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Sirius XM Corporate Office Address

Sirius XM Radio Inc.
1221 Avenue of the Americas36th Floor
New York, New York 10020

Contact Sirius XM

Phone Number: (212) 584-5100
Fax Number: (212) 584-5200
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Sirius XM Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Sirius XM Executives

CEO: James E. Meyer
CFO: David J. Frear
COO: Thomas D. Barry

Sirius XM History

SiriusXM Radio was the result of a controversial 2007 merger between Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.  XM Radio was first established in 1988 as the American Mobile Satellite Corporation.  The company established a division in 1992 which eventually became XM Radio.  Their satellite service initially launched in 2001.  A year later, in 2002, Sirius Satellite Radio launched.

In 2009, DirecTV acquired 40% of SiriusXM.  The company also raised their rates in 2009.

In 2011, the company dropped BBC Radio 1 with no advance notice.

SiriusXM currently serves more than 18.5 million subscribers in the US and Canada.

Sirius XM FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Sirius XM?
Answer 1: The phone number for Sirius XM is (212) 584-5100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Sirius XM?
Answer 2: The CEO of Sirius XM is James E. Meyer.

Question 3: Who founded Sirius XM?
Answer 3: Sirius XM was founded by in .

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Charlotte Welch October 5, 2019 at 8:11 pm

I just want to acknowledge on of your customer care agents. His name is Phillip. He was fantastic knowledgeable courteous and a comfort at the same time. I want to say thank Sirius for having a wonderful employee, one of which represents what I as a customer appreciates in a company. Phillip reminded me why I am still and will be a satisfied customer. Phillip & Sirius THANK YOU!


Valerie August 27, 2019 at 3:35 pm

Apparently “Lifetime” means 2 totally different things to me than them. I paid for lifetime and instead I get 2 transfers at $75 each than nothing. Even tho my radio broke, they told me tuff. Not worth renewing or paying a fortune for when there are so many cheaper alternatives nowadays. Even talked several people out of it that were considering it. That’s what happens when you screw people over.


james becker August 27, 2019 at 9:25 am

Very disappointed in sirius. My son and i have the same names. my account was charged for his yearly service due to Sirius applying my credit card info to his account in error by them. Every effort to correct the situation has resulted in a dead end. Bank of america cannot resolve it because Sirius cannot not explain why my card info was on his account profile but they state since its the card of file when his account auto renewed l they are right. To make it worse they billed him for his service thur his now correct credit card and still has my debit of 305.78 which they have not corrected. shame shame shame on you sirius
hopefully someone from Sirius who thinks outside the box will read this posting to help correct it.


Gary Balemian September 11, 2019 at 6:55 pm

I just had the same problem with the attempt of fixing the problem I don’t think their agents have any Idea what’s going on as I been trying and explaining to several different agents the situation I was facing then poof another bill from Sirius for my sons vehicle, unfortunately, I got tired of dealing with it and canceled all my subscriptions.
Like you said I hope corporate sees this and recognize there is a problem with their customer care agents and fix it before more people cancel!


Kathryn Smith May 24, 2019 at 5:12 pm

I have had SiriusXM since 2011 and have been happy with the service. I still am and consider the amount paid to be a good deal. However, somehow a car I have never owned has become attached to my account and has been on a free trial since at least 01/2019. I have tried calling, five times now, and do not seem to be able to get the account disassociated from my account. This leaves me open to having someone activate the account and have charges accrue before I have a chance to know it. They know my name and address (they spelled my name off by one letter to try to hide) and email address because I keep getting offers to become a subscriber on this car. I fear I may have to give up my subscription to keep my credit safe.



I had Sirius XM when it only had part of that name. Yes, it’s been that long and I am for the first time asking for a refund and canceling. So my last bill was supposed to end today (4/5/2019). So I called to renew but I can’t get anyone in the right department. THEY HIRE PHILLIPINA/O PROSTITUTES. THEY CANNOT COMPREHEND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. I got tired of being ‘transferred’ and then someone would pick up and tell me they would again transfer me to right department.

After 1 hour and 19 minutes I give up, I’m calling my bank to reverse the charges since I have proof the service was until today and they shouldn’t have charged me until tomorrow which would have been 4/6/2019. It is now the year 2019 and plenty of other choices.

Goodbye forever, you don’t treat your customers well, then f you and I’m taking my hard-earned money with me and taking my business elsewhere.


Roger Dacey January 31, 2019 at 4:17 pm

I really love Sirius radio & have one in each of my 3 vehicles as well as the house. I hardly ever listen to any other radio except Sirius. However, I think I am about to cancel my 4 subscriptions because of their accounting & billing practices. A warning!! DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS!. I have finally succeeded in having all my radios listed under 1 account & it took 4 phone calls to get the fees on each under the family plan. I only will pay by check and agreed to a $2. charge per invoice because they are crooks. I paid 1 bill within 10 days & for a month they tried to charge me late fees totaling over $400 for a $ 235. bill. Another 2 phone calls to straighten out. Each phone call is a struggle to understand a foreigner and my only conclusion is that they have been told to cheat, obfuscate & confuse the customer. Every response is a different one from the call before. You MUST WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN & GET A NAME. Right now, I am trying to decide whether to put up with my love for the programming or just cancel all 4 accounts (after they expire of course, because I know I’ll never get my money back. Recommend Sirius?? I don’t think so. Basically I think the business plan is to stick it to the customer any way you can as long as you produce revenue. They are ripe for decent competition.

Roger Dacey


Terri Zezza January 2, 2019 at 8:20 pm

I just spoke to one of your CSR which was India people. First of all I heard laughing in the background and the man was very hard to understand. All I want is to listen to 5 channels on our car radio and I was given a hard time. Both my parents and my husband and I have this in our car. I felt like cancelling the account. This person did not understand me and would not put me through to a supervisor. I am paying for 140 channels when I only want 5 to listen to. I should not be paying 20.00 a month for 5 or even 6 channels. Please take care of this matter. I do not want to go through this hell ever again with your CSR and give me a cheaper price or this will go in the paper about how you rip people off. Thank you and you will be seeing this write up very soon if something is not done.


THOMAS KING December 28, 2018 at 6:34 am



netta November 21, 2018 at 11:00 pm

The worst customer service I ever experienced. Next to impossible to cancel. Everyone you speak to is trying to sell you something. I thought the initial sales person was persistent and prompt however the package I wanted was not what we agreed on. I wanted the radio and streaming. Called back was transferred to every department and spoke with Q He told me that I would have streaming added with my radio. However, only streaming was added. Again, misinformation and a major inconvenience. Whenever you want to cancel, because why keep having to call around and get the wrong service. They want to sell something else. I don’t believe the sales reps are actively listening and it beyond annoying. Wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone. so many other streaming services available that give you what they promise. I requested corporate office number and was given the customer service line. Time is valuable and a pet peeve of mine is for it to be wasted. Overall the service is convenient the customer service reps that actively listen are poor and this is a major turn off into doing business with this company. zero stars from me. I just want to cancel the service with a refund omg. maybe I should contact the business bureau bc this coming off as fraudulent.


Dan Greenwell October 31, 2018 at 10:01 am

LIFETIME purchase.
When you sell a person a lifetime subscription and don’t tell them it is for the radio it is assigned to it becomes absurd. The lifetime membership was not purchased by my truck.
I paid for it. Leave it up to the legal team to get rid of the lifetime purchases by making it limited lifetime. And because my truck owns it they want 75$ for the one and only time they will transfer my lifetime subscription. Same key strokes but different name. They want to recoup money lost from the lifetime purchase anyway they can.
My recommendation is get Pandora!


Tommie Gillam September 28, 2018 at 8:59 am

On September 12 I received an email offer for a free Amazon Echo Dot if I upgraded my account to tha all access pass. The links in the email would not take me to the advertised offer. I called listener support. The woman I spoke to upgraded my account and assured me she had noted it in my account and I would receive the offer. The code to receive the device was to be emailed within 10 working days. When I didn’t receive the code I called back. There was no record in my account, as I was led to believe. I made 3 phone calls and attempted to initiate a chat. After more than 2 hours I have been told my issue “has been escalated” and that I will receive a call back in “5-7 business days”. Siriusxm is a guilty pleasure, it isn’t something I need. If I cannot get resolution for what should be a simple issue, the service is something I can and will do without. Just the fact that I have to publicly share this so siriusxm will see it! Is not a selling point either.


Jon Beard September 9, 2018 at 6:17 pm

I was called with a special SiriusXM offer $38 for 6 months. I told them I wanted it automatically cancelled at the end of the period. The agent promised it would be. In subsequent calls, I found that not to be true and asked that they send an email confirming it was the case. Never got it. They cancelled service. I called and they had it straight and I sent a check for the $38. Then I got another bill for a lesser amount. I called again, they said they had it straight. After 10 days of mailing the check I get another cancellation. I called they said they had it straight. Today (2-3 weeks after sending the check) I get a bill for $43. I call again and ask for a supervisor and said I want an email from him with name and confirming he had it straight showing the $38 and auto termination in January 2019. He said does not have the ability to send an email. I asked for his supervisor or management above him that has that authority. After a wait, he said no one above him has the ability to send me an email, but he could escalate. So apparently the SiriusXM president doesn’t have out going email. I want an email from someone at SiriusXM with the authority to say my bill has been received for $38 and your special offer will terminate automatically in January the 6 month date on of the offer. And, I Do Not want any more emailed bills/cancellation notices or calls from SiriusXM Ever!!


William Ball July 30, 2018 at 8:14 am

I have had a problem for over a month again with receiving a radio signal from Sirius and called them like I did a year ago. I gave them the locations. I cleared up but came back two months a go as bad if not worse. I called and gave Sirius radio they told me to have my radio checked as it was my problem I went to my dealer and they checked my radio and told me my radio was working great. I let Sirius know they never cleared the problem for me. On July 27,2018 in the evening the receiver would skip channels and go backwards on it own. I called customer service Friday evening and they spent two hours trying to fix the problem and they could not fix the problem. They referred me to technical support and they never answered the phone as I let the phone ring for an hour. On Saturday July 28, I finally got technical support after the phone rang for another hour. They could not fix the problem. They told me that my radio was the fault and to get the dealer to repair it. I called the dealer and was informed that my radio again was working ok. I final went to an area on Sunday evening and my radio got a signal to get the channels and it is working in some areas but not near my home. It does no good to talk to Sirius radio. They need to get there engineers to get out and see where the problem areas are and fix the problems. Sirius should bring there services back to the United States as they talk to fast in the Philippines and they will not slow down so the customer can understand them. I am feed up with Sirius as well. I wish people would cancel there subscription until they improve there customer service.


Mary Pasley July 25, 2018 at 1:12 pm

I have been a long time Sirius/XM listener and am now considering cancelling my subscription for good. I received an annual renewal notice 6/6/18. Because my debit card number changed, I called to make a payment via phone since we were traveling. I spoke with the customer care representative who took my new payment information and updated payment information. I indicated I did not want auto-renew because I continue having problems with Sirius billing. I received a notice in July that my card did not go through. I checked my bank and no charge was ever processed for payment. I received a past due notice today. The respresentative apparently never put the new billing information in and they were charging my old card. Today I spoke with a customer care representative named Mary who informed me no payment had been made. When I informed her it had and it appeared the representative did not enter my information in June, she argued with me and responded with a resound ‘maybe”. In my books, this constitutes calling me a liar. I am sick and tired of companies treating customers with disdain and not following through on what they say they do. I guess you don’t need my or my family’s business anymore.


WILLIAM EMMERT September 8, 2018 at 9:02 pm

We had the same thing happen to us. This is a total scam. I specifically asked for the auto renew to stop and because i switched from mobile app to car app and paid $15 they help my credit card number and auto renewed without my permission. When i called they told me it was in the fine print at the bottom of my receipt. I will NEVER subscribe to this service ever again!


Liz Cowdery July 19, 2018 at 2:39 pm

I received an email from SiriusXM on 6/21 and have been trying via phone (6/25) and via online writing (since 6/25) with the alleged “listener care” and Betty-Kay Kindred to get SiriuxXM to answer questions in writing but have had no luck. I have enjoyed listening but am so frustrated that I’m about ready to cancel and they couldn’t care less. Incident #s 180625-059756, 180627-041823, 180712-026194 (this one to the unresolved issues team on 7/12 who have yet to respond). Here’s an excerpt from one of the 6 emails I’ve sent:

Again, my questions have not been answered…I really don’t understand why any customer has to spend this much time and effort to get a SERVICE company to answer questions and not be vague about the services they provide. Makes one think the company is shady and doesn’t care about the customer in any way. From the first interaction where the agent wouldn’t stop talking about the 2019 subscription to my request in writing with questions, EVERY email received from SiriusXM on this matter has been vague and has asked that I spend more time to ‘call us back so we can tell you why’ …my question is WHY IS SIRIUSXM EVADING THE QUESTIONS AND REFUSING TO ANSWER IN WRITING???

In a last ditch effort to get the questions I asked answered, they have been attached…in hopes that SiriuxXM may just care about the customer in some form…


Richard Seymour June 29, 2018 at 3:58 pm

I called about a Email I received Acc Ends 6449 I called Customer at Your Number You can check Who I talked to The rudest person I have talked to about this Account. Find it was his way or the Highway, So I decided to not Wait till July 9, to have it disconnected , Just cut me off now today. He was not Friendly so neither was I, If a customer means no more than this, This car only has 30,00 miles on a 2010 focuses So I can do without just like your friendly (not) Customer Service person was with ME!!!!!!!!!


Ron duncan May 25, 2018 at 12:13 am

I tried to take advantage of the free service til May 30th. 2018. However, I was told I’m not eligible for the service. Not quite understanding why? I called spike with a Jessica, she never name Radio ID, email or even phone. But she said I’m not eligible. She said I had to purchase it, not sure why it it’s free! She said it was my radio, really. Let’s be honest, your choosing who can obtain the service and who doesn’t. I’m a Veteran. Not sure why your offering free services but your really not. Check your own website, did not see or anything I can locate that says who can get free services and who can’t.


John Valcin April 24, 2018 at 11:20 am

My truck got stolen I have situs radio. I was told to contact corporate to track my truck. Before I called corporate I called customer service and they said corporate can track my truck. So I hung up called corporate and they said they can’t. But in 2014 in New York they help cops locate a car. My truck been stolen for 6 week I can’t work and I just lost my job. I have police reports. I’m hoping someone in corporate can help me. 612364XXXXX I believe SiriusXM can help me.


