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Fry's Electronics Corporate Office Address

Fry's Electronics, Inc.
600 East Brokaw Road
San Jose, California 95112

Contact Fry's Electronics

Phone Number: (408) 350-1484
Fax Number: (408) 487-4700
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Fry's Electronics Facts

Date Founded:
Founding Location:
Number of Employees:

Fry's Electronics Executives

CEO: John Fry
CFO: Randy Fry
COO: David Fry

Fry's Electronics History

Fry’s Electronics was founded in 1985 by Charles Fry, Randy Fry, and David Fry after father Charles Fry sold his Fry’s supermarket chain. The company is a super big box retailer of consumer electronics, household appliances, car audio, computer software and hardware. Fry’s Electronics,  frequently referred to as simply “Fry’s”, offers in-store computer repair, car audio installation, as well as custom built computers.

Fry’s has more than 14,000 employees and had $2 billion in revenue in 2014. The original store was located in Sunnyvale, California, and the company now has more than 34 stores in 9 states.

Fry’s stores are enormous in size and often have decorating “themes”. The store in Phoenix, Arizona, for example, has an Aztec theme, while the Palo Alto, California, store has a Wild West theme.


Fry's Electronics FAQs

Question 1: What is the phone number for Fry's Electronics?
Answer 1: The phone number for Fry's Electronics is (408) 350-1484.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of Fry's Electronics?
Answer 2: The CEO of Fry's Electronics is John Fry.

Question 3: Who founded Fry's Electronics?
Answer 3: Fry's Electronics was founded by in .

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Tommy Kerzee November 4, 2019 at 6:20 pm

Yes I am the owner of a few business. You have the worst customer service of any company I have ever been with and I do business with companies all over the world. Your company had been charging me for 5 different accounts that are not ours. We have called and went to the Suddenlink office. Your company stolen over 850.00 for us and I have had your employees that a supervisor would call. That has been over two weeks ago. When I told some friends in congress they asked me to screen shot the email. I will send them to Louie Gohmert office and let them see how you treat people. There are several other business and people that are helping. Again you have the worst employees I have ever seen. I thing it is time you had so competitors come in Texas and help you get your company fixed are help you get out of Texas. Suddenlink’s Moto must be CHEAT AND LIE ALL YOU CAN AND STEAL ALL YOU CAN !


Jerry Owens November 3, 2019 at 7:31 pm

On October 26, 2019, I drove from Byron, Ga to the Fry’s store in Duluth, Ga. to get two of an item that I needed to finish a refurb on some computers for some kids. Note: This is a 126 mile each way (252 miles round trip).
I would have ordered the items but it was cheaper for me to drive there than pay what Fry’s considers a “competitive” shipping charge.
When I arrived at the store, I couldn’t find the items on the shelf since there were only two price signs on the counter and NO COUNTER LABELS to match the item number up with. where the items should be located.
Could not find anyone in the department to help me with the items, actually couldn’t find anyone anywhere in the store except behind the computer repair
counter. He had several people waiting to have their computers looked at.
My nephew had found some Hot Wheels he wanted so we headed to the check outs.
While going to the check outs, a “white shirt” passed us. I stopped him and asked if they had a scanner or some way we could check prices. I added in a way that showed I was not pleased “Since there are no prices on the counters and I’m not going to go back and forth to checkouts to find the one I want!”
He replied that all I had to do was take it to computer repair and he can check the price. I told him the guy was busy with customers and I wasn’t going to bug the one person i see actually doing something that was not his job and take him away from his customers.
The “white shirt” walked away. No customer service, no I’m sorry, no let me see what I can do, just walked away.
My nephew purchased his Hot Wheels and we left. Fry’s got $2.16 instead of a multiple component purchase.
Today, November 3, 2019, I was driving back from Ashville, NC and decided that since I was literally driving by the front door of Fry’s that I should look and see if the computer cases I wanted were on the shelf.
Guess What!! The counters were in the EXACT SAME CONDITION from the week before. No counter labels, no signs except on one computer case on clearance. Nobody anywhere on that side of the store to help customers.

