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CenturyLink Corporate Office Address

CenturyLink, Inc.
100 CenturyLink Drive
Monroe, Louisiana 71203

Contact CenturyLink

Phone Number: (318) 388-9000
Fax Number: (318) 388-9562
Website: http://www.centurylink.com
Email: Email CenturyLink

CenturyLink Facts

Founder: F. E. Hogan, SR.
Date Founded: 1968
Founding Location: Oak Ridge, Louisiana
Number of Employees: 51000

CenturyLink Executives

CEO: Jeffrey Storey
CFO: Sunit Patel
COO: Richard Batelaan

CenturyLink History

Centurylink logo

CenturyLink was founded in 1968 as Central Telephone and Electronics Corporation.  In 1971, the name was changed to Century Telephone Enterprises and then to CenturyTel in 1999.

Oak Ridge Telephone Company originally served 3 states with around 10,000 access lines.  In 1968, Oak Ridge incorporated as Central Telephone and Electronics.

In 1978, the company went public and began to trade on the NYSE under symbol CTL.

In 1981, the company acquired War Telephone from WV.  War Telephone was sold 2 years later due to financial issues. Centurylink phone internet service

In 1989, Universal Telephone was acquired.  In 1992, Central Telephone Company of Ohio was added to the company.

In 2008, Embarq acquired CenturyTel.  In 2010, the name was changed to CenturyLink.

In 2014, the company acquired both DataGardens and Cognilytics.

In October of 2016, the company acquired Level 3 Communications for $25 billion. Centurylink ad on subway

The company acquired SEAL Consulting in January 2017.

In 2017, the company reported annual revenue of $17.656 billion. The CenturyLink corporate office is located in Monroe, Louisiana. Centurylink corporate office building

CenturyLink FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for CenturyLink?
Answer 1: The phone number for CenturyLink is (318) 388-9000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of CenturyLink?
Answer 2: The CEO of CenturyLink is Jeffrey Storey.

Question 3: Who founded CenturyLink?
Answer 3: CenturyLink was founded by F. E. Hogan, SR. in 1968.

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Charles Poulton September 16, 2019 at 11:46 am

For as large a company as this is, they are so antiquated in how payments are and can be processed! I have spent the morning talking to their automated system (which is ridiculous) and 3 different people trying give them the information proving our account was paid on Sept. 9th as processed by my bank and this company. It’s like pulling eye teeth off a pig!! They can’t find my payment sent by bill pay from my credit union. Apparently have no way of researching where the payment went, had a phone listed as our point of contact that was disconnected in May that we used only for faxing for our business and on and on. Absolutely wasting my time because of their incompetence.


Al September 4, 2019 at 9:09 am

I been customer for 14yrs and this year is the worst year !! Internet 3mb $54 to $148 , service customer advice me to bundle and I will get more internet speed. Nothing changed!


Christian September 2, 2019 at 9:09 pm

I’ve been a centurylink customer for 3 years, and my parents were customers for 5 years. Recently I moved to an area where you guys service, but the local technician says the box is full and no new customers can be added. All my neighbors in a 5 mile radius have been in this area for over 5 years and have called and tried to get internet with you but they all got the same message as me. It sounds like you guys haven’t upgraded your services in my area in years. I’m willing to get a petition started if that’s what it takes to get your engineering team out here to install a second service box. What are the steps I need to take for you to install a second service box in my area?

I live in Tecumseh, Missouri, 65760.


Steve Powell August 25, 2019 at 11:20 pm

I am currently a CenturyLink (CL) customer and have been for over 20 years. I live in Rio Rico AZ. I am connected to the internet through my telephone line and have recently upgraded my speed from 1.5 Mbps to 3 Mbps. I was told by the company that I was being upgraded to a service of 3-7 Mbps but when I test my speed I only have 2.5-2.7 Mbps. I have made several calls to CL about this discrepancy and have been informed that the only speed available to me is 3 Mbps.
I have spoken with the customer service and tech support depts. and have been told that the 2.5 Mbps speed is correct and within the 70-80% window that can be expected with 3 Mbps service. Where I live is approx .1-.2 miles to the connection terminal where my phone line hooks into the internet box.
However, I am only about 200 ft. from a residential pedestal that could provide speeds of up to 40 Mbps. CL says they aren’t able to provide that speed to me and that even the 7 Mbps which I was told I am paying for is not available at my connection point.
The system that provides the <40 Mbps was installed when a residential development was under construction. CL did not connect my terminal to that system at the time of that construction. The residential development is named Rancho del Rio and was developed by Avatar Company. Avatar has since sold that property, originally designed for 50-100 residences and the development is now owned by a private person. Only 3 residences were ever sold and those have the 40 Mbps service.
I see no reason CL couldn’t connect my terminal to that system and provide faster internet to many households in our area that are now stuck with slow speeds.
The terminal boxes where my line is connected (located at the intersection of Pendleton Dr and Avenida Pastor—Rio Rico AZ 85648) have fiber optic labels and yet i am told that faster speed is not available. I want some honest truthful explanations and faster internet. Centurylink is the only provider here so they do whatever they want.
Stephen Powell
Rio Rico AZ
Centurylink captive


BJM August 13, 2019 at 3:01 pm

I ordered basic land line phone service. The rep was aware that no service had ever been to our home, which is 30 miles from Denver but yet remote enough to need a land line service. There are no wires connected to the house, again the rep was made aware, and that to turn on this service trenching work is needed to bring the wires from the closest pedestal where I assume wires are located to our home. No problem I’m told, the installer will get it done but it costs $99. I respond with that can’t be correct but we’ll figure it out when the installer comes. Install day comes and no installer. I get an email stating my service has been activated, just plug in the modem after 5pm. I don’t have a modem, or need one. I need wires connected to my house so I can plug in a phone! Then about a week later I receive the “first” bill. What? I don’t have any service! I call, get the usual run around, long hold times, several transfers, no help. I call the Monroe LA headquarters today, get transferred to someone who tries to sell me more service, but finally gives me a disconnect order number and promises to cancel all bills. We’ll see. I loathe CenturyLink! They pulled a similar crooked deal when we canceled our service in a rental home, canceled the auto payment on it only to discover that for the next 2 years, they continued to bill me for NO SERVICE.
CenturyLink strives to screw customers out of their money and focuses zero on providing working service.


Joe Morris August 2, 2019 at 5:02 pm

After over 2-3 years of closing my Century Link Account and receiving a credit check for the balance, I received a notice that I owed 55.00 and up on calling into find out why, I was told I owe over 300.00. I haven’t had an account in years.

Over an hour and a half on the phone from holding, and being transferred around 5 times, I was disconnect by yet another customer service rep. I had asked to speak with Director of Customer Service and she said there wasn’t one and executives do not take phone calls. No one can resolve my issue that is a Century Link error in using the same account number I had before.

I was told to call on Mon or Tuesday and speak with Collections. I was holding for collections earlier and was only transferred to another customer service person, who then just rolled my call to another customer service rep.

What the hell is going on with Century Link. Not my problem, but yours and I risk ruining my credit because of it.

Does anyone read these post? If so, please reply.


E. Stahl July 29, 2019 at 1:17 pm

My internet went down on 7.26.2019; I rebooted my modem and had the tech on your customer no-service team bounce the services. Nothing worked, and was told I needed a repair tech dispatched to evaluate the line. The earliest available date to schedule this repair is 8.7.2019 or 12 days after I reported the outage. This is unacceptable service! To make matters worse, I can’t get anyone to help me with a reasonable solution and timeline. Centurylink, I do hope you read this and understand that 12 days without service is not okay – not for you and certainly not for me. PLEASE HELP!


Pissed off June 17, 2019 at 11:14 pm


We have moved to a new home in the country almost two years ago. When we first moved out here we contacted century link since I work from home and I needed reliable internet. They came out and said they needed to put a work order in and will be in touch. Months and months pass no response and no update.
Someone finally contacts me and says century link will not be coming out in your area any time soon but if you keep your order open and pay they’ll try to get out sooner. Mind you we are a new neighborhood, we were the only residents out here now we have more homes and the area will have a total of 90 homes. So about a year after us living here I learn the lady across the street somehow got century link, the guy took a cord and put it under ground for her to a port
That’s closer to MY house! Unacceptable.
When I called about this they said sorry but I can’t get internet.. that lady moved out here a year after us and I’ve called so many times for orders!!! I hear century link may still come out here but I doubt it!! you can see all the order numbers and all my notes!! We just want internet and it’s not fair a woman across the street has it and no one else!!

Sent from my iPhone


Mo Heshmati June 14, 2019 at 1:43 pm

You have to be the worst company.Your CEO probably has no idea how much your service sucks.We had paid $3500 to Century link of Denver(Julie McMullin)to buried our line for 7 months and she keep giving us run around answers. I wish BBB would do something about this incompetent company.


HOLLY RASMUSSEN May 28, 2019 at 9:03 pm

I have been a customer since 2014 and have endured slow connection for most of that time. I call to have it checked and they give me the run around or “will have to send someone out at my expense” excuse, so I just deal with it. We are moving on June 1st so I called to cancel my service. I was told that I have a 2yr contract so the disconnect fee is $200. It is 2019 last time I checked, that’s 5 yrs people. After the hold on let me check game went on for another 30 mins I was told that in 2017, when I changed to auto payment and paperless statements, I got a discount and that put me in a 2yr verbal contract and I am at 22 months. So I did them a cost savings favor for not having to print and mail a stmt and guaranteed timely payments and still have to pay them $200? I repeatedly stated that I did not agree to any type of contract because we were subject to move at any time and didn’t want to be tied to a contract. They basically said I was lying and could do nothing for me and that they or any other company in America would not just offer a $200 discount or waiver to help someone out. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transferred to Jasmine. She said again that it was their word against mine and they believe what the notes in the system say. After 40 more mins of getting no where I asked to speak to her manager. She stated they don’t have managers, that all the supervisors are the same as she is. I asked her if she had a boss and she said no. I asked for the VP or President or someone that she reports to and she stated they don’t do customer service and do not have a phone # or email address. Pretty sure no one on the Centurylink planet “does customer service” ever. I again asked to please speak with a manager and was transferred to Donna. Donna stated she was Jasmine’s supervisor and I mentioned Jasmines stated she didn’t have a manager. Donna then told me she was not Jasmine’s supervisor that she was the same as Jasmine and they don’t have a boss. She then proceeded to regurgitate the same BS about how I agreed to a contact when I signed up for paperless stmts and they would have to research and pull the recorded call from 2017 before they would believe me. That process could take weeks. I asked if it could be expedited and they said no. I asked if I could pay the 2 remaining months and be done and they said no, I would still get the $200 fee. I asked what would happen if they cant find the call, they said nothing, but that I would get a call either way….blah, blah, blah. Honestly, I have never dealt with such inconsiderate, ridiculous people in my life. What a joke!


Gary Hefley May 28, 2019 at 8:31 am

We have been without phone or internet service since last Friday. I have called several times and have been told that they are very busy but would be able to get to us in two weeks. Yesterday I called again and was told they would try to expedite our repair. After waiting on my cell for 20 minutes or so, I was told that our repair could not be expedited because they had already scheduled an appointment two weeks from now. That makes no sense. Every time we see a Centurylink truck within 4 miles of our home, we know someone in our area will be loosing service. I have never dealt with such poor customer service.


Marie Sulze May 23, 2019 at 8:10 pm

My husband moved his business, and called a month in advance to make an appointment, so the number would be changed by the time he moved. Nobody showed up, and when he called to ask why, they had no record of him calling! He then called our cellular carrier, and even though they got no cooperation from Centurylink, they had the number set up in two days. In addition, our home phone line went out during a storm on May 14. We called Centurylink on May 15 and were given their “earliest” appointment of May 22. I even verified the date through their website to be May 22. Nobody showed up! I went to the website, and amazingly, the appointment date had been changed to May 31! I emailed customer service to ask why the date had been changed. They told me my appointment was for May 31. When I explained I had an appointment for May 22, and wondered why the change, she said she would check to see if there was an earlier appointment before May 31 that I could have.. Of course,there was not. She never did acknowledge that I had a previous appointment! Today we said goodbye to our home phone with Centurylink, after having a home phone with the same number for 47 years! Thank goodness for cell phones with good customer service!


Debora April 25, 2019 at 5:24 pm

WE Need to start a Class Action law suit & get our money back!!


HOLLY RASMUSSEN May 28, 2019 at 8:15 pm



Joe July 8, 2019 at 6:13 pm

There already is a class action law suit againt these f-king greedy no servicing a** munchers!


Dale April 16, 2019 at 5:22 pm

Why bother leaving a comment or complaint. From what I have read above it is obvious you do not give a damn about your customers or whether or not you are able to provide the service you tout. I do not see where you say you have made any attempt to resolve the issues people have complained about. I am tired of lousy service, repeatedly knocked of line, being flat out lied to by customer service reps and having an open repair ticker not attended to for about a year or more. Time to say adios amigos.


Mitchell Davis April 16, 2019 at 3:44 pm

I don’t know where to begin. CenturyLink internet was down for four days. Each day I called and they said it would be on by the evening. After four days I canceled, mostly due to the inconsiderate attitudes of those i was dealing with on the phone. They said i would receive a refund, but I only received a refund for the time the internet was down. I started a new service with CenturyLink as it was my only option. They told me they would have someone out the next day, but nobody came until the following Tuesday. I want to know who is accountable. Where is my money and why do they think this is ok? I want a resolution and I want it right away. This is really unbelievable. How can your company behave this way? P.S. I am waiting for a supervisor on the phone going on 30 minutes now. The automated system only serves to frustrate the customer. The phone center people are very discourteous. It’s like the twilight zone.


Rowena Kitchen March 18, 2019 at 1:16 pm

The way to contact someone about retiree services for CenturyLink is to call State Street’s MYPENPAY’s number. I am a retired CenturyLink employee. I tried to contact someone at CenturyLink to help me with two issues related to retiree finances. After having spent 3 hours on the phone (number found on the ctl.mypenpay site) in a perpetual loop of computer answering services and being referred to the wrong departments, I did another search for ctl.mypenpay. One of the given responses was State Street’s MYPENPAY. I recognized the company as the one that sends me retiree correspondence. I went to their site, found a phone number that was actually linked to a human being who was able to help me.


Teri Fisher February 13, 2019 at 12:51 pm

I have been with this century link for 12 years and for the last year their customer service is horrible. They used to have the best customer service however, they have definitely changed there culture. It is not a culture of excellence. They do not care to fix your problem just get you off the phone or transfer you to someone else. I was on phone for an hour and 40 minutes. Was transferred 5 times spoke with 3 managers that could not tell me who their CEO was or how to get ahold of any administrative person. If the first person that answered the phone would have LISTENED to what my problem was they could have sent me to the correct department and it would have been resolved but after being sent all over the building just to find out the department I need already left for the day and now I have to call back.
I work in the medical field and if any of these people were treated the way I was they would report me. They all need to go for re training on how to problem solve and have better manners.
Sad, I pray the corporate officers read and acknowledge what their company is lacking and reach out to try and let their patrons know what changes they are making.


Louetta Wilson February 10, 2019 at 10:18 am

Sick and tired of calling, ‘getting the test your speed’ that ALWAYS tests at 10 or above. Cannot watch Netflix, and it says the speed is 1 to 4!!!!!!! Dealt with this for YEARS!!!! New modems, hours on the phone. NOTHING EVER gets resolved. Not to mention the constant ransomware on your homepage! Hate to get rid of my landline phone, been with you for years. But, you are not the only option for WFI! Someone, somewhere needs to get it together. NOW!!!!!!!


Gary Sanderson May 1, 2019 at 5:42 pm

It’s one thing for persons making unsolicited phone calls to represent a real business, but when my Caller ID feature sees a local number, and the call is not related to that business or Century Link customer, that’s something else.
Today, for example, I’ve had upwards of five unsolicited calls with the ID feature showing “my phone number.” No kidding. The answer I got when I telephoned a Century Link service rep blamed this on the caller, who was apparently with the help of software able to display that I WAS THE CALLER!
Come on, folks, AG Bell invented this thing. You are his successors. Where is Mr. Watson when we need him?


Michael Yarter February 5, 2019 at 3:06 pm

I have tried for 3 weeks to get internet in West End NC. I have contacted Century link 24 times been on the phone for hours and taken 2 days off from work to still not have ANY internet.. I just was on the phone for 1 hour and 30 minutes and was disconnected with no callback.. I have received 2 bills and your service thinks I am online.. OK Ping my router..Customer service is Job 13 at best. Please have someone who can fix my problem come to my home or call me to schedule or come pick up your equipment.. Am a hostage at this point because you are only provider in town.. Your agents all over the world have verified my information 100 times so I am sure you can find my number..


Jan Dawson January 29, 2019 at 7:17 pm

Century Link Offices
Copy to: PUCO (Public Utilities Company of Ohio)

RE: Service of Jan Dawson

Bellefontaine, OH 43311 (Logan County)
I am writing to once again complain about the service you are providing us here in rural Logan County. Let me state again that this is our ONLY phone; we have no cell phone.
If you look at your records of our repair service requests, you will find that we have called numerous times over the past years, with an increase in 2018 to the current, intolerable situation. Our phone has continuous humming and static to the point where it is sometimes impossible for me to hear callers. Because I also now have a medical condition that requires me to be talking with physicians and making appointments, I sometimes simply cannot communicate with them. I purchased a new phone with features that I had hoped would diminish some of these issues, but it has done little to help.
It is unfair and unrealistic for me to constantly be calling in repairs. Your service people as well as management at Century Link have basically acknowledged that there is not much more they can do for our service because the cables need to be replaced. You have continually increased our rates out here, but all we have seen is a decline in service with no remedy in sight.
I have been given a $20 credit for the past 2 months because of lack of usable service. At the very least, I feel that, until we have been restored to full, usable service, we should receive that $20 credit every month. At the very most, you could provide us will a cell phone until we are functional again. (Verizon being the only reliable cell option in our location).
I want to hear back from you just what your plans are going to be.


Elizabeth January 29, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Please do not thank me for making my payment. If I could switch phone company’s I would do it in a heart beat. We have been loyal customers for 20+ years. I can not believe you don’t stand by your word. 50.00 might not be a lot to your company but it is a lot to regular people. It took me since I called on the 19th of January to have my phone bill corrected, you double charged us for the modem and 50.00 more than we were told by one of your agents. Two online chats which one just closed out Misty M. and two phone calls. Then you still do not honor what your agent told me about the modem. I was told that 40 would be 100.00 and 80 would be 150.00. we went with the 40 but now you say the 40 is 150. and all your agents can say is no ma’am it is 150. I will not recommend your services to anyone I know and I really wish there was another phone company in this area because I would research them and see if they treat there customers like people not numbers

The first phone call the lady said it would be corrected in 7 days and to check and see if the amount had changed. When I found out today that the 50,00 credit was denied, I thought to myself hmmm why did I not get notified at the time of the denial. you need to communicate with your customers. I feel like a female trying to get a vehicle at a car lot


C.M. Bowman January 2, 2019 at 12:22 am

Furthermore if our router is one you do not support, why did you recommend it as one of two and why are we paying monthly for one you do not support? The above stated directly reflects the lack of integrity your company has. Maybe we need to go to the FCC.


C.M. Bowman January 2, 2019 at 12:17 am

Literally everyday we cannot get thru a program on prime or Netflix w/o buffering or constant network errors. We repeatedly reboot our Apple TV and turn off and on our router. My husband has spent hours on the phone about this issue. Last call we were told again it is our router. We responded by saying it is under a year old. Then we are asked where it was purchased? We answer and are told by your representative that you do not support that model. Well it was one of two Centurylink told us to buy. Hmmm…Then we are told”we don’t support that router”? Your network is horribly flawed and you are placing the burden on your customer who is paying for your network issues. We are done with you! No more extenuous phone calls! We are not paying the bill due in a few days due to a LACK of service both thru your phone/online customer service and in our home. As a matter of fact we are seeking a refund to cover husbands time on phone/online with you and not receiving service we pay for.


Marilyn Demaray December 27, 2018 at 12:41 pm

I operate a mobile biopsy service and use a home office I have 2 lines, one a dedicated fax, the other DSL. I have been a customer for 10’years. As of late (6-10 month) I have had consistent trouble with the DSL and minor trouble with the Fax line. But this last week I have had little or no service – less than 5 Mbs speed on a 60 Mbps line and I can’t fax out or in because of poor continuity – noise on the line. We have tried to call Centurylink and when we get thru the poor phone protocol, we can’t understand the automated message on the other end. We assume it is just a “Busy Message” but after a few minute it hangs up on us. It must be instructing us to do something but since it is garbled and breaking up we can’t get the message
Today I tried to call the Corporate number and received a message that all line we busy, I help for 3 minute before they hung up
So I tried to set up an account through their web portal and the App, No Go – they say I don’t exist and should CALL for help- I already discussed how that works
Having previously been an AT&T and Frontier Communcations customer I have NEVER experienced such poor communications service, at such a premium price, nor such Poor Customer Service
All I want is to be able to Fax my hospital clients and upload my reports – but I CAN’T


R Kennedy December 12, 2018 at 9:30 pm

Up until this past May I would have said my Centurylink internet connection was good for the slow speed that is provided. BUT since May the performance has been so bad as to take 30-40 minutes to watch a 15 min video due to errors and buffering. Investigating this I have found in the DSL stats our line is getting thousands of CRC errors and FEC errors in the millions.
The modem has been replaced 3-4 times since May along with numerious checks and corrections of modules on the line between the house and the CL office 13200 feet away.
The account shows as having a critical chronic problem but as of today 12/12/18 the issue still exist. As I write this with the modem being rebooted a little over 5 hrs. back it has already logged 421 Near end CRC errors and 316 Far end CRC errors, 779566 Near end RS FEC errors and 311 Far end RS FEC errors. This is a good day no packet errors. Prior to May the line stats over the course of a month <10 CRC and <50 FEC errors.
The neighbors around me are also having chronic issues but have given up on calling issues in. As a retired network engineer I am trying to work with the local team to get a resolution but this has just been dragging on with no continuity to the service. Please fix this issue or upgrade the service to resolve these line issue.


Linda Gore December 11, 2018 at 3:52 pm

My internet is slow even though I’m paying for a 3.0 connection I never get that. The automated system this morning said I had 2.2 and rebooted my modem which increased it to 2.4, then they say this is in the OK range. So in other words, your in the OK range so that’s all you get.
I called back to speak to a representative and was connected to Andrea (if I understood her correctly). She asked me for the last 4 of my SS # then told me she didn’t need that but she needed a date of birth, then argued with me that my date of birth was wrong. Then she hung up on me!
I’m paying $97 a month for telephone and internet and am never late with a payment but always have extremely bad telephone, internet and phone customer service problems.
The only good thing I’ve found about Centurylink are the technicians that come out and actually try to help me.


tom bronder December 7, 2018 at 11:58 pm

It seems centurylink is running a scam with its service. Seeing the new ceo took raises away from front line workers , stopped their bonuses to give it all to the new ceo who is making an excess of 10 million besides stock options. Seems ceo’s make to much for the job they are suppose to do. When prices went up because the new CEO ordered them to my phone and internet went from $70 up to $105 a month so they could give him even more money. This new ceo is actually screwing the company because they are not giving the consumer that which Centurylink ads say you get. i have had this for 14 years and the service and the way they handle it is the biggest scam i have ever seen. They raise rates but drop your service and at times throttle down their speeds so you have to complain. i have called centurylink 16 times in 3 weeks because according to their own speed test, set up the way they say to, i am paying for 10mb and only get between 6.0 and 8.0. and as i ran their speed test it was as low as 1.7 to 2.3. my computer could not even load the page as the internet speed was so low. Seems we need to put a lawsuit against this company in a class action suit. I live in minnesota , our attorney general sued them once already and got a 20 million dollar settlement. I am going to contact her again along with the bbb of minnesota. maybe we can get a class action suit against the new ceo to hold them accountable for false advertisement on tv, magazine ads, when you pay for 10mb you should get 10mb not 6, nor 7 nor 8. best be 10mb. And to get there internet repair people back in the USA, i contacted internet repair and all i get is southeast asia. i mean really half way around the world and they are going to help me here in minnesota???? i knew they wouldn’t be able to and told them they could not before they uttered one word. so i went through and talked with them. they said we need to send out a tech to your resident to check my phone line. Really phone line has been in place for over 20 years, for 14 years i have had this problem and they keep telling me its the modem or the line its connected to. hmmm lets see they want $85 to bring a tech out if he comes inside my house it will cost me the $85. now let me say this i pay $10 a month for lease of the modem, it is there modem and to check there modem which i lease it will cost me $85. now if thats not a scam i do not know what is. for the amount of money a person pays for centurylink they at least should make sure they have a modem sent that will work for the speeds advertised. the ad just ran on tv saying they are the fastest if you pay for it. they are now advertising 100mbs for price for life which according to centurylink is over $400 a month for100mb. i pay $45 for life for 10mbs. so if you want 100mbs at 45 per 10mbs your bill for 100mbs will be $450, plus 42.50 for phone. REALLY CENTURYLINK if you cannot honor you 10mb plan how the hell can you say 100mbs price for life at $450.??????? CEO NEEDS TO GIVE BACK 1/2 OF HIS WAGE OF 10MILLION A YEAR TO UPDATE THE SERVERS THEY HAVE TO GIVE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY PAY FOR. YOU CENTURYLINK WILL BE HEARING FROM THE MINNESOTA ATTORNEY GENERAL AGAIN AND A COUP[LE PRIVATE ATORNEYS TO REFUND ALL THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SCREWING OVER. CENTURYLINKS SERVICE SUCKS.


Richard Saletzki November 16, 2018 at 4:58 pm

I’ll try this before I resort to snail mail. I am a frustrated user of the internet. FIRST LET ME SAY THAT MY INTERNET IS WORKING FINE.
I have one issue that I thought might be worth mentioning. My RED power light on my modem flashes almost continually. There are time when it is green or yellow, but, most of the time it is red.
I had an internet connection 2 doors away from my current location (where I also had the flashing red light) and when the technician came to install the internet at my new location, I pointed out this problem to him. He installed a new modem and it had the same problem.
I called service and was told that the problem had to be with the modem and she had a new modem sent to me. After hooking it up I had the same red light flashing so I returned the modem today.
Now I am assuming that the flashing red light is here to stay since no one seems to think it is in your system so I will no longer be concerned about the flashing red light and you will now hear from me again on this issue.

Thanks, Richard Saletzki


Dr Lucas October 25, 2018 at 1:46 pm

To Whom it May concern HELP HELP HELP
We are looking for a way for our out going calls to show the patients we are calling our name… ID our calls.
We have made numerous attempt and calls to CenturyLink without much success. This was the reply to my most resent email. “Sorry Judy…chkng with all my support groups…(caller id…customer service….programming)….this cannot be done…all my resources end up telling me no”
It is essential that our customer know who is calling them. The information we are communicating can be very crucial to their health. With the political calls, solicitors, etc, our patients have not been picking our call because they don’t know who is calling them.
Surely this is not a unique request that is impossible neither is it unreasonable…


Troy Moyers October 1, 2018 at 2:24 pm

How is it that your phone repair service can suck so bad and yet you are still in business? I was told by my son that he tried calling me at work but the phones were out. I called and got a tech to fix the problem. Fast forward to today… phones still don’t work properly, talked to “CUSTOMER SERVICE” (what a joke) twice about compensation for the inability to fix my phones right the first time and was told By Monica #1302056 that I had just reported the problem today so I will be getting a credit for today’s lapse of service. This lovely lady could not understand that my service has not been working since the original date of first contact.

Jeff Storey, I am calling you out. Fix this disaster. I am not the only one who has been treated this way. Just keep scrolling through the comments and you will not find one positive review of your company. I am loyal to a fault. If I get taken care of and feel valued as a client, I will praise you and your company. On the contrary if you take my loyalty and push me away because of something that I had no fault or cause, I will with great pleasure and enthusiasm, profess the short comings of your business practices to every person that ever discusses phone service with me. In the immediate future I will purposely bring the topic up in all of my conversations. The ball is in your court.

Troy Moyers


bob moore September 7, 2018 at 12:08 pm

2 days wo/ service for my business. such poor service! no one at cl cares. please help me get away from your company and obtain voip service from a company that cares enough to answer and return a call. the worst knowledge of your own equipment, terrible service. hello- anybody out there??


ROBERT AKA AH August 30, 2018 at 2:36 pm



Shelley Franklin August 29, 2018 at 1:41 pm

I just moved and tried to get internet and direct tv. first they went to wrong address then I spent 3 hours on phone to try to get stuff straight. Then I was told I had internet and then I heard I cant get internet in my area. This is the worst experience I have ever had. I have talked to at least 6 people and no one has helped me. Now Im getting charged to phone which I don’t want and I have a modem that I was told they gave to me for free cause of all my trouble but I don’t have internet. So I was told internet and direct tv were bundled and the whole bill with both was 120.00. Now I don’t even know what I will be charged? They did hook up direct tv which I want. Please let me know what you can do. I will need to cancel century link if cant get internet. Address XXXXXX W Valeri Ln, Spokane wa 99224.



Linda Gun August 27, 2018 at 8:59 pm

I do need your help. My area is the ZipCode 28384. For the last 1.5 yrs I’ve had the most trouble trying to keep phone service. This has been going on for too long now. This past week, I had no service from August 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd. They finally got it up and going the next day. Yesterday and today the 26th, 27th, I have no phone service again and they’ll not be able to come fix it until the 29th. I am now in bad health and could at any time have to call 911 (Rescue Squad) to come to my home. I might not even be able to get to my son’s phone in the back part of the house due to him having a different number than I do. I call each time and they keep telling me that it will be a couple of more days before they can come and check it out. The problems are with the lines down the road and a big cable close to town on Hwy 20. The guy did explain this last time the big cable needed to be replaced but the men that work for Centurylink walk all the way around it because they really don’t want to tackle the job. What about myself? If by chance I loose my life and can’t get help here because I have no service, a legal assistant has told me I have grounds for a law suit and my boys are to file it against the company. Can someone please do something? I don’t know where else to turn or if you can tell me whom I can connect or I can at least give you my lawyers number and you can tell him. I need your help.



patricia maus August 22, 2018 at 10:47 am

Went in to the store #7015 8/14 to transfer service for 8/21. Was told by Joey it was no problem. 8/21 comes and by 3pm, no service yet. Went to the store/office which is 5 min away. Told by the rep cashier #ab87404 service was still on track, this was after calling me Desiree. Turns out, as he tells me service is on there now! IN DESIREE’S NAME. Just plug in your router & you can use it until the tech comes out & makes the switch. There’ll be just a minor service interruption. Go home plug in the router…NOTHING! Turns out I DON’T HAVE DESIREE’S router to use the service. Several calls later I find out, tech has been here, BUT, I won’t be getting sevice. Desiree ABANDON HER ACCOUNT, and until this DEADBEAT RETURNS THEIR VOICEMAIL GIVING PERMISSION TO SHUT THE SERVICE OFF I GET NONE. THANK YOU CENTURY LINK! You could be giving me service right now and getting PAID! Instead, you choose to rip yourselves off in a ridiculous pursuit of a deadbeat. I can wait, as long as you want me to.


Jack Ellerbe August 16, 2018 at 1:38 pm

I ordered service to be installed on 8/13/2018 and cancelled existing provider, but there was no install, Tuesday, when called to follow-up with service I was told the tech was busy and a reschedule for Wednesday 8/15/2018, but they will try for 8/14. On 8/15/2018 after spending more than 2 hours on the phone and calling Corporate I was told my connection would be 8/22/2018. I expressed my concern of not being fully prepared for work due to the absence of service. I spoke to the Regional Supervisor in dispatch to check on expediting the service. This provided me no assistance and I am without service for two weeks unwithstanding the concern for my continued employment. Totally unacceptable!!!!!


P.F Norton August 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Are you aware of the reputation are getting for providing lousy service, to your customers in the Ridgefield, Washington area ?
Let me give you an example:
A portion of the central office ( landline , telephones has been out of service since
Aug 6, I’m told service will not be restored till Aug 11, at 8 PM.
This means that all these customers have no way to contact 911 emergency services.
I hope that the new service you are advertising is better than this.


David Johnson August 2, 2018 at 7:50 pm

If I could give this company negative stars I would. This company is totally disorganized and a disgrace to the communications industry and lets face it the communications industry isn’t known for happy customers, but you guys excell at poor service and followup.
It’s obvious that the this all starts at the CEO level and filters down, a satisified customer is NOT your priority.


Jan Shaw August 3, 2018 at 6:45 pm

Poorest Customer Service EVER!
Took me almost 3 weeks, before had any repair men show up (no fault of theirs, repair order was not turned in to them until the day of repair, 3 weeks after being reported)
Had a cell phone, but have a hearing problem and have a hard time hearing it (and told everyone I talked to this), and guess what, on July 4th there was a medical family emergency and was unable to be advised of for 5 hours!
Can NOT believe CL considers this good Customer Service. ON THE HEADQUARTER INFO SITE, MANY, MANY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS, SO I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE, BUT GUESS NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. Not that will do any good, but I intend to contact BBB, FCC Comission, social media and anyone else who will listen. WILL BE GETTING MY SERVICE FROM OTHERS VERY SOON.


Bobbie Martin July 31, 2018 at 6:29 pm

This month I have been without service for two weeks now going on three. Technician was suppose to come out today but never showed up, then I was told I would have to wait until Friday to have someone come out. I have called everyday to find out what is going on with the internet service and everyday I am told something different. I have never seen a business get by with the undelivered services but yet still be billing consumers for payment. Worst company and worst customer service that I have ever seen. I was told that the repair is taking a long time because of a hurricane from last year. This is so crazy!!! Bobbie Martin


Justin Theory July 24, 2018 at 2:19 pm

Over 3 weeks ago I contacted centurylink to move my phone to a new address (same exchange). I was told it would be completed by the end of that week. Since then I have had to call 3 times!! and each time I get a different answer. Now I am being told they cannot get to me til 8/10. I deliberated scheduled my move so that service would be in place when I moved. I work from home with people worldwide and this is the number that they have when an emergency strike. They screwed up my order now I do not have service. What am I supposed to do? Take a 2 week vacation until they get around to my order? God knows where my calls are going and what is being told to my clients. This is absolutely atrocious service!! I have been a customer for over 30 years, but I suspect that as telecoms are acquired that becomes less important and centurylinks service continues to go down hill. Their service now ranks with 3rd world countries where a “we will get to it” mentality is the norm.


Dawn King July 11, 2018 at 12:43 am

Your order is complete! #C847946022

for account ending in 0750 Your order is complete. Thank you for choosing CenturyLink. Your order for 303-816-0750 is complete. There are a number of helpful resources to maximize your experience with your phone service, these resources include: Getting your voice mail up and runningCall waiting set upHow to use call forwarding If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know. Sincerely, Your CenturyLink Customer Service Team We’re Here to Help Need guidance setting up your Internet? Chat wi

‎Jul‎ ‎10 at ‎7‎:‎19‎ ‎PM

Dawn King

‎Jul‎ ‎10 at ‎10‎:‎16‎ ‎PM

To whom it my concern,
I at no time made any changes or orders of any kind. I also will be paying what Beverly from your corporate office and I talked about when she called me in January or February. She told me that my bill will be going up to $58.94 from $54.00 I had explained to her that I was disabled and I only got $400.00 a month disability check for all my bills. She had told me she could not bring my bill back to the $54.00, and I would have to pay the $58.94 form here on out, that I did not have any discounts left….and that amount would not go up from there. I had expressed that it can’t go up anymore… and I asked her that this is it…. that it would not go up again. She said “no the amount of $58.94 will not go up… it will stay that amount unless I make any changes”. I had her repeat that again two more times to make sure that the $58.94 was the amount I will be paying from then on. I had got my statement last week and the amount went up to $70.69 for no reason! I have spoke with 5 of your reps… and I was hung upon twice when I was explaining the conversation between me and Beverly. I have been a loyal and life time customer of yours, and I have been treated very poorly. I have been talked down to and belittled…..as a disabled person I felt less than a human talking to some of your reps. I would hope that you honor what was promised to me that the amount of $58.94 will be what I am to pay no more no less. If you do not honor what was promised to me I will than have to take further action. My bill is due on 7/11/18 which I will be paying the amount that was discussed with Beverly $58.94. I would hope as I had requested numerous time to have your corporate office contact me ASAP! I would suggest corporate listens to the tape from before I talked to Beverly in December into January and the tape of Beverly and my conversation in January or February.

Thank you,

Dawn King


James Futrell June 12, 2018 at 12:49 am

Every time for the past 2 weeks i,m trying to sign into my account to pay my account your websites we are sorry having technical difficulties,Dan when I call it in I guess the run around I believe there trying to make me go into bad standing by not paying my bill or being late You are ramps are telling me they don’t know about my $200 deposit that I put in a year ago that are frozen get back I went online my bill with $1.98 about 2 three weeks ago and I pay $35 which left me a plus 4/12/18 Then I found out that y’all have Internet service in my area so I called in Internet services The young man representative sole me your Internet service saw the $200 that I When I was living in Rocky Mount a $200.00 I made a $200 deposit
That young represented flip that sold me my Internet service was excellent trip with a OK
When I signed up with new phone service in new Internet service isaw he said he will send the $200 deposit to me but you other representatives Saying they don’t see it they can’t find it they don’t know what I’m talking about they have somebody call me in 3 days this been going on for 3:00 or 4 months And then when he sold me the Internet service couple days later on $46 bill came up and I paid that when i paid My balance of $1.98 I pay $35 so I’ll be in advance so i Over paid $33.02 then 5/14/18 i paid $44.62 Now what happened to my $33.02 cents when question them about the money that I over paid and question them about my $200 deposit I’ve been getting a run around for a long time I made a mistake when I left Hughes net I did not ask for this kind of my headache I didn’t ask for this kind of trouble
CenturyLink CEO you need to do an investigation on your employee somebody gotta be taking money maken your customer look like the bad guy I may go back to Hughes net because I left in good standing Thank you James Futrell my Account 460474744 Thank You


Jill Arndt June 10, 2018 at 4:49 pm

I am an authorized person on my son’s phone account. We live in Washington County MO in a remote area on a gravel county road. Approx. 3 months ago, the county road grader dug in the ditch and cut the phone line going to my son’s phone. Century link patched the line and left the cable laying exposed in the ditch and laying across the neighbor’s driveway. It gets driven over daily. They never reburied the cable. The 5th of June the county brush cutter severed the line again. My son has no landline phone and no internet and he has no cell service where he lives. No way to call 911 in an emergency. Centurylink has rescheduled the repair 3 times so far, first it was scheduled for repair on the 9th, then it was pushed back until the 21st. We called and was told they bumped it up to the 11th, and today we were informed that is has been rescheduled for the 30th. The only reason given is that the technicians are over booked in the entire state of Missouri. This is unacceptable that such a large company always bragging about how they value their customers can treat them so poorly with such a blatant disregard for human life!!! Landlines are a vital necessity when you have no cell service in your location!!! Fed up with this company and everything that they supposedly stand for…..ridiculous!!!!!!!!


Shontel Jackson June 6, 2018 at 9:23 pm

I recently moved to a new home as of May 25, 2018. I in turn advised Century Link of my move and asked for a transfer. I was then advised that it would be June 1, 2018 before that could occur. June 1 came no Technician was sent to my resident and of course my services were not connected. I then called customer service again to see what happened, I was told that everything that could go wrong went wrong, my bill would be paid for the month of June and to give them to June 6, 2018 and I would be up and running. Well you know why I am writing this, June 6, came and went, not even an email sent to my job. Lucky me, I have to wait another 5 days for service due to an issue with programing. When will my family become a priority instead of going back to the back of the line, due to Century Link Failures. Stating they would handle the bill, when you haven’t watched television, surfed the net in almost two weeks, soon it will be a month. Were is the accommodations? Accommodating me and my family would be getting this resolved as soon as possible, not sending me back to the end of the line for your mistakes


Jerry Zepp May 30, 2018 at 12:42 pm

I will begin by saying my frustration level has peaked with Century Link. On 7/28/2017 spoke with Mattie in the Loyalty Department and Conf#C69992668 confirmed my payment of $25.62 for the next 12 months. On 3/27/2018 spoke with Anna on why my bill increased to $35.47 and she advised I could not cancel service until May 2018 without penalty. On 5/30/2018 spoke with Jessica to cancel service and after 37 minutes of her trying to give me promotions, I reemphasized to cancel service. After another 8 minutes she said she kept getting an error and that I would incur a $200 penalty for early termination at which time I ask to speak to a Supervisor and her response was the Supervisor is the one that told her to tell me that!