Drew March 9, 2018 at 4:42 pm

I bought a car radio in the USA in Dec 2016 with SiriusXM receiver and was given a three month trial ending 05/04/2017. I allowed the subscription to continue but in July 2017 took the car radio to Jamaica as I am currently working there. I found that SiriusXM does not work here, and requested cancellation of the subscription towards the end of July. The radio resumed the demo channel only, and I presumed the subscription was cancelled. I have not found that you have continued charging me each month even though I cannot use the service. It is very difficult to communicate with you as it seems you choose to block phone and internet contact from Jamaica. I would be grateful if you would ensure than no further payments are taken from my bank (in Jamaica) and that the payments taken since August are refunded. Radio ID QE22148E


Mike Manning January 5, 2018 at 3:07 pm

I purchased a lifetime subscription several years ago. Two years ago I moved that lifetime subscription from a vehicle I sold to my current vehicle for A $75. I am trying to do that again but they will not do it. They tell me that the subscription has to stay with the car. I was furious and explained they had transferred it before. They did not want to honor the lifetime subscription. I have sent letters to the CEO, CFO, COO and waiting a response. I will never buy this product unless this gets fixed. DONE with Sirius!!!


George February 16, 2018 at 1:18 pm

The same thing just happened to me. Did you ever get a response from them? I do not recall these rules when I signed up for my ‘lifetime subscription” in 2008.


kevinlegal January 28, 2019 at 2:40 pm

Did you ever get a response? I am having the same problem lifetime subscription.


Kathleen Peterson January 4, 2018 at 10:43 am

Received a call about renewing my Sirius XM service. It was supposed to be cancelled as of December 8th 2017. I did not understand why I still had service. I had begun listening to my regular radio stations on FM radio. On the call I received today, the person told me that I could cancel my service but I owed for the time that I had service from December 8th until January 4th. I had signed up for a promotional plan which was 5 months for $25 and told them that I would not be renewing it after December 8th. I had my credit card removed from my file so they could not automatically charge it. After going through 5 people who spoke very poor English two of whom were supposedly supervisors, I finally got my account cancelled and a zero balance this took almost an hour to finally get what I wanted. I will never renew with Sirius XM again. Thank goodness or apple play.


Alex Nathanson December 26, 2017 at 10:42 am

I have been a Sirrius and XM Customer ever since the service began. Today, I think will be my last day, after dealing with THE RUDEST, snottiest XXXXXX from else where other than the United States. After my wife payed her bill yesterday of over $320 dollars ($120 more than last year), I called to find out why. This is more money then when we had (3) vehicles on our account just 2 years ago.

While asking her why it was so high, she got snippy with me, and I asked her nicely to be nice and answer my question and she hung up on me. BTW, her name was Jenn, and was very snippy right off the bat. I also don’t understand why Sirrius XM has a $45 surcharge for the artist rights to use their songs. Shouldn’t that be inclusive in the cost of the subscription. Having 32 million customers and still making over $200 per account before the taxes and extra surcharges, is brining in billions of dollars to this Company!!!!!! Pandora or regular FM radio is sounding better every day.

The final straw is that this billion dollar company, hires overseas people, who are rude, barely understandable, and hate this Country. Its time that people boycott this company, until they have Americans that you can speak to, have prices that the middle class can afford, and have a Company that shows respect to their customers and this Country.

I think, as a newly retired person, I can spend my time, protesting and starting to get people to quit and go elsewhere, until this Company treats its Customers with respect, and keeps MY MONEY in this Country, supporting Americans who need to work.


CJ December 5, 2017 at 8:33 pm

Without explaining the torture I went through in the 90 minutes talking to 3 different reps (2 said they were supervisors) I told them I was done repeating myself and disputed the double charge on my subscription with American Express.

I have this advice for anyone with legit complaints as I’ve done this with 2 different cable companies. This goes for Sirius as well: Every time you call your conversation is recorded. That is a good thing. You should make a complaint online with the FCC. It takes 10 minutes. When you do, the company’s executive office assigns a higher up to investigate. They then have to take the time to deal with a government bureaucracy until the dispute is resolved. They also have another complaint on file which is not a good thing for them.

Within several days, you’ll get an apologetic reply from one of their executives telling you that they will check the situation which involves going through the taped conversation with you and the deceptive representative. If what you say is correct, you’ll get another apologetic email and most likely a call giving you a credit and further inquiring about how they can make you happy.

So, save your time and a lot aggravation the next time you have a dispute. Good luck!


Victoria Matl November 30, 2017 at 1:10 pm

I’ve been a loyal customer for many years until you guys burned me when one of your customer service rep failed to turn off my service on my old car (2014 Murano) that I no longer have as of 07/19/2016.

I traded my 2014 Murano with a newer model on 07/19/2016. So, on 07/20/2016, I called Sirius XM to let them know about it. The customer service rep told me that she will turn off my service on my 2014 Murano and that I should call them back when my Sirius XM free trial expires on my brand new car. That sounded good to me and I never gave it a second thought anymore. Nissan was very nice to me and gave me an extended free trial until October 2017.

So, I called Sirius XM on 10/17/2017 to sign up for a new service on my new car. Well, I was very surprised when I was told that I still have an active account on my old 2014 Murano that I no longer have. Apparently, your customer service rep failed to turn off my service when I called on 07/20/2016. As a result of this error, I was charged a couple of hundreds of dollars on my credit card without me knowing. I never received any bills from Sirius XM. I spoke with a couple of people at customer service that day and both told me that I would be refunded on those charges but I have to wait for someone from Sirius XM to call me back within 10 business days and only “those people from the special department” can refund my money back because of the big amount. Anyway, they were able to handle the latest payment of $58.46 that was charged on my account on 07/12/2017. They used that payment to pay for my 6 months service on my new car and refunded the remaining balance of $21.34.

Here is the list of the charges that shouldn’t happen if your customer service had done her job correctly :

on 07/12/2016 – $58.46 – I called to cancel my service on 07/20/2016 so I should only be charged for 8days.

on 10/12/2016 – $58.46
on 01/12/2017 – $58.46
on 04/12/2017 – $58.46
on 07/12/2017 – $58.46
on 10/12/2017 – $58.46 – I called on 10/17/2017 and they used this payment for my 6months service for $29.99 and refunded $21.34.

Well, I waited and waited patiently for Sirius XM to call me back and nobody ever did. Finally, on 10/27/2017, I decided to give Sirius XM a call and trying to get my money refunded to me. I wasted more than one hour of my time talking to four different people and transferred around and put on hold just for each one of them to tell me that Sirius XM doesn’t show that they owe me any money. Until finally I talked a lady that was honest enough to tell me that the reason Sirius XM doesn’t owe me money anymore is because they already took care of my last payment by using it to pay for 6 months service and refunded me $21.34. Therefore, they don’t feel like they should refund the rest of my money anymore. Well, I’m not going to stop until I get my money back.

Please give me the headquarter address, names of your upper management. Why can’t I be refunded on all the charges made on my credit card when I did not even have that car anymore. Please call me at 972-898-7295 for any questions.

Thanks for your help,
Victoria Matl


nicholas November 20, 2017 at 6:01 pm

i tried sirius xm on a promotion for 5 or 6 months and was told it would expire at the end of its term. Now i am getting bills and phone calls saying im past due when i paid for the promotion in advance. Also i was told it would be terminated if i did not renew. I called there customer service and they are terrible and a joke for a company of their size. i spoke with sharla who was a supervisor and was as dumb as a rock and could do nothing to be of help to resolve the issue. i advise anyone trying their service to be aware of their unethical practices and terrible customer service. if i am not contacted i am ready to file a complaint with the Attorney General and BBB. bill # X5-1619224049


Bill November 19, 2017 at 9:13 pm

Wow…over an hour on the phone, 3 different people, and then hung up on by the head manager of call center Jossie ID 1263AGC. I called to cancel because it’s too much money, but was talked into renewing and guaranteed to have same services and features (last month mind you)…well, we don’t. And no one decided to tell us until after they took our money…what an absolute joke of a company, and even more incompetent people they have running it. I’m sure Corporate office will be impressed that the people they have running their call centers, can’t settle a simple dispute, based upon being lied to by their employee that took our money. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, unless you want to feel completely taken advantage of


jean polito October 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Today is Oct. 6 2017. In Aug. 2017, we paid for a year of Siriusxm service for our vehicle. So disgusted!. When we talked to the listener care rep., she assured us that we would be good till Aug. 2018. We even asked her several times are you sure we are all squared away. You see we have had problems with sirius before. She said again Aug. 2018. I’m not sure the exact date, but we got a bill for around $22. Heaven forbid! Before I forget, we got the lady’s name and her ID number, as I stated before, we have had problems. Anyway, I called listener care, and in a nut shell, got nowhere. What a suprise! So I gave up. Told my husband about it. Sirius has been the most stressful company to deal with! We have been a customer for 8plus years. Stressful, stressor, stress. Today, my husband comes home from work, and tells me that our xm has been turned off in our vehicle. Now remember, we paid for a year. Why not let it run it’s course and when the money runs out, then shut it off? But noooooo! Again stress, my husband called the listener care, and told them to take out the twenty-two dollars, (which we don’t believe we owe,), and send us the rest of our money back. We will be telling everyone we know how Sirius has treated us. Stress, stress, stress. Half the time, and no disrespect, but we can’t understand the person we are talking to, and the other half is all babble! We have lots of friends who have sirius, and friends stick together. Over 22 bucks that sirius says we owe, they have lost a longtime customer. How sad it’s all about greedy people up in the corporate world. Hope you enjoy your $22.00 Manhattan!


Steven Schmidt September 25, 2017 at 3:33 pm

We need more English speaking personal to talk to and get a monthly invoice/statement to show not only what the customer owes, but credit has been applied to there account. We spend way to much time on the phone for this simple thing to be corrected. Simplifying is only software to make a big difference to help a customer. So, hoping we all can plant a seed and hope it grows to prosper everyone.


Ann September 15, 2017 at 2:46 pm

What a time with their customer svc… Whew! But I called the executive offices & got a great help from there. Sometimes when you need help you just have to go to the top.


Lewis Goldstein August 25, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I have been a Sirius customer since 2004. I like the product and have followed the company’s success over the years. I like Howard Stern, but that wasn’t why I became a subscriber. I liked having different kinds of music, talk and sports in my vehicle where I spend a lot of time during the day. Up until now things were fine, but recently I discovered a flaw in the way the company operates that I believe needs addressing.
Two weeks ago I received an email asking if I would like to combine one of my seperate accounts to my other sirius radios. I have three radios and all three were listed in the email but there in front of me was a fourth radio. After a little digging with a phone call to your customer care I was told that this radio was in one of the vehicles I am driving. If you looked at the two id numbers they were different but had the make of the car next to them. I only have one car in the that brand…it became clear this was a radio in a former vehicle that I drove and since 2012 when the car lease was turned over I have been paying for that radio. Now I would have been happy to share some of the blame on this, but I don’t receive invoices from Sirius Radio, and no matter how hard I try to get them it never happens. I had no idea I was paying on that radio and if I did I would have surely turned it off. I always cancel my radios when turning over a lease, and I certainly would have cancelled this radio had I known about it. I was told by customer care this was entirely my fault. There is something like $1000.00 of charges (nothing to sneeze at) and not one offer of lets meet in the middle, we can give you a few years of free service to compensate you…just a flat out no we cannot help you. And this was after speaking to two customer care reps and sending a complaint to corporate customer care. Thirteen years a loyal paying customer and this is how you treat a customer. I have never in my life been treated by a company so poorly and insenstively. And putting it all back on me when I had no idea these charges were happening. Something needs to be done to make this right. I have given thought to cancelling my subscription and I believe this more than likely is happening to others and I feel compelled to tell the world on social media. This isn’t a threat, but a justifiable reaction to how I was treated by the company. I would appreciate a call (818903XXXXX) from someone up the ladder on this and hopefully we can work something out. I hope this note gets the attention it deserves. Maybe this will lead to some internal correction on your billing policies. Per my recent call the account VB8UY08Y was cancelled and a remaining credit applied…nothing has been done on the charges in question since 2012.


Susan August 15, 2017 at 3:14 pm

Have been trying to have my phone number removed from their customer call list. Bought a vehicle which came with one year service and immediately started receiving marketing calls. Asked that they remove my number and this worked for several months. Now I am receiving multiple calls a day again. Have asked again to remove my phone number. Was told it would be done and still receive calls. Their customer service is apparently located in the Philippines and it is difficult to understand some of their reps. I am now filing a complaint with the Attorney General and BBB. So tired of this.


Yoav Shtainman August 5, 2017 at 1:42 am

About 5 months ago we noticed that you are charging us $18 a month for a year of a half to a leased chevy volt that we never signed with you, never receive service from you and after we returned it, you continued to charge the account for a year and a half while the car wasn’t in our possession any more.
We called your rep who promised us that We will receive the money $200 back after she will escalate it to headwaters and they will call us.
Since for few months went by, and no one called us, we called again today and for four hours with people who promised us all kind of things, the final guy told us that we will never get the money and advices us to dispute with our credited card. He said that we did signed with you on line. Since we don’t do staff like that on line, we concluded that you stole our credit card number from our Acura and signed us. In short, you still our money.
The service was horrible to say the least and it’s clear to us that you are skimmers. If you won’t rectify this problem we will dispute and our reviews will be all over the internet.
We will consider also using our attorneys friends since I got sick after the 4 hours I spent with your incapable reps My Account# 423753710139. Thanks


Roni shtainman August 3, 2017 at 7:47 pm

I wouldn’t advise any one to use them. They are skimmers. They charged us for 18 months for a car we leased that didn’t have their service. they claime that we renewed our contract with them on line, and while we never did that, the car never had THIER service. Few months later we returned the leased car ( which didn’t have THIER services) and they continue to charge us on this car for over 18 months $18 per month even when the car wasn’t in our possesion any more. 5 months ago we discovered that we are paying them for nothing, and they promised to refund the money. Today we spoke for 3 hours with THIER rep and the result was that they said they will not return the money even though they basically stole it from us. We will of course dispute, never will do business with them and will review THIER lousy skims every where on the internet. Beware of them.


Bruce August 15, 2017 at 12:39 pm

I am finding this out now, taking more money a month and telling me i still owe, then shut off service


robert williams August 1, 2017 at 12:02 pm

SiriusXM took 116.79 out of my bank account and paid my wife’s service. When I knew my wife pays her own bill. So when I called to figure out what was going on got the run around for about 4 days. Then when they finally refunded the money it went on my wife’s bank account, so they told me basically I’m screwed and get the money from my wife. To make it real disappointing is that I own 5000 shares of SiriusXM stock. It is only 116.79 dollars they made it seem like it was my fault.


