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GameStop Corporation
625 Westport Pkwy
Grapevine, TX 76051

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Phone Number: (817) 424-2000
Fax Number: (817) 424-2002
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CEO: J. Paul Raines
CFO: Robert A. Lloyd
COO: Daniel A. Dematteo

GameStop History

GameStop began in 1984 in Dallas, Texas as Babbage’s.  The company was originally a software retailer.

In 1994, Babbage’s merged with Software Etc.  In 1996, the company had 800 total stores and filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  The company was kept afloat by Leonard Riggio, of Barnes and Noble.

In 2004, GameStop was spun off from Barnes & Noble as its own company.

In 2005, the company merged with EB Games (formerly Electronics Boutique).

In 2007, the company acquired Rhino Video Game from Blockbuster.  In 2011, Spawn Labs was acquired.

GameStop currently operates over 6700 stores in 18 countries worldwide.


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John September 28, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Found out someone hacked my rewards membership, changed my password and redeemed 100k in points on coupons. I called as soon as they opened and explained the situation and was told to wait for the coupons to expire on January 2016 for points to be transferred back to my account. I asked how could they keep someone from redeeming points in store I was told that they are supposed to provide identification which to me is a joke considering they only ask for phone number. Few hours later I noticed someone used one of the coupons and called again to report it and was told that I should still wait for the other coupon to expire. Lol REALLY!!!! I pay for a reward card and have been saving points for 4years for nothing so far nothing just long wait times and hoops to jump through. Just give me back my points


Steve September 23, 2015 at 3:48 pm

I just wanted to comment on my most recent purchase and my disappointment. I purchased a ipad and it was packaged and delivered in an agreeable amount of time. However, when I opened the package, it was missing the power supply unit ( cord and wall-plug). I immediately contacted support to resolve this issue. After many days I received a reply back that to help me they needed all my information. Really, I ordered this item using my GameStop account. They have all my information. So, I gave it anyways. Almost another week later I get a response that the only way to assist me would be to pack and ship the entire unit back to them and when they have the return would ship me back that unit or another unit with a power supply. Absurd. I even called the 800 support number and that was the only solution for me. I paid for the power supply and set the unit up as desired, but the only way for me to get the item I paid for, power supply and cable, was to return everything to GameStop. I explained that I would be glad to go to a store and pick one up or they could ship the power supply to my address. NOPE. I see that many others are also having issues with customer support and I am not unique in my dissatisfaction.


Dan Elrod September 21, 2015 at 1:57 pm

I am usually a very satisfied customer of GameStop. However I am close to deciding to cancel my pe-order for the Rock Band 4 band set and taking my business elsewhere forever.

I understand that in my area there is an early release event scheduled tonight for FIFA 16. Previously at early release events I have been able to pick up any title that I had pre-ordered previously that were scheduled for release on the same day as the title the event was set for.

However I have been told that this is not the case today. Because I purchased Blood Bowl II instead of FIFA 16 I have to wait until tomorrow. I understand that this may seem minor to many however I feel that this is a form of discriminatory treatment and as such I am getting very upset.

If I have to wait until tomorrow to pick up Blood Bowl II I will be cancelling my Rock Band 4 pre-order and taking all future purchases elsewhere. As I have been a very regular customer for over 10 years I am sure that there is other businesses that would be happy to have me.


Robert September 11, 2015 at 9:20 pm

I have been trying all month to resolve my customer service issue with Gamestop .

I cancelled order and Gamestop never refunded my funds back to the gift
card I used to pay for it .

I have emailed ,called and still nothing has been done to resolve my problem .
This is a very bad first impression of


Colter Riesenberger September 8, 2015 at 4:33 pm

On September 2nd I went to the Fairview Heights store to purchase a used game. I have the Gamestop app on my phone and I had 2 game trade values saved from the day before. The cashier scaned my games and the trade value was less than I had saved on my phone. When I told her and showed her my phone she told me there was nothing she could do. What is the point of having a game trade value save feature?! Also I had a $10 off coupon for a used game. The app listed the price at $54.99 for non power up rewards members and $49.49 for rewards members. I am a pro member. When I got home I looked at my receipt and realized that I paid $40.49 for the game. It should have been $39.49. It also says that I saved 10% by being a rewards member and that my savings were $4.50. 10% off $54.99 is $5.50 not $4.50. I am not very happy since this is not the first time I have not been given the advertised %off or for an item. I think it is incredibly deceitful on Gamestops part to say you are giving and extra 10% and then not give the full 10%. I expect to be contacted by someone over this matter and have the situation made right.


