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Pep Boys Corporate Office Address

The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe & Jack
3111 W Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132

Contact Pep Boys

Phone Number: (215) 430-9000
Fax Number: (215) 227-7513
Email: Email Pep Boys

Pep Boys Facts

Founder: Emanuel "Manny" Rosenfeld, Maurice "Moe" Strauss, Graham "Jack" Jackson, and Moe Radavitz
Date Founded: 1921
Founding Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Number of Employees: 10001

Pep Boys Executives

CEO: Michael R. Odell
CFO: David R. Stern
COO: Christopher J. Adams

Pep Boys History

Pep Boys logo

The Pep Boys: Manny, Moe & Jack is commonly branded as Pep Boys. The company sells brand name and private label auto parts and provides automotive services.

Pep Boys was founded when Emanuel “Manny” Rosenfeld, Maurice “Moe” Strauss, Graham “Jack” Jackson, and Moe Radavitz pooled $800 together to open an auto parts store in 1921.

They named the store Pep Auto Supplies after Pep Valve grinding compound that they sold in the store.

In the early 1930’s Pep Boys had 40 stores in Philadelphia and had expanded to the West Coast with a store opened by Manny’s brother Maury.

Pep Boys store front

In 1946 Pep Boys went public, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PBY.

Today Pep Boys operates 568 Supercenters, 225 Service and Tire Centers, 6 Pep Express stores and 8,300 service bays in 35 states and Puerto Rico.

Pep Boys is a member of the S&P 600, is #928 on the Fortune 1000, has 13,874 employees, and had $2.07 billion in revenue in 2013.

In 2015, Pep Boys was acquired by Icahn Enterprises and operates as a subsidiary.

In November 2018, the company announced that they were introducing a program where customers could purchase tires from Amazon and have them delivered to Pep Boys for installation.

The company pulled advertising from Facebook after discovering that Cambridge Analytica had breached the personal information of Facebook users.

pep Boys Logo 2

Pep Boys FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Pep Boys?
Answer 1: The phone number for Pep Boys is (215) 430-9000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Pep Boys?
Answer 2: The CEO of Pep Boys is Michael R. Odell .

Question 3: Who founded Pep Boys?
Answer 3: Pep Boys was founded by Emanuel "Manny" Rosenfeld, Maurice "Moe" Strauss, Graham "Jack" Jackson, and Moe Radavitz in 1921.

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Sue Quesenberry May 2, 2019 at 3:06 pm

I filed a claim number 642541. I am still waiting for Chris Sewall to contact me.


Stewart Dew April 23, 2019 at 10:17 am


My daughter needed to replace the tires on her car. She is in Maryland, I am not. I used the Pep Boys website to select tires and schedule an appointment time for the installation at Pep Boys near her. This part of the experience was excellent.

She arrived for her appointment. The tires I had ordered were not in stock. The attendant said he would price match them with a “better” tire. The tires he was offering us were not listed on the Pep Boys website so I could not compare the pricing. Consumer Reports gave them lower quality ratings and showed a lower MSRP than the ratings and MSRP for the tires I had selected. We cancelled the order and went to a different provider for tires.

I selected tires that the website showed were in-stock for the selected location. I did not receive any notification that the tires were not available prior to the appointment. When I called Pep Boys Customer Service, they told me that it takes 7 to 10 days to get any tires from the website to a Pep Boys location for installation. This is not communicated anywhere on the site.

Pep Boys appears to have invested a significant amount in its online ordering system. I was encouraged to use it and was told that I would receive a discount on the installation for ordering online. This part of the process worked really well.

It is unfortunate that the retail experience was a blatant, fraudulent bait-and-switch.


M. McGill March 7, 2019 at 12:53 pm

Some months ago I had my brakes checked at the Pep Boys located at 774 N. Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. The front desk man (I can’t remember his name) was polite, friendly and efficient. He got me in and out in about an hour. He told me my brakes were fine but I should keep an eye on my tires because they were showing signs of dry rot. Because of his excellent service I decided that when it came time to replace my tires or for any other repair I would go right to his store.
Last night my left turn signal started fast flashing which in my experience means a bulb needed replacing. So off I went this morning, 3/7/2019, to my Pep Boys on N. Nellis. The front end guy was not the one I had dealt with for my brakes, but someone named Chris. He went out tried my turn signals and came back in. He told me both front and rear bulbs were working so the problem lay elsewhere – probably a short somewhere. I could leave my car and they would troubleshoot to find out what the problem was, and I’d be charged for a one hour check. I asked how much and he said “99 dollars.” I said no to that and walked out. I then went to a shop up the road and ten minutes later the burnt out bulb was replaced and everything was fine.
Your man, Chris, is a crook. You’ve lost me as a customer and anybody I had previously told about good service at Pep Boys.

Way to go, Pep Boys.


Byron Anderson January 31, 2019 at 7:41 am

Hi! I had a personal mechanic change the pugs & wires on my daughter’s 2008 Maxima, I believe he didn’t seat the valve cover gasket correctly because a day or so later I noticed an oil leak. I live in Orange Park, my daughter lives in Tampa (4hrs difference). So I instructed my daughter to take the car to Pep Boys were she reside. She did and the manager told her it was a power-steering hose leaking (wrong) charged her for repairs and when I went to visit her a week later, I noticed the same leak, she took the car back for re-eval and the manager (Angel Santiago) took her it was a valve cover gasket, I paid for that, vehicle still leaked. I took the vehicle to the Dealership, they repaired the leak, cost was $10086.78 almost the same as I paid Pep Boys for fixing nothing, I can’t get them to resolve the situation.


Reuben Lee December 23, 2018 at 11:40 pm

To Whom It May Concern, 12/23/18

On Friday October 5, 2018, I towed my 2008 Chrysler 300 to the Pep Boys at 2207 E Main st Snellville, GA 30078. My car overheated. John the Service Mgr inspected my car & said, at 1st, I needed a Radiator Fan Assembly for $244.17. Then said I needed a Radiator Replacement Package for $508.94. Then lastly, said I needed a New Water Pump for $609.50 for a total of $1771.70. I said do the work. My car was at Pep Boys until Tuesday 10/9/18 when John called me & said I needed a new engine because they brought in a Chrysler Specialist & they can’t get the timing correct. I called John & asked him how can this be? He told me the same thing he left on my cell phone voice mail. I towed my car to the Chrysler dealer in Valdosta, GA which is 250 miles away at a cost of $930. What John didn’t know was I had the Mopar Extended Waranteed Protection Plan on my car. Chrysler did an extensive inspection of my car & said they are denying my coverage because whoever tried to repair my water pump didn’t set the cams in timing correctly causing the current failure of the vehicle. I called John & informed him of Chrysler’s findings & John told me we didn’t have a work order to repair my car. John lied b/c, not only did I have work order for the repairs they tried to fix, I had a detailed copy as you will see in my attachment file, Also, when I went to to pick up my car to get it towed the next day, Wednesday, service Mgr Albert, I think that’s his name, said I owed $500 plus for the work they attempted to repair. I told him I’m no paying for that. He called John, then he gave me my keys with no charge. What happened is John realized they damaged my engine so they just give me my keys.

