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2202 North West Shore Boulevard Suite 500
Tampa, FL 33607

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Phone Number: (813) 282-1225
Fax Number: (813) 286-2247
Website: https://www.outback.com
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CEO: Elizabeth Smith
CFO: David Deno
COO: Roger Chacko

Outback Steakhouse History

Outback Steakhouse was founded in 1988 by Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Trudy Cooper, and Tim Gannon.

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed restaurant, with an emphasis on casual dining and large portions at affordable prices.

The first restaurant was opened in Tampa, Florida.

Outback’s parent company changed its name to OSI Restaurant Partners in 2006.

In 2007 the private equity firms Bain Capital and Catterton Partners bought OSI Restaurant Partners for $3.2 billion.

The company became Bloomin’ Brands in 2012 and went public in August of 2012 at $11 per share.

Bloomin’ Brands operates the restaurants Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Wine Bar, and Roy’s.

Outback Steakhouse has 979 restaurants in 22 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, including over 100 locations in South Korea.



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chanel April 28, 2016 at 8:44 am

Last night was one of the worst nights I have had and it could have all been simply avoided. It was my birthday and my husband decided to order take out from outback after a full day. He ordered the alice spring chicken and I ordered the pasta with chicken. I ordered online and we arrived 30 mins later to pick it up. He walked in, and no one was there to greet him. He literally stood there for 10 mins just waiting. Finally some girl who didn’t speak to him or make eye contact came up put a bag of food on the counter and asked him his name and told him 54.00. He handed her cash, and she stood there looking at him waiting. SHE EXPECTED A TIP! He put his money into his pocket and she angrily rolled her eyes, and walked away from him. We drove home sat on the couch, and began to dig in. I took 3 bites of my chicken before I looked down at my food and saw that the chicken was RAW. Yup, the center of the chicken was raw, and pink and looked like rubber. I immediately ran to the bathroom and had to force myself to throw up. Now usually this wouldn’t be that upsetting but I am pregnant with my first child. Fear crept into me, and I called the restaurant and spoke to a wonderful manager there I think named tammy who apologized profusely and asked me to come back in and she would give me a full refund, and has offered to remake my food and I politely declined out of loss of appetite and fear. I had barely waddled to my car when my husband received a phone call. He handed me the phone and let me know it was the OWNER OF THE STORE, a man named Jim. I was impressed the owner was calling me at 9:30 at night and I believed that this was the step in the right direction. Boy was I wrong. Jim started out friendly saying he apologized and that this never happens, and “that usually in these sort of situations, we offer to remake the food, and offer you a credit.” I declined and said I was sorry that I couldn’t eat there again. He started to sound frustrated. He began rattling off excuses. I asked him are you aware I am pregnant and your restaurant served me undercooked food? He said he was. I asked him if he was aware of the fact that before we even got our food how down right rude the lady who checked my husband out was. He began making more excuses saying she was bagging up our food. I told him so you had 30 mins to make and bag it, and your website says the food takes 20 mins and she still needed that extra 10? I then began to get angry, telling him I didn’t want to hear any more excuses. He began to push the credit on me twice. I lost my temper and said let me explain this as clearly as possible. I am terrified, and disgusted at the fact you tried to serve me raw meat, and I will not and do not want to eat there again. He became furious. FINE! He shouted, You bring me the piece of chicken and I will give you your money back. He repeated it back to me 4 times like I was child. I told him it was already in my lap and I was on my way and hung up. I began to cry and my husband was beyond furious. When we got there, the Tammy was kind and you could see the worry etched on her face. I was fighting back tears at this point. I asked him if there was a place we could go talk privately so patrons wouldn’t hear me yell. She said okay and brought me to the back. I immediately began to cry and a Hispanic man came into the room and did not introduce himself as I bawled, explaining to her how disrespected I felt just now after the phone call with Jim. You could see Tammy fighting back tears and looking lost unsure of what to do but the Hispanic man just stood there glaring at me. He walked away came back in and said , Mrs I have the owner on the phone and he would like to speak to you. I became livid saying that was the man who just spoke rudely to me on the phone. I took the phone out of his hand and said Don’t you ever f***ing call me and be that disrespectful to me do you understand?? He began yelling at me saying he wasn’t being rude to me and I hung up on him. I asked Tammy right then for a corporate number. She said they didn’t have one. The Hispanic man said yes they do and to give him a moment and he would be right back with one. I was crying hysterically at this point, and the fact I just had my makeup done and paid 134.00 for it to be washing down my face and onto a napkin in a god damn outback steakhouse on my birthday, just made It worse. I told tammy that I am not angry at her and that this is completely not her problem or fault. I told her that I know she is just trying to do her job, and protect her company, and her job, and also fix the situation, but at this point there was nothing she could and that wasn’t her fault. She then, turned and opened the drawer to refund my money when Hispanic man walked back in, saying he had found the number. He had his phone in his hand and when he tried to hide the screen I saw clear at day that JIM WAS ON THE PHONE LISTENING TO THE CONVERSATION. I finally broke, told the man that what I had said to tammy and let him know that it was also not his fault it was Jim who made this situation so much worse and that it was a good thing that he had him on the phone so he could hear this conversation. He looked at me with wide eyes and held up the BLACK SCREEN and said um no this is just my phone, and I said no he’s on the phone, and Tammy tapped the screen and Jim immediately popped up on the screen I just put my head down, and walked away saying you are so clever and walked out crying. I could have made a public scene and let the other customers there know what they had just done. I have never felt so disrespected in my life, and that my worries as a pregnant women, with health concerns were deemed unjustified, and that they tried to pull one over me in the office. This was all due to a raw piece of chicken.


