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Perkins and Marie Callender's, LLC
6075 Poplar Avenue Suite 800
Memphis, Tennessee 38119

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Phone Number: (901) 766-6400
Fax Number: (901) 766-6482
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CEO: Jeffrey D. Warne
CFO: Fred T. Grant Jr.
COO: Jim Frank

Perkins Restaurant History

Perkins Restaurant was founded in 1958 by brothers Matt and Ivan Perkins in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally named Perkins Pancake House, the company began franchising in the early 1960’s. The company purchased another chain of cafe’s, Smitty’s, and renamed themselves, Perkins Cake and Steak. In 1987, the company renamed itself Perkins Family Restaurants.

Today, Perkins also owns Marie Callender’s restaurants. There are currently about 400 Perkins restaurants in 33 states, as well as 5 Canadian providences and 68 Marie Callender’s restaurants in 6 states. In 2005, the company had annual revenue of $352.3 million, as well as 25,000 full time employees. The company has headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and was acquired by the private investment firm  Wayzata Investment Partners. The company has closed 65 locations, including all restaurants in Western New York, and laid off approximately 2,500 employees.

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Gerald P. McCauley August 6, 2017 at 10:43 pm

Flying J Truck Stop
Address: 2000 Clements Rd, Pickering, ON Canada L1W 4A1
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: (905) 428-9700

I have never been to such a dump. This location has nothing, for staff none food pre-made Ham and Cheese on a sub bun at least a week or more old. this was all there was to pick from for food, Coffee was so bad You could not drink it.

The only good thing was lots of parking, This is not a Truck Stop that I will ever be stopping at again.

For such a Company that has great service across the USA, Then this place +has to make a bad Name for them. It sucks big time. As a Trucker’ I would rather go to Tim Horton’s Than stop at this truck stop. I hope the Head Office will send someone out to look this place over. At 1:45 pm mid day on a Friday there was no-one in the restaurant to service anyone. One gets better service at the corner store!!


Kirk Nutt August 6, 2017 at 12:58 pm

I recently dined at the Perkins store on south Oneida st in Green Bay WI at about 12:30 PM I found the pace (FILTHY) With very few customers I would love to meet with District mangier to show a photo I took I would guess there was 7 people on duty only one working I have been a Loyal customer for over 40 years things don’t change I will find elsewhere to dine


NIC CHURCH July 18, 2017 at 11:23 am

i ‘m the presdent of city council in Conneaut Ohio and glad that perkins resturant is in our community. However what i’m not pleased with is the parking lot. I just got off the phone with
‘ unique ventures ” in Erie PA and they said their is nothing they could do because it is being sold. Some of the holes are 7 to 8 inches deep and 3 to 5 feet wide. I say to you this is how you treat your customers? Many nice cars and older people come to perkins everyday . Myself , I go 5 times a week. To hire someone to just fill the holes not pave the lot would be nice. but to do nothing is absurd. The management and all who work at the perkins in Conneaut are a dynamic group of people.. I would like to hear from somebody about this problem. people have almost fallen and we have had some near misses with automobile accidents as people try and drive around the deep holes .
Thank You
Nic Church
President of City Council


ANITA LOCASHIO July 16, 2017 at 1:38 pm

7-16-17 Hello, I had a hard time finding your information,while doing searches,but glad I found it. My complaint is with your Fort Myers Fla franchise 33912, & my 90 yr. old neighbor has too. I gave her your information, so she will be contacting you also. Sally Johnson. I called this Restaraunt & they never answered the phone..Several times. When I did get a person, I asked if she was busy,, & she said, No…..? I was trying to order Fried shrimp dinner to go, & was put on hold, 4 ever! I gave up & hung up…My whole family & friends eat there frequently, & we also buy the Silk pies for Birthdays, ect. WHo ever ids managing, there…needs to sharpen up on their Customer Service…We all live next door to them in a 2,000 acre Senior Citizen complex, Jamaica Bay & the Business potential, is great for them. I can’t understand why they are sooo lazidazical? ike I saitill drives, too, but has to be on a walker to get to the front door, ect.She ws ordering her meal to go, & was told she had to come inside.She may not have told the gal, she was disabled, that’s the only thing I can think of…But a little talk w/employees would both benefit their Business, & in turn, your fees & reputations. A little bit goes a long way. I’d suggest they even advertise in our Monthy booklet, & give us Jamaica Bay year rounders a discount, from time to time. & I’ll tell you this,they should also include for the disabled,we will bring it to your car@Front Door.It has plenty room, not to block traffic. I hope this helps.


Anita Locashio


Elizabeth Chouinard July 4, 2017 at 1:59 pm

on vacation ate at #3863 1085 Wilkes Barre township blvd WB PA 18702 Server 271 Jason no personality ,appeared like he did not want to talk to us. Had difficulty to look at us to take our order.The baked potatoe was almost raw and the asparagus was burnt and black.Bill was $30.27.The worst meal ever.Usually in Fl where we live we never has a problem.


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