Masai Allick August 20, 2015 at 11:00 pm

So as a previous employee at Gamestop, I must say the customer service I experienced on 08/18/15 at 6:18 pm at this at 12121 Biscayne Blvd North Miami Fl, 33181 was one of the worst customer service experienced I’ve ever seen in while as a shopper. I arrived in the store for two reasons, one was to buy a used Xbox 360 game and second to reserve another game. First thing is first was never greeted even when the alarm did sound off, no Hey! Welcome to Gamestop or anything. I was looking along side the PS4 and Xbox One walls hoping someone would approach me to help but no one did.I saw that Juan was assisting 2 together customer together at the register so I didn’t mind( Still no greeting btw). Then I saw another female associate with a nose ring and long hair chatting it up with two customers not even concerned with me at all so I waited in line and skipped buying my game altogether. A child and a parent in front of me was waiting for like 10 minutes while Juan was dealing with his two customers for quit a bit of time(Still no greeting). Still behind me was the female associate giggling and laughing with her two customers as if we didn’t exist in the line to open up. So I waited about another 5 minutes in line as Juan checked out the mother and child for the female customer to finally approach her Register. When she did, instead of taking me who was next in line even as I moved up close (Which you can Clearly see in the camera), she took the people she was laughing with and I was extremely disappointed with this. So Juan now leaves his register and kneels down between both the first and second register and catches my eye and ask “Can I help you with something?” as if head clearly didn’t see me waiting on him since his coworker was not so helpful. So I told him I’d like to deposit 10 into my reservation for Metal Gear Solid 5 then he just ask me to pass my card once he found my account. So at no point was I ask What games do I like? Would I like to reserve anything other games, nothing about the Credit card you guys offer not even an up-sale. So who is it that you guys are hiring and not training because seriously, I would have wrote these two people up if not fired them for clearly,not doing their jobs.Last time I checked I know reservations and used games gives Gamestop a big profit but I guess they could careless as long as they borrow games to play right and get paid by the hour which is a damn shame. I work in the same plaza as these two workers and I have one of the best customer Service skills there is because I “Drop Everything People Over Task” something which needs to be acknowledged in this store. I will be sending this out to your corporate office so this issue can’t happen the another customer such as myself.


Robin August 19, 2015 at 5:36 pm

I had the Most amazing experience at the Game Stop off Woodrow Bean TM in EL PASO. I was greeted bt an employee named Jason tall nice smile and didnt hover over me and told me if I had any questions not to hesitate to ask him. I sold a few games and he gave me what he could so I could buy my son his Bday present. My receipt store # is 06925 I was absolutely pleased with his handling and professionalism of this transaction. I am a customer service trainer and he is exactly what we as customers are looking for. I have been in prior and refuse to speak to a female who is completely ROBOTIC I dont know her name but she is not personable or friendly TOO FAKE she needs to tone it down on her approach maybe retrain her. Unsure of the snobs name but she has this mole on her face and if I see her in there I will turn around if I see her and her fake robot routine. Hire more like Jason hes calm cool and collected!!! Thank him for being a fantastic employee person!!! He is not phony robot script readers!


Serenity August 18, 2015 at 5:39 pm

Seaford gamestop has the worst service . I called about getting rid of my old phone for money and they told me one price and when I went in there said they didn’t wanna take the phone they wanted it for free. Wth !!! I said no . They say one thing then do another all the time this is not my only issue with them . They all are rude and if I was younger I would have slapped both them stupid ugly things . Seaford gamestop and all the rest need to shut down the owner and workers at that store do heavy drugs I seen a drug transaction there as me and my kids left out the store . They have poor customer service . Smh they really need to be closed down all together!! I pray to my god that they don’t make anymore money bc they rip off children and families. I’ll continue to pray about this issue .


jstockton July 15, 2015 at 8:58 pm

Never seen an online customer service company that was worse in my life. Place order, add gift card. Doesn’t take the card and rings it up for full price. Call support immediately. Am told they don’t fix these problems by crediting the order and fixing it. Wait 3-5 business days. Called again, was given a lesson on how to count the amount of days by the useless support rep who explained that the 5th day wasn’t over yet even though it was evening when I called. Wife called next day with information. Was told she wasn’t me though she had all information to verify. Was told they refuse to talk to anyone not on the order. Supervisor didn’t have time right now to talk to anyone either. They will call us back. Didn’t of course. Guess what…Gamestop took the money from our gift card however but didn’t give us the money they took. Sound fraudulent as well as horrible lack of caring about their customer to me.


Jessica July 3, 2015 at 7:43 am

I go to the game stop in greenfield indiana they are great also helpful and very nice.My only complaint is with the shipments regularly being late when I pre order my funko pops. But that has nothing to do with the employees there, it’s just bad warehouse management.


MEGHAN June 26, 2015 at 12:13 pm

Awful corporate customer service!!!! I have called everyday sitting on hold for over 30min each time to only have to hang up because I have other thing to do. I also tried the live chat which was not available. I finally got ahold of someone a corporate after spending 45 min on hold this time and the rep was having computer difficulties. GO FUGURE. She took my number incase of a disconnect and low and behold there was a disconnect. Now no one has called me back. What a POS company.


Raymond Espinoza June 22, 2015 at 2:04 pm

I am APPALLED by your “Customer Service”. In fact, you should change it to “F*** Our Customers”. I have been trying since FRIDAY, June 19th to get a hold of someone. It is now Monday, June 22. Live Chat (if you can really call it that), is only good Mon-Fri. And most people have a LIFE and need to do things on the weekends. So after waiting over an hour last Friday, and having my Live Chat not work because it was after hours of Live Chat, I tried calling on Saturday. Damn near 2 hours of waiting for a “Customer Service” rep, I had shit I needed to do so I had to hang up. Now come today, Monday June 22. I have been waiting in “queue” for about an hour and the FUCKING thing resets and asks for my name and info again. After inputting it again, I get RESET to the end of the queue. I was down to 50 something from 105. Now I’m back to 110. I cannot FUCKING believe this. I just want to return a defective product that I bought online and is NOT available in store…This company has LOST my business for ever as of now. Companies are able to TAKE our money, but GOD FORBID we need to return an item that’s defective… Companies like this should go out of business. And the CEO’s and upper management people should actually give a SHIT about it’s customers…