Joe April 17, 2016 at 12:18 am

My wife and I, and an older gentleman friend (Jeff) went to the outback in south Las Vegas Blvd. We always go here with Jeff because he always has coupons. He loves it here, goes here 3-4 times a week by himself and knowledge the staff and managers by name.

On April 2nd, the 3 of us came and ate. Jeff sent back his steak because there was too much fat in it. He is known for sending items back that are not up to par. Like a not so warm bread, a smaller than average baked potato, a small piece of chicken.

So that day we were finish eating and then we saw a Friebds family come in to the front lobby, there was some joking around and a little push and shove but we knew each other and nothing happened but a few words thrown around in each other’s face. Jeff was at the booth paying his bill and knew nothing of the incident.

Me and my wife went outside and it took Jeff 15 mins to get out of the restaurant and he told us he was kicked out for soliciting a waitress and for our incident.
We have never seen him picked up a waitress in the 20 times we’ve been there with him.

He’s in his 60s and goes there to enjoy his food. He lives by himself and that’s all he enjoys, his dinner meal. I’m sure they didn’t like him for other reasons but to claim he solicite a waitress and for an incident he wasn’t involved it? He’s devastated and can’t grasp why they would not welcome him back?
The managers name was Jeanette and Rene.
Please look into it, it’s one of his favorite place and he is a regular there and it’s not right using an incident to intentionally kick him out. Jeff likes value for his meal and tats why he enjoys coming back to the outback.


NOEL THOMPSON JR March 23, 2016 at 11:06 am



Greg Hunter March 13, 2016 at 6:17 pm

March 13, 2016

Greg Hunter
Very Dissatisfied OutBack Patron

Mr. Matt Byrd
Managing Partner
Outback Steakhouse
2207 Forest Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401

Re: Unpleasant Dining Service From Chrissy R (Outback Bartender)

Dear Mr. Byrd,

I hope all is well and that you’re enjoying your Sunday off work. I hate to bother you with unpleasant news but I would like to bring a very serious matter to your attention concerning a very unpleasant dining experience today.

Today, Sunday, March 13, 2016 at approximately 3pm my guest and I walked in your Outback Steakhouse (Annapolis, MD) establishment and quietly sat at the bar. Immediately, we made eye contact with Chrissy R (Bartender on Duty) however, she didn’t acknowledge us nor greet us. She definitely saw us both. Based upon her unpleasant disposition and posture, we had a feeling something would not go right. It appeared that she didn’t like us because
we‘re both African-American. Believe me, she looked angry at the world. We’re all entitled to bad days but her attitude/demeanor was atrocious.

We found it very odd but patiently waited between (7-10) minutes before she did approach us. I politely asked her if she was the bartender/server. She responded in a very nasty tone and rude way, “I am”. Her disposition and service were extremely unprofessional, rude and uncalled for. This was certainly not the type of hospitality and professional service that we expect from Outback or any other restaurant chain.

Unfortunately, I personally don’t stand for that type of negative behavior from anyone especially when I’m spending my money. Never once did she greet us nor make us feel welcome. Keep in mind, there were only (3) other patrons sitting at the bar so she certainly wasn’t that busy. With that type of attitude I would believe she receives complaints from patrons frequently.

Bare in mind, we both patronize your establishment (sitting at the bar) at least three times a month and other Outback’s throughout the DMV area. Service is normally great! Personally, we’ve never seen her there before nor working behind the bar. It took so long before she did come over that we grabbed menus and figured out our entire order to save time because we had been waiting for an unusually long period of time. So, when she did approach we noticed that she continued to display a very nasty attitude. Additionally, her condescending demeanor made matters even worst. After taking our order she threw the wood tray plates in front of us. Can you believe it?

At that point, I maintained my composure but we had had enough. Immediately, I walked up front and spoke with Kevin Y (Host) and requested to speak with Sara Post (Mgr on Duty). Kevin looked at me and stated, “yeah, she always has a bad attitude”. Wow, I couldn’t believe his response. Finally, I found Sara myself and explained the situation and extremely unprovoked level of poor service that we had just experienced.

Sara Post did make things right and moved us to another dining table and Chelsea (2nd Server) waited our table. She was very personal, friendly and provided great service. In summary, not sure if we’ll ever return to your Annapolis, MD location. I’m extremely disappointed.

Thanks, for your prompt attention to this matter. I can be contacted at (301) 254-XXXX and/or ghunter at capcityfunding.com.


