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Expedia Corporate Office Address

Expedia Inc.
333 108th Ave Northeast
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Contact Expedia

Phone Number: (425) 679-7200
Fax Number: (425) 679-7240
Website: http://www.expedia.com
Email: Email Expedia

Expedia Facts

Founder: Microsoft
Date Founded: 1996
Founding Location: Redmond, Washington
Number of Employees: 22615

Expedia Executives

CEO: Mark D. Okerstrom
CFO: Alan Pickerill
COO: Alan Pickerill

Expedia History

Expedia logo

Expedia.com was launched in 1996 by a small division of Microsoft as a new way for consumers to research and book travel.

In 1999, the division was spun off as a separate company and went public.  In 2002, IAC took a controlling interest in Expedia.

Expedia ad 1

The company grew quickly with acquisitions of Hotwire.com, Hotels.com, and Tripadvisor.

Expedia ad

Today, Expedia is the largest online travel portal with over 100 websites.  The company operates worldwide in more than 30 languages with over 22,000 employees. Annual revenue in 2017 was $10.6 billion.

Online booking site Nustay filed a complaint in May 2019 with the European Unions claiming Booking.Com and the Expedia group were attempting to “kill off” the start-up company by cutting prices and punishing hotels that listed with them. 

The state of Utah is also investigating Marriott Hotels and Expedia to see if they violated anti-trust laws by limiting searches to keep prices artificially high. 

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Expedia FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Expedia?
Answer 1: The phone number for Expedia is (425) 679-7200.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Expedia?
Answer 2: The CEO of Expedia is Mark D. Okerstrom.

Question 3: Who founded Expedia?
Answer 3: Expedia was founded by Microsoft in 1996.

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Roman Dashevsky September 25, 2019 at 1:08 am

Don’t work with Expedia,
this is one of the worst company.
Take from me 25% of cancellation fee when I cancel hotel reservation a month before. Use tricky sentence in cancellation fee rules


dissatified customer June 4, 2019 at 5:07 pm



Manna Dabholkar March 20, 2019 at 11:14 am


I am an Expedia customer for over 10-12 years, using your services over and over again regardless of the mishaps from Expedia. However, today I had the worst experience and was going to lose a very important business deal thanks to Expedia.

I made my round trip reservation from Los Angeles to Florida on March 12th. I was charged by Expedia for the flight reservation. On the day of the flight, I logged into my account to find out the first half of the trip had disappeared meaning I couldn’t go to Florida for the meeting.

The second half of the flight from Florida to Los Angeles was still sitting in my account. Panicked, I called Expedia customer service who told me that the system had failed and they will reach out to the airlines provider to find out if I still have a seat on that flight. After waiting on hold for 15-20 , the Representative was able to get me a flight for today. I requested that Expedia give me a credit for this accident which would have cost me a lot financially on my business side.

The representative transferred the call to his lead who offered me a $50/- coupon. A $50/- COUPON, really?

That’s the worth of your customers? I tried calling the Expedia headquarters several times but it does not allow me to speak with an actual person who can address this and offer me a better credit for this mistake. As such I have decided that it is about time to consider legal action against the company.
I would like an Expedia representative to reach out to me to speak about this.

Thank you,


Catherina A Lopez November 29, 2018 at 9:32 am




lee harris November 25, 2018 at 9:19 am

On 28th October 2018 I went on the expedia.co.uk site to book a holiday to Thailand costing me £710 departing 4th February 2019 i did not receive a email confirmation to say i have booked a holiday i phoned expedia who have their call centre in India i gave the customer service lady my email address, phone number, name and hotel i booked with dates, she informed me i had no booking and no money had came out of my bank account i informed her i will have to re book, i could not find the same deal again so i booked with another holiday company for the same dates, a week later i went to my bank and noticed expedia had taken £710 out of my bank account , i phoned them they told me they could not find any booking, i emailed my bank statement to them , they informed me they found my booking on another computer system, they told me that the email address was incomplete with uk missing off the end and my phone number was 1 digit wrong so could contact me to confirm a booking i asked for a refund which they could not do due to this being a error on my part but i informed them the error was mostly on their part as the booking site was inadequate has it should not let a incomplete or wrong email address go through as any other booking sites would say incomplete or incorrect email please verify ,also they took money out of my account but could not verify the customer and their staff said nothing was booked, funny that the other staff found me a week later with the same details, as i purchased a package holiday i asked this to be moved to another date, they can move the flight but not the hotel, i asked to do a name change so someone else could take the holiday they can change a name for the hotel but not the flight also this would cost me £150 more and they would not change any dates to suit myself informing i have to have a holiday by end of October 2020 but can i only take holiday from work in December, January or February . and now i all ready have a holiday booked for 2019, by the way they have offered me £150 in vouchers, i have taken legal advice looks like this will have to go to court to be resolved.


D. Sirabella April 8, 2018 at 6:20 am

I would like to advise you that I am disappointed that Expedia would drop their advertising on Laura Ingraham’s show because of an ill-advised comment she made about David Hogg, especially after she apologized. It’s a shame that Expedia is so closed-minded about free speech and so cowardice as to let themselves be bullied by those trying to close down a rival news channel because of their opposing ideological views. I’ve lost respect for your organization and therefore will no longer be using Expedia for my travel needs.


Shawn Boultinghouse April 1, 2018 at 9:43 pm

I have recently learned that you are going to pull all ads from the Laura Ingram show on Fox News, because she made some statements about David Hogg. This type of activity can go both ways. I will no longer use Expedia to plan any of my trips. I have relatives in California, Colorado, Florida and Texas who I visit from time to time. David Hogg voluntarily put himself in the public arena. He was not forced into doing this. He has called law abiding citizens like myself murderers, because we believe in the Second Amendment. He never once participated in any type of civil discussion or debate. As far as I’m Concerned he deserved those comments.


robert tarpey March 30, 2018 at 12:57 pm

expedia, kowtowing to the left. I’ll never use it again.You suck, expedia!


Leann Hahn April 2, 2018 at 7:37 pm

Same here. They want to cowtow to little piggy hogg, neither I or my family, or friends will ever use this leftist liberal site. They can have their business go down the toilet where it belongs.


Jon Chen November 6, 2017 at 2:29 am

I have accidentally double booked on Aug 17,2017 for a hotel called Candlewood Market Dallas on Oct 2~4,2017 with Expedia 亿客行行程编号 7288968514958 costs Chinese RMB1323. Expedia has approved to re-imburse but until now Nov. 6,2017, I havent received the re-imbursement yet. I called the China Expedia and told me it will need 7~15 days “again” to arrange my re-imbursement. When I wanted to make sure that i will received it within 15days, the customer service could not says a direct yes. He said there is no guarantee that i will get the re-imbursement after 15days….then whats the use of using 7~15days? secondly, after 3 months, dont you supposedly re-imbursement the amount automatically and not wait customers like me to check with you whats going on?? why should I agree to another 15days when 3 months supposedly is enough time to re-imbursement. I understand that you dont have a registered entity in China and you could not provided proper Chinese invoice which is against Chinese law. This is causing so much inconvenience. I need to get answers from Expedia Corporate


Nikola Cole October 18, 2017 at 1:07 pm

I am just amazed! Customer Service is NONE existent at this organization! Blown away to say the least. I booked a hotel room for two nights. My reservation could be changed or canceled with no charge up to 24 hours before my arrival. 72 hours before by arrival, I called Expedia to change my reservation (less days than originally booked). After 1 hours and 33 minutes on hold, they have told me the hotel is booked and they would not allow me to change my reservation. I can cancel it, but there are no more rooms to re-book it again. I am NOT asking for extra day, but giving one away. It does NOT make any sense!!!!!! All I got were excuses, blaming the hotel. I did NOT book this trip on hotel’s website and it wasn’t THEM who offered me to change, or cancel my reservation, it was YOU (Expedia). Please, don’t blame it on a third party, if you are unable to resolve the issue and keep your promises!


Cheryl Campbell September 28, 2017 at 8:00 pm

I will never use Expedia again, ever!!! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and am so frustrated I can’t see straight. I am currently on hold with them, and have been for nearly 2 hours, while they try to rectify a situation that occurred over 6 weeks ago (a portion of my existing reservation was cancelled by the airline). After getting an email a month ago that said they were still trying to work with the airlines on my cancellation, and that I would have a response within 24 hours, which never came, I decided to call to get it fixed once and for all. They appear to think it’s okay to put a paying customer on hold forever after I told them I would never book with them again.


Sharon Gregoryk September 13, 2017 at 11:28 am

I recently booked a travel package with Expedia for trip to Kansas City. I recently learned
I cannot select a seat for my travel until 24 hours before my flight because I have a basic economy package deal. I have use Expedia for 3 prior trips and this was not the case. I can see my future travel plans will not be made with Expedia if that is the case. I guess my travel plans aren’t as important. We all want to save money.


Jamie September 10, 2017 at 10:36 pm

Expedia double charged me recently on a business flight from Charlotte to Birmingham. After 2:30 hours on the phone waiting on hold I finally talked to a customer service rep, which basically told me to bad have a nice day. When I asked to talk to her supervisor, she said they weren’t accepting calls currently.. I did finally talk to a supervisor and got the same to bad have a nice day. I have been on there site and looked at 10 different dates for the same flight and it is always between 500 and 706 dollars, even on a day before flying. They charged me over 1400 dollars. American Airlines confirmed there was no increase in the flight cost. I will forever more bad mouth and deter anyone I come in contact with to avoid Expedia. Oh by the way, just booked flight from Charlotte to Gulf port one day in advance for 800 dollars one day before leaving on American Airlines sites for tomorrow. Why would I pay 1400 dollars for a 5 hour drive when I hate flying. # ripoff, #terribleservice #doneforlife


rashel pouri August 9, 2017 at 6:09 pm

One ad publicity will destroy 1000 of advertising . As a PR ,this would be best action take care of your customer.I didn’t see action yet will see


tina degele August 4, 2017 at 2:11 pm

Expedia is the worst company I have ever dealt with. From the looks of it there are tons of people having the SAME issues as I have. I have spent countless hours on the phone with no resolution in sight. They are thieves and could care less. I booked a activity through expedia and the company cancelled. I have contacted expedia and have spent several hours on hold just for them to tell me they have no record of the calls, cancellation nor anything else. I said I have all the reference numbers, names, booking number, iten #, email from them so how do you not have any record of calls. I have now been on hold for 2 hrs for the fourth time. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. They are thives, liars and don’t give a s**t about their customers. I will tell everybody I know not to ever deal with this company.


LeeKowal August 7, 2017 at 3:01 pm

I have just had a similar problem with NO resolution, with LYING, with PROMISES that were not fulfilled. For a simple one letter change in a first name! DO NOT EVER, EVER USE this company. Go directly to the airlines and book your flights that way. If there’s a small problem, the airlines will handle it.
These Expedia people will lie, steal and cheap their way through your money… Have a problem? FORGET YOU!
LOUSY business model. I hope it BITES them where it hurts.
Perhaps the CEO and upper echelon should take home a few less millions and get better workers who will give better service,


peter kinner July 22, 2017 at 3:02 pm

worst customer service ever! on hold for 67 minutes and finally gave up. Customer rep. left me there knowing ill hang up after a while dishonest practices! The call all started because i was incorrectly charged room rates and had actual proof with screen shots. Alex who clearly was in the middle east said there was nothing he would do. “ALL WEBSITES DO IT” I then told him that the last 8 years using priceline this has never happened!!! You are a dishonest company and should be ashamed. I will make sure I let everyone know your tactics on any site i see expedia and a review!!


athina keramaris June 12, 2017 at 3:40 pm

I booked a hotel in Thessaloniki Greece Called Daios luxury living According to expedia
5 star rating. The second day of our stay there our hotel safe was broken in and money
and valuables were stolen. Neither the hotel nor Expedia want to assume any responsibilty
for this incident. Expedia claims they conduct ‘Occulars’ be fore advertising a hotel on their
site well they should have looked better because this hotel has no surveillance anywhere
not even the lobby and elevators. Lesson learned don’t trust their ratings they all fake.


james hawley May 4, 2017 at 6:53 am

On April 26 my wife and I gave credit card information to VRBO to reserve a property. The $4,376 charge was entered on our credit card. The reservation number is HA FRX2QG. The reservation pertained to HomeAway.com#725002. On April 27, at 7:46 p.m. the “ownerproperty, manager” wrote that “we are unable to confirm your reservation at property 725002″…You have not been charged for this reservation and you may now book another property.”
In fact, the credit card company will not release the $4,376 until we, the customer, discusses this charge with HomeAway. Your procedures authorize the release of the charge within 3 days of the notice. This practice is misleading. Your company has prevented our use of $4,376 without justification. The “Three-day” limit expired on May 1 at 8 p.m.
This practice is unfair and misleading. We demand that you contact the credit card company and authorize the release of the funds and confirm to me your action at the above email address. Failure to follow these instructions will result in complaints to state and federal authorities.
James M. Hawley


Karla Kelley March 19, 2017 at 3:47 am



james badham April 2, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Tried to used Expedia to book a flight to Europe on Wow Airlines for my daughter to study abroad. (By the way, Wow is a scam. Their prices always come in the lowest, but they have hidden costs like $50 for a carry-on, $70 for checked bag and if you have layovers you may have to collect and recheck your luggage at each stop. I found a cheaper flight on British Airways that has no baggage check-in fee.)
Back to Expedia. I got all the way through booking and payment and received message: error: “Flight is not booked.” Tried three times. Same thing. Now not sure if multiple charges will have accrued bout would take care of that later.
Called Expedia: Had to wait about 3-4 minutes (not bad) to talk to someone. Explained everything to customer service rep. Guy says he can’t book the flight at the moment either; getting the same message. Says “Let me see “IF” I can get this flight.” I ask what he means by “If.” I say, “It’s on your website, and now you’re not sure I can get the flight?” He says yes, that’s right. It’s a problem with Wow supposedly. I say, “Well, as we do this prices are increasing all the time. He says yes. I say, make it quick because if I can’t get this flight I need to look for others and they’ll be more expensive, and who is supposed to pay for the extra cost incurred because I’m wasting 30 minutes trying to book a flight that is advertised on Expedia but doesn’t seem available. He says I am. I again suggest we hurry and ask if he’ll take my number in case we get disconnected while I’m on hold. He says he’s not allowed to do callbacks. I say, “So if we’re disconnected, then I have to start all over again?” He says yes. He comes back, says that I can book the same flight on Wow website for same price. I say you should do that. It’s not my job to fix your technical problem and add that this is not an acceptable way to do business. He says I’m just giving you a suggestion. I hung up and found another flight. Moral is absolutely zero customer service. The guy was nice enough, but ordering service reps not to do callbacks is absurd. Seems lots of people have the same experience. I’ve booked through Expedia before but will not be including them in my search choices in future. The whole web-based travel thing is such a scam anyway. None of the companies offering “cheap” fares has access to anything that others don’t have too. One of the worst downsides of the web.


Karen Towslee February 24, 2017 at 2:54 pm

My family was planning on going on a Whistler ski vacation leaving in one week. We booked and prepaid 3 nights at the Sundial Resort. This past Monday, I broke my hip in a skiing accident. We contacted Sundial and Expedia on at least 5 different occasions to see if we could get a credit and go back when I was healed or get a partial refund. First, it is so hard to get a person on the phone that has any authority. Second, both parties, Expedia and The Sundial refused any type of refund to accommodate. They pointed fingers at each other and told me I was out of luck-there policy was no refund. Now, I understand that companies have policies about cancellations, but this is peak skiing season, and I am giving them a WEEKS notice. Expedia didn’t even try to help us. I have been an Expedia customer since they began. I cancelled 6 current reservations I have with them, and will NEVER use EXPEDIA again. And, I will go out of my way to tell others what horrible humans they are.


Margaret July 17, 2017 at 12:58 pm

I also we NOT use Expedia & will tell everybody I meet what a nasty co. they are I also fell I fractured my back & are still in rehab trying to money back from them will NEVER use them again


Crystal January 25, 2017 at 3:49 pm

I will never use Expedia again! We booked a trip several months ago to a hotel, which I found out a week ago wasn’t supposed to open until right before our trip. Once I found out that the hotel then pushed their opening date back, I called specifically voicing my concern and customer service assured me the resort was open and they sent me a confirmation email confirming my resort and flight. Now 10 days before my trip, I get an email stating that that resort will not be open and they will need to rebook me somewhere else, the problem is, any other place I wanted to stay is ALREADY BOOKED! IT IS 10 DAYS BEFORE MY VACATION! What a crappy company with crappy customer service. The customer service is not authorized to do anything. This scenario sounds like a Bait and Switch to me and I will be consulting legally. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


Cheryll Baldonado January 20, 2017 at 1:09 pm

I feel emotionally and mentally stress because of expedia. I bought ticket for 5 persons worth $3500, and i need to refund it because airline changes their schedule. I dont know how many hours i wasted calling expedia for more that a month now to follow up my refund.I cant even count how many email expedia sent to Airline.I am expedia customer for long time. I feel like my complaint is not giving much attention. I feel like i am discriminated.!! Please higher people in corporate office, address our concern and complaint immediately for you to retain your customer. This issue happend to me is rediculous.


Chandrika November 25, 2016 at 11:42 am



Kathy Ecklund November 23, 2016 at 2:36 pm


My husband and I have a trip scheduled to Playa del Carmen in December. I was contacted yesterday by someone who said he was the expedia local expert, our personal concierge. He offered me a very good rate on packages and transportation from the airport to our hotel.
We have never been called like that before so my husband asked me to contact expedia and make sure it was a legitimate expedia person…and not someone fishing for our credit card information.

When I called expedia to verify, they asked a supervisor who said expedia never calls like that…it must be a hoax. This frightened me because the person that called had my personal info…trip dates…phone number…email address. I spent time looking into whether I’d been a victim of identity theft and it worried us greatly.

Today, the same gentleman called again and said he was the expedia local expert. I told him I’d called expedia and they said they didn’t have local experts call. He said the people on the phone banks don’t always know. And he showed me where on the expedia page I could find his information.

Sure enough, I did find it there. And it appears he was legit.

I am upset that I had to spend all this time worried about identity theft. And I’m also concerned because the prices for transportation on your site have apparently gone up from what he originally offered me.

Is there anything you can do about this situation…to compensate us for our troubles?

Kathy Ecklund


Ann October 12, 2016 at 3:55 am

I had some issue with my name on the boarding pass to Colombo on 30 Sept 2016. Managed to speak to a gentleman – Brian who could not help me and nearly promised something he could not deliver, this was notice by the airport counter staff who took over the phone and reminded him not to promise me anything he cannot deliver. I had to pay an additional SGD533.90 for my ticket. To add-on, Brain promised to call me back on the same day between 1 to 2 pm which never happened.

By now, I wrote to Expedia twice but am still waiting for someone to come back to me.

I hope this happen quickly as it has been 13 days since the incident took place.

12 October 2016


Danny October 7, 2016 at 11:25 am

this customer service has to be one of the worst I have ever encounter..I proved them wrong still would not stand behind there published price . They false advertise watch what you click on it is not always the same price Don’t call corporate they don’t even answer phone what a bad company I wrote there CEO a letter we shall see how far that goes


Linda Huenecke July 13, 2016 at 3:26 pm

Never again will I use Expedia and will actively tell others not to use them also. In March, for our 47th anniversary, my husband and I took our first trip to London. I booked through AARP/Expedia. The day of our flight my husbands passport and boarding pass disappeared at the airport. We tried to call the airline but they would not talk to us because we had booked the trip through Expedia. We tried to call Expedia but were on hold for about an hour. Of course the flight took off without us. As we left the airport the passport turned up at one of the TSA gates. Once we reached Expedia it took several phone calls, lots of waiting, and it wasn’t until the next day that they confirmed us on another flight. HOWEVER – the airline cancelled our entire trip as a no show. Well – we showed alright but couldn’t talk to anyone to explain what happened to avoid the complete round trip cancellation.

Now, adding insult to injury the Expedia agent told us it would be $2,000+ to rebook the flight. We weren’t happy but didn’t want to lose everything else we had pre-paid for the trip so we told them they could go ahead and charge us. But then the credit card bill showed up and the airline charged us AND Expedia charged us over $2K each! Expedia gave us about $800 in credits but I was under the impression that was part of trip insurance.

We disputed the double billing but just found out from the credit card company that Expedia insists that the $800 they gave us in credits covers their responsibility!!! Why in the world would they get to bill us and let the airline bill us too? Expedia obviously gave the airline our credit card information in order to bill us. Now they are insisting we pay the $2K+ charge. We have been screwed and double screwed! I’m not sure if it would cost more in attorney fees to sue them but I’m going to look into it. This is outrageous!

DON’T USE EXPEDIA!! You have no control over contacting the airline if you do and you can’t reach Expedia’s off-shore help desk. I have a paperwork stack two feet high with all of the contacts and attempted contacts we’ve made with Expedia. On the phone (when you can finally get through) they don’t really understand what is going on and put you on hold endlessly. They tell you they will call you back but they never do.

Awful. We’ll do whatever we have to fight this and spread the word to avoid Expedia.


Charleen Benford July 7, 2016 at 4:37 pm

I booked a trip with Expedia for travel to the Bahama’s for a Graduation gift for my niece, the first issue was that the flight I picked I was not able to get because the Rep did not have the information on the check in time for the hotel and had to call. The call had me on hold for an hour so according to him the flight was no longer available, went back the next day and saw the flight was available, Then notice on the Airline ticket that My nieces name was spelled wrong, it took 6 hours of being on hold to change it, Then was told two different prices that I payed for my hotel room, not to mention that I selected a room and rate that was not subject to the non fefundable rule and when all of my information was sent to me It did not state that my room was non refundable but when I tried to cancle and book with the hotel because I was having so much trouble with Expedia and it’s customer service I was told that my room was non refundable.


Cora July 5, 2016 at 1:12 am

On July 2nd, I booked a hotel in Greece, as soon as I clicked submit, I realized that the dates are more than I intended to stay, so within a minute or 2, I called the 800 number, and was lucky to be connected. I explained what happened and the rep tried to call the hotel, unfortunately, it was Sunday morning in Greece and according to the rep, the hotel clerk can not do anything about it unless the manager is present. So I requested to speak to a supervisor to make sure that they will follow up on Monday morning at 8:30 in Greece. The supervisor told me that he will personally follow it up the next day and promise me to even call me as soon as it is resolve. July 3rd I called up to remind them to call Greece, this is now 7am in Greece, and the rep said that they will, by 8:30 in Greece. Tonight July 4th, I called to check if they called Monday morning, spoke to another supervisor from another part of the world, and she said that she can not do anything because she does not know what the other supervisor did, since there is no record noted in my doXXXXent. So I requested for a manager
After a long wait, a manager based in Las Vegas, answered and was advised that they can not do anything unless I called at the time when it is 8:30 in Greece. So now I was sitting here waiting for 1:30am from where I am so I can call back!
This is actually ridiculous, outsourcing the customer service is really not helping because it is difficult to resolve unforeseen problem!
I think I will go back to a local travel agency to make sure that problems can easily be resolve! Online booking is a big gamble!


Amiram Fuerst July 3, 2016 at 7:35 am

I made a reservation, code 2EAQRP for flights from TLV to Seattle on July 14, and back from Seattle on Aug 10.
On June 21, i asked to change the flight from TLV to Seattle to July 8, due to my grandchild birth change.
The Expedia agent chnaged the flight, but unfortunately i have found out 2 days afterwards that by his mistake, only the leg of TLV–>CDG was changed to July 8, but the second leg of the flight, CDG–>Seattle, was not changed.
I have contacted Expedia twice , then was told that they are transferring the call, and was on hold for ~hour, and then disconnected.
On the 3rd time, i waited on the line for almost an hour, transferred to the right department, and then, after a process of more than 2 hours, the change was corrected. The representative said that they are apologizing for their mistake.
I tried to set the seat for the flight, but i could not.
After a day, i have got an email that all the 4 flights are cancelled.
I have phoned again, and i was told that everything is OK now, and the cancellation was a computer mistake only.
Only now , June 27, i could set the seat. Now the whole airplane was almost full, and the seat is not aisle seat. My wife, who is the one flying, has a breath problems and cannot seat in the middle seat.
I sent an email complaining about that, demanding upgrading of the seat as a compensation for the whole situation , caused only by Expedia bad service. I must say that i have wasted at least 5 working hours, which costed me more than $500.
In the phone call, i was told that Expedia is not upgrading seats as a policy (although i know some of my friends that were upgraded because of Expedia’s service problems). In addition, the only compensation they offered was $200 coupon that can be used only on next new orders.
I sent emails to Expedia, got only automatic response, and no real answer.
In addition to this bad service , Expedia actually created 3 ticket numbers for the same 2EAQRP. I asked about that , and they could not explain what is happening.
I have contacted Air France directly, and they immediately fixed this problem. Talking with them about upgrading the seat, they said it is an order of Expedia and they cannot do anything about it.
Comparing the service of Air-France to Expedia, it it totally different, as they response immediately.
I still think that Expedia should immediately do the following:
1. Investigate the whole process and then contact me and explain exactly what happened
2. Upgrade the seat to of the flight from CDG to Seattle on July 8 to business class (as there is no aisle seats left in the plane)


Haley L. June 10, 2016 at 10:25 am

PLEASE HELP! I called the number provided and was passed around 3 times (on hold for 1 ½ hrs) before being disconnected. Can someone who has the ability to actually assist me with this issue please contact me? This is going on for a week now and just yesterday I was on hold for an hour to make a change to a reservation that I had booked, just to be told by your representative that the hotel would not change my itinerary. I called the hotel in London myself and within 5 minutes I had approval for the change, which did not seem to be an issue at all. I then had to call your customer service center back to give them the same of the person at the hotel to contact, who then changed my itinerary. I have received nothing but extremely poor customer service. I have had my account and points “vanish” due to a representative that instructed me to make a new account. I have received absolutely no help with changes to itinerary’s made via Expedia and I have been relentlessly passed off to multiple departments within your organization and with without any aid at all. I am exceedingly disappointed in how this entire situation has been handled. I expect a manager who can truly help me to reach out to me immediately. Thank you.


KAREN JOHNSON May 31, 2016 at 10:56 am

my itinerary# 7145748759916
conf# 262877110
phone# 912-695-XXXXX

I booked a room back in feb.2016 for a hotel in Daytona, fl. there was a 3 day countryfest concert during memorial weekend. tickets were over $200.00 per person. when we arrived at our (we thought) was our hotel, we were told we were at the wrong place and the hotel we were booked at was being torned down since the end of march2016. no one from expedia bothered to contact us. so at this point we had no where to stay. most of the hotels were booked and if there was a room the cost was triple the price. we paid $300.00 for our bulldozed hotel for the 3 nites. the hotel we went to was charging over $1100.00 for 3 nites since it was the beginning of the concerts. I called booking and they said I would have to pay at least $600.00, so I agreed because we were already missing part of the first day of the concert dealing with your mistake. in reality expedia should cover the total cost of what I was charged ($600.00) because of your negligence. your customer service also is horrible. I have been on the phone now for over 3 hours trying to get this resolved. I have spoken to 2 supposedly supervisors and numberous customer service reps. the last supervisor has now sent me to corporate in which he said waiting was only 3 minutes. he lied. it has been over 20 minutes and no one has answered my call. this is the most ridiculous company I have ever dealt with. I have always used expedia for booking cruises, flights and hotel reservations in the past but not any longer. I am so disappointed that I will never book anything through expedia again and will be make sure to tell anyone I know not to use expedia. I thought making a customer happy was all companies motto but I guess expedia doesn’t care about their customers.

after all this time of being on the phone today, I just got a email stating that they have given me a refund for the $600.00, I shouldn’t have had to go through all this to make things right. please check into your customer service, marketing , supervisoirs and whomever keeps up with the hotel/etc info so that other people don’t have to go through what I have gone thru. if I hadn’t been so persistant, nothing would have been done. , you definetly need some changes.


Jim brown May 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Expedia bought VRBO/Homeaway as they have begun dismantling everything that was good about VRBO. Expedia has started charging a ‘visitors fee’ 10% per transaction (up to now it has been an annual $500 subscription fee)……now jumping to $3000/ year for average rental property . They will continue separate the owner from communicating with the renter, and simply turn private home into hotel inventory. Certainly contrary to ‘good corporate citizen’ or ‘supporting the sharing economy ‘ ……..another example of big corporate stepping on small busines.
Expedia refuses to see Canada as different to the USA……when a traveler lands on VRBO.com or Homeaway.com they are quoted in US dollars. It has moved to a US platform from a perfectly good international platform.
When you call to ask a question about their ever changing web site and policy’ one of their 9000 robots recites a scripted response.


