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Red Lobster Seafood Company Corporate Office Address

Red Lobster Seafood Co., LLC
450 South Orange Avenue Suite 800
Orlando, Florida 32801

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Phone Number: (407) 245-4000
Fax Number: (407) 241-6400
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Red Lobster Seafood Company Facts

Founder: Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby
Date Founded: 1968
Founding Location: Lakeland, Florida
Number of Employees: 12500

Red Lobster Seafood Company Executives

CEO: Kim Lopdrup
CFO: C. Bradford Richmond
COO: Darryl Wade

Red Lobster Seafood Company History

Red Lobster Logo

Red Lobster was founded in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida, by Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby. The original restaurant was called The Green Frog but was later changed to Red Lobster. The company offers a casual dining experience with a focus on seafood such as king crab, shrimp, salmon, snow crab, and calamari. The company’s signature dish is popcorn shrimp. It is also well-known for its cheddar bay biscuits.

Red Lobster Fish meal

Red Lobster was sold in July of 2014 to Golden Gate Capital. It was also incorporated in 2014. The company has 705 locations throughout the U.S.,  Canada, Qatar, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates.  Red Lobster had $2.4 billion in sales in 2014.

Red Lobster Store Front

The company became the 20th business to drop their advertising from the Tucker Carlson show due to controversial comments made regarding immigrants to the US.

Red Lobster Logo 2

Red Lobster Seafood Company FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Red Lobster Seafood Company?
Answer 1: The phone number for Red Lobster Seafood Company is (407) 245-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Red Lobster Seafood Company?
Answer 2: The CEO of Red Lobster Seafood Company is Kim Lopdrup.

Question 3: Who founded Red Lobster Seafood Company?
Answer 3: Red Lobster Seafood Company was founded by Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby in 1968.

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Ashley July 8, 2019 at 10:33 pm

remarkablethomas@ very bad bar tending staff at red lobster on telegraph in Waterford Michigan. Bar tenders not trained don’t know what they are doing. I ordered a merlo from a young lady, think her name was Pete or something, she gave Chardonnay, she didn’t even know the difference between rum and vodka. Then there was James, he was very rude, wouldn’t stay out of our faces but was never behind the bar when needed. He kept saying b*tch, and f*ck in the presence of us customers, he has horrible work ethics and should be fired immediately. I think Denise Hill is the store manager. I over heard another bartender telling him that leaving the ice scoop in the ice was a health code violation, he responded by saying, “ I don’t give s f*ck” surely you don’t want anyone like that working for you??? I will not be returning to my favorite bar until these two are gone.


Jewel June 24, 2019 at 12:22 pm

We have all of our corporate and monthly meetings at Red Lobster. I took ill and had to cancel something I was having at my home. I thought what better place to have it than Red Lobster. I rented the back meeting room for 15 of us. The manager Sarah was so nice and inviting as she has always been when we visit. We arrive and we are told that Diamond and Ciarra would be waiting on our party, it went downhill from there and quick. The tables were uneven and when a glass of water was given to one of my guests and they put it down, it fell, hit another glass and water fell all over both of my guest (we cleaned it up ourselves). The waitress went to get two more glasses of water, approached the table with the glasses of water on a tray and knocked the tray over on top of my 70 yr old Aunt, two guests and myself. My 70-year-old Aunts hair was wet, her entire shirt and her pants down to her buttocks. My other guests left side was wet, the person beside her face and hair got wet, as well as my face and hair. The young lady felt bad and apologized. I asked to see the manager at that time. She arrived only to tell me she was sorry and would give us 10% off (those who she could see were wet). My Aunt and guests beside her were shivering they were so cold. You would think that was enough, but it wasn’t the beginning. I will make this short and kind. Our food took 30 minutes, orders were wrong, our drinks stayed empty, even after asking for refills several times. We were drinking one another’s beverages and we all ended up running out eventually. We couldn’t figure out what we had done to deserve this service or lack thereof. The manager came to the room to ask if we needed anything. I felt this was my opportunity to tell her about our poor service and ask if the girls were new. She advised me that they both were indeed new servers. I asked her why would she put two new people on a party of that size. When speaking with one of the waitresses, I then find that they both had been double seated in the dining area and this is why we were left to fend for ourselves. I then blamed the MANAGER for the poor service and terrible experience. We brought our cake in, but our table wasn’t cleared, even asking if they could clear the table filled with DIRTY dishes from 15 people eating dinner and appetizers. We had to clear our own table and put the dirty dishes on empty tables near us. We were just trying to cut it short and get out of there before anything else happened because the service couldn’t get any worse, or so I thought. We FINALLY got our checks and it took more than 33 minutes to get checked out. As those who got their cards back (some waited FOREVER) were leaving the waitress runs outside yelling “WAIT, YOU DIDN’T PAY.” Mind you that she brought back everyone’s receipt and I asked her if everything was okay and she said yes. I stopped and asked who hadn’t cleared out their check, because she brought a receipt to everyone at that table. We waited another 24 minutes for her to try and fix it in their system to see what check was open. Finally, I saw the manager in the kitchen and asked that she take care of things. She pulled a report to show that one of my guests’ cards wasn’t charged by accident. The guest pulled their receipt out to see what was on it and it was another guests receipt that had been signed by the wrong guest. It took another 11 minutes to get that straight to make sure they hadn’t charged the other guest twice. We all were charged an 18% gratuity for the worse service I have ever had in my 50 years on this earth. My guests said they will NEVER return again after being treated less than. The manager had a very nonchalant attitude about the entire incident. The young waitress Diamond was bailed out on by the waitress Ciara. Your guests should not have to sit parched because of the poor training of staff member, to include the manager. Your guests should not have to be chased and yelled at that they didn’t pay. Do you know how embarrassing that was to us? I paid you all to treat me like crap, to include extra for the room rental and the 18% gratuity. Our family owns SEVERAL businesses and have been in business for 20 to 150 years ( I won’t say names because I don’t want that to be an influence on how you approach this) and if we were to treat our customers/clients in this manner we would have been out of business a long time ago. Please know that this was the talk of our Sunday and it has rolled over into today and probably won’t stop until the end of the week. What was supposed to have been a very private intimate dinner, turned into an evening of chagrin.