Linda Champagne July 24, 2017 at 3:56 pm

January 2017 rec’d a notice for an introductory offer $99 for 1 year 5 months free. sent a check for $99.00. July 24 2017 rec’d phone call that my service was being cancelled for past due amount 20.02. after speaking with a customer service rep in the Philippines I was told the $99 was used for royalty fees and taxes and my account was changed to monthly billing without my knowledge. I can pay another $52.00 to extend till 12/24/17 and I still have a past due balance of 20.02. I cancelled my service. I do not understand how a business can not be upfront with their customers.


William Harkins May 19, 2017 at 11:26 am

I called them to transfer my subscription to a new radio, for my car and the girl just could not get that I had a lifetime subscrption and refused to allow me to transfer my lifetme subscription to my new radio…I explained that lifetime means exactly that, and until I die they should transfer to my new radio anytime…..
I’m not asking for anything more than I paid for….
I see there is a class action law suit ongoing about this issue, if they do not want to make the switch, I will have no choice but to join it….and at which time, I will alert the consumer fraud division of the Iowa State Attorney Generals office, as well as the Better Business Bureau and the local television news stations…..and probably put this on social media, to let the entire world know about the issue…..
To say I am mad about this is an understatement…..Please rectify the problem as quickly as possible and transfer my subscription.
Thank you


Ronald Barnes September 5, 2017 at 6:47 pm

I too have a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, I am alive which means I should still be entitled to the service, but they now told me that I have used 3 transfers that I was charged ($75.00) each time, along with “well this is how this membership works, we as a courtesy will transfer up to 3 times”. Well the scammers never said/mentioned/notified one of any sort of if’s / and’s or but’s. Yet I mentioned to them at the time of purchase that I do trade autos every year or so. The reply at that time “that is alright, just notify us and we will switch it over”. Nothing said about a FEE, nor limit of transfers…..NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS. I will surely be going to social media again over this. I need info to get in on the Class Action Lawsuit. I too will notify the AG of Texas and BBB and anyone else I can think of. They will LIE just to sell. Hope they know that karma will come back to bite.


Ronald Barnes September 5, 2017 at 6:50 pm

I was NOT EVER told, notified or anything about a limitation of any transfers of service……DAMN CROOKS!


Sara Russo October 25, 2017 at 2:17 pm

I’m right there with you.
Only When I talked to several reps today I was told that I have not had a subscription since 2008?.!? Funny I sent them 99$ for the life thing, and the check came back, that I do remember. I still have and was listening to my Sirius until about 4 weeks ago when something happened to the power cord and now it looks like a puppy chew toy. But when I go and wanted to switch to a new to me car, the said that my radio was inactive and had been since 2008.
I was on the chat and phone with these idiots for over 4hrs which I will never get back. Because they were not able to “verify” my account because the gal I spoke to almost 4 years ago didn’t update my stuff on their end, it still had my old address, a phone number that I haven’t had close to 12yrs that I cant remember , and other stuff that well I just either I don’t have access to or just remember. And the people from today seemed not to understand that when I said the power cord looked a puppy toy and it no longer got power to the radio, because the kept asking me to turn on my radio on and turn it to channel 0.. Finally I repeated my self for the last time, and said ” Were you born dumb or were you hit by a locomotive? Because you sure seem brain dead” Then I asked to speak to his boss not his supervisor but the guy who signs his pay checks…
he hung up.
tomorrow I’m going to call the corporate offices.


Ed Ausman April 15, 2017 at 10:29 pm

I have a lifetime subscription with SiriusXM since May 20, 2005. I read the SiriusXM Q&A about the lifetime subcription and their response is: Subscription before June 20, 2005, is transferable rom one radio to another any number of times. There is a $75 fee for each permited transfer.

I called them to transfer my subscription to a new car and the guy just could not get that I had a lifetime subscrption and will not allow me to transfer my lifetme subscription to my new car. I told him that there is an ongoing class action lawsuit. The class action lawsuit against Sirius XM Radio, claiming the company fails to honor “lifetime subscription” offers. The Sirius XM Lifetime Subscription Class Action Lawsuit is Paul Wright v. Sirius XM Radio Inc., Case No. 8:16-cv-1688 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division. I will be calling Mr Paul Wright and will offer my support against SiriusXM.


L Casson April 11, 2017 at 4:16 pm

Four years ago we purchased a new car with a Sirius XM receiver. After checking on subscription rates I had already decided not to renew then a friend told me that every year he told the reps he wouldn’t pay more than $75 and that’s the rate he got. So for the next 3 years, that’s what I did. This last fall I decided enough was enough, we don’t really listen to it. Of course when I complained about the auto-renewal I was hounded till I agreed to a 3 mos subscription, then they added on what I owed from the expiration date till that time making my total, $41.91. I made the payment direct from my bank’s Bill Pay. Unfortunately, a short time later I got the message that my radio was unsubscribed. That was okay, $42 was worth getting them off my back without having to argue with a deaf bullheaded rep. I just received an invoice charging me $106.36 for a 6 mos renewal. Last night I wrote, reviewing my experience and told them I was filing a complaint with the Florida Dept of Consumer Affairs for their fraudulent business. First thing this am I received a call and found a rep very anxious to cancel my account, as requested, and a refund of my $41.91, which was recorded on my acount, not requested. I told them they were like a plague that I couldn’t get rid of and all I wanted was to be rid of them. I just got an email notifying me that my account had been cancelled, the renewal fee cancelled, but I still owed $8.87. I’ll let that hang till I get my refund.


Debra Kirby March 17, 2017 at 11:13 am

I purchased a lifetime subscription for my car in 2008. I was told at that time that I
would be able to transfer my subscription to another car for up to three times for the
lifetime subscription. Now, 9 years later, I have purchased a new car and today I was
told I could not transfer lifetime to another car radio!! I was also told that I was not due any
refund for the remainder. Why would a reputable company LIE to customers? Apparently
you are not REPUTABLE. I doubt if I have anything in writing to this effect. I sure do wish I had gotten written confirmation. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY SERVICE!!!


Dawn February 27, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Having a hard time with Sirius cancelling my subscription. I called last October and they didn’t cancel when I called. Told me they would cancel, but never did. They have been taking money from my credit card since October of last year. Now they tell me there are no calls doXXXXented from last October so they won’t give me credit back. They offered me one month of credit. The service that Sirius providers both from India and US is terrible. No one wants to go their job. I emailed the CEO showed him my chat transcripts and waiting to her back from him. I asked for corporate telephone # and was told they don’t have one. The customer service person Arshad I spoke with on web chat was supposed to be a supervisor. Terrible service. I called attorney general and going to file a complaint again them for taking money that was not owed to them. I also asked for them to take my credit card information out of their system. Multiple people told me they removed it. How is that possible when you just took another payment out on Friday 02/24.


Judy E January 24, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Had to call for the gosh seems like the upteenth time to get this account CLOSED. The gal who answered was rude and refused to get a supervisor.

I called due to the vehicle that this account is attached to and that I have not had for over a year. Got a ANOTHER letter today that the FREE trial will end. This tells me that the previous gal I spoke with months ago lied about cancelling this account.

I am appalled that this company endorses shabby customer service by outsourcing to a country that OBVIUOSLY does not care about YOUR company to the point that they are RUDE. BUT then your company OBVIUOSLY ENDORSES this behavior because every time I have called the rude agents are still employed. Nothing changed.

You guys really need to rethink your choice of where you decided to outsource to. I am thankful that regular radio is free and that is all I need. I will not pay for raunchy customer service including those outsourced paychecks to lieing, cheating and horrible agents.


Vicki January 2, 2017 at 1:58 pm

This company is a joke and I am prepared to contact the Florida State Attorney General’s Office. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life! They are a racquet and steel money!


Norm December 30, 2016 at 1:11 pm

I purchased a lifetime account from these people a few years ago and I’m trying to transfer to my new car. After over a month on the phone with them I have not been able to get you account transferred. I got in contact with the corporate office through an email and was promised that I would receive a phone call within 24 to 48 hours. That was several weeks ago and to date I have received no phone call. The customer service people apparently don’t know what you’re doing and you can’t get a call back from the corporate office. According to customer service corporate office doesn’t even have a telephone. This is one of the worst customer service departments I have ever been in contact with.


CARL WILLIAMS October 4, 2016 at 10:21 pm

On 9-23-16 I canceled my SIRIUSXM Conf: 2760898956
Today 10/04/2016 at 5:42PST I received a phone call from 661 505 1647 informing me that you could not take my payment and wish to get an updated credit card or one payment. I explained that I had canceled my account, provided the above confirmation number. All the women kept repeating that she need a new credit card. This went on 4 times and no matter how I attempted explained the situation she would no waiver. She had no idea what I was referring to and just would not stop. I finally stated can you see the confirmation number? She asked me what is a confirmation number. I kept trying to get her to understand I closed the account weeks ago.
Finally I asked her don’t you understand what I am saying and I could not believe she asked again how was I going to make the payment. I finally stated ” Are you dunce, I close the account. She said your the one who is dunce and hung up one me.” I called back went through the process of getting a supervisor asked her where she was located, she replied on the east coast. During the conversation when providing the time PST I received the phone call she stated her time 9:36EST. I said it can’t be it is 6:03PST so it cannot be 9:36 your time. In the end she lied to me she was in the Philippines not on the east coast.

What is SiriusXM doing hiring these people from another county when it is so well doXXXXented about the many, many, many problems we as consumers have to deal with. I like most consumers would prefer paying more just to be able to have knowledgeable people to converse with. I read sometime back where a company inquired of there customer if they would be will to pay .75 cent more to talk to a trained person in the USA. 93% said yes. Many said they would pay a dollar. Do you understand how frustrating it is and a waste of time on the everyone’s part o have to deal with people who are not knowledgeable of our ways and terminology. Time always has a dollar value and you just wasted 90 minutes of my time at $60 dollar an hour cost me $90. I canceled the service as was going to sell the vehicle. Now cirXXXXstances have changed, the car is going to my grandson as a gift. I was going to call you, reestablished the service. Forget it.


candace hawkinosn September 8, 2016 at 11:35 am

Today, like many customer service communications i am forced to have with a variety of companies, I contacted sirius XM radio to cancel 1 of 4 radios i have with them. no matter how many times i tried to explain to the representative that my brother was not currently with me to transfer his radio (one which has not worked for months) to his own account., they continued to push. after a bit of persistance to get the representative to remove the radio without further discussion of transferring that radio, i found myself wasting more time getting the answer to my new quartery payment questions. IT FELT LIKE THEY WERE PUSHING PROMOTIONS WITHOUT LISTENING THE THE COSTUMERS CONCERNS OR QUESTIONS!. I remained calm asked another question about a replacement mount for my original radio (which works perfectly fine) and i was transfered to technical support to start this insanity all over again with a different representative. Although each person was polite, friendly and apologetic, they were not helpful and im left here infuriated and wanting to cancel service. costumer service means nothing more these days, then a companies opportunity to repackage your plan, extend your contract or upgrade your product. it is ,in no way , an opportunity for a loyal costumer to be respected with the means to resolve an issue and keep the costumers business. With technical support i was offered to purchase a 69$ radio package or a 49$ parts package…… Did they not hear me??? just asking if they could give a loyal costumer a small plastic mount for my dash, not a new radio, not a docking station for my house, not a vent clip, which was by far the end of patience. LOYAL COSTUMER… consider giving me a refurbished or new radio, your getting my business for a monthly fee. ask yourself siriusXM, whats gonna make you more money. giving a costumer a free radio at a 50$ value to get a yearly return of 1,000$ for continued service for years to come or a dissatisfied costumer who could likely still consider canceling their subscription??? im talking about ME… A COSTUMER FOR OVER 10 YEARS. Your costumer service sucks


Terri August 9, 2016 at 2:45 pm

I am a former Sirius customer as of today… they deducted $109.00 out of my account without an invoice or my knowledge. I called customer service and they were so rude. Basically told me deal with it or cancel. So I cancelled. I had been a loyal customer for 2 years with this service and 10 years for my other, which I will also be cancelling today.


Paul Dooley August 8, 2016 at 8:33 pm

I bought a lifetime subscription about 15/20 yrs ago I have no proof now the radio is still good and no problems but all of a sudden 20 yrs later Sirius decides to shut the radio down and now I cannot get it turned back on . I have talked to customer service about 10 times and each time it’s start all over again . Still my radio that I enjoyed for the longest time remains off and no sign of making ANY progress
Frustraited and @my wits end Paul ESN #005068962377


Prof. D. Shelton Parker July 27, 2016 at 5:01 pm

This company keeps harassing me to renew an account, that I never had.
I called them more than once, just to be told that I have an account, and that I am wrong.
I even called a number that was supposed to be their corporate offices, only to find out that I was transferred to CS in Honduras.
I am retired, in my sixties, and have never even listened to Sirius. I only listen to Pandora.
This company needs to be terminated by the FCC. for fraud and false advertising and spamming.


Jen June 9, 2016 at 7:03 pm

I have to agree that this multi billion dollar company is not for any of their customers. They have very poor customer service and there is no option to decline automatic renewal every month after you are done with the promotional time. The bad part is that you can pay $4.99 a month for commercial free Pandora radio and Sirius wants $200 a year. Then if you call them to get an envocie they want to charge a $2 admin fee. Don’t these people get paid to do a job? Why do they need more money? also tell me why it coast less to get 6 months for like $40? This is just stupid to have them all together but if you want this product I suggest doing a lot of research first.


DOM CAMMARATA February 7, 2017 at 7:32 pm

Totally done with this poorly run outfit. All profits from overcharges and hiring folks from India at slave wages. Pandora is the way to go!! BYE SIRIUS !!


Timothy Ross May 31, 2016 at 5:23 pm

I read the article today that says SiriusXM has temporarily suspended Glenn Beck over comments in an interview with Brad Thor.
This is to let you know that I have just temporarily suspended my SiriusXM service over your poor judgement.


Virginia C May 14, 2016 at 12:31 pm

Does anybody at corporate read these comments? Does Sirius corporate really care? I just spent three days cancelling my account after having issues similar to those I just read. How about we start a campaign to notify the public and get people to cancel their subscriptions and refuse to renew? Once the money slows to a trickle maybe the so called “Powers that Be” at Sirius XM will get off their butts and do something to address consumer concerns. Get enough people involved, and we just might bring enough pressure to bear to limit outsourcing.

And Brian Swenson – you might want to read the comments BEFORE you get Sirius XM in your three vehicles.


Stacey Hubbard May 4, 2016 at 12:43 pm

My mother Sharon Berry has been missing for 5 days and is in serious danger. We are trying to get Sirius radio to put a ping on her vehicle. The Santa Cruz police department in San Mateo County, California located a missing vehicle using Sirius. We have been getting nowhere with Sirius helping to locate my mother. PLEASE someone from Corpirate who understands how to do this help us. It could literally be the difference between life or death.


