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Macy's Inc.
7 W Seventh St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Phone Number: (513) 579-7000
Fax Number: (302) 636-5454
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CEO: Terry J. Lundgren
CFO: Karen M. Hoguet
COO: Thomas L. Cole

Macy's History

Macy’s was founded in 1858 in New York City by Rowland Macy.  Originally a dry goods retail shop on 6th Ave, the store was located far north of most existing dry good stores.

In 1875, Macy took on 2 partners (Robert Valentine and Abiel La Forge) .  All 3 partners died by 1879.

In 1895, the Macy family sold the business to the Straus brothers.

In 1902, the flagship store was moved to Herald Square, where it remains today.

In 1986, a leveraged buyout of the company was led by CEO Edward Finkelstein.  The company filed for bankruptcy in 1992.

In 1994, the company merged with Federated Department Stores.

In 2008, Macy’s celebrated its 150th birthday.

The company currently operates over 850 stores in the US.  The Macy’s corporate office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Karen Murray April 27, 2016 at 4:49 pm

I just spent a considerable amount of time trying to place an order online. First off my Macy’s gift card would not work, so I phone customer service and was told it was taken care of, but I still could not use my card. So I was told I needed to speak to another representative and she could place my order. The representative had much difficulty getting the information correct that I was giving her. I had to repeat myself numerous times. After placing the order over the phone with her and giving her my payment information I was abruptly told there was a system failure and my phone call was disconnected. I phoned back to see if the order had actually been placed and was told she couldn’t find it. She did finally say that the order did not show up in the system. I have never had this much difficulty ordering online. This is the first time I tried to place an order from Macy’s and it will be my last. I am very disappointed in the company and their poor customer service.


Debbie March 21, 2016 at 8:02 pm

Never…ever.. Do business with Macy’ I returned an item back in December and my account has not been credited. They send me a gift card for the amount and the card has zero balance. I have spoken with dozens of so called customer service people that all repeat the same lines. No one knows what they’re doing and you will never reach the same person twice. I spoke with four different call centers all promising to fix their error and here it is Mid-March and my account still has the charge for the item I returned! Then they have the nerve to call me and ask for a payment when my account should be $0.00. I find it unfathomable that the only purchase made on my account was sent back so how difficult can it be to credit my account?! Once they settle this I assure you I’m done with Macy’s! After being a longtime customer I am not dealing with such incompetent people that continue to mess with my high credit score! Soon they will sease to exist.


kathy storey April 18, 2016 at 9:53 pm

Debbie, I am having the exact same problem. I purchased a Dooney online, had to return it, and could quote your experience word for word. And they keep charging me the additional interest for the $425 bag I can’t get them to credit my account for. I’m ready to write a letter to the CEO Terry Lundgren. Have you had any success yet? Purpleiris883 at


M. Shepard February 3, 2016 at 3:06 pm

What a disaster. Will NEVER order from Macy’s online again. Online customer services is an oxymoron. There’s no service, and no apparent desire to go above and beyond to retain customers. Subsequently, I contacted someone at my local store about the problem. She was going to get back to me; I have yet to receive the promised phone call back. Unless you ENJOY stress and have hours to waste wading through idiocy and ineptitude, it’s best to avoid Macy’s in any form. No one seems to know what anyone else is doing. I’m pretty certain the inmates are running the asylum.


Sal February 6, 2016 at 3:25 pm

I agree 1000 times. I was just on the phone with them for 4 hours.


Gayla Ricks February 1, 2016 at 5:14 am

On December 14. 2015, I went to the Macy’s in Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta, GA and applied for a Macy’s card. By the time January had come, I never received the card. I called and called and called to no avail. The customer service personnel were rude. I found out that they had a wrong address listed for me. I have called customer service for 2 months and they never changed my address. And, to make matters worse, they put the December bill ON MY CREDIT REPORT!!! All I want is for someone at Macy’s to write down my correct address and send me my bill and my card!!!


Wanda January 28, 2016 at 6:44 pm

I loved Macy’s when I lived in New York. It was a magical experience. Unfortunately now I live in Chicago and all the Macy stores are old and uninviting. The way the stores are set up makes you feel like your in a warehouse not a department store. I am always disappointed when I go to Macy’s now so I find myself going more and more to Nordstrom’s since that is how the Macy stores use to be. When I walk in Macy’s I feel overwhelmed and lost when I walk in to Nordstrom’s I feel alive and totally welcomed. Please fix your stores before everyone stops coming to shop there. I know you can find a happy medium and prosper another 100 years. People want to feel special when they shop. Good luck and I hope to see improvement soon.


Michelle Stevens January 25, 2016 at 6:42 pm

To whom it may concern,

I am a longtime Macy’s customer but my patience is wearing regarding an item I purchased on 9/4/15. I have called several times and been transferred all over the place without resolution.

I live in Southern California and my daughter is a freshman and goes to college in rural Middlebury, Vermont. On the way to her school we stayed over in Chicago to do some winter clothes shopping for items we can’t get in Ca. She spent a couple of days picking out the perfect Guess Parka item # 888807920390. The sales rep offered to ship it to Vermont since it was a presale and we were happy to not have to pack it in our bulging suitcases. She received the parka around the end of September and put it away while waiting for the first snow which finally came when she returned to school after her Winter break on Jan 11th. Her first time wearing the coat she said it split up the side seam and she also noticed other flaws with the interior quiliting which shows the stuffing poking through.

I called Macy’s and was given the run around and transferred to 4 different people and finally to the actual coat dept of water tower place because this was where I purchased it and apparently only they can help me with the return. Since my Daughter needed a coat the rep suggested I order a new one online, which I did and even paid more than the original coat (Vince Camuto, Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Parka order #1179386132) and to just send back the defective one using the same packaging when she receives the new one and they will refund the purchase to my Macy’s card. This should not be difficult…sigh.

The new coat arrived and my daughter said the quality is MUCH better but it arrived in a bag with no box and the only return information on the receipt was I went to the website to start the process but it would not accept my order number 219-0080-4608. I called again and was speaking to a CS rep when the phone was disconnected. OK, I will call back. This time I called 888-257-5949 because I want to speak to someone who can give me an actual answer instead of the run around. Many of your CS reps seem to be poorly trained and your phone system is extremely frustrating to navigate and so is your website. I finally spoke to another ill-trained rep who was hard to understand. I asked for a supervisor and after waiting on hold she told me no one was available so I took a deep breath and explained to her my problem and she said she would issue a UPS call tag. All seemed ok but then she placed me on hold and never came back. I finally hung up the phone after almost 40 minutes of waiting.

I would like a return box and prepaid shipping to send back this horribly made coat along with a prompt refund of the purchase price. I would like to continue to make Macy’s my preferred store but my confidence in the products you sell and the lack of training given your phone reps on how to interact with customers and the terrible way your website is set up are very low. I expect much better from a premier and well established company such as Macy’s.


Sonia January 24, 2016 at 11:47 pm

I ordered something online December 5th 2015, and got the run around from customer service for weeks!! Everyone I talked to was foreign and hard to understand, every time I asked to speak to a supervisor they wouldn’t let me, and when a supervisor finally got on the phone, they were no help either! One of them even promised to reorder my merchandise and discount it when the merchandise came in and that he would send gift cards in the mail for me to use on my next order, I haven’t heard a word from anyone from! And of course I never got the gift cards either! I sent an email about it to the CEO and I’m pretty sure that was probably a waste of my time as well, but I’ll wait and see! I really had Macy’s up there in the category with Nordstroms, but NO WAY!! Macy’s SUCKS!! I’m very very disappointed by the service I received! I also ordered online from Nordstroms and JCP for Christmas and oh my I got the BEST service from both stores and will definitely order from them again! If at some point I’m not compensated by Macy’s, I will never shop their stores again!!


