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Macy's Inc.
7 W Seventh St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Phone Number: (513) 579-7000
Fax Number: (302) 636-5454
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Macy's Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Macy's Executives

CEO: Terry J. Lundgren
CFO: Karen M. Hoguet
COO: Thomas L. Cole

Macy's History

Macy’s was founded in 1858 in New York City by Rowland Macy.  Originally a dry goods retail shop on 6th Ave, the store was located far north of most existing dry good stores.

In 1875, Macy took on 2 partners (Robert Valentine and Abiel La Forge) .  All 3 partners died by 1879.

In 1895, the Macy family sold the business to the Straus brothers.

In 1902, the flagship store was moved to Herald Square, where it remains today.

In 1986, a leveraged buyout of the company was led by CEO Edward Finkelstein.  The company filed for bankruptcy in 1992.

In 1994, the company merged with Federated Department Stores.

In 2008, Macy’s celebrated its 150th birthday.

The company currently operates over 850 stores in the US.  The Macy’s corporate office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Macy's FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Macy's?
Answer 1: The phone number for Macy's is (513) 579-7000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Macy's?
Answer 2: The CEO of Macy's is Terry J. Lundgren.

Question 3: Who founded Macy's?
Answer 3: Macy's was founded by in .

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Kathryn Turner October 30, 2018 at 4:41 pm

I have been a customer and shopping to replenish clothing and home since Hurricane Harvey. Hadn’t had any problems until 10/28. Made an online order for $123.43 that was cancelled due to verification . After I received an email assuring that it will not be on my account, today it was applied to my Capital one account and then they split the charge and applied a second time. Very disturbed this has happened and the order department and credit department told me they couldn’t do anything and to wait 7-10 business days


Lisa Robinson September 17, 2018 at 3:46 pm

You have a employee in one of your Corporate Offices who is stealing money from your Company by “shaking down” or receiving “kick backs” from Vendors/Contractors that are hired. You should investigate.


carol prezioso June 6, 2018 at 7:41 am

I have been a macy’s shopper for 35 years but no longer will I shop in your stores. I was in your st petersburg fl store and here is a huge presentation for gay pride. While I don’t have a problem with gays I do have a problem with celebrating only one segment of the population. All celebrations should include all americans. The huge presentation should have been america’s upcoming birthday.


Barbara Carioscia April 11, 2018 at 8:33 pm

I ordered 4 Bra’s buy one get one 50% off. Well what an experience that was — the whole order was messed up– I ordered 4 it printed out 3 and not even what I ordered !! I called the number 1-800-289-6229, I was totally SURPRISED to find out the call went MANILLA!!


Yvette February 11, 2018 at 1:18 pm

I will no longer be shopping at any of the Macy’s stores. I am appalled that your company would engage in the sale of clothing of a culture that promotes the subjugation of women — to sell an oppressive garment that millions of women in the Islamic world are forced to wear under penalty of violence or even death — it is the worldwide symbol for the oppression of women — it is not even required part of Islam — it is a clothing article forced by men. When there are women who are mulsim in other parts of the world risking their lives to remove a piece of clothing made up as a rule by men, you dare to sell them as part of your clothing line? I will no longer do business with your store. Your are promoting an ideology that forces women to be subservient, promotes female genital mutilation, gives women less rights than any man, etc. Not only does the hijab show the oppression of women, but it also is a sign that islam is an increasing threat to the Democratic way of life in our country. Islam has no place in America. Look at the middle-east and what it is doing to Europe. Dearborn, Mich should be a lesson on islam — the no-go zones, the intolerance of Christians. Don’t just take my word for it…..educate yourself. It is practically too late in Europe…. America is next if nothing is done about it! Islam is not a race and Muslim is not an ethnic group. Islam is a set of ideas and Muslims are people who follow those ideas. It is not only appropriate but imperative that the world take a closer look at those ideas and those who follow that set of ideas. The originator of this set of ideas had sex with a 9 year old girl, slit the throats of two poets for writing negative verses about him, enslaved thousands of people, raped hundreds of women, ordered the murder of 800 unarmed people, and led twelve armed military actions. Since that time the people who follow his ideas have carried out more than ten thousand jihads which have resulted in the deaths of eighty million Hindus, sixty million Christians, ten million Buddhists, and over one hundred and twenty million Africans. Today, 2018, followers of his ideas own more slaves than were brought to North America during the entire history of the United States. Followers of his ideas murder more people on average per day than the Klan have killed in the past one hundred years. Values and ideas are not equal and do not deserve equal respect. Islamophobia is a nonsense term that tries to conflate criticism of its fantastical claims with generalized bigotry. Islam is a set of ideas that simply cannot hold its own in an argument. If one decides to come to the United States of America for a better way of life, then that person needs to ASSIMILATE. Selling the garb you are selling does not promote that!


Lorin Grow January 16, 2018 at 3:48 pm

On December 30th I went to a Macy’s store in south Salt Lake valley to purchase a pair of jeans. What I witnessed in the men’s section of the store was amazing. The place was unshoppable, I took pictures and would love to share them with someone where it can make a difference. There were at least 5-6 customer service desks, all empty except one. Took my business to another store to buy a pair of jeans.


Tina Logan January 10, 2018 at 8:50 pm

I made a purchase online on 12/19/2017. My purchase required a signature on delivery. Because I was not home for delivery on three attempts UPS returned my purchased item to Macy’s. Fast forward my credit card payment is due 1/10/2018 I make a payment, and at this time I discovered my account was never credited for the returned item. After spending an hour on the phone I was told my account wont be credited until they receive the item back. According to the UPS tracking number Macy received the item on 12/28/2017 at 12 noon and it was signed for by their staff. Please tell me why I as the customer have to wait another day for a credit to my account when you have the item in your warehouse.


teresa January 4, 2018 at 2:38 pm

Wow. I don’t know if the customer service has been outsourced but I’ve been trying for 3 days to EXCHANGE (not return) a pair of shoes ordered online. They would not even talk with me even though I provided all the information needed since these were a gift from my daughter for Christmas. Today she finally had to CALL them in person and they will still not exchange the item or even provide her a credit on the card she used to purchase. They say they can only MAIL a gift card and we can reorder. By then the item will likely not even be available and we will be stuck with a gift card. Staying with Dillards, NM and Nordstrom from now on! This has taken us numerous emails and 3 phone calls and they are just not very pleasant on the phone either.


John December 31, 2017 at 3:23 pm

Gosh where do I start?
My wife an are are long time customers of Macy’s, we purchase thousands per year there.
I’m going to tell you that your customer service is so bad and one cannot get a straight answer from them. To begin with I went to the Mission Viejo Macy’s to get a pair of sneakers as I was in dire need of them and I hav the app and weekly flier with coupons to purchase.
Upon arrival the customer rep in the shoe department stated that the coupons would not be honored in this department since it is “finish line”. We then called a supervisor and she was going to honor the coupon, however upon ringing up the shoes she stated that this was an EDV and an EDV in the fine print is not covered by this coupon. How is a customer to know what an EDV is, the supervisor said that since the price ended in ninety eight cents it was, so I just had to take their word for it… I was pressed for time, so I purchased the shoes with cash and left the store with just the first names of the managers.
Later that day I began to chat my complaint about the customer service to the chat customer servic e that is available and got the run around and then promised to have a gift card sent to resolve this issue, with immediate follow up by email…never got the email, so I chatted again with customer service, twice as the next time I was cut off by your agent and then the agent on my chat next time played games on me that he could not see my issue when I am showing that we were connected…NOW I AM SERIOUSLY GETTING UPSET!
The next day I phoned customer service, elevated the call to someone who said he was empowered to handle my complaint, his name was Ricky. he promised a gift card and a follow up email showing everything that he agreed to do for me in less than an hour. no email was provided and I initiated another call and then another call to customer service to check and see if I was doomed….apparently so
I was left on hold for 20 minutes by the supervisor and then she just disconnected my 45 minute call again to customer service….it is a matter of principle now and I need to be taken care of by Macy’s for this run around. What is Macy’s going to do for me so that I remain a valued customer? No more promises I need performance


Paula December 30, 2017 at 1:16 pm

Our grandchild received a toy for Christmas. It didn’t work.
I returned it to macy’s in Poughkeepsie NY . Macy’s sent another toy on to my home address it works fine . But now Macy’s are billing my card for the new toy that was a;ready paid for.
What’s Up Macy’s ??


Penny Golloian November 19, 2017 at 7:45 pm

First I have been a long time shopper of Macy’s , and before Macy’s came to Calif. I was Bullocks shopper, also loved Bullocks and the quality. I think Macy’s has always offered quality and a great value. The only thing I would like to see change is your store hours like for Thanksgiving I REALLY WISH you where CLOSED. So that your employees could enjoy there Thanksgiving with Family and Friends and to watch the Macy’s Parade. I have worked in retail most of my life. I even went to High School (Villa Park) with your CEO Terry Lundgren and I know when Terry was a manager at Bullocks, store did not stay open such long hours. When I think of MACY’S I think Classy, Style, Designers Great Value and Great Customer service. But yours make me think Walmart, a company that does not care about there employees . again when I think of Macy’s with the quality you offer I kind of put you up with the N word Nordstrom. This Holiday season just remember your employees Please.Have a Great an Successful Holiday


Alberto Gonzalez November 15, 2017 at 7:57 pm

I was hired for a High Bay Operator and I wasn’t allowed that position. The supervisors were training their friends for the position. The supervisors were training their friends for the position that I was guaranteed. My lawyer will be contacting The Connecticut Department of Labor.

Contact Name
Alberto Gonzalez
Case Number
Case Category
Employee Data Administration
Case Sub Category 1
Case Sub Category 2
As of today 11/14/2017, I hereby tender my resignation. I will not be in on Wednesday I was hired as a High Bay Operator. I know it’s only been three days on the job but it doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing a machine anytime in the near future. They are training people that are already hired. It appears to be clicky and I’m not one of the boys. One of the supervisors said operators we need a license to operate the High Bay Machines which I wasn’t given. Thank you for the opportunity.

Albert Gonzalez 88805917

I’m owed for three days, One long day, the day of the bomb scare and two regular shift days. Again thank you very much.
On Behalf Of / Regarding

Preferred Mode Of Contact
Other Email
Preferred Mode Of Contact Information
Intake Channel
Hide Section – Case ResolutionCase Resolution
Case Resolution Notes
Hi Mr. Gonzalez, sorry to hear that you are leaving us, please contact your local manager so they can be aware, go over your resignation and take the proper steps. I will also send out an email to your manager. Thank you.

My lawyer will be contacting The Connecticut Department of labor.


Pamela November 13, 2017 at 11:55 am

Inam very upset after seeing a macys commercial. Shame on you for advertising the word x-mas !!!!! Stop crossing out CHRIST or i will not shop at your store any longer.. Shame on you for Christ is the reason for the season.


John smith October 13, 2017 at 11:49 am

P Diddy racist comments!!!! I assume you will now pull his merchandise from all of your stores!!!! As you did with Trump!!!!! If you don’t we will throw you out . This is why you should keep your political opinions to your self! Terry STEP DOWN !!!! Your a moron


scott pell September 28, 2017 at 1:42 pm

you f-ing suck. you hire people who can’t speak english but you don’t hire disable people.
i hope you f-ing go out of business. tthree people were hired on the spot not my wife. i will never shop there again. i am cutting up my cc. america sucks your store sucks. i hope amazon put you out of business.dame f-ing bastards.


Rachel September 19, 2017 at 1:38 pm

I have always been a fan of Macys and have always thought that they provide the nicest things in each department. I am expecting a baby girl in December and naturally we decided to name her Macy. I was hoping to see about having a shirt made for her with Macy on it and the logo? I would love that. Thank you, Macys!


Sheri August 29, 2017 at 10:41 am

How sad to see so many complaints go unanswered. I would never step foot in another Macy’s store after how horribly I was treated while trying to return and unopened item purchased. They don’t come close to Nordstrom’s return policies and customer service. Macy’s should be ashamed of themselves.


Elise Teichman August 18, 2017 at 6:36 pm

1. Cancel my Macy Cards and unsubscribe me from your mailing list today Aug. 18, 2017

I was an avid Macy shopper after Marshall Fields left, in Chicago, Illinois over the last 8 years the fitting rooms were so bad that I stopped shopping at the store.
On this past Monday I ordered $300.00 worth of merchandise. I was having difficulty with the order so I called the customer service number. The person took my first order, and was finished. I then wanted to make another purchase, but I had a question about the online prices that were different for the same merchandise. The service person told me the higher price was correct, I asked her if she went on line to see what I was talking about, and she hung up on me. Today is Friday and no delivery of my first purchase, so I called customer service, and I was told there was no order! I called customer service to report the incident, II asked where they (customer service) was located and they said the Philippines. I hung up and attempted to call the corporate office in Ohio, but the phone number is connected to the Philippines. So I asked the service about a phone number for corporate headquarters in America, she said she would connect me, and then left me on hold, with Phillipino music playing for 10 minutes, I finally hung up. I tried to call the New York headquarters, but got a recording that a customer rep would be with me in 10 minutes, and then they proceeded to hand up the phone. I have had enough, I will cancel all my Macy Charge cards and will never shop at Macy’s again. I will spread the word and tell all my friends & family to cancel their Macy cards. I will continue to purchase all my clothes from Talbots, or Carsons. Shame on you Macy, customer service is your bread & butter.
A Previous Customer
I am giving you my phone number so you can cancel my account, no return call response is needed, I have made up my mind about this. I wish you luck in this competitive environment, you will need it! 847 791-XXXXX


Sandra Byrd August 1, 2017 at 3:07 pm

I am always treated with excellent customer service at the Macy’s stores (San Francisco, Sacramento, and mostly at Fairfield, CA. It doesn’t matter how busy the customer managers are, they treat me and others around me with the upmost customer service. My latest experience was with Jilly Avelos and Lumina Pitts at the Fairfield, CA Macy’s store. I rode my bike to the store and smelled bad. I tell you this because they were very kind to me in spite of the above. They treat me like I’m the only customer around. I credit Macy’s wisdom about hiring above average customer managers. I believe customers who complain are all about themselves instead of being kind to the customer managers. It’s very easy to be positive to people instead of making it all about themselves.
Thank you for your awesome quality of goods that you offer and great customer service. 🙂


roberto perez July 24, 2017 at 8:40 am

The worst customer service EVER you could receive!! Yesterday we went to verify something of our new furniture delivery scheduled for next Saturday, July 29 and we had to stay more than 4 hours to resolve an stupid thing caused by a mistake of one of its employees. I don’t recommend to buy anything, at least, furnitures in Macy’s. The service is awful!


Eurika Mitchell July 21, 2017 at 11:27 pm

I spend a considerable amount in Macy’s due to my husband and children love Polo and other brands as well not to mention the pricing is reasonable and the sales are good. On Friday ,July 21,2017. I decided to place an online order after receiving a coupon on my mobile device. I was very pleased with the first associate (Ann) she helped me place my order due to I was having a problem placing the online order for some reason it wouldn’t let me have it deliver to the available store . The order totaled $22.98. Shortly after I received the email . I realized the wrong top was ordered.So I called back and the second associate was extremely nice .I informed him of the issue he resolved it by canceling the first order and reordered it correctly . I only received an email for the cancelled order the second time . I was waiting on the email for the corrected order .I received an alert from my bank with two more charges of $48.89 and $36.84 . I decided to call back to get an understanding on why my card charged a total of three times. The third associate couldn’t assist me with the issue at this point I was perturbed so I asked to speak with a supervisor. Of course the hold time was lengthy before the supervisor could come to the phone .Once Alex came to the phone I explained the scenario to him..Alex kinda brushed me off at the point I threatened to cancel my order.. I told him this online order experience was horrible . He was quick to say ok mam I will cancel this order.. Instead of trying to resolve the issue.. I was livid .I ended up canceling the order I didn’t want to spend my with Macy’s at the end of that conversation..Alex needs to be retrained regarding customer service. I will never use Macy’s online ordering again. I wanted my order but I will order from elsewhere. Macy’s has lost my business. I don’t expect a reply back but I will warn all my friends , family and social media not to purchase from Macy’s.


BlissMc July 11, 2017 at 2:26 pm

If i don’t get a reply I will post this one Twitter & Facebook, Never in my life have i been treated as poorly as i have at your store at Dadeland Mall & the Falls Mall. Your customer service reps (if you can call them that) are the rudest on the planet. They cannot be bothered to stop talking to each other long enough to help me find a very expensive dress shoe but yet allowed and spoke to a woman )who spoke another language) to interrupt me. i was not finished with my questions and search for a shoe but yet your rep had no problem ignoring me and taking care of the other lady. As my friend and I walked around, 3, yes 3 gentlemen, that worked in the WOMEN’S dept totally & completely ignored us. Finally one shoe I showed tho the ‘rep’, she told me oh yeah it all the way over there….Now your Dadeland shoe dept is HUGE. She couldn’t even be bothered to walk with me and help me find the shoe!
Now the best part….my Macy’s card got hacked…I caught it…Macy’s did not. They let two charges go thru TWICE in a week. Your phone rep dropped the ball and didn’t cancel my online account as she said she would so the hackers were able to get money out of my bank and wiped out what little was there and paid it to Macy;s…sort of as a screw you…SINCE the order was stopped and never delivered but returned to Macy’s. Now I next receive an email stating I am going to get a GIFT CARD for 448.00 for the amount on my card! WHAT?????? I had to call, it took me two days to get thru. Turns out they only credited the first fraud charge and never the second,,,,,and wait…they didn’t even cancel the credit card. The product was returned to Macy’s and did not get delivered so the fraudulent address. Why would you, in the name of G-d issue me a credit? I have never dealt with such an inept, unprofessional company, at ALL levels. Macy’s has done not one thing for me to make this up to me….I am the one who did the research and fixed it all. I have tried for 2 additional days to reach a manager at that store but NOPE no luck there either. Some mailbox i finally get says”this mailbox is full” Are you kidding me? I sincerely hope someone contact me to discuss this further. I couldn’t make this stuff up!!!!


Linda McCaffery June 22, 2017 at 12:47 pm

Unfortunately, Macy’s has the worst on- line customer service of any department store. During the last several months, it has been one mistake after another. From ordering merchandise which is lost or untraceable, to sending the wrong size. Finally spoke with rep on 6/20/17 who told me she could not send the correct size because the UPC code was the same for size small, as a small/petite. I cancelled any further order for that top. Just days before I ordered the small via Claire, who said it was being sent by UPS, but gave no order number. When I called back on 6/20 after no email confirmation, I was informed no order was in the system. Several weeks ago, I ordered pants which were supposedly lost by USPS, but then arrived. I called to advise that my account should be debited, and was left on hold for 14 minutes. I then sent an email to advise same and received no return call or email.

The Great Northern Cleveland area store needs better quality sales service. Long lines, and uninformed sales staff give the store a poor reputation.


Kathleen A Smith May 24, 2017 at 9:33 pm

I bought my son some clothes today, just today alone I spent $170. Over the past 3 weeks I have spent $600 or more on clothes, yes I buy Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and other name brands. Today, when I get home, I took out one of the Tommy Hilfiger shirts and there was a live worm on it. I took pictures and video of it crawling all around. It was absolutely disgusting. I want something done about this, do not insult my intelligence and send me a coupon good for 2 days for 20% off because that will not suffice. I am utterly disgusted but what I found and if need be I will go to social media and share my photos and video. Absolutely disgusting.


John Campbell May 22, 2017 at 5:46 pm

To all concerned: If I do not get some response I will be posting this on FB and other consumer web sites.

Two weeks ago I purchased four shirts at a Macy’s Store in Goodlettsville, TN for just under $100.00. When I got home and tied one on it was too small, so two days later I took them back to the same store and exchanged them for one size larger. Now, two weeks later I get my credit card bill and they charged me for both transaction and did not credit back the first transaction. I ended up paying $200.00 for still four shirts.

I called Macy’s and they said unless I knew which register number I check out at and who the sales person was there was nothing they could do about it. Since the shirts fit OK after the exchange I did not keep the receipt for two weeks to check it against my credit card bill as I figured Macy’s was a store with honorable business practices and had trained employees. If we all had to keep receipts for every purchase we made for a full month so that we could go over each one at the end of each month and compare them to our card bills we would have a box full of receipts each month. Most times if the item is what you expected you assume that the store and it’s employees know what they are doing and do the right thing. But in this case that sure is not true. I have learned a $100.00 lesson and encourage everyone to not shop at Macy’s if this is the way they are doing business to make their profits.

So, if you take anything back to Macy’s be sure to keep all receipts, because if you don’t they will just charge you twice and you will just be screwed out of your money.


Mark Peeples July 10, 2017 at 5:54 pm

They don’t care and you’re wasting your time.


Brian May 15, 2017 at 12:35 am

you need to do a complete overhaul of your security. They should be allowed to stop someone when they have them on camera stealing. When you have a person that is obviously stealing and it is reported that their is a person taking stuff you should be allowed to confront them. You wonder why you loose so much money every year from thiefs. my whole family loves shopping at Macy’s my kids clothes almost all come from your stores. And to see people stealing but your loss provention department can’t do a dam thing to stop them. What is the point of paying to keep them employed if they can’t stop anyone.


Mona Wood April 28, 2017 at 8:33 am

Your Macy’s store in Syracuse is in need of a manager. After 47 years in small business I was appauled with yhe service, the merchandise and the total lack of customer service.
I have been trying to buy from Style & Company some work pants. Over the last three months the inventory continues to be less and less. The langeria dept. carries Wacoal bras and the same holds true, my size has been out of stock for three months. In langeria there was no one to wait on us, the girl went to the bathroon for 20 minutes and their was no one else to assist. One women complaining your Cicero store closed so she drove into Syracuse and like me found no one to wait on her so she left. Syracuse needs your store but the way is going this store won’t be here for long. Please hire a real manager and train your clerks.


Linda Andrews April 12, 2017 at 8:19 am

Where to begin? I got a new May’s card shortly after Christmas to replace a lost card. Since that time, I have tried twice to place orders on line using the new card and have been unsuccessful. The first time I called customer service, I was disconnected. I called back. It took talking to 3 people before I was finally told that they were going to update my profile. Because I could not use my Macy’s card, I used PayPal. A couple of weeks go by; I try again to use my Macy’s card to place an order – no go. The last 4 digits of my old card keep showing up and I can’t change to the new card. I call customer service again and explain the situation. I am transferred to tech support. No one answers because they are not there til 9:00 am. I placed my order using PayPal.


Priscilla T April 8, 2017 at 2:12 pm

CEO Terry J. Lundgren
CFO Karen M. Hoguet
COO Thomas L. Cole

I am absolutely furious with my experience with Macy’s Lately! The last purchase made on my Macys credit card was in the summer of 2016. I paid the balance in full and never worried about the account again. To my surprise I recieve a call frlm a credit collector for a balance of $10.17 5 months later from my past paymeny in full. For some reason there had been a monthly interest fee of $2.00 every month on that zero balance. I was furious that my account had gone to a credit collector when I did not even owe money for merchandise! I have been a loyal cusyomer since 2008 and have always loved macys but this is such a scam! I was furious but paid the credit collector to be done with it and vowed to never use my macys card again! I paid that balance of $10.17 on february 10, 2017. Well I recieved another statement in for a balance due in April for $2.00!!!!! I could not believe my eyes. I called today March 8, 2017 and find out that the balance is now $4.00 even though my account is closed! I spoke to customer representative LUVIMIN and he cleared that $4.00 balance and confirmed that the account is indeed closed and there should be no future fees. I cannot believe that you guys would do this! You have not just lost a credit account you have lost a customer and I will make sure everyone I know and have them spread the word of this scam act!

From a very furious ex customer,
Priscilla Teixeira
Acct ending 6290
Stamford, CT 06906


Rosemary Anderson April 6, 2017 at 6:12 pm

Born and bred in NJ in the 50’s as a child my Grandmother used to take me into “The City” to shop at Macy’s. What a fabulous memory it is and topped with holiday trips for the famous parade and Christmas window displays, I knew I’d be a Macy’s shopper for life!!

Came the 60’s my mother would take us (5 siblings) to Bamberger’s for outfits for special occasions, parties, weddings, holidays and back to school. Girls wore dresses in those days. It was one of the few places you could get fine china, crystal, jewelry, cosmetics, linens and furniture under one roof near home and yes she was a proud owner of a store credit card. Oh, and did I mention you could have a very nice lunch there after a morning of shopping?

Naturally, when I married in the 70’s, we went back to the City for our furniture, housewares and my husbands suits for work. I had my own card by then and all went well until the late 90’s…….
a payment to my husbands account should have been posted to mine. It’s hard to believe that after calling in over a dozen times in a six month period speaking with peons and managers, I couldn’t get it straightened out. I was supposed to get a check back for $250.00 – never happened. Instead my credit was reduced from $1800 on each account to $100. Eventually, they closed my spouses card for inactivity but for some strange reason I kept mine…nostalgia I suppose.

Most of the items in the store these days can be purchased in Kohl’s, Target or JC Penney’s. It’s really turned into a junk store with clearance mark downs on odd sizes, and last years winter styles thrown on discount racks in the middle of the summer.

The only saving grace: Trump line and Ivanka, made with style, class, beautiful fabrics and workmanship. So that’s what you chose to dump over some far left, jealous screamers who never knew quality in the first place and probably never set foot in a Macy’s? Politics on the sales floor?

Well, you know I closed my account when that happened. Now I see that many, many of your stores are closing. Bad business choices I suppose and sad times for us who remember a different Macy’s. Amen


T. Mcintyre April 5, 2017 at 11:25 pm

As a former employee I’m filling a complaint against my former manager Helen Anderson and lead amy Snyder.
I was given an incorrect credit number . Thinking I had a certain amount of credits I used them not knowing I had one less than I a actually had.
I was forced to resign becaue of there mistake not mine.
Everyone should be aware of how Helen Anderson and any Snyder kept their managementpositions and I was forsed out because they covered up the mistakes they made.


Rose Walters March 21, 2017 at 12:12 am

Macy’s Inc.
7 W Seventh St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

March 21, 2017

Attention: CEO: Terry J. Lundgren CFO: Karen M. Hoguet
COO: Thomas L. Cole

Ladies and Gentlemen:
This is my attempt for assistance to a purchase I made at Macy’s 2 years ago.

I made two furniture purchases in June 2015. The first sofa did not sit up without a rock to it and 2 pieces had a plank with no padding on it and hurt to sit on. Because I have been a customer of Macy’s for well over 25 years I believed I could get quality furniture from you. So I ordered another sectional. This one also had defects. And because we had to exchange several pieces several times, Macy’s decided If I took it as is, I could get some money off. We decided to take the offer, mainly because we were just tired, and we figured the store was tired as well. But we thought after the exchanges were made, it was still quality furniture.

I never thought that this deal would leave me with defective furniture. The leather is coming off. No one sits on this but my husband or me on a regular basis. (Please see picture below). I thought I had a piece my family could enjoy for many years. The discount was for the many exchanges and patience we had in dealing with this purchase. We never thought the furniture would crack in less than 2 years. I am so disappointed.

I really don’t know what to do now. I do not want to call the store any more. We have already gone back and forth at least 20+ times during this sale and returns and transactions. Oftentimes I had to explain everything- from the beginning- to every new person I spoke with.

Please see account and see how patient and loyal I have been to you all. I wanted to work with you- that is why I purchased the second sectional and did not return the merchandise. Even with the discounts, I still paid around $2800 for furniture that I am ashamed of and got very little use from.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Rose Walters – Macy’s American Express Card -ending in 0450
Southaven, MS 38672


W Krey March 2, 2017 at 4:34 pm

I made a payment in January, February statement indicated that my account was past due. My payments are made through Chase bank. I have copies of the check that was cashed. I have spent over 3 hours trying to deal with Customer Service/ Credit to correct the problem. Your customer service is a joke!!


Barbara L. OBrien March 2, 2017 at 1:10 pm

CEO: Terry J. Lundgren
CFO: Karen M. Hoguet
COO: Thomas L. Cole
I love Macy’s and have been a customer for many years. .I am very upset with cuistomer services and billing. I am officially a Premier Elite customer which apparently means nothing!! I am not going to go into detail about my issues. I have spent over 2 hours already and have not been able to do my consulting work and time is money. I am alerting you the Sr. Leadership to the fact that individual customer service is no longer the case at Macy’s. Only Sr. Leadership can call me now at 732-778-XXXXX. An irrate customer needs to go from one list of staff to another to tell the same story over and over and even when you request to deal with supervisors it does not work. After many years I am not going to shop at your stores any more and I am saddened. Airlines are going back to customer service because they have found losing customers is not the best.I deal in healthcare and the patient and family come first always in my eyes. I now know why your stores are closing!!!


Donna S Carlson March 2, 2017 at 11:30 am

Two comments, It is almost impossible to find little girl’s dresses in the St. Louis area. The following stores carry the same Carter’s children’s items: Macy’s, JC Penny, Sears, Dullards, Walmart, Target and others. BUT we have several discount Carter’s stores in the area. I go to Macy’s to find something besides Carters. Five years ago I bought many name brand dresses and play outfits for my four granddaughters and three grandsons. ( FYI I have a black/platinum Macy’s card.) In 2017 I occasionally walk through the children’s department but am always disappointed. On my last visit I found two small round racks displaying about six dress styles, half of them Carter’s, three tables of girls play clothes and a few other racks of Carter’s clothing. The boy’s department was even worse. There were lots of boy’s pajama sets, all Carter’s, all available for half the price at the Carter’s Outlet stores.
On to women’s clothing. The CDC states the average American women is 5’3″ and weighs 166 lbs. Please check what the stores are stocked with. No wonder there are racks upon rack of clearance. If you want sales to increase, off clothing for the “average” women. On local store hides the plus size clothes on a different floor than the “regular and petite clothing.” Most plus size clothing has animal prints, glitter, and an utter lack of style or shape. It’s insulting to plus size women’s to find plus size clothing hidden away on a different floor far from regular sized clothing, even behind children’s in one local store. By the way, petites are “up to 5’5″! I am 5’3” (AVERAGE) height and often cut 4 or more inches from petite pants.
On a positive note: Style brand jeans are perfect, though i have to shorten even the “short” style.
I live in the St Louis metropolitan area and shop primarily at: MidRIvers, Galleria, and West County stores.
Please consider my points in as Macy’s considers closing stores. I’m sorry if this is not the correct space for these comments; it’s the only place I could find to leave them.


kenneth reese February 24, 2017 at 1:09 pm

. Today, 2/24/17 I called Macy’s stores 006-185-422 at 10 AM , each time I was placed on hold. This event became a marathon of frustration just to purchase another pair of ladies shoes. Finally, I called Macy’s online services and spoke to LOUIS who is a real credit to Macy’s on line services. After spending almost two hours trying to make purchase in New York, I contacted Macy’s store in Woodbridge , NJ#009.. The phone was answered promptly by TINA , who took my information, found my item, recorded the sales information and shipping in about twenty minutes.I decided to call Macy’s Corporate Office to please contact LOUIS,TINA and CRYSTAL store#002 who called to take my order while I was on line with Macy’s. These three employees are truly STARS.


Vincennes February 11, 2017 at 10:57 am

I am so disappointed with Macy’s right now and it really makes me sad because I have loved shopping at Macy. I placed an order on February 4th and was very excited at the great buy I was getting. The amount was put on my bank card as pending. As soon as the order was placed, I received and email that one of the items was discontinued. Disappointed but that happens. The pending charges were still on my account, still not upset. Two days later part of the item ships and they charge my account. Next day the rest of the order ships and now my account has been charged the full amount from the initial order and again for the items shipped. So now I am being charged twice for what I ordered. I emailed and called and was disconnected, put on hold for over 30 minutes before I hung up to try and get the pending dropped. My bank would not drop it because they were thinking I was still going to be billed for the item Macy dropped because of lack of stock. After all the frustration I get a call from a Macy representative on a Friday night after 9pm wanting to clear up this mess. She then perceives to call my bank..Fishy. The bank wants my account number because they can’t figure out what account Macy used. Then for the second time that day . I am asked my SS #. I just hung up and told them to take care of it or I will just return the whole order. After calling, emailing both Macy and my bank they finally dropped the pending charges. What a relief. I am so exhausted and frustrated, angry at this whole transaction it has made me very leery on ever ordering from Macy again.


sunnie February 9, 2017 at 12:25 pm

I will not be shopping at any of your stores. You choose to be politcal, you choose to lose half of your clientele.
So bye, bye.


Ann Wolters February 8, 2017 at 6:44 pm

I, too, will cancel my Macy’s card and not shop at any of your stores again if you drop Ivanka Trump line. WE need to make the decision which designer to purchase. And by the way, in Raleigh NC the clothing options at my local Macy’s are very poor and lacking in style. I can’t believe you make any money!


Traci Seattle February 8, 2017 at 1:55 pm

I have been a loyal customer for 20 years, until, today. When I shop, I spend at least 500.00s, but now I have canceled my Macy’s card and will not shop at any of your stores or affiliations. Corporations have no business telling consumers who they should be voting for as president and furthermore be punishing the president’s daughter.



G February 8, 2017 at 1:06 pm

I have been a loyal customer for decades. I am outraged that you have dropped Ivanka Trumps line under pressure from the liberal left whom hate big business. Bad decision. I will never spend another penny in your stores.


Susan February 8, 2017 at 9:34 am

Before you decide to pull Ivanka Trumps line from your store, I would consider the 61,195,258 voters that supported the Trump family. I have been a loyal customer for years, but should you decided to join the band wagon, my advise to you would be to wait and see the financial impact that Nordstrom and their stockholder are going to feel.
The day you announce it will be the day I cut up my card and no longer shop in your store.


Carol Gilpin February 8, 2017 at 8:21 am

Dear Macy’s,

If you stop carrying Ivanka Trump merchandise my family will NEVER shop at Macy’s again. Please do not play politics like other retailers have. Ivanka a wonderful role model for ALL WOMEN and her products are top notch. Please do not by bullied about this by the Trump haters. Look at the post election red map and you will easily see what the best business decision is. I hope your executive’s are smart enough and strong enough to do the right thing.
Carol Gilpin


Paul February 7, 2017 at 3:32 pm

I am tired of corporations like Comcast Making politics in the marketplace. People have the right to their political views. Everyone gets to vote. Not everyone can play tyranny on others lively hoods based on politics. Ivanka Trump has a right not to be subject as any citizen.
The more the left goes in this direction, the more I will never vote Democratic.Look at what is going on at Starbucks and Target.
Ps the rich left a**hole don’t shop at Macy’s or the poor lefty voters.
You better know your customer pshycographics before you go down this path.
The more the left beat peoplet in the streets, the more people will vote Republican


Karen February 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm

To Macy’s Leadership Team,
I am very upset that you are involved in politics by stating that you will follow Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus in no longer carrying Ivanka Trump’s fashions. She has been a fine woman who has dedicated time to helping other women in need. Hurting her because of the politics of her father is despicable.
My family and I will no longer shop in your stores and I will be sure to write in magazines, newspapers, social media and everywhere in which I may communicate my displeasure that you are a department store and should not be involved in politics.
You should rethink this poor choice as many people are upset with your decision.


Pam Shabatura February 7, 2017 at 11:21 am

Our family has shopped at Macy’s for years and spent a lot of money. We also have been a good source for advertising for you by bragging up your store to people all the time. We want to let you know right now, that if you drop any products that in any way at all relate to the Trump family, WE WILL NEVER< EVER EVEN SET FOOT IN A MACY STORE, and will take on one of the Democrat Lib type tactics, and slander your store with lies or what ever it takes to everyone we see. How dare you even consider trying to humiliate The President of the United States and his family! The Shabatura family


Darlene Neuroth February 7, 2017 at 8:55 am

I am writing to tell you just how heartbroken I am about your decision to stop carrying anything that is associated with Trump. This is called censorship, ANDI am appalled that it is happening in the United States. I am saddened, appalled, and actually scared. You have allowed a group of people, not the majority, but a group of people that speak louder, who are more prone to mob violence, contribute less to the wellbeing of America, and threaten violence, so that they can MOLD everyone to their way of thinking and their “idea” of what is morally correct. What are you doing? When did it become okay to dictate to the American People what to believe? Isn’t that EXACTLY what these people are protesting against? Don’t you / they see that we are suppressing freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom to CHOOSE? You have NOW taken away my right to CHOOSE! How dare you. This is the most intolerant generation and I fear that if we continue to give in then it will be in short measure before all of our freedoms are in jeopardy. I hear “Not my president”, well “NOT MY BELOVED UNITED STATES. Stand up to the REAL bullies. Stand up for your right, stop throwing them away.


Denise R January 28, 2017 at 8:53 am

On Sunday, January 22, 2017, I was on line at the Macy’s Sunrise Store in Massapequa, New York. I was talking to a woman in front of me about on line shopping and said that
sometimes I have to return items that I bought from shopping on line. The cashier, named
Louise, in the INC Department picked up her head, looked at me and said, “If you have
something you are returning from an online purchase I will smack you in the face.” I was so embarrassed I could not even speak. Just at that time the other register opened and I picked up my item and left the store. I came home and sent an e-mail to Macy’s customer service, there was no response. Tuesday, January 24, 2017 I sent another e-mail and on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 I received a response from Linda Lewis, VP of the store saying she was out for a few days and please call her. On Thursday, January 26, 2017 I called Linda Lewis to be told, she was off that day. The next day, Friday, January 27, 2017 I called once again, to be told she was in a meeting, and she knew who I was and why I was calling and she would return my telephone call. Today Saturday, January 28, 2017 and no return telephone call. Great customer service!


Michael Marks December 29, 2016 at 7:38 pm

Order # 133694475

I ordered an item on 12/10. Tracking updated item was in transit 12/12. It’s 12/29 and I have yet to receive the item. I have called 7 times, 4 times I spoke with CS reps who did not provide a single useful bit of information, nor attempt to resolve my matter. twice I was hung up on before having the chance to even speak with someone, Today I asked CS to transfer me to someone who can “actually” help and guess what happened? They transferred me to a “resolution specialist”, but I was hung up on again before I could speak to them. I can’t pay bills online because their website gets stuck in loading format, the pay by phone does not recognize a normal 5 digit zip code so I can’t pay that way. Why does Macy’s refuse to provide better customer service? People need to be fired and replaced by people who know how to run a company, with the customer as their top priority.



Jennifer Clayton December 28, 2016 at 1:20 pm

In August of 2011, I was working as a salesperson at Macy’s in Bakersfield, California. I stepped on a box stick that one of my coworkers left lying across the stockroom aisle floor and turned my left ankle. It was treated as a simple sprain for several weeks but did not improve, in October I was finally sent for an MRI and told I split the tendon on the outside of my ankle, that December I had the first surgery to repair it.

After surgery, it healed slowly, I stepped down on it while still on crutches and the tendon re-split. That May I had a second surgery to repair it and the damaged tendon was attached to another to stabilize it. After that surgery, I had spasmodic pain in my ankle and foot, shooting pains into my hip, discoloration, numbness and a host of other fun symptoms. I was treated by a pain doctor and had injections in the nerve at my hip twice, that gave me relief for less time than it took for the soreness to go away. I was give pain Meds that made it impossible to function, a nerve medication that made me want to drive off bridges, spent over a year on crutches to continue use to be in pain…. When told I needed to work modified duty, I did. On crutches, foot swollen, I did EVERYTHING they asked of me.

Over the course of this we followed the rules, and did what we were told saw who we were told to see, and waited patiently for authorizations and referrals. Many times it took up to a month to get an answer, and the claims adjuster was IMPOSSIBLE to contact. From the beginning she is never available to answer calls, does not return messages, and if you are lucky enough to actually reach her at her office, she is rude and dismissive as a rule. We didn’t even consider going to a lawyer until everything the doctors chosen by the workers comp people asked for started getting denied. I was terminated by the company because I could not return to work. I could not return to work because they would not authorize the care I needed.

We googled lawyers, picked one that seemed okay and started that process, but the doctors office they sent me to spent more time talking about how to screw over Macy’s then they did how to help me, this was not something we were interested in, we just wanted to get the help and care that I needed. We fired the lawyer and waited trying to appeal decisions ourselves with the doctors. I was assigned a QME (qualified medical examiner) whose evaluation of my ankle came back with a exceptionally lower rating than the physicians that actually treated me and we realized we needed a lawyer, like it or not.

We hired a new lawyer. Everything we have asked for continued to be rejected, from appointments, to lidoderm patches that are the only thing that helped, to even getting a new brace. Every doctor I see asks for the same tests, an MRI, bone scan, and nerve conduction study, and they are all denied. These are doctors that they send me to. The surgeon they sent me to. The QME said I should see a neurologist, he ordered those same tests, and they were all denied. Every request takes months to get an answer on, the deny things based on a diagnosis they say I have, while saying I do not have it. All of this has taken literally years since it months to get approvals to see a doctor and then months to get the denial. Most of the time I am just left wondering if anyone remembers that they have a job to do.

Frankly, my lawyer sucks. He fell asleep in my deposition. The people in his office say they don’t know the answer to our questions more often than they do. The idea of starting over again literally reduces me to tears. Because we have a lawyer, no one will talk to us and we are stuck in this quagmire of no answers and waiting for more of the same.

