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AMC Entertainment
11500 Ash Street
Leawood, Kansas 66211

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Phone Number: (913) 213-2000
Fax Number: (302) 655-5049
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AMC Theatres Facts

Founder: Maurice, Edward and Barney Dubinksy
Date Founded: 1920
Founding Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Number of Employees: 34000

AMC Theatres Executives

CEO: Adam Aron
CFO: Craig R. Ramsey
COO: John McDonald

AMC Theatres History

amc 1


Maurice, Edward and Barney Dubinksy founded AMC Theaters in 1920 when they purchased the Regent Theater in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

The name of the company changed to Durwood Theaters and later American Multi-Cinema, Inc. when Edward’s son, Stanley, took over the business in 1961.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by ORLIN WAGNER/AP/REX/Shutterstock (5768491a) People enter AMC's Studio 30 theater AMC Theatres Odeon and UCI, Olathe, Kansas, USA - 11 May 2005 AMC Theatres is buying European movie theater operator Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group in a deal valued at about 921 million pounds ($1.21 billion). AMC says, Tuesday, July 12, 2016,  that the transaction will make it the biggest movie theater operator in the world. Odeon & UCI has 242 theaters in Europe. The deal will give AMC a total of 627 theaters in eight countries.

Stanley realized he could run more than one movie at a time with the same amount of staff, and after slow expansion to two, four, and then six screens, AMC opened America’s first megaplex in 1995. amc 4

AMC grew and expanded to have megaplex theaters all over the world, including Portugal and the U.K.

The company introduced stadium-style seating, in which the seats are placed on risers so that each person has an unobstructed view of the screen. Many of these seats have adjustable armrests that can be raised to create “Love Seat” style seating. Both of these features have become standard for nearly all movie theaters built today by all major chains. amc 3

In 2012 the Dalian Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate, purchased AMC for $2.6 billion. The deal included AMC’s 5,048 screens in 347 U.S. and Canadian theaters, as well as theaters in France, the U.K., and Hong Kong.

In several areas, the company has introduced in-house dining, called Fork and Screen. Customers can order full meals, including alcoholic beverages. These theaters offer reserved seating, as well as a “call” button, which summons a server.

Today AMC Theaters has the second-largest share of the American market. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: AMC. amc-theater-header

In 2016, the company acquired Carmike Cinemas for $1.1 billion. This makes AMC Theaters the largest theater chain in the US.

AMC Theaters employs more than 34,000 persons in the US alone. In 2016, the company reported annual revenue of $3.235 billion. Headquarters for the company are located in Leawood, Kansas. amc 5

AMC Theatres FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for AMC Theatres?
Answer 1: The phone number for AMC Theatres is (913) 213-2000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of AMC Theatres?
Answer 2: The CEO of AMC Theatres is Adam Aron.

Question 3: Who founded AMC Theatres?
Answer 3: AMC Theatres was founded by Maurice, Edward and Barney Dubinksy in 1920.

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Del Moody November 8, 2019 at 10:48 am

Hello, Director of Food Safety Training/HR AMC Theatres..
My name is Del with StateFoodSafety.
Keeping track of food safety training requirements and the related health department standards can be a daunting task. With each state having different regulations it’s important to have a training provider that is familiar with all the ramifications of Food Safety Training.
We have designed a program that will help with this challenge.
We specialize in regulatory compliance and have worked hard to ensure that our training and certification meets government requirements. As a result, we are approved in more locations than any other provider.
Here is how it works! We will send you a file that will interface with your LMS for easy access to our training courses. If you are not currently using an LMS we will design a portal for your employees for easy access. It would have a new URL so your employees can use it to bring up our courses. There will be drop downs designed to allow employees to indicate their location throughout the U.S. This will allow you to monitor all training from one location. You will have built-in APPS that will allow you to make reports and even print of certificates if they are misplaced or lost.
Because of the volume you would generate, you will receive a minimum of a 20% discount from our online pricing. Other pricing options are available, as well as a subscription model, that would reduce pricing substantially. With this plan, each of AMC Theater’s 5,048 screens would pay a slight monthly fee for unlimited usage of our courses.
We offer the following ANSI accredited training for food handlers.
Available in 8 languages
30-75 minutes (depending on state and local requirements)
98% pass rate
Please contact me if you have questions related to this email message.
Please call 385-325-2446 or email dmoody@
Best regards, Del


Andrew Watts October 21, 2019 at 4:48 pm

I have been a Stubs member since 2012 and had over $100 in gift cards on my app (WHICH AMC HEAVILY PROMOTED!), I went to review my account yesterday and all of my gift cards are gone with the exception of one for .68! Of course, I have been transferred to five different departments, explained the situation countless times and NOBODY can “figure out” what happened….. I actually drive by a new B&B Theater in Liberty (2 miles away) to go to AMC that is 15 miles away. If this situation is not resolved I will NEVER step foot in an AMC again.


Michael Kroloff October 5, 2019 at 4:03 pm

I had an incident online when ordering tickets which was the fault of AMC which wouldn’t take responsibility for their mistake. I am a very good customer and was going to complain but after reading about all of the complaints ranging from racism to threatening customers, their reputation is well deserved. To lose a great customer over a few dollars is so stupid these days. DO NOT SPEND A PENNY WITH THIS RIDICULOUS COMPANY!


Debora Cru September 22, 2019 at 1:10 pm

On 9/20/19 at about 3:00pm I entered the AMC 20 at Jersey Gardens to use the bathroom. Upon my entering the theater the ticket clerk yelled something across the lobby at me. I told him that I was just using the bathroom and he pointed to the direction of the bathroom. I proceeded to use the facilities. I heard over the loud speaker a manger being asked to come to the front. But never thought it was for me. Upon leaving there was a short over weight African American man waiting directly outside of the bathroom. He immediately began to state loudly where others can hear that ” I told you before about coming in here”. I informed him that he was confusing me with someone else and that I have never been in the theater before, but he was insistent that I did the same thing before. While walking towards the exit this person who never introduced himself as a manager, nor did he mention the theater policy that the public is not allowed to use the facilities. Subsequently, he went on to say “You are an unwelcome and he will have me arrested the next time he sees me.” I asked him why was he being so rude and loud causing attention to be drawn to us. As I left the theater and outside of the building this person came out behind me yelling he hopes I washed my hands and that he” can’t stand Black people and yeah I said it, what you gonna do” well such a statement coming from a African American himself left me concerned that he would bring up race which was inappropriate and do it outside of the building or at all, especially where there were other people walking by and looking, while flaring his arms in the air. I was confused as to why he wanted to cause a scene. I felt harassed and feared that this person would go beyond his verbal attack to physically attacking me. I said nothing in response, but kept walking as not to agitate the situation. What if I was another race would he also say something like that especially in a time that racism is a very sensitive topic. Your employees behavior and lack of professionalism is not a positive represention of your company. I am sure this is not the first time this person has abused his authority in working with the public. He needs managerial training, cultural sensitivity training, solution resolution training and a big dose of change in attitude.


Peter D September 26, 2019 at 4:49 pm

Politics again
The word Racist is serious and it is used so frequently now by people who play victim and don’t take any responsibility that it has been “watered” down
ive never seen any discrimination in all the AMC theaters and with Political correctness on high alert no employees would last a minute if they had an attitude
Companies can no longer take chances and its sad phonies are taking advantage of it


Susan September 19, 2019 at 10:04 pm

I have an AMC gift card and was told that it is out dated.
How do I reactivate it so I can use it?
The Number is: 6006 4966 9506 9852 373
I do not have a pin number because it was a gift.
Thank you for your assistance,
Sue Botkin


Analia Almeida September 16, 2019 at 11:33 am

Yesterday Sunday 15 September I bought two tikets for my son and his friend at the window, The sale person did not ask me for ages but the tikets were for 12 years leave my son at the door and after an hour my son called me to tell me he was outside because they had been harassed and cast from the place for the personal movie, I went back to the cinema for them and talked to the person Superviser Virginia Allan who only told me that they were rules and that 2 children could not remain alone, I told him that it was not necessary to leave the children outside waiting at 7:30 Pm and that I really did not know that they had to be with an adult, the person had a racist attitude and lacked responsibility because if something bad happened to the children at the time I arrived.
I cannot believe that a company has racist people working in public only showing frustration and ruining a good moment of distraction for children. Despite my concern she never apologized and showed no interest in having placed children at risk of something happened to them. Very horrible human being, Thanks for you attention
Only people with children can understand the bad time we had.


Peter D September 26, 2019 at 4:56 pm

Politics again and again….
The word racist is so frequently used that its been watered down
With political correctness on high alert AMC and others couldn’t afford to higher anyone with an attitude
Most employees are very young and liberal and not racist
Ive never experienced anything similar to Racism in an AMC
But very much aware on how cowards play victim and used this to get free passes
Very sad its gotten this way
Its usually the ones accusing others that are actually what they claim others to be
Just follow all these racial accusations on here as complaints


LAURA A GIDDEON July 3, 2019 at 10:03 pm

Me and my family was harrassed and discriminated on and removed from the theater due to an error in there kiosk machine. No one asked questions the manager never came to see what the problem was. And they were very rude and unprofessional. They had my 4 year old daughter crying madd tears. And the manager finally was located and he was even ruder to me and my family. I reported this to the General manager Mike Hall. And he tried to offer free passes. No free passes will replace the humiliation and disgraceful behavior that me and my family had to endure. I want them all to be repreminded. What kind of circus is this. Discrimination is against the law let alone harrassment.


John Smith July 7, 2019 at 8:55 pm

Lets keep politics out of these complaints
No one discriminates for no reason to customers
This i s the second political complaint with the names of Managers who offended them
Stop being cowards and accuse AMC of discrimination and take responsibility when you make mistakes cause there are consequences


Peter D July 7, 2019 at 9:05 pm

Stop accusing AMC of discrimination and take responsibility for your actions
Sometimes the theaters are understaffed and overcrowded but the theaters I’ve been to are always professionally run


ROCHELLE HAINES July 1, 2019 at 3:11 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,

Why is it that we have to wait until last minute to find out what is playing at the AMC Marple 10 movies in Springfield, Pa. It is annoying and frustrating that we cannot plan ahead and get tickets ahead of time.

Please correct this!!!


David R June 25, 2019 at 1:05 am

I “am” or maybe now “was” a frequent customer at the AMC Palasades 21 in West Nyack New York.
I can see by most of the complaints on here that most AMC s all over have a problem with hiring good employees.
I understand its probably minimum wage job and most of the young workers live at home and this job keeps them busy in the summer and helps pay their cell phones.
However,the Palasades mall has many department stores and for most part theyre more diverse with young as well as older workers.
Most of Managers at this AMC are young and very rude and whoever is in charge is hiring incompetent workers.
Your theaters are great,seats perfect and concessions are usually fine but a better choice of employees would lower the amount of complaints on here.
Why doesnt the AMC here hire older people for p t work…especially managers?Im sure some that are retired would enjoy it.
I have some friends that refuse to go back but I live close but might change my mind on continuing to go


Darlene June 21, 2019 at 12:38 pm

The movie unplanned parenthood needs to be seen by everyone and watch a baby being pulled apart while alive and then murdered. The reality is it is not just about the unborn child but what it does to a woman physically, mentally, emotionally ad spiritually! If you are for abortions please watch this movie also listen to a Dr. Noreen Johnson that did abortions now she is supporting life not death. This movie should not be rated R, and no company should be canceling people just because their views are not ours. Give life not death to an unborn child!


Michael Thomas June 21, 2019 at 9:53 am

I’m a frequent attendee at AMC Phipps Plaza (usually twice a week) and I love the theatre, the seats, presentation, sound, screen size, cleanliness etc.
Occasionally my buddy and I “dine out” with your food service, ordering chicken tenders, fries, flatbread pizza and the like. You at corporate should be aware that service is often poor in this area from lazy or disinteresting staff. Last night, June 20 at the 7:00 show before CHILDS PLAY we made our order and the doofus preparing the meals (a tall guy with a big mop of curly hair) could not be bothered to get the order started, despite my asking him twice. And he was belligerent about it. We ended up waiting 15 minutes for our food. I’m a former exhibitor myself and I find this inexcusable and a reason to NOT order food. I imagine others have the same experience. Also you should know staff often doesn’t check to see if the order is paid for and I see people walking off with their food past the busy cashiers. I think AMC generally does a great job except for this blind spot caused by faulty management. I’m not asking for anything…I just wanted you to know for the health of the moviegoing experience, which I cherish.


