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CEO: Ronald B. Johnson
CFO: Kenneth H. Hannah
COO: Michael W. Kramer

JCPenney History

JCPenney, also called JCP or Penneys, was founded by James Cash Penney in 1902 as the Golden Rule Store.  Penney bought out his 2 partners in 1907 and began calling the stores J.C. Penny in 1913.  There were 35 stores at this time.

By 1917, there were 175 stores in 22 states.  In 1924, the 500th store was opened.  The 1000th store opened in 1928.

By 1941, JCPenney was operating in all lower 48 states.  They were over 1600 stores.

In 1956, the chain began advertising nationwide in Life magazine.  In 1959, the JCPenney credit card was launched.

In 1963, the JCPenney catalog was launched.  The catalog portion of the business was not profitable until 1971.

In 1971, founder James Penney died.

In 1993, JCPenney became the largest catalog retailer in the US.  In 2011, they closed their catalog business.

Today, the company operates over 1100 department stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  Most locations are in suburban shopping malls.




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Glenn March 16, 2015 at 9:02 pm

I was very disappointed to learn that JC Penney would be closing 39 stores, one of which is in Wilson, North Carolina. JC Penney has operated there since 1939 and will be ending its relationship with the city and its customers after more than 75 years! Sure, everyone can shop online, but most will not due to the fact that items must be shipped and customers will pay additional fees in return. While everyone understands that lower performing stores cannot survive, this specific store sealed its own fate when management refused to leave a dying shopping mall. When the other anchor stores (Belk, Sears) left, JC Penney must have thought it could survive that blow to business. Sears left because it also closed its Wilson store. Belk used it common sense and became the survivor by relocating to a thriving part of the city in a new shopping center.

While many of us will miss the products the department store had to offer, the real loser in all of this is the employees of the store and the company itself. Our residents will find other local department stores with which to shop. So long JC Penney…….


A.Ort March 11, 2015 at 2:02 pm

PRESIDENT AND CEO-DESIGNEE/Anthony (Tony) Bartlett; SVP, Stores/Mike Rodgers; EVP, Omnichannel
You have been making several serious mistakes for several years, and I have been trying to contact someone who might actually pay attention. I hope this will answer, because JC Penney products, services, etcetera keep on going DOWNHILL. The 1st problem you have never realized nor ever addressed is J.C.Penney Salons. You NEVER advertise. Most of the customers in your stores and all POSSIBLE new customers do not even know that you have Salons. Due to the huge advertising mismanagement and general mismanagement altogether, many of your Salons have been closed. I am most unhappy about this as the greatest assets you have are the Salon and Sephora. One can always get hair services on the JC Penney card, a major asset indeed, but now I now have to drive 3 townships away to hopefully have my hair done. This basically sucks eggs, and is “neither pathological nor inane, but dumb” unquote.. Plus, you hide your Salons in a corner where no one can see them, which does not attract possible walk ins from any of the Malls they used to be in. If you would place them where they are more visible to EVERYBODY you might actually be able to make alot of money form the salon services. You never even advertise. DUH.
The 2nd problem is your Fine Jewelry. While you normally place at least this department where it can be seen, it pulls little or no business from the store due to the items offered and Presentation. You offer a few items of interest, but do not present this department in an attractive manner like Macy’s does. They have their fine jewelry in a special, protected location behind their junk jewelry, and offer more interesting items that LOOK to be of more value than the few tiny things you present for purchase. The way they present their fine jewelry makes it seem of higher value than your presentation. I rarely see anyone doing very much shopping in this department, which, again, is obvious bad management.
The 3rd problem is your customer service. That has been going from bad to WORSE. At this point at several stores the customer is LUCKY to find ONE salesperson available per floor. This is just obvious stupidity. If your customers cannot even find a cashier, they will shop somewhere else where they can get the assistance they need rather than the hide and seek and 1/2 hour waits at the few open registers in your stores.

The items you sell have improved slightly from the garbage introduced by the previous CEO et al, but still has a way to go to draw in clientele. If you improve services that draw customers into the store, such as the Home & Bath departments, Jewelry and Fine Jewelry, Sephora and your shrinking and vanishing Salons, you will draw more shoppwers into the store for more items. I always end up shopping when I have an appointment for the Salon or need something from Sephora or am looking for a piece of Jewelry, which I usually end up finding elsewhere, like Macy’s. Even Sears has better fine jewelry in their displays than you do!!! Special sales, better presentation, better itemsd in your fine Jewelry at interesting prices to attract business, special offers regarding Salon Services, holiday (upcoming Easter and June Weddings) sales would improve. You need to manage your stores and your managers better. I usually shop at the JC Penneys at Main Place in Orange, or the store I used to go to at Orange Mall until you ran that down to nothing, but am now transferring alot of business to Macy’s because they offer more assistance and better items at this time.