Cindy June 12, 2015 at 1:54 pm

I took my son into the gamestop on Gaylord Parkway in Frisco TX and purchased the game Splatoon for him and wanted the Amiibos Inkling boy and Inkling girl for this game and the Inkling Squid. They did not have it, so the guy was nice enough to call another store to have it sent to his store. GREAT!!!! The guy that worked there said he would have it in a couple days and someone would call me. That was a Thursday morning. I waited till Tue. of the following week and went back into the store and asked where it was. The guy (different guy) behind the counter picked up a piece of paper off the register and said is it for Jack H**** and I said no, that is my sons friend that came in Sunday to order the same thing because the store it was coming from had a few and my son told him to go there and have it sent to this store. So Wednesday comes and my sons friend got the Amiibos before my son and my son ordered it first. Of course I was irate and went into the store on THURSDAY to complain, and 2 Amiibos of the 3 Amiibos where on the shelf. The boy and the girl but guess who got the squid? Yep, my sons friend!!! I took them up to the counter and expressed to the lady there how disappointed I was and of course….here comes the excuses. The store was busy and I was not about to embarrass her, because it was not her fault that everyone there is incompetent! GAMESTOP really????? Get your crap together and hire people that know whats going on. I may just take my business elsewhere, even thought I have spent so much money there over the many years, I am sure another company would appreciate it more!!!


Anita Tarrats June 9, 2015 at 10:29 am

I am not a person that usually complains but when it involves my 11 y/o son and incompetent employees/manager I have to say something.

My son wanted to use some of his birthday money on new Skylander figures. (I know nothing about gaming). Above the Skylander display there was a sign “ONE WEEK SALE”. “Buy a Trap Master & get a Trap for .99″. Well, my son took advantage of the sale sign and purchased 3 Trap Masters and picked out 3 additional Traps. When he went to check out & pay with his own money all items rang up full price. I brought it to the attention of the cashier that there was a sale posted above the items. He went over and pointed out at the bottom, in smaller print, the sale ended 5 DAYS EARLIER.

Why is there a sale sign still posted 5 days after the sale ended?? As a matter of fact, when I questioned the cashier about this he said someone much have forgotten to take it down. Even he left it up there! I asked him why he didn’t go ahead and take the sign down and he said he would do it later. I couldn’t believe the incompetence of the entire store! I told my son I would take care of it.

I called the manager today and she was very arrogant. Told me that if my son was “too short to see the sale dates that it wasn’t their fault”. EXCUSE ME!

We will never go back into that store. I am so sick of people thinking, or not thinking rather, that they don’t have to do anything, having no accountability and most important no respect.


Carl May 19, 2015 at 11:30 am

My mom was recently denied time off to be a part of my retirement ceremony after 25 years in the Marine Corps. With out knowing the full story, and she may have zero time on the books, plus she may of waited till the last minute. With all that aside…. Is there a way she can pull that time as a credit for later? 25+ years is a long time and I would love for my mom to be there for such an Epic moment.


matt May 18, 2015 at 2:13 pm

This place is an absolute joke I spend my hard earned money to buy an Xbox 360 only for the motherboard to crash just under two months later and a 30 day warranty you would think if there selling used items they would make sure there up to par not to mention two of the games that came with the bundle didn’t even work once again you would think this would be something they would check but no they would rather remain with low quality products and rape you with prices for them now I’m stuck either paying half of what I did for the Xbox not even TWO months ago to fix or buy a whole new system well I can. Guarantee I will absolutely never use any of these websites nor stores to make my purchases again and make it top priority to spread the word on what a joke of a business this is …absolutely horrible products and services


mike May 3, 2015 at 11:31 am

Here is my story from the dover delaware store – What a rude employee!!!!!!

first you need to train your staff instead of standing at a register and not doing anything and help customers. There were three associates at the register and only 2 on and the other one just standing there like an idiot. The long wait time to checkout is insane. We exchanged several games and gave me a total and then a few seconds later i looked at the register and it said something different and if i did not look at the register my son (who is only 9 years old)( would have gotten screwed. Its really ashame when your associates try to scam a little kid – cmon really!!!! are you guys that desperate. When i questioned him he said he wasnt sure and told me just to sign the pad and I did not want to before i had an answer and he insisted if i want the credit i need to sign the pad and he was VERY rude. I told him I will sign it but i want a answer. After I signed the pad he told me there was a refurbish fee on the game so i asked to see it. when he showed it to me it took him 2 minutes to look at the cd and try to find where it had a mark on it, so he could not even see it. After the 2 minutes he tried to show me something on it and i have great eye sight and i could not see nothing so he was making this up. Granted it was only $1 50 or something small but cmon your really going to lie to me over some b**** like that and lie to my 9 year old son. I have spent a lot of money in your stores over the years and I PROMISE YOU I WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN AND I AM NOW GOING TO GO TO GAMEFLY AND NOT DEAL WITH YOUR RUDE EMPLOYEES EVER AGAIN. I ALSO PLAN ON POSTING THIS IN AS MANY GAME ROOM FORUMS AS I CAN AND TELLING THEM TO GET GAMEFLY AS WELL. I have a suggestion for you guys about customer service, you should go read the book Satisfaction by JD Powers and learn what customer service is all about and maybe have ur dumb employees read it as well. Oh ya and by the way when I told him about his lies he told me whatever that its not his problem its mine. You need to handle this employee before you loose all your customers.