This summer I was supposed to see the QME, but for whatever reason the office he was supposed to use was not able to open. I begged to see the occupational med doctor again, it took over a month for that to be approved. She ordered all the same tests and a consult with the podiatrist that did my surgeries and a new brace. (I have been needing a new brace for more than two years.) All of the testing was denied. Again. She actually told me that it didn’t make sense to even see her since they would deny everything any way. On October 25th, I got a letter stating that the visit to the podiatrist and brace were approved. I begged his office to get me in and it still took 3 weeks, but I was fitted for a new brace, and he recommended a cryosurgery AGAIN that would offer me some relief. I had an appointment on the 19th to get my new brace, but the office called me the day before to say that it was denied, as well as the office visit. I see the QME, January 3rd. Our lawyers office said that maybe they are waiting for that. This is the doctor that has basically reported that there is nothing wrong with my ankle. (Every other doctor disagrees though, and these are the doctors that I have been send to by Macy’s.)

In November our lawyer called and said that Macy’s lawyer contacted them to see if we were interested in a settlement. This was a glimmer of hope because a settlement would mean that we could use our insurance and actually get the care I need. (Which is RIDICULOUS, since the company should be responsible for this!) It has been more than six weeks, and nothing. We can’t imagine they would make a fair offer, this hasn’t just ruined the last 5 years of my life, but has also ruined my future. I have no doubt that a multibillion dollar company cares very little about what happens to a former sales person and their family, that has been proven through out of the course of this ordeal.

My ankle hurts all the time. When I walk it feels like it is pulling apart on the inside. It is swollen, and swells so much that my foot has cracked, my toes don’t move, and the underside split and bleed. Sharp pains shoot through from my pinkie toe to my hip. It is stiff and throbs. Touching the spot below my ankle bone sends electricity through my entire leg. I can’t sit with it down for long, or have covers on it, can’t lie on my left side or my entire body begins to ache and I get nauseous. I have a headache most of the time, the neurologist said that it was directly related to the nerve that seems to be trapped in the scar tissue from the surgeries. (The tests they won’t approve would confirm this). My right foot and ankle are fatigued all the time, my right shoulder hurts from lying on it all the time. I wake up every hour or so all night because it aches, or my shoulder hurts, or I am just in pain. I can’t wear shoes because the brace that is literally falling apart is too bulky for most shoes, so flip flops are my friends. My right foot is beat to hell, because feet are not really supposed to never be protected. I am tired, depressed, anxious and in pain all of the time. I have to force myself to participate in life because I pay for it when I do. It has been 5 years since I have not said “my ankle hurts” at least once a day. These are just the basics.

There is so much more. I know workers comp cases are usually a nightmare, but this is so much more than that. I worked for Macy’s so I could go back to school for nursing. My career before was in healthcare, I was a Respiratory Therapist with a career. Standing, walking, and sitting are all things that need to be possible with that job. I can’t do things with my family because it hurts, we can’t do things for our kids because we barely survive on my husbands salary, and who is going to hire some one that can’t stand, walk, sit… this has literally destroyed my life and made it so incredibly hard for my family and NO ONE CARES.

Every letter comes from Macy’s Corporate Services. The doctors request things and there is no response for weeks, they call repeatedly and leave messages that no one returns. So could you possibly tell me who I need to talk to in order to get SOMETHING done? A company that spends so much time touting the good they do for people, should maybe step up and help some one who was injured because of them.


Bridget Gatewood December 25, 2016 at 1:27 am

Your company is a disgrace and full of hypocrites you pulled Trumps merchandise off the shelf because you say he’s a RACIST However, in my 53 years I have never seen a black person in any of your up scale cologne or perfume commercials, especially black women.

Put some negros in your commercials damn it!


Patricia La Ferrara December 18, 2016 at 12:52 pm

The MAGIC that Macy’s has is Black Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The WORST customer service ever… I ordered a YSL make up product from Heralld Square on the phone with the sales person.. Long story short I still haven’t received it yet!! They never called me back, then I get an email from the store last week and as of today 12/18 almost a month, still no response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stores are horrible and no one seems to have an answer to anything…….


Frank MacNear JR December 5, 2016 at 5:38 pm

Im so mad with Macys and theregames and lies we work Macys CT and they took our entire pay check over three weeks some 3500.00 in pay we never got went to retro active tax. Now we go back get hired for holiday now they pay 10.00 per hour then was 7.50 if you were lucky…got a 40.00 pay check and they refuse to pay us or their workers and all there workers need to wake up and walk out that place horrible place to work and to this day refuse to pay us when i looked at the check they paid us 9.45 per hour not the 10.00 we were hired at all while im living out of my car macys is corporate greed and in human treatment


Jacquelyn Almonte December 5, 2016 at 1:53 pm

Dear Macy’s,

I have been a loyal customer for a long time and have been satisfied with your customer service. However, today I am immensely dissatisfied. I ordered two Burberry watches online on 12/4/16 at 9:05 pm pacific standard time. When I opened my email today at 12/05/2016 8:40 am, I saw the notice, time-stamped Mon 12/5/2016 8:30 AM, that my order was CANCELLED because your Consumer Protection department could not contact me. I spoke to a Consumer Protection department representative shortly after reading the email and was told that someone tried to contact me at 8:12 am. I understand that you are concerned about protecting your customers but I find this policy a bit absurd. Did you really need to cancel the order right then and there? Why not put the order on HOLD and wait an hour, or maybe two, and try to reach me again? These two watches were available for pickup at the store, and I really wanted to have them in my possession today. After wasting my time with your customer service reps trying to re-instate my order, I was told that one of the watches was no longer available at the store. If you had not cancelled my order, the store would have honored my purchase and put that watch aside for me.

I wanted to let you know how extremely disappointed I am with my shopping experience today. I hope that you will take a look at your current Customer Protection policies and make logical adjustments to them so that your loyal customers are not needlessly inconvenienced.


Jacquelyn Almonte
Concerned Customer


Barbara December 5, 2016 at 1:13 pm

I placed an order with Macy’s that was placed on backorder, indefinitely. When I saw the item I needed was not going to make it here on time, I called in to cancel the back ordered item and place a second order for a similar item that would arrive on time. I was assured that I would be refunded the money for the first item in one to two business days, so I paid 190 for a new item. At this point my card was charged 105 for one item and 190 for the second item, a total of 295. I received a confirmation for the new item I purchased but no confirmation for the cancellation. I called later that afternoon to double check that the second item was canceled and it was not. The second representative assured me that the item was cancelled, but again no confirmation email or updates to the online order displayed this. I called a third time to first be told that the item was not canceled and that she could cancel the item. When I asked to stay on the line until I received confirmation, I was told that the cancellation could not be processed. I asked myself how can you not cancel an item that’s on backorder? I then asked to speak with a supervisor. Upon speaking with a supervisor and requesting an email address to the corporate office. I was offered the option of getting the second item at the price of my first item. I agreed and at this point my card total is $400, 105 for the first watch 190 for the second and 105 for new rate of the second item. I was unconfident in this but being assured that I would be refunded the 190 and the first item for 105 was properly canceled I went along. Two days later I receive a confirmation email that both items had now been shipped. When I called to understand why the first item was not canceled the representative informed me that she could not cancel it because it had shipped this morning. I explained to her that I made the request for cancellation when the item was on backorder. The representative says there’s nothing she can do to help me and the call disconnects. I call back to speak with a representative that informs me that the item had not left the warehouse, so she could cancel the item. She assured me that she would call me in two hours with details. She never called back. I called this morning to get the item canceled and refunded. First I was told that the item could not be canceled. I was then escalated to a supervisor who said he could cancel the item and would refund my money in 1 to 2 business days. Of course I double checked behind them only to find that the shipment that was canceled was the wrong item! I called back to speak to a supervisor who told me I could not be refunded for the item until she rerouted the item back to Macy’s and once the item was processed I then receive a refund. I explained to her that the supervisor prior to her told me something different she explained that he was mistaken. In regards to the second item she just transferred me to UPS without listening carefully enough to hear that the item was still with Macy’s. UPS of course could not helped me because they had not received the item and did not have any information on the tracking number that was provided to me. My issue has still not been resolved and the item I need needs to be in my possession by Friday! I am extremely disappointed in my whole online experience with Macy’s!


Barbara Russo December 20, 2016 at 11:09 am

Macy’s customer service dept is the worst bad none. I ordered an Apple watch on 12-13-16 when I did not receive I checked my order to find it is now on backorder till Jan 3rd (which most people know is after Christmas, except for the customer service people that work at Macy’s) I called customer service, to see if a store had the watch and if that store could ship it to me.I was informed by Belinda that yes the store in Kentucky has the watch and it could be shipped to me but she had to get a supervisor Vanessa to complete the transaction. At this point Vanessa advised me that she was linking up to the store for a three way call. Well, guess what, we were disconnected SURPRISE, I called right back and was told no store has the watch by supervisor Tina and when I asked to speak to Belinda or Vanessa, there is no one there with those names (I guess Macy,s cust service dept has been hacked. Needless to say after I get this watch for my grandson I will never step into a Macy’s store again and I will pass the experience on to other people


Susan Dail November 25, 2016 at 7:52 pm

On 11/22/16 I made a purchase online totaling 216.23. Within 15 minutes I cancelled the order. I continued shopping online. My card started being declined.
The next day I called my bank to find out what was going on with my account. MACY’S HAD PUT A HOLD ON MY BANK ACCOUNT OF $754.39.!!!! WHAT?? The original order was only a little over 200 dollars. I use this account for my online shopping. Thank God I didn’t have anymore money in this account for MACY’S to take. My bank says it cannot release my funds because MACY’S has to release it first. This is now the evening of the 25th. I’m told by the non English speaking “helpful” customer service reps, it may be up to 5 business days or more to release the money back to my account.
Who gave you the right to steal my money in the first place. You ruined the biggest shopping day of the year by taking this money, that you did not have the right to take from my bank account. I hope I don’t get any overdraft charges.
How do I get the money back you stole from me. How much interest are you going to pay me for keeping my money for ??? days you plan to keep it. I will get a lawyer and pay more than 754 dollars just to get that back and if I do, I will get back more than the original amount you stole. You can find my account on your website as I have had an account with Macy’s and shopped with you in the past. I’ll never shop with Macy’s again. I am 57 years old and have never had anything like this happen to me. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. YOU ARE GUILTY OF FRAUD, THEFT. AMD MY MENTAL DISTRESS DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO SHOP ON BLACK FRIDAY WITH MY CASH INSTEAD OF A CREDIT CARD.


Russell November 24, 2016 at 10:18 pm

Thank you for opening on thanksgiving and having my wife work so she can’t spend time with her family maybe next year you should just be open all day I’m sure that’s next.


Frank MacNear JR December 5, 2016 at 6:09 pm

Macys is corporate greed they wont pay you either thanksgiving is the tipping point they not ever worried bout their workers our family they care about Greed Corporate Profits


Susan Marks January 14, 2017 at 5:35 pm

My husband bought me a diamond pendant from your fine jewelry department, Topanga Plaza for Christmas. When I opened it, the chain was broken. I returned it to the manager who told me it was not available. I love the pendant and a asked her to replace it. She told me it was a cheap chain and I could buy a better one for $35-$40. I took the pendant and chain home, thoroughly disgusted with the customer service. She should have replaced the chain. No wonder Macy’s stores are closing all over the country.


sami November 23, 2016 at 5:46 pm

I have worked at Macys for 10 months now, I have been nothing but a good worker. I’m completing my degree grad school so obviously just work part time to support myself financially. I was terminated as an employee of Macy’s. They claim that I violated policy by using discount coupons and employee discount at the same time. I stated that I was not aware of the policy and that I had asked supervisors/coworkers if I could do it, and they said it was fine. I attempted to explain that I was unaware of the policy, but Loss Prevention told me that I was terminated. I did not receive any counseling from management, was not afforded the opportunity to provide a written statement or explain myself, and when I visited Human Resources the following work day, they took no notes, and asked me to sign termination papers. They basically told me a policy that i could do, like give discounts, then refused to admit to it when i did it and accused me of violation of the corporation policies which were never given to me in a formal printed form. I feel that this is unfair, and without any warning I was fired.


kes November 22, 2016 at 10:38 am

I have a Macy’s Credit Card. They always send wonderful coupons, the problem is you can’t use them. Define designer sportswear. According to Macy’s it’s all sportswear including athletic ware like Nike’. That dollar off coupon, restrictions apply. so while you are trying to make decisions about your purchase you really have no clue what works and what doesn’t .


Rosemarie Goldberg November 17, 2016 at 12:49 am

This is addressed to SHERRY HOLLACK head of the Human Resources department. This is to address an experience I had at Macy’s today –November 16, 2016. Had filled out an application on line for a part time job at Macy’s because I saw a sign in front of the store saying they were hiring seasonal help and I really needed the work. They had sent email and had set up appointment for an interview asking me to be prompt and if I could not keep appointment to contact them. I got to the interview appointment on time and waited 30 minutes. Probably would have waited all day if I had not let them know why I was there. The first two were not polite but someone finally found a person to interview me. She asked me about my prior experience, etc. and I told her that I had worked at Wanamaker’s. Probably she not did not even know that she was sitting in the famed Wanamaker store. So anyway she left me for five minutes because she had to speak to her supervisor. When she came back she said they were going to (bench) me for now because there were no jobs available. Hope she didn’t think I was born yesterday. Had not even left the store and got an email –“We appreciate your interest in a career with Macy’s and thank you for taking the time to submit your applicant profile. However, we do not have a position that is equivalent to your job expertise at this time. We have found your credentials and employment experience to be strong and would like to consider you for future opportunities with Macy’s when they become available.” You know what I have to say to this bull. Because I said I had worked at Wanamaker’s they decided on their own that I was probably too old. I have news for them they can word it anyway they want but they are still saying the same thing. I thought it was illegal not to hire someone because of age. To tell you the truth I could outwork anyone of them. They should have hired me just because of how long I waited and looking at me like what are you doing here. Know there is no way in hell that they are even considering me for future opportunities. Has anyone else had this type of experience? They way they worded it leaves them free of any legal repercussions. Benching me? what do they think this is a football game?


robin November 16, 2016 at 11:19 am

I have had the worse customer experience in life! The customer service reps are incompetent- they read from a script and do not know how to interact with customers. I called 12 times to redeem a $100.00 gift card (crazy right!) that I was unable to redeem on your website, finally I find a Hayes in the US who reissued the gift card – I then placed the order utilizing my gift card order and checked out. I call back to Macys to ensure my order is delivered correctly – I purchased a gift card and perfumed going to E-Mail and shipping address. My luck, I get another incompetent representative, Christine, who cancelled my ordered because she said I had the incorrect billing address. Then tells me the system would not re-take my gift card and asked me for another form of credit, and I will receive a $100.00 check in 4 to 5 weeks. UNBELIVABLE!!! – I am outraged with such bad service – 3 hours since my first call and I’m in worse shape than I was at the beginning of this call! I spoke to Beth, RJ (supervisor) Christine, Precious (all in the Philippians) the others just disconnected me. My last call 50 minutes not one time did Christine come back to the phone!

I have been a Macy’s customer for over 10 years. The customer service over the phone is the lowest in the nation!


Nanette Johnson August 1, 2016 at 6:01 pm

July 20, 2016
From: Nanette Johnson
Re: Macys Acct. 05-010-891-614-1

On 4/21/16, I contacted Macys and informed them that I was considering filing bankruptcy due to the number of accounts I had and was struggling month to month to pay them all, however, all by accounts were current…..additionally, I informed them that a possible settlement might be a way to go also…..Macys Recovery dept. advised me that they would have someone contact me on the next day and that they would need my attorney name and number.
On 4/22/16…I never heard from anyone at Macys.
On 4/26/16, I contacted Macys again spoke with Beth and informed her that I was no longer going to file bankruptcy and settlement might be better…..I was advised since the BK was still showing pending on my account, before anything could be done the BK status would need to be removed. Beth advised that she needed to send an email to the dept. that handles the BK’s to remove it and I would need to call beck in 7 – 10 business days. 800-846-8444/866-533-0825
On 5/10/16, I contact Macys again and spoke to Chelsa…..explained the above situation to him……Jessie advised me that the BK was still showing on my account, gave me a # to call 866-533-0825 and advised me to give it another two weeks then call back.
On 5/19/16, I again called Macys and spoke to Jessie….he advised me that the BK status was still showing on my account and once again before anything could be done the BK status would need to be removed. Again, I was advised to call back in 7 – 10 business days.
On 6/7/16, I contacted Macys again and spoke to Elizabeth in the recovery unit, and was informed once again the BK status was still showing on my account….she advised me of an email that was sent to recovery unit on 5/25/16 informing them that I did not file bankruptcy and the BK status should be removed from my account….however, Elizabeth indicated she was going to send another email and advised me to call back in 3 business days.
On 6/27/16, contacted Macys once again didn’t get Representative name…she informed me that the BK status had been removed from account on 6/8/16….I informed her that I was now going to pay my bill and any past due monies to bring my account current because the time it took waiting for the BK department to remove the BK status from my account, has now made my account past due therefore, I will continue paying my monthly payments as I was able to get a loan and pay off the bulk of my creditors and no longer will have a strain of paying all the bills I had. At this time, I paid $332.18 on my account to bring it current for the months of May and June including all late fees.
My account only became past due when your department that handles the bankruptcy status took two months to remove that status from my account. Please note that my account was not in a past due status prior to this interaction in April 2016, my account was current. See attached doXXXXent.
On 7/20/16, I reviewed my credit report to find that my Macys account had been closed by the “creditor” as well as reflecting past due for the months of May and June 2016. I was unaware that my account had been closed and also feel that the negative past due status was not a fault of mines, but Macys. The past due status should have been resolved in less than two months had the BK status been removed from my account.
Additionally, although I contact Macys and informed them that I was considering filing bankruptcy I never did and informed them in within four days that I was not doing to do that. Therefore, my account should not have been closed.
With that being said, my account being closed is not the bigger issue… biggest issue is that the months May and June that my account is being reported as past due should not be reflected and reported on my credit report because it was not my fault or error that it took Macys – BK department 2 months to correct my credit account. And because I informed Macys 4 days later that I was no longer going to do the BK…..they closed my account anyway….however, during all of the phone calls with me speaking with your customer service people, supervisor, managers, no one ever informed me that my account had been closed.
I would like to get this rectified, I have submitted a complaint to Macys Presidential Department for correction as well.

I have had my Macys account for a very long time and has kept it in good standings and really hate to lose it like this. If my account is not re-opened I am ok with that ….but the negative past due status need to be removed and If my account is going to remain closed… should reflect closed by “consumer” and not closed by “creditor” since “I” am the one that started this whole BK MESS by informing Macys that I was considering filing for bankruptcy. Lastly, I have reported this information to the credit Bureau.
I spoke with several representative in your office today regarding the entire situation and no one was able to assist me. I also spoke with a supervisor by the name of Brenda who spoke to her supervisor….and no one was able to resolve any parts of my issue/concerns.
I would greatly appreciate an immediate response to this matter. My contact information is below. Your immediate attention to resolve this is most appreciated.

Extremely Frustrated

Nanette Johnson
Brentwood, CA. 94513
Nljohnson64 at

As of August 1, 2016
I received a collection letter from Untied Collection Bureau Inc. (CBU) informing me that on July 27, 2016 they were notified by Macys that my account was in collection status (see attached letter). I contacted UCB and spoke to Brittany Thomas and informed her that my account is current. She directed me to contact macys since they received this notification on July 27, 2016 and reports otherwise.

On August 1, 2016 – I contacted Macys and spoke to Michelle and advised her of the collection letter I received from UCB. I re-informed Michelle of the above issues I have been having since April 21, 2016. Michelle placed me on hold to get me to someone else that could assist me.

I then spoke to Danelle. She then advised me to ignore the letter I received from UCB. I informed her that someone needed to contact UCB and advise them that the letter was incorrect. Danelle asked for the number of UCB….I provided her the phone number 1-800-299-0979, she placed me on hold……

Someone by the name of Alberto then came on the line where he then started referencing that this call was to collect a debt…..I asked him to whom was I speaking to and he informed me that he was from UCB….and the call was transferred to him by Macys……..When Danielle placed me on hold as if she was contacting UCB to inform them that the letter sent by Macys was incorrect….she did nothing of the sort and sent me back to UCB to take care of an issue that need to be corrected by macys…..that was completely unprofessional of her.
I will not stop at talking to whomever I need to speak with to get your mess corrected. If I have to take it to the media I will do just that.

Once again, your expedited attention to resolving this matter is appreciated. I will stop at nothing to get this resolved.


DeShaun Wise July 8, 2016 at 3:36 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Salescheck#: 26741977

It is with grave disappointment and frustration that I craft this email but as a multi-decade, loyal shopper of Macy’s the service I have received in my latest furniture purchase is absolutely despicable.

On April 23, 2016, my husband and I made a furniture purchase at the Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax,VA (Salescheck: 26741977). The requested delivery date was June 20th for which they guaranteed, while we have received a portion of our order, despite 32 calls, 5 managers, 1 warehouse call and several unanswered questions, we are without 2 chairs (SKU 494161- Kourtney Accent Graphite Chair) and no one can explain the chain of events.

Order of events:
April 23- Placed the order at Fair Oaks Mall
June 16- Received a call to confirm that the chairs would be delivered on June 22, not June 20 (no further explanation thus I had to take another day off work to be present).
June 22- 4 chairs were delivered. 2 were damaged and the non-English speaking delivery man said he would take them back and exchange them out.
June 22- Called macy’s to confirm the new delivery date for the Kourtney accent chairs that were delivered broken. I was informed that a manager would call me back on Friday when it was uploaded into the system and new chairs would be sent out.
June 24- Called Macy’s again. Spent 1 hour and 43 minutes on the phone (can provide phone records to validate upon request). and finally got a manager by the name of Tom that said the chairs were never put into the system as returned but after he called the warehouse, it was confirmed they were returned. He said it would be Monday before they could dispatch new chairs. At this time, he confirmed that there were chairs still available in the warehouse.
June 24- Called Macy’s again to get an update. I spoke to Julie, Mary, Todd, John, and Ana. I was informed that it still wasn’t loaded into the system and there was nothing anyone could do. They couldn’t tell me when I would get my chairs but they would escalate to a manager and a manager would call me tomorrow.
June 25- NO call
June 29- Called Macy’s and spoke with a gentleman who apologized for my experience and said that a credit would be applied to my account to subsidize the cost of one chair totaling $314.10 after confirming that it was processed in the system and they were waiting to confirm the delivery date.
July 2- Called Macy’s again and got a lady named Ana who claimed to be a manager. She looked into the matter and said that they had the wrong chairs in the system and she needed to call the warehouse but would call me right back. She called back and said it would be Monday before she could figure out what happened.
July 5- No update
July 6- Called Macy’s. Spoke to 7 Customer Service agents over the course of 2 hours 6 minutes including hold times and prompts. No one could explain what happened. One lady said the delivery people didn’t return with the furniture. In this call, I asked if they could cancel the order and I would resubmit to get out of this mess. They advised that the chair was now $599 and they would have to get a manager to do a price adjustment. I agreed to this and was informed a manager would call me back.
July 7- Left 4 voicemails for Ana (Manager) to follow-up on the matter. She never called back. I finally got another manager who informed me that Ana was in fact working today and that my chairs would now not be delivered until August 30th but he couldn’t provide any additional information on why.

This leads me to today, July 8th. I cannot accurately put into words my frustration with this situation, the unprofessionalism I have experienced at the hands my of favorite store, nor the anger I have in the fact that I purchased chairs 3 months ago and yet I still don’t have them and am now informed that it would be another 60+ days before I would get them. The way in which this has been handled has been appalling at best, on top of the erroneous information that was shared coupled closely with the lack of information multiple reps had.

It is my urgent ask that this situation be escalated to the highest leaders in the company for resolution. This has left an AWFUL impression on me and I believe I am owed a full explanation, as well as a sooner delivery date given I was informed that they do in fact exist in the warehouse. It is concerning to me that of all the customer service reps that I encountered in this experience (32 to be exact), that this is still not resolved. It is unacceptable to place the burden of proving that chairs were returned or even having YOUR customer have to call back multiple times because of the lack of capability an ownership that was shown by the employees of Macy’s. Furthermore, while providing someone a credit is nice, it cannot stand in place of providing the customer with the item that they actually purchased.

•Delivery of (2) Kourtney accent chairs as ordered within 10 days of today.
•Apply the 10% discount as referenced by Customer Service Rep Ana (727-556-5245)
•Apply the credit of $314.10 for the chair as stated by Sales Rep on June 29th.

I appeal to you for your help in resolving this matter.

Kind Regards,
DeShaun N. Wise-Porter
ddestini8 at


Tammy July 6, 2016 at 9:14 pm

On 6/23/16 I received a notice from my bank that a payment to Macy’s for about $41.00 was sent. On 6/24/16 the payment was withdrawn from my account. Payment due date 6/25/16. On 7/5/16 I received a statement showing an unpaid balance of $41.00 plus a $29.00 late fee. I spoke with a representative who informed me that a statement showing the withdrawal and the notice from the bank showing the date the check was sent was not enough. I need to send all of this plus a written letter from my bank. I don’t know who was more angry, me or the bank rep when they saw me limping to the counter wearing a foot cast with the same doXXXXentation they send. .Despite bank policy against writing letters, the bank was very helpful in assisting me. I am putting the Macy’s card away!!!!!


Judith Myers July 5, 2016 at 3:13 pm

I am so livid because Macy’s does not do what they say they will do. Someone used my Macy’s card last summer and I got a bill 3 months later for the purchase and late charges were added to it. I was, at first, going to challenge the purchase but because it was only $64 I decided to pay it and close the account. The coustomer service person I talked to told me they would clear the account of all late charges and my account would be closed. Since that time in November I have gotten countless phone calls and today I got a letter from a collection agency. They claim I now owe $228 in late and collection fees. Are you kidding me? I will never do business with Macy’s again. I want these charges gone. I don’t owe you anything. Just because you say I do, doesn’t make it true.

Judy Myers


Sally De Aza June 28, 2016 at 5:31 pm

Hi, My name is Sally De Aza and I am writing because i was trying to submit an application for Loss Prevention at your new york city flagship store and i ran into en error message #20160628170318512 and i would like to speak to someone about it. Please if I can get a call back at 201-758-XXXXX Thank you


John Petrini June 12, 2016 at 4:36 pm

I am disappointed and angered by macy’ s advertising for scabs at your New York City stores. As a CWA member just back from a 45 day strike at Verizon, I can assure you, this is a major mistake on the part of Macy’s. Use your management, but hiring mercenaries to take jobs of strikers, speaks volumes of the type of people you can expect. They may fill in, but they care no more for Macy’s than they do for the strikers. They are soulless. As proud members of the labor movement, and long time loyal customers of Macy’s in Pennsylvania, we will withhold our dollars for as long as your employees are without a fair contract. Sincerely.


Sundus Jacob June 6, 2016 at 11:19 pm

I purchased a Dinning Table set on Tuesday 5/24/16, which was scheduled to deliver on Sunday 5/29/16.

#1 Upon delivery, the delivery guys(Gonzazo/Roger) just walked in my house, did not knock or ring the bell (our door was slightly open) but he just walked in. The commitment paper states the delivery professionals will place a mat and wear shoe covers before entering… These guys just came in left foot marks at my entry hall way and then when I asked for them to place shoe covers they replied: Did you want us to do that… I had clean my wood floors after they left. They finally did after I asked

#2 After they assembled the dinning table, the left side leaflet was resistant to close and upon closing the hinges of the table were visible on once side… One of the delivery guy tried to convince me by stating “that’s how it’s suppose to be”… When I told him it want like that at the store and he replied “at the store multiple consumers use it and it loosens”… When I told him that the other side of the table of leaflet was smooth to open and close he finally gave in and called customer care.

#3 While the delivery people were there, I spoke to a woman named Raquel from customer service she stated that they will send a Technician out the following week on Thursday 6/2/16 and if they can’t fix the hinge they will give me a new table, she told me to sign the delivery paper and just make note that the product was of defect upon receiving. I asked the lady to compensate me for the inconvenience and she transferred me to a woman name Ashley and she compensated me $50.00, she said that’s all she can do. I was content with that resolution at that time.

#4 Thursday 6/2/16 my mom and older brother stayed home all day and the technician who was scheduled to come between hours of 2:30-4:30 pm never showed up. When I arrived home from work that day at 6:00 pm, the customer service was closed and I called the Macy’s Store (Rancho Cucamonga) to express my concern. The employee (Jennifer) who helped me stated the manager was not there and she would notify him and call customer service herself in morning and schedule a new day for delivery of my table, she called back the next day and referred me to customer service to schedule a new delivery time. The guy (I don’t recall his name maybe MARK), stated they will give me a new table on Monday 6/6/16. He setup a delivery tracking with my email. I also asked him to compensate me because this keeps happening and he said they already compensated me. I replied that was for the 1st inconvenience. He finally gave in and credited me free delivery to my Macy’s Account.

#5 Monday 6/6/16, my mom (limited English)was home and two new delivery people came (Claudia/Roger). They asked my mom what was wrong with the new table and they attempted to fix it. They were delivery guys why did were they trying to fix the table.

They never delivered my new table and had my mom sign a paper without giving her a copy of what she signed (she does not recall) what she signed.

I came home at 6pm again and customer service is called and I called store and as usual no manager available to assist me. The employee (Amy) just made a note of my concerns.

This is my third week dealing with this purchase and going back and forth with customer service dept., Macy’s store, the delivery people all in between my work breaks and after work. This was suppose to be simple purchase and I don’t have time and patience any more to keep calling Macy’s so I can get a Defect Free Table.

I’m so frustrated at this situation and at Macy’s for their unsatisfactory, unprofessional and untrustworthy service. I am disappointed at the fact Macy’s Claims to Value their Customers and provide outstanding service, when it’s just opposite of that. This past 3weeks have been Far from outstanding as can be.

I am 30 years old and have been a Macy’s shopper all my life and ever since I became an adult, I’ve been a Macy’s card holder and consistent shopper. From clothes,shoes,makeup and accessories, furniture and bedding, rugs, decoration and gifts, I purchase everything from there, I have always marketed and advertised Macy’s with tremendous satisfaction. However, it is unfortunate and with great disappointment that my most recent experience makes me feel otherwise and Hence the complaint and the negative advertisement.

My question is to the corporate executives on how they plan on getting my loyalty back with Macy’s? I am extremely disappointed and disheartened with the company.


Sundus Jacob June 7, 2016 at 12:01 am

Addendum, I received an email copy of the receipt of exchange, and it’s a forged signature of my mom. She never signed that paper, she signed a different paper and they forget the signature of the exhange. MACY’s hires FRAUDULENT employees. I demand immediate action for this.


Eh June 3, 2016 at 1:57 pm

Summation of events, made an purchase in Memphis oak court store, I never arrived to my home, item was replace but upon receiving item belt was missing, took item to store, couldn’t exchange it cause of the way they processed it, contacted Corp. Exec’s, she talked to me like I was a dog, they made all the mistakes from the beginning to end, never tried to go above and beyond to keep me as a loyal and satisfied customer. This was the last straw with Macy. The customer is blamed for all the mistakes Macy entire corporation made. Don’t shop at Macy’s.


R G May 26, 2016 at 6:50 pm

Went to purchase something at Macys. Presented my credit card & found out Macy’s had closed the acct due to inactivity without notifying me at any time. Was a long-time customer. Got a letter from them in the mail stating that I closed the account at my request which wasn’t true. Cut up my card and called Macy’s cust svc. Went thru hoops & barrels as I didn’t have my credit card number for the obvious reason. They asked for all kinds of ID but couldn’t give me the card number. Asked for Supvr and got the runaround and apology, stated another letter to correct the first would be sent. Second letter apologized and stated acct closed due to inactivity. Third & fourth letter arrived same day. Third, stated the same as the first, the account was closed at my request. FOURTH letter stated ” We received notification from your financial institution that your checking, savings, or money market account has been closed. As a result, effective immediately, your Online Bill Payment has been cancelled.” At no time was this true and neither the last two letters contained the date mailed. Called Macys cust svc again & asked for a Supvr. When supvr answered after my going thru all kind of hoops to get this person, they again wouldn’t give me my account #. Supvr apologized but offered NOTHING!! I asked the supvr how did they get such bogus info on letter #4 and got another apology. I will be called Macy’s Hqtrs and complain further.The least they could’ve done was reinstate my credit card or have given me notification of closing the account month’s ago. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT MACYS. They ask for all kinds of id validation and give you nothing back. At best an insincere apology. I didn’t ask for letters #3 or 4. Don’t know what imbecile got the bogus info and allowed these insulting letters to be given. You can’t imagine the look on the clerk’s face when I attempted to pay with my credit card at the store. That person must’ve thought I was a scofflaw or thief and didn’t pay my bills. WhAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!! DON’T even bother to call Macy’s cust svc as they want to know everything about you and not even give you respect back, Just worthless apologies!!!


Stephanie May 20, 2016 at 2:33 pm

I recently returned a pair of gold hoop earrings because the clasps kept coming loose and the earring would fall out. I purchased another pair and had the same problem only this time I lost the earring a week after I purchase them. The manager told me there was nothing he could do about it. I have purchased 3 pair. I lost one thinking it was my fault. The other I caught in time and return and the last pair I paid over 200 dollars for I lost within a week of purchase due to the weak clasp. I am sure I am not the only one this happened to. The hoop earring are not properly secured and because of a defect I am out of 200 dollars. I will never buy another pair of earrings from Macy’s. Lesson learned. Sorry part is the manager was not willing to do anything for me and I had my receipt and even showed him with a pair in the store what the issue was. He said if I had the earring he could send it to get fixed. That’s the damn problem, if I had the earring I wouldn’t have a problem.


Helen Levasseur May 13, 2016 at 11:19 pm

If they took care of their own banking instead of sending their customers away to a bank that doesn’t accept money after 6PM PDST.They also refuse to even consider cancelling an unearned credit report! I’m not alone in these complaints. The only other retailer who has way more customer complaints is Target ! To top everything off, your dimwit computer tells me there is NO STORE WITHIN 250 MILES OF WHERE I LIVE ! ! ; in actuality the Macy’s is about 5 miles away – – – – -! The only thing Macy’s is REALLY concerned with is collecting money.


Kristin May 3, 2016 at 8:02 am

After being a very loyal Macy’s customer of 14 years, I am now cancelling my credit card. I will admit, I was a 30 days late with a payment, due to changing how I receive my e-bills on my USAA account. However, I have NEVER been late in ALL of those years. NEVER. I pay my account in FULL every month!! They reported me to the credit bureau and refused to take the negative report off of my credit report. I will close my Macy’s card. It’s no wonder Macy’s stores are closing down all over the place. Thank you, Macy’s for your concern and care for your customers! I will NEVER shop in your store again!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‪#‎macys‬


Karen Murray April 27, 2016 at 4:49 pm

I just spent a considerable amount of time trying to place an order online. First off my Macy’s gift card would not work, so I phone customer service and was told it was taken care of, but I still could not use my card. So I was told I needed to speak to another representative and she could place my order. The representative had much difficulty getting the information correct that I was giving her. I had to repeat myself numerous times. After placing the order over the phone with her and giving her my payment information I was abruptly told there was a system failure and my phone call was disconnected. I phoned back to see if the order had actually been placed and was told she couldn’t find it. She did finally say that the order did not show up in the system. I have never had this much difficulty ordering online. This is the first time I tried to place an order from Macy’s and it will be my last. I am very disappointed in the company and their poor customer service.


Debbie March 21, 2016 at 8:02 pm

Never…ever.. Do business with Macy’ I returned an item back in December and my account has not been credited. They send me a gift card for the amount and the card has zero balance. I have spoken with dozens of so called customer service people that all repeat the same lines. No one knows what they’re doing and you will never reach the same person twice. I spoke with four different call centers all promising to fix their error and here it is Mid-March and my account still has the charge for the item I returned! Then they have the nerve to call me and ask for a payment when my account should be $0.00. I find it unfathomable that the only purchase made on my account was sent back so how difficult can it be to credit my account?! Once they settle this I assure you I’m done with Macy’s! After being a longtime customer I am not dealing with such incompetent people that continue to mess with my high credit score! Soon they will sease to exist.


kathy storey April 18, 2016 at 9:53 pm

Debbie, I am having the exact same problem. I purchased a Dooney online, had to return it, and could quote your experience word for word. And they keep charging me the additional interest for the $425 bag I can’t get them to credit my account for. I’m ready to write a letter to the CEO Terry Lundgren. Have you had any success yet? Purpleiris883 at


M. Shepard February 3, 2016 at 3:06 pm

What a disaster. Will NEVER order from Macy’s online again. Online customer services is an oxymoron. There’s no service, and no apparent desire to go above and beyond to retain customers. Subsequently, I contacted someone at my local store about the problem. She was going to get back to me; I have yet to receive the promised phone call back. Unless you ENJOY stress and have hours to waste wading through idiocy and ineptitude, it’s best to avoid Macy’s in any form. No one seems to know what anyone else is doing. I’m pretty certain the inmates are running the asylum.


Sal February 6, 2016 at 3:25 pm

I agree 1000 times. I was just on the phone with them for 4 hours.


Gayla Ricks February 1, 2016 at 5:14 am

On December 14. 2015, I went to the Macy’s in Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta, GA and applied for a Macy’s card. By the time January had come, I never received the card. I called and called and called to no avail. The customer service personnel were rude. I found out that they had a wrong address listed for me. I have called customer service for 2 months and they never changed my address. And, to make matters worse, they put the December bill ON MY CREDIT REPORT!!! All I want is for someone at Macy’s to write down my correct address and send me my bill and my card!!!


Wanda January 28, 2016 at 6:44 pm

I loved Macy’s when I lived in New York. It was a magical experience. Unfortunately now I live in Chicago and all the Macy stores are old and uninviting. The way the stores are set up makes you feel like your in a warehouse not a department store. I am always disappointed when I go to Macy’s now so I find myself going more and more to Nordstrom’s since that is how the Macy stores use to be. When I walk in Macy’s I feel overwhelmed and lost when I walk in to Nordstrom’s I feel alive and totally welcomed. Please fix your stores before everyone stops coming to shop there. I know you can find a happy medium and prosper another 100 years. People want to feel special when they shop. Good luck and I hope to see improvement soon.


Michelle Stevens January 25, 2016 at 6:42 pm

To whom it may concern,

I am a longtime Macy’s customer but my patience is wearing regarding an item I purchased on 9/4/15. I have called several times and been transferred all over the place without resolution.

I live in Southern California and my daughter is a freshman and goes to college in rural Middlebury, Vermont. On the way to her school we stayed over in Chicago to do some winter clothes shopping for items we can’t get in Ca. She spent a couple of days picking out the perfect Guess Parka item # 888807920390. The sales rep offered to ship it to Vermont since it was a presale and we were happy to not have to pack it in our bulging suitcases. She received the parka around the end of September and put it away while waiting for the first snow which finally came when she returned to school after her Winter break on Jan 11th. Her first time wearing the coat she said it split up the side seam and she also noticed other flaws with the interior quiliting which shows the stuffing poking through.

I called Macy’s and was given the run around and transferred to 4 different people and finally to the actual coat dept of water tower place because this was where I purchased it and apparently only they can help me with the return. Since my Daughter needed a coat the rep suggested I order a new one online, which I did and even paid more than the original coat (Vince Camuto, Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Parka order #1179386132) and to just send back the defective one using the same packaging when she receives the new one and they will refund the purchase to my Macy’s card. This should not be difficult…sigh.

The new coat arrived and my daughter said the quality is MUCH better but it arrived in a bag with no box and the only return information on the receipt was I went to the website to start the process but it would not accept my order number 219-0080-4608. I called again and was speaking to a CS rep when the phone was disconnected. OK, I will call back. This time I called 888-257-5949 because I want to speak to someone who can give me an actual answer instead of the run around. Many of your CS reps seem to be poorly trained and your phone system is extremely frustrating to navigate and so is your website. I finally spoke to another ill-trained rep who was hard to understand. I asked for a supervisor and after waiting on hold she told me no one was available so I took a deep breath and explained to her my problem and she said she would issue a UPS call tag. All seemed ok but then she placed me on hold and never came back. I finally hung up the phone after almost 40 minutes of waiting.

I would like a return box and prepaid shipping to send back this horribly made coat along with a prompt refund of the purchase price. I would like to continue to make Macy’s my preferred store but my confidence in the products you sell and the lack of training given your phone reps on how to interact with customers and the terrible way your website is set up are very low. I expect much better from a premier and well established company such as Macy’s.