Ashley March 6, 2015 at 4:47 pm

I would first like to say I am outraged by the customer service that was given to me at this JCPenney location, “Snohomish, WA” I should say lack of customer service because I was shown none! I have worked in customer service for over 7 years, and the way I was treated I think that JCPenney should be embarrassed! I walked into the Snohomish, WA location at 12:00 p.m. on March 6, 2015. “Mind you the store was dead”. I was intending to buy new clothes and shoes for my promotion at work. I got promoted to an Administrative Assistant and needed new outfits and new shoes. No one greeted me when I entered the store, which was no big deal, I am use to that at this location. The thing that I am outraged about the most is that I stood in the shoe department for over five minutes and no one asked me if I needed helped. The way I see it is, if I am intending to buy two – three pairs of shoes at $50 a pair, I should not have to ask for help. The other things that outraged me was to see two of your incompetent employees look at me while I entered your store, not only did they not greet me, but they were shopping for themselves while they were on the clock. “How do I know this do you ask?” Well the answer to that is, a guy asked the two of them is they were shopping on the clock, they answered with, “I am trying to help her “meaning the other employee” find something before she leaves.” The heavier set gentle man just smiled and walked away. “I am not sure if he was a supervisor, manager, or employee.” I would like to know, why are your employees allowed to shop for themselves while they are on the clock, instead of helping the customers who help pay their wages? Anyway, the other thing I am outraged with is, as I am still standing there is the shoe department watching these two incompetent employees, who have perfect view of me continue to shop for themselves, one of them ran by me and said “Hi” then she ran back by me without asking if I needed help as I am holding a display shoe in my hand. If you don’t believe me go ahead and pull the store surveillance camera footage and look for yourself, March 6, 2015, 12:00 p.m. – 12:15 p.m. Your employees made me feel unwanted, they made me feel like I was not even there, I refuse to support a business like this, and help pay peoples wages that teat me this way. I walked into your store planning to spend a good $200.00 and ended spending $0.00 due to the lack of customer service and the incompetence of your employees. JCPenny should be embarrassed for have employees like this working for them, I would check your work schedule and see which employees were working at the time of this and give them some customer service training. I will not be shopping at JCPenny again.


Clara West March 6, 2015 at 2:03 am

I would like to meet with JC Penney corporate office to discuss the Koko and Friends children’s characters that has the same (or greater) market potential that Barney the Purple Dinosaur had in the 1990s. The link to our youtube video. There is a story to this project based on the Golden Rule. Thanks for your time.


Anonymous March 3, 2015 at 9:38 pm

JCP SALON/NOVI MI. I went into the salon with my daughter for a quick walk in because I found out it useful since we were at the mall We went in and the receptionist she was very helpful and nice she was trying to find space for Us and told us to hold on to check who was available then I waited and she came back and her manager approached her in a very rude rude way and then she started to scream at her in front of me and my daughter very loudly and go crazy at her in a loud voice it was very highly unprofessional and unethical the way she attacked the young woman. She then told us to come back because her manager told her there was no room for us, she was very upset and I think that was very wrong to do!!! I was very in shock at the moment. I have never seen that type of harassment in my life. Unfair, distributing and awful. I hope action will be taken quickly on this manner… very wrong to do to an employee…


Vickie Ware March 2, 2015 at 9:29 pm

I have just read the comments and they are not very impressive. We have had a lot of great things happen with your company. Until recently when we bought a diamond bracelet. I had to return it however, I purchased another one. Somehow the bracelet broke and I have lost it. I was hoping they would take into account the amount of money I have spent with you and help me with a new one. Unfortunately they weren’t all that helpful. They gave me a discount on a new one but I was hoping for something more after all the money I have spent there. I will willingly bring the bracelet back if I find it however I think someone saw it and kept it. I am heartbroken since this was a gift from my husband and I can’t think of anything worse than having to tell him I have lost his gift. Please JC penney do the right thing and replace this bracelet. We have spent thousands of dollars with your company and one $600.00 bracelet will only help your company. I will do nothing but suggest new customers to your business. Please help me keep the peace with my husband of 34 years. Thank you. Vickie Ware Cw***


