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ServiceMaster Corporate Office Address

ServiceMaster Global Holdings
150 Peabody Place
Memphis, Tennesse 38103

Contact ServiceMaster

Phone Number: (901) 597-1400
Fax Number: (302) 655-5049
Email: Email ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster Facts

Founder: Marion Wade
Date Founded: 1929
Founding Location: Downers Grove, Illinois
Number of Employees: 13002

ServiceMaster Executives

CEO: Nik Varty
CFO: Anthony (Tony) DiLucente
COO: Aster Angagaw

ServiceMaster History

Service Master logo

ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. provides services such as termite and pest control, home warranties, janitorial services, home cleaning, and home inspections, among others.

The company was founded in 1929 by minor-league baseball player Marion E. Wade as a moth-proofing company, expanding in 1952 to franchised carpet cleaning.

Service Master truck

In the 1980s ServiceMaster expanded and formed a network of branch and franchise-based businesses such as Terminix, TruGreen, Furniture Medic, and Merry Maids.  TruGreen was acquired by Scotts Miracle-Gro in 2016.

Private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice Inc. led acquired the company in 2007 and took it private. ServiceMaster went public in 2014.

Service Master Ad

Today the company has more than 7,000 company-owned, franchised, and licensed locations.

ServiceMaster moved their headquarters location from East Memphis, Tennessee, to Peabody Place in downtown Memphis in 2016.

ServiceMaster Global Holdings trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SERV, has 13,000 employees, and had $2.41 billion in revenue in 2013. Company stock has been listed by several financial investment firms as being a “buy” in June 2019. 

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ServiceMaster FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for ServiceMaster ?
Answer 1: The phone number for ServiceMaster is (901) 597-1400.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of ServiceMaster ?
Answer 2: The CEO of ServiceMaster is Nik Varty.

Question 3: Who founded ServiceMaster ?
Answer 3: ServiceMaster was founded by Marion Wade in 1929.

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Brian Flaherty December 18, 2018 at 1:48 am

I was recently fired for questioning the companies drug testing policy after observing several people using drugs on a daily basis while on the job. Since they decided to fire me instead of the ones using the drugs now I am on a mission to bring this to the attention to all of the clients as well as others who may be considering employment with Service Master. Trust me this is not a threat in any way! THIS IS A PROMISE! I have sent several letters out and I will continue to use the social media platform as well as others to run ads to make people aware of the kind of people they are dealing with. My supervisor Dawn stays in her car and drinks from the time she gets on site till she leaves. I personally have seen her 3 times in the year that I have been there and twice she was drunk! She stays over at the MSA building where she knows she’s safe to drink. Then she has this 19 year old drug addict Olivia running the show. Just wanted to let you know I will be promoting campaign for as long as it takes to bring you down. Happy Holidays!


April Yu June 7, 2018 at 9:35 pm

I wrote a letter to Ms. Mary Kay Wegner and Mr. Pratip Dastidar, but have not gotten their replies. I was wondering if they have received it, could you help to check? I can post the letter here if they didn’t receive it.

Thank you.


Beth Harrison February 11, 2018 at 8:33 pm

I have had a AHS home protection policy on my house for multiple years and in September of 2017, I paid the service contractor that came to my house and AHS deducted the same amount from my checking account. Since then, I have called many times a month to get my $75 refunded and I have been given the run around for 6 months! No one will give me a straight answer. Every month my payment has been deducted from my bank account, why can you not just credit my account?
I have since cancelled my policy with you because of the way I have been treated! I want my money back. Please advice how and when am I going to get this money back?
I have been more that patience and deserve a honest answer. If I do not get one, I will contact the BBB and also file a small claims against your company. I have proof that I was charged double.
This has been a huge burden trying to wait on hold day after day only to keep hitting a brick wall. Pain and suffering might have to be added to this complain.
I await a response
Thank you in advance


