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Aaron's Corporate Office Address

Aaron's, Inc.
309 E Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305

Contact Aaron's

Phone Number: (404) 231-0011
Fax Number: (404) 240-6584
Website: http://www.aarons.com
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CEO: Ronald W. Allen
CFO: Gilbert L. Danielson
COO: Mitchell S. Paull

Aaron's History

Aaron’s was founded as Aaron Rents in 1955 by current Chairman Emeritus Robert Charles Loudermilk.

In 1964, the company began renting furniture.

In 1982, the company went public.

In 1987, the company enters the rent to own business after acquiring Ball Stalker.

In 1990, Aaron’s begins to offer franchise opportunities.

In 2008, the company sold their corporate furnishings division to Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2009, the company changed their name to just Aaron’s, Inc.

Today, Aaron’s has over 2000 stores in the lower 48 states and Canada.  Over 1200 of those stores are corporately owned.

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Yvonne hocksday October 1, 2015 at 7:22 pm

I will never shop at Aarons again store in Trenton they do not know how to talk to people ,,,,,no customer service ,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Reuben Pulce September 26, 2015 at 4:15 pm

These mother f***ers came and got a tv and called me and told me it was busted … now being that I work with criminals all day everyday the 1st thing you learn is PROTECT yourself with documentation. Now with that said Ive watched too many court shows to not have some DOCUMENTATION that I gave your shit back in working condition. I told the little district manager while he is threatening me with court he should really ask those guys that came to get the tv what really happened because when I go to court im going after their jobs and ill be suing be Aarons. So ill be waiting for that letter


Arlene Vigil September 26, 2015 at 1:25 pm

First time I walked into an Aarons, I bought a laptop. I paid for it last summer. My washer broke down and needed a new washer and dryer. So I went to the same store because I felt there was a relationship with them and didn’t go to a place closer to me in Albuquerque, NM. I went in on the September 24 and bought an Amana washer and dryer. They told me that they woud deliver the following Friday. So I called them on Friday to make sure and confirmed. I spent most of the day painting that room . I waited ad waited and no one came. I finally had to go outside and see a tag on the door. I then called the store and spoke with Jason the manager on menial blvd. I told him that I didn’t hear the doorbell and Have a Rottweiler that would’ve alerted me. I was very upset because I was waiting. He told me to cam down and he isn’t like me talking loudly. T I then told him if I could speak yo the manager. Because te manager I had was very nice and I old him I had bought a laptop. He said, I don’t know who you are talking about ad said “I’m the manager.” And was very angry with me. He said then that he would call the driver and call me back. I waited for almost 45 minutes. And called him back. I told him that I was waiting and that he never called me back. He started yelling at me and told me that it was my fault that I didn’t answer the door. I said why didn’t knock. I told him I have a very protective dog that would’ve heard. He then sad that they called me. I said that they were not telling the truth. I never saw a 505 area code number when I looked at history. I can prove it. He then yelled at me and said, “are you calling me a liar?” I said no I never called you a liar. He then said quote unquote, “just for that you are not going to get your washer and dryer .” And then hung up on me! I called back and a falisha answered the phone and I could hear him laughing. I was the telling her that I wanted to cancel my my contract and she said, “that is up to you, I can do it right now.” I could hear him laughing. Flisha never Saud she was sorry or try sooth things after I just wanted t cry. She wS just as hateful. So I called another Aarons on Coors blvd. She said that she could transfer the papers but still no washer and dryer. Caled her now Saturday and she has to locate one abd will try to get one this Monday. I am a Respiratory Therapist. And work in Grants, NM. 12 hour shifts. I don’t Have time to take a day off. I am canceling the washer ad dryer because I feel I don’t want to business with a company that has no professionalism. I called a number Falisha gave me and said it was a Regional manager but again, Another lie. This person said he was not the regional manager and would call me back. Aarons call-back system is lacking very much. Not only that, when I went to Bernoulli which is just outside of Albuquerque last Wednesday, I saw three Aaron trucks parked at a lot. It struck me as strange. I find the company to lack in professionalism with young managers running a
The place and allowing bad behavior. I am also going to the Federal Trade Commission, BBB, Attorney General. Also, yelp and all websites. I am very upset. My nephew owns the house AlI a in. He heard ad saw what happened. He has been an FBI agent here fora number of years. I was going to withdraw my contract with a police escort. Jason sounded lie criminal element. I bought a refrigerator from Credit World and never had a problem with them. Im done with Aaron’s.


samantha kerney September 23, 2015 at 7:20 pm

I am very very upset with aarons. I will never deal with them again. At first they were great. I rented a tv on sale and when its apps weren’t working right they gave me a loaner which they ended up letting me keep for the price of the tv on sale. Then on september 1st I called the brunswick ohio store saying I had to return the tv and stand due to money problems. A man named brandon said he would give me a months extension because it was Aarons goal for the customer to eventually own the products and I could pick up my payments on October 1st but I still decided to return my tablet and someone was suppose to pick it up on Friday. I ended up having to take my son to the ER and called the next day apologizing and someone said they would pick up on Monday. They never showed. I got a call today from the GM named seth who told je there was no way I was offered an extension and belittled me and basically treated me like a stupid piece of shit. He couldn’t verify with brandon because he transferred stores. I was in tears and my husband took the phone and told him to pick up tomorrow. I am deeply upset and offended by seths attitude towards me. I wouldn’t lie about an extension! I offered to return the items for gods sake!!!!! Can someone contact me asap


Ken Arnold September 16, 2015 at 4:42 pm

Aaron’s doesn’t care, folks. They simply do not care. They don’t take care of you when you have an issue, but will hound you if you’re a day late with a payment, which tells me right there they simply do not care about us. I’ve been trying to reach someone in the corporate office to no avail. I’ve called, sent email, went to their social media sites, but no response at all from them. Avoid dealing with them and save yourself both money and aggravation. It’s just not worth the trouble.


Ken Arnold September 16, 2015 at 8:27 am

I DEMAND the CEO or a high ranking company official call me IMMEDIATELY! I am infuriated with you! I have been a long-time customer that has paid off SEVERAL large purchases through you and YOU DON’T EVEN CARE! I am absolutely LIVID over your Palm Coast, FL store and demand a call IMMEDIATELY!!!


Unknown September 15, 2015 at 2:39 pm

A moth after receiving my merchandise I moved to another apartment. In the contract and also made verbally clear by the store manager I was not to move the furniture even out of the room it was in without an aarons employee being present. Needless to say one of the workers told me he didn’t want to send a truck out to move my furniture a block away and to do it myself. Does that break the contract? Who knows if they even have that on file?


Dale & Shannon Brady September 15, 2015 at 12:38 pm

Aaron’s in Abq NM. Store mgr. Augustine # 505-275-****. my new recliner love seat broke. My work order is 18 days out. Spoken to Augustine, Allen, Shawna and Jose several times. They talk in circles and promise i’ll get a call backand I don’t. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
I’m paying for broken furniture.

Thank you,

Shannon Brady
505-489-**** or work 505-836-****


JM September 10, 2015 at 11:14 pm

I’m writing this because for just shy of a year with dealing with the store in Bolingbrook IL I have never dealt with such horrible costumer service. My wife went in shortly after we set up the rental agreement and revived our furniture from the store and told them in person that the bunk bed that we rented for our son was missing some of the screws that held the bed together and the screws that were used to hold the boards in place that the mattress sat on were too short and they had started to break and tear apart from the bed frame. This was almost year ago now my son has actually fallen through the bed and has had to have stitches from it.

