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LifeLock Corporate Office Address

LifeLock, Inc.
60 E Rio Salado Pkwy Suite 400
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Contact LifeLock

Phone Number: (480) 682-5100
Fax Number: (480) 682-5101
Email: Email LifeLock

LifeLock Facts

Founder: Robert Maynard and Richard Davis
Date Founded: 2005
Founding Location: Tempe, Arizona
Number of Employees: 788

LifeLock Executives

CEO: Scott C. Taylor
CFO: Donald Blach
COO: Michael Hargis

LifeLock History

LifeLock Logo


LifeLock was founded in 2005 by Robert Maynard and Richard Davis.  The company was founded after Maynard alleged his identity was stolen and used to acquire casino loans.  This story was eventually called into question and Maynard resigned from the company.

The company has successfully used the marketing strategy of posting the social security number of former CEO Todd Davis on billboards. Lifelock Todd David Advertising  Davis was a victim of 13 cases of identity theft between 2007 and 2008. The company’s response was that this campaign was to show that it can happen to anyone.

In 2008, the company partnered with TransUnion to provide customers with instant notifications of possible identity theft.

In 2010, the company was fined $12 million by the FTC for deceptive marketing practices.

In 2012, the company went public on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: LOCK  LifeLock Logo

Also in 2012, LifeLock acquired ID Analytics for an undisclosed sum.

In 2015, the company was again ordered to pay $100 million to settle Federal Trade Commission contempt charges for failing to protect consumer information and deceptive advertising, the largest monetary award obtained by the Commission.   LifeLock Mobile Phone App

LifeLock paid out $100 million in 2015 as a settlement with the FTC for violating a 2010 court order which demanded that the company stop deceptive advertising and secure customer information.

In February 2017, Symantec acquired LifeLock for $2.3 billion. LifeLock operates as a subsidiary.

In 2018, a computer glitch caused millions of subscriber emails to be displayed, exposing them to phishing scams.

Today, LifeLock is the largest identify theft prevention company in the US.  They currently offer 4 different identity protection plans. The company offers a range of monitoring services including, lost wallet protection, address change verification, black market website surveillance, reduced pre-approved credit card offers, fictitious identity monitoring, and court record scanning. LifeLock Headquarters

Lifelock Corporate Office is located in Tempe, Arizona


LifeLock FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for LifeLock?
Answer 1: The phone number for LifeLock is (480) 682-5100.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of LifeLock?
Answer 2: The CEO of LifeLock is Scott C. Taylor.

Question 3: Who founded LifeLock?
Answer 3: LifeLock was founded by Robert Maynard and Richard Davis in 2005.

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EDA April 10, 2019 at 12:59 pm

I have been trying to speak with someone at LifeLock for over two hours. I keep getting customer service reps in other countries. I tried calling the “home office” and the number has been disconnected. I told the rep that I wanted to cancel the account and I’ve been put on hold again. A joke.


Tammy Robinson April 11, 2019 at 9:02 am

The corporate office number worked for us. Are you adding the “1” to the front of the number?