Greg Hunter
Very Dissatisfied OutBack Patron


Ashley Tello March 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm

I was really looking forward having a nice happy hour with my husband and sister in law. We went to the Outback located in Independance Ohio. Friday March 11th, 16 around 4-4:30p

I. Have a lot to complain about.

First when we arrived there was already a couple waiting in front of us and the host was no where to be found, when she came back the host told the couple something then went ahead and sat us at the furthest booth table.
No silverware from the host.
The server came over, still no silverware, took out drink orders, came back, no bread. By that time the manager came by to check and still no silverware, she said the break will be right out. We asked the server for rum punch drink no ice, Sam Adam beer stuffed mushrooms and baked potatoe soup. The rum punch with filled with ice, never got the beer, still waited for silverware. Now we came here for happy hour, so that’s the menu I’m looking at, I want the seared pepper Ahi from the happy hour menu so why did I get charger from the main menu, she didn’t even make any suggestions or reinsure my order. It was frustrating and lost my appetite. I sent my drink back to have it remade with no ice it was in the same tall glass that made the presentation look bad, my stuffed mushrooms were cold, and still no damn silverware and then when we did get it the server said its the host responsibility. I can go on and on! I would love a refund 100%!
I left very unhappy and wasted $46 bucks. When I complained and asked the server to take the rum punch off my tab she said a remarked about “I wouldn’t pay for it either”
I felt sorry how it all effected the servers tip. I hope this gets to the manager and general manager at this location.


Melodie Spence March 6, 2016 at 8:25 am

First wow! The number of folks that pretty much have had the same type of issues I’m here to express, hopefully someone is paying attention!!
My husband and I went to your outback location at 4380 Franklin Road SW, Roanoke, Virginia 24014 for dinner with friends Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm. After waiting at least one hour we were seated . Both my self and husband ordered your most expensive steaks Victoria cut fillet migon $25.00 each and mine was cooked perfectly when cut into, but very fatty! . I requested the manager, who was very condescending when I explained that it’s the only cut I eat and I’m not accustomed to it being a fatty piece of meat. He offered to cook another which I agreed. 2nd one came back Cooked To shoe leather. At that point I’m DONE! He came to the table to tell me that they’ve taken my meal off our ticket and that they’d paid for my meal, WHAT MEAL! And when the check comes , they’ve torn off the bottom giving me information to respond to regarding our experience. So I’ve chosen this route to tell you of my experience. Either way, the restraunt was clean, service was good, manger needs refresher course in customer service skills. No need for further contact as we will not be patronizing ANY Outback restraunts anywhere! This is NOT my first time having a problem with less than adequate experiences and not the only Outback Restaurant I’ve been to but I can PROMISE you it’s the LAST! Thank the person reading this for their time! GOODBYE MATEY!!(


Wanda Jones March 3, 2016 at 10:25 am

African American’s are not treated equally at Outback Steakhouse in Macedonia, Ohio – My daughter treated me to a birthday dinner at the Outback Steakhouse at 8250 Macedonia Commons Boulevard in Macedonia, OH 44056 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 around 8PM. We were seated in a booth around the bar area. The restaurant wasn’t crowded we walked right in and were seated. The waitress in the area only had one other table besides ours. Unfortunately, we sat a little while before the waitress came over to greet us even though see was at the table behind us at least 3 times tending to their needs before greeting us. She finally taps our table and says, “I’ll be with you honey’s shortly”, then swiftly disappears. She’s comes over to take our drink order, everything my daughter asks if they can do she immediately says, Oh no I don’t think they can do that, so may daughter say’s “well can you just check with the bar tender”, so she goes and come back and says, “well he say’s, he can be it wouldn’t taste very good”, so my daughter changes her order to something else and moves on. So we proceeds to place our food order, again everything we wanted a little different, the waitress says, “oh no, we can’t do that”, my daughter again says, “well can you check with the kitchen and see”, she goes and comes back and says, “well we usually don’t do it, but they will do it this time”, I visit Outback often (before this incident) and I get this particular requested order all the time with no problem, so for her to say they don’t do it I know was not true. It seemed as though everything we wanted she was determined to make it difficult for us to get it that way. So after taking the order, she never came back to check on us. We noticed she stopped at the table behind us that was originally there when we arrived 7 times and asked them, “how is everything?, do you need anything? can I get you anything? do you need refills? are you ready for desert?” Not one time did she ask us anything, as a matter of fact each time we needed something, we had to flag down another waiter or the hostess to go get our waitress or we had to catch our waitress as she was running past us or as she was leaving the table behind us from checking on them. Then when we would catch her, her response to us was, “ok you have to wait a minute let me get their (fill in the blank) and I will be right with you”. Through the evening, we noticed two other tables of customers like myself (African Americans) were seated in the same row as us. As time went on, we began to notice they were treated the exact same way by the same waitress. My daughter and I sat and discussed this through the entire meal and decided that we would mention this to the manager. Just as we had decided to mention it to the manager my daughter said, Oh good here comes the manager checking on the customers, we can tell him now. The manager/Proprietor (Chris Costello) goes to the table behind us and ask, “how was everything this evening? How was your meal? Good”, low and behold, he went the other direction, didn’t even come check on the rest of us in that row. We sat and observed him check on other customers and noticed, he only check on all Caucasian customers in the restaurant and never stopped at an African American table. Needless to say the three tables that he and the waitress totally disregarded were all African American. After we PAID our bill in full we then asked to speak with Chris, we brought the entire incident to his attention and we said to Chris, we waited to bring this to his attention, not because we want something free because as I stated, we already paid our bill in full, but because unfortunately, African Americans are stereotyped as complaining to get something free or not leaving tips because they are cheap. Personally I am big on leaving a very big tip, but I said to Chris I wanted to bring this experience to his attention because this may be why some African Americans don’t leave tips because of this type of service they receive. Christ excuse for not stopping at none of our tables was because he had to get back to a large party which was not true because he stopped at numerous tables, which were all Caucasians because returning to that large party. Now of course the waitress will probably not take responsibility that it was her lack of equal service between races that caused her to lose a $15-$20 tip on this bill she will probably say, well they wasn’t going to tip anyway. I believe if we bring this type of behavior to the managers/proprietors attention when it happens and let them know, this is why I’m not leaving a tip, not because I’m cheap, not because I’m African American, but because SHE’S RACIST AND DIDN’T DESERVE A TIP! Chris did nothing but laugh in my daughter’s face as she was telling him how disrespected she felt to the point that he wouldn’t ever give her Corporate’s number, he told her it will just come back to him. He said here I will give you my card with my bosses number on it, you can just call him. He was very condescending. I couldn’t believe how blatant the racism was there last night. As we were leaving the table behind us was saying, we couldn’t help over hearing you talking to the manager and we thought it was just us and I need to speak with the manager as well. It is clear THIS OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE DOESN’T WANT AFRICAN AMERICANS AT THEIR LOCATION!


