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Regis Corporation
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Edina, MN 55439

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Phone Number: (952) 947-7777
Fax Number: (952) 947-7700
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Date Founded:
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Regis Executives

CEO: Daniel J. Hanrahan
CFO: Steven Spiegel
COO: Andy Cohen

Regis History

Regis began in 1922 when Paul and Florence Kunin opened Kunin Beauty Salon.  Kunin grew quickly as a value priced hair salon in department stores.

In 1958, Myron Kunin purchased the chain and changed the name to Regis.  Myron began to move salons out of department stores and into shopping malls.

In 1996, Regis acquired SuperCuts.

In 2002, the company expanded into Europe with the acquisitions of Vidal Sassoon, Jean Louis David and Saínt Algue.

In 2006, the company announced plans to acquire Sally Beauty Company but the deal fell through at the last minute.

Today, Regis is the largest hair salon chain in the world.  They operate over 11,000 locations worldwide under numerous brands.


Regis FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Regis?
Answer 1: The phone number for Regis is (952) 947-7777.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Regis?
Answer 2: The CEO of Regis is Daniel J. Hanrahan.

Question 3: Who founded Regis?
Answer 3: Regis was founded by in .

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Elizabeth Mullins May 20, 2019 at 11:45 pm

I need HR email asap to talk about many issues I experienced working for your company over 3 and a half years asap. Or an address so I can send all texts pictures etc so I can receive the vacation hours I still had in a check since I finally quit due to how your Athens tn smartstyles is run and whom it is ran by and all I’ve been through and dealt with over the years. I am the only reason that salon is the way it is wonder how long it will take before someone actually cleans house there now that I have quit and went to a different location?!?! Contact me asap!!


GLF March 2, 2018 at 4:48 pm

First of all let me start by saying that trying to contact someone from the Human Resources Department of the Regis Corporation is a joke whether it be via website, phone, or email! I’m hoping this informative comment will make it to the Board of Directors or Senior Management for the Regis Corporation. This is the regards to the treatment of employees working at the Supercuts Salon located at 9100 S. Pennsylvania Ave in Oklahoma City, OK. This salon has been severely understaffed for well over 3 months. There are customers that are literally waiting for a hair cut and or any other type of service for well over an hour. The individuals that work at this location are treated with highly unfair working conditions. There are two let me repeat that TWO individuals working in the salon. One opens and one closes which means there are MULTIPLE instances where the employee is on location ALONE. I find that to be extremely dangerous considering the location of the salon. That opens up an avenue for them to be robbed or possibly injured and that is a HUGE liability for YOUR company. They don’t receive regular breaks or lunches and barely have time to go to the restroom. Instead of pulling other associates from different locations to cover shifts they are being forced to work for 10, 12, or even 14 days straight WITHOUT a day off! That’s illegal in the state of Oklahoma and I don’t know of one individual that could work under those types of conditions and still be able to come in everyday with a positive attitude and meet any sort of sales goals. THIS CAN’T BE GOOD FOR MORAL OR LET ALONE BUSINESS! The way these individuals are being treated is INHUMANE and completely disgusting! I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THIS CORPORATION however, I do work in Human Resources and I will tell you this much. I will be contacting the Labor Board for the State of Oklahoma along with the Better Business Bureau to file a formal complaint and ask that an investigation be opened and HOPEFULLY this will open up some eyes in the corporate offices!


Licia Washington November 23, 2017 at 4:18 am

I’ve been working for Supercuts 9334 for about 3 months now. My experience so far has been wonderful. I have the best manager and team in the business. From the day I first started the main focus gas been self improvement. Our store focuses a lot on teamwork, family, and growth. Eqch stylist constantly made themselves available to help with akvailny haircut. When they do help during a service it’s not in a condescending way but more supportive and positive which makes it less embarrassing. My only complaint with the job is the SPH. I wish they paid you based on your highest vs what it is by clock out because where we live the majority of our clients are elders who do not come out at night. We will have a period of 2 hours or more daily where we won’t get anymore customers. This is really annoying because you work really hard all day while it is daylight and have a high SPH but by closing time it demolishes to nothing. I could have done 14 people in my 8 hour shift but walk out only making minimum wage. The pay system needs to be adjusted! We are one of the busiest stores in in the district and could support a more fair pay. Especially when $1-$2 tips a constant custom. It’s really hard to make it either way with this system.