Amy Picco May 18, 2016 at 2:27 pm

You should take a serious look at your customer service, outsourcing obviously has failed. The wait times are absolutely ridiculous and you should be embarrassed as a company. You have lost a customer for sure.


Shannon June 21, 2016 at 5:06 pm

Outsourcing seems to be a colossal failure. Our first negative experience with Expedia has been unbelievable at times. After a flight was cancelled they attempted to rebook for an entirely different arrival date. When that was refused their customer service answer was to place us on hold for an hour or more with the dozens of attempts to contact them to replace our booking in a reasonable manner. I wish that this was an exaggeration. Emails have gone unanswered or answered with frankly blowing off the issue. I am still trying to reach any human preferably with some grasp of English.


Christian May 16, 2016 at 4:06 pm

I booked a flight with Cheap tickets from Vienna to Miami for me and my family. Three weeks later my girlfriend noticed that there was some extra money in the account. They booked one ticket and not the other four. They never contacted us of the mistake and it was only by luck she caught the mistake. Little did I know I was about to enter hell. I have called them several times and each time having gone through one lie after another, at the moment over 9 hours of long distance phone calls, and asthma attack and my job is in some form of jeopardy as my only phone is connected to my job as a work phone/personal cell. I have never abused my privileges till now. I am in trouble with work, I have a disgusting long distance bill and many emails from them saying they will call me back even at specific times and they never do it. I am tired of their bullXXXXX and very much looking to start a class action lawsuit. My job and livelihood is at stake. I will be contacting a lawyer and doing whatever it takes to get this suit started. How is it possible such a large company can be so bad at managing their customers and with little to no repercussions. I will be contacting everyone here and all other portals where there are complaints from Expedia and all their subsidiaries. As my job, stress health and livelihood are all at stake and I had proof that I was already in the emergency room for my asthma attack I will have the time to be contacting lawyers and people to put this class action suit together. IF ANYONE HAS ALREADY STARTED A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT xianlance at mail.cz IF NOT PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL TO JOIN ME.


tina degele August 4, 2017 at 1:38 pm

Hi Christian,

I saw your post on expedia corp site. I too am livid about expedias customer service. I am at ths moment still on hold for 1.5 hrs now. This is my 3rd ph. call to them with no resolution in site. I booked at activity and the company cancelled at the last minute. So I was supposed to get a refund. I have dates and proof of expedia saying they were refunding my money. now as I sit on hold for 1.5 hrs and transferred 10 times they say they have no record of my calls or record of cancellation. I said I have an email stating from expedia the refund has been given….which it has not. I am livid and I realize its only 275.00 dollars but some of us need that money to survive. They lied they are rude and the worst customer service I have ever seen. If you are going ahead with lawsuit please include me. My name is Tina Degele and my ph number is 360.787.XXXXX.

Thank you for your time

Tina Degele


Michael Rogers April 22, 2016 at 7:15 pm

Expedia are dishonest, incompetent, and frauds. They stranded my wife and I in Frankfurt Germany because a connecting flight did not exist. The trip was booked in January 2016 and checked online and verified Mar 22 prior to travel on Mar30. After calling from Frankfurt at our own expense they promised to reimburse us for the hotel and the following mornings flight. Now they tell me that the phone call never took place and have refused all requests to make good. The have even altered my itinerary AFTER the fact to cover their mistake. They are criminals and I intend to vigorously pursue them.


Christian May 16, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Please contact me if you intend or need people for a class action lawsuit, if not please send me your email or contact info as I am planning to do so myself.


Mike Foley April 20, 2016 at 3:52 pm

Seems like I could copy anyone’s complaint and post it as my own. Booked hotel and air for a short Jan. trip to the Dominican Republic. Ended up having surgery late Dec. and could not travel. Hotel had stated cancellation policy of cancel at least one week prior and you would get 100% refund. Airfare states no refunds.

Started the gruelling process of calling Expedia 2 weeks ahead of trip. Was told every time (at least 8) that the supervisor would be calling the hotel to cancel and process my refund. As to air I was told that my air ticket was refundable after paying a cancellation fee. Told that the airfare was being processed and I would get my refund in 5 days. That was 3 months ago and nothing !! Call;ed the airline and they said , “h yes, we have refunded the ticket – TO Expedia !!

I was told since I started this process over two weeks prior to departure, that my hotel would be refunded, even if the process was continuing close to or after departure date. NOTHING. Asked Discover to intervene, but Expedia just copied there standard policy on airfare and lied about when I contacted them.

I am so upset. I guess they just wear you out.

Going to make one final stab to see if I can at least get my hotel refund which is legally due to me, as per their cancellation policy.

Thanks for the good reads everybody. At lease we are not getting screwed alone. 😉


Christian May 16, 2016 at 4:18 pm

Please contact me if you intend or need people for a class action lawsuit, if not please send me your email or contact info as I am planning to do so myself.


Rene May 18, 2016 at 8:30 pm

I think a class action lawsuit is needed. After reading all of the comments, something has to happen. This is ridiculous. This was my first and last time using them. I don’t have $200 to give to this company. Please contact me with any information.


Linda Huenecke July 13, 2016 at 3:34 pm

Please contact me about the class action lawsuit also. Thanks


Nbc April 2, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Expedia sucks. I am disgusted with their incompetent staff and their bullsh*t fake policies. Being on hold for three hours with no one ever coming back to see if You were still on the line or to give you a status is unacceptable and just frustrating as hell.


Larry March 31, 2016 at 12:51 am

They said they would refund my $2500 and they haven’t so I’m contacting the Washington State Attorney General as this seems to be a problem and they can shut them down.


Mitch March 4, 2016 at 12:38 pm

A year ago my step daughter an active the military member, purchased a ticket for a 3 day leave so she can come home. At the last minute she found out they were getting deployed and she could not travel. Having purchased insurance, we did not think it would be an issue getting the almost $800 refund.
Since she purchased insurance we were told by Hotwire to call the insurance company for the refund. We called the insurance company and they told us that they do no cover military personnel and to call the airlines. We called American Airlines and we were told that they can’t issue the refund because they did not sell the ticket and only half of the trip was on American and that we should try calling United Airlines,
We called United and they told us the same story as American airlines, they can’t help us because they did not sell the ticket and that we should call Hotwire, thus back to where we started.
At this point t has been over 1 year and we have spent over 20-30 hours going in circles and calling #’s that and about 50 phone calls to various #’s we were given on the phone. Most of that time was on hold and we still don’t have a resolution or a refund.
Today I called once again and after talking with a few operators and being transferred a few times and being on hold for most of the time, I was disconnected after 55 minutes. Now I would have to start the process all over again with new operators…WE GIVE UP! My next phone call is going to be to NBC and CBS NEWS,,,,we have exhausted out patience.
I urge everyone reading this to STOP using HOTWIRE (EXPEDIA) to book anything. They are NOT consumer friendly and as far as I am concerned they are legally guilty for “THEFT BY DECEPTION” Thank you for reading.


dana brown March 9, 2016 at 7:43 pm

I 100% agree!!


Larry March 31, 2016 at 12:46 am

Agree they won’t refund my $2500 when they said they would. I’m calling the Attorney general in the state of Washington today. ROBBERY. You can’t talk to anyone in America, they are all from another country working for cheap.


Christian May 16, 2016 at 4:19 pm

Please contact me if you intend or need people for a class action lawsuit, if not please send me your email or contact info as I am planning to do so myself.


Valina March 12, 2016 at 3:42 pm

I was on the phone with them for a VERY similar situation for THREE hours (not to mention the countless other phone calls I’d made to them) and was disconnected by a CORPORATE LEVEL representative and wasn’t called back… absolutely unacceptable.


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:09 am

Alfred, if you call the Secret Service, they investigate credit card fraud and bank fraud, especially at the higher amounts you mentioned. They will also investigate the problem you had with Expedia and why it was not reported. Expedia should have told you if you felt you were defrauded you immediately call your police department and Expedia should immediately cooperate.


Christian May 16, 2016 at 4:19 pm

Please contact me if you intend or need people for a class action lawsuit, if not please send me your email or contact info as I am planning to do so myself.


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:16 am

Time for a class action lawsuit?


Christian May 16, 2016 at 4:19 pm

Please contact me if you intend or need people for a class action lawsuit, if not please send me your email or contact info as I am planning to do so myself.


Sasha March 2, 2016 at 11:03 pm

Please please please avoid Expedia. Booked a hotel and car rental through their website. Found out that I was not able to use my reservation so I called 3 days prior to staying at the hotel to cancel and they said they can cancel but will not refund my money. Their excuse was that the hotel won’t refund my money. When I called the hotel they said they never receive money until the day I check out and that’s when they “bill” Expedia. Called Expedia again and was transferred and hung up 6 different times. Once I finally got to someone I quickly asked for a supervisor which simply told me to go to the policy that is on my itinerary. I asked to direct me where they will not refund my money and he simply asked if there was anything else then what do you know hung up. No use to calling back after being on the phone with them for 3 hours already.


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:12 am

Hi Sasha, there are many of us who are having that problem. I spent over two hours on wait over the telephone today, trying to resolve an issue, only to have to deal with very sweet Pacific Islanders who didn’t understand the process or what was occurring and being placed on wait for a supervisor for over two hours.

With so many complaints here, with unresolved issues, I think maybe it is time for someone to look into a class action lawsuit.


alfred gomes March 2, 2016 at 9:30 pm

I have a major complaint regarding Expedia and fraud. Some stole my new cards and went to town at Target and Best Buy. They also bought tickets from Expedia. I call an agent and told him of the ID theft and that I needed to know who was on the tickets so that I could give those names to the police. He kept asking me for the confirmation number. I told him I didn’t make the reservations so how would I know. I had a B of A fraud person listening in on the conversation and she apologized for the response I got from this supervisor agent.. I need to know. These people stole 34,000 dollars from my account. I made the police report. We would have gotten evidence if the investigation had been done within 30 days. The store videos were erased 30 days after at Target and Best Buy. I am still getting applications for credit cards that were denied.

I want to Expedia corporate offices to get me access as to whose names were on those 2 tickets since people have to use their IDs to identify themselves. Then I will deliver them to the police dept. or have them give it to the police dept, in Modesto, Calif.


Sam February 29, 2016 at 4:22 pm

Expedia is GREAT when there are no issues. When there are issues, goodluck trying to resolve it. You can get nowhere with their customer support. Those agents are under pressure and on multiple occasions, they put me on hold and HUNG UP. They gave me a reference number (s3285195) on 2.18.16 and told me they would reply via email within 72 hours. This was after spending an hour w/them. Ofcourse they don’t call back so I call them back on 2.19.16 and spend close to 3 hours. Guess what? The case number s3285195 does not exist. So there is no accountability in Expedia. If they don’t want to take your call or deal with you, they can simply give out a fake number and forget about you. The new corporate manager said he could not find ANY call logs. I pressed him on providing a reference number and sending an email this time to confirm. He emailed me with reference number E-12803741.

Expedia allowed me to book two tickets under my name (instead of me and my wife). So they wasted, Thursday and Friday. Turns out the Airlines is closed Saturday and Sunday. So, here I am Monday 2.29.2016. The corporate manager advised that I ask for a corporate manager on Monday so I did. Guess what? They looked up my case (it exists) and put me on hold for 1 hour, 9 minutes and hung up. No Call back.

I called back again and it has been 28 minutes waiting to talk to the manager. So I have already spent 5 hours of my life with Expedia, haven’t gotten any inch further. If I cancel the flight and rebook, the flight price has gone from $784 to $1423 and the cancellation fee is $300. So now I am having to pay an extra $1000 because expedia did not respond back as promised on 2.18. The flights was a lot cheaper on 2.18.

Unfortunately, this is my third bad experience with Expedia and I intend to make this the last. There is no accountability, no customer service. They frustrate you putting you on hold. They are raking billions of dollars in revenue but not providing adequate service. I am done with Expedia forever.


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:17 am

Time for a class action lawsuit? There is an emerging pattern of putting people on hold for longer than an hour if they have a need to be resolved.


s.smilen May 4, 2017 at 12:19 pm

i’ve recently experienced the exact result when dealing with Expedia to the nth degree.
i contacted class-action.com but without success. any feed back on your actions vs. Expedia?


Walter February 28, 2016 at 12:58 pm



Dan February 26, 2016 at 9:09 pm

I wish that i had read all the comments below. This has been a nightmare for my family and i. We decided to book a flight, hotel and car through this awful company. At the time of booking a message read back that said it could not be booked at this time. The error message only said that we could try again or call expedia directly. We decided to try again. Our thought was that there might be a change in price or availability. After trying again the same message came up. So we called them directly. Upon calling them i double checked our account to make sure that the funds were there and it wasmt our mistake. Unbelievably noticed that there was an almost $1800 hold on our account and we hadnt even booked anything through expedia. They took this money out of our account without authorization and we still hadnt even booked our trip. We have been back and forth with these people and havent recieved the help we need. We even tried calling corporate and the phone just rings. What the hell! We are told by our bank that it could take up to 7 days before the money will be released. Im pissed cause now we have to wait to book our trip even longer and this is our money! We will never again go through this company! I encourage anyone and everyone to please refrain from doing business with a company that should be put out of business!


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:22 am

Dan, make a copy of the website and the requirements of the hotel. Then, make a copy of their rules and regulations and everything on the hotel website. Contact your state department of consumer affairs and report the matter to them, as well as to the Secret Service, which handles credit card fraud. Be sure and keep copies and notes of all conversations with Expedia and report the matter. You may also wish to report the problem with the Department of Consumers Affairs in Washington and provide them with the evidence. Finally, you should get together with everyone here, develop the patterns of operations which are occurring, and obtain an attorney for a class action lawsuit.


Ryan February 18, 2016 at 4:23 pm

Just like the rest. Book a flight, due to mechanical problems with the plane the flight was delayed 5 hours and would not arrive ’til 1 am. I had to get home and was told I could get a full refund and book a flight with another airline. After doing so I called to get a refund and was offered less than half of what I was told. Now I spend my time on the phone and no one will tell me why I can’t get the refund I was told by the field agent. Do not fly Delta or use Expedia!!!!!!!


Amy February 13, 2016 at 11:28 am

I booked our honeymoon through Expedia. Due to a double booking I had to move my trip up. I spoke with customer service multiple times and each time I was taken back by their rudeness, lack of compassion, and unwillingness to work with me. I have attempted to contact the corporate office but it is impossible to speak with a person., you are only sent through automated options. At this point, what should be an exciting vacation as turned into a mess and stress. Three years ago, we booked with Expedia an all-inclusive resort only to get to the hotel and find out it was not. I should have learned my lesson at that point and time but decided to give them another try. I would highly recommend anyone looking to book a vacation to avoid Expedia at all cost.


Emma-Lou Craig February 12, 2016 at 6:45 am

Recently, Jan I, I booked at flight from Ft Myers to Newark for dates in May. Added the $10. cancellation fee. When received confirmation two hrs. Later it was for the wrong hours and couldn’t use those times, so called to cancel..was told they were special rates and couldn’t cancel….thought I might have the wrong rep. So called again and was told the same. Customer service? I don’t think so…..do not use Travelocity! Scheisters!


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:26 am

Book your complaint with your State Department of Consumer Affairs, as well as with the Department of Consumer Affairs in Washington, DC. Be sure to copy the website and keep your receipt which stated you paid the $10 cancellation fee. Copy the cancellation policy. Make copies of your records through your telephone service of the calls to Expedia and the amount of time spent. Get together with others for a class action lawsuit.


Kevin February 10, 2016 at 5:35 pm

Same as the rest. Booked a package deal. Got stick at airport due to weather conditions. Finally, five hours later was put on a plane and sat there for two more hours. In the meantime, Dekta Airlines,( the company Expedia usess) had canceled the connecting flight in Detroit and did not notify me of this. Had they done so, I could have went back home and returned the following day. Instead, I was stranded in Deteoit at 10:00 at night with nowhere to go. I had to book another hotel room at a cost of $155. When I called Expedia the customer service representative, who was very difficult to understand due to her natural dialect, told me I should call a Delta.
Why should I have to call Delta? Expedia was my vacation agent. It should been up to Expedia to make the calls to the hotel and the stile lines and make me whole. It was only until I demanded Expexia to refund my money that they did call the hotel and returned the cost of the day I missed. As far as not notifying me of a canceked flight which they knew of well before I departed se pedis is still telling me that I have to contact the airline. My friend who was with me on the same flight and hotel also received the hotel cost for the unused day but was given a $100 voucher. When I brought that fact up I was told I could receive a $25 voucher. I argued the point but arc pedis would not treat me same as my friend was treated. Sorry to say Expefia, I wil not book another vacation through your company or your affiliated companies like Hotel.Com et Al. I also will be filing a consumer affairs complaint as well as the trip I paid for was not the trip I was promised and the treatment was unfair.


Steven Rivers February 3, 2016 at 12:35 pm

we used your site on 01/25/16 to book a room at the Villa del Palmar, Puerto Vallarta. We were routed to Otel.com, who had the lowest advertised price. We were given a “Accommodation Voucher” from Otel.com for a two bedroom suite with kitchen at “Villa del PALMAR” which we had booked, but when we contact the resort we were told my the Front Desk Manager Alejandro Rodriguez, he had received our reservation from Best Day Travel which is a 3rd party vendor for Odel.com putting us in a one bedroom studio at the “Villa del MAR” We also booked a one night on 01/31/16 directly with Odel.com with the same results, so this “Bait & Switch” was not in error & have read numerous reviews on line that this appears to be a common pratice by Otel.com. I have all the doXXXXentation to support my claims. I surprised that the compitive website have not addressed this issue since by doing this


Annie January 27, 2016 at 4:16 pm

Called to cancel my flight was told nothing about not being able to get my money back because it was a “lower rate flight”. I think that’s funny because when I called to cancel the automated system said nothing about that and the representative that I talk to said nothing about that. All these bad comments this is one f-ed up a** company. You would probab6 make more money if you knew how to treat customers. Obviously if all these people here have a problem you guys need to fix it. You also need to learn what good customer service is because you dont! Never doing business with this company again People work too damn hard for a-hole like you guys to mess with their money!


Robert Moya January 27, 2016 at 3:44 pm


I’m really hoping this gets back to someone of importance at Expedia. Last week I booked a one night stay on 1/22/16 out of town because I have a relative who was in ICU after coding twice and needing life support. When I got to the hotel they told me that Expedia failed to send over doXXXXentation of my reservation and they did not have it on file. After back and forth of being transferred between representatives, and the hotel manager calling as well, I finally got through to someone to just cancel the reservation on Expedia’s end. I received my confirmation and my bank had yet to be charged anything. I left the hotel and booked a stay at another hotel without the hassle of Expedia. Today 1/27/16 my card is being declined because Expedia still charged me for the room they never booked for me. Again, I had to go through the hassle of being transferred back and forth between agents and the endless hold times. Expedia finally gets back on the phone and says there is nothing they can do for me other than “waiting” and hoping for a refund. Let me remind you, I have a dying relative in the hospital and am now left without money because of Expedia’s mistake and lack of compassion. I really hope this makes waves and alerts people to know there are better, more accommodating websites that will make it much less of a hassle than Expedia.


darrel January 8, 2016 at 9:20 am

Looks like i am simply jumping on the bandwagon. My experience with Expedia was the same as those listed below. If you read this before booking, i highly encourage you to avoid Expedia. While i have tried and tried to resolve the issue with Expedia they are bound and determined to hide behind a maze of telephone, incompetent call center employees and call-wait buttons. Should be interesting to see how the US legal system handles these breaches of contract and how well the “I accept these terms” buttons clicked will hold up when in reviewed by an administrative judge.


Concha Montano January 7, 2016 at 3:06 pm

December 6, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

On October 9, 2015 between the times of 8:00 pm – 8:15 pm Arizona time, I called Expedia’s 1-866 number to make reservations at the Elevation Hotel and Spa in Crested Butte, Colorado. I made the reservation for 6 rooms all with the total price of $7,949.20. I was told a deposit was required to hold the reservation and $1,363.71 was processed through my account immediately on October 9th. The deposit transaction appeared as “pending” in my account immediately following the reservation on October 9, 2015. At approximately 8:50 pm, Arizona time, I called Expedia’s number back to cancel the reservation, again speaking with a male representative. In speaking with the gentleman I told him that I wanted to cancel ALL 6 rooms. I gave him the confirmation number 7140712635196, I also informed him that I had other confirmation numbers for other rooms. He informed me that it was not necessary that by giving him the first number all of my rooms that I reserved came up. I asked him, “are you sure that you see all the rooms?” He replied “yes”. I then told him that I needed to cancel ALL of those rooms. He said that it was done. I then asked him, “ALL 6 of my rooms are canceled?” He replied, “yes”. I asked him again, “Are you sure ALL of the rooms are canceled?” He replied again with a yes. I asked if I needed a cancelation number and he told me that the confirmation number is also my cancellation number. I asked him, “are you sure I don’t need a cancellation number?” He replied with a no, my reservation number and cancelation number are the same. At which point, we hung up. Following the cancellation I noticed that the payment for the deposit was still pending and proceeded to call the bank to inform them that the payment should not be made to Expedia because the hotel had been cancelled. I was informed by the bank that the transaction would have to be processed for payment before anything could be done. The payment for the deposit hit the account on October 13th. On that same day Expedia also processed a reimbursement of the deposit in the amount of $1,363.71 indicating that Expedia clearly understood that there was a cancellation of my reservation at the hotel in Crested Butte and I was reimbursed the deposit. Given that the deposit was reimbursed I now felt comfortable that the reservation was now cancelled and I didn’t have to be concerned about further communication with the hotel or Expedia.
On December 29, 2015 I noticed a charge on my bank account for the rooms that I HAD canceled THROUGH Expedia (pending payment). I called the hotel to see what the charges were for and the hotel informed me that it was for the rooms that I had reserved and was a “no show”. I informed the hotel that I had cancelled the reservation and the customer service representative told me that I needed to speak with Bailey who handles their billing. I called Bailey and left a message. On December 30, 2015 I noticed another charge to my bank account again for the rooms at the Elevation Hotel and Spa.
On January 3, 2016 I called Expedia and spoke with a representative and explained the situation. We were on the phone for about 30 minutes, about 10 minutes I was on hold because he said that he was talking to his supervisor. When he came back on the phone he informed me that Expedia would have to contact the hotel on Monday, January 4, 2016 to speak with the hotel and that Expedia would be getting back to me after the contacted the hotel. To this day, no one from Expedia has called me back to inform me about the results of their conversation with the hotel.
On January 4, 2016 I took it upon myself to call the hotel and spoke with Bailey. I explained the situation to her. At this point she told me that the hotel was not responsible because I went through a third party which was Expedia, and that Expedia is responsible for refunding my money since THEY are the ones who made the mistake.
I called Expedia at 12:35 pm, Arizona time. I spoke with a lady and proceeded to explain the situation to her. She looked at the reservation, put me on hold and said that she was speaking with her supervisor. About 15 minutes later she transferred me over to her supervisor Denmar (I believe that is how you spell/say his name). I again explained the situation to Denmar at which point he looked at the reservation, explained that he only saw one of the rooms cancelled. I told him that that was not the situation and that ALL 6 rooms were supposed to me cancelled. He placed me on hold for about 30 minutes. He came back and told me that he had contacted the hotel and that the hotel had said they were not going to refund me my money. I told him I knew that already because I had already spoken with the hotel. He said that he was going to contact corporate office and he placed me on hold again. After about another 30 minutes he came back on the phone and said he was transferring me over to his supervisor. He transferred me again and in another 30 minutes his supervisor Victor came on the phone. I explained the situation to him and he informed me that he was doing his “research”. He placed me on hold, telling me that he could hear me but that I would not be able to hear him. I said ok, and I was put on hold. After numerous times of him coming back on the phone to inform me that he was still there and to make sure that I was still on the phone, he came back on the phone and asked me if I remember the date and time. I told him the date and time that I made the reservation and the time that I called back to cancel the reservation. He placed me on hold again and came back about 20 minutes later. After being on the phone with Expedia for 2 hours and 51 minutes Victor informed me that he was going to have to put a request in to her the audio tapings and that it would take about 3-5 days to get those back. He said that he has had these situations before and has seen the audio tapes come in sooner. He said that he would be calling me on Friday. I asked him if I didn’t hear from him if I could please have his number. He said that he does not have a direct number but if I called the 1-866 number that any representative will see the notes and his name.
In the meantime, I contacted my bank who informed me that the hotel’s request for payment had been made.


Eva Gagnon December 22, 2015 at 10:29 am

In November I bought 4 tickets to St. Croix as a Christmas gift for my daughter, son-in-law and 2 young grandchildren. I sent the itinerary to my daughter who indicated that the return trip wouldn’t work because it included an 8+ hour layover in DC in the middle of the night. I went back on Expedia and purchased a different (and far more expensive) itinerary for the same dates with a different return flight. Then I called Expedia just to make sure everything was all set. I spoke with the agent for nearly an hour going over an over the itinerary number I wanted to cancel and the one I wanted to keep. It took so long because she hardly spoke English and was very confused, although she tried very hard and was very pleasant. At the end, I thought I was all set. Then, my credit card bill arrived and there were 4 charges (nearly $1500.) for the original return trip. I called Expedia and explained the problem. They said I didn’t cancel the original itinerary, although the outgoing leg had been cancelled. They put me on hold for 3 hours and 10 minutes while they “researched” it. In the end, the agent said they had to listen to the recording of the phone conversation and he would get back to me in a day or two (Craig was his name.) He never called back. Today (nearly a month later) I called to find out what happened. The agent said that the voice recording indicated that I was going to call back in a day or two. That’s a bold faced mis-representation about what happened. I had asked the agent if it would be less expensive for me to book 2 one-way tickets. She replied that I had to check on-line and get back to Expedia within 3 days (it was a weekend) if I wanted to change the new itinerary. I stayed with the one I had confirmed on the phone and didn’t call back. Today, the supervisor said that they are denying my refund because I didn’t call back. I never thought there was an issue with the cancellation of the first itinerary, just whether or not I could find a less expensive NEW itinerary. I am so upset. To make it worse, Expedia said the credit with AA would have to be in my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren’s names They don’t travel because they can’t afford to, that’s why our Christmas gift was going to be so special. I’ve been on hold for a total of over 5 hours with Expedia (2 calls) and am convinced it’s a Expedia Corporate strategy to try to get customers to give up. In the end, they just read the scripted responses and don’t listen to the customer or address the problem logically. I ended paying for the original leg of the itinerary ($1500.) that I called to cancel. I was sure it was cancelled–I repeated the itinerary number many, many times. I am so upset with Expedia’s approach to business and customer relations. DO NOT use this service (or any of their acquired companies (Hotwire, etc)–it’s a terrible, terrible company.


Veronica clanton December 13, 2015 at 10:34 am

For no reason and without my authorization Expedia took $172 three separate times from my checking account yesterday. I have no idea why they did this and after spending 2 hours on the phone with 2 different supervisors they deny charging my account even when placed on a call with my bank. I now have to dispute this through my bank. What nerve to take $500 dollars from my account without my permission which has affected me being able to pay bills. and why don’t they have reps that speak clear English. When you escalate your complaint past a supervisor it is all done via an email that you cannot respond to. Horrible


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:36 am

Veronica, contact your local Department of Consumer Affairs and file a complaint, as well as do the same with the Department of Consumer Affairs in Washington state, where Expedia’s headquarters are located. I am very interested in your complaint as mine is almost identical to something which occurred recently, with the same complaints, as well as extremely long waiting times. There is a way to deal with Expedia if a group of us get together with our complaints and submit them as mentioned, maintain our evidence, and file with the Secret Service to look into what is occurring, as well as with the attorney generals within the states. Clearly, there is a pattern being established.


Jim W December 10, 2015 at 9:16 pm



Marcia December 7, 2015 at 1:01 pm

Amazing how no one answers phones at headquarters…..probably sitting and counting monies that don’t belong to them. Horrible customers service horrible company!


Tim Rowlands December 5, 2015 at 11:37 pm

Booked a room in Sanibel at the Seaside Inn on the gulf for 12 nights about 6 weeks earlier. Called today to change stay from 12 to 10 nights. Agent handled the request and sent confirmation. Problem: the emailed confirmation, received an hour later, was for the Shiloh Inn in Seaside, OR. Called back, Philippine agent said that “too bad, the room is now not available. So now most other properties are sold out. I escalated to a U.S. supervisor, who was a little helpful, but would not book another property unless I was willing to pay current rates, which are now about 30% higher than when I originally booked the room. When I asked where this was in the written policy, I got a take it or leave it response. Also, Expedia refused to pay more than a comparable value property, even though this was their mistake. They offered a $300 coupon, but still not anywhere near the original property value.

