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Amazon Corporate Office Address Inc.
410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

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Phone Number: (206) 266-1000
Fax Number: (302) 636-5454
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CEO: Jeffrey P. Bezos
CFO: Thomas J. Szkutak
COO: Jeffrey A. Wilke

Amazon History was founded in 1994 by current CEO Jeff Bezos.  The company was run out of Bezos’ Bellevue, Washington garage and was an online bookstore.  Within two months, sale were over $20,000 per week.

In 1996, the company reincorporated in Delaware and in 1997 had its IPO.

The company completed many acquisitions in the late 90s including PlanetAll, IMDB, Alexa, CD Now and

In 1999, Bezos was named Time Magazine’s man of the year.

In 2001, the company turned a profit for the first time.

In recent years, the company has grown rapidly with the release of the Kindle, Kindle Fire and other tablet and e-reader devices.

Today, is the world’s largest online retailer.


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Raymond Dale September 16, 2015 at 8:03 pm

Dear Sir/Ms
My name is Raymond Dale, I have already written to Amazon over a very serious issue, and no response. One of your ” GOOD CUSTOMERS” a Marie Seltenrych, I think thats how you spell her name. has cheated me, and robbed me of my book, ” THANK GOD I’M HERE” as i told your company before, a couple of years ago, I trusted her,I was hard up for money, she said to me,I will help you out, I want to read your book, and see if it needs editing, ( I had already paid plenty doing this before), then she said, I will put it on my account, and what comes in we shall share, That was about 2 years ago. I have emailed her on this issue, phoned her, left a message on her answering machine, wrote a letter to her, knocked on the door of her home, I even saw the curtain move greatly, but she has ignored me and avoided me in every way. That book ” THANK GOD I’M HERE’ she has literally stolen from me, this is not good for her, or for Amazon, As said before in my letter to Amazon, I would like you to take ” My Book Out Of Her Account, and I would like her to pay me what is a just amount on monies for any royalties. Very soon SBPBR from Texas will be contacting you to put my book with you, I am the right ful owner and Mrs Marie Seltenrych has no right to have my book with you. Please will you do something about this mess, and the dishonesty of your Dear Customer, Mrs Marie Seltenrych,. Surely you cannot have 2 books with you in 2 accounts, surely it must go to the rightful owner and writer. Thank you for your time in reading this email.

Kind Regards

Raymond Dale


Marydon MD Middaugh Ford September 13, 2015 at 2:06 pm

T shirts funny … F*** the police(men’s T shirt) being sold on Amazon … THIS NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!! It is disgusting!!!


Colleen Hurley/ September 6, 2015 at 4:43 pm

I ordered a very delicate item. Amazon will not remove it from my order history.

I’ve contacted them, they said it would have to stay. But there was no way to do that

I believe we should be able to hide anything that we’ve ordered from our history if we wish to. Especially if discrete or delicate items . Some things aren’t meant to be seen by everybody.

They did not care that they might lose a customer over this. Even the companies that sell these items are very discreet. I’m humiliated, embarrassed, and mortified. It is right there for everyone to see. We have an option of hiding items on our order Records . For that matter Maybe I don’t want the customer service people to see that I ordered it in the past. It is the most recent order I ordered. So it is right there on top.

The supervisor I spoke with seems like they don’t even care that I might have to cancel Amazon account altogether just to keep this item off my record. They blew me off. I have been with Amazon for many years. I continuously order from them more and more each month. I used to love them. I saying their praise . I recommended them to many many people . I used to have so much good to say about him it was crazy . I was known as the Amazon Queen . Not anymore. I’m very upset hurt embarrassed humiliated. I will not recommend Amazon any longer. I used to do all my Christmas shopping I got other people to do it I will tell them to stop because if there’s anything they want to hide from someone they will not be able to. They used to be 5 stars for me. Unfortunately I’m going to have to give them 2. I am going to miss them dearly.



ONT06 EMPLOYEE August 31, 2015 at 8:01 pm



DONALD B ADAMS August 10, 2015 at 4:43 pm

Today- August 10, 2015 I received THE ULTIMATE RAT PACK Collection and played the DVD VIDEO. It was the worst video I have ever witnessed.It is so full of pauses, stops, incoherent words, skipped portion, black outs that it is completely miserable i have NO INTENT TO PAY FOR THIS TRASH !!!
Replace it immediately.