David Palmer March 2, 2015 at 6:18 pm

My name is David palmer, you just one of your best cluster store manager her name is Gail Lea Cochran she run the mattoon and Effingham stores in Illinois in January their district got eliminate and both of her stores got absorbed by st Louis district manager Pam Harmon, Gail was and has always been the go to girl to get the best results for Jcp i have known her for 25 years and she has always taken the high road and treated eeveryone Fairly, I’m asking for someone up the ladder to look at Gail’s record with the company and review the clam of policy violation of charity funds witch she had the paper work for,the policy changed in November on how to take and handlemoney from charity,Gail was unaware of the change and her old LP did not notify her of change, that being said Gail was close to the her old district manager Carrie bunard, and after the investigation started three weeks ago Carrie has told Gail the her and Pam never got along, I think if Pam had got to really know Gail she would of had a great stores on her team, Gail was to go to Texas here soon and she was invited to stay and extra day for the stores that done over the top on performance, please get this to upper management !?!Gail was on her way to become a great asset to JCP thank you for your time
Sincerely. David Palmer


Upset customer February 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Back in 2011 my mother and sister bought me a pair a earrings that I really wanted as a thank you/Christmas gift. I send the earrings in a few times to get cleaned and stones replaced if any stones fall out. This last time I sent them to get cleaned instead of cleaning them, they were painted white. So the design was no longer on it and instead of the original design that I loved, theypainted small black lines on it that looked like a toddler painted and the stones were not put on in the right spots. They looked like a whole other set of earrings. I’ve complained called corporate and have yet heard anything back. They have not given me the earings back instead sent out buy out forms to the local store so I can get money for them and buy something else in the same value of my earrings. They no longer have those earrings in stock and they just took the sentimental value away and have no sympathy for it. I don’t want cash back for a gift my mother and sister got me. I want my earings or at least the same earrings. The sentimental value can’t be replaced and they refuse to make me a happy customer. I’m very upset. NEVER sending a thing out to get cleaned or replaced at jcpenny ever again.


Cindy Lockwood February 12, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Worst customer service ever. I ordered a queen size bed on December 10, 2014 and after a month went by of not receiving it, only the bed frame, I decided to cancel the order. I went in to my local jc penny’s January 30 where I actually ordered it through their online system and had the employee at the desk cancel my order. I asked why I never recieved it and she had no idea, go figure. She told me 3-5 business days my account will be credited back! It is now February 12, come to find out my order was NEVER cancelled, money was NEVER credited back, and still I DID NOT receive my bed. I am beyond upset. It took for me to call corporate to find out what the hell was going on. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. They did not say sorry or seem very sympathetic which is what I expect ! Nor did they offer me anything after all the BS I had to go through. Ridiculous !


T Evans February 7, 2015 at 11:30 pm

I have just decided to take legal action against JCPenney. 4 years ago when I worked for them, I was sexually assaulted by another worker. I was scared and upset and confused. I didn’t say anything to my parents at the time because I wasn’t sure what to do and I just wanted the whole thing to go away.

I finally brought it to my managers attention because a co-worker told me that if I didn’t say something it might happen again. So I sat woth my supervisor and the store manager and told them what happened. Another manager who was present told me that she had had to separate myself and the coworker in question several times. This NEVER happened and I am convinced that she was eother lying or had me confused withanother girl. I was too shy and shocked to tell her she was wrong in front ofthe store manager so I sat in a miserable silence. I was then informed that. They would fire ME if I spoke to that co-worker or even went near him again-as if I WOULD! Nice job JCPenner-make your workers feel as if they have done something wrong when THEY are the victim.

I just recently told my parents that this happened and they were very upset on my behalf. They told me that just because my managers shrugged it off like it wasn’t a big deal didn’t mean that it wasn’t. I was still a teenager when this happened but I am much older and wiser now and I understand that they handled the situation very wrongly. I am also very angry…good luck trying to talk your way out of this one, JCP.


patricia hanrahan February 3, 2015 at 8:52 pm

worst customer service ever/ I have been waiting for this appointment for a month and they didn’t call or show up! The mattress and box spring are trash and someone was suppose to come out after much yelling they called me back and told me they could come out 2/3/15 at 4pm it’s 5:41and jcp has no access to company that was to come out or to anyone in furniture department / wow I took off early drove busted my butt to be on time and not even a courtesy call! they called on 1/28 at 8.25 to confirm but my 74 year old mother did not answer/ Ten times I told them that they had to call me at my cell number and that my sick mother could not let them in and handle this they were very rude! They never even put my cell number in the system according to the rep I spoke to this afternoon. I will be filing small claims on Friday if I cannot get someone out to look at bed! Shame on jcp I have loved shopping at your store but I am not happy with the way you have treated me!