KELLY OLIVERO January 22, 2016 at 11:02 am

i place an order on 01/11/16 a (north face coat) and my transaction was cancelled and i never recv’d any kind of notification then I decided to call on 01/17/16 and they said oh your order was cancelled item was not on stock but we do have one now so I RE ORDER THE COAT and the next day on 01/18/16 I recv’d an email statement the item was not available…. its s now 01/22/16 AND I STILL HAVE A PENDING TRANSACTION FOR MACY’S….why? the order was cancelled!!! I order the coat from ESCAPE OUTDOORS….. BUT I still have an transaction from mac’s this is so inconvenience to me not only macys website was having false advertisement but they also have my money on hold 5 days later… this is insane!!!!!!!!! I will never and I mean it I will never order anything else from mercy’s matter fact I will never go inside MACY’S store again… and I WILL MAKE YOU TO TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE


Jay Malone January 12, 2016 at 8:11 am

I have made several attempts to speak with someone at the corporate level. Since your customer service representatives seem unconcerned and have no measure of business acumen. The ordesl I was subjected to this Hiliday was deplorable. The overall experience horrific.
Items adressed incorrectly, wrong items shipped after being guaranteed the issue would be tesolved, wrong colors, hours on the phone, time and miles spent returning items to stores, having
to drive miles to UPS hubs to ascertain who incortectlu labeled package. (171 miles total) having to leave the office to speak with various low level incompetency. As abresult I posted my experience online and was contacted by NORDSTROM hours before Macy’s responded. My family hold nine credit cards with Macy’s. They will be cancelled. We have payronized your store for genetations. Purchased dry goods, linens. Furniture, clothing and next week we planned on purchasing two matresses for our vacation home in Maine. Macys has not only been a shopping tradition but a Holiday tradition for this family even traveling to NYC. Although we typically spend $300-$400 online every weekend, still no concern. Stall tactics is your equivalent to actual support. 24. Tweets asking for my email adress, although it was provided after the first request. Generic apologies with no resolution. Reprsentatives yhat leave nanes and Fake contact numbers should we need additional support. Thete is no support line, the number provided is the order line. In several emails you acknowledge that there were several issues that are not up to par with Macy’s standard. Yet you offer a $20 gift card. So essentially wgmhat your saying is “Your MISERABLE experience wasnt worth the initial cost, the price of your experience should be reduced by $20. Seriously? Thats the value? Nordstrom offered to honor any remaing gift cards at face value and a $100.e-gift card to experience their website and shopping experience. They get it. What you ruined was the enjoymeny of gift giving, the excitement, newness. What you owe me is a new shopping experience, not $20. Mr. Lundgren you should be disgusted and deeply disappointed in your staff. Currently you and your ineffectiveness to patrons is ruining the Macys name. Ive posted all emails and tweets from your employees, and have received 734 responses in 4 days. I plan on creating a link and publicizing my ordeal and your insulting response. Moreover I reached out to a producer at Fox News(Kieth Rothstien) Perhaps if we publicize the issues nationally you stagf will take notice. If you do not respond to my concerns I will exvept NORDSTROMS offer and exchange the $700 Macy’s in gift cards and NEVER SHOP MACYS AGAIN.


Jherica Allen January 6, 2016 at 4:37 am

To whom this concerns:

I am disgusted with the treatment I experienced with Macy’s over this 2015 holiday season. Companies already jerk people around and with it being the holidays I think businesses need to go the extra mile because more than likely the items being purchased are for someone else. This was not the case with me. My issue, today, remains unsolved.

Long story short, November 21, 2015, I ordered some boots for my son and he was staying with a relative so I wanted the boots to be delivered to where he was. I mistakenly sent the shoes to the wrong address and didnt notice it until the item had been delivered to the ajacent suburb.

I contacted customer service on November 28, 2015 to get the item reshipped to the correct address. I’ve placed numerous orders online and I was really disgusted that he attempted to re-run my card and then had the audacity to let me know it was declined for payment. A company has NEVER tried to double charged me for an item not received. I asked him why couldn’t the item be reshipped and he told me that the item would continually go to the shipping address provided on the initial. I thought it was crap, but I went along with it. So, I told the agent to refund the money paid for the item which was $63.69 (49.99 for the boots, 9.95 shipping and 3.75 for taxes). He told me he was going to refund all monies and recapped the call. I have attached the initial order.

On December 2, 2015 I receive a email from Alexander Apking, Omni Channel Customer Correspondent, and he thanked me for my feedback with the survey feedback that he had received. Due to my comments on the survey he said he was sending me a gift card of $35.00. I wasn’t expecting that and I was super thrilled because I was going to use that to repurchase the boots since they were on sale. My son really liked them so I was going to get them for him. The email address was I have attached that as well.

December 9th, 2015 and I still haven’t received the $63.69 credit. So, I called customer service AGAIN told them the situation and that agent said he did see that there was a gift card to be sent and also verified that amount and also that I would be credited the $63.69 as well. The next day, I receive a email about the credit that was to applied and its the same order the last agent tried to reship to me. According to this email I was being credited $53.12 which is $10.57 short of what I paid for the order. I didn’t want to be on the phone with another agent so I just went with it although deep down that didn’t well with me. I have attached a copy of that as well.

Here we are January 5th, 2016 and there is no sign of the beloved gift card. I am being cheated out of $50 and it is not a good feeling. I just want is owed to me. I was promised something and it was never fulfilled. The customer service on this issue is so horrible. The ball has been dropped many times and its just unfair to me as a customer. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, and posting this issue on the company’s many social media pages. This issue needs to be rectified as you have a unsatisfied customer and I need to be made whole.


Jane Flaspohler December 30, 2015 at 3:56 pm

Hello. I applied for a job at Macy’s here in Douglasville,GA. I was sent and email asking me to schedule a phone interview on-line. The interview was supposed to take place today at 3:00 PM EST. It is now 4:00 PM EST and I have not received a call from Macy’s. I decided to contact Macy’s job scheduling dept and this is what I found:
Lots of other people trying to get jobs but are turned away because the scheduling system is not functioning properly.

Thank you for your time,
Jane Flaspohler


Amy December 29, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Good Afternoon,
I ordered a watch on to have picked up in the store within the hour. I received an email that my watch was ready for pick up! GREAT! it was Christmas Eve and my son really wanted this watch. I went to the Spring Hill Mall Macys in Dundee Il. Went right to the watch dept (as time was ticking) a woman there looked all over for my order (very helpful) she couldn’t find anything, she then walked me over to the other side of the watch dept. Two ther women looked all over in every cabinet. After they exhausted all measures looking another woman MICHELLE came over and askied if I needed help. I proceeded to tell her I ordered a watch and the email came through that it was ready to be picked up. She had asked me what brand watch. I told her it was a Guess watch. She then looked right at me and responded, ” Oh honey ( I am 45yr old) these are the better more upscale watches over here. You need to go to the Mens dept and pick up a watch like that” LIKE THAT! Seriously…. I started to break out in tears… Thinking I hope my 16 yr old son doesn’t feel that way. We had just lost my dad to a tragic fall, my husbands hours have been cut at work, I can only find part time work.. BUT my money is just as green as the next! How dare she belittle me and make such a hurtful statement especially this time of year, actually any time! I will not just stop here with this status board. I will be heard and something will be done. How rude can one be.. I mean you are working Retail at Macy’s!!