Mark Wedman March 19, 2019 at 4:46 pm

To the “Lifelock” recipient of this email – Please apply due diligence to insure this is elevated within your corporate structure to a level where someone actually cares and has the authority to do something about it. Today – Lifelock took me to a place of extreme anger where I became less than professional in my response and ended up canceling 5 recent subscriptions of less than a month old. The incompetence and nonconcern saga of Lifelock as experienced by a brand new “ex-new” customer is summarized as follows: Less than a month ago, I signed up and paid for 5 subscriptions. During sign-up, the Lifelock system crashed after processing 4 of the 5 subscriptions (possibly due to a wrong entry and correction during signup by the Lifelock representative). To workaround the “system” problem, Lifelock started the 5th subscription over and set up on a separate account. Charges were incorrect on my credit card and were charged multiple times. Repeated automatic or robot calls were received for non-payment. Lifelock responded by attempting to fix. The 2 separate accounts were consolidated into 1 account w/ 5 subscribers. To be fair, Lifelock did provide a free year for 2 of the 5 subscriptions because of the inconvenience. Charges and credits were applied to my credit card and verified by Lifelock Member Services as accurate & complete. Automated voice or robot nastygram calls continued to come in to new subscribers stating I haven’t paid when in fact my credit card was charged and paid charges were verified and have been verified repeatedly by Lifelock. I made a dozen calls to Lifelock to correct the automated “non-payment” robot nastygrams after most of the “robo” calls were received. I spent an excess of 20 hours on the phone with Member Services trying to correct the situation over multiple occasions, to no avail. I was assured this was fixed, I was provided a reference number in case the “non-payment” robot phone calls did not stop. Today I received 2 auto robot nastygram phone calls stating this was my Last Chance to Pay – “Or Else” Subscriptions will be cancelled. The very company I paid to protect my financial credentials is destroying my credentials due to their incompetence. Let me pause and repeat the significance of this statement so it sinks in to somebody who cares and understands the significance of the concern: The very company I paid to protect my financial credentials is destroying them due to their incompetence by continually stating I haven’t paid when I have paid with verification of payment and is now threatening cancellation due to fictional non-payment. I called a Member Services Supervisor after these last 2 calls (Note of significance: the 2 calls were made to separate subscribers – further destroying and slandering my personal financial reputation to other subscribers on the account that are not responsible for payment). Pause and reflect on this from a Customer perspective: By robot calling others on my account with nastygrams telling them that this is the last chance to pay “or Else” is a slander of my financial character by being represented as a “dead-beat” when I paid on the day of sign-up. Anybody at Lifelock – do you understand the significant of this, the significance of the slander?, the significance of the financial character assassination? Do You Care? During today’s final call to fix this situation – I attempted to provide the reference number from the last time I called (when I was assured this was fixed, which obviously was not fixed but rather just elevated to worse) to the Member Services Supv who said it was an accounting issue. I requested we get accounting on the line to fix, she stated she could not contact accounting on the phone to fix the problem – she stated she could only contact accounting by email (Member Services can’t contact other departments within the same company to fix an issue Lifelock created for the Customer? Is this really true? If it is true, Lifelock has no understanding of the severity of issues they directly cause their Customer and are demonstrating they don’t care or have the corrective attitude or systems in place to immediately fix the problems that were created by Lifelock in the 1st place.) I lost it and cancelled all subscriptions with vulgarity since your ‘robo” nastygrams said you were going to cancel anyways and after trying numerous times to correct. I am not proud of losing it and shouldn’t have but Lifelock pushed my buttons to my limit. Lifelock is the worst company I have dealt with in my 60 years. Your services under the current status quo are unwarranted. Lifelock is not worthy of my business at this time even if free. The incompetence of your systems, personal defamation and slander of my financial reputation along with Lifelock’s customer services’ non-caring attitude and inability to communicate with accounting to fix severe problems is demonstrative of a Company that is in a condition that is unfit to serve or have any subscribers. Lifelock has provided no value, and in fact, has been a liability and a detriment to my financial character. In closing, if someone on the Lifelock Executive Team is concerned and want’s to fix the issue – please feel free to contact me for the first-hand financially bloody details I personally experienced with your Company. This Customer’s experiences of reality is in direct conflict with Lifelock’s mission with no actual semblance to any professional business model. Lastly, isn’t it ironic that I received credit for my payments from cancellation when your nastygrams stated you were going to cancel due to non-payment. You should be professionally ashamed of your systems, your incompetence, and for having a culture of reality that allows this to happen. At a minimum, you should extend a professional courtesy of an apology for the consequences you dealt to me for your conduct and incompetence.


sue Robinson February 20, 2019 at 9:13 am

I am so disappointed with lifelock after being a member for about a year, I cancelled my membership , since I was trying to save as much money as I possibly can, for other dire emergencies I had come, only to see I was charged again, when I called to ask for my refund, I was asked to get in contact with my bank, I asked why should I get in touch with my bank when you guys were the one who charged my card when I had already cancelled my membership prior to the charge way in advance, then the agent proceeded to ask me for my information , till I told her I had email confirmation about my cancellation, she then placed me on hold, and only to come back to the phone and apologized for the inconvenienced caused because there was an issue with their billing system, and I got charged and she can see that my membership was indeed cancelled prior to the charge therefore I should mot have been charged. then she said it would take 24-48 hours get the refund, I have yet to have seen anything, so I called this morning to find out what is going on, because I have 72.00 dollars in overdraft fees because of the two transactions, since I had no money on my account, I was then told they are investigating the matter, and the investigation is not complete as yet? what the hell? oh and they do not reimburse over draft fees. I am fucking pissed right now!


