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Tire Discounters Corporate Office Address

Tire Discounters Inc.
7525 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Contact Tire Discounters

Phone Number: (513) 271-4422
Fax Number: (513) 527-3114
Website: http://www.tirediscounters.com
Email: Email Tire Discounters

Tire Discounters Facts

Founder: William (Chip) Wood
Date Founded: 1976
Founding Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Number of Employees: 1100

Tire Discounters Executives

CEO: Paul Brunner
CFO: Patrick Mathews
COO: Jamie Ward

Tire Discounters History

Tire Discounters logo

Tire Discounters was founded in 1976 by current chairman William (Chip) Wood in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The company has remained family owned and Chip’s son Jamie Wood currently serves as VP of Sales & Operations.

The company began with a single location but expanded quickly in the southern Ohio region.

Tire Discounters store front The company was the first to offer all-inclusive pricing instead of the traditional way of separating tire and installation charges.  The company also offers free 4 wheel alignment with the purchase of 4 tires.

Tire discounters store interior

In addition to tires, the company also offers other services like brakes, shocks & struts and oil changes.

Tire Discounters is currently the 10th largest independent tire dealer in the US.  There are over 100 Tire Discounter locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

In 2017, the company announced that it had plans to double its footprint in the tire industry, growing from 106 locations to 200 or more within the next 5 years. 

Tire Discounters logo 2

Tire Discounters FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Tire Discounters?
Answer 1: The phone number for Tire Discounters is (513) 271-4422.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Tire Discounters?
Answer 2: The CEO of Tire Discounters is Paul Brunner.

Question 3: Who founded Tire Discounters?
Answer 3: Tire Discounters was founded by William (Chip) Wood in 1976.

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Debra tuchscherer June 17, 2019 at 4:26 pm

I have been a customer of your Dixie Highway store since the day it was opened. I got to know the manager Jim and felt comfortable with what ever he said I needed. The price was always resonable and I knew the work was being done right. Last time I went into the store I was told that Jim had been moved to the Shelbyville Road store. I was sad because the person I could count on to take care of my car wasn’t there to service it. I tried with the new people Hubert and a blonde lady. I am not satified with the way I was treated. You advertise an oil change for 44.95. I took my new Lincoln in there to get the oil change and I said now that is 44.95 right. She said oh no. Your car takes andother thing of oil with taxes and the price of oil and service fees it comes to 66.95. I said what about my friends and family discount? I was told that you no longer give that discount. Next time I will just take my Lincoln to the Lincoln dealership. It will cost me 66.99 they will come and get my car, give me a loaner, wash my car and return it to me for that price. I have two other cars that will be needing new tires by the end of the year. You can be assured I will either be looking Jim up or probably be going to another business. Also today I asked for my tires to be rotated and they where not because I marked the front tires. My Lincoln is 8 months old. My husband said you watch they will call us saying something is wrong with the car. Sure enough you did. The guy seemed suprised when I told him that I would take it to the Lincoln dealer to have the service done. When I went to get my Lincoln today I told Hubert that I was a customer of this store every since you opened, but I willn’t be back again. I am so sorry that you feel that the southend of Louisville doesn’t need Jim to represent your store because we do. He was always fair, and didn’t try to sell you something that your car didn’t need.


Emery Phipps May 13, 2019 at 11:26 am

Bought 4 American Racing Torque Thrust Wheels. Had a vibration so bad would almost lose control at 50 to 70 mph. I went back to have the lugs torqued. They said that it was good to go. I went back with the same problem. Manager said there is nothing we can do once the wheels are mounted it’s your problem.. I came home took one of the wheels off front there was no balance weight on the wheel. I took that wheel back to get it balanced came back home did a test drive still out of balance. So I went to another place to get old wheels put back on. When they removed the rear wheels there was 24 balance weights on that wheel alone. that would tell me that there was a problem with that wheel and I am no mechanic. Lost my business forever.


James February 12, 2019 at 6:14 pm

On 11/3/18 and 1/26/19 I took in both my vehicles for an oil change and tire rotation. Each vehicle I had marked to ensure the work was being done. Both vehicles did not have the tires rotated. Seriously? Very unhappy as yet again another place I can’t trust.




Lynn Pack September 25, 2018 at 6:37 pm

On September 15th 2018 at 2:00 pm I took my Ford Explorer to the Chillicothe Ohio Tire Discounters because I have a rather severe vibration. I asked to have it aligned and have all four tire spin balanced and rotated. I also requested that my rims be inspected because I was told I had a bent rim from the previous owner. I asked that they replace the bent rim with one that I had in the back of my vehicle. I was told that it would take approximately 2 hours and when I returned my vehicle was out front. I went in and paid my bill and was shown a picture of the alignment that was suppose to have been done. After I got home I realized that the tires had not been rotated or balanced. There were no weights at all on 2 of the 4 tires and my drivers side front tire had black break dust on it and was still in the same place and the dust not even disturbed.
I called after I returned from work on Monday and spoke to Mark the manager. I told him about this and the fact that nothing had improved even with the alignment they claimed they had done. Because I work 5 am until 3 and drive 1 hour each way to and from work, I could not get back in until Friday September 21st. I was given an 8 am appointment. I went and spoke to Mark. He got my vehicle in and again I ask for him to make sure they were spin balanced and the bad rim changed. When they claimed to be done this time, they had rotated at least two of the tires, because they dirty drivers side tire was then on the drivers side back. One tire that did not have weights on it before did but the 4th tire still does not have any at all. Mark told me there was no bent rim but that they had changed to the rim that I had in the back and spin balanced it. Again it was a lie. The tire in the back has marks on it from the place it was purchased, and is still in the back of my vehicle. I still have the terrible vibration and nothing has changed with my vehicle $151.00 dollars later. I have not contacted Mark again because I am done with giving them chances to make things right when it should have been done right the first time, much less an second time. I drive 100 miles a day and for two days this week over 100 miles. I explained that to them when I took my vehicle in both times. I am very upset with this and I want my money back and I have every intention of contacting the BBB. I will also tell how your facility operates on social media as well if need be. This is unacceptable from any company but for a company that has peoples lives in their hands, it is even more unacceptable.
I will be waiting to hear back from your office. I will be taking my vehicle to another facility to have the work done correctly so I can safely travel to and from work.

Thank you


Ralph Moore September 13, 2018 at 7:37 pm

I wish to make you aware of recent incident involving our visit to tire discounters Hendersonville Tennessee on main street.
First let me explain, our household consist of four adults and two teenagers yielding a total of eight vehicles not including a motorhome. We have already purchased four sets of tires for 4 vehicles and been happy with the service and the tires.
However, on recent visit my daughter requested that a part be replaced in at 2008 Chrysler van. She asked how long it would be as she was taking her son to college that day and he needed the vehicle. He said about two hours. She returned in three hours in the vehicle hadn’t been moved. The technician (I thought it was a technician) explained that the vehicle was too hot what he meant was that it would be ready 2 hours after they started on it. I know they can be busier than it appears. However, they weren’t particularly that busy. The technician became huffy told her she could take it if they wanted to as they had not started yet.
I was interested in checking so when it came time to pick up the vehicle I went myself to pick it up. I spoke to the general manager who’s name I have in my binder but I don’t have with me. Explain to me what had occurred and told him that I really didn’t appreciate the way that she is been spoken to. As I explained everything he kept saying OK, OK, OK,. So I said what does that mean OK nothings going to be done about it? He said he would talk to people about it. End of story
I explained to him that I had for more vehicles that would probably need tires in the next year, and it would be a cold day in hell before I brought it back to them. He said OK. Ask him what was that all about OK OK OK. He said well what do you want me to do? I only said I wish that they would appreciate the business I do bring him I don’t expect any special recognition but I am a regular customer (or was).
When I got home I explain it to my daughter and explained who I had spoken to at the TD. She tells me that that’s who she talk to the same guy.
So now I’m really angry that the GM didn’t fess up and tell me it was him who spoke with my daughter. My resolve not to return to tire discounters got even stronger. I’ve boycotted several businesses in the past and I’ve never gone back to those businesses. I don’t care if I save $100 per tire I will never return to tire discounters.
No longer your Customer
Ralph D. Moore

Hendersonville TN 37075

Sent from my iPad


Michelle August 17, 2018 at 6:59 pm

So I recently got my oil changed at the 665 London Groveport Road Address. I had an appointment at 4:00pm – I was delayed due to an accident on 71. I called the store at 3:55pm to say I was running about 15 min late and wanted to make sure I could still get my car in at that time. Alex said they could still accommodate me. I arrived at 4:15 and waited in line behind a lady who had waited 3 hours for a set of tires to be installed and to be rotated. To help calm her down the guy Alex behind the counter gave her 100.00 off for her wait time in hopes to gain her business back. As I checked in, I was told I would have an hour and a half wait for an oil change. I walked down the street to the store and got back to the shop about an hour later. I waited in the lobby while my car was being finished. during this time I watched Alex be the one to call customers to let them know their car was done, call for service parts, ring out customers and answer phones. The General Manager was busy telling costumers that he had no time for oil changes or even tire pressure checks and that he would be lucky to even make it home in the evening. If they wanted anything done they would have to leave their car. This man Robert White was not in a Tire Discounter shirt at all, and looked very dis-shoveled. I would have never guessed that he was the GM.
When I got my bill, I was charged for Synthetic oil that I did not ask for, the 20 dollar labor for the oil change ( which is expected) but then a 39.99 charge for Labor preformed doing warranty work- wait what??? I just had my oil changed. I had nothing else done to my vehicle. this was questioned and later that charge was dropped. As I was leaving, Alex asked if I could leave a review for the company and my experience, When I said I would; he insisted that I come around the service counter and leave the review while I was there. I felt pressured to leave a sub-par review with the employee over my shoulder. But I did say that Alex was more helpful than the GM.
When the service tech brought my car around. He did not know how to reset my light to tell me it was time for an oil change and had no cover on my seat or floor mat.
I am extremely upset that I could have been taken advantage of If I was not careful – I expected better service.


Will June 6, 2018 at 8:30 am

I had an 8 A.M. appointment on June 2, 2018for front brakes, tire rotation, and replacement of the rear wiper blade for my 2015 Kia Sorrento at the Mt Washington, KY store. At 9:30 that morning, the General Manager called to say the brakes looked perfectly fine (rotors and pads) and the car was ready to be picked up. When I arrived at approximately 10:40 I was informed that they replaced the pads and I was charged $105.00. After I left I discovered the rear wiper blade had not been replaced. As I thought more about my conversation with the General Manager, I had less confidence that my pads had actually been replaced. I called the store back and was told the GM was on the phone and would call me back. That never happened. I called first thing Monday and spoke to the GM, explained my concerns was told he would check into it and call me back. Again this did not happen!! I stopped in the store at approximately 4:30 to speak to the GM. After waiting for about 15 minutes, he finally came out. I said I spoke to you this morning and you said you would call me back. His response was “I’ve talked to a lot of people today.” Very condescending attitude. He then said he spoke to the technician and that the pads had not been replaced. He tried to refund the $105.00 but said Corporate would have to do it some thing I have little confidence in. Also on June 4th, I took my son’s Honda Civic in for an oil change and tire rotation. We were told he needed new tires so we went ahead and had them replaced for $604. When he left on June 5th to go back to Murray, KY he discovered something dragging on the ground. It was discovered that the skid plate had not been correctly reinstalled after the oil change and was dragging on the ground. That section of the plate is now shredded and needs to be replaced. My son missed a day of work and had to take my car back to Murray so I can facilitate the repairs on his car. My son also has to make the 3.5 hour trip back this weekend so we can switch vehicles again. In summary, the Mt Washington store completely lacks professionalism and basic customer service and service recovery skills. The GM especially needs to be addressed.


Susan Proffitt May 31, 2018 at 2:50 pm

So I make a 11 appointment drop my truck off at 11 technician takes my keys lol gets me know they will get it In and taken care of. An hour and 20 minutes later I go back truck still in same spot. I walk in to talk to someone and notice at this point someone goes out to move my truck. (Wasnt sure he had a clue how to drive a stick and the smell of burning clutch convinced me that he didnt). An hour and 1/2 later I walk back into store my truck is on the ground but still in the bay. I ask to talk to a manager and was told he was on the phone. Why make appointments if your not going to honor them?


Tonja Caudill May 4, 2018 at 8:21 pm

I brought my 2015 Ford Mustang 59 years edition in to your Ferguson Road store for new Pirelli tires. We dropped it off on Thursday May 3rd, 2018, and went to pick it up on Friday, May 4th. The car was parked outside the store in their parking lot. As I went into to pay the service bill, my husband went to look at the new tires. He immediately came inside to tell the employees that the rims on both of the rear wheels and the right front wheel of the mustang were heavily damaged. The store manager and another employee went outside to look at them. They both acknowledged the damage and one of them stated the believed he knew what happened. He said he thought it was a bad “duck bill” on the tire mounter. We all went inside and the store manager said not to worry, they would take care of it and they had a guy they use all the time for rim repairs. He gave us the name and number of the repair person. Josh, the store manager, said he needed to call his manager, the district manager, to file a claim. He spoke to a gentleman named Mark who asked him to take and send him pictures of the damaged rims and the tire mounting machine in question. The tire mounting machine he took pictures of was located towards the back of the service bay. Josh did so and after about 10 minutes Mark called back stating he needed to talk to his manager first and he would call back shortly. Approximately 20 more minutes passed and someone called back and told Josh to tell us that it was impossible that their equipment did this damage as the part of the machine that comes in contact with the rim is only plastic. Josh said that they (Tire Discounters) were not responsible for any damage. He proceeded to ask us to pay for and sign the invoice. I told him I wasn’t signing anything until this issue was resolved to our satisfaction. Josh told me to pay for the tires or he was keeping my car. I told him to remove the tires and place my old tires back on my vehicle. He hesitated at first but did agree to remove the new tires. My husband and I watched the technicians as they removed the new tires and replaced the old ones. The tire mounting machine that was used this time was in the front of the service bay, nearest the customer service counter, not the machine they said they used to place the newly purchased tires initially. He proceeded to place two of the more heavily damaged rims on the right side front and rear of my vehicle. He made notes on the second invoice that the car came in damaged on the right side, possibly from “curbing”. However the original invoice for service and installation of the new tires made no mention of damage. My car was not damaged prior to leaving it with these technicians. I have pictures of the tires before and after removal and reinstallation and there is no damage (scuffing) to the tires themselves as would be seen if “curbing” had occured like they inferred to. I have since filed a claim with my insurance company and they will be in contact with your company. Our only request was for your technicians to acknowledge they caused the damage and repair/replace the rims.


