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Red Robin International, Inc.
6312 South Fiddler's Green Circle Suite 200N
North Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

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Phone Number: (303) 846-6000
Fax Number: (303) 846-6073
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Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew Facts

Founder: Gerald Kingen
Date Founded: 1969
Founding Location: Seattle, Washington
Number of Employees: 29369

Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew Executives

CEO: Denny Marie Post
CFO: Guy J. Constant
COO: Jonathan A. Muhtar

Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew History

Red Robin Gift Card 2

Red Robin was originally founded in 1969 under the name of Sam’s Tavern in Seattle, Washington. The owner was part of a barbershop quartet, whose favorite song happened to be “The Red Robin.” The name was later changed to Sam’s Red Robin. Gerry Kingen of Seattle purchased the restaurant and simply dropped “Sam’s” from the name.

Today, Red Robin has more than 500 locations across the U.S. The company is a casual dining chain which features a wide variety of hamburgers, salads, and sandwiches. Red Robin began franchising operations in 1980, with the first franchise located in Yakima, Washington.

Red Robin Store Front

Red Robin is now a part of the Snyder Group. The company went public in 2002 and is traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: RRGB. Red Robin had nearly $1 billion in revenue in 2014.

In mid-2018 the company announced that it would temporarily cease opening new restaurants for at least 18 months.

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Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew?
Answer 1: The phone number for Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew is (303) 846-6000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew?
Answer 2: The CEO of Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew is Denny Marie Post.

Question 3: Who founded Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew?
Answer 3: Red Robin Gourmet Burger and Brew was founded by Gerald Kingen in 1969.

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Ronald Prentice May 25, 2019 at 1:24 am

My wife and I went into the Red Robin on Newport Highway in North Spokane Washington today, Our Waitress was by far the worst we have ever had the pleasure of having waited on us and I am 68 years old. As a former Restaurant owner. I know what good service is and I can anyone that is not what we had today 05/24/2019. The whole place was about being on cell phone and visiting with other employees. We waited a good 15 minutes before the waitress graced our table and then our drinks were never refilled, had to ask. We will not be back. To many people want to be paid but do not do their jobs.


Gary Lester April 10, 2019 at 3:50 pm

To Whom It May Concern, Yesterday Tuesday Happened to be By one Get One @ Participating Red Robin Locations. Due to the Crappy Economy And Both Our Lives Have Been Dramatically Impacted And We had to leave the Workforce Early and Living on a Fixed Income In Any State Isnt so Great!!!. So when The Company had the Promotion @ the Red Robin on Mcbean Parway In California We decided it was time. Our Server Rachel B Was Awesome. Although It Seemed That the Resturant Seemed to be Busy but Under staffed. Although that Maybe true, Our server Knew what we wanted Served us in A Timely Manner, Went over and above a server duties. She was either Very Well Trained or Her Job Is Definetly Something she loves. Please from Us Give her a lot of Kudos. thanks Gary and Lucy


Joe McKenna January 24, 2019 at 2:54 pm

Good afternoon,
Had my first Red Robin burger last night, went in with a party of six.
Service was great, price was right, but very disappointed by the burgers.
After watching your ads I expected a great burger, and it turned out to be just
another burger. Not enough meat and too much roll. I know you advertise them as
gourmet burgers, they are not.
Sorry to be negative but you can’t improve if you don’t get this kind of feedback.


sherry voss January 31, 2019 at 6:43 pm

To manager or corporate office: Yesterday we visited the Red Robin in Grandville,MI…we were celebrating husbands birthday. He ordered his burger with the fries and I ordered mine with the salad.My husband got only a few fries and looked to be the bottom of the batch and not very hot. When he asked for more it was the same thing, so the third time he got only a few. Always thought they were bottomless fries! The restaurant was not busy, but we felt we were rushed out. definitely not a relaxing meal.!! thanks for listening. Sherry Voss


doug stanford November 3, 2018 at 4:51 pm

first off i would like to say is i havn’t been to red robins since my birthday about 5 years ago.
i decided to go today while i was out the date is 11/3/2018 that i decided to go and give it a go again your menu seemed tasty and i wanted to go because of the advertisements on tv.
But today was an entirely different experience eating there or should i say a lack of eating for me at least the rest of my party got to eat and my fiance and my mother ordered something my mom got french onion soup and had a clump of cheese in it was real nasty looking my fiance got to eat but did i no let me explain the situation . Me and my fiance and my mom went in it was around 12:30 they had ordered there food my mom got the french onion soup i got a chicken burger that was supposed to have no lettuce and no tomato on it and it had chipotle and mayo on it i got a that popin purple lemonade. i drank my drink and got up to use the restroom and came back to find my food made wrong it had tomatto on it and nothing else but no chicken no sauce or nothing i asked the waitress to just take the burger away after that and just give me a menu and tried to order something else my fiance told me to call the manager after getting in an argument with my mom about the menu i just wanted to eat and enjoy myself . I told him i wanted it fixed but then changed my mind i wanted a refund i didnt thank i should have to pay after waiting that long. He got mad and slammed the receipt he said he took the burger off but said i still had to pay for the rest of the meal i said i dont see why i should have to be after t he way i was treated i said fine i;ll pay just bring me the god damn reciept. i said i dont thank i should have to pay and he called the police i asked him for a pin and a book so i could pay for my bill a nd he said no i had to fill it out and was being very rude and nasty to me and my partner. My partner called the cops to and told them he was trying to scare and intimadate us and hold us hostage there he refused to help me get the bill payed finally the waitress cam over and let us pay and leave. I feel we were being descriminated against because of our sexuallatiy we were not flaunting it or nothing they were very rude to me and my partner i will never eat there again. THe general managers name that worked there was Jamal and the waitress was named ziosksvc. the bill was 47.85 i still had to opay it and didnt get to eat a damn thang exept fries and apurple popin lemonade. the location is 1250 scenic hwy loganville ga avoid this Restaurant avoid this establishment at all cost they descriminate against whites and gay peopel


