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Lifetime Fitness Corporate Office Address

Life Time Fitness Inc.
2902 Corporate Place
Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317

Contact Lifetime Fitness

Phone Number: (952) 947-0000
Fax Number: (952) 368-2816
Email: Email Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness Facts

Founder: Bahram Akradi
Date Founded: 1992
Founding Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Number of Employees: 7300

Lifetime Fitness Executives

CEO: Bahram Akradi
CFO: Eric J. Buss
COO: Jeffrey G. Zwiefel

Lifetime Fitness History

LT 2


In 1978, one year before Iranian militants would storm the US Embassy, 17-year-old Bahram Akradi immigrated to the US, joining his brother in Colorado. Working his way through college, Akradi found a job at a health club, cleaning and doing pool maintenance. Soon, however, his workload increased. He asked to be given a membership as partial payment for his work. Within a year, he was the top salesperson and within 3 years, he became a partner with Nautilus.

By 1986, Akradi decided to create his own health club. He knew every part of the business and believed that he could provide better customer service, and offer services that everyone in the family would enjoy, including bright, clean swimming pools and a variety of classes.   LT 3


Lifetime Fitness was founded in 1992, with the first club was located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

In 1994, a second club opened in Egan, MN.  A year later, another location opened in Woodbury, MN.

In 2000, the chain entered the Chicago market and was operating 21 health clubs.

In 2002, the company expanded to the Southwest with a gym in Tempe, Arizona.  LT 1

Most clubs are located in fringe, suburban areas where clients don’t have easy access to a gym, or in medium to large metro areas so clients can visit a gym on their lunch hour or before and after work.

In 2004, the company went public, however, in 2015, the company was acquired by two equity firms, TPG Capital and Leonard Green and Partners as part of a leveraged buyout.

In early 2017 the company responded to complaints about Fox News being shown on televisions throughout the gym by blocking all news channels at all locations.

Today, Lifetime Fitness operates 105 health clubs in 8 states: Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and Virginia. Company headquarters remain in Chanhassen, Minnesota.


Lifetime Fitness FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Lifetime Fitness?
Answer 1: The phone number for Lifetime Fitness is (952) 947-0000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Lifetime Fitness?
Answer 2: The CEO of Lifetime Fitness is Bahram Akradi.

Question 3: Who founded Lifetime Fitness?
Answer 3: Lifetime Fitness was founded by Bahram Akradi in 1992.

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JOSE A BENITEZ JR August 15, 2019 at 1:51 pm

Good afternoon,
I belong to Lakeville Life Time, and it dawned on me that I didn’t see a US. Flag flown on there property. Which got me thinking do other locations have a flag being flown? So I ventured out and found that some do but a lot of them do not. So being 20+ Marine veteran I’d like to know why there isn’t one flown at each of your locations.
I can understand that some properties may not have room for them, but what about the ones that do. The Lakeville location has a spot in front of the entry which I would have thought would be a perfect location for one. I did ask the staff there, and surprising, and disappointing that I was told it wasn’t there issue to address, that it had to be brought up to Corporate. One I’m pretty disappointed in the way it was address to me, it was like a bother to them. And secondly, it really was a lack of respect for someone who has served in 4 combat tours to have a company just brush off something of this nature. I’m proud to have served under the flag, and I’m also happy to be part of your gym, but I dont think it’s much to ask about having to show your pride showing the colors of our nation at your facilities. I’m sure this won’t get the attention because I’m only one person, and perhaps other people wont really care. But if you had been in my shoes, and seen the things and do the things I’ve done, this little thing means so much. Not just for me, but the others who have stepped in my shoes.


Over it August 10, 2019 at 10:36 am

Lifetime fitness has become an overpriced YMCA. This summer was miserable at Lifetime. Between the Summer Kids Camp and the Lifetime kids swim team,the whole gym is overrun by kids. Also, Lifetime will host swim meets too. I quit going to the pool in the evenings because of screaming swim coaches and whistles being blown during this time.

Lifetime main concern is where can we make more money. I thought when I joined Lifetime years ago. That this would be a great place to workout and relax.

The camp kids and swim team take over the pool area. Also, small children that are in the summer camp are being brought into the middle of the locker room where adults are changing their clothes.

There is another gym being built in my community. They will not have summer kids camps,kids swim teams and swim meets. They won’t have the room for it.

I am all for childcare while adults can workout. I used childcare when I was raising my family too. I am an empty nester now. I am over having kids being paraded throughout Lifetime gym. I pay too much for this type of environment during the summer months.

I can go and join another gym for a lot less money and without this issue. It is the end of the summer. Thank goodness! It wasn’t a fun and relaxing summer at Lifetime fitness. Lifetime fitness isn’t a private health club. It is a community center.


Beth ettinger August 5, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Bahram I hope you read this. I have met you 3 times, once for a cycle class. Lifetime has given me a new life. It has taken many years I have been with you and I feel too shy to say all my issues that lifetime has been there for me. For one year I only ate food from the cafe! I enjoy the spa regularly and maybe you can see from my visits I come every day since Rockville opened. I am a retired doctor and did cpr on a spin member that was in cardiac arrest. My husband and I have a new relationship after I got him to join enjoying classes and swimming together. Like really lifetime brought us closer together. I also want to give a thank you to ken Corbett in Gaithersburg who works so hard. I have known him since Rockville opened. I see him at 5 am and 9pm with a vacuum cleaner, cleaning machines and always smiling. I saw him so polite to a man that was so rude to him. One time the power was out at my house and he allowed my children to come in as guests. Another time a lifetime salesman was mean to me and he came to my rescue. Today my husband is working in Tampa and he made sure my husband could visit once. Within the day! And Gaithersburg air conditioning is not working so u can imagine all the complaints he is dealing with. I think only your staff will read this but I beg your hard working staff to pass this on to Bahram because lifetime means so much to me. Thank you


Sandra Thompson August 1, 2019 at 11:17 pm

I really do not like you’re payment schedule. We bounced again this month because you are not on the cycle of my husbands check. We now have no money for gas in the car or for our utilities in this extreme heat wave. We need to have the one payment split in two. One on one payday and the other payment in the second payday. Please you are hurting us. Otherwise we will have no choice but to drop membership. It should not be that hard. We go to the one on Will Clayton in Humble, Texas. My husband now this next week also has to walk to and from in this heat. So thank you very much. We now will loose electricity and everything in this 3 digit temps.


Dan O'Neil July 26, 2019 at 2:17 pm

I’m a founding member of your Westwood Ma club and I also upgraded my membership when Chestnut Hill opened. I absolutely love the gyms. I’ve run 5 marathons in part because of you. I’ve been trying to get help from your corporate office. I had Compartment Syndrome Surgery on 5/14. I almost lost the lower half of my leg. I was unable to use the gym for these rest of May, June and part of July. Due to being out of work I am in a hardship financially. I have asked and now pleading to request of you to allow me to use my dues for June which I couldn’t use and apply them to July. I can provide a medical note. The club locally couldn’t really help me. I’ve sent numerous emails and have not gotten a reply. I love the gym and do not want my membership interrupted. I was planning on finally starting back to the gym as I started running recently. Can you please help me?


Gail July 17, 2019 at 9:25 pm

I am member of Lifetime Fitness in Houston, Texas 77024.
I joined so I could swim indoors in the winter. The outdoor pool at this club is filthy dirty. There are band aids, balloons, string, leaves, branches, paper and all sorts of dirt in the outdoor pool. When I brought it to the attention of the staff they said the pool vacuum was not working. I have been in the indoor pool when it has been over chlorinated. No one is paying attention to the pools and this can affect the health and safety of the club members who swim in the pool.
It would be great to hear back from someone at corporate to see if they are concerned since the staff at the Houston club do not seem to care. Thank you.


LaShanda M Kelly June 16, 2019 at 8:11 am

I have a complaint of feeling discriminated as a woman with her son versus 10 males, playing a full court game and playing over our heads, possibly injuring us. This all unfolded yesterday, June 15th 2019 and the Manager Ryan Kruerger, did absolutely NOTHING to accommodate ALL paying guests and let the men, play half of the court while my son and I, played the other half. My son and I had already waited 40 minutes fir the 1st full court game. I LEFT A GOOGLE REVIEW in my name, yesterday, June 15th @ the Willowbrook location, in Houston, TX. I am still upset and its another day!! I thought Lifetime is Family Friendly gym?? Well, yesterday, I didnt feel that way!! Please, have the CEO, advise me why my Son couldn’t share one side of the gym, with the other players, since, the other side was being rented out??? After all, Ryan, your Manager, with his terrible customer service, told me, that we wasnt able to play because full court games, are more important then letting my son and I play, and we were on the court, first, along with other several other players, that wasn’t playing a full court game?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? IS THIS HOW MEMBERS and their Families, are being treated NOW??? Please advise and see my Google REVIEW, I left, yesterday. I will not let this go until, I get an explanation and an apology, why Ryan Krueger, had taken those 10 guys’ side versus mines and didnt let ALL paying members, play?? ALso, why he didnt care if we could have been possibly injured, while those 10 players. started playing, running and throwing the baseball ball over our heads?? He didnt say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address them about that, neither. He didn’t care. I will wait on an email and phone call. ps. DURING THE WEEK, when there is the kids’ summer camp and one side of the gym, is being used, by them and the other half is with all the other 25 players, wanting to play basketball,
why is it, no one is playing a full court game, even if they want to?? The reason is because everyone…is sharing and its only fair, with all those players, to play full court games. So, why did your manager, Ryan change the rules for me, yesterday, June 15th??? Please advise ASAP. Thanks. I WILL WAIT!!!


S.P. June 8, 2019 at 9:53 am

I am a founding member of the club in Chappaqua New York, it is disappointing that since the opening that the club has been closed on numerous occasions due to power problems. Now for the past week the spa facilities in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms are not available. I would like to get a solid answer as what’s going on with these issues. We as members are getting charged full membership dues yet not getting full use of the facilities. I do not want to here about using another club a half hour away.


Monrai Gallashaw June 6, 2019 at 6:42 am

Good morning I do have a issue with trying to get someone off my account and I’m still being charged for it.


tthorne1118 May 30, 2019 at 9:30 am

There is a scammer in Los Angeles emailing people about joining lifetime fitness using the name of Dawn Crouse and even asking for credit card information or accepting payment by Amazon gift cards. This is a nasty scam being perpetrated by either Dawn Crouse or a scammer. They also offer life coaching with their “partner company” and refer you to an Instagram page (


S. Hopkins May 2, 2019 at 9:02 am

I went to the Troy, MI location on April 30, 2019 and was treated rudely but the front desk clerk Ali. I also feel like the reason he was rude to me was because I am a black woman. When I entered he was on a phone call so I waited directly in front of him. Once he was off the call, he proceeded to help a white man who walked up after me. He did not acknowledge me by saying hello. Another white customer walked up and he began to service them. I then asked him, if he saw me standing there and he said “yes”. The phone rang and he answered that phone call without acknowledging me. I said are you going to help me? He then rudely said, “You saw me on the phone.” I said, you helped two people since you got off the phone and took another call. You haven’t even looked at me. He then condescendingly said, “Can I help you?” I said, “not anymore” and left.

I had every intention of signing up for a membership but with such rude customer service, I will be:

1. Taking my money elsewhere. I will never spend money knowing there’s a possibility of being spoken to the way I was by your “customer service” person.
2. Gave a one star review
3. Contacting corporate as I feel Ali was being discriminatory as I am a black woman.


kevin April 29, 2019 at 10:21 pm

My training partner nearly broke his ankle on your poorly constructed platforms. They are too soft and the padding comes apart causing a larger percentage of someone getting hurt. If you actually care about your members and they are just a number you would actually change it


Mark Bryant April 22, 2019 at 8:03 pm

Colorado Dry Creek “club” terminated my and clients memberships for complaining about photographs being taken on the floor and in locker room. Client NBA champ just ask for privacy. Last incident in front of trainer today again no action against rule violations. Rules no photos! Complain get terminated. Really!?


Gerardo April 11, 2019 at 6:23 pm

Very poor service when you need to cancel your membership.


Steve Sauerbry April 4, 2019 at 2:01 pm

In the past few months Lifetime has changed its pickle ball program that has the majority of members upset. I have played at a few clubs and always enjoyed the open play time where everyone was able to play and mix it up with others. We paid for this time and we were happy to do it. Now you decided as the pushing of only 1 or 2 people do go to a mixer scheduled time for a fee and open time for no fee. The result of this is that now clubs are losing money on pickle ball. Before the new rules went into effect it was not uncommon to have 6 courts filled and have people waiting. The revenue for this time was more than enough to pay a coordinator for the session. Now – like today we had 24 people playing open paying $0 and then when the mixer started right after the open play not a sole stayed so lifetime generated absolutely no revenue.

Nearly everyone i have spoken to does not like the new set up. I have signed up for mixers and paid only to come and find no one there to play with because the majority of the players are not connected to call up people and set up games.

I can understand why a few player feel they only want to play with people of there skill but they are the minority.

I would like to suggest to go back to paying for open and having more open time. I truely believe you will make more revenue by doing this and you will make the majority of the pickle ball plays much happier.

I want to encourage all pickle ball players to respond .


Susan Wong April 2, 2019 at 6:35 pm

I have been a member of Lifetime for 10 years. Last week I received an email informing me that my membership fee would increase to $127 per month. This is very expensive compared to what other gyms in my surrounding area charge. However, these gyms don’t offer what Lifetime offers and they aren’t nearly as clean and big. I think Lifetime is actually too big and offers too many activities that the average working person or stay at home parent has the ability to take advantage of. Why don’t you offer different membership packages. For example, $50/month (or less) for those who only use the exercise equipment or visit the facility less than 4 times a week. I only use the gym 3 times a week and was told that it would be worth the membership fee if I used the facility more often or signed up for the classes. I tried to explain to the manager that I love Lifetime and don’t want to give up my membership, but I can only visit 3 times a week. I can’t possibly fit any more visits into my schedule. I have had so many friends give up their memberships for the same reason. No full-time working person with a family can possibly visit that often. Quite a few of my friends have left because they don’t feel it’s worth it at this “one size fits all” membership rate. In the past few months, I have noticed that the gym is quite empty at certain hours of the day, especially on Saturdays and Sundays after 8pm. Instead of all these drives and promotions to get new members, please for the sake of your survival, just offer different levels of membership.


Me April 1, 2019 at 11:25 pm

Im trying to figure out what I joined years ago. First, the trainers don’t even acknowledge you at the summerlin location. You could be walking up the stairs all by yourself and a trainer can walk down the stairs and not even give you the time of day. The thing that really gets me is these SPEAKERS BLASTING MUSIC. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Umm….LOUD music and the trainer is YELLING too..Are they this stupid? What about the members that need to make or rcv a biz call? Im not going to a CONCERT when i go to the gym. I see members talking in each others EARS to communicate. Again, DUHHHHHHHH. are you for real? Not to mention, play music to your demographic. My god. Again, not sure wth I joined. It’s getting to be ridiculous.


john kargol March 28, 2019 at 1:46 pm

I am tired of all the run around from management. I have been a faithful member since 2008 and am cancelling my membership. Lifetime canceled my member ship on Jan 1 this year with no prior emails or notifications. When I went to the member services desk they stated they did not cancel it, it was canceled due to AARP. I was getting a discount because lifetime posted discounts if you were an AARP member so I joined AARP brought in my membership card to Lifetime and they gave me a discount. Apparently their own staff did not know the rules that you had to take insurance through AARP. I was given the discount for 6 months. So they reenlisted me but I had to get a new card losing my old membership from 2009 and now I am a member since 2019. When I signed up again they said I would get 50 lifetime bucks which never happened. So then I purchased some training where twice they had to cancel and reschedule blaming it on computer error in booking. This is how they treat members of over 11 years. and now they are cancelling the magazine subscription. The gym is dirty you see employee’s moping up floors with the same towels that guests use, and machines are always reserved for classes at prime times and half the time no one is on them. After 11 yrs. of paying premium rates I am done with Lifetime they do not care about you other than getting your money.


Gail Fabrega March 1, 2019 at 10:27 am

I became a member of Lifetime fitness around 2014- 2015. I went to cancel my membership, they instead put me on a hold. When I again asked to cancel, they said I had to come in in person and put it in writing. I went in and filled out what they told me too. I actually went with a friend to do this and she remembers clearly. I used a business card from my husbands business to pay for my monthly dues. My husband recently cancelled that card. That is when I learned THEY HAVE BEEN CHARGING ME MONTHLY FOR ALMOST THREE YEARS TO THE TUNE OF ALMOST 4,000.00. I only realized it because I received an email from Lifetime saying my monthly charge wasn’t going through.
No one is calling me back. I went in and rewrote the dame note and they assured me it would be taken care of. When I finally reached someone in corporate office, they once again said they didn’t have any record of my second cancellation.
They claim I was on a hold and then they reinstated my membership- without any notification to me. I can’t believe they have been using my card when t know I haven’t stepped foot in there in three years. they surely can contact you when they do not receive a payment, but not a word when they started to recharge my card after taking me off hold. and, not one email from them in three years until they couldn’t continue to rob me. I will take action if they continue to ignore me. I don’t expect full reimbursement but I do expect something.


Marla F Benavides February 25, 2019 at 11:51 pm

I have been a member of Lifetime since 2014. We started out in Houston at Cinco Ranch Lifetime and City Center Lifetime. Then we moved back to Colorado in 2016 and were members at the Centennial lifetime. At Cinco Ranch, my son was in swim lessons, and we were impressed with the quality of instructors and how friendly the service was. At Centennial, Isaac had a continuous instructor, Susanne, for a year before they fired her. She was the best instructor there. I believe she was fired due to cattiness and competitive females. I was upset how abrupt it was. We were happy with her. After she was fired in in 2017, lifetime centennial kept having huge turn around’s. And the store manager was fired. And replaced with Dan Berman. He was nice at first but under his authority the gym the standards fell below an acceptable level that either didn’t justify the fees charged or meant my son was unable to use the club services because 1. staff was rude, 2. level of professionalism fell below acceptable standards, and 3. I felt discriminated against by several departments. And there was a reduction in facilities or staff levels.

I did complain to Dan B about the level of service having fallen below acceptable standards.

Then, on Feb 25 at about 7:15 I returned because my son left his back pack and I lost my phone. I came alone. I found the backpack but I wasn’t able to find my cell phone. I was frantic and the staff was less than helpful. So I left pretty depressed.

I received a call from Dan Berman accusing me of harming some kid. I was flabbergasted! I thought some nerve. And then he said he was cancelling my sons membership because of this. My phone is out. He first accused me of tapping some kid in the head, which I didn’t nothing of the sort, then he accused me of saying something to my son, and my son, when… I have no clue. My son doesn’t recall any such interaction. Then he accused me of peaking in the stall where I lost phone, it was unlocked and I excused myself and said sorry. I lost my phone and have you seen it? and said by sorry and left.

I believe I have been discriminated against because I have complained to Dan Berman about the poor service. I also thought Parker Lifetime has better service than Centennial. The people are much more helpful and the level of professionalism is better. I want all my money back for the 4 years in Colorado. I have experienced pain and suffering and emotional distress caused by centennial.


V February 14, 2019 at 8:57 pm

Company: Lifetime Athletic, Reston VA
Date: 2/14/2019

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to complain about a recent experience I had with your Lifetime Mobile App and a LifeSpa services team member.

I am complaining because I believe I missed a haircut appointment due to a system error on the Lifetime Member app, and was automatically charged a penalty fee. To explain in more detail the events that transpired on 2/8/2019:
• On the morning of 2/8/2019, I was unsure of whether or not I had remembered to book an appointment ahead of time. I thought to check the Lifetime mobile app, which is something I use quite regularly to manage any Lifetime appointments. The app clearly showed a history of my previous appointments but indicated that I had no upcoming or current appointments. This app is one of the best things about belonging to the Lifetime Athletic, and was one of the key reasons I was eager to invest in a more expensive gym membership, so I rely on it heavily to keep my appointments straight.
• I received a phone call at 6:38PM from the LifeSpa informing me that I had missed my 6:30PM appointment, and would be charged a 25% “no-show” fee.
• I called back at 6:40PM to explain my situation. Instead of trying to understand my situation and maybe sympathize with me, the employee who answered the phone 1) cut me off, 2) explained to me that it didn’t matter if the app didn’t show I had an appointment, and 3) explained that perhaps the LifeSpa removed the appointment from my calendar after they booked it on their end. **It was this last response in particular that made no sense. If true, this is a serious business process issue on part of your team and should be addressed quickly.
• When I said calmly that I would be likely filing a customer complaint to try and straighten out the situation, the employee responded in a very sarcastic manner, and I left the conversation feeling very insulted.

To resolve this problem I would like you to waive the “no-show” fee that was charged to my account. If a customer books an appointment on your app, it is assumed that this appointment will be visible on the app to remind him/her that it is upcoming. This is a basic customer expectation that should be met.

Secondly, after I ended the phone call with LifeSpa I sent a customer feedback message using the “Contact Us” form on the Lifetime Member app. The app said someone would contact me within 48hrs and it has been almost a week since then. I have no ticket number or reference ID to check on its status. I suggest implementing a better issue management system. It would be really helpful for customers looking for a response to an issue, and would really align your company better with a more “customer service” focused business model.

I would like a written statement explaining your company’s position and what you will do about my complaint. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 30 days I will likely re-think my membership decision.


Scott Bosch February 12, 2019 at 2:43 pm

Experiencing the same thing. Wanted to cancel membership and was talked into putting it on hold for 9 months for $15/month. Went to cancel 1st week in January. It apparently takes 2 months to cancel membership. They want me to pay $30 for ($15/month) 2 months for keeping my membership on hold and have Steve Sanders continue to harass me. I have included his contact information for anyone else who may want to contact him. I live in the community where the corporate offices are and am working on connecting with all the executive I can. The principal of the matter bothers me and sounds like they are treating other people the same way.

Steve Sanders | Life Time Member Retention

P 952-229-XXXX


Elizabeth Emerson Leger January 7, 2019 at 1:33 pm

I am beyond frustrated. Our Membership has been in storage for a year as we could not afford it with a serious turn of life events. I called in mid-December to cancel and thought I did with whom I spoke to. On January 1, 2019, I receive a “Welcome Back” to the Club email and my monthly dues have been deducted from by account. After speaking to 2 reps on January 1st, who did not know what to do, they suggested I talk/e-mail our account manager.

She has responded to my e-mails but expressed that since I did not come into the club to cancel in person before January 1st, they will keep my $265.00 but I can use the gym all month.
After imploring that we are moving and experiencing a dramatic life event, again, I was told that I can come use the club.
I am beyond frustrated and angry. I am not going to give up until I speak to someone in the corporate office. I will also go out of my way to let anyone who will listen know that LifeTime has no Customer service, no empathy and is only interested in ones’ money and clearly does not practice their own WELLNESS Concepts.


Alex February 8, 2019 at 8:17 am

Sorry to hear that. I am going through something similar now. I can only deduce that these are business practices that are designed at a high level of management to squeeze extra money out of clients. I’m in the process of trying to find a corporate HQ email to explain my own situation


Beth Bulleigh November 20, 2018 at 7:13 pm

As I have been reading in many comments below, Lifetime’s customer service is atrocious. My family has had a membership since 1992, when Lifetime took over Northwest Racquet, of which we were all members. My husband decided to cancel his membership and I made some changes on mine to save money. So far this whole process has cost us more than an entire month of memberhsip dues. Lifetime has NO RESPECT for thei members. They are just about making money!


pranava crawl November 5, 2018 at 9:16 am

Greetings, i have been a member for several years and enjoyed the facility. sometimes there is unpleasing service and sometimes there is great service. yes, that is understandable to me but it would be nice to have outstanding service with great reviews at all times. i am now an employee for lifetime working operations. cleaning, laundry, making sure the guest is happy and safe. when your a member and work for a company you sit back and pay attention to a lot of things. then your consciousness see what changes can be made to make this place awesome. you have to deeply listen to yourself to make smart decisions. contact me for more information thank you. hope all is well and enjoy


Wendi October 29, 2018 at 8:32 am

Lifetime fitness ignores parent complaints about abusive behavior and bullying coaches. Watch your kid for signs. They give advice and recommendations on fitness that they are not qualified for and could potentially cause injury. It was reported and no one seems to care. Smh in disgust over this place!!


John October 27, 2018 at 7:29 am

I had a disappointing experience when I cancelled my membership. I joined Lifetime Fitness over the phone and was told I could cancel anytime. When I cancelled over the phone, Lifetime refused to accept my cancellation. Instead they wanted me to come in and talk to them about it. Since I had already moved out of the area, I sent Lifetime an email to document the cancellation. Lifetime sent numerous emails telling me I could not cancel while keeping my account open. In the end, Lifetime filed a claim against my credit for all the months that I had not paid.

I will not deal with a company that uses these types of tactics to retains its members.


Emanuel ianculovici October 12, 2018 at 1:35 pm

Horrific service ! Im done ! Im a gold member in Atlanta and i dont have other options but to be a so called “gold” member .. i have been stuck in Tampa due to the bad weather ,(hurricane michael) and i go inside to work out and they tell me i have to pay an extra 30$ because im not a diamond member ? Really? On top of 80$ that j pay you to get inside and work out 2 days i have to pay 60$??
The dude mathew and bre at the deak makes sure to let me know the policies but his best solution is to talk to the GM , who will only reapond on monday. Therefore i called corporate hoping someone there would be more understandable .. same response “ unfortunatly theres nothing we can do” . Horrible


N. McDowell October 9, 2018 at 12:04 pm

My membership was on hold. Without notification the hold was released and I was began being charged 120.00 per month to my credit card. I contacted the center and I was sent to an online form. I have confirmation of cancellation on Sept 6. I was again charged for the renewal. I need to be refunded all charged of 120.00 and my membership needs to be cancelled. This charging amounts to credit card fraud.


Jessica September 14, 2018 at 12:26 pm

Like so many others, I cancelled my membership (in writing with 30 days notice) and then started to get collection calls! I told the callers that I had properly cancelled my membership and they kept adding some additional condition that I failed to meet. I started to get more harassing and threatening phone calls and e-mails. I kept explaining what happened, but there was no effort to work with me. These are the rudest people that have no interest in why you are leaving the club, no care if you will take others with you and are just trying to get a couple more months of dues out of you. Horrible…deceptive…rude.


Anson September 7, 2018 at 1:07 pm

Worse customer service ! Been a member for ten plus years and I’m appalled and how I was treated when I asked to cancel my contract because I’m moving. Not solution oriented at all


Richard Terrazas September 4, 2018 at 1:17 pm

Bad customer service!
I called to pay a debt but but Tyler and Joshua Ketcher are rude and insulting so you’ll get nothing and I’ll go to Golds.
These Guys wanna play games and throw insults then screw off.
I would have been a member for another year. That 160 x 12= $$1920 Lifetime lost times all the cusumers you lost bcuz of rude people like Tyler and Joshua. Stop wasting your money and fire these guys now and replace with someone who can recover you money.
Tyler and Joshua are loosing more money than they are recovering. No Customer Service.


John August 27, 2018 at 2:54 pm

Good afternoon,

My member number is 101811287. My club is the Rochester Hills, Michigan club at 200 W. Avon Road. I began with Lifetime in 2006. I used the facilities regularly beginning in 2006. I enjoyed every minute.

In early February of 2014, I suffered a stroke. I was hospitalized in Flint and had emergency brain surgery at Hurley hospital. When I recovered, I was transferred to Royal Oak Beaumont hospital where I underwent speech therapy, physical therapy, and cognitive therapy. I was released from Beaumont hospital in April, 2014.

When I got home, I had my wife drive me to the Rochester Hills Lifetime Fitness club. My intentions were to end my membership with the hope of renewing it when I would be able to. The contact person for Lifetime suggested that instead of cancelling the membership, I instead could pay 10.00 a month to take a leave. Once it would be determined that I could again use the club’s facilities, I would have to pay no dues increase. This action would protect me should there be an increase in club dues during the time that I was on leave. As the club was clearly gaining in popularity, this made perfect sense to me.

In addition, if I would be able to prove that I was under doctor’s care during my leave, I could use the money accrued in the account to pay future dues. I was told to bring the doctor’s verification once the doctor had determined that I could return. Sounded like a great deal to me!

A year later, I was still not able to get well enough to return to Lifetime. I was under the care of a neurologist as well as my family doctor. In May of 2015, I suffered a seizure. My driver’s license was taken from me and I was unable to drive.

I have continued to have health challenges. In March of 2018, my doctor was prepared to write a letter to Lifetime indicating that I could return to Lifetime on a limited basis. it took a long time, but I was going to be back.

When I brought the note to the Lifetime representative in Rochester Hills, I was flabbergasted by her response. First, she told me that I did not need a note from the doctor, that I could just come back. In the educational world, notes from either a doctor or from a parent/guardian are mandatory for a student who has been absent for more than 3 days to return to school. I had been out for over 3 years.

In addition, during my absence, Lifetime instituted a ” status ” level. While the dues stayed the same, I was now responsible for increases to my club status. I guess when the Rochester Hills club qualified for status level, along with it came the extra cost. In the end, my being given a leave did me no good.

Furthermore, I was told that the 10 dollars a month I had been paying could not be used to pay future dues as there was no increase in dues, just The implementation of status levels. As a result, the 10 a month, now over 500 dollars, was lost. I asked to speak to someone from corporate office and the young lady promised to have someone call me. That was over four months ago.

I got tired of waiting, so I contacted customer support. The lady with whom I spoke was very understanding and offered 100 dollars in club benefits, I politely thanked her, but was not interested.