Crystal Carr September 5, 2017 at 10:36 pm

Just wanted to share my experience at SmartStyle Salon inside the Princeton Ky Wal-Mart. I’m not the kinda person to normally bash anyone or any business because I understand everyone has bad days and things just happen sometimes but after the way I was treated here, I feel other people should know so they can avoid being treated the same way. So I go Sunday to get my hair colored and when the lady was done, I was upset. It looked nothing like what I ask for and was just horrible in general. I was almost in tears because it was so bad. Well the lady was nice and kept saying she would fix it and was texting her manager pictures of my hair and the picture of the color I had originally ask for and was asking her how to fix it. Well, I didn’t have time to let her fix it Sunday but we arranged for me to come back Monday and she told me Sunday that she wasn’t going to charge me for that mess (even she knew it was bad) we would get it fixed today and I would pay then. I never once ask to not pay or even for a discount.  I NEVER try to get something without paying regardless of how unhappy I am because I can’t stand people that do that. I have paid for hair cuts and colors before that I wasn’t completely satisfied with and never even complained about it.  Anyway, go back Monday and she colors it and it’s still horrible. Still nothing like the picture.  As I’m in the chair crying because it looks so bad, the stylist gets upset and has her a little temper tantrum and says she has to go out and smoke because she can’t deal with this. For the record, I never raised my voice or even XXXXXXed I just expressed that I didn’t like it and was crying because I was upset and even more upset seeing that I was making the stylist so upset. While the stylist has gone to smoke the manager tells me I will have to pay today (again, I never ask not to) and tells me that she just lost her son so there are much more important things in the world than bad haircolor and I should just put on my big girl panties and deal with it.  Ok, I get that losing a kid is much more important than my hair however, it also completely irrelevant to my hair situation and it was extremely unprofessional and rude for her to say that to me. I had every right to be upset about my hair.  But I don’t say anything, I just let it go. So stylist comes back in and I’m at the counter getting ready to pay even though I’m extremely unhappy and she is still wanting to argue with me. She comes around the counter with her phone and is showing my friend and me the pictures that she had texted her manager the day before because she was trying to say it was suppose to look like this. Anyway, while looking at this text I notice that under the pic she sent she also sent a text to her manager that said “this XXXXXX just wants a free hair color “.  I was beyond being upset about my hair at this point, I was PISSED at the disrespect. I called her out on it and all she would say was I sent that on my own personal phone.  Personal phone or not, she let me see it and had no reason to say it anyway. I never ask for free color never wanted it free, I just wanted it right and I never once acted like a XXXXXX towards her. The manager never says a word about it just walks off and complains to another customer about me. I just paid and left but did ask for corporates number. There was no cause for that kinda disrespect. I never disrespected them. They kept trying to blame the bad color on my hair and I explained my hair has always come out the color it should.  I’ve never had this problem before and all they would say to that is that I shouldn’t have came there then. I feel like if they couldn’t do it they should’ve told me up front.  Not wait until after she attempted it twice and screwed it up twice and then blame me for even coming. Also, it’s not just that the color is wrong, I have horrible color lines all over my head making it look like a home box job. She kept offering to fix this but after having her attempt it twice I was willing to let her do it again. I contacted corporate office and was told to expect a call from the district manager. Well today I get a call from some lady on behalf of the district manager offering me a refund but this lady doesn’t even know what has happened. I explained to her that I’m not just after a refund, I want to speak with a manager because I want people to know how I was treated and how these employees were acting. She told me she would explain this to the district manager and I’ve still yet to hear from her. I refuse to give up before I get to talk to someone from corporate because this kinda treatment is unacceptable and personally I feel like the stylist and manager should both lose their jobs.


Liana Connarton September 4, 2017 at 7:23 pm

You made some respectable points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and located most people will go along with with your website.


Sancra Dwyer July 31, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Hi Human Resources,

I appreciate the company’s greeting, But is greave’s me to say that on such short notice that I will not be returning.
Although I was elated that I was given the honor of working at your Gatlin Location in Port Saint Luice.
Its unfortunate that through various turn of events transpiring at that location I’m unable to continue to work there.

At first I was elated that someone contacted me to work there, I thought nothing of the local manager their
requesting my personal information to register me for employment. but though it odd that she would take my SS#
and text it to someone via your personal phone. Since my husband works for bank in the IT Dept I mentioned this
to him and he informed that it was inconsistent with current corporate security policies.
In addition to that during my employee registration on site the manager reviewed my personal info like SS#,
Bank Routing & Acct #’s and she had access to my login password, in which my husband also had me change
For security reasons.

But I was still happy that I had a professional place where I could hone my skills. During the first several day’s I’ve
Observed and personally encountered several acts of professional misconduct exhibited by the manager herself.
Although I’m a recent graduate from a beauty school and obtained my License Early Feb, its still impressed in my mind that the customers need to be treated with respect and kindness with dimensioning one’s own character.

As for myself on several occasions while working with a customer, the manager would abruptly physically
interject herself during the session indicating a dissatisfaction in front of the customer, casting doubt of my
skills and leaving the customer in doubt of my capabilities to finish the job to their satisfaction. Instead of the
manager creating an excuse for the need of my assistance and lead me to an inconspicuous area of the salon,
she would display this type of behavior time & time again. I’ve made several attempts to ignore it, but the
tension just incased to the point of not receiving a response from a simple “Good Morning” was egregious this
past Sunday.

After a many hours of thought I conclude that by me staying there it would just increase this contentious behavior
by her. Upon my decision to not return I called the manager to inform her that my husband would be picking up my license, during the call her reply was expressed in a verbal “Woo..Hoo”. This response was unexpected,
not surprising, but definably undeserved as I am unaware of any animosity or despair I may have caused her.

