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Hungry Howie's Pizza Corporate Office Address

Hungry Howie's Pizzas and Subs, Inc.
30300 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, Michigan 48071

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Phone Number: (248) 414-3300
Fax Number: (248) 414-3301
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Hungry Howie's Pizza Facts

Founder: James Hearn & Steven Jackson
Date Founded: 1973
Founding Location: Taylor, Michigan
Number of Employees: 917

Hungry Howie's Pizza Executives

CEO: Steven Jackson
CFO: David Yeager
COO: Paul Pfeiffer

Hungry Howie's Pizza History

Hungry Howie's Logo

Hungry Howie’s Pizza was founded in Taylor, Michigan, in 1973 by James Hearn. Steve Jackson began working for the company first as a delivery boy, then as store manager. The pair decided to become partners in 1983. The company operates a chain of pizza and subway style sandwich restaurants. The company began franchise operations in 1982. From this single location, the company today has more than 575 locations in 21 states.

Hungry Howie's pepperoni pizza

The company is known for having a unique pizza recipe which uses flavored crusts. This pizza chain is now the 11th largest pizza chain in the US. The company has plans for expansion into other states.

Hearns passed away in 2013. Steve Jackson is now CEO of the chain.

The original location in Taylor, Michigan, is still in operation. The company has their own app, where customers can order directly from their phone and keep track of points earned.

Headquarters for Hungry Howie’s Pizza is located in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Hungry Howie's 4

Hungry Howie's Pizza FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Hungry Howie's Pizza?
Answer 1: The phone number for Hungry Howie's Pizza is (248) 414-3300.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Hungry Howie's Pizza?
Answer 2: The CEO of Hungry Howie's Pizza is Steven Jackson.

Question 3: Who founded Hungry Howie's Pizza?
Answer 3: Hungry Howie's Pizza was founded by James Hearn & Steven Jackson in 1973.

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Perry Mitru October 6, 2018 at 4:25 pm

Called location in Flint Michigan Corunna Rd. Placed a delivery order at 3:12. So called manager claimed he was looking in the map for my house. Which they have delivered to my house several times. An hour goes by. So I call to find out where my food is. The same person answered the phone and acted like I never placed an order. Claims nobody remembers my order. My order could not be forgot. Point is this is the worst pizza place I have ever order from. I quit going to this location for an extremely long time. Started going back being they have a completely new staff. Well same bulls**t. Terrible customer service and orders are screwed up EVERYTIME. I highly recommend that nobody ever go to this location. There is not a single person with any people skills and apparently they are liars.


Sam Faieta September 3, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Complaint. Not very happy with the Hungry Howies located in Hazel Park, Michigan. Ordered chicken wings. Told it would be 10 to 12 minutes. Took over 15 closer to twenty minutes. Asked for dressing to dip the wings, was told don’t have it. No napkins or anything provided. Was patient with employees. They were not friendky. Will never go there again.


586 215 0219. This happened today September 3, Labor Day, 2018 @ approximately 1:00 PM. I hope to hear from you.


lilly August 11, 2018 at 8:46 pm

today i went to hungry howie’ in cocoa forida in bryd plaza one of the works went out side twice and didn’t wash her hands so a customer asked her did she wash her hands she said no but i will go wash them then the customer over heard her telling the other works she said that lady just asked me did i washed my hands and i told her no so the customer left talking on her phone so the driver by the name alicia alston walked out behind her when the lady was getting in her truck the driver for hungry howies said she didn’t have to wash her hands we don’t touch the food the lady said it doesn’t matter you should wash your hands then the worker started saying other stuff she started using profanity so the lady asked her who she was talking to the worker was very rude then she in the parking lot yelling at the customer the customer went in to tell the manager the manager was the worker who didn’t wash her hands plus the manager didn’t do any thing to her worker or say anything her but called the police on the customer for yelling back but the worker lied and said the customer was arguing but theres one thing the workers don’t know i recorded the worker and i stop the ladies and sent it to her phone so she has it now your manager and that worker needs to be firerd asp and if you all want to know I’m white not black i was so upset because the customers are always right but that customer was right and she didn’t eat there and i am not going to eat there any more either tell your worker it a video out there showing the your works was very unprofessional you need to do something about them and this isn’t the first time someone had a run in with those group of girls at hungry how’s in cocoa that’s an dbad place and the manager who is a girl needs to be fired to this happen on saturday august 11; 2018 6;09 pm something needs to be done i have the video of the accident