Samantha Mitchell June 18, 2019 at 10:29 pm

I am writing you about the AMC 12 in New Smyrna Beach Florida. My son was employed there and he enjoyed his job. One afternoon he was going to clean a theater out and a customer was giving him a hard time about leaving the theater, The customer went as far as spitting on my son, My son did push the young man then called for asstance. The manager that was at work that night demanded that my son apologize to the customer or go home my son chose to go home, Because this customer spit on him and this is the worst thing that you can do to a human being, That night the manger chose money over human life because when that white man s[it on my son he was letting him know that his life did not matter to him. The manager said she would call my son to speak to him he never got a phone call and then he realized that he had been let go. The manger needs to apologize to my son and learn how her employees should be treated. I called the manger she said she could not discuss anything with me because I was not the employee. My son is only 18 and does not realize he was violated. That man could have had AIDS anything could have happen. And she could have called and told my son his service was no longer needed, NOTHING !

Thank you a concern mother;

Samantha Mitchell


SlickmanJoe June 20, 2019 at 10:14 am

Interesting you said “White man” spit on him
You didnt have to say that unless you were trying to be political
I made a complaint bout Milinials and management at an AMC but did not say black white or Hispanics
The AMC we went to was diverse in younger staff and management but please dont play identity politics on here
We go to movies to have fun and this is entertainment corp. listening to complaints and they do reply..but if youre going to use “White” man you should go on msnbc or cnn
Your son is a hardworking young man that was treated disrespectful ly by a customer..not a hardworking black kid treated poorly by a white man
If people want to complain please leave politics out of this


Connie patlan June 18, 2019 at 2:04 pm

On 6-15-19 I purchased a gift card for AMC not knowing that the theaters in Fresno California don’t honor them so one of the theaters told us that the nearest theater would be in Bakersfield ca that’s 100 plus miles to drive for the a movie I wish I would have known when I bought this 25 dollar gift card we were not going to be able to use it Walmart won’t giving me back my money cause you are vendors that go there to sell your cards I JUST WANT MY 25 DOLLARS BACK be cause you are the company name that’s on the card thank you I hope I get a response


SlickmanJoe June 15, 2019 at 3:03 pm

I went to this AMC theater in Palasades last week and the staff was mostly teens who didnt seem to want to be there and were not polite and paying more attention to their phones
The concessions were great seats comfortable and screen superb
Our seats were messy and the ir was no one at front deskbut a nice man in his 50s who worked there went out of hid way to help c lean it up before the show starteddesk
Please hire more competent employees
I noticed most of your complaints are bout young staffs attitudes
Sems management is way too lenient


Malcolm Wise June 12, 2019 at 4:17 pm

My wife, Kimberly, and I went to see a show on Saturday June 1, 2019. After she finished filling her soda she stepped off the 18″ x 24″ rubber-backed mat directly in front of the soda machine onto non-textured ceramic tile and slipped and fell pretty hard. She bruised her side pretty badly and in addition cracked the dentures she was wearing all the way through. Your employees were quick to replace her popcorn and we attended the show. Unfortunately, they didn’t ask us if we wanted to file any type of incident report. No manager came over and no incident report was taken.
As is the case in many such accidents, my wife did not feel the immediate consequences of her fall. That was Saturday afternoon. We were eating dinner before a meeting we normally attend the following Monday June 3, 2019 and during the dinner my wife started complaining of increasing pain in her back, shoulders and neck. So much so, we skipped the meeting and went to the emergency room at a local hospital. After several x-rays and consultation with medical staff, she was given medication to mitigate the pain and muscle spasms and we went home.
Both she and I have tried to contact the management staff at AMC Lynnhaven 18 located at 1001 Lynnhaven Mall Loop, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 with no success. She’s left 2-3 messages and no one has called her back.
I spoke with Errionne, a customer service representative, today asking for information on how to file a claim against the liability insurance for the theater. He took the information, said he would escalate it and I’d hear back from someone within the hour.
I just received an email acknowledging my call to Errionne that did not reflect what I told him accurately. That phone call information is Question Reference # 190612-002129. It states that I told Errionne that my wife had to be transported immediately to the hospital. That is incorrect. She went to the hospital emergency room 2 days after the incident as she didn’t feel the level of pain, other than what one might expect after taking such a hard fall, immediately.
If there is something else I need to do to facilitate resolving this situation please let me know. My contact information is listed above.
Thank you in advance for your time and attention this this matter. I look forward to hearing from someone at your earliest convenience.


Polly September 18, 2019 at 4:48 pm

I believe this involves a Federal law giving one 30 days to report the incident.
I would think that any manager, etc refusing to write it up just might have a government problem on his hands. P.


Dajonae Jackson June 8, 2019 at 2:59 pm

I received an email on jan 15, 2019 that my AMC A-list acct was cancelled and would not bill my card further. However I was continually billed. I found out my acct was not cancelled on april 31. I requested a refund and was told they would not refund my card although they see I had not used any A-list tickets during that time. I was told the email was sent by mistake so that makes the charges valid. I did not authorize any charges after jan 15 so the charges are not legal. I spoke with a manager named Don Telisha from customer service via telephone. This is making me never want to do business with AMC


Bridget A Youell June 5, 2019 at 3:52 pm

As for you wanting to move out of the state of Georgia, I have to say good bye to you. I as one of 26 other members of the family will not waist time and money on an company that puts out threats on the people you keep you in business. See we believe ALL LIFE is a LIVE. So abortion is murder and we do not approve of murder. So Hollywood and your company can go . If you as a human can just treat people like nothing then we will in return say so long.


rOBERT gARY May 28, 2019 at 1:59 pm

Why is it AMC SHIRLINGTON, Arlington Virginia (22206) always, repeat always slow in posting upcoming shows? Only AMC theater in state of Virginia that is LAX in publishing shows.

Maybe AMC Corporate should look into Management at AMC Shirlington (22206), to correct this continuing problem over the past two (2) years.


margaret kemp May 27, 2019 at 11:25 pm

I object to the system being used where a person has to choose a seat before being able to buy a ticket. nine times out of 10 there are 12 people in the movie what’s the rationale behind this silly system


JERRY RACHELS May 23, 2019 at 12:14 pm

I went to the amc theather located at the fountains ..10 Stafford texas,..on Wednesday may 22,019…I stood on line behind a young blackman who was where you buy the tickets,there was only one location to buy tickets and hes there discussing the work schedule for himself,…after having waited 10 minutes to try and purchase a ticket a spoke up and asked them,3 blackwomen and one white woman ,all of them young and belligerent, where I could buy a ticket,..then one girl next to the counter ,reluctenly said here,..i told her I wanted the movie john wick got a ticket for the 5 ocolock show ,..that was at 5:15 when I bought the ticket,,then I went and bought a coke and popcorn, went back to a blackgirl taking the tickets and asked where the movie was playing she told me and I went there and the movie time was for 4:30, ..I went back to the girl and told her after going down the hall and looking for the 5 oclock movie,..then I went to the other side and checked,..the movie there started at 3:00 no 5 oclock movie,..i asked the people at the counter where the movie was and they all ignored me,.there was a Mexican girl there by that time and I was getting very frustrated by every one don’t give a dam attitude,..i hollered over them wheres the 5 oclock movie and the smart ass Mexican said for me to lower my voice and never once told me where the movie was I told her I want to see the five oclock movie and while standing there I almost dropped my drink and popcorn,.then then Mexican women said don’t you theatren me,i said I have’nt yet and then she said to the blackgirl that sold me the ticket refund him his money and said to me get out your not going to see a movie here,..the black girl asked for my credit card and then handed me a piece of paper without telling me my ticket charge had been put back into my account,all this belligerent attitude from the blacks and the Mexican girl,..i called the police for theft of service, they never came,..i tried to get the peoples names ,the Mexican girl told them not to talk to me and no one did,..i left and will never go to one of your theathers again…I called the customer service number1-888-562-4262 and got another belligerent young black women when I told her about what happen she began to say she didn’t like me talking bad about her black race, instead of taking the complaint and giving it to supervision she refused to help me or get a supervisor or give me a phone number ,..just nothing but a bad attitude and left me on hold till I got fed up and finally hung up,…I will be so glade when you go out of business, and the low lifes that work for you, will be gone ,not to bother another decent person again…


ignorant people amaze me September 22, 2019 at 9:07 am

This comment proves how idiotic some people are. Pure racist and dumb. Does this person not even know how to write a sentence? Literally a huge run on sentence. LOL. What does the persons skin color have to do with the service you received? This amazed me, the sheer stupidity and ignorance contained in a single post. I’m sure this person makes below minimum wage as a doorknob cleaner. Get a life, loser! Stop judging people by their skin color.


Peter D September 29, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Stop assuming he is!


Maria Merrill May 19, 2019 at 10:28 am

Wow! I thought my bad experience was an isolated incident, even though my son had said this had happened to him before at that particular theatre, but I guess AMC customer service sucks the world over. Here is what happened to us.
big seat mess up
Review of AMC Mesa Grand 24
Reviewed 6 days ago
Took my family to see “What We Left Behind” a Star Trek Special event, with just one showing at 7:00 pm. Bought tickets on line with reserved seating. Got to the theater to find people in our seats. No biggie right? It happens, so we asked them to move and it turns out they too had reserved the same seats. Go out to the customer service to try to figure it out and the line is huge. Seats had been double and even triple booked. Someone had decided to switch the theater without troubling to check out the seat situation, or at least that is what seems to have happened. The poor people at the customer service got yelled at so much. My son was incensed; he told us he had had it with that theater since this was the third time this had happened to him. He stormed out. My daughter with my little grandson, who was upset because he could not see the movie, first time ever to a movie theater, he is only two, was pretty incensed herself to say nothing of my husband. We had made a special effort to go out as a family for this special event and it was all for naught. We did not, and really could not, be scattered all over the theater, so I asked for my money back. At first I was told they could not do that, they would give me a pass of a gift card, I said no since I had no intention of going back there again. It does not pay to have a beautiful locale if the people managing it are incompetent.


Steve Samuel April 30, 2019 at 2:44 pm

I went to the theater 19919 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Mesquite, TX 75149. It says it is a Dine In ,I went with my son at 7:15 PM plenty of time for the movie to start at 8:00 PM I had to wait and had to call the person behind the counter and ordered food ( chicken Tenders and chicken Wings 2 waters), I asked the person behind the counter to bring the food over to us as the movie was starting yes that is how long I had to wait , I was told they dont bring over the food to us It would take 25 minutes to get the food ready and that I had to come pick up the food , which I thought was not right as I go to other movie theaters and get that service ( DINE IN).
I spent $100.00 dollars for the full experience of lousey service .
This is not a place to go if you want to go on a date or spend quality time with your kids to enjoy an movie and dine at the same time .
I will never go to that theater ever.


Cheryl April 28, 2019 at 8:03 pm

Went to AMC on Catasauqua Rd Bethlehem Pa. on 4/28 11AM. Trash bins outside theatre were over flowing with trash from night before. Ladies room disgusting. Toilet paper on floor, trash over flowing leaving trash all over floor. Paper towels on sink counter all wet an unusable. Horrifying experience which makes me ask how clean is food area Yuck. Lost a customer.


Harlan Greenstein April 15, 2019 at 2:46 pm

On Thursday April 25, fans can be among the first to experience MARVEL STUDIOS AVENGERS: ENDGAME at Opening Night Fan Events. In addition to seeing the film one hour early, fans attending will receive a collectible coin, and be given a special event only concession offer.
..none listed so we went with 7pm opening night . ?but the there was no 05:00pm showtime available ….not even listed only 7 and 9 for Apr 25, 2019


Joan March 19, 2019 at 12:49 pm

Praise to AMC Corporate Office:

I am retracting my comment about AMC.

I sent my complaint to the Corporate Office and they responded. The sent me new gift card plus 2 vouchers for movies. They were quick to respond to my complaint and I admit after reading all the bad reviews on them, I didn’t expect to hear back.

Thank you AMC for taking my complaint serious enough to respond. I will be telling others about my positive experience with you.

Joan LoGreco


Joan March 7, 2019 at 3:30 pm

No shock in reading all the negative comments on AMC. I have switched to Harkins… they are clean, personnel friendly and actually know what they are doing. Sad for employees at AMC but I would like to see them shut down.

Worst movie experience I have had in long time and the only reason I went was they were playing a movie time I wanted to see movie. Never again.