Tom Silva August 4, 2015 at 8:43 am

Immoral and unethical. Fired days after revealing medical diagnosis to site Leader, Norman Dunkinson. I was terminated they said for threatening a coworker. They Lied about evidence and witnesses. I received unemployment, not possible for my so called violation. They said you dont even have to do what your accused of to be fired, people just have to perceive you did it. WTF! I was there 3 years and believed there lies. The ERC and ethics are just for show to make employees feel like they have some recourse. This is set up so employees don’t unionize. You should be ashamed Norman Dunkinson, Drew Beckett and HR, especially Sabrina. There’s also amazon hiring events everywhere. Since no one has contacted me ever. I’ll think I’ll go stand out front with my picket sign. The local news will be with me. After learning my diagnosis, you cancel my insurance. It’s odd timing too, firing me before my stocks vested. It’s also odd that the stock has almost doubled. Firing disabled and pay topped out employees on perception. My perception is your company is evil.


David L Miller July 24, 2015 at 11:22 am

Would like for CEO: Jeffrey P. Bezos, CFO: Thomas J. Szkutak and COO: Jeffrey A. Wilke
to read this if at all possible.

I see where you are looking just to the west of Columbus for your new site to build in central Ohio. First I think it is great that you could consider central Ohio for your choice to expand. However I would love to see you build in the Sunbury Ohio area, or just off Interstate 71 and Routes 36/37 where the Tanger/Simon outlet mall is being built. I think this area would sever you better as for traffic issues, location to interstates, tax base and employment pool.

I am a Village Councilman for the Village of Sunbury, we have annexed land around this intersection where we are going to start marketing. A new exit ramp will be built and you would have your selection of land to build upon.

At least give this a thought as you may still may have time to select one of the hotest spots in centeral Ohio to expand. It is expected to be one of the largest developments in central Ohio for the next 10 years of so. I would love to hear from you.

David Miller
Village of Sunbury Councilman


Shana July 19, 2015 at 1:09 pm

My card was charged for an amazon prime account on July 10th, something I did not sign up for. I call customer service to dispute and they tell me that they have no way of knowing who used my card for an account. I am extremely upset because how can a big corporation not know or can trace who used my card. The supervisor tells me well dispute with your bank. Well hell yeah I will. Albert/Alfred whatever his name was is very rude and curt. He did absolutely nothing to try and help. This is poor business practices for a company of this caliber. I will continue to report this on every website I can find.


Paul McClaren July 5, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Not much for doing business with cowards. Never again another penny of mine to these people


Maria July 4, 2015 at 3:09 am

I am noticing a petition asking that your company boycott Donald Trump for his views on immigration. What he said was his right. If you boycott any of his merchandise, I will no longer buy anything from your corporation. I will also ask friends and family to not use your company. Amazon you need to stay out of politics.


Gary September 1, 2015 at 4:50 am

Agreed. While I don’t like Donald Trump, he’s only saying what a majority of voters are thinking, and Amazon needs to step off. His popularity is due to his honesty of which most politicians are incapable. Amazon is dangerously entering into an arena it has no business involving itself. I don’t like Kanye West either, but he’s popular and has a right to Freedom of Speech as protected in the Constitution. Amazon CEO’s should read a copy of it………


John Andrews July 1, 2015 at 9:39 am

I will no longer shop Amazon. You chose to ban the sale of the “stars and bars” items but allow the sale of ISIS and gay pride items. Not only will I not do any personal shopping, but I am requesting everyone throughout our GLOBAL company to stop all further business with Amazon. I hope the choices you have made leads to the end of Amazon.


DDTrent June 28, 2015 at 9:42 am

WOW. I didn’t know that you also censored the comments you get. I’m sure my previous comment will get the same response from you self-righteous, two-faced Obamaites that the Stars and Bars got.


Rob June 30, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Email them to Jeff B directly.


DDTrent June 28, 2015 at 9:36 am

What hypocrites you are.
Are you really so ignorant as to the REAL meaning to the Stars and Bars (obviously you are).

You idiots ban the Confederate flag because a bunch of uneducated retards call it racist. Yet you continue to sell much worse items– NAZI, mass murders- and every sort of evil.

You are just ignorant asses with no ability to think.

Sieg Hiel, Amazon, Seig Hiel.