Sonia January 24, 2016 at 11:47 pm

I ordered something online December 5th 2015, and got the run around from customer service for weeks!! Everyone I talked to was foreign and hard to understand, every time I asked to speak to a supervisor they wouldn’t let me, and when a supervisor finally got on the phone, they were no help either! One of them even promised to reorder my merchandise and discount it when the merchandise came in and that he would send gift cards in the mail for me to use on my next order, I haven’t heard a word from anyone from! And of course I never got the gift cards either! I sent an email about it to the CEO and I’m pretty sure that was probably a waste of my time as well, but I’ll wait and see! I really had Macy’s up there in the category with Nordstroms, but NO WAY!! Macy’s SUCKS!! I’m very very disappointed by the service I received! I also ordered online from Nordstroms and JCP for Christmas and oh my I got the BEST service from both stores and will definitely order from them again! If at some point I’m not compensated by Macy’s, I will never shop their stores again!!


Ramela May 11, 2016 at 10:11 pm

I’m sorry to bother you Sonia I read about your macys experience. I’m going they something similar and wanted to ask you if the CEO ever emailed you back? Also if you can provide the email address.

Thank you!


Frustrated June 13, 2016 at 2:58 pm

I have been a long time customer of Macy’s and lately had a LOT of trouble with online ordering. No one on the phone has been able to assist and I would like to file a complaint with the CEO as well. Could you share the email address and did you ever receive a reply?


KELLY OLIVERO January 22, 2016 at 11:02 am

i place an order on 01/11/16 a (north face coat) and my transaction was cancelled and i never recv’d any kind of notification then I decided to call on 01/17/16 and they said oh your order was cancelled item was not on stock but we do have one now so I RE ORDER THE COAT and the next day on 01/18/16 I recv’d an email statement the item was not available…. its s now 01/22/16 AND I STILL HAVE A PENDING TRANSACTION FOR MACY’S….why? the order was cancelled!!! I order the coat from ESCAPE OUTDOORS….. BUT I still have an transaction from mac’s this is so inconvenience to me not only macys website was having false advertisement but they also have my money on hold 5 days later… this is insane!!!!!!!!! I will never and I mean it I will never order anything else from mercy’s matter fact I will never go inside MACY’S store again… and I WILL MAKE YOU TO TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE


Jay Malone January 12, 2016 at 8:11 am

I have made several attempts to speak with someone at the corporate level. Since your customer service representatives seem unconcerned and have no measure of business aXXXXen. The ordesl I was subjected to this Hiliday was deplorable. The overall experience horrific.
Items adressed incorrectly, wrong items shipped after being guaranteed the issue would be tesolved, wrong colors, hours on the phone, time and miles spent returning items to stores, having
to drive miles to UPS hubs to ascertain who incortectlu labeled package. (171 miles total) having to leave the office to speak with various low level incompetency. As abresult I posted my experience online and was contacted by NORDSTROM hours before Macy’s responded. My family hold nine credit cards with Macy’s. They will be cancelled. We have payronized your store for genetations. Purchased dry goods, linens. Furniture, clothing and next week we planned on purchasing two matresses for our vacation home in Maine. Macys has not only been a shopping tradition but a Holiday tradition for this family even traveling to NYC. Although we typically spend $300-$400 online every weekend, still no concern. Stall tactics is your equivalent to actual support. 24. Tweets asking for my email adress, although it was provided after the first request. Generic apologies with no resolution. Reprsentatives yhat leave nanes and Fake contact numbers should we need additional support. Thete is no support line, the number provided is the order line. In several emails you acknowledge that there were several issues that are not up to par with Macy’s standard. Yet you offer a $20 gift card. So essentially wgmhat your saying is “Your MISERABLE experience wasnt worth the initial cost, the price of your experience should be reduced by $20. Seriously? Thats the value? Nordstrom offered to honor any remaing gift cards at face value and a $100.e-gift card to experience their website and shopping experience. They get it. What you ruined was the enjoymeny of gift giving, the excitement, newness. What you owe me is a new shopping experience, not $20. Mr. Lundgren you should be disgusted and deeply disappointed in your staff. Currently you and your ineffectiveness to patrons is ruining the Macys name. Ive posted all emails and tweets from your employees, and have received 734 responses in 4 days. I plan on creating a link and publicizing my ordeal and your insulting response. Moreover I reached out to a producer at Fox News(Kieth Rothstien) Perhaps if we publicize the issues nationally you stagf will take notice. If you do not respond to my concerns I will exvept NORDSTROMS offer and exchange the $700 Macy’s in gift cards and NEVER SHOP MACYS AGAIN.


Jherica Allen January 6, 2016 at 4:37 am

To whom this concerns:

I am disgusted with the treatment I experienced with Macy’s over this 2015 holiday season. Companies already jerk people around and with it being the holidays I think businesses need to go the extra mile because more than likely the items being purchased are for someone else. This was not the case with me. My issue, today, remains unsolved.

Long story short, November 21, 2015, I ordered some boots for my son and he was staying with a relative so I wanted the boots to be delivered to where he was. I mistakenly sent the shoes to the wrong address and didnt notice it until the item had been delivered to the ajacent suburb.

I contacted customer service on November 28, 2015 to get the item reshipped to the correct address. I’ve placed numerous orders online and I was really disgusted that he attempted to re-run my card and then had the audacity to let me know it was declined for payment. A company has NEVER tried to double charged me for an item not received. I asked him why couldn’t the item be reshipped and he told me that the item would continually go to the shipping address provided on the initial. I thought it was crap, but I went along with it. So, I told the agent to refund the money paid for the item which was $63.69 (49.99 for the boots, 9.95 shipping and 3.75 for taxes). He told me he was going to refund all monies and recapped the call. I have attached the initial order.

On December 2, 2015 I receive a email from Alexander Apking, Omni Channel Customer Correspondent, and he thanked me for my feedback with the survey feedback that he had received. Due to my comments on the survey he said he was sending me a gift card of $35.00. I wasn’t expecting that and I was super thrilled because I was going to use that to repurchase the boots since they were on sale. My son really liked them so I was going to get them for him. The email address was I have attached that as well.

December 9th, 2015 and I still haven’t received the $63.69 credit. So, I called customer service AGAIN told them the situation and that agent said he did see that there was a gift card to be sent and also verified that amount and also that I would be credited the $63.69 as well. The next day, I receive a email about the credit that was to applied and its the same order the last agent tried to reship to me. According to this email I was being credited $53.12 which is $10.57 short of what I paid for the order. I didn’t want to be on the phone with another agent so I just went with it although deep down that didn’t well with me. I have attached a copy of that as well.

Here we are January 5th, 2016 and there is no sign of the beloved gift card. I am being cheated out of $50 and it is not a good feeling. I just want is owed to me. I was promised something and it was never fulfilled. The customer service on this issue is so horrible. The ball has been dropped many times and its just unfair to me as a customer. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, and posting this issue on the company’s many social media pages. This issue needs to be rectified as you have a unsatisfied customer and I need to be made whole.


Jane Flaspohler December 30, 2015 at 3:56 pm

Hello. I applied for a job at Macy’s here in Douglasville,GA. I was sent and email asking me to schedule a phone interview on-line. The interview was supposed to take place today at 3:00 PM EST. It is now 4:00 PM EST and I have not received a call from Macy’s. I decided to contact Macy’s job scheduling dept and this is what I found:
Lots of other people trying to get jobs but are turned away because the scheduling system is not functioning properly.

Thank you for your time,
Jane Flaspohler


Amy December 29, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Good Afternoon,
I ordered a watch on to have picked up in the store within the hour. I received an email that my watch was ready for pick up! GREAT! it was Christmas Eve and my son really wanted this watch. I went to the Spring Hill Mall Macys in Dundee Il. Went right to the watch dept (as time was ticking) a woman there looked all over for my order (very helpful) she couldn’t find anything, she then walked me over to the other side of the watch dept. Two ther women looked all over in every cabinet. After they exhausted all measures looking another woman MICHELLE came over and askied if I needed help. I proceeded to tell her I ordered a watch and the email came through that it was ready to be picked up. She had asked me what brand watch. I told her it was a Guess watch. She then looked right at me and responded, ” Oh honey ( I am 45yr old) these are the better more upscale watches over here. You need to go to the Mens dept and pick up a watch like that” LIKE THAT! Seriously…. I started to break out in tears… Thinking I hope my 16 yr old son doesn’t feel that way. We had just lost my dad to a tragic fall, my husbands hours have been cut at work, I can only find part time work.. BUT my money is just as green as the next! How dare she belittle me and make such a hurtful statement especially this time of year, actually any time! I will not just stop here with this status board. I will be heard and something will be done. How rude can one be.. I mean you are working Retail at Macy’s!!


MIMI KHAN December 28, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Sunday December 27th my family and I went to Marley Station Macys to shop and to return some items I had bought on Whwn i went to return the perfumes I had bought on my credit card, the sales lady named Latisha from the Lancome counter says to me uh uh uh uh. I am not taking this back without proof of purchase. I said look if you swipe my credit card and scan the items,it will come up. Macys is one of few that if you dont have your reciept you can swipe the credit card and it will come up. I then left her an went upstairs to the exeuitive office to find a manager. I found one alright. I found the snotty rude store manager named Jenna. I explained to her how I was treated and she did not apoligize at ALL. She takes my credit card and types in MY 16 digit credit card number on the web!!!! I did NOT give her permission to do such thing.
She kept looking at teh stuff and sating we don’t carry these. i said of course you don’t becasue it came from the internet. The Web has differerent items than in store items.
All I am asking is that you swipe my card and it WILL come up.
She rudely said I know these things I am a mamager for a reason. I said well really? Then you SHOULD know what is online is NOT the same as the store. She then took that stuff back after making me wait all that time and NOT apologizing for HER employee’s actions.

After that happened, my Mom Theresa Khan went to the perfune dept to return a gift and re buy it on a gift card. The same rude women Latisha waited on her. My Mom said to her I would like to return this and buy it back with my gift card. She didn’t hear me and walked away after the return. My mom said I want to rebuy it using my gift card. Latisha said WHAT you talking about? Let me see that gift card in a very rude and abrupt manner as she had did to me. My Mom said well if could ring it up first then you will need my gift card. Latisha than shook her finger in my Mother’s face and said Dont you get smart with me lady. My Mom said I am NOT a child that you are scolding and I WILL get smart with you now. Now the whole entire cosmetics department saw this but SAID or DID nothing. There was a sales women named Denise who took over the transaction but she was quiet as a church mouse.
Latisha is a BULLY and nothing will be done about her. I called to complain to the store manager as to what had happened again with the same lady and I got brushed off by Jenna the store manager who just said ok I’ll talk with them and see what happened.Once again soe DID NOT offer an apology or take my information . DOONT TTT EVERRR shop at Marley Station Macys. They are ghetto and just plian nasty. Jenna is a sorry excuse for a store manager… I am NOT DONE with them. I will be posting this all over social media..


Cheryl Raposa December 26, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Dear Macy’s, where is my Christmas present my husband ordered for me? He ordered on 12/18/2015. and paid extra for express delivery.

Today 12/26/2015, after phone calls every day since, no delivery. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t even left your warehouse.

He did get his express delivery fee refunded on 12/24/2015. Gee, thanks for not doing your job.

As I see it, you are collecting money from people and then not delivering. Twenty dollars here, eighty dollars there, $1100.00 from my husband….are you seeing the pattern? I do and I feel pretty sure an attorney will also. Class action PR nightmare.

Christmas may be over but I have a really good memory. I will never forget to let everyone I know and meet how horrible your customer service is. However, after reading all the posts from disappointed former customers I understand now why your stock is at its lowest point since 11/11/2011.

Shame on you!


Andra J December 23, 2015 at 10:43 am

After 3 cancelled orders and over 6 hours of back and forth with Macy’s customer service reps, I was informed today that there was no way to get a new order in and delivered by Christmas. I was however offered a 20% discount, which was 5% less than the discount that I was given on the previous two orders that were cancelled two days after being placed. Macy’s has completely dropped the ball and are not willing to do anything about spoiling someone’s Christmas.

I would strongly suggest that if you don’t want a nightmare on your hands that you stay as far away from Macy’s as possible.
This was by far the worst online shopping experience that I have ever had and it ruined my Grandmothers Christmas.


Linda Bailey December 22, 2015 at 12:55 am

I have been a Macy’s customer for several years. I pay my bill on time or early, yet Macy’s decided to draft funds from my Bank Account without authorization . I had made a payment ( more than the minimum) on my account early. My account was showing no payment due, however, Macy’s decided to withdraw the entire balance of my account. Not only did they draft the entire balance of the account but drafted more funds than were owed on the account. This might have been a honest error on Macy’s part but it couldn’t happen at a worse time of year. I am a Great Grandmother and this has placed me in a precarious position right at Christmas. When I contacted customer assistance after being run around over 45 minutes on the phone , I was told they will refund my money but I must wait up to 13 business days. This was after I was told that I must submit some form to Macy’s. This is just wrong!!! It is bad enough they strip my bank account before Christmas, then they tell me I have to wait for my money until after Christmas to be reimbursed. Wow great customer service Macy’s ! Maybe I should post this on FACEBOOK and and let people see what the real miracle on 34 street is.


Sharon H March 5, 2016 at 6:30 am

I agree totally with you. Also if you have a Macy Rewards Card. Which I have and had been a customer for over 25 years. Paid my bill on time every month. Since I retired and try to keep my spending within my means. I failed to use their Macy Reward Card for over two years, did not matter I used mostly cash. They never contacted me but they sure degraded my credit rating by closing my account so now that hurts my credit score and will remain on my credit report not for 7 years but for 10 years. When I inquired about it with their customer service they were very rude. And would it nothing but insult me further by telling me I could re-apply (which would cause an inquiry on my credit report and with inquiries that can cause your credit score to fall too.) That’s the reward you get from Macy. No wonder they filed for bankruptcy in 1992. The way they treat customers, it’s no wonder they don’t have the traffic in their stores now. Does Macy know that there are too many other stores out that will gladly except our business and with open arms and treat like a Queen for a day. Wake up Macy one day I hope to see you have to close stores because you drove your customer away. Oh by the way you will not ever see me in their store to pay cash. Go small businesses where they want you to shop and treat like you were their first customer.


Gwendoly Bell December 21, 2015 at 6:47 am

My name is Gwendolyn Bell and I have been a Macy’s cardholder for over 15+ years without any incidents.

On November 23, 2015 I went to the Macy’s AT 1300 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA to purchase a Michael Kors coat. At the registrar I was told that my Macy’s card was declined and the individual working the registrar informed me that I should reapply for a card, which I did and entered all my personal information to get a new card. When she went to ring the coat up she was informed that I already had an existing account that was open [see enclosed receipt]. So my existing account was reactivated and I purchased the coat. To my surprise when I went home I had a bill from Macy’s in the amount of $5.31. So due to an Error by Macy’s my account was never closed.

I would like you to know just for the records, my bills have always been paid on time and I am sure that you can get my credit score which I take pride in having.

On December 4, 2015 I received the attached letter from Macy’s which is self-explanatory. I immediately called Macy’s and explained to them what happened and spoke with Jonelle in you Customer Service Department [800] 243-6552 who said that she would take of this error. I called on December 8, 2015 and spoke with someone who said they would take care of this matter and I would receive a new card [which I did not ask for], on December 10, 2015, I spoke with Jason and Lenny who left me on hold and I hung up. On December 11, 2015 I spoke with your Credit Expert, Theresa who explained that it would take 30 days before they would contact the Credit Bureau to get the inquiry off my record. I also spoke with Shawn the Supervisor who explained that I would receive it would take 30 days to clear this up and I would receive a copy of the letter sent to the Credit Bureau on December 23, 2015 [See attached letter I just received date December 14, 2015.

On December 11, 2015 Crystal at Macy’s informed me that the new card that I was going to received was reported stolen. I was never informed of this by your Credit Department. That would have been very embarrassing if I went into the store trying to use that card. I do want you to know that I did make purchases on December 3, 2015 at the Macy’s in Springfield PA.

As I explained over and over again to your employees I was informed to open a new card by the sales rep. A friend who was with me at the time heard the entire conversation and will sign an Affidavit to this conversation.

I have spoken to six of your employees [Jonell, Crystal, Jason, Lenny, Theresa and Shawn] all of whom said this would be cleared up, and as of this date I am getting letters indicating another inquiry to the Credit Bureau.

I have since returned the coat to Macy’s due to the lack the malicious intent to ruin my credit standing.

Please be advised that I would appreciate this matter being taken care of immediately or I will have no alternative but to file a legal complaint with the Court for MALICIOUS INTEND BY MACY’S AND ITS EMPLOYEES. As I explained to your employees it took me a long time to build my credit score and I do not intend for it to be ruined.

Any help you can assist me with would be appreciated.


Emma Conde December 17, 2015 at 10:02 pm

On Dec 4th 2015 I placed a call to Macy’s customer service to make my monthly payment. I’m greeted by a representative named “Joe” which was very helpful (so I thought) explained that I was currently unemployed and that the previous month I had made a payment but it actually posted on the following day giving my account a $27 late fee that he actually offered to wave due to my situation which I thought was very nice. So the minimum payment due before the credit was $75.99 and he deducted from the MINIMUM PAYMENT DUE not the BAL and he advise that I only had to pay $48.99 to have my account current. Ha e him the account information for the payment and he gave me the confirmation number that I still have. Thought everything was good until I get a call from collections a week later saying that my account is past due and that I needed to make a $100.88 payment TODAY! (Very rude customer service) I could not talk at the time so decided to call back.

When I called back (Due to a high call volume it took 30 min to get thru) first representative after explains the situation he said he couldn’t hear me would place me on mute and continue to say he couldn’t hear me but when I would ask a question he would answer but the. Will continue to say couldn’t hear me. Disconnected the call!

Second call: Representative was very rude yelling would not listen to what I was trying to explain and would ALWAYS give me the same answer and REFUSED to transfer me to a manager and placed me on mute. (TOTALLY REFUSE TO HELP)

Third Call: Talked to a representative that finally listen and was able to KIND of help. She apologized for the previous rep that took my payment and not explaining that the fee waived was on the balance and not the minimum payment due.. Had to make arrangements and PAY for the POOR TRAINING of Macy’s costumer service. It is sad that corporate and this major retail stores are now more concentrated in revenues than their customers.


Doreen December 17, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Last year I boasted how fabulous Macy’s online and in store pickup was the greatest thing ever and bragged that it would be my choice of salvation this year. I rec’d my confirmation that my order was ready and off I went to the Macy’s in Cross County of Yonkers NY. I watched customers shop frantically while I went to the lower level and was greeted before I reached the desk, the customer service Rep asked for my name and returned in less than 3 minutes with my 6 bags I showed my ID and was out of Macy’s in 10 minutes. My nightmare began November, 2015 when I placed and order online for my mom’s birthday gift. I rec’d my confirmation and I was excited. I checked my email later that day only to discovered the order was cancelled and I need to call consumer protection at 800-289-6229 I thought k this was just holiday precaution, until I spoke to several of the customer service rep’s that told me they tried calling my home and left me a verification code to call back and give to them so my order could be processed. I arrived home there was no message(s) left and there was no calls listed on my caller ID from them, the calls registers from a CVGS UP2 with a phone number 513-398-5221 and there were no calls from them. By the time my order was re-entered the item was no longer available at my location of choice and now I had to pickup at the Macy’s in the Bay Plaza location in the Bronx, (no problem, it’s a new store it should be a breeze like Cross County). HECK NO!!!!! I HAD TO GO TO THE 3RD FLOOR and stand in the regular line, I STOOD in line for 45 minutes to pick up my mom’s gift. What a difference a Store makes. OKAY maybe not the store but the personnel. Okay all was forgiven because I love Macy’s so, I got an email for a nice boot sale going on. I placed my order online order #1158609462, I pick up my boots at the Cross County location in and out of the store 5 minutes and my other items were sent to my home. I’m in love with Macy’s again. Okay placed my 3rd order(#DM15620432526) it’s one of my daughter’s Christmas gift( Does the fact that my order starts with letters mean they are going to cancel it and make me call consumer protection?)( is this a pattern?) I shop while I’m at work on my break just to clarify. Anyway back to my issue My 3rd order was cancelled. I arrived home, I did not rec’d a phone call nor message from consumer protection. My 1st phone the recording stated they had a high volume of calls and that my wait time was 30 minutes which I put the call on speaker so I could still do others stuff after 34 minutes of listening to the music and recordings they disconnected the call. My 2nd call in which a lady stated her name which no offense, none of the reps spoke CLEAR English so the language barrier was very challenging SHE HUNG UP ON ME after I ask Why my orders are being singled out. 3rd call I went through the whole process again, I ask the same question and was told they had to call me back and they wanted to verify my home # , OKAY I said miss all my personal information is the same as my previous orders why do you guys keep cancelling my orders? Her response was we tried to call you and we left you a message with a code to call us back , I said miss you’re lying I have no calls from you your calls registers as CVGS UP2 with a phone number as 51-398-5221 you did not call, Well she hung up on me. She called back as if she was going to verify my info but now all of a sudden she can’t hear me saying hello. She hangs up. I call back they can hear me, I’m told by the 4th rep I see the note on your order they are not hearing a response when they say hello, so the order was not process. This went back and forth 3 more times each time I call them they could hear me, but EVERYTIME they called me back they could not hear me respond. THIS IS A GAME. WHEN THEY DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU THEY PUT THEIR PHONE ON MUTE and then they hang up and make nasty comments on your account. I know I’m not the biggest spender but my dollars do count. Consumer Protection! We need protection from consumer protection because they are not working to assist the consumer. Shame on them because they make Macy’s as a whole look bad. So after being Abused by consumer protection I decided calling was not a good option, I drove and made my purchase in store last night. Dear Macy’s RECONSIDER who you pay to handle your customer’s service department.


Lanette January 4, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Macy’s is a disaster!!!! I have been trying to get a lipstick I ordered and another Lancome product. After several attempts to call when the items were not delivered, I have decided Mom and I will no longer order from them. I will pay them off and be done. They don’t take the calls when I attempt to contact them. At first I thought it was busy or long because they had so many calls… but when using another number of mine, it went right thru. I had a friend call from their number as well and it went thru. I hung up and called several times from home and got the same long music and hangups. Tonight was the last straw. They lied and hung up on me. I will not pay for the two items. I will only pay off what is owed up until those two items. I intend to contact corporate as well but I am sure this is there policy. In addition, I took my Mom to the store in Wheaton, Md and it looked like a junk shop. She went to try on a dress and there were piles of clothes on the floor halfway up the wall near the dressing room and jumbled tables. That shows you how they care for their goods. I am so done with Macy’s disrespectful behavior. Customer Service at this store is a thing of the past. The company Stinks!!


Eric December 11, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Last night I shopped at Macy’s Modesto (CA), and ended up spending more time there than planned. I realized I was going to be late for an event, so I needed to pay for my items as quickly as possible and leave the store. I spotted an associate at a register with no line and asked if I could pay at his station. He said he could, but he had to quickly finish helping another customer. I told him I was in a rush and would just find another cashier, but he ask me to wait just a minute and he could take care of me. After 1-2 minutes, he came back. While he started ringing my items up I realized I was going to be a bit late, so I respectfully said to him, “Do you mind? I need to make a quick call” (He didn’t need my help, I was just being polite). My call was 30-40 seconds, but when I disconnected it occurred to me that he vanished. I looked around, but he was nowhere in site. I looked at the register and saw he had rung two of the five items I wanted.

After about five minutes I spotted returning from across the store. As he came near, I said, ‘Where did you go? I told you I was in a hurry. I have things I have to do!” His response… “Well, I have things I have to do, too.” (I think he took some merchandise back to another dep’t). Apparently, he decided that if I was going to make a quick call, that meant he could go off to take care of other matters, and literally just walked out on me in the middle of the transaction! No apology, no concern for my time.

This was so disrespectful, I told him I wasn’t going to be buying anything from him and started walking towards the door. I heard him say “That’s fine!” and nothing else.

I left the store, but came back in and gave my name/number to another associate and asked to be called by a manage asap because I had no more time to deal with my poor service complaint right then. I also told her I still wanted the items and planned to ask the manager to make arrangements for that. The manager never bothered to follow up.

I decided to address these issues as a customer service complaint. I called the store, but the (extensive) voice menu gives NO OPTION for customer service issues. I went to the Macy’s web site to get a customer service number, but that number also provides a list of menu choices that do not include a choice for customer complaints (only help with buying items or credit help).

Commitment to customer service at Macy’s is a joke. I’ve shopped in Macy’s for over 30 years and have noticed this trend over the last decade. In fact, I used to shop there regularly but now only a few times a year because of this. I see no reason to spend my time and money at this store again. SHOPPING AT MACY’S IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME & MONEY!


Raquel D. December 8, 2015 at 4:46 pm

I called Macy’s customer service phone line and the person that answered had the worst customer service attitude towards me and I’m pretty sure she had it with any customers who might have called before…. She did not even try to help… she just sounded bothered… It was bad… I am so disappointed with the customer service I received…


Stacy Ramsey December 8, 2015 at 7:30 am

I previously placed an order through customer service at 800-289-6229 on Dec 4,2015 for an iMotto Smart Hover Board. Upon receiving my email for my order, I notice the customer service rep, selected the wrong color. I immediately called back to correct the color. I was told by the rep, he could add the correct color to my existing order, then delete the incorrect selection. I asked if I could use the promo coupon, which was 25% off. I was tol that it doesn’t apply to the item I’m purchasing and that he could give me 15% off. I agreed. A maanger join the call to correct the 15%. When the manager attempted to run my bank card, he stated that it was declined. I told the manager that can’t be possible because I have money in my bank account to cover this transaction. The manager ran the card a 2nd time, it declined again. The manager advised me to call back in with a different payment method and he would notate the account for 10% off $381.06.
Saturday, Dec 5, 2015. I awake to bank alerts that my account was overdrawn. I immediately log into my bank account, I see where Macy’ had charged my account $413.36, $486.04 and for $899.40. None of which I approved any of these transactions. I call my bank institution and was informed that I needed to go to a local bank and to call Macy’
I went to my local branch and was told that they could remove the charges, but they will come bank until Macy’ release the transaction and/or submit a reversal or credit my bank card. While in the bank, I called Macy’, spoke with a rep that all 3 transactions in the amounts of $413.36, $486.04, and $899.40 has been reversed. I was told by the bank manager, that an reversal transaction takes place immediately.
I wait 3 hours, the transactions are still on my account. I called AGAIN, spoke to rep she stated that she does see the transactions and that she doesn’t have the capability to revese the transactions. A Macy’s manager (William) join the call and basically stated that he couldn’t do anything.
While on the phone with Macy’, I drove the Macy’s here in TX and asked for a store manager. I spoke in store with manager, I informed her of what was going on. Tina, spoke with the on-line manager, William over the phone and was unable to get the problem resolved. William stated to the manager the only thing he could do is to send me a gift card in the amount of $60. Which I personally feel that, that was a slap in the face especially when it was confirmed numerous times the error was on Macy’s. I would greatly appreciate it, if this matter be given someone’s prompt attention as it is DIRE need that my money be returned to me asap. From the hands of Macy’s my account is overdrawn $1,382.86. Please contact me via email at
Again, your promt attention is greatly appreciated.


Melanie Buechert December 2, 2015 at 12:51 pm

On cyber Monday my husband tried to surprise me for Christmas by purchasing everything in my shopping cart, $900 worth of merchandise. (Order 1163886595) The next day he received an email stating that the Consumer Protection Dept. cancelled his order. After an HOUR on the phone with this department verifying his identity he was then transferred and told the order was in place again. (CB15120803856) They even gave that day’s discount for his trouble. TODAY, he received another email from CONSUMER PROTECTION DEPT. stating the order was cancelled AGAIN.

He spent THREE AND HALF HOURS verifying his ID again . He was then told half of the items he ordered were no longer available. Speaking to a manager did nothing to help the situation. I told him to cancel the order while he was on the phone. He then had to wait twenty minutes just to cancel an order that had already been canceled TWICE already!

For the aggravation and now depression your so called CONSUMER PROTECTION DEPARTMENT caused my husband (since he now believes my Christmas is ruined )
I am not only returning the Cyber Monday order I placed on my Macy’s card, I am cutting that card up.

I also plan to share this experience on EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK I CAN THINK OF.

Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Melanie Buechert


Michele Claire December 2, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Thank you Melanie. Macys is an outrage online orders. I was up from time their website went down around midnight till 7am All night long!! I had the nightmare experience of their online. The 1st one to take one item simple order could not understand English.. I finally had to say forget it.. I tried again anyway long story short my bank account was charged 3 times and they ordered wrong item then wrong size.. Then when callind holds times are by the hour then they hang up when they don’t understand. Its the far east and the Philippines Macys sources out to. Nothing is in the states now days. Here it is still can’t get it resolved!!


Tina December 13, 2015 at 6:11 am

thank you again, I really thought that i was the only one that nobody seemed to want to help. I ordered a watch on the 9th and it was the wrong watch 421.20, so i went right away back into the store to return it, The original purchase was made with my macys gift card and the remaining balance with my debit card, however the manager that did the return credited my bank card for the whole amount. At the time I really didn’t think anything of it. well come to find out my bank doesn’t accept credit when they were not the original form of payment. so they sent the credit back to macy’s ….. now nobody seems to know what to do , i even said to the store manager, sarcastically,” don’t worry about it, i don’t work for macys however i will figure out how to get my money back on my own. ” He said Ok…. i will never shop at macys again, i have spent numerous hours on hold and with people who are completely concomitant. and there is not one manager even cares, really they are treating me like im trying to get over on them, i sure would not be on the phone with them like i have been. Not one time has anyone asked me if there was something that they could extra for me. im not calling anymore, im hiring a attorney on Monday and im going to sue them for my money, and im charging them a wage that they are going to pay me for my time.. Im not going to let them get away with this. They have my money and my merchandise. there customer service sucks, worse then any company i have ever know. Im going to post what is going with me everywhere i can and im going to tell everyone that i know what they are all about. They have wasted so much of my time, and they could care less if anyone values there time, because they sure don’t.


Tana January 13, 2016 at 10:41 pm

I am in the same boat bought a dress online and they sent the wrong size. I called and reordered the dress. I tried to return the wrong dress to Macy’s and they wouldn’t give me my money back because I used PayPal. So I called Macy’s and was told by customer service that they would email me a return slip and was also told I could take it back to the store. I took it back to the store without a problem this time but it took them 45 mins to call customer service and get the OK to take it back. In the mean time I ordered ANOTHER dress from Macy’s to make sure I got it by the date I needed it. Then a few days later I received both dresses, but it was too late for the event I needed it for. I packed up both dresses and put them in the box with the UPS label they had provided. Waited for a week and called Macy’s to see where my refund was in the sum of 540.00 and was told by Teresa that they had receive the dresses but didn’t know where to send the money, and that she would expedite the return.. I waited for another 2 weeks and no refund.. Called again and the same result. Waited another week and no return. I called again and spoke to a guy name Rocky, he asked me to hold and hung up on me. I called back and spoke to another person in customer service and they asked me to hold and hung up on me. I called back for the 3rd time and spoke to another associate she told me she would get my refund done. Well that has been another week and no money.. I’m filling a claim with the BBB. This has been going on sine Nov 24, 2015.. I’m done…


PAMELA SCHULTZ December 2, 2015 at 9:50 am

HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. Tried emailing, then calling about an item I ordered but wasn’t told was backordered. Got an email response 3 days after I sent mine that said they didn’t know anything about the order. Tried calling, spent 30 minutes on hold, then disconnected. Called again, got transferred all over by incredibly rude representatives whose accents were so strong I could barely understand them and who got annoyed when I asked them to repeat what they said. Horrible, horrible experience. I’m cancelling the item I ordered and never, ever, EVER ordering from Macys again. The CEO might say that sales are fine and department stores are thriving, but I expect (and hope) Macy’s will go out of business unless it changes the way it treats customers. VERY UNHAPPY.


Stephanie November 27, 2015 at 2:12 pm

I am just wondering why is it you dumped Donald Trump from your stores? You have a convicted felon, and a woman who stated clearly on film that she hated America and Americans! At least Donald loves this country and has not been in a federal penitentiary for income tax evasion. So you say you don’t like his opinion, and yet you have no problem with Ariana Grande saying she hates Americans and America?”?? Really?? Has nobody else thought about how horrific that is?


Linda Murrie November 20, 2015 at 8:34 pm

I ask you to reconsider your sponsorship of the program SCANDAL. The episode on Thursday, November 19 crossed so many lines. It has become so political and one sided it is no longer a program I will watch. This being the Christmas season and for you to sponsor the content of last nights program is unbelievable. My shopping will be other places.


Olivia November 19, 2015 at 10:19 pm

I received horrible customer service. I have had a credit counseling for involved with my account. Apparently they cannot make payments because somehow they have changed my account but have not provided me with this new info. I xalledvwith the account they have regularly sent to me by mail but customer service insisted they could not give me this info and said I have to go to store to get this info with an ID. When I shared how this was something that should gave been sent to me on changes, I asked her name she did not answer and when I asked her name she did not answer, I shared that I would contact corporate, but she stayed silent, I called at 7:02pm on 11/19/15. This is terrible customer service as I have been an ongoing customer, now I am being penalized with added charges because of this lack of info they did not provide. The CEO should bevawarebof these issues. I will make my payments and they have lost a customer.


Amy ajem November 18, 2015 at 6:41 pm

Is this how Macy’s trains their employees to treat their customers? I spoke to this lady by the name of Razel I believe. This associate was making fun of me instead of helping me she was putting me on 15 minute holds and in the end saying have a good dayyyyy byyyyyyeeee. She clearly did not care about me or the problem I had with my Macy’s order. It is a shame that Macy’s would hire such people as employees to represent the store. I hope and i will make sure that nobody else has such a horrible experience like I did today. I want the head of Macy’s to rewind this conversation and listen to it and hear how disgustingly the employee is treating your customer. I’m still on hold for a supervisor it’s been 57 min and 42 seconds.


Laura Murphy November 13, 2015 at 4:01 pm

I am so sick and tired of the inept people in customer service and the credit card department. For three months straight my payments have been posted to an account I closed years ago and overdue charges and interest charges are being posted on my current account which was paid in full and posted to the wrong account. I have called till I am blue in the face and it just keeps happening. I even got a customer service managers direct line but when I call her she just doesn’t answer the calls! I can’t believe what a horrible company Macy’s has become!


Alexis Payne November 18, 2015 at 5:05 pm

I am having the exact same credit card issue. The account was paid in full and closed six months ago yet I still getting a statement and being charged. I’ve spoken with an executive that assured me the issue would be resolved. She has since not returned any of my calls. When the executive team has bad service the company is really terrible. I will continue to call and email until this issue is resolved.

Thank you


Sue Menz January 17, 2016 at 10:31 pm

Oh my I thought it was just me. They are so incompetent. I only had a $25 balance they applied my payment to someone elses account. 3 months 2 faxes they ignore no one to talk to in “Payment Research” only a fax Spoken to countless managers. Now I have a headquarter fax. I’m going to the NYS department of banking they are destroying my credit. I have to say I hate MACY’s after this.

Here is my latest letter so when I post this they can’t say they didn’t get it.

January 17, 2016

Macy’s Headquarters

I have been trying to prove to Macy’s since October 29th that a payment of $25.00 my check #1662 cleared my account on October 13, 2015 and now with no prevail after five phone calls to your customer service department and; two faxes with proofs of payment I have been given no response from the payment research department. Each time I have sent in doXXXXentation I have been told to fax this information and it will take 30 days. I get no response but instead receive a new bill with additional late fees.

I sent in a $25.00 payment on a $25.00 balance having it applied to someone else’s account. My account now has added late fees, interest of $110 dollars and counting with a balance of $133. I have also had to go to my bank on two occasions to get different proof. In addition my bank ESL representatives tried to contact Macy’s and still had no success.

The following are dates/of my calls are faxes;

• October 29, 2015 after receiving first statement showing my payment was not applied. I called and spoke to Robin she gave me the department of misapplied payments 1-513-573-2952.
• November 2, 2015 faxed letter to department of misapplied payments 1-513-573-2952 along with statement (since Macy’s turned my paper check into an ACH electronic check my bank doesn’t have paper check because Macy’s didn’t submit it. I received no response.
• December 5, 2015- after receiving a notice requesting additional information, I called Macy’s after getting the same runaround and told they don’t know what I need to send; I asked to speak to a manager I spoke to, Dorothy Snead. Ms. Snead was told me I had to send the electronic tracer number to Payment research not department of misapplied payments, and she would notate it as well in my electronic record.
• December 5, 2015- I went back to my bank ESL who told me that the certified statement should have been enough but they then tried to call Macy’s and couldn’t get through. They told me to call their corporate on Monday to get the tracer number.
• December 7, 2015- called the ESL bank corporate headquarters and was given the electronic tracer number, and they said that is complete proof and this should end it. ESL stated Macy’s is not telling you the truth.
• December 7, 2015- faxed a new letter to Macy’s Payment research department 1-866-903-7463 fax number with the electronic tracer # 91409707771853 which was issued to Macy’s from ESL on 10/13/2015. This was faxed to 1-866-963-7463. I did not receive a response to this letter.
• December 2oth- received a new bill from Macy’s with new late fees.
• January 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 received call from Macy’s collections. I have since blocked this number.
• January 14- called Macy’s customer service spoke to Lisa Brown. She gave me headquarters fax. Once again, I am told there is no phone number to speak to a human to get this cleared up. She looked at my notes and back in my account and was appalled by the situation. She told me to fax and mail a hard copy.

I am requesting my account be reviewed immediately and this gets cleared up. I want a written confirmation that this was cleared up. I also want my credit report fixed and all these erroneous charges removed. As a long time Macy’s customer who has ALWAYS paid her bill on time and not even kept a balance the service I have received is astonishing. I will be closing my account when this is finally cleared up. I also will discontinue doing any shopping at your stores.

I have attached my previous correspondence/faxes with the message confirmation reports. (this is in the fax not the social media)
Please contact me to verify that you could reconcile my payment and that this matter is cleared up.


Paul De Maria, Jr. November 11, 2015 at 5:16 pm

I went for an interview this past Saturday, Nov 7, 2015, to the Baybrook Mall, Friendswood, TX Macy*s. The interview went fine, I sat with a manager named Sal. He said I would be a good fit for the job, and told me that M***a would contact me for a second interview.
On Monday evening at 6:21 pm, I received a phone call from the interviewing office (Executive Office) of the store that I interviewed at on Saturday. The young lady on the other end asked if I was still interested in the (Seasonal Service Ambassador) position. I thought that her question was odd considering I already had an interview, and was looking forward to M***a calling me in for a second interview. Albeit, I answered her “yes.” I went on to explain to her that I had an interview “on the 7th.” Confused as she was, she replied, “okay, I’ll put you on the calendar for the 7th, what time is good for you?” I corrected her, and explained that the 7th had passed, and that it was this past Saturday. I also told her who I had the interview with, and the results of that interview. She backpedaled, and said, “Oh, yeah, that is the reason we are calling.” She then proceeded to set me up for an appointment for today, Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015 at 11:30 am.
I went to the appointment and arrived 15 minutes early. First off, the girl behind the desk, C*****a, didn’t even have me on the schedule for an interview. Then, she didn’t even know if M***a was even there to conduct the interview. She told me to “have a seat in the other room.” I had to figure out which “other room” she was talking about because there are about 10 rooms there. I went and had a seat in the room that I was in Saturday. I waited about 10 minutes for someone to finally come in. That person was not M***a, but C*****a. She came over to me and sat down, saying, “I don’t have another room to talk to you in.” So she proceeded to tell me that “all the positions for SSA were filled.”
To add insult to injury considering all the mistakes, she proceeded to offer me a sales job. As an SSA, I would have been supervising the sales associates in each department. I asked her if it was a commission job. Without inquiring further, she automatically assumed that I wanted a commission job, I told her I did not. Then she said, “The only job I have that is commission is in ‘cosmetics’,” if I remember correctly.
I have no problem with the fact that Macy*s found a better fit for the job than myself. The problem that I have is that the managers and other staff wasted my time by not informing me ahead of time that the position had been filled. Apparently as well, they have no respect for me or themselves, in so many different ways which I will not get into at this point.
I am an insurance agent and my time is valuable. So much so that the three hours that I had set aside to get ready for, travel to, and be at the second interview could have be used by me for an appointment for my insurance job, or something else.
When I was interviewing with Sal on Saturday, he went on to explain that there is “Magic” at Macy*s, and that is what they want their employees to emulate to the customers. Well, if my experiences with the “Executive Office staff” are magic, then it is black magic because nobody at the Baybrook Mall Executive Office has a clue how to treat people wanting to work at a store that has been in business more than 100 yrs. Furthermore, there is not much in the way of organization, cohesiveness, or good management at the Baybrook Mall Macy*s.


Janice Paddock November 2, 2015 at 8:09 pm

I’ve been attempting to close my Macy’s account since June, when I mailed a payment (in full) along with my Macy’s card (cut up) and a letter telling them to close my account. I never received a response and, even after writing a second letter (unaswered), I continue to receive a bill each month with a $2.00 minimum charge added each month. I’ve emailed Customer Support with no response. I also tried several times to call their customer service department and the message was that all representatives are busy. Each time I was on hold for so long that I finally had to give up.

I have finally written to Terry Lundgren (CEO) in their corporate office, in the hopes that going to the top will get me a response and closure of my account. How sad that this company obviously cares so little about it’s customers and is obviously not concerned about losing them.


