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Furniture Row Corporate Office Address

Furniture Row, LLC
5740 North Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80216

Contact Furniture Row

Phone Number: (303) 578-1073
Fax Number: (303) 296-3462
Email: Email Furniture Row

Furniture Row Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Furniture Row Executives

CEO: Barney Visser
CFO: Bill Oechsler
COO: Edward Draper

Furniture Row History

Furniture Row was founded in 1978 in Denver, Colorado by Barney Visser. Visser originally began selling large, overstuffed pillows, but changed in the late 70’s to selling waterbed’s.

Today, Furniture Row has 331 stores in 31 states. The company also operates under different names including Denver Mattress, Oak Express, Sofa Mart, and Bedroom Expressions. All stores feature particular items and include common household furniture such as bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, furniture for kid’s rooms, rugs, and  home decor.

The company is also a sponsor of NASCAR racing since 2005.

Furniture Row FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Furniture Row?
Answer 1: The phone number for Furniture Row is (303) 578-1073.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Furniture Row?
Answer 2: The CEO of Furniture Row is Barney Visser.

Question 3: Who founded Furniture Row?
Answer 3: Furniture Row was founded by in .

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Tammy Wiegand May 21, 2019 at 9:33 pm

I bought a furniture set have had nothing but problems from the start. Had a piece replaced already called the store they said they’d get back to me almost a week later nothing call there again today was told call me back in 15 minutes no one answered the phone remind you I bought a extended warranty on this set. I may just go down and talk to these people not sure what kind of people work for this company but it’s horrible if there not going to fix my problem maybe they should give me my money back for the warranty I paid for horrible customer service ever


Lisa B May 6, 2019 at 1:40 pm

I bought a Payton 5 pc High Top Dining Set and was charged $249.00. When I went to pick it up from the store, I grabbed a 2019 catalog so that I could give it to a family member. In the catalog, was the same dining set priced at $199.00. I spoke to the manager, Jenni and she gave me the excuse of due to price fluctuation I wouldn’t be able to get reimbused. WHY LEAVE OUT 2019 CATALOGS IF THE PRICES AREN’T CORRECT IN IT. I WON’T REFER ANY FAMILY OR FRIENDS TO THIS STORE. WHO WANTS TO DEAL WITH A STORE THAT HAS FALSE ADVERTISING.


Suellen Hozman April 25, 2019 at 1:03 pm

Invoice #31-10292737. Furniture Row store, Lansing MI
Contact Joel Lucas to have item code RE-SHBXBL replaced
Joel Lucas offers excellent customer service.
Today is April 25. Was told by Olivia that the replacement recliner is in their store but can not
be delivered to me until May 9, 2019.
Is this acceptable service to you? It is not to me.
Probably a reflection of inadequate delivery support offered by corporate.


Maria Garcia April 1, 2019 at 6:22 pm

I purchased $13,000 of furniture less than 45 days ago. Had my furniture delivered less than 3 weeks ago. I purchased 2 living room sets, 2 dining room sets and bedroom set etc. One of the living room sets (leather sectional) broke- the wedge just snapped. We have sat on it 2 times. I called the Pharr, Texas location and spoke with my salesman (David excellent salesman) they would take care of it. Unfortunately once you get your stuff delivered they will not accommodate the customer whatsoever, according to the service or delivery department, they work around their schedule, not even if you ask for a time frame in advance of 1 or 2 weeks advance. Does not matter. They want to pay you a visit during the weekday and in working hours between 2-4. I let them know nobody is home. Too bad because your SOL- they cannot schedule for anytime in advance, not even for you to request time off from work, because they will call you the day before after hours to tell you what time they are going. Asked for the last route, the last one to be seen cannot do that either. Meanwhile your sofa is broken at home. It has not even been a month with my furniture and I am already having problems. Funny thing, is when it was delivery time, they could do it on a Saturday. Weird huh? Please take your business elsewhere, where they will accommodate you as a customer, especially after spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, we have a M-F job 8-5, and have to work to pay for the furniture.