Theresa December 22, 2018 at 10:44 pm

I got a year of lifelock for free from a company that had a data breach. I signed up and after a couple weeks I got notification from lifelock saying that I needed to login to update my bank credentials. So I did that and started looking around the website and I found a link that said “cancel renewal service.” Having issues in the past where my credit card is automatically charged for renewal, I decided that I will select not to renew when my year was up and chose the link. Another page appeared where it asked why I want to cancel and I said it was because it was too expensive. Then submitted. It immediately cancelled my account. I was surprised because I thought I was cancelling after my prepaid year was done. So I called customer service and they couldn’t “turn it back on.”. The only way to get it back up and running is to re-enter the information. Problem is, after I signed up, I got rid of the letter that provided the information to get the membership for free. Because of mis labels on their website, I lost out on 11 months of protection. They have a non user friendly website and they don’t support incorrect actions taken by their users because of their bad website.

I asked who can I complained to on their poor website and I got the corporate number but like others have mentioned, the number doesn’t go anywhere and yet, it’s still listed on this page!

I would not recommend this service to anyone. Very poor company to work with and I’ll be spreading around social media not to sign up. Not worth the hassle.

What should change to make it better? 1) change the wording on the link to “Cancel service.”. This will indicate to the user that the purpose of the link is to cancel service immediately. 2) after selecting the link to cancel, put an explanation on the next screen what happens next (the service will be cancelled immediately, you’ll get an email, blah blah blah) 3) allow for your cancellation department to reinstate someone’s membership. It’s silly that they can’t help. 4) update your phone numbers! Obviously there is something wrong with your service or you wouldn’t have turned off the number!


Tina smyers October 20, 2018 at 12:09 pm

This is not a joke I’ve had this service for over a year paying 30.00 a month and I have a lot of problems going on with this service I haven’t paid for 2 mouth’s because I can’t get your application up on my phone to check for alerts this has been going on for a Long while then they offered me a year with northern for my phone the man I was talking to sad I don’t know what’s wrong with it but your phone and you are protected I had to change my bank account 3 times and changed my number 5 In a month I reported it all they have argued with me I went and made a police report I have a disk of the photos I took when this all happened I kept telling them for a long time something is wrong a supervisor was supposed to call me back and they did not call back the application for northern is Thu you guys and I call and there’s nothing but arguing and they say I’m protected I ask to get a number for someone hire up they don’t have a number for you I have spent 156 minutes on the phone trying to get my account up and Everytime we try to put In a password someone is changing it I call and the automated service found my account but when they came on the phone they said we can’t find your account at all if this is the result of this who was talking $30.00 out of my account for over a year I would really appreciate if Donald C.taylor Donald Blach or Michael Harris to get a hold of me at 219.249.XXXX Thank You sincerely Tina Smyers


Kevin Nelson October 9, 2018 at 9:14 am

Customer service is horrible – needed a simple bank name change and it’s been six weeks of trying with No results. Was told twice a supervisor would call – did not happen.

Disgusting .


Charles M Lilly September 11, 2018 at 11:49 pm

I saw LIFELOCK’s commercial on TV and believed everything they said. So I paid in full my wife and I each around $90 for a year’s service. I gave all of my credit card, driver’s license, bank account etc. and was expecting some results. I never heard another word from LIFELOCK. So 3 times I attempted to call and each of those times your robot voice kept saying that I wasn’t a member. I was VERY SURE to put in my VALID username and password. So I was expecting an ALERT from LIFELOCK when someone applied for credit in my name. NO CALLS or EMAILS. Disappointed with my experience, I decided to ask for a refund. IRONICALLY 20 seconds from my request I get an email saying that my computer access was found on the DARK WEB. Isn’t that just a coincidence? REFUND ME and email me that you won’t breech my credit with all of the information that I shared. I was bragging to all of my friends about your service, now I have to tell them the truth. Charles Lilly


Joan Covell May 20, 2018 at 2:33 pm

I have unsucessfully attempted to open my account several times a day for 10 days. I keep getting a message saying ‘Sorry, it’s taking longer than usual. Please try again.’ I have made 7 calls to customer service, each sending me emails I never receive, and with the promise that my complaint will be expedited. I tried resetting my password and never receice the email with directions. I have logged in and out of my email, checked my spam/junk, and turned my computer off and on again. No success. I have also called your corporate office which is not working. Are you still in business? Why has no one contacted me? Have I been hacked? Have I been compromised? How would I know? Is there anyone, who is knowledgable, that could assist me? Please call me.