I asked to escalate and was refused access. BJ was the highest level, according to him. I then, after 6 hours of back and forth, gave in and agreed to have them just refund. He said he’d take of it, and I am still on hold 25 minutes later.


Marcia December 5, 2015 at 1:43 pm

Apparently talking here is also a waste of time and energy. Tried booking online. Was not able to get a flight however the company accepted my insurance monies $19.00 13 times and held the monies without release and used every excuse to not give it back…….bookkeeping is closed, they even were ignorant enough to give me incorrect authorization numbers. I believe this is stealing……ya think? One woman I spoke with even told me it was not her companies problem it was the problem of my credit card company. After constantly calling because I was constantly hung up on I spoke with a Mitch and before I knew it monies were returned to my account with nothing more than polite, kindness, empathy, and a person willing to do their job. It amazes me that people are lucky enough to get a job and keep it with the amount of arrogance displayed.

The incompetence I experienced was overwhelming as a customer. The hang ups overwhelming. the experience today was almost 5 hours of begging for my money to be returned. They sure took it in a hurry and didn’t want to return it in the same timely manner.

Bottom line, I do not have a flight to and from my grandchildren. I am 69 years old never spoken to like that and only God knows if I will be able to see them. This year is out. Thank you very much. I sure hope you get to see family and not have to be alone for the holidays!

My mother always said “you never know how hungry the next person is cause you’ve just eaten” enjoy your families!


Linda November 5, 2015 at 7:50 pm

Pathetic customer service with excessive go around for $52 refund a fraction of the cost of the total trip. Itinerary explicitly states confirmation/reservation confirmed no need to confirm which was not found by ground travel at destination. International call did not produce confirmation number so we had to pay out of pocket for cost of ground transportation. Upon return from trip I’ve been given numerous promises that refund would be forthcoming in 5 days. 20 days still has not been produced. Latest call told we were given $200 credit but no refund with no notification of such. Will not be using service again unless this is resolved with this phone call. Traveler beware of this service. They do not promise what you pay for. Ground travel representative stated that this happens at least 10 times per day for Expedia customers. This is not a unique situation.


Robin Danko November 5, 2015 at 12:20 pm

I need to speak to someone in corporate today or I will be letting my attorney and Fox 6 news handle this situation. After your booking agent made a mistake I spent 3 hours on hold and getting cut off by your “customer service” dept. I finally rebooked my trip myself from the airport. No once did any of your agents call me back even though they stated they would. I was cut off 5 times and spent 3 hours on the phone before making the changes myself. I want a full refund and actually you should also be paying the difference in the two trips. Your so called “customer service” sucks! I tried again today to call and was told I would be called back. Haha! I’m sure Fox 6 and my attorney will love this one. By the way I was told by several people this is common with your company


Lindy March 26, 2016 at 12:40 am

Hours on hold are being experienced and seem to be a pattern in “customer service.” Take a photo of the website and their guarantees, policies, etc. Leave nothing out. Then file a complaint with your Department of Consumer Affairs in your state, as well as with the Department of Consumer Affairs in Washington. Better Business Bureau wouldn’t hurt either. This does seem to be a pattern of operation and not error. As well, keep a copy of all these complaints. 🙂


Amy Robertson-MacKeraghan November 5, 2015 at 8:02 am

My husband and I booked a stay at the Best Western in Dillsboro, NC for our honeymoon. We made the reservations for 10/25/15-10/28/15. It was a great stay. Then I look at my bank account today and Best Western/Expedia has withdrawn $137.32 for a reservation on 11/1/2015 as a no show. I did not make this reservation!!!! And now they are refusing to give me my money back.
Earlier in October I made a reservation through Expedia at a Best Western in Statesville, NC and it was made for the incorrect date when I initially made it for the date I wanted. Luckily that hotel was willing to make the change and not charge me anything. I think that Expedia is scamming people. You have access to our credit card numbers and can do what you want to with them. I have disputed this charge with my bank and I pray that I get my money back. We work very hard for our money and this is ridiculous!!!
As far as I am concerned you can delete my account because I will never use you again to book anything!!! And I will never recommend you to anyone!!! It is so much simpler to just call the hotel or airline direct and make your own reservations!!
Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves for doing things like this to people.
Amy Robertson-MacKeraghan


Vijay November 4, 2015 at 5:17 pm

What a pathetic customer service. All seem ignorant of what’s going on. I have been trying to make a name correction on my booking for a month now with Expedia and its been a painful experience and the issue still isn’t resolved.


Ananth December 18, 2015 at 3:50 am

Hi, the exact same issue happened with me. I gave them all the right details and also got a confirmation that the tickets have been booked with the correct names. But when I checked in the airline website, I saw the names were truncated. I realized this within the first 4 hours of booking, so I called expedia and they said it could be done , only after 24 hours Or the other option was to book another ticket ( another 3,000 USD). I double checked if they could fix the name and I was re-assured that that was possible. SO I called right after the 24 hour period ended, only to be on their call for 1.5 hours and the end of the call, the option I was given was to go directly to the airline website and book… Grrr..I totally regret the decision to trust expedia to do the right thing with the ticketing. I am asked to try again so they could connect me to corporate office. What I am coming to realize is another 1.5 hour worth of call another few weeks or even months of pain…


Tony October 30, 2015 at 1:53 am

I just contact your customer service and I was very disappointed in how they handle my situation I would like to have someone who cares about my situation


Maraena Garcia October 29, 2015 at 4:55 pm

I booked a reservation through yall and cancelled the same day via phone call. I then get an alert saying I was charged for the hotel. I called Expedia and was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours at one time trying to get this resolved. I spoke to a supervisor who informed me once I sent him the email of the screenshot of the hard hit for the amount of the charge I will be refunded. It’s been 2 weeks and have been given the run around. The supervisor even stated hit was their fault they went back aND confirmed that! It again had been 2 weeks and I have been told 1 thing after another! They told me it was my problem and they weren’t going to refund me! Who in the hell does that! What kind of business is this?! The people at Expedia take your money and lie to you! I have called about 39 times and been on the phone with them for no less than 1 hour!!!! I should have read the reviews before even entering their site! They made a mistake and now they refuse to refund me!!!!!!!!!!


Tammi October 29, 2015 at 10:59 am

Hello, I would like to start off that I hope this is the right Dara Khosrowshahi of expedia and that I am sorry to have to contact you through facebook. Myself and my family have always been loyal expedia users, my mother in law is even a preferred customer. However recently we had a huge issue. A few weeks ago I called and talked to a representative and booked a trip for myself and husband to go to Florida from nov 10- dec 3. At the same time I booked a trip for six family members to join us for the first week (nov 10-17). about a week ago I went online to print off the tickets and was shocked to see the six family members were booked to come home on feb 17th. right away I called expedia and they patched me from person to person, this took a whopping 2 hours. Finally I talked to someone in corporate who said they had to listen to the voice recording to see what was confirmed. I called back a few days later and the same thing, I was put on hold and patched from person to person. I asked if they could just call when they heard the recording but they said they can’t do that. finally I convinced the rep that I needed to know what was going on with the recording asap. They called me back a few hours later and said they listened to the recording and at the end when the booking agent confirmed dates I agreed and that I even confirmed that I looked at my confirmation email and said it was all right. I know this is completely made up because I booked using my cell phone and I would not have been able to check my email on my phone at the same time. I asked if I could hear the recording because at that point it was my word again theirs, again of course they said they can’t do that. I asked to talk to someone higher up she than put me on hold again… when she came back she said someone would return my call in 7-10days. This is completely unacceptable. There was Nothing she could do unless I paid a fee for each ticket to change the flights. There is always something you can do and the customer is always right , unless u can send me the recording to prove me wrong. Myself and family will never be using expedia again unless this matter is addressed quickly and appropriately. In the end I called Delta and in 15 minutes they changed all of our flights. they were sincere, sympathetic and apologetic even though it wasn’t their fault. This is the kind of customer service that should be expected everywhere. I would really appreciate a call 519-276-**** or 519-348-**** or even a message back please.


Margaret Rojas October 26, 2015 at 6:51 pm

I have been trying to book a voucher, from a canceled Expedia vacation (I had insurance) for over 2 weeks. I have been put on hold for an avg. of 2.5 hours each time I call, I’ve been disconnected twice and still have not received a confirmation of the rebooked flight. I have called 5 times, each time it was suppose to have been completed, however, the first try they didn’t have the birth date on the information; 2nd time they never completed the transaction, unbeknownst to me other than I never received the confirmation; 3rd time they booked the wrong date, even though I had told them the correct date on each previous booking; 4th time the said it was all good and I never received the confirmation; now on my 5th call to schedule…really Expedia? Is this the customer service you are striving for? It can’t be that hard to reschedule a flight, that I’ve already paid for and am trying to rebook…wow.


Jon Roberts October 22, 2015 at 4:21 pm

Recently, I booked a trip with your service. Later, I had the need to contact your customer service department. I was treated so poorly, that it is causing me to think very hard about whether or not I want to use your service ever again.

In order to prevent this from happening to me and anyone else in the future, you need to start recording the calls coming to your service department and also those being escalated. In addition, your agents need to start identifying themselves by name and extension number. To ensure they are giving the correct identification information and treating customers properly, you need to implement a recorded call review process.

I may not be a very big fish in the Expedia pond, but I have seen so many complaints about Expedia customer service in many locations on the web, that it is obvious that your CSR and the individuals that are taking escalated calls are not being properly supervised.


Keyser Söze October 29, 2015 at 8:38 pm

Don’t bother. Nobody cares and nobody will ever answer you. They already have your money and that’s all that matters.


john parker October 13, 2015 at 5:22 pm

I have been trying to cancell my hotel room for the past couple of weeks. My reservations are not until Oct 28 2015. This is a Muslim hotel in East Jerusalem. Yeah the same East Jerusalem where multiple murders and stabbings are happening EVERY day. Just today 3 people were MURDERED and 20 stabbed within minutes walking distance from my hotel. Yesterday 5 people were shot dead in East Jerusalem with a terrorist ramming a bus into a store and then stabbing bystanders. All the violence is coming from residents of East Jerusalem. There is a all out violent war happening in Jerusalem and especially East Jerusalem is where most of this is taken place. The area of my hotel is epicentre of the killings and stabbings.
I have talked to Expedia representatives on the phone about this unsafe situation only to be LAUGHED at by the employees. One employee who gave his name as

Ryan W told my wife we had two choices ” lose our money or risk our lives” before the punk hung up on our call. I have given Expedia 5 weeks notice for them to
cancel my hotel reservation from this killing field area with NO RESULTS.
I demand a hotel refund from the Nationa Hotel in East Jerusalem. Nothing more, nothing less. We booked this vacation in April to explore Jerusalem, not to be led to slaughter at the hands of terrorists in a area that is in a full blown uprising of hatred towards anyone not Muslim.


K seefeld October 8, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Expedia promised a $400 refund in writing after numerous telephone calls to various countries with people with accents who refuse to follow through. To date no refund received and Supervisors say they “processed” it . Credit card company Chase Bank has not received the funds or credit. Supervisors say call Bank, Bank says never received. Round and Round. I have spent over 8 hours on this. No refund. I am going to sue Expedia. Sounds like it may be a class action based on comments below


Tanya October 23, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Wow! I am going through the same thing, I’ve been trying to get a $400 refund since August and to no avail, have been treated horribly and called numerous times with no solution. That’s horrible they’re committing fraud.


B D October 7, 2015 at 3:32 pm

I would like to speak with someone about this booking…. I was given CANADIAN pricing and charged AMERICAN pricing and I am trying to get it corrected and I am having nothing but issues dealing with someone named Kendall (female) from another country and she is not understanding what is happening and being extremely difficult….
This is pathetic attempt at customer service at its best!!!! I now have waster my entire lunch time trying to correct this issue and with NO HELP from your customer service department….
They charged me $124.59 for a room that was $96 CANADIAN….. which ads up to almost $164 for a room and after calling the hotel to verify the costs they NEVER have rooms that cost that much NEVER!!!!!!! Therefore this is turning into a sham and if this is not resolved within 12 hours I will issue a force chargeback through the credit card company and you guys will be the on the end of this stick and I wont feel bad at all either after the crappy customer service…. Such a joke…If you feel like you want to contact me DO SO before tomorrow morning Pacific Time or I will request the chargeback through the credit card company… and after all this I will be reaching out via all social media outlets to share my not-so-wonderful experience and I have a strange feeling there will be more just like mine…


john parker October 17, 2015 at 6:24 am

Update: On Oct 14, the headlines in the Israel newspapers stated that East Jerusalem was completely sealed off by Israel defense forces. I called Expedia and asked once again to have my hotel room cancelled seeing it is located in East Jersalem and I wouldn’t have access to the room. Expedia representative called the National Hotel and within minutes I was told I was getting a refund. This morning was card was credited. I would like to thank Expedia for their help in this situation that was not of their making. I would also like to thank the National Hotel for caring about the safety of their customers. I realize the hotel is being put in a bad situation by what is happening in Jerusalem.
Hopefully some day I will be able to see this sacred land in a peaceful time.


dauna September 25, 2015 at 2:33 pm

well it is with great sadness in my heart that I even have to do this! last week…a couple days after booking a mexico trip for my husband for a xmas gift….we received devastating news our 32 yr old daughter had stage 4 cancer! we are devastated and sick. I called immediately to expedia to cancel. hotel…no problem. air…already ticketed…$200 pp cancel fee….sorry. ok. they say it is the airlines policy…they are the ones charging the $200 fee pp….not expedia. bull&%#$. I called American airlines and explained…they wanted to help and said they would waive this because of the cirXXXXstances but they did not sell us the air…it is bulk air and it is expedia charging us the fee! so I call back to expedia. they deny it. I call American again….they are lying to you! so I call back to another supervisor at expedia. I will submit this to execs she told me and someone will get back to you. still waiting…this was Tuesday. she told me within 24 hours. yeah right. I RESENT EXPEDIA MAKING $400 OFF THE BACK OF MY TERRIBLY SICK DAUGHTER! AND LYING TO ME ABOUT IT! I am now writing headquarters in Washington for help! let’s see if someone there has a heart! surely the people at the other end of the phone at expedia don’t! i’d even settle for a credit for a future trip! no one’s trying to beat them out of their money!


dauna September 25, 2015 at 2:35 pm

awaiting moderation? oh nice…..now we’re being scrutinized by expedia before our stories even get posted?


Harassed September 23, 2015 at 7:01 pm

Expedia is HARASSING me with automated phone calls. I get multiple automated calls per week. Customer Service puts me on hold indefinitely. They all come different phone extensions so I can’t block them.


Ryan September 30, 2015 at 12:06 pm

My wife is getting the same thing. They are using phone numbers of businesses, individuals and disconnected numbers, including my wife’s phone number. I’m calling my congressman about this.


Ron September 23, 2015 at 3:05 pm

I booked a hotel on the USA side of Niagara fall I get the confirmation email and it’s for the Canadian side. I had to cancel that because of no passport. Thanks Expedia you ruined our wedding.


michelle September 23, 2015 at 1:14 pm

WOW again another supervisor who states there is no one in their corporate office. I said its Wednesday and your telling me there is no one in your corporate office during work hours? she said oh umm I didn’t say that. CRAZY. I will not give up on this.


michelle September 23, 2015 at 12:52 pm

booked flights and was never told the departure time until after the booking. I called airline to see if we could get an earlier flight. airline said I had to call expedia. called expedia and they told me they couldn’t help me because the airlines policy was not to change the flights and they said I needed to call the airline back again. called the airline back and was told expedia is not telling the truth and that they could change my flights to an earlier flight but their customer service was horrible. called expedia back and asked to speak to a supervisor. supervisor was of no help. asked to speak to their supervisor ( Joe #9466 ) he was down right rude and continued to talk over me. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told it was an hour wait. I said that’s fine. waited 20 minutes and was then hung up on. received a call back from 602-282-6149 answered the phone and they hung up on me. I called the number back and got a voice message saying that number was only for outgoing calls. called the same number back ( 866-310-5768 ) and asked to speak to another supervisor. ended up speaking to William #3451 who again was no help. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told that I had to call back tomorrow. I was told that my flights could not be changed or cancelled. funny thing is that when I call the 866-310-5768 and put in to change my flight the recording says my booking is eligible for cancellation and a FULL refund but these supervisors are saying I can’t. I have recorded the recording and will be taking further action against expedia. all of these supervisors all sound like the same person trying to change their voice and they want to keep you on hold. now on hold for 38 minutes. worst company I have ever had to deal with. HORRIBLE customer service.


RJJ September 19, 2015 at 11:10 am

If you look at the structure of Expedia, and their ownership or Travelocity and Trip Advisor, among others, the consumer doesn’t stand a chance. The prices can be jacked up to whatever they want and, at the last minute, dropped but guess what? You’re too late to take advantage of their “price guarantee” since they kept the higher price long enough to exceed the 48 hour window they give you to find a lower price. And with their control of most of the online travel sites, there is virtually no other way to find a lower price. Price rigging at its worst and LOUSY customer service. The public gets the shaft!


Jill McKenna September 18, 2015 at 4:58 pm

I have been neglected, ignored, abused and now cursed at. I will never, so help me God, do business with Expedia again.

Paid for “cancel for no reason” insurance. Needed to cancel; called back; spent 20 minutes on hold; FINALLY got connected with someone who ALMOST spoke English. I told her I wanted to cancel. She said she would be happy to cancel for me. Five minutes later I got an email message saying I had to CALL them to cancel.

After ANOTHER 30 minutes on hold, I got connected with someone ELSE whose English is an abomination and told her I wanted to speak to a manager in the United States or Canada. She tried to upsell me to a fancier hotel room.

Never again. I’d rather be standing in a bad neighborhood with the barrel of a gun in my mouth than do business with these people again.


Gabby September 15, 2015 at 3:01 pm

This company is a rip-off, they double book, and charge your credit card for their mistakes, and when you complain, the blame the hotel, rental agency, or any one else and will not give a refund. The corporate office is in Bellevue, WA, and when you call, no one answers the phone, and when they do they hang up on you after being very rude because you call them.


Jon-Paul Boisvert September 14, 2015 at 3:09 pm

I have booked many flight with this company over the years. I will not any longer.
The customer service is horrible. All I wanted to do was add travel insurance to my flight for my 70 year old mother flying to Seattle. I booked on an iphone and the app did not offer the travel insurance option. I called customer service and they stated that they could not help. I was asked to call the travel insurance company. The representative for that company stated that the expedia rep should know full well that he could not help me. He also told me that he talks to customers every week who book on iphone and are not able to select the travel insurance option. So, I called back to expedia and talked with two representatives and a manager. All of them pretty much called me ignorant for not selecting the option when it was shown on the phone. THE OPTION WAS NOT GIVEN ON THE PHONE. If I made the mistake I would own up to it. But to be called ignorant by your outsource team, no thank you.
I’m a business owner in Kirland WA (just down the 405 from your HQ). I have been using your company since 1998. After my experience today, I will not be using it in the future.


Schwinguy September 10, 2015 at 5:05 pm

This company sucks monkey balls, and I’m not talking regular, I mean hairy, sweaty dinky monkey balls. Some one used identity to do a online purchase for a trip. Thank god the bank told me, cause when I found out I tried valuing these bastards to get some kind help so I could prosecute the F’rs, and wa told that they couldn’t help me unless I had a account or itinerary #!! What the hell is up with that!!! Their privacy protection is just that…. Private!!! They don’t give a rats ass if your identity is used, they just want those flight and travel plans booked. Hey Expedia , if your reading this go f*** yourself they way you did me!!


Tim September 9, 2015 at 10:23 am

Recently booked two flights, and the customer service representative sent our reservation/confirmation/itinerary to someone else. Not only is this a complete violation of my privacy, but I was then treated as if I was a criminal trying to get our confirmation info, and because the agent put it under someone else’s account they did not have any itinerary attached to my information, but yet my credit card was charged for the flights. Finally, was able to get my itinerary number but they still refused to put MY flight under MY account, and said that the person who they accidentally put it under will have access to any changes etc. Something needs to be done about this. You need to look into other security options. I spent over 3 hours with your customer service and nothing was resolved. I’ve been a repeat customer, but will obviously not be comfortable in using Expedia again.


smccaffrey September 4, 2015 at 5:23 pm

Am I stupid ?? why do I have a $22 charge on my bank statement from them? Did I have to pay them if we made a reservation through them?? I also tried to get through to them and it was a joke – waiting and waiting – I didn’t even get to talk to a nasty rep!


Laura Clements September 3, 2015 at 6:09 pm

If I ever make it to WA I hope I make it to your corporate office…find your CEO and spit in their face you stupid evil f***ers.


Laura Clements September 3, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Your a f***ing bulls*** company and I hope all of you rot. My husband has god d*** brain cancer and I am now calling for the 7th f***ing time trying to cancel the honeymoon I canceled the first time ON TIME when it first happened. I hope you f***ing rot you waste of f***ing space bulls*** ***holes. Your evil garbage.


Greg Perry August 21, 2015 at 11:52 am

This company sucks Ass, there have taken my hard worked money, and keep it. If called and been on phone for hours to get refund back, calling them 4 times !!!! They told me I had called airlines before I called them to cancel , and they would not refund money, also had called before the 24 hrs had come around in plenty of time, the first one I had talked with said you’ll have your refund in 7 to 10 days did not happen!!!! So I started calling them back after the 4 time I told them my lawyer would be calling also to them that what they were telling me that I didn’t cancel first with them I lost my refund,so once I told them my lawyer will be calling they said I would have refund in 4 weeks, I’ll believe that when I see it , THIS COMPANIE SUCK ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why would Expedia care about my name? September 2, 2015 at 10:20 pm

funny. I had exactly the same experience when I received a phone call saying my flight from a small, one airline airport had been cancelled. Spent 3 hours, most of it on hold on the phone with Expedia, as the Expedia call center personnel in the Philippines “talked” to the Airline that had the contract with the airline that cancelled my flight. Expedia’s advice – cancel my entire trip home and get a refund. Are you kidding me? I wound up spending an additional amount of out-of-pocket money for alternate (ground) transportation to the major airport I was suppose to have flown into. Got home and called The Airlines that cancelled and they were helpful, giving me a good contact at the Airline that had the contract with The airline that cancelled my flight. BullXXXXX was called on Expedia’s employees. In minutes They gave me a very easy to use web site to apply for my refund. Plugged in my name and my electronic ticket number, that was it. Checked their site tonight and found I received my refund in less than 12 hours. Felt like A victim of corporate Expedia “gotcha.” Instead of getting helped by Expedia, it appeared to me they simply could have cared less. I got my refund. Expedia can go cry in their beer for all I care.


elizabeth October 13, 2015 at 8:00 pm

Hoping that ‘why would expedia care about my name?’ will give the name of the website where the form to get a refund is located…fingers crossed…please and thanks.


Bob Weiss December 2, 2015 at 9:33 am

could you please send me the web site for expedia to apply for a refund. i also had a horrible experience. they will not answer my emails.

Bob Weiss


Patricia Jones Crosson August 18, 2015 at 9:49 pm

Absolutely Devastating: The reservation was made in April for an August 7th booking. The weekend held an nationwide event so therefore all hotels within an 80 mile radius were booked solid. My reservation was with a hotel that was purchased by another chain and I was not notified by Expedia. I drove over 500 miles from Washington, DC to South Carolina to find that I did not have a place to stay. I was on the telephone for over 2 hrs. and was lied to by Nick who said they would take care of it. They called around and found no available rooms to reserve. I was on the phone with them again, over 1 and 1/2 hours with no final resolution. I was however offered a $50.00 dollar voucher to be used later as if I would spend more money with them. I spent $150.00 dollars with my original reservation and because one hotel had one cancellation which caused me to spend $450.00 for the same weekend. The three people I spoke with had no compassion and were not sensitive to my situation at all. They continued to say without sincerity, I do apologize. This was not acceptable and because I have been working with this company since 2009, it is absolutely unbelievable how they would allow themselves to lost customers like this and so easily. But they aren’t fretting, they already were paid their money. Will never use or suggest the use of this company with anyone.


Patrice August 18, 2015 at 5:08 pm

Does anyone actually look at these comments? Does anyone care?


Cassandra August 24, 2015 at 5:20 pm

People are.. but Expedia clearly doesn’t care. People need to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, their state attorney general office and the better business bureau if they actually want to Expedia to ever be held accountable!


K. Dobson August 18, 2015 at 4:19 pm

Would you like to be placed on hold for going on 3.5 hours and have been disconnected twice. I am the customer right. Apparently I am hold now so that Expedia can call Corporate to rectify a problem that Expedia has made.
Promises, promises from one “supervisor” to the next. I have actually been in tears twice.
One supervisor told me that she guaranteed that she has fixed my problem, given me a $200.00 coupon, told me she was going to charge me $240.00 to fix and then credit me back. I noticed that this wasn’t done and now have called back to a new supervisor and she told me that she will now charge me $580.00 and is investigating to see who’s error. My cell phone shows the time now at 1:119.11


Patrice August 17, 2015 at 6:47 pm

Gold customer service is a joke. Never get through using the Gold CS number on my card. No one can ever help me – always spend hours on the phone waiting for a supervisor. Phone calls are constantly dropped or they just hang up – who knows! SO BAD.
Can’t believe you treat gold members like this.


Steve Young August 17, 2015 at 3:04 pm

If you desire to have a terrible experience, go ahead and use Expedia. com.
I made a flight, rental car, and 2 hotel reservations on 8/4/2015. The flight out of Columbus, OH was cancelled first because of mechanical failure on the airplane,Then they transferred me to another flight which was cancelled because of weather. Long story short I was unable to get to where I was supposed to go on 8/10. Because I couldn’t get to where I was going on 8/10 I had to cancel the whole trip. I have made at least 8 phone calls and have spent more than 10 hours on hold. Problem still not resolved, Don’t know if it ever will be. When I tell you they don’t care, ‘THEY DON’T CARE!!!”.


Patrice August 18, 2015 at 4:59 pm

TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ana August 16, 2015 at 12:29 pm

Recently booked through expedia a one night at Quality Inn and Suites in escondido california.
When I arrived, the front desk informed me that there was no reservation under my name and that all the rooms had already been booked. Around me were 8 families in the same situation.
I was on the phone with the 800 help line and none of your employess were able to assist me despite all my efforts to get help, I remained on the line attempting to reach a solution for 4 hours.
I traveled 600 miles thinking I had some where to stay after my long drive. . None of your employees were able to work with me to get something set up. In fact the representative were rude and often times I was shocked at their responses saying, “we don’ta want to talk to you”, “stop calling” and dropping my calls. My card was charged for this non existent reservation.
I am in complete awe at the unprofessionalism of this company and because of this lack of customer service I had no other choice than to spend the night in my car. I hope to reach a response from some one explaining to me why no one was able to assist me.


Nicole August 15, 2015 at 4:23 pm

I made a reservation through Expedia and the pictures on the site most definitely did not match what I saw in real life. It was run down and dirty. I have two 10 month old babies with me there was no way I was staying in such a disgusting place. I can’t believe you’d even be doing business with a place such as this! (Travelers waukegan gurnee ) I found a new place to stay and the man who answered the phone at travelodge continued to yell at me like it was my fault his business is disgusting. If it’s non-refundable I’d like to talk to someone about getting my money back anyway. Would you stay somewhere you felt unsafe? Would you subject your kids to a place like that? I don’t think so…someone needs to be able to do something about this.


Alexis August 8, 2015 at 10:23 pm

Extremely Unprofessional Customer Service Experiences –
No Corporate address – that says it all!!!

