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Outback Steakhouse
2202 North West Shore BoulevardSuite 500
Tampa, FL 33607

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Phone Number: (813) 282-1225
Fax Number: (813) 286-2247
Website: https://www.outback.com
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Outback Steakhouse Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Outback Steakhouse Executives

CEO: Elizabeth Smith
CFO: David Deno
COO: Roger Chacko

Outback Steakhouse History

Outback Steakhouse was founded in 1988 by Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Trudy Cooper, and Tim Gannon.

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed restaurant, with an emphasis on casual dining and large portions at affordable prices.

The first restaurant was opened in Tampa, Florida.

Outback’s parent company changed its name to OSI Restaurant Partners in 2006.

In 2007 the private equity firms Bain Capital and Catterton Partners bought OSI Restaurant Partners for $3.2 billion.

The company became Bloomin’ Brands in 2012 and went public in August of 2012 at $11 per share.

Bloomin’ Brands operates the restaurants Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Wine Bar, and Roy’s.

Outback Steakhouse has 979 restaurants in 22 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, including over 100 locations in South Korea.



Outback Steakhouse FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Outback Steakhouse?
Answer 1: The phone number for Outback Steakhouse is (813) 282-1225.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Outback Steakhouse?
Answer 2: The CEO of Outback Steakhouse is Elizabeth Smith.

Question 3: Who founded Outback Steakhouse?
Answer 3: Outback Steakhouse was founded by in .

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Sharon September 10, 2019 at 5:03 pm

About over a month ago I shared a complaint about the Outback Lake Nona FL area. This was about the conditions at the property. I received a phone call from the managing partner about my comments about torn seats, and other major maintenance problems, including poor air conditioning. He assured me that the location was not closing. We returned about week later and WOW. Our hostess that help find untorn seats the last visit showed us how the seats had been repaired/replaced, the other major problems resolved also. Now what with the wonderful staff and building really a great place to visit. Oh, last night was there and a large group was dining at the time. Thank you for listening to a concern diner.


Nikki Clay September 8, 2019 at 1:47 pm

Visited Outback on Greenfield Road in Southfield Mi and had the worst experience. Server was short with us and everything seemed rushed when she would come to our table. Never received second order of shrimp on endless shrimp meal as requested. Waited 10 minutes for the bill and then had to ask other servers to take our payment and they wouldn’t so we had to wait longer for our server. At this point we were in the lobby trying to pay our bill. Service was below poor and when we asked for a manager he didn’t come to address us or our concerns. We asked for a manager a second time and a server pointed to the guy standing next to her. He never said a thing. He never tried to help us. Our server never came back to get our payment receipt either.


Laurie Lee August 26, 2019 at 4:11 pm

On a weekly order I sent my son to pick up the order. He also gave my AARP card to the waitress. He paid cash for the order. Outback., policy is to give to senoir citens 10% off. they never took it off. It will be a long time if ever come back.


Emanuel Brown August 19, 2019 at 11:50 pm

Sat. , August 10th, we when we went to Outback. upon arrival we went to the desk and stated we needed a table for 5. After a half hour and looking at tables that were not occupied we were given a table. I asked why it had taken so long I went to the desk and inquired why it was taking so long. First I was told that there was not a table, when I said that the table were directed to was empty for a hour I was told that there was no one to serve the table. I told the young lady that I had watched a waitress at the tables by where seated and she abruptly and rudely asked if I wanted to talk to a manager. The manager finally came and after I told her what had happened she also gave me some unsupported answers but she did give us 2 free appetizers. When the waitress came we had not decided what we wanted and placed our drink orders and asked for more time. We received the drinks and appetizers but one of the drinks we had to send back but it was never replaced and that is the last time the waitress came to our table. A half an hour later I had had enough and we had to call another waitress to tell our waitress we were leaving. Our waitress brought our check then the manager came out to another table. We called her over and told her of our experience. She apologized but did nothing to try and make it right. That is the last time that I or any of my party will ever patronize a Outback restaurant.


Cheri McCrobie-Butkovice July 14, 2019 at 6:54 pm

I took my family to the Westlake Ohio outback steakhouse. We ordered the Bloomin onion and three adult entrées and two children’s meals. The blooming onion that arrived first greasy And over fried. It was completely in edible. We asked the server to send it back and the second one was just as bad. The children’s chicken tenders were so hard my grandson could not even bite them. The chicken sandwich had a huge chunk of black oily breading my son spoke to the manager who did apologize and gave us a coupon for a free appetizer. He also removed the children’s meal And the blooming onion from our bill. We were not looking for free food we were looking for good food. Unfortunately I teach cooking and commercial kitchen equipment Usage. The problem with the food was the oil was old, and the first blooming onion Was re-fried which caused the excessive oil as the Bloomin onion was cold and greasy. This is very disappointing and we will not be using our free coupon for an appetizer . Someone from corporate needs to check this location and re-train the clocks. Everyone had an upset stomach from all the greasy food. You lost five customers. And I did post photos on Facebook


Keith July 5, 2019 at 8:31 pm

Totally disappointed in the service from Westbury Outback Spoke to Frank the manager very rude trying to be a smart a** on the phone with me. I took my family in for dinner everything was ok till we got the food where the burger buns tasted like they were sitting for a few days ok let that slide the rest of the meal was Ok then asked for the check used my payment method left a great tip then left. I went online to check my bank account and noticed I was charged 2 times from Outback one was a correct charge for my meal another was almost tripled my bill so I called asked for a manager spoke to Frank who was very rude said I cant do nothing what’s done is done and its now my problem. Are you kidding me this manager clearly don’t belong in management at all. Second my account was overcharged with out authorization I want my refund and someone held accountable this clearly is not how to run a business, outback just lost another long time customer. NOTE: I will be filing reports with the Attorney General the consumer affairs the BBB and all other agencies I can think of to let them know how Outback runs a business.


Lea Mooney May 5, 2019 at 10:27 pm

First time ever going to a Outback on April 20th, 2019 at the Evansville, Indiana and I doubt I will ever go to another. I work in a restaurant and I have been told make the customers happy and take care of them. Well, this place must not have those guidelines. Took a while for our waiter to come and take our drink order and by that time we knew what we wanted when we had gotten our table and was ready to order. I was just about to tell my husband lets just leave cause of how long it had taken. So, our waiter take sour drink order and food order and that was the last we seen of him. Other waitresses brought out our drinks and our food and that was all the service we got. All the other tables around us were getting waited on but us. Even the manager was busing tables but never came by and asked how we was doing One waitress I overheard tilling the table behind my husband that our waiter was having a problem and she was covering his tables. Okay so why aren’t we getting waited on and have somebody covering the table we was at???? We had asked a waiter that was waiting on the table behind me for a refill of our son’s drink and he said yes he would get it for us along with whatever the people he was waiting on needed. Well, he waited on them and they paid and left. So, it wasn’t until my husband had gotten up to go to the entrance of the kitchen to ask for the second time to somebody for a refill for our son that the manager came by while he was busing a table. By that time I was already upset and I guess he could see it. He gave me the excuses that the waiter’s brother had just died and they are all trying to cover for him as he takes off. Okay, I understand that it a very hard thing to happen to anybody and I don’t wish it on anyone. But, if you have other that are covering for him and waiting on his tables why hasn’t anybody come to check on this one table???? You would make sure that every table of his is being taken care of. If you are a good manager. Oh by the way at my job I had also done the management program at the restaurant I work at. So, we go to pay and I’ve learned to make sure to never pay at a restaurant with any cash anymore. Cause we never got any service and you could say we had to wait on ourselves and get our son’s refill on our own I wanted every penny of change back and didn’t want to leave a tip. It took that manager 15mins. if not more before my husband went looking for him to get our change. You would think with such bad service the manager would be straight back with our change or I don’t know maybe had take everything off and gave us our meal for free. But no my husband had to go find the manager to get our change after waiting and waiting and the waiters and waitress keep looking at us like why are they still here they are done eating and paid. I guess the manager by then felt a little sorry for everything and gave a $20 card to my husband with our change. Hey home and look at it and it expired February 19th of this year and didn’t even give us out receipt back. Have use somebody else’s receipt that was $69.31 and eat Ribeye and other stuff that we didn’t even order. How bad is that for a manager to do. Yeah I got a very bad taste in my mouth of ever going to a Outback Steakhouse plus we don’t have one even close to us to use this coupon so that’s worthless to us. And we still had 1 hour and 40 mins. til we got back home after already having a bad start to our day. Not a good first impression to a family that has and still works in the food industries. I have made a review on their Facebook and I have even completed the survey that was on the bottom of the wrong receipt the manager gave us and stated on that survey on I believe April 23rd I wanted to be contacted. Well, here it is May 5th, 2019 and I still have not been contacted. I would really like to talk to somebody at corporate about the bad service and bad management at this restaurant.


James Reed March 15, 2019 at 1:33 pm

I will no longer visit Outback Steakhouse over their decision to pull ads from Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News. My family has had dinner every Friday night at Outback for years. No more. If they feel as though they want to alienate half of their customer base, that’s fine. Stay out of politics or suffer the consequences.


David Jones March 6, 2019 at 9:05 pm

I called at 6:15 p.m. and made a reservation. I was told it would be 7:15 before they could seat us, I said that was fine. I arrived at 7:00 and they said we would be seated soon an hour later they said they are clearing a table for us, they even told me ( the people are getting ready to leave). 30 mins later they said there was 6 people ahead of me. I asked to speak to the manager at 8:00 and she told me there was 8 people ahead of me. Are you kidding me it would have been the next day before they seated me and my family. outback in panama city 23rd street.


Judy Nester February 21, 2019 at 3:05 pm

My daughter and I were at your steakhouse a week ago for her birthday. She had a steak potato and salad. She had to send back her potato 3 times it was very hard.. She finally ask for mashed potatoes. After we were finished the server ask if we wanted a box for our leftovers. We said we would.

I went to the ladies room and my daughter came to check on me and see if I was ok. We both went out to our table and our boxes were not there. The server said she could not get to the busboy before he put in trash.
We have always been very happy with our food before this happened. TYVM


lawrwena giordano February 16, 2019 at 10:12 pm

wow !! horrible again !!! Took my other half out for Valentines Day supper to Nags head nc.Been there before and said i would never go back !! the third strike and your out !! no longer have our business !! worst sevice and worst meals !!!!! Betweeen the waitress being new on a Saturday night and the dinner !!! no more !!! Poor manager comped the whole meal !! just to let you know he comped 3 meals in the two and a half hours that we were there !!! your losing lots of money !!!! bad bad !!! your company should be ashamed to serve people this way !! will never go back !!!


Robert Oitker February 15, 2019 at 11:58 am

We were at the Lady Lake Fl Outback on Sunday Feb 10, 2019 we had a party of 13. we were seated after our wait of 20 minutes this was not the problem. Our waitress came and took our drink order and then returned to get our meal orders. Then the wait began. We finally got our drinks and bread, after at least 30 minutes 4 orders came out of which was steak and shrimp two of which had french fries and two with sweet potatoes ( were not done)and the shrimp was cold. After another 20 minutes some of the other orders came out but no potatoes sweet or regular baked poatotes. The waitress came and said their were not done. By this time we all had eaten our food. Then the potatoes came out we were all ready to leave. The manage then came over and said he was sorry and al l our meals were free. We only needed to pay for our drinks. We did talk him for this but what a awful evening. we weren’t the only table that had a problem another table of three complained their food was cold also. I am sorry but with 13 people not happy alot of people weret o hear about this and I am sure business will go down.


Lawrence Furlow February 2, 2019 at 8:01 pm

I am informing you of the 2nd worst experience at an Outback Steakhouse in Ellicott City, Md that have happened in the last 6 months. I have been gone to this location for 15 years and today 02/02/19 was the worst, we ordered the (2) 10oz. ribeye dinners medium. when we cut into them they were Medium but they were so tough your stakeknife had a hard time cutting it .By the time the stakes came out of the kitchen we had already finished our salads and Blooming onion and the loft of bread’ . At first the manager said that they were cooked right but he had a hard time cutting it, the manager apologise and offer to make us new stakes, We declined and paid our bill. I am sorry but i work hard for my money and to spend it on this meal was the worst. That is why we will be going to the new Texas Road House that everyone here has been talking about.


kevin oleary February 1, 2019 at 3:00 pm

I did not expect to get a response but still need to express my concerns. Why give my contact information if neither the manager or regional manager is getting back to me. For the price of two nice dinners and questionable service I expected a call back and believed that at minimum. I know the saint cloud commons Outback had just opened but was sure they would be fully staffed and they had what I ordered available. I also doubt this will go to the CEO as I know she is to busy to deal with day to day concerns.


Kevin O’Leary

407 361-XXXX


Tina g January 31, 2019 at 10:44 am



Fred L January 17, 2019 at 9:17 am

I can’t believe that my tip amount was changed. That is theft. I need to be contacted right away. Looking for contact info for ceo. This happen At you Franklin, TN store. Reaching out to the store. But if not contacted, I will reach out to my good friend at the paper. And make sure post about this ever I can.


jon cockrin January 13, 2019 at 12:34 pm

i called corporates Joe Gatto in Oceanside, ca and told him of my outback at Plaza Bonita mall having unfair labor practices and told him i feared retaliation and 3 weeks later he came to my location, fired me and called me a cancer and said i would never serve. Looking into a Lawyer now.
BTW: Those managers still have their titles.
This is Outback


Linda zgoda December 28, 2018 at 5:09 pm

Went to have prime rib at Outback Steak House Christmas eve.(2018 in Springdal ( cinti) Ohio. )Ordered it MEDIUM IT CAME AS A RED AS the stripes on our flag. Furthermore it couldn’t be sliced with a steak knife it was full uncuttable tendinds or something that I have never seen in any cut of meat no matter how cheap it was. I should have left was talked ordering something different . The meal came with a baked smashed potato that was awful
It was the the worse dinning experience in my whole life. I will never eat at outback again.
On . a scale of one to ten a zero


john Berg December 14, 2018 at 2:24 pm

We went to The Outback Steak House # 1020 In Gainesville, Fl. On Dec. 2nd For my Birthday . We were seated right away. the Server took our Drink Order & we ordered A Blooming Onion. Then our Salads Came . The lady that Sat us was Right behind us when we ordered the Onion . She Came back by an Ask Didn’t you order A Blooming Onion ? I Said yes . She said I will be right back . She Came back with our Onion. I am very Sorry she said. I said no big deal. We had ate half of the Onion when the Waiter came With our Steaks , I Cut mine an It was Med. Well Not Med. Rare . I ask him if that Looked like med. Rare . He said no. an Went an ordered me Another Med. rare Steak. Then the Lady we found out was The Manager Erin Came By an Ask my Friend Is your Pork Over Dunn. he Said yes. She Said she would order him Another one An Said my Steak would be out Soon. The Waiter came with my New Steak. it was Perfect . I Was kind of Full so I ask for A to go Box. Then Erin came with the new Pork Chop. Perfect . Then Erin Said Its your Birthday an I Said Yes. Then they Came An Sang Happy Birthday to me an A Dissert for my Birthday . The manager Erin came Back an Said that Our 3 meals were on Her Comp. Them I said Thank you So Much .Be for we left she Erin Came back an Said They were having A VIP Party on the 12th. an Ask Us To Come . Sure I Said. I Told Erin We would not have been Back If it Wasn’t for her. She Knew what to do in A bad Situation. She is The Best Mgr. I Have Seen in yrs. I Come from the Food Service Business. We all came Back on the 12th Showed our VIP Invite . She said Sit any where in Bar Section with A Red Bow. We sat down & Ordered our Drinks . Then they came with Salads . Then our Drinks . Then they Came with Chicken Wings . An More Wings, Then Some Shrimp . In like 10 min. Erin Came with Cut up Rib Eye Stake & Chicken. This Was the Best Night I have Had in Years, Our Waitress Miranda Was Wonderful . The Service We Got that Night was 5 Star . We will be Back Because of Erin the Mgr. & The Waitress Miranda .******* John Berg From Steinhatchee, Fl. Thanks Marinda & Mgr. Erin .


Tonya December 11, 2018 at 11:01 pm

To whom this may concern, the outback in Desoto, Tx is a terrible place to eat or work. I went there last Tuesday Dec. 4th. The people that work there have no customer service skills at ALL. Management isn’t the far off. The so called young lady that greeted me was rude and seemed very uninterested in taking my order. Next she said, “well now I have to go to a meeting and someone would be with you. She was very rude when saying it. So the manager Anthony came and took my order. The wait time was sooo long. I got here at 1:40pm and did not leave until 3:10pm. The wait was way to long. Anthony did send me a gift card for the bad service. So being I’ve been in customer service since I was 14 I decided to apply for a part time job as a server just to try to let them see how customer service is supposed to be done and make a little extra money. I had the 1st interview with Anthony and he said I would have a second interview with the owner or his boss on Tuesday the 11th of Dec, 2018. So I go today for the interview I arrived at 1:45pm and waited until 2:40pm with the owner or other manager never showed up. Now I completely understand why your company is failing. You allow people that could care less about your brand. The people that work there, just from me sitting there for that 55 mins should not be in customer service period. The management team there is horrible. I completely understand why you are getting the results you are getting. Also, EVERY person I come in contact with will hear from me this company is not a place you want to eat at or work for.


Don August 9, 2018 at 10:25 pm

From going to outback so much and learning the life of the employees, you as a corporate office needs to shut down and rethink y’all entire industry process. The amount these employees get paid hourly is f-ing rediculous. Their hourly wage is a f-ing joke for a paycheck. These employees deserve to be paid more than that. Also to bring in tip share, tip share is f-ing bulls**t, the tips from the servers make should go to them and not be shared, anther f-ing terrible excuse for a corporate office and how sh**ty if a job y’all do.


John R Hoffman July 26, 2018 at 11:22 am

Let me start by saying your food is great and overall a good experience. My gripe is with our last visit. There seems to be indecision on the amount of shrimp you get with your Queensland Shrimp and Chicken Pasta. The first time it came with six shrimp on a skewer and chicken, the second time I ordered it the waitress asked me if I would rather have just shrimp or chicken. I was delighted that I had a choice, so I had the shrimp only. I received two skewers of six shrimp. The third time I ordered just shrimp I got two skewers of five shrimp each to which I said nothing. The latest time I ordered just shrimp it was served with six shrimp. (Not on a skewer) At that point I asked for a manager and explained my issue. She stated it was a mistake I should have gotten a total of eight. I didn’t want to make a scene and excepted her offer of getting me two more shrimp.Out they came two shrimp on a plate. I felt the manager should have at least given me a skewer of shrimp to show good faith. A decision has to be made by cooperate as to the amount of shrimp you get and that info conveyed to your restaurants. Side note, the gentleman behind us ordered the same dish and received six shrimp on a shewer and chicken. He pointed it out to me because he over heard our conversion. I feel I didn’t get my moneys worth for that meal. Please address this issue.


Mark March 11, 2018 at 3:58 pm

$15.99 Steak and Lobster is a bait and switch, MN locations will not honor pricing.


Eric larson February 11, 2018 at 6:50 pm

Because of your handeling of the Yoder situation I will not be dinning with you again. Good bye!



Herman Avila February 6, 2018 at 10:37 am

Because of you company stands on Law Enforcement not able to have his or her weapon with them while in your establishment I will no longer go to outback, my go to Steakhouse will be 555 in Long Beach ca Thank You


American February 6, 2018 at 9:20 am

As an American I am sick to death of the VERY FAKE NEWS and their lies to the public
I stopped giving my $$$ to star**cks 4 yrs ago they do not support the 2nd Amendment.
So goes outback, a “gun free zone’ really! I carry my weapon every-time I used to go there, which is now going to be ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As Americans we can support American biz, not anti-American biz.
Don’t forget demoncrats support anifa, a violent terrorist org and cair. We lost two more Americans to the illegal democratic voters, NFL player DEAD KILLED BY AN ILLEGAL, POLICE OFFICER SHOT IN FACE DEAD BY ILLEGAL and this idiot is scared of the police, yea!!!


donna kopacki December 23, 2017 at 9:02 am

you have an employee at the Arlington, Texas restaurant, Carrie Garcia, that is discussing other employees medical information as well as personal information with other employees.


Deanna November 16, 2017 at 9:01 pm

What is the email address of the CEO of Outback Steakhouse?


John Doe October 13, 2017 at 4:48 am

Hi. I am currently a host employee with the Outback Steakhouse on 71st street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Recently I was not given a paycheck for my two week pay period. I confronted one of the managers about the problem, to which she told me that if my tip shares reach any higher than $7.25, I would not receive a paycheck. This didn’t make any sense to me, so I pressed and told her it didn’t. She then switched it around, saying that taxes might have taken my check. This also didn’t make any sense to me, seeing as how I worked less hours the previous two weeks and still received a paycheck. I dropped the argument because she had said she would look into it. Haven’t heard anything back about it and it’s been a week. This is outrageous seeing as we host’s and hostess’s don’t get paid very much as it is compared to the other employees. Please get back to me via email, or my phone number is 918-695-XXXXXX


Erica Smith October 6, 2017 at 3:38 pm

I could not be more disappointed with my interaction with the manager at the Ann Arbor Mi location named Kurt. I used to frequent this location but now live out of the area. Prior to the last visit we had not only a rude server but horrible food. The regional manager was eager to try and rectify the situation and due to that fact we gave it another try on October 3 , 2017. That was a huge mistake. The steak was overcooked and the Tilapia was not good at all as well as the meal appearing to be hastily and sloppily thrown together. I sent an email regarding the issue and spoke with Kurt who not only informed me that the food is sometimes under cooked( the fish) for transportation and even though he stated he has been at the restaurant quite frequently he has never been available when these issues have occurred. Conveniently he stated those were times he must have been out. That is not my concern. My concern is his condescending attitude and the fact that he felt it was appropriate to laugh at the situation. His solution was to request a manager every time we are in. That is an added step I am unwilling to take each time and is absolutely ridiculous. I will no longer give my business to this location and will go to Texas Road House instead because apparently a properly cooked steak at this particular steak house is too much to ask for.


Rose Katzenberger August 7, 2017 at 3:08 pm

We love Outback, but I have to say we went yesterday to one in Perry Hall MD and waited 15 minutes before we had to ask for a server. Then in ladies room there was no toilet tissue, cut my arm on medal screw in the restroom. The food was good but because the order was put in wrong all the salad, soups, and entrees came out together. The service was bad, no one came to clean away our plates, or ask if we wanted drink refills. when signing for payment I had to more plates etc. to be able to sign receipt. The manager knowing all of this never even came to apologize for our problem.


JESSICA WILLIAMS June 12, 2017 at 12:14 pm

I am very displeased by the management staff at the West Monroe, Louisiana location. I was hired around the first of June. The general manager, Myeisha, was actually the person who called me and offered me the position. She was also the person who interviewed me. I informed her that I had another job and I was attending graduate school. She was apprehensive in the interview process but she did in face hire me under the knowledge that I had other things going on. I was unable to make the first orientation class and was rescheduled to a later class. Went to the class and did not have doXXXXentation needed to finish the “onboard” process. Received a later time the next day to come, but was unable to make it due to a scheduling conflict with my other job, so i asked to reschedule. And we did just that. The manager Christina told me a time to come and we were all set. She then texted me back and told me that the managers had a talk and i was no longer needed. THROUGH TEXT!!! She told me that obviously there were conflicts with time and they did not need any other conflicts in the future so they are going to have to part ways. I felt it was very unprofessional to “fire” someone first of all through text, and then to fire me because I had prior engagements that the management team knew about. The general manager hired me under that knowledge, so how could i be fired when they knew. They have been unprofessional from the beginning of this process. Sending messages for me through another employee who wished to be unnamed in this situation. I am very upset with the way things were handled at the west monroe, louisiana location. I feel the manager Christina no longer wanted me to work there because she felt, I replied to her with an attitude through texts. I am livid and i will not stop until something is done about the DRUG INFESTED PLACE FULL OF DRUG ADDICTS.


Jeffrey McCoy May 21, 2017 at 9:49 pm

My wife and I joined friends at a new Outback in Florence, KY. It was the restaurant’s 2nd week in operation. My wife had received a promotional/loyalty email from Outback titled “4 courses 4 you 4 just $14.99”. Upon arriving, we were seated in 30 minutes (with call ahead priority). My wife showed our server the email on her phone, and the server responded “We aren’t accepting that promotion at this time.” No further explanation was given. What gives? Why receive an unsolicited corporate promotion only to be denied at the restaurant? It was a bit embarrassing for us in front of our friends, and the server, although polite, would not accommodate. Rather poor marketing wouldn’t you say?


B May 2, 2017 at 9:00 pm

After recently dining at Outback Steakhouse on January 7th 2017 in Coral Springs, Florida on Atlantic Blvd and Riverside an awful incident occurred at this location with a new medallion filet that was added to the menu and when served to our table my daughter had taken 3 bites from the skewer it had been served on and behold there was a piece of glass about an inch and a half long. It had looked like a plate had been broken in the kitchen and served with steak. After my daughter at the age of 4 had bitten into the glass had fractured her two front teeth and they were pultruding outwards. After going to the ER since she had passed some glass in her stools and getting her checked out they advised me that there are no big pieces but there could be some small pieces that may pass or she had already. So, the dentist advised that her teeth were so misplaced that they would have to be removed since they were getting infected. My daughter had been in so much pain and would not eat until they came out. The pain and suffering that she had experienced getting her two front teeth removed was horrible and no kid should have to experience what she did. After talking to the third-party provider Gallagher and Bassett they would only compensate $1000.00 for her pain and suffering and that’s not including the dental bills that I had to pay out of pocket. This was by far the worst thing that could happen to a little girl at the tender age of 4. This is negligence on Outback Steakhouse as a restaurant chain there should be no reason I am having to deal with Gallagher and Bassett this is Outback Steakhouse issue. Before I have this go social I thought I would give Outback a chance to make this right. Please feel free to contact me (943)397-XXXXX



Valeria Ann Sharp-Wilson March 4, 2017 at 10:38 pm

Usually our visit goes well. However, our readied table had dirty seats & from asking several times for the bread, trading steaks with my husband because his was what I ordered & mine was what he order, reminding the server that shrimp was ordered with one of the steaks that had already been served, asking for tea only to be forgotten, to asking for clean cutlery & having the young lady look at me surprised saying, “Is it all dirty?” I smirked a reply, “It was all wrapped up together, so yes, they are all contaminated.” She didn’t return & I had to ask the server again for clean utensils. Shouldn’t she know this? After all she works at a Texas restaurant. I’m being sarcastic. I’m a high school FSC teacher who taught Servsafe for 2 years. Of course she should know this! No, I did not speak to the manager who was dressed in a skin tight t-shirt & displayed attitude because after waiting the 30 minutes to be seated I dared to ask, “how much longer.” I hope they display a sign when they are under new management. Maybe then we’ll give this Outback another chance. Forum in San Antonio, Texas.


Randy February 23, 2017 at 7:11 pm

Ate at the Outback in Indiana, Avon. Really disappointed with the steak. Ordered steak well and came out rare, sent it back then it came back extremely dry. I am not one to complain BUT the price of the steak, I should of been able to enjoy it. I will think twice about ordering a steak again!


