv and blue Ray….made timely payments…the merchandise was vandalized and police reports were made and pictures taken. The store manager said he was going to make arrangements where the tv would be replaced and I would pay book value for old tv…well that never happened…the manager lied to me but still expects me to pay….so I’m content watching my old 19in Rca.Today this lady calls demanding payment or she’ll place a lean on my drivers license!! I know a couple people who just stopped paying and kept the merchandise. I bought a living room suit, washer, computer , tablet, dining room and riding lawnmower and paid insurance on these items. If the manager had honored what he said I would not be watching this small tv and they would not be threatening me with legal action. He wanted$700 book value which I was willing to pay if I had another tv but the manager lied.


Lina November 17, 2015 at 6:54 am

Okay so we ve been a long customer of Aarons. We rented and paid off 3 TVs. So when we needed a dryer and washer we d figure we’d go to them. Big mistake! We moved about 20 miles away from the store before we MOVED the manager of store said “no problem just move it yourself and make sure we have your current address” so we gave them our new address even filled out an updated app so they have new references (to harass). About a month after the move, the dryer broke! First they refused to service it! After about two months they finally got someone out. The problem was fixed for A DAY and the dryer stopped working again. This time we figured out that we can buy a NEW SET cheaper then what we owe on the broken set! So we called Lina the Manager at the store on 64th and Sheridan to come pick up their broken crap. NOW the manager has the balls to say we took it outside of their area without permission. How is it that they services it than? Their just too cheap to send someone 20 miles to pick their crap. They had the balls to call my mom and tell her it was “stolen” so my mom told them COME pick up your broken crap! Seriously how can they service a product then turn around and say we didn’t have permission to bring it to where we are? Weird business their in servicing products outside of their area but they can’t come pick it up nope they’d rather harass your friends and family! I’m so THANKFUL we bought cash a new set and their broken crap well COME get it YOU have my address!!!
Thank you!


Melissa dicarro November 14, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Aaron’s store number 0759 brookpark, Ohio.. I bought a washer from them.. Did 6 mths same as cash… Paid for the washer in 6 mths as agreed to… But for 3 mths after it was paid for.. They still keep taking the $125 payment.. 3 mths in a row.. The are always unwilling to correct the problem.. They always want us to take time out of out day.. To cvome fix the problem… Why should I take the time.. They made the mistake.. I held up my end of the bargain.. I pasoid on time every mths… Last mths we had to wait 13 day to get are 125 back… Now the have done it again.. And once again manager thier name Matt.. Was unhelpfull… And wanted us to once again come in and fix it… They have caused our account to bounce.. Because of their mistake.. And have done nothing to resolve the ongoing problem.. Made several call in distact mang. NO CALL BACK FIRST AND LAST TIME I WILL BUY appliance from aarons


Stephanie November 13, 2015 at 11:44 pm

So I have been dealing with Aarons since March 2015. They keep telling me that my account was past due when it wasn’t. They just never fixed the payment date in the system. Then in November they charged my account a week early having my account overdraft on my bills I did have. When asked to refund me my money they said they couldn’t because it takes 7 to ten business days and by that time I will be due. I had to talk to my bank to get 5 of the 7 overdrafts fees taken care of. I took the other two just hoping to put this behind me. Now again they charge my account once again. That’s not apart of my contract that it’s okay to charge me before I’m due. I asked to send back items and they keep giving me the run around. On top of that I had to wait a month to get my sofa repaired because they were in between companies fixing items. I can’t believe they can keep doing this.


darren stricklen November 7, 2015 at 1:11 pm

I have made a order off line and paid $25 it has been two weeks ago and they said they would call me when the truck got there last week no call and when I call them they get smart with me I paid for it why not deliver it when yall say yall will.it pisses me off….now they saying next Thursday that be three weeks I should not have two pay for it no month cause I have not even had it a month yet..if I knew this they would have not got my bussiness….


Racheal yunk November 6, 2015 at 1:00 pm

I have been dealing with arrons since August! Spoken with not only manger but with the regional manger on how I have been treated. I have told that I have gotten my purchase for free when they messed up my order and I was without a dresser and chest plus had a broken night stand for over a month! Then when they finally did bring the replacement that was also broke! Was told to go back to the store to pick out another bedroom set so I did! Here we are into November still no bedroom set. Few weeks ago was set a card that said I broke my agreement called the store and was told to ignore that since I COULDN’T MAKE ANY PAYMENTS ON MY ACCOUNT SINCE IT WAS SO MESSED UP! WAS TOLD AT THAT TIME THAT I WOULD BE GETTING A CALL REGARDING MY BEDROOM SUIT! THAT WAS 4 WEEKS AGO. GET A CALL TODAY AFTER BEING TOLD I WAS A HARD PERSON TO DEAL WITH ABOUT MY ACCOUNT BEING 36 DAYS OVER DUE! SERIOUSLY HOW CAN IT BE OVERDUE WHEN NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE WITH IT. THEY HAD NOTHING IN THEIR SYSTEM OF WHEN WE WENT DOWN TO PICK OUT THE NEW BEDROOM SET AT THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER! SO HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH HAVING TO DEAL WITH ORDERING A NEW SUIT! CANT WAIT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH PAYMENTS!


