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Plano, Texas 75024

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Phone Number: (972) 431-1000
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CEO: Myron E. Ullman III
CFO: Dennis P. Miller
COO: Michael D. Porter

JCPenney History

JCPenney, also called JCP or Penneys, was founded by James Cash Penney in 1902 as the Golden Rule Store.  Penney bought out his 2 partners in 1907 and began calling the stores J.C. Penny in 1913.  There were 35 stores at this time.

By 1917, there were 175 stores in 22 states.  In 1924, the 500th store was opened.  The 1000th store opened in 1928.

By 1941, JCPenney was operating in all lower 48 states.  They were over 1600 stores.

In 1956, the chain began advertising nationwide in Life magazine.  In 1959, the JCPenney credit card was launched.

In 1963, the JCPenney catalog was launched.  The catalog portion of the business was not profitable until 1971.

In 1971, founder James Penney died.

In 1993, JCPenney became the largest catalog retailer in the US.  In 2011, they closed their catalog business.

Today, the company operates over 1100 department stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  Most locations are in suburban shopping malls.




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John Kelly April 29, 2017 at 5:34 pm

I suffer from copd and high blood pressure. There is never a motorized shopping cart in your large store. Other stores furnish motorized shopping carts, such as Target, Kroger, Walmart and Dillards. Why do you not furnish the carts for handicapped customers. Your stores are so large we just can’t walk all over the store so we choose other stores to shop.
I have not shopped in your Flowood, Ms. store for this reason.


Deb April 21, 2017 at 1:52 pm

I shopped last night in the store in Valparaiso Indiana. My husband and I were in the jewelry department looking at watches. A sales associate said that she would be with us shortly after she put a necklace back into the safe. A few minutes later she came out and starting talking to another associate in the jewelry department without even acknowledging us again. They just kept talking. Finally my husband and I walked started walking away and suddenly she said oh wait I can wait on you now. I stated we were not waiting anymore and she said that she was talking to the associate re a customer. I guess we were not a customer. That store just lost over $600 in sales of watches because we were waiting for them to go on sale before purchasing. I have bought over $3000 in jewelry in the past several years but will never purchase again from JCP. OTHER COMMENTS ON CUSTOMER SERVICE BEING RUDE IS CORRECT. Also on 4/21/17 after that experience I called the store to talk to the manager or asst manager and neither were in. What kind of store has no manager or asst. manager on duty only shift managers. What good is that.


Judith Jones April 26, 2017 at 4:06 pm

4-22-17 I had a similar experience with an employee that just was so dis respectful, and rude to me, and my son we were in line with 2 people in front, and when she got to us she just walked away. Another employee saw what happened, and rushed over to wait on us… my son was so upset he asked me if he could go wait outside for me, I told him yes, because tears were burning my eyes, and I didn’t want him to see me emotional over the situation. I talked to a supervisor who said someone would call me concerning this lady Sumaya. In the meantime I discovered that this lady can treat people however she like, and they have yet to correct her behavior in anyway. Jcpenny Lakewood Mall.


Michelle Fischer April 20, 2017 at 1:23 pm

After more than 22 years, I have canceled my JCP card. Nothing to do with products, everything to do with customer service, which takes some effort since I buy everything on line. As a retired hospital CEO, I understand the difficulties of running a business and have tried to be supportive, but that’s over. By the way, I attempted to file a concern last night on line, but after completing the form and submitting, a message was received that I should try again later because the system was not available. That helped a great deal.


Marilyn April 5, 2017 at 11:11 pm

You are a sexist company. As I was waiting for my hair appointment today a man was paying his bill. My hair before my hair cut was shorter than his. He was charged $18.00. I thought he must have gotten a trim. Another man came in and asked if they had any openings. He was taken back and I watched the hair dresser wet his hair down, use scissors and electric razor etc.. I was then taken back had my hair cut and I went to pay my bill which was $35.00 that same man( I sat and watched him get most of his hair cut before I was called back) stood beside me to pay his bill of $18.00. Why was I charged $35.00 and he was charged $18.00. That is wrong! I have been a customer for over 10 years with pre-booked hair cuts every 5-6 weeks!!! I have been overcharged! This needs to change!!!!!


Jana April 5, 2017 at 4:37 pm

I very much enjoy having a JCP right in my home town of Snohomish, WA. The only other options are Fred Meyer and Kohl’s, plus a few boutiques. It is not easy for me to travel so I’m hoping they will keep it open. In our state of Washington, it showed that the most growth this past year occurred in Snohomish and Pierce counties. It is time to expand this store, compete, and not remove it. The employees are always awesome and I love my JCP Credit card. I use it all the time. With all the growth spill-over from the Seattle/King County area, your customers would really like to have this store stay open. Thank you!


Summerlyn D'Angelo April 5, 2017 at 10:52 am

Well, I thought I’d try this since I’ve been trying to complain about my experiences for about 2 weeks now but no one seems to care and I think it’s funny that you do not provide an email to the corporate office so after this ill just write a good old fashioned letter. I am getting married this June and opted to do my bridal registry through jc penney because this at least used to be a reputable company and we requested gift cards through your store so that we could buy a new couch with them. From the beginning my bridal shower guests had trouble locating my registry. These things happen but what shouldn’t happen is your rude poorly trained customer service reps giving them a hard time about it. I apologize from the bottom of my heart that I sent people to spend money at your store. How rude of me. Once my guests got onto my registry and started buying items, I became aware that the items were not being removed from the registry. I am not going to write my whole experience of when I called for help with that situation here,I’ll save it for my letter, but I will say that the customer service reps were rude and kept telling me they couldn’t help me. They kept transferring me to more people who couldn’t help me. Even the “supervisor” couldn’t help me. Why do you offer gift registry services if no one can help with them? Now I have doubles and triples of things to return and I’m nervous that I am going to be given a hard time even though it’s not my fault. I called customer service yesterday and had questions about 2 jc penney invoice cards I received in the mail. First I got hung up on and then I called back and spoke to a very rude woman who i asked to put me through to a manager. She did and I attempted to complain about my registry not taking items off and asked about the invoice cards I received and she brought up the wrong registry and asked me if I was calling from someone else’s phone and when I said no and told her I believed she was on the wrong registry she started cracking up laughing. At that point though I was so upset that I didn’t find anything funny. Of course she, a manager, wasn’t able to help me so she transferred me to someone else and gave the next rep the wrong info. I am beyond regretting registering with jc penney. I never thought it would be this terrible. I can’t wait to see how awful buying a couch from you guys is. I will not be recommending you to any of my friends who will be getting married soon. Your customer service is below awful. Especially I brought you a lot of business you’d think you would want my experience to be better so I’d recommend your registry to others. I am blown away. And I fear nothing is going to be done. Your corporate office probably won’t e end read this from what I’ve seen from others! So disappointed


TIna Vore April 4, 2017 at 11:48 pm

I have been shopping at JCPenney since I was a little girl, because my mom always liked the variety, quality and value of the things we bought. Also, she said that many famous maker dresses sold at other department stores, cost considerably less at JCPenney.

To this day, I shop at our local JCPenney in Santa Ana at Main Place Mall. This may sound like a trivial comment, but it is something that has been bothering me for a few years now. It has to do with the music being played in the store. I appreciate all genres of music, however, ALL of the music being played is in Spanish. Can’t it be mixed up a bit? I feel like I am in another country at times. I realize the demographic of the area in which we live is predominantly Hispanic, but playing music only in Spanish feels rather exclusive. Please consider playing music in English, as well. Thank you kindly.


Paula Clark April 2, 2017 at 1:32 pm

Well I tried to shop again at JCPenney. After today I realized that some things don’t change and I will not be buying anything from JCPenney in the future.
Today I purchased, online, a sofa. It is a custom-made sofa and the message said it will be about 6-8 weeks before the manufacturer notifies me of a delivery date.
About an 2 hours after I placed this order I reviewed the dimensions again and noticed that the seat back has a height of 11 inches. Not very high for a seat back. I called JCPenney order department and asked the woman if she could confirm the height of the seat back. She said she sees what I see. OK. I then said that I did not want a sofa with only an 11 inch seat back and would like to cancel the order. She told me I cannot cancel it because I placed the order at 10:xx a little over 1.5 hours had passed. Yes, I explained, but it is a Sunday, the sofa has to be custom made and the manufacturer was not yet building my sofa so I want to cancel my order. I was told again that I could not cancel it. I was told that when they call me with delivery I can refuse and then she would “open a case to get me a refund” or words to that affect. I then asked why we would allow the manufacturer to build the sofa that I am stating today that I do not want – a little less then 2 hours after placing the order. She started to raise her voice – she was not friendly at all from the beginning. I asked her not to raise her voice…she told me she wasn’t but I didn’t seem to understand. I calmly explained that I understood what she was saying, but could not understand why an order for custom made furniture could not be cancelled 2 hours after placing the order. She hung up on me. Nice.
I called Customer Service to share this experience and was then told that after the order is placed JCPenney is locked out of the online system and cannot cancel any orders. That I can try to call tomorrow (Monday) and speak with someone in furniture to see if they can cancel it. I thanked him for his help as he at least provided an explanation and offered a solution. The first women was rude, incompetent and if she and other representatives like her are the reason these stores are going under. People do not go where they are treated badly.
So JCPenney opts to go ahead and allow a manufacturer to build a sofa rather than allowing the customer to cancel an order after 2 hours. Isn’t the legal course of cancellation 3 days? Not for JCPenney. Never again will I spend my money with them. No wonder they, Sears and Macys are closing so many stores. Most people I talk with say it’s the quality of the product(s) and even more the poor customer service. If higher officials in these corporations heard the way service reps talk to customers they would (I hope) be appalled. But maybe not…
So beware – if you buy anything online from JCPenney and then change your mind….too bad…JCPenney will not cancel the order. They are not allowed…


Pat Hoff April 6, 2017 at 12:09 pm

Wow! I am a comrade in arms. Ordered 2 chairs on-line on Sunday night, April 2, 2017. Found the same chairs for $150.00 (each) less (that was even with Pennys 25% off coupon). Called Customer Service the next morning on 4/3 Monday and told them I wanted to cancel the order. The rep looked up my order, said it was still at the warehouse and would be shipped the next day. I told her again that I was cancelling the order. She said that the chairs would be shipped and I could refuse the shipment went I got it, then I would be refunded the charge. I told her that the easiest way would be to CANCEL THE ORDER AND NOT SHIP! That way I would not have to pay for a restocking fee of $75 dollars each. She said there was not a re-stocking fee. I said, yes there was so she looked it up and said “Oh, you’re right”. I again said cancel the order and do not ship. She said she could not do that but would transfer me to the furniture department. I talked to Yashiva the furniture rep. in Milwaukee, WI. She told me she is cancelling the order as we speak since it was still at the manufacture’s store and that my credit card would not be charged. I asked her to send me an email confirming my cancellation and she said she didn’t have the capability to send back an email. I told her I was very leary about this because of what the customer service rep had said. She told me she understood but I need not worry. Well low and behold I received and email last night (Wednesday, April 5 at 9:06 pm) stating “We’re sorry, but the item you wanted to change has already been shipped.” I’ve called the Customer Service line and asked to talk to Yashiva at the furniture department. They said she was busy with another customer but would call me back. That has been 2 hours ago – and no call. So now – I guess I have to sit and wait for UPS to deliver the chairs so I can refuse delivery. Who knows what kind of fight I will be in to get a refund AND not be charged the $150.00 restocking fee. What has happened to Penny’s? They used to be a wonderful corporation. Now they are just plain sleezy. No wonder they are closing stores. I will never again walk into a Penny’s store.


Sallie Tabbert March 25, 2017 at 12:52 pm

I have shopped with J.C. Penny’s store in Ft. Dodge, IA since 1965 and it has always been my go to store.
Now you say you are closing one of the only good stores in this town, I don’t shop at Younkers.
Yes there are other J.C.Penny’s stores in Ames and Des Moines, but I don’t drive out of town.
You are making it harder for the, excuse me for saying this, the older generation to find the things that they like and are happy with.
Your store is one of the cleanest and not cluttered that is in the Mall.
Please reconsider on closing this store, Your company store has been in Ft. Dodge, for such a long time in fact as I remember it was the 2nd store to go out to the mall. My grandparents would shop at J.C. Penny’s when it was down on Central Avenue, which now is down to only a small number of stores.
The location of the store is also easy to get to.
I hope that you would reconsider for the people of Ft. Dodge and the employees that have been with your store for a long time. Your store also has taught young adults how to be respectful and considerate of people in the store. My daughter also has worked with J. C. Penny’s in the jewelry department while she was in college. Thanks for that.


Cheryl Rice March 23, 2017 at 8:58 pm

March 23, 2017

To Ronald Johnson, Kenneth Hannah, and Michael Kramer

RE: announcement of JC Penney store closing in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

NOOOOOOOOO! This cannot happen. The community where I live does not offer a huge selection of stores which to shop for good quality clothing at a fair price. I appreciate the selection of fashionable clothes for my age group, 64. The few other stores in my community are stocked for a younger age group than mine. I don’t want to look like someone I am not.

I have been a loyal JC Penney shopper all my life as have many others I know. I was in our Sault Sainte Marie store today and realized that everything I was wearing, including my watch and earrings, was purchased in that store. The employees there seemed sad and the ones I spoke with were still in shock over the announcement of the store closing.

I don’t know if one voice can change your minds but know many more feel the same. This closure will cause much inconvenience for many. I hope this falls into the hands of someone who cares.

Thank you for listening, Cheryl


Cheryl Rice March 24, 2017 at 10:53 pm

March 24, 2017

I would certainly appreciate an acknowledgement to my comment concerning the closure announcement of the Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan store. Please reconsider.


Cheryl Rice March 25, 2017 at 10:15 pm

I’m still patiently waiting for an acknowledgement to my comment dated March 23, 2017.


Cheryl Rice March 30, 2017 at 10:57 am

Does anyone at corporate care about their customers and comments from them? I’m still waiting for an acknowledgement to my comment dated March 23 2017.


Miriam March 31, 2017 at 8:26 am

I think not. The email system is not “functioning” at this time!!! Are they closing down completely?

Miriam March 31, 2017 at 8:27 am

I made a reply to you and submitted it. It is in ‘waiting for moderation’ status. LOL

Vicki March 23, 2017 at 12:14 pm

Still waiting for a reply to the closing of our Mitchell S.D store!!! Thinking about protesting the whole situation!!! Facebook is full of upset people!!!!


Connie Burgard March 22, 2017 at 5:26 pm

I am so upset as well as many others, that you have chosen to close the J.C.Penney store here in Canton, Il. There has been a J.C. Penney store here for as long as I can remember and shop there frequently. We do not have another store like it within 30 miles. It’s always been our store to go to for many things over the years. We have a community of many older people, including myself, who rely on this store because it’s to far for them to travel very far away to shop and more convenient. Most don’t like to mess with computers and ordering things on-line either. Please! Please reconsider your decision to close this store. We will miss it so much. Our only other store is WalMart and they don’t have the quality or types
of items you offer us.


kimmie March 22, 2017 at 8:28 am

Just noticed your store closing list. Our J.C. Penney’s store in Greeneville, TN is one of only 3 in the state of Tennessee which is closing. This store is vital to our community. It has been here since I was a small child and is a fixture in our small town.
I am upset and dismayed that I will no longer have a J.C. Penney’s store to shop in. I do over 80% of my shopping with your company…but no more. After our Penney’s closes, I will never darken another door to your company.
Good riddance J.C. Penney’s. You served us well but in the end you decided to leave us, so we will now leave you.


Linda White March 21, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Very upset about the announced closing of the Faribault West Mall location in MN. I have been a loyal customer for 50 years and the closing of this store will cause an impact on this community. All we will have left is Stupid Walmart. If in need of casual clothes or dress clothes for men I will have to go out of town. Kohls is closer than any other JCP so I guess that is where will be shopping. I can order but if I need to return something it means mailing it back or travel 40 miles. not going to happen. You will be loosing customers to Kohls.

Hoping you reconsider,

Linda White


Fran March 21, 2017 at 1:29 pm

Kudos to JC Penny for the recent line of commercials running in North Carolina using real sized women instead of sickly size 0 models. JC Penny is one of two remaining large department stores in our area. I will now be making an effort to shop there more often.


Vicki March 20, 2017 at 8:40 pm

I wrote you a note a couple days ago in regards to the closing of the Mitchell S.D. Store!! Was just wondering if you were going to email us???


Joanne Logan March 20, 2017 at 10:46 am

I’m a Canadian that is very upset with the news that you are closing the store at Cascade Crossing, in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. We as a family will miss the great values, excellent merchandise and great customer service. You carry excellent brands and if we can’t find it in the store we can order it and pick it up at the store. Yes, I know that you will tell me that I can still order and pick it up at another location but every time we visit your store we find things that we would not have thought to order so you are missing out on those sales. Sault Ste. Marie is a small community sharing its border with its Canadian sister city. It will be missed not only by the people in Soo, Mich. but by Canadians like us that cross border shop at your store. We have nothing like JCPenny so we value the gift of being able to cross the border to find great value and excellent made merchandise. The store is clean and bright, your staff is welcoming and very helpful. I know your minds are made up but I would be amiss not to tell you how very sorry I am that we will be losing you. Thanking you for your time.
Joanne Logan


Sharon Nickels March 19, 2017 at 3:09 pm

I have to say that my recent experience at JC Penney is probably why you are going to have to close stores, it sure doesn’t make me want to shop there anymore. You didn’t have the pants I wanted in stock at the store so I came home to order online. You only had the pants in one color I wanted the other which was brown, so not exactly wanting something unusual, but they were out of stock. So I order the tan ones and have to pay for shipping to the store….really ??! You don’t have them in the store, your trucks come to the store all the time but I have to pay extra to make sure you ship a pair of tan pants ??? Then they come in and I have to get in line at a register and then wait for someone to run get them out of the back. Why should I pay for that ??? Really poor service not to have the pick up in the back like you used to. Plus, I couldn’t get the brown ones so now I am supposed to pay for you to ship those when you get them back in stock ?? That really adds to my shipping costs because I couldn’t get both pairs at once !!! This is your fault for having poor stock but I seem to be paying for it…Not even going to order the other pair unless I get a discount or free shipping!!!!


MP March 19, 2017 at 9:48 am

I know I emailed before but trying to understand why you are closing the store in Pierre SD. I wk there part time and this is not about me because I work for the government in Pierre but about the people who shop there. This is the capital city where 60% of the people are professionals and shop at JCP there is no other store in Pierre for men kids and women to shop besides all the communities that surround us besides Wal-Mart. This store has always done a good business. Can you put Shepora in our store yes know body sells that in our town and we have the whole empty catalog area to put it. We now will have to drive over 200 miles one way to shop.


Vicki March 18, 2017 at 8:46 pm

Would like to know what your company foresees for the future that we as customers do not?????? Why are all the retails stores closing their doors???? I’m from Mitchell South Dakota and you are closing the penny’s store?? Would like to know why!! I have worked across the hall from it for 13 years and know that it is a gold mine for small stores!!! By closing this store you have just ruined my business too!!!!! Is it greed on behalf of your company????? What happened to making a profit and helping a community out at the same time??????? I know you will never respond to this but I guess somehow knowing that I tried makes it better!!! Wish you and the Big shots would find your hearts and let our store stay open!!!!! Thanks



Cheyenne March 18, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Our local JCPenney is closing. It’s in our mall and out of all the stores in the mall I only shop at JCPenney. I just want you to know that so many people are upset about it. We just really want to keep our JCPenney! We love it, a lot of older people shop there because it’s the closest JCPenney in our area. I love this store so much because it affordable, I have always gotten my swimsuits there and my prom and homecoming dresses. Just please don’t shut down our beloved JCPenney!


Nancy March 18, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Our community is devastated by your choice to close our local JCP (Dunkirk, NY). You will be losing a huge base of customers who now have none of your stores closer than a 45 minute+ drive each way. Unfortunately, as a professional, discount store’s lines of clothing do not suit my needs. Shame on you, JC Penney, for adding another empty storefront to a struggling area. Many count on you for wardrobe, quick gifts or just shopping close to home. Having been one of your supporters, even in your dark times, you are now losing my business, too. Do not tell me to order online as it is impossible to try clothes on online and returning them adds more to the expense. Your business mission, quoted from your Newsroom page, says you want to “:…ensure every customer’s shopping experience is worth their time, money and effort.” Be serious, it is not your customers you care about, nor their time or effort, it is the $. Well, no customers = no profits. Simple.


Nancy March 18, 2017 at 12:47 pm



Patricia Bates March 16, 2017 at 5:47 pm

I have an ideal for J C PENNYS CEO that can be used to promote all sales , this way stores can stop closing. It is a simple ideal but a “sure cure” for all the problems J C PENNYS is having. If you are interested please call me at 573 201 XXXX. You will be glad u did. This is not a joke or fluke. Patricia


MP March 15, 2017 at 2:01 pm

I know that this probably is not important to your company in the mix of everything. I’m not sure how you pick the stores that you are closing, but wondering if you look at the community it is in. You are closing the JCP in Pierre, SD (State capital) – the only store in this community for families to shop besides Wal-Mart. Pierre might not be a large community (15,000 population, Ft. Pierre, SD (across the river population 2,500), and all the rural communities around Pierre that come to shop in Pierre. I know you will still close it, but it sure would be nice if you reconsidered how you pick stores to close. The staff at this store is the most helpful of any JCP I have been in in SD, and the manager is always helpful with any question you might have. The closest community to actually go and shop at is 170 miles one way west of Pierre (Rapid City, SD), or Sioux Falls, SD 224 miles one way east of Pierre. Would be nice if you would reconsider leaving this store open.

Just wondering how you picked the stores if you looked at the geographic location of the communities involved and how fat they will have to travel. I have lived in Pierre, SD for 59 years and do not ever remember not having a JCP.


Mary Jo March 13, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Please do not close the J.C. Penney store at Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, OH.
It is my favorite store and so important to the character of this mall. It offers something for everyone at affordable prices. It seems to me that there are always plenty of people there, more than at the other pricier anchor stores. I especially appreciate that Penney’s carries tall and large sizes that other stores do not. If you close this store, I would still occasionally travel to the next closest Penney’s, but it would no longer be my go to store due to distance. I shop there frequently and do hope you will keep it open.


Lynn Richardson March 9, 2017 at 8:36 pm

Please don’t close our JCP in Southland Mall, Cutler Bay, FL. So many people depend on this store for their shopping needs. They come from the Florida Keys to shop here. This store is always busy when I’ve been there. Everyone I’ve spoken to can not believe this store is on the list for closing. Please reconsider decision. We love this store and it’s loyal employees.


bea cassario March 19, 2017 at 2:14 pm

please,please dont close the rio grande store in n.j. it does a nice business, its one of the only stores left to shop in this area. the staff that works there is helpful& pleasant.please reconsider!!!!!


Antoine Mcqueeny March 8, 2017 at 9:15 am

Nice information!


Bernadette Hart March 5, 2017 at 2:34 pm

I love JCP. I shop at the Waterville Maine Store and I have always enjoyed my shopping experience there. The employees are always friendly and helpful, I usually find what I am looking for and I come home very happy. I only have one suggestion: I wish you sold JCP gift boxes on site as it is inconvenient to buy gift clothing at JCP and then go to another store to buy a gift box. I understand why you no longer give them with purchase but I would readily pay for the boxes I need when I buy gift clothing at JCP. Please think about this suggestion. Thank you.


Dawn February 27, 2017 at 8:59 pm

I was in the Woodbridge NJ store today 2/27/17 they only have one register opened in women’s and on in men’s . With lines lines .. I waited on line in the women’s department for over 20 plus minutes with 2 associates working register .. the line is now over 10 deep and the associate tells the manager she is going on break.. and left ..people got tired of waiting and put there stuff down.:… I was very annoyed and asked for the store managers name John is the store manager of this store .: he in my option isn’t doing your store any justice .. I only shop at penny’s and kohls with this service.. I think I should spend my money elsewhere


MONIQUE February 27, 2017 at 7:11 pm


My name is Monique and I am reaching out to corporate because I have not been able to get my issues resolved at employee or management level at your JCPenny Salon inside the Gallaria Mall in Henderson NV.
On 1/29/17 I had received hair services by your salon. I feel that the hair stylist completely misunderstood what I was asking for and now I am stuck with a perm on my head I can do nothing about. I had asked for large spiral curls. The woman asked me if I wanted a lot of curl. I said yes I want a spiral perm with curl. She proceeded to use small grey color rods on my head I had never seen used for a spiral perm and I questioned her on it. Her answer to me was my perm will last longer using those rods, not to worry that I would love it. I now have small kinky curls on my head that I am not too happy about. I loved the lady that did my hair, she was a very sweet older lady from New Jersey. I honestly just feel she completely misunderstood my request.
I have called the salon 4 times and I have left 4 messages with receptionists/employees each time being told I would get a call back by management. I simply wanted an answer on how I could fix my problem. Is there something that could relax my curl without damaging my hair? I know putting another perm on my head would be way too harsh, I just wanted to see what my options were to fix what I am not happy with… BUT Not once have I been called back!! So since I am of no importance to the salon and I can’t seem to get customer service I am now very pist! I am a loyal JCpenny customer. I had actually put the $120 to pay for my services at the salon on my JCpenny credit card. And yes I did pay for my services. I wish now I would have refused!! I was hoping the perm would relax, but since the curls are so small it has not. I have used home remedies from google to see if I could get my perm to chill out such as leave in conditioners, hot oil treatments, and cholesterol treatments and I have only gotten very little results. I am very disappointed in your salon and that I couldn’t get one person to return a call to help me with my concerns. I honestly feel now that JCpenny should refund me! A month later and no call…. (shaking my head)

I work in the car business where customer service should always be #1 priority! Would be very nice to get services elsewhere and get the same treatment.

I would greatly appreciate if I could get some type of response.

Thank you



Carol DeFour February 15, 2017 at 2:13 pm

On 11/23/2016 I purchased a pair of earrings for $79.99 and also the care plan. On 2/2/2017 I had to take them back to the store as the clasp was not engaging tightly. They sent them out for repair. On that same day I purchased another pair of earrings for $59.99 with the care plan. On 2/11/2017 the clasp must of broke because I lost one. I went to the store and they canceled my care plan as I only had one earring. I know you won’t do anything but I don’t think your earrings are that great of quality if the clasps keep breaking.


Terry DiMartile February 12, 2017 at 3:13 pm

February 11, 2017

J C Penney Corporation, Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters
6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano TX 75024

Dear Sir/Madam:

I use to love JC Penny’s. Ever since I went looking for something special for an evening out. The sales lady went out of her way to help. I may have spent 3 times my intention, but I was made to feel special. The customer care was exceptional. Ever since that experience, a little over 30 years ago, my main store was JC Penny’s. I generally spend between $5K-10K annually. I may not be your biggest customer, but it’s a lot of money to me.

I decided to purchase a new mattress. You had a special running which included a $200 gift card if the mattress was received by the end of November. I looked at other options, but decided that even though your cost was a bit more (even with the gift card), that I was going to go with you. This was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.

I ordered the mattress on 11/9/16. It shipped on 11/15/16. On the 11/18/16 I called to find out when I might receive it. I would not be able to send in the gift card form without the shipping number. Your Furniture customer service said they received it and I would be called the following Monday or Tuesday. I waited until Friday 11/24/16 to call back. After being on hold or 1 hour, the line disconnected. I called back and your customer representative said they didn’t have my mattress. She said she would call me and give me a status when she figured out what happened. No call back.

Over the next 2 weeks, I called and called. Each time I was disconnected after 1 hour on hold and would have to redial. There were times when I would call 4 times, just to be disconnected all 4 times. I even called directly to your regular customer line and that would disconnect after an hour also. When it connected, I would be transfer over to Furniture customer service. Even when I asked for a manager to assist, the manager wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t there area and they couldn’t help me. Then I would be sent again to Furniture customer service to wait on hold. I finally talked to someone who kept me on the line while they tried to figure things out. When she came back on the phone She told me it would be delivered Saturday. I finally received my mattress mid-December (I think 12/17). She even called me the following Monday to confirm I received it. Then she said she would put in the request for my $200 gift certificate due to the circumstances. Nothing

I waited 3 weeks to see if I would receive it. Since then I have called and called up thru today. Two other times I have spoken to people promising to request it. The last one on 2/2. She told me the person who finally got my mattress to me had requested a $125 credit for everything I had been through. I told her that I had not received any credit. She said she would look into it and call me back. She was also going to request the gift card, which she said hadn’t been done.

I received a call on 2/6 leaving a message stating my $125 credit had been processed on 12/19. Today when I returned the call, she wasn’t there and I explained the situation to the customer service representative. The new person contacted customer relations and said there had been a problem and they were going to reprocess the credit. At this point I was cut off. So, I called back. The new person said that yes, she processed the credit, but she said that I could not get a $200 gift certificate. She offered to send me a gift card of $75 to make up the difference. Really, that’s it with all I’ve been through? I shouldn’t have had to call so many times. Plus, Penny’s lost the mattress disqualifying me from receiving the gift card. This was not my fault., In addition, Penny’s hit my credit card one month prior to receiving the mattress, so I paid interest on something I hadn’t received.

Now, I am extremely mad. $200 is not that much, especially if I was going to be spending it at your stores. It was the point of the mater. This is also an ethical issue. This was part of the deal, which because of you, was not realized. Is this how you work, make promises you make sure cannot be fulfilled? I purchase this mattress with the understanding that I would receive this gift card and because your furniture people lost my mattress, now I missed the requirements to receive the gift card. I spent well over 40 hours on the phone trying to get my mattress and trying to get my $200 gift card. I would have return this mattress if I could, but now that it is over 30 days since I received it, I’m stuck. Not to mention that it was over 30 days from the charge on my account when I received it. So, again, too late. I did try to cancel my order when I had problems with delivery, but the Furniture manager I talked to at that time calmed me down. She also called me following my deliver to make sure I received my mattress. She told me that she was going to request my gift certificate. Apparently, someone there disallowed it.

I expect and deserve better than this. I will be paying off my credit card and closing my account next month. Apparently the $200 means more to you then my being a customer of JC Penny’s. You can verify this information with my order #2016-3145-8023-0194. I know not all the information is there, especially the frequency of my calls, but it will show some of the activity.

Theresa DiMartile

I originally wrote this as a letter to mail. When I saw this site, I pasted it here. I just want to see if I get a response.


Teresa Galindo February 8, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I placed an order on 12/4/16 2016-3396-2043-4613 this consisted of various childrens cothing and toy items, 11 items in total. I received two toy items along with a pair of mens shoes, a ladies shirt and a ladies sweater. I called and after being on hold 45 minutes I was emailed a return label to send these items back, along with a copy of the invoice. The lady on the phone said it would be no problem, would get a refund in 7 – 10 days. On 12/22/16 I was issued a credit of $19.68 instead of the invoice total of $108.80. When I call back they have no record of this! I just want my account credited the full $108.80. I am tired of getting the run around , I have been a customer for a very long time, but will be closing my account due to this VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will also be contacting the BBB if this is not resolved SOON!!!!!!!!!!


Carol February 5, 2017 at 5:32 pm

I have copied and pasted so I did not need to type out a second time.
at 15:52, Feb 5:
Thank you for choosing JCPenney. A chat customer care associate will be with you shortly.
at 15:52, Feb 5:
You are now chatting with Lynn.
at 15:52, Feb 5:

Hello! My name is Lynn. How can I help you this afternoon?
at 15:53, Feb 5:
Hi Lynn, I have a customer experience that I think JC Penney should know about.
at 15:54, Feb 5:
I can type it out but it will take a minute or so. Is this okay?
at 15:54, Feb 5:

Yes, sure! Take your time!
at 15:55, Feb 5:
Store 2993 Summit at Gravois Bluffs, Fenton, MO. Original purchase 1/8/2017
at 15:56, Feb 5:
Part One: I purchased two pair of tennis shoes on the buy one get one 1/2. When I received the receipt I noticed the reduced price on each shoe and asked the sale clerk about it. He said there would be no problem getting a refund as long as I had the receipt.
at 15:57, Feb 5:
Part Two. I brought the shoes home and one of the pairs did not fell correct. The other set was perfect.
at 16:00, Feb 5:
Part Three. I took the pair of shoes that did not fit correctly back to the store with my receipt. They would return the pair of shoes for the return value of $45.60, originally $60 even though I had another pair of shoes in my hands to replace them with. The shoes were still on buy one get one 1/2 off. The manager of the shoe department said since I did not have both pairs of shoes with me they had to do it this way. To say the least I was a whole lot ticked off that I had to drive an hour round trip to get the other pair of shoes.
at 16:01, Feb 5:
Part four: I drove the hour round trip and picked up the other pair of shoes. When I get to the store they return both pairs and then repurchase the new ones and the ones I like from the original purchase. So here is the question.
at 16:04, Feb 5:
Why did I need to go through all of this? Why could they have just returned both pair of shoes from the original receipt and then repurchased the one I wanted and the new ones. All of the numbers are on the receipt. Also if the original salesman had told me to bring back both shoes if I was going to return one I would have done so. I can understand getting the return value if I was not purchasing another pair of shoes but I was. Can you please shed some light on this?
at 16:05, Feb 5:
PS I do have the shoes I wanted and received the proper credit finally. It was a very frustrating situation and in my opinion not called for.
at 16:10, Feb 5:
Lynn it has been 5 minutes. Are you there? Helping someone else?
at 16:11, Feb 5:

Unfortunately I cannot shed any light on that situation because I am not aware of the store’s return policy. I will certainly pass along this frustrating incident. However I would strongly suggest that you reach out to the store manager. I have forwarded it on and we thank you for you feedback.
at 16:13, Feb 5:
The manager that was working the return counter told me I should contact corporate.
at 16:13, Feb 5:
Based on your comment each store has a different return policy?
at 16:14, Feb 5:

I can certainly provide you the number to the corporate office if you like.
at 16:15, Feb 5:
This was my one attempt to let JCPennys know of this incident. I have other things to do with my time. Please pass this on if you can. Thank you. Lynn
at 16:16, Feb 5:

I will be more than happy to do that for you.
at 16:16, Feb 5:

I’m happy to help! If you where highly satisfied with my service today please take the brief survey. Thank you for shopping J C Penney and have a lovely day!
Agent is typing…


Ariel January 31, 2017 at 10:09 pm

Hi ,
I was in your store ( Sheridan ;Westminster,CO) tonight . I went in to get a blender for my home because mine broke . I went upstairs and found a oysters blender on sale with a red tag that said “$29.99”. I grabbed one and proceeded through the store and ended up buying a $100 ring and some coats ! Mind you I’m a platinum card hold in good standing . Never once have I had a bad experience at this store it’s my go to location . Well I then went downstairs to check out after I got my jewelry at the men’s door entrance cashier . The cashier German was nice , quite , and polite . The mid aged , Hispanic woman who was helping him at the register ( I didn’t get her name she had it covered with her hair ) however was very rude from the moment I asked if my sale items were ringing up correctly. My blender that had a reg tag that read $29.99 rang up $39.99 . She rolled her eyes and spoke to German in Spanish ( which I’m Hispanic and understood what she was saying ) as he tried to call upstairs to have them check she said omg I’ll go look and took off upstairs . She was not even gone 2 min and came right back and said $39.99 German it correct .not even looking at me . While German was still on the phone with someone upstairs he said $29.99? As he said that the older lady grabbed the phone and said no ! There is two different ones it’s $39.99 and hung up . I then told her no there is not they are just 2 different colors and it’s $29.99 . She then told me while if you can read it says $39.99 ! I told her I did and it’s $29.99 . She then continued to huff and puff and roll her eyes and make remarks u see her breathe in Spanish to German . She then says well it’s a nail in rebate it says it on the white paper ! I then explained to her there was no white paper just a a red sale tag that said $29.99 ! She then said well idk what to tell you !? Send in the rebate ! And walked off to then yell for the next person in line! I told German I’ll take it cause that’s what I came in for but have I never had someone talk about me in front of me , rude and just plain bad ! There was no way she went all the way upstairs and checked the tag . And for her to just act like she’s right when she was totally wrong and act like I’m trying to scam her ! I was in the store for few hours with my 18mnth old who was getting cranky as is so that’s one reason I took it even though I was rang up $10 too much ! I’m writing so you know how rude your employees are and how rude she was ! I would like to get my $10 back …. but my day spent with my daughter and mom went sour when we checked out at your bad employees stand ! I can’t believe how bad it was

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from someone about the situation


patty January 29, 2017 at 8:20 pm

I am utterly disgusted as to how I was treated by Nora in the Salon at the JCPenney in Niles. Store # 0972. After making two purchases upstairs on 1/29/17 at 12pm and 12:03pm I went downstairs to the hair salon to purchase hair products. I am a regular JCPenney shopper. A few months ago I purchased $1300 of appliances (refrigerator, oven, and range hood). Over the years I’ve custom ordered window shades and not to mention the numerous times I shop during the year in the past several years. I always get my hair supplies at the JCPenney salon and I have also had a haircut there. So today after I made two purchases upstairs, I went to the salon to shop for shampoos and conditioners. I chose 5 items and I put them on the counter by the register. When I went to pay Nora (rude sales lady and very nasty) was ringing up a customer. She was taking her time, but I was waiting patiently because she had to look up the customer’s JC credit card. As I was waiting NEXT in line, another customer had just had her hair done and went in line to pay. As that lady was paying, another lady came inside the salon. So after Nora finished ringing up the first customer, she went to ring up the women who just walked up after having her hair done, even though I was next. I waited patiently and just let her ring up the women who JUST walked up even though I was next. When Nora finished ringing her up, she AGAIN, passed me up and went to the woman who had just walked in. I told Nora in a nice way that I was next and she just helped two people before me and she snapped at me and said, “They are customers!” I told her I”m a customer too and she rolled her eyes at me and was very rude and snippy and accused me of NOT being there. She again proceeded to say that they’re customers. So does that mean I’m not a customer after the thousands of dollars I’ve spent at JCPenney?!?!? I asked for a manager and she kept arguing with me. Then the first two ladies that she rung up came back in the salon and started to verbally harass me! I told them to not get involved and walk away, but I was getting harassed by Nora and a customer who swore at me. I demanded Nora to call security because I was getting afraid, but she refused! I had to ask AGAIN for a manager and Nora walked out of the salon laughing and brought Deena to me. Deena was nice and was trying to help, but Nora got very loud, obnoxious, rude,angry and disrespectful towards me so I asked for a manager above Deena because Nora was yelling at me. Nora was so loud and verbally disrespectful that Deena kept asking her to go to the back, but she just kept on yelling at me so Deena and another employ had to physically pull her to the back room. She was dragged to the back room yelling at me! IT’S ALL ON YOUR SECURITY SURVEILLANCE! Nora was implying that I was lying and not in line when in fact I was waiting patiently in line for many minutes! Then one of the assistant managers, Matt, came. I explained to him what happened and he went in the back for several minutes I assume to calm Nora down and hear her lies. In the mean time, Deena was nice enough to ring up my items and to give me a discount too. I then waited several minutes for Matt to come back out so I can finish telling him the whole story. I don’t know what was taking him so long. Anyway, he came back out, and I asked for the store manager’s name, and I asked him to have her view the surveillance video as MY PROOF that I was waiting in line and Nora helped others that came after me because they are “customers” as Nora snapped at me!! I told Matt that I will call the next day to talk to Beth, the store manager. He said he will tell her to look at the security video so I can discuss it with her. The surveillance video is my proof that Nora is a liar and has poor customer service skills and it will also prove she helped other people when it wasn’t their turn and it’ll also prove that two other sales associates had to drag her in the back because she went off on me! I also want Sandra, the salon manger to know of Nora’s inappropriate, disrespectful, tyrant, behavior! Like I said, IT’S ALL ON CAMERA as MY PROOF!! Please reply as to why I had to be treated this way. It all could have been avoided if only Nora rung ME up next, instead of ringing up the two people who came after me because in her psychotic mind, they were customers like she said!!! So what am I!?!?!? I will be waiting for a response. I”m not letting Nora’s behavior go! Not after all I money I’ve spent at JcPenney!


Lisa Garcia January 28, 2017 at 5:22 pm

I am emailing you because I wanted to in the salon in Fresno California Jc Penny 01-23-2017. I am disabled and I wanted to go to the bathroom in the salon. I lived over there because I don’t walk good and some lady said to go to the 2 floor. She was rude. She was not nice. Her and two other women were right by. Some handicapped people have a brace and a right or left arm still with. If I fail or something happened to me you guys would deal with it because I am disabled and she was very rude about going to her salon to go to the bathroom. I don’t have movement in my foot on my right arm anymore and I brace that I wear. When I was in the bathroom my sister went to the salon and she told the manager that the lady was rude to me because I am disabled. She was going to talk to her people. Sincerely, Lisa Garcia


Fredrick Campbell & Tara Eplin January 28, 2017 at 3:54 pm

How do I file a complaint against Brenda Hughes The manager of Pikeville KY JCP? Brenda Hughes does not practice good management skills toward her employees she harasses them and uses favoritism, making hollow promises for promotions, lying to anyone seeking to rise in the ranks of JCP. She has completely disgraced JCP in pikeville KY granting employees that do not work hard more hours and treats them better than those employees that work very hard to main a hard working environment. Brenda Hughes will excuse bad employees for bad attendance but will punish good working employees with only minimum bad attendance this unfair practice and abuse of her position has cost the jobs of many individuals that have work in the pikeville ky JCP store and is an outrage. Brenda Hughes held funeral days missed for a lost loved one against an employee so the individual did not get funeral pay. The rudeness and complete disregard for the people that work at JCP by Brenda Hughes is pathetic. Granting myself and many others unwarranted and needless stress of an unfair and sometime mentally and emotionally abuses working environment therefore if action by the JCP corporate office are not taken in a timely manner to make right all the wrong Brenda Hughes and her bad staff has done to good people Then I will be forced to file a law suit for lost wages and for the mental and emotional abuses caused by the behavior of discrimination with regards to the none compliance of the equal opportunity employment that JCP so proudly stands for but so greatly ignored by Brenda Hughes. Please contact me fredrick2213 at thank you


Milan January 21, 2017 at 8:43 am

I have been waiting almost over 2 MONTHS for my appliance order to come in.

– first delivery date was changed without any call to me because an item was canceled on my order

– second delivery date was supposed to be 1/11 between the time 2-6pm. Received a call from delivery agent at 10:00AM saying he is on his way with one of my items the others were not received. I told him I want the full package. Rescheduled

– Third delivery date was supposed to be a week after between 10:00 – 2:30pm. Took my second PTO for this order to stay home once again to wait for the order. I received my confirmation the night before. Waited all day long for the order and received no calls at all regarding it. I called the service department and waiting an hour on the phone for them to tell me they could not locate the items in time for the delivery

– fourth delivery date was supposed to be today, my fourth PTO day I took from my job to wait for my order. Same thing, I got the confirmation yesterday. Instead of waiting all day I decided to call the customer service in the morning to ensure this is coming. They tell me they couldn’t find the items in the warehouse and will need to reschedule AGAIN. I would’ve waited all day AGAIN without a call expecting my order if I didn’t call this morning.

My JCP CARD has been charged $2500 and is due soon. I don’t even know if I will ever receive my items. I have taken 4 PTO days that I cannot get back. The employee on the phone has told me there is no compensation either JCP or Samsung can give me until this order is delivered. So basically never

I have received a guarantee from the department that I will be receiving this order every single time after but that has not been fulfilled. This is absolutely ridiculous. If this order is not delivered by the end of this month I will not be going through with this order anymore and my time shopping at JCP will be over. I will also be communicating this issue with my colleagues and family to let them know what they should expect when ordering from JCP.


tracey scott January 18, 2017 at 5:50 pm

On Wed. Jan 18 I placed an online order for a vacuum. I used a JCP gift card and a Mastercard gift card.Order was completed conf. # 2017018580111630. Shortly thereafter I received a order cancelled email. I called and spoke to a Brianna and a TIffany and they both told me there was nothing they could do for 3 to 5 days either for the order to go through or for the money to be credited back to my gift cards. Unacceptable. I then spoke to a Tiffany who would not give me the number of the verification system that cancelled my order. Again, unacceptable. I am livid. This is such poor customer service. I will never shop at JC Penney’s again. With so many other options out there, why would I?? I want 1. my gift cards reimbursed immediately or my vacuum sent to me immediately. Not in 3 to 5 days, seriously? This is not how you run a business. Your founder, James Cash Penney’s motto was treat others how you would like to be treated….Might want to brush up on that.


Pam Aldrich January 18, 2017 at 2:21 pm

I have waited since Dec. 23rd, 2016 for my refund of an order that was entirely screwed up by your company. I received my order only to find out I had received someone else’s order. Had to call and reorder and REPAY again for the exact same order in order to get it for Christmas. I have been waiting ever since. I have made multiple phone calls and placed several emails. I am told the check is in the mail, wait a little longer and now I find out it hasn’t even processed yet. WTH is going on? With the future of so many businesses that are floundering right now you are just putting yourselves out of business with that kind of customer service. I expect a response today on this matter and you can bet I will think long and hard before ordering from you again.


Rebecca Brasher January 15, 2017 at 4:03 pm

have an almost 13 year old daughter in a wheelchair. In August, I took her and 2 of my other daughters shopping for clothes. The racks were so close together that I couldn’t fit her wheelchair into the majority of the store. I couldn’t get her close enough to clothes for her to look at them. And the racks that I could get her chair to we’re so close together that she was slapped in the face with various articles of clothing as I tried to maneuver her back to the main aisle. I mentioned to several associates how I couldn’t get her chair through. They gave a half hearted apology and shrugged their shoulders. Today, I took her and her sisters shopping at JC Penney again, well, i should say that i attempted to take her shopping. There were even fewer places that i could maneuver her. We gave up trying after many attempts to get her wheelchair through aisles. I did not speak to anyone today because my child had become so upset and overwhelmed by not being able to even look at clothes and being hit in the face by clothes that she was beginning to melt down. I had to get her out and to the car.Batesville Arkansas jc penney IS NOT HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE OR WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY IN ANY WAY! The last 2 shopping trips to this store have been miserable and i plan to boycott this chain as well as let other parents of wheelchair bound children know what a miserable experience shopping at penneys is.


dkeyworth January 14, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Quality of Products is in the PITS…. Thanks CHINA. I ordered a size specified as Medium and it was a Small/Medium. BE HONEST ! I now have the BS routine of returning and NOT reordering Why should I believe the size ordering ? I’m so DONE with Penney’s ! You’ve gone to garbage and I supported you for 30 years ! Nothing is made well there, it’s garbage. Might as well be a Dollar Store for the quality but certainly NOT the price ! Go OUT OF BUSINESS already and spare us the pain.


Franciely January 7, 2017 at 11:30 pm

Today 01-17-17 at 8:00pm Went to jcpenney at Plaza Carolina at PR and my kid is in a wheelchair. The elevator wasn’t working correctly. Asked the employee of the furniture department and she said we have to wait someone goes up, asked her to call someone down so send the elevator up and she said she can’t. My husband asked the supervisor and she never stopped walking or at least listen to us when she already was saying “is not working is not working” Im going to put a legal complaint about this…really upset about this.


Paula January 2, 2017 at 4:05 pm

Last night I called to place an order around 8 pm when I couldn’t get it to work on my phone. No one was there. Today I called and the price had doubled. I kid you not. 19.99 to 40.00. I explained this and was told sorry. Ok I then called the 1-800-221-0827 number and was told the same thing again. It’s not like I’m trying to get one over on you Jcpenney I just wanted to place my order and you were not available. Smh.


mary December 22, 2016 at 7:03 pm

Shame on you JC Penney for banning that lady from shopping at JC Penny because she complained when a couple of immigrants cut in front of her in long line.
I and my family will no longer be shopping at JC Penney. You just lost a lot of hard working, tax paying white America as customers.


Anthony December 24, 2016 at 9:16 pm

What makes you the royal white people ? Because you pay taxes like everyone else. It’s people like you that spew hatred to all that will hear you. You have two people to blame for your racist remarks ( your parents) this is the way you were brought up. African-Americans – you called ni**ers. Japanese- yellow skin b***ards.i think you get it by now.? Lady get your facts right before you make an assumption of any kind plz. The old wind bag your trying to defend was behind the lady paying for her items she DID NOT cut in front of the poor misguided hate to even call a lady she does not deserve to be called a lady. But a racist she definitely is. So plz be informed before you comment on any issue.


Ralph Rodriguez December 22, 2016 at 1:57 pm

Dear mr. Johnson,

On 12/18/16 I placed an order via, order #2016-3536-2006-9246. Trying to protect my hard-earned money, I used PayPal. The following day, 12/19, I received an email verifying that all four items had been shipped. Excellent! All items at my home for Christmas. Not so much. On 12/21 I receive an email form PayPal, not JcP, stating that $33.91 will be refunded to my cc. No details whatsoever. I called the customer service department to have an expected wait time of 14 mins. Understandable, it’s the Christmas season. Waited for 25 mins. No answer. Called again in the afternoon..wait time of 30 mins. I receive the package on 12/21 with only 3 of 4 items. The Liz Claiborne PJ set was out of stock.

1st issue, why send an email assuring the client that ALL items were shipped if in fact they were not?
2nd issue. If the item is out is stock, why not send an immediate notification with full details explaining what is wrong with the order?
3rd issue, it’s the busy season; but is it reasonable for a customer to wait 25-30+ mins on hold with no contact at all from a CS rep?
4th issue. Having used PayPal I understand that I won’t receive my funds immediately; however thoe same funds were immediately withdrawn from my account at the time of the purchase.

I am just one customer of millions Mr. Johnson. But am I asking so much from department store mogul JcPnney? I purchased online because, as many others, I don’t like the messes of the holiday season. However, now I still have to purchase a gift for my relative and stand in those uncomfortable lines. But rest assured that for the rest of this season my shopping with JcP will be no more. Possibly, after having written this email, I can a get a more prompt response from your CS department.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Rodriguez
Springfield, VA
save_a_canislupus at


Jessica N Rivera December 21, 2016 at 10:30 am

Awful customer service.


linda December 20, 2016 at 6:32 am

After spending hundreds of dollars at the Dadeland/Miami JCPenneys, I returned the following day to return one item. I was standing in line with 5 other customers while the 2 Customer service associates were counting money in their cash drawer and talking with a maintenance man. I asked one associate name GAMALY if I was in the right line and she RUDELY and sarcastically shouted yes you are!!!! The 2nd associate left and said she was going to lunch. When I was finally next in line, the associate GAMALY told me, “you have to have patience”!!! I was appalled! I demanded to speak with a Manager and advised that JCP was not the only store in town and if they wanted my continued business they should send GGGAMALY back to Customer Service training.


Crystal December 19, 2016 at 9:27 pm

Furniture Delivery

I love JCPenney’s and have ordered 2 sets of bedroom furniture previously. However, several weeks ago I ordered a bed and to my dismay it was delivered by UPS and left at my door (2 boxes) on Thursday, December 8. I had to drag the boxes in the house when I arrived. I said okay, no problem I was surprised though previous furniture was delivered and set up by a company. I opened the boxes that Sunday to set it up and was missing a piece .

I called the furniture department on Monday, December 12 at 9:42 am. She said “in 24-48 hours” I will receive a call from a technician to arrange a time to bring the piece and put the bed together. As I explained I had a guest coming in town.

I called back on Friday, December 16 at 9:50 am . This lady said the time frame is 3-5 business days to contact a technician. As I told her that is not acceptable and not what I was told. I have a guest coming on Friday, December 23, I need this escalated ASAP or they can come pick the bed up. She did apologize and was refunding the delivery fee.

At this point I have no confidence that this will be taken care of and I am very dissatisfied. My first deliveries were phenomenal that is why I had a comfort level with ordering another bed. However, if this is how it works I will definitely not order another or appliances. And to be left at the door, home or apartment at Christmas is even worse, I have ordered a dresser as well and am terrified that will be left at the door. If it is I will definitely not be able to get it in the home and it can be returned.