Terry Harter June 26, 2015 at 5:25 pm

I personally feel that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of states rights vs federal powers, and not a symbol of racism.
For those that consider it a symbol of racism, consider that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant and Benjamin Franklin all owned slaves. So it would seem that the bills that carry their face are symbols of racism. Not to mention their pictures, statues and names on schools.
Perhaps people (and Amazon) should be more careful in their decisions to brand symbols as racist…


Vapor06 June 25, 2015 at 5:29 pm

I would just like to say that Amazon has shown it’s stupidity for the company’s stance on the Confederate Flag issue. This company has forever lost my business for continuing to sale Nazi flags while banning the sale Confederate Flags. If Amazon bans the sale of one flag it should ban the sale of all flags or anything that anyone might find offensive, but then I guess this company wouldn’t last long would it lol. Amazon just can’t be an online retailer, it had to get political. Does this company realize the Nazi’s are directly responsible for the deaths 46 million Europeans, 292,000 America and the destruction of much of Europe.


Stefan Stanford June 25, 2015 at 11:10 am

Due to the fact that Amazon SUPPORTS TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS such as Hezbollah and Hamas by SELLING THEIR FLAGS and due to the fact that Amazon SUPPORTS THE MURDER OF 6+ MILLION JEWS by selling Adolf Hitler coffee mugs and NAZI SS flags, I will NO LONGER BE USING YOUR SERVICES and, as an author with a readership of over 5 million monthly, we are now organizing a MASSIVE PROTEST against Amazon FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS and their SUPPORT OF THE MURDER OF over 6 million Jews.


Myrna June 25, 2015 at 10:07 am

Both the Amazon corporate owners and Amazon investors have done a grave disservice in removing confederate flag merchandise from stores. Such a knee-jerk reaction promotes fascism and violations of civil liberties of the worst kind. For you to acquiesce to a political agenda is deplorable, for the confederate flag did not kill anyone. To associate the flag in any way with a heinous crime committed by a person, obviously mentally ill, is illogical. You at Amazon are now in the camp with those who promote the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality. You should rethink your position and restore confederate merchandise to your customers, who both respect the tradition of the confederacy and the lives lost during that time and who abhor any type violence such as the type that happened in Charleston, South Carolina.


Myrna June 25, 2015 at 10:05 am

Both the Walmart corporate owners and Walmart investors have done a grave disservice in removing confederate flag merchandise from stores. Such a knee-jerk reaction promotes fascism and violations of civil liberties of the worst kind. For you to acquiesce to a political agenda is deplorable, for the confederat flag did not kill anyone. To associate the flag in any way with a heinous crime committed by a person, obviously mentally ill, is illogical. You at Walmart are now in the camp with those who promote the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality. You should rethink your position and restore confederate merchandise to your customers, who both respect the tradition of the confederacy and the lives lost during that time and who abhor any type violence such as the type that happened in Charleston, South Carolina.


John Carr Sr June 25, 2015 at 9:46 am

If you are going to ban the confederate flag? Then you ban all flags or lose my business! Its called freedom of choice, not your job to limit choices. But you still sell shit that offends other races or religons. You guys don’t have a clue, its just whatever is popular at the time.


Bradley L Simon June 25, 2015 at 9:04 am

I am a 72 yr old vet, wounded in action, not a racist, Prime Member, and I am ashamed of the small mindness of the Leaders of this Corporation. Really selling Nazi goods and saying no more Confederate Flag. That’s what they did in Germany, rewrote history. I thought this Company was the pinnacle of Excellent Business, but instead I see pandering and weakness. I am glad none of you were in my Foxhole. I will have to revisit my business dealings with you people. Bradley L Simon, Southner,Veteran , Non Racist, Cajun, and damn proud of all of my Country


Edward Pitchford June 24, 2015 at 4:55 pm

So you ban the American Civil War Flag of the Northern Army of Virginia, what people are wrongly calling the Confederate Flag, but you still sell Communist merchandise.

Communism the most abhorrent and failed idea every conceived of organizing humanity that killed a 93 Million plus people.

Maybe people should stop doing business with Amazon.


Carl Henderson June 23, 2015 at 6:24 pm

I am a frequent customer of Amazon, but it seems this is about to change. It is not Amazon, it is the company subcontracted to deliver products. This company, Prestige Delivery System is terrible. I had one package take a month to be received. I was to receive a package today, so I took a day of work, I am an hourly worker, to receive this package. I conferred with Amazon and Prestige to verify the package would come today, 06/23/2015. At 5:31 P.M. I looked in the tracking mode and it said the package had failed to be delivered. I have been home all day, now they want me to take another day off work. This is unacceptable. Amazon will be losing customers. Profit should be a lower priority than customer satisfaction. I hear Amazon is looking into letting customers deliver their goods, what is wrong with your tracking system? Not the one that tracks packages, the one that should be tracking all the data of your company, such as how many packages are arriving on time, and maybe use a end user survey to get real input from the people this issue affects, the consumers.