Rebecca D Florence February 15, 2017 at 10:30 am

We visited the Outback Steakhouse located in Hamburg in Lexington Ky for our Valentines Day dinner on Saturday the 11th and was very disappointed first off we waited for a table for some time and they wasn’t even busy we never received our bread we never even offered bread, people that came in after us was receiving their food and we didn’t even have out appetizer yet, then when we did receive our blooming onion it was burnt and not fit to eat, then my husband ordered a steak medium well and when he received at their was blood running out so he had to send it back and when he received it back it was so tough he couldn’t eat it so he had to just share my chicken with me… we was never offered a refill to drink, we ordered the valentine special for $42 which ended up being $70 for this horrible service I always liked Outback but this has definately left me not ever wanting to go back again………….


Melissa January 28, 2017 at 7:15 pm

Just had the most horrific experience in the Montgomery Outback at Eastchase. We waited for over an hour for a table for a party of nine. Many parties were seated before us. We did finally get seated at a both with a table pulled to join it. We were content with this until they came back and told us we had to be separated and move to another table. Very unexceptable!!!! We left with kids crying because they are hungry. Very disappointed with this and the way our party was treated. I did try to let as many people know as I could as I was leaving!!!!


Donna D. January 23, 2017 at 1:58 pm

We have frequented both of the Outback Steakhouse locations in Madison over the past several years. Until a few weeks ago I would have given fairly good reviews (other than terminally slow service). We stopped at the Junction Rd. location (Madison, WI) around 4:00 pm on Saturday January 7th. We ordered an appetizer, and everyone had either a soup or salad. The appetizer arrived in ok time, we were done eating that and it was at least another 20 minutes until the soup/salad arrived. Again, after finishing this, it was at least another 20 minutes until our food arrived. In the mean time, anytime we needed anything , refills on drinks, etc. we had to actually flag down our server. When the main course came, my son ordered his steak with a topping on it, my husband HATES anything that resembles gravy on his food….won’t eat it if it has it; steaks arrive and the topping is on my husbands steak. The server bucks it off as ‘I don’t know if I ordered it wrong or they cooked it wrong, but not sure what you want me to do about it (exact words), is it really going to be a issue?’. When explained it really is an issue…he said, I guess I can make them re-cook it, but it’s going to take awhile. I explained we were on a very tight time line and did not have another half hour to wait for them to re-cook the steaks…his suggestion…just scrape the topping off the one and onto the other steak. At the end of the meal, he offered us a dessert for compensation for messing up our meal. We explained we didn’t want a dessert, he said ‘that’s all I can offer you’. We took it…and ended up throwing it away, since we didn’t want it anyway. I have submitted 2 complaints online, and got no response what so ever. No manager on duty made any effort to speak to us that day, and no one from corporate has made any effort to at least discuss the matter with me. I find it very frustrating that McDonalds will contact you if you have a customer service issue, but a company like Outback doesn’t seem to care.


Anthony Richards January 16, 2017 at 5:10 pm

I am so upset with my last visit to the Outback in Hollywood Fla. I took my mother and a friend to the Outback for a nice lunch before she was leaving. We arrived at the restaurant and were going to be sat at the bar area and we asked to sit in the dinning room. We were told that it would be a few minutes. The host tried to sit us by the front door and we asked if we could be seated at another table because we didn’t think it would be comfortable by the front door. The host said that there were only 2 waiters on staff so it would be a couple of minutes, She sat us and we waited for the waitress, she came over and we gave our drink order and food order at the same time. It took about 10 min just to get our drinks, we were talking at the table and a waitress came over with some salads and tried to place them on our table but it wasn’t the order. A few minutes later they came to the table with a salmon order that wasn’t our’s either, The table across from us came after and they were already served their lunch while we were still waiting so I asked my mother if she wanted to leave. We got up from the table and I asked the young girl at the bar if we could pay for the drinks because we’re not staying and she just said don’t worry about the drinks. We looked for the manager but he or she was no where to be found so we left. I am really surprised how bad the service was and I really think that they need to take a look at the problem.


Donald January 13, 2017 at 8:29 pm

My wife and I have now written off outback in Bradenton FL on Cortez Rd. We ordered delivery from them after they were 30 minutes late I called to get an explanation of why and if they were going to deliver it at all, the girl who answered told me that one of our steaks was ordered wrong and they recooked it. When we received our food all of it was cold including the “steak” they supposedly recooked, this is not the first time we have had a bad experience there, when I contacted the manager she did offer to recook the meal 2 hour after I originally ordered and when I declined because not only will I not trust the food then but don’t feel like waiting another 2 hours for it she asked me what should she do then in an extremely condisending tone and was very impatient like she had better things to do. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! We will be taking our business to the Texas roadhouse from now on, and I will blast this every where I can on social media and anyone else who will listen.


Stacey Ziba December 28, 2016 at 9:48 pm

To whom it may concern,

My family and I arrived to one of the Outback Locations in Vienna, Virginia on Wednesday, December 28th: 6:23 p.m. We were very disappointed with the service and with the follow up process from the beginning of our experience. To begin, Foster’s was not available on tap ( which is very common at many locations). The server suggested the canned Foster beer. My husband and I ordered one of the beers and two chilled glasses. The Fosters can came slightly chilled and the glasses were warm, in which made the beer not very pleasing. Next after finishing up our 1st course appetizers of two house salads and a bloomin onion. When our dinner course arrived, the tale was full of empty appetizer plates, salad plates, bread plates and the bread board. With no room to place anything else. The food runner/server tries to place a hot plate right in front of a two year old toddler in a high chair. I exclaimed how is it possible for him to place any food down without the table being cleared. He stated he was a server trying to help get food out. Which is great and all….but a Server above all should know you cannot place food down without picking empty plates up. Our server wandered our/his section from table to table, but never clearing anything and or offering a refill of water or drinks. It was frustrating. I exclaimed to the server what had happed and he tried to blame the other server/helper that he was new and did not know. Poor excuse and poor service. Once the manager came over to deliver our last item at the table( the kids mac and cheese, in which should never be last). I assumed she was coming over to address the table to apologize and see what can be done to remedy all the mis-hap. She did nothing of the sort. She acted aloof, staring at us asking if we need anything else. We had three new appetizers in front of us, no share plates, no sides we asked for and empty waters. I told the manager of our experience prior and she did not offer a response or apology, which was uncomfortable. We asked the manger to bring us more water and shared plates. She came back with the share plates but never to return with the water. Five minutes later we had to ask our server for water, in which was the bottom of the pitcher and filled up not even a glass. To sum it all up, the service was horrible, very sloppy and poor management. I am not complaining for compensation, but that OSI is losing it commitment to service and customer care. I have been in the business for over 20 years and I did not leave a tip for the 1st time ever in my dining experiences. This was not my 1st experience at a outback. I have eaten at this other locations all over the United States. It was a awful experience and not the server or the manger knew how to handle the situation. No follow up. Embarrassing. Poor training and poor management. We left very disappointed and frustrated. I picked up a business card from the hostess stand on my way out. The name on the card for the manger on duty was: STEPHANIE CLARK. The server’s name that was on the dining receipt was: DWIGHT G. Location: 315 Maple Avenue East, Vienna, Va. 22180. Thank you for hearing this complaint. It may fall on deaf ears. But….service is becoming so lost in so many ways……the heart of service is being lost.


Shari November 17, 2016 at 9:08 pm

To whom it may concern,

I placed a takeout order today with the Outback in Flowood, MS. I have ordered from Outback and this store for years and I usually get the same thing. When I went to pick up my order I was the only one in the takeout parking and had to wait longer than normal for anyone to even come out of the door with my order. Once I got home to eat my order was not what I normally get. I placed a phone call to the store to find out if I got the wrong thing. I then spoke with a manager named Robert Hearn, not sure of the spelling of his name. I told him about my order and that it was not what I usually get when I order. I was not asking for a handout or anything free, just an apology and to see if there was anything he could do to help me or correct my order. He got an attitude with me and instead of trying to help he just wanted to argue with me about my order. Once I got upset and told him I would not be coming to that Outback again and asked for his name, he said “fine” and hung up on me. That was very rude and unprofessional of a manager. I called back and after being on hold for a long time he finally came to the phone and gave me his name but then he wanted to argue some more and tell me that I was wrong. I told him I was going to report him and told him goodbye. I just wanted to tell my story and how rude this manager was. It would have been a very easy fix if he had just been nice and asked what he could do to help and correct my order. I am very disappointed at the service I received.

Thank you.


robert luther November 13, 2016 at 7:54 pm

I took my family of 4 to the the Outback in Branson Missouri for Veterans day celebration. Saturday night (11-12-2016 ). Everyplace in Branson gives vets 10% off. Even McDonalds.
When i asked about a Veteran discount the manager said No. they don’t give vets a discount. It was Veterans weekend and thousands of vets are here, Next time I will not going to the Outback and spend $100.00. I thought the outback supported the troops. Guess not !!! PS—–the french fries was COLD on 3 of our plates.( wife, and 2 kids )


Ashley and Dennis Thomas November 3, 2016 at 10:21 am

Port Charlotte FL. Location. When my family and I walked in I had requested a certain waitress that we regularly request to have. The hostess told me that she no longer works there. I asked if she knew where she had went because we love her service and she always goes above and beyond what any other server would do to make sure we have a nice dinner and a good time. We have two children and it’s hard for us to get out. She always makes sure our kids food and appetizers come out quickly so that way our children don’t get fussy and they have stuff to eat while were waiting on our main course. Anyways, the hostess informed me she had been let go. I told her thank you anyways but we were hoping to have Amanda as our waitress so we quickly left and went to longhorn to eat. The only reason we had chosen outback was because of Amanda and the way she takes care of us. When I got home I looked her up on social media and asked her where she was now working and why she was no longer at outback. She told me she had been let go because she was accused of being rude to one of her co workers and they called her before her shift and told her she was fired. She gave me some more details, and you guys fired this poor girl for absolutely no reason at all!! Is this how Outback really treats their employees? Someone can accuse you of something and without notice you just call them up and say “we don’t like you, your fired.” That’s extremely alarming. I have got to know a lot about this woman and her family by the conversations we’ve had when we come in to eat. She’s a single mom and is a hard worker and does not have a mean bone in her body. Just by watching her work you can tell she’s very helpful to her co workers and a very dedicated young woman. You need to take a look of the management team at that location because they aren’t looking at employees work ethics they only look at who likes who and if you fit in with them or not. Which is very unprofessional and your losing customers because of it. You let go a very valuable asset to your company for no good reason at all except that some of the ignorant employees your company hired couldn’t handle having an employee who actually cared about customers and liked working and worked hard. So guess what Outback Steakhouse, you lost my family as customers and everybody we know as well. People can get good food anywhere but its hard to find amazing servers like Amanda. So when you find them, you stick with them. I’m going to put Amanda’s story out there on every social media account I have because I’m outraged and what you did to this poor woman needs to be heard. I will also be getting back in touch with her because I have friends who are lawyers and would love to help her and her family with a suit against your company.


Edward Chen October 23, 2016 at 11:24 pm

I have a major complaint and am asking for compensation because your Daly City, CA restaurant employees found my daughter’s misplaced $750 custom retainer when they were clearing the table and then threw it away. Instead of placing it into a sealed container for a day to give us an opportunity to reclaim it, they just tossed it. While I realize it might be considered as a cheap looking item, it is quite expensive for us. When they found it, they could have placed it into a small disposal container and placed it into the lost and found. I had contacted the restaurant the moment we realized it was missing which was at the very end of they day. I spoke to the manager who said a busboy mentioned finding the retainer and said he would try to contact the busboy. The next morning, I went to the restaurant and he was stilll unable to contact the busboy. I returned later in the afternoon and was told that the busboy tossed the retainer because it was considered a biohazard. I’m not sure how a retainer on a napkin is a major biohazard. It could have been handled with gloves and placed into a disposable small container. I do not have another $750 to replace my daughter’s retainer and I need your help in reimbursing us for the retainer.
Please let me know what you can do. I also really hope you can clarify your policies so families, like ours, can find a way to continue to frequent Outback. We love your restaurants and your service, and this is just an unfortunate incident in an otherwise prestine record.
Please contact me at reirand at gmail.com and let me know what can be done . Thank you for your consideration and continued kindness!


Lucy bargone October 16, 2016 at 10:31 am

Dear CEO: Elizabeth Smith
CFO: David Deno
COO: Roger Chacko,

My husband, myself and my service dog were on our way back home from a long trip when we decided to try the Outback located in Trinity Fl, On Duck Slough Blvd. Although we were greeted very nicely by the hostess, we were treated pretty unfairly by the manager on duty that evening. I need to have a service dog because I have heart problems, so he needs to be close to me at all times. I usually because of his small size keep him in a carraige, that day I wasn’t feeling to well so I put him next to me on my seat at the table. The hostess, saw him next to me and reported it to the manager ,she came over and I explained to her why he needed to stay next to me and also told her that I have eaten in other Outbacks and never had a problem with my service dog sitting next to me. She said after a long sigh, okay. We ordered our appeittizer first, before our meal and we got our salads along with it, when we asked why, the sever said oh they do that sometimes in the kitchen They rushed us with our meal, by the time we got our order the check was on our table. My husband and I were so angry, we were not even offered a refill of our drinks or if we wanted desert, we were just handed the check. The following day , I wrote coorporate about our experience in that location and I got a Phone call from Freddie ( Executive Manager), he said he was sorry for our experience and told me that he would send us gift cerificates for the amount of money that we spent on our bill ($55.00+tip $8.00=$63.00) . That was August 1, 2016. I never received anything gift certificates in the mail or on my email address which I gave him both my home address and email address. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited, and waited and waited, Until 2 months past, I called Freddie back , two weeks ago and he said he was sorry that he forgot to send the gift certificates out to me, and that he would send them out that day. Well, it[s October 15, 2016 and I still haven’t received anything from him yet. I am truly upset with your company. My husband and I will never eat in any of your locations again,
Ms.Lucy Bargone


Jane Doe September 23, 2016 at 5:01 pm

To Whom it may Concern,
Hello, I am an employee at Outback Steakhouse at this address 101 Cape W Pkwy, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701. Im not sure what store number we are. There is a manager there by the name of Brent Taylor. He is physically abusive towards us. He has chocked one employee, slapped a host, pushed a cook , a last week raised his hand to a female employee. We have told our manager Chris Jemison about the situation, however he just insist he is going to have a talk with him, and nothing gets resolved. Some of us fear going to work, because of him. I am writing you this anonymously for the sake of my protection. If you could please contact our Manager Partner Chris Jemison at 573-335-XXXXX to discuss this matter, before it gets too out of hand. Thank you for your time.


Glenda M September 18, 2016 at 10:17 am

September 15th I ate at your restarant and gave the waiter my card.
When he returned I took my card and thought I had paid my bill with
my card. The next day when I wanted to use my card I could not find
it and called the restarant and they said they did not have it. The next
I was looking for my card and found out I had been given someone
else card. I called the resturant back and the assistant manager said
the other lady had brought my card back that night. They charged me
for her meal and her for my meal. We both had to cancel our cards
and start over with our numbers. This has been very upsetting for both
of us. This is no way to run a business. Check into this for the safety of
other customers. Very disatisfied..


frank September 4, 2016 at 4:11 pm

I been a customer at the outback located 2348 Bell Boulevard
Bayside, NY 11360-2054 for the past 3 years.There is always this one girl at front who greets people and for some reason every time i visit, she is always rude never greets me properly which never bothered me till my last visit this past Friday.

I had a friend visiting from Canada so i decided to take her for dinner.Like i said she was rude and greeted us by …How many.. I said 2 and gave her my name , We sat right in front of her 30 min goes by i don’t hear my name people that walked in after us were seated before us and so i went and asked why we have not been called yet.
She replied with an attitude and said you were called but you were out of the building but we never left the building i told her. She just walked away to go sit people down ..i asked for the manger she was worse she didn’t try to help ..she kept repeating the same thing that we had left the building ..i did not want to loose my cool so we just left and probably will never return to that location ever …over all we had very bad experience


Gena Cates August 2, 2016 at 2:50 pm

We recently ate at the Outback in Stone Mountain, Georgia. So disappointed in the service as well as the food we ordered. We ordered different entrees and waiting very patiently for our food. We waited a long time for the bread and salad and then finally when our food was delivered it wasn’t hot enough. The server did not come back to our table and when she did we were so disappointed by then we were ready to go. Two people at our table ordered soup and salad. They ordered the soup and salad with refills and never was asked about the refills until the rest of the party had eaten. Needless to say the two people that ordered felt as though they couldn’t order more of course because of the rest of the party being finished! If this is how Outback carries on their service we will not go back. Terrible experience and probably the last one!! Food to expensive to be such a bad experience!


Pamela Rivers July 19, 2016 at 1:05 pm

I wrote a complaint on June 30, 2016 about an experience that I had at Outback in Columbia, South Carolina on Harbison Blvd. I was contacted the next day (July 1, 2016) by a manager and he apologized for what had happened. He offered me to come back to the restaurant, however, this was not possible because I was on vacation and was just passing by. He stated that what he would do was put a gift card in the mail to me to use. As of yet, I still have not received the gift cards and when I called the store, no one knows what I’m talking about. Bad Business…Can’t say that I’m never going to go to Outback again because I don’t believe that the actions of one restaurant should represent them all but I will not be supporting the Outback in Columbia, South Carolina!


W.K July 3, 2016 at 12:17 pm

Ended up in the ER with food poisoning last night …most likely place I got it was from your restaurant in Lufkin that served bread with mold – I am highly allergic to penicillin – I have pictures of the moldy bread that we were served.


W.K July 2, 2016 at 12:40 pm

The Lufkin TX Outback served bread with mold and did not seem to care – told us it was “fresh” I’ve posted the picture on facebook to warn others – we will not be back.


Jan June 15, 2016 at 1:49 pm

My husband and many family members eat at Outback a lot so I am familiar with both the quality of the food and the service. Typically the food and service is good but I had a different experience last weekend. I ordered my normal Ribeye I get quite often and it was not fit to feed my dog. The waitress was very good and said she would get the manager.

The steak was clearly not edible and by the time we were ready to leave the mgr offered me another steak. I obviously was leaving. So the waitress brings out a bill which included the inedible steak. I have been in and around the food service most of my life & this Mgr. clearly is incapable of handling a very simple situation. I was so angry when I left OutBack I decided to complain to their corporate office. If you dont tell a company they have a problem they wont know so we shall see how this is handled?? In all the years I’ve been an OutBack Customer this is the first time this happened to me but I am not pleased to pay for a steak I would not feed my dogs.


Buffie H June 9, 2016 at 5:03 pm

My husband and son and I went to Outback on June 2,2016 for dinner and ordered a margarita, an appetizer, one porterhouse steak dinner with shrimp, one bone in rib eye dinner with shrimp with mashed potatoes and an up charge for the macaroni and cheese and another 10oz rib eye dinner with asparagus. My son started eating his steak and then said mine taste funny. I tried a bite and at first said only that it tasted like it had some kind of oriental flavor. My husband tried a piece and said it tasted horrible. My son continued to try and eat the steak and then said it was tasting worse. I tried another piece and quickly realized it was bad. It had a very strong sour vinegar taste and smelled bad. I guess because he kept cutting in the center it got worse. We told our waitress who brought over a “stand in” who came to speak to us and said the steak was in fact bad because they tried it in the back and that all the bone in rib eyes were going to the trash. They said they were making my son another steak. Fifteen minutes later, another lady came to the table and said they were out of the mashed potatoes my son ordered and they could give him a baked potato if he wanted. Ten minutes later he finally got his meal, by then our food was cold so we asked for boxes. The next morning my husband and I went to work and around 9am both came home with horrible diarrhea, only to find out that my son had been up and down with that and vomiting all through the night. By the evening and a lot of Imodium AD, my husband and I were better, however, my son was sick for three whole days. They comped my sons steak but that was it. Our whole dining experience was ruined and they didn’t seem to care at all. The waitress told us it was the 3rd bad meat complaint of the day. I don’t understand why they allowed two more people to eat meat they knew was bad after the first complaint. Our waitress gave us a card with Carlos Flores as the Managing Partner to contact but we have yet to reach him. When I call they always say he just left or will be in tomorrow. I tried the corporate number which is in Tampa,Florida but when you push 6 to make a complaint about a dining experience the phone rings back to the automated recording and says push 6 again and it does the same thing over and over again. Outback was one of our favorite places to eat but after the lack of concern they have recently showed us and serving bad meat to more than one person in a single day, they will not be getting any more of our money. I will be sure to let friends and family know about this experience as well. The lack of care and concern for the well being of the customers who keep them in business blows my mind.


Lovelace May 21, 2016 at 2:16 am

Tonight my sister and I ate at the Snohomish, Washington Outback Steakhouse.

Having owned and operated seven bars and restaurants I usually do not complain for mediocre service or food Tonight was an exception. I ordered their double hamburger and it was the worst hamburger I have eaten since the State Fair many years ago. It was severely overcooked, dry and it had a very tangy tasting sauce or whatever. The french fries which accompanied it was of an inferior quality with lots of discoloration and small pieces of potato I cooked thousands of orders of fries and have never seen any like tonight. It would seem to me they buy seconds or the tail end of a batch. The fries were cold and soggy.

THATS OK THOUGH AS I SHALL NEVER GO BACK. It is a shame as I ate at the Outback on Hwy 111 in Palm Desert and never once had a complaint. I don’t know if the store here is franchised and has a cheap penny pinching operator or just lousy managment.


Debra Andrews May 9, 2016 at 10:14 am

On May 5th we ate at Outback located at 655 Crossville Rd, Roswell, GA 30075. Unfortunately, a family seated behind us allowed their young son to watch cartoons on their phone at the highest volume. It was very disruptive and difficult to hear the others in my party talk. Our server John was very apologetic and went to ask the manager, also John, to visit our table. The Manager immediately came to our table and explained that he can relocate our party to the next table over. We hadn’t received our meals yet, so we agreed, but I did casually inform the small family beside us that we moved tables due to their loud cell phone. The Manager was very gracious and diplomatic. I did understand his position, but to apologize for the inconvenience he waived our bill. This was unexpected and VERY appreciated. He turned a negative situation into a positive ending. On a side note, the food is always excellent when we visit this location and John works very hard to visit each table and make sure everyone is happy when they leave. Well Done Outback. We’ll be back 🙂


Dan May 8, 2016 at 10:59 pm

Ok the second half of our meal arrived ‘

First our appetizers came out after most of our salads , salads were warm and about 1/4 cup of dressing , our hot appetizers came cool or cold to touch !
My beer ? I pee colder that that !
All of our ice water , no more that three or four ice cubes and not one single refill , not just water but anything ! Loaded baked potato , nothing on it , and half raw , 29$ for over salted way way over peppers over cooked porterhouse , the rib eye was burnt on the outside raw inside , ( this Kid is now 12 years old , he very clearly stated ‘ I will never come back , his sister is 9 , she asked why her chicken strips were cold but hard ) so five people five bad meals ! Our server was extremely none attentive ! This is not the first bad experience in my own town , but it was my last !
The music was actually louder than Texas roadhouse !!!! So much for a family restaurant !


chanel April 28, 2016 at 8:44 am

Last night was one of the worst nights I have had and it could have all been simply avoided. It was my birthday and my husband decided to order take out from outback after a full day. He ordered the alice spring chicken and I ordered the pasta with chicken. I ordered online and we arrived 30 mins later to pick it up. He walked in, and no one was there to greet him. He literally stood there for 10 mins just waiting. Finally some girl who didn’t speak to him or make eye contact came up put a bag of food on the counter and asked him his name and told him 54.00. He handed her cash, and she stood there looking at him waiting. SHE EXPECTED A TIP! He put his money into his pocket and she angrily rolled her eyes, and walked away from him. We drove home sat on the couch, and began to dig in. I took 3 bites of my chicken before I looked down at my food and saw that the chicken was RAW. Yup, the center of the chicken was raw, and pink and looked like rubber. I immediately ran to the bathroom and had to force myself to throw up. Now usually this wouldn’t be that upsetting but I am pregnant with my first child. Fear crept into me, and I called the restaurant and spoke to a wonderful manager there I think named tammy who apologized profusely and asked me to come back in and she would give me a full refund, and has offered to remake my food and I politely declined out of loss of appetite and fear. I had barely waddled to my car when my husband received a phone call. He handed me the phone and let me know it was the OWNER OF THE STORE, a man named Jim. I was impressed the owner was calling me at 9:30 at night and I believed that this was the step in the right direction. Boy was I wrong. Jim started out friendly saying he apologized and that this never happens, and “that usually in these sort of situations, we offer to remake the food, and offer you a credit.” I declined and said I was sorry that I couldn’t eat there again. He started to sound frustrated. He began rattling off excuses. I asked him are you aware I am pregnant and your restaurant served me undercooked food? He said he was. I asked him if he was aware of the fact that before we even got our food how down right rude the lady who checked my husband out was. He began making more excuses saying she was bagging up our food. I told him so you had 30 mins to make and bag it, and your website says the food takes 20 mins and she still needed that extra 10? I then began to get angry, telling him I didn’t want to hear any more excuses. He began to push the credit on me twice. I lost my temper and said let me explain this as clearly as possible. I am terrified, and disgusted at the fact you tried to serve me raw meat, and I will not and do not want to eat there again. He became furious. FINE! He shouted, You bring me the piece of chicken and I will give you your money back. He repeated it back to me 4 times like I was child. I told him it was already in my lap and I was on my way and hung up. I began to cry and my husband was beyond furious. When we got there, the Tammy was kind and you could see the worry etched on her face. I was fighting back tears at this point. I asked him if there was a place we could go talk privately so patrons wouldn’t hear me yell. She said okay and brought me to the back. I immediately began to cry and a Hispanic man came into the room and did not introduce himself as I bawled, explaining to her how disrespected I felt just now after the phone call with Jim. You could see Tammy fighting back tears and looking lost unsure of what to do but the Hispanic man just stood there glaring at me. He walked away came back in and said , Mrs I have the owner on the phone and he would like to speak to you. I became livid saying that was the man who just spoke rudely to me on the phone. I took the phone out of his hand and said Don’t you ever f***ing call me and be that disrespectful to me do you understand?? He began yelling at me saying he wasn’t being rude to me and I hung up on him. I asked Tammy right then for a corporate number. She said they didn’t have one. The Hispanic man said yes they do and to give him a moment and he would be right back with one. I was crying hysterically at this point, and the fact I just had my makeup done and paid 134.00 for it to be washing down my face and onto a napkin in a god damn outback steakhouse on my birthday, just made It worse. I told tammy that I am not angry at her and that this is completely not her problem or fault. I told her that I know she is just trying to do her job, and protect her company, and her job, and also fix the situation, but at this point there was nothing she could and that wasn’t her fault. She then, turned and opened the drawer to refund my money when Hispanic man walked back in, saying he had found the number. He had his phone in his hand and when he tried to hide the screen I saw clear at day that JIM WAS ON THE PHONE LISTENING TO THE CONVERSATION. I finally broke, told the man that what I had said to tammy and let him know that it was also not his fault it was Jim who made this situation so much worse and that it was a good thing that he had him on the phone so he could hear this conversation. He looked at me with wide eyes and held up the BLACK SCREEN and said um no this is just my phone, and I said no he’s on the phone, and Tammy tapped the screen and Jim immediately popped up on the screen I just put my head down, and walked away saying you are so clever and walked out crying. I could have made a public scene and let the other customers there know what they had just done. I have never felt so disrespected in my life, and that my worries as a pregnant women, with health concerns were deemed unjustified, and that they tried to pull one over me in the office. This was all due to a raw piece of chicken.