Chuck March 16, 2018 at 3:53 pm

It’s unbelievably disappointing that your Chillicothe store in Ohio would take advantage of a teenage girl. I recently replaced the struts and ball joints for the daughter of a friend. As you well know once completing this an alignment is required. I suggested she try tire discounters in Chillicothee, Ohio. I called and made the appointment and was told 89.00. I sent this young girl to them in her repaired car and she walked out with a bill for almost 2 hundred dollars. When I called to see where the mistake was, I was told she needed to have a cam bolt replaced (this is patently false as I just had the bolts off and re-installed them when replacing the strut). The cam bolts were both fine. I explained this to the Manager of the Chillicothee store and he tried to say the bill was accurate as there are charges for rags, acetylene, consumables etc… I find this exceedingly difficult to believe as those costs are built into the alignment price advertised as 89.00 dollars. The manager thought it would be best to argue with me and not answer questions until I reminded him that I was a customer and he needed to provide me with a couple answers. His response was to hang up on me and not answer when I called back. The fact is they replaced a six dollar bolt (that didn’t need replaced) in addition to an 89.00 dollar alignment and got an extra hundred out of a nineteen year old girl. I recommend that no human being ever use this store again. The days of setting Toe in/out, caster, SAI and camber and collecting a fair price for a service rendered are gone. Now you have to get an extra hundred from a child to pay for the computer that does the measurements for you. I am an old mechanic not very versed at computer usage but you can rest assured that I will do my very best and use every resource available to me to see to it that this reaches as many people as possible. In all my years I’ve never let anything upset me to the point of trying to make an internet statement, this time however it’s different. I also have a young daughter and this hits far too close to home. SHAME ON YOU Tire Discounters of Chillicothe, Ohio!!!!!. What’s really interesting is the that I didn’t read any of the comments until I was ready to submit this one. It seems that Chillicothee isn’t the only problem store–BEWARE FOLKS!!! Find somewhere else to spend your hard earned dollar.



doug sowder February 24, 2018 at 1:51 pm

had a flat tire I went to tire discounters on preston hwy Louisville Kentucky. I wanted used tire they sold me a new one. I had a road hazard warranty on a new tire. two weeks later it had a cut in the sidewall. chester was the name of the asshole behind the counter he said it was not covered and it was my fault. I will go some where else from now on. tire discounters can kiss it


Wayne Erman December 27, 2017 at 6:03 pm

3 Strikes your out.
Strike 1: I was told my brake rotors were too thin to resurface and that I needed to purchase new ones. I took the car home and researched on my own. I happen to be an Ex-tool maker so I pulled out some mics and low and behold all 4 rotors had over .030 allowable stock.
Strike 2: Took my car in to have the brakes fluid flushed. They did not use the scan tool and brake pedal went clear to the floor. I gave them another chance and they could not fix it. So I had to take my car to another shop where they charged me $100 to bleed the brakes correctly.
Strike 3: Took my Lincoln Towncar to get the wheels balanced. The vibration when I got my car back my very bad. I took it back and told them the steering wheel vibrates badly. They re-checked and said they were balanced correctly and that there was nothing wrong. I had to take my car to Discount Tires across the street where they determined that the tires were counter balanced, (all weights on one side). Now they lost my business for three vehicles and I will do a charge back for the services incorrectly performed and never return to Tire Discounters and tell everyone I about my experiences.


John sharp December 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm

Wow what out fit. Won’t allow a refund for service not performed
Will lose my 3 cars and truck business over that you are very disappointing
Won’t answer emails phone calls no denial notice what a piece of crap
Outfit way to treat your customers no more never


Terri December 15, 2017 at 8:50 am

Husband took truck in for new rims and tires. Dropped the truck off the evening prior and gave them the entire next day to do the work promised. Went to pickup truck and they did not put the new rims on…just the tires. Honest mistake…they offered to work late and correct the issue. We told them it wasn’t a problem and left it another day. Went to pick it up the next day…still not done, truck was in the bay said it would be done before they left. Husband said he’d come back after they closed to pick it up and went ahead and paid them. We needed the truck back that night. Went to pick it up and they locked it in the bay. So, another day without the truck…that we needed. There solution to all this was a free oil change… REALLY????


d. sizelove December 11, 2017 at 9:09 pm

to whom may even care at around 11 am on this date 12/11/17 I called tire discounters on galbraith road in cinti oh to get a quote on 4 tires for my girls car. Was priced 299 and tax so went to store to get tires asked again the total Tyler the counter man gave me a completely different pricing being told first total manager Joe got the total I was quoted over thee phone. This was around eleven thirty am we asked how long it would take Tyler said about two hours that was fine went home waited and waited after about 3 hours I call them was told it was just being put on the lift ok now how much longer Tyler once again told me around 90 minutes so I waited and waited another 2 hours went by and not even a courtesy call to let me know what was going on. So I call a third time and they give me the excuse something about lug bolts ok I am pissed and am asking was you even going to call and let me know what was going on and that’s when whoever came back (that’s what happens when you don’t make a appointment) For one thing if I needed a appointment they should of said so on the phone or when I came in and not said oh it will take two hours. That’s not how you do business so anyway Tyler tried to be very sorry but as he said his boss left at one and it wasn’t his original store and he was trying to do it by himself. What started out as a two hour job became a all day job and the worst part of it the last time I called no answer so I go down there car on the rack no tires on it Tyler at first said well its been aligned he only has put the tires on ok heres another wait got putting tires on came out of garage I asked him was it aligned he said no so Tyler was wrong This was so full of XXXXX and so un business like I will never go to tire discounters again.


Jeremy Griffith November 30, 2017 at 8:40 am

We have a fleet account for our church vehicles. We purchased several sets of the 80k Michelin tires. They sold us then with three idea of getting they mail in discount but later found out that we were ineligible because of fleet discount. I felt little misguided. Then came to pick up vehicle they said didn’t have time to align after being there all day. The car is used 6 days a week hard to let go. Called several times and stopped to get aligned always to busy. Now they say it’s been too long to have done. We feel that the service had been an unpleasant experience.


MONTY MARSH November 28, 2017 at 4:27 pm

740 W Central Ave
Springboro, OH 45066

Bought a set of tires about 2 years ago a I needed a tire repaired. They were too busy to repair my tire on a Friday and said to come back on Monday. I was told that I did not need an appointment even showing up at 5:00 PM.
Showed up on Monday at 4:45 to get my tire repair and was told that I needed to drop off my car and could pick it up the next day. I stated to them several times that I was told it would not be an issue to get it fixed Monday night and they refused to fix the tire Monday night.
This was a first form me, they told me that I had developed an attitude and was asked to leave their store. I used a few choice words in my displeasure in their CUSTOMER NO SERVICE. I was shocked in how I was treated by this sale person whom really has no clue on customer service.

Went to Grismer Tire in Springboro and they had no issue to fix my tire on Monday night and they closed an hour earlier that Tire Discounters


John sharp November 22, 2017 at 7:57 pm

Oct 20 had my 1987 elcamino in tire discounters in Reynoldsburg Ohio
To get a front end alighnment,check The problem being that it pulled to the right
They put it on the rack I watched the tech he did nothing but set the toe in , said aster and camber were fine . They charged me 89.62 for a four wheel alighnment this cannot be done
On this model vehicle.
Took my truck out to drive still pulled to the right , went back to the shop told them it still pulled to the right, they didn’t offer to try again , I asked about how they did the four wheel
They didn’t know.
I ask for a refund they told me only corporate issued refunds , made out some paper work
To send to corporate. This is 22 of nov no action yet
I have called custermer service numerous times no return calls , have sent emails no answer
A week and half ago some woman called said she was taking care of it no action yet.
What does it take to get a refund or at least a phone call or email my phone is 614354XXXXX


John sharp November 24, 2017 at 8:09 pm

Just give me an answer


John sharp November 30, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Would just be happy if I knew what is wrong , why no ans
At all


Branden Curtis September 23, 2017 at 9:39 pm

This place is terrible they refused to replace my tire that i bought a warranty on. i had a blow out on the highway due to them putting tire pressure monitors they put in my tires that were bad and were never even supposed to be on there. claimed they did the work for free but theres no history of them doing it and the guy who done it mysteriously got fired the day before i went up there to get my tire replaced then tried to charge me more then i originally paid for the tire. the manager was very rude and they have been refusing to take the tire pressure monitiors out of my tires when they knew they would cause problems but they didnt want to fix there own mistake and tried to charge me for it. i may have to take them to small claims court if they dont honor there warranty. i almost wrecked on the eway because of my tire being blowed out because it went flat because of the tire pressure monitor they put in and they act like a tire that wasnt even 2 months old shouldnt be replaced f**k that this place is bulls**t


Robert Hughes July 29, 2017 at 5:06 pm

I would not recommend the tire discounters store in Willington, Ohio due to not treating the customer right. Taking their money and not doing the job right. I have spent enough money at tire discounters to deserve better. I am very very unhappy.. Robert L Hughes Sr.. USMC


Ashlei Blu-Bryant July 18, 2017 at 3:56 pm

Good afternoon. Since going to the store numerous times about my issue has not worked, I’ll let the corporate office as well as anyone else that has contemplated shopping at Tire Discounters know that they are better off spending their money at a dealer.
I bought a set of Pirelli tires last September after I had my car towed to the Tire Discounters on 237 in Hebron, KY. I reiterated that I needed to keep one of my current tires that was still good so I was sure to have a spare. A couple months later I got my oil changed (synthetic) and the air pressure light was STILL on after I continue to ask “why?” and was told “once the light is on, it stays on” … that’s garbage. But they would not go into any further detail. After a terrible experience with the manager, Bill telling us the car would be done at certain time and us continuing to have to leave and go back because it was not ready, I swore I would not go back there. So, my next oil change I took my car to Toyota. They finally gave me answers. One: I should not put synthetic oil in my car because there’s no need unless it’s just sitting; it’s a waste of money. Two: My air pressure light is still on because my spare tire has a hole in it. Oh really?! Tire Discounters owes me a 19″ tire and quite a bit of money for those synthetic oil changes. They should know what type of oil is right for my car.
After going to the current manager, (I don’t even know his name, they’re all the same), he “attempted” to find me a spare by asking a kid if he thought they had any but “19s are hard to come by”. Yeah, no kidding. If he was worried about making his customers happy, he would have called another store and found me one. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO TIRE DISCOUNTERS! THEY’RE THEIVES!


Zchary Creditt June 26, 2017 at 10:32 am

This morning, Travis, the front sales employee at the Tire Discounts on 2368 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, Kentucky, informed me I had a nail in my tire and he could not patch the tire. Travis informed me the nail was about 1 inch from the sidewall and due to the make of the tire inside he could not patch the tire. I began to question Travis about why this could not be done since it was not on the sidewall. Travis continued to tell me the NAIL was too close to the sidewall. I then asked to see the tire, so Travis brought the tire out to me. Turns out there was NO nail at all in my tire. Travis said he must have got confused with another tire in the garage. My car was one of three cars in the garage. Turns out I had a slit in the middle my tire no where near my sidewall. Travis said I needed to replace the tire but I do not believe I was receiving the full truth since I just caught Travis in a lie. So I spent $190.00 on a tire I’m unsure I really needed.


Sonny Adkins June 18, 2017 at 8:38 pm

To whom it may concern,

On 6-17 -17 I had an appointment at your Dry Ridge location for a rotation and balance. I was watching your technicians that were performing the work on my vehicle and saw them take my tires off prop them up against the lift and walk away for about 10 minutes. They came back and started to put my tires back on my vehicle without balancing them. I spoke with the young lady working the front desk and she went out to ask them if they balanced my tires. She came back in and said that they did. I explained to her that I had watched them the whole time and that I was positive they didn’t balance them. She went back out and they had another conversation and the tech started to balance them at that point. I watched as the tech put all four tires on the machine but he never once turned the machine on.
This was the second time that this exact same thing happened to me at this location.
The last time I was at this location the same tech that “serviced” my vehicle yesterday got in my vehicle to pull into the bay and he ran over the huge curb out front along with a stack of tires about 5 ft tall. Not only did he hit the curb and the tires he also continued to keep driving with a tire stuck in the wheel well. He blamed it on the fact that I parked to close to the curb. He wouldn’t have hit the curb if he didn’t cut the wheel so hard.
It’s obvious that the employees are dishonest and can’t be trusted!!
Over the past 3 years I have spent well over $8000.00 at this location and I can tell you that I will never go back to this store again


steve hanshew June 12, 2017 at 10:54 am

purchased 4 cooper tires for my 2011 E-350 @ mt washington,ky store. after TRYING to drive home i had to turn around & go back to TD, vibration was so bad i could even see out of my mirrors. they put it on the hoist & decide the L/R tire was out of round. drove van home with same vibration. took it back to mt washongton.ky TD. put it back on hoist & decided R/R tire was out of round. drove van home with same vibration.
after 3 try, i took it to BIG O. not only did they get them balanced, they didn”t charge.
so after poor service, charging me for road hazard i didn’t want (TD told me I HAD TO HAVE IT) and charged me for mounting them (mounting was nagotiated in cost).


Ed Lyons June 9, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Invoice number 5265216…I have been going to tire discounters since it opened in Grove city. The past few oil change and tire rotations the appointments took from 1.25 hours to 2.4 hours. I understand that sometimes they do take longer but both times my tires were NOT rotated. The last service I asked the young man why and he said the tire depth in the front was better so they did not rotate them. I guess that would be ok but my vehicle is a REAR wheel drive and that the invoice shows all 4 tires at 6/32. So I guess I if your employees are going be deceitful, they need know the car and what they techs are doing on the bays. Bottom line is I used to go to here for the service and value….but since I am not getting what was promised( tire rotation) I will go where I can to get the service I expect. I guess I should probably check to see if the oil was actually changed.