Deborah Duren March 19, 2019 at 11:59 am

We bought a Manchester 5pc dining Dark set from the furniture Row store at 2700 W. Loop 259 N Midland Texas on Jan 29 2019 . We were told that the set would be in in two weeks they had one . At the time we took the sale man’ s word. We didn’t see the note on the bottom of the page that said “early March” . each Tuesday since the middle of Feb we have been calling. We get it’s on back order and we can’t find out for sure.. Today it was it will be here the middle of March.. Today is the 19 of March. Hummm. Someone at needs to go back to school.. After reading many emails about unhappy people this must be the way Furniture Row does business. Still want my paid for set. but will be the last time for us to do business with this company.


NO Customer Service February 12, 2019 at 11:53 am

Worst customer service ever at the Grand Forks, Nd location. NO follow up phone call, emails from anyone at the store. We purchased a couch and loveseat and now the couch is falling apart but they won’t repair or replace it for us because they said the warranty has expired. I even purchased the extended warranty to make sure It was fully covered. Well that company won’t cover it either. Managers don’t care about customers especially after you have bought your furniture. Worst customer service experience ever. Stay away from this place, the company doesn’t care about you, they just care about your money. Buyers beware.


Monique January 10, 2019 at 6:22 pm

I purchased 4 dining room chairs from the Fort Collins location on 12/29/18- I was told they would arrive on 1/1/19- went to store at end of the day and they said they did not get on the truck must be on second one coming on Friday 1/4/19- went back again on Saturday evening – giving an extra day- they sent me to the back loading area and they employees back there said nope your chairs are not here???? they tracked them to Denver and said they would have them on Tuesday 1/8/19- again gave it a couple extra days and went back on Thursday 1/10/19- chairs still not there still showing in transit…….. told me to try back next Tuesday 1/15/19. Asked to speak to store manager fellow on the phone said he was manager after hesitating when I asked to speak to manager. Looked up headquarters number and its out of service…… I will never buy from here and recommend you don’t if you want what you bought or treated like you actually matter.


Bruce King December 31, 2018 at 6:06 pm

DO NOT buy from Furniture Row bought a kitchen set chair broke in which we did nothing to it watching TV and hear a noise it broke somehow anyway they would not replace the chair as this was only 5 months old BUYERS BEWARE they do not stand by there products of course they have NO problem selling the product


David Fraticelli September 6, 2018 at 3:16 pm

We ordered bedroom sets back in July and was told they would be delivered no later than late August, here it is sept and we still not have received out furniture.


Cydni aSchroeder July 2, 2018 at 1:57 pm

You have not delivered the rug that was supposed to be delivered last Weds.
The main store in Denver answers the phone(Katie) and promised to Phone Back and does not. The salesperson is alway “ with a client” and does not Phone Back either.
The delivery person,Jeff, is incredibly rude and unprofessional.
I am totally disgusted by my experience with you.


Emily Larkins June 2, 2018 at 11:00 pm

Keep In Mind Reading This I Am A 16 Year Old Girl, Who Works At Sonic. I Came To This Company In Hopes Of Making A Good First Purchase By Myself.
I Ended Very Disappointed In The Main Company. I Ordered A Bed On A Monday I Was Told It Would Be In Store By Wednesday. Cool No Big Deal, Then I Get Both And Email And Phone Call Saying My Bed Had Arrived. I Go To Get It Thursday And They Say They Dont Have It, It’ll Be There By Friday. Okay Fine I Can Wait One More Day. I Go In Saturday To Get It After Getting Yet Another Phone Call That They Have It, Guess What They Dont. Then I Get Told I Have To Wait Until Monday Or I Can Look At Another Bed He Could Discount For Me. So I Look At The Bed And Liked It So We Decided To Get It. Once I Get Home And The Headboard Is Correct So Im Hoping Everything Is Correct. I Get The Headboard Put Together And Go To Open The Runners And Footboard And The Package Says That Its The Correct Items Mind You. My Headboard Is A Brown Leather Type Of Material, It Was Perfect, I Open The Other Box And Its A GREY FABRIC MATERIAL. They Aren’t Even The Right Material.
This Company Is An Overall Joke. Im Very Disappointed Once I Receive My Correct Items I Will No Longer Shop Here.