Nicole Christian December 19, 2016 at 11:49 am

Still waiting for an order to arrive at my nearest JCPenney in Westland, MI. Order placed on 11-27-16 and as of 12-19-16 no one can find it. I ordered boots for my son. I ended up having to buy a second pair of boots because these are lost somewhere. Meanwhile I can’t seem to get a refund until the boots show up at the store. They are holding my money hostage and Customer Service is a joke. You can’t chat, you can’t e-mail and when you call you wait over 30 minutes to talk to anyone. I will NEVER use online shopping again with JCPenney. Very disappointed.


CAROL DAMASCUS January 10, 2017 at 3:52 pm

Funny I ordered shutters on April 16, 2016. Still waiting 1-10-2017!


Amanda December 17, 2016 at 11:31 pm

I went into the jcp in Olean center mall. The worse experience of my life. The cashiers on their phones. No one around to help someone the managers just walk back and forth with a look that can kill someone. The entire ambiance of the store is very unwelcoming it’s the Christmas season and everyone there is so unpleasant and miserable looking. I rather spend my money elsewhere. Never again. I guess I’m too happy and grateful


Mary Friedl Ne December 14, 2016 at 8:49 pm

Dear Sir do Madam….

When I checked my activities on my account and there was a $1.00 charge that says “JCP Telemktng-Internet TX Plano” so when I called customer service and asked what it was for they asked me ” did you make a purchase on the internet” I said yes and she said that was why I got the charge. Now this charge was placed 4 times on one day and 5 times on another . Since when did JCP start charging for there customers to use the internet to make a purchase??
Also on Dec 9 I made a purchase of item number 1140183D and I received an email :

Thank you for your order #2016-3445-8038-6738
December 9, 2016. 7:53 pm

Then I received
” Order not processed. Action required to complete”
December 9, 2016. 7:58 pm

So I called and talked to a nice young man and he talked to his supervisor and neither one could explain why I got this email. So I ordered it agin per there suggestion. Then I received this:
” Thank you for your order #2016-3445-8039-7214″

Then I got this : Your Item(s) have Shipped.
December 10, 2016. 5:54 pm
Yea. oh how happy my grandson was when I told him, see this is what he wanted to give his mom for Christmas.

BUT WAIT FOR IT …… I get this
Your order has been cancelled.
Yesterday ( 12/13/16 ) 8:48 pm

So AGAIN I placed ANOTHER order with a sales rep on the phone.
These are the 2 emails I received:
Thank you for your order #2016-3486-2010-7491
Yesterday at 9:47am
Your Item(s) have Shipped
Today. 6:40 pm

So for some reason I looked at my statement to see how many time I was charged for this ONE (1) item. I could n t make heads or tails out of it except to see I was being charged for placing orders on line …?
So I called customer service and the woman ( she was not very nice ) and said I purchased 2 of the same item. Well I did not. So please tell me why I am being charger for 2 . I tried to explain this to the woman but she kept saying I bought 2. Please help me figure this out. There have been no packages delivered to Laurel, MD. Will he be getting this item . And if so how many ?.

Thank You for Your Time in this Matter
Mary M Friedline


jyoti December 13, 2016 at 4:28 pm

Manager (Whose name is TARA)at the Philadelphia mills Mall,PA has the worse customer service skills that I have ever seen. I’m a business owner and would never hire such a person that comes across to my customers as she does.So let me explain you here what was story….
went JCP for shopping on 11/24/16…It was deal if i purchase $100 gift card get $25 coupons so i unfortunately store was out of stock for $25 coupons so the person who issue card request me to collect it one or two day later.At that time The manager who was there whose name is Erich gave me written paper that he owe customer 125 off 25 coupons.he ask me to bring this paper with gift card receipt when i will go to JCP to collect my $25 coupons and i agreed and took the paper….


i went to JCP on 12/4/16 Sunday around 2;20pm to collect my $25 coupons.As above i explain the whole thing to the store manager whose name is TARA but very very disappointed….what happens????? let me go by point to point
1)very first she refuse the paper which was written by Erich who was one day manager there as thank giving.she said we issued red paper nor white. she was indirectly trying to tell me this paper is not written by i asked her can you call Erich and make sure is it written by him or she refuse to call him for verification.she said i can not call him.when i said why you can not call him she replied i can call him during our business hours not now….come on when is your store is open it is business hours….
then she said she will call him on Monday and reply me as of today no reply…isn’t it very unprofessional?????

Another thing i asked her can you please make copy of this paper and saw to Erich so he will let you know is that his writing or not. she said our printer is not working??no limit for her to be lying…who can believe JCP has not working printer.or no copy facility available.

More i asked her the time and date is mention on the gift card receipt so can you please check your camera to verify that Erich gave me paper or not?She said i can not allow to do that….very frustrating situation it was for me.when you have camera for customer safety why don’t you use it.

I told her on the paper Erich wrote is full name Erich Schulz Dom…if he don’t write the paper how come i know his full name?? I didn’t like her tone with me, I did not receive an apology for her.

now i do not want to trust any single JCP i asked her can you please write me your full name and your Associate number so can call to JCP Corporate and file complain…She said she is not allow to provide me her full name and Associate number.She did not write her name on paper she ashed another associate to write her first name only on paper….As a customer i know what are my rights.this is not a meter about $25 coupons but not this is meter about my self respect and avoided customer by JCP Manager.

i did not feel at any single point she wants or trying to help me.she even did not replying me with normal face.i was literally feel she is trying to avoid me.i totaly feel racism.

even i called about this issue week ago and the person who talk with me she was suppose to call me back on 3-4 business day but till today no call no solution..


Jill Greer December 13, 2016 at 11:23 am

I would give JCPenney ZERO STARS if I could. I am currently on the phone (where I have been waiting for over an hour) to speak to a representative for the THIRD time today. I have been transferred 3 times to Samsung – who keeps telling me that I need to call JCPenney for my issue, and I’ve been hung up on once.
I purchased a washer and dryer less than 90 days ago. Since then, the washer has been recalled and the dryer has stopped working. I would like to return them to JCPenney. I was told the first time that I called (two days ago) that I would receive a call back from the ONE PERSON in the entire office that is able to handle returns for Samsung appliances. She never called. I am absolutely furious and am about to walk into a JCPenney store and give someone the live show vs the phone version. Not sure how to get in touch with a human being that is able to help at your company. I will never shop at a JCPenney again!!!
The person that your corporate office asked to call me was aggressive and rude with me on the phone and told me that it was my own fault that I was upset because I wasn’t accepting their “perfectly resonable resolutions to this issue”. Their resonable resolution is to make repairs to BRAND NEW APPLIANCES that are obviously inherintly flawed. I am going to keep calling and posting and am thinking about calling the local news station, maybe even the news station there in Plano, to let them know what my experience has been. I’m sure, since this involves Samsung appliances, it will get some attention. Whoever is in charge of the Customer Service Call Center there should be embarrassed. I’ve been transferred, hung up on, given the run-around for 2 weeks. I am furious and disgusted and telling EVERYONE I know about it.


David Phillips December 12, 2016 at 7:22 pm

On or about 11/19/2016 I purchased a new dishwasher (Order # 2016328510251047) form the Akron Ohio Chapel Hill Mall. Was delivered a week later. After the delivery is when all heck breaks loose. The dishwasher was leaking 2 hours after installation. Had to call and wait hours on hold for someone to answer. They sent someone out to look at the dishwasher( the installers) and they said that this one was defective and would order me a new one and they would contact us in 48 hours. Well 48 hours has come and went. I called 4 different times today and have been on hold for 4 hours(they hang up after an hour) and still have not talked to anyone. Now not only does my dishwasher work, they turned off my water to the kitchen so we do not have any running water to do the dishes(using the bathroom sink), the dishwasher is still hooked up to the electricity(not a plug, but wires) so we had to turn the breaker off so it does not continue to dump water on our kitchen floor. With the breaker off we do not have electricity to other appliances(microwave, lighting on that side of kitchen and the garbage disposal)I have been on hold for another 39 minutes as of right now. My issues again CEO Ronald B Johnson are…
1.My new dishwasher does not work. I understand this is just one of those things, but the rest is not.
2.The dishwasher is just sitting in my kitchen in a awkward way.
3. The electricity is still hooked up(hard wired).
4.i had to turn the breaker off for that wall so the machine would not run and make awful noises.
5. They turned my water off to the kitchen(your installers) so I can not run water in my kitchen to do normal daily functions.
6. I CAN NOT get anyone to answer your customer service calls. After an hour on hold it will just hang up. I am on my 5th time on hold just today. At the present time I have been on hold for 48 minutes, almost time for the hang up.
I run an Automotive dealership and if I or any of my staff treated a customer like this I would fire them or I would be fired. My question to you is how do we get this resolved without anymore delays. I am currently at 53 minutes on hold again.
At this point, with the lack of any kind of response, I feel that I’m going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I have been a loyal customer of JCP for many years and this is simply unacceptable.
I hope to hear from you Mr. Ronald B. Johnson CEO of JC Penney.
An upset customer,
David Phillips


Tom Barritt December 12, 2016 at 6:24 pm

On December 12, 2016 I visited the store at Town Center at Aurora, (Aurora Mall). I was in the middle of a a transaction to purchase a ring when we were rudely interrupted by a customer who lost her keys. I patiently waited while the employee went to look for security. When she finally returned we once again were interrupted- this time by an employee who was asking about her break. They were in no hurry to finish their chat when I finally gave up. I spoke to a manager, but she seemed disinterested and tried to guess my income status by looking at my attire. That’s the last time I will consider a jewelry purchase at JCP.


Kimberly Scherz December 9, 2016 at 8:52 am

I submitted a complaint previously about a the right lens of my glasses being damaged by the employee. They ordered a new lens and scratched it trying to put it in the frame and it wasn’t the correct shape and size. I called about it and was told they would need to send my glasses in. When I received them on 12-8-2016 the scratches had been fixed but NOTHING was done about the lens shape and size. This issue is causing my glasses to NOT sit correctly on my face and causing a headache above the left lens which is the original. I just want the right lens in the shape and size that is supposed to be in these frames. I am going back today to talk to the optical department AGAIN. Can someone please help me get this corrected?


Jackie December 5, 2016 at 3:04 pm

December 5, 2016 at 1:41 pm

I work at rolling oak mall in San Antonio, Tx
I have being there one year jewelry department and before that I work on the floor in other area I really like mike job but they remove me because they found my key upstairs I told the store leader Which was Holly She told me that my keys should have being on me which I do understand my key was in the jewelry bay Nancy came in took my keys upstairs and made like she did not know where they was feel if they did not want me in that department they should have move me They wanted to give that job to some one else plus security was always trying to found something on me so I feel that they set me up so I can be move to another department I am not the only one leave my keys in the jewelry bay security which is Victoria seem like she was always picking on me about something I went ahead in resign 12-04-16.



Jackie December 5, 2016 at 1:41 pm

work at rolling oak mall in San Antonio, Tx
I have being there one year jewelry department and before that I work on the floor in other areas.I really like mike job but they remove me because they found my key upstairs I told the store leader Which was Holly She told me that my keys should have being on me.which I do understand my key was in the jewelry bate Nancy came in took my keys upstairs and made like she did not know where they was.I fill if they did not want me in that department they should have move me They wanted to give that job to some one security was always trying to found something on me so I fill that they set me up so I can be move to another department I am not the only one leave my keys in the jewelry bay security which is Victoria seem like she was always picking on me about something I went ahead in resign 12-04-16.



Mathews Valliaveetil December 3, 2016 at 11:46 pm

I have purchased Appliances under Purchase Order # 2016-3255-1009-9590 from Store # 2863, with delivery scheduled for 11/30/2016. The Refrigerator has been delivered, and the gentleman told us to call JC Penney for rest of the items.

I made numerous attempts to call and arrive at a plan with the Delivery Department. Each time, somebody pick-up the phone, place on hold for over 1 hour and hang up. Their attitude towards my calls or enquiry was “You already paid. Your money is our Bank. Now, you go to hell”.

Is there any way, I can speak to somebody who cooperate. Is there a phone # where I can reach somebody without spending several hours and several days to get a response.

Are you going to deliver these items. If yes, when? If not, do I get a refund without Legal Assistance? Or, Am I going to be victimized for shopping with JC Penney.
Thank you


jennifer bonny December 1, 2016 at 2:33 pm

I bought a fridge 11/14, was supposed to be delivered 11/18. Received a call from delivery company fridge was damaged and they could not deliver, they would call with when they received another fridge. Well, guess what no phone call and I received a bill from JCPenney credit card for a fridge I don’t have. We have called and been transferred a hundred times. Was told by Kevin Wales LG is supposed to call by tonight, well if no phone call I want a refund. I won’t ever buy another appliance from JCpenney again. OMG, horrible service and customer services sucks.. horrible experience


Nese November 28, 2016 at 2:00 pm

Black Friday shopping from Hell…… JCPenny’s at the Pembroke Lakes Mall in Pembroke Pines Florida; I arrived to the store after 1pm. After shopping in multiple departments we selected what we thought was a short line in the homeware section. We waited in the line for 40 minutes before getting close to the register. As we wait for the cashiers. i noticed one of the casher, Mercedes, talking in low voice to the customer telling her where to go for the needed item wand to hurry up so that she may wait for her. At the same time she is daying that they are provideing the customer with the change from their transaction. Rathing than taking the next customer, Shakara, pretends to write something. The customer in front of me is asking Shakara if she is ready for the next person; she says no. I state to both Shakara and Mercedes that it is not fair for you to allow for the custormer that you just finished processing to allow them to search for more items while we wait in line, they need to process the customers that have been waiting. I did not have a pen to jot their names down so i took a pen. They began to complain stating it was against the law for me to take their picture. still not processing customers..They call a supervisor to the register.
it is totaling unfair that you cashiers is allowing customers to shop while we wait. She could have taken multiple customer during the time that it took her to call a supervisor to the register. All this time passing they still refused to take the next person. Norma who identified herself as a supervisor arrived. i explained to her what was happening after her staff complained to her about me taking their picture. Norma finally had to tell them to take the next customer. Norma telling me its against the law to take pictures of the cashiers; i explained show me the statue . Then Norma went to get a another supervisor, whom name i did not get. her name. by the time she arrived she asked me the problem, i was explaing the issue, at the same time the other cashier was ready to cash me out. So this supervisor just responds “your here now”.

The Managers, Lower leverl supervisors and cashier all lack customer service ettiquette.


Therese November 28, 2016 at 11:26 am

I am a sales associate I like working at JCPenney I like helping the customers. I am not a full time employee so I am not in the store every day so I was not told that it was not overtime. It really bothers me. I worked all night Thanksgiving so I could be with my family during the day on Thanksgiving. I thought that I would get paid more because I worked during the night and on Thanksgiving I only got paid extra for one hour I do not think this is fair. I feel I should have been paid extra for the whole night. Also I had to go home after working all night, go home sleep and come in and work again in the evening. I do not think that was fair either, I would have felt better about having to work two shifts if I would have been paid overtime for the whole night on Thanksgiving. I think this rule should be changed so all the employees that work at night do not feel like they were cheated out of overtime.


A very unhappy associate November 26, 2016 at 11:24 pm

Hello I’m an new sales associate at your Jcpenneys in Syracuse NY and I was excited when I found out I had the job at JCPenney I thought that it was the answer to my prayers as I had a very bad year and that this job would solve my issues but as I begin to work there I ran into some problems my first problem was that when I went into to fill out my new hire paperwork my car had broke down that day so I told HR she then told me to not tell Alexander or else he would not hire me so I didn’t day anything being that I was new and I need my job and I was thankful for it . but that was not my only issue I had with her I then need some paperwork filled out for social services so I could keep my job she then told me in her words “oh I don’t do that here ” so I went back to social service and explained it to them they told me every employer has to fill out a employee verification form. I thought that was very unprofessional of her but it doesn’t stop there I had went into her office close the door and nicely explain the situation that I had with another associate but instead of her speaking with her like a professional is supposed to she stated and I quote and her words” why don’t you just go and ask her “I also told her that it came from other associate and she said just tell them this is a drama-free Zone not only did she say that but she also told me that she don’t think that this employee would act like that and that she has been through a lot while working there I felt like she didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt and once again that was unprofessional this associate not only disrespect me but always has something disrespectful to say about me behind my back. the HR to my knowledge has not spoken to her about this incident but it doesn’t stop there yet once again I was discussed at the way I was treated another associate has a family member that works in children’s she came over there while I was with a customer and said oh yes I can work over here it seems easy to do mind you I was with a customer helping her with a custom order not only did the customer fill disrespect but so did I. I went to her about it but the something happened nothing now I don’t think I am perfect because I’m not but I feel like I cannot go her and ask her any general question or even speak to her about what’s bothering me in the work field I should not have to feel like that I don’t feel comfortable in that department and I had explain this to another associate and she stated that if I call or email corporate that I would be terminated. ok she can handle that problem but she can’t give this employee some type of warning or disciplinary action. i by all means love JCPenney but I would like somebody to solve the situation and remove me from my department and not to schedule me when this employee is scheduled please help me. Also we don’t have an GM so who else do I go to


kerry streeter November 25, 2016 at 9:24 am

Tried to shop Black Fri deals at your Hibbing store but told I could not use coupon because my son was working at the store so he quit Thanksgiving day after completion of shift! Tried to use coupon today and encountered hostile clerk. I told her my son was no longer employed by JCPENNNYS and told her she was a b*tch and to F-off! Your coupon only says that the associate cannot use it, not the family. I will boycott store and cancel credit card until rude employee is fired! Better yet, why don’t you close the store entirely! I will spread the word that people should not shop there!


Elizabeth Hebert November 25, 2016 at 7:41 am

Just wondering whose bright idea it was ti give out Black Friday coupons next to an escalator at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY. I was almost seriously hurt being shoved between an ecsalator and the wall. That was the most disorganized caoss I have ever been to. And all for a $10.00 coupon? My God!! JC Penny use to hand out coupons at the entrance on Black Friday. I think I will pass on future JC Penney Black Friday shopping….


stuck w/junk November 20, 2016 at 9:46 am

I’m writing you to see if you can help get a resolution for my 81 year old mother. She purchased a new stove from JCPenney’s on 09-29-16. The stove was delivered on October 4, 2016. Exactly 2 weeks after delivery her oven stopped working. She purchased the extended warranty however, it was within 90 days so it should have been repaired or replaced regardless. The repairman finally came to fix it on November 2, 2016. He said that a part needed to be ordered and it would take approximately 7 days. As of today 11-20-16 it’s still broken. We’ve called everyone from the actual salesman to the corporate office. She was told on Saturday that the part still needed to be ordered and she would basically have to wait. We’ve hit a wall of empty promises and absolute rudeness. There has been 4 different CSR’s that place her on hold and then disconnect the call shortly after. I can’t believe this is how customers are treated. This is not something that is out of line or should not be asked of your company. The stove was only 2 weeks old. If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated.


Jean Snow November 18, 2016 at 9:38 pm

Recently, on Veteran’s Day Nov. 11, 2016, I went into the JCPenny local store in my neighborhood and purchased one of the appliance packages. The customer service was great, everyone was smiles and helpful. Once we finished the purchase, of course, there were many add-ons, hoses, plugs, wiring sets, etc. that ended up costing an additional $135.00. This was ok because the appliance manager gave us a small discount and stated that the appliances were to be delivered by Thursday, Nov. 18. Once we finished the purchase, the cashier only gave me a small slip of paper as a reciept, I asked her more than once if this is all I need or get because it had no charges or price on it. She stated no, it is fine that is all you need. So we left the store and awaited the delivery date. Well, on Nov. 18, we had not received an email, call or anything, so we went back to the store to inquire. Well, no one could find the order, the delivery person stated that he could not deliver the item without a receipt or order number. Again, the person at the store was very helpful but still could not find the order. So we sent our repair guy home because we were not getting any appliances that day, by the way, we still had to pay this person for lost time. So, we went back to the store and they check my credit card balance and rechecked their records, still NO order. We were really frustrated with the process at this time, and because of the late date before the holidays, no other store could have them delivered before Thanksgiving. We repurchased the items and this time we made the cashier print me a receipt. Now the delivery is scheduled a day before Thanksgiving, and we will still have to pay for installation out of our pockets. Also, the price we paid for the order the first time was about $100.00 less than the new order. So once we got a receipt, we called the customer service department, because the manager at the local store stated that she could not authorize a free installation, because they made this mistake. She stated that she had already given me discounts. So we called and this is where the service was lousy, the first person we spoke with sounded illiterate and hung up on us. Then when we called back we were transferred to several departments before we actually spoke to someone that could help. We had to explain the scenario approximately four or five times. The customer service agent continued to struggle to grasp what we were stating, we just asked for a manager after about 10 minutes. When the agent Jennay came to the phone she was cordial but seemed rushed, she asked us to hold on, but did not actually put us on hold,we heard the entire conversation of another issue that she was handling. When she came back to the phone, she stated that she would have to get authorization from the local store to pay for the installation. She stated that she would call them and call me back. She did call back, but left a message on my answering service, stating that the manager would not eat the cost of installation because she had already given me discounts. We are very disappointed in the service we received and the knowledge of the sales associates and managers. This was an error that cost me $150.00 X2, for installation fees, and we still many not receive the appliances before the holidays, if they are delivered, we will have to wait until after the holidays to get them installed because we cannot find anyone to install them on the day before Thanksgiving without paying double. This has put our family in a bind and after and caused so much fustration and wasted time. After the card has been paid, we will be closing the JCPenny account and will never set foot into another JCP store again!


JENNIFER ROSA November 18, 2016 at 2:30 pm

I placed a ship to store order on 11/10 and still have not heard anything back from JCPenneys. Not a phone call, email, nothing. Very bad service. Order states pending on the website….what exactly does that mean?


I have not received any feed-back on my ship to store order. I would like to know what is the delay and when the order will be ready for pick-up. Also, the fact that there has been no communication is very poor customer service on JC Penney’s part. I am a returning customer after not shopping for many years at your store and this experience is why I will not be returning.

Thank you!


S Coles November 18, 2016 at 11:20 am

I am reaching out to you as a loyal JCP customer who have been shopping here since the 80’s. I placed a store order 11/2/2016, I needed my order prior to Thanksgiving as I am hosting a large family dinner and wanted to make sure everything was nice and a pair of boots for my daughter to wear on this day.

In the past when I ordered I receive calls advising me my order is ready for pick-up and I never received this call, when I checked my email over the weekend I notice the attached email stating don’t forget your order and we will be gladly hold your order until 11/17/2016, when I got off work yesterday to go pick up order up, I was advised by Yvette that she could not find my order, I gave her all the information from the email as well as the number used, NOTHING – I could not wait around as I had to pick my kids up from daycare.

When I got home, I called back up to the store several times and the only department that would answer was appliances, which for some reason, I knew I would get an answer because it’s new to JCP, and they’re trying to sell that product. The gentleman that answer told me he could not transfer and that I would have to hang up and call back to the HOME department, I followed his instructions and did so twice before, so I called back and again reached out to appliances and got an answer, letting him know that I did what he instructed me to do, however, this department is the one answering calls tonight and I need to speak with a manager, he stated he had to place the phone down due to him not having a hold button and he will call a manager. Gloria, came to the phone and I gave her my information, she advised me that she was the only manager working, but, she would investigate and call me back, she did advise me that the person in charge of online order sent my order back on 11/16/16. When I asked for the store manager name, I was given Karen, I asked Karen, who, Gloria stated she was not allowed to give out her last name. Also, Gloria keeps stating that my card would be refunded back of these charges and she apologizes, well this is not enough as I sat and cried last night this have truly put a destroyed on my day/holiday.

Mr. Ellison, this unacceptable as this have ruined my plans for the holiday and makes me want to turn to social media and local news letting them know my experience. We live in a day and time where if you are a manager, the full name should be given to a customer as they should know how to manage a store and take care of customers as well as instruct their employees that the client experience comes FIRST.

Please advise, what can be done to fix this? Thank you

Store location
4541 S Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23231


Lisa Whited November 17, 2016 at 4:24 pm

My daughter had services done on her hair at the JcPenney salon in Fresno, Fashion Fair on the 27th of October 2016. She asked for a seasoned hair stylist. She spoke with Taylor about getting an ombre done on her hair. This stylist never said she could not get her hair to blonde in one visit. My daighter’s hair is naturally a medium shade of brown. Taylor the stylist made my daughters hair a light copper color… no where remotely blonde. Needless to say my daughter paid almost $200 and didn’t get what she wanted. I have spoken with the Manager at the salon and was asked to spend even more money to go blonde. What a racket!!! Spoke already with Corporate headquarters and they stated that they would pass my complaint to the GM of the Fasion Fair store.. a week later, still haven’t heard a word from anybody. My daughter is a struggling college student and had to save to pay for this and still not get what she wanted. She cried upon learning that they would not give her what she paid for. We are very upset with how JcPenney has handled this thus far.
Lisa Whited
Alicia Whited


Sharon Haynes November 14, 2016 at 2:43 pm

I went into JCP at Woodland Hills Tulsa to shop for pillows that were supposedly on sale. When I arrived there were 40% sales signs everywhere but when you got closer, in smaller print it states “must spend $40.00 on regular priced apparel etc to get 40% discount”. What a scam. When I patronize your store and see sales signs throughout indicating 40% off, that’s what I expect period. I don’t want to have to spend $40 on a regular priced item to get the sale price. I immediately left the store and marched right into Macy’s and purchased four quality pillows on sale at 40% off. No gimmick, no catch to the sale, just a plain old sale that most consummers are interested in. I’ve shopped at Penny’s for years but this is a good way to permanently lose my business. Going to your store was a complete waste of time today. Thanks for nothing!


Kelli November 12, 2016 at 8:37 am

This year (2016) is my first time to work for JCP’s during the holiday season and this will definitely be my last. I don’t care how good the employee discount is or sales; to make people come to work so early on Thanksgiving Day and not allow them time will their families is ridiculous and sad. No matter what time you open you will make your money. Most people will be at home at 3PM on Thanksgiving Day eating with their families while your employees (mothers, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, teenagers, etc.) have to leave their families and go to work. What happen to the Golden Rule philosophy? Family should come first. I don’t know who made this decision but it’s not a good one and I am requesting that JCP rethink having people work so early on holidays.


wendy gunkel November 11, 2016 at 9:55 am

On 11/7/16 I placed an order for a talking Buzz light year and then placed a different order for the Talking Woody from Toy Story. I used my JCPenney credit card to purchase these gifts. These gifts were bought early for 2 children with the Make A Wish foundation, it was imperative that I order early before the items were out of stock.
Yesterday 11/10/16 I received two packages at my home, we were expecting the talking Woody and Buzz light year, however what we received was a comforter and in the box a lamp base. The shipping documents even had the correct items I had ordered listed, however they were not shipped. I order online for the convenience of NOT having to walk into a store to find the gift I wanted to purchase which could of been out of stock, or wait in long lines with rude people. So now I have to drive to a JCPenney to return the items I did not even order, which means waiting in line, driving in traffic, parking (if there is any)
I called customer service last night around 10 pm to let them know they wrong items were shipped, I had to pay for the two gifts all over again and now wait for them to be shipped
out, this is Holiday season for one, I buy gifts for families those who can’t afford to buy their children gifts or clothes, I am very unsatisfied with JCPenney. I am a US Veteran, today is Veterans day, Enjoy your freedom here in America, if it wasn’t for veteran’s there would be NO freedom to have the things we have, I make sure a family and a child is taken care of during the holidays. I hope Corporate sees this complaint, I do intend to mail a letter as well.


Cj Maple November 10, 2016 at 5:46 pm

My order #2016-3005-8027-3649 was placed on Oct. 26, 2016 and I received the order confirmation the same day. Oct. 27, 2016, via email stating my order has shipped to the Evansville, IN store and I would get another e-mail to pick up my order. The order was to be in between Nov. 1st and 4th. On Nov. 3rd, I had not received an email, so I called and was told that there was no such order number or telephone number! I drove 15 miles to the store to speak to someone in catalog pick up, only to be told the order was not there and to call back over the weekend. I called Nov. 6th, 7th, (Sunday, Monday) and still was there was no order/telephone number. I called CS and they found the order number but didn’t know where the order was! I called the store again on Nov. 8th and spoke to “Mark” a manager-he was to call me back-never did! I called him on the 9th and he was to talk to the .com rep and get back to me. He did call back on the 9th and said he would call me on the 10th (today) after checking a pallet. He never called. I called Mark yet again, only to find out he had not been seen since lunch. I do NOT want my card charged for something I have been unable to get!!! What now? Poor service, poor knowledge. This is totally unacceptable. I have been a JCP customer since 1989. No more after this is settled!!


Jill November 9, 2016 at 2:14 pm

Horrible service when I came to pick up my online order I decided to return the product on the spot because I wouldn’t give my money to a company that treated me like that. The refund was processed, I was given a receipt. 5 days later NO REFUND appears on my card. Call the store, get bounced around for 10 minutes only to get hung up on. FINALLY get someone, only to be told he’s busy, he’ll call me back. He does actually call me back. Says no refund/return was ever entered for this item, agrees to do it over the phone. 2 days later NO REFUND appearing. Call again, put on hold on an endless loop of hold music only to be told I need to wait another 3 days to determine if my account was credited. I would rather cut off my left ear to put up on hold AGAIN for no reason. I will NEVER ever shop at JC Penney again. The whole thing has been a nightmare.. OH, and they’re still not refunding me $3.95 fee for shipping to the store.


Martha Solis November 6, 2016 at 12:59 am

As a former employee can’t believe how horrible service I received at new store in San Bernardino, CA!! First had to go to an other department to look for assistance, then clerk still no help because she could not inform me if the sale item listed was in stock or not (none hanging by sign). Asked if she could look up for me, she informed me to go to register, wow!! ASKED another clerk, since long line at register, she stated as a matter of fact ‘what you see is what we have’, again wow. So I asked if sign still up were they able to substitute something similar at sale price, again was told very bluntly no. DIDN’T even check with supervisor or store manager!! NEVER shopping at Penney”s again!!!


Anthony November 3, 2016 at 6:56 pm

So picture me in the mens dressing room at JC Penny, am in my little cubicle in my undies trying on clothes. when i hear a woman at the entrance to the fitting room call out. A female employee answered her and was asked is it ok if i go in?
The female employees response: Oh sure its ok, doesnt matter the fitting room is in the mens dept. The men dont come out of the cubicles unless fully dressed so women can go in. On the womans side men cant come in because women may want to come out half dressed.
So am standing there with these 2 woman having a full conversation right on the other side of my half door, thinking this is insulting and making me self conscience now. This is a female employee telling woman to go in the mens fitting room!


Rosalind November 2, 2016 at 11:28 am

I spent almost two hours in this store due to two cashiers not knowing how to do their jobs efficiently. I will not get into detail, as it will take forever to explain. To make matters worse, the items I did leave with still had the alarm tags attached and I have to return to the store today to have them removed. I have had issues with the Daytona Beach, Florida store before on International Speedway Blvd, inside the Volusia Mall, but never posted a complaint until now. What happened yesterday is unacceptable and very unfair. Not one time did anyone offer me compensation for my obvious inconvenience and I did not even get my coupon I used returned to me for one of the transactions that had to be aborted/voided due to the cashier’s error. Two managers called me back, but for no apparent reason, as all they claimed they could do was listen to me repeat the same story. Also, their dressing rooms are disgusting. They smell, are dirty, and falling apart. They need to remodel them. At this point I am officially done with JCP. Of course that does not matter, as they have hundreds of other customers. No one will probably even read this review, but at least it is giving me a chance to voice and express myself.


Agnes Price November 2, 2016 at 12:41 am

On November 1, 2016 my husband and I went to JC Penny appliance department store# 2804 to a purchase washer/dryer set. All was well until we were informed that we could not use a debit card for the purchase, it had to be credit card. That was the explanation given to us after the card decline. It was then that appliance supervisor, Philip, suggested we put the money on a JC penny gift card and use it as a credit card to complete the transaction. We were then notified by the bank of suspicious activities. The account was charged 3 times in the amount of $1183.99, 1046.22 & 137.77. We were told by the sales rep that all 3 transactions were declined. Frustrated at the situation at hand, we told the sales rep to provide proof of voided transactions so that we can be on our way. The sales rep asked his supervisor, Philip, how to perform this function and Philip told him there was no way to print proof of voided transactions. . With an elevated voice, I told Philip that I needed proof of a cancelled transaction. Once again, he stated that there was no way to provide proof. I walked away and called law enforcement to assist with rectifying the issue at hand after Philip told me that he was going to ask me to leave. The assistant manager, Senecia Thomas, provided us proof of the voided transaction that Philip insisted he could not obtain.


shaunn October 26, 2016 at 3:07 pm

purchased an item on jc penny’s web site around 11:15pm. I was trying to request to have the item shipped to store to avoid shipping fees…..the web site advised that no store in Houston had the item …..placed the order and was advised that my order would be shipped within 4-5 business days .a s soon as I placed my order their was no option to delete, cancel, edit, or change……however after researching how to cancel an order from their policy page….advised me to call customer service to cancel… at this time customer service department was closed until next day @ 8am. I visit one of the stores the next morning and to find the item they said was not available they had a total of 8 in stock……at this time I called customer service to cancel but was advised that order had already been shipped and they could not cancel the order….however 3 days later I received an email saying that my order has JUST been shipped…and to add I found the exact same item in store for $80.00 less… JC Penny is bulling customers to purchase item to pay more on line vs the store….paying shipping fees…..and forcing them to accept order they may not want. this hast to be stopped this is the only dept store web site that I have ever had a problem with trying to cancel an order….the customer service agents I have spoke with you could tell they are trained to protect the company and does not known how to take accountability and resolved the problem…they well know that they practices and polices are not right


erling October 25, 2016 at 10:41 pm

I got one of the worst online shopping experiences that never happened before. I love online shopping but never tried JC Penny. I really regret what I did.
I went to the JC Penny and tried picking up my online order at ridgedale mall, Minnetonka MN on 10/25/16. I arrived at customer service around 6:50pm and left on 7:12pm. At beginning, no one was at there. I looked around for a salesperson in the whole store back and forth twice but no one helped me. Finally, the manager Frank showed up but the cash registers seemed freezing. I have to leave the store without getting my order because I had a conference at 7:30pm. I thought it might take less than 10 minutes to pick up an order since I paid my order online and has receipt on hand. I am so disappointed for the services at JC Penny. I will never shop this store!!!


vijaya October 20, 2016 at 1:07 pm

You need to change your online order shipping information. I ordered some men’s dress shirts on the 17th October. I also received an email confirmation with an order number. When I checked my account, it shows that the order has been shipped on the 18th via UPS. There was no tracking number. When I called the CS, it fell in deaf ears. This morning, the Corporate tells me that I may get the merchandise on the 27th!! Still, no tracking information. It is deceiving to be told that the merchandise has shipped on the 18th and it has not been picked up. Something is wrong. JCP used to be a fine store – something has changed. Corporate should fix this problem and not deceive the customers.


Debbie V October 18, 2016 at 10:32 pm

I was recently at the JC Penney location in Brentwood Ca zip code 94513. I have to say I was very disappointed in the condition of the store. I worked in retail for 34 years and I would have been fired if any of the departments I managed even looked closely to what I seen today at this location. I was also disappointed to find out I had to stand in line for 25 min to find pricing on an item because there are no scanners available for pricing. The VP of merchandising should make a surprise visit to this store. If I was the store manager at this location I would be embrassed to say this is my store.


Kay October 18, 2016 at 6:04 pm

I placed an order with the Florida Mall store that was delivered incorrectly. A reorder was submitted to be collected at the Westland Mall store, unfortunately nobody ever answers the phone. Can somebody please have the phones at the store checked and a system introduced where calls are answered. It is frustrating trying to reach a store and nobody ever picks up.


Mark Weatherholt October 18, 2016 at 10:24 am

My wife went in the salon at the store at Westfield North County, 290 E Via Rancho Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92025 on June 23rd to get a CHI hair relaxer treatment. It didn’t work so they eventually redid it on July 30th. The chemicals irritated her scalp, so she had to stop. We payed $165 for this treatment and basically got nothing for it. On Labor day weekend, I went to the store and spoke to a manager named Jill. I explained the story and she said she would look into it and call me back, suggesting we would (rightfully) get a refund. When I didn’t hear from her for more than two weeks, i called the store and talk to another manager named Samantha. I told her the same story and she made me the same lame promise. Of course I never heard back from her either. What does it take to get an answer back from a manager at this store?? I’m tired of this crap. These managers shoud be repremanded!! CAN SOME PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS AND GET BACK TO ME SOON??


PEG MEERKATZ October 13, 2016 at 2:31 am

Went to JC Penny @ the mall at South Point in Durham NC on 10/12/16 about 1pm. I am physically disabled & was using my mobility scooter. I went to this store specifically to purchase ALFRED DUNNER WOMENS WEAR. There was ABSOLUTELY NO STAFF ANYWHERE. I finally found the department & seeing the large ALFRED DUNNER sign I thought this is where the clothes were but all I found was Worthington. I covered the entire department several times not finding what I was looking for. Finally a cashier & another worker showed up at the register. The cashier was taking care of a customer the other woman just pointed me back in the direction of the Alfred Dunner sign. Still unable to find what I was looking for I returned to the register but once again no one was there. I spent about 20 minutes circling the department but only found Alfred Dunner Petites I need regular women’s. I finally went to the perfume department & she called for a salesperson to help me. The salesperson also could not find regular Alfred Dunner clothes. She got someone (I think the manger) he searched all over then showed me one rack with about 4 blouses & a few capris – I needed dress wear. After several more minutes the manager found a couple racks of regular Alfred Dunner women’s regular. In pants the only thing they had was black pants or navy blue. There was a choice of maybe 3 blouses & a very large selection of capris. After a recent large weight loss i need new dress clothes. My friend sent me $300 in JC Penny Gift Cards because she knows I like Alfred Dunner. Because of the weight loss I am not really sure of my size which is why I needed to make my purchases in the store. The other problem is online it is not possible to tell which pants coordinate with which jackets. Since there isn’t another JC Penny close to where I live I have to order online & GUESS which jackets coordinate with which pants & HOPE I order the correct size. It was aggravating enough at the small Alfred Dunner selection in the store & the fact that most selections were either petite or summer wear but not having any sales help on the floor or at the register only made the situation worse. I wasted more time trying to find what I was looking for & trying to find sales help then I couldn’t make my purchases. Now I have to order online unsure of what I am ordering & there is the possibility that some things may need to be returned or exchanged.


rose tomsik October 7, 2016 at 8:32 pm

We bought a dryer from your store. It was delivered Wednesday , Oct. 5,2016. The man that delivered it forgot to bring the vent kit which we paid for, he said he would be back the next , stayed home all day and he never showed. Now they say Tuesday Oct.11. Your manager at Penny’s says it isn’t Penny’s problem. We want to return it but, he said it would cost $43.00, for a restocking fee. Which I don’t think is fair. We don’t even know if the dryer works. I can’t even go downstairs to look at it, because the man took off your banister and never put it back on. We have been with Penny’s since 1975. I don’t think we will shop there again, after all this. Sincerely, Rose Tomsik


Domenique Savage September 29, 2016 at 10:59 am

Hello My name is Domenique Savage .I am very upset at this point. I have been trying to place this order for 2 day with the savelots code. The code worked but order would not complete (ERROR). tried to use different device still have a problem with my account. I need order place now. with all discount and all prices have changed now. and these items were on sale or clearance and are not now. I order all the time and this is the second time I have had this issue. Please HELP


John Fusting September 27, 2016 at 11:39 am

I visited the JC Penney store at the Arrowhead Mall in Glendale, AZ to find a pair of specific model pants. I didn’t find the pants,so looked for a sales associate – none to be found, even at the empty register area. This store’s men’s pants display was in total disarray. Different styles mixed together, no size, color or style arrangement. The men’s department look as if a bomb exploded. The management of that store needs to get out of there office and direct the personnel to do their job so the presentation of merchandise is done properly or hire more people to fix displays. Unfortunately, this drove me to Dilliards.


KATHIE HART September 16, 2016 at 2:46 am

I have receipt and extended Care Plan receipt on very expensive earrings I bought my 85 year old mother in March 2015. The back clasp is short and will not hold.
She cannot wear these earrings; she has never worn them.
I realize any time limit has expired. But I’m hoping to contact anyone above the store’s (#1704) management level. They dropped the matter as “Gee, that’s tough.”
I want to provide copies of these receipts and see if my mother could get some comparable substitute for $199 earrings she can’t wear.
She went to the store several times without me, to speak to someone. But the jewelry counters had no associates in sight, and no one spoke to her.
At her age she felt ignored and frustrated. By the time she had me go with her it was over a year since the earnings were purchased.
I would like a name and address of someone there at Corporate that I could contact.
Thank you.


Stace September 12, 2016 at 2:10 pm

I’m so confuse, I was at JCPneney store at Pembroke Lakes Mall today 09/12/2016, I was trying to purchase some Windows covering for my home. I asked for help to an employee (Edina, appliances deparment) she called for help by the Walkie talkie, no one came, I ask a second time, she called again, and for my surprise some one called her back, telling her to do not call for help no more, that no one were in the department till 1pm, she had to got my name and # for them called me back. She has to apologised and said that she didn’t know, why? For ask two times for help. REALLY. that’s how JCPenney treats the customers and employees? I will do not go back to JCPenny never again.


Becky September 8, 2016 at 9:17 am

Ive been with jc penny for 17 years, ive never been late on payments. After yesterday talking to a representative of the company, i closed account and will never walk into another JCPennys again! SO DISAPPOINTED.


Beth Corless August 31, 2016 at 2:57 pm

So upset and disappointed with custom draperies. Dan Snyder and Amanda in Columbus know the story. I told Amanda today that I will not be paying ant balance due until I speak with the mysterious person at the corporate office who made the decision on my issue. According to Amanda there is no way that I can call or email the corporate office. WHAT???? CALL ME. 814-466-XXXX


Jeff Demers August 26, 2016 at 12:22 am

and after I got home to night (having spent my lunch hour from work with my wife at your store) we did a little more shopping on line and was able to buy a better product, a Kitchen Aid Stove 6.5 cu ft gas oven) for $2100 out the door, a little more, but to delivered on 8/31 as we absolutely needed. this is not a knock on the staff, they did a great job for us and would have closed the sale with a little support from your “credit department”,. BTW our credit is excellent, and I am a 35 year banking professional and was appalled at how my wife was treated by your rep. He basically cost you a good sale. I have always liked JCP and will continue to shop with you, but you really need to look at what this type of service is costing you. Good luck!


Jeff Demers August 26, 2016 at 12:13 am

Thank you for failing to sell us a $2000 GE Profile Oven today! We went to the Coddingtown Mall store in Santa Rosa CA today, based on an 18 month financing offer and some rewards points. The Appliance Department staff were very helpful in assisting us to choose a suitable unit, to be delivered by 8/31 since our stove was on the fritz and we didn’t want to spend $500 to fix it. When it came time to buy, we needed to increase our credit limit on our JCP card, and were connected to the credit department (Synchrony Bank?) with a representative named Michael. After a now very friendly phone exchange with my wife, he said he needed to send a security code to her phone to consummate the transaction., After two attempts, he stated that the message had been “rejected” and that he would have to send us information via US Mail that would take a week to arrive. This was unacceptable, so my wife handed the phone to the sales associate, who attempted to talk to the rep, but he refused to talk to her since she wasn’t my wife. The associates attempted to call back to try to find a solution, but after my wife had another futile conversation with Michael, telling her she would have to try again tomorrow (she had already driven 30 miles to get to your store), he told her it was her fault for not registering her phone number earlier. Consequently, we left


Darlene acosta August 12, 2016 at 10:19 pm

I’m a jcp associate went to another store on my time off to buy. To my understanding there is a coupon going on if you buy more than $25 you get $10 off. The associate that I got was very rude when I asked her about them having it at the register like most stores. When I ask who your manager is she walked away, went to some other associate talked about me for about two minutes. Then they both returned saw that the other associate called for a LOD and did even come back to clarify anything. I basically had to go over and tell her to charge me that all I asked for was the name of the manager not to talk to one. She shrugged her shoulders and came back. Either associate or worker that was rude of her regardless. And plus after talking to the LOD, she did tell me that the Manager does not allow them to have the coupons unless the customer brings it in. Let me remind you some coupons say going on now in store or online. Including your TV commercials.


Alessa Vierros August 14, 2016 at 5:20 pm

My sister worked as a JCP associate and transferred to several stores and according to her, that’s corporate policy throughout stores. Coupons are meant to be brought into the store by the customer. The “In Store” just means that the coupon can be brought in-store for in-store purchases. It doesn’t mean that IT’S in-store at every register. You claim to be an associate, so you should know about this policy and that the coupon is also online on the JCP website accessible on your phone. Commercials also say “get so-so discount WITH coupon.”


Nick D August 10, 2016 at 9:56 am

I was driving in Penfield NY this morning while being tailgated for a couple minutes by a JCP In home Custom Decorating van. Once he was able to swerve around to get in front of me he proceeded to tailgate the car that I had been following. When that car didn’t enjoy the up close treatment they slowed down a bit. When he passed them I saw your driver in his side mirror giving the driver of the car a dirty look as if they had done something wrong.

I assume your van was out of the Eastview Mall location since this fun little escapade started while we were heading north on Watson Rd at the 441 intersection which is just about 10 minutes from Eastview. The license plate was 27873 MA or 27387 MA. You wouldn’t think someone driving the nicely custom painted, company-logoed vehicle would be so stupid to drive that way as it’s pretty easy to recognize. My view of him in his side mirror was an older guy, balding with glasses and mustache. He didn’t appear to be the kind of person eager to change their ways, so I’m betting on two things. First, that I’m not the first person to bring this to JCP’s attention and second, you won’t have (or haven’t had) much luck addressing his behavior.


Ida Willis August 9, 2016 at 11:15 pm

I was in your J.C Penny Beauty Salon on July 28, 2016 in Torrance, California. My appointment was for 3:30 PM, I did not leave the shop until 7:20 P.M. The salon did not have Running Hot water to rinse the SHAMPOO out of my hair. The Beautician had to heat water on a small Hot Plate that was used to heat water for the Coffee. She had to wait for the water to heat up, she would bring it back to the sink to rinse my hair. She had to pour the water in a Styrofoam cup to rinse my hair. I could not believe what was happening to me. It took her at least an hour to rinse my hair. When I left the shop I was enraged about what had happened to me. I was at the shop for four hours. It usually take Two Hours.


Donna Evans August 7, 2016 at 8:48 pm

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, I went to JC Penney in Moore, Oklahoma. Upon entering the store I heard customers complaining to JC Penney employees about how warm it was in the store and the customers were told the cooperate office controlled the temperature. There were several customers I heard stating they were going to have to leave because they could not try on clothes under those conditions. I was looking for a dress to wear to my daughters wedding so I decided to try on dresses. I went to the dressing room and while trying on dresses I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot in there my face was red and I have short hair and my hair was wet from sweat. There is no reason for a store to by that uncomfortable to be in especially when you knew it was tax free weekend and there would be a lot more people in the store. I was very disappointed in shopping at JC Penney in Moore, Oklahoma.


Valerie August 1, 2016 at 7:28 pm

I just saw a new commercial for kids. It was very cute but please try to be more diverse. You have all kinds of customers you should include all colors of children in your commercial’s.


Alessa Vierros August 14, 2016 at 5:10 pm

JCP does have a lot of people of color. Just look at their ads. They feature many more African Americans than Caucasian, Asian or Latinos combined.


Lynn August 1, 2016 at 8:48 am

JC Penney does not have any handicap dressing rooms in their North Olmsted store.
I suggest that this be addressed. I think this may be a real problem for those who are
disabled. Is this legal?


Katie July 30, 2016 at 2:24 pm

I like shopping at our JCPenney store here in Council Bluffs,IA. The staff there are friendly and helpful. The problem I have is the brands you now carry. They are the same brands I can buy at KMart and your prices are 75% higher. Seriously a 3 pack of Hanes T-shirts at JCPenney’s is $28.00. I bought a 5 pack of Hanes T-shirts at KMart for $12.49. The exact same type, material, and color. Really JCPenney get a clue, go back to the better brands or Mark your everyday prices down.


pat July 27, 2016 at 6:01 pm

on 7/21/16 I found a man’s billfold at your show low store. I give it to the clerk and on
7/25/16, and was told they no longer have the billfold. today when speaking to miss
davison of the show low store she was rude and hung up on me. my request is for
then to call the owner, mr. colley and ask him to call me.

thank you very much for your help, pat Watkins, 480 375XXXX


Denise R. July 24, 2016 at 2:49 pm

I don’t suppose the Brentwood location is planning on being around much longer. Just got back, walked in and walked back out. The doors just opened and what a mess!! More merchandise on the floor then on the shelves. I won’t be back.


Jennifer ruiz July 23, 2016 at 6:14 pm

I came into JcPenney cherry hill nj. Lines where long only one cashier in each department. This place is a joke everytime i go there it always bad. I cancelled my card and i refuse to walk into this store again. Rather go to walmart


John Escobedo July 21, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Had to say I had a bad experience today. Trying to get someone out here to measure blinds for my home. I got a gentleman on the phone and I was told there was nothing until mid august I asked if he could check the 5 stores around me and see if there was any store offering anything sooner, He said right away no. The whole time I had to correct him for calling me Maam! I kept saying I’m a guy. I hung up and called corporate, I had a worse experience with them, for some reason she could not understand why I wanted to get an earlier date. I just said good bye and I guess good bye to JC Penny


Mary H July 17, 2016 at 7:38 pm

I had to share my experience today at the JC Penney hair salon in California, Maryland. I still cannot believe that a place that I have patronized for years has treated me in such a manner. I called to have my ten year old daughter’s hair cut and have some purple streaks put in her hair. I have done this several times before. They normally bleached pieces of her hair then put in the purple streaks. The process usually takes around two hours. Today was an entirely different experience. I came into the salon and it appears the stylist was double booked. Another stylist was nice enough to take my daughter. Five hours and $105 later my daughter was finished. I was charged for a cut and color carmalize. I never asked for that. I am use to paying $40 for the color process. I tried communicating with the front desk, the stylist and two managers that I never asked for this. A manager told me to prove what I had paid before and asked if I had put it on a credit card. Another manger told me too bad, I needed to pay for the service. Next time I needed to see the same hairdresser to get the services I wanted.


stacy oquinn July 16, 2016 at 11:54 pm

I placed an order by phone to the catalog department on July 2, 2016 and here it is July 16, 2016 and I still have not received it. They said the July 4th holiday is one of the reasons that I have not received it yet. I know it does not take 2 weeks to process an order. JCPenny is losing customers right and left and I totally understand, as I will be one that will stop shopping there because there is NEVER enough cash registers open and poor catalog services representatives.


Sherrie July 16, 2016 at 9:25 pm

I went to the Local JC Penney’s located in Melbourne, FL. The service was appalling. I had wait in line for 30 minutes line to get to the checkout. There was only two people working the registers who took way too long to ring up peoples items. By the time I got to the register a third register opened and that’s where I took my items. After the employee rung up my items she had a problem with her register and could not print my receipt. After waiting fifteen minutes I finally requested that she get her manager. The manager came and tried to find out why my receipt would not print. Again, I had to wait another ten minutes and then she advised me she would have to go to her office to correct the problem with the register. Another twenty minutes passed before she came back to advise the employee the problem was corrected. I was FUMING by that time and requested that I get a full refund on the purchase items. Bottom line, I had to wait about 1-1/2 hours to get service. The service at JCPenny’s is inferior. I will never go back to JCPenny’s again and will not recommend that store to any of my family or friends. It is like going to Walmart but worse.


Alessa Vierros August 14, 2016 at 5:23 pm

It’s not just you who had to wait but everyone else on the line who is there for the great deals. Maybe you should have picked another day to shop?


Mike July 12, 2016 at 5:24 pm


I am writing on behalf of my wife and myself, who put purchase products from you company.