Teresa Hunter June 19, 2015 at 3:27 pm

I am sharing this on this site as I am finding it impossible to get corporate attention in this matter. I hope that someone that cares sees this or at the least other customers to your site read it and understand the risk they are taking.

Dear Sirs or Madams,

I am writing this letter in hopes that it will enact some policy changes.

Recently I had to misfortune of having a large purchase of Pentax product though Amazon Prime go very wrong.

My Uncle purchased several items from Amazon and most were Pentax products. Of course buying though Amazon and buying the name Pentax we assumed that this was a legitimate purchase and a safe investment of our time and money.

When the camera (a K50 model) arrived at my home I at once noticed that the owners manual was in Japanese. I immediately called Amazon and asked for a replacement manual in English. Although the customer service representative was very kind and professional he informed me that a manual was not available and my only recourse was to down load an online version of it.

For the amount of money spent this was unacceptable. When you are in the field using a camera finding a computer to look up information is not an option. So I of course called Pentax directly.
This is when I had the misfortune of speaking to a man named Randy.
Mr Randy informed me that if my manual was in Japanese that I had purchased a “Grey market” camera. He made me feel as though I had done something illegal. He also suggested that I just return the camera for a refund. This would have cost a sale to all companies involved and left me without a camera until a replacement could be found. The customer service call was a total waste of my time, leaving me far more upset when I got off the phone than when I had called in the first place.

I called Pentax once again in hopes of reaching a supervisor and instead spoke with a Ms. Monique. Ms. Monique was at the very least kind, compassionate and professional and made me feel like she cared about the issue at hand. However her answer was the same. I had gotten a grey market camera and not only could I not get an operators manual in English but Pentax could not register my equipment nor could they offer me a warranty.

To say that this information upset me was an understatement. This was by my families standards a large purchase and I felt as though I had just bought a case of snake oil.

I called customer service at Amazon and spoke with a man named Chris. Mr Chris was by far the most helpful customer service representative that I had spoken to that day. He went above and beyond to try and explain to me what a Grey Market camera was, why Amazon was selling it and what solution he could offer for my troubles.

He did offer a warranty through a third party and offered to offset the cost out of pocket by giving me a Amazon credit in the amount that the warranty was going to cost.

It is my understanding that what happened was, a company by the name of Tsurugi Japan, buys Pentax equipment. They then sell through Amazon and Amazon stores their products in their warehouse and then is able to ship said product to Amazon prime members.

Because the unknowing customer is not purchasing the equipment from Pentax directly, the company can not and will not stand behind its products. Because it is not Amazon selling the products and only storing and shipping the said merchandise they too are not required to stand behind said purchases leaving their customers Caveat emptor.

This situation is the beyond unacceptable. There are three companies involved in this deception and none are willing to step up and own up to how this was handled.

Why would Pentax sell their cameras to companies knowing full well that they will then sell to the public only to not stand behind their products once they are on the market?

Why would Amazon willing set up a grey market under their good name? Knowing that the public would trust purchases because they were buying product from Amazon prime, only to have them find out in the end that they are left with a high end purchase with no support?

Why would Tsurugi Japan willing go into the unscrupulous business of selling the public Grey market products?

This experience has made me doubt Amazon as well as Pentax forever. Both companies are to blame for knowingly allowing a third company to mislead the public all in the name of profit. I truly believed that Amazon and Pentax were above such things.

I am sending a copy of this letter to customer service at both Amazon and Pentax. I am asking that Amazon forward a letter to Tsurugi Japan as they will not allow customers to contact them directly.

Sincerely a duped customer,
Teresa Hunter


Rg July 3, 2015 at 9:51 am

I have made several requests that Amazon make it clear when an item is not locally sourced to avoid misunderstanding.
This is another example of why my request is imperative.


Todd June 12, 2015 at 9:22 am

Here is a conversation with the chat feature on your site. I have tried chat,e-mail and phone conversations for 2 days and got no where with my issue . Same ole run around .will you please help me .My little boy loves his device but it shattered when it hit the wood floor in our kitchen even though it shows in your ad it falls off a car and doesn’t break.
Me: I was on here yesterday chatted ,E-mailed talked to 10 people and still haven’t got anything resolved!

Juliet: Hello Todd, my name is Juliet.

Me: good morning Juliet

Juliet: Good morning too Todd.

I hope you’re doing good today. How may I help you?