Melissa Spruell June 13, 2019 at 3:37 am

Hello Red Lobster Corporate
I am pretty pissed right now. I ate at 1270 knox abbott drive, Cayce SC last night: food was luke warm ×3 guest, dried out ,, old brown lettuce on my salad & a waiter who appeared dazed or tired. He heard our compkaints but kept moving & we were starved. I am at work now & now i feel somthing hanging out of my fush & it us a piece os red/burgundry hair i pulled from my fish. I saw a waitress that had the same color hair., how did it get in the flounder?.
The quality of red lobster has truly diminished.
I also emailed the manager , but i want everyone to know I mean business about this. I am hot & disgusted, but maily mad at my self for not taking my colleagues else where.


Sandra May 15, 2019 at 10:44 am

My family and I there were six of us went to Red Lobster on Mother’s Day in St Peters Missouri I talk to all the adults and to Orting the crab alfredo plus we had you know advertisers and whatnot anyway there wasn’t that much crab in any of them so they were very disappointed I asked the waitress you know if we get a little extra crab or something or what happened so all she brought us with some extra alfredo sauce very disappointed it was at the one in St Peters Missouri off of the Cave Springs Exit


MARGARET Kubovchik May 12, 2019 at 7:24 pm

My husband and I just had a great meal with good service at the Red Lobster in Strongsville, Ohio the place was packed because of Mothers day, but only a slight delay before hot, well cooked meal was brought to us. Thank you Meredith!

We had previously had a terrible experience at a Red Lobster in North Tampa, but decided to try again. Was worth it.


david stever May 10, 2019 at 7:39 pm

bad bad bad meal for our 64 wedding anniversary. Lobster tail overcooked, could not get out of shell. Salad made yesterday. Sausage not o.k. Will not go back if it is not changed.


Kimberly March 31, 2019 at 1:45 pm

I’m just wondering is it customary for in order to get a refund on my repulsive meal, I had to dig in my trash and bring the already disposed of meal? How humiliating‼️ I asked the Culinary Manager Terrell J. Mace (while filming him) and letting him know that I would be taking this to Social Media because of his nonchalant attitude about the situation..


Debra Moore March 31, 2019 at 10:12 am

Visited the Red Lobster located at 8200 Springboro Pike Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 on March 30th, 2029 about 5/5:30 pm. Waitress was very friendly, when she bought our bill to us, we gave her a $20.00 cash tip along with our card. When she returned with our receipt to sign, I put a zero with a line drawn thru the 0 and then wrote the total on the line that said we agree to the said amount of the bill. The bill was $93.06, upon leaving the restraunt we stopped at a ATM and notice our account was missing some money after further checking we saw where Red Lobster charged us $111.09. We call the Restaurant and asked to speak to the Mgr. A female stating she was the Mgr, took my complaint and said I’ll call you back. 5 Minutes later she returned my call, She stated our Bank added that extra amount in case our card would decline the bill, then the Waitress would at least get her Tip. It was a party of two. After calling the fraud department of our bank they said they would never authorized a Restaurant to add any money to our card. The Mgr stated this has happened before and that our bank would release the Additional amount Sunday. I’ll never visit this Restaurant again and I’ll be Pressing Theft Charges against this Restaurant and Warning People who have Dined st this Red Lobster to Check Their Bank Statements


Anonymous March 7, 2019 at 10:02 pm

Location: Cockrell Hill Duncanville, Texas
We have visited this location maybe once or twice and never experienced such a rude and disrespectful Manager. We requested to speak with a Manager about our customer experience, but he never came. So after our meal, we walked over to the bar area to ask again to speak with a Manager and a man who identified himself as the Manager started arguing with us and basically accused us of trying to get our meal for free. I advised this Manager we have plenty of money and don’t need any freebies and all we wanted was to tell him about our customer experience. He then proceeded to tell us that he had a WHITE WIFE, which we both thought what does that have to do with anything. He threw his hands in the air, and walked away WOW how rude. The food was great, my drink was lame, and I NEVER got my water. We paid the bill and left. We may or may not go back to this location, but our customer experience was HORRIBLE.


