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The Melting Pot Corporate Office Address

The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc.
7886 Woodland Center Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33614

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Phone Number: (813) 881-0055
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The Melting Pot Facts

Founder: Mike, Robert, and Mark Johnston
Date Founded: 1975
Founding Location: Maitland, Florida
Number of Employees: 12200

The Melting Pot Executives

CEO: Robert Johnston
CFO: Mark Johnston
COO: Mike Johnston

The Melting Pot History

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The Melting Pot restaurant was founded by brothers Robert, Mark, and Mike Johnston in Maitland, Florida, in 1975. Originally, the menu had only 3 items but it proved to be so popular that in 1979, the brothers allowed a franchise to open in Tallahassee, Florida.

As franchises grew, so did the menu, but one thing remains the same; fondue. The company is best known for its complete meal, which features a cheese fondue, a salad, the main course and a chocolate fondue for dessert. The four courses are offered individually or as a “4 Course Experience.” melting pot fondue

The interiors are done in black and dark red with dim lights for a more private type of experience. While fondue remains to be the restaurants’ major attraction, the company recently opted to include meats which are grilled right at the table.

melting pot location  The company currently has 117 locations, including some in Mexico, with the most recent opening in El Paso, Texas, in September 2018.

Company headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida.

melting pot restaurant front

The Melting Pot FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for The Melting Pot?
Answer 1: The phone number for The Melting Pot is (813) 881-0055.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of The Melting Pot?
Answer 2: The CEO of The Melting Pot is Robert Johnston.

Question 3: Who founded The Melting Pot?
Answer 3: The Melting Pot was founded by Mike, Robert, and Mark Johnston in 1975.

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Jessica DeFranco July 23, 2019 at 9:07 am

Horrible Experience. Our family has been frequenting The Melting Pot for over 20 years. Our twin boys chose Melting Pot to celebrate their 18th birthday for a family celebration. Dining area was dirty with white stain on the floor. We were looking forward to the new items on the menu and placed our order. While we were waiting for the waitress to bring our drinks my son said he saw a roach on the booth seat adjacent to us. He attempted to get it with a napkin but it scurried away into a hole between the booths. I told our servier, who did not seem surprised. I was feeling yucky about the situation but my only grandson was sitting next to me having a great time so I decided not to make a fuss. While waiting for our waitress I was looking around at the room when I turned back to the table a large black roach was sitting on the table in front of the bowl I had brought for my grandson that sticks to the table so he wouldn’t knock it over. I jumped up but the roach was not even fazed. My son tried to catch it but once again it scurried across our table into a gap. My son said there was food, a napkin and a fork in the gap. The manager handled the situation horribly and stupidly asked if we wanted to continue the meal. Everyone was pretty grossed out so we left and I took everyone to Whataburger across the street in Pensacola. Disgusted and I am making a call to the health department today. The manager asked if it was a roach or a palmetto bug. It was a roach but your really concerned with the distinction?


Teresa May 30, 2019 at 2:54 pm

We had one of the WORST dining experiences EVER last weekend when we went for a special celebration at the Melting Pot in Viera. The food was most definitely NOT top notch and the service left a lot to be desired for! In regards to the food, three (of a party of four) had ordered filet mignon as one of the entrees to choose from and what was actually served seemed like bottom round roast! I’m used to purchasing filet mignon and I know the quality of meat that filet mignon is. Filet Mignon was NOT served to us. The service was terrible – took us over 3 hours to complete the meal PLUS we had to ask the manager to take our check. The lighting was extremely DARK, to the point that you could barely read the menu and as the meal went on, we realized WHY they keep it so dark. They keep it dark so you don’t see the ANTS CRAWLING AROUND ON THE TABLE TOP!!!!!!!! We were bitten while we ate only couldn’t see them. It wasn’t until I noticed some crawling across the small red light on the burner, while we were near the end having our chocolate fondue. As we were killing them, we even left one on a plate and showed the manager. It was absolutely DISGUSTING and none of us will ever return. I’m sure not all of the Melting Pots are this way, but trust me, you will want to steer clear of the one in Viera!!! The manager did nothing other than provide us with a $10 fondue coupon for our return trip, as IF we’d ever want to return!!! That was a major slap in the face. Our check should’ve been comped for the ant situation alone. Plus the bad food and terrible service on top of that should’ve made this a no-brainer. This particular restaurant is most definitely NOT top notch!


Heather February 22, 2019 at 9:13 am

Hello. My name is Heather. My fiance, Tyler, and I went to dine in for our anniversary last Saturday (2/16/19) at The Melting Pot Troy location. The meal was okay and our waitress was Arlyn. My fiance and I split the check, gave Arlyn a $2 tip each due for multiple reasons that left us unhappy. When our charge went through I checked my bank account to see she went ahead and gave herself her own tip, a $10 total tip to be exact, which I DID NOT authorize on the receipt. On top of that, she ended up adding her own tip on my fiance’s card as well, $4 total on his, that was not authorized either and she also went and charged him TWICE. I called Monday morning when I saw what she did to us and spoke to a manager named Matt. He told me at first that he saw no record of my card or amount charged and he would call me right back. He did not call me back. I called later on and our waitress Arlyn picked up the phone and transferred me to Matt. I told Matt how unhappy I was again about his staff just going and stealing money illegally from customers, which is against the law. He told me Arlyn wasn’t in the establishment and would talk to her later, which was a lie since she was the one who picked up the phone. He also magically was able to pull up my record of me being there and told me he would refund BOTH of our full meals and it would come within 1-3 days. My refund ended up going through but not only did my fiance’s refund not go through after 3 days but an extra $10 was taken from him to you guys on top of that. So now your establishment is continuing to steal more money from us. We both called back and spoke to a manager named Rachel. She said that my fiance’s full refund would come. Well my fiance did get a refund, but of only $10! He called back and Matt lied once again and claimed he told me on the phone that he would only be giving my fiance $10 when he actually told me he would refund the full amount. What you guys have going on here is illegal and all we want is our FULL refund back that was promised. We spoke to our banks and if the full refund is not in my fiance’s bank account by this morning we were advised to file a merchant dispute/chargeback against your establishment to get our refund back, which is what we plan on doing if it comes to that and there is no full refund today.


Angelique February 17, 2019 at 2:49 pm

I had been wanting to try your restaurant for some time since i grew up in Europe and love fondue. I made a reservation for my family for my birthday online. It was for the Arlington, Tx location. It was confirmed by email and we were looking forward to a special time together. I was contacted by phone the day before the dinner to “inform” me that the restaurant was serving a “pre-set” menu priced by couple that day. When I asked why this wasnt communicated when i made the reservation I was told in a very snippy way that they would be happy to cancel my reservation if that wasnt agreeable. I can’t imagine how a business treats customers this way and will never darken the doorstep of this establishment. I called a nice French restaurant in Dallas and upon explaining the short notice they accomodated our party gladly and courteously and saved us from our bad initial experience with Melting Pot.


Kristi Evenson November 21, 2018 at 9:04 am

For years my husband and I frequent your restaurant on special occasions throuout the year, probably 8–10 times per year. We were in the night before last for my birthday, and were extremely disappointed and dissatisfied to find that you have once again changed out a menu item for something of lesser quantity. The andouille sausage is both of our favorites, and the taste and quality of the new selection is well below your standard. We are very disappointed. Over the years your standards have been slipping, it’s the small changes, like going away from the herbed bread, the squash, and then the cauliflower, to more standard products like carrots, that is slowly taking away the value of supporting your business. Unfortunately you may have lost a very loyal customer.


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