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Kroger Corporate Office Address

The Kroger Company
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Contact Kroger

Phone Number: (513) 762-4000
Fax Number: (513) 762-1575
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Kroger Facts

Founder: Bernard Kroger
Date Founded: 1883
Founding Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Number of Employees: 443000

Kroger Executives

CEO: David B. Dillon
CFO: J. Michael Schlotman
COO: W. Rodney McMullen

Kroger History


Kroger 5

Kroger was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883 by Bernard Kroger who invested his life savings of $372 to open a grocery store in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Cincinnati. Kroger was the son of a grocer and his motto was simple “Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy for yourself.”

Soon, Kroger was experimenting with different products, such as baked goods, so customers wouldn’t have to go to the baker. He was one of the original starters for One Stop Shopping.

Ahead of his time, Kroger was the first merchant to offer self-service. In the past, customers handed a list or asked a merchant for items behind the counter, Kroger allowed customers to browse through aisles themselves.  kroger 7

In the 1930s, Kroger was the first grocery to monitor product quality and first to have a store surrounded on all sides by a parking lot.

In 1955, Kroger acquired Henke & Pillot.

In the 1970s, Kroger was the first chain to introduce electronic checkout scanners. In 1972, the company constructed what was a the time the largest, most modern dairy facility in the US.   Kroger 4

In 1983, Kroger acquired the Dillon Companies, a Kansas grocery chain.  David Dillion is the current CEO of Kroger.

Many other acquisitions followed in recent years including Pay Less Food Markets, Hilander Foods and  Scott’s Food & Pharmacy.

In 1997, the company merged with Fred Meyer.

In April of 2016, the company announced that they had taken a significant share in the Lucky supermarket chain.

In early 2017, the company announced that it needed to hire at least 10,000 full-time employees in the coming year. That same year, the company acquired Murray’s Cheese and stopped offering senior citizen discount days. Kroger 3

Kroger opened their first convenience store in Blacklick, Ohio, called Fresh Eats MKT. Each location will offer a Starbucks, as well as a Kroger Pharmacy.

Kroger is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: KR. In 2016, the company had annual revenue of $115.3 billion.

The company has been banning the use of Visa cards for payments due to high fees, with the most recent announcement in March 2019 that they would no longer accept Visa at their Smith’s Foods locations starting April 3rd, 2019.

Today, the company operates over 3500 stores.  The Kroger corporate office is still located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Kroger FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Kroger?
Answer 1: The phone number for Kroger is (513) 762-4000.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Kroger?
Answer 2: The CEO of Kroger is David B. Dillon.

Question 3: Who founded Kroger?
Answer 3: Kroger was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883.

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Patti Holshouser November 11, 2019 at 8:41 am

I love Kroger and have shopped there for years; however, Kroger recently implemented a 50 cent charge for cash back. I refuse to pay it. If I need cash back, I now shop at Meijer as they don’t have that ridiculous fee. I wonder how many sales Kroger is losing over this fee…..


Evelyn Rivers November 7, 2019 at 9:07 pm

First of all, let me say I love our Krogers located at Lebanon Road in Hermitage, TN. I love the store, the employees, and the shopping experience as a whole. The only complaint I have (and this I am afraid will cost Krogers in the end) is the fact they have dropped to one to two cashiers. Granted, they do sometimes add more when they see people do not want to go through self checkout, but I can see this being a major issue during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Older people cannot deal with these long lines. Please reconsider this issue. Otherwise, please keep up the good work. Love our Krogers!!


Serena Pope November 4, 2019 at 1:03 pm

Stupid fee for cash back. No longer shopping at Kroger. If you are concerned about somebody spending one dollar and getting 100 cash back, base the cashback allowed on the purchase amount.


Gale Wilson November 3, 2019 at 4:11 pm

I have shopped the Irmo, SC Kroger since the day it opened. From day one the staff is great, friendly and courteous! A couple of times I have talked with the manager who was on duty, but only to give a staff member who had been kind and helpful to me. 99% of the time I use the self check out because I feel it is faster to me and I just like it! When I used my debit card to pay for the $145.00 I just spent, I decided to get $20 cashback. The system stopped and said there would be a $0.50 fee for this transaction and did I accept the charge?! I responded with “no”. The entire payment transaction was cancelled. I asked the cashier working in the area—‘Kroger now charges to get cash back after I just spent $145.00 with them’? She respectfully said yes mam–it’s new and we just started it. For the first time, I was furious with Kroger. Since there was major renovations going on in the store, I asked the cashier what was Kroger doing–making the customer pay for the renovations? The more I thought about this absurd fee, the more furious I became. I called the manager at this store and told him I will no longer be a customer and I will move to Bilo located right up the road.This fee is pure gravy for Kroger. My income is limited and I refuse to pay a store that is suppose to pride itself in convenience and service for its customers a FEE after I just spent $145.00 with them. I have to pass my bank on the way home so I just made an extra stop. It is NOT like the bank charges Kroger a fee for dispensing cash to a customer. This is just pure GREED on Kroger’s part. I know that $0.50 is not much, but if you live on a limited income, it all adds up. It’s just the principle of “charging a fee” for nothing really. What is the next fee that Kroger will charge? I cannot shop at a store that all they think about is how much more money can they get from their customer! It starts slowly and before you know it, there are fees for everything—just look at the banks! I am NOT going to spend this amount of money (145.00) and then they want me to GIVE them another $0.50 for their machine to spit out another $20.00! There is an ATM in the store that they already get fees from each time a customer uses it. That’s not enough? I do not know of another store in SC that charges a fee for the customer to get cash back after spending money in their store. What happened to the “convenience and shopping experience and service that Kroger uses in their ads? Not another penny from me! I guess it is worth losing $145.00 about every 2 weeks in order to get that $.50 fee from me and who knows how many other customers that will not come forward! Just watch your sales income & see if it was worth that $0.50 fee for greed.


Kathy Woodward November 1, 2019 at 11:59 am

The “My Prescriptions” web site is totally unreliable. The system
1. Deleted all of my “Auto Refill”
2. Will not display all medications in “My Dashboard”
3 Does not display all of the current months “Prescription History” dispensed, being filled or ready for pick up medication prescription status anymore.
4. I have to go to the physical pharmacy to get my RX records correct.
5. Complete chaos and incomplete records of my Medical Prescription history.
6. The Customer Service people I talked to yesterday at 855-489-2502 or 800-576-4377 can only send the thousands of trouble tickets to “Technical Support” that they have already sent.
4.This list is probably not conclusive


Tony Burgi October 7, 2019 at 11:13 am

Last night (October 6, 2019) around 8pm my daughters were shopping at the 23 and Hayes location in Macomb, MI location. My daughters noticed a man following them through the store. They would go to different areas and he would show up a few minutes later.
They ask a lady to walk with them to the checkout because they were scared. At the check the told the clerk about the man and pointed him out. They said they were afraid to walk out of the store and the clerk told them to go to the service desk and ask for someone to walk out with them. At the desk they pointed the man out again and the store manager walk them to the car. With all of the abductions that are occurring now a days, I appreciate the helpfulness of your team.
But my wife called the store today for a status and nothing was done after my daughters left…. She was told they watched him leave the store and that was it.. No one talked to the man, no one reviewed the film to see if he bought anything or just left (this would have confirmed he was up to no good), no one call the police to file a concern. Nothing.
Again I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the team last night, but someone should have followed this through.
I would appreciate someone looking into this to prevent anything happening to anyone else.
Please let me know.


Nancy Mossholder October 2, 2019 at 3:50 am

To Whom It May Concern : I’ve been a Kroger’s shopper ever since I was 9 yrs. old, I’m now going on 68 in 28 more days. I asked the man in our Kroger meat department if he’d get me Kahn’s wieners, he said hed see what he could do? I was tired of going to walmart to get them although their only $240 there? He finally got them in , they were $2.99 in the beginning, they are now $3.99. I don’t see why you guys in the management department price things so darn high. I’m on SS disabilityand food stamps . I get $77 in food stamps and $ 791 in SS thats not a lot of money by the time I pay my bills by gas for my car , pay for car insurance buy groceries I’m broke. I wont buy my wieners after he got them for me cause I not only cant afford them I refuse to pay $400 for a pkg. of hot dogs.Also why is it I can no longer buy my Johnsonville mild ground sausage anymore ? thank you Nancy Mossholder Nappl30791@


Betty Bryant September 27, 2019 at 7:40 pm

I use the Troy Kroger Store and had been very satisfied with the way it was from the beginning until a few weeks ago I have noticed less and less baggers. Our lines have been long and not enough registers opened. People seem to be upset waiting in the long lines. I had an experience today that to me proves that we need more baggers.
My clerk had to leave her register to bag groceries and when she helped the lady in front of me put the groceries in her cart, the lady left and when the clerk came back to start my order she did not realize that the lady in front of me did not pay for her order and it was on my order. I did not think the amount was right but did not check it until I got home. Hers was on my credit card. I went back to the store, to the service desk to have them take it off. I do not feel it was the clerks fault and feel like they should not have to bag groceries too. It takes them away from what they are doing causing these long lines. They are doing two jobs. They have enough responsibility taking care of the customers trying to keep them happy. I do not usually complain but in this case I can see how this happened today. I was very satisfied with my clerk and do not feel she should in any way take any responsibility for this. I also had to help bag my groceries so as not to keep other customers waiting too long.
Thank You and I do hope this will bring some attention to our problems we are having with the Troy Krogers


David Shawver September 16, 2019 at 2:04 pm

To whom it may concern, this story will be released to the media (CNN) if we cannot get help from either David Dillon and Rodney McMullen both whom I have reached out to with no avail. I have been working for 8 months to help your store with police, code enforcement, public safety team, and park rangers with no cooperation at all in our 3½ square mile town from continuing to become the new homelessness center in the middle of seven Orange County cities. The pictures are a good day. Not shown are the transients that sit in your doorways and how they attack others and confront your customers for food and money. The truck in the parking lot cannot even use the delivery entrance because it is blocked by transients. Your carts in racks are so full of trash they cannot be used and carts actually block the entrance to your store. The campers have been there for weeks and even built a tree house on your property. There are many health and safety violations and the stains are human feces and urine all around your building and in the parking lot especially were the trash and sleeping areas are located. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Mayor David John Shawver

Please click on the VIEW ALBUM for 25 additional pictures.


Ginger Johnson August 7, 2019 at 6:41 pm

On Aug. 6, 2019 I picked up a ClickList order from Beaumont Centre Kroger in Lexington, Ky, at 6 PM. Becky placed the items in my car and was very friendly and cheerful while I asked about her day and what time she’d be getting off her shift (not till 9 PM). Something else I asked (don’t recall what) caused her to mention that her day began in a sad way when she took her 15 yr old dog to the vet and he had to be put to sleep. I said “And you came to work anyway??”, and she answered “Yes, of course.”. I was both heartbroken for her and her family and floored that her work ethic kept her from missing her shift at Kroger. I wanted you to know what caliber of employee Becky is and I trust that she’ll be acknowledged and rewarded in this age of general slacking and entitlement!
Ginger Johnson


Michael blackheart August 3, 2019 at 10:08 pm

I work for store 970 and I’m the only Hispanic in the department. I feel like I get single out at work and blamed for things that I dont do. I was trained on one thing called respect and I dont feel respected so I will either leave Kroger or be fired due to racial backlash


Georgia Trifos August 2, 2019 at 6:18 pm

Have been shopping at the Forrest Dr store (in Columbia SC) for the last 25 years. Have always liked my experience, but of late the shelves are often not stocked, the cart area floor always full of trash. Just not the same. The place is a mess. Hope something can be done to restore the old experience.


DONNA ANTRIM July 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm



Jacey Moore July 6, 2019 at 9:48 pm

My husband was just at the location 4400 western center blvd in Haltom City TX, and I am very unsatisfied with the customer service they provided. My family has multiple service animals, and we have all the documentation for them and everything. This evening my husband was kicked out of this location without being able to purchase his items, even after showing the service animal identification card. We shop at this Kroger all the time and have no problems. But today, they kept saying he needed a vest for it to be official which is not the law, and the reason he doesn’t wear a vest is that he is allergic everything. The fact that my husband and I spent so much money getting our pets certified, and trained, and to still be harassed in public is unacceptable. Jannett was the cashier that vocally yelled at my husband as he was already leaving drawing attention of all the customers and other employees. Customers were staring in shock and it was embarrassing for us. Not to mention a waste of time since we had to go to another store to get what we needed. Berry Forrest is the manager we spoke to who said he would handle the employees involved, but I hope word travels of this incident, not just to this store and its employees but to all Krogers and public customer service retailers. Service animals are not pets they are doing a job.


Jacey Moore July 6, 2019 at 10:01 pm

edit: Just yesterday, at the same location, Shelly-a woman who wore a red vest, also demanded we show our animal identification card as well, and she wasn’t satisfied by seeing it and we felt like we were being followed by her the rest of our shopping trip.

We are mostly just truly disappointed that one of our dogs’ jobs is to help with emotional instability and these issues have caused emotional trauma.


Beverly Slater June 23, 2019 at 11:57 am

Kroger Corporate Office/Headquarters
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

To Whom It May Concern:

I Beverly Slater Have been trying to reach someone for a year now on this issue and I am still trying to reach whom I need on this issue I have been facing. I purchased a package of Pineapples Tidbits on 5/27/2018 from Kroger while eating from container I saw a roach leg in it I contacted these people with Kroger Teresa Dickerson, Katherine B. Knox, Shelby Riley, Rodney McMullen(CEO) on the issue no one got back to me until I was informed to send the roach leg to Pacific Coast Producers to view leg broke while putting into container to send so I still have other part Pamela Mee call me and said it was piece of product I did inform her at that time they need to get another viewer because it is a piece of roach leg.
I have inform all who read this message I am sueing for $20 Hundred Thousand Dollars for having roach leg in food. I don’t understand why the company is just ignoring the email on me/Beverly Slater having this roach leg in food I purchased I don’t know what it is going to take to get my message across but I pan to continue with issue getting across to someone.
I have pictures of piece of leg which i sent to Pacific Coast Producers/Pamela Mee and I still have piece that broke off.

Beverly Slater
XXX Alfred Drive
Vicksburg, Ms. 39180


patty robertson June 17, 2019 at 5:46 am

this happened may. 31, 2019. my husband and I went to the bank to do our bills. we go half on the bills. we cashed our checks. he did his half of the bills, I did my half. he gave me the envelopes with all the money in them. this concerns one of the money orders I got from krogers in warwood. after I left the bank. I went to rogers in warwood to get the money orders. I admit I forgot to write down 1 money order. the lady who I gave all the money to, counted all the money. she gave me the money orders. I left krogers thinking I had all the money orders. I didn’t. what im trying to say is, when that lady counted all that money, she had to see the$46.99 that was with all that money. not once did she say what is this $46.99 for? she didn’t instead she put the money in the cash register. I told my husband what happened, he called the manager of krogers in warwood and told him what happened. the manager said I will count the money and call you tomorrow and let you know. he called and said we were only $.80 over. krogers in warwood is calling me a lier. that $46.99 rightfully belongs to my husband not krogers. I want the money returned to my husand.


Gail K Shea June 13, 2019 at 2:49 pm

I do not believe that you will reply to this except to brush it off in some way. Certainly David B. Dillon will not hear about it. This is in reference to Store #406 Durango Colorado. It is in reference to Jake Decker the pharmacy district manager and Troy the store manager and his team of upper management bullies. For some reason Decker hired my husband for the job of Pharmacy Manager. My husband is 63 and an Rph working at that time in a small rural pharmacy in Raton NM. He had previous years of experience as a pharmacy manager for Smiths, Raley’s, and Albertsons. His style of management is to create a strong team, encourage people to perform at their best and care for the customers, not by acting like artificial intelligence, but listening to them. As one of his former customers said ” I can talk to you when I am so frightened. The doctor’s do not have time.” This is the 21st century, We know about abuse. It does NOT have to be physical. It most certainly can have devastating effects when you just demean and bully a person. When they constantly fear that you will fire them and they hear only what they do wrong. We know about epigenetics, we know scientifically that when in a state of fear and abuse that the telomeres in DNA shorten causing rapid aging. We know scientifically that the Amygdala in the brain swells as if being chased by a lion and swelling is still there weeks later creating anxiety. So why do you hire upper management and give them a green light to do that to people. Jake Decker , the gizmo king , actually demeaned and fired my husband on his cell phone. I do not know what the agenda was but he was never in any way supportive. Artificial intelligence could do a better job for you than spending money to a train a corporate sociopath. He actually has a snitch ,one of the pharmacy techs, to document every little error of a man that they just found some pleasure in terrorizing. My husband was afraid to even ask for help. He tried to give the techs full time. The store management without consulting him hired a poor gal and promised her full time and $17.00 per hour. She quit her job to find out that was a lie.That made four techs and only 120 hours. You do the math. The other techs were being gizmo kings and saying that she was untrainable because she was a slow learner. as was my husband. They say that fear lowers your ability to learn perhaps because you want to scream or run.
Upper management kept pressuring my husband so Decker told him to ask the other City Market pharmacy manager in Durango what he would do. The other manager said they had no business hiring an untrained tech without consulting my husband and if he wanted to stop the revolving door of techs quitting he needed to give each of the three competent techs full time. My husband was trying to create a strong team so he followed that advice. But one of them was encouraged to be a snitch. We know who. What does that sound like? The other pharmacy manager /trainer told him to keep his techs at as full time as possible. Decker also tried to get him to bring Chris, a brilliant tech, in to train the others but apparently he was not allowed in the store. As the story goes he had managed to offend the store manager ( very easy to do). Decker was emailing my husband to get him to bring Chris in, which would have put him in further disfavor with the upper management. Naturally we need to understand that the former pharmacy manager could not fix the problem. She would follow that advice and techs would quit. She was constantly hauled up to the office and criticized. We were told she stepped down from the position and took a part time job in Cortez an hour away from Durango. I now wonder how much of that was her decision. So the upper management all of them earning pharmacy degrees and pharmacy experience ( sarcasm) decided that they knew how to run the pharmacy by doing the same thing and expecting different results. I think a brilliant man knew that would not work but you pay them hugh salaries to behave this way.
After asking my husband how long it would take to do what the other pharmacist could not do , on Good Friday when he came into work the atmosphere was strangely quiet. A district tech grabbed the snitch list from him when it came in by fax and he was called to the office and told by Decker that he could resign or they would terminate ( interesting term) him. By cell phone no less. The gal firing him told him he did not get the technology so he asked her to quiz him on it. She did and told him he had it right. Decker told him he was a threat to public safety and other abusive remarks. They then escorted him on the walk of shame to pick up his stuff, and then escorted him from the store. I am surprised they didn’t ask him if he needed a priest to administer the last rites. Just total humiliation. If they did not like him in that position for which they did not support him or give him a fair chance, was that level of corporate abuse really necessary? The fact that it was Good Friday had a strange symbolism as well. He had to break a lease with Iron Horse that cost us a lot of money. Furthermore he no longer had a job. He arrived back to Raton looking about 10 years older and 20 pounds lighter. He was traumatized and I fear for his health. We have had to sell our home, which is currently under contract because we cannot pay the mortgage.
You need to keep in mind that Jake Decker hired him and I now wonder what the agenda was. Oh sure he will tell you his lies and trumped up snitch stories and you will believe him , because after all he is really fast, but that still does not explain that level of abuse. Abuse is unacceptable. You have an immature egotistical child in a position of power. He is in no way wise, experienced or educated for such a position. He was terrible with customers and muttered about what he would not do for them. Fast though. He fails to realize what Ted Turner clearly understands, those customers vote with their pocketbooks and there is no room for arrogance and immaturity in the equation. He is a bully with no compassion or understanding of the pain and suffering that he caused our family. I believe that is the definition of a sociopath. You trained him what is your excuse. ABUSE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Anneice Jackson May 22, 2019 at 1:56 pm

It has taken me a while to write this note but I believe it needs to happen. I was completely discriminated against, harrassed and accused of stealing and I currently am weighing my legal actions out. I visited a Kroger Marketplace in Conroe, TX my mother had just relocated there from SC so I went to pick up a few things for her. Now I am a usual Kroger shopper I coupon and I have never thought I would have been treated as I have and I am mad I put my hard earned money into a company that has employed employees that displayed such prejudice towards me.
I purchased some items and right before I left the store I realized I had forgotten something and I also wanted a raincheck. I grabbed what I needed and decided to go through the self checkout to quickly go through. I had coupons to use so I called the attendant. She looks in my cart and scrolls through and says well I only see this on here and that is not what is in your cart. And she says it with attitude. I stated to her that I have already purchased those items and could she check me out for the rest. Still with an attitude she proceeds to ask me what the coupons are for and I only had 1 of the same item so it was obvious what the coupons were for. I asked her if she processed all the coupons because I know what I handed her. She then yells LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT YOU HAVE then proceeded to count like I am a 5 year old child then she realized she was the one who miscounted. At that point I was ready to walk away but I just continued. She played nice after she seen she messed up then went to help someone else.
I went to the service desk to get the rain check with all of my purchases and stood in line waiting to be served, when I observe the selfcheckout person tell another customer that I just stole my items and she cant stand theives! The customer she was bashing me to seen me and the whole transaction and discretely informed her I was still in the store at the service desk. (because that is what theives do, they stick around for a raincheck) I finally get to the service counter and ask for my raincheck and she asks me if I could get a picture because it was not in the ad. I asked her if she would watch my cart (with the stolen items) so that I could go all the way accross the store and get a picture for her. I went to the self checkout person and apologized to her because of being snappy with her earlier and she (devil in diguise) apologized as well and stated we just got off on the wrong foot. I am not a comfontational person and I seen myself visiting that store often being my mother lives not even 5 minutes from it. Anyways, i go back to the service desk show her my picture get my rain check and proceed to leave. She then yells “can i see your reciept for your purchased items?” I said ‘excuse me?” She asked the question again and by this time I am so embarrased because people are in the line looking at me, one stranger was already told I was a theif, and now I am being asked all of this! I go into my purse and pull out the reciept from that store for ALL of my items and reach in the basket and hand her the recipt for the separate purchase that had been laying on top in plain sight the ENTIRE time!! She sees the reciept and then says “oh the self checkout person did not SEE you ring in those items thats why i asked.” I stated; “now you see” and I ran out of the store in tears of embarrassment. I went right past a manager who was never even called in the first place!! When I calmed myself and called back to the store to speak with a manager I was connected with Andy?? I believe and he was very nice and informed me that the situation should not have occured like that and a manager should have been notified immediately. He stated he hoped this did not affect my decision to shop at Kroger againand at the time I said it would not, probably due to emotion. But as of now I will never return to a Kroger again and give my hard earned money to people that discriminate so badly on people! I broke out in tears just thinking about who really seen me in that store as they embarrased me. Will they see me again somewhere else and think of me as a theif? It hurt to be bagered to strangers and accused. This year alone I have already SAVED over 1,000 in Kroger savings alone so that can put some perspective of what I have SPENT to achieve those type savings. I do a lot of couponing and donate to women and childrens shelters because I love shopping and it makes me feel good. I would visit Kroger sometimes 4 times a day but this expirence makes me want every dime I gave Kroger back. A mere apology does not undo the damage of what I have expirenced. That was the worst for me. I know losing me as a customer will not even dent Kroger and you will not notice that I am gone, but I will reach out as much as I can and let my friends, collegues, company and neighbors know of this incident. your employees need to be retrained.


Story March 31, 2019 at 1:12 pm

I live in Katy, tx. I go to the Kroger on Gaston Rd, and falcon landing. I am wondering why it is that Kroger employs high school age minors, schedules them for 8 hour shifts and then does NOT give them breaks????!!!!!
I’m pretty sure there are labour laws that cover this, yet even when the company is told that NO BREAKS ARE BEING GIVEN. The answer is “the bosses choose when the breaks are given”. Well that is all fine and dandy except that THEY DONT GIVE THEM. What if someone has to use the restroom??? And some of the minors are special needs!!!! It’s ABUSE !!!! and I’m considering calling the local television news station and reporting the poor treatment of the minors In the Kroger employment. Shame. Shame. Shame.


colleen wilson March 25, 2019 at 8:47 pm

I hear so many comments about bad bosses and I just felt I had to add my two cents worth. About a year ago I had to take an early retirement from fred meyer store 11 in Anchorage Alaska after over 40 years there because of health reasons. All of my managers and the people I worked with helped me with my job and never made me feel bad when I missed a few days of work. I just want to give a big shout out to Nick Wolf and all the people on the night shift freight crew who helped me out and supported me. I’m grateful I got to work with them at the end of my career.


Linda Buchanan March 21, 2019 at 12:04 pm

Monday I was Kroger Grocery 14101 Midlothian, Va 23113 Store 02900523 and was totally shocked by what I saw. A woman had a small poodle with a Service Dog Cape on it which I don’t know how it qualified for service dog abilities since she had to pick it up off the ground to put it in the basket. But it was sitting in her grocery cart with all of her groceries and she was purchasing meat. IS THIS NOT A HEALTH VIOLATION? How about the next person that walks in and uses that cart with all of the nasty germs from his feet and rear end all over the basket. Are these baskets washed and sterilized? How do I know it is not contaminating my food if I am unlucky enough to pick that basket. Cold and flu have been heavy this year and this is probably spreading those germs. PLEASE PUT UP SIGNS NOTIFYING THESE PEOPLE TO NOT PUT THE DOGS IN THE BASKET. CARRY THE LITTLE DOGS OR LET THEM WALK ON A LEASH BESIDE THEM. THESE DOGS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED OPEN FRUIT AND MEAT. WITHOUT SIGNS NO EMPLOYEE OR CUSTOMER CAN CHALLENGE THESE PEOPLE LEGALLY. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.


Joe June 11, 2019 at 10:25 am

To whom it may concern ,
I have been a loyal Kroger Customer since 1977 . Today I had the worst treatment that any individual has ever given me . I was at the Kroger Store at 30851 Gratiot in Roseville Mi . I am disabled now and my disease is progressive . Which means things are harder to do every day . Tunisha they female working the service counter was no where to be found . I had tried to use the coinstar and it took half of my money and shut off . I went for help and after waiting 20 minutes was finally asked by the other customer service if I needed help . She called the other person who I thought was Tunisha and asked her to help me . Tunisha then started to tell me the machine was broken why did you use it . I said I pressed all the buttons to put your coins in and what type of receipt you want and it accepted half my coins i n the machine then she continued to tell me I was wrong and the machine had a sign on it why am I wasting her time blah blah blah my receipt number is 455 11 21 125 the last 4 digits of my plus number is 1133 so I have 20 cents of fuel points and that will be my final purchase from your company as being severely disabled I no longer feel safe in this store I will also be contacting Kevin Dietz from channel 4 to have him start an investigation on how these mid level employees treat consumers terribly . I wish Ben was still the GM at this store as I doubt this poor customer service would have never occurred . I may also contact my attorneys who happen to be Sam Bernstein . I was so nervous being in the store that I got 5 items and left . The rest of the employees are awesome . Mike in the produce , all of the deli counter , the butchers and the 2 guys that keep the dairy stocked and Deb and Denise at the Cashiers Dianne my cashier today is also very kind and caring employee


Teann Smallwood February 19, 2019 at 10:07 am

I wish to make a formal complaint, however I will not go into details for everyone to read. I WANT a phone call from corporate head quarters, ASAP, as in now. You have my name and e mail address. E mail me give me a phone number to call. It is a total shame that you do not have a complaint depart for people like me to access to call. If I do not get an e mail, trust me I’ll call my A.G.’ office regarding this matter, trust me as I WILL! I shall be waiting 24 hours then A.G. will be called, period………


Linda C Fuoco February 5, 2019 at 9:51 pm

I’m a customer who isn’t very happy right now. I live in Dearborn, Mi and I needed to pick up some things tonight. I have bad knees and a bad back so I need a electric cart. I got what I needed and when I went to check out there was only one check out open that makes things easy for me. I can’t do the self express because I’m not going to scan and bag my own stuff. I was at the Westborn store and the line was so long everyone in line was not happy, I can to to the Lincoln Park store or Taylor store they always have cashiers willing to help you. I don’t know what the problem is but I can always shop at Meijer’s. I would ask you to check out the reason they can’t have more cashiers working. Their walking around the store but not where I need them, I’m not happy at all and if I don’t see any improvement in this store I will spend my money somewhere else.


Milly January 29, 2019 at 8:33 pm

Unfortunately for Customers of Kroger’s, I don’t think the parent company believes all brand stores should havie the same ethical standards. I say this because I live in the an area which I can go to five different Kroger‘s without any problem, none being closer than the other. Although depending on what side of town I am at The standard is very different , including price differences and the Professionalism of staff the Management.
Actually, with all honesty, I avoid Kroger like the plague, and only shops there for unnecessary items Such as chips, can tomatoes , basic cereal . You get the drift.
Nothing important like Fish , Meat ,produce, milk can’t be trusted to get quality. And the cleanliness of the stores are a whole ather story.
When I do go to Kroger, I have to go to the furthest one away because it’s in the real ritzy part of town and is the most decent.
Kroger top management and board should be ashamed of themselves for allowing each brand store to be so different.


Judy E Lokinski January 22, 2019 at 2:33 pm

I am not usually a complainer but today I have closed my account with our local Kroger Pharmacy, in Owosso, Michigan
I had been getting my diabetic testing supplies there for several months and only once did it go as it should in picking them up.I was shopping and stopped to pick up the lancets and this was my second trip in to do so and the pharmacist named John said he had supplies to unpack could I wait, I went off to waste time, returned and he was still unpacking but there were ladies there so asked if they could help me, he took care of the window and then came back to unpack again, one of the ladies came and took over what he was doing and I was told they had ordered them but they did not come in, this is not the first time and all I got was being told “Sorry about that”. I have gone to another local pharmacy, They never keep up their supplies, and half of their customer service duties.


Bill Bianchi January 6, 2019 at 3:31 pm

I’ve been shopping at the Kroger store on Dowlen Road in Beaumont Texas for over five years. I’ve been irritated by a number of issues, including poor customer service , Terrible Starbucks, but especially the obnoxiously loud music and announcements inside and outside the store. I decided to mention the volume to the management today. Asked at the courtesy booth and was referred to the manager that was working one of the registers. I walked over, excuse myself and asked if she was the one doing the announcements. She kind of grinned and said no, but it was obviously for doing it. I was polite and told her that the music and announcements were way too loud and unnecessary. After trying to ignore me, she simply said “thank you sir you have an a great day“. As I turned to walk away, she said the other customer standing there “they are really grouchy today“.

I decided to send a note to the corporate office, but after seeing all the comments here I cannot imagine that there will be any kind of an improvement in the customer service. There is an H-E-B store just down the street and they are known For their service and products.


Bill Bianchi January 6, 2019 at 3:33 pm

I did get the managers name, but she was an older woman with black, heavy rimmed glasses. After I heard a comment on my leaving, I almost went back to get her name but was afraid of what I may say to her.


Bill Bianchi January 6, 2019 at 3:39 pm

I certainly should have qualified my comments with the fact that many of the employees have been friendly and courteous. Unfortunately that does not extend all of them nor all of the managers.


Kevin Turner November 23, 2018 at 10:36 am

To Whom it may concern,

I am trying to be reinstated through Metlife and Insurance. Metlife needs someone at Kroger’s to back out the terminated date. Nobody at store #376 in Houston knows how to do this and I am a new Transplant Patient who needs perscriptions refilled to live. Otherwise I waisted the time and money for the surgery and that is the way I feel at the moment.


GB Smith November 15, 2018 at 12:37 pm

Our highest compliments to Rx Management persons at your store number 0210998 on Lindberg Dr. in Peoria, IL. Vic and Daniel have outdone themselves to make several prescriptions ready for pick up in the shortest time.

PLEASE make sure that management at that store and in Peoria receive this well-earned compliment


DAVE GAETKE November 5, 2018 at 5:15 am

I’m a 78 year old loyal employee.. I’ve been a part-time employee at Baker’s #302 in Omaha for nearly 2 years. I’m proud of the fact that I have perfect attendance and have gone in on several occasions on my days off. There has been NUMEROUS management changes during my tenure. My business ethics have ALWAYS been to find as many ways to cut un-necessary expenses that might occur on my shift. I’ve saved the company several man hours of payroll expense by finishing my tasks in UNDER the allotted time allowed. I’ve attempted to show store managers ways that would save all fuels centers a minimum of $1748 yearly,only to have it fall on deaf ears. I have recently been threatened with termination for not completing a TOTALLY useless form that required a minimum of 15 min to complete. I’ve contacted the US Dept. of Labor,as to my legal rights. I hope I don’t have pursue legal recourse in this matter !
David Gaetke # dg80617


DAVE GAETKE November 5, 2018 at 5:35 am

This is an addendum to my previous statement.
, I consider this unwarranted charge presented by the recently appointed bookkeeper to be an act of harassment and is causing me health issues. I would like this forwarded to the Hutchinson,KS office,(attn:Coleen) if you would be so kind. I might have been terminated on this coming Tues as I’m being requested to have another confrontation with said bookkeeper, (who attempted to phone me to return to the store after my shift ,
to reprimand me for leaving without confronting him before keeping my doctors appointment. As an aside, all previous bookkeepers have NEVER required said form as being necessary.
I remain your loyal employee!
David Gaetke #dg80617


Anna January 12, 2019 at 10:52 am

Mr. Gaetke,
I was a Kroger employee until the end of my first shift. I understand that there are 60 days until I am confirmed an employee. I was hired as a part time employee. Several training days were included and for which I should have been paid but they only paid me for the 4 hours (should have been 5 hrs) I worked. Do you know if I have any recourse to collect the remaining amount? I had 4 hours of training the first day, 7 hours of training at “Kroger University” and the additional 5 hours for which I was only paid 4 hrs. I may seek legal counsel but am relieved that I am out of that atmosphere. The company has a great culture but the stores appear to be very different from their parent company. Any comments will be appreciated. I am also a senior. Thanks, Anna – annarichardson51@


Kathy Mason September 23, 2018 at 8:20 am

I visited store #142 in Montgomery, Tx on 9/22/2018 to return an item I had purchased on 9/12/2018. I decided to return the item only because I saw it on a shelf at the same location it was purchased at, store #142, on 9/22/2018 (after I had already purchased the item on 9/12) for HALF the price I paid! I actually still wanted to keep the item but did not want to be ripped off for the the $5 so I decided to ask the customer service booth about returning the item and buying it back again or just price match and refund my card the $5, which was my preferred method since I would not have to invest as much of my time and hold up the line to the customer service booth. I was then told to wait to speak with RANDALL so I waited for him to show up and moved to the side to let another person be helped.

When RANDALL appeared I told him the situation and ultimately he refused to match the price and to push the issue further he REFUSED TO RETURN MY PRODUCT EVEN THOUGH I HAD A RECEIPT AND THE PRODUCT WAS IN THE SAME UNOPENED CONDITION IN WHICH IT WAS PURCHASED!! I walked away from the customer service booth feeling ROBBED!

Kroger SHOULD NOT get away with being inconsistent at pricing products to consumers. I feel it’s unethical and unjust to charge a price to one person and then charge a different price to another person with the same 10 day span and refuse to be fair and charge all customers the same. It’s also unethical to refuse to return a product with a receipt of purchase and not tell the customer before hand that returns are not permissible. I still have my receipt and it DOES NOT say on it nor did it say on the product that I could not return the product.

What bothers me is that Kroger #142 has a frontline manager (RANDALL) who is lacking in the ability to do the right thing. You can ask anyone and they’ll say the same thing. Its wrong to charge 2 different prices for something and NOT offer the same price to all customers within a 10 day period with proof of purchase.


Don September 21, 2018 at 11:30 am

I am truly sorry it has come to this. Dealing with my local Kroger located on Victory Blvd. in Yorktown VA is useless. I frequent this store once a week at a minimum. The store is dirty, center aisles shelves are out of stock often, sale items often NIS and free Friday merchandise are hit and miss at best. Today I asked a Kroger associate about trying to stock a specific product not currently carried at that store. I was told it was impossible to bring an item in if the UPC is not currently on the shelves. WOW…. There are many other items on the shelve under this product name just not item specifically I was inquiring about. You mean you can’t even research bringing this product in if customers are requesting it……….. Where is FARM FRESH when you need???


Terri James September 18, 2018 at 2:45 pm

The Kroger Store at Madison Indiana should be closed.
2 weeks ago they had the diet cokes on sale for 4 for $12 for an 8 pack of the 12 oz cokes.
They did not have any, I went back several times that week with no luck.
This week 3 for $ 11.00, still did not have them.
They gave me a rain check and told me I could get as many as I wanted, well today I used the rain check, but they would only allow me 4 packs.
This is very disgusting , the lady that gave me the rain check said I would be able to get as many as I wanted, no they would only let me have 4, this is very poor business.
This happens so much at that store.
I do have my receipt from where I bought the 4 today.
Thanks Terri James


Tonya Soto September 12, 2018 at 3:01 pm

I took pics of the Kroger in Crosby, Texas. I recently moved to Crosby and planned to use Kroger as our go to store, until I went in. It felt like an insult how gross and old the store is. Shelves are rusted, stained, broke! This place is so gross I don’t want my kids in there. Can something be done to improve this store and make it usable again for the people of this town that aren’t on drugs or drunk and actually notice how gross your store is. I have plenty of pictures.


Jacqueline DeWolf September 8, 2018 at 5:59 pm

On September 7th I shopped at the Redmond Oregon Fred Meyer store. When I checked out I swiped my debit card and 5 minutes later it was still processing. Then it froze so the cashier said to swipe again. I was in the store today September 8th I told that there were 2 charges one for $83.25 (correct amount) and one for $103.25 on my Chase bank statement. They said I had to call customer service they could not do it at the store. So I called and was on hold for 35 minutes. I explained my situation and she was very rude and abrupt and said well if it is on your statement you need to go to your bank. So I went to Redmond Chase and no banker so we drove 40 minutes to Bend Oregon and explained my situation. Mike Powell was very knowledgeable and helpful. TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE! I should not have to waste all my time to get reimbursed! Fred Meyers system is a mess. So now I will not get my $103.25 for 2 business days.


Carla Wallace August 27, 2018 at 1:04 pm

Service is poor, stores are dirty, many vacant lines are closed due to shutting them down to force you to go to the new scan-n-go system. Read the reviews before you should here! Used to be one of my favorite stores. No one ever calls you back! It gets down to the almighty dollar, screw customer service and make an extra buck! HEB is opening up down the street and I cannot wait! Kroger’s, keep politics of our your business and stick to selling groceries!


Very Upset August 15, 2018 at 1:48 pm

A friend of mine works in the drugstore at the Krogers in Lewisburg Tn. She shares with me everyday the people who come in and what medications they are on. I know most of the names of Aids patients, the jeweler who gets massive amounts of Viagra, the child who had to be put on anti-depressants and so on and so forth. I know this is a HEPA violation and so does Krogers. She even uses their data base to obtain phone numbers and address for her own harassment fun.
Where does it stop? I have complained a few years ago and she is still hard at it!


Susan Martin August 3, 2018 at 2:24 pm

Ive shopped at Kroger for years and I get some really good discounts because of our sr citizen discounts. Plus we take advantage of the fuel discounts. But the last two times I used my debit card the reader read chip malfunction. Last time he tried running it through over and over and my bank put a freeze on my account. I think it’s time to upgrade these machines. I always shop at Woodforest Blvd @ Sam Houston Tollway in Channelview Texas. Thanks S Martin


Brandy Snyder July 3, 2018 at 10:26 pm

This complaint is on the store at 4501 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY. I have been shopping at this location for a couple of years now. This is my second complaint on this store. Giving me a $10 gift card does not fix the problems. Customers are retrieving their own shopping carts from the parking lot. Not to mention, 99% of them are broken, hard to push with loud noises. I counted 6 carts in one isle that the employees have filled up and left. Kroger is one of the largest companies in America making billions. A customer should not have to retrieve their own carts from the parking lot paying the prices we do for groceries. Management has been changed at this store several times. When asked to speak with one, customers are told, they’re busy. All I am asking is to hire someone to retrieve carts, replace the broken ones, and put a manager in this store that cares! A good manager would get out on the floor and help the employees and customers! Please help this store! Customers are tired of it! What’s it going to take? We do have other options. If not corrected, I will go to other places to shop and get my prescriptions filled! Thanks


Jenneffer Gibson June 26, 2018 at 4:56 pm

I would like for David B Dillon to give me a call.Kroger customer. Thank You 1-304-736-XXXXX. J G


Carla Wallace August 27, 2018 at 12:56 pm

Good luck on getting anyone to call you back! I once thought Kroger was the best. Now I see it’s all about the dollar! No customer service, forcing you to use scanners when there are lines and lines of empty registers (no people)! Thanks ok, waiting for the new HEB To be built down the street. Pretty sure Kroger will be singing a different tune!


jayne June 13, 2018 at 8:20 pm

The Rainelle WV Kroger store has a big problem with the head frontend clerk he is really rude with many customers and he has a big attitude with employees too talks to them like they are stupid this is why I try to shop at the Fairlea Kroger most of the time even though I have to drive a longer distance. His girl is the produce head clerk and she is never doing anything I have been told about all the orders she has missed when I asked for things and they she didn’t order them why in the world does Kroger let this go on and I was there and they told me she didn’t order bananas again or cuXXXXbers or a lot of other things that I was needing to buy this happens constantly with her. She had been for off for a couple of months is what one employee told me and the produce department had looked so fresh and full now it will look like it always does when she is there no good and empty and she don’t care. Guess I will be shopping at Fairlea Kroger again.


Tim May 14, 2018 at 10:55 pm

Kroger used to be a good place to shop or work. Used to care about people. Now it’s all about profit. Money money money. Raised the flu shot prices, forced a bunch of pharmacists to part time, never anyone at the service desk. Kroger sucks. I hope they file bankruptcy sooner than later


janice August 6, 2018 at 5:31 pm

I agree with comment Tim made on May 14 2018!!!Kroger is all about Kroger now who cares about the people who are paying your pay checks? We don’t get any senior discounts anymore plus now they want to make you start scanning your own groceries and bag them and carry them to your car..The last time I looked I wasn’t an employee of Krogers maybe I should call human resources…I think everyone should start shopping at other grocery stores your not the only one in town..It like the guy Tim said its all about the almighty dollar and not about the customers! Publix knows how to treat their customers,and I guess they will start getting my business because you care less!!!!…


Philomena Haas April 11, 2018 at 6:19 pm

I worked at King Soopers on 9th and Corona in Denver, CO, from Feb. 27, 2017 to March 27, 2017. My supervisor who evaluated me every week was unfair. He told me I needed to improve my attendance. I had PERFECT attendance. I didn’t miss one day. I was tardy twice, but the third time I was tardy was not my fault. My bus was late, but the supervisor named Andres, still blamed it on me.

I went to the manager to get help and he refused to help me. Emplyees at your stores are not always nice and friendly. They can be rude and nasty.


gerald Schamess March 29, 2018 at 3:47 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

Today, at the Kroeger supermarket on the corner of High St. and North Broadway in Columbus Ohio, my wife went shopping for groceries for our traditional Passover Seder celebration. She was very pleased to see a sign in the wine section, identifying a section that presumably contained Kosher wines. On checking the “wines” available she found Irish Mist and Kahlua but nothing that was remotely Kosher … not even a single wine from Israel.

Quite a disappointment and a significant instance of false advertising. Kroeger’s could and should do better.

With best wishes,
Gerald Schamess


Aubrey Majors March 22, 2018 at 2:16 pm

Your drugstore has taken advantage of my wife for years. I found out today that they can follow the walmart$4.00 list for meds. We are on fixed incomes with no prescription coverage and have been paying hundreds of dollars per month in medication costs. This is morally and ethically the lowest thing you could do. My wife uses your store in tullahoma tn. I’m sure this is corporate wide. You need to consider training your employees. And adjusting your corporate ethics. What goes around comes around.


Skip March 20, 2018 at 2:59 pm

I have shopped at many of your different stores in the past, my family and friends also shop at different locations throughout the country. I personally will no longer be a customer of anything Kroger is attatched to, and I will do my best to make sure that they learn of your censorship, and your attitude towards guns, and even gun literature. Apparantly you have made the same mistake other businessess have made and allowed your politics to seep into your customer base. I know you will continue to be succesful, but I also know that there are many more like me, that would prefer to spend their hard earned dollars at your competitors.


Christie March 11, 2018 at 8:32 pm

HI, I just wanted to share with you two terrible experiences I had at two different Kroger locations today. The first Kroger is the 4099 Telegraph rd location in Bloomfield Hills MI. I walked up to the deli and a lady was cleaning one of the slicers. She turned around and saw me standing there and very politely asked what she could get me. I told her what I wanted and watched to see if she was going to put on clean gloves since she was just cleaning a dirty slicer. She grabbed the boars head ham, with her dirty gloves, set it on the slicer, and sliced my meat. While she was slicing, another worker walked up and mentioned her gloves and she stated “I was just cleaning that one slicer.” The other lady shrugged her shoulders and walked away. Once she was done, I asked her what she was cleaning the slicer with. She told me they use a “good sanitizer.” I asked her if she thought it was appropriate to be using cleaner while cleaning a dirty slicer then turn around and touch someone’s food without putting clean gloves on. She says to me “I only cleaned that one slicer with these gloves on.” That basically tells me that she thought it was ok to not change her gloves. She asked if I wanted her to change her gloves and slice fresh meat, but I denied because the entire block of ham was now contaminated. I let the manager know on the way out how disgusted I was with the staff slicing my lunch meat with dirty gloves on. The manager offered to get me fresh meat, but at that point it was already contaminated. I’m sure the health department would not appreciate the cross contamination that occurs at this location. I left there without any groceries and I will not go back. Once I got closer to home, I decided to stop at the Lake Orion Kroger (460 N. Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion MI). I went to the deli and I could not believe that the same issue was about to occur. The lady came walking from where they prep their chicken and had gloves on. She asked what she could get me and never bothered to take her gloves off. I nicely asked her if she would mind putting on clean gloves. She stated to me “I was just over by the chicken.” Ok was that chicken raw or was it cooked? Either way, you should be changing gloves in between each customer. She looked at me like I cannot believe she just asked me to change my gloves. This lady and the other two ladies stood that and laughed while making comments. I spoke up and stated they should be changed with each customer. The lady told me “we were never told that at this store.” Again, I spoke with the manager. This is a huge health code violation. The manager at this store told me it was unacceptable and that he would talk to them. This is absolutely unacceptable. Something needs to be done and I hope you as a corporation steps up and takes immediate action. I will be waiting for a response back from you. Thank you!!


Patricia Newell March 6, 2018 at 1:57 pm

After 40 years of loyalty to the Kroger “family” business, I am led to abdicate my loyalty to Dillons based on the “political correctness” stance of late in which you have felt led to killing babies (donating to planned parenthood and partnering with abortion activists such as Salvation Army and others); demonizing NRA members in the wake of the FL shooting; demoralizing traditional marriage (contributing to Urban League in support of same sex marriage) under-valuing and writing off education (endowing Common Core) and gifting USHCC (funding sanctuary cities).
Patricia Newell
Arkansas City, Kansas


A Newtown mom March 5, 2018 at 11:44 am

THANK YOU for distancing yourselves from the NRA!