Diane Dresner April 30, 2016 at 7:47 pm

I have now been hung up on 3 times trying to cancel service. Same situation, wait on line, talk to someone and review all the information, then wait while transfer, start repeating the request and they disconnect. Once maybe, but 3 times!! We are being charged annually for a device we haven’t used for years. My husband has cancelled the last two years and still we get billed. Then we buy a vehicle a couple years back and get billed for that as well. Trying to cancel both, but a little hard when they keep hanging up!
Who can I talk to that can take care of this. At least on the last call I got a Ref# 160430057343 from person that transferred and got the name Ann before she hung up.


Paul Dooley August 8, 2016 at 8:39 pm

Do not pay the bill . They are trying to charge me for the last 6 months of service on a lifetime subscription, I don’t think so


Jeanette Gaspard April 19, 2016 at 7:21 pm

I think it is a dis service to all the lifetime members by penalizing us and charging 75.00 to transfer. It is not our fault that Sirius merged with XM nor you changed the “platform”. It is bad enough you can alter he channels by adding and removing stations we hav been enjoying for years. I bought lifetime because of Howard and now they are trying to charge me because Howard is part of their premium channels. I originally had Howard at Sirius, I should continue to get Howard. By ou can keep your other crappy XM original channels and put those under your premiums.


Shelby Boucher January 31, 2017 at 1:55 am

If you purchased a lifetime subscription you got a heck of a deal. There are certain stipulations that follow the lifetime subscriptions, but what doesnt? I am guessing at moat you paid $500 give or take a couple hundred dollars depending on when tou bought it, but its over $200 a year at then current rates for a yearly subscription! !!!! The $75.00 transfer fee is the last thing i would be concerned about! At least you are able to transfer it! Some people are not. Know what you’re signing up for!


Shelby Boucher January 31, 2017 at 2:19 am

Please do not get me wrong i understand the frustrations with these lifetime subscriptions very well.. its unfortunate in some scenarios like for instance yours where you are not able to get Howard Stern now! He’s what i listen to most…. i just take it as a lifetime subscription is just that.. a lifetime subscription for the car you purchased it in… for a lifetime! Stinks that some cars dont necessarily run a lifetime, but hopefully you can get what it’s worth out of it!!!!!


Jessica April 7, 2016 at 4:42 pm

Sirius XM has the worst customer service people EVER!!!!!! I canceled my account today because of the rude supervisors!! The supervisors that I spoke to today were ruder than the regular agents!!!!! This is ridiculous! You can’t run a business like this! Thank your Kristen for being an a**hole to me!

I have had XM radio for YEARS!! This is ridiculous that I would receive this type of treatment!! I got hung up on 4 times today! I was told by a supervisor who interrupted me that she thought I was finished because I just keep repeating myself. Then I was told by another supervisor that I don’t listen and instead of giving me the corporate address I should go on the internet and get it myself. She then said to me after I told her that I wanted her to give it to me instead that I should have the internet because this is the 21st century!!!! They were both very rude and disrespectful!

I have been charged illegally without my permission for MONTHS because someone apparently added my card to my account after I told them not to TWICE!! Then I was told that it would be taken off but here they are doing the same thing again! That is not legal!

I can’t believe that this is how a company like Sirius XM runs their business!


jan leo January 29, 2016 at 7:18 pm

I have to calm down after another lengthy discussion with an outsourced representative for Sirius/XM. I purchased a lifetime subscription in 2007 for my leased car which could be transferred for, yes, life. However, every 3 years when I turn in my car and lease a new one I have to look forward to battle over this lifetime transfer. I have just spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone getting no where with an employee who kept repeating the terms Sirius/XM has adopted, none of which were what I was sold or agreed to. I am left wondering if there are any honest employees in this company. I see I am not the only person with the same problem so there is obviously some fraud here. I will call corporate on Monday but don’t expect much in the way of resolution. Maybe a lawyer could help me?


Bonnie February 18, 2016 at 7:37 pm

I had purchased a lifetime subscription as well and I’m told I cannot place it on my car because the channel Lineup is different which is bull crap because I have heard Howard Stern on XM radio and sirius radio . I’m limited to this cheesy radio that doesn’t work well and wires everywhere on my dash.


Daniel Kealy May 28, 2016 at 3:40 pm

I have the same problem. Just told that my lifetime subscription was only good for my car after my other radio was stolen. I am trying to transfer the service to my new motorhome.


Audra January 28, 2016 at 8:08 pm

I have been charged for an account that was supposed to have been closed in Dec. 2014. I just found out the service agent opened the new account and forgot to close the old one. SiriusXM has been billing my credit card for 13 months for a vehicle I don’t own any more. I paid for 2016 in full January 1st for my new vehicle and just saw a new charge on my credit card account for a monthly fee today then I noticed they’ve been charging me for 13 months for a vehicle I don’t own. I called for a refund, and they told me they would not refund my money, end of story.

Who runs this company?


Integrity April 7, 2016 at 9:17 am

Experienced the same issue. We transferred from one lease to another and they continued to build for the first lease. wasn’t noticed because we have a few cars. I spoke to a supervisor and I threatened to shut down all the other account unless I was credited the difference. Of course the outsourced supervisor said she credit the account. it wasn’t done and she didn’t enter our lengthy call into the account history. End of story we got our credit.


Shelley January 1, 2016 at 8:43 pm

I called to transfer my lifetime subscription from a vehicle we sold to the one we bought. The 1st person I spoke with told me he would do it for a fee of $75. Got all of my information, spoke with my husband and we were transferred to the cancelation dept. After being told that they could not transfer the lifetime subscription because it had been done twice in the 7 years we have had it. The woman in that dept. Told me that we could transfer it 3 times, but they changed the rules. We did not get anything from XM telling us that anything was changing. I told her to let me speak to her supervisor. He came on the line, got all of my information and put me on hold for the 4th time during this call. He said he would talk to the service dept and see if they would go ahead and transfer for me. Came back and said that they told him my reason for the transfer was not good enough and that they would not do it. I told him that they were being lazy and yes it was a good enough reason. We sold a vehicle and paid for the lifetime and we should be able to do with it what we want. I told this man that I would not be purchasing another subscription from this company if this is the way that they run their business. He told me he would try something else and put me on hold for the 5th time since the start of my call. By the time I had been on the phone with this horrible company for an hour, I had been put on hold 5x and spoke to 3 people. I kept getting taken off of hold and put right back on. By the time I hit an hour and 20 miutes, they hung up on me. I called back and was on the phone another 15 minutes with another guy and he told me to contact the corporate office, but would not give me a phone number. Said I had to go to their website and email corporate and let them know ow my trouble. There is no way to email corporate from the website that I can find. This company needs to be reported to the BBB!


Shabaka TeXXXXseh December 19, 2015 at 8:36 pm

I brought a lifetime subscription, just after the merger, to Sirius Radio when they were looking for subscribers. Recently, I wanted to transfer my service from my car to my home. I called the company and asked them what I needed to do. They told me I needed to purchase the Radio. I told them I didn’t have speakers and with the Home Kit did I need anything else. They told me no and that wasn’t true.. So I brought new speakers.

Now I needed to activate the radio. I called Sirius and they told me I needed to pay $75.00 for a transfer fee. What? I told them they should have let me know this when I first called. I wasn’t able to pay so they told me they’d activate the radio. As of this writing nothing. I never was able to do it because they put me on hold, hung up on me, passed me from one person to another, a nightmare. What sort of company has this become?


Ralla Klepak November 2, 2015 at 11:43 am

Sirius XSM has no concept of consumer service. It is impossible to terminate their billing and services because they have no address to write a letter to nor a telephone contact where anyone stays on the line to take your directive to stop billing you and discontinue services. They always hang up in the middle of a conversation, after you have waited 20 minutes to talk to a living person….not a thinking one! The only thing they know how to do is not allow you to stop their billing on your credit cards. Do not sign up…you cannot get rid of them. Beware of any automatic renewal services billed to your credit card.


John Hargreaves October 28, 2015 at 12:22 pm

I now have 3 cars with SiriusXM, or I should say I have 3 cars without SiriusXM. My last new car a Subaru, the XM radio was for 3 months, at the end of the 3-months it stopped except for the 1 channel. The other 2 cars had 2 more months before they expired, which I was going to re-new all 3 cars. Nope, SiriusXM sent my account to a collection company when the account ended instead of calling me. Now I’m getting letter after letter to come back, how about an apology. I own my own company and I treat my customers how I would want to be treated, I never send a customer to a collection company. I communicate with them and make things happen. I hope Kathy Thomson can turn it around at Sirius by treating people a lot better. Since I’ve been with out Sirius I found that Pandora does an excellent job as well as the radio. Kathy if you read this, please consider this, sending an old paying customer to collections who has not renewed is a good way to lose that customer. You have my e-mail, send me a note if you get this.
Thank you,
John H


Dolores Cashel October 16, 2015 at 12:36 pm

I have never encountered treatment like I have received from Sirius….I called 1-866-635-2349 to get Sirius Radio on my vehicle. fist several people that answer their calls can not speak clearly nor can you understand their mumble. I hung up and made 7 more calls and each time have experience the same. Then when I finally got someone who I could understand and they understood my concerns after giving her the VIN # she told me her system could not recognize my VIN #. I purchased a 2014 Pre-owned Cadillac CTS in August 2015 which did have Sirius Radio but it was de-activated from the previous owner. All I wanted was to try Sirius radio as a trail to see if I would enjoy their service. Nope that isn’t happening because their customers service does not recognize my vehicle VIN #. She never offered to check with another employee or supervisor or the helpdesk and she said I would have to get the Radio ID # on my vehicle by selecting Radio and go to “0” and then type in “0”….are you kidding me. Several of my co-workers heard my conversation at work so after hanging up on your customer service my co workers told me they have had nothing but problems with Sirius Radio, Sirius billing and Sirius helpdesk and for me not to subscribe. So I would think your corporate heads would like to know what we are experiencing when calling Sirius Radio. As of right now I can’t even speak to your corporate headquarters because “they are not allowed to give an email address nor a direct person to voice my complaints.


Joel Dulberg September 26, 2015 at 3:11 pm



Roe September 9, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Recently, driving on a beautiful summer day in the country I put the “Escape” station on to relish the beautiful scenery & listen to beautiful music. I was shocked out of my revery when I heard a racket of loud terrible music coming from the station. I can’t believe you would replace a station with such relaxing & pleasurable music with a Spanish station with loud & terrible music. I’m not saying not to put Spanish music on your list of stations, I’m just saying that you didn’t have to take off something that was so pleasant to hear & replace it with garbage. We have XM in both of our cars, but I will not hesitate to cancel both accounts if the station doesn’t return….soon!


Lopez March 11, 2016 at 3:07 pm

I understand you not receiving your preferred station but keep your racist biased comments in check…idiot..


Norm December 30, 2016 at 1:01 pm

Call Mom Lopez stop playing the victim card. There was nothing racist in her comment.


Laurel September 1, 2015 at 11:41 am

Neither my husband nor I are in the over 80 listeners. However, we always enjoyed the “Escape” channel in our car. We were told that we could only get it online! What good does online do for me when I am traveling in my car? The only reason that I have SiriusXM is so that when traveling I don’t to constantly change stations as I travel from one area to another. Getting rid of “Escape” was a huge mistake. The channels that are being added are not worth listening to.
ALSO – – – When I speak to customer service, I would appreciate getting someone who speaks English so I can understand them. I happen to live in the USA – – not some foreign country!


Dennis Hartman August 24, 2015 at 9:18 pm

About a month ago I purchased a beautiful F-150 with SiriusXM. I love technology and music is part of that love. But I guess they did not want my business. You see, both my wife and I decided that perhaps we should sign up for SiriusXM to be able to listen to the Escape easy listing station. We heard about it from friend who also had new Fords equipped with the feature. I was totally enjoying the music. But one morning as I tuned in, all I heard was latino junk. I tried several time to reset 69 but all to no avail. I talked to clint on their web chat site. Tolled him my problem but he did not seem to care only suggesting some stations that I did not care for. I do enjoy much of the Sinatra station, but alas Escape is gone. We had hoped to retire our CD’s and thumb drives as we enjoyed traveling here, there, and yonder. I will be writing Mr. Meyers a letter shortly. Look, if you pay for the stations, then the idea of what is popular should be lost in this system. If I want to listen to country, bluegrass, latino, rock ‘n’ roll, rap, classical Concert music, opera and so on, I can get that free of charge here locally. Why pay their fees to get the same there? I would have been crazy enough to do so for that one channel. I guess they just talked me out of that expense.


PAULA August 20, 2015 at 7:37 pm

ESCAPE MISTAKE – Here is the letter I am sending to the Corporate Office and every email I can hold of. Feel free to copy and send also. Here are the executive names and emails I could find…will publish more soon. Paula – Chicago suburbs…. ( You may also write to any of the outside directors in c/o Patrick L. Donnelly, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Sirius XM Radio Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor, New York, New York 10020, Executives -CEO: Mel Karmazin -CFO: David J. Frear COO: James E. Meyer)


My name is XXXXx, and I live in the Chicago suburbs in Illinois. I am part of several Senior Citizen Care organizations that share information about services that equip us to better serve and help Senior Citizens in the United States.

My mother is in her 80s and was lamenting several years ago that no one was playing her music on the radio; therefore, it must indicate that not many seniors were still living. The problem is that most seniors today that over 80 don’t spend time on computers and the internet, they listen to the radio…for various reasons (ease and familiarity of use, factors of vision-impairment issues, expense of media procurement and maintenance, etc).

After investigation, I informed my mother that her music is currently more valuable and requires people to pay to hear it…hence, XM/Sirius radio. She was delighted. I purchased her a receiver, and ‘boombox’ for the receiver, and a years subscription. As it turns out, the one station she listens to throughout her day and every evening is your ESCAPE station—programmed specifically for her generation….Senior Citizen in US over 80 years old.

When you ‘upgraded’ your station programming in August, you eliminated ESCAPE from your radio station options. That was mistake and oversight about that audience and their venue choices.

When I called to ask about it, your customers service in the USA confirmed that many customers have been calling and complaining about this.

You need to know that my constituents and I have been continually recommending your service for it’s ESCAPE station specifically (with the same radio/receiver set up that I have for my mother) to Senior Care Centers, Senior-focused organizations and other friends and work colleagues with aging parents in their 80s, 90s and even older. We all regularly share information about caring for Senior Citizens in the USA–in meetings and online. We have been promoting your service for the specific purpose of making Senior Citizens in the USA know they are not alone and for them to be able to enjoy their last few years (or even decades) while listening the music that they know and treasure…the music that only they know was popular when they were growing up and marrying and having their children, etc.