Ed February 28, 2019 at 7:10 pm

the manager was rude got smart because the order wasnt ready and 20 mins after the time it was supposed to be she got loud told me to leave cause I said I’d call corporate food wasnt done when it was supposed to be the worst service ever


Sandra clayton January 10, 2019 at 5:39 pm

Always enjoy eating at Red Lobster and buying their gift certificates for family members. No more!!! I see they are playing politics now and are pulling their advertisements from Carlson. Red Lobster does not realize it is the older people that eat there. Hope your stupid decision effects your bottom line BIG TIME!!!


Jim January 10, 2019 at 4:24 pm

We will not eat at Red Lobster as long as you pull your ads from the Tucker Carlson show.
You are literally insulting more than half the nation, who agree with Tucker, by pulling your ads from one of the most popular cable news programs!!! We agree with Tucker that illegal immigration is greatly harming our nation. You sure leave a bitter taste in our mouths when we think of Red Lobster from now on!!!!!


Kathy Williams January 10, 2019 at 3:51 pm

I am sorry to hear you have allowed your political positions to enter into the news by pulling your ad from the Tucker Carlson show.
Tucker Carlson should be allowed to express his opinion/views without punishment.


Sue Meyer January 10, 2019 at 11:35 am

I am very disappointed Red Lobster is now getting involved in politics. You should have kept your business separate. I will not visit your restaurants as long as you boycott Tucker Carlson or anyone else who are using their first amendment rights. Shame on you!


Diana January 9, 2019 at 2:09 pm

Red Loster decided to get political by pulling ads from Tucker Carlson so now we the customers are forced to get political too! My family is done forever with Red Lobster or is it Red Libster? Very hateful and ignorant decision on the part of Corporate. See how it worked out for Nordstrom.


Marilyn Farrell January 9, 2019 at 2:00 pm

It’s my opinion that Red Lobster should stay out of politics if you don’t want to lose your customers but, since you boldly and unjustly pulled your advertising from the Tucker Carlson FOX News network show, it seems that you don’t care about offending your patrons. So, I will be boycotting your restaurant in my area until you post a disclaimer apologizing for your shamful behavior. I will make sure to let the people in my city know your leftist views.


John Lee January 8, 2019 at 9:52 pm

I too loved Red Lobster, now I guess I will have to give the gift card I got for Christmas away!
I am finished with Red Lobster, if a person can’t exercise his freedom of speech, which I spent 18 months in Vietnam fighting for, then I don’t need to support such an establishment that pulls there adds from someone who is exercising his 1st Amendment rights! At one time I was a Democrat and it was while I was in Vietnam that I realized where my party was headed, I was already fighting against the politics they were bringing and have already brought to my Country!


Vince & Karen January 8, 2019 at 8:40 pm

Became aware you have pulled your ads from Tucker Carlson’s show. Sure glad I found out tonight as my wife and I had decided earlier today that we would go to Red Lobster for dinner tomorrow night. Well that will not happen. Won’t happen tomorrow and won’t happen on a regular basis as has been our custom. In fact we have decided to PULL our $$ from your restaurant or any of your other restaurants permanently!


Rick & Carol Ryan January 8, 2019 at 1:44 pm

As a previous lover of Red Lobster Restaurants—NO MORE! After pulling ads from Tucker Carlson, we have lost complete respect for your corporation. Why don’t you just stay out of politics with your left-wing, liberal agenda and stick to beefing up the service and food quality in your restaurants. Isn’t that your job?


MaShawn W September 17, 2018 at 3:27 pm

My family (my husband and 7yr old daughter) and I visited Store #249 in Bloomington,MN this past Saturday. We arrived at the restaurant at 10pm, there was no presence at the door to greet us. We waited and were finally greeted by what appeared to be a manager of some sort (wearing an orange shirt). He asked the hostess who later walked up, “where can I seat them”, she replied “don’t ask me”. The manager (whom I’m still assuming is a manager) walks away and then comes back and seats us in the bar. While walking to the table the server of the section says, are you seriously seating me again?”. I then asked if we could be moved to a different section, he told me it’ll be a moment. He walks us back to the host stand while he looks for a table for us. Now, there’s 3 servers at the stand arguing and refusing to wait on us if we were to be sat in their section. I interjected and said “please don’t argue about not wanting to wait on us, we’ll leave”. The manager simply replied ok.

I was so furious to say the least. As being employed for the past 16 years in the service and hospitality industry, never have I seen nor experienced anything like this. My 7 year old daughter wanted to know why they acted that way to us, in which I did not have an answer for. How rude, unethical, unprofessional, hurtful and embarrassing to say the least.

After leaving, I called the restaurant to get the name of their GM, I was told by the young lady who answered the phone she did not know it. I then asked to speak with someone who would have that information. I spoke with Bret who was very empathetic and polite, unfortunately there was nothing he could do to rectify the situation at that point.