George Brenner March 1, 2018 at 11:25 pm

Well, thanks to Kroger’s stand on guns and ammo I will no longer be shopping at Kroger. Shame on Kroger for folding to the far left’s radical agenda. Kroger has that right and I have the right to shop elsewhere.

George Brenner


Tammy March 4, 2018 at 9:34 am

Thank you for caring. I’ll be shopping more with the Kroger family.


Liz March 18, 2018 at 9:49 am

Ive never seen a gun in a KROGER for sale


El Fudd June 13, 2018 at 6:16 pm

Really? You haven’t?

Check in the unisex toilets, where no one puts the seat up anymore. That’s what you call a self-correcting problem.

Just like taking a stand against law-abiding people owning guns; a singularly stupid idea that only makes perfect sense to a libtard and is also remarkably self-correcting.

Fascism has a blue-light special in the diversity aisle!


Brenda February 14, 2018 at 1:16 pm

I really enjoy shopping at Kroger. However, I will not be shopping there anymore. The digital coupons is a great idea for the younger generation, but what about the elderly? I have seen my mother and her friends upset on too many occasions over not getting something for the advertised price. They do not have smart phones, which means they do not have digital coupons. Maybe consider a promotion that will help the elderly save. After all, they are the ones on a fixed income.


Sylvia March 6, 2018 at 1:25 pm

Ms Brenda. You can use a computer any computer to get the digital coupons. Maybe go to your library and use the computer? Make sure your Kroger card is registered.


Bob March 16, 2018 at 2:46 pm

You are either a liar or a fool. I have not been able to register my rewards card or my alternate ID on Kroger’s website via Computer/Google. This is my reason for attempting to contact Kroger. Neither my local Fred Meyer or Kroger’s Customer Support have been able or willing to provide assistance. I have been utilizing on line resources including shopping for over twenty years. I do not have or desire a smart phone.

Sylvia: unless you are a Kroger flunky – grow up. The world does not revolve around yourself.


Naomi mays matthews April 27, 2018 at 5:03 pm

I am writing you to advise that your shelf fell on me along with everything on the shelf at Kroger. I was grocery shopping on Sunday 04/01/2018. At the location Address: 3612 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX 75062 Phone: (972) 252-7413. On aisle 17 I reached for a pan the shelf was right in front of me so about 4 feet high. As soon as I grabbed the pan the entire shelf which is metal as you know along with everything on the shelf fell on top of me. I Fell backwards on my head and right side. 3 people that was on the aisle saw it and helped me. They then went to go get a manager. The manager put me in a mechanical chair transferred my food and gave me ice for my head and shoulder. My leg was in pain at that time as well. He then took my statement and advised me that they would cover any medical bills. He asked did I need an ambulance I said no it hurts but I think I’ll be ok. I then paid for my food no one helped me put my food on the counter no one help me load them to my car. I then came home to lay down and got really dizzy scared of a concussion I immediately went to the ER. They hospital did x-rays and advised I had minor head injury, and that my exam showed shoulder pain due to tendonitis, bursitis surrounding my joints. The manager didn’t do a full or a proper incident report he wrote two sentences on a piece of paper! I Shop at Kroger twice weekly for all my groceries. This is insane that due to your neglect I’m at home in pain. Then to make it all worse some lady calls me asking how I am doing ask about my leg, I advised her no I felt like I was hit by a bus you have no clue how heavy that shelf is. And everything on the shelf fell on top of me, then she says we can’t accept responsibility off top. Wrong way to start a conversation! She never apologized to me she was concerned about you not accepting responsibility. KROGER will accept responsibility! As I advised her I was on aisle 17 and there is a camera on that aisle. Review the footage! I will not let Kroger get over on me and I spend lots of money in this store on a weekly basis as I live 5minutes away. This is crazy how no one helped with my grocers on check out and to my car I had to call my husband. Then I get a call saying you aren’t excepting responsibility yet. Why not call me once the footage has been viewed? You have done nothing but cause me heart ache and pain!!! Then she says I’ll be reimbursed after I pay the bill. You are bat s**t crazy. I will get a lawyer if this is not resolved this week! This shelf could have fell on an elderly woman! This was a metal shelf fell on me as I just grabbed a pan off the shelf this was in no way my fault! You are supposed to have someone check these isle throughout the day, there is no way I unscrewed the shelf on both sides moved everything off the shelf to do this then placed everything back on the shelf then made it fall on me!!! I have never experienced anything like this where the customer who comes every Sunday and Friday spends hundreds of dollars. Now I’m sitting in bed with neck and severe lower back pain and shoulder pain, I’m on medication because of you! Now sedgwick representative is lagging I’m not asking for compensation all I’m asking is the bill to be paid so it won’t affect my credit. I will take kroger to court I have already spoken to many lawyers.

My contact info is

Naomi Mays-Matthews


MS. PAT February 9, 2018 at 1:00 am



Dr. James Grissom January 22, 2018 at 5:07 pm

We received in today’s (1/22/18) mail notification informing us our Kroger “123 Rewards” Visa Card is being changed to a Kroger Mastercard. We obviously have no choice if we wish to have rewards from Kroger, or will those change too? We will be forced to make a change in all our online payment accounts, (99% of all expenses paid through CC) for this household. WE ARE NOT HAPPY!! Major work for this household, mainly me! . Appreciate the heads up with card change but we may need to rethink shopping with Kroger if Kroger Reward changes are made as well. Wish Corporate management would give more consideration to change’s impact. I hope our Kroger stock grows more from this assumed bottom line savings from Visa to MC! If there is a greater Visa Card service charge to Kroger Corp against a great savings from MC, I might understand if this had been explained. Someone at Corp. level botched this PR roll out as viewed from this Madison, MS household.


David Mundy December 28, 2017 at 3:42 pm

Mr. McMullen:
I am a retired employee of the Ind. Dairy, and have always shopped at Kroger. We now live in Greenfield In. and since they closed the Marsh Store here You cannot go to this store and not find them to have ran out of Organic Milk or Organic Carrots Distilled Water. And if you do find them I have found the lines for the check out (self) to be backed up to the Deli Dept. And people are going to Walmart to do their shopping because of this problem. I feel tis needs to be corrected.


Donna McGuire December 25, 2017 at 2:10 pm

Dear Sir

I purchased you advertised dinner for Christmas and needless to say was super disappointed. I was under the impression from the add and your phone person that the dinner was cooked and all I had to do was heat and eat. Shocker had to cook the dinner. If that was the way it was it should have been advertised as that. I would have purchased my dinner separately and would have had better beans and potatoes. I will in form you that this will be the first and last time I purchase a meal from you. I will purchase my meal from someone else or purchase individual items my self to be cooked by me.
What a big let down. The price was too high to have to cook my self.



L.E.O. Credit Union November 29, 2017 at 2:07 pm

This is a list of names used on “Altered Fictitious” checks made payable to Krogers:
MONCIA FIELDS – 6/24/17 – $4.29 & $245.00
MAKAYLA EVANS – 7/1/17 & 7/13/17 – $8.09 & $190.00, $4.07 & 190.00
EBONY BAKER – 7/15/17 – $9.61 & $190.00
MARTHA ELLIS – 7/30/17 – $4.79 & $245.00
ANDREA MOORE – 8/6/17 – $4.79 & $245.00
TIMMONY TAYLOR – 8/8/17 – $159.73
MONICA FULLER – 8/13/17 – $9.52 & $190.00
ANDREA MARTIN – 9/3/17- $9.66 & $190.00
AMIYA MATTHEWS – 9/4/17 -$9.53
ANINKA MONROE – 9/23/17 – $4.80 & $190.0
ANITA MARKS – 9/30/17 – $9.27 & $190.00
MEEKA FIELDS – 10/22/17 – $9.53 & $190.00
MONICA EARL – 11/4/17 – $10.14 & 189.00
MAVIS EASTON – 11/18/17 – $4.36 & $145.00
MAVIS EASTON – 11/19/17 – $4.79 & $145.00
KEISHA TANNER – 11/24/17 – $4.46 & $192.37
See a pattern? The person makes sure the smaller amount check clears, the presents a larger check to pay for gift cards!
These checks were returned and created a monetary loss for Krogers.
Perhaps Krogers should only accept credit cards to pay for gift cards. Just a thought!


Marianne Ganow January 15, 2018 at 7:33 am

Well, my son took a cash card ( which the tranasactions(s) were approved and payment cleared at the time of purchase) as payments for gift cards. Everyone inserts a chip or swipes these days and it it either approved or declined. The cashier moves forward if the payment is approved and so would anyone who works with accepting payments. Found out The Cash card was stolen, and payment was stopped and the thieves still got the gift cards and spent them across the street. My son, who is listed as a bagger, paid as a bagger, trained to be a bagger until the customer service manager put him in a cashier position over (2) months ago when the store got busy; HE was terminated for taking the cash card as payment due to his name being on the copy of the receipt. The manger, Robert, said he was emabarrased that protocol was not followed he had no idea that a bagger was running the transaction. I understand Kroger lost money, but the CSM should be terminiated for putting a 15 year old as a cashier without pursuing the proper training and following the proper procedures and policies to fill this position. This happened in Frisco/McKinney store in Texas.


barbara cryderman November 24, 2017 at 10:26 am

i dont understand why the receipt paper at the gas pumps is often empty at the farmington Hills MI store. Its really aggravating and have complained before. When i called the store i was told they didn’t have any paper then they put me on hold and never came back.
Barb Cryderman


Naima Cameron November 22, 2017 at 12:26 pm

The Kroger in Fayettville,Ga stole my money and will not give it back.Can someone send me the number to Bruce,the CEO.Email Address/or CAll Me 678-876-XXXXX.And the Managers on duty were very rude.
Thanks Ms.Naima Cameron


Charles Hopper November 21, 2017 at 2:27 pm

My son worked at Kroger from June 9, 2017 to November 19, 2017. He was a good employee, on-time and even called in on occasion to cover other peoples shifts. Since he was able to see his schedule online, he constantly monitored the schedule and informed his supervisor when we could not work because of school. Although he verbally told the managers the days that he could not work, his schedule for the most part was always wrong, they had him scheduled to work days that he had school activities and his schedule changes many times with no notification. After working for Kroger for 5 months he went to work on November 19th and into the managers office and was forced to resign from Kroger’s because he allegedly took an item without paying for it. The item was scanned by a cashier and he allegedly bagged it and didn’t pay for it. When he came home and told me what happened, we went back up to Krogers and I requested an explanation. The manager on duty could not provide me with proof of the incident nor a copy of the discharge paperwork. I asked for the loss prevention manager and they were CONVINIENTLY on vacation. I checked my son’s bank account and the day the incident allegedly happened was not a day he was scheduled to work. I’m contacting Kroger’s HR and corporate office because their story has to many holes in it and to make it worse, when I asked to be shown the video proof, the didn’t have it. They will not get away with this, I am following up with this.


Sam Sohani November 13, 2017 at 8:13 pm

Let me start with this that I Love Kroger, it is my one of the favorite store, My store is Kroger is located at 3535, Longmire drive in College Station, Texas 77845.
Last couple of time, after I did all my shopping and came to self check-out, guess what.. the network was down and cannot pay with credit card, luckily i had some cash on me.
I think you the corporate need to take some action so your customer don’t suffer.
Since I like Kroger I am informing you that’s alll


Mauryne Simoens November 5, 2017 at 1:53 am

Do you Kroger folks even give a damn about customer service. It appears from the letters above that you don’t. Do you not even contact the customers to try to correct problems? I personally am just about ready to look up an HEB to shop at. When I lived in Texas before, Kroger was not like this!!!! If, however, you are affiliated with TARGET, I guess I understand. They have gone to hell in a handbasket and so, too, it seems Kroger followed.


Mauryne Simoens November 5, 2017 at 1:39 am

Overall, the thing I most dislike about Kroger is that they will never get in an item for a customer, though we are willing to take the whole darn crate (if price is fair.) I have asked for ERA detergent, Owens sausage,cheese kolaches (these are not kolaches, but tiny snack sausages in bread wrapping (been out for months), Rye XXXXtail size bread (I cater), Boulevard Wheat Beer from Kansas City, Mrs. Grimes Chili beans in chili gravy, Shullsburg–or any kind–of cheese with bacon, Hormel pork patties in tin can. This is alarming. Where I moved from they were accommodating, unlike Kroger. Incidentally, your rest rooms at ANY of your stores are filthy!! I will say, most of help is very nice. Why are Kroger brand diet shakes in cereal aisle and your Slim Fast Low Carb shakes either not available or so overpriced I get them at Sam’s, though I do not like trading there.


jackie October 25, 2017 at 7:43 am

I’m writting because of a negitive situation that i as a paying customer indoured via the gas station. I get up at 7am to go get gas from the krogers on washington road in augusta georgia. I walk up to the clerk glass window to see that the employee was bent over stocking product so i gave her a few min to Finnish up in anticipation that she would at least greet me and or acknowledge that i am standing there. She did not she continued to stock product. So im thinking maybe she’s just not haveing a great morning, i then walk away from the window to try the slef service pump. I don’t like to use self service at the pump because it almost always lock up my card. While I’m at the pump trying to get self service to work on my behalf i see that she has helped atleast two other customers. Self service would not work for me so i walk back up to the window to ask for assistance and i see the employee walk out of the booth towards what i can only assume is her car. At this point i know im being ignored on purpose. This happened on wensday 10.25.17 at about 7am. This was not a plesent way to start my morning. After i observed her obervlety not careing, I took my money down the road where they had great customer service and acknowledge that I’m human, and the only color that matters to them is green. If this is the quality of service your cooperation exhibits, I can no longer spend my hard earned money in your stores or at gas stations.


Jennifer Faris October 21, 2017 at 6:27 pm

Hi! I am emailing about an offer, online, from 9 Discounts Seniors Get Only If They Know, and it shows that Kroger offers 10% discounts on the first Wednesday of every month, but you must call your preferred Kroger to see if and when that discount is offered. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I use the E. 71st store. I called them today and they said they had never heard of that offer and they do not use it. Where, then, does Kroger use a Senior discount?




Thomas Vallandingham October 8, 2017 at 4:05 pm

I grew up with krogers and after my experince in beckley wva ill shop there no more after there general manger wouldnt exchange or refund 3 THATS RIGHT 3 produce items that turned 2 days after after buying them and said HE WOULDNT FEEL RIGHT. SO I SAY I DONT FEEL RIGHT BUYING. FROM YOU AND YOUR MINDSET AND MORAL COMPASS


Robert H Simonsen September 20, 2017 at 3:33 pm

I was going to write a long and detailed complaint but I see other complaints here about the same issues. For some reason national management has decided that some stores can be poorly stocked all the time. My best guess is that Kroger is having financial problems and can no longer afford to stock all its stores. It cannot afford to hire enough staff. So, blue collar neighborhoods become victims. You have become Wal Mart of taking customers for granted.

Last night I was only able to buy 2/3 of the items on my shopping list. Several advertised specials were not in stock. Your policy is for a customer to wait in line at the Courtesy Booth for a rain check. This customer has too much pride to be forced into another line. You mail me monthly coupons but many of those items were not in stock. Its obvious that you do not value my patronage.

You have been making a big deal about customers being patient while you restock from Harvey. Man up. Results, not excuses are how we live in Texas. 100 miles around me in every direction got 25-50″ of rain. People were being rescued off roofs. Kroger just has an inventory delivery system that does not work in good weather and totally collapses in bad weather. Stop being a martyr. If Cincinnati can’t figure it out hire some Texans and we get it done.

My Kroger is only 2 miles from the house. I like the staff. Your manager gets on his hands and knees restocking shelves because you wont hire enough staff. I feel sorry for him because none of the store departments can get what they order and he gets the blame.

If I have to drive 8-10 miles for another store it will NOT be a Kroger. You have one last chance to keep me as a customer. I am 70 years old and have been shopping with you for over 40 years. But, you don’t care about customer loyalty.

Robert H Simonsen
Houston, TX 77087-5203

Reply in writing so I have proof, not just more broken verbal promises.


Maine September 18, 2017 at 12:55 am

Can you please bring a kroger to waterville Maine I guarentee you most if not all of walmarts business. We all HATE walmart here PLEASEEEE


Kyle Young August 8, 2017 at 9:02 pm

I applied online being a previous employee when I was 17 years old. Krogers was my first job and first learning experience of customer service. I started out as a bagger then I was confident enough to ask to become a cashier. Soon after I ended up leaving for the military. I’d always heard that the company will rehire if you’re a veteran returning prior to employment. When I finally began to try and take a chance after the thousandth time to reassimilate back into society and civilian life, I was told that the positions that I applied for were already filled. What’s so strange and hurtful is that the h.r. individual just spoke to me less than 15 minutes earlier over the phone and was aware of the positions I applied for because I wanted to follow up on whether my resume and attachments has been linked to the application. He never once acknowledged seeing my application yet encouraged me to come in because today was his “interviewing day”. I arrived to the store and the individual was already conducting an interview and I asked if I needed to wait elsewhere. He replied no and even had the audacity to tell me to take out my Bluetooth as if I was using it or being interviewed. After 15 of watching him decide on what time and date for the individual before me to come in I was told to move a seat down. The interviewer then proceeds to make a phone call and check on a pizza before starting with me. He didn’t even try to find my application or attempt to look at my portfolio throughout this time. After giving a brief summary of my work experiences and goals the individual all of a sudden tells me there aren’t any openings for what I had initially applied for which brings me back to why interview me for closed positions if you knew this when I spoke to you over the phone? He then vegans to allude to me that there are many “jobs” there besides what I wanted and says a Clicklist position is available starting at $8.25 an hour. I believe I was barely making that there when I was 17 years old back in 2003. Who does that? He failed to mention that they have competitive pay as well as a credit for prior employment. This is what I was blind to so many years after my enlistment and building my repetoire in this skill trade, pure veteran discrimination. This has probably happened to others just like me that are given scraps or labeled like outcast when returning unless you know anyone with connections or know how to “work the system” so to speak. This is no human error. Then I had to call myself to follow up which may be rare this day in time. Also a recruiter claimed out of ever question asking on age eligibility I answered the first one wrong but then the others correctly. So you mean to tell me I’d be penalized for one error of age requirements for honest employment yet no courtesy call for them I do my own recruitment work just to get offered something in a field that I didn’t initially apply for with a considerably low pay? Is this what welcome back or have to deal with after being treating like outcast or labeled by a society that we volunteered for? I hope he enjoyed his pizza didn’t even offer me a slice. seemed like that was more important than what he thought I didn’t realize taking place. Society will label you as over qualified or the opposite at anytime when it’s convenient. I was told I seemed to have discipline the 4 yours of service I achieved with good conduct yet when I’m out here more veterans are scrambling looking for their place back into rhythm of things. I believe it should speak volumes of I was uprooted and snatched out of an environment already challenging then rebuilt and trained only to be labeled and shortchanged like that. I mean we all are trying to make it out here but would you really be okay if someone knew that you were degrees and certified refuse to visually entertain an application, have you interview then offer $8.25? Some would say it’s absurd to turn down a job but for many trying to stay afloat, self worth is always being taken for granted by anyone in charge like this individual I’m speaking of. Hope the pizza was good, mine would be been phenomenal had I been given to bring my knowledge of culinary back to the roots where I began in the workforce. Smoke and mirrors and technology with scripts to protect the company. Thanks for the another experience of how the system works.


Bethany C Barthell July 31, 2017 at 12:35 pm

I have worked for Kroger for almost 8 months. I work in the Deli. I want to know what steps I’m suppose to become a Lead? I have been old that I’m in training to become a Lead, but haven’t really seen any evidence to back that up. Others in my department dislike me. It has gotten worse. I don’t really know why. I go to work and do my job. I try helping as much as I can in the Bakery as well. I have only missed 1 day since the day I got hired and get treated like crap by all. I love my job, but it is hard working with people who don’t want me there. Not one person in that Deli puts in the effort I do. They all have excuses for not doing their jobs and leaving it for me to do. I’m ready to just quit, but I’m not really a quitter. I’ve never quit anything in my life. I need something done about these people treating me so badly. I need to know my hard work is worth it. I need to know that I’m actually going to become the Lead or I’m going to just quit trying so hard. I’ll stop putting in the effort. Who do I call to confirm all this? Please don’t say my HR, Store manager, or Department manager. I have already asked them and I keep getting excuses.


mary June 27, 2017 at 1:04 pm

I have a 16 year old granddaughter that was just hired as a cashier; a Kroger Store in Frankfort, Kentucky. She went through orientation etc. Worked her scheduled hours, right on time. Her last day of work, she had just gotten about ready to leave the house to go to work, when she got an email from a person Shaun,; he is front end manager of store. As I said the email was from Shaun……….which is his name but Kroger said that his name is actually spelled Sean. Anyway this email said for my granddaughter not to come in to work that day, June 10th, 2017, that too many had been scheduled for that morning. So thinking the email was from Shuan; she had two other conversations with him through the same email, about her next schedule and where to pick up her last check. She and I went shopping at the same store that day and she picked up her check. She was to go on a week ROTC Enrichment Camp the next day for a week. So she went to the camp. She got back the following Saturday. On Thursday or Friday I had called to the store and spoke with Shuan/Sean to find out what her schedule would be when she got back. He said for her to come in on Monday 19, 2017 at 12:00Pm to 5:00 PM. She went into work at 12:00P.M. as scheduled; was met by Shuan/Sean and was told she was fired because she did not come in or call on June 10th, 2017 saying she would not be into work. Which she was told by Shuan not to come in to begin with. She left for home (in tears…..not knowing what had happened) and called me. I have been dealing with three store managers; saying she is fired because she did not show for work and with a district manager; sending me back to one of the store managers. I believe that he may have thought they were going to keep her (beings non of this was any fault of hers’). But the manager as of yesterday June 26, 2017, still said she was fired. What the heck is going on here? She has never missed work, was sent an email which we have copies of, and no one seems to know how or why this happened. How can they do this. I have been in touch with, Labor Department, Human Rights Commission Kroger Corporate Headquarters etc, Still waiting on what Corporate is going to do about it. And Kroger gives this big speech about how wonderful it is to work for their company. I would say more; but truthfully, I am exhausted right now.


sandra June 22, 2017 at 1:15 am

I have worked for the Vons .com personal shopper department for almost two years and have met people ( within our department that are rude and at times completely horrible to work with. We have a supervisor that puts pressure on a few of us to do a higher volume of work at the same time he is letting others get away with arriving late every day they are scheduled to work. He himself arrives late and a lot of times with a hangover and he will tell you he has a hangover. This is not a very professional l example to show employees. At times just knowing how the work day will start will make me sick to my stomach. Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns.


Charles Wersal June 21, 2017 at 3:12 pm

Kroger 8:30 AM 6/13/17 Store # 527
I just spent 45 minutes in my local Kroger store( trying to buy 10 items.
The store is so messed up it is frustrating to shop there. Of the 10 items
I went to purchase, 5 of them had problems. Gentle lax missed priced
on the per ounce number. There was no fat free salad dressing in the
store and only large jars of fat free mayo. There was no Kroger brand
onion soup on the shelf (out of stock). There was no dry soup under
the overhead sign for dry soup. Spaghetti and macaroni were there.
Dry soup was on the other end of the isle with no sign. Can corn 4 for $1.99
out of stock. No zucchini squash on the rack (out of stock). Apparently
this store has quit handling Kroger diet Pink Lemonade as I have not
found it on the shelf in over 3 months. I decided, since
I was going to have to go somewhere else for these items I would just buy
all my items at another store. I quit shopping, checked out with a couple
items I already had in my cart and left. I have been shopping in this store
for over 20 years. I have seen it go through several supposedly upgrades
and changes. There are items I have been purchasing for years that with
each of these changes disappear from the shelves. Of all the changes this
last change makes no sense. If you can’t stock the shelves you won’t attract
new customers, no matter how many changes you make. All you are doing
is running your old customers off. The problems I ran into this morning are
not unusual. For the last 6 months my wife has been complaining about
empty shelves. She is always having to ask for the milk she wants. A
common excuse is we ordered it but the warehouse must be out of it.
We didn’t get any in this delivery. Yet we can go to the store in Cedar Hill
and they will have what we were looking for in stock. Instead of driving 6
miles to Cedar Hill Kroger’s we are seriously considering taking our four
to five hundred dollars a month of business to the local Tom Thumb and
Aldis. Today Wednesday 6/21/17 12:20 PM, it appears an old problem has
returned. I went to the store to purchase 12 tubes of Kroger Lubricating Jelly.
Barcode 0001111038449 $2.19. I do this about every 6 weeks. They
were out of stock. I was given the old adage It has been scratched, The
warehouse no longer stocks it. Last year there was a problem keeping
Kroger Lubricating Jelly on the shelves and I was told that same thing.
At that time, I filed a complaint with the then store manager. That didn’t do
any good. I called corporate and they finally started stocking it again. A
couple weeks ago there were more than 12 boxes on the shelf today there
are none. Another example of lack poor management. It appears to me,
this is not just the management of this store but the management over
the management of this store. No one is fixing the problem. Does Kroger
have anyone with enough clout to fix these problems or does Kroger just
not care? Has a Kroger CEO or President ever read these complaints.


Toria July 21, 2017 at 1:55 pm

Hi Charles. I am interested to hear if your complaints have had any response by the corporate office. I have been having some problems at my Dillons/Kroger store and if they are not going help, I don’t want to waste any more of my time with them. Thanks


Doc B June 7, 2017 at 2:55 pm

I’m 60 years old and a disabled veteran. Last night I went through the drive through window at our local Kroger to pick up a prescription. Over the years from prescriptions and groceries my wife and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at your stores. After I got my prescription I pulled up to the gas pumps to fill my wife’s car and my debit card was declined. I thought I might have entered the wrong PIN number so I did it again and again it was declined. I knew I had over $100 in my account so I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. This morning I contacted my bank and they said Kroger had tried to put $125 hold on my card and my balance was $123 so it was declined. Why in the %##* do you need to put $125 hold on an account for $26 worth of gas? My bank had the brilliant suggestion of prepaying the cashier and since I can’t walk that makes perfect sense. I suppose I could crawl in but why should I have to do that at all? The idiocy and absurdity of it makes my head hurt. Why even have pay at the pump? I’m contacting the local news channel because I think this story needs to be told.


Jane doe June 27, 2017 at 11:29 am

My complaint is that I saw a security guard stop this person from taking some things from the Kroger store in ann arbor on south maple and this person did put things back and pay for the bread and this person shouldn’t be ban from all of the Kroger stores in Michigan and also this person just made a mistake and will never do it again because this person gets there medication that at the Kroger drugstore ok and this security guard should have a heart and just let go and everybody makessmistake s ok this person shouldn’t have be ban from the store and make this right and this person is very sorry sorry ok


John Doe June 27, 2017 at 1:43 pm

They’re only sorry because they got caught and now are probably shoplifting down at the local Walmarts. You think its ok to shoplift if you do business at a store but you don’t pay every time your there? No wonder America is the way it is.


Toria July 21, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Doc, did you contact the news?


Patricia Farrall February 15, 2018 at 9:56 am

The “local” Kroger Store in Defiance Ohio refuses to give customers the phone number for the Corporate store! Why…? Managers do not seem to be very well trained, and are very RUDE!


Michael Loneman June 4, 2017 at 8:09 pm

This is just a email with hopes that the content of this message falls into the hands of someone who still cares about integrity and people who make a difference. This is a report of a Kroger new hire in LaPorte Texas who simply started out trying to hire on as a cashier part time who has an amazing smile and a personality that could win over the meanest crankiest you could ever find, experience in retail and management made her a perfect fit, somehow after hired she found herself pushed into the meat dept. ( which has had complaints and problems long before her and noted by customers) shortly after hired she addressed this with her manager and requested to be moved, this was not taken too well with her HR manager (Regina) who immediately took issue with this and did not like the thought of her being at the cashier position, the new hire was put on the backburner for a week and then offered only overnites or nothing? This is a mother of two and a new marriage so obviously this would not work for her, when asked for a solution she was completely insulted and rudely told there is no job for her except the overnites or nothing. I wonder at times where has the teamwork and happiness in the workplace gone at Kroger? This woman was so happy to be part of a team like Kroger and to be part of a union was a dream come true to her. Why has Kroger allowed this behaviour to exist in not only management but Human Resource Management? Why is someone like HE Mgr. allowed to let personal likenessess determine who gets to work and who doesnt? Are Kroger executives aware of the Ghetto mentality that has crept into your LaPorte Texas location? It is sad to see very friendly qualified applicants who desperately need employment treated in such poor manner, also how much money was invested in this new hire only to be tossed aside because she did not fit into a position? 20yrs experience in retail I will tell you this is poor management and no way to treat anybody. This Regina should be looked at, this location is hurting because of the superiors at this location.


John zaccaria June 6, 2017 at 3:43 am



Anne May 10, 2017 at 1:29 pm

50 years ago, August 4, 1967, my husband and I were married in Athens, Ohio. The groomsman in our wedding worked at Kroger’s on State Street and was named Allen Matthews. Unfortunately we have lost contact with Allen and would appreciate assistance in locating him because we want him to attend our 50th anniversary celebration, can you help us out?


Sheila July 13, 2017 at 5:09 pm

First of all, after reading these other complaints, my faith in Kroger stores has greatly diminished!
I am 69 and disabled. I only go grocery shopping every 3-4 weeks. Yesterday when I went shopping, I was told something by the cashier that just about floored me. My one vice is Ice Coffee. There was absolutely no Starbucks Coffee or Caramel flavor left. It is a rare occasion that I can find them. So I found that I like the Kroger brand PS Hazelnut Cafe Frappe. So I got all that was on the shelf, 15. I was told when I checked out that from now on customers are only allowed to purchase 12 of any item. WHAT???? Is this like WWll, and we have RATION CARDS? I can not believe this. It is asinine beyond words. Seems to me you just want to keep the shelves full. Why do you hire people to stock the shelves then? Are you there for appearances or to sell things? Whoever came up with this rule has NO common sense, NO sales experience and is completely lazy and cheap. This is the last thing I expected to be told at a grocery store. I will be writing to every manager, CEO that I can find.


Rebecca May 9, 2017 at 2:22 pm

Iam a former Marine and was working at Kroger before I went in to the service. I have been out of the military for a few years. I have a clean background. I was seeking employment back with Kroger. I was notified I did not get the job. I must say I am a little disappointed when I go back to Kroger to shop and there are employees being unprofessional yet someone who served with great work ethics doesn’t get hired. I called HR and no one can give me a reason to why I wasn’t hired but the man with a bad attitude can work the gas pumps and the young girl can talk to another Co worker about how she isn’t late to her shift while laughing. I must say Iam very disappointed in Kroger the treatment of vets.


John zaccaria June 5, 2017 at 10:38 am

I agree the Kroger company has gone downhill on their professionalism their morals and ethics of work and especially their management team who thinks that they are God treat people like dirt because of the position that they have the Kroger companies to retrain all their management team on how to treat their employees like people instead of trash specially in the Colorado area called King Soopers


Kally May 8, 2017 at 6:06 pm

What I went through today 05/08/17 at the Kroger store on 6055 Fry Rd. in Katy TX, is nothing else other than a RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. With nothing more than 4 items in hand, I headed to a cash register to check out. The male cashier there by the name Frank a white man almost finished ringing up the customer before me. As I approached the register, he told me that he is closed so let me go to another register. First I was going to tell him that there is no sign indicating that this register is closed but for some reason, I said to myself it’s OK. After ringing up with another cashier, on my way out I saw him ringing out a white female customer while another white lady was also waiting in line at his register.. I waited until he was through with the last customer, then I told him that you told me this lane is closed and now you’ve take two other customers who are both yor same color white after that. He started arguing with me then I asked to speak to a manager. A manager called Mark or Jason who was also white started by making excuses for him before apologizing to me that if I feel like it’s a racial issue. Then I asked him what else could it be other than that after he told me that the lane is closed and refused to ring me up because I am black then turned around ringing for two other people who are both white. I don’t really know how any one would interpret this humiliating ordeal I went through at this store other than RACIAL DISCRIMINATION and at its best for that matter..My advise to all my fellow black people, avoid going to this store if you don’t want to go through the same racial humiliation that I went through. Next if nothing is said or done about, I’ll put it on social media to bring it to the attention of the whole world.


Sissy April 19, 2017 at 10:22 pm

I am a senior and have been shopping at Kroger in Georgia for years. When I went
to checkout, I was told that Kroger is going to stop the senior discount day on Wednesday. If
this is true, it is a terrible change that you are making as us seniors can use all the help we can get. Since we do not get raises in our social security every little bit of savings means a lot to us. I think this will be terrible if this is what Kroger is going to do and it is very possible
you will be losing a lot of business . Please don’t take Senior Iscount Wednesday away!


J L May 6, 2017 at 1:13 am

To accommodate for that loss Kroger has lowered hundreds of items everyday, so instead of saving 5% one day of the week, you will be saving everyday of the week.


glenn September 16, 2017 at 3:46 pm

If you do digital coupons and they work. how many seniors CAN afford computors? seems like kroger is through with older people

Reply login March 2, 2017 at 12:51 pm

It is in reality a nice and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you
shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this.
Thank you for sharing.


kathy grey February 24, 2017 at 8:51 pm

I had a problem with a digital coupon last October 6th. One of the coupons promised a free carton of eggs if you buy 3 cartons of “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter”. I bought the three containers, and when I checked out, they gave me 50 cents off the eggs. I went back to the store to show them and they gave me the rest of the amount due for the free eggs. When I got home I immediately filled out the customer survey and in the blank “comments” space I said that they needed to update the computer system because it wasn’t taking the free eggs off. I got my money back, but others would obviously not know unless they read the receipt, which people often don’t. I never heard anything back, so must assume that they didn’t fix the problem. I still have the receipt, and took a picture of the digital rebate that was online.

In the ensuing weeks and months, I have brought the problem up every week when I fill out the survey, and I always check the box asking for a reply. Here it is five months later, and I still have not heard a word from anyone. At this point of course it is a matter of principle, and I wonder why this survey is even given since no one seems to read them or care. I have also written emails to Kroger, and any other email addresses I can find, but still no response. So I tried calling, but the young lady had to go ask her supervisor whether any of those are read, and apparently the supervisor said that 85 percent of them are read. LOL, well it seems that they don’t read any of mine, so It makes me wonder.

It is apparent that the management holds the store employees accountable for any problems, but they don’t seem to care a bit about customer service on their end. I have started telling friends about this problem, and some have vowed to try writing a note and see if any of them can get a response. I always seem to get the automated email saying that my communication was received, and that they are very busy at the moment so it might take awhile for a response. Well, ok, but five months seems a bit much!!

So I decided to write another missive to the Kroger management team instead of Ralphs. But alas, the site was down for repair. So I called the customer service number that seemed like it would go to someone in power somewhere, but I was passed on 4 times to different departments by an automated “sorter”, and then was told that there was a line to speak to someone, so I hung up after 5 minutes of waiting.

I am very disappointed in this whole operation, and now believe that customer service is not something that this company has any concern about. I am about to leave the store that I really like, and that has wonderful employees, and go to Vons. I have been a loyal customer at Ralphs for over 45 years, and it is not easy to let go, but I would rather give my money to a company that has a better attitude about the customers who patronize them.

And then today I went to Ralphs and tried to purchase Uncle Bens Rice that had a dollar rebate on a future purchase if you bought two packs, so I bought six – and guess what, no rebate for my next visit was given. I am about to add that to my list and try one more time to see if I can jiggle any of the corporate pawns enough to bother to respond to me, but I have little hope.

I am NOT a fan of digital coupons in the first place because they often seem to malfunction, and neither do I have a phone that I can store them on, so I can only try to remember what was there and guess how many of what I need. And it takes a lot of time to do that when you don’t end up reaping rewards, and often get cheated out of what you should have gotten.

And I am really really not a fan of the “buy 6” or whatever number is the current deal in order to get a discount. For one thing, I usually try to buy numerous groups of 6 when they are on sale, and it gets almost impossible to keep track of how many groups of 6 I have. And often I think that I have the correct amount, but then see other things that I would have bought if I didn’t have to come up with another 6 items, and often leave without buying 10 or more items that I would have bought had I not had to purchase a certain number in order to get the discount. It seems to me that it would be much more advantageous to ask you to buy 6, and then all other extra of the same item would be discounted to the buy 6 price. You are losing money by making people jump through these hoops in order to get a sale price.

All I can say is shame on you for ignoring the comments from customers and treating them so irresponsibly. I would think that, since you put out the survey every time a customer comes in that you might want to know what they say. I guess not.


Jen May 8, 2017 at 6:17 pm

Hello Mr McMullen,
This was my real after the contacting via the website and continue to get nowhere ! This comment # was 26415169! I’ve tried multiple times already so getting beyond frustrated as I love my local Kroger staff !

No , it wasn’t much help as it was an inconvenience!

Also, it was the Friendswood location , 528@Bay Area , Autumn Creek )

Austin at CSR From App said we should and would be compensated as we have both been long term valuable Kroger shoppers .

It seems anytime I have an issue with Kroger and call or contact y’all , y’all just say thanks and the issues were never really resolved .

Disgruntled customer as of now ,
Maybe my Local H-E-B would be a better choice next time , they are only a few minutes away . I will probably check n them out !

I’ve been a loyal customer , spending time and money in Kroger and also doing all surveys I can to offer feedback , and try to win one of the many gift cards offered by completing the survey.



Jasmine February 2, 2017 at 11:09 pm

This Kroger really need some assistance on training the employees, cleaniness, and also stocking. This location in Arlington TX on Arkansas Ln is close to me but I get so frustrated on go across town to Tom Thumb or Kroger’s in grand prairie on great southwest. Why would an manager of this store continue to allow the employees to present themselves in a complete mess in hygiene. This place is dirty and stink as soon as you walk in. Never have anything in stock. One night I came in only self check out was open at 8pm and no other lanes the lines was down to the produce area! I plan to contact the local news for consumer reviews on this store and also the health inspector! This is my local grocery store why are you employees in groups talking and cursing? Why are they not cleaned up well and professional? Why every single time I come in you are out of products? This is a letter to voice my concern. For me to take the time out to write a letter I will go forward until there is a change. If I need to come in and train the staff myself I will or have us as customers start a petition to change. I will not end here if there is no resolution soon. Thank you….


Debbie Cawrse January 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Purchased new hp lap top 2 days ago .wouldn’t hold a charge so returned next day with receipt only to be told I’d have to send to hp that fredmeyers doesn’t return or exchange hp .my receipt says nothing about that nor did there signs in the store state this ,nor was I told this when I made the purchase .cause I wold not have got a product that fredmeyers rerun policy doesn’t cover .I purchased from fredmeyers not hp.I purchased it because I needed to do some business on it .and they want me to send to hp for repair on a one owner of lap top .that’s so messed up .the public needs to be aware of kroger misleading return policy .should say they will do returns on what they want and we the public get to guess what they will stand behind and follow there fake return policy


Monika Courtney January 12, 2017 at 11:21 pm

Horses would love this !! But City Market tossed it in the dumpster!! A huge box of perfect apples! Approx. 30 lbs- just tossed in trash!!!
All grocers but Vitamin Cottage refuse to give me the salad scraps for my chickens. I even offered a notarized waiver to protect these liability obsessed and paranoid corporations.
America is ignorant and lazy- pretentious and selfish- the waste here is beyond irresponsible in terms of losses, manpower, environment and societal involvement- but then America always plays the Good Samaritan on the world stage- while they toss perfect food items in the trash- such as this box of apples that they refused to sell me cheaper or donate it to my horses at City Market Buena Vista. They all just look the other way and no one cares!
You know how horse rescues would love the fruit Grocers toss out?? Most rescue horses have never seen an apple as budgets are tight for many- yet tons of apples are tossed in dumpsters !

Americans have to experience a severe depression before the corporate giants get a clue! Shameful and pathetic! The “liability” excuses are ridiculous! Create a waiver to exempt any and all claims- it can be done! Kroger needs policy reform. It’s unconscionable the waste at the time we live in. Bernard Kroger would turn in his grave, if he knew.

I get bags of salad scraps for my hens from Natural Grocers- they care and don’t like waste- and my hens love the greens!
America: Stop wasting food!!
Monika Courtney, Colorado


Tempest December 16, 2016 at 9:39 am

On (12/15/16) I decided to patronize this Kroger (3300 Cobb Parkway Suite 100 Atlanta Georgia 30339) since I was in the area. I needed gift cards for work to give out as Christmas gifts to my coworkers. After I collected my gift cards and approached the self-checkout lane I was immediately confronted by Chec, the cashier stating that I had to go to customer service to cash out with the gift cards. I had never heard of this before as I’ve always been able to self-checkout at any other Kroger no matter what I was purchasing, including gift cards.

So I proceeded to check out and as I was doing so Chec screams across the store to someone and prompts them to call the store manager. I felt I wasn’t doing anything wrong so I didn’t care that he had summoned for the store manager. I actually thought the store manager would have more sense than Chec to bother a paying customer. But of course he didn’t.

As I was ringing up my gift cards and placing them in the bag, Chec, the cashier proceeds to personally remove each card as I place them in my bag and held them in his hand standing over me as if he was monitoring and managing my check out. The store manager approached me as I was continuing to check out stating that it was policy that I not check myself out in the self-check out lane. So I asked him what policy was he talking about, where was the policy posted in the store, and in the past I have always been able to check out gift cards in the self-service lane.

The store manager continued to harass me and withhold the items I was attempting to purchase as if he was trying to incite a negative response from me. Additionally, the store manager was in such close proximity to me that I felt extremely violated and attacked for no apparent reason. I in return acknowledged to the store manager that I felt as though he was obviously discriminating against me at that moment and for him to step away from me. I continued to repeat that phrase and eventually he placed my cards by my bag and moved away from me.

I have never felt so humiliated in all my life. This was an obvious act of harassment, discrimination, a violation of my rights to shop freely and venture through a public setting without being followed or profiled.

I will never shop at this Kroger again. It’s obvious that they put “imaginary policies” in place for “certain” people.


Gary Taylor November 22, 2016 at 1:17 pm

I’ve been shopping at Kroger in Ashland, Ky for a number of years and I’ve been a loyal customer. My problem is that the shelves are not fully stocked and the products that are on sale are non-extant. I ask if they the item in the back and most of the time they do but hasn’t been put out yet. You would think with a holiday such as Thanksgiving the products that is used more frequently for that day would be in stock and plenty of it but that is not the case. I’m sure that could be a problem for many of your stores and I understand that because the demand is higher for holidays but here it is on a consistent basest. The checkout lines are long even when it’s not a holiday. The employees are nice what they have of them. I just think it is poor management the way the store is run. I’m considering going to the other Kroger in Russell, Ky about 5 miles away and see if it is managed the same way and if so I will start using Walmart which I’m not fond of but if I can get what I want so be it.


Dawn Hall November 5, 2016 at 8:53 am

I’ve forever been a Kroger girl and worked at Krogers when I was 21 in Atlanta. Due to the distance where I live now; Clarksville, TN. I would go to Walmart because it’s closer and they supposedly price match! After my incounter with them this pass week, I will not be returning to any of their stores…ever!!!

So why I’m writing, we have roads on 41A being widening and we need a Kroger on our side of town, it’s called Sango in Clarksville, TN. Could you look into this and see if it makes $$ to you to provide a Krogers in the area!

Thank you so very much!!!
Dawn Hall ❤️️


John Martinson September 29, 2016 at 10:37 am

To whom it may concern:
Yesterday around noon I.d stopped in my local “Kroger’s” super market for a quick few items. I have been coming there, since it opened, it’s within 2 miles of my home.
I had come in, at the time of Major remodeling and the “Stress Level’ of the Deli lady was terrible I ordered the ‘Black Forest’ Ham 1/2lb. sliced thin the way I normally do, she sliced the meat part that should have been the part that gets thrown away! I took the plastic bag that was priced and sealed and finished my shopping then drove home and put away my groceries.
Later when all was put away, I decided to make a fresh sandwich w/ the Ham and fresh bread and new shredded lettuce, I had bitten into the sandwich I could not cut through the gristle with my teeth so I pulled it out of my mouth and did not even give it to my DOG, I threw it away, yes I am returning the uneaten portion today !
Missed meal and the thought of ‘Why Me’ ?
This is the 3rd time in well over 15 years that I had to make a return to the store.
I didn’t get the woman’s name tag. She is relatively new and needs to be supervised closer.
Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.
John Martinson, Sevierville, TN. 37862


Linda Harris September 16, 2016 at 9:31 pm


I’ve worked customer service in various forms for well over 15yrs and never have I experienced an organization as horrific as the Kroger Co. Every organization may have something about them which is a work in progress, but it’s extremely disturbing when they have no clue things are not up to par across the board. Having worked as a Front End Cashier at the Lanett, AL store was by far the worst experiences in all my working years. Having been there for a month there were numerous small discrepancies which should not ever be issues when dealing w/the public. Addressing these issues w/the new manager didn’t go over as well as it should have and my entire experience working at Kroger has left a bad taste & impression not to mention a boycott of all its stores. These are a few things I took issue with:
•Front end/cashiers are the face & front line of the company having to take/deal w/the heat when there’s anything from corporate changes on down to overnight stock screw ups (labeling, inaccurate display/price/advertisement). We should be kept as happy as our wonderful customers we serve.
•Training is inadequate to say the least. It’s understood there’s a desperate need to fill a position, but you cannot expect the job to be fully done properly if training is subpar. A day & a half on the computer followed by shadowing for a few hours is nowhere near adequate. There is so much more to know (store layout, what to do when sale items are out of stock, etc).
•Poor communication is just never acceptable when dealing w/the public nor is it good within an organization. Schedule changes to an already posted schedule should be handled by the scheduler notifying whoever is affected by the change via a phone call. Same goes for availability. When it’s brought to the scheduler’s attention in a timely manner, the scheduler should be aware of it when making the schedule. Yes, it’s understood there are lots of people, availabilities, and moving parts to consider, HOWEVER, if you can’t do the scheduling properly maybe you shouldn’t be tasked w/that responsibility.
•Uniformity is equally as important as communication. If we’re all to wear our uniforms a certain way, then everyone working needs to comply or be reprimanded. Full proper uniforms should also be given to each employee (1 shirt & apron, always got pushed onto someone else when asking about another shirt). Again, all parties (particularly upper management) should know what to do in all areas instead of deflecting to someone else. They may not wear the uniform, but should be able to better handle such inquiries.
•Cash handling/Tills are not exactly handled in a manner to prevent mishaps. Having cash handling experience in varied forms, it was always everyone gets a separate till & is responsible for that till throughout their shift, allowing nobody else (except management) to conduct transactions on their till. When there are several people using the same till, how are shortages/etc tracked? I may start out w/a new till, but go on break & someone else uses my till.
•In today’s society most people have more than one job to make ends meet, however, if it’s preferred they don’t have another job, please state that up front. I was upfront about that when interviewing & my other job is especially flexible knowing I have another job. If it were preferred we not have another employer that should’ve been stated up front.

I haven’t been scheduled since July & really feel as if I’ve been fired. Returning the uniform as well as taking the time to type this letter may be pointless, but the overall experience motivated me to at least share my thoughts. Whatever is done w/this info is up to you, but hopefully it will be considered to ensure better future hiring.