We also rented a table and chairs from them told them about this too my daughter was sitting at the table eating dinner when the chairs legs gave out crashing to the floor she wasn’t hurt like my son was but still it’s the principle we notified them and nothing was ever done. I will not make another payment and will never rent from the jackles ever again.

This is ridiculous I am not usually one for posting any type of comment positive or negative but my son got hurt and it’s like it didn’t even matter now they are saying we are coming to take legal possession of their merchandise. I don’t see why I owe your company anything until the furniture is fixed then we will talk about a contract until then I will not talk about what is owed. Last time I read the rental agreement it clearly states in there that if something was broken or damaged upon us taking possession then they have to fix it first they never did and what makes it worse is that the delivery drive and his assistant said that they were the wrong screws and it was missing the some screws that they would have to come back out by the way never did and well you already read what happened. Bottom line is they have no concern for costumer safety and service further more i will gladly let them take possession of their crap and that is exactly what it is if it meant I didn’t have to deal with the harassing phone calls and piss poor costumer service. I will not deal with anyone from this store again unless they are a regional or corporate management.


Eric Knisley September 10, 2015 at 5:19 pm

My Store is not aware of this problem nor have I told them. I am going to bring it to there attention when I go in to make my payment…if I make my payment to a sleezy company like this DOG of a company. I have been looking over my receipts and realized something wrong. For ((example1)) this last payment made on 09/02 of $23.25 after 1.75 tax was supposed to be put toward the principle balance for the early payout term which the last receipt stated $732.25. My balance after paying $23.25 is 709.31 when it should be $709 exactly. $.31 rippoff…..
((Example2)) balance was $1,263.34 and I paid 46.51 toward the principle balance for the early payout and my balance says $1,217.72 when it should say $1,216.83 or a $0.89 rippoff. I have more that total a $1.14, and a $1.01 ripoff. Who knows what else they did when I was returning stuff and the early payout amount changes. I need to investigate further.


Letty Martinez September 23, 2015 at 1:17 pm

I am very infuriated with CS At the McAllen, TX Office Steven, the bad mouthed rep whom loves to hang up on customers and THE GM “supposively” They all claim to be “GM’s” ,besides the fact that it has been several months of requesting service on living room set which have come out more defective than anything Ive ever purchased I cannot believe the attitude they provide and not to mention hanging up on customers.. I had asked the GM To have them send send me a rep to service recliners but never recieved a call back… oh but u have a late payment and have the nerve to show up at ur job all smirky with sarcastic attitudes. This will be by far the last purchase once my lease is over thanks to the no good service they provide… I will take this further if need be… just because im a female they feel they can act all rude, disrespectful and sexist.!!!


christopher scott September 10, 2015 at 12:33 pm

i had a call from the manager of the the store on melrose ave roanoke va. he was rude and unprofessional . i have been doing buisness with arrons and that store for years. i have always made my payments and paid off accounts. i had a 60 in tv that went out 2 weeks ago and have not heard any update when im going to get it back. they brought me a loaner that was half the size. he threaten to come and get what i had on lease because i was 3 days late on my payment. i told him if he wanted it to come and get it and i would take my business elsewhere. i may anyway!!!!!!!!!!!


Starr Moss September 10, 2015 at 10:20 am

I ordered Brand New Couch and Love seat (which recline). ordered them online which was fast and easy. The Problem was the delivery personnel. I have stairs right in my front door and leading up to my front door. The delivery guys got there and one guy was about 5’2″ weighed about 250 pounds and the other guy was about 5’7″ weighed about 130 pounds. there was NO WAY they were going to be able to pick up these items and moved into my house. So they struggled getting it up to the front door. Then they barely lift it to get in the door. So they began to pull and tug on the NEW Love seat. Ripping the end of it. i tried to explain they needed to turn it upside down and lift it up to there shoulders to get it in. they said it was too heavy they couldn’t do it. One guy left and left his helper behind. I called the Manager he came out and Moved it with the helper that was left and they tore the shit out of my Brand New Furniture and said they were not responsible. REALLY….. Don’t say you can deliver and set up if you don’t have the right people to do it. i told them not to bother with the other piece i would get some men over to do it. totally ignored me and damaged that piece and tore down my hand rail to my steps and put holes in my wall. So Unprofessional and my New Furniture is not cheap. Can’t get no response from corporate, they don’t care easy come easy go customers. It really is a shame and I actually felt sorry for one of the guys he knew he couldn’t handle it. Then talking to you so rudely about how they should have refused to do it. Get the right Personnel that can handle the business or don’t advertise it……Pictures were taken of all damage and tried to repair furniture the best i could. VERY POOR BUSINESS AND VERY RUDE PERSONNEL. WILL NEVER USE AARON’S AGAIN AND WILL PASS ON TO OTHERS…….


amanda September 10, 2015 at 10:08 am

Aarons in Conway Arkansas are the worst. Bryan the account manger is so rude and called me names over the phone. My account isn’t behind, I just asked for an update on a fridge that I’m paying for and they have had in repair for over a month now. Hoow can he think its good customer service to call the customers names and talk down to them? I’m so mad that I won’t ever buy from them again and I plan to tell anyone I can. I asked him repeatedly to stop yelling at me and calling me names I was talking to him in a clam voice and never called him one name. I’m shocked aarons want people like that working for them especially in management. Aarons in Conway makes me sick.


Heather barnes September 9, 2015 at 6:52 pm

I have been recieving the worst customer service that I have ever seen in my life at the Gall Blvd Zephyrhills, Fl 33542, Aarons.
I am morbidly disqusted at the managers way of dealing with things. He has talked down to me, called me names, threatened to hang up the phone on me, etc.. It is absolutely ridiculous!
I pay my payment every month on the 1st. My payment is normally $104 every month. Some months the way I get paid I have to pay a week late or so, but I have paid no matter what every single month. I am totally fine with paying the $5 late fee because I know that’s what the policy is which is completely understandable. The times I know that I will need to pay a week later or so I will call the store and let them know I will have to pay a week late due to the way my checks are set up. Not ever have I gone a month without notifying them of when I’m going to pay if it’s late or anything! They never put in the computer when I call to say it will be paid on a certain date and try to charge me with a $10 come out fee to my house. I have been charged a $10 fee when nobody even came to my house in the first place, but they will come out and try to say I never called when I did. Every time I call to let them know of the late date the manager will get on the phone and try to dictate me into changing my date and act extremely unprofessional and rude, calling me stubborn etc. He says he’s just trying to save me the late fee… Which i know why the late fee is there. It’s for me to fall back on if I need to and I can’t pay it exactly on my due date sometimes. If I have to pay that then I know what it’s for an I’m okay with that. All in all I’m tired of being called names over the phone, I’m also over him threatening me to come pick up my merchandise when I pay for it every single month regardless of I have to pay a late fee or not and have been for over a year now. He continues to over talk me on the phone and doesn’t let me get a word out edge wise and just tries to argue with me and I’m so upset about this. Please get back to me ASAP! Thank you so much for taking time to read this.