I do want to return to Lifetime, but as of this writing, I am still not able. I have yet another doctor’s appointment this Wednesday. Thus, I am asking to discontinue the 10 month fee indefinitely, beginning in September 2018. This is not the way a person should be treated…

Thank you,



Jon August 8, 2018 at 11:58 am

Lifetime Corporate offices-

I want to inform you of an incident that happened yesterday afternoon, August 7th, 2018 between the hours of 950 am-2:40 pm. While using your facilities I had placed my belongs into a locker in the men’s room. I double checked to make sure it was securely locked. After using the facilities I came to unlock my locker only to find that I had stuff stolen. A police report by the Harrison Police department has been filed. The way the staff at this Lifetime handled the incident was extremely poor. It was not just my locker, but 6 others that were broken into. I had $250 in cash taken from my wallet. Honestly the lock was not broken and in my opinion it looks like an inside job.

Management proceeded to send out an email that clients should not put certain belongings inside a locked locker. This is completely asinine – clients expect to think that their things are safe! Not only that – where would you expect me to put a small wallet, carrying my drivers license, credit cards and cash?! Certainly not in my car – as there have been thefts in the parking lot. Just last week cops caught 2 people breaking into cars on the premises.

I am a frequent client of this gym as I am there everyday at 4am. During the summer months I return to use the pool during the day. I would hope in good faith management would have a better resolution to my issue.

I expect a response.

In regards,
Jonathan S


kimberly July 13, 2018 at 3:43 pm

To Whom it may concern:

I had Joined Lifetime Fitness Troy MI location and cancelled it starting for the month of march, yet they kept charging me month after month up until July when I finally stopped getting charged. I have called a minimum of 50+ times and emailed. Not once did I receive 1 single phone call or email back.

I physically went into the club 5 separate time and each time they told me it was already taken care of or if I asked to speak to a manager they told me there was not one there and I’d have to come back, or they’d send me to an associate and told me they were the manager!!!!!

It is now July 13th and I am still yet to hear 1 call back about when in the world they’re going to give me my stolen money back.

Every time I went into the club they were insanely rude and never once apologized or offered any type of compensation for hands down the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had in my life. They’ve continuously lied to me for 5 months and counting and fraudulently took my money and refuse to give it back. This lifetime fitness is fraudulently conducting business and flat out lying and stealing to past members.

When I cancelled my membership, it was only so i could switch to a better location that was closer to me. I don’t think there’s anything Lifetime Fitness can do now to earn back my trust and I’m letting anyone and everyone I know about how they treated me including reporting it to the news company’s.

Lifetime fitness troy, mi is the biggest scam there is. They’ve lied to me countless times, stolen my money, and are INTENTIONALLY grossly negligent in how they conduct “business”.

Adam Peckat is the employee I got my membership thru and assured me for months that it was cancelled, and I should be getting the refund “any day now”
Heba Ahmad is the assistant Manager that told me 3+ times (all separate occasions) that she “just” put in my refund and Id receive it next day. (never received it or got a call back)
Michael Watson is the employee that posed as a manager and told me it was taken care of.
Jason Bird is the general manager who I have asked to talk to several times and has been there when I am there, but I am always told he’s unavailable to speak with you and he’ll give me a call later that day. I’ve called him numerous times and left voice mails never to get a call from him.
Nardine Harrington is the member services manager who out of the past 5x I’ve been there “was not working that day” and was notified to call me when she was in. I also called her number personally numerous times and have yet to get a call from her either.

I’m expecting some type of response from higher up as to how these employees are to be dealt with and what lifetime Fitness is going to do to make this right and compensate me for all the time I’ve wasted calling and driving to the club and emailing and waiting to speak with someone when no one ever attempted to honestly help me. This has gone on for 5 months. Enough is Enough.

Extremely unhappy EX- Member of lifetime fitness. – Kimberly Garrick


Michael Bassett June 12, 2018 at 9:31 pm

Today I spent the day at the Club, I’m over 50 years old have three children, and life experiences that have made me fairly resilient and adaptive to the experience’s of life. I had been at the club for about two hours, and needed to use the restroom by the pool. As it’s the first week of summer, kids galore, and very hot outside, my first inclination to check the toilet paper roll, was missed. As I was in the restroom someone knocked on the door loudly and I let them know that I was using the restroom. When I finished my business, i noticed there was no tollite paper in the bathroom, also no paper towels. Bummer, I turned the water on, took off my swimming suit, and cleaned myself using the sink. I then washed my hands, left the restroom, and walked over to the cabana eatery area to let them know that they needed to replace or fill the toilet paper. The response I was given was that the responsibility rested with pool management team. Determined not to have someone have the same fun experience, as I was walking by the Head Life Guard I mentioned that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom, and and stated that I should not have to clean myself in the pool as a method of personal hygiene. His response was that he was going to fill the paper. Ok so my pride at this point was only pricked a little. No big deal, I then walked over to the management office to let the manager know that the bathroom needed to be cleaned, and the toilet paper filled. He was on the phone, and not responsive to my entering the office. Ok so my pride only a little pricked, no big deal I go back out to the pool and enjoy the day. At about 4:00 pm I’ve left to go to my car, charge my ear phones, and return to a new chair for better sun exposure. As I’m arranging my towels and getting ready for some sun on my back the same manager who was in the interior office approaches me and explains that he understands that I had a experience in the restroom, and that I walk up to the lead lifeguard, telling him that their was no toilet paper in the bathroom, and that I was going to clean myself in the pool. He also stated that I was told that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom, but I used the bathroom any way. Talk about blowing a gasket moment. I looked up at the young man and asked him if he was asking me if I entered the pool solid, I was aghast. I asked him on the spot to go with me to the general managers office. During those four hours, they had looked at video tape, discussed umongst themselves the course of action that they felt was appropriate. Ok at this point I’m seeing red, respectful, and professionally I express my concerns about two facts that were completely untruthful and blantant lies. First that I had told a lifeguard that I was going to clean myself in the pool, and secondly that I was told that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom before entering. Can you imagine being asked if you cleaned yourself before entering the pool, and then being told that they were looking at video to determine my actions. Wow can I express my total disappointment. While the General Manager was apologetic my understanding of their methods and actions are completely unacceptable. I left the club today completely disappointed, let down, and embarrassed. Michael


Lilly June 2, 2018 at 12:17 pm

Shenkiwa did not let me in with a guest pass and said to me “Why should you come in for free when others pay for a membership” rather then saying something like “Can I answer any questions to help you get to know the club” or “I know you were going to join can I help you do that now”. But NO. I was belittled and picked on in the lobby. She said to me one person is only allowed to come in with a guest pass “once a year”. Shenikwa was aware that I had a employee team VIP that I was going to sign up with so she was extremely rude since she does not make profit/commission off me.
I waned to try different times of the club to see if I can adapt but apparently you can only go as a guest just once. Not only did I have a guest pass but I also had a sponsoring member with me and Shenikwa did not me in with my sponsoring member. I left.


khaled May 8, 2018 at 7:54 pm

Unprofessional customer service, and keeps your credit card running months after cancelling membership. Bad establishment sums it up….


Mark May 3, 2018 at 6:18 pm

Be careful with Lifetime, double deduction from my account but yet they want 7 days to give me my money back that they took illegally. They say accident ok we’ll replace my money next day.


Heather Watkins April 27, 2018 at 12:40 pm

I was thinking about signing my son up for this gym so that he could workout and train for basketball in Raleigh, North Carolina. The CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE SUCKS!!!!!!!!! I am almost tempted to go to my local news station and have them reported for horrible customer service and very high prices!!!!!!!!!!! The manager sent me a very nasty email about my child’s free pass and I was almost going to sign him up until the manager Diana sent me the nasty and bad attitude email!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you all started this business trying to offer good customer service over the next gym, you have failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the gym looks nice but the attitude and bad customer service makes people want to go other places…….. I would rather go to a small gym where they appreciate your business and know your name!!!!!


Jerry April 4, 2018 at 7:15 pm

Be super careful about cancelling your membership. I cancelled due to moving away. Then my move was postponed, so i re-opened my membership for a month, but they continued to bill me for 2 extra months (so far). They are money whores.


Patricia McGee March 14, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Good day Bahram Akradi, Eric J. Buss, and Jeffrey G. Zwiefel

In conversations with other individuals, we heard that when you go on Medicare, one of the things that are covered is your gym membership by your supplemental

My husband and & just recently enrolled in Medicare & found in the supplemental information, there was noted “Silver Sneakers”. We found out that the club we belong to in Coon Rapids, MN is no longer a part of what was call “Silver & Fit”.

In checking with whom we took for our coverage, they informed up that it is not the insurance company that will not cover it, the club decided to not participate any longer.

Is there a reason as to why Life Time decided to “opt out” of covering the monthly amount? We EACH presently pay $50.00/mo. for our dues.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back.

Sincerely yours

Patricia McGee
Coon Rapids, MN 55448


Lora B February 17, 2018 at 3:04 pm

Just canceled my membership!!!! Do you know Ballantyne location you are not allowed to wear “workout clothes” in sauna? You have to change into a bathing suit or take off your clothes and just have a towel on. AND a lady said they escorted her out because she had on workout clothes 😳😳……they have no logical reason for this….I was told “because in ur workout clothes you already have sweat and in the sauna it causes more sweat and germs can fester”……well ummmm your are still sweeting with a bathing suit or just a towel so it still germs??? what about hot yoga classes, they wear workout clothes in there and its hot and sweaty. They dont require to shower first so I don’t get it. And let me just say the membership here is EXPENSIVE $$$….MANY members are complaining about this!!!! They just trying to inforce the rules…. ok well inforce the rules that require people to shower prior to getting into the pool and the hot tub or inforce the rule for people to wipe off exercise equipment after use (talk about germs 🤢) 👊🏼👊🏼 I AM BEYOND PISSED!!! 😡😡RIDICULOUS!!! BUT THEY WILL NOT GET ANYMORE OF MY MONEY!!!

I have used other Life Time locations and NEVER was informed of this and NEVER heard anyone being ESCORTED OUT! But supposedly its a “corporate policy”


Pete February 13, 2018 at 11:33 am

I am stuck working out in your gym if you can call it that at Apex N.C. One Smith machine has been broken for over a week. That just leaves one for all the members you have. Today on 2/13/18 I asked the manager when is it going to be fixed. He replied “we are taking it out of here”. So let me get this straight just one Smith machine with all the members you have. Obviously you at corporate don’t know a thing about certain pieces of equipment and their uses. I suggest that maybe you should take a tutorial on the benefits of that piece of equipment. Youtube might be a a good place to start because obviously the trainers you have aren’t that educated as far as certain pieces of equipment go.
This location also has dumbbells that have rubber grips on them. Some of them are missing the grips which make them useless because the handles are to thin. I never see anyone use them for that reason. I still can’t believe that you even raised the rates for members which I wouldn’t mind if it was worth it.
This has to be the worse gym I ever went to. My only hope is that another gym opens up in the area so I can quit this one. Unfortunately right now i don’t have a choice but hopefully in the future there will be one.


Lora B February 17, 2018 at 3:18 pm

I agree the customer service is horrible!!! At our location they escorted someone out of the sauna because she had in workout clothes!!!! And you are right the management just sticks to “its our corporate policy” statement. Membership is too costly for members to have to be treated like this. I canceled my membership…..and will continue to voice the mis-treatment of the members and encourage others to speak out and cancel membership. Evidently this will be the only way to get their attention since its apparent its all about them getting $$ and not caring about members concerns and especially when MANY are complaining about the same issue(s)


Dana Sanderson January 29, 2018 at 9:42 pm

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I recently joined your Summerlin Nevada club. We’ve enjoyed coming in and using the cardio equipment. We were dismayed to learn about the corporate decision regarding removing cable news from the televisions in the cardio area. That said, we didn’t complain and resigned ourselves to using the lesser quality treadmills that have video screens in order to watch news.

This new policy is grading on us and becomes more of an irritant each day. Which made it even worse is the fact it on three different occasions I’ve gone upstairs to the cardio room and found one TV turn tuned in to CNN. I brought this to the attention of the club manager who gave me the corporate lied about it being “unhealthy“ and that corporate have made this decision and that there is no way they will ever change their minds. Frankly, that is absurd on its face. Any thinking person knows that the decision to remove cable news off of your televisions is political. Frankly a lot of people have had to deal with watching a lot of things on cable news for the last 10 years that they haven’t liked and yet there’s not been a problem. Suddenly now dissenting views can’t be abided.

I believe that at some point in the future the political environment of this company country is going to shift and I expect that suddenly corporate will decide it’s “wise“ and “healthy“ to return the cable news channels to their screens. I was told that fights were breaking out over people watching the news while working out. My response would be to kick people out if they can’t grow up.

What’s making this situation untenable for us are four things really: first on three different occasions since the “ban” I’ve gone upstairs to do cardio and found one TV turn to CNN. This is aggravating as CNN is not my preferred cable news channel. Second, the drivel that is played on multiple screens is frankly disgusting. On one afternoon, I got to watch (on three screens in front of me) a man attempting to have a relationship with a female sex robot on the Dr. Oz show. Yes, that’s sure healthy. Third, I am the wife of an airline captain. I spend all of my days with one Ear tuned to national, real time news. I need, and want, to know what is happening across the country as it happens since my husband can be anywhere at anytime (as well as my two college age daughter‘s who are living in two separate states.) finally, and most importantly, in trying to remove political news you are really only removing conservative viewpoints. It is well-established that network shows such as The View and almost all of ESPN’s programming are severely slanted to the Left. If your corporate leaders are hell-bent on removing political content for “health reasons” then you will need to remove ESPN, ABC and any other network programming that contains political opinion. This will need to include major award shows as well as they too, sadly, have become politicized.

My husband and I, as well as many other members of your clubs across the country sincerely hope that you rethink this policy. However well-intentioned it may have been initially, it is not practical and it has not been fairly applied. Beyond that, there are many, many of us who for various reasons need to see national, real time cable news throughout the day. If we cannot get that at lifetime athletic then perhaps we will have to look elsewhere for a club.


Dana Sanderson


B. Stewart January 27, 2018 at 6:07 pm


I am writing because I participated in the Kingwood, #WhyIRide Cycle Event during the month of October 2017. I came in second place but did not receive a prize. This would have been fine if at least four people who rode less than me had not received prizes, but they did.

In speaking with the club manager, Randolph Doty and Group Fitness Head, Sherah Sohr I have gotten several stories, all of which equate to the run around.

First, I was told that prizes were given based on the number of time you registered online, which was not part of the event rules. But reserving a bike is not an indication of who actually showed up and rode. I often don’t reserve a bike. Even at such, I would have beat out others who received prizes. I have attached a picture of the board. The rule was that each time you road, you were to mark it on the chalk board in the cycle room.

Secondly, I was told that corporate decided on who would get the prizes. And corporate sent out the notification to prize winners

Then I was told that I should have received a prize, but the Kingwood Club didn’t have my right email address.

Then I was told that they found my email address.

Last week I was told by Mr. Doty that Sherah said that see had sent me an email acknowledging I was a prize winner. To-date, almost three months later, I have not received ANYTHING!

I’ve been a member at this club location for over 20 YEARS! I really don’t care about receiving a hat or water bottle, but it’s the principle of the matter. If Lifetime is going to promote an event, then you should honor the rules and not hand pick prize winners!

I would graciously appreciate an honest response as to why the rules were not followed and why I was not awarded a prize.


Jeff Medley January 18, 2018 at 11:07 am

I have been a member at Lifetime Fitness for years. I get to the gym at around 5:00 AM, get on my favorite Precor elliptical machine, and watch either MSNBC or CNN. Both TVs were in the same area that I use. When I first noticed that the stations were changed, I inquired about this to 3 different people at Lifetime. They would not even acknowledge that the stations were changed. I had to call the main office to find out what was going on. Needless to say, I am really pissed off. This is just wrong. I don’t know what I will do. I will probably look into finding a way to train at home. The Precor elliptical machine that I use costs over $7000. I have never used an elliptical that even compares to this one. If I have to, I will spend the $7000 or invest in a good treadmill.


Susan Aitwal January 13, 2018 at 11:01 pm

studio Managers need to communicate professionally and do not favor other coworkers who work at lifetime


Shannon Parham January 11, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Your decision to remove the news channels and regulate what we may watch while working out, claiming it’s unhealthy, is absurd! Bring back the channels, allow your PAYING members decide for themselves what they want to watch, if they want watch anything! You’re making this political and there are a lot more things happening in our world than just politics! I enjoy being a Lifetime Member and hope you will do the right thing, so I won’t be compelled to shop elsewhere for a fitness facility that doesn’t try to dictate what I’m “allowed” to see on tv.


Courtney Cooper January 10, 2018 at 7:49 pm

I echo the sentiments of many others – including those of us in your Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Your decision to remove cable news from literally nearly 50 TELEVISION SCREENS located in the club is an extreme OVERREACH! You’ve spun the pendulum too far on this decision, and definitely got it wrong! I mean, you’ve even cut the local news feeds… For what? Was there consideration for those of us who DO NOT want to watch a litany of infomercials (smoking vapor, early baldness, razor shades, miracle ear ads…) just to name a few. Oh, now…I forgot, now we have TONS of sports stations to watch as well.

I’ve been a member now for over 10 years, and your “reactive” decision has turned my gym viewing options that favor male customers only… I literally watched all of about 20 TV screens this last Monday morning with options to choose between sports, sports, SPORTS…oh, and uhm…miracle ear).

You have a lot of D.C. professionals who yearn for news…morning, noon, and night… And, especially this week – we couldn’t even get the local news for weather/traffic awareness. You’re a smart brand, but you’ve definitely made a mistake… You’re telling me that the feedback you received warranted a MAJOR shift for all the television screens in the clubs..rather than some? Did you consider a “soft” transition to at least try to meet everyone in the middle.

BAD, BAD, BAD call!!!!
BRING THE NEW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John Barber January 9, 2018 at 5:31 pm

As a member for about 8 or 9 years, my wife and I have greatly enjoyed your club until recently. We workout 6 times a week between spinning, weights and machines. The stair master is usually where we start and enjoy watching the news and CNBC. It’s beyond our comprehension as to why you’ve taken off the cable news and CNBC. We would like an answer as to the reason. Thank You. John and Mary Barber


Bill January 5, 2018 at 7:36 am

I have been a member for a few months and am a loyalty member. I am not working now and close to living on the street and they will not cancel my membership and I am a VET, very disrespectable.


Hosea Mohika December 28, 2017 at 12:50 pm

I have walked in most recently at lifetime fitness to a dismay of experience. I am a single father of two children ages 6 and 7. I recently lost my job, and cannot afford the expensive membership. Therefore, I tried being accommodating by dismissing the formal emails, at most every month of some issue or problem at the Tempe location. Such as hygiene problems, adults with no children coming in thru the family restrooms, while my kids and I exchange, going to the kids club care to find I’m too late to be accomodated, although the club states it operates 24 7. In addition, I seen under age kids going outside, just after we got turn away many times. I felt as if it was a racist tactic then safety issue. I personally never step in the gym every month to benefit the cost, of paying for membership. For when I do, it’s always an unexpected experience of hardship. I wish to close this bad experience soon. Otherwise, I will change my account on file of pay. Also, seek legal counsel


Niko December 18, 2017 at 2:39 pm

I’m honestly just thoroughly disappointed with Lifetime. I was a member for 4 years before I decided to leave for LA fitness. Main reasons being for the lack of cleanliness and arrogant and non caring staff at Woodstock GA mountain brook location. I use to love coming to play pickup basketball and the courts were always dusty and terribly maintained it was an accident waiting to happen you could literally glide on the floor from all the dust and that shouldn’t be possible in basketball shoes. And when I finally returned after 4 months or so to see if they could give me a good deal to come back the guy at the front desk was a smart a** saying “oh you’re coming back now”. I use to love coming here but the pricing is outrageous 65$ a month when your competitors give us everything you offer for 30$ or less a month… come on guys it’s a gym not a country club or social gathering.


Eduardo Paez December 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Member from its opening in Centreville, VA, I have seen how the club is going down to hell, my belief is all they care now is money and they don’t care to have any control on what kind of people become members. People spit inside the dry sauna, urinate in the shower, stuff you wont believe. I am cancelling my membership tomorrow Monday December 4, 2017


Julie December 2, 2017 at 11:47 am

Right after hurricane Maria I was reading all social information trying to find out about my child who lives there. Right after I Fox report there was comments made by people. One of the nastiest comments was written by an employee of Lifetime Fitness by the name of Dawn Crouse. This person stated that all Puerto Ricans are fat stupid and stink that there’s several employees of Puerto Rican Heritage that are disgusting and smell bad at the Lifetime Fitness they work at. With such a nasty public post there is no way that I will ever join such a company. Such a sad world we live in that compassion is something that’s lost.


Sue November 15, 2017 at 2:39 pm

Just heads up to anyone applying for a job in the child center in Northville, MI or
moms/dads putting your kids in the center. They are having a hard time recruiting, keeping staff. In a wonderful suburb like this, ask yourself WHY and do your homework.
Something isn’t right.


Jacy Planta November 11, 2017 at 10:16 am

On my way to the Pediatrician. My two year old has to have blood work and antibiotics for a bite mark from a lovely 5 year old at Lifetime fitness childcare. The girls already had told the attendant on duty they were being mean to them. What happens at Lifetime on their video system stays at Lifetime. I had always praised their childcare center and still love love the old crew but just learned the hard way if your child is ever hurt there they have zero liability. If they don’t see your child being physically assaulted in their eyes it didn’t happen. My children have never come home and told me anyone has ever hurt them until last night when they told me “Sophia bit me”. Lifetime basically said they are lying. Nice. If your child is hospitalized by another child or just an accident. That’s on you for having them in their care. This place has been my sanctuary since my son Cash died and now I have to pull my kids out because they can’t ensure their safety. I literally asked the GM Trystan “So, if a 10 year old secretly walked a 2 year old in the bathroom and sexually assaulted them Lifetime wouldn’t be liable” The manager smugly looked at me and said “No”
Wow!. Beyond words…


Bill October 31, 2017 at 6:24 pm

So I’ve been a member of Lifetime Fitness for a few years now, though I barely use the club, my daughter goes there every school break under the “student program” of I believe $20 a month. So this past June my daughter goes there to do the same thing, so I thought… 3 months later or so, I kept getting billed for her membership and it’s $40! A month. Not the $20 or so that should have been for college students during summer break, and that it should’ve been cancelled in August. I called to tell them about it, instead of just talking care of it, they argued with me and said that I needed to come in to fill out a cancellation form and it would take another 30 days to cancel. I also found out that instead of putting her on the student program, they added her to my account without me being there to approve it, then charged $40 a month added to my monthly membership. I asked to speak to the manager about the matter and ended up talking to one of the assistant lady manager. She didn’t do anything but stick to their “policy” of 30 cancellation even though I threatened to cancel all 3 of us if they didn’t refund the over charge for my daughters membership and cancelling it. Today, I called the club this morning and left a message for the Manager Corey Hayes I believe is his name and it’s now 5:00pm and never heard from him. So I called back although he’s in his office he doesn’t pick up the phone. I asked for the corporate office i got put on hold then told that I can only have the number through one of the Manager’s.. This is rediculous! So I called again and left a voicemail to Corey and here we are.. I got the corporates number online, called it only to get a voicemail again.

Being the most expensive gym club in my area, you would think you get better service…

Lifetime Fitness customer service SUCKS!


Bill Preininger October 30, 2017 at 12:53 pm

I have been a Gold Elite Lifetime member at Commerce Twp., MI for the past (6) years. We recently had an unprecedented water main break that contaminated (12) SE Michigan counties rendering our water undrinkable for the past (6) days.
On my visit to Lifetime in Commerce Twp. last week, there was no water for the membership, only water purchase in the Cafe. Throughout this water mishap, local schools & businesses made provisions to provide students & employees water.
Know I am 64 years old & pride myself in trying to maintain fitness. Hydration is a critical part of everyone’s exercise routine. My hydration choice at Lifetime was to purchase a base water offering for $2.25 bottle or do without. Within walking distance is a Home Depot where water is $2.95 for a case of 24 bottles. Clearly Lifetime was not limited by water availability or price. I submit Lifetime demonstrated they are more interested in profit than in your health & well being.


Never Again November 17, 2017 at 12:08 am

To cancel your membership you must come in. Once in there is a thirty notice to cancel in which they charge another month. I should be able to cancel MY MEMBERSHIP AT ANY TIME. Especially since my one year commitment was up and I was going month to month. No. Not the case. Now I’m not sure who to pay… but I can assure you they will get one dollar every pay period to pay back the dues they say I owe.
Terrible place.


Alina October 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm

As much as I like my club in Algonquin IL, I must say customer service in the corporate office, MN is terrible. I contacted them to resolve constant annual price increases. I didn’t get any reasonable response form the customer representative. Corporate office doesn’t care about their customers, they are disrespectful and they are not interested in customer’s feedback. Very disappointing! Also, annual 8% increases are not substantiated by any economic trends, which tells me that this company is very badly managed.


Michael October 26, 2017 at 5:59 pm

General Manager Michael Brown handled my situation perfectly
He understands the true meaning of customer service 10 plus Mike
Keep up the good work


Annie Taylor October 23, 2017 at 4:17 pm

My son Sidney Taylor made an account to get job notications from them about 4 years ago.
Unfortunately he does not know his username.
I am unable to login to unsubscribe him.

It is extremely irritation we don’t even live in the same city anymore and they keep emailing my personal aol account.



Michael Dyess October 23, 2017 at 9:19 am

Yesterday while at LifteTime Fitness, my locker was broken into. The amount taken from my locker $117.00. I understand the policy about valuables placed in the locker. My loss.
However, I only worked out for 45 minutes to return to my locker to retrieve my personal items. I used the combination locker. It was not broken into and I had to use the four digit combination to re-enter. Therefore, that tells me that Lifetime fitness staff enter my locker and reclosed it because my combination was the only way for me to get into the locker.
LifeTime Fitness in Beachwood Oh, is know for this type of crime occurring at this location.
I have sent numerous members to join this gym now I am regretting this. I have a large social media following. Their customer service to address this situation was horrible. Because it was a theft, I should have called the local police to feel out a report and complaint. And I guess the customer service would rather discuss this with the police presence at the club. The members would be looking and asking questions why is the police here at the gym. I could go on and on about this situation but I won’t. I never take my wallet inside the gym but yesterday after church I decided to keep it in my pants pocket. I joined Lifettime before the structure was built and I don’t complain about the gym.
II deal with corporate customer services team building all the time. And I tell you. Lifetime Fitness is not number one in this area. I will tell you which gym is Anything Fitness.
Sorry I had to post this. staff integrity is the trade mark of the company and it’s mission statement. I will be back at the gym tomorrow, I just want use the lockers. All of the cleaning staff seem to have access to the key to unlock lockers. I have seem them do this before not thinking that they could go in and out of lockers themselves. Oh and by the way- they say I will hear from the general manager let’s see how long this take. Good customer service would have said——————- and offered———–cup of water———
free t-shirt———— something from the Lifetime café————- at the end of the day it’s up to the manager to have empathy and make the person fill as whole as they can. Little gestures go a long way to keep people staying connected to the gym and paying that $72 membership fee- so what is a bottle water, smoothie, lifetime t-shirt etc… nothing in the scheme of things.


Jason October 19, 2017 at 10:09 pm

LIFETIME Fitness is all about greed and all they care about is making money. Katie and Michael (952-401-2672) from corporate are terrible at customer service and refuse to listen to the dissatisfaction from me. All I tried to do was cancel my membership twice and they continued to charge me. I had to still pay for a past due balance just to get my membership cancelled. It stinks to have such a great facility but employ such uncaring and disrespectful people. I did not yell or use foul language and Katie hung up on me. I for one will never become a member again. I hope they do not treat others this way.


Michael October 24, 2017 at 2:36 pm

Thanks for that insight- yes it is a beautiful facility. Eventually, they can end up like Bally’s overtime. The CEO Bahram Akradi would be appalled to experience these type of things himself at his own gym. I would in the customer service business with clients and your right they could use more training. From Good to Great is an excellent book for managers and CEO’s to read. I have yet to hear back regarding my incident from a manager. I am afraid that the incident report was thrown away probably by the person who stole my money from my wallet. I hope that I am wrong. I will wait another day before contacting corporate office staff again. I can do all things in my Lifetime – except get good consumer service. LOL


Lora B February 17, 2018 at 3:23 pm

I agree the customer service is horrible!!! At our location they escorted someone out of the sauna because she had in workout clothes!!!! And you are right the management just sticks to “its our corporate policy” statement. Membership is too costly for members to have to be treated like this. I canceled my membership…..and will continue to voice the mis-treatment of the members and encourage others to speak out and cancel membership. Evidently this will be the only way to get their attention since its apparent its all about them getting $$ and not caring about members concerns and especially when MANY are complaining about the same issue(s)


Chris October 18, 2017 at 1:36 pm

Joined the club for my family and kids paying 309.00 a month family of 4 even though I am not able to utilize the club due to stage 4 brain Cancer and told them that I cannot use the facilities they offered no discount stating that an adult had to be present when the young kids are in attendance company policy so I paid to be present for my kids.
I then went in for surgery and asked to put my account on hold and sent them a drs medical note yet the club continues to charge my cc each month even after I have spoken to the manager and the General Manager refuses to return reply phone calls vack to resolve this,
They keep saying they need a medical note which has been provided and I want to also terminate my services with them now for the handling of this situation.
Ive filed a police report of fraud on my cc and notified the CC company of this company’s charges .
Be warned they are very difficult to deal with and I was on the phone with Corporate talking with them and we got disconnected do you think he even bothered to call me back no


Mati Weiderpass October 7, 2017 at 6:25 pm

When I joined they asked me to sign an agreement that my credit card can be automatically charged every month the monthly membership. They said it was for my convenience. There was no minimal length of membership. I did not receive any discount or benefit for allowing them to charge my card automatically every month. When I had to move to my mothers place in July to take care of her, I was no longer able to use the club. I was hoping it would be temporary, but turned out to be longer than anticipated. I called the club end of August to cancel, but they said I can’t cancel the monthly charge unless I go there in person or send a certified letter. And then I would still be charged for an additional month. I tried putting a block on my card, but the club over rode my block. The card company told me that I would be charged the membership fees forever unless I went there in person (150 miles distant from my mother) or send a certified letter (very inconvenient). I happened to be back in NY last week and went in person to cancel. The reception desk just made an entry in the computer and said that I would still be charged one more month. It seems that the only purpose to this very restrictive cancellation policy to enable the club to keep charging the fees. And then there is a one month penalty. I think this is a violation of consumer protection laws. I would imagine that this would be a great class action lawsuit and something for CFPB to rule on.”