Joe April 17, 2016 at 12:18 am

My wife and I, and an older gentleman friend (Jeff) went to the outback in south Las Vegas Blvd. We always go here with Jeff because he always has coupons. He loves it here, goes here 3-4 times a week by himself and knowledge the staff and managers by name.

On April 2nd, the 3 of us came and ate. Jeff sent back his steak because there was too much fat in it. He is known for sending items back that are not up to par. Like a not so warm bread, a smaller than average baked potato, a small piece of chicken.

So that day we were finish eating and then we saw a Friebds family come in to the front lobby, there was some joking around and a little push and shove but we knew each other and nothing happened but a few words thrown around in each other’s face. Jeff was at the booth paying his bill and knew nothing of the incident.

Me and my wife went outside and it took Jeff 15 mins to get out of the restaurant and he told us he was kicked out for soliciting a waitress and for our incident.
We have never seen him picked up a waitress in the 20 times we’ve been there with him.

He’s in his 60s and goes there to enjoy his food. He lives by himself and that’s all he enjoys, his dinner meal. I’m sure they didn’t like him for other reasons but to claim he solicite a waitress and for an incident he wasn’t involved it? He’s devastated and can’t grasp why they would not welcome him back?
The managers name was Jeanette and Rene.
Please look into it, it’s one of his favorite place and he is a regular there and it’s not right using an incident to intentionally kick him out. Jeff likes value for his meal and tats why he enjoys coming back to the outback.


NOEL THOMPSON JR March 23, 2016 at 11:06 am



Greg Hunter March 13, 2016 at 6:17 pm

March 13, 2016

Greg Hunter
Very Dissatisfied OutBack Patron

Mr. Matt Byrd
Managing Partner
Outback Steakhouse
2207 Forest Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401

Re: Unpleasant Dining Service From Chrissy R (Outback Bartender)

Dear Mr. Byrd,

I hope all is well and that you’re enjoying your Sunday off work. I hate to bother you with unpleasant news but I would like to bring a very serious matter to your attention concerning a very unpleasant dining experience today.

Today, Sunday, March 13, 2016 at approximately 3pm my guest and I walked in your Outback Steakhouse (Annapolis, MD) establishment and quietly sat at the bar. Immediately, we made eye contact with Chrissy R (Bartender on Duty) however, she didn’t acknowledge us nor greet us. She definitely saw us both. Based upon her unpleasant disposition and posture, we had a feeling something would not go right. It appeared that she didn’t like us because
we‘re both African-American. Believe me, she looked angry at the world. We’re all entitled to bad days but her attitude/demeanor was atrocious.

We found it very odd but patiently waited between (7-10) minutes before she did approach us. I politely asked her if she was the bartender/server. She responded in a very nasty tone and rude way, “I am”. Her disposition and service were extremely unprofessional, rude and uncalled for. This was certainly not the type of hospitality and professional service that we expect from Outback or any other restaurant chain.

Unfortunately, I personally don’t stand for that type of negative behavior from anyone especially when I’m spending my money. Never once did she greet us nor make us feel welcome. Keep in mind, there were only (3) other patrons sitting at the bar so she certainly wasn’t that busy. With that type of attitude I would believe she receives complaints from patrons frequently.

Bare in mind, we both patronize your establishment (sitting at the bar) at least three times a month and other Outback’s throughout the DMV area. Service is normally great! Personally, we’ve never seen her there before nor working behind the bar. It took so long before she did come over that we grabbed menus and figured out our entire order to save time because we had been waiting for an unusually long period of time. So, when she did approach we noticed that she continued to display a very nasty attitude. Additionally, her condescending demeanor made matters even worst. After taking our order she threw the wood tray plates in front of us. Can you believe it?

At that point, I maintained my composure but we had had enough. Immediately, I walked up front and spoke with Kevin Y (Host) and requested to speak with Sara Post (Mgr on Duty). Kevin looked at me and stated, “yeah, she always has a bad attitude”. Wow, I couldn’t believe his response. Finally, I found Sara myself and explained the situation and extremely unprovoked level of poor service that we had just experienced.

Sara Post did make things right and moved us to another dining table and Chelsea (2nd Server) waited our table. She was very personal, friendly and provided great service. In summary, not sure if we’ll ever return to your Annapolis, MD location. I’m extremely disappointed.

Thanks, for your prompt attention to this matter. I can be contacted at (301) 254-XXXXX and/or ghunter at capcityfunding.com.


Greg Hunter
Very Dissatisfied OutBack Patron


Ashley Tello March 11, 2016 at 6:00 pm

I was really looking forward having a nice happy hour with my husband and sister in law. We went to the Outback located in Independance Ohio. Friday March 11th, 16 around 4-4:30p

I. Have a lot to complain about.

First when we arrived there was already a couple waiting in front of us and the host was no where to be found, when she came back the host told the couple something then went ahead and sat us at the furthest booth table.
No silverware from the host.
The server came over, still no silverware, took out drink orders, came back, no bread. By that time the manager came by to check and still no silverware, she said the break will be right out. We asked the server for rum punch drink no ice, Sam Adam beer stuffed mushrooms and baked potatoe soup. The rum punch with filled with ice, never got the beer, still waited for silverware. Now we came here for happy hour, so that’s the menu I’m looking at, I want the seared pepper Ahi from the happy hour menu so why did I get charger from the main menu, she didn’t even make any suggestions or reinsure my order. It was frustrating and lost my appetite. I sent my drink back to have it remade with no ice it was in the same tall glass that made the presentation look bad, my stuffed mushrooms were cold, and still no damn silverware and then when we did get it the server said its the host responsibility. I can go on and on! I would love a refund 100%!
I left very unhappy and wasted $46 bucks. When I complained and asked the server to take the rum punch off my tab she said a remarked about “I wouldn’t pay for it either”
I felt sorry how it all effected the servers tip. I hope this gets to the manager and general manager at this location.


Melodie Spence March 6, 2016 at 8:25 am

First wow! The number of folks that pretty much have had the same type of issues I’m here to express, hopefully someone is paying attention!!
My husband and I went to your outback location at 4380 Franklin Road SW, Roanoke, Virginia 24014 for dinner with friends Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm. After waiting at least one hour we were seated . Both my self and husband ordered your most expensive steaks Victoria cut fillet migon $25.00 each and mine was cooked perfectly when cut into, but very fatty! . I requested the manager, who was very condescending when I explained that it’s the only cut I eat and I’m not accustomed to it being a fatty piece of meat. He offered to cook another which I agreed. 2nd one came back Cooked To shoe leather. At that point I’m DONE! He came to the table to tell me that they’ve taken my meal off our ticket and that they’d paid for my meal, WHAT MEAL! And when the check comes , they’ve torn off the bottom giving me information to respond to regarding our experience. So I’ve chosen this route to tell you of my experience. Either way, the restraunt was clean, service was good, manger needs refresher course in customer service skills. No need for further contact as we will not be patronizing ANY Outback restraunts anywhere! This is NOT my first time having a problem with less than adequate experiences and not the only Outback Restaurant I’ve been to but I can PROMISE you it’s the LAST! Thank the person reading this for their time! GOODBYE MATEY!!(


Wanda Jones March 3, 2016 at 10:25 am

African American’s are not treated equally at Outback Steakhouse in Macedonia, Ohio – My daughter treated me to a birthday dinner at the Outback Steakhouse at 8250 Macedonia Commons Boulevard in Macedonia, OH 44056 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 around 8PM. We were seated in a booth around the bar area. The restaurant wasn’t crowded we walked right in and were seated. The waitress in the area only had one other table besides ours. Unfortunately, we sat a little while before the waitress came over to greet us even though see was at the table behind us at least 3 times tending to their needs before greeting us. She finally taps our table and says, “I’ll be with you honey’s shortly”, then swiftly disappears. She’s comes over to take our drink order, everything my daughter asks if they can do she immediately says, Oh no I don’t think they can do that, so may daughter say’s “well can you just check with the bar tender”, so she goes and come back and says, “well he say’s, he can be it wouldn’t taste very good”, so my daughter changes her order to something else and moves on. So we proceeds to place our food order, again everything we wanted a little different, the waitress says, “oh no, we can’t do that”, my daughter again says, “well can you check with the kitchen and see”, she goes and comes back and says, “well we usually don’t do it, but they will do it this time”, I visit Outback often (before this incident) and I get this particular requested order all the time with no problem, so for her to say they don’t do it I know was not true. It seemed as though everything we wanted she was determined to make it difficult for us to get it that way. So after taking the order, she never came back to check on us. We noticed she stopped at the table behind us that was originally there when we arrived 7 times and asked them, “how is everything?, do you need anything? can I get you anything? do you need refills? are you ready for desert?” Not one time did she ask us anything, as a matter of fact each time we needed something, we had to flag down another waiter or the hostess to go get our waitress or we had to catch our waitress as she was running past us or as she was leaving the table behind us from checking on them. Then when we would catch her, her response to us was, “ok you have to wait a minute let me get their (fill in the blank) and I will be right with you”. Through the evening, we noticed two other tables of customers like myself (African Americans) were seated in the same row as us. As time went on, we began to notice they were treated the exact same way by the same waitress. My daughter and I sat and discussed this through the entire meal and decided that we would mention this to the manager. Just as we had decided to mention it to the manager my daughter said, Oh good here comes the manager checking on the customers, we can tell him now. The manager/Proprietor (Chris Costello) goes to the table behind us and ask, “how was everything this evening? How was your meal? Good”, low and behold, he went the other direction, didn’t even come check on the rest of us in that row. We sat and observed him check on other customers and noticed, he only check on all Caucasian customers in the restaurant and never stopped at an African American table. Needless to say the three tables that he and the waitress totally disregarded were all African American. After we PAID our bill in full we then asked to speak with Chris, we brought the entire incident to his attention and we said to Chris, we waited to bring this to his attention, not because we want something free because as I stated, we already paid our bill in full, but because unfortunately, African Americans are stereotyped as complaining to get something free or not leaving tips because they are cheap. Personally I am big on leaving a very big tip, but I said to Chris I wanted to bring this experience to his attention because this may be why some African Americans don’t leave tips because of this type of service they receive. Christ excuse for not stopping at none of our tables was because he had to get back to a large party which was not true because he stopped at numerous tables, which were all Caucasians because returning to that large party. Now of course the waitress will probably not take responsibility that it was her lack of equal service between races that caused her to lose a $15-$20 tip on this bill she will probably say, well they wasn’t going to tip anyway. I believe if we bring this type of behavior to the managers/proprietors attention when it happens and let them know, this is why I’m not leaving a tip, not because I’m cheap, not because I’m African American, but because SHE’S RACIST AND DIDN’T DESERVE A TIP! Chris did nothing but laugh in my daughter’s face as she was telling him how disrespected she felt to the point that he wouldn’t ever give her Corporate’s number, he told her it will just come back to him. He said here I will give you my card with my bosses number on it, you can just call him. He was very condescending. I couldn’t believe how blatant the racism was there last night. As we were leaving the table behind us was saying, we couldn’t help over hearing you talking to the manager and we thought it was just us and I need to speak with the manager as well. It is clear THIS OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE DOESN’T WANT AFRICAN AMERICANS AT THEIR LOCATION!


Mike February 29, 2016 at 11:53 am

My wife and I stopped at the Brighton, MI location. First of all I’m not complaining about service, it was very good, the quality of our food however is a huge issue. I would have spoken to the server or requested a manager about this but the tables were squeezed so tightly together it already seemed like we were all talking together. I didn’t want to complain with so many in ear distance. My wife ordered prime rib, sweet potato and ceasar salad. She ordered her prime rib medium, it was served with a pool of blood on the top and was no more than maybe a half inch thick. The diameter of a baseball is much more then that of the potato served, the salad looked fine. I ordered a rib eye with asparagus. I received exactly five sprigs of asparagus each being four inches long AND was charged an extra dollar! My rib-eye was ordered medium rare. It was served virtually burned black completely through. As with my wife’s steak I couldn’t believe how thin it was cut. Besides being EXTRA WELL DONE it was nothing more than tendons and fat. At first I told my wife they needed to sharpen the steak knives as it was nearly impossible to cut, however, the couple pieces from the middle I was able to cut I could not chew it was so tuff! Oh, I ordered a side salad, I’m sure it was nothing more than two leaves of iceberg lettuce torn in half that had a couple pieces of chopped red onion and grape tomatoes sliced paper thin. It was Sunday evening, we thought we were going for a nice dinner, your store in Brighton managed to blow that idea completely up! We came home and my wife heated a couple bowls of soup, THANK YOU! On top of that our check came to $51.00.


Robin February 11, 2016 at 10:22 pm

Dinner at Westover Outback was a huge mistake. We ordered soup and emphasized to make sure it was served hot…both were warm at best and had to be sent back. My chopped salad was more like unchopped salad. My “medium” steak came out rare…at which point I just asked for a container to take it home so I could continue the cooking on it. We will not be going back there if this is the quality to be expected.


Darryl February 2, 2016 at 8:17 am

I have an experience I would like to share with you and I ask you to read this carefully.
This past Saturday night 1-31-16, I took my wife out to eat for her 49th birthday. We traveled 2hours to Durham, NC to celebrate. You may ask why we traveled two hours. Well, in Chapel Hill Woman’s Hospital were my son and daughter-in-law, they had just had my first grandchild, and we went there to take him out (because she couldn’t leave) to include him in on the celebration for two reasons. First, his birthday was just the week prior, and of course secondly because he just gave us our first grandchild. On a side note, I had just gotten a good report of my daughter and her grades in school. So, as you can tell I hope this was a pretty big night for a proud Father, Husband and Grandfather. Now being that is was my wife’s birthday she got to choose the restaurant. The restaurant she chose, out all the ones we could have to go was, Outback, which was fine by me I love steak and that blooming onion.
This is how the dinner went. We arrived and found a parking place, the restaurant was busy so we had to put our name in and wait one hour. I am not fond of that kind of wait but expected some wait just about anywhere you go on a Saturday night. My family gets out and joins me at the front and we set out under the porch until it just gets to cold for my wife. When our time came we were seated, and George took our drink and blooming onion order. Shortly after, our drinks came out, and a little bit later, our blooming onion came. My wife asked the server who brought the onion if she could get some ketchup. We sat and were talking and enjoying the onion, except my wife, who was waiting until the ketchup arrived. Then our waiter came by and seen our empty drink glasses and ask for a reminder of the type drinks we had, and said he would be right back, we called back quickly and asked for some ketchup and some small plates to go with the blooming onion. Then about five minutes later another server comes out with our salads, she asks if there is anything else, for the third time my wife asks for some ketchup, and we ask if we could get some more drinks. By this time the onion is more than half gone, but we all slowed down so my wife could get some and we could have something to drink with it. Well that server brought my wife some ketchup finally after about 20 mins. of waiting, but still no drinks. My wife did get some onion before it got to cold to enjoy, since her glass still had drink in it, but the rest of us had to wait. About ten more minutes passes and our food arrives, our glasses are still empty from the first time they were brought out. So, we have been seated for approx. 30-40 minutes with no refills and a cold onion. So, when this server arrived with our food, I asked to speak with the manager, which I have never done in my 44 years of going out to eat. Just before the manager comes out our waiter filled my tea glass, but my son and daughter still had to wait a bit longer. The manager came to our table and I started to try to explain my great displeasure, but before I even got started, she spoke up and offered some discounts for the problems, then asked if there was anything else. My daughter spoke up and asked us about her steak, which was ordered well done, but came with a little blood in it. The manager took care of that and also took our order for the “salad to go” for our daughter-in-law, who was still hospital bound. When she return with my daughter’s steak she asked if there was anything else, I again tried to explain my grievances and did manage to get out about my wife’s birthday, who was wearing a Happy Birthday tiara, and my grandchild’s birth before she hurried off. The manager did make good on the offer of a discount, but I have a question to ask you.
Do you think, that on my wife’s one birthday dinner, and a celebration of the birth of my first grandchild plus my son’s birthday, not to mention my daughter’s good job at school that a few dollars really mattered to me? Not one time did I hear any employee tell my wife Happy Birthday, nor the couple that actually took the time to hear the news of the grandchild, say a congratulations. It was by far the worst service I have ever received, and I thoroughly regret having taken my family to that restaurant to do our celebration.


James Moore January 20, 2016 at 2:27 pm

To whom it may concern I know I’m only one customer but I do bring my family! I do think I deserve an apology! My dining experience from 12-10-15 was a so horrible its hard to believe! The restaurant management at Westover Terrace in Greensboro NC does not care! I know my 2 to 4 visits a month does not affect them but the new Texas Roadhouse sure appreciates their new business! Thanks for not caring!


Gloria January 19, 2016 at 9:34 am

I will just outline our 2 1/2+ hour visit to:
Outback Steakhouse
24900 Sperry Drive
Westlake, Ohio 44145

Slow slow service
We had to ask for our drink refills, so for the most part we sat with empty glasses and cups. Ranch was asked for at least 3 times before it was brought out.
Unless they were growing the lettuce, butchering the cow, or baking the cake …our waitress was a new degree of slow.

Cold soup
The cold soup, which everyone had taken a bite of was taken back, returned, and passed out when we realized it was the same bowls of soup that were taken from us, and that the waitress was just passing out willy nilly …no idea of who was receiving who’s soup. Three of the eight people at our table are on antibiotics. My mother has a compromised immune system not needing to purposely eat germs. Nor do I want anyone else’s.

Dirty plate with sticky goo Salad
My house salad with ranch was served. I had eaten several bites when putting my fork down, and my hand touched a large sticky goo. I am not sure what is was, but knew it wasn’t any part of my salad. I gave it to my waitress.

Over-cooked steak
Under-cooked sides
I ordered the $14.99 course meal, as did several at my table. I ordered medium rare. The waitress that brought it out assured me “guaranteed” she gave me the right one. Her guarantee was misgiven …my knife wasn’t sufficient to saw thru the shoe leather that they were hoping to pass off as beef. The steak was well done except for a small part of medium in the middle. They took it back. Of course, once a steak was brought to me, my family had finished eating theirs. Minor …but the loaded baked potato wasn’t hot enough to melt the cheese. Probably because it was half baked.

When asked if things were better …the veteran sitting to my left replied …we are just too tired to care any longer.

The dinner included dessert. Without exaggeration, it took so long to be brought out to our table that the retired veteran/minister/associate pastor to my right asked “are they baking the cake”?

Dirty dessert plates
The cake arrived. Some larger some smaller pieces, even though I thought they used a more precise cutting tool. I had taken a few bites of mine when I went to push my plate away just a little …when my hand felt the ick from underneath my plate. I just sighed, lifted my plate to take a closer look, when the veteran to my left removed ick and a hair. I gave it to my waitress …letting her see and feel the ick. She took it with her. Then it was realized each dessert plate was dirty, some more than others. One dirty plate …maybe. A table of dirty plates … ..well, that is something for the health department.

Again …these are the highlights. Let me also give you the highlights of the excuses we were given from our waitress and the managers.

That heating up the soup is a normal procedure. That the goo on my plate was probably honey mustard. That sometimes a steak can be tough, and that he thought it was more medium than well. And that he didn’t believe that the dishes were dirty. That the hair could have come from anywhere. The excuse from the other manager than had seen the dirty dishes said that the dishes being dirty in that area would be from the hands putting into and taking out of the food window or from the waitress handling them.

Well how nice. Over 2 1/2 hours …I had to send back …soup …salad …entree …and dessert. I didn’t order a bloomin onion, but one was comped. Though …I lost out on salad, potato, dessert, and eating my entree with the rest of my family, I wasn’t charged for my one received lemonade. In answer to the managers …I don’t think I like the procedure of half eaten foods being cooked/warm with my freshly made foods. This time it was my family’s soup I was receiving (maybe)…but how often does my ordered food come in contact with food that has been eaten from? PROBABLY honey mustard? I’m sorry, but probably isn’t an acceptable answer for what is on my plate when I didn’t order that. The steak being tough, or looking more medium than well done is NOT the correct excuse when I ordered my steak medium rare. As far as the dessert plates …they were dirty. To tell me that it was from the hands of the handlers …well, again, not acceptable. Their hands …dirty from what? Other table dirty dishes? How dirty would hands have to be …to have dirtied ALL of our dessert dishes? And the hair…which he said could have come from anywhere …well that has a level of concern all of its own.

The appetizer bloomin onion is given free from Outback very often for different reasons. Which is always very appreciated. I have enjoyed many Monday bloomin onions thanks to Outback and Kevin. But …to think that a bloomin is compensation for our bad service, long wait for cold and overcooked food that was served on dirty dishes, receiving excuses, well they are wrong. I would have expected a sincere apologetic attitude. Instead we received arrogant attitudes and excuses to try to convince us that dirty dishes and serving us food that belonged and had been eaten from another is a normal and acceptable procedure. But wait …the best is yet to come. The manager then realized that other Outback customers where listening. Especially the man that spoke to me over the divider between dining room and bar area. I’m thinking it must not have been in the manager’s best interest for other patrons to hear of our dirty dining ordeal, because he said we would like us to pay our bill and leave, or he would call the cops. My husband then replied, please do. We had not even received our bill at this time. I wouldn’t have had any problems with an officer being called, maybe that would have brought channel 8 out as well. I do think this review/story should be viral.

Let me say, yes we did return food, voice our dislike about being served another person’s food, and being given dirty dishes. But we did this with our waitress and managers that came to the table. No one was seated at the table next to or across from us. No one at our table used any foul language. As a matter of fact, after the soup, after the salad, I had even said, that’s ok, this is a little too much for me, I don’t want anything …it was insisted by Mike a key runner, no no no, let me get you another. If there was a problem with us, why not just let us leave then. We never seen Mike again. I think he was genuinely sorry.

I have already told you which Outback. Let me also share with you the names of our Outback employees. Our waitress was Sam. The two managers were Alex and Mark.

In all fairness, I will also include the names of our party. Brittany, Mckenna, John, Nancy, Mark, Joyce, Tony, and myself Gloria. Military veteran, Student, Minister/Pastor, Retired BE/pastors wife, Retired Veteran/Minister/Associate Pastor, Minister/Building Superintendent, and myself.

We have spent thousands at Outbacks. It is our go-to restaurant. Birthdays, anniversary, going away, coming home, been sick … .. .no reason needed. We eat at Outbacks while on a long weekend, on vacation, in state or out of state. There’s been good and there’s been not so good. I don’t expect perfect. But our experience today with Outback Steakhouse was totally unacceptable.

We paid. We left. Once we were in the car, my husband turned to me and said …I think this was it for me. I don’t ever see giving Outback another dollar of mine.

Such a sad end … .. .


Eric Ricker January 15, 2016 at 10:20 am

To whom it may concern at the Outback Corporation,
My name is Eric Ricker and I’ve been a loyal Outback customer for 20 plus years. Recently I had a horrible experience at one of the two Outback restaurants that I frequent. I took a friend to have dinner and he and I ordered beer, bloom, and the 9oz. sirloin that I’ve grown to love. As I said I’ve been going to the Outback for many years and know their cooking standards and I’m familiar with what medium means when I’m asked how I like my steak cooked. I wasn’t offered a style of cooking this time either and I prefer wood fired. I noticed that this day the Manager seemed to be having some staffing troubles while I was sitting at the bar waiting for service. I realize this sometimes happens and is unavoidable, but there were two Managers at the store this night so I felt they could handle any problems that may have come up. I was wrong! I know that Outback’s policy is to have every plate that leaves the kitchen looked at to assure it will meet the customer’s request. This clearly wasn’t happening this night. My friends steak was ordered well done but had edges that were burned black and were too charred for even a dog to chew through. My medium steak was, in my opinion, cooked even past well done but lacked the charcoal edges my friends had. He is not one to complain, nor am I, but I couldn’t eat the steak I was given. He cut out the center of his steak and chewed his way through it. When finally I was approached after watching my friend saw on his steak for a while (Did I mention I was sitting at the bar?!?!) I was asked if everything was O.K. I replied “Not at all”. I told the bartender what the problems were, she apologized and offered to start another steak for us, my friend was fed up and nearly finished with the small edible piece of his steak and said “Let’s get out of here.” I told the bartender to just forget the dinner for me. One of the managers came by and asked if he could make me another steak. I told him no because my friend was done and ready to leave. I also told him that this was strike two from his store, and that I saw some of the personnel problems he was experiencing (he denied any), that the last time I visited his store it had no Fosters Beer, and the salad I requested this night wasn’t available. I had requested a wedge salad and was informed they were out. As you may notice from the bill, we were at the Outback on Thursday Evening at 5:00pm. How could you not offer the wedge salad when your store is in the parking lot of a Giant Food Store?? I think they carry lettuce. One Manager “comped” me the salad I settled for, but offered nothing to get me back at a later date to try to make it up to me. You may notice that the bill was paid for with Bonus Cards that I received from gift cards that I purchased. I hope the people I gave the cards to receive better service than I did, or they will think my gift to them was worthless crap! This is NOT the service I’ve come to expect, and what I believe the Outback Corp. strives for. The store I was in is at Beacon Center in Alexandria Va. (See the Bill and Address below)
Very Unhappy
Eric Ricker
Alexandria Va. 22310

Outback Steakhouse
Located in: Beacon Center
Address: 6804 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306
Phone:(703) 768-1063


TAMMYLEE WATFORD December 26, 2015 at 2:12 am







Ginger Jackson December 20, 2015 at 11:20 pm

Outback Steakhouse #4467 Longview Texas… Just returned from Sunday night dinner Dec 20, 2015, The “New Crab Cakes” is NOT WORTH EATING! It has too much dough and does not look like the picture! The fries were worse than sonic! Again, didn’t look like picture. Everything was dished up haphazardly! The place was NOT crowded! It took forever to get our meal!!! I hated the entire experience! This place has gone downhill since two years ago!


Lisa Banks December 20, 2015 at 8:07 pm

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Jenkintown Pa. I used their call ahead service that worked wonderfully. I was seated in 10mins, as we were walked to our table and were seated I notice the table in front of me had dirty appetizers, salad, and entrée dishes and many cups on the table. This is the view I had to encounter the whole time I was there. About 3 of their hosts walked by the table, no one bothered to clear the table (strike one). When ordering our drinks with the server I asked, what is good that is fruity, she recommended some kind of punch, I said ok I’ll try it, then I said can you see if they could make it with Malibu Rum, she said sure. Waited about 10mins for her to come back and tell me the drink is already made with Malibu Rum. Who recommends a drink to you and doesn’t even know what is in it. She comes back with bread no butter and leaves. Finally she comes back with our drinks and leaves. Doesn’t say anything to us. We asked another server for butter. Dirty dishes still on the other table. When she comes back this time to take our order, My girlfriend says can I have the Shrimp on the Barbie and she says Is this your entrée? My friend continued to order her entrée with was the Babyback Ribs. When I went to order I asked for Wings mild a Alice Springs Chicken and I’ll take a side Caesar salad with that. Now the drink was very good. Then the salad comes first which I know is suppose to come after our appetizers. No problem. Then our appetizers come,( table still dirty). Now our entrées come and when the server puts mine in front of me their is the Alice Springs Chicken but not Fries and no honey mustard so I ask her,” doesn’t this come with fries and honey mustard? She says well maybe since you got the salad your server replace that for the fries. What, is she now spending my money? She offers to get me the fries,(table still dirty) I have been to Outback Steakhouse many time to know if I want a salad with the Alice Springs Chicken its extra.. Now I’m ready to go. I asked her to please bring me a manager. The manager comes and I first point out to him that that dirty table should not be what I have to look at my entire visit, He apologized and as he talking a server comes with steamed veggies not fries, and then another server comes with honey mustard, who ordered veggies they were supposed to be fries. I say to the manager this is the service we have been getting all night. All this time I have not seen my server, she never checked to see how our appetizers, salad or entrées were. Then someone comes to the table with cheese fries, I am so ready to go. The manager offer to comp my meal but I told him I don’t want anything I will pay for the drink and salad and my friends meal but I wanted him to know how horrible the service was. Table still dirty. I wanted to go to a nice restaurant and have a great meal with good service, but what I received was the same service I would could a local fast food restaurant. Never Ever will I go to the Outback Steakhouse in Jenkintown Pa again.