1fedUpcustomer September 8, 2015 at 11:17 am

I have been renting from for years now and haven’t had any problems until here lately. The accounts manager in the Conway Ar store has been very rude and out of line with me as a customer. I Pay My Bill every month, maybe a few days late, but I pay the late charges. I have not been a month behind ever. This son of a gun told me he has a problem with me paying late and I should know when to pay my bill, just all kinds of crazy. I will never ever rent anything from them ever the way they have talked to me. This is the 2nd time and I will not tolerate another. They can come get this mess, the bedroom set I got was supposed to been brand new… Not!! It has scratches and big chips of wood missing. Also decals too. But they want to talk reckless cause they changed my account around. No I didn’t ask for it they did it on their own from monthly to two week payments. I’m really disgusted with them.


Claudia Root September 5, 2015 at 8:24 am

Aaron’s in Gaithersburg MD and their manager David deserves a big kudos for customer service. Not only did David and his service people go the extra mile, they assured they our nurses had a bed to sleep on when their plane was delayed preventing them to get to get to their home to let them in before closing hours. They stayed until they could get in and set up the furniture.

Thank you to David and the store for making sure our nurses didn’t end up sleeping on the floor their first night in MD. You will get more of our referrals nationwide, that is for sure!


Sally September 3, 2015 at 3:43 am

I am so tired of all the issues with Aarons they have not been honest from day 1!! I was looking for chairs and Ashley told me if I buy a chair I can get the chair, tv and stand for $99 a month.
Then after we picked out the tv to choose from, she already knew what chairs then she said oh we dont have those chairs in stock so we cant offer the special.
she promised they would be delivered 1st thing the next day, I called to verify when they would be there she said she would call me right back. 2 hrs later in the afternoon I called back only to get the run around. At 5 she said it would be the next day.
Don’t trust anything they say.
I was setting up my due date I said the 15th cause I get paid on the 3rd. They said If I set it up for the 1st as long as I pay by the 3rd it wont be late. ha ha why on earth did I trust them another lie!! I pay online and am charged late fees each month.
This company is not trust worthy. Once they get a contract customer service is not there, they do not care about customers. Only about greedy money eaters.


kristi August 31, 2015 at 11:18 am

I live in Dayton tn.. I have rented some living room furniture from Aarons and 2weeks after I got it my son and I was getting ate up. Come to find out it was bed bugs. They are refusing to take the furniture out of my house and saying I owe them. My boyfriend went in the other day just looking around because they don’t know him…guess what 3of their couches had bedbugs!!!!!!!!!! I will not pay for this furniture. I draw SSI on my disabled son and in the state of tn they can’t touch his check


Machelle August 25, 2015 at 1:49 am

Darn, I thought my problem with them was bad. But reading these comments, I guess I’m not that bad off after all.. I also learned from reading these comments, Aaron’s run people down quicker than the IRS…


Judith Davis August 24, 2015 at 10:33 pm

To Whom it may Concern;

I am writting because my experience with Aaron’s here in Portland, Oregon has been deplorable. I have had multiple accounts of which the majority have been paid out but have yet to receive certificates of ownership even though I have asked multitudes of times. I usually paid my account via a credit/debit card via the telephone but never recieved receipts asked to be mailed to me either.
All my accounts for the past 8+ months have been paid quarterly and my accounts did not come due until last month (July) after making the last quarterly payment. At the time of making the last quarterly payment I ask specifically how many payments I had in total to pay everything off when they came due in JUly. I was told by the employee taking the payment that I had 1 payment left on my sectional and rugs and only two payments left on my King size bed. However; when I went to make the payment in JUly I now owed almost three times as many payments— 3 on the sectional and 4 on the king size bed.
Something is not kosher in paradise!
As I have seen in other people posts, fraud is not uncommon at Aarons A store in Longview Washington employees were taking payments and skimming money which they were putting in their own pockets and then the store was calling customers telling them they had not made their payments and/or owed more money even though they had made their payments.
Additionally; the sectional was damaged during delivery. The bonded leather was rubbed off the back in bringing it up the stairs. I reported this immediately to the manager whom promised to look into it. I have repeated brought this issue up periodically with the management during the last 1 1/2 years and repeated been told that they would look into it with nothing ever coming to fruition.
Also, when the sectional was delivered my sons had to help the delivery people lump the sectional up the stairs and even had tp pay for their parking. When I told Brandon the accounts manager today that I would not be paying off the sectional because if they damaged it delivering it there is no telling what damage they would due taking it. He replied, “OUr delivery people are professionals”. My response was really then why did they damage it in the first place and why did my sons have to help with the delivery?
This month I had to go back to the midwest for a family funeral and missed my payment due date. Aarons called my home and got the person whom was dog and house sitting. The person from Aarons threatened this individual that they were callling the police even though they were told I was out of atte and not home. He called us frantic and extremely upset. I had my son call from my daugthers phone in Illinois where we were at and made a payment. When told about the threatmade ffrom the manager Chad they replied no one had said any such thing. My money is on the dog sitter.
FYI aarons just last year was the focus of an expose on the local news KATU here in Portland about their overly aggressive tactics.
Just because Aarons usual customer doesn’t have a triple A credit rating does not justify them being exploited and not being treated with respect and dignity.


Aarons Employee August 23, 2015 at 10:52 pm

I will keep mine short and sweet. Keep in mind after much research and still reading more on this sorry place, Aarons Sales and Lease is nothing more than a company full of ego induced monsters.

The store in McKinney, Tx has been treating me with the up-most disrespect, discrimination, harassment and very under-minding and I am also a Sales manager. The GM there always runs excuses why I cannot do what others can do, have not received my keys yet, when the other sales manager was hired for which he quit after 60 days, received his keys within a week after coming out of training. I was an MT there a month prior, then was promoted to a Sales Manager and I asked for my keys and the GM states “soon”.

I also filed a harassment case against an employee for persistently coming up behind me more than once(ON DIFFERENT DAYS) and sure enough he is still working there. Considering if I was not the victim and the complaint was filed against me for approaching someone behind them, I would have been terminated on the spot. The acts of unfairness and hostile work environment makes me believe not only does this office not care about their employees, but the constant court cases I’ve been reading and matching those to the “rules” Aarons comes up with seems as if they are persistently “hiding”. Not to mention slandering about how they don’t want me to do deposits because I am slow(Mind you I was trained for 30 minutes to learn a 20 step process and did a maximum of 2 deposits). I made one error and I have been banished from deposits for life. There is so much more to this place than I can write on this but my words will be heard one way or another.

No reprimanding towards any employee was taken making me believe they are waiting for the tables to turn so that I will be the one in trouble and instantly terminated.


Me August 22, 2015 at 2:26 pm

To whom it may concern,
The manager at Aaron’s in Scottsville KY, is very rude. Says money order was not received, but I looked it up and says it was delivered and cashed. One bullshit and Two either someone has cashed it and ran with the money or the mailmen are responsible. I do not know who to blame but whoever is to be concerned in this matter needs to let the manager in an errand in Scottsville know that he should not be rude and arrogant to his customers I’ve been a loyal customer for 4 years now and it’s making me not even want to go through Aarons no more. And I know corporations do not want customers leaving unsatisfied. The past 4 years my experience with aarons has been good but since the new manager has took over my money orders has not been received and the manager is rude somebody needs to take care of this or you’re going to lose what not only one customer but many cuz I have a big mouth and I do not care to use it.