William Nuttall September 11, 2018 at 2:30 pm

I I have been treated totally unfairly at the Salisbury Red Lobster. I have evidence and Witnesses of age and racial discrimination. I have talked to the manager and have gotten no results. If I do not get a reply from this vast attempt at Justice I will forward my complaint to the EEOC who already told me I have valid reasons to file a lawsuit.


Debra August 26, 2018 at 4:31 pm

I listed my email address above however I do not want a response to my email address I personally do not use it. It is it is for my outgoing convenience only.

Please respond to my personal phone number at 740-603-XXXXX. I called the number for your restaurants listed above in the recording where I was to choose the restaurant I was calling about was not available I’m calling regarding red lobster that it’s not one of the options listed above. Really?
Yesterday August 24 my husband and I were at red lobster on Polaris Drive in Columbus Ohio. I always generally most often get the rock lobster $30 I also upscaled and got an ear of corn for $1.99 extra. I tasted the lobster one bite it was flavorless. I could not tell it was lobster It had NO flavor. The same goes for the ear of corn. If I didn’t know I was eating corn I would not have recognized what I was eating. I paid the check which with tip was $65. However after letting the manager know so he could look at my plate which had one bite for me and one bite for my husband so he can tell me if I was nuts or not. The longer it went I sat there not eating anything but yet I paid for it I got upset because I really feel he should have given me a refund. It really was not my goal however I eat at red lobster alot and usually do not have any issues . If someone would please call me I would truly appreciate it. Most times I do go to the Lancaster Ohio red lobster. Do NOT email me. Please call me.


jackie morrell July 26, 2018 at 1:34 am

my friend took me out to lunch at red lobster in Newport news, va on Tuesday afternoon and it was horrible. first the server heather spoke so fast I was forced to ask her to repeat the daily specials and menu 3 times. the salad consisted of 1 cherry tomato and a few pieces of lettuce. then my lunch arrived. yuk. I ordered the jumbo fresh fried shrimp. guess again. I was served popcorn shrimp which were obviously prepared earlier and then microwaved. not even hot. gross. the asparagus was greasy not steamed. this is not the “restaurant” I would refer anyone to or (using the term loosely) return again.


Margaret stuckett July 16, 2018 at 11:16 pm

with the endless shrimp deal they served some people all of theirs at once but we couldn’t get all of ours at once we had to wait …


Anonymous May 21, 2018 at 5:20 pm

Red Lobster won’t hire you if you’re white!


Tiffany August 30, 2018 at 9:54 pm

Not true I worked at Red Lobster for 7 years and we have all colors shapes and sizes and the location is in the heart of West Palm Beach Florida where it is predominantly black, I am s Caucasian female and work with 8 other white female servers, and three white male servers, we also have black males and black females as servers as well as Spanish Indian Trinidad and everything in between so obviously if you feel they don’t hire white people that would be discrimination and you could site that on the other hand maybe you weren’t qualified.


Jim Shuler April 15, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Red Loyster makes it almost impossible to contact them.
I am or was a loyal customer but the recent decision to remove ads from Laura Ingraham
show means you have lost my business forever for all of your restaurants.
You people need to do your homework become caving to the hatred of the left.
Jim Shuler


ms stewart November 28, 2017 at 9:27 am


To Whom It May Concern
I would like to share my unpleasant experience at your st Louis red lobster location at 12235 st Charles rock rd. Bridgeton Mo 63044 location on 11/27/2017. I was with a party of 4 was seated at table 7 and Asante was my waitress. The young hostess was less than pleasant upon our arrival yet we chose to stay because my boyfriend wanted to eat here for his birthday. We were seated and ordered a sangria, 3 water with lemon and 1 strawberry lemonade. When our salads were brought out I asked for my salad to be on the side which did not come out with my food so while everyone else ate I was sitting waiting for my dressing. I ordered chicken linguini and admiral feast at this time I realized I never received my potato soup and asked the young lady to get it for me. The lobster tail was rubbery, rice pilaf was hard and the crab legs were not hot and we sent the food back and asked for a manager. I received my soup which was too salty along with the admiral feast and our asparagus that did not come with the food the first time. The manager was very unhelp in resolving my issues. She apologized for the service after I informed her of the issues and asked if we wanted dessert or more food. I replied no because the food I had was hot, edible but nasty and untasteful and I had a waitress that was sneezing with a runny nose. Upon receiving my bill the waitress stated the manager comped our drinks and took off a admiral feast. We had 2 waters 2 strawberry lemonades (that we were not informed were not refillable) and a sangria that we NEVER received and a watered down minute made juice and that clear. The admiral feast she allegedly removed to in order to pacify was on the wrong bill and when asked to remove the admiral feast and sangria the bill went from $43 to $40 and the sangria was 6.99. Last but not least upon paying I tried to use a gift card and was told the card reader was not working and Asante could find the manager to assist but we were so frustrated we just paid and left. My family I spent over $80 patronizing your restaurant and the hostess, waitress and manager demonstrated poor customer service and though we paid the bill because boyfriend insisted I am highly upset because my boyfriend and his brothers birthday was ruined and the only thing the manager kept offering was dessert and free drinks that were horrible anyway. This is not acceptable and feel I deserve some type of compensation after the evening we had. I usually wouldn’t write a complaint letter I attempted to have lunch at this same location a few months ago after 35 minutes I never received my soup nor salad and I cancelled my order and left which I could not understand because it was not overly busy. I am going to attempt to contact the general manager but this store definitely need to be addressed on how they are treating their customers and what is and not proper behavior and treatment. I hope someone reads this letter and decides to address these issues. Thank you In advance for you time and I look forward to hearing from you.