Avis Heffernan January 27, 2015 at 12:04 pm

I bought 2 pairs of shoes in Nov. When I got home there was bill for me. I had First Merit send my payment online,Synchrony Bank Have never received my payment. First Merit Fax every thing over to them, they received it. I am still fighting with them. They keep sending me bills that I am late, and give me a late payment. I called again Mon and I got a foreign person and he said that he would turn it someone. I Don’ t know.who. I have been fighting sense Dec. I am upset and I want you to know that I won’t be using your Credit Card ever again. I won’ t be shopping there again, you just lost a customer.


jacob January 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

Is it breach of contract for a manager at a jcpenney to also manage or own a liquor store?


K.R. January 22, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Very disappointed to hear the news of the salon in Lake Wales to be closed in Feb. I have been using their services for five years, I am not a snowbird and use their services ever three weeks! JC Penney salon will be greatly missed, If the store remains open why are you closing the salon? You now put many women in a position of finding new stylists which for some is not easy, not to say the stylists who have been there for years now have to find jobs else where. This salon has participated in many free services for opening of school for children and other service specials which many salons don’t even offer. These people that worked in this salon have worked hard to keep it going, just don’t understand, again why if the store stays open give them another chance to bring their numbers up!!!!
Very disappointed customer, remains


Bev Mrozinski January 10, 2015 at 10:04 pm

I am VERY sad and disappointed about your decision to close the store at Marquette Mall in Michigan City, IN. I have been a loyal customer of Penney’s for over 30 years. This is one of the anchor stores in the mall and will further add to the decline of customers throughout. Please reconsider this decision.
Thank You,
Bev Mrozinski


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:06 pm

Unfortunately, a decision to close particular stores is a matter of financial return on investment. Stores that do not attract enough business (called “under performing stores”) are on the line for closure. In addition, there are malls that do not attract the traffic needed to support large anchor stores. JCP is facing a changing retail landscape. Today, JCP shares closed at $7.44, down 3.5%. JCP has no choice but to close under performing stores. Mall stores are usually closed to coincide with lease terminations. Mike Ullman (current CEO) inherited a mess from Ron Johnson, former CEO hired from Apple. Ullman has issued communications to JCP associates to return to the ethical standards of James Cash Penney, who founded his Golden Rule Stores in 1902. Today, many JCP associates do not embody Mr. Penney’s Golden Rule treatment of the customer. J C Penney Company, under James Cash Penney, had grown to over 3000 retail locations. Today that number is under 1100. What more is there to say? A decline of nearly 66% of retail locations! More power to Mike Ullman, as he has a hard row to hoe. Local associates need to get on board and return to good customer service. Quoting from Ullman’s March 2014 letter to JCP associates:
“Through the Statement of Business Ethics, we can carry on the legacy established over a century ago by James Cash Penney and our original Company leaders, who challenged us to continually ask ourselves whether our actions square with what is right and just. Thank you for your time and contributions to this legacy. [Signed] Sincerely Myron E. (Mike) Ullman, III.
Yes, some local management associates need re-training.


shelly curby January 8, 2015 at 11:53 pm

Plan o grams and cookie cutter stores. Remember the days….when visual Merchandisers would display the stores, using a mix of cueing elements, props and merchandise? I do….I worked as a visual merchandiser traveling from store to store. JCP you need to find yourself, you don’t want to be a Walmart.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:21 pm

LOL. Sam Walton actually got his start with J C Penney Company in 1940, in Des Moines, Iowa store. But Walmart cannot be compared to JCP. Ullman will be sure of that. By 1941 there were 1600 Penney’s stores in 48 states. Sam Walton didn’t develop the same business principles as James Cash Penney. Penney actually believed in the biblical Golden Rule principle of treating others with respect and dignity, as you would want to be treated, including his customers.


LaShon B Southfield, MI January 8, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I am totally frustrated with JC Penney. I opened a new account late last year and have been making on-time payments. Yet, they (or Synchrony Bank) called my house numerous times this year about my account. I though nothing could possibly be wrong with it but I called back anyway. I discovered that my account was past due. (But how could this be?) The payments I had made for the last few months were being applied to a JCP account which I closed about 10 years ago. The old account showed a credit of almost $200. Also, I was told by the customer service rep. that I actually have 4 JCP accounts. I didn’t open four accounts, I told her. She said that sometimes when you make a purchase (with a debit card), the sales associate is opening up an account for you and you don’t even know it. (She actually told me that!) She also said that many other customers had complained about the same thing. I asked why my old account was sitting out there and why were the payments applied to it. I was told that they cannot delete any accounts. They will always be there. WHAT? I have many charge cards and have NEVER heard such crazy nonsense. I have had credits on some of my account charge accounts. If I don’t use the credit within 30 days, I have always received a check for the credit amount. So, why did my credit sit on an closed account for several months? Anyway, I asked her to close all of the accounts. She agreed to do so and to subtract the late fees. I found out today that she didn’t close the accounts nor did she transfer the money. I am frustrated with JCPenney. If I ever shop there again (right now I don’t want anything to do with them), I will only use cash. I’m going to shoot tis form the mountain top, to anyone who sill listen: Shame on JCPenney. They are focused on money service not customer service!