Steven Johnson May 18, 2017 at 2:06 pm

On 5-16 I was Passion to Chattanooga And located one your stores and got a new set of tires. When they put the tires on they found out that my front wheel bearings in our ties need to be replaced. Once I do that I can get the realignment but I live in Gatlinburg Tennessee and I’d have to go all the way back down to Chattanooga had to get this done. Please consider Opening a store in severe county which is severeville pigeon forge and Gatlinburg. We basically only have one actual tire store in the area and yours tire store Would-be Well-used if you decide to put a location here. If not here at-least in Knoxville that’s only 45 minutes away. Thank you very much and I am a very satisfied customer and will continue doing business with yet I just hope you get location very close to me thank you


Charles May 9, 2017 at 10:50 am

Five years ago I purchased two tire for my trailer, I had another tire blow out and went to get another one. Later I got a call and said the two tires were the wrong size and that with the same size on, the trailer was locked up because of those two tire. He suggested that I purchase four new tires, I said those tire I bought 5 years ago are like new as the trailer is not used much and that they put the wrong tires on they should pay for them. He didn’t want to do that so I said, just put two tires on the left side, I’m not buying two more tires because you guys screwed up. So I didn’t hear from them, they owed me a tire balance and a rotation and the next morning I went and got the rotation and balance and when it was all finished I went to pay and Mike said they had a pow wow and decided the thing to do was replaced all the tires to the same size, they charged me for the two tires, replaced the others for free and didn’t charge me for the installation. They did the right thing and in my book that means a lot, so all you other TD stores that have been screwing up, get your head out of your a** and do what is right. Thanks Mike at the Lebanon, OH store for doing what is right, I’m a long time customer there, I have 6 vehicles, and I will continue to shop at the Lebanon, OH store.


Janet May 5, 2017 at 6:34 pm

Worst tire company. I had a nail in the side of my tire and needed to purchase a new one. I had purchased all four tires fromTire Discounter and the price for the new tire was over two hundred dollars. We went to Big O and got the same tire for $ 129.00. Tire Discounters were rude and didn’t offer a discount on the tire we purchased from them. Do not use this company


Barbara Ahmed April 27, 2017 at 1:51 pm

I had an Oil Change At first after twe a tire balance yesterday at the cost of just below $90.00. When they gave our car back to us we saw that the low pressure light was on it was on when we brought the car in but we new that they check the pressure when you get an oil change. I went back in to inquire if there policy was to check Tire pressure during an oil change. The woman behind the counter said oh yes I thought you heard me talking to the tech. You have to drive the car for a while like 5 of 10 min for the car to reset and then the tire pressure light will go off. I had never head that before. Anytime I have had to get air when the low pressure light has come on as soon as I put air in the tires the light has gone off. This was the first thing I was lied to about. Then I checked my trunk and found that the wheel lock key was missing. It was there when we brought the car in and they must have used to take the wheels off. I drove back to the store (Gemni Parkway in Columbus, OH) The same woman was there I confronted her about 1- the tire pressure light, yes with an attitude 2- missing wheel lock key. She went into the back and it looked like she was talking to a tech. She then came out and accused me of finding the key on there counter and taking it. She also asked did he (pointing to my husband who was outside sitting in the car) take it? At this point I lost it. She lied to us then accused us of taking the key from there counter, which there was nothing was on the counter when I came in. She said the tech said he put it in a bag and left it on the counter. I could not deal with her anymore. Another employee asked if he could check the car to see if it was in the glovebox, trunk storage pockets. Which we had already checked and it was no where in my car. I will never go back to that store while that woman is there. I was told she was a general manager. She has no customer service skills at all. The salesman who originally helped us said they would order a new key. When I receive thaat believe me I will not go back to that store as long as she is there.


James Thomas April 22, 2017 at 12:43 pm

The service has gone to hell!! Last time they tried to charge me for work not done. Gave me two free oil changes to make up for their problem. Made an appointment a week ago to get an oil change and tire rotatation and when I arrive they could not get me in for 2.5 hours beyond my appointed time. What’s the point of an appointment then?? This location in Bellevue Tn, “was” great when they opened. Now they over book appointments. Can’t even get a parking space. The old manager was great and had no problems. The new guy should be fired on the spot. Rude and incompetent. I bet openings won’t be a problem in the future because their reputation is getting around they they suck at their job!!! Discount Tire here I come. Never had a problem with them, but they are not as close to home. No frills but no wait either. Suck it TD.


Kyla March 4, 2017 at 7:23 am

I called a store near me to get a price on two front run flat tires. The sales guy was nice but kept me on hold and finally said he’d call me right back with a price. He never called back. Needless to say I’ll be getting the tires from another company. That was my first and only experience with Tire Discounters.


Donna December 23, 2016 at 5:36 pm

I able disappointed the last two time I have gone to the store in Hebron Ky they have wasted my time. I took my Jetta in for an oil change and sat for 3 hours in the waiting area for a simple oil change.
This morning when I called to see about getting tires on my GMC Sierra they said they could have it done by 3:00 if I brought the the truck immediatedly. They said they didn’t have the tires in stock but could have them delivered for $25 if I brought the truck to them immediately. I had it to them within 15 mins and left it and confirmed it would be ready by 3:00pm. When 3:30 came I called them and they said if I had an hour they could pull the truck in and get the tires on it.
I could have left work at noon and had my tires put on at another locations in Ohio and still been done by 3:00pm. I have taken both of my car and truck to this location to have work done over the last two years. After wasting my time I will not be back and I am not sure if I will even bother with another Tire Discounter. I would have been fine if they had called me earlier in the day to tell me they couldn’t get it to but no I had to call them. Doesn’t make me feel like a valued customer with treatment like this. I am very displease with the level of service provide.


Zach November 29, 2016 at 1:03 pm

Had my mother take my car in for me while I was at work, come home to 4 broke valve caps (aftermarket) and LED underglow ripped off the side of the interior with damage to side panel from it. Time before this time workers forgot to put back the center caps on my rims and I had to make me way back into town to go get them. Careless work and I can say I’m very pissed off.


David Chumley November 14, 2016 at 3:07 pm

My wife and I recently dropped our vehicle off for an oil change like we always do for our vehicles. Shortly after getting back home we received a phone call from an employee saying we needed to have our brakes repaired and a caliper replaced. He said the charge would be $600 but I told him that was too much. I called Exhaust Pro to get an estimate and they said it would be $240. After dropping our vehicle off there their employee called back and said my brakes were fine for the next 8-9k miles and the caliper was fine. Needless to say I am very upset with Tire Discounters because we always trusted them before but I will never go back and will encourage my friends to do the same.


James Hunt September 19, 2016 at 7:40 pm

To Mr. Chip Wood, My name is James Hunt, I live in Lexington Ky. I bought four tires from Tire Discounters and when I got home I realized that I have been charged for the road hazard on the four tires. I did not want this and went back the next day to get that part of my money back. The sales guy at the counter did something on his computer and said that they would send me a check . It has been over three months now, I would like my money back on that part of the bill. Its the tire discounter on New Circle Road in Lexington.


A. Jaden August 1, 2016 at 11:17 am

Louisville, KY Westport Rd, Location Manager, Clay provided me a quote for a set of tires and assured me that he would doXXXXent said quote in the system with my contact information. When I contact the location to make sure they have the tires in stock and to set up an appointment Clay conveniently does not recall our conversation, nor does he have anything doXXXXented in the system. I voice my concerns and frustrations only for him to be on the defense, meanwhile making many excuses for himself. His behavior during this conversation was beyond unprofessional. He had no desire to make any resolution for the problem. After listening to him talk in circles and defend himself and his error, I asked that the Regional Manager, Dale give me a call. Days later, still no call from Dale. I tried contacting him through the main number for the company, received a call from the Marketing Dept, no idea why they called me. I spoke with them in detail, provided all doXXXXentation I had from the original conversation with Clay to include a photo copy of the notes I had written as I had spoken with Clay when receiving the quote. They assured me that Dale would contact me asap, still nothing from him. I reached back out today, only to be informed that they were not willing to do anything to resolve this matter. I have now typed up an email to send out to my entire company letting them know how terrible this establishment is, as this company is listed on our employee discount and preferred list. I am very disappointed in the manner of which this has taken place.


Terry stiffler June 28, 2016 at 9:26 pm

Are any of these complaints getting addressed? I had my oil changed today and when I got home in less than 5 min I had a large puddle of oil under my van. Checked the dipstick and almost bone dry. How am I going to get it back to the store? Nice people crappy work.


Greg Duke July 7, 2016 at 8:47 am

The problem is, that people don’t see all of these complaints till they become one of the many screwed over..and Chip Wood knows this. We should all print this, lots and lots of copies, and post them on local bulletin boards, car windshields, roll one up and stick it in someones gate!!


Roert c FOSTER May 7, 2016 at 1:49 pm



Derek Davis February 14, 2016 at 10:49 am

I went in to my local tired discounters to get a wheel alignment.turns out I needed shims for wheels to fit better.It turns out the auto tech did not put shims n tried to do his remedy to fix it. Then about a hour later my tire was making a strange sound like it was flat. I went out to check tire the tire looked okay, so I kept driving then less than a mile later my tire blew off of my car while I was driving. Which cause damage to my front fender and also scrapes of my paint. Turns out the tech didn’t secure my lugs into place which caused my tire to come off.


Lawyer May 4, 2016 at 7:45 am

Sue them. Negligence to secure the tire could have killed everyone in your family. If that would have happened to me a mile down the road from my Tire Discounters, it would happen downhill on a twisty road with no side guard. The car would have run off the road and down into the embankment.


Al February 5, 2016 at 12:22 am

I bought the road hazard with my tire and my mother got a flat while driving my car. Tire discounters’ ride side assistance guy left my mother, a middle aged woman, stranded in a snowstorm. He did charge her $20 though. Then after I came out and changed the tire she took the car up to TD to have the tire fixed. They told her her the rim was bent and sold her a new one. They also threw my old rim away (“it got recycled”) without my permission and before I had a chance to look at it. They didn’t put the spare back in the car. When my mom went back to get the spare, they recklessly threw it it in trunk instead of putting it away properly and damaged my vehicle. When I learned what happened I went to the store to complain only to have the service manager yell at me and insult me while the manager stood there and watched. I called corporate and spoke to Matt Sturdivant, the Assistant Regional Manager. He gave me his personal guarantee that he was going to make it right and that I was going to be fully satisfied. Eventually Matt offered me a $50 gift card to tire discounters, as if I would ever give that place my business again. So my mother’s safety plus my time and dignity plus tire discounter’s reputation adds up to a $50 gift card. I will say this for them, they are consistent. I was dissatisfied and insulted on every level of my experience.


dale garrett April 6, 2016 at 10:53 am

I went to my local tire discounters an ad for tires put on with alignment and they damage my hood and just because they said they did not get underneath my hood to look at anything, I know they did in my hood any suggestions how I can go about getting them to fix my hood


STEVE January 26, 2016 at 10:08 am

don’t get an oil change from Tire Discounters!!!! I had it do 2 times and then my car was acting up I took it to a different shop and both times they told me I needed a oil change. When I called Tire Discounters they said I couldn’t prove they didn’t do it.


Randall Doty January 22, 2016 at 5:48 pm

Called these guys,told them what I needed and they were very helpful on the phone very polite but gave me the wrong tire, don’t have what I need and say they cocant get it after they tell me I can so after 2hrs of waiting I’m stuck with the same bad tires and on the day we have winter storm warni mgs ,oh and I asked if another store had them or anything and they helped other people coming in and on the phone


Jeremy November 17, 2015 at 2:59 pm

I should have read reviews before I went to tie divers Tire Discounters. They didn’t have my tires In stock and had to order them.After two weeks and my tires still was not there I called and said I wanted a refund. They call me back ten minutes later And say my tires will be there the next day. I call the next day to set an appointment and they say they can’t get the tires at all. So I want a refund. That was a month ago. I was told 3 times by corporate office they would call me back within 24’s. Still no call from corporate still no refund. So if you want some one to take your money and tie it up for months shop at tire discounters!


justin johnson November 2, 2015 at 10:19 pm

I wonder if Tire discounter is in the business of take advantage of women that come to them and trust them to take care of their cars. the loveland ohio store messed up my mom’s rim and didn’t tell her. I called and told them and one of the sales reps was rude,I told my mom to go up there and they will look at it. They asked her if heir was anything they could do to keep her as a customer, they took advantage by not even replacing the rim they knew that they messed up. She thought that she got a deal by getting half off road hazard which is b/s. If i would have been there they would have replaced her rim. so once again i hope that you guys are not in the business of taking advantage of women. Now if you guys do not want to make things right by fixing her rim and refunding the road hazard I may go to the press and tell them how my mother was treated and tricked by tire discounters. please email me back and let me know what you would like to do.
P.S. I will never ever ever shop at tire discounters ever again


Delfina November 9, 2015 at 11:49 am

I am a woman who has a used car. They damged my left fender by putting the jacks on wrong. So my car door barely opened. You can see a hige gap on tge part tge door is hinged. My son works their did not know what to do in order not to risk losing his job and etc Daniel. Is manager on the Medical Parkway and Dan is the reginal manager in Mufresboro, TN. I never left the property both denied the occurance. I am a woman and a single mom who pays for full car insurance. My car us not new or fancy. I made a police report on the property. I had to file a claim with my insurance. Paid $510. Deductable and gas for the car rental. My insurance said they are denying it ever happed. I just called corportate hopefully i get my money back and their insurance or what ever pays my insurance back. Basically they called me a liar. I paid for the instalarion. They tried to pay it and tell me to fit it..it haa been a horrible occorance. I will never ever go there. I will go to Discount Tires or reputable high customer satifaction car repair place.


Toni September 28, 2015 at 4:53 pm

About three weeks ago I sent my sister to Tire Discounters on Springfield Pike to replace two tires. The manager named Gary was very helpful at first, but after the tires were put on her car the bill was over $100 more then what i was quoted the first time. When i asked why he said because i upgraded the cheaper tires, the reason why i upgraded was because he said it will be a additional $8 each tire so I said why not. Turns out it was a additional $80 per tire, so i asked him to put the cheaper tires on and he said i will have to pay $24.99 per tire to take them off to put the cheaper ones on. But that wasn’t the only problem, he was extremely rude towards me, he was yelling at me over the phone telling me i didn’t know what i was talking about. This happened on a Thursday, I call their corporate office the gentleman told me he was going to go up there to talk to Gary himself and that he was going to refund me the difference for the tires. Well it has been three weeks to a month now and i cannot get a phone call back from the corporate office. I’ve been calling and calling, leaving a voicemail every single time with my name and number. I would greatly appreciate it if i could get a phone call back. I am getting very impatient . I didn’t want to post anything to the public but I was pushed to. So hoping i will finally be heard and get the customer service I deserve.