Deb November 9, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Has he replied? As I have just written him a letter also. Most horrible customer service known to mankind is @ They have put their “team” of customer service to the Phillipines, no one understands or speaks proper english.

Absurd! I will not be shopping at Macy’s anymore, not worth the aggravation; not when so many other stores are so easy to deal with.


Alondra Ramirez November 2, 2015 at 5:04 am



DANIEL WATANABE October 30, 2015 at 8:06 pm


I am Daniel Watanabe and I am mentally disabled and GAY! A hate crime occurred on 10/28/15 at 8:00pm by an associate working at the Michael Kors Department. I sent the complaint to corporate, but I am being ignored! I was asked how can you erase the memory of that day, which caused me to get into major depression for 2 days. I want that associate to pay for the 3 watches she sold me, so she learns and doesn’t get away with a slap on the wrist. I will be waiting for a response by the executive or anyone from corporate through via e-mail. Contact me as soon as possible


Lorna jones October 18, 2015 at 8:19 am

I bought a sofa from Macy’s and after a couple months the seats started separating and the sofa started breaking down.. I called customer service.. I took pictures and sent them showing it and they sent a technician that works as a contractor to my house to look at it. I am a small women under 140 lbs and am the only one that uses the sofa…he looked at it and took pictures and told me someone would get ahold of me. 3 days later a customer service rep called
me and told me it was normal wear and they would not replace it. I explained how unhappy I was and if I had bought anything in the store it would be replaced and I didn’t want money back just a comfortable sofa. Really? is that too much to ask for when you have paid hundreds of dollars for something? This letter would never be written if it was what it was supposed to be.
The customer service rep said he would talk to a supervisor and call me back in 2 days.. Of course I NEVER got that call and I called back in a week and there were no notes or any indication anyone was checking with anybody on anything..I was told that they would never give me a return( I didn’t want money back just the ability pick out a comfortable sofa) I told them again how unhappy I was and just wanted to get a different, comfortable sofa…they basically told me too bad…my sister just bought furniture from value city furniture and she was just unhappy with it… no problems and they returned it with other furniture to make her (the customer) happy…your customer service is horrible and I have read many bad reviews. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

Lorna Jones


L. DeSalvo October 12, 2015 at 6:24 pm

To: Terry J. Lundgren,

I have been a Macy’s customer for more than 40 years. I have noticed that your Customer Service and Sales Associate support has been declining recently when trying to buy business attire. I didn’t think it would carry over to the mattress dept. too! My husband and I bought a mattress on 9/30/2015, with a reasonable Sales Associate’s help. The fun started when we tried to get it delivered. We expected a 10/6 delivery, but received a call on 10/5 to reschedule to 10/10. I rearranged my work schedule again and waited for a delivery on 10/10. When the truck didn’t arrive, I called the number I was given and was told that the delivery had been cancelled. Mind you, I had received a delivery confirmation call the prior evening, along with an e-mail confirmation of delivery. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and talked to Latisse Garrison, who was of little help and very rude. She did not offer to delivery the mattress. In fact, my conversation with her has me contacting you. I think you should know that both my husband and I have cut up our Macy’s credit cards. We expect to be treated much better when we make such a purchase. Macy’s used to be a company that was respected. The lack of Customer Service or even care for your customers is appalling. We will take our business somewhere else. By the way, we went to Sleep Train on 10/11 and I now have a new mattress to sleep on, today is 10/12!


Linda DeSalvo


Simone Kaufman October 9, 2015 at 5:48 pm


I was emailed an account statement for $60.35 to my macys card when I already paid the full balance off in cash in store directly after the transaction was made. I no longer have a recepit and have spent numberous hours on the phone with multiple customer service representatives. I am beyond disgusted at the customer service I have recieved. I was basically called a liar and was transferred in circles to multiple incompetent customer service representatives. This payment was made in the walden galleria store in buffalo on August 16th. I believe it was for $53.35 around 1:30 p.m. I also keep being asked to go into the store even though I keep telling them I live in Toronto and I physically can not go into the store even if I wanted to.

Not one person knows how to help me in this situation, not even the supervisors I have spoken to. One particularly unhelpful supervisor I spoke to was Valarie Patricio who demonstrated ZERO sympathy and gave me a phone number I already phoned to try and help me, and I was put in the same circle. I am losing my patients and really do not know what to do anymore, as I already paid this balance in store and the customer service representatives I have spoken to are extremely useless to me in this situation. I can be reached at 416 454 3600. I expect a call back.


Carolyn September 28, 2015 at 10:40 am

Subject: RE: Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM) [Incident: 150917-003379]
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 09:16:38 -0500

In the reply below, your sentence is not finished. I would like to know what the rest of the sentence is. This incident literally took hours and hours for me, as well as Discover, to resolve. It truly caused a lot of upset nights when I woke up and could not go back to sleep, as well as anger during the day when I was dealing with this. The response below is appreciated, but you honestly can’t imagine how much upset this has caused me.
I don’t know how you will find out who the agent was that told me just to make a copy of the label, but I hope he is dealt with. I want to also tell you that when I told him I was shipped two comforters, and he told me that I wasn’t charged for both, he said,”This is your lucky day, just keep it.” My reply to him was, “I won’t do that, that is dishonest.” Your agent was willing to rob you of nearly $300.00. I have a friend who has had this happen twice with your company, they didn’t receive the merchandise on time, so they were told just to keep it and they wouldn’t be charged.
Your company seems to have a much bigger problem than just the absolutely awful experience I had.
I am glad this nightmare is over, but it should never have happened.

Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 04:54:11 -0400
Subject: Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM) [Incident: 150917-003379]


Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM)
Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.


Thanks for your email regarding order number 1101886763.
I understand the frustration that you have towards the situation. Please accept my deepest apologies for all the trouble. Upon checking on the order, I was able to verify that the whole order was already credited to your Discover card. A total of $281.87 was processed back to your account. I would like to also thank you for providing your feedback to us. We will make sure the the representative who instructed you about the return label.
I appreciate you taking the time to email us. If there’s anything else we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-289-6229, or email us at We’re here 7 days a week – 24 hours a day.
Thank You,
Alleah Bernardo Customer Service Supervisor
4:38 AM

In early March, I ordered the Tommy Bahama king size comforter. When my order came, it had been doubled. There were two enormous boxes delivered to me, each containing a comforter. One had the packing slip, the other had nothing in it.
The comforter did not look like it did on the site, so I called and talked to one of your company’s agents to see how to send it back, as you offer free return shipping. But-I had received TWO comforters, when I only had ordered ONE. I told him the situation. He told me that his records didn’t show that I had ordered, or been sent, two, only one comforter, and that I should keep the extra. I told him that I would NOT do that, that it was dishonest. (Although your agent said Macy’s records didn’t show I’d received two, they certainly did send that information to Discover.) When I again asked him how to send them back, he told me he was emailing me a packing slip. I said, but I need TWO slips. He told me just to make two copies of it. So-that’s what I did.
I took it to my local “Pack ‘n Ship” to be mailed. The lady that works there remembers my bringing these two enormous boxes in because she offered to come out to my car and help with the second one and teased me about the size. She did not look at the labels except to confirm that they were prepaid shipping labels.
So-the two boxes had the same labels, with the same tracking numbers on them. Somewhere in your return department or in the shipping of them, they were processed with that same tracking number and apparently because of that, it was tracked as ONE package instead of TWO. (They both had the SAME tracking number, get it?)
Today, I went back in to the Pack ‘n Ship, and the same lady and I discussed this issue. She told me that after I was in earlier and told her what had happened, (asking her if she remembered my mailing the packages, which I stated before, she had,) she told me this: She researched what your agent did, and what your agent had me do, using the same label for two separate packages, is mail fraud, a FEDERAL OFFENSE. I asked her if I would be in trouble, and she said, no, that the company, MACY’S, is responsible, and is LIABLE.
I expect for this matter to be resolved in my favor and for me NOT to be charged. I have been dealing with it since March. Discover has been backing me completely. I have never disputed a charge with them before. When I called them to tell them the results of the conversation I had for over an hour with another one of your agents, Friday, September 11, when I was told that this matter would be found in my favor, the Discover dispute department representative told me if they didn’t hear within 15 days that this issue has been resolved, (from the 11th,) that they, Discover, are going to deal with Macy’s.
Please remember, the agent representing your company, hired by you, which you have to take responsibility for his actions, has committed an action which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, and this is punishable by law. See below:

Fraud statement on the Federal Express label:

“Warning: Use only the printed original label for shipping. Using a photocopy of this label for shipping purposes is fraudulent and could result in additional billing charges, along with the cancellation of your FedEx account number.”
I expect this issue to be resolved in my favor.


> Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 05:26:44 -0400
> From:
> Subject: Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM)
> Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you regarding order #
> 1101886763.
> We appreciate your continuous patronage at and understand
> completely that not all purchases work out for the best. We would like
> to apologize that the credit for the Tommy Bahama Home, Bamboo Breeze
> King Comforter Set, Pale Aqua, Web ID: 935769, UPC: 883893265011, qty 1
> that you returned is not yet received. However, please be advised that
> we need to obtain the valid tracking number of your return, or a proof
> of return. Once we receive the necessary information, we will gladly
> continue processing your request for credit.
> If there’s anything else we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate
> to call us at 1-800-289-6229, or email us at
> We’re here 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
> Thank You,
> Frances Ann Alfaro
> Customer Service


Andre September 26, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I’ve closed my account and made all payments. Confirmation # 230866330. All dates reflecting illegal charges to my account were posted after zero balance and closed account dates. I’ve emailed many times expressing my concern not to make this something bigger, it is only mostly in your benefit. I just am trying to increase credit rating to purchase house and don’t need illegal charges stopping me from doing that. It’s that simple. I also have them fixing this before and apologizing that it would not happen again…and it did. Please show closed account, stop illegal charges or somehow get me off your software automatic cycle. I do have over 472 contacts with similar situations and really don’t want to take the time out to further research them. Which will not be hard. I’ve done my research. I really don’t want to get a large amount of people involved in this. I just want no more emails and things closed, as they ALREADY were and should be. Thank you. Andreea****


shanika f September 24, 2015 at 6:25 pm

To CEO. Terry Lundgren, CFO. Karen M Hoguet and COO. Thomas L Cole
i purchased a mattress set online from macy’s . it was delivered on 9-2-2015. slept on mattress 1 night (awful).on 9-3 and 9-4 2015, tried to contact macy’s to come and get it or let me get another one. sent emails, called on the phone, nothing. finally talked to someone 9-24-2015( today), after being put through hell for 3 weeks, they acted as if they did not want to help me at all . acted as if i inconvenience them by calling and complaining.
well, after all the anxiety and stress, they made a date to pick the mattress set up on 9-28-2015 without even suggesting an exchange. (how rude).they are charging me all kinds of erroneous fees as punishment for not being happy with the mattress.i am the one who is inconvenienced and now i have to pay for it also and sleep on the floor. is there any way you could help me resolve this issue? been a loyal customer for many years. this is the first time i have had an issue so bad.and made me this upset.this was a big sale and apparently too good to be true. i thought all macy’s products were top of the line no matter how much it cost. this set was on sale for 297.00, i slept on it 1 night and they put me through torture. thank you please reply asap.CEO Terry Lundgren
shanika f


Brandi September 24, 2015 at 10:43 am

Went to Macy’s 9-23-15 to make an appointment for face make up! It was 1:00 when I got in macys going to Mac to make my appointment she went to the book and told me it was a 5:00 pm available…I took the apointment she told me tobe their on time because she had an 5:30 appointment as well No Problem!! I get Back to Macy’s @4:50 p.m appointmdnt at 5:00 WASNT seated til 5:10 p.m! The Worker told her co worker she was going to get a smoothie Real quick and she’ll be back. the store started to get busy and the lady still Left! The 1 worker handled the customers and then began to ask me a couple of questions a couple of lady’s came in she handled That then went to do or try out make up on Sumone else that came In The store!! Still in the chair its 5:30 now And the 5:30 isn’t Their Yet! She comes back over to me puts like 5 or 6 products on a palet…a woman comes in with an exchange she does that! Finally it’s 5:45pm the 5:30 shows up and is seated and is told she has a 10 minute wait time!!! By This time I’m feeling uncomfortable and Saddened! She goes to the register looks in boxes then at 6:11 pm she began to ou on concealer colored my brows and on a water base shimmer lip stick & Gloss! I literally sat in Mac for Almost 2 hours for a 10 minute face paint?? #byeMacys #ByeMac spent almost 55 dollars on 2 lipstick & a gloss I could have spent my hard earned mo ey else where


Amador Rivera September 15, 2015 at 5:23 pm

I’m appalled seeing that most large companies abd even smaller ones offer veterans a discount on purchases but Macy’s doesn’t.

While Macy’s prides it’s self during the 4th of July, president day etc…. but Macy’s doesn’t show its thanks to veterans.

I called the cooperate office and I was told that they have nothing for veterans. Home Depot, Jiffy Lube, contractors etc… just to name a few honors veterans but your company doesn’t.


Susan Burg September 15, 2015 at 3:30 pm

WORST customer service I have ever experienced, EVER! I reported my card stolen on August 24th. They were going to send me a new card. Two days later, apparently, someone phones customer service and wants to know about the account. Do you think bells would go off and they would call me to verify? Of course not. Now we’re in September and I call to see where my new card is. I’m told it went out on the 30th of August. So, I decide to wait a few days because of the holiday, maybe it got help up in the mail. Fast forward to the current nightmare. I call and am told that my card was never sent, due to it being stolen, and that my account has been locked. Today is August 15th and I have been on the phone two hours trying to get them to unlock my account! I have spoken with 5 people and none of them can do a thing about it. Also, since they have updated, and I use the term lightly because it’s a terrible system, my payment due date has been changed without notice and I have been charged late fees on my account. I have been asked some of the dumbest damn questions ever today and last night. After recounting my story and having my information verified countless times I have had been asked if I reported the card stolen, if the card is still in my possession, if I have moved, if I understand that I needed to report the card as stolen. . .At this point I have been on the phone for 2 hours and 34 minutes and I am being transferred to the credit department again because they want to discuss my past due balance, which I have already spoken to someone about and pointed out that there would be no past due balance if I had known that they changed my date, a letter, an email, something! Total phone time getting this straightened out 2 hours 45 minutes! And, I still don’t know if it’s straightened out.


Stan Urban, Ph.D. August 31, 2015 at 11:21 am

Many eloquent complaints re: Macy’s dropping Trump. Here is my card, cut up The company should read the Constitution. Just dropping Trump is like a tantrum. How about discussing the data behind his comments.


Bernice hampton August 14, 2015 at 3:13 pm

Has anyone in the new Distribution Center in Tulsa (Owasso), Oklahoma had any negative experience in actually starting to work Once you have been hired??


Chris Barron August 1, 2015 at 11:17 pm

LOSERS!! Hahaha Donald Trump will have the last laugh on you. I hope your Macy’s Day Parade is finally terminated like it should have been the day you started importing from China. Terry you are such a spineless individual you should be ashamed of yourself and resign from the company as you put your personal fears above and beyond your customer base! Like I wrote.. loser. I am so happy I don’t have a Macys card.. I don’t shop and Macys and now never will and several years ago made a very wise financial decision against Macys. God bless America and may Macys get what they deserve.


Ed B. July 30, 2015 at 7:03 pm

I complained to you about your decision to terminate your relationship with Mr Trump. You stated the comments made by Mr Trump violated Macy’s values. I also now find out that Macy donates to Planned Parenthood. Recently released videos show that PP now sells the dismembered body parts of aborted babies for profit. Does any of this activity go against Macy’s values?

Call anytime,



Betty A. July 23, 2015 at 7:26 pm

As a nonlipstick wearing baby boomer customer and a woman who at a millenial age began shopping with Field’s and continued with Macy’s, I can tell you that your financial issue is not make-up or technology. It is product and service.

You have restructured your stores to look like the cracker aisles of supermarkets – one brand of cracker in variety flavors lines 2/3 of the shelves; what happened to other lines?

As a tech savvy adult, my last on-line purchase with you was a horrific indication of your lack of service. I ordered two items to wear on vacation and after purchasing both (checked the delivery date) was later emailed that one product would now not arrive until I was on vacation. I called to cancel it as I did not want it sitting on my doorstep. The run-around I got was beyond exasperation. I immediately requested a manager who could resolve the issue and had to explain myself to Jane (cut me off at the 15 minute mark by putting me on permanent hold), Olivia (told me she’d take care of it and call me back – never did), another person who sent me to Josephina who sent me to Crystal who after 26 minutes sent me to Michelle who still would not connect me to a manager. After 35 minutes of conversation with her and me continuing to request a manager (and over 3 hours on the phone over a two day period), she told me the item was not in stock any more and wouldn’t be shipped. That was a stunning lie! Your rep training program needs an ethical component as well as a customer service component. Jane had already told me the product was in shipping. The item was delivered while I was on vacation.

The items were all returned to you – after I hunted down a store clerk (very nice but working 3 departments at the same time). I repurchased them on Amazon.

As I said, product and service. And now, politics?!!! You are losing more than the millenials. You are losing the boomers, their children and their grandchildren. And now you are losing all those who would defend free speech. What once was a lovely experience and a right of passage is dead. Shame on you for destroying that!


andreacarter July 20, 2015 at 2:54 pm

Mr. Lundgren, what an ignorant decision you made! Have cut up our Macy’s card and have returned a recent purchase from my local Macy’s. We will not be spending any more of our hard earned money at any of your stores! We can buy Donald Trumps clothes elsewhere. Wonder if the illegals your supporting will make you as profitable as law abiding Americans……..Huge mistake!


Michael schmitz July 18, 2015 at 1:44 pm

I am extremely upset that you chose to cancel Donald Trumps line as a reult of his exercising his First Amendment right. A punishing and horrible way to limit free speech. Had the Trump line failed to sell, as a result of his statements, i i might understand pulling his line. That would be seen as an economic response. But you made a judgement that suppresses free speech. How horrible! I will shop elsewhere.
M. Schmitz


david July 18, 2015 at 3:13 am

THE ABSOLUTE DISGUST I have by the decisions made by the executives at macys is beyond words….20 plus years of shopping there are OVER!


Russ VandenToorn July 16, 2015 at 11:54 am

I bought my first product online from Macy’s. It will be my last after they announced the problems they have with Trump. Its to bad, he is the only one who dares to tell it like it really is. The others tell people what they want to hear for political motivation for themselves. We need more people like Trump, I hope America wakes up


David L. Lyons July 16, 2015 at 8:30 am

I wish to add my family’s name to the list of folks who wont be shopping at your stores anymore. Your assinine decision to place political correctness above running a retail store drove my decision. CEO. your store aint that great for you to make such a stupid mistake. Walmare, target, and Kmart is kicking your ass as it is. In the few times that I have visited a Macy’s there were not many Mexicans there. So, why are they so important? More important than the hardworking Americans who pay taxes? Big mistake, big consequences.


Norm July 15, 2015 at 11:27 pm

I am an individual who believes in personal conviction, veracity and in the dictate of legal immigration. All legal immigrants shall be given the right to pursue happiness as a US citizen provided they comply with the laws of this nation and work to contribute to the economic and social advancement of our society and posterity. The federal, state and local government’s wanton contempt and disregard for our current immigration laws and protocol is reprehensible. Policies that disregard the apprehension and deportation of illegal aliens who commit crimes or work illegally while entering and residing in this country respectively should be disdained. Donald Trump’s candid remarks were spoken with passion, clarity and truth. The escalating problem of illegal immigration continues to undermine the sanctity of the constitution; the sovereignty of this Country and the will of the people.

I have strong convictions when it involves holding those accountable for making egregious, deleterious statements that focus on distorting or misinterpreting fact to merely leverage populism; or, cater to a frivolous political correctness guided only by zealous emotion. Thus, no company, under any cirXXXXstances, should promote, advocate or encourage the legitimacy of such policies that degrade or cede our nation’s sovereignty or security.

Mr. Lundgren, Macy’s response to the Media’s misleading and vilified interpretation of Donald’s Trump statements specific to the antithetical consequences of illegal immigration are specious. Certainly, you understand that under these cirXXXXstances Macy’s must be held accountable for making a misguided, ad hoc decision that ends your relationship with Donald Trump. Consequently, I will cease to patronize Macy’s and encourage others to do the same. The loss of my business along with many others will hopefully encourage you as well as Macy’s to rethink your continued support for the countervailing, ideologically-driven policies that seek to undermine our Nation’s laws; compromise America’s safety, and (above all) diminish Constitutional observance.

A former Customer


Sue Barnhart July 15, 2015 at 10:32 pm

My entire family has decided to terminate our shopping relationship with Macy’s, ever since their CEO has decided to focus his attention on silencing American freedom-of-speech instead of his retailing business.

It is a sad day when corporate bigwigs–like so many Hollywood’s actors–think they have the right to dictate to hard-working, tax-paying citizens what they can or can not do, what they can or can not say … or believe. So Mr. Terry Lundgren: per my American right of freedom of shopping, you can stick your retail where the sun don’t shine. Forever!


Phyllis M. Coviello July 15, 2015 at 7:29 pm

Dear Mr. Lungren:
It is with deep regret that I have to inform you I will no longer be shopping at Macy’s. I have informed my relatives and friends that in my opinion your company no longer stands for the Constitution and our First Amendment rights. I will continue to campaign that all good Americans should abandon shopping at your store for this reason. I have always shopped at your store first because I saw it as American through and through. Your resent treatment of Mr. Donald Trump is a glaring example telling me and others that your bottom line, money, counts.
Make no mistake I am no true blue supporter of Mr. Trump, but I am a true supporter of the Constitution of the United States. The first Amendment guarantees the right to speak. The action of Macy’s to cut Mr. Trump from your store was a big mistake. Look at the Internet, he spoke the truth, Miss Kate Steinle and over 250 more Americans have been murdered at the hands of the illegal immigrants in this country. His statements about the drug traffic iare also true. Check the news his life has been threatened by the Cartel.
Your company is watching the bottom line, if enough Americans boycott your store you might have to close more stores next year. Remember Americans support your bottom line not the illegals they shop in the dollar stores. For the record I have been a client since 1980 and have spent thousands of dollars in your store no more.


Mark Anthony Jones July 15, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Dear Chairman & CEO Terry Lundgren:

It has come to my attention that Macy’s has dropped the merchandising deal it has had in place with Donald Trump. I am not necessarily a fan of Donald Trump per se. However I am MUCH LESS a fan of companies led by gutless leadership that cowers to bullies fed by the time given to them by the LIBERAL RACE BAITING media. Donald Trump is an America icon in business and may soon be legitimate in politics as well. That remains to be seen. What does not remain to be seen are companies that capitulate to liberal interest groups without understanding that the bullies DO NOT represent the majority of the buying public.

I am Chairman of the largest County Republican Party in the State of Missouri. Our county in 4 years has moved from fully establishment to 80% tea party (50% libertarian) and 20% establishment. What has happened in our county is happening all over this country. We are tired of being pushed around by bullies and weak politicians and a new generation is coming up through the ranks. We do not take kindly to bullying whether it over illegals taking our legal immigrants jobs or whether its bullying people over what flag they wave. FREE SPEECH is still a right in this country.

Do you not see the crowds Donald Trump is gathering? I hope they are cutting up their Macy’s cards. I don’t have one or I would do so as well. I do shop there from time to time, but will not in the future unless you get some intestinal fortitude and stand up for what is right. It is time for Macy’s to get a clue and reverse the Trump merchandise deal – or you will suffer the consequences from the real public. Macy’s has cowered to bullies and you should be ashamed to be so GUTLESS.


Rudi Baumbach July 15, 2015 at 12:14 pm

Dear Macy’s executive leadership team in particular Mr. Lundgren ~

I am absolutely disgusted with your recent PC/left wing BS decision to remove any association with Donald Trump. I may not support him or believe everything he says is truthful, but for you to sink so low and jump ship out of fear is cowardly. I have never believed in boycotting, but have now HAD IT with the liberal agenda.

I will no longer shop at any of your stores, or your website and will spend my money elsewhere.

You are pathetic! looking to find your email address I came across your executive team. Funny….not that it matters as I don’t believe in affirmative action as i find it racist in itself, but I don’t see one minority executive that is part of your team.

Funny, as well as somewhat ironic, don’t you think?


William C. Gaines July 14, 2015 at 6:46 pm

Dear Mr. Lundgren,
As long-time, loyal Macy’s customers, it is with no small amount of regret that I have been compelled to destroy our Macy’s card, and close our accounts with your firm.
Your company has made a serious error in judgement in regards to their feeble and unjust attempt to silence Mr. Donald Trump. The right to free speech applies to every person who lives under the protection of our great Constitution. Your decision to use these bullying tactics to silence decent, honest, conservative Americans, like Mr. Trump, is unforgivable, immoral, and extremely un-American. I can only asume that you and your company only want to deal with people who are liberal, and politically correct. Therefore, I feel sure that you do not want the business of people who believe as my wife and myself. Therefore, my longtime relationship with Macy’s has come to a sad, unnecessary end due to your company’s lack of belief in a person’s freedom of speech.
I am convinced that you, Macy’s, and the people responsible for your cowardly, punitive action, will regret the stance you have taken for many years to come. You have my sympathy!


Judi Gregor July 14, 2015 at 5:59 pm

I did not like that Donald Trump was dropped from Macy’s I do not believe in all of his political views, but what I do believe is that he has the right to Freedom Of Speech.
Macy’s does not have the right to silence him. Mr. Lundgren has overstepped his boundaries by trying to intimidate Mr. Trump. I have been a Macy’s shopper for years, but I will not be shopping at Macy’s anymore. Mr. Trump has the courage to stand up for Americans and not be controlled by people like Mr. Lundgren who has no backbone to stand up for our freedom. I defend Mr. Trump for speaking out in defense of Americans. Mr. Lundgren stick with retail and stop trying to control Freedom of Speech.


Dawn Jordan July 14, 2015 at 1:21 pm

We at Borchert Field gardens are trying to through a big bag give away here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for our underprivileged children in the area. My colleagues and myself Dawn Jordan, active , member of the community will like to know if you woube interested in helping in this event by providing at least 200 hundred book bags to our cause. For questions and and more inquiries please reach me.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Dawn Jordan


Vivian July 14, 2015 at 9:46 am

Try living next to illegal, then tell me Donald Trump didnt speak the truth! I will no longer be shopping at MACYS!


david July 18, 2015 at 3:08 am

I too will NO longer be shopping at Macys….The dumbs most myopic view they could have made, fro what? To be PC? I see the stock plummeting before filing BK


Deborah Robinson July 14, 2015 at 9:27 am

I will no longer be a customer of Macy’s.

How dare you cancel Mr. Trumps product lines because you do not support FREEDOM OF SPEECH and HIS OPINION


David July 13, 2015 at 11:15 pm

dear CEOs of Macy’s I hope your stocks will dive when your shareholders realize that you bleeding customers left and right and fire you. On positive note I’ve heard there job opening at “La raza ”
Good luck ….. Big mistake big mistake …. Huge


david July 18, 2015 at 3:09 am

amen DAVID


Jim July 13, 2015 at 11:53 am

Either you are for protecting innocent US citizens from illegal alien criminals (illegal immigrants that commit heinous crimes upon legal residents and citizens), or you are against it.

You have spoken. Your priority is to protect the alien criminals at the cost of crimes against citizens in the name of political correctness, by breaking ties with the one and only politician that has spoken the truth about what’s really happening. Really. You should do your own independent research (not the NY times, BTW); actual research of what’s really going on…and why.

Thank goodness for competition. Never buying a product from you again is no inconvenience to me, since you have plenty of competitors whom have not taken such a preposterous position as you have.

Just shameful. You should be hanging your heads in your hands with shame and embarrassment. I can bet you’re not, because you’re more motivated by political correctness than protecting the lives of legal residents and citizens against ILLEGAL aliens. (Please note that when I’m referencing “legal residents,” I’m speaking about LEGAL immigrants, not ILLEGAL aliens.)

It took the murder of Kathyrn Steinle to put a face on what’s been going on and happening to tens-hundreds of thousands of citizens by illegal aliens. Not that they’re all murdered, but they are heinous crimes none-the-less, whether a gang killing, drug related crime, getting hit by a drunk illegal alien driver, raped by an illegal alien, or a whole plethora of other crimes, none of which would have happened if the illegal criminal alien was not in the country. In Texas alone, there have been more than 600,000 crimes by illegal aliens *in just one state* since Obama has been president (or there-about). Research it. If you really have any heart whatsoever, you will reverse your ridiculous (incredulous) position and apologize for your politically “correct” stance. Again, just shameful.


Sally July 13, 2015 at 11:28 am


I will no longer be shopping at Macy’s since I now know you represent illegals! Over the years I have found shopping on 34th street in NYC to be less interesting anyway, other than the Trump shirts and ties that my husband loves. You haven’t stopped me from buying from Mr Trump…I will just stop buying them from you!!


Kim July 13, 2015 at 11:23 am

I just graduated college and received my Macy’s credit card last year. Growing up I always thought Macy’s was a very respectable business. Now that I know they are cowards who defend an AMERICAN CITIZEN being shot by an illegal alien, I will NEVER shop there again. I have a lot of years left to be shopping and I won’t waste a minute of it shopping somewhere who doesn’t defend America and our constitution. My Macy’s credit card is now cut up in my trash can waiting for garbage day.


Jennifer Daudel July 13, 2015 at 11:17 am

I have shopped Macy’s for over 50 years. I will no longer associate with a store who does not represent Americas best interest and defends breaking the law!! Caving to this type of rhetoric is destroying this country and you can be a part of it without my money!


Karen Lee Buncy July 12, 2015 at 9:25 pm

It was my understanding that Macy’s is a business. If this is true, then WHY did you all decide to get involved in politics? Dropping Donald Trump is ridiculous!! I will no longer be doing business with Macy’s as long as this type of political maneuvering is being conducted. I simply want to purchase a product and not be “schooled” on political correctness as per a store where I once shopped. I am an educated American who can make those choices on my own.


Janice July 12, 2015 at 1:23 pm

I will never shop at Macy’s again. I live in California where the illegal aliens have raped our state dry. Mabey if Trump were elected we could punish those who break the law and become a great state again.
How dare you attempt to speak for all Americans!


Dale Klein July 12, 2015 at 10:35 am

Mr. Lundgren,
Due to the ease in which you fold to a political agenda, I have cut up my Macys card and will no longer be visiting your store, even if it’s to walk through to enter a Mall. This is not necessarily a letter in support of Mr. Trump, as I would be wiping Macys off my list of preferred stores regardless of who it was to which you turned your back on because you might lose customers. A leader should have integrity, being able to stand tall against ANY push to conform by threatening financial loss. You have shown that your pocket weighs more than your conscience – or is it that you lack a conscience? It will be interesting to watch you run scared more and more as the pressure continues for you to conform to an agenda. And when they finally come for you and there is no one left to stand by YOUR side, I shall raise my cup in celebration of your comeuppance!

Dale Klein


M. Laureen July 11, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Mr. Lundgren,

I will be disassociating myself from your company and removing all Macy’s advertising web banners from my website today. I don’t wish to associate with a company that cowers under political correctness– you don’t represent or serve me or other “real” Americans. I am not a fan of Donald Trump–he is a crass man with a lot of money, but he speaks the truth. In your statements you refer to the intruders as, “immigrants.” No sir, they are illegals. We like LEGAL immigrants, not the current influx of illegals who are straining our finances, bringing diseases and crime into our country.


William Seward July 10, 2015 at 3:25 pm

Macy’s is a department store, not the PC police and certainly not the protector of free speech. Stick to selling your products and leave the decisions on Donald Trump to the public. I for one will never shop there again.


L. Bush July 10, 2015 at 10:29 am

I have enjoyed shopping at Macy’s for years now, since it replaced Marshall Field’s here in the Chicago area. But no longer will I shop at Macy’s.

We live in a country that USED to allow FREE SPEECH. Now that is being changed by businesses who attempt to control our right to free speech through bullying tactics. Mr. Trump spoke the TRUTH when saying a number of Mexicans coming into our country in recent years are not upright people with good intentions to live honorably. He also said that, yes, there were some good people, along with the bad people, coming in from Mexico. But even if I don’t like the way he said it, I thought we lived in a country with free speech. It is alarming how businesses are trying to silence people.

I am so disappointed in Macy’s for dropping the Trump line of clothes. My family will not shop at Macy’s ever again. Nordstroms and Carson Pirie Scott are wonderful department stores in this area. They will receive my family’s business from now on. I am spreading the word to others as well. Farewell to Macy’s.


Charles Long July 9, 2015 at 6:18 pm

Shame on Macys you all punish Trump for speaking his mind. I have had a Macys Card for 15 years you can have it. You are a retailer not judge and jury on free speach, He nevet said all Mexicans were bad he said some which is true. If you break our laws and enter illegally you are a criminal if you and your bleeding hearts don t like the law change it. You are pigs.


deb brown July 9, 2015 at 9:27 am

Mr. Lungren, I will never shop at Macy’s again because you decided to punish Donald Trump for standing up for Americans and speaking the truth. Obviously you do not believe in the Constitution of the United States, and you support criminal behavior that places all Americans at risk, including YOUR loved ones.I hope the illegals that you love so much shop at Macy’s because Americans will no longer support your anti-American views. Your lack of support for Americans and our laws make me sick! Deb Brown


Fallon Thompson July 8, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Good Morning,

I went to Macy’s in Fort Worth yesterday to purchase some shoes. The sales person was very helpful and kind. When I went to pay out I tried to use a Macy’s gift card my grandmother had given me for a birthday a few years back. You see my grandparents and parents are avid Macy’s shoppers. So I assume that is why she gifted me a gift card to your store. I however do not shop there frequently. I had a gift card that I found in an old purse and decided I would go use it. It was for 50 after all. When I tried to use it for my shoes, the lady said it must have expired because it wasn’t working, and that sometimes when you purchase Macy’s gift cards from an outside vendor that happens. Well I had just found the gift card and read the pamphlet it came in and it stated that they do not expire. I called to verify the amount and it was indeed correct and 50 dollars. I was transferred to Macy’s customer service, and they informed that they could indeed see the amount and that the card had not been used but that there was a hold on the account and they would not be able to release it without proof of purchase and that it was purchased in 2012. All I needed to do was run into the store that “I” bought it from, use the same credit card and have them print a receipt and they would re-activate it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? DO YOU KNOW HOW LUDRICOUS THAT SOUNDS!! FIRST OF ALL IT IS A ” GIFT” CARD, WHICH MEANS IT WAS A GIFT AND I DON ‘T HAVE THE PROOF OF PURCHASE….. SECONDLY IT WAS FROM 2012 WHO HAS RECIEPTS FROM 3 YEARS AGO. I ASSURE YOU, YOU DO NOT! THIRD, CREDIT CARDS CHANGE ALL THE TIME, EXPIRE, ARE COMPRIMISED AND YOUR FORCED TO CHANGE THEM. NONE OF WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM IS SIMPLE. MY GRANDMOTHER IS NOT WELL AND IS 88 YEARS OLD AND THEY JUST WANTED ME TO CALL HER AND HAVE HER FIGURE IT OUT. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED SO RUDLEY AND HAD SUCH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE OVER THE PHONE. I WAS TRANSFERED TO A SPECIALIST, THEN A SUPERVISOR, THEN A MANAGER, AFTER I ASKED FOR A MANAGER FROM THE GET GO. Even your employee behind the counter advised me to keep calling you, advised that she would be on the floor if she had to throw ten dollars in the trash, and I’m having to throw away 50!! If you can’t except a card because it expires that makes more sense than putting a hold in it until proof of purchase is found! That is crazy, you wasted my grandmothers money, my gift card, and you will lose ALL of my family and friends business after this email goes out. 50 dollars is nothing to Macy’s but was a lot to me and the way your staff addressed the issue and the way Macys chose to handle and it walk away from the issue saying there hands were tied, well that is enough for me to be DONE! Not let me see how we can help, or we could put you in touch with. ZERO EFFORT WAS MADE! AND NOW I HAVE TO THROW 50 DOLLARS AWAY , KNOWING IT’S ON THE CARD, YOU JUST CHOSE NOT TO EXCEPT IT. YOU SURE DIDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM TAKING MY GRANDMOTHERS MONEY TO PURCHASE IT. AND IF YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE OUTSIDE VENDOR POLICIES MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T SELL GIFT CARDS TO THEM. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO INSULTED, EMBARRASED AND TREATED SO POORLY AT ANY DEPARTMENT STORE.


Dan July 8, 2015 at 11:53 am

I cut up our Macy’s credit cards.
No one in my family will shop in a Macy’s store again.
Brilliant, you run off the people who have the money to purchase what you sell. If your false and misguided since for what it is to a caring human being and good Ametcian allows you to sleep better, then so be it. I only hope you and your pillow are soon located in another country.


Melissa Higginbotham July 7, 2015 at 6:57 pm

Dear CEO;

Your position to punish free speech i.e. Donald Trump, has resulted in my family refusing to shop at your stores. By the way, I have a very large extended family and your actions have not gone unnoticed.

Melissa Higginbotham


Jeanne Reade July 7, 2015 at 6:24 pm

I have cut up my Macy’s Card and I am mailing it to Mr. Lundgren CEO @ 7 W Seventh Street, Cincinnati, OH 445202.

I will not shop at Macy’s ever again and I am encouraging friends to do the same.
Disgusting. A real violation of free speech.


Sue Painter July 7, 2015 at 5:58 pm

I choose to not support Macy’s Company because finally we get a man (Donald Trump) not afraid of speaking the truth and Macy’s is caving to be PC. How sad is this! What happened to Freedom of Speech? Well I have the Freedom to not shop at your stores anymore and I won’t!


CarolM July 7, 2015 at 3:21 pm

I am sorry Macy’s has joined the ‘politically correct’ movement in this country. We just celebrated our right to free speech July 4, and whether you agree with Donald Trump or not, he had every right to issue the comments he made. He was not speaking of all Mexicans – he was speaking of illegal immigrants – and our woefully inadequate enforcement of current immigration laws and the porous border that politicians fail to address. I will no longer be shopping at Macy’s.


Susan Dessing July 7, 2015 at 1:33 pm

Do we not live in a country that has freedom of speech? I believe Donald Trump has courage to stand up and speak the truth what is happening in this country! I have a Macy’s card but don’t know that I need it any longer. I will throw it aside just like you have done to Mr. Trump! This country has problems we need these problems fixed and the only way is to have someone to stand up and fight for us that are US citizens!


Dyan July 7, 2015 at 9:55 am

Dear Mr. Lundgren,

It is very disconcerting to hear of your decision to sever ties with Donald Trump over his recent comment on illegal immigrants. Should you choose to educate yourself on the topic there is factual data available from a variety of sources. Mr. Trump is a smart man with connections. No doubt he did his homework before stepping into dialogue on the subject of immigration.

However, I am more concerned about your cowering to the PC agenda, which at its roots is a Marxist ideology taken to the marketplace. As I write, our nation still has a working constitution and I would like to remind you of the First Amendment: which covers free speech. A quote attributed to Voltaire: I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it.

The consequences of your decision will be evident at the next shareholders meeting when you must explain your decision to break ties with a leading brand for reasons of political correctness because, and I’ll use the current buzz words, “inclusiveness and diversity and all…” Macy’s stock will tumble for sure as millions of people – hard working Americans fed up with the track this country has been on – choose to buy elsewhere.

I prefer to think of it as a “BUYCOTT” rather than “BOYCOTT.” A Buycott means I will BUY from businesses that represent my values. Clearly, this will not be at companies that do not approve of the First Amendment such as Macy’s.

It is hoped that this experience will provide growth opportunities for you and whomever you had counseling you on this horrific decision.

With money to spend and friends to influence,

PS. I’ve already closed my account; cards went in the trash.


Jan D. July 6, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Donald Trump is correct. Why Macys is opposed to stopping illegal aliens is very concerning. I imagine there will be many cut up Macys cards unless there is a public apology to Mr. Trump. Sad to see that Macys is joining in the destruction of America.


Mary C July 6, 2015 at 2:52 pm

To CEO Lundgren…..
You may not like what Donald Trump has to say…..but it’s called “FREE SPEECH” or does that only count when it is coming from Liberals! Why don’t you speak with the father, in San Francisco, that held his dying daughter in his arms as sucXXXXbed to the gun shot wound by an Illegal alien, who had a long history of violence and had been deported 6 times.
So, when is Macy’s removing Sean Combs line.
I will no longer shop at Macy’s because of your lack of acceptance of other people’s views.


Jim Carnine July 5, 2015 at 11:30 pm

Dear Macy’s
I am extremely upset about how you through Mr. Trump overboard. Now I get to do my part and shop at Sears or Nordstroms or Penny’s or any other store. Go ahead and play your PC politics.


Barb B. July 5, 2015 at 7:17 pm

I am tired of paying the way for a lot of illegals and was thrilled to hear Donald Trump make the statements he did. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said. It is time for our government to stand up for its own people, quit being so politically correct, and stop trying to figure out ways to make illegals more comfortable here.
I will no longer shop at Macys because I think they are supposed to be selling merchandise….not making political statements. Or would they like to foot the bill for all the costs associated with illegals? It would probably make Mr. Lundgren rethink his comments. It seems that some businesses want to make a buck at the expense of others.