I go to a computer terminal at the components sales counter and do a pick up order on the computer cases I want. The order goes through and states it includes the on display item as one of the two items on the order. That’s ok by me as long as it has all the pieces.

The order says that I will get a confirmation about my order within 20 minutes.
What happened to the “18 minute in store pick up” advertised on the web site?
I get my confirmation that my order has been received and is now being picked.
I see a young lady leave the front with a sheet of paper in her hands, more than 10 minutes after I get my confirmation that “your order is now being picked”.
I follow her to the counter and ask how she knows what shes’ picking since there are no tags or price signs on the counter. She shows me an iPhone that checks the prices and inventory, and scans a label inside the computer case.
(It would really be nice if they would issue one to customers so THEY would know the prices.)
She starts to take down a display item, missing the glass side panel.
When asked about the panel, my question was answered with “I have no idea, but display items are sold as is, and this is the only one in the store.”
So, the store system accepted an order for two computer case, one being the display, and the only one in the store was the display.

I left the store before I would have gotten in trouble letting Fry’s management know how I felt about the situation.

Well, this goes to the Fry’s executives. It seems like you have management that doesn’t care about the condition of the store, issues with price management, issues with replenishment, issues with customer service, issues with inventory management, issues with scheduling and personnel shortages, and just about every thing else concerning running a store properly.

I worked regionally for K-Mart before I retired 15 years ago, and covered the tech departments of Office Depot for the next 13 years before I retired from them after health issues helped me make that decision.

If I had walked into a K-Mart or Office Depot and saw them in the condition the Fry’s store is in, I would have a least demoted them or fired them.

My Fry’s card, after meeting a pair of scissors, is now in 16 pieces and will soon be thrown into the fireplace.
I doubt very seriously that I will ever walk into the Fry’s at Duluth, Ga again unless it’s as a side trip when I’m going to the Micro Center just up the street from there.


Donald Croucher August 20, 2019 at 1:58 pm

Fry’s – Irving, TX is vacant of merchandise.- EMPTY Shelves

I met John Fry when he was starting out in the late 80’s, he was hyper enthusiastic about his concept.

It was an uphill battle for John and vendors like myself at Maxtor Corp to put Electronic components on the shelf at retail.

I imagine that the likes of WalMart and Amazon have applied serious financial pressure to Fry’s and it will be sad to see them go the way of CompUSA and Compter City[a Tandy Corp venture]


dCb July 31, 2019 at 6:49 pm

Fry’s – Austin, TX is ≈50% or even more vacant of merchandise.

I thoroughly agree w/ all of you herein. And now I can confirm why they seem to be folding. John & brothers, sons of Charles, weren’t paying attention to the required items / variables to keep a business thriving, esp. the customers. Even Tom Bodett w/ Motel 6 ads knows that. I’ve had my dealings w/ Fry’s lazy & rude-crisp-white-shirt-black-slacks-unpolished-shoes personnel.

The brothers should’ve listened to dad (Charles) as he was growing his grocery store business – the customer IS the most important entity in any business organization. They keep the lights on. dCb


Brandt July 22, 2019 at 8:11 pm

We bought a stereo system for our car at roseville. Ca frys. Absolutely the worst experience! It’s been a month and were are still battling them (frys managers). Were told we had to buy our own adapter parts for the install then they screwed up the steering wheel controls. We had the car in there 3 times and the mangers are SOOO elusive. They finally approved a refund and when my wife went in he lied and was so rude and condescending to her. We are still in this fight, just want what is owed, nothing more.