Gloria Madonia March 21, 2018 at 9:56 am

I was given the number to contact the corporate office of Life Lock to be 480-6825100 when I called the number it stated not in service.

My comp!aint is I never received the Amazon gift card as promised. I called serval times spoke with customer and they keep telling me the same thing it’s coming shortly. I called yesterday the reference number is 180320-010494 the rep stated she would get it taken care of but, it will now take 6-8 weeks. This is nonsense now can I be sure if my account is being monitor if I can’t even trust you to send out the $25 gift card as promised.


Tammy Robinson March 21, 2018 at 4:02 pm

Thanks for letting us know the number was out of service. It appears Lifelock has removed all numbers except for their customer service number.


Trish Mc October 10, 2018 at 11:14 am

Dear LL —
Your corporate number doesn’t work; I can never get a human being on the phone after numerous tries. I’m done!
Here’s the FIX FOLKS: Go to or call your bank; tell them you want to close your LIFELOCK Acct. They will go straight to LL bank & stop them from taking out any more electronic deposits…I researched the “best” fraud/ID protection companies to find LL; they suck; start over.


adam fiechtner hallier jefferson October 31, 2017 at 2:46 pm

contacted fax due to life lock and identity used name ss# etc, concealment ask to pull all accounts contact irs, due to aided murder, mass murder, contempt, cr cv lawsuits , like cricket, kohls, geico, bright international, custom shutter, business corp, banks, wells fargo, stolen tax return, any means, of money miss family, half sister, half brother , gordon reed fiechtner, jean fiechtner, dutson diana, missy, children , richard dutson, robert greensr, robert green jr, flordia, trust funds, equap proetcion money stolen unemployemnt nj, az, commssioner’s , 158643779, ss# 000-00-0000, etc ask for finger prints, many involed embezzelment, stop to be the president, being president son king, high rank general, 1994,602491XXXXX


Peggy lea October 10, 2017 at 4:26 pm

My experience has been terrible with Life Lock. I started 9/10/17. I had to literally go through email to sign up for LifeLock due to the wait time to talk to representative. Your wait time could be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes just to speak with someone. I talk to two women at LifeLock neither one of those people doXXXXented anything that I had told them. I spoke with a Debra, The only person that actually seemed like they cared. LifeLock advertise’s these beautiful commercials. That makes you feel like you will be protected and that you’ll be safe. The only experience that I received from LifeLock is a headache and stress. I was never really informed that in order to be monitored I had to put everything in my self through the website. So the whole time that I was on LifeLock. There was nothing being monitored so therefore I was paying for something that wasn’t even getting. I was never really informed that in order to be monitored I had to put everything in my self through the website. So the whole time that I was on LifeLock. There was nothing being monitored so therefore I was paying for something that wasn’t even getting. This company should have been prepared for the call valium because of the 148 million people that were breached. They have made tones of money and got a lot of customers but if their service their providing is like so many of these people are complaining about. They will lose the people they’re signing up as quick as they got them. I will never recommend this company to anyone.


Bonnie Pond September 22, 2017 at 5:27 pm

My husband and I both received telephone notification alerts yesterday about our accounts being accessed in an attempt to open a credit account or change an account in our names. When I attempted to use your customer service “robot” to find out about this, I got NO help whatsoever.

When I tried to login to our information online, I got a message saying that either the user name or password was incorrect. Tried several times but still couldn’t get in. There was a message saying that if I forgot my user name/password to click, so I did. Received a message that we would get an email in the next few minutes to reset the name and/or password. No email ever came. I tried this TWICE! Since no email was received, we have no way to reset the name and/or password for our Lifelock account. Therefore, we have no way to check our account for fraud alerts or anything else.

Since we can’t get login to our account we also can’t submit a support request.

I tried calling the new customer sign up number in order to speak to a human being instead of an automated representative. I explained the problem to the representative and asked her to please connect me with a live customer service representative who could assist me with the problem. She said she would but instead connected me with the same useless automated “customer service!”

In frustration I searched the internet trying to find a number for a human customer service representative at Lifelock but after going through several pages of information, I’m beginning to think such a number doesn’t exist.