Tomeeka Bean August 31, 2016 at 11:24 am

August 30, 2016
Claims Team and Adjusters Sedgwick CMS on behalf of Kroger
Incident Number: Your Insured: Claimant: DOB: Date of Visit:
30166143487 Kroger K035 Kroger East/Dallas Tomeeka Bean 06/06/1981 07/09/2016
Dear Kroger/Sedgwick CMS:
As you know, on July 9th, 2016, I was involved in an AMIGO electric shopping cart accident with another shopper. While shopping, the other shopper attempted to squeeze between myself and another shopper with a shopping cart in the same aisle. As she attempted to squeeze through the bottom metal area of the shopping cart sliced the back heel of my right foot. Management was notified by my son who frantically ran to get help due to the amount of blood that covered the floor. Management was wonderful in assisting with first aid to apply pressure along with disinfecting the area to avoid infection. The store manager apologized and claimed fault. He then asked for my ID and stated that he was so very sorry and would cover any medical treatment needed. He was very cooperative and supplied all insurance information needed to file the claim and contact info to follow up. The picture and video evidence along with eyewitness accounts from multiple people that were involved clearly shows the accident genuinely occurred and resultant damages. Those damages include, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses for home care of the wound, business missed due to being unable to walk given the area of the wound and more.
I was offered a $100 gift card. How appauling!


Kim Allred August 12, 2016 at 6:48 pm

I have been shopping at this Kroger (shore drive in Virginia Beach VA.) For about 16 years and used their drugstore the same length of time.
I’m not surprised at all to see all the customer service complaints but I have never once complained.
I don’t know what’s going on there but they can not keep employees. It changes every month. So when I went in to shop and drop off a new prescription the whole drugstore staff was new….again.
I had gone to my doctor that day and she sent me with a new start date on my medication. They all got filled except for one and instead of asking me why a new start date he was so rude I felt beat up and left and left my other prescriptions too.
I went about my shopping kind of upset but it was fine. Then the fire alarm went off for a really long time. I went to SELF CHECK OUT and mumbled “jee, its always something with this store now a days” and a cashier said “well, you can leave”!!!!
I said “I could, but my cart is full and I need groceries”
I will be shopping elswhere and using the Walgreens across the street from now on. They have been in bad shape for a while (empty shelves, no meet, rude service) but I hate change.
I’m DONE with kroger and will gladly get my things someplace else.
I’m reporting that drugstore staff for sure because they were way wrong and way out of line.


david hiestand July 31, 2016 at 12:52 pm

i live in bloomington indiana, the kroger on old state road 37 south of bloomington is in need of attention. the parking lot is always dirty, the comlex where it is located is always trashey, and needs to be kept up. not just trash but ffod and cigerette butts. ive told the managment numerous times and it neve gets done. i dont go to that store any more, even though its around the corner from where i live. i go to a different store now. i would like to shop there but its bad. hope you can contact that manager and teel the people that are paid to clean it to pay attention. thaks


madeline frank July 11, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Regarding the Kroger store at Centennial Blvd. in Richardson, Tx.
I have shopped at this store since it opened. Our neighborhood was so excited to have a Kroger store. Since it opened and over the years, the store has made a steady decline in all areas, but mainly the staff. There seems to be a lot of very young employees who haven’t realized the importance of the customer. I have let a lot of things go over the years, but about a week ago I had 2 store visits that were extremely unpleasant. The first visit resulted in not getting home with tomatoes or deli meat and cheese. When I realized that I did not have the tomatoes, I called the store to see if they were left on the check out area. I was told no, but to come to the store and they would replace them. Later that evening, I was going to make a sandwich and realized that I did not have the meat and cheese. At that point, I just wrote it off and put it in my memory bank. Why these items were charged to me and did not make it to my car is a mystery. I even had help putting the groceries in the car….
The second visit was about 10 pm. When I got ready to check out, the only places were for customer check out and the line was long.. When it was my turn, I asked for help since I had a full basket. The young lady assisting customers did help me by scanning the items in my basket. What a mess. She was definitely over worked and I observed other employees just standing around. When I asked why there was not a regular check out station opened, I was told they closed them at 10:00. Interesting since the store is open until 1:00. My observations made me think of this….”When the cats away the mice will play”. Young people need supervision and this store did not have that.


Nick June 29, 2016 at 6:44 pm

The store is in Mansfield, TX on Broad street. I went in today to pick up some groceries that my wife had asked me to pick up. Most of the time, shopping there is a good experience. Today, I had a shopping cart with what I needed, and when I got to the self check out counter (it was not busy), I remembered that I needed to get two more items. My first thought was to let one of there attendant know. However, they were busy working with other customers. I took approximately three to four minutes. I came back and my cart was gone. I asked one of the attendant, she had moved my cart to the side. That was perfectly fine until she had told me that they put back all the frozen products. I was only gone less than five minutes! To say the least, I was very angry. I requested that they bring back what they took out of my cart. This took in the area of 10 minutes, probably longer. The manager, Jeff stood there talking with some other managers, while one of his junior assistant manager took care of me. He did a reasonably good job. Later at the register, one of their employee had offered my a gift card. I did not accept it. I wasn’t looking for handout, and I don’t need it. I was furious because this should NOT have happened. This made me late in getting to a meeting. This is a great store, I am not planning to go to your competitor, and I don’t want a handout. What I want is not to have this happen again, because as much as I like Kroger, I will have a need to find a suitable competitor at that time. Perhaps someone should be speaking to this manager? If he would have apologies at the time, instead of standing there talking to what may have been his boss, I don’t think that I would be writing this complaint. I think he cared more about his conversation with his manager than a customer!
Thank you.


James Vierling Jr. June 17, 2016 at 6:32 am

This morning I went into Kroger as usual, until I find another job anyways, and started working the bread which is what I do every day I work.

About an hour or so after I was already working the bread, two women come over and start removing and replacing shelf tags. 30 minutes later one of them informs me that I or they were going to have to take some of the bread that I had already stocked off the shelves because I was losing facings.

One vendor had already come in and then left saying he would try to come back later, another came in and only stocked the bare minimum of his items.

I took what I had out on the floor back to the back and also the empties and then told the head night shift guy that I was going home. I am not going to change my job around or do other things and I am definitely not going to take bread back off the shelves that I already worked.

All this because some pea-brained jack a** moron was too stupid to schedule the bread reset for their shift when there is no one there. The store is closed and there are neither stockers nor vendors.

This reset that should have been done in a week and is now going on three or four weeks is ridiculous. The person in charge of it should be fired.

I worked for a Kroger store before that did a reset in one frigging night. They closed at 8:00 p.m. and re-opened at 8:00 a.m. with a Grand Re-Opening sale. They pulled in about 30 or 40 people from other area stores and just got it done. I did the meat department by myself. This method is frigging moronic. By the way, that was in 1991.

This store is a little bigger, but not much and the reset should not have taken more than one weekend or say Monday through Wednesday with a Grand Re-Opening sale on Thursday.

This store is closed form midnight to 6:00 a.m. every night, yet the fricking reset people don’t come in until 6:00 a.m. and expect the customers and workers to go around them. F*** them.

I might be fired, but at this point with the idiotic bullsh*t that goes on in this division if not entire company I just do not give a rat’s a**.


Paul C February 14, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Kroger poisons their customers by selling uncooked “Colossal Chicken”. Quality Guaranteed, right? I e-mailed Kroger and they are giving me an extremely hard time, going back and forth, even though I have pictures of the chicken and the receipt. My wife is pregnant and almost ate this which put her life and they baby’s life at risk. We had nothing for dinner that night as a result. We will NEVER be shopping at Kroger again. Not only are they poisoning people with ignorance, but their customer service is nonexistent with canned e-mail responses every single time, not listening to the customer at all. I hope you go out of business, Kroger. I told Customer Service that if they didn’t take care of me, I would go on a media rampage. Well here is the start of it.


Jane Doe January 25, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Kroger’s does not take matters of harassment , sexual or otherwise seriously. Many of their employees curse, quite frequently dropping the “f” bomb. This is not appropriate for an associate to speak in this manner while at the workplace. They do not even care if customers are around to hear them. I have heard other employees make sexist remarks and say things of an inappropriate nature. I have worked for Kroger for more than 15 years and not once has Kroger’s addressed this issue. I complained to management several times but nothing was ever done. Kroger’s is nothing but another Good Old Boy company, very sexist.


harassed employee February 29, 2016 at 1:08 pm

are so right about Kroger management not taking harassment claims seriously. Perhaps a class action lawsuit like against Wal-Mart would perk them up to the issues in a lot of their divisions. They certainly did not address mine. In fact the harasse r still works for Kwik Shop in Omaha, Nebraska. Plus she steals from the company, management saw it on video and she still has a job! Why bother with filing police reportd for shoplifting when you don’t fire employees who steal … and you saw it on video?!


SK January 23, 2016 at 8:10 pm

I’ve had a horrible experience at Kroger drugstore at 4533 Garth Rd in Baytown, TX. I used a good rx coupon on 1/18/16, but when I tried to use it again today, was told I couldn’t and that they “made a mistake” by allowing it the first time. So basically the rx cost $100 more. I’m guessing Kroger didn’t want to lose the money. Aren’t they contractually obligated to accept good rx?


Carl H. White January 20, 2016 at 5:32 pm

Hello Kroger’s shoppers. The experience I just had with my local store was turning out to be a nightmare but blossomed into a flower. The reason I am telling you this is I first called in my prescription number around 9:20 this morning and the robo computer said I would have to talk to a manager.

So I called back and talked to an employee who works in the drugstore and they said that “The insurance will not pay for this product.” So I called my PC doctor and they said they would check into this. So I thought I would let them do there job. So then I called the Kroger’s drugstore office around 4:20 pm and waited for about :15 Min’s and no one picked up the phone. So I got frustrated and called the local store manager who himself walked the phone he had to the drugstore area and I talked to Mark(my friend) and he said with all the rush for the weather that he was backed up and no one was able to answer the phone and apologized for that.

He gave me the drug representative for Kroger’s store region. Her name is Amber Brackett. She said that this was an easy fix and should take only for a doctor to call in the prescription that I needed.

Ms. Amber is a great help and a fine associate for Kroger’s and I’m glad I know her and can count on her if needed again. Thanks AMBER.


Griffin Anthony Glaze January 18, 2016 at 9:35 pm

live lobsters for a long time please


Neer January 18, 2016 at 4:07 pm

1505 Wirt Rd in Houston – Saturday, January 9th

Weird situation was going on behind the Customer Service desk. As I was waiting in line to purchase lottery tickets and paying a bill, I had noticed one of your employee’s behind the counter pulling out lottery tickets out of her purse and scanning them into the lottery machine. As I finished my transaction, I notify a Kroger’s employee of the situation and pointed out to the employee who the person was that was scanning her lottery tickets. This way she can notify her manager. To my surprise the employee’s response was; this was one of her managers on duty. I told her not to worry about it because I didn’t want her to have any conflict with her manager. I told her I would address this with the Kroger’s corporate office instead. I am sure if Kroger’s would look at their security camera that is over the service desk. They should be able to see the employee doing this.


Wanda A Humplrey January 10, 2016 at 2:27 am

January 9, 2016 around 10:45 am, The most HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE ever at Kroger (gas). I love shopping at Krogers. I was getting lunch for work and gas at Kroger, 22150 Westheimer Pkwy. It was very busy this morning. Once a pump became available, I scan my Kroger card, enter my zipcode with credit /debit card. I insert the nozzle in my car, and went to sit will gas pumping. When I took the nozzle out and turn the car on, I did not have any gas. I explain this to the cashier, she said, “Your car is broken”. I advised that my car is not broken. I showed her the preauthorization that was charged to my card. She directed me to go and speak to manger in the Kroger store. I requested to speak to a manager, I am not sure what this person position is, but I explained everything to him, Daniel Rios. He did not understand and requested me to show him my car. Daniel requested the receipt and my card used along with my Kroger card. He later said, “This is not your card on this transaction”. I said ok, maybe it was a mistake at the pump or cashier. I have a pre-authorization on my card and I have no gas. While taking to Daniel, he was over talking me. He wanted to explain about debit/credit to me. How the process work. I tried to tell Daniel , I know about ACH transaction because I work in the industry for 13 years. Well he didn’t listen because he kept talking. I requested a note from him. If the transaction did clear my account, I will request a reversal. He said, “I can’t do that”. I asked why not. He said, “We just do not do that”. Then he starts to yell, “This is Fraud. This is Fraud. Fraudulent activity. This is fraudulent activity”. I asked him, Are you accusing me of stealing? Why would I give you my credit card and information on me , just to steal from someone else. I asked for the receipt back for my proof. He refused, so I took it back. I went into the store and now requested for General Manager. Jeff Bailey came with a huge grin. I explain the exact same thing to Jeff. Jeff is saying yeap, yeap while chewing gum with teeth showing. He is looking through me and not giving any feedback. People passing by looking at me as being label as a thief. What Jeff said to me in a sarcastic harsh tone, GOOD BYE. Now, I am now very upset and shaking, heart beating very fast. This has never, never happen to me. Now Daniel showed me that my card was not charged, ok. He did not need to start yelling Fraud.out loud in front of customers. Jeff showed no empathy, and no willingness to solve or ease my concerns.
Many Krogers I’ve shopped always greeted me with a smile and light conversation. Jeff Bailey and Daniel Rios need more customer communication training. I really need to hear back from Kroger.


Wanda A Humplrey February 6, 2016 at 11:48 am

As of today 02/06/2016, I’ve not not yet heard from anyone concerning this discrimination, defame of character, embarrassment for outburst of calling me a thief. How unprofessional this company is for not caring about their customers.


Sharon November 15, 2016 at 7:24 pm

Wow Wanda , I am or was just a cashier at Krogers , I am suspended because apparently I took a WIC check incorrectly 2months ago and another one a month ago. I love working and shopping at krogers and I am truly sorry for your experience. Unfortunately Krogers hires to many young people that have no clue on customer experience and that the reason they have a job is because of customers. I know some baggers who have been working for my store awhile and never got a raise at all. There is a few who honestly don’t deserve it because they seem to vanish a lot but there is at least 5 who jump through hoops and do jobs a lot of people don’t want to do there and they make minimum wage also. I find it appauling myself that they just get minimum wage , I think if they been there 5 yrs … they should at least get 50 cents. 50 percent of them need more training also …. tired of seeing some of them put soaps in with food and tell the to bag it separate. I a deeply upset that they are probably going to let me go on the WIC check but like I said I have 2 jobs and krogers is just my pt job… I asked a few times t cut my hours because I have a 40 hr a week job but they continued to put me on 25 to 30 hrs. Kinda surprised those were the only mistakes I made but yes I signed a paper that I trained on WIC so they say but WIC recently changed some… personally I thought all the baby formula was the same size and when I talked to a few other cashiers they said the samething without me telling them I said that. Guess they will watch now. Security seems to think I knew the lady because it was the same person both times but I swear on my fathers grave I had no clue who she was… but on my behalf WIC always beeps at you on cereal bread and baby food… I never paid 100 percent attention on it. I try to get the customers out in a hurry because I work when customers are getting off of work and want to get home quickly… I have been commended by numerous customers. I have a bunch tell me they would rather wait in my line than go to another cashier. but unfortunately I guess I wont be able to anymore if and when they say I am fired. Seems krogers loves to keep you on suspension for awhile and not schedule you. But all and all I love shopping at krogers especially now with the fuel benefits. The sales are pretty good also. I deeply apologize KROGERS for my mistake and I promise you I never new the customer. I work in an ALABAMA store and I have to say you would make a lot of money if you put a few more stores in ALABAMA … customers that come to krogers from phenix city and Columbus and Montgomery keep saying over and over they wish they had a krogers… I even had people from brmingham and Huntsville who drive through a few times a year and come in and say they wish tey had a krogers. But WANDA back to you …. I am just a current peon at least at this moment and if I could change it I would…… it is not acceptable in my eyes and I apologize . not that it does you any good, And FYI in my other job if I did that I would be fired. Its never acceptable to accuse an innocent person.


A Ben January 9, 2016 at 6:34 am

Horrible experience this morning. @ around 5:50am, I had a cart full of groceries, got ready to checkout, since it’s too early all lanes are closed except self checkout, but I have been told many times b4 that if I have a lot of items, someone should help and open a lane…..I never had issue in the western hills Kroger store on Glenway ave, Cincinnati except with this employee named Mark! Very lazy . Every time he sees someone coming with full cart he tries to ignore the customers. Anyway, I asked him nicely if he can help but he was so rude in replying that the checkout lanes are closed!!!! When I told him why we’re you checking out a customer just 5mins ago, then he changed his mind and raised his hands like if he wants to beat me and told that I have to wait b4 he can help me….strange how he changed his mind…first lane is closed and he can’t help but now he can help but I have to wait!!! Very bad customer service! What I did , cause I didn’t trust him anymore (cause he can scan items twice, punch wrong code for produce…), I left the whole cart and exited the store.
Unfortunately, this store is closed to where I live, and I always had good experience…I’m waiting for manager to come around 8am to make complaint and would expect an apology from Kroger…if this doesn’t help, I will go to headquarters downtown Cincinnati and step up this case!!!I hope Kroger does the right thing . I feel I was badly mistreated!


Deandrea Jackson January 7, 2016 at 10:10 am

Krogers in Houston Txs Tomball parkway that store needs a total make over.. lets start the entrance is nasty need to get a power washer daily.. produce omg horrible iam cancer patient n survivor so essential that i have fresh produce.. as a formal produce mgnr for a large warehouse its upset me to walk in see this mess… milk coolers need cleaning.. meat counters need to be stock at least to the air coolers.. freezers coolers need to be stock clean.. get windex clean those windows shows a better presentation i hope someone take care of these problems soon


John January 2, 2016 at 5:42 pm

Management at Kroger in Jonesboro Arkansas is not conducting themselves professionally when it comes to their employees. The whole month of December, employees were having their hours slashed substantially. When employees would come to work, management had little to no regard toward the way they would talk to and treat their employees. We were expected to come in and do our jobs, (which isn’t a problem) and listen to and put up with them talking to us like dogs. Those who stood up and tried to get them to re-evaluate how they would treat us and talk to us were fired the next day or two (myself included). This is very unprofessional and it’s time for the fascism to stop.


Paul Blackburn April 22, 2019 at 10:09 pm

I was a small-town pharmacist in Raton, NM. I remembered Durango, Colorado back in the 70’s as a very cool place, when attending Fort Lewis College.So, when a pharmacy manager job at City Market came up, I applied for it, thinking it was a step up for myself and my family. Surprisingly, I was selected for the job. I was very honest that, for the last 10 years I worked for small independent pharmacies. My focus was on accuracy and forming trusting relationships with my customers. Kroger’s was never clear about when I was actually hired and I could feel safe about giving my notice to my employer, so when I got my notice to appear on Monday, I could only give 3 days notice, harming my relationship with my employer. Since relocation bonuses are history, relocating to Durango came at a huge expense to myself and my wife. I spent a week trying to work through modules, several of which had serious glitches. Two more short weeks were in a neighboring City Market Pharmacy, training on a complex system the likes of which I had never seen. This took me too long, in Management’s opinion to master. Almost as soon as I entered my home store, I quickly found out that the pharmacy was way understaffed for the volume of business and the stress level created a revolving door of employees and long customer waiting lines. Before I was even familiar with the pharmacy, I was blamed for customer complaints and “transfer outs”, an inevitable result of understaffing. One day, I apparently placed another customer’s bottle in another’s order.I should have caught this, but the release checkpoint should have caught it at the register. I was not informed of this error until my first evaluation, when I was pronounced as a danger to customer safety. Since we were doing a huge volume, my fellow pharmacist recommended a very good tech, whom City Market hired. The three techs wanted full-time work or I would surely lose them, but the store management insisted on cutting their hours to 32 a week and hiring an inexperienced woman as the fourth tech without notifying me until it was a done deal. According to her, the management had promised her full-time at $17.00 an hour, so she quit her job to come to work with City Market. I was only allowed 120 tech hours per week, so you do the math. I was advised by my trainers to keep the other three techs as close to full time as possible to avoid further departures of personnel and allow another department to find a place for her until we actually had hours for her. I took this advice and this triggered the wrath of upper management. Just as I was starting to get a handle on the pharmacy, I was called into the office upstairs, given unacceptable ratings and given the choice between resigning or termination. My district manager couldn’t be bothered to attend
my termination and threw numerous shovels of dirt via the speaker of his cell phone. This was Good Friday and my sixth week. I worked for Walmart, Albertson’s and Smith’s and never encountered such a total lack of support and humiliation, pretty much every step of the way. Now I have no income and no possibility of ever working for Krogers again, with my wife and I likely facing bankruptcy. Why did this kid, Jake hire a 63-year old rural pharmacist to turn this totally dysfunctional pharmacy around in a little over 3 weeks, a task that the previous pharmacy manager couldn’t accomplish in several years? What superpower was I supposed to possess? I can’t describe the hell my wife and I are experiencing now, at a time when pharmacy jobs are scarce. Please tell Jake to learn to read a resume before ruining a well-meaning pharmacist’s life.


Laura December 26, 2015 at 9:01 pm

I am searching the Health Department to address my concerns at the Kroger in Highland Village, TX. I sent a note and did not hear back regarding the spoiled food that I continue to purchase at this location. It happens about one out of every three-five times I purchase groceries. I have started going to the Kroger closer to work and don’t have the problem so think it is this location and not a Kroger practice. My biggest concern is the large number of elderly that frequent this store. I remember the media covered these issues a few years ago with grocery stores and maybe that is the best option.

We have learned to never purchase marked down items in any department. Now we always check the dates but rarely bring the food back but have addressed it with management. I love the staff but management and associates behind customer service are generally trying to place blame back on us and I frankly I don’t want that smell in my car to return it.

This time was especially aggravating because I purchased wings to cook for Christmas with my family. I purchased it Christmas Eve at 4pm and live less than a mile away so it was not that I didn’t care for the food. We opened them Christmas afternoon to cook and they were rotten! However, it happen with cheese, lunch meat and other perishable foods.

What else can I do to address this problem? Please give feedback because I am very concerned this issue is not being addressed.


Karen Singleton December 24, 2015 at 6:04 pm

I had the worst experience at Krogers last night! I got a Turkey at Krogers for $27. When I began to cook it , it began to smell rotten! I told the night time manager! He said he’d talk to the meat manager about it! I asked him if he needed my name & phone #,. He never answered! So I have no Turkey for Christmas for my family! Plus I have company coming! This bothers me because I spend over $600 plus on food & gasoline! But I guess they don’t care! I thought he would give me a turkey! I’m on a fix salary so I didn’t have money to buy another! I’ve shopped at Krogers every since they came to Bowling Green, KY I guess I will start going to Walmart for groceries ! My family will be very disappoint like I am! !!


Laura December 26, 2015 at 9:06 pm

I read you comment and maybe I am wrong about the location and it is more of an overall practice. #disappointingxmasbyKroger


Rachel December 10, 2015 at 10:09 am

Sorry for the insane amount of typos. I can assure you I am educated. I just typed too fast and did not reread before submitting. Nonetheless I am sure you get my point.


Rachel December 10, 2015 at 10:03 am

I don’t know why I am even attempting to do this after reading all of these horrible comments about the Kroger Company. I guess I am just hoping that my words are not only heard, but understood. So hear it goes…

I have family/friends that has worked for your company for many years and many years at Farmer Jack before out bought them out. I am sickened by the things I hear about this company in general, but also about the individual stores. It seems the management at ANY store is less than competent in running it and don’t really seem to care. For this reason the staff suffer and become disgruntled in doing their jobs it seems. When staff isn’t happy, the company suffers. Staff need to come before anyone else in order to be successful. When management cannot manage properly and efficiently many things can go wrong. I imagine the turn your turn over rate must be astronomical. For a company that provides itself on integrity and the hiring process, I’d say the only thing you people seem to care about is how much money you can make. Tell me, what good is a company without a solid foundation? You are crumbling and either your too blind to see it or you plain just don’t care…
To the woman on here who woks for Kroger who said you never know what people are going though so we must try to be patient….ma’am you could not be more right, I totally agree. However, there are the odd cases where wrong is wrong and there is no hidden meaning behind the behavior. For example, the other woman on here who complained of being threatened and felt her life was endanger because of the employee who was clearly psychotic. Now don’t get me wrong he very well could have a mental disorder that we as a customer do not know about. However, that is the type of situation that needs to be taken care of and dealt with, maybe move him from customer service or put him in the back, I’m not sure, but as a company you don’t just shove serious things under the rug and move on only to endanger the customers. It’s funny to me that he refused to help her the next time they had an encounter when it should have been the other way around. Immediately, he should have been pulled aside and talked to about his behavior. He should have been asked why and able to explain, not just able to keep working treating customers like dirt. If the store cannot handle their employees then corporate should be stepping in. And if an employee is going through a difficult time they should be given mandatory time off in order to deal with life and work so they don;t “snap.” KROGER IS YOUR BRAND and your letting it get defiled with piss poor customer service and employees. Everything in life can’t just be about money when their are human beings involved, which bring me to my next point cuz I can go on about customer service forever…

I was recently informed that Kroger stores are adopting families for the holidays. My initial reaction was WOW THATS SO COOL! considering I hear NOTHING good about the company, Then this person I know that works for Kroger (has many years in) proceeds to tell me what adopting a family entails (she was buying gifts for the family and I asked her why). She says, “well Kroger gives them a meal.” My second reaction was,” are ykou freaking kidding me, thats not what adoption means.” So if this is true Kroger let me explain to you what adoption means. It means FAMILY FOR LIFE. THEY BECOME YOURS AND YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM. You don’t just provide ONE meal. For example, when you adopt a pet you don’t just go to the shelter hand a dog a bone and walk right back out. NO. When you adopt a pet ir becomes family, you pay the adoption fee, take it home, love it, nurture it, care for it, provide shelter and food and proper health care, play with it, etc…
So again if this is true, your ridiculous and please change “adopting a family” to “providing a meal for a family.” All that money you make and one meal is the best you can do while all your GOOD employees provide clothing, gifts, and toys. That’s pretty sad Kroger when the only good employees you seem to have make your entire company look like a bunch of cheap fools. Wow indeed, Mind blown. All that money you have from all those stores and you can’t pay it forward properly? Honestly you should be handing out all expense paid vacations to loyal employees just for dealing with your shenanigans! HA!

I wrote this because my faith in humanity is dwindling and your faith in your employees clearly is overrated because you don’t seem to care in the way that you should in regards to telling people hat you stand for which is pretty much sad. I feel sorry for the good employees that actually do care, but their care is being squashed by the many incompetent people in management and fellow employees. You as a company do nothing for employees or humanity and that is a crime against the world. Clearly so many others feel this way. If it were my brand (and I am currently building my own company) I would nurture the crap out of it. I would ask my employees how I could make their experience better and what I could do to change the things that need to be changed, I would not just listen but I would hear and understand. ITS YOUR BRAND AND YOUR LETTING IT BE TAINTED WITH NEGATIVITY. I just don’t get companies like you, and I haven’t even told you half of what I know. Please do something, start caring properly, stand for EXACTLY what you say you do and back it up or else in the future you won’t have a company.It may not be in my future but it will be in the future if things keep up the way they are. Handle one complaint at a time, it’ll probably take you forever to fix what is broken, but if your namesake is worth it then you’ll take the time to do what needs to be done. Also, that means to start replying to people on here so they know they are heard and ot ignored, not matter bad or good. Be a company people can be proud to walk into.


Paula Beaudoin December 8, 2015 at 2:07 pm

I worked at the Kroger store on 7905 Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh, NC and when I started on Oct. 30th, 2014 I did not have the proper shoes to work in the deli so through Krogers, I ordered a pair and they deducted it from my paycheck in two installments. The shoes came in after 2 weeks and they were too big so we sent them back. Then after 3 weeks, the company sent the wrong shoe and the wrong size. This happened once more and then I asked for a refund from HR (Charlie- a woman). Krogers said to contact the shoe company and the shoe company told me its through Krogers because they took it out of my check. Its been over a year now and I am STILL GETTING THE RUNAROUND. No one at Corporate seems to care but $55 may not be a lot of money to them but it is to me. Am SO SICK OF THE BULL AND THE RUNAROUND, PLUS LACK OF COOPERATION !!!! AND I still worked in my shoes that weren’t appropriate for the job (non-skid). Can’t believe the lack of response and big deal on refunding my money that was taken out of my PAYCHECK. THAT’S STEALING!!! SUCH HYPOCRITES!!!


Ashley December 4, 2015 at 10:17 am

My family and I were in the Kroger store last night located at Barnes Crossing in Tupelo, MS. We had a situation where my 7 year old ate some blue substance off the floor located in the deli department. It turned out to be Spill Magic. There were no signs stating CAUTION. In fact, it was under a machine in a pile. With the inviting blue color and sugary looking texture my 9 year old told my 7 year old that it was blue sugar from the donut machine and my 7 year old tried it. There were donut samples sitting right above it that the deli worker had told my children were free. One of the workers got a manager involved, who by the way handled the situation by reprimanding my children (which I had already done when the incident occurred and several more times throughout the night). My son was in tears and scared and so was my daughter at this point. Then the workers stood around and proceeded to laugh about the situation and point at me and my family. Now, I do not in any way disregard the fact that my 7 year old should have known better than to put a blue, very inviting, sugary looking substance in his mouth from the floor of a grocery store but the fact is he did. He can read and would have known had there been a caution sign in front of it. On the other hand, if he had been 3 and couldn’t read and put the substance in his mouth it would have been possibly fatal. I called Poison Control first thing and for the rest of the night had to watch my child for blisters in his mouth, vomiting or sudden swelling. Luckily, he didn’t get but a taste. He was punished for his actions and I don’t believe he will ever do something like that again. There is, however, the chance that if you leave something like that out again without cleaning it up and without a sign that the store might not be so lucky. My husband is disabled, I have 3 children and work full time. It is hard to make my money stretch so I choose to shop at Kroger, as do a lot of my family members, where I usually get good service and good deals. We chose to go ahead and get the groceries we had in our basket last night but I don’t believe I will be shopping at that Kroger anymore. I try to be a good, honest person, I don’t plan on going the legal route with any of this. But if this were to happen to someone that did pursue legal action, it might not end so well.


Keturah Whitaker December 2, 2015 at 3:55 pm

I moved from the Bay Area to Seattle Washington on 9/26/15. I immediately looked for grocery stores and was pleased to find a grocery store of the Kroger family called QFC, right across the street from our apartment. The first time I went, I picked up veggies, tofu, juice, organic flour, wine, etc. I approached the cash register (complerely unaware that I was headed into a very disastrous, violent, intimidating, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, Hitler based behavior from a cashier by the name of Roger).

I set the carry basket down and advised the cashier, I would hand him the items I was going to purchase and that I might not get everything in my basket. He looked at me and began snatching the items I was handing him. His body and hands then started shaking in a violent manner.

Please note, he never said hello, hi, how is your day. I asked him was he ok and asked that he let me know when I reached 75.00. No acknowledgement from him. He continued to roughly snatch the items I was handing him and I asked was he ok again. He then looked at me and said very loudly and in a menacing, threatening tone, do you want me to tell you or not when you reach 75.00? This was when I started to get physically scared; I felt threatened because of his behaviour towards me. During this time, a line had developed behind me and I asked him why was he talking and treating me this way? He didnt answer and looked very, very, very, very, very, very angry.

I then knew it was because of my ethnicity. I am Dominican, Black, and Native American.

I looked around because this entire incident was on display. Everyone in line saw how he was treating me (all white), and no one said anything. I walked around the cash register and I looked at the bagger (also white) and asked her, in front of him, why is he treating me this way? Her response: well, everyone has a bad day and she looked away. She never once intervened. How very, very sad. If she didn’t want to stop the injustice, who will? I looked at his name tag, saw that it said Roger, and I asked him again why the discrimination in his treatment towards me? He started yelling and I asked him to stop everything and then I asked the bagger, to get the manager. She came back with the manager and I asked her to finish my transaction because of the racist behaviour of Roger. She apologized, took me to the next register and I explained to her the entire ordeal. I asked for a next day follow-up. I left the store and realized I didn’t have both bags. I immediately went back to the cash register and my 2nd bag was not there. It had mysteriously disappeared. I don’t think that was the case. I believe, Roger saw me leave it and intentionally hid my 2nd bag.

The next day, I decided to proactively follow up with the store manager, Eric Roner. He wanted me to come in and I did. I told him the story and how badly I felt for receiving the abusive and racist treatment. He apologized and stated, I’m not supposed to tell you this but, I demoted Roger 2 weeks ago and we have a history of issues with him. Maybe that has something to do with it. I accepted the apology and was given a $40.00 gift card for the incident. This gift card in this cirXXXXstance, was unacceptable to remedy the treatment.

Last night, December 2, at 11:15pm, I went to QFC, picked up a couple of items, went to the cash register and the cashier left and refused to process my purchase. Someone by the name of Brandon (swing team lead) came over and started the process and I asked him what happened to the first cashier? And what is his name? Brandon advised his name is Roger and I said oh, now I understand. I said is it customary to get refused service? His response: look, I don’t know what’s happened between you two. I looked at him like really? When Brandon finished and I saw my total, Roger came back over and stood next to Brandon, and stared at me in a very threatening way. Based on the look n on Roger’s face, I felt that he wanted to harm me and I became frightened for my life and rushed out.

I called and spoke with the assistant store manager at 8:59am this morning (JJ) and advised of last nights travesty and also the October incident. I asked for Roger to be removed from his job, he advised they were unionized and could not remove him and if it were up to him, he would fire many of the people there but could not because of the union. So I said, you mean a customer can be harassed, non verbally threatened, intimidated and treated in an inhumane manner based on skin color/ethnicity and it be ok? He said no and he would do everything in his power to remedy this and would have Eric to call me. I also stated to JJ, I don’t need to shop agaon in this store and be treated this way ever again and I don’t need Roger to retaliate from this 2nd complaint and see me in the parking lot and attempt to harm me in any way. If this should happen, I will call 911.

I did not hear from Eric and I called your corporate office to file a complaint. In my complaint, I asked for the removal of Eric Roner the store manager, Brandon the shift team lead and Roger the cashier.

You are hiring people that lack diversity and that is very dangerous. What does that say about your leadership team? Is the team exhibiting the same behavior?

Burning questions: are you normally in the practice of hiring racially biased people? And/or people that are unable to stifle their prejudices towards people of color? Is that how you effectively meet your daily sales goals, your organizational objectives? How you plan your road map 5 years down the pipeline? If this is your strategy for your business model, I suggest you change it fast. Today’s climate will no longer stand against injustice. How Roger treated me in both instances was undeserved, unacceptable, threatening, hurtful, scary, xenophobic, terrible, menacing, and I am now fearing for my life.

How are you going to prevent this from happening to any person ever again? No matter the nationality, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, or religion?

I will always stand for racial equity and this wasn’t it.


Laura Mappe May 24, 2016 at 11:52 am

I have a friend who works at Kroger (Fryes in Arizona) and know that a person was fired just for cussing back at a customer. When I asked her about the union, she said there ARE situations (such as theft, sexual harassment, etc.) where the employee is suspended immediately until it is reviewed by the union. She also said the union very seldom protects employees against misconduct.

Perhaps you should contact Corporate Headquarters as well as get the media involved.


Susan Homik November 29, 2015 at 6:35 pm

PLEASE READ I felt I needed to share a part of my day yesterday with you.
Yesterday, I stopped at the Kroger gas station on Gratiot in Roseville Michigan before I headed to work. I stepped out of my Jeep in a hurry shut the door and realized I had locked my keys in my Jeep. I went to the small building to see if I could use the phone telling the lady what happened and where my Jeep was parked in front of the pump. She directed me to go to TJMax. Who normally do not allow it but thank God they allowed me to use their phone to call me insurance company which took forever to get help and then my boss who was so ever so understanding. I walked back to the small building to let the lady know that someone was coming, now 2 women present the other woman who was not there before starting screaming at me that I can’t leave me Jeep there so long she called a tow truck and I told her the other lady knew I locked my keys inside and went to call for help. She said the other lady told her she didn’t know why the Jeep was sitting there. I looked at her and I said you knew I told you and you told me to go to TJMax to use the phone as I had no phone. I said why would you lie and have my Jeep towed? What if it were you? She still said nothing. I told the lady I don’t know why she is telling you nothing but that is what happened and she knew. The lady canceled the tow for now she said but I am blocking their pump and if they don’t hurry they will have my Jeep towed. Tears running down my face I went to stand in front of my Jeep praying they would hurry. I was freezing cold watching for help to come it was about 1 1/2 hours I stood now unable to feel my feet and hands, I prayed for God to please help me. The lady who yelled came back and told me she was getting ready to call a tow truck, don’t I have a husband to bring my extra key? I said no mam I don’t. She said you can’t call someone? I said if I could I would but I just had service done one my jeep both keys are inside and I don’t know anyone to call other then my insurance which I have coverage. She said I am not waiting much longer. I couldn’t stop the tears I thought why are people so mean, I don’t know what else to do. After 1 1/2 hours after tons of people came in and out of the gas station a lady said mam are you ok? At first I didn’t realize she was talking to me. I said I locked my keys in my Jeep and I am waiting for help. She offered for me to sit with her girlfriend and her until they came. I said its been a long time I don’t want to hold you up. They insisted. I told her they were the whole story and they could call a tow truck so she parked in front of my Jeep and said over her dead body. Then she continued to call the company who was supposed to be there over and over until they finally showed up this was now almost 3 hours. I will tell you I prayed and even though the help I thought I needed there fast instead 2 wonderful angels showed up instead I thanks them so much. Even though they are not on my Facebook and I thanked them I can’t thanks them enough. 1 1/2 hours not one person said a word to me, never offered help nothing. I just stood watching for help cold, praying with tears running down my face. It is a shame so many people came through because of how cheap the price. And saw me. And just one offered me warmth, a phone and most of all to be there for me. Please remember this I beg you. I would never want anyone to go through what I did, and yes it could have been worse. But please offer help even a phone call whatever. Thanks for reading I am sorry it was so long. But I hope it will make you think the next time you see someone who may need your help. I have shopped at Kroger’s for year’s as a loyal customer and referred friends and family due to sales etc.. I don’t normally go to this Kroger Location but I had just dropped of clothes donated for a child. This time was around 12:30pm and I was finally leaving at 2:45pm 3:00pm. I also used my card and purchased had I paid cash bit used my Kroger card, the purchase was made after I was yelled at so you can get the right time frame. The woman who I first spoke to is a larger shorter black woman in her 20 s or 30 s she is also the woman who said she knew nothing about why my Jeep was sitting there and told me to go to TJMax to call me insurance compay and would say nothing when i confronted her in front of the other woman at this point crying thinking my Jeep was going to be towed and the woman who yelled and screamed at front of tons of other customers what a taller blonde maybe 5. 4 and not thin but a little chunky. She is also the one who can back out and said she wasn’t waiting much longer. I will also tell you that the taller blonde lady when she was yelling at me said she paged Kroger’s which is not next to the gas station. I only went to TJMax because it was right next to the gas station and that is when the shorter Black lady your employee told go. Kroger store is a lot farther down. The lady said she was paging Kroger and the whole time the shorter black employee knew I wasn’t there she told me to go to TJMax. She was gonna Jeep get towed. I will not no matter what the savings will shop or get gas at your stores if this is how someone is treated. The Taller white lady had a white mini van she left and came back in she never even offered for me to sit inside I was freezing. I could not wait in TJMax because of the threat of my Jeep being towed. Again this was at Kroger on Gratiot one Roseville Michigan. South of 11 mile rd. November 28th 2015. Around 12 or 12:30pm. I definitely will make sure my friends and family know how you are treated at this Kroger Store I would never treat anyone this way.


Cindy F. Fetalvero November 20, 2015 at 2:41 am


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Tammy November 18, 2015 at 9:30 pm

I am so sorry for all the horrible experiences that anyone has been subjected to at any Kroger. I’ve worked for bilo and publix and many other companies, and I have to say with all honesty no one company is perfect. There will always be issues weather your a customer or employee. At Kroger we are trained to give the best possible customer service we can. It’s a policy they enforce and some of us really do try to maintain that policy, however for some employees that policy doesn’t matter to them. It’s easy to say Kroger, Kroger, Kroger but let’s be honest. It’s not Kroger but someone within Kroger that caused a bad experience. I wish we had the power to simply fire someone for causing a bad experience, but we don’t. There are steps to follow. I work for Kroger, I shop at kroger. I to had a God awful experience. I was checking out, the cashier was ignoring me, speaking to another employee, then when I got her attention she basically snapped at me, was rude. And the next day I had planned on speaking to Her, but she wasn’t there. Several days later I found out her child was sick, and she lost her child. No she shouldn’t have been rude to me. However I think sometimes we forget that people are human and sometimes there’s things going on that effect us. It’s easy to say leave your personal stuff at home. We all know that sometimes that’s just impossible. I’m not making excuses, right is right and wrong is wrong. I’m simply saying let’s take a deep breath and remember that we don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives, and just maybe that woman who was rude that one day, is normally a exemplary employee who is usually the best at making customers happy. When bad things happen and people are rude, I just say to them. I’m sorry your having a bad day and I hope that tomorrow is better. Because I know I’m not perfect and I’ve had off days to. Again I’m sorry to everyone who has left a comment on here that was a bad experience, and for those employees who hate their jobs and think Kroger is mistreating you. Maybe your right, maybe not. But if I was so unhappy with where I worked, I would find another job. Because we are grown capable people and it’s your life, do what you need to do, to have a good life and a job you can respect and love working. It’s employment, not slavery, you have a choice.


Chas blount November 15, 2015 at 5:40 pm

The media will be alerted that Kroger supplies Hubert Williams farms tomatoes.Hubert Williams is federal convicted drug traffickers.he also has a state felony death threat charge pending.


Charles Kessler November 12, 2015 at 5:45 pm

My last 3 trips to the Kroger Market in Calhoun Ga. were what I would call a disaster. A couple of weeks ago I went there with a list of groceries for the next week, on that list I had Gala Apples, and Naval Oranges. Not find them I ask your product man were they were, his answer darn near floored me ” we don’t carry them any longer”. I then turned around and drove to Rome, Ga. where I found just what I looking for at Publix’s and also spent nearly $200.00 for our weeks needs.
The following week I returned to your store in Calhoun, Ga. and much to my surprise you had Naval Oranges, but no Gala Apples. The oranges were Organic and about half the size of normal Naval Oranges. I picked up a few things and checked out knowing I would be in Rome Ga the next day and could finish our shopping at Publix.
Today on way home from Costco’s near Chattanooga we realized we had forgotten sweet yellow onions. So I stopped at your store in Calhoun again, you will not believe what happened. Your produce dept. had about 20 sweet yellow onions and no other onion except red onions. There is a sign under the sweet yellow onions, 10 for $10.00, you folk must think I just landed from Mars, how stupid do you guys think the pubic is? The old saying is “3 strikes our out” I’ll take the sure way to savings, Publix in Rome Ga.
c/o sent to Publix with a recommendation, build a store near Calhoun and take over the market share there.


BK November 10, 2015 at 5:25 pm

The management team at 495 in Irving Texas is the worst!! I have been an employee for their 9 years and I have never been treated so horribly. I work in the floral department and majority of my shift they call me up front to check! I am NOT a checker! They never do this to any other department but ours. there could be 6 other surge checkers in the building but they call me. I have things to do in my department. my manager told FE ” call FLORAL because they are not doing anything important anyway” sometimes I am checking 4 hours of my shift?? so that’s basically stealing hours from another department. they don’t dare do this to deli or GM but floral ? I have seen the co manager take stuff on shelf and eat it.. without going to register and pay for it.. but recently they fired 2 people for the same thing? why don’t you fire her?? she is stealing from your company!! I’m astonished of the lack of compassion and humanity these managers are trained to have..

last sunday floral received a pallet of ceramic santa claus and snowmen. they are extremely heavy.. I am not technically supposed to be lifting anything. our lousy manager stood there and watched. Did NOT offer to help or get me help… i even said “thanks for NOT helping” and he smirked and walked away. that’s the training you give managers now? not to help us? what if that was him? he would have someone helping him lift.. oh that’s right he’s lazy.. i forgot..
I really do love Kroger. I just question the management we get to deal with.. where do you train them to be decent human beings who care for their employees?


nat November 6, 2015 at 3:44 pm

Kroger : 2301 Rayford Rd Spring, TX 77386
ABSOLUTE WORST! I have had numerous bad experiences, even with a manager. Emailed Kroger and I have been given the run around since 09/09/2015…. it is almost 2 months later, my last email from them was on 09/21/2015, stating that the manager would be in contact with me. Really??!! The same manager that was more concerned about me letting the public know what I found in his store, the same manager that knows who we are because we were always in that store, we were never greeted or anything from him. Oh, but when i had an associate call him over to show him what I found in his store, he was so so apologetic and really hopes that I would not let that get out to the public……Well I just might get it out there. They are a gross joke.


Terrence November 4, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I contacted Kroger via email on Oct 13 and received this reply.

“Please add noreply@kroger to your address book to ensure that our email messages reach your inbox.
Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for visiting the Kroger Co. Family of Stores. We value your comments, questions and suggestions.
A representative will respond to you by email as soon as possible. Typically, we respond to our Customers within 1 business day.
Business hours are:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. EST
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST
Please know that your information will be kept confidential and protected as detailed in our Privacy Policy.
Thanks again for your feedback.
Best Regards,
Kroger Customer Connect
The Kroger Family of Stores”

It is now November 4, 2015 and I still have not heard anything about my complaint.


BK November 10, 2015 at 5:27 pm

i got the same email too.. good luck getting any responses..


Emily October 29, 2015 at 8:20 pm

I work for Kroger in Richmond, TX and let me just say they are the worst company to work for. Their management is lazy as hell. I have tried to get out of this damn union for the past 6 months and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!! I feel bad for these customers because I see the way the supervisors and the other cashiers treat them and these customers don’t deserve it. I want to apologize to all of you customers who have had a real bad experience with any Kroger store in any state. If it were up to me 95% of these people wouldn’t work for Kroger in the first place!


BK November 10, 2015 at 5:30 pm

i know that feeling.. been there, dealing with horrible management myself.


Heidi October 18, 2015 at 3:57 pm

I visited this comment section two nights ago. My intention was to relate a bad experience I have had with one of the many Kroger stores. Sadly, upon reading the comments I was astonished at some of the rebuttals from a person named Kendall and his humiliating remarks toward people with complaints on this site. One person was ridiculed for his grammar. Another person berated because she was dramatic. Still another person was treated in a shocking manner involving language which I found offensive. I wrote an email asking who this Kendall was. So let me get this straight Kroger. If you have a bad experience at a Kroger store, you can comment about it but you will be berated by the all knowing Kendall. Double whammy! We get to have a second forum where we can go to be further humiliated in the blog. You didn’t think twice about letting Kendall deride and ridicule people who had already had a poor experience at your stores . Wow!!! Just sayin’!! I


Heidi October 17, 2015 at 1:04 am

Who is this sanctimonious prat named Kendall? There isn’t anywhere else to take your complaint if the local stores won’t listen to you. No phone numbers are listed on the website for human resource complaints and if these people want to complain on this blog it’s their right to do so. Maybe Kendall should practice some professionalism. Is Kendall’s last name Kroger or what?