This is unacceptable behavior & service from a national brand company that I held in high regards! Pep Boys was very deceitful & lied to me to cover up the damage they did to my car!

At this time, I have no car. I lost my job because I wasn’t able to get there without a car. My life has been turned upside down because of Pep Boys ineptness.

Pep Boys is going to fix the engine in my car, which through Chrysler is $7,000. Pep Boys is going to reimburse me my $930 towing fee. I expect this issue to be resolved ASAP so I can get back on with my life.

This whole experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth from a company I held in high regards because, if you check your records, I have used Pep Boys plenty of times before & recommended them to other customers. NOT NO MORE!!!

Very Angry & Irate Customer,

Reuben Lee


Cynthia Lusebrink November 21, 2018 at 2:34 pm

November 21, 2018
Dear PepBoys:

The YWCA of Seattle | King | Snohomish Counties’ SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) program has been trying to contact your store #1477 in Seattle Washington for a W-9 unsuccessfully since November 1, 2018, for services rendered in the amount of $1,040.17 paid for by our SSVF Program contract. I am sure you are aware as a business providing a service to a Federal Government Program you are required to provide us with a W-9 for our audit records and year end tax records and your end of year 1099 Tax Form upon request.

Please submit TODAY with your company’s W-9 via fax at 425.226.2995 Attn: Cynthia Lusebrink or by return email attachment. Not doing so may lead to debarment by the Federal Government for non-compliance.

Please refer this email to your Tax department or Accounting Department. Thank you for your assistance in this urgent matter it is greatly appreciated.

Cynthia Lusebrink
Administrative Analyst
YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish


Kedrick Johnson November 7, 2018 at 1:55 pm

Hi my name is Kedrick Johnson, and I have my truck getting worked on at Pep Boys West Pike St., Lawrenceville, GA 30046 # 7705131210. I spoke with Brandon and Connor And they are the Service manager .I have a 1996 GMC pick up truck 2500 White color). I took my truck in to get a holes replaced , and in doing so they crack the top of my engine block , they put in a new engine block but couldn’t get the truck started , they finally got the truck started but it keeps cutting off. They called me several days later and said they got the truck ready , so I went and pick the truck up, now two weeks later my truck is doing the same thing ,it is now in the shop with them now!I do not know what to do but I am very upset because I need my truck and also this all happened from getting a holes fixed. Will someone please call me or email me to get this matter resolved. Kedrick Johnson 678 913XXXX kaysupholstery@


Cathy October 17, 2018 at 5:45 pm

On September 29, I had my car serviced in Orange Connecticut, for oil change and winter service. I was surprised that I was told I needed a battery mind had a charge of only 25%, also i needed 3 tires and also front struts,crazy. Approximately $1,050.00. Wow
Since my tires were only 12 months old,battery 2 years old.n

I went back to where I purchased battery and tires, no need for fire not even 20% wear,battery charge 80%. Needless to say distressing.
Then I went to another Auto shop, Sears Auto to get my struts checked and replaced. I also had them check my tires and battery.

To my great surprise I was told battery , tires, and struts all in great condition.
No need to replace any of the items I was told needed to be replaced by The Pep Boys Store in Orange Connecticut.

I am needless to say very very distressed about this.
I feel that I was targeted as a woman that I was a easy target.
I feel Pep Boys did not have my well being in mind and was just looking to make a quick buck


Dale Arnold October 17, 2018 at 4:29 pm

I teach a business class and would like to write to your CEO. What is his or her name?


Dayvyd September 30, 2018 at 11:48 am

I have always heard Pep Boys sucks but I thought i would make my own decision and what i have always heard is rigjt!! I was in there on a Sunday and there where to 2 cars in shop and the butch said they where booked up all day. HORSE S**T!! I also went there a few weeks ago for the oil change special and they told me my rear brakes where leaking brake fluid and the reservoir was almost empty under hood and they left it, didn’t put any brake fluid in reservoir. SUCH SUCH SUCK! Pep boys lost a customer ,good job S**T HEADS!!!!


Monteleone September 19, 2018 at 8:54 am

I have never had such a bad time at a dealer kept pressing me to do other work and buy things I did not want I said no 8 times and they kept pressing I am a disabled combat veteran with strong ties to the community for 45years every one I know will never come to a pep boys again


Claire September 6, 2018 at 1:43 pm


I understand that the consumers aren’t really important to your company because I’ve seen how terrible your reviews are and I’m one of those consumers who was frauded out of almost $900 and still not getting any correspondence from people who call themselves “professionals”. My car has not run normally since I took it to the Pep Boys in Escondido, CA Store #664 back in March. They destroyed my car and my summer because they have been lying and covering up terrible work since March. As a result of their deceit, I’ve had to suffer through excessive amounts of stress and financial burden for over 6 months now with still no true resolution in sight. All I want is the $895 I wasted on a 5-week rental car that I was promised to be reimbursed by the store manager, Ed Perez, and the area manager, Joe Cook. I’ve began filing complaints with the BBB and the CA BAR. What is even more repulsive is that they keep mailing me coupons to their awful store. I was a Pep Boys customer for over 10 years in 2 previous states before this happened. I had always gotten great service at those shops so I don’t know what happened with this location. I’m guessing they were just scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get these “mechanics”. I laughed as I typed that undeserved title for these incompetent, manipulative, lying crooks because that’s all they really are. They also discriminate against female customers which I’ve seen firsthand from my treatment and the treatment of many other women. I also have spoken to former employees of this location who said they quit working their because they overcharged and lied to female customers. Nice to see that some of them had enough morals to leave that awful place. I’ve been told by several people to take them to court and get not just my $895 but also pain and suffering for the amount of time and stress this has put on my life. What is that like about $5000. I’ve been considering it more and more each day I don’t get my $895 refund because as nice as $5000 sounds I’ve wasted enough time on this ponzi company but we’ll see….


B. Mauceri September 6, 2018 at 10:21 am

Pep-boys Customer Service is the most dysfunctional, anger invoking, uniformed, unhelpful, dishonest group of people I ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I placed an online order on 08-19-18 (Order #1500091772) and received an email saying order received. For the following 3 weeks, I sent inquiry emails & made over seven calls to Customer Service trying to get shipping info for this order. No one could get me that info. As the days and weeks went on, my frustration grew. The first few calls started with speaking to just the “Specialists” like Pat & Kyra. They always promised to Email the warehouse, get the shipping details and call me back. They never do. After 2 weeks, I started asking for a Supervisor when I called. It was always a struggle to get one on the phone. Supervisor James would only speak to me through the Agent (like an interpreter). He’s a Coward. He made promises like I will get it shipped expressed – ASAP free of charge! Supervisor Jodian spoke to me & promised to get to the bottom of it and call me right back. That never happened. Supervisors Annette & John wouldn’t get on the phone. I called again on 09-05. Supervisor James was on Duty. I begged and pleaded to speak to him. After being on hold for 15 minutes, I gave up. I called again 09-06 and asked to speak to the Supervisor on Duty (John). I tried waiting for him to take my call. The Specialist (I think she said her name was Ebony) tried real hard to not have me wait for the Supervisor. She would ask me to leave my number and he’ll call you back or He’s on another call. I told her it was okay, I’ll wait. While waiting she’s reviewing my order and informs me the order has been cancelled! WHAT!! After all this time I wasted making numerous calls and waiting, you cancel my order! This truly was such a fitting conclusion to the most frustrating Service experience I have ever endured. Never again.