Mary Pierce April 4, 2015 at 12:52 pm

My husband and I went to the Game Stop here in Big Rapids, MI. Before my husband went into the store, he had found a set of keys outside. When he brought them in to the cashier, she noticed that they belong to another co-worker. We went to the store around 11:30 a.m on April 4, 2015. The cashier told us that they had the store key on the key ring. Please respond back….

Sincerely Mary Pierce and Gerome Pierce II


madashell April 1, 2015 at 12:13 pm

Game stop are consumer rapists!! The refund policy is horrible for people who spend their hard earned money with them.. game stop wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for the consumer… I’ve had the worst experience with them and will spread the word to not shop with them because they do not have the customer best interest at heart.


Tom Springer March 1, 2015 at 12:47 pm


Earlier this week, I received an email notification confirming my order of a 12 month Xbox Live Gold card. Only problem is, I didn’t order the card. I went out to my online site to see what was going on and somehow I have a new person on my account. I do not have any credit cards attached to this account whatsoever, but I was able to see this person’s name, address, phone number, and last four and expiration date of their credit card. I received three notices from Gamestop…first was confirmation of the order, second was confirmation of the payment, and third was a cancellation of payment for the item. I tried to contact Gamestop through their 800# for over an hour and never spoke with anyone and finally just hung up. Today, I started receiving notices of two separate purchases of $50 PlayStation network cards I had purchased. Once again, I did not make these purchases. I went out to my account and saw I now had a SECOND person’s information attached to my account that did not belong, along with all the needed information to make a purchase. I am in Omaha, NE. The first person is in Anaheim CA, and the second person is located in Elmhurst NY. I called Gamestop again and after waiting about a half hour, I was finally able to talk with someone and explain what was going on. They told me they could not help me because all they could see was my personal information but they are not allowed to see any financial information at all. Really??? I gave them one of the order confirmation numbers and they said they could see it was purchased by someone that did not have my name, but there was nothing they could do about it and that they could not help me. This was the answer AFTER I was passed forward to a supervisor. Since I had the two people’s information in my account and I could see them, although Gamestop could not, I called both of them explaining what was happening and both of them said they were NOT making purchases with Gamestop at all. I let them know that their card information is most likely being used by someone who stole their information and that they may need to get new credit cards. Both agreed and said they would be getting new cards today. Please pay attention to what is going on with your credit cards. Somehow, Gamestop is getting hacked and they cannot or will not do anything about it. This is a travesty and it is sad I had to take it upon myself to notify these to individuals their cards are being used by thieves.


Nakenzie January 28, 2015 at 4:53 pm

Okay so I tried to return a system that I don’t want and I wasn’t told that I would only have 7 days to return it if I didn’t like it. I am in college and only played the game for a week or less. It is a 3ds xl and I want a full refund bcuz it is barely used and I need money for college and apparently I can’t even get all my money back in cash. I am fudging broke and need money for school, it was a stupid impulse buy and now I’m left feeling like shite. I just can’t deal with this stupid ace shite from gamestop anymore.


Black March 1, 2015 at 4:29 pm

i dont really like game stop and how they rape you when you take your games in you just paid $60 for and they give you $7 however NAKENZIE this isnt just game stop, you cant buy something and use it and say well here is your item i used i want all my money back, here sell this used item to someone else. either the value of the item is lost or somebody is going to get your used item, Check it, how about you sell me your car , ill drive it for a month and bring it back and say i want all my money that i want to buy a house and i was an idiot and knew i shouldnt have bought a car that my money was tigght but hey i bought it anyway cuz i figured id use it and still get all my money or turned out i didnt like it like i thought, so here is your car back with added miles and bald tires. Come on people, think ,


Black March 1, 2015 at 4:35 pm

But the fact that they do let you use the item for 7 days and get a full refund if you dont like it is pretty awesome. if your like my son who beats games in 24 hours you could buy a new title that just hit the shelf for $40 used of course cuz i think the 7 day return is only on used items, anyway get a new used title that hit the shelf , beat it within a few days , return it for all your money back and get another new game. Also Nekenzie i do believe every time i bought a used item or game at game stop they have told me at check out that i have 7 days to return no questions asked. you was just prob excited of your new system or was thinking of the scem you was gona pull and wasnt paying attention, i suppoort my street people over rich corps any day, however there are just some who seriously dont have common sense


JAllor January 16, 2015 at 8:06 pm

Your online and 800# customer service is the absolute worse! It must be so understaffed. Huge mistake. I’ve been sitting on hold on your 800# for over 40 minutes now. And online is no better. I’m #51 in your queue to chat with customer service. I have an online order that was shipped 2 days, paid extra shipping and it’s a partial shipment. THE most important item that my son wanted for his birthday today was NOT in the box…it’s arriving Monday. That’s not 2 day air….that’s a week later!!!! Thanks GameStop for ruining my son’s biggest birthday wish and then making it impossible to speak to your non-existent customer service dept. to get my money back for the expedited shipping. I will never buy from your stores again and it’s too bad because the customer service in stores are great! But you can’t back it up at the corporate end.