Rose R & Husband October 23, 2017 at 3:50 pm

HI, I called in an order to pick up, 3815 South Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78745. A nice man named Michael took my order. It was for the Endless Shrimp, 2 orders for me and my husband. He took his time answering all my many questions. He was friendly and professional. When I arrived I had to wait a few minutes for my order. I asked to talk to a manager, I spoke with Mayra Allala. Diane Schramek was not there. Mayra was also professional, friendly and polite. I also talked with Dianna Olivres the Host. Mayra called up Michael Espinoza, the Service Manager from the back, he’s the man who took my order over the phone. All 3 people, Dianna, Mayra and Michael were super wonderful friendly great people. We all talked for about 10 minutes. Until my order was ready. you were not busy yet, so no one walked in yet to be seated. I told them all how great it was to talk with and deal with professionals. Yet they were friendly too. The food was perfect as always. We usually save Red Lobster for Special Events, like both our birthdays in February. But we saw the commercial for Endless Shrimp and tried the order and pick up. We liked it a lot and will try it again sometime. The food was hot, good and fresh. I wanted to be sure that all 3 people I talked to, have their manager’s / Supervisors see this comment. It’s good, hard working, friendly, professional and nice people like: Michael Espinoza. Mayra Allala and Dianna Olivres who work at Red Lobster who represent your company in a positive and friendly manner. Thank you again Red Lobster and please pass this message to everyone involved. Thanks, Rose & Larry


Mel Oro September 28, 2017 at 12:49 pm

Had an exceptionally horrible experience a few weeks ago. I have emailed them about it a few times with absolutely no response. But then again, why would I expect a response from customer service when I cannot even get acceptable customer service when I am actually in their restaurant.


Dave September 24, 2017 at 11:13 pm

Tonight my family and I went to the Diberville Ms in the promenade shopping center….we ordered 2 endless shrimp 1 glazed chicken breast 2 children dishes…..drinks all the way around….first I must this isn’t the first time we had dinner thier….but I will say that was the worse food and service we have ever had….tne waitress was off her game and the kitchen was messing up dinners …..we saw the manger she offered 1 dinner taken off….the waitress after speaking with manager was very rude….spoke with manager again and she didn’t seem to care…..the treatment and behavior was very unprofessional food sucked service was even worse…..i would not recommend this location ….what an embarrassment this location provide to be


Ron July 29, 2017 at 9:54 pm

My wife & I had the King Crab this evening @ the Red Lobster in college station Tx. The food & the service could not have been any better. Have had issues in the past but they definitely redeemed their selves today. Thanks Shaelyn dukes for making it such a great day.


Brenda Hammonds July 27, 2017 at 5:17 pm

I have already sent a message regarding my visit which was totally emabarrassing and degrading. My visit was to the Mesquite Tx store. I call foul play with the manager there and how the place is run according to him and what you advertise and show both online and on television. I am referring to Crab Fest and ordering CRAB CAKES AND CRAB-OSCAR SALMON and not receiving crab cakes but a teaspoon full of something they called crab cakes which was looked more like crumbled moist bread covered with 4 pieces of shrimp on each so call crab cakes. I was made to feel like an idiot for complaining and bringing this to the managers attention. I have a large family and we eat there a lot. From here on in we will find another seafood place to go.


Dinah Hughes-Ford July 20, 2017 at 8:10 am

I am done with Red Lobster. Back in the day; it was the place to go for all special occasions. the food was delicious, the quality and quantity of the meals were well worth waiting for. The food now is nothing to write home about. dried up, tiny portions on luncheon menus. it’s really embarrassing.. I usually get gift cards to go to Red Lobster, but every since I found out that I could use that same gift card at Olive Garden; I made the switch and have not regretted it one second.

You should go on Undercover Boss, as a C. E. O., and find out what’s going on for yourself. You can’t be this blind as to what is going on. Come out of your ivory tower and see what’s going on in the restaurants that you are heading up that use to have top ratings, until then, I am switching my gift cards to Olive . I am very disappointed.


Maggie July 17, 2017 at 4:14 am

You need to fire everyone from the genera manager to the staff at the Durham nc 27705 location.
Worst service and horrible I don’t want to work or do anything attitude.

Talked to Duke coworkers and they all said they would have saved me a trip to this crappy location.