Barbara Broyles November 14, 2018 at 1:49 pm

Over the years I have purchased Thousands of Dollars of merchandise at Fry’s thru my business and myself personally. I have purchased appliances, big screen TV’s and many Computers and Monitors and other parts. In August of 2018 I purchased $2,200 worth of computer parts to build a new computer (no small amount). We found the mother board to be physically damaged. Took it back, Fry’s said contact the manufacturer – the manufacturer GENEROUSLY OFFERED TO REPAIR THIS NEW BOARD FOR $100.00 which I declined. I took all the parts back to Fry’s on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell CA. The young jerk that called himself a manager said, quote “TAKE YOUR DEFECTIVE PARTS AND LEAVE THIS STORE”. I am still trying to return the parts and get my money back. Fry’s used to be a good place to shop – NO MORE. They hire rude, Jerks to “play manager” and imply they will call the police if you try to return the parts.


A.Tara July 2, 2018 at 1:00 pm

As a person of color I will never shop at Fry’s ever again due to the biased, prejudicial treatment I received. The issue I have with Fry’s is the ‘receipt checking’ which is not required but a courtesy, unfortunately this is where if you are a person of color you will be treated as if you stole something rather than a legitimate purchase. Instances where I’ve had my receipt checked I’ve noticed that my items where checked more thoroughly than the customer in front of me. I’ve had employee’s insist on checking the UPC barcode on the item I’ve purchased compared to my receipt. This past weekend the conduct was much more that a though check, the ‘receipt checker’ insinuated that she want to physically fight over me questioning her regarding the indifferent treatment she displayed when checking my receipt.
My husband and I made one small purchase after shopping around on Saturday; as we left there was customer in front of us that was leaving. The ‘receipt checker’ checked their receipt without a glance to what they purchased. When my husband and I approached the employee looked at our receipt and asked ‘What you get’ in a crude tone to say the least. What’s odd about this is my husband had the one item we purchased in his hand and she had the receipt, so the question of what we bought seems idiotic. I asked her why was she questioning us and didn’t question the customer in front of us; this simple question sent the employee into an irate status where she began to yell at me in the store. She began with ‘Excuse me!? I ask every customer what they purchased before they leave the store!’, again I questioned why she didn’t ask the customers right in front of me. She had no response because she knew she wasn’t begin consistent and stood there with a puzzled look on her face. I asked her what her name was and she responded with ‘What you goin’ do?, What you goin’ do?’ as she got off her stool toward me insinuating she was going to physically assault me. As she continues to make these statements another Fry’s employee appears and the ‘receipt checker’ claimed this was her manager. She continued to speak to me in a crass, ignorant tone until I finally told her I was a customer and should be treated equally to other customers making purchases at Fry’s. This ‘manager’ only told the employee to stop responding to me, he never spoke to me or my husband about this employee’s rude and threatening behavior. I continued to ask her for her name and she refused to give it to me responding with ‘Why do you need my name?!’ I had to call the store to find out her name and the Store Manager’s name who was the ‘employee’ who showed up, apparently he was on his way out as his shift was ending. I’m deeply disturbed that Fry’s would hire an employee that has no customer service skills, cannot read receipts, specifically questions African American customers further about their purchases and has anger management issues. The store manager should have spoken to me and my husband to obtain details about incident but failed to do so.
I could have easily purchased this item from and had it delivered ‘same-day’ instead of coming in to Fry’s and being yelled at and threatened by an employee. I plan on returning the item I purchased at a different Fry’s location. If you are a person of color and you spend your hard earned money at Fry’s they will still treat you with a biased, prejudicial attitude and always assume you stole something.