Several months ago, my wife purchased some clothing items from this location.

She went home and tried on a few items, but since they did not fit properly, she kept a few items, including slippers.

The cashier that was doing the return that day was totally confused by your system, since there was a discount going on as well as a coupon discount. She was so confused, that she called over a

“manager”, who turned out to be even dumber that the cashier. She finally credited the returned items.

But now she is being charged for items that were returned and she did dispute this with your company, by sending in copies of the purchase receipts, etc. They cannot figure out your return

system and are still insisting on charging my wife for items that were returned and that she doe not have.

Needless to say, we are very frustrated and annoyed, and are on the verge of cutting our Penney cards, and NEVER EVER going back to your stores, as this is how you treat your customers.

But, she is still going to fight these unjust charges as again, she does NOT own these items, as they were returned. Only a few of them she kept, and she of course will pay for those.

We’ve done better purchasing in your Ventura store in the past.




James R. Shaver July 9, 2016 at 2:49 pm

I have ordered many things online over the years. Generally if the shipping address is different from the address of the payee it is on the order blank. I ordered a train set for my seven year old grandson and had it shipped to his father’s address some 120 miles from my home. When Penney’s sent in for payment to my credit card it was held and questioned by my credit card. I immediately called them after I found this out and the difference in the shipping and payee was different they had held payment. I notified immediately my credit card company it was a legitimate charge and they would go ahead and pay it. I called Penny’s and was told that I would have to reorder the item. At that time I understood the problem and reordered the item. I thought we were in sync and my great grandson would be receiving his train set in a short time. I received the confirmation from Penney’s. Now two weeks later I called once more after finding out the item had not been delivered and was told that it had been canceled again. At no time had I received the second time it had been canceled so we are still without the item. I am thoroughly disgusted with the handling by J.C. Penny and will never buy a cents worth of anything from them. I also understand why so many stores are closing all over the country. I hope no one else has this problem but it is very annoying to say the least. The biggest annoyance is disappointing a seven year old boy. There are others that sell the item I wanted and now that I know how Penney’s handle things I will order from them.


Brenda Matkin July 9, 2016 at 1:43 pm

I purchased the Pelham Small Granite Top Portable Kitchen Island. Received it Thursday. It was very well packed in two huge boxes, no damage. I was excited because this item had the perfect look for the area I wanted it in. Came in a million pieces; not to worry the directions were clear. The problem is I couldn’t get the framing to square up or the bolts and screws to tighten enough so the frame would square up. So the end result is a cabinet that has an unusable drawer and the doors are off. No way to return it since I’d have to take it all apart and rebox it. Now I’m stuck paying over $400 for a cabinet that is worth about $50 tops. I won’t be buying items like this from you again. Lesson well learned!


RT June 30, 2016 at 11:01 pm

I visited the Sephora at JC Pennys Corpus Christi, TX tonight and a pleasant evening turned into disappointment. As my daughter and I approached the area will could hear loud music blasting from the area. We walked through the aisles of Sephora, and we literally were shouting at each other to communicate. The music, with the bass, was painfully loud. I nicely asked a sales person if she could turn the music down to which she replied no. She said that I should speak to the manager of Sephora and ask her to turn the music down. I received the same answer. She did call the store manager and he did arrive very quickly. I spoke with both of them about this matter and they both replied that that was impossible. I suffer from a hearing lost so that is really saying something about just how loud the music was and it has not always been that loud. Women make up the majority of your customer base, many of whom will undoubtedly have small children with them. If the music was so loud that it caused pain to myself, just imagine what it will do to children. The moms will start to wonder why their children scream every time they are at Sephora. We both know that the level can be turned down. Sephora lost our sales tonight and further sales. Loud music does not make people purchase items, it agitates people.


Ann June 24, 2016 at 6:39 pm

June 23 2016
I was in the salon at the JC Penney Trussvill, Al. I was surprised to see how poorly run the salon was. The manager and four other stylist had clients. Two stylist had no customers. I didn’t observe either of them assisting walk up customers. The two stylist without clients decided to go to lunch together. When customers came up to make purchases, my stylist was expected to stop working on me and wait on customers who couldn’t make up their mind which product or color to purchase. Sometimes this took as long as 20 minutes. This was poor management. I observed the manager refusing to help any walk up customer. Once he asked if there was anyone who could help this customer. He stood there and watched as my stylist rung up the customer, really. In the five hours I was there, no one else helped out. The two stylist without clients went in and out of the shop leisurely shopping in the store often missing for long periods of time. I kid you not. The manager worked only his clients. I could not believe how much time I spent in the salon due to poor management. I like the stylist and her work performed on me. However, in my opinion, she in being dumped on. I don’t know if I will return or not.


Jack Miller June 21, 2016 at 2:27 pm

I had been a long time customer of JC Penney until now. I purchased a top of the line IComfort mattress 3 years ago with a 20 year warranty. Now the side of the mattress is separating from the core. Penney hired a sub contractor, US Quality Furniture to inspect it. In spite of this person seeing the problem and telling me it was defective, their report to Penney said it was fine. Penney has lost a customer and I will take this to whatever level is necessary. US Quality Furniture OUTRIGHT LIED IN THEIR REPORT. Letters will go to all , not that JC Penney haves a %%*$ about the customer.


Keisa June 18, 2016 at 2:47 pm

Before I went into my local jcp store I called the Customer Service number to see what their return policy was for deficited bras. And I was advised that I could only exchange them. So I went into the store to exchange I didn’t ask for a refund or anything I explain to the cashier what I was told by Joyce from Customer Service or the cashier stated that she had to get a team lead to assist me. Well here came the rude nasty attitude team lead Kim I explained to her what happened and she opens her mouth talking to me so nasty and rude and stated we here a Jcp have a policy so I will not be able to issue you a exchange. I advised her of my conversation with Customer Service but she still didn’t help she came at me with the nasty attitude so I knew I wasn’t going to be helped


Claudette Perkins June 17, 2016 at 4:40 pm

Everytime I go to the mall St Matthews in. Louisville key. I have the same experience. It is only on the second floor in the plus sizes and then home store. I was in there. Tuesday. June 16th, at around 6:00′-6:6
:30 I go straight to clearance, or Liz claybourne wear. I was wear her clothes. The sales people march back and forth mostly I ignore them. This frumpy young black girl just would stop. I wanted to ask her what she thought they had in thestore I wanted.Then A tall thin white young man also did the same. I just stared. They push there clearance so tight together you have to go piece by piece to get into it. I get a similar attitude from the young black worker in homewere. You don’t have what’s in the store what’s on line.
I am also black. I wear designer clothes and I do not shoplift. I will send a complaint to the Better. Business Bu.and your C E O
I do not get this treatment downstairs. Only upstairs. In these two departments.Are they not taught customer!


gina June 12, 2016 at 8:20 am

yesterday I visited the Leominster store to return a red dress bought on line in May. This was the second dress from the order( as I had returned the black dress from the same order ) To my surprised the clerk told me that it showed that “all items from this order were already returned”… I said that the post was wrong (as I obviously still had the red dress because I had just brought it in with me). She called a manager. Now, I am no dummy.. and it was completely apparent that they thought I was trying to return a dress I had already returned and there was no way they were going to let me “get away”with this.. The manager called the on line catalog dept (at my urging) and after a LONG wait.. she was told from the person on the phone that I had in fact only returned one item. So feeling a little vindicated, I asked her how come it showed I had returned all items when it was proved that I hadn’t.. her response was “it sometimes happens”…well that just isn’t good enough.”It sometimes happens ” is NOT satisfactory, it was embarrassing for me and unprofessional for a company… and I was surrounded by other customers in the shoe dept as well as clerks , ( and I noticed the rolling eyes) and they all were thinking the same thing.. that I was trying to get away with this ! My honesty was apparent as I had revealed the fact that I had misplaced the original receipt (which would have proved only one dress had been returned ) I will certainly be more careful in the future, but this experience will make me think twice about shopping at JC penney. I am sure you have to deal with this from other customers, but I am certainly NOT one of them…


Carolyn Moses June 8, 2016 at 10:46 pm

I purchase some hair products online 5/23/1016 use the bigsave7 coupon which allowed me take of 25% off my order not 10%. Than I saw get additional 15% by opening a JC Penny card. I had receive my 25% off applied for a card and approve. I had a hard time applying the additional 15% therefore I call the call center in Columbus spoke with a rude girl which had a bad attitude. She said she would apply the 15%. She did not apply my 15% and she remove my 25% off some hair products. I notice that once I hang up and look at my statement. I call 4 times requiring about my discounts. I only received 4.99 and 6.00. I call back third time to inform them that was wrong should be more. Look at my account again still wrong. Tonight I call 6/8/2016 spoke with another lady at the call center name zoy she quickly transfer me to customer care. Now this lady ask who tranfered me after explaining my issue. But she tried to help me but said hair products is only 10%. I explain not that day 25% nor my 15% for opening credit card. She spoke with a Manager and said 10%. I explain if you look at my order you would see 25% was taking off some hair products than my other products showing no discounts because the first employee rude one remove. And if you was to add my discounts what I receive showing more than 10%. So she said am only getting back 9.66. Hang up the phone and decided to pay off my credit card ND CLOSED THE ACC# WHAT IS OWED TO ME IS 26.34 AND MORE FOR TAXES. I’m not paying no more than what was offered. I spend 200 TO $400 a month at JC now I will never shop again there. There customer service employees are not capable of handling a situation even when you explain and I have a copy of my order showing 25% off. I had printed out all the products I had ordered before I finalized the order than I decided to apply for the card. All I CAN SAY I AM HIGHLY DISSAPPOINTED. This shows me if I ever have a issue it will not be resolved.


Sharon June 7, 2016 at 9:25 am

Newport News Va- Patrick Henry Mall JC Penney’s has changed a lot! You walk in and you will notice a difference. The people that work there are not to friendly. They treat you like they your beneath them and I spend money like everyone else does. I shouldn’t be treated any different and not only that, there’s not a lot of selection to pick from and the clothes have on down hill. They need a new clothing line, more to pick from and new employees.


Ron Barth June 5, 2016 at 4:01 pm

JC Penny’s just lost a customer they’ve had for 60 years. I was at the store yesterday, Saturday 4 Jun 2016 and saw some dress shorts I’d not mind having, but decided to hold off until today so to use the 30% off coupon. Today, I arrived at the store’s opening, went to the short location and seen that overnight the price had increased $20. I asked a clerk about the price increase and the response was, you have a 30% off coupon so what’s the problem. It’s was quite obvious this clerk most likely couldn’t remember her name without looking at and hopefully being able to read and pronounce what she saw. Anyway, I left the store and went to Belk’s that had the same shorts for about half the price of JC Penny’s. I spent $150 bucks on several pair of their shorts and left the store quite pleased. It it any wonder why JC Penny’s is trailing the big box stores. Not in my opinion. Might you continue enjoying the screwing over of you’re less than aware customers, however, it won’t be me!!


Donna Butler June 3, 2016 at 10:07 pm

Tonight, 6-3-2016 I made a purchase online for $159.00. I place the order and no more than 10 minutes later, I saw another bedspread set I like more which cost considerably more and called to get the first order cancelled so I could purchase the more expensive one. I was told the order had already been processed. Now, I could understand it, had I called an hour later or 2-3 hours later but this was approximately 10 min later, maybe not that long and was told the order could not be cancelled. I spend a considerable amount of money in JC Penney because I like their Home merchandise, bedspreads, drapes etc. But in the future, I will not be spending my money at this store. The merchandise will be returned to JCPenney once it is received at my residence. Respectfully, Donna Butler


Pamela Jacks May 31, 2016 at 2:35 am

I am 72 years old and have been a JCPenney customer all my adult life shopping frequently at the local Douglas, AZ store and online. On 5/17/16 I purchased a pair of shoes that were marked “SALE $60”. This was a little steep for the quality of the shoe but I figured that with one of my discount coupons and a rewards coupon (the incentives that hook your buyers) the shoe would be worth it; charge came to $30.48. At almost half off I was happy with what I thought was a bargain! Dumb me! When I was putting the shoe box away the $60 price tag came off and underneath I could see a $39.99 price printed on the box that had been somewhat blacked out (About a month before I had also purchased a “SALE $60” shoe that came to $46.83 with discounts; I’m thinking that the same must hold true for that purchase but I could not tell what was printed under the $60 tag of that shoe box.)
Although I realize that I still got the shoes cheaper than the hidden $39.99 price (which undoubtedly was already a price that included a profit) I was angry at my gullibility for thinking that JCP was honestly offering me a good deal; I always felt that your deals were too good to be true. I know your company is in trouble, but does management have to be this deceitful to stay afloat?. I now definitely know that JCP has deceitful sale practices–no real bargains just a lot of illusions.


Kerstin Tuggle May 26, 2016 at 8:04 pm

I bought 2 bathing suits on my husbands card today at Joplin’s JC Penneys. I was there from approximately 12:30 until 2:57 according to my receipt. While I was there the bathing suits I was trying on either had holes in the side seems or where the underwires are. I saw so many like this I almost didn’t buy a bathing suit at all. I better not have something go wrong with my suit early on or I’m coming in to complain in person. They were all womens midriff bathing suit tops for bigger busted women. This was really disgraceful. I didn’t even try to complain while I was there because there were a lot of people shopping. The womens bathing suit area was littered everywhere on the floor with bathing suits.


Carolyn August 15, 2016 at 11:42 pm

JCPenney’s return policy is the cause for the subpar and damaged merchandise throughout the store. People can return worn items and get their money back. It’s really bringing the company’s quality down. As for the litter, shoppers are messy!


Wendy Betzler May 24, 2016 at 5:55 am

I called customer service yesterday re: 2016-1355-4022-140 placed 5-14-16. When I traced the tracking it said it was delivered 12/2014! So I called and inquired where my package was. Lady put me on hold, she didn’t realize I could still hear her but she told male supervisor she needed to contact ups and that I was tweaking!!!! She came back to tell me that ups had never received my order and looking at my order now 2 of my items were no longer in stock. Said she would have to credit my account and put the order through again. Anyways 23 min in total I was told only 1 of my 4 items were in stock. And it was buy one get one for a penny. So no penny one only full price for me. I told her to cancel the order please. I place an order of new work shirts only to discover I had been waiting for nothing. To top it all off I call to inquire and overhear Im tweaking. When in fact I had called Just to inquire. At no time had I acted out. Pretty disappointed customer here, all the way around.


KPWORK May 20, 2016 at 3:52 pm

The old JCPenney is back. Love the coupons, love the brands, love everything. Customer service at my location is outstanding. And I’ve never had a problem with online ordering. Thank you Pennies for the fun, trendy and affordable shopping experience you provide.


trena hines May 18, 2016 at 7:12 am

I bought one pair of Worthington pants in store, then ordered five more online on February 21, 2016. They are for work and get washed regularly. They have shrunk up! They are too short to wear in public now. They are the Worthington slim fit 816-3017 0109. What do I do now?


Louise May 1, 2016 at 11:10 am



Christine April 30, 2016 at 10:55 pm

I go to JC Penney quite often and there is associate at the JC Penney on Del Prado, Cape Coral, FL
name Victor he never ask me for my phone number for my rewards I say would you like to have my phone number to put in for rewards. He don’t ever ask if I have rewards I even noticed that while I am waiting in line he never ask any other customers that is not good they are missing out on getting there points for their next reward. He is not friendly at all either I tell him thank you have a nice day he does not respond back by saying thank you for shopping with us or have a good day. I do not ever want him to wait on me again he not friendly and does not ask me for phone number for rewards. I am glad that I remember to mention it to him so I can get my rewards


Nancy May 22, 2016 at 4:54 pm

That is because employees are told by the higher-ups not to mention rewards. They do not want you to use them. Nice, huh?


Quankeshia April 30, 2016 at 5:45 pm

I ordered a bra online on April 15th still no bra on April 29th the day of my daughters prom. The sales reps would keep me on hold for 20 min or so pretending to take care of the problem buy it was all a lie. I called all week and they claimed to ship out a bra express mail still no bra. They ruined one of the most important days of my daughters life and I will make sure that everyone is aware of their unprofessional attitudes and rude customer service


Melaniebriggs May 7, 2016 at 10:34 pm

Really it’s a bra? And it’s a prom. If you called all week common sense would have told you to go some where else?


Mrs Kile April 29, 2016 at 12:53 pm

Very displeased with JCPenneys! Purchased a online order was told it would be delivered UPS, so I gave my physical address … Only to find out it was send usps, so guess what it was returned as undeliverable, called JCPenneys and because I used a JCPenneys gift card they will not refund my money to a JCPenneys gift card or send me a check. They pretty much stole my money and won’t resend or re-order the original order. Very unhappy and will never shop JCPenneys again. Talked to 6 customers service agents , all rude and all unhelpful. Before this I liked JCPenneys but now if this how your treated I’ll never go back!


Taryn May 20, 2016 at 2:19 pm

I am going through that with an order I made…I found a better deal and they refuse to cancel the order.


Todd April 28, 2016 at 9:10 pm

I will never shop Jc Penny again. They totally messed up my on line order for my wife’s birthday present. Maybe you’ve fixed your storefront, but your online ordering is the worst. You don’t deserve to stay open any longer! Happy bankruptcy!!!


ina holiday April 28, 2016 at 11:35 am

I never shopped @ JCP until my realtor told me to go there for bed/bath items 12 years ago- I found beautiful bed sets with matching curtains garbage pails, even wallpaper molding, cups etc Some even had matching Shower curtains bath accessories etc-for in bedroom bathe!! I then shopped at JCP regularly for about 5 years until all that stopped..:( Please bring that back- x


Laura Jones April 27, 2016 at 9:18 pm

I bought a pair of St John Bay sandels in the hattiesburg ms store on March 25, 2016. They were on sale for 29.99. I thought I was getting a good deal but to my surprise one of them broke after only two weeks.i would have taken them back but I didn’t have receipt or the box the came in. Will not be shopping in the store again.


Saudia Armwood April 25, 2016 at 8:35 pm

I purchased a recliner on March 9th after three weeks without any updates I reached out to the customer service department they were unable to locate any tracking info and politely asked me to be patient after another week passed I decided to ask for a full refund which was processed on April 2nd too date I have not received my full refund and after several calls many excuses and no resolution I was rudely told by a furniture supervisor to take up my concerns with PayPal there was nothing they could do this has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had in retail so I will never patronize their business again just needed to vent I don’t expect anyone to care


Barbara Wolters April 25, 2016 at 11:50 am

This email is to complain about the Women’s dept at the Cottonwood Mall, Albuquerque, NM. I realy shop at the mall and upon entering the store, I immediately noticed that the women’s dept had been moved to the other side of the store.
I was looking forward to a nice shopping experience but what I found were racks of winter markdowns, piles of clothing on the tables, and nothing carefully organized as compared to where it was before. I also noticed that the dept selections has, yet again, decreased in size.
I prefer to shop for the Alfred Dunner brand in plus size clothing and there was only (1) rack. One four corner rack! Thinking the store had just moved the whole department and had yet to organize it, I was told it had been moved over 5 months ago. Standing in the asile, I looked over at the Misses dept and it was beautifully organized, the way it should be, which incourages shopping. You have a wonderful selection of Alfred Dunner online, but I like to try on clothing before I buy. So, needless to say, I will not be back. JCPenny seems to think that plus size women do not need a large department anymore.


T. Barnhart April 24, 2016 at 8:49 am

I usually enjoy shopping at the Erie location. However this past Friday night at the women’s counter was a different experience. Two young girls were working, but they were more interested in socializing with one another. We had to interrupt their chatter while ringing up our purchases to ask a question, they couldn’t work the register correctly, or apply a coupon. Two other customers in line with me made similar comments. One of them then stopped in the middle of my transaction to pull her hair up, apply lip.gloss, and check her phone.


Siobhan Garrett April 19, 2016 at 4:26 pm

wanted to make you aware of a situation that occurred at one of your Jcpenny Stores at 5050 E Ray Road in AZ on April 4, 2016 at 12:30PM. I walked into Jcpenny to return a pair of pants and once I completed my transaction I walked over to look at some other pants and decided to try them on. I went into the fitting room and the pants were too big so I went to get a smaller pair. When returning to the fitting room I noticed a lady was staring at me which I did not pay much attention to at the time. I entered into the fitting room tried the other pair of pants on, placed the pants that were too big on the return cart in the fitting room and proceeded to the cash register to make my purchase. Which your store cameras would show you. When walking towards my car a man aprochched me and stated come with me or you will be placed in handcuffs. He scared me because he was very close to my face and made me think he was trying to take my purse and then he showed me his badge. I asked what is this about, he said again, come with me or I will place you in handcuffs. At this time I’m very emotional, crying, embarrassed, scared and highly offended because I knew I didnt do anything wrong and was not being told what the issue was. So of course this is now really scaring me even more, because I still have no idea what’s going on. I go with him and the same woman that I noticed staring at me earlier on in the fitting room, into a back room. I then began to remember this same lady was not there when I left the fitting room. The man and woman then rudely went in on me accussing me of taking a pair pants. I said pull the video tape because I did not take anything. They kept saying they saw me take the pants and at this point I am calling my husband and sister so they could hear the conversation of these rude accusations. Then the lady said show me your purse which of course I did and she did not find anything. I’m still crying, embarrassed and frustrated again asking that they please pull the video tape so they could clearly see I did not take anything. They both continued to be very rude and accussing me of something that they still would not show me proof of me doing. NEVER once was I asked to show them my receipt or ask my side of the story. Because the woman who THOUGHT she saw this act, would have had to see there was a pair of pants sitting on that cart in the fitting rooms, WHERE I PLACED THE PAIR I COULDNT FIT. Finally the manger of the store comes and says you can leave. No, explanation of why, just that I can leave. I said now why if I am being accused of this horrible thing would you just let me go? I again asked to see the video tape showing me doing this. He said I can’t discuss it but you can go and I told him I want to wait for my husband, he then told me you can’t stay here, you will have to wait outside.
My husband had finally arrived and so we went back into the store to speak with the manger and security. They proceeded to apologize (because they had apparently seen the video by now AFTER HOW I WAS REPRIMANDED) and were actually surprised how everything had happened and said it will be taken care of. Apparently the person who viewed the video stated he is new and unaware of the situation. The manager then gives me a number for a Karen the district manager. I Also, spoke to Monica Sorenson which is the district manger and was told they will have all the names of everyone involved. Also, I reached out to corporate which advised me someone would call me, which NEVER happened. Monica Sorenson stated they would give me apology letter and 100.00 gift card. Which is not enough being humiliated, fasley accused , embarrassed and now nervous about going into stores because of being afraid I will be falsely accused. I reached out to a lawyer because of this and was told listed below are the things they did not follow in your store:
Never asked for my receipt
Never asked what happened
Never showed me the video tape
Not in the fitting room when I came out
Never saw me purchase the merchandise or return the pants in fitting room
If they would have followed these steps I would not have been detained at all. And would not be having this conversation


Kay Morrison April 18, 2016 at 12:42 am

My experience has been a very positive one when visiting JC Penny in St. Louis at Hampton Village Shopping Center. I live in the city and happy they have not moved to the county. Today I was waited by Kyle who I am writing about. He was so helpful, quick, knowledgeable and able to deal with multiple customers needs quickly and efficiently, he went above and beyond what is expected and did it quickly and friendly. He was the best. No I am not a relative but he stood out. I wanted to say to him if he was in school to keep going as he will go far. However, he may have been on Penny’s Management tract?? so I didn’t. Better not let him go as he was the example of a perfect employee for this job. Plea recognize him for his excellent performance on Sunday 17 April 2016 around 3:50pm


Letetia April 17, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Please permit me to detail a matter that JCPenney fail to show good faith and have cause me both emotional and financial stress. On November 27, 2015 I placed an order for a dining room set. The total cost of the item was $1186.00.

Problems with shipment

Around the fifteenth of December I was contacted by The MXD group stating the table arrived damaged, and they were returning it to JCPenney, and as soon as the replacement arrives they will be contacting me to confirm a new delivery date. I was contacted around the 21st and the item arrived in the Virgin Islands December 30th, however all I received was a table. I immediately contacted JCPenney Furniture, and was told every week for two months that the chairs will be delivered, this did not occur. I spoked to several individuals in corporate furniture who assured me each week the same thing. In an effort to pacify me on two separate occasion I received a credit of $125.00 waving the shipping fees.

Corporate Customer Relations January- March

After two months of no help and no indication of how and when I would receive the chairs I researched and found a number for your corporate office. At that office I spoke to several person until I spoke with an employee name Connie, who was the only person who tried and showed an interest in my case. The first attempt she made was to secure the chair from another store, this eventually did not happen for reasons unknown to me. As a result of JCPenney’s inability to fulfill the order I was offered two options either a refund or select another set of chairs, and the matter will now be handled by Furniture Escalation Department and the person of contact was Tasha.

Furniture Escalation Department

My first conversation with Tasha was very distasteful in that she thought I wanted unwarranted compensation and based on what she read I had already received my order as well two credits and she did not see the need for my call. That call was terminated and in tears I reached back out to Connie who then called her and explained the situation. Tasha called back apologized and attempted to assist me in selecting a set of chairs. The pair of chairs she selected according to her was comparable to the ones I ordered (web ID: 7965971). She was unapologetic and treated me as if I was trying to obtain to select chairs above the valve of the ones I ordered. After several heated and unpleasant discussion I finally settled on a set of chairs. I indicated to Tasha that due to the negligence of JCPenney and its poor customer service I would be stuck with chairs that do not fully match the color texture of my table, but I am prepared to overlook this due to my need and desperation after waiting for so long. Tasha made it a point of fact that I received chairs that cost much more than the ones I ordered, but failed to take into consideration the undue stress I incurred. Her attitude and mannerism in dealing with the matter was unprofessional and lacked customer friendliness. Other than stating, “sorry” her lack of compassion demonstrated she cared less about how a customer felt and experience in the process of conducting business.

My last and final request for Tasha was can JCPenney furnish me with a letter stating that these chairs are part of the unfulfilled order so that United States Customs in St. Thomas, United states Virgin Islands would not charge me additional import fees. She indicated that she cannot and refused to direct anyone to do so. I received the chairs April 11, and tried to explain to Customs but without the document I was charged $204.00.

On April 17, 2016 I called back and had a discussion with her and after perhaps for the first time listening to my concern told me that she could have directed someone to write that letter but it too late and there is nothing she could do about it now and as far is she is concerned I was overly compensated by the chairs I received and that is it. I further indicated that I am going public with the treatment I received from JCPenney and she can help to avert it by first recognizing that they erred and compensate me for that additional $204.00 I spent. The hostility in her conversation led me to request the name and address of her supervisor, she indicated there is no one above her, I then asked, “can I have the contact information for the CEO or the management personnel above you” she refused and hung up.

Mr. CEO, I paid my bill every month even when I did not have the merchandise. I was antagonized beyond measure. Without the help of Connie, I would not have received the chairs. I am prepared to make this matter public, but would avert should in your capacity you recognized the error of your personnel and credit my account for the $204.00 I spent unnecessarily had someone simply documented that the chairs were part of an unfulfilled order. It is the least that JCPenney can do.

Please find enclosed the receipts in question
I await your timely response.


Raul Pedraza April 12, 2016 at 12:20 am

Hello, let me start off by saying that I really enjoy shopping at JCPenney they usually have great prices and decent customer service. But this time around that was sadly not the case. I am currently in the army and based out of FT. Hood Texas. I decided to meet my groomsmen half way in Arlington Texas were we would be looking for suits for my wedding that is being held in May. We found nice quality suits at JCPenney and decided to buy them. They did not have all the sizes we needed so we ordered them through the store. The cash attendant told us it would be faster to order them into the store rather then order them to my home. So we decided to do so. I was told they would come in between 5-7 business days. So I decided I would make another trip down the next weekend to pick up the suits and get all my guys together to get them altered. The following week i arrived and was told the suits had not came in yet and would be in the following Monday. I was pretty upset but decided to swallow it and the following week. So I did so again the following week and still nothing. I asked them to call the 18003221189 number to find out more about my suits they did so and insured me they would be in the following week. After wasting two weekends coming down i called the before the following friday. I was then told my suits had been there at the Arlington JCPenney for two weeks now and will be about ready to be returned. More heated than ever i called the store to find out what the problem was. I was told that they did not have one full set that they were missing a vest so it did not show up as delievered…. Then come to find out they no longer had the size i ordered for the vest. So i would have to order a size up and pay more money out of my pocket to get it altered. Which is not cheap. The end result was they would ship them to my house an they would hopefully come in by the end of the week i have still yet to receive my suits. God willing they come in by the end of this week or i will be requesting my full refund and will most likely never be shopping here again. I was told i would compensated a huge 10 dollars for the vest…


Hannah April 7, 2016 at 5:23 pm

My boyfriend, brother, and I recently went to the JCPenney’s at Kentucky Oaks Mall. My boyfriend found a pair of pants that he wanted to try on. We go to the nearest fitting room and my brother and I wait outside while he tries them on. When we walk out, we are ‘greeted’ to an employee yelling at us about how that fitting room was girls only. However there was no sign outside or inside telling us that these fitting rooms weren’t for boys and girls. She was very rude and her remarks very uncalled for, if she had come to us politely and told us, we would have went to a different fitting room. I don’t appreciate the way I was ignored when I tried to apologize or the way that this woman talked to my boyfriend and brother. I will take my business elsewhere.


Candace J. Gibson April 2, 2016 at 12:21 pm

JC Pennies SUCKS as far as customer service! They care nothing about their customers. No wander they are clsoing their stores…because they done give a damn about helping their customers with any kind of issues!!! All I heard was “UNFORTUNATELY”. And how can a payment jump from $25.00 to $98.00 in a month????????? REALLY?????? They don’t even consider that I have made double payments and have never been late with a payment…and am a disabled senior to help me in any way with the interest charge!!!! All their people can barely speak English as well….don’t know what the hell they are trying to tell me…except “UNFORTUNATELY”…….”UNFORTUNATELY”……”UNFORTUNATELY”. I have cut my card up and will no longer support JC Pennys by being a customer of theirs…there are too many other places to shop!!!!


Deborah Floyd March 31, 2016 at 10:54 am

I will never order online at JC Penny again. Did so for the first time on 3/25/16..ordered 2 pairs of shoes and 2 packages of socks for my grandson to be sent to his address out of state. Paid for 3 day delivery. Never received confirmation or any email. The socks arrived, wrong size. The shoes were not delivered. I don’t know if they will be since I never received a tracking number. I became concerned yesterday, that’s when I saw all the complaints on the Consumer Affairs. Never again. I told my son to send the socks back, along with the shoes if they ever get there. I will be checking my credit card bill and there had better not be a battle.


Jim Crawford April 7, 2016 at 11:16 am

Mr. Cooke,

I have a question for you. Why would any smart marketing company develop
a newspaper insert for JCPenney with 14 black faces in it and 8 white/spanish
faces? Blacks account for 13.2 percent of the population and you show 64 percent
blacks in your insert. That is what you did today, 4/7/2016 in the Florence, AL paper.

I do not know where you learned your marketing but something is wrong here.
You either are targeting the black population or you are some dumb-a** marketer
that does not know any better. Just think about how many readers will stop or
have stopped going into JCPenney stores. I know several. JCPenney will continue to
fail, just watch.

Jim Crawford


Tyson April 15, 2016 at 8:50 pm

I am beginning to wonder the same thing. Today, I went to a JcPenney in Conway Arkansas and was treated like dirt by an African American cashier. She mumbled something about white people to her fellow colleague as I turned to leave. I did nothing to deserve disrespect and am disgusted at the racist employee that was representing JcPenney in a bad way. I will just shop somewhere else from now on. Corporate was notified about this incident, and I hope something is done about it.


Cj May 6, 2016 at 1:44 pm

And the beat goes on. I went in for a schedule hair appointment in Lawrenceville, NJ and the salon was 80% color and 20% non-color. The stylist was a person of color who showed up 20 minutes late and was upset that I was upset that she was late. Her manager, Aneesha Nichols, another person of color came over to find out what was wrong and I explained the situation stating I did not have time to talk to her I just wanted my haircut. She dismissed me with ” you know what, we will not be servicing you today”. Then she called security to walk me out of the store! Hey JCPenney – who is paying for my time off and my humiliation by an ignorant employee? Wake up before your customers do, like me, and they stop shopping in your stores. Instead of a diverse workforce try to represent the community and be inclusive of all. Make sure your employees respect your customers regardless of the color of their skin.


John May 7, 2016 at 11:17 am

Dear Sir Jim Crawford,

Your comment has some racism in it and your mind is very narrow.
It looks like you have nothing to do in your life. The world is trying to move forward and people like you are holding it back. Find a hobby!!!
It is so sad to think that people like you exist and we have a lot of them.

John Mckenzie


Stephen Newnam March 28, 2016 at 5:19 pm

After trying for some time to open an account on line yesterday with no success, I went to the JCP credit card site, but was not able to log on. I had about $90 worth of clothes in my basket. The site just kept running me in circles. I have used this site to pay my wife’s credit card bill in the past!? I finally gave up and called the listed contact number. The woman I spoke to started instructing me on how to log on. When I told her what was happening, she asked me what browser I was using. I said I had a Mac and was using safari. She told me that was the problem and I had to us some other browser!!?? Guess we are the only JCP customers with a Mac! No wonder they are going out of business! I am no longer a JCP customer.


N taylor March 27, 2016 at 6:13 pm

I tried to resolve an issue online for JCP but ran out of space in the comment section so I called C/S Rep in the US who barely spoke English; as I asked for the address and phone number for the Corporate Office she became very argumentative as she informed me that I had to speak with her and that there is no number or address for the Corp. Office. I asked for her supervisor and she wanted to know why I could not just speak to the instead. I again asked for her supervisor and she again asked what for. I told her I had a complaint about her and she proceeded in asking me what was I going to say to her supervisor and I asked again for her to connect me to her superior and all of a sudden I am now on hold pushing 20 minutes…..


Sylvia March 26, 2016 at 10:53 am

Why are the models in JCP’s advertisements now mostly black or African American? Does JCP want people of other races and ethnicities to shop at JCP?


jessica March 25, 2016 at 6:59 pm

I had the worse experience at the north east mall location. Store appearance and selection is great,but please hire some respectful employee’s. I was there on March 22 in late afternoon. The cashier was rude and that really is an understatment. You could tell 100% she did not want to be there and did not care. I was purchasing some beautiful dresses and the employee handled them so roughly. Also, at checkout we had a problem that is too long to even write it all. I did not get her name but she was very young, short, african american,and looked like she was knocked up. Her co-worker wasn’t much better. That is a nice area and looks like it has a lot of store volume. I hope to see more pleasant employee’s in the future. Ive never experience such treatment at macys or belk. Get it together management!


jessica March 25, 2016 at 7:01 pm

I hope they pull the tape of this visit. I will have her associate number to provide to corporate if they care enough to address my compliant.


Kelly March 25, 2016 at 10:39 am

Your store at Spotsylvania towne center is the worst for customer service. I visited your store yesterday with my mom. The mall opened at 10:00, At 10:03 we had walked in (Doors obviously unlocked). We walked towards the front of the store where I saw there were associates having a team meeting. We didn’t want to walk through, and the doors to enter the mall were still down. We were approached by this lady who…the nicest way I could put it, walked at us similar to how you’d walk towards someone you were about to have a nasty confrontation with. She asked us abruptly, “Are you customers or what???” My reply… errr…. customers? (What the hell else would I be). She said, “How did you get in here, you’re not supposed to be in here, who let you in??” My mom told her we came in through the doors over there, what time do you open. She said 10 ( with some serious attitude). I looked at my phone…not watch, but phone and it said 10:03. She said umm…it is 10:03. She said no, its not, we are closed and you are not supposed to be here. You need to stay right here and DONT move. I had to have some serious restraint on this lady. I have NEVER been treated like a piece of crap annoyance in all of my life. Who the hell do your associates think that they are that they can talk to ANYONE like Patty did in Spotsylvania towne center??
I went to the cashiers desk where there were 2 ladies there. I asked if one of them was a manager, they said no, but is everything ok? We said no its not, we just got chewed out by some lady. They said oh….short haired lady? They new EXACTLY who I was talking about, so this obviously isnt the first time Patty came to work and decided to demonstrate her….customer service. They called for a manager…… she finally came.
This is the 2nd part of my problem. The manager came, I explained what happened. Her reply was, Oh I am sorry you’re having such a bad experience, you see, we normally don’t open the doors until after we are done with our meeting. I’m not really sure why this is any of my business, Your meeting should be done PRIOR to opening time….but I don’t manage your facility so whatever.
I told her, Look, I am a manager, and I would be utterly embarrassed if one of my employees treated customers like that. In truth, I would not have employees like that and I don’t. I told her that I felt that as a manager, she needed to know how her employee acted. But she seemed to want to have an excuse for Patty.
There is no excuse for that behavior. Patty sucks and the manager shouldn’t make excuses for piss poor behavior.
As we were leaving the store after shopping in the mall, The manager said to us “Whoa whoa whoa, ladies, I don’t see a JC pennys bag. (She was joking with us, trying to make light) but really???? I am fortunate enough to make a very good living and I will not put a single cent into your business with employees like Patty.


Rainie March 22, 2016 at 4:49 pm

I have been a JCP credit card holder for over 25 years. I have been a loyal and true customer and have purchased many items from you. I pay my balance off every month, last month I was ONE DAY late on my payment due to being out of town. I received a $35 late fee for one day – no grace period of even 24 hours. I find this absolutely ridiculous and in poor customer service. After so many years of loyal patronage you would think I would be treated with a little more respect. I am concerning discontinuing my account and will start shopping your competitors. I must say I am extremely disappointed.


Michael Goodall March 18, 2016 at 5:20 pm

We ordered a couch and love seat online, before we got them my wife changed her mind, I called to cancel the order to be told it had already been shipped to the local delivery in Oregon and that I had to be called by them to set up delivery first and at that time advise the delivery co. I am refusing the shipment and that the FULL refund would be given once they get the items back, about 2 weeks went by, kept getting automated messages on my voice mail that we would be contacted for delivery within 5 day, 2 more weeks went by and no calls, I call customer service again, the 2nd rep said she saw my 1st call noted and to hold while she contacted the shipper, she came back and told me the 1st rep must of sent something to them as they told her they already knew we were canceling and are in process and returning them back to the manufacturer, again a few weeks goes by, I call again, now my 3rd call, He st tells me he sees the 1st call noted but not the 2nd one grrrrrrrrrrr ! He calls shipping comes back and says they are on their way to our Portland Warehouse and you will get credited once they receive them probably 2-3 days, that has now passed, yesterday I get a bill from JC-Penny billing me for both pieces, I was livid ! This morning I get an automated call to set up my delivery appointment, WTF ? So, I hit the button to schedule and I guy answered with no personality whatsoever, I let loose on him about whats been going on, no apology or assistance offered, he simply said you will not be contacted again regarding this and hung up, so, I obtained the Corporate number on line and was transferred to customer relations and received voice mail to leave my info and they will call back, somehow I doubt it, I as with many others will NEVER buy ANYTHING from them again, on line or in store and will be having my credit card with them canceled, So, as of yet nothing accomplished , will update my complaint if anything changes


N. Hewlett March 3, 2016 at 1:54 pm


Purchase their (SUPPOSED) top end Sterns and Foster Bed set and within a few months it began sinking in the middle, and I am not some large overweight person. The store personnel were fine about the matter and willing to help. Sealy, whom makes the Sterns and Foster bed, replied to my complaint and just passed the buck (can) down the road and did not want to deal with it. The wife put pillows in the middle of the bed to keep her from rolling downhill towards me during the night, and eventually gave up sleeping on it for days – hoping the bed springs would rise again.

I contacted the customer service dept per JC Penny’s staff about my problem…. after chasing J.C. Penny’s customer service I finally got an appointment for a furniture person to come out and examine my mattress set. The Furniture Rep immediately looked at my Mattress and even saw visually how it was sinking in the middle. He took measurements, took photos, and did his normal work…. he told me it was defective and it reflected in his report to J.C. Penny Customer Service. I also took pics of my mattress which looks brand new.

After his report was submitted, J.C. did not respond. 2-1/2 weeks went by and I called the Rep and they confirmed the report was e-mailed to them and had copies of the sent mail (not being returned as undeliverable)….

J.C. Penny’s Customer service dept denied they ever got anything per Mr. Timothy DESPITE E-MAIL GOING THROUGH. Mr. Timothy was a very nice person on the phone and was willing to submit an e-mail to Ms. Margret (in the same office as him), however the Supervisor (Ms. Margret Bathke) was another subject. They were suppose to call me back in 1 hour, but that never happened.

The local rep submitted the report 2 times to JC and to its supervisor, a Ms. Margret Bathke at their customer center in Milwaukee, Wis. I was offered an exchange, upgrade, or refund. It was made clear to them from the beginning I wanted a full refund for the defective bed set.

Ms. Bathke on the phone was evasive on my direct questions, did not answer my questions, was “smirking (laughing) about the matter, and really did not care. This was one big joke to her and I was just another customer complaining.

Ms. Bathke told me someone would be scheduled to pick up the mattress, but would NOT give me a refund check until after the mattress was picked up and “return” to the warehouse in Southern Calif which could take days to weeks to ship.

Basically between the bed set being picked up and shipped I was looking at another week or 2 without any bed and this was not acceptable to the wife or myself. I paid cash for this bed set and wanted an immediate refund check. I asked them to FedEx the refund check overnight and they refused. I have a FedEx account and could have even paid for the return funds…. just to get them back, and not have it lost in the mail.

Overall, J.C. Penny’s is pathetic and their furniture is sub-standard. With the lack of care by Mr. Margret Bathke and her “smirking” on the phone…. it shows how un-professional they are. A further study about this mattress; I found thousands of complaints. Research revealed that Sealy (Sterns and Foster) is discounting this product line in lieu of a newer mattress in April 2016 due to the poor quality workmanship from Richmond, CA.

After our experience with JC Penny on this matter, the wife and I chose (NOT) to purchase another bed set from your company, and buy elsewhere. The lies by the staff in customer service, or the lack of attention, non communication (no return phone call), and also NO e-mail to me as Ms. Margret said she would send to me, the on-going delays in my refund….. I will never come back to your company.

It appears to me that JCPenny’s has a lot of internal issues and will most likely never get resolved in the future.


Kathy Mayhood February 29, 2016 at 1:47 pm

You had a great sale on Sunday….the penny sale, but when I went in the store I couldn’t believe the mess the store was in. Let me first start by saying it was the Stoneridge Mall Store in Pleasanton, Ca. Things were thrown all over…clothes tossed in boxes, and clothes all over the floor. I was so disgusted I put the things I found back and left the store. There is no reason for such a mess in store. Even sale days it shouldn’t look that bad. If you have to hire one person just for floor clean-up. I am a charge card holder and have been shopping at JCP for over 40 years, but I will not be back until I know your store has been cleaned up.


Liz February 29, 2016 at 8:10 am

I was very disappointed when I went to JcPenney on 2/27. I’ve recently lost weight and went to purchase new clothes. My first stop was intimate apparel to purchase underwear. Since I’ve lost weight and dont know my size I went to the fitting room to try a few pair on. The lady working gave me a dirty look and in a nasty tone said : “we don’t let people try those on.” I’ve worked for JcPenney in the past and our store let customers try underwear on. Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Kohl’s also allow underwear to be tried on. I was so turned off byher attitude I put my items down and walked out without making a purchase. I then went to Kohl’s and spent over $300.
If JcPenney does not allow customers to try certain items on – fine. But your employee could’ve been a little less rude when she informed me. She simply could’ve smiled and said “I’m sorry… JcPenney doesn’t allow customers to try underwear on” and helped me find my size. A little politeness goes a long way.


Lexi Chrisler February 20, 2016 at 7:44 pm

When I visited your store to get some shoes, I was very displeased on the checkout guys service he took the shoes and literally RIPPED the tag of of them. And ripped of the sticker that was on the bottom. Which caused some sticker to stay on them. Plus, since he RIPPED the tag off, some threads are now hanging off. I love JCpenney’s but I was VERY displeased with the amount of respect he had for the shoes I BOUGHT. And it doesn’t matter if they costed $10. I still bought them and he does not have the right to do that


Brenda Sullivan February 19, 2016 at 11:02 am

I want JC Penny to know that you lost 5 shoppers with one return. I returned dishes that were a christmas present and followed your guide lines of being within the 90 days time frame. I did not have the receipt they were in the unopened boxes with the sticker that showed the date they were purchased. I asked for a gift card because i did need dishes just ones that were not so heavy. What I received was a slip of paper that stated “all future returns and exchanges for the next 180 days would be denied due to my returning items” I asked the sales lady why and she said because I returned so many things. I never returned anything NOT one time before this. I contacted TRE a third party agency who told me it was JC Penney policy so being as I knew I did not return anything else I thought maybe someone got my information and was using it. I filled out the form to get a copy of all of my returns. I received the paper and it showed 1 yes 1 Return to JC Penney and it was the dishes! How dare you insult customer like that! I have never been so insulted in my life, my entire family has since cut up all credit cards to JC Penny and will shop at Kohls from this day forward. Who ever thought that this was a good idea to insult customer should be fired, there is no excuse for this.


Nancy March 25, 2016 at 12:15 pm

I to know how livid you are because of this action. I too try to reset turn something the other day and I received a paper from the TRC or whatever it is. They said I was in the one percentile of all of their customers and my refund activities MIMICKED A shoplifter or A return abuser!
I was never so mad in my life I am not accustomed to, nor will I ever be accustomed to, being said that I MIMICKED A shoplifter. And the kicker was, the item I was trying to return was damaged, I stone was missing. As of now I have not contacted JCPenney headquarters I know better until I have calm down. I have a notion to tell them that THEY can pay off my credit card since I don’t need a credit card because I “SHOPLIFT” everything.
And while I’m on the subject of JCP, have you noticed a quality or should I say lack of quality? I told the girls that are local store they better start looking for another job because their quality is something now that you would order from China. I’m sorry China, your quality is better than JCP’s


Hilda February 12, 2016 at 11:38 am

I am 100% disappointed in JCPenney’s hair salon. I have a wonderful stylist in Overland Park Kansas, but I am going to have to give her up. The reason is because you charge too much for your hair services. I am a senior citizen, & I cannot afford $120 or more for my hair services. I am appalled that you do not have a decent senior citizen discount let alone any discount at all for people who are older than 65. I have never walked into a hair salon and walked out with a bill like I walked out with this week. Then I had to add a tip onto the bill. I do not know where JCPenney gets off charging what top name salons charge their customer. I understand that I had a quote senior quote silent. But come on, JCPenney’s? I won’t go back. I may never find another stylist like the one I had but I won’t go back and pay that kind of money to a JCPenney hair stylist. I grew up during the time when JCPenney’s was like Kmart. Have not gotten over that feeling. But now the Kmart of the JCPenney’s stores is charging what a top-notch salon would charge. I went to Penneys, because I thought I would be able to get my hair done for a little less than a top-notch salon. And boy was I wrong. When I go into the salon I am normally the only person they’re getting any kind of service. Do you think you might be able to figure out why? Maybe someday I’ll find my hairstylist at another salon. And then I will go to her again but I’m not going to JCPenney’s and paying well over $120 to have my hair done.


Shanti February 15, 2016 at 9:05 am

I agree! They keep raising their prices! I’m have a weekly visit with them and while I am not a Sr. It is still very expensive. They just went up 3.00 in Corpus Christi, Tx this is the 2nd increase a short time!. I paid 40.00 for a shampoo flat iron used to be 37.00. Plus I gave a 7.00 tip. If Cut and color it is 80.00 10.00 Tip not included! So I am spending well over 200.00 monthly! I can’t afford that anymore! P.S I am a nurse and still think this is too expensive!!


Cheap February 24, 2016 at 7:58 am

What did the $120 hair service include? Unfortunately JCP Salon has been sterotyped as a Discount Hair Salon!! I know for “Fact” that the Hair Stylist hired are not below Average, however, JCP can not keep Excellent Stylist because of their “Unfair” wages!! It’s more than a trickle down from the Corporate Office , Higher Cost towards the Customer’s, Low Wages for the Employee. Soooo, Where do you Think all the “Money’s” going?? Shame on You “Corporate” Hording all the Money, Enjoying you’re Beautiful Homes and “Lifestyle!”


P.A February 24, 2016 at 9:45 am

Same thing happened to me and I paid $150 for a hairstyle that was not completed as well as being insulted ended up with the flu from wet hair and the manager of the salon that was rude and disconcerning


carolyn coffey February 11, 2016 at 4:59 pm

I am very upset with JC Penny at this moment and wish to voice my complaint
s. Let me begin by saying I have purchased from your company for many many
years. However I am just not so sure about future purchases due to the way
I have been treated

I purchased 3 appliances last Christmas as gifts. When I did there was a $1
0.00 rebate on each one. I received it on three $10.00 cards, for a total o
f $30.00. I went this week to the Penny’s in my home town Boone NC I was t
old there is no money on the cards by the cashier. The cashier called over
her manager who began calling the card center. I ended up being there for 4
5 mins. which is ridiculous and I got no answers. I paid for my purchases w
hich I planned to use the cards for. Even the manger said it says on each c
ard they are good until 02/2016, he said that should be that you can use it
till the last day of the month. I finally told him I can not wait any long
er. He suggested I call the 800 number on the back. I did today ans was tol
d that the money had been deducted off beginning after 7 months. What a rip
off this is. You give someone a rebate then you take it back. I think this
is an insane policy which I was not informed about. I stayed on the phone
15 mins. to find this out and the guy was rude to me acting like it was all
my fault.

I feel the Thirty dollars should be returned to me this is insane. It is a
very bad practice and bad for business, when the card clearly states good t
ill 02-2016. Not even the manager in the store understood the card had to b
e used in a time frame so how is the customer to know, this is just a tric
k to keep their money.

I am so upset if this is not rectified I will not shop Jcpenny any longer a
nd I will tell others eveyone I know what a rip off the place is. I will us
e my hard earned money in other places if this is not corrected.

Carolyn Coffey
Banner Elk, NC 28604


LaVada Flahie February 10, 2016 at 8:26 pm

I’m very disappointed with my interaction with the billing department (that is if we can call it a department) I called as I had ordered on line 2 pairs of shoes. They didn’t fit so I ordered 2 more shoes. Then I took all 4 pairs to the JC penneys store to send them back and receive my credit. I only got 1 credit. I was on the phone for over an hour and 4 departments later. The billing department is broken down into 4 different departments and none of these departments can see the whole bill. billing so they could read my bill to me but couldn’t tell me anything about some credits had to transfer me over to orders to see what items was ordered. but they could only tell me my items and the date of order as far a a credit I needed to go to another department call credit something and they couldn’t see if any adjustments was made. Then I was sent to the credit card department and they can’t see only what is on my credit card but no credits. I asked for a manager as an hour and still no answer I was given Tina who said if she could not answer my question then my question would be rest and she was sorry she couldn’t help me. I truly think a billing department that can see all the bill and know how to read them is needed. All this run around is crazy and I don’t have time for this. JC Penneys needs to find a way to get this together before you loss a lot more customers


Hylton Turner February 10, 2016 at 5:24 pm

Dear Mr. Ellison,

I was in Virginia this past weekend attending the funeral of my sister and decided to stop into the JC Penney store #2370 to purchase jewelry for my wife for Valentine’s day. I was very impressed with the display and especially the price which was advertised special discounted 40-90% off with purchase over $100.00. The sales associate confirmed the bracelets in assortment of diamonds, silver and gold which were all on the same round bracelet display stand all marked down to $99.00. I decided to do something extra special for my wife this year (our 4th anniversary)and purchase four pieces (one for each year). The regular price was a little less than $300.00 discounted to $99.00. When she scan the last piece it was regular priced at a little over $500.00 (Silver Diamond Cuff Bracelet 1/4 ct. item #29540530110301. Before signing (credit card)I noticed the total cost and asked why the large total. The associate rechecked the ticket and noticed the Cuff Bracelet was more than the other jewelry. She acknowledge the advertised price but had to call the department manager to possibly override the price on the bracelet which I understood.