Their popcorn sucks, their services sucks and they have poorly run corporation.


linda sanders March 4, 2019 at 10:22 am

Good morning!
On Saturday March 2, 2019 my two sisters and my granddaughter went to Studio 30 on Dunvalle St Houston, Texas 77063. This was suppose to be a great experience but ended up being the worst.
My sister fell injuring her knees as she begin to enter the walk space to our seats which I did not know this when I entered the theatre. I saw napkins and cup on floor and seat but I just thought someone dropped it. As I walked to go to my seats I fell injuring my knee. There was no warning to watch your step. But what was the most shocking, No one came to help. Surely there are cameras where employees can see what’s happening. Not even other movie goers tried to help.
Surely we’re not the only ones this has happened to.


JAY B stammerjohan February 23, 2019 at 1:10 pm

dear amc as a person who has seen manly movies i am in shock as one time when we saw a movie early in the morning the price was low under 7.00 per ticket now some of the theaters only show the movie 4 times a day at higher prices plus your application to apply for work seem not to take the itams right as a person who has filled out the applications and wishes to work at amc some one with retail and customer skills with a handacappled which still can left and carry 50lbs to the trash and is unable to work at the food conter or sell tickets cant get the job at the santa moncia or the del ray theater can we answer thank you JAY


a seith January 15, 2019 at 11:21 am

First issue: why am I unable to reach Customer Service in this large corporation dealing with the public!

My complaint-
You web developers created an access problem in the latest update. I am a STUBS member and get my tickets online. I want confirmation TEXTED to my cell. Every time I buy tickets since the latest update (around Dec), as I enter my number to receive the text, the screen IMMEDIATELY jumps to a message saying my confirmation has been emailed to me.
The emails are often delayed, but more importantly, I’m often at a location with no WIFI. Text messages always go through and that is my preferred access.


a seith January 15, 2019 at 11:29 am

Just looking over other people’s comments– there are NO REPLIES?????
This is an all time low in Customer Service!


Rolando D. Barajas September 26, 2018 at 10:02 pm

My name is Rolando Barajas I am a SAG-AFTRA member and I am on the 25th Annual
Theatrical Motion Picture Nominating Committee my member # 10089377. Your AMC theaters were listed as theaters to see listed motion pictures, now I live in Las Vegas NV.
there are Amc theaters near me of witch I have gone to see 4 motion pictures at the local AMC. I had no problem receiving my two comp tickets until my last visit none of the managers new what to do they said this had never come up to them before although as I pointed out to them I had been there 4 other times. So my question is this can you send me an e-mail that I can print out and take with to show them it’s o.k. to comp me if you could do so this would cut out a lot of miss spent time, I think you if you could do so.


LINDA S FEIGES August 2, 2018 at 12:54 am



LINDA S FEIGES August 2, 2018 at 12:53 am

One week ago my husband, daughter and I drove 20 minutes to your AMC Owings Mills, MD theater to see Mama Mia. First, we had to sit through over 30 minutes of commercials and coming attractions. Then we started to see the movie. Exactly 55 minutes into the movie, we saw a white light flashing, finally a low voice advised everyone to exit the building because there was a fire. We went outside. THERE WAS NO FIRE. It seems the “Ravens” wanted to have the entire theater cleared out because they wanted to see a movie. A police car, and 2 ambulances arrived. The employees stayed inside the locked building. ( hmmm very odd if there was a fired ). We went home. We wanted to see the second half of the movie. So, very disappointed, we drove 20 minutes back home. after spending a whopping $10.25 for each ticket. I have called the theater 4 times, no one calls me back ! Is this anyway to treat customers ???? We wanted a refund in the form of a check, and some free tickets. We got nothing !!! I really hope someone from Corporate helps us out with this. This treatment is NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!


Krista July 2, 2018 at 8:57 am

We had 2 tickets for a show that we were unable to attend. A day later we went to the AMC theater in Hickory, NC and spoke to the manager, Mrs. Franklin and ask her for a pass for a different date. She replied that she cannot do anything about it, because on the back of the ticket states that there are “no refunds” after the show has started. I explained to her the difference between refunds and exchanges, but she persisted that she cannot give me either, because it is AMC policy. Then I asked her, if it were company policy why AMC gives you with passes?

My honest feeling is that Mrs. Franklin and other managers are keeping the AMC passes for her friends and relatives, not for the customers who deserve them whenerver they miss a show or have to leave the theater on an emergency. “No refund after the movie has begun, but you can get a pass for future shows as long as the ticket is uncut or on an emergency leave 30 minutes before the movie has ended”. Just like other theaters do.

Another issue is that temperature in each theater should be regulated properly, because one freezes during the summer while wearing light clothing.

Thank you.


Larry June 7, 2018 at 4:05 pm

At approximately 10:00 this morning a I reviewed your web site for the movie “The Rider” which showed it on at Studio 30 in Olathe at 1:40. We drove some distance to studio 30 only to discover it wasn’t on. Can you explain?


Marie May 2, 2018 at 7:29 pm

Wow I’ve been reading notes for the past hour I can’t find one that’s any good mine seems so trivial compared to some of these. No one at our AMC 20 in Fort Wayne Indiana will answer the phone they start out by saying due to high call volume but that’s not true at all they told me at the theater they’re not allowed to tell what’s movies are on at the theatre,you have nothing outside that tells what movies are playing when you’re inside if they don’t tell you what theater number you no idea where to go because there’s no names outside each theater. Yesterday Tuesday five dollar day they weren’t even open I just had a piece of paper due to a technicality we’re close today trying to call this morning to go see my movie no one will answer but then now I’m told that they don’t answer by the employees have finally got into my theater I’ve never seen such filth the doors were sticky the seats were sticky all of the seats had empty pop containers in the seats the floors were sticky popcorn everywhere it was just me and two of the people in the theater so it had been along time since stuff had been picked up. I tried to call corporate I got nowhere and then when I read all of these reviews like I said mine is nothing compared to some of them it’s really sad but I Don’t think you care !


Stukes February 21, 2018 at 1:33 pm

Why would the AMC @ Webb Ginn Dine-in, post that a couple of early shows were sold out, but as we viewed the Black Panther Movie there were only 8 paying patrons in the entire place! WHY???? AMC can you answer this question???


Thomas February 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm

please send phone# for your amc thearter on Barrington rd. in Schaumburg ill or Barrington ill


Ladyvee February 13, 2018 at 3:35 pm

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to further complain about an incident that occurred at your AMC Livonia location on 2/7/18 @ 6:45pm. I am a Stubs cardholder and I attempted to see a special screening of Game Night. Upon arriving, I presented the barcode on my cellphone. The Caucasian heavy set male who appeared to be around the age of his mid 20’s, who was at the window was VERY rude as the tickets was not in my name but I presented my stubs card. The employee was extremely dismissive toward me in being verbally RUDE and moving his arms to shuffle me away as if I did not matter. He talked to me very disrespectful and told me to move to the side as he had other people he was going to wait on. I requested to purchase tickets for another movie showing at that time. He stated he didn’t have time to wait on me for what movie I wanted to see and again moved his arm in a direction of shuffling me to the side. He made me and my man feel so disrespected that we requested to see a manager. This incident occurred in front of several other customers waiting in line. He was extremely verbally dismissive of that as well. I have never experienced such a rude individual in customer service. This man needs to be terminated as he is not represented your organization in an appropriate manner. We then talked with a African American female manager who was informed of the entire incident. She stated that she would talk with him. Also, as we approached her she was finishing with three ladies that was also complaining about how RUDE this employee was. I requested the name of the employee to write in on him and the manager refused to provide his name and stated the form was just going to come to her & her boss. Also while finishing our compliant another customer told the manager how RUDE he was. This made me feel like NOTHING is going to be done. The manager was very nonchalant in her receiving of the information. I TRULY hope that this employee is addressed and terminated. I am so Disgusted with my experience at this location. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE


Steve Thompson February 8, 2018 at 9:23 pm

I’m a member of SXXXXbugs, a Volkswagen club in Columbus Georgia. We are making preparations for our car show Bugs on the Hooch 2018. We are also promoting Military Appreciation. We are putting together 100 goodie bags for Military Personnel at our show. We are hoping AMC will join us in doing something special for our service members. We were hoping AMC would donate free movie passes for our military. Thank you for your consideration!


Ruth David November 11, 2017 at 4:29 pm

Sir/Madam. I live in Lawton, Ok. Sometime ago, we got this wonderful, new Patriot theater with IMAX. Such a great addition to our community. However, since AMC has taken it over, it gets more trashier by the days. I don’t know if the new manager is just highly incompetent or just constrained by orders from higher up, I just know it is awful both inside and out, just filthy. No fault of what few workers there are; they are making herculean efforts to keep the theater going. But if the intent is to make it so bad, it will slide into third rate status, the intent is certainly headed for success.
Such an awful shame.
If it is just poor management, could you please send someone to check on it and maybe bring it back to better standards.


Patricia Ralko October 23, 2017 at 9:21 am

Last Friday evening my friend and I “tried” to see a movie at AMC 20 in Livonia, MI. There was one very long line and only two employees working at the windows. The line was not moving! I went inside to the desk to ask why there were only 2 employees working. I was told, “That is all corporate headquarters will allow us to have working”. Upon returning to my friend, who was not standing in line any longer, I learned from her that 5 couples had already left the theater due to the very long, stand still line. So calculating those 10 people along with my friend and I, AMC 20 lost approximately $255. in revenue between the sale of the tickets along with concession stand items. If AMC 20 does not change their way of managing a business, I predict that you will be out of business within one year!!


Nadine October 16, 2017 at 11:08 am

OMG. the prices are just horrible. I don’t understand why the prices can not be at a normal price. I have not been to a movie in years and this is why. for me and my daughter spent 40.00 really omg. have a heart .. for a pretzel 5:00 really.
this is why I don’t go to the movies. then years ago you had to pay for the rewards 10.00 now its free. I lost all my rewards..
Have a heart and stop with the high prices


Mrs. Hunter September 27, 2017 at 2:02 pm

I am a mother of 6, I work at a Local High School in New Orleans, I have scheduled Field Trips at AMC Elmwood Theatre and I am a Premier Stubs card holder. My son is a black male. My son invited some of his friends to join him at the Elmwood AMC movie theatre to view IT. (2 white girls, 1 white boy and 2 black boys)I was the chaperone. I paid for the tickets and they all proceeded to enter the theatre while I waited for the last child. The 3 white friends tickets were taken by the white ticket taker who I would later find out her name is Linda and they proceeded to concessions. My son and his black friend were denied access and was told they needed an adult. so they came back outside. I asked them why are they not inside, they both said because we were told we could not come in without an adult. I was not surprised because they were not 17 years of age and it was an R rated movie and I was outside, however I was surprised the 3 white friends all under the age of 15 were not stopped. I’m not someone who pull the race card, however I found this strange that 5 kids go in together, 3 are let in who just so happen are white and 2 are not let in who just so happen are black, so I asked my daughter, who is also black and 5 ft 8 to see if Ms. Linda would let her in(people often mistake her for older because of her height). I was still outside and turned around so I could observe. My daughter came back outside and said she was not allowed in. I feel my suspicions were confirmed because what other reason would 3 out of 6 people be turned away who were all together? I approached Ms. Linda and asked her to please explain to me why the 3 white kids were let into the movie theatre and the 2 black boys and my black daughter were turned away? Ms. Linda began to stutter and stated she asked the 3 white kids who they were with because she saw white adults ahead of them. I told Ms. Linda she was lying because all 5 of the kids were together and she let the 3 white kids in and turned the black kids around. I became really upset at this time that she would lie on these kids so I called the 3 white kids and asked them to come back and in the meantime I told Ms. Linda I needed to see the manager. Ms. Linda continued to collect tickets so I proceeded to the customer service desk and asked to speak with the Manager. Corinne, who identified herself as the manager on duty came out and I proceeded to tell her everything I told you in this email. Corinne went to Ms. Linda to get her side of the story and came back to me and explained to me what Ms. Linda said, that she asked the white kids if they were with an adult and they said they were with the adult that was ahead of them. In the meantime the 3 white kids were now present. I asked them collectively in front of Corrine, how did you get into the movie theatre? All 3 of the white kids stated they gave the ticket lady their ticket. I asked the white kids, ” Did the ticket lady tell yall ANYTHING”? They said no, “I asked did the ticket lady ask y’all ANYTHING”, they all said no. At this time, they are all looking at me as if something is wrong with me because they are wondering why I’m asking them these questions and they want to get back to the movie that has already started. I began to get upset, for one because the lady lied on the kids and secondly she was still collecting tickets. I felt that was in poor taste to have her still collecting tickets after the allegations that were made against her. Corinne, the Manager on Duty said she couldn’t move swiftly to remove Ms. Linda because she would have to redo the schedule, etc. etc. I asked to speak with a manager over her. Corinne stated you were out and you would not be in until today. I asked for your contact info. The entire incident went on for over an hour. I was really embarrassed and I was really upset that my son, daughter and friends’ first time experiencing being discriminated against came at the hands of AMC Elmwood Movie Theatre. The kids made the comment,” I heard about stuff like this happening but I never experienced it myself”. Two of the kids’ parents came after an hour, one of them was threatened by Mindy at the Customer Service Desk that she would call security and have her escorted out if she didn’t calm down. I looked online and tried contacting a Corporate office and spoke with someone named Alexis who stated, the number online for corporate office is not corporate office, it’s customer service and you are not allowed to speak with anyone, they take a message and send it out and someone will call you. WOW!!!