Seniors over 80 years old typically do not spend time on the internet. And their statistics in the USA are growing as health care has advanced. Nor do they usually have extensive computer systems, laptops, smart phones, etc at their disposal or with which they are readily familiar. Those technologies are not their generations comfort zone nor training. Senior Citizens usually only listen to the radio and watch TV for the most part…that is a common experience among all of us who care for them and love them and share tips about helping them.

Therefore, your decision to move ESCAPE to internet-only was a VERY MISINFORMED DECISION – without regard to the customers which it serves. That decision instantly cut off the exact consumer market for which it was designed to serve…the Senior Citizens of the United States 80 years and older—and those of us who purchase your service for them to enjoy the ESCAPE programming. All Senior Citizen care groups, support organizations, and medical offices serving them are highly dissatisfied with your short-sighted and illogical decision to move ESCAPE to the internet only. That transition of venue from radio to internet will NOT help Senior Citizens over 80 in the USA and will cause a significant loss of subscriptions as a result if you don’t rectify your programming mistake very soon.

If you want to keep the thousands of customers that currently subscribe specifically because of your ESCAPE station and it’s singular focus to minister to and serve the US Senior Citizens population of approximately 5,743,327 as of August, 2015…and if you desire to continue gaining customers that are daily accessing senior-support groups, organizations and sites for ideas to help in their care…then I highly recommend you reinstate your ESCAPE STATION back on the XM/SIRIUS RADIO PROGRAMMING ASAP.

Please contact me for any questions, or after you have reinstated the ESCAPE station for my mother—and all our friends parents and the local senior facilities—to enjoy once again, uninterrupted. If you do not, then I will discontinue her subscription and begin blasting to all the Senior groups and support outlets what your station has done so they can follow suit and cancel their subscriptions also.

Thank you.


phone #


Muppet August 18, 2015 at 9:14 am

I was told the person responsible for taking ESCAPE off the air was Scott Greenstein. Call 1-866-635-2349 and ask to speak to Greentein. Obviously, he won’t take calls. I recommend that you look up the President and Board of Directors of SiriusXM and complain to them about Greenstein’s arbitary decision to drop ESCAPE Easy Listening from SiriusXM. I was told he doesn’t care about listeners and what they want to listen to. Look at their programming and you will figure out that their listeners over 50 years old are expendable and not wanted. Their programming is pathetic. I was told to listen to Love in place of Escape or the new Velvet that is horrible. Love is vocal and not instrumental as was ESCAPE. Watercolors has horrible programming as well.. I will now ask for a refund of my lifetime subscription(s) due to Greenstein’s decision to remove the ONLY station I listened to; ESCAPE.


Pau Tamer August 17, 2015 at 7:46 pm

I am glad I CANCELLED my subscription today. EVERYTIME they shake up their lineup, it screws with my radio. The channels that I listen to that get shuffled doesn’t transmit the station number and title to my radio. Has happened the last four times they shuffled the line up. Had to call technical support the last three times and technical support was able to correct issue. This time (08/13) when they shuffled it messed up again and I called three times before I could get someone without a 45 minute wait. The CS woman was rude and called me a liar that this even was happening even after I told her it was the 4th time it has happened and I already tried to have signal resent that did not correct the problem. She REFUSED to let me speak to technical support as that was not an option on the call in menu. SHE then became rude and I finally said screw it and CANCEL my service and she REFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demanded to speak to a supervisor and she transfers me to someone who was not a supervisor and he tries to insult me by offering me a one month credit but couldn’t offer help to correct the technical issue. I repeated that I wanted a supervisor and he could put into a supervisor or I was calling the corporate office and that it was his choice. I was finally out to one who then wanted to put me on hold for tech support that I had been asking for the previous thirty minutes. I told him I was tired of being treated like a child and him trying to smooth over the other two persons ineptness and I wanted my damn service cancelled and that service had gone to the dogs. His delays and BS was as bad as the first two until I started to have to use profanity to get his attention. He wanted to address me by my first name which was rude in that I knew I was much older than him and we were not friends. I finally told him he could either cancel my account as I directed or I would be filing complaints with the BBB and legal entities in my state and their home state. I finally asked and found out their damn call center was in the Philippines so I should not be surprised. Don’t walk from Sirius but run. Piss poor customer service.


Don Harrison August 14, 2015 at 4:22 pm

My initial subscription was to Sirius XM in 2011 having purchased a new Mercedes. I renewed my subscription for 3 more years in August 2014; because drive a lot and Channel 69 was the primary reason that I renewed it. About 2 days ago, I was not able to get Channel 69 and was told that it was no longer available in automobiles, but I that I could get it on a mobile phone or the internet. WHAT IS ThIS??

I received no information to this effect yet, of course,I was told, to the contrary, that information was sent to me. You bet I did receive information when my first subscription was nearing expiration!

Custom Service representatives indicated that my feedback would be passed on to a Feedback Team and presumably I would be contacted at a later date.

How is it that one can subscribe to something and then it is not honored for the term of the subscription? What are some terms that are applicable for such fraudulent behavior?


Johnny Fever August 10, 2015 at 2:51 pm

SiriusXM has stopped listening to their subscriber base since the merger. They are about to eliminate a very popular station with a devoted listener base (Escape, Ch69) without realizing that there are many subscribers who subscribe for ONLY this station. People want to hear this on their car radio, not online, but they are too stubborn to reconsider that they have made a mistake, at least as of 3pm today they haven’t changed their minds yet. I guess a few hundred thousand subscriptions doesn’t mean anything; they can always get new ones, rather than keep the ones that they’re have for 10 years?


Karen August 8, 2015 at 5:38 pm

Which rocket scientist at Sirius made the mindless decision to take Escape, Channel 69, off the air? It is the only station with easy listening that’s any good. Many people who I know listen to Escape and are just as disgusted at the decision to take Escape off the air.


john c August 4, 2015 at 3:55 pm

the hardest company to do business with —ever. I wonder how much better the balance sheet for Sirius would look, if they made it easy and fun to be a customer. great product – crappy company. Even worse customer service. I mean harassment….. And for Gods sake you purchased FM make it one company all ready. what a joke. And the constant game of having to say you are going to cancel to get a better price, waste of time for everyone. who wrote this business model? apparently someone who is not measured on operating results.


Raymond Yonco July 13, 2015 at 3:50 pm

Major difficulty with getting BILLING Problem resolved! After transferring our service to new car everything got very bad!!. We were 7 years with XM and now can not get our service back! SIRIUS XM Claims to have sent a “Credit” to my Credit Card account which never showed up!

Too many Phone Calls and no resolution next steps is Small Claims Court, followed by certified letters to NY State Attorney General about possible Fraud to me and just how many others it happened to and they just gave UP! NOT ME I WILL GET TO SOMEONE


Jeffrey larrabee July 7, 2015 at 1:45 pm

I have been trying to get call so I can
turn on a new radio but the call does not go through please call me @ 561 302 ****


Rosemarie Breslin July 1, 2015 at 11:13 pm

I had the worst experience dealing with Sirrius XM what they call, and i use the term very lightly, their care center…I am just so aggravated right now over two hours on the phone and most of the time on hold, rude people, most of the two hours on hold……resulting at one point one of their CARE people actually increasing my bill and hanging up on me. I use to really enjoy my XM radio until tonite…..after October I will be going back to CD’s and hope never to hear about SIRRIUS XM ever again


Joe R. Anaya June 26, 2015 at 10:15 pm

I was listening to SiriusXM on or around 6:45pm CST when the DJ when on a rant about Celebrating Gay Marriage. This prompted me to immediately call Sirius Customer Care to cancel my subscription. I pay to listen to music and not political ideology of one DJ. I have listened to the SiriusXM for awhile and I have never heard a DJ rant positively Christian ideology. Political speak should be reserved for talk channels and not music channels.


Jim Rea June 7, 2015 at 3:59 pm

The item below is what I posted on Facebook. They told me on Thursday that an account executive will look into my situation and call me within 3-4 days. I’m not holding my breath. Radio still doesn’t work and they remain one of the most feckless companies that I have ever dealt with.

SiriusXM Radio is having a promotion that might be of interest to many of you. For a low monthly subscription rate, you get to talk to many of their employees via a toll free number. You get to tell them that the service they promised to provide has not been delivered and they’ll go through the simulation of actually trying to fix it. If they did, however, the actual service they provide would seem lame. Its not about getting an actual radio subscription, its about having the opportunity to get to know as many of their employees as your time will allow. While this particular service might not be of interest to anyone with a job, or a life, it could be useful to some others. I suggest that you try it for a couple of weeks and then you can get your credit card company to dispute the charge. SiriusXM does not actually have a department to refund your money, but they’ll keep transferring you to people that are supposed to be able to do that. Its one of the creative ways that they ensure that you get to know as many of them as possible. If you do try this service and end up talking to Kenneth, Dana, Rochelle, Amy, Kathy, Arvind, Charles, and Jeff, just to name a few, please give them my regards


Sophia October 14, 2016 at 2:58 pm

Nicely done! Thank you! 🙂


Janie May 24, 2015 at 3:25 pm

I am looking at filing harrassment charges. I do not appreciate phone calls from your rude and bullying call center. It is not acceptable for them to start calling before 8 a.m. and continuing until after 11 p.m INCLUDING Sunday’s. You think you can bully me into renewing my subscription? Think again. I will file harrassment on your comoany.


Wanita Benedict May 14, 2015 at 4:30 pm

DO NOT EVER expect any kind of customer service in response from these despicable people! Set back, take the people’s money but yet when they a big billing problem nothing!
I call 4x in one week the XM Customer Service what a bunch of incapable idiots!
After not being able to get my billing problem cleared up called the corporate office 3x on one week waiting for a response! Guess what NOTHING! In all my lifetime I’ve never dealt with such piss poor customer service! It’s so disgusting to think you losers think your to good to help the average Joe! I hope I can warn any upcoming possible customers what to expect from you with a problem with your service! Oh that would be nothing!!!!!


Rosemarie Breslin July 1, 2015 at 11:08 pm



Shawna Gilbert March 30, 2015 at 2:18 pm

I purchased a lifetime subscription in 2005 and was told that it was transferable each time I purchased a new car. In 2011, I bought a new car and called SiriusXM and was told that my account was lifetime Sirius and not SiriusXM and that it could not be transferred. I spent months and months talking to your customer service department trying to get my account transferred and finally I was able to get someone very helpful on the phone and he said that the previous people were not correct and that my lifetime subscription was supposed to transfer and he would transfer it for me, but the previous person had actually cancelled my lifetime subscription (there were also very limited notes from all of my phone calls) and that he would have to reactivate it and transfer it to the new car. This took a few more months to get done. By the time this was handled correctly it was close to a year later. I am sure that you agree that it taking your customer service department almost a year to be able to transfer service to a new car, is not acceptable.
Today, I called SiriusXM as I purchased a new car over the weekend and wanted to transfer my lifetime subscription to my new car. I was told that you no longer transfer lifetime subscriptions to new cars and it is only valid on the original car, which is of course not what I originally purchased in 2005, nor does that make it a lifetime subscription. I asked once again to speak to a supervisor; I got on the phone with Kay (agent# 39141). She proceeded to tell me that you are allowed to only transfer the service one time and I said that is not what I purchased and she said the system shows that the lifetime went into effect in 2012 and that was the policy at that time, she did note that it was clear that I did not pay for the policy in 2012; but said I would need to follow the 2012 policies and there was nothing she could do to help me. She told me that she was the highest level of customer service available for me to speak too and that she could not transfer my service to my new car.
I would like my service transferred to my new car because I purchased a lifetime subscription that was not limited to the one car at the time that I bought it. You can clearly see in my account that although the SiriusXM customer service representatives made a mistake and cancelled my account, their mistake was corrected. When an error by your employees is corrected, that does not mean that my account now has new terms. The account terms are final at the time of my purchase, they do not change to new terms because of your Company’s inept employees.
Honestly, if there was another option I would leave your company all together, purely because of poor customer service. I have no idea what your policies are at this time, but I do find it hard to be that your company policy is to completely rip off your customers. I am very close to the point of having my attorneys get involved, but would like to give you one more chance to appropriately handle my account.


COLIN CAMPBELL April 30, 2015 at 8:40 pm



Edward March 23, 2015 at 1:02 pm

I have been a loyal customer/ share holder for years however that all amost ended yesterday. The inbound call center your company employes in the Philapeenes is a bloody disaster! The people are rude and unconcerned with your issues. The objective is to charge you up as much as possible. After being hung up on and basicly called a lier for claiming I had Howard Stern in my 2015 Lexus which they claimed was impossible after 3 hours of trying to get back the service I gave up
Finally I called cooperate and settled on half which was owed me after paying for the year up front just several months back.
Those who are charged with directing the out of country call center must find another 3rd party to contract with. The current scamming cheating representives you employ now are killing your reputation.


Daniel Weikel March 19, 2015 at 1:47 pm


I am close to the point of hanging it up with Sirius… All over a minor (in the view of some) issue. I have had Sirius radio in my vehicle for years. I have loved it, and still do except for one issue that is about to cause me to kiss Serius goodby! In past years, no matter what station I played, Sirius conveniently printed the name of the piece playing on the display. (This year it does not do this… At all, any station.)I loved that service as I certainly do not know all the names of the piece playing. At least on AM or FM radio a voice tells you what is playing. In particular,
I have called your service so many times I am sick of it. All of them speak some form of foreign English that I cannot understand, and evidently they cannot understand me…. As they completely cannot understand the issue I am calling about . Their assistance has been laughable at best and useless in reality. One of them told me to call the disk jockey and ask what is playing. That Would be fun while tooling down the road! Most sound like they are from India and have no knowledge about how to solve customer problems… Other than “I sind ou new seegnal. If no wrk call help line.”

Now we have purchased a new, additional, car that came with Sirius installed and free for a short period of time. We have extended that service, paying last November for a full year. Imagine! It does print on the radio display, the name of the piece and the name of the performing artist.
Like it used to do on our other vehicle.

What gives? Why can I not, any longer, receive the same service for the vehicle in which I have been paying for Sirius … For years.

Based on past contacts I almost expect someone to contact me with the answer…. “If the older unit does not do it…. Don”t drive it! Drive the new car!”

But I hope I do not hear such a solution!

Hope there is a solution. If it is something I am or am not doing… I certainly can handle that, just tell me what to do.