Booking with Expedia has been a horrendous but enlightening experience. Customer service keeps you on hold for extended periods without servicing calls and never comply with promises for call backs. Upper management cannot resolve or give real time frames in which matters at hand can be resolved and don’t read up on prior calls before speaking to customers. They reference the high volume of calls coming in, each an every time as the excuse for not complying. Well…the high volumes are not my problem – especially when my vacation was paid in full on the night of booking. Upon booking my itinerary, breakfast was included at the hotel for seven days. Upon receiving the emailed confirmation, it was not listed and there began my numerous phone calls to try to bring this matter to resolution. After one of many conversations with reps, a harsh and rude supervisor, Mallory asked me to stop calling back until this was resolved and I heard back from someone. Once the original booking call could be pulled and listened to by upper management, I’d get a call back. She gave me a compliance date of August 10 grudgingly. I decided to check today, August 8, as I had more availability and after being on hold on and off for close to two hours, with little servicing – Supervisors Tanya and Daylin stated that they heard the original 30 minute booking call where I asked for breakfast twice during the call, but it was never confirmed by agent. I was appalled!!! This reply insinuates that I am a liar….When I asked to listen to the call, as I know what I confirmed, I was told by Tanya that I’d need a subpoena in order to listen to the call! Really? I then asked to speak to supervisor Daylin and Tanya informed me that she could not call me back until 7-10 days. Shabby, shabby customer service skills! I shouldn’t be shocked but I am, when I truley believe that honesty prevails. After reading all the entries in these reviews I see that I am not alone. Expedia will never see my $ again or anyone else that I can share this horrid experience with. Expedia must step up to the plate and take responsibility for what agents confirm. How dare Expedia treat customers with little dignity and respect, when without us, they wouldn’t be in business! Extremely disappointed in deceptive tactics used by Expedia. Will follow up with complaint to Better Business Bureau. Beware!


Patrice August 18, 2015 at 5:00 pm

They are so clueless… it is terrible.


jordyn robinson August 8, 2015 at 4:29 pm

TERRIBLE SERVICE !!!! Expedia STOLE my money I payed for a hotel that they over booked
Drove 32 miles to a hotel I could not stay in. When I asked for a refund they said it was a in refundable booking and there was nothing they could do. I pages for a hotel I did NOT get to stay in and did NOT get my money back. I will never use these services again I will never recommend these services again and I will take legal action for what was stolen from me so be ready EXPEDIA !


getahun August 5, 2015 at 6:30 pm

very sad situation I am in
Bought a ticket a round trip oversee and for unknown reason my itinerary converted a one way ticket . I keep calling many times send email no one willing to help or fix it. they really do not care once they grab your money.
this too frustrating


Terrible August 3, 2015 at 12:40 pm

Long story short, I will never use Expedia again. They are not forthcoming with information and you find out when it’s too late. Too late as in stranded without a rental car in a state where you’ve never been all because they left out some very important information. My advice….ask plenty of questions before you hang up. I usually do and the one time I didn’t I PAID for it. Literally and figuratively!


Jean W August 8, 2015 at 5:49 pm

They are really awful. The problem with them is that the customer service reps are poorly trained and unethical and they will say anything to get the sale. Once it is done it is done and they got their money but you got screwed. It isn’t worth the hassle and often times I find that you can look up cheap prices with them, and then book with that airline directly and avoid Expedia all together.


Lindsay XXXXmings August 1, 2015 at 9:50 pm

Absolutely unacceptable customer service! Will never use again! Booking agent made a spelling error in my name. I was told that the only option was to cancel my reservation for a full refund and re book. Well the rates had increased over $200. I was told I was responsible to pay the new fare. Well after 3 hours on the phone and speaking with an agent, their supervisor, his manager, and then the corporate office, they decided to cancel my original reservation and book it again at the same price I paid initially. Really??? Of course you will, it was your mistake, NOT mine! I asked for a credit for the inconvenience and the time and aggravation that I endured and I was told by corporate “we do not compensate for time”. Oh really? Well I can tell you that I will blast your name on social media, tell every person I know not to use for any anything, and you will be receiving a nice complaint letter. And depending on the outcome of that I may forward all this, my phone records, and letters to the local news as well.


Donna July 28, 2015 at 3:31 pm

First of all let me just say you guys really need to look at your customer service reps. I work in customer service over 20 if I was like I would of been fired by now. I just want my issued resolved. I use my flight credit voucher ( WOw big mistake) I call the airline ( United ) to make sure everything is ok, of course it’s not. All you guys need to do According to the airlines is reissue my ticket or confirm them. Jesus, how hard is that. Please can some help?…


Jean W August 8, 2015 at 5:53 pm

Here is something you can do, which I am about to post on FB as well. Often times you can look at the prices Expedia has and then when you see which airlines are the cheapest, you can book with that airline directly and avoid Expedia all together. Also the same with hotels… the hotels hate it when we use Expedia anyway and if you give them the price quote from Expedia, they will match it. That is what I do now, not worth the hassle with all of the trouble they are.


Jeannette V July 28, 2015 at 12:20 pm

I booked a trip through expedia and was told it was all inclusive. Little did i know that it wasnt and we didnt find out until 3 weeks after. You are on hold for ever and we have been trying to get money back for 6 days now. I am beyond furious at the lake of knowledge, customer service and incompetence of your employees. I am holding back so much from cursing these people out!!! as i am on hold now for 30 minutes, i am trying to write to everyone and anyone to NEVER go through expedia! this was the first and last time… WE want our money back


Anthony Silva July 27, 2015 at 11:15 am

Expedia has the worst Customer Service Department I have ever dealt with. I spend over 6 hours alone trying to deal with this people asked multiple times to speak to the corporate office then I get disconnected. Now I have to get my bank involved because of a mistake your company made. I will ever go thru Expedia again!!


Ali Azad July 23, 2015 at 11:06 am

Expedia is the WORST of them all for handling any customer support issues. They assign a case# to my inquiry and I have been calling to get status in this regard for 23 days and not a day I call that they can not find the case#. Second, they have double billed me for one trip and they can not return my monies. They are bunch of ignorant, lazy and all of a sudden become managers on the line people. I have talked to 39 different agents, been on hold for over 186 hours in counting and have repeated my issues to every agent, every manager and also corporate HQ. Peoples get for real and do your job, In America CS is suppose to handle issues and resolve matters timely. Don’t waste your time with Expedia. There are plenty of others that can assist you. Dispute charges, you will win your case day in and day out.


Hazel July 22, 2015 at 7:13 am

I am traveling with grandparents and siblings. Made my reservation ahead of time and day of travel called to confirm room. I was disappointed and extremely upset when I was told the hotel room that I reserved was over booked. Called EXPEDIA right away and was transferred several times to different departments and agents to be on hold past 6hrs total of 5 calls to hear that all hotels in San Francisco are sold out. We are stuck isle ping in the rental car on a cold nuight without blankets and holding the urge to use the restroom. Never again will I use Expedia.


khaled abusaif July 21, 2015 at 5:15 pm

i booked a hotel using Expedia with ” FREE CANCELLATION’ Option but when i tried to cancel they said they have to charge me 1/2 of the price as that was the hotel, they made the reservation with, policy. That was not correct as i contacted the hotel, Westin, and they said that Expedia buys bulks of hotel rooms that they pay for upfront, so the hotel can not do anything about. I called back and forth and spent 5 hours , from morning to afternoon, but nothing was done, they were very rude with me. This is the worse experience i had with Expedia so far and i am very disappointed.


Jennifer July 20, 2015 at 1:23 pm

Expedia billed over $2,100 on my card for a one night stay in nyc at a hotel with a promised rate of $190. something went wrong on the backend. I called immediately and explained there was an error. They agreed but only removed half of the charges and kept me on hold for hours regarding the rest and kept dropping my call. They said 3 nights were booked, when I only booked 1 night in nyc because I was traveling on from there from my grandmather’s funeral. I was finally transferred to a supervisor then a lead (?) who was so difficult to understand that I broke down in tears. He agreed to reimburse $759 but I am waiting to see that. It was absolutely the worst experience. I felt like they were uncooperative and blaming me when I called in immediately to alert them of a problem. Especially under the cirXXXXstance, I thought they could have showed more compassion. I’ve cancelled everything and am not trusting of Expedia anymore which is a shame. I just can’t handle any more horror from Expedia and the loss of my grandma at the same time.


Lahcen July 19, 2015 at 2:58 pm

Corporate office
CEO: Dara Khosrowshahi
CFO: Mark D. Okerstrom
COO: Dhiren R. Fonseca

I’m writing to you today because I’m upset and confused about how Expedia handled my situation, I am supremely disappointed in Expedia. I have booked overseas flight with insurance of any cancelation or something that may arise, however I have contacted customer agent numerous time and I was put on hold for proximately 3 Hours, explaining I just want to cancel the insurance not the tickets every single time I was put on hold and ask by agent let me ask my supervisor, and the End the supervisor Employee number AAO, replied back by saying it’s your problem not ours, I won’t refund you the insurance , giving the fact as I AM LOYAL CUSTOMER almost spending over 3 years equivalent of 18K of reservation and booking , is this how you run your company ? If so you just have lost loyal customer for life,
I expect to hear from someone who can help me, empathize with my situation and MAKE THIS RIGHT. This is my Itin: 1102114411985

My name is: Lahcen Lhaoui


Eric July 15, 2015 at 4:19 pm

Tried to book a honeymoon trip using 2 credit cards due to limits. I was told there was an error with both cards and they couldn’t be processed. And then told now the price for the trip had actually gone up during the booking process. When I checked my back account 2 hours later, it showed that 1 card was actually approved for $2,100. I called my bank and verified this. I called Expedia back and was advised to book the trip I would have to be charged the entire amount of the trip, even through $2,100 had already been approved. I was transferred to the credit approval division with Expedia. After about a 20 minute conversation and giving the man my bank phone number, he advised who he spoke with at the bank and it’ll take about 2 hours for the charge to be removed. So I’m just waiting to see when it’s removed and I’ll comment more about my experience.


Eric July 15, 2015 at 4:30 pm

I just checked bank and within 20 minutes, the charge has indeed been removed. After reading the previous comments, I was very concerned but now I’m very pleased.


elena July 9, 2015 at 3:04 am



Jason July 7, 2015 at 12:49 pm

Expedia is the worst, what really is more to say. We can still compain and whine about Expedia. I canceld my trip and Hotel 72hours in advanced and still got charged for all cost. And, I am still fighting with Expedia for reimbursement which I feel I will never receive. I don’t even know how many “Ana’s” I spoke with at there call center which is located in the Phillipines. But, the customer service is by far the worst I have ever delt with. We can only get out the word on Social Media, Freinds and Family but we all must file complaints with the BBB and whatever other Government agencies. I am already looking into Federal areas where as a citizen I can luanch complaints with how the call center operates and basically lies to us customers since it is located over seas. I just know I am not going down with-out a fight and Expedia will never forget me.


Jen July 2, 2015 at 9:15 pm

I am supremely disappointed in Expedia. I booked a trip the caribbean and was assured that I would be able to change or cancel the flight and hotel within 24 hours with no penalty.
I called back later the same evening and was told that I would be responsible for 50% of the $3000 trip. I then spent the next 2 hours on the phone with the rep who could not make any decisions on her own and could not reach a supervisor- despite waiting in queue. I’m so frustrated and will never use Expedia again!


Casheda July 2, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Dear corporate office
I’m writing to you today because I’m upset and confused about how Expedia handled my medical/surgery reservations and handled my hotel reservations. 1104505424585 is my reserve#. The government passport was behind in processing passports, I processed my passport in may and was told recently I will not receive until July 1 or later. I called delta to explain the issue and they rebooked me a flight at no cost .
I then called Expedia and explained. I was asked what nights did I want to change the hotel to . I explained I was having surgery and needed to find out from the doctor exactly how many days I would be in her facility Expedia told me I had until July 18 to cancel with no fee. I was told my hotel price was very good and the prices has gone up drastically. The rep was having a problem to to give me an estimate on the fees for nights in August or September he stated it was booking as hotel only not flight and hotel . I also explained I was a silver member and he stated that made no difference on the price . I was quoted for over $400 more in August and over $500 for sept. I told him I didn’t understand why my price was so high and we went back and forth . I told him I would call back with my exact nights and hung up. Upon calling back the system did not recognize my number , then it took them forever to find my trip. Then they stated they was having some issues put me on hold for a very long time and stated unfortunately the trip was cancelled and since it was not my fault they will give me $100 credit . Now the problem is the hotel cost triple of my purchase price so $100 does not help me book my hotel which was under $500 for 6 nights which is now over $1000. My flight is booked and I need my hotel for my stay. I can’t believe I’m being penalized for an Expedia employee malicious act. I booked it in advance to get a good price not for someone to take it away from me . I will also be writing to Expedia head quarters and corporate office. I would like to have my hotel nights back at the same price that I reserved them for

Thank you
Casheda Allen


NeyNey Hernandez June 30, 2015 at 6:27 pm

To whom it may concern,

I have been an avid Expedia customer for as long as I can remember. I realized today how much of a mistake I have been doing for years. Your customer service is severely broken. Your agents have zero clue on their own promotions. I called simply to get a match on pricing that the own hotel website has a more cost effective price. I submitted claim online after finding out information online. I asked several times for supervisors more than 3 times and got hung up on every time. When I got hold of a manager by the name of John he stated we have phone issues. For a call center to have phone issues is hilarious for one and two why are you open if you can’t help anyone. I fear that my claim will not be approved due to not submitting a screen shot because it was a dead link. It would not allow me to enter in screenshot. Also I finally call to cancel reservations when it mentioned free cancelation when I booked and was told that fees for cancelation would apply. I’m out a 100 bucks, 4 hours of my time and they offered a 25 dollar coupon to use with my next reservation if there was going to ever be one. Through out writing this message I have been calling the corporate headquarters operate and it has been ringing for 35 minutes. You guys are masters at avoiding your customers and have no idea how to fix any problems but believe it or not in less than 10 minutes I can book a flight a hotel and a car with your website and phone service. Amazing


Nancy June 28, 2015 at 11:20 am

My daughter and I take a month long trip to Ireland every year. The last two times, we booked with Expedia instead of a travel agent because it saved us money and the whole trip usually runs between $6000-$8000. We book in phases, as we get the money together(ex…first we book the flights to get the major expense out of the way and then we book the hotels individually as we get the money). We finished booking this years trip about 2 months ago and are set to leave in 8 weeks. Then, on June 23rd, I got the following email from Expedia regarding my account:

Dear Valued Customer,

We have recently been made aware of fraudulent emails and/or SMS messages that were sent by an individual posing as a representative of our company and of the unauthorized access by that individual of your name, phone number, email address and travel booking. Please note that credit card data was not compromised. We are writing to confirm that these emails and/or SMS messages were neither sent nor authorized by Expedia.

If you have received this fraudulent email and/or SMS message, we strongly encourage you to take the following course of action:

Do NOT access any links provided in this email and/or SMS message or comply with any requests for your personal data or credit card information;
Do NOT transfer money to any bank account listed in this email and/or SMS message; and
DO forward the email correspondence to spoof@expedia.com, and then delete the original email from your inbox.

If you provided information or payment to the details set out in the fraudulent email and/or SMS message, we encourage you to contact your bank for further guidance.

We sincerely regret this incident and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. We assure you that protecting the information of our customers is something we take very seriously. As such, we will never request sensitive or financial information nor require you to transfer money to any account via an email or SMS message. If you have any queries or require further support, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-EXPEDIA (1-800-397-3342).

Expedia Travel Support

I freaked out, cancelled my cards that were associated with my Expedia account, changed my account password and have been trying to get hold of someone, ANYONE from Expedia who could answer questions regarding this email…such as, why are all of our points from the last trip suddenly gone(over 18,000 points and we have been knocked from Gold+ status down to Blue with no points left), are our bookings compromised(since, upon looking at our online record, the last three bookings say “booked” but not “confirmed and have no confirmation number on those 3 hotels), and WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT THIS SELF-ADMITTED BREACH IN SECURITY?????
I spent 7 HOURS on the phone the first day trying to get someone to answer these questions, getting bounced from person to person and repeatedly disconnected. FINALLY, at hour 5, I was connected with a Tier 2 supervisor and was trying to make some headway when I was disconnected YET AGAIN…I emailed her repeatedly trying to get her to call me back and was on the phone for ANOTHER 2 HOURS trying to get back to her, all to no avail. I have emailed her repeatedly, only to be told (via email) that they can find no account associated with my email address(THE SAME EMAIL THAT THEY SENT ALL MY BOOKING CONFIRMATIONS TO, CONTACTED ME AT, AND SENT THE ABOVE WARNING ABOUT AN ACCOUNT BREACH TO!!!!). THIS IS ALSO THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS i USE TO LOG IN TO MY ACCOUNT!
I have contacted them through their Facebook page, through multiple emails to various Tier 2 and Tier 3 supervisors and more hours on the phone than I can count and STILL have gotten no answers. I am NOT trying to change any flights or change/cancel reservations…I don’t want any money back…I just want someone from the company to assure us that the trip we are scheduled to leave on in 8 weeks(and that we spent thousands of dollars on) is confirmed and that we will not find ourselves stranded at the airport or, worse yet, get overseas to find that someone else has stolen our hotel bookings….What the heck Expedia?!?!?! This is ABSOLUTELY THE WORST experience with customer service I have EVER HAD and we will NEVER book through them again. Have been trying to contact their Corporate offices through the above phone numbers, but the phone system is set up in such a way that you cannot get hold of an actual person unless you know the name of who you are trying to call…I am so mad and frustrated at this point that I am posting copies of my story every where I can find a spot on the internet..I mean, what kind of company notifies you that your account has been compromised(THEY sent ME the email!!!!) and then ignores you when you try to inquire?!?!? We have thousands of dollars in overseas bookings at stake here! We need and DESERVE to know what is going on and what is being done about the breach in their website security!


margaret enriquez June 22, 2015 at 6:06 pm



Expedia Inc.
333 108th Ave
Bellevue, WA 98004


Regarding Intn# 193963514030 and 193963539100

Vacation 6/9-6/13 RUI Hotel, Cabo San Lucas



CEO: Dara Khosrowshahi
CFO: Mark D. Okerstrom
COO: Dhiren R. Fonseca

To Whom

Would like to start off by saying how disappointed I was with our entire trip..From the begging we missed our flight and had to reschedule our flight.  The whole experience with Expedia was horrible.  Expedia referred me to American Airlines twice after holding for expedia for hours at a time. It was the most frustrating thing ever.  I can’t relay on paper the frustration with your customer service representatives who barely spoke English and couldn’t even give me proper information.  This was one of the worst days of my life.  The hold time was unacceptable.   The customer service was horrible.  They couldn’t schedule us out until a day and a half later. So we LOST two days of our vacation. We lost time we took off from work.  We lost family time…


That was just the tip of the iceberg.  The second bad experience us once we arrived.  We were not advised of the “Taxi Union” we were charged $100.00 to get to our hotel and FORCED to take a time share tour.  We were stuck there for over half a day. That was another day lost.  What kind of vacations does expedia sell? This was the most frustrating thing.  The Time Share Company would not let us go from the property.  They held us captive.  This was the only way they advised us we would get to have a taxi ride back to the airport.  Literally was were scammed into this time share presentation.  That was three days wasted on our 5 day vacation.  The whole experience was horrific…  I’m so upset at this whole experience. NO I will not be recommending EXPEDIA to anyone.  On top of everything to assist us with the rescheduling of flights you charged us an extra $1300.00 which really was just sickening.  If all of us hadn’t taken time off of work we would have canceled the whole trip. 


Then when we left the hotel we were charged by the RUI directly another $100.00.  The RUI said they were giving us a deal because of the taxi union , we should have been charged more. What a rip off.


The hotel alcohol as lousy, made us sick the first day there.  The quality was so bad and the hard alcohol was watered down.  The quality was poor and we couldn’t even enjoy it. 

The bedding was also bad, sheets were rough, pillows flimsy, sheets looked warn and the bed had a hole in it. 

Facilities, were also not up to par, bird poop in the eating facilities, bird poop in the main entrance of the hotel. 

We couldn’t schedule dinners for any of the restaurant while we were there, they were all booked. So we were stuck eating at the bird poop buffet hall, all 6 days, repulsive. 

This whole experience with the customer service line was enough for me to get really upset at just booking with you guys.  Not to mention the $3300.00 we paid initially to have this vacation for four.


How are we going to be compensated for this???  What are you going to do???  Is there something you can do? I would very much like for someone to call me to discuss this dreadful experience.



Laurie June 19, 2015 at 8:47 pm

Good afternoon –

I wanted to write to provide you with feedback about our current experience with expedia. We booked our flights online in thailand. We received a confirmation email, confirmation number, and email after our booking about changes to our reservation schedule. We arrive in Los Angeles to find that Expedia failed to process the last leg of our journey to Denver. We are now currently stuck in Los Angeles as a family of 5 – including 3 small children. American Airlines is not claiming and responsibility for this as Expedia never processed the last leg of our journey. This has caused us a great deal of money and inconvenience. Please let us know how Expedia will correct this mistake and compensate our family for our flights. Thank you for your time.

Expedia Itinerary Number: 111464986064


Liliana June 19, 2015 at 2:15 pm

I am writing to express my DISGUST with Expedia. I have encountered the most horrific experience with Expedia. I planned a vacation with my family and then I had an unexpected tragedy occur before my trip. My Mother passed away. Due to the passing of my Mother I would not be able to take this trip as planned and needed to postpone the trip, as this was a very devastating time for my family and I. I called Expedia for refunding or credit. May 2nd is when I placed my phone call and until now I have been given the runaround. Every time I call I get a different representative and each person has given me different information. Not one single person can assist me or give me a straight answer. I have gone as far as proving the death of my Mother with the death certificate and my birth certificate. I have provided your company with all the necessary information you required to receive the option of the refund or credit. Every time I call there is a either a very long wait, hang up and rude representatives. I find this unacceptable!!!! I decided to call Jet Blue to see if they could help me with this situation. The customer service representative that I spoke to provided me with excellent service and gave me the WAIVING CODE (CB42940). With this waiving code Jet Blue gave me, I then called Expedia back and I was told by another representative the waiving code was not valid. Being extremely upset and frustrated I hung up the phone. As I got myself together, I called back the next day and asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor said I do have a waiving code. I asked her to email me the confirmation number and all I was told was she could not email me and only give me a case number E10079651. As of last week I am trying to RE-BOOK, yes RE-BOOK my vacation with EXPEDIA and now I am being told I have to pay $150.00 additional fee per person and I am not even being told the amount of my credit. I am so extremely disgusted by this, I have been dealing with the loss of my Mother and all I am trying to do is RE-BOOK my vacation with the credit I am owed and no additional fees.

I must say it is also extremely frustrating that when I call I am speaking with representatives from the Philippines call center, and I do not feel they are empathizing with my situation or providing me with Excellent Customer Service.

They are very quick to take my money, but have no consideration about my loss and make it very difficult to get the answers I need addressed.

I must tell you I work for a very large company and I have already shared my experience with several staff members and do plan on taking this to social media. This is so upsetting to me and this is the last thing I need or want to deal with after losing my Mother, but it seems your company has left me no choice.

I expect to hear from someone who can help me, empathize with my situation and MAKE THIS RIGHT. This is my Itin: 1100092275274.


Tom E June 14, 2015 at 1:52 pm

DO NOT USE EXPEDIA!!!! I made a mistake on the date of a reservation when booking a hotel, which is my own fault. I contacted customer service, who claimed they contacted the hotel and that the date could not be changed. They also would not cancel the reservation. I requested to speak with a supervisor. I had to wait 30 minutes before he came on the line. When I finally got to speak with him he was rude and I requested his last name or ID #. He said he was the only one there by that name and refused to give any additional information. I then spoke with a manager who was useless. After I hung up I took a chance and called the hotel directly. They immediately changed the date for me. At least one company believes in good customer service.


Miki June 11, 2015 at 9:03 pm

This was the most painful experience to date. Between 2 days I spent probably about 8hr with your poor costumer service starting with your agents to supervisors even to your corporate office in Las Vegas. There was at least 11 people that I talked. Such a shame.
I had surgery two weeks ago and nobody could not help me to change the tickets even having your total protection plan. You are disgrace and you should not be in business anymore. You are fraud. SHAME ON YOU


Jeanne R. June 10, 2015 at 2:37 pm

First of all, on the bottom of this comment box it says if I want to make sure that Expedia sees my comment or complaint that I should share it on Facebook or Twitter. So does that mean that Expedia doesn’t check these comments? I will never use Expedia again because I have had problems with the last two flights that I booked and paid for and when I called customer service, was put on hold for about an hour before reaching a customer service agent. When I was finally connected with an agent, I could not understand what she was saying. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for another 30 minutes. The second booking was the most problematic to me because I flew home because my Mom was very ill and had to change my return flight because she passed away and I needed to stay for her funeral. I had taken out flight insurance when I booked the flight because of her being ill but when I called Customer Service again I had to wait on hold for a long time and when I reached an agent I was told that I would have to pay an additional 200 for changing my flight because the airline was in charge of that. I understand that but when I was trying to find out how I could get that money reimbursed to me, the agent hung up on me. I ended up calling the airline directly and was helped immediately. The insurance I had was with Expedia so the $40 I paid was a waste because the airline used their insurance company to get me the 200 back. So far, I have told my experience to dozens of people who will no longer use Expedia either. My two brothers and sister are extensive travelers and will no longer be using Expedia either because the trouble for us was at a very difficult time with the death of my Mom. I hope that more and more people find out that for Expedia, the customer doesn’t matter. Maybe more people will remove their business from the company.


Mary Arrigo May 29, 2015 at 6:25 pm

We had a terrible experience with expedia, we booked flight and hotel with them. We booked our flight with expedia, choosing Icelandair. We were not informed that at the Charles DeGaule airport, the Icelandair counter is not marked, intact it is part of a group of small airlines. Again, not being informed, we searched terminal until we found desk, at which point our flight was boarding and were not allowed to proceed to gate. called expedia on my cell for help, I was on the phone with them for 2 hours, being put on hold for many, many minutes and being hung up on. By the end of the call was told we would have to buy a one way ticket home. We endured great frustration, and enormous expense because of Expedia incompetence and unwillingness to take responsibility. We will never use them again and will tell everyone of our experience. Two days later I called Expedia about this incident, again was put on hold, after 23 minutes spoke to rep, who assured me I would get a call back. 5 hours I am still waiting for call


Tim Jacobi June 1, 2015 at 2:43 pm

I think expedia has horrible tier 1 and 2 customer service, but the fact that you can’t find the right counter at the airport is entirely your fault. If you had been there 3 hours earlier, you could have asked anybody at the airport for help after 15 mins and found it fast.


SHAWNA May 28, 2015 at 5:09 pm



SHAWNA May 28, 2015 at 5:32 pm



SHAWNA May 28, 2015 at 8:47 pm



Tashia May 27, 2015 at 3:51 pm

December 2014, my grandfather passed away and I had to cancel two flights that I had booked with Expedia prior. I notified expedia right away and was told I would be issued a refund or credited for my ticket once I submitted the necessary doXXXXents(death certificate) proving my grandfather had in fact passed away. In January of 2015 I contacted expedia and spoke with a representative in regards to the status of my case. They informed me that I would need to wait a little longer-so I did! In early February of 2015 I contacted expedia once again to inquire about my status. Again, telling me the same thing. Towards mid February after noticing no changes to my bank account I contacted expedia again. This time they told me I should wait sometime longer because sometimes it takes more than two billing cycles to be reimbursed. In March, after waiting near three months I contacted expedia once again. After placing me on hold (as they usually did time and time again) the agent returned to the phone and informed me that I would not be receiving a refund due to the airlines rules and policy. Although I was extremely frustrated with the constant back and forth and prolonging of the events which I felt they should have informed me about prior, I said “ok, how about a credit of some sort”, again placing me on hold. My phone call was suddenly disconnected. After calling back, I was placed on hold for literally an hour. I refused to hang up and just held on. When the agent came back on, he said they were unsuccessful in contacting the airlines and a supervisor will call me back as soon as they contacted the airlines. No one ever called me back, I waited three days then called expedia again. And the pattern continued up until April. In April, an agent informed me that I would in fact receive a credit but had until November 2015 to use it. She said she made a note of the information. When I asked for an email she said everything was set and that the conversation had been recorded therefore, she didn’t need to provide me with an email. I thanked her and hung up. Today, May 27th, I called expedia to use the credit to purchase a flight, I was denied that request. I spoke with two agents and then a supervisor(Jessica). I asked for her id number she said she wasn’t required to provide me with that information. The first agent, I had gotten disconnected with. The second agent gave me what he said was a confirmation number for my credit, he said I had to call the airlines directly to purchase my flight because the airline hadn’t released the funds to expedia. After calling the airlines they seemed confused as to why the agent would give such instructions. Of course, I had to call expedia once again. I requested to speak directly to a manager, who informed me that I wasn’t provided with a credit. I presumed she was thought I was lying based on the way she spoke. She said her representative could not have told me I had a credit without email such. I was furious! I asked her to listen to the conversation between that representative and I when we spoke in April. She said the only thing I could do was make a complaint. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. For the past six months I’ve been dealing with a lot of incompetent, negligent people working at Expedia. I can’t understand how one person says “you have a credit” while another working at the same company says “no, you don’t have a credit.” I have informed my friend with dates and time I should be arriving in there home country. I have already scheduled my vacation considering I was informed about a credit by expedia. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!