Dana August 25, 2018 at 7:29 am

Dear Sir or Madam:
I’m certain you don’t care, however I would like to bring it to your attention the Summerlin, Las Vegas, Store located at 7399 Lake Mead screwed up my Jeep. I took it in for an electrical issue, and they managed to fry out my Transmission Control Module. Told me it was all good when I picked it up, and it will not come out of 4H. I didn’t have that problem before I took it in. They are, obviously, relinquishing any type of responsibility, as they of course would. I am very saddened by this situation, and will manage to fix it somehow myself. I just wanted to somehow express to you the damage they have done to me. I hope you take this into consideration the next time you evaluate this fine location of yours.


Dana McGuine


JB August 23, 2018 at 12:33 pm

I have done lots of work with pepboys before. But, I recently had my alternator changed and 2 months later I went back in because my car turned off while driving. So I go into the shop the mechanic saids my battery needs replacement. My battery was 1 months old so this did not make sense. Then he said my alternator needs replacement but, I had this done 2 months ago in a different pep boys shop.

So they said they would be ordering a new part. I have been waiting for 4 days for this part to arrive and so they can fix my car. So not only did I have to dish out money to get my car towed and spend money on replacement parts but, I am also waiting on them to get my car fixed. After this I will no longer be going to pepboys because I have been spending lost of money with them and this has been the worse service I have ever received.

I also recently changed my drive belt and when I opened up my hood the mechanic installed my belt wrong. So I had to point this out to him and keep in mind I am not even a mechanic myself. This pepboys is in hyatsville, MD.


Mary Hill July 13, 2018 at 3:38 pm

Pep Boys installed a hitch on my vehicle so that I could tow my boat trailer and a small trailer.
It has been two months and I still have not gotten my car fixed properly and have not been able to tow my trailers. This was my first time doing business with Pep Boys and will be my last.


Diana EWox July 12, 2018 at 9:24 pm

Nice…get an oil change and the STEAL your NEW TIRES!! Thanks


Ace Schneck June 17, 2018 at 7:45 pm

A diagnostic turned into a nightmare. Complimentary wrong sized fuel lines, a missing transmission gasket, plus a seriously rude representative means I forked out several hundred dollars for my classic car to be destroyed. Everyone’s experiences prior to mine explain my story too. Just take a gander at all the comments ahead of me. STAY AWAY


Al FAIST June 4, 2018 at 5:47 pm

Hi I moved from NJ about 13 years ago now to South Florida (Port Saint Lucie)…
The area is vast in expansion and covers almost 146-147 square miles especially the area Called Tradition… There is a huge area by the Tradition Square that would be a great location for a Entire store and Repair center… Everybody is down here from the NJ,PA, CT, DEL,NY and other states as well. Fort Pierce, Fl. has just added one of your repair/installation centers but no store… The nearest stores are 45 min. to 2 hours away Jupiter and Orlando…. AND YES AUTO ZONE, ADVANCE AUTO ,BENNETT’S, ORIELLY’S AUTO PARTS AREA HERE NEAR BY… POINT BLANK!!!! THEY SUCK! PLEASE CHECK INTO THE AREA… FOR PETE’S SAKE, WAWA IS HERE NOW… THEY EVEN PUT ONE IN TRADITION. BY THE BRAND NEW 8 FLOOR HOSPITAL…


Lorren Wells January 20, 2018 at 12:44 pm

My son had extensive work done to his car. When I went to pick the car up and pay, the system went down. As I was waiting for the computers to recover, I heard yelling in the parking lot. An obviously mentally ill vagrant was yelling at an employee in the parking lot. My husband and 2 year old daughter were in the car and witnessed it. I finally told the woman I did not feel safe and my family was in the car. I ran out to my car and witnessed an EMPLOYEE go after this man with a big hunting knife with a green handle. Once I saw this, we fled! I’ve never been so scared in my life.

Several days later, I spoke with the manager. His name is Mike. He told me the mentally ill man had a gun and his employees were defending themselves. There are several problems with this story:
1. I almost ran into the mentally ill man when I ran out of the store, he didn’t have a gun.
2. My husband was sitting in the car with a front row view and also did not see a gun.
3. Who in their right minds goes after a man with a gun, with a knife??
4. The mentally ill man had left. There was no reason for the EMPLOYEE to go after this man and if the mentally ill man was so dangerous, why would he anyway??

Mike, the store manger was belligerent and how he obtained a leadership position is a mystery. When I called to complain, he concocted this crazy story, insulted me and was screaming at me. He was screaming at me so loud, I hung up. My family and I had been traumatized and he was screaming at ME? My 2 year old saw his employee running after a mentally ill vagrant with a knife!?!? He never even apologized, he was absolutely awful!

I called corporate to complain and was told the district manger would give me a call. That NEVER happened. It seems the faulty leadership goes all the way up.

I will never step foot in another Pep Boys. Additionally, I don’t even think my son’s car even needed the alternator they said he needed. Come to find out he had a faulty connection to his battery.


Emilio Colon December 12, 2017 at 3:21 pm

My cars been to pro boys 6 times for the cat..ive spoken to as high as I can get about how bad the car was done..even melted my bumper and now my jeep sounds like a bona 1,300 dollars later..still no response


Dawn Walker September 16, 2017 at 2:11 pm

This is a copy and pasted from one of my best friends~~ This is the hell I am dealing with regarding Kayla’s truck starting on August 31. We tried talking to the manager, called and told him we were coming into town to pick up the truck from the Ford dealer and would be by to talk to Louis. He TOLD us that he would be back at Pep Boys at 4 pm on Sept 8th. He was NOT. He left to run and pick up some parts from Kingsville. Yall know I dont complain BUT this is over the top and totally unacceptable. Yall know the devastation we had to come home to in Rockport, Texas only to be taken advantage of by Pep Boys in Corpus Christi, texas. NOT happy. We are disputing the bill and have called Corporate as well. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Pep Boys Corpus Christi has totally screwed a Rockport, Texas family (The Walker’s, Dawn & Dave) that lost their home due to Hurricane Harvey. Pep Boys Corpus Christi charged them $1,500.00 for work they were not able to perform. This information has been doXXXXented on the invoice provided by Ford AutoNation who was able to complete the job. The Walker’s asked for 1 damaged tire to be replaced and a brake job performed on their 16 yr old daughter’s truck.
Their daughter picked up her truck last week, not only were the brakes not fixed, they were worse!!! So, the Walker’s took the truck back to PBCC per Louis. Remember, this family is displaced and have to drive 80 miles round-trip to PBCC. They replaced 2 tires, not the 1 damaged tire but also 1 perfectly good tire. The spare tire was thrown in the back of the truck. They didn’t even put it in the spare carrier.
After a week of basically holding her truck hostage, Louis called to let them know PBCC did not have the tool to perform the brake job. So, why didn’t Louis tell them that in the first place? Why did they tear into the brake system, not fix them and send their daughter away in an unsafe car?
Today, the Walker’s went to PBCC to discuss this outrageous bill with Louis at 4 pm because this was a convenient time for him. They drove the 80 mile trip AGAIN and wouldn’t you know it Louis was out running errands. Why is the highest paid person at this location out running errands and is not looking after his store? Why is he not fulfilling his commitments to his customers? Or was he hiding in the back because he’s a spineless weasel that rips off people on a daily basis BUT really takes advantage of them during natural disaster?