Mati Weiderpass


Sandy Bruno October 4, 2017 at 12:31 pm

I am a member in AZ for the past 7 years. The club has gone downhill. The bathrooms are always a mess. I cycle and for 2 weeks there has been no wipes to wipe down the bikes in the cycle room. It’s disgusting.


Charles Stewart September 30, 2017 at 12:40 pm

My wife and I have been members since 1999 (Troy, Novi, MI.) rates have been going up every year. Just had another increase in September. I would think loyal customers would be rewarded for longevity and commitment to the club. We are thinking about cancelling our membership this year due to the high membership cost. Others are contemplating the same.Like the club, just getting to be a little too high.


Terry Poduska October 4, 2017 at 8:44 pm

I agree with Charles Stewart. I have been a member since 2003 and many of friends who I work out with have been members since 1999. Prices are going up while the services and the condition of the club has been getting worse and worse. The administration lies to you constantly and if you are a woman complaining you get nowhere. The aqua fitness class the sound system hasn’t worked for over 2 weeks and has had problems for months. The equipment is breaking due to age and the complaints for months go on deaf ears. The only way to get to Jason Bird is to have one of the husbands call to complain. The only reason why many of the aqua woman stay is because of the timing of the classes, the great instructors and the companionship of the woman who have been coming since the beginning of the club. If another club would open with a pool and good timing of classes, they would all leave in a minute.
It is a shame that they have allowed bad management in this place for such a long time.


Peter September 27, 2017 at 11:55 am

i would like to share lifetime fitness deceptive sales practices. My two daughters ages 21 and 15 went into local shelby township michigan club and were tricked into signing up for a one year contract by salesperson. They then used my credit card to bill the account, which is in my name only. i went into the club to cancel since i am a diabetic with foot ulcers and have too much pain to exercise and was told that i cannot cancel since this is a one year contract. i cannot believe lifetime fitness is so unethical to put my daughters into a contract along with me, who never signed anything and now told i have to continue to pay for one year. they are a scam , my daughter goes to school and has no job and cannot
afford these high dues. i would like contact information for president of lifetime or someone to contact me. i looked up bbb and this company does not even belong , they advertised for a long time in month to month memberships and now suddenly they have one year contracts, must be because the have so many people leaving them.


Wilson Turner September 25, 2017 at 11:01 am

I was advised by corporate staff that they would allow me to reinstate my membership at a discounted rate. When I called they advised me that the GM Kenny, told them that he would not allow me to receive the discount. I have been a member for over 20 years. I guess I would say a “Lifetime” when it comes to gym memberships. I remember this GM, when he was a trainer. He has always create problems for minors at the club. I will not get into any specifics in this complaint, however several people have cancelled their membership because of concerns with the GM. I mean we go to the gym to workout and relax not be hassled and treated unfairly. There have been several occasions in my 20 years, where Lifetime did not live up to their part of the agreement for example no Basketballs for weeks. Are just coming into the club and being harassed for no reason at all after a hard day of work. There have been a few new employees that have stepped up to the plate, and have provided great customer service. However, it starts at the top. The GM never speaks, however, when “Corporate” comes to town he speaks. I know I have a responsibility, I was over the agreement I did not ask for it. Please respond.


Belinda Harney September 23, 2017 at 1:37 pm

Why does LTF Tempe, AZ allow a member with an unrestrained & untrained dog in the facility repeatedly. Staff respond to concerns by stating it is a service dog. This is questionable based on: the dog doesn’t remain next to owner at all times; it wanders, approaches & sniffs strangers; the owner allows people to pet the dog. A trained service dog & responsible owner would never engage in these behaviors. Sept 22, the dog wandered in the weight area. The owner allowed a member to pet it at the personal trainer desk. On the stairs, the dog came up & sniffed me on the landing. The owner called to the dog & proceeded down stairs. Suddenly, the dog bounded, ran up to a member in the hall, jumped up & pinned her against the wall. The owner scurried away calling to the dog, not checking on the person or apologizing. These are not the actions of a legitimate service dog or owner. This dog should not be allowed in LTF. It is a safety & liability issue.


Belinda Harney September 23, 2017 at 1:39 pm

I am interested in feedback on my complaint.


Liz Sullivan September 2, 2017 at 5:13 pm

I had spoken to the marketing director face-to-face about my membership cancellation prior to the end of May, and he had pitched the opening of a new gym in the Galleria area and persuaded me to place my membership on HOLD until its opening in 2018. So, I did.

At the same time, he also told me that I could cancel the HOLD at any time. Because of the recent flooding, I had not been able to get to City Center to cancel that HOLD. I noticed a transaction on my account deducting $31.40 from Lifetime today, so I called to ask Lifetime to terminate my membership, and cancel the HOLD, the person on the other end refused. I wrote to the marketing director to put him on notice that I will dispute those charges and wish to CANCEL the HOLD on my membership immediately for the following reasons:

– He told me that the HOLD would cost $20.00 a month – it seems that is not the case when I received the transaction record from my bank
– I had problems with logging into my account and spoke to front desk staff about this so I could get the gym to list my email address correctly on file, he said he was busy, and never returned my call
– I attempted to CANCEL my HOLD by calling the main 888- number, they want a letter and a 30-days notice of cancellation, which did not align with what the marketing director told me when he persuaded me to place my membership on hold
– The lady who answered my call at the main headquarters was unhelpful and entitled. She said I should speak to the person he persuaded me to place my membership on hold, I asked to be connected, but the call was dropped. That is a sleazy trick…where was the service?
– How come this formality of wanting a notification letter for cancellation only works one way?

I asked the marketing director for a copy of the signed contract when I put my membership on HOLD, he said I should get it from the front desk, but I never received that copy. Now Lifetime wants a letter from me requesting a cancellation if I want to withdraw that membership hold. This cannot work one way. I should have a signed copy of the contract that placed my membership on HOLD. This one-sided agreement does not sound right no matter how one looks at it. A contract is an agreement between two parties. I signed a doXXXXent, I should, and have a right to a copy of that doXXXXent. Unless I receive a copy of what I signed on the marketing director’s pc/computer in the gym at City Center, Lifetime does not deserve a handwritten notice of cancellation. I have to see what I signed in a tangible doXXXXent because an agreement works two ways.

My husband warned me about these little games that Lifetime plays once we request for a membership cancellation, and he was and is right. I hope Lifetime does not intend to make its profits through this sort of fuzzy agreements between the entity and its patrons/members.

I will dispute the HOLD charges through my bank unless I receive a signed copy of the agreement I signed on the director’s computer. Following that, I will be happy to send Lifetime a letter of cancellation for my membership.


LOis Rednick September 1, 2017 at 7:43 pm

I have been bringing guests of my son to lifetime all the time, dropping them off and picking them up but of course only during the appropriate and allowed times. Today the manager, MIchael Delany, did not allow me to let my son and his friend use the club without me in the club. All paperwork was filled out and I had never been told this before. I have to no problem with that but it was the way he spoke to me that I have a problem with. He threatened me with suspension of my account and was so intentionally rude that I have never been spoken to that way. He made a poin to tell me that hes noting my account. I dont know what he noted on my account but he was aggressive, rude, and overly hyper. He really does not know how to speak to people and honestly seemed very unusually hyperactive. Im definitely considering leaving lifetime. Everyone else has been more than helpful and accomodating.


Anonymous August 21, 2017 at 9:19 am

I visited as a guest and had the most unpleasant experience with a sales associate (Roland, Northville, MI). This was my second time visiting the club with a different friend. Nobody had explained that I couldn’t be a guest again for 60 days. In fact, nobody even talked to me the 1st time I visited. After going back to the sales office and listening to his whole spiel, I told him I needed to do research and question others before signing up. Then he was basically telling me that it was $20 or $25 for a day pass, which I was not going to pay because I came as a guest of members of the club. This is when things went south. He was pushy, inconsiderate, and very impersonable. I could on on and on about how uncomfortable he made me feel, but I just wanted to make it known how unhappy I was when I left his office. I will in no way be going back or even consider a membership now.


Kaye August 15, 2017 at 5:54 pm

Super disappointed when I took my daughter swimming today (lifetime north austin) and learned the outside pool was closed. I was told by the front desk that there was a lifeguard shortage but the indoor pool was open and the slides would be turned on at 1. Swam for 1 hour waiting until 1, slides didn’t turn on. Asked the lifeguards on duty and they said slides only on weekends. My daughter was very upset. I renewed my membership mostly for the pools and don’t under and why they can’t at least have the slides on in the indoor pool area. Will be swimming at another gym tomorrow to look into their aquatics.


Cindy August 14, 2017 at 6:23 pm

Plano Texas Location: Member since first day it opened. Signed up when you guys were still in a tent. There is Zero management at this club after 7:00 pm on weekends! Ever!!!!! The front desk employee last night Khouraichi was unable to even articulate his own name. When I asked his name he asked me WHY? (rudely) refusing to give me his name. My husband had to walk back in the club and grab a glance at his name tag. He was fiercely rude, after I asked to speak to a manager he told me he was in charge. He was the only person there except the kids at the towel counter in the back.
He pronounced his name Rogeive???? and was the most out of place employee I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with in all of the 10 plus years I have been a member. His arrogant attitude, poor grammer, zero customer service, and short curt answers left an aire of entitlement, even though I am the one paying the fees to be there. Big fees! This type of substandard, unqualified, employee will certainly give more members reason to move thier membership to the new Equinox opening in the fall of 2018. I hope Khourachi is worth the cost of lost memberships, I will certainly be letting my fellow friends and other family members – who are also members of the club to join us in the move to Equinox in the fall of 2018 at Willow Bend since Lifetime corporate/management has lost sight of what members who already pay top dollar expect. They are clueless as to what customer service at its best should look like.
I will start the campaign in Plano to Move to Equinox!!! I did call the club and left word with Dave Silva voice mail, and no one ever called back. You guys need to take a visit to this club after 7:00pm. It’s a disaster and the employees, the few that are there, are lazy and rude. I even just yesterday told a gentleman working that 3 small children maybe 8-9 years old were playing upstairs on the weight machines unsupervised, he told me to go find someone to tell. ( I was telling someone HIM!) He yelled at me when I refused to find someone else, and I explained this is a liability for the club not me.


Jeanette Davis August 13, 2017 at 2:21 pm

I’m appalled by the way the newLifetime fitness in Fort Washington treats their employees. Recently they terminated several African American employees without just cause. These terminations were racially motivated.
Racism being played out by a Multi Billion dollar company.
When contacted to request answers we were ignored by the General manager Micheal Pearson, and Operations Manager Juliane Lozowski. Also they were paying their employee’s late , and not compensating them for the total hours in which they worked. It’s time for a Class Action Law Suit.


Jane August 12, 2017 at 10:05 pm

Since when do members have to be subjected in Texas to a drone videotaping you when you try to enter/exit the gym just to splash your image all over social media without you evening getting a warning? I bet when that drone crashes you’ll wish you’d had a policy on your fitness trainers using them and the corporation is sued.


Tricia Hankerson July 31, 2017 at 6:07 pm

As a former LTF employee, it’s saddens me that the value of the dollar is more significant as a publicly traded brand these days, than good customer service. My family and I were traveling recently in Las Vegas, Nevada for a basketball tournament. My entire family visited the club in Hederson, NV, last Wednesday, July 26th. That Saturday, my son wanted to get another workout in and went alone to the club. Upon his arrival he was told he’d have to pay a $40 fee to access the club. UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. That’s approximately a month’s membership fee! No one stated the initial visit was a ONE time complimentary visit. However, as Manager Matt explained it, “you are Gold status.” What?? So I should pay more for a status membership to use the same equipment in your facilities? I was also told “your son was informed in order to access the club he’d have to pay the fee and did, so there’s nothing we can do.” WOW. So because you informed on the latter it makes it ok? My family and I have been members in Michigan since 2001 and I worked for LTF for almost 6 years. Member dues are just that… dues paid. It seems quite restrictive to then limit what club a member can frequent when in/out of town/state. A refund would adequate along with service that informs of the fee when they use the ONE visit. Doesn’t it seem silly that if you are active member you work out more than one time?


Star July 28, 2017 at 8:49 am

This important message is regarding the Lifetime Fitness in Sandy Springs, GA. This particular is experiencing several robberies and theft cases. The acts of Malice are derived from staff members. A Lifetime trainer was just arrested and fired for taking 5k out of a patron’s locker. A client of mine just had a large monetary amount stolen out of his locker. A patron’s service is first and foremost. The bottom line is this branch is about to face many lawsuits. The security is inadequate and safety is a must.


Julian July 23, 2017 at 8:48 pm

To whom it may concern

I pay my money just like every other white person who goes to your gym , and just like clockwork every month you take my money from my bank account, so what I would like to know is why every time I go to your gym I am been treated differently, the Parker Colorado location, I took my son and daughter there today to swim they are going to let me know he can’t swim in the same pool I see kids , swimming in so I ask to speak to a manager BIG SURPRISE THERE WASNT ANYONE FOR ME TO ADRESS MY CONCERNS , you guys need to do better than what your doing couple weeks, back I took my kid to the Centennial location, my daughter when and ask the lifeguard for a paddle board to use she told her no, because they are only allowing it in the lap pool which was a lie. Because there was 6 kids in the same side of the pool my kids and I was with the paddle board, yet again there was no one to address my concerns kmt , I am paying way too much money for this kind of RACISM,.


Anonymous July 19, 2017 at 4:59 pm

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter out of pure disappointment in the treatment of one of your previous employees. This employee’s family has been attending the gym since it opened at this location back in 2006. When the family would go to the gym this employee was only 6 years old and would attend the daycare while his parents would utilize the gym. Once this employee was able to be a member of this gym he did, going every day and enjoying his workouts. A year ago he became an employee in the café area. Preparing the items on the menu and assisting the customers, members and coworkers with a upbeat, happy attitude. This employee was working every weekend and even though he is part time because he is still a student, he was working up to 38 hours. He is a responsible young man and dedicated to his job. He had no prior disciplinary actions, warnings or any type of negative actions against him. This employee was fired by his manager at the direction of the General Manager. The General Manager has 2 relatives (daughters) working at the same gym/café. One of the daughters of the General Manager worked the same night as this employee when she witnessed this employee give a protein smoothie shake to a member/brother on this night. The employee had witnessed other coworkers give numerous shakes/smoothies to other people so this became normal to him as it was done often by others. By no means is this an excuse but a simple fact.
The next day the store manager was told by the General Manager that he would have to fire this employee and if he did not that she would. The employee was fired by the store manager, the employee did admit to giving the protein shake to the member/brother. This employee was not given a verbal warning, written notice but was just let go. This was very disappointing to this employee as he took his job very serious, as far as coming in early to ensure his work area/station was ready for opening and when closing ensuring his work area was clean so whoever opened would have a clean and ready station.
Due to the General Manager having 2 relatives working in the same place and department this is a conflict of interest and unethical to make decisions based on personal reasons when they should be based on the interest of the company she is working for. This is a bad reflection on Life Time gym as this family has been loyal to this gym when there are other cheaper alternatives. This poor decision that the General Manager has made has shown this employee that hard work and dedication does not get you anything but negative actions. This employee wanted to work at Life Time Gym because this was a place he has known since he was 6 years old when his family would come so it was a second home, he would work out after his shift and felt very comfortable there. This has really made an impact on such a young hard working man who has been made to feel his loyalty and dedication were worth nothing unless you are a relative.
This letter will not change anything aside from the family canceling the memberships they have had since 2006 but it is important that someone review the policy on management making decisions where there is family involved as this is a conflict of interest, also the method of disciplinary actions in these situations is unfair as this should have begun with some sort of warning. The firing of this employee was simply unfair and it needs to be known to someone so this will not happen again. On your website it states that “We currently have openings for positive people who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, interacting with others and want to make a difference every day.” It seems that this is not the case when you have management that is about personal interest as opposed to the treatment of the employees that are under her.


Rosana C Araujo August 11, 2017 at 9:07 pm

Unfortunately the same just happened in Florham Park. My son was fired without reason also I have been trying to put him as a member in my account and his membership was canceled without any notice. The mananger Marc Polomo was contacted over phone and the phone was turned off without replay. My son was so dedicated and he just got a promoting a few month ago. Working double shift supervision pool are. Also swimming teacher He was a loyalty employee and had done so much for this Club. Due his here our family’ enjoyed the club and all friends Everyone are disappointed about the way that they fired and now avoiding to get here as a member. I am a broken heart see my son alone at house very upsad. This club gave my son life back after the tragedy of my husband suicide. I really need that someone who has a heart let my son gets his happiness back being as a member of this club.


Jennifer Wiemers July 18, 2017 at 12:53 pm

I originally gave Life Time a rating of 4. But since their construction/renovation, I am giving them a 1-or really a ZERO! They DO NOT care about their members. More than half of their equipment has been unavailable for the past week and will continue to be unavailable for another week. Half of this month (July) there will be very limited workout equipment and very over crowded because of this. We asked if there was going to be a partial months dues refunded to members because of all the closures. The answer we received was a big fat NO and there was nothing offered in replace; the employee who responded also talked down to us, pretty much saying we need to find alternative workouts. We are VERY disappointed with their lack of customer service. We pay good money to have the vast option of workout equipment to be available. I DO NOT recommend this gym AT ALL, they are money hungry and do not care to please their members.
So far my husband and I love this place! The child care is great with wonderful, caring employees! It’s clean and there’s always open machines and weights. The pool is great too! Friendly staff. The only complaint I have is about the parking lot… the parking lines are next to impossible to see. People are taking up two or more spots due to not being able to see were the lines are. This is a big problem because it gets so busy here and it’s difficult to find a parking spot.


XXXXsh Usmani July 18, 2017 at 10:47 am

I started my membership for my family on June 18th, 2017.
In the past we had been lifetime members. We ended up ending past membership since my daughter (at the time age 2) cried until she vomited at her first day in the childcare area, so we felt we were not getting the full use out of the membership since my husband and I were never able to enjoy the gym together.
Fast forward a few years, and now we joined with our two children (age 1 and 5). We made them aware of canceling our previous membership and they said they had doXXXXented notes on my daughter crying to point of vomiting and that the child caretaker from that time is no longer with the company. So when joining this time they gave us a 7-day money back guarantee- meaning if we canceled in the first 7 days we would be fully refunded.

After visiting the gym the first day, my husband and I realized we may not have time to justify the amount we would be spending on the membership monthly, since we are both deep into our careers and since our younger child (age 1) takes so many naps and sleeps early, we are restricted somewhat by his schedule.

So just after 2 days, on June 20th, 2017 I called to cancel our membership which had a 7 day money back guarantee. They told me I had to come in to cancel in person. That evening, I went to cancel the membership. Since Brendyia was not available at that time, they directed me to the sales manager- Daniel Lalli.

I went into the office and explained our reason for canceling the membership and he explained that I would still be charged for a month, because I needed to give a “30 day notice”. I explained him the 7 day money back guarantee given by brendyia (in doXXXXentation).He then got frustrated and signed the cancellation paper and told me he wrote a note on my account that I would never be able to do this again. His demeanor was unacceptable, but I did not want to create a scene in front of my 5 year old.

I left with the cancellation doXXXXent, and I was assured I would not be charged any additional payments, and that my initially payment would be refunded.

Not only was my initial payment not refunded, but I was charged the full monthly membership fee again, and once we disputed the transaction with our cc company, the payment was canceled, but a few days later we were charged with the monthly membership fee again.

We will both be visiting the facility tonight, to get this cleared out and get our money back. This has been a very unpleasant experience to say the least, and I will not be interacting with Lifetime Fitness in any way in the future, and will most definitely deter and friends and family from joining their facilities.


Peter Carter July 17, 2017 at 7:25 pm

There are two Smith machines at the Apex, N.C location. One is out of order and when I asked someone on the staff about when it will be repaired he stated that they want to get rid of both of them and that if I you want to squat you should use a squat rack. This staff member obviously has never been to a real gym. Smith machines are used for many different exercises, squats being the least. I hope that upper management will realize that not every member wants to work on an olympic power rack. I utilize both. Smith machines can be used for various bench presses, shoulder exercises and yes sometimes members use them for squats. They are one of the most useful pieces of equipment in any gym. I only wish being in the gym business your company and your staff would educate yourselves on the uses of something that every gym has and you are looking to get rid of.


Henry Lennon July 13, 2017 at 11:55 am

DO NOT START A MEMBERSHIP WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! Filipe, Tyler, don’t worry. I will not attempt to reach out to you or your company in an attempt to resolve the issues amicably again. You will be hearing from my attorney, the attorney general, and the better business bureau regarding your lack of customer service and over billing. Good day gentlemen.


Henry Lennon July 13, 2017 at 11:28 am

DO NOT start a membership with this company. Filipe, Tyler, don’t worry. I will not attempt to resolve the issue amicably. You will be hearing from my attorney, the attorney general, and the better business bureau on my behalf.


Geraldine July 11, 2017 at 8:02 am

I saw the write up in the paper about Lifetime opening in malls. I thought this was an excellent idea. I went on to Google the name Bahram Akradi. Was I in for a shock. I have learned to find reviews on everything. I don’t think I’ll bother with this particular company.


Jessica July 10, 2017 at 12:56 pm

I’ve only been a member for two months and recently, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Time is of the essence and I need as much money as I can to go see him. I told Lifetime this and they had the audacity to ask for a doctor’s note! I said “lemme get this straight: you want me to prove to you that my dad is f-ing dying?!” I am livid! One, it’s none of your business why I’m cancelling my account and two, how dare you be so insensitive? Who the f**k do you think you are?! I am more than ready to take this to the media outlets and to corporate. Ugh.


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:07 am

This company will screw you when you close your account. First thing is to close all financial holes they can get their corrupt hands on. Second, get the person who is closing you out to tell you the truth about how they are going to bill you several more times, there are MANY complaints in the state of Texas about this exact, illegal practice. Wake up people and sue this deceptive POS company and make them pay for this horrible, don’t own up to type of behavior. And shame on all the employees who follow the leaders of this crap hole! I am going to spend the $75 to go after you lying, cheating, deceptive and corrupt POS!


Mike S. July 2, 2017 at 7:22 am

My name is Mike and let me tell you about the Life Time Athletic location in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Twice in the past 90 days, I have had a total of $1,350.00 stolen from — my locked locker. The first time it occurred, Life Time compensated me by giving me the same dollar amount that was stolen, as a credit on my monthly membership fee. Fine. I can live with that. However, this past Saturday (6/24) — lightning struck again and the same damn locker. This time however, the thief or thieves — made off with 10 $100.00 bills. They were kind and left the twenty, the ten and three ones that were also in my wallet. Obviously, I was livid. I called the Sandy Springs Police department to report it. The officer came and a police report was filled out. Nice fellow, by the way. The GM and her assistant were just as “shocked” as I was that this would happen twice to me — in their facility. You see…while one can lock their locker with the combination “clicker” embedded on the locker door…their is a “master key” that will unlock any and all lockers. After I had calmed down a bit, I assumed that the club would at least offer to make-me “whole” and compensate me in some way or fashion for my loss. How wrong could I be as they offered me nothing but hollow-words to say how sorry they are and that now…we have “undercover Sandy Springs Police utilizing the club and on the look out” for…”suspicious characters”. What a pile of horse manure. They know that it has to be someone with access to the “master key” — so my loss was 99% done by an employee or employees who have access to such key! It was not a guest member stealing from me. It was an employee or employees of the club! On Tuesday, a detective from Sandy Springs Police department called me to follow-up with me and the theft. I was informed that this particular theft — is at least the 12th theft that has occurred in the locker rooms. Incredible. How could they continue to let this happen w/o the least bit of care for their paying members? Bottom line…I resigned my membership today and left my “cut-up’ membership card. They can “stick-it where the sun don’t shine”, as far as I’m concerned. So all of you who might be interested in joining this particular location, beware of the thief or thieves that work (prowl) here!


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:02 am

you might want to close all financial alleys for this company to get into, they will bill you after the fact. Read many complaints about this practice.


Nancy June 19, 2017 at 11:55 am

I think it’s ridiculous that I get 12 guest passes but that guest can only come to the gym once every 60 days! I should be able to use my passes on whomever I want. If I want to use all 12 on the same person that’s my decision.
Once every 60 days! Unbelievable!


Nancy June 19, 2017 at 8:50 pm

Spoke in haste. Sorry Life Time. Went back to speak to them in person and they explained the reason behind the policy and they made everything ok. I’m happy again.


Lynnea Molone June 18, 2017 at 2:05 pm

Normally I don’t post about negative experiences but I feel like something really needs to be said about what I, my fiancé, and my friend experienced here yesterday.
We got to the Lifetime pool and were enjoying the day. We each ordered a drink from their snack bar. We then spent a while sun bathing. My friend then said that she needed to use the restroom. It looked like there were bathrooms on the backside of the snack bar building so we walked over and realized there weren’t any. My friend accidentally spilled a small amount of her drink on the concrete as we were walking over. We then left our beverages at our chairs and went into the main building to use their restroom. We came back out and sunbathed a bit more. I went and bought some wine (was not asked for any sort of I.D. any of the times that I ordered a drink yesteday). I came back and we had a few sips before deciding to go onto the water slide. Nicole (who claimed to be the assistant manager but did not provide any sort of proof and who appeared to be at the pool for leisure) approached my fiancé and told him that “they had had some complaints about swim attire and intoxication.” He then asked her if he had done anything wrong. She responded with “No, you have not. We have received complaints about the girls you are with.” He then told her that if he was not in the wrong then she shouldn’t be talking to him and that she would have to speak with us regarding our conduct as we are all separate members of the gym, not guests.
When we got to the bottom of the water slide and were exiting the pool she stopped us in the water and said that they had received complaints. I asked that any complaints that they receive be doXXXXented. I did not need to know who was complaining I just wanted to make certain that the facts were preserved. I then requested a print out of their swimsuit policy so we could comply with their rules in the future. We were denied both requests. We were told that we did not need to have any reason given to us and that my friend’s swimsuit was “clearly inappropriate for her body”. My fiancé then asked how she knew we were intoxicated to which Nicole replied “just look at them”. My fiancé then responded by saying “I’m not sure what you’re referencing. They haven’t done anything inappropriate.” She then jumped between body shaming my friend, and claiming we were intoxicated with her proof of “look at them”. She said that we weren’t fitting in with their “family environment”. My fiancé was swimming laps, my friend and I were sunbathing and occasionally going into the pool. We were not doing anything that others were not doing including drinking. She then said that since we had spilled a drink we were intoxicated to which my fiancé asked “have you ever seen a someone spill a beverage that was filled to the top lip of the cup while they were walking? To claim someone is intoxicated based on so little evidence is purely speculative.” This manager then became obviously annoyed and said that “we had been warned” but she still did not give any clear direction on which behaviors needed to be corrected. This was a civil conversation so we just assumed that we needed to stop having so much fun and being so happy….? My friend felt very embarrassed at this point because she basically had said that her body was offensive. We were planning on just continuing to sunbathe until my fiancé was ready to leave and that that would be the end of it.
We had just returned to our chairs and had started sunbathing again when she returned to us with two very large Lifetime associates in tow. She told us to collect our things and told us that we were being kicked out. I asked her what more we had done and she smiled at me and told me we were being kicked out. Like she was enjoying embarrassing paying customers. Like she enjoyed harassing us. I felt like there were many other avenues that could have been explored before escorting us out like we were criminals in front of our peers and family. I feel like their customer service lacked entirely in this situation. I’m a manager of a property and even if I have a tenant that is causing issues I always treat them with respect. I felt like she could have calmly come over to us and let us know that we had 10 minutes to collect our belongings and leave quietly before she got security if she was going to insist on throwing us out. We were completely calm and posed no threat to the patrons around us. Instead, she never gave us time to correct our “so called” inappropriate behavior and made a public spectacle of us. All of us now don’t even want to return because of the blatant harassment that we received yesterday. This woman used her power to make paying members feel small and self conscious in their own swimsuits. As we went to get our things from the dressing rooms escorted by security we were starting to tear up as none of us has ever experienced such disrespectful behavior by someone who is supposed to be there to ensure your safety and to help you.
I went back and forth about even posting this as it was such an embarrassing event to begin with, but I genuinely feel like they didn’t have a good reason to kick us out and that they were just plain mean when it came to my friend’s body. This would be a good time to note that I saw multiple swimsuits that were far more revealing than my friends ever was.