Maggie July 4, 2017 at 11:24 am

7/3/2017 3pm tried to celebrate my 32nd bday never ate at a red lobster visited Durham nc 27705 location. Empty restaurant was ignored by two staff finally seated after 6 mins at a dirty table that had to be cleaned again. Our waiter was running the bar too and told us several times to come find him if we needed anything. No water was offered, honestly after 15 mins we asked for biscuits and we were served two. Two biscuits. After 30 mins my shoes were soaked w water I complained (not having been given any drinks I didn’t spill mine trying to get a free meal.) manager explains the people
Before us had spilled their drink and no one cleaned. Well thanks for seating us in an empty restaurant at a dirty a** table.
I didn’t pay 88$ to have to go find my waiter who told me several times in an annoyed tone to come find him bc he had
To run bar too. What did I pay for: crappy service, a dirty table, a wet floor covered in soda, two f-ing biscuits, and a bad attitude from the manager. Honestly f**k this restaurant.
They were rude, the food was under cooked. And honestly a fast food place would have been better for my bday. My bad for trying to eat here. I should ran when they had to reclean the table and acted like I was the pain In the a**. Emailed their corporate twice and no one has attempted to contact me. No shock there.


Anonymous June 6, 2017 at 8:32 pm

Red Lobster Corporate,
I am an employee working at the Red Lobster in Oceanside CA,
2471 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92054
I love my job at this restaurant. My co-workers are amazing and friendly and we feel like a big family. But there are some things going on at this restaurant that I feel that the Corporate office needs to know. The GM, Sarah, has seriously been mistreating not only servers, hosts, SA’s, bartenders, and kitchen staff, but other MANAGERS as well. She continually picks on certain people, to the point where these people are in tears. One of our best managers, Tina, was off for a few months due to an injury, but she decided not to come back because of the way she was treated by Sarah. Sarah continually scolded and yelled at Tina in the presence of the kitchen staff, to the point where Tina was in tears. Sarah also picks on a number of other employees here as well. She plays favorites and lets a small number of people do anything they please (like being on their phones or sitting in the break room, or standing around talking to other employees), but then berates and scolds other people for doing the exact same things. She gets into our personal business and scolds us for things that have absolutely nothing to do with our work (like things we do outside of work in our personal lives). We have recently had a number of employees quit because of the way they are treated by Sarah. We get frequent visits from the District Manager, Kevin, but Sarah is always following him around so no one ever gets a chance to complain or comment on how we are treated. There are so many people here that rely on our job at Red Lobster to pay bills, and it is deplorable that we are being treated the way we are. Everyone cringes and has to walk around on egg shells whenever Sarah is in the building. There are several people that can be interviewed or contacted with complaints of mistreatment, or (frankly) abuse from Sarah. I am reaching out to the Corporate office for all of us here that are being treated like dirt.
Thank you for your time
An employee who loves her job


Maggie July 17, 2017 at 4:16 am

They don’t give a fudge about you the location.
They run a crappy operation, serve undercooked seafood. Make excuses for their crappy racist service.

For real do your life a favor and quit!


Cynthia Duncan May 15, 2017 at 12:29 am

May 15, 2017, My son and I went to RedLobsters on 29980 Plymouth Rd,
Livonia, MI 48150 for Mothers Day! What a horrible and unprofessional environment all together! From the time we came through the door…I watched and heard the Hostess continually be rude towards the callers on the phone and talk about the customers out loud and ever the business of the servers! Along with a few other servers and staff members with her! The matters of the employees is something G that should not be discussed where the patrons can hear! The clowned around the entire time! Also…there we’re many available tables empty and we overheard the server and hostess talk about how one of the servers didn’t want to clean off the tables! There we’re so any guest waiting to be seated…for a party of two…over an 1 1/2 …why is that when we saw many tables uncleaned and empty???? We also heard one of the servers say to the host to slow down the guest to be seated until 8:30 pm…which was about a hour or so after we were leaving! The restaraunt was a mess..debris everywhere! Me and my son was seated in the back near the kitchen…the music playing from the kitchen was loud, and it took away from a good dining experience even the more! I felt like I was in a club somewhere…a place I do not go! Smh! The food…my biscuits we’re all broken up…like the basket had dropped on the floor and the threw them in there! My so ordered shrimp Alfredo..the shrimp were like micro mini shrimp…way to small for the price…my food I didn’t have complaints about…but the one thing I can say good…we had a very pleasant Waiter! Very kind…slow…but because it was Mothers Day…I’d five him a pass! Second time in 8 months going with same experience! I gave them another chance because I try to be optimistic and I know that restaurants can sometimes have bad days…but as for me…2 strikes… your out! Terrible atmosphere and workers who need to be groomed on Professionalism 101! I will be calling Corporate tomorrow! Dd


Kimberly Ware May 2, 2017 at 2:52 pm

To whom this may concern, My husband and I took our parents out to Red Lobster on XXXXberland in Illinois (Location #0274) for their anniversary. First we had to wait at least 15-20 minutes for a table when they had several tables empty available(excuse didn’t have enough waiters), then we were not greeted right away from the waitress, we was given cold biscuits, when we complained to the waitress about no liquor in the drink–her response was I saw them put it in it instead of say I will take care of it, It took forever for our food to come and when we asked our waitress about it she said they gave me 5 tables and this is only my 2nd day. We found out that she LIED about that, we was told that they didn’t have anyone new. We did bring this up to the manager that was on duty, but nothing happened. We was charged with something that our waitress Elizabeth just put on one of our plates that we didn’t ask for. My husband had to go back to Red Lobster the next day for a receipt that we was not given the night of our dinner 4/24/17. Our overall visit at Red Lobster celebrating an anniversary was very horrible.