Danny May 21, 2015 at 2:57 pm

The site is OK, but offshore support (in the Philippines) in my case, was terrible. The rep lied about refunding the difference when I downgraded my hotel room, but I found out days later she didn’t. I called back and was told there’s no record of the conversation. Please find some other travel sites to spend your hard earned money folks, because Expedia (and it’s affiliates) is like a roach motel, your money goes in, and it can never leave.


Amanda May 13, 2015 at 8:11 am

Beyond upset with Expedia. We booked our May 17th honeymoon trip through Expedia in August of 2014 and found out yesterday through our own searching that 2 of our flights were cancelled. We were never notified of this and spent 8 hours on the phone with Expedia customer service. We were “disconnected” 6 times and told there was nothing that Expedia could do. To add to everything found out that our main flight is still set to fly on the 17th but without us on it. We’re been trying to confirm with Expedia and getting no where. Please help us. Would like to speak to an American who doesn’t have a script they read from.


Marian May 12, 2015 at 4:19 pm

I don’t know what has happened to Expedia which used to provide good service. However, the last two times I have used it, I’ve had a horrible experience. The latest insult to my sanity is that the agent misspelled my name on the reservations (even after repeating it back to me correctly over the phone), and it has taken me hours – at least six – trying to get this fixed. and it is not done yet. No one answers the 800 number. I have been on hold for 3 hours with no end in sight.


Alan Moss May 10, 2015 at 11:02 am

I have never experienced anything like dealing with Expedia when trying to cancel a trip, it has taken nearly 4 hours of my repeating details all the same to several different people
I paid travel insurance but have been told it does not cover the airline, this is a scam
Clearly Expedia try hard to present obstacles when cancelling, I advise use a reputable website or travel company, there are many with easy access numbers, Expedia hide theirs


Richard May 8, 2015 at 6:37 pm

i’ve been using Expedia for most of my travel arrangements. The website is great! However, the customer care is terrible. I had talked to different people and they all put me on hold for a long time at the end just hung up the service call with no response. As I read other people had similar bad experiences, why the management is not addressing it? Is this the success of Expedia customer care today?


Rick Ziemek May 7, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Well – I am very happy to say that I talked to someone at Expedia who finally help me. This person restored my faith in Expedia and I truly appreciate her willingness to help. I will only say that her name is Angela and not disclose her last name because I’m afraid that she would get bombarded with calls. We all need to do our own due diligence and find the eagles within the companies that we patronized and move away from the Ducks..

Angela is a true Eagle..

I believe Expedia did the right thing and I couldn’t be happier..



David Henriques May 7, 2015 at 10:14 am

I made a second post and Expedia removed it. Did not include any foul language or anything offensive. All i said basically is that I made a post on their corporate site and still no contact from them to rectify a simple issue as a copy of a recipt. I will be not reimbursed about $400-500 now… Do they not care about military members, customer issues in general, or their terrible customer service representatives? This is for military travel and now will not be compensated for it due to Expedia being lazy, all because of a receipt.


David Henriques May 7, 2015 at 9:57 am

Just to add a secondary email address. I also forgot they never sent the intial receipt or confirmation to me through e-mail as they are supposed to.


David Henriques May 7, 2015 at 9:55 am

757-995-**** I contacted Expedia last week for a receipt from DEC2014. I also posted on this page as you can see below and still no contact has been made. I guess they dont care about military members or customer issues in general. This is for military travel and now will not be compensated for it due to Expedia being lazy. I will never use Expedia agin since they cant rectify a simple issue as optaining a copy of a receipt for me. I make terrible salary as it is so now I am out $400-500.


Rick Ziemek May 6, 2015 at 12:24 pm

Expedia is the worst company I have ever dealt with in the life. The following situation is happening to me and NO ONE seems to care or do anything that they promised. I thought Comcast was the worst company in America but well Expedia you are worst.
1) every time I call its a 15 min wait.
2) Expedia sold me a hassle free insurance policy that costs me $181.00
3) I had to cancel my flight (which is next week) and they told me that I have to call the airlines and the insurance company. Expedia – excuse me but I watched your commercials, I went to your site, I am your customers. All I want is a Airline credit.
4) I have been put on hold 6 times, promised an airline credit and promised a call back and NOBODY calls me back.

I need to talk to Adam Anderson or Mark Rowland BEFORE I call the Attorney General, the FTC as well as start a smear campaign on social media. I spent $2,000 on a flight and I cant get anyone to answer the phone.

Rick Ziemek – PS – look up my email or phone number on your crappy customer service application and get a hold of me please.


David Henriques May 5, 2015 at 2:52 pm

I contacted Expedia last week for a receipt from DEC2014. I never received the original receipt through email. I was transferred to 6 different departments and which half of the representatives could barely understand or speak English, and obviously had no clue what they were doing. I then asked to speak to a manager which took another 15 minutes because the representative went over every question again… Once the manager picked up she was very rude and nasty to me and ended up hanging up on me because I was annoyed at the fact that “we only keep records for 3 months.” I find that hard to believe when one rep was able to give me my itinerary #. This is for military travel and now will not be compensated for it due to Expedia being incompetent.


Francis May 2, 2015 at 6:50 pm

My fiancé passed away before we married. I had booked and insured our honeymoon through Expedia. I requested a refund and sent them a copy of the death certificate. They refunded the hotel costs and stated they had cancelled the flights with Emirates airlines and would obtain the refund. Emirates would not deal directly with me as I had booked through a travel agent ie Expedia. after 77 pages of emails requesting the status of the refund and hours of calls. I finally called them as we were to travel tomorrow 02/05/15. The lady at the call center told me the flight was never cancelled. She promptly cancelled the flight and emailed me stating there would be no refund.


Hank April 27, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Your service is abhorrent. Please advise Monica of your team that this has been reported to the Expedia Corporate office. Your service is ridiculous. You direct that an email is not able to cancel a car reservation that is made online then proceed to not answer a call to the numbers you have provided. You then reiterate the policy of 72 hours free cancelation time for there to be an effective cancelation. Never has anyone been so diligent to not be effective in there business practice. My credit card company has been notified to not honor this transaction. THIS CAR RESERVATION IS CANCELED. I do request that your supervisor call me in regard to this matter.


John Sparzo April 24, 2015 at 10:32 pm

On Feb 3 an Expedia rep supposedly cancelled $1076.80 in airline flights for me due to a problem at the airline level. I have not just 1, but 2 emails confirming this. When the refund never hit my credit card after 8 weeks, Expedia reps feigned interest and ingratiated themselves, but never actually resolved the problem. Like others, I have spent multiple hours on the phone to no avail. This is shameful treatment of anyone, let alone a customer of over 5 years. As I indicated, I have posted this experience to my 500+ followers on FB. Next week, I will report them to the Indiana Attorney General Office of Consumer Protection. Then, I will seek an attorney who will help bring a class action lawsuit on our collective behalves. I hope others who have made comments will join me in similar actions.


Tracy April 19, 2015 at 11:19 pm

I have been lied to … and hung up on for almost 5 hours total of phone time. Wait times were to long! I’m very disappointed and angry with Expedia at this point. Expedia deliberately does not provide the services they claim by their reps. Called April 19 starting at 1pm and finally spoke to someone claiming to be in Corporate.
At 10 pm!
Misha / Call Rep. Lexi-Supervisor / disconnected no call back
Hazel / Call Rep (waited 1 hour 25 min) refer to Mandi-Supervisor / hung up never came on phone or called me back
Chen/ Call Rep xferd to Luis – supervisor who then transferred me to Katherine Newman in Corporate”
Expedia deliberately does not provide the services they claim to provide by their reps.
Wait times were to long!“On-Hold HELL”.explained by another customer to be right on point! EXPEDIA is into Defrauding the Public
From the first call I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with their service, the lack of handling And resolving the problem, I’ve never felt so defeated in dealing with customer service in all my life. The Supervisor Katherine Newman in “corporate” was nothing but rude. I have years of call center /management experience and understand the challenges of working with the public BUT speaking to someone who perhaps wants to fight with the customer is not good. Katherine Newman was abrasive insulting me at times and did not want to resolve an issue in my eyes. She told me that she was not going to help me. Katherine Newman does not belong in that position. RESOLVING AN ISSUE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH Expedia. Katherine was closed from the beginning of the conversation, which only made me feel like less of a concern to the company. KATHERINE NEWMAN insulted me repeatedly telling me things like I should have “common sense” not in the least bit understanding or professional. I am not a world traveler … Nor do I think that the company I’m giving my hard earned savings to for my family vacation would give me false info and than treat me as if I’m an idiot.
I was told before booking by a rep that the all inclusive we booked for 9 people would be good for both properties attached to one another using the pools and restaurants. Upon checking in and $ 15,000 later we were told this was not the case. The all inclusive employee at front desk said that this happens ALL THE TIME WITH EXPEDIA. That they are constantly telling customers wrong information.That the manager of the resort was having to constantly report and work on these issues with Expedia.
UPON THE REQUEST OF LUIS an Expedia supervisor they were going to pull the call when I booked to listen to it. I agreed of course. The all inclusive was upstanding and accommodated my family. Expedia on the other hand took no responsibility and made it like It was not their problem … There was no sincere apologies offered from the beginning of the initial call. I was belittled and not helped and feel taking advantage of . Not only is Expedia giving false info so is BD also know as Best Day the company they use to xport to and from airports to hotels and vice versa. BEWARE DO NOT BOOK WITH EXPEDIA. If you have to pay an extra $100 or whatever with a travel agent do it by all means ! Your faking a BIG RISK WITH EXPEDIA . There were so many more issues with this company I couldn’t list them all.


Tracy April 19, 2015 at 11:28 pm

I never go this far to complain but in this case with my experience with Katherine, the wait times and by being treated so harshly I felt obligated to other consumers to report yet how dissatisfied we all were with no resolution! NEVER AGAIN will Expedia , hotels.com , trip advisor and all the other affiliated sites get a penny of my hard earned money! Vacations are supposed to be full of happy memories and good times THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!


Chelsea April 13, 2015 at 11:18 am

I’m sure I’ll sound like another “Complainer” but this is seriously a corrupt company!!!! We booked a flight in June 2014, we were unable to go so I called Expedia and was told we could not get a refund but were given a credit for the flight amount. That was a huge relief cause the total was $1700.00. Flash forward to January 2015, we had to use the credit before the next June so we booked a flight the the DR for end of Feb. Since we had a credit we had to call into Expedia to book everything in order to use the credit. We call in and are told there is a $200 fee per person just for changing the flight… We agreed to this since we would rather pay $400 for the fee than loss $1700 in flights. We book the trip with the credit SO WE THOUGHT!! A few weeks before we were suppose to leave I look over the itinerary and my husbands name is on both seats instead of him and me!! I call Expedia, am on the phone for an hr and a half being transfer 4 times and finally get to someone who says “after reviewing all this I can see this was not your fault so I will get it fixed.” Awesome I thought, pain in the butt but awesome they were smart enough to see it was not my error. Flash forward to April… went on our trip had a good time. The flights were booked with my mom’s card so she calls me freaking out that they were charged the full $1700.00 amount again. She contacts the CC company and I call Expedia where I’m told its not a charge but the charge we see should be gone in 72 hrs. It wasn’t, so I call Expedia again and after being on the phone for over 2 hrs and transferred another 4 times am told that there is no proof that I approved the transfer fee of $400 and not the full $1700 amount! I still have this credit that we though we were using and we “will not get a refund cause we waited so long and they cannot look into it like they would have been able to back in Jan.” They are completely corrupt!! The last rep was beyond rude pretty much calling me a liar and have tainted my view of the company for the worst. I would rather pay an extra $100 for anything than use this company EVER AGAIN! Future customers be aware of the amount of shady things they will do and I would advise you to record any conversation and keep good records if you don’t want to get completely and royally screwed over.


Mike Hartman April 12, 2015 at 5:05 pm

What a terrible experience I booked a hotel for one day in Indianapolis for April 17, 2015 and I had an emergency come up so I needed to cancel my room. I called the hotel 1st and they told me that they couldn’t cancel because I booked it through Expedia. I called Expedia and they said they couldn’t cancel or refund my money because it was the hotels policy. I told the Expedia agent that I called the Hotel and they said that it was Expedia’s problem.So i’m getting two different stories. The Expedia agent called the Hotel and tried to cancel and he claimed the hotel refused to cancel or refund my money. I told the agent that this was the worst policy and they were a terrible company. The agent then said that he would cancel my reservation and i said that is what I wanted. After canceling my reservation he said is there anything else I can help you with and I asked him if the money was going back on my card and he responded that he just canceled my reservation and I don’t get refunded my money back. Talk about being pissed I told him that I paid for that room and that I wanted it back if I couldn’t get a refund for it. I would send my wife to indy or let my sister stay there for the night. Now the agent said that since he cancelled it that I would have to make another reservation, How bullXXXXX is that. All I wanted was to cancel and refund my room because I couldn’t make it to Indy. So now I have a cancelled room that I paid for and can’t even let anyone use it. I will never use Expedia again and I will spread the word to others on how bad they are.


Eric lee April 7, 2015 at 7:42 pm

You idiot Expedia SIngapore keep on transferring my call and have not refund my overcharge. You better do so by today or else you get from authority to investigate


Eric lee April 8, 2015 at 6:14 am

Expedia Singapore located in India, no wonder so smelly people handling the call…


John Miranda April 2, 2015 at 4:00 pm

WORST experience EVER!!!! This is the first review I have ever bothered to write so you guys should know that it is BAD BAD BAD. I called Expedia to cancel a flight for my father and to schedule a new one. I spoke with a woman who at that time sounded super nice. I specifically asked her NOT to cancel the initial flight until the new one was booked. She kept putting me on hold saying “the system is slow”. After about 20 minutes, she told me that the new flight was scheduled and the initial flight was canceled. When i checked my e-mail, I only saw a cancellation and no information on the new flight. I called Expedia and spoke with a representative. He put me on hold and couldn’t come up with a solution so he simply hung up the phone. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor, very rude by the way. He told me that the new flight was never booked because there were no seats available…..Meaning the woman lied about my booking because she canceled the initial flight before reserving the new one and simply did not have the face to tell me, which also explains “system is slow” because she was trying to “fix” what she had done. The supervisor rudely told me there was NOTHING he can do and that I had to go back online to book ANOTHER flight. Then I called corporate and someone even more rude answers the phone and transfers me to a voice mail. WOWWWWWWWW……….. I will NEVER use Expedia again…. BTW I spoke with an a$$h0l3 named Mario Sanchez as well, just like some of the people that left reviews here did…. Total a$$hol3 with a thick accent and uneducated $XXXX of the earth.


RKH March 30, 2015 at 4:03 pm

Do you people, those who are XXXXXXing and moaning to Expedia, not understand how the website works? You are acting as your own travel agent, using the tools Expedia offers at no charge to book flights, hotel rooms and rental cars. YOU are solely responsible for following up on all reservations. YOU are solely responsible for making sure you have all reservation numbers and information. If something isn’t right at the hotel, or the booking is changed, Expedia has NOTHING to do with that. If you didn’t get the correct rental car, Expedia has nothing to do with that. IF you can’t take responsibility for your own travel plans, then for heaven’s sake pay the fees to go through a travel agent.

No one working at Expedia is in any way responsible for the things you’re all complaining about. Take the complaints up with the hotel/airline/rental agency. And if those places send you to Expedia, it’s simply a maneuver so that they don’t have to deal with you.

I knew that people could be stupid, but the complaints on this page take the cake!

I have used Expedia for years and have never, not once, had any problems. Of course, I have enough sense to double check all reservations before I even leave home.


Alex P April 5, 2015 at 2:39 am

Love this. I guess Expedia corporate does occasionally look at their comment page, if only to make a snide comment in an attempt to persuade people that they are not a truly terrible company. Every single comment on the page (except your fake one) can’t be wrong, idiot. People are complaining about problems that do not pertain to having a travel agent or not, they have to do with Expedia deliberately not providing the services they claim to provide.


Haywood Jabendover March 30, 2015 at 2:51 pm

DO NOT EVER USE EXPEDIA. I had the WORST experience ever!! Had booked a two night stay in Breckenridge Colorado for Spring Break, (Village at Breckenridge). Booked it as guest and NEVER received a confirmation. Then arrived at Hotel and they had my Itinerary on different dates! The Manager at the Hotel, said it happened to her as well just a few months ago. Unfortunately they were not able to accommodate us but went the extra mile and called another place in town and booked it for us! AWESOME! So, called the “Village” to cancel and they advised to cancel through Expedia since they don’t even have payment. So, I did. Long story short, Expedia hides behind said Policies they are not publicly available and LIE about the issue. The agent even said that the “Village” won’t accept a cancellation. I offered to conference them back in as I had just talked to them and Expedia said “Against Policy”. Then Expedia asks me for the number?!?!?! Then I asked to speak with a Director or someone in America (Call Center in Sabu, Philippines) that could deal with this Issue. Expedia advised they don’t have a direct Number and that they would have to take my information because the “Wait times were to long”. I asked, How do you know that if you don’t have a direct line?!?!?! “Oh, well it’s policy” HOLY CRAP!!! At the end, she mysteriously transferred me to someone????? Sat on hold for over an hour and was in “On-Hold HELL”. Finally had to hang up and call my Credit Card Company to Dispute Charges! EXPEDIA is into Defrauding the Public and Extortion of Policies that are NEVER disclosed!!!


Carrie March 16, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Does anyone at Expedia Corporate actually read these??

I have spent the good part of my day on the phone with your customer service representatives. I have spoken to 6 people. SIX! Each one had a different story and a thick accent. Delta canceled one of my flights to HI and your company will not get me there in the time that I need to be, which is before noon (the reason I booked the flight). Offering to refund my money does not do me any good as the tickets have increased $200 each. I was originally offered to be flown in the day before at no charge by several representatives. When I spoke to the last supervisor (Langston), he told me there would be a $200 change fee per ticket as it is a voluntary change. Most of my time was spent on hold today, not actually talking to representatives. Some of those times were up to 40 minutes at a clip. I don’t understand how your company can offer such poor customer service, often times insinuating that I want to cancel my flight or book ones that flies in too late, right after I told the rep I did not want that. I will never use your site again, which is sad because I have used it for 15 years without a problem. Please see that these problems do not happen to one of your customers in the future.


veronica hernandez March 17, 2015 at 9:13 pm

I spoke with someone named Langston who claimed to be the last resort and i had exhausted all my options. We were trying to change our flight dates due to our son being gone on the current dates we were going to visit. He will be gone for a month for jtrc training. Which is deployment exercise. No one could help with any changes. Langston said sorry you chose the cheaper way to fly so our round trip was not a round trip and cannot change anything with out loosing all our money.


A Joiner March 16, 2015 at 1:24 pm

I’m very disappointed and angry with Expedia at this point. Up until now, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this service, but after their website’s connection debacle and the handling of the resulting problem, I will now have to consider Orbitz as my go-to resource for flights and hotels. I’ve never felt so defeated in dealing with customer service in all my life. The Supervisor- Oscar in what appears to be their Phoenix office was nothing but rude. I have years of call center experience and understand the challenges but speaking to someone who perhaps sounds like they may help is a help. Not the case with Expedia. Oscar was closed from the beginning of the conversation, which only made me feel like less of a concern to the company. If I could get my situation resolved, I may return because now I’ve paid for something that I haven’t used and didn’t book.


Moire Moron, Esq. March 2, 2015 at 8:53 am

I have never experienced such horrible customer service in my life!! I booked a vacation package to Curacao through Expedia on Friday, Feb 27th. I was told that I had 24 hours to cancel/change any portion of my reservation. I decided I wanted to change the hotel within an hour of making the reservation; however, after three days, and approximately 15 hours waiting on hold to speak with a representative, I have been unable to speak to someone who can assist me, and my issue remains unresolved. I was also unable to make changes online. After two days of trying to speak to someone, I sent several frustrated emails to customer service. The responses seemed computer generated, as they did not respond to my inquiry, and they directed me to call customer service, something I had already been trying to do for 3 days!! I was finally able to speak with someone, who advised that I could not take advantage of the lower rate because the rate had since increased. Not surprising, as this typically happens with Expedia. However, this was extremely disappointing, especially since the rate would have been available and offered to me had I been able to speak with someone within a reasonable time. When I was finally able to speak with someone, I went through great lengths to explain the situation, and my numerous attempts at trying to speak to someone; however, I was told there was nothing they could do to help me. Their customer service functions are clearly outsourced to Manila or some other country, where the representatives clearly can only read information on a screen, and input data, but have no concept as to what customer service really is. Orbitz advertised the package cheaper than Expedia. However, since I had already paid $1900 to Expedia, and was unsure whether I would receive a refund in a reasonable time, (which it was later confirmed that I would have to wait 2-3 days for an airfare refund, and 2 weeks for a hotel refund), I was unable to take advantage of a cheaper package. Very disappointed with their services. I am willing to pay extra for exceptional customer service, but Expedia continuously disappoints.


john March 26, 2015 at 2:03 pm

With Expedia, I have never experienced a worst customer service in my entire life. They just don’t care. I had a horrific experience previously and they gave me some coupons to use in the future. Of course, I couldn’t find one of the coupons nor could they find it on my account, and a supervisor had the audacity to insinuate that I had fabricated the coupon. There were absolutely no records or details of my previous conversations from a previous booking where I had encountered such difficulty in making a reservation. I find it ostensibly convenient not to maintain records or details of previous conversations or problems. On an exasperating phone call today with a supervisor, I was on the phone for 50 minutes and the call disconnected. They had my direct number, and naturally, I did not receive a courtesy callback which I find totally incredulous. If I ran my business this way, I would be certainly out of business. If I’m an executive with Expedia, I would be embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed.


amber nelson February 25, 2015 at 1:28 am

I will never use #expedia ever again and will make it my goal to make my issues aware to everybody possible. I called on 2/16 to book my husband a flight using our credit from US Airways. Well, 4 attempts and 3 1/2 hours later. We had “booked” his flight for 2/26. Well here is the kicker, the “supervisor” that booked his flight, never finalized the ticket thru US Airways and it was cancelled. We never knew this, never had any knowledge of this until I went to check the status’ of his flights home. Called expedia again and received the run around on what was going on, transferred me to US Airways where a very nice gentleman answered after over an hour on hold with them. he explained to me what happened and how Expedia ruined yet another flight for us, I say another because when I called on the 16th, it took them 4 tries to try and get his flight booked, only to keep getting told the price had changed or they accidentally hit the wrong button and we had to start over again. They would hang up or get disconnected and I would be back on hold for another 45 mins. While all this was going on, they never mentioned that every time it “didn’t work” that my card was being charged!! $882(mostly holds, only $200 was to clear the account) later, I had assumed we had a flight. well now it is 1am and I am on the phone yet again and wondering if I will be seeing my husband anytime soon without having to pay ANOTHER small fortune. It seems that I am now looking at another $550 for him to come home….a total of $1000 for a flight is ridiculous. I will never use expedia for anything again, definitely not a flight. Worst company ever


Roberta Bonfiglio February 17, 2015 at 10:32 am

Thank all of you for your comments. Having read them my nightmare pales in comparison in terms of dollars. What is constant is Expedia operates as a bate and switch company. What one is TOLD versus what the confirmation states totally differs. The annoying part is they almost pride themselves is lying and insulting your intelligence. My impression is there must be a bonus system for never issuing a refund “NO STRINGS ATTACHED”. In my case the refund is LESS then $125 !! Seriously it has cost them more in dealing with this then to have refunded the money. Speaking of intelligence, one has to question CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, CFO Mark Okerstrom & COO Dhiren Fonseca.
Another customer lost in “total” (all of your subsidiaries). Lesson learned. ALWAYS CALL THE HOTEL, THE CAR COMPANY, TOUR GUIDE….. DIRECT


Lisa February 10, 2015 at 7:21 am

What a nightmare. I have been dealing with Expedia for the past 7 months and still have no assurance that my wedding travel itinerary will operate as I booked! I booked over the phone with a representative which I never do! I should have done it myself.
The rep puts my son and myself on a separate itinerary than my fiancé and our daughter who is a toddler! The rep also does not mention in the reservation for the hotel that it is a party of 4. This hotel charges for children. I am proof reading my itinerary that was emailed to me and my mind is blown. I call back Expedia. They change the reservation to list 4 people, but they can not put all 4 of us on the same itinerary for flights! What? We will be traveling with a ton of wedding luggage, bridal gown, you name it and 2 children to a different country! Every time delta makes a flight change it bumps us off of the same flights. I have to call expedia and explain it to them 10 different times in 10 different ways bc they don’t understand. It’s a joke. I’ve been booking through expedia for 10 years. They lost a customer. Will never use them again.


Amanda Attard February 4, 2015 at 2:13 am

We have had nothing but a HORRIBLE experience with both Expedia and US Airways.
We had an extenuating situation where we book international travel for my Husband and our 2 small children to go to Greece. We spent over $5200 in tickets. We book the tickets in early May and the trip was scheduled for the end of May. (May 22-June 17th). Our youngest son became extremely sick, high temp, upper respiratory infection and severe ear infections affecting both ears. Upon hospitalization and doctors orders we were advised for him not to fly. We CANCELLED the tickets prior to the trip. Since it was booked thru a 3 party (EXPEDIA) it was booked as a bulk ticket. We submitted all doXXXXentation needed from Expedia in order to process a refund. We supplied doctors notes, medical records, letters, etc. EXPEDIA waived the change fees and decided to give us credit for travel. We attempted multiple times to use the fare credit for domestic trips back and forth to Birmingham however since only the children were traveling, EXPEDIA would not let us use the credit. We spent numerous Months and hours back and forth between EXPEDIA and US Airways, both pointing the fingers at each other complaining their hands were tied and nothing could be done. We are trying to use the credit for the SAME trip this year. Travel from May 22-June 15th for the same conf. my husband co-chairs at in Athens only to be told that since the tickets were purchased early May, the travel must be completed prior to that date. We were told we are going to LOOSE all the fare credit and will be out $5200. We were denied an extension and have been given nothing but the run around. We have had nothing but negative experiences dealing with Expedia’s customer service representatives, from hang ups, to false information to transferring depts. Long hours, frustration, and no resolution after hours on the phone. This company is definitely not interested in anything but scamming to take clients funds providing horrible service and uneducated results.


STEVE M January 21, 2015 at 2:41 pm

AS an individual who was the founder and chairman of the board of a publicaly owned retail company that believes that the consumer pays the bills and needs to be respected as such i must say that i have NEVER had such bad service as expedia has shown me on many occasions If you book on line they are the same as other services BUT god forbid you need too speak to customer service rep about any issue you will be shocked as to the ignorance and basically the lack of understanding shown by their Customer Service team … So book with Expedia but understand that if you have a problem that their team is illiterate and it will not be resolved .. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER TOOK THE TIME TO COMPLAINT USING A VEHICLE LIKE THIS… But hopefully if this message helps one person by not booking on expedia i will feel that i have save a person from nothing but aggravation There are too many other on line services that will appreciate your business


STEVE M January 21, 2015 at 2:50 pm

they also own hotels.com Trip advisor and many more So don’t think that by using another service you will be avoiding the expedia team


Nancy January 15, 2015 at 3:27 am

Expedia is bad news, i don’t know if you ever feel ashamed of ill doings that you are doing to all this people you are frustrating!!!!!!! it is so shameful for a company like you seeing all this complains and bad reputations for your company and still taking no action to amend your ruthless characters. You will not go far with all this pains you are making people to go through.

I made a booking with expedia in November 2014 and cancelled same on the that same November and i was penalized a fee for cancelling the flight and i was promised to be refunded in 8 weeks time, 8 weeks are over but no refunds i have received on my account, plus a thousand phone calls almost 4 time every week since November, plus a dozen mails which so far they are not responding to them anymore. Please expedia watch what you are doing.


Donna January 30, 2015 at 10:50 am

WARNING- Do NOT use EXPEDIA, AGAIN, Do NOT use EXPEDIA unless you thrive on speaking with uneducated, lack of skills people (probably not their fault but fault of EXPEDIA not training their ppl) Why should they, they have your MONEY once you click the button.
Very aggrevating and time consuming to try and get what you need from customer service. You are at the mercy of them because they HAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!! NO JOKE, is sad. Have a credit, called to use and book new flight- put on hold 15-20 not kidding, then, get this left on hold for 55 minutes- hung up called next day- again on hold several times, was to be transferred to supervisor- call discounted. Mind you they had a call back number- did they bother to call back NO!!! – called again asked to speak with the supervisor Mario- the agent HUNG UP ON ME!!! REALLLY PEOPLE??? And I am sure no one from expedia will read this, if they do, they will probably ignore….


