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Roku Corporate Office

January 2, 2019

Roku actually got its start from Netflix in late 2007. Netflix was about to release its own streaming service set-top box when the CEO wondered what would happen if Netflix released the box and other devices, such as DVD players or game systems, would not allow Netflix to run on their devices. This became the […]

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BioPet Labs Corporate Office

December 31, 2018

Tom Boyd founded BioPet Labs in 2008. Boyd says he was fascinated by DNA technology but wanted to find a new way to use it. BioPet Labs has two divisions, PooPrints, and BioPet DNA. Both divisions provide similar services. With more than 40% of people not picking up their dog’s “business”, apartment managers or HOA board members […]

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Booking.Com Corporate Office

December 28, 2018 was founded when two hotel booking sites in the Netherlands, Bookings.NL, and  merged in 2000. The company name and URL was changed to Bookings.Com. The company is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings, which has headquarters in Connecticut.  Online travel giant Expedia was first offered the company in 2002, but they rejected the chance […]

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Keeps.Com Corporate Office

December 26, 2018

Keeps.Com is an online subscription service that offers in-home treatment plans to prevent male pattern baldness. Founded by two former Google employees, Steven Gutentag and Demetri Karagas, the company is trying to fill in a niche market for men who are losing their hair but are unaware that there are products that can prevent hair loss […]

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My Vermont Wreaths Corporate Office

December 24, 2018

Katheryn Hackett took her hobby of making wreaths and garlands into a full-time business in 1987 when a friend, who had a mail order business, passed away. Her friend’s husband wasn’t interested in his wife’s business, so Hackett purchased the list of 700 persons and used that as a base for her business.   The […]

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