Tasha german July 3, 2018 at 11:48 pm

I had a coupon for a large pizza with two toppings and ordered wings on the side wings were supposed to be mild but they didn’t have any seasoning in them all they kept saying was that’s what they sent to us and we can’t do anything about


Scott MacDowell May 29, 2018 at 3:43 pm

On 5/28/2018 I attempted to order a pizza from the location on Merriman Rd. In Westland MI. The app did not work because the location listed was in Florida, and could not be changed. I went online and it would not accept any of two credit cards. I spent 30 minutes trying to order on an app that was dysfunctional when it should have taken two minutes. I tried calling the location after ten rings I heard two clicks, evidently the responder could care less about selling a pizza. I know that the pizza business is highly competitive, if you want to compete, you need 1. An app that works and 2. Competent people who are customer service oriented. I am outraged by this and expect to be treated much better If I were to return as a customer of Howies. It is my hope to avoid other problems for myself and other customers.


Shy April 23, 2018 at 12:59 am

Very upset about the way service was ran at the hungry Howie’s on Walton Blvd, Auburn hills MI 48309. This is my second time with a bad experience and I will not be ordering from hungry Howie’s again. I ordered delivery for a small pizza at 9pm EST the promised delivery time was 40 mins, as it was 10pm I figured I’d give it about 30 more minutes. Then I receive a call from the delivery driver at 10:45pm and said she was 5 minutes away. My dorm building does not allow access to outside individuals which is why many delivery places call and let me know they are outside so I can come and grab the pizza, this individual decides that she will leave the pizza on the bench outside without trying to reach out to me and even let me know she was there. She there continues to get in a conflict with the nightwatch that sits by the door. Very unprofessional!! I call to speak to the manager as it was now 2 hrs by and I’m wondering where my pizza is and he is extremely rude, couldn’t apologize!! This is the second time I have experienced bad customer service, unprofessionalism, and simply not sticking to promises from hungry Howie’s. I will not be coming again!!!


Trisha January 25, 2018 at 4:01 pm

The pizza crust is not the same as it use to be as well as the howie bread… The change is horrible and i now rarely order from you because of this..why change something that was good for so long.. Saving money isnt worth losing customers


Lisa December 11, 2017 at 3:21 pm

Everytime I used go to the store on Tamiami Trail in North Naples, I kept forgetting to bring cash because if you pay with a credit card the order taker takes your card and disappears around the corner with it to ring it up, how do I know he was not cloning my card, so now I don’t go there anymore unless I have cash$$. I don’t trust anybody with my card. They need to change this and put the machine up front like every other business.


Berrien December 3, 2017 at 8:13 pm

It takes two hours before your pizza has been ordered to get to you way to brain or deliver pizza New Port Richey store off Grand like the food sometimes I get my order with the letter i I get it within 2 hours or longer it will be nice if I get the pizza for salads or wings garlic whatever bread on time