In conclusion.., I’m would like see your organization address this type of behavior as this is undesired as a professional and it’s not what I was tough in beauty school, Treat customers & staff with equal
Respect as you would want.

Thank you for the opportunity to work at your Salon.

Located in Walmart #4260
1850 SW Gatlin Blvd
PSL, FL 34953

Best regards,
Sandra Dwyer


John Sinoski June 14, 2017 at 12:56 pm

I always go to the MasterCuts at the Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Texas. I have been going to this salon over 5 years. Ann is the Master Stylist, she is incredbile.

A few weeks ago, I went for a cut and color. Ann was on vacation. Alyssa was my stylist. My hair cut was excellent. The stylist was very friendly. Alyssa had cut my hair and colored it one other time and did a great job.
This time the cut was great but the color was very poor. This was over a weekend. I was told to come in Monday to correct the color. It still was not corrected properly. I did not want to go back a third time because thats too harsh on my hair. I told the stylist, there should only be two color formulas in my file, but I found out there were 4 or 5 according to the stylist. This should not be. I was very disappointed. I completed the survey, but NO ONE contacted me.

Just recently, I passed by the salon, Ann was working, I told her what happened and she was very nice. Ann said she will take care of me next time I come in. But I should have heard back from someone on this, and I never was contacted.
As long as Ann is at this salon, I will continue going there.
Thank you for listening.


deha citone May 23, 2017 at 9:30 pm

I am writing in reference to my treatment as a stylist in your Wilton NY location. After four and a half years of service I decided to leave my employment at Supercuts to pursue a different career.Knowing our salon was short staffed I made sure to give my district manager three weeks notice. I worked out the remainder of my notice and maintained a professional attitude the entire time. I had thought I had left on good terms and had not burned any bridges. Therefore I was shocked to find out from a regular client that my district manager had informed her I had been fired, a week before my final workday. On top of this many unprofessional and untrue things were conveyed to my client. This makes me wonder how many people have heard this blatant slander. Not only is this untrue and hurtful it is also illegal. I hope the corporation appreciates me coming to them first and can rectify this situation. I genuinely enjoyed my time with Regis and had always considered them a future employment option. As of now though I feel only betrayal. This is a word of mouth business and honestly it makes you look as bad as it makes me look. If I were you I would definitely review the actions or the management in your Wilton.
Thank you for your time.


Irene April 26, 2018 at 5:15 pm

I’m sorry this happen you. Being bullied is worst..


Angie Thomas May 11, 2017 at 9:17 am

I’m needing employment verification for my instructor’s license and I can’t seem to find the appropriate contact. Can you help?


Lana April 13, 2017 at 6:41 am

I have read some of these reviews and can believe every one! As a hairdresser of 30 yrs I needed employment w/o trying to build a clientele again so smart style is where I went, I witnessed every kind of stylist mistake there is . Young hairdressers w/ very little training and bad attitude to go w/ it. I am very proud of my record as a hairdresser. Have owned 3 salons in 3 different cities. The hrs., the pay and management attitude made me very sad for some of those young hairdressers. I would never recommend a hourly Paid job again. Advice is learn your craft then put in your time waiting on customers so u can build a clientele. Most of mine remain good friends even after I have retired . my daughter now owns her own building and very busy salon . This is a wonderful business if corp could get over being money hungry! This is a “service ” business . Customers put their trust in u and hand over themselves and their children into ur care. How u treat them is what builds u a loyal customer! I miss it every day and would go back in a minute!