Black March 1, 2015 at 4:40 pm

Why would you wait 2 days before your sons birthday to order his biggest present and rely on the mail to be on time? Its not the sellers fault the mail dont get there on time unless they didnt ship the item out within their handling time on the specific shipping. i sale onliine and i get that all the time, i ship out earlier than my handling and customers are like its my kids birthday tomorrow it needs to be here. why wait till last min


A Concerned Parent January 9, 2015 at 9:06 pm

My son has worked for gamestop for the past year and a half. There is no type of security at any of the stores. He was held at gunpoint twice while at work. He asked for a transfer and was told to wait at home without compensation. He has tried to follow up with his supervisors and has not received any information about his transfer. He loves working at gamestop. What is the next step? Please advise!


ADK visitor January 5, 2015 at 12:26 pm

We were met with a warm friendly greeting right away. The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Jason Landis went above and beyond helping us with our PS3. We really appreciate all the help Jason and the rest of the staff provided. We were visiting the area & just stopped in for a quick question initially. The GameStop where we live (300 miles from Natick) did not know how to help us with our broken PS3. Jason saved the day for us. We are grateful. Also, I would like to add that my mother-in-law tried to give Jason money for helping us out and he would not accept it. He said “this is part of the job. I am happy to help.” Amazing person!!!! He deserves a raise! Thank you again Jason.


Black March 1, 2015 at 4:43 pm

ha ha ha if i worked at game stop id get on here and post the same thing and of course say im not from the area, hope your post gets you that raise jason


Tina January 2, 2015 at 9:59 am

Hopefully this will help. Good luck!
Tattianna M.
GameStop Customer Care
(817) 722-7824


MRGRUBALOT December 29, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I place an order with you. It arrives with an item missing. I go online to chat with customer service after waiting 45miin to get anyone and they say they will resend what was missing. I’ve never received anything at all. So now I’m out $$$ and get no product. I try calling and wait an hour on the phone then gave up. I try again online to chat and its the same. Your company should be completely ashamed at how you treat your customer base. I will never again order from gamestop. EVER. I will spread the word to everyone to avoid purchasing anything here. And as I read the consensous nobody on here is happy with how they’ve been treated. Simply F’n Ridiculous…


A January 5, 2015 at 3:13 am

same experience from me as well. 5 hours of total time spent dealing with negligent employees and customer service associates to try and get a redemption code for a gift card that is illegible after scratching off the cover. Gift card numbers are apparently impossible to retrieve in anyones system. good thing they take them back for exchanges or returns…oh wait, of course they don’t.


anonymous March 18, 2015 at 5:03 am

You mean to say he loved cutting disks and cords throwing away thoasands of dollars worth of gaming equipment WHEN THEY COULD’VE JUST DONATED THET STUFF FOR KIDS WITH CANCER god why are people so dumb ALSO GAMESTOP THIS IS CONSIDERED A TAX CREDIT FOR u I personally will be dumpster diving from now on will donate the stuff I find for a good cause and if u dont believe me just Google dumpster diving gamestop watch the videos one more thing stop shopping there


Black March 1, 2015 at 4:45 pm

Dude they said they will send what was missing. i dont see how your out of $$ and the product? they said they will send what was missing correct? they your product is coming or came


john bilsbarrow December 25, 2014 at 11:05 pm

Game stop ruined my son’s Christmas the only thing he wanted from Santa was a Wii so when he opened his Wii from Santa couldn’t wait to play get it hooked up and the machine didn’t work no power now he is crying and can’t understand why Santa would give him a broken Wii you guys should check these machines better no child should be mad at Santa he thinks he did something bad and this is why Santa did this .way to go guys


TommyBoy April 3, 2015 at 10:42 am

Geech…what a moron. YOU should have checked out the machine well in advance to the big day. Every company has a few glitches from time to time. Sounds to me like you need to be a little more aware if it really meant that much to you.


john pierce December 21, 2014 at 9:44 am

just wanted to say the game stop at 82nd and Milwaukee in Lubbock tx, the manager there has horrible customer service, and ur policies on returns is not good, I bought a xbox one, there and it would not work on my tv, even after I called gamestops 800 number and they said I could return it, the game stop in Lubbock would not take it back, cause it was open, I only had it for a day, the only way I knew it was gonna work was to take it out of the box, its not like I had it for 2 weeks,the only thing they would take back was my game I bought for it, and gave me a 59 dollar gift card, what good is a gift card gonna do me, if I don’t have a system to play on, cause I traded in my 360 to get the xbox one, so all that did me was leave me with no game sysem and a gift card.. I work for united supermarkets and I know if we sold stuff like that, we 100 percent would have taken it back, its called good customer service. if I ever get a nother system, ill be going to best buy or wal mart, cause I just felt cheated after all that.