E. Walker December 4, 2015 at 7:35 am

We ate at Clifton Park NY on Wed Dec 2, 2015 and can’t express how horrible an experience. Reservations for 17 pp & when asked if they could accommodate that Sze party I was assured absolutely, we will put 2 tables together. I called back to change # of pp to 15 and again was reassured one table no problem. Well, we arrived and YUP it was clearly a problem! They had us spread out so far from ea other and 1/2 of us with our backs to ea other. When I asked about this arrangement I was given (and I quote) ” We came in 1/2 hr early to arrange this” so I rearranged the tables so we could all sit at 1 table and talk. Not to mention my arrangement left 2 open and usable 2 tops availablle. They split our table in to two servers, not sure why but they did. 1/2 of us ordered the other half didn’t for a good 5 mins. The 2 servers had no team work and clearly working independently of ea other. Our meals were mediocre at best and the spice was so intense on 2 of our meals they went even eaten. No the server never asked and didn’t do anything when told. The dishes were cleared come tell from 1/2 of table and not a dish removed from other side. I did speak to Manager Paige twice but let’s face it 3 hours for dinner with no apps is a bit much and there really wasn’t much she could do but she was trying I guess. We had twin 4 year Olds that never ate and had to leave before the meal because they had to go home to bed. Everything took so long and we were clearly a TASK for the server. There isn’t 1 of us that will go back. Paige the manager came over at the end and gave us coupons for apps next visit. Guess that means she knew how bad our experience was but never did anything about it. You can assure yourself those coupons will never be used by any of us. Overall not worth the time, effort or money. Good luck to anyone who still tries with a large party.


Jo Wilson November 21, 2015 at 8:58 pm

My family and friends eat out a lot and Outback, Wesley Chapel Florida location is a favorite for all of us. The food is always great and the service simply cannot be beat in our area. The proprietor, Reagan, has put together a fabulous crew, from Caitlyn (hostess), to servers Leenie B, Cassandra, Brandon and on to managers, Kylan, Sean H, Deni and more. It’s a great place for us to visit for a lift to our spirits. We are always greeted with smiles and the door is held open for us when we are ready to leave with a sweet invitation to hurry back. We Love Love Love this place. The surveys I submit on a regular basis just aren’t enough to really tell how awesome this place is. Thanks Outback for making our every visit a super fun experience!!


Jessica Sanchez November 2, 2015 at 10:39 pm

I was visiting my in laws in Albany Ga this week we decided to go to outback because where my husband and I reside in Charleston SC we ALWAYS have great service. Our server who’s name was Katie started off with a bad attitude she was very ill mannered. I ordered a sweet tea it tasted old so when she came I asked if she could switch my drinks when she bought back my water she slammed it on the table so hard that water spilled out of the glass. At that point my father in law asked for her supervisor she brings out another server named Jessica who said she was in charge at the moment because the manager had to step away from the location at that moment we just left because how could someone with the same position discipline the rude server I’m very disappointed and will appreciate something being done about this behavior!!!


Carla November 1, 2015 at 6:02 pm

I am not a fan of Outback, as to date have never been happy with the food, over priced and never cooked right or is just down right bad cuts. Anyway I decided to give them another chance after 3 years of boycott…this is what happened. I ordered the Salmon with mango salsa, I told the waiter that he should know ahead of time that if my salmon comes over cooked I will send it back. When it arrived I could tell it was very over cooked, the waiter did not think I could tell just be looking, so I cut it open and it was totally dry…so very overcooked. At that time I had not noticed that the “mango salsa” part of my fish was missing. It came the second time, and while still a bit over cooked it was acceptable as my friends were done with their meals, just waiting on me. Now here comes the kicker…what the bill comes I have been charged for 2 salmon meals and comp for one. WHAT??? I did not order 2 meals, I sent an over cooked meal back, how dare you give me a bill like that, and on top of that they charged me an extra dollar to cook it right. I know they have to keep track of inventory but NOT ON MY BILL. I was insulted. Pointed it out to the waiter, told him I felt it was so wrong…I can take it off…not the point, it never should have been on there in the first place. I gave him my card, went to use the restroom when I returned my friends said a manager had been by to speak to me. A few moments later a woman, that needed to put a proper shirt on and get her hair out of her face, so I could look her in the eyes, basically said the same thing as the waiter, that she could “fix it”. Again offering to take it off the bill, I explained that since I was not being charged for it but was charged extra money to have my meal cooked right, she was wasting my time just run my card. I explained to her that her taking the bill back and making it the way it should have come to me in the first place would not make me “un-see” how badly they had handled the situation. When she returned she had charged me the increased price, again wrong. Guess I was right in not wanting to go to outback. What a crock!! BTY I tipped my waiter for his good service, even though his manager is a joke and the chef needs to learn to cook salmon or take it off the menu. Just saying.


Bob Hunter September 25, 2015 at 8:08 pm

Smithfield,N.C.Outback. Skip the told a 3o min. wait turning into 1 hour.3 couples in a booth. Ordered our drinks and apps.Ordered our meal with baked potatoes. Waitress came back and said they were out of baked potatoes we said sweet would be fine later she is back no sweet potatoes we took mashed. Ladies ordered the Filet and two men ordered the N.Y. Strip 14 oz. the other ordered special fish. When our meal came out the Filets looked like Jimmy Dean sauges patties. Our N.Y. Strips looked like the steak you get at Waffle House with steak and eggs.I think they ran low on the meat and sliced it into 2 steaks. I have photos of the thickness. I placed a penny on edge next to my 14 oz N.Y. Strip and the steak is half the diameter of the penny. I guess my best option is Waffle House Same size steak with home frys rather than MASHED. BIG PLUS IS THE PRICE , COULD PICKUP TAB FOR THE GROUP AT THE SAME PRICE AS MY TAB AT OUTBACK. Have always loved Outback. I’m sure this is a one time mess-up.We sure have a good laugh when one of us bring up the Jimmy Dean subject. It was a sprcial night with two birthdays. Couples from Raleigh, Statesville and Holden Beacn.This is more for your info, to insure better prep.


ADM August 4, 2015 at 2:42 am

WE PAID FOR ANNOYING DINNER SAT AUG 2, 2015 ?? We first noted prices increased !! $20 for RibEye Steak ?? WHAT ?? Prices are HIGH, but Service is NOT. Outback used to be more reasonably priced !! Waiter introduced himself & said it was his 3rd Day on job & told us we can get another Waiter, if we wish. STRANGE !! It was prelude to our awful Dining Experience. Whatever could go wrong – DID !! We had to “BabySit” our entire Dinner. Waiter was a young man with Dark Brown Hair pulled back in PonyTail type Bun. Drink order finally taken, but Drinks arrived 15 min LATER — AFTER Salads served. Food NOT served in order. No Bread for 15 min AFTER Drinks served. Waiter never checked our Table Status. We wanted more Bread after Meal served (tiny bread loaves). We asked Food Server, but she IGNORED us & NEVER alerted Waiter. Neither one CARED. Dinner was wrong – ordered Garlic Mashed Potatoes – got Sweet Potatoes instead. Steaks NOT cooked as we ordered them. We presented our 15% Coupon to Waiter BEFORE Dinner – he said he would take care of it, but later did NOT. At end of Meal – I again reminded Waiter of 15% Coupon on my Cell Phone !! He gave us our Bill, but FAILED to apply 15% Coupon after my 2 Reminders !! Serious Lack Of Common Sense & Integrity !! It was the opposite of prior GREAT Dinner Experience we had in Niles, IL !! A lack of uniformity across OutBack Locations !! Waiter had NOT been properly Trained nor Supervised !! A Mgmt Problem !! Severe Lack Of Attention To Detail !! It was a frustrating, undesirable experience. Quality of Service did NOT compliment Increased Prices. We lost interest to ever return back — other SteakHouse choices exist in Chicago, IL !! Waiter’s Tables were scattered – lacked focus. We overheard complaints from Waiter’s other tables. He setup an extra Dine Rewards Account (DRA) & FAILED to ask if I had an existing DRA. Did NOT give me new DRA Card & FAILED to apply our Dinner Receipt to new DRA !! Now I need to call Outback & get copy of my Receipt ?? Called DRA & they said I need to get a copy of my Receipt & email Receipt Info to them in order to get our Dinner properly credited to my DRA Card. Good Lord !! This Dinner turned into a TO DO LIST JOB for me to correct all errors !!??!! I had to call DRA to merge my 2 DRA Accounts together to fix the mess the Waiter created. BUYER BEWARE !! The DRA Card offers 50% off on your 4th Dinner, but READ THE FINE PRINT — it’s DECEPTIVE !! The 50% Discount CAPS OFF at ONLY $20 MAXIMUM. So the 50% is really ONLY $20 Maximum. Absolutely NOTHING to get excited about. So how STUPID does OutBack really think people are ?? And we paid for this ANNOYING Dining Experience ?? What a JOKE !! NEVER AGAIN !!



Dennis August 3, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Went to commack ny location for family gathering 8-2-15. While service right from the door was not welcoming, we were there for food and family. Unfortunately the food has really gone down hill. The ribs were dry and no flavor, full rack portion was equal to others half rack. The potatos were like eating powder, I would never serve those to humans. Must have been the bottom of the bucket. Had to use the butter from table bread to try and help it didnt work… Ugh… Aussie fries portion is tiny compared to past and toppings were minimal to non exsistant. A few mistakes brought to table meant for other tables missed a couple of our sides, but not a big deal it was addressed and fixed. Just could not get passed the poor quality of food and small portions and the high bill. After years of going to various outbacks, this will be our families last time there or any other outback. We were a party of 11. All 11 of us felt the same way about our dinner/experience. Many other places in area to eat that are far more superior in quality, bigger portions, and easier on the wallet. Stinks use to be a great place we all looked forward too.


gizele Swift July 31, 2015 at 1:34 pm

I recently had a wonderful dinner at the Outback Steak House in the Woodlands Houston TX
table 42 server’s name Joshua 0221 Survey code: 711239-532004- Just to let you know that the manager of the restaurant was also on top of things.(Kitchen
I travel a lot in Texas and there are Outbacks better food and service than others.
I can appreciate a nice martini well done a nice steak prepared exactly the way you ask and a glass of wine with great service. They should all be operated as this one is.
Thank you and I will return soon No I don’t think I have sent my opinion yet this is the first time

Gizele Swift


Jeff Dossett July 21, 2015 at 10:51 pm

I recently dined at your location in Bowling Green Ky, and had a great dinner. My server was Chelsea, and she did a fantastic job. She was very pleasant and kept us very satisfied and welcome. When we were done the mgr came by, her name was Jessica. She was outstanding, I felt like she really cared about my experience there. She was well dressed and made us feel like we were very important. I would like to commend both Chelsea and Jessica, and Outback Steakhouse in Bowling Green, as a great restaurant. Thanks for a great experience.


Gary hearth July 7, 2015 at 11:32 pm

I recently ordered takeout from the Hilliard location, my asparagus was burnt and my French fries were limp. I emailed the website twice before Simone responded when they did she mistook me for someone seeking employment and I had to remind her of my complaint. She then said she’d send a gift card and it never came. I have never experienced such rude and unprofessional behavior from an establishment.


Judy Bellomy June 23, 2015 at 6:58 pm

I just had dinner at the Outback Steakehouse in St. Lucie West, Florida. Our server was not up to par on service. My steak was sent back, and when returned it was still not cooked properly. We had already asked our server for different things which he forgot to bring. We were also seated in a section where we had to listen to loud conversation with horrible language the whole time we were there. This experience was terrible and I think you should be notified .
When we go out to eat it is nice to be able to enjoy the time spent in a restaurant and have a good memory of it. I have to say this was not so with us tonight.


Judy Moritz June 12, 2015 at 6:51 pm

On the way home, stopped at the Higgins Road location in far NW Chicago for a carryout order of shrimp on the barbie. When I got home I opened the container and noticed something black crawling around on the shrimp and then two nasty, large flies flew off into my house. Yuk, yuk, YUK!!! I’ll never get the image out of my mind of those things crawling around on my food. The manager offered to prepare another meal for me as if I would ever consider eating their food again. If I brought home two flies trapped inside my food container, I can only imagine how infested their kitchen must be. He wouldn’t refund my money; only will send certificate which I’ll gift to some non-friend. I will definitely never, ever eat at Outback again!


Patricia G Jones June 3, 2015 at 2:02 pm

My husband and I have been going to outback for years. The Thursday after Mothers day we went to the outback in Bossier around 4:00P>M> so we would beat the traffic on Mothers Day and this day. There were 2 cars in the parking lot, so we went in and I asked for a table, and they got all excited and said would you like a booth the table side was closed. I said I am old and have back problems and I would really like a table. Would
you believe they said no and was very rude, so we left and will never go back to an
outback again. I just would like to know what happened to the days where the customer
is someone to be taken care of and appreciated, we have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries you name it we used to love it but no more. I just wanted to let you know
I think the customer should be treated better so we went to Logans and had a great time.
Thanks for listening Patricia G Jones


peter May 14, 2015 at 3:30 pm

Shame on this company hiring illegal people to work in the kitchen as KM. The one in LA mesa can San Diego. Very embarrassing. You guys don’t check papers. They all have fake doXXXXentation. Shame on outback


Tony May 5, 2015 at 12:54 pm

Is it your policy to treat customers as if they were invisible? I moved here from the UK last year and one place people told me to try was OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE and that I should try their BLOOMING ONION. We thought we would give it a try. We went to your Junction Road, Madison WI steakhouse. We were seated at one of the tables and it was over 20 minutes before we had a waitress come over and ask us about drinks. We said what we wanted and it was 15 minutes before the drinks arrived. (when we needed refills we ended up having to go to the bar because the waitress never came back to see if we needed refills and the man behind the bar made it seem like it was an inconvenience for him to fill our glasses. The waitress was not doing anything but standing talking to other staff). We had been there for almost an 50 minutes before she came to take out food order. We ordered out food including the BLOOMING ONION and had to wait another 35 minutes before it arrived. When it did the onion was overcooked and the batter looked like it was almost burned. I would have guess it was one that had been ordered then cancelled and then thrown into the friar a second time when we ordered one which would explain the burned mess we got. Funnily enough when it came to paying and the waitress wanting her tip, she was there pretty fast. It is a shame that the only time we seemed worth coming to was when she wanted her tip. We were so annoyed that it had taken so long to get food and drinks that we left ASAP. It has been eating away at me and just want some answers as to why we were treated like dirt! So can you tell me is this how you treat all customers? With an experience like that, I will certainly tell other people TO AVOID VISITING OUTBACK. I would like to know why this happened at the very least. A not happy customer. I am giving you the chance to reply before I post a comment on your review site.


Catherine Perri April 22, 2015 at 1:46 pm

I have recently had some bad experiences at Outback Steakhouse Plantation. I went ahead to their site and left my information and my statement on my experience. It’s about a month later and I haven’t even gotten an e-mail apologizing. They say they will e-mail back in 24-48 hours. What a joke! If a company can’t even respond to a simple e-mail, they’re not worth my spending my time or my money at.


Terri April 20, 2015 at 1:50 pm

I have always loved eating at Outback but this past Saturday night I had the worst steak that I have ever had. I ordered a Victoria Filet and it was horrible. My boyfriend got a lobster tail that was slimy and so chewy that he couldn’t even get it chewed up he just had to swallow the bite whole. I doubt that I could ever go back to Outback again as bad as it was. The service was good and I didn’t say anything to the waiter because I don’t like to make a scene but it was not worth eating for sure.


Armand April 11, 2015 at 5:10 pm

Today I had a regrettable experience at the North Myrtle Beach SC Outback Steakhouse .My partner advised me he was hungry for a great burger.
I said to him,” I have a Great place to take you for some good food, the Outback Steak House.” Since I had taken several clients there, I knew I was making the right decision. We enter the restaurant and decided to eat at the bar since the restaurant was not crowded and to also watch the Masters. I have taken several clients to this steak house on many occasions and always had a great experience. Since the restaurant name “OUTBACK” which is known throughout the US and the fact that I managed a Named famous Restaurant for over 15 years, I felt the responsibility to inform you that our food was not prepared as requested and service was sub-par.
With Only three customers at the bar. This being the case, you would think you wouldn’t have to ask for a refill when the bartender was facing us most of the time. Also, we emphasized to the Bartender how we would like our burgers prepared. He took our order.
As both burgers arrived to us, the food runner never asked us who had what burger just sat them in front of us. The Bartender never approached us to ask us if we would like a saddle to put our food on to eat. (I had to ask for them). After a couple of bites I looked at my partner and said how is your food?, His comment to me was, it is over cooked and has No Flavor at all.
My burger was the same way.( Are these frozen burgers patties cause they did not taste fresh made patties) Finally, I called the Bartender over and asked him if my burger was medium and he did not say anything just walked out from behind the bar and went to the back of the house and came back with, I guess the manger (he never gave us his name). He ask me and my friend if we wanted another burger but by now I was not feeling comfortable with situation. This person who came up to me said, “Don’t worry my owner is in the back and he will make sure you food is fixed right and safe” (WHAT). While he was talking to me, the Bartender interrupted with an unprofessional comment, “I just pulled 10 Bucks out of my pocket. l will pay for it myself, this is not worth all this”. This comment was loud enough to be heard by other customers. By this time, I was totally embarrassed that I had put my partner such a position, He just pushed his plate aside and I knew it was time to go.
I let him know he was not paying for my food and I stated to him,” Give me the bill”. I paid and left the premises immediately. It was this comment among others which I did not care for at all. I wanted nothing from this place at all, I had been going here for many years but I don’t plan to return.
There are many places to eat here on this great beach and this one is off the list.


Danielle Haygood April 2, 2015 at 3:14 pm

Dunwoody, GA – I have no words on the experience today. Now this is the second back to back experience at this same restaurant and I am wondering if this how they are trained at this location. We went in today to claim a meal that was messed up on our previous trip there. I notified management prior to going and when I arrived as instructed. First off, when we arrived no one was at the front to greet us. When he did arrive and with a very faint hello with his head down…asked us to follow him to the table that we had to eventually wait for because he didnt want to squeeze us in a booth. So as we are standing there still waiting for our table to be put together – the comments that were made between the waitress and the host were “are they going to fit”, its gonna be tight – not appropriate! Once we got seated I asked to speak to a manager as the paper stated. She came nonchalantly to the table and said “yes.” Not hello my name is, how may help…just with an attitude “yes.” So we informed her of what we here for and she said we should have received a gift card so I can’t do anything. So I informed her that although the letter from Joseph Tice came on 3/23/15 I have not received any gift cards as he stated. So she said let me check and see if they have been mailed. She came back and said they have not been mailed so I can give you $60 in gift cards. I said but the email stated that our meal would be paid in full but you are stating that we now have a limit. Needless to say with her attitude, the comments from the host and waitress…we decided to leave. I ended up asking another server who was very pleasant to us what the managers name was and informed us it was Brittney. I have no idea how the staff is trained here at this location but it is awful. Management has not a care in the world and it shows. I am still upset that she came to the table and didn’t introduce herself but just “yes.” And if I am not mistaken that is the same thing the previous manager (joe/joseph) did when he came to our table but at least he said he was the manager although he did not give his name. There is no sense of urgency to get you to your table and management needs customer service skills.


Billie April 1, 2015 at 4:06 pm

My son chose Outback to eat at for his 14th birthday. We are a family of 5, so we rarely are able to go somewhere like this due to cost. He wanted it so that is where we went. My middle child (9 yrs old) ordered the Steak Medallions. When they arrived they were black and crunchy on the outside and tough in the middle. He ordered them medium well. These were far from that. It was more like beef jerky. He seemed okay with them, so I didn’t make much of a stink. We began to eat and I noticed him gagging and then CHOKING!!!!! Yes my child was choking and the staff went about heir business like nothing was happening. Several patrons got up to help. I was freaking out!!! He managed to stick his fingers down his throat and push it enough to dislodge the meat. The waiter came over asking if everything was okay seeing my son was crying at this point. I said this meat is way overcooked and my child just got choked. He said well what do you want me to do? I was like WTF???? What do I want you to do??? REALLY??? The manager soon followed and asked if everything was okay. He said that a waiter had ran to the kitchen to tell him there was a child having an anxiety attack in the restaurant. He proceeded to say…listen this is good….he said well I am not going out there!!!!! WHAT??? My child is choking to death off your overcooked steak jerky and you hid in the kitchen instead of running out to assist???? Then to top it off, he asked my son is he wanted some ice cream. He had ordered something else but didn’t eat it because he was scared to death. I was freaking out so my food went to waste. He came and said he was taking care of my sons meal like he had really done something. That steak should’ve never been served!!!! To make matters worse, we ended up paying for this ice cream he offered my child. I AM INFURIATED!!! I called corporate and all they are trained to do is put complaints through to a complaint line where you have to leave a message. I will NEVER EAT at the this chain again!!!!! EVER!!!!! The staff is not equipped to deal with situations such as this and that to me is extremely scary. He saved me a whole $6.99 and almost choked my child to death!!!! This operation is a joke and from what I am reading it goes all the way to the top!!!!


Ileana Ibanez April 1, 2015 at 9:18 am

Cannot find, San Juan, Puerto Rico on your web page!. While vacationing this Feb. we saw your TV commercial for a piece of steak, salad and dessert for $12.99 every Wed.
On 2/11/15 we asked for the special and the waitress was not aware of it, went to her Mgr. and brought us a menu showing a special of $19.99, we told her we wanted the advertised meal of $12.99 she proceeded to tell us that in any case that was for a Wed.
visit and we told her TODAY IS WED. She then told us that offer only applied to the USA and we indicated to her that Puerto Rico IS part of the US and if they advertise it in PR then it should apply. She said that was all they had we proceed to order something else against our better judgement. We feel your TV ad should have been honored. Also on a separate occasion we ordered our favorite Blooming Onion and it was so SPICY HOT that we were unable to eat it and indicated that no where on the menu did it state the onion was spicy, of course we did not eat it and it was never taken off our bill. We also asked if they made it the original way without hot spice and they said no. We are very disappointed with our experience and look forward to hearing from you asap. thank you


ML March 31, 2015 at 4:34 pm

Turnersville, NJ 03/30/15 4:40pm Carry-Out
This meal was terrible!!!
I only live 5 minutes from the restaurant .. So distance is not an excuse.
The steak was like a piece of shoe leather .. Well done doesn’t mean cooked to dehydration. The french fries, and thank goodness there WERENT THAT MANY, we’re like limp noodles. The California chicken sandwich had a dirty core of lettuce and 1 pc of bacon.The BLOOMIN onion was the ABSOLUTE WORST I’ve ever seen. Didn’t dare even taste it. Looks like it had been fried in old oil or RE-fried , it was literally dripping with oil and served in a pool of it. I have pics if corporate wants to see them. What happened to their moto about large portions of good food at reasonable prices… Oh yea, they give you a big salad and a big bowl of mashed potato hoping you won’t notice the itsy-bitsy amount of meat.


Toni-Rai Pitre March 29, 2015 at 1:16 pm

The curbside outback in Brooklyn, NY is terrible. The people that answer the phone are rude. I placed an order and the man I spoke to originally got it wrong and she was defensive and telling me she didn’t get it wrong she didn’t take my order. She was obliviously frustrated and put me on hold. Like eventually spoke with the guy who took my order originally and he was nice and just put in an order for a new one. Some of your employees need a lesson in customer service and how to address a mistake in orders.


FB March 16, 2015 at 5:40 pm

Worst Outback in chain: Palm Desert.

Abusive regional and local managers, food served raw as usual.


Patrick Moran March 14, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Had a bad experience at the Florence South Carolina Outback . Our food was cold we waited an extraordinary time after we sat to be greated then again after the order was placed. I also paid for asparagus and never got it. The waitress was nice but the overall experience was poor at best. The kicker was that I tried to complain on the website but did not receive any calls or emails from the manager.


john March 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm

took my wife for her birthday to the outback in perry hall maryland .was seated very fast took our orders .orders came out the server even said to us the orders were wrong even before to plates hit the table 2 for 20 special steak was suppose to meduin cook not still mooing send steaks back with 2 minutes the manger return with the steaks stood over us to see if they were done right look right but we could tell all they did was mircowave .what we should have done was leave as soon as the server said he know the orders were wrong.cheese fries no cheese on them broccolli not cooked to order .three other tables had the same problem with food not being cooked right or even wrong , the table of ladies behind us order was over cook manger offer to replace thier order why was my wife and me offered the same .for a restaurant or manger treating everybody this way is not right at all ,it’s been two week since i first contact them about this and still NO REPLY. I know if i going to a burger king or mcdonald restaurant and i tell them the order is wrong they make a whole new order we get better service at them .just in case you think your are not in the same class your not .i do you one better CHILI S if the order is wrong they make it all new not reheated


Angelia March 3, 2015 at 12:43 pm

Don’t go to the Outback in Gainesville Florida and expect to get chicken wings with the original dry rub spices, they now have a few Managers that may have previously worked for a sports bar and grill so you receive food and service on the same level. On a brighter note the Outback in Ocala Florida servers the original food and has great service if you don’t mind the overly loud country music.


Jessica February 27, 2015 at 10:25 pm

Outback – Augusta,GA. By far the worst outback around. Went the week before Valentine’s day. Waited thirty minute for a table before finally snagging one at the bar area. Then proceeded to wait another 15 minutes to find waitress of that section. Watched her take the order of the table behind us. Then walk past us never once acknowledged us. Keep in mind we were a family of three two adults and a car seat standing in the middle of the bar section waiting for our table to get cleaned. She finally came around cleaned our table. Took our drink order and food order a at the same time. We then proceeded to wait 10-15 more minutes for teas we never got. By then we were over it and walked out.
Three days later we decided to give it another shot but call in a to go order. After getting there on time of what they told me I still had to wait 20 extra minutes. Then when my food finally came she told me she was waiting on a blooming onion. I’m pretty sure those do not take 20 min to make. Get home finally and they left some food out of the bag. Needless to say I was furious with them and the lack of service. I called back to talk to the manager and she acted like she did not care. Just heard from a friend tonight how the regret going there for dinner after being there for two hours. Obviously the manager , think her name is Christina or Christine has yet to get it together. Losing patrons day by day and does not even care!


