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RadioShack Corporation
300 RadioShack Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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Phone Number: (817) 415-3011
Fax Number: (817) 415-8870
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CEO: Joseph C. Magnacca
CFO: Dorvin D. Lively
COO: Telvin P. Jeffries

RadioShack History

Radio Shack was founded in 1921 by Theodore and Milton Deutschmann.  The brothers opened a ham radio shop in downtown Boston.

In 1939, the company issued their first catalog and entered the hi-fi audio market.

In 1954, the company began selling its own products under the Realist brand.

In 1962, after nearly going bankrupt, Radio Shack was purchased by the Tandy Corporation.  The company was renamed to Tandy Radio Shack & Leather.

In 1977, the company introduced the TRS-80 personal computer.  The product was a huge success.

In 1994, the company introduced a repair shop into their stores.

In 2000, the company dropped Tandy from its name and became just RadioShack.

Today, the company operates over 7000 retails locations worldwide.


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Star Johnson March 3, 2016 at 4:46 am

I bought a galaxey j3 from radio shack in Longview, WA. less than 2 weeks ago n when I bought it the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted to add the protection plan on it so that way if I drop it n break it or something then they would replace it at no cost to me for up to a year so I said yeah. Well today low n behold I drop the dam thing n bust the inner screen so I get all the paperwork box receipt etc. and go to radio shack to get it replaced n the dude behind the counter tells me that the protection plan doesn’t cover dropping n breaking it n that he can guarantee that the lady who sold it to me did not tell me it did, so I said if she had not told me that I would not have paid extra for the payment plan. N again he said I can personally guarantee she did not tell me that. So I told him I’ll just come back when she’s working n he tells me oh she don’t work here anymore so I told him how convenient I’ll call the corporate office cuz I ain’t dealing with his bullshit n left… WTF!!! How the he’ll can he guarantee shot when his ass was not there for one n for another how does he know if the chik who sold it to me still works there or not I never told him who she was n he never checked my receipt or looked anything up… I paid over $200 bucks for the dam thing plus extra for the dam protection plan. Aghhhhhhhh!!!!!!


Marina February 24, 2016 at 2:15 pm

I recently bought a phone with sprint & the closes location to us was the Radio Shack in Malden, MA. As my mother and I walked in, there was a radioshack employee on her cell & the Sprint employee as well. Neither one asked if we needed help they just both were two busy discussing a youtube video they had seen & laughing out loud. After the sprint employee finally assisted us with her attitude she proceeded to send messages through Facebook as we stood right infront of her. When my mother asked her a question about our bill she then said she wasnt the one who sold us the phone & it wasn’t her problem. If that wasn’t enough the radio shack employee decided to jump in yelling no company will adjust our bill in a rude way. Radio Shack in Malden, Ma has to be the worse customer service we have received & will never step foot in that business again. Employees have no manager in the store so decide to do whatever & treat customers without respect!


sammy February 16, 2016 at 8:40 pm

I been to radio shack at ELPaso Mesa , 2 employees helped us for 3 weeks but finally they didnt know what they were doing took over money never refunded out money . I am still calling for maila and leo they are the worst employee for radio shack .


Catherine January 23, 2016 at 9:29 am

RadioShack is the worse company ever. They don’t care about there employees. In a snowstorm they are making my husband stay at work when the government declared a state of emergency and wants everyone home but no let’s stay at RadioShack and risk our lives.


Rick Adams April 9, 2016 at 3:56 pm

I worked for them for 16 years, Agreed they DO NOT care about their employees at all. If we did not open the store during a snow storm they would fire the person who was supposed to open. They always threatened they have “At Will Employment” I left them over 15 years ago… It was the Best decision I ever made.
I was a SR manager and ran a very profitable store. My Associates were the best paid in the district until “Corporate replenishment” stopped filling the items that we sold the most of. I only go there when I need something and can’t wait to receive an item from somewhere else.


George January 2, 2016 at 10:24 am

Went to the local RadioShack store in Riverview Fl.
Ask the sales associate for help in getting my iPod to connect to tv he directed me to two items that he said was all I needed. Well next day when they did not work took them back to store to exchange them to get something that did was informed could not return them even though had the recite and it was there employee that sold them to me and assured me they could be returned if they did not work. WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANY RADIOSHACK EVER AGAIN.