Kim Whatley September 25, 2017 at 6:07 pm

I visited an AMC theatre with my four boys yesterday, September 24, 2017, around 2 pm in Auburn AL. The boys range is age from 14- 16. I gave them permission to see a Rated-R movie and went in to purchase the tickets as I always have for them. The manager named Ken told me I could not buy the tickets and let the boys see the movie unless I stayed in the building while they watched. I told the boys and returned to the counter to see if the same rules applied for a PG-13 movie, Ken said, no, the kids would be fine staying in the theatre by themselves watching that movie. This is Bulls**t! Rules that apply to me should apply to everyone. I hate AMC!


Mary Bergman September 18, 2017 at 9:56 am

Parents–Beware of AMC! If you drop your kids off, you may be risking their lives! When my college-aged son, his friend and my 16-year old arrived at the 11:00 showing of IT last Friday night, my 16-year old was told that he could not see it since he wasn’t with an adult (I guess 18 is not considered an adult in AMC’s eyes). Anyway, I spoke to two managers, the latter agreeing that he would be liable for the safety of my son until someone came and picked him up. I asked him three times if he accepted responsibility and he told me “yes” and then proceeded to say that they also had cameras. When my husband arrived to pick him up, he found my son outside of the theater, with the lights off and doors locked behind him. Apparently, he is too young to see a movie, but not too young to be left outside in a parking lot at 11:30 at night! I spoke to the general manager the next day and was told that my son “left on his own accord.” Interesting, what would you do if the lights were turned off and the door held open for you to leave? If you were responsible for someone, wouldn’t you make it a point to approach that person and say, hey we are aware of your situation. You can sit inside until someone picks you up. The general manager’s attitude was horrific. He did not try to diffuse the situation at all! To me, sending a kid out into a dark parking lot at night is endangering a minor. I plan to take this up the ladder to corporate, but please join me in getting the word out and how ashamed they should be of themselves!


Wayman Scott August 15, 2017 at 12:54 am

Left my wallet in theatre tonight at AMC Loews in White March, MD. I’ve tried calling but they are closed and I cannot seem to find the branch email or access the corporate email. I will go back first thing tomorrow but is there a contact of this?


william dandurand August 13, 2017 at 1:50 pm

This is not a complaint i have great idea and i would like to see if you are intrested, i am an inventor i have a product called the bike grip board .However that is not why i am sending this letter or email? i have another way people can enjoy going to the movies that might be very popular contact me i am trying to contact george lopez ceo however your site says results not found on the same page his name is listed thank you william dandurand idea man


Anthony James August 10, 2017 at 2:58 pm

I have been unable to resolve my gift card issue with customer relation or management .
Spoke with Walter Hillary the worst customer service rep.

I would think these guys would have a clue how to manage a company.

CEO: Gerardo Lopez
CFO: Craig R. Ramsey
COO: Stephen Colanero


Greatness0810 July 30, 2017 at 12:59 pm

For whom this may concern,
My name is Destaney. I was hired on at AMC located at 3760 Princeton Lakes Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30331 in Camp Creek marketplace on 5/2017 . Mid June I had poor experience with one of the managers there by the name of brandon. This was immediately reported to General manager Mr.Smith, I asked him to no longer put me on the clock with this manager due to poor management and people skills this didn’t happen completely as requested and I understood I was needed based upon business needs but I was no longer put on the clock alone with this particular manager. This was never discussed again, this held up as resolution for couple weeks. I was put on schedule alone with manager by the name of Brandon for the first time and he took this opportunity to get back at me for reporting him to General Manager. Upon coming in for my shift I came in, started what I knew. I didn’t receive proper training when starting. It was a basic run down about where some supplies were located, who the managers were, the AMC stubs and I was put to work. Never trained on anything. So this being my first time I opened alone I only did what I knew was required (i.e stocking nachos/cheese, making new boxes/containers for kids pack and nachos, turning on popcorn machine,making popcorn for early customers) I knew to stock cups but was told by same manager brandon a week earlier not to go in back to get cups without permission just let someone know. (He is the only one who had this issue but I followed his rules no complaint). At about 1030 the manager on duty brandon comes out and is setting up registers with new drawers for opening. He gets behind counter passes by fryer and myself and first thing he says is have you ever opened the store before? I said no, not alone. He slightly nods his head and thinks to say something else which is but you know to turn on the machines (hot dogs,fryer,etc) I said yeah I guess but I turned on the popcorn machine because I know it takes time to warm up and make popcorn, I explained to him the fryer I didn’t turn on because we haven’t been using it consistently (1 minute we use it next we don’t, mind you the fryer takes 60 second to turn on and heat up and you’re ready to fry) and as far as the hot dog machine I didn’t know how to work it. He then says to me so why didn’t you do it? His face is turned up with this look as if I’m slow (same thing I previously complained about and the way he said it was aggressive) I said nothing back. He says nothing. Day goes on, feathers were a little ruffled but didn’t allow it to linger. I turned on equipment I knew how and supervisor on duty turned on the hot dog machine and helped me with other duties of opening store properly. Customers start coming in, he lingers around looking for things to say, I continue to stock the nachos and cheese as I’m doing this he calls my name and says can you clean the icee machine (pointing to tray around tray and glass that’s covered in syrup from icee night before) , I said sure what cleaning spray should I use(again haven’t been trained) he says use stuff in the back. I go to back get soap, water and sponge come back out and he says no you have to take it to back. I said ok put the small bucket and sponge down on counter and went to get tray. I didn’t know how to get the tray so he watches me try for couple minutes, I finally figured it out and make a suggestion to him, y’all should trained me on this so I know how to do these things just like with opening store, he says what? (Again aggressive) and I had to repeat myself because he couldn’t hear me (hints how low I was speaking to him.) He replies to me No, there is no training because this is just common sense. I walk to the back with tray he continues his reply. As I head to back of store with tray I ask do you want to go back and forth with me? He again can’t hear me (which I believe he could but he again he wanted to get back at me for before so he’s making this harder) he says what I repeat it again, he says what (aggressively) and at this point I’m in back on store being concessions and I repeat it loud enough for him to hear. He says something about shirt and hat. I come from being concessions do not approach him, am not yelling and say what did you mention about shirt and hat I didn’t hear that part he says you can just put it over there (pointing towards condiments area). I said ok well I’ll come back and return it. This is a clear indication of being fired, I calmly walk out door to my car and leave. I call General Manager Mr.Smith fill him in that I was fired by brandon didn’t go into detail about why I thought nor did he ask. Adivsed I’d be going to corporate and I’ll return things later he replied ok. I come back 15 minutes later with my shirt and hat and name tag in hand and place on concessions counter for him or supervisor on duty to collect (both where behind concessions counter) she hands me my cup I left and I again walk out of the doors again. I feel this was poor management and this could’ve been prevented. He retaliated when he had the first opportunity of me being on shift for first time alone with him. I am looking to hear back from you about this incident and come to a resolve.



Michele M July 28, 2017 at 7:10 pm

WHY must the sound be so LOUD? Twice this week I attended movies at AMC in Oldsmar, Florida. Not only did I have an assigned (there were only 6 of us at that showing) seat….but I could not understand the dialogue because the volume was so loud. That movie was Beguiled. Then I chose to attend again and see Dunkirk. Again the volume was so loud I felt the vibrations through my body! I decided to mention this to the group of employees standing together laughing. I was told ” That is just how it is”. Instead of standing in a group laughing, they could have spent the time cleaning the popcorn prep area. Grease running down the front of the cabinets, grease on the mustard and ketchup dispensers, empty salt shakers, empty (and filthy) “butter” dispensers……have the holding tanks ever been cleaned. I seriously doubt it! All in all AMC Oldsmar has shown us that we should consider attending one of the other theaters in the area. I was not the only patron that felt this way. I suggested that they contact the Corp. office……because AMC Oldsmar does not care about us the customer. Please look into these legitimate complaints.


Jose Miranda July 18, 2017 at 11:05 am

To everyone posting complaint here,
Don’t waste your time. What to do something productive? Boycott all AMC Theaters, For God sakes they are not the movie theaters in the country.
By you boycotting, you silently protesting and the injustices being committed against customers and employees alike.
By you going to any of their theaters you will be attesting that you agree with what is going on.
Let everyone know what’s going on, friends, family, anyone. When their bottom line start to hurt, changes will take place.
Example, IHOP Restaurants. Due to cleanliness, customer services and quality, the company almost folded until upper management changed their ways and now IHOP is striving and providing and excellent experience to their customer.
If we band together, we can force then to make changes. We all agree with love the concept and innovations they have brought but they are nothing if the experience is lousy.
That’s all I have.


Nadine October 16, 2017 at 11:10 am

so true. that’s why I don’t go to the movies. but it is all of them the prices.. omg.
I haven’t been the movies in years. and this is why.


Kim Davis July 3, 2017 at 6:01 pm

On Monday,july 3, 2017 I visited your philly mills amc. Theater 7 was dirty and smelly. I went the the women bathroom and every stall was dirty. I told the worker all my concerns and he said he will get on it.


SUSAN June 23, 2017 at 11:12 am



Sha'Drea C. June 14, 2017 at 11:52 am

I work at an Amc in Atlanta Ga. I don’t think it’s fare that AMC as a company wants us to make all these extra new complicated stuff and still pay us minimum wage. Not only that but y’all even want us to work the BAR when there is no bartender there yet. Y’all have us making burgers now , different hot dogs , this huge pretzel , 4 different pizzas , etc. and then work the bar & not even keep the tips?! For $7.25? $9 for supervisors and supervisors do more than managers? No it’s not fare at all. We get cussed out by guest every single day and keep a smile on our face and corporate does nothing to make sure we’re getting paid for what we do. I love Amc I’ve been with the company for 4 years BUT the whole 4 years I’ve been here I’ve only had 2 raises making it a total from 7.25 to 7.50. I really hope you guys make the wage go up because we have people quitting everyday because they feel like they’re not getting paid enough for what they do.


Joi Ann Kinley June 5, 2017 at 4:52 pm

My daughter was just fired from the Webster NY
AMC for being friends with a employee.
We have a lawyer and plan on taking action on this company !
Not only do all your managers and hang out together and have dinner at Applebees and go out for drinks. AT this Webster AMC you have 5 employees who are dating one couple live together and have a child together!!!
My daughter was fired for a boy touching her leg on camera they say she is dating ! which she is NOT she gives him rides to and from work !!
and has a boyfriend in BUffalo NY
We have pictures of these people out eating together and hanging out !
My daughter did nothing wrong except not want to date a different boy Andy ! that caused all this mess for her to get fired .
They are not allowed to be friends with each other at this company and we have read the hand book over and over . Clearly many are breaking the rules at this AMC along with Mangers also .
Please look in to this Rob Marawitz just fired my daughter FRom the AMC in Webster NY


Carlos Pascual May 29, 2017 at 5:52 pm

Just one question? Does anyone in AMC corporate even address the complaints issued by its customers? I thought i was rhe only one but after reading all of these reviews kn the corporate website its pretty sad that no one takes the time to keep the customers happy. I have complaints of my own but it feels like a waste of my time after reading all of these negative reviews … does anyone actually care?


lily May 11, 2017 at 2:36 pm

my name is lily, Me and my son go to movies every weekend in AMC.we are the regular customers for AMC. but we had a very very bad experience in southpoint 17# Durham NC there on May 5th at night time 10:45pm. I bought 2 tickets which cost me $35.but the manage kick us out at 10:40 pm before the movie showing without money refund and threaten us they can arrest us if we go back AMC again. they treat customers very very rude. and nobody help us.


Georgia Best May 22, 2017 at 2:27 pm

They won’t contact you. I tried multiple times to contact someone before things got out of control. Crying to myself and trying to reach out. 3 weeks later I’m fired.