April Bean November 24, 2017 at 1:42 pm

I made an order online like I do once a month while I’m at work. Today the system said there was a problem processing the order. I called the store in Birmingham, AL on 11th street South and spoke to Eric. He said that he was the manager and I told him that I order from here often. He said well you live down the street from my grandmother and we don’t deliver there. I said but I have been ordering from here. Eric continued to put me on hold. So I asked where do they deliver to? If they deliver to the library. He said yes. I replaced the order online with the library address, which is across the street from me. Eric called back stated that He could not authorize a delivery to the library because they must come to a home not a business and they have to knock on the door and I must answer.
I have been ordering from this place for years when I worked at the hospital. I have never had an issue, until today. I was applaud because I asked Eric if they delivered to the library and he said yes and I asked what was the cut off for this area and he gave me another business name Mazers. But they must deliver to a home where they knock and you answer. Sounds like to me they just did not want to service me. I WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN and I will let everyone here and on my social media know about this unfair treatment, if justice is not served. Eric was clearly making stuff up as he went because he was speaking to someone else being fed what to say as he continued to put me on hold. I need corporate or Alex (the owner) to call me back, I have never been treated this way. When I asked him for corporate or Alex number he said no. When I asked for the guys name that he was being fed lines from he told me he was not at liberty to give that out,


Kathy W October 3, 2017 at 10:10 pm

I recently purchased a $10.00 fundraiser card, I had the coupon for any $10.00 purchase get 50% off total purchase, so today 100317 I called Hungry Howie’s on Corunna Rd in Flint MI @8:06pm(which is a participating location listed on the back of the card) to place an order for pick up. I ordered a large ham sub sandwich $6.99 and a 2 topping small pizza $5.00 my order total was $12.71. The employee said it would be ready in 15/20 minutes, and I advised her I had a coupon, (which on the coupon it states to advise when ordering)she states she will take when I pick my order up. I proceeded to this location to pick up my order. I walk up to the counter with my coupon to pay and give the lady my name. She takes the coupon (saying nothing) then she quotes a total of like $7.88 or something like that (which was not 50% off my order) and I say that’s not 50% , then she claims I cant use it when ordering the $5.00 2 topping pizza. she claims she was the manager named TORIE (which she wasn’t very professional). Torie never stated anything about I couldn’t use it with what I ordered until I questioned the total (why is that?), and I told her the only exclusion was (ONLY 1 FUNDRAISER COUPON PER VISIT), she didn’t have an adequate answer just to say the $5.00 pizza was a coupon( NOT!!! Nothing posted about a limited time offer on the $5.00 pizza), I was being cordial, I asked why I wasn’t told that when I ordered, she said ” she didn’t know she isn’t the person that took my order. I have catered to that location for years now and have never experienced such unprofessionalism there. Torie made it a point that I knew she was the manager, well if she is performing like that I can’t imagine how her crew behaves. I told her I was not taking my order today and asked for my coupon back, she said fine, I’ll just cancel your order. I wasn’t asking for nothing more than what I ordered, food comes out to either get eaten by the workers (deficit) or thrown away (deficit). To me it’s the principle, maybe if she hadn’t tried to be sneaky about the coupon and stated when I handed it to her maybe I would have considered especially when the food was already done. I’m not sure what training in services you provide for your “managers” but she needs to attend. It’s too much pizza competition close by, and for her behavior was not called for. My money is spendable anywhere, but I only cater to those that appreciate it. She is a face for your brand, she needs to get it together before she brings the brand down. I’m a manager myself, I would have made it happen just to show good customer service. Thanks for your time,,


Caroldoolin September 4, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Tried to give westland homies another chance to order pizza. Didn’t work. Don’t give online coupons if you are not able to help customer that are not sure of how to order online. Keep you pizza and the people that will not help.


Suzanne August 25, 2017 at 7:19 pm

I was hung up on twice but on hold three times Wynn the manager was rude my order was calles to have it fixed and was put though hoops when the food got redelivered it was brunt I have the pics to show it was the worse food everyone so rude….just sad that they can take your money givr weong cold food and the be rude. I can’t get a refund so i thought the right thing to qould to be offer me a free soda or bread but all i got was jard time and almost 50.00 worth of food i throw out cause it qas brunt!! Maybe you guys can make things right.