Me: my little boy broke his screen on his kindle

I guess you need more information about his device

there should be notes

Juliet: I am sorry that the item had been broken, I’ll be more than happy to check this and see what I can do to help you.

Can you help me with the order number, please so that I can check?

Me: 112-0060080-6855404

my email is har****@ phone is 7402132**** and my address is * eddy ave Woodsfield ,ohio,43793

Juliet: Thank you for the details.

Me: his email is Br****

Juliet: The item is a kindle. For you to be better assisted, a member of our Kindle team will need to help you with this. Can you please hold while I transfer you? One of our Kindle Specialists will assist you shortly.

A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.

You are now connected to Michelle from

Me: thanks

Michelle: Thank you for contacting Kindle Customer Care. My name is Michelle. I’ll be happy to help you.

Me: Hi Michelle

good morning

Michelle: Good morning Todd.

I’m sorry to know that the Kindle screen of your son’s Kindle is cracked.

Me: it shattered

Michelle: No worries, I’ll do my best to check for the possible option that I can do for you.

May I ask for the email address where the Kindle is registered?

Me: Brad****

Michelle: Thank you.

Me: Brady’s fire

Michelle: Can I have the full name and complete billing address on the account Bra*****

Me: it is one of these three his mom cant remember which one she used * sr * Woodsfield,ohio 43793 ,* e church st. Woodsfield,ohio43793 or * eddy ave same city

Michelle: Thank you.

Me: you are welcome

Michelle: May I ask for the complete name on the account?

Me: Brady Ludwig

Michelle: Thanks.

Are you referring to Brady’s Fire?

Me: yes

why is this so difficult ?

Michelle: Based on the information that you have provided, it seems that this issue need to be reviewed by our Tech support team. I’ll transfer you to them so they can find the best solution.

A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.

You are now connected to Mythily from

Mythily: Hello, My name is Mythily. I’ll be happy to help you.

Me: hello

I went through this yesterday all day what else can I do

Mythily: I’m really sorry, I’m unable to see your account details due to system issues.

Me: imagine that

Mythily: In this case, I will connect a call to our specialist team.

Could you please provide me your phone number?

Me: they will just disconnect my call twice yesterday

Mythily: I will connect it now.

Me: may I have the number to the central office of amazon please

Mythily: Here are our customer service phone numbers:

- U.S. and Canada: 1-866-216-1072

- International: 1-206-266-2992

Me: how about the CEO office

Mythily: I’m really sorry, we do not have CEO office number.

Me: ill find it thanks

Mythily: Thanks for contacting Kindle support, have a great day.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. To close this window, please click the “end chat” link.”

Mythily from has left the conversation.



Eddie June 9, 2015 at 11:15 am

How international sellers try to use Amazon to con you.

1.Seller from China ships counterfeit screen, probably cost him $5 or less to get, government pays shipping to USA.

2. Screen arrives defective, seller does not care since it is a pain for the customer to get money back.

3. Seller does not follow Amazon policy for returns, Amazon does not care because it’s just another commission, who cares if they get commission or not.

4. Seller tells American “Pay to ship it back.”

5. American is not stupid enough to pay $100 to ship back $100 item with no guarantee of receiving refund.

6. American has to dispute charge on credit card since Amazon has vested interest in sale staying complete. Creates more hurdles for buyer to return and get money back.

7. American disputes credit card and gets money back on credit card, this saves seller from paying $100 in return shipping for sale that cost $5 or less.

8. Seller only loses $5 instead of $105, while credit card company has to waste resources disputing charge.


F salinas June 5, 2015 at 6:10 pm

Horrible service from the so called customer service dept. some moron by the name of rob was more interested in telling me how wrong I was as opposed to just answering my questions. This is what happens when you ” outsource” your customer service dept. his supervisor wade did not even know where amazon corp offices were located. He was no help either. Disappointing as I was just trying to find out about a gift I recieved through them so I could thank the sender. Hello EBAY!!!!


john May 30, 2015 at 4:55 pm

I had an issue with my fire kindle ,decided to call amazon kindle support, a gentleman speaking Indian from India answered, I explained my problem, he then told me if I have a PC he must access it remote and give him the permission to do so, in order for him to fix the problem on a external device not relating to my PC.
Kindle support is out of country(India)I know so,because I ask the gentleman where he was,he then demand to access my PC?? By remote to help you fix my kindle. SECURITY ISSUES!!!.I told him NO I cannot do that, I have all my banking and personal information there and I do not do that, he then said with a tone in anger it is the only way to help me, to get into my laptop and browse my passwords and info.??This is the first time have I ever witness this, especially from out of the country(USA) support. Amazon should review their support practices for Kindle Devices, and on top of that it is a 206 number and you have to pay for the call.
No outside company besides your internet server carrier should have or request access to control your PC remote to fix a external device, and even that is by choice. Especially a online selling and buying store. They need to revise their habit, that is security breach into their customers internal private information. That is a set up for a foreign hacker…