Kathy Plumley December 31, 2015 at 5:31 pm

I went to the store in Greenville,SC to return a wireless cable i was talked into buying that cost 35.00 i had went in the store to buy a cable for my older computer that cost 15.00 the associate told me this one would be better and i could use it on my tablet. well to say the least i could not get it to work i bought the wireless cable on november 20, 2015 i have been sick and with the holidays i could not get it back to the store until today 12/31/15 they would not give me my money back because it had been over 30 days i will never step foot in radio shack again and i am going to tell everybody i no what happend to me and i am going to tell everybody i know on facebook and ask them to send it to everybody they no i am so dissappointed in radio shack thanks for nothing


jean December 30, 2015 at 3:44 pm

I am a 54 yr old retired widow that was in sales ALL MY LIFE. I was very good at it. I sold cars, electronics for Cowboy Malony in Jxn, MS, Furniture and started out smaller. anyway I went into a Radio shack in Brandon, MS and the salesman was pitiful. He either did not want to sell me the 60 dollar item because it would mess up his numbers or he was lazy and awful at his job. He had no training. He did not want to unlock the item so I could see it. I was the ONLY customer in the store. I asked him if I had to sync it with my phone every time I got in the car and he told me yes. When I asked him further he told me I only had to sync it the first time and it would do it automatically from then on. He either did not want me to buy it or he is a terrible salesman. Either way Radio Shack has a bad enough reputation in this area without employees blatantly being rude and totally not wanting to help customers. He should be fired fast before he runs of more customers. He is a young black man around 30 that was the only person I saw working at 12:30pm Wen. 12/30/15. He may have been the manager but if that is the case it makes the situation worse. I will report this to corporate. I will not buy anything from this person. I will go to a different location or likely order online from newegg. They have better prices and no rude employees to deal with.Brandon, MS 39042


Carole December 30, 2015 at 1:11 pm

I purchased a digital scanner for my husband for Christmas from your store in Roanoke Va. When the gift was opened on Christmas morning we discovered that the incorrect scanner was in the box. The picture on the box nor the users guide matched the scanner. We took it back to the store on Saturday day after Christmas and the young man that waited on us was very helpful and offered to order us another one since they did not have one in stock and we could exchange when it came in. I received a call on Tuesday the scanner was in and I again went back to the store to exchange it. Then the problems began. I was told by Harley after calling the marketing manager Mr Woods that it could not be refunded or exchanged because that model was no longer sold in the stores. I ended up calling Mr Woods myself who ended up telling me how long he had been with the company and that he knew his products and there was no way possible that scanner was in that box! So, now I felt like he was calling me a liar which I felt like he really was. I’ll admit I did get loud with him on the phone in the store and I did not care who heard me. In the end he gave Harley the OK to exchange the item for me if I promised to NEVER step foot in that Radio Shack store again which of course I will never do. I cannot remember a time I have felt so degraded in my life and I am almost 60 yrs old! I honestly do not know how the wrong scanner got put in that box but all I know is it’s the one that was in the box when I walked out of the store in Roanoke Va the day I bought it all I wanted was the scanner that I purchased not the product that was in the box. Very disappointing for a company to treat customers this way!


Brenda johnson November 17, 2015 at 10:38 am

I visited your store at the 1215nw Evangeline thrwy Lafayette Louisiana on 11/16/15 at 5:30 pm, went to purchase the bumper cars for a birthday gift, the young girl name kesha could not find the price of the item, for 15 minutes i watched her go back and forth looking for the price, than another customer walks in and she stop waiting on me to help this young man, i told her i did not like that she could of excused herself or let the other associate wait on him, she called the manager name keith, i explain to him what happened and nothing was said. Customer service at that location is aweful, will not purchase anything again there until something is dont, them the item was on sale finally got a price on it, keith said no refund on this item only, i told him if i opened this box and the cars dont work i cant bring it back, he said there is no money refund but you can exchange it for something else, i cancelled the transaction and ask for main offic number, this is what he gave me 1-800-843-74225, yes i know i have to many numbers, but hes said that’s the numbers. I called and that’s a joke .