Steve Itter September 1, 2018 at 2:12 pm

Dear Red Robin, The first thing I would think about when its mentioned “Lets go out & eat” is the Red Robin. You have had the best burgers and good service for many years. In the last year or so I have noticed a step down in the quality of the food in several of the Western Washington Red Robins. I have also noticed a decline in service. This concerns me because the Red Robin has been one of my favorite restaurants. Has Corporate Red Robin decided to check out as being a competitive restaurant? Time is running out on choosing the Red Robin for my next meal out. If its money I would gladly pay more for the old Red Robin.
Concerned about the Red Robin in Seattle Washington


Twila Washington July 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm

My family and I are avid lovers of Red Robin. I notice that company changed the vegan burger from the Boca burger to the Chipotle Black Bean burger. The new burger is ok. I have been a vegetarian all of my life, can I recommend that you use the beyond meat burger instead of the Chipotle burger. It taste really good and I think that it would be a better addition to the menu. Thanks so much and have a great day!!!!


Richard May 29, 2018 at 7:48 pm

Hello, I’d like to recommend that you call the Apple Valley, CA (on Bear Valley Rd) location and see how the employees answer and handle a pick up orders. Also maybe have someone come by as a customer from your corp offices and see how they serve their food and the how wait times are way over the suggested pick-up time. We enjoy the menu items as long as the service is on par with what a customer expects – not over the top service just regular service as any other restaurant, but rarely have a good experience. since we like the menu when done and treated correctly we continue to give the location a chance. I think this is the last time we will attempt to receive courteous assist with placing a pick up order, normal service, normal food and normal wait times. We will be done. Thanks for reading our email and hopefully you can provide some guidance to the employees – fire them and get some people that care. by the way the phone indicates that the phone call is recorded for purposes of checking the service. I wonder if that is actually active or if anyone is listening to the recordings. The manager was rude also, so we didn’t bother to tell her the problems we have experienced at her restaurant…thanks


Al & Karen Disalvi May 28, 2018 at 9:11 pm

I recently placed an order online using your Grub Hub service provider.Ordered from
Red Robin See the details below. Our was delivered without the fries . When We call Grub Hub your service provider We receive a hose

Delivery (ASAP) to Karen I , San Jose, CA
(408) 835-XXXXX

Delivery instructions
“Please deliver by 5pm, not earlier than that.”

Payment Method
Credit Card $41.08

Have questions about your order?
Contact us

Order Details
May 28, 2018 4:11:21pm

Hostel and angry reception from Grub Hub and staff. They refuse to refund a $10.00 + plus tip When we called your local Restaurant requesting the same We have the same experience. We are extremely disappointed with the “run around “from both Grub Hub and your local store Manager kicking the Ball over to your Corporate office. We have been local until now frequent users of your restaurant and services BUTNO MORE if this simple request in honored.

Please reply with a customer service friendly reply and solution. We consumers expect more from large well branded Fast Food Operator. There must be someone within your organization that will attempt to address this complaint. To be sure this is a complaint. As I am sure you know customer loyalty and satisfaction is everything So here is an opportunity to demonstrate the same. We hope that you take Our compliant in earnest and provide the credit requested.

My order number with Grub Hub was order # 50049 the order was for two meals for fish and chips with Coleslaw. The order was place in your Milpitas store location in California on 5/28/18 at 4.25 SPT

Order Details
May 28, 2018 4:11:21pm

My email address is kdisalvi@ We thank you for your assistance and cooperation

Karen Disalvi


Jennifer March 12, 2018 at 1:55 pm

On March 11 we went to Red Robins in Upper Providence Center, Collegeville PA. There was 5 of us, we went in at 7pm and there were a lot of people waiting we put our name in and the 2 hosts told us it will be about a 15 minutes wait. The rest of our party came in and we were talking so the time went by not realizing the time. Another group of 5 walked in and were seated within 5 minutes that is when I said something when I look and realized were have been waiting for 48 minutes and another group came in and was seated. I asked and I was told your table is not ready, I asked how did that parties table be ready and ours isn’t. I was told that we were assigned a table and the other guests are have not left yet. so the table we were assigned to could be sitting there catching up with each other and we have to sit and wait. I was very annoyed and very loud they got a manager but before that all 3 hosts were talking and laughing, I did not see this a being funny it is now after 8pm and we haven’t even sat down to order our dinner. Finally a manager came up and said we will get you seat now I asked why it took so long and all I was told was your table wasn’t ready. REALLY!!!! so we followed the manager to a table and it was in a back room with NO ONE in the room at all, there were 8 bar stools open and 4 table tops open not once in the hour + wait did they ask it we would like to sit at either place. They finally sat us in an empty room. 2 Managers came out to us and asked if we wanted anything and told us they were short handed and very sorry for they wait. If you are a manager and you are short staffed you should be on the floor helping your staff. Never saw either manager until I started to yell. They proceeded to bring out fries which we did not ask for. Wow big deal they gave us unlimited fries like they do for everyone. Never offered a discount on our meal, which our table became 7 because we saw friends and invited them to sit with us. The music in the room was do loud we were yelling to speak with each other. We asked one of the managers to lower the speakers and he came back and said sorry I don’t know how to lower that for you. Our waitress was very nice, and did tell us that 3 people called out and they were short staffed, still does not explain why were stood there for over an hour and was never seated, I can understand if the rest of the guests were not seated as well but everyone else was seated and eating dinner. I was also told by a manager that they are not able to handle larger parties they do not have the seating for them. REALLY!! then tell people when they come in we can’t accommodate parties larger then 4 or better yet why don’t you advertise it. Our food came out fast however my soup was cold, didn’t bother eating it or sending it back why at this point, plus we had 6 baskets of cold fries to eat. Which went to waste that is a total different issue. I’m sure this will be the next restaurant to close down what a horrible experience. When I put this on Facebook a lot of people commented they had the same experience there. FYI to the managers, when you are in that position, you should apologize to your guest and seat them right away, not argue with them, if they don’t want the free appetizer you are offering because now it very late and we don’t want to eat that heavy food at 9pm at night, then at least take a percentage off the bill that was over $100 for 7 of us. PLUS you really should come back around and make sure everything is ok with them and NOT rely on your wait staff to do they job you are being paid for. Horrible place and I will NEVER go back. PS: some to the people I was with are club members, so that makes the treatment even worst, club members that go to that restaurant frequently. Sad very sad that a gathering of friends turned out to be horrible dinner because of lack of supervision and common sense on the part of the employees at Red Robins.