Waseema Abdul-Burnett August 24, 2017 at 12:51 pm

My family and I were on the road heading from CHICAGO to Virginia taking my daughter to college and our car started overheating so we took it to the Pep Boys in Indianapolis located 4500 Layfette road. We arrived about 8:00 AM and was greeted by Dave who was non informative and non customer friendly. He did not know when the mechanic would arrive only that there was so many cars ahead of ours.

We left to see if we could find another mechanic that could service our car right away but we could not so we went back to Pep Boys and unfriendly Dave indicated that there were cars ahead of us and they would look at our car that afternoon. So in order for us not to wait in Pep Boys lobby for that amount of time, we decided to rent a hotel room for the afternoon. After checking into the hotel my husband brought the car back to Pep Boys around 8:30 and he spoke to Jodie who was pleasant enough. She indicated she would call him with an update.

Around 9:00AM Jodie called my husband and was told that a diagnostic was done and the gasket covers needed replacing as well as the timing belt and that they had all parts to complete the job so he gave authorization to fix all issues for $1100.

Around 1PM my daughter called and was told they had not looked at the car at that time and it would be a couple more hours.

My husband called a while later, around 3PM and was told by Jodie that there was a part that came in late but the car was dismantled and there were a couple of cars ahead of us and ours would be ready the next morning so we extended our stay at the hotel for the night.

As soon as Pep Boys opened for business the next day my husband was there and he again was greeted by unfriendly and uninformed Dave that our car had not even been looked at!! He again didn’t know when the mechanic would be in but knew that it would take another 8 hours before the car would be fixed!!!

Everything they told us the day before was a lie!!! We wasted a whole day in Indianapolis and rented a room unnecessarily. If we were given truthful information we could’ve made a more informed decision and got the car fixed some where else.

This rating should be zero stars but that’s not an option. We spent 3 hours heading back to CHICAGO to find another way to Virginia. I will be calling Headquarters because I think we should be reimbursed for the night we stayed in Indianapolis.


chickie go June 21, 2017 at 10:45 am

I brought my 2008 Honda CRV to your 1440 E Rt46 Parsippany, NJ store for airconditioning problem. I was told the compressor had to be changed. I got a quote for labor and material and asked for a discount. ( THERE WAS NO MENTION OF WARRANTY INSURANCE INCLUDED IN QUOTE). After the job was completed, I asked my wife to pick up the car as I had to go to work. I didnt see the receipt until this morning and noticed the charge of $42.50 for Insurance that I was never informed nor did I agree to buying insurance.

This morning I went to the store and asked for a refund of the warranty insurance I didnt ask for. The service Manager ADAM MINICA was tactless and CONFRONTATIONAL!. He proposed giving back my warranty insurance if he could take away the discount he gave for parts and labor. According to him, the discount was given contingent to my buying warranty insurance. WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS!.. SINCE WHEN WAS PRICING OF PARTS AND LABOR CONTINGENT TO WHETHER A CUSTOMER AGREES TO BUYING WARRANTY INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He refused to give me the refund and insisted that he will remove the discount he gave for fixing the compressor.

This is not right. A customer should NEVER be forced to buy something unrelated to the job being performed. In this case, there was never any mention of the warranty insurance during quotation. I AM DEMANDING FOR A REFUND AND THIS MANAGER EDUCATED HOW TO TREAT CUSTOMERS!


SHEENA BROWN June 19, 2017 at 7:08 am

Well first off I made an appointment online and i get in at least 10 mins before my appointment which was at 9am The first thing the manager sys is did you make the appointment online I said yes it says too, he got irritated kinda raised his voice and said did you do it this morning said yes it was about 6:45 am when I made it, he then said well I didn’t see it I printed off everything, no one took any paper from me he then said next time call because they book 2 at a time in for those times….. I looked at him crazy and said I just did what it said to do on the internet. it took almost an hour to get my car back for an oil change. And if I’m correct isn’t it guaranteed to be done within 30 mins???? I get my car back i drive it home. stay home all day then I get in my car on6/18/2017 and i turn it on and it says i need an oil change on my dashboard. I read my receipt when it says they may have took off my tires they didn’t even inform me of that in the store I was there the whole time my car was getting done. Why would my tires have to come off for an oil change. And NO-ONE EVEN TELL YOU TO COME BACK AFTER 25 MILES FOR “COMPLIMENTARY RETORQUING” My car sounds worse than what it did when i got it and my alignment is off and i just got it done at tuffys this year not even 5 months ago THEY ARE RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO PEP BOYS SO I CAN GET THE PROOF REAL EASY MY TIRES ARE NEW JUST GOT THOSE TOO FROM TUFFYS MY CAR IS WORSE THAN WHAT IT WAS WHEN I BROUGHT IT IN NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH IT AT ALL . I am so mad then i look on the receipt and it says come back in after you have driven your car for 25 miles because they “might” have taken my tires off, so they can tork it complementary. WHAT The F*** Really i didn’t ask for that i strictly said i just want you to do an oil change nothing else. If they have a camera with sound it shows me saying that at least 6 times plus my wife was right next to me. I am so mad. now i want my money back and I will be going to tuffys right next door to pep boys and get a real oil change. I usually go to the tuffys right next door anyhow but I was tight on money being that I’m a veteran with PTSD and multiple disorders and I’m on a fixed income and finding the coupon was awesome. A high millage change for 29.99 plus tax, but I would rather spend the extra 30 and get an oil change that last for 7,000 miles not 3,000. So I am having huge issue with this company.


Carol Mathis June 15, 2017 at 7:44 pm

I had my oil changed today at the Pep Boys in Casa Grande, AZ. I wish I had gotten the name of the young man who waited on me. He was wonderful. He was very exuberant and really sold Pep Boys to me. They are very lucky to have him working for them, however, the waiting room has not been updated in years. The chairs were stained, the satellite for the TV was absolutely worthless since it froze constantly, and I didn’t bother to try the WIFI. The room was not very clean at all. But the job was done quickly and in a very friendly manner. I was able to use a coupon so the price was good as well. Overall, it was a very good experience. Please update the waiting area.