Scott September 9, 2015 at 11:17 am

I ordered two tires at the Clarksville, IN store 9 weeks ago. I was told these would take about 4 weeks to come in. I checked back in 5 weeks after hearing nothing and was told there were communication problems with the warehouse (could not call in or out). I then checked back on week 6 and my order was “lost” and rewritten and I was told it would be another 4 weeks. I have stopped in every week since week 5 and each time my order is misplaced or can’t be found and I am asked the same information over again. Melissa, the store manager has promised to call me on Thursday’s after speaking with her warehouse to update me, but, she has only called once in 9 weeks. I am beginning to wonder if they would rather that I get these tires somewhere else? I have spoken with both the general manager of the store and the service manager and each time they act as if they have never seen me or remember anything about these tires? I have been in the store 5 times trying to find out if these tires will ever arrive. What should I do? I have bought tires at the Westport Road store in the past and was always treated great, however, this Clarksville Store is close to work and I hope they can get things straightened out soon.


reggie benefield September 8, 2015 at 10:30 am

the manager at brentwood td has a very arrogant disposition and i hope like hell when i take my wifes car back in for service he doesnt come off like he over the phone smart enough to not step over out of line but you can tell his tone was very stern im not ggoing to be on that crap face to face cause i dont have 800$ to throw away on shocks an struts so just giving him full warning


Michael Phillips August 24, 2015 at 6:44 am

To whom it may concern
Please be advised that Tire Discounters owes me the sum of $975.00 because General Manager Bobby Price and employees at 8104 US 42 Florence Ky have accepted fault in wrecking and damaging my vehicle. I legally obtain the right to choose where my vehicle is repaired. General Manager Bobby Price has forwarded/emailed claim to corporate/regional managers multiple times since the accident which took place in June of 2015, today’s date is August 24th. All I request is that a check is written out to my auto body shop for repairs.
This will be Tire Discounters’s only chance to settle this matter before I file suit against Tire Discounters in Small Claims Court. I am agreeable to a lump sum payment, or a payment made to my repair shop. Please contact me on or before September 5, 2015 for purposes of settling this matter. If I do not hear from Tire Discounters on or before September 5, 2015, I will file a lawsuit against Tire Discounters without further notice. It is in Tire Discounters’s best interest to settle this matter before a lawsuit is filed. If a judgment is obtained against Tire Discounters, Tire Discounters will be ordered to pay court costs. Please contact me Via email or contact Bobby Price to settle this matter.


Chipwood August 27, 2015 at 11:11 am

Sue us…we will tie you up in court and you will spend thousands.


nonya biznis November 2, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Who treats customers like these idiots. The customers are why you have a dollar every one of your stores is full straight B.S. Liars. Like I was in Delaware Ohio ..you break parts to charge hard working ppl..karma will come back on all of you that treat ppl this way. What till the personally sue you for your actions


Greg Duke July 6, 2016 at 11:12 am

Doesn’t sound like the two faced, “caring” Chip Wood in the new tv ads now does it? He is right though, you can’t beat them, right or wrong. There is ONE THING we all can do though, same thing I did, stop giving them our business!! If Chip Woods comment in this forum doesn’t tell you the kind of man he and his family business are?? then nothing will get through to you people. My advice to all would be to not sue, spread the word. Involve people like Howard Ains on the news, to expose the true face of Chip Woods and tirediscounters..this hurts them worse than legal action!!


Greg Duke July 6, 2016 at 12:50 pm

SMALL CLAIMS COURT…Chippy boy can not tie it up for years and it will not cost you thousands. Chip Wood may be a corporate leader worth millions but many don’t respects him because they see him as the little greedy man he is that got part of his fortune from screwing over seniors and lower income people for his almighty dirty dollar!!


Tanya August 21, 2015 at 12:51 pm

I brought my van into the Clarksville, IN Tire Discounters on August 18, 2015 for two new tires and brakes. They replaced the two tires but said my brakes/brakes pads were fine and should be good to go for “quite a while” but to bring it back in a couple months for another brake check. I asked if they were sure because they had just started making a squeaking sound and if they weren’t bad what was causing the noise. I was told it was more than likely from the humidity or brake dust. They assured me the brakes were fine and the van was safe to drive even though I questioned the noise. I drove for several days with my 11 and 8 year old children in the care as normal, but the noise worsened to a grinding sound so I went to another shop. My rear brakes were metal on metal and the continued wear of driving had caused damage to the rotors as well. I would like to personally thank the technician that decided to “half a**” the check of my brakes for putting the safety of me and my children at risk. Last time I even step foot in the door of this chain.


Christopher June 16, 2015 at 7:51 pm

One of the things that bothers me about people is that they never take time to be thankful or appreciative of trade skills. Mechanics are not preparing fast food… Patience is necessary in order to expect a job well done.

In Lexington, KY; The GM Justin Girdler and his associates had a rough day of unexpected walk in emergencies amongst preemptive scheduled appointments. My appointment was at 1pm and although my car was not ready until 7pm, I waited patiently. Despite this, a walk in customer expected instant service and complained when his vehicle was not ready in less than 2 hours; as if there weren’t a line in front of him. This is in reference to the portly fellow working for Big Ass Fans, making an ass out himself and his company in public. Way to represent.

I know that expedience is valued, but Isn’t customer service and common courtesy? I just want to brag on Justin and his team for staying positive and handling a volume of work beyond their staffed capabilities today. I’ve spent my fair share of time in the service industry, these guys were simply spread thin, on a humid day, with already agitated people approaching them with vehicle problems. Can you imagine that? Tire Discounters, your speed was slow, yes, but the service itself was good. To everyone who can’t handle your emotions, get a grip and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Treat people like humans instead of slot machines, and I promise you will win every time.


Greg Duke July 6, 2016 at 11:24 am

Spread thin is one thing, but your truck wasn’t declared a total loss by your insurance company the same day tirediscounters worked on it, now was it..just a little different Christopher don’t you think?? I sat there all day one time because they forgot i was there..these people have real damage to their autos though!!


James Hazelwood June 11, 2015 at 9:25 pm

I took my 2002 Honda CRV into TD on Dixie Highway in Louisville, Ky. I had shocks that I had purchased and wanted them to put them on. I was called to say my SUV was done and the bill was 210.00. I had the shocks. It was just 4 bolts to remove them but I couldn’t get to the bolts. They proceeded to tell me the mechanic had broken a tool and it took longer than expected to repair. I paid the bill but felt like I had been overcharged. I had also bought a set of tires from them and felt like I had gotten a good price with the tire warranty that was included. However, I ran over a nail and when I took the tire to TD to be repaired it turned into a nightmare. I took the tire off my car and dropped it and went to work. When I stopped to pick up my rim and repaired tire I was told the tire had been thrown away. I did not receive a call to inform me of this. My tire was in great shape. When I questioned the technician about this he said the tire was worn out on the inside. I asked what he meant and he stated my worn out shocks had damaged the inside of the tire. This is laughable. I told him the tires were 50,000 mile tires and they only had 22,000 miles on them. He verified this with the mileage when the tires were bought. He said yeah so we’ll prorate you a new tire. You can get it for 84.00 instead of 112.00 I said why do I want to buy one new tire it they’re all bad and worn out. I asked for my rim and left. I will never go back to Tire Discounters and will tell anyone who’ll listen what a ripoff they are.


Will June 10, 2015 at 10:07 pm

We took my girlfriends car in to get new brakes as they were making an awful grinding sound when the brakes were applied. The “technician” called back and said the vehicle did not need brakes and could “go another 5000 miles”. We both knew this wasn’t true and took the vehicle to another mechanic for a second opinion. He called back and said that the right front brakes were “metal to metal” and actually posed a safety threat! I called the store and asked to speak to a manager. The person said “what ya got?” I asked if he was a manager and he said “no”. So I told him I didn’t want to speak to him and would be calling a manager. I was unavailable to do this today but will be doing so immediately tomorrow morning.
I am in outside sales and will share my terrible experience as often as I can.


David B. Moore June 8, 2015 at 9:02 pm

To whom this may concern:

On April 4, 2015 my son had his 1997 Jeep Wrangler at your Hebron, KY location to have the STEERING DAMPER and TRACK BAR replaced. The mileage at the time of repair was 73990 total cost $370.27. On June 7, 2015 my son was driving his jeep on I-275, while in the middle lane his steering began to wobble out of control, my son is 19 yrs old and being an inexperienced driver he slammed on the brakes. The brakes did not work somehow someway he was able to bring his vehicle to a stop, with failing brakes and without causing a MAJOR accident. When I looked underneath the front end, I noticed that a bolt was missing from the STEERING DAMPER (let me remind you this is the part that was replaced at the Hebron location). We were approximately 25 miles from home and our insurance company paid part of the towing bill, yet my Son had to pay out of pocket $132.00. We had his Jeep taken to our mechanic that we should have used as opposed to patronizing Tire Discounters. After our mechanic looked at my Sons Jeep, it was in his opinion that because of the missing bolt, that the bolt in question, freed itself from improper installation, ricocheted from the highway and severed his brake line in two places. In addition it is to our mechanics opinion that the TRACK BAR was never replaced as indicated on the bill that my Son received from the Hebron location. The estimate that was given to us June 8, 2015, by our mechanic to fix my sons jeep is $403.41. Mileage of the Jeep at the time of incident 75389, that’s a 1398 mile difference.

I am contacting you in hopes that WE can make this wrong a right without having to pursue other avenues.

David B. Moore


Keanna May 20, 2015 at 9:29 pm

i went to get an oil change tonight and to have my car looked at before a long road trip. When I came back to pick my car up-I was charged 34 bucks for a syenthic oil change. I was never asked what kind of oil I wanted in my car! Every time I go to get a oil change-they always ask. I got no more than 3 mins away before my entire car started making a funny noise. I thought it was my tires. I am pretty sure now that the sounds was coming from my engine! I called and took it back! It was a few minutes after closing hours but the manager, LARRY never came out to apologize or speak to me. He is rude and has horrible people skills. They looked over my car and found nothing but I am extremely displeased and worried about my engine! I am having it looked at tomorrow by someone else. I will never come here again! Ever!!!!! Horrible service!

This was the New Albany-Columbus location.


Edward Lucas May 6, 2015 at 2:54 pm

Not a happy customer bought shocks at the dry ridge, ky location they broke now want me to pay the labor again Grant County folks shop elsewhere please Thanks Attorney Lucas.


Tim July 22, 2015 at 10:24 am

I’d think an actual attorney would know proper punctuation, grammar, and elementary writing skills. I’ll be sure not to call you for legal services.


jasmine Jackson April 27, 2015 at 11:10 pm

To Whom it May Concern
Tire Discounters on Fields Ertle Road
3650 E Kemper Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

Dear Tire Discounters:
This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Tire Discounters on Fields Ertle Road. On 4/27/15 I took my car in for a routine oil change. Prior to me taking it there I had no issues with my 2009 Ford Escape. Normally if there was something I need, like an oil change for example, the computer would tell me. After receiving service, Megan Lester, one of your sales associates told me that the car was in good working order. That everything looked fine on the car and that they had noticed that the oil level was low but other than that my car was in good condition. A couple of hours later it started making funny noises and then ended up shutting down completely on the side of the road. My husband, three small children and I sat patiently for about two hours waiting for a tow.
When the tow truck driver came to pick us up he asked what was wrong with my car and went to check the oil after I said I just got an oil change. He said that the oil level was way above what it should be. It was towed to Tire Discounter in Kenwood. They told me that the antifreeze had mixed with the oil. The only way that could have happened is if the gasket was blown because of built up pressure (more than likely because of the high level of oil) or if someone accidentally poured antifreeze into it by accident. Again, I would like to stress that my car was having no issues, no signs that something was wrong and no reading on the sensor until after I brought it in for the oil change. I believe that the pressure from the high level of oil is what suddenly blew the gasket.
I am requesting that Tire Discounters please repair the damage done to my car resulting from a mistake made on their end.

Jasmine N Jackson


Ron Voris April 21, 2015 at 10:23 pm

A couple weeks ago I had my truck at the Lebanon Ohio Columbus Ave store where I have been going for years. I needed oil change and tire rotation. I asked them to look at my rear brakes (they had worked on two years ago for $900). The mechanic took me out to look at my brakes and told me my parking cables needed replaced and were not working due to the repair was not done correctly. I told him that was their work and asked about warranty since he said it was done wrong. He took me to the manager and all she did was price me replacement parts and labor. I asked if they would stand behind their work and she had a blank stare. I went to a real mechanic to have it looked at. TD had put the wrong cables on my truck 2 years ago and every time they adjusted they made it worse. After getting the correct cables, new shoes and drums (after only 17,000 miles) it struck me how unsafe they had made my truck. When I went back to TD to see how they would make things right for a long time customer, they said they would check into it and call me the next day. 11 days later and nothing. It cost almost $800 to fix my truck and now my parking brake only holds on level ground. Ford no longer makes the parking brake assembly for my year. I told them I wanted my money back for the repair they did incorrectly and now no response from them. The current manager at the Columbus Ave store seems to be lacking in customer service skills.


Frank Soppa April 20, 2015 at 2:45 pm

I purchased a set of Toya tires form your Ohio Pike location. I have never been so dissatisfied with a product. I can not drive the car in even the lightest rain, let alone snow. The tires I rated very poor by other consumers when checking reviews on line. I can’t believe that this is what your store recommended to me! I realize that it is not your product, but your are the experts and based on your recommendation I have these tires on my car. The car is not safe to drive, I need these tires taken off my car and replaced with another companies ASAP. I have spoken to people in your organization and have only gotten the run-around. I look forward to hearing back from you,


Tonya April 1, 2015 at 8:21 pm

Everyone deserves a chance, but why would a rising company employ a convicted felon of assault and battery and domestic violence. Obviously the establishment is not concerned with customer safety.