Kathy April 22, 2015 at 9:17 am

OMG was on tour at Amazon April 22 nd in Middletown De and was totally amazed to see this young lady with a fake leg and working the way she works it inspired me and amazed me. Realizing you don’t have to give up and you can do anything if you put your mind,heart and sole to it. Amazon you have my business thanks for helping the disabled and tell that beautiful young lady she inspired me. More people need to see her do working there. Greatly inspired.


i worked for amazon June 14, 2015 at 1:31 pm

I worked at the fc. Whenever we have news cameras or local politicians or anyone come in for tours we are told where to be standing where not to go and are treated like shit cleaning and sweeping work areas to make it look nice. It is not like that on w regular work day. The associate with the fake leg whom name i wont add was put in plain view on purpose. I quit that job after my manager bumped shoulders with me. He was treating me unfair so i told hr. He must have found out because with me standing still and my back turned filling my water bottle he walked past me and bumped my shoulder hard enough to spill some water. And yes he looked back and said “make sure to clean that up i wouldnt want you to get hurt”. My wife is a doctor and makes good money. She asked me to quit my job because she didnt want anything bad to happen. I work at the airport now. Amazon was the worst place i ever worked. I have been yelled at and treated bad at other jobs but never felt in danger like i did at Amazon. Btw i quit that day and hr said that the incident wasnt in camera view so i had so poof. Thats the real amazon.


former associate April 14, 2015 at 6:02 pm

When i worked for the company we threw away thousands of dollars in vendor returns. I understand throwing away expired food but we were throwing out up to date text books and cloths. Amazon does not have a charity that they will donate these items too. Ive see pallets of unused computer keyboards, usb phone chargers, toys, music instruments all thrown away and destroyed in the compressor because amazon will not give to charity or even to their own associates. When you order on the website we know all your information and a lot of orders get made fun of and put on display. Most people ive worked with will send out broken items because they get no down time to replace the broken item and you can be fired for not getting your rate. I was threatened to a fight by my manager and when i went tk hr they made me wait 2 weeks to weeks to have a sit down with someone to report the incident. When i told them on the spot what happened they said I HAVE TO WAIT untill the hr manager comes back from vacation. None of this is a lie. Working for Amazon was the most stressful time in my adult life. I know you can buy stuff cheap on the website but if everyone really knew what goes on behind closed doors and what Jeff Bezos and is practise of threatening small companys so he can buy them out is all about i would hope people would stop buying from Amazon. Last summer two amazon associates died in the warehouse in the same month. When we asked what happened they actually said they were idiots and they didn’t represent the company. And again none of this is a lie. Shame on you Amazon.


Scott Muzzy April 22, 2015 at 6:36 pm

Former ebay associate:
your story tells me you had a bad working experience with Amazon and I’m sorry to read what you have written but so you know Amazon may not be right with everything they do but I can tell you I don’t believe Amazon to be half the corrupt corporation that ebay is. Ebay employees have died (inside and outside the work place) girls have been raped (by management). Security (an outside source) threatened to take me outside because of what I saw and heard. All to common preventable accidents in the work place is costing good people their jobs. The abuse and workers rights violations from management is so unbearable employees quit at a staggering rate. That’s the idea behind the abuse, to intimidate some employees to quit, maintain a high turn over rate so no one would be able to gather enough information or write about such horrible working conditions. To eBay’s surprise they wrongfully fired the wrong person (me). I was the perfect employee (not the only one) but had worked there long enough to gather enough information to write. The writing is ugly from start to finish and is true to the best of my knowledge. It was said “ebay would destroy themselves from within”…I’m the one to make this happen and I will…Watch Me.