Stephen cutts November 6, 2015 at 9:16 am

yes hi i have been dealing with arrons for over a year now and they have broken so many FDCPA laws that i have a attorney working on things now.. i am pursuing this matter through the courts and will be filing a civil lawsuit. i dont think its right for arrons to pronounce our buisness into the public and to harass me and my family, we work all day everyday and ive made quite a few payments i am behind 181.00 as of right now and its possible that i owe more now.. i put no tresspassing signs in yard.. by law i am subject to notify who ever comes into my yard without permission to leave if they do not follow i am permitted to take legal and nessesary force to get them off … i would like to say also that when they come over they are loud and knocking on my door very loudly which wakes up my 4 month old son, i would llike to hear something back,, and i plan on writing to corporate a certified letter to keep them from contacting me in anyway and to stay away from my property as i feel like they are putting my family at risk and harm. these laws have been broken and i will be pushing it as far as i can .. and no i do not want to settle it with the company out of the courts , i would like for the courts to hear what i have to say and something will be done thank you and have a blessed day


martina glenn November 11, 2015 at 10:44 pm

Wow…i agree they are VERY RUDE…I’m behind..163.00 for my washer and dryer…i get a voicemail telling me that i will have to go back to the laundry mat and wash my colthes…also called my references telling them that they’ll be calling the police and filing theft charges..my point is my buisness is mine not my references


licia October 31, 2015 at 12:31 pm

Anonymous 4 minutes ago
I started a rental agreement grant the items i choose werent new. Upon receiving the furniture i notice a stinch. Thought spraying the furniture would help. It didnt delievered on a saturday call McDonough location on a monday they have a new store manager he said he will make tjings right n get it cleaned. It took them a month to fonally clean it mind you i had received a call asking when i was gonna pay i said after my furniture was cleaned never knowing it would take a whole month. Now that it is cleaned the store manager wants to call everyday to collect i adked him whats due he said full amount i told him i didnt think that was fair hadnt been able to use it. Mind you when i called the monday after delivered store manager told me furniture hadnt been cleaned because the rug doctor had bern work and away to get repaired. Just today i gave him a date to come get it he tells me they got someone out to clean and someone was hpme i can make sure someone is there when they want to pick up. This fool he got it done when it was convinent for him i will do the same. Mind you i already got my own furniture thats already paid for. I really wanted to keep their set but poor customer service and flat out not doing what they said they would for a whole is not worth the headache. The regional i dealt wirh initially awesone new store manager dropped the ball for a month and is rude as hell. Ive been a previous customer in stone mountain ga awesome people n i even ended up owning my furniture. At this McDonough location great custoner service came from the girl who sold me me regional who did my paperwork n the tall guy who delivered my furniture i love. Nevermind being told to come clean furniture fron 830pm -10pm


K. Thompson October 27, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Yes, I have been dealing with Aarons for awhile and I don’t like the fact that I have to deal with 3 different amounts to pay……Saturday I had one of your employees come and knock on my door saying I owe them $75 so I called and spoke with a woman there at our local store and she told me I owe $154…I asked if I could put $100 down and come back in on the 9th to pay the rest then a guy gets on the phone named Tom….he tells me yes but I have to come to the store to sign a paper to allow me to cover til then so we made it for me to come in Monday….I go to treatments on Monday for my son and didn’t get back til 7pm…..I go in the next morning and kevin tells me I have to pay $159 and that Im semi payments….I looked at my agreement and im monthly due on the 15th of the months…..I came in on the 9th of this month and gave them $288 and they said I would be back to monthly then and now im semi? explain this to me……


Lisa November 4, 2015 at 10:24 am

They don’t have any compassion for others people’s lives in the real world. And surely doesn’t matter if they make a mistake on your account. But it is OK to call n wake people late at night. Why they r in the bed. And get cussed out by the store manager. And thrown out of the store. Cause his employee makes a mistake. And harassing phone calls. 9:30 at night and 8 am in the morning. Doesn’t matter. Even if I have a disabled husband at home to take care of. They need better management. And better customer skill training. To tell a customer that she isn’t a customer anymore. Just because I don’t want phone calls late at night. And its my fault the hours online r wrong. And didn’t ncare to look at the screen shot of the hours posted online. Gets and attitude with me when I tried to show h n throws me out the store and yelling and cussing at me. I have proof on 2 separate receipts and a message confirmation saying I paid this month. Wow how messed up is all of this?