Ron Cosnahan February 27, 2015 at 9:29 pm

Me, my wife and granddaughter went to the outback in augusta ga the managers name was Sherry !!!!! The experience was completely sorry after waiting 40 mins of our supposly one hour wait we checked to see how much longer the hoestest said 20 mins and 46 secs until we were to be seated also there were only 6 ahead of us to be called, so after watching 8 to 10 groups getting called ahead of us I went back up to check and the manager said it would be at least 20 Moore mins and that we still had 5 groups ahead of us. I told her NO we didn’t that we wanted a table we had waited long enough she said that the call inns got sat ahead of walk inns so if this is your policy I will do everything I can to keep people from going to this place I eont even call it a restaurant, because with facebook and Twitter I think I can make a differacne


Deanna Groves February 18, 2015 at 2:56 pm

well we went to the outback in Paducah Ky on Friday the 13th (yea) for valentines day. we were about an hour and a half from where we live. after waiting for over 45 minutes we were seated at a small table when we had requested a booth. several booths were open. there were 4 of us so the small table was tight. we ordered the onion appetizer which was soaking in grease and burned. we sent it back and a manager came and said sorry we will get you a new one and take that charge off the bill. that was wonderful. so why waited I went to the restroom, while coming out the door was very heavy and as it closed my index finger was caught in the door. when I finally got it out it was bleeding and smashed, I was terrified I had cut it off at the tip. I was crying and standing there bleeding. it took someone about 10 minutes to go and get me a papertowel and an icebag. someone who was dining there came and ask if he could take a look. finally a mananger came and put some ointment and a bandaid on my finger. then they walked away and just left me to go back to my table. when I got back the second appetizer was there greasy and burned just as the first one was. some of the servers came by and was truly concerned about me, management blew me off completely. salads came which were fine but when the entrees came every one of our steaks were overdone and tough to the point of being burnt. we basically wanted to hurry up and go. we were several miles from home. we just let the bad food go pretty much, I had a side of coconut shrimp which I sent back because it was also greasy and burned. they replaced it with grilled shrimp which was nothing to brag about. I ask for a manager concerning my incident who came with a blank piece of paper to take my name and number. I never saw an incident report which she said was being filled out in the back. she refused to give me a copy stating that was the property of the outback, and I should call tomorrow to and then I could speak with the proprietor who was busy cooking in the back and could not take time to speak with me. I should have caused a great big scene but I didn’t. my daughter and her boyfriend were with us and I just wanted to get out of there. I told her I had never heard of such a thing and I work in insurance billing for a hospital and I would need a claim # in case I needed to seek medical attention, all of which she said I could get when I called back. the bill came and the appetizer was still on the bill and I told them that needed to come off as we were told it would. I told miss manager that everything we had to eat tonight was wrong or overdone, she said well we did get you some grilled shrimp in place of the coconut shrimp. they never offered to pick up the check or anything and I paid $ 70.00 with tip. this was five days ago and I figured the finger would heal other than being quite sore. it is now looking red and swollen, I cannot get ahold of the guy who she gave me the card of. the mailbox for that person is not valid. I have called cooperate and was sent to someone’s voicemail. as I stated I work for a hospital and I will probably need to see my dr about my finger. as for outback I am awaiting some sort of response, if I cant get anywhere with this I may need to seek my attorneys advice.


Mike February 15, 2015 at 10:07 am

On 2/14/15 Valentines Day I took my wife and son to the Venice Fl Outback. Yet again I left feeling as if I over paid for the food quality. I typically order chicken whenever I go, since I feel the steaks are not worth the price. Last night I decided to give the steaks another try. Let down again. The service has never been an issue however last night the staff decided to start sweeping the area we were dinning in and cleaning the booth behind us banging as they did so. Spent $102.00 with the tip. Will be a while for my return. There are many choices out there to spend 100.00 and be satisfied.


nick February 10, 2015 at 10:53 am

i printed out your coupon that was emailed to me and went to your outback in arcadia ca. after being seated i presented the coupon to the waitress only to be told that its not the price on the coupon but an additional charge of 3.00 . our party left the restaurant. what kind of scam is outback doing? i got so mad that im even thinking of filing a complaint with the state and a class action lawsuit for fraud. take me off of your mailing list and i will never be back to any outback.


Patrina February 9, 2015 at 8:12 am

I had a horrible experience on Saturday February 7, 2015. I chose Outback to have my birthday dinner because I love the steaks and I usually have an OK experience but not this time. I had a party of 10 so of course there was a wait which I understood. But I told them if they couldn’t get me tables together it was ok to split them. So I got one table and was waiting on the second table to get cleaned. When the second table was available, the host(a guy) showed me to the table. The remaining 3 girls were in the parking lot trying to find a place to park so I was waiting on them to come in. Well, before they got in, the table directly beside the open table became available so I ask if I could just move there so my party could be together. The host told me no. So they came to sit the table but they had a big party that sat not only the open table but also the table that they had gave me so I was like what are yall doing. At this point I was livid! They didn’t come tell me that they were giving my table away or anything. So the rest of my party was standing up waiting at this point. Well a table finally came open for them to sit and the service/food was terrible. It took an appetizer way to long to come out. When it came out there was only a few chips to go with the spinach dip. We didn’t get any bread. Ask for more chips but didn’t get any until we were ready to leave. And she brought them in a to-go bag. 4 people sent there food back because it was cold and unsatisfactory. One of those sent it back twice and it still wasn’t right. So I had for people that didn’t eat and that’s including myself. So it kinda ruined my birthday. The manager(I think his name was Chris) was VERY rude! He came out and said what’s wrong, we can’t be throwing food away for nothing(with attitude). The waiter seemed sweet but maybe she had to many tables. That manager made me very mad and it was bad customer service!!


Lola Wasson January 30, 2015 at 4:23 pm

On January 26th.. Monday, at about 5 minutes before 5PM we entered Outback in Inverness FL.with another couple…..The place was empty, no more then 4 tables occupied….3 Hostess’s behind podium….we said we wanted a booth….after much discussion between the three hostess’s they finally decided to seat us….but not in a booth…they took us to the rear of the restaurant and was going to have us sit at a table..No we want a booth…the so called hostess said then we would have to wait and come back up front….not one booth was occupied…..back up front we went…… they said they did not have a waitress for the booth’s…whats with that??????.we waited a few minutes and then they sit us in a corner booth which upset us as it was small and we are not little people…….what is happening to Outback…this has been our favorite place and its just not up to par………Our friends who were with us had almost the same thing happen the week before……management better check this out or they are going to lose a lot of customers!!!!!!!!!!


Tonya Murphy January 25, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Manager of Princeton WV Outback restaurant got his thrill calling myself and my husband liars today (Jan.25,2015)..
Second attempt to go there and eat with family..Told wait time was 15-20 mins with anywhere from 12-15 tables or booths available but no one being seated..wait was 30 mins and then tried to put 5 people in a booth..not happening!!! Its a lengthy story BUT to sum it up……NOT EVER GOING BACK


Tom c January 15, 2015 at 8:58 pm

The owner Terry netherton of the restaurant in Lexington Kentucky at the Hamburg location is a real joke. They over chargered me $206 last Friday and here it is almost Friday again and I still haven’t heard from him. My lawyer will be the next call


Jasmine January 28, 2015 at 9:08 pm

Maybe try being more objective and not try to involve an attorney which will cost you more in the long run. I would consider returning to the store or quite possibly the money is being sent to you. How on earth would someone not notice over $200 as an “overcharge”? Those store owners sacrifice so much to work day and night for guests . Can you handle that job?


Jb February 19, 2015 at 2:04 am

First of all little smart mouth Jasmine, as a GM of restaurants for 15 years let me tell you it’s the GMs REAPONSIBILITY to take care of customers! They SACRIFICE??? Umm no little lady, THEY GET PAID TO WORK AND THIS IS PART OF THE PAY THEY RECEIVE, TO WORK DAY & NIGHT!!! And if this person chooses to hire an attorney it is none of your business! This is part of the worlds problem, they think they “deserve ” more money etc… When in reality they can’t even do the simple things like taking care of a customer who was overcharged!


Michael Cole January 14, 2015 at 12:13 am

Me and my wife LOVE Outback! We got both of our daughters $50 Gift Cards to Outback in Baton Rouge. One of my daughters boyfriends does not like Outback, so she gave us the card back and told us to use it.

About two weeks later, me and the wife was in the mood for some take out, so we figured why not use the Outback card, since Outback offers take out. The closest one was about 20mins away.Or, 45mins with after work traffic. We set the pickup time for 6:20PM.

Fortunately we hit minimal traffic and arrived at Outback at, around 5:45PM. I was a little upset because I knew we now had to wait a while for our food to be ready. (OH WELL!) (Our Bad!)

We sat in our car by the Take Out door for about 5mins and never seen anyone come out to the cars sitting in the take out line. In fact we seen a guy come out of the take out door with his bag of food, so I asked my wife, “Do you want to go in and make sure they know we are here?”.

My wife went in for about 2 mins and to my surprise, came out with a bag of food. My mind was blown! I looked in the bag and seen it was less than what we had ordered.

My wife went back in. A few more minutes passed by and I had to go to the restroom. I went in to use the restroom, and my wife explained the young lady had gave us someone else’s meal by mistake. (OK< NO BIG DEAL!) She apologised numerous times.

Thank god I checked, because it would have been a 40 minute ride home and back after we figured out we had the wrong order.

I used the restroom, joined my wife by the take out register for a few more minutes and asked my wife if she wanted to go sit back in the car, because their was no seats in the take out area. She said yes, and we asked the young lady if it was ok to go back and sit in our car. The young lady replied "Yes, that's fine! I will bring your food out when it is ready!" We returned to our car.

It was cold, so we started the car, and I figured while we wait, I would watch a episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix. I watched half to 3/4 of the episode of the walking dead, which is 30-40mins.

It was now well after 6:30,,,,,more than 15-20mins of sitting in our car burning gas, and watching 2 other people behind us leave with food. Also 3-4 parties of dine-in guests leaving after they had ate. My wife stated "This is ridiculous!" and bolted out of the car, and proceeded into the take out door.

When she walked in the door, she seen our food sitting on the counter. The ticket on our bag stated 6:19pm. It was well after 6:30pm, and she never brought us our food.

My wife checked our food to make sure it was right, (Since the young lady gave us the wrong bag the first time.) and sure enough, we were missing a salad, and the chocolate sauce for the cheesecake.

When my wife was walking out of the door, she stated, "I cannot believe you left us waiting while our food was ready! "If you guys are short handed, then your manager needs to hire more people!"

My wife stated, the young lady, with a very XXXXy, devilish smile, said, sarcastically, "Ok, have a nice day!"

Needless to say, we made it to Outback at 5:45PM, and made it home around 7:25PM, after ordering in advance, and getting their early.

All of our food was as cold as the cheese cake! In fact, the cheese cake may have been more warm than our steaks. The food was barely warm when we pulled out of the parking lot. By the time we took the 20min ride home, it was freezing.

I emailed Outback the next day thinking they would, "AT THE LEAST" profusely apologize for our experience. I have heard nothing back from them. Not a peep! And myself and my wife have been faithful customers when we lived in New Orleans.

If I said steak, my wife yelled Outback!

I emailed them yet again tonight thanking them for not even acknowledging my complaint as a valued, repeat client. Let's see what they do! My money is betting on the same thing they did with my last email,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nothing!

I truly wonder if we were treated with less importance because we were paying with a gift card and cash vs cash or credit?

As if saying:::
"Ahhh,,,,,they are paying with a gift card!"

"They can't afford to eat here!"

"To hell with them!"

"Wait on the customers that are paying with cash, and then get to them when you can!"

"We will more than likely never see these low lifers again until next Christmas anyways!"

If only they knew, that it was my $100.00 that bought the gift card we were using, and the one my other daughter still had.

Even if this is NOT the case, I will never waste my $100 bucks on another set of gift cards, I promise you that much.

And if, or better yet when we move back to New Orleans, I would not even dine at my favorite Outback any more, because I could not tolerate the fact that I was supporting a chain that wouldn't spit on me if I were on fire.

So if your thinking of giving Outback a try,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Enter at your own risk! Seems Outback is not what it used to be. The kangaroo has turned into a shark!

If your thinking about gifting someone a Outback Gift Card, get them a McDonalds gift card instead! The service will be the same, but the food will at least be hot when they leave with it.

And for $25 they can get 4 times the food, and probably still have enough left over for a hot fudge sunday. VS a hot cheese cake with a block of cold fudge. Since the "HOT" fudge had cooled into a hershey kiss by the time my wife came out with our food.

What a shame that such a great place has turned into mush!


cheryk basilisco January 5, 2015 at 3:32 pm

had dinner at Roseville Michigan on gratioit, and the food and service terriblr…the worst ever…..food was aweful and no manager around to talk to either….I have tried to contact outback this is the second time….586-222-8243


terese meltin December 30, 2014 at 2:57 pm

What is going on at the Outback in Mishawaka Indiana? Terrible GM to begin with, had horrible meal offered 5 yes 5 dollars off our meals. Are you kidding me. Won’t be back. And we are loyal customers. We my husband and I have traveled the world. This place is falling apart since new GM. To many servers standing around, food quality has dropped. This is the worst it has been in years,


Lucille Drew December 20, 2014 at 3:47 pm

To whom it may concern.

The other day my husband and I went to the Outback in Commack long island. The food was good but we had a other problam. I had to go to the ladies room, so I went and without knowing the floor was mopped and I fell. There was no wet floor sign there. The young manager ran over and helped me up. Well I proceeded in the bathroom were the the floor was mopped in there also but no sign. It was in the corner folded up behind the garbage pail. The kitchen manager came out took my name and phone number, she said she would call me in the evening to see how I was. Well there was no call. I hurt my knees my shoulder and back and my thumb. Not until the next day when my husband went to talk to the owner did later on that day did he call to ask how I was. What a joke,this guy is an idiot he lost good costumers we go there a couple of times a month,maybe more but no more. He didn’t offer any kind of compansation. We were also going to eat there for Christmas eve dinner,about 10 of us but no more. You know I could sue,but I,m not like that but since I was treated so crappy I just might. Just wante you to be aware of this and how your reasturants are being run. Thank you. Lucille Drew


Tara January 11, 2015 at 1:45 pm

Agreed Agreed! I worked at the Mishawaka location as a college student about 10 years ago. Quality was great, food was fresh and management was on top of things. Over the past year, the menu has changed, salad dressings are no longer made in house and they are constantly out of steak. I’ve been told over and over again that the situation is out of their hands and they apologize. I feel bad for the servers and front of house manager, who have to apologize for quality and lack of food. Today: they were out of 8 filets, 14oz strips and 11 oz sirloins. This is acceptable. Last week they were out of the same, as well as milk! Someone needs to get rid of this GM NOW! My family has given several opportunities for Outback, Mishawaka to change. Until they do, they have lost us as regulars. What will it take for things to get better? How many regulars need to leave before a change happens?


Meg December 12, 2014 at 5:08 am

I know no one reads these which is a shame, that’s why this board is here for someone to be in charge of reading our complaints. My husband works for outback, he’s been a manager for a while. Christmas is coming and every year the so called bonus they give the management is ridiculous! The amount isn’t enough to get anyone very far. It’s been years that you’ve handed out this same amount, isn’t time for you to give your management a raise this year on thier bonus’!!!! I believe so!!!! I know you have the means to do it. Get it the Christmas spirit, families need it. That amount may be OK for a single guy, but a family of four doesn’t barely get gas in your car and maybe a little food. I just know when my husband has been with your company for over 10yrs I think he deserves more than chump change.


kathy December 22, 2014 at 10:07 am

Try being married to an arborist for over 30 years. No benefits, (health care, vacation, personal days, sick days) Four (4) paid Holidays. My question is what do you consider ‘chump change’?


SHUBBIE December 5, 2014 at 4:30 pm

One the 29th November 2014, my family and I went to celebrate my DADS 70th birthday at the OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE, 6505 REGIONAL STREET, DUBLIN. CA 95568.
When I was going through my credit card statement on the 2nd of December, I realized outback steakhouse had charged my credit card for the amount of $280, I contacted the restaurant because I initially felt it was an honest mistake, and spoke with a manager by the name Israel, he confirmed the tip was $54.26, I told him I did not give a tip of such an amount that obviously there was some mistake. From our conversation, I realized the was fraud going on, that someone must have added a 5 in front of the 4 to make it $54.26 and altered the 3 on the $230 t0 8 to make it $280, he said he was just a manager and he couldn’t deal with it that he would pass it on to the owner. I asked for the owners details, and when I did not hear anything back I contacted the owner (by the name ENRIKUE) today 5th December 2014, the owner was so arrogant and even said “HOW COULD I HAVE GIVEN A TIP OF $4.26”. I TOLD HIM I HAD A RIGHT TO GIVE ANY AMOUNT I FELT LIKE AS TIP, ESPECIALLY IF I DID NOT GET A FANTASTIC SERVICE. which made me to believe the owner and staff have been defrauding customers buy changing the numbers and charging more, he even said his business is worth $5million, so $50 was nothing to him, and that he would have to speak with his waiter that it was her word against mine!. I made him to realize I have a proof, but he was so rude. Please I would like this matter to be looked into, because I believe this isn’t their first time and I would like people to be aware of tip fraud going on, and I would also like a refund of my money and restitution for trying to defraud me. i am taking this matter further.


TLRF December 22, 2014 at 8:54 am

A minimum tip amount on such a bill at 15% would have been $33. Complain to the manager don’t use service as an excuse to short someone their due pay for services rendered to you or to save yourself money. That tip and your mentality in relation to tipping is a service industry workers nightmare. Tips are broken down amongst the entire staff typically even down to the dishwasher. Don’t go to a restaurant where tipping is appropriate if you don’t plan to tip appropriately and accordingly.


Rob December 30, 2014 at 1:10 pm

When the server is super slow and the food is cold and under cooked and it takes 20 minutes to get bread and they run out of sauteed onions and they under cook broccoli a cold baked potato there’s a freakin problem when does kill the server you want onions and mushrooms on your poor house take and he says you get the other side if I’m ordering the poor house I can afford to order as many sides as I want when I asked to bring a so doubt will if you comes after I had my beer and never shows up and responses oh yeah right then your server should be tipped accordingly to the performance of being slow and competent rude and displaying out brain dead and tipping is not a law you don’t have to tip a damn thing if you have a whole crappy service I know I’ve been to the outback in Mission Valley and receive the type of service and it was the XXXXXtiest I’ve ever seen for a Monday evening managers bullXXXXX excuse was we were packed I know you want of the 5 minute wait the bar wasn’t even packed empty tables so don’t make bullXXXXX excuses all the restaurants steak houses then get it done for some reason Outback sure as hell can’t


Jasmine January 28, 2015 at 9:12 pm

I hope someone basically makes yu pay for the whole staff working and then some. Your lack of consideration is the problem with no gratuity. That server probably cried and quite possibly there was a gratuity already on it. Karma comes around in full circle sir. Good luck with your venture.


tammy mojica December 2, 2014 at 5:58 pm

Had a business dinner at Brandon location on nov1st 2014 @ 5 pm party of 5 I have never had such a rude waitress that embarrassed me in front of my employees with her lack of respect to the elderly our food orders were incorrect n we had to wait for the orders to be corrected as of now I will never have another business or personal gathering in outback ever again


Paul Amenta November 30, 2014 at 8:57 pm

Can you please email the itemized meal receipt details for reference number 0913010000171 on 9/13/2014 at 7:19 pm. Meal totaled $52.55 plus a $10 tip. Store location is 1138 at 7 Drayton Street, Savannah, GA 31401. My telephone number is 484-896-****. Thank you!


RHONDAB1166 November 29, 2014 at 12:39 pm

What was to be a joyous day out with three of my grandsons, (6,4 and 2) turned out into an Alka-Seltzer day after spending over an hour and a half just trying to get them fed at the Outback Steakhouse in Pigeon Forge/Sevierville. Since it was black Friday and this area is always crowded at this time of year, I went ahead and did call ahead seating. When we arrived at the restaurant we were told by the hostess that we would have to wait until she wiped off a table, no problem. After standing and watching her sit five or six more tables, she finally showed her to us a table. She had asked me how many children’s menus I need, and I told her 3, when we got to table we had 2 children’s menus and an extra adult menu, no problem, she said she would bring us a children’s menu, After wrestling with a 2 year old because he was the only one who didn’t have one, Pop went to hostess stand and got one, no problem. When our server arrived, after a short wait, we went ahead and ordered our food plus a Bloomin Onion. After about 10 minutes our server brought us our drinks and bread plates, (no bread) no problem. No silverware, I had to ask a manager to get us some, no problem. Waited about 5 more minutes and bread finally arrived. The boys were starving and scarfed that down real fast. We then got our onion, (over cooked and tough) but again most of it was eaten really fast. All of this had taken about a total of 25 minutes from ordering to the devouring of the onion. Then came the wait!!!!! and we waited. Lots of fun with three energetic boys. After about 10 minutes I asked a server walking by if we could please have some more bread. We got it about 10 minutes later, still no food. After sitting waiting on our food for 50 minutes, a female manager walked by and I asked her if she could please check on our food. Explaining that the boys were hungry and we had been there for quite a long time, she then asked me if I wanted her to bring them some Animal Crackers, No, we just want our food. she came back about 5 minutes later and said they were putting our food on plates, about 10 minutes later we received our food, the kids chicken strips were cold, their cheeseburger was cold (good thing they had fresh fruit for their sides or that would have been cold too). My husband had a baked potato and Parmesan Chicken, (you guessed it, COLD!!!) just glad I had gotten a salad.
The table behind us had arrived about 45 minutes after we had gotten and their server was so apologetic because they had had to wait for about 15 minutes on their soup, bought their meal and just lavished them with gift cards.
I guess because we had children with us we were considered second class citizen and we were just expected to wait?
When I paid the check, I didn’t leave it on the table, I asked to speak to a manager, the third one that I had had an encounter in the hour and a half I had been there. I explained part of what had happened to us on our dining experience and he asked what do you want me to do, take care of your check? No, I don’t want you to take care of my check, I just want you to know I WILL NEVER NEVER BE BACK TO THIS OUTBACK AGAIN.
Don’t want you to think I am a high demanding snob, or a baby when things don’t go just my way, or that I am somebody that want something for nothing. I own a restaurant myself and have been in the restaurant business for over 35 years, and this experience was inexcusable and should have been rectified LONG before I ever said anything to the third manager.


Elaine November 28, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Hi, I went to Outback tonight Nov 28th 2014′ with my daughter…I’ll get right to the point…the steak just about Moo’d on my plate, my asparagus was as skinny as a piece of linguine and was so badly burntI couldn’t eat it, I was able to pick up my mashed potatoes in one whole piece, ice cold, hard… My daughters bun for her hamburger was old and dry, it crumbled in her hand. The best part of all, was she i asked the waiter to pkease have my meat cooked a little more, he told me please put my meat on another plate…ummmm the only other plate I had was under my coffee cup, so, yeah, I moved my coffee cup, put my steak on that plate and Handed it to the waiter..I thought it was a joke, I even looked around for the camera, anyway, i hot back my steak, in a new plate with new potatoes and asparagus but then was unable to still eat my steak because it was so full of fat and veins….we actually paid – just so we could get out of there and go home. Neverrrrr again, Sorry Outback….not sure what’s going on but, you guys here on Long Island, lindenhurst …have no idea what your doing.


Krauss November 24, 2014 at 8:58 am

Last night, we dined in the Outback located in Bay Terrace, NY. Server introduced himself. Appeared very nice. We requested two waters and a diet coke for my daughter before we ordered. We eventually received (8 minutes later) the drink orders with one loaf of bread for three adults. Sadly the coke delivered was regular and not diet. Took us another 10 minutes to rectify the soda issue and receive another bread. Then we ordered our meals. Two of us ordered steaks. These entrees come with one side and either a salad or soup. The other meal was a hamburger… We requested the hamburger to be delivered between the bun… No lettuce, no tomato, no mayo, no mustard or anything… Basically naked. When we finally located the waiter, we requested the whereabout of our meals. He responded with it will all be coming out soon. My wife immediately stated, “make sure the salad and soup are delivered at separate times, so we may enjoy them separately”. He agreed. The soup and salad was delivered shortly as he promised. I was maybe half was done with my soup and another waiter came to serve us our main courses. I advised that waiter that we were not ready for the food because we were still eating our appetizers. He took them away. When we finished our appertizers, they brought back the same food that they delivered earlier that they had been placed under some warming lights. My steak was ordered with garlic mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, there were NO mashed potatoes with my 6 ounce steak. He advised me that they were making a fresh patch of garlic mashed and it would be ready shortly. The hamburger was served with everything that the menu offered… Not the way we requested it… NAKED!
So they apologized and took back the hamburger promising a new one. By the time they brought the new naked hamburger … With my potatoes, I had one bite of my steak left. I ate maybe 25% of my potatoes. My daughter and I now had the pleasure of watching my wife eat her meal… Alone!
We had the manager/owner Ivan Rodriguez come over. He was already advised about the hamburger blunder … So he offered us a free dessert.
I further explained to him all of the above, in addition when a group of people come into a restaurant they expect to eat at the same time…. We don’t expect to eat in shifts. I further complained that IF the entire meal is not ready to be served at they same time, then WHY would you serve anything… Just wait. To receive my steak and then wait for my potatoes for the length of time to complete 90% of my steak is just stupid! The kitchen should know better than to serve main courses in shift to individuals as well as parties.
I would have expected the owner to save face by either giving me my meal for free and/or a gift certificate for $50.00 to come back again to prove Outback can provide the proper service that they always plan to deiliver. Very disappointed in the owner handling this situation as well as the experience we endured.


Marc Shelton November 20, 2014 at 12:51 am

I know most of your comments are negative, I love the Outback in Houston on Westhiemer and Lyle Hart does a great job, Don,Tony,Ryan are all great!! The bar staff is just as good. I have only one problem every time I dine in It is freezing cold, I found out tonight they have NO heat around the bar area and the thermostat will not go over 72 degrees. The problem is you are cold and your food is cold before you eat it. I’m not the only one, everyone around the bar complains.
I visit this Outback four times a week and really like it. Can this problem be solved? If at all can the vents be adjusted so the cold air does not hit your customers face? I will be glad to bring a ladder and adjust at no charge. Other than that I give them a 99.9 rating. Please let me know.


Marc Shelton November 22, 2014 at 3:15 am

When can I expect a reply?


Kimberley November 16, 2014 at 8:55 am

On Tuesday of last week, my family and I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Colonie, NY. The service was the worst I’ve ever experienced. We made reservations for four adults and two infant/toddlers. We were seated at a booth that did not allow for the highchairs to pull up to the table. The one year old twins had to sit between the adults or on my lap, as space allowed because the booth was not moveable to accommodate more space. The waiter took our drink order and appetizer order quickly. The babies order was given and requested to bring out as soon as possible. While the waiter was taking the drink order, he asked for my brother’s ID-which was fine-and told us a story how two weeks prior, he served a man dining with what he assumed was the man’s father. He assumed the younger man was of age or the father would have said something. The younger man was only SIXTEEN years old. He then continued to tell me he feels he should be allowed to serve people that serve for the country if they are willing to die for it. (It was Veteran’s Day.) However, a sixteen year old can not be in the military. How was this person not fired for serving a minor? Thankfully, I did not witness this happening or I would be required by law to alert the authorities. After this, we rarely saw the server. It took him over twenty minutes to bring my mother creamer for her coffee, which was then cold by the time she finally had cream for it. Twenty plus minutes for additional water. My brother NEVER had his wine refilled or asked if he wanted another drink. (He drank my water.) We NEVER had the complimentary bread brought to our table even though we requested it. One loaf of bread arrived forty-five minutes after putting our order in. The babies chicken fingers and fries finally came out about an hour after the order was given…8:00. This was only after we called over another server and put in a complaint and asked for the manager. Our entrees finally arrived at 8:15. Then, several orders of our appetizer arrived around 8:20. Another arrived around 8:30. The manager came over around this time and listened to our concerns. She said she’d take care of it. Our waiter came over once more to see how the food was and then disappeared again. My mother had asked for more coffee and cream. No show on that again. Finally around 8:45 we asked for our check…from the hostess since we didn’t see our waiter again for quite some time. The hostess must have alerted the waiter because he showed up and told us our bill was taken care of by the manager and he started removing our plates. Some of the plates that still had food on them and the babies and my sister were still eating. No questions asked…are you finished with this or did you want this wrapped? The manager did try to make up for the TERRIBLE service. However, the waiter ended our evening with more HORRIBLE service and attitude. I would hope this waiter is either trained in better service to the patron or is fired for his incompetence. How sad!