Amanda February 6, 2018 at 1:33 pm

Looks like I should have read the reviews before purchasing from furniture row. We bought couch(had issues within 2 months of purchase, took 2 months to get fixed), a love seat and a recliner from you guys beginning of 2017. End of Dec I called Lansing store with issues on love seat. They told me 1-2 days they would get back with me. Week later(I even gave extra days for new years) I never heard anything so called back. Low and behold they had NO record of my call. So they again took everything down, told me within a week if I don’t hear from repair service call them back. Well on 6th day of that week, no response, I email their customer service. The next day I get a call from repair man that another week they will be out to look at it. He comes out, it needs a part and it will be another 2-3 weeks before it comes in. In mean time, we find other thing wrong, I email the lady we have been talking too and she says repair guy will look at it when they replace the other part. So in other words, you are going to have to order more parts and we are going to sit with a broken love seat even longer. Now today, my husband gets a call that our part is in, BUT we have to either bring our love seat to the store to be repaired or they will charge us $45 to pick it up!!!! Not only that we are out a love seat until they repair it. With the wait on everything else it’s probably going to be at least another month. What’s the point in purchasing a warranty that is suppose to be the best out there, when you drag your customers through the dirt to use it??? Maybe sell the quality furniture we are told we are purchasing and people won’t have to use the warranties?


Beth Thompson December 2, 2017 at 11:01 am

First off i have shopped Furniture Row for more than 20 years. Usually been satisfied.
In August 2012 I purchased living room furniture totally more than $4000.00. At the time I was sold a protection pkg. that was touted to be the best of the best. Fix anything or totally replace for free. Fast forward to the end of August 2017. We noticed one side was collapsing
so I went to store. First comment was well you expired 3 weeks ago. That was unbelievable!
The mgr. then said but since so close if it isn’t hundreds of dollars I will agree to reimburse you for it. He said they would contact me on how to get repaired. As promised I received an email telling me who to contact. I did that and set up for them to come see furniture. They were able to fix in short time for $134.52. I was happy to know all was taken care of.
They never told me I wasn’t supposed to pay and bring invoice to them. I had repaired September 25. I took invoice in the first week of October and mgr. made a copy and said he would send it in for payment. Since by November 30 I hadn’t heard anything I went to
store. The mgr. there (Dakota) said he would research, he made another copy and said
I would hear back that day. I didn’t hear back so I called December 1. Now he says that
they can’t take care of because I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. I asked for an explanation and he said I should NEVER have paid bill. Now he says my only option is for that company to refund me and send them the bill. REALLY!!! A small business is supposed to believe that if they refund me Furniture Row will pay them!! I know if I was the small business I wouldn’t believe that!! He said they can sue us if we don’t pay. Again REALLY!!! So why did they tell me who to call, make a copy of invoice when they had no
intention of paying? So now if that is the final answer then I request that you remove me
from your mailing list. I am willing to give up over 20 years of shopping with your company because I truly hate being lied to. So if $134.52 is that big of a problem to you then I will
be fine severing ties. No further action on my part. There are far too many places to buy furniture. I can just get started with a new experience somewhere else.
Beth Thompson
Evansville, IN 47725


Joshua August 20, 2017 at 11:39 am

I bought a sectional cloud leather sofa a couple years back and am looking for a few more pieces for it due to having to split it up with my ex wife. she had the brilliant idea of splitting it up.. Lol.. Well I live in Sam Angelo Tx and went to their store asking if they had anymore pieces, I spoke to the manager and he was extremely helpful and polite. He looked in the system and didn’t see any in their store but looked at the surround area stores. He found that the Midland Tx store had a lot of clearance/damaged pieces. My sister lives in Midland so I decided to make a a weekend trip over there and spend some time with her. I went into the Midland store and asked the sales associate about the pieces and which ones I was looking for. He check the system and found them, then he said that they didn’t have time right now to get them out of the warehouse due to not having enough warehouse people at the moment. I understood the situation and I left my phone number so they could eventually get them down and call me back. Later that day I called to ask if they had a chance to get them down and to basically give a friendly reminder. He said they would call me in the morning. The following morning I did not get a call and so I went into the store to check on things. The manager “Cory” of the sofa mart was there and we spoke about what I was looking for and how I was there yesterday doing the same thing. He was not very friendly and I could see all over his face that he didn’t want to help or actually do any work.. He said the same thing about not having enough warehouse people and how they were busy.. There were absolutely zero customers in the entire store except for me and my sister, i saw the warehouse guy just casually walking around kinda just chillin.. I gave him my phone number and he said that he would call later.. I got no phone call and decided to call later.. I asked if they were able to get any pieces down and of course the answer was no… At this point i’m getting extremely frustrated at the level of customer service at this store, the San Angelo store is amazing!! I just can’t believe the difference and especially coming from a manager… Wow.. So I just want to put in a complaint. I still have a sectional without a left side.. 🙁