Disappointed Customer December 19, 2014 at 9:32 pm

First of all, I’d like to say how upsetting it is to see how much the complaints here outweigh the comments. I work retail, and I realize that most complaints are people just trying to get money or a sob-story over a mistake an employee made or even a fake story they made up to make you guys look bad. I get it, I really do. Customer service is extremely important. That being said, even if there are some horrible comments on here that can’t have much be done to, I believe that you should really look into some of the more believable and reasonable comments and do something about them.
Now, for the reasoning behind my name- Disappointed Customer. I have shopped at Gamestop for years. As long as I’ve given up on Best Buy and started playing games heavily. Video games are a pretty important part of my life and I even aspire to get into concept art and work for a gaming company when I graduate college. This being said, I have shopped at many Gamestops. There is one that I live close to now, however, that I have to say is my favorite. The employees are kind and helpful; they never comment on stupid things that could be racist or sexist, they do anything they can to see if a game is in or if it’s at another Gamestop close to it. Anything to see the customer smile and I think it’s wonderful. Anyways, there are sometimes when the employees are (still helpful and polite), but also sad looking, tense, uncomfortable, etc… And a few days ago, I noticed this. I also noticed someone in the back shouting. The cashier at the front, a nice lady that I’ve talked to before about our favorite games, looked almost on the verge of tears. I had to ask what was going on. No, it wasn’t my business, but for god’s sake, something didn’t look or feel right. The cashier tells me simply that the regional manager is in and is unhappy. Understandable. Sometimes stores don’t do well and it’s placed on the regional manager.
Here’s where it gets messed up. The cashier wanted to leave it at that, I assumed that it just wasn’t my business. But as I was checking out my purchase, I hear “You have been a disappoint for a while here and you still are!” W o w. That hurt me, and I know the cashier noticed. For the love of all that is good, she cringed. She cringed away from hearing her coworker getting yelled at and being called a ‘disappointment’. One of your regional managers made somebody that works at your store c r i n g e.
I stuck around to look at more games and to be completely honest, see who would come out of the back room. A few minutes later, the door opened and someone else that is extremely friendly and helpful to me comes out, tears welling up in his eyes. After that, an older man comes out, face red like he’s been yelling at them for hours.
I don’t care who you are, or how high up on the ridiculous work status totem pole you’re on, you do NOT call someone a disappointment. It is NEGLECT. It is VERBAL ABUSE. One of your managers that looks over multiple stores, called a worker a DISAPPOINTMENT. He has no right to talk to anyone like that. And he was loud enough to have customers hear it. It was ridiculously rude. I wanted to personally say something to this arrogant man, but I have a feeling he would have taken it out on the workers as soon as I had left.
I did a little research on who this man’s name is and would like to privately give it to corporate so they can look in on this man and see how much of a rude person he is. I hope someone sees this and emails me/responds. I will gladly give the man’s first name and the store that he was in while this happened. Honestly, I’d love to see him replaced with a kinder, more professional manager.
Thank you for reading and have a good day.


Melba Crush December 8, 2014 at 5:47 pm

I’m saddened by the new commercial you have put out. At a time of such social unrest and keeping the spirit of Christmas, you really have to do a campaign making Santa’s elves to be thieves? You should pull the commercial immediately. I will take my business and others business elsewhere.


Darren Leedham November 24, 2014 at 4:36 pm

I have PC games I wanted to trade at Gamestop Porter Tx, I went to online first to see if they do it first. I clicked on the ‘find values for games’ icon and clicked the ‘all platforms’ drop box which clearly shows ‘PC’ so I gathered together the pc games for trade ,had driven to the gamestop store in Porter to be told “we don’t do trade on PC games , I was extremely disappointed . If this is the case then your web page is in serious need of an update so victims like myself are not affiliated to time wasting.


BN November 21, 2014 at 1:12 am


I took my two boys for a Pokemon event to get a new pre-ordered Pokemon game to
22000 Dulles Retail Plaza, Ashburn, VA at 00:30 hrs EST; my 12 year old son i believe had called the stores to confirm if he can come at midnight and pickup the game; I felt very sorry to see my disappointed kids hanging their face when the guy at Game stop said; they are closed their computers; unless they have a yellow sticker they can’t get the game ; You are doing business with kids; I saw two more kids going back home just like my kids without the game in their hands; its not every day you sell games at midnight and Its not nice to disappoint the kids like this;


Game Advisor January 12, 2015 at 3:07 am

While I understand how sad that must have been for your children (I’ve been turned away from midnights for pokemon, it’s not a happy feeling), you have to understand that our store computers take up to an hour to close fully, and an hour to turn back on and open back up. Lining up for midnights usually starts at ten, and the midnight is usually done by 12:30 if things run smoothly. If you showed up too late, that’s not the completely the employees fault (though they should have told you when to pre-ring, line up, and so on). Policy is policy. We can’t just give you a game and hope you’ll come back to pay for it in the morning.


ex asm April 24, 2015 at 1:24 am

stfu computers dont take long to open and close , not even counts or perpetuals take long,


Jo Anne Jarosik November 4, 2014 at 4:51 pm

Your customer service folks in Costa Rica are a joke. They cannot handle a simple pre-order of a game you sell. I hope to see the day this company crashes and burns. Five different calls for one simple game. They are all mis-informed people representing your company. Wake the hell up!


Edward November 4, 2014 at 7:21 am

For the last few days I have been having an issuse with my power up rewards card and I’ve called power up rewards and I was on hold for an hour then thay finally answered and I was told to go to a gamestop store and have them call so I did. When I went to gamestop I told them what had been happening so they called power rewards for me. When the store called it took two hours for someone to answer. The same person had answered three days in a row. After two hours on hold when the person answered and put thr manager of the store onhold for another hour.I feel that I need to have something done and compensated for all of this inconvenience.