This is insane, Century Link gave me a promotion for 12 months, which Century Link reneged on their contract 4 months early and now you will not let me cancel without penalty. Totally unacceptable.


Delbert Teck April 20, 2018 at 4:57 pm

thanks for laying me off with no notice and escorting me out the door. That was classy !


Kayla April 19, 2018 at 12:52 pm

I have had nothing but issues regarding contacting customer service for internet issues/repair issues. I have tried using the online chat, calling, and emailing, but my questions are never answered, and my issue remains unresolved, 19 days after it first started. All I needed was a new internet cable installed and buried, but every time I contacted an agent they seemed downright confused by my request. They kept telling me to power cycle the modem and disconnect/reconnect the DSL cable as though that would fix the fact that my cable was cut in two. I made multiple appointments for technicians to do repair work, and each time the technician entered my property when no one was present (which goes against their own rules) and without my consent. They entered my yard when my dog was outside, which could have led to a number of problems for me if the dog had attacked. One day someone came when I did not have an appointment, and once again entered my property with no one present and no permission. I had an appointment that no one showed up to, and I received no communication as to why. After contacting them myself, I learned the appt had been rescheduled, but no on bothered to tell me. I have never been so frustrated with a business’s customer service department in my life. I will be looking into other internet providers just so I never have to deal with Centurylink again.


Ronald Brandhorst April 5, 2018 at 2:36 pm

I just had the worst phone contact with your agent. First, she had an accent that I had great difficulty understanding. Second, she apparently was doing this at home because their were children playing and screaming in the background and the television was apparently on and I could hear it. It was almost impossible to carry on a conversation when the other person has an accent that is difficult to understand and it has to compete with a batch of other sounds. 1) you need to insist that your agents are understandable, and 2) if they are going to work from home it must be in an area removed from background noises. I need you to check my order to make sure it is correct because I could not tell for sure from her comments y account number is 303 980-XXXXX. My phone number is 720-878-XXXXX my email is rlbrandhorst@ yahoo.com


Gary w Morgan March 30, 2018 at 9:25 am

Here’s my complaint to the NC Attorney General:

Due to my location, I have been a customer of Century Link for 30+ years. Since the company changed its name to Century Link I have noticed several irregularities in its billing process. It is my opinion (I am a retired CPA and auditor) that these irregularities are designed to increase revenues by modifying ending contract dates and adding fees for nonexistent services. The following are examples that I have experienced:

1. Today (3/30/18) I received an email update concerning my April bill. I went to the site (most would have simply deleted the email) and found that I had been charged $100+ for non-returned equipment. This was for a modem that I had retirned by UPS, tracking #12x738x79015640009, that was received by them on 1/29/18. Their acceptance was confirmed by them 1/30/18 and did not reflect on my February or March bill. Now with the upcoming April bill they included this charge as if I had never returned the equipment.

2. Previously, a customer signed up for a 2-year internet agreement but had to call each year to renew the annual package credit. Without renewing the credit the customer was forced to pay the additional cost (equal to the credit). Further, when you called and renewed the credit, CenturyLink extended your contract date by a few months. In this way Century Link tricked customers into believing that the 2-year contract price was fixed and were able to extend the contract period which included heavy penalties for early cancellation.

The bottom line is Century Link has an ongoing and planned practice of adding costs and fees with the expectation that they will increase revenues by tricking customers and by their not being willing to go through the extensive process to correct the overbillings.

The people (like me) who are forced to rely on a single service like Century Link are being taken advantage of. It is of criminal intent, and should be investigated.

Thank you.

Gary Morgan


Malissa March 12, 2018 at 10:58 am

I am extremely disappointed and irritated with the competency of centurylink employees and the operations of their entire system!!! First, we have outages on average of once a week. Last week the entire grid…phone, internet, fax lines were down the entire day. Second, I have been having an issue with calling a particular long distance number that won’t go through. I called tech support. The main recording was very time consuming and accomplished nothing. After being on hold for 45 minutes a rep answered then hung up on me. I had to call back and start the process all over again. Then I had to explain my issues with the person then they transferred me to another person that was supposed to be the correct person to handle the problem. They in turn stated that they were not the person to handle it after explaining everything again. They then transfer me to another person. He actually made an effort to run tests, etc. He told me that he couldn’t resolve it and put a “ticket” order in to have it fixed by the next day. The next day it still wasn’t fixed. I then called back went through the entire process again with no record of the work order ticket previously given. Five days later I speak to another person that ran a test and stated that it wasn’t this departments area to fix and that I would receive a call that same day from the correct department. Needless to say, I never heard from anyone. Seven days later I call in and go through the entire process again, with no record of my work order, and get a supervisor on the phone, she can’t fix the issue either. Said that another department will have to help. Now they have no idea how long it will take and they will call me back!!! Centurylink doesn’t need to continue in a business if they have no idea how to operate it.


Lorna Kennedy March 16, 2018 at 6:53 pm

Century Link is one of THE WORST telecom/internet/TV providers in business today. I agree with the comments posted above. All 100% accurate. There isn’t enough words to express how bad the service is, or the responsiveness, or lack there of of employees, the company itself and the Manager. One in North Carolina in particular; Eric Lewis who gave me his card and said, any issues call me. Then almost immediately I had another issue. I called. His vm was and still is full. For over two and a half weeks. He doesn’t respond to texts, calls or pictures of how one of their contractors who came out to bury a cable that has been above ground for two months despite their repeated comments that someone should have come out, and “we will have someone come out” and on and on and on, then when they do send someone out, the contracted company tears up my lawn with a tank on Sherman Tank rotating metal treads. Then the head guy who is standing in front of the deep tread marks on my lawn argues with me that they are just trying to do their jobs. I sent pictures to this Eric guy and NOTHING! My homeowners association is up my rear end over the holes in my lawn and track marks. It seriously looks like someone drove a Sherman tank on my lawn. And this is just the tip of the ice burg. I keep having to call tech support daily; often multiple times a day because I get the floating no signal. Every time one of the Century Link tech comes out they blame my brad new TV, “oh, its your TV”. No. Its Century link employee’s lack of knowledge and skill. I agree. Century link does not need to be in business. Let alone continue in business because they have no idea how to operate it.


David Johnson August 2, 2018 at 7:54 pm

It all starts with a incompetent CEO and goes from there. Having the same kind of issues out here in Washington State too. I would be embarrased to work for that company.


Michelle Grant February 10, 2018 at 6:51 pm

I have had good service with Century Link right up till December of 2016; At which time I hooked up with Direct T.V. and did what they called BUNDLING . this has turned into a melee of constant changes in my billing statements ,as well as each person I have talked with about the issues I am having with the billing has a different prospective of what I should do . I have had some try to sweet talk me into paying extravagant amounts of money to some being extremely rude with me ,To others that want to Help me by Changing to other plans you offer , This to me is very poor service. I will not pay a bill I did not ecru. I have agreed to pay what I should owe . I do not believe I should have to pay for services I di not receive.. I.E. I DICONTINUED My Direct T.V. services and your company seems to think I should pay for Dec. ( I had it disconnected due to the fact that I was not going to pay a higher rate) Pryor to this RATE HIKE I was informed by one of your agents that my bill would not change as long as I did NOT change my services. My bill still went up to almost double . The next month (January of 2018) it went to over double, as did the next month February 2018 . I do pay my bills and have never been late on a payment until I disputed the bill in December of 2017. I have been on the phone for two or more hours trying to resolve this issue and have talked with multiple people on the same call and gotten so many different opinions that it is totally mind boggling. BY YOUR COMPANY’S STANDARDS, I feel as though your representatives are taking serous advantage of me and this is very poor service on your part…

Clearly Unhappy
Michelle Grant


Marcee Mathees December 17, 2017 at 7:12 pm

First of all I will be getting in contact, 12/16/17, with the attorney who is heading up the Class Action Lawsuit against Century Link, for the State of Washington. I am doing this because I have stopped counting the calls to Cenury Link’ do-nothing customer service. I stopped counting at 35! And oh, buy the way all you Century Link customers out there, there are class action lawsuits against this company in 7 states. They are: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. If you live in these areas look it up on the net under Century Link Class Action Lawsuits on the net as to what lawyer firm is handling the case in your state. Corporate HQ address is: Century Link, Inc. 100 Century Link Dr., Monroe, Louisiana,71203. T: is 318-388-9000, F: is 38-388-9562.

My issue with Century Link is improper billing for $360+ dollars for phone calls to Greece from 7/9-7/17, WHEN I WAS NOT EVEN A CUSTOMER!! I had gone back to Vonage with my service since 6/30/2017! I had attempted to get a landline through Century Link, but the tech spent 5 minutes at my house, didn’t take the modem, and shut down all my devices, Nothing worked since all my devices run off WiFi which is dependent on high speed internet. I have only had high-speed internet though Century Link. I have received bills for $308.00, $327.00, $500.00, and $428.00 over the last 6 months. At the end of July, or early August, I found out that CENTURY LINK HAD NOT DISCONNECTED ME! Hence the reason that I was being charged for those Greece calls when my sister was vacationing there. Remember I was with Vonage from 6/30/2017. I have been abused by being past off to eight departments in one phone call, multiple phone call, cut off from the internet, threatened with permanent shut off. This last one really gets to me. I am a care giver for my 44 ear-old son who is a quadriplegic from 15 years of Multiple Sclerosis. My son’s whole world is the TV. I called them immediately, and was crying and pleading with them to turn is back on. This happened during this holiday season. I have told them I don’t owe them anything. So what did they do? They signed me up without my permission for automatic payments. They took my $360!!!! I called my bank and they took care of it. Let me be clear, I have NEVER had automatic payments, because corrupt companies do this. That was in October. November I had a normal bill. But since they didn’t get paid by my bank and blocked by my bank against any other shenanigans such as this, I currently have a bill for $428.00 for my December payment. I have sent them my Vonage payment history, and they said they didn’t get it. I sent it with my bill! You’d think that they would have noticed. I have never had such a problem with any company–let alone to this degree. It’s mind boggling. Corruption and greed obviously have no bounds. Hence I am joining the class action lawsuit for the State of Washington.I urge all customers check into this. The articles written about this corruption, estimate that the end result will be between 600 million to 12 billion dollar settlement.


Lorna Kennedy March 16, 2018 at 6:55 pm

I want to start a class action suit in North Carolina against this company. Please let me know the name and telephone numbers of the attorneys in other states. I’m sure one of them is licensed in this state.


David Johnson August 2, 2018 at 7:58 pm

It all starts with a incompetent CEO and goes from there. Having the same kind of issues out here in Washington State too. I would be embarrased to work for that company.


David Johnson August 2, 2018 at 8:05 pm

Please add me to the Washington State Lawsuit. This company is just horrible, not sure if anyone knows what is going on here. I’m just getting their service and already find everything about this company deplorable.


Wendy November 30, 2017 at 12:14 pm

I have not received a correct bill in one full year. I have spent hours and hours on the phone. I get assured that they corrected the problem, but nope! I get a notice saying I owe money and get disconnection notice. I have not gotten the same information twice and have talked to many, many customer service representatives and supervisors. The latest was I told it was corrected – they had overbilled me (which is standard operating procedure for them) — and the guy gave me the corrected amount to pay. He was a supervisor. He said everyone else we had talked to for past year was wrong and he was right because he knew more and had worked there longer. We made him repeat several times our account was settled. I have now received emails and phone calls telling me I am deliquent and I owe money. I cannot get anyone to fix this and they want me to call (they will never call you) a customer service representative (again). There is no way I am going to waste another minute of my life talking to these completely incompetent people at a crooked company. We initially got a deal because we went with autopay, which just gave them free access to withdraw hundreds what the bills should have been. That is theft! I cannot get anyone’s attention. We don’t have competition in my rural area, so I have been stuck but I’m working very, very hard to not be a customer of theirs any longer and will do my best to education everyone I can about how awful this company is.


hayley November 29, 2017 at 11:36 am

BEWARE OF RETURNING THE modem*** this has happened to multiple people in my family. you rent the modem, a year later return it, when your lease is up, and century link sends you to collections stating they never received it, WHEN I HAVE THE FRICKIN RECEIPT AND TRACKING NUMBER. also please note I received a call from a collection agency A YEAR later. I called about it and the dude was completely worthless, he didn’t even give me a callback number when I asked for it, ” I don’t know it ends in 1000″ like noo. anyways. f u century link. EFF YOU.


cheryl brezina November 26, 2017 at 12:31 pm

She is still getting the run-around from you. She received refund checks in my Dad’s name. Who’s going to cash them? You need to do what is right, and do it now!!


Martha Davis November 22, 2017 at 11:19 am

I have been a customer for 28 years. Someone cancelled my service right before the hurricane and transferred it to another server and changed the address without checking the account. The number was ported out thought I got it straight out after many many people and many many hours sometimes 2 or 3 hours at a time. Only to have it ported out four more times. Then found out I could no longer have my number and took over two months of calls and time. Was told they were going to cancel my services and would not charge me only to get a Bill from them. I also had my computer service and couldn’t use it for 2 months. I am really upset. I can not understand why they are so inconsiderate and uncaring.


Blake Abdon November 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm

Absolute worst experience with an internet provider I have ever incountered. The worst technician team anyone could ever ask for. The worst customer service in the entire galaxy. You can read below and that should back me up alone. Simply worst company to deal with.


Kristy Grosse November 12, 2017 at 10:37 am

I have been told for over a month they were coming to turn on my service. It’s been rescheduled now 6 times. I’ve even spoken with a “supervisor” named Matt. He told me would call me on the Tuesday and Friday before my last appt to ensure everything was going great. I never heard from him. The tech never showed up as scheduled. So I checked the where is my tech application and my service is now reschedule for the 20th. They can keep their service. I’ll be going with another company. I’ve never had this many issues


cheryl brezina November 4, 2017 at 9:56 am

My Dad passed away in July. Your services were in his name. My Mom is on her own now and has been troubled with your response to the billing and the fact that it’s a “new service”. She does not need this aggravation added to her daily struggle.
Thank you,


cheryl brezina November 26, 2017 at 12:32 pm

See other post…….


J.Noles October 24, 2017 at 12:13 pm

I cannot say anything good about the service except it was a telephone sitting in my house. I had this service for several years and it was a constant battle with the service until I finally cancelled the service and bought my own satellite only to continue to have trouble with Century Link when the company was in denial about being on my property without permission and leaving a gate wide open to the extent livestock got out and lost one by being hit on a road by a car.
The truck was seen on my property by my next door neighbor and there were fresh truck tire marks in the field but investigation showed, of course, there was no entry. The truth cannot be denied, but of course a driver would not admit to it if there might be a cost involved. Not only was an illegal entry seen by a witness, but a person coming by to collect for some building he had done for me reported a Century Link truck had been on his property that very day unattended and cattle had gotten out. That is where he was coming from, helping to put the cattle back in and was in the area so came by. Those drivers need to be held accountable when they enter areas in a rural environment because of ranches and farms having stock and that is why we put gates up. At least to close the gates when they leave. I would not recommend this service to anyone.


Dave Weil October 15, 2017 at 2:15 pm

We cancelled our service early because TV reception deteriorated. We had pixelitis and frozen screens that could not be resolved by their technicians. They have charged us $300 for early termination of voice services. We never had any voice service. The phone number was set up for their convenience not ours. The internal phone lines were used to transmit the input signal into our house, so there was no way for us to use the phone. I requested that the charged be removed.

I posted the above as an e-mail on their web site and clicked on submit. Nothing happened. Like it was dead. I used 2 different browsers and the same thing happened. So I will have to wait on their phone to try to get this charge removed. Lots of Luck. So I will write the President of the Company.


Christy A Tomczak October 15, 2017 at 2:35 pm

I too am being charged a “One Time Charge” of $215.00 for “Penalty For Early Termination” I terminated nothing, the Support Technician could NOT resolve the issue of connecting my modem to CO for service. I have had NO service or connection since July 18, 2017, yet they continue to bill me.


Deb Rich October 17, 2017 at 4:18 pm

RE: Dispute over charges for two inoperable accounts 651-645-5504-800 and 651-644-1133

I have had a longstanding dispute over service continuing beyond a reasonable request to cancel. In addition, I’ve been billed for cloud service which has never been operable but also has not been discontinued. I have made numerous phone calls and bounced between departments without resolution. Agents have attempted to be helpful, but were unable to provide any doXXXXentation of my calls nor could they direct me to an email or postal address in order to communicate with Century Link via traceable correspondence. Finally a service person reluctantly gave me this mailing address. I hope that I will have reached a level of authority that can resolve this issue once and for all.

When Shoshana Center moved in April 2016 from 570 N. Asbury #306, St. Paul, MN to 475 Cleveland Avenue North Suite 200, St. Paul, MN, I had no trouble transferring my Century Link business package of landline with distinctive ring for fax plus internet. In advance of moving from the N. Cleveland office on October 28, 2016, I contacted Century Link to arrange service transfer. I was assured that there would be no interruption in service. Upon moving in, however, I discovered that there was no wiring for landline phones in my office suite. I informed Century Link immediately and they insisted that they had a record of landline wiring to my individual suite in my building. Because my business couldn’t afford to lose customers while I researched options, I was given no choice but to continue paying for the full package just so that I had an active voicemail.

In January 2017, after many calls to customer service and to technology, I was informed that I was entitled to set up a cloud virtual service for phone and fax and could discontinue the landline service without penalty. I was assured that I would be credited for the landline service and would have a free month of cloud service. Instead, I was charged for both services and the cloud service was never successfully initialized.

Since that time, I have continued receiving bills for both Century Link packages even though I am not using either. Please cancel all Century Link accounts, credit any amounts paid after January 2017, and report the account as in good standing in order to correct any consequences to my credit rating which have occurred due to this ongoing problem.

I look forward to receiving prompt confirmation that this issue is resolved completely. Thank you in advance for your immediate and thorough attention to this protracted issue


Christy A Tomczak October 15, 2017 at 12:07 pm

I wonder if this will top all. I had been a customer with CenturyLink for 23 years and the past few years have been nothing but chaotic with CenturyLink service. The hundreds of calls to customer service due to poor internet service, downed service, bill creep, etc. had proven to be fruitless….it all was lip service. The last tech rep to my house said CenturyLink does not care about it’s customers, and this has proven to be so awfully true. The final straw had been when the tech could not connect my modem to CO so I could have Internet service. I canceled my account at the beginning of August, and they continued to bill me. I have names, dates/times, and confirmation #’s for the cancellation, but they still billed my account which was closed…..what a horrible company to do business with! CenturyLink will be out of business before too long.


Christy A Tomczak October 15, 2017 at 2:25 pm

In addition to my earlier comment, I just checked my latest CenturyLink bill and they charged me $99.00 for the modem I returned via UPS. I have the tracking number and proof of delivery which lists the delivery date and time, delivered to, received by and where the package/modem was left at. What a bunch of bs, and shame on them! Onto the BBB if this issue is not cleared up by CenturyLink.


Cher Averill October 6, 2017 at 2:07 pm

I have to call Centurylink so often that the running pool in my office is to guess how long I will be on the phone. Winner gets a pizza party. Resolution of issues that THEY created is almost non-existent. They simply do not care. So, I won’t waste a lot of time explaining my horror stories (plural) because we all know how bad they are. They obviously don’t care or they would make changes. They, however, are my only choice so I guess if I have internet half of the time it’s better than nothing, right? ARGH!!!


Kat September 22, 2017 at 5:07 pm

I have had nothing but PROBLEMS with Century Link. I have spent literally hours on the phone with their “customer service”, which I see others have had the pleasure of dealing with. Hold time and total conversations with them has been at a minimum 1 hour to 2 hours. A year ago I signed a “one year contract” with Century Link after being assured that when I moved (as I told the person I spoke with we would be moving within the year) that if they did not have the same service at our new home we would be let out of our contract. We moved 9 months later, was told our new home had Century Link Internet….The tech gets to our home and of course, it would be between 8-12, pick your time, right? He told my husband, I am going to be up front and honest with you. Your service here is horrible. I have been to this home half-dozen times in the past with a previous owner and the line only goes to the main road, which is 1/4 mile away. The tech actually told us to call and tell them we are joining the class action lawsuit against Century Link and that way we could probably get out of our contract. We had 12 GB I believe service; when we moved it was 1.5. What a joke. It was like the old dial up. Could not have 2 people on the internet at the same time, could not use Netflix, HULU or any of our internet TV that we were paying for monthly. When we tested what we were actually getting into the house it read 0.8 (by using Century Link’s test on their website). I spent hours talking to “customer service”, being transferred to their supervisor, only to be told, nope. Can’t get out of the contract. We do provide internet service to your home. WE CAN’T USE IT!!! We eventually ordered internet service through another company and it works AMAZING. Amazing customer service where we are not put on hold for an hour to even speak to someone. We are paying DOUBLE internet companies until our contract runs out. We have disconnected Century Link’s Wifi and don’t have the router any more. That’s another story about the router. When we moved 2 years ago I was told by the customer service person to throw my old router as Century Link would provide me a new one, free of charge!!! Never happened and I had to pay for a new router after battles with the company. Never have I ever had such horrible customer service and no one cares. I asked one customer service rep if he had EVER heard of anyone using this kind of internet service this day in age. He said “yes, my grandma in Utah uses it for her email”!!!!! (the 0.8). I was with Century Link for years because it was too complicated to try to cancel it and one point it actually somewhat worked. I have been told one thing by one rep and another thing by a different rep, each assuring me that the issue they promised would be resolved, but yet the next person could never verify it or find any doXXXXentation of our conversation (from correcting over billing to giving us a loyal customer discount), I would love a call back from the CEO or President to discuss the horrible service/customer service.


Kimberly Jackson September 21, 2017 at 3:11 pm

This has got to be the worst provider I have ever dealt with. I switched my television service from Comcast to directv and bundled for TV and internet, un fortunately, Centurylink is the only internet provider where I live. When you call you can not speak to some one that talks good English and they do not understand what you say to them. While I was on the phone with someone for like the 20th time, it is like they are robots, you have to repeat all your information to them 10,000 times because they did not understand it the first 99,999 times. You try to explain to them what is going on an they just keep repeating what they are either seeing on the screen or reading from a book. Then when they finally did send someone out, they were given the wrong address, good Lord, you just repeated your address to them to verify who you are a 1,000 times and they can’t get it right when they send someone out to your house, then, because the home that we bought, does not have a phone jack they want to charge you 100 to put one in when you can go to Lowes and get one for less than 20 and put it in yourself. When you try to call, what they say is their cooperate office, you get the same bull and foreign speaking people that you got when you call the 1800 numbers. Mr. CEO, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for running a company as bad as this one. I will keep up on the progress of another new internet provider that is in my area. I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy.


Norman Huppert September 15, 2017 at 3:49 pm

I am sure the CEO of Centurytel will not want to read, what I am about to write.
I have been without plain & simple email service for over 3 weeks, my DSL line will not connect to the Centurylink 3803 Modem/Router. I have been on the telephone talking to the IDIOT’s Centurytel calls Internet Repair Service. I have been on the telephone over 8 times talking to the repair people in the Philippines. When I ask a question they have to put me on hold, while they look up an answer to my question. That takes a minimum of 1.5 hours on the phone, and when I get done, I still do not have email service. Then I called and got a lady on line from Florida that tried to help me, for over 1.5 hours of time. I then called the 800 number and talked with a person in the Philippines, only this time she suggested that I place a repair order with her. Which I did, and got a repair order number and was told they would be here between 1 and 5 pm on Sept.1st. Well around 3:00 pm, I called Centurytel Internet Repair to check on my repair order. They did not have one for me, I BLEW UP at that point, and the lady in the States gave me a new repair order number for the next day. At 8:00 am the next day, I got a call from the Internet Repair man, that he was on his way to me. I went down, and opened the gate, and lock it behind him, and we went on up to the house. Where he had me connect my laptop to the modem/router from Centurytel. It had numbers of errors in the coding, After 1/2 of an hour, I finally had DSL service and email service to my Centurytel account. Save for Dave from the Enterprise, AL repair office, I am now back on -line. BUT, it has taken almost a month to get the service back working. A local phone company, has come in and put in fiber optics, TROY CABLE, and we have moved our business over to them for telephone and internet service, I am VERY pleased with their service and repair service when we have had a problem. You can bet your last dollar, that if and when TROY CABLE should ever extend their lines out my way, (I live in the country on a farm), that I will run not walk to change over to them, and get away from the copper wires that now connect me to Centurytel. As a final note, I want to say that the cable from the telephone center for switching is up on North Main Street in Enterprise, it runs right past the road to my house/farm for another mile and a half or two. To what they call a REMOTE, from there it comes back another mile and a half or two, then up another to the pedestal out on the country road, and then another mile to my house. They have the telephone line buried under a farmers electric fence, and since 2000, I have listened to the stead bing’s of the electric fence in my ear on my telephone line.
1.;) Centurytel made a blunder, when they shut down the repair service in the States, and moved it to the Philippines, where they have to put you on hold while they look up an answer to the internet problem.
2.) When the company fails, it will be because of failure to understand the word SERVICE.
3.) If and when Troy Cable should ever bring out fiber optics to my location, I will be standing in line in their office to sign up and get rid of Centurytel.
I as a child, had better telephone with 2 tin cans and a piece of string between the 2 cans, and I did not have the pinging of the electric fence in my ear.
Mr. CEO, if you do not like what I wrote about your company, then pick up the phone and find me, and let us talk about your quality of SERVICE over the past 17 years. The truth hurts some times. 9-15-2017
Norman K. Huppert Sr
Enterprise, Alabama


Jean September 15, 2017 at 12:30 pm

I have worked in customer service positions throughout my life and my experience calling Century Link to get a technician to our home was the WORST EVER IN MY LIFE!! This company is doomed if they don’t move their customer service back to the US. The person I talked to didn’t have a CLUE!! The technician we were finally able to get her to schedule was great!! But it took me OVER an hour and a half to convince the IDIOT in customer service in the Philippines to schedule the tech and then she told me that he would be at our home the evening of the next day between 7pm – 8pm. He arrived at 8AM and I was at work when he called!!


Marina September 11, 2017 at 5:35 pm

This is one of the most dishonest companies to work with as a consumer, they will tell lies over the phone, charge whatever they please once they have your automatic withdrawal information, they will transfer you from one department to another, they will hang-up on you, they pretend they can’t hear you, there will be clicking sounds during the phone calls and they will drop your call , THEY WILL NEVER CALL YOU BACK even though they have your information in front of them, they have the most incompetent employees, they don’t know anything, they can never give you a correct answer or accurate information, they will send you emails with confirmation numbers that mean nothing because there is never any valuable information in the email and you call them and never get anywhere or get any answers. LIARS, DISHONEST, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF ANYWAY THEY CAN.


Tracy August 30, 2017 at 10:07 pm

I am on the Board of Directors for an HOA. A gated community where we DO NOT ALLOW soliciting. There are always sales people dressed in Century Link uniforms, knocking on the doors, SAYING they’re with century link. They also tell the security company they’re with Century Link, so they let them in because we do have homeowners here who have Century Link Service. So then I call Century Link and am told “Oh, they’re not our employees, they are subs, we don’t know what company they’re with. WHAT??? So they are falsely representing themselves as Century Link EMPLOYEES, but they’re not. And there’s nothing that can be done???? Sounds like it’s time to write a letter to the Arizona Attorney General.


Patricia Gilmore August 25, 2017 at 12:56 pm

My problems began with an email notice from CenturyLink payment due by August 10, 2017 had not been received. I always pay my bill as soon as I get it. They notified me on August 15, 2017 it was past due. The check I made out for the August payment (they said was not paid), cleared my bank on July 31, 2017. Short story long. Lots of hours on phone via email, receiving calls from them and two faxes with doXXXXents they requested for proof (oh, yes they have to have bank statement and will not take a photo copy of the cancelled check), this problem has not been cleared up to this date 8/25/17. Now the account is showing that the September bill (online) is due. Figure that ought to wind up being another mess with the other problem still in the total. It’s all very time consuming and lots of energy wasted thus far. Don’t know whose account they posted my payment to, but it certainly was not mine and apparently they don’t have the kind of accounting ability to trace where it was posted. Otherwise why is it taking so long. I’m ready to exit using internet at all. I’m not well and the energy it has taken dealing with this issue has further limited what I can do in the day. Let alone the stress of it all.


LLaz September 1, 2017 at 6:45 am

Contact the FCC. I did after an exhausting experience in frustration with them. If not for the FCC & their serving notice to Century Link, my situation would never have gotten resolved. The FCC was my saving grace. Contact them immediately.


Sharon Frutig August 25, 2017 at 10:26 am

So glad to see all these NEGATIVE comments. And the info on Class Action Lawsuit. I had no idea I wasn’t alone in my HORRIBLE experience, with CenturyLink. Took over 2 months to get service. Lots of rescheduling, without calls to tell me, until I had sat at home waiting all day. Just buried cable myself yesterday after waiting 3 weeks for it to be done. And only did it now because it was on neighbors property. Neighbor threatened to turn me in because it was a safety hazard. He said a lady had tripped over it. And don’t for a minute think you will be able to “talk” to someone about all your concerns, without having to push lots of numbers, and then being on hold, while listening to recordings that talk all about SATISFIED CUSTOMERS being one of their main concerns. Will definitely be in on the Lawsuit. I am looking at my first bill of $197.67. I bet if I didn’t pay it, they would be a lot more efficient at shutting OFF my service, than they were at getting service to me.


David August 19, 2017 at 10:54 am

The worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I took my son to college and had Centurylink hook up Internet Service. The next day the internet stopped working. I called to have them fix the problem and they said that they couldn’t make it out for 2 days. They said that they would be there between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. My son was home all day and they never showed up or called. I called them and wasted another 2 hours of my time answering the same questions before I got another appointment for the next day. The appointment time was after 4:00 for this visit. They never showed up or called. Since this was a Friday night I called and answered the same questions again. I talked to a Supervisor from another State and basically he apologized but could not give me any answers on when they would be there to fix the internet. I have called another provider for my Son’s internet. Centrulink by far is the worst Company that I have ever dealt with.


Beverly Howell August 8, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Your customer service for Lifeline subscribers is less than desirable: of all customers it shouldn’t take almost a wk to check phone lines for trouble. If I and my area could deal with another company I’d drop your service in a heartbeat.


Sheryl Walker Helms August 7, 2017 at 3:39 pm

Well today was the 4th botched visit to upgrade my service. I’ve made probably 30 callers over the last 10 days with hours of time talking and re-talking the same ole story. Today’s service was to be between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm. Well they showed up at 7:45 am, did not call ahead as requested , didn’t ring door bell. Left a note on door.

July 28, 17 they were a no show, no call to say they couldn’t come.
Called them to reschedule Monday July 31, they said someone would be here on Tuesday Aug 4, no show, no call. I called them back Aug 4, they said they’d be here We’d Aug 5., guy comes out without a call ahead, doesn’t ring door bell and I was in the back of the house and can’t here a simple knock. So I call again, they re-schedule for today Aug 7. Guy doesn’t call, comes before scheduled time and put a note on the door. Called them and they ask for a couple hours and someone would call me back. Well….. that was at 9:30 am and it’s now 3:30 pm. No call from anyone.

Theses people have waisted 4 of my days waiting on them.

They are the worst I have ever felt with in my life!

I sure hope this really reaches someone who has more than an I’m sorry for me!


Rodney Navratil July 31, 2017 at 11:43 am

I tried to get Centurylink to fix my domain name to static ip and turn off port 25 filtering. The Customer and Tech department is no help. For two months I had enough with their idiotic transfers and being bounced around from residential to business and vice versa. They slapped me with a $535 bucks bill for the mistakes they made. Tried to get loyalty to fix my bill. They dilly dallied, kept me online for hours hoping I would give up and hang up. I tried to get a phone number for the CEO of CL as well as their legal department. Was told to write them a complaint via US Mail. Nobody needs to be dumped on like I was by a terrible company. They keep their internet rates low but treat people like dirt. Don’t use this company. Stay away from them.


Penny Suozzi July 28, 2017 at 11:07 pm

I have a little more to add to my previous comment. The Installer from DirecTV threw our old dish into the back yard instead of disposing of it. He then tried to sell us fiber optic service for 50.00 a month so that I could cancel CenturyLink. I told him that CenturyLink would penalize us, he said it would not be a problem. I told him to send me an e-mail so I could review his proposal, never got one. Everyone has an angle, or scam.


Penny Suozzi July 28, 2017 at 10:54 pm

I have been a CenturyLink Customer for many years. I am a commercial customer. I was contacted by a CenturyLink representative who told me that the plan I was on was being discontinued. She gave me the details of the new business bundle which included DirecTV. She told me that the entire bundle would be 90.00 plus tax, and that everything would be billed through CenturyLink. I was also told that I needed to pay a fee to DirecTV of 21.00. They charged me as agreed. Today I was billed an additional 66.00. I called DirecTV to question it. I was told that this was the monthly bill for the 103 channels. For the first year it would be 22.00 per month, then it would go up to 66.00 for the second year of the contract.
The CenturyLink rep also told me that I could cancel within 30 days if I didn’t like the service. She did tell me that it was a 2 year agreement, but that I could cancel. This is completely false. I am very displeased with the entire situation. I never buy anything from telemarketers and this is why. I made the mistake of breaking my longstanding rule, and I am paying the price now. I hope this comment helps someone else avoid this scam
I am researching alternatives to CenturyLink, when the contract is up I will no longer do business with them.


bea herrick July 25, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Been a stockholder in this company sincen they were located in a small house off Louisville Ave Monroe La Been customer for years My patience is gone. If I dont have service today will change companies. Only thing attractive about stock is dividend but with this type service who will sign on.Mr, Williams must be turning over in his grave. Bea Herrick


Chakra July 23, 2017 at 1:04 am

It is almost a month I am waiting for my internet connection after 5 reschedules without any reason, from 7 am to 12 40 Pm I waited near my door and the technician dispatch says he is on his way at 10 am with modem and by 12 the customer says the dispatch said no one at house and waited for 35 min and also they give a number which is not my number as I have said not to call and they can send the dispatch so someone above 18 will be waiting at home so no excuses at missing phone call to evade service. The service man is spending time in stores and road charging century link with fake calls and I told 4 weeks back the technician won’t give connection as per schedule and today 5th time it has happened.

In 2015 when I had my connection then I had to pay money to a company to connect as the technician at that time in the same city demanded money to giet internet wire inside saying he is responsible only for outside and it took a month to connect.

We need multiple service provider instead one , I am sending a note to Florida state senate on this issue of harassing community with monopoly on service.

5th time reschedule and in record the technician in lee will be charging centurylong as iif he visited but I can show proof no one came to my home and he did not even pass that side on road . I can provide details.

most of the time driving around the city with free time. I have witnessed.

Lee, fl 32059.


Patricia July 11, 2017 at 12:36 pm

I don’t believe in all my 69 years that we’ve ever dealt with such an unorganized company. Don’t bother calling them if you have a problem. They offer no customer service whatsoever and nobody knows anything at their company. Impossible to actually speak to anyone except rude outsourced people. Really rude. We are filing complaints with our State Attorney General’s Office, the Public Utilities Commission, the Better Business Bureau and also joining the class action lawsuit that has just begun. You can find that address in the unbelievably long list of complaints. Our complaint is that we don’t receive our bills in the mail…and have no clue why. We have NO issues with any other company with which we do business. Only CenturyLink seems unable to send mail via US Mail. Then, they try to charge us $3.50 to pay online with a credit card. And then they try to charge us late fees because they don’t get our damned bill to us!! What kind of ClusterF is this company???? We’re obviously looking for another provider.


Donna July 21, 2017 at 5:07 pm

I feel your pain. Our landline & Internet were destroyed last Tuesday due to a lightening strike and after several transferred calls, (one guy sounded drunk) a lady from India said they could get a technician out NEXT MONDAY! Horrible customer service. I’ll be dropping our landline & getting another internet provider.


Beverly Howell August 8, 2017 at 7:12 pm

I can’t believe how they treat their Lifeline subscribers: a wk to ck out phone lines for problems, get real Century Tel. I wish we had another provider.


Merril Benner June 24, 2017 at 7:44 pm

I started over a week ago trying to become a CenturyLink customer after hours on the phone sending all over to talk to different places and not getting service in anger, I gave up and decided to stay where I was. I then got a bill for services that I did not have for $154.13
I have spent hours on the phone trying to get this problem solved, being lied to, hung up on, calls dropped, sent to auto voice (so called) help. My new phone # with my old company is now being blocked by CL, I do not what to do. I am 72 years old what I do is write to inmates needing pen pals giving a select few the OK to call me. Now the can’t get through to me. I need help and don’t know where to get it. I know it will not come from CL. These people are the worst criminals I have ever known of.


Kirk July 9, 2017 at 5:56 pm

My internet connection is total crap. 1/10th of 1 % speed from what they advertise.
I just found out via NEWS, that Centurylink is now in a class action lawsuit with their customers, for $12 BILLION DOLLARS.
If you want to file with this lawsuit, the attorneys are:
Geragos & Geragos
Historic Engine Co. #28
644 south Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, Ca 90017
You are welcome!
My internet connection work as slow as posibl;e for 1% of the time, then becomes DISCONNECTED, forcing it to have to RECONNECT Countless times, to the point where I can’t download a file that normally takes 7 seconds, and my experience is in 24 HOURS… it only downloaded 1/3rd of the file. I have complained fore 5 years. Now I am joining the class action lawsuit.


Penny Suozzi July 28, 2017 at 11:00 pm

Thank you Calling them on Manday


Sharon Frutig August 25, 2017 at 11:00 am

Thank you for this information!! Will definitely want to be in on the lawsuit. Horrible experience with CenturyLink. Wrote to them direct. IF they were to compensate me for all my grief I will drop my part in lawsuit. Really am sad to read about the woman on LifeLine. That’s horrible!!


Mildred Domingo Account June 20, 2017 at 1:42 pm

CenturyLink wastes hours of our time, refusing to admit problems with their outside equipment – even after 3 repair visits over the past few months.
See our ultimate troubleshooting in this video, which shows that this is CenturyLink’s outside equipment problem:


Russ Russell June 18, 2017 at 8:10 am

Absolutely Horrendous Service:
Signed up for Century Link Internet service the other day. Was told that Internet would be installed on Saturday, June 17th. Waited at home ALL DAY LONG and no one showed up or called. I called Century Link 4 times. They disconnected me twice, and the other two times they told me that the Installation would take place by 3 pm. NO ONE SHOWED UP OR CALLED ALL DAY LONG. Horrendous. Will probably cancel and take my business back to COX , which is just as bad and tremendously over-priced Stay away from Century Link.


Carla June 8, 2017 at 7:58 am

I have a landline only to use my fax because of my work. I am very disappointed with CenturyTel and am cancelling their service. Here is the response I received from them when I expressed my concerns about their advertising with Hannity. Further exploration shows that they pretty much buy into the “good ole’ boy” system with 11 top leadership roles of which only one is a woman. I really like the smiley face at the bottom…..what a bunch of BS.

Dear Dale and Carla
Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to CenturyLink. I apologize for the delay in responding to your email.
Thank you for notifying us about your concern and please accept our apologies for not meeting your expectations.
***Please retain Task ID 339552409 for future reference to this e-mail***
CenturyLink appreciates your business and values you as a customer. Our goal is to provide you with excellent customer service. If you need further assistance, please visit us at centurylink.com/customerservice for a variety of customer service options.