The department manager came and it was explained to her the situation and she stated she could not override such a large amount and begin to talk with the associate who had placed the jewelry on display. The department manager called Mr. Steven Quintana who identified himself as the store manager. As soon as Mr. Quintana arrived the associate who had put the items on display immediately begin to tell him I was trying to get the item cheaper than the cost. I was rather angry the only thing I wanted was the item at the advertised price. The department manager informed Mr. Quintana that was not the case. The associate placed all of the items on same display stand advertised at $99.00 and the associate was at fault.

Mr. Quintana’s final word after seeing the difference in the price of the item stated he could not take the loss and let me have it at the advertise price the only thing he could do was to give me 25% off instead of the 20% I would get by using my Penney charge card.

I was and am very upset because, 1. The associate (Caucasian) accused me (African- American)of lying and trying to get something underhanded. 2. I feel I should have been allowed to purchase the item at the price they advertised then change or correct their mistake. Not wanting to cause a disturbance or make a nasty scene I just purchased one diamond bracelet and a nice heart pendant which is nothing compared to what I wanted for my wife.

I would like to purchase the item at the store’s advertised price of $99.00 if possible. I can be reached at (913)486-XXXX, hyltont@XXXXXX or Kearney, MO 64060

Rev. Dr. Hylton M. Turner


Sandy February 9, 2016 at 2:49 pm

How the mighty have fallen. For years JCP was known as the top of the department store chains. I was incredible disappointed with my latest interaction with JCP on line. I ordered a shirt , with a gift card. After I received the delivery date and receipt, I threw out the gift card. A few days later, I received a email that my order was canceled. I called JCP customer service. WOW, is all I have to say. Their customer service is so disappointing. The first man I talk to was rude, and chastised me for throwing out the card before I got the merchandise.Said he would file a claim, and I should get a check in 10 days. 3 weeks later, still dealing with customer service, waiting for that gift card. After 1/2 hour phone waits, The last lady I talked to was pleasant enough, but placed me on hold for 10 minutes searching the person I had talked to the week before. She said no one took my call. As if I was lying to her. At this point I should receive the gift card in the next two week. Not holding my breath. So sorry for your company JCP. You lost a long time customer. Your customer service and online shopping is very substandard.


Sheila Rose February 4, 2016 at 12:17 am

I had the opportunity to go shopping at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, New York. My sister had purchased a pair of pants for me as a gift and I needed to return them. I was credited the amount and went looking instead for ladies undergarments – specifically a new bra. I had the pleasure of meeting your Sales Clerk Debbie who works in the Ladies Department of that store. She was extremely pleasant and very cheerful. She sincerely wanted me to be pleased with my shopping results. Debbie spent at least 45 minutes with me helping me to find a bra that I would like, mine was several years old. I began to become discouraged because I really don’t enjoy shopping anyway but Debbie would not give up and continued to encourage me. She spent time picking out different bras that she felt I would like. She also investigated on the computer the many bras that your store offers hoping to find just the right one for me. I want to thank you for employing Debbie. She is a true asset to your business and I will definitely be returning to your store and I want you to know that I literally haven’t shopped in JCPenney for at least five years. Upon my departure she suggested that if I needed anything in the future to please come back and look her up and she would personally help me to select whatever I might be looking for on my next shopping trip. She literally made my day and I am the kind of person that if I don’t like something I will let you know. I will also let you know if I do like something and I felt that I should express my thanks to you for having someone as sincerely thoughtful and caring as Debbie available to help your customers. Thank you again,
Sheila Rose


Jamesbuddy February 2, 2016 at 5:51 pm

I have to complain about the salon in Turkey Creek in Knoxville Tennessee because they seem to be racist bias and homophobic not a good salon beware


donna February 1, 2016 at 2:46 pm

I purchase a black jacket with snaps on it, very dressey style I went to wear the coat and the snap came apart I only had it on for couple minutes…the coat was 100.00 bisou bisou michelebohbot rn93677 supplier74377-3 they have none left , also I still have the tag. This is terrible for the price I paid for this jacket/coat, could u email me and let me know what your going to do about this issue


Karen Tresler January 30, 2016 at 7:46 pm

Hi! I need to let you know how spectacular Betty at the crossroads mall kalamazoo Michigan is as well as the other co workers are. Yesterday I returned a watch i purchased online. It broke. I wasn’t happy. It was my birthday gift. I gave Betty crap. I was sure they were wrong in the amount refunded to our card. Turns out, I was wrong. Betty was so professional in the way she spoke to us. Remarkble. I was a butt head. I am taking her a bouquet tomorrow.


SEDONNA January 30, 2016 at 5:18 pm



susan raspitha January 28, 2016 at 2:37 pm

I’m writing to implore you to look into opening a JCP in Great Northern mall in Clay NY. Since the one in Shoppingtown is closing it leaves only one in Destiny mall, for all of CNY. Seniors can not navigate Destiny due to the size, and the lack of safety, and the north country is much closer to Great Northern. Most of us truly believe the mall could revive with you as a new anchor store! Please. Look forward to hearing from you.


Takeera January 27, 2016 at 7:52 am

Hey I order a jacket from jcpenney damn near 3 weeks ago and tried to get a new size.. They have wasted a tone of my time playing games!!!! Everytime they say they are sending one out the order gets f-ing canceled! Which is real frustrating and keep trying to give me money back on a damn gift card! No I gave y’all my money through a credit card so give me money back on it. I’m not shopping with them anymore!!! This was the worst experience of my life.


Judy Pleasants January 22, 2016 at 1:12 pm

I ordered two Chloe Rockers on line,. They were delivered in a timely time frame. The two men who delivered the rockers could not get the base on either chair. The screws did not line up with the drilled holes. My husband said he would work with trying to put them on. After several hrs and he could not either. We called and wanted the chairs to be picked up. We called on Dec. 28th and talked to a Lewis. He put the order in to have the chairs picked up. Said it would be the week of Jan. 4th. No one called for a schedule pick up. We called back on Jan. 6, 2016 and talked to a Portia. She said some one would call in the next few days. No one called. Jan. 12th same call talked to an Andrea. She said they would be picked up and to call after they were picked up so they could credit our account. No one called. Called back on Jan. 19th talked to a Coco she promised someone would call with in 24-48 hours she contacted the support group. Today is Jan. 22nd NO ONE HAS CONTACTED US YET. I will never ever order on line again and not sure I will ever use JC Penney for anything. Lie after lie after lie. I am sitting here with two rockers that do not work that need to be picked up and we have called 4 times and still no one will get back with us. I saw the CEO of Penney Marvin Ellison on TV last night saying they hoped to turn JC Penney around. I DON’T THINK SO. I will send a certified letter to the corporate office and certainly will tell all my friends what a horrible experience this has been and for them to shop else where. Seems JC Penney has communication problems.


Jacqueline Bowes January 18, 2016 at 12:22 pm

I bought the Cook’s programmable coffee marker around July 2015.
About 6 weeks later it just stopped working so I took it back and the sales lady
said for me to call customer service so I did and they said go back to the store and ask
for the store manager or LOD which I did and got another one and that one lasted about a month and stopped working so I took it back and got yet another one and it lasted 2 weeks and stopped working so I took it back.The floor manager said since I didn’t have the original sale receipt of 19.99 plus tax I could only get a 7.99 credit to use toward another coffee marker because at some point in the last 45 days it sold for 7.99.All I asked was to get another brand of equal or lesser value.She would not let me get anything but the Cook’s and after 3 that quit working I didn’t want another.You have a programmable Mr.Coffee for 21.99 and I would have been happy to pay the difference of 2.99 after my original 19.99.


Pleased Customer January 17, 2016 at 6:50 pm

I just want to tell you of a positive experience I just had with your customer service. I purchased online earlier today and then noticed later on that you had put out a new sale this evening. My husband contacted customer service and without hesitation was given the credit for the difference. I am sorry I had stopped shopping at JC Penney but after this experience, it will now be my go to store. I can’t wait to tell everyone about my positive experience! Thanks again!!!


Sandi Colosimo January 14, 2016 at 7:49 pm

To whom it might concern, I live in Price, UT and it was just announced that our store location is due to close. My age is 65. I want to express my concern in this matter. Our area really NEEDS this store. We really rely on it’s quality and availabilities on all levels. Customer service and family jobs will be effected as well. This area needs employment! Please advise. Sandi


Jill January 12, 2016 at 9:23 pm

I am writing to complain about the horrible customer service at the home department in the Poughkeepsie ny store . On Saturday I purchased the JCP home 50 piece Ashley dinnerware set .. The salesman Kenneth was wonderful it was very heavy and I couldn’t lift it so he carried it out to my car . When I got home and unpacked them 5 of the white dishes had. Black spots baked into the glaze. I drove back to the store that night. With only the 5 plates and my receipts. Because even if I could get all 50 items back in the box. I could not lift it . I just wanted to. Get replacements for the 5 defective plates . I was told by the sales girl that that could not be done unless I bring back the whole set . When I asked why she couldn’t just take the dishes out of another set and mark that set as damaged her and her managers response was there is no way we can do that . It would mess up our inventory . I did not want a hole new set . Suppose I bring that set home and I have same problem. Not to mention I can’t lift the box . They refused to exchange the plates . And I can’t even rerun them because the box is to heavy for me. The manager didn’t even come out to talk to me he just said no over the phone . When I tried to talk to a store manager they said he’s not here . Won’t be here till next week . This should have been a easy exchange and fix . Now I’m stuck with defective. Plates . And because of this experience I will no longer be a jcp shipper . To bad you don’t employ more people like the salesman Kenneth who helped me when I purchased the item. Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone


Sandy Gray January 10, 2016 at 8:09 pm

I emailed J.C. Penney numerous times to complain about some ladies intimate underwear and how they unraveled the first time I wore them, and they were NOT cheap. I used to work in Product Development for an Apparel Company and I know we always got back to the customer. You would think since economic times are not the greatest, they would get back to me as soon as possible to try and correct the situation. I work in an office and these intimates were ideal for work, however, now if they come apart after only one time. I wish J.C. Penney would contact me and make this right.


Carol January 10, 2016 at 8:09 am

I am baffled as to the manner in which JCPenney does NOT address customer complaints. I placed an order on 1/5/16; received all the items with the exception of one which they said was on back order but added they COULD NOT VERIFY PAYMENT METHOD! This made no sense as I had already paid for and received the other items. They ultimately cancelled the one item stating they COULD NOT VERIFY PAYMENT METHOD! Disgusted!


Johntonhobby January 8, 2016 at 3:36 pm

Hi I have a clothing line an was interested in talking with a representative of yours u can email me are contact me at 816433XXXX my website is concept


Michele January 7, 2016 at 9:32 pm

First, to the person who left their bag in the store, jcp does have cameras (my mother used to work security there) so there is no reason they cant see what happened to your bag. Unless of course the store is like the maryland stores, and the employees are thieves! Then thats why they wont share the video.
I places an order to be shipped to the white marsh md store on dec. 25th- and it still has not shipped!! All items were in stock, so what is the problem??? Did Employees take my order for themselves again??? Yes i said again because it has happened before. Im done shopping at jcp. Its not worth the aggravation


Nenen January 6, 2016 at 1:58 pm

I lost my shopping bag on new years day inside JC Penney in Stree south point mall durham NC with some clothes purchased from JC penny and 2 pair of shoes from other store while walking the on shoe dept of JC Penney I had my shopping bag with me I put down on the floor while trying a shoe from display then, accidentally forgotten while went to clothing beside each other. After few minutes I remember my shopping bag and went back where I left and It was gone. I asked the sales clerk was assigned in shoe dept. if someone turn in lost shopping bag and she said she just came back form her break she didn’t saw neither someone turn in. I was upset already for what happened and I lost from my own accord and most salesperson are not very helpful even I spoke with manager we have to beg information to help me. Anyone can walked in there robbed them blind No person looking for shoplifter. My husband try to call over the weekends and asking for manager. Sadly they and they hang up us up over the phone very rude. JC Penney is hurting financially they cannot afford to pay surveillance camera person and most of the time No manager in duty. This bad experience I have felt don’t want shop JC Penney anymore. All we want to know if they can tell us what happened to my lost shopping bag from there surveillance camera just a little concern to make feel better but they act they careless. I felt they should help me as there costumer it was lost inside there store.


Wanda January 5, 2016 at 9:25 pm

Today, I received my order which included two bras that I ordered. Unfortunately, one of the bras was the incorrect size that I ordered. I ordered a 40D and was shipped a 36B. I called the 800 customer service number and was told that I would have to place a new order for the bra to be replaced. This is not my error and I feel that I should not have to go through such measure for something that was sent to me in error. I ordered a 40D bra Item FC124-8070Q and should have received the size that was specified and not a 36B. Where is this companies’ accountability? I got off the phone feeling as if I had made the error when in fact I know that it was on the part of whomever packed my order. I would thought that JCPenny would have shown accountability by sending me a return shipping label and my correct bra. I feel hassled and I do not appreciate the so call manager that I spoke to whom talk to me as if I was dumb.


Angela Rockstead January 4, 2016 at 5:30 pm

This last Saturday (1/2/16) I had a hair appt scheduled with Jennifer. I’ve been to her once before, as she was recommended by a co-worker, and I was happy with her, so I returned. When I arrived (on time), young girl at the front went to tell Jennifer, who brushed her off and shook her head “no.” Young lady came back and told me Jennifer was running late because she had just accepted a walk-in, and was already applying foil to her hair. Then asked if SHE could take my appt, or reschedule me with Jennifer for after 5:00pm. I told her I was not confident about scheduling a later appointment with Jennifer, as she obviously is not someone who honors her commitments. The three young ladies at the front were nice and helpful, but Jennifer NOT ONCE came over to address me (and she’s stationed right behind the young ladies’ reception area), nor did she offer explanation or apology. She left the young ladies to deal with an unhappy customer, and had no care or respect for me or my time. Terrible customer service.


Lupe martinez January 3, 2016 at 10:44 pm

I was at the salon at the Boynton Beach Mall and had a appointment at 2:30 pm with Latifa Boussolo. When I got there she pulled the receptionist aside and asked her question. Next, I heard her talking to a stylist name Jeff and asked him if he could take me because she didn’t feel good. He was booked solid and was in able then she took me to her chair and asked me want I needed done and walked away for about 15 minutes when she arrived back she told me she had another appoint coming in and was unable to do my hair and if I wanted I could wait 30 minutes for another stylist in which I proceeded to tell her I had an appoint at 230 and now it was around 3:00. She then proceeded to walk away again and never came back so I got up and walked to the waiting room for the other stylist. It was about 4:30 when she was finally was able to take me. The whole time I was sitting their Latifa not once had a customer come in. I think she might have be discrimating against me. Why else would she lie to me and the other stylist about her having another appointment. Then in the process of getting my hair done I was told that I needed to pay for my service because they needed to close the register. Which really upset me because I still was done and wasn’t sure I would like it. Then around 6:35 the light were shut off and I still wasn’t done with my hair. They were just about to lock the store up and we were still there. Meanwhile I had to leave withy hair not completely done but the sure did make me pay for the service


Annette Cillian January 2, 2016 at 2:25 pm

I drove 25 miles one way to your Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Location yesterday and 40 miles one way to your Mentor, OH location today to order probably in excess of $2000 worth of custom solar shades for my sunroom and in both instances I was totally ignored by the sales person in that dept. In both cases there was only 1 associate with the knowledge to help and multiple customers needing assistance. Neither salesperson bothered to acknowledge our existence even after directly speaking to them. Whatever happened to JC Pennys outstanding customer service? I would appreciate a call from the Corp office in response to this situation! I can be reached at 440-708-XXXX


Iftekhar Ahmed December 28, 2015 at 7:36 pm

On Dec 28th, 2015 I was at JCPENNEY store at coral square mall. After finish shopping I was at the register of men’s clothing section. I was buying a suit jacket from J.F. company. I asked the cashier lady if she can provide me a specific bag for my suit jacket. She first said, she was out of the bags. When I asked her if she can check to see if they have any bags in the back, she said , bags can be provided only if I buy the complete set. I told her that , I bought the vest and pants already, she still refused to give the bags. I never experienced this kind of service in JCP. I would like to know the rules about it. Feel free to contact about it please. I would love to get feedback from you.


Iftekhar Ahmed


Yameka cales December 28, 2015 at 11:40 am

I have worked for penned for almost 8 years now and I make my sale goals in my Jewlery Dept. I get my care plans and for this company not to have there associates back when customers come in and have nasty attitudes then take it out on us and then want to complain on us to our supervisors is just ridiculous!!!! You all should have your associates back I bust my ass for this company and when customers lie on us and y’all believe it really pisses me off ! I make this company so much money with the sales skills that I have !! I will sue the shit out of y’all if u ever fire me over a lying ass customer!! Check your sources first befor u choose there side. The customer is not always right my Ass!!!!!!


RAY J December 26, 2015 at 5:19 pm

I never really complian about much,but this really upset me!! i went to jcpenny to buy a pair of new balance sneakers, the sign said $29.99, under the sign there 200 boxes of sneakers!i tried on alot of pairs till i found the correct size, went to cash regerster with 3 pairs of sneakers to buy. the cashire says none of these are on sale , they were all under the sign that said $29.99, the sneakers marked $65.00 those are the sneakers that are on sale !,there were 10 boxes that had $ 65.00 on it,. those are the ones on sale!!!the cashier said, It says it on the sale sign on the botom left corner! it was very decieving, it was like bait and switch, so when i asked to speak to a manager, she wasnt very helpful, she said ill give you 20 % off, i was still paying $190.00 PLUS TAX for the the sneakers without the discount, READ THE SALE SIGN ON ALL JC PENNY SHELFS CAREFULLY BEFORE BUYING, I HAVE BEEN A CARD HOLDER FOR YEARS THERE , NOT NO MORE ! BUYER BEWARE


Kathy watson December 26, 2015 at 3:44 pm

I have no choice but to post this complaint, I have exhausted numerous attempts to get my issue resolved. back in late November the actual date the Saturday after Thanksgiving I returned a bed frame that just would not work in my home. I worked with the associate over the phone and they said that my refund credit on my debit card would take 7 to 10 business days. OK , I try to be reasonable. but after numerous attempts contacting the customer service department in Milwaukee ,I consistently received the same feedback that I needed to be patient and that someone will contact me within 24I cons. Well that has never. Well that has never has never happened. My last attempt was on December 23rd. I ask to speak to a supervisor as I was receiving the same information from the associate who I found actually quite rude telling me again that I needed to be patient now I would have said
we thank you for being patient and we apologize for this inconvenience let me see what I can do for you. No she just kept going on and on how I needed to be patient. I was not screaming or being rude, but I have been patient for almost a month and I have yet to receive my refund which is over $1000.00. Again I asked to talk to her supervisor, she had the nerve to say there is no supervisor in this area . of course I found that very odd. Everyone reports to someone. my point here is I have been treated very badly by a company that I used to love. This kind of treatment is not acceptable and JCPenney needs to wake up and do a better job of handling their life long customer because you’re about ready to lose one right now. I want my refund yesterday . Let’s get this resolved? Bad news travels fast.



Luis Varela December 25, 2015 at 8:42 pm

To whom it may concern,

I’d like to start off saying that I have never in my life taken the time to complain about anything before like this (especially on Christmas day) and hope that you will take the time to at least read this, but because of the recent experience I had with the JCP Store #2913-2 (5265 S. Calle Santa Cruz) location I will no longer be customer for your business. For Christmas I decided to purchase my wife a ring to replace her wedding ring, it was a 12CT Diamond Two Tone Gold ring. The purchase date was November 14th, the reason I ordered the ring early was because I knew it would have to be resized as my wife has small hands. The first attendant who helped us originally with the transaction was helpful and recommended we order the ring a size smaller online so that when we send the ring to be resized it wouldn’t be by much. One week later the ring arrived at the JCP location and we were given a call. My wife and I decided to go to the store physically so that she may try the ring on and so that she could get the exact sizing that she needed. Veronica was the attendant who assisted us with the re-sizing of the ring or so it seemed. She required that we initial a document for their records so that the ring could be sent out to be resized. About 2.5 weeks later I call to see if I could get a status on the ring and was told that the ring is not there yet and that I should wait to be called instead. We waited with no phone calls, until the day before Christmas eve. That is when we decided to go to the store physically and see what the status on her ring is. A different person assisted us this time and told us we needed a slip which they give out when the ring is sent out to be resized. We pointed out that Veronica was the person who assisted us with sending the ring to be resized. Veronica instead made us feel like criminals as she questioned the fact that we did not have a slip. She repeated to us “Why wouldn’t I have given you a slip?”. We appreciate the fact she at least acknowledged the fact that she remembered us only because we brought our 5 month baby with us during both visits (I’m sure the receipt and my identification helped some too). After over an hour of Veronica and another employee trying to figure out what had happened we were told by Veronica that she had given the assignment to someone else, there was a miscommunication and the ring was NEVER sent out to be resized was the result of that miscommunication. My wife’s heart shattered, this was supposed to be her Christmas gift. At no point did a manager identify himself/herself to us or even try to make things right, which was even more surprising than the lack of responsibility displayed by Veronica. This was by far the worst experience we have ever had. The inconvenience to have to look for a different Christmas gift on New Year’s Eve I wish to not even get into. I hope someone took the time to read my entire message.

No longer a customer for your business,

Luis Varela


Marsha Sisemore December 24, 2015 at 8:23 am

A week or so ago my husband and I decided to go shopping at JC Penney’s Fayetteville,AR location where we received the most unfriendly and unprofessional service ever! My husband waited in the men’s department to check out for twenty minutes while one out of the three associates standing behind the register checked out the customers. He got tired of waiting and came upstairs to the women’s department and got in line. I found him in line and we waited only to be checked out by a girl who clearly didn’t want to be there,she never spoke to us except to tell us how much money we owed, she never smiled or acted even remotely friendly, so my husband told her never mind I don’t want to buy clothes from you and we cancelled the transaction and we went to find the store manager. We asked three different people if we could speak to a manager and they made us hustle around on a wild goose chase to find her instead of her coming to us. When we finally got to talk to her she acted like it was funny to her, she didn’t take it seriously nor did she make it right. My husband told her that we have had horrible customer service from her store for a while now and she proceeded to tell us how their stores scores had actually gone up. Naturally that made us both mad that she was not only not dealing with the problem at hand but she kind of threw that in our faces in a very unprofessional,rude kind of way that made it seem like she didn’t care how we felt nor did she plan on doing anything about it. We are very displeased with the store as a whole and we will never ever be back again. This right here is why JC Penney stores are shutting down.thank you for your time


cheri nelson December 23, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Please take off my previous comment. It was an email meant for corporate. I do not want my name and phone number all over the Internet
Please take it off


cheri nelson December 23, 2015 at 7:55 pm

Dear sirs:
This email needed to be long to include certain facts to get to an extrodinary employee. Please take the time to read it.

I purchased a bed from JCP in Provo Utah.
The regional representatives happened to be there and both of them helped me thru the entire process.
I am a senior citizen and I have not had a new bed for 27 years. This was a big purchase for me. I was grateful for the help they provided me.
I have always had good customer service until it came to ” where is my bed”

Delivery was supposed to be Dec 8. It came and went. I gave reasonable time for busy season. Then I called the 800 number given to me in the Pennys brochure
It was a NIGHTMARE. From then on.
I called on Dec 16. The rep literally told be she could not find my order. Eventually she did. Then there was no record of it anywhere in the transportation and delivery of my bed. She told me there was no record of any bed where it was or that it even existed. They didn’t have it in the system and after asking several questions, nicely on my part. She told me she would email the vendor . She acted very annoyed that had the nerve to be even a bit upset because no one knew where my bed was.
And indignantly said is there anything else I can help you with. Yes, help me find my bed.

So I waited due to she said they would call me.
I waited.
I called the store I bought it from and the manager there contacted the regional rep and the regional rep found out at least my bed had been made .

I contacted the same 800 number again Dec 22 and talked to another rep. The first rep had left NO NOTES. There was no record I had even called. She told me the exact same thing , she would have toContact the vendor I had to wait up to two weeks for a call. I explained I already went thru this and no one had done anything
By tHis time I think it would perfectly natural to be a bit agitated, which I was. When I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor, she told me she didn’t have one .
When I explained I’ve worked my entire life and there was no way that office ran itself, she said yes she did have one but she wasn’t there. When I asked when WOULD she be there she got very sarcastic and said” they work in commission and come in when they want, is there anything else I can help you with” I said yes, help me find my bed.
I’m sure your getting the picture.

I literally talked to 3 other employees with the exact same responses and attitudes.
I finally got an employee who was kind and understood why I was upset and she transferred to Lashondra.
You need an entire office of Lashondras. She could teach each employed on how to handle difficult situations.
Lashondra took the time to find my order, that it had been shipped from Seally. It was not in Pennys system. No bed. No order. No nothing in Pennys system of my bed even existing .
She emailed , then called to make inquireys. To make a very long story short. Lashondra made many phone calls. Kept me informed. Calmed me down. Reassured me she would find my bed that it may take a couple days. Reported to me each step of the process. Kept calling the shipping company. Stayed on it until she found my bed, that it had been shipped from Seally, it was at Pennys trucking company. Pennys trucking company couldn’t find it so Lashondra ordered a “dock search” and kept checking in the status. They finally located , then Lashondra checked that it was the correct bed and pressed for a delivery
Then pressed again for delivery when I got no phone call from the trucking company.

Well, today Dec 23. She called them again, found they had my wrong phone number , corrected that and again explained the urgency for my delivery
The trucking company called me today, scheduled a delivery date for Dec 28. We’re it not for Lashondra this would not have all come to fruition.

I had 5 of your employees tell me there was nothing they could do.
I had Lashondra do her job and be kind and go the extra mile.
I am writing to report to you on an extrodinary employee who without her help I would have cancelled my order. My son told me to cancel my order get ahold of the regional rep since I had her card and complain. Go to Costco and he would buy me a bed.
I told him I was sticking with Lashondra. Today this senior citizen, me, on disability with a bad back is getting a new bad because of one individual. Lashondra.

I do not know what system you have within your company of honoring a outstanding employee. Lashondra deserves something for her extrodinary customer service.
I am a retired Registered Dental Hygienist and believe good employes deserve recognition for there are so many these days that just want a paycheck

You are welcome to contact me.
I do not know Lashondra nor have I ever met her.
I would like to however to tell her thank you in person.

Very grateful customer

Cheri Nelson

Cheri Nelson

Cheri Nelson


Amanda December 22, 2015 at 9:41 am

I experienced the absolute worst customer service last night at your Brandon store. I was checking out upstairs in the children’s department. There were 4 girl cashiers, when it was my turn Josefina (Assoc: 0072) was the cashier that was assisting me. I had a $10 JCP cash (that I earned from past purchases), I had a $25 off $25 (that I earned from past purchases on black Friday), and I had a $10 off $10 that came in the mail. I asked Josefina if I could use them all in one transaction, and she said no. She did not give a reason, just no. So I said ok well then I will do 3 transactions. She again just said no that she can only do one and I would have to get back in line each time to do each transaction separately. She again did not give me a reason until I said that is ridiculous, I have never heard of this policy at JCP and she said it just started. Again, she was completely expressionless, cold, and unapologetic. I said so you are telling me I have to go back and stand in line, she said “yes, I can’t just sit here and keep checking you out.” (My thoughts to that were ok, so basically she is saying JCP does not want my business) I then asked for her store manager’s name, she proceeded on her walkie talkie requesting a manager. She literally stood there again expressionless, cold, and unapologetic and didn’t say a word while the other people stood inline. She refused to check me out for a second transaction. I informed her it was ridiculous that she is choosing to make everyone else wait. A store manager finally came I believe his name was Kevin; I proceeded with explaining to him what happened. He confirmed the new policy, and I explained to him that’s fine, but your employee could have provided much better customer service in explaining the policy. He just apologized and let her check me out one more time. I have never experienced this rudeness by someone that has chosen to work in retail, face to face with their customers. At my place of business if we treated our clients this poorly we would not have a job. After leaving the children’s department, one of the other cashiers rushed over to me and explained how long she has worked there and she has never seen a customer treated that way and talked to the manager about it as well. She spoke very highly of JCP and apologized for her co worker’s behavior. She was actually more sincere then the manager that came over. She also told me that she wanted so bad to jump in on the situation, but it was not her place to. She explained that Josefina is a seasonal employee and she is hoping she doesn’t come back next year. This all leads me to believe that this wasn’t Josefina’s first time treating your customers so poorly. I am not the typical complainer, but this situation needed to be told. As well as, maybe this new policy should be noted at each register, because I can guarantee you not every JCP shopper is aware.


Courtney Snow December 21, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Does this look like a girl’s pair of purple underwear to you??? Tell me why when I call your customer “service,” I’m told I HAVE to go to a store to give back these socks I never asked for nor ordered, AND you all are going to charge me PLUS SHIPPING to send me the right thing?! What kind of company are you running?? This is the week of Christmas. This was part of a present. And instead of apologies and making it right, the above is what I’m told?! And this is after half an hour and going to a “supervisor”!! Supervisor was Tonya eid: 7241 btw. So instead of an apology for my time, for YOUR FAULT, and that now I’m missing a Christmas present BECAUSE OF YOU ALL, I’m told I HAVE to give you people MORE of MY money and deal with terrible customer service and horrible company policies. I am posting this on all the social media sites and emailing your corporate, and I better be contacted about how you’re going to win my business back. Cuz I’m done with JCPenney right now. This is the most asinine thing I’ve ever experienced. #amazonhereicome.


anthony nickle December 21, 2015 at 7:14 pm

just wondering why afte several weeks, no response to my complaint about business practices was returned. its not very good business to screw the customer”””


Kim December 21, 2015 at 10:59 am

I WAS a JCP card holder since 1989. I recently went to do Christmas shopping at JCP and was told I do not have an account, yet I have 3 cards. I did not make my purchase at JCP and left the store. My account was closed for lack of use yet I was never notified that my account was being closed. I was told I can reapply. No I am not going to do that. I was a loyal shopper for more that 15+ years. Yet you go an close my account without any notice what so ever. The last 5 years have been hellish for me. I was very sick, both my sons needed surgery with medical bill well over $100,000 combined, I had to take my father off of life support and have had other family matters. Shopping was not a priority for the past few years. I had always had my JCP card and when I needed to run and get something I could. Not anymore. I am extremely hurt that I was a loyal customer for more then 15+ years. JCP was my second credit card I ever had and I my account is just closed with no notification what so ever. Well, I will not be shopping at JCP anymore. Kohl’s did not cancel my card so I will gladly give all my business to them instead. I wonder why JCP stock keeps going down. Oh yeah, you keep getting rid of your customers. As I also see from the websites there is no where to send a complaint because the email doesn’t work. JCP really doesn’t care about its customers at all. I am so done with them.


Keri wright December 20, 2015 at 7:39 pm

The worst experience ever!! We left during the middle of our session because we had to wait 2 and a half hours after our appointment to be photographed! !!!! The staff blamed it on online scheduling. The most horrible experience ever. We will never go back!!!! We have a 2 year old. And obviously he has not that much patience! We made this appointment for a reason…to have our pics by Christmas and before nap time!!!! We wasted 3 hours of our life to deal with this crap!! Why don’t you have an email for complaints! Honestly we r very nice people and yhis is ridiculous. Thanks because now we have no pictures to hand out for Christmas


Cynthia December 19, 2015 at 3:53 pm

How do you not have a way to email a complaint??? I had the WORST portrait experience this morning and spent $200 on pictures that I could have done myself. Please contact me for further info. I am extremely disappointed in the clear lack of customer service from jcpenney.


Bobbie Checketts December 19, 2015 at 1:15 pm

I’m writing to express my extreme disappointment with the service and products I recently received from JCPenney Portrait Studio. My family had an appointment at 5:20 pm for Christmas photos, but our session did not begin until after 6:00 because the studio was behind schedule. A courtesy call to inform us of the delay could have relieved much of the associated frustration, but instead my husband and I had to keep our toddler and 6-month-old baby entertained for 45 minutes until the photo session began.

Once we started, there were multiple delays because the photographer was also the manager, and she had to step out several times to address whatever issues they were having. Eventually, a different photographer attempted to finish the session, but by that point, our children were no longer interested in taking photos, so we ended abruptly. Our 10-minute session took 50 minutes, so it’s easy to see how they were so far behind schedule prior to our arrival.

I asked if we could return early the next day to finish the session when everyone was rested. They had an appointment available at 11:00 am, so the next day, I dressed the girls in their outfits and headed back to the studio. I arrived early at 10:20, and it was already chaotic. I was there for another several hours before I was finished and gone. It was simply not a good experience.

To prevent my time and effort from being completely in vain – and against my better judgment – I purchased the download to have the proofs sent to my e-mail, along with an order of Christmas cards. To say the quality of the photos and cards was disappointing would be an egregious understatement. Several of the backdrops in the photos are either curled on one side or wrinkled, and in some photos, the clip that holds the backdrop in place is clearly visible. It was so busy in the studio that I wasn’t able to closely scrutinize the pictures, but the deficiencies were very clear on my home computer. The clarity and paper quality of the cards is equally disappointing.

In closing, I’m simply requesting a refund so I can attempt to get reasonable quality photos from another studio before the Christmas season ends.

Thank you for your time,
Bobbie Jo Checketts


Christina Collopy December 18, 2015 at 3:10 pm

i placed an order on Nov 27 for Christmas gifts it is now Dec 18 and i did not receive all of my order and the tracking had sent to Ups on Nov 29 the update never changed past that so i called JCPENNEY to see where the rest of my order was and was told a week before Christmas that they did not have the boots i ordered now and it was a Christmas gift and now i do not have time to order another pair of boots. i was never notified that the boots that i ordered and clearly said in stock at the time and was charged for was no longer available.JCPENNEYS could of sent an email to let me know what was going on with my order so i would of had time to go ahead and order them from another store in time to receive for Christmas bad Management on the part of JCPENNEYS i will not order from them again and will continue to pay off my JCPENNEYS credit card and cut it up,, also i think the customer service 1-800 line was one of the worst i have ever seen i was on hold for 15 minutes and told to hold to let the girl check with UPS to see where the order was at and then on hold another 10 minutes until all of the sudden i was diconnected and had to go through the whole thing of calling back with another hold time of 25 minutes to be told they didnt have them what a mess and disappointment. lesson learned dont order anything from them again.


Ms. Stacey December 17, 2015 at 11:34 pm

Hello, I am hoping that the top dogs of JCPenny read this. There needs to be more cash registers at EVERY different department, not just a few central locations to check out with only one or two workers checking customers out and the long lines that wind into the isles. It is amazing to watch customers leave their items, me included on a shelf or at the register because we could wait in the long line. I know of several people that will go to our mall and sit outside of Pennys and not go in it because they say “there will be nobody to help you check out. If you do not correct this problem your profits will continue to decline.


Choice R Taylor January 11, 2016 at 9:07 am

I am a returning customer to your photo shop and I would like my money back. When I 1st brought my new born son 2 years ago we where treated like Roalty the background were changed my son had a rug to sit on and we had all types of props to make the photos beautiful. Yesterday at 12:50pm (noon) I took my new born baby girl 7 months old we where treated like a rush job and nobody else was there or even had an appointment after us. HER PHOTOS WERE ON THE DIRTY FLOOR NO BACKGROUND CHANGE I ALSO HAD TO DAM NEAR BEG FOR PROPS TO BE ADDED AND TO TOP IT OFF THE PHOTOS WERE HORRIBLE AND WE WERE RUSHED OUT LIKE THERE WAS A FIRE! MY SESSION TOOK 10 TO 15 MINUTES THEN OUT OF 20 PHOTOS THERE WERE ONLY 4 ALMOST GOOD PHOTOS JUST FOUR! WE WASN’T GIVEN GOOD INFORMATION ON PACKAGES WE HAD COUPONS THAT DIDN’T MEAN A DAM THING AND WE WAS RUSHED INTO MAKING A DECISION ON WHAT TO PICK AND WE HAD TO HAD TO PAY IN FULL ON THE SPOT WRITE THERE OR NOTHING! AND I’M A RETURNING CUSTOMER I WAS ASKED HOW DO I FEEL AND I SAID


Pamela Giteles December 17, 2015 at 1:38 pm

I should first state that I only used the in-home service because I couldn’t get anyone to assist me on two attempts in the local North Point, Alpharetta GA store. I ordered custom blinds in Oct – finally after MY calling them, I was advised they would install them this past Tuesday, 12/16. The windows were measured twice by the decorator and then on another day by installers back in October. Finally they’re here to install in DEC. and the blinds are the wrong size – they do not fit! The installers told me they phoned the decorator when they were here. 24 hours later I still had not heard from anyone. I called and left a message only to receive a nasty call from the “decorator” I’ve had to work with only left to be advised via voice mail that I should refer to my cotnract – that I can not cancel the order they’ve failed to deliver! Now approaching 90 days- this is a failure to deliver the merchandise and breach of contract. WHO can refund the money your store has had all this time I need window coverings! Your customer service should call me. Pamela Giteles


dan maisch December 16, 2015 at 6:45 pm

My wife is blind and needs your customer service for help when ordering over the phone. She has gotten some very good help from some of your phone personel, but it may take a few calls to get a person that wants to help her. One time recently when she called the person told her that you have a special department for her and was put on hold for 45 minutes before she finally gave up. Another time they say to go online to order. When she explains that she can’t use the internet they say to hold on and never come back. Other times after explaing that she is blind and will need help, they say hold on and never come back. Maybe you should have your employees work one day blindfolded so that they can understand what my wife and all blind people go through every day.


Teresa Neal December 13, 2015 at 1:54 am

I made several purchases just today to the tune of over $400.00. Upon returning home and getting the purchased gifts wrapped and ready to ship out I discovered that a security tag was not removed. I immediately telephoned the JC Penney in the Mount Shasta Mall and could not make contact with anyone in any of the mentioned departments. First of all the automated messages are barely audible and I was never given the option to possibly speak to a manager on duty. So needless to say I cannot wrap and ship these now and therefore they will not be delivered for Christmas. Considering it is a sixty mile round trip for me to I strongly feel that your company should somehow reimburse me for the time and gas expense I will incur due to your employee not doing their job and removing said security tags. I anxiously await your response!
Teresa Neal
Whitmore, CA 96096


Shannon December 12, 2015 at 4:00 pm

I have tried to contact customer service twice online for a return of 3 $48 defective pillows and the email isn’t working. I’ve typed this message out 3 times as well as tried to call customer service with no luck. Where are these people? Can someone please give me a valid email address to get an exchange? It shouldn’t be this hard to contact customer service – especially for the prices I pay to shop at JC Penny.


Lauri Smith December 11, 2015 at 5:38 pm

Today I witnessed a manager at the Oswego Ny store named David Parker berate 2 employees who were talking to a supervisor. He was extremely rude and from what I saw completely out of order. I immediately sought his name and left my purchases where I was and exited the store. I will not shop in a place that treats their employees with such disrespect. I waited outside for several minutes deciding who or what I should do when I saw one of the employees leave in tears. This needs to be addressed immediately. I will not shop there again.


Claudia Logsdon December 11, 2015 at 1:15 pm

Dear J C Penney,

I am writing to you as a long time customer who is very unhappy. I raised 7 children on J C Penny cloths and have bought furnishing and other items over the years. On October 3rd I ordered custom draperies from the store in Willowbrook, Houston, Texas. They said the order would be in no later than 5 to 7 weeks.
I called last month and was assured the order would be in soon. I have no draperies and I am a very unhappy customer. I want my deposit back. You have not fulfilled you part of the agreement as it has now been 10 weeks. Please help me with this as I am not getting anywhere with the store. As far as I am concerned you failed to produce the items I ordered and I am not required to wait ¼ a year in hopes of getting the product. I do not want the product now as it so late that I have family coming in this week and not draperies.

Sincerely, Claudia Logsdon
Spring, Texas 77379


Sydney Dunn December 10, 2015 at 9:32 pm

I am contacting JCPenney for a customer service complaint I would like to address. My husband and I shop at JCPenney very regularly. We went to the Greenville JCPenney location in the Haywood Mall on November 21 to purchase Christmas gifts. We were assisted by Michael, a store employee. He was wonderful and truly helped us find three perfect pieces of jewelery that evening. We purchased these items with a Black Friday discount, paid, and planned to return within a short time to pick up our items. We were given a receipt and told that when we came to pick up the items, we would just need to show the receipt and we were good to go.

This evening, (December 10, 2015), we went into the same Greenville Haywood Mall location to pick up our items. We were assisted by a sales associate named Jared. When we presented the receipt, he went to get the items. He was gone for quite a while, and when he came back, he asked if we had these items shipped off to be resized? We said that we did not; we just intended on picking them up. We saw that Jared went to speak to the supervisor on shift and then return to my husband and I. He said bluntly, that we cannot find your items and we have two options for you. We can either refund you the purchase price or attempt to locate these items in our store. My husband and I were completely speechless. These three items were very special to us and we spent a great deal of time in looking for them. We paid in full on the first evening we visited (November 21), and were amazed that somehow our items were nowhere to be found. I explained to Jared that a refund was not acceptable whatsoever. I asked to speak to a manager on shift. He explained to me that the supervisor on shift was Betty, and she was currently working with a customer in diamonds. Jared said to us, “She would come over to help, but she is working with a diamond purchase so she won’t be able to help you right now.” Again, my husband and I were baffled. First, we felt that a “diamond purchase” certainly came before our service. Second, this was a mistake on JCPenneys’ part, and we were told we would not be assisted at that time. I felt that this was an issue that truly needed to be addressed, so we chose to wait for Betty. My husband and I waited over an hour. During this time, we went in search for the three pieces of jewelry in the store. We tried our best to find the items that matched, and came up with our best options while we waited. Finally, Betty came to help us. She told us, just as bluntly, the items could not be found. She explained that it was a mistake on Michael’s part and that he did not fill the form out correctly, so these items had been sent back into the store for further sale. She explained that the 3 items we chose matched the price amounts on our receipt, and that we could leave with these items, but that there was nothing further that she could do. To be truthful, Betty seemed very uninterested and unwilling to work with us or show compassion in any way. We left with our three items that we found, and can only hope these are similar to the first three we purchased in November.
My husband and I have had nothing but a positive overall experience with JCPenney. It is where we bought my engagement ring, both wedding bands, and multiple jewelry gifts over our years togheter. Typically, JCPenney staff are helpful, compassionate and will go above and beyond what they are required to do. Tonight, we felt very neglected and umimportant to the JCPenney staff. We purchased items, paid for them in full- only to find they did not have them. When this was discovered, both Jared and Betty had no compassion or desire to help us with this. I understand that we did get to leave with some items, but there was nothing further that was done. We spent a lot of unneccesary time waiting around to come to a conclusion on what should be done. We came in expecting to spend 5 minutes and leave with our items, and ended up spending over two hours.


Delie Lingenfelter December 10, 2015 at 8:03 pm

I had purchased an expensive watch from a different company online. I contacted Kay Jeweler’s via phone to ask if they would size my new purchase even though I did not buy it from there company. The salesman assured me that they would which pleased me to no end. The next day after a hectic day at work I traveled 30 minutes to their store in a storm only to be turned down. Very upset by this as I was leaving the mall I saw the sign for JCPenny so I decided to call them to see if they could help. The associate that answered my call told me to come on in and that they would be glad to help. The young lady was having hard time so she asked her supervisor to assist . My watch was done within minutes…. at no charge! Thank you lady’s of the jewelry dept. in JCPennys in Peru Illinois! Job well done!!!!


jenny karetny December 10, 2015 at 11:55 am

Your company should be disgusted with your customer service as well as your discrimination against other religions. You should remember their are other holidays than Christmas being celebrated. I purchased two pairs of jeans last week for a Hanukkah gift this week. One pair arrived yesterday, and when I go online to check the other it says backordered which your company failed to notify me on. ANd then I check my bank statement to see that your company has decided to charge me twice for my half assed purchase. When I try to chat with your customer service she decided to tell me that i should have checked tracking sooner and would have seen the item backordered, and then starts writting in capital letters which represents anger and frustration. If I have to check that proves how unreliable your company is. This letter will go to coorporate office as well as NBC news. You need to remember that other hokidays are at this time and peoples purchases could be gifts and should be handled


Raven December 7, 2015 at 8:23 pm

Bought the most expensive mattress on the floor, more than $5500 before sale. Sales Rep for some reason could not order through store and ordered it on-line. When delivered the box springs were damaged, took about two months to get replaced. When doing replacement we noticed the mattress was defective, sewn too short and coming apart. JCP sent out Inspector a couple weeks later who after another couple weeks determined the bed is indeed defective. Now to get JCP to warranty the mattress they are demanding that I purchase a second mattress in order to return the first one. WHAT? I have to buy two mattress sets because they sold me a defective one! Stay away from JCP if you want a warranty on any of that expensive furniture! I’ll be filing a complaint with BBB.


Tina December 7, 2015 at 5:23 pm

I placed an order on Black Friday, for 5 towels, coffee maker and headband. I received my order today of coffee maker and headband but NO towels. I received a credit of $24.10. The 5 towels totaled $30.12, that is $6.02 difference. I called customer service, told the representative and she put me on hold. I was on hold for 12 more minutes. I then hung up, called back and waited, when the representative answered, someone was yelling in the back ground, she had to mute it, I kept saying hello, hello, then she said I am here. She listened, then explained that I would get a refund for it up to 30 days, I explained I had gotten a refund already but it wasn’t the right amount. She said it showed 1 towel was sent. On my invoice it shows none were sent. Talk about bad customer service all around. I expect a refund of the difference and respectfully decline any offers of discounts because there are way too many other stores out there to have to deal with this. Please let me know when I will get it. I also have to ask, why have the towels available on the website, if they aren’t!
PS. I tried to send an email through the website but you will never guess! The system was down and told me to try again later. Great customer service JCPenney.


Michelle L Pattison December 5, 2015 at 9:35 am

Well lets see this is my 6th attempt to resolve my issue. I have been a JCP card holder for years and gold and Platinum for years. This year alone I have spent over 1700.00 at JCP. My issue is I am not receiving my coupon booklets that is stated in my credit card agreement. While others that are not JCP card holders do receive the benefits I am suppose to get for spending a certain amount each year.

Is there anyone out there that can help me resolve this issue. I am disappointed in JCP, I have also suggested the store to friends and family. I will continue to shop because I love the products sold at JCP but feel you do not treat customers fairly and especially those that spend a lot of money in your store. My card has also been in good standing, so not sure why I am not receiving my special perks as a platinum holder. Hope someone sees this and can help

Michelle L Pattison
Cassadaga, NY 14718


Melissa Trinidad December 4, 2015 at 10:36 am

I purchased a groupon for the portrait studios to take some family pictures i was excited because my good friend takes pictures every year and i love them. We get there and get called in a timely manner once we get into the studio every goes downhill from there! she starts with family pictures which i figured she would start with the smaller kids seeing i had 18month old twins a 6 yr old and my teen.. But this is her job she knows best.. we start taking picture three pictures in her camera fails. Ok no problem she says she needs a new battery leaves returns and starts up again and Boom again not working she leaves again we wait she returns attempts to take another shot and no luck! this is now 25mins into our session, which should’ve only take that long to get all the shots we needed. Nope so now we have to move studios we go across the hall and start up again and two shots in again her camera doesn’t work but then she notices it starts working she starts up again and here comes her manger and interrupts our session to scream at her for taking out the transformer from the room and she needs it now! this is in the middle of our session when she’s finally making way now my kids are over it don’t want to sit still or even think about another picture. we got 9 shots, 9!! in the hour of somewhat shooting and out of the 9 two were decent and I’m being nice.. the pictures were nothing special she didn’t attempt to add props i brought in the gift boxes to get the babies to sit still she didn’t do anything . I am beyond disappointed and I highly doubt I would ever take pictures let alone refer anyone again. This was by far the worse experience I’ve ever had. Oh and you think you’re manager would’ve been apologetic to us Nope she basically said here’s three prints for free from the photographer not on Jcpenny behalf smh


Olga December 4, 2015 at 8:35 am

I went to JCP return items on 11/22/15 at Jacksonville FL and still waiting on a refund (December now). I spoke with 4 different associate and all telling me a different story. I’m very disappointed right now with JCP costumer service and associate.


Atoysha November 29, 2015 at 1:45 am

My husband and I shopped on Thanksgiving day of all days. We are headed out of the country and needed to buy gifts and other items. We leave soon and I started packing and discovered that a security tag wasn’t removed. This is unacceptable and an inconvenience. I am a full time student with finals coming. I really don’t have the time. I dont even live in the same city as the store nor is there a closer store. I now have to take time away from something else to do this. I expect to speak to a manager when I get there because this is now the second time this happened. A tag was left on my swimsuit in August and I had to stop packing to go to the mall

Oakland Mall, Troy Michigan


Win Heinrich November 28, 2015 at 3:18 pm

We have been collecting your snow globes ever since 2002. We are missing the year 2012 when you did the tokens instead. I notice today that there was a 2012 globe and would love to know if I can purchase the snow globe for 2012?

We hope that you will continue this very special promotion as it means a lot to our family.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all

Win Heinrich


Tom Bryant November 27, 2015 at 8:21 pm

Your service provided to me and my partner when we attempted to sign up for your wedding registry is below any type of standard I would think a respectable business would fine acceptable. My partner and I went into the location at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA on Sunday, November 15, 2015. First, I really do not think the treatment we received was because we are a gay couple. I think it is because of a basic lack of service skills on the part of your associates and the lack of realizing that some customers do not want their business broadcast for others to hear. We approached the customer service counter and told them we would like to register. One associate at the counter stated he would need to call someone to provide assistance. Not once were we welcomed or given any indication that the potential business our registering would bring to the store would be appreciated. We just stood to the side. After waiting, a man arrived to assist and told us we would have to wait further while went to get an IPAD. We waited another lengthy amount of time before he returned only to tell us the IPAD would not work. Additionally, the expectation was that we discuss our business in the main aisle in front of the customer service area with other customers listening. It is obvious that your associates are oblivious to the basics of customer service.
Since we had already selected our wedding bands at your store, we reluctantly went to the jewelry department to finalize the purchase. We asked to speak to the store manager who arrived to speak to us. We explained the situation and the manager offered the usual rote “we are sorry” statements. I suggested that she might want to go to Macy’s and act as a secret shopper in their registry area to get an example of good and respectful customer service. Never once did this woman offer to walk with us to the registry area to ensure that we received the service we initially requested. This was such an obvious solution and it simply did not occur to her. She did not attempt to offer a resolution. She finally just slipped away and went about her business. Her behavior only reinforcing to the associates in the jewelry area that bad customer service is acceptable. I do need to add though that the woman assisting us with the rings went out of her way to be professional. Perhaps the store manager should take this woman to lunch to learn about the true meaning of customer service.
I want to conclude that the woman assisting us with arrangements who suggested we register in your store is furious – not that it matters to your company. She told us she feels personally responsible for not checking out your store’s registry service before referring people. Again, I do not think this service was the result of our being a gay couple. It is my opinion that basic customer skills are lacking from the top down.


Frances teal November 24, 2015 at 2:29 am

I purchased two Orleans Table Lamps, they are a 3-way type, I can only get the lowest setting, I have to wiggle the switch about 5-6 times to get it bright, I would like J.C. Penney make it right with me , I bought them March 2014 , they’re not cheap lamps , and I think they should at least light up, not happy at all with them, they’re the most expensive lamps at JC PENNEY


mark walsh November 23, 2015 at 4:42 pm

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Delene Emick November 20, 2015 at 3:42 pm

I would like some assistance with a sofa I purchase for last Thanksgiving. We purchased the Friday collection of sofa and two chairs. The clerk offered us a warranty on the slip covers which we were not interested in, what we weren’t told is that was the only warranty with the sofa. I am very disappointed to say the frame has collapsed on the front and the sofa is starting to cave. This is not a sweater…I am not sure what I am to do with a broken sofa. The chairs are fine but I am SO disappointed that JCPenney has dismissed my problem. I am not sure what they expect me to do with a sofa that is just a year old. I would appreciate if a service tech could come out to repair the sofa and restore my faith in JCPenney. I was not asking for a new sofa, but to dismissed is not acceptable.