Chris March 17, 2015 at 7:09 pm

I am currently doing business with tire discounters in Chillicothe Ohio I ordered some rims for my Nissan juke on feb 9 2014, the manager pat said that they only had two of them in stock and it would take 14 to 21 business days I put a 300 dollar deposit on a 500 dollar set of rims I have nothing but BAD AND HORRIBLE SERVICE FROM THEM!!!!! To this day I have not received my rims for my tires and today is March 17 so you do the math it’s been way over the 21 day period , not to mention I keep getting the run around about where my rims are. So the other day I go in to get my refund and they inform me it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get me my money like this is so unheard of I have my receipt and all paperwork. The last time I check when you get a refund your suppose to get your money back on the spot it’s 300 for crying out loud stil today no rims and no money … I need help on figuring out what to do from here so tire discounters corporate office I hope you see this comment and contact me asap since no one else will return my calls and not give me a run around so I urge any one even thinking about going to tire discounters I highly encourage you to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! DO NOT GO TO TIRE DISCOUNTERS FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst service ever


Caitlyn March 10, 2015 at 4:39 pm

Oh forgot to add. When all this happened it was 7p at night and my 6 month old, 2 dogs, and friend were in the vehicle during the blizzard, 2 degrees out, trying to get to my horses. Their crappy work put my child, my friend, and the dogs in jeopardy. My fiancé was at work and thankfully I had roadside to help us!


Caitlyn March 10, 2015 at 4:21 pm

I regretfully decided to get 4 tires and an oil change done with TD in Nicholasville KY due to the bad weather and I needed 4×4 to get to my horses on the farm near our house. I made the appt that date earlier. We waited with my 6 month old infant for 20 mins before they even acknowledged us. Then it took 4 hours (not even busy in the store) to get the work done. From there I drove my truck not even 1/3 of a mile to my house. The next day I took it out to take care of my horses and it couldn’t even engage into 4×4. Then my engine started overheating… We towed it to my mechanic and he gave us the 4 digit bill. We found out that Tire discounters royally screwed up my main method of transportation and my only way to take care of the horses in the bad weather. They forgot to put on my radiator cap, put 2 quarts over the recommeded limit, and during alignment somehow messed with the 4×4 which caused it to snap the axel. It’s been 3 wks and still no money back and the manager keeps giving us the run around. I will never go there again. A friend who works at the rental car company locally also mentioned that the same place has done the same thing to their cars too. Best of all when the manager asked the mechanic (junior, I don’t consider him anywhere near professional) why he screwed up he replied that he didn’t remember my truck (which has custom add ons) and he didn’t know.


Jay conrad March 6, 2015 at 6:25 pm

Went to store on Hamilton rd. In columbus with a appointment made the day prior. Sat in store for a hour for the manager who scheduled appointment, to come back and tell me they don’t have the tires in stock we spoke about the day before. Then I sat another hour for them to put my old tires back on. Worst service ever!!!!!!!!! No I’m sorry when I walked out the door. Just handed me my keys. Feel like they were just trying to get me to buy more expensive tires which was like 40 dollars more per tire.


Tiffany McManes March 5, 2015 at 11:08 am

We went to the tire discounters in reynoldsburg/pickerington on 256 on February 19 2015. They replaced all 4 of my tires. So yesterday my husband came home to do my brakes on the van. Only to find out that i was missing 2 lug nuts. And the driver side lug nuts the other 4 where ready to fall out and and my tire was wobbling. Now i drive the van with 4 small children the weather in ohio is horrible if my tire would have fell off it would have totaled my van and or kill myself or someone. I called them only to find out 2 employee’s signed off on checking them. I would like something done about this. I find absolutely ridiculous that i had to take time out of my busy schedule to make a drive 20 minutes away from my house to have my van checked because someone you hired messed up. I could have cared less if it was just me but my 4 childrens lives where put at risk. And the manager said he was going to talk to them thats it.. Now if there would have been an accident your company would have been held responsible because your employee’s where to lazy to doubke check their work


Todd & Kelli Sharp February 16, 2015 at 6:01 pm

Oh and this was the TireDiscounters in Hendersonville, TN.


Todd & Kelli Sharp February 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

We bought a nice set of tires today and it cost us more than we bargained for. They said that our locking lug nuts are stripped and they have never been stripped until now. They had tore them up and then blamed it on the last place we had our tires rotated. They were rude and argued with us about them being broken. Now we have no trust in the tire shop and will never come back here for any work done. We have chosen to take the tire road hazard off of the tires and are going to discount tires to buy the road hazard on them. If they didn’t have the tires off, I would totally have walked out and went to Discount Tires who offered us the same tire for less. I’m very disappointed and feel taken advantage of. The other thing was that they tried to charge us $174.00 for the Michelin tires we bought instead of what we chatted with their online sales person of $155 per tire. They didn’t want to come off the amount until we were going to walk out the door. To keep our business they should have repaired our lug nuts and taken care of us as a customer. We WILL NEVER RECOMMEND TIRE DISCOUNTERS TO ANYONE!!! Rude and incompetent!!!


Lindsey February 8, 2015 at 3:01 am

In July 2014 I spent $500 on 2 new tires on the front of my 2008 gmc Acadia. I asked Drew McClain, the Manager at the Groveport store on Hamilton Road to please check the alignment to see if it needed fixed as well because I had just bought the vehicle in April. While getting the tires installed a Tech dropped an industrial size ladder on my drivers side door frame leaving 4 dents and cracking the paint seal. I saw it happen thankfully and went directly out to the tech while it was in the bay and confronted the tech and told Drew who followed me out there to look at it that I saw what happened. Drew asked his tech if he dropped it and hit my car and the tech hesitantly admitted his mistake. Drew said he would handle writing up an incident report and he would take care of getting my car repaired. I went back into the waiting area and waited for my alignment report, he instead brought me a report abt my brakes needing repaired for over $350. I said no way you guys just damaged my car, I will have my fiancé work on my brakes. They pulled my car out, I paid for the Tires and left after Drew took a pic of the damage to my vehicle. I immediately obtained 2 estimates for the damage. Both were approx $2,000 and I needed a large rental car. Dropped the estimates off to Drew and heard nothing for weeks. After calling him he asked me to go to get a 3rd estimate. Supposedly the company wanted me to go thru a “preferred” collision repair co across the street. I told him I wanted to take it to rifes autobody in grandview. Waited awhile longer and got the run around. Finally I contacted Forry Hargitt the COO and he processed the claim and apologized about the delay. In total the damage was $2,400 and I had a rental for 10 days. Never heard a word from Drew. Today I noticed the tires that were installed are almost completely bald on the insides after 10k miles. I contacted Drew to tell him what I noticed. His statement was, “there must be something wrong with your vehicle.” Thanks for nothing!! So I then talked to and took it to a different tire discounters store which found it highly out of alignment and noticed an alignment check was never done at install of the new tires. I’m now waiting on a return call from the regional manager whom I hope will make things right. In all I have bought 3 new tires from tire discounters in the past year and I honestly do not know how Drew McClain still has a manager position there. He’s awful!!! I’d never spend my $ there again because I just wasted over $500 on these tires. And it’s unsafe!!


Terry L. Boyd January 27, 2015 at 8:02 am

Nov 2014 I had (3) new tires installed and asked to have the almost new tire still on the car balanced with the others. When I came back to get the car they hadn’t done anything with the 4th tire, so we had to wait for it to be balanced. Three days later , it looked like one of the new tires on front looked a little low so I checked the pressure finding it to be 24lbs, another 30lbs,and 32lbs, 34lbs all different. Then I noticed one green valve cap, one black, and two with my chrome caps. Also they still had the old valve stems on them, which I was told would be changed. Called the store manager, he said bring it in when possible and they’ll fix it. When I called back “unhappy” with service to set up a date telling him of my valuable time to do this again, was told yeah, everybody’s times valuable and see him when I arrive. Well when I got there he had taken an early out that day because they weren’t busy and nobody else there were aware of this issue. This was an hour of my time I didn’t need to be spending at a tire store. Really, is this how you run your business and expect people to come back. This was the Marysville, Oh. 301 Colmans xing Blvd. 43040 store.


P. Cooksey January 23, 2015 at 9:02 am

I have been a loyal customer to Tire discounters in Georgetown, Kentucky for the past two years since I moved into the area. Went to get a headlight bulb put in for my daughters car and after waiting half an hour they came out to tell me that the Nissan Altima requires a “special” xenon bulb that costs $175 and that it would take two hours of labor to change it because they have to take the bumber off for an additional $150 labor, but…………..he could get the bulb at a discount of $150 for a total cost of $300!
I said that was absolutely ridiculous and told them i wasn’t paying that just to replace a bulb so I took the car to a local guy and asked him how much to replace the “xenon” bulb and he said that it was a standard halogen bulb and I didn’t need the “xenon” bulb and that he could put it in right then in just 15 minutes! When he opened the hood he showed me that the back of the light fixture was just hanging, the screws were sitting on the frame and the plastic tabs were missing! So TD evidently was too incompetent to put the headlight back together or too lazy. The bulb cost me $9.95 and he didn’t even charge me to put it in as I told him I will bring my work to him in the future! THAT IS PISS POOR SERVICE TIRE DISCOUNTERS AND I HOPE YOU GET YOUR JUST REWARD FOR TRYING TO SCREW PEOPLE! SHAME ON YOU!


Chris Workman January 16, 2015 at 2:20 pm

Made an appointment to have my free balancing and rotation at the stores conveince. When i arrived the to the store in Nicholasville Kentucky they informed me it would take about an hour and a half because they had ran into trouble on a job ahead of me. When i said that was why i made an appointment he said bring it back in a half hour and they would get right on it. I
returned and the manager (Wes Hardin) assu

red me they would get right on it. After sitting in the waiting room for another half hour with no movement on my truck i left. This will be my last purchase at Tire Discounters.

in the parking lot i left. This will be my last purchase


Tanya Fisher January 8, 2015 at 1:16 pm

Yesterday, I went into the Tire Discounters Groveport 74 location to see if they matched competitors prices/coupons. The gentleman said he would honor the price and explain the competitor’s price was for conventional oil and the one I would receive at D.T. will be a semi synthetic- a better value. So I set an appointment for today. This morning I arrived for the oil change & let them know of the price match. Soon the employee came to me to tell me, he knows he promised me the price but my Honda “Requires” full synthetic and the price would be more. I told him it was not a requirement and put in the semi synthetic. He continued to tell me he could not put in semi synthetic as it would cause engine failure and would make T. D. liable. I told them the Honda manual did not “require” it. I told him if you won’t do the semi synthetic, then give me my vehicle and I will go somewhere else. Simple oil change and he tries to lie to me to upsell me. He then tried to use the oil cap to up sell me. I brought out the Honda manual. I read him and showed him the Honda manual oil recommendations and full synthetic was not required. Still tried to twist the info like I could not comprehend what is written. He still continues talk and add to the full synthetic story talking gas mileage, and working at Honda before to me. They would not use anything else than full synthetic. So over this, I showed him my oil change sticker, still on the windshield, from my Honda dealer. The oil utilized by my Honda dealer was not full synthetic. I told him once again to just give me the vehicle I will go somewhere else. At that point, he told me he would put in the semi synthetic but I would have to sign a waiver. He took me over to another gentleman to tell him he needed a wavier. He said it just their policy and procedure. Vehicle was done, he check me out but no waver. I believe both were trying to make up the difference in price seeing they told me they would match a competitor’s price. There is a big difference in “required” and “recommended” and the truth in service and lies to up sell. No integrity in this experience. If they both would push someone with knowledge like this, I can only image how they are taken advantage of others with less knowledge. Ironic how the D.T. folder with my receipt has “We want you to take advantage of us”. After my experience today, the WE must imply the customer and Take Advantage must refer to D.T.’s view of the customer.


ant December 13, 2014 at 7:02 pm

couple weeks ago i had my mercedes rear shock changed from factory hydrolic fluid drivin shocks to normal acting. the person that worked on it plopped a cheap slip over plug onto the fittings where the shocks used to connect to. the car leaked out the fluid cause the slip cover couldnt keep the high preasure. thus draining the hydrolic fluid out the back as i was driving. the power steering pump also acts as the reas self level hydrolic pump. so from the drain it cause the pump to siez and fail. i went in to the shop and asked for the manager. he was on lunch. this very kind gent was acting as middle man talking to the manager, instead of the manager stopping his lunch for 5 minutes he had a low level worker relay messeges. now mind you i had the car brought to them after fail and the manager had me pick up car cause he said ” the techs arent really trained for this type of work, and that since it was such big long job they dont want it”. i had car picked up and towed to mercedes shop where they pointed out all the problem this mix up caused. the pump is 1600$ and 10 hours (another 1600$)of work just for the job. thats just for the pump, not the lines the metel is in. we are looking at a 4800$ plus job to fix this.
what really upset me is this was just weeks ago they did the work yet they say it could be my fault. the manager wouldnt even come out and talk to me face to face. now they say they want the car back to fix, even though TD turned car away saying they couldnt or wouldnt do the work. now they know its there fault and they want or can do the work? by law i am supposed to let the person that messed up fix it, but by their own admition they cant fix it or are not trained to. which makes sense cause not even mercedes sees this car very often.
i really like the workers here and they are good folks but the manager seems like a coward or lazy louse!
chubbuck idaho


kevin November 30, 2014 at 2:52 am

just an update on my problem.. well I contacted the manufacture of the tire and they said that they don’t get in the middle of the buyer and the seller of the tire. so tire discounter store wants me to buy another new tire and manufacture don’t want nothing to do with it. so I message the corporate manger of tire discount little over a week ago and to my surprise no reply.. I also seen where on my receipt as well that they printed out the same kind of tire but a different style tire.. been dealing with this and writing to people of this businesse and all I’m getting is a run around. so I guess I’m completely screwed on this deal. thanx tire discount……. oh yea told a buddy about my ordeal and he went to one just down the road from where I went. he didn’t know I was having issues.. he went in to buy 2 tires (about 120.00 per tire) for the rear of his truck and had a bill over 400.00 bucks and they sit in the waiting room watching them staring at his truck not working on it for 3 hours..


kevin November 30, 2014 at 2:54 am

oh forgot to add to this I’ve been dealing with my problem for a month now and no results.


Jeani Wright November 26, 2014 at 12:18 pm

Really bad customer service and the handling of situation. They overcharged my card at the Hillsboro location by $30.79, and I have been battling now for a month for it to be refunded or credited back to my card. I have been really patient; however, this is ridiculous. Tire Discounters expects there money at time of service; however, when they over charge your card they don’t return it in a timely manner. I still have not received it back!! The overcharge happened on 10/25/14!!!! I have been in contact with the home office in Cincinnati and have to leave messages that are never returned, instead I have to keep calling them. They then give me a fax number that does not work. It is just a big headache!!! I have been a customer of Tire Discounters and my family uses them also but after this we will probably definitely all find someone else! We also use Tire Discounters at my work for all our company vehicles needs; however, I am only the office manager but will see to it that the owners find out about how you treat your customers. Simply stated customer service can make or break you and your customer service department should handle situations better.


kevin November 24, 2014 at 4:09 pm

I bought four tires from them. and something went wrong with one of the tires. well they won’t even look at it and won’t even prorate the tire. they want me to come back on the store and buy a new one. I asked if they would Warranty it and they said no and said would you least prorate it and they said no. mine you they haven’t looked at this tire nor they want me to come in so they can look at it. they diagnosed the problem over the phone.. nice job “kids” keep up the good work screwing people…..