Elizabeth sisk July 5, 2015 at 2:57 pm

If people like Sean Combs and Jay Zee reflect your views but a decent,non criminal honest petson like Donald Trump does not then I nor my family nor anyone I know wants to deal with your store be cause YOU do not reflect OUR views and beliefs with the rude criminal elements that you choose to align with. Macys would have been better off to avoid the “P.C.” game that everyone seems to want to play and just stayed with the retail bussiness. Its a game that destroys the player because no matter what you choose SOMEONE is going to be lose.


sharman Rodriguez July 4, 2015 at 7:02 pm

My parents were legal immigrants. The father of my children was a legal immigrant. I shop at Macy’s all the time, both online and in the dept. store. I purchase everything from housewares to women’s and children’s clothing to holiday and wedding gifts. It has always been my favorite place to shop. I am saddened to say that I cannot shop at your store any longer. I am NOT a fan of Donald Trump. I never have been. But I am disheartened to learn that Macy’s has joined that particular group in left wing politics who have all gone to the same School of Correct Thought and who fail to cherish our freedom of speech.
I may not agree with what Trump says. But I defend his right to say it.


Tom Phillips July 4, 2015 at 12:34 pm

To CEO Lundgren and his cronies: Donald Trump has the courage to speak the truth, something you lack. Try defending your country instead of disguising yourself as a person of moral character. Big business is rapidly destroying this great country you phony.


Deborah DaDeppo July 13, 2015 at 8:42 pm

No more shopping at Macys for me!!! Always been my favorite store but since you had to get involved with politics will no longer shop at your store!!!


Lynn Delgadillo July 3, 2015 at 9:07 pm

Bye bye Macys or should I say adios? I will never shop at your stores again. Donald Trump took a stand and apparently you are to and I see where your allegiance lies. Got a feeling your days are numbered. By the way our family is of Hispanic descent…. legally.


anne July 3, 2015 at 7:44 pm

Sorry macys. You think you can control speech. You cannot control my money. I will not be in your stores anymore. It is really unfortunate because I only shopped Macys. I hope you are firing everyone in your cooporation that might mispeak .


Peg July 3, 2015 at 7:04 pm

I am ashamed of Macy’s for bowing to the polically correct pundits. Why not stand for the truth in the statement and emphasize that there are many valued people who come from south of the border. Do we have a huge problem with drug traffic and the drug dealers? Weren’t several young people, male and female raped coming over the border, weren’t people dying out there from being abandoned? Weren’t murders occurring ? Aren’t they still going on? Are t you outrage at number of children with no families? You are a disgrace to boycott Donald Trump . This is what he was talking about. He also said good people were coming too. He didn’t call the “good people” or any of them too stupid to take better jobs as I heard a democrat say. She didn’t get criticized for that. If you boycot this man, I boycot you. You are ignorant.


Damien Parker July 3, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I wil no longer be shopping at Macy’s or ANY affiliate of Macy’s. Our wish list and registry will now go elsewhere. Freedom of speech?? Our Constitution??

I will say that real Leadership means making hard choices. The choice to NOT give in to pressure because someone said something a few people do not like and yes, the people that assembled in front of Macy’s used that very same Constitution which gave them the right to Assemble is the very same Constitution you boldly overlooked with the Freedom of Speech. Even worse, the people that did that were an organization which is based on the Left and most likely didnt even shop at Macy’s.

Very WEAK leadership on your part. Weak and COWARDLY. Unbelievable how many people I know that are done with your company. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The consumers should have Freedom of Choice to purchase whatever product you have. Dont like Trump, dont buy his things. But, now you have lost those customers. The man only stated what the vast majority of people think but dont have the nerve to say it and to let a political party drive your decision making process as corporate leaders is SAD, WEAK, & COWARDLY. Regardless of who said it, or which party they align with, it was FREE SPEECH.

Wont be watching any parades either.

Damien Parker


Sharon July 3, 2015 at 3:29 pm

Dear Mr. Lundgren, CEO,

Donald Trump was absolutely correct in his opposition to illegal aliens coming across our borders unfettered. There are indeed drug lords, criminals and rapists coming into America from Mexico. When over 80% of female illegal aliens are being raped en route by coyotes and other criminals, there is a major problem!

We lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for 2 1/2 yrs, a sophisticated and charming Mexican city, and we had lovely Mexican friends. However, there were home invasions there on a regular bases, where Americans were being seriously injured. It is a lawless country with corruption and crime, and this criminal element is coming into America. We see it now in Los Angeles.

We and our extended family will do longer be shopping at Macy’s because of your irrational move to drop Mr. Trump. The last time we visited Macy’s here in downtown Los Angeles, your Mexican employees were clueless. Two of your salesgirls couldn’t even tell us where to find polo shirts. We received the typical “deer in the headlights” stare. Mexicans typically don’t have the American work ethic, and the illegals you support hiring are only hurting the employment of our low income Americans.

Good bye, Macy’s


GoTrump July 3, 2015 at 2:01 pm

What can we do to fire the CEO of Macys?


GoTrump July 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm

I am closing my account and telling my friends to shop elsewhere….Macys is violating free speech rights…

Let’s boycott Macys and NBC. The President and VP’s at Macys sit for 8 hours and make the Store Clerks stand for 8 hours and you won’t see the President stand on concrete for that long. He would be fired for sitting. They overcharge for merchandise and then give coupons to make you think you are getting a great deal. How honest is that?

America Ferrera hasn’t thought her comments thru either. Remember 9-11? Yeah, 9-11. I want to know who is in our Country and why.

Randy Falco and Univision have forgotten 9-11 and how the terrorists came to the U.S. illegally and tried to take us down. American’s need to know who is in this Country. Donald Trump never said EVERYONE that crosses the border illegally is a rapist but the statistics are surely out there that when you come to another Country illegally, you are breaking the law. The United Nation’s should intervene so these Country’s will be sanctioned so they are forced to provide clean water, adequate housing, quality food, and fair wages. Every Latino, Caucasian, African American, Muslim, and Asian etc. that are here legally need to know that we are able to fund Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security for every generation for the people who are here legally.

While Donald Trump was blunt, the liberal media and Hillary Clinton don’t want him elected.

Hillary is racist for she wouldn’t help expose the corruption at the NY EEOC. Ricardo Jones, an African American who served our Country in one of the wars (google the name), was a NY EEOC Investigator and he was doing his day job by investigating discrimination and was fired for finding discrimination among the Black and African American population where it was warranted. He went to Hillary Clinton and she did nothing. He exposed the EEOC Staff offering to take bribe(s), etc. and yet Hillary Clinton did NOTHING. Why didn’t the liberal media report this? Pres. Obama, when contacted by Ricardo did NOTHING but say that “he had the most transparent Presidency in American history” and yet President Obama, who is Black, did NOTHING to help Ricardo.

Whatever happened to Walter Cronkite style reporting???….the laws are to protect and the U.N. needs to help solve border issues so every Country is accountable to their citizens.


Sharolyn Knapp July 3, 2015 at 1:56 pm

I want to complain about you discontinuing the petite line of clothing…We cannot help that we are short. GOD made us the way he wanted us to be…you are keeping clothing for the big fat people and you make than for the young people. if your breast aren’t hanging out or you bottom is barely covered up that is fine…so what are the short people to do..go naked..or pay more money to have the clothes that you make for people who are tall shortened..first they told me I could go bare foot since they do not have shoes in narrow width…no wonder Macy’s is floundering….I will certainly take this to cnn complain dept…


Kate July 3, 2015 at 11:43 am

Seriously Mr Lundgren??? Your company capitulates under the pressure of this type of criticism? A website supposedly collects over just a half million ‘signatures’ and you roll over and capitulate??? That number is a fraction of the 320 million Americans and you let your already left leaning company fall even further to the left. So much for American Values of Free Speech, honesty, integrity and other values that Macy’s supposedly touts. I along with hopefully thousands others writes letters to you as well to the Cincinnati address, calls and complains, and most of all closes their credit accounts because of your cowardice. I appreciate the freedom of speech but when you call out Trump and allow P. Diddy products on your shelves, that’s not being American but plain old hypocrite-ness to the core. I certainly hope you recover your senses and issue an apology, and soon.


Tom July 3, 2015 at 11:42 am

Macy has its 4th of July Celebration through NBC which also hosts its Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now we see the real reason they bow down to the media and pull Donald’s stuff out of the stores. Making political statements is not Macy’s place. You have become too liberal and will now watch as you tumble.


VJC 001 July 3, 2015 at 11:12 am

I have just cut up my Macy’s credit card and will be discontinuing my account. It is unbelievable that Macy’s would bow to such left wing organizations such as I wonder how the stockholders feel about discontuing Donald Trump apparel. Be assured, I will no longer shop in any of your stores.


MARVIN BURTON July 3, 2015 at 7:39 am

I am not a Donald Trump fan, but apparently Macy’s is not a fan of the U.S. constitution nor a fan of free speech. You have a right to boycott Mr. Trump and I have a right to not shop at your stores.


Steve Short July 3, 2015 at 6:48 am

Trump was saying that many illegal mexicans coming over the border are not good people and that does seem to be the case. Some of the girls were raped and that is why he said rapists are coming into the USA. But no matter, hispanics are slipping across the border illegally and we don’t need them!
For Macy’s to blast Trump is unacceptable and I will no longer spend money at your stores in the future unless you change your position. That goes for my family and all my many friends!


Scott King July 3, 2015 at 2:49 am

No more Macy’s shopping for my family. You probably know why, but just one word will explain: Trump. I hope you go under.


Rob Sears July 3, 2015 at 2:34 am

Shame on you. I have been a Macy’s customer most of my adult life. No longer will ever I walk in to another Macys or Federated affiliated store. Time for a new Board of Directors that understand free enterprise and the true capitalistic system and have not fallen to destructive PC. Last time I checked…people have a right to free speech…If your customers have an issue, they can vote by their purchases or lack of, for the product line. Only then can you have a business justification for canceling those lines…or are your politics beginning to show. Remember we all can vote about your future existence. In this case I believe you have made a big mistake. Stay out of politics and just run a business.


Kimmy July 2, 2015 at 11:56 pm

Macy’s has lost another very long time customer. Because of your PC stance and Donald Trump I will not be spending my hard earned money at your stores again. We are the silent majority and we are all absolutely sick about what is happening to this country and ILLIGAL aliens! And YOU have to jump on the Politically Correct bandwagon. Well I surely hope it was all worth it to you all CEOs of Macy’s. There are too many other stores out there where I would gladly spend my money. Never again at Macys!!


Allison Anderson July 2, 2015 at 11:28 pm

I will no longer be shopping at Macy’s as well.

Please sign the Boycott Macy’s Petition and pass it on!


Darlene July 2, 2015 at 11:26 pm



J L Rule July 2, 2015 at 8:59 pm

I will no longer shop at Macy’s due to the fact of what happened to free speech. Donald Trump says what a lot of people think. This country needs someone who will speak up for America. Stop being so politically correct. Shame on Macy’s for getting into politics. Stick to selling, but I won’t be buying from you.


Diana Benoit July 2, 2015 at 8:46 pm

I, too, will no longer be shopping at Macy’s due to its political stand against Donald Trump until his clothing line is put back on the shelves.


Sheila July 2, 2015 at 8:34 pm

Has Macy’s heard of freedom of speech? I don’t shop at stores that play politics. Donald Trump has the right to say what he thinks. Just like I have the right to cut up my Macy’s credit card. You have lost a long term customer.


Jo Anne Tork July 2, 2015 at 8:23 pm

To CEO Lundgren:
I also will not be shopping at Macy’s any more. It is totally disgusting to me that freedom of speech is no longer tolerated in our country. I don’t like Donald Trump much, but I stand behind his right to say what he believes without being bullied, persecuted and destroyed. His political views have nothing to do with his clothing line, or with your store, but now you’ve made it about your store. Don’t think it would be wiser to let the consumer pocketbook determine if they want to buy the clothing or not? You jump pretty quickly on the PC bandwagon without stopping to consider all the people in the country who DO NOT support the bullying going on: witness the backlash when the Chick Fil A CEO was persecuted for his stand and America rose up and said, “Enough”!


RChavez July 2, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Mr. Lundgren,
I strongly believe that you made the best decision for the people of this country and around the world. Everybody is accountable for their actions and behaviors. We have all seen athletes and celebrities lose their endorsements when they get into hot water. Why? Because all business deals ARE political. The image of the company IS associated with the brands it carries and people it endorses. This is not about being liberal or conservative, it is about being right or being wrong. Mr. Trump was wrong. His hateful words towards Mexican immigrants was wrong and you did the right thing. No company should continue a relationship with an insensitive, racist person.

I am glad that many have written about not wanting to shop at your store anymore because of your stand. This group of individuals also stand close to hate and racism and they do not deserve to shop at such a wonderful store. I will advocate to my inner circle to shop more at Macys.

This was a decision based on being right or wrong and you Mr. Lundgren are 100% right.


Joe Sanfratello July 2, 2015 at 5:25 pm

Bye Donald Trump? Bye Macys! When you decide to bow down to people without having all your facts, you make bad decisions. This is one I wont forget. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere. Good riddance!


Diane Herzman July 2, 2015 at 5:09 pm

To: Terry Lundgren, CEO
As a Premier Credit Card Holder and customer of Macy’s since 1958, I am dismayed and quite surprised that Macy’s would stoop so low as to get into the “politically correct” sandbox over remarks made by Donald Trump. He was expressing an opinion which is “supposed” to be guaranteed by our Constitution. It was a bad business decision on Macy’s part to show leftist political leanings especially to those of us who have respected its merchandising policies over the years. No more…


Vicki July 2, 2015 at 1:34 pm
Vicki July 2, 2015 at 1:25 pm

What Trump said is true.

Now that Macy’s has decided to take a politically correct stance over truth, I no longer need to shop at Macy’s. There are so many other stores with great clothes out there that support the true America. My friends feel the same, as do their friends, their friends’ friends, et al.

Happy Independence Day and may God have mercy on America!


kris July 2, 2015 at 1:24 pm

I am not actually a Trump fan, but you have certainly made me not a Macy’s fan…never again will I go into one of your stores or affiliates….and I will tell my many shopper friends to do same…this PC business is bad for business…don’t you all get it!!!!


Ron Metzger July 2, 2015 at 12:38 pm

I will not be shopping at Macy’s or any other Federated Dept Store business, because of your treatment of Donald Trump and your intolerance of free speech. I know there are many other people who feel the same way. I hope that the illegal aliens will make up for the loss of our business.


Anthony Alvarez July 2, 2015 at 12:38 pm

To Terry Lungren CEO
This is to inform you that I will no longer purchase anything
from your stores due to the action about Donald Trump. I feel as a business you should avoid the PC hysteria that is taking over this country. Mr. Trump is entitled to his opinion this is America the last time I checked. Mr. Trump was talking about illegals and he has a valid point. Living here in Texas I have seen the increase in crime committed by the illegals not only from Mexico but also the illegals from other Latin American countries.
The truth is you are sitting in your Ivory Tower and only responding in the usual knee jerk reaction that is so prevalent in this country. Shame on you for being such a wuss. I feel people’s free speech is slowly being taken away. You Mr. Terry Wuss Lungren have become part of the problem. Thank you for your time. Anthony Alvarez


Anne July 2, 2015 at 10:49 am

good luck with those customers


Anne July 2, 2015 at 10:48 am

OK Macy’s After I pay off this credit card amount I’m finished with you!!! Trump doesn’t deserve your treatment…And some of his statements are TRUE….wake up…There are many who are not good people and are taking advantage of this country…I’m sick of it. HAD ENOUGH…GO TRUMP say it like it is!!! GOD BYE MACY’S


Bettie July 2, 2015 at 9:43 am

Well, you just lost another customer! When I was growing up I was rewarded for telling the truth, not punished. If you listen closely to what Trump said, he was talking about the majority of illegals that are causing so many problems, not those who have followed the rules and come here legally. My tax money is going for their care without my permission. and I resent it. How childish can you be!! Bye!


Matt Pettrozelli July 2, 2015 at 9:05 am

I doubt for a second that Mr. Lundgren or any of the other Executives of Macy’s ever get to see these or any other comments that could be viewed as “negative” towards Macy’s, but in case I’m incorrect, I am leaving this comment here for the entire Executive Team and Mr. Lundgren in particular.

I, like many many others in this country will not buy another thing from Macy’s ever again. I have cut up our Macy’s card. That may not mean much to you but when hundreds of thousands do the same then it’ll mean something. Macy’s is not doing well as it is and to take the action you did towards Donald Trump will, in my opinion, seal the fate of the Macy’s brand and company.

Mr. Trump did not say anything that was not true and that many Americans don;t say privately on a daily basis. Citizens of the US are sick and tired of the illegal aliens that come across our border on a daily basis. And yes, they are drug dealers, murderers and rapists or have you not seen any news at all over the past few years. Honest upstanding people do not perform illegal acts. Its obvious as well that you could give a crap about all of the North American lives that have been lost protecting our borders because companies like Walmart AND Macy’s love to hire the illegals so they can pay them much less. Which in turn gives you much more to buy your yachts and bury your heads in the sand to what happens in this country. You exemplify most Corporate CEO’s and Executive Management who care about themselves and only themselves and what they can get. Most Company CEO’s are materialistic, narcissistic, fat dumb and happy as long as you have those multi-million dollar houses, yachts and other extravagant items. Enjoy as you won;t be able to afford them in a few years and you will go down in history as the Executive Team that put Macy’s out of business..


Ed Fitzgerald July 2, 2015 at 8:02 am

You don’t seem to understand the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. Mr Trump was speaking about illegal immigrants. You mY claim to support diversity but only as long as that diversity supports your opinions. Everything Trump said was true. According to people on the border up to 75% of girls and women are raped while trying to enter the US. Who do you think is doing the raping? The French?


Share July 1, 2015 at 11:39 pm

BTW, I’m cutting up my Macy’s card and will be sharing this with all my friends, coworkers, neighbors, family members, and anyone else I can think of. So long Macy’s!!!


Share July 1, 2015 at 11:23 pm

I have been a long time customer of Macy’s. However I completely agree with all the previous posts regarding your decision of dropping Mr. Trumps apparel because you do not like what he says. He is correct, you have caved to the political correct regarding Illigal aliens. I will no longer shop at your store unless you show some backbone and reinstate his products. Perhaps these Illigal aliens will spend their money at your stores, NOT!!!! I definitly no longer!!!!!


Marged McNeely July 1, 2015 at 10:56 pm

To Terry Lungren CEO
This is to inform you that I will no longer purchase anything
from your stores due to the action about Donald Trump. He
is not my favourite person however he is not afraid to speak
the truth and what he said is exactly how I feel. You should not
be mixing business with politics. How I think and you think are
our own business but you don’t have the right to destroy your
enemy. This is a free country for now and we all have the right
to our opinions. Years back Safeway fired an employee for
coming to the aid of a customer being attacked. That and trying
to destroy a nearby community with building a bigger store
led me to boycotting the store. I will never shop there again
nor will I shop with you. Also I don’t like your thing about banning
the word Christmas. And I am going to send this to people on
my list and I hope it gets passed around. I am tired of people’s
rights being taken away and people being afraid to speak their
minds due to the politically correct nonsense. Thank you for your
Marged McNeely
Watsonville CA near your Capitola store


Mary July 1, 2015 at 10:36 pm

You lost a customer today when you decided to become political.


Laurie Madias July 1, 2015 at 7:03 pm

I guess Macy’s is now the political correctness police…apparently, it’s now not appropriate to state facts – if those facts offend people…truthful facts…so yes, I’m talking about Macy’s dropping ties with Donald Trump because Macy’s does not like what he says…last time I checked, we lived in the good ole USA, where FREEDOM of SPEECH is our Constitutional right! (Even when we do not like what people are saying…)
I do not appreciate Macy’s attempt to be the political correctness police.
This started with Macys during the past few years – with the Christmas gift shopping. I was wished “happy holidays” so as not to offend non-Christians while I was actually a Christian doing my Christmas shopping…Guess what – that was OFFENSIVE to me…
What you have done is ridiculous – and has changed how I view Macy’s – the company.
WE ALL HAVE THE SAME FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and I guess freedom TO CHOOSE WHERE WE WILL SPEND OUR MONEY…and I don’t think it will be at Macy’s anymore.


Sharon July 1, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Since macy’s obviously liberal and cares more about illegals and their feelings getting hurt then they do about actual Americans who are dying in the thousands every year during to our borders not being secured I will no longer be doing business with them..


Michelle Moore July 1, 2015 at 5:35 pm

I have always shopped Macy’s, but no longer. I feel that all the polite, political correctness has finally gone too far. When an individual states his opinions and beliefs and is punished for it, Macy’s goes too far. Donald Trump is entitled to voice and express his opinions and shouldn’t be punished because he doesn’t fit into the political correct agenda of the left. I am not a Trump fan, but I am a fan of the 1st amendment.

So I will no longer shop Macy’s.


mary curry July 1, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I would like to express my regret that a company, such as Macy’s, would drop Donald Trump for voicing his opinion. We live in a country that should welcome free speech as well as free enterprise. Macy’s, let the consumer decide if they want to patronize Mr. Trump if they are offended by his remarks. They are free to shop with you or not. As for me, I will be making all my purchases at other retailers who have chosen to stay out of the political arena. The P. C. police have to stop.


Joan Brewer July 1, 2015 at 3:17 pm

I just seen where you have dropped Mr. Trump from your stores and are no longer a partner with him or his products. This is because you disagree with a comment he made about the illegal aliens that come into our country. You stated that he is no longer a good fit to your store. So how many illegal aliens do you think shop at your store anyway? You have shown zero tolerance for another persons viewpoint just because it isn’t your viewpoint. Why didn’t you just issue a statement stating that you disagreed with his views? Needless to say, you are showing your true colors of being prejudiced against anyone who doesn’t think like you do. Well I do not think like you either, and will not be shopping at your store because you are a liberal left wing extremist company. Good riddance


Greg Poole July 1, 2015 at 3:12 pm

Since you guys are dropping Donald Trump’s line of clothing, I am dropping you. I used to like Macy’s, but no more. What he said about ILLEGAL immigrants is true. You are out of touch with your customers and regular Americans. I am not anti immigrant. I am against ILLEGAL immigrants. There has been alot of crime against American citizens by illegals from Mexico that should not have been here.


Nate July 1, 2015 at 1:47 pm

I will not shop at Macy’s until they re-instate Donald Trumps products again. It is obvious Macy’s is a retailer that sympathizes with communism.


Rita Bearden July 1, 2015 at 1:27 pm

Just saw the news about not carrying Donald Trump suits! I am 74 years old and second generation Mexican-American. I take exception about this. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I saw first hand about gangs, drugs, etc. Sorry to say YES THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE BAD coming across the borders illegally. He spoke the truth!! I take no offense that he stated the facts. Before May’s is so quick to jump on the wagon against Mr. Trump, someone in your corporate or press department needs to get all the facts. Thank you for your time. Oh by the way, yes I have a Macy’s credit card. I also will be talking to family, friends and retired Military families about this. My husband proudly served 24 years in U. S. Navy. This is not right what you did to Donald Trump.


Tomass July 1, 2015 at 1:16 pm

To the CEO of Macy. The biggest. Ipocrit in the United States

You piece of XXXXX. When. Trump was insulting over and over the president of United States. You did like him. Because. Your bigotry. But now that. He is telling the truth about Mexican.s a list 45 % of them
That come in this country illegally because Mexico doesn’t t wanted them. You are disturbed. We’ll XXXXX you Ceo. The biggest bigotry CEO in the country and soon Nordstrom. Is opening. You can look for another job. Because he will sweep your. Macy’s and cheap I blomie. Off the market

And trump rocks he I’ll get my vote.

Kiss kiss


Iva Sheetz July 1, 2015 at 11:47 am

I am so upset that Macy’s has taken Donald Trump products out of your stores. He told the TRUTH. I am a frequent credit card customer of Macy’s and will no longer be shopping at your stores.
Have a backbone and don’t bent to the media’s madness.
What did he say that wasn’t true?
Shame on you!!!!!


Michaela Ward June 23, 2015 at 12:32 pm

Kudos to Macy’s! Just received a call from credit union saying Macy’s had found my debit card, that has been missing over a month. 5 minutes later, Macy’s Warehouse Supervisor called and told me they found my debit card. This card I lost and had it cancelled a month ago. So what happened is it fell out of pant pocket into my leather chair. My leather chair is less than a year old and had mold on it, so I called Macy’s, they sent an investigator out to look at it and Macy’s ordered replacements for both of our chairs, even though only one had problem.Luckily they did as dye lots were different and new chairs are shade lighter! Fast forward, new chairs were delivered and they took old ones away and the card must have fallen out when the chairs got to warehouse! I had checked the chairs for anything in them and didn’t feel anything. Thanks, Macy’s for taking care of my problem chair and for trying to get my already cancelled debit card back to me! Way to take care of your customers!!!!! Wish all companies took care of their customers like this!


Kristy Jones June 9, 2015 at 4:50 pm

There is no direct email for the corporate office what a shame. I spend ALOT of money at this store and pay my bill in full at the end of every month and all I ever have is problems. Too bad there is nobody to listen to valued customers. I have threatened to cut up my card and never shop here I guess I will have to go through with my threat and do just that.


Nancy Waites May 27, 2015 at 11:57 am

I closed my Macy’s account today. I had a terrible experience with a “customer service agent” at the “866” phone number. She spoke so fast I couldn’t get her name. She refused to stop talking long enough for me to ask a question. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she asked “Why? Just make your payment.” When I asked again, she put me on hold and left me there for 18 minutes.

I finally hung up and called back, went through the menu again and got a more cooperative agent, although she did insist on going through the protocol, before I could ask a question. I conducted my business, paid my bill in full, ($94.24) and then got the supervisor to the phone in less than 30 seconds.

I will not shop at Macys again. My account is closed. Period. I have a question. Was it worth losing me as a customer for $94.24?

By the way, I live in Chicago. When my friends refused to shop at Macys after the purchase of Marshall Fields I said “give Macys a chance.” Now I understand.


arly May 26, 2015 at 6:16 pm

I had the same problem. I was given a giftcard and when I tried using it, I scratched off the pin and it said it had a $0 balance. I was told that the card could not be used without the pin, but that it was used last year. If I just scratched off the pin, how could it have been used? I was told that without the proof of purchase, I cannot be reimbursed; how am I supposed to have a proof of purchase if the card was a gift to me? I will never purchase a giftcard from Macy’s; that’s embarrassing to give $0 gift to someone.

The phone representative was rude and was calling me a liar. I am very disappointed with Macy’s at this moment. I don’t think that Macy’s should be able to get away with steeling $40 from anybody


G Agarwal May 23, 2015 at 11:51 pm

I have a GIFT CARD which when was being scratched OFF lost of number and tried it a few times. When I called the customer service number I was sent from one person to another for approx. 45 minutes and then was told that it is put on HOLD and will need a receipt for proof of purchase.

The customer service people mention that the card cannot be used anymore. The response from the customer service department is ridiculous.


heidi walls May 7, 2015 at 12:59 am

wanted to send y’all a email but, do not have a email address for your corporate staff or customer service dept.


Mary April 21, 2015 at 5:45 pm

No one ever answers…ever…not at the local or corporate levels!


Rachel April 17, 2015 at 8:49 pm

Loss of home loan!
I have been a Macy’s customer and card holder for nearly 20 years. In February my scheduled payment didn’t post due to a computer stall while submitted it… I thought it did post, as it has for years without a single issue. A representative called me near the end of the month to let me know my payment was not received. Surprised, I immediately scheduled a payment( with the representative) for both Feb and March, and was even refunded the late fee due to my “loyal customer status”. Fast forward a month, and I receive a credit monitoring update that I have a 30 day late! I have never had a 30 day late in my life, I called Macy’s and was treated like I did something wrong, and no help was offered( yes I have paid my bill on time for 20 years) Apparently the payment I made with the associate was not posted until the next business day, making me “30 days late” I am in the middle of purchasing a home, now with this on my credit score, I will not qualify as my 780 score fell to 672! I am beyond upset as are my children, as we now how to find another housing option. I can’t believe all of this was caused by a payment that posted a day later than it was scheduled by an actual Macy’s representative. I will make it my cause to make sure all my colleagues, friends, and students know the dangers of using this credit service…I am loosing a home loan I have worked my whole life to qualify for, over a computer glitch, with zero help from a company I have been with for two decades…. awful.
The worst customer service experience I have EVER had… Am seeking legal consult.


Abused and Scammed April 8, 2015 at 4:15 pm

Wow! Ordered a suit online and was shipped a totally different one. When I phoned customer service about, I was told the one I ordered was out of stock so they chose another to send me. REALLY! So after hours on the phone with them and being hung up on more than once over several days, they agreed to refund my money but charged me for shipping anyway. Only a partial refund. They asked if I could return the suit to a Macy’s store that would be almost an hours drive one way. I can only suggest not doing business with Macy’s online. If the were giving away product, I wouldn’t want it. Likely be the wrong size or color anyway.


whitney griffin April 8, 2015 at 11:09 am

About a month ago i applied for a Macys card and i was denied. A week or so later i received a letter stating i was denied for an old delinquent account. So I decided to check my credit report to see if I had an account on there. Which nothing showed up for macys. Over the last three days I have contacted your company to figure out what’s going on and where this other account is coming from. I had no luck with no one in the credit department or in your general customer care. So today 4/8/15 I decided to do an online chat with your company for assistance. That needed me nowhere. Below I have attracted the Chat Transcript from today. I do not feel that none of your agents were there to assist me, nor were they concerned about what my issue was. I am rebuilding my credit and if I have some account that I am unaware of I think your company should be able to assist me.

Whitney Griffin


sandra aseremo February 26, 2015 at 1:18 am

To whom it may concern,

I have been a customer with Macy for probably 30 years now. I have always, I mean always pay on time . I am never , ever late. Due to so much fraud activity , people stealing credit card number, I cut up my Macy’s credit card and when I needed something in the store, I would always have my Driver’s license AND type in my social security whenever I am ready to pay. SO To my surprise somebody hacked into my MACY”S ONLINE ACCOUNT and purchased PERFUMES and shipped it to Florida. Mind you, I live in California. I did not know about this UNTIL Macy’s contact me in NOVEMBER 2014 and alerted me about this, by that time that was supposedly would be their third purchased. I immediately closed the account. I did not know it was their third purchase. Until I received a bill from Macy’s. in December. Immediately I check online and sure enough the bill is over $600. I called up Macy’s and every time I called, I was told that Macy’s will take care of this and it will be removed. I voluntarily went to the Brentwood (94513) Ca. police and file a police report, in which I also have send Macy’s the police file number. PLUS They already contacted the Florida police. Not only that, Macy’ have COPIES of the guy name and address, where the perfume sent it to. My email was changed ONLINE by these people that is why I never got alerted with the receipts. Anyway, after talking to Macy’s probably the 7th TIME !!! or so, I am still GETTING THE BILL of $600 . I have send EVERYTHING , my Driver’s license , the police report file number and STILL nothing. Now, that have CLOSED my account with it are the EVIDENCE of the guy’s name and ADDRESS ! And I am still getting the BILL !!!
This need to be resolved by your security. I do not want this on my credit report. I have taken care of my credit report for the past 30 years and I do not need this !

Sandra Aseremo


Marcy February 10, 2015 at 3:57 pm

I recently purchased a new home and have been adding new additions like new dinnerware and pots/pans. The deals have been so good that I decided to redo my guest room with a new bed and frame. Last night I tried to purchase it online, but couldn’t. I called customer service and was told that it would be $299 to ship each item. I asked if I could save the shipping and pick it up at the store, but was told that option wasn’t available. Why do you state free shipping in your commercials, but not honor it! I’m very disappointed with Macy’s! Seems like a bait and switch tactic or an out and out lie!


lynn February 15, 2015 at 2:11 pm

Marcy, If you were ordering online its free shipping over $99.00 usually. If you called the stores its free shipping over $50.00 if its available to order and in-stock. The store I work at (Macy’s in Virginia) we are allowed to price match to and get free shipping automatically on orders that subtotal $50.00 or more. I would contact that store again and get ahold of the manager that works for that section just to verify but Im fairly certain each store has the same practice.


LETITIA February 9, 2015 at 3:10 pm



lynn February 15, 2015 at 2:19 pm

A customer cant key in any account number. The only access a customer has is if they slide the card at check out or are having a macy’s account looked up. They must have made a duplicate of your card at that point the customer slides the card and uses it that way. The associates cant actually key in account numbers without a manager present. The associate must and is prompted to ask for ID at that time most often. Depending also on the card if the purchase is over a certain amount the credit card company stops it and the transaction cannot be finished. I would check with the credit card company and Macy’s Fraud prevention because the customer has to sign the key pad for that purchase over a certain amount. I would also contact the stores Asset Protection and have them look at the time and video surveillance to get a picture of the person who had been using it. I do hope that helps to get some of this figured out.


Loren Fecher January 11, 2015 at 9:10 pm

to whom it may concern,
As an employee at the Ledgewood, NJ #27 store, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the way you have decided to close our store. Yes we may not have performed well on our store scorecard, etc we have given our store a excellent reputation with our customers/ cliental. When we heard the news that our store was going to be closing in March, all of the employees at my store, including myself were frustrated. Not only have you caused us to be out of a job after the holidays, but now we are unable to pay our bills, get benefits, and find a new retailer who will hire us. I believe what you are doing to my store and several other macys, is despicable. The least you could do was help us find jobs in other stores, but instead you have us going back through the rehiring process, not guaranteeing us a job within macys. You are making a huge mistake in closing our store, and a bunch of our customers are not willing to travel down to the next macy’s store in Rockaway, nj where they receive such horrible experiences. Our store on the other hand was the “go-to” store that everyone loved, and would return to. Instead you would rather make macy’s into this technological store where everyone can buy online and return in the store because customers refuse to take their online returns back through UPS or whatever shipment company it came from. I believe that online shopping ruins stores, and thus will put many people out of a job, example my store. I just wanted to say thank you for taking away the store that everyone loves and for throwing away jobs that people so desperately need without even helping us find a job, instead of telling us we can take a “severance plan”.


Karen January 5, 2015 at 9:03 pm

I had a problem with my January bill. I called on Dec. 30th and spoke to an associate and tried to explain to her that I had paid my bill and she didn’t seem to listen. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. After waiting 20,minutes to speak to a supervisor I was transferred to a collection agent. I got angry with her and then she placed me on hold for another 20 minutes before a supervisor came on the telephone. He stated my account was fixed and that I didn’t owe a payment until February. I get home on January 5th and I had a message from Macy’s to call them. When I called I found out that my account wasn’t fix and they wanted my to make an a payment now. I asked her to check my account because I had called on Dec 30th and there should be doXXXXentation in the system about the conversation that I had with the associate and supervisor. She stated she didn’t see any doXXXXentation but see could see that I called on Dec. 30th. I informed her that you all record the conversations so a supervisor could listen to the conversation and then call me back. She placed my on hold for about 30 mins. and then came back and said she don’t know what supervisor I spoke to. Again I said you all could listen to the recorded conversations. I never did get to speak to a supervisor and my issue didn’t get resolve. I use to shop at Macy’s a lot and spend a lot of money. After this incident I think I will cut off my card. I feel like the customer service at Macy’s is pretty bad and no one goes the extra distance to help. They want there money but they don’t want to listen or help the consumer.


Evelyn Razo December 30, 2014 at 6:44 pm

My daughter in law went into the Salinas California Macy’s to return two $15.11 shirts that I purchased for my Grandson for Christmas with my Macy’s credit card. She took the two shirts out of the bag to look for them on the rack, looking to get a smaller size. When she could not find the shirts on the rack she put them back in the bag and decided to let her son go back at a later date. As she walked out the store she was stopped by security and was asked for the receipt. She explained that they had thrown out the receipt in the wrapping paper garbage and she didn’t have it with her but that I had purchased the clothes and that I could verify it. They refused to accept the answer.
They escorted her and my granddaughter into the security office. Why’ll in the security office she called me and told me what was going on. I ask to speak to the security guard but he refused to get on the phone. I then called back to the Macy’s store and was connected. I explained to the security officer that I had purchased the shirts. I gave him the descriptions sizes and my Daughter in law had given him my card number already. He told me I had nothing to do with the situation and he was dealing with her. I asked him for his name 5 times and he refused to give it and hung up on me.
She had gone into the store with her two month old baby, 3 year old daughter and 18 year old daughter. Her 18 year old daughter was also charged as an accomplice because she was pushing the stroller and the bag was on the stroller. After discussing this with co-workers and family all seem to be in agreement that they were being profiled because they had a stroller.
How many people go into stores during this time without a receipt. Is this how this is handled in other Macy’s stores. Had this man had any common sense and decency he would have accepted the explanation to be true especially since I tried to explain that I purchased them and gave them all the information needed to verify this. They finally allowed them to leave giving them paper work stating they took the shirts and to make matters worse they kept the shirts I purchased.
When I called to explain the situation to the store manager, she said that the CLR number didn’t match which was why they detained her but my daughter in law said they never even checked why’ll she was there. I can’t explain why they wouldn’t match maybe when I purchased them the woman didn’t scan the second number. isn’t that possible? I don’t know. We are humans and mistakes can be made. All l I know is that I bought those shirts and what this man did was wrong. My Daughter in law went home and went thru every garbage bag and found the receipt. There are two items on the top of that receipt which belong to those two shirts and someone needs to help fix this problem. I faxed it over to the store managers attention and am waiting for a reply. I called and she has been in a meeting. This was handles so wrong.
The shirts were given with love and I can not believe the sadness and humiliation that they have caused.
I feel my daughter in law and granddaughter deserve a formal apology and we want our shirts back!!!!

Evelyn Razo


Rexi December 29, 2014 at 5:55 pm

Does anyone from the Macys executive branch ever read these messages? Probably not. I have been waiting for a week for a response that I sent to Macys credit card e mail. And I am receiving collection calls in the meantime regarding the status of a contested balance. And they discussed my “past due” account with a non card holder. Would that not be a violation of my privacy? As soon as this mess is straightened out I am done with Macys.


Rexi December 29, 2014 at 5:56 pm

My comment is awaiting moderation? What is that supposed to mean? I suspect that this comment was phrased by an outsourced American job stealing non English speaking person.


Rosemary Murphy December 29, 2014 at 3:57 pm

I have been a Macy’s customer for 40 years and I am ready for a divorce. We have been paying our credit card bill on line for the past year or so. On our bill due October 16,2014 we found that the e-payment had not been credited and my husband contacted your credit department to let them know that our bank records indicated that the payment had been received. They would not give him any information because the credit card is in my name. OK, I understand client protection, so I called the same department to try to get this matter resolved. I was told that the social security number that I used to access my account was not the number that you had on file. Really? 40 years later and this is just coming up. So I followed the instructions given to me by your credit department to fax my Driver’s License, Social Security # (I faxed a copy of my SS card) and my Macy’s your Fraud Protection Department in the middle of November. I was told at that time to continue to use my card that all problems would be resolved. My husband again contacted Wells Fargo to verify that the original transfer had been received and we were given a transaction number which was faxed to you on 12/8/14. Wells Fargo also agreed to contact you again with proof of payment and suggested that we give you a “heads up” with the transmission number via fax, which we did. When we received our statement due on 1/16/15 nothing had been resolved and we were charged additional interest fees. Further, when I tried to use my Macy’s card on December 23rd it was declined. I went to the business office in the store and a very lovely lady got your credit department on the phone for me. Your agent informed me that there was no record of the payment or any fax transmissions. Too bad because if you check my 40 year payment history you will find
that our payments to you have always been on time. Too bad about that gold bracelet that I was buying for myself-not to mention all of the other purchases that I would have made that day-I had coupons! I vowed to go home and destroy my card. I can’t imagine incompetence on so many levels within your company, but I don’t want to do business with a store who not only doesn’t value my many years of patronage, but humiliates me at checkout by declining my card.


Mrs. Bush December 23, 2014 at 9:26 am

The worst customer service ever! Where the heck are our American Customer Service Agents? These people are rude, they lie, hang up on you when you want to speak to a supervisor AND they tell you their processing your card for one amount and process it for another amount yet, you agree to the amount they told you- not the incorrect amount. NOW, if that isn’t against the law, I don’t know but I’m going to find out! I’m sure I’m not the first they’ve done this too! We spend a lot of money at Macy’s- I’d suggest you bring the jobs back to America and get you some customer service agents who know what to do!!!