Sandi McClellan December 20, 2017 at 5:46 am

I am writing to you because I am upset and very pissed .
I just heard that we will not be getting our checks until the 26th of Dec.
A lot of us depend on this check to pull us thru the holidays no matter if its for paying bills or
finishing up Christmas shopping for the family or relatives.
Now unlike us a lot of you don’t have to worry about money or where its coming from but we
are not that fortunate to have that luxury. All we are asking is to have this last check sent out on the 22nd. We have already put in our weeks of work on this check already so I
see no reason why we cannot have our check sent to us on the 22 so we can have a good
I used to think ServiceMaster cared for their employees at this time of year but I was
wrong. All we are is a number and someone to clean buildings for your company.
So what a lousy way to end the holiday with no x-mas party or no check!!!!
So try to have a great Christmas while we have none!!!!!

unhappy and upset
Sandi McClellan


Jean Anderson December 18, 2017 at 9:40 am

We were a impacted by Harvey Hurricane in August. Service Master did our restoration work. My BIG issue right now is the local company , Kathy Mazzeo 936 588 1493 office does not respond to my request of obtaining an important doXXXXent ‘Exctamate’ to satisfy my flood insurance company. Her response was they were too busy with the flood. A call to Greg Thompson at the corporate office has not brought results. This is a matter of several thousand dollars I need to collect from the insurance. Next, will be BBB and YELP. Jean Anderson in Houston TX


K Christian November 26, 2017 at 12:58 am

We had a fire on our manufactured home. It has taken over 4 months and the job was not completed. We finally had to do the work our selves in order to make the house habitable.
Very little was done for the first 3 months, it wasn’t until our insurance called them to get the work started after 3 months. I would strongly not recommend this company in the Salem Oregon area


Graydon May August 4, 2017 at 3:12 pm

I need an AHS management person contact me regarding processes for adding to an existing service request. The AHS web site didn’t work, waiting on hold for over an hour doesn’t work and waiting an additional 30 minutes to get the right person doesn’t work. Furthermore I know when the plumber gets to my house he has to decline working on my problem and I will have to escate it. The plumber told me so when he was fixing a problem today.

Graydon May


Graydon May August 4, 2017 at 3:09 pm

The ability to contact AHS isn’t adequate. Over 1 hour waits to get an agent to modify an existing service request. A web site that wouldn’t accept a message to modify the service request through a AHS provided comment web page. The list goes on.

I’ve been a 30 year customer and it’s like this for the entire 30 years. The service add-on process is broken. The ability to get an agent is broken. Having worked for American Airlines I know temporary agents or overflow services to enable customer contact can be used during peak periods in addition to best practice scheduling techniques.

The ability to resolve whether an item looked by a service technician is covered or not is equally broken.

I’d like AHS have a management person contact me regarding these issues. 972-867-XXXXX


Sylvia Anderson April 6, 2017 at 2:05 pm

I had a flood in my home in so. Calif. a few yrs back. Service master did the packing of everything from my house. When they returned all of my items I found broken glass from the doors of my china cabinet, broken antique pieces from my departed family that lived in Nashville, and most desturbing was very old and expensive antiques that I had two each of. Four of a set of two each gone. So as you turn your back while they are packing up your unreplaceable items, is there a (special) box for them? How strange that my set of two on four separate items GONE. I contacted them, that was a joke. Sorry you should have let us know sooner. So in other words, not my problem! I also contacted them several times on this matter they just kept passing it to another person. I have been a business person for many yrs. contracts from Douglas aircraft to 5 brick and mortor stores. Shame on Service Masters. Uphold your customer standards you sure as hell charge enough. All you do is add to the grief and misfortune of people that trust you. Do I recommend Service Masters, NO WAY !!!


Donna M. Lavelle March 22, 2017 at 11:27 am

Oh one thing I forgot to tell you….My check for $125 has already been cashed. Real Nice and I still have nothing to show for it.