Thank for your time,

Daniel Weikel
**** Veterans Museum
Muskegon, Michigan


mark johnson March 8, 2015 at 4:51 pm

i just wish they stop calling and hanging up 5 to 10 times a day


Angela February 20, 2015 at 3:28 pm

My mother passed away in October 2014. I called customer service to inform SiriusXM of her death and their services were no longer needed. In December my mother receives a bill for services (which were not being used); again I call customer service. On February 13, 2015 my mother received a letter from Kathy Thompson, Cheif Marketing Officer for SiruisXM Radio stating it has been awhile since she had SiruisXM radio and she was excited to invite her to reactive her account. TAKE NOTE SIRUISXM RADIO; MY MOTHER PASSED AWAY!! SHE CANNOT REACTIVE HER ACCOUNT!! GET YOUR RECORD KEEPING STRAIGHT!! STOP SENDING MAIL TO MY MOTHER!! I have just bought a new car that has a trail period of SiruisXM radio and I do love it but the experience with customer service and my mother I seriously doubt I continue the service! It is sad when a company cannot get their act together!


Pam January 24, 2015 at 1:56 pm

Just wanted to tell everyone my wonderful news. I have 2 LIFETIME subscriptions through Sirius. When I purchased them (one in 2009 and one in 2010) I was told that they were transferable ONE time. I traded my 2008 Jeep in and purchased a 2011 Jeep and transfered my LIFETIME with no problem. That was in the year 2010 when I purchased the LIFETIME for the Jeep. I have just now traded in my 2006 Dodge truck for a 2009 vehicle. This truck also had a LIFETIME package on it. AGAIN I was told at the time I purchased the LIFETIME subscription (which was in 2009) that it was transferable. I just got off the phone with Sirius XM and have been told that I CANNOT transfer my account. I was told that as of 2007 they no longer would transfer LIFETIME accounts. Isn’t it amazing that they took my $500 and told me that the account could be used one time. So in 2007 they stopped the policy but yet in 2009 they took my $500. They won’t even honor past accounts. As far as I’m concerned, they practice bad business manners. Oh and don’t try to get a number so you can talk to the corporate. They just give you an address. Good luck with that. SIRIUS RADIO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Legal US citizen February 9, 2015 at 10:28 am

Well you just helped me thanks!! I’m live here in the good old USA. Im not helping companies that outsource US jobs. There are over 12 million illegal people in this country. The key word here is illegal! When you break the law you go to jail or maybe get a ticket. When you cross the boarders illegally you get help from the government. Do you think if I cross the boarder into Canada they will give me amnesty and tell me they will make me a Canadian citizen. Hell no they won’t! So why are we paying for illegal people in our country???? There is a right way and an illegal way to enter this country. It’s about time we stand together and say hell no!!! If you cross the boarders into the U.S. and crap out a kid guess what that kid is illegal too. Take our country back NOW!!! Boycott companies that use illegal labor or outsource to the Philippians or India. Just say NO!!


scott December 21, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Cancelled my account bc i specifically instructed a year ago, do not charge my credit card without my approval. 6 months later, i get invoice in mail, i call, and reup for 6 more months. Dec 11, i see a charge from sirrius without my knowledge or consent. Called cust serv, cancelled my account requested refund and was told 3 – 5 business days i would have money back. A week later no refund so i called and was told a check was scheduled to be issued in 7 – 10 business days bc i removed my credit card on file when i cancelled 7 days previous. I was told check would be cancelled, an electronic refund would be expedited in up to 48 hours but had to put credit card info back on file and once i get refund, call and remove it again. 2 + days later and still no money. Jus got off phone with call ctr manager Jonathan, who refuse to give me name or title of his boss, and he tells me a refund check is still pending. Tired of the lies, and i have read and have had numerous friends tell me of nightmares with sirrius. ANYONE A LAWYER OR KNOW OF ONE INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FOR CREDIT CARD FRAUD AGAINST SIRIUS? They need to be forced to clean up their act, they are blatantly lying to customers and it needs to stop. I jus don’t have the legal wherewithall to move against them. I don’t fa ebook or tweet but please feel free to share my post.


Albert Hinken November 27, 2014 at 2:35 pm

I have been a subscriber of Sirius radio since 1995 and I purchased 2 lifetime subscriptions from you…one of those subscriptions was a stiletto radio with an internet subscription attached…during hurricane sandy my stiletto radio was in my car and my car went underwater…I purchased another radio to replace it and I was told that I no longer had an internet subscription because I did not purchase the same type of radio to replace the one I lost…I lost this radio thru no fault of my own and believe I am entitled to another lifetime subscription…I have a temporary one at present as I called Sirius radio and complained about it…I am a Viet Nam vet and a loyal listener to Sirius radio as I truly love the diversity of music…I think you should restore my lifetime internet subscription as it would be the right thing to do…tyvm


Pam January 24, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Albert, Did they ever response to you and offer the plan back or did they just brush you off? Read my comment above. They ripped me off for a Lifetime subscription too.


Jack Dale November 8, 2014 at 1:35 am

I’ve had no issues with calling customer service. Guess some people need their ears cleaned. 🙂


Jamie October 30, 2014 at 7:14 am

Here’s a good one, I have been billed for two years on an account I never actually set up. When I purchased my car in 2012 I signed up for the radio service with automatic quarterly payments from my credit card. Well, I never really check my statements (stupid, I know). I just realized I have been getting billed 8 times a year instead of 4. Come to find out, there are 2 accounts in my name for the same make and model of vehicle, only difference is the VIN#. I of course only one the one vehicle, and had a police officer friend of mine run the other VIN. Turns out that vehicle doesn’t even exist. They screwed up big time. After a half a dozen phone calls, no one wants to reimburse my $393.93 for a radio to a vehicle I have never owned and doesn’t exist. They told me to write a letter to the corporate office in NYC. Well, I sent the letter certified. It was delivered two weeks ago and still no word from them. I am going to sue if this continues. All I want is the money that they stole from me.


Sonia October 8, 2014 at 10:28 pm

SIRIUS has horrible customer service and are thieves!!!! I agree with all of your complaints, with all these issues you think somebody in corporate would do something!! Other services should be made available to the consumer, unreal!!


Brian Nadler October 4, 2014 at 9:23 am

It is unfortunate, I like the music channels on Sirius XM. They have fantastic programming cheap hardware with accelerated obsolescence.


Brian Nadler October 4, 2014 at 9:07 am

Purchased Sirius XM Lynx about 1 1/2 years ago with Bluetooth in home dock. Added 3 additional docks and BB2 speaker dock. After 1 1/2 years of light use, the Lynx no longer works in Sat mode, only Internet mode. The BB2 speaker dock sparks when plugged in, a, a possible fire hazard. The Lynx is no longer offered so it cannot be exchanged, repaired, or replaced making my Bluetooth docks totally obsolete in under 2 years from purchase.


John October 3, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Cancelled my radio services for being overcharged by 270.00 over agreed to price for 3 years. Caught the overcharge on the credit card bill 2 months later. Called and cancelled the service, have been waiting for over 40 days for a refund of 469.18, someone keeps cancelling the check. Have 3 different confirmation numbers where the refund has been processed. No avail, still no check, still waiting. Trying to find a lawyer who will take the case and bring legal action against them. Ask to speak to a representative in the United State, which is a federal law, and told to bite a big one they cannot transfer me to someone in the USA,


Dean Morga September 5, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Read through the above complaints – SIRIUS/XM doesn’t seem to give a damn about customer problems. Even a response accusing a complainer of being – “racist” – typical of small minded people who equate most complaints with racism, sexism, ageism and many other isms to complain about their critics. The world is obsessed with political correctness which does nothing except make the poor “offended whiners, thugs, illiterate and the, “See how wonderful I am!” liberals a boost to their very phoney self-righteous egos. Sirius Xm has a lot of problems – customer service complaints are only one of many – but if you pay attention – it all boils down to billing problems – Misters:Karmazin
Frear and Meyer don’t seem to give a damn! My problem with Sirus / XM is echoed in most letters above – it stems from the fact that I can’t pay in advance if I wish to. Which causes me many problems – Does anyone in XM management give a damn?
I doubt it!


jason August 19, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Tried adding a third radio for my new truck, sirius said they can’t Bill the same day unless I deactivate all three, then reactivate all three( at a fee of $15 each) guess I won’t be adding new one, thanks for nothing Ruben in customer service!


Mike Bayes August 7, 2014 at 12:41 am

Please give Jason Ellis his contract!!!! He deserves it!!! You will lose millions of #ellisfam subscribers if you do not comply. C’mon guys, he’s bigger than Stern


josh July 21, 2014 at 12:31 am

ya know, I’ve seen a lot of bad complaints but it’s good to hop in the car and listen to hits 1 every day!!!!! enjoy the good parts of life


StPaulie May 19, 2014 at 6:37 pm

I attempted to renew my service last month with a gift card using the one-time payment option. I got this error message “The credit card information you have provided is invalid. Please re-enter your credit card information. Sorry, we were unable to process your last transaction. Please try again or contact Listener Care: 877-486-5979. “

I called my gift card provider and was informed that they had received the charge but it had been denied because it was a recurring charge, not a one-time charge as it should have been.

As you all know, calling customer service in the Philippines is no help. They repeatedly told me that they were putting through a one-time charge but I know that’s only because that’s what they are told to say.

I sent an email asking for an email response back and got an email asking when they could call me. I did not want to talk to customer service again, they aren’t aware of how things work behind the scenes.

I have already reported Sirius XM to the FCC for the issue with their “one-time payment” that is really a recurring payment. I will continue to raise my voice to make others aware of their practices.

Everyone keep in mind that if you use a credit card for the “one-time payment”, you will actually be giving them the ability to charge you when your payment is due. I will not give them that ability when it is supposed to be a one time payment.

Be careful when giving Sirius XM your payment info.


CSR April 21, 2014 at 7:48 am

All subscription of SXM is subject to autorenewal. All of you american customers need to READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS for whatever subscription you are trying to SIGN UP. It is your DUE OBLIGATION TO READ THE CONTRACT not US, agents to explain everything for you. This is not a spoon feeding session. All from AT&T, comcast, verizon, Dish, Liberty, DirectTv, and SXM has TERMS and CONDITIONS. Make sure you are listening to the VERBATIM OF THE AGENTS BECAUSE IT WAS CLEARLY DISCLOSED THERE. Its just that ALL OF YOU FROM NORTH AMERICA ARE RACISTS AND NARCISISTS so you dont understand A- SIMPLE ENGLISH at least we can understand english and speak for it, how bout you? Can you speak our language? Anyway, we also HAVE AMERICAN AGENTS from BOSTON and they are more rude than ASIAN agents because they dont even care american customers. Please be mindful, if you dont want your credit card to be charged then REQUEST FOR AN INVOICE BILL that is reactively offered by the agent!! DONT FORGET TO READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND COMPANY POLICY IN EVERY SUBSCRIPTION YOUR ARE TRYING TO SIGN UP IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY NOT OURS TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING YOU ARE NOT CHILD ANYMORE AND I HOPE YOU ARE NOT THAT KIND OF IDIOT TO READ IT JUST FOR A MOMENT RIGHT!?!
And also make sure that you know how to use your f***ing dumb stupid radio, read manuals, not like you are just calling US, agents, just to TURN ON the RADIO and MAXIMIZE the volume and then you`ll get MAD when you are not able to navigate YOUR OWN RADIO! Dont be so DEPENDENT it wouldn`t be healthy for your brain. You need to use your brain sometimes eventhough it does not seemsto be responding anymore! I am not rude, its just that some of the CUSTOMERS shouting at the onset of the call! SHOUTING AND CURSING WILL NOT HELP RESOLVE ISSUES RIGHT!? I dont tolerate those kind of behavior, if you want to be respected, then learn how to respect people also. Customers is NOT always right, but customer is our priority. However, customer has also a responsibility that they should READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Agents and Managers has limited boundary towards the COMPANY RULES. We love to help and lower down your outrageous bill, however, we dont want F***ING SIRIUS XM terminate us! And what will happen to our family? Tell me! I will try to override the syste for my customer to lower down the bill and explain the things that I can do and this customer which is BLONDE STUPID RACISTS ALL SHE KNEW TO DO IS CURL HER HAIR AND CURSE AT ME! And then After I HAVE RESOLVED HER ISSUE and by the way COMPROMISED MY JOB suddenly hung up to me without saying thank you! And in the first place, ITS HER FAULT cause she wants SXM in her OLD yuck car a poor american whose trying to be like paris hilton woulid liketo have only 25$ a year subscription! Where in the world you can get a subscription for that amount how stupid she is!!! Well, just to help her, I HAVE OVERRIDED THE SYSTEM FOR THAT STUPID BLONDE FROM MICHIGAN, gave her request, and gosh, compromised my job for that stupid little species without BRAIN and got nothing in return?!? Even a small sarcastic thank you would do, but unfortunately she hung up. DUH!

I am just saying, yes I know you have issues with SXM, we, employees, have issues also for the company! Its just that, we need to be civilized enough. Shouting and cursing and being sarcastic, elliterate will not be able to resolve issues.

Explain the problem to the agent thoroughly and listen to the AGENT for whatever resolution he will do. DO NOT SHOUT OR CURSE IT WILL JUST CONNOTATES ONLY THAT AMERICANS ARE B***ARD AND STUPID ENOUGH, thats why british people are IRATE TO THE AMERICAN B***ARDS not all some of them.

If you have any problem with your SXM account, email me with your account number or RADIOID with full explanation of the issue with no sarcastic expressions.


Sandra May 7, 2014 at 7:11 am

Sounds like maybe you should start looking for a new job. Perhaps for a company that you can actually believe in and for whom you don’t have to get defensive and accusatory. But yeah, I’m sure the main problem is the consumers themselves, right? not Sirius. They are just top notch and straight forward with all their policies.


D L Dougls May 9, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Um, CSR…sorry you all have problems with your own employer, but do YOU not understand that makes us CUSTOMERS even more frustrated? As an EMPLOYEE of AT&T Wireless, it IS our job to explain everything. The problem is when your employer doesnt follow through. And I’ve worked here from the paper signed ages to the verbal/internet no contract ages.

What I can not understand is WHY SiriusXM allows a racist rant from a supposed CSR, or a impersonator, to leave this on their website for others to read.


ed trafton April 11, 2014 at 12:58 pm

is there anybody in sirius xm radio that gives a crap about customer service ??? there is absolutley nobody in your corporation to speak to about any of this .. only some person in the phllipines every time that i cannot understand at all and get held hostage on the phone for a minimum time of an hour


ed trafton April 11, 2014 at 12:51 pm

first off , you have a wonderful service , thank you .. that gets totally dragged down by your such lousey customer service …. xm sirius radio for those of us in the united states is worthless when we have to only speak to customer service reps in the phillipines .. you give us no other option .. its lousy repulsive and disgusting to have to deal with people that i cannot understand at all .. they read off of que cards and take freaking forever to screw up something that can be delt with quicker .. again … and i know you will not .. but please find a way to offer those of us here in the united states , a number to contact customer service here in the united states , versus getting upset and disgusted with your lousy customer service over seas … sprint found that out ..