Jeffrey Allan Finfrock August 8, 2017 at 5:05 am

As a part time delivery driver for a Hungry Howies in northern Indiana, I consider myself a professional driver, not only because I get paid to deliver pizzas part time, but also because of the fact that, in my almost 62 years, I’ve riven 18 wheelers for an owner-operator, been a tow truck driver in Detriot, Michigan and Ohio in serveral cities, and driven numerous service vehicles in my various employment history. To me, two factors are paramount: Job Safety and Driving Safety. When fellow employees, including the store manager, show up for work showing the effects ofdrug and/or alcohol use, they should not be permitted to work, regardless of their employee title or position. It even states i clearly in the employee handbook. A suggestion I have is random drug testing or all employees, and not just in the even of a work-related injury. When any employee wearing the company uniform and/or displaying the company signage is in public, on the clock or off, they represent Hungry Howie’s Pizza, aka Wapacoo Pizza Company and their actions, behavior, and demeanor are a reflection upon the company, regardless if the company assumes or even recognizes such reflection. In addition, if such employee under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs (including cannibis, aka marijuana) or in their system, the company must bear responsibility and legal liability for any injury or accident as a result, Random drug and alcohol testing, with any positive test resulting in immediate termination with cause, would eliminate this risk to the company and its stockholders.
Secondly, since drivers carry products, signage, and both cash and credit card receipts, drivers should be required to carry more thanstate reqiured liability insurance. In the event of a driver involved accident, regardless of who is “at fault”, liability insurance will not cover the loss of cash/ credit receipts, damage to signage, etc. Howeveer, “full coverage” will. This, in addituion, would eliminate drivers operating what most people consider “junk”
vehicles on duty. It would also serve to promote better customer impression of the company. To clarifythis point, if someone would pull into my driveway, particularly after dark, in a filthy, beat up, rustedout vehicle, my first impression and reaction would be “Call police! It’s a Home Invasion!” rather than “My Hungry Howie’s delivery is here.”


Amanda Lopez July 19, 2017 at 6:53 pm

I order a large steak cheese and mushroom sub for the Wacky Wednesday at the Riverview Florida Hungry Howie’s and I got a small when I went back I spoke to Abe he refused to make me a large and told me they would give me another small cause he’s not going to waste product so meantime I have a cold sub that I have to be stuck with cause I have to wait 15 more minutes for the other small very poor management if you ask me.


gary andrews June 28, 2017 at 5:25 pm

called the marion oaks, fl. location, to order a #6 wacky wednesday pizza 4.99—–received a flyer today. was told by the manager who said his name was Robert, that this was not available. that it was an old flyer….there name is clear on the flyer, there is nothing on the flyer that says not available at all locations…… Had to order from another location and drive 20 min. to pick it up at the gaitway plaza location…..This is false advertising.


Les Anderson May 31, 2017 at 9:03 pm

We ordered subs with extra tomatoes on them, and they sent a bowl of cherry tomatoes and none were on the sandwiches. When I called and spoke to the manager she said that’s how they do it. How odd.


Latrise May 27, 2017 at 11:00 pm

I am highly disappointed.
I ordered a pizza over an hour ago . And it is now 10:38 pm and it is not here. I ordered a small cheese pizza and brownies and a drink. What takes so long to order. I called and they said they will be leaving in exactly 5 minutes and it is 30 minutes passed. I am very discussed and I will not be buying pizza any longer from hungry howies. I will be going to dominos pizza. This is redicolous. If the coustmers (me) is not happy what makes you think I’m going to continue giving my money and services. This is absolutely rediculous. Unprofessional. They don’t want to ask me for no survey because I will tell the truth. I’ve been a constant coustmer even if I do a walk in or have someone else call the order in. But I’m highly upset I’m hungry and my food still is not here. This is a disappointment. And hungry howies took my money from my debit card. I’m going to wait before I submit this summary to let you know how long it took for my food to get here. I’ve been craving this for the longest. It’ll probably be 12am before I get my food. Then that’ll be breakfast by then. All I know is my food better not be burnt and crispy. Or cold. Because then I will be asking for a refund. I just want my food to get here if it’s burnt oh I will type it in my submission as well. I’m just really agrivated had a long day and I want to eat. They got here at 10: 57 almost 11:00. Well my food is hot and good. But still I’m not coming back.