Bonnie H. June 1, 2017 at 12:28 pm

Over the past 2 days I have spent 4.25 telephone hours, being transferred between 11 departments to resolve an issue with my PAID IN FULL closed account with Century Link. There is no one who will help me to resolve this issue. Has anyone found the “key” to who to contact to get issues resolved once and for all?


Terry Linderholm April 12, 2017 at 10:01 pm

I am building a home at Whispering Lane, Hastings Minnesota 55033.
I have called many different phone numbers to report a damaged connection post
that was installed in my driveway, it has been hit by neighbors backing up in my
unfinished driveway, we tried straightening the post as best we could, but I think it
should be moved to the utility easement because I will be installing a short retaining
wall to support the concrete driveway and the post is in the way.
I have call records with dates and times, I have talked receptionists and have been
referred to engineers and I leave messages, but not one returns my calls.
Please call me! 612 986XXXXX


Edward J Mattison February 21, 2017 at 8:02 pm

To whom it may concern :
I have been trying to get Century link installed into my home for the last 24 days and every time I get scheduled an appointment no one shows up. Then I have to reschedule this has happened 3 times and now I’m on my 4 reschedule. I don’t know what you can do about it but any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time
Edward Mattison
Denver Co. 80219


Ebony February 15, 2017 at 5:10 pm

Century Link is a rip off and garbage stay away from them they take your money and do what they want. They took my money and I still didn’t get the service I paid for and on top I lost my job because of them….


Ebony February 15, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Century Link is a rip off and garbage stay away from them they take your money and do what they want.


R. Donaldson January 23, 2017 at 3:20 pm

SO let me add my short version of my very long list of complaints to this already extremely long list.

I moved from WA to AZ in June 2016. I called an spoke with a very nice person and he made sure that our service changed over to our new residence. We had horrible service at our new place once we got there and then one day (on a Sunday and with those with young children understand that young kid+ no TV= Bad day) the service was cut off.

WHAT THE REP. DID NOT TELL ME was He did NOT turn off the service we had in WA instead he start NEW service in AZ. Therefore every AUTOMATIC payment we made went to the account in WA and NOT to the account in AZ. AND THIS IDIOT DID NOT TELL US THAT HE SIGNED US UP FOR A “CONTRACT” which we would have never agreed to. We went through the same cycle sometimes twice a month calling centurylink to cancel the account in WA only to get the runaround and eventually speak to the original person that transferred me. They then told me that they got it fix ONLY to have to go through the same bullsh*t for the following 5 months.

Now I am trying to cancel the service and they tell me that they have no notes. NOTHING about what had happen over the last 6 months and are refusing to let me out of this “contract” that I never agreed to. BUT they conveniently have a note making sure that we cant get out of our contact.

I wouldn’t recommend centurylink to my worst enemy, a child molester or the devil himself


Michael May 11, 2017 at 10:42 am

I have been a CenturyLink customer for over 20 years, and have read many complaints of fellow subscribers and their horror stories of dealing w/ CenturyLink. The best thing that could happen to CenturyLink would be to have a competition company. Through the years I have dealt with most customer service agents that carry themselves w/ integrity, while a few others prove themselves to be ass-clowns. I feel for the customer service agents that do work w/ you concerning issues such as pricing only to have CenturyLink Inc. prove to be a jackwagon company.



George January 18, 2017 at 3:44 pm

CL DSL in our neighborhood is deplorable. I tried to get name and contact information for Colorado main office and corporate office and was met with no luck. Everyone refers me back to 800 244-111 and hence the merry go round.

No one wants to take responsibility for poor service or even provde contact information that would allow a customer to elevate a complaint to officer level.

I do need to say that one first level representative, Nicole Remaro, has been most helpful and I just wish others were.


Eric December 29, 2016 at 7:50 pm

I’m very aggravated, our internet does not work. It has been this way for over a month. When we call they say that the Internet is not out which is correct. It is just so slow that the meter doesn’t even measure it. We were told that someone ” hacked into it or is stealing the internet and it is dragging us down!” Some days it works in the morning for a few hours then hoes out around noon to 1:30-2 am. Till about 8 am. We can’t use the internet, Netflix or Hulu! I just want it fixed, sucks to be off work for the Holidays and can’t use any services that you pay for.


Tammy MCcown December 26, 2016 at 10:33 am

Around Nov. 22, 2016 I called Direct TV asking for prices and like a dummy I gave the guy my info I decided not to join Direct TV at that time well the little jerk signed me up with Century link broad band, now on Dec 26, 2016 I’m on hold with Century link for about the 20th time and still have had no luck it has my bill over $160+ in my name. They refuse to clear my name on their billing. I HAVE BRIGHTHOUSE!!!!!! I tried to call Direct TV and 2 days before Christmas a punk blasted me and with me on speaker phone he asked me if I voted for Trump and he was African and I was a racist plus many more horrible remarks while I heard ppl in the back ground laughing at every insult he gave me. Like I said it is 26 days later and while I type I have been on hold for over 20 minutes. Beware of anyone with Century Link or Direct TV it has been HELL


Romanza Sorensen November 30, 2016 at 12:38 pm

I am very frustrated! I am a ‘Loyal Customer’ and yet my credit report says I have a derogatory mark on Equifax from Century Link. It is a collection of $28 but when I contact Century Link they can not find it. My credit report says it is through CREDIT MANAGEMENT for Century Link … so I searched online for Credit Management and found this: Credit Management CenturyLink Quest Falsely reporting people owe them money/ credit report crashers!! Carrollton Texas.. check out the website:

I would like to get this off of my credit report.. who can assist me?

Dennis & Romanza Sorensen
801-532-XXXXX / 801-554-XXXXX
Taylorsville, Ut 84123


Paul Levey December 13, 2016 at 7:20 pm

If they have contacted you send them a cease calling letter. Send it by Certified Mail- Return Receipt Requested. Then send a copy of that first letter to the credit bureaus also Certified…asking for proof of your owing anything. They will try to push you off but they have thirty days from your request to provide proof. No proof…get it off my report! Get a good book on credit repair. They are sXXXX and must be treated as such.


Julie Logue November 8, 2016 at 12:09 pm

Worst customer service I have ever had. Been without TV since Nov. 2, 2016. Told by IT at Century Link the red X on the screen is not good. Sending new box. New box arrived on Nov 4, 2016. New box doesn’t work. Freezes the TV with the words “start up in progress, may take a couple of minutes”. Their interpretation of a couple of minutes is different obviously than mine as now it is 4 days later and the same message appear. No on at Century Link in the troubleshooting area knows what is wrong.
Technician was to arrive Nov. 7, 2016 between 2:30p and 6:30p. Made arrangements with work to be home during those hours. No one showed up. The technician did call at 6:40p to say he would be 3 hours late. Really?..You call 10 minutes after you final arrival time to say you are running behind and won’t be there for more than 3 hours. HORRIBLE customer service. Called Century Link to complain after the technician called at 6:40p to state he was late. Was told his supervisor would call me. Still no call from technician’s supervisor. I too like many others that have had this experience wonder with amazement as to how Century Link expects you to not go to work and wait for them but still be able to get paid for those missed hours to pay their monthly fee on time.


Jim November 1, 2016 at 2:36 pm

I have never experienced such terrible customer service in my life. Centurylink employees are not trained properly for dealing with customer problems NOT ON THE SCRIPT, My “nightmare” began in August and continues in November. The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. i am being charged for an early termination charge,but never signed a contract in the 13 years as a PAID CUSTOMER. Presently I have filed a complaint with the Oregon State Customer Complaint Division and called Mr. Darrion Bowers VP Operations in Portland. This company wants us to pay over $200 for something We Don’t OWE. This is customer abuse and since I am over 70 may be senior abuse which I intend to pursue if this is not resolved immediately. You owe me 4 days interrupted internet service. I don’t owe Century anything.


Rebecca July 12, 2016 at 11:00 am

CenturyLink Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
CenturyLink, Inc.
100 CenturyTel Drive
Monroe, LA 71203 USA
Corporate Office: 1-318-388-9000
Fax Number: 1-318-388-9562

Don’t call customer service 1+888-665-5193 you’ll have no luck.

BBB Denver 303-758-2100

It’s up to us a customers to follow through, because it’s not going to change without it. Good Luck

more of the same issues of being called and transferred and hung up on and no call back. Least amount of time on hold before I even get a person is 10 mins. My dad would not be able to do this. My dad is 87 and I’m trying to get him a large print phone. He goes to the eye doctor on an average of twice a month. Got totally frustrated and called the main office waiting for a call back. After reading the complaints and don’t have very high expectations. Gave them all the account information, address and I offered to email a copy of my power of attorney but they said that that was not good enough. all that and I wasn’t even asking for any information, just a large print phone book! Really I do not expect my 87 year old Dad to deal with this! I am calling the BBB!


Scott Steiner June 8, 2016 at 4:04 pm

Since 2004 we’ve had a billing agency and have requirements for several phone lines and a T1 line. In October 2015 our 2-year telecommunication contract with Cbeyond/Birch ended and we set up a contract with Centurylink for, again several phone lines and 2 T1 lines. Centurylink offered better pricing and because they own the telecommunication lines. Centurylink finally came out and installed the router and set their lines inside the box but nothing was activated. We kept calling Centurylink and was told repeatedly that they would get it fixed and start up service. Then we started getting bills for service, which had never been activated, so we also repeatedly called the billing department at Centurylink and was constantly told they need authorization. Once Centurylink began threatening our business credit we contacted the BBB.
Ultimately, the account with Centurylink was closed because the contract was never enacted and we set up a new contract with Cbeyond/Birch. Now, we are dealing with trying to get Centurylink to release the 2 T1 lines. We have told Centurylink repeatedly to come get their equipment but cannot get any response. We have been dealing with ‘Jennifer.Whyel@centurylink.com’ for several months, but all we get are excuses or no response. We have been dealing with the Centurylink incompetence for over 8 months now and our patience is gone. I want resolution NOW!


hope cranston June 14, 2016 at 4:32 pm

scott here’s my response. your welcome. as you can see, I sent this scam info to the Denver post. bye!
Hope Cranston

Today at 2:25 PM

ToJennifer.Whyel at centurylink.com
CCnewsroom at denverpost.com

Message body

to Denver post from regular info provider janet mckenzie, recently Walmart 2 go. now it’s centlink, see below. have a good day!

century link told me I could get direct tv through the century link lines as long as I was already connected with century link. last thurs, cent link charged me $118 for the directv/centlink combo. directv never installed. order # c45558447. was told directv has to refund me. order was cancelled & supposedly I got my $118 refund. then centlink said we will set you up the same package again & make sure directv shows up. again $118 was charged. also the rep charged me an addtl $22 fee for whatever. order # r45647645. directv came for this order, was here this morning. he said directv has NO CONTRACT with centlink, my building does not have directv compatibility. SO, I have tried to call 10 times today to cent link to get my necessary refunds.


Celenia faulk May 31, 2016 at 2:42 pm

Good afternoon,
I’m writing you today after being on the phone with your company for 2 hours. I was making a payment when they advised me I owe them 800.00 additional dollars. My husband Harold Faulk started new services January 2015. He was quoted to pay 110.00 monthly for both cable and Internet. Explained it was cheap because of promotions. All of my bills have reflected her quote. We were transferred over 5 times today. Everyone had different answers. But they all agreed, the woman who sold us the package added additional things we were not aware of. Also we were told your company had issues with mailing correct bills. I am a disabled veteran. I am on a fixed income. I’m curious why I am literally paying for your company’s mistake. Not one of your representatives would assist in making it right. Only they could make it 400.00 instead of 800.00. Is this the professionalism your company extends. I asked them to listen to the original recording of us purchasing package. Your workers declined to do so. I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter.



Steve May 19, 2016 at 2:13 pm

I would like to say i have been with you seance 2004, and to be treated poorly just because no one whats to ex plane why i get told one thing on the phone when i bundle too save like your advertisement says and then i receive a 400 dollar bill and all your peaple say is that we charge for 2 months up front but no one wants to explain the bill not even a manager i talked too to day because i disconnected prism he said its too late too explain and the only reason i disconnected because you customer service is non existent i liked the tv just cant deal with people that keep sending me too some one else, and too top it off the cut my internet off when they disconnected prism and i told at least 4 people i only want to disconnect prism not phone or internet,i got my internet back with a apology that it was a misunderstanding when i questioned the misunderstanding the manger got very rude, i still would like to know how $158.00 bundle promise goes to $400.00 bill?????????????


Shelly May 13, 2016 at 10:50 am

I’ve been trying since December 2015 to connect our companies toll free number. Not a single employee at Century Link as managed to connect the toll free number! I’ve sent in a complaint and have yet to get the issue resolved.


darla martin May 4, 2016 at 10:54 pm

I have been a centurylink customer since the 70’s when it was still called century telephone. and after reading some of the complaints on this board (the ones I could make sense of) It’s hard to imagine we’re talking about the same company. I have never had any trouble with centurylink in any shape or form. I was disturbed last time i called to request some high speed internet information to get sent to south America. other than that shock I’ve had wonderful great service with this company. but I must confess after reading and trying to understand some of the complaints on this board. I found the verbiage and the description of the problems to be mostly written by people who could stand a class in how to form a sentence and express an idea. no wonder you can’t get your message across ! the basics are what, when, where and how why add that you are a vet or had a crazy person move into your house? it is not germane to your complaint of service.??


Jack W. G. Schubbe October 18, 2016 at 1:16 am

Typical ignorant attitude when refusing to see the real issue at hand. Just because someone has a problem with spelling does not mean that a company like CenturyLink, Inc. can treat them poorly. If you want to criticize the spelling and sentence structure of a post… try looking at yours. Improper capitalization, punctuation and cliché usage (any shape or form)? What kind of shape problem would you have with CenturyLink? So instead of taking cheap shots at people who are tired of losing their money to idiot corporations such as the one being discussed here, why not take a class on how to act like a civilized human being instead of an uneducated bully hiding behind the internet?


Robert Brown August 16, 2017 at 4:40 pm

I have been fighting with Century Link for six months now. Every month my bill was different. I would call and ask why and get a different reason each time. Two months ago I was told I was enrolled in a life long program for internet and phone for $83 a month. The bill next month was $95. I called and was told the first agent was wrong.
An agent told me I could get an upgrade for free from 10 to 25 mb for my troubles. Today, my modem quit working. After talking to six different departments and agents, each telling me something different, I got to a supervisor who told me my modem could not handle 25 only the 10 I have now. I told her I was told that I could be an agent yesterday and today that 20 would work. Each agent told me something new and handed me off to another department, one department twice. Supervisor basically gave me an ultimatum that either I go back to 10 mb or buy a new modem, (I bought the one I have now from them). Of course I would have to pay for the new modem.
She offered five bucks off for a year and I am staying with my modem I purchased.
Will be looking for alternatives, but afraid all these companies rip the consumer off. And to Darla from above who has never had any problems, just give them some time!!!


TJ Scharmann May 3, 2016 at 12:33 am

RE: Account turned over to collections Central Credit Services LLC #260303403-03
Convergent Account #: B-14092269
Century Client Account #3605745977919
Turned over to two collection agencies, receive calls four days a week, yet there is no physical address to mail a complaint and company reps state they don’t have the power to credit account after hours on the phone.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please credit our account in full for the $108.90 and take this collection off of our credit report. We discontinued Century Link in June of 2015. I show my last payment in full was on 7/28/15 for $247.14 and then Century Link granted us a refund on August 11th of 2015 for $332.41 (this was almost two months after the account was closed because the account was overpaid. Please see enclosed statement showing refund.

We did everything we were supposed to do and Century Link has not. We had notified Century Link that we wanted to transfer our phone number to Comcast and that never happened. We made many calls and spent at least three hours on the phone with Century Link trying to understand why the phone number wasn’t transferred and came to no conclusion, other than it was not. There was nothing Century Link could do even though we continued to pay for the service to hold the phone number.

We returned all equipment. Yet, months after the account was closed and Century Link issued a $332.41 refund, I receive a collection notice. I have called, emailed, written letters and chatted. Century Link does not respond and the people I do get in touch with say they have no power to credit the account.

Century Link is bullying me. You have turned me over to two collection agencies and call my home phone five times a week. When I pick up the phone to respond to the debt collector, I hit the number to speak to a representative and after about one minute the phone disconnects.

I have excellent credit and pay all my bills. Please credit this bill in full and remove it from my credit report.

Thank you,

Tracey Scharmann

cc: Better Business Bureau #11309882


richard thompson May 2, 2016 at 6:08 pm

Dear Mr. Glen F. Post III/ CEO,
my name is Richard Thompson. im a retired disabled veteran..on april-11-2016..i called to have my phone service removed..your company said they would take care of this..and i would only be charged for so many days into the month..well i have made 5 calls to get this matter stright..with no end…i call back today..may-2-2016…and your company say i have got to pay the whole bill of…191.05…and the phone service was cut off on april -12-2016..i have been with your company for my phone service 32 years..i dont think it right but i payed my bill today..may-2-2016.in full…i beleave in paying what i owe.and get what im paying for.and in this case i beleave i have been treated wrong,,after all the years ive been with your campany…..this makes bad business for any company big are small..and now your company is charging to pay bill by phone…it may look good on paper but people that pay there bill want think so..and they will look at leaving not good..and im just one person…..can you help with this matter for me…thank you for your time….richard thompson~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ann April 26, 2016 at 1:25 pm

Our Century link phone service was hit by lightning in December 2015. We could not use the service due to heavy static. Then the phone went dead. We called and finally got a service ticket in and got a tech out to our house. The tech told us the Century link box by the road was hit by lightning and was damaged. We were told they could fix it temporary but it would go back out. We had several service tickets then the phone went completely dead in Febuarary.

We never heard back after calls to Century Link it was like they didn’t care. They then closed out account in march and sent us a demand for payment.

Today after 4 months later the Century Link trucks are here repairing there equipment but say they will not help us unless we pay for January thru march phone service.

Ann M ala


Bernie Muller April 15, 2016 at 10:29 pm

Century Link sucks and has to be removed as a utility. Their DSL service is a joke and even worse the speeds are a complete lie. The customer service is arrogant because they are a monopoly. In Sussex County NJ we are working on a class action case. We are fed-up and very angry. You need to go Century Link. You are not liked at all.


Stephen M Cobaugh March 19, 2016 at 1:54 pm

I guess I can join the long, long list of dissatisfied CenturyLink customers. I’ve been a 25-year customer and have received two letters in the last year saying that high-speed internet (above 10 Mbps) was now available. Well, not quite. It took numerous calls to find out those speeds weren’t available yet. Finally, new cables have been laid in my street. I chatted online with three agents, none of which could tell me what speed was available or what the price was. Really? Apparently customer service reps aren’t actually trained to answer questions or know where to find any answers. After two calls to the 800 number, I got a rep who actually had a clue what she was doing and was able to confirm a rate, speed, set up an installation appointment, and make sure the new rate and agreed prices would be reflected in the next bill. You would think this was the end of the story, but alas it is not. I was told the service tech would be at my home two days later sometime between 8 am and 5 pm, but by 4 p.m. nobody had showed up. Again, it took two more phone calls to find out the appointment had been changed to 2 days later. Really? I never made any change, was never called by anyone at CenturyLink and I wasted one day off of work. It’s hard to believe that a company this incompetent stays in business. Every time I’ve ever called customer service, it’s a merry-go-round. Perhaps they should take a cue from Apple, where each and every employee seizes the moment, takes personal responsibility for an issue and sticks with you until you’re completely satisfied.


Rebecca Cashin April 11, 2016 at 12:31 pm

I too am having an ongoing problem with century link. For over a year I have been calling and sending certified letters to everyone from the president on down, without success. I agreed to a one year internet contract that has not been honored by them. The cost continues to go up and on their own they have also extended the contract without my permission. I have never received a replay to any of my letters


Dolores Davi February 6, 2016 at 1:12 pm

To CEO Glen F. Post, CFO R. Stewart Ewing Jr. and COO Karen A. Puckett:
I was approached by one of your reps at my front door. A nice young man. But that’s when all the problems began. That was 07/27/15.
I had the system installed 2 weeks later and for $90.50/ month I should have stayed with my over the air I’ve always had. Did not like any of the programming. All sports and I don’t do sports. I found myself watching programs I got for free the week before. So I called and cancelled on 09/08/15. Within the window I was given. I returned the equipment on 09/11/15 at 2:10 p.m.. I had between 08/14/15 and 09/13/15 to cancel.
I got a bill for$698 and change. Went round and round with the person on the phone after waiting almost an hour to speak to a human.
To no avail. I gathered all receipts for everything and a letter to the company made copies mailed it off to the corporate offices. No word. Thought it was settled although I expected a letter saying it was over. On NO! Yesterday I received a call from a collection company .
No I do not owe them any money.
No I will not pay them. And I hung up. I have excellent credit. If they want to go there so be it.


helen thurman February 11, 2016 at 11:30 am

I am having the same problem. They sold me a bundle that never should have been. we were out of network for internet. never had the telephone hooked up. the installer did not know what he was doing. the tv worked for 2 hours. he did not program the remote. it took me over an hour to get it programed. he had the wrong equipment and installed it anyway, he did not tighten the wires on the receiver. he pulled the siding from the house and stuck wires under it. I cancelled the equipment and had dish installed. the technician drilled hole through house and did not put any sealer in it. now they say they can bill me for the equipment. I have a statement from direct tv where they owe me 67 dollars. Now I am getting calls from century link for service I did not have.


Dane February 4, 2016 at 3:05 pm

This is ridiculous. Trying to change my address as a former employee so I can get my tax forms and I can’t get a number to call to save my life. You guys need to figure some stuff out.


George Payne January 22, 2016 at 6:34 pm

Have spent about 6 hours today trying to get phone service dis-continued. No avail. Just possibly the worst customer service in the free world. No matter what phone # you call, after navigating the perilous automated maze, and holding for 1/2 an hour or so, you end up in India attempting to talk to someone with a language barrier and apparently the holder of records that have not been updated for at least 2 years. When you post a negative comment like this here, You get a response, after a while, asking you to IM them and they will be happy to assist you. But when you IM them, there is no response, or, they return your message and when you reply, it is completely ignored. I’m fairly sure that the IM’s are also directed to India, or Pakistan


T.Faison January 20, 2016 at 2:34 am

I’ve had CenturyLink and Prism TV (bundle service with Internet and telephone service) for approximately 1 year now.It has been one of the most horrific experiences I’ve had thus far with ANY company I’ve dealt with!(literally)I thought I was getting good,quality service by becoming a “valued” Century Link/prism TV. Boy was I wrong!The nightmare began January 2015 when I had an appointment for CenturyLinks incompetent Technicians to set up service.I made special arrangements with my supervisor to be scheduled off that particular day.10 a.m. a technician came to my home to install services.I was previously informed that the setup would not be an all day event.Well…I was lied to….by 6pm 3 different technicians (including the supervisor)came out to try to install services….all day and they still didn’t have a clue as how to successfully set up services….my entire day was SHOT!My patience had worn very thin!To top things off,the technician left empty boxes,fiber optic material,etc in my home…..and even worse than that,I discovered that the technician had left the door leading to under the house removed….anything or anyone could’ve crawled under the house and I felt that this was a security issue. Days later,I receive this astronomical bill from CebturyLink….definetly not the price that was promised when I signed up with them!I was infuriated!Within the past year,I have had at least 4 different technicians come thru my home for service issues.(even had to spend my birthday at home waiting on the technician to come out and spend the day at my home practically all day)In the past year with CenturyLink,several equipment has been changed out for defects(modem,etc etc)CenturyLink customer service workers are the worst I have EVER encountered….they are incompetent and have no intentions of helping a valued customer…they only give you empty promises or conveniently drop the call after you have patiently held on the line…this company has got to be the worst company I have encountered…customer service sucks,the prices are astronomical and they definetly have little respect or compassion for their customers!I am advising everyone I meet to stay far away from this company if you desire to keep your sanity.


LeAnn Pick January 7, 2016 at 12:52 pm



LeAnn Pick January 7, 2016 at 12:52 pm



Linda Janicki February 5, 2016 at 12:06 pm

I would be happy to join you in the law suit, I have been hung up on, on the phone for hours with all the issues I am having I figure they owe me for my time sitting on the phone waiting up to 2 hours …it is to hard to be their customer it should be this hard!


Heidi March 24, 2016 at 7:15 pm

Please let ME know if you get that class action suit started. Have had service/connectivity issues since last fall (2015), countless techs show up and temporarily fix the problem but the real resolution is replacing line underground due to voltage on the line. They will not approve repair for financial reasons but they’re happy to collect their bill money every month while providing spotty service, at best!


Gerald Daly June 2, 2016 at 1:48 pm

I rent an apartment to a woman and her family. She evidently didn’t pay her bill. Your business office is now trying to get me to pay her bill or get me to pay her own bill. This all stems from the issue of me wanting to change my service and calling your business office yesterday. You people refuse to issue a service order because she owes you money. I have no control of what she does with her money so why am I involved.


Heidi March 24, 2016 at 7:20 pm

if you’re looking for people like me to join in class action suit, check out this link-
complaintlist century link dot com


Daniel April 16, 2016 at 1:09 pm

I think that’s a great idea. I’m having all kinds of problems with them too. there’s a lot of people that are having problems with this company. We should all get together and sued them for millions of dollars. Centurylink is a scam. Time werner Is a much better choice


Nicole N April 18, 2016 at 3:02 pm

I’m with you on this! I’ve been dealing with them for the past 6 months to get a situation resolved. You know how they resolve it???? By transferring me to different people until I get tired of being on the phone. Which is usually 2 hours!


Jack W. G. Schubbe October 18, 2016 at 1:25 am

I also would be thrilled to join your class action lawsuit. CenturyLink has billed me for service that was never even started at my home and even though I have tried many times to get this matter settled, all I get is the run around, put on hold for hours, and no solution as of yet. I have had it with these larger companies who think they can do as they please because they are a corporation. I am also taking care of this company on the social media sites, already after only 7 hours I have 2 shares on Facebook about the crappy company they are and instagram and twitter are just getting started. Fed up for sure!~!!


LeAnn Pick January 7, 2016 at 12:45 pm

CenturyLink, doesn’t care and needs a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM STARTED.


Katharine Wade May 9, 2016 at 8:24 am

I would also like to join this class action lawsuit. I have been trying to get my money back that the stolen from my banking account for three months now. I will never subscribe any type of service from Centurylink again. Believe me I am telling everyone I know about how dishonest this company is. I moved from one state to another and that is when all the trouble started. They have and continue to tell lie after lie and no one in that company knows anything. This is the most unorganized corp. I have ever dealt with. You are correct; they do not care about their customers, only the millions they rake in by lying about their service and policies. I think they need to be investigated by the federal govrrnment for fraud and theft of consumers.


Mary August 10, 2016 at 6:41 pm

Not millions… try more than 20 BILLION, from the latest stock report I found from a few years ago.


LeAnn Pick January 7, 2016 at 11:34 am

I have found this company to be so unreliable and the customer service department is rude. I have been hung up on from them, yelled at by Kailyn and Lenny billing specialist. When we bundled our service for direct tv, and verizon with centurylink, the first three months were fine. Then they raised the rates, we just kept paying the bill until one day six months after that we received a bill from them for just over $800.00. We called right away of course, they told us that Directv was being billed to someone else and they just caught the issue. We did not notice because the price on the bill went up so much. We also were told by them after a modem of there’s blew up to go and by our own at Best Buy. So we did. A few months later, they did an upgrade which blew up our own modem. We called Tech service and they acknowledged this and told us to send in the receipt for the one We purchased at Best buy and they would credit us. Then we started renting one of there modems and now that blew up. Now they want there modem back, and they can’t seem to find the notes to credit our account for the modem that we purchased. Today two days later we spoke to Carolyn in Tech Services and she says it’s impossible and won’t return our money. We are now with a much more professional company and they have been extremely good to us. I will never recommend CenturyLink to anyone unless they want extreme stress in there life.


Robert Rowe December 29, 2015 at 11:25 am

I only had internet service for a couple weeks with this company. Service was slow and 3 techs could not fix it so i cancelled. When I signed up the girl that came to my door said if I had Direct Tv the bill would be cheaper. She asked to see the bill which is in my father’s name. After I cancelled I was sent a final bill for service. When I called the rep said that I would not have to pay and that my acct was closed. I now have been sent to collections for a bill that was apparently for Direct tv Which is in my Father’s name. It has dropped my credit score 50 points and I am in the middle of a refinance. I have not received any correspondence in regards to a past due bill from Centurylink. The rep I spoke to yesterday has told me the only thing I can do is pay it but they would not take this off my credit. I am very disappointed with the customer service from Centurylink. If someone doesn’t contact me to resolve this I will be putting an add in every major city and on social media for a class action lawsuit against Centurylink for deceptive business practice.


Earl December 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm

So very disappointed in CenturyLink. After years of great service and no hassle access, they have decided to no longer accept American Express as a form of payment. As I run all my business expenses through this card, their decision has created a great hardship and inconvenience for me as I move everything to a new carrier. Unable to get an answer for the change, but I will now also be moving my personal interaction and spread the word to others to think about changing also. Poor decision on CenturyLinks part to terminate a relationship with American Express.


Tina December 9, 2015 at 6:15 pm

So angry! I was promised a rate of $29.99 a month but yet I was charged full price along with some other charges that are not clear equaling $110 they deducted for my first bill and now trying to charge $80 for my 2nd bill. I have been on hold and transferred around for over 2 hours, Have had to re-explain my situation again with 7 different reps, and no one can help me. I was promised a callback within a few days from a supervisor… its been a week …still waiting. Customer service is unprofessional, no one wants to help and you just get jerked around. I’ve only been with century link for 2 months and I already want to cancel!


Chad December 5, 2015 at 12:24 am

Horrible experience. Tried giving this company more of my money for a better service, ended up losing my internet and after 5 days without service, 2 tech trips, and over 4+ hours on the phone I am still without internet service.


Jane lange December 3, 2015 at 5:52 pm

I have had them less than two months and have had HORRID service, first bill I got was a disconnect notice, not even my bill. Tried to get help from 4 different people and they XXXXX off my service instead of helping! Was told there is no company headquarters or president to write to!! The fist two reps were so rude I was astounded they had jobs. The last one barely spoke English and had no idea how to offer any help. i still
Don’t have service and I am more angry nobody tries to be understanding, not everyone is out to screw a company!!!!!!!!


Cynthia Griffith December 3, 2015 at 1:18 pm

CenturyLink, by far, has the worst customer service I have ever had. The problem began with CenturyLink failing to take a repair report when first notified that their lines were down. Then, when contacted again, gave a repair date that extended the repair so that it is 20 after the initial downing of the lines. CenturyLink utilizes call centers in the Philippines and other overseas areas. When I called their 800 number, my call was picked up the the Philippines I requested a transfer to the United States because I had special requests that I knew they could not handle. I was placed on a 46 minute hold with no interaction, before I finally hung up. I called the local store in Spokane and was given a number that was to be state-side. I called it and again my call was answered by the Philippines. I again requested a transfer to the United States and after several minutes, I was transferred to Asia where I again requested to be transferred state-side and again waited another almost 40 minutes with no one returning to the line. I hung up. I tried chat. Obviously by the improper English, I was again overseas. She gave me another number and told me to press 9 when they answered and I would go directly to a representative. I called the number and then I pressed 9 and got everything in Spanish. Obviously, CenturyLink’s chat is as inefficient as your call centers. My third call was routed to the Philippines where I explained my problem and he transferred the call the United States. He transferred me to someone at tech support, not repair, who told me he could transfer me to repair which would probably be in the Philippines because that is where they take the calls. The US tech told me that the call center could do nothing about my problem as they are just a “call center” and the lines would remain in my yard until my scheduled date for repairs. Utilizing puppet call centers or chat centers for handling business is only efficient on CenturyLink’s pocketbook but definitely not efficient for their customers needs.


nickie November 5, 2015 at 11:57 am

add me to the list of unsatisfied customer
century link has the worst customer service we have ever had we have called them at least 10+ times on hold for 2 or 4 hours at time trying to get our bill handled they quoted us one price 115.00 per month then each month it was a different price. we call them we get several agents that give us different prices. we have had our service since
august 2015 and as to date we have paid $519.00 now we owe them $265.00.?
I could really go on but my time is very valuable I just want everyone to know how terrible century link was to us. They do not care about their customers !


Cynthia Savage October 23, 2015 at 9:03 pm

Have had phone and internet service from Centurylink for years and it has been great! No problems of any kind.


Alysun October 18, 2015 at 12:15 am

I have been with you guys for almost a year. My set up service and everything else was Great as well as the customer service. But now over some time I have had the worst service I have ever experienced. I paid a deposit to start an account with you guys. I didn’t know the cirXXXXstances that you guys will take the deposit and drop me as a client if I am a little late. If I would of known you guys drop your customers so easily I would of happily taken my money else where. As a you guys being a company selling me a service I have to have trust that you will not take my money wrongfully. I called in today 10/17/15 to prism off line support ( if they gave me valid information) I spoke to a woman named Ginger. I called her and asked why my internet was not working when I paid a $200.00 payment the day before (10/16/15). She said well you were late on your bill so we disconnected the service. I told her I received a bill with no break down saying I owed $140.00 on 10/15/15. She tells me they dropped me as a client on 10/13/15. I have the billing statement as proof and will take this as far as I need to go until I get the customer service I deserve as a paying customer. I then explain to her that I was unaware of all of this and she had no response but she can take another deposit from me and set up a new service. I replied to her that I am not getting the right customer service attention that I need as you are not able to even understand the situation. Miss. Ginger replies with there is no one else I can talk to. I said how is there no one else I can talk to? She says it’s only her. Then I again go over the cirXXXXstances of the situation and the help that I need from her and she again can only give me an answer with I can basically take more money from you and set up a new account. Then I tell her I have to speak with someone else she is not providing any information I need to understand. She replies with well you didn’t say you wanted to speak with a manager. I loose my head! I asked her repeatedly times that her help was not helping me and I needed to speak with someone that can. She knew I meant a manager someone higher than her. I have never heard of customer service like this in my life. You guys are paying this girl to taunt with customers when they are unhappy. She had absolutely no training. I would like you guys to find the call and listen to the recording. I want you guys to actually listen to your worker. Do you understand that as a paying customer I pay her check! This is how I get treated…. After she finally said their was a manager I can talk to she transfers the line with saying I spoke to my manager and told him the cirXXXXstances have a great day. Then The new manager States his name and says his name is Austin. I said hello Austin, I just had an awful experience with your co-worker and hopefully you can give me some help and resolve the situation. He then replies with I will be happy to help and then says we can start you up with a new account I will have to do another credit check. Mind you I have already had a credit check from you guys. Each time you take a credit check you take a point off my credit. I do not want to continue a credit check with a company I have already established for a year! I told him I just want my internet service I already had with the contract I already had. He replied with I am stuck I cannot give you anything without starting a new account. I explained to him I was completely unaware of the policy. He says the policy is on our website at centrylink.com. I reply with how can my specific policy by on a general statement. When you take my money and have a stipulation you must personally give me a policy so I know that you will not take my money at any chance. This is the trust I have to have with getting a service and giving you money! Then he again says this is all he can do for me. I don’t even get I am sorry you are unhappy with your service or anything! I then tell him I need to speak to his manager. As he is not explaining anything to me. He replies with I am not comfortable with giving you my managers name. I can give you the head quarters address. ( the address is online) which is a different department than Him. I then told him as a paying customer I have all rights to his managers name! then he says I will give you my badge number. Why would I trust that he is giving me the correct badge number or name at this point?! This all goes back to having trust with the service. I just find it really crazy to take in that you guys will drop a customer when they are paid in full and not help them in any way. I will send a letter to head quarters. I will send emails. I am so upset and have been wrongfully helped. My money has been stolen from your company. The badge number of the manager named Austin is CTPB022 if he gave me the correct information. I would never take any service from them! They do not care about their customers!!


marion December 17, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Wow, your experience with Century Link is even worse than mine! But……same conclusion, they don’t give a rat’s patootie about their customers, once they have your money it’s “tough luck” customer.


Robert Mueller October 13, 2015 at 11:45 pm

I asked for basic phone service in May 2015 and was quoted a lower price. When the bill came in it was higher than before. Every bill since May I have had to spend hours on hold to correct. Now they won’t fix Oct. bill and I was told to pay an amount on the Sept. bill and don’t worry about the difference and Oct. bill had the deference plus late fee. Now they say they will not fix it. How can so many employees be so incompetent and not be able to get the simplest thing right and then hold the consumer responsible for their mistakes? You would thing they would value the land line customers they have left instead of treating them as if they had no value to the company. I recommend everyone get away from CenturyLink and find other options in companies who value their business.


Kathryn Snow October 12, 2015 at 7:54 pm

I ordered service in July to be connected in August, 2015. I saw a special online for 64.94 and when I called I asked if I needed to place the order online to get that price and was told no so I placed the order thru her. I was also promised a few freebies as well. I got my first bill and it was $266.00, not even close to what I was promised. I have spent the last 2 weeks and several hours and talking with at least 8 different people, which had a different story every time, to get this corrected. No one knows what the hell they are doing at this company!! I work in this industry so I know how it’s supposed to work and this is the worst customer service I have ever gotten from any company I have ever done business with. I was told by one rep that I could go ahead and pay the $266 and she would then take $10 a month off my bill going forward. Another one told me it was against Union rules for supervisors to talk to customers. Another told they could fix it and and would send me an email after it had been corrected and of course I never received that email. They are the most incompetent people I have ever dealt with. I will never do business with Century Link ever again. Hopefully I will get to move soon and get rid of the service. Oh and the service sucks too! The video tiles all the time!!


Kim September 16, 2015 at 2:28 pm

Ok let’s continue the centurylink story as of last message.
So yesterday I call to see bill was going to be so I could get service. I wad told 590 dollars, I just about crapped . So I hung up and decided to call again. A different person answers. I explain what had gone on. And was told the same thing. I asked for a superviser. So after another 15 mins I get a superviser. Explain again what had been going on. So we talked and come to a figure of 390 which was to include a deposit because they cut my service off. So I go back to work again. On my way home I get a call and guess who it is. You got it, centurylink, wanting to know when I was going to pay my bill. Told her that when they get my bill straight then call me back. So again I got on the phone to find out what happened to the last conversation I had, because my bill was still 200 more then I was stated. Again another 15 to 20 min wait, and I finally got through. The lady was actually very nice. . We went through everything again and she could see were I had talked to a superviser. But my bill was still going to be 390 plus 100 deposit. I asked the superviser 3 times what my bill was going to be and she stated the same thing every time. But now I am told that the 100 deposit was not included in the 390 according to the notes she found. This did not surprise me a bit. Sane XXXXX different day. So I was told to call tommarow and explain this again. So I spent around 2 hrs on phone again yesterday.
Will follow up tommarow with more centurylink


jazmine ortiz September 15, 2015 at 10:05 pm

I am beyond disgusted with the service centurylink has provided! Ive been calling everyday since ive opened the account. And have been transfered around to many different representatives. Ive been on hold for 45 minutes and longer calls have been disconnected or nothing has been solved. Ive asked to speak to a manager and after being on hold for 30 minutes i was hung up on yet again! They have sent two technicians out to “fix” the problem yet no one has done it. The first time a tech was supposed to come out he never showed up. They kept scheduling me for 8-10 am and would then reschedule me for 5pm as i waited and based my whole day around them coming to fix the issue no one showed up. Finally when someone did show up they did not do anything but put a mark on my door stating that they came by and the problem was fixed. As an employee that works in fortune 500 company and works in a call center and deals with customer services this is by far the worst. I would never treat a customer calling in to get help on the account as if i did not care nor would my employer allow me too. Hopefully this company realizes that they need to care for their customers!