Laketsha hill October 16, 2015 at 11:50 am

Work on customer service!!! In is lacking in your stores


dolores flores October 13, 2015 at 11:27 am

i have always love to go to krogers great sales ,but not great service long ago maybe but not now people have rude behavior .i worked in a grocery store .we were suppose to smile and leave ur problems at home and give good service to everyone ,not just ur friends.what happened do u not care. i was in a kroger store in beaumont texas on 3845 phelan. plz get them to smile and helpful and not complain. cause im short take the time to help with a smile ,not look at me and give me a face. plus im a senior . thks for listening to me


theresa parker October 5, 2015 at 10:04 pm

I’ll be happy to tell you what is wrong with the work force in this company. My husband is the asst. store director in the Kingman, Az. store (#190) and he has been so BRAINWASHED since he went into the MD1 training program that he no longer has a family. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!! He has only been an asst. for 2 1/2 yrs.. Prior to this, he had his issues, but they have trippled in volume at home. He has informed me of a person in the drugstore who was in there for 2 yrs. to become a drugstore tech and failed her test not once, but twice. Would you want that person filling your scripts? I definitely would NOT! She is still in the drugstore almost a year later, WHY! I believe the store director is keeping her in there because she is very good at skimming off of peoples scripts and selling bags to employees. People need to count their meds before paying. If there is no response or resolve to this issue, I will start writing to all the newspapers editors to get the info out there to the public. I believe this company is sick and needs a major revamp!!!!


Worried Customer October 7, 2015 at 12:29 pm

I want to make this perfectly clear…. I’m not asking for more medication or extra medication. I just feel that there is a problem in the drugstore at the store on the corner of Nolensville pike and Concord rd in Brentwood TN. Last month after I filled my prescription I happens to notice that it looked like I didn’t have as many pills as I should have so I counted them and I was 8 short from what I should have had at that point in the month. Being a few days had passed I didn’t call because I knew it would fall on def ears and in this day and age I would look like a drug addict trying to get pills. Being they are pain meds for a back surgery I had a month ago. Well I had this months script filled and decided to count them as soon as I got home and to my surprise! I was shorted again I immediately call the drugstore to report there mistake and as foreseen was treated like a person trying to get something over on them. Even after trying to explain I’m not asking for more pills because honestly I don’t take as many as are prescribed. I just don’t want a drug addict or drug dealer handling my or anyone else’s medication. Also they told me that they would count there inventory and let me know if they were off. Well no surprise they didn’t call me back I had to call them this morning and wait for it they told me there inventory was correct. Which was no surprise. So I’m no detective but if the bottle on there shelf has the correct amount in it and the one they gave to me doesn’t then the only place they could have gone is on there floor or in the persons pocket that filled my script. What I want to know was it the same person 2 months in a row? And how often do they drug test there employees because at this point they have stolen 1/6 of my prescription of a controlled substance which I believe is a felony in any state.


K.R. October 21, 2015 at 11:21 am

Yes that is a felony in every state. And as a former Kroger employee, the only time they drug test their employees is when they are hired. The only other time they get tested is if there is an injury at work or some other sort of mishap. That’s it. Next time, bring a witness and get a store manager, not the drugstore manager, and record from your phone or your witness phone the entire process and count your meds right there under the store camera, your own, the manager and all of the witnesses before you pay for them! And count them out loud.


jeff October 4, 2015 at 12:19 am

I’d like Kroger to have a small neon sign at the entrance of each store which would, when lit up, say “Self Checkout Only” for use during those hours when that’s the only checkout option. That way, I would know when to not enter your store. I don’t want to use a self checkout system, and I don’t want to enter and shop if that’s the only option for checkout.
I tried to send this to Kroger by way of their customer contact form on line, but that would not work for me


S.T September 30, 2015 at 11:59 am

After reading some of these comments I now understand. I work at a Kroger in Kentucky. I smile and greet the costumers, have a friendly conversation while I an scanning their orders, and the other employees hate me, and talk about me very badly but I just smile and go on. The customers give me a sad look and say have a nice day, I day the same. What is wrong with the work force?


S.T September 30, 2015 at 12:01 pm

Correction; say


Cheryl September 28, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Horrible embarassing experience at the kroger drugstore. I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. I was terrified and not thinking quite clearly. They gave me a perscription for the pain. Well I already get them from my ortho dr due to no cartilage in my knee and I am getting a replacement in November. So when I went to drop off the script I didn’t even look at (still nauseous and trying to calm down from the fear I had) I go back to the drugstore and the woman kept saying over and over quite loud so everyone can hear, “the oral surgeon voided your script. He voided it cause you already have another dr giving you a stronger dose. I had to call your surgeon…. Etc”. That was quite embarassing to keep repeating that over a few times. I’m going to make sure every one knows this story and see what I can find out about hippa. They could have called me and said something like don’t you realize this is the same. Maybe they are not scared to death of the dentist but there are some people that are. And instead of embarassing you in front of everyone do what you are supposed to do and help out the patients. I will never even shop at kroger again due to that issue. I’ll go to Meijer. As I said I will make sure there are others that know what had happened. I’ll be looking into this further. This is not the first bad experience I’ve had at kroger but this was the last straw.


jj September 24, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Well I stay in wichita KS.. store 97 today in wichita k.s. was very odd today. .They have a manager named Paul and I guess Jerry is a assisted manager cursing with ..I was treated like crap and talked to like I was a child cursing with the f word…And I walked around and asked all the employees how do you feel about your manager just a few like 4 in the back of the store…I think Jerry needs to learn how to treat people with more respect… I’m not trying to get nobody fired…but somebody with higher power needs to give him a talking too..Cause he’s burning his own bridge. .Wat if I was someone important like a inspector……..And the first response comes out is cursing. .(Not professional at all….Store 97 employees are miserable.)…Please help them….


Chuck September 9, 2015 at 11:31 am



Chuck September 9, 2015 at 11:32 am



Kendall September 14, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Let’s not be dramatic; and for God’s sake, use some damn punctuation and grammar. No one will take your complaint seriously talking like that. I wouldn’t answer your email either (other than to tell you how poorly written it was)


Kendall September 14, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Quite a classy touch, dropping “Obama” in there. Educate yourself, be an adult, and stop harping on their website over this b.s. Goodness gracious folks. How old are we?


K.R. October 21, 2015 at 11:34 am

How old are we?? I’m pretty sure ‘WE’ are adults!! You on the other hand, Kendall, I couldn’t be sure. What are you? A Kroger Groupie?? Are you the person assigned to answer our complaints?? I highly doubt that, butt out and go find something useful to do, like maybe get a job!! Unless you already have a job working for Kroger. In that case, you should get a better job!! Kroger has serious issues within their ranks from department management all the way up the ladder to corporate!! I for one, am tired of the BS and I’m here to make my point one way or another. But before I could get started with my own complaints, I felt that someone should tell you to grow up and leave people alone that have real issues with Kroger!!


Vicki Sodek September 9, 2015 at 10:05 am


Should of put this was at the bakery at the Arlington, TX (Lamar Street location). Hopefully all your bakeries are not this bad.


Vicki Sodek September 8, 2015 at 10:08 pm


Just got the birthday cake my daughter ordered for my grand daughters birthday. When she ordered the cake, she went into detail as to what she wanted. Some one has got to learn to understand English. Pastel is a light pink not very not vibrant hot pink. When you use green with pastel flowers….for heavens sake don’t use forest (dark) green. Marble cake is supposed to be a mix of chocolate & white or yellow not all white or yellow. It was her 12th birthday which wasn’t even supposed to be on the cake let alone 10th birthday which was put on it. They tried to fix it but couldn’t do it right. They even spelled the name wrong and put the one letter backwards after being told specifically how to spell it correctly.
The girl didn’t act like she wanted to even be there much less help a customer. With 30 minutes till the party, a messed up cake…my daughter gets a “well, we will have a conversation with the decorator. WOOOOOPTTTTTTTDOOOOOO THEY GIVER HER A WHOLE 4 bucks off and that was after she had to ask for a discount. Thanks a bunch for making this such a great birthday cake. We will be sure not to come back. Oh, in case you are wondering, this isn’t the first cake they messed up. Won’t be back to that bakery for sure. Your night time manager needs to learn some customer service skills too. How fast are you going to pull this review?


Kendall September 14, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Hopefully when they pull this review, they note your flare for the DRAMATICS. It’s a birthday cake, not a wedding dress. Many of their employees don’t act like they want to be there, I agree. But that’s in any retail/grocery store, hospital, rest., etc. It’s a matter of work ethic.


Laura Mappe May 24, 2016 at 12:38 pm

Kendall, – even if a customer orders a lowly BIRTHDAY CAKE, they DESERVE to have it done right. There was not ONE mistake, but many. But what can you say about a company that cares NOTHING about solving problems. And I suspect you ARE with Kroger as the name Kendall came up as a mysterious being at Kroger that no one seems to know.

And, by the way, Kroger may be having trouble with their employees because they are not treating them right. Yes, customers make employees paychecks possible, but the EMPLOYEES are who keeps YOUR CUSTOMERS happy – unless, that is, you don’t care about your employees and thus they care nothing about you. I’ve always stood up for Kroger since I have a friend working there and know Kroger is not always at fault – but your comment minimizing the situation because, in YOUR eyes, it’s ONLY a birthday cake, not a wedding dress, shows your ignorance.If Kroger makes their employees happy, the employees will make KROGER,and their customers happy!!


Joshua Bates September 2, 2015 at 2:55 pm

I sadly regret to state that I will no longer be a shopper at any Kroger stores here in Columbus, Ohio or elsewhere thanks to the interaction in which I just went through at the fuel pumps at the Lewis Center/Polaris Kroger on Sancus Blvd. Not having much time before work I stopped to get gasoline at the pump because my tank was low. At the pumps they were doing some promotion of some product and showing individuals this item. I paid no attention to it because I had no interest. One of the individuals who was showing this thing off comes up to the pump and I politely say “No thank you, Sir” before he can say anything. He then promptly starts to push this product on me making me have to go “No thank you, Sir’ once more, in which in response he RAISES his voice to over tone mine and continues to attempt to get me to give in to being shown this item. I have to raise my own voice and go “NO THANK YOU SIR” for him to leave, which as he leaves “Okay Brah, Okay Bro, Geeze Brah, Just doing a promotion Bro” and makes a lewd gesture to another customer at a pump in my direction and LAUGHS. Drawing every body else at the pumps to look in my direction and LAUGH at me as well. Due to this insult I shall never again set foot on any property of Kroger or purchase anything from any Kroger store, even if they are the only store in the area I live I shall drive to another store due to how I was insulted.


Ray Kircher August 9, 2015 at 8:52 pm

Do Not Shop at Kroger Co. ‪#‎KrogerCo‬

I purchased two Visa Gift Cards that wouldn’t work anywhere. Went back to Kroger of Oak Ridge, TN to return them. A very rude Kroger agent ran the cards as a sale with her manager override key. She threw the money on the card back at me, and then kept the $12 activation fee which didn’t activate anything. Every time including when the manager swiped them, it stated “not authorized”. So don’t shop at Kroger if you want customer service, you won’t get it. I suggest a local store where you can get better customer service. They stole my $12. Well if $12 is so much to them, I will move all of my Kroger purchases to the store that is their Competition here in Oak Ridge, TN. I will move my food purchases, drugstore purchases, gift purchases which total much more than $12. I will also not support Kroger and actively put out social media denouncing Kroger Co. and their rude, greedy crooks they are to everyone I meet. It is time to move on Kroger, you are going to lose some customers. I don’t expect you to contact me back.


Vanessa Brown August 7, 2015 at 12:56 pm

I visited this store on 8/1 and I must say the wine steward name Rita is one of the most disrespectful unprofessional people I’ve met in a long time. She was very rude and condescending towards me. She yelled at me at the top of her lungs in front of staff and customers alike. I would not shop or visit this store to save my life. The employees are a reflection of the experience you will have while visiting businesses.They can improve the image of a business or greatly affect a consumer’s experience. Although I’m sure her less than desirable attitude does not reflect on the company as a whole. However, I’m afraid Kroger need to offer up customer service training to its staff members to avoid unruly employees like Rita. I don’t need my local grocery store wine steward to verbally abuse me, that’s okay I elect to shop elsewhere to avoid people that are obviously unhappy with their lives and job.


Vanessa Brown August 7, 2015 at 12:56 pm

Subject: Kroger Marketplace in Forney, TX

I visited this store on 8/1 and I must say the wine steward name Rita is one of the most disrespectful unprofessional people I’ve met in a long time. She was very rude and condescending towards me. She yelled at me at the top of her lungs in front of staff and customers alike. I would not shop or visit this store to save my life. The employees are a reflection of the experience you will have while visiting businesses.They can improve the image of a business or greatly affect a consumer’s experience. Although I’m sure her less than desirable attitude does not reflect on the company as a whole. However, I’m afraid Kroger need to offer up customer service training to its staff members to avoid unruly employees like Rita. I don’t need my local grocery store wine steward to verbally abuse me, that’s okay I elect to shop elsewhere to avoid people that are obviously unhappy with their lives and job.


laura williams August 4, 2015 at 9:09 pm

I live in Middletown .I go to Kroger and I sometimes have a lot of food and not one person ask to help me out with my cart .I’m 59 and I have copd I know I could ask but when they see you with a cart of food they should ask .Kroger’s use to .its not only in Middletown .iv had it happen in hikes point .they seem to not care .I spend 2-3 hundred i think that should matter. Or what ever you spend


Victor Ungar September 24, 2015 at 6:13 pm

I am a Kroger employee, and we are told to take out groceries upon request. I am sorry this happened to you, but next time all you need to do is ask.


Andrew Wright August 2, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Dear Kroger Executives,
Today Sunday August 2nd my family and I stopped into Kroger at Barracks Road in Charlottesville VA to pick up our weekly groceries. Arriving at the check out line with a full cart, two restless children 2&4 and a beautiful wife who is 7 months pregnant, I quickly realize that no one is bagging groceries. $120.00 later and having to bag my own groceries, I turn to see two employees sitting there watching me wrapping up the bagging process and my beautiful wife keeping the kids under control. While leaving the store, the customer service representative Kathy, doing her best to pretend she was helping bag a four item order continued to stare at me. At this point I politely mentioned to her I did not appreciate her staring at me and my family all the while I bagged my own groceries for a $120.00. At this point she rolled her eyes, gave me a childish face and told me to have a nice day. After putting the groceries in the car, I decided to ask to speak to the manager on duty, Tom Shepherd. Tom, listened to my concerns and barely could muster up an apology for the non existent customer service and basically told me to have a nice day. Because of the non existent customer service, it will be hard for me to continue shopping with Kroger or Harris Teeter. Each month at Kroger Alone, we spend 400.00, roughly $4800.00 a year. With that being said, I am sure Foods of All Nations, Food Lion and Fresh Market will gladly accept my business and provide customer service. Not to mention, all three of those stores are extremely clean.

Thank you in advance for your timely response.


bobby July 30, 2015 at 11:51 pm

I am a worker at the Columbus bakery in Columbus Ohio and I am very disappointed in this place the managers and the people in HR treat the employees like trash Tom hillberry is very rude and does all he can to get people out the door. They don’t care about the Roach or mice problem there has been many bugs inside the dough and they still mix it and sell it to the customers


William Nichols July 29, 2015 at 2:22 pm

I Am VERY Disappointed That YOUR Store #689 Had ME come in for an interview that was confirmed by email but yet the interviewer did not show up (Tiffany stated it was her day off and she wasn’t coming in). I was in the military in the late 70’s and received a honorable discharge.

I don’t appreciate my time being wasted because your interviewer did want to come.

William Nichols


Michael July 26, 2015 at 8:22 pm

I went to the Dollar General store by my neighborhood today and started a conversation w/ an employee there. Through our exchange I learned that Kroger Inc. actually had the audacity to have Dollar General quit selling bread.


georgew= jones July 14, 2015 at 12:23 pm

kroger stole $150.00 from me- i got a pre-paid visa card and put $200.00 on it 1 deduction of $50.00 for cell phone bill you bastards stole the balence – i work hard for the little money i get why are you sXXXXbags stealing from us small people-i want my money returned NOW


Kendall September 14, 2015 at 3:39 pm

1. Go to the store, explain what’s happened.
2. Call the VISA # on the back of the card, it will give you a rundown of your purchases.
3. They can do the math and see that the $$ has been messed up.
4. If the store won’t fix it, call the corporate and POLITELY DESCRIBE what’s happened. (both for VISA and Kroger).
5. A solution should resume from this; harping on some blog won’t help you. this means you’re sitting with your nose in a screen instead of facing how to solve the issue.


Jerry Jackson July 8, 2015 at 5:24 pm

Let’s start with my call to Kroger Customer Service = ON HOLD FOR 20 MINUTES = THANKS MR BRUCE LUCIA, as I had nothing better to do !!!
The Idiot manager ( Mr Thurmond ) of the Kroger located at Caroline St and Moreland Ave in SE Atlanta has remover the Bottled sweet tea, un-sweetened tea and other drink items from the Food Service Line = HOW STUPID IS THAT ??? NO DRINK OPTIONS AT ALL FOR THE FOOD SERVICE LINE ???
This same Mgr Mr Thurmond said he would bring me the Regional Mgr name and number which he did not = he pulled a vanishing act = ALL OF THIS ESPECIALL THE 20 MINUTE WAIT ON KROGER CUSTOMER SERVICE = WHAT’S UP WITH THAT ???


jesse July 4, 2015 at 7:02 pm

i have a problem. my wife works at krogers. Two weeks ago she got on the website and asked for the 10th and 11th off. the 11th is my grandfathers birthday, he had a massive heart attack just this march. so he want to all his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. so he wants to see his great granddaughter, my daughter who is 6 months old and is still breast feeding. now my grandfather lives four hours away. so what the mangers do is give her the 10th off and not the 11th. the assistant manger changes it for her. so today the manger and the main manger of the store go back and change it. telling her that they cant give her that day off because the manger didn’t give another employee off that Saturday and now he is filing a grieves letter. Now they wont give her the day off so that mangers don’t get in trouble. they have told her that if she don’t show up they were going to write her up.


Christie July 3, 2015 at 3:18 pm

I heard that some House members of our government are pushing for a measure that would ban meat producers from including country-of-origin information regarding their products. I personally don’t care if it’s a Republican or Democratic measure, but I do care that such a measure will pass the Congress and Senate and take away my choice to decide. I don’t know how they can justify such a measure but I believe it hurts consumers who want to be able to choose to buy meat from a foreign county or buy local. I don’t believe Washington will listen to me but I do believe they will listen to a corporation as big as Kroger. I ask that Kroger publically demand that all of the meat sold in their stores and subsidiaries have the county of origin on the front label. Personally, I have recently changed my diet and because of that I have made better choices in what I eat and what I purchase. If I choose to eat meat from China or refuse to eat meat from China, then that is my choice. I don’t like the meat industry making that choice for me


Juanita Allen June 26, 2015 at 9:47 pm

I live in Grand Prairie, Texas and Kroger is the only big grocery store close to us and I went there yesterday 6-25-15 & they were very low on vegetables and fruits the meats were in small portions so I had to by double the meat just to get enough meat. I was very disappointed. Also we have a lot of handicapp people that need to use the special ridding carts they use to 8 of them now they are down to one it makes it very inconvenient and hard on the customers I have talk to a lot of them and they are saying that if nothing is done they will have go out of their way &Go to another store please help us and get us some more riding carts please.


Tuttle June 13, 2015 at 1:18 pm

Kroger robbed me. They deposited the checks I wrote them and my bank paid them. Then they came back without my consent and took $200 from my account and called it returned check fees. The checks was paid not returned. I have bank statement to prove it. How can they do this?


Jane June 4, 2015 at 1:22 pm

just opened up real bacon bits with expiration date of SEpt 15, 2015. They were all green and gray. I don’t want to just return them, i want to know what is in the bag. est 7202
number 11110 80006
I filled out email to you and it disappeared – i called and got transferred to store by me. I thought i was going to be transferred to someone in the kroger dept.
not good customer relations – i won’t return for refund until i hear back from you, you might want to take these bits to lab!


Tim Rawls June 4, 2015 at 10:40 am

Krogers Charlotte pike Nashville TN. NO FRESH MEAT. Meat dept cordoned off with HAZARD TAPE. KNATS IN PRODUCE. FROZEN PORK thawing in freezers. STORE IS RENOVATING AND NOT SAFE. Backhoe operator covered car in dirt. WOULD NOT STOP, before I could get in car.. SO WAS I.


Andrea May 30, 2015 at 10:54 pm

I am a Kroger customer. I have been a customer for many years. I came into store #375 at 1131 pm on the 29th of May and I was thoroughly disappointed. I had at least 150.00 worth of groceries in my cart only to get up to the register and discover that there were no lanes open. The only 2 lines that were open were self check out lines. There were at least 20 customers waiting. That is absolutely ridiculous. There was a stock person standing off to the side complaining and stating multiple times that he was ready to clock out. I have never seen such. Why were their no lines open to accomodate the people who had more than 10 items? I should not have had to ring up 48 items in the self check out lane. I am very upset. This makes me not want to shop at Kroger.


Rosalind Durham May 19, 2015 at 9:46 pm

Dear CEO and Board of Directors of Kroger Company:
I am a faithful and dedicated customer of your company for over 20 yrs. I am very very disappointed in the management at the store at 2632 Frayser Blvd in Memphis Tn. 38127.
Saturday at approx. 5:50pm I had a fall in your parking lot. I do not want to put everything in this e mail but I will say this I was transported to the er by ambulance. My daughter ran inside to get help the security guard came out side looking stupid and lied I am going to get the manager. Thanks alot nobody never came. Blood was running from my leg like running water. Kroger you have taught me that you DO NOT GIVE A DARN ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS ALL YOU WANT IS OUR MONEY. There is more to this, this is a shame to the FRAYSER COMMUNITY. Please Respond!!!!!!!!!!


kimberlee turner July 24, 2015 at 2:55 pm

I also had a fall inside the store recently on sour cream that was on an aisle. An employee witnessed it and instead of them helping me up , they ran to get caution cones and I slipped on stuff again in the process of getting up . I injured my hip. leg and pulled muscles from hanging on to cart during fall. I reported it because I was in pain and wanted to know why employee didnt assist me and needed help to get to my car. After weeks of not hearing from them i contacted lawyer who wanted me to make a huge law suit out of it and I declined because I felt like kroger insurance and I could work together on it and I could atleast get my 3000$ nedical bills pd from it. I am in the process of talking to their investagators and it has been a veru unpleasant experience to say the least. Ni good deed goes unpunished thats for sure. I thought Id save everyone money by leaving lawyers out of it and them make it right with me. Video evidence and employee statement s should be enough to show they are liable for my unforrunate accident. Boy was I wrong. I thought these money hungry abulance chasing lawyers shouldnt benifiet for my pain and suffering by getting half of what kroger insurance should respectfully pay and even apologize for my misfortune that occured during my shopping experience with them. So I declined their services and have spoke to krogers investagators several times who only try to discredit and get information that they can use against me to say, ” We, Kroger are not liable for your fall and we dont pay hospital bills”. I am so upset that that shopping trip cist me 3,000$ and i didnt get any food. I got a messed up hip. back and leg that took a month or more to recover. I know now why people are constantly suing people because people dont want to pay or take responsibility for things that they are responsible and liable for. That employee could have helped me up and kept me from falling again. He even left the area leaving it open for next customer to fall on. Im not tryung to get rich. I was so embarrassed and now humiliated for thinking I could or would be treated descent and fairly by krogers insurance company. Now im suffering from mental distress by this waiting of the investagators to complete their investagation on if they can get out of paying me anything . They are sovrude on phone and interrupt me whenever i try to say things like.,” employee at customer service desk said out loud I knew he should have gotten that up sooner.” One even replied to me that it was not the employees responsibility to help me up. His job was to go get a manager?????? Excuse me. Well I beleive if he had of helped me I wouldnt have slipped the second time which.probally caused me more injury. I just want kroger to work with me and be fair instead of making me feel like im the one who should be ashamed for reporting my fall to them in the first place and thats not the case. I could have obtained motley and associates who wrote me 20 letters andceven came to my home wanting me to sign a contract with them so they could rack up on my pain and suffering and all the inconveniences its cost me. And I just wanted kroger to help me honestly and fairly. Im waiting to hear from them and by how they talk to me Im afraid the outcome when they get back with me wont be a good one.. If anyone from kroger with any authority to help me. please feel free to. My email is kimb*****


Jane Smith May 19, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I just want to say I have lived and worked in Auburn, Alabama for almost 20 years. I have been shopping at Kroger that long also. Recently I have had some very bad customer service and almost sarcasm from some employees. Pam form the Auburn Kroger cannot understand English, but is smart with her body language and head shaking. Stephanie at the Opelika Kroger is slow and untrained and Mary Clark one of the front managers at the Opelika store is rude and quick with her mouth and demeanor and she also finds it difficult to add and subtract. I believe I will either move or drive to Atlanta from now on to buy groceries. Thanks Kroger for you crappie customer service.


krissyp April 28, 2015 at 4:08 pm

I was at the Westerville ohio store on Schrock rd when walking into the store … i FELL… ON CAMERA! However, after filing complaint at store & spoke w/ a RUDE, HATEFUL WOMAN BY THE NAME DELSIA HIGHLY WHO WAS QUITE NICE @ 1ST THEN before I had a chance to heal from spinal surgery she comes at me with the offer of a $100 Kroger forward. Now,yes I have insurance that covers most and at the time I asked for $400-$600 for the fall and money I put into Dr but now I have more problems that may be from a result of the fall. I’M Upset that she NOT ONLY HAS AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM (and that probably helps in her area )but to offer a $100 for my inconvenience is an INSULT! I FOUND BUGS INSIDE MY BLUEBERRIES &WAS GIVEN A $25 FORWARD. Now,I will inform my attorney of the disrespect I received from the Kroger company and give the audio tape I did record. I’M NOT TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY FALL… I’M MERELY ASKING FOR BASIC RESPECT THAT SHE (DELSIA HUGHLEY )HAS FAILED TO GIVE AND to state that I’m willing to work with ANYONE ELSE ABOUT MY CLAIM.. PLEASE CALL ME AND HOPEFULLY WE CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT REGARDING MY CLAIM. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR TIME & I HOPE SOMETHING IS DONE TO HELP MS.Hughley get a better view of her job rather than LIE & SPEAK WITH A RUDE & HATEFUL TONE & VOICE.


Harold G. Jordening April 22, 2015 at 9:20 am

Dear Sir: I sent the following letter with my new method for carrying out grocery bags in those thermoplastic bags which makes it much easier and simpler for customers who may be in a hurry as they would not have to push the shopping cart out to off load it, push it to where carts are staged and if it is raining an even better reason for using it. The way it is designed is in addition to those mentioned in the letter is that Ergonomics was factored into the design as it is round as opposed to any other form which makes it easier to it fits the form of the human hand. If possible would like to make about 10 of them to make a test to give to any customer willing to use one to determine customer satisfaction which is my goal as a satisfied customer always comes back and if the customer approves of the idea you can say that it is “customer approved. When I approached one of the lady managers,in the ColiervilleTN. store I did not , unfortunately get her name, however if I see her in the store I will know her. This manager agreed with me on the idea that such an idea would be a good one as at that time I had not made any and would make customers satisfied and happy thus keeping your customer base and even possible increase it. This will, at the same time keep more profit in the plus column then in the debit column. If you were to allow me I would make about ten of them I would gladly do so. There is an old saying in German that says “Probiern geht uber studiern” which translated says: “Trying is better than book studying the problem”..
Thank you very much for reading this email. I am over 82 yrs old. have been retired since 1987 from the USAF (21 yrs. in AF and 10 in the US ARMY 56-66 and from, the USPS

Harold G. Jordening
Msgt. USAF (Ret)

Harold Jordenng Msgt. USAF (Ret) Oak Grove Cv. Byhalia MS. 38611 (901) 846-**** Email: g*****
Re. New Product:
Dear Sir:
I am sending you a new product which I call the “PORTA-BAG-TOTE” (Patent Pending) which will provide your company with the following financial benefits for your company.
1. It can keep more shopping karts in the store as opposed to having an employee having to go to the parking lot to get them back in the store. At the Colliervile TN. Store it would mean an average savings of approximately $1.02 per hour for their employee to bring a cart back to the store for customers to use.
2. For your store the cost of the small tool is approximately $1.90 each for every !000 units and you when you sell one to a customer for whatever price you make a little profit here also.
3. If you give each customer a savings of .01 on gas purchase if they use it they will be more than glad to use it.
4. When two customers leave the store and Customer A who does not have the tool stands in the rain to unload his shopping cart. Customer “B” who uses the tool goes to his car and after putting the purchase in his vehicle leave and does not stand in the rain.
5. Safe. Easy to use,
6. Fits easily in ladies purse or pants pocket,

I live on a pension so the package was all done by me and not by a professional. I tried to make clear as possible what it will do for both your company and your customers. If you decide to purchase it I will have the package done up by professionals. It is presently patent pending which I felt necessary above all things for my protection. My phone number and email address are above.
Thank You

Harold G. Jordening


Mrs. N April 14, 2015 at 2:02 pm

I have worked at a Smith’s 123 for a little over two years. My job offers great pay and decent benefits for the area. I have no complaints there. I do however find some things that go on in the store quite shocking. The lead customer service manager is highly rude and unprofessional. He constantly puts employees down and berate them in front of customers, makes inappropriate comments to female employees and customers alike, and when he has a disagreement with some one offers retaliation in cutting they’re hours available to work. While the store director and every other upper management has been made aware of this by employees and customers alike, and even corporate office nothing has been done. In the last year we have had two employees quit and these are employees who have been there upwards of years not a few months. My question to you corporate is where does this stop!? He has been in this position for 10 years and will continue to do so unless you do something. The store director had made it obvious this kind of behavior is tolerated and should not be. It’s makes sense to want to have happy employees in a good work environment so that customer service is our main priority but from the looks of things that is the least of most managements concerns.


Annette Serianni Crow March 25, 2015 at 10:06 pm

I Annette crow has worked at store 227 in Newport Oregon for 15 years and in the last year because of my schedule in summer they have or your corparation has taken everything from me with no expanation first first benifits then vacation and thbis year in all years worked there I HAD TO TAKE A leave short term disablity which i thought because i have sick leave should get that. but no so got one week and then had wait month to get another ok and still have not recived my chheck. then this last week I took one day sick leave because you dont pay for the first and agian have plenty sick leave and only gave me five hrs when shift miss was 8 hrs. why do you treat people like this?


edward earl thomas March 14, 2015 at 3:00 pm

Edward earl Thomas 367 86 —– cell 989 402 **** or ms Thomas 989 790 ***** and now blue cross blue shield stared in fl and now mi the network in nov. for all teeth etc., to Kroger ceo dillion cfo coo etc., judicial misconduct compliant judge/nussal 5th recusal merck it was tendered but liaison/lawyer russ herman never contacted myself nor the American bar or Michigan bar etc., the attorney grievance commission faxed mdl faxing rule and judge batchelder/Maddox 6th social security etc., exparte triple jeopardy and bankruptcy( local rules) and judge kolinisk/catterson 9th Pfizer bextra Celebrex sent local rule but the 5 th and the 6th has not sent to local rule I asked through voice mail now I asked circuit executive Maddox/catterson and circuit executive shareen bay city and all judiciary members now for $90.00 for $25 nohting for free food at Kroger/art dore 989 686 1470 and talked to managers they said ok now gnc 412 288 4600 fax 4764 but no-non food and I am homeless doing home-work and malnutrition and diseases at mission(s) etc.,
you are my witnesses and add ceo cfo coo arbys 678 514 4100 and ceo cfo coo Kentucky fried chicken etc., but lawsuits third parties and have them call me and pleases fax this chat to ceo McDonald 630 623 3000 fax 5700 on Washington and Euclid etc., (fire department/ems call but refused to take burgers I took them to police and sheiff bay city) etc., and burger king Holland Saginaw mi etc., and taco bell on Euclid and wendys (Macomb mi) bay city mi etc., and mission(s) etc., I try to fax proff revew and I need gifts or loans liaison/lawyer herman nor carbraser etc., nor president Obama refuse to call advocate capital for loan


Nick Just March 3, 2015 at 3:24 pm

VP Merchandising Kroger , We own and operate an apparel company that makes men’s and boys knit tops and other textiles for the home . Our company name is Alliance Tradehouse. We wish to contact and speak to the buyer in charge of men’s knits in your stores. We see you have added apparel in your marketplace stores and we can help you provide excellent quality goods at great pricing for your customer at great margin for Kroger .Please let me know how to contact the appropriate department and person.
Thank you
Nick Just


Mrs. Customer March 3, 2015 at 10:36 am

I have called the 1800# and only received a no-hearted apology for the indignity.
1. Manager Patel refused to meet with me.
2. Cashiers refused to let me add on $50 to my Kroger gift card by my personal check, in order to purchase Kroger gas. BUT after 1 hour and 45 minutes cashed my personal check for $50 and then placed the $50 cash I received from my personal check onto the gift card.
Cashiers Veronica, Tammy & Jay told me the manager was unavailable and there was nothing I could do to resolve the problem.
I filled out 3 complaints Re: Your Comments (#20577552) (2)

RE: Your Comments (#20577552) (2)


Jennifer Carlson February 25, 2015 at 4:36 pm

I worked at Kroger# 400 for 8 months, never late or written up. Several weeks ago suddenly everything went sour, conversation about not wanting anymore white people working in the deli to be put in the walk-in cooler door being shut and held close with the lights out. This is NOT SAFE, uncalled for. I reported it to a store manager Mr. Scott and and both deli managers and nothing was done about it. That was not funny or being professional employees. Not only that but having to pull a float of chicken across the floor of the sales floor that is to the department to go to, and pick up those boxes by yourself and put into the cooler, with NO ONE wanting to HELP!!!! To top that I got screamed at things snatched from me things slanged around, all because the dept. manager was mad and wanted me out. what other reason did she have for this behavior. She is not management material the only time she really care to help and do anything was when she saw the store manager Billy Chappell coming. This store manager is a lost cause too, He is always putting his hands on women whether they are employees or customers, this is totally UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! Store # 400 needs some cleaning up action taken.


Customer February 19, 2015 at 2:47 pm

After reading many comments posted by others, I must say that I will not wait for a resolution concerning the matter. However, I will share my incident in efforts to prevent others from being subjected.

Kroger Store #238 at 6749 Airline in Houston, Texas 77076, has a cashier by the name of Monique who lacks a great degree of professionalism and customer service skills. Not only did she not give any type of greeting, make any direct eye contact or give a total of my purchase. She proceeded to reluctantly answer my question about the total with a mumble and immediately picked up her cell phone to begin texting before my transaction was final. Monique’s body language initially appeared as though she had a dislike for police officers because once I stepped forward to check out, her eyes quickly moved towards the direction of the ceiling and was followed by a poor attitude.

I then proceeded to the exit but turned to watch her behavior with other customers. I must say that it was “NOT” indeed the uniform that I was wearing. However, Monique was simply another typical unhappy person in the world who lacks a great deal of order, discipline, respect for others and pride in their performance. I began to wonder about the type of training which might or might not be provided to these community serving employees. Immediately after that thought I said myself, never mind; I will simply return to shopping at Whole Food Market where the cost of the items are worth the great customer service and delightful shopping experience.

Best wishes to you Kroger Stores, may your reputation cease from declining and may you one day actually take note of these posting from dissatisfied customers and employees. After all, “MANY OF US ARE TAKING NOTE”. And to you Monique the cashier may you one day better yourself so that you can gain and contribute more to society because at the rate you stand today, you are poorly failing.


Scott April 1, 2015 at 2:47 pm



Dr. J. Mark Evanoff February 18, 2015 at 2:26 pm

I just wanted to take a moment and give a compliment to a Store Manager, Todd Emersen {2875 North Decatur Rd.Decatur, GA. 30021}….Whenever I’m in the store he is working on the sales floor, helping customer and assisting his staff… You can tell that his staff really enjoys working for him and together as a team…One goal, Customer Service……”Great Job” Mr. Emerson…. Kroger needs more people like you !!!!!!!!!.


Chuck September 9, 2015 at 11:33 am



W murphy February 14, 2015 at 6:36 pm

You built one of the largest super stores in Kentucky at Shelbyville, KY, it has to be one of the worst Krogers I have ever shopped at. Constantly out of items, shelves empty, Carts scatterd all over the parking lot damanging cars with dents. Parking lot carts only monitored by the handicap. Although I think it’s very important to hire the handicap sometimes they must be help also. I have tried to hold my concerns thinking things would get better but they have gotten worst. I think new GOOD management could help the situation. Untl then I must consider shopping elsewhere.


Debra Glenn February 5, 2015 at 9:03 pm

I worked for kroger1.75 years I asked for several different openings within the store. They kept me as a dishwasher(courtesy clerk). Yes it was a ligite discrimination case. The things that went on in that store was unreal. The store manager was always asking, when can I cook super for him… ? I was bullied, overworked (picking up cases of chickens, 45lb up to 40 cases or more /order). Now I have a bulging disk in my neck and back. I left krogerr weighing 126lbs. My normal weight was 143lbs. I can’t tell everything, but Kroger corporation really surprised me. I can’t believe they changed my file. People the Eeco was down with it. Snake in the grass. Never trust the people at the top unless it’s god. (I’m writing a book about everything that happen to me). You want believe it. I have lost all respect for Kroger corporate. I was so naive. Even one manager called me a “Dumb XXXXXX”. “. “HOW COULD YOU FALSIFY MY RECORDS? ?” Tell me!!!!! Rome,ga. Kroger turner McCall


Sara February 10, 2015 at 11:42 pm

Cry me a river! Sounds to me like you don’t use proper lifting techniques, otherwise you wouldn’t have a “bulging disk”. I would also advise against writing a book until you actually can articulate a sentence. And if a joking manager is being bullied then maybe you should hold off on trying to get a book published you illiterate XXXXX! GO KROGER!!



stan January 21, 2015 at 2:51 pm

Marcus Randall is kroger butcher at store #582 in Texas, he on drugs real bad and I am concerned, he operating a meat saw.if u drug test him u will see. This really important


Ernie September 30, 2015 at 6:30 pm

So Stan, when did Marcus have to fire you? No need asking why as it’s apparent you haven’t been schooled much past fourth grade.


maria January 20, 2015 at 7:36 pm

I visit the store at 1700 N. Alexander in Baytown tx. I had the worst experience
ever, I was trying to purchase baby dippers because they were on sale when I came up to the register the cashier start talking to the cashiers next to her saying u need to call the store manager,,, I ask her is something wrong she didn’t answer, when the store manager came up to the register she toll me let me see your coupons. I will not sell u all this packets , I ask her why I’f every body buy them like that,, she said I can only do 1 transaction per customer, I was really up set.i told her this is the 1st time I heard something like that but ok .I didn’t not argued with her, she told one of the employees to put the rest of the pamper back in the shelf laughing obout me, with the employee, because she didn’t whant to sale them to me, I gave her my coupons and 2 of my kroger coupon to help pay my purchase, when I pay the machine printed out 2 more coupons of $10 each she was surprise she refused to gave me both of my catalinas.I got upset and told her those are catalinas that my kroger card print out for me so I whant both of them, she said the sale does not work like that Iso only 1 coupon per transaction. I told her well u have a problems with your system, that u need to fix,,, but those are my catalinas that I got for my purchase.she was really ugly with me, for her to be the store manager she treated me like a pice of crab. that was really embarrassing to be treaded like that infont of other customers…to me she was being racist, ,,, I see white people and black people doing there purchase with out a problem….


Marissa March 10, 2015 at 4:41 am

Today Around 11 at night I when to that same Krogers they didn’t want to get my Coupons cuz It was Late at Night …That i Needed to Go earlier Really what does time goes to do with coupons…. That Kroger Sucks!


perry turner January 13, 2015 at 2:39 pm

i have tried to make contact with coporate but i have got nothing, no how can we help. but i got to keep tryen i work at krogers 638 an i was termanatied for duren what my supervisior stated it was fine for me to do. he stated that i could more than 5 safety bucks for employees, and when i did they let me go .and stated that i miss use funds, that was a lie and than showed a video that has nothing to do with the complaint. they read what they wanted to read into it, i gave that company 14 yrs never wrote up never late and never short on my regesitor. the company found a boguse reason to get ride of me ,nothing i did or sayed made a driffent to them i was unjusitird fried for a boguse reason cause they wanted me out, god know the trueth but god don,t matter when the devil lied to save there jobs,i couldn,t belive that 14 yrs went down the drain cause of what i was told i could do. i have no bad feelen cause i know god knows. and the customers don,t belive it either, but what can one do. when the matter don,t get full attenion, it just go to show that money rules over the trueth,


Debra Glenn February 5, 2015 at 9:16 pm

File a charge with Eeco but please do not go to mediation or you will lose.get your charge papers and sign them and never go to mediation. They will falsify your records. I’m living proof. I could not believe they. We’re so crooked. I’m writing a book about my experience with the kind of people that manage Kroger .and Eeco crooked ass.


Paula Hipsher January 12, 2015 at 4:48 pm

I have been a loyalty member since its inception. I shop every week at Kroger at 23 Mile Shelby Township Michigan and also at the 26 Mile Road store. Ever since loyalty program began, I have had the option on my receipt to take the survey for the 50 extra points towards fuel purchase. However, on my last two receipts there was no option to take the survey. After calling both the store and corporate and expressing my concern, I was told that customers are randomly selected to take the survey. I have never NOT had the option on any of my receipts. I spend a lot of money at Kroger each month and am quite upset about this. How are customers selected at random? On what do you base who is eligible for selection and who is not? This seems discriminating to me. I have always given a favorable response to the survey and shop at Kroger for the fuel points as we have many vehicles to fill every week. It seems that no one I have spoken to can give me a legitimate answer to my question. If this being the case, where all of a sudden customers are randomly selected for the survey, then I can spend my hard earned money at a competitor and receive their benefits for shopping at their stores and not be randomly selected and benefit from their perks. Shame on you Kroger. Maybe Mr. Rodney McMullen your CEO should know about this.. Kroger, you have lost a valuable customer.. In todays market, there is much competition and I will choose to go elsewhere!..


jill January 12, 2015 at 4:00 pm

I’m a customer at your Oak Lawn Kroger. I recently purchased 2 boxes of broth to make soup for my sick daughter. I drove home and found that both boxes had been opened previously. This was disturbing. I didn’t want to find out later that I had ingested a dangerous substance or that someone else might have done the same. I phoned the store manager and asked her to pls check her stock for other open containers. I told her that I wanted to use the broth today but I didn’t (couldn’t) drive back to the store that day.
When I returned the items to Customer Service the employee (Lawanda) was talking and laughing on the phone. She used hand signals to communicate with me. Never hung up the phone. When the transaction was complete I told her that when she got off the phone I would like to explain my issue. She didn’t show me the courtesy of hanging up, but instead put the phone to her chest and was frustrated to have to listen to me. I wanted to ask her not to put those open broths back on the shelf. She was more interested in getting back to her phone call. I’ll shop at Alberstons going forward since it is the same distance from my home. I’ve owned companies and I would want to know how my employees are treating the customers.


Deborah Mills January 7, 2015 at 4:52 pm

I am a long time customer of Krogers in Shreveport, La., located at 6652 Youree Dr.. I visited the store today after 200pm to purchase a few items. Upon returning to my suv, I observed a krogers buggy against my drivers side door.
I removed the buggy from my door and observed damage of 2 scratches that were not there before i went inside of the store.I returned in the store and spoke with a mangager by the name of Katherine Pate and informed her of the issue with the damage to my suv. Ms. Pate expressed that the store, Krogers was not responsible for loose carts on the parking lot, unless one of their employees, pushed the buggy into my truck. I expressed that I did not agree, and that I felt that Krogers should take care of the damage to my suv drivers side door, due to the unattended buggy. There was no reply after that, so i left the store so as not to cause an argument. I just arrived home and am now filing this complaint online
Thank you in advance for addressing this matter.
Mrs. Deborah Mills
*** Fox Chase Trail
Shreveport, La. 71129


Shirley F. Cates January 6, 2015 at 1:19 pm

On Saturday, January 3, 2015 I called in on the refill line for 1 of my meds which I did have 1 refill left on it. I wasn’t physically able to go and pick it up from the Kroger drugstore at 1700 Monroe Dr. Ansley Mall, Atlanta, Ga. so I asked a friend of mine to pick it up on Monday, January 5, 2015. Later on I got it out of the bag to take one, and the med which I requested wasn’t there at all, another one was. When I called the drugstore a man answered, so I told him what the problem was. He looked on the computer, then informed me that I did not have any refills on it, I said yes I do, he was argumentative with me. After I proved to him I was right he said I could pick it up the next day.I told him I would report it immediately to the corporate office/complaints dept. In about 5 minutes I received the automated call telling me that my medicine was ready for pickup. It then was 6:50 pm & the drugstore closes at 7:00 pm. I have explained to the manager and other employees there that I rely on Marta, ( I have no vehicle ) so when I make a trip there for my medicines I am quite upset when I have to go back another time, because of their negligence. They should be more conscientious about what they do, and doublecheck the bag before it leaves the drugstore.Please contact me asap re: this issue because it has happened several times in the past. Sincerely, Shirley F. Cates Phone contact # 678-914-****


Donald Chadbourne December 31, 2014 at 8:16 pm

Smiths store 378 in Reno Nevada
Deli department 12-30-2014
Employee Nathan refused me service! I don’t appreciate this employee! He is very inconsiderate! He plays more than he works! I go there very often! Most employees there are very good and helpful! I go to many smiths stores! I have not seen such an employee at any of them! I will not go to the deli at that store, ever if he is there! What a brat


Disappointed December 17, 2014 at 8:22 am

Our Facility purchases Kroger gift cards, for all Employees (based on their years of service). I went into Kroger (Lancaster, OH) and purchased 29 gift cards (totaling over $700). Each were in increments of $30, $25, $20, $15. The 1 card for $25 rang up as $125 vs $25; which I didn’t catch at the time. When I went back into Kroger, the next day, they wouldn’t even consider fixing. The Manager wouldn’t even come out to talk to me. An error, by one of their Employees, and you can’t even talk to the Customer? We have over 1200 Employees, at our Facility, all of whom receive Kroger gift cards. Customers are our #1 priority, you might want to consider the same (since you too rely on your Customers, for the success of your company). Thank you for your time…


Barbara Ward December 16, 2014 at 1:28 pm

Mr. David B Dillon: Re: Store #441, New Castle CO
I am writing to give kudos to your store. I had a medical incident recently at the check-out counter and received immediate attention from your store manager Bill, Terri and Jose. He personally walked me to my car and stayed with me and staff stored my groceries in a cool room until I recovered. Your staff is amazing, outstanding, gracious and caring!

Your drugstore department of Jen, Steve, Brad, Antonette, Sheila, and are friendly and courteous. They go out of their way to explain conditions making me feel secure and healthy. They place orders from my doctor as a priority which I really appreciate.

When the store phone operator says, “Your friendly New Castle store,” one can believe it.