Jeff & Stacy May 30, 2018 at 10:01 pm

We purchased at 65 inch screen TV (needing to be shipped to MN). It was delivered on Thursday, May 24. We work 12 hour days, plus it was Memorial day weekend with plans out of town. We opened the seemingly undamaged box on Monday (Memorial Day which had been stored safely in the house), after hooking up all devices, we plugged the TV in. There we found out that the TV had a large “shatter spot” with “spider webbing” running across the TV. We called Frys and were told that because we were outside THEIR 48 hour window our claim was useless and denied. It’s not as though we had been sitting on this TV for a week or a month. No matter that it was a Holiday weekend, they were unwilling to work out a deal for replacement or monetary refund. Or even honor their statement of a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If they wish to stand by their 48 hour policy, they should have that firmly disclosed during purchase/check-out. They had the audacity to suggest we take the TV to have the screen replaced. We checked, it will cost more than the TV is worth. We were even willing to pay for shipping to return the TV, if they sent us a replacement. They wanted nothing to do with it. Now we are out hundreds of dollars and have a useless TV. As a purchaser for a large outpatient Physical Therapy group, I have experienced lost or damaged items in the past. BUT NEVER have I experienced a company NOT WILLING to make it right! FRYS IS A 2 BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY!! This experience has PROVEN how they got this far! PLEASE, whatever you are looking at purchasing; go elsewhere, to a company that will stand behind their words.


Eliza March 16, 2018 at 12:39 pm

I work in Accounts Receivable at a company that sells products to Fry’s. I have never received a payment from them without having sent at least 7 (SEVEN!) emails to them. They don’t pay according to payment terms, and their accounting team is unhelpful to say the least.


Rich January 3, 2018 at 12:48 pm

1.03.17 0938 hrs. i called Sacramento Frys to complain about he poor service and item availability. I got this woman on the phone. i asked to speak to a manager. She wanted to know what i was calling about. I said Just get me a manger. i don’t want to discuss discuss this with you. Then she wanted my name and phone number. I said Dave and you don’t need my phone number. Whats you manager s name she said Arnold Johnson. She still would not let me speak to manager. I hung up.


Rich January 3, 2018 at 12:39 pm

1.02.18 I was shopping at Frys tonight but tried to call prior. But they never answer the phone when you call to see if they have a product. So for the 5th time I get there and they are out. I’ve driven 46 miles round trip hoping they have what I need. Nope So the next closest is in Roseville Frys. which is 9 mile farther. And that store didn’t have what I need. So the next closest is Berkeley in the bay area. Fry’s since you guys don’t want to answer the phone give the internet access to your current inventory so I can find a store that has what I need.
I thought Radio Shack sucked.


steve December 13, 2017 at 8:05 am

I just read thru some of the reviews and complaints here.
WHY the Hell Is this store still even open ?


dCb July 31, 2019 at 6:48 pm

Fry’s – Austin, TX is ≈50% or even more vacant of merchandise. I believe this answers your question Steve tho it’s 1yr. 8mo. after your comment.

I thoroughly agree w/ you. And now I can confirm why they seem to be folding. John & brothers, sons of Charles, weren’t paying attention to the required items / variables to keep a business thriving, esp. the customers. Even Tom Bodett w/ Motel 6 ads knows that. I’ve had my dealings w/ Fry’s lazy & rude-crisp-white-shirt-black-slacks-unpolished-shoes personnel.

The brothers should’ve listened to dad (Charles) as he was growing his grocery store business – the customer IS the most important entity in any business organization. They keep the lights on. dCb


steve December 13, 2017 at 8:00 am

Frys Electronics review.
I have been into frys electronics twice lately , the first time I sat my merchandise down on the counter and walked out with cash still in hand. I was not willing o wait like 15 minutes to do the exchange.
I came in, found what I wanted to buy, carried it up to check out and found your “cattle run” with appx 40 t o 50 other shoppers waiting to be checked out, and the line wasn’t moving. I hadn’t planned on this being a all day purchase and was not willing to wait. What I was buying was not that important to me. I sat your crap up on your counter as I walked out the door. NO SALE.
The next time I wanted something from frys electronics I made sure I went in about 2 pm on a Tuesday to avoid some of the “crowd” after finding my purchase I headed to the cattle run and stood there and listened to others XXXXXX about needing to wait like cattle just to check out.
That lasted for about 7 or 8 minutes while we waited for about 10 to 15 people to work their way thru your f-ed up check out system.
I do not shop at frys electronics unless I absolutely have to for this one reason.
Once I have money in one hand a merchandise to buy in the other I will not stand in a damn line for very long to give you your money. I just wont and I don’t and I’ll bet I’m not alone in this.
You may ask yourself, “How many times a day do people either not come in to a Frys or walk out without buying anything just to avoid our XXXXXed up exchange system ?”
If you change this and find your business does much better you should send me a damn check and maybe I’ll come to your store and spend it.
PS: I made sure I let one of your store managers know this story as well as I checked out.
Change your system or continue to lose sales, your choice.