Mike February 29, 2016 at 11:53 am

My wife and I stopped at the Brighton, MI location. First of all I’m not complaining about service, it was very good, the quality of our food however is a huge issue. I would have spoken to the server or requested a manager about this but the tables were squeezed so tightly together it already seemed like we were all talking together. I didn’t want to complain with so many in ear distance. My wife ordered prime rib, sweet potato and ceasar salad. She ordered her prime rib medium, it was served with a pool of blood on the top and was no more than maybe a half inch thick. The diameter of a baseball is much more then that of the potato served, the salad looked fine. I ordered a rib eye with asparagus. I received exactly five sprigs of asparagus each being four inches long AND was charged an extra dollar! My rib-eye was ordered medium rare. It was served virtually burned black completely through. As with my wife’s steak I couldn’t believe how thin it was cut. Besides being EXTRA WELL DONE it was nothing more than tendons and fat. At first I told my wife they needed to sharpen the steak knives as it was nearly impossible to cut, however, the couple pieces from the middle I was able to cut I could not chew it was so tuff! Oh, I ordered a side salad, I’m sure it was nothing more than two leaves of iceberg lettuce torn in half that had a couple pieces of chopped red onion and grape tomatoes sliced paper thin. It was Sunday evening, we thought we were going for a nice dinner, your store in Brighton managed to blow that idea completely up! We came home and my wife heated a couple bowls of soup, THANK YOU! On top of that our check came to $51.00.


Robin February 11, 2016 at 10:22 pm

Dinner at Westover Outback was a huge mistake. We ordered soup and emphasized to make sure it was served hot…both were warm at best and had to be sent back. My chopped salad was more like unchopped salad. My “medium” steak came out rare…at which point I just asked for a container to take it home so I could continue the cooking on it. We will not be going back there if this is the quality to be expected.