Lisa November 6, 2015 at 1:01 pm

The manager of Sibley rd is making my life nearly impossible. Has failed to fax my information to Deansbridge Rd location. Deansbridge Rd location. Expects me to drop and important matter in my life that cannot be dropped for nothing in this world. Buy calls the manager of Sibley rd. And tells him they r not going to take me as a customer. This whole situation has become extremely insane. Oh they can do all kinds of wrong. Even belittle me behind my back. But the heck with what all I have to do in my life. CEO will be getting in writing a FAX from me.


Scott Goodman October 24, 2015 at 11:55 am

I am currently a customer of your store located at HERMITAGE STORE (C0539) 4481 LEBANON PIKE HERMITAGE,Tn 37076. I have been for any years as I have found rent to own works for us. This month was our last payment on our couch and we were told we had to come in the store to make the last payment. We could not pay over the phone. Common sense tell me this is a way to get me to by something else.We kept meaning to stop by on the weekend but, never had a chance. We are busy people. Our payment is a few weeks late because, we have not made it to your store. They have called my wife’s phone but, she can not use her phone while at work. She gets off at six . NOT a soul has called my phone which I use for work. My phone is always on me. The problem I have is what happened today. An employee showed up at my house with a truck to pick up the couch . The problem isn’t the employee stopping by its they wanted the couch back. Business is business I know. The employee was very nice and explained he was only doing his job. He did ask for cash. Who has cash? Really? What do I want to change? I do not think it is fair to require me to come into the store for my last payment. I understand it is a sell tactic but, do you really need to come reposes the couch? September though November we are very busy so its very had to drive out of our way to satisfy your requirement to come by your store for a last payment. Therefore I will not ever buy anything from your store again.I would not have rented to own for you guys if stopping by the store monthly was required. I would like to see this rule changed as I had already planned to buy something else from you anyway but, will not be doing that now.

Thank you,


Andreea October 20, 2015 at 6:29 pm

Hello im a customers errands for over year now I am trying to switch stores I am currently at one location where I rent my furniture out of and I would like to change locations of where I conduct my business with errands is this something that I can do the store that I am currently at now its telling me that I cannot change stores in a full of that is not correct I feel personally attacked by the employees and know this sounds crazy but I just do not want to continue business with them I do however want to continue business with arrons and continue having the merchandise but I do not want to continue staying with that particular store is there someone that can please contact me and help me so that I may continue being a customer with arrons but not with that particular store thank you


alicia October 19, 2015 at 4:13 pm

So I furnished a whole apartment by this place went through a nasty breakup and lost everything so starting over and never having a problem with them well got a table had issue but they took care of itvas for it was manufacturing defect….. Now I got a living room set brand new couch came in damaged and the manager of Hudson NY store says i have another one no damage well guys quickly deliever it and it has the same damage plus more…… So upset and pissed off…. Makes me wonder what happened to this buissness


Aaron Vance October 19, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Brand new LG stainless washer and dryer set ($2500.00) , extended warranty through Aarons and LG; two weeks after installation washer quit working, repeated attempts for service, all I get is the runaround, no returned call as promised.
Three weeks later I have no working washer no calls returned, payments all made early in full. Would not recommend this business. Service is appalling .


Shateka October 15, 2015 at 1:10 pm

After relocating to another state, I needed furniture as a result of my furniture being in storage. I decided to utilize the services of Aarons Furniture store (CO822). I should have know that there was going to be a problem because for the following reasons: when I selected the furniture that was on sale it was at one price. However, my contract was set for another price (I did not sign the contract in the store{my husband signed the contract for me when the delivered the furniture}), as part of my agreement I wanted to have new furniture not used, when I contacted the store the representative specified that was the monthly price. I reluctantly kept the furniture. After about a month of having the furniture the store started calling my house (before and after business hours, and as late as 9pm), calling my spouse and my mobile phones, and calling my job. The fact of the matter was that at times my bill was not even five days after the due date. What was the icing on the cake was when a representative threatened to come to my job to retrieve the payment. As a result of the harassments, I contacted the corporate office and I was given an issue number.


tanya thomas November 6, 2015 at 8:27 pm

To whom it may concern:
I have never in my whole life been so upset with your company. I have purchased things with your company before in Harrisburg Pa. Your store on Passyunk Ave in South Philadelphia is terrible. My experience with your staff at this location has brought me to the point of harsh language. The store associates are rude and non informative , the manger talk as though he’s on the street corner and not at work. There is no consistency with answers, nevertheless they don’t mind threatening you with we can take your furniture.I rented a bed from you due to a family emergency, that was the worst decision of my life. Every month its something, I pay online because I can’t stand the ignorance that comes out the store. And it never fails that the store calls every month cause the on line service doesn’t report my payment. The talk to you like like your trash, I work for a fortune 500 company and I would get fired if I talked to people in that manner. Your staff needs to be retrained and they need some customer service skills.