Garo January 8, 2015 at 1:35 pm

After decades of traveling all over the world, and literally hundreds of itineraries, I have finally found the absolute WORST travel booking site on the planet! Congratulations Expedia, you are thee worst booking site, ever!

After being charged four times for the same, simple, reservation, I called Expedia about an hour ago to confirm and was told that there is no reservation for me. I asked how this could happen, my credit card statement shows the charges and I have email verifications, I was placed on hold about 15 times, and after I asked to speak with whomever is in charge, there in the Philippines, since that where my calls keep going, I was placed on hold another three or four times and then they hung up on me. I am now on the phone with the corporate office and so far, the phone has been ringing for 13 minutes, 48 seconds and no one has picked up the phone (I’m keeping the phone on speaker and just letting it ring).

Wow, someone just picked up the phone. I told her it took almost 15 minutes to pick up the phone and she transferred me to a voice message recorder. Called back to the 800.expedia number and asked to speak with someone in the US, here’s what the Filipino on the other end said, “None, this is a very important call”, and then hung up on me! WTF is wrong with your business model, Expedia??????? Even the business judgment rules can’t protect you from this degree of negligent stupidity, aside form the fact that what you’re doing is fraudulent. I should know, I’m an attorney!

In all events, let me sum this up by saying, Expedia, YOU SUCK, and I will never use your “services” again, and will definitely do my part to dissuade others from doing business with you as well. That’s a promise!!!

UNBELIEVABLE, the worst!!!!

CEO: Dara Khosrowshahi
CFO: Mark D. Okerstrom
COO: Dhiren R. Fonseca

You three should all be terminated from your positions, and immediately be sent back to school for your MBA’s and managerial certificates. Either that, or prison!


BRYANT January 5, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Fk Expedia!!!!The experience I’ve had with Expedia was awful!!! I will never use the service again as the employees are incompetant and tell you anything just to get you off the phone. I purchased two tickets and I cancelled them within a 24hr time period. The first representative told me I would be receiving the money back and assured me over and over again but then she sent me a confirmation email with refunds in the amount of only the insurance I had paid for and not the amount for the actual tickets I purchased. I then called back on four different occasions and told them that I wanted email confirmations of my money being refunded and they refused to do so. Today the money I had been requesting to get a refund confirmation for came out of my account!!! All TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS OF IT!!! AND WHEN I CALLED AGAIN TO ASK WHY IT HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT I GOT THE SAME CRAP RESPONSE!!! WORST SERVICE EVER, I WILL DISUADE EVERYONE I KNOW TO NOT USE THE SERVICE!!!


Athena Guerrero January 8, 2015 at 2:42 am

I am in California and would like to know if I could be part of your class action? For a family reunion, most all of my relatives used Expedia for flights from Sacramento to Miami on Dec. 25 through Dec.29, 2014. Some relatives arrived on Dec.24 through to Dec. 30. Others stayed till Jan. 3, 2014.
My cousin had paid over $4777. for a her husband, herself, her 14 yr. old daughter & 2 yr old son. The flights both ways had several stops, with long layovers. 1 layover was 5 1/2 hours. With a 2 yr old it’s extremely hard getting off & on & changing planes & having long layovers. I noticed that there was flights that only had 1stop w/ less layover time. The flight total would cost $4,555. I asked her if she would like to change her flights to the shorter layovers & less stops. I told her she would probably have to pay $200 per ticket as a penalty fee. A total of $800. which was a lot but worthwhile if that was all she had to pay and she would get the newer itinerary flights with not other additional fees.
So I called her and spoke to Jonas. Told him what we want to do. Which was to change the 1st booking to the 2nd booking. I told him I put a 24 hour cancellation free booking for the newer itinerary for flights so as to hold that and to find out if we could change the Booking for only the additional penalty $200. per person total cost $800 penalty fee. I asked several times if that could work and if the only additional cost beside the $800 penalty fee. Jonas assured me no problem he could take care of it. Well what he did was cancel the first itinerary. Charge the $800 penalty fee then proceeded to say he had to call the airline and he would be back to me in a few minutes. I was on the phone with him and on hold for over 2 1/2 hours. He screwed up everything. What he did was he released the first booking, charge a $800. penalty fee then proceeded to say there would not be a refund applied to the new itinerary but it would be a credit. Okay so credit the new itinerary so credit remaining balance to the new booking. Jonas been says he can’t do that because 1 section of the old booking included a United flight. He then said the new booking would have to have 1 section with United. No problem he says he can fix it. He would just find other flights on United that were comparable to the 2nd booking. What he did find was worse than the first booking what he offered was more stops, arriving the same night requiring a hotel cost, the $800 penalty fee & an additional $1500 cost difference. I said who in their right mind would want to do that. He did not mention any other problems or costs. I called United and they said Expedia had to do the right thing & correct it. That Jonas should have told me when I asked if the only problem would be paying $800 penalty fee. Jonas then proceeds to tell me that use the new booking which had to be use cause he cancel The original booking. We were having a family reunion on the 26th a 3night cruise to the 29th. He then said with the remaining credits do you have one year to use it. So I told him In their right mind would pay almost $10,000 which was not right which was not fair which needed to be corrected. Sorry ma’am there’s nothing else I can do. So from then I talk to 13 Expedia representatives, supervisors & District managers. I told them to listen to the taped conversation between Jonas & myself. It will show that I didn’t ask them to cancel anything till he was sure the only penalty would be $800. And the remaining balance would go towards the 2nd booking. Since then I have called and have been hung up on have been put on hold and hung up again. Was promised three times that I would get a reply back. That the tape had to be to listen to at the corporate office and would take 4 to 5 days. I have every name of the persons I spoke to, I have all the times doXXXXented. And on my conversation was over my self phone so my records show that I spoke to them. Or problems with my mother and my itinerary we were confirmed with three different airlines but when I tried to check in no one could find us on the flights. It was a confirmation but somewhere somebody canceled section of our flight. Finally got on the 1st flight was told to speak to a airline representative for the 2nd flight….anyway it goes on anon, called Expedia XP asked me to call them in the mail could not speak to anyone was put on hold was walking up to the American airlines counter on hold told her what was going on she said just hang up on Expedia they are not going to help you. That they were worthless. This American airlines rep along with Alaskan Airlines rep corrected all my flights. I will never ever use Expedia again I will write to the papers I will do whatever it takes to expose what they have done. I still haven’t gone into the problems with my aunts flights. We were not together so that makes it even worse that they f***ed up more than once.


CHAUVONNE HOLLEY December 30, 2014 at 2:03 pm



BRYANT January 5, 2015 at 12:16 pm

That is the godamn truth!!!!!


Stephanie December 22, 2014 at 9:44 pm

I booked a trip to Paris with my husband on July 6th through expedia, a so called package deal. We get to the airport today 12/22 to find out that there are no records if our reservation. I’ve been on hold with expedia for literally 5 hours, hung up on by 8 sulervisors, and I’ve been given the run around through all of the “customer service representatives” at Expedia. I’m sick to my stomach, disappointed, and out $5k for out Christmas vacation to Paris. Since expedia did not book our tickets, like we had a confirmation for when booked, it will now cost is $8k to fly to Paris from orlando. I WILL NEVER EVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN AND I WILL TELL EVERY SINGLE PERSON, BLOG, AND NEWS STATION exactly what termoil and disappointment we went through. Our vacation and time off of work has been ruined.


Alex ablin December 18, 2014 at 5:00 pm

F**k expedia


Alex ablin December 18, 2014 at 5:07 pm

I missed my flight on 12/17 in Seattle. The airline told me I had to re book a flight through Expedia. I then called. Long story short- hung up on over 5 times and put on hold for hours. All I was trying to do is get a ne w flight and was willing to pay expedia the $200 conveince fee. The Fact That you can only reschedule a flight over the phone through their customer service reps, who all sounded from well outside the country is unreal. The.feeling of missing a flight and then being hung up on over 5 different times is beyond words. I asked for a supervisor a few of those times and was told, here is my supervisor, then I was immediately hung up on? For what? You ignorant, idiotic, childish, non empathetic, peasents… I am trying to pay you more XXXXXing money and I get treated like a customer complaint call and hung up on? Great business- XXXXX all of you at corporate, get better customer service. This is not the end of my complaints. I will be served justice.


Amy Easley December 12, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I guess there is not point in complaining about my bad experience. It is obvious from the remarks that Expedia has major problems, including the sarcastic SUPERVISOR, Josh Aleman, whom I spoke with on the phone in November. I will be writing a letter to corporate.


Chris Maxwell December 3, 2014 at 6:59 pm

I recently booked a room for 11/22 at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, WA through Expedia. A few days before our trip, I received a confirmation email about the upcoming trip, and the room description looked a little “off,” so I contacted Customer Service and found out the wrong room type had been booked. The agent cancelled that room and booked the correct room. I received an email confirming the cancellation and an email confirming the re-booking. The booking was a “pay-at-hotel” type of booking, and cancellation was available until 11 PM the day before travel (i.e., 11/21) with no penalty or fee. Due to illness, we had to cancel our trip. I cancelled at 7 PM on 11/21, and again, received an email confirming the cancellation; the email stated I would not be charged and that, if I had paid any deposits to the hotel, I would receive a full refund. One week later, I checked my credit card and found out that BOTH rooms had been charged to my card. I contacted Customer Service; they put me on hold, saying they were going to attempt to contact the hotel. They came back on the line, saying the manager was unavailable but to please give them two days (until Monday 12/1) to resolve the issue. The agent promised that, in the event the hotel would not remove the charges, Expedia would see that I got a full refund. Two days later I received an email from Expedia, telling me that, since the booking was on a “pay at hotel” basis, I was essentially on my own — it was up to me to contact the hotel and seek a refund. This was the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what I had been told by the Customer Service rep I spoke with. So I contact the hotel and asked for the manager. The front desk clerk asked what type of issue I had so that she could direct me to the proper manager – when I told her, she said that Expedia had never sent them either of the cancellation notices (including the one for the wrong room, which was cancelled DAYS before the trip), and that she would remove the credit card charges herself right then (in other words, there was no need to talk to “the manager” and the Customer Service agent was basically lying. The charges were promptly removed. The desk clerk also mentioned that they had been having problems of this nature with Expedia for quite some time. Please be advised that I will NEVER again book a room through Expedia, no matter what special rates you might offer. I will not patronize Expedia’s partners. I have removed your little app from my iPhone and I WILL post this on FB and Twitter, thank you very much, but not using your little links, as those simply shill for your Company. Very truly yours, Chris Ann Maxwell


Christina December 2, 2014 at 8:40 pm

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Midtown Austin from 12/23/14 to 12/27/2014. We booked through Expedia and paid $475.08 for the four day. While staying there, there were numerous problems with the hotel room. They include:

1) On 12/26/2014, there was a reception at the hotel. The music was so loud and the bass was so strong that we could hear it on the 8th floor. We called the front desk around 9:30pm to complain, and they stated they would address the problem with the DJ and would ask them to turn the sound down to reasonable level. The sound not only was not turned down, it got louder. And this went on until after midnight.
2) No one cleaned the room on 12/24 or 12/25. The “do not disturb” sign was taken off the door around noon each day. We let the first day go, but when no one cleaned the second day, we placed a call to the front desk around 3:30pm on 12/25. We were told housekeeping went home for the day.
3) The toilet was slow to flush and the sink was slow to drain, although they fixed the problem on the day we reported it.
4) The sliding metal lock on the sliding glass door was not installed properly. It took us almost three days to get it to lock, and we only got it to lock by using all our weight to pull on the door and then pushing the sliding lock in. I cannot imagine that this lock on the sliding glass door is acceptable to Holiday Inn audit standards.
5) The TV programming and sound was completely messed up. For example, if we watched Anthony Bourdain “Parts Unknown,” the sound was for a completely different program on another channel. This occurred the entire time we were there. We did not report this to the front desk until the last day we were there because we assumed it was a problem throughout the hotel (e.g. cable related).

When we checked out on 12/27/2014, we gave a list of all the problems to Porshia, the front desk clerk. She advised us that she would have been happy to give us a discount if we had not booked through Expedia, but because we directly booked through them, she had no access to adjust our bill. Therefore, we took the problem up with Expedia when we arrived home.

On 12/01/2014, we spoke to Lauren at Expedia. She stated they would phone the hotel on 12/02 at 10pm when Porshia arrived for her normal work day, and they would contact us about the discount. On 12/02, we received an e-mail from Expedia stating that the Holiday Inn was refusing to give us a discount despite the numerous problems we had and despite what we had been told upon checkout on 12/27. We called the Holiday Inn and spoke to Porshia. She stated she would have to get a manager involved and that we should have booked directly with them. She stated they never recommend Expedia due to problems like this.

To put it bluntly, we were more than dissatisfied with the problems we experienced at the hotel. Finally, Porshia should have never offered a discount, period, if she was not authorized to do so. As a result, we have filed a BBB report, an Attorney General report with the state of Washington where Expedia is based, another one with our own state, as well as complaints against Holiday Inn. If you have experienced similar problems, I would suggest you file your own reports as well.


Patrick March 9, 2015 at 7:26 pm

Great information Christina! Thanks for telling us who to send the reports to. Let’s hope everyone does this! Thank you, Patrick


roi November 30, 2014 at 5:45 pm

Will be filing a lawsuit for the current bait and switch being used. I never use these web base busn. Normally go directly ti airlines.Tried it and what a mistake. Book a flight and get 50. Off a flight using goggle wallet.. Guess what no 50 off. Talked to CS. Worthless. Bottom line. Bait and switch tactics. Filing lawsuit. If this happen to you reach out to me. Make it a class action.
Filing in Chicago.


juan November 16, 2014 at 10:38 pm

Book a reservation at a hotel in mexico when I had to change date of reservation..representative couldn’t not verify hotel cancellation policy since representative stated and I quote. “I’m sorry sir but I don’t speak Mexican..If thats not a racist remark..not only was I offended but had to pay twice for a reservation since representative could not find agent that spoke Spanish..not mexican.


Michael Frasco November 14, 2014 at 12:00 am

I will never use Expedia again! Three different times I called, I was hung up on. These reps couldn’t care less about you or their job. The 4th time I called I had asked to be speak to a supervisor. I purchased a round trip ticket and couldn’t make the return trip (tried to get credit for it). I was told that if I wanted to use the other half of that trip worth $160 another time…it would cost me $200. Who comes up with these stupid rules? Also US Airways is the worst airline to fly.


Michael Frasco November 14, 2014 at 12:09 am

That was pay $200 more to get the $160 credit.


Pooja November 12, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I had to make changes to my flight reservation for personal reasons. when i called to change flights- the representative who helped me change flights booked a flight to London Gatwick airport with a connecting flight from London Heathrow- without mentioning which airport the flights are going to. He kept saying to London- so obviously i thought he is talking about Heathrow! When i found out i will be landing in gatwick and leaving from heathrow i called them immediately as this would put me in serious immigration trouble. They kep me on hole for more than 1 HOUR, the manager who was handling this issue-Jasmine- was SUPER RUDE, had no consideration, did not tell me what she was trying to do…she kept saying we are trying to get the call for my previous conversation with the agent … then after being on the line for 1 1/2 hours- she came back to me and said it will take them 72 hours to 1 WEEK to get the tape of the call. unless she hears the call she cant help us with flight change request ! we are travelling in 10 days… it is so hard to wait for their decision! Why are they so slow with processing issues! Also- i am not crazy to want to change tickets if there wasnt a real reason..if the rep. had mentioned to me that i was landing in Gatwick and leaving from Heathrow i would not have allowed him to book this ticket! this is insane. And the attitude she was showing was even worse 🙁 we are so stuck now!


ANGIE November 6, 2014 at 4:43 pm

DO NOT USE Expedia! The worst traveling agency I dealt with, Do not use Expedia! God as my witness! They are terrible!
I can write a book on how many times, they hung up on me,that I was placed on hold, didn’t call me back any of the 25 times i called them and now they are saying it will take Frontier AIrlines 8 weeks to refund my money when they took my money right away, like that day. I want nothing to do with them again.
My husband and work works for large law enforcement agencies and we are telling everyone about our bad experience, we are posting it everywhere, Facebbok, Instagram,Twitter, emailing andtexting everyone so they don’t have the same dissappoinment as we did.

A very frustrated and disappointed customer


Nancy December 3, 2014 at 7:58 am

Indeed Expedia is nothing but frustrations, i also made a booking through them and had to cancel it due to unavoidable cirXXXXstances, after the cancellation a received a confirmation from them for the cancellation with a penalty of USD135, hoping that the rest of the amount had been refunded back to my i account i rushed to check with my card providers only to realize no transaction was made to my account. I gave them a call and their representative told me it could take 14 working day, as if this was a shook to me, i gave them another call and i was told it will take me 8 weeks to see this refund happen! A total mess up. I have learned the heard way and i am not even sure weather this money will be sent back to my account. Expedia!!!!XXXXXXXXx


Hassan October 28, 2014 at 8:04 am

I would like to inform you that on 25th of July, 2014 I booked five airline tickets through your web-site and the return trip was as the following details:

– Depart flight from Muscat to Dubai and from Dubai to Bangkok

-Return flight from Bangkok to Dubai and from Dubai to Muscat

the ticket has been issued on the same day with the deduction of an amount of $3,392.50 USD from my credit card, and on the same day I was canceled the five tickets before 24 hours form the booking time.
According to your policy if the booking canceled before completed 24 hours from the time of booking the full deduction amount will refund to the same account within 10 working days. Up to date, more than two month from the date of cancelation for the booking and the deduction amount $3,392.50 USD not refund to my account WHY?

Expedia Itinerary No.: 181020825273

I’m waiting your response as soon as possible on this issue




Cheryl October 27, 2014 at 9:49 am

I wish I had read the bad reviews and comments before attempting to book a trip. What is confusing is that I called Travelocity and the trip ended up being booked by Expedia. I have never had such a bad experience in my life trying to book a trip. I spent 4 1/2 hours on the phone with about 8 different people. I was trying to book 4 rooms, received confirmations for 2 of them, was put on hold for the 3rd confirmation for over 1/2 hour then was hung up on. I called Travelocity back and they had no record of my confirmations, I was told the trip was somehow booked with Expedia, was hung up on again after being on hold for 1/2 hour. Called Expedia this time, asked for a supervisor who said she could book the other 2 rooms for me. She put me on hold for 20 minutes then she also hung up on me. I called 2 more times only to find out that the reason they hung up on me was because the price went up over $400 per person in that time I was trying to book it. So instead of someone explaining things to me, they hung up on me. They last person I spoke to admitted that is why all the others had hung up on me (that was including 2 supervisors). I then cancelled the entire trip and had to be on the phone to cancel it for another 1/2 hour. I was told that I was fortunate that they were able to refund all my money!! Seriously??? DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH TRAVELOCITY OR EXPEDIA!!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!! I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH AN AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVE AND THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!


Expedia Victim LA October 21, 2014 at 6:57 pm

I had to cancel the flight I booked in July for my daughter IANNA MARTHA DAVID because her travel doXXXXents were STOLEN. Expedia gave me a credit for the amount but I was fighting for a refund instead, Expedia gave me a credit of $1,304. The credit card charges piled up until now and after that my daughter is now ready to travel I called to book a flight using the credit.

It is just frustrating that I tried to call Expedia, (your phone no. is hidden embedded somewhere, a customer has to dig in and find the telephone number diligently and smartly) twice, and twice I was on hold waiting for the agent to get back to me, 15 minutes each. So much airtime wasted. My call was transferred to the head and only to be told, I can get a refund for the amount less the penalty in 8 weeks time. She just sounded apathetic that is why I reacted and became very upset.

By the time I get the refund, how much would the airfare be in December? I just don’t understand why your business lacks consideration. I waited 3-6 months for the money to be put to use, by rebooking a flight and then you tell me, I will be refunded $1,100 (After penalty of $200) in 8 weeks.

I am really frustrated with Expedia.If at all there was a change in the rebooking rules for paid up cancelled flights, it is Expedia’s responsibility to communicate it with me so i can call right away and arrange for the refund right away. Oh, you tell me the changes took place just yesterday and I just called right on time. blah blah blah… Obviously, you are using your customers’ money that you owe them. Is that good business?

This is a horrible and horrifying early Halloween trick!!!


Diane M October 20, 2014 at 1:25 pm

same goes for me…had a problem with a hotel reservation. Expedia wouldn’t refund my money but they gave me a $100 coupon to use for future. Had problems with the coupon, called customer service 4 times, asked to speak to a supervisor. They placed me on hold for 15 min then disconnected me. I even gave my call back number to someone who promised if we got disconnected again he would call me back. It’s been over 24 hours and still no call back. I’m calling corporate right now and the phone rings and rings.
I am no longer an Expedia customer!!! Horrible!! no wonder they have been sued before.


Ramon October 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

Expedia, Please listen my advise, Don’t reserve with Expedia anything they lay, they don’t care about you, and they don’t know what they saying.
Their agents are not train.


steve lauter October 14, 2014 at 3:59 pm

As every other person had commented, the customer service dept. is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. The answer seems to be put the customer on hold and hope they go away. I have been trying to get a change fee refund on a flight that I had insurance on. I contiue to get the run around and NO ONE wiill help. I should not have to spent 97 minutes on hold and not get any usefull information. I will never use this crappy company again. This will be shared with as many people as I can find. They suck!!!!!


Taylor Birkland October 10, 2014 at 3:32 pm

I am furious with my experience with Expedia! I thought customer service was nice and helpful yesterday, but it ends up they just made me spend an extra $500 today! Customer service did not offer any solutions and today the supervisor just cancelled my resort so I could book a new one online. I could have done this yesterday when prices were 500 dollars less!
I was just informed that this issue is not even resolved! Your customer support supervisor cancelled not just our resort (which is what was asked of him) but the flight and shuttle as well! Now they want to refund us again and start over once more. We already have 2,210 dollars being refunded (which takes two weeks to complete) and another 2,600 dollars invested. You want us to refund that money and put another 5,000 dollars down; making a total of roughly 10,000 dollar into a 4,000 dollar trip!!!!!! What makes me even more angry is that the longer you wait the more prices go up!

Taylor Birkland


ARTAN HYSI September 29, 2014 at 5:41 pm



Holly September 27, 2014 at 12:19 pm

If you see this comment, I ask for your sincere help. I booked a vacation in December, only to find the airline had changed my flight to a later time. After 4 hours on the phone with expedia, being hung up on twice and now in tears- all I want to do is change my flight! PLEASE HELP
We are even willing to pay extra for a flight on a different airline!!! why is it no one can help?


Emma September 27, 2014 at 10:42 am

I am so fed up with the way Expedia works with customers. I booked 2 rooms at the Hotel Spicy in Sorrento, Italy for 3 nights. I didn’t expect a luxury hotel, but I did expect a clean room and BUG Free. When we first arrived at the hotel, we saw that the lobby/common area on the ground floor looked just like the photos on the Expedia site. Unfortunatly, it all went to hell when we went up to our rooms. The floors looked filthy to the point where I would not dare go barefoot on it. The shower was also disgusting and there was a hole that I have no idea where it led to, along with some type of material that imitated tile and was coming apart (peeling-off).
We immediately went downstairs to complain to the staff. They basically dismissed our complaints and said that they could do nothing that night. When I told them the the pictures of the rooms on Expedia looked nothing like the room or the bathroom, they ignored that complaint. After a few minutes complaining, the man at the front desk said that “maybe” they would be able to change one of the two rooms the next day. This obviously was not acceptable to any of us. From this point on I started calling Expedia to help us find another hotel in Sorrento and to get our money back since the hotel was not what they had offered and it had been pre-paid. I started calling Expedia at around 7PM Sorrento Time. Each time I reached a customer service agent, I would get cut off before we could get anything resolved and with the exception of one agent who called me back, the rest didn’t even bother. Note that I spent so much time with Expedia, that I had to call my phone company to expand my international plan so I wouldn’t be charged for the extra call time. This cost me an additional $120.
All the Expedia agent did was call the hotel’s front desk where the person lied to them and said that he had offered us an upgrade for both rooms the following day. By midnight, we were so exhauted with the situation and unable to find another hotel that my friend’s boyfiend said that we would have to stay one night and just find another place in the morning. This meant that after an entire day of travel, we would not be able to shower that night nor the following morning. Exhausted as we were and with NO HELP from Expedia, we went up to our rooms to find that when we turned on the lights, there were BUGS crawling all over the bed spread, bedboard and the walls. As anyone can imagine, we picked up our luggage and got the hell out of there. Since September 17th, I have been calling Expedia asking for our refund, but the story is the same. All they say is that they need to speak to the manager of the hotel. The manager is never in according to the Expedia representative and they promise to call me back. I have spoken to more than a dozen different people at Expedia including “supervisors” but the story is the same, NOTHING IS DONE ON OUR BEHALF.
I travel often and I have always used Expedia thinking that if a situation should arise, that they would be of help. Obviously I was wrong. It is bad enough that when you call Expedia, you never get the same agent, but the fact that they promise to call back and they do not is totally unacceptable. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding this incident and how Expedia has ignored our request for assistance. Saying you are going to do something and then not doing it is NOT good customer service!


Justin September 20, 2014 at 4:42 pm

I have been lied to and hung up on for almost 4hours of total on phone time. Called to make a change on flight. After being told I had to pay $3000 for the flight change (That I refused to pay of course) they then began the hold process that took hours. After I called the 3rd time the 1st person I was on the phone with called to tell me that he was able to get the change at the correct price. I was then hung up on again and while on hold waiting for a new representative to pick up, because I had to call back. got a return call that I answered while on hold. Instructed that a flight was found and would be changed for only the change fee that I agreed to. I then gave my complete payment info was told it was processed. While waiting for confirmation code that I was preparing to write down I asked her to please e mail me as well. BOOM, hung up on again. Was called back an hour later to only be told it wasn’t processed. She told me she didn’t call back sooner because a new call came in and she has to deal with that first. Then I was going to transferred to the supervisors supervisor who started the conversation with I’m looking to get you another flight and basically told me its my fault this wasn’t processed. I told her I wanted what was agreed to and I gave payment info on honored she then hung up no call back. I called back. I’m actually on hold now, have spoken to a total of 6 people and current call time is 57 minutes. Just hung up on again.


Alex September 17, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Expedia is the most uncaring agency out there. be aware


Connie J September 16, 2014 at 5:45 pm

Yesterday I booked a trip for just the weekend in Temecula I am certain I booked it for the correct date I even went back and changed it the first time as I noticed it on the top right side of my almost complete booking well to my surprise after I had gone back and changed it to the correct date, after checking my itinerary I noticed again it was for the following weekend that i had NOT booked so I immediately called the number only to find out it was the number to the Hotel and they obviously couldn’t help me but the Hotel clerk was not surprised that happened and in fact said to me the deal they are giving you is for that weekend you got, WELL that is not the weekend I was planing on staying there after being very frustrated I then called Expedia and boy what another upset at least the Hotel Clerk was very apologetic however Expedia clerk was basically cant help you attitude so I cancelled this is the best part after cancelling just minutes within my booking I was told I wont get my refund till about 2 weeks !!!! very upsetting and horrible experience in the meantime let me put all other expenses aside until Expedia decides to refund my money.


dana September 15, 2014 at 1:46 am

….and I forgot to mention that the new reservation cost me an additional $400. I guess that was to pay for all of my phone calls to their Phillipine and Indian call centers.


dana September 15, 2014 at 1:39 am

I recently booked a trip to New York City and used Expedia for the hotel portion. It was a non-refundable, unchangeable reservation. A week before the trip, I was reviewing the trip details and I saw that I had accidentally booked the hotel for a week later than I was going. I called Expedia and explained it to the representative. He must have been reading his apologies from a script because he clearly had no intention of helping me. I hung up with a sick feeling that I had just lost $1,000! So I called back a few minutes later and explained it to another rep who gave me the same canned apologetic speech. I asked to speak to a supervisor. That was a 15 minute wait. I explained to the supervisor that I wasn’t trying to cancel the reservation or trying to game the system in any way; I just made a mistake on the date. I was willing to pay any penalties for rebooking, and I even offered to e-mail him a copy of my airline ticket. I just wanted to prove to him that I had made an honest mistake. Well, I got the same canned speech again. The only difference this time is that it was in another foreign dialect of English that was hard to understand. Out of frustration, I called the hotel in New York. The reservationist there told me to have Expedia call her and she would be glad to change the date. So I called Expedia back. I explained this to yet another rep. I think he was shocked that I did this. But he said he would take care of it and e-mail me the confirmation. By the next day I had still not received an e-mail, so I called the same reservationist at the hotel. She told me Expedia never called her. What a surprise! This time she gave me her direct phone number to give to Expedia. I called Expedia back again and explained the situation to yet another rep. He said he would take care of it. I gave him a few hours and then called the hotel. It had been taken care of, and only because I did all of the leg work for these morons. I have never encountered such frustrating and poor customer service. In fact, it is not customer service; it is customer disservice. If I ran my business the way they run their business, I would have been out of business years ago! Since they own TripAdvisor, Hotels.com and Hotwire.com I will think twice before using those websites again. And for sure I will NEVER use Expedia again. They are pathetic.