Kim September 15, 2015 at 2:12 pm

Were to start! !!! Moved to an area that you can only hey one server and guess who that is. Right centurylink. Moved here in 2002. Hooked up a bundle package. In that time we had a repair guy out several times, because our house phone would not stay working. One trip it took 6 days before they got someone or to work on it. We finally disconnected the house phone because they would not give us credit for the times the phone wasn’t working..
Because of being on social security and having problems with bank of America on our house, we got one payment behind. We slowly was catching it up. We had set it up so that our payment was to be taken out on the 4 th of rack money. So the bull would come after we received our ss. We lousy or house and had to move in June of this yr. I called and had everything moved to new address. At that time I was quoted 169 a month for the months, being we were such valued customers and had been with this company for yrs. After receiving our bill, my husband went to pay it and asked why we did not receive our dicing that was quoted is. We were told they didn’t deal with that part. Then on setup 3 we got disconnected. So I stayed calling. After 9 hrs of being on the phone I got a real snotty lady and finally tools her to shove it. Wait times 48 min, 42, 24, 16, 53 ect l. For a total of 9 hrs. With no help what so ever. I even got transferred to Mexico one trip. Another after sitting on phone for ever, the phone connects but no one will answer. After airing fir 15 to 20 mins I hung up and had to start all over again.
So then a cretins was gong to move in with us. So she called to him it up in her name. She spent 8 hrs on a Friday, and they deducted 100 of our credit card and wad told in order to get hooked up she would have to call back on Monday. So Monday comes and she is told they would not hook her up until she had a leisurely agreement. So now she had changed her mind about moving in if she can’t get internet. So I called today to see what I wad going to have to pay to get hooked back up. I was told 200 dollars more then I was going to have to pay. So I called back and was told a different price. This is how they handle any complains. They put you on hold for long periods of time, then term you they need to transfer you and them you get tired of playing the game and hang up and don’t call back. And of course one person will tell you that the notes day this, but the next tell u there is no such note. What a joke of a company. I and copying this layer and posting it everywhere I can, so all can see the crap you will go through if you use this company.


Al W. September 2, 2015 at 11:57 pm

Everyone, there are other state and federal authorities that might helpful in solving problems. Phone lines are utilities. (Internet not yet).
I too am disappointed in Century Link phone line customer care.
10-30 minute waits to talk to your call takers. Then working with friendly call taker only to be put on hold and then be disconnected, 45 minutes wasted on my time. I call back again and start all over with another friendly call taker, put on hold for several minutes again and get disconnected, another wasted half hour. I call a third time and Pat in Utah did not want to give her employee number and would not transfer me to management.
So I told her to undo and eliminate my just activated voice line and eliminate all accurate and error charges. She did this without putting me on hold and was able to END the billing error and my voice phone service. A drastic solution (Hopefully!!).
My state utility commission is aware of my difficulties and drastic solution with Century Link. They will take action if I have further problems. The Century Link corporate number they gave me no longer accepts complaints!
This is no way to run a business. You are wasting our time and paying employees to keep duplicating work every disconnect. You need a board member that oversees customer care malfunctions before class action lawsuits occur. This will maintain happier and paying customers, reduce call center costs, reduce support wait times and avoid legal problems. I may try reporting call center disconnects to your repair service. Now, how do we repair the Board of Directors and Executives?. Perhaps their pay is also not tied to job performance, YET. Do we need more qualified replacements for EARLY RETIREMENTS? Time to notify the shareholders? Just put Century link up for sale!, It’s price must be dropping.
I still have internet basics and I APPRECIATE the lower cost and the recent rural upgrades done in my area. I am glad we can have internet without a voice line – DSL only.


unsatisfied customer September 1, 2015 at 2:27 pm


TO: (Customer Service of CenturyLink & Glenn F. Post III)
FROM: (Brittany Jeanblanc)

SUBJECT: (Problems with Internet and customer service technicians)
DATE: ( Tuesday, 01SEP2015 )

Problems with Services
Good Afternoon,
I have had your services for twenty eight days now and today is the first day I was able to use my internet. From the beginning of this contract I have had nothing but problems. I received the internet package I requested but after several hours of trying to get it to work I called your customer service toll free number and sadly the individual was of no help. So I called again and spoke with someone that assured me that my service would work. This unfortunately was not the case. I then went back to the beginning and had several friends try to make it work and could not.
I then had a friend call to see if they could get it to work with an agent and once again they could not. This customer service representative finally sent a technician to my residence. He was able to get it to work but only after being in this contract for 28 days. Now I am being charged $107.53 for service I just received at 11:00 am today.
I just got off the phone with one of your managers named Jeff employee number 62359 which of whom checked to see how many times I had call and asked for help and found nothing. This is just lack of doXXXXentation by your employees not lack of persistence or effort on my part. At this point I will be calling both of my cell phone services for doXXXXentation on contacting your company along with doXXXXentation from other cell phones I used when trying to activate my services. I have had several services before and have not had to wait 28 days for internet using any of them. I do not plan to keep this contract if I am charged for a month of no services. I also plan to notify your CEO along with my chain of command, my fiances chain of command and all of my friends and family to warn them of what to expect when working with your company.

Brittany Jeanblanc
(919) 622-****
* Chariot Lane
Maysville NC 28555


Joyce August 31, 2015 at 11:40 am

I’ve attempted for months now to get some help, any sort of help . . . I can use my email but it is really goofy in the way a rep from Century Link set it up. It was hooked up through Google and not one person since it was hooked up this way seems to know why or how it was done, very odd. Not one person from Century Link can or will offer any solutions either. My emails are NEVER given a reply and if I telephone, I’m either put on hold for ages or transferred . . . then my call is cut off. I just hate calling because I NEVER get any help . . . !! I’m about at the point where I’m going to cancel both my phone and net service and find another provider. I doubt I’ll be missed though as in my opinion, Century Link doesn’t care about its customers. 🙁


Patrick August 24, 2015 at 7:25 pm

It appears to me that there are many frustrated people who are not receiving even reasonable customer service from CenturyLink. This is a growing population and I believe there is something we as a population can do about it.
If you feel your issue has not been taken care of to your satisfaction please feel free to contact me
We as a group must come together to deal with the issues and this corporation.



marion December 17, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Would love to contact you, Patrick, but there is no way to do so, other than this forum, emails are not shown.


Frustrated in AZ August 24, 2015 at 12:44 pm

7-31-2015 Spoke with Julie – Customer Service / Robin in Financial (St. Paul) and Previously spoke to Josh who was supposed to have taken care of this for the final time after multiple calls to Century Link by me to have someone fix this.
Had us on stand alone internet above our normal internet with a different phone number than the one I have had for over 25 years. News to me… I told josh that I received a modem and had no idea why.. He checked the account and didn’t even show there was a modem sent. He is sending a return shipment packet so I can send the modem (unopened) back. Julie went into my account, closed the stand alone internet with I had been issued but didn’t know about, went back to when the account was established (5-11-2015) and credited all charges.She shut down this account.. Confirmation number for credit but was showing I needed to pay to reconnect service after disconnect from non payment. Why i would need to pay when I should have had a credit? I didn’t make payment because Josh told me there was a credit… Julie combined the internet and phone together as Josh should have done and I have been calling about for months. There was a service installation charge to reconnect my svc which i didn’t know about either and I advised the repairman came and connected the phone service which should never have been ported outside the house.. He did not come in the house and I verified there would be no charge for him to do this. .
The package of my phone and actual internet (not additional one I didn’t know I had) being billed separately instead of together was a mess I have been working on for over 3 months now. I have called regarding this mess on numerous occasions and have it all doXXXXented which comes out to over 3 days of my time trying to get this fixed. Plus this is not my fault they were billing me separately instead of a package deal like it has been for decades. Robin in Financal services reconnected service by applying a credit, and provided me with an Adj code..
TODAY 8-25 I called because i had rec a message in the mail about my service being interrupted. Now they show I owe over $169.00. Try to look up my acct on line and this doesn’t show. I contacted customer service who transferred me to billing, billing told me the credit had not been approved? News to me? I have a confirmation number for the credit… Go figure? And then I asked for a supervisor and was on hold for another 15 minutes, then someone picked up and i was back with Customer service… No supervisor and not even transferred within the billing department. So they connected me back to billing and guess what? I was disconnected when someone finally answered my call. I have called Corporate Headquarters and had to leave a message for someone to call me back… I am waiting for that call now for over 2 hours. I have been a customer since the Mountain Bell days and been though all the changes with them but Century Link is a joke! No customer service let alone no one who cares or has the knowledge to correct this mess that should have been a simple fix. Not only that they allowed someone to port my number away from them which is a violation of the FCC rules. Technically when a number is ported without the knowledge of the customer and due to 911 issues, a company can be fined up to $40,000.00.. I haven’t taken this route yet but if this mess continues I will consider it. I just want this fixed. Not much that I am asking but I am beyond frustrated!


Brian Larsen August 20, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Century Link provide thee worst customer service. Been on hold for 25 minutes to executive offices.


Sarah August 19, 2015 at 6:46 pm

Between myself and my parents, we have had nothing but trouble with this company. My parents have been without a home phone and internet for over a day, then got a new modem from CL and now their internet is between .03 and .05. Ridiculous! We’ve tried everything to contact someone and no luck at all. This is such a sleezy company.


Cynthia Neubecker August 19, 2015 at 4:07 pm

Attn: Mr. Post 111, CEO
My service was (supposedly) disconnected on 7/17/15. On 7/20 I called to make sure this happened and was assured it was and that labels for shipping the modem were sent to me. I called on 7/27 to ask about labels and I was told I still had “live” service which was then being re-disconnected for 7/17and labels would be sent. On 7/28 I called as I had been charged for a whole new service that I never ordered or heard of with a whole new phone number!!! I called and was told this was a mistake(!), that I still had live services. I was assured again this would be discontinued as of 7/17 and was given a d/c confirmation # and quoted a refund amount I would receive on my cancellation as of 7/17. I spoke with Brandon who was very kind. on 8/3 I called and spoke with Noel who said I still had live services, he would d/c as of 7/17 and send labels. On 8/10 I followed up and spoke with Savaran who was also very kind. He said I still had live services that he would issue a special order and send labels. On 8/19 I spoke with three people. Two hungup on me as I in a calm voice relayed my story. Lois however, was very kind and said I still had live services that I had to go to a different department for service to be cut off!! That I had to call UPS to check on the whereabouts of labels that were sent apparently three times. I have never ever encountered such utter dysfunction and feel sorry for the front line workers who have been consistently kind but ineffective. I have worked as an administrator most of my life and would like to speak directly to the CEO. this company. I can not begin to relay the emotional and physical tool this has taken. It is still not over, as apparently I have “live services” that were d/c on 7/17/15. Shame on you CenturyLink.


Julie Martin August 17, 2015 at 4:37 pm

I’ve been a customer with Century Link for over 16 years. I have had a difficult time with Century Link Financial Care. They have been giving me the runaround for two weeks regarding my payment arrangements. I’ve spent hours on the phone with them with no resolve. I get different responses from different representatives. They act as though they don’t value me as a customer.


David Thomas August 8, 2015 at 11:57 am

This is directed to someone that can actually do something and can say I can do that and not I can not do that.

I have called Monday Aug 3rd 2015 to disconnect my telephone service since we do not use it and just a waste of money since we have cell phones. The person took the work order and it was disconnected. On Wednesday Aug 5th 2015 about 7pm the internet stopped working. Mind you we did not disconnect the internet just the phone service. The number on the bill was called and the person at Century Link, a rep was overseas, OUTSOURCED!, explained to her and she took a look at the account and said that the old number was removed and replaced with a new number and it was stuck in the system. I was like what, she could not do anything, So she made a call to a different department and gotten it unstuck. She then proceeds to tell me my speed was changed from 25mpbs down to 10mpbs. I said we just disconnected the phone service and the speed was not changed. Well we had to proceed to call a different department to place a work order to have the speed changed, since the current modem will not work with 10mbps speed. This was on Thursday Aug 6th 2015, Many hours later and many reps and supervisors later, and right now on hold with a rep. The internet is still not working, This has been down since Wednesday Aug 5th 2015. Everyone I talked with keeps saying this is not the correct department, We can not do that. This is very very unprofessional and very aggravating since no one can not fix the issue. Then all they want to do is credit $15.00 off the bill for all the problems. this is also very unacceptable. This should have been fixed on Wednesday.

Signed a very unhappy customer.


Debra Bloor August 1, 2015 at 4:15 pm

Attn: Glen F.Post III

My family have been customers of yours since 1962. I normally do not take actionsuch as this but am getting nowhere with your customer service department. There have been many calls made to your customer service department and many false promises made. The last was approximately 6 weeks ago in which I again was falsely promised a specific cost factor in my bill, when discussing this with the customer retention department and coming to an agreement with them that at the time was a specific price that they assured me would stay at that level continuously. That price lasted one month and again the bill went up. I am extremely upset that your customer service department gives false information and want my bill to go back to the agreed amount. These practices are fraudulent and unprofessional and are unfortunately consistent with your company. This issue needs to be addressed and I need confirmation on when this will be taken care of.


Daniel Franklin August 3, 2015 at 1:55 pm

Absolutely. I have been a customer for a little over a year and its sad when you are ready to move and relocate so you have other service provider options.


Dan Williamson July 10, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Centurylink’s customer service CANNOT read or understand PROPER English!!!!!!!!!!!!


My original query follows.

I wrote:

“Re: Removal of “Call detail” from all online accounts
It appears that I am going to need some help on a particular, up-and-coming “customer service issue” that is currently in its “initial phase”. According to one of your online account surveys, Clink is about to disclude our option for downloading our “Call detail” via our online accounts. Clink’s reason for removing this “Call detail” option from our online accounts is that “this same info” is SUPPOSEDLY “already included on our bill”. PLEASE show me WHERE “this same info” is included on MY bill!!!!!!!! I have the “unlimited-long-distance” feature on my account and for the duration that I have had this SAME service – NOT ONCE have they EVER included “this same info” on ANY of my bills!! As a matter of fact, if I was NOT able to download “this same info” from the “call detail” link via my online account – then I would HAVE to get a court order to get “this same info” from MY OWN G..D… ACCOUNT!!!!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! IT IS STILL YOUR JOB TO GIVE US PAYING PATRONS PROFESSIONAL SERVICE HERE!!!!! Someone needs to step up to the plate and tell them (the idiots in charge of making this decision) JUST EXACTLY HOW “this same info” is ACTUALLY dispensed to your customers! OBVIOUSLY, THESE SAME “PEOPLE” ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!!!!!!!!!


The following text contains copies of 2 TOTALLY STUPID responses I have gotten from Centurylink’s customer service so far:

Centurylink’s 1st response:

“Hello Dan ,

Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to CenturyLink. I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail.

I understand that you are unable to view your call details online. I am happy to assist you. I am going to send to you a attachment of your call details from your most recent bill.

Details of Your CenturyLink Packaged Services

Service Period: JUN 13 – JUL 12

Simple Choice

Monthly Recurring Charges 73.90

Services for: XXXX XXXX XXXXx

1 Pty Residence Line

3-Way Calling

60 Select Call Reject

66 Busy Redial

77 Anonymous Call Reject

Call Forward No Answer

Caller ID With Call Waiting

Message Wait Visual

Message Waiting Indicator

Speed Call 8

Unlimited Long Distance (Voice Only)

Voicemail Basic

Services for: eqXXXXXXXXXXXX

1.5M High Speed Internet

Package Charges $73.90


$14 Disc 12 Mo/12 Mo Contract -$14.00

Loyalty Credit -$15.00

Promotional Discount -$15.95

Package Charges After Discount $28.95

Subtotal Packages $28.95

Taxes, Fees and Surcharges

INDIANA Sales Tax 1.01

INDIANA Universal Service Fund Surcharge .09

Universal Service Fund Surcharge 1.84

Total Taxes, Fees and Surcharges $

I hope that this was helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for choosing CenturyLink. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!




Centurylink’s 2nd response:

“Hello Dan ,

Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to CenturyLink. I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail.

I understand you’re frustrated and would like your bill to be verified and your issues to be addressed researched your account and found that the bill date is 6/13/2015,previous balance $49.11,payment receive $49.11 and due date is 07/8/2015.Sorry for any inconvenience caused and I would be happy to assist you with any other request.

Thank you for choosing CenturyLink. We appreciate your business.Have a great day!




Are you fg kidding me?
How the (f-word) did these 2 idiots get a job with Centurylink’s customer service?




THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!


Carmen F July 7, 2015 at 8:54 pm

I have been a customer of Century Link for about 3 years now. While there have been smaller issues with prices increasing above what was stated to us, we had been fairly satisfied with the service we’d received until now. We just moved and wished to remain with Century Link if they: 1) provided service in our new area, and 2) would give us a decent price. I found that they did provide service, at half the speed as before, and with only reducing the price by a few dollars. Here comes the BIG problem: I was told by the original rep I spoke with that there was no need for a technician to come to our house for the hook-up, she even verified it with another employee. Then a couple of days later while I was at work, I received a call from a service tech who was at my home needing to do some work. I questioned him as I had been told no appointment for a tech to come out was needed. He said they’d made a mistake in telling me that. I asked him if there was to be a charge for his services. He said “No, it’s just something we have to come out and do.” So I told him to go ahead.Then, I get a service charge of $59.99 on my bill. I called to clarify and explain, sure that they would remove the charge as it had been their error. But, they would NOT remove the charge. I spoke with the manager of the Loyalty department who explained to me that it was a real charge and I would just have to pay it. I told him I never approved doing anything that would have been charged, and that if I had known that I would have gone with a different company. After speaking with multiple representatives and managers, spending 2 hours on the phone, of which about an hour was HOLD time, they would not concede their error. I am so disappointed in this company. I will never do business with them again. I will report them to the BBB for what is basically extortion, as they said if I don’t pay it they will send it to my credit report. I will not pay it on principle. I do not owe it. They may have done the work, but without my consent. I can’t, for example, go mow someone’s lawn without their consent and then demand that they pay me for me. I did the work on my own, without consent, so if they don’t want to pay, that is my problem. CENTURY LINK DID THIS WORK WITHOUT GAINING PROPER INFORMED CONSENT AND IS NOW TRYING TO FORCE ME TO PAY THEM. This is NOT an ethical company.


A angry hater of centurylink July 6, 2015 at 10:39 am

Got a knock at my door at 6pm by one of Centurylinks SALESMEN who got super aggressive with me to open my door so he could talk with me. I refused to open my door and he went nuts and started scaring me. I called the police about this seedy snake oil salesman banging on my door and ordering me to open to talk to him and they said to make a formal complaint on him at Centurylink.

I would NEVER do any business with this horrible company if they are anywhere near like their salesmen!!


DJ July 2, 2015 at 2:54 pm

Hello general public. We have been trying to reach Alex Juarez from Centurylink Corporate in Phoenix, Az. This corporate entity is already aware that they are making billions of dollars and have NO intention of responding to customers or cleaning up their act. I “tried” to cancel with Centurylink within days of signing up and bundling with Directv. Directv is awesome but needs to divorce this company that is giving it a very bad name. We are planning a protest and full out boycott this month. Sadly Centurylink takes great pleasure in gauging & exploiting the elderly. The elderly is a large population in the state of Arizona. We will be heard! Extortion , bullying , threatening to ruin my credit, and full fledged tantrums over the phone have been my daily experience since April 2015 from this zero-one star company. We are organizing and will be standing our ground. Several media outlets have been informed. All I want to do is cancel and apparently malice and being vindictive is just another day at the office with centurylink corporation big wigs and their untrained reps! Sick and tired in Mesa Village


Ana morales June 30, 2015 at 8:33 pm

Worst idea ever to sign up with Century Link agent show no AER, the show no I could help you attitude none of them leave clear notes on the account the supervisors do not help you the supervisors and the agents won’t give you the agent IDs their stories do not match up and none of them seem to be able to give any kind of resolution and will not ask fact finding questions to top it off because of their in inability to process information or understand the situation a customer has to pay and not have services when needed to very sad for a very big company to lose their customer service also interested in sales handle time and numbers whenever I hear anybody trying to get Centrelink I will make sure to tell him not to because of the customer care experience on them my two days of frustration being transfer all over the place 19 and a resolution will forever prevent me from getting the services again sad because one of the other greatest companies is combined with Centrelink which is Verizon and DirecTV those two companies will hurt a lot with this customer care


Christine Rogers June 23, 2015 at 9:53 am

SO disappointed with this company…sorry I switched from Xfinity but I will be switching back !! They have no clue about customer service.


McKenzie M. June 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm

I hope nobody makes the mistake of signing up for services with this company. Their customer service and way of business is absolutely horrific. I work in the customer service industry and I would be fired if I gave the customer service they provided to me. I signed up to get wifi with CenturyLink and was going to bundle with DirectTv…… Within the next 2 days I found out I was unable to have the DirectTv dish at my apartment so I immediately called DirectTv to cancel and then called CenturyLink to cancel as well…. It turns out that they person who supposedly cancelled my account had never done that so I ended up being billed for 2 months of service that I never used. I called 4 more times to cancel again and after getting poor customer service from the representative they finally assured me that the account was cancelled. BUT it hats not all…… After another month, I received a final cancellation bill for $299.86 that I had to pay because I didn’t cancel within 39 days. How is that even possible when I called the very next day to cancel??? Once I received that bill I called, AGAIN!!! This was the 5th time….. I talked to 3 different people who told me they had NO record I called to cancel. After dealing with 6 or more differ met people from this terrible company I ended up having to pay $300 to take care of this. I will tell everyone that they shouldn’t sign up for your services and I plan on posting this on every website I can find. CenturyLink has poor customer service and poor communication, and terrible service systems. DO NOT USE CENTURYLINK. It’s a nightmare. Such a rip-off… Not worth it!


Joanna larose June 19, 2015 at 11:19 pm

I received a 14.99 one year for Internet service. Someone had called me and told me I
Could not receive this? Then I received an email stating I cancelled this? No I did not.
The person who gave it to me was in error. That they would extend the rate for six months.
Of course I am not happy about it.
Then I have had consistent problems with the modem it is always a three hour plus to
Get it straightened out. I have the replacement modem however, due to family
Emergencies was unable to spend that much time on the phone.
This is a problem. Why can’t this all be simple?
How could someone change my service? This is unacceptable.
Thank you


Rita Valenta June 18, 2015 at 3:25 pm

I would like to talk to one of the executives of CenturyLink regarding very very poor customer service I received from Theresa Employee ID TPJA046. She refused to answer a simple question regarding a franchise fee, then refused to allow me to talk to a supervisor.
I was a supervisor in a call center for 15 years and her behavior reflects poorly on the entire company.


William Comer June 16, 2015 at 1:32 am

It appears that others are having issues with CenturyLink. I have in a state of dispute over charges and billing from the beginning of service a year ago. Now, for me too, there is one more incident of communication failure. What irony! A communications industry unable to communicate efficiently and respectfully with it’s customers!


fred smith June 7, 2015 at 9:52 pm

They keep billing me for internet service after I moved and terminated the service. The customer service staff really doesn’t care. They have a bad attitude. Meanwhile, I refuse to pay another cent to them and enjoy my cable internet.


Denis Conroy June 4, 2015 at 11:19 am

I was faced by an aggressive rude Centurylink employee yesterday on my doorstep. He departed my home after he failed to scam me into buying Prisim TV Service shouting slanderous remarks about me that neighbours could hear. Lucky for me one of my neighbours actually wittnessed the incident. I contacted the Sherriff’s who with myself approached the TV sales team and filed a report.
I have spoken with someone at my local centurylink office, Another from the escalation dept who was less than helpful and then contacted the Corporate office who took my details before transferring me to an answering service. Now, a day later I am still waiting for the call to be returned! Do they really not care a bit about what go’s on?


A angry hater of centurylink July 6, 2015 at 10:47 am

Same thing happened to me Denis! They must get their salesmen from prison because the snake who showed up at my door was NASTY and super pushy and intimidating! I wouldn’t open my door because I didn’t feel safe enough to do so with this turkey! And that just infuriated him more.
The police told me to make a formal complaint with Centurylink and I am trying to do just that so we will see how far I get. No doubt they hire JERKS intentionally to get sales because they’re such a pathetic and desperate company.

Something has to be done about their unprofessional and much hated presence in ‘Cableland’…why isn’t someone taking our complaints seriously?!!


No Name May 28, 2015 at 4:45 pm

I would like a communication from someone who can make decisions regarding a disputed $80 bill. Unhappy is a mild adjective for my feelings about Century Link and their employees over the last six month period.


anonymous May 21, 2015 at 1:55 pm

all the executives should be fired, they treat their employees as bad as their customers, no wonder it is such a mess


Ron White May 13, 2015 at 7:16 pm

This is the most incompetent company and should be out of business. That is the problem when there is a monopoly and no competition. COMPLETE MORONS!!

Three days off of work and no internet yet!! I will be taking 4 or more days off of work. I kept telling them…I bet you or the technician wouldn’t want to take all these days off w/o pay.

I ask for a supervisor, get one, and want their name and they said “oh we are not allowed to give out our names.” ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY

They also keep asking for an acct number. Hello? I only have the last 4 digits of the account number that was provided on the bogus email they would come and install. Customer Service says they can’t give the account number until it’s activated. Well…..if they would get off their asses and hook it up I could give an account number. I guess we are in never ending cluster.

I can’t tell you how frustrated we are.


helen bitar May 8, 2015 at 10:46 pm



K. Whitmire May 5, 2015 at 9:09 am

I am trying to get phone service for my elderly mother in an assisted living facility. What a nightmare it has been. Countless hours of speaking with people who from one to the next do not know what is going on. I thought I was an exception not the rule! Obviously not. Hundreds of complaints. Complaining to the company Officers doesn’t seem to work. Take it to the media! Local radio and TV Stations. Mail letters to the Board of Directors.
Time to take action. This needs to be on 60 MINUTES. A Fortune 500 Company indeed.


Adam G. April 13, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Brought century link on as an ISP provider in my home. Paid for 40mbps, from day one never got service. Had to go through uncountable hours of frustration, numerous people to get any type of customer service and response that was appropriate. Was told that certain charges were being waved the they werent and so forth. The cherry on top (or so I thought) was I got a phone call from a collection company 14 days after I cancelled my service, that was 1 day after recieved my final bill. I told the collection company I didn’t owe a dime and that I just revieved my bill, and how could I possibly be in collections? After being treated rudely yet again I told them to pound sand. Then after speaking with century link yet again about charges, because the fees that were to be waived failed to get done, I eneded il on the phone again for 2 hrs. Finally I got them to reconize they’re errors and fault in the situation. 2 weeks later I get another letter in the mail from the collection company claiming that they had lack of information in my investigation . Right when you think you are done, they somehow piss you off again. If this is not going to be resolved immediately I will be speaking with my own lawyer and looking into bringing up charges against Century link including harassment and failure to comply!


Dennis W May 11, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Can’t agree more…my situation was the same, but couldn’t get them to recognize their error…on to the attorney.


annieh March 31, 2015 at 3:19 pm

I agree with the comment “This company should be under investigation by federal government,the customer service abuse the senior citizen,by over charging their customer,and lying all the time to their customer.” Long story short – I have order numbers from customer representatives stating a new monthly charge would be $126.86. Yet my bill has gone up. I sent Kathy Victory, ( SR VP, Customer Care) an email on March 25, and have had no response. Today I phoned Customer Service again, and Rich never even took the time to look up the 2 order #s previous representatives gave me in February (#C10782755 & C89431770). He just apologized and said there was nothing he could do. Being a loyal customer I would like to understand where the disconnect is between customer service representatives following through on their commitment to update my account with the lower monthly charges.


fred sadri March 30, 2015 at 1:24 am

This company should be under investigation by federal government,the customer service abuse the senior citizen,by over charging their customer,and lying all the time to their customer.

Mr. post should investigate the entire department and make sure this people stop taking advantage of their customer,over charging the customer.

Please do not use this company for your service i had horrible experience with this people.


greg March 24, 2015 at 7:01 pm

What a crummy company. Morons and idiots, unless you call then you get an offshore call center with people who can’t speak proper English or even know what a phone is.

I have stayed home three and tomorrow makes four days waiting for the tech to fix my phone over the last three weeks.

If my phone isn’t fixed tomorrow I’m going to cause some serious trouble and wreck lot of peoples day.


brandy March 19, 2015 at 10:47 am

Hello I am so dissatisfied with CenturyLink. It’s disgusting how they treat people and still get away with it as in below comments I will say I will not stop until I get to the CEO because this company is a rip off not only a ripoff but just takes advantage of poor people I was quoted in my bundle package $73 for everything and now since CenturyLink wants to charge me a 202 dollars is my first bill I don’t think so I wasn’t even supposed to get a CenturyLink bill I supposed to get direct tv bundle package I’m so disgusted it makes me sick I’m on a fixed income of 1700 dollars a month I have to pay for my son I have one child single mother and they want to charge me $200 for Internet I can’t believe how they still get away with ripping people off like this I would not recommend them to my dead grandfather disgusting there still a company I will be calling the news local news I will be calling the nation national news I will be contacting everybody this will be handled correctly and they want to charge me and now they want to charge me cuz I want to turn off my service I’ve only had service for a month and they want to charge me $200 to turn it off cuz my bills $200 when I was quoted 73 total for the internet and cable all their customer service sucks they’re not interested in how they are accompany their clients I got this morning 56789 different numbers this is sad plane and sad customer service does not help at all


Terri Parker March 12, 2015 at 8:19 pm

I just got off the phone with Centurylink. Thank God they don’t service my area! My daughter moved to Phoenix. First time on her own. The sales rep LIED to me when he said the TOTAL cost would be $95 for one year. I made it very clear that was the maximum she could pay. So that is what my daughter has been sending them via her auto pay through her bank. Apparently, the bill is $105! I guess from reading the other complaints we are lucky she only owes $170. 2 hours and lots of frustration later, I got nothing resolved. Also, if she moves out of the service area supposedly she will have to pay to get out of the 2 year contract even though they don’t service it! I was told that maybe I shouldn’t have signed a 2 year contract. He is lucky I wasn’t across the desk from him. I will be contacting the Office of the President with my complaint. Although, I don’t think it will do any good. It looks to me like they really don’t care.


john mowell March 3, 2015 at 12:12 pm

to whom this my concern, my name is John Mowell, I work for your company in 2013, the reason for my menssage is that I need my W-2 form from that year asap for the IRS, I worked at the Jefferson City Branch, my boss name was Bob then it was changed to Todd, to verify my info it is John H. Mowell, dob 10-16-1966, last four is 8662. I really need my w2s, they can be faxed to Gene Heafner H&B Block Fax number 618-465-4760


Anita Dierken March 2, 2015 at 12:39 pm

After reading all these negative comments by century link customers I decided not to file a formal complaint. I too had a most horrible experience with their customer service.
Apparently the company makes enough money that they don’t care about their unhappy customers. I believe the problem stems from the outsourcing they do. What a nightmare.
The reps don’t know how to solve a problem. Each time you call one of their phone numbers you get a different person in who knows what part of the world and they all tell you something different. My recommendation is to go to a Century Link store. At least you can understand what they are saying.


JON BOGER February 23, 2015 at 8:29 am

After two years of intermittent service and failed attempts at resolving our internet issues through standard customer service procedures. The attached files outline the issues. Bottom line is that after 107 days since the initial complaint, our issues are still not resolved and instead of resolving, they disconnected our service.
Cancellation Notice: On 19 February 2015, we received via email (no phone call or email) that our service will be disconnected on 20 February 2015. The complaint is not resolved nor has anyone contacted us in 107 days to resolve it.
CenturyLink Commitments: The technician stated that he would speak with the local office to determine if any equipment or exceptions could be made to help us, specifically, a range extender. Again, even with a reminder phone call to the technician, nobody from the local office or advocacy group has contacted us after 3 Dec 14. While the complaint was swiftly addressed from the executive level through CenturyLink Customer Advocacy, Kristy McCready, the local office failed to provide resolution.
I attempted to contact CenturyLink Customer Advocacy, Kristy McCready two times at her contact (18, and 23 February) information provided per her email.
1) I offer the following proposal as a final resolution:
• Assign a case worker that is the sole point of contact for while troubleshooting (Completed).
• Escalate the case to a high priority status (Completed)… Not followed through.
• Remove charges for modem mailed to us ($14.99, 3 day HSI Eqip Ship/Hand Fee) (July 2014)
• Remove charges for Manual PIC IntraLATA ($7.75) (July 2014) (Completed)

2) As a result of no final disposition after the initial complaint filed on 13 Nov 2014 until present
(107 days)… The additional demands are requested to finalize the complaint:
• CEASE THE DISCONNECT NOTICE, keep the service in contact. (See note below)
• Remove late fee charges for month of November 2014
• Remove late fee charges for month of December 2014
• Remove late fee charges for month of January 2015
• Remove late fee charges for month of February 2015
• Request additional in-home service to relocate the router out of our kitchen area in an acceptable location. The technician stated that he would return to do this.
• Request a solution to the wireless range extender. An item the technician expressed that he would resolve on 23 Nov… To date, a CenturyLink representative has not contacted us to resolve this issue.
Why are we here? I believe the lack of attention is a result of proprietary information that I came in contact. The local office was satisfied with the fact that our contract could be terminated if we could not find a resolution. This stated fact by the Ms. Mcready most likely resulted in the local office settling with mediocrity in solving the problems. It’s disappointing in a company that boast “We do all we can to make CenturyLink services perform perfectly all the time” In my opinion, it is a deceptive ploy to lure in customers. It’s highly disappointing that CenturyLink would rather dump a customer than help them.
I cannot stress the following from the initial complaint: We do not want to change CenturyLink as our broad-band provider. We just want the service that our money pays our provider, Century Link. We are awaiting a response before we proceed further. Thank you in advance.

While I understand that there is a balance of $790.78 on our account, the account was zero at the beginning of the process as a matter of good faith. And I stated then and now, “Unfortunately, I can no longer in good faith pay for a service that is unacceptable and not working because the service provider is failing to provide a service.” CenturyLink has failed in its contractual obligations to provide sustained service and failed to follow through with commitments to resolve its initial complaint. We have no further recourse but to withhold financial payments until our complaint is resolved.

We have been a faithful, paying customer since 2008. We are not a family that feels we are entitled to free service. We will pay in full when this is resolved.
All CenturyLink executives have received first and second complaints:
CEO: Glen F. Post III
CFO: R. Stewart Ewing Jr.
COO: Karen A. Puckett
As an active duty military member, the government provides several protections to guarantee against fraudulent practices. 1) Federal Trade Commission provides Military Consumer Protection from fraudulent practices. 2) SCRA: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides relief as well.
Balance: While we understand that there is a balance of $790.78 on our account, the account was zero at the beginning of the process as a matter of good faith. And I stated then and now, “Unfortunately, I can no longer in good faith pay for a service that is unacceptable and not working because the service provider is failing to provide a service.” CenturyLink has failed in its contractual obligations to provide sustained service and failed to follow through with commitments to resolve its initial complaint. We have no further recourse but to withhold financial payments until our complaint is resolved.

We have been a faithful, paying customer since 2008. We are not a family that feels we are entitled to free service. We will pay in full when this is resolved.

We want the service that we paid for, the resolution that we asked for but certainly do not appreciate the dump strategy as proposed by the Advocacy lead as stated in the proprietary emails.
V/r, Jon and Ina Boger


Cindy January 29, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I have had Centurylink for about 8 months now. I have had trouble with billing since the very first month. I ordered Centurylink along with Direct TV and was billed by both companies when promised I would only have one bill. 6 months later and 6 phone calls that I was left on hold for an hour each, I thought it was all straightened out but I just got a bill from a COLLECTION AGENCY!!!! WHAT??? I have paid my bill every month. Turns out they now have me on two seperate accounts and are billing me twice! I have called and was told that I have to pay anyway!! Are you serious?!


Patty January 19, 2015 at 10:22 am

Yes, Centurylink stinks and I will NEVER EVER use their service again. For four months I am being charged for bogus 411 calls. I contacted the FCC and I think think they inquired, but who knows. After 4 calls I finally get this great Customer Service person who took the bogus calls off my bill and of course at that point I turned off my service. Then I get this letter from Centurylink to the FCC stating that their, and let me repeat THEIR fraud department researched it and found the calls were coming from my house….yes while I live alone, have proof I am at work making 411 directory call information 12 calls within minutes and a few hours. Yea that sounds real logical. And better yet I am doing this at 1 and 2 am, and 12 times a day…really let’s get serious. I’m NOT paying $94.00 for calls I never made. I don’t even use the phone it was for backup in case of emergency. I had the service for 3 years, no problem and then all of a sudden I’m this crazy 411 caller. Hey CEO, do something about it.


Lynn Morton January 16, 2015 at 9:08 am

After 1 month and 14 phone calls and 9 different people and my issues are still not resolved.
I cannot for the life of me understand how centurylink stays in business. This morning my “new phone line” has been turned off for the second time. No one seems to be able to get this whole new thing right. I just purchased a bundle package in December and nothing has been correct since then.

I was warned by several people not to go to Direct TV/century link. I thought I would let them try to do it right. This is without doubt the most incompetent group of people I have ever dealt with.

In closing the 1-800-244-1111 number is ridiculously understaffed. I have put 6 HOURS of minutes on my cell on hold , and that does not include the staff that I have spent 3 -4 hours with talking trying to resolve my concerns.


JZ January 8, 2015 at 8:01 pm

My 75 year old friend called weeks before she moved out of her house to have the number disconnected before she moved out, and is only using her cell phone.
BUT Century link STILL bill her each month for this landline phone number.
She has to call customer service each month to tell them she owes them nothing, because she had the phone disconnected back in June of 2014, but they don’t listen and now she supposedly owes them $300.
She is so fed up, and doesn’t know what to do.


Kelley Betsill December 24, 2014 at 6:29 pm

I have been trying for over a month to get our internet fixed. 2 techs did a no call no show, one techs said it was our electric company’s fault and left And another said he could not figure it out. I called back tonight to see where the tech was I requested last night and nobody can tell me anything. I requested a new router a few weeks ago and still having issues. I would like somebody to call me back or email me about this matter. Also, the tech when I called said we r not receiving the amount of megabytes per second. We are receiving .448 and we pay for 3.0. Why am I suppose to pay for something I cannot use and have not had for a month or do not receive right speeds?


Teri Petrzalek December 18, 2014 at 11:56 am

I, too, have just had a horrible experience with customer service. I was ready to scream. I cancelled my account 2 weeks ago and trying to cancel the autopay over the phone took going thru 3 depts and 45 minutes. Yesterday I received a bill for services for the month after the cancellation. The rep. was no help and asked me call back for a third time, when I get a bill labeled “final”. I asked her what that amount would be and she told me said she did not know. I kept saying I would not pay for services beyond the cancellation date and she kept saying “Wait for the final bill.” Since my last bill was thru 12/3 and I cancelled on 12/3 I told her I would not pay for more than one day of service.


Julie Hiebert December 17, 2014 at 11:09 am

I am writing to express my utter frustration, report the lack of professionalism and unwillingness of CenturyLink customer service representatives to even attempt to look into or admit that CenturyLink may have made an error on my account. I can honestly say, that this was the WORST experiences I have ever had with a company!

What baffles and exasperates me is why not one person offered to research the issue or look into it any further. Instead all I received was blame and insistence that it was my fault and there was no waivering of the removal of the charge of $14.70. Research of the history of my payments could have been made and you would have discovered that that I have paid my bill with the same bank account for years and have never had a payment returned. Instead, your employees became accusatory, combative and pissed off a customer.

I have been a customer since 1986 and apparently you don’t value the longevity of your customers business. In this day and age of people ditching their land lines, one would think that CenturyLink would be bending over backward to provide professional, customer focused, exceptional service, this apparently isn’t the case.


katherine saddler December 16, 2014 at 12:12 am

Centurylink….I have NEVER in all of my life had to deal with the rudest, Dumb, unprofessional, incompetent customer serves people to get to the bottom of their shutting my internet serves off. I know that my bill with century link comes out of my bank everry month. Come to find out when I called century link back in July and “Bundled with Direct TV I told them that Grandma has past away so let’s shut that phone off and put my name on the account sense we are bundling with Direct TV, phone and Internet.

