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GameStop Corporation
625 Westport Pkwy
Grapevine, TX 76051

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Phone Number: (817) 424-2000
Fax Number: (817) 424-2002
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CEO: J. Paul Raines
CFO: Robert A. Lloyd
COO: Daniel A. Dematteo

GameStop History

GameStop began in 1984 in Dallas, Texas as Babbage’s.  The company was originally a software retailer.

In 1994, Babbage’s merged with Software Etc.  In 1996, the company had 800 total stores and filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  The company was kept afloat by Leonard Riggio, of Barnes and Noble.

In 2004, GameStop was spun off from Barnes & Noble as its own company.

In 2005, the company merged with EB Games (formerly Electronics Boutique).

In 2007, the company acquired Rhino Video Game from Blockbuster.  In 2011, Spawn Labs was acquired.

GameStop currently operates over 6700 stores in 18 countries worldwide.


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S. April 18, 2016 at 3:01 pm

GameStop, I am incredibly appalled by your treatment of your employees. When I was visiting the store (in Maryland), I witness an employee degrading and yelling at another employee. I learned that the aggressor’s name is Ontkean. The atmosphere was so uncomfortable and everyone within that store looked so distraught that I had to leave without buying anything. It is disgusting to think that you have no problem humiliating a person in front of a customer. I can only imagine the horrors that go on behind scene. GameStop, create a better work environment; I assure you, the toxicity can be felt by your customers.


Adam Sanchez April 10, 2016 at 5:31 pm

This is now several times I have tried to communicate with your company regarding my plight; I am very displeased with the result. I have been loyal to GameStop for many years only bringing business and business transactions of my own. I am not asking for much however I do feel like I am owed some explanation as to why my emails and inquiries to stores have no good outcome towards the subject matter of logging into my account online. I have forgotten my password to the log in, and then I don’t remember the email I used it with. As you can understand I am furious at this, so why infuriate a person that just wants to use his points to get merchandise. Makes no sense to me at all!!!I have reasoned with some of the nicest managers in your company, but they keep telling me the same thing: go to the log in, (forgot password), click send it to email, and that’s where I get stuck. So, like I said don’t remember the email associated with the account nor do I remember the password for that email account.

Please contact me to get this matter resolve. my account number is: 38760226949487
I have 17,544 points to use.


Anonymous April 9, 2016 at 2:51 pm

Encourage your friends not to get a job here. They hired someone I know with the promise of 15 to 20 hours a week, but only came through with 4 to 5 hours per week. Of course, the store blamed everything on “corporate”, that they weren’t given enough hours to dole out to everyone. But a look at his schedule revealed that the higher ups and ones who had been there longer seemed to get plenty of hours, so is it really “corporate”, or the buddies taking care of each other or a combination of both. My friend was unable to finish his training and couldn’t get it completed with the paltry hours he was given, so he was let go.

This company is a joke.


Jennifer April 7, 2016 at 4:20 am

Please stop working with Autism Speaks. They do not have a single autistic member on their board and only 4% of their budget goes to ‘family services’. They focus on eliminating autism and use their advertisements and small films to show what a burden autistic people are to society. They create and propagate this stigma against autistic people who now are not listened to on important autistic matters because of that. It’s disappointing to me that Gamestop has paired up with such a company that spreads misinformation and treats humans like lesser beings.


Griffin Anthony Glaze April 5, 2016 at 9:36 am

Hi GameStop Manufacturers My Mario Kart Wii disc is out of order and can you repair and restore it and I want lifetime warranty my phone number is (614) 984-XXXX and I need to play it so badly and my new address is OH 43123 and my email is GriffinGlaze at

Ps can you write back faster please?


Marco 2624 March 30, 2016 at 2:44 am

listen up everybody. GameStop steals from u! The employees do the same. Ever go into the store and trade in 10 games and get 10$. Have u ever noticed on ur receipt that they’ve only marks down 8 games instead of 10. Well those two other games, guess who’s trading them in?????? Yuuup. The employee that just helped u. Watch out ppl, this company will steal from u. Their employees will steal from u, this company is a fraud. Seriously


Daniel April 5, 2016 at 9:45 pm

I know I thought it was just me


Marco March 30, 2016 at 2:37 am

gamestop sucks. They steal your games under your nose n then they use ur own trade ins for themselves. They are thieves and their business should end. They suck ! Working their sucks. They r one of the worst companies to work for. They take advantage of u and your pay sucks balls.