Eden Popo December 28, 2017 at 3:12 pm

On 12/11/17, I purchased 6 $50 gift cards from Red Robin. It was a special offer, $250 or more gets 20% off so I purchased s $300 gift card for $240. I received an email confirmation of my order: EJ4JT4KK36Z2. Said my plastic would be mailed. I waited several days, not seeing my card in the mail nor the charge on my credit card, I called Red Robin Customer service. After waiting 30 minutes, I finally got an agent who informed me that my order was cancelled due to some misinfo on my credit card. I received neither an email or phone call to let me know. Make matter worse, I asked if I could still purchase the deal and was told it was no longer available. Why would someone not call to let me know there was an issue with my card.
When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there was no sup or manager available and that there were never any. I insisted that no company would run a dept without a sup or manager. I was told that my complaint would be sent to Escalations and would receive an email response. I said I needed to voice how I felt to Escalations. I was told that they do not accept calls, they only email. Imagine, Red Robin, a Customer Facing entity does not speak to its customers.
Unless Red Robin honors the deal, not only will I no longer patronize Red Robin which included me taking a team on 20 for a quarterly outing at Red Robin, but I will alert other managers of my negative experience.


Diamond November 26, 2017 at 2:49 pm

Yesterday me and four friends visited your Red Robin in warrington Pa Easton rd and were very unsatisfied, when we first got there the waiter already seemed annoyed . We all ordered drinks but one friend didn’t . She noticed she had something to drink already In her bag and started drinking that instead . The manager immediately came over very rude and said don’t bring other drinks in here . She told him alright and he just stood at the table staring the walked away . Watching our table while he was walking away . He then went back to our waiter and told her in front of us to watch us . She then came back to the table very rude not really checking on us anymore to see if we needed anything . We called her name to come over and told her neither of our burgers had onions on it which it came with the burger we ordered . She struggled her shoulders and said well you want some . And brought out onions instead of offering another burger . Also while we were eating she brought out our checks rushing us to leave and then once we were leaving she told me to sign my receipt and said you have to put if you want to give me a tip then watched while I signed . I felt uncomfortable and gave her tip even thought i didn’t think she deserved it she snatched the receipt and walked away .


Mari October 22, 2017 at 9:48 pm

On October 22nd 2017. My family of 4 ,6 friends and 3 children . Went to Red Robin on Holts Rd in Rochester NY. To have dinner. We didn’t wait long for a few tables since it was a big party. Which was a good thing. when we sat down and ready to order we didn’t get a very good welcome. The server Stacey was trying to hard to to nice you can see her how fake she was . Took our drink orders, mind you it took a while before we got them. On top of that she didn’t come back till almost 15 min to see if we wanted an appetizer . Okay took our orders and came back about 20 min later okay fine. Now time to take our dinner orders ok took care of that . We waited over 40 min to get our food. I had already drank 3 fruit punch and no dinner yet. Really! Finally food comes out of course my chili cheese fries were so cold that the chili on top was dry. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and the bread was soggy:(. I had to wait like 10 min before the server came back to let her know about my chili fries and order some fresh regular fries. Which took over 20 min to be on top of that . It was the worst service . Not to mention my daughter asked for a second fruit cup which she never got. Two of my friends asked for garlic fries with their meals and never got them . We been there over an hour service was horrible. What disturbed me the most was that since their very minute we got our table the manger Nick walked passed our table 2x and didn’t even greet us or acknowledged us at all. I was observing everything the first time around he looked over at us with a discussed face and passes our table and greeted the table to the left of us . 30 min later he walked right passed our table and greeted not only the table across from us ( which got there after us and got their food way sooner) he also greeted the table to the right of us and to the left of them. So frustrating I really didn’t understand why. It’s sad. Such poor customer service. Finally got our fries and I asked for my check. Which took like 25 min to get to see that I was be charged for extra food and drink. Shaking my head . Finally got the new check which still wasn’t right, but I just left it like that. I just wanted to leave. Worst service ever I’ll make sure to let everybody I can not to go there and my experience. I called to talk to the Manager all he said was sorry that he didn’t know anything and that he only greets random tables. Ah yeah really he passed us 2x and didn’t even say hi. Just looked at us from the corner of his eye. You can’t miss us we were a party of like 12 really.