Randy Nick April 5, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Iwas recently contacted by phone by a company known as The building Money Network they said the represent Your corporation ,Visa,Mastercard, and Discover !they offered kickbacks from advertising for a certain investment from advertising ! does this company located in Albuquerque Ne w Mexico represent you? thanks Randy Nick


jason guzman March 20, 2015 at 11:28 am

jason guzman 10:48 AM Keep this message at the top of your inbox
To: dfo***

Hello MR. FOSTER. My name is JASON GUZMAN, my best friend RUSSELL STEELE, advised ME to contact you as you are the reporter who he talked to about his issues with the STATE LOTTERY, and the contaminated tickets he had to handle after hurricane KATRINA. I’M contacting you to see if you’re interested in a story concerning AMAZON.COM, and their new FULFILLMENT CENTER in ROBBINSVILLE, NJ. IT most definitely concerns the TRENTON area, where I was born and bred, and just recently moved away from to live with my fiancee in LEVITTOWN, PA. That F.C. was opened just last year, and employs many TRENTON residents, which they even provide transportation to and from work. I in NO WAY, want to affect the employment opportunities of anyone, I simply have always been an individual that must speak out when something isn’t right, and people are being treated unfairly and taken advantage of due to lack of limited employment opportunities. I am reaching out to you only because during my employment with AMAZON.COM, I tried time and time again to resolve issues internally and not only did nothing change or improve, it continues to get worse, as I still communicate with some former co-workers that are still employed at the AMAZON.COM F.C. in ROBBINSVILLE, N.J. I voluntarily walked away from my position with AMAZON approx. a month ago, and they offered many options for me to stay ON BOARD, which is unheard of, being as MY EXPERIENCE in that industry was apparently very valuable to them, as I have been working in that field for the majority of my working career, and I am currently 40 yrs. young, lol. I would simply like consumers of AMAZON.COM to be informed as to what cost to AMAZON.COM associates, they receive their goods, same day, next day, 2nd day etc… etc…. ALSO, how that AMAZON F.C. makes it very clear to all associates that work there of the fact, that they only care about their products, productivity, and operations, and have no concern for the safety and health of the associates. Just a few topics that F.C. has already SWEPT UNDER THE RUG, lawsuit against their ridiculous SECURITY to leave the building, but NO SECURITY whatsoever to get in the building, a bomb threat, a gun threat by a disgruntled employeee, and the favoritism/nepotism that runs rampant at that F.C., reverse racism, prejudice, and unethical practices concerning EQUAL RIGHTS(favoritism for the female employess). I have already spoken with MY LAWYER, and until any agreement concerning this correspondence is reached, this information is to remain confidential.


former associate April 14, 2015 at 6:14 pm

Please if you know anyone else willing to report what they have experienced working for amazon please encourage them to write about it. The public is clueless to what this company does to people and the effects it was on thier well being. Thanks for your comment.


Tom Silva August 4, 2015 at 9:01 am

Immoral and unethical. Fired days after revealing medical diagnosis to site Leader, Norman Dunkinson. I was terminated they said for threatening a coworker. They Lied about evidence and witnesses. I received unemployment, not possible for my so called violation. They said you dont even have to do what your accused of to be fired, people just have to perceive you did it. WTF! I was there 3 years and believed there lies. The ERC and ethics are just for show to make employees feel like they have some recourse. This is set up so employees don’t unionize. You should be ashamed Norman Dunkinson, Drew Beckett and HR, especially Sabrina. There’s also amazon hiring events everywhere. Since no one has contacted me ever. I’ll think I’ll go stand out front with my picket sign. The local news will be with me. After learning my diagnosis, you cancel my insurance. It’s odd timing too, firing me before my stocks vested. It’s also odd that the stock has almost doubled. Firing disabled and pay topped out employees on perception. My perception is your company is evil.


Valerie March 9, 2015 at 5:36 pm

I wrote to headquarters regarding an issue with a product that I was being charged $18.50for when in fact that product, Gerber baby food (1- 2.5 oz jar) goes for an average of .99!!! They told me I was confused???? I am closing out my account!!!!!!! And this is after several phone calls and e-mails. Then they asked me to write a review, which I did, and they told me it was denied!!!!! I’ve been a member for 10+ years. No more!!!! I’m cancelling!!!!


Alice March 1, 2015 at 4:25 pm

Do you realize you are encouraging criminal activity by selling Kerri Rivera’s book? You are encouraging this quack to teach parents to give children with Autism, bleach enemas and swallow a bleach solution making many sick with some even dying. Just read some of your reviews on this horribly dangerous book with some really dangerous so called cures. Autism is not a disease, but a Neurodevelopmental Disorder which is associated with the brain. I see these bleach mixture is given to children with other issues too. I encourage you to stop selling this book that is advertised on CD Autism as well and start caring about those children whose parents are so gullible they are following the advice of this dangerous book.