Kellie March 19, 2016 at 3:21 pm

My son asked that we stop by Gamestop this morning, he had several games he wanted to purchase with his birthday money. We walked in, and immediately got in line because he couldn’t find the games he wanted. The transaction ahead of me took a very long time. This other person that was there prior to me tried to ask a question, the cashier Danny, answered him rudely, he and his son left. Meanwhile, they finally get done with the people in front of me and I step up asking for assistance w/the games my son wants. Little did I realize that in between some shelves was an official ‘line’, however… I had been there long before the people that had formed the line. The cashier Danny, very rudely informed me that he’d look the games up but that I had to go to the back of the line. He did look the games up, asked if we wanted used or new, when I said ‘new’, he said ‘we have tons, now get in the back of the line.” I explained to him that I didn’t know there was a line but that he knew I had been standing there for approx 15 minutes, knowing that I had been patiently waiting. He told me too bad, I had to get to the back of the line. I explained again that I was there before everyone else and deserved to be waited on. He got very nasty with me, told me to get out from in front of his register and get to the back of the line. By now, I’m furious.He’s standing there at the register laughing in my face, mocking me and smirking at the other customers. My son has $200 in birthday money he wants to spend all at Gamestop. We left after getting his name. His attitude and treatment of your customers lost our sale as well as the guy that walked out before us. We ran into him in the parking lot, he and his son were very upset and stated they’ll never set foot in that store again. Neither will we. We went down the street to Walmart and my son got what he wanted – may I add, it was cheaper at Walmart than at Gamestop. I am completely 100% disgusted and appalled at the way I was treated, my son was also very upset. I will never set foot in that store again. As a business professional, your employee Danny is no one I would want representing my company. I know that Gamestop is a big corporate chain and that my son’s $200 doesn’t mean anything but word of mouth is everything. I fully intend to share my experience with others and to what level, will be contingent upon how this is handled at the corporate level. I fully anticipate a reply with some sort of resolution. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.
Thank You,
Kellie Nieves


Anonymous March 14, 2016 at 11:28 pm

This company is utter garbage. I got a $25 gift card, which I attempted to use to purchase a ThinkGeek gift card for the same amount on When I hit submit on the order, I got an error message from the website, so I went through checkout again, but this time when I entered the gift card number, it told me there was no balance on the card! I have not received any confirmation of an order, so I have essentially been ripped off.

It’s been a month, and I have tried four times to contact customer service, three times online, only one of which got a single reply, and no response to my follow up. I waited on hold on their 800 number for over a half hour before getting someone who was obviously on her first day of work and reading awkwardly from a script. Got no help from her, either. She claimed my gift card had an “authorization hold” on it, and that it would be working again in 24-48 hours. It has been 48 hours, and SURPRISE! the card still does not work. I am not giving up, however. No garbage corporation is going to rip me off and get away with it.


Tiffany March 9, 2016 at 10:21 pm

WORST customer service when it comes to the online call center! I’m beyond pissed off because of them, I don’t have an hour or more wait to get connected to someone to talk to! I called a total of 4 times to try and cancel an order and when they finally connected me after the 4th try, they told me that they had shipped the order! Given that I had called them every chance I got! I had to send an email saying I want to cancel and what do they do? NOTHING and said it was out of their control. I ended up getting the item, I didn’t want and now it’s becoming more or less a freaking hassle to just try to return it! I mean like, seriously? How busy can you be when you just open at 8 AM? I’m mad and annoyed at the moment. I just want to know what and how I can get my money back for both the shipping and the product, since I’m not a very happy person at the moment.


Angela April 5, 2016 at 9:57 am

I wish I read this before buying my sons game. I am having the same problem, but mone has not shipped yet.


Brandon February 16, 2016 at 8:09 pm

There should be different prices for the types of headsets there are. Like turtle beach shouldn’t be worth $2,It’s a rip off. Gamestop buys your headset for $2, then the next day it’s for sell for $59.99, the price it was brand new.


Edwin February 12, 2016 at 11:18 am

You guys are such thieves. .


jeffrey clemons January 29, 2016 at 10:06 am

To gamestop
I would like to talk to you about Carl that works in your store at 3344 Promenade Ave Ste 104, Eagan, MN 55121.he sold my 12 year old nephew grand theft auto 5. Carl got the game as an employee of your store then sold it to my 12 year old nephew for a profit. My nephew got in trouble for it. Carl refuses to apologize for it. Carl is now trying to cover it up. Is this ok with you? My name is Jeffrey Clemons phone is 715-653-XXXX


Arthur Huntington January 18, 2016 at 10:08 am

I complained to a gamestop employee and asked for his name and store number. He gave it to me and then called the police on me. Needless to say I will be meeting with my attorney today to discuss the next step in taking gamestop to court for discrimination as well as causing me a great deal of anxiety and anger. What the employee didn’t know is that although I am tall with tattoos I also drive up in a $65,000 car and have about $500,000 in my bank account, which is more than enough to drag your ass to court and force you to deal with your terrible employees and their discriminatory practices. Gamestop should be trying to keep customers like me, but instead your employee, Jeremy Douglas, chose to judge me based on the way I look and treated me like a second class citizen. I left a voice message for Mr. Lots so we will see what happebs. I will never make another purchase from Gamestop because it is easier to just buy from PlayStation and I have always been treated like a great customer. I hope to hear from them today, but I doubt I will. Cowards