Susan Keller March 5, 2017 at 10:20 pm

March 5, 2017

Red Lobster Executive Leadership Team,

As a regular dining customer at the Owensboro, KY Red Lobster, I am writing to share with you the consistently positive experiences my husband and I have at this restaurant. Red Lobster is by far our favorite restaurant and we eat there at least once weekly. I routinely complete the customer surveys but have wondered how far up the chain my comments reach; therefore, the purpose of this email.

The Owensboro, KY restaurant has an amazing crew on site, from the hostesses to servers and managers. Everyone is so friendly, which gives the restaurant a welcoming atmosphere. The servers are very knowledgeable about the menu and don’t hesitate to answer any questions we may have or offer suggestions. The managers are visible throughout the restaurant, often checking on their customers. I’ve even seen the managers bussing tables and delivering food to their customers on busy nights. What an example they are to their servers!

My husband and I recently started a low carb diet. As I previously mentioned, we eat at Red Lobster weekly and were concerned that the diet would prevent us from eating there as often as we would like. The Red Lobster nutrition facts doXXXXent the total carb content for our favorite entrée, Garlic Grilled Shrimp, as 26 grams; however, after talking with one of the managers, Andy, we learned that rice accounts for most of the carbs in the entrée, not the shrimp. We were both thrilled when we learned our favorite entrée, along with a salad and steamed broccoli, fits perfectly into our diet! Last week we informed one of the managers, Karen, that we are on a low carb diet and she suggested we try the roasted green beans with mushrooms; oh my goodness, they were delicious! I’m so glad Karen took the time to show interest and offer such a great recommendation.

The only responses some corporations receive are negative ones from unhappy customers; and unfortunately, those are the ones that often go viral. That’s why I felt strongly about contacting a Red Lobster executive to report our positive experiences at this restaurant. So, KUDOS to the staff of our favorite restaurant…..the Owensboro, KY Red Lobster!!!


Olga Colon March 2, 2017 at 11:08 am

Dear Corporate,Management and Franchise owner.

On 3/1/2017 I visited the 2090 Bartow ave Bronx, NY 10457 location @ 8:45 PM.
In a great spirit arrived to my table removed my coat only to have to put it back on 5 minutes later. WE WERE SEATED UNDER 2 VENTS. looked up to see whats was making it so cold i seen 2 of the most dirty vents. i came to celebrate so i ignored it.
the orders were: 1-Ultimate feast and 1-Lobster fest Surf and Turf Plus a side of Shrimp Scampi and 2 sunrise drinks.
salad came- the lettuce were soggy like it had sat in dressing before hand.
Food arrived -Ultimate dish:Every item on the dish except the fried shrimp arrived luke warm I KNEW I HAD TO EAT FAST TO EAT SOME WARM FOOD AS THE VENT WAS HIGH OVER MY TABLE(eating fast caused a belly ache that lasted all night).
my king crab legs were EXTREMELY EXTREMELY SALTY could not eat.
Surf & Turf dish: arrived without shrimp topping that was bought out later and due to the cold butter in the shrimp got hard quickly made it impossible to eat.
couldn’t wait to leave.
not sure if the coldness is intentional but just soyou know people spend more money when they are comfortable. I SURE WOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE DRINKS: I WAS THERE TO CELEBRATE. while waiting for my ride other customers were waiting for there ride also complaining about the food and how they gave no tip. My bill was $96+ and i paid 114.+ i did tip because it wasn’t the waiters fault. The kitchen sets the waiter up to fail and that’s sad given the rate of pay. seems like there plenty to fix.

I do expect a reply to this compliant also hoping it does not take long
The bill was paid with my fiances card name on card R. Bernard


Anonymous February 19, 2017 at 5:43 pm

Same… I also work at a red lobster. They promised that hard work gets you hours. I’ve stayed late when asked multiple times, fixed alot of mess ups from prep that has been there longer than me. I don’t even get breaks. After telling my gm about the poor work that my co-workers were doing and having pictures to back it up and she cuts my hours to 1 day. So much for the promise of hours. I’m going to the labor board in my town and file a report on my red lobster.


jerlesha calahan February 18, 2017 at 1:22 pm

RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY MANAGEMENT!!! Baton Rouge, La This was my very first time eating at red lobster, I’ve always heard great things about the food so I decided to spend my birthday there. First impressions to me are EVERYTHING!!!! My first experience was HORRIBLE. I live over 40 miles away and come that far to rude behavior. I ordered a dish that I’m familiar with but never had it from their restaurant. I ordered the stuffed tilapia but when I got my food it was smothered with sauce. I like the sauce but it was so much that it made my fish soggy and runny. I brought this to my waitress attention and she was very nice (Billy Jean) and she said she will take care of it. Soon after the manager come out of nowhere rude as can be stating ” it was brought to my attention that there some food was sent back and after I responded yes he asked me why what was wrong with it WITHOUT APOLOGIZING I told him it was too much sauce and I didn’t like the texture. He then said ” well ima take this back but whatever else you get you cant send it back. I had no response but ok, then I just cancelled my entire order. He goes on to say this isn’t ice cream its not gonna always taste the same. This made me furious! I am a paying customer and I drove over 40 miles just to enjoy a night out after work. This ruined my entire night. I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE EAT THERE AGAIN!! Something needs to be done about this.. My family members spent over 200 at this place and was treated like this by MANAGEMENT!