Daphne Lee March 20, 2017 at 8:29 pm

Today was the most horrible experience my grandson and I endured in Super Cutts Kihei, Maui. My daughter inlaw called to make an appointment for my grandson at 1pm today. While making the appointment my daughter in law told the lady who answered that my grandson was 2 years old. We were there last year when my grandson was 1 and had his hair cut by the elder lady who worked there and she was great and patient with him. I live 30 minutes away but drove there anyway because I knew they did it once so whats the big deal of them doing it again. Now mind you the girl who answered the phone was rude and didnt say bye, she just hung up after the appointment was made so we had no idea if it was a go or not. We get in the salon half hour early and shes like oh yah I was the one who talked to you on the phone. Now everyone knows sometimes its not easy giving a child a haircut and in this case my grandson was crying and just didnt want to do it. She immediately said oh NO I CANT CUT HIS HAIR I JUST CANT DO IT, NOT WITH HIM LIKE THIS. So I said NO lets do this and try to get it done. So my daughter in law sat down with my gradson on her lap and both were set up with capes. With this irritation look she tells her colleague, I WON’T CUT IT, IM NOT DOING THIS. Now at this point, Im getting irritated because of the whole initial experience before my grandson sat in the chair and now while sitting not even trying or making an effort. So now I take the seat and hold my grandson down and she tells her male colleague I refuse to do this. So now this male person says Im sorry maam its just not safe, we cant do this. The girl gives me lip and says the hair and scalp is too thin so its not safe for my grandson. So here we go……..with the ultimate BS. I tell both of them male and female employee so your’e refusing without even trying and they say No we can’t. At this point im irritated and upset and this chick tries to take our capes of right away. I say no i can do it. I take it off and flew it on the other station because it was free off stuff and the so called Manager says you don’t have to fly things. So Im like you don’t tell me what to do right now. He says yes I can and so you can leave and get out of my shop. I ask for the Manager and he says with his hands on his chest and with authority I AM THE MANAGER SO YOU CAN LEAVE NOW. I ask for his name and he says I don’t need to give you my name. Im like really, you’re a manager and you don’t want to give me your name. I said well its ok I’ll call cooperate because you have somebody above you that you have to report to and he says with a stink attitude hand on his chest again. I AM CORPORATE. So now at this point Im pissed. Yes PISSED because now you have a Manager who claims he’s Corporate but refuses to give his name which I told him was unproffesional on his part then he says to me NO YOU’RE UN PROFFESIONAL . What got me really upset was him challenging me and mouthing off and not handling the situation a lot better. Be empathetic to the situatuon and the fact that my gradson was crying. Obviously they are all inexperienced and have NO customer service skills whatsoever. They knew prior my grandson was 2 because we informed them prior. Bad business, bad experience, bad attituded and very bad Management. Don’t ever go there and I will definetly tell my friends and family what I experienced so no one has to go through what I did today. There’s more to say of what happened but I think you get the idea. I filed a claim of course with someone in Corporate named Kaitlyn so we’ll see if someone reaches out to me in a day or 2 as she says. Someone named Missy or Misty. This island is small and everyone knows everyone. Im not one to do this sort of this and blast my concerns on social media. But rhey not only disrypted my day but at this point got my gradson more distraught as well as my 3 year old duaghter.


Eleanor Cleghorn February 15, 2017 at 5:43 pm

I was recently in a Smartstyles hair salon in Trinidad Colorado at the local Wal-Mart there with my 4 year old daughter. The cosmetologist who was cutting her hair was also the manager of the shop. It started out well but did not end well. The hairstylist had my daughter in a booster seat and with an adult cape rather than a childs cape which was obviously much longer. She finished cutting her hair and was trying to pay attention to the register and as well my daughter. She continued to take the cape off and tell my daughter to get off the chair and she never bothered to let the chair down or offer a hand out to my daughter to assist her in getting off the chair. My daughter in turn listened to the directions given from the beautician and she attempted to get off the booster seat and chair and ended up hitting her head on the cement floor which caused a concussion and contusion to the forehead along with a trip to the ER and follow up visits to the pediatrician. None of the staff offered to assist with any medical hands on care while at the salon not even an ice pack nor offer to call an ambulance to have my daughter evaluated. My daughter had a goose egg with a bruised forehead for almost an entire week along with her sleeping patterns being broken and I missed 2 days of work. After the incident the store manager offered my daughter 2 lollipops and a free hair cut. Today I was contacted by a Jennifer Grant whom works in the claims department of Regis headquarters and she in turn offered me a $150 gift certificate for my daughter or a $150 check which I in turn told her what she could do with it because that did not even come close to the pain my daughter suffered and the sleepless nights I went through as her mother and the days I missed of work to stay home with my daughter. This company is a joke and I don’t understand how anybody would feel comfortable stepping foot in a business knowing that a medical emergency could happen and the staff that is their has no experience in providing first aid to their clients. This part is very frustrating to me and I don’t think this is well run business.


Nick C February 3, 2017 at 7:32 pm

I went to the Regis in Orangeburg, SC on January 14, 2017. All of the staff and clients were African American. I am not African American and believe the gross negligence was racially motivated.

The hair stylist began by asking me if I voted for Donald Trump. I felt the question was inappropriate. I then told the stylist I wanted a 1/2″ off. She proceeded to cut my hair and when she was done I was butchered.

If you see my picture before and after you would understand my unhappiness.


A. Hinojosa January 22, 2017 at 5:12 pm

I am a Regular Client at the Regis Salon in Harlingen and I find it very unprofessional and inappropriate for Management to be yelling at her Stylist while I am sitting in a chair. This manager obviously has no respect for the company and has no respect for her team. If i could get a hold of someone that would be great but it seems to me that this company does not care about their people and lets their managers run out a lot of amazing talent.


Sundee Ward July 22, 2017 at 6:45 pm

You must mean Liz!! This place is a disgrace and it is understandable with a unprofessional, rude untrained manager.

Regis this location should be shut down before you are sued. This manager is terrible and the staff are unskilled.

Such a shame that your name means nothing here!