Barbara Ward


j. shane womack December 16, 2014 at 11:38 am

To David B Million CEO, Kroger Corporation, I understand why your Pharmacies have taken the position of not sharing availability of certainMedication over the phone, but Sir They as well as yourself need to understand that all of your customers are not thieves or Addicts that wish to rob the drugstore.
It would be appreciated if you could inform your Pharmacist & their Staff to release availability information to it’s customers/Patients that r in their system as having had that Medication filled @ Kroger drugstore in the past. Some people as myself are disabled & living on fixed income, some don’t have transportation to run al over town to try & find a Kroger with their meds. Instock. I am a Veteran & come to your facilities because of cost & convenience. This Letter will be shared on Facebook so others can voice their concerns about this problem as well. ThankYou Sir, & have a great Day


J.ShaneWomack January 7, 2015 at 2:53 pm

No reply to my complaint has been received. This tells me they don’t read these or they just don’t CARE…


Dave December 11, 2014 at 3:48 pm

The company that hauls the product for Dillons have junk trailers that put the product in jeopardy and the health of the public. I know because i drove for them. The money to be used for maintenance isn’t being use for fixing the trailers they have. They cannibalize other junk trailers to quick fix. Doors come open going down the road getting product dirty or the refrigeration units don’t operate properly causing the product to be out of recommended temperature. I just think some investigating needs to be done as to where the money is going for maintenance, someone at dillons is getting a fat pocket.


Ida December 9, 2014 at 11:48 am

I am very disappointed. I purchased about $200 worth of phone cards for our company employees from Costa Rica. We give the cards out for them to call home while here in the states. I gave five cards out to five different individuals, all of them said the cards do not work. I preceded to take them back to the store and the store manager and the customer service manager informed me that there was nothing they could do to help me. I bought these cards with a Visa card, had all the receipts and they still could not help me. This is very unacceptable. Your commercials say that customer satisfaction is your first priority which is not true. Basically the managers I spoke to said its not my problem. Store manager at 034 Kroger #300, 1950 El Dorado, Houston TX 77062. I do not know what to do with these cards they do not work and we are out $200.00. Not a very good impression of your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


kim nguyen March 17, 2015 at 2:40 pm

Hello customer,
With proof you could ask the bank of your VISA card which used to purchase the 5 phone cards to remove the charge of your Visa Account.


mother Golden December 7, 2014 at 2:20 am

On 12/2/2014 I launched an ethics complaint with the general manager Ms.Maureen Asburry and with an deli service worker David Richardson. All of this was done online. On 12/5/14 I received a certified letter stating me nor my husband would be allowed in or near the store due to “Threatening and Disruptive” behavior on 12/4/14. My husband nor I entered the store on that day. The only day we were in the store was 12/1/14 in which we purchased our items and left( the cameras will show this). I feel this is in direct connection with the complaint. This effects my shopping, my prescriptions as well as my gas mileage. If this is not resolved I will seek legal counsel for discrimination and demand proof of this “threatening and disruptive behavior. I also have concrete proof to back up each complaint and have talked to legal counsel.


Tom November 24, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Just hung up the phone from the Kroger Customer Service line after 28 minutes of being on hold with no answer (was told the wait time was less that 2 minutes).
Too bad, because I was calling to complement a drugstore staff for going above and beyond.
Oh well !


Shirley Watson November 13, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Your store here in Humble, TX had an add in the paper that read Tamales 5 for $5.00 Pork or Chicken so I read this to mean you get 5 packages for $5.00 dollars as any person would mean that to be that you get 5 packages for $5.00, so I was charged $25.00 for five packages and didn’t notice it until I got home so I went back to the store to get my money back that I overpaid and was told that this was not the case that each package was $5.00, I could have bought these cheaper at another place as I have bought these before and I think the add was misrepresented to the public, and I wonder how many customers thought the same as me and found out after the fact that this wasn’t the way it was supposed to be that it read 1.3ozI the deli. I live on social security and $20.00 is very important to me I have ben very loyal customer to your store here in Humble, but after this I’m really going to have to think this over about staying as a Kroger customer. Now lets see if I get a response from this office. Shirley


jackie November 12, 2014 at 12:59 am

the Kroger in savannah ga. on gwinette and Habersham have some managers that is very racis they talk to the black people like they are back in slavery days it is very disgusting and sick some of the black female employees are scared to open their mouth because might lose job. the managers are very rude to them and say and what ever that want in the front of customers and talk to them allkind of night they have a Chinese guy getting paid for doing no work and have the black guys doing all the work they need to get to this store before there is a boycott because it will happen. so you big guys that sit and think its ok well it is not this store is like hell the klans have taken over.


Tonya December 6, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Why does it have to be like every other word ‘BLACK GIRLS OR BLACK GUYS,, are you racist? IF i were going to complain I would leave ‘black girls or guys OUTA IT,, WHATS THE POINT? Why cant it just be the females or males! REALLY.. ?


Michelle Dyer November 5, 2014 at 9:02 pm

As a former 8yr employee with Kroger, I can honestly say that the Kroger I first hired with and was proud to work for vs the Kroger now, they have come to the point that they couldn’t care less about their employees. If you want to know why your customer service basically stinks… investigate how your employees are being treated by your store managers and CSMs! I went through a MAJOR surgery and then developed a post-op abscess which left me unable to care for myself and my boyfriend (of five years) had to miss work to take care of me since I have no family here. Even though my surgeon personally faxed a letter to the store stating such, he was bumped to part-time, had his pay cut by nearly $3/hr, and is being harassed by the store manager who refused to let him have the union Stewart of his choice come with him when he called my boyfriend into the office to accuse him of lying about the reason he missed work- even though he has the note from my surgeon! He was also told to work off the clock doing payroll errors the same day! To top the day of, he was reprimanded by the CSM after being called to the office because 1+1 wasn’t good while running the floor last week when every day during primetime, baggers and cashiers were pulled BY MANAGEMENT to do other work! This is wrong Kroger!! We’re contacting an attorney!!


sherry February 20, 2015 at 3:08 pm

I worked their for 6 years and worked part time and I have 2 children with special needs
when I gave my notice they acted like they didn’t even care and no management doesn’t really care about the employees no loss to me though.


kroger customers October 30, 2014 at 7:21 pm

krogers in saint albans wv oct.29th 2014 am time has an employee that will downgrade a customer or employee in there face which is what happened when my husband and i were there at customer service and the [AKA} Rhonda was beside another employee and she just started on her like she was crap, i can not imagine why this employee does this period but she needs a lesson in customer employee relations or off a while w/o pay and maybe she can think about what she did and does to people this is a disgrace and kroger should not tolerate it


Ken Cornelius October 30, 2014 at 5:08 pm

I went to the store at 5325 E Thompson Rd Indianapolis, IN 46237 today to purchase Private Blend Kona Blend coffee beans.
They don’t have a coffee grinder in the store. So much for that!


Sam Moser October 30, 2014 at 10:47 am

The phone number is no longer working or in service the recording says when I call it. I suggest this p[age get updated.


kathryn burgan October 20, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Ive been grying to get somebody to call me back i got injury in the kroger in balchspring tx off Elam your manger that took the report said yeall would call me in 48 hours well no one has call ive been to ER because im heart ive been going to that store every scence i was a youg girl i thought yeall take care off yeall custmers better then this thats ok i was waiting own yeall to call me to speak to some about this but no one called me are act like they care so ive called a i pray that yeall custmer service gets better thank u have a bless day


Kat Maddox October 16, 2014 at 8:29 pm

I am very disappointed and thought you actually cared about your customers. I wrote a comment about my “on going” experiences at my local Kroger on HWY. 278 IN Covington, Georgia two weeks ago and no still reponse. I’m amazed that you have not visited this store and also shocked that you would tie your name to it. It’s puzzling that I travel and sometimes shop at the Kroger Loganville, Georgia. This is very nice store with “very large” billboard which states that “we’ll make it right”, clearly not a moto for Covington.


kim mac October 15, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Dear kroger, I was at one of the store in Fort Worth Texas at k034 Kroger East/Southwest, 12600 North Beach Street and fell inside the store, and had a trip to the emergency room for an X – ray on my foot and knee. Luckily nothing was broken, but had some medical attention, and so now the bills are rolling in and I was deny of my claim. I have try leaving couple of message for my claim person Ashley Lahmer but no respond, when the incident happen the store manager had come out and spoke to me advising me to go have my foot and knee look at by the doctor and that kroger will reimburse me. But now it seem like nobody can be reach. If anybody reading this please advise me to someone who can help me..


Vicky Cox October 17, 2014 at 1:39 am

I fell in a Kroger store in Kenton Oh and had to go to the emergency room later that evening. I did end up being compensated for the hospital bill but had to keep on them, it is a shame that a company the size of Kroger has to be that way but I am learning more and more daily that is disturbing about them. Keep contacting them and if you can’t get any answers find a good attorney.


Vicky Cox October 15, 2014 at 1:04 pm

I tried to make a comment and was told that I already made that comment, if so why did I not receive any answers?


Vicky Cox October 15, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Kroger: I used to have respect for your company and shop their on weekly for all my grocery needs, NOT ANY MORE. You have ruined the life of a friend of mine. He is more than a friend, he is kind, trustworthy and very dependable. He helped me for years in my Karaoke Business , attends our church and goes along with me when I use my singing ministry at the nursing homes. His only problem is he is gullible and has a hard time talking with people in general, mainly girls. One day at work a fellow employee told him of a couple web sites where he could meet up with girls. When doing so he ended up in a sting situation, his picture was plastered on the news and in the paper and he was suspended from his employment of 14 years at Kroger. I can understand the suspension but the suspension never ended. This all happened in June and he just now found out here in October that his job was terminated and only then when he went in the store to find out why he was not yet on the schedule. To make matters worse his union representative has been telling him all along not to worry that he will back to work soon that it was not a felony and he would be back to work. A few weeks ago he got a letter that said he abandoned his job and it had a check with it. When he asked his union rep about it he was told that the letter was a mistake and not to worry. How messed up is that . I feel the real reason for his termination is not because of what he did but because since he was full time the benefits he was getting and it would be cheaper for the company to hire part time workers. You can replace an employee but you cannot replace a life and his has been ruined by Kroger. My question is Where is the union? As far as I am concerned they should at least pay him back all the dues he paid all of those years. Another question : Kroger Where is your compassion? Not everyone was born with the capability of sticking up for themselves, yes he made a mistake but you are not even taking into account all his years of good work and devotion to your company. This kind of treatment has to STOP. I am urging everyone that reads this article to think before shopping at Kroger. Their ethics when it comes to employment are messed up and besides that their competitors are just around the corner. I know I am just one person , a little fish in a huge pond but change has to start somewhere. I am not saying that what my friend did was right by any means but it certainly was not wrong enough for the consequences suffered.
I would appreciate your comments.


Mike November 30, 2014 at 10:20 am

If your friend was caught in a sting it must have been for under aged girls or else he wouldn’t have been on the news there is no sting for men meeting “women” on the Internet. I think he may not be the only one who is gullible.


chris October 12, 2014 at 4:08 pm

On my lunch break I went into Kroger on 150 W Lowry Ln. #190 to use the restroom. I searched for the RR until i found it in the very back corner of the store. There was 1 restroom in the entire store and had a male/female sign. After entering, I noticed the 1 toilet was covered in urine so i had to clean it myself before sitting down. After a couple minutes into my bowel movement, the store plays a laxative commercial over the intercom ( I thought was a coincidence) The commercial plays on for about 90 seconds and I realize its some kind of Prank. It says something like ” pick up your Laxative! in the Laxative isle!” Laxative isle?? when leaving the RR i notice a about 4 people standing around laughing, 1 of them being an employee. I wanted to speak with a manager but was so embarrassed i could only rush to get out of the store. I’ll never go into this Kroger again.


HOMER October 10, 2014 at 1:54 pm





Tim Bryanr October 8, 2014 at 8:54 am

After trying for two months to get the Kroger on Dover Rd in Clarksville TN to replace the wheelchair/with basket that had supposedly been stolen and/or broken, I contacted corporate offices. My disabled friend has been shopping there for many years spending much money but she cant walk very well and cant see well enough to use electric chairs. I was shopping across town at a different Kroger since they had the wheelchair. She wanted a flu shot but found out that we would have to go back to Dover location because they were out of her needed dose. Someone named Lisa contacted me from your corporate offices while we were shopping. I began to tell her my frustrations with the wheelchair but she kept interrupting me. Now, please have your corporate contacts use better listening skills and not try to be controlling in a customers comments. After visiting one Kroger to find out there was again no wheelchair, then driving across town to another Kroger, then to find out I would have to go back to the original one for the flu shot, I was already frustrated enough! My friend may continue to shop at Kroger, but I am not sure I will.


Nancy Rice October 7, 2014 at 5:37 pm

I am proud of my hometown of Cincinnati and Krogers who today helped defend the Constitution by not backing down from the gun-control bullies who tried a deceptive tactic to intimidate Krogers gun control policies! I am a customer for life and I once did a report on Barney Kroger in school. Keep up the great work!


Guy Murphy October 7, 2014 at 1:21 pm

I want to thank the Kroger Corporate heads that have made the decision to stand their ground in support of the Constitution. Those that invoke their First Amendment rights don’t realize how soon they would loose that right if it weren’t for the Second Amendment..

Keep up the good work.
Guy Murphy


andy October 7, 2014 at 9:20 am

I worked for krogers a long time ago, worked for them again and this time I was fired for speaking my mind. I applied for courtesy clerk but got put in the deli cooking chicken by the way not completely cooked still raw inside. Friday last week I stopped a fight while all the employees pulled out their phones and played camera man the manager store 577 don’t do anything to help the customer. no check out lines open for all the traffic . oh well hello tom thumb cheaper anyway


Roland Dube October 1, 2014 at 1:49 pm

I shop kroger 3-4 times a week I applied 3 weeks ago for my coupons thru the mail I still have not gotten them want to know why and when will iget them


Mark Jordan September 28, 2014 at 10:07 pm

ThThiLaGrange Kroger market is very clean and maintained, however one employee is continually casting a dark cloud of , in my opinion very rude and argumentative. I have personally complained once after a year of overlooking her rudeness and utterly poor and distasteful lack of professionalism. I was told she had mounted up several complaints. She’s still there. Tonight, again demonstrating a complete disrespect if a paying customer. I cool off and contact the store manager who had two loud employees he was unable to to silence for a buisness call so I politely paused and stated I would call back at a later time that was convenient for him.


Amy Shannon September 26, 2014 at 9:41 pm

I have been shopping at your Bethel Rd. Store in Columbus since it opened and I can’t say enough about the quality of costumer service I receive Every time I shop there. Whether its “Miss Kath’s” cheerfulness, David’s helpfulness or Danny helping me get my 91yr old mother to my car after getting her flu shot today I am so grateful to have a place like this to shop. Thanks Kroger for being a quality store with exceptional costumer service.


Mrs Lois cubbins September 26, 2014 at 6:46 pm

Dear sir or madam, We moved to Coldwater , MS in 1991. Until then we lived in Memphis ,TN. We were not far from a Krogers store. We loved the prices, the selections, and the quality of the meats. We were so disappointed when we found out that the nearest one to us is in Southaven or Hornlake/Olive Branch MS. There was a Piggly Wiggly in Coldwater, but not nearly the quality of your stores. It was the only grocery store in the entire town. It has changed hands a few times and the last owners shut it down a couple of years ago. We have since been driving around 13 miles into Senatobia, MS to do our shopping. There are two groceries there, Kay’sFoods and Wal-Marts neither one of which has the quality of a Krogers. I know we are a small town but maybe your R and D department could look into the possibility of opening a store either in Coldwater or Senatobia. Thank you for your time in this matter. Mrs. Cubbins


linda myers September 24, 2014 at 2:14 pm

I bought 25 packs of snickers bars for my little boys birthday party . We didn’t use 10 packs. my husband took the extras back asking for our money back. the Findlay tiffin ave. store would not give us our money back. I called a krogers customer service . they said they don’t stand behind the product either wow . they have no concept of customer service. we just want our money back ! If a Kroger exec reads this please email me an tell me to stop out to the store to get a refund. thanks if not walmart looks good so does aldi’s . I have a big family word of mouth is a big thing. u might lose 10.000 a yr. for the 49.90 blunder in Findlay ohio.


Tonya December 6, 2014 at 10:06 pm

You seriously tried to return candy bars?? wow.. really.


LS September 21, 2014 at 7:18 pm

I have always loved shopping at Kroger and now I love it more! Thank you, Kroger, Corp., for standing up for America’s 2nd Amendment. By keeping your existing policy and not letting the bully groups try to shame you into changing a policy that does not need changing. Why change a policy that is working for you? No matter what those small groups say, I can tell you that the majority of Americans agree with me and applaud you for standing your ground. God Bless You, and God Bless America.


Rodger Baldozier September 21, 2014 at 4:47 am

I swear to GOD . This all true .they will say that terry was never asked that question only Terry and I and Terry know the truth And she is laying if she. Does not tell the truth GOD will knows the truth I do want to see her fired but suspended for her lies ! I just want my unemployment and Stain Blair not to this to any one else thank you for ready this.


Rodger Baldozier September 21, 2014 at 4:08 am

I work for city market (Kroger)for almost 28yrs! When a man in came in with. a store couponthat said if you spend $50 in the store you will receive 200 bonus fuel points. I thought that in it self was kind of odd ,but it was a coupon that you should have to scan only once it is supposed to scan once ,but I always hand it back in case it does not take the first time .I went to hand it back but he was already gone .So I throw the coupon a way. I should have wish left it there,but no I went ahead and got it out of the trash! I thought why did this guy have gotten one!So I continued to scan the coupon just thinking thinking what would if they left there coupon at home ! Pam ask what I was doing so told her she told me that I should not be doing that! I said I did not know ,I thought I stopped .But I did not stop I used it one other person named Terry a CRM I told her that I had a coupon like this ,I asked her if she wanted to use it on her she said yes .It was the next day she came in and ask whats 200 fuel points was all about she know what about how she got them. That’s when I head Sandra say in a loud voice say that’s how we caught you! So had did she know before hand continued .my job checking. That is how come I knew that I might have been set up Sheknews my heart willing to help people out!When the investigator came in I thought it was the same man who gave me the coupon in the first place e He ask me about the coupon I toldhim what I had being doing , I told him the truth .He said it was not like I stole a truck load of steaks , we both started to laugh .when we though I went and started to finish my thinking nothing was wrong ! When I came in the next day I was told to go in and talk Stain so I did ,that’s when he told me that I was on suspension for a week ! When I came for my next shift a week later I was told that I was fired the union Stewart and I were both in shock she did not think I would by fired !I think to week would by good enough but no I was fired . Then a few days later I called Kroger main office they told me that they never printed a coupon like that .So that is why I think that is why I I was set up . I was told that they never printed a coupon like that , so how did I get one !! Stain will say they will say most of this is not true


Rodger Baldozier October 4, 2014 at 6:14 am

I was just laying in bed thinking about how they treated me at city market ! I know it started with Pat Mora I remember that I wrestled him back in high school ,messed up his knee ,I think he would have been a state champion .He was a poor sport back then he must hold on to grudge for a long time! Because I wrestled him when I was a 10 grader and he was senior ! I was in the 10 grade in 1982 ! That was about over 20 years ago he still has grudge on me. When I use to worked for him as a store manager we use to call him Patricia Marion !Me and Gary use to laugh and laugh !But he had me almost in tears when I left his store he demoted to carry out , but luckily I had a friend named Brad Rush he said for me to come work for me !
Then came Chris Bearkat he took me out of produce which I loved back to the front end as a checker which I hated .Because he know I would most likly mess up there,and I did , a long time after he left .I know that if you were to look in my city market file , there was not a lot in there before Pat Mora and Chris Bearkat came into play and finely Stain Blair he put the finale nail in my coffin ! He got me with a fake store coupon that said if you bought $50. Of groceries you.will receive an extra 200 fuel points. Who ever heard of such a thing ! But stupid me I went and scanned for about 117 people trying to help my custmers out , knowing how much gas was back then! They first suspended me for a week then fired me ! With out giving me warning I know I was wrong for taking it on my own I do not know if it was do to my head injury which I had a TBI six concoctions or my cardeact heart stopped three times went with out oxygen three times .I do not think that I would have done it if I would not have my disabilties ! After all I did not gain a thing!


Rodger Baldozier October 4, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Let finish a couple of things I left. out I told Terry not to say any thing and she told on me ! Then I was told Terry did said I never told her a thing! Terry I don’t what to be live now either way I guess I don’t have a job! But I want know if I never said any thing to her how did they know ? I thought it was Sandra saying in a loud voice that’s how they caught me, before I was in trouble how did they know that ?


Rodger Baldozier October 4, 2014 at 12:08 pm

Let me know what you guys think my # 970-589-XXXXx and if I am to busy don’t forget to leave me a message


Rodger Baldozier October 6, 2014 at 3:08 pm

I think they have been trying to to get rid of me for long time now. From Pat Mora to Chris Bearkat to finally Stain Blair !
First it was Pat Mora ,could not do anything right! Too Kris Bearkat who put me out of produce which brought me back my original spot checking .Which I did not want I thought I would get it to trouble which I did ! I want you guys to ask the same question to people who make the coupons for your self and let me know!
I have never had done this sort of thing in 28’s . I think Stain went to hard on me first suspended me for a week them firing me ! With out warning me first they wanted me to scan the coupon over and over until they had no choice but to fire me.

Mike November 30, 2014 at 10:33 am

You did something wrong and now you are crying? I quote “I thought I stopped.But I did not stop” you weren’t setup honest people never are and after reading some of your posts you sound absolutely insane.


J Garver September 18, 2014 at 3:24 pm

I loved that I could find everything at your store and no need to stop also at the drug store…until now. Now there is cheap clothing and shoes replacing the toiletries, poor quality toiletries are the only ones remaining on the shelves. I was given 2 coupons today for 25% off the clothing. Nothing was worth spending money on. Now I have to go to Meijers who still carry good brands and get the food too. Why fix what was working??? Drug store items are purchased more than sweatshirts anyday.


Karen Preskar September 16, 2014 at 11:09 am

On August 25 I was in your Chi received any chllicothe ohio bridge street store and as I was pushing my cart up to the meat counter, I suddenly found myself on the floor with my cart coming down on me. Came to discover as I was getting soaked that there was water coming up out of one of the drains and quickly covering the floor. The water was not visible and no signs were posted. Shortly after I fell a couple of customers came over to help me , one of them being an off duty cashier. A manager came over and immediately took steps to get the water cleaned up, however at no time did anyone ask if I was ok or needed medical assistance. I got up on my own and was shaken up but managed to get my cart and groceries, with customer assistance. I had to ask for paper towels so I could dry off. I turned my cart and went to the checkout so I could pay and leave. As I reached my vehicle the manager ran out to get my name. I had already decided to do an incident report. I received a call from your claims department and told them I was sore and bruised. The gentleman said he would call me back that Friday the 29th…I have heard nothing. I am thankful I did not break anything or get hurt worse. The bruises are gone but the pain in my left side continues. I can’t attribute that entirely to my fall, but it didn’t help. I am however, disappointed that I have not received any followup call or apology from Kroger.


STACY JOHNSON September 15, 2014 at 10:48 pm

i would like to know the procedures to file unemployment claim against kroger. i need to file a claim.


Kevin Singleton September 10, 2014 at 8:16 pm

Just wanted to say thanks for not bowing down to tha anti gun folks an thanks for protecting my rights as an American.


Amy & Eli Morris September 10, 2014 at 1:29 pm

We Were At Your Kroger Store 9000 Staples Mill Road Tue Sept 9 2014 Well Store Was Not Fully Stoke Plus Fresh Fruits and Fresh vegs Some Of Produce Needed To Be Takens Out Most Were Just Really Bad . That Sore Havent Been Open Are Year Yet IT ALREADY GONE DOWN When I Got I Found Rotten Strawberrys PLU I Try Talk To Bobby Gammon He Diditn Care About What I Had Too Say ELI & I AMY Spend 130.00 There Yesterday Now I GO TO STORE On 9351 Atlee Road Its In Good Clean Shape Plus VERY VERY GOOD MANAGEMENT PLEASE CALL ME AND REspone TO My Email Box amymor** 804 525**** Thanks


Daouda GON COULIBALY September 10, 2014 at 10:04 am

Dear Sir,
My account was hacked to shop in your store 5 to 8 September 2014.
I count on your help. Please blocked them


Marcia September 9, 2014 at 8:59 pm

Disappointing service in the drugstore at the Graceland store in Cilumbus. First day – not enough of the drug to fill prescription. Rx promised for next day. Second day – phoned the store to make sure the Rx would be ready; I was told it would be ready when I come in to store. Rx not only wasn’t ready but now the system was down and label couldn’t be printed. They offer to call when things are fixed. I think that two trips to pick up Rx should be sufficient and had no interest in waiting yet another day. I retrieved the prescription and took it to,another drugstore, which promptly filled it.


Patty Tronier September 9, 2014 at 7:27 am

I am very angry that you have been taking the Gluten free produce off your shelves. I have celiac disease and I am a vegan. I like the vegan earth balance popcorn and the veganaise, Gluten Free Hodgsons Mill Bread Mix, ice cream ( rice dream ) all these products has been taken off the shelves. There are other things being taken off the shelves at your store too. I have been told that it is being taken off the shelves because no one is buying them. That is a LYE!!!! There are alot of people in Aiken Sc that are Gluten intolerant. Put the Gluten free produce back on the shelves. I have to go to Publix, Walmart, Krogers in North Augusta Sc which is a 45 min. drive. That is the DUMBEST Thing that I have to do to get Gluten free produces.

Patty Tronier New Ellenton Sc


Allen Perkins September 6, 2014 at 9:25 am

While looking over my bank statements I find that Kroger has been charging me $1.00 each gas purchase. That would tend to negate any $.03 discount and would not be worth my while anymore to spend money on grocerys when Murphy gas station at Wal Mart is only $.01 higher per gallon and many store items are less expensive.
I have discussed this with many friends and we have opted to start purchasing gas at the Wal Mart store. We appreciated the quality of fresh vegetables and meats at you store but will not purchase gas anymore. This is going to be a substantial loss per unit as I have just purchased a Motor home that holds 78 gallons of gas.
IF, something can be arranged with your stores to differ this additional cost per fillup then maybe we would consider coming back to Kroger.
Allen Perkins
TWIC Administrator
Irving Oil LLC Retired.


Tim September 4, 2014 at 6:24 pm

Dillons was my first Job and now my wife currently works for Dillons in derby KS. I love shopping at Dillons and I will always give my money to Kroger stores before I ever step foot inside a Walmart. Recently I seen that Bloomberg is going after Kroger because the let shopper exercise their right to carry a firearm while they shop. I’m completely baffled by the ignorance of this group moms demand action. I have a concealed carry license and I carry most of the time. Everyone has the right to protect themselves. Criminals DO NOT obey signs. If you disarm people, even while they buy milk or bread criminals have nothing to fear. Nearly all the pictures in their adds are related to health code violations not to mention I have never in my life seen someone with a sporting rifle in the grocery store. I only ask this of Kroger. Please don’t be intimidated by these people please stay loyal to your customers and employees as my family and I have been loyal to Kroger.


Jo Anne Anderson September 3, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Until you stop open carry in your Kroger grocery stores we will not be shopping at your stores that includes Fred Meyer. Myself, family members and friends will not step into your stores unit you stop open carry. My safety and the safety of my family is not secure with people carrying guns in your stores. I reside in GA and use to shop Krogerweekly, I visit WA state and use to shop at Fred Meyer Stores. I will shop at Publix.. Who needs to carry a gun into a family establishment to buy bread and milk? CHANGE YOUR POLICY>


Tim September 4, 2014 at 6:30 pm

I remember when this mom was shopping at that grocery store and a man grabbed her daughter with a knife and put it to her throat. thats why you should be able to carry a gun in a grocery store. because that man was going to kill that girl but instead was shot and the girl was saved. you have no right to tell people that they cant protect themselves.


don September 5, 2014 at 12:18 pm

what if that someone carrying a gun fired at a supposed suspect and hit two or more innocent people? GUNS HAVE NO PLACE IN A FAMILY STORE OR ANY STORE..also,i don’t remember anything about a knife to a girl..just trying to get a yes vote..


Kevin Singleton September 10, 2014 at 8:23 pm

Don you probably never heard of it because very rarely do the put out tha situations in tha media when a gun was used for good. The media only shows tha evil ppl an what they do with a firearm rarely do they show the good ppl an what they do to stop the bad guy


K.R. October 21, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Do you think the criminals use that same motto? No…they don’t! Family establishment or not, a criminal has the upper hand if good law abiding citizens have their constitutional rights revoked!!! You can take the guns from us (I am a law abiding citizen) and you will still have criminals with plenty of guns!!! That’s not very fair!! And don’t say the law has that covered, that’s BS!! It’s already a law that a convicted felon cannot own or have access to gun. How many of those criminals that have guns do you think are already convicted felons?? Probably all of them!! If you are ever put into the position that was mentioned with the little girl, you will be thankful that there was a law abiding citizen there to save lives!!!


mark September 24, 2014 at 3:33 pm

what an idiot……


Kevin Singleton September 10, 2014 at 8:20 pm

No one has the right to tell me where I can or cant protect myself my family an yes even tha folks that believe I have no second amendment right


Kevin Singleton September 10, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Say there was something to happen with a bad guy with a gun?? What u gonna do…yes call a cop (a good guy with a gun) an wait 5 10 20 mins for em to get there assuming ur even able to make the call….when lets say me(not a cop but also a good guy with a gun) is there sees it as soon as it starts an ends the threat immediately. Bottom line is a bad guy with a gun is always stoped by a good guy with a gun its how long can he/she inflict harm before the good guy can stop it u should worry about


l d mcknight September 3, 2014 at 5:22 pm

Credit Card Fraud
At the Orchard Mesa City Market gas station, I had nearly duplicate charges of $117 dollars on 8/30/14. Visa is investigating. I call your 800 number and the rep would not do, report, of take any information. I called the store and received the same response.

There is a problem and I am alerting corporate level


Robert Collins September 3, 2014 at 3:06 am

I am the CEO of Color Me Father. We are a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization, located in Decatur, GA. We are currently partnering with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 4706, in an effort offer an outdoor event for the children of the community, after school on Halloween afternoon. In order for us to effect such an event, we will have to rely chiefly on corporate sponsors such as yourselves. Please furnish me with the necessary procedure and name of a contact person to whom I might direct any requests for donations.

Thank you in advance. Robert (Bob) Collins, CEO, The Color Me Father Foundation, 404-512-****.


Q September 3, 2014 at 1:51 am

I am a very unhappy employee of Kroger. Who am I supposed to talk to that will actually listen and help me make a difference where I work? Am I simply better off going elsewhere?


LeAnne Smith September 2, 2014 at 7:49 pm

I am a long time customer of the Kroger in LaGrange Ky. Each time I purchase meat there it is spoiled and I have to return it. Many of my neighbors are also having the same problem with meat purchases at this store.
Each time I return the spoiled meat I ask to speak to a manager only to find that they do not seem at all concerned and give the impression of oh well just some spoiled meat here is your refund for the purchase.
This has happened to me numerous times at this store. I will not purchase any meat there anymore and will take my business else where. I have also heard a lot of my neighbors and family say that they intend to start shopping somewhere else as well.
So if you live in LaGrange Kentucky please do not purchase meat from the Kroger store as they have a real problem with selling spoiled meat to their customers.


Mrs. JK Vandenbos September 2, 2014 at 6:52 pm

I applied to a Loaf N Jug a month ago Aug 4, 2014, offered the job and still waiting for my “information to clear.” My manager to be Megan Smith and I have been waiting to hear from HR for a month now. That is concerning me as to why?
Today I interviewed with King Sooper and KS preformed the same posses. All my “information” cleared in less than six hours. What exactly is going on here with “Kroger”?
This was concerning for me until today because thankfully my information cleared so quick with King Sooper. check. I call this number 1-800-576-4377 and spoke to a Kim today and a Vicky the other day. I was trying to reach HR to see what was going on.
Both times the ladies told me, “HR is only for employees and you can not speak to them.” I asked Kim to give me a number or supervisor that could help my further because I obviously got a hold of the wrong number.
Both women the could not help me and bottom line, Kim refused to direct me in the right direction or give me a supervisor. Kim said she had no supervisor. She just kept repeating herself over and over until I said, ” Why are you repeating yourself”? I was told that I did not understand as if I was an idiot.
I find it very wrong and it was very frustrating tiring to get help from your customer support women, Kim.
I called King Sooper HR and got a hold of a live person, got a number for Loaf N Jug’s HR and a name of Isabell all in about 10 mins. How hard is that????
You need to speak to those customer service people at 1-800-576-4377 op#4 they were RUDE!!!!


Diana Law Dougherty September 2, 2014 at 3:21 pm

It has come to my attention that Kroger’s policy is to allow “open carry” of guns in its stores. It has also come to my attention that many major retailers (Target, Starbucks, Costco etc.) have adopted a “no tolerance” policy on firearms in their stores. I urge you to follow the lead of these other respected businesses and change your current policy soon.
I live in Blacksburg, Virginia; home of Virginia Tech University and still the “record holder” for the worst mass shooting in the country. 33 people lost their lives on April 16th, 2007 on the campus of Va Tech, to guns that were legally purchased and registered. I do not seek to deny anyone their 2nd amendment rights, but some places in this country are not appropriate for people to carry weapons, even if they are legal owners of those weapons. I would count universities and grocery stores to be among those places.
I use the only tools I have to give weight to my opinion; my freedom of speech and the power of my purchases. Although I cannot totally avoid shopping at my local Kroger, I have already switched to buying many items from Target.
Again, I urge you to make your stores a gun free space, where all your shoppers can enjoy the Kroger experience without having to worry about the guy carrying a rifle on the next aisle.

Diana Law Dougherty
* Ladyslipper Lane
Blacksburg, Va. 24060


K.R. October 21, 2015 at 4:00 pm

So you think that if law abiding citizens that legally own guns can’t carry them in grocery stores and universities then those places will be safe?? Say they post a sign at their entrances that says no weapons allowed, legal or otherwise…I see that sign, and as a law abiding citizen, I obey that sign. But the criminal behind me that is coming in to rob the store sees the sign…do you think he is going to turn around and walk away?? No, because he needs his gun to rob the store. Really people your arguments make no sense!!! Criminals can carry anywhere they choose to, so you can bet I’m going to carry everywhere I possibly can!!!


Annie September 2, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Kroger needs to check the bread shelfs. Either the bread is expired for it smells bad.i bought sandwichs thins .when opened it it smelled real bad and tasted bad. It’s not tthe first time .last time it had mole.the Mexican bread had little bugs. Took it home and saw little bugs all over it. Called manger he said bring it back .but that’s not the point .i went later and the Mexican bread was still on the shelf with bugs. That store just lost a customer and more. I told all my friends not to shop there.


Ashley Lurry September 2, 2014 at 1:18 pm

I am a loyal Kroger customer. The Kroger store on 3444 Popular Avenue is a nice and beautiful store but the customer service is horrible because of this one young girl named Alexis. Everytime I go to the deli she is always on her cellphone texting and she doesn’t even acknowledge that I am standing there and when finally get her attention she acts as if I am bothering her. If it wasn’t for a older white gentleman and older black woman I would have went to another store. Why would a company like Kroger hire someone who has a don’t care attitude towards customers? PS This happened on September 1 2014 after 1:00pm


Lorraine Gose September 1, 2014 at 4:15 pm

I am a long time customer of Kroger’s in Ohio. I shop for home and 4 culinary classes every week. I am a teaching chef for Dietetics. Why have you gone to extremely thin plastic bags. Every time I shop at Kroger’s at least two of the bags break and I am chasing product all over the parking lot or in the drive way. I do not have that problem with other stores that I frequent. Do you still have paper bags? Are they any sturdier than your cheap plastic bags.


Loretta Wehmeier September 1, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Kroger needs to remove the stupid gift cards display in front of Customer service. I can’t get up to the counter with it there and also other people can’t get up there because it is in the way. Need to have more than 1 person working in customer service. I am using an electric cart and it’s impossible to get close to the counter. Also they remodeled the store and it’s hard to pay your bill at the register because there is not enough room to
get around the candy counter and checkout stand. Employees also need to plug in electric carts to charge. One time aall 13 carts weren’ charged.


Loretta Wehmeier September 1, 2014 at 12:18 pm

I can’t believe that a Manager at Kroger can decide whether he wants to honor an item in the circular which also involved adding th mobile coupon to yoi Kroger plus card. The price that was ringing up at the register was wrong and didm’t reflect the price in the circular ir the mobile coupon. The cashiet, head cashier, and Manager were sll extremely rude. I guess they never heard the customer is always right, and this vase I was right becsuse the cirvular anf mobile coupon reflected the pricd5 but the register was ringing up the wrong price. I guess they. never were instructed in how to treat customers. Kroger customer service also backs the Manager. Why have a circular or mobile coupons if you don’t want to honor them.


Caleb John Baucom August 30, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Kroger: It is still August. How dare you put out Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Let me enjoy the summer before you start pushing for a holiday two months from now.


Jimmy August 29, 2014 at 2:05 pm

District 8 has gone down since Janice walker took over. If u don’t suck up to her then she gets rid of you. There has been so many good employees and Managers that has been fired or quit due to her. I was fired for missing 2 days of work and Janice walker knew where I was but she still had me fired. I got hurt at work last yr and Janice denied me workmanship comp. I had to use my disability claim, I have seen mgrs during drugs and go to jail but Janice walker did not fire them. I would like someone from corporate call me not the Houston office they won’t help I have tried, maybe I need to file a lawsuit. Jimmy emerine 817-721-****


kroger shopper August 20, 2014 at 10:04 am

I am an shopper of the Kroger store J-100 in Indianapolis, IN. I have shopped there for eight years and within the last 4 months of myself shopping there I have seen so many mice running around of the sales floor. I have told managers and store associates about the problem and the only thing I have heard is ,”we will handle it.” I have seen them (the mice) in the bread. YES IN THE BREAD! in the bags of bread eating it on the shelves. Also, I have seen them running around in the promotional aisle and over in produce. Someone needs to fix this or you will lose a lot of customers in that store. that’s disgusting!


yeahwhatevernow August 21, 2014 at 2:28 pm

there is rats in the one I “used” to work at in Dallas. Management does not seem to even care. Just as long as they get the big money doing absolutely nothing while people who “need” jobs suffer for where will the next pay check come.

– your mice problem will become a rat nest….


Doug Hammon August 19, 2014 at 11:04 pm

Thanks for standing up to the radical group Moms Demand Action.
They do nothing but go around picking fights to take real Americans rights away.
Thank you once again Krogers for standing up for what is right from a loyal customer.


betty griffin August 18, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Goodafternoon krogers dont really knows how or who reads these comments but just a short detail message too a experience that i had with them recently i was taken off the scherdule for no reason at all and mailed a seperation notice when i received it i adress the supervisors over hiring and over the schedule for baggers and cutosity clerks may be spelling it wrong but anyway i was very Hurt from how i was treated as a employee it really put me and my financial status in a bad situation but god always work things out in timely matter i dont thank that its fair too do that too anyone and try and not make it better instead i was without for almost a month.


anonymous August 21, 2014 at 2:33 pm

u need file a complaint with ethics point . fiLE unemployment.

= anonymous (the only way your voice will be heard) and ur not standing up to these people alone. I did so can you.

be brave and safe.


D.L. Brookshire August 18, 2014 at 12:54 pm

I have been shopping at Kroger for many years. I have recently heard that this anti gun group called MOMS is demanding that Kroger ban guns in it’s stores. This is ridiculous, and Kroger should stand up and tell them that these stores erlong to Kroger and they are not going to be told what there rules will be by a group of gun grabbers. The second amendment should not be infringed upon by anyone. I always carry regardless of where I go, and have been for years, without any problems. There have been a few stores that have asked customers not to bring guns into their establishments recently, Sonic, and Target, just to name a few, and I will not be doing business with any company that doesn’t allow open carry. If Kroger joins this list then my shopping at Kroger is done. All of these gun grabbers are so blind and not very smart. If they were they would see that America needs guns no more than ever.


Forrest August 18, 2014 at 6:50 pm

What is ridiculous is a person who feels the need to take a gun into a grocery store.


K.R. October 21, 2015 at 4:15 pm

If you are ever in a store that doesn’t allow guns and you are just minding your own business and next thing you know you have a gun pointed right between your eyes and the person holding it there is telling the cashier to give them all the money in the drawer or this guy dies, then stop and think how ridiculous it is. Criminals carry guns anywhere they want regardless of the store policy. If you are ever in that situation, you might wish that some law abiding citizen actually had one at that point in time. Just sayin’!!!


Ms. Nicole Coates August 15, 2014 at 11:13 pm

While using the 5/3 inside Kroger’s my brand new 2014 truck was hit by a roll of carts. The employee never reported the incident, but luckily I left my kids in the car. The Kroger employee never knew that he was being watched by my seventeen year old because my windows are tinted very dark. Not sure where Kroger find their associates who handle their claims, but I’m ready to use my own insurance, which will be a way better experience. If you drive a nice vehicle don’t shop at Finney Kroger’s…. you will be sorry with their shoe box parking lot.


Sam August 15, 2014 at 4:36 am

Dear Headquarters,

Please bring back your armed officers. I have seen what it is doing to my community and it sickens me. Columbus Police are stretched so thin, that the security company you hired has been seen doing wonderful work in the Columbus area, not just within the walls of your Kroger stores. The homeless and druggies take refuge in stores, and often try to steal from your stores and harrass shoppers. Please protect you employees and customers by paying the little extra for armed offficers. It is a shame that you would ask someone to defend your THINGS and not respect their ability to protect their LIFE. They have family to get home to. Please use the example of Patrolman Justin Conley of the Mount Orab Police Dept who was shot by a man he arrested hour prior. He was ambushed by the man, and shot. All because the officer arrested him for driving drunk. Thank heavens he had a VEST on–it saved his life.

You are a well established and popular company with 5 stores within a 10 square miles. I think you can afford the extra cost of armed guards. Let’s show the community you honor LIFE more than extra MONEY. And honestly, I don’t see how the benefits of unarmed security is outweighing the loss of merchandise via shoplifting. People are willing to stab officers over $1 drinks. This is the sad truth. For the love of God, please let your security protect themselves and others. I hope you repeal your recent decision, before someone gets seriously hurt. One person hurt or killed is just one too many. I bet your family shops at Kroger too.

Thank you


Sam August 15, 2014 at 4:42 am

I would also like to note that I recently dialed 911 in Columbus to report something, and upon dialing I heard ” All dispatchers are currently busy, please wait.”
Again, please arm you security!


james phillips August 14, 2014 at 12:16 am

I think your commercial.saying fogs are not smart is wrong.i bet most dogs are smarter then hafe the people you have work for you.


Jim B Mallory August 10, 2014 at 11:05 pm

TAugust 10, 2014

David B. Dillon
The Kroger Company
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear Mr. Dillon:

First let me apologize for having to write you this letter. As you will be able to determine after reading this letter, I can gain no consideration of customer service at the store in question and my only option was to contact you.

This letter is about a set of unfortunate events that happened at Kroger Store “034 Kroger #509” located at 4901 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75235. I have enclosed a copy of the receipt and since this involves gift cards, the slip that Kroger provides for each gift card purchased.

Let me qualify myself as a Kroger customer. I have patronized Kroger as a child with my parents in Atlanta, then as an adult in both college and since college in Georgia, Texas and at Ralph’s in California. I have lived in Texas (this time) since 1989 and have been a loyal Kroger customer. I am a Kroger Rewards member and have been since the introduction of the card. My number is 407605 604662.

I am a meticulous record keeper and upon doing research for this letter I have learned that I have spend the following just using American Express since January 2009. The total below shows $30,571.80. I may not be Kroger’s best customer, but I am not an insignificant one, either. You can verify this by comparing my fuel points on my Kroger Rewards card. I can provide you with any level of detail you would need to also verify this.

All that qualification being stated, here is why I am writing you.

I entered the referenced Kroger store around 5pm on Friday, August 8, 2014. As usual at that hour on that day, it was quite busy. I stop at that Kroger store about the same time each Monday and Friday to make my semi-weekly grocery purchases. I made my stop on this day especially because you were have a 4X fuel points promotion and when that promotion is underway I but between $500 and $1000 in gift cards to take advantage of that promotion.

That Friday, I used the “less than 15 item” check our area for the five cards and two additional grocery items. The five cards were $100 Lowes, four $50 TJMaxx, $200 Nordstrom and $500 Amazon. The gift card total was $1000 and the entire amount including the two small additional items was $1001.15. After swiping my card charging the amount and getting the receipt I noted that it did not reflect the fuel points, in fact there was no reference whatsoever to Reward points. That is when the check out person said that the Rewards card had not been scanned. He did not ask for it nor did I voluntarily give it to him. I then gave him the card and he said he couldn’t do anything that I would have to go to customer service. I looked over at customer service and saw a very long line and groaned but, nonetheless got in the line.

The checkout time on the receipt shows 5:24pm on Friday, August 8. This is an incredibly busy time at this Kroger location and especially at customer service with people getting payroll checks cashed, buying money orders, etc. I got in the line and I was sixth in line. At the customer service desk there was one person. Yes, one person working the customer service area.

There was an elderly woman in front of me who showed some challenges in standing and who was getting increasingly upset that the line was not moving. She asked the lone man at customer service “can you please call someone to come help you.” The response from the lone man (whose name tag said Jonathon” was a loud, rather hateful “I am only one person. You’ll have to wait.” Where this did not answer the elderly woman’s question, it also showed a complete lack of respect for the elderly and a hateful, unnecessary attitude for someone in a customer service role. Though that exchange between them was none of my business, feeling compassion for the elderly lady, and, frankly, wondering why he hadn’t called for assistance, I countered back, “That is no way to talk to a customer.” There were some other people in line chiming in including the elderly lady. While this was going on, as another employee passed I asked him to get the manager on duty to come to the area. The employee, Everett, was very gracious and in a few minutes a man whose name I cannot remember (it could be Peter or Phillip or something like that) who is a man of shorter stature, came to the front. I then asked him if he were the manager in charge and he said yes. I asked him why there was only one person in customer service at this busy hour and could he get some help there. By this time, the elderly lady had also gone off on her own to seek additional assistance and there was a woman who joined Jonathan. I made some comment to her and the shorter store manager that something needs to be done about the attitude and demeanor of Jonathon. The woman, whose name was I believe “Anna,” in a harsh tone to me said, I will deal with that in private. I agree with that message but take issue with the manner of her delivery to me. At this point the short store manager slipped away to parts unknown. He left what was obviously a volatile situation that had not been resolved. Shame on him.

Anna and Jonathan continued to do the payroll checks, money orders, and whatever else they do up there and about 20 minutes later the elderly lady was summoned to be helped by Jonathan. As she got up there she was continuing to question him about why he didn’t get some help sooner. The elderly lady was interrupted by Anna who, in a very snarky tone, told her to not continue to talk with him about that and that if she were that upset, she (Anna) would help her. Again, the tone was patronizing and condescending and one of clear admonition. Again, I had to pipe in “Don’t chastise this lady; she is simply continuing to express her frustration.” At this point a third person arrives at customer service. Rather than to assist with the people in the line, which remained at a queue of 5-7 people, he began doing other things. Then my turn came and I was summoned by Jonathon. I stated that I would wait for Anna, so other people behind me went ahead. Again, the third person, a tall lean African American man, continued futzing around doing who knows what.