MIMI KHAN December 28, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Sunday December 27th my family and I went to Marley Station Macys to shop and to return some items I had bought on Whwn i went to return the perfumes I had bought on my credit card, the sales lady named Latisha from the Lancome counter says to me uh uh uh uh. I am not taking this back without proof of purchase. I said look if you swipe my credit card and scan the items,it will come up. Macys is one of few that if you dont have your reciept you can swipe the credit card and it will come up. I then left her an went upstairs to the exeuitive office to find a manager. I found one alright. I found the snotty rude store manager named Jenna. I explained to her how I was treated and she did not apoligize at ALL. She takes my credit card and types in MY 16 digit credit card number on the web!!!! I did NOT give her permission to do such thing.
She kept looking at teh stuff and sating we don’t carry these. i said of course you don’t becasue it came from the internet. The Web has differerent items than in store items.
All I am asking is that you swipe my card and it WILL come up.
She rudely said I know these things I am a mamager for a reason. I said well really? Then you SHOULD know what is online is NOT the same as the store. She then took that stuff back after making me wait all that time and NOT apologizing for HER employee’s actions.

After that happened, my Mom Theresa Khan went to the perfune dept to return a gift and re buy it on a gift card. The same rude women Latisha waited on her. My Mom said to her I would like to return this and buy it back with my gift card. She didn’t hear me and walked away after the return. My mom said I want to rebuy it using my gift card. Latisha said WHAT you talking about? Let me see that gift card in a very rude and abrupt manner as she had did to me. My Mom said well if could ring it up first then you will need my gift card. Latisha than shook her finger in my Mother’s face and said Dont you get smart with me lady. My Mom said I am NOT a child that you are scolding and I WILL get smart with you now. Now the whole entire cosmetics department saw this but SAID or DID nothing. There was a sales women named Denise who took over the transaction but she was quiet as a church mouse.
Latisha is a BULLY and nothing will be done about her. I called to complain to the store manager as to what had happened again with the same lady and I got brushed off by Jenna the store manager who just said ok I’ll talk with them and see what happened.Once again soe DID NOT offer an apology or take my information . DOONT TTT EVERRR shop at Marley Station Macys. They are ghetto and just plian nasty. Jenna is a sorry excuse for a store manager… I am NOT DONE with them. I will be posting this all over social media..


Cheryl Raposa December 26, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Dear Macy’s, where is my Christmas present my husband ordered for me? He ordered on 12/18/2015. and paid extra for express delivery.

Today 12/26/2015, after phone calls every day since, no delivery. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t even left your warehouse.

He did get his express delivery fee refunded on 12/24/2015. Gee, thanks for not doing your job.

As I see it, you are collecting money from people and then not delivering. Twenty dollars here, eighty dollars there, $1100.00 from my husband….are you seeing the pattern? I do and I feel pretty sure an attorney will also. Class action PR nightmare.

Christmas may be over but I have a really good memory. I will never forget to let everyone I know and meet how horrible your customer service is. However, after reading all the posts from disappointed former customers I understand now why your stock is at its lowest point since 11/11/2011.

Shame on you!


Andra J December 23, 2015 at 10:43 am

After 3 cancelled orders and over 6 hours of back and forth with Macy’s customer service reps, I was informed today that there was no way to get a new order in and delivered by Christmas. I was however offered a 20% discount, which was 5% less than the discount that I was given on the previous two orders that were cancelled two days after being placed. Macy’s has completely dropped the ball and are not willing to do anything about spoiling someone’s Christmas.

I would strongly suggest that if you don’t want a nightmare on your hands that you stay as far away from Macy’s as possible.
This was by far the worst online shopping experience that I have ever had and it ruined my Grandmothers Christmas.


Linda Bailey December 22, 2015 at 12:55 am

I have been a Macy’s customer for several years. I pay my bill on time or early, yet Macy’s decided to draft funds from my Bank Account without authorization . I had made a payment ( more than the minimum) on my account early. My account was showing no payment due, however, Macy’s decided to withdraw the entire balance of my account. Not only did they draft the entire balance of the account but drafted more funds than were owed on the account. This might have been a honest error on Macy’s part but it couldn’t happen at a worse time of year. I am a Great Grandmother and this has placed me in a precarious position right at Christmas. When I contacted customer assistance after being run around over 45 minutes on the phone , I was told they will refund my money but I must wait up to 13 business days. This was after I was told that I must submit some form to Macy’s. This is just wrong!!! It is bad enough they strip my bank account before Christmas, then they tell me I have to wait for my money until after Christmas to be reimbursed. Wow great customer service Macy’s ! Maybe I should post this on FACEBOOK and and let people see what the real miracle on 34 street is.


Sharon H March 5, 2016 at 6:30 am

I agree totally with you. Also if you have a Macy Rewards Card. Which I have and had been a customer for over 25 years. Paid my bill on time every month. Since I retired and try to keep my spending within my means. I failed to use their Macy Reward Card for over two years, did not matter I used mostly cash. They never contacted me but they sure degraded my credit rating by closing my account so now that hurts my credit score and will remain on my credit report not for 7 years but for 10 years. When I inquired about it with their customer service they were very rude. And would it nothing but insult me further by telling me I could re-apply (which would cause an inquiry on my credit report and with inquiries that can cause your credit score to fall too.) That’s the reward you get from Macy. No wonder they filed for bankruptcy in 1992. The way they treat customers, it’s no wonder they don’t have the traffic in their stores now. Does Macy know that there are too many other stores out that will gladly except our business and with open arms and treat like a Queen for a day. Wake up Macy one day I hope to see you have to close stores because you drove your customer away. Oh by the way you will not ever see me in their store to pay cash. Go small businesses where they want you to shop and treat like you were their first customer.


Gwendoly Bell December 21, 2015 at 6:47 am

My name is Gwendolyn Bell and I have been a Macy’s cardholder for over 15+ years without any incidents.

On November 23, 2015 I went to the Macy’s AT 1300 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA to purchase a Michael Kors coat. At the registrar I was told that my Macy’s card was declined and the individual working the registrar informed me that I should reapply for a card, which I did and entered all my personal information to get a new card. When she went to ring the coat up she was informed that I already had an existing account that was open [see enclosed receipt]. So my existing account was reactivated and I purchased the coat. To my surprise when I went home I had a bill from Macy’s in the amount of $5.31. So due to an Error by Macy’s my account was never closed.

I would like you to know just for the records, my bills have always been paid on time and I am sure that you can get my credit score which I take pride in having.

On December 4, 2015 I received the attached letter from Macy’s which is self-explanatory. I immediately called Macy’s and explained to them what happened and spoke with Jonelle in you Customer Service Department [800] 243-6552 who said that she would take of this error. I called on December 8, 2015 and spoke with someone who said they would take care of this matter and I would receive a new card [which I did not ask for], on December 10, 2015, I spoke with Jason and Lenny who left me on hold and I hung up. On December 11, 2015 I spoke with your Credit Expert, Theresa who explained that it would take 30 days before they would contact the Credit Bureau to get the inquiry off my record. I also spoke with Shawn the Supervisor who explained that I would receive it would take 30 days to clear this up and I would receive a copy of the letter sent to the Credit Bureau on December 23, 2015 [See attached letter I just received date December 14, 2015.

On December 11, 2015 Crystal at Macy’s informed me that the new card that I was going to received was reported stolen. I was never informed of this by your Credit Department. That would have been very embarrassing if I went into the store trying to use that card. I do want you to know that I did make purchases on December 3, 2015 at the Macy’s in Springfield PA.

As I explained over and over again to your employees I was informed to open a new card by the sales rep. A friend who was with me at the time heard the entire conversation and will sign an Affidavit to this conversation.

I have spoken to six of your employees [Jonell, Crystal, Jason, Lenny, Theresa and Shawn] all of whom said this would be cleared up, and as of this date I am getting letters indicating another inquiry to the Credit Bureau.

I have since returned the coat to Macy’s due to the lack the malicious intent to ruin my credit standing.