Mario Flores June 7, 2017 at 10:28 pm

I went to the store to buy brakes for my car.I saw and ad posted outside the store stating 25%off promo ends July 2,2017.So when I ask sales representative name ANGEL he said it’s only online with and attitude like if he doesn’t want to be there,so I told him you have and attitude let me talk to ur manager he said he was the manager for parts.I knew that he has lying a manager is not going to be care less needs to have good customer service. I went and a ask some one else for the manager so he started helping me nicely.But I still think that people like ANGEL should be working if they don’t like there job .Store # is 0603 address 2671 Randolph st, Huntington Park,ca 90280.


Me May 30, 2017 at 8:08 pm

I went to Pep Boys on McClintock and Apache in Tempe, AZ on 05/28/2017. I parked near the service area and entered the store. I was searching for a bulb for a headlamp for a friend. The store employee, who I believe might have been a manager, told me that he did not have the bulb in stock. I thanked him and left. He turned his attention to a customer who had been waiting at the register. As I exited the store and I noticed that they began playing Vanilla Ice, very loudly on the store’s sound system. As I walked back to my car, one of the employees in the workshop in the car shouted out to me, Ni**er, Ni**er, Ni**er Ni**er Ni**er!


John C May 23, 2017 at 2:45 pm

The Dedham Ma store damaged my wheels on the car when replacing tires. I have been calling and texting the district mgr and he blames the delays on corporate. Regardless, it’s been 4 months and I still have damaged wheels, and not driving my car. You’d think that a company that made 2.07 BILLION in 2013, would be able to afford to have the wheels repaired for $375.00. and then there’s the inconvenience of torturing me for the past 4 months and not being able to use my car. Why should I pay to repair damage that they caused? Another customer gone away


EDWARD MILLER May 4, 2017 at 10:08 am

Store #888
6110 Sepulveda Bld.
Van Nuys Ca 91411
These two Store Director , are i want say.
I’m trying to reach out to:
SCOTT SIDER- about the incidents that occurred on April 30, 2017 and May 01,2017

Edward Miller


Tom Futch April 28, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Hello…..I am writing you to find out if the Pep boys in Tucson AZ at 4275 W Ina Rd, has had any significant complaints ?.
We just had a bad outcome on a simple brake job


Tom Futch April 28, 2017 at 12:22 pm

Tele—(520) 904 – XXXXX


lucas feinberg April 11, 2017 at 10:06 am



Brian r March 19, 2017 at 3:11 pm

Absolute a-holes. I go into the warwick r.i store to get a pair of tires for my mothers car. Upon enter the store a blonde girl says to me can i help u . i said I’m looking for a pair of tires for my mom’s car. She said to me (( you can wait over there by the service desk some one will help you. )) I said…. no i want to go look at the tires first. And walked to the back of the store so I could see what brands they had and what the tread looked like on them. This tall guy Dave ones walking to me at the back of the store , and starts talking down time in an aggravated manner. He says . you can’t go back there Thats the storage area. First off I knew that and didn’t plan on it. Second it was not roped off or labeled so u wouldn’t know if u had not been there before.. I told him I knew that you can’t go back there i wanted to look at the tires. In a rude manner He says to me you .ca go to the service desk up front and wait. I repeated again no . I want to look at tires and treads first. Its a personal choice. And the employee guy , Dave is his name says to me. It sounds like a personal problem to me. So I was treated like an A-hole that was not allowed to look at tires and tread patterns. This is or the first time I had a problem there and I , my family will never be back and I will post those everywhere. So everyone can see how theses a-holes treat customers , just so they can steal your money.Absolute a-holes. I go into the warwick r.i store to get a pair of tires for my mothers car. Upon enter the store a blonde girl says to me can i help u . i said I’m looking for a pair of tires for my mom’s car. She said to me (( you can wait over there by the service desk some one will help you. )) I said…. no i want to go look at the tires first. And walked to the back of the store so I could see what brands they had and what the tread looked like on them. This tall guy Dave ones walking to me at the back of the store , and starts talking down time in an aggravated manner. He says . you can’t go back there Thats the storage area. First off I knew that and didn’t plan on it. Second it was not roped off or labeled so u wouldn’t know if u had not been there before.. I told him I knew that you can’t go back there i wanted to look at the tires. In a rude manner He says to me you .ca go to the service desk up front and wait. I repeated again no . I want to look at tires and treads first. Its a personal choice. And the employee guy , Dave is his name says to me. It sounds like a personal problem to me. So I was treated like an A-hole that was not allowed to look at tires and tread patterns. This is or the first time I had a problem there and I , my family will never be back and I will post those everywhere. So everyone can see how theses a-holes treat customers , just so they can steal your money.


Sue Pinnick February 19, 2017 at 4:02 pm

I inquirying for my son. He works at Pep Boys in Stockton. He still has not received his W-2. He cannot get an answer from the store so I thought I would ask corp. what is going on. The IRS states you have till 2/23/17 at the latest to get them to employees. Where is his???????


Alyssa Burt February 15, 2017 at 5:41 pm

I JUST WANT MY W2! I’m a previous employee at pepboys and I haven’t received my W2. I keep calling numbers listed for pepboys HR but can’t reach anyone.


Robert Beck February 10, 2017 at 4:16 pm

I just wanted to let you know how one of your vendors treats a loyal customer of PEP Boys. I have purchased several sets of new tires for Pep Boys over the years, Most of them have been Hankook tires and I feel they are probably one of the best tires on the market. However, I was buying a set of tires for my son’s car on November 29, 2016 and in working with the manager at your Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH location I decided to buy the Continental tires that were on sale with a $70 Visa Prepaid card. I never received the card and I checked with Continental today. They said I did not send them a receipt and the offer was now closed. I mailed the forms along with the receipt since your people had given me 2 receipts so I could file for the rebate.. The people at Continental claimed they sent me a letter and also e-mailed me about the “missing receipt”, and I never responded. I check my e-mail almost every day and never saw an e-mail and ever did get a letter from them on this matter.

I will do my best to help them unsell their products and since I work in the trucking industry I have a lot of contact with potential customers of theirs.

I also wanted to let you know that if this is the type of vendors that you have asscociation with , maybe I need to reconsider where I buy my tires and auto service form now on.


Fermin Diaz September 1, 2016 at 3:08 pm

I purchased a 2 core radiator for my truck maybe 3 or 4 years ago well I’m having trouble with my engine and the mechanic said my radiator was leaking and I could see from the tank to the core connection that it was. So since I didn’t have the recipe I asked the store here in Riverside to look it up in the computer. I was told at the time I made my purchase was the time they were changing over there system so basically I was out of luck, Because they could not find it in the computer. The thing is I spend a lot with money with Pep Boys from parts to repair work. I do not like being treated this way if Pep Boys wants me to continue to be a customer you should replace my radiator. Fermin Diaz Riv., Ca.92503


Sherril of San Marcos, Ca August 6, 2016 at 12:09 am

Hi, I have a real big complaint about your place over there in Escondido. I have brought my car in for several things and I must say your store is turning into a real slop shop. We have a van that is older and we try to give it tlc for that reason.
We contacted your store because my husband said there was water coming out of the radiator . This means to us that our thermostat is not opening and of course we thought of your station first. My husband called and talked to someone there and explained the problem and told them (as well as myself) what we had experienced with the van.