Marjorie J. Goodrich January 6, 2015 at 10:07 am

Mailed payment of bill for $37.80 five days before due date…have now received bill for $25 late payment…..unbelievable! Cutting up my JCP credit card today – urging family members to do the same.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:24 pm

It’s the bank, not JCP. JCP has divested itself of all banking/credit card holdings.


Aida Castañer December 30, 2014 at 7:52 pm

The last 2yrs, I had visited JCPenney located in Puerto Rico, Plaza Las America and Plaza Carolina and the maintenance of the restrooms are NONE. Three times I had spoken with the Supervisor of both stores, but not luck. It is a real issue because is a matter of hygiene . I expressed my concerns, and not only the indifference the employers show when you ask for the supervisor and described to them the situation is disrespectful, but the attitude that this is a lady that like to complaint, so…. Is not a casual a situation at random, is a big ¨habit¨ to keep them (restrooms) not able to be used by costumers. Always excuses, like they will talk with the administrator of the Mall to check upon the cleaning company ( who has the control of the store); that they have situations with the company, etc.etc. etc. Blame others.
The next step is to call the Department of Health in Puerto Rico if the manager of both stores do not something. Here, in PR, we are clean, decent, professionals who care about how these big corporate stores act. We go there, spend money we deserve respect tom the employees and from the corporation.


Mo December 28, 2014 at 1:11 pm

I came to this page to communicate with JCP at a corporate level, because of a concern generated by something they did. At the top of this page is the ‘Contact JCPenney’ section which includes a link to email them. Click on that link and this is the message you get:
You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude.

Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. But don’t worry; simply pick an option from the list below, and you’ll be back out riding the waves of the Internet in no time.
So much for emailing JCP corporate.

I simply want to respond to a email they sent this morning that includes a coupon promoting petite jeans.

In it, they feature Levi 529 jeans with a nice description and color pic BUT in fine print indicate that the Levi brand is “excluded from coupon”. Saying, essentially, “See, see, we have these but you can’t have them for that price.”

Do they have any idea how many more people they’re about to confuse, piss off and lose as customers?

No wonder JCP is struggling to stay in business. I’m about to click ‘Unsubscribe’ myself.

Good luck.


Luis December 26, 2014 at 7:45 pm

Your portrait studio in El Paso ar Cielo Vista is a joke. The appointments are never honored. We waited 45 mins after our scheduled appointment and were promptly hurried to get the pictures taken in less than 10 mins. Other people after us were also complaining because if their wait times. Whoever schedules should be demoted. Everybody was late and unfortunately not everybody working there was polite, only a couple of young ladies. First and last time we visit this location for portraits.


ken osinski December 15, 2014 at 11:29 pm

in regaurds to your oshkosh ,wi store.i bought a wedding ring for my wife,then it went on to a much better sale,i asked for the mgr. his name is mark.i briefly explained our problem,which he didnt make it a problem he just said we are going to do what ever it takes to make it right for us .and he done that with no problem at all .i mean to tell ya, mark you are a very respectful person .thanks for making this so easy,also a big thank you to deb in jewelry,very very in formative. really knows her stuff. all our years of shopping,mark and his team really made this special for us.please make mention of this to them,a simple job very well done can go a long way.thank you , ken and very happy wife judy.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:28 pm

Associates in my local store need some lessons from Mark! James Cash Penney would be proud of Mark and the respect given to you.


Jesus g December 15, 2014 at 4:13 pm

To whoever is reading this the corporate or even random people I like to let you know I was an associate in Jcp and I made a mistake and was talked too to see if I was gonna be fired, they said they would call me to bring me in to discuss my mistake and they ignored, took me out of system and schedule. I also didn’t like the RACISM I got at work, I was helping a mexican family in watches and he told me to watch his watches to get his wife to discuss them and while he left I helped another customer and my manager came to help the mexican family and he said no cause he was waiting for m since I knew which watches he wanted so after I helped the other guest I went back and as I was ringing them up my manager came to me and said “Jesse just to let you know you can’t ring up friends and family” I was so mad and embarrassed and in front of the family. So just cause the family is mexican and im mexican they my family? No that’s Wrong! I hope whoever is reading this knows how jcp in San diego,CA is..they lost a customer, employee and everything about jcp…NEVER will I go in jcp and gonna spread the word.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:31 pm

Your local store apparently did not train you fully. You did have recourse to go to corporate. They would have investigated the situation.