Cecil Miller May 11, 2017 at 9:22 am

I’m currently a manager at a local AMC theater I have been a proud employee of the brand until recently ..I feel as though I have been set up by my GM and nothing has been do e to rectify the situation.. It has been snowballing out of control
since this past Monday..I need someone from corporate to contact me..


Georgia Best May 22, 2017 at 2:28 pm

They won’t contact you. I tried multiple times to contact someone before things got out of control. Crying to myself and trying to reach out. Stressful sitiatuion 3 weeks later I’m fired.


Darhyl Martin May 6, 2017 at 9:45 pm

To Gerardo Lopez I am very unhappy about the service rendered to me at unit #0416. I purchased three children tickets online for the power rangers movie. Once we arrived at the movie I went in to get the tickets printed out off of my I-phone. I showed the clerk with the security guard standing beside her. The clerk stated that the ticket scanner did not work. So the clerk directed my children to theatre #24. I left and my son called me and said the security guard asked them to leave because they did not have tickets. So I returned to the movie theatre to talk to a manager. I asked fior a refund of my full amount of money because at this time the kids had missed thirty minutes of the movie. The manager only gave me back my money minus the convince fee. I would like the remainder of my money back. I can be reached at 770-371-XXXXX.


Bob Gudahl May 6, 2017 at 12:06 pm

I would like to comment on the Newspaper AD for the AMC Theaters in Cheyenne WY. (May 6th, 2017). I was extremely offended when they advertised the movie “The Case for Christ”. In the Ad in this mornings showed the title of the movie as “Case for C”. I am not sure why they would have promoted the movie this way unless there is a Bias on Christian movies. I would appreciate any help with this matter that you can give.

I would have emailed the Local Theater, but I could not find an email address…

Thank You for listening.

Bob Gudahl


Donna April 4, 2017 at 7:30 pm

I purchased tickets on-line for a movie for myself and my grandson. We were going to Stonybrook Theater on Hurstborne Lane in Louisville, Ky. We arrived 45 minutes prior to the movie. It was Spring break and the place was packed. There were approximately 50 people in line and 2 cashiers. There was another cashier handling the Premier line as customers would appear sporadically. In between customers the cashier would disappear in the back room. I asked the cashier since I purchased tickets on-line did I have to stand in the line with 50 people. She responded yes. After 35 minutes in line ( Finally, I was next in line)the Premier cashier appeared and stated she could assist me. Needless to say, I was upset. I asked why couldn’t she help customers instead of disappearing into the back room between Premier clients and she stated, “It’s AMC’s policy”. I asked her for her mangers ame and she said it was Felicia. I asked her were Felicia was and she stated she was in her office. I asked her why was Felicia in her office when there were 50 people in line. Her response was, ” This is AMC policy”. Wow! Officework over customers.


Judy Avera April 3, 2017 at 9:11 pm

Carmike recently sold to AMC in Columbus, GA.. Much to my DISAPPOINTMENT you are not showing The Zookeeper’s Wife…WHY NOT??


CHARLOTTE DEBOSE March 16, 2017 at 3:20 pm

I am writing this letter due to a problem I encountered while attending a movie at AMC, 1905 Scenic Hwy S #6000 Snellville, Ga 30078 on 03/10/2017 in auditorium 10. Normally, minor inconveniences do not bother me, but I was surprised and disappointed to be treated with indifference bordering on hostility. My husband and I went to see the 9:15pm showing of Get Out at. When we arrived we placed our order for the chicken tenders meal with Joane Moore as soon as the movie started. After waiting 45 minutes, I then pushed the service button again to see what was taking too long. At that point after waiting again I then stepped out of the theater to see why our food hadn’t arrived. Still no food. After the movie ended I spoke with Joane Moore asking what happen and why didn’t we get our order. She replied by saying “EVERYBODY HAD TO WAIT” I asked for a manager and she replied again with attitude this time saying “I AM THE MANAGER” I then asked for THE MANAGER. Paul Torrini approached us asking what was the issue. I then explained to him about Joane and that I missed 30 minutes of my movie chasing my food which I did not get. I would respectfully ask that you look into your employees’ training and behavior to ensure that sort of problem does not happen again. DINE IN Service was HORRIBLE! I would appreciate 2 complimentary tickets and food voucher for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

Charlotte DeBose


Daniel M February 15, 2017 at 12:27 pm

I recently purchased a pair of tickets on the website. I never received the email confirmation, but luckily had it sent to my phone so that I could print the tickets. Unfortunately I realized that I had the wrong date and needed to get a refund. When calling Customer Service, they needed an Order Number which didn’t exist on either the confirmation text message or confirmation page of the order. This made it difficult to get the refund as they couldn’t find my email address. We eventually had to pull it by credit card number. Once the refund was issued, I received the email for the refund without issue.

I then purchased a new pair of tickets and again did not get the email for the confirmation, but did get the text. I also noticed that the text had the time/date of the ticket set to 1/1/0001 at 12:00am. This is obviously wrong.

Anyway, there were several points where communication with me as a customer was missing, data (such as the order number) was not included or wrong, and overall this was a pretty terrible experience when trying to buy tickets.


Maurice Williams February 11, 2017 at 11:30 pm

I’m a Dishwasher at your Fork& Screens Theatre at 3440 Plaza Towers on Peachtree Rd.Atlanta,Ga In Buc khead. My shift ended at 6pm 2-11-17.I came to work at 1pm Dishes were pile high from the previous shift.Where that dishwasher told a co-worker last night.His jobs not to wash dishes.That the cooks were to.

He did some and left alot for me.I have prior dishwasher experience.Never have I’ve worked with people that don’t work as a team.I come in and access what needs to be done quick.Im on video I work swiftly.

How does this dish washer and servers don’t?.How they continue not telling servers to r Ake plates out.This dishwasher yelled at at a prep-cook last-night.This conduct is not fair to employees as myself who Really work and have laughs as we go.A Manager spoke about protocol on work issues.But it’s just talk.They still allow it.And have us do our work and others.I was chastised tonight and made to re-washed clean coca cola glasses by a manager that I took pics of.

I change dish water frequently.But a manager felt incline to tell me change it every 4 hours.Why pick on me when you need to speak to workers that Don’t work.Them and some cooks leave all at once for breaks not being on clock 2-3 hours.Ahead of kitchen prep-cooks that have.Carrying on with No consequence.If the people they hire at this location won’t do their job then management should fire them.

And hire competent workers not be their friends.Just pushing extra work on a depleted skeleton Am and closing crew.This nonsense is why two things consistently occur people quit and this place will be shut down by The Health department if other staff Don’t do what they should.


Margaux J. Wisniewski February 5, 2017 at 2:41 pm

Very disappointed in the integrity of the personnel at AMC Marketfaire in Princeton, NJ 08540. Yesterday, we went to the movies, and my son took out his phone to silence it, after the prompt where they ask people to silence their phones. At the end of the movies, the lights never went on, so we fumbled through the darkness to get out. It was the last viewing at this particular movie theater. As soon as we got home, my son realized that he left his phone at the movies. I called the movie place immediately, but no one picked up. I immediately started calling my son’s phone but it just kept ringing several times before putting me in voicemail. I didn’t stress too much because it was the last show of the evening and my husband intended on being there before AMC opened. When my husband got there, a half hour before the movie place opened, the manager, named Will, made Wayne wait 30 minutes before looking because “that was company policy.” finally, at 10 AM, the manager allows Wayne to look for the phone but he doesn’t go in to help him look and avoids Wayne completely in assisting him. Wayne tries calling Mark’s phone, and now it goes immediately into voicemail when before it was ringing. I call and the ask for the manager who gets on the phone and tells me he will look for it. Then, he hangs up. I call back and they say, let me put you on hold while we look…they hang up again. I call back a third time. First the manager says it’s not there. Then he says, he couldn’t look because there is a movie in progress. I ask when the movie will be over and he says 1:00 PM. I tell him I am coming down. I call back, while I’m on my way and a girl answers and tells me that the movie is over and they are all in there looking.. I ask her to please not start the next movie, leave the lights on, and don’t put anyone in the seats so we can look for the phone. She said that was their intentions since they knew we were coming. I get there and the manager tells me that no one said anything to him but I was welcome to look if I wanted. I make the manager come look with me and the lights are off, the trailers for the next movie are going and even though the movie is pretty empty, there are people sitting in the very seats I asked them to please not fill. I demanded that the manager get those people out of the seats and look. I told him to get some flashlights. He used his phone flashlight and flipped the seats over for me. I asked him to give me his card with his name on it and he gives me a blank AMC card. I didn’t realize this until I got home that he would write his name on it as I asked. There is no question that sometime between last night when we left and this morning when the personnel entered but refused to allow my husband to look, one of the employees took my son’s phone. Had the manager allowed my husband to look as soon as he got there, or offered to help him look, or left the lights one and not seated anyone in the chairs and started the trailers 30 minutes before show time or hung up on me twice telling me they were going to put me on a brief hold and look, I wouldn’t be as 100% convinced that something disreputable occurred. I would like either the phone returned or replaced.


Cheryl January 23, 2017 at 1:05 pm

My husband and I purchased a tickets to see XXXX:The Return of Xander Cage at 3:52pm for 4pm show on 01/21/17. When we walked in to the theatre we were directed to the theatre number and found out we were issued a wrong movie to watch. We were given the “SLEEPLESS” tickets. We went to the Service desk and requested to correct the problem. We were told that since the showing is in Dolby Cinema, I was asked to pay for extra surcharge and so we did. While we were watching the show, an AMC staff approached us asking to see our tickets. I dig in to my purse looking for our tickets; I was having problem finding them because it was too dark. We were asked to step out of the theatre. We were outside but I still cannot find my tickets in my purse at the time but I found my receipt that was incorrectly issued to us for “Sleepless”. They told us to go to the Service desk to clear things out. I repeatedly explained to the two AMC staff there that we were issued an incorrect tickets and that we have asked the tickets to be exchanged to XXXX show. They said I can’t prove it because I don’t have the tickets. But I was showing them the receipt I paid to begin with and I was looking for the person who exchange the tickets for us but I cannot find him anymore. We didn’t even bother to ask or noticed the name of the person who assisted us at the time because we’re in a hurry to get to the 4pm show.
Anyway, the two AMC staff scheduled at that time does not know how to handle the situation. These two are rude. We were harassed and humiliated at the time; interrogating us in front of many people waiting in line. Ultimately, we were asked us to leave the theater and to top that, we were accused of illegally watching two movies without paying (Sleepless and XXXX movies). What about the receipt we were trying to present to them, didn’t we pay for those? We didn’t get to finish the movie and we were not refunded for what we paid.
I found our tickets in my back pants pocket when we got home. I took pictures of them and I have the original tickets and receipts. I wanted to go back there to show them that we paid for that XXXX movie and that we didn’t see the Sleepless because I also noticed these two shows run at the same time. They are both showing at 4pm so I thought, how those two AMC staff could say those things to us. How can you watch two movies showing at the same time? The other girl was so nasty and bitter and intentionally being loud trying to humiliate us wanting to tell the world that we are movie hopping. She kept on yelling “how can we be sure that you didn’t see the Sleepless and now we caught you watching XXXX”! Uggh…I am very upset thinking about what happened that night. Our experience that night at AMC Puente Hills was miserable and very unpleasant.


Terrence johnson January 17, 2017 at 12:15 pm

The theater on Broad and Oxford have the worst management they open when they want an treat thereally customers bad had me pay for parking 3 times and I still didn’t get to see a movie at all they so unprofessional an inconsiderate this is not a movie theater you want to go to


JReed of Sebring January 11, 2017 at 2:58 pm

Dear AMC:
You have no idea how happy many of us in Sebring, Florida are now the Carmike deal went through. I hope by the next twelve months (2017), you come in with new management, new seats, screens, seats. and sound to make the Lake Shore Mall Cinema a first class theater we deserve. For many yeas now, we have been attending a Regal Theater in Lake Wales when we want to see a flawless screen presentation. This past year, we’ve experienced : out of frames, lost of sound, half a picture, too cold auditoriums and incorrect feature times at the Lake Shore Theater..

At this pace, you might as well take it down to the four walls and build up; like in stadium seating, cupped seats,and movable masking like Orlando. Any or all changes will be welcomed.. How do I know this? I was in film exhibition for 30 years.