Angelique Boyts January 11, 2016 at 9:05 pm

I purchased a Nintendo 3dxl for my Autistic daughter for Christmas online. It never showed up or was received. I told them (customer service) that i wanted a refund they said ok since it was a debit card it would take 3 -5 business days. I waited 7 days then called. Was told again that my refund was being processed. Called again and spoke to supervisor who released the payment to my bank, and that it would be in my account by the afternoon. This never happened! Called back to speak with supervisor and was told it was never released and that it would take another 3 to 5 business days which in actuality will be over 2 weeks to get my refund. This is unexceptionable! This was a child’s Christmas gift! I will Never EVER buy or use game stop again in my life! You are a complete rip off and I still am waiting for my refund!


Daybell January 4, 2016 at 1:30 pm

Been waiting for 30minutes for your store to open . Employee just showed up. 8 cars are still waiting for the store to open.


Tim C December 29, 2015 at 12:41 pm

I’ve been trying for months to be able to access my rewards points to use for christmas gifts from the store. I was never able to achieve this. My Power Up Rewards card has been active for a decade, yet online I am asked to ‘Activate’ my card. It does not recognize my card.

I have emailed customer support multiple times without ONE response. Im sure the number of responses I received equates to the number of fucks Gamestop gives. I have tried calling only to be disconnected after 45 minutes of waiting.

Still, to this day, nobody has contacted me and I have thousands of points that I cannot exchange for a gift card. If Gamestop’s customer service (instore/email/phone) was a disease, then Gamestop would be the AIDS of retail.


Mary December 23, 2015 at 10:48 pm

Worst customer service EVER!! I did an online order threw a local store, the item I purchased was suppose to be shipped and at my door by the 22nd!! It wasn’t!! After emailing and waiting on hold several minutes, I was told it will be here the 24th!
Then tonight, I received an email back saying my order had already been canceled!????? So I got right on the phone and waited OVER AN HR to speak to someone… He tells me they are out of stock that’s why it has been canceled!!! Really, 2 days before Christmas, The lady I spoke to last night didn’t know it was out of stock? He then tells me I have a choice, I could get a check but would have to wait 7 to 10 days… Or a virtual gift card witch could take up to 48 hours..but usually only 12? How about you just give me my money back!! NOW!! I have never been so MAD!!!


cathy December 22, 2015 at 2:51 pm

Worst customer service ever. Placed an online order, received confirmation and delivery date. Never received my xbox so when I called about it I was told it was lost and there was nothing they could do but refund me my money. The “supervisor ” then said it was my fault that I didn’t call sooner to get the status of my package. Was told if I want it for xmas I needed to go buy another one and I would get my refund in 3-5 days. So I will be out almost 1000 3 days before x-mas! Customer service with the 800 number sucks.


stephanie December 19, 2015 at 9:50 pm

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. LOCAL STORE JUST AS BAD. I purchased the black ops 3 for my ps3. Got home and realized it was only a 1 player game (unlike the other black ops). I immediately called the store and he said there’s nothing I can do for you other then give you $17.00 in store credit. Wtf, I bought the game brand new 15 minutes ago plus purchased their craps warranty.
I then called what I thought was corporate and was on hold for 47 minutes until a representative told me (well if it says it on the back of the box then I can’t do anything for you) besides you didn’t call corporate you called customer service.
This company SUCKS.. now I’m stuck with a game that I have to take turns playing with my husband… NEVER EVER WILL I BUY FROM YOU AGAIN!


Chris January 12, 2016 at 11:47 am

Seriously? You can’t blame GameStop for that HAHA


Gerald Read December 19, 2015 at 2:54 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
I do not want my son using your Gamestop computer games any more. They are causing difficulty for him, and he is not any longer willing to be involved in family activities because of them. Gerald A. Read


Sara December 12, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Went to your Sanford, NC location to preorder the PlayStation 4 Darth Vader Edition on October 10th. I paid a deposit to RESERVE the gaming system. I called to verify that they had my system reserved and was told yes. Today I drove to the store to pick up the gaming system only to find out that they were sold out but I could drive 45 minutes to another store to pick it up.

The level of customer service was extremely poor and disappointing. I paid a deposit and expected to receive the product. I will never purchase another thing from this store and now have to explain to my 9 year old why Santa didn’t bring him what he wanted for Christmas. Shame on you GameStop.