Norma Lindsey December 15, 2014 at 10:58 am

On Sunday, Dec 14, 2014 I visited the JC Penney store at West County Mall in Des Peres MO. I parked on the south side of the store, and when I walked to the door, I noticed the trash cans were overfflowing with trash and food on the ground. I couldn’t believe that the store would allow this happen. When I was in the store, I brought it to the store manager’s attention who apologized, explained that not all of the maintenance staff had come to work, and they were working on it.

I also told her that I went to use the ladies restroom and immediately turned around because it was so dirty. The restroom was a hygenic nightmare, exposing us, your customers, to diseases such as hepatitis.

This experience reflected so poorly on your store. Does the store not care of how it looks to its customers? Does it not schedule overnight maintenance to clean the restrooms, and empty the outdoor trash cans? And if the some of the maintenance staff does not come to work, is there a plan B?

It will be a long time before I return to this store. The mall is a very nice mall in an upscale location and it would be nice if JC Penney maintained its store to the standards of the other stores.

Thank you for your attention.


Mona Williston December 11, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I made a purchase on Nov. 1, 2014 (under 60 days ago) for a ring on my credit card. Unfortunately I am unsatisfied with it, as it is to small/fragile, one of the diamond is not flush in the setting with the others, and I believe it to be a promise ring. I was looking for a ring for a gift to myself for my 50 birthday. I have been told I may return it to the store as I bought at the store. I suffer extreme anxiety and am unable to return it to the store at this time myself. I would like to get some type of approval to return it via the mail.
Thanking you in advance,
Mona Williston


Becky December 7, 2014 at 9:02 am

I really hope someone at jcp is reading customer comments and taking advise. I love jcp. My local jcp was on the close list but luckily escaped closure. So a couple things. The jcp clothing line needs to be resized or just give up it does not fit well and mostly goes to the Clarence rack. Right now at my local store there are many 3/4 length sleaves on sweaters and dresses. It’s cold here and none of my professional peers want to be chilly at work. Especially the cute sweater dresses. I would have bought a couple of those if they had full length sleaves. I am your target market. I am a professional with disposable income. Please start listening to real people, you know the ones who actually wear your clothes before you go out of business. P.S. Love my local store and staff.


Reta Voss December 5, 2014 at 2:56 pm

I have always had confidence in the ability to get good furniture from JCPenney
After two bad experiences I won’t be ordering any more This last one was a table and chairs It was delivered with a big scratch on the table even tho it was boxed
They are to bring another one but, after waiting two months to get it is not worth it
I guess I will just find some other company to shop with


Donna December 5, 2014 at 6:42 am

For many years I shop the early morning deals on Black Friday at the Freehold Mall in Freehold NJ. Mainly because I want the Disney Snow Globe. This year JCP decided to give them out the night before. I was very upset that the had never announced that they would be doing that. I went in at 5am and nothing!!!!! I asked numerous workers and to no avail they could not help me. I did not like how each person spoke with me about the situation. I felt that I was not worth their time. I put down the $300 worth of items that I was going to buy and walked out. I am done with JCP.


Matthew D December 3, 2014 at 11:30 am

Very sad indeed. JC Penney will not be in business very much longer if drastic changes don’t occur. I have been shopping at Penney’s my entire life (at least 40 years), but the service has become so abysmal that I can’t understand how they stay in business. I shop at the Wheaton Plaza store in Wheaton, Maryland. The store is beautiful, clean and well stocked. The problem? It’s very difficult to find an employee to assist. Most departments are not staffed. I have personally observed large-scale shoplifting as people who appear to be shopping for clothing boldly stuff merchandise in their back packs right on the floor. There are no employees around to deter theft, nor to provide assistance. Two weeks ago I called the store to find out if my catalog order was still available to be picked up because I had been out of town traveling after the order had been delivered to the store. I called numerous times and selected each menu item and each department trying to reach a human being. Nobody answered any of the lines. I called the corporate customer service number, and they, too, tried to reach a human being at the Wheaton Plaza store and could not do so. Yesterday when I went to pick up my catalog order, I walked all over the store trying to find the pickup counter because the signage at the escalators was incorrect. The signs indicate that the JCP pickup is on the first floor, but it is actually on the fourth floor. When I found an employee who was polite and informative, I commented on my phone experience. She told me that the store had forwarded all extensions from all menu options to Fine Jewelry since the counters are staffed, yet when they are with customers they cannot answer the phone. The phone …. for the entire store! I went to the window treatment department to get some roller shades and have them cut, and the rude and nonchalant employee told me in her cold voice with crossed arms that “we don’t do that here anymore.” How will Penney’s stay in business with all of the theft that occurs due to lack of floor coverage, the rudeness of employees, and the failure to answer the phone?