Please be advised that I would appreciate this matter being taken care of immediately or I will have no alternative but to file a legal complaint with the Court for MALICIOUS INTEND BY MACY’S AND ITS EMPLOYEES. As I explained to your employees it took me a long time to build my credit score and I do not intend for it to be ruined.

Any help you can assist me with would be appreciated.


Emma Conde December 17, 2015 at 10:02 pm

On Dec 4th 2015 I placed a call to Macy’s customer service to make my monthly payment. I’m greeted by a representative named “Joe” which was very helpful (so I thought) explained that I was currently unemployed and that the previous month I had made a payment but it actually posted on the following day giving my account a $27 late fee that he actually offered to wave due to my situation which I thought was very nice. So the minimum payment due before the credit was $75.99 and he deducted from the MINIMUM PAYMENT DUE not the BAL and he advise that I only had to pay $48.99 to have my account current. Ha e him the account information for the payment and he gave me the confirmation number that I still have. Thought everything was good until I get a call from collections a week later saying that my account is past due and that I needed to make a $100.88 payment TODAY! (Very rude customer service) I could not talk at the time so decided to call back.

When I called back (Due to a high call volume it took 30 min to get thru) first representative after explains the situation he said he couldn’t hear me would place me on mute and continue to say he couldn’t hear me but when I would ask a question he would answer but the. Will continue to say couldn’t hear me. Disconnected the call!

Second call: Representative was very rude yelling would not listen to what I was trying to explain and would ALWAYS give me the same answer and REFUSED to transfer me to a manager and placed me on mute. (TOTALLY REFUSE TO HELP)

Third Call: Talked to a representative that finally listen and was able to KIND of help. She apologized for the previous rep that took my payment and not explaining that the fee waived was on the balance and not the minimum payment due.. Had to make arrangements and PAY for the POOR TRAINING of Macy’s costumer service. It is sad that corporate and this major retail stores are now more concentrated in revenues than their customers.


Doreen December 17, 2015 at 2:18 pm

Last year I boasted how fabulous Macy’s online and in store pickup was the greatest thing ever and bragged that it would be my choice of salvation this year. I rec’d my confirmation that my order was ready and off I went to the Macy’s in Cross County of Yonkers NY. I watched customers shop frantically while I went to the lower level and was greeted before I reached the desk, the customer service Rep asked for my name and returned in less than 3 minutes with my 6 bags I showed my ID and was out of Macy’s in 10 minutes. My nightmare began November, 2015 when I placed and order online for my mom’s birthday gift. I rec’d my confirmation and I was excited. I checked my email later that day only to discovered the order was cancelled and I need to call consumer protection at 800-289-6229 I thought k this was just holiday precaution, until I spoke to several of the customer service rep’s that told me they tried calling my home and left me a verification code to call back and give to them so my order could be processed. I arrived home there was no message(s) left and there was no calls listed on my caller ID from them, the calls registers from a CVGS UP2 with a phone number 513-398-5221 and there were no calls from them. By the time my order was re-entered the item was no longer available at my location of choice and now I had to pickup at the Macy’s in the Bay Plaza location in the Bronx, (no problem, it’s a new store it should be a breeze like Cross County). HECK NO!!!!! I HAD TO GO TO THE 3RD FLOOR and stand in the regular line, I STOOD in line for 45 minutes to pick up my mom’s gift. What a difference a Store makes. OKAY maybe not the store but the personnel. Okay all was forgiven because I love Macy’s so, I got an email for a nice boot sale going on. I placed my order online order #1158609462, I pick up my boots at the Cross County location in and out of the store 5 minutes and my other items were sent to my home. I’m in love with Macy’s again. Okay placed my 3rd order(#DM15620432526) it’s one of my daughter’s Christmas gift( Does the fact that my order starts with letters mean they are going to cancel it and make me call consumer protection?)( is this a pattern?) I shop while I’m at work on my break just to clarify. Anyway back to my issue My 3rd order was cancelled. I arrived home, I did not rec’d a phone call nor message from consumer protection. My 1st phone the recording stated they had a high volume of calls and that my wait time was 30 minutes which I put the call on speaker so I could still do others stuff after 34 minutes of listening to the music and recordings they disconnected the call. My 2nd call in which a lady stated her name which no offense, none of the reps spoke CLEAR English so the language barrier was very challenging SHE HUNG UP ON ME after I ask Why my orders are being singled out. 3rd call I went through the whole process again, I ask the same question and was told they had to call me back and they wanted to verify my home # , OKAY I said miss all my personal information is the same as my previous orders why do you guys keep cancelling my orders? Her response was we tried to call you and we left you a message with a code to call us back , I said miss you’re lying I have no calls from you your calls registers as CVGS UP2 with a phone number as 51-398-5221 you did not call, Well she hung up on me. She called back as if she was going to verify my info but now all of a sudden she can’t hear me saying hello. She hangs up. I call back they can hear me, I’m told by the 4th rep I see the note on your order they are not hearing a response when they say hello, so the order was not process. This went back and forth 3 more times each time I call them they could hear me, but EVERYTIME they called me back they could not hear me respond. THIS IS A GAME. WHEN THEY DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU THEY PUT THEIR PHONE ON MUTE and then they hang up and make nasty comments on your account. I know I’m not the biggest spender but my dollars do count. Consumer Protection! We need protection from consumer protection because they are not working to assist the consumer. Shame on them because they make Macy’s as a whole look bad. So after being Abused by consumer protection I decided calling was not a good option, I drove and made my purchase in store last night. Dear Macy’s RECONSIDER who you pay to handle your customer’s service department.


Lanette January 4, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Macy’s is a disaster!!!! I have been trying to get a lipstick I ordered and another Lancome product. After several attempts to call when the items were not delivered, I have decided Mom and I will no longer order from them. I will pay them off and be done. They don’t take the calls when I attempt to contact them. At first I thought it was busy or long because they had so many calls… but when using another number of mine, it went right thru. I had a friend call from their number as well and it went thru. I hung up and called several times from home and got the same long music and hangups. Tonight was the last straw. They lied and hung up on me. I will not pay for the two items. I will only pay off what is owed up until those two items. I intend to contact corporate as well but I am sure this is there policy. In addition, I took my Mom to the store in Wheaton, Md and it looked like a junk shop. She went to try on a dress and there were piles of clothes on the floor halfway up the wall near the dressing room and jumbled tables. That shows you how they care for their goods. I am so done with Macy’s disrespectful behavior. Customer Service at this store is a thing of the past. The company Stinks!!


Eric December 11, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Last night I shopped at Macy’s Modesto (CA), and ended up spending more time there than planned. I realized I was going to be late for an event, so I needed to pay for my items as quickly as possible and leave the store. I spotted an associate at a register with no line and asked if I could pay at his station. He said he could, but he had to quickly finish helping another customer. I told him I was in a rush and would just find another cashier, but he ask me to wait just a minute and he could take care of me. After 1-2 minutes, he came back. While he started ringing my items up I realized I was going to be a bit late, so I respectfully said to him, “Do you mind? I need to make a quick call” (He didn’t need my help, I was just being polite). My call was 30-40 seconds, but when I disconnected it occurred to me that he vanished. I looked around, but he was nowhere in site. I looked at the register and saw he had rung two of the five items I wanted.

After about five minutes I spotted returning from across the store. As he came near, I said, ‘Where did you go? I told you I was in a hurry. I have things I have to do!” His response… “Well, I have things I have to do, too.” (I think he took some merchandise back to another dep’t). Apparently, he decided that if I was going to make a quick call, that meant he could go off to take care of other matters, and literally just walked out on me in the middle of the transaction! No apology, no concern for my time.

This was so disrespectful, I told him I wasn’t going to be buying anything from him and started walking towards the door. I heard him say “That’s fine!” and nothing else.