Elalee February 4, 2017 at 10:17 am



ELALEE February 4, 2017 at 9:23 am



john allen schmidt December 23, 2016 at 11:20 am

i had a problem at the red lobster in saginaw, mi dealing with my gift card and the waiter said he took the amount off and even showed it to me that he did and my friend and i still was eating and when it was time for our bill he gave us a different amount which he did not take the gift card off. he apologized and took the bill back and then he came back and told us that the machine was down and that we could not use the gift card. i told him that he told us that he said he already used it towards our bill and that i got two different bills and he replied that it was a mistake. i got upset and asked for the manager and by then my friend got up and went out to the car embarrassed and upset. the manager came and explained to me that the machines were down but i told him that what i was upset is the waiter came and told me that he took the gift card amount off the bill and gave me two different amounts and never did take it off. all the manager did at first was apologize and i told him not only i was upset but now i have to go home with my friend who is going to be upset with me and then he took down my name,address, and phone number and was going to mail a gift card and he gave me his card and told me to call him if i did not recieve anything. well, a week went by and nothing and so i called him and he claimed he mailed one and i told him i am not lying and he again took my address. well, another week has gone by and still nothing. my name is john schmidt address is saginaw, mi 48601 and my phone is (989)753-XXXXX and the manager name is nelson chaffer 4141 bay road saginaw, mi 48603 phone is (989)793XXXXX. thank you


Diane dalton October 30, 2016 at 5:37 pm

My husband and I was at red lobster sat Oct 29 2016 on millet lane in Dayton Ohio we had never experience service that we got that night it was the worst service we got it took us 10 min to get seated when the place wasn’t that busy and there all kind of empty seats once we got seated it took our waiter another 10 min to come and take our drink order while he was getting drinks order my husband order an appetizer pick two we pick the calamari and cheese stick that’s not want we got we got just calamari we both orDer 2 abmiral feast dinner when he brought them out they were cold we had him take them back and warm them up the manager saw him bringing them back and told him to take us another one now knowing this you would think the manager would and apologize to us nope that didn’t happened never seen them I want my money back for experiences suckered really bad services my name is Diane Dalton Dayton Ohio phone number is 937-279-XXXXX my email is ddalton5 at woh.rr.Com and I would like a response back


Anonymous July 12, 2016 at 6:09 am

Hello Red Lobster Corporate,
I’ve finally decided to take my experience as an employee and still an employee working for Red Lobster 108. Being a loyal and hardworking employee for this company for 4 years now I have a lot on my chest. So many unethical things happen in my work area everyday that its becoming a shame to work for such a company. A place where hardworking employees can’t move their way up in the company, having all the credentials needed but because the GM laughs in your face and brushes your dreams off like its unimportant. Where one or two employees mingle with female managers outside of work and are given the right to sit in the office and not do any work throughout their shift. A place where the GM is at work all day but does not ONCE acknowledge HIS employees or customers as he walks around the restaurant. A place where I call off once because I had an car accident and the GM decided to schedule me ONE day for the NEXT THREE weeks as a “punishment” not thinking ever once that I am human and I live off of this job and pay my life with it. A place where servers are to be assigned a 3 table section, as company rules say but because the management wants to save money and not pay employees they put one server in an entire back room and one server in the entire bar area where we serve alone a 9 table section. The management gives you two days a week to work and then compares your sales to someone who they schedule 5 days a week. Management throwing servers on large parties of 15 or more alone. I have worked quietly everyday for this company but I no longer can keep my silence in what is going on in my work area, things that corporate are unaware of. Ever since we have gotten our new GM Rich, I’m sure the numbers and money looks much better in those corporate offices but you are unaware of all the things going on in the restaurant itself how the employees are being treated, and the unethical ways. I hope something is done about it soon, too many are scared to speak up but I will speak up for them and I hope I am heard. Thank you,
A hardworking, dedicated employee of red lobster for 4 years.


Fenton Moncur November 19, 2016 at 10:46 am

On most of our visits at red lobster at 2201 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd West Palm Beach the carpet (Smells )U would think the money (Red Lobster) makes give the PLACE a ( Face Filt ) Place Smells Pathetic


anonimus April 20, 2017 at 9:52 am

i working in red lobster company in ocala is alot of problem ther lote rasist coment and estra work but the sad think is aint not body to help and the gm and the rest of the manager they cover evreting all ready have some conplain and nobody doing nothin i try contac a lawyer for so many right right now i can say nothing else because they cam do somting to me o get fire PLESE HELP


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