john morales December 2, 2014 at 8:06 pm

I took my kids for pictures today 12/2/14 the three girls behind the counter was very rude !!
How do you have little kid handling a job they cant do . Im at the jcp in Wayne and the girl took two pictures for each pose ,at the end only two pictures were ok the rest was terrible . I wasted my time !!! At the end they wouldn’t retake it now i will call corporate


Ilene W. December 2, 2014 at 11:16 am

I live in New Jersey and for many years frequented the JC Penny Outlet in Franklin Mills, PA, as did so many of my friends and acquaintances. It was a place that you could find most anything (to include misses slacks in tall sizes) with great prices. Needless to say, it was quite a blow when it closed. We were wondering if an outlet would ever open again and if so where (how about the Burlington Mall in Burlington NJ since the store you had closed).


frances machale November 24, 2014 at 1:46 pm

I recently visited the optical dept. in the Trumbull, Ct. store.. The man who helped me with my glasses was excellent and tried every thing he could to help me purchase the glasses I choose.. Unfortunately he was alone in the store and the customers kept lining up plus the interruptions with the phone calls.. He could not get any results on his computer for my second pair of glasses((poloroids) and his manager would not answer his phone for assistance.. I did contact the store manager but will pursue this more at the Corporate Headquarters in Texas if necessary.. It sounds like the manager of the optical dept. is not doing a good job.


Lori November 24, 2014 at 10:25 am

On or about 10/7/14 I visited the Springfield, VA store. After conducting my business, I went to the ladies room. When exiting something on the door snagged the outer shell if my top. It’s crocheted & obviously ripped.
I located an associate who stopped another associate who was on her way to lunch. She informed me all they could do was look at the door & tape it. I was so frustrated I left.
I sent a complaint to customer service via email. I received a reply that the store leader would contact me within 48 hrs. I waited 2 wks.
I called customer service department & was informed the store leader, Antonio, would be in touch with me in 24 hours.
I waited 2 wks & called customer service. I spoke with John who gave new the coprorated number. On 11/17/14 I called corporate & spoke w Robin, who said Antonio had 24-48 hrs to contact them with how he resolved the issue.
It’s now 11/24/14 and I’m still waiting for Antonio to contact me.
I called corporate at 9:15 this morning & spoke with Terry. Although I asked to elevate the issue with get supervisor, age said they were all equal & although there was a lead, she would tell new the a same. Terry said she would call the store when it opened & speak with either Antonio or the store lead on duty. They would call me to resolve.
I refused. I told her they’very had 6 weeks to contact me & I wasn’the waiting another 48 hours. I said if I didn’t get a call by noon today I would find a way to contact the VP of jcp & inform him off the issue using all their names.
She offered $50 gift certificate & I refused staying I would only accept cash.
I do not plan on shopping at jcp again. Their associates have no concern for the customers. Their store leaders appear to have the a acme attitude.
With this type of service, I give jcp 6 months before they end up closing the doors.


Jennifer November 20, 2014 at 1:56 pm

I’ve worked for JCP for a few years, due to my school schedule I always have Tues and Thur off. Usually they give me Wed also which is nice. This year JCP is opening at 5:00 PM and I am schedule at 4:30 PM. I have to work at 4:30 on Thanksgiving and we have been told if we don’t show up on Thanksgiving that we will be FIRED.

Because there are people who would rather be shopping and saving what they think is big money what actually they are not saving anything when you factor in gas, parking and long lines … how much did you really save to ruin a holiday.

I love this country but sometimes I hate it.


Retail Life November 22, 2014 at 12:50 am

I plan on contacting the corporate office my kid which is in highschool was just fired due to not being able to come to work on Saturday by some rude ignorant LOD at Meyerland by the name of Eddie P. … On Black Friday she’s scheduled to work 5pm to 5 am and return by 2pm the very next day. I’m like I’m an adult and I dot. Have a schedule this hectic. It’s just sad how KIDS are excited to have their 1st or 2nd job and adults that have been given the ability to hire and fire use the powers given by a Store for bad..


Nathaniel Kirby November 20, 2014 at 9:51 am

Stay closed all day on Thanksgiving Thursday. Give your employees the whole day without work. I do not work for Penney’s nor do I have a family member that does.