CSR April 21, 2014 at 7:50 am

You know what YOU ARE STUPID RACIST!!! I think you dont have any brain cells! You dont have to be racist if you want your issue to be resolved!


Sandra May 7, 2014 at 7:44 am

Racism has nothing to do with it. He is simply saying that it is incredibly difficult to get anything accomplished over the phone when there is a language barrier (or at least trouble on both ends understanding each other). We end up repeating the same info several times, getting transferred over and over and over again to yet another person who can’t help and has no “authorization” to do anything helpful. In the end the consumer ends up frustrated, on the phone for over and hour, and still at square one. Sirius customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered. Ever.


Stephen Johnson April 8, 2014 at 2:45 pm

For the last three years I must call customer service center to get the final amount that I must pay. Last year a Sirius customer service agent in the Philippines threaten me with collections department if I don’t pay the largest amount and they never could explain why my billing keeps inceasing. Why must I go through this painful experience each year? I’m at the point of closing my account. A listener since 2006



Jordan Rosenthal April 3, 2014 at 11:26 pm

I am writing to you because of how frustrated and disgusted I am with your customer service and how they handled my issue.
I leased my 3rd car from Lexus on March 2, 2013 that comes with 3 month trial membership to SiriusXM. Sometime after the subscription expired I purchased just traffic and weather for a little over $100, can’t remember the exact amount. I received a letter advising me now that my subscription expired on March 3, 2013 and my service turned off. When calling they stated my subscription was only for traffic and weather starting on March 2, 2013 when I tried to explain the issue all the rep wanted to focus was on me getting a bank statement and saying that the trial from Lexus was not with radio when I know for a fact it comes with both services. All I was requesting was to extend the subscription to June 2 since I could prove the first 3 months was complimentary from Lexus since I couldn’t prove yet when I paid to extend weather and traffic for an additional year. They were willing to extend the service for a month while I tried to contact my bank for proof of payment since they said the service was 1 year complimentary but did not want to acknowledge it was only 3 months from Lexus with radio and would not extend it for an additional 2 months that I know I paid for. Looking at all these complaints online I am certain you are scamming people short of time from these promotional services and the dealerships need to stop associating themselves with a company like yours and with the worst customer service and willing to lose a yearly paying customer over 24 dollars. I will be filling a complaint with the BBB, Consumer Affairs. I have worked in customer service for over 12 years and have never felt the need or anger to wright or post on anything, so for me to take time after wasting almost 2 hrs on the phone with your company proves how bad of a company you are.


Bobbie Holland March 23, 2014 at 9:40 am

On Sept 23, 2013, I purchased a new vehicle which came with a 3 month trial membership to SiriusXM. On Dec 23, 2013, I paid $111.25 for a 1 year subscription to SiriusXM. On March 11th, I received a call from Sirius asking if I would like to extend my 3 month trial membership. I told the lady that I did not have a trial membership any longer; that I had purchased a 1 year subscription on 12/23/13. She transferred me to Customer Service where I spent 30 minutes explaining and re-explaining to a rep everything listed above. She kept saying that Sirius would give me a new subscription and it would only cost me $91.00. Finally, when I realized that I was not getting through to her and asked for a Supervisor, I was placed on hold again. When she returned, she told me that because of the aggravation that I had gone through, Sirius would start my 1 year subscription (that I already paid for) on May 16th; they would keep me in a “trial” subscription status and start the 1 year subscription on 5/16/14 through 5/16/15. I asked for confirmation via email. I have not been able to get online until yesterday and was completely shocked that the email states on 5/16/14 when my 1 year subscription starts, I will be charged $151.46!!!!! I cannot even believe this! This is incredible! I also received in the mail yesterday a welcome letter for my 3 month trial subscription. I called Sirius and explained everything and the rude Customer Service representative asked me if I wanted to receive correspondence or not from them; no comments or explanation about the issue that has caused all of the subsequent issues. I will be reporting this company to the BBB, Consumer Affairs, etc…I am now no longer interested in having this service. It is not worth it in the long run, believe me!


Jordan Rosenthal April 3, 2014 at 11:16 pm


I am going through the same issue. I leased my 3rd car from Lexus on March 2, 2013 that comes with 3 month trial membership to SiriusXM. Sometime after the subscription expired I purchased just traffic and weather for a little over $100, cant remember the exact amount. I received a letter advising me now that my subscription expired on March 3, 2013 and my service turned off. When calling they stated my subscription was only for traffic and weather starting on March 2, 2013 when I tried to explain the issue all they wanted to focus was on me getting a bank statement and saying that the trial from Lexus was not with radio when I know for a fact it comes with both services. All I was requesting was extend the subscription to June 2 since I could prove the first 3 months was complimentary from Lexus since I couldn’t prove yet when I paid to extend weather and traffic for an additional year. They were willing to extend the service for a month while I tried to contact my bank for proof of payment since they said the service was 1 year complimentary but did not want to acknowledge it was only 3 months from Lexus with radio and would not extend it for an additional 2 months that I know I paid for. Looking at all these complaints I am certain they are scamming people short of time from these promotional services and the dealerships need to stop associating themselves with a company like this and with the worst customer service and willing to lose a yearly paying customer over 24 dollars. If you need me to help sign a petition let me know, I will be filling a complaint with the BBB, Consumer Affairs. I have worked in customer service for over 12 years and have never felt the need or anger to wright or post on anything, so for me to take time after wasting almost 2 hrs on the phone with them proves how bad of a company they are.


Twilly July 23, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Hey Bobbie,
I have the same problem – my brother screamed at me “Don’t renew the service – they’re complete idiots!!” and he was right. They’re so stupid they don’t even know I had to put their telemarketing number calling me night & day on the blocked call list – the idiots are probably still attempting calls…..

See you on the jet routes….


Julie March 18, 2014 at 12:40 am

We’ll here we are weeks later. I have now received a total of 3 pieces of mail addressed to f…u…my last name. Despite call after call, message after message, they continue to play dumb. They apologize over and over, thats great sirius,but what you have done is wrong, and there are those of us that will stand for what is right.


Sandi March 14, 2014 at 9:07 am

I am going through in recovery of 900.00 the took from me without authorization. Because of this action I lost my job because I have not been able to get gas for my car. I have not been able to feed my family because of them. I was told by 2 people I would get my money back by morning. I am still waiting and now putting out applications. I called the New York corporate office and asked where the funds were, I was told by the gentlemen and 2 other people it is with my bank. My bank said it was not there. They used my credit card and told me it was due to the process with my credit card company. I was told the refunds policy and returning is in line with corporate America. However, if anyone refunds to your CC it shows up immediately. The gentlemen wanted me to do a three way with the bank and he would tell there money was coming. I called my bank and they said no they do not accept anyone’s words when it comes to money. Anyone could call and say that. I have his email address if you would like to complain. I will be writing to all the executives and sending by register email signature required. I hope you get your situation resolved, I am going on 2 weeks.


Elizabeth R March 14, 2014 at 2:55 am

Ha! Siruis is not allowed to automatically deduct the amount out of the checking accts. They are the ones who changed this policy. I used to get a bill from them to see if I wanted the same programming. In California especially, THIS is not allowed. This gets better….they finally sent a refund check for 97.81, I put it into my checking on Tues, and it bounced……with a charge incurred to me of 12.00. Come on…….


TRACY February 20, 2014 at 12:54 pm



Dr. Gail Harris February 19, 2014 at 4:53 pm

I am also posting this on facebook, texting to colleagues, friends, family and anyone who will listen. I tried to cancel my service after 8 years since I have not used the service on 2 radios for the last 1 1/2 years. I have terminal cancer and never thought of canceling before this, too many other things going on. After one hour and fifteen minutes on the phone, I was finally able to cancel. The first 20 minutes, I was told it was easier to register online to cancel, to be told afterwards and a few sales pitches later, to cancel I had to be switched to another department. After several more sales pitches with the price going down after each rejection and not able to cancel yet, I was continually put on hold for the cancellation. When I asked why it was taking so long (30 minutes), explained I had cancer and was tired. I was told I had TWO radios to cancel and they were busy. Also my refund kept going down, I asked to speak to a supervisor. At this time, I was told speaking to a supervisor would take a long time, they had OTHER customers (probably all asking for a supervisor considering the rudeness, lack of concern and service Siriusxm gives). Now, I was placed on the ultimate hold, 25 minutes with no contact whatsoever. I called using my cell phone, staying on the line with my other phone and asked for a supervisor. Here I did get service, Chris answered I told her I was trying to get my subscription cancelled, I am dying of cancer and did not need all this aggravation. She connected with Rachel, her supervisor and in 5 minutes my service was cancelled. Thank you Chris and Rachel. I then called the president’s office and spoke to Matt. He listened to the story and told me they would have to look into customer care and make some changes. Doesn’t help me, as I will no longer being doing business with this company. I asked if Mr.Greenstein could get back to me and was told, they have a new VP of customer care, I could speak to her. Mr. Greenstein really handles programming. I guess, he obviously isn’t concerned about customer care. I am exhausted by this time, and really didn’t have the feeling of any real concern and said never mind at which point Matt hung up without a good bye or sorry. I do not need Sirius XM. I will save my energy to fight cancer and will no longer being fighting Sirius XM. I will be listening to CD’s, Ipod and radio and saving a lot of money without their hyped up billing.


Allecia February 17, 2014 at 1:42 pm

POSTED to Facebook, texted to friends/colleagues, etc!!! To other consumers out there, please take note. I called Sirius to discuss charges to my account when there was a discrepancy. After discussing, I explained to the CSR that we would like to cancel. He then tried to offer me another option for one year for $89. Ok fine, that’s his job to try to keep the customer. I let him know that we would have to think about it because I am on a compassion flight to another country in less than 24 hrs for a family emergency as are my husband, children, other family members from all over the world. The CSR instead of letting it go, giving condolences or being considerate of my stress level, just like a used car salesman said “I understand, but while your away can we offer you 6 months for $44 so you can think about it” ARE YOU FOR REAL?!? I just told you a family member has days to live and we are frantically trying to get to him before he passes and you want to know if I want to renew short term to think about it. Obviously nothing else on my mind right now! I was put through to a supervisor, some cookie cutter read the script kind of guy, who also wasn’t listening to my concerns. SIRIUS, if this is your practice to not be human to cirXXXXstances, so heartless and not listen to your customers, take every situation as it comes and not from a script then I am glad I and my husband have said GOOD-BYE to your service. You should be ashamed, very ashamed.


ian February 16, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Here’s the deal, I have been a customer for over 10 years was part of xm from the start, since Sirius bought the company the service stinks I get the Philippine’s over and over for problems they are clueless and cant fix the problems. If Sirius can not hire American’s to handle customer service then I say screw Sirius, I will boycott your company and find as many media outlets to post to. You people make me sick that I must spend hours on the phone with idiots over seas who have no clue. Either fix this problem or you can go screw yourself. I have now spent almost 15 hours on a simple problem that no one can seem to fix


michele macdonald February 14, 2014 at 12:08 am

To Mr. Mel Karmazin,

Unfortunately, I am writing to complain about my experience with a Sirius radio this PM. I have an account for one of my cars and was going to add my second (new) car following a free trial. I spoke with someone in December who said to wait closer to the end of my free trial period to activate my regular account. She set up my email, username, password, etc, at that time. I received 5 notices reporting I had till 2/13/14 to the end of my free period to avoid an activation fee. I called today at 5 pm (2/13/14). I spoke with Pierre who informed me I had to pay a 15.00 re-activation fee because at 12 AM my radio was deactivated. Please note at 11:23 PM on 2/13/14 I still have a functioning satellite radio. I informed him that 5 letters and a customer service woman via the telephone all said I had till today. Not 2/12/14 at 11:59 PM!!!!!!!!! I requested I speak with a manager and Pierre reported I could not speak with a manager over an activation fee. After multiple attempts, I informed him he needed to put me through to a manager concerning an unwarranted reactivation fee and that all the correspondences I received were obviously misleading and I find this unacceptable. I then waited 22 minutes on hold for a manager. I spoke with Kathy who reported she could not wave my fee and she would assist me in cancelling my service. I questioned whether the 15.00 reactivation fee was worth my business and she proceeded to help me cancel my service. When I asked Kathy her supervisors name she said it was Ken but I could not talk with him and needed to contact headquarters. I informed her that the customer service I had received from her and Pierre left a lot to be desired to say the least.

The above information/occurrences do not make sense to a paying customer. I assume the customer should be heard, treated with respect and given appreciation for their business. Quality assurance was 100% lacking and although your answering machine reports my call was important, I was not treated in that respect.

At 11:26 PM after hours of frustration from my previous call I went into my car and as I mentioned above I still had satellite service. I proceeded to go inside and call back and question why I would have to pay to reactivate a service that was still in place. Happily, I spoke with Jeromy Arredonda who very nicely and professionally listened to my previous experience and my needs as a customer and waived my re-activation fee as well as kept me as a paying customer and added my second account. His personality was pleasant yet clear and concise. He clearly apologized and supported me as a customer. He should be acknowledged and credited for me keeping my one car with satellite radio and adding my second car. He is an asset to your company. On the other hand Pierre and Kathy lack personal care for your company and customers and truly will have a negative affect for your business.

I would appreciate contact to clarify any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Michele Macdonald


Julie January 31, 2014 at 5:02 pm

Got a refund check from Sirius in the mail today, they reposed me and charged my card without authorization, check addressed to:FXXXX U and my last name, watch out Sirius you have just begun to hear from me


Bounded Theory January 26, 2014 at 9:17 pm

There was a massive data breach at SiriusXM in December 2013. No one has reported the breach to the New York authorities even though James E. Meyer and Patrick L. Donnelly are well aware of the breach. Customer data consisting of names, addresses and credit card information was stolen. As an employee, I have been instructed not to release information regarding the data breach and have been threatened with losing my job if I did so. But I can no longer allow this breach to remain hidden from the public.


lester January 17, 2014 at 5:06 am

Please FIRE Mike Bagley on the nascar channel, and send that other jacka** Pete Pastone a warning that he will be next.


Carl Hoge January 16, 2014 at 10:14 pm

Sirius does provide an enjoyable music portfolio BUT there dept that deals with stopping service for WHATEVER reason, are a bunch of THEIVES. They hold hostage personal information and fraudlently make charges. Hey top dog with sirius because it’s your company your just as much the theif. You’ve lost our loyalty and we know lot’s of people. Stop screwing the people who pay, I smell a rat!!!!!