Well come to find out the person who set up the account with me never took grandma’s name off the account. Now I see that they have been taking $58.50 two times a month and $34.00 two times a month. I bought my own modem. They have been charging me for the modem and serves four times a month. I have spent countless hours on the phone for over a week now. I get hung up on. I get put on hold for over two hours. I have been told they would call me back. I am f –king pissed. Now I’m going to the fraud department at my local police department tomorrow morning. But first I’m going to call the CEO & President of century link. If you can’t have some sort of employee # for everyone who answers your phones so they can be responsible for only looking out for there commission check.?? If the dumb ass lazy XXXXXX who took my order and talked me into all these upgrades……..but did not do the most important part of the paperwork……like put it in my name….but yet’ your stealing money out of my bank. I won’t stop til I get a hold of this CEO & President. Then they offer you a visa CC if you upgrade??? You get NOTHING!! They say …your not in the area that qualifies for this promotion.
You have some SCAM GOING HERE!! You f–ked with the wrong customer.


vee January 14, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I can’t believe so many people are having this same issue…wow…how are they in business. ..


Jolene Sisneros December 12, 2014 at 11:44 am

I am VERY disappointed and disgusted with your customer service!!! They make promises they don’t keep and have wasted a lot of my time trying to correct the problem and when I call back it is never the same person or no notes were ever taken! I am so frustrated words cannot explain! I really wish your company would get their act together!!!!


Joyce Lucier December 10, 2014 at 10:27 pm

I have contacted Customer Service several times about incorrect billing and have yet to get to the bottom of it. Can anyone tell me who I can call to get this straightened out? I am ready to go to the Attorney General, the FCC, or whoever I need to get this problem handled.


Todd Haase December 10, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I’m having trouble understanding how a company can function like this. I applied for a position with this company, interviewed at least two weeks ago. I called the Monroe HQ to speak with HR for a status on my application. I was told that I could go online and see if the job is still listed or exists and that is how you will know if they are still considering candidates. Wow!!!


Brian Weaver December 9, 2014 at 4:50 pm

Dear CenturyLink,

Because CenturyLink will at some point be required to relocate some of their infrastructure in Eugene,OR, I feel compelled to advise CenturyLink of the federal funding status of Lane Transit District’s West Eugene EmX bus extension, in Eugene. The City of Eugene has already requested Northwest Natural Gas to relocate some of their gas-lines and other infrastructure, to accommodate this proposed project.

It has been over two years since LTD submitted their Environment Assessment for this project, yet LTD has not received any federal funds, nor has the district received a signed funding-commitment letter from the Federal Transportation Administration. Furthermore, the EA for this project is still being legally challenged by the opposition group Our Money Our Transit.

The local sand and gravel company (Wildish Sand and Gravel) has refused LTD’s request to sign a construction contract due to the lack of funding, lack of commitment to fund the project, and the pending legal challenge.

In spite of these cirXXXXstances, NW Natural Gas has been forced by the City of Eugene to begin NW’s portion of the project at an estimated cost (to their ratepayers and share holders) of about $3 million dollars. If the project is not funded, or does not prevail the legal challenge, NW’s money is wasted.

Please forward this information to CenturyLink’s project planning CEO.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.


Brian Weaver
West Eugene


Elaine Lackey November 14, 2014 at 2:10 pm

I had to call Century Link and change the card I was had given them for payment since my previous card had been stolen. When I gave the new card information the girl who took the card stated my payment was $18.00 more than it was supposed to be. I asked her about it and she said she couldn’t tell me my the amount was different but she could transfer me to someone who could help me.
I was transferred to Credit Management who could not help me since I did not have my account number. I was a new customer and had only received an initial email with my Reference number and Work Order number on it. I was transferred to another employee who gave me my account number. Then transferred back to Credit Management where I was asked my account number and my 3 digit customer code. I did not have my customer code so I could not be helped! The employee kept telling me that it is on my bill. I repeatedly told her I did not have a bill. I had never received one via email (I have a paperless account) and she continued to inform me she could not help me. I asked for a Supervisor who got on the phone and informed me she could not help me without the 3 digit customer code. She promptly transferred me to another employee even though I was still speaking with her (she cut me off) and the employee I spoke with could not give me my 3 digit customer code.
I was not rude to any of the 11 or 12 employee’s I spoke with. I explained my situation (that I did not have a bill to reference) and only the last employee helped me.
How was I supposed to give a 3 digit customer code from a bill that I had never received? And why is it that I was asked if I would like to make a payment and/or add additional services to my account without my 3 digit customer code BUT I could not get help with my bill information without it? I was told by Credit Management that they could not help me (with my account information) because they had to be sure that it was me BUT I could have added to my services without them confirming it was me? How does that make any sense? And they were more than happy to accept a payment WITHOUT my 3 digit code! Not to mention they took my new credit card information WITHOUT my 3 digit code. But the 3 digit customer code they were requesting was for my protection?
One other statement that was given to me repeatedly was that I hadn’t provided them with my social security number or they could use the last four digits of that number. It was stated as though I should have given them my social security number! Why would I give my social security number to them? That is one of the worse idea’s ever. Do they not understand how important it is for everyone to keep their number as confidential as possible?
After this experience I felt it necessary to let the people with CenturyLink Corporate offices know. I went to the CenturyLink sight and chose Customer Relations. Then choice email. And what did I get? Linked to ordering additional services!
I also had called CenturyLink (a number given to order services) and asked the employee how I could get ahold of their Corporate Office and was told he did not have that information.
I found this sight and called the telephone number listed which gave me an automated voice asking me who I wanted to speak with! So I gave the name John Smith and was transferred to a John with a last name that started with an S which led me to his voicemail with a mailbox that was full!
In conclusion, I would like to say that Tera in St Paul Minnesota took care of me. I don’t know what I could have done if she hadn’t. I had asked an employee at one point if there was an office I could go to here in Tucson to get help. I was informed of the places I could go to add services or make a payment but there was no where for me to go to resolve the problem I was having.
This entire telephone experience took 2 hours. I can say that I experienced some rude employee’s, was transferred without being informed I was being transferred and was disconnected 3 times during being transferred.
Elaine Lackey
Tucson AZ


amber anderson November 4, 2014 at 8:19 pm

I received an email yesterday for a cancelation of services for an Amber Anderson in onslow Iowa. I live in Des Moines Iowa and figured the rep picked the wrong email address. Today my internet was shut off. I called and confirmed it shouldn’t have been. The tech transfered me to customer service where I spoke to Cash. He told me I had to set up another account as he couldn’t cancel the disconnect. I spent an hour and a half on the phone while he tried to sell me stuff and run a credit check. He told me my internet would be turned back on 11/14. That is 10 days from now!!! He then transfered me back to the tech department who didn’t understand what I wanted (I wanted my internet turned back on faster) she tried transfering me to refunds (as I paid my old account already) but after a 20 min hold I hung up. Irene from refunds called me right back and I explained how my account was disconnected without my authorization and it was from a request from another city. She cancelled the disconnect order and cancelled my new account as Cash could have done previously. Obviously cash was trying to get a commission. Irene stated the internet would be back up in an hour. 1.5 hrs later it wasn’t on. I called and talked to the tech Maria who said it should be. Now, after doing line checks, a tech had to be sent out on Saturday 11/8. She thinks the wiring is bad. So the internet that was working this afternoon and was wrongfully disconnected suddenly has wiring issues? I want to know how my internet got shut off in a different city than the one requested. Are there no account checks prior to shutting off an account? I also want to know why your rep sold me a new account instead of easily cancelling the wrong disconnect order. And I want to know why I still have no internet? This mistake was on century links end, but I am being sent on a round around. I had planned on working on my 10 page literacy and aggregate paper today on my one day off with kids in daycare…but that isn’t happening. Instead I have been on the phone for over 3 hours and my issue is still not resolved. I have been a customer for 10 years, but am frustrated to the point of cancelling.


renee October 17, 2014 at 9:05 am

Don’t call that (318) 388-9000 cause the same lady answers and ask you what is your concerns or who do you need to be connected back too, and all she do is reroute you to a call center rep. This company is full of it. They need to go out of business. I cancelled my services and went with a better company. I was suppose to be leasing their equipment and they charge me a $100.00 and now i have to keep it. People be careful and make sure you are reading everything they have on your bills cause they let their reps slam stuff on your account.


Lawrence Walters October 13, 2014 at 1:49 pm

I am TOTALLY dissatisfied with Century Link (CL) Customer Service.

I have attempted since March 18, 2014 to have my Direct TV bundled with Century Link account. I understood from my original contact it would take “one or two months” to take effect. It has been seven months, and, even though I was told several times it had been done, it still hasn’t. I have made numerous phone calls to Century Link customer service, billing, bundling department, Direct TV customer service. I understand I could be saving $5/month by this action, so I’m out about $25. More important, I am out of patience.

During the week of October first I found my User Name and Password (PW) was not allowing access to my CL account. After lengthy phone calls, emails, and chats the problem was corrected. October 7 the problem reoccurred. A TWO HOUR chat shows the attempt to correct the problem with no results.

I’m asking three things; A phone call from someone in CL management acknowledging receipt of this complaint; Bundling my Direct TV billing with CL; Technical support who can resolve my account access issue. I think it’s time someone from CL start contacting me.

Be advised, I did not receive a Direct TV bill for October, and I can’t access my CL bill because of above problem.

I’ve been trying for 6 months to get my DirectTV bundled with my Century Link account. I have made dozens of phone calls, been told numerous times it would happen, but as of my September 15 payment taken out of my bank account, it still hasn’t been taken care of…What kind of service is that?


Joyce Lucier December 10, 2014 at 10:30 pm

Did you ever get this resolved, and if so, how? I am having the same problem and don’t know what to do.


tom s October 11, 2014 at 4:03 pm

I just sent a letter to the COO Karen Puckett in regards to the way we were treated when we cancelled service because the did not provide to our new area. Boy did our billing get screwed up. Here it is four months later and a lot of rude people later. Still not resolved even with an excess of 7 hours on the phone throughout this ordeal. Kinda makes a bar fight a lot less aggravating.


AnnD. October 9, 2014 at 2:34 pm

EVERYONE read your statements……Centurylink is posting payments LATE so $6.00 late fee will be charged. Pay attention if you bundle….Centurylink changes the amounts submitted by Direct TV and keeps the difference.

Impoaaible to read anyone at Centurylink to complain as they hang up on the customer and refused to deal with the complaint. Happened to me on 10-6-2014 Agent was rude and nonresponsive to my complaint just hung up.


Amber Bowins October 9, 2014 at 11:54 am

On September 9th I called Centurylink to inquire about new service at the location I had just moved to. I had pulled up on the internet the bundles and It showed that I could get internet for $19.95 per month if I bundled with Direct TV for $62.99 per month. I asked her what speed internet this was for and if I qualified for this pricing. I was told that yes, I would set up service since this pricing and speed were a little better than Suddenlink who I was with at my previous address. Two days later I receive a modem in the mail. On the day and time I was supposed to have my service activated I hooked up the modem and it did not have any internet connection. I waited a day in case the service had not been activated yet but it still did not work. I called and they told me they would send out a repair guy the next day. I had an email confirmation come through saying he would arrive between 6:00pm and 6:07 pm that day. I cancelled plans to stay home and wait on him and no one ever arrived. The next day I received another email saying that a technician would arrive the NEXT day sometime between 12:01am and 12:59pm the next day. I called and told them that I needed a little more info as to when the technician was coming and they told me they could not let me know a specific time. I had to tell them to wait until my next day off of work because I could not stay home to wait on someone not knowing if/when they would arrive. When the technician did come, he said that the lines were all fine but that they had just not configured my internet correctly and that it was all working now. Later that day I realized that my internet was running very slow so I did a speed test and was only getting between .5 mb/sec and 1.5 mb/sec. I placed another call and was told that I should be getting around 6 mb/sec. I asked why and they explained that 6mb/sec was all that was available in my area. I was upset because I was told I would be getting 15 mb/sec but I was stuck so I just asked them to fix it so that it would at least get close to the 6mb/sec. The same technician came back out and explained that the problem was that they set me up on a 6mb/sec plan but 3mb/sec is all that is avail at my house. Of course now I am beyond disappointed that I was told the wrong information two time. He told me that if they switched me to a 3mb/sec plan I should get a “strong” 3mb/sec connection. I told him how disappointed I was that I had been lied to and he told me that because they were a union corporation that you are all trained to lie to get a sale because that is the only way you keep your job. I told him I would probably be disconnecting service because 3mb/sec is not nearly as fast enough to work for me. He also told me that I would be saving about $5/month since I was now going to be on a 3mb plan. I said I would give it a day or so and see how fast the 3mb/sec worked since it was supposedly fixed. After he left I did a speed test and was still getting between .5 and 1.5 mb/sec. I called tech support AGAIN and they went from telling me that I had 8 devices connected and that was making it slow (which was not true because they disconnected the wireless and it made no difference with only ONE computer hard wired to modem) to then telling me that he suspected that I had malware on my computer. After hooking up another computer with no difference in service they said that they would send out an engineer. In the meantime I had received my first bill for $65.61 (and this was not including my Direct TV bill) and when I called for an explanation I was told that she did not know why I was charged more than the 19.95/month. The person I spoke with did not seem to have any knowledge on how the billing was set up at all. I was then told that it would probably be different next month since this was a month in advance plus a pro-rated partial month. I was skeptical but I wasn’t getting anywhere so I let it go and paid the bill. Yesterday I received a “change of service” letter stating that my new service was set up (3mb/sec) and that I was paying $65/month for this service. I called and spoke with three very rude defensive “supervisors” who did nothing except argue about how I should not have been told I would pay $19.95/month (one told me it should have been $29.95/month and another told me $49.95/month which STILL did not explain $65/month!!!!) I am beyond done with this at this point and requested to cancel my account. I am also upset that because I was sold a bundle I am now stuck with Direct TV and am unable to now bundle with Suddenlink. The “escalation supervisor” offered to do a conference call with Direct TV so that I could find out what options I had with them. I was transferred instead of conferenced and After speaking with Direct TV I was unable to speak with the Centurylink supervisor to complete my discussion of my account. I have received no apologies over being lied to on numerous occasions; only excuses! I will be going with suddenlink for my internet but unfortunately now I will be paying higher prices because of my inability to bundle. This company has provided me with the most rude, dishonest and unsupportive service I have ever experienced.


Larry V October 1, 2014 at 11:28 pm

to whom it may concern, i’ve been trying to get my Internet problem solved for over a month now,i’ve been working with Jeffrey peel in Boise for over a month they’ve redone the ports in the box on the street put a direct line in for my phone for the Internet I have had four different modems.now I will admit that we’ve gone from the Internet going out 30 to 40 times a day down to about 5 to 10 but it makes it really difficult when your phone uses the Internet or playing games on lineor whatever it’s just a pain in my ass. To make a long story short a woman named Candace in the Denver office told me that if I didn’t like the service because they couldn’t fix it that was tough and that I should go someplace else and they would never be sending anybody else out to my house for service again unless the whole network was down. Is this the kind of customer service that you get from your company?you were a multibillion dollar company they can’t figure out why the Internet cuts in and out of my houseI called you were corporate offices and they said they would put me in touch with the customer service manager I left a message a week and a half ago and still have not heard back. Century link is putting or has put fiber optic in the newer houses down the street but I was told that it wasn’t cost-efficient for them to bring it down the line to us. I did take Candices advice and I did switch it may cost me more but it doesn’t go out five times a dayI still would like to hear from you guys they see what you have to say because the way you do business is pathetic after I canceled my service guy asked me if I would recommend Centry link to my friends you have got to be kidding me!!out of the year and a half that I had Sentry links Internet I will say for six months out of the year and a half it didn’t work pretty good it’s a shame that you guys don’t care about customer service as other companies do very disappointed hope to hear back to him see what you have to say but I guess it’s a little too late I don’t expect anybody to get back to me anyhow


Aurelia Black September 30, 2014 at 7:59 pm

What do I have to do to talk to a Person and not a Machine?????


tom s October 11, 2014 at 4:06 pm

contact their corporate office I did and we will see what happens heCenturyLink Corporate Office Address
CenturyLink, Inc.
100 CenturyLink Dr
Monroe, LA 71203
Contact CenturyLink
Phone Number: (318) 388-9000
Fax Number: (318) 388-9488
Website: http://www.centurylink.com
Email: Email CenturyLink

CEO: Glen F. Post III
CFO: R. Stewart Ewing Jr.
COO: Karen A. Puckett This is the one I wrote to
re is the info


John higginbotham September 23, 2014 at 1:45 pm

I have been checking online for 4 years every other day to check if you service my area and finally I was able to place an order to order phone and internet after placing order and waiting for a tech to come out a customer service rep called me and said there would be a price difference if I did speeds over 10 so I said fine 10 is enough then the day before installing my equipment a engineer called and said they could not offer internet to my area. I am outraged because I have 5 rentals past my home that can have it. And this house used to have it how do I get this fixed.


Patricia September 21, 2014 at 12:46 am

There must be something you can do to make internet more affordable for those living on social security alone. I have just retired and can no longer afford internet with CenturyLink. There are over 500,000 seniors living in Colorado. I don’t know how many of them live on social security alone, but my guess is a lot of them. If we cannot afford internet and have to drop it all together, this will definitely impact your bottom line. Please be progressive in your thinking about this issue.

Colorado Springs, CO


Mary September 18, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Since I have been FORCED to move to Prism from my old Choice package on 7/3 I have had nothing but BAD experiences. I was informed on 7/2/13 I spoke to Michelle, a Prism Rep, that advised me that I would have the “SAME” package and channels with 5 boxes for free (1 per tv that I had) 1 free motum for internet for free. I would have more channels, faster internet and premium channels for the same price I was currently paying. She said it was a great deal. I would have a DVR recorder and all the HD channels since they are available for free. I have been a loyal customer, paying my full balance by auto pay for 13 plus years. I had the basic package and all the movie channels. I was happy with the channel’s I had and the picture quality I had. That is why I stayed with you for so long and recommended other’s to your service. I did discuss that I received a notice that cables were supposed to be buried in my yard for this upgrade and I had no signs that this has occurred. I called 3 times and was told that it was reported that the cables were buried. I then called back on 7/8/13 to ask another question. I received John as a rep. He informed me I only get 2 boxes for free, 1 modem, I get a base package and I have to pay for extra channels. Then he hung up. I called back and got Brian who informed me that I get 4 boxes free, 3 months free movie channels and I would have to pay $108.99 and $63.96 for HBO and Showtime. My current Choice bill was $94.37 for internet, basic and All the movie channels for this package. So you can imagine my shock and confusion between what each rep was reporting. I ended up speaking to someone at your Corporate headquarters that wasn’t involved with Prism who conf in the Prism rep and we got Michelle again. This was around 7/9. Michelle informed us that she was talked to and was giving out wrong information when she spoke to me on 7/3. I cancelled my change order then since ALL the mis-information. In June 2014 I received a notice that my service was going to be cut off by July 10th if I didn’t switch to Prism by then. Since I was loyal I contacted Century Link to switch my service per their request. I was told by Kimberly on 6/20/14 that I would have service up until they switch me over on 7/3/14. On 7/2/14 I get home I have NO internet and NO Cable service. You company cut the Nodes apparently to my neighborhood. Thanks for once again for the great experience! On 7/3/14 the installer comes in and SHOCKER the cable wasn’t buried. He had to run a cable from 2 yards, along my neighbors and my fence to my house. He was going to report that it needed to be buried and would take about a month. Well today is 9/18/14 and the cable is still on the fence and rolled up by the house. What is further disappointing is that my previous package of Choice TV had channels that I no longer have now. I thought I was supposed to have the “SAME” package according to the letter that was sent in 2013. No animal planet, channels where the cornhuskers play like CBS Sports and there is NO GUIDE now so you don’t know what is coming on unless you spend a lot of time looking in the future each channel at a time and when you can find a channel that you have. AND YES Big Brother After Dark is not on Prism but is on Century Link. Another thing I lost when forced to go to Prism. I was also informed by Kimberly that next year when, OR AT THIS TIME IF, I decide to stay with Prism, I will get the DVR and HD channels for free as part of the package but since I get a “Special” discount for being forced to move and pay more after 3 months I get to pay for these services if I want to continue with them for 9 months. Gee Thanks! But wait the fun continues. I called billing around in early Aug when I received a late for $27.43. My banking showed this payment on 7/15/14. The billing agent confirmed this. I can’t remember what her name was. I discussed my payments and was ensured that my auto pay was still set up and I didn’t need to worry about anything. Again I have had auto pay set up for over 13 plus years. So 9/15 I receive a bill for $280.82 with a disconnect notice. I was shocked and very upset. Again what I was told by your representative was false. On 9/16 I spoke to Karen in billing and she advised me that I owed $411.11 now. WHAT!!!!!! She told me that some accounts Auto Pay fell off with the Prism and that I had to reset up my auto pay. I asked if I could pay what I owe, figure out how to come up with over $400 dollars all the sudden. Karen told me it would cost me $4.00 for her to do this but go on line and do it. REALLY! AGAIN Thank you for the great experience and great customer service. Well today 9/17 I set up my auto pay and paid the $280.82. I saw that I was charged a $6 late fee for Internet and a $6 late fee for late payment. I called your billing and spoke to Shanda and she is crediting this back to me. I called the number that your customer service department provided me of 1-877-535-3592 to talk to someone about burying my cable. The girl on the line said oh since you don’t have a phone with us you have to go to the internet department and they will schedule to get your cable buried. However, to clarify with her if I had my phone, internet and cable (Which I used to up to a year ago) she could take care of it. Well I was on hold and had to hang up so that didn’t get scheduled again. Overall I am not happy with this whole experience and the way that your company had dis-regarded a loyal customer. I have COX representatives all the time wanting my business and offering me packages and adding 2 channels for no additional charge if it isn’t in the package and at a price closer to what I used to pay. I have not gone there but I may need to start reconsidering if I continue to have issues and bad experiences with your company and service. I would like a reply to this and know when or if anything will be done to rectify not only the cable situation but the whole attitude and experience I continue to have. Right now I feel I am just money to you and not a loyal customer. I am getting nickel and dimed and not provided the channels and service I used to have. It is like you go to Prism and your must like what we will let you have and you better like it and we don’t care about you.


Janice T. September 16, 2014 at 1:54 pm

I had made payment arrangements to pay an $800 bill..this was due to “bundling”. When I had Internet, Phone and Direct TV installed it was supposed to run about $100 month..the bill is actually $177! I wish I had never heard the term bundle!! So I’ve been making the payments..I get up this morning and I have no service, I call CS they tell me I missed a payment..no it’s not due til the 20th of the month, I don’t get paid til the 16th..why would I set up a due date before I get paid… I was told it was due the 15th and that was yesterday, so service was disconnected. After much wrangling on the phone,(who changed my due date to the 15th I’ll never know)..like last month who added a very pricey NFL package to my account? I was told by Supervisor Wanda Davis that my payment agreement was void and to get my service tuned back on I had to pay the full amount..which is the same amount I originally started with…$800. I guess my payments have gone into a black hole..
I’ve called the corporate HQ in LA and left a message with a ‘Manager’..so far it’s 3 hours later and no one has returned the call. They can send the bill to collections..I’ll be damned if I give them another cent! I’m going to call my state’s Attorney General and see if there is something they can do…this is ridiculous.
Ms. Davis the SV indicated that I had just made the agreement last month to get my service turned back on, with no intent of ever paying the bill….who are these people? And they should not judge me by their standards!!
Go to hell Centurylink!


Damaris Melendez September 23, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Hello Janice T. My name is Mrs. Damaris Melendez. I live in San Marcos, Texas. DID YOU HAVE YOUR COMPLAINT RESOLVED? I have the same bundling problem. Was promised Internet, Phone and Channels. Getting two bills Centrilink and Direct TV…these two never bundled. Now I am getting billed an early cancelation fee. Please let me know how it went. I will make the time to contact the State Attorney. Call me at 1 (512) 618-XXXXx or email me at h***@yahoo.com.


Joyce Lucier December 10, 2014 at 10:35 pm

Did you ever get this straightened out? I am having the same problem getting a bill from Century Link and Direct TV.


victoria September 5, 2014 at 3:59 am

I have trying to report a fraud on a century link account that some opened under a minors social security number and birth date. I get no answer besides they don’t know what to do or some one will call me back. I hope some one will call me back from this company and get this resolved


Bruno August 28, 2014 at 12:32 am


My name is Bruno and I am writing this email to you, to let you know how disgusted and upset I am to have your internet and Prism tv service; today I was yelled by rep Diane employee number AVZ 03533 and treated like I was some five year old kid, then transferred to another rep that seats right next to her with name Crystal employee number 0197706 which she wasn’t any help at all, I was advised that she was the manager and I couldn’t speak to nobody else due she is the top of the ladder and her manager is payroll and don’t take any phone calls.

I have only had bad service from every rep I speak with, I just received lies from them and lies that are not necessary, I never had an issue with making a payment to your company, I was never late and always paid in advance but when your reps lied and then mistreat me like they are paying Me to have your service, that is when I have an issue. I spoke with manager Carlos employee number 017996 on 8-19-14 and was advised that I will not have any balance for the account, I expended about one hour on the phone and it was promised that everything should be taken care of, that I shouldn’t receive any future charges for this account due to it was their fault and system issues and that all new charges will for this new account number, because I moved and once I moved a new account number was created and you couldn’t keep the old account number and the services for account, was cancelled July 28th, which I am glad I recorded this conversation, you are not the only one that randomly records calls to be monitored for quality assurance (I recorded two phone calls) but today I have a balance for 54.82 for the account, which I spoke today to your unhelpful reps Diane and Crystal and they said that I owed that money of 30.94 and that there were no notes in the system and whatever information manager Carlos gave me was wrong and I had to pay for the amount, I advised Crystal that I was told this not only Carlos but the previous rep that transferred me to them and again I was scolded like a five year old.

I also spoke with Arturo Aguilera with employee number AA94797 that confirmed and re-assured me that my entire monthly statement per month for the account number will be 80.82 including taxes, boxes, internet, and prism tv, I am also really glad I recorded this conversation two weeks ago due to this rep broke everything down detail by detail and you can’t get anything better than that to back you up.

I will be canceling my service with your company, due to your company just trains your employees to lie to the customers, I will be filing a BBB complaint, I will also contact the Arizona Fraud department and social media, In today’s days Media is a great asset to communicate, I will wait for my statement and If a penny more is over charge to me, I will make sure my video makes viral in all the social media, everything would’ve been taken care of if none of your reps would’ve lied to me and especially treated me the way Diane and Crystal treated me today, I regret having service with your company and I regret not to record the phone call of today, because I was never yelled on the phone by a rep and that is just absolutely wrong, I feel disgusted the way I was treated and lied to keep your service.

Sent from my iPhone


Linda September 19, 2014 at 1:43 pm

I’m having so much trouble getting internet from these guys. First they say I owe them 400 dollars. They won’t tell me why. I had C.L. and verizon bundled, I fulfilled my verizon contract, C.L. says I didn’t. I called verizon and they said I was paid in full, no meed to worry. But C.L. says I owe them for my last billing to verizon, they said they paid it. What a crock. i could go on and on, but when I think how they are trying to get me to pay I get so upset. Warning to everyone who will read this: Never do business with these crooks, you’ll regret it! Thanks for letting me vent.


Mark in Idaho August 26, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I am appalled at the poor customer service. I have spent hours trying to get my phone and internet set up. All I get is hours on hold listening to the Direct TV and broadband promos. Today, I have been transferred to a different agent over 5 times and still can not get an agent who can solve my problem. I keep getting these Filipino agents who steal American jobs and do not have the ability to resolve my problems.
If my call is important to Century Link, they should answer the phone and fix my problem.


tom s October 13, 2014 at 11:52 am

Mark, I can not agree with you more. To bad this company can not see the irritation their representatives are creating.


Margaret colmes August 25, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I can’t believe that i have to submitt this by my phone but the service i was promised never showed up. I ordered my services on 8/18/2014 when i paid my bill in full. I had lost my job in march and only owed 53.52. I was tols i would have my service back up for school by the 25th of August. No service was installed and so i called customer service were they kept me on hold for over 56 mins just to find out that they want a deposit. I asked for a manager wondering to myself why no one contacted me back. His rude reply was sorry cant help you. Well guess what i reporting your company. Your company just cost me a weeks worth of class work that could not be submitted due to your lack of customer relations. Now, after reasing all your negative posts i get it.

You have a lack of value to your company and a lack of concern for the customers that pay your salary.



Lisa August 25, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Below you will find a chronological time line of events beginning with the initial contact conversation with a CenturyLink representative. I have upheld my end of the agreement/contract that was agreed upon concerning the “guaranteed 30 day cancellation period”. I notified CenturyLink of the issue that I had not received internet service and was assured it would be rectified. Billing statements have continued to be mailed to me showing an increased balance despite cancellation.

The last representative I spoke to, “Caleb”, assured me this would be rectified. I want this problem fixed and removed from the collection agency.

Chronological Time Line of events

Called to inquire about internet service on February 27, 2014 at 2:00pm,
phone number 1-800-788-3500.

Spoke to a representative named Michelle

discussed and accepted plan that included:
$39.95 monthly for 12 months
$22.00 discount for 12 months
$17.95 amount before taxes
$32.95 Total monthly charge with taxes

$15.00 activation fee
$30.00 one time Credit

Billing cycle (20-19)

Modem cost: *No modem was requested
$99.99 total price
$6.99 monthly lease

*30 day guarantee – I could cancel contract within 30 days without penalty.
Internet help phone number 1-877-646-3282

Confirmation # recorded

Waited for service to be activated.
There was no indication that a service person had activated service.
No representative called, there was no notice left on front door.
There is 1 large Doberman and 2 small dogs on property that need to be restrained while strangers are present. These dogs are used for protection and guard dogs. At no time did anyone come to our address and activate service, we would have known.

After 1 week of waiting for service to be provided, we contacted another carrier and had service activated. The new carrier’s service men called to announce their schedule appointment and come to activate service.

Received billing statement from CenturyLink dated: March 20,2014

Total current charges $102.28

March 27, 2014 Called and spoke to representative named Teneka

Informed Teneka that I did not have service from CenturyLink and did not understand why I had received a statement in the amount of $102.28.

She told me I would have to cancel service, although I informed her I did not have service with CenturyLink.

I also told her:
-no one from CenturyLink had come out to my address to activate internet service
-no servicemen had contacted me to inform me of activation
-no notice had been left on front door
-there was nothing to indicate service had been activated
-there is always someone at the residence due to disability, if a serviceman had come the dogs would have had to be restrained.

Teneka transferred my call to another department.

My call was transferred from Teneka to a representative named Caleb.

I informed Caleb of the conversation with Michelle and Teneka. I repeated everything I had told Teneka, including that there was no one that had come out to activate service and that our dogs had to be restrained before strangers come on to out property.

Caleb informed me that I was within my “guaranteed 30 day Cancellation period”.
He asked why I had waited this long to inform CenturyLink that I had not received service.
I informed him, that the first week I assumed CenturyLink must be running behind in installation or were short handed on servicemen. After a week, I got upset that no one had contacted me and choose to go with another company.
Caleb reviewed his information and informed me that there had been an issue with the initial representative that taken my order for service, that it had not been the serviceman/contractors error.
Caleb assured me that he would cancel my service and that my next statement would print out on April 23, 2014 reflecting a balance of $0.00.

Received statement dated April 20, 2014 showing amount due was $197.21.

Received statement dated April 23, 2014 showing amount due was $52.19.

Received statement dated May 20, 2014 showing amount due was $249.40.

Received statement dated June 20, 2014 showing amount due was $249.40.

Received statement dated July 20, 2014 showing amount due was $249.40.


Bruno August 28, 2014 at 12:29 am

I would go to the BBB and if you can make this centurylink famous on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram


Alonzo Smith August 21, 2014 at 4:06 pm

I am on disability and I went into a Century Link store to inquire and purchase internet services while there a middle age while male sold me a internet package in which I paid a deposit. While he was trying to find the right package for me I notice a flyer for reduced internet services I ask him ” What do I have to do to get the reduced services”? He explain to me that I needed to fill out the application and place in the mail after that someone will contact me to tell me what services I qualify for. He went to the back to retrieve the application placed in my hand then began to finish up completing my order. Several months went by a bill lager than expected arrived, I figured that the next bill would include the discount.
I never received the discounted rate. I called Century Link customer service to ask about my application and where can I locate the discount on the bill? I was informed that my application had being received and they see that I do qualify for the discounted service based on the doXXXXentation that I submitted but, unfortunately I needed to do the application before I purchased services. The gentlemen that sold me the service, took my deposit, handed me the application, and filtered instructions on what to do. He was responsible for telling me that I needed to do the application first if I wanted to utilize the discounted services as I did and still do qualify. As a result of him selling me the service without filtering the proper information for qualifying I have a bill that I can’t pay, It’s being disconnected as result of an higher than expected bill, there is a family members in the home who have a job that requires the use of the internet they can’t properly report b/c we no longer have the internet. On top of that my credit is in jeopardy. I have a bill for 151.73 for internet on a fix income.
I revisit the store and was given an apology, I was told that they remember my daughter and I. A rep stated it was nothing they could do. As a customer services rep the job is to provide the best service possible for the customer, this agent failed me and jeopardized our quality of living as we don’t always have transportation out to public places to utilize the internet.


Richard Jacobs August 7, 2014 at 12:08 am

I am a long term customer (20yrs) or as my monthly bill says, “Loyal customer.”

I do not like the way your system works at the end of a promotional period. I do not like to have to call customer service and beg them again for a new promotion as a long term “loyal customer”. I want a low flat rate from month to month period.

My promo ended last month and this months bill went from $31.98 to $62.98. There was nothing “noticeable” on last months bill to tell me that my promotion is now ending and that i need to call c/s and beg for a new promo.

I spoke with three different c/s reps today and they are now giving me a new “promotional rate as a loyal customer.” But they can not take care of this months bill. I will not pay the $62.98, i am sending in a check for $31.98. If this is a problem and you desire to loose a “loyal customer” of 20yrs over $31.00, then i am willing to go to someone else.

Again, i do not like your promo system. Just give us a fair monthly flat rate and be done with it.

Please copy this customer response to the following people within Century link:

Glen Post – CEO
Karen Puckett- COO
Sue Anderson- VP Washington State

Thank You,
Loyal Customer
Richard Jacobs


James Dillie August 5, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Centurylink bills have a local phone service charge which needs to be explained before I use the company for my phone service.
What is Non-Telecom SVC Surcharge????
Someone who has Centurylink service told me it was for Centurylink Voice mail and inside wiring maintenance. What if a person does not have voice mail and what if that same person already has an inside wire repair plan????
Would Centurylink double charge?????


Dynell August 5, 2014 at 9:11 pm

I have had the worse experience with this company since the day I started.. horrible customer service, a person says one thing and the other says another… now im stuck with a bill from Verizon that some jack ass from century link singed me up with.. I never wanted a Verizon home phone, what I thought I was getting was a century link home phone.. so now I have to pay the fees that are owed to Verizon, I honestly think century link should be held responsible!


Jose V. August 5, 2014 at 5:12 am

I just sent this email to customer service and I am re-posting it but I know it will NOT do any good other than just feeling better about venting my frustration with this poor excuse of a company.

I just wanted to let my frustration known regarding my internet speed. It is very very very slow and unreliable. I keep getting marketing pieces from you, even though I am already a customer, saying that I can get internet speeds up to 40mps in my area if I only switch. If that is the case then why don’t I already. I check with one of your representatives every time I get one of your marketing pieces and all they say it is not available yet. This has been the case for over years at least 7 when you guys where QWest. I have been hearing the same promise since then.

I used to be a customer then canceled then came back to century Link because I have to have internet and Comcast is too expensive on its own. I regret that I switched back to century link but I HAD NO CHOICE. My decision was more to get Direct TV service then your internet turtle. I know you will simply send me an email saying “oh we are sorry” and “we are working at getting better speeds for your area” and things like that so please don’t apologize for something I am starting to hate, just get it done!!!!

I don’t recommend Century Link to people, in fact I simply tell them if they can afford it go with Comcast and/or use your internet card with your cell phone carrier. It might be more but at least you can do everything you need without having to wait for downloads or uploads to complete.

I don’t believe companies like yours care about one account so please also spare me the we care email as well. I am calling out your CEO Glen Post III and challenging him to either make the promised changes (I have been hearing about upgrading the “lines”, what ever that means, for YEARS now) or else pay for us to have a better reliable internet service than the poor product you shell out for small communities like ours.

Thank you for your time (if it even reaches anyone who can effect change). I guess I should say thank you to the Customer Service Rep who is reading this email for your time. Don’t mean to rant but the company you work for is ridiculous!!!


Velma Hardesty August 1, 2014 at 6:38 pm

I have been trying to get someone on the phone to cancel call forwarding on my home phone. I started waiting at 11:00 am, it is now 11:24 am and I am still on hold. This service is very unsatisfactory. As soon as I can I will probably cancel my service with Century Link. 11:27 am, I finally got a person to talk to and get the problem resolved.


David Reno July 24, 2014 at 4:15 pm

I know by reading these responses, that corporate does not see these. But service is service or not. I live 1-1/4 miles from sub station and speeds are .01 to .33 on a system that advertises 1.5 ha ha. The answer-we over sold the service- we can give you 5 dollars off your bill. What can we do?


Jose V. August 5, 2014 at 5:14 am

Mr Reno,

I guess I shouldn’t complain about already getting 1.5 speed. I have it and I still say HA HA like you to that cause its not even that all the time. I have been told for YEARS many in fact that the speed is not here yet. But I get the same marketing piece in the mail saying I can get up to 40mps if only I switch, what a joke!!

I hope you get your issue resolved soon.
My regards.

Jose V.


Reketia B July 24, 2014 at 2:21 am

Oh once again another tech came out today for my neighbors line and I spoke with him and he stated yes the last guy crossed the lines Im going to make sure this is correct this time, so I’m on the phone working and all of a sudden service out again!!!! Call to get a tech out AGAIN and it wont go thru there was an issue with the line when i finally got thru the damn call center was closed!


Reketia B July 23, 2014 at 8:17 pm

Customer Service is horrible, the techs are horrible how Centurylink conducts there business is Horrible!!!! This many reviews and bad comments means that something is not being taken care of correctl. I work from home and missed 3 days of work because your company had different techs and contractors coming to handle technical issues that they only made worst! I missed three days of work because of your techs and the Mangaer had the audacity to insult me and offer me a $3.80 discount?????? This is ridiculous this is by far the worst internet and customer service Ive ever dealt with and from the looks of all these complaints it wont be handled!!! I would never reccommend these services to anyone! this company is not for there customers and I hate this service!!!!


Drew Johnston July 20, 2014 at 12:43 am

My phone has been out since 7/15 when I reported it.
I was promised a tech on 7/16 am – no tech showed
called on 7-16 and was told it was a cable problem and would be fixed by 8 pm
not fixed -so I called on 7/16 at 9:30 pm and was told my phone had been disconnected for non-payment gave up and hung up
Called on 7/17 and was told they were still working on the cable
Called on 7/18 and was told the cable was fixed so I had a different problem and they would send a tech out on 7/19 am
no tech -so I called on 7/19 at noon and was told that no tech was scheduled because I called and said the problem was with my equipment???? – was told they would fix the problem at the central office by 4:00 pam and call me
no call and not fixed- called at 5:00 and was told the ticket had been closed but they would open another one and maybe a tech would come out in 2 days.


Donald & Donna Quinn July 15, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Ordered new service on-line – then called the next day to set up install only to find out order never went through and there were nearly $200 additional charges not disclosed. Opted to cancel the order. Got an email today that the new service is scheduled to be started and credit card was charged $35. Called in again and was told that since I’m not on the account (I was on the account yesterday), they won’t talk to me. This is the worst experience I have ever had. What does it take to make sure they don’t bill us for new service we won’t have and how do we get our $35 back?