Larry Southerland November 17, 2014 at 6:44 pm

As being a loyal customer for years, Penney’s offered to raise my credit limit. However, after activating the new card that replaced the lower limit card, I learned there was a hard credit hit from the reporting credit bureaus. Trans Union for example hit me for minus 23 points. I was informed by Penney’s Customer Service Manager (Rodney) that it’s my problem to fix with credit bureaus even though the manager said this was not suppose to happen since Penney’s went off my credit history with them. Well, I guess I will fix this issue by paying off my credit card balance in next month or two, cancel the card, and take my business elsewhere. What is so ironic is I worked for Penney’s many years ago and received several customer service awards. My, how times have changed.


Cynde Wharton November 17, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Please do not allow this email to go without some attention. I know this is a very busy season for all stores. But, there is no excuse to what happened to my daughter at the optical Dept. @ JCP Johnstown, Pa office. I wanted to do something for my daughter for Christmas, so I thought I would get her an eye exam, contacts and glasses. She drove in from Pittsburgh, Pa with her two year old son, she was detained minutes and called to tell the Optical Dept of this, the girl at the desk said it was ok she was eight minutes late.
the girl at the counter said they could not take her being that she was so late. She called it was ok when she made the call, to make matters worse, she embarrassed my daughter in from of other people. After coming to get me, I was shopping at the time, I went back to the Optical Dept and told them she traveled two hours for this appointment, so she was gracious enough to tell me that she would have to wait to be seen. She waited twenty minutes and in that time, they, the girls in the front of the office were heard saying that she wanted to go over and tell my daughter what she thought. A woman that was near the office at the time was also upset at my daughters treatment. Really now, even doctors offices give you fifteen minutes before they cancel your appointment. The actions of that office was uncalled for, she, my daughter was reduced to tears. I spend thousands of dollars at this store, this month alone I spent $2000 getting shutters for my home. Now, either an apology is made to my daughter, or I will not purchase another thing in this store. I told my husband what happened and he called, the girls said she did not have anytime and hung up on him….he is an attorney and is not accustomed to this treatment.
Unless something is done with that very unpleasant girl and her assistant…count me out for shopping at your store.


AEL November 16, 2014 at 8:40 pm

I have been a long time jcp customer but after the atrocious customer service I received at your DEWITT NY store courtesy of a supervisor named Steve I am doubtful I will be making any holiday purchases w/ you this year.

At around 2:30pm my husband and I tried to purchase socks.

1) sales associate did not know how to scan the $10 coupon. When I mentioned this to my husband, supervisor Steve began snapping at me to “not treat his employees that way”. When I asked him to watch his tone he began berating me. When my husband asked Steve to STOP verbally abusing me Steve would not stop and ignored my husband. Steve continued behaving in a manner I believed was extremely racist, hateful, unprofessional and highly disturbing. Instead of trying to diffuse the situation he snatched the coupon from me and started reading to me in a patronizing and abusive manner.

2) when I asked for the name and contact number for the store mgr and the district mgr he flatly refused and dismissed me with a “I am the ONLY manager; you’ll have to deal with me.”

3) when I began to get agitated Steve continued to verbally abuse and mock me with other employees and CUSTOMERS. It was humiliating and devastating. His behavior was racist and HORRIFYING.

4) I then told Steve I was going to get contact info and I was going to file complaint and he scoffed and said “oh so you’ve done this before.” Then he laughed.

5) I kept asking for contact info and he refused to give it to me. Instead he called security even though my husband (who is white) and I (I am black) had done nothing wrong but voice our displeasure with Steve’s atrocious behavior.

Is this the kind of person you want representing your brand? A verbally abusively unprofessional, immature male who is unable to manage customer disputes without escalating them to the point where he is screaming at customers?

I have already contacted the district manager Al Simmons and left a message. I am very distraught, offended and devastated by the way my family was treated by one of the people your company has decided is leadership material. If Steve is unable to conduct himself in a professional manner and resolve customer complaints on a slow Sunday afternoon (there were a handful of customers) how could he possibly be able to effectively support your brand’s mission during the holiday season.

I would like the following:
1) an opportunity to discuss this matter with district leader Al Simmons

2) a WRITTEN and FACE to FACE apology from both the Dewitt store manager and Steve.

I used to love shopping at JcP but until this matter is resolved to my satisfaction my family and I will not shopping in your stores.


leschaun isaac November 16, 2014 at 10:36 am

I visited a store in florence, sc Nov 14 2014 in the evening, and the cashier in the boys department was very rude. She was talking about a customer as if the customer wasnt there. It was a African American female with braids. It seemed like the 2 customers she was waiting on were in on it too. She needs more training on customer service. Thank you


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