We were told for 34.99 your company would do a three area check on the vehicle. This included a block check, a check for the thermostat and one for the radiator cap. After waiting for 3 hours we got a call from them telling us they did the block check. I asked them to please complete the whole test and they said they would not do that.

I feel that I did not get fair treatment from your store and I would like a credit back to my charge card. I will never consider coming to your store again for any type of work needed on any of my 5 vehicles. Your dept manager and Chris Garcia are liars and should not be ones to represent your company.

Also when I went to pick up my vehicle there was no water in the radiator. We had to practically beg for water and then we were not even given a funnel either to put the water in our van. We also had to do that ourselves after we paid your company.
What kind of place do you have there? I tell you what I experienced , pure rudeness and very unprofessional employees.

They even left the paperwork blank and when I came in to pick up my vehicle the person who took my money started arguing with me regarding that problem.
I want my money back . I will report your failing company to the BAR as well for all of this.


A.Hopson July 14, 2016 at 1:58 pm

I visit this location for a nail in my driver side rear tire. I was told 1 customer ahead of me getting an oil change, usually 30-45 minutes from my experience and the company had signs advertising 30 minutes oil change. I was there over a hour in a half, so I decided to get my keys and leave. But front desk offer to repair tire for free for the wait. John repaired tire 5-10 minutes and I was thinking why was it not already done Ann this guy had to be told again and it wasn’t even busy. Well as I was leaving I notice my steering wheel was crooked, I thought maybe I was mistaking because most car shops will inform customers if something was wrong concerning safety. So I was driving out the parking lot my car was fish tailing at speed maybe 10mph. So I stopped looked at my tire that was repaired and it looked bent. I went back to the shop, soon as I walked in Mr. Torres asked was there a link in tire I told him no the back of my car had play making my steering off and my front alignment seemed off. He to me it’s not there fault must be your car because we only took the tired off. I felt insulted maybe because I’m a women and think I don’t know cars.1st he didn’t listen,rude and to tell me my car was already like that. Well if it was like that why wasn’t it recommend to get fix??.Well he sent the guy John back out and he didn’t even know what to look for told me he didn’t know anything about alignments never looked at the tire that I pointed out to him that he just fixed and but told me I have to talk to some else. So 30mins going I believe the manager came he finally drove my car and say I need an alignment but don’t feel anything from the back tire. He take my car to lift it and show me my back track bar (tie rod) was bent. Its a coincidence that it happen to be on the same side as the tire that was repaired. This guy didn’t even offer to fix it but walked me inside to show me the cost of the part and labor charges which was about $350 in all. I simply prayed on my way home it was like i was driving home drunk. The nxt day was worst as I took it to another shop to get it fixed. The back tire was making a sound as if someone was screaming even the other shop notice the damages to my car just by looking at it from a distance. Just reimburse me out of pocket money for an issue you caused and please help me understand how rust can bend any steal, iron or metal bar upwards??? Don’t u think if it had anything to do with rust the weight of the bar would of went down not up due to this bar do not even move even when the car is in motion. But I guessing immediately being a woman I’m easy to take advance of and don’t know anything about cars but your wrong.


Tony July 14, 2016 at 10:56 am

Well let’s start with the Anaheim Ca location store #0809, called on Monday said I need to get an alignment fines asked if they could get me in the man I spoke with said yes they are open till 9pm. I informed it will have to be towed in he said okay no problem. So I have the car towed in and get there have the car dropped, wait 10 to 15 min before I get helped and they say no, we close at 8. Hmmm funny it’s 7pm so you are open and turning away business okay well bye then. So Tuesday I take the car to a location close to my work in Fontana, Ca store #0680, waited 20 min no one helped while the store employees walked around, no one even asked if I had been helped or get let me go get the auto repair guys. Well finally the guy walks in told him that I needed a front and alignment and his response was I don’t know if we can get you and let me check my appointments . He checks his appointments says yes he can squeeze me and by the way it is 330 in the afternoon and then we start walking out to the car so he could get the mileage and some other information . I drive a Mercedes see 230 it’s a 2004 he tells me that he does not know if his technician knows how to do an alignment on my car . He then tells me that he would have to ask his technician to see if his technician would be comfortable to even do an alignment on my car . He comes back inside from where that other technicians are working and the service garage and proceeds to tell me that their alignment machine does not even have my car on it . So now you have wasted my time. Then I call customer care where they refused to take information from me or take down any of the issues I had with either one of the stores, now this is two customer care reps and proceed to tell me that I need to call the store manager . When I asked to speak to his manager he asked me why I explained to him I just need to speak with his manager that we will no longer carry on this conversation and again he asked me why I finally hang up. Call back a third time to customer care this guy said his supervisor was busy and that they would call me back in 20 minutes. This was over 8 hours ago. I will never do business with Pep Boys again


Mark May 5, 2016 at 9:07 am

Here’s is what happens when you call corporate to try to HELP Pep Boys!

I called Tuesday to inform corporate that the Forest Lane location in Dallas was closed and all lights off at 1PM. They didn’t seem to be aware and took all my information saying they would surly address it and call me back.

Note on the door said closed for power failure and dated the day before on Monday.

I called to let Pep Boys know that the phones were not being answered (closed but no one will know that unless they drive down like I did) and called their “other” location clear across town and Press 3# for accessories but that only puts you back to the SPID press 1# for Automotive 2# for Tires and 3# for accessories. Tried many times to only be reverted back to the SPID so I pressed 2# and someone from tires tried to help me. He said he couldn’t get through and asked me to hang up and CALL BACK! for What! I told you I cant get though on 3# and was the reason I hit you at 2#!! DUH!

So I called corporate and asked if they would have someone contact me and the least management could do was to place a current and larger sign on the door with some explanation of “when they might have their utilities turned back on and be open”. How about leaving a message on the phone saying closed?

No returned call.

I called Corporate again this morning on Wednesday … I THOUGHT… and got customer service.

Can you please give me the number for corporate?

Can I ask why you want the corporate number?

Me laughing… sir there is a reason or I wouldn’t be calling and I don’t feel the need to discuss it with you can you or can you not assist me with the phone number?

SURE and ringing – SPID to another recording asking if I want to donate to a cause etc.

I didn’t catch his name but I called back and Micha (sp?) answers.

Micha I would like to speak to a supervisor.

May I ask why you want to speak to a supervisor?

Micha is it? in all due respect Micha when a customer asks to speak to a supervisor the next thing out of your mouth should be “Yes sir one moment”. now may I speak to a supervisor.

after a couple of bantering’s back and forth he says his supervisor will want to know why.