Nancy November 20, 2014 at 11:32 am

I bought 4 new Michelin tires at the Colerain Ohio location on 11/15/14 (very expensive). I was driving home on 11/17/14 and heard on radio that if you buy 4 tires from Tire Discounter that you would receive a 100.00 gift card from Lowes. I heard the promotion on Monday 11/17/14 and feel that someone should have told me about promotion on Sat as I would have waited the extra two days. When I call the dealer and asked about it he told me it started on Monday and they didn’t know about it and could not do anything about it. Not happy about this and if this is your practice I will not come back and will not recommend tire discounters to friends and family.


Scott Bryant November 23, 2014 at 7:22 pm

I am the General Manager at the Sharonville location of Tire Discounters. I happen to be looking online for things related to Tire Discounters and found your comments. We do not know of promotional offers prior to them comming out, but I would like to make you happy and earn you as a customer in the future. Wouls you call me at the store and let me see what I could do for you at store level.

Scott Bryant


dave haskell November 20, 2014 at 10:59 am

I bought a set of cooper tires thursday 11/13/2014 I asked if there where any promotions or up coming on these tires was told no! monday 11/17/2014 I saw a billboard on the way to work offering a 100 dollar gift card on the tires I bought !!!!! I called the store MT Oarb ohio and they told me there was nothing they could do. i find this to be bullcrap and that i was lied to in the first place. between me & my son we have bought 3 sets of tires in the Last month and as of right now that will be the last.OUT THE DOOR LESS MONEY.NOT MORE


C.S. Hughes November 18, 2014 at 9:49 am

As a longtime supporter of Tire Discounters I am very dissatisfied with the customer service from the general manager, Drew McClain, at the Groveport location on S. Hamilton Rd. I work in law enforcement and I would send my family and refer others to their location to get new tires because they’ve always been great. Today was slightly different. I went into the store around 8:45-9a and spoke with one of the employees about needing to get a little nitrogen for my tires. The employee told me to pull my car up to the second bay and someone would be able to help me but I would have to wait for a while. That was no problem, as they’re usually busy around this time of year. One of the tech’s waved me over and I pulled partly into the second bay. While the tech is filling my tires, Mr. McClain walks over and says “Hey! The next time you need air for your tires you need to talk to a rep and sit and wait your turn! I only have one tech working and six jobs ahead of you.” I said “Ok, but I was just doing what your guy told me to do and he said to pull upto the second bay.” Mr. McClain then replied “Yeah, next time you need to wait.” I then told him that he should address his rep to tell me to wait next time because I have no problem waiting. Mr. McClain was extremely rude in the way he addressed me and I would recommend that he attend a few more customer service trainings if he plans to be successful. I then told the tech that I would’ve waited if I had been told that there was a line…no problem. The tech said that I shouldn’t worry about it and finished the job. I just feel like the issue needed to be addressed and hopefully Mr. McClain can ask more questions instead of making assumptions and check with his reps before addressing the customer. Thanks.


Hope November 17, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Tonight I return home extremely disappointed with Tire Discounters Dayton Mall. I had my car in for new tires on Saturday. I left the car in their care and received the call to pick it up after they were actually closed. Luckily, they would still be there for me to come pick it up. Of course, it’s late, and dark out so I take my car home. Once I pulled into my garage, I could see that something was dragged across the hood. The dust/dirt was wiped away. After looking closer, I had multiple scratched in the paint from whatever Tire Discounters had set on my hood! My husband immediately called TD and took it back up to Tire Discounters Dayton Mall where both Ben and Daryl took a look at it. These very nice guys agreed that it looked like one of the Tire Discounter guys had set something on the hood and slid it off. Unfortunately, it was, again, after hours and the general manager was not on-site. The guys said to bring it back on Monday to show the GM and they would vouch for what happened that evening.
So, Monday at noon I arrive with my husband on both of our lunch hours from work. Kenny, the general manager acted as if he did not know about this. Whether or not he did, he was arrogant and acted as if we were making this up and that we were bothering him. He went out to see the scratches. At that time it was snowing (and had been for the past 15 hours). My car was covered in snow and it was next to impossible to see the scratches at that point. Kenny said “I don’t see anything”. My husband went to get a towel out of the car and angrily said “this is how I knew you would be.” Kenny, the manager told him there is no reason to get angry and then he said, “I am going back inside.” and he just walked away! (So, after wiping off the car multiple times waiting for Kenny to return, I went inside. I stood in line and waited for him to take care of another person and a very long phone call. (Which is a whole different topic of poor service – do not answer the phone when you have a line of people in front of you!) When it was my turn I said “let’s try this again. With the snow coming down, the car needs to be pulled inside to view the scratches.” He agreed and took my keys.
Once inside, the car was wiped down and behold, Kenny saw the scratches! Another young guy, Josh, came over and said “oh yeah, I saw those Saturday night”. So, our story holds true. Kenny offered to have the car buffed that afternoon if we could leave it with him. And so we did.
Here is it Monday night. I pick up the car…again, it is dark out. BUT, I can see the hood in the parking lights. The scratches are still there. I go in and Kenny hand me the keys and said “you probably can’t see out there, but we buffed, and buffed, and buffed.” I asked him, did you get the scratches out? He replied “yes”. He said “we took a look at the car and there are scratches all over it.” I replied ” I am aware of some other scratches”. (There are a few other scratches from something else. This is a black 2011 Rogue that has a monthly membership to a car wash – it is WELL taken care of. Actually, in small talk earlier this afternoon, Kenny thought it was a 2014 based on well I take care of it! SO, it is not like the car is banged up in any way.) Either way, we are talking about some significant scratches that occurred on Saturday, not anything else. After the scratch comment, he then he blew us off by saying “be safe out there, the roads are probably getting bad.” And that was it!
In summary, the scratches are still there. My husband (who does mechanics & bodywork as a hobby) will try to buff it out. But, it wasn’t his mess to clean up.
I love my tires, that’s not the issue. The accountability from the Manager, Kenny, is absolutely horrible. The guys Saturday night were great. Very helpful and we thought we would not have an issue come Monday. But, Tire Discounters should be embarrassed with the fact that they have a General Manager out there that is rude, arrogant, and lacks accountability for his store and staff. I would have forgiven Tire Discounters if KENNY would have made things right. Even if he would have had some compassion for what happen – but he lacked it all.
My job is a customer service trainer for one of the two healthcare systems in Dayton. I teach new employee orientation and use my personal experiences to communicate both good and bad customer service as well as how to recover unfortunate cirXXXXstances. This one will be a great example of what not to do. I will be sure to use the Tire Discounter name also.


mike huseman November 11, 2014 at 7:25 pm

So I got tires for my Sprinter van 80,000 miles ago from Tire Discounters. I checked the torque on the lug bolts, and couldn’t get them loose till I put 261 foot pounds of torque on them. The spec is 145 foot pounds of torque. I called Tire Discounters and expressed my concern for overstressed fasteners, and they said they would talk to the tech so it didn’t happen again.

Today, I was due for 4 new tires. I relayed to the counter sales person, how this shop over torqued my lug nuts on the last set of tires, and he assured me that would not happen again. I relayed the torque requirement in my service manual was 145 foot lbs of torque.

So I get home in the rain and check the torque to get the lug nuts loose. 200 pounds force on a 16 inch radius will not move the lug nuts. That’s 266 foot pounds of torque. I had to go to a 44 inch lever arm to get the lug nuts to move. When they finally moved, they cracked and made my hand numb from the vibrations (two times). How many vans carry a 44 inch lever arm wrench to change a tire on the road with a 200 pound person on the wrench?

Sad to say, I won’t be back to Tire Discounters. That’s well over 500,000 miles of rubber I have purchased from you for my vehicles.


cgs November 8, 2014 at 1:38 pm

On Wednesday Nov 5 I took a flat tire to your Kenwood place for repair. The tire had been bought in May and had few miles of service. When they did not call me after two days I called and the manager told me to come in. When I arrived he said that the tire could not be repaired: it was almost new.
OK so I believed them because I’ve been a customer maybe 30 years, mostly at the Ridge Rd store. I was also eligible for tire rotation, but they then told me that the rear brakes needed to be replaced, and being a loyal customer I said OK. The invoice is #2790731 and totaled $520.84.
When I got home and rearranged the trunk I noticed that the special locking nut was missing and called your manager: he said yes, he had it on his desk and I could retrieve it at my leisure.
The next morning I went out to my garage and found a wheel balancing weight on my driveway, from one of the tires. It is sitting on my desk as I write.
Then I went on a day trip, confident that Tire Discounters had repaired my car, not worrying about the locking nut or the wheel weight.
By the time I got out on Rt 32 near Williamsburg the car started pulling left, so I called Kenwood and the manager advised me to put air into the tires! I was then on the side of a rural interstate, so I went to the nearest gas station and put air into the left front tire and then drove to your Mt Orab Tire Discounters, where the manager added more air but told that he couldn’t do anything because the locking nut was back in Kenwood.
So I drove all the way back to Kenwood, forsaking my plans for the day trip.
The folks there found the locking nut and then told me that the tire had been pierced by a thorn from a locust tree: I do not have any locust trees. They wanted me to buy another new tire.
I told them just to mount the spare and went home.
Complaints: First, I had to call them after two days about the flat; they then had kept the locking nut; so I had to drive all the way from Mt Orab and give up a day of my life. Then they tell me that a thorn ruined a tire!
What is going on here?


David Kreate October 12, 2014 at 8:30 pm

I purchased 4 new tires on 11/17/12. Unfortunately you put on the wrong size. The manufacture says the correct tire size for my car is P205/50R16 and the Tire Discounters store that I went to 6303 Colerain Cincinnati, OH put on 205/55R16. I want this rectified by getting 4 new tires of comparable value.

David Kreate


Russell October 8, 2014 at 12:13 pm

I put a down payment on a set of wheels that the customer service rep.called and confirmed they could get. I called in the next day to see if they were ready only to be told they were not available for my vehicle and he told me they were not available and it was my fault. Fast forward forward a couple days later…. he tells me to come in get my deposit refund, so I do.when I get there he tells me he had to fill a form out and send it to corporate to get my deposit back. Then asks why I didn’t order different wheels through them. I explain that out off the handful to choose from that he showed me, I only like the set I ordered. So after being told I couldn’t get them, I found others online and ordered them. He blew up and started repeating that I committed to buy my wheels from them and that he could find others. In response,I agreed that I did commit to the wheels he ordered for me, but once they became unavailable, the commitment was over. After the refund form was filled out,I proceeded to ask him how to contact cooperate in case I don’t receive my deposit back, since it was out of there hands. He replies there is no-one to contact and that I would have to call him. Thought process says if it’s out of his hands, why would I call him with any problems. Middletown Tire Discounters. Very bad customer service.


Greg Duke September 28, 2014 at 10:12 am

a radiator i purchased from them failed allowing transmission fluid and sludge into my engine, water pump, thermosdat, transmission. transmission failed, was rebuilt, out of my pocket. new 2nd radiator has sludge and transmission fluid after 1 day, because it is still in my engine and will always be..engine caught fire in the electrical around coolant overflow less than 2 days after getting it back!! wet puddles of coolant in battery tray and other parts. wiring shorts out, truck is toast!! and like others, can get no response or call from anyone other than store “manager Bob” at the Newport Ky. location..Beware people, it could be your valuable truck or car gone just as quick!!


Chris September 17, 2014 at 7:23 pm

To who this may concern. My son works for one of your stores and thought i would let you know how management treats him. They yell scream cuss this young man like he is a dog
I have visited ur stores due to how im treated but until this has been resolved i promise i will NEVER again and i will let all my fb friends and family know as well
Hopefully this is not how all ur young employees are treated and i know from my son since he went thru boot camp and everything he knows how bad u can be treated. So maybe you might like to take care of ur employee since he helps take care of our freedom.

A concerned father


Crystal December 20, 2014 at 2:53 pm

This still hasnt been addressed…my son also works for them and seems to be called ugly vuglar names on a daily basis…Management is horrible…seems like grown men on power trips suffering from LDS. Shameful


bm August 5, 2015 at 1:20 pm

this is how they are treated. I was a store manager for a couple store in Ohio and I am surprised at how empoyees are treated. I was actually let go for showing to much respect to my emplyees. My daughter who is now 7 years old has epilepsy ad was rushed to the hospital. My regional manager told m to chose either my daughter or my job. I went to work and called HR. Turns out HR was engaged to my regional manager so nothing was done


Shawn Phillips September 10, 2014 at 4:12 pm

The Lexington, KY store on Richmond Rd is unbelievable. Their customer service is beyond anyone’s expectations. Worked with Dallas on replacing 6 tires on a boat trailer at 3:30 in the afternoon. I was back on the road by 5:00. They were very professional and eager to help. They have great customer service skills and really care about the customer.


Vincent Gioffre August 20, 2014 at 2:02 am

Essentially had $900 stolen from me by Tire Discounters. Dangerous work, would not fess up. Brand new 2013 Audi S4. Been fighting for months. Can not get a reply by anyone over the store manager. Bolts not tightened during suspension install and no mechanic there for a month to correct it. Store at red banks. Please contact me asap at 502 939 XXXXX.