Kelly Oliver December 5, 2017 at 8:40 pm

I ordered an item online and received notification it was ready for pickup. Wow – how easy is that I thought. I was wrong! You proceeded to try and sell me a product that apparently had been returned. It had glue on the bottom and was missing the most important compartment inserts for my cameras. The service person left to get one from the store floor and was gone for over 20 minutes. She returned with one that had the inserts, but no branded tag that shows the product and its functions. I asked her for the tag off of the defective one to put on the new one I was purchasing and all would be good. The “Customer Service Supervisor” ATIR KAUNAIN had to have been the rudest supervisor I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Very unprofessional and insulting. He proceeded to tell me he could not give me the tag. I explained that the one you were going to sell me was defective and/or returned, but yet you pulled it to sell to me and now I can’t get the tag off of it? He wouldn’t look at me and just said no and proceeded on with his work. I asked him his name and he did not reply. I told him he was very rude and unprofessional and proceeded to write down his name to file a formal complaint. So now I have a “So Called” new item that is missing the tag – so I have my suspicions that this one too was a return. All I can say is, for someone like this Fry’s Supervisor to be so lacking in professionalism, courtesy and helpfulness, the store itself also lacks what Best Buy has, which is GREAT customer service. I will be returning this product to Fry’s and purchasing it at Best Buy. AND to top it off, when I got back into my car after this unfortunate situation occurred, I tried to call corporate and was on hold for over 35 minutes and then was disconnected. Fry’s needs a lot of help with Customer Service!


Don L December 1, 2017 at 7:51 pm

I’ve wasted 1.5 hours of my day after “your projected wait is 8 minutes!!!!!” Your false and misleading advertisement of “free shipping” etc. You’ve lost a customer because of this misleading and questionable behavior but your “customer reps are rude and more often than not speak unintelligible English!” I’ll pay an extra $ or 2 not to suffer this degradation!


Inno November 26, 2017 at 9:48 pm

WOW!!! Not a single review on your site is positive. This tells a lot about your business practices. I have walked out of the store in Duluth GA three times without buying big-ticket items I had wanted on three separate occasions. From reading the reviews here it seems like the corporate headquarter is fully aware of what is going on in all the stores they own and must encourage their managers to run the store the way they wish as long as they surpass margins and make the company profit regardless of how they treat customers. I was going to call the headquarters in an attempt to address my experience with Mr(s) Fry himself/themselves, but after reading all the reviews I rest my case and will take my business elsewhere from now on. This company is on a bad collision course, I will be surprised if they last as long as some of their competitors out there. Save yourself the agony and do your research before you go to a place where customers are not treated nicely and policies change by the seconds to refrain from honoring what is normally known store policy(Price Match).


vincent thrash November 20, 2017 at 6:22 pm

vnw3@ bought sub woofer online supposed be at redondo beach.suppose to get notification 30 minutes 3hrs later still nothing. Called store 35mins waiting on line and when finally get someone on phone they have no idea how to help me. I see my Best Buy is doing better than frys this no way to run a business


Reynaldo Cunanan Cortez November 7, 2017 at 10:25 pm

Dear Sir,
I would to like share my experience on my purchased today at Fry’s store with
Invoice #21403794. I purchased a Universal Lap top charger and the sales clerk
opened the box and picked one of the 8 tips that fit my lap top. I looked at thebox
and I thought I could use some of these tips, but I was so disappointed when got
home that he did not give me the rest of the tips. I will never shop at Fry’s again
because this may happen again.No customer service.