Lynnea Molone June 18, 2017 at 2:06 pm

The Urbandale Lifetime


Lisa June 16, 2017 at 8:18 pm

Employee of the Month – Centennail, CO Cameron is not that person. I called today to inquire about canceling my membership due to a work related injury – when I asked if there was a way to cancel other than coming into the facility – he became very unpleasant. I would think that Lifetime’s primary goal would be to try to retain memberships – after dealing with his demeanor – i have no doubt about my decision to cancel. Perhaps he was having a bad day – but regardless, you have to wonder how many people he treated so badly today – its unfortunate that there were no managers on duty (I called and asked) so that someone could speak with him. I’m disappointed that this is how my membership with Lifetime will end – I may have considered coming back after my recovery – but after today – I don’t think so.


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:09 am

better close the access to your money, they will take it. Check with your Attorney General about the corrupt people they are!


mai steinbook June 15, 2017 at 8:29 pm

maisteinbook at I have been a member on & off for more than 10 years! My complaint is that there is NO customer service what so ever in this place. I got sick, so the manager told me to bring the dr’s excuse and they would put membership on hold. Well they overlooked that & continue charging my husband account for a full year! When we find out , I complained to Donna Earhart manager, and Gina in front desk. Donna said She would give me 7 months to compensate the years charged ; without knowing at the 5th month Donna stop the membership and started charging again without letting me know!! I was astonished, & the response of front desk was nasty to say the least ( Gina), left messages to Donna who responded once out of many phone calls & said she will call me when fixes the problem. Nothing happen the end of last year! Called headquarters spoke with Savanna she was yelling at me, belittle me so I have to hang up! I felt so helpless & disappointed to see I was treated like having no value as a loyal customer! My husband decided to pay whatever amount they invented, & renew the membership to protect me from the horrible treatment, over 20 phone calls before join again, living messages to Donna Earhart this time, not receiving any calls back!!! Please do something we only receive: bad attitude, nastiness, disrespect and none customer service. Please make it a pleasant place to go. Thanks. Mai Steinbook from Boca Raton, FLORIDA


Dexter June 15, 2017 at 6:56 pm

I have been a member of Lifetime Fitness at the Johns Creek, GA location since it first opened in around May 2008 and even changed my status from a Gold to an Onyx Status, traveling to Colorado and Washington DC on business and attending Lifetime fitness centers at those locations as well. I recently made some suggestions to the current young GM at the Johns Creek, GA location, however, he arrogantly shrugged his shoulders and had no regard about the few suggestions I made in both in person and via the suggestion computer for that location. He was very argumentative, immature, disrespectful, and totally unable to listen to reason. Case and point, when it comes to safety of the Lifetime members and employees in regards to safety (Objects placed near exit doors/routes between the basketball exit doors and activity center for Summer Camp), he was totally unable to relate and listen to reason and wisdom. It’s totally mind boggling how this young man was put in this position. He felt threatened when I mentioned that I was trying to handle these issues on the lowest possible level and that I was moving forward with reporting my concerns to the Corporate office. PLEASE LOOK INTO MY SAFETY CONCERNS AND LOOK INTO TRAINING ALL LIFETIME STAFF MEMBERS ON WHERE TO PLACE & NOT PLACE SIGNS AND LARGE OBJECTS (TABLES). HERE ARE THE OSHA REGULATIONS IN REGARDS TO EXIT ROUTES (MEANS OF EGRESS):
United States Department of Labor
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Standard Number: 1910.36 – Means of Egress)
Exit Routes:

United States Department of Labor
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Standard Number: 1910.37 Maintenance, safeguards, and Operational Features for Exit Routes)
The danger to employees must be minimized.
Exit routes must be free and unobstructed. No materials or equipment may be placed, either permanently or temporarily, within the exit route.

Rules For Exit Routes – OSHA Standards
Citations, Exit Route Definition
OSHA defines an exit route as “a continuous and unobstructed path of exit travel from any point within a workplace to a place of safety.” An exit route consists of exit access (the space that leads to an exit), the exit itself (which is separated from other areas so it protects people using the exit) and the exit discharge (which leads to the street, open space or a refuge area).
• Exit routes should be unobstructed.
• Exit door shouldn’t be obscured by decorations.

United States Access Board (Advancing Full Access and Inclusion for All)
Means of Egress:


Quincy Towns June 13, 2017 at 11:56 pm

I am terribly disappointed regarding the level of service that Lifetime Fitness provides for their customers, but reading all these bad reviews I can see I am not alone. I have been a platinum member for almost 4 years and use to visit the gym twice a day a few years ago. Recently, family time and other things have not allowed me to use my membership as often as I would like. So almost two months ago I moved into a new home maybe 30 min farther away from the gym then I originally was. I went in to cancel my membership and the member services guy said they would be building a new Lifetime closer to me within 4 months and I could put my account on hold for $21 a month and come in 4 times a month. I agreed and in the process of moving I wasn’t able to come in the gym because I was so busy. So the very first time I come in I am being told my account is on hold and I can only come in once every second weekend of the month. I would never had agree to that deal so every time I would come in I am getting harassed about this setup which I never agreed to. I called member service management and the manager said “Yeah we changed the policy to make it easier for the front desk.” They gave no notice of this and she tells me, “well Dallas is the only gym they even do this for as an answer.” So I asked to speak with the GM and the Regional Manager. She proceeds to tell me that they will say the same thing that they won’t honor what I was told. So I called the Regional Manager and she refuses to honor what I was offered as well. Again, I am highly disappointed that this company does business this way. If you give me an offer that I accept, honor your word and don’t tell me that he shouldn’t of told you that so we will coach him. That doesn’t help me and to spend $97 a month for over three years and get this kind of treatment is an insult. I am going to cancel my membership. I don’t appreciate these kind of practices from a large corporation such as Lifetime Fitness.


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:04 am

make sure to close all financial avenues, they will bill you after the fact, read many of the same complaints, protect yourself.


Eron Raines June 10, 2017 at 1:14 pm


My wife and I are members of the club in Dallas, TX. We have been members for several months now and go to the gym several times a week. Small things have been adding up since we joined: 1) I got severe food poisoning from the cafe; 2) numerous reports of XXXXroaches in the changing rooms have been made yet still there are XXXXroaches; 3) cleanliness of the change rooms is sub-par and many requests have been made to fix them; 4) when notified of lost items the front desk often would skirt the issue and we’ve had better luck talking with the janitorial staff in located the items; 5) my membership card has the name misspelled on it and despite several request a replacement has not been made; 6) the dry sauna (whole reason I bought the membership in the first place) has been down over a week and it appears will be down for at least another week. My wife and I are patient people and we understand these things happen. However, taken together we are ready to drop the membership and join a different gym. Before we did this I thought it best to talk with management about the issue and see if they would perhaps pro-rate a monthly charge so as to mitigate the inconveniences and earn our continued business despite the gyms continued shortcomings. The manager belittled my concerns pushing the blame of the issues on to me. I am astonished at her response to my issues. As such, we are now actively seeking a different gym and, once we settle on our new gym, will cancel our membership and support for the gym.

Eron Raines


Peter Kelly June 5, 2017 at 4:48 pm

I am a member of the club in Westwood MA. When this club opened last year it was kept clean, however since then it has gone down-hill rapidly.
And………………….Its impossible to get a hold of anyone by phone. I went there this past Saturday and the outdoor pool was closed, when I asked why I was told the lifeguard never showed up……….?????????
We had this VERY same situation last year on several occasions.
This outdoor pool is only opened for twelve weeks a year and we all love swimming outdoors.
Perhaps a change of management would be an option………………….?


Huss Berri May 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm

I’ve been a member since 2010, and i’ve put my membership on hold plenty of times when I would be out of town. This last time I put it on hold they were charging $15 a month which was okay. But my last statement showed that it automatically came off hold and they somehow I agreed to that. they said they changed their policy and I had to choose a date for reinstatement. I did not choose a date for reinstatement, and I’m going to Japan for one month. Knowing this, there is no way I would’ve chosen to pay for the month of May for absolutely no reason, and no access. I called every club I’ve been to, and headquarters. Everyone was rude and told me they emailed me and I’m out of luck. A guy named Patrick in headquarters answered my call and when I asked to speak to a supervisor he simply said “no.” Then when I attempted to resolve the issue with him, he told me I have no options and he was going to shut the phone in my face unless I hung up. Where in society is it okay for a business to run by these standards? Where is customer loyalty in Lifetime? it’s non-existent. I received NO emails, and this is something I would never do. I’m a law student, and I’m prudent enough not to make such a ridiculous decision to pay $75 and not use my membership. This club shows no loyalty, they don’t care about anything but the money you pay. No one ever calls back, no one ever listens to their voicemails, and most of all no employee working for lifetime, directly or indirectly, cares, not even the smallest bit, for its customers. I’m not paying another dime to lifetime, and I will make sure they never get another dime from me. This company would rather loose a potential life-long member, than resolve a small issue. Lifetime cares about the $75 now, but clearly don’t see that if they were to help their members they would make much more than $75 in the long-run. This is no way of doing business, I’m absolutely horrified by this experience and feeling helpless, and feeling like no one in this company is willing to help. I don’t care what I signed because I’ve signed that form plenty of times before and I was never told I had to choose a reinstatement date. I had no idea, nor should I have known that this new policy was in effect because it has never been in the past, and I was not informed at the time I put my membership on hold. Currently, the only lifetime near my location is over 1 and 1/2 hours away. Yet we have to show up in person to cancel, or put a membership on hold? lifetime knows how to squeeze money out of people, but it’s not going to happen any longer. As I see on here are multiple people who have been wronged by this company, but there are also dedicated sites for customer complaints; namely, Lifetime has been a popular source for complaints on those websites. This terrible service, and the advantage lifetime has been taking will end. If there is no resolution from the CEO, CFO, or COO, then there will be action taken. Lifetime will not bully its customers and will not practice making money by taking advantage of its consumers. I put a stop payment on my card, and Lifetime will not receive a dime from me; If this escalates from lifetime’s end, I will seek legal remedy. This can be resolved by putting my membership back on hold the way I asked, and removing my $75 charge, as I WILL NOT BE IN THE US to even use my membership;


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:10 am

close all access to your money, they will take it. Check with your attorney general , they will have many of these same complaints, go after them!


Austin Lerch April 20, 2017 at 10:41 pm

This is hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with. I went into the gym and told them straight up that I wanted a month to month membership because I had started a new job and wasn’t sure how often I would be able to make it to the gym. The sales woman told me that was fine and had me sign up for their membership. Two months later my hours picked up and I couldn’t find time for the gym. I called to cancel, and they said it was fine but I had to come in the gym to officially cancel. When I get there, I am told that I was enrolled in their “Loyalty” Membership for a full year. Was told the only way to cancel it was if you moved away or had a medical issue. This bait and switch piece of s**t company is a joke, I plan on taking them to court, and it looks like this isn’t an uncommon practice here. I would ask for someone higher up in management to contact me, but I’m sure they will just ignore it because this company is complete garbage.


Nick Iacoviello April 16, 2017 at 11:18 pm

We need a location in Spring,tx/ the woodlands… any plans for one soon?


Tim Walker April 13, 2017 at 6:48 pm

I called the club today to cancel both of my memberships and was told I could not do that without a certified letter and or a visit to the club? Seems very odd. Why cant I just cancel over the phone? Or perhaps its just better to contact American express and charge this back?? Please call me at your earliest convenience…This is a very odd practice.


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:06 am

be careful, close all financial outlets, they will bill you after the fact, read many of the same complaints.


Anonymous April 12, 2017 at 8:45 pm

I was assaulted by the GM at lifetime fitness. This guy disrespected my family and I and deserves to lose his position..


Robin Dees, RN April 10, 2017 at 9:45 pm

My name is Robin Dees. I am a Registered Nurse and just started a company named VitaDrip IV Therapy. I stopped by your gym in the Willowbrook, Houston, TX area and they seemed interested in what I have to offer and asked that I email you.
I have Vitamin Infused IVs and Hydration IVs. I can go to the gym every week or every other week to administer these IVs to your patrons of the gym. By taking vitamins in this manner, there is a nearly 100% cellular uptake! I have a medical director that oversees my business at all times.
Feel free to stop by my website at where you will find a complete IV menu.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email! Let me know if I can secure a spot in your gym! Please call or email if you have any questions.

Robin Dees, RN, BSN
VitaDrip at


Lynn April 5, 2017 at 12:53 pm

The gyms in Waterloo, Ontario are overwhelmed! We need more gyms in this area. The parking lot is always full and people are being turned away that would like to take classes. It’s a great problem to have. The Kitchener/Waterloo area of Ontario is a booming University and Engineering hub filled with people who make health and fitness a top priority. This is an excellent location for a new LifeTime Fitness gym in Canada. Please come out and take a look at the area!


David DeGroot April 2, 2017 at 2:06 pm


I worked for LifeTime last year, but I never received my W2. I’ve tried calling both the fitness club I worked for and the corporate office on multiple occasions, but each time I do, I get re-routed and transferred to so many other lines, that eventually I reach a dead line or get hung up on. I’m starting to worry since the tax report submission deadline is less than two weeks away. I tried getting into my old account online, but it appears that since I’ve ceased to work there, all my account information has been deleted. Any help in obtaining my W2 would be greatly appreciated! My current email is degroot1993 at


Former employee number: 175995


Linda McClellan March 30, 2017 at 2:06 pm

My 73 year old husband signed a one year contract for a membership in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I provided a doctor’s note including contact phone number. The staff (Kurt) was very helpful and sympathetic. My husband has neurapathy and is unable to stand for more than minutes at a time. Neuapathy is a neuroligal disease that attacks the nerves in the arms and legs. Inability to stand and/or use hands to function normally are the outstanding symptoms of the diagnosis. He can fall over and drop things without warning. This happens regularly. Should he be in the gym he could seriously injure himself and others. He will be wheelchair bound in the very near future. His mental capacities with regard to decision making are impaired. The membership has been put on a medical hold but I am requesting the membership be null and void. The doctor’s note supports my request. It appears that the local gym is not able to handle the request and referred me to the corporate offices. I am requesting your attention to this and terminate his membership so that no further expense is incurred and that no one is seriously injured. Please contact me at the email above. I am open to a telephone conversation. Thank you.


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:13 am

close all access to your money, they will take it. Contact your attorney general, there will be many complaints.


Matthew Suker March 30, 2017 at 12:16 pm


My name is Matthew Suker and I am an Account Manager for Butora USA – The Climbing Shoe Company. I am reaching out to Lifetime Fitness because I see you utilize Rock Walls in many of your facilities to expand your Health & Wellness experience.

Butora is the fastest growing Climbing Shoe Company in the world due to our unique building process and higher quality materials we use in our shoes. We have also opened a whole new market that is expanding the opportunities to utilize branding in your shoes to increase your brand awareness through one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

We offer COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED Rental Shoes. You can get creative and change colors, brand your Lifetime Fitness logos on the shoe, you can choose materials, and we also were the first company to offer a completely Gray, Non-Marking Rubber rental shoe. You can help preserve your expensive walls with gray rubber rentals and keep the black scuffs to a minimum.

It would be great to get in contact with the correct department that may be interested in providing ALL Lifetime Fitness’ Nationwide with a unique, custom rental shoe. We have been very successful with our Custom Rental Shoe Program, and I’d very much like to discuss more with the correct contact.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to discuss the advantages to offering such a unique branding experience at your Rock Walls.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a great day.


anon March 28, 2017 at 1:52 pm

If I was physically assaulted by an employee at my location, the GM at my location isn’t interested in taking corrective action, and the email address for corporate leads to a ‘site not found’ page…what are my options?

I can post the entire incident here but hope that isn’t necessary.

Look forward to hearing from a Lifetime representative soon.

Thank you


anon March 28, 2017 at 1:55 pm

I forgot the part about them asking me not to return to the gym, indefinitely apparently as I’ve yet to receive a follow up, and the employee involved is still being paid to work there (not even a suspension).


Nikki Johnson March 7, 2017 at 11:26 am

My name is Nikki Johnson, I’m the National Sales Manager for Cashco Distributors. We are the largest distributor of Bulk Travel and Trial Size programs in the U.S., located in Portland, OR. We have over 40 years of experience in Bulk Travel and Trial size products and currently partner with retailers such as: Lowes, Schnucks, Wegmans, Fred Meyer and Walgreens to name a few. Upon visiting your Orland Park, IL, I observed an opportunity for Travel Size items in the Lifetime Spa. Cashco is a ONE STOP SHOP and we can provide you with Travel Size Health and Beauty items. We inventory over 450 plus Travel Size items and have warehouses strategically located in OR and TN, with flexible shipping options (DSD, Cross Dock, Warehouse), which makes for a quick turnaround within all 50 states.

I would love to meet with you and demonstrate how I can create a valuable Bulk Travel Size program. One that will provide an outstanding ROI for many years to come. I welcome the opportunity to partner with Life Time Fitness. I have provided my contact information below. I can also provide examples of our program, which include: General Travel Size, Natural and Ethnic travel size items.


Donald Young March 4, 2017 at 2:36 pm

To anyone who cares,

I have been a loyal member for 10 years and have had two occasions where I had to suspend my account for a brief period of time due to business travel. The first time was years ago without any hassle and restored my account less than a year afterwards. This last time was a nightmare of epic proportions, clearly the membership rates were raised for a reason and now the company is desperate to keep every last dollar they can. I have not set foot in the Romeoville IL facility since October when I started my new job in Florida and they told me back then that rather then cancel my membership I should just suspend it even though I didnt think I would use it again. Given my first experience I didnt think it would be a problem at that time and as long as I wasnt being billed what’s the difference. That’s when the nightmare began, first they kept billing my credit card which I didnt notice until Christmas break when I finally had some free time to review my credit card transactions and then when I called they apologized and said they would take care of it immediately but the refund would take up to 90 days to hit my credit card, odd I thought but at least they promised. The next month, you guessed it, they charged my card again ! This time I called and asked for a manager to just cancel the account and Kaly Dedetsinas explained to me that I have to come down to the gym in person to do that even though I’m in Florida at my new job. Of course I couldnt leave work so I had to literally fly my wife to Chicago just to go to Romeoville and have her cancel the membership in person (I had a family membership for $165 a month). Kaly wasnt there of course but her assistant was and processed the paperwork for the cancellation on February 8th. I asked my wife if they said anything about our refund but the assistant told her that I would have to speak directly to Kaly about that, shocker.

I then called Kaly, about an hour ago to inquire about everything and was told in a sweet and friendly voice there’s nothing she can do to help me. I then asked if I could speak to a manager and of course she said “I am the manager”, I then asked if she worked for anyone at the facility and she said “I’m in charge right now”. My guess is you can imagine by now how I’m feeling but I finally got her to cough up the name of the GM, John Dahman, while she kept reminding me that he wouldnt be able to do anything for me either and regardless she couldnt get a hold of him anyway.

To anyone who has read this far I apologize for the long winded version and I have never actually taken the time to complain about something like this but when you’re treated this badly I just feel compelled to share it with those who might suffer the same fate.

Oh, and if all of what I said hasnt been enough, I received an email yesterday stating that my “March” dues are now overdue because I cancelled the credit card on my account. (see far below)

I wish this was all a dramatic exaggeration but unfortunately every word of this is 100% true and would love to hear from anyone who feels differently.


Praying for a miracle

email content below…

Member ID: 101809676
Club Name: Life Time Fitness Romeoville
Past Due Balance: $164.00

Dear Donald,

Our records indicate a past balance due on your Life Time Fitness membership. We have been unable to collect this amount from the payment method we have on file. Perhaps your credit card expired or another was issued by your bank. We understand that this may be the result of a simple oversight and would like to assist you in updating your information.


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:08 am

good luck, very common to charge you after you close your account, read many of the same complaints.


JoPo March 3, 2017 at 7:02 pm

My experience at Lifetime Fitness in Centreville, Virginia-

I notified the front desk lady that I would stop my membership in November. December 27 was my last day.

I was told this was taken care of. They did not take care of it and now you want
me to pay for their lapse.

I was moving out of state and that’s why I gave notice. They refuse to talk to their employee at the front desk. She was a young brunette. If they can’t manage information that is not my problem.

I also plan to go to social media about this, along with their poorly maintained equipment,
cleaning issues, and some of the inappropriate things that go on in their men’s locker room, which they know about. To call this gym “gay friendly” is an understatement.

All of those issues didn’t make for a great gym experience.

Now I get an email saying I owe 275.00. This is because of a female employee who is now turning this into a person issue. If the clerk didn’t process my termination when I told her- why wouldn’t the lady I spoke with in Jan, Feb and now Mar do it.


Megan April 2, 2017 at 12:21 am

This sounds like my situation. I called March 31st to find out the cancellation process as it was the last day of the month. I was informed that there is a 30 day period so I would have to pay for April. Well I have an older contract apparently which means I have to pay through May31st! I was lied to when I tried to do my “due-diligence” to ensure I could cancel in a timely manner! The employee should have told me that it depended on the my contract!!! I want to believe corporate can fix this as we were only but a few hours from cancelling as saving $130 especially when my child’s life is in danger.


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:14 am

this is standard practice, close all access to your money, they will take it. Contact your attorney general, they will have many complaints like this!


Saul Steven Bolanos February 22, 2017 at 6:05 pm

Dear Lifetime fitness,
I am writing this in regards to the treatment that has followed my experience at lifetime fitness(Scottsdale). There are guests and employees who have been treated poorly to which I have felt very unwelcome. Being asked not enter certain departments because of the distractions caused. I have always fully enjoyed the energetic staff and willingness to help specificity the night time operations and cafe staff. I did not appreciate the exclusion which I am assuming no other member or employee after work for a workout has been told this. I have a deep love for the gym here and would like to see a change for this company’s reputation of improper treatment of employees and guests.


Tammie McGregor February 7, 2017 at 3:56 pm

Member please take a note that tax cant be charged for swim team. My 2 daughters dropped out and Manager Hailee Bisel at Allen, TX location wrongly charged tax on my swim team fee.
Watch out when you need to cancel your membership, take all detailed paper work including how much the final fee will be, what fees should be included because you won’t know until you see it on your credit card statement. Lifetime will have hidden fees here and there that you can not see!


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:15 am

they will take all your money, contact your attorney general, there will be many complaints like this.


Tammie McGregor February 6, 2017 at 10:20 pm

Gave 30 days notice IN PERSON with Manager Hailee Bissel at Allen, TX location to cancel membership for my husband and 2 children. Concern from many friends and other members regarding overcharge after cancellation, I emailed the Manager asking how much will be exactly I will pay for February 2017 prorated bill, but they still overcharge! Email manager, called and left message to the manager, no response.
Yes, they say I can cancel my membership anytime, but still charge $20 for cancellation.
Stay away from Lifetime Fitness.


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:10 am

very common practice, read many of the same complaints, contact your AG


Jeremy Mueller February 3, 2017 at 10:49 am

I enjoyed my membership for several years. I did not realize how unethical they would be when it would come time to cancel. They said I “signed” doXXXXentation to reactivate my membership after six months. I moved 50 miles away… I would not agree to that. They sent me “doXXXXentation” showing my signature attached to information related to the reactivation. This is fraudulent. I never signed that doXXXXent. It would make no sense. At best they have an HR issue with an employee who fabricated doXXXXentation. At worst it is a scam engrained in their practices.


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:17 am

same s**t I got, close all access to money, contact your attorney general, there will be many complaints like this. Crooks.


Mark j January 30, 2017 at 3:51 pm

I would say that I am very disappointed with Life Time and how unprofessional everyone at Life Time has been regarding my attempt to cancel this membership. More than 6 months ago I had contacted member services on numerous occasions by email and by phone asking to cancel the membership but was always told I must come in to cancel even when I explained that I travel often and am not in town for long periods of time.

At no point, did anyone explain to me that I had the option of sending a signed letter stating I wish to cancel my account. I was told that I must come in to cancel and the reason was, otherwise anyone could cancel anyone’s account. This is obviously Life Times approach to bilk as much from patrons as possible figuring once you leave you don’t matter to them any longer.

Not until I attempted to contact Mr. Akradi directly did someone give me the option of cancelling by signed letter. Your sales approach is no different the Time Share sales.


Tony Quin January 16, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Last June my wife my wife signed up my son for a 14 day trial at the club that we both used in Atlanta. Before the end of the trial she told them that he did not want the membership. He did not go during the trial or at any time since. We were told that the trial had been canceled. We didn’t think anything more about it until we noticed this January that even though we had canceled our membership last October because we were moving out of state, we were still being billed every month. On investigation, we discovered that the billing was not for us but for our son. We also discovered that he had been called twice by the club about his non-use of his membership and had told them he didn’t have a membership. The bottom line is that we were billed $1048 for services we did not order and did not receive. The club refuses to do anything. We have created a dispute with our credit card company, and I will wait to proceed to have the social media department of the ad agency (IQ Agency) for which I am the CEO, put together a communications plan to spread the word of how this company does business until I determine if they will rectify their error.


Alicia Hernandez January 25, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Hi there! I am interested to know what did you get back as far as a response from them? I’m currently in the same situation with them when i cancelled mid October! Here we are January 2017 and STILL getting charged!


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:18 am

contact your attorney general, same sh** with me, file against them. It is cheap to file


Fereshteh January 12, 2017 at 9:25 pm

I would like to speak with Bahram about his club manager here in Las Vegas, Nv..
The currrnt manager here in summerlin area is not interested to hear about the problems with machines or customer service issues.

Lotfan ba man tamas begirid. Mamnoon

Thank you


Paul Newton May 22, 2017 at 11:49 pm

I have sum of the same issues at the lifetime fitness at will Clayton and lake houston Pkwy in Atascocita…there are sum rude front desk and cafe employees


Joe Golio January 11, 2017 at 8:45 pm

Lifetime Fitness Management, 1/5/2017
My wife and I were Lifetime Fitness members at the Plymouth facility for a number of years a few years back, but decided to end our membership for personal reasons. On Nov ember 1, 2016 we moved our home from Plymouth to Prior Lake and after hearing how much our son liked the Savage facility, decided to re-join Lifetime. We went to the facility on December 29th and told them at the front desk we would like to join. They immediately set us up with one of the account managers, Kevin Hardin. Like I said, we were set to join, and didn’t require the account manager to ‘sell’ Lifetime to us. He spent a few minutes showing us the facility, and showed us the signing benefits and the fees. We assumed this was as good as it would get, since he never mentioned upcoming programs with different pricing.
Low and behold, on January 1st my wife sees there is $0 joining fees!! What a slap in the face! We just dropped $250 to get 2 quarter zip jackets (which we don’t need & haven’t received), free entry to the 60 day Challenge (which we don’t need to lose weight), and free entry to a 5K which we probably wouldn’t do. My wife emailed Kevin immediately. Obviously we got no response. So, I called Kevin on 1/4/17 and voiced my extreme displeasure at the fact that he let us spend $250 on joining fees that day and never once mentioned the fact that if we had waited 3 more days, we would likely be able join without paying all those fees. He told me that he didn’t know about the special that was going to be running and in fact, he told us that this sort of thing happens all the time. Well, he could’ve told us that it was likely that it would happen (especially if it usually does). He said there were at least 15 other calls since Jan 1 from other members complaining about this exact same thing. He said it is common occurrence for them to find out about sales and specials the morning the sale/special begins. What a terrible way to run a business. Even car and furniture salesmen know what is coming! So, I have three (3) questions.
1) Is it really true that you don’t make your account managers aware of upcoming specials?
2) If you don’t and you really run your business this way, can we get a refund of our signing fees and we will consider rejoining at the next $0 signing fee time?
3) If you do and Kevin didn’t give us the information to make an educated decision, can we get a refund of our signing fees and rejoin at the $0 signing fee cost?
Either you have a poor business model by not keeping your account managers in the loop so they can ‘manage’ accounts or your account manager wasn’t honest with us. Either way, we would like a refund of the signing fees (you can keep your ‘free’ benefits; the jackets, the entry fees for the challenge and 5K). We appreciate a business that is forthcoming and honest – as we would be forthcoming and honest as customers.
I would hope that Lifetime Fitness would not be taking advantage of its customers this way. Please let us know what we can expect. We intend to continue to be loyal customers if Lifetime is loyal to their customers.

I would appreciate a response!!!! I’ve also emailed this to you at the email address above and I plan to send it to corporate headquarters via US mail as well.



Ruth March 27, 2017 at 5:16 pm

Does anyone every get responses to any of the issues identified here? I’ve had an issue and I don’t see an interest by Lifetime in making it better. Just wondered if anyone is getting any responses.


Paul Newton May 22, 2017 at 11:54 pm

I have sum of the same issues at the lifetime fitness at will Clayton and lake houston Pkwy in Atascocita…there are sum rude front desk and cafe employees


Paul Newton May 23, 2017 at 12:02 am

I never get back any responses when I ask to speak to a mgs or when i leave voices messages….they are very rude disrespectful sometimes..I travel 45 minutes one way to go and work out enjoy the saunas sit back enjoy detox smoothies from the cafe ..lifetime fitness Atacocita lake houston..


Toni Hegler January 9, 2017 at 10:13 pm

01/09/2017: Worst company I have ever dealt with. I bought a family membership from this company, I chose this company because my husband works in another state from where we live Litchfield, Az. He works all over, lifetime was glad to take my money and tell me that lifetime is US wide and with a membership my husband could go to any lifetime anywhere and work out. So I purchased the membership, well guess what? Lifetime is nothing but liars! We have a Gold membership and my husband is in Austin Tx he goes to the lifetime there and they told him that he cannot work out there because they are a platinum center! What the hell is that? Apparently lifetime likes to lie and abuse the system for their own benefit. The are a fraudulent company and I for one will expose them for the company that they are. They falsify information and they miss lead you, and they de fraud you of your money by not telling you upfront that they change their rates in different areas. For example the lifetime in Scottsdale cost double the price in Phoenix, and it is based on income areas, they don’t tell you that. So I have been paying $175 a month for a family of 3 and 1 can’t even work out. I would have never signed up for this if they would have been truthful in the very beginning. I call and raise hell and they just shrug me off on the phone. Well we will see, I am sure someone would like to know their false advertising as well as their fraudulent schemes and practices, it is against the law and they will end up paying big time for just screwing with the little guy. Power of the pen, and power of the out spoken will prevail.