Then came time for me to be summoned by Anna. By this time I was completely fed up with the entire situation, the snarky, condescending, unprofessional and rude behavior of the “customer service” staff and the skulking off of the store manager in the presence of a volatile situation. When Anna asked how to help, I explained that the checkout clerk did not ask for nor did I volunteer my Kroger Rewards card and therefore my $1000 purchase of gift cards did not result in my getting ANY fuel points. I further stated, that due to all the negativity that had happened in the 20 minutes I’d been waiting I wanted a refund on everything—gift cards and all. She curtly said, we don’t give credit on gift cards. I asked for someone in higher authority to tell me that. She then turned to the third person who had arrived and who had “futzed” around telling him, “will you tell him we don’t refund credit cards” and that is exactly what the third person said. I asked him if he were the store manager and he stated he was X manager (I don’t recall what X was) but I knew it was not THE store manager. So I asked again, are you the store manager and he gave me the same answer. So a bit more animated, I asked, “how about answering the question asked, are you the store manager, the one who has ultimate authority of this entire store at this exact moment in time. With this, he got on the phone and summoned the person who arrived shortly who was the same shorter man I described earlier. The third man said, indicated to me, “he wants a refund on these gift cards and we told him we don’t give refunds on gift cards” but the third man did not give the store manager the context. So I had to. At that point the store manager said “we can’t give refunds on gift cards but we can call and get the points added. I said OK. Then the third person curtly stated, I need your Kroger Rewards card. At this point I opened my wallet, got out the card and because the man who asked for it was not close enough to hand it to, I dropped it on the counter as near to him as I could. At this point he said, “He threw that card at me and I’m not putting up with more of his ‘XXXXX’” and walked away telling the store manager, I’m not dealing with that XXXXXXXX, I did not hear the name he called me. At this point, the short store manager told me, “we’re through with you, we’re not helping you anymore, and you need to leave.” This prompted, “You’ve not helped me at all” and “I know my way out.” I was still holding the gift cards and I left.

Upon getting in to my car I realized that I did not have the receipts or the other two items that I purchased and paid for. I called the Kroger Customer Connect number and told all the above to the young man I spoke with. He said he called the store and that the store said that I could get the receipts if I came back to the store and saw the security officer but that I was not to entered the store that I was banned from the store for “rude behavior and ‘throwing things.” With this, I asked a friend of mine to go get the receipts and when he tried, he was told that the receipts were with the “lead” security person and that she had gone home for the weekend and I would have to come back on Monday. With this, I called the Kroger Customer Connect again, spoke with a different person, told the same story with the addition of the security thing I just referenced and the second customer connect person said that the store has my receipts and items and that “if you behave” you can come in to the customer service area and get the items and receipt. I am 60 years old and it’s been many, many years since I have heard the phrase “if you behave.” That was unnecessary. I think that those in a service position (Kroger employees) need to recognize who the customer is and treat the customer accordingly. Likewise, the customer needs to act with respect. More on that later.

I went to the Kroger, reluctantly, as I had no idea what kind of ambush I would be encountering, went to the customer service area (this was at 7:45pm), Jonathon handed me the bag that had the items and the receipt, I thanked him and left.

The next morning I called Kroger Customer connect to try to get the fuel points and was told that since it was such a large amount they could not do it, that I would have to go to the store where I got them. I explained that I was “banned” from that store. They then said that perhaps another store could do it. I went to the store in Dallas on Cedar Springs (about 2 miles from the one on Maple), spoke with Tonya and she was exceedingly helpful, friendly, gracious and the epitome of customer service. The differences between customer service on Maple and that on Cedar Springs could not be more dramatic.

When I tried applying the $500 Amazon gift card to my Amazon account, I had nothing but trouble. I had to call Amazon and they had difficulty finding a record of validation of the card, but fortunately I have all the paperwork that I got at 7:45 on August 8. I suspect that in retaliation someone did something that put those gift cards in limbo. I haven’t tried the others yet as I wanted to write you first.

By the way, after providing Amazon with all the proof I had, they credited my account $500, but it wasn’t because of the card’s validation from the Kroger on Maple.

I do want to say that I regret my actions in the store. I got involved in the exchange between the elderly lady and the rude customer service person and that was none of my business. However, I saw my mother in the elderly lady and felt that the lady needed some support, and besides, Jonathon did need some help. All that being said, my actions were not appropriate. My raised voice only happened when the people I spoke with did not answer the question asked—the third person who would not answer the question of “are you the store manager.” It is maddening when a simple question is not answered. I would personally admit my regret at my actions to all those involved, but I have been banned. Please let this letter serve as that admission to those people. Lastly, I DID NOT throw anything nor did I use any profanity, unlike the third person who came to the customer service area. I tossed the Kroger Rewards card on the counter. When I did, it landed gently and did not hit anyone or anything. That third man simply did not like that I continued to challenge him and, yes, berate him for not answering the question I asked. That is why he stormed off using the profanity.

The following in no way is intended to justify anything I said or did, but where I own what I did, Kroger and its employees own their actions, too.

• Why didn’t the check out person ask for the Kroger Reward card? All the others do. Had this happened, none of this mess would have followed.
• Why, on a busy Friday afternoon at appx. 5:30 did they only have one person in the customer service area and especially with a consistent queue of about 5 people AND knowing that there are money orders, payroll checks, etc., as well as other things that are very time consuming. This is very poor planning.
• Why did Jonathon feel that it was appropriate to yell at the elderly lady “I am only one person” which did not answer the question of “can you get someone to help you?” Has he been brow-beaten by management to not ask for help? Also, he needs to be trained to answer the question asked.
• Why did the store manager upon my first summoning of him, retreat from the area know that the situation was still volatile?
• Why did the third person in the customer service area continue to “futz” around the area when there were customers in line who had been in line 10-20 minutes?
• Why did the third person not answer the very simple questions of “are you the store manager?”
• Why did the third person find it necessary to use profanity stating that he was not dealing with “his XXXXX” and walk away?
• Why did the short store manager eject me from the store and keep my receipts?
• Why did I get multiple stories about how I could retrieve the receipts?
• What happened to the gift cards, at least the Amazon one?
• What is wrong with the leadership at this store?

Again, I am not trying to justify anything that I did or said. I got involved in something that was none of my business and it escalated from there. But Kroger is culpable in this scenario as well. You are in the service business and this was not good customer service for any of the people involved, including those who had to listen to all of it.

Lastly, I feel that a “ban” from that Kroger store is quite a harsh punishment when Kroger was just as liable for the unfortunate situation as I was and especially an egregious punishment to me when I was demeaned by the third person in the customer service area by his use of profanity describing the situation with me.

Where I may never visit that store again, I would like to ask that the “ban” be rescinded. I did nothing to warrant that. That is all that I am seeking here, unless I find that I have similar problems with the other cards that I purchased. There is something just not right about that store in and of itself but especially compared to the one a scant few miles away. Seems like it would be store management (or lack thereof).

Thank you for taking this letter seriously, because I do. In my 60 years of life I have never been banned from anything and I find it offensive. Again, I am not justifying my actions or my words as I was wrong and I believe I have learned from this. Next time, rather than to speak up while in line, I’ll simply call the store and ask to speak to the “person on site with the ultimate authority for the store at that time.”

Should anyone wish to talk with me about this, I can be reached at 469-441-XXXXx.


Jim B. Mallory


Elona August 10, 2014 at 4:36 pm

i was at the store 25780 middle belt rd in farmington hills mi. i used the coinstar machine. i when to cash my ticket and the cashier Duane tells me there is no money to give me, come back another day> i asked to talk to the manager and waited 45minutes for him to come. the manager Michael was so rude and told me that there was nothing he could do. Duane had just cashed a check in front of me after telling me that he had no money in the cash register. I’ve leaved in farmington hills all my life and never have been treated like that. i think the manager there is races, real races. finally i got my money after 1 hr and had to point out to the manager that duane just cashed a check. i think that kroger is a poor run kroger and ill never shop there someone should look at the cameras and see the way i was treated.


Laird August 9, 2014 at 4:19 pm

ANYONE WANT TO BE REALLY HEARD BY Kroger follow this link:


Bridgette August 8, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Please email me I have a complaint about a store I work at. At this point I don’t know who to go to.


Sue August 7, 2014 at 6:23 am

To whom it may concern,

I live in Princeton, WV, and regularly shop at the local Kroger on Stafford Drive in Princeton WV. I also am employed full time and often do my shopping rather late. Some nights I work until past 11pm and just need to swing by kroger for a couple items before I go home for the night. The local kroger used to stay open 24/7 but have somewhat recently began closing at midnight. While i understand slower business sometimes makes this necessary I do NOT understand why this gives the kroger employees the right to be rude to customers! My husband often is the one to stop by to pick up items we may need for dinner, or for breakfast the next morning or for his lunch for work the next day. The past several times he has ran a few minutes late so he grabs what he needs as quickly as possible and may sometimes be 3 to 4 minutes after 12 and has been treated terribly by the nighshift employees! He was ran out of the store twice and tonight was told (by the cashier with her cell phone glued to her ear!)when he got to the register that they could not ring up his purchase! When he ask to speak to a manager he was told managers no longer work night shifts. Im a manager myself for the business I work for and happen to know that if there is a paying customer in the store past closing, that customer is too be served! I’ll be taking my business to Wal Mart from now on, apparently the appreciate customers and don’t refuse their business!


Amy M Sims August 7, 2014 at 12:24 am

We spent our vacation in Michigan (Davison) and I must say I was very impressed with the whole Kroger store. Normally we would shop at VG’S, which is more like where we shop at home. But the service at VG’s was less then inviting this time. The customer service at Krogers was excellent!~ from the way the meat counter person actually came around the counter and handed me the package , to the deli girl who let me try 2 different brands of turkey so I could see which one was more like Boar’s head (which I love) & even the bagger who let us know there was a car show uptown that weekend. Yes, I was impressed! Way to show up VG’s, Krogers. Keep up the great work!


Wilson August 6, 2014 at 1:21 am

Kroger in Waycross Ga has been horrible the last 2 weeks. Both times I went shopping the shelves were bare. The things I needed I couldn’t get because they were out of. No stockers during the day that I could find to see if maybe they had it in the back. I’ll have to find a different store if things don’t soon change. Must need to hire some stockers or some that can get the job done!! That’s a good way to lose customers!!!


Evelyn August 6, 2014 at 12:17 am

URGENT MATTERS in which upper tiers management associated with Krogers’ Pharmacies should be made aware of. Matters concerning such a grave distrust to the company and public whom trust them in respect of their well being. Matters which I can only call SECRET CRIMINAL ACTS at work in which I have and am experiencing with the above mentioned Kroger drugstore. Such cunning acts I feel could only be spawned and executed by nothing less than a characterized psychopathic personality disorder marked by hostile, cruel, unaccepted behavioral standards in their thinking process, having lack of remorse or empathy for the people they cause so much suffering to.

And now having thought and thought I ask myself WHY such things are yet occurring? WHAT could motivate hearts and consciousness to relentlessly participate in the suffering of innocent people as they hide behind the Kroger’s name?. One prominent and lasting reasoning comes to mind is the under-the-table racketeering-exchange of MONEY.

Now having survived in the past, these undoubtedly SWITCH OF GOOD MEDS WITH apparently look-a-like meds in which altered compounds have proven to clearly be formulated different than good meds, even though meds are identified as being from the same manufacturers, these SWITCHED MEDS have dangerously elevated blood pressure, some causing unhealthy swelling, some even causing life-threatening rapid heart rate, even noticeable harmful changes in kidney function and or elevate sugar levels, none of which I would suffer having received previous good formulated meds from same manufacturers.

Having suffered through these apparently SWITCH OF GOOD MEDS WITH BAD MEDS, I began to watch closely as to see just how this CRIMINAL SWITCH OF such MEDS were taking place, and how these criminal-drugstore-acts were being kept from innocent drugstore employees.

Here at said Krogers drugstore, there were periods when EVERY TIME I came in with a regular prescription or refill request, I was told they had to order my meds which would be in the next day .. I began to recognize this delay time as SWITCH TIME., time to switch out the good meds for the bad meds initiating the under-the-table racketeering-exchange of MONEY. What else could it be when each time the meds I’d receive were doing me more harm than good?

Then in time at this said Krogers, I began to notice that instead of the one day delay, EACH TIME I’d come in, one particular drugstore employee had began to speciously leave her station always for some type of a break, often times when she’d return, I could see the imprint of a medicine bottle in her pocket … the SWITCH WAS ON …

Over the years I’ve seen and heard many things sealing my concerns of CRIMINAL SWITCH OF MEDS. for this reason now being ever watchful, awake and aware … I was very attentive when bringing in my prescription on July 16, 2014 (ever hopeful that such a diabolical SWITCH OF MEDS scam had run it course).

It was around the one o’clock hour … there were no other customers seating or standing … and the whole time I was there it had been no more that two outside window walk-ups and no other drugstore customers came to the inside while I was waiting …

Normally in such an apparent slow atmosphere it would only take 15 to 20 minutes to fill my prescription … nevertheless I was told it would take an hour .. so I took a seat and began to watch diligently and wait …

About 30 minutes into wondering why it was taking so long (about 1:40). I saw a very unusual young lady walk-in and go behind the counter wearing a loosely fitting smock top, not very neat in appearance. She had that familiar bottle-bulge in her pocket. I had never seen her here before, and I’m always in this Krogers, always watching to see if different pharmacists might be working.

NOW seconds after the strange lady came in, my prescription was ready, THE SWITCH HAD TAKEN PLACE …. Needless to say, I have only taken one of this supposingly Lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) pill, because the first one within the hour elevated my blood pressure to 220/125 , even though a first prescription of this same med worked very well ….

Now willing to pay cash for a 10.00 replacement with a different manufacturer .. on a following day a different drugstore was at this Krogers … without mentioning to her that the meds I had were of a TEVA brand, I first asked her if Kroger carried the TEVA brand, and she immediately told me NO … I then asked what brand did they carry. She went to the back and returned holding a TEVA bottle and said this is all they had.

Also I was originally told on July 16th that the Norvasc was to early to be covered by the insurance, and asked how much would the generic cost and was told 45 dollars, then when coming back on the 31st the drugstore assistant said it was still to early and that I could come in the NEXT DAY,. even though my insurance will pay 7 days a head of a previous covered prescription date…

I just want and deserve good medicines


Evelyn August 7, 2014 at 8:46 pm

To Kroger’s drugstore Upper Tier Management
In Reference to RX 6148384
Store 03400395
360 FM 1960
Houston Texas 77090

URGENT MATTERS in which upper tiers management associated with Krogers’ Pharmacies should be made aware of. Matters concerning such a grave distrust to the company and public whom trust them in respect of their well being. Matters which I can only call SECRET CRIMINAL ACTS at work in which I have and am experiencing with the above mentioned Kroger drugstore. Such cunning acts I feel could only be spawned and executed by nothing less than a characterized psychopathic personality disorder marked by hostile, cruel, unaccepted behavioral standards in their thinking process, having lack of remorse or empathy for the people they cause so much suffering to.

And now having thought and thought I ask myself WHY such things are yet occurring? WHAT could motivate hearts and consciousness to relentlessly participate in the suffering of innocent people as they hide behind the Kroger’s name?. One prominent and lasting reasoning comes to mind is the under-the-table racketeering-exchange of MONEY.

Now having survived in the past, these undoubtedly SWITCH OF GOOD MEDS WITH apparently look-a-like meds in which altered compounds have proven to clearly be formulated different than good meds, even though meds are identified as being from the same manufacturers, these SWITCHED MEDS have dangerously elevated blood pressure, some causing unhealthy swelling, some even causing life-threatening rapid heart rate, even noticeable harmful changes in kidney function and or elevate sugar levels, none of which I would suffer having received previous good formulated meds from same manufacturers.

Having suffered through these apparently SWITCH OF GOOD MEDS WITH BAD MEDS, I began to watch closely as to see just how this CRIMINAL SWITCH OF such MEDS were taking place, and how these criminal-drugstore-acts were being kept from innocent drugstore employees.

Here at said Krogers drugstore, there were periods when EVERY TIME I came in with a regular prescription or refill request, I was told they had to order my meds which would be in the next day .. I began to recognize this delay time as SWITCH TIME., time to switch out the good meds for the bad meds initiating the under-the-table racketeering-exchange of MONEY. What else could it be when each time the meds I’d receive were doing me more harm than good?

Then in time at this said Krogers, I began to notice that instead of the one day delay, EACH TIME I’d come in, one particular drugstore employee had began to speciously leave her station always for some type of a break, often times when she’d return, I could see the imprint of a medicine bottle in her pocket … the SWITCH WAS ON …

Over the years I’ve seen and heard many things sealing my concerns of CRIMINAL SWITCH OF MEDS. for this reason now being ever watchful, awake and aware … I was very attentive when bringing in my prescription on July 16, 2014 (ever hopeful that such a diabolical SWITCH OF MEDS scam had run it course).

It was around the one o’clock hour … there were no other customers seating or standing … and the whole time I was there it had been no more that two outside window walk-ups and no other drugstore customers came to the inside while I was waiting …

Normally in such an apparent slow atmosphere it would only take 15 to 20 minutes to fill my prescription … nevertheless I was told it would take an hour .. so I took a seat and began to watch diligently and wait …

About 30 minutes into wondering why it was taking so long (about 1:40). I saw a very unusual young lady walk-in and go behind the counter wearing a loosely fitting smock top, not very neat in appearance. She had that familiar bottle-bulge in her pocket. I had never seen her here before, and I’m always in this Krogers, always watching to see if different pharmacists might be working.

NOW seconds after the strange lady came in, my prescription was ready, THE SWITCH HAD TAKEN PLACE …. Needless to say, I have only taken one of this supposingly Lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) pill, because the first one within the hour elevated my blood pressure to 220/125 , even though a first prescription of this same med worked very well ….

Now willing to pay cash for a 10.00 replacement with a different manufacturer .. on a following day a different drugstore was at this Krogers … without mentioning to her that the meds I had were of a TEVA brand, I first asked her if Kroger carried the TEVA brand, and she immediately told me NO … I then asked what brand did they carry. She went to the back and returned holding a TEVA bottle and said this is all they had.

Also I was originally told on July 16th that the Norvasc was to early to be covered by the insurance, and asked how much would the generic cost and was told 45 dollars, then when coming back on the 31st the drugstore assistant said it was still to early and that I could come in the NEXT DAY,. even though my insurance will pay 7 days a head of a previous covered prescription date…

I just want and deserve good medicines


Peter.p August 5, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Customer service is awful at Kroger HW 278 Covington GA. The manager also seem to support his employee incompetence instead of bringing justice to customers. I gave Kroger another try and it failed me again. It is about time to bring a young blood to the Covington GA store before it is too late.


Bo Walsh July 30, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Im at the Hwy 278/61 Kroger and customer service is taunting me


Cherol Lott July 22, 2014 at 9:04 pm

Unfortunately, I live in Georgia where the jerk of a governor has declared that firearms are legal everywhere (except in the State Capitol.) However, individual businesses can forbid guns in their establishments, like Target has. Therefore, I would like to strongly suggest that you encourage your managers to place a “NO FIREARMS ALLOWED” sign at the entrance of your stores.

Another suggestion would be to also place a sign saying “NO SMOKING ALLOWED” at the entrance. When I enter my Kroger in Rincon, I want to smell the bakery and the cleanliness of the store, not smoke from e-cigarettes or original cigarettes and cigars.

Thank you.


Joe July 19, 2014 at 6:03 pm

I am a driver, I’m at Delaware, oh distribution center
I have been here for four hours now on saturday7/19/14
Was on time for delivery, just wish I didn’t have to cancel next load
Seems every time I come here it cost me my next load
Because your company can not follow there schedule
And hire lazy people. Frozen side, I look into break room it is complete full on workers that
Have been in and out of there more than there working
I’m just going to stop coming here . It just cost me $$ when I do and
A days worth of work , load does not pay that well


Robeert July 11, 2014 at 10:39 am

There is a Kroger Signature Store on MacArthur Dr. in Alexandria, LA that made a decent shopping store worse by changing things negatively. This store had a decent little deli café eating area of 3 tables and chairs; there were regular customers that used this area and really enjoyed it. This area also had free standard coffee and a ice machine:They took all of this away when they had been promising to put in a new ice machine. Some of us enjoyed eating there semi regularly.They also took reasonably decent tables that were in front of their Starbucks Coffee area, which I never use and neither to the people that I used to see at the Deli area, and replaced them with “Chency, dark brown small plastic tables” – ugly. None of the people that uswed the Deli table area have I ever seen sitting down in front of the Starbucks area. And, I would suppose the whole point of getting away with the Deli table area was to force people to use the Starbuck Coffeee area in hopes of selling the more expensive coffee. I cannot see that has caused any increase and I am reasonably certain the people that enjoyed the Deli table area and the standard coffee there are not falling for the snooker game at shifting people to buying more Starbucks Coffee. No Sale here for sure. The store had been supposedly getting upgrades but none to the talked about upgrades ever came but the prices did increase. Dissatisfied with Kroger’s failure at this store.


Rachel July 11, 2014 at 9:00 am

I have read a lot of comments on here of people complaining about Kroger stores, and I only want to say that I have experienced nothing but greatness from our local 6th Street Kroger Store in Findlay, OH. The workers are extremely nice, and helpful, and if I have had to return something or had an issue, I have never had a problem. As well, they got out of their way for you “the customer”! We being mostly my 3yr old (Aryiah-aka Bitty) absolutely love the store, they actually make Bitty feel like shes an employee (little helper) her favorite employee is Toby Weeks!! Thanks to the Kroger team in Findlay, OH (@ the 6th Street Store!)


Jim July 8, 2014 at 8:10 am

This one tops them all. Try returning a $2.15 box of dishwasher soap without a receipt. The Antioch TN store on Nashboro Blvd treats you like a thief; because who actually saves their receipt? Then the manager told me they discriminate against people this way because their store has more theft than others. Not to mention the box said satisfaction guaranteed and I wasn’t satisfied because it left a film all over my nice dishes. I also returned the box full which would indicate to a rational person that I legitimately didn’t like the quality. Hope the right people sees this at the kroger office and correct the management issues at this store before other customers are discriminated against because of the theft of others.


Karla Smith July 7, 2014 at 9:52 am

I am a long time Kroger shopper but this weekend I went into Kroger store#962 in Indianapolis and never felt so unappreciated and disrespected by a customer service store employee. I went in to use the money in minutes service. There was a sign saying the line starts here. I waited for about 15mins and all of a sudden when the Kroger customer service rep. Finished waiting on the customer in front of me, all of a sudden a lady came from the opposite entry side and the Kroger employee began servicing her. I politely told the Kroger worker that I had been standing in the correct entry line and was next. She still began waiting on the customer and told me that a sign was blocking her view and that she didn’t see me. At this point the customer and myself started arguing. This went on for a while and the customer started using profanity and was extremely rude to me. As she left the young lady began waiting on me and I politely told her that the situation was partly her fault but she refused to acknowledge this fact. She and I stood their arguing for 15mins. She was furious with me and started speaking in her native language to me. The whole ordeal was very overwhelming for me and to top it off the co-manager Latonya did not make matters any better. She asked the Kroger worker to step aside and someone else helped me. The Kroger worker started calling someone on her cell phone and the co-manager told her that she wasn’t allowed to use her phone while working. The bottom line is that although the store is 10 miles from my house I will never go back in the store.


Susan Stricker June 24, 2014 at 2:36 pm

June 24th, 2014
Kroger Corporate Offices
Vine Street, OTR

To Whom It May Concern.
Let me start with saying I love Krogers, at the Hyde Park store the employees are friendly, helpful and I am ALWAYS able to find what I need or want. If not, a special order is accepted and appreciated and always delivered.

I moved to Over The Rhine in September 2013. I have no choice but to Shop at the Krogers on Vine St. in OTR. With Corporate located on the same street just a few blocks away I WAS AMAZED!!!!!
When I was notified that I would be here for more that several months – possible 1-2 years in January of 2014 I have requested that a private selection (Kroger brand???????) and other kroger brand items be ordered.
I spoke with Tom about my request and was asked “How many will you buy?” (was he serious?)
Over the next several months I continued to request the Private Selection Decaffeinated Hazelnut medium blend, among several other items.
I have written it down several tines, asked more time that I can count and was told by Rhonda “We’re not going to order it just for you.” ” No one else is going to buy it.” “We don’t special order.”
Even speaking with the store manager (as he CRINGED!) I was told “were not going to order it unless you purchase the entire order even the it is unlikely the order will be placed.’


With the ever increasing construction and improvements being made in the area of OTR, it is shocking to see such a DISGRACEFUL DIRTY and RACISTS facility. The quality and quantity of products are shameful and very often EXPIRED!

So to sum it up, I have been trying to order specific items with out results for over 10 months. Its not a wonder why locals call it “The Ghetto Kroger’s”.

Sadly and Sincerely,
Susan Stricker
XXXXX Race Street #XX
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


mary ewers July 10, 2014 at 3:18 pm

I have tried endlessly to get in touch with the “workman’s comp.” dept, without any luck. After receiving legal doXXXXentation that I am due $/week, they don’t abide by the Court’s order on any kind of timely basis. All I ask is to get what “little” was allowed by law, on a consistent basis, not when a minimum wage person decides to pay what is owed. Their negligence screwed me and my husband for the rest of our lives!!
Would love to hear back from MR. DILLION! Having come from Hutchinson, KS. where I live.


Julia Mrsny June 7, 2014 at 11:47 am

For the last 5 months I haven’t seen my store cupons I have talked to someone at bakers and they have talked to you guys and I haven’t moved so where are my coupons at this just makes me want to stop shopping there


Julia Mrsny June 7, 2014 at 11:43 am

I know that customers complain and that we really don’t know them just like I don’t know them I was just wondering how Kroger really just let someone go that hasdone nothing but come in do their job stay late when they need them to or come on on their off days to help them out,but another employee can have her phone or get into a altercation with a store full of customers and with a customer and still managed to keep her job this other employee went to the breakroom instead of going home like she was told to but she didn’t calm down and come back and finishes her shift but yet I get fired because of my so call body language and was accused of having a attitude while this other employee gets to keep her job fir her behaviors not to mention its ok for your front ends not to smile and have attitudes torwards people I know at least two that need their attitudes checked and when the front end is called to a check stand to handle something that requires their key it shouldn’t take 5 minutes to come handle it especially if they aren’t dealing with a customer,but just to let you know I he e spoken to a lawyer about this and they feel that this Is discrimination and unfair


charles l. mccollum June 6, 2014 at 3:59 pm

Every since the fuel points program came out I’ve been using the survey site to get my 50 extra fuel points. Now, however, I cannot access the site (Internet Explorer cannot display this site). I’m on dial-up and have not had this problem until now. I’ve been trying all week to access this site to no avail. My provider accesses it easily at their facility. I’m missing getting all extra fuel points! Any suggestions? Thanks. (A loyal customer for 40 years.


Jeff Swingle June 4, 2014 at 2:38 pm

Salem,Va store. What a XXXXX hole this place is. My son was hired to work in the deli. He was going thru his training when somehow the person at the training center told him not to report for training on that saturday,well he received a phone call from the HR some girl named Karen told him not to bother coming back to work at the store and he asked why and she told him that he didn’t report for training. There is a line of communication here and she didn’t even bother to call and verify this. She,Karen,also loves to talk bad about employees and other companies. She needs a attitude adjustment as far as I am concerned. Also my son is better off working somewhere else and not in a XXXXX hole like the store in Salem,va on main st.


Leah May 29, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Overall pleased with Kroger – Houston. But, things are changing. I purchased some beef shank this week. It was sold in a vacuum package. This is extremely nasty looking and probably had been frozen and then thawed. The package was filled with blood. You couldn’t even see the meat for the blood that the paper had absorbed. I refuse to buy meat that has been vacuum packed like this. I will find a market that does not do this.

Also, I wish super markets would quick trying to trick people with their advertising. Just make it simple!!! Don’t advertise that a product is 10 for $10. Just say it is $1.00. Also quick trying to lure people to buy items that they don’t need. “Buy a product and you will get two other items free.” “Buy 5 of these products and save $1.” It’s usually a group of items that you wouldn’t buy. Keep it simple and stop trying to fool us!

Also, the quantities in packaging should be addressed. This was on TV last week. Industry should get together and package items in weights where a consumer can compare price and ounces with another product. I am also tired of the weights of products being reduced and the price staying the same. How stupid to you think we are?

Also I was not aware that Kroger was contemplating reducing the senior discount. This is the only reason that I don’t do all my shopping at HEB!!!


Mike Ream May 27, 2014 at 1:20 pm

I was told that you could get up to 30 gallons of gas with your discount but it will only let you get 20 and then takes your discount away and I ask the customer service and they don’t know now I’m asking you. I would like a reply to my question. Thanks, Mike


nie May 22, 2014 at 3:44 pm

the krogers in springfield ohio on bectle ave are not doubling any coupons ever, i have shopped there for years and have started couponning to find this kroger has chose to do this when the meijer store next door dose double, this has forced me to start looking for a new place to shop, like meijer, one more thing this store dose is give reward points for shopping but you are forced to by only gas with it. every time i have tryed to use those poits for gas there has been some isue on how to use the pump and use the points, i think they are constantly changing the prosses so the poits will not be used, and when i have gotten to use them i could not see any savings from the price to fill my tank, i think krogers should have one day a week to double coupons and that the reward points should be used for more in store savings if i chose to do so,


Sandy May 21, 2014 at 11:57 am

Just wondering if Kroger allows their employees to lie to customers ? I would really like to know ,, I will let all my friends know how big or a liars they are , I am thinking about talking to a lawyer about this , I guess since I ‘m a woman and I guess the person who lie to me thought I was stupid ,, So Kroger Co. is it okay for your employees to lie ??


KIMYATTA GIBSON May 19, 2014 at 10:19 am

I live in Brunswick Ga. and recently all of our Harveys Grocery stores were sold to Winn Dixie leaving us with 6 Winn Dixie stores in town. Personally I don’t like Winn Dixie and a lot of citizens in our town are very outraged and we all are praying for Kroger to return to our town.


sharron hebert May 19, 2014 at 7:43 am

I truly wish Kroger’s would set up a space in the vegetable dept . and place locally grown , or U S A grown tomatoes and such . I hate to have to buy vegetables from other countries . I not only don’t trust the fruit and veggies they also don’t taste as good and they don’t last ,I prefer to go to a fruit stand for those purchases .Your tomatoes either grow mold or blow up with in a few days .


Khalid Rayan May 16, 2014 at 3:54 pm

I’ve recently tried to locate a contact e-mail to your financial or new product division.
I’m a small business owner from Lexington Ky. My reason for wanting this contact info is to learn more about krogers and it’s relation or possible relationship with the small businesses around them. I understand that typically krogers receives there proposals via brochure yet that would not be adequate for I’m not selling a product, I’m in the service and courier industry and my proposal would only extend to my local area..

Best regards
Khalid Rayan
The Milk Man llc


Christina Groneck May 15, 2014 at 12:43 am

This is my new Facebook post: Cold Spring KY
Count your pills, read the print, and don’t sign or pay until you have at the Kroger drugstore.
ON 4/27 I called in 4 refills. One refill was for Matt and three were for me. One of the scripts monthly has 60 pills. I had two refills remaining. When I picked the meds up I signed the screen while the tech got the bags, she scan them and took my credit card, and she stapled the receipt to the bags and handed them to me. I trusted that it was correct. NOPE!
My refill of 60 was only 6. It said on the bottle that I got 6 pills and had a 1.80 refill remaining. 6/60=.10, not .20 which =48pills
First, someone should have alerted me to the fact that my prescription for 60 was only a partial refill of 6. There is no option when you call in to partially fill. Next I paid full co-pay!
I called in another refill just as before, went to pick it up and ask for the head pharmacist. I explained the situation and she stated that she was sorry and she would give me this refill for free. I explained that this was a bigger problem than just paying my co-pay. 6/60=.10 not .20. I cannot believe that the pharmacist told me that it was not a big deal that I would get a whole script next month because my doctor already had another new script waiting and they would just fill that instead of the remaining refill of .8 =48 pills. I ask where are the missing 6 pills that your records and mine state I never got. Furthermore, you are acting like you could care less and it is no big deal. I have totally lost trust. I will have to read the print and count every pill.
Unbelievable that she said it wasn’t a controlled substance, my insurance was only billed for the 6 pills last time . . . she did not understand why I wouldn’t take my free 60 pills and leave.
I ask for the pharmacist name that filled the script and the tech that cash me out; she stated that she could not give me that information because the script was prepared off site.
HOW CAN I TRUST YOUR drugstore THEN….. I will have to count every pill before you check me out… XXXXXX stated that is my prerogative and right. I smiled and stated it is, just like it is my right to have your manager’s name and number. She stated he was on vacation until Monday. I ask for his manager’s name and she refused, told me corp office 800kroger would give him the message. I turned and told everyone in line what happen, then told her to transfer all scripts to Walgreens. I stated very clearly to her that she was not to touch the script that was messed up, and that I wanted the new script from my doctor filled instead. I wanted to seek advise from others before touching that script. They called in all the new scripts except the one that is messed up. They told walgreens that the script had 108 pill refill. Walgreens would not fill it because it is a 60 refill. I had to jump through hoops to get walgreens to get me my much needed meds. And from this day forth, I will take the bottle out of the bag, make sure the bottle and script doc’s match THEN sign and pay.
We were loyal Kroger customers. I am going to seek advise. I have kept every bottle, bag and paper for insurance purposes.


Shawn English May 13, 2014 at 11:12 pm

My wife and I had a VERY unpleasant experience this evening at what was our favorite Kroger store, located at 2525 Hilliard Rome Rd. We go to this location most every time we need groceries, gas, etc. We use 1 Kroger card for both of our purchases, as we are a family. We spend our fuel points after we get enough to help save a buck or two, in these times of very high prices for gasoline. We have visited the gas station at this Kroger and have filled our tanks together upon many occasion, have seen other customers doing the same. This evening however an associate of your company (I believe he said his name was James Williams) was sitting outside of the cashier box, smoking a cigarette, looked over and saw us parked at the pump, said we were not allowed to put our purchase together. Then walked over towards the pump, to harass us again, and as I had filled my tank, had the attendant inside the box, shut down the pump. This however became instantly a secondary issue. In an apparent racially charged attack, Mr Williams, began to talk to us as if we were criminals and breaking the law, even saying that “you should go to jail, when my manager comes to tell you the same thing”, His exact words were “Just because I have this shirt on, don’t mean I ain’t a man, I don’t give a damn who is out here” speaking to my wife as if he wanted to threaten her whether I was there or not. He then stated he did not care about this job, it was just a second job. This was very evident, by his tone and the unacceptable choice of words, and manner in which he talked to us. At this point, I was furious, and went inside to find the store manager. Inside this location, I spoke with a new manager to this store (Bob Markwood). He was very arrogant, and acted as if he didn’t really care, that I was upset. He said he was going to talk to the associate, and I invited him to accompany me outside to the gas area. He declined, and said he would talk to him without me. I went back out to the pump area, where my wife was extremely upset and in tears, she wanted to talk to Bob also. We then went back into the store, and she asked to speak to Bob Markwood, he came to the customer service area, and acted the same way towards my wife. Said he would speak to the associate. Both my wife and I have worked, and managed in the customer service profession, and if ANY associate talked to ANY customer in the manner we were spoken to. They would be terminated immediately! Everyone we encounter at this location have been so nice to us, we visit your store twice a week ONLY to see cashier associate “Linda”. She is the sweetest lady. We realize we are only 2 people of many who shop your brands, and we really don’t matter, (Mr. Markwood made that very apparent) But, feeling threatened to shop in your store is truly not what we are accustomed to. I am hoping something will be done.


Jennifer May 13, 2014 at 5:24 pm

Went to Kroger today to exchange a Kroger brand baby formula for my son. I tried it a few months ago and my son handled it badly. He turned 6 months and eats baby food now so I decided to give it another chance. The first time I returned it I was a little nervous returning it because I had no receipt and figured worst case scenario it was their brand so maybe giftcard to get my baby’s regular formula. I was suprised because I got cash back with no receipt!! I was very confident about trying it again. Unfortunately he had the same reaction and I had to go back again to exchange the formula. Sad because the price is so good and even after contacting the competition and using coupons they sent Kroger still has a better price for the ‘same’ thing. The customer service lady told me at the desk she wouldn’t take it back without a receipt. I told her what happened the time before and she said sorry…she wouldn’t do it. I was livid. I didn’t make a scene but inside I hit the roof. I spent 18$ on Kroger brand formula because I was looking to save money. Now im deeper in the hole. I asked to speak to a manager and the management said they were sorry. They don’t know who allowed it but its not allowed and they couldn’t help me. Thats crap. So…lets get this straight. You bend the rules depending on your mood? Then you forgot to twll the customer your bending the rules for them so when they take a leap in your brand name direction and it goes south you put it on them to have compassion on you for not making sure that your rules are held to by you employees. I have now spent almost $40 in formula in less than a week because your company failed to let me know they shift on rules. I spend $300 a month at Kroger. That is a budgeted amount. If Kroger does not fix this…you are less than a block away from Wal-Mart. I do not mind paying better prices in a packed store if it means I can take 300$ from you for you taking my $18.


Victoria May 13, 2014 at 3:54 pm

Every time I go to Kroger’s On Memorial Blvd. Murfreesboro,Tn. I end up getting the same cashier! I try to avoid her like the plague!! I use the reusable bags and every time, she sets them to the side and lays my stuff all over the place, then she takes her time cause she doesn’t want to “bag” my items. So usually, I end up bagging it myself. Today on the other hand, I chose a register w/a light on and no cashier was around. A girl tells me that a cashier was going to be there in a minute and I din’t hear what she said, so I said “excuse me?” And in a discerning tone of voice she repeated herself! WOW!!! Then who finally comes to the register? You guessed it, Carmella!!! OMG! I just wanted to run out the front door! And sure enough, she started started talking to a previous customer that she forgot to charge for a newspaper because the older lady didn’t have one. Anyway, Carmella takes my money gives me a receipt and instead of bagging my stuff, she takes off to get the ladies newspaper!! I had to bag my own stuff AGAIN!!! When I get to my car w/groceries, I call for manager in the building. I get put on hold 3 times then when it starts ringing again for 4th time, customer service didn’t even answer, but put me on hold again! This took 9 min. and 54 secs. During this 10 min. ordeal, being put on hold, I arrive home! Never spoke to anyone except the girl @ customer service!! I hang up finally and try to call back and a recording came on saying they temporarily couldn’t take calls!!! Where was this manager? Why does this woman still work there? She infuriates me! And I’m a preferred customer? Wonder how non-preferred are treated? Thankfully, we have a new Wal-Mart opening up! I’ll do my one stop shopping there! Good-bye Kroger’s!!!


Eric Olson May 13, 2014 at 2:40 pm

I received an email with a Kroger $25 Gift Card offer. I filled out the information and now I am getting spammed. NO Thanks. Here is the link:


james m woods jr May 12, 2014 at 11:53 pm

we recently purchased youre brand of egg or just noodles to make chicken an noodle I am sorry to say I Will not be buying Kroger brand noodles ever again for this purpous the noodles have no binder what to speek of they cooked into a gummy mush that if not for the chicken I baught there and the salt I added for more flavor would not even be worth putting in youre mouth you need to get a product that is etable but then I guess you get what you are willing to pay for or in this time and place what you have money for I spent 7 dollars on the chicken alone so I guess atleast my dogs will get something to eat but I haven’t put what every you call them now infront of them to see if they would even eat them


Shaun Lopez May 12, 2014 at 3:29 pm

What system/software do you use to implement a UPC scan is associated with the store in which it was purchased? For instance, if I were to scan a cereal/product with a box tops for education coupon, would that be loaded into the store location? I would like this information to be in tandem with a school for which the box top would be digitally uploaded rather than physically cut out and mailed. I would like to expedite the process.


Jose May 11, 2014 at 2:05 am

I have a question regarding a new strategy at the Food 4 Less stores. I heard there was an order to stop pushing the Kroger products in favor of name brand products. While that strategy may increase sales in some regions, that is not the case in others. The Los Angeles area sells more Kroger merchandise and removing them from the “Dump bins” will only end up hurting sales and thus profits…


Antikee May 10, 2014 at 6:53 pm

Dear Kroger,

I was in Ohio a few days ago and had the opportunity to visit your super store in the Dayton area. I am really, really impressed. I love the aisle with specialty foods, olives, breads, your fish carousal was Awesome. Their was an aisle of foods for take out, like lunches etc. A wonderful coffee bar. And the remaining portion of store was very neat, organized and had anything you might wish. We shop regularly at the Kroger on North St here in Nacogdoches. Mr. Strickland has done a wonderful job with that store. He’s always seems to be there and a terrific manager. I was writing to see if possible can Nacogdoches have one of these super stores??? It would a very positive thing for the area and many many folks don’t like shopping a Walmart. Walmart just plan sucks rotten eggs, no personal feel when you go there. They ( Walmart ) just want you $$$ and run. Kroger is very friendly and always seems to be aware of their customers. Hats off and a huge salute to Mr. Strickalnd at our friendly Kroger store. And maybe please a Supper Kroger for Nac.
Thanks so much. Antikee Bush


Colin Partridge May 7, 2014 at 3:38 pm

This email is directed to the Head of Security or Loss Prevention Group.
My wife was involved in a verbal abuse confrontation at the Kroger Store at Eldridge & Briarforest 04/28/2014 by one of two men. This was concerning a dog locked in a vehicle in the parking lot with the windows up. This had been reported by another woman shopper to the manager. One of the men who owned the dog confronted my wife using verbal abuse . Immediately several Kroger employees surrounded her while the store manager’s was summoned. In the mean time the two men involved stood one at each exit in such a way that my wife was terrified to go to her vehicle.
Since the manager couldn’t be found she called 911. to be escorted to her vehicle. It took some 15+ minutes for the police to arrive, still no manager showed up. The police escorted my wife to her car. I called the manager later, he had no idea this had happened
These men may have been armed. If it wasn’t for Parvez (Kroger employee) it could have esculated. I have requested an email apology from the manager John Oettle. I have also spoken with a John Garcia – Loss Prevention District Mgr. regarding this matter. What is troubling is that none of these people seemed really concerned about what took place. Please call 832+814-XXXXX to discuss further.


Eva May 7, 2014 at 9:17 am

I shop at the kroger in Troy MI not sure what the store # is…. I stopped there on april 30th to purchase some groceries and including that was a Chobani Yougurt… when I went to eat one of them yesterday as soon I opened the top I noticed that there was a weird smell from the container… When I looked at the expiration date on the top of it, it said that it had expired on 03/16/2014!!!! How can you allow that on your shelves for 14 Days, not a couple of days but 14 days… I had purchased 10 of them and 8 of them were expired. I can not beleive this. I will not trust this place again. I wanted to take a survey but I had thrown my receipt away. Shame on Kroger!


Ken Medlin May 6, 2014 at 2:08 pm

I’m trying to reach the head of the Human Resources Department concerning a matter at our store here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I believe her name is Ann and I don’t recall her last name and I need to contact someone immediately concerning this matter like ASAP. Thank You!


Henry Ford, Sr. May 5, 2014 at 12:58 pm

I need to speak with someone regarding a customer service problem that local management has failed to contact me about. Do you have a complaint department. If you do, I have not be able to locate it. Maybe you like it that way. No contact number, no complaints. Come on folks, call me, 404-281-XXXXX.


Frank L. Watson May 4, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Also… what most news outlets reporting this story MISSED was that Kroger is CUTTING the Senior Discount from 10% (where it was before) to a mere 5% (the new rate)!

ALSO… Kroger is RAISING THE AGE from 58 (where it had been before) to 60 (the new age requirement)!

Moving the discount day was just a blind, so we wouldn’t see the discount had dropped and the age had been raised!

Which is what has triggered a nation-wide SENIOR BOYCOTT of all Kroger stores.

Because we seniers ARE NOT THAT STUPID, Kroger!!!


sherry Cole April 29, 2014 at 8:39 am

To whom it may concern,
My daughter was being harassed by her supervisor Micheal Hayden 536. So he fired her on 4-26- 2014. But didn’t tell her she had to find out from another co worker.


veronica April 22, 2014 at 10:55 pm

I have gone to the new Kroger that open in Gainesville, GA. I must say that Kroger has by far the worst management I have ever seen. I believe her name is ERIN and she is so rude and nasty with her customers! I will be going back to publix!


Audrey April 22, 2014 at 10:31 pm

How on earth can you justify firing an employee who was protecting your rights and interests and who was doing the right thing, the proper thing? He was defending the rights of all of us by standing up against thievery, wanton disrespect of property rights, etc.
You ought to be rewarding him for bravery, for protecting and defending property rights in a time when our Constitution is blatantly ignored, misunderstood, violated. He ought to be honored, not fired.
Better watch out. Look what happened to Cracker Barrel when they removed all Duck Dynasty goods from their shelves.
We will be voting with our feet and not shopping in Krogers until this “incident” is properly handeled.


John Dailey April 21, 2014 at 11:58 pm

Add me to the list of people who are so outraged about the Arlington Store Manager being fired that I sent an email voicing it! The response I got back today from Nash was not what I wanted to hear so I am finished shopping at Smith’s here in Riverton, WY!!

David Dilling CEO of Kroger – you are forcing me to shop at Safeway and Walmart beginning tomorrow and I will never return to a Kroger store until you have re-instated this hero!!

I spend thousands of dollars food shopping which you will never see or add to your bottom line!! I hope you are proud of yourself!!


Brian Nelson April 20, 2014 at 12:25 am

Kroger is firing its manager for doing the right thing, this makes no sense.
This guy is a hero! None of the coperate thugs who fired him,.wouldn’t dare
help the average citizen. This shows something about the complete lack of
Integrity Kroger has, its leadership is spineless, gutless, greedy pigs.
Everyone say goodbye to high standards or American freedom.
Classic case protecting of protecting the criminal.
Kroger is just another bad example of what is currently
going wrong in the good old USA. STAND UP FOR JUSTICE!!!


George Bryant April 19, 2014 at 3:24 pm

Re. the story titled: “Kroger manager fired after he slams a knife-wielding shoplifter to the ground.” I’ve been a Kroger customer since moving to West Chester, OH in 1978. I’ve also been a supporter of your efforts to place a Super Store at the corner of Rt 747 and Tylersville Rd. And, my interview by Channel 5 where I verbally supported your efforts on the day of the latest defeat in your efforts to get the WC Township Trustees to approve the site, was broadcast that very day. But now I question your judgment in firing the subject of the referenced article. Your “Kroger Values” as shown on your web site are what this brave employee displayed and for that he is fired. This is as dumb as the PC police suspending kids from school because he/she chewed a cookie to look like a gun. Come on folks give the guy a break and then make sure all of your associates are aware of this dumb policy. Have them sign acknowledgement of the policy and then you can, if you still think it is the correct policy, re-implement it. But give this guy a second chance.


In fulfilling our commitment, we always live by our core values:
Honesty: We insist on truthfulness with each other, with our customers, with our vendors and in our business records. We expect and value openness.
Integrity: We act in accordance with our values, even when it’s difficult.
Respect: We treat all with dignity and value the opinions and perspectives of others.
Diversity: We seek and embrace differences in the backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities of all associates, customers and vendors.
Safety: We protect our customers and each other from injury with a safe and secure workplace and shopping environment.
Inclusion: We encourage and expect collaboration, teamwork and the active involvement of all associates.