Angie November 19, 2015 at 11:06 am

I was shopping in the the women’s department looking at jeans on Nov. 18th, 2015, in the evening. I wasn’t asked if I needed any help nor even acknowledged. There were 4 or 5 associates more interested in talking to each other than helping customers. Not only did you lose a sale, but also a customer. It is really sad that JcPenney doesn’t care about customer service. It use to. I did buy jeans at another store in the mall where the customer service was excellent.


Aliyah Hoskins November 17, 2015 at 12:03 am

Dear Heads of JC Penney,

Thanksgiving has been known to be a family oriented time of the season for many, many years, and it has especially been one of my favourites while growing up. The mouth-watering smell of goodies escaping out of the kitchen days prior to the Thanksgiving feast; bringing memories back. Oh, but you can’t forget about the delicious iconic turkey that so many of us look forward to, along with the side dish of stuffing, and so much more!

On that special day you have the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers, parents over; so many people over that you almost want to hide because it’s too much! But the laughter, memories made, and time spent together is so worth it in the long run.

I understand Black Friday; retail thrives on that day. So many shop for whatever they want at a cheaper price and it’s a way that some families continue to spend time together. As well as getting a lot of their Christmas presents out of the way and later packaged for another family oriented holiday.

However, as of the last three years, you have made the corporate decision to begin opening early for Black Friday and thus the media have begun to name Thanksgiving Day, Black Thursday instead, because of other retailers following along with the times. The first year (2013) you went along with this horrid idea, JC Penney opened up at 8PM Central Time, though before, wanting your associates to be there hours prior, so they could make sure to be there on time as well as to do additional promotions for the pending sales. The next year (2014), because your company did well in your sales from the previous year, you wanted to make more money and made another decision to open up at 6PM Central Time. Then recently, news has spread that you plan to open up at 3PM Central Time this year (2015).

I get that you want to make more money, that you can take the time off to spend with your families because you do not have to be in the stores, but how dare you take this special time away from other families. Yes, you can argue how you are not forcing the people that work for you to work in retail, however not everyone has a choice of where they work- most times if they have a job they are thankful.

As a consumer, I am completely abhorred by how you are destroying time with families for your “smaller-chained” employees. JC Penney has been my favourite store to shop at for so many years. I like the styles that are offered as well as the prices that I tend to find. I go there every time that I want something new to spruce up my wardrobe and I shop there for presents for others. Yet, the continuation of disregard for your employees is putting a very bad taste in mine, as well as so many other’s mouths. I have boycotted K-Mart because of their inconsideration of their workers on Thanksgiving Day, and I will be extremely sad if I decide to do the same to you as well.

If not for the care of your consumers, think about your employees, the ones with families who cherish the time with their kids, or parents, or grandparents that will not be around forever. The times people spend with their loved ones, is cherished, and extremely needed when the world is being bombed and terrorized, and the loss of life is becoming a greater possibility every day.

I am not writing to a bunch of heartless, money-grubbing, robots. I am writing to men and women who have families of their own, who understand that every moment is precious- and is to be used wisely. Please take this letter into consideration and the lives and families of those who work for you.

A Concerned Consumer


Mickayla November 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm

I could not agree more! I am an employee at JCPenney and only 17 years old. I have to work on Thansgiving at 2:30 in the afternoon until 10:30 at night for “Black Thursday.” My family LOVES Thanksgiving, it is our favorite day of the year that we get to spend together, and this year I get no part of it.


Judy Ozmar November 16, 2015 at 1:32 pm

Last week I went to my local J C Penney store to purchase two items. I had checked the online price before I went. The two items were in stock, so I asked if I could purchase them at the online price. I was not allowed to do that. The associate placed the order online for me. The two items were put back on the shelves and the exact same items were shipped free to the store for me to pick up at a later date. This seems like an unreasonable way to do business. The company had extra work to do, the store lost a sale and I have to make another trip to the store. Who is benefited by this practice? Wouldn’t it make sense to honor online prices at your stores? Thank you for considering this.


Justin Childs November 13, 2015 at 3:49 am

Hello my name is Justin Childs. I am contacting you today because for about 5 years i have been waiting for the managers in sunrise mall in Massapequa. I have done the application so many times the system doesnt let me in. My friend also works there and was going to try to talk to the manage for me because i didnt understand why they had me apply for loss prevention then say again that they arent hiring. I feel like i need your help. Please contact me


M. Blecher November 11, 2015 at 3:21 pm

Email: Email JCPenney
CEO: Ronald B. Johnson
CFO: Kenneth H. Hannah
COO: Michael W. Kramer

Dear Mr. Johnson, Mr. Hannah and Mr. Kramer,
I was extremely shocked to be a victim of DISCRIMINATION and ANTISEMITISM at your JCP store located at the Mall at Wellington Green in Wellington, Florida. On Saturday, November 7,2015, I went to JCP at the Mall at Wellington Green to purchase items which I needed to decorate my home for Hanukkah. I was rudely informed by one of your sales personnel ,in the mist of a large Christmas department , that JCP does not have any Hanukkah decor nor will you ever supply decor for the holiday, Hanukkah. I was with one of my adult children who was as shocked as I was at this information and she suggested that I contact an attorney, social media and/or the news station in our area in reference to this strong display of discrimination and antisemitism.
Many people would have gone to social media, their local news station or an attorney to complain and report about the prejudice against people of the Jewish faith that JCP displays. I have chosen to speak/ write to you first. I am not looking for any gains from JCP but an explanation on why JCP practices antisemitism and discriminates against the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. As a result, my adult children and I have cut up our JCP charge cards and will no longer do business at your place of employment.

M. Blecher


PRISCILLA November 10, 2015 at 5:29 pm

Oh how all these comments make me want to cry. I too have been the victim of abuse from this company. I have been a loyal customer for years. My payment record up to this point was pristine. Due to this company’s incompetence and negligence; a credit card (that i didnt ask for) was sent to my mailbox wherein it was promptly stolen and used for almost $2000.00. I didnt receive my statement and realized I hadnt paid my bill. When I went on line to pay it; I was informed it was closed due to fraud. There had been multiple transactions on this card in two different stores. Now, I am left with having to fill out a report and now I find that because I was late with a payment… payments are doubled. You know it was bad enough being raped by an unknown person who had a grand time with my card; it was even worse when J.C. Penneys is standing in line waiting to do the same. Need I tell you that I was never informed of the transactions until I called to make a payment? Need I tell you that not once was the person who had my card asked to show id? How interesting that the cameras on the days that it happened were changed out and the old discarded? Yes, shame on me for making a late payment BUT SHAME ON YOU J.C.PENNEYS FOR BEHAVING JUST AS BAD AS THE PERSON WHO STOLE FROM ME THE FIRST TIME. YOUR BEHAVIOR IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Megan November 8, 2015 at 1:12 pm

To whom it may concern

I am writing as a loyal customer who has been incredibly disappointed in the way a recent situation has been handled.

Let me preface this complaint by saying I buy ALL of my curtains for my home at JC Penney and have always had stellar service. I have recently had new windows in my home and was considering purchasing new custom curtains, But the recent event has made me question the integrity of the company.

Recently I purchased curtains and a rod for my son’s room (from the ORLAND park store) and had them shipped to me. In the shipment were two XL Columbia coats which I didn’t order. Being the honest person I am, I called the company immediately to which I was informed they would have to charge ME for a return package. I was advised on the phone to return the items (on my own time) to the store. I didn’t think much of it, but when I started to tell people of the error, I started to get mad! How did they know I live anywhere near a JC Penney?? Major inconvenience!!

I gave it serious thought and almost donated the coats to someone in need. But I decided to do he honest thing….I took them back and wasn’t offered anything for my trouble. So I took MY time, MY gas and MY energy on a Sunday to do the right thing. This happened at Macy’s to a friend and they got a full credit for the items. JC Penney didn’t even offer a thank you!! Then I asked for a receipt and got a ridiculous hand written paper from a manager (Enrique)!!

I’m horrified at this! I should’ve taken it to my church for someone in need!!!! It really makes me think twice about ever shopping here again!!!!!


Margaret November 7, 2015 at 1:13 pm

My son and I were handed coupons for $10 off a purchase of $10 today in your store and the store manager Kim Jones did not honor the experience and stated that since they were used previously there was nothing she could do.


Raine November 5, 2015 at 10:14 pm

We purchased a leather sofa from JC Penney. About 2 months later, the middle section sunk in almost to the floor. Penney’s sent out a tech who said they could repair it by inserting more foam in the cushion. We have no children and my husband is the only occupier of the sofa, and he usually sat on the ends of the sofa with the arms. We were skeptical about getting the same style so we exchanged it for another style. And this only gets better. We were told that it could take up to 3 months for delivery because this leather sofa was custom made. After two months, I called Penney’s to find out the status on delivery. Well, the original order was never taken because they couldn’t find it in the “system.” We had to reorder the sofa and wait another 2 months before it arrived, which was May 2015. In October, the middle section (again) of the sofa caved in and it sounded like the particle board frame was broken. We had to again deal with the incompetence of the JC Penney staff, where nothing is documented during any conversation so you have to start from the beginning and explain what happened. If you’re lucky, the hold time will only be about 45 minutes, not counting the times you’re disconnected and have to tell the story again. If this wasn’t our worst nightmare come true, it would be laughable. After weeks of being told different procedures from different staff members and holding and waiting to be called back, I got my bank involved. Capital One called on 10/7 and spoke to Dennis at JC Penney, 800-442-7902, ext. 221904. The conversation was recorded. Dennis informed us that since I had two bad experiences with Penney, that he would issue a call tag to pick up the broken sofa within 7 days and I would receive a full refund of $1,957.09 plus the $125.00 restocking fee to haul it back. Dennis said the full refund would be credited back when the sofa was returned to their warehouse, which takes about 7 days. This entire conversation was recorded by Capital One. The next day, 10/8, I received a call from Ed at the same number Dennis called from, 800-442-7902. He informed me that a tech would be out to inspect the sofa so they could do the repairs. I told him that’s not what was agreed upon with Dennis at JC Penney the day before so I told him to cancel because we were waiting for someone to pick it up. No one from JC Penney came to pick it up so I called Capital One again. They called JC Penney and was told that the standard procedure was to send a tech to inspect before hauling away the defected sofa. Today, 10/21, a tech arrived and took pictures of the sofa. He said that JC Penney does not give refunds, only exchanges. I told him that’s not what was recorded with Dennis at JC Penney and Capital One. The tech took photos. The middle portion (underside particleboard frame) of the sofa was broken in 3 pieces. The tech said that someone will be contacting me within 2 days. I asked him to put in his notes to JC Penney that I was promised (recorded) a full refund including restocking fee. The defected sofa was picked up today, so let’s see how long it takes Penney to refund my money. I have since filed a claim with BBB. If you’re looking to buy a sofa from JC Penney, you’ll probably find better quality at Goodwill. I have never known a company where every person I dealt with is a complete idiot. Don’t even ask a rep to transfer you to someone at a higher level, because he or she doesn’t exist.


Delene Emick November 20, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I too am having issues with a sofa, this one was to be Made in America, which is why we purchase the sofa and two chairs. I understand furniture wears out but don’t treat us like idiots, this is not our first furniture purchase. I am truly sad they will not stand behind their products.


len November 4, 2015 at 7:25 pm

Does leaving a comment here actually do any good? Consumer complaints published Online against JC Penney, or any other major retailer, does not impact the corporation. No one here should expect any type of response from them, let alone a favourable one.


Delene Emick November 20, 2015 at 4:30 pm

I am hopeful you got a response and I am not totally wasting my time.


Michael October 31, 2015 at 10:21 am

My wife and I stopped by Jcpenney Friday to pick up some pants that we needed for dinner that night. We haven’t been to a Jcpenney in over 3 years do to so many bad experiences with coupon policy changes, store staff being rude and coupons not being accepted. We were in quite a rush do to our work schedule and we thought that we would give you all another try. We now know why we hate Jcpenney, you all had signs everywhere in the store that displayed take an additional 25% off the lowest ticketed price. We were were excited thinking that Jcpenney has finally went back to their roots of great deals with none of the fine print BS that annoys the crap out of everyone. Wlle also had a coupon for an additional $10 off on $25 or more spent. As we made our way to the register there was a customer that couldn’t use her coupon due to the 25% already being taken off. We thought that we misunderstood the lady and continued to wait to get our clothes we had over $150 in our hands, naturally getting more than we came in for, the couple behind us also were confused about the lady being told that they could not use her coupon with the sale as to no makings on the sign stated that you could not use any coupons. As we finally got to the register and rang up to $151 and some change we asked why didn’t we get the additional 25% off she said that it requires a coupon which we didn’t have. So I went and grabbed the sign to show them that it said noting about a coupon. She preceeded to argue with me telling me that we had to pick which deal we wanted. I was getting mad and the couple behind us said they quit shopping there due to the misleading adds and in store postings, as did we. The couple put their stuff on the counter and said “we will get ilour shit somewhere else, this is bullshit”. After the foul mood the staff put us in we on got 2 pairs of pants and left the rest there on the counter. We will not return to your store either, that is 3 separate purchases totaling over $400 that you all lost in about 10 mins if you all can’t figure this out then Jcpenney will be out of business before we know it this explains the mutiple store closures across the country. This is sad this used to be our favorite store to go to. We were in Huntsville, AL.


I thought I was a Valued Customer October 30, 2015 at 10:43 am

PLEASE PROVIDE ADDITIONAL TRAINING FOR THE EMPLOYEES/MANAGEMENT @ JCPENNEY GREENVILLE, MS!!!!! THEY NEED TO LEARN TO GO TO THE JCP.COM WEBSITE.. THEN TRACK YOUR ORDER… PUT IN THE CUSTOMERS INFORMATION..IN ORDER TO PROCESS RETURNS…ETC… First and foremost the line was too long at the main entrance near lingerie. Second, I tried to avoid the line by going to a register near jewelry by the plus size section but the old lady said she doesn’t return online purchases they can only be returned at the register I just left with the long line. Keep in mind she didn’t have any customers and she didn’t attempt to pull any from the other counter to bring down the line. Third, after waiting in line for more than 15 minutes I get to the salesperson everything thing is fine until she tries to process my last return, she ask the lady behind her to help. I ask for a manager and she tells me that the lady is a (mgr). The lady (mgr) takes too long to respond so I ask her to call for another mgr and she tells me that this lady is the only one that can resolve this issue. The mgr finally turns around and says It’s been over 90 days without keying anything in or looking at the register. So long story short the incompetent b*t*h doesn’t know what she’s talking about and needs more training. I had to leave w/o returning the item. Get it together JCP Greenville MS!!!!


Kimberly Rathbun October 30, 2015 at 5:25 am

I made a purchase of two rugs on line from jc penney via PayPal on 10/24. The money was withdrawn out shall I day “pending”, thereof like every single other on line transaction I assumed all was good. I wake up yesterday, check my bank any and I’m overdrawn by over $200 because jc penney also charged me individually for each rug again on 10/28, the day they delivered it without refunding the original pending amount I already had from 10/24….thus I pd double for two days. This resulted in 7 overdraft so far and when I spent three hours on the phone with various customer service reps, and many different stories of why and whose fault, jc penney is blaming PayPal. I will be contacting corporate and BUYER BEWARE IF YOU BUY ON LINE!!!!!!


Cheryl October 29, 2015 at 4:26 pm

On Saturday, October 24, 2015 I had an 8am hair appointment with the JCP salon at 3000 Dunn Ave. #25 in Jacksonville FL. Ten minutes to 8am my stylist attempted to gain access by ringing the bell provided as well as calling the necessary numbers to contact those in charge of opening the doors at 8am. Ms. Eleanor finally answered at 8:10am and said she will be downstairs in two minutes. I recognized Ms. Eleanor from my other 8am appointments in which she failed to open the doors on time. She offered no apologies for her tardiness. When I expressed concern for the salon opening time she offered this response…when I am in the money room opening the door is not a priority. I replied, so the customer does not come first? It is my belief that if a business advertise an opening at a certain time then that business should have it’s doors open at that time regardless of bells, phone, or money room responsibilities. It is my opinion that money room responsibilities should be handled prior to the 8am open time. The staff at this store need a refresher course in customer service. It needs to be clearly understood that this is not the first time I had to wait for the store to be opened on time. It needs to be clearly understood that I am not the only customer who had to wait past opening time. It needs to be clearly understood that money room responsibilities are a direct result of having paying customers like myself bringing our business and referral business to that particular location which allow you, Ms. Eleanor, to remain employed.


Anonymous source October 24, 2015 at 11:47 pm

I am extremely pissed, i ordered a dress online & not even 8min later after ordering I get an email saying it was unavailable. How could they possibly have my card details in the system when there wasn’t even a damn dress available in the inventory!! then later on I checked in one of my local stores and found the dress. I put it oh hold and came to pick it up the next day. Then they LOST my damn hold!! They didn’t even offer to help me find it. Then I came back the next day to ask again about the dress and still it was no where to be found, then I peeked around and found it. How could they possibly lose my dress like that? I’m dissapointed. Not only was the customer service terrible, the online system sucks just as much. However the misery doesn’t even stop there, because after I found the dress and purchased it. The next morning they charged my card for the online order that they say wasn’t even available! I called customer service and was livid!!! They went on to say that it only charged my card when it ships but apparently the charge was a mistake. What in the hell is this foolery? Seriously, this company and it’s employees are terrible! Absolutely terrible.


Mary Birge October 24, 2015 at 2:14 pm

I went to JCPenny yesterday to get two vests on sale for $19.99 each.They were in sale paper for buy one get one free but the cashier said they weren’t on the sale paper and they didn’t have any sale papers in the store so I came back to Glasgow and hunted my sale paper.Went bac to Bowling Green this morning took my paper with me and the manager said they had the wrong price on them and we would have to pay $42.00for two instead of $19.99 for two.These were to be store busters.The sign for $19.99 was gone.This is false advertising.Thats why JCPenny is losing customers.I drove approximately 160 miles in two days just to shop at Pennys but not again.Unsatisfied customer.


Payge October 11, 2015 at 2:39 pm

2 days ago I went into the jcp salon in mn where their master stylist choped my hair off . I had a picture that I went through with the stylist and told her that I did not want to lose any of my length she told me that she wasn’t going to wash my hair because she wanted to make sure that she didn’t cut too much off so she misted instead. We combed my hair out and I showed her the exact amount that I wanted cut off and told her no more than an inch at max! I already had existing long layers in my hair and told her that I wanted no hair anywhere near my shoulders . She knew I was nervous and tells me as she makes the first cut “now don’t freak out ” and chops off over 3inches of my hair in one cut ! I now hair hair up to my shoulders its uneven and she chopped the top of it so now my hair is constantly in my eyes . I have naturally wavy hair and I have an afro when it dries because its so short. With no exaggeration it will now take my hair a year and a half to two years to grow back to the length it was . I was devastated I got into my car and cried. I don’t know how someone with so much experience could do something like this . when I called to speak to the salon manager she tried to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal . they offered to have the same stylist re cut my hair ! Are you kidding ! You want her to cut more of my hair off ! Obviously they do not care .I told the salon manager that I wanted extentions put in because literally I am in tears every time I look in the mirror I cry. My hair was very important to me. I am so dissapointed. Why wouldn’t you try to fix your mistake ?


Catherine McCrann October 8, 2015 at 7:23 pm

I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years. On Labor day weekend, after tirelessly searching the web looking to find some furniture for my home, I chose and ordered a leather sofa from your website. I was extremely happy with my choice and price from your store . Then on Tuesday after Labor day, I was contacted by your colleague and I was informed that the sofa was sold out and would no longer be available. Needless to say I couldn’t go back to searching other websites , since the Labor Sales were over.
Then October 4th I was shopping again on your web site and discovered the same sofa (leather possibilities Roll-Arm 82″ Bisque Color) was available for $1599.00 but the exact same sofa I previously ordered on clearance for $748.50 was not? Thank you for $25.00 gift certificate I received on Sept 9th. This issue has been bothering me for several days. I feel very sadden and angry that you have dishonored your sales event to a loyal customer.

Sincerely Catherine McCrann

e-mail: w***

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Amy Gerald October 3, 2015 at 2:34 pm

I went in to JCPenney at Cross Creek Mall this morning trying to exchange a pair of Arizona jeans for the right size. They were a birthday present so I didn’t have a receipt. I got another pair in the right size and went to the register. The cashier told me without a receipt I would only get a $10.50 credit and would have to pay the rest. I told her I just wanted an even exchange for the right size. She said she couldn’t do that without a receipt. Never have I had this problem with your store before. I have 3 kids and shop at JCPenney regularly. I asked for a manager. I went upstairs to the managers office and when she came out I couldn’t believe how unprofessional she was. First of all she had on blue jeans, sneakers, and a sweatshirt. All of the other employees were dressed up and I would think being a manager those standards would apply to her too. After I explained my situation to her she said without a receipt she couldn’t even verify that I bought the jeans? I have never found jeans in your store for $10.00. She said the cashier did the right thing and that if I could find the receipt she wouldn’t have any problem exchanging them for me. I don’t think that I should have to go back and ask the person that bought me the jeans for the receipt just so I can exchange them for the right size. I could understand if I just wanted money back or something else entirely but for the very same product I shouldn’t have to have a receipt. In my opinion this isn’t very good customer service. I might just need to find somewhere else to shop besides JCPenney


Kat October 2, 2015 at 5:10 pm

I have been with JCP since 1985 and now since they sent a new card, I lost my stability on my credit report for old cards. I am so disappointed that JCP didn’t take that in consideration before they go into new cards. I no longer want to be involved with JCP anymore. Sorry JCP, you really screwed me over!!


Debbie October 2, 2015 at 5:10 pm

I will never shop at the store in Louisville Ky again you have one of the the worst managers I have ever meet. I believe here name is LeeAnn you need to do something about her.


Carol October 1, 2015 at 1:57 pm

I am just your average everyday consumer who has always loved Penney’s. I tried to find other contact information but this isn’t really a standard customer service issue. I do hope that this will get into the correct hands and that maybe someone starts taking notice. My problem is that I can no longer find normal clothes at your store.
As for me I am 48 years old and just wants simple comfortable clothes, not cut off jeans or shirts with slogans or sequins. I need clothes that look nice but are simple and comfortable.
A real nuisance for me is that my 11 year old daughter needed new clothes for school. Typical everyday problem for most families in America. Maybe your buyers are not aware that schools have dress codes? I feel I can say this because I have recently moved from the northeast to the southeast and still the same dress codes in the schools. No cutoffs, no showing midriffs, no deep v-necks, no tanks, and shorts need to be mid-thigh or below. The pants for girls can not be skin tight or made of spandex.
So yoga pants are out. Have you shopped in your own store for this? I am not talking about private schools, they have it easy – uniforms, but everyday ordinary public schools. Please talk to the buyers and bring back everyday clothing.


Carol October 1, 2015 at 1:52 pm

I am just your average everyday consumer who has always loved Penny’s. I tried to find other contact information but this isn’t really a standard customer service issue. I do hope that this will get into the correct hands and that maybe someone starts taking notice. My problem is that I can no longer find normal clothes at your store.
As for me I am 48 years old and just wants simple comfortable clothes, not cut off jeans or shirts with slogans or sequins. I need clothes that look nice but are simple and comfortable.
A real nuisance for me is that my 11 year old daughter needed new clothes for school. Typical everyday problem for most families in America. Maybe your buyers are not aware that schools have dress codes? I feel I can say this because I have recently moved from the northeast to the southeast and still the same dress codes in the schools. No cutoffs, no showing midriffs, no deep v-necks, no tanks, and shorts need to be mid-thigh or below. The pants for girls can not be skin tight or made of spandex.
yoga pants are out. Have you shopped in your own store for this? I am not talking about private schools, they have it easy – uniforms, but everyday ordinary public schools. Please talk to the buyers and bring back everyday clothing.


Evelyn September 29, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Why is returning something so difficult?
I shop in other stores and without receipts I’m still able to do my return.
Today I went to return 4 items, I was succesfull at only returning 1. The associate called the manager on duty Maria Morgan (Miami international) 4 times before she was able to come down and speak to me. I understand that your policy is 45 days but I travels and sometimes I don’t have time to return things on time.
I guess I can’t shop at Jcpenney because of the restrictions and associate service.


Sherry Warwick \Kenny Yockey September 25, 2015 at 1:54 pm

My boyfriend and i shopped online for a Birthday gift for myself. He found a pair of earrings he really liked. I am already at platinum status and get all the discounts and deals. So we go into this store wanting to get my boyfriend a jcp card. Problem number one. The girl asks him to enter in his net pay. First off it should be gross. so that right there lowered the amount. the earrings he wanted to get were around 667.00 with a lifetime warranty. Now please keep in mind he has the caSH FOR THESE EARRINGS HOWEVER, CASH ISNT GOOD ENOUGH. In order for him to get the discounts he has to open an account. He makes 80,000.00 a year. So they approve his credit with a limit of 367.00. So we say ok. can we pay the rest in cash…… guess what No you cant. But, he goes ahead and pays 600.00 on the account since it was in the system so they wouldnt worry it would be paid. So anyways the girl sends it through and says oh they approved it anyway. then she hurries off not to be seen again. then I receive an email stating there there was a problem with his order. I cant get ahold of anybody. finally i get through someone tells me his credit limit isnt high enough. So i try it again except i removed the lifetime warranty of 125.00. later that day it to was declined. I call back. Well yes maam he has a 600.00 credit to his account but his credit limit isnt enough. what the HELL!!!!! Isnt that stealing. All he wanted was to get a pair of earrings for his girlfriend. You just cant take his money and send his merchandise. We are so angry and pissed off he cancelled his account and his money had better be returned with 5-15 days or i can guarentee you suit will be filed. I too will pay off my bill and i will not purchase another item from jcp nor will my family or friends if this is not made right. Two very PISSED OFF CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!


Kim September 20, 2015 at 8:37 pm

J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, TX 75024

What happened to the customer is always right? I purchased a custom top of the line alabaster leather sofa/chaise on 7/25/2015 at store 19596. My order number is 4109816 the amount was a sell price of $3464.45. I was excited. The sofa was delivered on 9/12/2015. To my surprise instead of a chaise that should have been delivered, I received a sofa and a corner piece that would have been used to connect a two-piece sectional.

I spoke with a phone representative who was very helpful. I was able to keep the sofa and she advised me that I needed to go back to my store and have the representative to correct the mistake. I thought that it would be a simple request, but it was not.

An entire week past before my sales representative (VP) 708, contacted me. When he did he was no help at all. He told me that what they delivered was correct and that three warehouse manager agreed and that the delivery staff and me were incorrect. I ask him if that made sense that I would purchase and wait all this time to lie. He told me that it was nothing that he could do, and that if he were to order the item again I would get the same thing.

I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe that he would say something like that. Then he said that the only thing that he could offer was for them to pick up the sofa and issue a credit to my JC Penny account. Not only is this unprofessional, he flat out refused to fix the problem. I have to say my uncle worked for JC Penny furniture in the 70s in downtown San Francisco and he was a true professional. His customer never left the store unhappy.

I know that this is not going to be fixed to my satisfaction, and personally I no longer want the situation repaired. I just want to hear from the delivery company so that they may pick up JC Penny furniture.

This could one of the major problems that Penny’s is having in staying open. Maybe it’s time for close your doors. One fact for sure is that I can purchase what I want anywhere, but I choose JC Penny.


Naz September 16, 2015 at 6:39 am

I have been trying for approximately 9 months to get off JCP mailing list. Problem-1st name on the flyer is not mine, but last name is. I have been told numerous times it has been removed. Last phone call the rep was rude by cutting me off as I spoke. When I asked for a Supervisor she wouldn’t do it, saying that person will only repeat what she said. I raised my voice & firmly told her the reason was due to her cutting me off so rudely. She became very quiet. I had to ask if she was still there. When she replied, I just hung up on her with no resolution. How hard is your system that removing this name is turning into multiple calls with the promise it has been done, it has been removed, it’s because of someone else’s fault not going into the right screen?


Julie M. Brannon September 13, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Recently, I accidentally missed a payment on my JC Penney Credit Card. I was traveling quite a bit during the month of July and simply overlooked it. Almost immediately, I began receiving phone calls from Synchrony Bank regarding the account, often up to three times per day. Since I’d only missed the one payment, I determined at that point to pay the amount on the statement by the next due date to bring my account up to date.
I called Synchrony and the automated system indicated that I needed to pay $225.00, due by the 23rd of August. I paid this electronically via my bank on 20th August. However, I was still receiving phone calls (again, twice per day). Investigating further, it seems that I owed an additional $37 to bring my account up to date, which was not reflected in my statement amount—or I certainly would have paid it at the time.
On 13th September, I called customer service and paid the $37 via the phone. I also registered my displeasure at the treatment I have received, given that I have been a JC Penney Credit Card customer since 1988 and pay my bills regularly. A simple letter or email, notifying me of the oversight at the time, would have rectified the entire situation easily, collegially, and with a minimum of inconvenience to your company and to me. Instead, I was treated like a deadbeat customer with what amounts to harassment.
For one missed payment. One.
At this time, I am considering transferring the balance of my JC Penney Credit Card to another card—at a lower interest rate, I might add—and closing my JC Penney account. If this is how your company treats its long-term customers, there is little incentive to continue giving my business to it.

Julie M. Brannon


Kris Cramer September 12, 2015 at 8:32 pm

I bought a dining set D Poss counter height w/four upholstered chairs 4/28. It was delivered in May. July 6th one of the foot rests snapped in two. I had to call JCPenney customer service twice before they sent out a technician. Technician came discovered the chair broke because the delivery company didn’t put any screws in the chairs. He told him he would bring a replacement part in two weeks. I haven’t seen him since. That was over a month ago. My husband has made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the technician directly. I called JCPenney customer service service back where I spoke to the rudest rep named Jamal and supervisor named Veronica. I was told all they could do was email the repair technician. I asked for a time frame for a return call and that’s when rep and supervisor became rude telling me that emails are answered in order and they would get to mine when they got to it. So now I’ve been without a chair for two months. The delivery company, service technician and customer service have all failed me. I feel like no one at JCPenney is willing to help. I would like to know where to go from here. Please text me at the email address above.


shannon September 9, 2015 at 1:37 pm

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE?! I had to call and let them know that some one got my BANK card information and charged 330 dollars at sephora and 230 at the jcpenny itself/per my when I call in I 1). Am talking to some lady WHO DOESN’T speak very good english 2). Kept telling me they couldn’t help me, i would have to call mastercard. I repeatedly told her that it is a BANK debit card and she just kept repeating the same stuff over and over. She then went on a spiel about getting a jcpenny card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am usually a customer.. not any more. Why would Iwant anything to do with a company that does absolutely nothing?


pat.H October 7, 2015 at 11:34 am

I love jcpennys the first real card I had I was thinking I paided insurance if I could not work but it did my pay and. I became. I’ll lupus athesma more. I will pay please give me the pivlivge to us. A card. Yes I’m Drake. Sinked
Someone ran my card up a little. and I became ill and things became cryzy please. please. Help me .get my card back. I can pay want was asked last please. I need my jcpennys. StoreStore for my grandkids and. Myself. The best at that. Store I miss you its


Jessi September 3, 2015 at 11:14 pm

Good Evening,

I am writing this to share my experience at the JCPenny in Southlands mall in Aurora Colorado. Each time I go to this store, the supervisor Mario gives me and my whole family trouble. He is just plain rude and thinks very high of himself. He had no leadership skills and no politeness at all. Every time we go to this JCPenny he is extremely rude and should not be a part of the management because he has no manners or ethical behaviors. I stopped going to this JCPenny now and hope that he will quit thinking so highly of himself because he is really unprofessional and does not know a single way of how to handle customers.



Jennifer R August 30, 2015 at 10:14 am

I will never shop JC Penny again and am urging everyone else to do the same. I have contacted JCP several times about an issue and no one has gotten back to me. After several bad customer service experiences in the same store I have even called about receiving two left shoes!! I purchased a pair of shoes for my son, I didn’t check to see if they were different sides and neither did the cashier. I went back a few weeks later and she tried to give me $5 for the pair because I didn’t have the receipt and she wouldn’t look it up. I paid $25 for the shoes. I said “no” could you find the correct shoe. She could not find anything she said then had someone else wait on me to take a personal call!!!! Seriously! Needless to say I’m taking my business elsewhere and am stuck with two left shoes.


Claudia August 29, 2015 at 12:22 am

JC Penney !!!!!!!! What’s going on ? Most of the clothing looks awful. Styles, shapes and prints are bad.


Mary Kellr August 28, 2015 at 7:30 pm

I was an associate back in the 90s, and quit because of my second child. I later became a hairstylist. I decided to go back to Penney’s and apply in the Salon. I had a very good interview with the Salon Manager, but was told I had to have a “try-out”. When I went for the “try-out” the lady that conducted it was so unprofessional in her appearance and she was disorganized and couldn’t come up with the correct words to explain what she needed to tell us do. We were to build something with some child building blocks. Then we were to conduct a focus group. It was the biggest waist of 2 1/2 hours that I have ever had to spend. She then took me into a separate room and was told we won’t be hiring you now, that’s why I brought you back first. I was so shocked that I just left. Penney’s used to be a nice place to work and shop but not now. I will never step a foot in that store again!


Mary Kellr August 28, 2015 at 7:37 pm

This is the Amarillo, Texas store.


Marcia A. August 24, 2015 at 4:38 pm

What ever happened to customer service?! JC Penney’s customer service is the worst!!! Their associates are rude in every store and it starts with management and inflexible policies and procedures. They barely greet you or say thank you. It is if you are putting them out…REALLY!
I purchase a dining set on June 27, 2015 from their home store and was asked by the sales associate to pick my delivery date. I wanted to item for July 4th because I had family coming to town, and I was told it could be delivered on July 2nd and that I would get a call the night before with delivery time. Of course, no call on July 1st and I had already taken the day off for the delivery on July 2nd. I called customer service to find out between what times would my furniture be delivered and I was told “that’s not your delivery date, that’s the date that your item would be shipped and then the delivery company would call you for the delivery date.” Now, I’m HOTTTTT! I told customer service to cancel my order and I’ll just purchase something locally. The agent apologized and said, if you keep this item, we’ll compensate you. I asked, how much? And then she said that they would let me know once the item was confirmed delivered.
Needless to say, the dining set was delivered for another two…I repeat, two weeks. I had spoke to customer service several times and they were absolutely no help! Once my item was delivered, I called customer service for compensation and got the run round…transferred around and of course, never received ANY compensation.
I have been a loyal customer with JCP for over thirty (30) years. In spite of the changes in their CEO and diminishing quality of merchandise, I’ve tried to remain loyal so they would not have to close like many other major department stores…
BUT, not any longer…I am done! Today, I went to the same home store to exchange a bathroom soap dispenser without the receipt and was treated like a criminal. I was plain to see that the nasal was broken and I received the worst customer service. I asked for the manager, “S”, we’ll call her, and she was worse then the sales associate. I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN…AND JC PENNEY’S HAS LOST A VALUE CUSTOMER FOR OVER 30 YEARS. I see why this company is in so much trouble. TRAIN YOUR MANAGERS AND ASSOCIATES TO TREAT EVERYONE EQUAL…MONEY IS GREEN, NOT WHITE, BLACK OR BROWN.


D. Feier August 24, 2015 at 5:09 am

RE:JCP insiders- surveys are geared towards teenagers, and young women, clothing is flimsy, see thru and and not for older women . Older women are the ones with money to shop.You are ignoring these customers. We want attractive, stylish, age appropriate clothing.
Your moderators send generic emails all about how general your clothing surveys are.Actually my 4 year old granddaughter could handle grouping your items. I unsubscribed.You are loosing me as a customer because of the moderators uncaring attitude. I’m sure this does not matter to’s only one customer.I used to spend quite a bit
of money at Penney’s. It will go elsewhere now.


over heater customer August 20, 2015 at 3:50 am

Every time I shop at JC Penney’s in Coon Rapids , MN. Your store is so hot I sweat . Its summer time and if your want people to spend money in your store , you should lower your thermostat. I have spoke to different employees about this matter . They have said they hear many complaints and they still don’t change the temp in there. I would much rather shop at Kohls then walk out halfway through shopping to go home and shower because of all the slimy sweat from shopping in your store. After reading several of these comments , I see you have other stores with similar problems. If this is a corporate decision to set thermostat that high , you are making a huge mistake.


Mary Defever August 17, 2015 at 3:45 pm

How would you like to shop in a store with no air conditioning when it is 118 degrees
outside. The JCP’s store in Bullhead City has been without A/C for several days now.
I love your sales but who wants to shop in a store with no A/C. I do not know how the
employees who stay there for several hours can stand it. WHY DON’T YOU GET IT


Mise pasciak August 15, 2015 at 10:09 pm

Your Conroe Texas store is violating Texas state law by allowing Ericka to cut clients hair with a open razor with no Gaurd.There is a huge risk of the public getting Aids and or Hepititis C by exposing them to s used razor over and over on every male client.The manager knows this and does nothing and even the store manager Wesley gets his hair cut by her with a open razor.She does not have a barber license.


Mise pasciak August 15, 2015 at 10:04 pm

Also you need Cameras in your Salon .Irma had Two color syncs in her clear bag.Visablly visible yesterday on your security cameras.Your Conroe salon is being stole from by your Master stylists.Unless you do away with retaliation no one will speak up.


Disappointed August 15, 2015 at 8:59 pm

I work at JC Penney at Owings Mills Mall in Maryland. I am so disappointed in how things are managed. It’s not the way it used to be. The new managers are not qualified to do the job effectively. The new store manager does not dress professionally and she chews gum while she conducts the morning meetings. Some of the staff wear flip flops and do not dress according to jcp standards. It has definitely gone downhill. The evening people work after 11 pm when they are clearly scheduled until 10 or before and they are told they have to stay. I hope no one reports them to the Labor Board. Employees have children to pick up, catch the bus and some work early the next morning. There is no compassion or consideration for the employees. The store needs more help. It is my hope that JC Penney sends someone to the store that will bring us back to the quality store we once were.


Mise pasciak August 15, 2015 at 7:06 pm

I worked in the Salon in Conroe,Texas.I was told by a coworker (Trina) that I had an unfair advantage to build clients because I was white.Because of this I was unfairly targeted with a hostile work environment so I quit. This salon needs a manager that is there full time not two days a week.These people that work there do their own thing and treat customers terrible.Often ignoring them .They have Salons in their homes and take Jcpennys customers to their house.They only work there for the insurance.They shop in the store even when they are on the clock and don’t pay for their product charges or clock out when they get their hair done.Anyone new is treated horrible and forced to quit because of the hostile work environment.The scheduling with the computer system is insufficient and customers wait too long to scheduals appointments.A receptionist is needed.This is a prejudice place to work and the pay isn’t worth the trouble.This is the most unprofessional Salon I have ever worked for and I’ve done hair twenty six years.Jcpenny needs to get out of the Salon business and stick to selling clothes.They probably only have a Salon because they sell a lot of retail which I’ve seen retail deverters come in and buy large quantities of Paul Mitchell and Redlkin to break up packages to sell diverted product.They have no business in the Hair Industry.


Suzan Baker August 10, 2015 at 2:51 pm

There is no customer care on line or at the JC Penney store at Dadeland Mall, Miami, FL.
The “Customer Care’ line is always busy and the dolts on that line left me on hold for over an hour TWICE. They owe me a small credit of about $10 but I can’t find out the exact amount nor do I believe that JC Penney will send me a check instead of returning to a credit card. With any question you ask at the Corporate number they transfer you to Customer Care that has a wait time of 45+ MINUTES, then that put you on hold for 60+ minutes. Great company you got here, and former customer you have in me.


Patty August 9, 2015 at 10:20 am

On August 8th I visited the JCPenney store in LaCrosse WI where I had the pleasure of meeting a “Prince”. I don’t recall ever having dealt with an employee there that wasn’t helpful or polite but this young man completely made my day with just one sentence he said to me. I asked another employee for his name and she said Prince. I responded “How fitting! “. And even when she said his name I saw the genuine smile and respect she had for him as a coworker. If he has this kind of impact on 2 women that are from different generations then this young man is a keeper. I would guess Prince puts a smile on every shoppers face when they have the pleasure of talking to him. KUDOS JCPENNEY LaCrosse store for hiring him. Now I hope JCPENNEY LaCrosse recognizes him for his incredible customer service. He does more than return clothing to their place. He gives people a reason to smile and feel so wonderful even after their brief encounter with him. Thank You Prince for making my day so much more brighter!


Annoyed August 8, 2015 at 9:17 am

I’ve worked for the company for a little over a year now and we have recently got a new store manager. SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST! Since she started working in our store everything has gone down hill. It really says something about management when an entire department has started to quit! She treats us like we don’t matter and she harasses us when people have to call out. And on top of management stressing out the employees, the customers are no better! Many of the people who shop in my store are very rude and get angry when you try to explain to them that they can’t combine their coupons or that the item that they want is no longer in stock. I should not be getting screamed at over things that I have no control over. Then when we call a manger down the customer turns heir whole attitude around! It is an overall stressful environment and a crappy place to work especially if your store manager is a prick.


M. Fox August 7, 2015 at 3:31 pm

I have been shopping at JC Penny’s at the Richmond Mall in Cleveland Ohio since the mall opened in 1968. The quality of service along with the environment at this store has become horrible in the past few years. The staff is rude, disinterested and lazy, the dressing rooms are dirty and overall there is lack of respect for the customer. However, TODAY, I was in and every single person there was going overboard to ensure customer satisfaction. The dressing rooms were cleaner, the staff was smiling, helpful and bent over backwards for everyone who walked in. I knew something had to be going on and found out that the district manager and his staff were there, gee what a surprise. I called to talk to the district manager but of course he was not available, so I told the manager on duty how great everyone was today and that it would be nice if it would stay that way every day. Of course it won’t. Most of my friends and family stopped shopping there long ago because of how they are treated. Honestly this location needs to close down unless the district manager plans on visiting every day.


Anibal August 4, 2015 at 10:53 pm

Let me start of with ME no longer EVER shopping at JCPenney!!!!Let me start with all the drama and unprofessionalism that this chain of stores has.

I purchased an engagement ring and i sent it out for sizing, and came back 2 weeks after saying it couldnt be sized.
So i re purchased another one sent it out for sizing and comes back again 2 weeks after without being sized.
Why would they keep it 2 weeks without them doing anything?????
All my scheduled plans on certain dates were completely ruined because of miscommunication
(I still dont have my ring and its been 3 months almost since my first purchase!!!!!!! Reallly???? Ridicolous!!!!
To top it all off
they said they can not size the ring based on the structure of the ring.
why couldnt they inform me that the ring couldnt be sized to a specific size…why not inform your clients of something sooooooo important, it is not just a regular ring its an ENGAGEMENT RING!
This ring by the way is not a $100 ring it was over 2K.
so now who knows who is sizing it, apparently its a private jeweler.

But when it came to them selling it to me and charging me for it , they didnt hesitate for 1 second

I AM EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED,PIST, UPSET AND MORE THAN ANYTHING MY FIANCEE IS STILL WAITING FOR IT.. lets see how long they take now and by the way everytime I call to find out the progress they give me the run around.



Paula August 4, 2015 at 2:06 pm

I am trying to apply for an interior design job in Warwick, RI, but am unable to continue due to their SS# requirement. Having owned a business myself, I KNOW this is not required until the person actually has accepted the job. With all the security issues of today, it makes no sense to put out more information than necessary. I tried to find information online to phone someone, but it’s a nightmare trying to get through. I guess I’ll have to move on to another job. Too bad.


Carol August 12, 2015 at 7:53 am

Nowadays you have to put down your number as soon as possible. Too many people are faking the SS# and Penny’s isn’t the only store that is doing so; maybe in the corporate world they would wait until you are hired to get that number but not in the retail world where people come and go at a rapid rate of speed. Nobody seems to stay long in their jobs anymore and the corporation has to cover themselves that they are not hiring illegal people or the government will fine them.


Mike Thompson July 24, 2015 at 2:27 pm

I tried 3 times to search for items to purchase and the site stalled to load ads. I finally got to click on some purchases and when I went to sizes again a loading stall for ads. I went back to the order form and up popped a feed back form. Over and over pop ups. I gave up trying to order and closed off J..C..Penney. But after I did I found this site to let the company know why they lost a potential $400.00 order.
I purchased from catalogs for years from Penny’s and spent a good amount of money. 3 bedroom sets (over $1,800.00, 2 living room sets $1,000+ each, 14 window blinds and curtains (over $2,000), countless clothing purchases plus other items. Then the catalog stopped and I got local store offers. Since I am disabled visiting a store is not an option. So as a last resort I tried to order off the net. But that too failed to take my orders. I f Penny’s wants to stay in business, they should go back to valuing customers and go back to catalogs. Oh! And by the way fire the web site manager who creates these pop-ups.


Joan Herrmann July 22, 2015 at 10:19 pm

The computers in the Hair Salon at JCP that were recently replaced are for the birds. I have been a regular customer at the salon for several years. Accurate scheduling seems to be difficult. I have a set time every Friday each week to get my hair done. At times I have been scheduled for a different time than what it should be. A difference at times by a half an hour to an hour. Of course I have learned to pay attention on the receipt as to the time they indicate. I am told that there isn’t enough line space to put it down properly. I called today to let them know the receipt says 1:30 and it should be at 1:00. I was told by the hairdresser that if she tells me she will see me the following week at 1:00, that’s the time to be there. In talking with a few of the clients there, they report the same thing. What the heck kind of system is this anyway? Also, for the past few yrs. when the receptionist would call to confirm my appt. at times it was at the wrong time and I had to correct them. I thought once the new computers were installed and working, this would clear up the problem. Seems like it has gotten worse. I feel a new system would make it easier to be more accurate for all concerned – the employees & service to the clients. Would appreciate if someone would look into this and resolve this problem quickly. Thank you.


Concerned Person July 19, 2015 at 2:00 pm

I am a concerned person for all shoppers. The store in Burleson, Texas is very hot. Many customers leave because of it and I hear employees complain aboout it also. There has been times I havee seen customers leave their things just anywhere and leave saying they will not be back because they are uncomfortable in the hot store. I have also heard that there have been A/C units broke and not fixed, you need to understand happy customers buy things hot misreable do not. You should not make your employees work in it either because it is not good for them. Tell your store manager to get it fixed….


Diane July 18, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Used to shop at Penneys all the time when store carried a large line of Liz Claiborne and Jones of New York. Quality of items gone downhill.


Jennifer July 17, 2015 at 1:58 am

Stopped in your South Hill Mall location in Puyallup , Wa this evening , and noticed your jewelry department was having a sale going on . I browsed the jewelry department while a lady was behind one of the counters counting a register or something . I walked around and stopped here and there and she never looked up once . Finally I stopped in front of one of the jewelry cases and still no acknowledgement . Then I waited some more and even jiggled my keys a little as I put them in my purse and watched her walk from behind one counter to the one behind me with still no acknowledgement . It was as if I didn’t exist . She then began to fumble with something behind the other counter which was literally 3 ft from me and not even a look in my direction . Finally I just turned and walked away . Yes I could’ve said “Excuse me” or something to that effect , however being the customer I feel some sort of acknowledgement from her would’ve been appropriate . Thank you for your time .


florinda archie July 12, 2015 at 3:28 pm

I’m not loving the fact that I get harassed to obtain a jc penny card. I shop at jcpenney in Garden city New York all the time and I get approached all the time. I over heard a manager telling an employee she can fire him if he doesn’t get card because he’s bring down metrics……REALLY!!!!! Is that part of the Job description? Becarful of being sued!!


Amy Dugas July 8, 2015 at 11:30 pm

I am very tired of being harrassed in store0403. Mr. perkins ran down hall tearing papers off waal. he is ugly to everyone. calls you fat stupid,etc. ive been with the company 12 years yall are not about what penneys was. not family for sure. if you are really sick you get written up and fired! also, lyndzie the new salon leader is horried! We are down to 7 stylist. 2 are quiting and 1 is trying to get her stuff together to quit. yall dont care and dont do anything. even the supervizers are quiting. im done with all the ugly. i guess its time for me to move on too. denise the trainier doesnt have a clue. chastity the disstrict manager dosent even introduce herself. very ugly. she does not know how to run a salon the way it should be done


Frustrated enough July 21, 2015 at 5:42 pm

Oh my gosh our store manager is the same way she yells at us in front of customers and plain out degrades us


Frustrated enough July 8, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Our store is a wreck. Management sucks. We ask for help with go backs and we get laughed in the face. Store 1330 is a wreck!! Who keeps their employees until almost midnight!! Never have i seen this store as bad as it is now!


D Richardson July 5, 2015 at 6:49 pm

Bought the most beautiful comforter I have ever owned a little over a year ago. I don’t wash it due to the fact that I always use a flat sheet between me and the comforter and it is way too big and heavy for my washer. Well, I finally read the tag that said use a commercial washer with adequate space and wash in cold water. My daughter and I took it to the laundry mat around the corner, paid like nine dollars to wash it and the beautiful stitching is now all loose and tattered. I was so upset I almost cried at the laundry mat. I brought it home wet because I did not want any more damage and hung it over my laundry pole in my laundry room to dry. I want to use it again this winter but its just not going to be the same. I paid a little over a hundred dollars for this comforter and I got to tell you I am almost afraid to buy another from jcpenney.


candis July 3, 2015 at 5:20 pm

Had the very best experience with yall in the past 2 days due to 1 employee in particular…Alicia at the store at promanade mall in tulsa ok deserves a raise and a huge pat on the back. She has been so helpful and so precious to me…and others I saw her interact with. I’m in customer service myself and wish I had the patience and understanding she has had with me! You have definitely struck gold with her and I just hope she can be acknowledged for her amazing ways with people….


Ayshirah Prince July 1, 2015 at 12:18 pm

I am beyond posed right now. I have had 3 orders messed up by JCPenney. The first one they sent me the wrong size, I ordered a 6 tall and they sent me a 6 petite. Then when I returned it and got a refund I never received my refund. I waited more than 10 days to see if the refund would show up and it never did. I ended up having to go to the store again only to have them try to resend the refund. After a long wait I finally got my refund. The next order I had I ordered some uniform shirts for my son, he needed navy blue shirt. I placed an order for 4 navy blue shirts and instead of blue they sent all white shirt. I had to spend over an hour would be associate trying to reorder while my child nagged and was very upset because he was hungry and ready to go. The most recent order which I ordered on June 13th was a pair of shoes that they had in the store but Online they were $10 cheaper. The associate in the store refuse to give me the shoes right then and there for the online price, she said that I had to order them if I wanted the lower price. So I ordered them and used a coupon and my JCPenney rewards on these shoes. I went to the store to check to make sure they were there twice and both times they weren’t there. I went online and check the status this morning and it said that it was cancelled. I got absolutely no notification that my order was canceled. I hadn’t even gotten a refund. I called customer service and the woman said that I had to go back to the store. I went to the store and they couldn’t even find the order in their system they ended up calling back customer service only to have customer service order the shoes once again. I don’t understand why they couldn’t do that in the first place. I have made several unnecessary trips to JCPenney because of orders gone wrong. All three of these wrong orders are the only three orders that I placed in a 3 month span and every single one of them were wrong. I feel like I should be sending JCPenney a bill for gas and my time because of all of the unnecessary trip that I have had to make. I will never order anything from jcpenney online again. I was once an associate at this very same store years ago and the service has gone down tremendously.


Unhappy Employee June 23, 2015 at 11:54 am

As a current employee in JcPenny in jersey city i am highly unhappy. For one during this blazing heat of summer 2015 we do not have a working air conditioner. Even though this matter has been brought to the attention of the managers, nothing has been done about this problem. There has been workers to the store to fixed the air conditioner and they have been unsuccessful. Currently i am 7 1/2 months pregnant and i am forced to work under these poor conditions. It is too hot for the store to remain open during these times. Something needs to be done or i will seek further action. I have made a complaint to the power line and still nothing has been done. If something is to happen to me or my child due to the carelessness of JcPenny, they will be responsible.