J.Cairo November 15, 2016 at 9:51 am

You have great staff at your salons, but I have been at one of your salons for over 5years, my question is why can’t I get a 8 / 10 week haircut? I received a haircut 4 weeks ago and my hair does not look good. Is it you as a company that needs the money? Or they are not trained to give a haircut that last over 4 weeks. I have had stylists were my cut was short to begin with and then it grows into a decent cut. so could you please explain to me what the problem could be.
Thank You,
Jo-Anne Cairo


Melissa Casey Lamb October 22, 2016 at 3:09 pm

I had my hair colored at smart style. I was going for a strawberry blonde. It came out basketball orange! I asked them to redo, I paid $105 and I have short hair. They have rescheduled my appointment 3 times. I told them I woul pay AGAIN even though I felt that was wrong, they have refused! I work in the public eye and have told them I can’t keep having this orange hair. Yet they keep saying I have to come in by 3pm but I work till 5 or 6. I took vacation time, went up there and heather who was supposed to do my hair went home early again no one would fix. I have paid $105 for nothing!!! I am very upset and will never go there again.


Shirley October 20, 2016 at 1:11 pm

I was very shocked yesterday as I was let go for matters and duties I perfomed through the Supercuts Way.. I was accused of not being a Team Member with my co workers.. I was never shown by the Manager or guided from the time I was Hired September 13th. To Oct.19th yesterday .. Carolyn was only there the Manager 3 times in My scheduled work days. She was always busy with requested clients and she was not my Manager who Hired me from the get go. After going through corporate as my understanding to do what they expected of me and with all my knowledge I Did Do the Best I Could Shirley! Also many stylist have Been gone before I got Back ready to work and enjoy what I Had learned through HSA. CO WORKERS MADE ALLIGATIONS THAT I WASN’T DOING THE SUPERSCUTS WAY AND WHSTS SURPRISE ME IS THEY ALL SAID TO ME BETTER DO IT CAROLYNS WAY OK NO PROBLEM. WHAT DEVISTATED ME THE MOST I WAS PLANNING ON HAVING THE SET OF CLIPPERS TO USE AFTER MY TRAINING.DID NOT HAVE THE FULL SET AND BE CAUSE I WAS HIRED PART TIME WE WERE TO SHARE THEM.WELL THAT DID NOT GO WELL AS I WAS NOT COMFORTABLE GOING INTO CO WORKERS DRAWS WHEN THEY WERE NOT THERE .IT WAS VERY CONTRDICTING AND CONFUSED ME AND I WAS NOT COMFORTABLE.Also on average 2 clients a day on average since I started. IT WAS LIKE BEING IN THE CANDY STORE AND YOU WERE ALLOWED TO USE THEM AND NOW YOUR NOT…ALSO WAS NOT GIVEN ANY NOTICE AS THE OWNER ASKED ME TO GIVE HER IF WE DID NOT FIT AT LEAST 2 WEEKS AND I AGREED THAT’S FAIR.DEVISTATED!!!!


You are Wrong September 29, 2016 at 11:23 am

I find it extremely unprofessional that this corporation just shut their doors and left educators and students with nothing! Obviously poor management and handling finances has caused this. Unbelievable….


Not gonna say July 27, 2016 at 8:29 am

I have been with this company for 10½ years. Have busted my a** for this place and we dont get anything in return. Our salon has been out of AC FOR 5 days now and do u think theyve done anything about it?? NO!! This conpany is selfish and greedy. Weve made a half a million dollars for this place (our store alone in a yr) and they cant even get us a portable AC UNIT!!! its bullsh*t


Jessica sanchez July 26, 2016 at 10:43 pm

I worked for the Regis Corp 19 years I asked for a raise and was shot down I started to go on interviews to see if with my experience how much other companies offering . When I went into a location for my interview a former employee which worked for my company a year ago and left to go to the competitor saw me she told my supervisor which she has as her maid cleaning her house on her days off that I was working with the competitor I was just on an interview . My supervisor came in with her supervisor and terminated me they didn’t ask me if it was true that If I was employed by competitor they accused me and terminated me .they have loss so many great stylist because of the harassment that goes on .and stupid me I maybe thought ok maybe I would get a call after all you talking about an employee that never was written up always did my job a productive employee for 19 years but no no one in Corp has even check the story out and they have people believe that they try to retain good stylist I have yet to see that happen .And to top it off I busted my a** working for them to fire me 3 days before I was do to get my yearly bonus and want to fight me on unemployment really people .where is the loyalty to me these supervisors come and go they treat people unfairly they will harass you .if you are not a brown noser u will be terminated .regis Corp do what’s right by your employees don’t believe everything these supervisors you put in place are doing


LILLIAN BIONDA April 5, 2016 at 10:10 am



A concerned citizen September 1, 2016 at 9:21 pm

I think you may need to check your facts. You were the one who tried to run said stylist down with your car in the borics parking lot. You got yourself fired. You have a restraining order against you by your former coworkers. Yet you are always stalking the store, talking pictures of the stylists while they’re working and harassing their customers. Don’t go online and bash a entire of salon of great people because you couldn’t do your job…..