Kim July 10, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Started with the business in January 2014, it has changed to 3 different account numbers and each change has increased the amount I owe. I did not ask for any of these changes. The changes are all a result of some cubicle clerk making a mistake and changing it. 3 times! My bill is now $275 and they will not correct it. The bundle I have is also with Directv and they will not correct the bill either. If I pay it first they would be happy to correct it and give me a credit. Pretty much a highway robbery case. They might as well knock on my door and march me down to my bank and force me to take the money out of my account. It adds up to it. I think they call it blackmail when I have to pay and then they will help me. Their mistakes are not my problem to pay. Please everyone stop paying for what you do not owe. Call or write to the attorney general and make your complaints. It will take them getting a flood of complaints to see a pattern of abuse by this company. STOP PAYING AND COMPLAIN TO THE STATE YOU LIVE IN. LET THEM DO THE TALKING. CENTURYLINK WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TURN A DEAF EAR TO YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES.


Jackie July 14, 2014 at 7:16 am

They are so hard to work with…I’ve not been with them in 1 1/2 ears and I’m still trying to get them to knock off the dish and telephone charges as I only use the internet and a live body that I spoke to on the phone stated I only owe the internet fees..duh!! They are still trying to come after me and I’m sick of it. Thanks for the idea of getting a hold of the attorney general’s office…will do that now. If this continues I’m going to the media.
Good Luck everyone.


Bonnie B July 8, 2014 at 5:38 pm

This is the worst company I have dealt with in a while. You promised me higher speed Internet speed. I was thrilled with the prospect of 25 mg. But so far I have not been upgraded. The first time I was supposed to get it was earlier in the month of June. When the man never came I was disappointed but understood that they might have found some glitch. “Oh well, I wasted a day waiting but they will be back on June 27 to do it properly.” Well, June 27th came and went, and still no technician came. I was REALLY DISAPPOINTED, but they said FOR SURE it would be on July 8. Today is July 8th. My service has not been upgraded yet and it is almost 6 pm. I have waited all day. I have a sick dog who should have gone to the vet, but I did not dare leave my house because I did not want to miss the tech guy.
I am so sad and angry, too. You have wasted three days of my life that I can never get back.
I hope you feel real proud of yourselves for ruining three full days for me.


AL July 2, 2014 at 8:18 pm

Moved to a new home, but already a Century Link customer for internet only. While arranging the service transfer, rep told me about bundling program with Direct TV, whom I have respect for as a company and service. After the bills arrived the first three months, the charges were not what were expressed during the “Pitch”. I called Century Link (CL) and told them to “unbundle” the Direct TV and I would have Direct TV bill me. I called Direct TV to advise them, gave them my information, and needed to call CL back to initiate the un-bundling process, which, from all indications from bills the next 3-4 months, they had. Then I received my CL June-July bill and the Direct TV charges were there again. 5 hours of phone calls to CL and Direct TV and no resolution, except CL has turned out to be responsible for the problem. The never notified Direct TV about the un-bundling, and CL continued to pay Direct TV. A Direct TV individual, who was excellent at ferreting out the problem, called CL to help get matters clarified and resolved, got a CL individual on the phone, and as the 3-way conversation was about to ensue, the CL person hung up on the Direct TV person. Why am I not surprised. It appears that CL doesn’t like loosing any customer, even when a customer bundles and then wants out of the bundle program. They did everything they could to convince me they had notified Direct TV and I was no longer bundled – and that was as recent as this morning July 2. Direct TV was never notified that we were not going to bundle services any longer and they should begin billing me directly. This way Century Link does business has an all too familiar ring to it – all rhetoric and no substance.


Vince Palermo June 26, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Dear Glen Post,

I have been a loyal Century Link customer ever since your company purchased Qwest. Your “retention” detpartment now has me shopping around for a new service provider over $40. I was willing to sign a 12 month agreement with Century Link and just wanted not to pay an increased amount in what I was paying from previous months but the representatives I talked to would not issue a $40 credit to keep the cost the same for this month.

It appears I can now get the same services for less with Xfinity, I still need to contact them but this is the likely route I will take. I am just befudled that your company is willing to lose a loyal customer over $40. I felt as though someone in your organization should know why you are losing a customer.



dorji david June 17, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Century Link SUCKS !! You have to call a thousand times to get a single issue fixed. Every time you talk to customer service Rep they will act as if everything had been taken care of and they will give you a confirmation number. But the problem does not go away after that and again you have to call for the same previous issue and another confirmation number is given. Sometimes when you talk to a rep the confirmation number given by the previous rep is not traceable when you call the next time talking to a different rep. It’s bull XXXXX and frustrating. I am done with this XXXXXty company. When you try to call their corporate office to lodge your complaint you will be directed to leave a message and call back number and no one calls back.


Lillian June 16, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Your claim is: Your goal is excellent customer service. Want to inform you, that is not the case. My phone was “dead,” which I reported in the morning just to be told, someone would come out the next day. That is NOT, good customer service. I found, that there was a back load of work, I think it was due to a storm, and people were out of service several days, which meant they couldn’t get to me, in a timely manner. I asked, why was it taking the others, so long to get their service. I was told, it was the weekend, and a full crew doesn’t work on Saturdays and Sunday, no one works. That is unexcuseable! Get the workers out there, and keep your customers satisfied. Shame on, whoever is in charge, not making your customer a priority! No wonder, people are dropping their land line and going to the cell phone! Without customers, you have no business, so lets please, focus on GOOD service.
Thank you
Lillian Scutillo


Russ June 4, 2014 at 1:03 pm

I have an 810 credit score. I pay my Bills the day they come, not a day later. I have done business with CenturyLink since July of 2013 in Lake Placid Florida. I have never been treated so rudely and disrespectful in my entire life. They send me a bill in the mail every other month, like clock work. Not every month like they are supposed to do! When I didn’t get a bill, I guessed at the amount owed and paid what I thought was right. I missed it by 6 cents. The next month they charged me interest on the bill for the 6 cents! Then anther month goes by and no bill again. I called them again and customer service said it was the Post Office not delivering my bill! If it was the Post Office they did a good job keeping track of what months they delivered and the ones they didn’t. Then I asked to speak to a manager and she wanted to review my past due account. When I asked her if she could talk to her I/T Department and find out if there was a problem in the billing and find out why I only got a bill by monthly, her reply was “Its not my job”. The conversation continued until 5 p.m and then she hung up on me. It must have been time for her to go home. I made 4 trips to their office in Sebring, Florida to try to correct the problem and each time I came home with no results. What a wonderful company. You would think they would look at a customers past payment records and try to resolve a good paying customers issues. I paid my current charges for the month and I am now considering moving to Comcast. My brother tried to warn me about the problems with CenturyLink when I moved to Florida. Now I wish I would have listed. No more CenturyLink for us!


Bill June 3, 2014 at 2:09 pm

I have found that if you talk to 5 different customer service representatives in a 5 day period of time…. you will get 5 different answers and 5 different prices all of which will totally contradict what the bill in print you receive will say. I have more and more friends dropping home phone service and going with wireless and saving a LOT of money.


chris s June 1, 2014 at 8:40 pm

I signed up for a second service at a different address and the customer service rep promised me that I could cancel the service after my promo period was up without a disconnect fee and I would also receive a $400.00 gift card. They refuse to honor the verbal contract made between me and the rep. I have made numerous attempts to contact customer service—using the chain of command and no response, just more empty promises and lies. I’m going to submit a formal complaint to Century Link Corp Office and contact an atty. for a possible class action lawsuit.


Stephanie May 30, 2014 at 7:03 pm

I recently moved my bill was 38.10 before I moved and then when I called to tell them I was moving in a month 4 blocks down the guy told me I needed to purchase a new modem technology probably would work with the old one. I explained I just bought this one from you guys for $150.00 and he got heated and told him no I don’t want it if my old doesn’t work shame on me, he said okay and HUNGUP. There was a modem already delivered to my door at the new place I figured the rep did good customer service and sent it out to be nice. My next bill was 71.69 because he charged me for S+H and then the lease of the modem when I clearly said no, so I called and then talked to a couple people finally got a gem that helped me but still a week or so later seen that I was still being charged for the lease and things. So I called this past Friday and the lady was super nice but she said she couldn’t help me because there servers were crashing in Denver CO. She told me to email her and she would get back to me. Did I ever hear back NO. So I again called and spoke to some guy that doesn’t know English and he harassed me about why the last lady told me to send my old modem back and keep the new one. I said I don’t know I just did what she asked. And he continued to tell me that I need to send the new one back I’m like that’s not why I called and why are you telling me to send this back then I wont have any modem! So I said if that’s the case let me speak to a manager. I was transferred 2 without anyone telling me they just did it. Great communication huh? Then I talk to the manager and try to explain that I didn’t have questions about the modem your rep was harassing me about it at that point he was nice and said that he was going to take a late fee off because in the end this was all their mistake. Anyways he continue to tell me that the last Rep gave me to much credit and I should be thankful and by that point IM fuming because two months my bills were 91.68 and if I was charged correct at 38.10*2 that would be 76.2 we are talking two months because I didn’t pay the first one until everything got fixed I pointed that out to him and he got mad and said she gave me too much and credit and he was sorry that I wasn’t understanding. I said so by the 6th time of you guys still messing up I have to pay for everyone of your mistakes and your not fixing it because your mad. He didn’t take the late payment off and said I needed to purchase my new modem that they other lady said I didn’t need too. This is Bullsh*t because everything that your reps say should be face value if your employee messes up that’s on the COMPANY not the CUSTOMER but your turning it around on me. You want to hold me to my lease when you guys are f**king up so bad. How is that ETHICAL and FAIR. CEO your managers need to go take some ETHICS classes your business is the worst so fair that I’ve ever had to deal with Employees, REPs, and even the managers. I didn’t even receive a lease from you but yet I’m held to something I didn’t Sign. Coming from a Masters Student about to go into MED school! I will be contacting a lawyer I don’t care how small this claim would be its the fact that I’m right and deserve to be right and your company needs to apologize.


Manish Ghole May 16, 2014 at 4:40 pm

I would like mention few words about service of Century Link.

This company is fraud and their employees are having no clue what the f*** they are doing to standing on their commitments with their customers. I will explain below steps what pathetic experience I had with them.
1. On December 2013 one marketing lady came to door step and sold me a plan (Prism TV + 20MBPS speed) = $69, I subscribed this plan
2. After 1 month, I started getting bill of $120 + some cents
3. I called up their help desk, they asked me all paperwork which I sign up while signing up the bundle. Actually they asked me to fax it & I did. But I did not receive any response.
4. Then I called up again in March, then they realized they did not applied the promotion, so I had to pay full fees i.e. around $120 for month Jan 2014 to March 2014
5. Then they said they cannot apply the promotion discount on previous months which are already passed, then they agreed to give me discount for next one year with monthly cost around $70 (but this was NOT the cost which I signed up for, but I agreed)
6. But again on date of 5/16/2014, I got bill of $95.

So I just want to say to you Century Link f***ers, you absolutely suck.

Mr. CEO Glen F. Post, if you want to steal money from general crown, say it openly, don’t do this dirty tricks.


Honest Person May 10, 2014 at 2:38 am

The Rip Off Centerlink will do…..1#Mail you false advertisement of 19.99 or 29.99 for internet an the bill be 60 dollars ..charge you for free waived fees on advertisement and increase your bill EVERY MONTH!!! All people want is a GOOD HONEST Company that Care about it’s Customers. After All Remember ,It’s the Customers that Pays Your Salary!


Ashley May 8, 2014 at 1:40 pm

So I just spoke with an “Escalation” agent, his exact words were “let me put this credit on your account so I can get you back to your work and help the next customer.” So first off I asked for a supervisor, second off when I told him he was being condescending hes says “Thats hurtful Ashley, do you want the credit or not.” I have only been with them for a month and if this is the service I get when I call then let me cancel my subscription now and save myself the headache.


Stephanie May 30, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Talked to a REP 5 times because of a guy mailing out a modem I didn’t want and then spoke to the supervisor and he told my im sorry that’s just how it is… YOU broke your lease with me but now you want me to hold to it or youll take me to court IM Taking you to court…


Carol May 7, 2014 at 8:08 pm

The reason nobody has good service is because if they don’t care about their employee’s, why should the care about your problems? They have so much internal problems that they can’t deal with anybody else. They even have and had POSTAL type people that work or worked for them. One they fired, that they might even hire back. Crazy or what? And this guy is totally POSTAL. The company doesn’t even care about that, so what can you do? Like everything else with big companies, nothing. Good Luck anybody that wants anything done, because it just won’t happen.


joy washok May 5, 2014 at 11:35 pm



joy washok May 5, 2014 at 11:32 pm

well let see i had order direct tv , the bundle deal , where you get centurylink for internet . but i call i had to paid my 25.00 fee. the service bad . when i was post to have had a person to come out , never show up . so i call and cancel my service with centurylink… then i mail back my stuff , the box back , i mail it back . they close it out . was post to get my 25.00 back . then later on , i get this a bill from centurylink , stating i owe them 173.00 . i’m LIKE I DON’T OWE ALL A DIME . I CANCEL MY SERVICE . THIS ONE A GOOD ONE A TERMINATION FEE, BECAUSE I TOLD THEM I CANCEL MY SERVICE … NOW THEY SENT IT TO A CREDIT PLACE , MY CREDIT ALREADY BAD .. IT DOES’NT HELP MATTER , I’M A SINGLE MOM , PUTTING ME THROUGH ALL THIS STRESS , I THINK ALL OWE ME 200.00 … HOW YOUR COMPANY TREAT PEOPLE , CUSTOMER SKILLS NEED WORK , YOUR TECH PEOPLE NEED REALLY TRAINING BAD .. I THINK YOUR WHOLE BUILDING STAFF NEED SOME GOOD HAND ON TRAINING .. I MEAN REALLY BAD ..


Charles Cepeda April 28, 2014 at 5:41 pm

I open my account with direct tv in November 2013. Direct tv transfer my account to century link in January 2014..becuause they don’t have internet services in my area. they only 2 products I have is the internet with century and cable with direct tv. the cable bill charges from direct tv is 61.00 a month, the internet charges from century link is 45.00 a month. I received a bill every month from century link starting in January 2014 for 129.00 I paid it, February 129.40, March 190.89 I call them every month an I spoke to different reps who said my bill is past due. these are my questions to the reps
every month you send a statement I paid it the whole statement, you took your funds out and then you send direct tv their amount .. I am not showing past due with direct tv so how am I past due with century links? every time I ask to speak to a manager they transfer me to a different rep I ask the to review the bill lets do the math …61.00 for the cable 45 for the internet =106.00 + taxes give and take…. if I pay my bill every month how am I past due when I started with you guys in January and you confirm I paid every month since then…. ok Question 2 why is my bill 200.00 every month. no one t century links was willing to help. I have 50 names of different reps that I spoke too with in the last 2 months. I cannot find a # for their corporate office they have this # listed 318-388-9000 which is incorrect.


Brad April 24, 2014 at 6:38 pm

Please Mr. Glen Post go on Undercover Boss.

I have receive unsatisfactory service with Century Link. My problems include being charged for a replacement modem that was on lease that failed, when initially told that the charge would not be incurred. That charge was removed after complaining to the billing department but I get the impression that you have to watch for hidden charges every billing cycle. Also my initial promotional discount of $20 off for 5 years only lasted 2 years and they don’t have a record of my intended promotion. Furthermore we regrettingly signed a renewal contract in October 2013 for an upgrade of speed from 1.5mbps to 10mbps, it is now almost May 2014 and we have yet to experience speed beyond 1.1mbps. We have complained several times and each time they claim that previous complaints weren’t doXXXXented, including a call we placed to Century Link on about March 20 2014 when we were told by Century Link tech support that speeds of 10mbps can’t even be obtained in our area. When we were relayed back to customer service where we were told about this issue that they only promise up to that speed so there is no false advertisement. My response was that 1.1mbps of real obtained speed is only 10% of what was sold so they are not even close. At the conclusion of that call I was told by a customer service supervisor that we would receive a $40 credit for this shortcoming of the speeds through some “back office” means, and that an engineer would be sent out to our service area on the April 4th 2014 to increase the data speeds. This representative further told me that if credit could not be approved that he would personally call me. That credit and speed has yet to come. We elected to call again today April 24th 2014 and remind them that the speed still isn’t there. At the conclusion of todays call we were told that the lines appear to be crossed and that another tech will be sent out tomorrow. I ask for confirmation numbers for my calls and they continually lie to me and say that no such numbers can be really be produced for these things. I’m about feed up and ready to go to Hughes Net… not sure why I wait except for that $200 early disconnect fee that I’d have to fight with Century Link about through the Better Business Bureau/Dept. of Consumer Affairs channels.


Anon April 24, 2014 at 2:06 pm

As a former employee, CTL only cares about making sales. Their sales model is so backwards.


J. Scott April 20, 2014 at 7:27 pm

Next time I have to deal with the CenturyLink call center, I’ll have the service discontinued. Unreliable service and incredibly annoying call router/troubleshooter. The only thing worse was the live operators. They claimed to run line tests and declared my lines to be “OK”. Must be why it doesn’t work! Once I finally got a live tech on site, he found the neighbors dog had chewed the line off… again. Exactly what I told the idiot at the call center the first time I called, and the second, and the third, and the fourth….. Makes me wonder about their “line testing”. Highly unreliable service and pathetic call center. The local techs are good, but the crap you have to put up with to get to them is over the top.

CenturyLink. Wake up! There are other options and customers can drop you. Keep it up, and you’ll be folding your tent and wondering what happened. Cost savings by sending the call center overseas are costing you customers in droves.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 9:07 am

Have tried calling the corporate office since yesterday, april 17, no answer,, operator must be sedated /in a coma? please have someone check on the operator.. need service but obviously no one care as long as they invoice is paid….


K.Coppola April 13, 2014 at 2:06 pm

I will be writing a letter, and send it Return Receipt Requested to Karen Pucket, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer for Century Link to CenturyLink, Inc. 100 Century Link Drive; Monroe, La. 71203 With copies to:: CEO Glen F. Post III; CFO R. Stewart Ewing, Jr.; I am a reasonable person but after 4 months of unbelievable nonsense, I’ve had it.
They have raised my bill and when I complained 4 months ago, I was promised by “TIM” the prisim specialist that he would leave NO STONE UNTURNED” to find out why I was being over billed and he “promised” to look over the March billing to “make sure it was correct before it leaves to be mailed”.
Mr. Tim told me how much to pay on the February billing and while on the phone with him, I wrote out the check and took it to the Post Office. Today, I get the March bill with a $22.49 extra charge which Mr. Tim said I did not owe! I tried calling and was directed to the web site. Went to web site and was told they would answer my complaint with one day or two! Research shows me this company made $18 BILLION dollars in 2012. With the list of customer complaints above it’s no wonder- with Century Link nickel and diming people to death, no wonder they made these bucks. I will also take the advice of another person who wrote in and contact my State Attorney, My State Attorney General, and all my state and Congressional Representatives. This is a promise too: If they do help me with this constant problem, I will let you all know. If they don’t or ignore me or once again promise one thing and do another to their benefit and not mine, I will tell you that too. Fed KC


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 9:09 am

Save your money, they don’t care about you, me and thousands of others


Susan Erskine May 14, 2014 at 11:29 pm

I couldn’t agree with John Ramos more or any other of these people who have been ripped off by your company. I have called, called, and called—oh, that’s when the phone is working and trying to resolve all the problems I’ve had with the phone and internet. All I’m told by people from Arizona, some foreign country and today Louisiana is that I should get another land-line phone and do an outside check–did that….line was dead. That means it’s your fault, not mine. No one would listen. One girl tried to sell me a cell phone system for $30 above what I pay for phone & internet and get a cell phone for $1.00!! Whoopee. Today, the lady in Louisiana wanted to sell me line-backer for $3.00 a month so I wouldn’t have to pay $85 in case they have to come in the house. I told her that for the hours that my phone has not worked, THEY probably owe me! She kept talking about bad storms etc. I told her I lived in Eastern Washington State and we don’t have that kind of weather. You may want to hire people that know their geography too. There are just too many complaints to list here. I can’t even call 911 at night when I am alone if I need help. It may not be common knowledge, most likely, among CenturyLink employees, but 911 went out in Washington and Oregon for over 24 hours a couple of weeks ago. The first time this has happened in the United States since 911 was created. Check it out. We have companies in my town that have dropped CenturyLink like a turd in a toilet because they said that is how they were treated and the service they were forced to try and use. I’m done with this joke of a company and will be writing to many government agencies also. Since you’re in Louisiana, why don’t you just stay in that state where you have your hurricanes, tornadoes etc. and obviously ignorant people who don’t know how to treat customers. And, thanks to John Ramos for repeating to everyone to just drop this sham of a company!!


Kati Didd April 6, 2014 at 1:12 pm

I paid my bill on 2/14/2014 IN FULL. I went out of town mid March and set up an automatic payment with my bank based on my prior months CenturyLink bill, which was 98.61 and 98.38. So, I paid the bill on 3/4/2014 for 98.31 electronically!!!! Then I get the bill for April 2014 yesterday, and you are charging me 6.00 late fee for being late paying $0.51!!!!! Even if I had paid the same as the previous month $98.61, I still would have been off by 0.21 cents. Are you kidding me, I pay my bill two weeks in advance and you reward me with this!

I want to know why my bill is increasing by 0.30 cents every month since JANUARY 2014 and how you can justify the $6.00 service charge, against my paying all but $0.51 of my bill! This smells of Qwest’s Joe Nacchio again.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:53 am



Susan G April 3, 2014 at 1:25 am

Every month my bill goes up with no explanation. Today I send my second email inquiring about it. If I don’t get an explanation and a commitment to lower my bill, I’m going to cancel it.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:54 am

The only company , that one has to wait a couple of days for a reply to an email


denise April 2, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Century Link SUCKS, service, CUSTOMER SERVICE is horrible. I called customer service 12 times to be hung up on by supervisor. Then called Corporate Office and they don’t care either. The bill was suppose to be 88.93 a month, keeps going up each person you talk to. Their Employee gave me wrong information wrote it down so I took service NOW he was wrong and its my fault so I get to pay. NO, got it down some and all they keep saying is THEY ARE SORRY. I know that, horrible customer service, not cheaper that Bright House. Lies told to get commission they no one cares about customer.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:55 am



Cheryl March 26, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Well, I guess I will add mine to the list. I am trying to use the Call Block feature that we are supposed to have. First I had to find someone in customer service who even knew how to work it. That took me an more than half an hour. Once we figured out that I had to press 3 after *60 (it does not tell you to do that in the instructions) I then proceeded to add the numbers I wanted to block. Guess what! It would not accept ANY of them. It says “we’re sorry, that number is not available in our service”. So I sent an email to tell them this and say I will be looking for another phone service. They tell me, for the second time, that I am password protected and they are unable to release information. They told me to call that customer service number again. I do NOT want to be on the phone for another half hour for someone to tell me it doesn’t work. Ugh! Has anyone else gotten the CALL BLOCK feature to work?


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:56 am

I had the same problem, and still have. .The reps do not know the product they are selling…boo to the training staff, if they trained at all


S.Rockwell March 21, 2014 at 7:20 am

I have been reading comments on problems others have had and are having with CenturyLink. I have had and am having the VERY SAME problems. Their deceptive business practices are almost criminal. Therefore I am contacting our Attorney General’s office., and suggest you all do this, also. They are an awesome advocate for “we, the people”! They WILL advise you how to proceed—and will investigate, also. There is NOTHING to like about Corporate America !!!


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:57 am

CANCEL, you may pay more at the other but get reliable customer service


Jaimie March 20, 2014 at 8:40 pm

WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! This one year contract has been HELL!!! Glad it is up. horrible service! and we would like to charge you to make our service better…WTF!!!! I called to cancel today and I cant even get good enough service to to that! the moron I spoke to could not figure out how to do a simple D order. so I get charged another day for this crap! I have new service! if I could watch one Netflix show with out having to buffer and get booted off my smart TV I would be happy. That Has never happened and I pay over $65 a mo for what is suppose to be 20 Mbps speed check shows 9-10 most of the time when it works at all. You have to use up all of your cell minutes to speak to a human that the sole reason they are employed is to be a high pressure sales jerk! and if your not buying they don’t have time to help you at all! wow Way to show how to follow your code of ethics! your moral pledge! and claim to be #1 in customer satisfaction…. Not one of my friends would get CL even if it were cheaper because of the customer service or should I say lack there of it.


Joseph C Pellegrini March 20, 2014 at 8:16 pm

For over a year, I have been trying to find out when the Internet Speed in the Sierra Vista, AZ area will be upgraded. I call tech support and they tell me that there is no time frame given for the installation. I call customer service and they tell me to call tech support or loyalty if I am dissatisfied. I use the chat line and the agent writes to call the CenturyLink store. I call the Centurylink store and the poor lady does not have a clue of what I am speaking of. I call CenturyLink Corporate Headquarters in LA and the lady ask me my state and connects me back to CenturyLink main (no nothing) number and the famous recording. I call tech support again and ask to speak with a field supervisor and I was told that they could not give out the number because they are in the field doing assessments to see if the area is capable of supporting a higher internet speed. I am a moron for listening to this garbage. Now I am a customer and while the customer is not always right, the customer is the customer. When Mr. Glen Post 111 asks a question, he gets an answer. Why should I be any different? All I want is my question answered. Tell me five. ten, twenty years and I will not like it but I will be happy. What kind of Company is Centurylink when No one knows anything, No one knows where to get the answer and everyone pass the buck. It is my guess that even the engineers do not know what they are doing or where the are going. CenturyLink is a company that is going nowhere and headed by democrats who know nothing and do less. I will have an answers to my question if I have to go to the FTC and other Government agencies. Mr. Glen Post 111 will answer the mail so help me God! I am going to create a Youtube video to exposes this companies operations or lack of. Get ready for Internet advertizement. How do you exposed a lemon by getting enough information on it to the public. I will look at your stocks in 6 months.


bob April 21, 2014 at 8:22 pm

I too have had the same issue in Missouri. I ended up taking photos of 1.5 miles of wire that was worn, broken, just plain crap and it was laying on the side of the road for ever !!!! That was my line.. I sent photos to everyone I could think of in the Gov, state and Fed and to the CEO. I had a new line in 5 days… But my internet still sucks. We are lucky to get 139 but they say I am paying for speed of 536…WTH !!!


Scott November 15, 2014 at 6:27 pm

Are you from the lone jack /Jackson county area? We’re pretty much on a party line internet. the one closest to the signal gets the advantage where we get dropped every few minutes. I’m ready to call; call for action this is crazy. We’re paying for a 1/4 of the service and they know there is a problem and thet continue to refuse to compensate their false service. unbelievable


Daniel Renner March 18, 2014 at 7:32 pm

Why is it not possible for a customer who is not receiving the service they pay for, to actually speak to someone who works for CenturyLink? Why does the automated system lie to customers who become frustrated with being ignored and passed through a lengthy automated telephony system every time they call? Why does tech-support disconnect when the caller asks to speak to a supervisor? Why, when I send an e-mail, is the response to simply tell me to call a phone number, which doesn’t connect me to anyone from CenturyLink. Why does the automated system ask for the account number, then the tech support people ask for the same thing, then ask for a call-back number, but no one ever calls back?


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:58 am

You, me and thousand are just ATMS to the company


Michele Matisse March 14, 2014 at 8:07 pm

I forgot one thing (hard to believe with that diatribe), but Century Link sent me to a collection agency for failing to pay the remaining $53.00 I owed after the 50% modem credit debacle, even though I did NOT receive a final bill from them for 10 days after receiving the collection notice. Century Links business practices are so far beyond unethical I shocked that they have lasted this long.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 8:58 am



Michele Matisse March 14, 2014 at 8:04 pm

I was a customer of Comcast and my bundle was about to expire so I shopped them with Century Link to see if I could get a better deal. They convinced me I could get a bundle for just over half of what I had been paying Comcast and that the price would be good for two years. Two weeks after Century Link connected my internet and landline, I started having problems with really slow internet. When I got my first bill it was $131.00 and I was furious. That was $35.00 more than I had been paying Comcast for better service. I called immediately. I was told originally that there was no installation fee because they sent my modem by mail and there was nothing they needed to install. They told me they could only credit half of the install fee. How stupid is that??? They didn’t install anything and they are going to be generous and credit me for half of what they didn’t do. I was so angry I went to the Comcast store nearby and talked to a guy who gave me a stellar bundle that included cable as I had just bought a new tv while this was transpiring. I set up service to be moved back to Comcast within 10 days. Century Link refused to release my home landline number for them to port it back to Comcast. It was nearly another month before that was resolved. I sent Century Link back their modem the day I received they return label (all under 30 days of my getting it). I paid the portion of the Century Link bill that I felt was legitimate and called to tell them that I would pay the rest once they received the modem and issued the credit so I would know how much I still needed to pay. After 10 more days I called them again. They had received the modem back and once again a fight ensued. They were not going to issue any credit for it since more than 30 days had now elapsed. I explained what should have already been very clear to anyone older than 5 years. The girl was not only rude, but ignorant and in my opinion a person should get to be only one of those but never both. She put my on hold for 12 minutes to supposedly talk to her supervisor (I worked for the phone company for 17 years and I know very well that supervisors seldom if ever get involved in a run of the mill customer dispute). When the rude girl returned she advised that her supervisor told her she could credit half for the modem but nothing more. I asked to speak to that supervisor and was not surprised to learn that she had just gone to a meeting. My blood pressure was off the chart and I decided to accept the 50% credit to be done with this situation. I am pretty sure that is Century Link’s method of operation, wear customers down with rude, stupid agents and cause them to abandon the fight. My prediction if Century Link continues on this path of ripping off and pissing off customers is that they will fall as Qwest and other super-giants have and I say good riddance to bad rubbish. There is no force under the sun that could ever make me return to Century Link under any cirXXXXstances and I have made sure to tell everyone in my sphere of influence how Century Link pulls “bait and switch” tactics on the public to earn their business with no intention of honoring the prices they quote and apparently with full impunity from the Public Utilities Commission or other governmental agencies. I’m sure Comcast and other competitors are very happy that Century Link treats their customers so poorly, it’s turning lots of people into loyal customers for those companies.


S.Rockwell March 21, 2014 at 8:27 am

Contact your Attorney General’s office. They will give you awesome advice—and may even research CenturyLink’s corrupt business practices for us.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 9:00 am



Jonathan Hanson March 13, 2014 at 3:50 am

I returned from my third combat tour to a cheating wife and neglected children. My three boys weren’t going to school, were being left alone all day, at times in the evening. My wife served me with divorce papers. I got an apartment at the first of this year. I needed internet as I was a full time online student. This works well so I can be available for my boys during the divorce proceedings and shoot for finishing my degree.

I contacted Direct TV to purchase a bundle for TV and internet. It seemed like a good deal. I received my internet box from Century Link. It was a little confusing but I went with it.

I next, mid February after living in the apartment for about a month, receive a bill from Century link for $220. I figured that I would call and they would fix it. They claimed not a mistake. They never backed down or admitted that anything was wrong and that I had to pay.

I called in in January and asked them about the phone number on the bill. The man I spoke to said the phone was live and it didn’t cost anymore. I thought I was stupid for now knowing anything about having a land line. So, I went to Goodwill to get a phone so that my son could call out if he needed something.

Century Link treated me like a third world citizen on the phone. I couldn’t believe how mean, insensitive, and flat out insulting the tone was from several people that I called. They wouldn’t talk to direct TV and Direct TV didn’t want to talk to Century Link. I spent 5 hours over two days calling to both places and taking notes.

I am going to school on the GI Bill and have spent my savings on my lawyer. I was very clear when I signed up and all operators spread blue sunshine regarding their service. No hidden fees and it would lock for two years.

After so many calls I just quit. I have a new internet service, I have Direct TV and really just need to study and take care of my three sons when I have them while I deal with my wife divorcing me and sleeping with another man.

I am trying to be successful in the advent of my life falling apart upon returning. My wife has been sleeping with min for a while while I am serving. Now, she is trying to get everything.

After dealing with my soon to be ex, I now have to deal with the soon to be ex wife of internet. I simply don’t have the energy to call and listen to the operators tap a way to find information on you.

Glenn F. Putt I doubt is interested and maybe not a patriot. He allows his company to keep people down that need an education and don’t have the money to be ripped off.

I suggest don’t get involved with Century link/ . .


Monique March 4, 2014 at 3:39 pm

To whom it may concern,
I would like to be able to talk to someone regarding my bill. I called into your company and after 52 minutes was able to talk to someone whom turned on my service and could not help me with the $200.00 bill. I was given another number 1-866-961-2650 in which I was told would not be much of a wait… after 25minutes of holding I hung up and had to call from my car phone. I then waited another 24minutes to reach a person who I felt was rude and unhelpful. I explained to your representative that when first signing up, you had a promotion of 5 years and the payment would not change. It was never explained to me that this was only if I bundled my DIRECTV with CenturyLink. So when my bill went from $43 dollars to $65 dollars I was pissed. I called in and at the time the computers where down and the representative could not help me but had all my information, she told me to contact Direct TV and get the bundle. After calling Direct TV they told me I had to call back CenturyLink… My bill at the time was $131.00 in which I was going to pay yesterday but found out my bill is now $200.00. My services for internet were turned off on Feb 18th. I was told that although I didn’t have service I was still being charged. This is the most ridiculous act of dishonesty to your customers I have ever experienced!! So as of now my bill is $200.00, I feel that Century link should be ashamed of themselves. Not only is your wait time horrible but your customer service is even worse. When asked to talk to a supervisor, I was told that the Supervisor will tell me the same thing and cannot reduce the charges. I then asked to get the corporate office phone number I was told they didn’t have it. If my loyalty to CenturyLink for a year is not considered a good customer to sit down with me and resolve this problem, you don’t deserve my business. I was asked at the end of the call was I happy with my service and would I recommend Century Link to my family and friends. After the experience I’ve had, not one person from Century Link made me feel that they value me as a customer or I made me feel it didn’t matter if they wanted my business or needed my business, why the heck would I recommend my friends/family to Century Link.


Judy Nimnicht March 4, 2014 at 12:10 am

Keep getting emails from Centurylink that my January, 2014 bill hasn’t been paid so I sent them a copy of my check (both sides) that shows they did receive my check and deposited it in their account. Also to this copy, I stapled another check for payment of current bill and when I check my account on line, the current bill shows paid but January’s amount is still outstanding. God only knows which customer account some asshole in the billing department posted my payment to!


Cheryl Thirtyacre February 26, 2014 at 7:32 am

Shocked and amazed!!! For two weeks we have battled with slow internet access. Finally we break down and make the dreaded call to repair services. Our order ticket for repair is not for 2 days after the call is made. The technician arrives and realizes that the problem is not within the household, but an outside issue. On his departure claims that all is fixed and we should have no more problems. He was here from 8:00am -9:30 am on a Tuesday. Off to my meeting I go, not returning home until after 10:00 pm. Due to not being here all day, I go straight to my computer to work and my children try to get online to get home work done. Here comes the kicker, NO internet. First thing Wednesday morning at 7:00 am I call the repair line AGAIN. Now I have NO internet and NO phone line. So, the solution is to send another technician. Although already inconvenienced, I am told anytime today until 7:00 pm. Well, two problems, I can not go another day without a phone or computer access. Of course I failed to mention the technician can not get into my community anyway as I DONT HAVE A PHONE LINE ANYMORE. To access the gate, you have to call the house to get buzzed in. Why am I paying you to provide me with a service that is inadequate and never works to the level I pay? Although it may be inconveniencing to me to change all of our information, perhaps it is time to switch to Comcast. Atleast with them the problem is temporarily fixed after the technician leaves, not WORSE. It is my goal to reach Glen Post himself. Perhaps he should go on the television show Undercover Boss and see the type of service being offered and the problems the company is having with its customers.


john ramos April 18, 2014 at 9:01 am



Refresh February 19, 2014 at 11:58 pm

Kind of long read, but this is the usual experience for me, as a user of CenturyLink services.

I have CenturyLink DSL. Please take pity on me. Having CL as an ISP has been akin to being trapped in a cartoon, only it’s not funny. Here is my latest experience with them.

Like I said, this is just the latest experience with these folks. I have had experiences like this ever since CenturyLink took over Embarq. Bandwidth issues, privacy issues, ineptitude. Nothing but laughs, right?

Since there are no other providers on my street, I am stuck with them. Comcast has lines running seemingly everywhere around my neighborhood. I’m sure if they shot a cable down this street, every single household would subscribe to their television, internet, and even phone services.

There is a piece of fiber optic cable buried 50 feet from my front door, owned by the local power company. However, due to Washington state law, they are not allowed to sell to residential customers, and can only wholesale to businesses.

Satellite, you say? Nope. I won’t be subjected to that nightmare again.

I’m thinking that using smoke signals to communicate with the internet would be better than utilizing this “service”.

Read on for a giggle. Why am I posting this here? Heck, I’m posting it everywhere. Maybe if I make enough noise, someone up the chain will hear.

2014-02-19 – 5:00pm

Spoke with Wayne at Qwest. Found out that he was with Qwest when I read him my account number. Since the IVR phone system doesn’t give a caller an opportunity to bypass the prompts if they don’t have a phone number, except if you press ‘1’ for new customers, it routed me to new Qwest services.

Wayne attempted to transfer me to CenturyLink, but hung up on me instead.

2014-02-19 – 6:00pm

Spoke with Aubrey at the support line. Explained to her that I on 2/15 I had my voice service discontinued, with the exception of the state-mandated emergency services. This was done for two reasons:

prevention of further information leakage by CenturyLink. On two seperate occasions, CenturyLink has released my unlisted telephone number.
Stopping the 20-30 solicitation calls that were being received daily. After changing our phone number for the second time, we began receiving a large number of telemarketing, charity, and survey calls.
On 2/19/2014 at approximately 8:20am, we received two solicitation calls. One was a live caller, who wanted us to purchase an ADT alarm system (which we already have). When asked how she got the call through, she stated that the computer dials the number, and she simply answers the call.

The second call was received at approximately 3:40pm. The recorded message was left on our answering machine regarding the placement of a security sign in our front yard.

Aubrey agree that this was not right; we should not be receiving any calls on our voice line. She offered to change the phone number once again, and insure the call blocking was in place.

I asked Aubrey if this would interrupt the internet connection, as we had had problems with changes in past which would interrupt our DSL internet service for 1-5 days. She stated that our internet service would not be interrupted. However, as soon as she pressed “the button” internet service stopped functioning.

Giving Aubrey this information, she seemed puzzled, and immediately requested a supervisor. Approximately 20 minutes of them doing whatever it is they do when the customer is on hold, and the internet service returned. I believed my problems to be resolved, and bid Aubrey thanks and good night.

I spent another 15-20 minutes eating the dinner that I had missed while on the phone with CenturyLink.

2014-02-19 – 6:30pm

Returned to my computer to retrieve email, and perform other work-related functions, and found that I was not able to instantiate a VPN connection. Further checking revealed that I could not attach to some websites such as http://www.yahoo.com, http://www.msn.com, etc. One website would load correctly, http://www.google.com. However, searches failed.

At this point I began troubleshooting my equipment:

disable bridged mode on DSL modem, restart modem – no effect
remove router, connect computer directly to DSL modem, restart modem – no effect
re-enable bridge mode, reconnect router, reconnect computer to switch, restart all equipment – no effect
So no problems found with equipment.

Now, I begin investigating routing issues. Note that no static routes are present on any of my equipment.

The connection between my outside interface (xx.xx.xx.xx) and the CenturyLink interface, or gateway (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.sta.embarqhsd.net [xx.xx.xx.xx]) appears to be rock solid. No packet loss, 14ms ping time. Not bad for going all the way to Oregon.