Lance Fluker October 10, 2017 at 11:45 am

I received poor service at your cascade Pkwy store in Portland oregon. The food was cold. The waitress tried hard but service was slow so I tipped her paid the bill and the four of us left with finishing the meal


ombdkprod September 28, 2017 at 10:34 pm

Anonymous said…

I am absolutely appalled at the Red Robin in Beaverton, OR! My daughter was so excited to get a job as hostess to have a part time income while attending college at Portland State, and all was going wonderfully until after 3 weeks of working, she started the Fall quarter of college this week! She found out that one of her classes interfered with her work schedule and when she told her Red Robin Manager his reply was incomprehensible! He actually told my daughter that he expected her to DROP THE COLLEGE CLASS THAT INTERFERED WITH HER CURRENT WORK SCHEDULE!!!! WHAT!!???!! I am still in shock! What happened to being supportive and flexible with your PART-TIME employees THAT YOU KNEW WERE COLLEGE STUDENTS WHEN YOU HIRED THEM??? Now of course she is being forced to quit because she is certainly NOT dropping a CORE class for a part time job that was meant to supply a little extra income for living expenses while she is earning the degree that is necessary for her future career!!! Now all the part-time jobs in the area have been filled by the other college students a month ago when my daughter found this one! I cannot believe this is the common practices of this business and you can be sure that I will be telling this to everyone of my 600 Facebook friends, and anyone else I know, to boycott all Red Robin’s and tell everyone they know to do the same and why!


Rafael September 24, 2017 at 3:38 pm

Me and my family visit it your Hurst Texas location we decided to sit outside found a table waited about 10 minutes before was even noticed waitress comes over to ask about are drinks they come back 10 minutes later other customers come after us and get there order before us then here comes the grossest thing I have ever seen in a restaurant a man and a woman and a DOG 🐶 sit at the table next to us but the dog does not sit on the floor the put the dog on the table witch I think it’s discusting they order ther food dog still on the table got there food dog on table eating with dog laying on table the woman was feeding the dog I can’t stand it anymore so go ask the manager Robby was his name why there was a dog on a table he said it was a service dog I told him I understand about service dogs being aloud on the floor in restaurants but on the table was gross dogs anus was on the table very nasty and not sanitary I ask for the corporate number he did not want to give it to me I ask again he just gave me a card witch only had there location number not corporate I I’m very gross out still and want answers why manager did not say anything to them about the dog was not on her lap it was on the table inches from there food never will I go back there and will tell all my friends about this


Jennifer Walgrave September 17, 2017 at 2:12 pm

A dear friend and I were at your Red Robin establishment in Olathe, KS yesterday for lunch. I had raved to her about how great your food was, she had never been at a Red Robin before. We were greeted with a shout, scared us both, and the hostess looked very confused when I asked her politely if we could have a booth. She was frazzled, and stuttered and said at the bar.. and pointed her finger in a direction of a booth…we sat for about 10 mins before we were given menus, or even a smile from ANY of the servers….we finally get menus, another 20 mins goes by before our server comes to the booth…mind you, she looked as is she had been used as a punching bag…bruises and black and blue marks around one eye, the other eye was pure white..ALL RED… I looked at her in horror…i had lost my appetite. She takes our order in a hurry, my friend had a few questions about the menu, and the server, refused to answer…the server leaves, comes back ten minutes later with our ice teas….. we have now been there for almost 40 mins…the server told us when taking our order that french fries would be arriving before the meal, we both thought great !!! that took another 20 mins….again our server no where in sight..and those little computers you have on the table are worthless…we pressed the button numerous times for our server, again no response…I finally flagged down another server who tried to ignore me, and asked her about the this time our ice tea was I asked the server I flagged down for a refill…she said she would send our original server over…15 mins go by and we are very unhappy..our food finally comes…and the food was amazing..hats off to your chefs….our server never came by to check on us…we never got refills..on tea or french fries….i ring the computer server again…I wanted to pay with cash..but again no one came over to our table to check on I pay with a debit card..totally fine, but then you ADD A TIP ON????? SERIOUSLY!!! I was like hell no..I am not leaving our serving anything…but there was no way for me to exit out of the tip..or to cancel my transaction……so I had to leave a tip for a server who totally ignored us..NICE …I asked for a manager before we left and again nothing….I was very disappoint on the way we were treated and totally embarrassed for bringing my friend there after I had talked it up so much…


Gail Harris Mims August 26, 2017 at 12:26 pm

My son was at your restaurant in Milpitas Ca last night to see an old co-worker. While sitting in a booth waiting for him, he was verbally attacked by one of your staff and then was beaten. It took someone to brag that employee and pull him off of my son. Management then threw my son out of the restaurant and allowed the employee to go home. My son was beaten in the head and has a busted lip and jaw. While outside he called the police and they showed up as well as the fire department for medical treatment.

Management did nothing. How dare they allow their employee who attacked my son to just leave. This sin’t the first time this employee has either attacked a fellow employee. He has verbally attacked others as well. He has even offered people money to beat up co-workers.

I am beyond disgusted with the Milpitas Red Robin and their management. I am no where near done with this. I want some answers ASAP!!!!!!!!! Here is my cell phone number, 408-509-XXXXX. Anytime…. Use it.


Nancy Kathan August 19, 2017 at 10:39 pm


I had the worst dining experience ever at this location and will never go back!

My sons soccer team was playing in a soccer tournament at Dove Valley. We had about 1
1/2 hours for lunch and though Red Robin would be a nice place to go as thats what the boys wanted. Three families all arrived on time at 1:45 and were told it would be a few minutes. Okay, so we waited and browsed the menu. I walked to the bathroom to go wash my hands and noticed there was an 8 top vacant and proceeded to tell the manager. He said our table was getting bussed apparently by the slowest busser on record. We were finally seated 25 minutes later.