Darryl February 2, 2016 at 8:17 am

I have an experience I would like to share with you and I ask you to read this carefully.
This past Saturday night 1-31-16, I took my wife out to eat for her 49th birthday. We traveled 2hours to Durham, NC to celebrate. You may ask why we traveled two hours. Well, in Chapel Hill Woman’s Hospital were my son and daughter-in-law, they had just had my first grandchild, and we went there to take him out (because she couldn’t leave) to include him in on the celebration for two reasons. First, his birthday was just the week prior, and of course secondly because he just gave us our first grandchild. On a side note, I had just gotten a good report of my daughter and her grades in school. So, as you can tell I hope this was a pretty big night for a proud Father, Husband and Grandfather. Now being that is was my wife’s birthday she got to choose the restaurant. The restaurant she chose, out all the ones we could have to go was, Outback, which was fine by me I love steak and that blooming onion.
This is how the dinner went. We arrived and found a parking place, the restaurant was busy so we had to put our name in and wait one hour. I am not fond of that kind of wait but expected some wait just about anywhere you go on a Saturday night. My family gets out and joins me at the front and we set out under the porch until it just gets to cold for my wife. When our time came we were seated, and George took our drink and blooming onion order. Shortly after, our drinks came out, and a little bit later, our blooming onion came. My wife asked the server who brought the onion if she could get some ketchup. We sat and were talking and enjoying the onion, except my wife, who was waiting until the ketchup arrived. Then our waiter came by and seen our empty drink glasses and ask for a reminder of the type drinks we had, and said he would be right back, we called back quickly and asked for some ketchup and some small plates to go with the blooming onion. Then about five minutes later another server comes out with our salads, she asks if there is anything else, for the third time my wife asks for some ketchup, and we ask if we could get some more drinks. By this time the onion is more than half gone, but we all slowed down so my wife could get some and we could have something to drink with it. Well that server brought my wife some ketchup finally after about 20 mins. of waiting, but still no drinks. My wife did get some onion before it got to cold to enjoy, since her glass still had drink in it, but the rest of us had to wait. About ten more minutes passes and our food arrives, our glasses are still empty from the first time they were brought out. So, we have been seated for approx. 30-40 minutes with no refills and a cold onion. So, when this server arrived with our food, I asked to speak with the manager, which I have never done in my 44 years of going out to eat. Just before the manager comes out our waiter filled my tea glass, but my son and daughter still had to wait a bit longer. The manager came to our table and I started to try to explain my great displeasure, but before I even got started, she spoke up and offered some discounts for the problems, then asked if there was anything else. My daughter spoke up and asked us about her steak, which was ordered well done, but came with a little blood in it. The manager took care of that and also took our order for the “salad to go” for our daughter-in-law, who was still hospital bound. When she return with my daughter’s steak she asked if there was anything else, I again tried to explain my grievances and did manage to get out about my wife’s birthday, who was wearing a Happy Birthday tiara, and my grandchild’s birth before she hurried off. The manager did make good on the offer of a discount, but I have a question to ask you.
Do you think, that on my wife’s one birthday dinner, and a celebration of the birth of my first grandchild plus my son’s birthday, not to mention my daughter’s good job at school that a few dollars really mattered to me? Not one time did I hear any employee tell my wife Happy Birthday, nor the couple that actually took the time to hear the news of the grandchild, say a congratulations. It was by far the worst service I have ever received, and I thoroughly regret having taken my family to that restaurant to do our celebration.


James Moore January 20, 2016 at 2:27 pm

To whom it may concern I know I’m only one customer but I do bring my family! I do think I deserve an apology! My dining experience from 12-10-15 was a so horrible its hard to believe! The restaurant management at Westover Terrace in Greensboro NC does not care! I know my 2 to 4 visits a month does not affect them but the new Texas Roadhouse sure appreciates their new business! Thanks for not caring!


Gloria January 19, 2016 at 9:34 am

I will just outline our 2 1/2+ hour visit to:
Outback Steakhouse
24900 Sperry Drive
Westlake, Ohio 44145

Slow slow service
We had to ask for our drink refills, so for the most part we sat with empty glasses and cups. Ranch was asked for at least 3 times before it was brought out.
Unless they were growing the lettuce, butchering the cow, or baking the cake …our waitress was a new degree of slow.

Cold soup
The cold soup, which everyone had taken a bite of was taken back, returned, and passed out when we realized it was the same bowls of soup that were taken from us, and that the waitress was just passing out willy nilly …no idea of who was receiving who’s soup. Three of the eight people at our table are on antibiotics. My mother has a compromised immune system not needing to purposely eat germs. Nor do I want anyone else’s.

Dirty plate with sticky goo Salad
My house salad with ranch was served. I had eaten several bites when putting my fork down, and my hand touched a large sticky goo. I am not sure what is was, but knew it wasn’t any part of my salad. I gave it to my waitress.

Over-cooked steak
Under-cooked sides
I ordered the $14.99 course meal, as did several at my table. I ordered medium rare. The waitress that brought it out assured me “guaranteed” she gave me the right one. Her guarantee was misgiven …my knife wasn’t sufficient to saw thru the shoe leather that they were hoping to pass off as beef. The steak was well done except for a small part of medium in the middle. They took it back. Of course, once a steak was brought to me, my family had finished eating theirs. Minor …but the loaded baked potato wasn’t hot enough to melt the cheese. Probably because it was half baked.

When asked if things were better …the veteran sitting to my left replied …we are just too tired to care any longer.

The dinner included dessert. Without exaggeration, it took so long to be brought out to our table that the retired veteran/minister/associate pastor to my right asked “are they baking the cake”?

Dirty dessert plates
The cake arrived. Some larger some smaller pieces, even though I thought they used a more precise cutting tool. I had taken a few bites of mine when I went to push my plate away just a little …when my hand felt the ick from underneath my plate. I just sighed, lifted my plate to take a closer look, when the veteran to my left removed ick and a hair. I gave it to my waitress …letting her see and feel the ick. She took it with her. Then it was realized each dessert plate was dirty, some more than others. One dirty plate …maybe. A table of dirty plates … ..well, that is something for the health department.

Again …these are the highlights. Let me also give you the highlights of the excuses we were given from our waitress and the managers.

That heating up the soup is a normal procedure. That the goo on my plate was probably honey mustard. That sometimes a steak can be tough, and that he thought it was more medium than well. And that he didn’t believe that the dishes were dirty. That the hair could have come from anywhere. The excuse from the other manager than had seen the dirty dishes said that the dishes being dirty in that area would be from the hands putting into and taking out of the food window or from the waitress handling them.

