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Gristedes Supermarket Corporate Office

February 6, 2019

Gristedes Supermarket was founded back in 1888 by German immigrant brothers¬†Diedrich & Charles Gristede. They found work in a local market but soon opened their own gaslit store far from the center of town. Housewives who had to walk or take a carriage were happy to not have to travel so far. The store became […]

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ScotteVest Corporate Office

February 4, 2019

The ScotteVest was founded in Chicago, Illinois, by Scott Jordan in 2000. Jordan found that most jackets had only two pockets, which were not enough for all of his tech devices. The ScotteVest is similar to a fisherman’s vest, but with more pockets, designed for holding a wide range of items, such as cell phones, […]

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Dyson Vacuum Corporate Office

February 1, 2019

While working at a company he founded but no longer owned, James Dyson reinvented the vacuum cleaner in 1979. When he suggested that the company could use his idea, Dyson was fired. With startup money from friend Jeremy Fry, Dyson worked on his vacuum until he was satisfied that he had created the best vacuum […]

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GreatCall/JitterBug Corporate Office

January 30, 2019

¬†GreatCall was founded by Arlene Harris in 2006 to provide aging adults with easy to operate technology, such as cell phones. The Jitterbug phone was the first product released. Live Nurse, which allowed users to chat with a nurse 24/7, was launched in 2009. The company is considered to be a connected health technology service. […]

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Sinclair Broadcast Group Corporate Office

January 28, 2019

While Sinclair Broadcast Group can trace its roots back to 1958, when founder Julian Sinclair Smith and a group of investors operated a small FM radio station and later a UHF channel 45 for the Baltimore, Maryland, area, it wasn’t until the television station launched in 1971 that the company changed its name to Chesapeake […]

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