We have been Lifelock customers for many years and in the past, we’ve actually received decent service. We are incredibly disgusted and disappointed with what passes for “customer service” at your company now.

Since it is impossible to get a human being on the telephone, I’m hoping that a human employee at Lifelock actually sees and responds to this complaint ASAP.


Mario Brooks May 23, 2017 at 10:56 am

Mario Brooks Att Of Law States Of New York About My Client DEAN C WILLIAMS Had ISSUED With Representivate Pass Few Day About GIFT CARD .Sent In He E-Mail On The 17th 2017 May That He Was Told About It I ASK.My Client To They Had Put Refund On He Card Ending Back #7978-#1500-That Was Closed 2 Month Ago WellsFargo Amount Of $6.51-WellFargo That Was Closed That Under Investigations.Citi Back Is Active Account Ending #7978 Amount $18.49-We Will Investigation This Matter Allow This Happen In Futher Of My Client About This Issued Mislead On Life Lock Account


Aaa April 7, 2017 at 4:37 am

You guys need to come up with some tv ads they insulting the workforce of America


Dee Thomas April 25, 2016 at 2:33 pm

As an advertiser on the Rush Limbaugh Show, you need to know that Rush continues to be overly supportive of Cruz at the expense of Donald Trump. Rush has become SNARKY and demeans the Trump Supporters who he calls “Trumpists. For this reason I will NEVER use your service as you continue to support Rush. Rush continues to try to explain RNC corruption as if when he explains it, it will seem palatable to those who think the RNC and Cruz are cheating.


Susan Welton May 6, 2015 at 7:54 pm

Your hyperlink to does not work, nor does trying to email to this email address via my gmail account.

Please remove me from any advertising lists that you have, including standard mail.

I signed up for your service and cancelled within the hour, because I received abysmal customer service. The man who spoke with me was extremely rude and took absolutely no ownership of my issue. I was trying to fill out the form with my financial information, and experienced some problems with your site. He said you weren’t responsible for that. Really?!

Susan Welton
* W. Princeton Cir #813
Broken Arrow, OK 74012



Tom Brettschneider September 18, 2017 at 5:11 pm

My wife and I have paid $9.00 each for a number of years. During that time, I called Lifelock to ask if they needed info to monitor our accounts. I was told no, they had everything. Hard to believe but they are the experts. So with the Equifax breach, I went on line this time, could not call anyway, long hold, and found out they have no info on our bank accounts or credit cards. So if you use this service be sure to go on line, do not trust the people on the phone.


ALFRED ETCHELLS December 1, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Today I called to ask if the payment date could be pushed forward to 12/10/14 and the customer service said that the payments are automated, I spoke to Susan at 11:33am mountian standard time, and she said the same. If lifelock tries to take out the money from my debit card,my rent payment and car payment will bounce, plus I will get insufficient funds charges. If the represenative manually took my information and put it in the computer, then something should be able to be done manually to STOP the payment from going through.

Because of this, I ended up cancelling my account. The part that really upsets me VERY MUCH was according to your represenatives, and supervisor they can’t stop the payment from processing.

It would seem, if I am paying for the service for credit protection, and the profound importance of your services……this is one bug Lifelock needs to work out within. To be able to adjust the annual payment date.


Alfred Etchells III


Gary Abraham December 9, 2013 at 2:12 pm

I am 72, retired, after having spent 45 years in sales. I want to help you grow your business and to use the best approach/methods toward retaining your customers. First, your product is not physically tangilble, so, you need to stay connected to your customers in some tabible way…perhaps a monthly/quarterly newsletter, like the one I receive from local vendors…you could thank me again and again, you could congratulate me on protecting myself and my family, you could give stats on how many new customers signed up and how many crooks you helped catch…cheap (as possible) paper and print…if not this, then develop something that keeps you and the customer in an active relationship. Secondly/Lastly, when a customer wishes to cancel their service, DO NOT do anything whatsoever to alienate them, like put them on-hold as a matter of policy, so they are forced to listen to your fearful presentations….these customers “MIGHT” come back, and they talk to friends and family…don’t take what was otherwise a good experience and turn it into a hassle/inconvenience for the customer, don’t make it a threatening experience…you never know what might happen the next day, month, year…a friend or family member gets ripped off, or I feel regrets, whatever…don’t make my exit so hateful that I would never think about returning.


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