Britney F August 20, 2015 at 6:42 pm

I have dealt with many rental companies in the past but this place was by far the RUDEST! I had a rental from them but found the same thing at another business much cheaper so i called and asked for them to pick up the item. The lady that answered the phone just said “Hold on” and transferred me, the man who answered afterwards was rude from the start. I had to re explain why i was calling to which he replied “Well cant you just bring it in?” I told him that i was not going to town today as it is a 45 mile drive one way and said i was actually going the opposite direction. He asked if i could take it to the store in the town i was going to, i told him i was already almost to the town i was going to and i was not turning around to go home (The town i was going to was 2 hours away, i live in the middle of no where!) So he replied “Fine, ill just pick it up myself!” and hung up on me. Very rude people…. I will not be going back nor will i reccomend them to ANYONE!


travis August 13, 2015 at 9:29 pm

I have a very bad complaint about Aaron’s . Well first off that when I started to deal with them I thought they where fine. After about a few months my mom went into the hospital and have been there for a while so I told her that we are going to call Aaron’s so they can come get there stuff but didn’t want to come get it. So I told mom that she has to come move with me and lets get in contact with Aaron’s so they can come get there stuff but still refused to do so. My mom has been sick with cancer and not able to work and I get a call earlier today around 12 noon saying they where coming to lock my mom up for something she didn’t still. I’m a hard worker and not a theft and my parents has raised me to do well. We didn’t commit fraud of any kind and you really want to put a sick person in jail and point out that we told you more than 10 times to come and get your stuff. But did you do so . So now I’m going to have to face a legal matter which it could have been voted just by coming to get it. I’m barely making it my self and you trying to put me on the street .


Jamie August 12, 2015 at 10:30 am

The Aaron’s in Marrero,LA. has very rude managers. They took a charge off my debit card that I did not authorize and then harass me over it. Then I call corporate to let them know and nonone answers the phone! Do not goes to Aaron’s. When.my stuff is paid off I will NEVER be a customer again!!


Hope August 11, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I have went through so many things through Aarons, we have already been through one washer two dryers, our TV is in repairs as of right now, we are on our second refrigerator just got that back today. The refrigerators have been sent off at least for additional times on each refrigerator they are brand new refrigerators I was the first one to use them and they were tearing up. I am so sick and tired I’m getting things through Aarons in it tearing up and there are having to come and get it and send it off for repairs I would never recommend anybody to go through Aarons their products are not good whatsoever.


llmilcon August 3, 2015 at 3:21 pm

Some of the poeple who work at the corporate office is just psychotic, I called and talked with someone name Julie, she sounds like she needs a lot of MENTAL HELP!!!!!!! really nasty and rude!!!!! I could not believe her tone and nastiness!!!! I am waiting for someone to call me back regarding this horrible situation!!!!


Tim August 3, 2015 at 9:52 am

My house was broken into and computer was stolen. Told arrons in kennett mo and was given the attitude of oh we’ll your paying for it still. I could have sworn these things were insured. Needless to say I’m finished with arrons and they can take me to court for the computer. Will never do business with this money hungry company again


Sarah July 25, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Although Aaron’s is convenient when you need appliances, electronic equipment, and/or furniture, it’s policies are not customer friendly. This company preys on the low income working class. I have paid off several items from them over the years. I informed Aaron’s that I would have to make a late payment—six days after the due date. The 7th day they were at my door on a Saturday morning for less than an $80 payment. I made the payment over the phone and the lady said that it was policy to visit the customers location if the payment was late after the date promised. It seems to me a courtesy call would be more efficient and customer friendly than driving a truck 20 miles from the store location. I have paid several things off with this company & just in recent months paid off a dryer. The recent employees at the office have been kind, but today said that they had to follow company policy. I appreciate getting a courtesy call, but they have called my place of employment which is not good business. If I was a customer who had a flight risk, I would understand using the kind of tactic that they used this
Saturday morning. I have complained to corporate before, but nothing was done to my satisfaction. I gave Aaron’s another chance, but I feel that the corporate rules are not customer friendly. It is all about the all might dollar!!! When I worked in sales, the customer was always right. and treated with respect…Once this item is paid off, I will find a better provider of this service.


William August 3, 2015 at 10:36 am

We are trying to raise awareness of this company and its practices. Would you mind posting your story to aaronswarning please?


Nubia August 18, 2015 at 2:33 pm

After being harassed for a payment that I had made I had them pick the stuff up (I don’t have the time or patience to deal with nonsense) Anyways when they came to pick up the items they left a twin mattress because it had a “dent” in it.. ok? Well now they’re STILL harassing me for items that were returned and for a mattress THEIR employees refused to take… I’m not a lawyer but by the sounds of things looks like these people are asking for a lawsuit..


melissa August 31, 2015 at 11:17 pm

I will never rent from these people again they are the worst people and deserve to have a lawsuit against them for harassment of the way they treat their customers.


ChrisP July 24, 2015 at 12:35 am

Yea I walked into Aarons and asked about a ps4 and was told I would be paying OVER $800. THATS FREAKIN CRAZY SINCE THEY CAME OUT AT $499! Yea ima just save my money and wait for the price to drop and buy one from Gamestop.


yvonne July 23, 2015 at 6:32 pm

i have paid off two other accounts now on my third account i owe 68 dollars they told me they couldn’t wait 6 dys they would come pick up my tv and stand if i did not pay by the next day to sum up they lost a loyal customer


Natasha July 23, 2015 at 2:56 pm

I have leased a couch and recliner from the store in Lexington, KY since December. Which I have NEVER been late on a payment, always paid on or before the 15th. Also like to add the furniture is not at all worth what I HAVE already paid for it or would finish paying for it!! Regardless, I called the store and asked to speak to a manager on May 28th (LONG before my next payment was due) to let them know that I would have to return the furniture. I was not going to be able to afford the payments anymore, due to having to take on a car payment, higher insurance payment and having to move. The manager told me that they could come get the furniture but to try to figure out if there would be anyway I could try to afford it and call him back next week. I called back and talked to a different manager this time, explained my situation to him and told him there was no way I could fit it into my budget at this time. He then told me that they would wait until the week of the 15th when my payment was due to see if I could borrow the money. I told him that I had no one to borrow the money from. He replied just see and call me back tomorrow and let him know. I called back the next day and again talked to one of the managers and asked them to come get the furniture. He stated that he had gotten an extension until July 15th for $252.10 that I needed to come in and sign the agreement. I asked repeatedly for them to just come get the furniture, I kept getting every excuse as to why they could not. The next day i get a call saying that I never came to sign the extension that I DID NOT ask for or agree to! I asked again for them to come get the furniture, I was then told that Charlie would call me the next day to schedule a pick up. Charlie never called!! So on Monday morning I call they connect me with Charlie which is VERY RUDE!!! He calls me a liar, tells me he that I have paid since December and he believes I can pay now. He asked me what I was going to do without furniture. He asked me what bills that I have that I could push back so I could take care of this, than gets upset because I tell him it is none of his business what bills I have and that furniture is not a priority to me at this time. He then raised his voice with me and told me that I need to get my priorities straight and that this is a priority. I than hung up the phone. Charlie calls me again the next day he is just as rude and hateful as the day before. This time he tells me that they are not coming to get the furniture until I pay the $252.10 plus a $100.00 pickup fee. I again tell him I can’t pay it and that I never asked for an extension, all I ever asked was for them to come get the stuff long before my payment was due! Today I get a call from John wanting to resolve the account, I asked him when they were coming to get the furniture because I can’t pay for it and I’m not going to pay for an extension I did not ask for or sign! John than puts Charlie on the phone who proceeds to tell me that they can now come get the furniture but they are going to get their money because they gave me an extension. I told him they took it upon themselves to extend it after I asked repeatedly for them to come get the stuff. He then thought it was appropriate to yell at me and call me a liar once again and tell me they would be there tomorrow to get the furniture between 10 am-2 pm or 4 pm-6 pm pick one! I told him I have to work Mon thru Fri and that I could not take a day off to wait around for them. He told me that I was able to be there for the furniture to be delivered and I reminded him that I was moving in to the place at that time and it was a Saturday. Again he wanted to call me a liar and tell me that they would be there Saturday to get the furniture and I was going to pay the $252.10 regardless if I liked it or not! He then hung up on me. I have talked to John and Wes which are both very polite managers, but Charlie who is supposed to be I guess store manager (I don’t know he refuses to tell me) I have NEVER rented from any place before and I NEVER will AGAIN….


