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Twistee Treat Corporate Office Address

Twistee Treat USA, LLC
5555 S. Kirkman RoadSuite 201
Orlando, Florida 32819

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Phone Number: (321) 445-9103
Fax Number: (321) 445-9153
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Twistee Treat Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Twistee Treat Executives

CEO: Corey Balzer
CFO: Max Fromberg

Twistee Treat History

Twistee Treat was founded in 1983 in North Fort Myers, Florida. The company sells soft serve ice cream and smoothies. The original owners offered franchises and soon new stores were all over Florida. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1991. Franchise owners were sold the right to the name and the buildings.

In 1996 the rights to the name was sold and renamed Twistee Treat USA. The company began building new locations in 2010. Currently, there are 35 locations in central Florida, the Tampa, Florida, area, and Houston, Texas. Current plans for expansion call for 15 new locations by 2018, with 6 more in the Houston area. All stores are company owned.

Twistee Treat is best known for their ice cream shaped buildings and ice cream made with real cream, not milk. Headquarters are now located in Orlando, Florida.

Twistee Treat FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Twistee Treat?
Answer 1: The phone number for Twistee Treat is (321) 445-9103.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Twistee Treat?
Answer 2: The CEO of Twistee Treat is Corey Balzer.

Question 3: Who founded Twistee Treat?
Answer 3: Twistee Treat was founded by in .

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Marwa Abdellatif August 12, 2019 at 11:02 pm

My Name is Marwa Abdellatif.
I was a Shift Leader at Twistee Treat Celebration at 2905 Parkway Blvd, Celebration, Fl 34747.
I am filing a complaint about my wrongful Termination from my job from my Manager, along with other co workers.
I did nothing wrong but called out on a religious holiday.
My Manager, Stephen Riepe, stated that he fired me because he stated that because I called out, and being somehow rude to my co workers and customers.
And this is a lie.
I have always been very respectful and professional to my co workers. I was never rude to my co workers. I always did my job. I was never horsing around like my manager and my co workers did. I was never eating while “clocked in” in front of customers and ignoring doing the orders. I never went to hide in an unseen location while the customers were wanting to make an order or waiting for an order, instead letting the other co workers over work. I was never late doing any of the orders. I was never rude to any of the customers. I always gave out “smiles” to the customers because I know all the customers just want to have a great time with their family by having a great service and great quality ice cream.
I was always their to take anyone’s shift when no one else would take it. I would always go in and help out my co workers when they were understaffed. I was always there as a shift leader restocking, giving brakes to minors, and doing my very best by have integrity towards my job.
But my co workers not so much.
Salma, Alexis, Kaylee, Hafsa, and Stephen are always not doing their job.
They are always eating, horsing around, on their phones, sneaking out during their shift when they are clocked in, leaving early, all because they have the privilege in being “chill” and “friends” with the young manager.
The Manager Stephen, lied to me and my sister who also works at twistee treat to not show up the day of National Ice Cream day when were scheduled to work. He stated that the reason that he told us that was because one of our co workers fainted in the store and was treated by paramedics. This however occurred during mid day at 12ish pm, and I texted my Co worker at 3, and he stated that he was alright and fine at home. My shift wasn’t due until 6, however I was called out for a reason that wasn’t exactly the reason? I figured out that my manager, along with his friends, wanted to share all the tips of that huge profited day all to themselves and not interfere two more people with it. I honestly care less about the tips, but being lied to in a professional place is unacceptable.
My co workers and Stephen terminated me because I confronted them on their lack of work and leadership in this professional environment. They terminated me because they were jealous of the tips I got and the hard work I did, and the customers appreciation to by great service.
My co workers work as if they are in a High School cafeteria or a group project that none of them want to do. All they do is talk, eat,
horse around and gossip.
The place is always dirty, anyone who closes never cleans up the place or close the machines so they won’t brake, or they don’t clean the dishes so the rust would stick.
Please take this seriously and take immediate action.
No other employee should go though this experience or customer in order to keep the great image of Twistee Treat alive and not diminished by the lack of maturity at a workplace.
Lastly I feel discriminated by being terminated from my job merely because I was on a religious holiday, along with being wrongfully accused when I always did my job. If nothing happens for my cause, I will have the law help then.


alexander April 28, 2019 at 7:19 pm






Ana Gonzalez May 18, 2018 at 5:34 pm

To whom it May concern:

My name is Ana M Gonzalez, I am an employee of Twistee Treat Poinciana 1 since November 2017,as a shift lead position. This is to report an incident that occurred yesterday May 17, 2018. I started my work shift at 5pm, since my regular shift was to 4pm, but Michelle (Manager Store) contacted me to let me know that she was slow and  I would come in an hour later. Upon I arrival, Michelle was working alone with the full  drive thru and also without her being able to handle both sides at the same time making her ,wait the customers who were already upset by the wait. I start to take orders finish the rush .Finishing my area satisfactorily I start to help Michelle with the drve thru, where Michelle had made a mistake of 3 kiddie cup with vanilla which was chocolate syrup on top, but she did not add it to the system, it was easy to correct it, adding the syrup and I told Michelle that she forgot to add the syrup in the system. I made a mistake by serving a sundae. on vanilla ice cream, when it was supposed to be chocolate ice cream. Michelle instead of letting me know in a good way she started shouting at me, that I was no longer able to work in there because I was too ole and that work was for young people. I felt uncomfortable and offended my age for a mistake I made, when minutes earlier Michelle had made a mistake and the only comment I said was that she forgot to add the syrup to the system. I looked her surprised when she addressed me that way, so unprofessional and offensive. Michelle noticed my discomfort, began to laugh and tell me a story that was a joke and she also had the same problem , but it was not for the age. That she was very tired, because between her child, her school and work sometimes she felt that she could not handled. My question is; If you do not feel able to manage a business why you request for the position of Store Manager, when that position requires time and clear mind for all the processes that must be carried out. When I met Michelle for the first time we had a conversation where I explained many situations that were happening in the establishment, and also inform her that many employees did not like to work with me because I made them work to keep the cone clean and organized with everything we needed to work without backlash or problems I explained to her that I always demanded that they come to work in complete uniform, since many of them did not use it or simply did not use it correctly with the hat backward or name tag on the side of the hat instead in front in your shirt like that the customer can identified you  … and they are not allow  to use the cell phone during working hours .

Many employees did not like that I was so strict, for example; Erika, she was upset because she made many mistakes taking orders and I was forced to remove it from the register and assign a new employee. Another employee named Tuti got upset because I  called her the attention to cash in cash to a client, when the register belonged to Ayanna and the rules are a cashier for each register and no one else should charge cash.Tuti was upset and missing Respect told me that because I had to call her attention as if I were a fu_____ng supervisor, been very disrespectful to me In my opinion, if I am a shift lead, I am in charge of the shift and supervising that everything is fine.! Jordan Colon was upset with me because in hours of work is making use of an ear phone and dancing, when we were in rush and the most appropriate was to work to eliminate the rush. I would inform Michelle to look for solutions to these problems, since she was the Store Manager, and her answer was that she was tired of so many complaints.  I’m very disappointed with her answer. I am a hard-working woman, I like to work clean and organized, I have more than 30 years of experience in customer service and knowledge I had my own business, and for personal and matrimonial reasons I had to desist from working it, for that reason I am strict. Not with this description I am aspiring to the position of Store Manager just explaining why I am strict and my knowledge. I can understand they are young and many of them is their first work experience as Michelle explained me, but for this reason it is necessary to show them the proper and correct way to work and how to keep a job, and not allow them to do what they want as if they were On the street with there friends or at home with mom and dad. Michelle on multiple occasions behaves like them, she even brings homework from school to work, occupying the time she can dedicate to the establishment. She does not do the inventory orders correctly so that we  have been missing flavors, ice cream , hot fudge whipped cream, toppings and many more things like glasses and lids …. etc.I consider that Michelle is not trained or has enough experience that requires the position of Store Manager, has no professionalism and is very disrespectful adding that she does not have enough time required to manage the cone. Corporate must take it into consideration to hire someone else who has the experience, time, and professionalism to handle any inconvenience and situations with the correct procedure and someone does not violate the legal rights of the employee by age, race, sex, etc … For example the action committed with me because of my age. Today May 18, I present my immediate resignation because my rights were violated by my age from  my Store Manager Michelle and because I do not feel like working in an establishment where I constantly tell the customer that we do not have the product they are ordering. This is because Michelle does not have the experience of how to run a business and make the correct inventory orders. of demands on orders that leads to Poinciana 1 due to the high volume of sales. I offer my respects to Coporate hoping corporate will take action on the matter and can make a decision that improves the management of Twistee Treat Poinciana 1. I apologize if corporate consider that my complaints are without foundation, but I felt obliged to inform my discomfort to work.

   Thank you for your attention

             att Ana M Gonzalez



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