By this time it was 2:30. We waited and waited no greeting or ice water for that matter. We were all parched from the heat. Finally the server, Chelsea came by and I asked for some water for all of us. Boy did she act put out. When she came back I said we were ready to order and need to be walking out the door, checks paid by 3:15 in order to get back to Dove Vally for 3:30 warm-ups for out 4:00 pm game. We put our order in and again told we needed to be paid and walking out the door by 3:15. She said no problem she would “fast track” it. Okay we thought that was good. Boy was I wrong! At 2:35 we still had no beers or soft drinks for the kids and I went to find the manager to complain. As I am waiting for him, I see our beers waiting at the bar. He said he would get on it. Five minutes later our drinks were there. Now its 2:40 and no food. Ten minutes pass and no food. I again try to go find the manager and tell him we need to be paid and walking out the door by 3:15 nd he said not to worry. I went back to tell my table that and were were all worried the food would not arrive in time. At 2:50 the mother and son received their order. She had ordered the Bruchestta Chicken sandwich with fries and was and given the wrong chicken sandwich which by the way was under cooked. Her son had ordered kids mac and cheese times two with carrots because he was really hungry. He only received one order of mac and cheese and the carrots were moldy and not fit for my gerbil to eat. We could see his second oreder just sitting under the lamp waiting to be picked up.
My order came and my son had ordered salmon and broccoli. He received french fries. I told the waitress and was she not apologetic and said she could see what she could do and get broccoli. My salmon sandwich was okay but I asked for ranch for my french fries and had to wait.
The last family of four had received only three out of the four ordered meals. The son who was the soccer player had to wait until his meal came at 3:05 to eat.
When we asked for our check the waitress brought them at 3:15. which again was unacceptable as I told her and the manager we needed to be out of the and paid by 3:15. Two of the families paid by credit card and left at 3:30 and took my son because I had to wait as she only ran my gift card I received from a student and had to wait for her to run the credit card.
I was beyond angry as no one really seemed to care!
Ironically the table that was vacant while we were waiting for ours to be bussed was seated, served and left before 10 minutes before we did. Mind you it was the same size.
I waited to speak to the manager before I left. I told him how disappointed we all were and he kept asking me, “Well what do you want me to do?” Hmmm anyone what half a brain would know-comp all meals, and unless you want all of us badmouthing this restaurant give us all generous gift cards to give you a try again.
I am not happy and will let all my soccer friends, baseball friends, and fellow teachers and my high school students know just how horrible Red Robin truly is.
And I look forward to hearing from you as to how you will make this right!


Naomi August 19, 2017 at 3:27 pm

Red Robin no longer has restaurants in Tucson, AZ but I am still seeing commercials. This seems to be a waste of money. Just though you would want to know.


Keenya Younger August 7, 2017 at 9:12 pm

Hello, I visited a Reb Robin location in Lonetree Colorado around 9pm. I spent $100 dollars including the tip. We had to request fries three times because they were cold. The waitress told us she requested to have them re-dropped. This was her phrase. When our four burgers came, three out of the four were cold. since I had already requested the food to be made three separate times I decided to return the next Morning to speak with the manager. After explaining my experience and waiting ten minutes while the current manager checked with the “night manager” he returned and told me that the night Manager remembered having to remake the fries but that’s all I complained about. I told him again my experience and he told me that unfortunately they can not do cash refunds. I told him I didn’t plan on returning and he still insisted that he dirsnt give cash refunds and gave me a $50 gift card. I told him again I didn’t want the gift card but I wanted my experience to be acknowledged first and when it wasn’t I just st wanted my money back. He told me he stands behind his managers and pretty much summoned up that he didn’t believe me. I called the corporate number and the representative verified that cash refunds are allowed and she will contact the store and her cash office. I told her I would return to the restaurant, return the cards to get what I originally requested, my money back. She said that she would work on my cash refund and contact me in two days. I received an email days later telling because the manager gave me re gift card that I can not receive my money back. I never wanted the gift cards. Never requested anything until the GM completely disregarded my experience that’s why I requested my money back. Your GM lied about the cash return policy, your guest service representative confirmed it and still no resolution.


wayne jones & bonnie jones July 29, 2017 at 4:35 pm

we have been going to red robin for about ten years and we go in two times a week and spin about $200.0 a mouth there we go to the one in Vancouver Washington on 160th st and mill plane ave but because of one person that she is a rude person and we have had trouble with her more than once so she complained about us sending a order back and the had to remake it, the manager said that he did not want us back so we left with paying for the order that night and i came hope a put it on face book and yelp asking people not to go to red robin but now the manager has found out that we are good people and wants to talk to us and work it out i dont know if i want to thanks for your time Wayne & Bonnie Jones


Marissa Sutton July 10, 2017 at 1:32 pm

Just wanted to let you know that you guys lost a lot of customers! In the woodland ca restaurant a hostess shook her head at my 2 toddlers, and called them monsters!!! I called and spoke to the manager who assured me she would look into it and get back to me, it’s been 3 weeks haven’t heard anything. I also called the corporate office and never heard back…. so my family will never be stepping foot in a red Robbin ever again. Also that hostess is lucky it was my husband with my kids and not me!