John Stewart November 11, 2015 at 3:00 pm

I love Radio Shack. I will be 59 years old in December and Radio Shack has always been their. I hate to see the business failing. If you want to get ahead of the curve, start selling the d.Box. None else has anything like it but in 3 years everyone will have one. Check out the web site for a demo. Put these in the stores for Christmas. It is the coolest invention since the cell phone..
Stream for free $ 0 per month
Sports Movies Shows News
$250 for a single unit


Marge November 5, 2015 at 8:48 am

I purchased a star wars robot on09/10/2015 for $149.00 for his birthday today,11/5/2015.when he opened the box ,there was no robot in the box.There policy is has to be returned in 14 days.When I bought it I went home and wrapped for his Birthday today,so when he went to open it today he thought it was joke.No Joke they ripped me off


Adam Schuchman October 22, 2015 at 6:02 pm

I have been a loyal customer of Radio Shack since childhood. Just 20 minutes ago I was in one of your stores in SW Arlington, Texas buying a few items. While searching my options I over heard 2 employees trash talking about the store next to them. Being very rude and disrespectful about their neighbor. One of the young employees then began using foul language in my hearing range saying several words. Then realizing that I was still in the store he attempted to back pedal and change his words. Very disappointed with these two employees and teaching your employees respect and good manners towards your neighbor stores should be looked into by management. I will be a loyal radio shack customer but will be shopping at another location from now on.


Todd Eblin October 14, 2015 at 12:01 am

you may or may not care about what I am going to tell you but here do’s, I live in Chillicothe Ohio and use your store as much as I can for electrical stuff, and for years I told everybody about your batters and how they were the best hands down, NOT ANY MORE,your people told me its just the pacage its the same batters, WRONG!!!! IF THATS WHAT YOUR TOLD YOU,THEN YOU ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF. But I don’t think this is something you didn’t no, with big stores like your you are all ways trying to bring your profit numbers up, and if you can get a battery made cheaper and sell it for the same money, that’s more $ in your pocket, but that way of thinks is killing this country. cheaper is not biter! your name brand batteries to the ones you sell now, the life is 1/2 of what they were. just so you know, I am a dad that buys 100s of batteries a year for my boys electronics and I will have to go back to Duracell they last longer than your new batteries but they are NOT as good as your old ones. thanks for your Time; Todd Eblin


A Concerned English Teacher October 29, 2015 at 12:44 pm

*You, *But here it Goes., *Batteries, *Package, *Know, *Always, *Better. Sir if you would like to get your complaint across i would suggest spelling every WORD properly. Thank you.

-A Concerned Teacher….


Heather October 6, 2015 at 4:07 pm

I am very disappointed in the new store manager at the south hill radioshack Jennifer, she is very rude to her employees, very unprofessional, and simply not store manager type, I give props to them for dealing with her because I know I would not deal with that, from now on I don’t want to shop here knowing she is there…


Dawn M McDermott October 2, 2015 at 9:44 am

In September 2014 I went into my local Radio Shack, 730 DR MLK Jr Blvd Seffner FL to get more information on the Sprint advertisement I saw on TV. The gentlemen the told me I could get 4 lines for 2 week trial period if I didn’t return them and we could try another carrier. I did just that. I returned all phones and accessories. I then went with another carrier since I was unable to use my phone in my home or at work.

Starting in January 2015 I got calls asking for $1,500.00 from Sprint. I explained to Sprint that I was on a 2 week trial and gave them the Radio Shack information to verify what had said. Everything seemed fine until May 2015 when I start receiving Collection calls stating I owed money to Sprint. I explain the same thing to them as I did Sprint. I was told that Radio Shack would be contacted. Yet here I am in October 2015 and still getting calls from collections for Early Termination fees that don’t exist. The Radio Shack is now closed and there is no way to provide the proof I need to Sprint. I plan on calling Radio Shack HQ and Sprint HQ so this can be resolved, I’m NEVER using Radio Shack for anything again. They have caused me more problems then I ever imagined. I had a credit score over 800 and now that is ruined due to people not communicating.