Kim Hockenberry July 18, 2015 at 11:26 am

Sorry to say that Aarons is a joke. My husband & I rented a 73″ tv from them last Dec. and in Feb. my husband was laid off. Therefore we were without any kind of income at all. I called Aaron’s in Clearfield Pa. and told them that they needed to come pick up their merchandise because we could no longer afford to make the payments. I was told ” we don’t want to come and pick it up.” I can not say they didn’t try to work with me but I feel more like I was being forced to keep something I simply couldn’t afford. On July 3′rd 2015 I informed them that you cant see the tv & that they needed to repair it. I was told they would order the parts & call me when they came in, which never happened yet they expect me to pay for their dust collector. This morning I had a somewhat heated conversation with one of their reps about the fact that my husband & I both have been telling them to come & get your stuff since his lay off, who wasn’t even employed there in Feb., to which he kept telling me it was irrelevant because he wasn’t there; Bottom line…… Since when should you ever be forced to keep something that you either can not afford or simply do not want? It should never have to be a choice as to feed your family or pay for junk! I made it all to clear they need to come get their shit first thing Monday morning. I will never deal with Aarons again & will damn sure never recommend them to anyone.


AS July 13, 2015 at 12:17 pm

I will never do business with Aaron in Hatboro again. I got a gas dryer only to find out Aarons do not connect the gas line to the dryer. Why on the recorded message when you are put on hold states install and connect. So I call the rep. Ethan that sold me the dryer only for him to tell me have your husband connect the line it’s really easy. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Never again


Jill Hammond June 29, 2015 at 10:20 pm

Store F408 in Bismarck, North Dakota is a terrible place to be. The general manager and the regional manager have an on again off again sexual relationship. Because the GM brags to all of the employees about her “job security” she earned through sexual favors she is free from any consequences of poor decision making. She takes advantage of the franchise owner and the other employees by keeping friends and family members employed who refuse to follow Aaron’s Policy and work when they feel like it. Why? So she doesn’t get stuck with her family members bills and so she doesn’t make her drinking buddies mad at her. She condones her employees to bring and consumes liquor and illegal drugs into the store while on duty. She also knowingly allows them to operate company vehicles while under the influence. Concerns taken to the regional by other employees were disregarded and dismissed. This store and the employees who work hard to make up for this misuse of power are suffering and by extension the customers are as well. Feel free to contact me for any additional information.


wilber heath June 29, 2015 at 10:53 am

I just spoke to a c.s.r. in Atlanta, 920 cst, with very simple question, telling her I was going to call my store when they opened, but in a 2 to 3 week period I rented rca 55″ smart t.v., both were taken from the box in my home, they were both new. after 2 days the 1st tv went out, got a loaner, after the 2nd week of waiting the manager, which is great, told me he would replace the tv with a new, sat 6-27, 2 delivery guys, eric and jermain (both that are a good representative of Aarons was very professional and helpful, especially eric.) I simple question to the lady was are you aware or can u find out if this tv is a know lemon, she rudely said call my store, again I ask is there a way you can ask, anyway, again she was very rude and I basically hung up on her. ///


Jill June 29, 2015 at 10:22 pm

The RCA tv’s at Aaron’s are renowned for tech issues. Dead pixels, power , and remote sensor issues


jason moody June 27, 2015 at 12:12 pm

My wife and I have customers for years at monett mo store and my wife hurt at her work place and im disabled Aaron’s helped at first then got rude and snutty and then when they came to pick my stuff up the assistant manager named jessie sent one person to pick my stuff up no dolly then asked me to help him then jessi showed up and was a SMART ASS about it saying IM SORRY WE EVER HELP YOU GUYS OUT..