Linda Huntley June 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm

Penney’s furniture support should be renamed “lack of support.” I purchased a leather couch and loveseat from Penney’s that was delivered May 20. To get through to their support line I had to get up at 6am because the wait at all normal times was longer than 20 minutes. WhenI finally did get through they told me an inspector would call and schedule and appointment. That appointment is June 30. This is an incredibly long wait and it is only the beginning.

Needless to say, I will never buy furniture at J.C. Penny’s ever again.


John June 17, 2015 at 12:55 pm

I have been a Penneys charge card holder since 1959. Back then, shopping was easy, you got what you paid for. Quality products were sold and you only had to purchase what you needed. Now you have to purchase two items to get a 50 percent discount, even if you only needed one item.That super deal, as Penneys would like you to think, really is the same as 25 percent off of the item you wanted. Before the big shift, and firing, I could shop at my local Penneys and the clerk, who had several years at my store, would give me the 25 percent savings for one item. She commented that if you only needed six pairs of the item, why would you need twelve just to get the ” buy one and get 50% off the second.” I really don’t feel that I’m alone in this feeling, no wonder Our JC Penney is having problems. Let the customers choose what and how many items they want to purchase.


Theresa June 15, 2015 at 3:31 pm

i am a faithful jcpenney shopper! I always pay my Bill on time and I am not shy about spending money! However I’m furious! I went to the salon at my local jcpenney store and was charged $32 for a trim…no wash, no style, no cut….she literally grazed my edges with her scissors. It took her 10 minutes! Why does that cost $32? I will NEVER be back!


Karen Howard June 8, 2015 at 3:58 pm

I have been a JC Penney customer for years. I have used the custom decorating services in our previous home, so I decided to contact JC Penney to purchase blinds for the kitchen in our new home. Well approximately 2 years ago we had several blinds installed in our kitchen (lots of windows). Since then, two blinds have broken. Last year, one broke and I had to pay a trip charge of $85.00 to have someone come to repair it. Unfortunately, it had to be removed and weeks later (and several calls to the store) I finally got the blind installed. The regular installers were unavailable, so the sales consultant installed it, but in the process tore the blind. A couple of weeks later, someone came to remove it for repair, and a few weeks after that, it was properly installed. Seeing how we have no children at home, my husband and I are the only ones operating the blinds, so I thought surely we would have no more problems with them breaking. Well, weeks ago, a second blind broke when I attempted to pull it down. When I contacted JC Penney to repair it, I was charged another $85. trip charge. At this point, I was pretty disgusted and just wanted the blind repaired. After calling JCPenney several times leaving messages with the custom decorating department, my sales consultant contacted me. She sent an installer to get the broken blind. I waited about 10 days to hear from someone concerning the status of the blind, but no one contacted me. When I finally reached someone at the decorating department, I was told they didn’t know where the blind was and would have my sales consultant contact me. Shortly after the call, I was contacted only to be told, they couldn’t locate it, but someone would call me back. That was about 5 days ago, so I called and left a message with the decorating department.
I don’t typically write complaints about services I receive, but this is completely unacceptable. To date, I still don’t have my blind or a phone call indicating when I will receive it.
I would greatly appreciate someone contacting me to resolve this situation. also, in the event another blind breaks, that I am not charged an $85.00 trip charge for a poorly designed product.

Thank you for your help.
Karen Howard, Douglasville, Georgia


Dan S. June 2, 2015 at 12:38 pm

I have shopped at Penneys for several years for my clothing needs. As a former employee the discount I received made it worth shopping there. However, I must say that your mens Big & Tall table is sadly pathetic. Why not just get rid of it completely and use that floor space for more cost effective purposes, like catering even further to the Short & Skinnies? Finding a T-shirt in size 6X is great – if I weighed 500 pounds. And a shirt that reaches my knees wouldn’t be so bad if my knees were closer to my ankles. I am just tall enough and just heavy enough that “normal” sizes don’t fit me yet not quite “Big & Tall” enough to shop in your clown clothes department.

How about making a B&T department that can actuall meet the needs of the B&T customer? A rack of beer-logo t-shirts, and a few random (and quite frankly, ugly) “dress” shirts does not constitute a B&T department. Try putting a little effort and thought into what you are presenting to ALL of your customers. Why make a B&T department that is ineffective, uses your valuable floor space, takes employee time, frustrates customers and drives them away? If you are going to use your floor space, do something with it to maximize your return on investment.

In case you havent noticed, American men (in general) are bigger and taller then they were 50 years ago.


L. Conell May 30, 2015 at 8:29 pm

I am familiar with the JcPenney in Pineville NC. This is the worst case of disrespect I’ve ever come across from a management team. Not all the managers are disrespectful but if they aren’t making sarcastic comments they are coming at you sideways with some deceitful comments. My HR manager and her snitch crew are the worst. If she doesn’t like you or you can’t get along with members of her clique she will manipulative by cutting your hours or “professionally” not speak to you,the whole store knows it they even joke about it by saying don’t get on her bad side you may not have any hours next week. Great way to handle issues hr manager. There are members of our management team who allowed to speak to associates with sinical remarks, do whatever they want like sit up hanging out in her office for hours. She tells employees to spy on employees she not a fan of and report back to her. I know because I’ve been told by some of those same employees that they were told to spy on even me and report back to her, but they confessed to me when they realized all I was doing was my job and they didn’t have a bad report to go to her with. And the so called neighborhood watch untitled supervisor, I am scared of her she tells you to do something and when you get confronted about it she recants her words or pins associates against each other in what she calls ” just knowing the right words to say. It is ridiculous the underlying manipulative ways that things are handled it this store. I am concerned for my store manager because I feel like if something was to go down the hr manager would let her take the fall. I think she’s much smarter than that though. But as far as the undermining goes every dog has its day


Kathy C May 28, 2015 at 7:42 pm

Just wanted to let JC Penney know that I am very disappointed that you do not carry plus size clothes in some of your stores. I never go to our JC Penney store in Connersville Indiana or Richmond Indiana for this reason. I used to be a very good customer. I would stop in about once a week to look at clothes. I have not been to the store in my town for about 2 years. If I want to buy plus size I have to travel 60 miles to an Indianapolis store. I will not order clothes without trying them on. I really like your clothes and have bought clothes when I’m in Indy but feel it is not right to not carry them in all your stores. Besides a Walmart and a Label Shopper store we have no where else to buy clothes. It’s very sad that you do not think plus size women are deserving to shop at some of your stores. Just wanted you to know you would have the customers if you would just carry the products we need and want. Thank you for your time.


Kelly Winston May 25, 2015 at 10:17 pm

The employee Nicki at the JCPenney in Winchester VA was very rude and unprofessional. Foul language amongst employees chatting on the floor doesn’t look good for business. She never acknowledged me and she was in the department. I’ll tell you I’m just appalled and wondering where the customer service went. Maybe re-evaluate your disgusting employees. Until then I won’t buy the nice clothes in your trashy store.


Jane May 14, 2015 at 2:04 am

I was recently employed by JC Penney Co. in Flagstaff, AZ about April 29, 2015. I trained for a short time and was assigned to the Fine Jewelry Dept. It was stressed upon new workers in this dept. that this is the bread and butter of the company, and if we did not do well, we would be reassigned to a regular cash register dept. Kim Davis, the Human Resources Director, told this to us I was also told that before this happened, I would be given coaching to do a better job.

I was given just two weeks to get all the information and procedures down and we were let go alone on the floor. I was to take care of 4 counter areas with 3 registers and a main till to replenish money change for the other depts. We were to make sure we asked all customers if they wished to pay on their JCP credit card or apply for one. We also were to ask and ask and ask and to make sure that we had private information if the person wished to give it, so that we could call them to draw them back into the store to buy more items in Fine Jewelry. We were to discourage (psychologically) to nicely try to make people want to use their JCP card or open up a new JCP account, and not to use any other type of payment. We were also to push Care Plans to up the money amount customers would pay for their jewelry. We were also to know everything about the Fine Jewelry dept. operations and were not shown how to perform a customer credit application, or how to make sure we really knew the register’s full functions for returns/add care plans, etc. I was expected after only two weeks to know the opening and closing of the dept. explicitly, but I was not given a chance. When I would call over the radio or phone for a manger’s help, many times, no one would show up after several calls. So I would lose sales by not having any assistance when the cash register would freeze up.

Hilary, the manager of this store, pulled me in her office on 5/13/15 to let me know that they felt that I was overwhelmed by the Fine Jewelry dept. and that that had to let me go, after the human resource manager stated at least two times that I would be given a new area to work in where I felt would not be as difficult to manage as Fine Jewelry is, or else given coaching to help me where I was, I received none of this or any warnings that my job was coming to an end. It was also expressed that an associate had to get at least 2 approved applications a week because the store has to make money, but I was told I would be placed in another dept. if I was having trouble or given coaching to help me-which none of this was given to me. I was told this day, 5/13/15, that they don’t have any other openings to offer me, even though I found 4 job listings open for this particular store on line.

I explained my documented disability with a “cognitive delay”. I did not explain it before, as I was hoping to just get a regular cashier position, not a complex area such as Fine Jewelry, which is the hot spot to make money for the store. At the interview, I was asked if I would like to work in FJ and make calls to people, I said yes, as I did not know how complex the whole situation would be and extremely stressful. I asked if I could only work 20 hours a week, but the management told me that it would likely be 6 hours a day or 26 hours a week. I did now know how stressful it would be and how hard it is to catch on to an area where management comes up constantly to remind you to make more and more money or you will be moved.

Again, I explained to the Manager, Hilary, on 5/13/15, that I could work in this dept. until a new job came up, but they did not even want to do this considering I had a disability—money was their only motive, which I am finding out is what retail is more interested in. They did teach us at JC Penney, that the founder, James Cash Penney had the golden rule when he started the store, this is, and “to treat everyone as you would want to be treated.” I guess since I was only an employee that I must have been exempt from this treatment since I have a disability. They could have kept me on until a new position opened up and gave me a chance to really learn the system in a less challenging dept. So I was not treated the way they say to treat people. They are hypocrites in this sense and I feel that I was discriminated against. They told me they would try to “coach me” to try to help me do better in the FJ Dept. or else move me to another dept., which they never did and never gave me a chance, so I believe that they discriminated against me once they knew I had a disability and did not try to give me another chance to do a better job. Once they knew I had a disability and I asked to stay on until another job opened up, they did not want me around. I was not given a chance because they do not want a person with a mental disability on their hands. This is plain discrimination as I was not “coached” to do better, or even given a chance to do better after I explained my documented disability.

I filed a discrimination claim against them because they could have made an attempt to help me do better, and really learn the system with reasonable accommodation. They just wanted me out because I have a mental disability. This has been a documented since 2004 by AZ Vocational Rehabilitation Office in Flagstaff, and by my physician, Dr. Harold Figueroa.

I do not want to work with them, but I believe I should be given a monetary amount for discriminating against (me) and people with mental disabilities, who ask for help and are given false statements because it is convenient for them to get rid of disabled people who could not job well within less than two weeks, and only on 20 hours a week, and given false hope to have a job with the company.


Todd May 14, 2015 at 2:17 am

Man, I can really relate to the comments you made. I was employed by a Penny’s store this year, and told them about my disability, that has to do with my ability to function, but I can still handle a job–the right job where I am given some leeway to learn the job, and then I can do a great job! As soon as they knew about my problem, the managers would constantly be hovering around me and pointing out all the mistakes I was making. They did in fact tell me that they were going to give me “reasonable accommodation” for my disability that is also documented, but that was never realized. I am smart and I can do a good job, but not under the hovering eyes and snyed remarks I received daily from the managers. It was like they just could not wait to get rid of me. I was out within less than 2 weeks, so how could i learn anything. I may file an equal opportunity claim against them too. That is no way to treat a person with a disability who can do the job, it is against the law.

I sure hope you end up with a whopping sum of money, maybe that will teach this greedy, and indifferent, and uncaring, and neglectful company to treat all people with respect, not only just those with disabilities, but especially those with disabilities asking for a reasonable chance to do a job. You go girl. Teach them a lesson and get lots of money out of the greedy company. I am not shopping there either and I am telling everybody I know.


Todd May 18, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Todd, it is in one way nice to know that they are equal opportunity offenders of people with disabilities, and total hypocrites. This must come from the corporate offices, most places don’t want to have to deal with a disabled person because they will lose money, or they just don’t want to deal with them. As you said, this is against the law.

I filed the EEOC complaint the day they told me to leave. The manager (ha-Ha), got really excited when I told her that I had a disability and what it was. Like you, I can hold down a job, with the same type of reasonable accommodation. I guess two weeks is their time limit to deal with anyone. Back to the manager, she bust out with, “Well that is the first time I have heard of it (my disability)”. I did not want to tell them as I have been counseled by Disability counselors not to state what my disability is as they will usually find a reason to get rid of you. I guess she thought I was not telling the truth.

I know the feeling your felt. But I dis ask to be placed in a different area not so complex. They even said as I mentioned 20 times in my posting, that they said they would put me in another area if Fine Jewelry did not work. I trusted those people! You had it harder as they were constantly breathing down your neck, and that must have been horrible. You could probably not learn your job, because the stress of dealing with their surveillance was like a vulture ready to go in for the kill. I am so sorry you went through that. I was even suicidal after that and a police officer came to my home to do a welfare check. I guess since they have their jobs, they don’t need to practice what they preach about the Golden Rule Mr. James Cash Penny started. What a smear on his name.

I am not a money hungry person. As my mom jokingly says, I am not greedy, just needy.
It would be good to see something happen in a disciplinary manner for this store, but who knows, stores like this don’t give a rat’s behind about how they treat people and treating people nice just means their customers, not their staff too. They talk out of both side of their mouth, giving you the words you want to hear and then ripping off the customer and the staff.

I hope you are able to get a good job with people who will give you a chance and I pray you do as you sound like a responsible person who just wants to work to make a decent living and give to others.
Thanks for the support!



Palma Armstrong May 8, 2015 at 1:20 pm

Hi, I was hoping that this letter would get you your buyer in the Home Department. I have written several letters to your stores online, chatted with your workers online also, of JCP online and called and talked to your cashiers, hoping that they would get the message to your buyers. There were so many changes in your products. I am looking for the Acrylic Thermal Blankets that you carried for years and years, they came in many colors and sizes. They were not expensive, I have looked and looked for several years for them, I have talked to many online people that also were looking for the same blanket that I am, I am not sure if you realized how many customers you have that want this blanket also. Its perfect weight and weave for year around cover. Please I beg of you to find this blanket and bring it back to your stores. Or could I have the buyer that you bought it from, probably from China ? Anyway please respond, I let me know if this gets to your buyers.
Sincerely, Palma Armstrong


Terry Fuller May 5, 2015 at 10:40 pm

On today I paid a visit to your Lewisville Texas location to purchase some items and while in the first department I made my purchase without any problem but when I went to second department, after paying for my purchase cashier was not able to supply me with a store receipt and since I’m a young black male I did not wait to take the risk of getting stopped by security and being ask to see my receipt and not be able to render him a receipt for my purchase and dealing with what could happen, so I waited, and waited, and waited, and then waited and then after over a 30 minute wait a person from another department handed me a two (2) page receipt for my purchase and since I was already late going back to work due to this issue, I ask if they could compensate for the issue that I had just experienced and was not compensated, this is the reason why I decided to mail you on this issue. I thought maybe at the least a $20.00 gift card to your store would be a professional business offer, but I guess I was wrong.
I will allow you to correct a wrong in this most pressing matter.
I do thank you in advance for your attention and resolve of this situation at hand.
Terry Fuller
Cc: 4
Both receipt will reflex the time span of both transactions.



Robert and Karen Traquair May 4, 2015 at 5:06 pm

My husband and I purchased our wedding rings at your Rolla Missouri store in Feburary 2015. His ring had to be sized so after waiting 2 weeks for it to come in we picked it up and while on our honeymoon 3 diamonds fell out. We took it back April 6th, it was finally return to the store the 17th of April, guess what overnight another diamond fell out. We promptly took it back the next day only to be told today May 4 that it won’t be back for and 5/7 days. Seriously?? Where is the customer service on junk jewelry? I’m so mad! This is stupid! My new husband can’t wear his wedding band because it’s in the repair shop for the last month. We trusted your company and feel ripped off. Won’t buy another piece of jewelry from you again!


Susan Duncan May 4, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I am very disappointed in the new arrangement that you have with Sephora. I received a Sephora Gift Card for my birthday and went to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall store to spend it, only to be told that I had to take it to a JC Penney store. The nearest Penney’s is north of my home. So, the next Saturday I traveled there to find that the Sephora store had not opened yet. I made ANOTHER trip this past Sunday with my list and nothing, I repeat, nothing I needed was in that Sephora store. So here’s my suggestion: a Sephora card should be honored at any Sephora store. I have sent a similar email to Sephora. This was poor planning on someone’s part.


Ramonica Hockett May 4, 2015 at 11:07 am

Good morning I am a JCP shopper here in benton harbor michigan. This is a complaint about rude management in this store. I was shopping on 5/03/15 and ran across a friend that works there we were having a short conversation and all of a sudden a sales floor manager I am assuming by the name of Julie appears very rudely an unprofessional “hey Archie are you working or on the clock ” Archie replies yes why slowly walking to her. Julie replies at all times yelling in a nasty tone because there’s a guy doing suspicious activity over there as she points in his direction. Now I’m not sure how JCP train, select, or observe their managers but how Ms. Julie handled the situation she could have never been on my team nor could I have ever worked for her. I have managed for years if you treat your workers right you would get outstanding results from them. If you try to humiliate or belittle them you will receive trashy results. Now as I’m the shopper she never nowledge me as she approach rudely and shared information that I didn’t need to know. The respectable way was to say excuse me Archie can I talk with you.


Ron crouch Sr May 3, 2015 at 2:34 pm

JC Penny’s policy on defective mattress sucks the big one. We bought a sealy posture pedis king size mattress on 7-5-2013. I have had numerous major back surgeries over the last 20 years, I thought this would be a good mattress. But by February 14 2014 the mattress had broken down and was inspected by the inspector. So we had it replaced thinking that it was just a bad mattress. But by December this mattress was broken down again. We called the furniture repair line again, they took the info and said some will call to set up an inspection. We call the furniture repair line numerous time to set up an appointment and nothing was done, we had to get upset on the phone for them to set an inspection. So we had appointment about 4 weeks away because the inspector is only in our area on Tuesdays. On the day of the inspection, after we took everything off our bed, we get a phone call saying they will not be able to make the appointment. So we call the furniture repair line again for an inspection appointment finally got an inspector to show up in March, he said the mattress and box springs are bad. So we call the furniture repair line again, they said they have replaced it already but we have the choice of a credit or replacement of the mattress. So we went down to the store and looked at mattresses, and found out that there was the same mattress but firmer. We were told that we would have to buy it first, then be credited for after the exchange. I don’t understand why can’t you deliver the new firmer mattress at the same time of picking up the old one. We explained that we charged it on the JC Penny card and there is not enough credit to do that. We were told that’s not our problem. So we said do we call and get a new mattress every year because the mattress breaks down? We were told you have to do what you have to do. So we ordered a new but same mattress and was told it would be delivered on April 30th. However after again stripping our bed for the delivery, we called Penny’s again as no one ever showed up. We were told they didn’t even have our name down for delivery! We have now been told the mattress and box springs will be delivered on May 5th. We have NO CONFIDENCE this will actually occur and expect we will have to make yet another phone call next week!


Paulino Caudillo May 2, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Good evening me and my wife wear shopping for rings for out wedding well long story short when we decided to buy her ring it needed to be resized for her and we where told it would take a couple of weeks well it went from a couple to three weeks plus, and now we took the ring back because one of the diamonds fell out and was bent a little on the bottom of the ring and again we where told a couple of weeks. Well on 5/1/2015 I called to check the status and I was told that the person who helped me when we went to the store would call me back I made the call around noon or so well I forgot about it until my wife got home around 5 P.M so I called back and I did speak to the salesperson who did the paperwork and she told me to hold because she had to talk to the manager about it and I said to her “you told me that earlier and now its 5 and now you want to go ask the manager. She put me on hold and when she got back on the phone she said that the shipment had gotten delayed and then said the diamond had to be ordered because they did not have it. So I said to her why would you have not called to let us know what was going on and I was very upset and asked to speak to the manager and she said ok back on hold when she came back on she said the manager was busy and could not come to phone but while I was asking her questions the manager was responding to everything I and my wife was asking but would never get the phone. So the manager said to my wife that she hopes it will be there thursday. But why did the manager not get the phone or get our number and give us a call back. Can some one please call the manager at the Boynton Beach Mall in Boynton Beach, Fl and find out why was she so rude and not talk to buyer.


E Jaworski April 30, 2015 at 6:15 pm

I would like to address the issue of NOT receiving any mailings. I sent this problem to you
starting in Spring 2014. I had qualified to become a Platinum Card holder in Dec 2013 & was to receive Special Promos All mailings stopped. My responses were:
8/8/14 Assured address in Franklin- Not ALL Mailings go to ALL customers.
8/22/14 Not on mailing list- Jenny
8/27/14 Signed up in ALL Promotional Mailings- ALL Sections – Robb
09/17/14 MY mailings were going to another Customers address in Greendale- Jennifer
09/25/14 First name missing from database- Suppression to stop mail was entered 06/01/14? Reactivated 09/16/14???? Mail will be coming. Dorene
The last mail received was my Birthday Coupon in Aug 2014. Not ONE mailing thru the Holidays or This Year. I would like to know WHY?
Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate your feedback and value you as a customer.
I show you updated in our mailing system on 3/23/2015. This is the only list available to us. If you need further assistance, please contact:
JCPenney Corporate Customer Relations
Cheryl B


carvetta jewell-gary April 29, 2015 at 5:42 pm

I am very disappointed with the way online orders are handle. I ordered 2 dresses on last Thursday the 23rd and paid for 2 to 3 day delivery. My confirmation email stated that the expected delivery date will be the 29th. I didn’t receive the dresses and when I called customer service to see what happened, I was told that my order had just been shipped out this morning. I am very upset because I need the dress for my daughtet to wear to my son wedding on Friday. Now she doesn’t have a dress. I will no longer shop at JC Penney because this is not right. I should have been contacted if there was a issue with the order.


Ram Paudel April 27, 2015 at 11:37 am


Subject; Requesting for Help – Earthquake Victims Families in Nepal

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would kindly like to request you to help with any kind of help to save life of Earthquake Victims families in Nepal on this critical time.

I would really appreciate if you could help with

Would appreciate your kind response

Kind Regards

Ram Paudel

San Francisco CA


Email: ram****


merle Davis April 18, 2015 at 7:34 pm

Last week I took my adult son to the J.CPenney at the Rim shopping center in San Antonio TEXAS.While I went to the womens section he went to the mens shoe department, found a pair and while checking the fit in the mens dressing room decided they were the onse he wanted.He texted me to say he had found a pair and was going to wear them since we were headed to dinner after shopping.As he left the dressing room a man was standing right in front of the dressing room door and asked my son”are you buying those?”He told him yes he was and the man asked him where are your old shoes?” My son was a little startled at how rude the man was being, but he told him he had them in the box.The man then told him, I need to walk you to the front registers so you can pay.I was still shopping in the womens section when my son sent me the text message telling me what happened, he asked the cashier who the man was and was told it was the mens department supervisor. How does Penneys expect to keep loyal customers when they treat them like criminals?Ive worked retail for over 38 years as sales floor help all the way up to store manager and let me tell you if any of my associates had EVER treated a customer that way they would be gone, especially a supervisor who is held to a higher accountability for their actions. How very rude of this man and shame on J.C.Penneys for having anyone like that representing them.


Wendy S May 9, 2015 at 4:11 pm

Your son was in the wrong….you don’t wear the shoes around the store before buying them. What if did that, then after scuffing them up, decided he didn’t like the way they felt? Then the store is out. Plus it doesn’t look right


Michelle anderson April 18, 2015 at 3:26 am

so. last year i bought an arizona tshirt for my son. its his favorite vneck shirt. this year he decided it was so much his favorite shirt that he requested an even number of each red black white and grey only in one style one brand of this shirt. 6 of each. i made it up to 5 of each with the sale. that is a lot of shirts. he also requested i remove the sticker and the price tag for him from all 20 or more shirts. that was not fun.
he likes to wear new clothes directly from the store in new condition. he put one of his new shirts on yesterday. said it was too hot and not very comfortable fabric.
we looked in the new shirts. every single darned one of them said made in india. and 100 percent cotton.
his favorite shirt sat in his closet, arizona. same color red. same name in the shirt. but it did not say 100 percent cotton. it did not say india.
thank you jcpenney for wasting our hundred dollars. and for now the need to return all the shirts and start over.
his favorite shirt same style color and brand, says cotton and polyester, a more comfortable fabric and lighterweight so not as hot as the new ones that are hundred percent cotton.
and they say made in india…his old favorite shirt says made in indonesia.

why did you change the shirts and not inform customers. either way. i have the receipt. i have the tags. and i have the whole stack of shirts.

i purchased crackers from a dollar store in town. not far from the mall where your shirts were purchased. i opened the crackers, they smelled like sweat and dirt. i didnt notice the smell in the container til after popping a small cracker in my mouth. it burned my mouth. i spit it out. it burned for a good ten minutes before i could get something to drink. it was plain wheat crackers. i went back to that dollar store. they said i could not return the crackers due to having opened them. they too were made in india.

please bring back the material from indonesia that is more comfortable for the favorite arizona vnecks in a lighterweight material that is softer than the heavy lesser quality hundred percent cotton made in india….so far i have had two products from india. both have been a big failure.

question now is where do i find partial cotton and polyester arizona tshirts made in indonesia with the arizona style and brand name in them….nowhere unless jcpenny has a supply of them somewhere in last years orders that we could swap out.? i would hope so!


Carol S April 15, 2015 at 6:17 pm

I purchased a Silver Diamond Band on 9/21/2014 from the Coliseum Drive Store in Hampton Va. The ring after a couple weeks tarnish and I had it cleaned in the store. I thought the problem was solve. Then several weeks more it happen again ,this time I had it send out. I purchased the extended service plan.They keep the ring for about a month. I had the ring about another 3 weeks when it tarnished again. I was told by one of the sales person that my body chemistry is causing the problem. So when it happen the third time I ask for them to buy it back. I went to pick up my other ring which I have had issues with that one also. I was given the ring back, I ask the salesperson why she was returning the ring back. She that it couldn’t be brought back because it was fixable. I left the ring at the store and requested to speak with a manager. That has been about 3 weeks now and they still have the ring. So I called the service plan provider and ask them why they wouldn’t buy the ring back since it will always tarnish on my finger according to them and the salesperson. I was told my the rep on the phone that they don’t buy back the ring that I would have to talk to JCP about that. I did and asked for my money back. I was told that the purchase date was greater than 30 days. I told her that was true because I have been getting the ring fixed over and over again. If I had know all this I would have ask for the refund back. However I was lead to believe that the ring could be brought back. The ring in my opinion is not fixable since it continue to tarnish on my finger and I will have continue to have it polish until forever.I just want this nightmare to end.


William Adams April 13, 2015 at 9:30 am

I hope everyone here has a better experience than I have had trying to order and receive furniture from JCP.

On 3/21/2015 I order a Kitchen Table with 4 chairs as well as an additional 2 chairs for a total of 6 chairs.

On 3/24/2015 I received notification my order on the way.

On Thursday 4/02/2015 I received a call from the carrier letting me know they would deliver my new kitchen table and chairs the next day between 2 and 6 PM.

On Friday 4/03/2015 a little before 2:00 PM I took apart my existing table and move it along with chairs.

– At 4:29 PM I received a call from a driver at the carrier company saying the driver for my furniture was out sick and they wouldn’t deliver that day. I requested he have a Supervisor call me since I was having a birthday party at 6:39 for my grandchild and had NO kitchen table. He said he would.
– At 5:03 PM since I hadn’t heard from anyone I called the carrier company dispatcher who told me she hadn’t heard from any of her drivers that day, would do some checking and call me right back with a status.
– At 5:45 I gave up waiting and spent more time putting my old table back together for the party.

On Monday morning I called the carrier and was told they would deliver that day between 11:00 and 3:00.

– At 11:20 I received a call from my wife saying the table didn’t have any legs so I told her to send it all, including chairs back.
– At 11:11:52 I finally got thru to JCP furniture call prompt .. took 12 minutes to get a live body.
– They checked and said I could get the order delivered that Saturday 4/11/2015.

On Thursday 4/9/2015 I received a call from the carrier stating they didn’t deliver on Saturdays so it would have to be the flowing Monday.

– I called JCP at 2:50 pm and asked what was going on. After spending several minutes checking I was informed JCP made a mistake and that particular carrier didn’t deliver on Saturdays and the could have it delivered Monday 4/13/2015.
– Since I had already been promised 3 previous dates, 2 which the carrier couldn’t make and one where the table had no legs making it useless as well as completely disabled and then put back together my existing table once I asked about any compensation.
– I was told I would get compensation but they wouldn’t tell me how much. When I told them I needed to know to see if my wife thought it was enough to justify a 4th try I was informed they could tell me before it was delivered because it was company policy.

I then thought no table was worth this kind of hassle and CANCELLED my order.

On a side note .. I just received my JCP bill and the $1,200 for the kitchen table/chairs are on there.

Reasons I will never order from JCP again.

JCP uses a delivery company which was very unprofessional.

– Why would a driver call and say another driver was sick? Shouldn’t that call have been made from the dispatcher?
– How can the dispatcher from a professional company tell me after 5:00 PM she didn’t know what was going on and she hadn’t heard from any of their drivers that day.
– When the dispatcher assured me she would find out what was going on and call me back why did she wait until Monday. At the very least a professional company’s dispatcher would have called me back if for no other reason than to let me know since it was after 5:00 PM on a Friday she wasn’t able to get hold of anyone and it would be Monday before she would know something.
– I would also like to know if the driver got sick on the Job or called in sick and they waited until 4:29 PM to let me know.

The fact JCP scheduled a Saturday delivery for a carrier they use that doesn’t deliver on Saturdays tells me a lot about JCP’s database of carriers. This is 2015 NOT 1990. Having a database of carriers and when they make deliveries is real simple for most companies in this day and age.

JCP Policy’s on not letting the customer know what kind of compensation they are willing to give until AFTER the furniture has been delivered makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

If they said they would credit me say $50 for the furniture which I still didn’t have after 3 tries I would have said no thank you.

However, if they said they would credit me say $150 for the furniture which I still didn’t have after 3 tries I would have asked my wife if $150 was worth her trying one more time.

Just saying I would like the compensation, especially after trying 3 times which included taking my existing table apart and then reassembling it in a rush, makes me think they are used to dealing with idiots or very naïve customers.

Of course when you think about it, how naïve do you have to be to order furniture on line, site unseen, based on the quality and service you used to get from JCP.

Just my 2 cents on my experience ordering from JCP.


Jesse Cowdrey April 11, 2015 at 6:43 pm

I went back to your store a few years back and JCP was under many changes. I loved the new merch, pricing without gimmicks and customer service was fantastic. Went back often and I told everyone how great it was to shop at JCP now and how it has changed. Others went and loved it. Well I was there today and it looks like you went back to your same tired products and customer service was rude and slow. I usually shop online with you but had noticed options had become terrible online for JCP. This is what prompted me to come in today. I think I am done and I have heard this from others.. So sorry you went back to your old mess and didn’t give a good thing time to catch on. It does take time.


Maryjo kelly April 8, 2015 at 9:28 am

As a stylist at the Jcp salon for the last eight years i now have to complain about the computer system and booking process . It now takes 10 min to book appointments for my clients. It is no longer easy to check clients in and out as the process is difficult and time consuming . Clients are upset that the majority of the time there is no receptionist. Yet the company pushes client building . How is someone supposed to call and set up an appt , and sit on the phone for ten minutes while the appt is being booked? Corporate will not give our salon more receptionist hours yet we are supposed to build? Mistakes are made bc of the lack of receptionists and I am forced to cut my own pay bc I have to discount my services bc clients are waiting and unhappy! Managers are forced to go thru the trash to do orders and it has been so time consuming that they cannot focus on the jobs that need to b done! I don’t believe that people who have worked In the salon business thought of this . I reccomend that these things are brought to attention because the company is loosing valuable clients and employees as it is more stressful than ever


Gayle Hernandez April 4, 2015 at 3:42 pm

My daughter went to work for JC Penney in McAlister OK and was to get her first check on Wednesday by direct Deposit. She stopped on her way to work and put gas in her car to make the 30 mile trip to work and discovered her check had to been deposited. When she got to work she talked to her Manager and was told that since she was new her check would come in the form of a paper check. She was told she would have it Thursday. She didn’t receive her pay and was told it would be Friday, then Saturday. Then proceeded to ask her to work more hours and when she said she wasn’t sure if she should since she hasn’t been paid they told her they would have to cut her hours and said the Weather caused a delay in Delivery. I’m not sure what weather they are talking about. Do the checks come from the North Pole?


John Williams April 4, 2015 at 12:43 am

I have Repeatedly tried to complain by email but I get cut off “magically” and can’t even delete to fit in key points or anything.
My problem is, I ordered 4 shirts online from big and tall. 2 of them fit and the other two were to small. Different brands so I can understand. I had to go to the store to do the exchange so I went to Tempe Market Place JCPenny in Arizona. There big and tall section is no larger then a motel room. I am a YMCA coach for troubled youth children as well as a PTA member for my son’s school. My wife passed away last year so it’s all up to me to set an example. Explain to me how I am supposed to do this when every entire shirt in the Big & Tall section was alcohol or beer related? Not just a few, every single shirt. I tried to reorder the two shirts that didn’t fit in the next size up in hopes that they will fit. Neither were in stock of course. So my major issue is, to be tall or overweight does this mean we have to be alcoholics? How offensive is that? I don’t like plain v-necks, button ups nor do I like polos. I like graphic T’s and apparently Tempe Market Place JC Penny thinks us big guys only want alcohol shirts. All I wanted were the same Adidas shirts I ordered online but in a larger size and to be able to try them on to be sure they fit. I hate ordering online because half the time they fit, the other half they do not. Why can we not have the same selection in store that you have online? For your abundance of only beer and alcohol shirts in your closet size big and tall section for a role model who doesn’t even drink, I will not be shopping with you online ever again and not in your store especially. It’s a shame because I’m 6’5 and fit and have been buying shirts from your company and your company only for 18 years now as you usually have shirts that fit me perfect. I have not found this anywhere else. The only alcohol shirts was the final straw. I just wanted my Adidas shirts but to be able to try them on. Good luck selling any of those shirts and promoting something that ruins more people & families lives then all drugs combined. I will never spend another penny in your store again after this. I wish I knew what happened to you and your values.


Corey B April 2, 2015 at 1:32 pm

I went shopping in jcpenney and as I was leaving I fell and my phone dropped out of my pocket. Without noticing right away I left the mall then later notice and immediately returned to jcpenney. The phone was turn into them but they gave it away to another customer who said she was missing her phone. I was sure to ask the jcpenney associate just incase their manager asked her after I did, did she ask the young lady to describe the phone before giving it to her. The associate said the customer was looking around acting depress and said she drop a black phone so the associate said she gave it to her as soon as she mentioned it was black. When asked can they review cameras and report the picture to the police they said they couldn’t help me.I asked for a number to corporate and they said there’s no need to call them because they won’t be able to help you either. I feel that if jcPennys really care about their customers like they say they do then why don’t they let their associates know the proper way of handle the situation such as asking them to describe the color of the phone, the make and model, the background pictures or even the carrier of the phone. She didn’t ask any questions and just gave the phone away it’s my fault i dropped the phone but it jcpenneys fault it was stolen like that and the fact that they can’t even help me catch who did it makes things a lot worse. If I were to go into jcpenney and steal something right now I bet they would check the cameras but seeing that it’s my property and not theirs they don’t care for it.


Julie S. Love April 1, 2015 at 2:08 pm

I ordered on line a flat iron on March 19, 2015 and on March 31, 2015 I called UPS with a tracking number and was told they did not have the merchandise and was told to contact JC Penney.. I called JC Penney and was told the order had been cancelled, which I never received a notice, was also told they did not place back orders, which could cause you to lose business. To make matters even worse, I was charged on my bill without receiving the merchandise.
I, my family and friends have been a J C Penney customer for many years and I must say this is a very poor policy . I am sending this complaint to you so perhaps some changes can be made, so that other customers will not be dissatisfied as I am and they will continue to shop at JC Penney.
I would appreciate a response.I


Beverly Dempsey-Moody March 28, 2015 at 12:50 am

In Dec. I charged $15 on my credit card. In March I received a paper bill statement for $88.11 of which
$75 was for 2 months of late fees. I called and was told that they had sent me email statements. I
immediately paid the bill and cancelled my credit card since customer service did not seem to
listen to anything I had to say. I did not receive any emails that I recognized from J. C. Penney’s.
I have been a loyal customer for many years and my mother had even worked there in Garland at a
store at one time. Then I found out this had lowered my credit score from 757 to 710. Now that
really made me upset. Is there anything that can be done to help get my credit score back to what it was? In my entire life I have never had to pay a late fee for 2 months. I have always paid my bills on time
and am very conscientious about my bills and paperwork.


Sue Greenfield March 27, 2015 at 6:53 am

to the President and CEO.
I love JC Penney and remember going with my mother to JCP back in the 1950s. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the Main Streets of small and medium cities and visualizing how city planners could revive the Main St concept in their communities, like the Main St in Laurel, MD. And maybe someone is doing this concept already… I visualized small store fronts on Main St with such companies as JCP in which the consumer could walk into the store, after being attracted by the window display, and enter a world of “just enough”…in other words, a sample of the latest trends in clothes and shoes with individualized customer service that they could purchase at the store. And to one side of the store a “soda fountain” area where customers could shop online while enjoying a drink and small snack or bakery item. The customer can place their order and meet with friends and shop online together using their store id number. They can either have the product delivered there or to their home. A lot of women shop with their friends. For Christmas shopping a group of my friends would go to the Silver Diner for breakfast and shop online on my iPad while we waited for our food. We had so much fun doing this. Wouldn’t it be nice if friends could have that experience with an exclusive JCP store IPad for online shopping get-together while getting with friends over coffee and bagels or soda and small sandwiches. It would be even more innovative if they could have a virtual EZtouch Mobile technology interactive screen from vizlogix
Just an idea.

Laurel, MD


Glenn March 16, 2015 at 9:02 pm

I was very disappointed to learn that JC Penney would be closing 39 stores, one of which is in Wilson, North Carolina. JC Penney has operated there since 1939 and will be ending its relationship with the city and its customers after more than 75 years! Sure, everyone can shop online, but most will not due to the fact that items must be shipped and customers will pay additional fees in return. While everyone understands that lower performing stores cannot survive, this specific store sealed its own fate when management refused to leave a dying shopping mall. When the other anchor stores (Belk, Sears) left, JC Penney must have thought it could survive that blow to business. Sears left because it also closed its Wilson store. Belk used it common sense and became the survivor by relocating to a thriving part of the city in a new shopping center.

While many of us will miss the products the department store had to offer, the real loser in all of this is the employees of the store and the company itself. Our residents will find other local department stores with which to shop. So long JC Penney…….


A.Ort March 11, 2015 at 2:02 pm

PRESIDENT AND CEO-DESIGNEE/Anthony (Tony) Bartlett; SVP, Stores/Mike Rodgers; EVP, Omnichannel
You have been making several serious mistakes for several years, and I have been trying to contact someone who might actually pay attention. I hope this will answer, because JC Penney products, services, etcetera keep on going DOWNHILL. The 1st problem you have never realized nor ever addressed is J.C.Penney Salons. You NEVER advertise. Most of the customers in your stores and all POSSIBLE new customers do not even know that you have Salons. Due to the huge advertising mismanagement and general mismanagement altogether, many of your Salons have been closed. I am most unhappy about this as the greatest assets you have are the Salon and Sephora. One can always get hair services on the JC Penney card, a major asset indeed, but now I now have to drive 3 townships away to hopefully have my hair done. This basically sucks eggs, and is “neither pathological nor inane, but dumb” unquote.. Plus, you hide your Salons in a corner where no one can see them, which does not attract possible walk ins from any of the Malls they used to be in. If you would place them where they are more visible to EVERYBODY you might actually be able to make alot of money form the salon services. You never even advertise. DUH.
The 2nd problem is your Fine Jewelry. While you normally place at least this department where it can be seen, it pulls little or no business from the store due to the items offered and Presentation. You offer a few items of interest, but do not present this department in an attractive manner like Macy’s does. They have their fine jewelry in a special, protected location behind their junk jewelry, and offer more interesting items that LOOK to be of more value than the few tiny things you present for purchase. The way they present their fine jewelry makes it seem of higher value than your presentation. I rarely see anyone doing very much shopping in this department, which, again, is obvious bad management.
The 3rd problem is your customer service. That has been going from bad to WORSE. At this point at several stores the customer is LUCKY to find ONE salesperson available per floor. This is just obvious stupidity. If your customers cannot even find a cashier, they will shop somewhere else where they can get the assistance they need rather than the hide and seek and 1/2 hour waits at the few open registers in your stores.

The items you sell have improved slightly from the garbage introduced by the previous CEO et al, but still has a way to go to draw in clientele. If you improve services that draw customers into the store, such as the Home & Bath departments, Jewelry and Fine Jewelry, Sephora and your shrinking and vanishing Salons, you will draw more shoppwers into the store for more items. I always end up shopping when I have an appointment for the Salon or need something from Sephora or am looking for a piece of Jewelry, which I usually end up finding elsewhere, like Macy’s. Even Sears has better fine jewelry in their displays than you do!!! Special sales, better presentation, better itemsd in your fine Jewelry at interesting prices to attract business, special offers regarding Salon Services, holiday (upcoming Easter and June Weddings) sales would improve. You need to manage your stores and your managers better. I usually shop at the JC Penneys at Main Place in Orange, or the store I used to go to at Orange Mall until you ran that down to nothing, but am now transferring alot of business to Macy’s because they offer more assistance and better items at this time.


Ashley March 6, 2015 at 4:47 pm

I would first like to say I am outraged by the customer service that was given to me at this JCPenney location, “Snohomish, WA” I should say lack of customer service because I was shown none! I have worked in customer service for over 7 years, and the way I was treated I think that JCPenney should be embarrassed! I walked into the Snohomish, WA location at 12:00 p.m. on March 6, 2015. “Mind you the store was dead”. I was intending to buy new clothes and shoes for my promotion at work. I got promoted to an Administrative Assistant and needed new outfits and new shoes. No one greeted me when I entered the store, which was no big deal, I am use to that at this location. The thing that I am outraged about the most is that I stood in the shoe department for over five minutes and no one asked me if I needed helped. The way I see it is, if I am intending to buy two – three pairs of shoes at $50 a pair, I should not have to ask for help. The other things that outraged me was to see two of your incompetent employees look at me while I entered your store, not only did they not greet me, but they were shopping for themselves while they were on the clock. “How do I know this do you ask?” Well the answer to that is, a guy asked the two of them is they were shopping on the clock, they answered with, “I am trying to help her “meaning the other employee” find something before she leaves.” The heavier set gentle man just smiled and walked away. “I am not sure if he was a supervisor, manager, or employee.” I would like to know, why are your employees allowed to shop for themselves while they are on the clock, instead of helping the customers who help pay their wages? Anyway, the other thing I am outraged with is, as I am still standing there is the shoe department watching these two incompetent employees, who have perfect view of me continue to shop for themselves, one of them ran by me and said “Hi” then she ran back by me without asking if I needed help as I am holding a display shoe in my hand. If you don’t believe me go ahead and pull the store surveillance camera footage and look for yourself, March 6, 2015, 12:00 p.m. – 12:15 p.m. Your employees made me feel unwanted, they made me feel like I was not even there, I refuse to support a business like this, and help pay peoples wages that teat me this way. I walked into your store planning to spend a good $200.00 and ended spending $0.00 due to the lack of customer service and the incompetence of your employees. JCPenny should be embarrassed for have employees like this working for them, I would check your work schedule and see which employees were working at the time of this and give them some customer service training. I will not be shopping at JCPenny again.


Clara West March 6, 2015 at 2:03 am

I would like to meet with JC Penney corporate office to discuss the Koko and Friends children’s characters that has the same (or greater) market potential that Barney the Purple Dinosaur had in the 1990s. The link to our youtube video. There is a story to this project based on the Golden Rule. Thanks for your time.


Anonymous March 3, 2015 at 9:38 pm

JCP SALON/NOVI MI. I went into the salon with my daughter for a quick walk in because I found out it useful since we were at the mall We went in and the receptionist she was very helpful and nice she was trying to find space for Us and told us to hold on to check who was available then I waited and she came back and her manager approached her in a very rude rude way and then she started to scream at her in front of me and my daughter very loudly and go crazy at her in a loud voice it was very highly unprofessional and unethical the way she attacked the young woman. She then told us to come back because her manager told her there was no room for us, she was very upset and I think that was very wrong to do!!! I was very in shock at the moment. I have never seen that type of harassment in my life. Unfair, distributing and awful. I hope action will be taken quickly on this manner… very wrong to do to an employee…


Vickie Ware March 2, 2015 at 9:29 pm

I have just read the comments and they are not very impressive. We have had a lot of great things happen with your company. Until recently when we bought a diamond bracelet. I had to return it however, I purchased another one. Somehow the bracelet broke and I have lost it. I was hoping they would take into account the amount of money I have spent with you and help me with a new one. Unfortunately they weren’t all that helpful. They gave me a discount on a new one but I was hoping for something more after all the money I have spent there. I will willingly bring the bracelet back if I find it however I think someone saw it and kept it. I am heartbroken since this was a gift from my husband and I can’t think of anything worse than having to tell him I have lost his gift. Please JC penney do the right thing and replace this bracelet. We have spent thousands of dollars with your company and one $600.00 bracelet will only help your company. I will do nothing but suggest new customers to your business. Please help me keep the peace with my husband of 34 years. Thank you. Vickie Ware Cw***


David Palmer March 2, 2015 at 6:18 pm

My name is David palmer, you just one of your best cluster store manager her name is Gail Lea Cochran she run the mattoon and Effingham stores in Illinois in January their district got eliminate and both of her stores got absorbed by st Louis district manager Pam Harmon, Gail was and has always been the go to girl to get the best results for Jcp i have known her for 25 years and she has always taken the high road and treated eeveryone Fairly, I’m asking for someone up the ladder to look at Gail’s record with the company and review the clam of policy violation of charity funds witch she had the paper work for,the policy changed in November on how to take and handlemoney from charity,Gail was unaware of the change and her old LP did not notify her of change, that being said Gail was close to the her old district manager Carrie bunard, and after the investigation started three weeks ago Carrie has told Gail the her and Pam never got along, I think if Pam had got to really know Gail she would of had a great stores on her team, Gail was to go to Texas here soon and she was invited to stay and extra day for the stores that done over the top on performance, please get this to upper management !?!Gail was on her way to become a great asset to JCP thank you for your time
Sincerely. David Palmer


Upset customer February 16, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Back in 2011 my mother and sister bought me a pair a earrings that I really wanted as a thank you/Christmas gift. I send the earrings in a few times to get cleaned and stones replaced if any stones fall out. This last time I sent them to get cleaned instead of cleaning them, they were painted white. So the design was no longer on it and instead of the original design that I loved, theypainted small black lines on it that looked like a toddler painted and the stones were not put on in the right spots. They looked like a whole other set of earrings. I’ve complained called corporate and have yet heard anything back. They have not given me the earings back instead sent out buy out forms to the local store so I can get money for them and buy something else in the same value of my earrings. They no longer have those earrings in stock and they just took the sentimental value away and have no sympathy for it. I don’t want cash back for a gift my mother and sister got me. I want my earings or at least the same earrings. The sentimental value can’t be replaced and they refuse to make me a happy customer. I’m very upset. NEVER sending a thing out to get cleaned or replaced at jcpenny ever again.


Cindy Lockwood February 12, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Worst customer service ever. I ordered a queen size bed on December 10, 2014 and after a month went by of not receiving it, only the bed frame, I decided to cancel the order. I went in to my local jc penny’s January 30 where I actually ordered it through their online system and had the employee at the desk cancel my order. I asked why I never recieved it and she had no idea, go figure. She told me 3-5 business days my account will be credited back! It is now February 12, come to find out my order was NEVER cancelled, money was NEVER credited back, and still I DID NOT receive my bed. I am beyond upset. It took for me to call corporate to find out what the hell was going on. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. They did not say sorry or seem very sympathetic which is what I expect ! Nor did they offer me anything after all the BS I had to go through. Ridiculous !


T Evans February 7, 2015 at 11:30 pm

I have just decided to take legal action against JCPenney. 4 years ago when I worked for them, I was sexually assaulted by another worker. I was scared and upset and confused. I didn’t say anything to my parents at the time because I wasn’t sure what to do and I just wanted the whole thing to go away.

I finally brought it to my managers attention because a co-worker told me that if I didn’t say something it might happen again. So I sat woth my supervisor and the store manager and told them what happened. Another manager who was present told me that she had had to separate myself and the coworker in question several times. This NEVER happened and I am convinced that she was eother lying or had me confused withanother girl. I was too shy and shocked to tell her she was wrong in front ofthe store manager so I sat in a miserable silence. I was then informed that. They would fire ME if I spoke to that co-worker or even went near him again-as if I WOULD! Nice job JCPenner-make your workers feel as if they have done something wrong when THEY are the victim.

I just recently told my parents that this happened and they were very upset on my behalf. They told me that just because my managers shrugged it off like it wasn’t a big deal didn’t mean that it wasn’t. I was still a teenager when this happened but I am much older and wiser now and I understand that they handled the situation very wrongly. I am also very angry…good luck trying to talk your way out of this one, JCP.


patricia hanrahan February 3, 2015 at 8:52 pm

worst customer service ever/ I have been waiting for this appointment for a month and they didn’t call or show up! The mattress and box spring are trash and someone was suppose to come out after much yelling they called me back and told me they could come out 2/3/15 at 4pm it’s 5:41and jcp has no access to company that was to come out or to anyone in furniture department / wow I took off early drove busted my butt to be on time and not even a courtesy call! they called on 1/28 at 8.25 to confirm but my 74 year old mother did not answer/ Ten times I told them that they had to call me at my cell number and that my sick mother could not let them in and handle this they were very rude! They never even put my cell number in the system according to the rep I spoke to this afternoon. I will be filing small claims on Friday if I cannot get someone out to look at bed! Shame on jcp I have loved shopping at your store but I am not happy with the way you have treated me!


Avis Heffernan January 27, 2015 at 12:04 pm

I bought 2 pairs of shoes in Nov. When I got home there was bill for me. I had First Merit send my payment online,Synchrony Bank Have never received my payment. First Merit Fax every thing over to them, they received it. I am still fighting with them. They keep sending me bills that I am late, and give me a late payment. I called again Mon and I got a foreign person and he said that he would turn it someone. I Don’ t know.who. I have been fighting sense Dec. I am upset and I want you to know that I won’t be using your Credit Card ever again. I won’ t be shopping there again, you just lost a customer.


jacob January 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

Is it breach of contract for a manager at a jcpenney to also manage or own a liquor store?