Chad April 19, 2014 at 2:46 pm

In reference to the article of the Arlington TX Kroger manager who chased the shoplifter out of the store, took the man down then took a knife away from him: This is the type of manager(s) I would want at the store(s) I shop. He is looking out for the safety of his employees and his customers. As a Civilian Police Officer and a Veteran Military Intelligence Analyst, I can confidently say that firing him sends a message to criminals that armed criminals have free reign at your stores. Why? Because any manager or employee that acts to protect his employees and customers will be removed.

This man should never have been fired for doing this. I do hope you hire him back and say you are very sorry for firing him. You made a huge mistake.


mike in minnesota April 19, 2014 at 1:23 pm

OUTRAGEOUSE! The EX-manager is HERO! He unselfishly put himself in a very dangerous situation TO SAVE THE LIFE of 51-year-old Claude Medlock, a man with a questionable background and a history of poor decision making, who was knocked to the ground while holding a knife in his hand outside a crowded KROGERS GROCERY STORE. This courageous quick thinking act undoubtedly got Mr. Medlock out of a situation that could have turned deadly in an instant for “allegedly” bringing a knife to a gun fight in the State of Texas. It is also fortunate for KROGER’S that Claude was not killed in this incident and will be able to continue to roam the isles of the most dangerous grocery store in town without interference, along with all the other unprotected KROGER shoppers, because policy demands that the managers to wait for the massive cleanup in isle’s five, six and seven


Eddie April 19, 2014 at 7:55 am



Phil April 19, 2014 at 6:17 am

It seems it’s a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation. A Kroger store manager can apparently be fired for too much ‘shrinkage’ in the store, but also fired for dealing with a shoplifter. I am very disappointed in your company for firing a manager for subduing a shoplifter. Shame on you, Kroger! I’ll think twice before going to my local City Market store in Denver. Luckily, there’s a competitor’s store equidistant from City Market…


David Justice April 18, 2014 at 10:11 pm

Let me get this straight you fired a manager for stopping a shop lifter. To begin with this seems like a dedicated employee. Secondly I really believe that shop lifting causes the prices of items in your store to go up there for running up my grocery bill. You make check out my purchases on my card and find that I am a loyal Kroger shopper and have been for years. But I will also tell you that there is a Walmart and a Publix within easy driving distance of my house. I strongly disagree with your action and policy in this matter.


Donita Hardin April 18, 2014 at 8:23 pm

I saw the article of the Kroger manager who chased the shoplifter out of the store, took the man down then took a knife away from him. This is the type of manager(s) I would want at the store(s) I shop. This man should never have been fired for doing this. I do hope you hire him back and say you are very sorry for firing him.
There are to many stores around me that carry the same items I buy so I don’t have to shop at a store that doesn’t feel there manager may have just been trying to protect the customers.


lane chiles April 17, 2014 at 8:29 pm

Just seen on the news where a kroger manager caught a shoplifter in the parking lot. The shoplifter pulled a knife on the manager. The manager wrestled the knife away and threw the shoplifter on the ground. Held him there and waited for police. The manager was fired for his actions… Kroger, you are wrong for firing that hero! He was saving your stores money, and protecting your customers by making sure tthat man was arrested. I WILL NOT STEP A FOOT IN YOUR STORES AGAIN, UNTIL that manager gets his job back. You should also buy that manager a steak dinner and give him a promotion. In my eyes he did your store , your customers and community a great job.


Mike M April 19, 2014 at 4:30 am

I saw the same article, it’s spreading like wildfire. Do you hear that Kroger, more and more people are outraged by the firing of the manager in Texas. You are the reason why this country is failing. A shoplifter causes all of us to pay more. What is your answer for this; you punish an employee for making sure that sXXXX goes to jail, absolutely ridiculous!! I plan to tell as many people as I can about this!!


Larry Jackson April 17, 2014 at 6:03 pm

I live in a senior citizen complex. My neighbor and I went to Kroger this evening to shop. I finished before she did and wanted to check out before she was done. Their are no benches or places to sit while waiting for a friend to check out. While this complaint may seem trivial to you because your in good health,it is not at all trivial to me. Every where to shop these days is a (super store) large stores and no convenient places for older people to rest or wait on a companion. With a growing population of baby boomers it is beyond me why Kroger,Walmart and other super stores are doing very very little to accommodate senior citizens. We park along ways away in the parking lot, we go from produce, to frozen foods and are almost worn out before we get to the check out . While living in a over 55 senior building we try to look after our neighbors so we rarely make lone trips to the grocery. One or the other of us waits…so today I stood in pain leaning over a grocery cart with no place to rest near the check outs or through out the store! Let’s do something for this agreeing population,the few dollars it would cost you in floor space would soon be made up by happy shoppers! I would very much like a reply to this complaint and I’d like to see you specifically reply to my list of complaints! Thank you very much for your time and consideration! Larry Jackson


Vince Nix April 17, 2014 at 12:40 pm

This is about the thievery I have witnessed twice and stopped by my mere presence 3 times at the Dillon’s store at Central Ave. and Rock Rd. in Wichita, Ks.
This has been a trend over the last 4 or so months of women with LARGE purses cruising about the store and stealing. I saw a small ham go out the door in a woman’s purse today. Yeah, I peeked when I passed her and her giant purse. It was gaped open.
Sure, she may have brought it from home for a luncheon, but I doubt it.
If you have security there, in my opinion, it is not working.
The word is out that your an easy mark obviously..
I bring this to your attention, if it is not already by looking at the store numbers, because it disappoints me that the store is so lax there on this security issue and the fact that I will most likely get fewer discounts and eventually have to pay even higher grocery prices, and /or watch the location fail.
I would rather not see any of this happen as this particular store has been the best grocery I personally have ever shopped in overall and we have been shopping at this location 5 years and would rather go nowhere else.
Thank you for your attention,
Vince Nix


John Young April 12, 2014 at 6:26 pm

I’m making far more effort to reach you than I would anybody else because I’m very loyal to Kroger. Somebody has wrecked your internet server. For 4 days now, I can’t access anything, download coupons and reach you.
I am Kroger plus card # 42485429785 8/John Young/1104 Sleeping Valley Ct/Brentwood TN 37027
Since Thursday you’re website has become insulting saying you’re working on the problem and “please check back in a few minutes.” I’ll do some shopping with you this weekend but this is irritating for 3 reasons
(1 nobody at your call in number could explain, help, or tell me what is going on.
(2 on my profile page you’ve now erased all my info. The store at which I shop at now shows blank with “no store chosen”
(3 I didn’t get my weekly email from you but DID get something to showing a registration at a store in Marietta GA. So instead of getting content from Kroger/Louisville or whatever division i’m a customer in now, youre sending me mail from Kroger/Atlanta?

I’m now afraid to even try your website because after the Target Dept store scandal, I think you guys have been shut down and it seems even trying to go there might be risky. Thank goodness Publix is up and running, and I’m sure Harris – Teeter hasn’t been put on your server yet, but what a way to start Easter week. I have a lot of shopping to do. But at least please change the graphic and quit saying “check back in a few minutes.” That’s not funny anymore.


Jonathan Herman April 4, 2014 at 10:32 pm

For the last 2 Fridays I have tried to go to the website for digital coupons and the message is that they are down and to come back later due to technical issues. I basically can’t sign on to track and download coupons. The free Friday items can never be accessed. The new digital coupons can never be uploaded to my card. Every time I go back to the site to see if the matter is resolved I get the same message…That we are down due to technical difficulties tray again later. Something is really messed up with your website or something and I wanted to make you aware of it.


Tonia Freeman April 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm

I called about the fact that I did not receive coupons from Krogers to be informed that I do not meet the qualifications of receiving them when I do not use my cardbut not true I use multiple cards from husband son mother so therefore did not know that I needed to use my main card to receive coupon from Krogers really unfair should have been informed not happy with Krogers they should have done something to .rectify..part of the problem I no longer want to shop anymore with Kroger!! not happy !! Should have sent me coupons!!!


Dana March 31, 2014 at 12:26 pm

Last night I stopped by the Super Kroger i Centerville Ohio to pick up a few things. When I arrived at the 15 Items or less check out isle, I discovered a man which either could do simple math, or had no respect for his fellow shoppers. His shopping cart was 1/2 empty and he had already place the other 1/2 on the belt. I looked at the the cart, the 15 items of less sign and the guy’s face and wondered if I was seeing correctly.
It gets worse.
I went to the next isle over, purchased my items, and then headed out to my car. Knowing the guy would be a while checking out his items, I placed a call to the store manager to get his opinion. Any guesses what happened next? The store manager was quick to state Kroger’s policy was not to offend anyone and he was not going to say anything to the customer. Yet myself and everyone else wanting to use the 15 items or less would be left to locate another quicker way to pay, or wait in line for guys like this, which is acceptable to Kroger?
Today I surveyed other locations and found managers which stated they would have assisted the customer with making better choices, or opened another isle if possible. The cashier should have been trained to contact mangement when the issue arrises.

When I contacted Kroger corp today, I was told Kroger does not want to make customers abusing the 14 items “suggestion”, unhappy,uncomfortble, or mad. The others? We don’t count I guess.

Feel free to post on social media, as I will. I plan on spending more of my hard earned dollars at a competitor, even if it does mean I pay a little more.


Larry D Lewis March 26, 2014 at 2:38 pm

I am a diabetic living in Louisville, KY 40291. My Doctor instructed me to eat Kellogg’s Special K Blueberry Cereal for my breakfast meal every morning. He said that the anti-oxidants cereal would help with my diabetes. I eat this cereal for a couple year. Then all of a sudden Kellogg’s stopped making the cereal. Below is Kellogg’s statement why they stopped making the Blueberry Cereal.

(We understand you enjoyed it and wish we could continue making it for you. Unfortunately stores only want to stock the fastest moving items and once the stores start to discontinue them, we find it challenging to produce and manage small orders. It is always difficult for us to make the decision to discontinue an item, as we know it is often someone’s favorite. At this time, there are no plans to reintroduce it.)

Is there a way as they state you all help make the decision to stop making the Kellogg’s Special K Blueberry Cereal. Please help bring back Kellogg’s Special K Blueberry Cereal to the market place.

Thanks Larry


Tiffany Harris March 25, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I went to Kroger’s on thrusday 3/20/2014 on my lunch break to the daily department to get a sub sandwich myself and girlfriend we both got turkey spices an she got the same only she added a couple of slices of lemon pepper chicken tomato lettuce banana peppers pickles mayo mustard salt pepper vinegar an oil well we got our drinks walk to the car she had started eating hers in the car by the time got to our job her last bite she just started throwing up all over herself in the car her eyes looked dark an she got real weak I took her home being late for work call Kroger’s to tell them what had to the store manager I exsplain to him I looked at my sandwich it had old pickles old banana peppers old tomatoes the meat was sour he told me to bring my.
receipt. So I did he tells me the cut fresh meat everyday he didn’t believe us my friend told him the same story separate times then he ask for both our name’s an date of birth I have never been asked dat before in my life my name yeah but not our birthdays then he don’t wanna give my Erin’s because I had paid with foodstamps I didn’t have my card with me so I had to bring it back wen he saw my friend walk up that’s weeny he ask for our birthdays I ask him wat he needed forge tells me for future reasons.there ant no such thing he stereotype us as well as discriminate us on our relationship gender .so I call the store to tell him I am coming he’s on vacation.the customer service lady answers I tell her my story an tell her he took. My receipt I said if I bring back the sandwich. Could she look it up dat way she hold please I hold she so call can’t find a manager she told me he won’t answer the page very rude not helpfully at all so ask for corporate number he gives me 1-800-Kroger call them an told my story she clams she don’t have corporate number either but guess wat I found it on line just gonna go to small clams because we didn’t once get I’m sorry from no one. My friend muss two days of work using my gass to help her with her kids an I had been to Kroger twice still no refund an no apology or Anthony I been shopping with Kroger all over GA.for 23years
receipt an the sandwich my friend was so weak her eyes looked dark just no strength at all she couldn’t go back to work.a single mother of two kids mind you we live 15 miles


Richard Garneau March 20, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Complete joke, as usual.

I am sure Kroger sees 100’s of emails like this but as is pretty much common knowledge, the shopping experience at Kroger’s is a complete joke compared to Publix. Granted their prices are a bit higher, but for the customer experience, what’s a buck or two. I just went to the Kroger on Holcomb Bridge near Rte 9 in Roswell to get dark corn syrup. I wandered around for 1/2 hr and came to find out you had none. Guess I have to go to Whole Foods to get something so unique. Heck, at one point I went to Customer Service and some Iranian guy that spoke no English handed me a bloody list when I asked him for help. NEVER AGAIN!!! Then, you have to be a rocket scientist to know that there is no way to email customer service about those jokers…


N Mcclure March 18, 2014 at 11:44 am

I do not understand why my id is needed to write checks sometimes and not others. I had to renew my liscence recently and was ledt with only a paper id since that is all the dmv does now. But this is not good enough for you nor is a passport which is harder to get. Thanks for humiliating me. It is truely a wonderful day to be denined groceries oh and that is sarcasm.


Diane Ellis March 18, 2014 at 8:24 am

I am no longer receiving an ad from Kroger. I only purchase a Sun. Atlanta Journal and you don ‘ t. put one in the Cherokee Tribune. I. Don’t always have Internet access and I miss my ad.


Cassie March 16, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Hello, I visited my local Kroger as I do on a regular basis. Today my daughter and I were shocked to see a lot of food being tossed in the trash. The employees were cleaning out the hot foods and were throwing tons of cooked chicken and other foods in the trash. We were very shocked at this since there are so many hungry and homeless people that would love to have that. We have a soup kitchen here that feeds people meals on certain days that could probably use the leftover food. Animals are being killed all the time for food and then it just goes in the trash like that. You are a large corporation and have locations all around, and Im guessing they are doing the same with the food nor being used. Why isn’t this food being donated. You have many employees who work for you to make you profit, why not hire some for working to give back and find these people in need who could use all this food being trashed everyday??


Diane March 13, 2014 at 2:28 pm

After 50 years going to Kroger I’ve got to say I will be taking my business elsewhere. I have never BEEN SO DISGUSTED with a store in my entire life. I can’t even buy a turkey breast anymore because it is a seasonal item. Since when? I have been buying turkey breast for a long time other than at Thanksgiving. We eat turkey breast quite a lot not just at Thanksgiving. I can’t buy Kroger vanilla yogurt anymore like I used to Can’t buy Kroger Tang. What happened you go from one of the best stores to one of the worst. I’ve never heard of a store not selling turkeys or vanilla yogurt.


Art Markners March 11, 2014 at 1:02 pm

I was born and raised in New York and was taught to enjoy Raw Clams. For years Kroger has sold them by the dozen. Yes some clams such as Ipswich Clams are sold by the pound but not the Top Necks, Cherry Stones, Chowder Clams etc.

Several years ago some employee accidently put per pound on the label. Management recognized the error and corrected it. The label issue was never straightened out.
Recently some Genius in their organization decided they should be sold by the pound. Have they bumped there head? The last time I tried to purchase clams at Kroger they tried to charge me $7.99 per pound. I returned trying to find the Seafood Department Manager and noticed the clams were selling for $3.50 a pound. I visited Kroger for the last time and was able to speak with the department manager who informed me that a call was made and she was told that they clams were being sold at the wrong price for years.

This last week I was visiting Philadelphia where clams were selling for $6.00 a dozen. Perhaps Mr. Michael J. Donnelly is trying to fund his retirement early.

It is bad enough they try to sell us the lowest quality of crab legs you can find. If they are so proud about the number of seafood items you put in their display case then why don’t they at least learn their product and provide quality items. Mr. Donnelly, I don’t care if you retire early but it won’t be from my wallet.

Yours truly
Art Markners


byron owens March 9, 2014 at 10:56 am

I am a hard working associate that is not being treated right by my Shela Gordon at the 472 location. Since she step in as active manager she has been talking to me like am not a human being she takes a shedule and change it without me knowing i work hard as a team member for this company to be treated like i am a nobody in this company.I come to work a provide great customer service which Shela Gordon over look I tried not saying anything but i feel as if i am being bullied by certain managers like Shela at 472. Every time i go to work i have to hear rude a negative things at work from this person she surpose to be a manager but she only do things for here friends that work in the deli bakery I work in the bakery and I love being apart of the kroger team that why i am writing this complaint because i tried to let someone thats over her know but this is a continue everyday I work and she work. My name gets slandered around krogeand trs 472 because of Shela Gordon and I need it to stop otherwise i would have to file suit on Shela


jennifer March 9, 2014 at 10:39 am

Kroger no longer cares about their employees, its all about making money for them! They are trying to get full-time employees so stressed out so they quit, and they can hire part-time help at minimum wage


Shane March 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

As a former employee of kroger, I must say that it was the wort experience of my short working life. I started out as a deli clerk, and within 3 monts I was Asst., things were going good. Then after some time i noticed my hands were getting dry to the point of cracking and bleeding. I talked to my drugstore and store director and was told to use hydrocortizone cream, and it did work decently. My store director liked me and thought my work ethic was great, and I asked if kroger would be willing to pay for it as a courtesy. He told me to deal with it if i wanted a job. (Ill admit, maybe i was out of line to ask such a thing) And its pretty cheap @ about 5 dollars a week, so i dropped it.
Another 7 months passed and i was promoted to manager, and I have a new baby daughter who is about 4mo. old. Now I cant use my steroid cream all the time beause of baby and so my hands start to bleed again (not very sanitary), The switch to ecolab made things worse as well, now the cream doesnt even help any more. This was putting a lot of stress on me and my wife and in turn I asked my new store director if he could transfer me to a new department. He offered bakery as head baker, He said that because I was so quality oriented and hard working that i would be a great fit.
Now, about the bakery: the manager hired her daughter with supposedly phony paperwork, the new store director and this new bakery manager have known each other for 10+ years, she (bakery manager) yells at her employees, she has fired countless employees ( Or made their life so miserable that they quit) including a 7 year baker that has been at this one store her entire baking career, longer than the bakery manager by a long shot. AkA she was a bad A** baker. And during the year that I held in being deli manager I had seen roughly 8 bakers: getting yelled at, literally crying in the store directors office about their treatment, and either walkout or get fired. No corrective action was ever taken.
My experience in the bakery was the same, to simplify things. I stayed late, came in early, and all the while worked off the clock to get things right. My manager constantly got on my case for taking too long. So i went faster. Got my shift done in 6 hrs consistantly and helped out with other things to get on her good side; her responses: wow yesterday you shouldnt have had 6 hrs worth of work go faster, or your quality of product is lacking slow down. No way to win. At the same time this was going on, I am breaking up with my wife, now walking over an hr one way to and from work. Beause I didnt want to inconvenience the bakery, i still worked, never asking to take time off; and I just asked that she doesnt push me in fear id either break down or blow up. Her response goes as follows, “there are thousands of other people out there who go through the same thing, I did, and Im fine so stop complaining.”

As it all came to an end, as it was destined, she was never happy with anything I did. I endured her. She had broke down crying to the store Director because I told her she was acting very improfessional and rude (ref.1). And on top of all the drama, there was a huge sale going on. My workload increased tremendously. And no help was recieved. At the same time, our oven was breaking down every other day, and our dish washer was out of commission, I asked manager if she would get them fixed; she said to deal with it. At this point I cant bare being in her prescence, and since i cant win with her, I decided that id do what I can while im there and go home. If I didnt get everything done it was a problem, if I stayed over it was a problem. So I started leaving at the end of my scheduled shift rather than staying *suprise*. I got a call from my store director asking if Id walked out on him; at this point im furious because Im apparently walking out when i work all 40 hrs scheduled. I explained to him that she could have given more help and everything would be done, explained how I cant win if I stay, and how Ive been getting treated. Of course Im the bad guy.
Now we sit down and talk. just me and store director. He agrees with me completely, says she is out of line. I tell him that I didnt want tell him beause it would just be wasting his time, he knows how he dealt with the last 3 people who complained about her. Yet he gets defensive and says that he took extensive corrective action with her, but she is so valuable that she cant go. . . hmmm.
So he calls her up, we chat us three. He flips a 180. Now hes on her side, like ive seen time and time again. Yep im supposed to order, bake everything perfect first time, and my normal workload should only be 4hrs so i can help with other things around the department; extra work is easy. They continue to tell me how lucky I am that im in their store because other stores wouldnt be so nice (hint, hint for any one looking for a job with Kroger). And after all of this, he continues to tell me how things will change and how if I stay with them my life will get better; but im done, tell them its too late, Im leaving.
This is where it gets real interesting. She says that Im bringing too much of my home life to work. He tells me its unwise to quit without having another job already. I tell them I already have a couple automatic hire jobs that my work ethic have provided. He says im a bad father and have poor character. (Observation: unprofessional, this definately shows his character, and on a personal level its just rude.) They continue to tell me that I dont work hard and will surely fail at my next job, *scoff* that is if you get a new job. She complaines how she does so much for me but I never do anything for her or the company, and continues on with telling me that I inconvenience her life so much. (Observation: she is selfish, and devious) I voice my observations and explain how I have worked for free just to get practice with baking at their standards. Store director tells me of how he can fire me for working off the clock.
Now at this point, Im not even going to provide them with two weeks. I dont care, they dont deserve the courtesy. I am disgusted with this place now. My 3 month experience with Baking was horrible.
I was on site with my new job in 3 days. Just like every other job I have had, im given a raise within a few weeks and am told of how great of a work ethic I have. After one month I go back to the store to find that store director has been demoted and manager fired. New staff in place. I run into the 7 year baker in the parking lot, (who is, by the way, who gave me an in to the job in the first place.) She is currently trying to transfer back to the store. I went from making 17/hr as manager to 10/hr as a landscaper and cant tell you how much happier I am. Ive already gotten a couple raises from there and know that it wont be long till im restored to what I had before.

(ref.1) the story of her breaking down and crying is more complicated of course; so for you frivilous readers out there heres some insight on the matter.
The history is pretty consistent: I was taught at a different store because there are better bakers than her. when I came to her store she literally told me to forget everything I learned while at said store and not to take any advice from any one other than her because, as she said ,”Other than the head bakery manager of our devision, no one else in our company can bake but me.” (And yeah she really did say that). After only a couple days working for her she started saying things like, “Ive already taught you how to do that, figure it out.” when i asked a question; when in most cases she didnt ever teach me; the other few cases she gave me half a**ed instruction. She constantly preached how she is here to help me. When I did revert back to what I was taught at the other store she would pick up my product, tell me what was wrong with it, tell me to fix it, and either walk away or tell me for 45min. the same thing over and over without giving any instruction on how better to accomplish what she wants done. This was a rutheless cycle. (example: one recipe i was taught as follows: bake coffee cake, put in filling, strusel, glaze. easy. Then She said I was using too much filling, so I cut back, she was happy with the product. One time I forgot about the cakes and Left without knowing they were incomplete. I never heard the end of it the next day. She said, “You didnt even put the filling and strusel on!” I told her my procedure and she gets all huffy with me saying, “I thought I already taught you this, you put the filling and strusel on before it goes into the oven!” (keep in mind im leaving out some parts just to simplify, I was taught to toast the strusel) Okay so while still frozen, I do as she instructed. I didnt know, however, that strusel evaporates in the oven (or something, ’cause it dissappears, vanishes, poof! What have you.) Now its, “You didnt put on enough strusel!” Okay, next attempt I drown the frozen cake in strusel; really quite afraid of her calling me a smart a**. Once again, “You didnt put enough on again, I already showed you!” Now I argue, “No you just told me. How about this, you show me how to do it, and ill copy you.” Her response, “I cant do it all for you, figure it out; thats how real bakers do it.” Now my inner monologue is firing up, “Sh**! Ive been here for a week and now im suppossed to be at Chef Ramsey status!” Okay, so I continue to try and fail because it cooks differently with every different variation she wants me to spin on it. Then I get this, “It looked so good before, what happened?” Her not knowing that she was referring to how I was doing it the way the “good” baker taught me. But every time I bring up that thats how it looked when I did it the way I was originally taught, she would flip the same card, “Nobody is good but me, listen to me not them.”)
It got to the point where I would ask a question and she would walk away. Id argue that if she wants me to do it right, she cant act like that. Bam once I said that my day was over, Every five minutes id have her breathing down my neck saying I was doing something wrong, but she wouldnt tell me how it was wrong or how to fix it. So naturally I turned to all of the other employees for advice; which is also the wrong thing to do. She ended up yelling at me constantly saying that I just dont have the eye for baking, she would throw away perfectly good product just because it was barely off what she wanted. (not mark down, throw away) And at the same time, every time I had her bosses come in while she was away, I got nothing but praise and one bit of advice, “Its too dark.” I alwas thought my product looked burnt, but thats the only way I could get manager lady to be happy. . . Once I baked lighter, she told me, “They dont know what my customers want, do it the way I say not my bosses.” Yeah that was easy to explain next time they came in. In turn she made my life horrible for explaining to them why I didnt start baking lighter product.
“Improfessional, rude” is what I said. You decide.

I hope you found this as entertaining as I now do.
Anyway, thats my experience. Smith’s store 151 bountiful ut.


Anneitta Muhammad February 25, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I maid a complaint about a Kroger to the so called complaint department. And although I gave valid information regarding the issue and had proof to back it up I was told that once a manager makes a decision about an issue regarding a customers issue that decision can not be overturned! I was off struck! What ever happened to the customer is always right! Do managers now have the power to decided how to treat customers soly? If so no wonder customer service has become something shameful!


J. Glasheen February 25, 2014 at 3:00 pm

When you start the new date (Wednesdays) for ads to be effective, how does this complicate the Senior Discount given on Tuesdays? Now seniors won’t be able to use the discount until the ad is almost over. In the meantime a NEW ad has arrived in the Sunday papers which isn’t effective until Wednesday and the senior is still waiting to use last Sunday’s specials on Tuesday. Will you change the day the seniors get a discount? It is going to be messy, confusing, and NOT endear your company to those who have this discount. Please think about that.


m.Perez February 25, 2014 at 1:09 pm

Why is it that your stores keep on raising the price of Old Yeller dog food $2.00 at a time? Your generic Kroger dog food remains on the shelves as dogs don’t even want to smell it. Is it that the reason you raise the price on Old Yeller so your brand is sold. I am tired of seeing this brand price go up and up and you do not even issue coupons on your register receipts anymore nor you publish any. I have 5 large dogs including a dane and a lab. They consume one and a half bags of 50 pounds of dog food every week and a half. You need to review this practice, I just may go to a feed store and get another brand for less. And by the way, you are NOT cheaper than Walmart. The grocery products in your stores keep going up at a higher pace than Walmart.


Corey McKenzie February 22, 2014 at 8:04 pm

I would like to leave a formal complaint against two employees of the Westland mi store on merriman Rd .first the cashier failed to complete my transaction properly and refused to give me a refund . Then the costumer service rep told my it’s my fault for the employees incompetence . I don’t plan to boycott your stores but I’ll have to treat your employees like untrained monkeys if I want service to my satisfaction .


Get a grip March 5, 2014 at 12:12 am

I’m sure your treat employees like an untrained monkey attitude had nothing to do with the service you received. This attitude must serve you well.


Melissa March 5, 2014 at 7:46 pm

If the person (Get A Grip) who replies to the comments made by Kroger Customers is a Kroger Rep, they should seriously check themselves. Comments made by this person are rude and insensitive. It becomes more and more obvious to me that Kroger could care less about losing employees and customers.


Evelyn Scott February 12, 2014 at 4:31 pm

I work for a company that does business with Kroger. Yesterday, a colleague and myself were having a disagreement, seated in the deli area of the Kroger in Brandon, Ms. It was before our work day started. I have since been told that the store manager, claimed he could play a tape (voice) of our conversation. If that is correct, it is a violation of my civil rights to privacy, eating in a customer assigned area of the store.
I have contacted Kroger and am waiting on response as to if they do record personal conversations while you are eating in the customer assigned deli area. Having a video tape of your actions is one thing, but voice recordings of conversations is way over the top. I am licensed in the State of Mississippi to sell security systems (ADT, Comcast) and have never heard of such a thing. The store manager, Mr. Drake, needs to stay out of business that does not concern him.


Get a grip March 5, 2014 at 12:14 am

Your in a public place. Mind your manners and be a professional. If your company does business with Kroger than they are your customer. Leave the law degree at home and behave.


Bill Davis February 8, 2014 at 8:21 am

I have requested nutritional signages in the produce dept for over a year. WalMart has them


horrible company February 8, 2014 at 3:14 am

I started with king soopers approximately in sept , in was so excited to get hired on at king soopers . The company itself is OK, but I was at store 27 in highlands ranch , the general manager is horrible , threatens the employees job if they won’t stay late, belittles the employees in front of customers, tells new employees that they are not worth her time if they make a mistake, this is just the mi!d things. Her name is Norma and she is an absolute horrible person inside and out , I never say anything negative about anyone , but this women is mean and horrible and should not be a general manager and should not be allowed to oversee others .another issue is head clerk JOEL , he yells at employee in front of customers and totally knows how go cut a person down to the lowest of levels , we have a lot of high school teens that work after school and on weekends and Joel, starts at there asses and makes sexually comments to other guy managers, just an absolute PIG and too teenagers and I just could not take it anymore , because NORMA just laughed at me and made MY life living hell , I will be taking this further , but just wanted people to know about STORE 27 IT IS SO BAD THERE oh and santia , she runs the front end. She talks behind people’s back , calls them names to other people just horrible…..


Demetric Shaw February 7, 2014 at 4:36 pm

Dear Kroger GM Store #520,
I would like to take a moment just to smile and applaud your local store #520 on University/Berry St. The great effort and care that your management team have put into giving back to the community as well as concerning themselves with the needs of customers is unparalleled. I am a former pro international basketballer who recently put away gym shoes for a life of giving back to our kiddos who need it here in greater Fort Worth. I am a product of many of the rougher neighborhoods we have to offer, and being now a middle school gym coach, I know the importance of good leadership in the community, as well as in our homes. On my mission to empower our community with purpose and pride, I could not help but stop and notice the rapport and delicate touch the members of your team have with the customers who come to you. So impressed was I, that I mentioned what I do to a member of your management team, and just like that they showed how involved you guys are with community relations. In little time, your staff had put together a plan of action, greatly helping me and my organization with the materials we needed to continue our “basketball fun camps” that are actually empowering motivational talks dressed up as exciting basketball clinics with free prizes for kids. I believe wholeheartedly in what we do. I am sentimental in the idea that anyone could share and help in that vision. Simply put, you have. I was able to reserve my funds to cover other expenses because of the support you provided and that is a huge help to us. Your team is incredible.
I would like to especially thank the efforts of assistant manager Ms.Tonya and Mrs. Bobbi Marshall, the store manager who dedicated her time and effort not only to running a smoothly-operated store, but also to serving ones who need it most. She was a God-send to us. This lady is not only one of the most pleasant people to be around, but also one of the most creative in organizing a plan that I’d seen in a while. I definitely recognize her true leadership qualities, and if you know any better, I hope you recognize as well. If it matters at all to general management, we would love to see Mrs.Marshall in a higher-level management position where she could be of more executive use. People like this don’t come along very often who are hard-working and disciplined, yet creative and grounded. She lives out your creed of social responsibility, would be quite welcome anytime on our community organizing team and I’m positive she would leave as lasting an effect as a community leader as she does with helping with the responsibility of store duties . As you can see, she leaves quite an impression. This is the same message that will be relayed to regional managers and corporate team in Cincinnati, OH. I am inspired by her ethics and because of her, the kids we help can truly say that we chose the “Right Store” at the “Right Price”. Thanks again.


Aaron Poscovsky January 27, 2014 at 10:43 am

I hate the new computer eSchedule !

I doesn’t work great, as no one knows who working that day and who off.

The managers never know if they have a full staff or only a few workers in a department.

Some department have 5 people one day and only one person the next.


Get a grip March 5, 2014 at 12:17 am

Handle your complaints using defined company procedures. Don’t treat your place of employment like a Facebook chat.


Disgusted with Kroger's January 24, 2014 at 3:34 pm

I have been working for Kroger’s for about 2 weeks now. In that time I went from being super excited about joining the Kroger’s family, to extremely discouraged and looking for other employment. Having worked in a bakery department and as a cake decorator for 4+ years, I was excited to be offered a bakery position. The interviewer talked very highly of the Kroger company and told me how easily attainable promotions were if you were a hard worker and new your stuff. Even more exciting for me as I was getting hired in as a Part Time Bakery associate after spending the last 4 years working as an Assistant Bakery Manager/Assistant Store Manager. Kroger’s only hire’s outside management staff if you have a degree or they promote from within the company, which is understandable but also disappointing as I’ve got more experience working in the industry than the experience a degree alone would give you. But I looked at it as a challenge. I took the part time job, as that is pretty much all any company is offering in this economy, and set out to make it my goal to shine and move up as quick as possible to a level that reflects my skills, experience, and abilities. During the three days of computer training (which they had me taking multiple department tests and learning programs as they weren’t sure where I would be working) I had the opportunity to sit in on multiple store huddles. It was kind of exciting to hear how well the company was doing and other information that they shared with the associates and managers. During one huddle, the store manager informed some of the new employee’s (just completed their 90 days) that “you do not want to make Kroger’s a career”. I guess I appreciate the Store Manager’s honesty but really? As having worked as an Assistant Store Manager for a store that I helped set up, You MUST Take Pride in Your Store and Your Company. Not tell people not to work there. That made me worry a little bit but it didn’t waiver me. Kroger’s was now my “New Family” and I was going to be a loyal employee and customer. When I finally joined the bakery department for actual department training, I was very disappointed to find out that I would not be baking anything. Ok, so a few weeks of the small stuff training, no big, figure they’ll “train” me to bake per corporate standards after learning some of their basic ways of doing things. Boy was I upset to find out that it would probably be close to 1-2 yrs before I was trained to bake. Hello!?!? Assistant bakery manager a.k.a. full time baker! So disappointed to find out that my skills and abilities would not be utilized anytime in the near future. Department manger was ecstatic to learn that I new how to decorate cakes. Had only about 40 some odd pictures to show off. So she walked me through her case set up, quantities, etc and set me the task of decorating cakes and such. No Problem, I love to do that. Let’s just say that our views of cake decoration differ A LOT. She stated, “I’m only Kroger trained in cake decoration and I hate doing cakes, but I’m the only one that does”. I can understand that, its not a job for everyone. It is my passion however so I take pride in the product I put out. She insisted that I quickly mass produce cakes, not even wanting me to take the 2 minutes to prepare the bags to be able to offer an assortment of decorated cakes. Who wants to come in looking for a cake and the only different option you have is what flavor cake? I know for a fact no corporate manager would approve of her ideal cake case assortment as there is none. “pick your choice of 4 flavors of cake all decorated exactly the same!” Oh yeah, that’s what I want when I go looking for a cake. She also informed me that she only made cakes that we had kits for or print outs for. No freehand what-so-ever because she didn’t get paid enough to “waste her time for ungrateful customers”. By this point I’m ready to cry because this is not the attitude to have. As I’m frosting away a customer walks up and asks the Manager about making her a monkey cake. Mind you I had just gotten done browsing through the decorator manual to make sure I was doing things according to corporate policy, even if I wasn’t being trained that way, and had seen a few different monkey themed cakes and such in the book. She proceeds to tell the customer that “I don’t have any monkey cake kits nor pictures so I can’t make a monkey cake.” Well, I took it upon myself to show the customer the picture’s that I had found and offered to take her cake order. She said she appreciated my helpfulness but was going to go elsewhere for her cake. Way to go manager, you lost Kroger’s a customer. It also might interest the corporate/district bakery manager that the specialty store made cakes that, at any other grocery store are mandatory to be made and kept out for sale, are “mandatory but we don’t make them up because corporate doesn’t care as long as the case is full” according to the department manager. I’m sorry but my experience tells me that these items are high sale items and they are missing a lot of sales by not even offering the product. Makes me wonder if the customers even know these products exist. And I don’t know if its the same at all Kroger’s, but this store is marking down to managers special prices as much product as it freshly bakes every day. That’s a lot of money not made when they are daily selling only the items retailed at about 10 cents above cost.

I am absolutely appalled by everything I am finding out and witnessing at Kroger’s. I am in the process of finding a new job where not only do they actually care about their customers, the products offered, and their Store, but one that isn’t going to falsely excite you about the benefits of working for them and then have it all be lies.

I was excited to join the Kroger’s family but now I can’t wait to get out. Which is very disappointing to me as the customers seem very nice and so does the regular staff.

If more information is needed, such as store location, please reply to my comment via email address provided.


Aaron Poscovsky January 27, 2014 at 10:29 am

All Kroger stores have to make the same cakes and other products, so that customer can go from Kroger to Kroger and find the same items.

If one Kroger items better than the others, it makes the whole chain look bad.


Shane March 6, 2014 at 3:42 pm

Okay it is important to offer the same products at different stores for the benefit of the chain. But you also need diversity. Kroger made the decision to make all banners (such as king soopers, or dillons) keep their names rather than calling them all Kroger stores supposedly to keep individuality and healthy competition, as it was explained to me in many company sponsored meetings. Also, I know in my store that when they hired an extremely talented individual to free hand cakes; sales went through the roof. And many people came to this store specifically to special order cakes; which makes much more money than the established kroger cakes. They also wouldnt allow pricing for these free hand cakes or specialty cakes if they didnt intend to sell them.
I know that in my division they encourage cake decorators to make specialty cakes for display, and the gal In my store loved her job; and continued on to train new cake decorators in my district.


Get a grip March 5, 2014 at 12:18 am

Stay focused. Have you ever heard the term shut up and color.


Betty Eubank January 22, 2014 at 12:29 pm

I sent an email asking a question concerning the military and discounts for us, as they have closed the commissaries here in Atlanta, and know that Kroger supports the military. It was acknowledged that it was sent to the appropriate division. Not hearing anything I emailed again, was told that it was sent, but told that they could not guarantee that they would contact me further… Somehow I feel you could at least acknowledge receipt and a brief answer.. one way or another….
Atlanta Georgia


diana brewster January 20, 2014 at 8:35 pm

Two weeks ago, I asked the Kroger drugstore at Holden, WV. to order a drug called Tykosin for my husband, as he was due to run out in ywo weeks and they don’t keep it in stock, so always have to order it. It was never ordered or never arrived and today, my husband had two capsules left. Do you know that tikosyn is used for atrial fibrillation and his doctor instructed him not to miss a dose as it could cause a fatal arrhythmia. He takes 500 mg. twice daily and must take it at almost the same time, give or take a few minutes. For the past year, I’ve obtained this med for him with no problem, as I always called in plenty of time for the drugstore to order it. It did not come in this time and I had to go to Walmart, who gave me 6 capsules for him until they could order it. I hope it comes in in time. He would already be out of medicine if the doctor had not given him a few free samples. Is this any way to treat your faithful customers? Could have killed him. Thank you and I think you should certainly check into this.


lucille grietsell January 16, 2014 at 2:04 pm

I purchased 2 fandango movie cards for xmas at my local kroger only to find out that the movie theatres around my house do not accept them. kroger should not be selling them in there michigan stores as the theatres that take them are far and few between. Now I am stuck with 2 gift cards and out 50 dollars. Fandango would not help me nor would Kroger. I therefore will not be shopping at your store any longer as there are other stores in the area.


Lisa C January 14, 2014 at 3:57 pm

I am disputing a $50.00 return check fee from Kroger. I awoke this morning to a charge on my checking account that Kroger has debited my account, without any notice. I have pictures to prove that there is no return policy at the self checkout registers to this policy. They are not the IRS and they have no right to go into my account. The check has been paid.


carlos barfield January 2, 2014 at 4:57 pm

I Carlos Barfield would like to take legal action against my former employer (Kroger) for wrongful termination, discrimination, loss of enjoyment of life and punitive damages. Feb 2013 I was suspended for a company violation, picking up an employee and bringing them to work while on the clock. I find this wrong because management (Tim Stewart) had asked me to on several occasions. Myself being the Meat Manager, who commonly makes deliveries and pick ups, felt I was doing company work. In Jan 2013 Tim Stewart transferred and new management (Vaughn Shears) came in and felt like I committed a violation and suspended me pending a human resource investigation. A week after my suspension produce manager (Brandon Campbell) was suspended for picking up the same employee. We both appealed to our union to resolve the issue. We went through months of appeals to the company and eventually we both had arbitration court in October with a decision in December. I was denied my decision and Brandon was awarded his job and back pay. Finding this information disgusted me. I was overwhelmed!!! There is no reason why an employee since 1988 with a clean record shouldn’t have been granted the same. Since Brandon (being a white man) and myself (being a black man) were suspended for the same reason but received different results for the same allegedly violation, I had to think DISCRIMINATION!! I’ve been a loyal manager for the company for 8 years never to be reprimanded in 18 years. I seek a settlement of my job back, back pay, and punitive damages OR a settlement of 4 million for WRONGFUL TERMINATION and DISCRIMINATION.


Aaron Poscovsky January 27, 2014 at 10:35 am

You are NOT to leave the building while on the clock!


Get a grip March 5, 2014 at 12:20 am

Why are you so quick to throw the term discrimination around. You should be deeply ashamed.


Anonymous March 11, 2014 at 4:46 am

Upon reading the above statement and the respective replies, I must say I am deeply troubled. Firstly, the comment, “you are not to leave the building while on the clock” is true, but it applies to both employees. If his claim is true, with regard to picking up another employee at the request of management, then he should be applauded, not reprimanded. Secondly, I don’t believe he was “so quick” as you put it, to throw the term discrimination around. After having gone through the appropriate steps to regain employment, an employee, irrespective of color, who has had a clean record of employment since 1988, does not obtain his job back. All the while another worker, who happens to be white does get his job back. Well, from an outside perspective, I notice no difference in their situations other than color. So don’t make a man feel ashamed for his American right to seek legal recourse for what he deems a wrongful discriminatory termination. (Idiots)


Anonymous March 11, 2014 at 4:50 am

To add to my previous reply, who would be in the wrong? The store manager who asks an employee to leave while on company time? (which I’m sure is strictly proscribed, pursuant to the terms of your hand book.) Or the employee who did what his boss requested of him? (Duh)

Gail W Colvin December 27, 2013 at 8:08 am

Well my complaint is, the way toy price your items. I drink the Kroger tea. I used to drink a lot of the sweet now only the diet. I drink it a lot so you know I watch the price. The highest price I have seen it was Thanksgiving at the high price of $2.49. That was a very high jump from 2 gallons for $3.00 to $2.49. for one gallon. I was about to sacrifice and start to buy it anyway until I was at, Walmart and their diamond brand was $2.49 a gallon. I have seen your guys at Walmart stores writing down prices, In fact once I talked to one. He was making sure I get the best deal at Kroger’s. After Thanksgiving Kroger’s tea went back down to the price of two gallons for $3.00. Now just before Christmas the tea is back to $2.49 a gallon. I believe that you are now trying to keep up with the Walmart prices. Diamond tea is a name brand tea. Even if they sold it for 10 cent a gallon I would not buy it. It taste like plastic. Kroger tea is a store brand and that’s what you should remember before you start pricing items just Walmart has an item for that price. What other items do you do like that? Tell guys before they bring prices back to you make sure you know if its a name brand price or not before we push the price on to our loyal consumers.


Alex Nantz December 26, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Hello I am from store #409 and our store manager Tony Bowling has been Harassing me ever since i got back from military leave. He has even went as far to tell me that I am less of an employee than I used to be. he is constantly singling me out amongst my other employees and making sure that I KNOW I’m not doing my job correctly. on top of that he expects me to do three or four peoples jobs at once. today I was cleaning shelves as well as being the only one he made go push in carts. I would like something to be done about this before I take it on up to Union or maybe even police for a stressful work environment.
thank you! once again my name is Christopher Alexander Nantz, in case he wonders who is filing a complaint.


Get a grip March 5, 2014 at 12:23 am

Alex, I know the military has taught you about the chain of command and how to properly follow grievance procedures. Why in the world would you ever think this post would be appropriate. Be professional.


Produce Clerk December 26, 2013 at 2:35 am

Hi. I’ve been working for you for 7 months now. In the coming years you wont see anyone sticking around and proud to say they have worked for you for 10 plus years. You refuse set schedules and give zero hours. I made more money at Walmart and they treat their employees like a complete pile of dog s***. I can understand America cutting back to part time workers. But who the hell can live off 0-12 hours???????? When I tell people how you workers are given no hours. They say “Wow, I can’t believe I shop there”. You show zero care for your employees. Only care about paying your executives fat checks. Cops and soldiers should make that much money. Not monkeys in business suits.


Linda Reeder December 22, 2013 at 7:37 pm

I am an employee for smiths in Las Vegas. I am also a customer. I have worked for smiths for 11 yrs.and in starbucks for the last 8 yrs. I use to enjoy going to work and seeing everyone. We had time to talk to customers and really get to know them and feel relaxed and do a very good job in all areas. Now it is horrible going to work !!!!!! Our hours have been cut so bad and sometimes we work by ourselves. We have lines of people and dished in sink piled high we need to change coffee every 15 minutes. It is so stressful sometimes I just want to walk out. If starbucks knew about this I’m sure they’d be upset. There is suppost to be 2 people all the time starbucks way. I 65 and was going to retire next yrs. because I enjoyed my job and I am going to retire soon. It’s just sad how Kroger treats there people. You want your employees to do the job of 2 or 3 people, not give anything in return but the” quote your lucky to have a job. ” The big wigs come in and find everything wrong at the store and blame the store director and we are only humans not machines. Mario is a great boss he tries his hardest and is very fair. Everyone can see the company treats him like crap too. I just hope this company wakes us soon.


Towanda December 22, 2013 at 3:57 pm

I didnt get my $250 voucher after i signed up on facebook it really does not matter what im doing with it or why i want it KROGER should keep its word if we did what they asked then they need to pay up simple as that


stephanie December 21, 2013 at 12:44 am

I am upset because I tried and tried to get 250voucher it would not. Redirect me but others are getting them I don’t have fstamps and this would be a blessing please consider my questiion why isn’t. It working?