Dana Farrell June 23, 2017 at 3:56 pm

I recently dined at your Temecula. CA location after receiving an email for a free burger fior my birthday and I firmly believe in writing the corporate office not only because of a really bad experience but also when the service was above and beyond. We were there on either the 18th or the 19th and the name of our server was Kelli. She was honestly the best server I’ve EVER had and after having visited this location numerous times over the past 3 years, I was definitely not expecting anything special because every previous time we’ve ended up with servers who were either very rude and obviously not wanting to be there to others who just didn’t know or care what they were doing and a couple of times, the service was so bad (cold food after endless wait, disappearing servers so it was impossible to take advantage of the endless fries or have your soft drink refilled) that we actually decided not to ever frequent this location again. But since I had ny BD coupon we decided to give it one more try and the difference was just unbelievable!! Kelli is an extremely personable person as well as an AMAZING waitress!! She was always there with a smile on her face to make sure we had everything we needed and just the friendliest sever ever!! If it were my restaurant, I’d DEFINITELY advance her to a position of s trainer and give this lady a raise as she’d be the perfect person to train and show, the other servers on how to be an exceptional server. I personally have my own business where I set my own hours and never really thought of being a see if but I have worked as a server years ago and everyone always “liked” me because I just love meeting new people and I’ve served a family of 6 fort 20 years, but if she was my trainer, I’d do it in a second and loc love it! But if you need any other information, I still have the receipt, I’m more than willing to give you exact information including the date and time and receipt information. I truly hope that this is going to the right person or department but as for the email provided here, I rarely check that one because I’m always on my business emails and the best one to use if you want to contact me is carolesplaceboutique at and my number is 951-457-XXXXX and I’d really appreciate a response so I at least know that this was received and that I wrote to the best place. Thank you??


Vincent G Lucas June 23, 2017 at 10:41 am

To Whom it May Concern.

I would like to tell you about a recent visit to one of your restaurants. I would like to say that the experience was unsatisfying however I can’t even say that. All I can say is that it was probably the worst experience that I have ever had at any restaurant. So let me tell you about my experience, On Sunday June 18th for father’s day we went to the Red Robin at 14551 W McDowell Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85395. We arrived and was advised it would be a 20 min wait for our party of 8, no worries I figured it would be a wait its father’s day.
One we were seated our waiter came over and requested our drink order. I myself ordered coffee.. when the drinks did arrive about 10 min later I picked up my coffee to have a sip and noticed the cup was cold I put my finger in it. Everyone at the table asked what I was doing and explained the coffee I just ordered was as cold as ice. I asked the waiter if I could please have a new cup of coffee and was advised that a new cup would be on its way as a new pot of coffee was going to be made.
About 20 minutes late the waiter came back to take our order. Note still not coffee.. when I had asked about the coffee I was advised that it was on its way. The waiter took our orders which took several minutes as he kept repeating the orders wrong.
About twenty minutes later the waiter came back as a member of our party flagged him down to inquire on where the coffee was and the appetizers that were ordered. Was advised again that the coffee is on its way at this point it has been an hour. During this period other tables that have the same size parties were coming in getting there food and leaving long before we got our food. Finally our food started to arrive along with the appetizers that we ordered. Again still no coffee, I advised the waiter at that time to forget the coffee and just give me a glass of water. While I waited for my water I figured I’ll eat the appetizers I just got with my main meal first.. yeah bad choice.. I got the cheese fries. The melted cheese had a texture of sandpaper it was gritty and cold. The rest of my meal was not much better. As we were trying to figure out which order was actually correct and which order was not such as getting the wrong burger and incorrect sides to what was asked for. I asked for a manger. Our water disappeared.
Our waiter appeared if only for a brief moment to bring the corrected orders. At this time a request for second drink was requested by a member of the party, we waited and waited and waited. Finally the comment was made that the drink will arrive when the check does.. lord and behold guess what. Our waiter brought a glass of water and not the requested drink dropped off the check and then came back with the requested drink about 5 minutes later.
At this point I get up and look around for a manager as the request I made the first time like my coffee never happened. No manager in sight. I asked another employee and was advised they weren’t sure where the manager was and continued walking away.
It only gets better… didn’t think it could right.. well it did. So as I mentioned it was a part of 8 and we were splitting the bill. Sounds easy considering you have the pay machines at the table, however ours did not work. Our water came back with the bill split in three.. payment was provided and our cards were returned and we finally left.. two and a half hours later. Additional plans that were planned were scrapped as we were all frustrated and just wanted to go home.
Not the end of my story just yet.. remember I stated the cashier gave us three receipts and we provided a debit card for each receipt. Well the cashier ran two receipts under one card. Returned the wrong debit cards to the wrong people. So not only was my account debit for my meal at the cost of $47.49 it was also debited an additional amount of $58.77 including the tip which brought the full amount of that withdrawal to $66.00.
So as you can see the experience I had was not very pleasant by any means and yes it only gets better..
Once the issue with the debit cards was realized the next day when my wife went to get gas and could not, she called the store as she was worried because I was a bit upset. She spoke with a manger who she said polite and advised that a refund of the additional amount of $58.77 would be replaced to our account and he would have a discussion with the employee.
As of now it is Friday 6-23-2017 and no refund has been issued to my account. On top of that I want to know why im only getting back $58.77 when the total amount taken from my account was $66.00. Petty maybe but it’s the principle.
I am not going to say I will never return to Red Robin but I can guarantee you it will not be my first choice nor will I recommend it as a first choice and I am sure as I post this letter to social media the reaction I get im sure will be of utter shock.. . I am sure your restaurants have much higher standards then what was presented to me and my family. I would hope so considering the total bill for 8 people was almost $200.