K.R. January 22, 2015 at 10:28 pm

Very disappointed to hear the news of the salon in Lake Wales to be closed in Feb. I have been using their services for five years, I am not a snowbird and use their services ever three weeks! JC Penney salon will be greatly missed, If the store remains open why are you closing the salon? You now put many women in a position of finding new stylists which for some is not easy, not to say the stylists who have been there for years now have to find jobs else where. This salon has participated in many free services for opening of school for children and other service specials which many salons don’t even offer. These people that worked in this salon have worked hard to keep it going, just don’t understand, again why if the store stays open give them another chance to bring their numbers up!!!!
Very disappointed customer, remains


Bev Mrozinski January 10, 2015 at 10:04 pm

I am VERY sad and disappointed about your decision to close the store at Marquette Mall in Michigan City, IN. I have been a loyal customer of Penney’s for over 30 years. This is one of the anchor stores in the mall and will further add to the decline of customers throughout. Please reconsider this decision.
Thank You,
Bev Mrozinski


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:06 pm

Unfortunately, a decision to close particular stores is a matter of financial return on investment. Stores that do not attract enough business (called “under performing stores”) are on the line for closure. In addition, there are malls that do not attract the traffic needed to support large anchor stores. JCP is facing a changing retail landscape. Today, JCP shares closed at $7.44, down 3.5%. JCP has no choice but to close under performing stores. Mall stores are usually closed to coincide with lease terminations. Mike Ullman (current CEO) inherited a mess from Ron Johnson, former CEO hired from Apple. Ullman has issued communications to JCP associates to return to the ethical standards of James Cash Penney, who founded his Golden Rule Stores in 1902. Today, many JCP associates do not embody Mr. Penney’s Golden Rule treatment of the customer. J C Penney Company, under James Cash Penney, had grown to over 3000 retail locations. Today that number is under 1100. What more is there to say? A decline of nearly 66% of retail locations! More power to Mike Ullman, as he has a hard row to hoe. Local associates need to get on board and return to good customer service. Quoting from Ullman’s March 2014 letter to JCP associates:
“Through the Statement of Business Ethics, we can carry on the legacy established over a century ago by James Cash Penney and our original Company leaders, who challenged us to continually ask ourselves whether our actions square with what is right and just. Thank you for your time and contributions to this legacy. [Signed] Sincerely Myron E. (Mike) Ullman, III.
Yes, some local management associates need re-training.


shelly curby January 8, 2015 at 11:53 pm

Plan o grams and cookie cutter stores. Remember the days….when visual Merchandisers would display the stores, using a mix of cueing elements, props and merchandise? I do….I worked as a visual merchandiser traveling from store to store. JCP you need to find yourself, you don’t want to be a Walmart.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:21 pm

LOL. Sam Walton actually got his start with J C Penney Company in 1940, in Des Moines, Iowa store. But Walmart cannot be compared to JCP. Ullman will be sure of that. By 1941 there were 1600 Penney’s stores in 48 states. Sam Walton didn’t develop the same business principles as James Cash Penney. Penney actually believed in the biblical Golden Rule principle of treating others with respect and dignity, as you would want to be treated, including his customers.


LaShon B Southfield, MI January 8, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I am totally frustrated with JC Penney. I opened a new account late last year and have been making on-time payments. Yet, they (or Synchrony Bank) called my house numerous times this year about my account. I though nothing could possibly be wrong with it but I called back anyway. I discovered that my account was past due. (But how could this be?) The payments I had made for the last few months were being applied to a JCP account which I closed about 10 years ago. The old account showed a credit of almost $200. Also, I was told by the customer service rep. that I actually have 4 JCP accounts. I didn’t open four accounts, I told her. She said that sometimes when you make a purchase (with a debit card), the sales associate is opening up an account for you and you don’t even know it. (She actually told me that!) She also said that many other customers had complained about the same thing. I asked why my old account was sitting out there and why were the payments applied to it. I was told that they cannot delete any accounts. They will always be there. WHAT? I have many charge cards and have NEVER heard such crazy nonsense. I have had credits on some of my account charge accounts. If I don’t use the credit within 30 days, I have always received a check for the credit amount. So, why did my credit sit on an closed account for several months? Anyway, I asked her to close all of the accounts. She agreed to do so and to subtract the late fees. I found out today that she didn’t close the accounts nor did she transfer the money. I am frustrated with JCPenney. If I ever shop there again (right now I don’t want anything to do with them), I will only use cash. I’m going to shoot tis form the mountain top, to anyone who sill listen: Shame on JCPenney. They are focused on money service not customer service!


Marjorie J. Goodrich January 6, 2015 at 10:07 am

Mailed payment of bill for $37.80 five days before due date…have now received bill for $25 late payment…..unbelievable! Cutting up my JCP credit card today – urging family members to do the same.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:24 pm

It’s the bank, not JCP. JCP has divested itself of all banking/credit card holdings.


Aida Castañer December 30, 2014 at 7:52 pm

The last 2yrs, I had visited JCPenney located in Puerto Rico, Plaza Las America and Plaza Carolina and the maintenance of the restrooms are NONE. Three times I had spoken with the Supervisor of both stores, but not luck. It is a real issue because is a matter of hygiene . I expressed my concerns, and not only the indifference the employers show when you ask for the supervisor and described to them the situation is disrespectful, but the attitude that this is a lady that like to complaint, so…. Is not a casual a situation at random, is a big ¨habit¨ to keep them (restrooms) not able to be used by costumers. Always excuses, like they will talk with the administrator of the Mall to check upon the cleaning company ( who has the control of the store); that they have situations with the company, etc.etc. etc. Blame others.
The next step is to call the Department of Health in Puerto Rico if the manager of both stores do not something. Here, in PR, we are clean, decent, professionals who care about how these big corporate stores act. We go there, spend money we deserve respect tom the employees and from the corporation.


Mo December 28, 2014 at 1:11 pm

I came to this page to communicate with JCP at a corporate level, because of a concern generated by something they did. At the top of this page is the ‘Contact JCPenney’ section which includes a link to email them. Click on that link and this is the message you get:
You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude.

Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. But don’t worry; simply pick an option from the list below, and you’ll be back out riding the waves of the Internet in no time.
So much for emailing JCP corporate.

I simply want to respond to a email they sent this morning that includes a coupon promoting petite jeans.

In it, they feature Levi 529 jeans with a nice description and color pic BUT in fine print indicate that the Levi brand is “excluded from coupon”. Saying, essentially, “See, see, we have these but you can’t have them for that price.”

Do they have any idea how many more people they’re about to confuse, piss off and lose as customers?

No wonder JCP is struggling to stay in business. I’m about to click ‘Unsubscribe’ myself.

Good luck.


Luis December 26, 2014 at 7:45 pm

Your portrait studio in El Paso ar Cielo Vista is a joke. The appointments are never honored. We waited 45 mins after our scheduled appointment and were promptly hurried to get the pictures taken in less than 10 mins. Other people after us were also complaining because if their wait times. Whoever schedules should be demoted. Everybody was late and unfortunately not everybody working there was polite, only a couple of young ladies. First and last time we visit this location for portraits.


ken osinski December 15, 2014 at 11:29 pm

in regaurds to your oshkosh ,wi store.i bought a wedding ring for my wife,then it went on to a much better sale,i asked for the mgr. his name is mark.i briefly explained our problem,which he didnt make it a problem he just said we are going to do what ever it takes to make it right for us .and he done that with no problem at all .i mean to tell ya, mark you are a very respectful person .thanks for making this so easy,also a big thank you to deb in jewelry,very very in formative. really knows her stuff. all our years of shopping,mark and his team really made this special for us.please make mention of this to them,a simple job very well done can go a long way.thank you , ken and very happy wife judy.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:28 pm

Associates in my local store need some lessons from Mark! James Cash Penney would be proud of Mark and the respect given to you.


Jesus g December 15, 2014 at 4:13 pm

To whoever is reading this the corporate or even random people I like to let you know I was an associate in Jcp and I made a mistake and was talked too to see if I was gonna be fired, they said they would call me to bring me in to discuss my mistake and they ignored, took me out of system and schedule. I also didn’t like the RACISM I got at work, I was helping a mexican family in watches and he told me to watch his watches to get his wife to discuss them and while he left I helped another customer and my manager came to help the mexican family and he said no cause he was waiting for m since I knew which watches he wanted so after I helped the other guest I went back and as I was ringing them up my manager came to me and said “Jesse just to let you know you can’t ring up friends and family” I was so mad and embarrassed and in front of the family. So just cause the family is mexican and im mexican they my family? No that’s Wrong! I hope whoever is reading this knows how jcp in San diego,CA is..they lost a customer, employee and everything about jcp…NEVER will I go in jcp and gonna spread the word.


WEW January 16, 2015 at 7:31 pm

Your local store apparently did not train you fully. You did have recourse to go to corporate. They would have investigated the situation.


Norma Lindsey December 15, 2014 at 10:58 am

On Sunday, Dec 14, 2014 I visited the JC Penney store at West County Mall in Des Peres MO. I parked on the south side of the store, and when I walked to the door, I noticed the trash cans were overfflowing with trash and food on the ground. I couldn’t believe that the store would allow this happen. When I was in the store, I brought it to the store manager’s attention who apologized, explained that not all of the maintenance staff had come to work, and they were working on it.

I also told her that I went to use the ladies restroom and immediately turned around because it was so dirty. The restroom was a hygenic nightmare, exposing us, your customers, to diseases such as hepatitis.

This experience reflected so poorly on your store. Does the store not care of how it looks to its customers? Does it not schedule overnight maintenance to clean the restrooms, and empty the outdoor trash cans? And if the some of the maintenance staff does not come to work, is there a plan B?

It will be a long time before I return to this store. The mall is a very nice mall in an upscale location and it would be nice if JC Penney maintained its store to the standards of the other stores.

Thank you for your attention.


Mona Williston December 11, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I made a purchase on Nov. 1, 2014 (under 60 days ago) for a ring on my credit card. Unfortunately I am unsatisfied with it, as it is to small/fragile, one of the diamond is not flush in the setting with the others, and I believe it to be a promise ring. I was looking for a ring for a gift to myself for my 50 birthday. I have been told I may return it to the store as I bought at the store. I suffer extreme anxiety and am unable to return it to the store at this time myself. I would like to get some type of approval to return it via the mail.
Thanking you in advance,
Mona Williston


Becky December 7, 2014 at 9:02 am

I really hope someone at jcp is reading customer comments and taking advise. I love jcp. My local jcp was on the close list but luckily escaped closure. So a couple things. The jcp clothing line needs to be resized or just give up it does not fit well and mostly goes to the Clarence rack. Right now at my local store there are many 3/4 length sleaves on sweaters and dresses. It’s cold here and none of my professional peers want to be chilly at work. Especially the cute sweater dresses. I would have bought a couple of those if they had full length sleaves. I am your target market. I am a professional with disposable income. Please start listening to real people, you know the ones who actually wear your clothes before you go out of business. P.S. Love my local store and staff.


Reta Voss December 5, 2014 at 2:56 pm

I have always had confidence in the ability to get good furniture from JCPenney
After two bad experiences I won’t be ordering any more This last one was a table and chairs It was delivered with a big scratch on the table even tho it was boxed
They are to bring another one but, after waiting two months to get it is not worth it
I guess I will just find some other company to shop with


Donna December 5, 2014 at 6:42 am

For many years I shop the early morning deals on Black Friday at the Freehold Mall in Freehold NJ. Mainly because I want the Disney Snow Globe. This year JCP decided to give them out the night before. I was very upset that the had never announced that they would be doing that. I went in at 5am and nothing!!!!! I asked numerous workers and to no avail they could not help me. I did not like how each person spoke with me about the situation. I felt that I was not worth their time. I put down the $300 worth of items that I was going to buy and walked out. I am done with JCP.


Matthew D December 3, 2014 at 11:30 am

Very sad indeed. JC Penney will not be in business very much longer if drastic changes don’t occur. I have been shopping at Penney’s my entire life (at least 40 years), but the service has become so abysmal that I can’t understand how they stay in business. I shop at the Wheaton Plaza store in Wheaton, Maryland. The store is beautiful, clean and well stocked. The problem? It’s very difficult to find an employee to assist. Most departments are not staffed. I have personally observed large-scale shoplifting as people who appear to be shopping for clothing boldly stuff merchandise in their back packs right on the floor. There are no employees around to deter theft, nor to provide assistance. Two weeks ago I called the store to find out if my catalog order was still available to be picked up because I had been out of town traveling after the order had been delivered to the store. I called numerous times and selected each menu item and each department trying to reach a human being. Nobody answered any of the lines. I called the corporate customer service number, and they, too, tried to reach a human being at the Wheaton Plaza store and could not do so. Yesterday when I went to pick up my catalog order, I walked all over the store trying to find the pickup counter because the signage at the escalators was incorrect. The signs indicate that the JCP pickup is on the first floor, but it is actually on the fourth floor. When I found an employee who was polite and informative, I commented on my phone experience. She told me that the store had forwarded all extensions from all menu options to Fine Jewelry since the counters are staffed, yet when they are with customers they cannot answer the phone. The phone …. for the entire store! I went to the window treatment department to get some roller shades and have them cut, and the rude and nonchalant employee told me in her cold voice with crossed arms that “we don’t do that here anymore.” How will Penney’s stay in business with all of the theft that occurs due to lack of floor coverage, the rudeness of employees, and the failure to answer the phone?


john morales December 2, 2014 at 8:06 pm

I took my kids for pictures today 12/2/14 the three girls behind the counter was very rude !!
How do you have little kid handling a job they cant do . Im at the jcp in Wayne and the girl took two pictures for each pose ,at the end only two pictures were ok the rest was terrible . I wasted my time !!! At the end they wouldn’t retake it now i will call corporate


Ilene W. December 2, 2014 at 11:16 am

I live in New Jersey and for many years frequented the JC Penny Outlet in Franklin Mills, PA, as did so many of my friends and acquaintances. It was a place that you could find most anything (to include misses slacks in tall sizes) with great prices. Needless to say, it was quite a blow when it closed. We were wondering if an outlet would ever open again and if so where (how about the Burlington Mall in Burlington NJ since the store you had closed).


frances machale November 24, 2014 at 1:46 pm

I recently visited the optical dept. in the Trumbull, Ct. store.. The man who helped me with my glasses was excellent and tried every thing he could to help me purchase the glasses I choose.. Unfortunately he was alone in the store and the customers kept lining up plus the interruptions with the phone calls.. He could not get any results on his computer for my second pair of glasses((poloroids) and his manager would not answer his phone for assistance.. I did contact the store manager but will pursue this more at the Corporate Headquarters in Texas if necessary.. It sounds like the manager of the optical dept. is not doing a good job.


Lori November 24, 2014 at 10:25 am

On or about 10/7/14 I visited the Springfield, VA store. After conducting my business, I went to the ladies room. When exiting something on the door snagged the outer shell if my top. It’s crocheted & obviously ripped.
I located an associate who stopped another associate who was on her way to lunch. She informed me all they could do was look at the door & tape it. I was so frustrated I left.
I sent a complaint to customer service via email. I received a reply that the store leader would contact me within 48 hrs. I waited 2 wks.
I called customer service department & was informed the store leader, Antonio, would be in touch with me in 24 hours.
I waited 2 wks & called customer service. I spoke with John who gave new the coprorated number. On 11/17/14 I called corporate & spoke w Robin, who said Antonio had 24-48 hrs to contact them with how he resolved the issue.
It’s now 11/24/14 and I’m still waiting for Antonio to contact me.
I called corporate at 9:15 this morning & spoke with Terry. Although I asked to elevate the issue with get supervisor, age said they were all equal & although there was a lead, she would tell new the a same. Terry said she would call the store when it opened & speak with either Antonio or the store lead on duty. They would call me to resolve.
I refused. I told her they’very had 6 weeks to contact me & I wasn’the waiting another 48 hours. I said if I didn’t get a call by noon today I would find a way to contact the VP of jcp & inform him off the issue using all their names.
She offered $50 gift certificate & I refused staying I would only accept cash.
I do not plan on shopping at jcp again. Their associates have no concern for the customers. Their store leaders appear to have the a acme attitude.
With this type of service, I give jcp 6 months before they end up closing the doors.


Jennifer November 20, 2014 at 1:56 pm

I’ve worked for JCP for a few years, due to my school schedule I always have Tues and Thur off. Usually they give me Wed also which is nice. This year JCP is opening at 5:00 PM and I am schedule at 4:30 PM. I have to work at 4:30 on Thanksgiving and we have been told if we don’t show up on Thanksgiving that we will be FIRED.

Because there are people who would rather be shopping and saving what they think is big money what actually they are not saving anything when you factor in gas, parking and long lines … how much did you really save to ruin a holiday.

I love this country but sometimes I hate it.


Retail Life November 22, 2014 at 12:50 am

I plan on contacting the corporate office my kid which is in highschool was just fired due to not being able to come to work on Saturday by some rude ignorant LOD at Meyerland by the name of Eddie P. … On Black Friday she’s scheduled to work 5pm to 5 am and return by 2pm the very next day. I’m like I’m an adult and I dot. Have a schedule this hectic. It’s just sad how KIDS are excited to have their 1st or 2nd job and adults that have been given the ability to hire and fire use the powers given by a Store for bad..


Nathaniel Kirby November 20, 2014 at 9:51 am

Stay closed all day on Thanksgiving Thursday. Give your employees the whole day without work. I do not work for Penney’s nor do I have a family member that does.


Larry Southerland November 17, 2014 at 6:44 pm

As being a loyal customer for years, Penney’s offered to raise my credit limit. However, after activating the new card that replaced the lower limit card, I learned there was a hard credit hit from the reporting credit bureaus. Trans Union for example hit me for minus 23 points. I was informed by Penney’s Customer Service Manager (Rodney) that it’s my problem to fix with credit bureaus even though the manager said this was not suppose to happen since Penney’s went off my credit history with them. Well, I guess I will fix this issue by paying off my credit card balance in next month or two, cancel the card, and take my business elsewhere. What is so ironic is I worked for Penney’s many years ago and received several customer service awards. My, how times have changed.


Cynde Wharton November 17, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Please do not allow this email to go without some attention. I know this is a very busy season for all stores. But, there is no excuse to what happened to my daughter at the optical Dept. @ JCP Johnstown, Pa office. I wanted to do something for my daughter for Christmas, so I thought I would get her an eye exam, contacts and glasses. She drove in from Pittsburgh, Pa with her two year old son, she was detained minutes and called to tell the Optical Dept of this, the girl at the desk said it was ok she was eight minutes late.
the girl at the counter said they could not take her being that she was so late. She called it was ok when she made the call, to make matters worse, she embarrassed my daughter in from of other people. After coming to get me, I was shopping at the time, I went back to the Optical Dept and told them she traveled two hours for this appointment, so she was gracious enough to tell me that she would have to wait to be seen. She waited twenty minutes and in that time, they, the girls in the front of the office were heard saying that she wanted to go over and tell my daughter what she thought. A woman that was near the office at the time was also upset at my daughters treatment. Really now, even doctors offices give you fifteen minutes before they cancel your appointment. The actions of that office was uncalled for, she, my daughter was reduced to tears. I spend thousands of dollars at this store, this month alone I spent $2000 getting shutters for my home. Now, either an apology is made to my daughter, or I will not purchase another thing in this store. I told my husband what happened and he called, the girls said she did not have anytime and hung up on him….he is an attorney and is not accustomed to this treatment.
Unless something is done with that very unpleasant girl and her assistant…count me out for shopping at your store.


AEL November 16, 2014 at 8:40 pm

I have been a long time jcp customer but after the atrocious customer service I received at your DEWITT NY store courtesy of a supervisor named Steve I am doubtful I will be making any holiday purchases w/ you this year.

At around 2:30pm my husband and I tried to purchase socks.

1) sales associate did not know how to scan the $10 coupon. When I mentioned this to my husband, supervisor Steve began snapping at me to “not treat his employees that way”. When I asked him to watch his tone he began berating me. When my husband asked Steve to STOP verbally abusing me Steve would not stop and ignored my husband. Steve continued behaving in a manner I believed was extremely racist, hateful, unprofessional and highly disturbing. Instead of trying to diffuse the situation he snatched the coupon from me and started reading to me in a patronizing and abusive manner.

2) when I asked for the name and contact number for the store mgr and the district mgr he flatly refused and dismissed me with a “I am the ONLY manager; you’ll have to deal with me.”

3) when I began to get agitated Steve continued to verbally abuse and mock me with other employees and CUSTOMERS. It was humiliating and devastating. His behavior was racist and HORRIFYING.

4) I then told Steve I was going to get contact info and I was going to file complaint and he scoffed and said “oh so you’ve done this before.” Then he laughed.

5) I kept asking for contact info and he refused to give it to me. Instead he called security even though my husband (who is white) and I (I am black) had done nothing wrong but voice our displeasure with Steve’s atrocious behavior.

Is this the kind of person you want representing your brand? A verbally abusively unprofessional, immature male who is unable to manage customer disputes without escalating them to the point where he is screaming at customers?

I have already contacted the district manager Al Simmons and left a message. I am very distraught, offended and devastated by the way my family was treated by one of the people your company has decided is leadership material. If Steve is unable to conduct himself in a professional manner and resolve customer complaints on a slow Sunday afternoon (there were a handful of customers) how could he possibly be able to effectively support your brand’s mission during the holiday season.

I would like the following:
1) an opportunity to discuss this matter with district leader Al Simmons

2) a WRITTEN and FACE to FACE apology from both the Dewitt store manager and Steve.

I used to love shopping at JcP but until this matter is resolved to my satisfaction my family and I will not shopping in your stores.


leschaun isaac November 16, 2014 at 10:36 am

I visited a store in florence, sc Nov 14 2014 in the evening, and the cashier in the boys department was very rude. She was talking about a customer as if the customer wasnt there. It was a African American female with braids. It seemed like the 2 customers she was waiting on were in on it too. She needs more training on customer service. Thank you


Cindy November 15, 2014 at 11:34 pm

Jcp it is terrible opening at 5 pm Black Friday!!! It’s as if family isn’t important anymore but only the cash in people’s pockets. On the other hand the store Jcp in Wayne nj is horrible every time I shop there is always a mess and this place is always under staffed. The fitting rooms are terrible because there is no courage on the floor and the lines are terrible. Not enough associates on the floor!!! I go there many times and see the same people running around like slaves multi tasking. I feel the employees very bad for the folks that work there I really do!


Rachel November 10, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I think it is absolutely disgraceful that JCP will be open on Thanksgiving at 5pm. No one will be shopping then! All you are doing is keeping your employees from being with their families. And paying them time and a half for working when there are no customers. I have been a big supporter of JCP for years, but this is a waste of money and is cruel to their employees. I implore you to please please please change to a later time, or better yet- Friday.


Chris November 12, 2014 at 8:56 am

I agree 100% with your post Rachel. All jcp corporate is doing is keeping their employees,mostly the management, from being with their families and spending quality time at the holidays with their FAMILIES. That is what the holidays are about, time with your families, NOT going after the all mighty dollar, nor being greedy! I guess the CEO and corporate people really need to learn a lesson in what holidays and families are truly about! Let me start your lesson off with,They are NOT about money! It’s truly sad that now a days all that the higher ups think about is the money and their bonuses, when all the while, the PEOPLE, employees in the jcp stores,have to work their butts off and miss out on a lot with their families so that the greedy corporate rats can get their bonuses and be sitting at home with their families or whatever they go home to!!! It’s a real shame, and the head CEO and corporate people and whoever else decide to NOT celebrate the holidays,by making their employees work on the holidays, they must truly not understand holidays are about, nor have a family. Let me let ya in on a clue mr.Ceo, it is NOT about money!
If anyone believes that any store bases their opening on the holidays because of consumers, are fools,that’s what the corporate tells the news so the CEO and corporate rats don’t look bad! It’s just really a shame you all do not get what life is about! I feel bad for you. I hope your gain in sales is terrible over the holidays for every store that is open. Good luck.


Tasia November 13, 2014 at 5:15 pm

I certainly agree with you Rachel. I’ve worked in Retail for years and FINALLY QUIT due to ALWAYS being away from family! EVEN GOD SET ASIDE A DAY FOR REST AFTER CREATING THE 7 days!


Rosa November 8, 2014 at 8:44 pm

Its called Black Friday not Black Thursday, JCPenny! Its ridiculous to make the JCPenny associates work on a holiday. Opening the store at 5:00 on Thanksgiving night is just pure disrespect to all your workers! Apparently you dont care enough for your employees to let them enjoy A HOLIDAY with their families! You should open at 4 or 5 am atleast so they can enjoy the food and the company of their families. There is just no respect of the holidays anymore and retail stores are just getting worse. I love shopping at JCPenny , but after the store opened Thanksgiving night at 8:00 last year I would have hoped that it wouldve changed. When I found out about the rumors that JCPenny was opening this year at 5:00, I asked some associatesif it was true but in respect for their jobs they never fully answered my question. I notice their reaction and I wanted to show my dissapointment toward JCPenny, and my sympathy for your employees. They definatly deserve to enjoy the holidays.


Patty R November 8, 2014 at 5:46 pm

I would like to know how I can file a complaint about a product I ordered online at and the treatment I received when calling customer service. I purchased a pantry, putting the product together and was almost finished when I noticed I was missing the top piece. I called customer service to find out how to get the piece and was told they couldn’t send me one. I could take the product to any JCP location and return it and they would order me a new one – and give a whole $10 off. I explained that I was almost finished putting it together and did not want a different product just the top sent to me. I spent a few hours putting it together and told them that $10 would not even cover my time and the trip to a store. I said they would need to take more off than that since I needed to disassemble it, pack it all back into the box, drive to a JCP store, unload it and drag it in the store. I asked to talk to the manager. She was very rude! Her new solution was to send UPS over to pick it up and have them inspect all of the items to make sure it wasn’t there. She acted like I was lying!! Really UPS is going to do that??? After 51 minutes on the phone the issue is still not resolved. The manager said she would call back in a few days. This was a total insult to my intelligence!! I like the pantry and just want the top to it!


Patty R November 9, 2014 at 3:40 pm

I wanted to follow up and let you know that I did receive a call back the following day from Shanna in customer relations. She rectified my issue to my satisfaction and was very polite. Thank you.


Shelia November 7, 2014 at 9:55 am

I feel all your store should have ride around in all your stores.
You have a lot of people with disabilities that can not walk through
your store. You want our business and money why not do something for us.
As much money as you make this is a must I live in Knoxville, Tn. Let me hear back from
you concerning this matter. Thank you!


Mariah November 6, 2014 at 7:36 pm

Opening up on Thanksgiving at 5:00p.m. is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!!!!! What happened to “family first”? Isn’t that what a holiday is all about!

I’m DONE shopping at Penneys.


Gary Crouch November 1, 2014 at 11:21 pm

Most of JC Penny stores are just fine, however, the one in Burleson, Texas has several
disrepectful liars among the other employees who are nice.
My wife has been insulted so many times there she is suffering from mental fatique.
I intend to pursue a defirmation of character lawsuit and harmful intent.
The circumstances are too many and too lengthy to outline here.
The store management and JC Penny Corp will be included.


Jamie blau October 31, 2014 at 12:35 am

I took my 8 year old son shopping at a jcpenny in the sunrise mall in Massapequa.. While riding the escalator his foot got sucked up in the side wall and was unable to get it out until we reached the top by that time the toe part of the shoe had been cut off.. Luckily he didn’t lose a toe, but he twisted his ankle pretty bad.. The manager on duty was very friendly and called an ambulance. He instructed me not to give my insurance info at the hospital as jcpenny has insurance and will take care of it and someone would be in contact with me within 48 hours. 1 week later no one contacted me. I went back to jcpenny spoke to a different manager who was just as friendly and was shocked no one contacted me and made some phone calls and assured me someone would call me that day.. But on my way she suggested to never use their escalators or elevators BC its an old building and we should use the mall emterance instead. I was taken back by this!! Later that day the insurance company called and the women was so rude and nasty and didn’t want to hear my side. In fact she kept speaking over me every time I spoke. We left off by he saying she has to review the video but she couldn’t guarantee them paying doctor bills. 1month later (which was yestrday) the insurance company called me back and said sorry they are not paying the hospital bill! Even though the manager assured me they would.. I rryed to call the corporate office it rang 3 times and went dead . I called 4,more times and the same thing! I am contacting my local new station first thing tomorrow.!


holly s October 27, 2014 at 1:07 pm

From Saturday, October 25, to the 26th, 2014; I tried countless times to buy some leather furniture I really liked. For every time I got to “check out”, your website would show “limited quantity”; but then it would not let me checkout. Finally after countless tries and picking countless other styles..I gave up. Then I started looking on other furniture websites and the furniture I wanted from your store, kept showing up continuously as advertising. So I went back to your site to try again. After hours I quit.

The next day I again received ads that the furniture was in stock and “buy it now”! Again I wasted the entire morning before finally a help pop up appeared and “Georgie” wrote me to say the furniture was available and to complete checkout. I completed and told her I would pick it up at the store. She called and was told they would not allow??? So when I texted her back, she had hung up and no one would respond on your help line. I proceeded even though I would have to pay who knows how much,to ship.

Low and behold the sale would not go through even though it was showing available. So I called and spoke to a very uncaring, unfriendly, person who said my furniture was out of stock and Georgie didn’t know what she was doing!!!

This had to be the worst on line shopping experience of my life! I took the survey to assure continued satisfaction in the future. I expressed my total desatisfaction and I believe I was called back by the the same uncaring and unfriendly person who said the same thing she said to begin with. Then she adds…”thankyou for shopping jcp…is there anything else I can assist you with?”. I asked how she could ask that as if she’d helped me in the first place. I wondered why she bothered to call…probably because she had to.

I guess jcp runs fraudulent ads so people like me will buy other more expensive items when they find out you don’t have what you advertise. As the matter of fact the ad is still on other stores web sites as of this morning…good thing I already know to stay away. Shame on you jcp!


Victoria October 25, 2014 at 1:07 pm

I honestly don’t know where these other customers are shopping and registering all of these complaints… We have 3 local stores to me here in Chicagoland and I have NEVER had a bad experience with any of them whatsoever in the past 17 years that I have lived here. Everyone is always friendly, helpful, etc. I take my daughter there with me all of the time and she loves the store just as much.

When I was growing up I would always shop at JC Penney with my Mom. Even then, I can not even recall ever having a bad experience.

Victoria, A Very Satisfied & Loyal Customer


Kathy Cox October 22, 2014 at 9:30 am

I liked the pants that I could only get at JCP-THE PLAIN POCKETS. They quit carrying them a while back. These were such a good seller. They could never keep enough of them in stock. Since then, none of the pants fit anywhere near that they should. I am very dissatisfied. Maybe they could find another pair of pants that my fit the description near to them. Everyone wants them back. Also, they need more short sleeve dress shirts for the fall and winter. We live in the south and it stays pretty warm here. Also, the catalogue was nice while it lasted please consider bringing it back. Last of all how about more customer human service, a computer cannot match that. Please reply ASAP, especially on the pants- Remember—JCP PLAIN POCKETS


Tammy October 19, 2014 at 3:12 pm

My daughter and I shopped at JCPenney’s in Leominster,Ma over the weekend and were disgusted to see how ultra thin the manikins you had on display at the front of your store were! Unrealistic and I believe this sends the wrong message to all the young woman shopping at this store! Shame on you!


Nancy October 19, 2014 at 1:00 am

Today was a very disappointing day after being treated with discrimination at JCPenney. The head manager from the jcpenney was very racist, she offended me. I told her that it was not my fault her employees did their job wrong and put the wrong price, but that racist lady exclaimed in my face that I was a lier that I had probably put the price to get it cheap. And she added that her employees do not mess up. Honestly she treated me with so much disrespect just because I am hispanic. The thing that bothered me the most was not that she didn’t let me buy the product to what the tag said, but that she had called me a lier and a thief. In no circumstances would I ever do that, I don’t find a reason why she would react the way she did. Ive been to other stores for example, Kohl’s and if the machine ever marks something else they either let me buy it at the price it says or they tell me nicely and with respect that the employee must of put the wrong price.


Susan Durkin-Altera October 18, 2014 at 1:55 pm

I have been a long time shopper at J C Penneys until the last CEO ruined the store. I would shop at your store more often if would had a decent website. I can’t use your website from my iPad. It is a terrible site. I end up ordering from Macy’s or Kohls or any other store because for example today I wanted to shop for sheets. I tried five times but could not use your site. Something is very wrong with your site. You need to fix it or you will continue to lose business.


Merry Case October 13, 2014 at 1:30 pm

About two weeks ago I lost most of my hair. I have been going to JC Penney the last 3 months and had my hair done by Ingrid. I knew the first time she had dyed my hair but the second and third time I thought she was coloring my hair but after the results of my hair, she has been bleaching for all three months. So two weeks ago I wake up and most of my hair is gone, I have pictures upon request. My sister told me I lost my hair from over bleaching because she had that happen to her too but not at JC Penney. I would like to know what someone is going to do about this because I have been very distraught, upset and not wanting to leave my house because it is such a mess. I have just ordered wigs, about 5 of them. It took me just about all my life to grow my hair where it was and only 3 months for someone to destroy it.
Merry Case


Jacqueline October 16, 2014 at 8:26 pm

Hi Mary,
I am sorry to read about your hair loss and I have had a similar situation. I have permanent hair loss as a result of the negligence of a JC Penny Salon employee.
The JC Penny stylist applied chemicals to my hair in contrast to the manufacturer’s instructions–among other things. My hair went from thick, full shoulder length healthy hair to patchy baldness, thin broken and damaged hair in 3 months. I had to see a dermatologist for chemical burns to my scalp and at the advice of the JC Penny Salon Manager I had a buzz cut–my hair cut to the scalp.
The assault to my hair and damage to my scalp occurred over a year ago and JC Penny has not compensated me in any way. I have a case with AIG who is J C Penny’s liability insurance carrier. AIG has been slow to respond. They have ignored medical documentation, resorted to unnecessary delays, and attempted to manipulate factual evidence to avoid taking responsibility.
I also bought wigs and sought medical and surgical remedies. I have spent more than $6,000 out of pocket (and counting). I suffered a great deal and empathize with you. You must continue to pursue compensation and justice for your loss. JC Penny must be held accountable for the actions of its employees, who are conducting its business– on its behalf. JC Penny must make us whole!!!


linda aragon October 11, 2014 at 1:18 am

I was a loyal customer for some 40 years but stopped shopping at JCP after the new CEO took over. I love the new format and the $ pricing. However, on Mother’s day and Father’s day 20% of the moms and dads that were featured in their ads were homosexuals.
I am sorry, but the homosexual community does not comprise 20% of the population. I am frustrated by organizations pushing the lbgt agenda. They can live as they please if they want but why do they have to try to get everyone else to think like they do.
JCP has been declining since the changes and it will continue until it closes down. I don’t shop there because they “don’t have the clothing styles I like” I don’t shop there because they are pushing their agenda on me and the restof the heterosexual population.


Ruth McIntyre October 8, 2014 at 11:59 pm

What a disappointment!! I’m a long-time shopper (40+ years) at Penneys but not any more. I spent approximately 45 minutes walking through Penneys at Clackamas Town Center Mall (Portrland, OR) looking for clothing items for my husband and myself. In that time, I could not find a sales clerk in any of the departments I was in and was never approached by a clerk to ask if they could help me. I don’t like to shop in the first place so this did not make me a happy customer. I finally asked the lady in the photo “salon” to call a manager for me to speak with. When the manager arrived, I explained my disappointment and her reply was, “well, you know, we’re having problems with our sales staff not interacting with our customers”. No kidding! I also told her that I, being an “older” customer, was having a real problem finding clothing styled for “older ladies”. She agreed that was a problem. No kidding! No wonder Penneys is having problems and their stock dropped 10.88% today! I wonder if Penneys will go the way of Wards and a few of the other “old timers” and close up shop? Looks like that’s what they’re striving for.


carlos vasquez October 7, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Your store 1337 in Downey ca is f*cken ridiculous their slow un professional this is my first time being a member. And I’m regretting joining with u guys I purchase a trio set rings with Lori and she put in the orderr to resize my rings on 9.15.2014. Last week they call me telling me the rings were their I ask the ring size to make sure they said 7 all 3 I told them no the guys were 10 and the girl 8.5 3days later. My ring came to the store but not my girls I’m getting married on 10th this f**ken Friday with no rings I call today and they telling me they don’t know where is my rings only a girl name Marci knows but she works tomorrow as soon I get the rings I’m out of jcpenny ur store is a joke ur company is not well reliable and unorganize I need my rings on Thursday contact. Me at 323 605**** my name is Carlos I will not recommend this store with anybody its bull shit


William October 3, 2014 at 2:39 pm

WOW!!! DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM JC PENNEY’S IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK because if lose the receipt, you may find yourself being denied because you have been put on a black list!!!! I am amazed that JC Penney’s is in financial trouble and NOT COMPLETELY BROKE!!!!! I tried to return some items a couple days ago that I had lost the receipt to. I was told that my return was being denied, but I could call a 800 number to find out why. I called the number and was told an email would be sent to me to explain the reason for denial. I received the email this morning and call JC Penney’s. I was told that I had been put on a black list for returns without a receipt. Okay, now I am really confused! The only returns with out a receipt listed on this report was one back in Feb. of 2011 and one back in Nov. 2011. Apparently two times, PERIOD, without a receipt causes you to be put on a permanent denial list. I was told to call the JC Penney’s corporate office to try to get removed. I was told by the corporate office that it could not be removed. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!!!!!! Walmart will allow you so many returns a year without a receipt, resetting every year. Shopping at Kohl’s or Old Navy and lost your receipt, no problem, they will give you a gift card for the amount of the return. WHO PUTS YOU ON A PERMANENT BLACK LIST?!?!?!?! JC PENNY’S THAT’S WHO!!!!!! My wife likes to buy things online from JC Penney’s since we live 70 miles to the closest store. There is always something that doesn’t fit tight, or look the way you thought it would and needs taken back. It has never been a problem, because we usually have the receipt in hand, but losing a receipt happens to all of us from time to time. Well, it sounds like JC Penney’s is not tolerant of that. For that reason, Kohl’s & Old Navy, you are going to be seeing a LOT more of us.


Tiana September 30, 2014 at 6:01 pm

I dropped my engagement ring off at JC Penny on Sept 8, 2014 to get sized. My soon to be husband bought the lifetime warranty, however, when I dropped my ring off they printed the PRICE of my ring AND price of warranty (things I DON’T need to know). I was told that it would take two weeks to get my ring back on Sept 23, 2014. Today is Sept 30th and I still have NOT received my ring. After calling and complaining I received a call from the “Jewelry Manager” on Sept 23th to advise that my ring was “misplaced” and once it was found that it missed the shipment and it then sat in the store for a week and corporate received. It the manager then advised that she sent an email to the manager to do a rush job and I would ‘HOPEFULLY” get my ring back “SOON” WTF. The manager ALSO kept saying “Well you dropped it off on the 8th and we are going through a billion dollar merger” I really son’t GIVE A F***K WHAT you are going through I just want my ring back. After my telephone conversation with the ‘Jewlery Manager” she advised that she would have an answer from me FIRST THING Monday morning (9/27/14) and today is WEDNESDAY Sept 30th and i have not heard a WORD from ANYONE. Needless to say I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from JC Penny and I HOPE and PRAY that nothing else happens to my ring and I have to rely on this sloooooooooow warranty process. JCP has has my ring longer than I have been engaged……Sooooooooo disappointing


DiversityDiva September 30, 2014 at 11:29 am

Trust me, JCP does not care about these comments. It is ran by a bunch of OLD white ppl who have no idea about how the world is changing outside of the country club estates they live in. They have no clue that the racial diversity within the city a store is in should be reflected by the staff members they employ. Most of their in home decorators are nearly retirement age. They are archaic and this is why they will never recover. Not saying young people are where it’s at, I’m just saying old white ppl who were born during the segregation years are not exactly hospitable to the large multi-ethnic shoppers nowadays. This is evident in the all Spanish flyers they sent out. Lmao I guarantee you this idea came from an old white person with a Spanish speaking housekeeper in Texas and thought “I bet if Lupita knew about our sale she would spend some of her money I pay her in our stores…eureka!! I’m going to mail out an all Spanish sales sheet!” You can tell these older ppl just do not want to admit that blacks Hispanics and other nationality people are a huge consumer base. I won’t spend money in any store that I don’t see other ethicities other than white in. Who wants to be associated with that type of stigma these days? I grew up with JCPenneys back when the old ppl still working there were young…it was a cool place. Now they are trendy on paper and old fashioned in the store. Which is easy to tell by the sales or I should say loss of sales. It’s 2014 JCP is far behind. I’m sure they will hire another old white CEO. Since Johnson is no longer there. Even if Macys is ran by old white ppl you can’t tell when you shop there. As a multi cultural family I love seeing all the great diversity of employees they have in their stores… They also are much more fashion forward. Probably Bc their buyers are young and hip and in tune with the public Bc they are not stuffy old country clubbers. That was cool in 1981… JCPenneys was also cool in 1981.


Hazel Cable September 29, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Well I have BEEN an ARDENT WORKER WITH MY ASSOCIATES THAT I LOVE DEARLY at JCP and my CUSTOMERS ALL ARE IMPORTANT they share our WORLD. I am so SORRY that MANAGEMENT at Northwood Mall is not what I FEEL JCP IS LOOKING FOR OUT OF THEIR MANAGEMENT. To Their WORKERS INCLUDING MYSELF . Got an offer to leave on the 28th because i was asked to even though MANAGER DID NOT EVEN MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO PUT ME BACK INTO THE SYSTEM BUT THANK GOD, BECAUSE HE HAS A PLAN FOR ME AMEN!I MY resignation date was to end on 4th of October. I WILL have an ASPIRING LIFE working around GENUINE MANAGEMENT in the future.


Jane Terrell September 26, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Someone needs to update this site. I don’t think Ron Johnson is currently the CEO.


Leah Fowler September 24, 2014 at 6:18 pm

Dear JCPenney,

While I did enjoy using your line of credit shopping at your department stores, I no longer care to be a future customer. I unfortunately have been laid off from the active duty army. Therefore have taken a considerable cut in income. I was also placed in an $18,000.00 debt from the Army, and a $38,000.00 debt to the IRS from ill – knowledge on settlement payments. On top of that I have other smaller debts that are bulging interest from being so far behind. I am going to school full time, have a toddler, and am dealing with a particularly nasty time of PTSD/Anxiety. Your corporation is the ONLY debt that I am being harassed about on a daily basis – sometimes more than once in a 24 hour period. While I understand I am obligated to pay back the debt that I owe you, and I will make the repayment possible WHEN I am able, the amount of harassment I receive from your debt collectors is unbearable and ridiculous. I started receiving phone calls from the first 30 day past due payment I was behind on. Needless to say, this only adds to my anxiety. I would appreciate if your debt collectors would stop asking me to borrow money off of friends or family, it’s rude. I was cooperative in the beginning, trying to work with them, but I’m at the point where I just say: “Sorry, there is nothing I can do for you at the moment,” and hang up.

Leah Fowler


Peggy Ivie September 24, 2014 at 12:23 pm

I recently applied for a part time job at JCP Cortland, NY. I was shot down by your stupid little test which I chose to answer honestly.The manager who had tried very hard to help me apply after your software upgrade would not let me. The reason I am writing this is because all the jobs that I had held before with JCP did not count for anything. I was an excellent employee for your company and was rewarded for my efforts in different states. We were an AF family and therefore moved frequently. My longest stint was at Crossroads Mall in OKC,OK. Then as recently as 2007 I worked part time at JCP Parks Mall Arlington, TX. Now retired and living near Cortland, NY, I was looking only for part time work for a company I knew to be fair and unbiased up until now. Your test is ridiculous and Mr Penney must be turning over in his grave.


Pamela Qarbaghi September 23, 2014 at 12:21 pm

Please bring back East 5th tall plus size pants. I bought six pairs a year minimum from you and often found them sold out so I know they were a successful design. You should not have eliminated the flat front, straight leg, side zip pant from your mail order business. Style number 14J939J.


Donna Kelley September 23, 2014 at 12:01 am

Dear Corporate Executives of JC Penney
I have shopped many times at JC Penney over the years on my visits to the U.S. Thank you for everything I have ever purchased and never had one regret for any item. Your staff always goes that extra mile cheerfully and with professionalism at all times.
The reason I am writing to you is to ask, have you ever considered coming to Canada? I know the Target stores have gotten off to a bump start, but I think there could an easy way to boost the Canadian enthusiasm for Target. But, really I think a Flagship JC Penney here in London, Ontario Canada would be a boost not only for JC Penney, but for our Canadian economy. I know there would be a wonderful expandable market for your company and it could lead to a profitable and harmonious partnering if you would come to Canada, not Toronto, but London, Ontario. We are the heart of the corridor in Southwestern Ontario and your company is the best of the best. I hope you can find it at your convenience to at least examine these possibilities especially here in London, Ontario.
Thank you for taking the time to read my note and again thank you for your wonderful store, your great staff and your steadfastness in the market.


Always, Donna Kelley


Jaime September 19, 2014 at 3:38 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a loyal J C Penney costumer for many years, but as of September 13, 2014 I may never shop at a J C Penney store again. I was shopping in Columbus, Oh at Polaris shopping mall. I had 2 pieces of jewelry to buy in my hand. I walked to jewelry counter talking with my aunt saying something about checking out a gentleman who worked there acknowledged me by making eye contact as he was standing behind the counter and turned and walked away without even speaking. As I said, excuse me I am ready to check out he walked faster away from me. I went to the next jewelry counter and an older gentleman was helping a costumer on the other side of counter. I sat my 2 pieces of jewelry on the counter and he looked at me and said “are you ready to check out?” I said yes and he said “well you can’t do that here you have to go over to costumer service” and pointed to clothing area. I walked over there to find two cashiers trying to check people out and 15-20 people in line. I was not willing to wait behind people with arms full of clothing items to buy 2 pieces of jewelry. I walked back to the jewelry section and found a lady behind another counter. My aunt who I was with asked if we check here and she said “yes” my aunt then looked at me and said “see I told you we check out here” and then the sales lady said “oh I am sorry you have to go to costumer service line.” I gave the lady the 2 pieces of jewelry and told her that I did not have time to wait in line of 15-20 people and I did not have time to put my jewelry back. I also told her that it was obvious that J C Penney did not want or need my money obviously. She smiled and said she would put my jewelry back. I have always been able to check out in the jewelry department before. If this is a new policy it needs to be handled with more care.

I have had a J C Penney card since I was 20 years old. That is 15 years and I may never it use it again unless something changes my mind. I do not live in the Columbus area and have not encountered this kind of treatment in my area, but it was a horrible experience and I found similar jewelry at Macy’s later that day and had a great experience and even was offered an additional discount because I was using my Macy’s card. It felt like Miracle on 34th Street where Macy’s came out smelling like roses and it is even Christmas yet.


Jaime Moreno


Shavone Allen September 19, 2014 at 12:26 pm

I made an appointment on September 14, 2014 to get my hair done on September 19 @ 10a.m. I showed up on time and my stylist showed up 45mins later??? who does this? I was then asked by the receptionist (which was extremely nice) that my stylist asked her to wash my hair. I don’t know if the stylist has been certified to do that BUT I agree and as I’m doingat the bowl, I notice my stylist wrong someone else’s hair. So I mention this to the receptionist and she states “oh, she had an appointment with my stylist at 11:45… at this time it’s 10:48…Does this makes sense? I’m crunched for time as well, but I didn’t know that I had to mention that…So basically I didn’t get my hair done. I had planned on going out tonightThis is very unprofessional… JC Penny Salon in Joliet, IL. I am EXTREMELY disappointed.


Patricia Spicer September 18, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Very bad experience trying to pick up an order I placed and paid for on-line and shipped to the local store. I have trouble standing and walking, had to search for someone to help me. The items were not in the “system” so I had to stand and wait while the girl searched for my items. Found it, but that was as far as she could go, so she asked another girl. Oh, one of the ten shirts wasn’t with the nine others, so I couldn’t have any.
At home again, without my items I called customer service, they put me on hold until I hung up.
Called the store manager first thing this morning. Surprise, manager won’t be in today. Asked for name and number for regional manager, wouldn’t give it to me, but was told the other item came in, now I could come back “once they get it in the system” to pick them up.
Will I buy from here again? I doubt it. Am I upset? You bet I am!


alicia September 17, 2014 at 4:19 pm

Horrible Service! Horrible Return Policy! You guys did certainly lose a customer. I’m shredding my black JCP card. I have shopped with you guys for a long time now. Never had I had a problem with returns. But the fact you guys were trying to give me less then what I paid for a sweater. I’m getting cheated out of my hard earned money. Ridiculous! Never shopping at JCP again til you make the return policy right. I’m taking my money and spending it at Nordstrom. Get it together JcPenney!


Sydney September 21, 2014 at 9:21 pm

I work at Penney’s and we get people like you every day. If you don’t have a receipt you get the lowest price it’s ever sold for. Maybe you should keep your receipt next time. Also, we can look up your past purchases if you paid with debit/ credit. How are WE supposed to know how much you paid if you DON’T have your RECEIPT. Obviously money isn’t much of an issue if you shop at Nordstrom.


St September 17, 2014 at 1:26 am



Hailey Milby September 16, 2014 at 11:24 pm

To whom it may concern, please put Hailey Milby as a model for girls clothing in your store in a large picture on the wall. Hailey is on Facebook her mother is Andrea Milby; she has her own Facebook too. Thanks
PS thats not her right email though


Ashley williams September 16, 2014 at 8:31 pm

Jcpenney sucks how they run their stores they lie on honest and good people
And the management is completly unethical and they are petty and dont do any hard work just be all around everywhere they suck


Deborah September 14, 2014 at 2:23 am

I live in Arizona and I am really disappointed that JCPenny’s Outlet was removed from Arizona Mills Mall..!! It was one of our best store there. Many would love to have JCP back!!


Maria September 10, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I live in the Bronx and I recently received an advertisnig brochure at my home in Spanish. I am disgusted not because of the Spanish Language but because it is assumed I am Spanish speaking. The last time I checked, the language of this land is ENGLISH. When I shop JC Penny, it is assumed I speak Spanish. I am called “mamita” “cherida” ext. There are very few Spanish speaking people on my block and we all feel the same. I will no longer shop JC Penny. I cutting the JC Penny card I have.


J. Pantaleo September 9, 2014 at 11:39 pm

I live in Southern California, while I know there is a huge influx of Hispanic people here, I am NOT Hispanic. This IS still the good old USA where English is suppose to be the main language, yet I received an Advertisement in the Mail today and it was ALL in Spanish. Has J C Penney changed its main language to Spanish now? Please do not send me any more mail in Spanish as I do not read Spanish.

Thank you, J. Pantaleo


Michelle September 9, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Huntsville, Al. I would like to see JCP move to a more reputable location. I really do not believe that you understand the effect Madison Square Mall has on your store. We have great new locations popping up around us, yet JCP is stuck in a mall worthy of a flea market. Please update us on new plans that you have to move out and bring the style back to JCP. We have lots of money in this area and would like to spend it in a new JCP location. Looking forward to your response. Thank You


S. Pereira September 8, 2014 at 2:05 pm

To whom it may concern. Freehold NJ 9/6/2014,There a storm passing thru, lightning, thunder storms, flooding rain, power lines down,it was a mess. I was near the exit door with my 3 small children waiting for my husband to pick us up, when I was approached by what it looked like a teenager to me wearing jeans and a t shirt. When he asked me are you a customer her, when I replied yes, I was told in these exact words, YOU NEED TO GET OUT when I questionned who he was he, he told me he was the security there.
I told him to see ID and he said he had it at his desk. i asked to see his ID because I wanted his name to report him because of his unproper way of treating the customers. You are putting out customers and children out into this terrible weather and on top off it you disrespect them by speaking to them like this.. Not acceptable. H refused to give his name. I been a customer for 20 years and have never been treated like this. please find out, who this person was and please address this problem. thank you


Jerry Driggers September 7, 2014 at 10:50 pm

I was In jcp in rockingham nc today and when I walked in the air conditioner was broken. They had put out portable air conditioners to try and cool it off in there. This is not the first time I have experienced this in this store. This makes 3 times I know of. I remember it being like this last year. I also remember asking the clerk last year when were they going to fix it and if I recall I thought she said a couple of months. I thought no possible way could that be. But while I was checking out today I also ask the clerk the same question about when were they going to fix the air and I was told six weeks. I responded and said that makes no since. I also let her know I remember being told it was going to be repaired or replaced last year. I don’t understand that a company as well off as jcp can not fix this problem. You have the money I’m sure. I am a regular shopper on there and I would hate to know that I can’t shop because I’m sweating like a pig. Please look into this case and fix the air. The comments I heard from other customers from across the room was not nice. One man was even frustrated with his wife and they began to argue because of it. I would like to hear back from someone in the corporate office about this znd to know it will be fixed, coz you know I will be going back in there znd I will know if it was taken care of and if it’s hot in there I will just turnaround and leave. Its ashame to the community. Just replace it and let your customers be able to shop comfortably.