Richard Fretwell December 20, 2013 at 1:37 pm

We sent a complaint regarding the dysfunction of digital coupons around the first of December. We’ve received 5-6 generic emails sense then saying that the information will be “passed along” but with no specific remedy; along with a couple of customer satisfaction surveys and one email saying “fuel points” had been added to our card as a “courtesy” for our inconvenience; and was there ” anything else Kroger could help us with. We kept the original coplaint short and used small words. We had a complaint; so you want us to fill out 2 customer satisfaction surveys because? We now have additional fuel points on our card and because “those helpful people” didn’t even bother to look at our purchase history, well we don’t purchase Kroger fuel. And well, if you’re not of assistance in response to a complaint, it’s in very poor taste to ask if there is “anything else you can be of assistance with”. Your digital coupon program is still lacking and you can take the fuel point back, they won’t be used and you’re going to spend money tracking them in your system. We’ll start shopping for a new store and a new credit card that hopefully provides “Customer Service”. Merry Christmas…


renee mcveigh December 19, 2013 at 9:00 am

I want to make you aware of why my family, and quite a few friends will no longer consider Kroger for their grocery or fuel needs. I’ve been shopping at Kroger for around 30 years and almost exclusively once you started the rewards for fuel program. Not anymore. I bought gas at Brookstone Kroger (Acworth) on Wednesday October 23rd and as I was filling my tank the pump cut off and would not reactivate even though my tank wasn’t full. The booth attendant kept insisting my tank was full, and that there was no problem; my tank was slightly past the halfway mark. The very next time I drove my car, it made a horrendous noise and died. According to my mechanic, I had a fuel pump failure due to water tainted gas in the pump and was encouraged to contact the last place I bought gas and file a complaint. The store manager at Brookstone Kroger was very condescending and kept insisting that he had heard no other complaints; only after a 5 minute conversation (confrontation) grudgingly agreed to file a claim. This past Monday, Mr. Calloway from customer service in Cincinnati called to tell me that Kroger wasn’t responsible for the repair because his report said there were no issues with the fuel. And since their reports are all that matters, they will not be reimbursing me for my loss. As I was trying to plead my case to Mr. Calloway (reiterating the pump issues), he actually told me “to calm down and stop being hysterical”, and reiterated their gas report removed them from responsibility. After that I told him that even though my yearly spend at Kroger Grocery and Kroger Fuel would not seriously impact Kroger’s bottom line I would no longer be a Kroger customer, he actually said, and I quote, “That’s fine with me”! Kroger claims Customer Satisfaction, but only as it relates to a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk. When it really matters to their customers, Kroger apparently abdicates from all responsibility. After my experience with the Fuel Attendant, Brookstone Store Manager and Customer Service Representative it is apparent that this is a systemic disregard for customers and not an anomaly. I know that removing the small amount of $$ I spend for gas and groceries annually will not affect their bottom line one bit, but my family will not continue to support a business where customer satisfaction is nothing more than a slogan. Brookstone Publix, located across the street, is now the recipient of all grocery and pharmaceutical purchases; Quiktrip and Racetrac will be our choice for fuel. Recap of my Kroger experience, $17.85 for the initial gas, $688 for new pump and fuel injection cleaning, and $35 to refill my tank…that one trip to Kroger Fuel – $740.85.


Pastor T. D. Mc Lean November 22, 2013 at 10:53 am

Kroger Company
Customer Service
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati OH 45202-1100

I thought my wife of 49+ years was going to cry.
Before your Photoshop manager Jennifer was promoted into store management, she had become pals with my wife and used pictures my wife provided for all the display pieces at your 3165 Dayton Xenia Road, Beavercreek OH 45434 store.

Season after season every picture in the department had been provided by my wife, Carol, and Jennifer also used Carol’s pictures exclusively in the departments two sample photo albums as well as your sample calendar.

When Jennifer was promoted and no one was in charge of the Photoshop, I asked Mr. Daniel Walker (General Merchandise Manager) what would become of the calendar and sample photo albums and I offered to purchase them. Mr. Walker thought the items should be given to my wife, but he suggested I speak to Store Manager Evelyn Miller about it, which I did.

Miss Miller said the calendar and sample photo albums were still used by the department, but that when they were done with them, my wife could have them. When Mr. Walker went to another store, we again verified the arrangement with Miss Miller, and she confirmed the promise she had made.

We have shopped this Marketplace since it opened (as we had shopped the old Kroger store than preceded it) and used the Photoshop scores of times, but when we went to the store today, the Photoshop kiosk was gone

Since Miss Miller had specifically told me that when the Photoshop was finished with my wife’s pictures I should go to Customer Service and that I’d find them there, we went to Customer Service but the young man there knew nothing of the item’s whereabouts. He contacted the Non-Foods department manager (Daniel, not Walker) who then asked a clerk to look for the items. It took two clerks and two tries but the three items were rescued from a baskart in the back room and my wife hugged the clerk who retrieved them.

As we were leaving I saw Miss Miller and told her that my wife was going to call Cincinnati in tears but that our persistence and Non-Food employee’s patience had saved the day. When I made the point to Miss Miller that she should not make promises and then forget all about them and that customer’s remember what she says to them, Miss Miller became very defensive and abrupt.

Had we not rescued the promised items, that result would have meant we were lied to, twice, by Miss Miller. My wife would have been in tears, and it was clear Mill Miller did not care in the least.

When the Photoshop was removed from the sales area, Miss Miller should have put the items at Customer Service as she had promised.

Miss Miller fancies herself as being “Queen” which your Zone Manager and others apparently encourage, but I would respectfully point out to you that “Queen” and “Store Manger” are very different offices.

We would request you replace “Queen” Miller with an actual Store Manager who keeps promises, or is humane enough to not make untrue promises in the first place.

While we very much enjoy the Beavercreek Marketplace and while my wife and I are well known by dozens of your employees there, at the moment we feel very much alienated because of Miss Miller’s uncaring attitude. She very flippantly told me today that “Your wife can still call them: all they’ll do is call me.” That was a response appropriate for a Queen, but not a Kroger Manager, and it is a response that is insulting toward you.

Pastor Terence D. Mc Lean
Grace Bible Fellowship Inc.
Dispensational Bible Institute
Discerning the Times Broadcasting
Discerning the Times Publishing Co. Inc.
Post Office Box 87
Alpha OH 45301-0087

Moreover brethren, I declare unto you the gospel…
…By which also ye are saved,
how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
And that he was buried,
and that he rose again the third day
according to the scriptures:
For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin;
that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.
I Corinthians 15:1-4 , II Corinthians 5:21


Gary Hamblen November 21, 2013 at 2:52 pm

I posted a very serious complaint about your drugstore and have not received notification that your office has received the complaint i want to see something on my e-mail or mailbox your drugstore put my health in very serious jeporady i would like to know it has been recognized very soon GARY HAMBLEN you also have my adress


Jed Williams November 19, 2013 at 4:02 pm

After getting turned down for a free email offer (card loaded via email but did not take) at the Ralphs located on Le Conte Ave store at UCLA, LA, CA-called customer service.

“Dead From The Neck Up” describes the mentality level of the two Ralphs customer service reps I spoke with trying to resolve a “Betty Crocker Free Offer” via email. 888-437-3496 Customer Service???

Rep #1 – 11/18/13 – 10:31 AM –
Moron #1 Stated – The reason you were not given a free Betty Crocker Muffin Mix because we show two persons registered in the same house. Makes sense even if the 2nd person (a paraplegic) did not receive any product.

When asked if she was certified she asked “yes I am a certified customer rep.”
I asked – does that give you moron status? “Yes – I am fully certified.”

Rep #2 – 11/18/2013 –
Moron #2 Stated – “Am sorry but cannot find your account on my computer.
Try calling back later today.” I asked her – “Did you take the Schmuck Truck to work today?” She answered – “No, I do not drive.”

Ignorance and Stupidity is – STILL LEGAL!

So much for customer service


theresa nieves November 17, 2013 at 10:18 pm

It took me almost a year to figure this out but finally it hit me, you don’t value me as a customer. I use to get coupons in the mail and they stopped. I called the customer service line and they send me coupons that I don’t use…not the customer appreciation ones. I sent them back. Since then, I called and did get a letter telling me to call so you all could straighten this matter out. I called. What did I get? a bunch of lies. First I was told they send the coupons out every 4 months, which is a lie because family members get them every month. Then I was told that my spending went down, another lie. I spend at least, if not more, $ 400.00 every month. then I was told that I was being tested by Krogers to see if I’d stay faithful to the store. Then I was told that I would be getting coupons in the mail in a few days…never happened. All this bull in one phone call. It’s a shame that you treat your customers like this. I have been shopping in your store for 15 yrs…I am 68 yrs old and on a fixed income. thanks a lot for letting me know how you really feel.
Theresa nieves


Julio Vazquez November 15, 2013 at 7:49 am

Hard to believe that you Sandy Store circle have in their shelves 1/2 gallons (at least 12) of low fat chocolate milk with a date Nov 12 (today is Nov 16) When do this product expire? It does not make sense.


Diana Ramirez November 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm

I’ve been working for food 4 less for the past 13 years and over these years I have seen how you want to move forward and stay fresh as a company, and every effort you make is to generate the money you need, unfortunately you have forgotten about your employees and we have become less than a number to the company and as such, we are treated. But you have forgotten that your staff is part of your profits, WITHOUT EMPLOYEES THERE’S NO HAPPY CUSTOMERS

People like me who have being with the company for more than 10 years, we come to work everyday, we are responsible and committed, we suffer high levels of stress to achieve the goals of the company, our company. I have seen many co-workers retire for stress, many have suffered heart attacks and some even killed themselves because of it.
I feel that there seems to be A CAMPAIGN to eliminate all those people who have the old contracts because AS YOU SEE IT we make to much money and you believe that new hires making $7.50 p/h will do the work we do, but we (the old contract) are keeping the company. The new hires come and go because the pay is not enough for the amount of work they are asked to do and most of time you need 5 new hires to do the job of ONE old contract employee. At the end you are spending even more money.

Now it is me who is under your magnifying glass to be fired, today may be my last day with the company. You blame me for buying markdowns, what’s wrong with that, if it was by the permission of my MANAGERS and as long as the items were not being under price. This just seems as an excuse because I’m not the only one who does it, and at the end of the day I am too your customer. (MORE SALES, MORE HOURS, MORE HAPPY EMPLOYEES)
The truth is that according to you “I MAKE A LOT OF MONEY” but whom of you wants to do my job, and earn what I earn, support your family, could you? For 8 years I have not had a significant raise, it seems unfair. I hope you read this and you do something about it, because we deserve better treatment and respect.


susan December 10, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I could not believe what I just read..I had worked at kroger for 12 years and that has happened to me and at least several other kroger employees in the mid atlantic area…loss prevention comes in with what ever they can find with purchases you have made ,from information they have gotten through your employee discount kroger plus card..I was scrutinized for purchases I had made that were managers special…needless to say I was run off..I guess they are on a mission….and no one really cares…I lot of people I had worked with no longer work for the company..


Sarah November 7, 2013 at 3:19 am

Well I work for Kroger the last 7 years and I was working on deferent department and a month ago me and my family disied to move Baytown tx and I ask the store In Baytown if they have opening for me the manger was happy to take me in because I work deferent depatment so I start working one day and I Ben told I can’t work anymore because I’m full time employee I’m already move here from Katy tx it’s 53 mills away now I don’t have a job with 4 kids thank you Kroger for not care about your employees


Produce Clerk December 26, 2013 at 2:50 am

Are you serious? That is complete bull****. When an uprising occurs in this country. I hope all these “Big Wigs” have underground bunkers or are fast enough to get to them in time. If not. Us “Peasant workers” will drag you from your big homes and beat you to death. Then you will wish you weren’t so greedy.


Robert Swieder November 6, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Taking out the coffee grinder’s is stupid. I will not buy coffee here any more!


Sharon Reagan November 3, 2013 at 10:01 pm

As a customer of Kroger’s for over 17 years in Plano, Texas in the Independence/ Legacy location, I wanted to write and express appreciation for one of your employees. Ann Britt, your florist, has for many years provided stellar service for all of my family’s needs. From fashioning boutonnieres and corsages for homecomings, to florist arrangements for all of my parties, baby, bridal showers and events, she has always gone the extra mile to make my purchases just right. I will continue to shop there and let others know of this level of exceptional customer service in your floral department.

Sharon Reagan


Jean Baptiste November 2, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Your company has a very dubious Time Keeping System for your employees. To elucidate, those employees who are required to Sweep your floors every 1/2 hour must record “The Sweep” by punching in their own employee #. Occasionally, this causes the employee in question to accidentally Clock themselves Out of their shift. No big deal right? Wrong! If your store managers were more Proactive about making up for the lost time this would be no big deal. But from my own experience they are not. I can guarantee you that neither the IRS nor Revenue Canada would appreciate the potential Lost Revenue they will not be able to tax at the end of each Tax Year due to this BS and Inept Time Keeping System. Solution: force your store managers to be more amiable to making up the shortages, or this writer will contact (Harangue) both the IRS and Revenue Canada until H E Double Tooth Picks freezes over. Understand?


Larry October 15, 2013 at 2:52 pm

3 months ago I asked a store manager to add a product to the store. He refused so I contacted a local dist,manager he said he would look into it (MARCO). He worked through a Regional Brand Manager Gary Wenzel who told me after 3 mo. they would get me some product only to lose it in a warehouse. He refused my calls for over a week and then insulted me. I also consulted Kroger’s customer service # only to also leave frustrated at how poorly trained they are in customer service issues. By the way the product I asked added is a product that is Kroger Owned. Seems like a no brainer!


Kim October 9, 2013 at 11:25 am

Today I went to your store to pick up my French vanilla Kroger coffee, it comes in whole beans so I have to grind it… I don’t mind I’ve done it for a long time enjoying this coffee. Today, your coffee grinder was gone….. Curious since you sell whole beans that need grinding. Asking the store manager where it might be, they got rid of it… Excuse me?? Who was the genius who thought this was a good idea?? Reaching new lows in stupidity, the person who thought this was a good idea, should lose their job, and the people who didn’t question it, and instead implemented it, are not doing a good job, and obviously in the wrong business. Where do I go to grind these whole bean coffee?? It’s not like you are offering me a choice to have it already ground… They are whole beans only!!! If u are getting rid of this option for your customers, which is also stupid, but stupid ideas seem to be your trend until you fire the people who think them up…. Stupidity will be what we as customers will think of when we think of krogers. Don’t you think it would of been a good idea to keep the coffee grinder around for your customers, since you are selling whole bean coffee??????? And when you stop offering whole beans all together… Than and only than do you get rid of the coffee grinder… Duh… It doesn’t take a rain surgeon to think this one out intelligently….. And that is why, who ever thought and implemented this, needs to be place some where …..anywhere……where thinking isn’t a priority……steaming mad customer at store in Sterling Heights, on Schoenherr and canal rd.


Ivy October 9, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Umm, most people grind their own coffee beans at home so they are fresher.
Pick up your own for under 20 bucks like everyone else does.


Blanche October 27, 2013 at 11:04 am

Not everyone, Ivy. I’m with Kim. In-store grinders work for me in so many ways. I went to Kroger yesterday to buy and grind my beans, but what a shock! No grinder, so I didn’t buy the beans. I’ll look elsewhere.


K.R. October 22, 2015 at 4:27 pm

You are an idiot ‘Ivy’!!! How the hell would you know what everyone else in America does?? Geez…Ivy needs to join stupid people at that place where thinking isn’t a priority!!!


Diane Miller September 28, 2013 at 2:53 am

Kroger Food Store 346
1715 Howell Mill Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30318

Enclosed please find your $10.00 Gift Certificate #9603513. I was shocked that you had the gull and audacity to belittle a case of discrimination that occurred in your store, and expect to pacify me with this gift certificate.

On June 15th, when I entered your store I never expected your floral manager to blatantly discriminate against my autistic daughter, but she did. When my daughter asked me if she could have a balloon, I told her we would ask. The (African-American) floral manager, explained that do to a helium shortage they could no longer give courtesy balloons to kids in your store. This was the second time she had told us of this non-existent shortage and refused to give my daughter a balloon. (We frequent several Kroger stores and have always gotten a balloon without a problem) As we were shopping my daughter kept asking why she couldn’t get a balloon from that lady, and finally began to cry out of frustration. Finally she calmed down and as we were getting ready to leave, we witnessed your floral manager giving an African-American child one of the complimentary Kroger balloons, and a hug. The helium shortage must have ended as suddenly as it began.

After leaving the store, I called and asked for the manager on duty. I believe the person who answered said his name was Mr. Landen. He apologized and said he would speak to the floral manager and would have either Ms. Garcia or Mr. Schwartz follow up with me the next day. During our conversation I found it odd that on several occasions, (four or five) he said there was no need to call Kroger Corporate, as this would be handled in house.

Ms. Garcia called the next day. She was very apologetic and kept offering a gift certificate during our initial phone conversation, explaining that the floral manager was “talked to” and that there should be no problems going forward. I told you then that was nothing more than a slap on the hand for such an act of discrimination. Paula Dean just lost her endorsements and TV Show for reportedly having said the “N” word. Several broadcasters have been suspended or fired for having made an improper comment of a discriminatory nature while in public view. I said that while I didn’t want anyone to lose their job, there needed to be some kind of action taken, be a suspension or something along those lines. You asked me what I wanted, and I said I would have to get back to you after I calmed down.

Once I was back on feet, after a bout with my crohns, brought on by the stress from this appalling act of discrimination, I called you back. In that conversation I again said I didn’t want the women to lose her job, however she needed to be suspended and/or have her donate a month’s income to Autism Awareness, and send me a certificate, since you had already offered one several times. You stated that you need to speak to Mr. Schwartz, and that you would get back to me.

I never heard back from you? However Mr. Schwartz called me a few days later. He apologized for the incident and said that they had spoken to corporate and they had received the okay to give children courtesy balloons, and the floral manager understood the policy. He than apologized again and asked if the next time I was in your store I might ask for him to put a face to a voice. He acted as if the matter was a non-issue, and this was the end of it.

I’m sorry but you don’t blatantly discriminate against someone and expect it to be forgiven with some empty apologies, and the underwhelming information that anytime we are in the store feel free to ask for a balloon. I told my husband (Mike) about Mr. Schwartz’s call and how I felt, which led him to send an email to the Kroger Customer Service Center, in hopes of reaching someone higher up the management ladder, that wasn’t going to try and cover up the incident.

A couple days later (June, 28), Arthur called my husband and told him someone would be getting back to us in a few days. In what seems to be the Kroger “CYA” policy, Mr. Schwartz, called on July 1, leaving a message that he would be in, asking Mike to call.

My husband finally caught up to Mr. Schwartz on July 9th. Mike told me that Mr. Schwartz assured him that he had gotten corporate approval to provide courtesy balloons to kids in their store and that we should never have a problem again. Mike said Mr. Schwartz said he could not ask his employee to make any charitable contributions as it would be a hardship on the employee, and that he would send me a gift certificate along with a formal apology, but that was all he would do.

I’m sorry, but “hardship on the employee”, she is lucky to have employers who are so willing to tolerate her actions and not impose any form of discipline. It was not a problem for her to impose some hardship on my family; from my daughter being discriminated against, to my crohns flair up, causing my husband to miss work to care for us, we have suffered emotionally and financially. Kroger shows their concern for their customer with a generic apology letter, and a $10 gift certificate? I assume you have been in business long enough to understand that your best or worst advertising is word of mouth, I will have no problem sharing this experience with as many people as I can. Only time will tell, if I tell people of how Kroger stepped up and handled their business, or that they don’t care what happens in their stores as they will still generate sufficient profit, and that is all that matters to them.

In closing I need to tell you about my visit to your store Friday July 26th. I was there to have a prescription filled for Mom. While I was in the store I thought I would surprise my daughter with one of the balloons. She was waited in the car with her grandmother. I walked over to the floral department and asked the same floral manager if I could have a courtesy balloon. She informed me that it was store policy not to give them out; at least there wasn’t a helium shortage.

Other than having to find a new drugstore for Mom on her side of town, I have learned that floral managers must have a bonus plan that hinges on helium costs. I know I would hate to have learned discrimination is tolerated based on the amount of media coverage it gets. No coverage, equals no discrimination? They say we should learn something new everyday and I will say it can be amazing what you learn.

Maybe you should have another conversation with one of your employees, and I think you may be having one with a couple of your superiors, but I don’t know.


belinda mcintosh September 24, 2013 at 1:49 am



Belinda September 11, 2013 at 8:55 am

I live in Dallas, Tx, one of your stores that I frequent has a new display of the Monster Engery Drink. I was shocked that your corporate offices do not investigate the background of these demonic companies. The Monster Drink has a symbol three rods, which in Hebrew is the number 6, so the outside of the display is the number 666 glowing on the front of the refrigerator. The can also has inscripted, Release the Beast, on the side of the can. Money cannot be that important as to sublime the innocense of humanity. Request to take these displays out and do not sell these drinks!


Satan March 4, 2014 at 9:14 am



K.R. October 23, 2015 at 12:45 pm

Really Belinda?? That’s your complaint?? Wow!! We should all be so lucky as to have no worries or nothing better to do than to complain about something completely ridiculous!!! You should see a doctor…better yet a psycho doc!!!


patricia September 8, 2013 at 7:05 pm

i went to your store last night,Sat Sep 7,located at voss and san felipe in houston,tx
i had a terrible experience,all we wanted was propane,since that was the first time we needed to buy it we didnt know what we had to do,so my son got out of the car and went inside the store to ask them what were the steps to buy propane,nobody helped him or give him any information,so my husband got out of the car with the propane tank and then a employee named coey came out and yell at my husband hey!! you cant come in the store with that!!!!! my husband told him,that we needed help and nobody came to help us,your supervisor coey was rude and had a horrible attitude he walked away from us without helping us,all he said was you have to pay and leave the tank outside,he call the manager on duty,victor cruz,but of course coey had said another story,then my husband told him to charge him so he could get his propane and get out of there,coey saiud that he was closed and that he needed to pay in another cashier,even tho his light was on in his cashier,when the manager arrived victor cruz,he never offered an apology or help to stop the problem he came with this attitude not willing to help,and saying that he was going to take care of his employee so we walked away from that store that really made us feel unwelcome and i know you are not going to do anything about this matter but people should know what a horrible customer service that store has,


Ari September 6, 2013 at 10:25 pm

I was wanting to void money order I purchased last week, and was told right away by Dustin the clerk at the customer service desk that he can’t do it since its past 24 hours. Which I was at the store a day after I purchased it and was told a different thing by another clerk that I needed to wait for 48 hours before I can do that. I was waiting for him to tell me what he can do instead of he can’t do. I was pretty sure that he’s lacking of knowledge about money order because I know it happens all the time that people had to void money order because of a mistake mount or not needing it after all or even loose it. He basically told me I was out of luck and that I lost the money from the money order. So I requested to speak to manager who I suspect that he/she will have more knowledge about it. But was I wrong. After several attempts of getting manager to try to come and talk to me, finally some manager named Donny ( I found out he was the store manager) came and told me basically the same thing that he couldn’t void it. And that its not Kroger made that policy it’s western union. I told him ,there’s gotta be a way as this kind of thing happened all the time. Until a lady named Ty who is a booth lead (from her name tag) and Allison (a bookkeeper ) came and told Dustin that he can call and verify that the money order was in fact not cashed. And then Donny told Ty to call and walked away. Donny was not very helpful nor courteous at all. He was rude, and clueless about money order and who know what else. It was clear to me that My request to speak to a manager and had make him come down to the service desk was such an inconvenient. I was glad that Ty and Allison were there and fix the situation. I left the desk I went and get some necessities which I shouldn’t as I thought his store did not deserve anymore my business. As I was getting ready to check out, Donny approached me and TRY to apologize which I didn’t see a slightest of any sincerity. To add insult to the injury, he also tried to give me a $10 gift card for it and I did not take . His words was ” I just want to apologize and here’s $10 gift card for you” I did tell him that he’s not very helpful at all. If he offered a sincere apology tap hat would be enough for me. He was basically trying to compensate his rudeness and clueless with $10. Clearly this store manager and Dustin need additional training on money order. The fact that there’s no CAN DO attitude from the STORE MANAGER and the clerk shows me that this store has lack of training and very poor customer service. You have those ladies to thank you to kind of balance of my disappointment. To make it worse, I called the customer service line to tell my bad experience, I had a lady took my call, and after i told her how my my experience was without getting any of my information, she put me on hold and blind transfer me to a customer service number that was going to be removed. I called back and talked to Charles and told him about everything. I want nothing out of this other than some actions and a follow up. I will not be going to this store and will also spread out my bad experience to my family,friends,and neighbor to not go to this particular store and go to Albertson or Walmart that are close by instead.


Fonda August 31, 2013 at 10:29 pm

I have been a customer of Krogers for many years. But the last 3 or 4 times I have been in the Somerset, Ky store address: 181 S. Hwy 27 Somerset,Ky, half or more of the shelves are bare. You see the store managers standing around talking doing nothing. If the store doesn’t improve I will stop shopping there.


Eric Mauer August 26, 2013 at 9:42 am

I am starting to see the new floor layout design unfold at store 650. Kroger has decided that increased display space equals higher profits – at the same time they have decided that customer service and customer convenience are not important drivers to profit. This new brain child has no middle isles to allow customers to cut through – we have to walk the full length of an isle so we can see everything they have. I suggest that Kroger capture a baseline on the sales and profit level of the store prior to the construction and compare that to the sales/profit of the store – say about 6 months after they are done (when people just get fed up with it). I am sure the bone head designer will come up with some other reason for the decline (changing demographics for example) – they might even use the political line that if they had not made the change the decline would have been worse. Brilliant bone head move – I am off to Busch’s (an equal distance from my home).


henrietta harleston August 19, 2013 at 12:08 pm

kroger is the store that i shop all the time. my whole entire family use the drugstore for the past 10-12 years, but i was treated very badly at a kroger store that left a sour taste in my mouth. i would like for some one to call or email me as i need some questions answered and do not want to leave it on this email. i was trying to get a hold of the ceo of the company Bruce Lucia to make my voice heard . so if some one can email me back i will really appreciate it.


Judy E Box August 15, 2013 at 4:40 pm

This is concerning the KROGER in CLEBURNE, TEXAS STORE 415. I worked at Kroger for 1 1/2 yrs. as a cashier .I loved my customers and working with the public. I have had to file harrassment on my mgr, leann baker twice. She bullies all of the employess, especially the young ones that this is their first job. they are so scared of her, one girl called in sick and had been to the doctor, had a drs exvcuse, and they told her to come to work anyway. that they didn’t have anyone to replace her. She had STREPP THROAT and came to work, as a cashier!!! I was called up to the office for a “meeting”. since I am Union, I told my Mgr, leann baker, that I wanted Union Representation. She said there wasn ‘t a Union Rep on the clock. *I told her by Union rules I had 24 hrs to have the meeting with A Union Rep. She told me I was suspended for insubordination and to clock out and leave HER store. I said I was waiting for the Union Hall to call me back. She threatened to call the cops and I told her to go ahead. She declined. I finally left the store, was not put on the schedule the next week, and 1 week later was terminated for insubordination,. The Union filed a grievance to get my job back.. Cashiers are rated according to how fast we check customers out. I was at 107%. The customer is the last thing on leann bakers mind. She doesn’t care at all. All she cares about is numbers… Customer Service must not rate for numbers because there is hardly ever anyone behind the desk cause they are on a register because they never schedule enough cashiers. The phone can ring 10-15 times at customer service and it is not answered. I promise al of the above is accurate and correct!


lisa August 2, 2013 at 6:23 am

would like to start by saying ewww, your kroger store on madison ave. in covington kentucky is nasty. was in shopping on 8/1/2013 and was getting ready to check out when your cashier was spraying bed bug killer all around the check out it was gross and i put my things to the side and left. made a comment to the cashier and this person just said how do you think i feel having to work in these conditions. this is the most run down store ive been people build new stores everyday but because this one is in a poor area you just let it go to hell. there are flies on all the fresh area foods and the food is overpriced from your other stores. its sad really maybe you should spend some of your money fixing this place.people spend there money in your stores you should give them a nice place to shop.we have told family and friends about this and lets just say we wont be back.also your meat seems to be pre packaged and it doesnt look very good any more thats why remke/biggs is the best store to buy fresh meat. do not know whats going on but you have lost a long time kroger shopper.guess bigger isnt always better.


that guy July 26, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Wow you would wonder how Kroger stays in business with so many complaints. I know whomever trains the management team is severely lacking in the skills required. Across the country the same complaints are waged again and again. Employees are treated poorly and with disrespect.


AJ Howard August 8, 2013 at 2:05 pm

So I see KROGER treats there employees bad so I understand why as a loyal customer I was treated like nothing. I am a senior citizen, veteran and black. I have been trying to get resolution from a problem that occurred March 30,2013 at the Kroger store in Richardson,TX. I have talked and emailed since then customer service, Facebook ,some at the “executive office” I have her name – who was so rude I was just appalled. i also emailed the head of the Southwest division in Dallas. As my last conversation with customer they told me to contact the store manger. My first contact which was on line March 30, 2013 which according to your policy was to been addressed by the store manager. I have been a loyal customer they have all my contact information – it is their job to contact me. The lady even told me she had contacted the store and someone told her I had not been in. I read in the Dallas morning new Kroger has a little over 14% of the market share and now the case that you are not paying right. This may explain why you have people in management who cannot manage or understand basic customer service. Yes I am passionate about what I considered my favorite neighborhood store until this incident.Many of the old employees are my friends as well. I bought gas and groceries & always received the valued custom coupons.NOW I tell all the seniors & veterans KROGER does not care. Please someone that is a MANAGER please respond. All my contact information is on file. I will continue on to the CEO if necessary.Maybe KROGER should go on undercover boss – to see the real story.


Ladonna S Dombroski July 15, 2013 at 5:32 pm

How can Kroger, after 20 yrs. of service separate my employment with the company when I got an inhalation injury at store 294 when they were remodeling back in 2007? When they did not even tell us there was a potential for breathing asbestos during construction. I was working 48 hrs. a week on midnight shift as a conditioner and having to clean the shelves which contained dust particles and other unknown material. They won their case by saying I was not truthful about my illness, and I have doctors statements that say other wise. I had two very bad attorney’s that only worried about how they were going to get paid, one has a show on TV sponsored by Kroger on local TV. On court papers Kroger admitted there was asbestos in the store. Six and a half years on being medical leave and getting better they want to release me. After paying me workers comp. and medicines for 5+ years shows that they were guilty. Now that I am asking for my job- they separate me? This is the thanks I get- per Michael Boyd after 3 months of having to chase him down. I am going to involve the local media and other sources to let everyone know about KROGER and how they treat their employees. Thank you!


Anthony Ingram July 8, 2013 at 7:43 pm

I would like to express deep concern for your store located at 3410 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216. My last visit to this store, and after this, it will be my last visit to this store or any other Kroger location; today, was upon entering, gritty, dirty, run down, disorganized and over all just not taken well care of. My journey continued into the produce section, which provided little to no, correct, no produce. The quality of produce that Kroger receives from its distributor, Peyton’s Mid-South is below any quality standard; that’s to say if you can find any sub-par produce. Tomatoes were bruised, mushy and a few had started growing mold. The shelves were not stocked, the selection of choices were little and my hand was forced to switch from buying a fresh, or some-what fresh head of lettuce to buying pre packaged salad mix. My amazement became bewilderment when I noticed that these too seemed to be in very “high demand” as there were only a few bags left, some of which has expiration dates that passed a few days earlier. I was further disappointed to see how many bags were only one quarter filled, enough to make two small bowls, a side salad if you will, and for that were being charged $3.28. I came into this store to shop for groceries and get items that I expected to find in any grocery. Instead all I got was a dirty store with empty shelves and produce that was bruised, mushy, moldy and just plain disgusting. Needless to say, I left the store promptly and empty-handed as my experience so bad I never even continued through the store to complete the rest of my shopping list. I always thought Kroger took pride in their stores, as you do a lot of advertising to sway customers away from Publix, Target and Wal-Mart with your sales, low prices and reward points, etc. I was very disappointed in this visit to this particular Kroger and my likelihood of ever returning to shop at this location slim. I will continue to drive the extra miles, which is out of my way, to shop at the Publix location on Lebanon Road in Nashville. This store is an example of what this particular Kroger or any Kroger location should be; clean, friendly and knowledgable staff, fully stocked shelves and fresh produce.


Jean July 2, 2013 at 3:29 pm

I have a huge complaint as and employee. on the new website scheduling through out the whole learning about it we as employees was not informed that it will also effect our pay on personal days and holidays. I feel as if we are being ripped off and the site and program is untrustworthy. we are left in the dark of what going on in that region and I believe we should e paid our full amount and formally informed about the system. also even though we have signed and received a contract that state that we are guaranteed a certain amount of hours it is allowing the people whom is making the schedule to give us way below our quota and is unfair and against contract. I’m against all of it 100%.


20yearsgrocery August 29, 2013 at 12:02 am

they work us like animal.


John July 1, 2013 at 12:31 pm

I’m writing to tell you that I shop at theWest Alex Bell Store in Moraine Ohioand have been for almost 4 years now, they employee’s are wonderful, most of them but the Store Manager Mike Sickman is a very rude person to be a manager of this store, I’ve reported 3-4 times about his two favorite employee’s that work in the frozen food dept, smoking pot on their breaks in the side parking lot, what kind of person would allow this to go on , their are families that shop their and others that park around them, in addition their two of the most disliked employee’s in the store, I hear that from some of the other workers because their Mr. Sickman’s pets


Maria Davis June 10, 2013 at 10:27 am

My daughter works for you. She requested 2 days off for graduation! And today for dental. Request for dental / LOST according to the manager I explained we will be here 4 plus hours and she is on medication that the doctor says she can not work today. They now tell me they will write my daughter up. REALLY! She fills in for you and works hard never missing work other than when her sister on life support 1 day! So please tell me managers miss a lot and a good employee is treated this way! I will be calling the CEO and discussing how managers should treat good employees! I to have a business and know the valuable trust worthy dependable employees should be treated with respect and fair!


20yearsgrocery August 29, 2013 at 12:08 am

they give alot hours to people that don’t do no work and the and few that do all the work,only get 33 hour and they have family.


Shane March 6, 2014 at 4:04 pm

yep. sounds right. My experience started as: hey ill work overtime whenever you ask, work different departments on a dime, fill in for people who have been nasty to me; to (after having a wife and child) saying no to these requests and getting threatened if i dont. same for my employees. the only reason why I didnt get written up when my employees would is because I was the manager. B.S. Its kind of funny though because if people enjoyed working for kroger, they probably wouldnt have so many problems with no shows, walkouts, and ability to give days off. I know its not all just “not enough hours or people working” Its just peoples unwillingness to work for them.


amellie June 4, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Hello My name is Amellie and im writing about Kroger Store in Coppell Texas that has some good cashiers but the worst and rudest and anprofessional manaers at this location that are just so mean to workers by telling them to leave cause someone had quet and its not even their fauld. Please IF u wana keep this bussines and good workers change or talk to you menagement. thx


david walker May 27, 2013 at 9:29 pm

I am a secret shopper that goes around evaluating different stores and its enviroment of how well its being conducted. Previously i went to krogers in clinton,ms and was very dissapointed in some things.. First it was hard to try and find the things i needed and when i ask the store manager he told me to try walmart up the street. I walked the store for more than an hour,and after doing so i notice he talk to his employees like trash. He was very unprofessional on how he conduct things. My family and friends shops at the at store least 3 times of week;but now they will be taking there business to walmart as instructed. I will continue my investigation to see if this is a prejudice act. My advice; get rid of that store manager before he cost you alot of customers. Please give this your immediate attention or i will go to the next level on this situtation myself. Be advise that i will be evaluating some of the employees at the store or anyone affiliated. Thank you for your time……..


20yearsgrocery August 29, 2013 at 12:11 am

please do that.


Larry O. Poage May 22, 2013 at 10:01 pm

I used to like the store on El Camino in Houston (Clear Lake) but after you changed managers it is damn near impossible to check out. Today was the last straw. I had unloaded my grocerys to the conveyor belt and the guy in front of me was finished and the clerk walked off to another register and left me standing there with my mouth hanging open. I did speak to the manager rather profanely because as I said on a good day it is difficult to check out. Now I have to figure out how to move my prescriptions from the but I will as I want nothing to do with that store and that manager. Adios Larry Poage


Richard April 18, 2013 at 4:02 am

I am writing about the Hillsdale store.
the roof leakes when it rains and getting on the can goods on the shelves.
un safe floors with water al over


SCG April 11, 2013 at 5:41 pm

8 April 2013

Dear Reader,

I am writing to you about a Visa pre-paid reloadable money debit card that you offer in your store. I have had a very negative experience with Netspend Visa and would simply ask you to review my record of accessing money from this product that you offer.
I purchased the Visa and gave $200 to the store cashier to scan onto their card locking this money into their banking system. Their product requires a verification process that mandates faxing personal and confidential doXXXXents to Netspend before any spending accessibility of money transferred to Visa.
No other money card that I have used has ever required faxing of doXXXXents for verification to use money I have already paid and is now in the prepaid debit cards banking system. As a customer I ask one simple favor, please consider the massive complications I had to endure gifting money to a High School senior to purchase a Prom Dress over the internet for this years Prom before accepting other customers money for Netspend Visa when there are several other very good products like Money Pak.
Thank you for reading my letter and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Very truly yours


cheryl Brasel March 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Hi: I’m Cheryl Brasel I’m going to have a auction April 28.2013 for Murphysboro American Legion post 127 baseball team. I’m hoping you could donate a gift basket or gift cards. This would be very helpful ! Hope I’ll be hearing back from you. Thank you
Cheryl Brasel


clifford collins March 27, 2013 at 1:12 am

hey im am Clifford collins i worked at the Kroger in charleston Wv. on kanawa blvd.
address. 5717 Maccorkle Ave SE Charleston wv 25304 store manager name John Carpender.
i have been dealing with a lot of harassment at work i when to John a couple of times he kept telling me i was childish and needed to grow up. not once did he talk to the employees and tell them to leave me alone and do there jobs. then then next time i went to file grievance and they told me NO they would take care of it and they never did. tonight march 26th 2013 he told me i needed to quit or he was going to fire me.. i was distraught i didnt know what to do.. it was over me and another employee that had been harassing me got in a confrontation and i had witnesses that i wasnt the one to start or keep the confrontation going i was trying to end it and i had witnesses but John carpender didnt want to ask them what happened.. he also didnt look at the camras not once to confirm that i havent done nothing wrong he just listen to hear say and told me that i had 2 choices 1 to quit or 2 he was going to fire me.. i think that its unfair that he not ONCE talked to my witnesses.. in the rule book of kroger number 19 its states that fighting by Kroger employees on company premises or parking lots will result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge OF ALL PARTICIPANTS!!!! and the guy that had been harassing me and started the confrontation was not discharged nor was he even talked to with a union rep. about ANYTHING that happened on march 26th 2013..


Stacie LeCompte March 26, 2013 at 6:16 pm

I have been shopping at my Kroger for 6 yrs. I live in XXXXming GA and my stores location is at 2655 Freedom Pkwy. 30041 770-781-6683
I “loved” my Kroger but I have noticed that ever since they remodel the store we never have food. The shelves are always empty. When I do buy stuff I notice that the date are expired!!! Like last nights dinner Tacos. I bought a box of 10 stand and stuff bought at Kroger ex date: 9/22/”2011″. Are you kidding me?? This store has gone down hill BIG TIME since the remodeling. I’m done!! I spend at least 600 dollars a month in just groceries and I buy all my gas here too!! I can go else where and take my money with me!! I’m seriously disappointed at Kroger!!! PS your bagger should watch the “How to bag groceries from 1990 video” The baggers over there are the worst!! They don’t give a darn what they put in your bags or how the crush stuff!! SAD!!


Beverly Machmueller February 28, 2013 at 2:49 pm

I have complaint regarding a pharmacist at your Baker’s store located at 5555 N 90th Street, Omaha NE. I have recently moved and before I did I checked about getting my perscriptions mailed to me and was assured that this could be done. The manager at the drugstore (whom is very good) is on maternity leave and there is a replacement pharmacist named Linda working there. I called in to order a perscripion on Thurs., Feb.21 to have this mailed to me. They had stated that the post office could take a 5-7 days for deliverly ( untrue as the local post mistress has told me that something mailed in Omaha one day arrives in Norfolk, NE that night and comes to the post office in Leigh, NE the next morning to be sorted to people’s post office boxes). Long story short and being lied to not only by the pharmacist but also by Deb the store manager this perscrtiption never got mailed. On Monday the 25th I called the store and was told there was a storm and this would have delayed the mail. We also had the same storm in our area and mail was not delayed because of it. Reports on TV showed that streets were cleaned in Omaha by early Friday morning. They said it would probably be here on Tuesday. I had enough pills to take through the end of Tues. but would need them by Wednesday. When Tuesday arrived and no perscription receivedd I had to call them 4 times as they kept putting me on hold and no one would come back. Finally someone did tell me that because of the storm (not a good reason as they have a box right out side of the store) it should arrive Wed. morning. It did not and therefore I did not have my medicine. I called the paharmacist and she gave my all kinds of excuses finally stating that she put it in a drop box in her neighborhood on Friday and she had no way of tracing it. I could not drive over a 100 miles and should not have been expected to. She told me to go to my drugstore in town and have them call. I live in a town of 400 hundred and there is no drugstore here! She lied not only to me but possibly to the store manager or the store manager covedred for her. I asked them why a pharmacist was carry a perscription across town to mail in a drop box when they have them right outside of their door. I insisted that they overnight my perscription ( I now have missed a days perscribed medication). If she mailed this on Friday and I don’t care where from in Omaha it certainly would have been picked up no later than Sat. and would have been here on
Monday. I am now going to search for a different drugstore who will take care of my needs. I feel bad as the drugstore manager Amy has been very good as well as another pharmacist Rachel who works there. You need to fire this Linda as well as the store manager for the lies that have been told and the total attitude that it wasn’t the stores fault.


Delores Stoner February 22, 2013 at 11:29 am

Your new “lower pricing” is a JOKE. I’ve been shopping at Kroger long enough to know when prices are raised or lowered. In this case they were raised SO they could be lowered. I found one item that said – price $1.35 – new price $1.35. Another item said $1.50 – now two for $3.00. You must think your customers are stupid. As far as I could see, the only prices lowered were on things no one wants to buy anyway.


DrLynda December 22, 2013 at 3:59 pm

I have noticed the same thing. One that I find hilarious is mushrooms, 2 – 8 oz. boxes on sale for $5.00, one 24 oz. box not on sale for $4.99. Now do they think we are stupid? I always look at expiration dates and check the 2 fors and 10 fors because they are not always a bargain.


Diane Fromm February 21, 2013 at 5:27 pm

I love Kroger, and so glad that a new store opened near my home last year, I live in Ft Worth TX. One of the reasons I LOVE Kroger besides there great store and helpful employees…. is that KROGER has been recognized by Forbes as the most generous company in America, Kroger is a leader in supporting members of the armed forces and their families.
I would like to ask KROGER if they will be a 2013 Sponsor for ‘Support Our Soldier’ (SOS) FREEDOM BALL (Saturday June 1, 2013 in Ft Worth TX)…. please provide me with the contact information for the person in charge of this decision so that I may contact them directly. We do not yet have a Grocery Store sponsor and I think this will be a great opportunity for Kroger as well as our military men and women. Thank You!


Susan Perry February 15, 2013 at 7:08 pm

I will no longer shop at the Kroger at Lake Lansing Road, East Lansing, MI. The store is a mess. It is unorganized and poorly stocked. The staff acts as though I am interrrupting their party by asking them to ring and bag my groceries. The fact that the employees feel entitled to a good time at work at the cost of customer service is the last straw. Kroger Plus: 418001486271


Steve McCrary January 15, 2013 at 7:40 pm

I heard today that out Kroger store will be closing. What a shame, I try to shop Du Quoin IL Kroger’s for all my food to avoid going in WalMart less than 1000 feet away. I do not understand this at all but rest assured that my grandmother, mother and I have shopped Kroger. My wife still works in Carbondale IL at SIU, I retired from the university in May 2012. I told her today do not go into WalMart because of this but also do not shop Carbondale Kroger either. You have lost a third generation Kroger shopper. I will not shop in your stores again anywhere.


Louise Dycus January 9, 2013 at 5:22 pm

I was shopping in the Kroger store at Coit Road and Highway 121 in Plano, Texas today. I went to buy some white flat bread and all the packages were covered with green mold. Also many of the shelves were not stocked even though today is Wednesday and the start of a new sale week. I find this to be unhealthy and deplorable. Be assured that this will be my last shopping trip to this store.


Cynthia Beal January 3, 2013 at 1:14 pm

I have been trying to do business with the Kroger store at 12460 Crabapple Rd. in Alpharetta, Ga for about 11 years. I find the experience very disturbing. The store is constantly out of items and when I go to customer service counter, I have to go find someone to help me. Then, I have to request someone else come and help. Today, after numerous trips to this Kroger, I am never able to get Kroger’s brand of Sugar Free dairy creamer. Obviously, there is a big demand for such a product but those employees can not adjust their ordering (for whatever reason) to accommondate the customers. Could someone there please help this store in ordering such item? I sure would appreciate it because I prefer Kroger over Publix but it’s getting to the point that too many trips are required to shop for simple items at this Kroger store.
Thanks for your time and effort,
Cynthia C. Beal


Bud Mann December 24, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Please send a copy of this to David B. Dillion:

I just called your Consumer Services Department and feel that my time was wasted in making the phone call, disinterest did not ask for my name, address or phone number, so let’s try this. Since your store manager Mr. Roberts was promoted to you Super Store his replacements have beem dismal failures. Ms. Dotsey refused to to order special pies and finally after her using profane language told me to get the UPC Code and she would finally look and see. what she could do. Suprise I called ConAgra told them my plight they sent me a case for free since Kroger could not help me. I have seen store managers talk so ugly to employees they cry on the isles not knowing what to do. When asked Assist. Store Manager Legg what happened to Sugar Packets I was told we do not carry them anymore I do not make decisions and I do not know when the decisions to terminate selling products. This begins my new association with Albertsons they carry them. Sugar Free Hill and Valley Sugar Free Sweet Potato Pies, refused to order, again Hello Ablbertsons. I have always promised to buy a case and their instore the next day. After Shave and Cologne no longer carried per Assist. Manager Reed, Hello Albertsons they do. In General your Store Management Staffs are going down the toliet. Now I have been told this store is not in a division that can not order special products, Hello Albertsons. I have other friends that are begining to so Hello Albertson. Where are the Mr. Robert’s when you need them, not at this store. Please respond my insurance company is attempting to force me to another drugstore chain and at this store besides the meat market are the only two area we trust. If you do not care please do not respond that will seal the Hello Albertsons thought.


Gary Maynard November 22, 2012 at 4:54 pm

This last message requires immedate action by Kroger HQ Cin. OH. Investigate immediately., Krogers Grath Rd @ W.Baker Rd Baytown, Texas SAFETY IN LIFING WEIGHT LIMITATION PER ONE PERSON PROPER EROGNOMICS BY OSHA IN WORKPLACE.


Gary Maynard November 22, 2012 at 4:45 pm

My girlfriend is employed by the Baytown, TEXAS 77521 Kroger store. She at the Garth Rd @ W.Baker Rd Location in the Deli. I am upset with this Krogers Managment at this store location. Over the next few days I will be raising the OSHA concerns with Safety Prodecures and Company Policy for (One Person to be told to lift a fifty pound box by their self) by a member of store managment. I am a Industrial Safety Professional who works in the local Petro-Chemical industry. My company works in ISO VPP OSHA Awarded and Reconized sites United States wide.
I am interactive and proactive with OSHA procedures on safe ergonomic lifting practices for employees. I have just been told of unsafe store policys and unsafe work behavior enforced by lowwer end store managment. I beleive two or more employees two every 50 pounds during lifting boxes of any type should be the Kroger employee policy to save back injuries from occuring on the job. RSVP I am being very retroactive at this point and this requires immediate Kroger ATTENTION.


Darlene Clark November 10, 2012 at 11:25 pm

I would like to get on your mailing list for coupons you receive in the mail. I see people using them every time I go to kroger. Please tell me how to get them and why I have not received the m already. Their are 3 krogers less than 4 miles from my house. PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO THE LIST TO GET THESE VALUABLE COUPONS. I shop at KROGERS.

Darlene Clark
6926 Fields Drive
Douglasville, GA 30135


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