Donna Lavelle


Linda Leach January 24, 2017 at 6:35 pm

On 8-1-2016 I called Adam Larsen owner of St. Augustine, Florida Service Master regarding some damp spots appearing on my ceilings in laundry room pantry in addition to cracks occurring in dry wall through center of the house.
Mr. Larsen came out and put 3 machines in the laundry room to dry the ceilings. He thought the roof was leaking. I went to call my insurance company for them to verify.
According to Paul Steffes the estimator it was not the roof but condensation from the AC duct work dripping down onto the ceilings.
I called Mr. Larsen and asked him when he was coming to pick up his machines. He said it was alright to turn off machines, as they had been running for 3 days and that he would pick them up that night. ( He did not pick up machines until day 5). I asked him how much these were costing a day. He replied it would not run over 300.00 Max. He asked me what my deductible was, I replied 1000.00. Mr Larsen replied, just pay me the deductible and I will do the job for what insurance pays. I gave him a $1,000.00 check.
When I received the insurance check I called and told Mr. Larsen I received the money for the job. He replied that they were over booked with the hurricane damages and that he would get back with me.
Big Mistake trusting this guy!!!
To make a very long story and multiple multiple phone calls to his cell phone with no call backs. I finally got his attention. At that point I no longer trusted his word or work. I had been lied to so many times with him telling me he would call me back that I simply ask him for my remaining balance back. We came to an agreement over the phone that he would charge me $300.00 for the 3 days of equipment and that he would NOT charge me for a service fee. I agreed. He said he would get back with me when he got back to the office. HE DIDNT.
Today, 1-24-2017!!!! (yes!! 5 MONTHS LATER!!!) I called his office number on web site. The secretary gave me two numbers to Corp office that were not valid, as you have to have a pin # to get them to answer! Once again I began trying to get intouch with Mr. Adam Larsen via cell phone and texting. After again 2-3 phone calles he answered and told me to cb at 3pm, I did. He said cb at 5 I did. He said he was headed to office and he would cb. HE DIDNT!! At 6pm I called him again. This is when the lies began again. He denied saying that he had 3 weeks ago agreed to only charge me $300.00 for machines. Now he wanted to keep the entire $1,000.00 deductible check for his “emergency service call”!!! There was NO Emergency service call!! I had water spots on my ceiling!! NOT Gushing water!!!
I reminded him of our agreement but he continues to lie and say he did not say this.


William Mullan July 13, 2016 at 12:57 pm

American Home Shield warranty company has horrible customer service, as does it’s subcontractors, Appliance comfort Air and Total Air Care.

In April, I had an air conditioner issue which resulted in a completely new unit being installed by ACA. Despite language in the contract, I ended up pay over $1000 for the unit. A few hundred for the code upgrades would be expected, but not over $1000.

The last week in June, the same unit failed. ACA was dispatched to provide service, but the tech missed the appointment. When I asked to be placed on the schedule for early the next day, I was told that was not possible, and since it was Friday before the 4th of July, a service call would not be possible until the 5th of July. This despite the fact that they missed the prior days appointment. Apparently if they miss, the client suffers and is put at the end of the queue for service.

The 5th of July service call also did not take place as they did not provide a time for the 5th, and the service tech called a few minutes before arriving to schedule, and I was not available at the home. The unit had restarted and was functioning, so the service request was closed out.

Come the 8th of July and the unit is once again failing, so another service request was entered. it is now the 13th of July, and I still have not had a tech appear for service. The first available date was the 12th of July, and we scheduled for 12-4 of that day. That got moved to 2-6, then 4-8, and finally, the tech called and said he would not be there until 11:00pm or later. Eventually that also fell apart, and so no one has been out as of this time (7/13 @ 12:49AM). Right now we are scheduled for an appointment between 2 and 6 today, so we will cross our fingers.

Part of the frustration, however, is that you can never reach anyone, from either the service provider, or AHS. You are left completely in the dark. AHS has no email address. Phone calls go to a never answered call center. there is no functional chat capability. They are not meeting their service levels and there is no way to communicate with anyone. Total Air Care is exactly the same. You have generic email addresses for dispatch and customer care, but never receive responses. Phone calls go to another never answer call center.

If AHS is indeed the number 1 service provider for home warranty, then they are the best of a very bad lot. Do not believe the service levels advertise, and do not expect to ever be able to talk with a real person or get a response to an issue.

As for my new AC unit, I have no idea why it isn’t a warranty issue when it was such a recent install. Since AHS has dispatched a different service provider from the one who installed the unit, I’m sure it will cost me money to correct what appears might be a warranty/installation issue.

Needless to say, I am not a satisfied customer.


Stephen D Boutwell April 20, 2016 at 1:24 pm


My name is Stephen D Boutwell and chances are, you’ve never heard of me.