Diane Forberg December 31, 2016 at 3:35 pm

My husband and I went to Machesney Park AMC to watch Manchester By The Sea. They played it next to Rogue One. Your little message about turning off your phones and not talking are a laugh when you put a quiet beautiful movie next to the biggest and loudest action movie playing. Seriously? You have managers that don’t know better than that? The manager did give us 2 free passes, but please, make this a top priority when training. Those passes do not make up for the unpleasant experience of spending 2 hours listening to the noise of a movie I did not attend.


JAY STAMMERJOHAN December 16, 2016 at 4:19 pm

its time as i hope as i did your on line appication hoping that i was trying for a user job maybe at the santa moncia theater or the marina del ray spot i do not under stand why as i have been told by mangers that hire spots are open can we talk thank you JAY


Mary Conway September 25, 2016 at 9:35 pm

You’re a horrible theatre. Got beat up by a customer of yours and no one to help. Where are your ushers? I had to scream for help and no one would help. Should have filed a law suit but I will not go to your theatre’s again. Also, your corporate offices suck with the people you hire. What kind of business are you running? Just for profit. Your people are soo sad. I hope youre happy with the bed you have made.


AngieB August 21, 2016 at 3:10 pm

We arrived at AMC GULFPOINT 30 in Houston Tx at 1:35 for a 2:00 showing if Ben Hur. Upon arrival the time schedule said 2:45 on the board. Several other people were in line for that same movie and everyone was upset that the Internet said 2:00. After speaking to Rebecca the manager with no class or personality but a stale attitude. She said that its Google not AMC. Where the heck does google get there info from…….AMC of course. But the stale manager Rebecca was rude and decided to walk away instead of trying to provide decent customer service for their error. I hope after calling and complaining to corporate the get better management at That location!


Stan Herman August 3, 2016 at 2:35 pm

I purchased AMC Gift cards on line from The CARDCASH site. I have not had a problem all year until today when Carlos the Manager at AMC Danbury said the cards are fake and conterfeit and would not accept them for tickets. He said call them and get a refund or try another theatre.
I called AMC Corporate office and filed a complaint and they said they never heard of this issue before. The theatre manager said he was ordered not to accept fake gift cards.
I am waiting for a refund and a corporate representative tell me what is up!
Very unhappy!!


Sem Esquivel July 26, 2016 at 2:54 pm

I recently visited your establishment and had a daunting and terrible experience. I arrived early and had also purchased my tickets in advance (on 7-15-16) for the 10:15pm regular showing of star trek beyond. I purchased my snacks and made my way to the ticket taker who directed me to theater #3. When we got there the movie that was showing was ice age. I told the ticket taker who could find the theater until he called the manager. It was now in theater #13 and was showing in 3-d at 10:30pm. I got upset and demanded the manager. The manager explained that sometimes the theater and website get the times wrong. He said he would not charge me the 3-d price but I was still upset because the freind that I was with has glasses and the 3-d glasses bothered his eyes. That is why i wanted to see the movie in 2-d. The manager was too stupid too understand me and appeared to not care about the problem. My freind tried to watch the movie but in the end gave up. It was the worst expirience ever.


Joanna Ramirez July 5, 2016 at 8:49 pm

I tried calling the theater, but no answer. I visited AMC theater in Edison, NJ on July 1st, 2016 I used my credit card to purchase tickets at the customer service booth and also used it to pay for my bill at the end of the movie with an attended named Jason. The next day I get a call from my bank that my card is being used in a different state for a total of over 1,000 $ this is such an inconvenience to me. In the process of filing fraud charges. Please check your machines for skimmers!


Susan Coffman June 30, 2016 at 6:56 pm

I recently visited your Columbus OH Amc movies and I ordered food, I was accompanied by 2 other groups and I had 3 in mine. I got my bill for the food handed the lady $60 in cash for my $48.36 bill and she walked out, the other parties paid for their bills and she went back out of the theater. The movie was close to ending a guy came up to my seats and said the girl never gave me my bill I said yes she did I gave her cash for it he left came back and said that she never did bring me my bill in the first place which was wrong , all 3 of our parties were given our bills and we already paid for them, he told me I had to pay for it bc I paid cash and there was no proof! I then gave him my card and paid for it again biggest mistake not doing that the first time! Now I am out $60 because I had to repay it! I want to know what will be done about this bc I should not have double paid for my food order when she took my bill and cash the first time and we never seen her again. It was on 6-29-16 for the me before you movie @ 10:15pm! So I paid $108 for my meals, which I think is wrong!


Louis June 8, 2016 at 4:12 pm

May 30th 2016, took my son to watch Angry Birds. Selected movie theater ( AMC Ridgefield , NJ). Like most kids my son asked me to get him popcorn and a drink, we proceeded to pour butter from the self serve stand . Long story short early that evening started throwing up heavily complaining his stomach was hurting him …. As any other concerned parent I picked up the phone and called the movie theater to make them aware of what has happened, and to make them aware that may be a problem with liquid butter on the self serve stand , hoping for them to check it out before anyone else gets sick.(Not that is a fact that that was the reason) . Manager on duty Harold, was kind enough to listen to what I had to say , offered me to come back the next day and speak to “whoever” manager was on duty or to simply call headquarters and put a complaint. Following day I called headquarters , they took all my email, cell phone number , I was told I will be contacted back within a few days by corporate and guess what ?!? No one has reached out to me. Now , understand something I don’t take time to write stuff like this because is enjoyable, it’s actually a really annoying. I’m writing this in hopes someone from the executive team over at AMC read this and puts out a friendly email to that location, and perhaps even me (just another customer). I will post again once they decide in contacting me.


louis June 27, 2016 at 2:39 pm

its June 27th 2016 and still didn’t hear back from anyone, 3 more days will make it a month..


Frank May 10, 2016 at 10:17 pm

AMC is now a gun free zone so now any bad guy can be sure there will be no resistance if he wants to do someone harm. Poor decision by corporate. Bad guys don’t read signs only good guys do. As a concealed carrier permit holder I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.


Joni May 4, 2016 at 1:10 pm

My husband and I have gone to AMC Theatres Ward Parkway for about 5 years now. We have always had a good experience and love the reclining seats. My husband is handicapped so the seats are very comfortable for him. Staff has always been very polite.


Vern Hawk April 14, 2016 at 12:22 pm

I just read an article indicating that AMC was considering to allow texting during the movie. AMC has been our theater of choice since we got married. If texting is allowed, we will never set foot in another AMC theater.


Lacy April 18, 2016 at 8:13 am

To the man with glasses and skinny jeans and captain America shirt yes I seen you in theater 15 of the jungle book at Olathe Amc 28. You are a horrible person you made four kids cry when you choose to complain of a little noise from kids. As you scream shut up to the theater and then run to get an attended. It’s a children’s movie for one, it’s opening weekend for two and you cost us tickets and concessions with your selfish ways. Karma will get you one day. There are plenty of kids in there making noise gasping because of the animals. Get over yourself if you wanted quiet you could of went to the fork and screen instead of the massive theater. You suck!


Tanya March 28, 2016 at 3:17 pm

Wow! there are a lot of not so happy people with this chain. You can add me to that list. My son 20 and his girlfriend 23 of 6yrs. Has gone to the same amc edwardsville IL for years. An employee of amc sent me a threatening message through Facebook. This employee was a step daughter of my brother. Not anymore. I don’t know her well so, you can imagine my surprise when I get a message to “keep
My kids on a leash” when I did not respond to her and contacted the theater. She posted ” you would think people would know better than to piss me off! I will crush your world” I’m thinking, I don’t even know this girl and what I do know is that she was a bully at every school and collage she went to. To the point one school made her take classes about bullying. I contact the theater manager. He did respond to my first message. But then said it would take time to go through the channels. After a month I write to him again and receive a not so comfortable reply. More less he talked to her. REALLY!! A popcorn server is more important than keeping you Customers safe! They must not screen their employees before they hire them. I do not feel safe at their theaters anymore. I will not be going to AMC anymore. And that makes me sad but, safety of my family comes first. I would think my family’s safety would come first to them to in today’s world and the things that are happening at theaters. Like the shootings etc. there are many theaters to choose from around me. We will find a new one that puts their Customers first. I really hope amc corporate see these post and makes changes to their employees. I read post amc employees are yelling at them, I receive a couple treating messages. To the point I went to the police and they filed a report. If those aren’t reasons for amc Corporate to look into their employees I don’t know what is. I might add I to am a business owner and would NEVER hire or keep an employee that threatened or showed any sign of aggression to my customers. Because that employee cost me money. The Customers make me money. Employees are replaceable, customers are not. They just don’t come back.


AJ February 4, 2016 at 10:46 am

I have never ever posted on-line or social media before but I want everyone to know about my son’s expereince in AMC Columbia 14 in Maryland. He went to the movies on Saturday, January 30, 2016. The movie release around 11:45pm. The were several boys and girls about 20 -25 total who began fight with my son and his 2 firends. Yes, 25 versus 3. The altercation begin in the theatre. My son and his friends were trying to stay inside while they waited for their parents to arrive however, the staff immediately forced them outside. After being forced outside they group of boys began attacking the boys. Staff member locked the doors so my son and his freinds could not retreat inside and they also watched while the attack was occuring. Noone called 911. I hafd to call 911 after my son called me while being chased by the group. Upon arriveing at the scene the Howard County Police indicated this is an on-going problem every Friday and Saturday and is appalled that all staff memebers just act like they do not want to get involved. I also have a concern that if management is aware of the on-going problem, why isn’t there more security at the theatre. No is actually no security. I have attempted to phone the location for a week now and no one answers the phone. I have been unable to visit due to my work schedule but I do plan to revisit on Saturday. Please if you value your child safety please do not allow them to go to AMC Columbia 14 alone. They have no regards to their paying customers. I will never support AMC ever again. I know this isn’t much due to the millions of patrons but I will no longer will continue to support AMC.


Brian January 29, 2016 at 8:48 pm

Normally I don’t like to share via social media about poor experiences at establishments as I’ll tend to share it only with the establishment, but what I experienced today in utter ineptitude, lack of common sense, and basic courtesy, blew my mind.

We went to AMC Theatres at the AMC Rio Cinemas 18 this evening, and after spending about $40 at the concessions on food and drink, I asked the cashier if I could also just have an extra paper cup to put my daughters apple juice into (that I purchased there as well) so she could drink from a straw while we watch the movie. So the cashier handed me a cup and proceeded to ring me up for a small drink – I apologized and said he must have misunderstood – I just needed a paper cup to put my daughters apple juice into. He said he knew that, but he had to charge for that. I didn’t make a big deal of it – I walked over to the other side of the counter and asked the person there the same question. I got the same answer – a refusal – and that I would have to pay for a drink to get another paper cup. I told him that didn’t really make any sense, and rather than ask to talk to a manager, to please accommodate the request. He said he would get the manager.

So then the manager comes – I figured this would be pretty easy – after all, I ran restaurants all my life and I know that at least a manager would know how to handle the situation, and we could finally go to our theater after spending way too much time already trying to acquire a paper cup. Shockingly – the manager denied the request as well. And the reason was, “We count all the cups, and there’s no way to ring up a single paper cup.” You cannot make this stuff up.

Now we’re not talking about plastic cups here – we are talking about the same, small paper cups that you would find at a McDonald’s. In my experience, they run about 3-4 cents a piece.

Shame on you, AMC Theatres and AMC Rio Cinemas 18 – this is not a single employee issue. I’m too experienced at these situations to know this is a culture issue. It’s so sad that a family can spend more than $60 at your establishment, and be denied a 3 cent paper cup. Where has the common sense gone, and more importantly, how can such a large establishment be so grossly mismanaged?


Tynesha January 23, 2016 at 7:13 am

I am having an awful experience with AMC Stubs. I purchased the membership in July 2015. The cashier sold me someone else’s membership. I found out when I attempted to register the card. I called the customer service number and was told I would get another card just keep using my phone number and my credit would transfer over. Here I am six months later still with no resolution. My birthday is tomorrow and I have no use of my paid membership. They took all of my credit and gave it to the other guy and are now treating me like I did something wrong. I submitted proof of purchase and still no help. AMC Should invest in quality people to provide great customer service because this is awful. None of the managers at the customer service number will take ownership and provide a solution and the amc online team is non-responsive.


Sindie Forbes January 19, 2016 at 4:46 pm

I had thee worst experience at AMC 5 in Rockville centre, NY; that I am prepared to launch a boycott campaign along with a lawsuit!

Not only are the employees there incompetent, but I had the manager call my phone and become very disrespectful. Calling me a liar amongst other names. So thankful for smartphones because I have it all on camera! Soo to whom it may concern you should really screen your employees better because not only are you losing money behind them, your reputation is at stake as well. Anywho I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me soon!