Also I called to ask for the regional directors name and address and was told there is none. Therefore I will send this email to all accounts.


Stephanie Bussey October 13, 2015 at 7:47 pm

Yes, I;m from Douglas, Ga and my daughter had gotten a bedroom set from Aaron’s here and she got behind on her payments and I help her out, but getting to the point on the right side of the bed frame broke and they first wanted her to caught on her payments so she did that. So they came out took picture and said that they would order the the frame its been 3 months and know frame. So I told my daughter don’t make another payment till they order that frame so last week 10/ 08/ 2015they called her wanted to know what was going on and I told them that, that they wanted the money but they still had not order that frame for that bed and and girl name Corney told me I should be worry about my payments the bed so I told her that if they wanted the money order the frame and I would caught up on the bed so she told me that they would just come and pick it up so I told her that would be okay so today 10/13/2015 they was suppose to came ans got the bed this morning and they didn’t so they called me with and attitude so I told them to take me to court we will settle it their because am really tired of them they want their money but they don’t want to fix the product.


mary j lawson October 10, 2015 at 12:37 am

Hi I am a long time buyer of Aarons, I could not find a sofa I could be comfortable sitting on, so I went to the store at, 1315 Euclid ave Bristol,Va. I was told there was a brand new one in the back already in plastic. I am on social security and had to wait to get paid. I went back two days later but was told it was gone. I had to settle for one I thought was comfortable. When they dropped it off and left, my husband let the recliner out, I noticed the padding was hanging out. I called to report and took 4 days to come out, they were scheduled to come on Friday because they forgot to bring me a rug they gave me with the sofa. The boy brought a can of spray adhesive and said was fixed. After they left we let the recliner out and noticed the padding still hanging out and the rips behind it was still there.I called the store and told the I was not satisfied with it and that the store in Johnson City, TN has a pre-owned sofa and love seat sku:9sl like I originally wanted and wanted them to send to their store and swap the one I have for it, but was told point blank no. I have never been treated that was from the store in Bristol, VA off lee highway which I currently make payments to on other products. I will never ever go to the one on Euclid. After all the money I have been paying to them, you would think they could help me out on a small request. I have pictures of rips and padding hanging out not fixed.


David Street October 7, 2015 at 10:15 am

The Aaron’s in Marion, Ohio has a manager John (Jon) that threatened me and used the”F-ing” word at me several times as he stopped on the road illegally as me and my girlfriend were walking on the sidewalk … neighbors and a person walking their dogs seeing this and then the manager proceeded to drive and stalk us as we walked on the sidewalk and he stops again illegally at a 4 way stop intersection. The Marion Ohio Police Department has a dialogue of this matter. Nothing professional about this manager’s aggressive approach and cursing using the F bombs several with a stand off approach aggressively chest sticking out … this is a accident or bad thing waiting to happen and the company gave me the wrong equipment and a nasty bed that looked new due to the cover they put on it.
The company at Aaron’s in Marion Ohio is hideous secretive deceitful with how they do things. What I have now is mine and will not go back to the company period for giving me something I did not pre pay in advance from the beginning with what I picked out on the floor with my girlfriend was the what was delivered. The bed especially was a huge downfall it was a dirty tactic they did.


A Watkins October 12, 2015 at 6:42 am

I feel your pain my friend! The same crap happened to me along with a bunch of other total garbage!! I’ve been calling their corporate office for the last year to no avail! They are shady & crooked if you ask me!


Barbara Churgovich October 6, 2015 at 10:25 pm

I’m seeking an attorney for damage to my rental property floors that Brook Park Ohio Aarons has caused as has not fixed the floors. My landlord has called them plenty of times and they have avoided him. But they sure all heck can call when they want payment for our stove, which we just paid off. I’m so upset with Aarons and will never rent anything from them again, they do nothing but lie. I will be calling corporate again and my lawyer.


Rhonda Sprow October 21, 2015 at 9:56 am

My sister n law resides with me. She needed a bed. Rented one from Aarons. They kept telling her the headboard had been ordered. Yea well they lied. Finally a guy came out about 6 months later to put her headboard on her bed. We went to move the bed around and the jack ass used 6 inch screws, screwed the screw thru the bed into my wall. So far no luck at them getting back with me. I now have 5 extra big holes in my room. Guess time to talk to attorney


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