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Cholita Linda Tacos Corporate Office

November 2, 2018

Vanessa Chavez grew up in Oakland, California, where eating with her multicultural family was a tradition that was not to be broken. After traveling for 7 years to her grandmother’s homeland of Peru and learning cooking skills from her Chinese/Peruvian mother and Cuban/Mexican father, Chavez knew she had to open her own restaurant. The first […]

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Spirit Halloween Corporate Office

October 31, 2018

Spirit Halloween stores were founded by Joe Marver, who thought Halloween costumes should be for more than just kids. He opened his first pop-up, seasonal store in the Castro Valley Mall, in Castro City, California, in 1983. Within a decade, he had more than 60 pop-up locations across the country.   The company has an […]

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3 Day Blinds Corporate Office

October 29, 2018

3 Day Blinds is an innovative company, founded in 1978. Originally sold in retail locations, the company quickly discovered that rather than create new products and designs that customers might not purchase or that would go out of style, they could sell directly to the consumer from their own homes, creating custom window treatments. Products […]

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GoFundMe Corporate Office

October 26, 2018

GoFundMe was founded in 2010 by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester. Originally called CreateaFund in 2008, the pair changed the name in 2010 after making numerous updates and changes to the site. The company is a for-profit, crowdfunding platform, where people list a need or want, along with the dollar amount they wish to raise, and […]

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Value Village (Savers) Corporate Office

October 24, 2018

Value Village was founded in 1954 in San Francisco, California, by William Ellison. The company operates a chain of second hand/thrift stores that donate part of the profits collected to various charities. Known as Value Village in the Pacific Northwest and Savers in other parts of the country and in Canada, the company has approximately […]

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