I would like to thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely
Vincent Lucas


Liberti McDonald June 6, 2017 at 1:25 pm

On Sunday June 04, 2017 I attended a Red Robin in Bakersfield, Ca at 1:00 p.m. I will start by saying that the hostesses had told it would be a twenty minute wait, which was okay at first. Ten minutes later and 4 potential customers later I heard the same reply from the hostesses. ( 20 min.) wait. We continued waiting and forty minutes later we were seated. It got worse from that point on , from the time we were seat till a waiter came and took our request for drinks was additional fifteen minutes. We then continued seating at our table and noticed customers that were seated after we were getting their drinks and some were receiving their orders. Finally another forty minutes later our waiter took our order and we received our request. We spent two hours at Red Robin and I order a teriyaki chicken burger and my two daughters order a chicken burger as well. Later that evening ,I as well as my daughters were I’ll from the chicken burgers. To the corporate office of Red Robin, my husband owens a business and even he understands what it means to provide quality service to the consumers. I do hope you will resolved these issue with your franchise restaurant, since it is the consumers that keep your doors open. Has for myself I will never return to another Red Robin restaurant. Yours sincerely Liberti McDonald.


Barb May 18, 2017 at 9:50 pm

someone should really assess the Red Robin in Montgomery Alabama. The managers are sleeping with staff, the servers dont want to actually work but are kept on staff. The staff that does work cant request a day off and have it granted. You can be a no show as much as you want though if you are an unreliable employee. Several customers each week just walk out because they cant get service once seated. The management is very poor. The servers are lazy (most not all) and they mistreat the few workers they have that actually work. It really needs an overhaul.


Norman Olivera April 10, 2017 at 7:02 pm

Yesterday i took my husband and daughter to your Goodyear, AZ location. Service was awesome however i have never had a hostess tell us if we’re almost done with our table because we need it? If she looked she would of noticed i just ordered a beer. I was in shock. I was speechless. Thank goodness my husband said i still have a full beer. I dont know what to say.


Evelyn wiggs April 3, 2017 at 12:33 am

On March 31 2017 between 630/730. We had five people in our group to order the bottomless fries, but when we ask for more the waitress said sure but neve got any so we ask again and she said sure but still no fries Ask again and still no fries 15minutes later ask again and that time two out of our group got there fries That was the first and the last time to ever go to a red Robbie restaurant they were not honest and never keep there words. So now every time I see the commercial on the tv instead of making me want to go I will get angry with them and tell very one I know don’t go they are not what they say they are. . Very sad


Anne Stephens March 27, 2017 at 1:52 am

First we were seated with in a couple min but we waited 20 mins still no one came. So I ask a water to get someone we waited 20 mins. He came over the most stuck up guy for a waiter he came by to take our order. My son got a free burger for his birthday. Okay we went to Red Robin in 1630 South Stapley Dr Mesa AZ 85204 480 892 7626. this afternoon. We ordered. He had a chicken burger plain with fries and coke. Then they told us to put a phone number in well we tried and tried could not get it to work. He had a copy of the email saying he had a free burger. He was so embarrass but the waiter said sorry he had to pay for his free chicken burger. My son said maybe when he signed up put the cell number in wrong maybe. My son asked if we could still get the free meal cause he put maybe mistake on the number he put in, or maybe make a new one. The waiter said No it is not possible. We had to pay for everything. Thank god i had enough money to cover it. Can you some how able to get into his account if we give you a email and his name and birthday. So we can have another coupon. Husband said he never wants to go to Red Robin again. We never had this problem. When one of our family or family had problems getting into there rewards they always just gave it to them no questions asked. We were not trying get out of trying to get a burger free for a birthday but he had a email from your company saying he had one free for his birthday which was March 21st. Please get back to me.


Mike March 11, 2017 at 9:57 am

My group was having dinner last night at Red Robin in Henderson Nv at the galleria mall. First the manager was a rude to me when I went to complain. Then one of members of my group order the grill cheese on one half there was cheese on the bread on the other half of the bread there was no cheese. I told the manager and he said that’s how we make it. Plus the service was slow. My friend who order the grill cheese she complain to the waiter he just said sorry and did not ask her to remake it for her he just grab it and brought our bill. It look like they were kicking us out for no reason


Melissa E January 14, 2017 at 10:54 pm

My children and myself went to Red Robin on 1/7/17. We ordered our food and waited. The order came out wrong. I did not want mayo on my burger. The server stated that she had just stopped them from putting mayo on the burger. I thanked her. As I attempted to adjust the burger to put condiments on it, I noticed mayo that looked like it was attempted to be wiped off. I called the waitress over and she apologized and took it back. The people behind me were receiving their order and I noticed one of the women was given the same bacon burger that had been given to me. I was appalled. I canceled my order completely and told the server that I could not trust the place. I was very dissatisfied and that’s without even discussing the gnats that were flying around the whole time!!! The server also never asked my children if they wanted more of the bottomless fries until they were completely finished their meals!!! Poor service all the way around.


Cathy December 29, 2016 at 1:04 pm

Had dinner on Dec 28,2016. The worst dinner and service ever!!! I will never go to a red robin restaurant again. The bill came and they did not even had the decency to let us pay the bill. They used those kiosks and had the nerve to put on the tip themselves. Thank god I looked at the bill before signing it. I guess they think there going to get doubled tipped. I would not even given the waiter $2.00 since he didn’t deliver anything to the table except a glass of wine and a beer. Other servers delivered the rest of the meal. I will be putting in bad reviews at other websites due to this. The bill was almost $60.00 for 2 burgers and a drink.


