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3 Day Blinds Corporate Office Address

3 Day Blinds, LLC
167 Technology Drive
Irvine, California 92618

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Phone Number: (714) 634-4600
Fax Number:
Website: https://www.3dayblinds.com/?adkey=MC02023
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3 Day Blinds Facts

Founder: Unknown
Date Founded: 1978
Founding Location: Irvine, California
Number of Employees: 500

3 Day Blinds Executives

CEO: Dave Hall
CFO: Brian Arnold
COO: Tikie Holewski

3 Day Blinds History

3 day blinds logo 2

3 Day Blinds is an innovative company, founded in 1978. Originally sold in retail locations, the company quickly discovered that rather than create new products and designs that customers might not purchase or that would go out of style, they could sell directly to the consumer from their own homes, creating custom window treatments.

Products that are ordered one day are manufactured the next either in Anaheim, California, or Ensenada, Mexico, which is near the border of California. Items are then shipped that day or the following day.

3 day blinds living room  Forbes writes that “With new technology, 3 Day Blinds can track what keywords drove customers to make a phone call. For example, if a customer types a search into Google and gets the results for 3 Day Blinds, the website can create a unique phone number that lets the company know what keyword resulted in the call. Call center agents are also given a list of keywords related to the customers’ search that they can use to organically steer the conversation for best results”

Company headquarters are located in Irvine, California.

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3 Day Blinds FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for 3 Day Blinds?
Answer 1: The phone number for 3 Day Blinds is (714) 634-4600.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of 3 Day Blinds?
Answer 2: The CEO of 3 Day Blinds is Dave Hall.

Question 3: Who founded 3 Day Blinds?
Answer 3: 3 Day Blinds was founded by Unknown in 1978.

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Thrish June 11, 2019 at 11:23 pm

Horrible experience and will definitely spread the word how terrible their customer service is.

I set up a consultation visit for 12 NN and I was informed AFTER I’ve set up the appointment that they will arrive between between 12-1 PM and will need 2 hours do discuss 2 small windows for blackout shades. 2 hours!!!

I informed them that I only have 1 hour and 20 minutes because I have an appointment, but suggested I should just reschedule due to not enough time after asking me how much is my budget.

After expressing my disappointment over the phone, they said “let me turn this around” but never got a call back and no one ever showed up.

Unprofessional! Worst customer service!


Ray June 7, 2019 at 2:30 pm

3 Day Blinds just committed the legal definition of fraud by inducing me to pay money knowingly under false pretenses. In addition I have been lied to by the initial customer care person and then also by the supervisor, name to be provided upon request, who reiterated the same false story. Based on the customer comments I’ve now read online about this company, somebody should seriously consider a class action. I’m sure there’s at least one shark attorney out there circling who could recognize the money to be made.


Jana Rosar May 11, 2019 at 8:41 pm


– The designer ordered the wrong color for one roller shade, I emphasized
– I was Pressured into buying valances to cover non-existent gap along top,
(there is no gap allowing light in and after seeing the shade installation I
wanted them removed)
– The cost of valances not accurate based on verbal quote of $10.00 to
$20.00 by designer, actual cost $110.00
– The shipping cost not discussed and disclosed
– The only copy of my transaction is Titled as a “Hold Order” which 3 Day
Blinds is representing as a contract

My case was assigned to a twit named Jodi Collins.
Upon her review, she decided I was responsible as per the “contract” and I would have to pay for the white shade that was OBVIOUSLY NOT ENTERED CORRECTLY by the “designer” in the first place. She stated that since I signed the contract with the wrong color code entered, I agreed to their MISTAKE. APPARENTLY THE LACK OF MORALS, ETHICS, COMMON DECENCY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WAY 3 DAY BLINDS CHOOSES TO OPERATE THEIR BUSINESS. .Also, even though I agreed to purchase the valances based on Eric Horan’s deception, I would not receive a refund.
When I asked to speak to her boss, she stated that she was the “end of the line.”

I was told by Eric Horan, the designer, that valances should be included since there would be a gap along the top that would allow light to pass through.

Since I was also concerned about the additional cost, Eric stated that the cost for the valances was minimal; between $10.00 and $20.00 per valance.

I grudgingly agreed to three white valances and the order was placed along with three white roller shades; one being room-darkening.

When the first valance was installed in the kitchen window, it was not flush with the wall and angled inward. It looked very sloppy and it was not white, it was ivory as were the other two.

The last roller shade WAS NOT WHITE, but was a very nasty taupe, which did not even go with anything in my room. .

I told the installer as soon he started to install the shade that is was the WRONG COLOR.

The installer said he would take care of it and inform the company, I did not need to do anything.
I was already steaming mad from the first window in the kitchen and decided to call anyway.

My case was assigned to a twit named Jodi Collins.
Upon her review, she decided I was responsible as per the “contract” and I would have to pay for the new white shade that was OBVIOUSLY NOT ENTERED CORRECTLY by the “designer” in the first place. She stated that since I signed the contract with the wrong color code entered, I agreed to their MISTAKE. APPARENTLY THE LACK OF MORALS, ETHICS, COMMON DECENCY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WAY 3 DAY BLINDS CHOOSES TO OPERATE THEIR BUSINESS.

Jodi Collins with 3DayBlinds laid the blame on me for signing the contract with the wrong color shade and said the taupe shade would be replaced at my expense for 50% of the retail cost.
The valances will be removed and I would not receive a refund for something I ordered based on the Eric Horan’s deception.


Mariann Alperin April 29, 2019 at 2:36 pm

The company’s completely incompetent staff will cause problems every step of the way, starting from designers, going to installers, people who do the measurements, and case managers. This complete incompetence and customer negligent attitude result in substantial delays, damages, and enormous time drain. The designer ordered the wrong product, lied to me about it, the measurements were then done incorrectly 3 times by the installers, who also broke the items I had purchased. The company will tell you that they will work to resolve the issue, but they don’t do anything proactively, they drag their feet, don’t return phone calls, messages, trying to wear you out. The rating that I wish I could give them is no stars, not even close. let’s not forget, they are very expensive. My overall experience with 3D blinds was more horrific than I could ever imagine.


Chayo April 8, 2019 at 1:56 pm

The blinds for my entire home had to be redone several times. They even changed the color of one of my blinds without me knowing. So many came in short, and now too long. I just happened to check the blind and the blind is 1.5 to 2 feet long. And all they can tell me is sorry, 30 days. It is a manufacturer’s error, which happens to be their company. And their customer care manager tell me I have a discount. They have discount when rep comes in to lock you in and you don’t check out the competition. Check out the other’s first, because you pay and they don’t deliver with class. Their case manager’s don’t look at detail and will not help you. Bad Customer service all around is not what you want when you pay upfront and if you or installer miss it, then they are happy you have a shotty job, all they care is they have been paid. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone, only share my story.


Nancy Perrault Rudick February 5, 2019 at 4:17 pm

Bought 5 blinds from 3 day blinds. The woman who sold me the blinds was very good at her job. However, after the blinds are sold and paid for that is where your customer service ends and I would rate it at 0. You use contractors to install the blinds. I received 2 e mails from 3 day blinds informing me of the time of the installation. The installer called the day before with an entirely different time. I contacted the Debi the woman who sold me the blinds and Kris Favero in your home office. No call back, no e mail – nothing. Very poor customer service. I will not recommend your company to anyone I know. So unprofessional. Nancy Perrault Rudick p.s. Will go back to Next Day blinds for the other ten windows I need window treatments for.


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