Patti LeCompte February 27, 2015 at 10:47 pm

I have been charged $99 2 times for some Prime Member shit!!!!!!! I have called them both times to get them removed!!! I have never signed up for the program and definitely never authorized anyone to take $99 from my bank account. I was told by an Amazon employee… the first time it happened that Amazon took it upon themselves to give me a 6 month trial……Then I was charge $99. I asked them how I could go about cancelling the membership(THAT I NEVER REQUESTED) and to please refund my money…..never did. So, I called back and they said it was refunded..that I needed to talk to my bank. The money was never refunded. Now it has happened again and the person I spoke to at Amazon this time….said that it is happening to a lot of people. Well….I intend to talk to my lawyer and have him look into what is going on…maybe we need to start a “Class Action Lawsuit” since this is happening to many other people!!!!


Tracy February 25, 2015 at 11:31 am

advising anyone with problems as buyers or sellers who have been scammed for your money or items from this site to file a complaint with the BBB online!!!!! The public needs to be aware that there is something you can do to make these corporations be held to their own rules!!!!!


Irene Guevara February 23, 2015 at 10:45 am

Attach it to the CEOs You have an employee working with a fake identity his name is Michael Joshua Madigan which his real name is Joshua Aaron Madigan run Tulsa security number again and run the fingerprints it’s in the Tracy facility


Perry Stevens February 20, 2015 at 6:32 pm

I have been a seller on Amazon for several years. Throughout the last couple years, I have had endless problems with seller support and seller perfomance. Every answer you get varies from one person to another. Their policies vary from one sller to the next ie; one seller can sell in a particular arena , yet another is discriminated against and products are pulled down or banned.
I as a seller have endless cases of responses and so called “policies” for every different person I talk to. And if sweller performance decides to pull down a product, forget an=bout it. They can’t be reached by phone, only email. When I expressed (appropriately) my distaste for their actions, they went though my inventory and pulled and banned more products, claiming that these products are not allowed for sale on Amazon, yet there are hundreds of sellers in this category with same types of products.

Now that I have been targeted, discriminated against, and have been subjected to harassment from the seller support team, I am now emailing Jeff Bezos in hopes that he can help. Its no wonder that he has lost 7.4 billion dollars this past year.
If Amazon makes approximately $5000 off me as one seller -and I am a small seller, per month, then in 12 months , they have lost $60,000 of income from one seller. Imagine if they do this to 20 small sellers a month, which I guarantee is a low figure, 20 x $5000 =$100,000 per month equaling over 1 million dollars a year because of the random and unscrupulous practices of their own employees. How about when they do it to much bigger sellers. I submit that this messed up system loses millions of dollars per year, or hundreds of millions of dollars per year, because their policies and actions vary, depending on who reviews that particular day.


Perry Stevens February 20, 2015 at 6:51 pm

Oh and I forgot to mention that cancelling a seller or pulling/banning products will cause DEVASTATING INCOME LOSSES to the seller!


Jason Hartman February 20, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Wanted to know the proper steps to see if there is an opportunity for delivering your product as a local or regional delivery company, we are located in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Thanks for any information!


Don Harris February 20, 2015 at 12:34 pm

My name is Don Harris. My associates and I have started a mfg plant that produces a grocery specialty item. At present we are capable of producing several 40 foot trailer loads per day with growing capability. This item can easily be sold nationally as well as globally. The product comes prepackaged and delivered on pallets.

I would like to meet with a company representative to discuss various options that Amazon has to offer and hopefully decide which avenue might be most beneficial to both Amazon and my client. We are located in the Charleston TN area.

Would someone please contact me concerning this matter? 865-250-**** or in****


Michael T Gehret February 17, 2015 at 3:50 pm

Amazon USE to be a pleasant experience for shopping and checkout, now, we are harassed with endless popup’s, “deals”, “hot deals” which block out what we are trying to do and navigate. Then when we try to “opt” out that too won’t allow us to actually shut down or shut off these annoying, intrusive marketing and ads that now make shopping at a real hassle, bombarded with all kinds of interruptions. Please get rid of these latest annoying unpleasant ads, suggestions , since we take the time to search on your website to eliminate and contain this intrusion and it simply doesn’t “curb” any of the pop-ups, spam, and Hot Deals that you seem to think will bring more folks back to your website ! This is really annoying now !! Check it out for yourself, and please forward this to your corporate administration and the CEO. Thank you for your time in this serious and annoying experience at Michael Timothy Gehret


Rexann Bumpus February 15, 2015 at 12:41 pm

I have a potential business opportunity to discuss with Amazon executives. The opportunity is a corporate retreat cottage. Please contact me if interested.


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