Connie J September 16, 2014 at 5:49 pm

wow !! similar thing happened to me shame on Expedia ! I will never use them again


Connie J September 16, 2014 at 5:58 pm

It wasn’t an accident they did that to me they changed the date I have witness that we changed the date once after noticing it on the almost complete booking however after we received the itinerary we noticed again it was the week after which is NOT what we booked and same here no help and basically have to wait to weeks to get my refund. They suck !!!


Christian Burns September 12, 2014 at 10:07 pm

I had my three year anniversary with my girlfriend planned out for over a month, and less than 10 days away I had to go in for surgery and we now have to cancel our trip. I purchased a room that was supposed to be non refundable, however given the cirXXXXstances you would think they would have the heart to refund me so I can try to pay my medical bills and just book another trip in a couple months (which I told them I would do) and the rep does nothing but repeat it is non refundable. Expedia, it’s not your three year anniversary that was ruined, it’s mine, and I didn’t ask to go in for an emergency surgery.


Seriously September 16, 2014 at 10:52 am

Seriously… it was non refundable… did you buy trip insurance? It isn’t expedia’s fault you bought a non refundable reservation.


Pam Roca September 12, 2014 at 2:21 pm

Let me be added to the list of UNHAPPY- DISSATISFIED would be Customers!
after 3 days and counting- countless hours- and over 13 reps including the US customer credit card dept i have never – ever encountered such dissapointing service. I have been placed on hold for an average of 22 min possibly more per call, per customer rep- disconnected countless times- yes, a few have called back but still have had no resolution.
I am currently on hold as I write this- waiting for a manager to get on the phone!
Well my case is fairly simple- I have a couple of UNAUTHORIZED charges to 2 credit cards!
Unauthorized – becuase the the charges failed multiple times as the reps tried to process my booking- not only did they fail numerous times but the reservation was NEVER completed since we got disconneted. And so – it was my mistake to call back and pick up where I had left off in hopes I would have someone smart enought to figure out what was going on only for her to try to process this once again and to ulitmately fail. Now mind you they tried to put the card through more than once- in different ways and they tell you that the charge did not through rihgt?! Well guess what it does go through- cause I have over 15 1.00 charges and several other charges with different amounts. (of course- you wont find this out until after the fact and contact your credit card company) and by this time all hell has broken loose cause then its another ordeal to try and get these charges written off.
Apparently EXPEDIA and their CEO’s, President – CIO’s, Sr VP’s (all upper management) either don’t give a rats ass since they are laughing all the way to the BANK!
How about we charge Mr?. Dara Khosrowshahi (I DON’T THINK DARA IS WORTHY BEING CALLED MR), Adam Medros, Bill Holtz, Stuart Sillberg, Rob Grayber, Eric Hart, John Kim, Cyril Ranque, allison, Julio, Adam, Edmond and the list goes on and on of all the Chiefs and Sr’s with a corporate lawsuit!
I believe it’s time they get a taste of their own!!!!!!
It is apparent this company has become too big for its britches along with all the big wigs and they are just robbing people who are trying to start a nice vacation. Yes-a simple online reservation that SHOULD BE uneventful, peaceful, easy going can become sooooo disastrous! They should be ashamed of what they stand for. As a matter of fact as I completed these lines i finally got a supervisor instead of a manager only to be placed on HOLD AGAIN. Do these people ever do anything other than follow a failed protocol?!
Are they interested in trying to help the customer in any minor way?!!. I don’t believe so!
Still holding….BYTW- if there is anyone in that forsaken place you call office you may reference the following cases (plural): E7551810 and E7562517!


Gail Duffany September 7, 2014 at 2:32 pm

I have had the WORST experience of my life with EXPEDIA. DO NOT use them, they are rip off artists. I called an 800 number beside the hotel we wanted to book, and did not even know it was EXPEDIA, I booked the place for 9/2-9/5. They charged us 110.00 plus tax per night. Then got a confirmation email with the total amount we owed! I was totally shocked to see that EXPEDIA was even involved! We went to the hotel, the front desk clerk said, oh if you called direct, it would have been at least $20.00 LESS per night. We are on a fixed budget. Ihave called EXP.at least 8 times, they will NOT refund any monies, they are only ‘sorry’ for my bad experience.. well, isn’t that ‘big’ of them. I keep getting the same damn emails from their C.S. apologizing and telling me to call their 800 number… for what? to wait 10 minutes and get someone who I can’t understand and then when I do, they say their policy won’t allow them to reimburse me any monies!!! BS~!!!! I have written the AG and the BBB in Washington (that is where their home office is). I AM ALSO accusing them of harassment, as they keep sending me emails with the same crap over and over, I have asked them to STOP sending me emails. I am going to the CEO, CFO and COO and sending them the C.S. emails I have been receiving. Maybe, if they have any empathy at all, they will send all their reps. back to school, retrain them to be kind, courteous, with some empathy and give the customer the benefit of the doubt. What the hell? They sure have enough $ to reimburse us the difference which amounts to $60.00 plus tax. How small can people be…. disgusting, NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU LIKE DEALING WITH DECEITFUL PEOPLE who care NOTHING about us little people WHO HAVE MADE THEM RICH!


Sally September 6, 2014 at 9:50 pm

Hello i recently used your site to book a one night hotel stay.Perry’s resort was awful. The reviews found on your page are not true. We checked in and went to the beach immediately went back to the room to change and go eat. It is is not in the best part of town the room was not great there was construction at the resort as well and I did not feel safe with my children in that area.

We ended up leaving there and going somewhere else do to those conditions.

I spoke with 3 people at expedia one who called the resort and the manager lied and said we used the beds we never did we was in the room maybe 30 mins.
The manager at expedia I talked to was rude and even had enough nerve to say I should of researched the hotel..I used the expedia site to research the hotel so I did do that. We then spoke with another manager that was not helpful either.

We called the resort back again to speak with the manager who then said he only went by want the maid service told him again he was rude and hung up on us.

I will more than likely not use expedia again after this awful experience.

Since there was not any help with either parties in resolving the issue I will also call my bank to dispute the charge. I have worked in customer service for over 10 years and have never seen such poor customer service myself.

I don’t know that this email will go very far but wanted to make sure someone knows how bad the experience has been.

Thank you


Carl September 2, 2014 at 11:23 am

Apparently Expedia customer service will quote you one price for your car rental or trip, then charge your card another higher price. They know you will not see this charge until your next billing cycle. When you call about the higher cost, they say it is too late to do anything. I asked for a supervisor who told me, and I quote” Lesson learned, book on line next time”. What an attitude toward a customer. We’ll I say lesson learned, expedia will lie ,take your money and could care less that they cheated you. Next time I”ll use someone who is not owned by expedia.


gary sparks August 31, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Two days…a total of 6 hours on hold, being hung up on, not understanding the english spoken, two different countries answering the phone, a total of 8 different people spoken to and finally a person in the Phillipines who handled my problem… Her name was Sophie. Hands down one of the most frustrating and incompetent purchasing experiences in my life. Something as simple as adding a suffix box to your website that included JR, III, SR would have not started this problem. I had to cancel my reservation per the instructions of the person i called to ask how i add JR to the reservation, re booked the whole trip with him and when i recieved the itinerary, JR had not been added. Asked to speak to supervisor on the next call, told i had to cancel the reservation again and rebook with them. FInally gave up at 11:30 at night and called the next day. Got Central America twice, asked for supervisor in U.S. , told to hold.. on hold for 45 minutes…hung up called again… got Phillipines..asked for U.S. supervisor…put on hold again…Next person answers.. Phillipines… Asked for U.S. supervisor again…Got Phillipines again but Sophie asked for the chance to try and fix it recognizing and knowing how mad i was at this point…. Still took almost 40 minutes to fix this but she did it without having to cancel flights and rebooking the whole thing again…. I can understand trying to make money in any business venture but when it escalates to the point that it is not a simple travel booking, it would seem that finding a person that speaks clear english and lives in your same time zone would be business 101. This screams of greed and a lack of true concern for customer service and the desired outcome for a CUSTOMER. I am sure that if i just asked them to book a flight and it was easy as 1 , 2 , 3. then no problem but when something like this goes on, somebody that has never been or truly cares about the customer experience has fooled themselves into believing that this level of customer service is OK… The only way this could be perceived as acceptable would be thru glasses fogged by corporate greed and the desire to find people working for 3 dollars a hour…. SADDD


Gina Magee August 29, 2014 at 6:25 pm

I have recently had a very bad travel experience that I booked through Expedia. I told the hotel management before I left that I wanted a refund for the hotel portion of my trip. They said since I booked through Expedia, Expedia would have to initiate the process.

Since my return on Monday, I have spent HOURS on the phone with Expedia’s customer service. I have been disconnected at least five times. I have been on hold for as long as a half an hour at at time and then disconnected. Even though, they know have my callback number, no one has ever called me back. Each time I call back, I have to tell each new agent my problem all over again and repeat all my account information. The agents that I speak to clearly speak poor English and I never feel like I am talking to someone who understands me. I have asked MANY times to talk to someone in the US or someone who speaks English as their native language and I am always refused. I have been told several times that they have to contact the hotel to see if they can get a refund. They put me on hold while they do this, for long periods of time, sometimes to only be disconnected after a long wait. They have told me at different times that: the hotel says their system is down; that the hotel refuses to allow them to speak to a manager. In addition to this, I always feel as if the person that I am speaking to has no idea what happened to me at the hotel and would not be a good advocate anyway. I have asked numerous times why no one calls the hotel when I am not on the phone and follows through with the issue. It is a giant loop of frustration.

I have booked at least five trips in the past with Expedia and never complained about anything. I will never use them again if I do not get some real customer service soon. I have honestly never dealt with a company that has worse customer service.

Yesterday, I tried calling (425) 679-7200, the Corporate Customer Service line in hopes of speaking to someone who would help me. I was put into a voice mail by the operator. It was the only option they allowed me. I left a message detailing my problem and my horrific experience with there 1-800 number. I asked that someone call me to help me resolve my issue. Today someone called back when I was not at home. They left a message saying, “If I was still having an issue to call their 1-800 number!”. What a JOKE!!!!!!

My itinerary # is 173004615052. I would like to hear from someone who can help me with my problem.

Gina Magee


Christie Nelson August 28, 2014 at 5:26 pm

still on hold and now they say a refund has been issued and my bank says no . Trying to cheat us out of the cost of the room and will not pay anything on phone bill. Still on hold and my temper is getting tired of the BS


Christie Nelson August 28, 2014 at 3:48 pm

Currently online with someone (Vanet)
who say’s they are from corporate office. On hold again. They called me and left a message with a reference number but now they can’t tell me what it is. Total kiss off run around again. Now on hold again. Trying to cheat us out of the cost per room and not going to help with all the international calls.


Christie Nelson August 28, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Booked vacation for self,husband and 9 yr old granddaughter TO Rome,Italy Aug. 1-8 2014 but first flight was cancelled while at airport. Called Expedia who threaten to cancel our trip but give us $50 while at airport. Delta Airline rescheduled us for next day and both hotel and airlines agreed to adjust our dates for free. Expedia reps,supervisor kept hanging up on us and tried to EXTORT more money for us to have our full time.They would not change the dates. All calls ended with Expedia hanging up on us. We spent over $100 attempting to talk with Expedia to get everything changed. International calls. We returned on the 8th not knowing if we even had a flight home. Many e-mails and calls have gone on deaf ears but they did take my money. All we want is the real cost of the hotel room and the cost of the phone calls. I phoned the corporate offices today and was told to leave a message and there was no one there to speak with. Our trip ended with sitting at Atlanta airport almost 10 hours and all getting sick. I ended up in the hospital second tier of ICU . Expedia should have,could have prevented problems. We bought the insurance which was a freebie to Expedia because it wouldn’t cover us. This was our granddaughter’s first real trip and it was a nightmare because Expedia didn’t help us


Marina Yentis August 27, 2014 at 11:18 am

I am a travel agent and I made reservation for hotel in Uzbekistan for my client 2 month ago. Couple days ago I receive an e-mail from some travel agency in Uzbekistan that hotel is not confirmed. Third day in arrow I am trying to resolve this problem with Expedia, today is my 6 phone call to Expedia, 5 times I was disconnected, I left my phone number to the agents and nobody call me back. They have the “incredible” customer service.
I will never ever work with Expedia again.


Amy Bloustine August 20, 2014 at 5:06 pm

Expedia has the worst customer service imaginable. I wasted 4 hours of my day trying to get a situation resolved regarding a ticket I was trying to reuse. I had to speak with 5 different people, the amount of time I was put on hold was absolutely ridiculous and because an Expedia agent gave me inaccurate information, I am now out $575 for a ticket I can no longer use. When I tried calling the corporate office, and I know you will be shocked by this, but I called the operate 4 times to be connected with the correct person, nobody answered. I am amazed that this is how Expedia does business and they are able to get away with this type of business practice. I am sure by submitting this complaint, I will never hear from anyone. Hopefully enough people will read these complaints and not use Expedia. I guess the next step is to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


Jackalynn Craven August 18, 2014 at 11:13 am

my husband and i met up in Lake George, NY for a quick get together with his cousins at Americade. As the day went on he found it difficult to walk and was unable to move the motorcycle. i quickly searched for a pet friendly motel and thinking i went direct ended up going thru Expedia website without realizing. Was told i had until 6pm to cancel the order was placed at 5pm. at 525 i tried to cancel and just like trying to get someone in the corporate office to answer the damned phone it just kept ringing. i disputed the charge with Discover but got nowhere and never received anything as far as a confirmation number . i only got a login to your account for further info. cell service was bad and i had to hunt down use of a computer where even the fastest speed was slow due to the amount of traffic . we were unable to use the motel and could not get anyone to assist in getting a refund–the motel reffused to write a letter confirming my several calls to cancel because they were afraid Expedia would go after them to recope the monies. for as long as i have been typing this and i has been over 10min no one has answered the phone it is still ringing–Expedia go screw yourself for the poor service you offer. if i hit the lotto i will make it a point to buy a significant amount of your stock just to screw you like you screw the public!!!


marcia dore August 19, 2014 at 4:28 pm

Don’t buy their stock…its worthless and you’ll just get ripped off again. They are a joke of a company with the most uneducated worthless phone reps. Can we say “stop shipping the jobs overseas.”

PAY EXTRA. YOU ABSOLUTELY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The hotels on Expedia are 2nd rate dumps. I got a way better rates and rooms calling the Marriott or whatever other hotel directly. Expedia is a dumping ground for crap!!! I cannot even go into the level of incompetency and problems I had. Would take days to write. But you will spend no less than 5-10 hours trying to fix a problem with these people. And you will never see your money again when they owe you. They even falsely advertise. They sold us a room for 7 but the hotel only honored 6 guests. You do not want to know the level of frustration and bullXXXXX we had to go through for that!!! They lie, cheat and steal every part of the way. And the room we did get was billed as ocean view and we paid extra, no one bothered to update the system that a new building went up in front of that ocean view last year, so there is no such room. Call hotels directly – way better deals!!!



James J Plante August 18, 2014 at 3:37 am

We had a terrible experience with hotel booked thru EXPEDIA. Was no fault of EXPEDIA.
Talked to EXPEDIA about this was totally reimbursed by EXPEDIA within two days of talking to EXPEDIA.I am very happy to the way we have treated by EXPEDIA.
Thanks again EXPEDIA


Holly G August 18, 2014 at 12:11 pm

James how did you get ahold of someone at expedia? i have had a total nightmare with expedia today


Arlene August 26, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Expedia’s home office number is 425.679.7200. They are located at 333 108th Ave. Bellevue, WA98004. Fax # 425.679.7240. I have just spent two days trying to get a trip rescheduled, and was hung up on three times. If you need to reschedule, go directly to the airlines. Expedia says that you can’t, but they just transferred me to a wonderful person at American who got everything taken care of, and for less.


Christie Nelson August 28, 2014 at 12:59 pm

You were lucky, I just keep getting hung up on and nothing happening.


ralph morgan August 12, 2014 at 4:56 am

8-11-2014, This has got to be the worst site I ever used. When we booked our hotel. The site told us about all the wonderful options that were available for us. Ocean view, Partial view and city view. So we canceled out reservation that we already had with the hotel and went with Expedia. Wow, what big mistake that was. They sold us on the options and when it was time to pay, you never got the option to pick what type of room you got. We ended up with a city view. ( NOT WHAT WE WANTED) I only got that information because I called the hotel to see what type of room I was in. The hotel wanted more money for any rooms with a ocean view. So I called Expedia back and after being on the phone over 1 hr and every customer service rep saying ” yes your right, It doesn’t give you the option to pick your room”. They connected me to someone who said he was a supervisor ( Mark) who told me very abruptly that either I pay the difference in the cost of the room or he can cancel the trip. I relayed to him that the site never gave me an option to pick my type of room. Mark didn’t care and kept talking over me making me very upset. I told him to refund my money. Mark said no problem, I will refund your money. As soon as he said it, He went , oh no, you got a none refundable deal. He then went on to say, Either your upgrading or I’m hanging up. That was it. I got his made up name and will continue to go up the chain. He also wouldn’t give me his boss’s name. What a XXXXX site.


Tessa August 11, 2014 at 9:13 pm

Dear Expedia Executives,

At approximately 7:17pm yesterday, I had purchased or thought had purchased a flight and hotel package for 09/06/14-09/10/14 for Vegas. The agent who I spoke with advised me that the package would be $644.60 only, then she tried telling me that my purchase couldn’t be confirmed because I had ran my line of credit. Being that this was a Sunday my bank was not open. I ask to speak with a Supervisor who after a 30 min hold came to the line and stated that there was nothing he could do to book the reservation because they could not get any authorization from my bank, that there were no charges to my card and that I would have to call my bank to increase my daily limit. After couple of hours at 10:22pm we decided that we would just us 2 credit cards to secure the flights, so I called back. I spoke with a lady who took care of all our plans, allowed me to use 2 cards and sent me my itinerary . After hanging up with the lady I checked my bank account and low and be hold there were several charges from Expedia! There was a charge for 159.00 charged at 7:17pm, $485.60 and $30.08 and 128.96 to my secondary card. I immediate;ly called to find out what this 159.00 charge was for. I spoke with the most unprofessional, rude, nasty lady EVER! I tried telling this lady that I did not authorize this 159.00 she told me that I was lying that there was never a charge for 159.00 and that if I looked close enough I would figure it out! I spoke with her for over 1 hour trying to make her understand that there were unauthorized charges on my card! She did not want to hear it! I ask to speak with a manager, GUESS what sat on hold for 30 mins and finally hung up! I called back and spoke with another agent who did try to help and she located the issue. The first agent I spoke with who advised me that my daily spending limit had been reached was wrong. No one at Expedia can tell me where this 159.00 came from! I never had a plan that only cost 159.00. I am so frustrated…. I called back this morning only to be on the phone for 2 hours trying to get MY money back.

I’m very upset, frustrated, and disappointed at Expedia for allowing these actions (federal offense to steal from a customers bank account with the customers knowledge nor notification. I want some justification and resolution from Expedia to fix this extremely federal offensive by law actions by your call center agent. I deserved an answer and want to be contact for a resolution on this matter My bank institute has been notified of this unauthorized transaction. I’m pretty sure the Better Business Bureau doesn’t allow/permit this unlawful actions.
I expect to hear from you soon!


Pamela August 9, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I too have been given the proverbial run around after booking a room with the “RED ROOF INN” of Williamsburg, VA. only due to their agreement to accommodate an early check in and my need for a pet-friendly location. Last night I call just to reconfirm, and I am told that it is not going to be honored, they are independently owned so I can’t tell “corporate” on them and…they are not going to REFUND my money! I was on hold with Expedia from 10 p.m. until 3:00 a.,m. this morning…now being asked to pay an ADDITIONAL $50 in order for my reservation to be moved after being on hold again from 6 a.m. until 7:30 a.m.! Now I need to call back at 9:00 a.m.in order to have this situation elevated? Which will make me late for my family’s festivities at the WOODLANDS! So OVER EXPEDIA trust me you will NEVER get another penny from me! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katherine Phur August 8, 2014 at 3:54 am

Dear Expedia Executives,

I would like to lodge a strong complaint as I am very upset ,disappointed, spending a lot of overseas calls to get my refund since March 2014. I have a 5 rooms bookings in Tokyo Garden Palace, Tokyo on December 23, 2013 and has cancelled the bookings upon the advice of your tel. consultant on 29th Jan and rebooked my rooms in Wings International, Tokyo. I have only received a refund of 4 rooms on Feb, 2014 and have been calling your call centre to enquire about the balance of 1 room refund amounting to JY36,906 :-

27/3 – Spoken to Anjali
24/4 – Spoken to Nivedita
15/5 – Spoken to Vijay
18/6 – Spoken to Rekha

Each time, they have promised that this refund was being investigated and will be refunded into my next bank statement but WHERE IS THE REFUND. It is August already!!!

I spend a lots of time and cost (each call took up to 1 hour on internation charges ) to speak to your officer as each time, they asked me the same questions again and again and promising me that the matter will be resolved. They asked to email my statement to prove that I only received 4 rooms refund, which I did. They promised that i will received an email to confirm their refund…nothing coming. They promised that i will received a call to inform me that the refund is being made…….All are empty promises????

Please, please look into my case and be honest whether can I get the refund or be cheated by Expedia…………


Christine M. Manaois July 30, 2014 at 7:13 am

Dear Expedia Executives,

I’m filing this formal complaint because I have been fraudulently rob by one of your agent at your Philippines call center today.

At approximately 6:43pm today, I had purchased or thought had purchased a flight and hotel package for August 28 – 31, 2014 for Long Beach, California (itinerary # 181448251583). The agent who I spoke with advised me that the package would be $1,161.56 only, but while she proceeded with my purchased then she stated the flight had increased to $3.00 more and she asked for my authorization and which I did give her my approval for $1,164.56 only. And she tried telling me that my purchased couldn’t be confirmed because I had ran my line of credit. So, then I immediately I called my bank institute while I had your agent on line with my other phone. My bank institute stated that your agent had transmitted two transactions, one for $1,161.56 which was approved on their end and other was $542.00 which this transaction was never knowledge to me by your agent, but my bank had notified me instead. My bank institute stated that it noted your agent that my line of credit was existed because she tried transacting her personal benefit by charging me another $542.00 that your agent NEVER notified me nor l NEVER approved of. As soon as I found out from my bank institute and your agent overheard my conversation with my bank she hung up on me. Unfortunately, she did not give me her name.

I tried my best to get a hold of a supervisor immediately and all I received was a runaround from your call center in the Philippines. I called back five times and all I got was waited for 20-45 minutes each time and when I hoped to get management on the phone line, your agents hang up. My calls were from 6:43pm – 9:26pm, I have my phone call log to prove it. I then tried back the very last time at 8:50pm and that’s when I spoke with Vin (supervisor) with call reference # E-717664 and he stated by reviewing my purchased call at 6:43 pm that there’s NO justification or reason why an additional amount of $542.00 should have been applied to my bank account transaction. Vin stated my transaction code for $1,161.56 was 879879. Vin stated he’s filed this notation and it’ll be found up my internal affairs, he says. However, I have no confidence that this call center will proceed with their investigation when stealing is allowed. Vin stated there’s no way for him to resolve any thing for me unless I give him my credit card number to purchase another package. Vin didn’t stated that I would be refunded for this transaction.

I’m very upset, frustrated, and disappointed at Expedia for allowing these actions (federal offense to steal from a customers bank account with the customers knowledge nor notification. My travel package should’ve been confirmed because Expedia did get paid. family and I are now WITHOUT a vacation package which we saved and looked forward to. I want some justification and resolution from Expedia to fix this extremely federal offensive by law actions by your call center agent. I deserved an answer and want to be contact for a resolution on this matter @ 503-327-XXXXX. My bank institute has my statement recorded of the two separate transactions of $1,161.56 (I approved and bank processed) and $542.00 (no knowledge of and didn’t authorized). I’m pretty sure the Better Business Bureau doesn’t allow/permit this unlawful actions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Cellphone: 503-327-XXXXX.
Email: CmanXXXXX@lhs.org.

Frustrated customer,

Christine M. Manaois.


Mary Lee July 29, 2014 at 9:57 pm

DON’T USE EXPEDIA……..Well, I don’t know where to start. Friday July 25th, Mark and I were to be boarding a plane out of Louisville to Eureka CA at 8:30 am. This was a gift to Mark for his 60th birthday in January of this year from his family and also a second honeymoon. Everything was booked through Expedia. The trip was scheduled in May of this year, but we changed the date to July.
When we got to the airport, United checked desk the clerk proceed to tell my that our tickets have not been paid for! WHAT!! They have been paid for since April 30th. Phone calls to Expedia were unreal! 1st call at 7:20 am, Expedia said that it was United fault, United said that Expedia needed to reissue the ticket and they could take care of it. Then the Expedia person said that I did not pay the change fee of $200. So I said here is my credit card number. They said that the price has gone up to $1,500! I said NO WAY! Then the United clerk said just ask the Expedia person to reissue the May the 9th ticket. Then the phone call was disconnected! Oh by the way, Expedia does not have any direct lines that you can call right back to the person you were talking to!! So call the 1800 number again. 21 minute wait! It is 7:59 and bags have to be checked in 30 minutes before take off, so the United clerk gave us boarding passes to get back to the gate we are to board from hoping that we work it out with Expedia. Got back they were waiting for us. But no luck! But the United clerk did not give up. He said there is another flight out at 2:30 pm. So I thought surely by then we will get this worked out. From 8:30 am to 2:15 pm I bet the United clerk and I called Expedia 10 different times because of being disconnected. At 1:50 pm the United clerk finally got a supervisor that knew what needed to be done and was working on it and we got disconnected again! That did it! No trip to see the Redwoods! When I tried to call Expedia back there was a 25 minute wait! So now I was crying! Person from Expedia comes on the phone and I have to go through the whole thing again! Told them I needed to speak to a supervisor. Again waiting! Finally supervisor comes on the phone, told her what happen and she said that she was sorry, but that she could not do anything. I told her that I want a refund! She said she would have to check with the hotel and rental car to see if they would give a refund. Well, Mark just called the hotel and they told him that they do not get paid until we sign in and when Expedia say that the hotel does not give refund they keep the money. So when the Expedia person got back on the phone I told her that we had talked to the hotel and rental car place and they said to give the refund. So we are suppose to get the hotel and rental car refund and Expedia is suppose to give us a plane voucher. I do have an email saying that from Expedia. I would like a total REFUND, NOT A VOUCHER!!! SO I WILL NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN!!!!


engelhardt July 29, 2014 at 9:01 pm

i have called expedia 5 times ( from switzerland ) . each time average waiting time before i got an answer about 30 minutes. each time a person ( apparently from the phillipines ) spends 20 or more minutes to understand my case. 3 times i get passed on to the supervisor . each time i am being promised to receive an email to clarify the case. nothing comes…. than i call again and the supervisor has not the authority to make the change , she needs someone from corporate , but at the time we talk corporate office is closed. she promises to call me back within 12 hours . nothing happened since . ( 2 days later ) . bottom line …. EXPEDIA has a problem. don’t use EXPEDIA


DeAnn Johnson July 28, 2014 at 11:19 pm

I drove out to Ontario, CA to enjoy a comedy show, of course I made reservations to stay at the Hyatt. Only to find out it was sold out….so, I went over to the Hampton who insisted on having a credit card to bill charges, well, I love good old american cash, especially when they put your credit card into their computer for “incidentals”. I am never willing to compromise my good credit, especially when I WANT to pay with cash, it is cheaper. They advised me, they only accepted credit card (wtf?) So, I go through Expedia.com to find a hotel, since I am 110 miles from home and not familiar with the Inland Empire. I get a nice man on the phone, sounded like he was in the Philippines, this gentleman found me a hotel room at the Double Tree Hotel on Vineyard in Ontario, CA. I get over to the hotel to check in, only to find out they are completely sold out, WTF? I called Expedia back, explain my situation only to be informed, I need to pay additionally because I am changing my reservation. (Am I being PUNKED?) I ask them why would they charge me when they made this mistake? They hung up, I had to start the process over. It took 4 calls, 4 hours to resolve this issue and get booked into another Hotel. When I checked in, I was charged an additional 100.00, they WANTED cash for incidentals(blank stare) only to get to the room and find gnats flying around the room and it smelled like musty asses. It is now 6:13 pm and I need to shower and still get some dinner, so, I am pretty much paying now to wash my ass. I shower, get dressed and grab my overnight bag and head back to the front counter to check out and get my 100.00 back. I figured I would call this evening and get a refund for the money they charged my credit card when I first made my reservations. I also had an opportunity to read other complaints from customers and this is their normal practices. I am on the phone now being told that this is my fault because I authorized them to change the reservation…wtf??? This should be interesting, I have been transferred again….smmfh


Zuziwe July 28, 2014 at 5:28 pm

I have never experienced such pathetic service in my entire life, Expedia is a joke, a huge Circus only where they’ve made me feel like a Monkey.Expedia steals. I have bee spending over $120 trying to get my refund. When you eventually get aonsultation to speak to a consultant they spend another 15 minutes searching for your reservation and they attempt or pretend that they are transferring you to a supervisor and the call gets ended
There is someone at Expedia getting paing to screw us
I just want my refund before I am forced to seek legal action. This is unethical business practices


dan laor July 23, 2014 at 9:06 am

expedia unpublihed rate DECEPTION and FRAUD
i see and book
recived confirmation ROOM ONLY(no free parking and no free breakfast)
sand lot mails to customer service and recived final answer-NO FREE PARKING and NO FREE BREAKFAST and no posibillity recived money back
in my opinion the responsabilty is expedia


Bruce July 22, 2014 at 3:58 pm

This is the worst service I ever experienced in my life. They stole 1433 dollars from my checking acccount and it took me days to get a hold of a Supervisor just to tell me. I called Fox 5 news in New York City and the Better Business Bureau. This company needs to shut down for fraud. They will be a case study for failiure in a few years like Dell Computers.