Daniel Grant October 29, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Dear Gamestop

I am completely disgusted with your HR department and how they handle their own mistakes. I had the last three cheeks that I received sent to the wrong address when I sent an email to Hr giving them the right one.
When I ask them is there a way that you can put my money on a com data card so I’m not inconvenienced for the mistake that they made. All I get is reason way it can’t be done. When I know for a fact that it can because they did it for my first to cheeks. Now because of this inconvenience I will not be able to go and buy my son he’s Halloween costume. I feel like I should be compensated for the mistake HR made not have to wait until seven days to receive the money that I already worked for. Im tired of bagging for my own money. I think you really need to reevaluate how your HR handles their employees treat them with more respect and more customer service.


Deanna October 16, 2014 at 9:21 pm

I purchased a Playstation Vita from the Cental, Louisiana Gamestop for my fiancé on Friday, October 10th and was told I had a 7 day money back guaranty. He tried the vita and didn’t like it and went to return it on Wednesday, October 15th. They informed him that they would not give him the full $200 I paid for it, only trade in value of $110. I called the corporate office on October 15th and spoke with Marcus at extension 15734 who told me that since they failed to communicate that he couldn’t open the product before returning it, that I would get my full refund. He said he was contacting the district manager and that he would be calling me. I received a call on October 16th from a manager at the Central, Louisiana location notifying me that he would not give me a refund. I am absolutely appalled by the lack of communication and customer care. I have now been lied to twice and I refuse to stand for it. If this is the way that your company conducts business then I can assure you that you will never receive my business again. My fiancé is an avid game collector and has purchased from your company for many, many years. He will take his business elsewhere if this problem is not solved. I am extremely irate and do not appreciate being lied to. I would appreciate a prompt response and resolution to this issue.


Kim October 13, 2014 at 7:50 pm

My son has been a very loyal customer of GameStop for years and for him to come home tonight and tell me that he was just at the gamestop in Lodi New Jersey and asked a sales men named Eddie if he could get a game that’s coming out earlier and Eddie tells him that it pisses him off when people ask that question…..really? That’s not at all very good salesmen ship toward customers to swear and tell them how he feels about customers asking a simple question. Not a very good way to run a business.


Theresa tompkins October 12, 2014 at 11:44 am

I would like to share my experience yesterday at the Burlington nc husband and a good friend and I were shopping with our children for there birthday when a gentleman came in with a gun on his hip.his hand on it the hole time.needless to say I grabbed the kids and friend however voiced her opinion that this was very disturbing considering that its a place for children.not a man thinking he is Rambo.I would hope you would not allow this.please we don’t know who is the good guy with a gun or the bad please don’t allow this in your store.


Patrick Jones October 7, 2014 at 12:00 pm

Hey im part of a new clan called 2RAW we are going to the 2015 tournament at American airlines and we are looking for sponsors every little bit helps thanks


Courtney G September 28, 2014 at 3:22 pm

I worked at Gameshop for a short period of time, I enjoyed working there very much, not because of the store itself but because of my coworkers. Then, I made the choice to quit. I quit because after a month I still didn’t receive a paycheck and corporate didn’t care and has not done anything about it. I am overly frustrated and I believe corporate needs to focus on doing their jobs and stop worrying about the stores, when the stores have it more together then they do. The fact that I have called corporate a few times and they still have not returned my calls, has forced me to post this. I’m not the first person this has happened to.


mamaBear December 16, 2014 at 11:35 am

The same thing is happening to my daughter right now. She called HR and spoke with a woman who told her that her address was “all on one line” (including her apartment number) and blamed the printer that prints the checks (!!!) – the address line is too long and probably got cut off. She fixed my daughter’s address, then gave her an email address that she had to use to request a check re-issue. When she emailed that request, the email bounced.

This company seems like it needs some lessons on how to be an employer. This entire thread distresses me with the number of employees posting in it, and makes me glad that my daughter is only seasonal help.


No name September 17, 2014 at 12:42 am

Hello and Good afternoon. I’m just going to go straight to the point. I’m a employee at Gamestop that has been working there for 3 years, I am a pretty known person at Gamestop. I just wanted to come forward with a few things that I had on my mind that I don’t believe are faithful to Gamestop Inc. There are a few employees that have been stealing underneath your Companies nose. I will call these 3 famous people out by their names, Marco Martinez, Tony & Ruby.(district 325) Now these people have diff stories. Now Ruby, who accordingly left because she was pregnant and didn’t want to stress out through her pregnancy but the real reason was because she had inventory coming up & didn’t want to get fired, she knew she would go down to a STAR TIER store so therefore she quit on her own. She would allow her employees to steal from Customers as they would bring their trades & keep them for theme selves as they would trade the customers game for their own purpose like their own Reservations. She also allowed them to borrow money from the safe and would falsify the amount that was there but truly wasn’t. Now I move on to Marco Martinez, he is a SM now but a crooked ass SM, this “SM” would train his employees to actually steal and different ways of stealing just so the customer doesn’t find out, now this troubles your company because a customer can say he/she will not trade their games for such a low trade amount. When Marco & Tony worked together as “SM” & “ASM” they would double team on these customers. They were actually both in it, so they both knew In case anything would happen, then they would have each others back. Tony was an LP captain once & I could honestly not believe how he fooled you guys & I speak to you ISAAC CHITICA If you do not believe me, check the history on DVR when they both worked together. Marco has always seemed as the funny clown guy that everyone likes but he is FOOL, I feel bad for your Company because by having these types of people working for you, you are risking your company to be run to the Ground. I already called Human Resources and they did NOTHING, I HOPE YOU DO SIR. Thanks for your Sweet time & Goodbye……….


