RadioShack Corporate Office

RadioShack Corporate Office Address

RadioShack Corporation
300 RadioShack Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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Phone Number: (817) 415-3011
Fax Number: (817) 415-8870
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CEO: Joseph C. Magnacca
CFO: Dorvin D. Lively
COO: Telvin P. Jeffries

RadioShack History

Radio Shack was founded in 1921 by Theodore and Milton Deutschmann.  The brothers opened a ham radio shop in downtown Boston.

In 1939, the company issued their first catalog and entered the hi-fi audio market.

In 1954, the company began selling its own products under the Realist brand.

In 1962, after nearly going bankrupt, Radio Shack was purchased by the Tandy Corporation.  The company was renamed to Tandy Radio Shack & Leather.

In 1977, the company introduced the TRS-80 personal computer.  The product was a huge success.

In 1994, the company introduced a repair shop into their stores.

In 2000, the company dropped Tandy from its name and became just RadioShack.

Today, the company operates over 7000 retails locations worldwide.


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Joseph Sharp August 16, 2015 at 10:23 pm

Hi I was wondering do you fix police scanners I have a radioshack pro 197 and its not receiving like it used to do you think it could be a part inside like t4 I am still using the same antenna I was before same power cord and everything please get back to me asap thanks joseph


kristy reyes August 12, 2015 at 12:19 am

I’m disabled amputee with my left leg removed,tonight at 8:45 I wen o a RadioShack in Rialo off of crestline st and when I was getting helped into my wheel chair by my sister to come in the store to purchase a television cord a worker seen me approaching and closed the door.I asked why are you closing its not 9 yet and he looked at my leg and said we aren’t accepting cash only credit after I told him I was paying cash he denied me entrance.So I told him we drove 30 minutes to get here he then just continued to lock the door.We then started back to our car and as we got in our car my sister called the store to let them know we will be making a comolaint the female worker looked at us and started laughing so my sister said “are serious what a bitch” the worker overheard and said fuck you and flipped us off.I will be getting a lawyer FYI for discrimination.


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