Ricky July 4, 2014 at 2:05 am

First time usingExpedia the worst customer service in booking a package through the phone. talking to a customer service rep across the world is not fun when you can understand them and and double charging my account because it into overdrive. The only thing your customer service rep to tell you I’m sorry sorry doesn’t fix everything. this will be the first time and last time ever use Expedia giving me valcher for $200 which I might not even be able to use because I’m not going to use Expedia NO More


Diana July 2, 2014 at 12:36 pm

I will never use Expedia again. I booked a hotel room and they treated me horribly, they threatened to call the police on me, because I asked a manager to speak to her supervisor. I asked for a full refund and they would only refund me one night. I asked Expedia to not pay them , but they had already charged my card. I had to pay for a room I never stayed in Expedia should have demanded my money back and they never did. I will try and continue to fight this by contacting the Expedia CEO if I can get through to him or her. I will never use Expedia again.


sherry July 14, 2014 at 11:09 am

they did the same thing to me are now refusing to refund the money to my account so you’re not alone if there’s any way you can provide me the number to speak to whoever is in charge of the corporate office please I’m begging pass it on cuz we had a death in the family had to cancel our reservation and its been 7 weeks and I still have not refunded our money thank you so much by the way my number is area code 804 297 4665


monto June 28, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Expedia, travelocity and hotels.com are the same @#$%& company.


AMIR SHAKIR June 25, 2014 at 2:51 pm

EXPEDIA BUYS XXXXXEXPEDIA.COM WEBSITE TO DIVERT COMPLAINTS threestripesmedia.blogspot.com/2014/06/expedia-buys-XXXXX-expedia-website-name.html


AMIR SHAKIR June 25, 2014 at 1:40 pm

I demand a full refund (charge back) for the trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Houston, Texas. The customer service reps said they DON’T know the address to the corporate office and only gave us a phone number. Those guys are liars n probably not even answering the phones from the United States. I DEMAND A REFUND


Dan Petrone June 22, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Oh, I just noticed that Expedia owns hotels.com which makes sense because I did not get a cancellation email confirmation back from them yet either. Please address that for me as well. Reservation #117301634866. Thanks, Dan Petrone


Dan Petrone June 22, 2014 at 4:29 pm

I have experience the same customer service problems as others. Expedia reps would not honor their best price guarantee that is on their website. All I needed was one final email confirmation of the cancellation of my longest reservation & biggest deposit, since I received a better deal directly through the hotel with a AAA discount. I was on hold for way too long, which in the customer service industry is 20 min or more. Based on the reviews of others, I should be grateful that I received the emails confirmations of the cancellations that I did. However, based on this experience with Expedia, their practices are highly unprofessional, & I would definitely not use them again. I would still like my final cancellation confirmation, so please email me & let me know what needs to be done. This is the Itin# 178250398238 for a total of $956.78. Thank you, Dan Petrone


Clinton Paulk June 20, 2014 at 6:43 pm

I cant understand how they stay in business with all of the unresolved complaints. I just went through the same thing this weekene 6/13/14-6/16/14 I was promised a room with two beds and I got a single handicap bed with a shower that I couldn’t use and no standard closet
When I called expedia I started a chain of, I will call you back which never happened like they said. Today is fri 6/20/14 and I am still being told that they will call me back.
I have came to the conclusion they are staying in business on false pretents and broken promises. I hope the bbb will grade these people approiately.
Sign……Never Again!!


Susan June 19, 2014 at 11:16 am

Terrible service from the call center, but once I finally got someone at corporate, my issue was resolved in relatively short order. Spent 3 days and close to 6 hours trying to resolve use of unused ticket credits on a new flight. Call center didn’t listen to what I was saying – every time they repeated back to me, they got another part of the issue wrong. They’d correct themselves, repeat, and something else was wrong! If you are going to outsource a call center to people who earn a pittance compared to American workers, at least get people who understand the language – mind you, I am NOT a judgemental person – I work with people from many parts of the world. Expedia will lose my business after this… and likely anyone to whom I tell my story.


Allen May 27, 2014 at 9:21 am

Expedia needs to seriously take a look at their systems and processes (CRM/data entry & Telecommunications).
My wife and I have been experiencing exactly the same level of non-service that all the other poor unsuspecting souls who have been posting on this site.
We’ve been on the phone to 3 different agents, and one supervisor over the course of over 4 hours, all of these representatives have seemed nice and polite, but totally out-of-depth and struggling to make something happen.
It is more than likely that Expedia has outsourced their call centre to someone like HCL, or one of the other major Indian outsourcing companies, which is entirely logical, but in doing so they’ve TOTALLY lost control of the quality of the experience that their (so-called) valued customers are receiving.
I’m assuming that if we were all to ONLY interact with the Expedia website (which is most definitely not something that they would outsource), then all would be well.
But alas, everyone on this site is complaining about the call centre customer service.
Rather than the Expedia execs outsourcing the ‘yucky’ functions of their business, those which are seemingly impossible to run through North American call centres, they should at least implement a pressure release valve of sorts, by establishing a Detroit USA based ‘escalations’ centre for those cases where the proverbial has hit the fan (seems to be happening a lot), allowing the company to rescue some of the train wrecks before people reach the end of their tether (like me right now, as i’m STILL currently listening to Expedia hold music whilst typing this novel) and therefore posting on Facebook, twitter, and this random website trashing their company.
The telecommunications issues are a byproduct of the distance the calls needs to travel over subpar infrastructure from one continent to the next, and when you factor in that most reps have their colleagues sitting within 50cms on either side, with a team leader who rides them every second of the day, all whilst they’re getting verbal abuse from customers for the accents (no fault of their own, and generally not such a huge deal for people who aren’t precious about living in the western world … i’m from beautiful Sydney Australia btw!)
These guys must have such high churn and burn (retention rates) that every time a decent rep builds up familiarity with the convoluted airline booking systems (Amadeus – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amadeus_CRS) and seemingly retarded internal policies and procedures, that they run for the hills from stress and anxiety disorders after a few months of torture (oops, meant to say “work”)
The solution is for Expedia to launch an internal project to look into these issues that are damaging their brand, but that is possibly already underway. (hopefully not being conducted by an external consulting firm like A———– as they’ll just likely milk it for 6 months and then provide the Expedia CEO/board with some longwinded report that cost $2.5m that gives a whole bunch of recommendations to fix things that wont get implemented due to lack of board approval for the $40m it will cost, because the CEO is unlikely to stick his neck out when their making tidy profits either way. It’s usually not until the CEO and other senior executive salaries are tied to customer satisfaction ratings, will anything meaningful be done to cut out the rot that has crept in.
There are logic and rational solutions to all of these problems, but it remains to be seen if the continued profits are totally masking the undercurrent of customer discontent.
We shall see….


Peter May 26, 2014 at 9:24 am

I am from the U.K. & I am also experiencing the almost non existent customer support from the UK subsidiary of Expedia. Many phone calls to them (call centre in India !!) and information promised is never sent to me & my many emails NEVER answered. I am only after very basic details to be confirmed by them but they seem totally UNABLE or UNWILLING to respond. I have paid thousands of pounds to them for a holiday in sunny Florida & NO HELP from them at all. They are happy to take your MONEY but give NO HELP in return So it looks that Expedia have a GLOBAL policy of treating ALL their customers to ABSOLUTE RUBBISH CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The CEO and all his EXECUTIVES should be TOTALLY ASHAMED of what they are allowing to happen.


Zhana Honovich May 21, 2014 at 3:56 pm

After using them for a few years, i had the worst experience today. Spoke to 6 people, was hung up on, put on hold for 45 minutes, rude, (except for one person), do not speak English. To make a long story short – i was on the phone with expedia for almost 4 hours and NO ONE HELPED!!!! I am filing a report with BBB and Department of consumer affairs. Also will contact several news stations and news papers


Nicol May 20, 2014 at 9:03 am

I booked a hotel room on the evening of May 17 for May 30th. I never received a confirmation/ itinerary #/or e mail. I called the customer service # 3 times, heard a blowing sound on the phone, even after someone came on the line once… no person to talk to.
The next day I noted that Expedia did indeed debit my bank account, but still no e mail to confirm my reservation. I called again and spoke to some man who could not find any reservation, could not find my e mail address or my name.phone #. He gave me the # for Hotels . com, stating tha I did not make a reservation with Expedia..(however, Expedia took my money!) Finally I called again, call # 5 and spoke to a woman, LORI, very nice, most helpful, and low and behold, found my reservation, my name, my e mail address and immediately sent me my reservation and confirmation. I WILL NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN and have begun telling everyone I know. Customer service does not exist.


Jessica G May 19, 2014 at 10:31 am

Expedia is a rip off. My husband and I booked a hotel with them for NYC that was supposed to be a 4 star hotel, according to their website promotion. When we called the hotel to confirm our stay and their star rating, they advised us they were 3 stars only. Obviously, we called Expedia to try to and obtain a refund to book a different hotel with that actually had the 4 stars that should have been initially given to us per the promotion but they said the hotel would not refund our money so they could not grant that to us. It was not the hotels fault, it was Expedia who had the star rating wrong. We spoke to various supervisors and managers, even at corporate but they would not give us a refund or even change us to a different hotel. We have always booked vacations with them, that is up until now of course. I will NEVER use them again and I will insure that my family does not either. Their promotion is not accurate and is misleading because we paid for a hotel of more quality than what they gave us. Their customer service is horrible and they are going to keep getting complaints if they continue to do this.


john Pollaert May 17, 2014 at 11:28 am

I can’t get through to corporate, can someone PLEASE call me at either (353) 735-XXXXX or (352)408-XXXXX, thank you


Gertrude May 16, 2014 at 6:55 pm

This company is sheister and full of the most bulls***. As a seasined, world traveler I have never encountered such terrible customer service in my life! Wait time on the phone always exceeds two hours then hung up on. Even calling the corporate offfice the line ring over and over to receptionist that neer answers.


Mike May 16, 2014 at 2:29 pm

Worst company ever. 5 hours on hold, no answers and still waiting. I had to cancel a vacation package, received a flight credit for that trip. Now I am trying to use that credit for another vacation package. They said I can’t do that. I have to go through customer service to book a flight and hotel separate. No where on my correspondence did I say I had to do this.
No one will answer customer service number. No one. I can’t get anyone to help me and they keep passing me off to different people.
This is a JOKE!
This company stinks!


Elizabeth Holt May 13, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Fully agree with all customers naming Expedia as WORST customer service ever!!! Talked with 7 different agents and 2 different supervisors over the course of more than 5 hours. Was hung up on or put on indefinite hold multiple times (I had to use 2 phones at once to get out of being on hold for over 1:40 minutes)!!! A joke! Can’t understand the non-English speaking representatives. Clear case if false advertising. Am looking into legal recourse. Stay away from this company!!!!!!!


Cleo May 12, 2014 at 5:26 pm

This company is an absolute joke. Have been trying to sort out an error made by them since 26th April 2014. Coat me a fortune in phone calls. Say they will get back to me but never do. Waiting again for a phone call tonight 12 th May 2014, promised I would be called back in an hour, now waiting over an hour and a half no phone call. Call centres in India, useless absolutely useless people on the end of the line, who lie through their teeth to you. I have no idea how to sort the situation out. Will make sure everyone knows how pathetic the service is and tell people not to use it, hope expedia see this but if they were interested in good customer service then there would be no messages like this needed, but obviously they do not care at all.


jeane May 10, 2014 at 6:22 pm

this company is a joke!!! double charged me and try to try to say that the money have not yet gone threw!!!! If it was a small amount of money I wouldn’t have a problem with it but it was a big amount of money!!!!


Keith April 23, 2014 at 4:52 pm

This company is a joke…..tried to con me by booking me into a Hotel in a country I was not going using a spam agent in India, after 11 emails and 5 telephone calls, NO RESPONSE


Vikram Raina April 21, 2014 at 6:06 pm

40 Minutes still waiting for someone to pick up the phone.


Albert Baldwin April 13, 2014 at 1:45 pm

I have some information involving misuse of EXPEDIA’s name, blocking Hotels’ and perhaps other websites for personal gain all tied-in to posing as a Debit Card company wanting to get cardholder assurance that a charge to the cardholder’s account is legitimate by calling a number supposedly related to the issuer of the Debit card (in my case, Schwab). My call to “Schwab” was answered by a request that I complete a brief survey that would qualify me for a $100 gift card for only $2.95 for shipping and handling. Also that I should be prepared to have my credit card ready to give to the shipping department. (Later calls to the number did not involve the same recorded script.

Who might be interested in this apparent scam?


Diane April 6, 2014 at 1:49 am

I booked my family’s tickets to Europe through Expedia and had a wonderful experience with the agent Sarah but now I am wondering if it was a good idea after the experience I have had today trying to booki our oldest daughter. As I sit, I have been on the phone with Expedia for 10 hours I have been hung up on, disconnected I do not know how many times , have waited on the phone for over an hour to talk to a supervisor, have had a supervisor to disconect me, have been laughed at by one guy when asked to talk to a supervisor and been told good luck and that he did not care if I talked to one or not.I am still on hold yet again waiting to see if someone will help me or not. With all the comments on this web site you would think that the ceo’s at Expedia would care about their customers and check into some of this. maybe they need to go on Undercover Boss to see what is happening in their company. Because without customers they will cease to exist!


Dutta April 5, 2014 at 9:23 am

I am running a hotel in Katra (J&K) and want to join Expedia.


Alton March 29, 2014 at 12:37 am

I do appreciate your timely and quick response to my concerns that was brought to your attention. Because of your effort and diligence, we were able to resolve my complaint with a full refund that was due me within less than twenty four hours. For those who will read this email, Let me be clear, I am not an agent of nor was I paid by Expedia, to post this email. I just telling my experience with the excellent service that I received from Expedia’s customer service. Job well done.
Thank you.


linda March 27, 2014 at 10:10 am

hell of away n book a getaway fom promotion company send then they dont honor or never seen the promo not even corporate office emailed 4 times to them the promotion special 2 weeks later noone calls stay on phone with company 13 hrs counting the hang up n 45 minute hold time n people who cant speak or understanding basic english not good


Diana March 27, 2014 at 6:39 am

You are a disgrace expedia and should be ashamed of yourself – 4 weeks, 5 calls each of at least a half duration if not more (explaining myself over and over again), being hung up on at least twice, a website complaint and still no price match refund. Never ever again booking through your website, would sooner pay more than put up with this appalling customer service.


MATT March 26, 2014 at 10:47 pm



Lisa March 15, 2014 at 11:03 am

I have been doing this for a month now. It’s a good thing I was diligent enough to call to confirm my booking. They are telling me the trip is not booked however : the hotel is confirmed as is the flight ( I called airline and hotel myself). They continue to tell me each time I call that they have no record of my purchase of trip insurance or activity pass to universal. Each time I call, ten times now, I have been put on hold, or hung up on. They certainly had no trouble taking the money from my account 2 months ago. I have three emails confirming the trip and actitivites but the ” customer service reps ” cannot seem to find it. Today I talked to mike who is supposedly waiting to talk to his manager to straighten this out and again I am waiting for a call back. I have faxed and emailed the confirmed intinerary to them twice which clearly gives a break down of costs that include the activity fee and insurance ($496.00). If any of you want to join a class action lawsuit to include pain and suffering I’m willing to get the ball rolling!


linda March 27, 2014 at 10:04 am

i agree this company good for not returning calls even corporate office veery rude


Mac March 12, 2014 at 2:58 pm

I just contacted expedia concerning the dump motel they booked us in in Pensacola, Fl.

How bad was it? My wife stood in the door and refused to enter the room as I checked it.

If we don’t get our money back I will tell the rest of the story.


Donald Waiters March 3, 2014 at 12:51 am

I had the worst experience in these last 24hrs. Courtesy of Expedia Very poor Customer Service and Im planning on taking them to Small Claims Court to recover my funds. I have friends that works for the New York Times and can’t wait to tell this story. I will contact there CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in the morning to let them what type of staff they have representing there company.


Lisa March 15, 2014 at 10:45 am

Donald I have had the same horrible experience! I will join the lawsuit with you!


Lyn April 30, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Having the same problem! they are the worst they don’t speak English and you are on hold for hours! I will never use them again


jonae and Antoine May 1, 2014 at 10:59 am

As I sit here in the airport trying to get my money back or simply change my flight information…and fyi were trying to do this because we were not given complete details about the international flights turns out u have to be here 3hrs early for international flight. I spoke with a human while booking my reservations to ensure we had all the information we needed. we were never advised that we had to be at the airport 3hrs early now they want to charge us an addl $800/ticket to change the flight…I take some responsibility for not calling the airline beforehand but I also feel Expedia should be talking some responsibility as well for not informing me while I discussing the flight details…. we have now been here 2hrs with no avail…not even a call back or someone that doesn’t hang up on me when their tired of dealing with my issue…called the contact information listed for the “executives” but as I expected no answer and I guesss i better not hold my breath on getting a call back from them…Soooooooo I guess I’m just f@$!ed! Does anyone have a point of reference to get things taken care of with Expedia????


Zach February 6, 2014 at 11:18 pm

I booked a trip to Belgium in Aug, the agent got my name wrong so need to have them change it. I was told they could
Not do it. After being on the phone for 5 hours and transferred to 6 people they got it fixed. Since, they made the mistake they gave me a $50.00 to use for my next trip. I wanted
To fly out to PHX and us my $50.00 voucher they told me today I could only use it for a Hotel not a flight when I was told it could be used for anything. I then asked
To speck with a manager nope another agent that said the same thing. I said I would like
To speck with a manager and was hung up on.


Scott February 28, 2014 at 10:34 am

Dude- I am living your nightmare right now! What a crap company. I just left a message for the COO. I am convinced there is no US center just a couple of executives sitting around in their underwear laughing at us suckers. USE EXPEDIA AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Keith January 29, 2014 at 3:09 pm

A friend of mine booked a return flight from Birmingam UK to Milan, Italy through Expedia.co.uk. They confirmed her booking. Two days later the airline changed the flight time, which would now land her in a foreign city at 9pm with no way of completing the onward 3 hour journey that night. At the same time that Expedia informed her of this change, they also confirmed to the airline that she accepted the change, without even asking her! So the airline are now refusing to refund the ticket charge, they are blaming Expedia and therefore want 100% cancellation fee, and Expedia are giving me and her the run around with their pathetic call centre in India. Does anyone know how to contact their head office in London? I have the name of their MD, Andy Washington, but no email or office address to write to. Any help appreciated.


twila December 31, 2013 at 10:41 am



Farhan Bashir October 30, 2013 at 11:31 am

Dear Expedia

I completed a form to list my hotel on your website but have not had an acknowledgment or response. Please can you let me know (by phone or email) if you have received my request and when I’m likely to receive a response.

Kind Regards

Farhan Bashir


Dail August 23, 2013 at 9:25 am

I was at Six Flags New England with my ten year old son and 13 year old niece. Went online and made a reservation with a place with a pool so I could take the kids to the water park in the morning then go back to the hotel and go swimming and eat dinner early evening. Got to the hotel and what a surprise NO POOL.I had asked Expedia for a pool.. Then called expedia back and told them I needed once again a pool. The guy very nice made me reservation I said I am not near a computer and don’t know what this place looks like what if I get there and don’t like it what is the cancellation fee he said 15% well got to the place it look like I was going to pimp my kids out it was a ghetto hotel I was so upset, tired and hungry.. Called Expedia again and ends up you have to pay the whole $109. I was freaking out because now I was on the highway on my way home…..I made a point to ask the guy about the cancellation fee and he lied to me…I have been calling to talk to someone at Expedia and left messages and NO CALL BACK…..


miguel garcia August 11, 2013 at 7:27 pm

goodnight to goodnight to yo da they lie to you I booked a hotel I did not say and I call customer service for refund and they told me I will get the refund all the kids change don’t worry about it the following date babe the following babe I called back and they don’t have no knowledge of me calling that day I spoke to the manager record of me calling them, all they did is took my money and I did not get a refund.


john July 25, 2013 at 6:48 pm

i learned this from expedia and other trave sites call the hotels directly you get the same prices and discounts that the travel sites get look up the hotels in the city your staying in and find out who they are google them and talk directly to there reservation people


Amanda Holland July 24, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Friday, July 19, I called Expedia to book a hotel reservation. The lady I spoke with, Dafney seemed very nice and helpful at first. She found the hotel I wanted but only booked it for only part of the time I wanted it for. I asked for July 27-August 2 and she told me that it was available. I gave her my credit card number and told her I wanted to book it. It seemed to be taking her a very long time and she kept telling me not to worry. I asked her again if all of my dates were available and she reassured me that they were. She then gave me 3 confirmation numbers in which I told her I did not understand why I needed 3 confirmation numbers and she just kept telling me not to worry. It was not until I checked my email that I realized that she only booked 3 nights. I would not have booked at all if all of the dates I wanted were not available. She completely lied to me.


john July 24, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Sonny,Mike,Curtis im john and in the same situation being a disabled vet i booked through expedia they booked me into 2 different hotels and was charged for both hotels now expedia says they need the sheratons manager to say its ok to to refund the money the manager at the sheraton i guess is butt hurt because i left him several messages which he did not return so i called corporate because i called corporate he is refusing to say ok to refund the money.being on a fixed income i was going to use that money to put gas in my vehicle so i could make an appt with the pulmonary doctor.i had to cancel because i had no money to put gas in my vehicle but the part that gets me besides that i am coughing up blood niether expedia nor the sheraton give a crap what do i do


Curtis July 21, 2013 at 11:45 am

I am updating my post. On my (7) seventh phone call I was able to speaker to Leonard who asked about the situation. Although I did not want to go over the story again with him, I did and he advised about the information they had placed in the notes which was incorrect on some issues. However he was much more calm than the supervisor and offered to call the hotel and get a waiver to credit my account immediately. He also offered the same corporate number that you see at the top of the screen. Normally this kind of thing would have had me upset. Not because I could not afford it but, because of the mistakes and the attitudes I was dealing with. Knowing that most of the representatives did not care and would not attempt to resolve the problem. So I add this to my statement, be persistant and do not let them win, if you are right. Good Luck. When all else fails, attorney’s can often find the means to resolve the issue. Make sure they get stuck with the lawyer fees.


Curtis July 21, 2013 at 10:14 am

Sonny, I am going through the same thing right now with them. I was on the phone for two hours at 1:00 am today. They told me that their system charged when it should not have because I cancelled within the given time frame. After two hours on the phone with them, they finally tell me they can not see when I cancelled the hotel reservations, then transfer me to a supervisor. The supervisor says that I did not cancell in time even though I have doXXXXentation from them and more confirming that I did. The supervisor tells me to call back at 5:00 am this morning and they will transfer me to the corporate office. When I ask for the number they say they do not have it only have an extention. I have now called them (6) six times and keep getting cut off. The last time the young lady says that if it gets cut off she will be the one to call me back. Well it did and I have been waiting 15 minutes for that phone call which I know will never come. There is a corporate number online that I have been trying, but it is busy every time I call it. I would recomend that everyone make a complaint with the better buisness bureau. It will reduce their score and they will have a difficult time borrowing money, which is the only thing a lot of businesses understand. Also go to your bank or credit card company and put in a dispute. Third each time you call them place them on speaker and record them or make sure other adults can hear what is being said so that if this becomes an issue for the court you have a witness as to what was said, because the representatives will doXXXXent the information a different way. Then go to the facebook page and post your complaint as 1,000 can see what is being said about them on their page. Also go to other sites, such as Pilottrust and others that rate expedia.com. Post your review of them every where you can. You can sometimes use other sites such as Tripadvisor.com and tell people about your experience with them. If you have a call for action with your local news media, send your complaint to them as well. They should not operate that way and all I have been finding all around the web is do not use them. So be very careful when dealing with any of these sites because the customer service reps at the bottom do not want your complaint going any higher.


Mike July 11, 2013 at 2:46 am

WOW!!! Customer service??? They know nothing about customer service!!! Expedia may be saving money by using people from India but know this, they don’t give a crap about customer service!!! I was put on hold for AN HOUR and all i could hear in the background is freakin INDIANS laughing, laughing, laughing, singing happy birthday talking in INDIAN all while im on hold! GOOD JOB EXPEDIA, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BECAUSE I WILL NEVER EVEN VISIT THIS SITE AGAIN!!! ANYONE READING THIS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR YOUR VACATION BECAUSE A VACATION SHOULD NOT BE THIS COMPLICATED TO BOOK! I REALLY CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST WENT THROUGH WITH THEIR INDIAN CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Sonny July 10, 2013 at 3:02 pm

TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT USING EXPEDIA PLEASE READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY!!! I booked international airline tickets for a family vacation for seven people. When I opened my emailed itinerary a week later, I noticed that my daughter was not on the flight with my family. Everyone makes mistakes, Expedia, but I called in giving them an opportunity to fix it. Well, nothing has been fixed and my family vacation is ruined because of this company!!! Every time I call they transfer me to a supervisor who puts me on hold and then disconnects the call. This happened to me seven times and is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable by any standards! They known they messed up and now they won’t fix the issue! I AM NOT LEAVING MY DAUGHTER OUT OF THIS VACATION BECAUSE EXPEDIA MESSED THINGS UP! They are avoiding me and I know that it is in their notes because when I give them my email address they immediately put me on hold and disconnect the call!!! What type of business or customer service is this? *****TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU TO LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR TRAVEL PLANS… IF YOU SEE A PRICE ON EXPEDIA YOU ARE HAPPY WITH, GO TO ORBITZ OR TRAVELOCITY TO BOOK IT BECAUSE THE PRICES ARE THE SAME AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SOMEWHERE ELSE CANNOT BE WORSE THAN EXPEDIAS IS!!! EXPEDIA RUINED MY FAMILY VACATION AND I WILL NOT END IT HERE, MY ATTORNEY IS THE NEXT PERSON I AM CONTACTING AND I PROMISE EXPEDIA WILL PAY FOR ALL OF THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE CAUSED!!!


Jessica June 19, 2013 at 5:23 pm

Expedia representative charged me over $2000.00 without authorization for a hotel we didn’t even stay in. I called several times and with no resolve. I finally had to get my bank involved. Theifs and scammers who steal money and sell fake insurance. Will never ever recommend this company and plan to call all the news channels and post all over Facebook!


sherry June 8, 2013 at 6:50 pm

I am emailing all of my friends to tell them never to use your site as long as the gay commercials are on TV. I was pretty disgusted in watching your new add


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