Angela Piper February 3, 2016 at 8:35 pm

I am an employee at Holiday Hair, store #65109. My first 3 years at Holiday Hair were not the greatest years due to management. So I had left for a few months and then went back when New management was coming. The Last 3 years, have been absolutely wonderful. Each year I have increased in all my goals and in my paycheck. This corporation is about growth and success. We have classes. We have incentives for growth. I have grown in clientele, sales and service sales by, up selling Product, services, color, 7 foils, Malibu treatments, Redken shots, waxing, flat ironing and special Hair styles. In doing this I basically have given my self a raise of $3-4 and hour by the end of 2015. Holiday Hair has great product lines that allow my clients to buy product with a discount and they are able to get the look they get in the salon. The products that the salon uses on the customers are awesome. I work with a fantastic team of co-workers. Regis wants us to sale product to our customers and they wanted the % for each stylist to be 8%each week . I have exceeded through out the last 3 years above and beyond, At one point I reached 75%. color services are expected to be 20% per week. I am at an average of 49.9% . Our emails are to be at 42% and I stay at 50% or more. Doing up selling with a service Can add up to $10-$40 in a service. My service sales are in the $30- $40 per hour. This company is for us and It is exciting to set high goals and actually meet them and exceed them. If you are ambitious and want to grow as a stylist and be in charge of what you bring home in your paycheck. This is a great corporation to work for. I couldn’t be more excited to exceed last years goals and grow my paycheck even more.


Name Withheld July 19, 2017 at 2:59 pm

This sounds so scripted. Exactly what a Regis video would contain. It does not surprise me that out of all the comments on this page, this would be the kind left here. Regis does NOT care about their employees, only how they can screw them out of their hard earned commission.


Skylar Rice January 24, 2016 at 5:34 am

I worked for regis for approximately 4 months and honestly i would never go back the manager at first wasnt bad but then she got transfered to a different shop so someon new took over and she was horrible. She was rude to me and at the time when she took over i was the only other employee then she hired one of her friends and they put me down whenever i had to go into work. She definatley should not of been the manager. She and the district manager were friends also and they didnt treat the employees good at all they were rude and inconsiderate and you never did enough even if the salon was clean the shelves were dusted and everything . I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A SMART STYLE EVER AGAIN


Crystal Scott January 10, 2016 at 7:17 pm

I have asked and asked for help !!!!! I have missed work due to illness because the environment at Regis Smartstyles #2593. I have been to the doctor twice……was referred to wy mental health. The last time I had to go to that place was 21 years ago. Now I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow because I had the worst panic attack I have ever had……that’s after they upped my med. I need answers.


One of many disssatified Regis employee December 1, 2015 at 7:29 pm

Minimum wage pay for employees paying the cost of a bachelor’s degree for a cosmetology education. Paying rent and a car note is impossible working for this company. DM is not straightforward regarding pay and scheduling. Adding insult to injury, my paycheck has been short 3 times in less than 6 months and had to argue with DM regarding the balance of my pay which took two weeks to receive.


noneof yourbusiness September 21, 2015 at 2:02 pm

literally the worst job I’ve ever had. manager MARGARET MERAZ is the laziest person I know and passes all of her managerial duties off to the other stylists so she doesn’t have to(ordering, time card changes, scheduling). not to mention she looks drunk half the time she’s at work. also I’ve quit over a week ago and still have not received my last check. Regis is a sh*t company who hires sh*t management. I’ll be expecting my check 🙂


Maria DeFalco August 8, 2015 at 2:02 pm

I’m looking for part time work in Kent County of Delaware please help..


Maria DeFalco August 8, 2015 at 1:58 pm

To whom it may concern: I’ve always worked for Master cuts or any Regis corp, now all of a sudden cause I’m on Disability I find it difficult to get hired plus I do have Following. What isthe problem for me to get hired…I was last hired at Smartstyle,Camden,Delaware the Manager did not show me or give me the password for counting the Draw it upset her when I call her for the information cause knew she had to come down to store to show me which she did not want to do..


Diane Tran June 24, 2015 at 1:36 pm

As former manager salon Diane Tran 60469 Regis Company 10 years employee.I got mistreated by new R D ms Cynthia (she just got promoted in Texas).she overuse her power to kicked me out by blaming i worked more hours and claimed lessen by edited on pos.My job i didnt got paid by hours,only commission 50% on my production working on floor 40 hours allow as every stylists in salon, beside that as manager i put up clean,mop ,dust and papper work keeping salon is the best that it can be.No stylists left job since i have been manager 2years always taking care new stylists helping them whenever they needed me to make sure clients happy their hair.Cynthia listened 2 stylists Mary Pham and Alex who got warning from me doing clients by didnt rang up tickets by asking clients paid cash or borrowed Megan stylist name if client paid credit card while they worked off clock. First met me ,told me to go home 3 times (even i dint do any clients hair while Cynthia saw customers request me in front of her)and next day told me to picked up everything belonging and leave within 5 minutes.Cynthia treated me like her slave . if nobody to put up working on floor make production for company how she got paid on her position,how company got stronger to mistreat employee like this.I have asked for staff meeting in which everystylists has a chance to speak .I was denied and told by Ms Cynthia that i would not be allowed to attend. Everyone 0f her staff,including me should have equal right why i was treated by this way.