I said, tell him I am NOW a pissed off customer wanting to speak to a supervisor and my complaint wasn’t about you but now it is!

YES SIR — ring and James answers.

James are you a supervisor?


Great. I called yesterday and spoke with corporate and do not have the number can you assist me.

Yes sir and gives me a number. I AM NOT STUPID so I ask him if it is the corporate switchboard and he says no.

So James is it? Is it going to ask me for an extension or name I DONT KNOW.

Yes sir.

So HOW THE CRAP am I going to know an extension for name to put in!!!!!

So I go to the corp web site and call the number and spell the CEO’s last name ODELL.. NOTHING
so I spell the COO’s last name ADAMS… NOTHING
so I spell the CFO’s last name STEARN and it registers so I press # and guess what? NOTHING but silence and after a while Hang Up.

Here is what I would like to explain to CORPORATE.

I am a customer and a business. I have been buying from Manny, Moe and Jack since the 60’s! let me see.. I am old in the tooth… 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000 2010 .. over FIFITY YEARS!

AND I CALL TO HELP THEM… to assist them.. for other customers so they wont be put out. And this is what you get?

By the way I DID go by again today. Still closed … same sign… no lights.. now phone is consistently busy on the way there (made me THINK they were open).

How hard is it to do a call forwarding to a recorded message Sorry due to a power failure our Forest Lane Store is closed until further notice (or date) orPlease leave a message at the tone and one of our (dimwitted) customer service agents will return your call.

How much do you pay a Manager or Assistant manager to simply make a decent sign and Update it daily… or should I say weekly?

Your bay doors were open so I drove up and was told that they city is still working on the problem in back and hoped to be open soon.

I drove around back and several commercial Non-City trucks were there. So at least we know it isn’t because you didn’t pay your utility bill.

I am very upset with Pep Boys that when someone does reach corporate one day to try to HELP and then cannot reach corporate the next day after many attemps to Try To HELP… has to take the time to write all this (and leaving out much of it) that will probably never be read by a liver person at Pep Boys only to knock a place I have dealt with for over 50 years for your complete lack of service to your public.

How many more are going to be inconvenienced from your total lack of Customer Service and good Relations?

Color me Gone.

Auto Locaters / Dallas Texas


WARD G. JOHNSON May 2, 2016 at 5:29 am

I would like to share an unbelievable experience I had just last Saturday at the Pep Boys located at 4645 Pacific Coast Highway, #803, in Long Beach, California. I came in to have my brakes checked. An employee named THOMAS HARE was assigned to check the brakes. He did so in a timely fashion and reported to me that I would need both pads and shoes. He and the store manager Zeke lined me up with the top of the line pads and shoes Pep Boys carried. THOMAS HARE went through my brakes thoroughly checking everything, resurfacing the rotors, inspecting the system, installing the new pads and shoes and then after it was all done took my Dodge Dakota for a test drive. He returned and made a further adjustment to where my brakes are now the best they can be. He did not over charge me or try to sell me on some other things I did not need. He gave me the feeling of trust I have grown to expect from Pep Boys. If any of Pep Boys upper management reads this evaluation, please be aware of what a fine, knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking employee they have in their employee Mr. THOMAS HARE.
Thank you Pep Boys for hiring such competent and professional mechanics such as he to work so well on my vehicle. Thank you! Respectfully submitted, Ward Johnson; 436 Bellflower Blvd. #309; Long Beach, CA 90814 phone (562) 494-XXXXX


Nick Golden February 25, 2016 at 7:40 pm

Like many others in your comment section. I have a complaint about the service center local to me, in Kennesaw, GA. My mint condition sports car was scratched during a recent oil change and tire rotation. I was not happy, but accidents happen. What has me ready to file a suit over my vehicle damage is the way I have been treated post claim. I have tried to get a hold of the claim specialist assigned to the southeast region multiple time over the past 6 weeks to no avail. Customer service has been of no help and even calling the corporate headquarters has been a waste of time. I have zero communication back from anyone after Pepboys scratched my vehicle. Pepboys I thought I was a reputable company. Apparently not. See you in court.


Michael Ignacio February 12, 2016 at 8:14 pm

I drop my car off at you Waldorf Maryland store at noon on Thursday for a starter replacement, they said it would done in a couple hours, I call back 6 hours later and not a damn thing has been touched on my car so I’m being reasonable, they tell me it’ll be done Friday at 1 o’clock, so I call back Friday at 3 o’clock the guy tells me they let the tech that was working on my car go home early, then they tell me the car will be done no later than 6 that day.. The guy calls me back to tell me they pretty much BROKE my axel, and they won’t be able to finish until Saturday morning. THREE entire days without a car just for a simple STARTER replacement, the customer service was TERRIBLE, never coming back again.


Http:// November 22, 2015 at 3:03 pm

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Allan August 24, 2015 at 12:11 pm

Yes ur Salisbury store I called and talk to a guy name Alan and he said they had the part andi got there and they said they didn’t have the part and I wasted my time going there and I like know what ur going to do about it I be waiting g on ur response!!!!!!


John Myer August 23, 2015 at 3:52 pm

For the past few years I have been in charge of the care of our company vehicles. The care consist of new tires, alignments, and break service. I have always used your store at 2754 E. Bell Rd. Phoenix, Az. 85032. I also have purchased new tires for my own vehicle from this store. A few months ago, I received a $45.00 reward card and I always use these cards to purchase things for the company vans. I stopped at your store at Cactus and 35th ave. to purchase some things and was told there was only $10.00 left on the card that I had just received, so needless to say I left without using it and tossed it in the trash. Went by this same store at Cactus and 35th Sat. Aug. 22nd because I saw a nail in one of my tires. The person behind the counter ask if I was a rewards member and I said yes. He then informed me it would be $10.00 repair fee. I ask him if they pull the nail and it did not leak would it be $10.00 and he said yes. I proceeded to Discount tire and not only did they do it for free but they ask for my business and guess what, they will get it.