Carlos January 9, 2017 at 5:30 pm

I’ve never dealt with a worse company with no proper channels to speak with when trying to correct errors done by this club. People should check their bills for double billing, I just had them reverse two months of double billing. They make you go there to cancel and when you do they tell you it takes 30 days however we cancelled in October and got charged for November, December and January. Now they are trying to say it was our fault as we filled out a form to put the membership on hold.

They pass you thru to a manager in Minnesota who goes by the name Bab. Bab has no answers of why they double charge, when you ask to speak to someone that can help she says she is in charge.

Do yourselves a favour don’t give these people your credit card numbers! After speaking to an employee at the local club he tells me that this happens all the time! He actually stated that they seem to do it to make the numbers higher as management receives bonus on criteria such as no cancellations.


Brian Purcell July 5, 2017 at 10:20 am

file with your attorney general, they do this all day, every day!


Jody Vargas January 3, 2017 at 3:34 pm

I think its a shame they don’t offer a package with just the swimming. Me, like many others in the area are looking for use of indoor pools to use instead of exercise equipment for one reason or another. It seems to only be either all or nothing. I for one am not able to use the machines, but benefit from the water lap pool. I am not eager to pay like $70 or more plus all the fees for use of a pool for like 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Sad, because it seemed like a nice place close by.


Thomas Red-Cloud January 3, 2017 at 3:26 pm

I have been a member of Lifetime for several years. I cancelled my membership today because of the double standard that took place at the Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth. I understand that certain people are sensitive and have the urge to complain. I usually don’t complain when someone tells me something or does something I don’t like. I don’t make it a point to involve the staff they have enough problems as it is. But when I get complaints against me a one-time warning on behavior that wasn’t even validated, enough is enough. I have had several members that go to the gym that ensued racial slurs against me and one of my children at lifetime. When it was reported one of the members had had several allegations against him and still continues as a member. Not only was this member volitile against my son and I, but on multiple occasions he was volatile with other gym members to the point law enforcement had to be called to break it up. This member still attends the gym unfettered. The message Lifetime sends out is as long as you know someone in corporate, you wont get in trouble. Lifetime is sending a message that as long as you are an acceptable race, you are welcome at the gym. Native Americans are not welcome.


Angela Wax January 3, 2017 at 1:43 pm

I have had a membership with LTF since 1998 until I moved to FL in 2010. I am very very saddened there isn’t a club near by in FL!! As a healthcare professional, I must say the services available are amazing! I have not found a club that measures VO2 max, provides free seminars, tracks fitness progress to goals and offers exemplary child care services, family activities all in one.

I have been unable to find a club that can compare with LTF. I often visit the corporate site to see if any new locations are being added in Fl!


HooRah December 25, 2016 at 9:38 am

Got to cancel this membership, didn’t know a freaking sandbag was the CEO probably generated money out of thin air to spark up this company


Rebecca Chinn December 24, 2016 at 7:01 pm

I am disgusted with Lifetime Fitnrss as a company! I put my membership on hold, being told I would save my rate that way, only to have my rate go up while on hold. When I put my membership on hold (at the Novi, MI, location), I was receiving the multi-club package, for the single club rate. I paid the membership hold price to save that rate and when I went back to reinstate my membership, I was told I no longer got the multi-club for the single club price. So, all the months I paid for my membership to be on hold, under the understanding that would hold my rate, that was not the case. Now I spent all that money for no reason, only for Lifetime to lie to me. I am disgusted this company can get away with being so shady, simply because they are a powerful company and I am only a one consumer. I am concerned about the principle of the whole thing. I mean, we are talking about the difference of $5 here and the company won’t stand behind their word?! I thought this company touted that they care about their patrons? I even had them (Novi club) talk to corporate and corporate wouldn’t make good on the company’s mistake. I am appalled this company is so poor when it comes to customer service and their “policies.” I am completely unsatisfied and disgusted in the dishonesty and fraud displayed by Lifetime. I hope this review helps you when making a decision on which health club to join. Lifetime clearly isn’t interested in their patrons, simply the dollar!


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:13 am

contact your AG, very common practice.


Susan James December 11, 2016 at 7:15 am

I have been calling the lifetime fitness 2-3 times a week for the last 8 weeks, the manager and aquatics staff,I have yet to have them call back or follow through on what the promised. The swim coach told my 10 year old that she was not an important part of the team and was not willing to help her. She told me she was just to busy to worry about all the kids she needs to focus on the top 10%. We have decided to move on to another team, we canceled our membership and would just like them to give us our credit they agreed to 2 months ago. No one can return the call or e mail. Save yourself, go someplace else.


Paola N December 6, 2016 at 3:08 pm

My name is Paola N, current member of the LifeTime Fitness located in Tempe.
You have one of the finest facilities and training staff available to myself and coworkers, for that we are appreciative.

However, I have been treated with disrespect and gross incompetence in regards to my membership. I work for the airlines and I am constantly traveling. In repeated attempts to resolve my situation, Emily Kengott has ignored and/or failed to address and fulfilled the agreement she made with me.

I received a temporary transfer to another state, during which time we placed a hold on my membership for a fee of $10 a month, I am not a person who typically pays for something I am not using, but I only did so because of my desire to return and continue my membership at your amazing facility along with my coworkers.

The membership was put on hold on April 16th, 2016. When I signed the form, I agreed to a hold of one year, I was never told by the staff, nor does the paperwork indicate, that the account would be reactivated after six months.

In November the membership was reactivated and a prorated amount was charged to my account. I called and left messages and voicemail’s for Emily Kengott multiple times and never received a call back. After days of calling, I was finally able to catch her, she assured me my funds would be reimbursed and my membership concerns addressed. Not only did that not happened, a few days ago my account was charged again for the full amount of December’s membership.

I am a very busy person, I do not have time to deal with this nonsense. I trusted Emily to competently resolve the issue, instead she has been negligent and dishonest with me. My account has fraudulently charged to an amount I did not agreed to.

As you know, a business is only successful if you have happy clients.

I do not wish deal with Emily anymore, please correct this issue as soon as possible and notify me when I has been completed. Thank you in advance for your help and understanding.


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:15 am

very common practice, contact your AG, read many of the same complaints


Sheryl love December 1, 2016 at 10:41 pm

To whom it may concern:

I have been going to the life spa in canton, mi for 4 years. I am a long time client and have always loved my experience at the spa. Recently, I was in and overhead the manager of the spa using the F bomb multiple times at the desk. She was demeaning and rude to the employee she was talking to. I know it was an employee because of the name tag on their shirt. I felt very uncomfortable and have never had an experience like that at the lifespa in canton. When I checked out, I noticed her name tag said Lacie: the spa manager. I can’t believe someone would hire this person as a spa manager??!! I’m so disappointed in this as I have always been treated with kindness at the spa, whether it’s the front desk manager Chelsea, Titania, crystal, or Pamela.


Jimmy November 23, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Attention: Corporate office

During the month of November, I went to workout at your Atascocita location
in Humble,Texas. After my workout, I discovered money had been taken from my wallet, which was secured in my locker. This happen twice in one week. At that point, I contacted management. I was advised to file a police report and maybe Its a good idea to secure my items in the trunk of my car.
I was very disappointed in the level of care I received. I advised them this had to be an inside job. I want you to be aware of whats happening not only at this location. But, its happening at other locations as well.


Frank Rassam November 20, 2016 at 10:43 pm

Membership reference number: Onyx member – 108516810
Dear sir,
On the Saturday the 19th of November, my wife, Ms. Manar Sulaiman-Rassam went to work out at your phoenix AZ location on 6850 E Chauncey Lane. After her workout, she discovered that her personal items which were left in the locker had been stolen. In the locker was my wife’s wallet, car keys, home keys as well as other personal belongings. At that point she contact the Phoenix Police Department and filed a report with them.
We are very disappointed at level of care we received following the incident. Your staff showed no concern and/or compassion for what we had just experience. To add insult to injury, there was no manager on site when the incident occurred. I was hoping to at least get a call today from the manager expressing regret over what happened. That never materialized. Maybe that is because this was not an isolated case and the manager sees this as just another case of theft. I was trying to convince my wife to join and now based on what we have experienced, I am at a point where I do not think I even want to remain as a member in the gym.
The lock on the locker was not broken. We suspect that this job was an inside job. This incident is going to cost us in excess of $1200.00 (replacing the car remote, replacing the house keys, getting a replacement ID, credit cards and case). I will have to also spend the next couple of days taking time off work to go get a new ID and credit cards replaced. I want to bring this issue to your attention so that you can look at the ease at which people are able to open the lockers. For the future, I urge you to consider placing a place in the vicinity of the entrance where people can leave the valuable belongings while they are working out.


Chris M November 17, 2016 at 11:21 am

I am putting my complaint on this forum as no one including the GM Tyler Luck has taken ownership to attempt to resolve my situation due to a change that infringes upon my membership. my note that originally kicked off the request for resolution was sent to the GM below. I have contacted a consumer attorney who is recommending that the Westminster CO gym remove their recent exclusion of guests or make exceptions to guests who legally cannot be sold. to date as of the pen of this message, this issue has not been resolved.

Dear Tyler,

I was given your card to escalate an issue that I experienced at 6am on Friday November 11, 2016.
For context, I’ve been a Gold member now for a few years, I pay for mine and my wife’s membership, plus a monthly Training fee for my wife. Each month I am well over $300 as a member.
As I understand my agreement and one of the reason’s I joined was that I and my wife are allowed 1 guest per month. There’s no mention in my agreement to the times I am limited to in bringing a guest or any black out dates.
On November 11 both my wife an I brought our teenager to the gym at our standard 6am work out time and were met with disappointment when the front desk attendant (young man who’s name escapes me but I can provide it if requested) told us she could not come in as a guest to work out at 6am. He then pointed to a printed form that he said outlines the change. I asked him if we could have an exception since I’ve opted out of receiving your emails and this change which impacts my agreement was a big surprise.
First of all, I’m all about good customer service. My moto is Customer Service should pay, it should never cost you as a business. Well that morning, not only did your attend have ZERO empathy for the situation he basically ignored us. I asked to speak to a manager and without a word, he reached into a drawer behind him and simply handed me a card and continued with his conversation with another member. EXTREMELY rude and POOR customer service. I explained to him we would have to drive all the way home and back so that my daughter wouldn’t have to wait there an hour for us to finish our work out. He could care less. I’m incensed by his lack of customer service and empathy. No apologies for the inconvenience, no apologies for the clear LACK of communication to me as a member of this change, nothing.
Mind you, a WEEK earlier, I brought my other daughter as a guest and she was admitted with a sign in and verification of her ID by the SAME attendant. If you review your sign in sheet you’ll see that as being the case. In the end, he still said no and pretty much ignored us, left us standing there with out any options. As PAYING members we had no choice but to LEAVE the gym. Your employee allowed PAYING members to leave your gym. very disappointing.
I was ready to cancel both our memberships right there on the spot, but fortunately for Life Time, there was no one there who could even do that.
My agreement said I can I have 1 guest per month, and that guest hours per the web site and agreement is between 5am – 9pm…it doesn’t say I’m limited to any other hours to work out time with a guest and in fact to do so limits my membership and what I pay for each month as a member. I have also contacted your corporate office in Minneapolis with this complaint.
Second, I understand wanting to give back, however when the gym decides to allow massive numbers of Fire fighter Trainees to occupy the 6am work out and do so as INDIVIDUALS and not as a GROUP whereby they can all train in an area that does not occupy all of the machines, free weights, and benches as your daily members rely on being able to do, it basically makes the facility UNAVAILABE to us a members. Who agreed to this??? If a group is going to train as a group, which clearly they are, why are they not segregated to one area that doesn’t inconvenience the routine members??
Just the opposite, when I try to train in an area that is designated for a Group, I get literally chased out of the area because it’s for GROUPS only! This was managed very poorly. I have also included this in the escalation to the corporate office in Minnesota as well.
If it was known and agreed to by you as management that this group was going to train here and train as a group, why didn’t a communication go out to members who attend that gym to make them aware that it’s possible their work out will be disrupted by these Trainees??
Life Time was quick to push back on me when I wanted to bring my daughter, by your RUDE attendant, “we emailed everyone and yes you got the email”, but for something like this there was ZERO communication?? I’ve spoken to several other members who are just as upset with the lack of care and communication for this obvious inconvenience.
I would like a call back at your earliest convenience regarding my membership and the 1 guest rule. I was told by another attendant that the Trainees will be done in a week so my hope is that the clog of being able to work out goes away after they leave.
I can be reached at (member phone provided to GM)


pamela j powell November 2, 2016 at 10:05 am

To whom this may concern:
I cancelled my membership Sept 23rd 2016 with Kathleen Stockness both on the phone and then in a requested followup e-mail(attached below). I was assured by Kathleen that the last month that I would be billed for was Oct.
Yesterday I was billed for Nov.
I have not used the facilities since Sept 23rd, and I do not want to be charged for this!!!
Last night I attempted to contact Kathleen and found that she is no longer working for Lifetime and that her e-mail is now out of order.
Please take care of this matter for us and refund my bank account asap.
Thank You
Pam Powell

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Begin forwarded message:

From: saladgirlinc
Subject: Fwd: Please Cancel My Membership!
Date: November 2, 2016 at 8:52:11 AM CDT
To: Kathleen Stockness

Hello Kathleen,
I cancelled my membership on Sept 23rd, both on the phone with you and then in the follow up e-mail that you requested(see below)!
This cancellation action was not taken because I just got billed yesterday for Nov!!!
On Sept. 23rd you promised me that my last month to make payment would be Oct. I have not used the facilities since Sept.23rd.
Please cancel my membership now and refund my account asap!!!
Sincerely disappointed!
Pamela Powell

From: saladgirlinc
Subject: Re: Cancelation at Life Time
Date: September 23, 2016 at 1:31:55 PM CDT
To: Kathleen Stockness

Hello Kathleen,
Thanks so much for your guidance and patience, and I am so sorry to have to quit this club, I was really looking forward to fitting in some pain & stress relief into my life.
I have been so disappointed in the lack of beginner classes for new members.
I was told by my introduction person that the root yoga classes were a perfect beginner fit for someone who had never done yoga.
I took 2 roots yoga classes and was suggested by the yoga instructor to take the beginning class first.
It wasn’t until then that I realized that there was only 1 beginning yoga class during the week. I work every weekend.
I wish this club offered more beginner classes for everything(yoga, pilates, zumba etc.)! All of these are at the same time on the same day!
If I had known this, I would not have joined Life Time.
The one beginner yoga class offered is always so full up to the max so that people are arriving 1/2 hour early to lay down a lifetime yoga mat to save their spot and then going for coffee and expecting newly arriving members to walk around the somewhat obscure yoga mats wondering if they were from the last class or what? A young mom came in 3 minutes before the class was to start, and softly questioned all of us in that row if some one was sitting there? Our row responded for the 10th time that we were unsure and to just squeeze in. She rolled up the empty mat, class began and the 3 women walked in and one of them had a hissy fit, was extremely rude and mean to the young Mom and accused her of touching things that didn’t belong to her. It was so weird and uncomfortable. The women who came in late made the tearful and embarryoung mom trade places with her because she refused to be by the door. The women continued to shame the young mom after class and into the locker room.
I don’t think that any of this would have happened had there been more room and more classes available and more direction for members
I was really looking forward to some peace, pain relief and tension reduction. I did not find it here. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but please cancel my membership!!!
Pam Powell

Pam Powell
saladgirlinc at

On Sep 23, 2016, at 12:01 PM, Kathleen Stockness wrote:

Hi Pam,
You can email me back and we can take care of your cancelation. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

Katie Stockness
Member Services Manager

Life Time SM – The Healthy Way of Life Company
Main // 651-426-1308
Email // KStockness at


Nicole Shingler October 31, 2016 at 2:55 pm

LifeTime executive team,

I was a member of LifeTime Fitness 4 years ago and was talked into the $10/month membership when I cancelled saying I could cancel anytime. Shortly thereafter I moved so tried to cancel the $10/month charges. I have spoken with your customer service team, written letters and gone out of my way when visiting from out of town to cancel and still getting harassed. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING AGAIN UNLESS IT IS AN APOLOGY AND CONFIRMATION OF TERMINATION!!!


michele October 26, 2016 at 11:45 am

to whom this may concern: I cancelled my member ship the first couple days of August… I get an email a month later stating that I owe fee’s… I called and asked what was going on and they said I never cancelled my membership which in fact I did… I told the Shelby township location that I went to the troy location and signed the pad and that’s all I did… they said they never got it so could I come in the Shelby township location and come cancel my member ship… so I went to the Shelby township location and cancelled my membership and signed the pad and left… I kept receiving emails stating that I owe over $100 dollars and I explained what happened… they made me call the troy location and the Shelby location and to figure this out on my own… I called the 866-951-4171 and spoke with a Michael B. and I explained to him what the situation was… he was very rude to me and told me to call the troy office and find out where the paperwork was and I told him I didn’t receive and paperwork and that I signed a pad and that was it… I said I cancelled in the first couple days of august and I should owe a prorated fee and not this $134.00 dollar fee… I asked him who is his boss and he said your calling the corporate office and I said there has to be someone above you that could help me out… I said why am I as a customer running around trying to figure out what your employees did??? I said if your the boss than you should be asking your employees what went on… I called several times but got the round around as a customer…. that’s a shame… finally he stated that an account specialist would call me back… I would like you to know I don’t appreciate getting the round around nor do I appreciate that I as a customer have to go figure this situation out as it is not my fault but want me to pay there fees for there mistake… I will never go to this gym EVER again and I’m very disappointed in the customer service you get when calling in… I hope the CEO”s see this message and maybe they can help me out…


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:19 am

very common practice, read all the similar problems here


Gene G September 23, 2016 at 1:47 pm

In May of 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 metastatic tumor in my spine that was probably the scariest life event that ever happened to me thus far in my 42 years. I became majorly depressed and quite frankly have been bankrupt from all of the testing that is not covered by my medical insurance. I have been a member of Lifetime Fitness since 2013, and from the moment I walked in felt more comfortable than I have ever felt at any gym in my life. I knew whatever I needed to do to pay dues to become a member that I would work extra hours or even obtain a part time job I would do it. I was always greeted like a family member when I visited, and treated with the greatest respect and encouragement.
When I was diagnosed with cancer I was upset because I could not go to my “happy place”, The place that helped me lose 130 pounds in less than a year the place that made me feel I mattered. I reached out to Mark Miller and Seth H in the corporate office, and they went out of their way to help me and make it so that I could continue my recovery by getting healthy again. I have never worked with anyone with as much compassion and true desire to help as I have with Mark and Seth. They helped me keep my dignity, and for the first time in close to 6 months, I don’t feel like my cancer has stolen one other thing from me that I truly love. If you are reading this I truly hope you understand that your kindness can be life changing and probably don’t hear thank you as much as you should. I know that I still have a fight in front of me, however, the one thing I need is Lifetime. I feel very fortunate to be a member.of Lifetime and will do anything I need to do to stay a member.


Natalie Herron August 7, 2016 at 5:06 pm

I took my daughter to the pool at the Will Clayton location in Humble, TX and was not pleased with the way I was treated by a life guard named Fidel Avalos. I was sitting in the pool not more than 15 feet from my daughter when I was approached by the life guard. He told me that I needed to be no more than 10 feet away from my daughter. I immediately moved closer to her. I observed other kids who were shoving and holding each others’ faces in the water and not being monitored by adults. Fidel did not ask the kids to stop the rough behavior. He just stood there. After awhile I decided to take my daughter to the indoor pool area to escape the heat. Fidel walked into the indoor pool area and went into the office. When he came out he approached me and said that my daughter could not be in the indoor pool because she was not 12 years old. I asked him if he was following me because he approached me outside and again indoors. He said that he was not following me and asked me to leave the pool area. I told him that I did not appreciate his rude tone and that I observed his behavior and lack of concern when kids were playing rough outside. He said that they are allowed to play that way. When I asked him why the other kids were allowed to be in the pool without parents he said that the kids were with parents and that they had on wrist bands. In fact only two of the four kids had on wrist bands. Since I am on a pass (trying the gym to see if I want to open a membership) I didn’t know what the wrist bands were for. I told him that I would report him to a supervisor and he said, “go ahead, I’ll get her for you”. The supervisor came over and after I explained the situation. She offered to let my daughter wear a wrist band. All of this could have been avoided had Fidel explained to me that in order for my daughter to be away from me while in the pool she had to be a swimmer, identified with a wrist band on.


Gary August 2, 2016 at 1:01 pm

No concern for Anyone > but Lifetimes BOTTOM LINE in Rocherster Hills, MI

From July 1st to11th 2016 a child camp counselor at the Rocherster Lifetime came down with MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGITIS and worked till she was so sick she went to hospital and was placed in ICU on Monday and Oakland County was notified as required. They notified LifeTime Fitiness about their infected counselor. ON Tuesday
Life Time did not inform the parents of the 70 kids that were in contact with their infected counselor at all, and it was like nothing happened….Then

13, July 2016 we received a phone call from Oakland Health Depertment telling us that our child had been exposed to a very serious meningitis and we should take our child immediately to local ER to be treated due to contact with Antibiotics …
We did and also tried to contact Life Time Fitness. NO ONE WOULD TALK TO US TELL US WHAT WAS GOING ON, SAY ANYTHING..
I then called local News and informed them of what happened, then they got hold of the health Depertment and they confirmed it, and held a press confrance and still LIFE TIME WOULD NOT SAY ANYTHING OR SAY HOW CAN WE HELP YOU THROUGH THIS, HOW SORRY WE ARE. NO A WORD….. EVEN AFTER THE COUNSELOR DIED FROM THIS……
How Sorry can you be…
We keep our child home, and on advice of attorney we email them requesting a refund of the last 2 days of the camp…. L
What a low life …….


josh July 22, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Good afternoon,

I am writing this to inform any body is considering lifetimes fitness to not do so because i have had so many issues with them especially today when they took 239 dollars from my account and i was told that if the money was not taken on the 1st of the month that it would not be charged any more but instead i could go in and pay in cash when ever i am ready even if it was 6 moths down the road but now they are calling me a liar and their corporate office refuses to pay me my money saying that there is nothing i can do! so basically they are stealing my money from me and i was told this would not happen and it did, i read so bad reviews about this gym being racist when i signed up now they are taking my money and refuse to refund it. do not go to this gym don’t make the mistake i did.


Mark Miller July 2, 2016 at 11:10 am

Hey good morning,

Last night while coming into the Lifetime fitness in Canton my friend Zachary and I was visiting your gym as guest. We told the young lady at the front desk (Renee)our names and that we spoke to Cierra on the phone about coming. Renee then looked for our guest passes but was unable to find our names she then stated twice “you guys think if you use your white names because your black names wouldn’t get you in”.I believe that comment was very insulting and racist. And I have been to Lifetime before but I will never go to another one of your gyms and I will also tell everyone I know about my experience.


Mark Miller Sr. MBA, MSHE


Erik Bonilla June 24, 2016 at 8:04 am

Lifetime Fitness has got to be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. They are holding me against my will and refusing to return my money. I have requested my account be canceled and refund on my money due to dissatisfaction and they are refusing to do so. I am feeling like a hostage and will be seeking legal counsel over this.


josh July 22, 2016 at 6:47 pm

same here!


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:20 am

read many of the same complaints, contact your AG


anonymous June 22, 2016 at 1:12 pm

The staff are treated horribly. I don’t believe that the leadership team has any concept of leadership or employee value. Your staff are your members! They have families, friends, neighbors, and networks that you want to have at your clubs. Valuable and contributing employees are leaving everyday to find fulfilling careers in other fitness markets. Leadership and strategy is missing. Mission appears to only apply to the members. IF a holistic “healthy way of life” can not be achieved for the employee community, it will never be achieved for your members. Businesses around the world and across industries understand that your employees should mirror your target customers to achieve success.


Montague Stanford June 21, 2016 at 2:28 pm

this is the worst customer service ever.. I was told that I cannot comeback as a memebr unlesss i pay outstanding balance that myself or my family was not partaking in.
I was not aware of placing m y account on hold and or anything. I will let my corporation know how I am being treated by their customer service retention team that was laughing at me on the phone. Total disprespect.
I asked how to resolve and she laught at me.. this totally unacceptable. I know I am not the first or the last one to be treated with so much disrespect.. I expect someone to call me asap 331 444 XXXXX


Kimberly June 14, 2016 at 9:43 am

It’s so sad and disappointing to write this.
Loved my gym 3 years ago under the gm Steve here in Flower Mound Texas.

I can’t believe how filth and neglected the upstairs is.
I had to come home yesterday and not complete my work out in disbelief of how dirty this place is .
Tissue paper and sweat stained and debris all in the edge of the floor it has been cleaned in weeks , stained mirror…etc!
I recently joined a another gym near by for $10/month for they have equipments that LT doesn’t have (same brand but newer and better )

The place is spot less they actually have someone cleaning around the clock.

There is a also huge problems in fitness rooms:

People almost got into physical fights over fan for many do not want fan hitting their body while others want !!!

The other gyms offer ceiling fans to circulate the air not on the floor.
I mentioned numerous times about this issue for I would hate to see a police come for physical violence problem to break out!

No papers in the bathroom !!! Not one but both or none !!
And it happens way too often ! The bathroom walls have smudges that are weeks old !!
It’s worst than road side gas stations !

I really love and appreciate most of the instructors they give more than 100%.

However the new fitness director subbed 2 classes last week which me shocked in disbelief!

Not good or bad but a mass !!!!! No preparation what ever just winged it casually !
Total waste of my time !
She knew about having to teach these classes ahead of time was not emergency sub request.

i saw her before the class while she was exercising before the class with the one of the personal trainers!

I think she should have been preparing for the class she was to teach !
What do you think ?
Also she has promised to fill Thurday evening with the Zumba class only to find out its became a ballet class?
We have one zumba Monday morning and nothing till Friday morning !!
Not everyone wants to go out at night we need day time midweek class .
At least one !

I am so displeased with way things going here at Flower Mound LT!!!
I will wait till end of this month before canceling my membership .

Many of my friends have already but I wanted to wait and be patient .
But I see things are getting worst not better !!!


Kelli Turk June 9, 2016 at 1:14 pm

And if LifeTime wants to work the business side you not only lost an employee but their membership with family on it plus my family membership for my daughter which I also pay for plus all the money we spend a month…cafe 2 times a day plus spa every month $400+ my daughters hair another 100+ . Countless other items and nutrition 300+ month. Should think about that before making hasty decisions.


Kelli Turk June 9, 2016 at 12:10 pm

First of all let me say, I loved my job at LifeTime Romeoville! I loved the gym and miss it! Having to leave my job because of incompetence (from the GM on down) is infuriating! I was a member before I was an employee. I loved LifeTime so much that I wanted to work there! After starting work there I started to see some of the shady things they do (all departments). When you have employees and members leaving because of the staff, to me that’s a major problem! I let a lot of things go that I felt should be addressed and was told several times by different Department Heads, nothing changes everything stays the same. Don’t bother with Corporate or Human Resources they won’t help. I think what bothers me the most is the continual lying to employees and members! Also being bullied by your manager consistently was to much to take. This was after going to my Department Head several times! I have bent over backwards for my job and team members. Came in on my day off, worked over my shift to help out. ACTUALLY BRINGING EXTRA CLOTHES WITH ME WHEN I WORK OUT JUST INCASE THEY NEEDED ME!!! My Member Services Manager Jennifer P, made everyone’s life toxic! Not one person in that building can say different! Because she would always bring her home life to work. I get everyone has problems and issues but you don’t come to work and take it out on your employees! Tom Sutte is an example of someone who was there for me and tried to get me to stay, saying he has my back. Why don’t you trying reaching out to him and asking about the Club and how it’s run. It started out as little threats like “I’m watching the camera every night to see what all of you are doing”! And she threatened everyone with that statement! Stalker! No one but the GM can see the tapes but people believed her! Getting a schedule one week at a time and getting it on a Saturday when the next week starts on Sunday! I guess we are not allowed to make plans because if you can’t make it you have to cover your shift, I understand that to a certain point. If she would get schedules done on a regular basis we wouldn’t have this problem but it’s her control over everything! So many people have quit because of her and yet nothing is done. She throws people’s belongings away when they leave them near her space. Ask Steven Turcco about me saving his binder from CRT when she tried to toss it I put it away, she found it and “threw it up in the highest cabinet.” I then purposely brought in our GM John Dahman and showed him where she threw it and why, his answer was “are you XXXXXting me”! Another episode was with Kevin Corriea MEA, she threw his pen in the recycle bin then laughed when he was looking for it for 2 days. That was given to him by corporate for doing a good job! Another episode is when Steven left his phone on the counter “as well as everyone else does”, she picked it up and tried to hide it, “let him learn a lesson about leaving stuff sitting around”! I grabbed it and said No! The nasty text messages were never addressed either. Jenn P has made it miserable and NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING!!! She’s been caught multiple times pulling stuff but they never do anything. Not paying MEA’s for the correct amount or not at all. Then being told it was a computer glitch! Yet they will let great employees who work their butts off for minimum wage let them leave. Tammy Willner is an amazing supervisor! She is the only reason I stayed on as long as I did! She does her job plus Jenn P job! Jenn P has perfected looking extremely busy while doing absolutely nothing! Our Member Services Department Head Kaly Zak told me in person on 2 occasions that basically Jenn P is stealing from the company ” her salary” because she doesn’t do her job and does not work the hours required of her. But yet she gets a bonus when the sales team does a great job hitting their numbers! Are you kidding me! I was made a supervisor in February “which I was ecstatic about” and things only got worse from there. Having to train with someone who only wants to talk about the bad stuff going on in their life makes it difficult to learn. Tammy helps me so much and was so positive to me. Whenever Mike Puttman would come to our facility ” it was everybody be on your A game” shouldn’t it be that way all the time? I tried to talk to Mike but was not given the opportunity to “keep me busy so that I could not go and talk to him about what was going on”. The General Manager John Dahman and the Member Services Department Head Kaly Zak should have done something long ago. Especially John since he has seen this behavior for years. I could go on, re : paying me back pay in LT Bucks…no I’m not joking, nasty calls, voice mails getting on your hand and knees to clean under the couch… I miss my job and would want to work for LifeTime again but things have to change drastically. It’s really sad because it was a great gym before she started treating people like crap and tearing apart our team. Hopefully this goes to someone who will address these issues. I will continue to hope for the best but expecting the worst.