S. Grecco January 16, 2016 at 8:28 pm

I went to the movies this evening with my wife. ( Charlotte NC, your South Blvd Location)

We arrived one half hour early and waited 25 minutes to buy tickets. We could not imagine what was holding up the line….until we found out that they were assigning seats. I watched the two ladies in front of us walk away after there were only single seats to be selected, and quite a few of those at that.

When it was our turn my wife and i were left only a with few choices and all of them were single seats, obviously we could not sit together …. so we walked.

I have to ask you what moron came up with a system that takes 1/2 hour to buy tickets? Did some company sell you some software that promised you better seat utilization …. well you walked at least 6-8 people in the short time i was watching… and the line to buy tickets was so long I’m sure that people just drove on past your theater once they pull int he parking lot.

The process you designed naturally takes much longer, as everyone has to review the open seats, and talk about where they all want to sit …. it is a disaster!!!!!

You have lost both of us as a customer … there are far too many other options, and your ruined our night out.

Let me also tell you that my wife and her friends always go on a major movie spree this time of year in order to see all the Oscar nominated films …. she told me that she will eliminate AMC Theaters from the options ……YOUR LOSS.


Anthony January 12, 2016 at 11:03 am

I have never had a problem at AMC 16 Garden State Plaza Paramus NJ… Today I exsperianced a very rude customer service representative who yelled at me, I’m 40 years old and on my day off from work where I employ over 300 people I’m being yelled at by this young lady… I really do understand now why places like this are going for automated ticket counters maybe the more jobs lost will wake some of these kids up!!!


Richard Luna December 24, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Hello, my name is Richard Luna. i was a cook for AMC 30 Mesquite until just this afternoon. (DEC 24, 2015)
i showed up to work as scheduled, upon getting to work i went to grab a drink from our expo on Dine-In side and started to go outside as we were told to just the other day. I was told told by 2 members of front of house leadership that we are not allowed to drink outside anymore, they then told me to talk to BOB the senior manager from the kitchen. Upon approaching Bob to ask him talk to him about it he yanked the cup i was holding in my hand that i was gonna go outside to drink from ( when he yanked it out of my hand he said ” That is illegal” ) This interaction happened in the hallway where GUEST and employees could see and hear. i went into the kitchen. A few mins later when he came back into the kitchen i informed him that they need to email everyone on the new change to the drinks procedure as everyone thinks it was still to go outside. Bob said that there was an email already ( i have checked hotscedules several times to see if i over looked it and there is no email that i received about it.) After which i started to try to explain to why the 2 members of leadership from front of house told me to talk to him, he would not listen to what i had to say. He refused to allow to me to talk to him. That was when Debra ( one of the kitchen managers) told me to stop, after which i said ” He (as in Bob) need to listen” That is when Bob said ” you know what go home” I replayed with ” AMC is ass backwards they tell you one thing one day and change it the next.” i proceeded to go clock out/ Bob then said ” don’t bother coming back you are fired. I left.

I was later informed that when Bob YANKED the cup out of my hand, that; that action is considered ASSAULT. It is on camera when he yanked it out of my hand, and the interaction after that in which i was trying to inform him about why i went to talk to him is recorded by the kitchen cameras and the other employees witnessed it.

My hot schedules was deactivated by someone other then me so i can not provide it as evidence on my behalf, but you should be able to took up the email traffic between managers and employees at AMC 30 Mesquite to see that the email was never sent out. and have someone from a higher manager level then BOB the senior manager of the Kitchen to talk to the employees that were in the kitchen so you will have to get statements on the event in question.

I intend to get a legal adviser involved in this; for one i was assaulted, and for two i was wrongfully terminated.


Richard Luna December 24, 2015 at 8:11 pm

My Number/ email is still in your employee info as you must keep that info for 4 years by US law. i expect a call or an email within 2 days.


Dustin Robinett December 21, 2015 at 12:46 pm

I ordered tickets early for the new Star Wars movie. Mistakenly, I ordered them for the wrong day and realized immediately. There is no way of fixing your order online. When I called customer service I was informed they couldn’t fix it either and my tickets would have to be refunded and then bought again, which is fine. However, they also informed me that the convenience fee of $7.50 is nonrefundable and I’d have to pay it again. What exactly was convenient? I paid you for a lack of convenience and wasted my money. I canceled those tickets and canceled my own tickets at the AMC theater in my town – over $100 in tickets not including your fees. I’ve worked in customer service for over a decade and you had an opportunity to ‘wow’ a customer and you failed. Now you’ve lost a customer and potentially more due to this review. Enjoy your $15.


eric August 22, 2015 at 3:28 am

Yeah good luck with ANY sort of customer service from AMC I had a problem buying reserved seats on line on AMC site. I called the movie theatre itself. The manager said she could nt do anything. So, she is worthless. I emailed corporate to get some sort of answer to my problem and I heard nothing back….I tried emailing again….still no reply. Im done with AMC.. Its been 2 weeks. Customer service does not exist. There are many other theatre chains that will take my money. Next to impossible to find a corporate phone number. And Im guessing they wouldnt help anyway


Dave August 13, 2015 at 1:24 pm

To whom it concerns:

I have been going to AMC theaters since the AMC Colonial 18 opened in Lawrenceville, GA. When I bought a house, it was located a mile from the Sugarloaf Mills location. I have seen many movies at this location. It is a very nice theatre and have never had a bad thing to say. In fact it is the theatre that I recommend to all my friends. My son and I were at this location on Saturday June 27th and watched Inside Out.
I went back to this theatre tonight, June 30th, to see a screening of the new Terminator movie. I left work early to do this. I work as a Police Detective. I was wearing a button up shirt with a tie. I had my Glock (handgun) on my hip next to my badge and Police Identification. I purchased my ticket and walked to the greeter. She ripped my ticket and advised #10 was to my right. I started to make my way to the concession stand to buy a drink and some candy, when the greeter stopped me. She advised that they want to speak to me at customer service.
I walked back to customer service, and the same person that sold me my ticket, Jose, advised that I could not go into the theatre with my firearm. I explained that I was a certified Police Officer and pointed out my badge and ID. He advised “for the safety and comfort of the other customers” I could not go into the theatre. I am not sure what he was referring to by “the comfort of the other customers?” They dislike the Police? I asked to speak to the manager, who did not introduce herself. (I had to drive back to the theatre to get her name, Malia) She seemed annoyed and did not feel like dealing with this situation. When I tried to tell her that I was a police officer, her first words out of her mouth were this is private property. I explained that I understand it is private property and that I am not there on official business, so I am like any other customer.
I felt singled out and I was amazed at the level of ignorance that was displayed by these two employees. Jose, I understand he is just following the policy that says no firearms. But first the lack of empathy and almost distain that the manager was showing me was un-excusable. The fact that we could not use common sense in this situation also offends me. They gave no suggestions on how to remedy the situation. I would expect a manager to have a solution to suggest, maybe tell me to place the gun in my car, call the police and see if they could hold my gun, any suggestion would have been welcome (though I was not going in with my firearm). They just refunded my money and almost seemed relieved that it was one less customer that they have to deal with when the movie was over. When I told them that I might never go to an AMC theatre again, Jose said thank you sir. What? You don’t want me in the theatre because I am a police officer? I have a gun? I am not sure. Then when I say I am going to stop coming to a theatre that I spend $120 to $150 a month at, I am told thank you?!? The manager, Malia, had no reaction at all.
What if there was an off-duty police officer enjoying a movie in the theatre in Colorado when that shooting happened? Could have saved many lives.
I looked up the Regal movie theaters policy on firearms and though I did not find a policy per say, I did find a response that they sent out to a customer who disagreed with their stance on the prohibition of guns:

Regal Entertainment Group, with the assistance of safety experts and law enforcement personnel, has developed policies and procedures designed to provide the safest environment for our guest’s and employees. Rest assured these policies and procedures are not designed with the intent to inconvenience or otherwise cause hardship to our guests. However, we believe these policies appropriate to assure the general safety of all guests and employees.

Please note all law enforcement officers, whether on or off duty, are exempt from our gun prohibition policy in the theatre, as long as they identify themselves as such either by display of a badge or other identification upon request.

Please take a moment to read the underlined portion again. That is a common sense approach to dealing with this situation.

In summary, I don’t believe that it was right to be singled out and asked to leave because of my firearm, even when I identified myself as an off-duty police officer. The portion of this incident that made me sad and angry was the way in which it was handled. I feel as my money did not matter, being a police officer made other people uncomfortable, and the response from the manager was hideous to say the least.

Based on Regals stance on off duty Police, I think I shall be buying a Regal Crown Club card and destroying my Stubs card. Even though it is a further drive it appears that they seem to want and appreciate my business. I hope the response to this letter can restore my faith in your company and make me want to come back to AMC. I am going to share this with the local law enforcement community but I will wait until I see your company’s response.

Thank you for your time.

Wanted to give an update this is incident. I called and spoke to Mr. Chris Denny, the general manager of the theatre on July 01st. He assured me that the policy is the same as what I said Regal’s policy is, that Law Enforcement was exempt from the weapons policy. He advised that he would have to speak to Malia and Jose to get there side of the story. Yet he never asked for my contact information to follow up. He advised that my business is important to AMC but that was the extent of the conversation.

I am not sure if I will go back to AMC, which I have no reason too at this point. I have a 4 year old and to get time to go see a movie like the Terminator is hard to do and does not comes around too often. But if the time comes again and I get the money to see the movie, I would like to have a copy of the policy just so this type of thing does not happen again.

The main points that I am most angry about is the lack of leadership coming from your employees. First the manager, Malia. She showed no leadership or compassion. She was going through the motions and was angry at me, the customer. Jose, I expect no less, he is a low level employee, yet he was the one that started this whole situation by pointing out that I had a firearm. He should know the policy or at the least be corrected by the manager who should know the policy. Then when I tell him that I am not coming back to AMC, he advised thanks! I have nothing more to say about that. The last person was Mr. Denny. He attempted to quash the situation, but a follow up would have been helpful and, in my opinion, needed for this situation. At least let me know that he has spoken to his employees and that I have nothing to worry about next time I come to the theatre.

I hope to hear from someone at corporate and have them weigh in on this situation and any remedies. I have look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and response to this situation,

This was sent in writing on July 8th and I have yet heard a response. Thank you AMC!


C July 23, 2015 at 3:40 pm

First, it’s practically impossible to contact AMC in a timely fashion. Some of us choose not to tweet or use fb. Your website only offers emailing about a specific theatre or the stubs program.
Second, your latest email: $5 special teen deal 53 oz. Popcorn & 21 oz. Coca-Cola®
Present this coupon to get a 53 oz. popcorn and 21 oz. Coca-Cola for just $5.
Congratulations on contributing to the teen obesity problem. Very disappointed in this promotion.
You can do better on both issues.


james Enard July 21, 2015 at 3:34 pm

Hello promotional department, my name is James Enard I with a local small business
call Narja Entertainment out of Houston TX. we would like to do a promotional package
a giveaway to some lucky person or persons
on the movie (perfect guy)
We have an artist call Jfons who is releasing a single call( I can be that guy)
We would great appreciate very much if we could come together on this joint promotional giveaway.
Thanks in advance
James Enard
Narja Entertainment


Lance Miller July 14, 2015 at 9:56 am

June 19th I ordered $ 110 in gift cards for $100.
The good deal has gone sour as I have repeatedly inquired via email & phone and in one month I have not had even 1 return call or email.


Emily July 12, 2015 at 12:36 pm

Dear Mr Lopez,

My husband and I have been going to the AMC theater in Naperville for several years and we are members. Just today we took our children to a show for the first time to see Minions. The theater was so packed they had to open up a second theater and gave me a reciept in case we needed to exchange for a later show because the second theater was full also. That said, it was full so we went back to the cashier and she informed us it would be more money. For the inconvenience, we should not have been charged more. Your manager Sydney however was accommodating and understanding, she definitely saved a very large Family of customers and loyal AMC movie goers. She should be acknowledged for great customer service. She showed us members do matter!