Bianca June 26, 2015 at 9:18 am


My name is Bianca Wilson. And i have been renting from Aaron’s for appx. 6Months. I have defaulted in payments before. Due to medical issues (Sickle Cell Disease) cause me to become hospitalized which ended costing me my job. However i was able to catch up. I ended having identity theft issue with My TCF Bank acct. Which i am still going to court dealing with legal matters. I informed Aaron’s of my situation made a date to pay so i didnt loose my furniture. I made a payment on May 15th 2015, which eneded up being the last payment I could afford. , With being hospitalised for over a month Which caused my bills to just spiral out of control, leaving me no choice but to get my phone, cell phone cable, and internet turned off until i could afford it again. My Rental complex Highpoint apartments contacted my fiance, which he informed them that we could no longer pay on our rent and we ended up going to court and we were set an eviction date which was june 23rd but we had to be out of the apartment by the june 21st or we would be sat out the morning of june 23rd. Now in the mean time i also defaulted again on my Aaron’s bill. I personally was unable to get any calls, messages, ect so my references that i added to my list of contact would let friends or family know that Aaron’s had been trying to contact me. So on June 13th. At appx 4pm I called Aaron’s, I spoke with Joe which is an Employee from the store location in Bolingbrook, IL 60440, Informing them to pick up the furniture and two tv’s because I could no longer afford the payments and I would be homeless by june 21,2015 due to being evicted for not being able to afford my Rent. Not only do I have two small children that i barely could afford i had absolutely Nothing! No money to get a storage or u-haul truck I am dead broke. My finances aren’t even 250 every 15days.. My part-time job wasnt even enough to buy my daughter diapers and formula i had to get assistance from the shelters and daybreak centers in joliet. Anyways going back. I spoke with Joe from the Bolingbrook, IL location and informed him that i could no longer affort the item or my apartment and i was being evicted and needed the items picked up before June 21, 2015 . Joe stated to me The furniture could not be picked up because i was behind on my bill and a payment had to be made before they could just pick up the furniture and tv’s and I SAID TO Joe “Im stating to you that I can no longer afford the items and being put out of my apartment and your asking for a payment? I thought you guys pick up the furniture if i was having a hard time paying for the items? Joes stated ” that Aaron’s only pick up items voluntary( when customer asking to return items) if my account wasnt pass due. Which sounded crazy. I then said ” I will be homeless on june 21st. I need the furniture gone before than. Joe told me they can hold my furniture for 30 days if i made a payment. I expressed that it would be unnecessary for them to hold the furniture bc i had no home to put the furniture in once i was evicted. Joe proceeded to tell me that if i make a payment it would not make since to take the furniture. Which meant he was not comprehending what i was saying to him.. So i told joe please just pick up the furniture. You can add my late payment to the account, but atlease you would have the item back that i was leasing to own. Joe insisted that i made a payment first. I told joe look i can try and make a payment on the 15th but no guarantees because my check wasnt even gonna be half of my payment. So june 15th came around and i was unable to make the payment of $202. Due to my situation i had to find shelter for my children and myself so i paid a family memeber to let us stay for two months with left me with two bucks. I was u able to contact Aaron’s on the 15th and called them on the 17th. I wanted to speak with Tony who is the Manager there and he was unavailable at the time and informed the CSR on the phone i needed the furniture gone bc i could not afford it and the girl said in the notes no pickup until payment. From the June 17th through June 21st i heard nothing. Unfortunately i could not focus on the furniture, but a place for my vhildren and i to stay and eat without any funds. On the Morning of The 21st we dropped off the keys to tge office My fiance, myself and our children parted ways. He went one way i went the other. Now supposedly Aaron’s came on the day of the 22nd to do a pick up. Well they said it was no answer. Of course there would be no answer Althought the furniture was still in the apartment we were no longer there. I had no choice but to leave the items in the apartment. The two tvs and the couch was still in the unit. The eviction day was set for june 23rd and anything that was left behind in the unit would be considered unwanted trash and tossed. Forget the fact that i lost furniture. But most importantly i lost everything that meant so.ething to me and my family. From clothes we couldnt take to things that belonged to my children, beds, crib, toys, computer, ect. When you loose your job and loose everything it doesnt feel good not at all. And to prevent from having to owe Aaron’s i tried my best to have joe send his men out to pick up the furniture when i asked NOT WHEN AARON’S DECIDED TO. I GAVE THE SPECIFIC DATE WHEN I HAD TO LEAVE WHICH MEANT THEY SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP MY FURNITURE ON THE NECT BUSINESS DAY WHICH THEY FAILED TO. So the item were thrown out i adsume on the morning of the 23rd. Now lets dast foward to june 25th. My friend reached out to my family member who told me that Aaron’s (Manager Tony, said that if DO NOT CONTACT THEM THEY WILL REPORT MY ITEMS STOLEN.) So i called Tony(Manager) at the store and spoke with him around 7:50pm. Tony asked me where is his furniture. I told him that your furniture has been tossed along with the tvs and everything else in my apartment that i could not afford to move. He than stated that ” I should have asked to have the furniture picked up. I told Tony I personally called and spoke with Joe, and i explain that i could no longer afford the items and i would be homeless on the 21st. joe told me that Aaron’s could not pick up my items until i made a payment. Which obviously was false information. Tony than told me that within six days i should have called again because it was my responsibility to return the furniture! ( Wait, what?) i was told i could not remove the furniture from the house bc it was not MINES YET AND WOULD NEED AN AARON’S EMPLOYEE TO REMOVE FURNITURE RATHER I WANTED TO RELOCATE OR DID NOT WANT THE FURNITURE AND TVS I WOULD HAVE TO CONTACT AARONS. ALTHOUGH I ASKED JOE SEVERAL TIMES TO SCHEDULE A PICKUP BEFORE THE 21ST OF JUNE 2015. Tony who basically assumed and accused me of knowing where the tv’ s are and furniture is. I told him. THAT I HAD NO CLUE, HIS GUESS WAS AS GOOD AS MINES. TONY OBVIOUSLY NEVER BEEN EVICTED, BUT IF YOU DO NOT MOVE EVERYTHING OUT BY YOUR EVICTION DAY THE MAINTENANCE CREW AND SHERIFF WILL THROW OUT YOUR BELONGING ON THE SIFE OF THE CURB BUT IN THIS MATTER BECAUSE I WAS ALREADY GONE I DONT KNOW IF THE WENT STRAIGHT FOR THE GARBAGE OR SET THEM OUT. Tony than told me that he understood i was evicted but its irrelevant to them bc i have there items. I told him i have nothing. NOTHING BUT CLOTHES THAT I COULD FIT IN GARBAGE BAGS AND BINS. I personally have identity theft, i know how it feels to be stolen from and i do not appreciate being called a liar and a thief. Thats not right. We did not have a very nice conversation, Joe made falze statements in his notes stating that on the 17th they spoke with Highpoint apartments and highpoint told them that they could pick up the furniture whenever they wanted. Which is false unless highpoint was going to hold the furniture. Which in that case Aaron’s would have their furniture when the ( went to pick it up on the 22nd of june). So not i need to get an attorney because i will not be held accountable for something i tried to prevent. Aaron’s. Is a scam. Tony stated that he doeant care about money, because it my account thats messed up and rather i returned th furniture or kept the furniture they had already made me liable for the items because my balance was pass due. He told me that they were gonna pick up the items and leave me the bill. Of the full amount of the tvs and furniture not my payment i owe them. Which explains why they never wanted to pick up tge furniture when o asked. It cost Aaron’s more to bring the furniture back to the store voluntary ( asking to have the items picked up), Rather than them picking the furniture on their timw which caused me to be responsible for the full balance. Which SAVES THEM A LOSS OF THE ITEMS. I WOULD ALSO LIK TO POINT OUT THAT MY FURNITURE WAS NOT NEW. AND ON MY PAPER WORK IT SAYS THE ITEMS WERE NEW WHEN IN FACT THR REP TOLD ME THAT I COULD GET THE SAME FURNITURE USED FOR A CHEAPER PRICE. THE REP TOLD ME AND MY FIANCE A LADY HAD THE FURNITURE FOR TWO MONTHS AND DIDNT WANT IT ANYMORE. SO I AGREED. BUT ON MY PAPER WORK THAT I HAVE FRO. AARON’S IN THE CONTRACT AND ON THE DROP OFF LIST IT STATED THAT THE ITEMS WERE ALL NEW AND THEY CHARGED ME THE NEW ITEM PRICE INSTEAD OF THE USED ITEM PRICE WHICH WAS 500.00 DIFFERENCE. MY TV THAT THEY CHARGED ME FULL PRICE WAS ALSO USED. I. REPORTING THE Bolingbrook location and the incident that took place. I also have my attorney who read over the contract and he stated that the information in the contract stated that scheduled pick or voluntary pick up can be done rather the account is past due or not. I will be taking this issue to court. If i can not get in contact with someone at the cooperate office my attorney stated that he will than take over. I am not a thief, a criminal, a liar, ect. That i was called. Tony stated that he wants me to call back on the june 26th 2015 at 12pm cst. To conference in with Joe, Tony, and myself. I also have recored the previous conversations for personal and legal use. And my attorney will be also conferenced in. I am hoping to get this situation resolved. Beacuse i can not afford to be responsible for items that i asked to be picked up. I no longer am responsible for the items onve they are ouy of my possession. Aaron’s doesnt let you move furniture, sale furniture, or steal furniture and tvs so why would i risk myself. I am a mother of two and i have nothing the last thing i need is to go to jail for furniture that is replaceable. When in fact i can not replace the time i wohld loose with me children. This is just ridiculous and i would never ever shop with Aaron’s again, not even refer. Definitely not worth the streas.
Please contact me asap. If i do not hear from you within this day i will have to contact my attorney. And i dont want to have to sue Aaron’s. For falsely accusing me of stealing the items, not contacting the office, bogus documents, and charging me for brand new furniture when i had infact leased- to-own used furniture and televisions.