Rachael Roberts May 5, 2016 at 7:23 pm

The following is my recent post on Yelp concerning the Summerlin location in Las Vegas… this company is surprisingly appalling.
1.0 star rating 5/5/2016
My first review. BEST PRACTICES…NOT HERE… HELLO to expensive INCOMPETENCY. WE joined this facility for it’s promised security in childcare. They offer a lot at $350 per month for our family. Unfortunately, this particular location in Summerlin proved to be a huge disappointment. I had the pleasure of spending time at the Henderson location where I was thrilled about the programs offered for my little ones and the way it was operated. A different vibe then Summerlin. Summerlin childcare does not follow the policies they have in place. Inclusive of mishandling their procedures for children attending the classes they signed up for to rudeness and again not following procedures at check out. I only know this because I experienced the excellence of the Henderson location. We cancelled our membership after moving to Summerlin and not wanting to drive back to Henderson. Upon cancelling our membership, which we were required to go in and do, I was very clear. They require 30 days notice so we were prorated for April and that should have ended our relationship with Lifetime. Yet for May we have again been charged $350. My husband and I both called and when we didn’t hear back as promised I called corporate. Due to my conversation with corporate I am giving them a 1 star rating. Apparently, they couldn’t confirm that our membership was canceled, saying they could see a downgrade. SO does a Lifetime membership mean for LIFE? Apparently, with all their sophisticated technology, corporate would have to speak with the head of member services in Summerlin (who handled my cancelation) before honoring a refund. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! Corporate headquarters took the money from our account and couldn’t access our information showing our cancelation. Then refusing to provide me her full name or a work ID number (at least) to accurately identify who I even spoke with!!! My husband and I now are convinced we have to go there when he gets off work and handle what Lifetime corporate wasn’t capable of doing…viewing our cancelation doXXXXents and again posing the question WHY ARE WE BEING CHARGED FOR MEMBERSHIPS WE NO LONGER HAVE!


Summerline resident August 30, 2016 at 3:03 pm

I agree. Summerline is indeed disappointing to say the least. I can go on and on but not sure if anyone from headquarters would care to read & take appropriate action about t?


Brian Purcell July 6, 2017 at 11:23 am

very common, contact your AG


Cor May 4, 2016 at 7:08 am

It’s funny how I can work my butt off, be the go to person, always help someone, have great numbers, and go above and beyond with members but as soon as I get mad because you guys go into my space and throw away my drink that I bought and hid from members to see I get let go.

Yet it 100% ok for anyone else to bring in starbucks, redbull or another brand and have it on their desk.

Oh and let’s not forget how it is 100% OK for Ben Frazier to cuss me out in front of members, call other members sluts and all women idiots.

My bad!


Anonymous March 22, 2016 at 3:53 pm

We were fine with Life Time until an employee send extremely explicit texts and photos to my husband, no one did anything about it. Like this is normal behavior. Needless to say, no more tennis, or fitness at Lifetime for this family!


Kelli June 9, 2016 at 1:07 pm

Happens all the time at Romeoville


Elise January 28, 2016 at 1:14 pm

Hello, my name is Elise.
My child attended a birthday party at lifetime fitness in Bloomingdale on Friday the second time I’ve been to pool party at the facility . First time I also had an issue with pool staff in which no one emailed me Back so I’ll make this very public.

The girls who ran it were amazing! Outstanding but I do have some pretty big issues with something regarding your pool in which we were at and I wanted to

1: I saw a lifeguard team member on the phone… Really? They needed to keep an eye on the kids.

2: when we got to the pool, there was a very RUDE young man who told the team member that she had to get into the pool clothed or we weren’t aloud to go swimming… They have lifeguards on staff, why does a birthday party person need to get into the pool with all of her clothes on?!?!?! Then work the rest of the party and we soaking wet and leave like that.

3: we told the guards we had no issue getting in and they still made this girl get into the pool, fully clothed AND LAUGHED at her! This girl had to work the rest of a party soaking wet. What type of people do that? They have guards for a reason.

4: the guards were rude, seemed like no one wanted to be there and work, floor soaked, they treated the girls we had with no respect.

I have HUGE issues with that. I’m not going to book something knowing that am paying for guards to watch.

They basically hazed and harassed two team members but not only that, guards weren’t watching the kids. Which is a huge issue for me because a child almost died at the warrenville club. chelsea Becker has also not answering me. And she’s a dh… NOT OKAY.


Anonymous February 15, 2016 at 5:30 pm

I’m not surprised. I work for lifetime and that’s Exactly how we are treated here in Raleigh, NC. Awful management. The poor treatment From the company rubs off on well intended staff members.


Brandon January 11, 2016 at 11:30 am

Actually really liked this place my family and been a members since 2005. Once I found out that a diamond membership available I took it. its been 3 or 4 mouths now I been paying almost 200 dollars going back and forth about it and haven’t received a card and or parking pass. tired to talk to the front desk they said they would e mail the manger micheal wilker its been 11 days and I haven’t heard anything. I’m thinking what kind of management is this Then on top of all that I call corporate because i wasn’t getting no where and a lady AMY just basically convinced me to say screw I mean the way she handled it she didn’t want to help me at all and had nothing at all to say I actually felt like I was talking to a wall and being ignored wish this conversation with AMY at corporate was recorded so corporate can see how one wrong employee can ruin business and so how people can see how after all those years I got treated like that.. after a customer since 2005 my family will cancel membership rude, no help, no customer service, no management, and very unprofessional. the way I was treated and talked to especially with corporate I will never step foot in that gym again. GO TO INDEPENDENT OR POWER HOUSE THEY TAKE CARE OF YOU BETTER……AND ITS CHEEPER


Pat P December 22, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I was inyour salon in Bloomingdale Il. To get my hair done. A friend referred me. There was a young girl that works in salon that did nothing but complain about the manager,who had left earlier that day. For 20 minutes this very unprofessional girl tried to get three other employees to jump on the ban wagon. I finally told my stylist that this girl shouldn’t be working there. My stylist said she is always complaining,her mom works at the center too. Being a HR manager, let me tell you. Family members should never work at the same location. This girl probably thinks shes entitled and it just is not good for morale. I had a head ache when I left and will not be returning. Very immature and very unprofessional. I will spend my money somewhere else. She should not work with the public, just a bad attitude.


Angry Member December 21, 2015 at 3:02 pm

I have been a member at the Allen TX Facility for 3 months. The facility itself, and some of the classes are great but the staff at this location is a joke. The GM is completely inaccessible, and just a handful of the staff care about their members (Hailey the member services manager is great though.). They love you when they want you to join, but make it very easy to leave once your a member. A gal named Victoria is nothing but condescending and rude. I had an issue that was met with dismissiveness and lecture without resolve by Victoria who is suppose to be a member advocate. Can’t believe the club employs people like this. I see our family membership being very short term. There are to many less expensive places in DFW to overpay for bad service.


Chris Williamson November 19, 2015 at 3:22 pm

After three months of memberships I was informed over the phone today that my membership was canceled because I had a gym bag in the weight room. Infact all I have was a belt I was wearing and my headdphones. The people next to me had a group of four and had two gym bags. Without even asking if they belonged to me a trainer complained and they canceled me. They wouldnt even ask the people after the fact if it was their bags and they are all four still members. The cooperate office refused to help. This is a terrible way to handle customers. I do over 700 hours of volunteer work both in the U.S and internatinally as well as ex military and this is how we get treated.

Yep that me in the link below. Definately the guy you want kicked out of the gym.


john November 18, 2015 at 8:54 pm

sorry for this complaint but i believe it is necessary. I have seen and been told about a trainer at the kingwood texas location. Me and my wife and my children attend this gym along with my coworkers and friends and neighbors. Some of my wifes friends and her were takeing lessons from this trainer. This trainer has been verbaly abusive towards them on many occasions and also has had sexual relations with at least two of the married customers. one in witch was a good friend of mine. Allison hollenbeck. he has recently been subpoenaed for his last relation with a married woman. He as also offered drugs “marijuana” as a weight supplement. I do not feel comftorable with my family or friends being around this trainer. i have been made aware that managment knows but nothing has been done as of now. I regret to say that if this matter is not handled i will be pulling my family membership and i will refeer my friends and coworkers to do the same. the trainers name is jeremy phillips. Please HELP.


Anonymous March 22, 2016 at 4:08 pm

This is normal behavior all over the country. Employee in MN did the same thing. Sent texts, made advances. They even lost another great employee at one gym because of this girl. No one does anything about it, and the gym loses employees and members. Like they don’t care at all…


Carrie October 24, 2015 at 11:41 am

Shadiest customer service ever. The club basically stole $200 from me and the general manager did not even address the gross misconduct when I went to him. This club is only interested in taking your money no matter the cost.


Ilene October 16, 2015 at 4:16 pm

This Company Is A Joke They Rip You Off And They Are Sneaky And Underhanded. I Had 2 Memberships For My Girls I Asked If They Would Be Keeping My Card On File And They Said No Only To Find Out They Do. They Have Been Deducting The Fees Even Though I Had The Option To Go In And Pay In Person. I Requested To Block them From My Bank They Slightly Changed Their Name And Debited My Account Again And Tells Me (with The WORST ATTITUDE Susie Is Her Name) That You Didn’t Give Us Another Form Of Payment So We Will Continue To Use The Card. I Said You Are Really Rude You Have No Sympathy And You Need Another Profession Because Your Customer Service Is Real F’ED UP Right Now. I Had To Block Them Again And Change My Card. I Cancelled My Service Without An Early Termination Fee. Save Your Money People Go To Planet Fitness It’s $10 A Month No Contract No Keeping Your Cards And It’s Way Better That Lifetime !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alisha Jackson September 19, 2015 at 4:49 pm

I recently joined Lifetime Fitness in Orland Park, IL in mid-August through a referral from a friend. I set up a membership deal over the phone with Joseph Bufka. I was told that I will be paying $140 as a down payment and two months free and two free sessions with a personal trainer. However, I was not told any other specific qualifications I will be receiving in result of a personal trainer like a Health Score, free gym bag when I meet with a personal trainer, free yoga classes, a $20 spa session and other offers the fitness gym provided. I learned about these programs and qualifications through my personal trainer and a voicemail I received from a representative stating my $20 credit was going to expire that I had no idea I even had.
I was mailed a membership card which my name was spelled incorrectly as well as the name on my account. I came inside to meet with my advisor Joe Bufka about a week later to set up my checking account and change my name to the account. He told me he was going to have my name fixed on the account but never did.
September 1st my checking account was charged an unauthorized payment by Lifetime Fitness in a total amount of $69. The same day I called Joe to ask why my account was charged $69 when he told me I would be getting two months free. He stated that he was going to refund me the amount and that it should take a few days. A week later, September 8th I still have not received a refund so I called Lifetime Fitness around 7am that day. The supervisor on duty told me that a manager will not be in until 10am but she would be able to print out my account. She also told me there was no pending transaction or anything showing that Joseph put in the system that I was supposed to get a refund. At this moment I am very upset because the charge on my account forced me to be late on a payment up until September 11th when I get paid. I decided to call corporate to see if there was anything they can do to refund me my payment as soon as possible but was told that there was something I will have to deal with at that location since that is a local club promotion. I also decided to express my feelings about my advisor and the fact I felt I was just an easy commission based customer that he did not feel the need to explain the services, personal training services (health score program) or what the gym provided. The representative from corporate was able to correct my name in the system because he failed to do so.
The same day I received a phone call from a manager I asked for earlier that day. When I called back and asked to speak with Alfonzo, I was told he left his office and they will transfer me to another manager, Ashley. Instead of transferring me to Ashley, Joe picked up the line in which he was very rude. Instead of apologizing for any inconveniences this caused he stated, “I thought I told you it’s going to take five to seven business days for the refund to go back to your account”. I told him it has been over a week and I still have not received a refund on my account and he told me it would only take a few days. He also went on to say that I told corporate I was not set up with a personal trainer. I was set up with a personal trainer as I told him but I told him he failed to inform me of the services and discounts I will be provided with the personal trainer and spa services. That is what I meant.
Two days later the friend that referred me to Joseph (his advisor) informed me that he was asked why I was making false allegations about him. I believe any situation at the gym about a member should be kept confidential not shared with other members of the gym. Joseph broke this confidentiality not only discussing my personal situation with another member but also asking the member why I had made false allegations about him.
I called on the 12th and left a voicemail to a manager because I still have not received a refund on my account. After I missed a few calls from the gym because of my work, I left another voicemail only to hear that they processed the refund on my account on the 16th. May I remind you the original refund should have been processed on the 1st in which he failed to process. This encounter caused a lot of stress in my life and the fact I was never given an apology ONCE was ridiculous to me. I felt very uncomfortable attending the gym any longer because of my advisor and the treatment I was being received as well as in fear that my account will be charged again in October so I decided to cancel my membership with Lifetime September 18th. When I walked inside I asked to speak with Ashley who is the membership manager because I did not want to deal with Joe any longer. At this point I still have not received an apology or any form of sincere gesture from any representative at lifetime. In fact, after asking to receive a printout stating that my refund was issued September 16th, Ashley left the office stating she will be back when a few moments later Joe and another male who worked there standing over me. Ashley never came back. I felt intimated and disrespected that the manager left without notifying me that she was bringing Joe and the other representative there. I am not sure why the other representative was standing in the doorway watching me but I felt very intimidated. Joe was still rude and offered no apology. In fact when I told him that I did not make any false allegations to him and what I meant to say was that I was not told about the personal training program including the health score and free gym bag (because Joe did set up an appointment with a personal trainer) he stated he never said I was making false allegations to the another member and it was not true. The other member of the gym has no reason to lie on Joe and did not know the details of what was going on so I have no other decision but to say he lied to cover himself for asking about me to another member of the gym that referred me to the program. He then rudely told me that “you can sign on the pin pad then you can get out of here.” I told him that next time he signs a member up do not lie and say they are going to have two months free then charge their account and take over two weeks to refund the amount on the account. He stated you do get two free months and when I said but I was charged he aggressively gestured to the pin pad saying “there’s your refund so there you go.” He also gave me the printed receipt stating I was canceling my membership with no apology and not even have a nice day. I informed him I will be contacting corporate to let him know that he was talking to another member about my personal situation I had with the gym. This is the worse service and unprofessional experience I had in my life and I will not be attending that gym ever again. I believe if things were dealt a different way (having the refund posted to my account as soon as I was charged, and an apology or an advisor that cared about his members, not his commission for the day) I would still be a member at lifetime. The whole situation has made me extremely uncomfortable and disappointed because I was really looking forward to being a member with lifetime and all the great services the gym provides.


CK October 2, 2015 at 10:15 am

They really have the worst customer service ever and no one takes responsibility for their actions. I put my membership on hold, was told I had to pay $20 that day to do it. Paid it. Was told my checking account would only be charged the $10 hold fee until we decided to take it off hold. Of course they messed up and charged us the whole amount which means my account goes negative and I have fees from my bank! I was ASSURED this wouldn’t happen. When I tried dealing with the local facility who was supposed to take care of this originally the same person who did the hold and told me everything was set now Says he didn’t say that and I don’t get my money back! Their childcare is awful almost all the time with a few rare exceptions. They don’t play with the kids. They have lost my child on more than one occasion. It’s just so ridiculous! Now they charge me a whole month of dues due to their negligence and won’t refund it and won’t take any responsibility at all. It’s so frustrating because they do not care at all!!!!


Amanda September 8, 2015 at 4:37 pm

The most bizarre customer service EVER!! I had been communicating with a sales rep via the Lifetime website and explained how I had previously been a member for over 8 years prior to leaving a little over a year ago to try Crossfit. I had decided I wanted to get back to my normal fitness routine and was looking to join a gym. I was considering Lifetime again. She told me to come in and try it out again free for 7 days. My current Crossfit membership wasn’t due to expire until the 1st of September. I went into Gilbert Lifetime (AZ) on 8/29 and spoke to a sales agent about the current rates. He wanted to grab a manager to see if there was anything that could be done about the initiation fee (not at my request, mind you). The manager came in and had a very smug personality and asked “what brings you to sign up with Lifetime today?” To which I respond that I am simply gathering prices and doing comparisons at this point and was not signing a contract that day. Once I found a gym I would sign up on the 1st to avoid pro-ration and so forth…keep the billing nice and clean. Once he learned I was not going to sign a contract that day- his demeanor was more “you’re wasting my time”. He says “then what can I do for you”. I simply explained the exact story about gathering prices and my desire to join a gym. I asked if he would have a problem with me working out upstairs that afternoon. His response, “yes, I would have a problem with that”. I was dumbfounded and thought he was joking. So I said, “are you serious?” He said, “yes, you have been a member here before and know exactly what we have to offer.” I explained that “yes, I was a member over a year ago and a lot can change in that time. I wanted to be sure the quality and what I have come to expect. What I’m hearing is that you are not good with that. You also need to consider that I have been speaking with your online sales rep who asked me to come in for a free trial- and she knew my situation. Are you not going to honor this?” To which he replies, “that was a conversation between you two, and she is not here today, so no it will not be honored”. I said that “based on your position I was 100% certain I would not be resigning with Lifetime”.

I am amazed they can afford to send away potential clients, all because they didn’t want them to have a trial day. I have subsequently signed at a gym and brought about 5 other couples with me from my former Crossfit community. That is 11 people total that Lifetime turned away because they didn’t want to allow a potential member to experience their club for 1 session.

If I was a member last month- yeah, I can see how it’s possible not much has changed. But, in over a year, the cleanliness, quality of equipment, group fitness options..etc..could have changed drastically. For the amount of money they want per month, it’s not unreasonable for anyone to do their due diligence before singing up.



Member 107540461 August 31, 2015 at 4:52 pm

Do contracts mean nothing to Lifetime Fitness? Signing up to a Diamond Single level contract is suppose to cover all Diamond clubs and below as far as I understood. Why do I have such an issue then when I try to scan in and workout out at certain clubs, mainly Syosset? Why am I being told I have to make Syosset my home club AND pay $30 more? Absurd!


Anne August 27, 2015 at 5:02 pm

I have been a member at Lifetime since 2008, I use the facilities mainly for the outside pool and rockwall. Since 2008 the entire gym has taken a turn downhill. yet our membership rate continues to rise for a better experience? The aquatics staff is lazy and over the last few years done nothing asked of them by several members. The pool is gross, with trash in and around the water. They rented out the space for a swim team that uses all lanes save one during the summer months from 9:30-11:30am, M-F. I have battled for a lane in the past with the masters swimmers but this is ridiculous! I have a number of clients that have their own complaints on how things are falling apart, less classes available and the ones that are scheduled are too crowded to move comfortably. When I am paying $1080 per year for a gym membership, I expect clean facilities, the staff to address our concerns and space to do what it is I am here to do. Thank you for your time.


Jessica Tran August 26, 2015 at 10:56 am

August 25, 2015

Lifetime Fitness
14540 West McDowell Road
Goodyear, AZ 85395

ATT: Member Services Department Head

RE: Rude and prejudice Service at LifeTime Fitness Center
On August 24, 2015, I have experienced the utmost rudeness and arrogant from one of your Lifetime Fitness centers’ supervisor/Manager located above address.
I was recently visiting my sister in Goodyear, AZ. During that week, I was invited for a week trial from August 17, 2015 to August 21, 2015 to experience at your fitness center. Everything was fine and my experience was reinforced with positive stimulus of services and friendly staffs.
I was seriously considered to join the center once I get back to Houston, TX but that was forever changed my mind and scared my positive experience with the Fitness Center when Mr. Muhammad, Eric so call manager came up to me while I was waiting in the lobby for my sister, is a member, to come out. He was rude and loud accused me might sneak into the fitness area while no one was watching and insisting me to leave the premises. I told him that I know my trial is ended and that’s why I am not entering but just wait in the lobby for my sister and her kids to come out. He does not hear of it and keep insisted me to leave like a common beggar just because I am an Asian race.
I was horrified and angry what I have been accused. How do you feel someone accuse you like that? What kind of business Manager would treat a potential client that way? Even though, he knows I was there last week. Even the receptionist on duty that day was shocked and speechless of his actions. I later learned that I was not the first potential clients experience his special treatment. I am not a business person, but I do know that is not good a way to run a business. In fact it is a sure way to destroy a reputable name.
I hope this letter will help your company know what kind of services is being offer to potential clients and correct it in time. And if you think it is not a big deal then you just can disregard it.


Jessica Tran/Property Investment, LLC


gary July 16, 2015 at 11:31 am

I have been a member of Lifetime Fitness for 16.5 years, am retired and up to yesterday used the facility in Shelby Township, Mi. exclusively for doing laps in the pool 1-2 times per week.
Yesterday marked the third time in about 15 months that I was basically ‘kicked out of their pool”; each incident resulting in similar treatment:
Incident 1: Pool staffers decided to clean the pool mid day without posting a notice. I was in the pool at the time and was told I have to leave in order for them to vacuum pool. I had just got there and was in the pool not more than 15 minutes at the time of being ejected
Incident 2: Swim school had two lanes reserved in pool during late afternoon and instructor decided a third lane was needed (One I had been swimming in) so I was asked to leave. They schedule swim school right at busiest time of day, close 2-3 lanes and the rest of the ‘swim customers’ are forced to share 2-3 lanes and wait while watching 2-3 kids use two lanes for swim instruction. Of course, keep in mind this is extra revenue to the Club and is why these folk get “preferential treatment”.
Incident 3: (Yesterday was the coup de gras’) I waited about 25 minutes for a ‘non-reserved’ swim lane to open (Lane #2) which had NO cones reserving lane when I entered pool at 4:55pm. I was not in pool 5 minutes when Swim instructor who had reserved Lane 1 comes over and says; ” I ALSO have this lane reserved and you will have to get out”- no advance notice, no sign posting this lane would be closed, just a sorry; “your business don’t count” is the way I took the comment. I even offered to share the lane with his 1 swim student and was told NO; this has been reserved for these students only. (Note: There were only three 8-10 year olds at the time and they wanted two lanes for these 3 kids) A bit PO’d by that response, I brushed him off and kept swimming only to be approached by the Assistant Aquatic Manager within 60 seconds who reiterated same and in a very arrogant manner (like she was slapping the hand of a 10 year old who was running on the pool deck) said: “Listen, you have two options”… at which point in time, I jumped out of the pool and left.
Bottom line is this: You pay $1150 per year to use these facilities and you get treated like a second-class citizen if the facility has the opportunity to realize incremental fee based revenue (In this case using the pool for swim instruction while locking other core customers out).

These three actions (strikes) have made it very clear my business of 16 years doesn’t matter. But I can assure you they will have an open house this month trying to recruit others to treat the same way. The best customer for them is someone who pays monthly dues but simply doesn’t show up unless there is extra revenue to be realized. If you are considering joining this club know this is what you will get before you join.


Pete July 13, 2015 at 7:10 pm

Why doesn’t Lifetime Fitness offer a discount for active duty military and their families?


NavyMan October 9, 2015 at 6:55 pm

I’m career Navy and sick of comments like this. You chose to join the military, just as I did. We do not deserve special protection, rights, or preferential treatment; so give us all a break with the “I serve my country” rhetoric!


Lenard Austin June 12, 2015 at 2:37 am

My son and I have been gold members with Lifetime Fitness for about 7 months. We frequent the Humble, TX location. We have enjoyed our membership until now. Tonight we were denied use of the facilities by Taylor (LNU) who stated that the corporate policy did not allow minors in the facility after 11PM. He later explained that there had been an incident where “a white lady complained about some black kids being rowdy a few nights ago.” I explained to Kerry Demler (facilities ops department head) that we had been coming to the gym for months at the same time and had never been explained this policy. When I asked if she could provide me a copy of the policy, she then gave me a “Lifetime Fitness Hours of Operation” and “Lifetime Guest Policy”. Neither of which included any information regarding minor member “curfew”, as she called it. After again questioning for the policy, Kerry told me and my son that she was calling the police to have us escorted off the premises. When I asked why, she stated, “because I don’t want you XXXXXXXXs here!” I pulled out my cell phone to record our conversation. Kerry ceased speaking to me and called the police. The Police arrived and escorted me and my son out of the building while I was on the phone with another facilities department head at a cross-town location (Rob Bell, Centre City Location) that explained that minor members 12 and up are allow allowed access to the facilities at any time as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


John Lindberg June 22, 2015 at 7:56 pm

I am also a member of Lifetime Fitness in NC and am horrified by your story. I hope that your complaint has been addressed by the corporate office. Any business can have an off-the-wall employee say something inappropriate or act in an illegal and irresponsible way. How the company rectifies the issue makes all the difference. I, for one, would not blame you for taking legal action against the company for being treated like that but, hopefully, it will not come to that. I am getting tired of hearing how people are not showing respect for each other. It makes for an unpleasant and dangerous world.


Lenard July 29, 2015 at 6:32 pm

Hello John,

Thanks for your comment.

The manager for the club finally contacted me yesterday, after continuing to charge my account -even though we have not been to any of the facilities after our incident, and offered me 3 months membership for my inconvenience.

I really think corporate could do better. I was thinking along the lines of lifetime Onyx memberships for my son and myself. (For being berated, humiliated, denied services, discriminated against, and accused of causing a disturbance & escorted out by the pollice.) Since my son and I will be Black for our lifetime.

In all my 42 years, I’ve never paid any one to call me “XXXXXXXX”.

After reading the complaints on this page I’m beginning to wonder if it would even be worth staying with Lifetime. Maybe I should get an attorney and go back to 24hr fitness.

Know any good attorneys?


Frank Comly April 12, 2015 at 8:22 pm

I am a member at the Champions Texas club. Had I been on vacation for last three weeks and being an unobservant, left brained male, I would not have noticed that the vinyl covering throughout the club had been replaced. i think with a slightly darker shade. I understand that corporate makes these decisions and that some artsy type felt it necessary to spend money on something that won’t be noticed and won’t improve members experience at the club. I estimate that this probably cost $50,000.
I got a budget price of $50,000 on a towel folding machine. It would free up your employees to provide better service keeping the club cleaner, better stocked with supplies and keeping the workout floor better organized.

Frank Comly


Jeff, Roxanne Swan March 15, 2015 at 5:37 pm

In the last year at the Woodbury club a couple of trainers, then members started doing deadlifts and dropping the bar the last 6 inches. That practice has exploded and it’s pissing off a lot of members who didn’t joint a hardcore gym. The problem is that it’s being done upstairs on the suspended floor and it is very loud and vibrates the whole floor. Now they graduated to doing power cleans and dropping the loaded bar from shoulder height. people have told me that the thundering noise in the saunas below chased them out. I was told they had a place on the concrete floor downstairs that was used for this in the past. There are gym rules posted on the walls, NO DROPPING WEIGHTS, NO CHALK, PUT THE WEIGHTS BACK, the trainers use chalk, drop weights. If the rules aren’t going to be enforced then take down the rules signs and everyone can screw up this gym.


Gym Patron March 14, 2015 at 10:37 am


Ive been a member at your Lifetime Gym in Pickerington Ohio from day one. The last six months there has been an increase of membership. With the increase there has also been an increase of bad habits. Numerous times Ive approached a piece of equipemnt that has a towel, water bottle, piece of paper, or a cell phone on the seat. I would look around and not see anyone in the vicinity using the equipment. Twice I’ve set the item that was on the seat on the floor an proceed to work out and twice a person would return while I’m working out approach me and tell me they’re using this. I said excuse me you can have it when I’m finished. I once came across a lady that had placed four pieces of her personal items on four different peices of equipment. She became highly aggressive when I moved one. She actually put her hands on me telling me to get off the equipment. I told her she needs to learn gym etiquette. She said her trainer told her to do this. Last week I walked up to a piece of equipment with a towel and water bottle on the seat. I looked around and didn’t see anyone in the vicinity. I completed three sets on an adjacent piece of equipment then the person returned. I asked him what does that mean? He said he was doing super sets. He then said I can use it when he’s finished. This guy is employed as a trainer. I’m a 6′ 255 pounds ex football linebacker and can handle my own. I’m also familar with gym etiquette throughout the US and in a public gym during peak hours this is a problem. Ive noticed that a majority of the trainers participate in this practice and teach it to their clients. Ive talked to the general manager but evidently he doesn’t see the problem. I’ve talked to quite a few other patrons and they’re also in agreement this is a problem an needs to be corrected. Evidently the GM doesn’t have the means or the ability.