LJ December 23, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Sirius radio staff are not only the rudest; they are unethical. The company is staffed by individuals who tell you whatever you want to hear so they can get your credit card information. Once that is verified they do not follow through with promotions and reductions, but then attempt to charge your credit card for overblown charges. You can
not get anything resolved because they don’t have legitimate managers to talk with and just shuffle you from caller to caller; then tell you you have to call back because of technical difficulties. I am contacting my State Attorney General. This company needs to be put out of business.


MarQuetta Davis December 5, 2013 at 5:11 pm

These people are so rude until it is unbelievable.


Debbie Batie November 27, 2013 at 8:42 pm

I have never in my life encountered people that are so incompetent…. In the past 3 years I have been charged over 2 000 dollars on two accounts that i never even had activated. I am so disgusted I don’t even know what to say. We finally agreed on me getting a refund for about 260 dollars and now they are telling me that it has been denied by corporate. I would love to speak to someone in corporate about my being lied to, but surprisingly there is no way to contact them… I have been getting the runaround for over two months now and no one in this company cares because it wasn’t their 2 000 dollars that was stolen from them. Everyone in this company should be ashamed, lies and deception and thieving is not a proper way to direct business. Very very unsatisfied. I’m sure that no one in this company is interested in my problem, but just in case their is someone out there that has some morality feel free to e mail me at Thank you for the deception.
An unsatisfied customer


Will Olivarez November 26, 2013 at 1:44 pm

I have a radio that I renew every year and another that is on a lifetime subscription that I purchased in January 2009 with my Saab. The lifetime subscription was for XM only. In November 20012 I called to pay my bill on my year-to-year radio and inquire about my lifetime subscription at which time they tell me that my lifetime subscription wasn’t showing up on my account. I gave them the radio ID and they said it is registered to someone named “Nicolas”. I explained to them this is a mistake and the lady said it would be no problem to correct. She then asked me if I wanted to add Sirius to the radio for $100, which I did. I call in November 2013 to pay my bill for the year-to-year subscription for my second radio again and find out that my lifetime subscription isn’t on my account AGAIN. I speak to someone named “Omar” from somewhere. He tells me that I am a liar and that the radio belongs to Nicolas and can’t be transferred. I explained to him it has been mine since day 1 and that this was supposed to be corrected last year. I told him when I purchased it, when I added the Sirius package to it, and how much I paid. Then he tells me that he magically found a request from this Nicolas to cancel his lifetime subscription. This goes on for four hours. He then starts to tell me that the radio is inactive and sticks to his story that Nicolas requested to cancel the lifetime subscription but refuses to tell me when this request was made. I tell him that you can verify my credit card was used to pay for the subscription and he tells me that they have no way to tell who’s card paid for the account. I walked out to my car and turned the radio on and told him the radio was active and has been active for almost 5 years with NO problems other than finding out the radio wasn’t on my account like it should be. He calls me a liar and says the radio has no subscription. He puts me on “hold” and ends up hanging up on me. I called back and spoke to another lady who’s name I can’t pronounce but sounded like “Trixie” or “Tristan”. I explained everything in detail to this person and she looked up the account notes. She put me on hold for an hour while speaking to someone in a support group she said, and ended up telling me that she had to send this up to a higher group saying it was escallated up to someone else. She gave me a reference # to the escallation ticket and said it could take several days to resolve but it would be fixed. At this time my lifetime subscription was still active. I went to bed, woke up the next day to go to work and my lifetime subscription was still working fine. When I got out of work to go home, my lifetime subscription was OFF. Someone had cancelled my signal so I called the listener care group immediately to ask what happened. I told the first person I got to answer that I wanted to speak to a supervisor because this has turned in to a disaster. The person tried to keep me on the phone to talk to them only and wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor. After insisting I speak to a supervisor she told me she would get one and put me on hold for about 3 minutes. When she came back she again tried to get me to tell her what the issue was so she could help. I told her that I was done with the representatives “helping” and that they have done enough damage that I wanted to speak to a supervisor only. She said she would go find one so I asked her what she was doing the first time she told me she was getting one. She got quiet and said she was going to get a supervisor if I would let her. When she returned I was given over to someone named “Sam” who identified themself as a supervisor. I explained the entire story to Sam and said my radio was now off. They put me on hold for 30 minutes and come back and said that there is an escallation ticket in the system and there was nothing that could be done. Sam also said the signal couldn’t be turned back on until after the case was resolved. I asked why the signal was allowed to be turned off after the escallation ticket was put in, but they can’t turn it back on and Sam had no answer. Sam did say that the ticket was in to fix the radio account issue and assured me that I would get my radio subscription back. That was yesterday that I spoke with Sam and still no radio. I also submitted a request via email to listener care explaining everything and only recievied a reply stating that a listener care agent would be calling me. Then I got 7 phone calls from SiriusXM all asking for me to pay for my year-to-year subscription on my second radio. Not one of them asked about my lifetime subscription issue or knew anything about it. They sole purpose was to call to get me to pay for the other subscription, which I refuse to renew if they don’t fix my lifetime subscription issue.


Kelvin Thornton November 13, 2013 at 9:58 am

Sirius xm customer service really sucks. The supervisors are rude and get on the phone with harsh tones in there voice. They charge you for rates for two years and then bill you the next year again and then tell you that there notes say one thing and there is nothing they can do. But they want charge you over again and then tell you that you are the one being rude to them. They don’t want to listen to you at all but want to cut you off, where do they do that at? When you look to reach the head office there is no one to take your call or reply to your email. Really, come on. How do you expect us to pay for services and recommend this to others when the SERVICE SUCKS 100%, then the reps are not even in the us.


christine verhest November 9, 2013 at 10:37 am

your customer service is more than very poor. i paid my bill twice on 10/10/13 & 10/22/13 i have been requesting back the overpayment and not getting anywhere with customer service . all i want is my over payment back i wouldn’t think this is to much of a request. been a customer for quite some time .


Kathy November 3, 2013 at 7:22 pm

I have been going in circles regarding my bill for 2 radios. Bought a new car in June 3 Months free. Called in September to discontinue on older radio I’ve had for over 7 Years, but would still have 2 with new car. Always pay for 2 Radios in full. Always a hassel
Over billing. Can’t understand the listener care team. Their English is not good. Want both radios due together as always now one is due in March and who knows about the other. Already have had 4 phone calls since September. Thoroughly discussed.


Shirley Pitts October 22, 2013 at 8:32 am

Lets hope by writing this note I’ll get some action to the problem I’ve been having with my account. I started writing e-mails to your Listenercare Team September 18, 2013 (Incident #130918-005534). Since your calls are recorded I’m hoping you also keep records for the Incident Numbers you provide. It’s now a little more than 30 days and the problem with my subcription to the service in my vehicle has yet to be resolved. Keeping in mind that my AMEX Account was billed $179.31 for the service. I contacted your Listener Care Team via e-mail on September 19, 23, 24 and October 3, 2013. Only to be told in the e-mail that I’d get an e-mail response once the problem was resolved. My question is how long does it take to resolve this problem? According to the individuals I spoken with on the phone I have an account they just can access it nor can I online. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten frustrated at the time it take to resolve my problem. So I will contact American Express (10/23) to issue a dispute for the charge to my account for this service. In my opinion it has taken far to long to resolve the issue.


Bill October 8, 2013 at 6:29 pm

I am trying to find at phone number to contact the head of Marketing or their Complaint services. I have been a Lifetime member since the early 2000’s. Recently when I bought a new car – Sirius XM tried desperately to take away my Lifetime benefits, i.e., I can only pay for one more Car Transfer – I prepaid for a Lifetime of car radio access and only pay the transfer fees. They tried to tell this was my last car I could transfer my Lifetime subscription. I rejected this but their customer service could not help. Then they – without telling me – removed my Lifetime access to Internet Radio. I only found out when I tried to log on to XM Internet Radio. Again they tried to tell me that I gave up my Lifetime Internet XM radio access when I changed cars – no explanation other than telling me that their systems cannot manage this.
I will be filing a Better Business Bureau complaint unless I can get a resolution from the company.
It has become obvious that Sirius XM wants to eliminate Lifetime members to try and get more revenue.


Billie Jo February 14, 2014 at 8:15 am

Sirius has overbilled me, then I had to cancel my card which cost me more money & they basically told me too bad, there was nothing they could do…… bullpucky,
I say, lets all get together & put a law suit against them.


Paul Dooley August 8, 2016 at 8:48 pm

They shut my lifetime subscription off and now will not turn it back on and want to charge me for the last 6 months


Johnny Risinger August 28, 2013 at 5:32 pm

First you take off Rock at you’ve taken off Book Radio…so now take me off…your going to lose a lot of people…


fran feinberg July 24, 2013 at 1:24 pm

Am totally unhappy with the choices of music that you offer for my plan. Apparently, those are the ones offered with the cheapest royalities. Shame on you. We feel cheated in the worst way. Fran Feinberg


Gregg Girard July 15, 2013 at 4:19 pm

First off, I will not tolerate incompetence, and incompetence is running rampant in your organization. One would think that a CEO who makes more than 11 million dollars a year would be better able to manage his people. My wife and I recently purchased a new car. with it we selected satellite radio and navigation. The dealer set us up with Sirius XM, and 3 months of a free trial offer (until August of 2013). It came with a bill which I paid on 06/23/13. My check was cashed on 07/01/13. On 0712/13, I received a bill from you, for an amount which was $72.43 LESS than the bill I had already paid. By the way, both were for 1 year membership and the Radio ID and account numbers on both bills matched. Well, I called and got “Carol” in Kentucky. She needs to go to speech class. She couldn’t help me, so she switched me to OF ALL PLACES – ASIA. I spoke to “Charisse” and if that’s not her real name, that’s fraud and you’re subject to arrest. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Charisse said that would be “NOVIE.” Now, I ask you, do you think that “Novie” is a male or female? Turns out, it’s a female, and since I didn’t want to speak to anyone else in Asia, Charisse hung up on me. Now, I’m hot and started calling numbers trying to find the email for your CEO. I got “john” in the Phillipines. “John” is not his real name and if I could afford to fly to the Phillipines, and was medically cleared to get there, I would teach “John” that it’s not proper to lie to someone. This company cannot get away with such incompetence. Having someone say that I should disregard the second bill, “because it’s a glitch in our system” is not going to get it. Especially in light of the fact that if I had waited a couple of weeks, I could have paid a lower bill. I expect a responsible adult, from America, to call me and straighten this problem out.
Gregg Girard


christopher broshears September 19, 2013 at 2:37 am

Gregg this is an agent from sirius xm. I work for the evansville indiana office and I would like to apologize to you call 1 8664631779 that’s customer service for my office and explain to them what’s going on. I am real sorry and I hope you get this issue resolved


Jack Dale November 8, 2014 at 1:27 am

how is it that fraud………….? LOL


Dolores L. Sparrow June 7, 2013 at 1:44 pm

I really don’t expect anyone to pay attention to this comment as thus far no one has and this problem has been going on since early 2011. I am NOT your customer. The car you keep sending me notices about AND THE ONE YOU KEEP TRYING TO CHARGE MY DISCOVER ACCOUNT TO HAS BEEN TOTALED. I never received any for-pay Serius XM services. I keep asking via telecon and email for any information about me to be eliminated from your files, but of course no one pays any attention to my request. My Discover account has enacted a stop payment for anything you might try to charge. If you do not stop doing this, I will contact my attorney as the way I see it you are trying to steal funds from my Discover account. It’s about time somebody at Sirius XM did something about this matter! The account number you have assigned to me is 1-20198092483. I won’t ‘like you’ on Facebook or anyplace else!! Just GO AWAY!!
Dolores L. Sparrow


Shannon Webber April 24, 2013 at 11:24 pm

This is the most pitiful company I’ve ever dealt with. Called last Saturday b/c my radio was no longer working. The associate I spoke with tried to resolve and forwarded me to sales when they could not. I agreed to buy a Lynx radio, which I was told was identical to the old Sportster I had. After asking 3 times if I needed additional equipment and being told no, I could even plug it into the Sportster unit I had (LIE) I bought it. However, the salesman charged me for 2 radios instead of one and it took me 4 phone calls and 2 hours of my time to get one of the charges reversed. I got the radio today and found out it requires a portable speaker system for another $140. When I called to ask why I was LIED TO BY A SIRIUS XM SALESPERSON who obviously wanted to get credited for a sale, there was no answer despite me speaking to a manager. I’ve been a customer for 7 years and when asked what my options were I was told the only option was to pay the additional $140. If I had known, I would have purchased everything on eBay for a fraction of the cost. I’m about to cancel my two subscriptions and go back to terrestrial radio. Sirius XM: Please get people at your offshore call centers who have English as a first language as none of the six people I spoke with could comprehend what I was saying, nor could I understand them. This whole situation is absolutely disgraceful way to treat your customers. Again, I’ve had it. I’ve never been treated so poorly and as a 7-year customer, I’m disappointed.


TAZ TIM JETER April 19, 2013 at 11:06 am



jeremy April 5, 2013 at 12:11 pm

I come to you as a former Chipotle employee, and I am raising awareness and asking of your support in the fight against fluoride here in Ohio. The reason why I write you, is because Chipotle uses fluoride in their cooking whether you know it or not. If you are wondering how, the answer is this: The Ohio Department of Health adds fluoride to our water here in Ohio, you cook food with water, the water is then absorbed into the food, and then the food (and fluoride) is ingested by hungry customers.
This is not something personal against Chipotle, as I have the utmost respect for the Chipotle franchise. I was a crew member when Co-CEO Montgomery Moran came to the crosswoods, OH location in our attempt to become restaraunteur. I know how high the Chipotle standards are, in food and customer service. This is about doing what is right, and giving us Ohioans the right to choose.
I am asking you to spread the awareness of the petition that calls for the Ohio Department of Health to stop adding fluoride to our water. The petition can be found in the link below. I do not ask that you take my word for it, I ask that you research this issue for yourself. You will find that fluoride, when INGESTED, is linked to but not limited to, Alzheimer’s, lower IQ, brain drain, a variety of cancers, and is considered a rat poison. With the main concern being that we are INGESTING fluoride, not just putting it on our teeth. I trust that this message will reach those who are in charge of such matters, but I hope that all employees of Chipotle may see this, so they too can stand up for a better, Fluoride Free Ohio. Thank you, We Are Ohio.


additional links about dangers of fluoride:

Harvard study:



Brian Swenson April 4, 2013 at 7:45 pm

I resently got bill for sirius radio, and it got turned over for collection, I had no idea that
it automaticlly renewed, I also was going to get Sirius in 3 vehicles, but when I called could
not understand the person I was talking to. Would like to talk to someone about my bill and get it out of collection and getting Sirius in 3 vehicle again. My account # is 2828287480.

thank you
Brian Swenson


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