Yolanda September 27, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I sympathize w/everyone who is renting from Aarons. They should b shut down. It seems they r the thieves & liars. I am experiencing a similar situation w/Aarons. I’ve been w/Aarons for 2 1/2yrs. Up only have 3 payments left on my wash/dryer. I recently moved, so I called AArons I needed an electric dryer cause the new apartment is electric and not gas like my dryer. The manager ( Pat ), came to pick it up, but couldn’t unhook it due to some problem, so he said he had to come back. I too told Aarons it had to be out by a certain date, but Pat said he had my landlords # to get in contact w/them once left. I was informed after ” I ” called Aarons 2 wks. Later that they had found an electric one, but I couldn’t have it until I made a payment !!!!! WHAT ? Make a payment on a dryer I didn’t own for 2 wks. !!!!! 1 month has gone by, and I still don’t have my dryer back. Due to the fact that we only have 3 payments left to own them, I was forced to pay on the set. 1 day after our payment went thru, I called to ask when they could deliver the dryer!! Marvin whom I’ve been dealing with, who told me I had to make a payment, who told me he had found a dryer, now tells me, ” we haven’t found one yet!!!!!” What Aaronsis trying to do, is make me pay the last 3 payments b4 they deliver the dryer just in case I were to decide to pay only for the washer. That is exactly what I wanted to do !!!! I am soon sorry one is ill w/a disease that hospitalizes one, is a mom, gets evicted and has to hire a lawyer. I hope it all goes well for you&your children. And I hope the courts see the falsification Aarons has as a Company and is out to steal from their customers for products they don’t possess. Lorain ohio, 44052


Dollie simmons June 22, 2015 at 7:39 pm

I have been dealing with the store in Texarkana Texas. The manager Bonnie is the rudest person I have ever met. She has no customer service and no respect for anyone. I made several attempts to get them to come get furniture and no one ever showed up. So today I spoke to the regional mgr Tim and he gave me my balance and said just send pymt in full and there will be no more problems. I said ok told him that Bonnie said she wouldn’t accept no pymt of nothing. Bonnie has called me and my family all types of names. I also told him that I spoke to a detective today and he told me I do not have to let them in my home or give anything back to them I have tried several times to do what was right. So tonight about 6 pm Bonnie comes to my home harassing me and questioning things at my home that are none of her business. Point being they think they can intermediate me and its not going to work. The customer service there at the store and by their employees suck and no one should be treated like I have been


angel pulver June 22, 2015 at 9:02 am

There are a lot of bad comments on here about the rudeness and harassment and everything else with all these comments I surprised they are not shut down …


angel pulver June 22, 2015 at 8:37 am

I have been with Aaron’s for a long time everything I’ve got from them is garbage. Everything had to be sent back for fixing and took well over 6 months to get back.. they also tried to charge me the amount for front loaders on regular washer and dryer… I have a 50′ that I’ve been paying $150 month for well over a year and a half and they are saying I still owe them well over $800 they are nothing but a rip off.. the worst company ever I’ll be dealing with rent a center for now now… To sum it all up I made my payment on the 1st of the month they are trying to say I didn’t make my payment, they sit outside my house ever day, at my door just about every day of the week and they call my phone 3-4 times a day I’m getting them for harassment and calling my lawyer about my product…they got over on me for my washer and dryer they won’t on my tv… At Wal-Mart’s the tv I have brand new is $799 plus tax and arrons is charging me almost $2000… I will not return to arrons and will not suggested them to. Any friends or family.. and this is the troy ny store by the way


S.N.J. June 19, 2015 at 6:52 am

To make a long story short, Aaron’s of Statesboro, GA. Has bed bugs.!!! Outrageous? Yes, please be careful when getting furniture here…
a very ticked off ex-loyal customer!!!!


morgan June 17, 2015 at 12:55 pm

I have never in my life been so disrespected from a supposed to be professional company as I have been from Aarons. I rented a bedroom set and a washer and dryer from the Sayre p.a. office. They damaged the dryer door while delivering it to my residence then a week later I found bed bugs in my bed. They told me the mattress was brand new never used while I was looking at it, so how did it get bugs? I fell behind on one payment and they called me MULTIPLE times a day even after asking them not to call me during my scheduled working hours. I called them offering to make a payment n they denied it so I ended up at the office and attempted to pay what I could at that time then pay the remaining back balance the next week. They said flat out no ! They then started showing up at my home 2-3 times a day as early as 6am knocking on my door so hard they scared my young children and knocking pictures off my wall. I would ask them to leave and they would ignore my wishes and scream, yell, and argue with me. My neighbors have pictures of them peeking in my windows while I was gone. They would follow me around town until I came home , I have been called names and screamed at. I have contacted the police 3 times due to harassment. I called the billing department and spoke to a man named waren and he was absolutely disgustingly rude and unprofessional. He yelled, over spoke me, he put in my mouth and told me the workers WILL come into my home and that I WILL pay 3000$ today or else. He told me I was ignorant and didn’t know my knowledge . I was in tears trying to resolve this situation and I got no where’s. He wouldn’t let me explain anything. I have witnesses for every thing and he told me they don’t matter its my word against theirs. This has disrupted my life completely. I would like for a CEO or CFO to contact me to help resolve this situation please.


Angela August 24, 2015 at 9:13 pm

That sounds like alot of what happened to us with Aaron’s on main street in Hamilton Ohio. My parent’s rented a bed and box spring from them, requesting they both be covered in plastic. They bring out a mattress and box spring not covered in plastic, and my parents noticed after about 3 days the mattress and box spring had bed bugs in them. My mom calls them, and they say we’ll send out a inspector to check. Well after that, it took a month of my mom calling them, that they finally had a inspector come out here, which after than the damage had already been done, The bed bugs were all over the house and than after another month my mom finally gets a hold of the manager, who said it was our fault, and that they don’t want the bed back, but still wants my parents to pay it off. So anybody reading this, don’t rent from Aaron’s


joshua gibson June 15, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Aaron’s rentals in alliance ohio is the worst with customers. No one there knows an extensive amount of knowledge about the products they sell. That claim to want to make things right with you but it’s all lies to keep you strung on. They have known my tv has been broken for. Over a month multiple employees have been out to see my tv. The manager Steve gave me his word to show up an personally take a look because nobody could figure it out not even the tv technician? What’s up with that. But of course manger never showed up. . so my tv has Sat here broken. They have came an gone but never took tv with them . knowing an seeing it broke then try to sell me another used piece of crap. Haha what a place huh…


Shontay June 10, 2015 at 4:18 pm

Aaron’s in canton Ohio is the worst store there is. They lie and take your money but they don’t deliver your furniture.


gayle moon July 22, 2015 at 10:00 am

I deal with the store in apopka i have paid several items off. Today i had the manager call me a liar switch things up in the conversation and be really rude. The accounts he was calling me on werent even mine


samuel reeves June 9, 2015 at 7:03 pm

I want Jeff and Jody and Joe Tiffany out of AARON’S place in Hixson Tennessee and I want David and SHERITTA AND ANOTHER JEFF BACK to the Hixson store but I don’t want the general manger there either because the other employees got smart with me


ALH June 9, 2015 at 11:53 am

Aaron’s is The WORST COMPANY in the World to do business with. PLEASE.. PLEASE…
do not do any business with them, They are horrible. Their funiture is raggedy and not very good quality. I would rather get my stuff from off the streets.