Ellen February 2, 2015 at 1:31 pm

Terrible policy about canceling acct. You pay and pay and you can’t do anything about it. If they have your credit card they just keep charging it! Plan to quit 4-6 months before you intend to quit so you can use the club til then. FYI!!!!


HOWARD January 13, 2015 at 7:20 pm

Why doesn’t lifetime fitness offer a senior membership or a senior discount; something very common in the service industry. When I asked that question of a salesperson at my local club her response was, “we don’t even offer discounts to military people”.

Is that really something to be proud of?


Duane Wyland January 11, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Steve Larson is Chief of Operations at all 112 Life Time Fitness locations.
Employees and members still on cell phones in the locker room around nude men and nude boys because they are allowed.

I go to Life Time Fitness gym on Charleston Blvd, in Las Vegas since December 2011; it’s 1 of 112 Life Time gyms bases out of MN. They don’t enforce their No Cell Phone policy. I’ve talked with the Chief of Operations Mr. Steve Larson and he says it’s a private gym, he can change the policy, and if I’m not comfortable with it, maybe it’s not the gym for me. I told him, more people on cell phones, the more camouflaged one is to take pictures of others without anyone knowing, and if you’re allowing people to text and email, surf, set up blue tooth with cell phones in the locker room (and Life Time Fitness is allowing texting, surfing, email), you cannot say if or if not anyone is taking pictures, unless you can see the screen on their phone, and you cannot judge a person by the way they dress. Life Time fitness has posted 4 new signs but are not enforcing them, and they are saying clearly just not allowed to take or make verbal phone conversations and that cell phones cannot be in picture or video mode. This clearly missed the point when I sat in the men’s locker room hot tub and watched a man sitting at the towel dry off area “texting” while a naked boy was walking by, and the father was either still in the showers or at the sinks. I could not tell if that man was texting or taking a picture of the naked boy. No one else seemed to care, including Life Time Fitness.

I am currently in consultation with Senator Patricia Farley and Assemblyman John Hambrick regarding and requesting cell phone limits in locker rooms be added on Assembly Bill 49, since AB 49 involves intimate images, chief prosecuting officer of AB 49 is Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt.


Ina Silverstein January 6, 2015 at 10:40 pm

I would like to express my opinion about your “release” of Maria Pappas as fitness director at Lifetime Syosset.
My husband and I joined the gym over 2 years ago and have been using it happily ever since.
Maria Pappas was instrumental in our feeling welcome and cared about. Her warmth and enthusiasm and her encouragement were always there in abundance.
When you took her yoga class her words were inspirational and always sincere; we never felt that she was scripted like most instructors. Of all the classes we took only Maria would tirelessly watch everyone in the room and gently correct a posture. She cared.
In Aqua class her energy, even when in pain, was enough to make us work harder to achieve our goal. She encouraged us to take strength training classes and lift weights.
We are 74 and 69 years old and have never been as healthy and energetic as we are now.
We owe it to Maria for taking us under her wing when we first got there and giving us the encouragement we needed to continue and stick to a fitness routine.
After a year and seeing how the gym was run we invested and added Lifetime stock to our portfolio. We have been pleased about performance but worry when corporate policies are such that a high caliber instructor is shown the door.
We have no idea of why, but that after her demotion she was there, teaching, giving her all despite an obvious “raw deal”.
We are sad she is gone.
When you open your new gym in Westbury we will go there as it is much closer to our home. We hope you are not spreading yourself too thin when you think it’s prudent to allow a Maria Pappas to leave your staff.
We have seen instructors come and go. You have patrons in Syosset that are demanding of the best and less than that doesn’t cut it.
If people stop coming to class because of mediocre instructors your membership obviously suffers.
Maria had to listen to all our opinions, of which we all have many, and always really heard what we had to say. Her decisions always seemed well thought out and fair.
Maria Pappas cares about people. We are sorry that you did not recognize and respect her finest qualities. It is a loss to your organization and we think you need to examine your corporate flexibility.
We wonder if anyone understands how truly hard it is to keep on trying as we age. Maria did and gave us the encouragement we needed to stick it out long enough to get results and make Lifetime a big part of our daily routine.
We truly are sorry you did not really know this terrific woman, instructor and motivator, if you did, she would be rising in your ranks and not walking out your door.
Ina & Michael Silverstein


Bonnie Weiss April 1, 2016 at 5:22 pm

Well said.
This is how Lifetime Fitness “rewards” employees who are excellent.
This company obviously doesn’t care about the treatment of employees who are truly concerned and care about their fitness programs and their patrons.
It’s disgusting that Lifetime Fitness is run this way at Syosset, New York.
Your experience with them is the rule, not the exception. Unless the corporate structure and philosophy changes, Lifetime Fitness at Syosset will continue to operate this way.


Jacquelynn January 5, 2015 at 2:06 pm

I am a previous employee of lifetime fitness. I was hired at Saint Louis Park for Child center and operations on October 30, 2012 I worked there for six months I drove an hour out of my way and worked in two departments that were under staffed as I was in operations child center would come and get me and say they needed help as did operations when I was in child center someone would come and get me and pull me out I was being pulled in two places at once and working more than 8 hours in a day and being paid part time for full time work, management was unprofessional and never knew that it takes more than one person to run three lockers, collecting dirty towels putting them in the washer and changing them over to the dryers, checking on outside bathrooms and keeping the department clean and in new like condition it takes more than one person to do that like I said under staffed they ran employees to the ground but unfortunately that was work and a way of income for me I did that for six months until my injury from a accident I had previous to working there started acting up and causing me serve pain as I have nerve damage in my right arm and surgery is still on the table for to this day but after management found out about my injury instead of working around it they fired me I was heart broken but a yoga teacher saved me after a night of getting off work from operations I took a yoga class and was drained half way through it I started to get up and pull my mat off the ground as the teacher walks up to me and asks me to stay as it beneficial for me and that we needed to talk after I put my mat back down and went into child pose and took the rest of class at my pace after class was done he told me that my energy is different I am a teacher in heart and soul and that is true he introduced me to the lifepower yoga training classes that were taking place in March as I got let go in March I decided to join and I took those classes at White Bear Lake lifetime and changed my life though it was a struggle to pay with lack of having little income at that time I still finished it in May shortly after finishing my training I found lifetime fitness again at the end of July early August at Highland Park I was hired for Child center and Front desk I went through some family issues around Christmas time and found myself homeless I lived in my car for a time and even spent nights in the club working out, in yoga, sauna or in meditation since I had no where else to go. I eventually found a bed to rest in and was taken care of after I found a place I had some car trouble with it still being winter and all its a harsh season for me I even had fraud on my account and someone took over 800 dollars I lost everything gas money, food money, rent money and had no way to get to work as everything died on me phone, car and money after three days of emailing everyone and seeing who could cover for me I got no reply I even starting to apply to other places and even had a job interview for a lifetime in Florida which I did over Skype and I was heartbroken with that since I did everything in my power to make it just time for me wasn’t right with the universe to do such a thing yet. I eventually lost the place I was renting and now homeless and jobless again I am still couch hoping to this day and I even had a interview today with lifetime fitness in Saint Louis Park for teaching kids yoga and meditation but once again my “new” car isn’t working due to weather again being winter and with only change in my pocket the drive is 45 minutes away and no money to safely get there and back I had to email them and wish to reschedule. I have no complaint with lifetime fitness but I do have designs to make the facilities better, my dream is to be with lifetime fitness again and I have been fighting for my dreams of designing my own gyms so I may teach in them. Its a sacred place to have a gym and to take care of yourself. Even after my struggle I refuse to give up I would love to write for their magazine even and so many fresh new ideas for Saint Louis Park club that everyone will love I just want a chance to show that. I am worth it and that lifetime fitness is missing out on a huge opportunity by not having me be on their team. I can make it better and more beautiful than anyone has ever imagined. Lifetime fitness saved my life once and that is where my heart belongs. Its forgiveness and love that keep me strong, keep me going on wanting to see my goal through.


Howard December 30, 2014 at 4:30 pm

How about a discount for Seniors or a Senior Membership? Membership is becoming so expensive that I don’t know if I will be able to stay a member on my fixed income. I am a charter member at the Skokie Illinois club, but you are pricing me out.


Wayne Hall December 21, 2014 at 1:43 pm

To Lifetime Corporate office CEO:
Dear Sir,
My wife and I joined your fitness in Tulsa, Oklahoma about a year ago. we thought it was a beautiful place to work out in and hopefully lose some weight. My wife who was 66 years oo age,never exercises and it took me ten years to talk her into joining a gym to workout in. Well, on our second day of workout, we started out on the treadmill multitasking with dumbbells above our heads while walking at variable speeds. The treadmills had no safety disconnect strap or side bars to hold on to. My wife lose her concentration and fell off the end of the treadmill and broke her ankle. The trainer of our group came around and helped me hold my wife’s head up so her hair wouldn’t get caught in the moving belt. At that time your facility did not have any protocal for emergencies. No one called for an Ambulance,your trainer and I sat her in an office chair and took her down the elevater to the parking lot where I brought my vehicle to take her to the emergency room and found out my wife’s ankle was broken. The very next day one of your employees Savanah cancelled our contract saying, we owed $13.00. The $13.00s turned out to be the sales tax of which I am a disabled veteran and therefore tax exempt. evidently your corporation does not recognize our veterans. Lifetime fitness would not pay for the medical emergency saying we signed a disclaimer. Once we signed the disclaimer I believe our safety is in your hands. Lifetime fitness is than responsible for our safety while in your facility and under your supervision. I my opinion, I don’t think you did your part. I do not think I will ever recommend Lifetime Fitness to anyone and I will express my opinion whenever asked. Wayne F. Hall Sr.


Rae Matheny December 20, 2014 at 2:15 pm

Today I invited 2 of my friends to workout with me. After many conversations and much encouragement, they finally agreed to come check lifetime out. They have no experience in working out, while I would be considered to be fit. We worked out together & I gave them help & pointers along the way. Toward the end of our workout, 2 women came up to us & demanded that we come to her office bc they recvd complaints that there was an outside trainer training guests. In the office, she explained that it was against policy for an outside trainer to come in. I understand that, but I’m no trainer. I can’t express how embarrassing it was for myself & for my friends. It is already intimidating enough for an overweight person to go to the gym & workout in front of people w/o having 2 women with clipboards & walkie talkies demanding we leave. At a time when they needed to be encouraged & uplifted, they were embarrassed & accused. I am beyond disgusted with how this was handled. It was unacceptable, tactless & unprofessional. Not only do they no longer have interest in joining, I am questioning whether or not I want to continue being a member of a facility who handles things so poorly.


Duane Wyland October 29, 2014 at 10:20 am

October 26, 2014

Dear Bahram Akradi,
Life Time Fitness, Inc.
2902 Corporate Place
Chanhassen, MN 55317

I am reaching out to you before reaching out to the District Attorney or addressing my audience to school districts, golf clubs, politicians, hospitals, and the like. SW regional manager and risk manager proven to be impotent in solving serious privacy violation rights problems.

I am asking for change of 3 items: 3 more identical signs, email blast, and enforcement of policy.

Life Time Fitness Summerlin does not enforce their Locker Room Recording Device Policy, Does not take minimum affirmative steps to protect against privacy rights violations risks, and is promoting atmosphere for child and adult male XXXXXography, by promoting use of recording devices in the locker rooms at lockers, TV area, sinks, and showers.

I have emails, photos, doXXXXentation, and notes, including notes I have taken when talking with other gym members in the locker room. I would like resolution to my valid concern (shared by many) regarding cell phones and electronic recording devices used at Life Time Fitness Summerlin Locker room around nude gym members of all ages.

Life Time Fitness and Brian Frankwick never enforced policy, they have (1) no cell phone/electronic device sign up, but (12) slippery and wet signs, I see men using cell phones and other electronic devices equipped with cameras, and there are naked men and naked boys in front of these devices, including myself. I’ve watched men “text” at the towel dry off area while naked boys are walking past the weight scale area, I’m in the hot tub and I cannot tell if they are texting or taking pictures.

June 12: Man dressed sitting with legs in hot tub is taking pictures; I report this to Brian Frankwick Regional manager for NV, AZ, CA, and Manger for Summerlin. Locker Room attendants said this man taking pictures works at Life Time. Brian Frankwick said he will address issue next day at meeting. I suggested hanging up more signs, and enforce their policy. Brian Frankwick never did anything.

July 17 Meeting with Brian Frankwick (manger of LTF Summerlin, and Regional Manager for NV, AZ, CA). He said he would put up No Cell Phone/No recording device sign at TV, Sinks, Hot Tub, will send out email blast reminding members of policy and educating them on the risks, will have employees sign policy and expectations to enforce policy. None of this ever happened.
I told Brian Frankwick about my observations in the hot tub while men sitting at the towel dry off area and naked boys are present, and their fathers are either in the showers or at the sinks, unaware of environment. Cannot tell if texting or taking pictures.
I told Life Time Fitness/Brian Frankwick that Apple I Phone photographs and videotapes on each side, that a man had cell phone 1 foot from my butt as I put on underwear at the lockers, that men pick up their phones and text and talk while we are all standing at the sinks with and without towels around our waists.

July 29 Life Time Legal sends me email letter (still have) after I said I was going to media, they said they would add the signs, send out email blast, and enforce the policy. Never happened.

End of August and beginning of September I was told by 3 locker room attendants: Michael, Rick, Xerxes, and one other that the manager Brian Frankwick says you are allowed to use your cell phones for texting and talking but not taking pictures or video, that they now change the policy, and if anyone takes your picture, to tell the locker room attendant or Brian Frankwick.

Life Time Fitness is encouraging cell phone use, and you can see members and employees near locker room attendants on cell phones, and even one locker room attendants, such as PJ making personal calls. You cannot say if they are texting or talking, or taking pictures or video. There is no way of knowing. states difficult to determine if your picture is taken because you’re unaware. My complaint is that Life Time is aware, and they brand this business as being family oriented.

October 8 at 3:30 pm I walked into a selfie, I was not in the picture when we reviewed the photo, that the member showed. That member taking the picture was camouflage because there were around 5 other people on cell phones. This member had taken the picture because Brian Frankwick and Life Time Fitness created the risky environment for this to easily occur. Life Time Fitness tells people you can use your cell phones in the locker room, locker room attendants and other employees routinely walk by people on computers, IPads, cell phones.
After walking into selfie, 5 minutes later I brought the locker room attendant Xerxes Aryan Sarfaraz to that member at the lockers. I wasn’t in the picture, but what if it was a small unaware child and child was in the picture? Another man would probably also been unaware and its 3:30pm. The member confessed to snapping the picture. I’m seeing self-ie taken at this LTF locker room in Vegas on dating and pick up sites, so pictures are being taken, And Brian Frankwick and locker room attendants say no one is taking pictures. This all happened because Brian Frankwick and Life Time Fitness allow cell phone used freely, cell phone and electronic device definitely d id NOT looked out of place. It would be less risky for privacy rights violation if they actually enforced their NO Cell Phone Policy, safer for all members of all ages. I told Life Time Fitness all this in July 2014, and have doXXXXentation proving this.

October 10 I had spoken with Life Time Risk Management Josh Redding, he lied, saying cell phones were never allowed in locker room, He would not verbalize the locker room cell phone policy, and said that the legal department will carry through on their promises to put up more signs, send out email blast.
I said their attendants told me October 8 that they cannot enforce the policy unless management tells them to enforce the policy, and he was speechless, and then thanked me for my time. Life Time Legal has not followed through on their promise.

October 20: Employee from pool area checking men’s locker room hot tub water says cell phones forbidden in family locker room but thinks you can use cell phones in men’s locker room (same place where there are naked men and boys. Brian Frankwick did not follow through on his plan of training staff.

October 20: Man walks by me in locker room using tablet, I asked locker room attendant if allowed, locker room attendant said he thinks not, but have to check, if we see them on phones we tell them to put them away. Locker room attendants are not enforcing the No Cell Phone Policy.

October 24: I told Xerxes that a man is on cell phone pushing buttons, standing near towel area facing wide open area, and Xerxes says he tell them other times, that they get angry, that his pay grade is low.

Employees are not educated, policy not enforced, and they are not doing anything for long term policy change. Life Time Legal never followed through on promise, Brian Frankwick/Life Time created unsafe environment by allowing devices used, and allowed greater use end of August 2014.
Why doesn’t check in desk verbally tell members checking in about the cell phone policy, why isn’t there more signs and an email blast as promised by Life Time Legal, Brian Frankwick, and Risk Manager Josh Redding? Why are the attendants not checking for Policy violation by doing checks, because when I’m putting on my underwear, I clearly can watch a lot of cell phone use on October 24th in the afternoon months after my complaints, and after October 8th waking into Selfie at 3:30pm.
Lot of good information.
video shows LTF gym video while people showering, and captures guy taking picture while videoing.

“No 30, 40, 50, or 60 year old man who appears well dressed with a professional job should be walking around the locker room, standing at the row of sinks, or sitting on the bench using cell phones or I PAD to carry out executive level business while I’m bending over to put on my underwear, while other men are walking around naked, or while naked boys are present. No one truly knows the character of these men.”

It is more offensive to have a phone pointed at me or child than it is offensive to tell that person with phone to put away their phone and to adhere to the policy.

Life Time Fitness Summerlin is a business, anyone can buy shares or gym membership, they want to make money for their shareholders, and they don’t want bothered with addressing the Cell Phone Policy, and laws have not caught up to technology. However, Life Time Fitness has a policy, and they should warn parents and members of risks if they are not enforcing policy, because members are unaware of illegal use of recording devices used in gyms, and Life Time encourages cell phone and electronic device use. Nicolas Cage goes to this gym, and he does not undress. Famous skateboarder had to stop using urinal because another member pretended to text in attempt to attempt to take a picture of his penis urinating. I cannot tell you about the child XXXXX, because those doing it are very secretive and keep the pictures for their private collections. We can assume this is happening.


(1) 3 additional signs put up, exact same identical sign as already hanging when walking into the locker room: “the use of all cellular telephones and devices with photographic or video capabilities is not permitted within locker room areas
1 at the TV, 1 at the Sinks, 1 at the hot tub.
If signs are up, those afraid to complain, can point to the sign, or be more prompted to complain.

(2) Email blast to go to Life Time Summerlin Members reminding them of the policy of not using cell phones or any device with recording capabilities in the locker room. They send out email blasts for different issues such as club closure, complaints of keeping lockers overnight, activities, etc.
They can send out an email blast reminding about the policy, state the reason: to protect all member’s privacy, to create safe environment, to class up the gym, to diminish risk of accidental photos.

Have attendants enforce the policy: have them sign a paper that they know the policy.
Once members are told to put away their devices because of the risks to other members, they gladly put away those devices.
Fewer devices used, more out of place others will be when they pick up their devices, more aware other gym members will be, safer everyone will be.

Please see my CNN I REPORT. I would like my story on CNN so to protect other gym members.
Picture on the “only” sign: No Cell Phone or recording devices (12 slippery and wet signs are in locker room), Life Time Fitness Women’s Locker Room, Selfie picture taken in my gym locker room, found on a dating site. All pictures are on CNN.


Andy gjata October 16, 2014 at 4:04 pm

The people are great my comment below this wasn’t me fil how somebody did that I love the gym I’m a diamond member I would care less anybody reads my comment not true and also I would like to take it off this page please


Andy gjata October 16, 2014 at 4:00 pm

I really love life time
24 hour gym


Sandy Cross October 16, 2014 at 1:11 am

I really like this gym.


maryam October 9, 2014 at 11:03 pm

I am happy with this fitness center that opened in Rochester Hillls MI 12 years ago and since then I am a member there. The only dissaponting thing is the corporate started to increase the membership fee for 1 or 2 dollar each year. I started paying the membership fee as $49 and gradually was increased . Now I am paying $62 ( for one person) and I got an email that they are increasing it again for another $ 2. To me it is like increasing %30 over last couple of year. Not fair.


erb October 31, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Be thankful that your membership is $62. A single membership in NJ is $119 a month.


Jeff Stern September 26, 2014 at 12:54 pm

The purpose of my email is to suggest that Orlando Florida might be a location of a future club. We moved here in May due to a career move. Prior to the move we were members of your Tempe Arizona club. Though I left for a while, I believe that I originally joined during that club’s first month of operation. My wife was a member when we left and a very frequent user. During our house hunt in Orlando we tried to find a club to compare to what we had grown used to at Lifetime.
Sadly for us, nothing compares anywhere in the area. We did join RDV since it comes closer than any of the alternatives but we miss Lifetime.
Sad as that may be, the point is that there is probably a market for Lifetime here in Orlando. We pay more here for less luxury and features and we have a substantial discount since my wife’s employer is one of the larger companies in the area. I think that you have pricing room and a ready audience. RDV is located in a good area surrounded by class A office building and near a freeway exit. Still There are large tracts of undeveloped land off other exits and near residential areas with relatively higher education and income levels.
Lifetime’s arrival in the Orlando are would be nice for us but, more importantly, it would be very successful for Lifetime Fitness.


Thoroughly disgusted September 4, 2014 at 4:18 pm

I went through the interview process at Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills, IL, as a Massage Therapist. After a whole bunch of inconvenience by rescheduling my interview dates throughout this 4 step process, due to managements HIGHER PRIORITIES, I finally reached my 4th interview, with the Spa Manager who still showed much interest and enthusiasm towards hiring me.
When I arrived for my final interview, I was not even greeted by the GM, John Oui, whom I was supposed to meet with, but rather the Spa manager, Dina Bockos. She proceeded to tell me, after I waited 30 min for someone to show up, that the GM, John Oui, felt it wasnt going to be a good fit due to the fact I was 10 min late…After all the rescheduling and inconvenience, and Im a mere 10 min late, and thats the final determination? Well, I proceeded to tell the Spa manager, Dina Bockos, that I have seizures and I was affected with an aura (that occurs before a seizure comes on) due to lack of sleep from the stress of other personal issues, and to please reconsider their choice since this is an ADA condition, as well as Federally protected by the EEOC. I was still told without hesitation, “Sorry! We just feel this is going to be a problem. Its not going to work” . If this is how Lifetime treats potential Employees who are sick and are trying to maintain health, then their whole statement to the public about their care for health, everything they claim to stand for, its all a ploy… They clearly did NOT care about MY health… just money, great looks, and apparently ( MY ) physical health should be “perfect” in order to obtain employment…
I am thoroughly disgusted, hurt, and I was made to feel subhuman by the way I was treated… I dont know what Lifetime can do to rectify this one…? Corporate should be ashamed of these two UNTRAINED, yet proclaimed, professionals they have in managerial positions at this Platinum Facility… Shame on you all !!!


John Wragg September 4, 2014 at 7:39 am

I am a member of Lifetime Fitness in Mississauga Ontario. The outdoor pool was closed on Monday September the first. The weather this week has been sunny and very hot. Today is Thursday September the fourth and it is 27 degrees C . This translates to 90 degrees F . Everyone at this club has been complaining but nothing has been done. Last year the pool was kept open until September the 15 th. This needs to be changed. Best regards John Wragg


Jodi Buxbaum September 2, 2014 at 11:16 pm

There have been at least 3 cases of Mursa in the Scottsdale AZ club. No one is addressing this and the exercise rooms have not been cleaned. This is very upsetting!! If Lifetime does not take responsibility and attempt to sanitize the club – especially the exercise rooms more people including children could become ill or die. There have been at least 2 employees that I am aware of that have been hospitalized!! This is gross negligence.


Unhappy customer August 29, 2014 at 10:05 am

Very disappointed with Daycare hours! I’ve taken my son the Lifetime daycare since he was 6 months old. He will be 4yrs old next month. I never complain about the cost because I enjoy the gym hours and day hours for the most part. I learned yesterday daycare hours will change next month, closely at 8pm. Not to mention current hours have changed closing at 8:30pm. If yoga starts at 7pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for an hour. How can I enjoy the class?? With these hours, it’s very upsetting that I pay $74.95 a month almost $900 a year. I’m only able to workout during daycare hours. The fact that this is happening it’s really effecting my workout. I need a full 2 hours! With the hours changing I didnt even get an email notice. I heard over the entercom the daycare will be closing at 8:30! What a way to find out…. Corporate needs to reconsider there decision. Member @ Orand Park IL


jKW August 26, 2014 at 6:40 pm

Please get proper wifi speeds and access across your gyms. Considering what we pay it would be a few pennies per member to have proper speeds (say enough bandwidth so that all members are getting 10 down / 5 up) and coverage across all areas.


Cleo Petricek August 16, 2014 at 11:25 pm

I have been a Diamond & Onyx Level member of Lifetime for more than 5 years, I have never once complained about Lifetime until today. Today I found out the infant daycare will not be open from 12-4 during the week. This was a shock not only to me and other Lifetime moms but to their own daycare staff. How do you not give any advanced notice of changing hours to your staff and members? Especially to moms of young babies who have delicate schedules as it is. I will voice my concern to every member that is a parent that I see about this abrupt change. If anyone understands how something like this impacts a family, is a member that is a parent. I am currently looking for other gyms that facilitate daycare hours that are more convenient so I cancel my membership.


Sara August 13, 2014 at 1:36 am

I’ve been a happy Lifetime member for over 5 years, until recently.
I’m an active duty officer and had to attend training in Scottsdale AZ. Luckily my home club told me that Scottsdale has a club as well and to keep my membership as I can use it there. Scottsdale does have a club but I’d have to increase my rate for 3 months while in training to use it. At this point it is too late to cancel my membership due to the 30 day cancellation policy. So I am paying for 3 months of a membership I can’t use. To make matters worse, at training there is no gym so 20+ military members seeking a gym membership are turned away because lifetime would not work with them. How disappointing. This situation could have turned into a win-win and instead we all have a bad taste in our mouths. Needless to say, I am canceling my membership from this point forward.


Christian August 7, 2014 at 10:02 pm

Disappointed with Service from GARLAND, TX.

I recently added a jr member to my account. After being told by 3 different team members that the junior would be added at the older rate since I have been a member since the club opened in 2004, the bill came through and the rate was 150% higher than what I was quoted. After calling the club multiple times, and being passed off to many people, I was finally told that all of the team members were incorrect and I’d have to pay the higher amount. Where’s the integrity? Lifetime purports to be the healthy way of life company, but can’t even honor a price that was given by multiple team members. Ridiculous. Even the GM passed the buck and made some other employee call me back instead of handling it himself. Very disappointing.


R&A August 7, 2014 at 9:54 pm

My complaint is with the location in San Antonio, TX.

There are two basketball courts that are located in the facility. When my family and I first joined the club we were informed that we could utilize the courts to play basketball. Every time my son (age 12) and other kids try to play on the court they would get forced off by the adults. According to the club only 18 and above is allowed to play on the courts with other adults. I then went to the GM and spoke with him on the matter and he decided to come up with a schedule and court monitor to help with the problem. The schedule he came up with was to have a kid’s time on Saturdays from 10am – 12pm. So, I started to bring my son at 10am just as the schedule suggested. When him and the other kids got on the court during this time, the adults again forced them off the court. I reminded the adults and the court monitor that it was now kids play on this one court and they should abide by the schedule and go to the other court that was available to them 24/7. This would start an uproar and some of the adults on the court would get into a verbal confrontation with me. I would then go and talk to one of the managers on duty and they would come and remind the adults about the schedule and allowed the kids to play until 12pm. This would go on for months. They even threaten to run over the kids if they got in their way. Every Saturday at 10am the adults would continue to bully these kids off the court until I intervened and go talk to a manager.

Soon came a new and current GM (Lance). I talked to him about the situation and he assured me that it would be handled. Well, he handled it alright! He reduced the kids play from 2 hours to 1 hour which now the time is Saturdays 11am -12pm. He explained to me that he had to go with the majority. He even lied about not having any kids time all.

I want to know what measures are in place to protect the kids, if any? What should be done about Lance and the court monitor who sided with the adult bullies instead of the kids? Is this Life Time’s policy?


Nicole July 30, 2014 at 11:17 pm

We just visited the canton Michigan location with discouraging news. We are looking to leave our current gym, and return to lifetime where we were members for 10years. The sales reps were bargaining and could not accommodate our needs; the sales rep and the manger who tried to come in to sell us had conflicted information. I think you would want to gain a customer back, especially knowing they paid on time faithfully for 10 years. Would like some clarification on the costs & this zero return fee for prior customers. Reps claiming to “do a solid” and give us a discount (which was almost 40 dollars more than what we paid prior) does not sound like a “solid” to regain loyalty. Were not looking for a steal or major discount, just looking to return at the same rate, and have the same information from the employees regarding returning. Would love to return, given we were told we could come back for no fee, yet it is $40 more and no one can give consistent information. Would like a response


D. R. "D" Schieferstein July 29, 2014 at 5:01 am

I thought “third time is a charm” but apparently not. Tonight was the FOURTH time I have reported treadmill 190-090, at the Garland Texas location, as defective. NO TIME has anyone bothered to put a sign on it saying “Out of Order.” Tonight I left my telephone number so that the mechanic can ask questions should he desire.

Upon my second time to complain about this particular machine, I was told by Sarah (I think that was her name) that she “understands when someone is OCD and HAS to have that particular machine.” How unprofessional can you be? It has nothing to do with being ODC – I pay a lot of money each month to be and member and I might add, since 2006! When equipment is report defective, signage should be placed on that equipment and it should not be allowed to be used until it has been repaired and THROUGHLY operationally checked out. For Sarah’s information, I used to enjoy that particular machine due to its location directly in front of the clock on the wall and mostly in front of the television I prefer to watch while on the treadmill. Yes, I do get stuck in my own habits, but Sarah’s should NEVER label ANYONE!!!