BEATRICE June 23, 2015 at 3:05 pm

I S/W GM Jeremy and another manager(can’t recall his name) at the Marina Pacifica AMC regarding exchanging my 8 tickets to a different day since a few of us had become sick and were unable to make the Sunday evening showing of Jurassic World. They would not allow me to exchange our tickets because I didn’t have my husbands card with me.(He paid for the tickets) they were extremely rude, turned their backs on me and wouldn’t speak with me anymore. Mind you, I was extremely sick and had been off of work for a few days and had to drag myself in to get our tickets exchanged and they wouldn’t do it. I had the receipt but apparently it wasn’t good enough for your management team at MARINA PACIFICA. I work customer service myself and I have never come across such awful, rude(obviously very unhappy with their job) employees in my entire life.NOT TO MENTION THEY WERE WORRY FREE TICKETS** WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN IF THEY DON’T HONOR WHAT’S ON YOUR WEBSITE.


John H. May 29, 2015 at 2:57 pm

Dear AMC Theaters,
This message is to be sent to corporate headquarters / PLEASE either send this message to it / REPLY WITH THERE EMAIL ADDRESS so that I can send (in fact would you PLEASE send me the corporate headquarters email address) / I would like to say that it is UNFAIR to NOT have the new Mad Max movie regular (not 3d & / or iMax (this has to do with MANY other movies also)) NOT have a matinee showing / that ONLY the 3d had one / this is at the Downtown Columbia, MD theater / WHY IS THAT / WHAT is wrong to let people (the audience) be able to see a movie at a reduced showing / also WHY is it that the commercials & movie previews are ALWAYS so LOUD (louder than the movie) / ah yes & PLEASE include this ORIGINAL message along with the answer?
Thank You,
John H.


Angela Pitaro May 29, 2015 at 10:29 am

It has been one month since I purchased an AMC gift card as a birthday present for someone. The card never arrived in the mail. For one solid month I have called, e-mailed, and filled out an affidavit – and not a single person has gotten back to me. I call corporate who transfers me to sales who transfers me to gift cards, etc. I asked for a refund and they said it would take 1-2 weeks. Does AMC know this is 2015? They activate gift cards BEFORE they mail them? If they had the recipient activate the gift card when it arrives, all of this drama would not be necessary. I am frustrated and disgusted with how lame this whole transaction has turned out to be. And I still want my money back.


Denise May 26, 2015 at 12:26 pm

I will never purchase another AMC gift card. Yesterday, I was informed that there would be an $8.00 registration fee to keep my gift card active after the first year. In the past I have frequently given movie gift cards as gifts. Not any more. How greedy of you! Your company already received the money, Isn’t that enough????No, some one in your Corporate Offices thought is was a good idea to start charging a registration fee to reward the customers who were foolish enough to purchase your product using a gift card!! Thanks but No Thanks!!!

I am a senior citizen, I will make sure that all of the people I know hear about this fee and ask them to pas the word also. I hope the money you earn is worth the bad-will this decision has created!


david March 23, 2015 at 7:43 pm

I use to work there and I loved it.and I walked in two days ago and could not believe my eyes. I saw a employee sell drugs to someone. ho w can know one say nothing about this what about the little kids if I have to point the person out I will. just could not belive my eyes wow ….. this place should drug test people …amc in portchester this is going on selling drugs were little kids go this is so not right check your cameras even the employee s smell like drugs this is such a shame please stop this from going on.


Catherine tyler February 13, 2015 at 12:05 am

I am highly disappointed in what AMC has become. Not only do you charge an arm and a leg for everything in your theater but when a girlfriend and I want to go to see a movie you won’t let us because she has her 2 month old baby after 6:00?? I understand that your policy is no children under 6 after 6:00 but what would it matter for a 2 month old who is asleep?! This policy is ridiculous and should not be in affect. Who are you to tell anyone how old their child has to be to see a movie?! I mean honestly, shame on her for being a single mom with an infant who wants to get out of the house for one night to see a movie. Very disappointed.


Angel Osorio February 17, 2015 at 12:27 am

I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. I used to work there before and would have loved that policy to be in effect while I was there. Can you guarantee they’ll stay asleep during the whole movie? Movies are loud, I’m sure they’ll wake up. Critisisms about the price are fair but about the kid policy is selfish.


Matt February 26, 2015 at 10:13 am

I usually am the one to hold the business to blame and have had plenty of beefs (including once having the whole audience seated in the wrong theater) with AMC but must side with the man on this one.

You hit the nail on the head regarding the price of movies, especially full-price non-matinees. I go there to have my own treat and get immersed in the film. People talking to friends in the theater and even the light from cell phones when folks text bothers me.

You likely will consider me a creep, but I have gotten up to report screaming babies and unruly kids if the behavior has gone unabated for 15 minutes or so. It seems that your friend would have stayed in the theater if the baby had started crying.

The bottom line is that you could have been a better friend and offered to babysit while your friend went to the movie. If the kid would have slept as you asserted, you would not have had a problem. Alternatively, the two of you could have had dinner at a family restaurant or done a more infant-friendly activity.

The person below makes the good point abtu


C. Taylor December 17, 2014 at 12:16 am

AMC 9 in Waldorf Maryland , has the worst customer service that I have ever encountered in years . I went to complain to the manager and turns out he was 98% of the problem. He was disheveled, argumentative and down right rude. This manager worked 12/16/14@10pm


Jerry Boyd August 14, 2014 at 8:25 pm

I just wanted to let you know that you have gotten my last dollar. I stopped by one of your theatres a few weeks ago, only to find a “No firearms allowed” sign and per Texas law a 30.06 sign.

As you can’t guarantee my security, I certainly will not be going to one of your theatres again.

Not only am I a Veteran, but having a concealed handgun license means I’ve passed a criminal background check, including a NCIC fingerprint check done by the FBI. What do you know about your other guest?

I only do business where I can carry. No Gun = No Money.


ARTHUR MERSON July 30, 2014 at 9:08 pm

i discovered that AMC has a FOCUS Employment Program as follows: “AMC FOCUS

Diversity – AMC Focus
The AMC FOCUS Program provides individuals affected by disabilities with access to opportunities for competitive employment, wages and benefits side-by-side with other associates in our theatres. FOCUS stands for Furthering Opportunities, Cultivating Untapped Strengths. Please contact a theatre General Manager for more details.”….

Yet, when I go to the employment website for my son, age 24, to apply, there is no evidence of it, and np one to contact by any means. My son, is highly functioning, and would like to apply to this program. He can easily do the jobs required. Can you help to connect him?…..We are in Phoenix Arizona. Thank you, Arthur and Merrill Merson 480-395-XXXXx or


darren pajak July 17, 2014 at 5:29 pm

To whom it my concern been going to amc since i was a kid i am 50 yrs old and never had the worst time at the theatre then i did at chicago ridge oaklawn il havent been at a movie in a bit the manager after i explained to him i am allergic to plastic products i hade kindley askes him to put my drink in a glass he said he is not aloud to only if you buy a mix drink my counter ordered a mix drink to give me the glass and he served him in plastic i said you just said you can out in a glass i asked for a manager and he told me that i had to leave he didnt even take a second to here what i had to say never seen anything like this the mangager is at chicago ridge amc 1 708 423 4161 please contact me at 1 312 401 XXXXX concerning this mattter mr Darren Pajak thanks for your time


Tsitsi Hampton May 8, 2014 at 3:22 pm

I have been waiting for 2 months to have a lost gift card replaced. The card still showed nothing being spent on it, so I called the 800# to have it cancelled on March 10th and I have been receiving what i think is the runaround from the company. They apparently only forwards the lost card information to AMC, and AMC is to then send the replacement card. Two months!!! I am very disappointed in how this very simple matter has been addressed and am beginning to wonder if there is an ethics problem with AMC here.


Zachary O. Steele May 2, 2014 at 11:40 am

LIonsgate Security (

My Name is Zachary Steele and I am VP East Coast Sales and Marketing for Lionsgate
My Company offers a variety of security related products and services but I would like
the opportunity to discuss helping you with your Emergency Action Plans (EAP).
We will help to ensure that your operations are in compliance with OSHA and Local
Fire ordinances. But most of all, we will provide you with professional services and
training that is geared to protect your most precious asset……(Your people)
Please respond to me at :
Zachary Oswald Steele
VP East Coast Sales and Marketing
Lionsgate Security Services,Inc

Lons Gate
VP eastCoast


John Lafler April 14, 2014 at 3:56 pm

I am looking for theaters in NE Ohio that use the loop system for hearing impaired ? (My hearing aid uses a tele coil to access loop)

John Lafler 440-338-XXXXX


Rose Callahan March 31, 2014 at 12:26 pm

I visited your Fork and Screen Theater at Easton Town Center on Saturday March 29th. I have no issues with the ticket purchasing or ticket pick up for this movie, but rather the service during the movie. My adult son and I arrived about 10 minuets before the previews began, we reviewed the menu, and he was indecisive. The male waiter took our drink order and my order of fish & chips. He told my son to push the button when ever he was ready. Just after the previews began, a food runner brought me a dish. I put it down and noticed it was fish and onion rings. He was serving other people and had moved on from our location. I turned on the service light. About 5 minuets later, our drinks arrived. I told this runner that I received the incorrect order. He said he would alert the waiter. He did go down to the front, talked to the waiter, pointed me out and the waiter nodded at me. He did not come up, but I felt that he understood the message. I turned off the light. About 15 minuets later a female food runner came by to the people behind us. I stopped her and let her know the situation. She took the fish and onion rings. A few minuets later she came back with the same dish and said I should keep these, a replacement order was coming. About 5 more minuets went by and she brought me an order of french fries. The fish is no longer even slightly warm. It was cold and slightly soggy. My son turned on his light to order. No one came until he (the waiter) passed out the checks at the end of the movie. My son ate the nearly re-frozen onion rings. Before paying he then ordered some ice cream knowing that there was not going to be enough time for anything cooked. The waiter seemed aggravated that he was ordering now and not paying the check. The total was $32 and change. I put $40.00 in cash in the folio, and he never came back- ever! It’s very presumptuous for him to expect an $8.00 tip after service like this. There was no management presence in the theater at all. I came to work today and spoke with a co-work who also went to this same place Saturday night and her boyfriend also received the incorrect order and waited over an hour for the correct item and a drink refill. I do not promote customer service, I promote customer experience. I don’t expect human beings to be perfect, but how they can recover from a mistake is key. I can think of 10 things that could have been done to correct the issues that cost your company no money at all, but NOTHING was even attempted, and then on top of it I feel I was robbed! I am an easy going person, I am in the process of starting a website called A Zillion Thanks to offer appreciation to everyone I come in contact with. I took the time to fully examine every aspect of this to see if I could find a grain of appreciation for this interaction with your company but I simply can not besides the ticket process. Your computers work very well with Fandango, the movie started on time, and the ticket taker was pleasant. I am sure that as a business you are shooting for more than that! From my experience, your wait staff does not care about the business or the customers. This is sad for your company.


Jill Demko February 27, 2014 at 12:59 am

Hello Mr. Lopez, I made a donation request for my son’s school annual fundraiser on your donations website “” on 12/8/13. The fundraiser is next week, on 3/7/14. It has been almost 3 months and the request still says “waiting”, which indicates that the request has not even been review yet. recommends that I use their website to “Send Note”, which I did two days ago and have nor received a response nor has the status of my request changed.

Please help expedite this matter, if AMC would kindly make a donation to our school fundraiser, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Jill Demko


Benjamin Duvall January 17, 2014 at 9:49 pm

My family and I went to AMC theatre in Potomac Mills Center, Dale City, Va. Today 1/17/13. I asked for 3 adult tickets to an 11:40 am IMAX showing of Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, I asked the cashier twice to make sure he understood. He sold us tickets to a 10:20 showing not an IMAX film. We caught mistake at ticket taker. Went to manager Jason to correct. He never apologized to us was very rude in fact zero customer service. Now my debit card charged twice taking up to 10 days to receive my refund due me. I am a very unhappy dissatisfied former customer. I will make it my personnel mission to tell 1000 people what crap service you have at your theaters.


jean clark January 15, 2014 at 7:24 pm

I am so upset with the treatment i recieved from your amc representative s . I was told that i would be recieving a refund back of $71.00 because there was a accident that night which we could not attend. I was told i would be getting my refund backsince 12-21. Then all the sudden im not getting a refund. I did not see a movie so i should be able to get a refund
Jean clark


Ronald E. Cross December 27, 2013 at 12:56 pm

RCD Cleaning Service, Inc. is a small business., woman Army veteran own cleaning service. Currently we have regional offices in Phoenix, Casa Grande, Tucson, Arizona, Utah and Atlanta, Georiga. RCD is interested in becoming part of your vendors listings. In addition to providing cleaning services, we offer other services required in your business, such as minor maintenance.

This e-mail request the name and title of whom we can send information explaining our interest in becoming part of the AMC Theatres family.



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