I left the store, but came back in and gave my name/number to another associate and asked to be called by a manage asap because I had no more time to deal with my poor service complaint right then. I also told her I still wanted the items and planned to ask the manager to make arrangements for that. The manager never bothered to follow up.

I decided to address these issues as a customer service complaint. I called the store, but the (extensive) voice menu gives NO OPTION for customer service issues. I went to the Macy’s web site to get a customer service number, but that number also provides a list of menu choices that do not include a choice for customer complaints (only help with buying items or credit help).

Commitment to customer service at Macy’s is a joke. I’ve shopped in Macy’s for over 30 years and have noticed this trend over the last decade. In fact, I used to shop there regularly but now only a few times a year because of this. I see no reason to spend my time and money at this store again. SHOPPING AT MACY’S IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME & MONEY!


Raquel D. December 8, 2015 at 4:46 pm

I called Macy’s customer service phone line and the person that answered had the worst customer service attitude towards me and I’m pretty sure she had it with any customers who might have called before…. She did not even try to help… she just sounded bothered… It was bad… I am so disappointed with the customer service I received…


Stacy Ramsey December 8, 2015 at 7:30 am

I previously placed an order through customer service at 800-289-6229 on Dec 4,2015 for an iMotto Smart Hover Board. Upon receiving my email for my order, I notice the customer service rep, selected the wrong color. I immediately called back to correct the color. I was told by the rep, he could add the correct color to my existing order, then delete the incorrect selection. I asked if I could use the promo coupon, which was 25% off. I was tol that it doesn’t apply to the item I’m purchasing and that he could give me 15% off. I agreed. A maanger join the call to correct the 15%. When the manager attempted to run my bank card, he stated that it was declined. I told the manager that can’t be possible because I have money in my bank account to cover this transaction. The manager ran the card a 2nd time, it declined again. The manager advised me to call back in with a different payment method and he would notate the account for 10% off $381.06.
Saturday, Dec 5, 2015. I awake to bank alerts that my account was overdrawn. I immediately log into my bank account, I see where Macy’ had charged my account $413.36, $486.04 and for $899.40. None of which I approved any of these transactions. I call my bank institution and was informed that I needed to go to a local bank and to call Macy’
I went to my local branch and was told that they could remove the charges, but they will come bank until Macy’ release the transaction and/or submit a reversal or credit my bank card. While in the bank, I called Macy’, spoke with a rep that all 3 transactions in the amounts of $413.36, $486.04, and $899.40 has been reversed. I was told by the bank manager, that an reversal transaction takes place immediately.
I wait 3 hours, the transactions are still on my account. I called AGAIN, spoke to rep she stated that she does see the transactions and that she doesn’t have the capability to revese the transactions. A Macy’s manager (William) join the call and basically stated that he couldn’t do anything.
While on the phone with Macy’, I drove the Macy’s here in TX and asked for a store manager. I spoke in store with manager, I informed her of what was going on. Tina, spoke with the on-line manager, William over the phone and was unable to get the problem resolved. William stated to the manager the only thing he could do is to send me a gift card in the amount of $60. Which I personally feel that, that was a slap in the face especially when it was confirmed numerous times the error was on Macy’s. I would greatly appreciate it, if this matter be given someone’s prompt attention as it is DIRE need that my money be returned to me asap. From the hands of Macy’s my account is overdrawn $1,382.86. Please contact me via email at
Again, your promt attention is greatly appreciated.


Melanie Buechert December 2, 2015 at 12:51 pm

On cyber Monday my husband tried to surprise me for Christmas by purchasing everything in my shopping cart, $900 worth of merchandise. (Order 1163886595) The next day he received an email stating that the Consumer Protection Dept. cancelled his order. After an HOUR on the phone with this department verifying his identity he was then transferred and told the order was in place again. (CB15120803856) They even gave that day’s discount for his trouble. TODAY, he received another email from CONSUMER PROTECTION DEPT. stating the order was cancelled AGAIN.

He spent THREE AND HALF HOURS verifying his ID again . He was then told half of the items he ordered were no longer available. Speaking to a manager did nothing to help the situation. I told him to cancel the order while he was on the phone. He then had to wait twenty minutes just to cancel an order that had already been canceled TWICE already!

For the aggravation and now depression your so called CONSUMER PROTECTION DEPARTMENT caused my husband (since he now believes my Christmas is ruined )
I am not only returning the Cyber Monday order I placed on my Macy’s card, I am cutting that card up.

I also plan to share this experience on EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK I CAN THINK OF.

Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Melanie Buechert


Michele Claire December 2, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Thank you Melanie. Macys is an outrage online orders. I was up from time their website went down around midnight till 7am All night long!! I had the nightmare experience of their online. The 1st one to take one item simple order could not understand English.. I finally had to say forget it.. I tried again anyway long story short my bank account was charged 3 times and they ordered wrong item then wrong size.. Then when callind holds times are by the hour then they hang up when they don’t understand. Its the far east and the Philippines Macys sources out to. Nothing is in the states now days. Here it is still can’t get it resolved!!


Tina December 13, 2015 at 6:11 am

thank you again, I really thought that i was the only one that nobody seemed to want to help. I ordered a watch on the 9th and it was the wrong watch 421.20, so i went right away back into the store to return it, The original purchase was made with my macys gift card and the remaining balance with my debit card, however the manager that did the return credited my bank card for the whole amount. At the time I really didn’t think anything of it. well come to find out my bank doesn’t accept credit when they were not the original form of payment. so they sent the credit back to macy’s ….. now nobody seems to know what to do , i even said to the store manager, sarcastically,” don’t worry about it, i don’t work for macys however i will figure out how to get my money back on my own. ” He said Ok…. i will never shop at macys again, i have spent numerous hours on hold and with people who are completely concomitant. and there is not one manager even cares, really they are treating me like im trying to get over on them, i sure would not be on the phone with them like i have been. Not one time has anyone asked me if there was something that they could extra for me. im not calling anymore, im hiring a attorney on Monday and im going to sue them for my money, and im charging them a wage that they are going to pay me for my time.. Im not going to let them get away with this. They have my money and my merchandise. there customer service sucks, worse then any company i have ever know. Im going to post what is going with me everywhere i can and im going to tell everyone that i know what they are all about. They have wasted so much of my time, and they could care less if anyone values there time, because they sure don’t.


Tana January 13, 2016 at 10:41 pm

I am in the same boat bought a dress online and they sent the wrong size. I called and reordered the dress. I tried to return the wrong dress to Macy’s and they wouldn’t give me my money back because I used PayPal. So I called Macy’s and was told by customer service that they would email me a return slip and was also told I could take it back to the store. I took it back to the store without a problem this time but it took them 45 mins to call customer service and get the OK to take it back. In the mean time I ordered ANOTHER dress from Macy’s to make sure I got it by the date I needed it. Then a few days later I received both dresses, but it was too late for the event I needed it for. I packed up both dresses and put them in the box with the UPS label they had provided. Waited for a week and called Macy’s to see where my refund was in the sum of 540.00 and was told by Teresa that they had receive the dresses but didn’t know where to send the money, and that she would expedite the return.. I waited for another 2 weeks and no refund.. Called again and the same result. Waited another week and no return. I called again and spoke to a guy name Rocky, he asked me to hold and hung up on me. I called back and spoke to another person in customer service and they asked me to hold and hung up on me. I called back for the 3rd time and spoke to another associate she told me she would get my refund done. Well that has been another week and no money.. I’m filling a claim with the BBB. This has been going on sine Nov 24, 2015.. I’m done…


PAMELA SCHULTZ December 2, 2015 at 9:50 am

HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. Tried emailing, then calling about an item I ordered but wasn’t told was backordered. Got an email response 3 days after I sent mine that said they didn’t know anything about the order. Tried calling, spent 30 minutes on hold, then disconnected. Called again, got transferred all over by incredibly rude representatives whose accents were so strong I could barely understand them and who got annoyed when I asked them to repeat what they said. Horrible, horrible experience. I’m cancelling the item I ordered and never, ever, EVER ordering from Macys again. The CEO might say that sales are fine and department stores are thriving, but I expect (and hope) Macy’s will go out of business unless it changes the way it treats customers. VERY UNHAPPY.