When measuring to internet locations however, packet loss jumped to about 31%. By tracing the route between my host and the remote site (for example, http://www.google.com), it was found that the connection or routing tables between the following two hosts was having a problem:

por-edge-12.inet.qwest.net []
phn-edge-06.inet.qwest.net []

Now, (about 7:00pm), I called in once again, this time to the highspeed internet support line. After walking through the above troubleshooting procedure, with the tier 1 tech, he realized I actually knew what I was talking about, and passed me through to tier 2.

I once again explained the above troubleshooting procedure to the new technician, Verna. Verna agreed that the troubleshooting procedure was sound. I explained to her where the problem appeared to be, but she told me that my problems were due to an old modem (model 660R), which should have been replaced long ago.

One more time, I explained to Verna, with a few more details, specifically that every time that a change is made to our service, internet connectivity is lost for one to five days. I also explained once again where the trusty traceroute and ping was showing the problem to be, and the connection between me and the gateway was fantastic. Nope, Verna says it is the modem.

Fine. So Verna orders up a modem, which will not be here for two days. Wonderful.

Verna provides 15 days of credit on current bill, and asked if there was anything else I needed from her. I asked her why internet connectivity is lost every time a change is made. For example, when we added call blocking, and lost internet for two days. Really.

I have to give Verna credit. She took my heated questions with aplomb, and expressed empathy for my problems. She was a real trooper, and there was nothing she could do about my issues. Sorry about dropping the “S” word on you, Verna. You didn’t need to listen to an angry geek.

2014-02-19 8:00pm

After cooling off for a few minutes, I realized that I had left the ping monitor running, and wandered back to the home office to turn it off. This is when I noticed that no more packets were being dropped. Some quick testing reveals that somehow, internet functionality has returned!

Well, almost. I’m still getting intermittent drops, and general unresponsiveness. Time for some more looking around.

Some test, like ISPGeeks.com, seem to think I am coming from Witchita, Kansas. I find this interesting, since previously (and for the last several years), these sites report me as coming from White Salmon, WA.

Could this be the root of all the evil ? Did CenturyLink lose a peering point in Portland ? Could it be repercussions from a fiber cut that happened recently in California ?

I, or any other customer, or (sadly) most of the phone techs, will never know.


Penny Wakefield February 12, 2014 at 4:59 am

This is for the board of directors at Century Link. Did you know the policy for retirees is to insulate yourself from them. There is no way to contact an actual person at centurylink Every avenue is blocked by some company contracted to do the job of running interference.
The group health insurance for prescriptions is farmmed out to UHC. UHC uses Optum RX and Optum Rx refused to fill my prescription because they say it flammable and they won’t mail it. Well that is strange because you can get wine, a flammable mailed!!! But not a medication to preserve a persons health? Did you know about this policy board, did you make? It seems century link just wants it retirees, who gave 30 years service to just fade away and die asap.


stephen dunn January 15, 2014 at 4:44 pm



john ramos April 18, 2014 at 9:02 am

@ least Comcast will provide SERVICE


tessa Egizi January 7, 2014 at 4:11 pm

First of all I am furious. I started contacting you in Sept 2013 eager to move from my crappy monopoly here in Prescott. I was told end of Oct, then Nov, then Dec when I finally contacted you early Dec and was set up for 12mbps for the 19th. As of the 19th when the service man came to do whatever they do, I still had not recieved my modem so there fore only had his word that service would work. Since day one, I have not had service over 1.5 to 2.25 download and .24 to .50 upload. In addition in my meager less than 500sq foot home I had zero wireless any distance from 20 feet from modem. I call two days after and tell them I have no service in any of my bedrooms and that the service I had was super slow. I spent apx 2 hrs on that very first call with someone whose English was poor and who said they fixed it. It was not fixed and I still had zero service in any room but directly in front of the modem (Oh and I was told I will need a second modem to use in a bedroom not only 30 feet down a hall? I said bullXXXXX since I had previous wireless with previous company with only 5mbps for 4 yrs with zero issue) So after hours I am left with moving my modem to middle of floor to get service in just the room I could use it in. So I call again two days or so later… I spend over 20 mins on hold and then over 1.5 hrs with someone who is supoosed to have fixed my service. I had to reboot and they said they where working on it from their end and for a brief moment I had 3.89 mbps when I hung up.. Then back to between 1.5 to 2.45 average. I have called over 5 to 6 times and finally again I was told there was some issues that “wouldn’t effect me much” but I said obviously it was effecting me a lot and the person scheduled me for a service ( this was Dec 26th and I could not get someone here til the 31st) between 8-1 and I was upset that I was going to have zero means of contacting family, watching shows or barely using the computer for things like emails etc.. but waited on New Years Eve when I had stuff to do all day, no one showed, no one called. I attempted to call 5 times that day, being placed on wait for 30 plus mins each time and no customer service rep … So all day goes by, still 1.5 mbps so called internet, and finally late that night I get some outsourced person whose English sucks and told my ticket was still open and that they would contact the person who was to be there that day and never showed… ( oh I also ended up calling the local sales office who could not help also and was on phone with this outsourced person for over 35 mins on New Years Eve Thanks ) and that someone will be out I was pissed. I was like its NYE and I had plans.. So I wait.. No one calls or shows that night. I explained in detail the issues, this outsourced person went though all the bullXXXXX I had been through a half a dozen times already, green cord in? Power up, power down etc even though I told her I have done this over and over and it is not that and not fixed ( now I have had XXXXX service for 12 days) wasting more of my time on the phone. So on the 1st at 8 am I get a voice mail from someone from the field stating I had 12 mbps!!!>>>???? What? No one came to my house, no one addressed my issues, of course they are saying I should have 12mbps that is what I paid for but have never had.
So I am now sick with flu.. I go to Dr last Thurs and on way call again since I had no service above 1.5 still and was constantly being (limited) on my net and dropping. Plus I got a bill for $79 bucks!!! What? I spoke to someone in billing after holding for 15 plus mins, I was being charged 20 for install that I was not to be charged since I installed myself. The idea I was being billed at all since to that date not only did I not have service as agreed (1.5 is not even close to 12 mbps and worse then dial up I can get free) but I had spent over 9 hrs waiting for schedule appointment, over 10 hrs on phone calls and still no issues fixed. So as we are talking I had asked her to call me back since I had to see DR and she said she would no problem.. Well surprise!!! She never did. So finally as of Monday Jan 6th I spent another 2.5 hrs with tech support. I get a supervisor ( which I had asked for many times and never given) who after a long period of time said that my service was set to the lowest frequency and this has been my issue all along. WTF why did 6 other techs not catch that or the so called service man who supposedly came to some magical place to fix my service yet never show near my home..etc… So I ask her ( I had told every time I called to make sure they doXXXXent as for I should not be paying for service when I do not have usable service as I agreed to and they said they would but I see your company does nothing but lie) to do a third party call to billing to get my bill not only fixed as far as being charged for service like instal when I installed but to be there to confirm that for over 16 days I had unusable service and should be compensated. So I wait over 35-45 mins with her to get ahold of billing and when we do, he disconnected me!!! almost 3 hrs once again and disconnected. So as of Jan 6th I was reading between 9.5 and 11 mbps download, .80 upload and was able to use my computer throughout the house BUT I have had service slow to so low it disconnects me from using net.. four times since last night still where I have had to go unplug and reset my modem so all is not fixed. So with the flu from hell and wasting more of my valuable time I call this afternoon for billing and after being on hold for 10 plus mins two times and being disconnected two times I get through and ask to speak directly to supervisor Eric. I told him that I have had the above issues, the speed issue the inability to use my service in any other room, the fact I waited for a whole day for a scheduled service to have no one show or call and the fact that I am being billed at all let alone for an install fee that I didn’t even have the modem at the time of the set up.. that I wanted to have my bill not adjusted but removed and be compensated for the over 30 plus hours in the past 18 days I have wasted of my life with your incompetant people.. Well Eric was a dick to say the least. He kept throwing at me that ” you stated on tape you had service” I rebutted with I stated on tape that I had max 1.5 to 2.45 of unusable service that I could not use the wireless in any other room that directly in front of modem, that I waited a full day for scheduled service to have no one show or call and that I AGREED TO SERVICE OF 12MBPS not less than dial up speed of 1.5. So he offered 46 off bill I WANT THIS BILL OF 79 BUCK GONE, I WANT 3 MONTHS OF FREE SERVICE FOR MY TIME WHICH IS AS VALUABLE AS YOURS.. I would go back to my XXXXXty local company if not for that I cancelled and would have to pay $125 install again after over 8 yrs with them since your company is rude, unethical and unable to function and seems to not give a XXXXX about its customers… So again I WANT MY $79 BILL GONE!! I WANT SOME COMPENSATION FOR WASTING HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS OF MY TIME, FOR NOT HAVING USABLE NET SERVICE AS I AGREED TO HAVE INSTALLED FOR OVER 17 DAYS… I not only have left messages on the corporation voice mail. I was given a survey over a week ago in which I but nothing buy horrible marks and requested a manager contact me.. Well surprise.. no one has still contacted me. I will bomb the corporate voice mail til I hear from someone in corporate, not some Indian from Pakistan or some rude “floor manager” but corporate!!!


Sandraq Hand January 6, 2014 at 9:37 am

Centurylink owes me money now for two months. I have so far been told it was somehow hung in limbo, now they say they sent it to the wrong department. When asked again when the would be mailing the check they say “don’t know”. I have tried getting in touch with the CEO of Centurylink and yet no reply. Now, just how much money should I request for the late fees they would have charged me? Any ideas? You have my number, I would think to clear this problem you can call me now and if my line is busy it might be I’m on the phone with newspapers, friends any just anyone I can think to let them know who not to have service with and why….


Chuck White January 3, 2014 at 9:09 am

Mr Glenn Post
I have been trying to get a problem resolve since 12/6. I send the newsletters and weekly messages form the Hanover Pa Elks. On that date, Centurylink started blocking my emails. I have called, sent info, sent emails and nothing has happened. They keep sending me generic emails for info that I have already supplied. All of the other emails go thru fine. Would you please give me a person that will help.
Chuck White


Kitron D December 16, 2013 at 4:17 pm

I was a qwest internet customer then i moved they no longer had qwest but merged with centurylink. I hooked up with cenrtylink and they promised i didnt have nothing to worrie about everything would be switched but it wasnt. First i was offered 10 or more mgb per sec and then i aggred found out after six months there were two accounts open in my name i was paying on one and the other got a balance. After they shut me off i figured it out and after two months of fighting they payed it and hooked the survice back up but now its only 4 mgb per sec i cancled well within the trile period but the still said i need to pay 250 dollars thats crazy they suck. I called the corprate office they said they would look into it and caal me back but thats was three weeks ago what the hell people you guy suck balls hairy balls.


P.A. DuPont December 14, 2013 at 10:22 am

PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE Restore “Easy Listening” and “Light Classical” to the music channel.
It was such nice music to listen too.



Barbara Hendley December 9, 2013 at 5:17 pm

To Ceo Glen F Post
Your customer service stinks. I have had to call customer service Serval times since July due to the internet being down. Being charged on my bill for the call i had to make and was held online for more than 40 minutes. Then it was finally decided i needed a new modem and one would be shipped at no cost to me. But I got the next bill and I was charged for shipping . got on the phone called customer service again talked to somebody that i can’t remember name now and was told somebody had to pay the shipping and the only thing she could do was to take off half of the shipping price on my bill. I told her i was not satisfied with that. I was told that there would be no cost to me at all and she was not authorized to do anything more. I told her i wanted to file a dispute on those charges. she said someone would contact me within 10 days. No one did. So on the 10th day I called customer service again. Thuis time i got someone named Merdith. She said she understood my problem and would and could correct that for me right then . So she took off the shipping charge for the modem and in the mean time she talked me into changing my plan witch ran me about $60.00 a month total to another plan with unlimted long distance and faster internet speed and would only cost me $10 more a month total. i ask her then are you sure there will be no added hidden charges. she assured me there would not be. So i said fine i will give it a try. That was anything but the truth. My bill went up $19.77 more the first month and this month my bill went up even more to $83.11. So today i call again. I wanted to go back to what i had before local telephone service with no long distance and 1.5 mb speed. But I was informed by another one of your rude service rep that plan was no longer available to me at the price I had and I forfited that plan when I signed onto the other one.This is very misleading and deceptive and it reminds me of someone elses deceptive practices that currently occupies the white house. I was intentionally lied to on 10-16-13 because i was being scammed into another plan that the rep knew on that day I was going to pay more than $10.00 more for. My husband has been a long time loyal customer for 40+ years but Century Link has become a total lying company with very bad deceptive practices. Your lies are going to catch up with you sooner or later and I can’t wait until that day comes when another business comes in here and gives us better service than your company has. I and as I can see a whole lot of other unhappy customers agree. You stink! Your service stinks and your customer relations suck. You keep on messing people over and your company is going to fall and i will be so glad when the real truth about century link comes out. And no I would not recommend Century link to anyone that has other choices. Like you on facebook??? Heck no I am gone tell it like it is ..How crooked your company is and just how much you suck. I saw where there are lots of complaints about century link on the BBB and yes now there is 1 more. Also I have visted the FCC and reported you for decptive cramming and unlawfully with holding information concerning billing practices. Century Link lied to me again today. One of your so online service rep so called Shannon S says that if I take the long distance service back off and go back down to the speed I once had it would now cost me $91.75 a month. That Mr. Ceo glen Post is a rip off if I ever heard one and is nothing else by robbery. Pay more for less… Just like Obama care.


Cindy G December 5, 2013 at 3:56 pm

And also like Rodrigo Rau Mora, we have an outstanding amount from somewhere that was sent to collections without any notice on an account that was never ours, since we had several at the same time.


Cindy G December 5, 2013 at 3:52 pm

I have the exact same issues with Centurylink since DECEMBER 2012 and it is still not been fixed and the Executive Offices were also involved since about May of this year and then just stopped communicating with me or fixing anything. I get no reply. Your online system never works to send emails. I refuse to call any of you so called customer service people. All of them (and it’s been approximately 20 or so) are worthless. I actually got the Presidents office at DirectTV fix the bill on their part and CenturyLink dropped the ball and are now calling because of past due payments. I have all our DOUBLE BILLS WITH 2 DIFFERENT ACCOUNT NUMBERS AND AT ONE POINT – 3 ACCOUNTS, and will be mailing all of those off to the Corporate Office and hope for some sort of resolution. You suck and will never go through you again.


cameron wilson November 30, 2013 at 1:16 am

this is just ridiculous! can you even see these comments? not 1 F***ing positive thing to say about your services. I as EVERYONE else posting have a problem…I only got yourcause it was a good deal bundled with my dtv…well to this day I have never got that discount I’m paying 44.00 a month for 2mb/s are you F***ing kidding me?? I will get a refund for the lies that I was promised I record every conversation I have with shady companies such as yours..so I will be able to prove in a court of law what was offered and what was finally delivered. Obviously you care about this much —-> .. for your customers and their satisfaction…MAYBE THIS WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION….CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if I have to wait 10 yrs to see what you’ve taken from me returned so help me god it will be worth it….obviously by just scrolling down there will be plenty of people aboard and MANY more who haven’t posted…..alone you can bully us and gouge us but together and with JUSTICE on out side you stand no chance EMAIL ME WITH YOUR COMPLAINTS centurylinkclassaction2013@gmail.com


Cari RayBourn November 21, 2013 at 8:46 pm

I called to ask why I was told, last month when I cancelled my phone service, that my bill would be around $32 and the bill is over $120. The first individual I spoke to was very rude. I asked to speak to his supervisor. That individual was named Jose. He continued to speak over me and then accused me of speaking over him when I asked him to stop. He refused to explain why I was told my bill would be almost $80 less and it is not. He refused to look up the conversation from last month so that he could see why I was confused, even though I asked him 6 times. He then stated that he was sorry that I was incapable of understanding what he was saying. I have 3 degrees and run a company. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He told me her name was Sophia, but she never speaks to customers. I fid it very hard to believe that Century Link would put an individual like him I a supervisory position. I still am confused. However, now I am insulted and am planning on cancelling my internet with Century Link and going with Dish.
Maybe a REAL supervisory from Century Link can call me and answer my questions and take my complaint, that I would like to file, against these 2 individuals.


Mike November 19, 2013 at 5:13 am

CenturyLink refused to repair outside line problem they were responsible for because i did not have inside line repair plan, after3 months of BS with them they finally came out and found it was a problem at the pole and of the 3 months i had no service $300 total billed for those months they only would give me $15 credit WTF. And i just received the bill from a collection agency today for $380. I previously tried rwsolving payment scam with them at corp.


Abby November 22, 2013 at 6:01 pm

This is the exact same problem my parents have! A mouse chewed threw the wiring outside and when they called to ask them to fix it they were told they would be charged 80 dollars if centurylink found them to be at fault. When they came out and fixed it they did it above ground so there was a lot of background static. My parents called them again to ask them to come fix it and dig the line underground before winter. Again they were told if they were at fault they would be charged. My mom asked centurylink how they could personally be responsible for static on the line and they came out only to tell my parents they would have to dig underground. EXACTLY that they CALLED them to do!!! He left and did not come back. Three calls later and nearly four months later, Centurylink FINALLY came to fix it only to do it WRONG and for five days now they have been waiting for the company to come back and fix it they currently have no phone service and live fifteen miles out of town. If there is some sort of emergency it’s going to be ON THEM. They are the reason my parents cannot call for help if they need too. They have FOUR KIDS at home. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.


Arnecia Taylor October 30, 2013 at 10:24 pm

Acct 435047824. Why!!!!? Should I get a bill for a 30 day service when I’m not on 30 days oct 21 to nov 12 that’s NOT 30 DAYS !!! I recieve a bill for 203.63 due on November 12 and if I didn’t pay it on time I was going to be charge for a late fee. Century link service rep was terrible he caught an attitude. The supervised was even more terrible it’s like I was talking to people off the street it’s like they don’t care about the business and how many customers they can keep. Cox I’m coming back home they know how to treat a costumer and work out situation. Century link take a look at your reviews no one has nothing good to say about your customer service and services. I would not recommend your services to no body and believe me word of mouth goes a long way. I will read reviews for any services from this point on this is the awareness you have brought to my attention.


Ramsey Davison October 30, 2013 at 10:02 pm

My husband and I have signed up for Century link services on October 21st doing a 30 day try out. Century link has already sent me a bill that’s due for November 12th and the supervised had the nerves to say if we don’t pay it we will be charged a late free. I know I’m not the only one that knows the simply math that 30 days is not from October 21 to November 12 when the trial is a 30 day trial. The customer service rep is terrible he had said ” why would you not get a bill until December that doesn’t make any sense” that’s when I reply and said “cut the services I’m not auguring with you”. Thank God I was smart enough to not cut off Cox. I’ll like to say Cox may be a lil high but they services make it for all the extra. Century link a lil advice ” customer service will get u a long way lets not forget no customers no century link watch you fail” I will not refer anyone to your services. I’m highly not satisfied.


Gloria Jones October 25, 2013 at 4:44 pm

I would like to say how disoriented your company is. I have been trying to get my mother’s service moved from Comcast to Century link/Direct TV. The order was placed on 10/11/2013 for installation on 10/18/2013. Direct TV showed up, installed the dish, and set up our TVs. He informed me that someone else needed to set up the internet and phones. No one showed up so he will need to come back again to finish his work. When I called the office, they said that the technician said no one was home. We were all here all day including the Direct TV tech (until 4:30 pm). They said they would send someone out to take care of it. I never heard anymore so called again on Monday (I believe) and they said they tried to turn it on, but it could not make a connection (because they needed to come in and set it up) so someone was coming out on Thursday the 24th. As no one was going to be home that day, (my mother had a doctor appt. and I would be in Vail at a meeting) I had them change it to Friday so I would be here.
As I did not hear from anyone and no one had showed up by noon on Friday the 25th, I called and they stated that there was no set up for a technician to come out just a turn on. I informed them that I had specifically told them a technician needed to come out; why else would I change the appointment if no one was coming inside? They said the first one they could get out would not be until Monday. After speaking with about four different people, I finally said I wanted to speak to a manager. The representative stated all were in meetings they would have one call me (they still have not).
I called back again and talked with Robert and went ahead and set up the install for Monday October 28th. We discussed the fact I needed someone to come inside and hook up everything, this was made very clear. I decided to call back just to be sure that the order was correct this time and reached Tiffany from I believe she said the Salt Lake office. She said the order was in for Monday, but no technician install was on there. Where do you get these people from taking these orders? She corrected the order for me and assured me a technician would be out.
My mother has to pay for Comcast along with Direct TV for this time from October 18 until the phone and internet is hooked up. This is ridiculous. Tiffany also told me that as it was not completed at the same time, she had lost her bundle status and it would be billed separately. Thankfully, she saw this coming and has corrected that for us.
I believe my mother should be compensated for this debacle. This is not a good way to start out a business relationship. The order conf # on this mess is N55277064.


Lisa D. October 18, 2013 at 3:16 pm

My husband and I are not happy with Customer Service at Century Link. We have been long time customers with Quest which merged with Century Link a couple years back. Because of my husband’s job, we have to close service and set up service often. Each time, we have to go through a living hell with transfer after transfer, and disconnection after disconnection. This time, our monthly bill doubled from what it was last time we had service (nice to do to long term customers), was pressed for reasons “WHY???” we wouldn’t take a bundle package when I stated NO!!, had to pay a $106 charge before getting our service turned back on because of a mix up regarding our modem (we own two modems of our own to begin with)….Century Link said we didn’t pay for the modem that we had sent back with the mailing label. Also, we gave a forwarding address for any unpaid charges and never received one. I dread calling Century Link each time we have to set up service again. It’s a painful experience with painfully incompetent employees.


Heidi Moorman October 11, 2013 at 9:15 am

Wow. I sorely wished I had found this link to read these comments prior to placing an order with Century Link. I am being charged $143 on a bill passed due now for services that are still non functional…I am unable to receive calls. I have recently been diagnosed with Renal Disease and had made it abundantly clear that my telephone and internet is the only connection I have to the outside world, and is imperative that both function well. Upon call in the preferred customer tech said he had no problem calling my phone yet no one else can call and reach me. The tech was rude, abrasive combative and threatened to disconnect services all together if I do not pay the bill. I felt bullied, continue to fell unappreciated as a customer, and desirous in my need of having reliable service at my residence. I strongly feel that this is a class-action suit in the making.


Century Scam Artist November 19, 2013 at 3:14 pm

Hmmm your prob with them sonnds like the scam they tried pulling on me. Just got bill from collection agency for unpaid centuryStink service i didn’t have


john bass October 8, 2013 at 8:10 am

century link is charging me a 200 dollar fee for the poor service that I canceled after my move to downtown port charlotte fl….my internet speed dropped from 10mb per second to 4 ,,,,I will not pay for less than half of my former speed…you people are like sharks trying to grab all that you can….not this time…john bass out


Rustin Owens October 2, 2013 at 3:20 pm

I am writing this dispute in regards to my recent cancellation of services. When I signed up for Centurylink services I was offered a special promotional price that included internet along with a home telephone line. I specifically asked the representative if there would be a cancel fee if I had to terminate services before the promo price was expired and I was assured that there was no contract or obligations.
I moved to a new apartment at the end of July and I called to switch services over to my new address. I again asked if there was a fee for transferring and was told NO. I was also informed that the current internet speed I was receiving was not available at my new address and the only offer they could give me was a MUCH lower speed. I had the service transferred because I was told there would be no fee. I later found another provider that offered a much faster internet speed at a cheaper price than I was paying with Centurylink. I called customer service to cancel my service and again asked about termination fees. I was told a 3rd time that there would be no fees involved. I received an email dated August 1st that informed me of the cancellation request. When I received my closing bill there were several fees that I was expected to pay when CS had told me differently.
I called to dispute the bill and was able to get some of the fees reversed however the rep would not dismiss the termination fee and told me I was under contract by paying for the services at the promotional rate for the months preceding. I explained my 3 earlier telephone conversations with this gentleman and he said that the contract would supersede whatever I was told by the customer service representative on those previous calls. I asked to have the calls pulled or to talk with a supervisor and he refused to allow me to do either. He was very rude and did not show the type of customer service that should be expected from a business this size. I continue to receive bills for the account termination. I see online that they are still offering the same promo I signed up for (See attached doXXXXent with screen shots).
I do not feel I should be paying this fee as I was told multiple times by your employees that there was not a fee to cancel services. I have been a customer of yours for quite some time but will never refer you to anyone or use your service again if this cannot be resolved in a professional manner. Please remove the fee from my account

Acct 801-467-2278 405
Charge Dispute: $93.92


Linda Martin September 27, 2013 at 11:58 am

We have been without internet service going on 3 weeks and prior to that having issues on and off. I called again this morning and was told no one could look at the issue until Monday. this will be the 3rd weekend and week we have been without reliable service. This is not acceptable. the Area Plant Supervisor’s Name is Trevor Hutchenson (not sure of the spelling) no one has his number…just send him emails, and would not give me his email address to send a note myself I have also had a contact with a Joey Harper Social Media Manager Customer Experience whom today I can not reach.I have been on hold now for 12 min trying to get a phone number for the corp. office…no one at Century Link seems to know how to reach Corp. Office. REALLY? Amazing. I think there is a serious customer service issue with this company. Maybe it is just a local issue but if so it needs to be resolved. We are the customer we are the ones that pay you and your company. This is not how you treat customers. I expect more from a large company.


Joe Hawkins September 26, 2013 at 9:01 am

I am a current Century Link customer and my account number is 433447415. Even though my services are now up and running the process for establishing service was very disappointing and completely unacceptable.

I am also very disappointed with the conflict resolution process. I submitted my first complaint via the website on 18 August 2013 and received an automated response stating that my complaint would be addressed within 24 hours. I did not recieve any type of response until 30 August and this was meerly an insincere apology for not meeting my expectations. This was very substandard and not coming close to addressing the complaint. It is currently 26 September 2013, and I have still heard nothing from CenturyLink concerning the complaint or even an attempt to make it right.

17 July 2013: My ordeal began on 17 July 2013 when I contacted DirecTV to participate in their Mover’s Advantage program because my family and I were moving into a new house. While talking to DirecTV, I was informed of DirecTV’s relationship with Century Link and the opportunity to bundle DirecTV service with Century Link internet service. I expressed interest and was transferred to a Century Link representative to schedule the installation of services at my new address. I spent around 50 minutes on the phone with the Century Link representative discussing establishing service, determining if my new address was able to receive service (it was determine the residence was able), and discussing the fact that a self-install would not work at my residence because the house was new construction and there was no connection from the house to the junction box at the street. The representative and I discussed that I wanted to purchase the DSL modem and pricing options. I expressed that I wanted the $39 deal for the first 12 months. All of this was discussed at length and I schedule the installation for 2 August 2013. This call was placed on 17 July 2013; a full two weeks before installation was supposed to occur. I was not however supplied with an account number or DSL phone number.

2 August 2013: I still have not heard anything from Century Link confirming installation so I call 1-800-366-8201 to determine the status of my order around 2:00PM. I am connected to a representative named Brian (sp). I find out from him that there is NO record of my original call, so NO installation order was placed. This makes me furious because I had already taken a day off from work in order to make sure I was available for the installation appointment at the agreed upon day. I have to spend over an hour (1 hr) on the phone, again, with Brian to discuss my specific installation needs just like previously discussed on 17 July 2013. The discussion includes that the service is for a newly constructed house that has never been connected to the telephone lines or junction box at the street and that this would need to be accomplished before any ‘in-home’ installation could occur. I made it abundantly clear that a technician would have to come to the house in order to connect the house outside lines to the junction box at the street. Brian and I discussed billing and I was told that I would not be able to get the $39 (1st Year) deal because of the additional steps needed for new installation and that I would be charged $55 for a 1 time installation charge and that my monthly bill for Century Link service would be $66.89 + taxes. No option was given for purchase or leasing of the DSL modem. After all of this, I set a date of 7 August 2013 for the installation. Brian gave me a time window of between 8:00AM and 5:00PM for the installation. I asked if this could be narrowed any further and was told that as the date of installation got closer a call would be made to narrow the time window. Brian actually provides me with a Century Link account number (433447415) and DSL phone number (910-949-2802).

6 August 2013: Still have not received any phone call or email from a Century Link Representative confirming or even acknowledging service installation. While at work, I begin a chat session with Bryan C from the Century Link website. Bryan confirms that my installation appointment is set for 7 August 2013 and towards the end of the chat session actually is able to narrow down the installation window to 12:00 – 4:00PM on 7 August 2013. I told Bryan that I would like to purchase the DSL modem and that I was not offered that option during my discussion on 2 August 2013. Bryan stated that I could clear that up with the technician during the installation. I asked why I was not able to get the $39 (1st Year) deal, like what is offered online and in every Century Link advertisement I see. Bryan indicated that from the record of my account that I elected to not have a contract on the account, thus would not be getting the $39 deal. I told him that I was never asked anything about contracting during the hour long phone call even though I specifically asked about the $39 special. I told Bryan that I would prefer to contract for a year in order to get the special. Bryan told me that he could not make the desired change and that I would have to call the Retention Team at 1-866-270-7498 and that they are the only ones able to apply that request. I also told Bryan that I started this installation process on 17 July 2013 and the disappointment encountered up till this point. Bryan claimed that because the original installation order was done after talking with a DirecTV agent that I was probably talking with a DirecTV agent and not a Century Link representative. This is probably why my original order was not processed correctly. This is where all the excuses begin while talking with Century Link representatives. I asked for a copy of the chat transcript and Bryan stated that he was not able to provide a transcript and that I would need to copy and print if I desired a copy. Bryan ended the chat session, like all Century Link representatives, by stating that “our goal is to provide you with excellent service and we appreciate your business.” At this point this canned response is beginning to wear thin.

After my chat session with Bryan, I call the 1-866-270-7498 number and am connected with a representative named Chad. I discuss with Chad the specifics of my order and for the 1st time a Century Link representative seem to actually understand what I need to happen in order to have service installed at my house. Chad indicated that he is able to change my order to the $39 for 12 months (contract) and $99 for the purchase of the modem. Chad states that he will even reduce the normal $59 installation charge to $30 because of all the trouble. Chad also states that there will be an initial activation fee of $15. Chad is the 1st representative that seems to fully understand that I will need to have a line run from the street to the house. Chad refers to this installation as a “Buried Drop”. Now because a change is needed in order to get the $39 deal and that a buried drop is needed for installation, Chad indicated that he needed to rewrite the order to ensure all is straight and that the installation date will need to be pushed to the right in order to get what is needed for the buried drop. I asked Chad if we could keep the scheduled installation set for 7 August 2013 and just fix the paperwork on the back end to rectify the desire for the $39 deal. Chad indicated that that would not work. This was explained because of the additional steps involved in order to complete the installation. Because this was not a typical installation (sending a tech to help install the modem in the house), I could understand the need to make sure the right technician with the right set of skill was dispatched to the house. I didn’t want a technician to show up and assume he was just going in to the house to hook up a modem. Chad set up the installation for 9 August 2013 between 12:00 – 4:00PM.

9 August 2013: I take an additional day off from work to ensure that I am home and available for the Century Link technician to complete the installation of services. It has now been over 3 weeks from my initial attempt to have services installed. As 4:00PM passes, I have not received any phone call or email from ANY Century Link representative to confirm the appointment or even indicate that a technician is on the way or running late. So now I have taken two (2) days off from work to be available for an installation appointment and have been disappointed twice by Century Link. I call 1-866-270-7498 to determine the status. I am connected to a Tyler. Tyler starts off the conversation by thanking me for being a “VALUED” Century Link customer. I tell Tyler that I am not feeling very valued and let him know the ordeal I have been going through trying to have services installed at my home. Tyler puts me on hold for about 10 minutes while he attempts to contact the local dispatch to determine the issue. Once Tyler returns, he informs me that, from talking with the local dispatch, I “may not get service installed today”. The technicians are running behind. Tyler says that he will attempt to get a technician out to my house on Saturday (10 August 2013) to conduct a temporary installation by running a ground wire. If they are able to make it out at all they will only be able to conduct a temporary install (ground wire) and would have to come back later to do the full buried drop. If this is not able to happen, Tyler states that I may have to wait an additional two (2) weeks for installation.

At this point, I ask to talk to a manager or supervisor. I am connected to Cindy and am told that she is a manager from the issue escalation department. Cindy jumps right in and starts with excuse after excuse as to why I am not getting service installed today. She first blames Chad for cancelling and re-submitting the order. This is the first reason why my order could possibly be delayed. She says that because of the rain, everyone is behind for installations and tech support. The rain has stopped in my area of over 2 weeks at this point. Cindy states that existing customers have priority over new installs. I tell Cindy that I am tired of excuses coming from Century Link and want service installed. I have now taken two days off from work and nothing has been accomplished. Cindy states that she cannot compensate me for my lost time but will waive the Activation Fee ($15) from my account. That is one heck of a gesture (please read as much sarcasm as humanly possible). Cindy is not able to provide any resolution as to when I will ever get Century Link service installed and that I am now at the beckon call of a Century Link technician. No indication of when someone may call or actually arrive to install my service. I tell Cindy that IF/WHEN another ISP was offered in my area; I will most likely run away from Century Link as fast as possible. At this point, I would never recommend Century Link to anyone. I also ask Cindy for contact information for the Corporate Office. Cindy tells me to go to Century Link’s website. I cut her off and tell her that this is the exact problem. I don’t have service and cannot access the website. Cindy states that someone MAY be able to make it out on Saturday, but is not confident because Century Link usually does not conduct new installs on Saturday. She does tell me that if an install is able to happen, it will happen between 10:00AM and 2:00PM.

I hang up with Cindy feeling that I may never see Century Link service installed in my lifetime and am extremely furious. At 5:15PM, I receive a phone call (finally) from a Century Link Technician who tells me that he is not going to make it today and that someone MAY be able to make it out Saturday.

10 August 2013: By 12:00 (noon), I have still heard nothing from any Century Link representative so I call 1-866-270-7498 in order to determine status. I am connected to Josh. Josh contacts the local dispatch and learns that the original technician, tasked with coming to the house to set up the service, did not have the skills needed to conduct a temporary install (running a wire from the street to the house) so he sent the order back to dispatch for another technician to conduct. Josh stated that I would receive a call from a technician in about 30 minutes to an hour to let me know the status and when someone would arrive.

I called Century Link (1-866-270-7498) again at 1:35PM because I have not heard from any Century Link representative and talked with Kendra. Kendra stated that new installs do not take place on weekends, but would contact the local dispatch to determine the status. Kendra indicated that from the record/order she was looking at that the install may be schedule for 12 August 2013 (Monday). After being placed on hold for 15 minutes, Kendra returns and passes me over to Tech Support in order to attempt to determine a status of my order. I talk with someone from Tech Support (don’t remember name) and he takes my phone number and says he will give me a call once he is able to determine a status for my installation.

Tech Support representative calls me back at 2:15PM and confirms that the installation is scheduled for service today (10 August 2013) but provides no additional information on time for the installation or a phone number to call for status. I am not just waiting for the Century Link fairy to call or announce his impending arrival.

I actually receive a phone call at 2:20PM. It is a Century Link Technician named Ricky. Ricky states that he will be at the house in about an hour and that he is finishing up his latest job. I confirm with Ricky what is needed for installation at my house. Ricky is fully prepared for the installation. Ricky arrives within the stated hour and is professional and personable. Ricky states that this will be an easy installation and should only take about 40 minutes. He lays the ground wire (approximately 90 feet), connects to the house outside lines and I am up and running with internet service within the stated 40 minutes. Ricky is surprise at how easy this particular installation was based on the tasking he was given for the installation. Currently Ricky is the saving grace for my opinion about Century Link. I hope, now that Century Link service has been establish, that I am pleased with the service half as much as I am please with Ricky’s professionalism.

So far (at least for the week the service has been up and running), I do not have any complaints about the quality of the Century Link internet service. I hope it stays that way. The sad part is, everyone I have talked with that has Century Link service in this area has the same story to tell regarding installation of the services. To a person, all have had horrible experiences getting the service installed and working properly. I have talked with at least 5 other people from this area and each and every one of them have had trouble getting the service installed and trouble with the billing of the services. I will be scrutinizing my first bill to see if I fall prey to this example as well.

very respectfully,

Joseph Hawkins


Pamela Fitzsimmons September 26, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Mr. Hawkins:

Thanks for your story. The fact that CenturyLink even has something called an “issue escalation department” really speaks to the company’s mismanagement.

The same manager who cooked up that idea – “Hey, let’s call it the ‘issue escalation department’ so our valued customers will think we’re really trying” – is probably the same genius who decided to provide this forum on CenturyLink’s corporate page. The dissatisfied customers get to talk to each other and commiserate; CenturyLink gets to look like they care when, in fact, it’s doubtful anybody at corporate reads these comments (except to laugh at them).

The day CenturyLink was supposed to transfer my landline, I found a “We Were Here” notice on my door telling me that service had been installed. I received an e-mail from CenturyLink, also telling me my order was complete, plus a voicemail on my cell phone (I have Internet and cell access through Verizon).

It would’ve helped if CenturyLink’s “We Were Here” notices included a local number that the customer could call if the service was not working. How hard would it be for their repair people to write a local number on the notice? The company has people working here in Portland, Ore., yet there is no way to get a hold of them. Instead, I’ve been talking to call centers in the Philippines and Idaho trying to reach a repair person in Portland, Ore.

Cindy’s comment to you about existing customers taking priority is nonsense. I’ve been a CenturyLink customer since they acquired Qwest.

My CenturyLink bill is due Sept. 29th. Service stopped Sept. 18th, and I’m going to prorate the amount owed. I will not pay for service I no longer receive.


Pamela Fitzsimmons September 25, 2013 at 4:22 pm

CenturyLink can’t even transfer a landline. They were supposed to transfer my phone service on Sept. 18 when I moved 2.5 miles within the city of Portland, Ore. I still don’t have a landline. Multiple calls to their customer service department only result in e-mails thanking me for being a valued customer. And while you wait online, you are inundated with ads for more CenturyLink product. Visit their Website, and it’s more product pushing. Why would I buy more product from a company with such poor service? At least my cell phone is through Verizon.


Alfonso Carrasco September 23, 2013 at 3:02 pm

I have been waitting for internet service for 2 weeks, and know they cant even find my application with my personal information,,
Please help,,,702-499-7318
Alfonso Carrasco
E, Webb north Las Vegas NV


Robin August September 23, 2013 at 1:37 pm

5 months ago I switched my phone, internet and TV service to Centurylink. I was told my told bill including taxes would be just over $117.00 per month. The first two months my bill was under the $117 and when I called they said that my TV service would still be billing me for two months. The third and fourth month billing totaled $174 and $175, when I called and asked why I was told that they were just catching up with Direct TV bill. They said that my fourth bill would be $117.56. I just received my fourth bill and was so surprised I could scream, it is over $196.00. So I make, yet, another phone call to be told that I was quoted wrong, and told wrong on my previous phone calls. The quote I received should be my monthly bill. This company is a bait and switch company,. You cannot trust nor believe anything they tell you. Shoppers beware, do not switch to Centurylink, they suck.
I certainly hope the CEO of CenturyLink sees this post!


Jennifer Sway September 13, 2013 at 8:02 pm

Telephone (509) 892-4041
Name: Jennifer Sway
Address: 15615 East 4th Avenue
Apartment 68
City and State: Spokane Valley, WA 99037
Last 4 of SS#: 9806


To Whom it may concern:

I am sending this email in hopes that someone there can see that this
problem is resolved. I have contacted centrylink repair, technical, for
billing, order department ect. I have spoken with supervisors in nearly all
of the following departments. I have been on my prepaid cell phone over 177
minutes until my prepaid cell phone cut off for lack of minutes. The problem
is still unresolved. Below is the history of this simple problem.