Christopher LaPasser June 3, 2015 at 11:07 am

I have leased a mattress at the Lexington N.C. office and it is covered in bed bugs. My girlfriend went to the doctor today and is covered with bites and they told us we had to get the orkin man out to my house,and also I have missed a day of worked because of this…. Therefore I am holding Aarons liable for all cost or we can take it to court…I have already talked to Jim at the local office.


Merissa June 16, 2015 at 4:11 pm

I have leased a sofa and chaise at the Kansas City, KS location and it is also covered in bed bugs. They try to tell me that it could have come from somewhere else but I lived in my place for over two years, had furniture before and no issues. They sent out pest control for inspection and found one on their furniture and none through the rest of the house. I told them to come pick up the item and still haven’t done so and no one has come to treat it and now they are spreading throughout my home. I’m done with Aarons.


Amm June 19, 2015 at 12:40 pm

we also got some couches from the Lexington nc Aaron’s and we always was getting eat up had bumps on us and we went to doctors tons and they didn’t know what It was. We have had the couches 5 months and my little sister said she had seen a little bug on it and we took a picture and looked it up and we didn’t think anything because it was one. Then my mom saw one and that day my dad looked all though the couches and he found hundreds and we looked though the whole house didn’t find any we have lived here 14 years never ever had this problem. Then the next day we called Aaron’s in Lexington and he came out to check he couches and there was hundreds on the couches and he claims he say one or 2 on a bed closes to the living room and he showed us and we didn’t see it. But they are sending the Orkin man out today a week later to check. We havnt sit on them couches since and the bill is coming up mama said she isn’t paying this bill until we find out something. She told them that day they came to check take them with you because we have a one year old and he said we can’t take it to the store so we have to leave it here.


Danny duran June 2, 2015 at 9:58 pm

I rented a big screen tv from arons in coolidge az it is hdl so when the lamp went out they came and said it would be fixed in two weeks . It has been six weeks and still no tv .I have called and was spoken to in a rude and unprofessional manner I could have gone to other stores but chose to business local but if this is how I get treated .ps only have four months till pay off are they waiting so that they are not liable


Alberta West June 3, 2015 at 11:26 am

Funny I’ve had the same issue with the one here in Dover, DE. The GM Billy Strickland was a completly rude and talked with a nasty attitude. I have a 73 inch television. Had issue with it powering on and off and the screen was becoming very dim! Finally after 3 weeks they came and picked up the tv. Once taking it to service and upon return my screen was cracked. I have yet to have my screen repaired due to their negligence! It’s been my worst rental experience ever! I refuse to pay anything more to the account until something is done. And to top it all off when I asked to have a loaner to accommodate while they service my television, they tell me they can give me a 32in. I’m like I’m paying for a 73in you need to give me something closer in size. I refuse to be making payments for a 73in while looking at a 32in! I’ll never refer anyone else to Aaron’s ever again! Haven’t heard back from their corporate office either after calling in numerous times and was told someone would contact me within 72 hrs! Well needless to say its been approx 2 months!


sandra y lowe June 2, 2015 at 6:56 pm

On April 27, 2015 I rented a computer from Aaron’s. I had online classes starting that day. I had rented from Aarons since 2012 when Patrick and then Rob were the managers here in Bainbridge Georgia. They were nice and professional. I was then met by a nose-ring wearing woman who appeared dazed and spaced out, but I had filled my paperwork out and needed the computer YESTERDAYso I went on with the process.

I had to leave the computer with them for two hours while it “updated”,
I had paid 114.00 dollars on this date and would not have had another payment until june 15, 2015.
A week or later, this computer had every virus known to mankind on it and I took it back to aaron’s. I. I left the computer with them on May 15 went to Walmart and bought a new computer. I returned to Aarons the following day after a phone call from them at 8pm, May 15, 2015 that the computer still was updating!!!
.I went to the store the following day and informed them I did not want the computer.
I was met by the same nose earring wearing, spaced-out, dazed “manager”.
She refused to give me my money. I took the computer with me and thought better of it as I wanted to file a complaint. When I returned it that Monday, the nose-earring wearing,glassed-eyed manager met me asking me about a phone call to the store. I told the nose- earring wearing spaced out manager, I had nothing to say to her and she could process the closed account. She did and then smirked, said; Have a lovely day.

I refrained from telling her off because I wanted to take this higher. For one thing, I contacted her friend, Chris Serbaus and he never returned my call.He is the district manager. Are he and this nose earring-wearing, dazed, spaced out woman, relatives or friends?? I am also reporting him for not doing his job along with reporting the nose earring-wearing Bainbridge, Georgia store manager. He has no businesss being the district manager if he is not going to do his job when someone calls. He never returned my call. Maybe he and the nose earring dazed, spaced out manager are relatives or friends. He called me after I gave the store a poor rating. I was told by the dazed manager that my references would not be called unless a payment had not been made, instead as soon as I left the store they called references. Why?
I am going higher with this complaint and encourage people to contact their senators.
They sell their worthless crap to us because we are Black and low income. AAron’s is a RACIST company-who makes their money by preying on POOR, BLACK people. When I go to the store, I don’t see WHITE people there.
This nose earring spaced out woman has no business being the manager at Aaron’s or anywhere else. She was talking out of her head and made no sense.
This is Bainbridge Georgia. Buy nothing from there until this spaced out dazed, nose earring woman is gone. This is not the end of my copmpliant against them.

Patrick and Rob, the previous managers dressed like managers, knew protocol and were nice. This spacey-dazed woman with her nose-ring shows how the Bainbridge Georgia Aarons has gone downhill. She looks like a bum off the street and acts even worse.
Sandra Y, Lowe


Melinda July 30, 2015 at 8:25 pm

I just expierenced the worst customer service from a store manager named Arthur manztios from the Coney Island store in bklyn ny. He came to my house to pick up a mattress and he was cursing and beeping the horn like a lunatic. He disrespected my mother and told her to go fuck herself he gave her the middle finger was banging on my door and I am not the one who had the issue I am the sister to the customer. I kindly gave him back the mattress outside and he was EXTREMLY disrespectful. I said I was going to call the police and he told me call the fuckin cops I’m not leaving. I have two children and they did not need to hear him cursing. My sister also had a tv from Aaron’s that has been PAID and he said give me back my fuckin Ty you assholes I’m not the one who has people knocking at your door. I will never do business with Aaron’s nor give a good reference to my friends and family. He needs anger management classes to teach him how to speak to people. I looked on the reply comments and did not come across not one good one. It is a company that I will never recommend ….


william August 28, 2015 at 6:04 pm

please never buy or rent from aarons there the most un professional people and rude i ever seen, the store i went to is in south philly on 24th street where the manager named manny called and harassed us for money please dont deal with these people were calling the corporate office to complain thanks


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