Jo Williams February 19, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I am in agreement….I made purchases in Macy’s in past week totally more than $1000.00. my orders were placed at checkout, since the item was not available in the store. when orders was received, they were the wrong size or had been worn and damaged. I call the online 800 number to correct the issue. I experience the same, rudeness, charges I was not aware and on and on!


sheree Fukai December 16, 2014 at 11:51 am

First of all let me preface this e-mail by saying I am 64 years old, I had a Marshall Fields credit card from the time I was in my early 20’s. Marsahll Fields moto was “give the lady what she wants” They were a fine company and I was sad when Macy’s bought them out, however Macy’s promised to maintain Marshall Fields standards.
Late in October I was shopping for boots, an ad popped up showing boots on sale at Macy’s. On Oct 31, 2014 I ordered 3 pairs. with my Macy’s credit card. Order 1066173067 It was shipped in 2 shipments (I understand this) The first shipment came early in November, they did not fit and I returned them and my credit card was credited back. Shipment #2 arrives and they also do not fit and I return them. The exact same way I returned the 1st shipment. On Nov.22 I receive an e-mail. Saying that a gift card has been issued for my return. Why a gift card when I paid with my Macy’s credit card? I call, I am told that this is quicker then crediting my account. This really sounds pretty outlandish but they tell me they will credit the gift certificate against my account but I will have to call back with card number when I actually receive the card. I receive card on Nov. 28, 2014, I call again, Macy’s takes the number. Now I ask my balance will be zero? Macy’s says probably not because it takes 5-7 days to be applied to your account and the customer service person I am talking to is not the accounting department. So what was quicker for Macy’s is actually not quicker for me. I know have 2 calls into Macy’s and have been put on hold countless time and had to repeat my account information numerous times. I ask for a phone number because I now will have to talk to accounting department. I am given 877-493-9207 so that I can have $25.00 service charge and $4.80 interest charge removed when the credit from the gift card is credited to my account. I wait, I see nothing happen on my account. I call again, sorry no credit on account yet. You must have talked to on line services. Can you please check? Yes, not here yet but I do see you talked to someone. credit needs to be applied before we can remove additional charges. I am getting quite upset and mad. I post a note on FB. I quickly receive a note with and actual persons name and a case number KMM81951507I15977L0KM This is on Dec. 8th. Promise to follow through, be patient it takes some time. I keep checking account and calling, nothing! Dec. 15th I receive 4 calls from collection department. I am irate. I explain everything AGAIN, I e-mail Macy’s Social Media Assistant. Dec. 17th call from collection again. I do not believe this after yesterdays conversation!I ask to speak to supervisor, I am put on hold. Lady comes back and tells me she can handle this, I ask are you Supervisor – No. Please let me speak to supervisor. I am put on hold after another 15 minutes Manny comes on the line, now Manny cannot give me a last name although he know everything about me. He does give me his ID#91036343. I ask, you can handle this, yes. First let me have your information. I am truly thinking by now you must have a 1 inch folder on this! I go through whole story again. Manny puts me back on hold, so he can check this out. He comes back God knows how much later, yes I can apply credit. Good, I say. So I have zero balance? No that is our accounting department that handles that. I am mad, you mean I have just wasted 45 minutes and you can not straighten this out. No, you will have to talk to accounting department. Can you connect me with supervisor there. Yes, please hold. I get connected with Michelle, I start again and before I can get this cleared up I get disconnected. Macy’s I have now spent 18 days, at least 7 phone calls, countless hours on hold and still no service. Macy’s the miracle on 34th St. How are you going to compensate me for my time and when are you going to clear my account which you messed up out.


Pearline Austin October 20, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Wondering why Macy’s discriminate with Nike clothing especially Fleece Crew for Men the sizes only go up to size XXL. Why is that?


Tessie Santa Ana September 10, 2014 at 4:25 pm

I shopped online on Macy’s a lot because I am from Alaska. I was a very satisfied customer
till the past 2 months I have been experiencing difficulties returning items because their is no return label that comes with the package anymore. I was told by customer service agent
that I can printout labels online now. I tried several times and it always gave me an error of “oops it is a technical error please try again”. I keep trying everyday but no luck. So, I called
customer service last week and I was told that because I live in Alaska, I can not print out return label. Customer service have to send return label to my e-mail for me to print out.
If Macy’s is not very accommodating to customers in Alaska on returning merchandise, you will loss a lot of customer online, and I will be one of them. That is a shame because I like to shop at Macy’s, but lately I am not please with your policy. I hope you go back to have return label with the order to make it easier for us customer in Alaska.

One more thing your does not work, it says invalid address.


David Thayer September 9, 2014 at 12:56 pm

My complaint is that I was a Sales Associate at Macy’s in Hyannis Massachusetts. My manager David Brady treated me very bad, reduced my hours to 3 hours a week. I worked very hard and made my sales goal just about every shift. I won a sales award for selling the most products. I was allways on time and was very nice to the customers. David Brady was against me, he shouted at me in front of customers, he was very demanding and he was watching me on the camera’s. When I first started at Macy’s I was promised 20 – 25 hours a week in House wares. It never happened, if I was lucky I would get 9 hours a week. I tried to pick up more hours, but I couldn’t I worked from July to April.
I had to put up with the abuse from David Brady.


C January 11, 2015 at 12:28 pm

That is typical Macy’s culture. Don’t think you’re the only person who is is in that situation or similar situations. There is a reason why nobody likes working for Macy’s, nobody wants to stay at Macy’s and nobody really tries at Macy’s. It’s also why Macy’s has such awful service. It’s not a you thing, or even a your manager kind of thing… it’s a company wide culture thing.


queen August 24, 2014 at 2:54 am

It’s very sad how Macy’s is shipping out black mankins discriminating our black youths. …got school shirts with no name on it dressed on the manikin as well as bucked teeth cracked eyes like black people don’t take care of their kids…why do this to cause a’s very sad how people minds work negative when it comes to kids period…I’ll never shop at Macy’s I’d rather shop else where my money is good for the cause…whoever event ed that XXXXX will burn in hell cuz God watches all


tauheedah hawkins August 22, 2014 at 12:01 pm

I have a prob with macy shipping policies. I ordered a package on August 15, 2014. Excited and joyed that i was able to participate in the specials they was running. So that Saturday after i ordered i received a email stating that my package has been shipped. Woohoo okay its coming Fedex its in route “where do i sign”. So im tracking the package, the following Wednesday and it in route to the Post office. WHAT!!!!! the Post Office, no one said anything about the post office. Okay i check again Thursday and its still in route to the post office. So i call the Post Office and ask them can i come and pick up my package being although i never ask for it to be delivered to them. The post office informed me that its not in their possession. So i called Macy’s and conference the call with Fedex to find out why was my packaged delivered to the Post Office and not me in the first place. No one has control of the shipment and now the shipment is in limbo. Macys customer service is extremely rude and when i ask to be refunded the package is coming to me. How? when it was delievered to the post office. I DONT GET IT. To make a long story short, I WILL NOT!!!! need a reminder to know not to order anything else on


donna August 14, 2014 at 10:01 pm

it is already being talked about what the stores are expecting for holiday sales…this is august 14th so guessing the ‘hopes’ are pinned on the Christmas holiday. Americans have storage garages packed full of ‘stuff.’ people are spending their $$$ on cell phones, electronic gadgets and now are getting caught up in debt, getting behind on bill paying and macy’s is ‘hoping’ to make a profit at Christmas. this is all INSANITY. if it is made, someone will want it. if it is bought someone will think about how they will pay the bill later on or how they can list it on their bankruptcy statements and macy’s will be just one of the debts the folks will claim. corporate ceo’s make too much money, q


R August 14, 2014 at 3:50 pm

They claim we AMERICAN SOCIAL SECUIRTY NUMBERS match CANADIAN SOCIAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS last 4 digits. Macy opens accounts by these numbers. I started receiving statements online for someone else under my name. I have this person’s name and address. Plus, this person closed my account. Called credit services first time spent 2 hours plus trying to get them to resolve this problem. Requested letter be sent to credit bureau and correct all the problems involved. NOTHING RESOLVED. One month later received another statement along with same problem and late fees charged. Called again credit services and spent 1 hour plus again on the phone. Being told again it is under investigation. I have Lost confidence in Macy’s keeping of records.


Theo Stephen August 12, 2014 at 1:08 am

Hello MACY’S,

I am your regular customer for three years now in your DC store while a student at GWU and Silver Spring stores at the Wheaton Mall near my home. I have since then studied your styles, tastes and quality of your brands. They sound good and really match the best to my liking since I never complained in the fittings room to my clothing choices. Well , I have a brand for clothing that sounds pretty new. I’d like to share it to you first and soon by viewing at the samples and give your comments.Trust me that we may reach at a trade Agreement whereby our popular MACY’S shall continue to proudly be known a business performer and innovator by this clothing brand. I am a business expert – MBA (Int’l Business) and a GWU trained lady of 60, aspiring to do business with you because I have liked Macy’s. Give me WHO TO SEE, WHEN and WHERE and I shall very much be thankful. I can come with my fabulous samples,that i am you wont be disappointed with.

I can be reached at Cellphone 312618XXXXx and at email, other than the above, also email me on

Mrs Theo R. Stephen.


arely August 9, 2014 at 1:31 pm

Wow! I am totally shocked of how many complaints macys has, I thought I was going to be the first to comment of my horrible experience at macys, after me and my family being loyal customers for years. . I feel sick to my stomach and wonder if commenting is even worth my time. No one seems to care!!!


Dr Reardon August 9, 2014 at 3:06 am

This concerns practice of doing business with Macy’s. In December 2013 I purchased furniture on an installment plan which covered a period of 12 months. I faithfully made monthly payments in varying amounts with the idea of paying this off before the end of the contract. The following scenario upset not only my plan of payments as discussed but also my peace of mind. Furthermore, it greatly affected my budget. On June 12 and 13 I invited my two sisters and their friend to go shopping at Herald Square Macy’s. The three of them had come all the way from a distant country to visit New York City. To help them out with the purchases they decided to make at Macy’s, I lent them my Macy’s card which allowed them to have an extra 20% discount on the Special Event Day. In my presence they specifically made payments on these days in full for all the purchases they made. Later on to my disappointment I noticed that Macy’s billing service department had applied arbitrarily the funds paid on June 12 and 13 towards the balance of the furniture contract. Therefore, I am now in a position to have to pay this amount in full since I have no desire of allowing any interest fees to occur. In my opinion, this is unfair and unacceptable. No customer should be treated like this. After this sad experience I regret to have introduced three foreign tourists to Macy’s, as I have been punished, so to speak, for doing so.


JMB August 2, 2014 at 1:01 am

I have been a Macy’s customer for many years. Today I was shopping in the San Bernardino, Ca store in the Young mens department. I was appalled, to say the least, when I noticed a large standup ad for Trucfit clothing. The ad showed a close up of a tattooed criminal with prison tattoos on his face. The young man also had other tattoos and a full metal grille in his mouth. The facial tattoos were teardrops among others. I am well aware of the significance of the teardrop tattoos. I wonder if your department head thinks this is the type of person Macy is targeting for customers. If so, I will no longer be a Macy’s shopper. I would be afraid to shop in your store if you are encouraging men with multiple prison terms to come to your stores. This type of advertising is not indicative of the type of customer Macy’s should be targeting.


donna August 14, 2014 at 10:05 pm

that is ignorance in store display but maybe that is the clientel they want to draw….look at who has been shopping at macy’s over the years and paying the salaries (vulgar at that) of the ceo’s and other corp. execs….why would you want disgusting displays set up….what ignorance on the part of the ‘decisions makers.’ now that it is mid-august, stores are talking ‘Christmas profits.’ how many even believe in the REAL meaning of Christmas? seems they only want to make money, sell anything but that is no different than any other store in the United States and do not mention “Christmas” or wish anyone anything other than ‘happy holidays’ – that could mean halloween for the amt of candy gathered or any other season. with displays like the store in riverside had…..macy’s will certainly experience a different type of shopper this year and in the future. the classy folks will be looking for a new place to spend their money.


Judy August 1, 2014 at 12:08 am

I went in for an interview a few months ago for retail sales associate & was told they couldn’t use me because I wouldn’t push the credit card business , I told them I didn’t think it was right to pressure a customer into getting a card when they tell you no & that they’ve cut one up & wasn’t getting another one, to try to get someone to apply for another one to me is wrong , when I get my card paid off I’ll not get another one .


Peter Blachley July 17, 2014 at 11:59 pm

I have had the same problem as many of you. I have enjoyed excellent credit and had an account with Macys for15 years and never had a late payment. earlier this year I was out of the Country and when I got back I was 15 days late on a small balance payment. I called them as soon as I could to make a payment and soon realized these are not those wonderful folks from “Miracle On 34th Street” these people are the “Nightmare From Ohio” They instantly reported the late payment to the credit agencies and wrecked my credit. After writing to the main credit office to have the report changed I just received a letter informing me that it’s my own tough luck with bad credit for 7 years. Kris Kringle’s gonna be real upset when he hears about what these sorry corporate lemmings have done to the old Macys.


Dr Malka July 17, 2014 at 3:31 pm

This is a letter of complaint

I am writing this letter with an absolute disappointment.

We live in Plantation, Florida and therefor are regular visitors of Macys in Aventura, Galleria, Boca Mall and Broward mall.

The store 758 in Broward mall is the subject of complaint; the store is in a horrible shape, everything looks dirty and cheap, and so does the staff and management of the store.

Me and my wife had several issues there, trying to return pants and just doing regular transactions. Being loyal customers of Macys for 35 years, I would expect things to go faster and smoother, rather I receive horrible customer service, unsuccessful returns, bitter faces and rude attitude in the above mentioned store.
Just an example, when I tried to return pants with tickets and return label, I visited the store at around 8 pm and for 50 minutes they kept me there waiting, and were extremely rude to me. Nevertheless, the night manager Katy “kicked me out” of the store and had her security accompany me like I was some kind of criminal. Sabrina and Patric gave me them same shameful service in the above mentioned brand, with a horrible attitude, just giving me a mood to never come back to Macys.

I reported my thoughts to the management but have not received an answer for months.
Being very stubborn I called and left messages until Michael I Byrd (manager) gave me a call back and to try to resolve the issue, offered me $25 gift card for something I purchased for over a $250 !!
When I called to mr Byrd today to ask for the last names of the above mentioned people -because I wanted to write this letter of complaint with proper information- he told me he reported my name to the security and I will not be welcomed to his store anymore because I “threaten” his staff.
Mr Byrd probably got frustrated over my complains to the corporate office so he decided to revenge me in his own way.
Well, surely I will not go back to that “stinky” store and will prefer to shop with Bloomingdales and Nordstrom in the future.

I could go on with my complains about this ridiculous branch and the above mentioned people who are not supposed to work with customers at all.

I would like to receive an answer about this issue and -as a doctor and a head of dozens of people in the medical service field- I firmly state that Michael Byrd , Katy, Patric and Sabrina are shame for Macys and are not worthy to work with such great and historic company.


Dr Malka

A very disappointed customer

Sent from my iPad


mariet June 26, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Hi im one of the macys employee they fierd me at june 7/2014 after 7 years they told me i dont know the macys rules becuse i did price adjestment,i gave my customer free shipping,i got perfume with free gifts but i return the perfume but not the gifts,becuse i got a bag for my co worker with my employee discount and then they blame on me they told me i didnt read the paper when i sign it for got hierd in macys….first my english was very bad i told that person who hierd me at 2007 in macys glendale and he told me dont worry 50% off macys employee they cant speak english vell and he gave me a paper for sign that they hierd me…..even the lady is her name she works for macys HR service she told me you have to talk with peaple i floor english so you can speak better and she fierd me becuse i sign the paper i didnt know what was it…2 mounts ago i just got eward for top saler and top my client …..whats happen now i didnt know the macys rulle why thet give me a ewards and alots macys magic card if i dont know the rulles????even after all this happening they told all macys employee give the customer everything they want it full returns,cupons,everything and make them happy…i did this too why they fierd me????!!!!! I know all macys employee they doing samething i did why they still working but they fierd me???why????!!!


Maru August 3, 2014 at 4:48 am

Well my dear friend, I think they fired you because if you speak to the customers the same way you wrote on your post, it definitively will be an inconvenient for the corporation and for the customers as well.
I was not able to understand what you exactly meant, so, I would recommend that you continue to make an effort and improve your communication skills.
Good luck in the future.


donna August 14, 2014 at 10:10 pm

we have a population that does not know how to speak or correspond correctly and it is apparent in all areas of business and daily life. what a shame. raise the bar of expectation and until we have an educated society, we will be dealing with those who do not know how to think logically, get results or do much for customer satisfaction.


Janet Lee Conners June 25, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Dear Macys,

It is a wonder you are still in business. Recently, I opened an account with Macy’s for the third time. And this is the third time I have never received a bill. However, I just received a call from the credit department in the Phillipines. I can’t locate a person in the U.S. I have tried repeatedly. Your phone numbers are no longer in service. Why don’t you just move all your stores to the Phillipines. Does anyone really read these comments? This has been going on for years.


Brad June 19, 2014 at 4:18 pm

As a supposed “Premier Elite Member” at Macy’s, I attempted to make a purchase today. After our last purchase, my wife had picked up my card and forgot to return it to me. I asked the sales associate, Miranda / (Willowbrook Mall), if I could provide My Driver’s License, have my number looked up and complete my purchase, a gift for my wife. Miranda was extremely helpful and real credit to Macy’s. That’s where the credit ends. She made the call to credit, but was not given approval. I was asked to answer 3 “security” questions. They were supposedly based on public record, but none of the three questions had answers that had anything to do with me! They told me my account was now suspended. They had incorrect information, but were suspending the account of a supposedly “premier elite member”. When I attempted to escalate the inquiry, I was ultimately sent to Dave at the Tempe Arizona Call Center. I offered to actually walk through my public information off my credit report. The best He could offer was a call from Macy’s within 72 hours (my card suspended during that time) or give me was an address! No phone number. That’s right, an address! The greater question is, whose information was I being asked about? My suggestion is to contact the “consumer complaint agency” listed on the site as well as It was nice to know that I was being asked questions that are supposedly connected with my account that have nothing to do with me. Whose? Really good security! Matched by very poor customer service at the corporate level. Mr. Lundgren, you might want to hire an upper level Customer Service Exec from Walmart. Comparably, I was treated bush-league at Macy’s. ~ a ‘former’ Premier Elite Customer.


JOE-C June 14, 2014 at 2:35 am

I am very disappointed with macy’s furniture on line shopping. I am VERY upset with your cancellation policy – It is so RIDICULOUS!

As a first time Macy’s on line buyer, I was surprised to know that Macy’s has a “(1) HOUR” cancelation policy after you made a furniture purchase on line. In short, when I was cancelling my order 24 hours after the made my order the next day, the sales associate said, that I was only allowed to cancel my order 1 hour after I ordered it. This is NOT acceptable!

Look at the airline business, they allow you to cancel at least 48 hours from the time of your reservation. Hotel allows the “day of arrival” cancellation policy. Should I continue more..??

Normally, most company allow a 24-48 hours cancellation policy because they know it’s more customer service friendly and they focus on customer satisfaction. I always have the impression that Macy’s is very prestigious and high quality in goods and services but I guess I was WRONG.

And on top of that, when the item arrives at my house (I have not received it yet) since I do not like it, the options they gave me to return it involves – delivery charge and restocking fee. Basically Macy’s placed the burden on the customer – Shame on you!!

I’m glad I do not have a Macy’s account. You lost my loyalty and recommendations.


Kristin b June 13, 2014 at 3:42 am

I went into the Tacoma Macy’s and I had a terrible experience. The employees were rude and condescending. I had a return and the receipt and tags attached. The girl had an attitude and acted like I was wasting her time. She kept messing up the return and asked me to scan my drivers license even though I had a receipt and tags. She scanned it three times sending a red flag out . I asked her why she needed to keep scanning it and she blatantly said Macy’s watches all returns and exchanges. I know that and I know I was doing nothing wrong. I was offended by her tone and body language. So many employees act as though your a burden there and not a customer. One sales associate was really verbal. A couple was shopping with they’re autistic son who was wandering around a bit and he was about 12. The Macy’s worker got onto her phone called security and said there is a family that’s letting they’re autistic kid flail around disturbing the peace. It was so rude and tacky. She was looking at them with disdain. I honestly think all macys employees hate they’re job because they all seem put out.


faith June 9, 2014 at 7:48 pm

what is the purpose for this !:Want to make sure Macy’s sees your comment or complaint? THEY DO NOT RESPOND . I have called Macy’s and sent many many e-mails since the middle of May 09,2014 with no repsonse ! Macy’s deos not have the courtesy to reply to e-mails or call me . When I was able to speak with a Macy’s assoc. by the name of Joanna whom i.d herself as a supervisor and found that Macy’s had made a mistake on my account , Joann apologized and said that she can submit the papar , i request that she fax me a letter of apology and letter stating my credit would be cleared , i didn’t have my fax # with me so Joann took my cell ph. # and called 20min later , i gave her the info. and Joann advised me that i would have the letters wihtin 72hours and the 30 day credit mark would be removed . It is now a month later and still no letters , no calls or e-mails ! IS ANYONE ELSE GETTING ANY CONTACT FROM MACY’S CUSTOMER OR CEO’S ?????????


riley August 14, 2014 at 10:42 pm

I feel your pain I came across this site looking for the macys contract information. I paid my bill have bank proof called the customer service department received I letter saying that the account was credit opened my mail today to find the same bill called customer service and was told to start all over by faxing my information again. Feel like a dog chasing his tail.


Anzy June 7, 2014 at 11:53 am

I keep calling the Colonie Macy’s store in Albany New York, however, the store is still closed after 11:08 AM.
This just my other problem with Macy’s. Recently I had the worst shopping experience with Macy’s. Parts are not packages properly, I am unable to reach anyone because of the company’s negligence. This company creates such unpleasant and inconvenient situation for customers and causes customers go through stressful time.
If you are in a customer service field, you really have to provide customer good service.
Your service has be customer oriented not profit for executives and investors.
The way you operate your business and poor service left me speechless.You should send your people to other country and make them learn real service.


Dan May 29, 2014 at 3:12 pm

From: Daniel Pontis []
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2014 8:25 AM
Subject: FW: Package Ship Notification

Good Morning I have made 4 requests yo have this resolved,. No one from Macy’s has contacted me regarding this issue.

Please see the note below from UPS regarding delivery of my Macy’s order.

Order #:
Order date: 05/24/2014
Tracking #:

Please note that I received this exact same notice for the seconds item shipped on this order

Order #:
Order date: 05/24/2014
Tracking #:

I have decided not to pay the additional shipping cost because UPS is subcontracting you deliveries to the post office. I would appreciate a written response from May’s stating that my order will be delivered in 3 days by UPS at the cost quoted by Macy’s or that Macy’s is unable or unwilling to address this problem with their shipper and that my entire order has been canceled and my card has been credited for the entire amount below

Order Total: $57.58
Standard Shipping $9.95
Sales Tax: $3.24
Total: $70.77

Thanks for your help.


From: UPS My Choice []
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2014 8:03 PM
Subject: Package Ship Notification

We’ve received a package(s) for delivery to you shipped using a UPS service that is not eligible for UPS My Choice features because final delivery is being provided by the U.S. Postal Service.
For immediate access to your UPS My Choice features, select the Upgrade Now button to request delivery by UPS ($3.50 fee applies).
Upgraded packages will typically be delivered one day earlier.
Upgrade Now

Tracking Number:

Shipper: MACY S D2C SPAZ
Delivery Date: 05/31/2014
To automatically upgrade all of your future packages shipped with this service or to change your email alert preferences, log onto to change your preferences.

Thank you for using UPS My Choice. We’re pleased to provide you home delivery that fits your life.


Betty May 26, 2014 at 5:22 am

I have been a long time loyal customer of Macy’s. I ALWAYS enjoyed shopping at Macy’s, I always had a wonderful experience! In March, 2014, I received a letter from the credit department (Macy’s) saying I was past due $18.00 and I was going to be sent to collections.. I WAS FLOORED!… I called Macy’s and talked to a representative explaining the letter I have received, telling her I ALWAYS pay the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE on time! Macy’s representative apologized to me, saying it had been MACY’S MISTAKE!..I had changed banks, Macy’s had been notified and given my new account information, but Macy’s had not updated my bank account information, so they tried to withdraw money from my old account, meaning NSF….I ask the representative the day we talked if my bank account had been updated, she replied YES…again I apologize, we (Macy’s) made a mistake…. I wanted to make sure this incident would not be reported as a late payment on my part and not be sent to collections. I expressed to her that my credit is FLAWLESS! She assured me that it has been taken care of and everything is OK… Two days later I received a letter explaining my account has been sent to Macy’s collections…I immediately called Macy’s and AGAIN explained the situation….the Macy’s representative fold me my account has a ZERO balance. I asked to be transferred to the Collections Customer Service. I spoke to A VERY RUDE representative, she told me a very different story than the other representative, I told her to connect me with a Supervisor…she bold out told me..I AM THE SUPERVISOR and there is no one else who can help you with this matter! I was so shocked!!…I have NEVER been treated this way by Macy’s….I told her to cancel my account with Macy’s and was very disappointed with her behavior.. She did not care! I then sent a e-mail to Macy’s….I got a call back in a couple of days from a Macy’s Manager (Keith Panna). I explained my BAD experience to him…he apologized and told me that Macy’s account customer department has done this mistake to other customers, over $5.00…. I was so relieved to have talked to him knowing he was going to take care of MACY’S MISTAKE….he also told me that the department I was talking to do not have access to cancel a Macy’s account… We are now almost I June….I called the Macy’s Manager again, left message…letting him know, every time i talked to a Macy’s representative, my conversation was recorded….so HEAR THE RECORDINGS! I DO NOT want this mistake that Macy’s had done to be on my record..i have excellent credit! I’m wondering how many more customers have had this done to them?? I would like Macy’s to correct this matter ASAP!


Faith June 1, 2014 at 11:15 am

Batty , I’m right there with you ! My credit is flawless as well . I went through the same exact process that you went through , although mine started in June 2013 and my account was paid off dec. 2013. In June 2013 I spoke with Macy custerice because i notice that Macy misapplied my payments to a Macy American Express Card that I never used ! The made all correction told me that all late fees , interest and my credit would not be affected. it seem take Macy forever to make correction and send me a zero balance letter, Bottom line in April 2014 I was appling for purchase i knew that I would qualify for the outrageous mortgage rate because my credit is flawless excellent!, outstanding with all my pmts. And payoff my responsibilities early . my financial advisor pulled my credit and notified me that Macy PUT A 30 DAY MARK ON MY CREDIT IN DEC. 2013!!!! I had not idea that this nightmare was coming back to haunt me again !!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME !! NOW I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH MACY’S SUPERVISOR THAT TOLD ME THAT IT WAS THERE ERROR ONCE AGAIN ON MAY 02,2014 AND MY CREDIT WOULD BE CLEARED WITHIN 72 HOURS AND SHE WOULD FAX MY LETTER OF MY CREDIT BEING CORRECTED AND LETTER OF APOLOGY AS WELL AS ZERO BAL. LETTer . I’m continue to have send emails with no response ! When I read your complaint I couldn’t believe what Is was reading , how many more Macy’s customers are going through this ! We work hard in keeping our credit flawless and Macy’s is going to have there incompendant custormer service people who don’t know what the y are doing DAMAGE OUR CREDIT!!!!!!!! I’M SO UPSET !! Not only with this experience but we made a MATTERSS PURCHASE in 2012 by sept. 2014 the matress created this hill in the center of the mattress which macy’s said is called a ridge! THIS WAS JUST ANOTHER BAD EXPERIENCE .. THE MATTRESS WAS FINALLY REPLACE AND I STARTED TO FEEL DISCOMFORT AGAIN , SO I GUESS I WILL BE CALL ON THIS? WHAT HAPPEND TO MACY’S DEPT. STORE I USED TO LOVE SHOPPING THERE ? THEY NEED MORE PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOc. BECAUSE SOME OF THEM I HAD TO DEAL WITH RUDE! !!!!!!! So disappoint !!! I THINK THAT THE CEO SHOULD REVIEW ALL THE COMPLAINTS AND SEE HOW MANY CUSTOMERS ARE UNHAPPY AND ARE NO LONGER GOING TO SHOP AT MACY’ s . I WORK IN A LARGE CORPORATE OFFICE AND I WILL SHARE ALL THE HARDSHIP MACY’S PUTS THERE LOYAL CUSTOMERS THROUGH !


Faith June 1, 2014 at 11:20 am

Correction…. My purchase was made in 2012 and paid off in Sept. 2013 it was a no interest mattress purchase . Dec 2013 Macy’s reported a 30 day credit ……how can you report something Dec.2013 When then account was paid off SEPTEMBER 2013?????


Erix May 17, 2014 at 11:53 am

For those who register with Bridal in the stores, take into consideration that the company as a whole has forced reliable long time employees into retirement for cheaper part-time ones. They also do not allow bridal registry employees to take “any” Saturday off and only gives them 1 Sunday per month off…also no stretch of consecutive days which limits any kind of real mini or full vacation, detrimental to morale. They are completely unfair with their employees and really don’t care about them. Remember that if one is less than enthusiastic helping you next time. There must be some labor laws against such practices?


Augustina May 2, 2014 at 2:10 pm

Please call me 347993XXXXX


Srinath April 13, 2014 at 6:42 am

Web site, getting into the details of the item is not possible. Extremely slow and I was not able to do any shopping. This must be fixed as soon as possible. I do not experience this with other web sites as KOHLS. Basically I could not view the individual item details of your web site although I tried more than 20 times. I was trying to shop Men’s Suits.
This must be fixed if you want customers to shop on line.


Yolanda Woolard April 10, 2014 at 2:24 pm

I received a gift card for christmas from my daughter and when I went to use it the store said it had been compromised. It was purchased in madison al. We live 350 miles from there. She contacted Macy,s and all they do is make excuses. Wanting her to go to the drug store where it was bought. It was for 75.00 dollars. It was not my wife’s fault and it is hard to drive all that way for 75 dollars. They should give her a new gift card. She buys a lot from macys and has been a good paying customer.


Nina April 30, 2014 at 5:07 pm

I too received a Macy’s gift car for Christmas. I tried to use it at the store with the store manager trying to process my purchase. Then today I tried to use it on line but I have to wait 24 hrs for the number to unlock. I input the number too many times.

The Macy’s e-card process is too complicated and customer service is no help. I wrote customer service regarding the e-card and they told me to contact Macy’s Credit Office – what?? Now I will escalate to headquarters.

Good luck on getting your $75 gift card.


Maureen Bonzey April 9, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Just a quick note about your employee, who works at the Natick store, in the men’s department. Grayling Wallace is an exceptional employee. He takes time with his customers, helps choose suits, ties, shirts, and puts the whole wardrobe together. The men in my family do not like to shop. I need Grayling Wallace when I shop with them.

Please, someone take the time to meet this employee of Macy’s. He should be giving classes on how to better serve your customers. He is your top employee.

Maureen Bonzey


Maxine Bates April 8, 2014 at 4:28 pm

Good afternoon. I work at the Law Offices of Reid L. Steinfeld and we have the hospital account on behalf of Mercy San Juan Hospital. On November 23, 2013 we asserted a Hospital lien to your company. To date, we have not received a written or verbal response from your Risk Managenent representative or legal department. The patient/plaintiff involved is Iris M. Portela. Date of Incident: 12/27/12. Her personal injury attorney is Jacob Emrani. Please forward this inquiry to the appropriate representative at your earliest convenience. I would like to get the representative’s contact information for future reference and to update my records. Thank you.


Diane Marsh April 6, 2014 at 10:29 am

I have been a long time customer of Macy’s and have always enjoyed shopping in the stores, and have felt confident that I’m buying a good quality items – until recently… In January of the/is year, I purchased a robe and two Madenform bras. I developed a horribly/itchypainful rash a couple of weeks after wearing these products and thought maybe they needed to be washed. The rash continued. I switched to a hypoallergenic detergent for these products yet the rash continued. I discontinued using all three products and the rash went away after about a week. I tried to use these products one at a time and each time, after just one days use, the rash re appeared… All three products are made in China… I’ve read many other complaints through forums with the exact same results… Perhaps it’s time to stop using Chinese factories where their health standards are substandard and their water is proven to be contaminated… I won’t buy anymore products made in China, and am a bit dubious about Macy’s as well… We as consumers pay top dollar for your product and expect a bit more!


Elisa April 1, 2014 at 7:12 pm

A 21-year-old Afghanistan veteran claims she was denied a job in Macy’s specifically because of her service in the war-torn nation.
Kayla Reyes says she interviewed for a job on the sales floor at Fresno’s Fashion Fair mall in February but was told that she wouldn’t be able to relate to customers because she had seen combat.
Reyes, who enlisted in the military at the age of 17, claims that the interview took a turn for the worse when her 4-year army career came up and that the hiring manager said, ‘Being that you’ve been over there, you wouldn’t really know how to approach people.’
Stunned, Reyes said the manager continued and said that having spent a year dealing with IED’s and the Taliban, ‘Once a customer’s in your face, you wouldn’t know how to do it. You wouldn’t know how to react.’
Someone at Macy’s needs to send the manager to the unemployment line.
Maybe give Reyes her job.
Please look into this as VETERANS NEED jobs in this FREE COUNTRY…HELP HER PLEASE…
Thanks Elisa Later


Janet Lee Conners June 25, 2014 at 1:20 pm

She probably would have been offered a job if she wore a turban.


Lauren Eischen March 9, 2014 at 3:58 pm

After reading everyone’s comments here and seeing the terrible experiences and customer service Macys reputation has , I have a feeling the following e-mail and letter I mailed to BCBG and Macys corporate will probably fall on deaf ears:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Lauren Eischen. I recently lodged a complaint with the District Manager of the BCBG counter located in the Macys store on State St in Chicago, IL. I wanted to send an e-mail to the Store Manager, or whoever oversees that location, however, after sitting on hold for 1 1/2 hours and being redirected several times, I was not able to get an e-mail or contact information for this person, which is why this complaint is landing in the hands of corporate instead. I sent an e-mail to the District Manager for the BCBG counter at the Macys on State St, Chicago. This was my e-mail her:

“Wednesday, February 12, 2014 was the first time I visited BCBG at Macys on State St. ( I usually patron the Macys in Orland Park) and was extremely disappointed with the service. The day prior, Tuesday, February 11, 2014, I had found a dress at the Macys in Orland Park that was perfect, it held very personal, sentimental value to me. The at the Orland Park Macys did not have the size I needed and 2 exceptional employees were kind enough to call several Macys on my behalf while I stood at the counter with my brother. They were able to track one down at the Macys on State. They spoke to the Manager, Deanna I think was her name (she was working late afternoon on 2/11/14), who said that they did, indeed, have the dress. Since it was already later in the afternoon/evening, I asked the Orland employee to request that the dress be held until the next day (Wednesday, February 12, 2014) so that I could pick it up. Deanna agreed to hold the dress. The next day, on my way downtown, I called the BCBG to prepay for the dress so that all I would have to do would be to run in and pick it up, hopefully avoid rush hour on my way home. I spent my entire drive ( I live in Orland Park) of 45 minutes on hold, as people tried to locate the dress Deanna placed on hold the night before. As I was pulling into the parking garage I was told the dress could not be located. I went into the Macys and began to find someone to speak to. I was sent to a total of 5 different floors before I finally found to the BCBG counter. When I got there I was greeted by a really great and helpful employee, I want to say her name was Stephanie (an African American woman who was working about 2:30-3:00pm on 02/12/14). Stephanie said the dress was not in the back and began looking through the clothing racks. After several attempts she was not able to find the dress. She went the extra mile (as I think she saw I was already flustered from being on hold, driving all the way downtown, potentially for no reason, being sent all over the store, and being told the dress wasn’t held after all) and contacted the Manager at home, as she was not working. The manager informed her that she only held the dress until the end of the previous evening and put it back out onto the general floor, so if someone had purchased it already there was nothing she could do. Her attitude was rude, unappreciated, and unacceptable. At this point I was infuriated. I had 2 Orland Park Macys employees and my brother who heard me request that the dress be held until the next day and Deanna agree to it. At this point another employee came over and her and Stephanie scowered the racks again. They found the dress in the appropriate size hidden between other dresses. The experience I had with BCBG that day grossly overshadowed the joyous moment it was suppose to be when I picked up this dress. I spent over $100.00 this dress and had it not meant so much to me, I would have been happy to walk out of that store without it because the aggravation would not have been worth it. I was excited to visit the Macys on State, as I had never been there before. Unfortunately, this experience left a terrible taste in my mouth and I am extremely hesitant at the idea of dealing with the Macys or BCBG on State again. I have numerous acquaintances, friends, and family, not only locally, but who visit from out of town, or out of country and I am hesitant to recommend the State St. location of Macys or BCBG to them because I would hate to have them have a similar or worse experience. I apologize that this is reaching your attention so many weeks after the incident, however, I wanted to make sure I did my research as I was made aware that BCBG, basically, “rents” space and are not, in fact direct employees of Macys. I wanted to make sure before I lodged my complaint.”

I understand that BCBCG “rents” space in your store and that they are not direct employees of Macys. However, none of the departments or independent vendors seemed to be able to reach each other in the building. Nobody at Macys seemed to know who I needed to talk to or where I needed to go which resulted in me being placed on hold for the 45 minute duration of the car ride, and being sent to several different floors. Not a single department contacted another on my behalf, and just recommended another floor for me to visit. Many of the employees that I dealt with (outside of BCBG) in Macys general departments had poor attitudes and customer service skills, like I was inconveniencing them when asking for assistance. I am usually a quiet/non-high maintenance shopper, however, even I have my tolerance levels when it comes to the ignorance and rudeness of others. The Macys employees My main problem may have been with BCBG, however, they are a representation of Macys whom I also find responsible for what they do and do not allow in their facilities. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Aislinn March 8, 2014 at 8:55 am

Macys has horrible customer service, I have been in a battle to get a credit since Jan 10, I have written about it on a blog now and will link it everywhere until I get resolution.


Donna Baker March 6, 2014 at 2:08 pm

I recently moved an apparently my new address is flagged in Macys online store for fraud. I have been tring to get this resolved since December 6 it is now March 6th. I am told each itme htey are putitng in a ticket and will fix. Each time nothign gets done. 4 orders, 3 months and 12 calls later nothing. Hello Nordstum and Lord and Taylor. Macys can take my 9K of business a year and do what they want – it is no longer thiers.


David Stone March 4, 2014 at 4:51 am


Is the 15% discount a joke

You have doubled most prices from my order and over that on some.

All the items are still in stock so I don’t know why you haven’t sent my order ?? I can only think I must be because the prices were too low

Please compare my order prices to the current store prices

The same order would cost me now £254.68 + taxes & shipping rather than the £108.92 from my order.

This is just not right at all I want this to me raised with management !!!


Gene March 3, 2014 at 1:31 am

At the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, my Macys account was used fraudulently for an in store purchase . In fact , so was my Sears cards and there was an attempt to open an Kohls & Target account. All three companies cleared the fraud . In the case of Macys I sent paper work etc and it too forever. But, this is not the end of the story. Shortly after again my Macys account was used in store fraudulently . Now , that raises a huge concern. Bad security measures. In fact, instead of giving me a new account number, they left it the same bad that is why I was open to being a victim if fraud. So once again I sent the paper work and it was cleared. Over right? No, a year later I received a notice from a collection company representing Macys saying I owed $248.00. I never received bills or late notices. So, I am waiting to hear from Macys again, as I made them aware of this matter. I had been a Macys card holder for 15 plus years, spent a lot in tikes years on Macys . Never had u been delinquent. Even if I do owe money, it would have sure been nice to have been sent some bills. I did receive one call but said there was fraud on the account and said there must be a mistake . Yet, I was never calked back or given proper notices …very frustrating vas it seems that Macys is the only company that can’t seem to resolve thus past case.


judith February 26, 2014 at 8:42 pm

3 times I have made an order from macys. I ordered a dress and wanted it shipped to the funeral parlor for my mother. each time they shipped to me. I called and let customer service know each time and they said they would correct it immediately and continued to screw it up three times. I told them the dress is now a gift to me as my mother will decompose before she ever gets this dress. will have to make other arrangements. I have never had this problem before. I ship to other addresses during the holidays with no problem. I notice all the reps have accents and don’t seem to be too bright. the supervisor hung up on me . I have asked to close my accounts with macys and will never ship there again. this is too unblieveable that at a time like this I have to put up with incompetence not once but three times.


CATHERINE February 25, 2014 at 11:10 am

It has been almost a month now since I have been getting the run a round with the employees/staff of macys about an order that I have been awaiting so now I would like to hear from the CEO,CFO, and COO. I thank you very much. my phone number is 340244XXXXX. I patiently awaits your call.


Jeovanni Adrien February 20, 2014 at 2:10 pm

Continued comment: ….having the disposition and discipline to turn a negative situation isnt somthing i can put on an application obviously but it would be very wise on your company’s part to find more of the kind of people that can turn the image of your company around experience after experience. People like some of the associates that were named here. Your agend should be getting back to the reputation that the company was has built for decades. Class and service. Take focus off the money and politics and go back to the people, your consumers personally. For your consideration, thank you.