Billy Ellis August 10, 2017 at 7:27 pm

I would like to speak to someone about being told a price on a couch a d chair a d when I we t back to see the salesman a couple of times a d called abs never got in touch with him a d when I did the price went up. I have the price wrote down in his card. Can I get a call back. 1254744XXXXX . Thanks


Joseph Harris June 30, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Me and my Wife went to FR in show low AZ, and tried to find furniture to furnish our house. When we walked in the store I seen many stairs leading up to the area we needed to go, I asked if they had an elevator and was told No! So my wife helped me up the stairs as I am disabled, and we started looking at tables I had to sit and rest for a minute. I got up from the table I was sitting at and went to take a step and slipped on a plastic price tag cover and slammed full force on the ground landing on my right side. The sound from me falling was heard all the way on the Mattress side of the store, but took someone over 5 minutes to see what the sound was. I expected an ambulance to come as I lay there on the floor and a sales rep comes up and tries to lift me up pulling me without even checking to see if I was able to move which I was not. I believe the Manager came and tried to dress my wound on my right ankle instead of again calling the ambulance. I had to sit in that store for over an hour just to move and then the Manager wants to walk me down the stairs instead of using the elevator. I have not heard or been able to contact Corporate or the store, and since the fall I am back in my wheelchair. I am a disabled veteran that already has major physical issues and to be treated this way after a fall in their store, I am not sure what to think except if I dont hear from someone soon it will be my Lawyer and I’m sure he will get somewhere.


Bradtisha Malone May 23, 2017 at 10:46 pm

This has been by far the worse service I’ve ever in my life received, when buying furniture. First, my order was partially delivered causing me to miss time from work. Secondly, the set up crew left me me a broken night stand and loose kitchen table chairs. Next thing I know, the railings under my bed breaks. When the mattress was lifted to see exactly what the issue was, they were NEVER drilled in place!!! I went to the store and the manager “ordered” some new ones and after about a month of waiting, I had to call them to see what the hold up was. I was informed they we’re in and the lady went on to suggest delivery dates and times. I specifically told her any time after 4:30pm. She tells me that the last delivery is at 5 so I will just be called with a time. RIDICULOUS!! When my furniture was initially delivered, my window was from 4pm to 6pm. They didn’t arrive until almost 8pm. Therefore, u can NOT tell me that the last delivery is at 5pm. As if now, I’m still waiting on railings because the MANAGER ordered the wrong item “AGAIN”!! This has been a nightmare. These broken rails could mess up my temperpedic mattress warranty I bought from Denver!! I AM COMPLETELY, WHOLE HEARTILY PISSED!!!


Sheila Sneed April 21, 2017 at 9:20 am

Call me before I hire an attorney


Maria Mata January 18, 2017 at 2:25 pm

My son Jose Mata applied at furniture row they needed someone at the warehouse, we live Midland, TX. My self i talked to guy named Brian, I ask about the warehouse position he said he was still interviewing for the position but that he was going on days off & he would give my sons name. I told Brian that my son had to put down my number on the application, he ok. The point is my son was never called given an opportunity for an interview,now how SAD IS THAT… NOW MR. OR MRS. WHO MIGHT BE CONCERNED…here where we live many many hispanic young men find them selves ever being interviewed, no one will see or hear about their skills ! I was really interested in buying a bedroom set… Thank You Furniture Row.


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