Tony Stacho November 27, 2016 at 9:07 am

We went to the Red Robin here in Oklahoma City (Edmond) Oklahoma 2 days ago on Black Friday around 1:00 PM. After we waited 15 minutes to get seated our server took our drink order. I will be 100% honest here……We waited 10 minutes for our drinks (just water and lemonade). After we got our drinks, he took our order. We all ordered a meal with the unlimited fries. He brought out 1 basket of sweet potato fries which I only ordered. He didnt bring out regular steak fries for the other 3 people at the table. I asked our server for some of the garlic dipping sauce. Waited 15 minutes and noticed either a manager or server walked by and I asked him for the garlic dipping sauce. He said he will be right back. About 10 minutes later, no dipping sauce. The fries aren’t hot at this point and we only have 1 basket which the others dont like sweet potatoes anyway so there hungry and just want fries before there food comes out. At this point, it’s 25 minutes and still no dipping sauce. Another server walked by who wasn’t taking care of us, and I asked her for the sauce. She brought one back within 2 minutes and apologized as we told her the issue. We then got out food which we waited at least 25 – 30 minutes for. He gave us our food and the server then walked away. We got the order but…..1 burger didn’t have mayonnaise, my sons CHEESE burger din’t have any cheese and he didn’t refill our waters. Our sever was nowhere to be found. Needless to say at this point it’s 2:00 and it’s not that busy. There were at least 7 tables empty and within our entire section I only noticed 2 servers working and our waiter was incognito. We then asked the other server who gave us the garlic sauce for the missing ingredients. I then asked her to bring a manager over. When the manager got over to our table (10 minutes later) it was the same guy who never brought us the garlic sauce. The manager who we just requested ignored us earlier and never brought the sauce. Manager apologized and said he will take care of the issues. He then brought over the missing cheese/mayonnaise and more fries. This time, He brought out steak fries which this is the very 1st time the other 3 people at the table received. Doesnt Red Robin have “Bottomless Fries” ? I know i’ve seen it all over the menu. Needless to say, we only received 1 order of fries for the others. After we got done eating, our original server came over and not once made eye contat with anyone. Gave us the check and said “have a good day”. We were there in total 1 hour 45 minutes and he came over to our table 2 times. 1) For the drinks 2) for the food. This was the WORST waiter and management i’ve ever dealt with. When the “manager” told us he would take care of it, Nothing was done about it. We werent looking for a free meal but maybe take off the Cheeseburger without cheese (mind you it was a kids menu burger….$5 maybe). We didnt get anything for not only the inconvenience but a very stressful & Irritating lunch.
This is the LAST Time anyone in our family will be going there. The server needs to have a lesson in customer service and prioritization. I understand people have bad days, I get it but others around us weren’t happy either. The table behind us also had to speak to a manager because they needed a to go box and the server never came back with it. They said they waited 15 minutes for it. The manager had to bring it over as the server never did.
I hope they read this and make some changes at that location. What a terrible experience


Lori White November 16, 2016 at 7:31 pm

Last night my husband and I visited the Red Robin in Latham New York. The air conditioning was on and blowing on us. We asked if it could be turned of our server said she would. It was never turned off so I asked a hostess if she could turn it off. After a few minutes the manager came over and informed us they couldn’t turn it off because they have a new system and only corporate can turn the system on/off or adjust it. We did not enjoy our meal because we had to eat fast because we were so cold. I don’t understand how someone in Colorado can know what the temperature in the Latham New York restaurant should be. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe you should rethink corporate being in charge of temperature control from another state.


Mike August 19, 2016 at 12:22 pm

Complaint, 17 Aug 2016 I was having lunch with 3 Co-works at Red Robins Reasurant at South Gate Colorado Springs Co 80906. As we finished 2 servings of french fries my co-worker G___ wanted to make room on our table for the rest of our lunch at that time a bus-boy was passing by our table so G___ said excuse me youngman to get the his attention then George attempted to hand him the 2 french frie baskets at that moment the bus-boy turned exremly angry and yelled out what did you say, G____ replyed back young man, the bus-boy slapped the trays out of G_____ hand and started yelling then hed lunged forrward attempting to strike G_____ in the face, The incident happend with in moments and I quicly lucnhed forward from the booth postioning myself between G______ and the Bus-boy in order to protect G_______ from the attack, I and was strucked on my upper arm from the bus-boy as he was trying to strike G____, and pushed the bus-boy away from us. The bus-boy threw his dish carrier on the ground started to scream out load with obcenitys (f___ this and such), at that moment our waitress ran over and tryed to comfrount him of the situation but the bus-boy slaped the serving tray out of her hand, she was able remove him the bus-boy from our presence, the bus-boy conitued to scream and yell out I hate you and F____ this and such I saw that it took several to staff also assited our waitress in removing the bus-boy from the frount of the resturant.The waitress returned to our table and asked us if we were oK and who discussed with us that they have had problems with him and he was admitted to Cedar Springs Hospital which is a mental health facility down the road from the restaurant, George requested to see the manager. The manager was concerned and apologized for the incident and stated that they removed the bus-boy from the restaurant and he is fired and will never work at a Red Robins Restaurant. My other 2 co-workers J_____ and C_____ were concerned that the bus-boy could be waiting out side of the restaurant with a weapon and they felt in danger the manager stated that she would send other employee out side to check the area and ensure that the he was not in the area and stated that his brother worked in the restaurant and that he had removed him from the restaurant. The manager returned and stated that we would not be charged for lunch and asked if we were oK and if we needed anything, she gave us the General managers busness card and her cars and presented G______ a $60 gift card. The Manager asked if we wanted to write a statement of the incident we all agreed that G_____ could write a statement for all of us and all four of us would agree and sign the statement and requested a copy. I observed that there were numerous customers that were also upset with the incident. Because of the incident we returned to late to work I could not function and was extremly nervous and up-set about the situation that had ocured so I had to take sick leave for the rest of the work day and went home. I have enjoyed Red Robinin in the past but I am very nervoce and upset about the incident and that it may happened while I had visited with my family.


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