Well how nice. Over 2 1/2 hours …I had to send back …soup …salad …entree …and dessert. I didn’t order a bloomin onion, but one was comped. Though …I lost out on salad, potato, dessert, and eating my entree with the rest of my family, I wasn’t charged for my one received lemonade. In answer to the managers …I don’t think I like the procedure of half eaten foods being cooked/warm with my freshly made foods. This time it was my family’s soup I was receiving (maybe)…but how often does my ordered food come in contact with food that has been eaten from? PROBABLY honey mustard? I’m sorry, but probably isn’t an acceptable answer for what is on my plate when I didn’t order that. The steak being tough, or looking more medium than well done is NOT the correct excuse when I ordered my steak medium rare. As far as the dessert plates …they were dirty. To tell me that it was from the hands of the handlers …well, again, not acceptable. Their hands …dirty from what? Other table dirty dishes? How dirty would hands have to be …to have dirtied ALL of our dessert dishes? And the hair…which he said could have come from anywhere …well that has a level of concern all of its own.

The appetizer bloomin onion is given free from Outback very often for different reasons. Which is always very appreciated. I have enjoyed many Monday bloomin onions thanks to Outback and Kevin. But …to think that a bloomin is compensation for our bad service, long wait for cold and overcooked food that was served on dirty dishes, receiving excuses, well they are wrong. I would have expected a sincere apologetic attitude. Instead we received arrogant attitudes and excuses to try to convince us that dirty dishes and serving us food that belonged and had been eaten from another is a normal and acceptable procedure. But wait …the best is yet to come. The manager then realized that other Outback customers where listening. Especially the man that spoke to me over the divider between dining room and bar area. I’m thinking it must not have been in the manager’s best interest for other patrons to hear of our dirty dining ordeal, because he said we would like us to pay our bill and leave, or he would call the cops. My husband then replied, please do. We had not even received our bill at this time. I wouldn’t have had any problems with an officer being called, maybe that would have brought channel 8 out as well. I do think this review/story should be viral.

Let me say, yes we did return food, voice our dislike about being served another person’s food, and being given dirty dishes. But we did this with our waitress and managers that came to the table. No one was seated at the table next to or across from us. No one at our table used any foul language. As a matter of fact, after the soup, after the salad, I had even said, that’s ok, this is a little too much for me, I don’t want anything …it was insisted by Mike a key runner, no no no, let me get you another. If there was a problem with us, why not just let us leave then. We never seen Mike again. I think he was genuinely sorry.

I have already told you which Outback. Let me also share with you the names of our Outback employees. Our waitress was Sam. The two managers were Alex and Mark.

In all fairness, I will also include the names of our party. Brittany, Mckenna, John, Nancy, Mark, Joyce, Tony, and myself Gloria. Military veteran, Student, Minister/Pastor, Retired BE/pastors wife, Retired Veteran/Minister/Associate Pastor, Minister/Building Superintendent, and myself.

We have spent thousands at Outbacks. It is our go-to restaurant. Birthdays, anniversary, going away, coming home, been sick … .. .no reason needed. We eat at Outbacks while on a long weekend, on vacation, in state or out of state. There’s been good and there’s been not so good. I don’t expect perfect. But our experience today with Outback Steakhouse was totally unacceptable.

We paid. We left. Once we were in the car, my husband turned to me and said …I think this was it for me. I don’t ever see giving Outback another dollar of mine.

Such a sad end … .. .


Eric Ricker January 15, 2016 at 10:20 am

To whom it may concern at the Outback Corporation,
My name is Eric Ricker and I’ve been a loyal Outback customer for 20 plus years. Recently I had a horrible experience at one of the two Outback restaurants that I frequent. I took a friend to have dinner and he and I ordered beer, bloom, and the 9oz. sirloin that I’ve grown to love. As I said I’ve been going to the Outback for many years and know their cooking standards and I’m familiar with what medium means when I’m asked how I like my steak cooked. I wasn’t offered a style of cooking this time either and I prefer wood fired. I noticed that this day the Manager seemed to be having some staffing troubles while I was sitting at the bar waiting for service. I realize this sometimes happens and is unavoidable, but there were two Managers at the store this night so I felt they could handle any problems that may have come up. I was wrong! I know that Outback’s policy is to have every plate that leaves the kitchen looked at to assure it will meet the customer’s request. This clearly wasn’t happening this night. My friends steak was ordered well done but had edges that were burned black and were too charred for even a dog to chew through. My medium steak was, in my opinion, cooked even past well done but lacked the charcoal edges my friends had. He is not one to complain, nor am I, but I couldn’t eat the steak I was given. He cut out the center of his steak and chewed his way through it. When finally I was approached after watching my friend saw on his steak for a while (Did I mention I was sitting at the bar?!?!) I was asked if everything was O.K. I replied “Not at all”. I told the bartender what the problems were, she apologized and offered to start another steak for us, my friend was fed up and nearly finished with the small edible piece of his steak and said “Let’s get out of here.” I told the bartender to just forget the dinner for me. One of the managers came by and asked if he could make me another steak. I told him no because my friend was done and ready to leave. I also told him that this was strike two from his store, and that I saw some of the personnel problems he was experiencing (he denied any), that the last time I visited his store it had no Fosters Beer, and the salad I requested this night wasn’t available. I had requested a wedge salad and was informed they were out. As you may notice from the bill, we were at the Outback on Thursday Evening at 5:00pm. How could you not offer the wedge salad when your store is in the parking lot of a Giant Food Store?? I think they carry lettuce. One Manager “comped” me the salad I settled for, but offered nothing to get me back at a later date to try to make it up to me. You may notice that the bill was paid for with Bonus Cards that I received from gift cards that I purchased. I hope the people I gave the cards to receive better service than I did, or they will think my gift to them was worthless crap! This is NOT the service I’ve come to expect, and what I believe the Outback Corp. strives for. The store I was in is at Beacon Center in Alexandria Va. (See the Bill and Address below)
Very Unhappy
Eric Ricker
Alexandria Va. 22310