I work for a Fortune 250 company and will be sharing my horrible experience with my coworkers about your company. Like GameStop, we have locations all over the United States. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau to report this fraud.

Once again, I would expect that if a deposit is paid, the item should have been reserved. This is FRAUD.


edward timmons December 4, 2015 at 7:24 pm

ordered 3 month xbox live on 11/26/15 for the black friday price. you never processed my paypal payment even though i had an invoice #. tried emailing customer service about it twice with just a automated response about 24 to 48 hours to process requests.finally today 12/4/15 you cancelled my paypal order. thanks a lot for the waste of time.


Daniel Lovett November 29, 2015 at 6:17 pm

I just went in to my local Gamestop (2 min from my house, where I buy all my games) to pick up the new Guitar Hero Live on PS4 for a Christmas gift. I originally was going to go on black Friday to get the game for $69.99 instead of the regular $99.99 but I wasn’t crazy about heading out into black Friday shopping madness so I called first. The nice woman on the other end of the phone told me that I could put the game on hold and pick it up this weekend, that the sale was good through Sunday. So as I just went in to pick up the game the price with tax was $108.xx. I explained the above and the two guys behind the counter (I think one was the manager) told me that she must have made a mistake and that the sale ended Saturday and this is the price now.

I was ready to come and get it on Friday but decided not to based on the information I was given by the female employee, I couldn’t come on Saturday because my mother in law was in town and we were entertaining her. I understand their position but I’m the victim here. I only followed the information I was given by one of Gamestop’s staff. They had zero sympathy for my situation and I felt like it was a “tough shit” response. The sale was apparently misleading to the staff or at least the person I spoke with. Again, how is any of this my fault. I could almost throw a rock from my house and hit the store, it’s not like it was far for me to go. I would have definitely gone Saturday to avoid this.

I ended up not buying the game today based on principal. I do still intend to get it for a Christmas gift, but not from Gamestop. I don’t think I’ll be doing any more shopping there unless something changes with how they inform their customers. As you might imagine with all of the new games out right now, my wife and our friends have lots of shopping to do over the next few weeks. I’ll be telling everyone not to do it in your stores.


Joey R. November 20, 2015 at 1:07 pm

3 times I called to have a balance transferred from a card I lost, to a new replacement card I already received. All 3 times the transfer took place in your system, and nothing is showing in for my balance. I want something done asap, this is absolutely outrageous. It is supposed to take 24-48 hrs to complete, it has been tried 3 times and nothing, and a manager from the phone center was suppose to follow up and never did. It has been over 3 weeks now. A simple email giftcard with my amount would suffice but their system is not setup to do so apparently. I will be looking for other methods of buying selling because of all the non sense


Staci November 16, 2015 at 12:32 pm

We bought cod pre-order and got the season pass and guess what….it DOES NOT WORK! After spending 2 hours on the phone with your 800# we politely get hung up on after being told we are “Shit out of luck” by one of your “wonderful” customer service reps. Your company possibly has the worst customer service. And that’s saying a lot since we have Comcast. We got screwed out of $56 dollars and you all don’t care about your loyal customers. And was even told that your company takes no responsibility for any code that does not work. Done with your company and will only ever order things directly from Microsoft. Because when we called Microsoft after your store said to do that, Microsoft told us they can’t do anything because it was bought at game stop. You guys f’n suck!!!!!!!


adam williams November 15, 2015 at 6:12 pm

i bought a digital version for Pc of GTA 5,i have downloaded it over and over and it continues to tell me there is an Zlib error and i need to verify,i have went over everything i could to verify it and i still keep getting an error.i have tried to Email youand all i get is that ill be contacted in 24-48 hours and that was 5 days ago and still nothing.I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR A HARD DISC. COPY OF THE GAME.and if i dont hear a response anytime soon,yall WILL be seeing me at 625 westport Pkwy grapevine,Tx 76501 as i too live in texas and wont bother me for a road trip for my moneys worth since i have had no response on the matter so far.i dont work my ass off to be screwed out of my hard earned money.if you search your logs i have sent 2 Emails regarding my issue.sincerely a long time but pissed off customer.


Jason W November 13, 2015 at 4:28 pm

I have been trying to reach out to gamestop for the past week after i got an email that my 60,000 points that i was saving up was then used and not by me. I have spent the last week calling into the support line to correct this issue and also using the email above to send requests via email to talk about this issue and all i get is “please wait 48 hours” and still NOTHING! I have supported gamestop for many years with pro memeber ship and even gamestop credit card. I am started to have second thoughts here when i can not even get a response on ANYTHING and the store just says. “just keep calling” And i do and sit on the phone for over an hour just to get hung up on before they even ask my name and i have to call back and wait, then get off work and get the message that they are closed!!! With many calls and emails sent and no answer im starting to think is it just about the money? were is the customer service here?


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