I would also like to know why this location is growing mildew on the ceiling of the men’s shower room. Well, it is now time to harvest that mildew as it is thick enough for someone to get sick from it. From hair on the floor to wet towels in the shower stalls, this location needs a spring cleaning EVERYDAY!!!

Finally, why is it that most lockers in the men’s locker room are missing the keys to them at three and four o’clock in the mornings? I can understand at peak hours of operation that a lot of lockers are being used. However, how can so many lockers be unavailable so early in the morning when the gym is virtually empty? I hear young men in the locker rooms sharing lockers – how they get into the club without proper ID, I don’t know. I would think if they had proper ID, they could use that ID to get their own locker to use for the day.

I would appreciate someone (preferably NOT Sarah) reaching out to me with answers to these issues.
Respectfully yours,
D. R. “D” Schieferstein
Member since 2006


Margaret Bernato July 3, 2014 at 11:20 am

Syosset, NY

The club has security issues and a lack of accountability, Multiple vehicles have been broken into in the parking lot, the lighting is poor and there is no security. The latest being A pair of 125.00 sandals were stolen from my locker by an employee who emptied my locker at night because I had forgotten my pool bag there when my work out was cut short by an unforeseen event. I have since been told other members have had items stolen from lockers.

I have put the club on notice I want to be reimbursed or I will file a police report and request the club submits the claim to their insurance carrier. I will post the outcome.


Jim July 3, 2014 at 7:51 am

Being a business owner for over 30 years, I understand it is difficult to keep all customers happy all of the time. Especially as your business grows and you have to count on others to run your business in the same manner you would. The problem with most companies that grow and have many employees is that they do not have training programs with monitored follow up processes to make sure there employees are up to speed with company policies and expectations. Lifetime is obviously one of these companies that has grown to the point that the only thing that matters is the asshloes in the board room not caring about customer service but profitability and do not care how it happens, just that it needs to happen. I have been a member for over 10 years and utilize 4 different Lifetimes in Michigan and it is obvious there are issues that the upper management does not seem to care about. The quality of the clubs continues to decrease in many areas; lack of staff, cutting out amenities in the locker rooms, equipment repairs taking longer than they should, cleanliness to name a few. We can all post these comments because we are pissed for one reason or another, but it does not matter since nothing will be done about it. As the competition grows, Lifetime will lose market share to the new clubs that care.


frank June 30, 2014 at 2:32 pm

I am concerned for your Tulsa club and its management decisions. This club is endorsing a DH to date one of his subordinates. I know for a fact that this is against your company policy and is known by the GM and his superiors. How can a company go against its own “code”? This is not the only misconduct happening at this club.


Jennifer Grontkowski June 22, 2014 at 7:29 pm

Lifetime fitness in Indianapolis, IN., Castleton facility, has mice roaming around. Two staff members stated they knew since last week and were trying to chase it around the locker room hoping to catch it. I have been a member since it opened and over the past years the facility has gone downhill. Candice, Carolyn and Amy kept the locker rooms very clean. We have lost all the good instructors. No personal trainer wants to help if you aren’t paying them. With having the Life Cafe it is even a bigger concern having rodents. Hopefully you will do something about this issue before the board of health finds out.
We pay enough for membership and deserve cleanliness at least.


Kristin Roth June 19, 2014 at 2:07 pm

I am very disappointed in lifetime fitness. I went in on May 2nd, 2014 to cancel my policy. I had been told that all I had to do is give a 30 day notice. You just took money out of my account the day before. I did not argue about that. Due to my being out of work for over a year, I explained to the supervisor that I could not continue my account. The guy in charge of the pool activities was helpful and got the supervisor that day. She was very rude and said tuff luck. I would need to pay the next billing cycle even though I have not used lifetime fitness in several months and that I would be charged next billing cycle. I cannot pay. I did what I had previously been told and gave a 30 day notice. I was not given any paper to sign and will not pay. When I called on 6/19/14, I was told that I refused to sign the paper. This is not true. I had refused to pay June, due to my giving a 30 day notice. I am very disappointed in your company. I came to you in good faith based on what I had previously been told when I cancelled my account for Stephan Roth. I am disappointed in how rude that manager was.

Kristin Roth


Paul Nuyens June 13, 2014 at 3:07 pm

I have been a member since 2/2012 and active at the Canton, MI club since it opened 9/2012. For the past several months 1 of the PT’s has been SHOUTING #’s as he counts down to start or stop a training exercise. I find this very distracting & have talked to him, Sharon-the Manager, and the PT Manager. I track all my exercises, which includes rep. counts, & have 12 years of records showing my improvements. His counting is impossible to ignore and very distracting. If shouting improves results all members & trainers should be doing it. Now, another trainer is starting to do the same thing. I know management has talked to him but the shouting continues.


Pam June 6, 2014 at 3:51 pm

I am so sick of dealing with the terrible attitudes of the day care employees at the Centennial, CO Lifetime. Today I went to play with my daughter on the indoor turf – supposed to be available to all members. But the daycare kids were sitting on half the field, not playing, just listening to the babysitters talk. We went to the other side to play. One of the babysitters kept throwing a football at my daughter and I? Not trying to play just harassing. Then same guy brought a couple dozen kids over to the goal and literally stood in front of my daughter, as if she wasn’t there, and started passing the football. We were run out so I spoke to a Lifetime employee. When he approached the babysitter he was told day care kids pay for camp…. so members can’t use facilities? Same employee told me “Chris” has a lot of issues…. So the big question why is Lifetime not only employing a person with known issues but allowing him to supervise children?


Raleigh Moore May 30, 2014 at 4:18 am

im a lifetime fitness employee wondering about tattoo policies I have military tattoos on both forearms im in the army reserves and I love my job as operations I would likr to go above and beyond to make our members love coming to lifetime fitness as much as I do as well as being an employee thanks for your time


Robert Keil May 28, 2014 at 3:18 pm

For the price it’s not worth it. To many attitudes and too many other nice gyms for a fraction of the price. My Syosset location was robbed several times including the locker rooms and cars in the lot. Not what you would expect when shelling out 300 dollars a month for my family and I. I canceled today after being a member for several months and I must say that what they put me through to cancel was terrible. Make sure you READ your contract. They charge you for the following month AFTER you cancel. This can be waived by providing them with a Dr. Note that you are no longer able to perform gym activities. Even after i provided this I still needed to contact LifeTime’s Corporate office as I received an email stating that they were still going to bill me for June even though I canceled today. The corporate office contacted Jessica at the Syosset location and Jessica stated that she had input my cancelation incorrectly. The funny thing is that I’m not surprised since Jessica was very rude as I was canceling. Fair well LifTime Fitness.


was a member May 14, 2014 at 4:57 pm

I was a long standing member of Lifetime and enjoyed there facilities. However, due to moving I had to cancel my membership from a distance. I spoke with customer service and she said she would cancel it and I had to send a certified letter. I followed the procedures. However, now they want to continue to bill me for months after they received my letter. I just spoke with Melissa from corporate office and she was very unprofessional and poor customer service refusing to assist me. She further refused to give me her last name. Even when trying to put it on hold previously, ran into same issue. Overall, POOR customer service.


Joe Mildenberger May 1, 2014 at 10:41 am

When did Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth open?



Eric April 30, 2014 at 12:12 am

My fiancé and I joined Lifetime Fitness and attended our local club twice. After the first two visits we were notified that we were never members (even after being issued cards) and that we needed to sign up to continue club benefits. When we checked our bank account they had already processed the transaction and taken our money. When we presented proof they told us that there was absolutely nothing they could do for us and we ended up flagging the transaction as fraud through our bank. After this incident we decided to cut all ties with the company but they obviously had other plans, they called us and emailed us for a whole year. During this year I asked to be removed from their call list and email list and was both reassured it was done and hung up on many times with no success, the calls kept coming. I finally called corporate which did absolutely nothing as they could not track the incident as i “was not a paying customer”. The final straw was on a tuesday when I received eight calls in a four hour period from Lifetime, I went to our nearest location. When I went into the location I asked to speak with someone regarding the repeated calls, and they called someone over. When this person came my exact words were “I have been getting repeated calls from lifetime fitness for about a year now and would like them to stop” and his reply was “ok, what would you like me to do?” and I told him i would like the calls to stop to which he replied consider them stopped. This would have been great except for the fact that to him this conversation was over and he had no idea who i was. I asked him if he would like my information and he said “fine, whats your name” I told him my name and he said “ok, consider them stopped” again the problem is that he had no pen, hadn’t looked it up on the computer, and had no idea how to spell my last name. At this point I was getting frustrated and asked for a manager his reply was “ok” but did nothing, called for no one he just stared at me without blinking. this went on for a few minutes before I looked back at him and said i asked for a manager, he said nothing just kept staring. I finally looked at him and said you can stop staring at me and get a manager, he just smirked and chuckled. I looked at him and said quit staring at me and go get your manager, he again did nothing. I finally got overly mad and said something I shouldn’t have which was exact ally “don’t be a prick and get your manager.” For that comment I was kicked out of lifetime fitness. When I called the fitness center to submit a complaint the head manager said she would have called the cops and supports all actions of all of her employees. I contacted corporate to submit a complaint I was told i could but because I was not a customer it would not go very far. Long story short I received a phone call the following day, i called corporate and they told me there wasn’t much they could do as “they could not find the profile that was triggering the marketing calls, sorry for the inconvenience”

I would tell you to never get a membership with this company, overpriced and no customer service what so ever!



James Thunell April 25, 2014 at 1:41 pm

It has become apparent that on going maintenance of the 2 indoor Jacuzzi is not meeting with club standards that I originally signed up with. First the waterfalls had to be taken out of service, they said due to leaking pipes, non-filtering of the water and increased free chlorine from the water being disturbed, tiles coming loose and too costly to repair.
I have made complains before without resolution. Now Spa #2 is indefinitely out of service, leaving only the one Spa for use. I AM NOT the only member who believes this is a determent to our high cost membership at lifetime. These are maintenance costs that should have been addressed and budgeted in operational considerations of the club. Now lose one and there’s none. Way to go. I enjoy Lifetime’s machines, free weights and studios more than any other gym(s) that I have joined in the past. Something needs to be done to curb the deteriorating conditions taking place. Does Corporate HQ care what happens? How many other facilities have had similar issues, especially with waterfalls?


Karlee Smith March 21, 2014 at 6:16 pm

I received a 6 month FREE membership through a charity event and the last 3 months was charged for my membership and when I went to cancel a month prior to the 6th month so I would not get charged the manager said he would take care of crediting my account and it has been a month now that he keeps telling me it is corporate that is only place that can reverse the charge and he is working on it. He has been working on continuing to charge my card the way I see it. I would avoid everything LIFETIME because they will CHARGE your lifetime for sure. Poor service, unhelpful, and dishonest company.


? confused March 8, 2014 at 9:54 am

What’s going on with the Kids Academy classes in The Diamond Level new Lifetime Athletic in Reston Va? When it opened in September it seemed smooth and had high quality classes now with it’s new kids director is been so incredibly unorganized and the schedule keeps changing every two weeks and the employees are not happy, the rates have dropped significantly. It’s horrible. I’m an art teacher and teacher assistant from Northern Virginia private children academies. I’m also a native Spanish instructor and an after school program director and I started teaching classes at Lifetime in Reston since the grand opening, I was excited but now I’m disallusioned because the classes are all a mess. My hours as a Spanish teacher have been given away, same with my school skills classes, and now my art classes. I consistently had high numbers of students in all my classes but now my hours have been moved to earlier hours and non peak hours. They’ve started to hire teenagers as supervisors and lowered the rates for gurus taking off six dollars per hour, there are more members now, but they’re cutting back on paying the teachers. It’s so disappointing. There’s lower moral and it’s crazier with less classes and there’s even been a case of one missing child who wasn’t signed in or picked up properly, and parents not informed of event cancellations, birthday parties not scheduled on the computer, and other unorganized happenings.


Susan Hirsch March 7, 2014 at 8:05 am

There is a problem with group fitness at the Schaumburg IL club. Hot yoga classes are currently scheduled in studio 2 before cardio classes and the yoga instructors do not turn on the a/c in time to cool the room sufficiently for the next class. I have addressed this with the Schaumburg GP manager to no avail. Yesterday Mar. 6 the substitute yoga instructor claimed the office door was locked so she couldn’t turn on the a/c yet she was apparently able to access that room to jack up the heat for hot yoga! I personally had to go downstairs to the main desk and get the head mgr. on duty to unlock the door but by then our zumba class was just starting and the room was hot for the entire session.
! I would suggest that hot yoga only be scheduled for the last class of the day or move that class to its own room. This is a health issue; someone could get heat stroke!


Steven Schwartz March 4, 2014 at 7:50 pm

I joined Lifetime Fitness in Rochester Michigan in October of 2013. I hired a personal trainer to get in shape for running triathlons this summer. During my personal training, I became injured. I submitted a letter from my doctor, stating that I could no longer lift weights. The personal trainer supervisor accepted the letter then said they would freeze my payments until I recovered. After visiting my doctor again, it was discovered that I tore a shoulder muscle and could no longer lift weights for the near future. I saw my personal trainer and he was kind enough to provide me with a cancellation form. Two days later, I was charged over $500 for personal training. When I complained to the personal trainer supervisor, I was told that I didn’t cancel in time and that the charge was issued in accordance with my contract. I’ve met scrupulous and deceiving business people before, but never expected that from my health club.

As a result, I resigned my membership. I would suggest anyone seeking personal training, NOT to pay for it at Lifetime Fitness.


Hon Lee February 23, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Dear Sir,
This is in reference to the Saturday 9:00 AM hot vinyasa class at Lifetime Fitness, Johns Creek, Georgia.

We started Lifetime membership because of the yoga sessions. We participate in all available sessions as much as our work schedules permit.

We learned from our instructor this past Saturday that beginning on March 8, 2014 , this class will be changed to 10:00 AM because she is taking a job in another location.

We noticed that this Saturday 9:00 AM hot vinyasa class is always popular among club members. Upon hearing this announcement, many of us expressed our concerns and questioned why the 9:00 AM session will be moved to 10:00 AM. As matter of fact, 9:00 AM class was a bit late already to start the day considering we have errands to run during the weekend. With the 10:00 AM class, half a day of the Saturday is gone.

We understand personnel changes are normal and inevitable. But we cannot comprehend why management will degrade the popularity of the Saturday 9:00 AM hot vinyasa class because of personnel change.

We hope management will reconsider this impending change in the Saturday 9:00 AM hot vinyasa class and keep it intact or even move it to an earlier time.


jennifer morris February 20, 2014 at 12:36 pm

I am extremely frustrated in the way Lifetime handles their charging of CC for membership dues. Their membership people say one thing and their computer does another. AND TRY to get things handled after that without a ‘run around’ for months to come. I finally was able to reason with AMEX. They agreed that Lifetime did the wrong thing and gave me a credit to keep me happy. The member relations manager KIM in the corporate office of Lifetime actually HUNG UP on me while I was trying to explain a problem with one of the locations and what they were charging on my CC. I WILL NEVER nor any family or friends I can convince will ever have another membership at Lifetime. You are not a person to them. You are only a CC they can charge monthly. That is all they are concerned about $$$$$$$$$. AND IF a mistake is made- GOOD LUCK getting them to correct it or care about correcting it.


A member February 17, 2014 at 5:01 pm

To the CEO:

This is to let you know that the Cary, NC club is becoming a true health hazard. Not only my opinion, maybe you should Google Lifetime Cary and then check out the reviews…very enlightening!

The staff is totally inexperienced in regards to basic hygiene. Member towels are used to clean up disgusting messes on the floor and then tossed into the used towel bin. Puddles are allowed to get brown with dirt around the pool areas. Showers have yellow crud in the corners. Some members go into the steam room with street shoes on or dry their clothed in the sauna and your staff says NOTHING. Out of control. Only a matter of time until a serious outbreak of some contagous disease shuts the club down. Over the years I have pointed this out not only to management at the club but also to a ‘regional mgr’ at your HQ. He was only totally defensive and admitted to nothing. Pathetic.


Cynthia pryor February 7, 2014 at 6:58 pm

I joined Lt fitness is Oct 2013! I have a choice to continue with membership before 14 days are up. Knowing that I cancelled before my 14 days were complete. I even brought two doXXXXents to ensure my cancellation was done right, I brought in a hand-written note saying I do not wish to continue membership and a DOCTOR’S note. The member relations center took my two doXXXXents and kept on being busy as usual. They lost my doXXXXents and have been charging my account since October! Yes OCTOBER!!! You would think the people they hire would be able to complete some sort of paper work! Then I call and leave voicemails to JENNY CARTER AND BRYANT (Palm valley location)& both do not call but instead forward my voicemails to the GM. It went that far! They should of just called me back instead of leading me on for weeks. Jenny I spoke to and she ensured me that someone would call me back (this is on Monday). Friday comes around 4:25 pm RYAN MOLICA calls me and states that my “second” doctors note was not ok even though it stated that I was unable to use the facility and to let me out of my membership(which was cancelled in oct 2013). So now I have to get a third doctors note because……….?? I will get another one! Sure but they still won’t cancel it! Then during the call with RYAN MOLICA, which I hope it is QC’ed because that conversation was not what I expected a general manager should partake in. I felt belittled and done wronged by him! He spoke to me and chewed me out for going to corporate and for getting other managers involved! Really! I have the exact time he called and I hope he gets reprimanded! I’m embarrassed for anyone who works underneath RYAN MOLICA! he was suppose to help me but nothing was solved. He hung up on me when I tried explaining what had happened. I was in total disbelief!! Please be wary when singing up for membership at this “lifetime fitness Palm Valley” location.


Ed Wagner February 1, 2014 at 1:23 am

PLEASE HELP! I have been trying to resolve this for almost TWO weeks. I have had no follow through from my home club and I am now trying this portal. In addition, I have sent emails, mailed correspondence, and made phone calls to no avail. So, PLEASE read below and kindly pass the information to the appropriate department for my refund and final dissolution of my account.

Dear Sir or Madam:

First and foremost, I am very disappointed at the level of service and respect given to this matter. When I joined the club on 1514; I was told there was a 14 day cancellation. I cancelled on 11814. In addition, I stopped in the club on the 22nd to follow up, turn in my cards and make sure everything was handled. However, I STILL have NOT received a REFUND. In addition, my login is still active. I absolutely do NOT want to be charged again. As a side note: The reason for the cancellation is a move and the closest facility in not practical.

In closing, I will be reporting you to the BBB, Rip-Off Report and every complaint board available; if this matter is not resolved by 2714 at 5 PM. Also, I have several Blogs at my disposal with over 250K visitors a month.

I am not trying to play hardball: I am just asking for you to resolve this matter. PLEASE FOLLOW-UP BY EMAIL; AS I WILL BE ABROAD FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.

Thank You,
Ed Wagner


Rachael Mccombs January 30, 2014 at 2:27 pm

I like the idea of LTBucks but I hate that they expire. They should never expire or if you must put an expiration date on them, let it be 1 year, not 60 days! What if I want to safe them up? Anyway so I received an email notification alerting me that my LTBucks were expiring today, well I’m not ready to spend them and I earned them by referring 2 new clients and their families…so I called the corporate headquarters and spoke with Dustin, he got them extended for me (only 60 days but that’s better than nothing) so I am happy for now. Thanks for your help Dustin and if anyone from LT Corporate on the Products and Services team reads this, please consider extending the availability of LTBucks to one year, if people like me are constantly referring customers to you, that’s the least you could do. – Inspired, R


jennifer morris February 20, 2014 at 12:39 pm

why you would refer anyone to this fitness club is beyond me. Good Luck if you run into any more problems.


Jeff Rabe March 11, 2014 at 8:23 am

I agree with Jennifer, why would you refer anyone to this club? They treat people horribly. I can’t get anyone to resolve an issue where someone is accessing my account. I was also lied to at the time I signed my membership. What I was told and what their billing systems did were 2 completely different things. I was also promised iPhone apps that would allow me to listen to what was playing on the TV, but I learned after the fact that I had to purchase a radio to get audio for the TV’s. Who is purchasing radios anymore ??


David Scott January 29, 2014 at 11:46 am

I have been a member since 2007. I, nor anyone in my family of 5, have not attended Lifetime since Nov 2012. On 29 Jan I cancelled my membership. I was informed I would be billed for Feb. Can I be relieved from Feb’s “billing cycle” fee or do you need 131 more dollars?

Regarding Feb’s “billing cycle” fee, I called “Member Relations” (888-430-5433) at ~ 0835L and spoke with Dustin Otto. Dustin informed me the fee was not waivable. He informed me that he was the supervisor, there was no supervisor over him, and that no one above him would talk to me about this issue. I was never asked my member number. It was not until I asked for his full name that he asked for my name and after which, he quickly terminated the phone call. Dustin is doing a disservice to your company if his expertise is “relating to customers.”


Former Member January 15, 2014 at 5:29 pm

PS – I would NEVER take kids into that place.


Former Member January 15, 2014 at 5:27 pm

Too many poofs at the St. Louis Park facility. You never know what to expect. For example in the locker room once I stepped into the steam room only to find 3 guys in there, two going at it and the 3rd on look out. He wasn’t paying attention obviously. When I bring these issues up to the management (and I’m haven’t been the only one) they pretty much ignore them. So, watch out for the bean-queens in SLP.


pam January 2, 2014 at 2:02 pm

I have been a happy Lifetime Fitness member for many years until recently when the websites changed. I can no longer quickly look at the fitness schedule for each club. Instead, I have to log into each website and search for it. Please return to making the class fitness schedule easy to access without logging in to each site. (This is especially time consuming on phones.) PLEASE?!


lisa December 27, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Too Many Lap Pool Closures at Plymouth MN Club!

Seriously, the sign at the club reads that the lap pool will be completely closed as follows:

Monday – Thursdays from 3-8 pm
Saturdays from 8 am – noon

For working adults, these are prime exercise hours! If I am paying my membership fees to use the pool, why is it ok to completely close it for 4-5 hours at a time? It appears that LTF is more interested in generating additional revenue from programming instead of honoring facility availability for paying members.

Plymouth LTF should leave 2 lanes in the lap pool open 24/7 for paying members who want to swim. This is the right thing to do.


mac mccaulley December 13, 2013 at 3:41 pm

I can not reserve a squash court in the last 2 months. I can log in and that is it.. I now have to call to reserve. Can you help me Member at Florham Park Mac McCaulley


JW Smith December 11, 2013 at 6:03 pm

In a day when the only emails generated seem to be filled with complaints and epitaphs of what’s wrong, I would like to take time, out of my busy schedule, to comment on a job well done.
Over the years I have been an avid runner and martial artist, so I’ve never really had a need for a fitness club or facility. My physical activity included either training at the local dojo with hours of self-practice at home or running countless hours cross-country on the road. But as age and time would have it my need for a more holistic facility has become necessary.
I tried such a facility when I lived in a (nameless) town in Texas. One of your competitors invited me to join their facility (which was being newly opened). So the lure was joining prior to the opening of the facility.
However, it didn’t take but one visit for me to realize the facility wasn’t for me. It wasn’t the facility itself, but the management. I’ve been in corporate for over 40 yrs. and I can smell bad management from a mile away, and I avoid it like the plaque.
I recently joined Lifetime Fitness and, to date, my experience has been beyond stellar, to say the least.
My appointment was with Tim Ham, Member Engagement Advisor, at the Sugarland, TX location. He escorted me throughout the facility, which I began to light-heartedly refer to as “The Lifetime Campus”.
But more importantly, he answered all of my questions, was never presumptuous about why I was there, he didn’t engage a “hard sell” (which would have lost me for sure), and he was the epitome of professional. I don’t know what your reward system is at Lifetime but if someone can take the time to send an email complaining of all that’s wrong with your facility, surely I can take the time to commend an individual on a job well done.

JW Smith
New Lifetime Fitness Member


Nancy Polisena December 11, 2013 at 12:35 am

I went to drop my husband and daughter off my membership (would like to have kept 13 yr old daughter on but she costs as much as a spouse!) I was told that membership dues would stay till the end of January- even though I dropped them on dec 9th- but what ticks me off the most is an email notification saying I owe $15 bucks that they can’t collect! I signed that there was a cancellation fee and acknowledged that I would be charged for it (which is a lousy business practice anyway b/c I am personally still a member ( for10+ years) and I was only staying on because my running buddy is a member and when weather is bad I wanted to come inside this year! Well I just figured out that I can pay for both of us at planet fitness and still save 24 bucks a month!!! Maybe that should be my christmas gift for my bud! It gives me great pleasure to cancel completely now! Lifetime obviously does not value their members on an individual basis!


John T December 9, 2013 at 1:55 pm

I have been with the North Dallas club since it opened in 2004. I don’t know what is going all in the big picture scheme of things, but something needs to radically change. Joy decided that it would be prudent to cancel the Friday morning Spin class. I really can’t see how saving ~$120 a month is going to enhance the club, more intrusively it will prove to anger the regulars that have been coming for YEARS. Who you desire to hire/fire is your prerogative, but things have been MAJORLY deteriorating in the last 6-7 months. The issue with the drinking fountains was incredible insipid, and asking to have the color stretch bands available for the Total Conditioning class always seems to be on deaf ears. Whenever I bring it up to Joy, it seems that she is just going thru the motions in just mimicking what I “want” to hear. I know you are up against the proverbial budget, but when is it more in line with the MEMBERS wishes, versus ones ideology.


Tim Capistrant November 23, 2013 at 5:14 pm

I have applied for over 20 positions in Facility Management, project management and construction. I keep recieving requiter website alerts asking me to please apply because there is position that matches the criteria.
I looked on line to see the status of my applications. They show a record of 18 applications. I do not know what happened to the other applications. I am very qualified and experienced and am amazed that I never got a phone call or an email showing any interest in me.
Maybe these positions are posted to show management that they have been posted and actually hire someone internally. It is unfortunate and frustrating that I spent the time and effort through the website and application process. The lack of response gives me a bad taste of the organization. I really thought they were a good company before this experience.


Sharon Galloway November 8, 2013 at 8:55 am

Went in to cancel my membership because of increase in dues I was to I had to pay thru end of December. They have plenty of time to stop draft. Person said they already budget for December. What???? Not my problem. So they are going to get lots of free advertising from me.


Sharon Galloway November 8, 2013 at 8:55 am

This is the collierville,tn location


Jennifer S November 4, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Please help me understand why it is ok to raise our rates a few dollars (without notification.) Instructors don’t show up for classes (June 2013-6 PM Monday cycle, an instructor, on her off day happen to be in the gym and graciously taught in her flip flops..10/19/2013 7:30 AM cycle…no one showed…a previous instructor who was in the class graciously offered to teach. 11/3/2013 Stike instructor was a no show so the cycle instructor left the 90 minute class so she could teach Strike)
Also, you drop classes because “it doesn’t meet the numbers.” I pay now over $70.00 a month and can only go to your Flower Mound, TX club…I can’t even use this outrageously priced membership at another Lifetime facility without tacking on more dues. This is an outrage and grossly unfair to the members and we certainly do not deserve this treatment. I am requesting a response ASAP.


Kathy October 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

My rates have gone up again for the second time in less tag 2 years. When I signedy contract back in 2003 I was under the impression my rates wikis remain the same and they did for 8-9 yrs. now up twice in a short time? If you need more money then sell more memberships.


Kathy is stupid April 3, 2014 at 12:31 pm

How about you complain when you can spell correctly 🙂


CHRIS WEBER October 17, 2013 at 8:56 am




Nena Moran October 9, 2013 at 3:27 pm

I think that some changes need to be address. I was please with the service that me and my Family was given in NJ, but when I moved to GA it was a horrifying story. We first went to the Lifetime Fitness in Alpharetta. My daughter was on the swim team. The team consist of all boys and one girl which would be my daughter. The boys were calling my daughter names and the coach was not doing anything about the bullying that my daughter was going through. I told the manager and she advise me maybe you need to take her to the Johns Creek Lifetime. Went to the Johns Creek area and it was worst. The coach was telling the kids to shut up and suck it up. In addition, my daughter was in the summer camp and was bullied by the team leader. I address the situation asking her what had happen? She advised me that I don’t know why Bi-racial kids are so sensitive? I was so shock of the things that were going on in these two establishment. In, addition, I told the manager and staff this was not right. They said that they are very sorry that this happen and they would make a note of it. I have emails that they would credit the money back, but that never happened. I cancelled Lifetime because of this situation and talk to my father who is a very powerful attorney. He advised me to let your corporate office have notification of the treatment and harassment of what my family had went through. I hope this is not the way your company run your establishments other than NJ. I spoke with my friends that still go to your establishment in NJ and they said it was fine. Some of my friends are football players that go to your establishment in NJ, but after my experience they question what is the situation in GA and are willing to help my family fight this injustice. My family is moving back to NJ, but I don’t know if we will join after the treatment that we suffered in GA. I will like to know if you decide to look into this matter and see what changes can happen. I still have the emails in regards to the credit that I suppose to receive and the apologies that were made acknowledging that they were aware of the situations.


MLS January 13, 2014 at 7:17 pm

Dear Nena, considering we lived in GA for 6 years and I am bi-racial and my kids are as well, your experience may be more about locality than it is about the gym. We experienced extreme racism and bigotry while we were stationed in GA and ultimately resulted in our desire to move away. We have since then moved to TX and have been very happy with our community and our new Lifetime Fitness gym in our area. I had an issue at the summer camp but when I spoke to the director she addressed it immediately and the councilor was fired on the spot. I am a big supporter of Lifetime but they have a big job if they intend to overcome regional perceptions and cultural climates – after all, they are pulling employees from the same locality that has these general social issues.


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