Outback Steakhouse
Located in: Beacon Center
Address: 6804 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306
Phone:(703) 768-1063


TAMMYLEE WATFORD December 26, 2015 at 2:12 am







Ginger Jackson December 20, 2015 at 11:20 pm

Outback Steakhouse #4467 Longview Texas… Just returned from Sunday night dinner Dec 20, 2015, The “New Crab Cakes” is NOT WORTH EATING! It has too much dough and does not look like the picture! The fries were worse than sonic! Again, didn’t look like picture. Everything was dished up haphazardly! The place was NOT crowded! It took forever to get our meal!!! I hated the entire experience! This place has gone downhill since two years ago!


Lisa Banks December 20, 2015 at 8:07 pm

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Jenkintown Pa. I used their call ahead service that worked wonderfully. I was seated in 10mins, as we were walked to our table and were seated I notice the table in front of me had dirty appetizers, salad, and entrée dishes and many cups on the table. This is the view I had to encounter the whole time I was there. About 3 of their hosts walked by the table, no one bothered to clear the table (strike one). When ordering our drinks with the server I asked, what is good that is fruity, she recommended some kind of punch, I said ok I’ll try it, then I said can you see if they could make it with Malibu Rum, she said sure. Waited about 10mins for her to come back and tell me the drink is already made with Malibu Rum. Who recommends a drink to you and doesn’t even know what is in it. She comes back with bread no butter and leaves. Finally she comes back with our drinks and leaves. Doesn’t say anything to us. We asked another server for butter. Dirty dishes still on the other table. When she comes back this time to take our order, My girlfriend says can I have the Shrimp on the Barbie and she says Is this your entrée? My friend continued to order her entrée with was the Babyback Ribs. When I went to order I asked for Wings mild a Alice Springs Chicken and I’ll take a side Caesar salad with that. Now the drink was very good. Then the salad comes first which I know is suppose to come after our appetizers. No problem. Then our appetizers come,( table still dirty). Now our entrées come and when the server puts mine in front of me their is the Alice Springs Chicken but not Fries and no honey mustard so I ask her,” doesn’t this come with fries and honey mustard? She says well maybe since you got the salad your server replace that for the fries. What, is she now spending my money? She offers to get me the fries,(table still dirty) I have been to Outback Steakhouse many time to know if I want a salad with the Alice Springs Chicken its extra.. Now I’m ready to go. I asked her to please bring me a manager. The manager comes and I first point out to him that that dirty table should not be what I have to look at my entire visit, He apologized and as he talking a server comes with steamed veggies not fries, and then another server comes with honey mustard, who ordered veggies they were supposed to be fries. I say to the manager this is the service we have been getting all night. All this time I have not seen my server, she never checked to see how our appetizers, salad or entrées were. Then someone comes to the table with cheese fries, I am so ready to go. The manager offer to comp my meal but I told him I don’t want anything I will pay for the drink and salad and my friends meal but I wanted him to know how horrible the service was. Table still dirty. I wanted to go to a nice restaurant and have a great meal with good service, but what I received was the same service I would could a local fast food restaurant. Never Ever will I go to the Outback Steakhouse in Jenkintown Pa again.


E. Walker December 4, 2015 at 7:35 am

We ate at Clifton Park NY on Wed Dec 2, 2015 and can’t express how horrible an experience. Reservations for 17 pp & when asked if they could accommodate that Sze party I was assured absolutely, we will put 2 tables together. I called back to change # of pp to 15 and again was reassured one table no problem. Well, we arrived and YUP it was clearly a problem! They had us spread out so far from ea other and 1/2 of us with our backs to ea other. When I asked about this arrangement I was given (and I quote) ” We came in 1/2 hr early to arrange this” so I rearranged the tables so we could all sit at 1 table and talk. Not to mention my arrangement left 2 open and usable 2 tops availablle. They split our table in to two servers, not sure why but they did. 1/2 of us ordered the other half didn’t for a good 5 mins. The 2 servers had no team work and clearly working independently of ea other. Our meals were mediocre at best and the spice was so intense on 2 of our meals they went even eaten. No the server never asked and didn’t do anything when told. The dishes were cleared come tell from 1/2 of table and not a dish removed from other side. I did speak to Manager Paige twice but let’s face it 3 hours for dinner with no apps is a bit much and there really wasn’t much she could do but she was trying I guess. We had twin 4 year Olds that never ate and had to leave before the meal because they had to go home to bed. Everything took so long and we were clearly a TASK for the server. There isn’t 1 of us that will go back. Paige the manager came over at the end and gave us coupons for apps next visit. Guess that means she knew how bad our experience was but never did anything about it. You can assure yourself those coupons will never be used by any of us. Overall not worth the time, effort or money. Good luck to anyone who still tries with a large party.