Erica July 29, 2015 at 1:23 pm

Pep boys suck!!!!!! The worst service, total liars starting with an oil change saying there were using synthetic oil, charged us for it, turns out its reg oil. Then I bring my car in they can’t tell me anything, nor fix anything, then tell me I need engine mounts for a car with 76,000 and try to sell me tires, really!!! I and my husband will NEVER EVER go there again, awful, poor business and a bunch a frickn idiots work there. It’s in North Hollywood, CA off Lankershim, just in case anyone reads this from there. Just sick!!!


sandra Propst July 3, 2015 at 3:24 pm

I have been going to Pep Boys for the past two years ever since I moved to Mobile al. I really liked and trusted the manager. He was replaced and I have no negative nor positive thoughts about the new one. My problem Is I am a rewards member and without fail I get a service and the very next day my coupons come. The service has always been under 100 dollars so I just fluff it off. Yesterday I went in for wheel bearings and had a 456.20 dollar bill. Again this am the coupon comes for a 15 percent discount. I call the manager and he said nothing he can do. I call corp. and told them the manager said he could do nothing so they said they would have someone call me. Who called but the manager I spoke with and he said Sandra I told you nothing I could do. My car still makes a noise so I know I must so the other side too. They will not get my buisness. I could see if it was a week later but no my visa has not even cleared yet. Corp should let the franchises know when they mail out these coupons. So Done with Pep boys too many other places to choose.


fred bremmer June 19, 2015 at 8:07 pm

6/18/2015 took my 97 suburban in for tires at 9am they said it would take one hour half hour later they said it would be another hour …….3:45 pm I finally got my truck back left pep boys and all my center caps came off and all lugs where loose to the point that I almost lost all four tires … Called they said bring it back .all they did was say for me to get new caps and they would reimburse me for the caps


tom white June 9, 2015 at 3:14 pm

I took my 93 mercury Capri to the pep boys auto center on cerillios road in Santa Fe new Mexico to replace my alternater, $2,000 dollars later two parts and two batteries later my car in no longer running,now they tell me my timing belt needs to be replaced, not only did they break my key in my ignition also left my car outside where my radio was stolen then denied it was thier fault,they need to fix my car and quit being soo rude as well


Ketan Doshi May 28, 2015 at 7:04 pm


I buy my tires at Pepboys and I had put new 4 tires at above Pepboys Store on my 2007 Toyota Camry.

On the receipt they put mileage on car as 125000 miles. Even today it has 81000 miles. Not sure how they got the number of 1250000 miles. Actual Mileage on car that time was 63000 miles. I am bought warranty on all 4 tires.

Now in 2015, I am seeing that all 4 tires are getting bad and one of the tires became bad when my Wheel bent ( due to big stone in front of road ). So out of 4 tires, 1 tire is completely bad and 3 tires had 3/32 thread depth.

So I went to Pepboys to use my warranty. Remember, I have driven only 18000 miles in last 3 years and tires were 60000 miles warranty and I have road hazard warranty.

When I went to store to use my warranty, Susan told me my vehicle had 125000 miles as per receipt , my current mileage is 81000, so they will not honor it and asked me to call after 2 days talking to their manager ( Ross ) .

when I called them, they will only honor warranty for 6$ a tire and so new 4 tires will cost me 516 $.

I feel that this is complete dishonest behavior from company like Pepboys. I will not buy anything from pepboys. First 60000 mile tires are worn in 18000 miles and so I should get 60000 mile warranty, secondly, one tire has become bad due to road hazard and so it should be completely replaced free.

If pepboys does this type dishonest behavior, then they will loose customers like me. I have been using Pepboys for last 8 years at same store and still they treat their customers like this.



thomas smith May 3, 2015 at 2:46 pm

I was injured at your pepboys location in Hanford ca. the door coming and going out of in front entrance has ben a hazard for a long time .even one of your employees has ben hurt on the same door as i was.i emediatley contacted your manager and made her aware of the accadent. my arm was cut deepley and was verry painfull.i was informed by management that the owner a Mr david Delaweler was notified and has not replied to your request to remeady the broken or the owner of that pepboys has 2 weeks from today to fix the problem door. i will examine that door in 2 weeke if not repaired i will bring suit to you and property owners for neglance nowing a broblem has ben on going.I will notify you by phone as well.todays date is may-3-2015


douglas Lefever April 18, 2015 at 3:07 pm

I went the PEP BOYS at 35th Ave and cactus in Phoenix Arizona and purchased a set of Infinity Tires for my 94 Silverado Chevy Truck. So far I have had to replace three out of four of them, I have one in the bed of my truck that SPLIT on the side and one on the rear right that is now coming apart. And they are not even a full year old yet. As I went to the store to complain about them I was given a BS scenario about probably hit a chuck hole in the road. OK, OR the best was, You get what YOU pay for, I guess when you pay around $150.00 a tire You get crap from PEP BOYS. That is what one associate actually told me, IF I had said that to a customer where I work, I would be looking for a job.
SO< I am now looing for tires that I can trust. I will not now or EVER recommend PEP BOYS for anything except may trinkets for car stuff. Other than that, they suck.


Ken December 28, 2014 at 11:32 pm

I was present for my 6:00pm appointment, my tires were not.
I have not been so disappointed by a tire store in my entire life.
I used you website to order new tires and set an appointment at the Jupiter,Fl store.
I limped into your location with my bad tires only to be told after 20 min that you did not have my tires. I had even called and confirmed that my appointment was all set before I drove 20 miles to buy my tires on bad tires. In an attempt to not drive home on my bad tires I asked your employee to find me some tires I could purchase even if they cost a little more. He disappeared from view and did not return. At the 40 min mark since my arrival I called you competitor (TK) and they were closing at 7:00PM and could not help after asking the mechanic if he would stay late. At the 45 min point I gave up and left your non professional group and unimpressive computer system and took my business else where. This morning because they had tried to help last night I tried TK first. They could not sell me a tire today and did not offer to get them for Monday. So I called T+ and they found me some tires for install on Monday and it will cost about $100.00 more but they are cooper discovery at3 which works for me. Lost a sale and pissed off someone who will spread the word about your dysfunctional origination.
Very Disappointed,


Sent from my iPad


Mark Jenkins October 7, 2014 at 5:46 pm

Hello Pep Boys,

I understand this is most likely not the correct avenue for my request, but I would appreciate it if you would either forward this email or provide me with the contact information for the Pep Boys Marketing and Promotion departments.​ I’m a photographer in the southeastern PA, NJ, DE, MD, and northern VA regions. In addition to the numerous commercial assignments that I have performed I am also a “Google Trusted Independent Photographer” and I produce 360 degree panoramic virtual tours that are incorporated on the Google Maps site, as well as other numerous sites, that many small businesses and establishments are now utilizing as a marketing tool to increase their exposure and profits. You already know the benefits of using Google as you already have a “Google Business Places” page. Your Virtual Tour will take the viewer right from Google Maps “street view” right into your place of business where potential customers will get a dimensional feel of your establishment. Also, I will soon be adding video production to my list of services, where I’ll be producing webmercials as well as other types of business videos. I would like to interest you in having me produce a Google Business Virtual Tour of ​​the Pep Boys auto parts stores and to discuss other photography/videography services that you will find beneficial with your own marketing pursuits.

Thank you for your consideration, and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Mark Jenkins/Photographer
​​A Google Trusted Independent Photographer


N. SAILOR October 5, 2014 at 9:00 pm



J. Gourdine June 27, 2014 at 3:12 am

On 6/18/14 I Had two Infinity tires explode the same day approximately sixty miles apart on my way from Baltimore MD to Jersey City NJ. The tires had less than 12,000 miles on them. I had to buy two new tires on NJ Turnpike at the service area which cost me more than $350.00. The Infinity tires was purchased @ Pep Boys, they did nothing to help me. I have been buying tires and auto services @ Pep Boys for over 40 years, what now? never again. I had Pep Boys Charge Card for many years, will never use it again, JNG


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