John E, Whitley September 7, 2014 at 10:56 am

Dear Sir:
On 8/24/14, I ordered two pair of Florsheim dress shoes thru Cust. Svc. JCP had them on sale, plus 20% off if I used my JCP card. Awesome! I soon received an email informing me of a possible cancellation due to a “credit” glitch, and had to reply NLT 8/214. I quickly called the 1-800 given in the email. No problem I was assured, by Shelia, you have excellent credit since 82′. Again, another email, same problem and another call. Spoke to Supvr. Faye. on 9/4/14, apology given, and will “express” ship my shoes in 2 days! Again, awesome! You guessed it, another email, another call to Cust. Svc. on 9/6/14 and spoke to Credit Supvr. Mike. He stayed on the line and called another number. We both explained the whole story AGAIN! This time, I was offered an additional discount for my troubles. What broke my patience was the lady on this other line repeated my order, and you guessed it, wrong size, wrong color!. I asked “Mike” to not only cancel my order, but cancel my JCP account.
I doubt you will ever allow this to be seen by the public, maybe, but the old saying, “Buyer Beware” is absolutely true in this case. I will order direct from the manufacture, and yes, I will pay more. I would give you our acct. number, but my wife says, not online!
John & Martha Whitley


Asilrocks September 6, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I get your flyer with coupons in the mail which is fine if it was in ENGLISH I think it’s totally wrong and rude and how dare you assume that because my last name is Lopez that I speak- read or even understand what any of it is saying nobody in my household does why would you do that. Get your act together cause this just didn’t happen once.


Dorothy September 5, 2014 at 1:47 pm

I live in Janesville ,Wi corporate office decided to close our store and I was very disappointed when you made the announcement. No very upset!! I don’t understand why in the world you close a store that has been in a town as long as Penney’s was. I have one of your credit cards but I won’t ever shop there again. I have to drive an hour to get to one of your stores. I have always depended on Penney’s for my drapes would you please reopen for the community we miss your store. We don’t have any other store to go to for things like that with your quality. Hope you make the decision that is best for the residents here!!!!!! We want Penney’s back in our town!!!!!!!!!


VIRGINIA August 28, 2014 at 3:17 pm

On August 9 I ordered a queen size bed set and a matress set. The bed arrived within a week, and I was very happy with for furniture. However, the mattress set never arrived. It is now Aug. 28 and I have placed numerous calls to the Furniture Dept. Customer Service checking on my order. Yesterday they finally told me it is lost, and they will open a case to research this lost purchase. I called today to find out if they located the item, and they told me they won’t even start to look for it up to 72 hours or so. That they have so many lost items they are looking for with cases that were opened 4 to 5 days ago. So now I am suppose to wait till you find all your lost merchandise before you begin to research my purchase. First of all this is the age of computers, and you should establish a system that when an online purchase is overdue in arrival, a pop-up alert notifies a clerk at a computer screen. I would think that could afford to hire clerks to check items before the customer has to complain. If I would never have called furniture to tell them that I never got my purchase, they would not know or care. This item has been on my JCP credit card since Aug. 9. You were sure to get that right.
If the stock holders of JCP want to know why the company is slipping so badly it is because of their lack of business savy. Buying furniture online is a great convenience, but you have to know what you are doing and stay ahead of the problems and complaints.


Jan Downey August 27, 2014 at 8:31 pm

My order was placed on 6/20/14 for:
8 JCP Home Stoneware dinner plates
8 JCP Home Stoneware salad plates
8 JCP Home Stoneware dinner bowls
1 JCP Home Stoneware platter
2 JCP Home Stoneware serving bowls

The dinner plates, dinner bowls and platter arrived shortly after the order date of 6/20/14. One box of 4 dinner bowls arrived with a broken bowl which I returned and had to reorder. The packaging with the styrofoam was unbelievably messy! It was impossible to get the stoneware out of the box without getting the tiny pieces of styrofoam everywhere!!!! I cleaned it up of course but it was IMPOSSIBLE to get every minuscule piece. A week later I was still finding little bits of foam.

Today I received the 2nd part of my order: salad plates and serving bowls. I opened a box of 4 serving bowls and again saw the awful and very messy packaging. This time I decided to take the boxes out on our deck and hopefully the millions (it seems like millions) of bits of styrofoam will blow away!!!!! The side pieces of styrofoam crumbled when I tried to take them out of the box. I have pictures. Where should I send them?

JCP…..come on!!!!! How does one get the stoneware out of these boxes without creating a major mess!! I love the dishes but your packaging, not so much!!!!!
Well actually, it’s a disgrace to your company!!


Kristine Sulik August 25, 2014 at 1:40 am

I ordered shoes Sunday Aug 17th for $68.89 on Used a Visa gift card in the amount of $50 expecting a prompt for the remaining $18.89 owed. No prompt so I called customer service number in Columbus to give the information to pay the remaining due $18.89. They were closed so I called Monday gave them the story said I wanted to give them my debit card number for the balance as I did not want the order cancelled. No problem they said took my debit card number we hung up. Checked my bank account to find a pending charge of $47.01! Not the right amount! I called back spoke to another person explained what happened told them to just put the entire purchase on my credit card- did not want to risk errors in my bank account. Customer service rep said no problem it’s done. Checked my credit card online- $68.89 charged AS WELL AS a charge for $49.51. Called back the 800 number on my online statement, explained yet again, the lady traced the credit card and it was used by a JC Penney representative to charge someone else’s blinds! Customer service rep called that customer confirmed the customer ordered with her JC Penney credit card but somehow the JC Penney rep used my credit card number. Told me to watch my account for the charge to be removed. I checked today Saturday the 23rd and the charge has been removed, yet now there is an additional charge for $24.85!! Called back today August 23rd spoke to Danielle and she researched -again same customer ordered another set of blinds and IT WAS CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD AGAIN! When I told her this is unacceptable that in the course of a week I have had several egregious mistakes with ALL of my accounts done by customer service reps in your Columbus call center, her response was she would forward to your Loss Prevention department to “investigate,” the charge could not be removed, I would have to dispute it with MasterCard and cancel my credit card because this is obviously not going to stop as it is stored in other people’s accounts in your JC Penney system. To say I am disappointed in JC Penney is an understatement. Even in your recent trying times I remained a loyal customer and have been my entire life. This ongoing saga goes beyond the scope of poor customer service and simple errors. I do not understand how all of these things can happen on one account for a simple online order for shoes. I have spent hours in the past week monitoring my accounts, calling your reps, rehashing this nightmare and as I type this I now have to figure how to end this ongoing saga because I really don’t feel I should cancel my credit card because of the gross incompetence and negligence of your representatives. It appears now I have no choice but to do so to put this to bed so to speak. I feel the need to inform you of one customer’s experience in the course of the past week for a simple online order of a pair of shoes. I ordered shipment to my local store and that was prompt and received the phone call they had arrived. To that end I say it went well. If or when I will be able to clear up the issues with my credit card and your call center remains to be seen. If other customers experience the same baffling errors and runaround I received this week I am sure you will eventually notice in your bottom line. Simply put, attention to your online call center is in order.


jewell Henry August 24, 2014 at 3:19 pm

It is way to hard to order from computer would never let me put in were I could pick
up order so had to pay 8.95 to be sent to home not a easy way to order from home.


conrad bradley August 19, 2014 at 1:26 pm

In the mail today I received a JCPenny Mastercard that I did not apply for. Upon calling the issuer I was told I was randomly selected for a free upgrade to a JCPenny Mastercard but my regular JCPenny card was also open to use. I promptly closed both accounts. Your credit issuer is unethical to put it politely. Not only did you loose a customer who routinely shopped at JCPenny once a month but I plan on sharing my experience throughout social media.


Mariel Rose August 19, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Good morning I know this is something that may be quiet unusual and way left field, but I am sitting here with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart with absolutely nowhere to turn and no help. I am a mother of three very smart impressionable school age children and I need help. I have looked high and low for days and really anticipated to be back to work now but nothing has come up and my children are in desperate need of things for back to school. I am married but my husband is totally disabled and I have no family to help me in the area. It really seems right now as if everyone is struggling to make it. I worked at that company for 3 years and didn’t expect to loss my job at such a terrible time. My kids are so wonderful and deserving. I always have provided for them in the past this will be the first time that my back has been against the wall in this type of way. I normally always take advantage of your back to school sales at the Allen location. It really hurts me to have to sit here and ask for help but it would hurt them more if I don’t. If someone could please contact me even if you can or can’t help I would appreciate it so much. I’m sincere right now I’ve even applied to your company for work. I just need a little help, thank you and God bless.
Thanking You In Advance,
Mariel Rose
Contact Information
Mariel Rose
xxx Pagoda Dr.
Anna, Texas 75409


La-Shawn Spencer August 17, 2014 at 3:07 am

I was in the JCPENNY salon today in Cary, NC & had my hair done by TJ. He did an awesome job & he is the only reason myself & quite a few ladies I know go to this salon. He takes the time to make sure that your hair is healthy & puts 110% behind his work. There are very few stylist in this area that cater to ethnic hair & truly care about his clients. I did have one issue while in the salon that bothered me to my soul. There was a young lady that came in who went to another salon & wasn’t satisfied with her hair so she came in to get TJ to fix it. He patiently explained to her what needed to be done & she didn’t want him to do what needed to be done. Now this man does hair for a living, but you don’t trust what he is telling you? If that’s that’s the case, then why come to him to get your hair done. The whole time TJ was flat ironing my hair she was standing next to him pretty much telling him what he would do & what she was going to pay!!! Who does that???? He calmly kept explaining to her what needed to be done & what the price was but she wanted him to give her a discount because she had a bad experience elsewhere. She even talked to the manager that was working & kept changing up her story. The client stepped out the store to talk on the phone & my mother overheard her telling whomever she was speaking to that she was going to get her way & get it for free. I wanted to tell the manager this before I left but she stepped out if the store before I was done with my appointment. I plan on calling her in the morning, but I also felt that I needed to let corporate know that TJ is outstanding, & I hope that you guys keep him on staff because losing him would be a blow to this store……..


Darren August 15, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Placed an order for a mattress on 07/04/2014 in store, called customer service on 08/04/2014 to set up a different delivery date. The rep told me they would be able to deliver the mattress on 08/08/2014, I agreed, took the day off work to ensure I was there for pick up. Waited all day on 08/08/2014 and no delivery, no call, nothing. Called customer service and they said the delivery company would contact me soon… Still no call. Called on 08/11/2014 and spoke with a supervisor who said the prior rep never emailed the delivery company and that she had taken care of everything and would call me if anything changed…. 08/15/2014 no calls from anyone. Called customer service again and spoke with another supervisor who had to call me back cause it was taking an extremely long time to figure out. He told me that he had to escalate the issue to Bedding because they still couldnt figure it out. They gave me the number to corporate to escalate the issue. Called corporate and they transfered me back to customer service! Absolutely terrible customer service.


Larry R. August 15, 2014 at 4:08 am

I went to purchase clothing for my children, before shopping I went to ask a sales associate at checkout to see if American Express gift cheques were accepted. I was told that they were accepted. Once I was ready to purchase my items, they took my cheque and wrote all over my cheque and asked me to endorse it. After I endorsed my cheque I was told that they could not accept it eventhough the American Express rep. told them how to run the transaction. Now my cheque is ruined, This was an embarasment. I had the cash to purchase my items but after the trouble I was not about to give them a sale. If matter is not corrected I will take my buisness elsewhere. I think that management needs further training. JCPenney located in Weslaco Texas.


Beverly Kubela August 13, 2014 at 3:51 am

Optical Department
I order’d new glasses on May 14, 2014 at the Fargo ND Store. I received the glasses and the clerk broke the frame during adjustment and had to reorder. I received the 2nd pair and the lense’s were 2 different thickness’s and not a good pair. I picked out new frames and when I called to check on the status of the glasses I was told the lense was on back order. I called again last Friday August 8th and was told they should be in on Monday, Aug 11th, that was yesterday and still no word. So what’s going on ???? I have received glasses from JC Penney before and was satisfied. Don’t you think this is very poor that it has been 3 months and I still do not have glasses.
Beverly Kubela, 701-642-XXXX
P.S. I have talked with customer service before and I thought it was going to be better.


Mel August 10, 2014 at 1:06 am

I ordered drapes for my home from JC PENNY online July 12 .online status: IN STOCK, the next day I received an email its says: backordered, will ship on or before July 20. July 16, sent me a special code for the next purchase. Come July 20 my order is not delivered yet, checked online said cancelled, no email nor any notification sent that it was. Checked online again said IN STOCK . I called costumer service the rep. to confirm the item’s availability said he can’t help. Useless! Ordered for DIFFERENT drapes again 8/7/14 status: INSTOCK, 2 days after I received an email again saying : order cancelled , out of stock. Can you guys make up your mind or at least update your website more often? make sure the items are available before you advertise.I find it misleading and frustrating, I feel like its just a waste of time looking at your products, don’t waste your time, shop somewhere else.


St. Louis, County August 17, 2014 at 4:22 pm

Yes It’s extremely frustrating! As an employee allow me to give you an insight of what
Politics and Corporate / Store Manager Leadership is not happening. In 2013 the Employees of JCP did not receive any Merit Increases in their salaries apparently due to the fact of how Ron Johnson, (the former CEO) financially Disrupted the Company.
This year 2014 our Employees received their Merit Increase Review with the Majority receiving a letter from the Store Manager who makes the final decision stating:
Performance Rating: Performance does not meet Merit Increase eligibility criteria!!?
Let me inform you, “Our” Employees are hard workers, understaffed, underpayed, and not properly trained for their designated departments! One Example:
Women’s, Misses, Junior’s: The floor staff are expected to: Keep the fitting rooms
neat and tidy, return the merchandise to their proper designated area following Cor-Standards, (Sizing and display) Making sure that all items are properly ticketed and priced, Cover front registers when Cashier’s are backed up, and try and help Customers by answering their questions and finalize Customer Service! Is ” One ”
Person capable of performing all of these task in three designated area’s and Utilize Excellent Service to our customers during a seven hour shift? Our District & Store Manager may as will be “Hitler” They have no “Empathy”, no Sympathy they are “Cold”, all they care about… Is how they Represent themselves to the Corporate Office. FYI: On the Majority, Our Merit Increase is based upon Credit Apps. and Online Order’s!! Not Customer Service.. Our Employee’s were all about the “Wow” what happened to the “Wow” The District Manager literally forced- out our previous “Store Manager” Until he couldn’t take any more! “Kudos” to you District Manger.. you accomplished your goal? You’re a Cold hatred “Mr. Grinch!!” and the Store Morale has plummeted into the pits of “Hell!” I would continue however I would be wasting more of “my time,” therefore focusing on New Employment that care’s about their employees (people) and not themselves!! Good Luck JCP


Alan Darr, USN (ret) August 7, 2014 at 12:55 pm

please consider–continuing the line of Stafford broadcloth short sleeve dress shirts. not everyone wants long sleeve shirts. In central florida–the JCPenny stores have about quit carrying the product.
I am a shop teacher–have to wear tie– but long sleeves is not acceptable due to safety.
please continue with a wider selection of short sleeve dress shirts–the Stafford broadcloth seem to be able to take the abuse better. still only last about 1 month of continuous wear but better than 2 weeks with other types of shirts.


jimlietz August 6, 2014 at 1:25 am

I cant understand why the store in Yorktown mall in Lombard il still has last years winter men clothes at 5.99 on the floor . new mens clothes are now coming in for the winter season . they must be blind , the woodfield store is much better run


Judy Ramirez August 4, 2014 at 5:21 pm

By the way, the total was over $1000.00. So, they lost a significant sale. Guess that doesn’t matter either.


Judy Ramirez August 4, 2014 at 5:18 pm

I am very upset with JC Penny’s . We ordered a sofa on6-11-14, and as of today 8-5-14 had heard Nothing. I called to check the status and was told it was cancelled! No one knew when, why or who was responsible. Thank goodness we had not paid for it. When I called customer service they actually ask if I wanted to re-order! Why , so I can wait another 2months for someone to cancel the order?? I knew it would take at least 6wk they should of had the courtesy to at least e-mail or call. I even checked my junk and trash e-mails… Nothing. Had already purchased other things to go with it, so I will either have to return them or hopefully find a sofa somewhere else. Will certainly not buy it at Penny’s .


Mary July 29, 2014 at 2:30 pm

I am so disappointed in JC Penny and the way they do business. As a brand new customer of less than a yr. Only having used their card twice. Paying off the first purchase when I got the bill. They have since ran another credit check on me without my knowledge. Which in return lowered my score. Then they lowered my line, when I called I was treated horribly, receiving a letter today that they cancelled my card and states that they notified all major credit unions of my card canceling. Who does this Company think they are? I would NEVER have done business with such a comany who treats their new customers in such a way. SHAME ON JC PENNY. very disappointing


Jo July 22, 2014 at 5:22 am

I have information on a store manager who just bought his own business in may and is sticking it out at jcp to keep his insurance for an upcoming surgery but other wise has checked out as a manager at jcp are you interested in which store?


Karen July 20, 2014 at 3:44 am

I was going to purchase two things totaling $70.00 but ordered somewhere else because your shipping costs are way too high. You really need to look at using the post office. Seriously, 12 bucks for a two pound or less package is crazy! And if you decide you want to discuss email me. I’m a postmaster of a major metro city and can hook you up with a great sales team!


katie July 15, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Upset about their portrait studios?! Yeah, so am I… JCP doesn’t run the portrait locations, it’s LifeTouch professional photography; NOT that I don’t believe JCP should be doing something about the company, but just FYI…


Chelsea July 14, 2014 at 1:22 pm

I would just like to recognize Jocelyn R at your Memorial city Mall location. We had our pictures taken by her today and she did a wonderful job. She was very patient with my kids, took lots of great photos, and you could tell she loved her job and was good with people. I really appreciate all the time she took with us. Thank you for having such a wonderful import and because of hard we will definitely be back!


Maurice Moore July 13, 2014 at 8:58 am

My name is Maurice a form employee at your store #2690 in Hattiesburg Ms . I was terminated Friday July 11, 2014. I agree with a earlier statement I read managers get to do whatever they wish in this company and play favorites. I was fired for a bad attitude towards my team leader Marissa Hall. A team leader who called me a PUSSY ASS BITCH and my supervisor Xzavier January knew this before she was made team leader. Marissa constantly talks to people mainly me like I was her child are something, and I would talk to her the same way. I brought witnesses to Carlotta Martin my store manager and Ms.Bond human resources who stated that Marissa said she didn’t do things fairly. Marissa sent me home one day a fellow employee said what she sent me home for was a lie. I wrote a 7 page statement in my defence nothing still was done. Every time I brought the issue of Marissa to Carlotta and any other manager it was always my fault never her. So I know how it goes play ball they way or get fired. Most employees at this store know this managers stick together right or wrong. I was told repeated when I said I was gone call corp. Why waste your time they not gone do anything. I see know that was true. Cause twice I called and asked for them to send someone who would be fair to solve this nobody ever came. So can somebody explain to me why action was taken against me and not Marissa Hall?


Lisa August 12, 2014 at 4:04 pm

You need to call the Human Resource Department and make a official complaint. If that doesn’t work the write one of the CEO directly and certified the letter. Don’t e-mail …. send a letter. You get more response by letter then e-mail or phone call because then they know your serious.


Terry Edgar July 10, 2014 at 10:31 pm

I have been trying to contact my local store in Littleton, CO. No one answers the phone in any department and there is no options for leaving a message. How can a store manage to stay in business if you cannot contact anyone? It is unfortunate that this store owned my business just a few years ago. They deserve to go out of business with their pathetic business model and lack of customer support!


rita c ricci July 9, 2014 at 3:08 pm

For the past month or so I have been inundated with junk email from jcpenney for everything from automobiles to male enhancement products. i receive at least 15 ads per day. I am assuming that jcpenney has sold my email to these merchants. i am spending time each day unscribing from these mailing lists. I would like them to stop this now. Very angry that jcpenney would do this and will not shop there again unless all this junk mail stops.


Jane July 8, 2014 at 9:03 pm

Las Vegas,NV Boulevard mall – I want to laugh when they say they are hiring when they only give us 2 days a week. You are lucky to get 3 days at this point It’s sad and disgusts me. Better management needed.


Denise O July 7, 2014 at 8:34 pm

BEWARE if you are ordering from!!
I placed and order and was very careful to click that I wanted to pick up at the store, to avoid shipping fees. The shipping fees were removed and the total was recalculated. I clicked to complete the order and everything was correct. A few minutes later I checked my email to see my receipt and the shipping fees were added back in. This has happened to me before and the operator apologized and I was told it would be reported and corrected. Sorry,, but you won’t get to try to cheat me a third time! I’m onto you! I just wonder how many other people have been overcharged and didn’t realize it until it was too late. I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure this is illegal on JCPenney’s part.


Dawn Tomkiewicz July 7, 2014 at 12:02 am

I got a coupon in the mail with my last bill. The coupon read “Memorial Day Home Sale” with savings from 6/26-7/5. How does a huge national corporation let this kind of error make it to printing?? This should have read “Independence Day”. Nice slap in the face and tremendous lack of caring shown to our current and former service men and women, not to mention the general American public. I just opened this account, this was my first bill. I believe that I will be closing this account after this!


Brandi July 6, 2014 at 7:34 pm

I went to JcPenny on the 4th of July and I usually go there and have no complaints but I was actually shocked with the lady at the register she had an attitude and just snobby! People like here should work with costumes


Dennis Schaefer July 3, 2014 at 1:48 pm

I have been a Penneys customer since I started training and working for them in 67/68 in Waterloo, Iowa. However I ended up going a different direction.
Just went to place an order and use my Penneys card for an additional 20% off. I also got a gift card for fathers day which I knew I could not use with the promotional code. My question is why can’t I use my gift card with a promotional code? It should not have anything to do with the promotional code. The gift card is all ready paid for and Penneys has the “cash”.
Do other stores such as Walmart, Target, Kohls, etc. treat their gift cards the same way?


Dennis Schaefer July 5, 2014 at 10:24 am

Another way to put it I guess, is that my daughter gives me a gift card at Christmas and also on fathers day. Maybe I should just have her send me cash instead. That way I could use the cash, which would have been a gift card, and can also use my promo, penneys charge card, and get the full benefit of both. My statement will reflect the amount of the gift card, but at lease I get the benefit of both. Or else I guess I could just use the cash at another store.


Dennis Schaefer July 9, 2014 at 10:20 am

Still waiting for the reply you promised me JCP.


dorothy fleming July 1, 2014 at 1:50 pm

my account was closed today by GE Capital retail bank who handles the accounts for Penney’s. I hate GE Capital, try to reach someone on the phone to discuss an issue is impossible. I have had many bad experiences with them. I travel often and I set up an online account in Jan 2014 to have balance paid in full each month to avoid late charges and my concerns abount credit.
An an error was made online with the account info and payment was not accepted. It took weeks before I was advised it was past due and bank denied payment. As soon as it was brought to my attention the payment was taken care of immediately.
I was told this happened 2x in a 12 month period and therefore my account was closed. . I made every effort to speak to a higher autority at GE capital and JC Penny’s customer relations and the response was the same. I am very angry since I have been a customer for over 30 yrs. and a good customer. My account was always on time and all this happened since I went online to make certain that my account was taken care of when I travelled. I will not shop at JC Penny’s again since I believe they could have looked further into all my years of payments and realized the error was human and I was not avoiding my responsibility with payment and this issue could be resolved by me.


Diane Bowles June 27, 2014 at 7:18 pm

I purchased a full sized mattress, box springs and bed frame from J.C.Penney, June 3, 2014. Delivery was scheduled for June 10. When the day arrived, only the bed frame was delivered. The mattress and box springs arrived three days later, which is when I discovered that the bed frame was a dangerously converted Queen sized set. The box springs and mattress sit on wooden slats that were installed when the frame was delivered. You can see the floor tile when looking down between the mattress and frame along the side and bottom and the foot of the frame sticks out approximately 5 to 6 inches on either side.. I sent a letter to Debra Berman, SVP of Marketing, June 13. However she never responded to my letter, nor has her assistant, Adella Acosta, responded to my telephone call. As a last resort,I went back to Penney’s, and was advised that only a technician could determine whether the frame was indeed unsafe and that he, the technician, would call in 72 hours. Now its June 27th and no technician. After charging over $1,400 on my Penney’s card, I still do not have a bed in which to sleep, because I, trusting Penney’s got rid of my previous bed prior to shopping. I am 74 years of age and had a double bypass a few years ago. If that mattress would fall through the wooden slats, I honestly don’t know what could happen. Someone, somewhere needs to help me


Annette Harvin June 23, 2014 at 6:55 pm

I was assured by various employees in the credit department ( Tanya, Mary, Serena , Tiffany) over the phone that 1) they would send me copies of my monthly statements for the prior two years 2) would take care of the $2,300.00 charge that suddenly appeared on my account and all associated fees . When I ordered from JC Penney it is via the net and never for any large amount such as this. They are LIARS .n
None of what they stated they would do to rectify the situation has been done . Now the have allowed the account to be referred to credit collectors. I have no way to speak to the actual people in JC Penney. This is just to warn others the unfair manner JC Penney handles their customers. Please forward this to as many Facebook users so that they will be aware.


Mike Mauer June 22, 2014 at 8:23 am

April 2014 we ordered 2 living room chairs from JCP. We paid the deposit and the balance was due upon delivery. The chairs were delivered in May but one was the wrong color (gray instead of blue). I refused shipment and was told they would be shipped in two weeks. No chairs yet but my AMEX card was charged for the delivery. We disputed the charge with AMEX and the store sales person said they would have to cancel the order to get a credit on my Amex account and then re-order it again at the same price. I got the one credit but the store still has not refunded my initial deposit . I also want to re-order the chairs (price protected) but won’t until my deposit is returned. Why does JCP make it difficult for customers to do business with them. All they had to do was credit my Amex card for my deposit and other payment made and write up an order for replacement chairs. JCP has to keep the customer out of the loop with the manufacturer because the customer had nothing to do with the shipping error. If this cannot be resolved next week, I will be contacting my local TV stations asking for consumer help and small claims court to get my money back be and be price protected on the replacement order.


Matthew Schafer June 18, 2014 at 10:56 am

To whom it may concern, my name is Matthew Schafer on Tuesday June 17th at approximately 5:30pm i walked into the JcPenney store on a mission to bring my broken bracelet in to send out for repair. I do have a care plan on the item and i just sent it out about a month ago for another issue and it came back repaired perfect with no issues. With that in mind I approached the fine jewelry counter where I seen a couple ex-coworkers (I am a former employee of this store) i was talking to them for about 5-10 minutes. I was also browsing to possibly purchase an item if one happened to catch my eye. While I was browsing i was notified that the Loss Prevention Manager Stacey Brinig Baker did not want me at the fine jewelry counter.( I was terminated back in march for a violation of a store policy which is ridiculous with no warning or anything which is why NYS sided with me on my unemployment claim) After i was told that i was very upset I left the store with out having my item sent out for repairs. Now when I purchased this bracelet with the care plan I was told at any time to come in to the store if anything happens and it will be sent out and repaired at no cost to me. Having said all that do you not see a problem with this situation? This all occurred between 5:50PM and 5:57 on Tuesday June 17th 2014. Something needs to be done because apparently in fine print you forgot to put (excludes former JcPenney Associates.) I was treated absolutely horrible I’m disgusted with how Stacey tells me to leave the fine jewelry area. That is singling me out. I may be a former associate but at that time I’m a customer that needed to use the service that I paid my money for under the care plan. This whole incident is 100% awful and completely unprofessional for a manager to act liked she did. YOU do not treat customers that way it’s unacceptable. To sum it all up in a brief conclusion.

Former associate who came to the store to have my bracelet sent out and repaired. I had a care plan. While at fine jewelry I was told that Stacey Brinig Baker did not want me in the jewelry department and that is denying me a service that I have already paid for. So something needs to be done immediately. You can contact me VIA Email ( or preferably by phone (315)-534-XXXX ( You can call any time 24/7 365 days a year ill pick up the phone.)


Margaret June 16, 2014 at 12:08 pm

June 16, 2014

Ronald Johnson
Michael Kramer
Myron E. Ullman
6501 Legacy Dr.
Plano, Texas 75024

Dear CEO’s of JC Penny:

On May 24th, I placed an order online for a mattress, frame and bedding. The frame arrived and when I opened it to prepare for the delivery of the mattress on June 14th, there were only 2 wheels instead of 4 to set up the frame. I called immediately to ask them to simply send me 2 more wheels. Customer Service said no, we will pick up the one with wheels missing and send out another one, next Friday. They said they guaranteed all wheels will be included. I am not so sure.

I work 7 days a week and had to take off for the delivery on June 14th. I cannot take any more days off in the summer. So, the bed arrives, but without the box spring. I had called 2 weeks prior to the delivery to make sure a box spring was included. The furniture dept. looked up my order #2014-1446-2013-2783 and said, of course it is included. I said, “Are you sure? If not I would like to add a box spring to the order.” He said, “Yes, I am sure.” The mattress was delivered without a box spring.

I immediately called the furniture department. I was so angry, not only can I not use the bed frame to set up the bed, but no box spring, and I had put off having the person who was coming to sleep that night for two weeks until the bed came. Now, she couldn’t stay on the floor as she is too old and cannot sleep on the floor. The furniture person tried to get me to order the box spring, but I was livid and not going to order another thing from JC Penny, as it was already a fiasco and costing me more money. He tried to tell me I had a frame, so why did I need a box spring? Then he said, wow, you got a great deal on the frame, and that’s when I started yelling at him. He called me an idiot, and I hung up. I proceeded to call Customer Service and I told them about his comment, and though they were upset, they failed to help me resolve the issue of the box spring.

I have always bought beds from Macy’s and have NEVER had such a horrible experience as this. Besides, the bed frame was ALWAYS included, and not a separate payment. Also, I can get a mattress and box spring TOGETHER for $197.00 right now, on sale from $449.00.

Not only did I lose money by having to wait for a delivery, I had to put up my elder relative in a hotel a few towns away. It is inconceivable to me that I would be called an idiot by your salesperson, and that JC Penny doesn’t take responsibility for this error of missing box spring. At least, send me a box spring that your furniture person told me was included. I am also going to go to the Better Business Bureau with this if I don’t get a response. Obviously, calling your Customer Service number doesn’t resolve a thing.

Margaret S. Grigonis


Rudy Juarez June 11, 2014 at 3:16 pm

We received a coupon for $15discount but when I went to use it to purchase some athletic shoes I was told that the coupon was only good at the dress shoe department. The coupon did not make this distinction. I find this to be a gross misrepresentation of what the coupon is supposed to do. I did not think JCPenney practiced this type of misleading advertising.


Jayme Brace June 10, 2014 at 6:33 pm

Just received my online order and it was not my order! This is the second time this happened! I needed the items on my order for this weekend! The customer service rep from Ohio, gave me my options, asking me to take the wrong order back to a’s mistake and I should make a trip to return it? Then we find out the dress I ordered is now out of stock and discontinued. Says they could take 25% off a different dress. Told me they have to pay for the shipping now so they are eating that money. When I asked if that’s the best they can do he accused me of wanting free stuff! I asked to speak to his supervisor and I was on hold at least 15 minutes. And he would not put him on the phone. I asked for his name and all he would give me was Scott. I spend a lot of Money at jcp and he’s causing me of wanting free stuff! I just wanted to be compensated for their mistake. My total call was 51 minutes! A waste of time! I have 2 small kids I needed to tend to but instead I was stuck on the phone and got no resolution. Think I’m going to be taking my business elsewhere.


Claudia gonzalez June 6, 2014 at 12:16 am

This is to the CEO of jcpenny I would like to file a complaint in 2010 me and my husband
Bought our wedding rings we also included a lifetime protection plan we have
Had our rings cleaned numerous times since we got them just recently
They declined to clean them because the band of my ring didn’t match
To my ring and I didn’t know they had sold me the wrong set since I figured
Jcpenny employers knew what they were doing when I went back to talk
To the manager to fix this problem she did not even come see us which
I find is a waste of time to have a manager not to spare a little time
To solve a problem this is why I’m writing to you please help me resolve
This problem and get the right set of rings after all I payed for them
So I think I have every right to get what I payed for
Thank you


Kathryn June 5, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Michael W. Kramer (up your pathetic rear)

I had to recently decline a job offer at your Rio Grande, New Jersey store. The reluctance of management to work with one’s schedule is abhorable. The HOSTILE situation Shivon McCarty created by spewing word vomit about me on my first day of training to a member of management named Diane Chester and Diane’s acceptance and tolerance of lies created what would have escalated into a HOSTILE work environment for me. I am too old for this crap. I go to work to make money to support my family NOT to be put down and spoken ill of by a dysfunctional bully of epic proportions. For management to tolerate such bad behavior is a weakness I CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate by any stretch of the imagination. I am quite positive you have had more than one issue in other stored regarding managements playing of favorites and not doing anything about bad behavior. I am old enough and smart enough to know to pick my battles. The battle with Shivon and Diane is one I choose to avoid. Frankly, I don’t care who they do or what they do I simply don’t want to be their next victim. What I would like to know is what you intend to do. At this point I am well aware it is their word against mine and that they conspire their evil little plans and stories to coincide with one another’s and since I have declined position of employ my word may not mean a hill of squat to you. However, I would like you to please explain to me (and not in the beat around the bush calm the water terms management is so comfortable using) I am a highly intelligent human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect although I doubt I will get any from you since you allow poor behavior to run your stores I do NOT expect much from you in return. Word of advice…if you want this company to recover pull your head out of your butt and look at the store level for that is what is killing your company.


KNR June 3, 2014 at 3:45 pm

I was a t the valley River location in Eugene Oregon and was appalled by the clothing worn by female employees. if you can’t squat down without half of your crack showing you should wear higher rise pants and longer shirts to work. This is unacceptable as is allowing employees to chew gum on the floor, smack, crack, slurp, smack, crack, slurp…..


Kw June 1, 2014 at 3:25 pm

The store in pikeville ky is about the rudest bunch of workers! Asked us to leave the store because we pushed a buggy in and the reason why we had a buggy was because was have a 1 yr old! The lady in the store who’s name was DD followed us around the whole time! I will not be shopping at anymore jcpennys no matter what! I don’t understand they was a lady who had a stroller pushing it around in the store! They r no difference! But I’m calling corporate to file a complaint!


KNR June 3, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Buggies and strollers are used for shoplifting all the time. Some parents do not care they put their children in the middle of their crimes. So are you saying that they should not have theft prevention? I was in retail for years and was amazed to the many ways people shoplifted. If you are innocent of any wrong doing, then it should not bother you that theft prevention was doing their job.


carrie snow May 24, 2014 at 9:09 pm

I purchased a ring in Feb of 2013. This will be the 4th time I will be sending it in for repair. The diamonds keep falling out. The last time I had to take it in I asked for a refund I was ignored. I’ve called the store in oskaloosa with no return call called head quarters with no return call. Now I’m a little pissed off. This ring cost 1302.99 in total. I think I could have gotten better quality from Walmart super center. Actually I know I could of.


Alicia May 24, 2014 at 1:34 am

Mike Ullman, CEO
JC Penney
6501 Legacy Drive
Plano, Texas 75024

VIA FACSIMILE: (972) 431-1362

RE: why JC Penney is a joke

Mr. Ullman,

One only needs to Google JC Penney to read how badly JC Penney is performing for its customers, its employees and its stockholders. My recent experience legitimizes the notion that ‘one can lead the horse to the water but one can’t make it drink’. Is it rhetorical to ask if you understand I am referring to JC Penney as the horse – and in many instances the other end from the head!?!

I am a recent college graduate with my first job. A teacher. My salary is respectable; I have perfect credit, if a bit limited (1 credit card). I am moving into my first apartment and I wanted it to be furnished by Michael Graves. The best I could do, and afford was to go shopping for his items that are exclusive to JC Penney. I was thrilled to find so many on sale today. My thrill ended there. At the prompt from your pop-up windows, I applied and got approved for a JC Penney Credit Card. It was very attractive in that it would give me another 25% off my just under $500 order.

The JC Penney staff (or outside vendor if that is what you use) would be best described as working in the sales aversion department. How many consumers are interested in a $100 initial credit line? That is what I was offered. Seriously, what can one buy with that? I could have put it on my regular credit card but I wasn’t given that opportunity at this point because I was “in credit not in sales.” After spending 30 minutes picking the items out, another 30 minutes to apply for credit and then call in, wait on hold and repeat all the information, I gave up and told the ‘sales averter’ to close the account with its niggardly approved credit limit. Only then was I told, ‘if you want a credit increase, I have to transfer you to another department’. I wanted to scream – I just wasted an hour of life I will never get back.

Mr. Ullman, I am young and full of pleasant ideals and high expectations. I am a consumer. Companies like JC Penney that fail to recognize that consumers have choices will fail its investors, its employees and its customers. I will buy my housewares elsewhere online. I felt inclined to write you for two reasons: I have been waiting for assistance during the time I typed this letter and, after reading about the high hopes for your stewardship of JC Penney out of the misery from your predecessor’s restructuring, re-branding and price schemes that drove customers away, I thought you’d want to know first hand how you lost a customer at the very beginning of my life buying cycle. For no reason but indifference. At the beginning of the phone call, I heard “these calls may be recorded”. I encourage you to go listen and hear first-hand.

Alicia L.


Brian Dahlquist May 20, 2014 at 9:25 pm


My mother is employed by the JC Penney store in Kokomo Indiana and has a workmens compensation claim that has been going on since 09/02/2011. The claim # is 30110929160-0001 sedgewick is in charge or this claim, and has done a terrible job taking care of it. They have switched the claim from person to person and always say that the department is being reorganized and that people have been shuffled or quit or were fired. They have been dragging along as our mothers condition has not been improving. She has a persistant cough and dizziness and headaches caused by exposure to a white substance on nike tee shirts.

we have been lied to, put off, talked down to, and pushed asideby sedgewick. Sedgewick has been unbelievably negligent in this case and very unprofessional, they claim that this is JC Penneys fault, that Penneys changse things all the time and tells them what they can do. My family cannot believe this is true this is why I wanted to E mail you for an answer.

We want to settle this case with Penneys so we can get our mother care through her family doctor
and non sedgewick doctors. This has been a nightmare for us going through them for medical care. I could write a book about everything that has gone wrong with this case. In short everytime it looks like it is getting somewhere the representative gets fired, moved, or quits. Our mother is 80 years old and still works and is loyal to JC Penneys. An 80 year old long term employee should be honored by any employer. Penneys has not been loyal to her, they have let her down and have been disrespectful to her. She has been treated poorly in the store since this happened over two years ago.

I have called the Personal Department several times about this case to let someone know it is not being handled properly and have not recieved much help. The last time I called i spoke to the manager of workmens compensation dept. and he seemed irritated that I called.
Thank You Mr. Ullman for your time and a response to this E Mail

Brian Dahlquist
XXXX west 300 north
Greenfield In. 46140


Mary Walker May 20, 2014 at 4:20 pm

Dear Mr. Michael W. Kramer, COO, JC Penney Corporate Office; I and my family have been a customers of JC Penney’s for 60 plus years. In the past I have truly enjoyed being a customer of Penney’s. Penney’s product and Customer Service was always number one with our family. Penney’s was outstanding, but within the past 5 years has truly declined. I have limited my shopping to very few items because the merchandise has changed that is not meeting Penney’s standards that I have been accustom too. Most recently, I had a very disappointing experience with Penney’s Optical Department. I purchased two pairs of glasses from the Optical Department a few months ago for my sister Glendean Walker. My sister began experiencing problems with the glasses, the tint caused a glare, the lens were supposed to be scratched proof lens, lens continued to fallout of the frames, and the frame caused pressure points near my nose and she was unable to keep them clean. Upon returning the the glasses to the Optical Department, the Sales Associate, informed us the tint was coming off the lens, and the frame was damaged. Today, I received a call from the Optical Department and I spoke to another Sales Associate, and she informed me that the lab informed her that there was no problem with the glasses and in order for the repair to be completed, I would need to use the Protection Plan I purchased and the cost would be $65.00 plus, for the repair. I feel the response I received from the representative is unacceptable, and the rudeness of the representative was unnecessary. I realize the Associate has been with Penney’s for a long time, but rudeness is not necessary when the customer disagree.
I also, would like to comment about the current quality of the merchandise. Most of the merchandise does not stand up to the past quality for Penney’s. I purchased several items of clothing that lost it’s color, that came apart after one washing.
Penney’s carried past products that the quality was outstanding. I purchased several suits for church and work, that held their shape and color, that my niece still wear them, and its been over 13 year and they look great, nothing is out of place, and the color is great.
I realize Penney’s is trying market product that would cause a high cost for the customer, but to cheap is to cheap.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Mary Louise Walker


ree May 19, 2014 at 8:56 pm

The company does not give recognition to hard working associates. Managers play favorites and employees do not get any monetary compensation, salary stays the same forever. We also get a lot of complaints and demands from supervisors and such like Christy that came to the store to supervise our work when her store in meyerland is even a bigger mess. They change policy rules all the time, like the two people per cage, now they want one person pushing cages that weight a big deal just to finish faster. The schedules are changed constantly with out a twenty four hour notice. If it continues like this we are gonna have to start a union to protect our rights. All of this is happening at the memorial in Texas store by the way.


Brenda May 19, 2014 at 11:11 am

My daughter owed me money and was paying me back by paying money online to my JC Penney account. Well,her bank didn’t process the payment right away,so long story short, the payment to JC Penney failed to go thru. Twelve days later (my payment is now late) I get an email from them saying the payment did not go thru. So I get online right away and pay it from my own account. Well JC Penney took away my credit priveledges forever! I talked to 2 different people,one was very rude. To no avail! I am upset!


KNR June 3, 2014 at 3:43 pm

Sorry to say, it was your bill and it is your responsibility to make sure the payment is made. Your daughter should have been directly paying you and then you paying your account. This is how our family has done it for over 25 years.


Sharon May 19, 2014 at 11:04 am

I was given an egift card, but have not received an email form the company with the account information. I have contacted the 1-800 number several times and was told that they would send me an email with the information need to access my egift card, that never happened. Another time when I called, they informed me that something was wrong with their system and that they would send a new email to me with the information that I needed to use my egift card. Several days later I have yet to receive any emails from JCPenny. So once again I called the 1-800 number and this time the person said that I might want to write the egift card number number down, because the system shows that the card was purchased and is available to use. So now that I have a hand written (long) account number, I know that when I go to the store to purchase something that the sales clerk will be confused and unaware of how to call anyone for help. But, yet Pennys wonders why they are losing business. So much for wanting to keep customers. Don’t go through the trouble of purchasing a gift card from them on line, go somewhere else that is willing to assit the paying customer.


Ojoma Omaga May 19, 2014 at 1:07 am

The worst place to take a portrait picture is the JcPenney in Richmond California. They are so unprofessional! They do not answer their phones and making appointments is useless because they don’t keep to the appointment time. We waited 50 minutes even though we came on time. Our appointment time was 1:50 pm and we didn’t get served until 2:40 pm. When we finally took the pictures we were rushed and our faces weren’t well seen as we went back to view the pictures. I got into confrontation with the manager because she wanted me to reschedule my appointment or wait until everyone is done to retake another picture. This is my daughters graduation from the university. We didn’t have any little kids in this picture. When we finally retook the picture the manager had already left for the day but secretly told one the employees to only take one sitting picture. I’m VERY disappointed, if i knew i wouldn’t have wasted my time. After all I’m paying for this service, as far as i’m concerned they should be fired, all three workers. JcPenney needs to clean house with the portrait department. As for recommendation they wont get one, all my friends will hear this story. Grading their services i will give it an F in everything they did. I found out that they were booking people ten minutes apart including people with children which takes more time.


Susan Aragosa May 16, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Hi Mr. Ronald Johnson…I just wanted to let you know how much I have been shopping at Pennys over the last 6 months and why, as opposed to Kohls…first of all, my mother preferred to shop JCPennys but I always got a better deal at Kohls…I am a very frugal shopper on a tight budget as well as a 55 yr old female who likes to stay in style as a substitute elementary teacher…when you brought back your coupons for $10 off,,,etc…and fabulous sales, I found myself refurbishing my wardrobe from JCPennys! Fun, colorful and stylish clothing that was right for my age group! (I have walked out of Target too many times as I find their clothing cheaply made and overpriced.) I have been buying things at Pennys finding I am getting better deals than Kohls! The sad thing is, I used to take my mother to Pennys but she passed away from cancer this past October. I miss shopping with mom at Pennys but I think she is with me in spirit when I go there! I have had mainly very good shopping experiences in both Pennys with no complaints…I continue to tell all my friends and coworkers to go to Pennys and check out the deals and the clothes! Last week I added up my buys to be $175 before the deals and coupons…but I paid $49 with tax! I got 3 shirts, a handbag and a wallet for $49! Thank you and keep sending me those coupons and penny reward money that I used today! Sincerely, Susand and her mom, Marilynn


Andy May 16, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Y’all need to send the dike manager at the Tuscaloosa store back up north very unprofessional and rude!! Gonna fire the best hair dresser y’all have been there 20 something years!! Total bull s***!! Roll Tide!!


Marge schofield May 15, 2014 at 5:22 pm

I think penny’s is doing a great job with providing women with comfortable and stylish clothes. I stopped shopping at penny’s when coupons and sales were discontinued. Now that the “old” penny’s is back, I’m a customer for life. Thank you..


Shannon May 14, 2014 at 2:11 pm

JC Penney Corporate,

Your new commercial being shown on NBC mobile app is offensive to me as an American. I live in a English speaking country and want to listen to English speaking commercials. If you have to show a Spanish speaking commercial, show it in Spanish speaking countries.


Lisa May 26, 2014 at 8:56 am

It is unfortunate that you lack cultural competency. This country is made of people from all over the world, many of which speak a myriad of languages. Latinos generate billions if not more tax dollars in this country, in addition to their lions share of profit for every industry. Don’t you enjoy the benefits of those dollars at work? Well good for JCP for marketing to enormous customer base and the bottom line of the company, as well as one that keeps Americans employed. Unless you are a Native American your ancestors most likely came from another country as invaders or immigrants who spoke another language. It is unfortunate that you lost your native language or don’t respect your forefathers or those rich in culture and heritage. May I recommend you spend some time on or get the genetic testing which shows the background of your ancestors who most likely were not of English proficiency. Maybe then you can grow into appropriate cultural competence and you will not express your ignorance so disrespectfully. If you are a person of faith the shame on you for having less respect for the wonders of the work of your creator. Signed a proud Latina, born and raised as an American citizen, who is well educated, bilingual, loves her heritage and is culturally competent!!!! May God bless you.


Glenda Thomas May 12, 2014 at 8:29 pm

My sister was in JC Penney at Memorial City in Houston, Tx this past weekend. She was in the ladies greasing room and heard a mans voice. She hollered at him he was in the ladies fitting room (thinking he had made a mistake) and she quickly dressed and got out of there. She then went upstairs which only consists of women’s lingerie and household furnishings. She went into this dressing room and as she was undressing she heard a man enter the room and was talking. She hollered at him and he told her he would leave as soon as he got his stuff together. She came out and spoke to a manager and was told this is acceptable per corporate policy!! She explained they cannot tell men they can only use the men’s dressing room!! Is this correct?? I’m disgusted!! I’ve shopped at Penneys for 50+ years but will no longer spend a dime in store or online if this is correct. I’ve warned my family and friends to also not shop there til this is resolved and we put men in their dressing room and leave women’s for just that, women!! What’s next, can men join the women in the women’s restrooms??

Pls respond ASAP as I am totally on a campaign to get this knowledge out even if I have to go to the press.

Glenda Thomas


Maralyn Grosswald May 12, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Mr. Ronald Johnson,
JCP Home Store located SW 107th Ave & North Kendall Drive in Miami, Florida. The women operating the cash register when you enter the store, need a good dose of customer service. We live in a very diverse world these days and Miami is a melting pot. Unfortunately, the feeling is, if you don’t speak Spanish, you don’t get the level of customer service you should. Several weeks ago, I had had a conversation with the woman who is the store manager. I guess my complaint fell on deaf ears. I would appreciate it if some one in your office would contact me (305) 299-XXXX.

Thank you,
Maralyn Grosswald


David Onuska May 12, 2014 at 2:36 am

I have done my clothes shopping, specifically jeans and shorts, at JCPenny for as long as I can remember. I have ways been happy with the products, until recently. I purchased multiple pairs of Arizona shorts and after only wearing each one a few times the buttons popped off of every pair. It’s not because the pants are too small, it’s because all the shorts are pieces of crap with buttons that are barely sewn on. I would think that a company that is supposedly in financial trouble would sell decent products to loyal customers, however I guess I was wrong. I will not be shopping at JCPenny anymore since I wasted over $60 on shorts that all are ruined after a couple wears.


Heather ramirez May 8, 2014 at 9:14 pm

Hi my name is Heather and I have by ana products for the past three years. I buy the same thing over and over her $6.99 T-shirts and every color and in bulks. I’ve spent tons of money on her T-shirts and finally I went this year to pick up my large amount that I always buy and it was a different fabric. I always buy her T-shirts that have the tight stretch fabric . When I try to call JCPenney’s and asked what was going on they just said that they would send my complaint and nobody has ever contacted me back and I have been 4 months ago. I recently sent a message off to the JCPenney on Twitter and they said that they would send off my messages as well with no contact back. I’m very frustrated because this is the shirts that I always wear I have always bought them and I buy them in large amounts in use them all the time. every photo you will see I am wearing one of her shirts even her fancy shirts. Is there any way somebody can contact me and let me know if the fabric is coming back out Or has she stopped using it. Thank you


AJ Smith May 7, 2014 at 4:44 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

First I must say I do not agree with your employees being paid on commission, if that was to be an added bonus that would be great but to make that their primary source of pay as hard as those girls work-then if they do not make their goal they are paid min wage-that does not seem hardly fair and you wonder why you have a high turn over and no one wants to work for JCP-Salon, you do not even offer them health insurance-Shame on you.

Wonder what the rest of the public would think of this-
I was not informed of this information by an employee but by a close friend applying for a job in the salon area.

I witnessed something in your Paducah KY salon over the course of the past few months.
I have worked as a beautician for many years and I can not stand to see another beautician try and steel customers from their co-workers-THAT IS SO WRONG. That same will put down the other girls work just to get a person to see her. Then she brags about not working on Sundays because she goes to church-that is no reason, you can come to work after church. That is also not fair to everyone who has to just about every Sunday-she should also have to work on a Sunday. While in the salon she was over heard talking about Sunday May 11 that even though she had no kids, she would not work for anyone-it was Sunday and “I am off on Sundays”-Does JCP really want a person like that representing them. I have seen some really hard workers your salon, one is a young girl with long blonde hair, she is always working hard and doing what she can to please her customers and the little dark hair girl next to her is a hard worker and so sweet as is the girl with different color hair and the African American girl. Really sweet girls but with the way they are treated by JCP and their co-worker it is beyond me why they stay.

It seems the manager plays favorites and that that one employee can do whatever she wants and the other girls just have to deal with it. Is the manager discriminating against the other girls? One would hope not that could be trouble. I had my mother in the salon the other day and a male manager came by and took pictures of the female employees-that made me and my mother very un-comfortable. I wonder if those girls know their rights