Jeovanni Adrien February 20, 2014 at 1:57 pm

So, in regards to all the complaints about the kind of people you have in you stores, something must be done immediately. All customers who have had a terrible experience with an associate in a store should count on you, Macys, to really stick your neck out and cater to the customer and right the serious wrongs when they are made. Customers who take the time to point out a negative, behavioral attitude of some employees should have their concerns validated because when -some not all- people have such boldness to treat a customer with such flagrant disrespect one time without consequence, no kind of warning or discipline will make them feel invincible to do it again, costing you loyalty and
business experience after experience. You ought to have employees that can take a negative situation and still maintain composure while giving the customer
an experience
they deserve for shopping in your store. Having the right disposition and discipline to get things done while satisfying the needs of the customer with a positive experience more people who can turn the image of your compam


Macy's employees February 17, 2014 at 11:36 am

I don’t even know why we take time to even go on here and complain!!! These ppl to f***n care all they want is to get there money & that’s it!! So much for Magic at there d*** Macy’s company’s! DO NOT SHOP AT MACYS!!!!!!!! They suck!!!


Dr. Edwards February 15, 2014 at 10:39 pm

I went to your store in Durham, NC (The Streets at Southpoint) and had the following experience. I came in on this evening to purchase make up from your Lancome counter. It was obvious that your staff wanted to know if I was simply wanting a free service or wanting to purchase merchandise. Let me first say, I drove from Fuquay Varina to your store because I was referred to this particular counter because of an individual who was satisfied with the products they purchased and from the individual who they brought it from (I could have went to the store in Cary, NC or Raleigh, NC). I sat there and the makeup artist Pinky did not spend no more than 10 minutes with me before she ran to ring up services and tend to return customers. I asked her to show me how to apply the eye shadows she was putting on so that I could do once I leave the store. I was unable to have a tutorial on this service. Ms. Shanequa Pressley who sold my sorority sister Ms. Felder products from this counter accompanied me. I left after waiting for over 20 plus minutes without receiving excellent customer service. It was apparent to me that because I am a woman of color, it was questionable whether or not I was there to spend money. Secondly, I have visited other makeup counters in other department stores without an appointment and was treated as top priority. The manager was notified of my disappointment and DID NOTHING. I came back to the store after eating dinner to see if my experience would be different. The manager was called and no one answered. I called the store from my cell phone and spoke to the operator who transferred me to a voice mail box. Apparently, the managers and store associates lack cultural and customer service training. I came into the store with the intentions of spending money. After I did, I came home and decided I will return the product and go to Belks, Nordstrom, or to another city to purchase Lancome. Your level of integrity, and maturity makes me question the type of individuals Macy’s put into position and even hire.


Nancy February 9, 2014 at 10:12 pm

I am very frustrated that Macy’s OUTSOURCES, when there are PLENTY of Americans looking for work. I was LIED to SEVERAL TIMES, by SEVERAL DIFFERENT Customer Service Reps!! I originally placed my order on 1/30/14. Rec’d WRONG ITEM on 2/3/14. Called right away & Rep told me, my card would not be charged again & correct item will be sent right away. Returned item to store, as advised, where cashier told me, couldn’t accept because the tag DIDN’T MATCH receipt that was in bag. Got home & called again & they issued a UPS call tag. I asked AGAIN if correct item had been resent? They ASSURED ME AGAIN, IT WAS. Week later, still never rec’d item, yet rec’d orders I placed after that 1. Called AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN!! To which, every time, the OUTSOURCED Rep told me I had to WAIT, because it was “Reserved” for me, but they can’t get in touch w/the “Back Office”. I asked to speak w/a Sup or Manager. Put me on hold to tell me Mananger was on break!! Kept me on hold for OVER 45 mins, to DISCONNECT ME!! Called back, was on phone for OVER an other HOUR!! Asked to be transferred to someone in the States, who told me the Item was NEVER ORDERED & was NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Yet OUTSOURCED Rep told me, I had to wait ANOTHER 7-10 DAYS for delivery, because in was “RESERVED” for me. I am IRATE & BY READING ALL THESE OTHER COMMENTS, I see I’m NOT ALONE!!! Macy’s you really need to straighten out the way your Customer Service Dept is TREATING YOUR Customers!!! I’ve been shopping here for 25+ years as well. However, Kohls, Bloomingdales, etc, Customer Service are MUCH BETTER & is WORTH TAKING BUSINESS THERE!!!


Carol Harmon February 7, 2014 at 8:27 pm

Dear Sirs;
I am writing this letter to share with you a recent shopping experience that I had with Macy’s. I will try to keep this as organized and concise as possible but that was part of this whole awful experience.

1) On November 30, 2013, I purchased a sofa from your online store. While purchasing the sofa I agreed to the $299 delivery charge, as I was a long distance delivery. After the charges were made I was then told that I would not get this item delivered before January 4, 2014. I told the representative that I needed this sofa for the holidays; she responded that Macy’s 3rd party delivery service did not make any deliveries before January 4th. I told her that I would have to get back to h
2) Several days later I called back to schedule the delivery and was informed that January 11, 2014 was now the next available date. I took this date, as customer service was not providing any other options.
3) I then waited for the Saturday January 11th delivery. I was told that I would receive an automated call several days prior to the delivery to confirm the day and time. This never happened. On Friday, January 10th I called customer service to ask about the delivery, they reassured me that I would receive a call that day. Day turned to night and I called back again to ask about the delivery. Customer service once again said that I would get a call early Saturday morning.
4) This never happened. I called and got transferred from person to person and finally ended up with the supervisor. She confirmed that the 3rd party delivery service was not going to be making the delivery that day. She provided no options or recourse. She kept deferring the error to the 3rd party moving company.
5) On Monday January 13th I called customer service, that’s correct they did not call me. Customer service could not explain what happened since they once again blamed the 3rd party delivery. I then asked the customer service rep what Macy’s was going to do to compensate me? She could not offer any compensation. I asked for the delivery fee to be waived but she said that was not possible. At that point I said if she could not offer this then she should cancel the whole order.
6) At this point I was desperate to talk to an actual furniture person, no longer customer service. I then called the Macy’s furniture gallery in Edina, MN and explained my dilemma. They transferred me to the store manager, John Ludwigson. I was finally able to explain my much drawn out saga to someone who cared. John said that he would make some calls and confirm a delivery date and would also deduct $100 from the delivery fee and include a $50 Macy’s card.
7) We finally ended up with a delivery date of January 17th, which was a Friday and a workday for me. I agreed to take off work to get this delivery completed. After the delivery truck got stuck in the snow they finally arrived 3 hours later.
8) I am happy to say that I do like the sofa. I am also happy to say that John called me back to verify that the delivery was made and that I was happy.
9) I cannot say enough about the store manager that took over to make a happy customer.

I cannot put into words how extremely disappointed I am in Macy’s customer service. I have been a Macy’s cardholder since 1993 and have always appreciated the in store care that I have received. This experience has confirmed that I will never make another furniture purchase from Macy’s nor will I recommend that anyone else do the same.

I hope that Macy’s can take my experience and make some corrections to their customer service department. If any of this doXXXXentation is in question I recommend that you look back at my many phone calls to your customer service department.


Carol Harmon


Patricia Elliott'Baker February 5, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I am a long time customer of Macy’s, but have to say that I am very disappointed with
your customer service as of late. I sent a check (always paid my account in full) to you and
later that week received a reply that it was credited and thanked me for it.
However, I have recently married and changed my checking account to another bank and
Macy’s did not send the check through in time to the bank that I had closed the account,
and unfortunately that account was closed….so i was sent a letter to let me know that they
would charge me $25. for returned check. I explained that I did not know that the check
had not cleared because of the email that it had been credited to my account.
I then immediately sent another check and asked that they remove the charges.
Today I called to see if my account was correct and they kept me on the phone for over
an hour saying that they could not find my check.
I am so upset that I have considered closing my account with Macy’s over this issue.
I do not want to be charged for something that was not my problem and why is it so
difficult to resolve issues with your customer service?
I am lost as to what to do next.


Rita Kaye February 5, 2014 at 1:56 pm

What a disgrace that so many people have negative reviews. I thought I never would well I spoke too soon. Macy’s is now reselling returned broken goods to senior citizens. Me being one of them. SHAME!!!!


Rita Kaye February 5, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Sirs or Madam,

I am an avid Macy’s shopper. I recently (1 week ago) was in your home store on Spring Mountain Rd in Las Vegas, NV where I live looking for a vaXXXXn cleaner. On your clearance rack was monster truck made by Baja the Platinum collection, by Shift. It was beautiful and I purchased IT AS THE SALES GIRL TOLD ME IT WAS A TERRIC BUY. I brought it over to my grandson and it was in shambles in the box. The wheel was off the antenna broken off parts missing. Someone apparently had returned it and MaCY’S RESOLD IT AT A DICOUNTED PRICE BROKEN. Why this would happen in such a lovely store with such a good reputation I will never know. I am 75 years old so this bargain of $14.99 for truck that should cost considerably more was a shoe-in for my purse. I feel you have taken advantage of a senior citizen who would not expect to be taken. The box was not broken nor the plastic covering where you could look in and see the monster truck so awareness was not there that the store was selling me a broken item. Shame on Macy’s. As you know one bad review goes a long way. I would like a replacement of this item no matter what it cost Macy’s as I was mortified when my son opened that box on my grandsons birthday with so many people there. I had to say it was on sale but I certainly did not know it was broken and tore up.


Neropattie January 19, 2014 at 1:13 am

Hi I always buy from macy online and in store but recently the charge my credit card multiple times and when I call my credit card company the made some dispute and after that macy put my account to their fraud depertment and I can’t shop online with them anymore I don’t know why and I call them several times to fix it but the keep saying I can never shop back online even my mom use to shop online and the stop her cause we r from the same address. This is the worst thing ever the do to customer and don’t even want to help.


MOF January 9, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Macy’s failed delivery saga continues…
Today, 1/09/14, I received an e-mail from a manager of furniture and bedding department informing me that they cannot process my request due to they do not have my information: telephone no.,address, billing address, sales check no. Seriously? After numerous e-mails and phone calls from them since October 2013 regarding the same items, they do not have these pertinent information.


MOF January 8, 2014 at 5:43 pm

I have been a long term customer of Macy’s and have been more than satisfied with the service in their department stores.Had I not experience a very unsatisfactory experience with furniture delivery myself, I would have not believed all the negative comments from other customers. I will be brief.My husband and I purchased a dining set, buffet and hutch on August 31, 2013. There’s bee 4 failed deliveries 11/21, 12/19, 12/26 and 1/08 )due to furniture defects. I ended up calling their corporate headquarters for assistance. The person I spoke with was very gracious and listened to my concerns. I was offered some compensation which is nice but the stress of having to deal with their mess so many times is unbelievable and nerve wrecking. We are waiting for delivery #5 and we’ll just have to see…


mary masillo January 7, 2014 at 12:56 pm



Tina H January 4, 2014 at 9:05 pm

I highly recommend anyone with a complaint to direct them to the Better Business Bureau. The Cincinnati BBB still shows Macy’s as a company with good standing and given an A+ rating!


Heather S. December 30, 2013 at 10:19 am

I am disgusted by your company, the people that work for it and the lack of personal regard you have for your customers! I work in the mall in Valencia, California right next to Macy’s dept store. Mine and 2 other of my co-workers wallets were stolen and our debit cards used at your store to make over $1,000 in purchases. When I asked to speak to a manager it only took 20 minutes for 1 to show up. When I asked “do you not check I.D. On purchases” the response I got was “well we try to” TRY?!? How is an I.D. Not checked on a purchase of $765.99?!? When I asked for a corporate number I was told there isn’t one and “what would you like me to do about it Ms” the “manager” then proceeded to give me an attitude and say “well, if your wallet was stolen then your I.D. Was in it, if the person looks remotely close to you then there’s not really much I can say”…true but can you tells how your company would like to justify they checked for an ID with the purchase when the person who stole our wallets was African American…and we are all not!!! Good job Macy’s!!! My whole life and identity is in shambles because the lack of professionalism your company demonstrates! All they had to do was ask for a damn ID and would have been able to determine it was a stolen card! I’m highly disappointed and am already in contact with a lawyer!!!


Elaine Walsh January 22, 2014 at 12:00 am

Imagine finding someone’s credit card in a boot box and that’s just the beginning!! To start, I ordered a pair of boots in mushroom brown and a brown/cream sweater paying an extra $10 for shipping because I planned to wear them for an upcoming baby shower. Receive the order and as I open the boots there is a woman’s credit card. Look at the boots- wrong color was sent. Taupe not mushroom brown. Look at the sweater, wrong color was sent, reversal of color combo. Cream and brown.. Call customer service- can’t do anything about the credit card until this woman declares it missing. ” bring it to your local macys” I was told. Informed that the order was incorrect. Boots and sweater were the wrong color. They suggest I reorder. I needed it in 4 days. They give me express shipping as a courtesy. Get the items 2 days AFTER the shower and… Wrong items sent again!!! Same colors as the first order. Upset I call customer service, they stated that there might be a problem with the color on my computer monitor. I wasn’t mean. I didn’t curse but Really???! IS THERE A NEW WAY TO SPELL MUSHROOM? DO YOU SPELL IT TAUPE? BECAUSE THATS HOW THEY SPELLED IT ON THE BOX!! Well, he tells me, there is nothing I can do. With the boots or the sweater. ( which, by the way, they were sending me the petite instead of a the regular- petite was opposite colors )
I think the most incredulous thing was returning the credit card. Bringing it to the cash register I explained what happened and what customer service said. He proceeded to put the card in his back pocket. Really???! I took it back and bent it back and forth leaving it useless. At least someone won’t get screwed by Macys.


Jul M. December 28, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Macy’ SUCKS!!! I don’t know who to file a complaint with, so i’m justing posting the info incase anyone cares. Macy’s is overcharging sales taxes! My town/state for sure! So they are making an unjustified profit. I have called 4x = 95 min. of wait time (waiting right now), asking for a supervisor- never getting one! The customer service lacks common sense, competence, professionalism. No one picks up the phone to say “it will be a few more mins. ma’am,” I believe i’ve been put on hold this time for 43 mins. and forgotten! They have a poor phone system, so much music/STATIC! So waiting is unbearable!!! After 40 yrs of shopping at Macy’s, i finally see what an old friend means, NO MORE MACY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


annoymouse December 28, 2013 at 11:57 am

I work at Macy’s Aventura for two years now. I love working at Macy’s because it work with my school schedule and I gained a lot of knowledge and I interact with many people from different part of the country. Over that time period my department went over 4 different managers. We have this new manager, Angela, that just boss people around and never do anything in the department to help out. One of the store assistance manager always come down to the department and help. She work hard then our manager does. our manager is rude and her communication skills is terrible. she don’t ask but demand. she stated that if we support to come at 9:45, we must come at 9:00, if not she going to write us up and even fire us. she don’t even ask but demand us to follow this new rule. She always changing the rules and make up her on rule along the way. I never had a manager that is so rude and disrespectful. Its not only the only junior department complaining other manager as well complaining that she does absolute nothing to help. the department need a manager that is a leader and work with respect. We need someone that will work with us and show the true meaning of Macy’s magic. We need RESPECT and a LEADER, not someone that demand her ways and not think about us first. Macy’s is a great place because I was able to build my communication skill, learned the right way to interact (with people from different cultural, religion, race, etc.), and mostly learn about myself and become a leader. I speak great about Macy’s because its a wonderful place to work and learn. I would love to stay until I finish my education, but if this continue I’m going to have rethink that thought. Since I been in this company I never complain about any manager or anyone, but this manager I will not take her lack of respect and her demand.


Eddie Hanson December 27, 2013 at 12:55 am

I have been a Macy’s customer for over 30 years and just this year decided to order from Macy’s online.

When I received the item (six days before Christmas), the wrong UPC was on the clear bad packaging the item was in, so I received the wrong item.

I called customer service immediately. The customer service representative was friendly and empathetic. He told me that he would immediately process a replacement order of the correct item and to return the incorrect one at my convenience with no return fee. I was to receive the gift before Christmas.

Well, Christmas has passed and on 12/26 I receive an email stating that they found a replacement and will send it out after I return the incorrect item. It will then take up to 10 business days after that for me to receive the correct item. This means my family member would not receive a Christmas gift until the middle of January all because of Macy’s online service.

I have just told them that I want a refund and that I will purchase a different gift at another department store for my family member. Who knows what type of mess this will bring.

It’s amazing how the disrespect of this one customer transaction is beginning to make me question my long-lasting loyalty. Do I really want to support a chain that tells me one thing and does another, doesn’t respect their agreements, and doesn’t care how they impacted mine and my family’s holiday? I’m not sure. I guess it will all depend on how they handle the situation.


RAMON JONES December 25, 2013 at 10:29 am


Today is Dec 25th (xmas morning) and I am taking the time to write to you about the worst experience I’ve every had ordering online at . I placed my order online with the hopes/expectation to have my items delivered by xmas day. I placed my order Dec22nd with rush delivery. Yes I realize this was a late order, but again I hoped Macys would help make a xmas miracle. I received an email saying my order has been broken up into 2 shipments and they are headed my way. My card was immediately charged the total amount of the order. To my surprise on Dec 23rd I received a call saying Macys needed to verify some info to protect from potential fraud. I provided the request verification but then I was given an NEW order#. The rep made no mention that since my original order would be canceled that this would delay my delivery, and no mention that my card would again be charged the total amount of the purchase. Because of this issue my order was not going to be delivered by xmas and my acct is now overdrawn due to the double charges.

Now today Dec 25th (3 days later) I wake up and check my acct to see if the second charge was reversed, but instead i find that Macys has not only not refunded the original charges, but has now charged my card for a THRID TIME!!! I also find out that now my bank has charged me $180.00 in overdraft fees all because of Macys!!!! So I don’t have the items I purchased and I don’t have any money to celebrate the holiday with my family.

Needless to say that Dec 25th 2013 has become the worst xmas I have ever had, all thanks to MACYS!


Patricia Lofton December 21, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I was at North Lake Macy’s 6845 North lake mall Drive. I am a vendor I have never been so disappointed in my life I have several accounts with Macy’s every time I go in there it’s another problem, I had a worker who was telling me she is so upset, I’m not sure what she wanted me to do about it, I’m just a consumer I said why don’t you just walk away take a couple of deep breath and come back, Mary did I had to leave my things there and go back home that’s how upset she was remind you not me, that issue got fixed when I call customer protection. then on 12/21/2013 at 2:11 pm. I went back to the same Macy’s I purchase some jewelry and they had declined the transaction I thought maybe they had to verify me to make sure know one else was using the account. her name was Lisa I assumed she was with the credit department. I asked her what was her position she said I am a lead person, I said may I speak to your superior, she said no she is the lead person, there was so many people around, She right away said it could not be approve, I ask why she said I had to spend 300.00 I said ok. I will just find something else so it will total up to 300.00 so you can approve it now while the young lady is standing here, then she said I had to spend more then 300.00. I said you just said I had to spend 300.00 the worker then asked me what would I like to do? I said I will pay for it with another type of card. I was not going to let her feel as though she could make me angry not in anyway. I am asking for a show account that I have to spend over 300.00 just to purchase some jewelry. that money I had to pay with another type could have been a payment or more toward my account. someone needs to get involve with this Macy’s and see what is going on. When It comes to money it’s all the same color. Macy’s could loose a lot of good paying consumer because of the kind of people they are hiring, then hiring people who want’s to have more authority then the position they were hired for. This should be looked into ASAP.


Patricia Lofton December 21, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Kerry December 21, 2013 at 8:12 am

12-21-2013 what is the purpose if the coupon if we can’t use them in Macys…Macys sucks!!!!! Don’t believe the “one day sale” non-sense


Collette Darby December 20, 2013 at 11:49 pm

I am not sure how much this is going to do, looking at the other complaints on this page. I was in New York for the Thanksgiving 2013 holiday made several purchases and was thrilled when the clerks offered me shipping for my large purchases, so I would not have the added expense for new luggage or the possible over the weight limits with the airlines. I never received an email regarding my shipping, I called no one knew how to direct me or tell me a status of my order. I called for 3 weeks and go no where the “Herald Square” Macys associates, dept managers and store manager are the worst. Even when my local Macys store manager tried to help me they treated her the same way… I finally did get my items but the matters get worst…..purchased $350 boots Michael Kors the store clerk had them shipped to me from their fulfillment center as my size was not available in store. Well they shipped me a size 11 right foot boot and a size 10 left foot boot, here I go again calling the Herald Square store to get help on how to correct their error after 4 days of calling no one returned my call or voicemails. I finally went into my local Macys (Lanier and Chandra Managers) stopped their duties to assist me, I purchased another pair of boots I needed them for my Christmas with my Family. Rude, lack of customer service, because they are Union they can do this what should customer do when we spend our money with Macys and get such rude, and poor customer service. I spent more time and extra money and no compensation from Macys for such poor treatment of me as the customer. Someone needs to address Herald Square associates and Managers. Whats funny is the store operate at Herald Square told me this behavior was normal for the store and she apologized the same for my local Macys the Manager state they are disrespected in the same manner by associates and Managers. You have an amazing store but you need better staff and Management.


Amanda Shorts December 20, 2013 at 5:46 am

I applied for an Administrative Support Team Associate, Part Time position at Macy’s Fair Oaks in Fairfax, VA. Within a day or two I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to come in for an interview. It gave you a selection of dates and times like 12/19/13 at 5:pm or such and such a time on 12/24/13. Even though 5:pm the next day was a horrible time due to rush hour, I chose that time and date because it was the soonest offered. I picked up my daughter from school 45 minutes early to take her to my husband’s job so that I could make the 5:pm interview time which is over an hour from our house. In rush hour, it’s 2 hours from our house. Anyway, Macy’s failed to tell me that there are 2 Macy’s stores at that mall. I went to the wrong one where they directed me to the correct one. I raced down the hallway through tons of people Christmas shopping, showed up at the HR department and sat. After about 15 minutes, a woman called me into a tiny office where she told me that they only had a seasonal P/T position for another 2 weeks. I said I was there for the Administrative Support Team Associate position – P/T. She said it had been filled that morning. I asked why no one bothered to call me. She said, “Sorry.” I said, “Because I drove 2 hours to get here.” “Sorry,” she repeated. So, now in heavy rush hour I sat in my car for 2.5 hours to get home. I used about half a tank of gas for the whole trip. That was a 5 hour horrific experience for over 100 miles of driving in rush hour for a job that didn’t exist. No one thought that as a human being I was worth a quick 1 minute phone call to say “position has been filled.” Talk about poor ethics and treatment.


katia barbera December 18, 2013 at 12:37 am

have to share a BAD experience and tell you customers to watch out before making any online order.
I ordered a conforter set online, a few days later I received the wrong item and I called right away on dec 9. the associate told me to either go to a store to return or send it back, apologized and told me they would be sending me the right item next day and id be getting it in 2 business days. because it is a big package and she told me that would make no difference, I went to the store and returned the item. Its been a week and I did not receive the correct item. I called customer svc and they were extremely rude and she supervisor told me that I would need to go back to the store because there is nothing they can do for me. I told her that I did not buy in the store and I just did what I was told to by online macys and she kept apologizing and telling me it was a mistake from the associate over the phone and there is nothing she could do, she was rushing to hang up the phone, rude and unprofessional. I am (was) a macys customer for over 10 years and I am deeply frustrated. At this point all I want is clarification about why the online service is so unprofessional and misinformed. She even said that after hanging up the phone they noticed that I was given the incorrect information but it was”too late”. I will take a step further because it was a Christmas gift, they messes up , wasted my time and still did not take care of my situation. I returned the item in the store because I was told to, I did what was instructed by your own associates and they recognized the mistake but basically said, im sorry but now YOU help yourself. well I will just make sure that this experience will be shared with as many people as possible, heads up so they dont get frustrated just before Christmas as I am.


Yolanda Davis December 17, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Good Morning My name is Yolanda Davis and i work at Paul Revere School in Chicago, I deliver santa letter to the downtown store in chicago. I just need to know will the santa letter be answer or are they just for fun if so no one told me this. The children here at Paul Revere School was looking forward to macy answering the letter and providing gifts.


Debra Bolce December 16, 2013 at 8:37 pm

I’ve been a long time loyal shopper of Macy’s until today. My husband and I bought an expensive diamond ring from Macy’s for our 25th wedding anniversary. In less than 24 months one of the three main stones fell out. When I took the ring back to your Country Club location in Sacramento, California I was told ‘sorry’ by both the fine jewelery manager and store manager. They would not repair, replace, or refund our money on this ring. The repair is probably not that expensive, but the thousands of dollars I’ve spent with Macy’s on annual basis is done. The lack of quality product and quality customer service I experienced with Macy’s has cost Macy’s my loyalty and any future dollars I have to spend. I will not be ‘liking’ Macy’s on Facebook, in fact, I’ll be telling others to take their money elsewhere as well.


Macy's employees December 15, 2013 at 2:58 am

Iv been with this company for many many years & I have to say that I am very disappointed in this company not only that our management in our store treats us like crap now we have to work on thanksgiving & yet as HUGE your company is I would think your employees diserve at least a Christmas party for all the great things they do for you.. I’m sorry but the only reason I’m still working at Macy’s is because I haven’t found another job… Yet!! But your company has very good employees & asset that work for you! But the management u have at our store is just HORRIBLE they treat us like kids & so much negativity towards us! I’m just DONE!!!! N if your customers really knew how your management team treat the associates I can garentee that they’d stop shopping with Macy’s!!!


J December 22, 2013 at 11:14 pm

Yes, I have endured the same experience working at Macys. I am only seasonal and have been harassed. As an employee I will never look at Macys the same as I once did. I’ve had many jobs in my day and working at Macys takes the cake for the worse. I never want to spend another dime at an establishment such as this one who treats employee beneath them. I’m hoping something will be done in the future.


Ruth December 13, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Tried to place order on line would not accept legitimate address. Called cust care and get Cust service rep who could barely speak English who told me she could not place order because she could not get it to work. Asked for supervisor,would not pass me on. Rep not empowered to make a decision or override address which was rural. Finally found some one to make it work and asked me for all my address and card detail cause she had no access to info???? As I customer, I have an issue placing an order with a rep outside the country. But who cares about customers anyway when you get idiots to answer phones. Can you say overseas crappy customer care! Telling customers not to place an order????macys you may have saved on cheap customer care and most likely losing money with reps turning down orders on platinum customers.


Shirley Lindsey December 12, 2013 at 5:04 pm

I return a coat to Macys with receipt on 11/10 that I purchased on 11/30. The cashier told me it would be debited back to my card within 2 – 3 business days. Well she put it in as a mail return! I called the coporate office and was told by a laison that she would take care of it. She have not. She told me I would receive a “merchadise only certificate” and I don’t know why??? The process don’t start until 12/16!!! I want my money back! Do not shop at Macys!!!


Shawnelle December 20, 2013 at 5:24 pm

I understand you pain, I purchased a coffee pot on 7/01/2013 by 7/31/2013 I was calling to return it. I have been going back and forth with Macys to have the money returned to my account but they decided to send me a card. I let them know that would mean I would have to come back to the store and that is not what I wanted to do. Your return policy states it will be returned the way that you paid for it. I was called and told that they would cancel the card and return the money to my account. As of today I have still not received my money. And when I checked the card the balance on it is 0. I called the corporate office on Monday 12/19/2013 and have not received a return call
will never do business with them again


Jane December 8, 2013 at 7:56 am

Since Macy’s chose to allow Seaworld to have a float in the Thanksgiving Day parade, knowing that Seaworld has a doXXXXented history of abuse to whales and dolphins, I am canceling my Macy’s card and will not continue to shop at Macy’s. This company needs a reality check – their lack of compassion for people and animals is obliterated by their greed.


Lynn December 5, 2013 at 12:58 am

As a parent, I am greatly disappointed in your company’s choice to include the “Raise You Up” drag performance during your Thanksgiving Day Parade with millions of children present and watching from home. It is inappropriate to highlight a sexually charged performance during a traditional family activity. Your message was quite offensive, and Macy’s has lost my love and support. I will never view traditional movies referencing Macy’s with the same tenderness and awe that I have in the past!

It is clear that Macy’s does not have my children’s best interest in mind. I can no longer trust Macy’s Dept. Store. Your company needs to know that trust must be earned and once trust is lost it is difficult to get back.

Your decision was irresponsible, especially at an event when families are watching together. Nothing about this particular performance was family-friendly. The ENTIRE parade should be kid-friendly; not 95% of it! The founders of Macy’s would be ashamed of how you sacrificed children at the altar of political pressure and agenda advancement. Your company can do better than this.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.


Arlene Horrigan December 4, 2013 at 11:52 am

After reading all the below, I am giving up my Macys charge card.
Customer service is the name of the game in any retail store. Macy has lost it.
If you can not treat your employees well you surely will not treat customers well.
I live in Dallas and have shopped many Macy stores in the area but no more.
Where are your values?


Arlene Horrigan December 4, 2013 at 11:29 am

I have not shopped Macy’s in a long time. Reason they sold me a mattress for $1200 that they would not stand behind and it was defective. I am now thinking that was just a start to a company that has lowered the values I treasure of this country. As of lnow I will not shop a store that will not recognize Christmas. Yes there are other religions BUT Christmas is Christ’s birthday and Christmas exists for no other other reason. If Macy’s does not Want to have a Christmas sale then take down the decorations and just have a sale but do not pretend to have Christmas in your stores without using the word…Christmas.
And I think it is time to up your value system of service and that includes service to Christians.


Kevin Niehoff December 3, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Dear Macy’s:

I am a regular Macy’s customer, and I will remain one… however, I am terribly disappointed by the decision to open the stores on Thanksgiving! Although I am sorry to hear that sales are down from previous years, I am not surprised either. Even though you do not hear much from people like me… we vote with our feet.

The decision to open your stores on Thanksgiving means that I will spend $0.00 dollars at Macy’s this Christmas season. I believe this decision to be both unethical and immoral because your employees deserve to have a holiday or two a year to spend with their families. This time away from the retail world makes them more loyal and faithful employees… instead of just a means to profitability.

As a result, I will spend my money elsewhere, even if that means spending 2-to-3 times more. It’s time for Macy’s to get back to basics and respect it’s customer’s/guests by not trying to fleece them from their dollars. People are interested in deals… these deals may be had on Black Friday, the weekend, Black Monday, and throughout the rest of the Christmas season.

Christmas begins after Santa arrives at the end of you parade… start leading the retail world again by making Christmas special… and not simply and solely about your bottom line. I BELIEVE that if you do so, your profits will again show that people also BELIEVE!

Kevin Niehoff


Helen Mc December 3, 2013 at 9:20 am

Today I am destroying my Macy’s credit card that I have had for several years.
Your sponsorship of the Thanksgiving Parade in NY was absurd. I was embarrassed when I watched TV with my grandchildren the corrupt portrayal of what some have become to believe is OK for a traditional “family” program.

You have sponsored the ungodly decline of our nation’s moral values. God will judge our nation and its leaders if we/they do not repent of their evil ways.

I know this message will not be published, but for the one who will read and delete it, please, for your sake, do not be a part of this.


Mike December 2, 2013 at 4:57 pm

As a native New Yorker, I have a long history of shopping at Macy’s. I was of the belief that Macy’s was a cut above the rest. Well, after my children and I witnessed the crap that you flooded my living room with on Thanksgiving, I realize that Macy’s leadership is in complete opposition to the standards I value. So, it is good riddance, I will look elsewhere to spend my Christmas shopping dollars.


keith w richard December 2, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!
Are you guys kidding me? Inviting a transvestite performing group to your Thanksgiving Day Parade??? ‘Kinky Boots’?!
I changed the channel IMMEDIATELY (as is my right to choose). But seriously- do you think that pushing what is CLEARLY adult, sexually-themed entertainment is going to have families across Amreica run to your stores??
Are you nuts? Or are you just afraid to challenge those clowns who feel like they must push perversion into what is perhaps one of America’s strongest holiday traditions?!
Count me gone. I will not watch anymore Macy’s-sponsored events. Will not enter any of your stores. I do not trust you to show good judgement anymore.
Good luck with your new target market that you seem to think is ‘cute’.


Natasha December 2, 2013 at 11:02 am

I would like to say how its poor taste to see all these stores that have so much greed to open their doors on Thanksgiving day. Thanskgiving is a day to spend quiality time with your family and friends. Then on top of that the fact that your making all these employees work on these days so your taking them away from their family. I believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are two Hoildays that stores should be closed and you should spend it with your loved ones. Black Friday shopping should remain on black Friday not on Thanksgiving. Sells should wait til the next day. Think about your values and your employees not your pockets, I can assure the same people will be there at 4 or 5 in the morning on black Friday.
Thank you


Jon November 29, 2013 at 11:10 am

Shame on your greed for forcing hourly employees to work on Thanksgiving Day!


Robin Foote November 28, 2013 at 10:21 am

Please forward this correspondence to: Terry J. Lundgren, Karen M. Hoguet and Thomas L. Cole. In addition, I would like this to forwarded to each member of the Board of Directors of Macy’s.

I think it was disgusting to take an American Tradition like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to showcase Transvestites with the theme that this is an acceptable societal norm. It is disgraceful and sickening to use this event to promote to America, including the young children who had to watch this, that Transvestites should be embraced as an acceptable part of our society. I intend to return every holiday gift I recently bought from Macy’s and promise I will never patronize your company again. My sense is that there are tens of thousands of Americans who feel that same way as me and who, hopefully, will take the same action.



Adrian monasterio November 27, 2013 at 4:40 pm

i am a macy’s employee in the brea mall i was pulled in by loss preventions accussed and drilled a few times that i purchased a salvage item for one cent that did not do i want to file for damages for profiling because i make money purchase womens clothing for the women in my family. a employee discount is good for purchases and they get to take my money back from me so why do employee discounts just have employees pay what customers pay for purchases. this was on october 23, 2013


Samantha November 26, 2013 at 7:49 pm

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with your decision to open your stores on Thanksgiving. I understand this shopping season is truncated and as a business you would like to maximize your sales, but at what expense? Will the hours you are open on Thanksgiving day make or break your bottom line?

I believe the time your employees lose with their families can make or break their families. Each year more and more time is chipped away from “family time” and the impact on our society is palpable.

As a consumer, I vow to not shop in your stores until after 5am on Black Friday. The “deals” will still be available and quite frankly if I need it that bad, there’s always the internet. I would rather show my kids that spending time together is more important that spending money. Honestly, after love what other gift can be so great to give on Christmas Day?

Merry Christmas,
Samantha Ally


Jen November 27, 2013 at 9:09 pm

It’s disgusting. This year my husband gets to miss Thanksgiving dinner with our family because he is forced to be at his store at 7pm and work until 7am the next day. My husband didn’t sign up for that when he accepted this job. He also gets to work 6 days aweek until Christmas…and as a salaried employee, our family will see not a penny morefor all those hours. I hope all the executives that decided to open early tomorrow are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with their families on the backs of their staff that can’t be with theirs this year. I CANNOT WAIT until he finds a new job.


Linda Caso November 26, 2013 at 4:47 pm

You people are despicable The president of your company is Un-American. His family values suck. Shame on him for opening Macy stores on Thanksgiving night. I nor my family and friends will be shopping at Macy’s ever.


Sharon H. Kavanagh November 24, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Shame on Macy’s for choosing to be open on Thanksgiving day. We had eight rewards cards to use at Macy’s and have torn them all in half. We will not be charging anything at all on our Macy’s account, nor will we purchase anything at our Eugene, Oregon or any other Macy’s store this year.
Sharon and Jim Kavanagh


Samantha November 26, 2013 at 7:50 pm

I agree


Mark Edwards November 18, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Unfortunately this has been the fourth time employment was offered by your
San Francisco Store/Office in Union Square I miss out to employment, due
to the internet glitch complaint about all four times.

Could you please schedule for me and email as for the date of interview.

Thanks Greatly,,
Forgot Your Password?
Talent at Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s to youshow details
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Sir or Madam:

We have received your password change request. This email contains the information that you need to change your password.

Access Code: w+QVoj%2D
Click this link to enter your new password.

Best regards,
Human Resources Department

Replies to this message are undeliverable and will not reach the Human Resources Department. Please do not reply.

November 18, 2013

Dear Mark:

Thank you for your interest in the position of Macy’s Union Square, San Francisco, CA: Holiday Frontera Fresco Restaurant Bus Associate – Temporary – On Call/Flex. We are interested in meeting with you to further discuss employment opportunities.

We would like to invite you to schedule yourself for an interview. Please click on the link below to access the Scheduling Center to review available times and important interview details and instructions. To access the Scheduling Center, you will be required to enter your login name and password you created when you applied for the position. As a reminder, your username is

Schedule an Interview If you are unable to access any links in the correspondence above, please click on the html attachment sent with this email.

We appreciate your interest in Macy’s/Bloomingdale’s.

Human Resources

*Interview appointments are limited, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please save this email to access the Scheduling Center in the future; the link to the Scheduling Center is active for 14 days.

Replies to this message are undeliverable and will not reach the person sending this correspondence. Please do not reply.


Alfred Gimbel November 11, 2013 at 10:32 pm

Currently an employee at Macy’s and had to report a male co-worker to my manager. The guy put his hands on a female employee to the point where the woman yelled at him. I witnessed this and reported to my manager. Nothing was done. I’ll be sending a letter to the BBB, Chairman and anyone else who will listen.


Natalia Irani November 7, 2013 at 6:59 pm

My mother, a loyal employee of a Macys store, got fired yesterday! WHY? because she accidentally gave out money, $40 to a customer instead of taking the payment. A customer had come to pay her bill and my mother input her amount into the register and accidentally gave out change without taking money from the customer. What sucks is that the customer was not honest enough to let her know that she made a mistake and what sucks even more is that the store HR and Security blame my mother for stealing the money and/or trying to help the customer. Store associates do hundreds of transactions a day. Human errors are bound to happen, after all WE ARE HUMAN. People who work at a bank make mistakes, where they are supposed to be the most efficient with cash. But to fire someone without even giving them a warning is just ridiculous. My mother did not even know she did this till yesterday when security showed her the video. She apologized and said she must have done it but it was unintentional. She even offered to pay the money from her own pocket. But they fired her and tried to get her to say that the customer was a relative and she was helping her. Is your company that stupid? My mother knows there is a camera right above the register she worked at. Why would she risk losing her job to help someone that she does not even know for $40. I know for a fact that the security has a goal of firing associates because I myself have worked in retail, but what they did to my mother was absolutely wrong. How many times have there been cash shortages at your store that have gone unnoticed, but to fire someone over what was unintentional is absolutely wrong. This is wrongful termination because there was no INTENT OF STEALING. I need to hear from corporate if this termination was in accordance with their policies and I need to see this in writing!