Michael August 16, 2014 at 4:30 pm

Had $1100.00 worth of front end work done at jeffersonville, in store on veterans pkwy.. They left the right front upper control arm loose.. Took it back in and they said nothing was wrong with it and gave me the run around.. Manager is very unprofessional and basically a prick.. Anyways.. Very frustrated and upset.. A few weeks later I called td on Dixie hwy in Louisville ky and told them of my issue.. They set me up for a 8am appointment on Saturday.. Upon arrival I was the 1st customer greeted.. The tech went for a test drive while I rode shot gun.. He said there was defiantly a problem.. He put my car on alignment rack and found where they had not tightened the upper control arm up on rf side.. And they had not done a proper alignment as well.. They got everything fixed.. No charge.. Warranty work.. Although when I got my paper work for these services it once again had wrong vehicle listed on the receipt.. Very annoying.. Was told it’s because of liscence plate data base the company uses.. Anyways.. I will never do business at jeffersonville store again.. Mistakes like this could lead/cause someone to be hurt or killed.. Very incompetent..


kevin July 23, 2014 at 4:48 pm

I had 4universal joints replace I felt vibration real bad and my drive shaft fell out while I was driving they did not snap the clips all the way down it crack my yoke cost me 300 hundred dollars to get fix by the way this is Coleraine ave store I got my truck fix because I work across the street at O’Reillys I got my truck fix off the clock on my off day I ask them to pay my labor they refuse to after they told me they will so they offered a gift card I never received then they call my job to ask my manager to have me stop calling wow what kind of business is this they are liners do not take your car to Coleraine location or you are screwed


Laurie July 15, 2014 at 1:05 pm

After many years of purchasing tires at Tire Discounters, I have finally pulled the plug. Shame, shame, shame on the Dayton Mall Tire Discounters, your LACK of integrity and dishonesty have resulted in the loss of my business forever. I was willing to give one more chance, but you blew it again. I have given my business to a store who cares about their clients and the workmanship they provide.


Jacob June 27, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Hebron Tire Discounters completely scams people out of money. They broke a lug nut off my car, and then tried to play it off as it was my fault.. i expect that when I take my car in to get serviced that it will come back to me in the same or better shape. they offered to give me a crappy set of locking lug nuts that would be rusted in a month tops.. that was the only thing that they would do. nothing more. and above everything else, no matter what they would not accept responsibility for it.
When i ask for a tire rotation i expect all 4 tires to be rotated and for them to still be aligned when i get them back. not for them to pull my car to the right while I’m driving down the road. This is the worst tire discounters i have ever been to. I will not EVER go back and I will tell all of my friends that need work done to take it else where so that they do not get scammed.


Keith Davis June 25, 2014 at 8:11 pm

Bought many of tires over the years and recommended them to my son, He put tires on 2 of his cars. 4 tires installed and front end alignment and 4000 miles later front tires are completely bald. Replaced control arms and bushings, bearings and ball joints, How can anyone align a front end with that much wrong with car. Went back just wanting a fair shake and got one for $300.00 for 2 new tires and front end alignment. I feel terrible for my recommendation but I’m upset with him for doing anything business with Tire Discounters, I personally WON’T return and will NEVER recommend Tire Discounters to anyone. I do have tires from you people but I’ll find someone else to rotate my tires and will gladly PAY. UNBELIEVABLE


Lisa McKenney June 17, 2014 at 1:06 pm

My husband call yesterday to get a total price on tires for my SUV with the warranty included. He was told $546 and he goes today to get them put on with an appointment that they gave him yesterday and was told $599-because they didn’t inclde tax and something else. Then they proceeded to tell him that they had only 2 of the tires that we wanted. I will probaly let them do the tires this time because I really need them and it’s not even about the extra money its the fact that I wasn’t given accurate information and then when we show up we are told that they only have 2 tires. I am upset and after this time I am pretty sure i will do business elsewhere.


Ms. Sparks June 17, 2014 at 12:00 pm

My boyfriend went to Store # 13 in Chillicothe, Ohio. He had an appointment for 4:30 for new tires and an alignment. He didn’t get done until 7:15 and this was without the alignment. He had to go back later in the week to have the alignment done. We noticed the next day after the alignment was done that there was damage done to all four rims. We contacted the store and he spoke with Patrick Graham who said he was the manager. He said we need to bring the car in but my boyfriend works third shift and we are leaving for vacation so this was not an option for the week. Patrick told us to e-mail him pictures and we did. We had not had any communication since the pictures were sent. My boyfriend called today and Patrick told him the pictures were sent to his regional manager Mike Smith. Patrick said that Mike seen the pictures and said this was not caused by their shop and that they are not paying. We spent almost $800 for four new tires and now we have four rims that are ruined. Patrick said they were short staffed and gave a long wait discount on the day of purchase. He will not return calls and we have not heard from Mike Smith. I am letting everyone I know about this store and the service we have received from them. A consumer spending this much money on anything should be treated better and should at least have a damage complaint acknowledged by upper management.


Holly Strobl June 9, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Last year my husband and I bought 2 new sets of tires from the store on London Groveport Rd. in Grove City, OH. Over the past 25 years, we have spent thousands of dollars on new car tires from Tire Discounters. Last time I took the car in to have the tires rotated, my Corolla had 40,000 miles on it. They told me that it needed new brakes, and gave me a price on replacing the brakes. I thought about that and luckily decided to think about it. I took it directly to Toyota West in Columbus and the service manager told me that nothing was wrong with the brakes! So, why was I told that it did? I thought this was very fishy.
Today, at 11:45A I took my car into have the tires rotated again. The manager told me that , “NO, you don’t need an appointment, but it is going to take about an hour and a half to get your car finished. I left the waiting room after 2 and a half hours. My car had never been pulled in to be worked on. I called my husband to come pick me up. The manager said, “Well, sorry, We are short staffed today and some of the people are in meetings.” He stood there the whole time behind the counter taking calls, telling people to bring their cars on in to be worked on today, even though I’m still waiting since 11:45A. If they were that busy, why wasn’t he doing something besides answering the phone?? Poor business practice for existing customers, that will NOW NEVER buy anymore tires from this place. So frustrating! I have more to do with my life than sit in Tire Discounters waiting room all day waiting for a tire rotation. Ridiculous!


Sarah OH June 5, 2014 at 9:33 am

My husband has worked for tire discounters for well over 6 years now. As a great mechanic he only makes a few $ over minimum wage which is $7.95 plus little commission. He works 6:30 a.m.-7 p.m. everyday except Sunday. He runs circles around every other mechanic there and has done so at every single store he has ever worked at. Just recently I found out that when a customer uses a coupon it takes away most of the commission that a mechanic is supposed to receive. This should be illegal! Tire discounters spent millions of dollars to upgrade their waiting room so they could have a ridiculous amount of flat screen TVs and cameras in the store so that the workers can be watched by the customer yet when somebody breaks in &steals something no cameras caught it. Because of the remodel they have stopped giving bonuses to their employees. Since the reconstruction and all the new rules on coupons my husband went from making a little over $500 sometimes he was lucky and got $600 a week to now only making $400 a week. We have a new baby & we can’t even afford for us to eat & all of our bills are past due. This is one of the most corrupt places to work I have ever witnessed. After reading all the comments and complaints on this page from customers I can only assume that every tire discounters is corrupt and mistreats and under pays their employees. Even the salesman at the store make more commission than mechanics. My husband is the one that tells the salesman what to sell the customer therefore the mechanic literally is doing 100% of the work and gets less than half the pay. Every worker I have ever spoken to that works for tire discounters have all complained about the same things. These things need to change asap before every single one of your employees walks off the job on the exact same day at the exact same time. If that has to happen it will be on every news station and it will be huge and absolutely devastating to your company. This has been a long time coming. Please understand where we are coming from and do the right thing.


Mike May 15, 2014 at 12:38 pm

I’m a fourteen year customer of Tire Discounters with at least thirteen sets of tires purchased from TD #10 in Florence, KY. It would have been fourteen, but TD stopped carrying the 16″ / 6-ply tires I needed for one of our SUVs.

Leaving Independence, KY, at 4:45 PM, in need of a 5,000 mile rotation and a slow leak checked on one tire, at 5:15 PM, Wednesday, 5/14,2014, I found Tire Discounters (TD #10) closed for remodeling. As no customary “nearest location” information was on the sign, I tried calling the telephone number on my most recent service receipt from TD #10. This business telephone number has been “disconnected and there is no new number.” I guess it was to expensive for them to maintain the line and call forward it to the nearest alternative TD location as a service to their repeat customers

As I have patronized TD #65 in Walton, KY, once before, I drove to Walton. At 5:45 PM, with almost all service bays full, TD #65 had exactly two employees on duty. One technician and the guy writing orders. After relating to the service writer my drive from Independence to Florence and now to Walton, KY (a one hour investment of my time), just to find TD grossly under staffed, he suggested I make an appointment. At this, I tore up my TD receipt and stated I would got to Bob Sumerel (about 1/4 mile away). To this the “service” writer responded: “OK.”

What kind of customer service is this?


Michele May 13, 2014 at 11:22 am

Almost forgot!!!! Employee stay gone with my car over thirty min. Police came and was waiting on the employee to return with my vehicle. Tire Discounter employee lie to the police officer and never replace any of the gas or ware and tare on vehicle. Dale Cary stated that I did bring it there to be fix. That give his employee any wright.


Michele May 13, 2014 at 10:56 am

I notify Dale Cary/KY regarding the smokey lounge that we had to sit in with are small child with asma plus it was cold outside. Dale Cary/KY disagree with me and stated that they have a no smoking policy. Every time I speak with Dale Cary about anything regarding a problem he disagree are state that he wasn’t there so he can’t say anything about it. I came to Tire Discounter with a problem, My car was making a sound around the wheel. I was told that is was this so I pay Tire Discounter. I was told that they fix the problem and come and get my car. The problem was still there, I didn’t even leave the parking lot and still heard the problem. I was told to leave the car and they will fix it. I leave the car again an the problem was still there. I am now on 9 time with them so call fixing the problem. I haven’t return due to what happen the last time. The last time I went to Tire Discounter I came there with another vehicle if in case. I was told to show them what is the problem. I took one of the worker and drive them around Meijer parking lot to show him when I reverse the car make a sound. I try to get the car to make the sound but the car just wouldn’t do it. The worker stated that he will take my car and put it on the ramp due to the fact that we couldn’t see nothing. I sad OK! The next thing that I know is, I see my car riding pass me as we sit looking in disbelief and two men riding up Prestion Hwy in Louisville, KY. The problem with my car was when it was put in reverse not going forward. I call the police, The police came and disagree with the worker and call it a civil matter and stated I should stop bringing my car to Tire Discounter the are very unprofessional. They should have also notify you that Tire Discounter was taking my car out on the road. You shouldn’t have to come to place of business so many time. I call the 513-527-3104 number and was told that the regional manager will get back with me and he did he disagree with everything I have to say and the officer. Everything I told him regarding his employee his reply was that he wasn’t there so he don’t know. I reply that you have security footage take a look at it. He pretend that I never sad a word and didn’t wan’t to hear any more regarding his employee. Dale Cary stated that I should have never call the police. I should also give his people, so time to work on the vehicle. I then point out all the other time that I have came with two vehicle and never bother them. They call me for pick up of vehicle being ready and problem is still there. The worker get to gather and lie in a pack. Tire Discounter on Prestion HWY/Louisville KY> poor customer service skill and Dale Cary is the biggest problem. With out a strong person this is the result of poor overseeing. Leader ship is not talking down to the customer that help pay your salary. But, to listen and get out of defensen mold and be more open minded. The wrong thing that your employee doese effect who is over them. If (Dale Cary) agree with everything they do and say, they are pulling him down also. Opinion are like a dime a dozen everybody have one. Dale with Tire Discounter need to keep his person opinion to his self and try for a change to put his professional paints on that is if he have any (Doubt it).


cathy May 12, 2014 at 12:46 pm

On may 12th at 11 am I was paying for my services when a employee backed another customers car into mine. They didn’t fill out the accident report and give me a copy, just was told they would take care of it and that I should go have a quote done for the repair and bring it back to them. I have pictures and the other customers info because the employees didn’t seem very trust worthy. On top off all of that I knew I needed 4 tires but can only get 2 now and 2 when I get paid. The employee made it a point to tell me that I need 4 tires and another employee blurts out that I have a money situation. Its not their right to judge the customers like that in front of other customers or for that matter at all. I am completely dissatisfied with my experience that I had today.


George Snyder May 7, 2014 at 9:49 pm

Adam, Michele has asked (during our texting tonight) that I mention again the firecracker. Since it seems that information was lost by Mary I’ll recap the action line.

4-17-14, Thursday: During an AM visit with Michele I notice the LR tire on her 2006 Pontiac Montana is low. We drive to and drop it at your Grove City facility. Correctly diagnosed as having a crack on the inner bead area of the 6 bolt alloy wheel.

Crew attempts to lower spare and fails since it was rusted in. No problem there. After discussion with who I presume was the person in the manager position it was decided that another wheel should be ordered. He retires to the back smoking lounge in the shop and when asked about a wheel source tells me he cannot come in the building as he is smoking. Was also texting or playing games on his phone. Politely informs me where I can find the number for the local wheel repair or replacement source. By the phone on the wall help yourself. Nice that you all have self service.

I call the source in Columbus then look up some other items on my tablet. Apparently the game or txt were good and it must have been a two cigarette day as he eventually wanders in. I’m calling sources on my cell phone and making arrangements to have the replacement wheel delivered from a source in Columbus to the store. He does provide me the address. Wheel possibly delivered Friday but most likely Monday. Good for us. He says TD will call when in.

Service people air up tire so she can travel to work.

During the honest effort to remove the spare the crew knocks into the air shock fill hose located in the lower rear inside of the left fender behind the LR wheel. Knocks the hose off which I do not notice till I follow her vehicle a number of days later. While they may not have felt it they should have noticed this black rubber thing hanging down from the rear axle in the area they were working in. But then again the hose could have been knocked off by road debris such as that which bent the metal housing on the air shock months ago. Another story there.

4-21-14 Monday: Store is called to see if promised wheel is in as promised by the local source. Not in yet is the response.

4-22-14 Tuesday: TD called, early AM, to see if wheel is in yet. NO.
Michele says something and a check is made or she is called back shortly after that to tell her the wheel just came in on Tuesday after she called. She goes and has the tire changed over keeping the old wheel. That old one is eventually taken to a repair facility that I found for her.

That day I check the United Parcel Service tracking line. What? Can’t be! They must be wrong! Their tracking site says the wheel was delivered….wait for it…..OK! You are right! Delivered Monday at 11:40 AM.

So that means the people in the TD receiving department in the store did not process the wheel right away? It means that it was lost in all the incoming merchandise? Or…can I say she was lied to? Probably not as you all are concerned with customer service. So I’d think the receiving department should be checked into.
She was also told that a dual wheel pick up was being serviced for tires and they could not get to her car. Now how many people does it take to service a p/u? When we were there at least three guys were trying to lower the spare, the person acting in the capacity of manager and two or three techs were in the smoking lounge/texting area. Which means something like 4 to 7 people in the mornings?