Melanie Lubert May 20, 2017 at 9:29 pm

Ordered 2 subs, 2 large, and a small pizza. Gave Credit Card to pay at pick-up. Signed receipt before was handed food. 1 of the subs was missing, but employee never said anything until I asked where other sub was. Then said he tried to call, but no missed calls on my cell. Took sub off bill.
Got home and all pizza was greasy and soggy. Not happy with experience AT ALL!! Over $50 in food and most was not eaten. Will not return again


Shandi Stoneman May 5, 2017 at 11:18 pm

I am contacting you because I recently placed an order for 2 large pepperoni, 3 junior pizzas and recieved a free bread something went wrong with online order and recieved 2 cheese pizzas. When I called they would replace my 2 large with the correct ones because the order said what they delivered so my 2 children and husband went without dinner and the people I spoke with just did not seem to care I am very hurt and am not going back due to being treated wrong as a customer..


Justin Bell April 27, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Ordered pizza and 2 ours later. They delivered it. In zephyrhills FL not very happy.


Ann Santos February 2, 2017 at 3:52 pm

I am writing about the store located at 2078 US Hwy 98, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
The staff is alway nice, fast and friendly. But, on this day I went to get my sick child the only thing he wanted after not eating for days, Hunrgy Howie’s! I asked for a pineapple and ham waited longer than usual, but, they were busy…Finally got it and the ticket read correct and I gave a tip $2.00…got it home he opened it and it was The Only Thing He Can Not Eat! Peperoni! Makes him sick every time. I call the store and have to wait 45 minutes for them to bring a new pizza out and then I felt bad so I tip another $3.00 ( I live 8 minutes away)… Yet Again, I did tip…now I am at $5.00 almost the cost of the freaking pizza for their mistake… and they actually ask for the old pizza back! Really?!?!?! This is one corporate rule that is really really rude! I had not touched the pizza and handed it back..maybe ask to see the pizza before giving a new pizza! So not only do I have sick my child wait an hour to eat when it was his first time to want to eat in days and All He Wanted Was Hungry Howie’s….And, now I have also paid close to $13.00 for a stinkin $6.99 pizza I went to get at the store and hour before Then I am asked to return the old pizza (YOU Shoud be Ashaimed to ask such a thing! What are you planning to do with the pizza besides through it in the Trash?!?!?!?!) THEN, the pizza they brought out was The Worst Hungry Howie’s pizza I have Ever eaten!!!! I love the pizza and we go there a few times a month but I do not know if I will go back….


David M Chormann January 18, 2017 at 7:04 pm

I am emailing you to let you know about the Hungry Howies store on South Florida Avenue, In Lakeland Florida. The staff there is always busy, happy , and they have a real team spirit goin on in that store. When you come in either to order or pick up they alway have “time” to discuss your order. If you come in and you are not sure what you want, but you are hungry, they will describe or even suggest their favorite items on the menu. I love their hot wings, and sesame flavored crust. They have great salads, and cuban sandwiches too for those household members with a desire for “health food” You can count on Hungry Howies to have something you will like…..


Cynthia E Harrelson December 4, 2017 at 4:03 pm

I too order from the same howies but my order was 2 hours late cold as ice but was told to not eat the cold pizza (as if i would) but it would take up to another hour or more to get to me. I have 2 little girls that were so hungry. The manager would not talk to me hisself but put one of the other workers on the phone to talk to me. I promise i will never order from that store again. Pizza Hut is 3 minutes away.


Mara Tyler January 18, 2017 at 2:29 pm

I’m emailing you because of the store 00061. The manager who answered the phone and took my order was very rude and I did not feel comfortable ordering from him he needs to go back and learn how to talk to people over the telephone instead of being abrupt and rude with them I really do not appreciate his tone


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