Diane Tran June 24, 2015 at 12:43 pm

I m Diane Tran,former Regis as salon manager 60469. I did work more hours and claimed lessen by edit time on pos not allowed more than 40 hours for stylists.As manager ,i volunteered to put more effort into my job to clean ,mop floor daily, shampoo bowl and decorating restroom,bundle jobs to make sure working place looks good as much as i can to put up with 30 clients daily, weekend 80 guests more. i got paid by commision and my job done well.Ms Cynthia has recently been promoted to be RD in Cypress Texas.She overuse her power to threw me out salon(first time met me told me to go home 3times even i didnt do any clients hair even they requested me and next day told me picked up my stubs and out salon within 5 minutes).she treated me like her slave, regardless what i put up with my job by listening 2 stylists Mary Pham and Alex having warning from me because took company money ,didnt rang up tickets ,doing clients while off pos (Megan witness borrowed her name if paid on credit card).I did had requested to put up meeting she can listen to 8 stylists in salon but i got denied by Cynthia if staff meeting i would not be allowed to attend.Cynthia not even let me open mouth to listen from my side.As a loyal employee of 10 years I feel that i have mistreated by her raciest and would appreciate if this incident was futher looked into.


maria ramirez June 23, 2015 at 1:27 pm

having problem getting fmla form and phone number a fax please fix and make forms easyer to get


sarah norman June 21, 2015 at 12:32 pm

I need to have accomodation forms sent to me to give my doctor I have a medical conditions that make it hard for me stay on my feet for more than 6 hours. please send the forms needed to my doctor.


Jessica Mitchell June 16, 2015 at 3:44 am

I’m shocked at the fact this corporation discriminates against people with backgrounds. I’m a stylist for God Sake, 1600 hours of cosmetology and a state license is a pretty good life turn around. I was blandly told by two salons who eagerly called ME and wanted to offer a job they decided to transfer stylists from another location which was extremely odd considering you could have done that in the first place. Smh.


JR May 29, 2015 at 1:46 pm

I’ve had nothing but problems trying to get threw to the HR department, this is the second time in like two months I’ve had to complain about the people I work with. I had a manager who finally left who was harassing everything and my dl did nothing because she didn’t want any “problems” now my new manager won’t work nights because she’s afraid her “man is cheating”, she doesn’t show up on weekends, and leave an hour or two before her shift ends, she’s also loud and uses slang in front of guests. My manager and another employee get in no trouble when they call out constantly but i was threatened to be in trouble when I had strep throat even though I called a few hours ahead of time and had a doctors note! Now I’m being told I can’t go out of town for four days because apparently three months in advanced isnt enough time to get me coverage!!! My self and other coworkers have tried to talk to the dl but she does nothing and told us she doesn’t want anyone to be “mad at her”!!!


JR May 29, 2015 at 1:48 pm

Oh and I am constantly left alone, like today ill be closing by myself. Six hour shift! I’ve had to complain over and over about closing every single night, still nothing is done!


JR May 29, 2015 at 1:50 pm

I have been working here over a year and have complained about closing every night by myself in literally left alone my whole shift every night. Its ridiculous!


Patricia Gilmore May 7, 2015 at 6:53 pm

It seems as though this huge company doesn’t care about their employees. There are so many complaints just on this one page.

This is unreal~!


jes March 31, 2015 at 2:28 pm

I’m having the same problem!!!


sallyjo woods February 22, 2015 at 2:41 pm

I am still waiting for my W2 from 2014. Is anyone reading these messages .I’ll wait until the end of next week if there has been no contact I’ll be moved to notify the IRS thank u for taking care of this matter.


Chosen one May 19, 2016 at 4:28 pm

If you don’t get a w2 that’s like you never worked 4 them less taxes the Corp. Will have 2 pay. Like they just got Free slave labor out of you. And Lil next 2 nothing pay 4 you. How can greedy Edomites keep doing this Their x is just about up. Their condemnation draws nigh.


KimAnh Nguyen February 5, 2015 at 5:54 pm

I have not received my W2 for income tax report year 2014.
And I had try to call corporate for asking but just marching talking , some one can help me with this please.


Katie February 12, 2015 at 9:27 pm

I’m in the same boat. I still have not received my 2014 tax forms. Any day now :/


hair9 January 14, 2015 at 1:36 pm

Redo the perks…. The stylists make your business… without them … 000000.hoping for much positive change. Come on would you work under these terms.. keep it real. 1500 hrs of school to keep classes on educ. 1 yr for insur. Commission scale needs redo.. baddd.. come on regis ceo. Listen , without stylists and turn over, it’s a downer. You need to change some policies. Would u want your daughter or wife under this…


V Borders March 16, 2015 at 11:49 pm

AMEN!!!! I DID 1800 HRS &17YRS A STYLIST!!!!!