Linda Caso November 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Macy’s is a terrible place to work. Management sucks


Macy's employees December 15, 2013 at 3:02 am

AMEN!!!!!!!! Yes they do I don’t know how they can even be management


marquis smith November 6, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Please be advised that MACY’S INC. owes me the sum of $43,058.00 as a direct and proximate result of Macy’s negligence with faulty pipe and plumbing problems resulting in the bathroom floor in its retail store to be wet with unsanitary urine causing extreme slippery conditions which resulted in me slipping and falling into a puddle of pee. As a result of the fall, I have sustained injuries which resulted in loss of my employment as an Account Executive at a monthly salary of $3166.00 plus commission.
I have incurred the loss of income for a period of 11/2012 to 9/2013 of $28,494.00; in addition to medical bills of $4,391. This loss of income has caused me physical and extreme emotional hardship as I have to re-pay the health insurance provider and have been unable to do so due to the lack of a salary. As a result, I now have a collection and lien against me. It has been very difficult financially these past months as this set back has triggered my other financial obligations such as continued delinquencies on child support payments, late/delayed mortgage payments resulting in pre foreclosure of my home. The very possibility of facing the loss of my home has added to the mental anguish of now being homeless and trying to focus and sustain attendance with a new career while dealing with the physical ailments of this unforeseen injury sustained at the Macy’s retail store. At this point, having to pay out of pocket for unexpected medical treatments, taking personal time-off from work or using my lunch time to seek medical treatment is exasperating and mentally strenuous on my person as I’m still on a training and 90-day probationary period.
Macy’s Inc. failed to maintain a safe environment on their property. As a retail property owner, Macy’s Inc. is responsible for my injuries as it is a direct result of hazardous conditions which was left unattended in the men’s restroom. It is not unreasonable for me to expect the men’s urinal to be free of major plumbing issues such as runoff of urine especially when Macy’s prides itself in keeping its image as a clean and sanitary establishment located within the South Coast Plaza. Or is Macy’s Inc. just concerned with the outside appearance of the stores for “appearance sake” and not concerned with how their employees who represent Macy’s Inc. clean up the restroom areas? Had it not been for a broken urinal with running piss I would not have stepped in it, slip and fell in urine on the floor. As a result of those filthy conditions, I sustained injuries; I banged my head on the floor, hurt my ass bone, neck, elbow and other areas of my body which still pains me. Macy’s neglected their due diligence to place signage notifying their customers of the dangers in the men’s bathroom. As a result of slip and falling on 5’10”, 180 lbs. weight I have sustained the following injuries:
Had it not been for the witnesses and assistance of the Macy’s employee who came in to assist me stated someone is on their way to help me and not to move…my injuries might have been much worse.
I remained on the floor for about 5 to 10 minutes until another associate of your store came in with a first aid kit and assisted me up. I was offered some ibuprofen and given a telephone number to contact your liability department. The next couple of days I noticed an increase in the pain and thought best to see a chiropractor. Likely I found Dr. Fine I generally exercise doing cross fit 3 days per week. I probably biked around 40 miles per week and ran 20 miles per week. I was unable to exercise; my only exercise (other than my physical therapy) was swimming at 24 hours fitness Dr. fine Knew that I was an athlete and told me very firmly to stay out of my cross fit class for until the last month of my therapy. He said that I should do nothing strenuous but physical therapy during that time, and then I could start returning to form. I’m contending that MACYS was negligent with respect to its operation of its property. This happen in the evening on a busy 3 holiday weekend and I should point out that the urine and water on the floor was from men’s leaking urinal. So the only way that it could have gotten there was for plumbing problem that was preexisting if it was a store employee, he or she should have cleaned it up. Or report if it was a customer, surely the customer would have mentioned it to a store employee that is why I’m requesting house cleaning and restroom logs, custody log etc. These records I’m requesting will directly prove Macys is culpable for letting the urine and water dangerously acXXXXulate on the floor; the duty of care will be exposed in the information that I am requesting which Macys have failed to comply with any of my request of record. This is my formal request for the above stated maintenance records.
This whole episode has been a nightmare. I have been a faithful Macy’s customer for years and never would have imagined that I would be treated with such disrespect just for reporting my injuries. Since reporting my injuries I have been mocked and questioned like a common criminal by Stephen Souders who has the audacity to accuse me not paying my child support. He shows no concern and no regard for my health and well being. He is just concerned with what he finds on my background and on my credit report which is none of his business and has nothing to do with this case. At this point, I feel that my civil rights have been violated and that this case has turned from an injury case to a personal attack based on my background and what he finds he could use to save Macy’s Inc. by any means necessary. As a representative of Macy’s Inc, Stephen Souder’s handling of this case is very unprofessional and based on his personal vendetta against me which could possible put Macy’s Inc in line of a harassment lawsuit.
Stephen Souder is rude, obnoxious, offensive, and very difficult to deal with and apprehensive in helping me. Again, with his behavior and treatment towards me, I am suffering mentally and feel like I am being harassed by his interrogating tactics by him not wanting to do the job he is hired to do. He didn’t return calls in timely manner, he refused to give his supervisor contact information. He refused to provide me imperative records information that he is using to draw his own conclusion. I don’t know if this strategy tactic is to resolve the claim for less especially since Macy’s has redesigned and renovated the restroom since this incident. At this point, I am questioning his ethics and Macy’s Inc. Dealing with Stephen Souder and this situation is unhealthy for me. If the amount I am asking is out of his signing authority, please forward to the appropriate person who can work this claim.
This will be my final notice to rectify this complaint with MACY’s directly before hiring an Attorney. Please contact me on or before November 9, 2013 for purposes of settling this matter. Based on the foregoing, I expect payment in the amount of $43,058.00 made payable to me.
If MACYS decides to ignore this demand for payment, I will further pursue all of its legal remedies without further notice to MACYS. This letter serves as evidence that I have attempted to resolve this matter informally. Hopefully we could meet an agreement suitable to all parties.


Tim November 5, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Take the time to look at a Google search of Macy’s in Century City CA. Read the reviews on google, Yelp, city search, or anyone else. Your Store Manager SUCKS. How can so many people be wrong.


Aishah Amina October 28, 2013 at 9:48 am

I purchased a mattress from Macys. I wasn’t sure of the address that it was going to be delivered to at the time of purchase because I was looking for a home. I was told to give a temporary address and I can update it when they call me two hours before my scheduled delivery date. I didn’t wait for them to call me; I called them the day before my delivery date to update my address. I was then told because I changed my zip code I had to reschedule to a later date and they would call me within 48 hours. I was already sleeping on the floor and now I have to wait two days for a call. Needless to say they never called! When I called to find out what is going on they told me the soonest delivery date was a week out! After waiting 30 long minutes on hold for a manager (whom I never spoke to) they moved the delivery date by one day sooner and did not guarantee a time of day for delivery. So because of their screw up, I’m stuck sleeping on the floor for another week! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE customer service!


F Weiss October 27, 2013 at 8:34 am

Mr. Lundgren: Why not cancel the Thanksgiving Day Parade, so people can spend more money? What do you have planned for next year….opening your stores on Christmas Day? I will never shop Macy’s again!


Linda Caso November 26, 2013 at 4:50 pm

They need to spend less on parades and fireworks and pay their employees.


Rosetta Ferraiuolo October 22, 2013 at 11:20 am

I am writing to express how appalled I am that Macy’s will open At 8PM on Thanksgiving Day. I think this shows a callous disregard for a beautiful American holiday and all of us who wish to celebrate it. I also find it highly hippocritical of Macy’s who deliberately misleads the public by pretending to support Thanksgiving by hosting the”Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” All they are really interested in is how fast everyone can get home from the parade, rush through a holiday dinner, which has been lovingly prepared by many families, and get out to the mall to spend as much money as possible at Macy’s. This attitude is disgraceful and only emphasizes the greed of corporate America. You can make as big a profit as you can, Mr. Lundgren, but you will do it without me and without anyone else who really values the true meaning of the holiday season.


Stacey Philipp October 20, 2013 at 12:27 am

I am writing to tell you about my shopping experience that I had today (October 19) at the Macy’s at Walden Galleria in Buffalo, NY.

I live in Toronto, Ontario but several times a year I make the two hour drive to go visit Walden Galleria, specifically, to go to Macy’s. I always have a wonderful experience there as the sales people are friendly and welcoming and there are so many great items to buy that are also great prices. I have never once left Macy’s feeling disappointed, except for today.

As it is a Saturday afternoon, the store was quite busy but nothing outrageous. I made my first stop at the shoe department. I found a great pair of shoes that I wanted to try on but I needed a salesperson to get me a new size. I looked around but everyone was busy helping customers. The salesperson closest to me was a man named Mike. He was helping a customer but when they walked away, I went up to him and said, “excuse me.” His was response was to turn to me and snap, “I’m with a customer” and he rolled his eyes and turned away. I didn’t realize he was with a customer and it wasn’t my intention to interrupt. I understand the store was busy but I didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to me. I decided to wait for him to finish and I turned to a display of shoes behind me to continue browsing. After a few minutes, I turned to see if he was still busy and he looked at me and said, “Move. You’re in her way.” In reference to a woman who had plenty of space to pass me.

As a customer, I was mortified by the way he spoke to me. It was unprofessional and it was rude. I felt belittled and that I was not a valued customer, despite the fact that I have spent thousands of dollars at Macy’s over the years.

I was extremely hurt by the way Mike spoke to me that I left Macy’s and luckily I found a great pair of shoes at Lord and Taylor, where the salesperson was friendly, helpful, and didn’t snap at me for coming into the store.

I’ve worked in retail so I do understand the pressure that can be involved and it can get overwhelming at times. Also, yes, customers can be annoying and get on your nerves, but a good salesperson needs to be able to put a smile on their face regardless of how irritated they may feel. They need to make the customer feel welcome as they are the face of the company. Today, Mike was the face of Macy’s and he did not make me feel welcome at all.


Debby October 19, 2013 at 11:36 am

Do you really think Macys cares these people only care about one thing and that is how much money you are going to spend in their store i learned that in a 20 min conversation
with them . Dont take it personally i dont after what they did to me to them you are just a Butt with some Bucks and that is what makes them happy .
Shop somewhere else at a place where they remember you , I was a csr and i remembered alot of my shoppers to some companies its not all about the money its about the people. Sorry about your Boots you shout have went to DSW i have never had a problem with them and they have a great return policy


A C McCargo October 19, 2013 at 10:52 am

I am a longtime Macys, Macys cardholder and Polo customer and purchased Polo Ralph Lauren Boots, Ranger Strap Boots Web ID: 352715 $169.00 only a couple months ago and the heel of this boot came completely off! This boot has a cardboard bottom glued to the sole. Very poorly made but very comfortable boot!



Debby October 19, 2013 at 3:29 am

To Everyone Concern
I had applied at a Macys store for a Job it didnt matter what hours they gave me i could work them, I have a had a good work history in the past the only problem i had was i was a lil busy beating Cancer . I have been 3 years in remission but that doesnt disqualify me
from doing my job.
I dont do drugs , i know how to Dress , i dont Drink and i graduated from Cosmetology school , im also upto date with the latest fashions . What i dont understand is why i wasnt hired. Im good enough to spend thousands of dollars in their store and yet they look down at certain people. But what i find appualing is that even though i spent 3 years fighting for my life how quickly they dismissed me .
I think that they are an insult to many people and are not better than me . I personally would not shop there again and would recommend others to do the same


bridgett fortner October 29, 2013 at 9:43 am

dear debby,
yesterday oct. 28 I went on an interview at macy’s, by the time I left I was devistated
I can’t recall being treated in that manner Unprofessional and condesending I will be
calling the corporate offices today forget the E-maill stuff I want to talk to a real
person. they think they are better than you because they have a job this person could
lose her job. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Linda Caso November 26, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Don’t waste your time Apply at Lord and Taylor’s or Nordstroms. They appreciate their employees. Macy’s is slave labor. Believe me I know first hand


Bea Armstrong October 18, 2013 at 8:11 pm

October 19, 2013


I am writing to express my disappointment in the service I received this morning. I called Macys to alert them that as a government employee, which can be verified on my credit card application, I was affected by the government shutdown and would like to request and extension on my next credit card payment. The federal government declared a shutdown on Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013, which meant I was unemployed. During the entire 17-day shutdown, I received a one paycheck. With such pay, I had to somehow pay my mortgage, car note, utilities etc. and still have food for my family to eat. I have been back to work one day and the government has not decided if I will be paid for the time off during the shutdown. So image how disappointed I was when the customer service representative said she was unable to do anything about my payment and a late fee will still be charged but she would notate my account. I have been a Macy’s cardholder for a few years and was surprised at such a response. When all other credit companies, mortgage lenders and banks such as Capital One were sympathetic and able to defer payments for up to three months in some cases.

Because of the actions of Macy, I feel that you do not provide adequate customer service and I will be paying off my charge and closing my account. Its unfortunate that Macys does not realize that it is the customers that makes your business flourish and sometimes there are cirXXXXstances beyond the customers control that can cause delays in payments. I also plan to spread the word to my coworkers and family about the uncaring response that Macy has provided me today.


Gerardo Vazquez October 15, 2013 at 6:56 pm

My wife and I just found out that Macy’s is not honoring Thanksgiving this year. Quite frankly, it is appalling. We hope Macy’s will change its corporate mind.


John Darst October 15, 2013 at 9:46 am

SELLOUTS! Macy’s now forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving. Why do I say forced when we all have a choice? Well, if someone told you if you didn’t come to work on a holiday and you would be fired, what would you do? In these times, in this economy, it usually isn’t possible to say no and lose your job. F*** Macy’s. I will be sure to spend my Thanksgiving picketing at your store.


Dennis October 4, 2013 at 6:38 am

I am trying to find a recording of the 1995 parade my wife was in it and I would love to surprise her and her family. They never seen the recording. Please help Thankyou.


Kelley September 27, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Ordered two couches from Macy’s about two months ago. Was call and told they would be delivered on Sat. Sept. 21. Got a call on Sat. saying the truck had broke down and they would call with new delivery time. Sent home person waiting for delivery as both my husband and I had to work. With no phone call, they showed up and of course no one was there. I called Macy’s to inquire about new time and was told the furniture had been delivered and signed for! Called back and told them impossible. They then called husband’s number and said would deliver Sept. 28. When I phoned to confirm, they denied knowing anything? Wont deliver until Oct. 12. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I will never purchase anything from Macy’s again. They could care less about the customer.


Shirley Selin September 24, 2013 at 11:34 pm

I think it would be a great idea to display a “descriptive number and/or letter” above each exit from Macy’s stores located in malls throughout the country. I always make certain I know which entrance/parking lot I’ve entered Macy’s but on occasion do forget and then panic sets in fearing I will not find my car. I know I am not the only person this happens to.


Robert Burn September 11, 2013 at 6:43 pm

We purchased a trundle bed from the Macy’s furniture store in Tulsa, OK. They told us the bed was in stock in Dallas and would be delivered in the next couple of week. Then customer service send us an email message that delivery would be Aug. 19th. On Aug. 19th, another email that some parts of the bed were missing. They had ordered it, and would be a couple of weeks. Next another email, that not all the parts had come in, so they were waiting on parts and it would be another couple of weeks. Yesterday, we received an email, that now it would be October 19th, before the bed could be delivered to Oklahoma City from Dallas. We need our bed now, family members are without a bed.
Not once has a real person called to help us. This will be my last purchase from Macy’s.
There is no Customer Service!


Anonymous September 10, 2013 at 12:37 pm

I found a Hotel Collection duvet cover that I absolutely loved. It was priced at $400 and I was not going to spend that amount. Finally it went on sale for $160. I placed the order online earl morning. By 10pm that night I received an email stating the order was not processed and I needed to call the number listed. I assumed I typed in the wrong credit information because on the email it said something about the banking info. I re-ordered again thinking it was my error. The next morning I checked my email and again another email saying it did not go through. So now I missed the deal and it was back to regular price. I decided to check my bank account and LOW AND BEHOLD I was charged twice for a product I don’t have and I won’t ever get!!!
I called the number right away and told them the issue. On the account the Macy’s representative said that my bank was holding the funds and Macy’s does not have my money. So I called my bank. My bank said no the money has been removed from your account, we are not holding anything. Tell them that it is a debit/visa and we (the bank) aren’t holding anything. Again I called Macy’s customer support and the next representative I had was beyond RUDE and IGNORANT. She said “maam we aren’t a bank, so therefore we don’t have your money.” I said I know your not a bank but my bank is telling me the funds are not in my account. So it has been 6 days and still no money has been returned to my account?? My bank has filed a claim against Macy’s to try and get my $400 that Macy’s STOLE from me and stating they don’t have it.

I was a valued Macy’s customer!! I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN DUE TO THE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I emailed to a few different addresses for Macy’s and let me tell you each one was the exact same email!!! So not only is there customer service a joke, but the emails aren’t even real they are just a generic message apologizing for any inconvenience.



Ruth Gialluca September 4, 2013 at 4:05 pm

I am representing a Brazilian Shoe Manufacturer and I would like to talk the Shoe Buyer Department to introduce our product and possibly schedule a meeting.

Thank you,

Ruth Gialluca
(407) 748-2582


unhappy shopper September 1, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Was ready to purchase a memory foam mattress set from Called in to purchase and was told by the first operator that I would have to pay $70 for delivery on a $287.00 mattress or pickup the mattress from the store in Kennesaw, GA myself. I opted to pick up the mattress, the macy’s rep. gave me the “pmacys hone number” to the Kennesaw store. I called the number, it was a disconnected number. I then called Macys back and was told that I could not pick up the mattress and they were too big to be shipped to a store and I have to pay the 70.00 shipping fee. I then asked for supervisor who told me she was sorry for the confusion but macys does not offer pickup on mattresses even though the website clearly states “NEW” store pickup!
I was then told to send in a comment at macys .com about the mistake. I told her they lost a customer.
I went to purchased a similar mattress for $210.00 with free shipping to my home!!!


Grace Lopez August 26, 2013 at 1:29 pm

I am extremely disappointed in Macy’s. My mother, a diehard New Yorker from 1935 always spoke highly of Macy’s store policies, helpfulness, and courtesy. Growing up, she insisted I be loyal to Macy’s because of the sale ethics as depicted in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”, seen every time it aired on television. Macy’s has come a long way from being polite, helpful, and eager to please its customer’s. Nowadays if one brings in an “on-line receipt”, along with the product, it is questioned and neither replaced nor refunded. My coffee pot broke; I brought it in for a replacement. I didn’t have my receipt (which heretofore was NEVER needed). No problem, I purchased another coffee pot and was told when I brought the receipt I would receive a credit. When I returned with the “on-line receipt” and the coffee pot which I schlepped (sic) back to the store, I was “jerked” around until I left the store with my coffee pot and my receipt. Courtesy? Helpfulness? Good customer relations? A thing of the past. I guess I won’t watch Miracle on 34th Street anymore, or buy as much, or anything else at Macy’s (if I can help it!)


Sylvia August 23, 2013 at 7:50 pm

I have a complaint about the macys store in victorville ca . I went there to exchange a perfume the girl working there sent for the mgr of that dept she told me wouldn’t exchange it . Because they have to destroy the perfume I brought back to exchange. And the girls that work in that macys in victorville ca are not friendly they are rude and need to be trained in how to treat customers . I won’t shop at that macys


Kimberly Braun Yzaguirre August 16, 2013 at 12:32 pm

I have always shopped at Macy’s, because I felt they always took pride in the name and helping there customers. Well for my first time in March 2013, me and my husband want to get new living room sectional so we went to Macy’s picked out a set at the Northridge CA. Mall. They set the date for delivery and then called me and said it was on back order for several months. strike one. so again I went and picked a different set, waited 4 weeks for delivery and great it arrived, first 2 months or so I noticed the color was peeling from seams, so I called a man came out said it was a defect and called his service the women said here is your return number and it must be done within 30 days at any Macy’s.
Well I went back to Northridge gave the number, picked out new set and even upgraded with a chair added. my total was 3,003.00 my credit was for 2,290.00. so I thought they will have me pay difference of 780. and set up delivery. No they debt my bank acct. with out my approval for 3003.02 then told me the order was placed on hold until they talk to customer service. we My kitchen contractor went to cash the check I gave him prior that week and no funds. went to my bank saw macy’s debt and went to request it be released now they told me I had to wait until Friday 3 days later for that manager to return from his days off.

I will pull my order and get my credit today and never step foot in that store ever again thanks macy’s


LOUIS Thelisca July 18, 2013 at 5:23 pm

To Macy’s Corporate Office

I shopping at one the Macy’s store and I had been told if I Applied for Macy’s a card I will receive a big discount. I did apply. While waiting for the card I move from the address I was. I Called The store where I shopped to report the change of address. After a while, I received the card and never received the bill. I have seen days passed by and I called the number on the card. This time I have learned my account was past due. Therefore I have been charge a late fee of $25+. How can I Get charged late since they never mailed a bill to me with address where I have to mail to money? This is a violation of the Fair Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act. This is also a violation of the Due Process for charging me without keeping the bill and let time goes without giving me the appropriate notice to pay. I ask your office to just be fair by removing these late fees wrongly imposed for I can pay the bill. contact me at or 954-630-6821 to receive the necessary information to take the appropriate action. The billing department refuses to remove the wrong late fees for I can make the payment.

Thanks. Louis Thelsca


carolyn July 4, 2013 at 11:01 pm

I just finished watching your 4th of July fireworks and must say I have never been more disappointed or disgusted. The fireworks themselves were spectacular, but the lack of patriotism shown in the music selection during the display was incomprehensible. When did our national day of independence turn into a rap fest. Shame on you. America deserved better.


D. Stone June 30, 2013 at 9:39 pm

6-30-13 I printed out the Macy’s coupon today, with the thought of going there to purchase some slacks. Upon reading the coupon and surrounding printing, I came upon a statement along with a rainbow icon, inviting me to join Macy’s at the Pride Parades and in store events near me. Have you not learned anything from J.C. Penney’s downward spiral from loss of customers due to the same support and advertisements? Needless to say, I will not be shopping at Macy’s for the foreseeable future and I am encouraging others to act likewise. In this day and age of debasement of our country’s values, especially family values, it is disappointing to say the least to now see Macy’s participation and encouragement of this lifestyle. I am insulted that you would invite one and all of your customers, not knowing of their feeling/thinking in regard to this personal conduct, to “join you in Pride Month”. Macy’s, like Penney’s has enjoyed and put forth a reputation built on honesty, family values, good business practices. Reading some of the statements put forth by some of your customers on this page, i see that that your business practices are now falling to a lower level, as well. Instead of lifting up this country, you are contributing to it’s downfall. I am now, regrettably, a former customer of Macy’s, as I am of J.C. Penney’s. I loved shopping at both of these establishments, but will no longer. I wonder how many of your customers realize what your policy is? You just kind of snuck it in; and if I hadn’t printed and read every part of that coupon, I never would have been the wiser. I will frequent smaller shops, with the hope that by doing so, they will flourish and expand.
By the way, I have no quarrel with those who follow this lifestyle….I am just sick and tired of the politics, promotion, and support of it. It all comes down to dignity and respect for self and others. Macy’s evidently has lost respect for the customers, who helped build up the corporation. Shame on you.
D. Stone


Ralph Napolitano June 30, 2013 at 5:20 pm

On 6/2/13, at 8:am I was delivered a queen sized mattress with box springs. One of the three delivery males was alone in my bedroom for a few minutes. A few days later i noticed that a Movado watch (model #0604858), a Canon camera (model #SD770 IS) and a key and fob for my grandson’s Subaru were missing from a bedroom dresser draw. These were the only people alone in my bedroom who could be responsible for the disappearance.
Macys in Yonkers,NY was notified. A police report was filed with the 3rd precinct in Nassau County, NY.
I hope that the empoyees are fired or dismissed, and that my stolen property is recovered or replaced by Macys.


Kathleen Harmon June 27, 2013 at 12:04 pm

I am very disappointed with Macy’s customer service and will be cutting up my two credit cards and send them to your corporate headquarters….
I purchased a sectional couch on sale for 1899.00 on a new 0% credit card my credit you were offering on home furnishings. When it arrived, it had an odd order which concerned me, but I was assured by the delivery person, the smell would go away after it was unwrapped and it aired out. After three months the couch still smelled. I called customer service to speek to the salesmen that sold it to me and he wasn’t there. I told the salesmen my problem and he said someone would call me. A few months went by so I called again. This time the person said. “I’m the only one here and I’m with a customer and will have someone call you”. A few months more went by and I called again. This person said, “the fabric wasn’t cured properly, and they had other complaints of the same thing”. They gave me a customer service phone number to call which I called. Finally, customer service called me and sent out a company that handles complaint (a subcontracted non Macy’s person) for them. He said he kinda smelled it, but called the Macy’s people and said it really didn’t smell too bad. I talked to the Macy’s person after he left and told them.. I had a dinner party and had everyone smell my couch to see if I was imagining the smell. They smelled it too! When you first sit down and the air pushes through the fabric, you can smell it. Or if it’s hot and humid you can smell it.
The last time I talked to customer service they said they would see if they could have someone clean it for me. I haven’t heard from them and I’ll have the couch a year in August. My couch isn’t dirty it just stinks. I’m rarely home so my couch doesn’t get much use and I’m a clean freak so it’s not misused or dirty. I paid the couch off early and kept up my end of the agrement even though I was dissatisfied with my couch. I would love Macy’s to keep up the integrity of their name and customer service. This is why I’m sending my cut credit cards back to you and will not shop there in the future. Macy’s doesn’t stand behind their merchandise or name, which has really disappointed me as well as my friends and colleagues.


Kathy June 23, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Have you considered putting a Macy’s in Knoxville, Tn


DEANNA June 20, 2013 at 3:23 pm

Dear Sir/Madam:
This complain is in regards Macy’s and their WORRY-NO-MORE warranty provider. In 2010 I purchase white leather sectional and in July 2011 I placed the call to Macy’s, since one of the cushions lost resiliency. The following day I had “inspector” come in and “inspect” the cushion, saying-“There’s nothing I can do” “Just go ahead and sit on until the cushion completely sinks in, and then call warranty”…In fact the inspector noted in his report that nothing was wrong with the cushion and the cushion is under manufacturer standards. I found out that information calling Macy’s again in regards that the issue has never been resolved. Macy’s claim that they never repaired it because it was under manufacturer standards, and apparently I was lying (and I do have photos to prove the cushion condition at the time). Since this happened two years ago the furniture is out of warranty and thus, there’s nothing that Macy’s can do. On the other note I purchased this Worry-No-More Premium Warranty (7 years coverage) and their representative said that lost of resilience is not covered by the warranty)…SO WHAT IS COVERED THEN???…This sectional sofa was purchased for $3000 + and warranty $400…And no one is assisting…SHAME ON YOU MACY’S!!!!I I need someone to contact me and resolve the issue-either Macy’s or Worry-No-More-since Macy’s is the provider of that warranty- RIP OFF. The deal Macy’s and Worry-No-More has is not my problem, I want this cushion repaired, exchanged, FIXED.
Thank You


Tonda Daniel May 23, 2013 at 11:36 am

To it may concern:
I had my 1st worst experience at my favorite store at Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta,Ga.On Sunday evening (May 19 , 2013) I was returning my son 6k Gucci watch that I purchase for him on Christmas just pass to be repair or exchange for a new one. Before doing that I started to shopping, because I saw some cool deals on the Afania Dress Shirts and a pair of Levi shorts for my son. So I went to the cash register to pay for them with the Gift Card I had and I couldn’t find it and the young lady associate (Carla) was awesome with customer service and she stated if I couldn’t find it I could come back tomorrow for the same price and she will hold it for me in the back with my son name Hill since I wouldn’t be able to come back out. Ms.Carla gave me the Suspended Receipt with the total of $53.98 if I was going to spend if I had my Gift Card. I was please with the suggesting, so I ask my son that live in McDonough, Ga. I my son arrived at Macy’s on the next day (May 20th) with the receipt before going to work and, in the Levi section where the items are being held at. He notice one of sale associate Greg singing with his eyes close for about 5 min as my son stood at the cash register waiting till the sale associate (Greg) open his eyes and stop singing. My son gave him a clap for his performance and asking about the items that was in the back in his name Hill. The associate (Greg) goes in the back 3 times claiming he didn’t see the items so my son call me and ask me where I saw the dress shirt and the shorts, since the associate wasn’t as helpful. So my son find the dress shirt and Levi shorts and goes back to the register and the associate (Greg) says I saw those items in the back. My son couldn’t believe this guy, so the associate (Greg) goes back to the back and bring out the same items and the note that Ms.Carla left on the items. This associate (Greg) disregard the note Ms.Carla left and came up with a new total of $76.80 and my son told him “no that is not the write price” and the associate (Greg) I’m sorry but I can’t honor that price and my manager is off the floor. My son couldn’t stay and debate this issue due to him going to work. My son was quit embarrassed and waste time and gas for nothing, also we had a trip to attend to this following weekend and the Levi and dress shirt was part my son wardrobe for this trip .Could somebody to help us to correct this matter please before this weekend?


Susan Straughn May 16, 2013 at 9:34 pm

May 16, 2013

Susan Straughn
2106 Shaw Ave
Modesto, Ca 95354

(209) 404-8157

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you to let you know how deceiving you ad was in the new Macy’s ad “American Icons”. On the very last page is a picture of bedding from, Tommy Hilfiger Americana. I went in to Macy’s to buy the exact bedding and was told that I had to purchase two comfort sets to get the look. The plaid pillow shams belong to another bedding set and I have to purchase the bedding to get the shams. I was very upset to learn that I could not purchase the American flag bedding with the plaid pillow shams separate, without having to buy another comforter. I am posting this on face book and letting others know that you mislead the public with this advertisement. I hope that you will look into your mistake and try not to do it again. ONE UNHAPPY MACYS SHOPPER!


Ms. Sealy April 29, 2013 at 10:41 am

I’m writing this letter to give recognition to Miriam Surita, who in my opinion exemplifies an outstanding Macy’s employee. I have been a valued Macy’s customer since 1975 and on Saturday, April 27th I received the best customer service experience in over 38 years. Miriam helped me make an exchange for a Keurig Coffee Maker. I had an original coffee maker that I received as a gift and I did not have a receipt. The coffee maker rang up at a price of $51.99. I explained to Miriam that although I do not have the receipt I know that the coffee machine was purchased at a higher price. I expressed my disappointment with Macy’s policy. I asked that I at least receive the current sale price of the coffee maker of $83.99. Miriam explained that it is something she could not do but that she would ask her manager Judy for approval. She called Judy on the phone and she approved the price adjustment. I was so pleased with Miriam and Judy’s service that I ended up purchasing a higher end model of the Keurig Coffee Machine. It’s not every day that I receive excellent customer service so I wanted to write this letter to let the Macy’s Company know that they have two outstanding employees.


Ms. Sealy April 29, 2013 at 10:40 am

I’m writing this letter to complain about the service that I received from the Macy’s Jewelry Manager Jenna on Saturday, April 27th, 2013. I was shopping in The Connecticut Post Mall on Saturday for a dress that I needed for an upcoming wedding. I also had a regular coffee machine that I needed to exchange for a Keurig Coffee Machine. The coffee machine that I had was still in the box, unused and remained in the original packaging. It was a gift so unfortunately I did not have the receipt. I spoke with a manager on duty who offered me the lowest sale price of $51.99. I know that the coffee machine was not purchased for that price so I asked Jenna if she could make an exception and at least give me the current sale price of $83.99. Jenna was very sarcastic with her responses and rude. I have been a valued Macy’s customer since 1975. I’ve been a Macy’s credit card holder for over 20 years. If you look up my account history you will see that I have spent thousands of dollars in Macy’s over the years. I’ve never been late with a payment and my credit card balance is kept extremely low although I have a high limit. Over the years Macy’s has increased my credit card limit without a request from me. So that demonstrates that I am indeed a valued customer. Jenna’s demeanor was very degrading. She talked to me as if I was trying to get credit for something I didn’t pay for. I was not asking to receive the full price for the item which would’ve been $139.99. I was just asking for her to make an exception and give me the current sale price of $83.99 which is only a difference of roughly $28.88. After all, Jenna explained that if I returned the coffee maker and accepted the current lowest sale price of $51.99 Macy’s would in turn sell it for $83.99 while the current promotion is running and then $139.99 when the promotion ended. Again, I explained that I wanted to exchange the item. I wasn’t asking for cash back, or store credit. Still dissatisfied, I asked Jenna for her manager’s name and she provided me with a phone number and name of her manager, Silvana who at the time was off duty and wouldn’t return until Monday, April 29th after 10AM. Jenna’s attitude was very unprofessional and I am appalled that someone with her lack of customer service skills and tack could be a manager. She was extremely crude and abrasive and after that experience I will never shop in The Milford Mall again. I will take my business where I am treated with respect and courtesy. Needless to say my shopping experience in The Milford Mall has been tainted. Later on that afternoon, I drove to Trumbull Mall where I continued to shop. I spoke with a customer service rep in the House Ware Department and I explained the very same situation. The customer service rep (Miriam Surita) got on the phone and called her manager on duty (Judy). The conversation took no more than about two minutes when the manager approved the exchange for the coffee machine at the current sale price of $83.99. I exchanged the coffee machine and bought a Keurig Machine, spending an additional $71.47. Miriam took her time with me; she walked me around and showed me different Keurig Machines, explaining their features and the differences between each device. Miriam was kind, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and willing. I’m not sure how employees and managers are trained in Milford but in my opinion Trumbull Mall exemplifies outstanding employees with excellent customer service. In essence, I drove from Milford to Trumbull for $28.88. Miriam and Judy turned what was an extremely awful customer service experience at Milford Mall into a memorable one. Jenna explained that this was Macy’s store policy and she did not have the ability to make the price adjustment but if this were true then the customer service rep and manager in Trumbull Mall would’ve turned me away as well. How does Milford have one policy and Trumbull Mall have another but they’re both Macy’s Stores? This is definitely BAD BUSINESS. I realize now that Jenna just did not want to provide me the courtesy.

On Monday, April 29th, 2013, I called The Milford Mall and I spoke with the Store Manager, Silvana Peluso. I explained the entire situation that occurred on Saturday, April 27th. She explained to me that Jenna did provide me with the correct policy information but that an exception could’ve been made. Silvana asked me if I could come in the store today to exchange my item. She offered me the current sale price of $83.99 minus the 10% Friends and Family discount. I already exchanged the item in Trumbull but I did want to present the situation to Silvana as if I still needed the exchange so I could receive an unbiased example as to how she would be willing to rectify the issue. Silvana was very cooperative and willing to help me and see to it that I was satisfied and I appreciate her help.


Peace Johnson April 25, 2013 at 11:10 pm

To whom it may concern:

My name is Peace Johnson and about 2 months ago I went to Macys to purchase a few items and while trying to use my Macys card, I was told that they could not find the card information using my license. When they finally retrieved it, I was told to make a payment before I can use it which I did. However, I was only able to purchase one item. The customer service rep told me to apply for another card because they were not quite sure what was happening so I could be able to take advantage of the sale and I would not have any problem with approval since I have been in good standing with Macys for over 15 years. This I did and was told that I would receive my card and bill in the mail. When the bill came, there was no card; however, a letter was sent stating that my new account was merged with my old account as they were able to find my information. Thus, my husband and I have been making payments to the old account, for me to get a statement in the mail with the new account information and calls about past due bill.

I called customer service to get this resolved and was told by Sabastian Zaffar that I cancelled my old account and as a new account holder I was delinquent on my bill. I told him that I did not cancel any account and he stated that the company would not cancel an account without the account holder’s request. Moreover, since I was delinquent I can give him my checking account information and pay $75 to get my account up to date. I requested to speak to a manager as he was not helping me get clarity. He inquired why I want to speak to a manager and further stated that I did not need a manager because there was nothing they could do for me. He gave me all the information and all I needed to do was to make a payment. I continued to request for manager. He continued inquiring reason for my request while telling me I didn’t need to speak to one. I asked if he was denying me my consumer right to speak with someone who could, maybe, dig deeper to find out who and why my account was cancelled since he was not able to retrieve more information. He told me he could not connect me to a manager but to a supervisor after several minutes of debate.

He had me on hold for about 10 minutes to come back to tell me that the supervisor, Max Miller, informed him that the credit bureau called Macys requesting that the company cancel my account. As an American, I was not aware that a perfect stranger have the right to cancel accounts s/he is not on and does not pay for; I was not aware that even companies or credit bureaus have the right to call companies at will or random to request cancellation of someone’s account without that persons knowledge or legal right. This must be a basic consumer right law that just bypassed my awareness. I guess I need to study consumer rights a little more so when this happens again, I know that government gave companies and/or credit bureaus the right to decide whose account they will and can cancel at will.

I requested that Sabastian let me speak with Mr. Max Miller to, maybe, get more clarification and was told that he already relayed the information the supervisor wanted me know. So all I need to do is pay $75 to get my account up to date and out of delinquency. I requested for corporate office number and he said he can give me his direct number if have any more questions regarding my account and that I can call credit bureau to find out why they had my Macys credit card cancelled. Apparently, Mr. Miller does not want to speak to me and he has helped me as much as he can. So I had to search online to find corporate information.

I am seeking your help, as Mr. Zaffar and Miller, have exhausted all channels using their great customer service skills and training to find out that I not only requested that my account be cancelled but the credit bureau also requested it. But they are not sure which credit bureau. As Sabastian said, I have to call all the numbers I can find to the credit bureau companies and try giving them the right information to locate me as they must have several clients on file they have called credit card companies to cancel their credit at will since this is a legal practice. I am requesting your help to put this matter to rest as I am not a new account holder but I have been with this company for 15 plus years. I will take to blogging and having an attorney’s assistance if this issue does not resolve. It may seem that I may be an uneducate consumer but I am not. I do know my legal rights as I stated to Mr. Zaffar. This is America and consumer rights were put in place to prevent such things from happening. Furthermore, if this has been reported to credit agency and/or bureau, I will need it taken off and as well as the past due charge.


Peace A. Johnson


Ralph G. Alvarado April 22, 2013 at 8:22 pm

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duncan dinkha April 17, 2013 at 4:42 pm

i bought 2 chairs and 2 sofas from macys, one of the chairs has a deffect ,you will slipp if you sit on it, and i paid for warranty ,so i called the customer service who told me they cannt do any thing about it , so i stuck with a deffected chair, thats macys, never stood behind thier merchendise,but they are good in sending the bill every month. it was a big mistake to buy from macys and i will never do it again.


Georgia March 14, 2013 at 3:19 pm

You have the most retarded organization I have ever encountered and you are sure to go out of business soon. Get with the program and see how Nordstrom’s conducts business and follow suit. You will fail because of your non customer-orieneted ways. Dear employees, please go apply at Nordtroms and see how it is really done because this department store will go out of business soon and you will be out of jobs. It can not survive the way it does business. You cannot even reach a live person at headquarters. Your customer service is terrible and I see it trickles down from the top. Let me organize a meeting for all of you and tell you how its done and I gurantee you will still earn a profit after I close the meeting. Until then, continue your incompetent ways until you close your doors permanently.


cindy March 12, 2013 at 9:14 pm



Rick Dawson February 21, 2013 at 3:21 am

I have signed the petition to remove Donald Trump as a Macy’s spokesperson. I spent about $300 last year at Macy’s mostly in gifts. Until Macy’s separates itself from Donald Trump, I will not shop there again, and I will encourage all my friends not to shop there. If one presumes that the 700,000 petitioners who have already likewise signed to demand Trump’s dissociation from Macy’s spends $300 per year, Macy’s stands to lose over $200,000,000 in the coming year. Let’s see if you listen to your valued customers.


Michelke February 7, 2013 at 12:20 am



Richelle Correa February 7, 2013 at 12:09 am

Dear Corporate,
I would like to make a complaint. I previously made an order online on Jan. 30,2013 for the purchase of 2 sets of Belgique 14 piece cookware set for $99.99 with a coupon discount, stated it was in stock, transaction process finished and with my understanding my purchases would be shipped in a reasonable time. I have been a loyal customer for many years, and I hate to say this but I am very disappointed in the way this turned out. I received am email back the next night that the item I purchased were no longer available. First off, why would my order process if it was not available, very misleading, and now I had to go in store and ask for help in trying to locate this item to purchase. Unfortunately, this item has been sold out. I have been calling different stores in and out of my state and to no avail, have not found it anywhere. I feel so frustrated in the whole process from beginning to end. Please do a better system to update available items you carry. This is not customer satisfaction


Michaelle December 13, 2012 at 10:37 am

Good morning,

I would like corporate to know that I placed an order from the Main street Roosevelt location in flushing where Julliane a christmas employee and Dereine Coleman (Denin & Supply specialist) were very gracious and helpful with their help I was able to complete my order. Julliane and Doreine are the type of employees that Macys need. However, the manager Juan was useless.

Thank you!


Angela December 9, 2012 at 8:08 pm

I have been having a problem with your optical department replacing my personal pair of eyeglasses. My Fendi eyeglasses was broken by a macy’s optical sales person in 2011. I have been trying to find a pair of replacement glasses that is compatible to my broken one, between my car injury, recovery and work. Mr. Danny Sizemore of US Vision over your Vision department at Macy’s have been tried everything in not letting me choose a pair that is similar to my broken glasses. He has not return my calls since 2011 until last week 12/05/2012. I have tried to chose another pair, but one I pick a pair, he come up with another reason why I can not have that pair. In the beginning, Mr. Sizemore and I did not agree on the value of my Fendi glasses. He told me I can chose any pair of the Macy’s glasses under $200.00 with a new prescription that include everything that my broken glasses had. Now, My glasses cost much more than $200.00. Also, every time I tried to should a pair that was on sale, then he said I could not should a pair that was not on sale. Next, I was not to should a pair of sunglasses and I was going to pay the different in the price. Now, this last time he said I will not get transitional lens even though my broken glasses had transitional lens plus more. This week we spoke again and tried to settle this again, but he only threaten me that he will not replace my broken glasses if I do not pick up a pair of glasses from Macy’s by 12.08.2012. The way he spoke to me on the phone, he threaten me that if I don’t pick up a pair of macy’s glasses, I just as well forget about replacing my broken glasses. Now, who wants to be threaten or force into chosing a pair of glasses that do not fit that person. The store have very limit pair of nice glasses (like Fendi) to chose from. I did try to chose a pair glasses, but Mr. sizemore did not agree on the one I chose. So, I told him to return my broken Fendi glasses and and I need to speak to his boss or some over him. I only came into Macy’s optical to choose a pair glasses and end up losing a value personal pair of glasses. I want my broken pair of glasses, because this man will never let me get a pair of glasses as equal to my Fendi glasses. Or pay me for what I paid for my glasses. I will be waiting to here from someone soon. My # is 7702898876.


karen hargrove December 8, 2012 at 5:10 pm

I have two comments, first one is we are suppose to go green at Macy’s but we are asked to obtain doXXXXents in put in binders that is recording and kept in the Macy’s database WHY?? I have asked this question and no one can answer me. Another thing is why is there not a Macy’s in North Charleston, SC. I have so many people asking me that question. There is a small subdivision I was told, but I am also told it’s not worth going down there, they have nothing of interest. North Charleston is a growing city in South
Carolina and I believe it would benefit Macy’s to look into that. Tthank you for listening.


MLS November 27, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Just wanted to make a recommendation to your company as to changing the way you tag your garments, it makes sense to put a more secure tagging device in place so you do not lose revenue when people are able to switch the tags for a lesser item on the sale rack.


Marilyn Pratscher November 10, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Hi Macy ‘s,
Please help your NJ and NY customers. They need blankets and coats. Thank you and have a great day! God bless you!
Marilyn Pratscher


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