Jo Wilson November 21, 2015 at 8:58 pm

My family and friends eat out a lot and Outback, Wesley Chapel Florida location is a favorite for all of us. The food is always great and the service simply cannot be beat in our area. The proprietor, Reagan, has put together a fabulous crew, from Caitlyn (hostess), to servers Leenie B, Cassandra, Brandon and on to managers, Kylan, Sean H, Deni and more. It’s a great place for us to visit for a lift to our spirits. We are always greeted with smiles and the door is held open for us when we are ready to leave with a sweet invitation to hurry back. We Love Love Love this place. The surveys I submit on a regular basis just aren’t enough to really tell how awesome this place is. Thanks Outback for making our every visit a super fun experience!!


Jessica Sanchez November 2, 2015 at 10:39 pm

I was visiting my in laws in Albany Ga this week we decided to go to outback because where my husband and I reside in Charleston SC we ALWAYS have great service. Our server who’s name was Katie started off with a bad attitude she was very ill mannered. I ordered a sweet tea it tasted old so when she came I asked if she could switch my drinks when she bought back my water she slammed it on the table so hard that water spilled out of the glass. At that point my father in law asked for her supervisor she brings out another server named Jessica who said she was in charge at the moment because the manager had to step away from the location at that moment we just left because how could someone with the same position discipline the rude server I’m very disappointed and will appreciate something being done about this behavior!!!


Carla November 1, 2015 at 6:02 pm

I am not a fan of Outback, as to date have never been happy with the food, over priced and never cooked right or is just down right bad cuts. Anyway I decided to give them another chance after 3 years of boycott…this is what happened. I ordered the Salmon with mango salsa, I told the waiter that he should know ahead of time that if my salmon comes over cooked I will send it back. When it arrived I could tell it was very over cooked, the waiter did not think I could tell just be looking, so I cut it open and it was totally dry…so very overcooked. At that time I had not noticed that the “mango salsa” part of my fish was missing. It came the second time, and while still a bit over cooked it was acceptable as my friends were done with their meals, just waiting on me. Now here comes the kicker…what the bill comes I have been charged for 2 salmon meals and comp for one. WHAT??? I did not order 2 meals, I sent an over cooked meal back, how dare you give me a bill like that, and on top of that they charged me an extra dollar to cook it right. I know they have to keep track of inventory but NOT ON MY BILL. I was insulted. Pointed it out to the waiter, told him I felt it was so wrong…I can take it off…not the point, it never should have been on there in the first place. I gave him my card, went to use the restroom when I returned my friends said a manager had been by to speak to me. A few moments later a woman, that needed to put a proper shirt on and get her hair out of her face, so I could look her in the eyes, basically said the same thing as the waiter, that she could “fix it”. Again offering to take it off the bill, I explained that since I was not being charged for it but was charged extra money to have my meal cooked right, she was wasting my time just run my card. I explained to her that her taking the bill back and making it the way it should have come to me in the first place would not make me “un-see” how badly they had handled the situation. When she returned she had charged me the increased price, again wrong. Guess I was right in not wanting to go to outback. What a crock!! BTY I tipped my waiter for his good service, even though his manager is a joke and the chef needs to learn to cook salmon or take it off the menu. Just saying.


Bob Hunter September 25, 2015 at 8:08 pm

Smithfield,N.C.Outback. Skip the told a 3o min. wait turning into 1 hour.3 couples in a booth. Ordered our drinks and apps.Ordered our meal with baked potatoes. Waitress came back and said they were out of baked potatoes we said sweet would be fine later she is back no sweet potatoes we took mashed. Ladies ordered the Filet and two men ordered the N.Y. Strip 14 oz. the other ordered special fish. When our meal came out the Filets looked like Jimmy Dean sauges patties. Our N.Y. Strips looked like the steak you get at Waffle House with steak and eggs.I think they ran low on the meat and sliced it into 2 steaks. I have photos of the thickness. I placed a penny on edge next to my 14 oz N.Y. Strip and the steak is half the diameter of the penny. I guess my best option is Waffle House Same size steak with home frys rather than MASHED. BIG PLUS IS THE PRICE , COULD PICKUP TAB FOR THE GROUP AT THE SAME PRICE AS MY TAB AT OUTBACK. Have always loved Outback. I’m sure this is a one time mess-up.We sure have a good laugh when one of us bring up the Jimmy Dean subject. It was a sprcial night with two birthdays. Couples from Raleigh, Statesville and Holden Beacn.This is more for your info, to insure better prep.


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