OK, I did mention a firecracker back in the beginning so it is time to deliver on that one. When Michele went to the store to have the tire changed over she says that as she was standing in the show room and at some point heard a significant explosion either in the shop or adjacent to the front shop doors. Saying that she had some experience in identifying an M-80 she says that it sounded and felt like such. Seems the owner of the dual wheel p/u and the manager were celebrating who knows what?

As for my help? Well I did the wheel repair and replacement sourcing and contacting for you folks, arranged delivery and more. What’s my pay for being a customer helping out? Seems I did a fair share of work.

As for her? The LR wheel/tire is now good. Probably over torqued? She had the cracked wheel repaired and received a tire with it for her full size spare as the mini spare is inaccessible. The above noted air hose was replaced at her expense at another facility.


George Snyder May 7, 2014 at 8:22 pm

Communications from Tire Discounters with my response. Read to the end.

Adam thanks for the reply.

As of 2:30 this afternoon she had not head from you so that means you had contact after.

As for going through her…you called me the other day.

During your conversation with Michele did she tell you about my 18″ breaker bar story? Seems that once upon a time last Fall in the early morning dark and rain I made it to the Broad St. store just prior to 8 AM being the 3rd person in line for service.

Sorry we can’t do your tire rotation as we are busy!

A few contacts later, can’t recall if it was you or another manager, I received an apology and free oil change which I had done on my Mazda3 probably in Jan?

I did my own oil change yesterday and thought unkindly of the tech’s at that store. Took a 18″‘ 3/8″ breaker bar on a short extension to the oil filter cup to remove the factory Mazda oil filter I had supplied.

Now what do you think I said about that in my mine.

Why do we keep coming back? Your service is better than the competition. Believe it or not. I like the nitrogen fill, I like the tire rotation service etc. Background of doing what you do for a parts company, auto trailing center etc. all but two states and out of country covered. So a bit of experience in sales, parts, service, equipment, clients and travel.

You did not address the issue of what happened to Mary promising last week to immediately take care of things. Nor what happened in the delay of calls. I’ll still be going to the E. Broad store.


In a message dated 5/7/2014 6:45:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, adam.holliday@tirediscounters.com writes:
Mr. Snyder; Thank you for your concern into Michele’s vehicle, and the issues she’s had at the Grove City store. I assure you, we treat her’s and all customer concerns with the utmost priority. We are a company built on exceeding expectations in customer service, and as we continue to grow we put even more focus on this aspect of our business. I spoke to Michele twice on the phone today. She is sending me some information regarding this latest issue she has had, and I will do everything I can to make sure her needs are met. That being said; to ensure that I am able to meet her expectations, it would be easier if all correspondence concerning her and her vehicles goes through her. I’m sure you can understand how too many parties involved can complicate matters. Again, I thank you for your concerns, and I sincerely look forward to doing business with you in the future. Regards, Adam Holliday – Tire Discounters


George Snyder May 7, 2014 at 3:54 pm

Yet another part of the ongoing saga of lack of care, concern and follow up on the part of Tire Discounters. You readers will recall a prior report of a situation that at that time had extended over a couple of weeks that was going to be put right by Mary the receptionist at TD. Times come and times go and no one follows up.

Well to be more correct Adam the supposed follow up person did do a contact but to me and not to the owner of the vehicle in question as noted to TD and explicitly mentioned that the owner is the one to contact. In the few days after his contact she had called him but has heard nothing back. I’d say that is 3 to 4 days now. Then again perhaps his phone is lost, out of service, chooses to ignore her or has an excessive work load?

Certainly no WOW factor to their service unless you consider WOW look at what they again and again have failed to do.

The owner of said vehicle at least has the vehicles air shocks working again ($180 air hose kit installed elsewhere) and has a replacement rim and so on. She certainly gets upset when she walks through her garage and sees the previously physically damaged air shock that was caught on a lift pad and was replaced for hundreds of dollars.

So please, please….call your customer back. She is waiting by the phone!


George A. Snyder May 4, 2014 at 6:41 pm

This email is being written on Sunday 5-4-2014 as a follow up to a service adventure a friend of mine had at the Grove City, OH store on Thu. 4-17-2014. As a result of that adventure I contacted the corporate office and spoke to the very nice professional and caring sounding Mary. Expressed my concerns for my friend and was assured that a area manager would be contacting her. Come Thu. 4-27-2014 still no contact. However my friend did have her tire installed on the replacement wheel that did not come in till Tue. 4-22-2014. That is sarcasm as the store on the Tue said the wheel was not yet there. However, dummies, UPS offers tracking and the wheel was received on 4-21-2015 at 11:40. Perhaps it took a day to get from the receiving department to the front desk? Called Mary again on Thursday the 29 and she expressed great concern, care and yes sure fore certain Adam the acting area manager will contact your friend…….I’m writing this on the 5-4-2014 so what did not happen? Also as one group of employees tried to lower the spare tire they broke off an air shock self leveling line. Sort of left dangling in front of their faces.


Nate Clark April 9, 2014 at 9:05 am

Took my truck to the store in Groveport, Ohio… Big mistake. Never again. The “manager” Joe admitted to only being in the tire world for 6 months after he had to backtrack on what he told me on the phone. I was told he would have what was needed to do the job for my appointment. When I arrived (after driving 30 minutes) he told me he never said such a thing on the phone and couldn’t do the job. When questioned about it he stated he never once said it. So, basically, the manager called me a liar and refused to work on the truck. All it needed was a balance and alignment. I will NEVER take my truck to this place again, and I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Incredibly disappointed with the customer service and attitude of the manager. Very very rude. Corporate should look in to this terrible issue. Not a good representative of your company!


Lyle Sloane March 12, 2014 at 2:44 am

I have been trying to get in touch with either regional manger for the Cincinnati district. I have spoke with Mary at the corporate off twice this week, saying she would forward my issue to these regional managers.

I have issues, and no one is taking anytime to respond to them, if that is the case, it would appear that none cares. If that is how you feel you must treat me, I will just take my issue’s to the local news stations. I am sure they would love to hear about the companies gross negligence.

Lyle Sloane

859-415-XXXXX land line
859-240-XXXXX cell


Adam Schlueter March 1, 2014 at 3:40 pm

After purchasing my last 5 sets of tires from Tire Discounters, the lack of customer service is forcing me to look at competitors. I purchased 4 new tires requesting to keep one of the tires for a spare. The tire was approximately 1 year old, in great shape, and purchased from Tire Discounters. I arrived to pick up my vehicle and was told they had disposed of all 4 tires. The manager informed me they would find us a tire to replace it.

After 3 months and multiple trips to the store they are still not able to replace the tire. Last week the manager stated if they couldn’t find a tire in a few day he would give me a credit towards new tires on a different vehicle or refund the amount towards our previous purchase. He mentioned they just gave another customer 2 new tires of the same size because they disposed of his tires. 10 days has gone buy and again more lies. Now they are offering to buy a spare from the local junk yard.

Take caution and do not leave you car unattended or they will not complete the work requested. The short conversation with the general manager gives me the confidence this has become a common issue. This was a $300 tire and a fair replacement is all I am requesting.


RONALD MCGUIRE February 22, 2014 at 11:26 am

Had a flat front tire .So I aired it up .Went to discount tire s A employee looked at it said the air was coming right out .Said it would be about an hour .Fine .but it went completely flat @ One of the employee .s started to drive it in the garage before I stopped him .I said you will wreck the tire .His response was how else was he suppose to get in the garage .Really .I thought this was a tire specialty place?


Cathy Doyle November 26, 2013 at 3:16 pm

I would like to take a moment and compliment an associate at your Cherry Grove, Beechmont location. I stopped by early this morning and asked if someone would look at my back right tire. My car indicated that the air was low. Mr Lancer put air in all of my tires and didn’t want to take any money. I truly appreciate the excellent customer service. I am in the retail business and know that our associates who work at our stores and satisfy our customers are truly our most important assets.
Mr Wood, rest assured that your employees are demonstrating the customer service that I know you would be proud of. That is why you and your company are a success.
God Bless,


Kelly November 15, 2013 at 5:47 pm

On 11/14/13 I brought my car into the Tire Discounters in Delaware, Oh. I had inadvertently left $20 in a closed compartment in my car. The money was stolen by a Tire Discounters staff member. I felt completely violated that the staff member stole from me but also that he was snooping thru my car. The store manager did replace my 20 dollars which was nice but I still feel very upset about this issue and now I am tied to getting service at one of the stores since I got the hazard package for my new tires. I certainly will not be returning to the Delaware store (despite the manager being very accommodating). I also feel strongly that I was overcharged and upsold on my tires. The manager is working with me on this issue and I am hopeful we can find a resolution we are both happy with. I hope to caution people with my story about leaving personals in the car (which I shouldn’t have to do, our cars should be safe).


Brandon Sowry September 18, 2013 at 8:34 am

Dont let these people do anything to your car. They will tear stuff up so you have to buy a replacement part. I took my car in for an oil change and they rounded my drain plug off and now they want me to pay them for a new one. The first and last time i let anyone but me do it. They tried to say its due to age but i never had any issues until they worked on my car. Stay away from the location on Feedwire Rd. oh and when you call about it they act like dealing with a customer is a hassle. Piss poor service and company.


Brandon Sowry September 18, 2013 at 9:20 am

Oh and for clarification they said it was due to being old as my car is a 98. But the plug is only a few years old.


Carri Stephens September 10, 2013 at 6:52 am

I went to the tire discounters in Mt. Orab ,well to start I had a 27 point inspection on the van at a dealership when I bought it with 62,000 miles and I was told I would need to rotate or replace the front tires soon and brake pads and the van otherwise was in great shape at 63,000 so I took it to tire discounters and bought two new tires I got a summer package as well that included an inception, oil change and new wiper blades, well first I got home and My mechanic went to put new brake pads on because I wasn’t going to pay 140 they wanted ,when he went to take off the tire 2 of my lug nuts were snapped off ,well no real big deal I called them they told me to bring it back in they would fix that ,before I got it back in a wiper blade came off in a rain storm and scratched my windshield bad…I mean may not be able to have it buffed out but have to get it replaced bad,so when I went back in they fixed the lug nuts replaced the wiper and tried to buff out the scratch …well no luck buffing and I told them I would get an estimate for fixing the wind shield ……I am very aggravated but they were willing to compromise and fix it ,so I left well my tires then started making a sound can’t explain on here what it sounded like but again my mechanic said it my be that when they crisscrossed my back tires, when they looked to never be rotated before it was going against the tread pattern and making the noise but he wasn’t 100% sure ….but one thing I know for sure is it was after tire discounters messed with them so I call them again and explain what my mechanic said and theyw crisscrossed them back they still made the same noise but was told they will for a few hundred mile till they ware went back …like a flat spot on the tires ..well its been a few hundred miles still the same noise and now when I drive a bit and get out of the van the smell of burnt rubber is overwhelming like I have been doing burn outs ….I am afraid to drive my van at this point I am a mom of four and do not want to take it back ……Nothing was wrong with this van but tires and brakes before I took it to them and now I am so upset and don’t know what to do …all I know is I have to get these things fixed for the safety of my family CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE……all I want is them to do is fix what is going on with my tires at this point …..Oh I did go to get my wind shield buffed out and they couldn’t do it but did lighten it up and told me that the scratch was not deep enough to compromise the safety so I did let tire discounters put like new /used tires on my boyfriends car that was a 65 dollar value to call it even I no crazy I let them but …this was before the bad tire and noise that has gotten worse …not better…….Now I have to like this page to get a response …GEEZ


Carri Stephens September 10, 2013 at 7:17 am

One more thing the last time I went there two cop cars were at the store …..not sure why but I’m betting a p.o.ed customer


michael August 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm

I had four tire put on and thought I was getting a free alignment all they did was set the tow I went and ask them about it and they would do a front end alignment for a 120.00 or more and I would have to drop it off it could take 2 to 3 hours so I call around and find a place that would do it for 70.00 so I thank that is false advertisement I will never shop there after experience there when it took two and half hours and all I got was four tires and the tow set what go was that the way they set it up it will still where out the tires so I should of left the old tires on it after all that u would thank they would tell u the truth before u spend over 400,00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


michael August 28, 2013 at 5:42 pm

I would like to know something back on this matter


michael September 6, 2013 at 3:46 pm

it’s been took care on sept 6 2013
i’m happy now


Ayse July 11, 2013 at 5:52 pm

d like to warn everyone about tirediscounters…i went in there earlier this week for routine maintenance and after i left my car started overheating ….turns out they purposely drained my car COMPLETELY of coolant so I would have to come back to them so they could try to fix things that weren’t wrong with it. nice try…


Michael May 2, 2013 at 12:18 pm

I thinking because of my race i did not get an fair opportunities to join this company…My interview was set and the man did not even show to work to interview me. Next day when i call tells he is wait to see what the other applicants or doing.. I would give my life and will give my life to work for this company..


Boomer The Vending Company April 23, 2013 at 11:59 pm

Hi, In February I had a flat tire on my box truck I use for my vending machine route and stopped at Sam’s club in Monfort Heights to buy a new tire. I was told the truck would not fit in the garage and even though I had bought tires there and they put them on outside in the parking lot they could no longer do that and I would have to go somewhere else. I went across the street to your new store, talked to Vince, bought a tire, they pulled the truck, inside put the tire on and I was back to work. While waiting on them to install it I got a price quote of under 475 dollars for 2 new Michelin tires out the door. I did not keep the quote since it was computer generated and I thought you would have a record of it. I could not have been happier. Saturday I stopped in, talked to Mr Roe and ordered the tires and was told they would be Monday. I made an appointment for 10 o’clock Tuesday to have them installed and was told they would call me Monday to let me know they were in. No call Monday, so I called Tuesday morning to check before I went over. The tires were in and I went over and were told the tires would cost 536 not what I was quoted. Did not really care that much about the money, but after sitting there for an hour and fifteen minutes and the only thing that happened was my truck was pulled half way in a bay. Asked the counter man whose name was Maurice, I believe, what was going on and was told the man who came after me had an earlier appointment and had left and came back was ahead of me. I then asked to pull my truck out and I left. I am in a in a customer service business myself and know how hard it is to get new customers and feel it is a shame that your employees would lose a customer over not caring. Thank you Boomer


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