History of Problem:

On 9/12/2013 A century link tech came to install the internet that I had ordered. He was unable to
install it on my desk computer he said because the drivers had to be installed on my computer since
I had changed to windows vista recently. So I handed him my laptop, he said it was too slow so I had
my son bring in his laptop (which I had just purchased for him) so internet was installed on that laptop.
once the century link tech left I downloaded the drivers onto a flash drive and installed them on my computer
then I hooked up the Ethernet cord and I still had no internet service so I picked up the phone to call
century link to let the tech know that it was not my computer, that is when I noticed that I had no
dial tone at all. I unplugged the phone from the back of the modem and directly in to the wall and
still no dial tone. To make sure it was not my phones I tried to connect to my dial up account with
AOL and it said no dial tone. I used my prepaid cell phone which had 177 minutes (that is over 2 hours)
on it to call century link. I was transferred 3 times and on hold several times for over 15 minutes
all in all Nothing was resolved. Everyone asked me the same questions as to what happened, the representatives were not
actively listening nor listening at all I repeated a total of 17 times during the 177 minutes that ” I HAVE NO DIAL TONE, WOULD YOU
PLEASE SEND SOMEONE OUT TO REPAIR WHAT YOUR CENTURY LINK PERSON MESSED UP”, after about the 8th time of repeating this I did become an irate caller, which was a direct result of the extremely poor customer service and the total lack of comprehension on the part of the century link supervisors and representatives. By this time my prepaid cell phone was out of minutes, I had to scrape up 5.00 on one of my credit cards to recharge my cell phone with 250 minutes. I called back and this time, with the hold times and the transfers I used 80 minutes but I did finally reach a person that was suppose to set up a repair call for Saturday.

I am disabled, one of my main links to the outside world, so I am asking please make sure that the matter is taken
care of and that when the century link person leaves that the home phone is working in the home as it was
before the century link rep came out on 9/12/2013 to install the internet and messed up.

I re installed the windows operating system on my laptop, the one that the century link tech erased (either intentionally, or through
ignorance or stupidity or just plain lack of knowledge), hooked up the Ethernet card and I know have the internet I wanted. The reason
I am mentioning this is that all the tech had to do was 1. Push the power on button on my laptop
and 2. insert the Ethernet cord in the Ethernet plug in the back of the laptop. And then the century link high speed is installed and
This installation tech really should be in one of your offices somewhere and definitely should not be sent to install
anything for anyone if he really did not know to turn on the computer and insert the cord and not erase the operating system.
If I were not disabled I would apply to be a technician for Century Link or a customer service rep in one of the call centers, because you guys
really need some quality employees.

2. I called Century Link order department to request that they send someone to install a double jack because
I have one of those old fax machines that I have to plug in the wall, they said the placed the order and someone
would be out on 9/13/2013.
On 9/12/2013 UPS came with a package which I opened and it is a plate to be installed. This simple matter needs your attention, as
Century Link in Spokane, Washington has not set up for someone to come out and install the double jack as I have requested 3 times already
please see to it that this is scheduled as I have no more minutes on my prepaid phone to hold any longer. Today I called to get this order set for them to
send someone to install the jack I was on hold for 20 minutes, online with the rep for another 15 then told to call 1800-854-1311 and press 5, I called Century Link back and requested the same thing with a lady
who put me on hold for 10 minutes,said she was going to check something and put me on hold again after 5 more minutes the phone minutes ended and the phone shut off, as prepaid phones do.
Oh, I had requested to speak with a supervisor two times and still She did not get one, instead she played the supervisor on the
phone, so tell me what’s going on game. Please see to it that these issues are resolved.

My mother has and swears by Quest now Century Link service and she made me promise to give you guys one more chance to fix the problem after I contact you guys.
So since my mother is super old, in her 80’s I did not want to cause her stress when she was over yesterday so I did promised her that I would try contacting the corporate office and see if that helps any. This is my last attempt at trying to resolve two simple things, and they are:

1. Fix what ever that Century Link tech messed up so I have in home phone service as I did prior to his coming out.

2. Install a jack where two things (the century link modem and my fax machine can both be plugged in at the same time.

These things are not complicated, and to request that these things be done should not have taken

over 3 hours to issue a tech to take care of these two issues, Please help. .

Sincerely, Jennifer Sway


Lilly Baum September 13, 2013 at 4:48 pm

I have been trying to get help with my In-Laws phone being out- and because I am not on the account they wont send someone out to check it. I advised them that my mother-in-law needs their phone for her life alert button- as she has medical issues. no help!!!!!!. My father in law finally got his cell phone to go through and they told him it was going to cost 100.00 to come out and check their box. Are u kidding me!!!! my In-laws are 80 yrs old with medical issues!!!!!! and they are up near some of the flood areas here in Colorado. Give me a break. Why would it cost them money to get check for phone service?/UNREAL! What kind of scam is that!


Larissa Rosenquist September 13, 2013 at 2:19 pm

My husband and I have called multiple times about our bill and Internet service REPEATEDLY being turned off for “non-payment”. Every time we call, the problem is supposedly taken care of, but it never lasts for more than a week and the issue comes up again and we have to call again and explain the whole situation all over even though every single customer service representative claims to have fixed it and written notes so it is “sure not to keep happening”. The last phone call took place yesterday (Wednesday September 11, 2013) afternoon; after I very inconveniently waited for an hour on the phone at my place of business, I finally spoke with a supervisor and she supposedly took off the wrongfully charged $135.00 and the also wrongfully charged $25.00 because she went through our bill for the last 10 months and admitted those were mistakes on CenturyLinks end. We have been dealing with this repeated issue for 3 months and been without internet when we needed it multiple times for absolutely no reason. My husband and I are very easy to get along with and are simply requesting that this issue be fixed immediately and all the days that we did not have internet be credited to our account. Fortunately, I am able to email this message through my phone carrier. My husband and I feel harassed as these notices of “non-payment” keep reappearing and our internet is repeatedly turned off. This is very bad business for CenturyLink, please fix this immediately so the situation does not need to go any further.


Dave McNeill September 10, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Yesterday, 42 minutes on a phone call to clear up 5 minor billing errors with someone who has probably had 3 minutes of training in English. In the end, they said, “there is nobody here who can help you with that.” Then, just to add insult, they said, “Thank you for calling Century Link. Were we able to solve your problem today?”

Today, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep asked why – I think so, anyway. He also had maybe 13 minutes of English training. After 15 minutes of asking me for my phone number 5 times, and asking if I have my account code, he hung up on me.

I called again. Instead of someone from Colombia, I got someone from Mumbai. Again, 13 minutes of English training. Again, I asked for a supervisor. Again, multiple requests for my phone number. Again, after about 30 minutes on hold and explanations (I think) about why the supervisor was taking so long – they hung up.

So, I called a third time. This time, someone from Logan, Utah. There is a God! A lifetime of learning English. It took less than three minutes for him to discover and solve the problem.

I have been considering eliminating the land line. I pay $30 a month more than a cell phone to have it. But – this was it. It’s bye bye Century Link – Hello Verizon!


Jeremy Hilton September 5, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Hello, I don’t know if this is going to get me anywhere. But right now I am irate. I called to take care of a $22.40 bill that I had. Well, I ended up getting charging for $2240. A simple mistake. But as funny as that sounds, they are telling me it could take a month to get reimbursed for that amount……. Don’t get me started about the wait times during the multiple days I have tried to get this taken care of…. worst experience ever. Not only that, my service kept going out about once a day. After multiple visits from tech guys, I eventually cancelled my account and went with Bright House. I have had no issues since. I can tell you this, I will never give Century Link my business again. In fact I am going to see to it that everybody knows about my terrible experience. Social media is a powerful tool.


Jennifer Sway September 13, 2013 at 8:32 pm

I am so glad that I read your post. I thought it was just me with the problems with Century Link. I have had it, unless the tech tomorrow understands and can fix what the internet installation tech did that took away my dial tone and left me with no phone service for two days, I too am going to say bye to Century Link. Well you are right about the social media, it is the way to go. Hey, thanks for posting.


Ron Webb August 22, 2013 at 10:48 pm

I think that this company has a major problem both with Billing and service, I was helping one of the people that live here and they put the wrong phone number into the system and we have been having problem with the billing ever since and to add to that we were on hold to one department for over and hour after we were given the run around from two other department, God help you if you don’t get these problem straight out in quick order.


Chuck Dickson August 19, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Absolutely the worst customer service of any US company I have ever seen. Called local office in Prescott, AZ to change may billing address from MA to AZ, since I have homes in both states. I was told I had to call billing at 800-244-1111 ext 3 since they could not change the billing address at the local office. I called and was kept on hold for more than 40 minutes. In frustration, I called the Corporate Hqs in LA and when I did get through I asked for Karen Puckett the COO. Naturally I was diverted to a number in CO.The young man was kind enough to change it for me. It is just as well I didn’t talk with her, she would not have like my opinion of her effectiveness as COO if this is a reflection of her attention to operations. Naturally I was told the entire time I was on hold how important my call was and how valuable I was as a customer — LOL. Hope the CEO reads these messages.


Rhonda Melton September 2, 2013 at 8:12 pm

At least I’m not the only one who got terrible customer service from this company…can’t believe how bad it was…


jessica August 15, 2013 at 9:44 am

I live in a rural area and over the past 2 yrs had been trying ti get internet, they sent me the modem which i payed shipping for. even hooked up the box outside after, 6 months of waiting for them to hook up my line numerous phone calls and techs never showing up . I canceled my service was told i would get my deposit back after 3 months never got it.

I tried a year later to see if they could hook it up again because they are the only internet company where i live , they decided to use my deposit from a year ago. they never showed up so i assumed i had no internet , got rid of my laptop later got a bill from century link . They hooked it up and i was under contract , told them i did not have a computer anymore but, i would continue to pay my bill because i was under contract. I thought i was doing the right thing.

I finally got a computer and too my surprise when i hooked it up , i had no internet. called century linkj they never had dropped a line to it, so i asked them if they would give me a credit for the months i payed since they never finished the install.,they told me to keep paying my bill and they would resolve it , after numerous calls and finally getting a supervisor who was very rude . he told me i was not getting any refund and that i should have called when i noticed there was no internet. Well i told them , i called and told you i had no computer months ago so, how could i know there was no internet . I told him i was dissatisfied and i have been a loyal customer and that i would leave .

He told me thats fine just call when you get your new carrier. I am now out of contract and looking for a different carrier. Beware of this company


Kimberly Steffen August 14, 2013 at 1:15 pm

I made a payment of $100.00 to Centurylink which was more than what was to be paid. I kept getting phone calls (automated) so I called and spoke to a representative named Katie. She informed me that she contacted financial services and everything was fine, and assured me that I was not in jeopardy of my services being disconnected. I then got a disconnect notice in the mail so I called back the following week and spoke a gentleman named Mike, who again assured me that there was no jeopardy of disconnection of services and to ignore the notice, which I did so and threw it out per his suggestion. Well, today I once again receive a phone call (automated) from Centurylink that this is the second attempt to contact me and that I need to call customer service, so I did. I got a representative who informed me that I needed to make a payment of $73.32 to not be disconnected and that my services would be disconnected at 5 pm tomorrow if not paid. I asked to speak to a supervisor who got nasty with me on the phone and told me it was my responsibility to pay my bills etc. so I asked to speak to her supervisor got a supervisor named Donna who told me that I was calling the wrong number when asking questions and that I need to read more carefully the right number etc, and put the blame on me after her representative Mike is the one who gave me the wrong information. I tried calling the corporate office and had no success getting anyone to answer my call. I am highly upset with Centurylink and think everyone there needs to be on the same page. If I could cancel services and go elsewhere I would but they monopolize my area. I am a very unsatisified customer and feel the customer service is absolutely poor. If I don’t get this issue resolved I will be contacting the BBB, you can count on that!


Bethany Elliott August 12, 2013 at 3:00 pm

A while back I had nothing but the run around, broken promises and fibs from the customer service department. But after Jeff Marlowe, Executive Regulatory Escalations Analyst, Customer Advocacy Group, jeffrey.marlowe@centurylink.com, emailed me and offered his help to get things straighten out. He was fantastic in resolving our issue. I wanted to publicly thank him for his effects on this website for the rest of you folks to see.

Good afternoon Jeff;
I would like to thank you for all your help in this matter and keeping your word. I will definitely pass along my experience with you to others. It’s nice to know that some companies do value the opinions of their customers. These days a lot of employees do not realize that they are dealing with the people that actually generate their paychecks. Again thank-you on behalf of my father and I for your follow up on this matter.
Have a nice day,

Bethany Elliott


Mary Ann August 10, 2013 at 8:51 pm

Century is about to lose this retail customer. Terrible diagnostics? Lack of training?
Bean counters running the company? Monday is their last chance.

I’ve been paying about $160.00 per month for “Premier customer” being served land line, DSL, long distance, and Direct TV…
today made my fourth call, over the last month to get DSL stabilized and restored on a second phone jack…today I was on the phone for over an hour
4 different people
First a DSL specialist who after 20 minutes assured me it was a land line problem and transferred me to the land line repair service
having waited 5 minutes on hold
the land line specialist assured me it was a DSL problem
waited 3 minutes for her “supervisor” who during the next 20 minutes told me she too assured me it WAS a DSL problem but would not schedule a repairman.
asked again for a supervisor..another wait on hold of 5 minutes
maybe it’ll get fixed.
BAD company!?


Joe from AZ August 7, 2013 at 1:49 pm

CENTURYLINK SCREWED ME OVER!!! Sales pitch promised a certin date for activation. It was expresssed several times the importance of the date and it was promised, even recorded! Five days later equipment arrived, but I had to make other arrangements to stop my business bleeding!!! They cost me $$$! I immediately terminated all ties with Centurylink and they still had the greed to charge an early termination fee of $200…DON’T use this company-IT SUCKS!!! LIARS!!! Joe in AZ


Sherri Waldrip July 31, 2013 at 11:47 am

look up my account 432852038

this is the absolute worst attempt to provide service. I don’t even know where to begin…and I am still trying to get my deposit back…


ann XXXXx July 25, 2013 at 9:13 am

when called on service it was one price with 100.00 gift card RIGHT i have not had the price for service right yet i call every month but know one knows anything about it…but let me seel you more while i have you on the line..so i get late they care less.. so i call 2 times a month same thing so i call 3 hours apart nothing does anybody care or do there job there?


Beverly Leslie July 17, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Here we are again more problems with the internet. Was advised to buy a new modem which I did. But back to intermittent internet. Wasted another hour of my minutes to no avail. They can’t seem to get this fixed and I am sure they want to charge me more money for their service. Awful customer service as someone from another country had no idea how to hook up the new modem. Kept me on the line will he got advice from I don’t no where. This has been a month of this crap. Have on other option as this is all that is available to me. Nice…..


Joanna Hike July 17, 2013 at 10:39 am

This experience with CenturyLink has been HORRIBLE!!! The billing has been wrong, customer service terrible, no follow-up by customer service when they said they would, called numerous times and the problem still not taken care of. I can’t tell you the hours my husband and I have spent on the phone trying to get this figured out, which it still hasn’t. Seems like a lot of unhappy people. I did fill out the survey about how unhappy I am and didn’t hear back. It would be nice for your company to contact me through email. We are very close to stopping the service and my husband is ready to pull his at his company.


Sue Wilson July 15, 2013 at 3:06 pm

On Wednesday, July 10, 2013, I made a $40.00 debit card payment by phone through the CenturyLink automated system. On Friday, I called my bank to check my balance and noticed that my payment to CenturyLink still had not been debited from my acct. Noting the balance, I figured the balance, deducting the $40.00 still owing to CenturyLink so I could get some groceries with the monies remaining. I am a 66 yr old disabled senior! I’m on SSDisability so I only get one check a month and have to watch every penny that I spend. I had $23.00 left in my acct after the $40.00 once paid, to get some groceries. I called in on Saturday morning, July 13th, checking to see if CenturyLink had finally taken out that payment. To my shock, CenturyLink had taken out $400.00 and overdrawn my acct by over $350.00! I tried to call CL immediately to get this matter straightened out, but found that their business offices are closed on the weekends. I called my bank, told them what had happened & immediately filed a dispute claim but was told that I had to contact the merchant to get this problem resolved. I patiently waited out the rest of the weekend…Today is Monday, July 15th. I called CenturyLink. They said that they could not do anything to help me with out doing a 3 way call with my bank. So, I called my bank & CenturyLink for the 3 way call needed. Because I owed a balance of $106.72, CenturyLink refused to return the $400.00 that had been erroneously deducted from my acct by them and would only RETURN to me the difference of $293.28 CHECK BY MAIL, which would take 2-3 weeks! AND because CenturyLink was sending the refund by MAIL, not returning my overpayment electronically, my bank stated that their hands were tied and they couldn’t help me further! Because CenturyLink decided to resolve this issue the way they did, my bank had no choice but to back out. If CenturyLink would have reversed the debit transaction, which I know can be done, the bank would have advanced the funds and deposited the money into my acct until they received the monies from CenturyLink. It’s obvious to me, now, that after 40 years of continued phone service, starting with Pacific NW Bell, US West, Quest now with CenturyLink, that loyalty means nothing with this company! CUSTOMER’S BEWARE: WHEN USING THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM TO MAKE PAYMENTS TO CENTURYLINK, MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CONFIRM THE PAYMENT, (I trusted the automated voice, wrote down the confirmation number etc)! SO THAT THIS KIND OF ERROR DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOU! By the way, their computer system NEVER makes mistakes! With CenturyLink, the customer is NEVER RIGHT and YOU ARE GUILTY until proven innocent!
I am now a lot older and wiser! I will be shopping for a different internet server and dropping my land line and internet account with CenturyLink!


mika June 27, 2013 at 3:15 am

Just curious how many Century Link/Direct TV customers were promised one statement and received two, one from Century Link and one from Direct TV when they were promised a bundled package with one account. How many ended up with two account numbers and neither company had each others account number. Also how many customers were reported to the credit bureaus being late because the company would not solve there mistakes.


DBenicki July 2, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Not only 2 statements and 2 account numbers, the price I was quoted grew from $76.00 plus taxes and extras (approx. $106 for all 3 services) to $146.00. Of course, I was told I heard wrong. I say listen to the recorded phone call and then tell me I heard wrong. Biggest mistake of my life was switching to CL.


MD July 11, 2013 at 10:54 pm

I have the same problem — Contacted DTV and well Century Link is billing more then DTV charged. Dealing with problem for 3 months CL sent my account to collections this month for my DTV service on the account created in error. DTV has been good to work with, but CL has the worst service I have ever experienced. I tried tonight to submit my written request for resolution and of course the customers My Account portal is not working again. It is fitting that CL portal for customers has several failures, yet your website for sales and potential customers is always operating. I would suggest CL concentrate on their existing customers as a priority, instead of making the non-existing customers priority. Companies succeed and grow by having satisfied customers; it’s a shame that some companies that monopolize the market profit just because they are the only option for the area. I wish I could be rid of this company forever, but it is my only option for Internet. In my opinion Century Link is the worst company out there.


Marguerite Bathalonjacques.bathalon June 26, 2013 at 10:24 am

It’s the third time in 3 months that I call Century Link about my phone cancellation.1st call April 2nd 2013 spoke with a certain Takeea to cancel my phone (I do that every 6 month because I’m a snow bird)for 12 years and I always do that.Miss Takeea gave me a confirmation # and she was cancelling it for the 12 of April 2013. Surprise the following month 29.63$ was gone from my Bank Account. Call back may the 28th.spoke with a certain Kara (very nice person)explain everything She check my account and realize that Miss Takeea had not cancel my phone for the 12 of April so miss Kara gave me a new confirmation # and She spoke with her supervisor and said that I will receive a check by mail for the error that miss Takeea made April the 2nd. starting April 12 till may the 28 .including all the excuses she could say.Surprise I receive my Bank statement and what a great surprise Century Link took another 29.63$ from my account. Was I mad. You bet. I call Centyry Link again Miss Holly answer me .I explain her again the story of my phone from the beginning and I ask her to transfer me to a Supervisor (HO HO) Miss Scottie answer me. Said I’m sorry. (easy)She said that they will send me 16.83$ I said that I want to have all the money they took from my bank account starting April the 12- until May the 29- 2013 .Miss Super Visor toll me that I never cancel my phone at the beginning of April. I toll her . Hey you say that I’m a liar. Excuse me but were do you think I took That Takeea name and confirmation #.She said she can put any money back in m back account they will send me a credit of 50.00$around July7th. to compensate for the trouble . I don’t want a credit I just want exactly the amount that they took from my bank account for no reason except they error that their employe made.


Bethany Elliott June 19, 2013 at 12:03 pm

To all who read the prevous 3 entries from me, sorry I know typing errors, and spelling is bad but when your in a hurry things happen. I acknowledged my mistakes, will they ?


Bethany Elliott June 19, 2013 at 11:53 am

So this is the ending of my story…. went home from work last night and the Century Link truck was in our driveway. Apparently he had been there for a little while and was wrapping up when I arrived. ( so much for the phone call prior to coming ) He did repalce a box which was supposed be done in the first place but had to omit one one the lines that connected down stairs but we told him it would be fine. I asked him if he was the same gentleman that was there back on the 13th and he said yes. I said to him, ” did you know that the work order was closed and noted as being done and completed from your visit last thursday ? ” He stated ” I dont know what the office does, I just do the jobs they tell me to.” This to me sounds like they old saying ” The right hand has no idea what the left one is doing.” This company needs a little reminder that without customers they do not get a paycheck. My hyusband and I are new to this area, we come from the east where people value their customers. We never heard of CenturyLink before but belive me we now know who they are and what thier businees practices are. They apparetly have no standards or morals. I may or may not place another complaint on this site depending if my dads account is not correctly charged. If they double bill him I will have to take this a step further and file a complaint with the Better Business Burea as well as the Stae House. Good luck to you all who continue doing business with these people. My husband and I will definetly not be choosing them when it comes time for us to obtain services for ourselves. We have only been here in Lewistown for about a year and a half but learned our first lesson on who to trust and who not to. Hopefully this is my last entry. Bethany Elliott Lewistown MT


Bethany Elliott June 18, 2013 at 5:44 pm

We’ll here we are agian … it’s 3:30 pm …I called to inquire where the tech was and was told by customer service XXXX ” Geeze this is odd it looks like the work order dosen’t start until 6pm tonight? ” let me transfer you to 800-573-1311 . The customer service rep on that number said sorry the tech is running late … it looks like there are 7 people in front of you so he won’t be there until probably 7pm or 8pm tonight. Also it looks like its the same ID tech number who was there on the original date of June 13th will be there. I AM SO MAD I CAN’T EVEN FINISH THIS COMPLAINT……………………………………………..


Bethany Elliott June 18, 2013 at 4:24 pm

I live with my elderly father here in Lewistown Montana. We woke up on Thursday June 13, 2013 to find no phone service. Long story short after talking with the rep on my cell phone for 1 hour & 37 minutes, going around the house upstairs and down, moving furniture and unpluging phone lines they decided the problem needed to be looked at by a technician. My father has had 6 minor strokes in the past 15 months and it is crucial that a land line is working in order to call 911 in my absents while I am at work. The tech showed up while I was at work and determined that a part needed to be ordered and he would be back on friday june 14th or early the following week to fix the broken box. ( We did speak by phone because 2 of our phone jacks were working ) The tech rigged up a wire connection from our kitchen box thru our dinning and thru or living room to the handicap phone by my dads chair. ( The phone wire crossed our hallway as well so it caused a tripping hazard for my dad ) After friday the 14th came and went and no show or call from the tech, my dad ask me to call on monday to check status to see when he was coming back with the part he talking about to fix our phone. ( I did forget to mention he told us it was going to cost $100 to repair because we did not opt for the insurance, we did agree that that would not be a problem ) On monday after calling and explaining the entire story I was told ” As far as we can see that issue has been resolved on the 13th and the issue has been closed ” Also my dads account was charged $85.00. Then I was told someone will be out to repair the problem on Tuesday the 18th before 8 PM. I asked what time was the start time for the tech and she did not answer me, I had to start guessing for example between 1 am – 8 pm , 2 am -8pm., 3am -8pm …. no help there. After voicing my dis-pleasure on how they treated my concerns as well as no comment on how this tech closed out a job as being completed with no plans on what so ever of returning and on top charging the $85.00 to my dads account I had had it. I called back and spoke to a supervisor ( at least that is what I was told ) and went thru the entire story again with her. She told me the $ 85.00 on the account would be adjusted to $ 0.00 and a different tech would be out on Tuesday June 18th, 2013 between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Well here it is 2:24pm and so far no show….and no phone call … I will give them the benifet of perhaps a busy day and they are running late…we will see….I will update this tomorrow….. Bethany Elliott Lewistown Montana


TJ's Marine June 11, 2013 at 9:08 pm

You pigs called me and offered me free long distance and said shut off my Sprint carrier and give me free long-distance through century link. Then you call back and said you could not give me free long-distance because I was not in the right zone and said that you would turn my long-distance back on with sprint. You turned it on and my caller ID has never worked since and our business cannot call our vendors because our phone comes up that our number is blocked we have called everybody at century link for the past month and nobody will fix our problem our business is losing money because we can’t make calls to vendors and customers because our caller ID does not work you him him you people screwed it up and now you won’t fix it. If it’s not fixed we are going to put a billboard up on her property on highway 35 telling everybody that goes up the highway that century link will not fix are:phone and that we are paying for a service that we do not get. You guys should get an award for being the worst company on planet Earth . TJ from TJ’s Marine


jim scarbrough June 4, 2013 at 8:55 pm

I don’t know anything about centurylink. I am an old attorney in NC. But on June 4 I just saw a commercial on the Discovery channel . I want someone to please forward my comment to the CEO whoever it is. Keep you ad agency . My lord, I just saw the best commercial on TV I can remember. And , by the way, make it easier for old far..s like me to talk to you man.


patricia lebeda May 20, 2013 at 9:09 pm

I became a customer of century link in April of 2009 when we purchased our house at 3692 briar run dr. Clermont fl. we never disconnected missed a payment or was late we paid mostly on either the day we received the bill or within a week so when you stopped having direct TV I think it was about a year and a half ago we called to cancel and go with the new company that you were affiliated with that is when your company told us about your own TV service called prism and she prided herself on the fact that they did not have contracts and that it was around $1800 to set up the equipment at a customers house so if we had any discrepancies regarding the bill at anytime to just call and they would keep us at our original charges.
so after we had prism for about a year they upped some of charges for services on the prism so I called and they lowered them back down to almost the same as we had before and said that if we had any other questions or if the next bill did not reflect the correct charges to call them back well it took a couple of months but finally they got the charges to what was agreed upon. then we decided to sell our house after our girls went off to college and my dad passed away and my sister moved to another state we didn’t want a big house anymore. when a couple came and looked at the house they submitted a bid we accepted and this all happened right around 2nd week of Feb. 2013 we called all the utilities when we got the closing date I gave them the new address to send last bill on the 6th of March. when I called century link to cancel service I first asked if they provided service at our new address they told me no so I had no choice but to cancel they told me that there may be a cancelation fee I asked why when you cannot provide service at my new house. they said because I was cancelling the contract I told them that we had had there service for over a year and that on top of that your company told me they had no contracts. your company told me on the phone that when I called and had all the charges adjusted a few months earlier that that was the same as starting a new contract I informed her that no one I mean no one said anything about any contract old, new or anything they just adjusted the bill and said that if I had any problems to give them a call back. so we moved and on or around april 17th we received at our new house the final bill and it was $436.32. well I almost fell over and my mouth did drop to the floor. so I called on the 17th and my husband talked to a matashia for almost an house she apologized and said no that they couldn’t charge us so she credited our account all the fees and taxes and told us that our final bill was going to be $115.88 we asked if we could pay it over the phone she said yes, we did and she gave us a conformation number and she thanked us for being a customer for so long and wished us a good day and we hung up;
we thought nothing more of it until today 5/20/13 we get something in the mail from your company and it is a bill for 162.98. not understand why we got this I called and spoke with and Anthony and he informed me after a long time waiting for him to investigate the bill that the charges stemmed from an old bill that we never paid back in feb of 2013 we pulled our records and said we had and this we argued over for about 15 min when I told him he had permission to talk to my husband Tim. when Tim gets on the phone Anthony argues with him about this unpaid bill and that he was sorry but whatever this Matashia had told us was wrong and that we still had a balance so my husband after an hour and a half of this Anthony calling your company incompetent because Matashia who represented Century link when we finalized the bill and paid it was wrong , and after calling my husband and I of incapable of keeping accurate records of what and when we paid our bill (which by the way we have every month since October of 2012 till now). then he changed his tune to well it was no longer an unpaid month that the charges were for because our paperwork said nothing about any unpaid bill just a lot of cancellation charges and taxes and late fees and so on. well he now started saying that it was a cancellation fee. after arguing with us for well over an hour and a half it was something else. so now we feel like he is saying something else cause he cant prove his first theory. when the whole argument was us telling him that it was cancellation fees.
he finally puts on a supervisor her name was Angel and she informed us that what we were told from the previous months conversation with Matashia was wrong and that when she put in the system the credits that she put them through as a request and that it was not a for sure thing. we informed Angel that we were not told that and that when she took our payment she gave us a conformation # which is 44657886. we asked Angel if she wanted this number she said no. she said that the charges that were credited were submitted for consideration and denied that is why we got another bill. then she went one step further and told us that they went ahead and credited our prism fees but not the phone or the internet. that baffled us even more because we had had those services for almost 4 years with never changing anything so how come we were charged a fee for them.
what this all boils down to is we don’t understand how your company can do one thing then come back and say (oh we are sorry you were told wrong) and say something totally different and expect customers to say oh no problem. when we paid our bill we took it upon good faith that this person who represents Century Link knew what they were doing and that we settled what ever debt that was owed and we paid it. then your company comes back and says OH SORRY our company was wrong pay up or we will turn you into collections which by the way I have very good credit because I pay my bills. this is wrong and this is why I am writing this in hopes that you understand what we are trying to say. if we owed this we would pay it. so our first question is if you cant provide us with service at our new home then why charge us to cancel service and second when your company does one thing how can someone else come along say I’m sorry and change it
thank you for taking time to read this and I hope to hear from someone soon
Patricia Lebeda
6887 W. Country Club Ln
Sarasota Fl. 34243


Glenn Uecker May 7, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Ms. Karen A. Puckett, COO
Thank you for taking time to read this email (oh no, another b****ing email), well, somewhat. On May 7, 2013, there was a nation wide CenturyLink outage. I had no internet or television service for over 6 hours. I tried calling the numbers on my paper bill. No luck on reacing any of the numbers. I finally was able to connect on the internet shortly before 10:30 A.M.(PDT). I logged into the internet going to the CenturyLink site. No mention of the outage. I have discovered 2 things with CenturyLink.
1. Customer Service leaves alot to be desired (no live persons, numbers, no information) about any service disruptions.
2. Would be nice if CenturyLInk would spend a small amount of dollars on Customer Service training (including Managers and Reps.) instead of all the money on TV adversting.
I hope that I haven’t made a huge mistake by leaving COX.
Thank you for your busy time.


DBenicki July 2, 2013 at 4:45 pm

Don’t feel bad. My phone and internet were out for 9 days. It took a phone call every day, a different technician every day, and finally 1-1/2 hours yelling to the poor girl who was unlucky enough to get my call. Finally got resolution and a credit, but it wasn’t worth it. You definitely made a huge mistake by leaving COX, as I did too. Even though they are anything but truthful, at least the internet connection was 10X better (at a higher cost of course).


Lynn May 2, 2013 at 1:55 am

I do hope someone in corporate reads this. I really don’t know how you are allowed to stay in business. Your service is horrible I have had nothing but trouble and aggravation since I signed the contract on August 25, 2012. I can’t wait for August 25th 2013 !!!!
I will expect someone from your company at my door first thing that morning to remove your equiptment.
Gift cards were promised upon the signing of the contract and I’m still waiting for one,It is now May 1,2013!!!!!!
Please do not email me, call me or write me ,you are not a reliable establishment and I really don’t care to hear anymore excuses!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for you to go OUT OF BUSINESS!


DBenicki July 2, 2013 at 4:48 pm

I agree with you. So…..you are saying I probably will never get the gift card that was promised. I figured that. I am not contracted to stay with them for any length of time, so I will probably be cancelling my service very soon. Not an honest company. I feel sorry for their poor Customer Service people who get the brunt of all the angry calls. They are trained to give a rehearsed reply to everyone. How sad!!!


jeanette April 16, 2013 at 11:07 pm

Your brilliant people connected my phone to MY NEIGHBORS apartment. NEED I SAY MORE — oh wait, now they are trying to bill me for it too. It took a MONTH to get my line installed and then about 4-5 days after it was installed I got a bill for $126 and a disconnect notice. Again, on the neighbors phone. Maybe you should hire some people who speak English. Also, I am about to pay that $126.00 bill because I now owe two months because you were sending the bill to the wrong address – Well, I am not late but was told by Jared your call center supervisor in billing that I had to pay it BEFORE I could get the credit of $45.00 for the connection fees that they should’ve waived SINCE I DON’T LIVE AT THE OTHER ADDRESS. Sit back and notice there are nothing but COMPLAINTS from your customers on this page. You suck. The minute I can escape being held over a barrel by you I WILL.


Kellie Selkirk April 25, 2013 at 12:58 pm

To: Glen Post, R. Stewart Ewing Jr., and Karen Puckett

I am writing to inform the executives of this company how unprofessional and confused this company is from a customer’s perspective. I started calling your company the beginning of February 2013 to obtain your services. Your customer service agents made it near impossible to get the Internet hooked up, I talk to a supervisor named Sylvia she told me it was going to be $43 a month Even though the advertised price was $29.99 a month. Finally after about the seventh time trying to get a hold of someone that would give me the same price twice I finally talk to someone that was going to give me the $29 a month rate. They talked me into buying the modem because it would save me in the long run. I have found my old router and DO NOT NEED THE $99 ONE THAT THEY SENT THAT HAS NOT BEEN USED. I called today to see how to return it and Scott told me that I could not get reimbursed for it. I can send it back to them but I probably will not see a credit on my acct.

I have a laundry list of complaints with this company!
**Said I would have 10mb, only have 1.5mb. That’s a huge difference, and I pay the same price as if it were 10mb. I can’t even watch a YouTube video let alone Netflix.
**My husband took a day off of work to be here for them to connect and NO ONE SHOWED UP OR CALLED!
**The service guy didn’t feel like going under the house to put the telephone wire in properly, so he had me close it in a window, and their is about 500 foot of wire laying on the ground all the way to my house.
**When I try to reach customer Service half the time they tell me I don’t have an acct, when clearly I do. I hear your merging with another company, maybe that’s the communication break down. You should put that at the top of your to do list before you lose A LOT OF CUSTOMERS!

If I cannot return this brand new modem, I will not remain your customer.
Please let me know what you decide. I’ve been entirely too stressed out by your company, and will not deal with any more from Centurylink.


Wayne Wood April 10, 2013 at 3:42 pm

CEO Glen F. Post III

Dear Sir,
My wife & I are retired and went south for the winter. We returned home for Christmas and while home we changed over from Cableone to Centurylink/Direct Tv bundle. It was setup as a bundle paid with a major credit card to make sure the bill was paid while we traveled. What a mistake and I will never recommend Centurylink/Direct Tv to anyone. Upon returning from AZ in March our internet was shutoff and we had a past due account. I tried calling Direct Tv and they said it was Century Links problem. When I called Century Link they said they could not talk to me because of the past due account. I had to pay before they would talk with me. And then the sent me back to Direct Tv this went on for 2-3 hours Century Link & Direct Tv pointing the blame at each other. With NO SOLUTION from either company I setup a second payment to solve the problem. We get our 3rd monthly bill and it included another late fee of $25.00. The Supervisor from Century Link said he would issue a credit for next month. What happened with customer service? And then when you confront the customer service they don’t care. Well I will spread the word for the customer service for both companies and show all my paper work to anyone wanting to see the proof to prove there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! And when my contract expires I will drop both companies.
Wayne Wood
Lewiston, Idaho


GERARDO P March 7, 2013 at 9:14 am

I had your service going on 3 years to this, day Iv had nothing but trouble. With freezing and along with the internet last week I had someone out to fix the problem but guess what it never happened. So that’s why I’m wring this to you. 2 days ago my my husband was watching TV but the freezing of the tv was really bad that day my husband went out side with the dog and just stepped in to see if the tv was back on when he went out back no more then 2 minutes
my 2 month old puppy Disney fell into the pool,there is a lot of blame that can be tossed about but the bottom line is that if the TV was working right He wouldn’t have been checking the TV in the first place.
I’m leaving this message because I’m the one who had to tell my 10 year old that her puppy wasn’t with us anymore. I’m paying for service that I’m not not getting and have lost something very dear to my daughter and me.


Diane Lee February 7, 2013 at 2:21 pm

We have had a big problem with your automatic billing system. For almost four years, we have had an automatic payment on our American Visa account for your services. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, this was halted at the end of 2012. Because we are Canadians, our bill goes to our Canadian address, but is for our telephone, internet and TV at our winter home in Arizona. I have been trying to correct the situation, but have only had limited success with your people. Nobody seems to be able to do anything! One supervisor told me that there was nothing he could do. I can’t pay online or by phone because the so called “automated system” won’t accept payment. I’ve had conflicting stories from your people, and conflicting messages on my computer. It is completely frustrating! We also had the most frustrating time getting our services put back on in November, when we came back to our winter home. Although I’d phoned a week and a half before our return, when we got here, there was nothing done. We waited 3 days to have the situation rectified. It was unbelievable! I think that CenturyLink is about the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with !


Jeffrey A. Weakley January 29, 2013 at 11:27 pm

CEO Glen F. Post III


There is a programing problem with your computer billing system. I tried to inform the folks at customer service (Chris Wells, Jason – eService Supervisor, and Sue B.) but I have been given the run around. See Case # 11829702. These people don’t seem to want to fix this problem. It seems to me that this problem could be easily fixed but these people refuse to put me in contact with the person in your company who can get this problem fixed. In short, they don’t seem to care or they are of the “That’s not my job” mindset. I don’t care who fixes the problem, as long as it gets fixed. And I don’t appreciate the games these three have played with me by refusing to put me in contact with their boss or the person who can fix this programming problem.

Jeffrey A. Weakley


Rodrigo Rau Mora January 5, 2013 at 6:02 pm

Dear Mr. Glen F. Post III/ CEO,
I am writing you because I tried to contract your services when I returned from completing an International Relations MA in Spain. I will also graduate with an MA in Sociology from New Mexico State University in May 2013. When I called the 800 number I spoke to a charming young lady who proceeded to tell me that she could not help because I had an outstanding balance with your company. I asked her who you were as I have never held any contract with Century Link and she proceeded to remind me that your company is Qwest.
That being said, I check my credit report every year and as a graduate student my credit is very important and saw that I was sent to collections but did not know by whom. I also noticed that Qwest had done a check on my credit. I came to find out that your company sent me to collections for a small sum of money. It probably costs more to send me to collections than to have simply contacted me before. In addition, I find it very unethical for me to try and establish service with your company and all I am told is that I owe a past due amount and not reveal that I was sent to collections.
I am contacting you directly, quasi-direct, through this form but do have your mailing address. You have always had an email address for me and did not use it while I was in Spain to advise me of this collections action. I would like to settle my account as I always paid and did not have any long standing delinquencies otherwise I would not have had Qwest service for almost 7 years. I am sure you can understand the life of a graduate student especially when in a foreign country. I depend on the support of my school, community, and government in order to succeed. I am asking for your support in removing this collection from my credit report so that I may reconcile the account that is a little over $150.
I am still amazed that I would be sent to collections and not be advised by your representative for what amounts to a sum of less that $200. I believe you have a commitment to the communities you serve and it is through that commitment to excellence, and in fairness to me, that I am asking you to allow me to pay the amount with the collection removed from my credit report so that I may deal directly with your company.
I hope that you are able to fix this small error that reflects a huge error on my credit history.
Please fell free to contact me at 575-993-XXXXX or at mora.rodrigo9@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Thank you for your valuable time and consideration,
Rodrigo Rau Mora
Phi Kappa Phi
New Mexico State University
765 Williams Ln. Apt 216
Las Cruces, NM. 88005


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