Tanner Moore August 29, 2014 at 11:52 am

I am doing an Eagle Project and wondered if there are any stores or corporate would be willing to donate games for a PS3 GAME SYSTEM,I won this PS3 From my soccer club for being the most supportive,positive as well most improved player in our club last year our club has nearly 500 kids from ages 11-18 boys and girls.
I have the system but no games I am donating system to Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake City for their oncology unit. if you could help in any way I would greatly appreciate it. There old system was a Wii and it broke last year. thanks agin sincerely .Tanner Moore


John Gonzalez..JJ August 28, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Hello,I’am a Dad of 3 boys,I’am also a Manager at a Toyota Dealer in California.I’am 18 years in the Automotive Industry,I know customer service when I receive it.I love what I do.I visited our neighborhood game stop store, 9877 Chapman Ave Garden Grove Ca 92841.714-534-5341.My 3 boys as boys their age, are very curious and like to ask questions about games.I love what I do like I mentioned before,The reason I’am writing straight to headquarters is because of People Like the person who helped us, SANDRA(349297).wowww She is Spectacular seriously guys,you should send a mistery shopper and see for yourself,this girl is phenomenal,she knows her stuff.I am impressed by her professionalism,she was helping us and, as every person who walked in, she would stop look over and say,Welcome to game stop and continue helping us.I am moved how she would take the time and talk to my boys in gametop language :) and with respect.I know she will be greater one day,she will be a Regional Manager or store OWNER. I love her attiude but most of all her passion,I can tell she loves what she does.Sandra is amazing please send someone over there pick up this girl give her a future at your company she in it for the long run.I bought 2 games for my boys and,she answered every question we asked.If new employees to your store require training don’t hesitate to use SANDRA 349297 As a Trainer an extraordinary example to your new staff.I promise you will be blown away by her.I know she is a Diamond for any company and if she ever owns a business.I almost would say by Sandras knowledge she is a CEO of game stop when I first met her.Guys Don’t let this one go.Polish this Diamond.I do not know Sandra personally I met her once,she reminded me of what cusomer service should still be.GREAT JOB SANDRA KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK.


Stephen Campbell August 11, 2014 at 11:34 pm

I recently brought my 12 year old son in to your Lake Jackson store to buy and XBox 360. He had been saving his money and was excited about going to GameStop to get his new game console. At the store the sales person was nice, but when she brought the box down from the shelf I noticed the corner was smashed. She never mentioned it as she sat the box down in a way my son and I could not see that corner. Having noticed it before she sat the box down, so I went over and picked the box up to check out the damage. I asked if we could look inside the box to ensure there was no damage and was told that I could not unless I first purchased it. This made me mad enough to walk out not buying anything. However this was not my purchase and the only XBox 360 for sale in that store from what we were told. So my son decided he wanted to purchase the game and I decided to take a picture of this damage. The sales person told me I didn’t need to take a picture because of the return policy. I really think that damaged items (boxes) should not be sold in stores as this can only bring up issues. Please respond so I can attach the picture. This was a great teaching situation for my son about being in business and quality and how bad quality products reflect poorly on the company.

Thank You,
Stephen Campbell


Andrew H August 28, 2014 at 6:08 pm

Hello Stephen,

I do not work for Gamestop anymore but happened across this comment of yours when searching for a phone number. I just want to point out that many boxes and merchandise can be damaged at any time, such as the delivery truck or even the manufacturing warehouse. We cant expect a company to simply not sell an item just because of a dent in the corner. It would be great if they could look inside to verify the condition of the console, but that brings up another issue. If you were a customer looking for a brand new system, and you saw that the seal was broken, would you purchase it? I sure wouldn’t. I would think they had returned it, and probably not believe a story of “we just wanted to make sure it was ok”.

I will tell you that these game systems are very well packed, and protected by much more than the box itself. Usually a couple more layers of cardboard at the very least. I don’t know if this reply will help you at all, but for some reason just felt like I should reply.


Christopher Elliott July 24, 2014 at 5:03 pm

I’m not sure if this will be read by someone important, or if you guys even care, but I have been a customer of Gamestop for years, and recently I have shifted towards online shopping. I recently ordered a 4 shot Xbox One headset in hopes of getting a quality product. However, after checking the forums in excitement about my newly ordered goods, I discovered that there’s apparently a design flaw that prevents the mic from picking up your voice clearly, which is the whole purpose of a multiplayer mic. So 5-10 minutes after placing the order, I decide to go on the safe side, cancel the order, and purchase the more expensive, but trusted headset, the XO Seven. However, despite claims by the Gamestop website, I was unable to cancel the transaction…five minutes after I completed the transaction. Extremely confused, I looked towards customer service support, but they were not available until 9am EST. So I set my alarm, woke up early, and called at EXACTLY 9am to request my order to be cancelled. But not only was I not able to cancel my order by calling, but I was informed that I was too late and the item was already in a warehouse ready to be shipped. I was told in order to get my money back I have to wait for the package to come in and then mail it back myself. This is infuriating. I’ve never mailed anything back in my life, and to have to do so because of something so silly is ridiculous. For a company that plans to gear towards the digital era, the fact that I can’t cancel my order 5 minutes after placing it is beyond me. Calling twice didn’t help me either.


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