Jeanne Lagesse November 12, 2014 at 2:06 pm

On Friday November 7th, our experience at the Outback on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton, Va was not a good one. My BBQ chicken salad came with very wilted (possibly frozen) lettuce and NO chicken. The bar order was also incorrect. The manager took my salad back to the kitchen, but by the time I received another, the other folks in our party had just about finished their meals. Not happy, Not impressed, won’t be back and don’t recommend. Not when there are other places just as good and with better service. And like a few of the other comments, there was no concession made to the bill or for future visits. Bad Company Policies.


Wayne Fee November 10, 2014 at 9:53 am

On Saturday, Nov.8th, my husband and I were celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary so we decided to order Outback prime rib carry out. What a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!! The prime rib was so tough we couldn’t cut with a steak knife! I ordered mine medium and it was almost raw! The portion of fries was ridiculously small; not enough to serve a child. The meat was some of the worst quality I have ever experienced at a restaurant! We both have always loved Outback, but we will NEVER go there again. I think refunding our $42.00 would be a great idea for such substandard food.!


Jim November 8, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I recently was fired after two years with outback, because another employee threatened me, and I haven’t been paid my final checks, nor did I recieve proper pay for my hours while there. I came from NYC, and with my serving experience I can safely say that the management haven’t the slightest handle over their employees and outback is a playground. The servers are coasting on the good chefs and hoping nobody tests their menu knowledge, which is non existent, and all keys can’t/ don’t do anything. I had ten percent of total house sales the past several months on Every Saturday, and the proprietor at my location fired me based on a false testimony without ever consulting me, his very clearly best server. I also took as many as eight tables the day I was fired for, and drove to get soda for the restaurant as we ran out. I also opened to close that day. What kind of business is this? These people sit in the office and judge without any expertise, and turn the barely high school-graduates into managers. The hosts are rude little girls, the keys are idiots, and most servers panic if they take more than three tables. And I GOT FIRED, when I didn’t do anything. Sorry to the regulars I created for this new location after only a couple months…..still haven’t been paid.


ann October 30, 2014 at 5:40 pm

Worst dry steak I ever had


Jared October 29, 2014 at 8:19 am

hi my wife works at out back in grandvill MI and comes home pretty much every night almost in tears because everyone is rude screaming and yelling at each other cussing each other out in front of customers. its a joke the crap she tells me that goes on no one respects any one else its nothing but drama you have managers sleeping around with the waitresses and hostess’s. what kind of a company are you people running. I cant stand to even walk into this place. something needs to change my wife should enjoy going to work not come home in tears every night that she works. and this whole o im a manager im going to play favorites is BS. but I know no one will look at this and if they do nothing will be done about it. this place needs to be investigated.


Donna Delzer October 28, 2014 at 8:21 pm

We had dinner at the Outback restaurant off 4312 Portsmouth Blvd in Chesapeake, VA tonight. It was the worst dining experience in my life! My husband found tin foil in the marmalade for the coconut shrimp. Potato soup was very cold not even luke warm. The beer on tap we requested the server found out they had ran out of. It took a long time to get server to the table and when we requested the manager about the tin foil she took over 20 minutes to come by and said she had no idea how tin foil got in there. The server offered bread but that never came. We did order Alice and Springs Chicken as an entrée and that too was a disappointment. It was small and only had a few fries on the side. I gave up and just left the restaurant. My husband stayed and paid the bill. We ended up being charged for the entrée. I just couldn’t believe the manager didn’t think it was serious that my husband had almost swallowed tin foil. Her reply was only she didn’t know how it got in there like it was no big deal. We will never go to this restaurant again I can promise you that. We were there around 6:30pm on Tuesday evening. The restaurant wasn’t even full.


Bryan Spurlock October 25, 2014 at 3:58 am

My wife and I visited your establishment located at

6100 Rockside Place
Independence, OH 44131

We ordered take out to celebrate our 3 year anniversary at home on 10/15/14. Come to find out the entire order was wrong. We always order your “Toowamba Pasta”, but was informed that it was no longer on the menu.  When my wife spoke to curbside phone attendant, she explained that the”No Rules Pasta” was equivalent and we could add the chicken and shrimp to for an upcharge. So we ordered it!  

When my wife got home and was ready to plate our food she noticed what was wrong!  The noodles were extremely dry, had little to no sauce, the food was cold and nasty. When we called to complain, she apologized and made it seem like that would just suffice…like we didn’t just spend almost $30 there! After speaking with her again to let her know that we would like something done, she stated she would send us something in the mail.  That has been a week ago and we have yet to get anything.  We live close by and it should have taken a day or 2 at the absolute most. My wife had to repeat our address to her 5 times which she continued to read back wrong or leave out our apartment number. I’m not sure what training your management team has but this by far is the WORST experience I have ever had in my life. I want this corrected immediately I want her reprimanded and for the future your management team needs to correct their mistake.

Please contact me


Miyoko Akagi October 24, 2014 at 12:09 am

Outback is next to Red Lobster, where I usually go to, but I thought I’d give the Outback a try.

To start with, I was served coffee that was actually cold, not even luke warm, more like iced coffee. The menu said steak, lobster and shrimp – it came with no lobster. When I asked the waitress about it, she said it doesn’t come with lobster and I could order the lobster on the side if I wanted. I asked the steak to be cooked medium rare, but the meat was over cooked and hard to cut. I gave up, left the place without eating much of anything. Total disappointment. I won’t come again.


Joellynn Bolen October 23, 2014 at 3:03 pm

I would like to be contacted about an issue I experienced while dining. The website is not working.
Thank you.


Steve Castro October 23, 2014 at 12:36 pm

The Outback in Frederick MD, on West Patrick street is by far the worst one in the chain. It is impossible to order lunch for pick up!! NO ONE is ever in there little curb side booth to take orders, or there when you go to pick up. After 3 times of getting transferred to the booth and getting no one on three different days, I’m done!! Never going there or calling again!!!


Dissapointed October 22, 2014 at 9:29 pm

During out visit to our to your restaurant off of Colfax (location number 365) in Golden Colorado tonight, the waiter accidentally dumped a glass of wine on me. I tried to make the best of the situation, because after all accidents happen. What I am most disappointed about is that the manager on duty stopped by once, for 2 seconds to ask me if I was okay and that is all he did for me. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but I am very disappointing with the fact that nothing was done for me and the fact that I had a glass of wine dumped on me. I am just writing to let you know that I am not going to be visiting that location again and maybe not any of your other locations either. I do not blame the waiter, but having many years in the restaurant business myself, I expected more then a towel and a “sorry about that.”

I just wanted to make you aware of how your management team treats customers when something of this sort happens.


jasmine October 22, 2014 at 2:35 pm

Outback experience was terrible. I went to the battleground location in Greensboro NC
The staff was awful the building was dirty. I ordered a steak and lobster tail side salad and a blooming onion.

1. the steak was rare after i requested well and made sure the waiter understood i wanted well. Once i made the waiter aware he replaced it within minutes but it had sour cream on the steak which made me believe he took someone else steak from the kitchen and brought it to me also considering how fast he replaced the steak

2. The salad lettuce was brown not fresh or even cold

3. The blooming onion was DRENCHED in grease. it was disgusting.

The only item that was worth anything was the bread (thats free) and my ice water with lemon. As if this is not enough the store manager had the store employees painting the store during operating hours. so the place reeked of paint(how pleasant) while the manager enjoyed a meal at the bar. I then decided to call corporate and make a verbal complaint of my visit not surprised they have the rudest receptionist i have ever spoken to her name was Danielle , she acted as if i just said a leave flew by the window. Not concerned or caring. This is by far my worst dining experience i will not return under any cirXXXXstances. i also will be filing a complaint with the BBB because this was unacceptable.


Neal October 21, 2014 at 10:09 am

Main site isn’t working so Im posting here.

It takes a lot for me to go out of my way to complain about something but I was in absolute disbelief. Last night my girl and myself sat at the bar and ordered dinners to go. The main reason we even stopped is we love the creamy onion soup available on Mondays only. We ordered our meals along with 2 cups of soup. We get home and as Im removing the soups from the bag they felt empty. I opened them up Im not exaggerating at all but the cups were 2/3 empty! I have a picture and wish I could attach it. It was a huge let down and very disappointing. My ticket # says 206 TBL—> 301


Molly October 20, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell. Only thing this restaurant is about. Sad. Made the whole dining experience bad. If a waiter or server offers something at an additional cost the waiter should NOT be the only one with that information. Tell your customers! The $14.99 Steak & Lobster special ended up being over $22. There was no insert in the menu so we didn’t know what came with it, we had to rely on our waiter, who was in full upsell mode.


Jennifer Kynett October 19, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Your website survey/complaint email ISN’T WORKING!!!!
Friday, October 17th, my husband and I along with my parents, dined in Canton, our usual weekly place. We all ordered steaks. Two of our steaks were cooked incorrectly and we sent them back. This was a celebration dinner for me. While my husband and father ate their dinner, my mom and I just sat there. Twenty minutes later, our second meal arrived and it still wasn’t cooked properly. I was so upset and refused to send them back again. We were starving and had already been at our table for over an hour. The manager came over and apologized and offered us dessert on the house. What!! I had to ask for our dinners to be removed from the bill which was very embarassing. The correct thing to do, would have been to comp the entire bill because our night was ruined. Our bill was still over $75 for two dinners. Unless some type of credit can be made to make this situation right, we will stop going to Outback every Friday. We were seated around 6pm plus we ordered the bloomin onion and a few glasses of wine. I didn’t save our receipt, but thinking back now, I should have. Our waitress did a great job, but the manager did not.


Robert Phaneuf October 15, 2014 at 11:44 am

Bobbi the barmaid at Outback 6201 N Federal Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale
took our order at the bar for dinner and wine last night. While we were waiting for our food to arrive Bobbi said to my wife Jean, that it was a good thing she was having only one glass of wine, since Jean was “slurring her words”. When we questioned her about her comment she repeated it loud enough for other people to hear.

Bobbi doesn’t have any way of knowing that My wife Jean is 72 years old, and Jean has impairment of speech due to a recent stroke, which caused her to have left-sided slurred and weak articulation with a weak voice. Jean’s feelings were deeply hurt, hearing that Bobbi thought she was “slurring her words” from drinking too much alcohol.

We asked to speak to the manager “Sean Smith” about this issue. When he came to the bar he spoke to Bobbi and they discussed the reason for our asking for the manager. As we were leaving, he approached us and said “Bobbi” thinks that Jean had been drinking prior to coming to the restaurant since she was “slurring her words”. — No apology was offered!

We have enjoyed eating at Outback for years. We now feel any future enjoyment has been trashed by the insensitive staff and management at this Outback.


Faye Zentner September 24, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Went to Outback steakhouse in Longwood Fla on September 20 th and had the slowest service in our lives we had three different server’s and ever time we asked for something the server either forgot it or it took ten minutes to get it and we went in at eight so it was slow I have been a sever at two well know steakhouse. In the last two years the food is not up to pair no bread was served the salad served to me was the size of my hand and had one tomato cut in half and two small pieces of cuXXXXber I ordered it with no cheese or onions and I am very aware that cheese is the most expensive in a salad witch was not even a real salad but in a smaller dish I ordered a filet and it was supposed to be a nine ounces and of course it was maybe a four ounces. I felt cheated again asked to talk to the manager never even came to the table sad last time I spend 150.00 for four people to eat a crappie meal slow service and this is the second time this has happened at two different Outbacks


Melissa Hirtle September 22, 2014 at 10:57 am

Went to the Outback in Canton, GA for the first time. The restaurant was not even busy and the waitress was frazzled. We put our order in and it took forever to get it the blooming onion was greasy and their was a hair in my potato. Said something to the waitress and all she could say was Sorry about that — Speaking to the manager goT another baked potato but they acted like it was no big deal. Spent a good bit of money for very poor service. The shrimp was burnt. That was my 1st time there and my last. Trying to get in touch with your comapny is a JOKE!!! IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME THE CUSTOMER THAN YOU WANT CARE IF I COME BACK!!! NO WONDER YOU WAS NOT BUSY!!!!!


Lyle September 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm

After reading some of these comments it probably won’t do any good to say that I have eaten many, many times at Outback. My last visit I was told they dropped Walkabout soup from their menu. I love the creamy onion walkabout soup and now they don’t have it any more. Could you explain to me why you would discontinue something that good?


Riccardo September 16, 2014 at 12:23 pm

We live in Elgin,Il.
On 8/24/2014 We went to take my son to a university located in Springfield, IL and met up with my other son that goes to WIU; It was his birthday. We wanted to go someplace nice so we went to Outback Steakhouse @ Springfield, IL to eat/celebrate. We know for sure we left a nice Canon camera there, (the waitress even took some photos of all of us) we have called several times and have been given the runaround; The manager is not in, the manager is busy, I am the assistant manager, let me take your name and phone # and someone will call you back…….
It is almost a month and we have not heard from anyone!!!!!


Susan Lane September 12, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Went to Outback in Kissimmee-Formosa at 7804 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy. for my birthday on 9/11/2014. Ordered Filet and Lobster tail with Broccoli. It is the first time ever in history I was served a meal and almost threw up in my dish. I never was served food from a garbage can. The broccoli was so old, rotten, brown and wilted to no end..UNEATABLE. The steak was overcooked, fries undercooked and greasy that I could squeeze the grease out of them. The manager was very embarrassed and was with me when the next steak came out. I cut into in and the steak was RARE/BLUE. The lobster was steamed and was perfect, until they decided to make me two more tails so I had something to eat…The lobster came back raw/undercooked. There was no bill.
I can not believe that dish left the kitchen, first by the person who cooked it, secondly by the person who served it… Worse part, I was not the only person who was served the same broccoli. I think you should get involved with getting this restaurant back into shape, or it will be a total loss. Utterly unexceptable. They need your HELP.


Ann Woodfork September 9, 2014 at 2:22 am

To the headquarters of. Outback. l would first like to say l do enjoy coming to Outback the food is great but recently in Dayton, Ohio on Miller Lane l took my son out for his birthday and we wanted crablegs and steak and they stated they no longer have that. Please tell me why they would cancel such great dish we left and went to red lobster.


April Fields September 1, 2014 at 5:36 pm

Outback in Greensboro NC, Four Seasons.

We walked in at 5:23 PM on September 1, 2014. The restaurant was over half empty and we were told we had to wait. When I asked, in disbelief, “Is there really a wait?” I was given a dirty look by the hostess assisting us and just told “yes.” No explanation or courtesy what so ever. I’ve been eating at Outback for years and years and have never experienced such disregard for patrons.


April Fields September 1, 2014 at 6:03 pm

The our waitress and the manager on duty were extremely nice and provided excellent service. I did not mention the one hostesses behavior. I’m quite content with my experience now.


Martita Rosario September 1, 2014 at 9:39 am



Lakya Cook September 29, 2014 at 11:19 am

After reading all of these comments, I see this is an on-going problem at all of Outback’s locations.
My husband & I were at the Southfield, Mi location on Saturday evening (9/27) around 8:30pm. We were waited on by Markell and the service was horrible from the start. We ordered 2 steak meals, one 6oz & one 11oz and we received two 6 oz steaks. One steak came out alone and Markell informed us we were waiting for mashed potatoes, so of course the steak was cold when the potatoes arrived. When we asked about the steak not being an 11oz, he said that he wasn’t sure what size it was, but that he put in an order for an 11oz. We asked to speak to a Manager and he came over and gave us attitude, as if we did something wrong. He never apologized for the situation, he never addressed us properly, it was as if he doesn’t know how to communicate with customers properly. When he came over, we had both steaks there (untouched for him to see) and we advised him that we had ordered an 11oz steak, but both steaks were the same size. I asked him if this was an 11oz steak and his response was “It could be”. After telling him that I didn’t think it was the appropriate size, he then said “Well, what do you want to do? Do you want another one?” This is unacceptable! He never once apologized for the situation. He asked what we wanted, as if we were bothering him. We were not asking for anything unreasonable, we just wanted the food we ordered and GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. & we received neither. This is not the type of people you should have being the face of your company. Everyone should be trained to communicate with people properly. The first thing you learn about customer service is to apologize and resolve the issue. I am very disappointed with the entire situation and I have never had an experience worse than this one. I will never return to this establishment and I will be sure to tell everyone I encounter. Usually I visit the Livonia location, with no problem- but I will never return to any Outback. Thank your Manager on duty that night.


Jasmin August 28, 2014 at 10:03 am

The Outback Steakhouse in Las Vegas, NV located at 1950 N Rainbow Blvd is located near a residential area yet still starts remodeling construction at 4am everyday. Every morning I am woken up by their construction sounds. Please, is there anything that we can do? I have called our local authorities were I was informed they can’t start before 7 am unless they have a permit that allows them to start at 6 am. I have contacted the manager of this location previously and was met with utter disregard. The employees are completely discourteous, I have, in the past, had issues with employees revving engines of motorcycles in the parking lot after hours. We are your neighbors and would like some courtesy.


Jaymie August 25, 2014 at 10:51 pm

My husband and I went to outback for dinner tonight. When we walked in, the hostess was more concerned about her phone, than when customers walked thru the door. So I said, Hey! How are you? She just looked at me and said How many? I said two? So she snatched the menus and stomped off to the back of the store. As my husband and I walked to where she threw our menus down, I noticed a roach on the top of the back of the booth. I showed it to my husband, and told her to come here. Naturally, she rolled her eyes, and started walking towards us. I said, Uh, that is a roach?! She said “So are y’all still eating”!?
My jaw dropped. Your kidding me right??
I said Uh, No! I’m not eating ANYTHING in this place! Can I speak to the manager?! So she called the manager, he came out, and I said, I just wanted to let you know that you have roaches, and he sarcastically said, Oh, you mean by the bathrooms??
(OK, wait a minute here, that comment he just made MUST mean that he already KNEW about them, right!? And if he already knew about them, then why hasn’t he done something about it!?!?!?)
I said, No, on the booths! I walked to where it was, and he just stood there and looked at the bug. He said Did y’all already eat? I said Uh uh! I ain’t eating in a restaurant that a roach is visable and crawling on the back of the booth!?!? He said, Well let me give you the hook up! I said, Umm, no thank you, I don’t want the hook up. I’m not eating in this nasty place! So my husband and I left.
If there are roaches visible to the public, imagine where they ARENT visible. And to think the he asked me if they were by the bathroom!? He already knew about them and there was STILL a problem!
That is nasty, disgusting, and a heath hazard!
That restaurant should NOT be open!


Jessica McGill August 22, 2014 at 2:04 pm

On 08/22/2014 myself and a co-worker visited the Oxon Hill, MD location for lunch and received the absolute worst service imaginable. This was all compliments of the “supposed” acting manager who was also our waiter, which I think was a total lie.

Upon entering the restaurant we were told to wait to be seated and then waited 5 minutes to be taken to the self-seating area vs. a table. Why make us wait for an area where we can seat ourselves? We didn’t want to be near the bar we specifically wanted a table. Then we were seated near a group of overly loud individuals at the bar who were taking shots, cursing, being vulgar, and disrupting the entire restaurant and no employees confronted them about it even after seeing how disturbed other diners were becoming. After waiting 10 minutes for initial contact from out waiter, we then waited 20 minutes and then our entree was brought out. This would not have been a problem if we would have received our beverages and appetizers FIRST, which is customary. Our waiter then never checks on us from that point forward, and I NEVER received my salad, a drink refill, nothing. My co-worker and I asked to speak to a manager and that’s when our waiter informed us that he was the manager and blamed the entire experience on the kitchen staff instead of accepting responsibility for the situation. I can honestly say that I don’t believe this gentlman was the manger, and then proceeded to ask us what we wanted him to do about the negative experience we were having. If you are a manager, you should be telling us what you’re going to do for us, not waiting for us to tell you how to ruun your business and accomodate your customers.

All of the employees there were unprofessional in their attitudes and their appearance. One employee was walking around with headphones on and the bar tender was just as loud as the people she was serving.

The entire lunch was stressful and dissatisfying. I could not even eat my food and had it boxed up immediately. I was so anxious to depart the establishment that I didn’t even take my receipt which would have the waiter’s name and my order information on it.

All, of my my co-workers have had horrible experiences at this location and I think if it’s going to be open during the lunch hour, there needs to be competent staff available to accomodate the business.


Terry Powell August 19, 2014 at 10:41 pm

I have to write so hopefully the heads of Ourback will wake up. I have visited two out backs in the last month. One in Clermont fl, the other in Lakeland, fl. Both visits were horrendous. Both visits took over two and a half hours to complete our meals. The last meal we even waited an extra 28 minutes to receive our dessert and have them sing happy birthday and finally just had to leave. The food has also really gone downhill. Every table around us was having their bills adjusted due to the horrible service. Please make changes, or you won’t be around much longer!!!


stepahanie Young August 2, 2014 at 10:22 pm

We went to the Outback restaurant in Leominster,Ma and the waitress went to go and seat us at booth and we had called ahead and requested a table because we knew there booths were small. We tried to fit in the booth an someone in our party was unable to sit in the booth. The waitress said we would have to wait while they washed off some tables. On the way to wait for them wash a table we went by many tables that were cleaned off already. We sat in waiting for about 20-25 minutes and noone aknowledged us. They were sitting everyone around us. We just left the restaurant and have decided that we will never go back there to dine again after several bad dining experiences there.


Burt Becksted August 1, 2014 at 11:08 pm

I took my wife to your store in Sierra Vista , AZ for out anniversary, She ordered the crab legs and when the arrived, the crab legs was without flavor and the body portion waw so salty and dry that she couldn’t eat it. You used to have a wonderful King Crab legs but have since ceased to offer them, they were so much better than what you have now. We spent $ 50>00 on the meal and was ver disappointed. I hope that you can provide us with a free dinner to make up for the terrible one we had.


Burt Becksted


Tom Jenkins July 30, 2014 at 6:21 pm

I was browzing your site this morning and came upon several negative comments regarding service and food quality at various Outback resturants.
I have eaten at the Outback in Christiansburg, VA many times over the past several years, and I have never experienced a problem with either the food or the service. I have always been greeted with smiles, served with both effeciency & professionalism, and the quality of the food has always been consistently of high quality and prepared the way it was ordered.
On many occasions I have gone just for drinks with family, friends and/or business associates, and again…we have always been served by friendly and professional bartenders & servers.
The Outback in Christiansburg has gone thru at least 3 managers and countless servers and bartenders over the past years, and they have never failed to surpass the other local resturants with their attention to detail and their service and quality. I can only assume that some of the problems stated are the result of untrained or uncaring management and/or employees. This is certainly not the case at Outback in Christiansburg, and I look forward to many more visits in the future.
If you’re ever in the Christiansburg/Blacksburg, VA area, I urge you to stop by and see for yourself how a resturant should be run – I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


darlene July 26, 2014 at 1:23 am

Ate at outback in Perry Hall,maryland ll had sirloin with crab topping . Nothing like what’s advertised crab what a joke wet burned bread did not see any crab as for sirloin fatty end. My daughter had lobster tacos she didn’t think that was lobster. We paid and left will not be going back or believe in their advertising. Cost $90.00 and came home to eat.


Barb July 25, 2014 at 3:00 pm

We ate at the Outback in Winchester VA. We went there a few times (I guess we were starving) the food was horrible this time. My Ahi tuna salad was cooked through, served on wilted greens. My husband’s sandwich looked gross. He just had a stroke, and was recovering, so I did not want to cause a scene.
We went there again the other day (not sure why), but we ended up walking out. The “Hostess” was gathering everybody in the lobby….saying the “servers were not in yet”. Whose fault was that? Sit people down & get some one (maybe the idiot who was herding us) to get our drink order. STUPID!
I contacted Outback 6 times already, NO RESPONSE !


James Martin July 21, 2014 at 4:34 pm

My wife and I have been going to Outback in Jackson, Ms. for quite a while now but the experience we had the other night makes me never want to go back. It started off at the bar when I went to order a beer and the lady bartender was completely rude and cursed at me when I asked for my money back when she couldn’t get my drink order right. I spoke with the manager about the situation and told how rude she was he said, “your not telling me anything I already know haha!” Then went on to say, ” oh your serious I thought you were joking!” Really? Needless to say I got nowhere with him and he didn’t offer an apology or anything. By this time I was so upset i couldn’t even enjoy my meal. $51 dollars I could have spent elsewhere, and will from now on. Terrible service at this location.


Cheryl Denton July 21, 2014 at 1:44 am

My family the last 2 years have went on vacation to Myrtle Beach. We always stay in Lumberton NC.the night before, and we have eaten at Outback Steakhouse the last 2 years. The service has been terrible ant the food was also terrible. It was so bad this last time the head chef came out and apologize for the way the food came out and how long we had to wait on our food. So my family and I will never go there again.


amanda Traverso July 19, 2014 at 6:52 am

By far the worst dining experience my husband and I have ever experienced!! To begin with, we were sitting at our table 20 minutes before we were brought our drinks. We finally were able to order and thought all was well. Then noticed that every table around us, which was sat AFTER us had their food before us. Fast forward to an hour later and my husbands salmon arrived raw. If he wanted raw salmon we could’ve gone for sushi. We sent it back and were told they were making a new one. By this point our daughter was exhausted, so we asked for boxes. 20 minutes later, the new salmon came out in a box to go. I requested they open it so my husband could check it. Again, RAW. What’s worse it was half the size of the original piece. So we told the waiter we didn’t have time to wait again, as we had already been there for 2 hours. The manager came out and said they took the salmon off our tab and walked away. She didn’t offer anything in an attempt to make it right. Very disappointing evening overall.


Cindy Shafer July 18, 2014 at 9:11 am

Last night, we had dinner at the Waco, Texas location. And, someone needs to know that your restaurant here is in trouble. Word on the street is that the service, food, and restaurant has gone down hill. I encouraged my husband to pick somewhere else to eat, but he wanted to go in spite of what is being said. From the time we walked in, I knew that the consistent atmosphere and restaurant was no longer. Whoever, has this franchise needs to go back to being trained. The greeters looked like they didn’t know how to dress…one guy did have the white shirt and black pants on, but looked like he had slept in his clothes, no socks and deck shoes….the girl was no different….horrible…however, when I saw the manager…I understood, as he did not look professional, and he could have slept in his clothes. Our waitress was very good, and I felt sorry for her, because there were problems all around us with food coming out wrong, and I’m sure she paid with it in her tips. Every table around us was getting comp’s of desert…carrot cake. You could literally here folks talking about stuff. I got one of the specials the filet and shrimp….when I got my food, the filet was good…however, the shrimp was spoiled. I just didn’t eat it after the first one…I have not felt good since I ate it, but I don’t want anything free for bad food. We have new restaurants all over town, and if there is not a change quickly, this location will die.