sallyjo woods January 6, 2015 at 8:42 pm

Just wonted to thank u ,for the opotuntity to work building a cliental and a relationship with clients.However due to an entire corp breakdown I left March 3 2014 SmartStyle 22036.I need to no however how to obtain my w2 .Update I am self employed and now making over4,500.service about 1000.00 retail.Once again Thank U .and to think I work 5 days a week and have Holliday’s off and every Sunday.Thank u


sallyjo woods January 13, 2015 at 3:09 pm

I am still waiting to find out my w2.plz email me on we there I can still download it.myself


kiki burgess October 7, 2014 at 11:37 am

I really need a medical leave I’ve been suffering for a while now with severe lower back pain. My Dr wants to perform a procedure on me but I will need to stay off my feet for a while to see if its going to work. The nerve that is being pushed on works my legs so this matter needs to be taken care of asap. Please let me know what i need to do to get fmla started I have filled out form and faxed it. Thanks so much for your prompt attention.


Dawn Correiro September 29, 2014 at 9:21 pm

I would like to talk to someone about how Supercut in Middletown RI store number 9948 manager was harassing me while my mother is dying .


Barbara August 24, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Why is it that the laziest regis employees get the best treament.they steal monies and products and it all gets swept under the rug.the employee that works hard they want to let go.


Cory August 20, 2014 at 10:37 pm

It’s very disturbing to find out that it’s not just the salon that I work at that treats it’s employees like crap! I would love to know how it’s legal for a manager to hand over the schedule making to an employee that has only been working with Regis for about 2 months. Not only am I questioning the legality of it, but I’m also questioning the fairness!


Kimberly July 24, 2014 at 9:09 pm

I want to ask corporate officers how they can sit in their office collecting money from the backs of workers that on a good pay make $600.00 to $700.00 a month? Most are paying off student loans and rent. They can’t feed their kids or make ends come together unless they get help from family and friends. I know they are not getting holiday pay and if you think that the few bucks they get in tips are adequate to sustain them guess again. I just hope and pray that our government does make minimum wage $10.00 an hour. I know how much you make a year and I can say that I will do my utmost to make more people aware of how you treat your workers in all of your salons.


Lorie Campbell June 9, 2014 at 5:12 pm

Dear Sir/Madame

When you put in a resignation do you have to resign or leave the day of putting in the resignation?


dennis May 16, 2014 at 12:16 am

dear regis corp, i’m still waiting for the wrongful firing money you owe me on the firing of me without just cause. and or can we still deal with matter in court. hoping to hear back sooner then 2006. signed still waiting dennis. your company still haven’t changed a dam thing you did wrong. but i do tell loads of other stylists never to work for your company. i’m on the net every month since 2006 telling people what you’ve done. settle your matter soon.


sarah norman May 13, 2014 at 11:46 am

dear regis corp.,I have a floor mat at my station because of medical reasons , I was told even though I have a doctors note I would not be able to have it unless I get approval from FMLA dept. I am not sure how to go about this. Do I need to fill out certain forms and if so can you email them to me? I really need to speak with someone about this as soon as possible. thanking you in advance for your swift reply. ,, sarah norman


dennis May 16, 2014 at 9:31 pm

buy it and send money to head off


Katrina Lewis April 15, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Dear Regis Corp.

I was recently offered a job in Orange CA, about 3 weeks ago but they couldn’t hire me because of a background check. I wrote corporate to ask the reason why I didnt pass my background and have not gotten a response. I do not have a history of anything so this was very unusual i have passed any background check prior. I need a number to see why or have someone contact me asap! Thank you.

-Katrina Lewis


nora l jacquez April 5, 2014 at 9:14 am

I need to fill out a fmla form, i dont know how to do it . I been calling to the main office for help but they just tranfer my call and nobody answers! What can i do!


KATHY WOODLEY March 13, 2014 at 8:43 am

Im a hairstylist at a regis owned salon I would like to know why regis corp is still supporting animal testing on their products and most of the products they carry for purchasing, with them being the largest owner of chain salons they could make a tremendous effect on the ethical and humane treatment of animals. after all the years of research that has already been done ,I and alot of other people would like to see someone take responsibiliy for their actions towards this unnecccesary testing. I hope you as a company in whole would rethink your choices in developing products, Your labels say ‘Finished product not tested on animals” but that still is not justifiable,its a cop out.


Amelia Hunter January 16, 2014 at 6:07 pm

I would like to speak with someone about a terrible visit I had with the manager at the Regis salon in the South Bay galleria mall in redondo beach, ca. I got a haircut and highlights by the manager Kristen. She ruined my hair and I left in tears. She did not fix my hair the way I asked and was very rude. She offered no discount or to come back to fix it. This was uncalled for and unprofessional.


Tiffani Webb Grove January 10, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Please call me 641-455-XXXXX Tiffani Webb Grove


Tiffani Webb Grove January 10, 2014 at 1:55 pm

I have several questions about FMLA.I’m actually on leave now.


PATRICIA WARE December 26, 2013 at 2:43 pm



Kayla King December 6, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I have been with the company for 9 1/2 years… I really needs to speak to someone in the corporate office


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