Stephanie November 27, 2015 at 2:12 pm

I am just wondering why is it you dumped Donald Trump from your stores? You have a convicted felon, and a woman who stated clearly on film that she hated America and Americans! At least Donald loves this country and has not been in a federal penitentiary for income tax evasion. So you say you don’t like his opinion, and yet you have no problem with Ariana Grande saying she hates Americans and America?”?? Really?? Has nobody else thought about how horrific that is?


Linda Murrie November 20, 2015 at 8:34 pm

I ask you to reconsider your sponsorship of the program SCANDAL. The episode on Thursday, November 19 crossed so many lines. It has become so political and one sided it is no longer a program I will watch. This being the Christmas season and for you to sponsor the content of last nights program is unbelievable. My shopping will be other places.


Olivia November 19, 2015 at 10:19 pm

I received horrible customer service. I have had a credit counseling for involved with my account. Apparently they cannot make payments because somehow they have changed my account but have not provided me with this new info. I xalledvwith the account they have regularly sent to me by mail but customer service insisted they could not give me this info and said I have to go to store to get this info with an ID. When I shared how this was something that should gave been sent to me on changes, I asked her name she did not answer and when I asked her name she did not answer, I shared that I would contact corporate, but she stayed silent, I called at 7:02pm on 11/19/15. This is terrible customer service as I have been an ongoing customer, now I am being penalized with added charges because of this lack of info they did not provide. The CEO should bevawarebof these issues. I will make my payments and they have lost a customer.


Amy ajem November 18, 2015 at 6:41 pm

Is this how Macy’s trains their employees to treat their customers? I spoke to this lady by the name of Razel I believe. This associate was making fun of me instead of helping me she was putting me on 15 minute holds and in the end saying have a good dayyyyy byyyyyyeeee. She clearly did not care about me or the problem I had with my Macy’s order. It is a shame that Macy’s would hire such people as employees to represent the store. I hope and i will make sure that nobody else has such a horrible experience like I did today. I want the head of Macy’s to rewind this conversation and listen to it and hear how disgustingly the employee is treating your customer. I’m still on hold for a supervisor it’s been 57 min and 42 seconds.


Laura Murphy November 13, 2015 at 4:01 pm

I am so sick and tired of the inept people in customer service and the credit card department. For three months straight my payments have been posted to an account I closed years ago and overdue charges and interest charges are being posted on my current account which was paid in full and posted to the wrong account. I have called till I am blue in the face and it just keeps happening. I even got a customer service managers direct line but when I call her she just doesn’t answer the calls! I can’t believe what a horrible company Macy’s has become!


Alexis Payne November 18, 2015 at 5:05 pm

I am having the exact same credit card issue. The account was paid in full and closed six months ago yet I still getting a statement and being charged. I’ve spoken with an executive that assured me the issue would be resolved. She has since not returned any of my calls. When the executive team has bad service the company is really terrible. I will continue to call and email until this issue is resolved.

Thank you


Sue Menz January 17, 2016 at 10:31 pm

Oh my I thought it was just me. They are so incompetent. I only had a $25 balance they applied my payment to someone elses account. 3 months 2 faxes they ignore no one to talk to in “Payment Research” only a fax Spoken to countless managers. Now I have a headquarter fax. I’m going to the NYS department of banking they are destroying my credit. I have to say I hate MACY’s after this.

Here is my latest letter so when I post this they can’t say they didn’t get it.

January 17, 2016

Macy’s Headquarters

I have been trying to prove to Macy’s since October 29th that a payment of $25.00 my check #1662 cleared my account on October 13, 2015 and now with no prevail after five phone calls to your customer service department and; two faxes with proofs of payment I have been given no response from the payment research department. Each time I have sent in documentation I have been told to fax this information and it will take 30 days. I get no response but instead receive a new bill with additional late fees.

I sent in a $25.00 payment on a $25.00 balance having it applied to someone else’s account. My account now has added late fees, interest of $110 dollars and counting with a balance of $133. I have also had to go to my bank on two occasions to get different proof. In addition my bank ESL representatives tried to contact Macy’s and still had no success.

The following are dates/of my calls are faxes;

• October 29, 2015 after receiving first statement showing my payment was not applied. I called and spoke to Robin she gave me the department of misapplied payments 1-513-573-2952.
• November 2, 2015 faxed letter to department of misapplied payments 1-513-573-2952 along with statement (since Macy’s turned my paper check into an ACH electronic check my bank doesn’t have paper check because Macy’s didn’t submit it. I received no response.
• December 5, 2015- after receiving a notice requesting additional information, I called Macy’s after getting the same runaround and told they don’t know what I need to send; I asked to speak to a manager I spoke to, Dorothy Snead. Ms. Snead was told me I had to send the electronic tracer number to Payment research not department of misapplied payments, and she would notate it as well in my electronic record.
• December 5, 2015- I went back to my bank ESL who told me that the certified statement should have been enough but they then tried to call Macy’s and couldn’t get through. They told me to call their corporate on Monday to get the tracer number.
• December 7, 2015- called the ESL bank corporate headquarters and was given the electronic tracer number, and they said that is complete proof and this should end it. ESL stated Macy’s is not telling you the truth.
• December 7, 2015- faxed a new letter to Macy’s Payment research department 1-866-903-7463 fax number with the electronic tracer # 91409707771853 which was issued to Macy’s from ESL on 10/13/2015. This was faxed to 1-866-963-7463. I did not receive a response to this letter.
• December 2oth- received a new bill from Macy’s with new late fees.
• January 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 received call from Macy’s collections. I have since blocked this number.
• January 14- called Macy’s customer service spoke to Lisa Brown. She gave me headquarters fax. Once again, I am told there is no phone number to speak to a human to get this cleared up. She looked at my notes and back in my account and was appalled by the situation. She told me to fax and mail a hard copy.

I am requesting my account be reviewed immediately and this gets cleared up. I want a written confirmation that this was cleared up. I also want my credit report fixed and all these erroneous charges removed. As a long time Macy’s customer who has ALWAYS paid her bill on time and not even kept a balance the service I have received is astonishing. I will be closing my account when this is finally cleared up. I also will discontinue doing any shopping at your stores.

I have attached my previous correspondence/faxes with the message confirmation reports. (this is in the fax not the social media)
Please contact me to verify that you could reconcile my payment and that this matter is cleared up.