Gail July 11, 2014 at 7:30 pm

We dined in Germantown Maryland a party of 4 with child horrible slow service saw our waiter twice in two hours and had to stand up and wait over twenty minutes for our check ,, we usually go to the Annapolis outback the food and service there is amazing we will never stray away from home again ,, it’s a shame we couldn’t even get an apology


Barb July 10, 2014 at 9:30 pm

I was so disappointed in the Outback Steakhouse on cedar bluff in Knoxville Tennessee this past weekend. There were empty tables but we had to wait. The service was so slow. Food was so slow that I took the 2,5,6 year old outside to play. No special anything for 3 kids-like crackers or bread on time. When the food finally arrived, one of the Kids meals was steak medallions -it was so over cooked- it doubled as charcoal . A new meal was brought at the end of dinner. This meal was slow, poor quality and over priced.
After reading all these previous negative comments -it is obvious that you don’t care about the service or patrons of your restaurant. When people think like that-cool commercials or not-life will be deservedly short. Amen to you
Barb Gienapp daXXXXX@comcast.net


Christina July 5, 2014 at 6:34 pm

My husband and I went to OB yesterday and ordered our food at 9pm and at 9:30pm we got some bread and our food. Three other people came in after us and got there food before us. I ordered a medium stake and my husband ordered a medium rare and his was not cooked all the way and I got over cooked and fries where raw. My husband and I give restaurant’s a three strike rule but we have officially black listed OB now at the Bloomington, MN


Beauty Browne June 30, 2014 at 4:41 pm

We dined at the York,PA Outback yesterday.

I ordered a margarita on the rocks & it arrived 2/3 full & -weaker- than I have ever tasted in a drink.

We orderd the 22 oz poterhouse & they gave us a PORK-PORTERHOUSE!


First they gave us a well done “steak” & we sent it back. When they brought us our second “steak” a woman brought it to our table. She asked us to cut into it while she hovered over us…….REALLY!~???

We were -VERY- unsatisfied.

NOT going back to the OB or perhaps -ANY- OB in the future.


MAS June 29, 2014 at 3:34 pm

I went to the outback in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It was my aunts 65th birthday and She was having senior come dine with her. My aunt arrived there at 11 am on Metro access yes they did let her in. The store opened up at 11:45 a.m. I asked why and they said they could not open the store because the manager was late. So you cannot be seated.Some seniors didn’t get off Metro access because they
had Metro access picking them up at 12:45. It was unacceptable that they were late opening up the store. Yes they did put a sign out at 11:30 am sorry for the inconvenience today will be opening up late. That is so unacceptable to customers who already there waiting and for the manager not to say anything that’s just bad business.I’m just so disappointed that other guests were not able to dine with her.I think I should be a backup plan if the manager is unable to arrive on time.


helen June 28, 2014 at 10:05 pm

I was at outbacks in Secaucus at nine pm sat nite n ordered ribs n it had long hair in it not to mention waiter who ignored me all time, I had to ask twice gor lemon wedges n again for water butter, im just disgusted at this poin,very speechless.


darrin June 28, 2014 at 6:52 pm

It was a saturday aftrenoon an I just wanted to get some wings an a XXXXtail
so I ask the bar tender for a order of wings in return when the wings came she gave me a plate for the bones an it had hair on the plate then she gave me another plate that was dirty so she gave me aoother plate an tass it to me an said its just for your bones so I just want to let the publis aware of the rude bar tender at outback in oxen hill md store 2134


Gatoni Cooper June 26, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I am a former employee at the Outback Steakhouse in Flagstaff, Arizona. I would like to say I have never worked in a place where management is just absolutely rude. There is constructive criticism and then there is just verbal abuse. When getting yelled at saying that “It’s your fault were failing. Your fault Outback is not succeeding.” Simply because you’re the only host at the stand on a Friday during a rush where phones are going off left and right, people building up at the door and steadily coming in. It was nothing but verbal abuse and behind the back talking daily, which took a toll on me. The proprietor himself is a good man with a good heart, but his management team is very poor. Especially when he is absent. Outback is a great company, the people i worked with were amazing, but I will never want to be apart of such a place like this again. Management needs to get it together.


connie June 18, 2014 at 8:44 pm

I ate at the Outback on June 16,2014 at 15100 SE 37th St Bellevue WA 98006. We ordered wings mild and when we received them they were hot. I asked the waiter if I had ordered mild and he said yes. I told him that they were hot and he took plate of wings to the back came back out with them and said the cook tried one and they were mild. Took the rest of wings home and family member tried them and said they were hot also. We ordered cheese fries and they came out without bacon. I asked why no bacon and waiter said they were out of bacon. I informed him that he should have told us because we would not have ordered them. Also we asked for blue cheese dressing and he never brought any out also never refilled our water. I have ate at many outbacks across the US and this was the worst experience I have had. When I looked for one in the area I was traveling in this one came up with a 21/2 stars. No wonder it was rated so low it was not a good Outback or good experience. I will never go back to this Outback. HORRIBLE!!


Shelly June 16, 2014 at 10:19 pm

On June 6, 2014, my Outback Steakhouse dining experience was unsatisfactory. The poor service and attitude of my server, Deanna, at the Mason, Ohio location ruined an otherwise nice meal. The server was abrupt, did not bring our drink order to the table in a timely manner, incorrectly charged my salad on my friends check, and displayed a poor attitude when asked about an on-line promotion. She made excuses instead of apologies when asked about the late drink order and salad. She sent a co-worker over to pick up our check instead of collecting it herself after being huffy about being asked about the promotion found on the Sherpa In-store smart phone application.

I am usually a very good tipper. However, I tipped 15% instead of the usual 20%+ that I will ordinarily leave because of the poor service. A paying customer should not endure to dis-courteous service for the sake of a meal. I will chose another establishment.


Kathy Henry June 13, 2014 at 8:48 am

The incident at the restaurant in Georgia involving the dogs left in the car is just another example of what a lousy corporation you are. Your employees are incompetent, your service is slow, your food is often in edible. The fact that your manager in XXXXings behaved rudely toward a concerned citizen is simply adds to the evidence that your company does not care about your customers or the community at large. I realize that one person cannot put you out of business, but if enough us stay away, you will be in trouble.


Jillian Wolfe June 11, 2014 at 10:24 pm

I just got finished reading about the incident of the woman with dogs in her car at one of your restaurants. A concerned man came in and asked the manager to contact the car’s owner about the dogs in the hot car. The manager came back with the woman, who was very rude, as was the manager. First, be VERY happy that was not me alerting the owner, because the first thing I would have done was call the police…. Then, if the dogs did not seem to be in distress I would have come in…. Had they been in any distress, I would have advised the police that I was breaking the window to safely remove the dogs and start treatment immediately (I carry harnesses, leashes, water, bowls, electrolytes and a first aid kit in my vehicle…I have been in animal rescue over 40 years and transport). As far as standing for the rudeness, no way…. Now, for my thoughts on your reasoning….
RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Just because she parked in the shade and had the “windows down” does not mean the dogs were not in danger of heat stroke!!!! I have seen dogs in a car that was parked in the shade with the “windows down” die!! A 2 or 3 inch crack in the window does not help… Open windows do not help….. Dogs do not sweat like people, they can not cool off as well as Humans….. Death by heat stroke is not a pretty way to die!!!!! The responsible thing for your manager to do would be to ask the woman to please go take care of her dogs…not be rude and nasty to the person who was trying to save them!!! She even had a paws sticker on the back of her car that said ” I love my Retriever” evidently not all that much……


Lynn Ashby June 11, 2014 at 10:06 pm

In regard to the animals left in a car with tag BXZ 0721 at your Outback Steakhouse in XXXXmings, GA. Google map proves there is NO SHADE and your customer Jeff Clark complained to the manager that 2 dogs were left in a car in 90 degree weather. Your manager then directed the dogs owner to Jeff Clark and both were extremely rude! Outbacks facebook page addressed the issue 6 hours ago with this comment, “We’d like to address a story about our XXXXming, GA location that’s not completely accurate. We took this concern seriously, found the owner and checked on the dogs. The windows were halfway down and the car was parked in the shade. As always we appreciate and value your feedback. – Outback Steakhouse”.

I am appalled at your establishment’s lack of knowledge of general facts about the amount of heat that builds up in a car and their complete disregard of the facts. This manager should be fired at the very least!

In short, I am boycotting your steakhouse and have already shared this with several animal welfare groups as well as all my friends and online friends. You should be ashamed!


Debora Dean June 11, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Your restaurant in XXXXmings, GA is appalling. Apparently there is a manager there that not only thinks animal abuse but is willing to ridicule a customer that supports it. The morals of your entire chain has now been brought into question and has someone who has always eaten at Outback and enjoyed it, I will now be rethinking by decision to do so in the future.


You may want to address and correct this immediately.


Debora Dean


Aaron June 7, 2014 at 8:47 pm

I have a complaint about your advertising.
We saw an advertisement on TV about a BBQ special.
It was a half rack of ribs for 10.99 but when we went to the restaurant the waitress told me they did not offer the special and the ribs were instead 15.99

I asked for the manager and he rudely said they do not have to honor the company commercial if they choose not to.

This is very bad policy.

I did not stay to eat.

This hasn’t been the first time I walked out of this restaurant.


sera May 30, 2014 at 6:03 pm

I wish person who read this comment is somebody who do the
Outback T.V. or Internet advertisement.
Reason I am writing this is…..
I don’t understand why your corporation do the
misleading advertisement on T.V. and Internet?
Reason I called misleading(false) advertising is because, your restaurant
is not honoring the your advertisement.
Last night, we went Outback in City of Torrance, California
We ordered the “Moonshine BBQ – $10.99 special” which advertisement on T.V. but, server saying they don’t have the special and if I want to have a “Moonshine BBQ”
will be a $17.99 and she insisted us to order the higher price one.
We feel like we are asking special is so… cheapy….
We thought, we are having a nice good happy dinner but, instead
feel like tricked and make us look so cheapy to waitress for
asking special menu you guys put it on the T.V.(advertisement).
I hope, next time before you advertise anything, send out memo to
each restaurant to understand what is you are advertising.


Monica May 29, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Tonight my husband and I ate at the above location. First it took 37 minutes to get our food and then my husband’s steak was raw. I asked for the manager. The assistant manager Alex W came out to take the steak. I explained that the service was unacceptable and she just took the steak and never said anything. I asked for a manager above her and Cory N came out. Cory pulled up a chair, I told him how long we had been waiting and that the steak came out raw. Cory then began to explain that it wasn’t the kitchen’s fault that the steak was under done because with that crosscut you couldn’t tell what the doneness was. Cory then said we had been waiting 48 minutes and that was an acceptable time, please note my husband didn’t have his food at this point. I tried to explain that it wasn’t and how the other table had waited 35 minutes and then been told they were out of prime rib, therefore their meal had been served at different times. Cory would not listen to anything I said and kept saying the kitchen was right. At this point four other tables told us their service and food had been horrible. What is the problem? Outback use to be my favorite place to eat. Did upper management change? It is evident someone no longer cares! The manager kept saying corporate would agree with him. These stores may be franchises but this is hurting Outback’s reputation!


Brian S. May 24, 2014 at 12:42 am

May 18th 2014 my brother, his family and I ate at the Pittsburgh California location for dinner. We were seated and our order was taken quickly. When our food arrived my brothers wife made a complaint that her food was very salty. Our waitress called the manager and she said she would get her another plate. At the same time I myself made a point to her also that the fries on my plate were dark I think it was old oil and were very soggy. I told her i didnt want a replacement but just wanted to make her aware of the situation. So we continue to eat then I realize I didnt taste any bacon in my burger but I did have a extra meat patty. Called my server asked her if she had taken my order wrong but she agree that it wasnt her but the cooks must have made a mistake. So now I asked to see the manager. Mean while my sister inlaws meal came out and she had said that her meal was still salty so she asked my cousin if he would try it. So he did and he was yes that is just way too much salt. Anyhow the manager comes out I explained that my meal was wrong and that my sister inlaws meal was still salty. At this point I was angry because now I had traveled 120min to Antioch to visit and to have dinner with my cousin and my brother and his family and now we are all eatting at different times. Because they cant get the salty food under control and soggy fries and the wrong burger. I just asked her since there so many mess ups with 2 meals out of the 4 and the inconveince cancel two of the orders and outback comp us for the 2 other meals. She said she would ask her manager with a bad attitude. After waiting the manager came out and talk with us said that he would get us a receipt he comes back with 2 meals we didnt eat was free and the 2 other we where being charged for. At that point I refused to pay for the meals and said business like Outback corporation cant comp 2 meals when everything goes wrong with there service. His response was there a franchise and he wouldnt contact the store mgr or owner. So I said you can do whatever you like. He said with a attitude its like that huh its like that and walked away saying profanity f#%k it then and walked away. At that point we all walked out while they took pictures of us and our cars. I went into my car grab my business card and tried to hand the manager my card and asked if she would give this to the owners and if he still feels that we should pay I will. But she refused to take my card and said she would relay nothing for me. Next day I email the corporation complaint off there website and till this day I havent received any calls or emails regarding my emails. I sent in a complaint twice and now im here complaining


chloe May 30, 2014 at 12:04 am

Do not eat at the Outback on Rivergate in Madison Tennessee. The food and service are terrible. I was there when another couple were complaining and the manager didn’t care. I was going to complain because it took so long that it was way past my kids bedtime but I saw how they didn’t care. I didn’t leave a tip. In 13 years of eating out I have never not left a tip but I figured if you tip bad food and service it will never change!


Friedrich Hinsch May 22, 2014 at 9:48 pm

I and my wife met the Presidint or ceo ? at the Outback on Pine Island rd.in Cape Corale FL. I told him we eat at many Outbacks from N.Y. to Florida all with good food and grate servis. however the Outback in Island park N.Y. on Long Beach rd. the Servic had declind bably after promoting ?scot ? and sending to Bostin.
I eat their last night and I whould say the servic is back to the High Standards We both expect

Friedrich (Fritz) Hinsch


Charlene Carlo May 22, 2014 at 10:01 am

On May 3, 2014 I visited the Yonkers, NY Outback and had the worst experience ever. It was my mother’s birthday and she requested to go to Outback for her Birthday dinner. I called Outback at 6:30 pm for call ahead seating. I was told that they were only allowed to offer call ahead seating for call made an hour ahead. I said fine can you put us on the list. We had a party of 10 people. I arrived at Outback at 7:20 and was told that we were put on the list for 8:00 seating. According to our phone conversation we should have been on the list for 7:30, but not a big deal I said we can wait to 8:00.
At 8:00 our buzzer went off and the hostess took us to a small booth (4 person). I told her “miss we have 10 people and she said I’m sorry I thought it was only 4, I said no we have 4 kids and 6 adults.” She then took us to a slightly bigger booth but again it was too small for the 10 of us. There were 2 booths empty right next to each other so I told her that we wouldn’t mind being split between the 2 tables, she said she had to check with the manger first.
After sitting at the 2 empty booths for more than 5 minutes the manger cam over with the hostess and told us there was a mix up with the buzzers and that 2 buzzers had been assigned the same number and that’s how the hostess made the mistake of thinking we were 4 instead of 10. He then said we could sit at the bar table, which again was small for the 10 of us and not convenient seating for small children. I asked why couldn’t we just get the 2 empty booths that we were using to wait well they figured it out and he said because there are other people who have been waiting for a long time to be seated. I explained that those tables had been cleaned and empty for over 10 minutes now and didn’t understand why we just couldn’t split our group and take the table. He again said nastily that other people have been waiting a long time to be seated. He then told us we could either wait for a bigger or go eat somewhere else. I was totally thrown back by his remark. He then continued to argue with my family and continued to be extremely nasty. That is really an unprofessional manner for a manager to handle his cliental. I was totally disgusted and will never visit that Outback again.
I am a frequent visitor of the Outback in Monroe, NY where the service, staff and management have ALWAYS gone above and beyond. I just couldn’t believe the level of unprofessional and rude behavior at Yonkers. And not to mention a huge disappointment for my mom who really wanted Outback for her Birthday dinner.

-Charlene Carlo


Cindi Covello May 19, 2014 at 7:54 pm

To Whom it May Concern:
Just wanted to let you know our recent dining experience at an Outback Restaurant in Auburn, MA., this evening. We sat at the bar and things were fine. We ordered an appetizer and it was delicious and hot. We placed our meal and waited longer then usual. When it arrived it was cold. The bartender notified the manager. She said he would be over soon. The food was sent back and the manager assured us it would be taken care of. About 5 minutes later the meal came back out. The fries were hotter but the burger was just warm. When the manager came back and asked how things were I was honest and told him it was just warm. He said I made sure the fries were hot. We are paying for the meat not the fries. Everything should be hot. Maybe it sat too long before being delivered. Not really sure. My husband had ribs and chicken. The plate was hot but not the food. We paid for the food not the plate. I believe this manager should have more training in customer service, and how to approach customer needs and not excuses.
We understand things happen. Fortunately we had a coupon and took a chance. Not sure if we will visit new facility to be opened in late August. Just passing on our experience.
Thank you for listening.

Paul & Cindi a Covello


Tricia Petry May 18, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Question: Shouldn’t your servers LET your customers finish eating BEFORE presenting THE CHECK? Also, shouldn’t they ask if you would like anything else, for example…desert or perchance another drink?
Ours did NOT! Felt like we had been at a drive-thru.
We eat out at least once a week, our age is early 60’s.
Should we return to Outback?
I am seriously thinking NO! Very unsatisfied.
Would have said something to waiter…but, guess what…he never came back after he was done to pick up his tip.


Pamela Ferrelli May 13, 2014 at 9:19 pm

Mr. Moses,

I just want to rave about one of your servers at your South Abilene Outback location in Aurora Colorado! Her name is Jasmine Farmer and my husband and I had a delightful experience in your restaurant because of her. We have been to this location many times before but never had someone go over the menu in such detail. She started out by introducing us you Outback’s wood-fire menu which we new about, but the way she described the dishes left our mouths watering to try everything. She had a great smile that was contagious and even watching her clean other tables she kept that smile on her face. My husband was having a crappy day at work and she offered him a tall beer that was on happy hour and brighten his mood. Additionally, when she had three other tables and was running a round she never forgot about our refills nor forget that smile. I will have to say that we will be back to this location with the awesome service we received from Jasmine!!


Dara Drummond May 7, 2014 at 8:49 pm

I want to tell you how much I love Outback Steakhouse in Florence. My family and I frequent often and get terrific and consistent service. Tonight we have a great server but he broke my heart when he told me you have removed the Aussie Cheese Onion soup from your menu. I often would frequent for that soup. I am really disappointed in this being removed from the menu. I have often had others In Our party to also get the soup because I raved about it so. Please bring it back to Florence, SC.

Ps – our server Channing is the BEST!!! Very personable and great service!!!

Please bring back my soup!


Melanie Hampton May 6, 2014 at 2:02 pm

I went to Outback on 5/3/14 in Calumet City, Illinois and my food was terrible. First off, the waiter Erick was not attentive I take it because they had him waiting on a lot of different tables. I still left him an 8 dollar tip. Now lets get to the meal. My fiance order the Porterhouse steak and I ordered the sweet chili chicken and shrimp. Now his steak came out perfect. Now my chicken came out like rubber I couldn’t even cut it with a knife. It was that hard. The shrimp were also terrible. They also tasted like rubber. Now with this you get soup I got the chicken tortilla. It came out with nothing on the top. No cheese no tortilla no cilantro nothing. Needless to say all my food was sent back. Now manager comes over and says they will recoil it for me. They did and by this time I was full from my fiance steak. When it came back I just took it to go. Now the manager never came back over to check on me and when the bill came it was 50 bucks no discount or anything now that was disappointing. I left a complaint on the site I’m waiting for someone to contact me back.


Nathan May 4, 2014 at 5:10 pm

My daughter and her friend went to Outback Steakhouse in Lancaster, PA this past Saturday. They were shown horrible customer service. Once they were seated they were not waited on and the server never did come and ask them what their drink order was or asked them if they were ready to order. They waited for 30 minutes for someone to come and take their order and nobody came. The place was not crowded at the time, their was only 3 other tables with customers. I believe that fact that my daughter is black and that she was their with her girlfriend is the reason why they were treated this way.


Mindy May 2, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I finally decided to dine in at the Outback Steakhouse in Cary. I am a frequent diner at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Apex, but figured I would give Outback a shot. Boy oh boy do I regret that STUPID decision !! I paid $20 for an ice cold piece of raw hide. ..that THEY call Victorias Filet. This had to be THE WORST steak I have ever had in my life !!! I feel as if I took $70 and flushed it right down the toilet. Never have I felt SO ripped off. The only good thing was the salad. We weren’t even blessed with a refill to wash down the charcoal steak. I have only ever had the most terrific food at Longhorn and will certainly only dine there. Their steaks melt in your mouth. Longhorn ALL THE WAY !!! Cheaper and tastier ! Shame on those cooks in Cary. Find new ones ASAP !!


Dave Tuggle May 2, 2014 at 1:11 pm

Message sent to Contact Us form from the Outback Steakhouse official site:

I felt compelled to send this note that I hope reaches the highest levels of Outback Steakhouse. I want to reflect on two instances of Customer Service that I received at this Princeton, WV location.

1. We had a call ahead seating several months back for a party of about ten and the wait was still pretty long (about 30 minutes). Once we were seated we were approached by a young lady who identified herself as some sort of manager but not the “manager” – She apologized for our wait and insisted on providing us two free appetizers for the inconvenience. I felt like we shouldn’t accept but she insisted and in true customer service perfection the appetizers arrived shortly thereafter…. Wonderful! I only wish I would have gotten her name but it was perhaps Ashley.

2. A story that is too long and drawn out to provide all the details happened earlier this year. I approached the manager (Ms. Fitzgerald) and explained the situation. She too insisted on comping out dinner that evening and promised that she’d follow-up the concern. I just received a call from a gentlemen that identified himself as the managing partner for the region and he too was wonderful and exceeded my expectations for the picture of perfection around customer service…

I know that the majority of folks that contact Outback are here to complain about this or that, but I am here to say that a the Outback in Princeton, WV is without a doubt the most exceptional group of management professionals that I have ever dealt with and I have literally traveled all over the United States and ate at many restaurants. Plus, at this location out of my 15 or so visits a year I can honestly say that I have never received a bad meal. Top notch group of folks that should be commended in some way… As I say, I hope this messages reaches all the way up to Elizabeth Smith (I just looked) so that she and other executive management knows what a top notch crew they have in little ole Princeton, WV.

Warmest Regards,

Dave Tuggle


Regina April 17, 2014 at 1:21 am

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Outback Headquarters
2202 North West Shore Boulevard Suite 500
Tampa, FL 33607
Attn: CEO: Elizabeth Smith

Outback Restaurant
1860 E. McKellips Road
Mesa, AZ 85203
RE: Nick Byrd

Dear Elizabeth Smith or To Whom this may concern;
This letter is to inform your organization of some illegal and unfair business practices going on at the Outback Restaurant in Mesa, AZ under the direction of Nick Byrd. I have always enjoyed coming to this restaurant for me and my family until recently. I personally have witnessed Nick Byrd verbally abusing his staff and talking down to them. I am now going to find another establishment to enjoy with my family. This man has single handedly made my once very enjoyable experience into a XXXXXing nightmare. I am not sure of whom hired this man however maybe it is time to rethink that decision because it was bad. As I have it under good authority that several of the employees that worked under him has now quit. Now I am sure that in these troubling times to quit a job is not the best decision however, if they were left with no other solution then it must have been some pretty awful duress that they found themselves under. I personally have worked in a restaurant environment and know what a back breaking job it can be. To have someone being shamed out of their job is unfortunate. I am trusting that this matter will be handled expeditiously or you may find yourself with a lawsuit from the EEOC Equal Opportunity Commission. Save yourself from the embarrassment and rid yourself of this tyrant.

Once Happy Customer

CFO: David Deno
COO: Roger Chacko


Maryann April 14, 2014 at 2:16 pm

I sent this to a franchises manager on 3/20/14 and 3/31/14 and have yet to receive a response. It seems as though Outback does not care when they ruin a birthday party.

Mr. Moses,

On March 19th we celebrated my mother’s birthday at he location on S. Abilene St. There were 10 of us that we able to attend the dinner. We were set at Table 13 and our waiter was Josh I.

It has taken me this long to write because I was hoping that I could just eventually think that the waiter and the owner Kristi just had a bad night, but unfortunately I have decided to write as me and my family are still irritated about how we were treated that night.

Six of us purchased the deal that included the cheesecake for our dinners. My sister in law decided that she had wanted the cheesecake at the same time as the meal. Our waiter Josh, told her no and that she could wait and he would serve them all at once.

My family drinks quite a bit of iced tea so Josh left the pitcher at our table which was greatly appreciated, well at one point during the night, he picked it up and served someone at another table with it and then immediately turned around and returned it to our table.

There were several instances where we asked for sides or drinks or anything that might be needed to accommodate 10 of us and every time we would ask he would either tell us that he would get to it when he could or not now.

Finally we decided to speak to Kristi. Kristi did come over and talk to us and get us the items that Josh refused to serve us, but at that time Kristi just left our table. There were no apologizes or trying to make anything right, there was no discount given or any offers made to us. Granted we were not expecting that but the offer would have been appreciated. It wasn’t until we asked for your information that she tried to move backwards and offered to give us a discount but conveniently we had already paid for the meal.

I would greatly appreciate a response on this matter.

Thank you


Thomas Saunders April 14, 2014 at 7:06 am

Obviously comments about service go unnoticed seeing so many negative comments. I was served by a person who really didn’t care to be there. My meal started with cold coffee then cold soup. I then brought this to the manager who made excuses. The soup then was heated way to long burning my mouth. Chicken tortilla soup was terrible and left an aftertaste for hours. I would like to know who stole the chicken because I couldn’t find any. Terrible restaurant in canton michigan.


Jackie G April 11, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Extremely disappointed, good was fine at Brea location but our birthday party included six children who were told to be quiet after an elderly couple complained, a manager Paul something or other, who totally horrendous the situation, and a server by the name of Jeff Stitch, a 6′ who threatened to beat me up and invited me, a.4’10, 125 lb woman, outside for a brawl. GM Kirk Clark appears to be ok with the situation, and stands up for this guy. Way to go in customer service, guys. Way to go.


Logan April 11, 2014 at 1:43 pm

We “used” to love your wings. I have been ordering your wings since they were call Kukaburo (sp?) wings. My son and I would order 5 or six orders to go on the weekends just to be able to heat them up throughout the weekend for a tasty snack.

We have not been to the location on W. Shaw in Fresno CA for a couple months and last night at about 5:00 we went. We ordered wings as an app and then my son ordered them as an entree also. We were mortified when they came out. At least 30% smaller than what we are used to AND they still had FEATHERS on them. When we complained the supposed manager said she usually picks the ones with feathers out of the order before bringing it to the table. My son had to order something else

I love ordering my pork medium to medium well. When I got it most of it was RAW. When I told the supposed manager about it she actually said she would put my same half eaten pork porterhouse BACK on the grill if I needed it more done. REALLY!! You are going to contaminate the grill everyone’s meat is cooked on with a half eaten piece of meat that a guest already put their mouth on?!?!?!? She actually was proud of the fact they “Dont use microwaves so she can put my chop back on the grill”

As we all know you CANT PUT A HALF EATEN piece of meat back on the heat or it will dry it out and NO moisture will be left. We did not even get an offer of anything comp’ed AND we didnt even get drink refills

It may sound weird but I am truly deeply saddened about the wings. Fresno is not a culinary hot spot so people rely on their “go to” places. Their is only one location here and now I must find another place to get wings for the “Big Game”. I may never go back to outback again in ANY city or town I visit if something doesnt change at this one.