But on January 19 of 2016, my life was changed when I had the honor, blessing and fortune of being selected as the newest member of Service Master Terminix (Schendel Pest of Norman, Okla.)

I was so proud to be affiliated with such an exemplary company of moral character and integrity as Service Master and could not wait to get started.

While not easy, I met each days responsibilities and challenges head on, overcoming every obstacle along the way and ultimately finding reward in the satisfaction of a job well done for a company I was growing to love.

The foundation of a career was set. A career that would not only allow me to support my family but also, almost just as importantly, one that would allow me to positively impact people’s lives.

Ironically however, the impact most positively felt was the one I found in my family of brothers at Schendel.

From Randy York, who I did my first ride along with and who taught me about the integrity of Service Master to Rodney BransXXXX, one of the best in home service individuals I’ve ever seen.

Than there is Nick, Connor,John Ski and Jerry. Each one an amazing gentleman who represents all that Service Master wants, desires and requires in an employee.

And lastly, the cornerstones of the Schendel family in Mr Dennis Reed and my boss Mr Quentin John Clark.

Each of whom personally invested their time, energy and knowledge to help hone, craft and teach me everything I needed to know about the Service Master way.

A way established and grounded in being honorable, having integrity and providing excellence in service.

On April 13th, 2016. 84 days later, my life would be changed again.

You see, a few days before that, I was involved in accident in the company car that had provided to me.

While traveling along a busy street in town I heard a loud pop and the car jumped to the right slightly, just enough however to catch the curb, ride up it a little, come back down and suddenly have a line of cars in front of me because the stop light ahead had since turned red.

I applied my brakes but could not stop before making contact with the car in front of me.
Fortunately, no one was hurt and the damages were almost nill.

However, this is where things take a turn for the worse.

Mr Clark, in the capacity of his job, had the displeasure to tell me that Service Master has fired me.

In an instant, my pride, value and worth I had found in my position was shattered into a million pieces.

I handed over my keys, badge and a dose of humility. Everything I had worked for was gone and worse yet, for a reason beyond my control.

I understand that within the Service Master handbook, it states that any preventable accident within the first 180 days is a termination offense.

However, I do not believe this would apply to me in this particular case.

Which brings us full circle and to why I am writing you today.

In my judgement, I do not feel that due diligence was followed in this consideration and these are the reasons why.

No person from Fleet called me and personally took account of my description of the events, although Mr. Clark did read a statement I wrote to a representative on the phone.

No police report was attained or given at the time of the accident and therefore no legal binding action of fault was established.

No accident report was made establishing feet traveled, speed rate, breaking distance nor were any eye witnesses interviewed, including the driver of the vehicle hit.

No inspection of the vehicle was done to check to see if their was a possible mechanical malfunction that could have led to the initial impact with the curb which in turn set off a series of events that led to the collision.

No observation of the area of impact and its surroundings were investigated to see if an object may have caused the car to move right and start the accident.

Service Master and it’s line of companys are a company founded and built on integrity and character.

A company who prides itself on bending over backwards to give excellence in service and do whatever it takes to make our clients happy and a company who promotes employee success through a culture of development and education.

Yet here I am, a valued member of that Service Master family and I was not shown that same respect.

The sad truth is that the strangers who have become family were treated more fairly than I, a member of the Service Master family of employees.

In my opinion, this does not sound like the type of character and integrity that I was taught about growing up, what I and my team show to our clients at Schendel of Norman and what Service Master has always been known for.

With all due respect, this was quite frankly, a company saying one thing and doing another.

All at the expense of a loyal, trustworthy and reliable employee who had provided nothing but the very best of himself to his clients, coworkers and you.

Sometimes, we make mistakes. After all were only human and we’re all fallible.

My hope is that you will revisit this incident and subsequent decision with fresh eyes and heart and give me a chance to continue doing what I love.

My name is Stephen D Boutwell.





Now you know my name and together we can make this right again.


Mr Stephen D Boutwell
Norman, Ok


Laura Curtis September 7, 2015 at 8:28 pm

I would like to share a customer experience with the Service Master CEO, Robert Gillette. Could you please have him get in touch with me? My experience involves a branch in Muscatine, IA, as well as a representative from your Corporate office, Greg Thompson.
I look forward to your reply.


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