Monica September 26, 2015 at 12:59 pm

On Monday September 21th i went to your store located on : 12354 Poway Road, Poway, Ca 92064. I was looking for a mhl extension cable 1st the saleman didnt know what i was talking about after i explained him the i had bought amhl micro usb hdmi cable for my samsung I just needed an extension since that cable its only 6ft & i wanted a little longer, finally he understood & found me a cable i specifically ask him if that will work w/my samsung since they are an 11 pin micro & he assure me it would & that was an universal cable so i went ahead & bought it. As soon as i went home i tried the cable & unfortunately it didnt work the male part from the cable that i have bought didnt fit the female part from extension cable so i had to go back to returned the item.
The funny thing was the day i purchase the item the saleman Jim O’Connor was the manager or the “Boss Man” like his business cards said which i didnt know who he was till the day i went to returned the item. Anyways the point is the when i purchased the item Mr O’Connor was very nice, friendly & he even show a little smile on his face……when i went back Friday September 25th (4 days after) the Boss Man got bother the i was returning the item & was a little rude & asked the salesman Damon the was there to go ahead & cancelled the transaction & issue me a refund & slam the receipt on the counter & walked away to the back he was the opposite from Monday.
I dont know why this company has a bad bad customer service it seems like this is a requirement for this company to get hire cuz the employees are all very rude & lazy dont like to work. Long long time ago i had an issue w/this company & i had to told my self the i was never going to buy anything again after many many years has passed by i was a little skeptical to go inside the store on Monday to look for the cable but then i said perhaps things have change & i should give them another chance but now i see that the services have not improved nor the employees no wonder this company file for bankruptcy & finally will not longer exist………………..!!!!


Carlos Escobosa September 15, 2015 at 11:42 am

Radio Shack
Corporate offices

I went to one of your locations looking for an adapter to conect a headset with a single 1/8 plug to a PC with separate 1/8 earphone and microphone jacks, the employee was very friendly and helpful and knew exactly what a was talking about, looked out on his system but was out

On saturday 09/12/2015 around 6 pm I went to your location on 2071 E Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ, I asked for the same item in the exact same way i did on the previus location, your employee on this location (short, hispanic around 30 years old) told me they didnt carry that item, I insisted saying that I had already been to another radio shack location and they did carry it but they were out, he replied on a very rude tone of voice saying he had many years of experience and knew what he was saying and his location did not carry that item.

I printed out the info for the item i need from radio shack web site and I went back the next morning to the same location on 2071 E Irvington Rd, a diferent employee was there and found the item for me, unfortunetly the other employee of the previus night was there too and once again started talking rude to me saying that i hadnt explained what i needed correctly ,i told him I had explained it perfectly, he said he has showed me what ha had, I told him he was lying since he didnt even walked to where the items are, (something you can confirm looking at your store video), he continued beeing rude, so I decided to take video of him with my self phone, he got even more rude and he refused to sell the item to me

I wanted to contact your corporate offices before I made the video I took of him public, I am a regular client of your stores and have always been treated friendly and helpfully

Thank you in advance
Carlos Escobosa


peter September 2, 2015 at 4:27 pm

My Radio Shack lightning cable started coming apart less than 2 weeks after purchase. I tried returning it to the Orange, Ca. store on Chapman within the 30 days with an original receipt. I was told by Sergio that any item returned must be in PRISTINE condition, I explained to him that the product was manufactures defect and could not be returned in PRISTINE condition. After 1 hour, and calls to other stores, a manager from the Garden Grove store instructed him to give me a replacement. SAVE YOUR TIME AND AGRIVATION, don’t waste your money on Radio Shack, they lost their connection to customers. I also had to wait 15 minutes for Sergio to return to the store after his break, The cell phone employees were watching the store but couldn’t help on the Radio Shack side. Good example of a good store being destroyed by bad policies and rude employees


Joseph Sharp August 16, 2015 at 10:23 pm

Hi I was wondering do you fix police scanners I have a radioshack pro 197 and its not receiving like it used to do you think it could be a part inside like t4 I am still using the same antenna I was before same power cord and everything please get back to me asap thanks joseph


kristy reyes August 12, 2015 at 12:19 am

I’m disabled amputee with my left leg removed,tonight at 8:45 I wen o a RadioShack in Rialo off of crestline st and when I was getting helped into my wheel chair by my sister to come in the store to purchase a television cord a worker seen me approaching and closed the door.I asked why are you closing its not 9 yet and he looked at my leg and said we aren’t accepting cash only credit after I told him I was paying cash he denied me entrance.So I told him we drove 30 minutes to get here he then just continued to lock the door.We then started back to our car and as we got in our car my sister called the store to let them know we will be making a comolaint the female worker looked at us and started laughing so my sister said “are serious what a bitch” the worker overheard and said fuck you and flipped us off.I will be getting a lawyer FYI for discrimination.


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