Paul De Maria, Jr. November 11, 2015 at 5:16 pm

I went for an interview this past Saturday, Nov 7, 2015, to the Baybrook Mall, Friendswood, TX Macy*s. The interview went fine, I sat with a manager named Sal. He said I would be a good fit for the job, and told me that M***a would contact me for a second interview.
On Monday evening at 6:21 pm, I received a phone call from the interviewing office (Executive Office) of the store that I interviewed at on Saturday. The young lady on the other end asked if I was still interested in the (Seasonal Service Ambassador) position. I thought that her question was odd considering I already had an interview, and was looking forward to M***a calling me in for a second interview. Albeit, I answered her “yes.” I went on to explain to her that I had an interview “on the 7th.” Confused as she was, she replied, “okay, I’ll put you on the calendar for the 7th, what time is good for you?” I corrected her, and explained that the 7th had passed, and that it was this past Saturday. I also told her who I had the interview with, and the results of that interview. She backpedaled, and said, “Oh, yeah, that is the reason we are calling.” She then proceeded to set me up for an appointment for today, Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015 at 11:30 am.
I went to the appointment and arrived 15 minutes early. First off, the girl behind the desk, C*****a, didn’t even have me on the schedule for an interview. Then, she didn’t even know if M***a was even there to conduct the interview. She told me to “have a seat in the other room.” I had to figure out which “other room” she was talking about because there are about 10 rooms there. I went and had a seat in the room that I was in Saturday. I waited about 10 minutes for someone to finally come in. That person was not M***a, but C*****a. She came over to me and sat down, saying, “I don’t have another room to talk to you in.” So she proceeded to tell me that “all the positions for SSA were filled.”
To add insult to injury considering all the mistakes, she proceeded to offer me a sales job. As an SSA, I would have been supervising the sales associates in each department. I asked her if it was a commission job. Without inquiring further, she automatically assumed that I wanted a commission job, I told her I did not. Then she said, “The only job I have that is commission is in ‘cosmetics’,” if I remember correctly.
I have no problem with the fact that Macy*s found a better fit for the job than myself. The problem that I have is that the managers and other staff wasted my time by not informing me ahead of time that the position had been filled. Apparently as well, they have no respect for me or themselves, in so many different ways which I will not get into at this point.
I am an insurance agent and my time is valuable. So much so that the three hours that I had set aside to get ready for, travel to, and be at the second interview could have be used by me for an appointment for my insurance job, or something else.
When I was interviewing with Sal on Saturday, he went on to explain that there is “Magic” at Macy*s, and that is what they want their employees to emulate to the customers. Well, if my experiences with the “Executive Office staff” are magic, then it is black magic because nobody at the Baybrook Mall Executive Office has a clue how to treat people wanting to work at a store that has been in business more than 100 yrs. Furthermore, there is not much in the way of organization, cohesiveness, or good management at the Baybrook Mall Macy*s.


Janice Paddock November 2, 2015 at 8:09 pm

I’ve been attempting to close my Macy’s account since June, when I mailed a payment (in full) along with my Macy’s card (cut up) and a letter telling them to close my account. I never received a response and, even after writing a second letter (unaswered), I continue to receive a bill each month with a $2.00 minimum charge added each month. I’ve emailed Customer Support with no response. I also tried several times to call their customer service department and the message was that all representatives are busy. Each time I was on hold for so long that I finally had to give up.

I have finally written to Terry Lundgren (CEO) in their corporate office, in the hopes that going to the top will get me a response and closure of my account. How sad that this company obviously cares so little about it’s customers and is obviously not concerned about losing them.


Deb November 9, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Has he replied? As I have just written him a letter also. Most horrible customer service known to mankind is @ They have put their “team” of customer service to the Phillipines, no one understands or speaks proper english.

Absurd! I will not be shopping at Macy’s anymore, not worth the aggravation; not when so many other stores are so easy to deal with.


Alondra Ramirez November 2, 2015 at 5:04 am



DANIEL WATANABE October 30, 2015 at 8:06 pm


I am Daniel Watanabe and I am mentally disabled and GAY! A hate crime occurred on 10/28/15 at 8:00pm by an associate working at the Michael Kors Department. I sent the complaint to corporate, but I am being ignored! I was asked how can you erase the memory of that day, which caused me to get into major depression for 2 days. I want that associate to pay for the 3 watches she sold me, so she learns and doesn’t get away with a slap on the wrist. I will be waiting for a response by the executive or anyone from corporate through via e-mail. Contact me as soon as possible


Lorna jones October 18, 2015 at 8:19 am

I bought a sofa from Macy’s and after a couple months the seats started separating and the sofa started breaking down.. I called customer service.. I took pictures and sent them showing it and they sent a technician that works as a contractor to my house to look at it. I am a small women under 140 lbs and am the only one that uses the sofa…he looked at it and took pictures and told me someone would get ahold of me. 3 days later a customer service rep called
me and told me it was normal wear and they would not replace it. I explained how unhappy I was and if I had bought anything in the store it would be replaced and I didn’t want money back just a comfortable sofa. Really? is that too much to ask for when you have paid hundreds of dollars for something? This letter would never be written if it was what it was supposed to be.
The customer service rep said he would talk to a supervisor and call me back in 2 days.. Of course I NEVER got that call and I called back in a week and there were no notes or any indication anyone was checking with anybody on anything..I was told that they would never give me a return( I didn’t want money back just the ability pick out a comfortable sofa) I told them again how unhappy I was and just wanted to get a different, comfortable sofa…they basically told me too bad…my sister just bought furniture from value city furniture and she was just unhappy with it… no problems and they returned it with other furniture to make her (the customer) happy…your customer service is horrible and I have read many bad reviews. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

Lorna Jones


L. DeSalvo October 12, 2015 at 6:24 pm

To: Terry J. Lundgren,

I have been a Macy’s customer for more than 40 years. I have noticed that your Customer Service and Sales Associate support has been declining recently when trying to buy business attire. I didn’t think it would carry over to the mattress dept. too! My husband and I bought a mattress on 9/30/2015, with a reasonable Sales Associate’s help. The fun started when we tried to get it delivered. We expected a 10/6 delivery, but received a call on 10/5 to reschedule to 10/10. I rearranged my work schedule again and waited for a delivery on 10/10. When the truck didn’t arrive, I called the number I was given and was told that the delivery had been cancelled. Mind you, I had received a delivery confirmation call the prior evening, along with an e-mail confirmation of delivery. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and talked to Latisse Garrison, who was of little help and very rude. She did not offer to delivery the mattress. In fact, my conversation with her has me contacting you. I think you should know that both my husband and I have cut up our Macy’s credit cards. We expect to be treated much better when we make such a purchase. Macy’s used to be a company that was respected. The lack of Customer Service or even care for your customers is appalling. We will take our business somewhere else. By the way, we went to Sleep Train on 10/11 and I now have a new mattress to sleep on, today is 10/12!


Linda DeSalvo


Simone Kaufman October 9, 2015 at 5:48 pm


I was emailed an account statement for $60.35 to my macys card when I already paid the full balance off in cash in store directly after the transaction was made. I no longer have a recepit and have spent numberous hours on the phone with multiple customer service representatives. I am beyond disgusted at the customer service I have recieved. I was basically called a liar and was transferred in circles to multiple incompetent customer service representatives. This payment was made in the walden galleria store in buffalo on August 16th. I believe it was for $53.35 around 1:30 p.m. I also keep being asked to go into the store even though I keep telling them I live in Toronto and I physically can not go into the store even if I wanted to.

Not one person knows how to help me in this situation, not even the supervisors I have spoken to. One particularly unhelpful supervisor I spoke to was Valarie Patricio who demonstrated ZERO sympathy and gave me a phone number I already phoned to try and help me, and I was put in the same circle. I am losing my patients and really do not know what to do anymore, as I already paid this balance in store and the customer service representatives I have spoken to are extremely useless to me in this situation. I can be reached at 416 454 3600. I expect a call back.


Carolyn September 28, 2015 at 10:40 am

Subject: RE: Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM) [Incident: 150917-003379]
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 09:16:38 -0500

In the reply below, your sentence is not finished. I would like to know what the rest of the sentence is. This incident literally took hours and hours for me, as well as Discover, to resolve. It truly caused a lot of upset nights when I woke up and could not go back to sleep, as well as anger during the day when I was dealing with this. The response below is appreciated, but you honestly can’t imagine how much upset this has caused me.
I don’t know how you will find out who the agent was that told me just to make a copy of the label, but I hope he is dealt with. I want to also tell you that when I told him I was shipped two comforters, and he told me that I wasn’t charged for both, he said,”This is your lucky day, just keep it.” My reply to him was, “I won’t do that, that is dishonest.” Your agent was willing to rob you of nearly $300.00. I have a friend who has had this happen twice with your company, they didn’t receive the merchandise on time, so they were told just to keep it and they wouldn’t be charged.
Your company seems to have a much bigger problem than just the absolutely awful experience I had.
I am glad this nightmare is over, but it should never have happened.

Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 04:54:11 -0400
Subject: Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM) [Incident: 150917-003379]


Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM)
Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.


Thanks for your email regarding order number 1101886763.
I understand the frustration that you have towards the situation. Please accept my deepest apologies for all the trouble. Upon checking on the order, I was able to verify that the whole order was already credited to your Discover card. A total of $281.87 was processed back to your account. I would like to also thank you for providing your feedback to us. We will make sure the the representative who instructed you about the return label.
I appreciate you taking the time to email us. If there’s anything else we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-289-6229, or email us at We’re here 7 days a week – 24 hours a day.
Thank You,
Alleah Bernardo Customer Service Supervisor
4:38 AM

In early March, I ordered the Tommy Bahama king size comforter. When my order came, it had been doubled. There were two enormous boxes delivered to me, each containing a comforter. One had the packing slip, the other had nothing in it.
The comforter did not look like it did on the site, so I called and talked to one of your company’s agents to see how to send it back, as you offer free return shipping. But-I had received TWO comforters, when I only had ordered ONE. I told him the situation. He told me that his records didn’t show that I had ordered, or been sent, two, only one comforter, and that I should keep the extra. I told him that I would NOT do that, that it was dishonest. (Although your agent said Macy’s records didn’t show I’d received two, they certainly did send that information to Discover.) When I again asked him how to send them back, he told me he was emailing me a packing slip. I said, but I need TWO slips. He told me just to make two copies of it. So-that’s what I did.
I took it to my local “Pack ‘n Ship” to be mailed. The lady that works there remembers my bringing these two enormous boxes in because she offered to come out to my car and help with the second one and teased me about the size. She did not look at the labels except to confirm that they were prepaid shipping labels.
So-the two boxes had the same labels, with the same tracking numbers on them. Somewhere in your return department or in the shipping of them, they were processed with that same tracking number and apparently because of that, it was tracked as ONE package instead of TWO. (They both had the SAME tracking number, get it?)
Today, I went back in to the Pack ‘n Ship, and the same lady and I discussed this issue. She told me that after I was in earlier and told her what had happened, (asking her if she remembered my mailing the packages, which I stated before, she had,) she told me this: She researched what your agent did, and what your agent had me do, using the same label for two separate packages, is mail fraud, a FEDERAL OFFENSE. I asked her if I would be in trouble, and she said, no, that the company, MACY’S, is responsible, and is LIABLE.
I expect for this matter to be resolved in my favor and for me NOT to be charged. I have been dealing with it since March. Discover has been backing me completely. I have never disputed a charge with them before. When I called them to tell them the results of the conversation I had for over an hour with another one of your agents, Friday, September 11, when I was told that this matter would be found in my favor, the Discover dispute department representative told me if they didn’t hear within 15 days that this issue has been resolved, (from the 11th,) that they, Discover, are going to deal with Macy’s.
Please remember, the agent representing your company, hired by you, which you have to take responsibility for his actions, has committed an action which is a FEDERAL OFFENSE, and this is punishable by law. See below:

Fraud statement on the Federal Express label:

“Warning: Use only the printed original label for shipping. Using a photocopy of this label for shipping purposes is fraudulent and could result in additional billing charges, along with the cancellation of your FedEx account number.”
I expect this issue to be resolved in my favor.

Cxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

> Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2015 05:26:44 -0400
> From:
> Subject: Macy’s Order # 1101886763 (KMM85811657I15977L0KM)
> Hi Cxxxxxx,
> Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you regarding order #
> 1101886763.
> We appreciate your continuous patronage at and understand
> completely that not all purchases work out for the best. We would like
> to apologize that the credit for the Tommy Bahama Home, Bamboo Breeze
> King Comforter Set, Pale Aqua, Web ID: 935769, UPC: 883893265011, qty 1
> that you returned is not yet received. However, please be advised that
> we need to obtain the valid tracking number of your return, or a proof
> of return. Once we receive the necessary information, we will gladly
> continue processing your request for credit.
> If there’s anything else we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate
> to call us at 1-800-289-6229, or email us at
> We’re here 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
> Thank You,
> Frances Ann Alfaro
> Customer Service


Andre September 26, 2015 at 5:32 pm

I’ve closed my account and made all payments. Confirmation # 230866330. All dates reflecting illegal charges to my account were posted after zero balance and closed account dates. I’ve emailed many times expressing my concern not to make this something bigger, it is only mostly in your benefit. I just am trying to increase credit rating to purchase house and don’t need illegal charges stopping me from doing that. It’s that simple. I also have them fixing this before and apologizing that it would not happen again…and it did. Please show closed account, stop illegal charges or somehow get me off your software automatic cycle. I do have over 472 contacts with similar situations and really don’t want to take the time out to further research them. Which will not be hard. I’ve done my research. I really don’t want to get a large amount of people involved in this. I just want no more emails and things closed, as they ALREADY were and should be. Thank you. Andreea****


shanika f September 24, 2015 at 6:25 pm

To CEO. Terry Lundgren, CFO. Karen M Hoguet and COO. Thomas L Cole
i purchased a mattress set online from macy’s . it was delivered on 9-2-2015. slept on mattress 1 night (awful).on 9-3 and 9-4 2015, tried to contact macy’s to come and get it or let me get another one. sent emails, called on the phone, nothing. finally talked to someone 9-24-2015( today), after being put through hell for 3 weeks, they acted as if they did not want to help me at all . acted as if i inconvenience them by calling and complaining.
well, after all the anxiety and stress, they made a date to pick the mattress set up on 9-28-2015 without even suggesting an exchange. (how rude).they are charging me all kinds of erroneous fees as punishment for not being happy with the mattress.i am the one who is inconvenienced and now i have to pay for it also and sleep on the floor. is there any way you could help me resolve this issue? been a loyal customer for many years. this is the first time i have had an issue so bad.and made me this upset.this was a big sale and apparently too good to be true. i thought all macy’s products were top of the line no matter how much it cost. this set was on sale for 297.00, i slept on it 1 night and they put me through torture. thank you please reply asap.CEO Terry Lundgren
shanika f


Brandi September 24, 2015 at 10:43 am

Went to Macy’s 9-23-15 to make an appointment for face make up! It was 1:00 when I got in macys going to Mac to make my appointment she went to the book and told me it was a 5:00 pm available…I took the apointment she told me tobe their on time because she had an 5:30 appointment as well No Problem!! I get Back to Macy’s @4:50 p.m appointmdnt at 5:00 WASNT seated til 5:10 p.m! The Worker told her co worker she was going to get a smoothie Real quick and she’ll be back. the store started to get busy and the lady still Left! The 1 worker handled the customers and then began to ask me a couple of questions a couple of lady’s came in she handled That then went to do or try out make up on Sumone else that came In The store!! Still in the chair its 5:30 now And the 5:30 isn’t Their Yet! She comes back over to me puts like 5 or 6 products on a palet…a woman comes in with an exchange she does that! Finally it’s 5:45pm the 5:30 shows up and is seated and is told she has a 10 minute wait time!!! By This time I’m feeling uncomfortable and Saddened! She goes to the register looks in boxes then at 6:11 pm she began to ou on concealer colored my brows and on a water base shimmer lip stick & Gloss! I literally sat in Mac for Almost 2 hours for a 10 minute face paint?? #byeMacys #ByeMac spent almost 55 dollars on 2 lipstick & a gloss I could have spent my hard earned mo ey else where


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