Toshia Swint March 31, 2014 at 9:19 pm

Myself and 20 more guest visited your restaurant in Macon, Georgia on Sunday, March 29, 2014. We were there to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We had an awful experience with customer service, and the food presentation. Several of our party complained about the rudeness of the server, she actual stood at out table and argued with one of my guest. I ordered a bacon cheese burger that was burned and had no bacon, after I realized I didn’t get the bacon; I received a slice on another plate, kids chicken tender dinner with fruit but didn’t get fruit received fries instead. I asked for fruit but never received it. Also order an adult chicken tender plate that was the same amount if the kids plate. The chicken strips were cooked in burned grease. As if this wasn’t the only problem. It was so many things going wrong the manager came over and she was very apologetic and I thanked her for that. By this time I sent all my food back and we all left.
I have never had an experience such as this one. In sorry for the bitterness of my feelings but I am not sure I would like to return to your restaurant nor the remaining members of my party. We waited all day to eat and had to actual go somewhere else.


Marta March 24, 2014 at 9:31 pm

I went with my boyfriend to have a quiet dinner at the outback at 1703 Central Park Ave in Yonkers N.Y. The service and food were fine but the bartenders were loud and obnoxious. One of the bartenders had a potty mouth. It was very disappointing to see that they had no self control. I hope that whomever reads this will take care of it.


Tamara Farland March 21, 2014 at 8:21 pm

Very Bad Experience with Lytese R on 3/21/14.


HARRY THERIEN March 20, 2014 at 6:15 pm

We have a group of usually 25 to 30 each time we go out ..we do this every month at a different restaurant ..usually we patronize out back a minimum of 4 time a year for the last few years .
this time we had a horrible experience with a bug problem ,which crawled up a patrons clothing and ended up her back ..when we got it out and squashed it out on the floor and told the waitress .who told the manager
she had a fit and started yelling at me and said if I did not stop complaining and calm down I would have to leave the premesses . she threatened to have me escorted out of the building ..I was horrified as was all in our party as she could be heard all the way to the other side of the room…..after all this I left…I was never treated like this from any one in a manager position ..she was more than just rude ..after all of this ..we have all decided
to cross Outbacks off our list not only as a group but as individuals all because of a manager who should never have been put in charge in the first place


Robert schwarzmann March 16, 2014 at 9:24 pm

My family and I went to the one in bowie off of racetrack rd. The food and service was fine, but the manager told someone in the back, were they bring out the food to you she said “shut the f*** up” to one of her workers. My whole family herd it and now my 3 year old son runs around the house all day saying “f***”, let’s just say we’ll never be going back there.


Edith March 15, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Great steak/lobster meal tonight, 3/15/14, at Raleigh (Creedmoor Rd.) Outback. Very appreciative!


Liz March 11, 2014 at 1:03 pm

In Inverness fl, they let them all smoke weed?
went there and seen them outback at Outback getting high before going to work?
So they don’t drug test anyone, so if your looking for work that’s the place to get a job guys and gals.


james jennerwein March 8, 2014 at 7:45 pm

my wife and I went to the New London Connecticut Outback today I ordered the chicken sandwich what a mess absolutely tasteless covered in sauce and some nasty coating on the chicken soon as I bit into it it fell apart our waitress Tuesday was absolutely wonderful and very professional as well as a manager that day who cheerfully refund my money I feel neutral I would probably go back again no doubt but my lunch with my wife was ruined


richard caston March 5, 2014 at 10:30 am

the appetizer shrimp and lobster was good and tasty , the bread great, when we got the main course , we order the steak and lobster was a let down. i ask for a upgrade from 6 oz to 8 oz , we still got the 6 , the mash, broccoli was very good . and the biggest disappointment was the lobster, dry grill over cooked small craw-fish. for the price you are charging we should have got, a better meal.
4221 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78411


Jason March 4, 2014 at 3:42 pm

had a awful time at the auburn ma. location we walked in they was not even busy we got told 15 minute wait and we were a party of 3 plenty of seats open but we waited anyway then when ordering our food i had ordered the pork they asked how i wanted it cooked i replied this is pork your should cook it till its cooked its not beef but cook it to at least 165 degrees after resting it should hit the recommended 170 degrees we got our food and my pork raw and cold the staff including the manager would not do anything and my friend got sick after also this all happened feb/23/2014 been calling emailing posting on their facebook wall have not got nowhere yet but i am not giving up stay away OUTBACK WHERE IS MY 75.00 DOLLARS


Jason March 22, 2014 at 8:31 pm



richard caston March 3, 2014 at 9:45 pm

the appetizer shrimp and lobster was good and tasty , the bread great, when we got the main course , we order the steak and lobster was a let down. i ask for a upgrade from 6 oz to 8 oz , we still got the 6 , the mash, broccoli was very good . and the biggest disappointment was the lobster, dry grill over cooked small craw-fish. for the price you are charging we should have got, a better meal.


richard caston March 3, 2014 at 9:55 pm

the out back restaurant is in corpus Christi TX on s.p.i.d dr


Joseph February 27, 2014 at 9:55 pm

This is the worst experience I’ve had in a restaurant ever. After waiting for nearly one hour for our food to arrive, watching other people who came after us get their main courses, our steaks were not only cold hard and dried, but they weren’t even the steaks that we had ordered. Had it not been because we were so hungry we would’ve left the plates on the table and walked out. Thank you server Wayne M for making me choke with the rubber like steak and not refilling my cup at any point. Then have the nerves to ask if I want a refill before giving me the receipt. Location: Lufkin, Texas.


Marty Smith February 27, 2014 at 9:29 am

Yes I am approaching the next step regarding the service of the lack of it during one of my visits the Western Hills location in Cincinnati Ohio . On 2-16 i visited this location with family to celebrate my son-n-laws birthday (there were a total of 6 of us) and it was the worst experience I have been involved with. We were promised that we would be seated by 6:45 and at 7:15 I questioned what the problem was and I was told they did not tables available which I found funny because I was looking at 2 tables that were completely empty and when I asked about that they said they had no servers for those tables (but the one table had people sitting there right before that so I guess they got their own meal and then when I as the manger on duty that night about the other table she finally confessed that that she had reserved that table 3 days prior and we could not have it. ( I was not aware that you accepted reservations) so needless to say we left. I wrote a complaint that night and I received a phone the following afternoon from a young lady stating that she was the person in charge of that location (sorry i do not remember the name) I did not believe I would need it but I was wrong. She called and said all of the right things about being sorry for the treatment we received and wanted to make it up to me by offering me vouchers for free meals for each of the 6 people in my party I said okay she verified my address and said they would be in the mail that day along with her business card in case I ever had problems again (well it has been almost 2 weeks now and of course I have not received anything or heard anything. (what a way to run a business.) . I have to admit that the employees did a good job of doing what they were trained to do and that is do not care about the customers since the management does not care so why should they. I would really like to have some response to this and you can contact me by calling 513-673-XXXXX or emailing me at martydsXXXXX@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time



FELICIA S JACKSON February 26, 2014 at 4:40 pm

I want to make sure that the coporate office read my comment submitting under general comment. Please search your comments for my comments submitted today. I was not please with my dining experience and I wanted the corporate office to listen to my throughts. All noted in the comment submission. My phone number for my cell is 757.570.XXXXX. I also listed my mailing address. I have been a customer of Outback for years and I dine at different locations about three times per month. I love your menu. However I am extremely dissapointed about my dining experience on 02/25 at the Newport News, Virginia location. I would love to stay a customer and I look forward to my compliant been addressed and hope to hear back from you. Thank you!!!!!!


Kathy February 25, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I have read all of your comments and i am here to tell you that the Outback Steak House in Oxford, Alabama was the best. They were so good to there people and me and my Husband went there about three times a week. There staff and propiertor Serena Amos were awesome. I have eat there hundreds of times and it was always great. Now get this they close this Outback Sunday February 23,2014. Sounds like they need to get there crap together and close the stores that are bad and leave the one’s that are good alone. People around here are in tears because they snatched our Outback away. By the way Outback i have gift cards that i purchased during Christmas and i was just wondering if you would like to buy them back since the next Outback nearest to me is 70 miles away. Thanks for nothing Outback !!!


Patrik February 20, 2014 at 8:51 am

How do I get hold of the corporate office??

I had dinner with my family 2 weeks ago in Delray Beach.
My experince was that in my dessert was a piece of plate (porcelain) which i had a bit in an lost pieces of 2 teeth.
The manager apologized and said Outbacks insurance company would call me back right away.
It’s been 2 weeks now and I can’t get hold of anyone. The resturant doesn’t answer, and how do I get hold of the corp. office??

Pleas answer me here or by mail anyone or if Outback stuff reads this, please contact me asap.


Liz March 11, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Not sure if these complaints go anywhere, but if I can read it maybe others can as well if we put it out there.


Soumaya Zein February 19, 2014 at 10:15 am

I lodge a complaint on this site earlier this morning, but I would like to acknowlege how the Area Manager from the restaurant took my call and graciously and professionally dismissed our bill. He requested to meet us in person to personally apologize to us, and invited us to dine at his expense.

Thank you very much Mr. Reyes, your kind demeanor and understanding was greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Chandra Mackall February 19, 2014 at 9:26 am

Complainants: Soumaya Zein, SoumayahXXXXX@yahoo.com, (202) 528-XXXXX
Tora Bunch, Tora.d.BXXXXX@irs.gov, 202-321-XXXXX
Chandra MacKall, ChandramacXXXXX@gmail.com , 202-642-XXXXX
RE: Deplorable service at Outback Steakhouse in Oxon Hill, MD
Dear Sirs/Madame’s,
My friends and I were humiliated, the truth dissimulated and treated like common criminals yesterday (Tuesday, February 18, 2014) after dining at your restaurant in Oxon Hill, Md.
We arrived at your establishment at 6 p.m. in hopes of celebrating Ms. Mackall’s birthday at her restaurant of choice. We sat at the bar for some time before the waiter assisted us. He was only one waiter, at the bar, and moved extremely slowly. His name was Poncho a native of the Philippines. We were in your establishment for 2 hours and 45 minutes when some patrons informed us something was wrong with the computer and we would have to pay cash. By 9 p.m. we’re asking for our bill, but no bar waiters were to be found, we thought they were simply being slow, as they had been the entire evening. Finally by 9:30 p.m. we requested our bill from the now 2 bar waiters, the young lady replied; we are having problems with the registers, it will be a few minutes, the manager is on the phone trying to get the problem resolved. Both the waiter and the waitress were extremely polite individuals. At 10 p.m. the waitress told us could we pay cash, we informed her we had credit cards. Ponch (the male waiter) asked could we go to the ATM (Automated Teller Machine), to get cash. We explained to Poncho that we had credit cards and not debit cards, and we were not able to retrieve money from the ATM. The female waitress said; I need to ask the manager what to do, because we cannot authorize anything. Upon her return, the message from the manager was for us to leave our credit card information. Neither one of us felt comfortable with that at all, so the young lady went back to speak to the manager. Upon her return, her message was to leave our phone numbers, which we did.
We requested to see the manager, which I feel should have had the decency and professionalism to address each patron personally. I have been to several eating establishments, where the store manager, addresses each individual table, asking how they enjoyed the service.
When the manager finally came out (at 10:05 p.m., the restaurant was already closed!), he was not apologetic, his appearance was disheveled and unprofessional. He was not dressed in slacks, dress shoes, a button down shirt and tie, but instead he was dressed in Dickie like work pants, an untucked nylon red polo like Outback shirt, and some type of rugged shoes. He did not address my friend Ms. Chandra McKall; he just stood there with an irritated look as if we were disturbing him!!! So she opened the conversation, and his response was; you have 3 options:
1. Leave your credit card information
2. Give me your driver’s license and I will make a copy of it
3. I can call the Sheriff, you can give them your information and they can send you the bill
At 10:15 p.m. we agreed to option number 3, we waited until 10:30 p.m., the manager never returned. We were tired, and needed to get home in preparation for work, we gave our contact information to the female waitress, and left. We saw the P.G. County police car pull up behind and block my friend Tora Bunch so she could not leave. Officer Brooks, said he received a call from management stating we did not want to pay our bill and he was there to remedy the situation. The 3 of us, simultaneously said, we have been waiting for the past hour and a half for our situation to be remedied. Officer Brooks asked us to come back into the establishment, because if we left it would be considered theft. So the 3 of us walked back in with the Officer. Upon entering, the manager started telling the Officer we did not want to pay our bill. The 3 of us chimed in stating; wait a minute now, we have waited to resolve this issue for the past hour and a half, so that right there should show you some type of loyalty that we hadn’t planned on leaving without paying our bill. The 2nd lie the manager James told Officer Brooks, was he told us he would call the Sheriff for us not paying our bill. Again the 3 of us chimed in telling Officer Brooks, that is not what he told us! He told us we can give our information to you if we did not feel comfortable leaving it with him. Officer Brooks, said ; no I can’t take anything because I am not affiliated with this public establishment, this is considered a civil matter. He said, what will happen if you give your driver’s license and then do not come back to pay, the manager will call the Sheriff’s office, give them your information, and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. We were extremely angry at this point with the manager, because not only was he unprofessional in the manner he handled the entire situation with the computer failure, but he lied on us, and now potentially going to cause us problems with the law. Ms. Bunch explained to Officer Brooks, look, here are the number we left for him with the waitress, which she picked up and handed to the Officer, who in turn handed the napkin to the manager. The manager said, hum these numbers are probably not even real! Both Ms. Bunch and I simultaneously said; well call them then!!!!! The manager said; Oh I was talking to myself, my response to him was; but sweetie you said it out loud!!!. He kept trying to go back and forth with me, which irritated me that much more. I simply told him; please, just go make copies of our information so we can leave, and while you are at it, please give me your District Manager’s name and number, along with your Corporate Office’s number as well, because this entire situation is absolutely ridiculous. The manager still at that point was never apologetic about the situation which is extremely disturbing, and never provided me with the information I requested. We did not leave your establishment until 10:40 p.m.!!! 40 minutes after closing time.
I have never been treated so poorly by an establishment that depends on customer patronage; I would very much appreciate attention to this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me upon receipt of this letter.

Soumaya Zein


kah20st@yahoo.com February 16, 2014 at 10:59 pm

Took my wife to the Outback in Fort Wayne, In. for dinner as we got a gift card for Christmas. Had a terrible experience. Terrible food and poor service. Told the mangement through the web site about our experience. They did respond and said they would send a “Tuckaway” for $20.00. This was in Jan. as of Feb. 16. nothing yet. It really is not about the “Tuckaway” but I offered my view on our experience. The management has not followed through on what they promised which explains the service at their location. As a senior we eat out about 3 times a week. Unfortunatly not at Outback.


John Zunich February 18, 2014 at 1:27 am

My brother and I went to the outback on shoreline drive in Long Beach. The place was empty, long wait for drinks, food was cold…..we left there an hour and a half later very dissatisfied. I still do not know why I left a tip…..Must have been a perfect storm of problems for a night this bad. My brother paid with is corporate rewards card and is going to complain to his company.


K.santiago February 10, 2014 at 7:52 am

Hi, I recently went to one of your locations, specifically the one in palm harbor on us19. I am writing 3 days after my experience. This is the first time outback has left me with a bad taste of customer service. I ordered a small 6oz steak medium well as well as my husband. His came out medium well, where mine was still very pink, when asked how my steak was, I informed the waitress that mine was not medium well, more of a medium. She quickly corrected me on how steak is cooked and attempted to go back and forth with me. Sorry, I was once a waitress too and medium well has not really changed. She was incorrect, when the steak was brought back it was the customer service at this point and I was done. I refused the steak and we left after my husband finished. We were seated right away, we’re able to look through the entire menu before a server approached us. I waited 3 days to try to contact someone to see if this experience still bothered me. I’m not looking for a free meal, or for this situation to be “corrected” I will choose a different outback next time, I would just like to see some customer service skills the next time I attempt to enter one of your brands. And this location needs it, as I assume the person was part of management, whom brought the steak out to me. Have a nice day!


Steve McClure February 9, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Went to outback last night, 2-8-14, great food great service but when I got the bill prices were higher than what was on the menu. When I called this to the waitress attention she just replies, oh they must have changed menus and that you got and older one. Still charged higher price. Probably not her fault but I deducted from her tip.


scott February 6, 2014 at 8:05 pm

I just left the outback in spartanburg sc….I an a 23 yr military veteran with combat tours and a diagnosis of Post traumatic stress disorder. . I was seated with my family in a very tight corner…I asked for a seat to accommodate my Ptsd and we were relocated….Shortly thereafter what I assumed was a manager came to my table to say that the seat we were in was reserved (even though the restaurant doesn’t take reservations) and asked if we could be relocated again….we agreed with exception to the tight corner……..then another manager came and told us to get up now….without having a seat ready for us and we were already being serve d. ….I am appalled at the way I was treated as a veteran and to my handicap…


Gayle & Michael Hawker January 24, 2014 at 9:48 am

Very sad to see that you do not include Tasmania in your Australia Day ad !! You chose the wrong map.

Gayle & Michael Hawker, Owners


kim December 27, 2013 at 8:55 pm

We came in for dinner on Nov 11th. We got there at 4.00 so it was pretty empty, except for a few people at the bar. We got seated right away. Our server Katelyn got our menus promptly and asked what we wanted to drink. My husband got an ice tea and I order a Mai Tai from the bar. He got his ice tea really fast, I had to wait about 1/2 hour then had to ask what happened to my drink? Katelyn said oh there it is I can see it, let me get that for you. It was the worst Mai Tai I’ve ever had, didn’t taste like anything. I was bummed so I ordered a Margarita, which was much better. We came in especially for the Bloomin Onion so we ordered that as an appetizer, we got it very quickly, hhmm I thought man that was FAST. Well it looked burned and tasted even worse. I really believe that they just refried it then served it to us. It was so greasy we couldn’t eat it. I told Katelyn this and all she said was oh sorry about that, do you want me to box it up? Uuhh nooo why would I want to take that grease bomb home?
She should have offered to get us a new one but she didn’t. For dinner I had their steak and lobster special. The lobster was the size of a crawdad and my steak was cold, even the veggies were a little burnt. I had the filet and it was tough. My husband had the rib eye with veggies and a salad His dinner was ok but a little cold.
Our service sucked. They never came to check on us, like how is your meal? They only refilled the ice tea and I had to wave her down and ask for another drink.

I complained to company and their manager sent me this email. I have yet to receive any type of compensation for my lousy dinner. I am surprised this place is still open. We’ll never be back. I would give you NO STARS if I could!

Dearest Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your recent experience. My apologies for your unsatisfactory dinner service. I assure you we strive to serve the highest quality food as well as provide excellent customer service. Without kind patrons like you our business would not have the opportunity to grow and prosper. We will immediately address these issues with all management and staff. Allow me to invite you to dine in as my personal guest or to send a gift certificate to use at your convenience as a token of my appreciation. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to discuss your concerns. Please ask for me, Evelyn Fullwood or Jose Ortiz. I would love the opportunity to meet you and thank you in person. Again, thank you for your comments and please accept my deepest heart felt apologies.

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes,

Evelyn Fullwood

Salinas Outback Steakhouse
831-751-3753 ext.3


DianeZandman December 18, 2013 at 5:35 pm

I had a problem at a local Outback which is still unresolved. Can you please give me the name and address of Outbacks President so I can make one last effort before I give up. Thank you
Diane Zandman


michael December 16, 2013 at 9:24 pm

This is the worst restaurant experience I have ever had ( and Im 43 ). I should of went to waffle house . Being from Miami beach I don’t mind or Im use to paying high bills for restaurants( plus Ive worked for tips so I tip ). Although the bar staff were not bar staff ( no joking around no introducing themselves ). They didn’t make sure the customer was happy . I use to be a chef a five star chef . The food was half assed period . I couldn’t even eat the appetizer . So Im here taking my sister out . So I don’t say anything except you can finish it . Then I tell the bartenders if you fill my drink up I will leave a big tip ( my sister even replied he’s not kidding ). He just gives a look of disbelief and shrugs it off ( not getting to know the customer what do you do for a living ?) . Never being personal with the customer nor pleasing the customer . So then we get our dinners I asked for a NY strip MW with blu ch . It came out rare . And all the food came out late after sitting in the window forever . ( we were there around 4 pm it was quiet ). How do I know I was a chef . Although from going from being a chef to owning a world wide computer company . I would of tipped big ( yes I still left a tip 11 percent ). If I was treated like a normal human being and if the service and food was like Outback always is . This just was a horrible experience . Thanks Phil and Rocky For the crappy experience that Outback would of never wanted .They never introduced themselves either . How do I know the names from the wait staff calling them .Why didn’t I XXXXXX or moan to a manager I didn’t want to embarrass my sister like of done so many times before . Although She did want to get the manager . I said no lets enjoy the evening . Merry Christmas ..Just wanted to have a good time for my sister and I . With a good dining experience . I suggest driving out of your way to a different Outback . For a great experience period .

6390 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34243

(941) 351-3711



Kobe December 13, 2013 at 9:12 pm

I am very disappointed that the Sydney Sinful Sundae has been taken off the menu. This is the dessert we get every time we go to Outback. It is just the right size to share and does not go overboard in chocolate taste like the Chocolate Thunder. It will be awhile before I will be able to convince my husband to go back to Outback.


Judy December 6, 2013 at 4:04 pm

Pay attention to your bill. When the waitress picked up the credit card at Outback Palm Desert, CA and returned it, she did not include my copy the breakdown of our purchases. Based on our order, the maximum with tax and tip should have been $65.00. When the credit card bill arrived I was charged $78.00. I’m to blame for leaving my copy of the bill on the tray and not noticing she didn’t return it, meaning I don’t have the breakdown to prove the price of our order. Big mistake! However, a restaurant as well known and respected as Outback should be honest. Emails have been unanswered, and no success getting through to anyone on the phone who could resolve this matter.


Aaron Hill December 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Tonight i visited this location after about 2 years. Last time i had a great experience, tonight not so well. My waitress, Marilyn V was the most rudest uneducated waitress i ever had. To make it short my cousin and i got the email for the free chicken bites with a purchase so we decided to check it out. Ever since the waitress took our order for a salad she stayed away from our table, told us the salad was $2.99 and when we got the bill it was $3.99. When i brought this to her attention she said oh well sibce the menu says $3.99 thats what we have to pay. I told her that she told us $2.99 and she said with a major attitude that she would call the manager, Sam, over and we have to explain that to him and walked away. The manager came over and corrected the issue. She brought our check early as if she wanted us to leave because we werent gonna have a big bill. We asked her for bread 5 times and only got it twice and the last time we asked she rolled her eyes, walked away and had some other waitress bring us the bread to go as if she wanted us to leave and did not even have the nerve to come back to say bye or anything. She was very very rude and my family and i spend major money at this restaurant and have NEVER been treated this way. We are so upset by this. We dont care if we spend $6.00 or $100.00 here we should be treated with respect because we are paying customers. This experience was horrible!


Anonymous December 1, 2013 at 10:37 pm

I am an employee at a Bay Area Outback Steakhouse. I work as a server and usually have money on me due to tips. There is no proper break room in the location where I work therefore there is nowhere to lock up or keep any belongings safe, not even a table to set our food on when we eat on our break. I had over $100 taken from my wallet while working a shift, in which I later confronted my manager who said nothing could be done about it because they aren’t responsible for our belongings. This I understand but was taken aback by her such little interest to the reoccurring problem in which I was not the first victim of.


Paula November 25, 2013 at 8:10 am

We usually eat at the Outback in Findlay, Ohio. Our last experience was totally unexceptable. Our waiter was horrible. Had to ask for the bread, Ordered two appetizers and only one came and the second came with the meal. Both my husband and I ordered the sirloin with lobster and got sirloin with shrimp. My mother in law got her salad and no dressing. She received cold coffee that apparantly had been sitting around for a while. Then when I payed with my credit card I was charged three times and one of them wasn’t even my bill. So the night out should have been $100.93 and was $340 PLUS. I’ve sent emails to corporate but no one seems to answer emails. What kind of a company are you turning into. I can just go down the road to another steak house if this what you would like…


Stefani November 23, 2013 at 8:34 pm

My family visited a san Antonio texas location and service was awful. The food well half of it was under cooked and server sucked and so yeah let’s just say we will never go back to an outback again.


Johnny R Berg November 20, 2013 at 1:09 am

A generous couple bought us an Outback gift card that has not arrived and it has been over two weeks. The purchase was gifted through Facebook. I am confident I entered the appropriate address. Is it possible to track it down somehow and void the amount and issue a new card? Please email me to the email address shared here so I may respond with the personal information needed.


Johnny R Berg November 20, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Thank you but the card has come in the mail today and I need no further action.


Carole Harris November 18, 2013 at 7:11 pm

On 11-17-13, my family met at Outback in Desoto, TX to celebrate our mom’s 91st birthday. There were six of us and four steak orders. My sister, husband and son passed by several Outback Restaurants from their home in Coppell.

This restaurant happens to be one of our mom’s favorite places to dine out. This time, our usually good steaks were tough and all four were overcooked. I don’t usually complain, but it just happened that the very gracious manager walked by and asked about our meal. I showed her my steak and ask her if it looked medium rare like I ordered. She knew it wasn’t and soon brought me another steak. (It, too, was overcooked, but I accepted it without saying anything more.) My sister and my mom had medium well steaks while their order was for medium. We said nothing about those. My adult daughter ordered a medium well steak. I know that the longer you cook a steak, the smaller it gets…..however this sirloin was round like a hamburger pattie and thin enough to be on a McDonald’s burger….we actually had never seen anything like it and thought it was funny. Our dinner was enjoyed, but it wasn’t a meal that made me want to come back, that’s for sure. I want to give credit to the manager though. She gave my mother a dessert for her birthdeay. We paid by three different tickets. My ticket number was
0046c-1, table 421, party of 3 @ 12:57 pm….11-1-13.


Heather Connell November 15, 2013 at 9:07 pm

WHY is the strawberry shortcake waffle still gone? When it has been a “limited time” item in the past, it was THE REASON that my husband and I would choose Outback over the huge selection of other restaurants in our area. Now I am expecting our third child and ALL I WANT IS A STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE WAFFLE. I’m so bummed out. Bring it back 🙁


Beverly Simpson November 8, 2013 at 12:51 pm

I am not for sure if I have the right email address. We are a small group of Harley Davidson motor cycle riders. We have adopted three families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are providing a wonderful dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are also buying toys and helping them with their utilites. Two of the families are from the 100 neediest cases here in Missouri. The other family is a single mother of two children that just got back from Iraq. She has left her husband because he shook the youngest child and then he has serious injuries. We are helping the two families by collecting money from the riders in our group but we can not help the young women from Iraq. We are looking for gift cards so raffle off at our Christmas party on Dec 7. All of the money that we get will go directly to her to help her out for the holidays. Is there any way that you might be able to help us. I am a honest person and this is not for my owe use. We help the community all year long as much as we can. If you could help us it would be greatly appreciated. You could send the gift cards to Beverly Simpson, XXXXX Remington Oaks Tr, Fenton Mo 63026. Please could you help us. I have already receive some gift cards from the corporate head quarters for other restaurents.


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