Reynaldo Cortez


Dave Smith October 4, 2017 at 1:12 pm

I’m located in Dallas. I recently purchased a Bose speaker stand for my Bose sound bar. I was shopping Fry’s online and located the part that I wanted at the Richardson Store. It’s quite a drive so I wanted to make sure they had it in hand for my purchase. In making the online purchase and choosing the customer pick-up option – obviously I had to give my email address. I didn’t feel good about this because I have been haunted with 100’s of junk emails in past experiences with other stores – namely Home Depot.
I successfully made my purchase and picked up my part as ordered. THEN THE PROBLEM BEGINS…
Within a couple days I began receiving Fry’s email solicitation ads. One ad, no problem! However I began receiving a few per day – Everyday! Finally I remembered that you can option out using the unsubscribe option. I chose the first Fry’s email in my inbox and I unsubscribed. Several days passed with numerous email offers cluttering my inbox. I in turn unsubscribed to each and every one of the email ads.
Now I get email ads throughout the day, every day. This is enough to make me not want to shop Fry’s again. It’s upsetting that my phone beeps daily only to see another Fry ad.
What does it take to make Fry’s to stop emailing me? I have unsubscribed as offered. I never asked to receive emails. No, I did not check the receive ad’s once a week or everyday box. I consider what you’re doing harassment.
I’ll make a deal with you… As long as I receive ad’s from you I will not make any purchases from your company. Stop the harassment and I may return as a customer. As of now, I am no longer shopping Fry’s.
Obviously, you have my email address. Please delete it ASAP.


Jerry Owens November 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm

Just start marking the e-mails as “Spam”. The only time you will see them is if you have to empty your spam folder.


Roger Anson August 30, 2017 at 8:27 pm

Three weeks ago a NAXA tablet (plu # 8991343) was on sale for approx $30.00. The store rep. told me they were out of stock. He said they go on sale approx. every 2 to 3 weeks. I checked the web site for the next two weeks. They were full price. Last night I went to the Anaheim, Ca. store. They are still out of stock. I talked to manager Pedro Gonzales. He would not honor the sale price once they are back in stock because according to him it was a manufacturer’s promo. If you cannot keep the item in stock and your reps. provide inaccurate information, then why not honor the sale price irrelevant of the source of the offer? I would like you to honor the sale price so that I can buy one. R.S.V.P..


lili August 27, 2017 at 1:56 am

is any one can take care of the workers hwo works in Fry’s store. I want to take day off they said no i cant take it.the manager in this store located in burbank are sock, sick they dont know how to talk to associate.even the rate is $12 every where but they give us 10.50 why???we dont have hr service to talj about all this problem…just today my maneger told me you wanna do something lets go outside im waiting for you is that right???all mexican people with tattoos they dont even know how to talk with customer they work in this store!!!!!is any one can fix all this problems??!!!??


Eric Teahan August 19, 2017 at 12:59 pm

Hello Fry’s Corporate Office.

I just wanted to pass along an incident that took place at your store located at 3035 W. Thunderbird in Phoenix. I have spent over $5000 this past year at you store, which may all sound irrelevant to you there; I’m a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. I have called your store today beginning at 9 am and as of this minute I have been on hold for 21 minutes waiting for someone to answer the line after the wait time of 3 minutes. I called baack again at 930 am and again, no answer for 17 minutes.
What is going on at your store? I got my caregiver to take me there in person, I proceeded to customer service and I called from right across the counter, with no one in line as I watch 3 employees talk and ignoring my incoming call.
I don’t expect to get even a “sorry for the inconvienience you experienced.” as I feel this complaint will again fall on deaf ears as it did in the store. I only ask that you acknowledge that this is what customers should not be seeing for customer servicem at the store level.
I have now chosen to bring my business to another place becase of the lack of respect that I witnessed myself firsthand.
You can respond if you so choose, because I read and answer my calls and emails.
This doesn’t look good for you folks.

Thank you for your time reading this,

Eric Teahan5 at


Andrew Avalos August 18, 2017 at 3:25 pm

Worst customer service ever, ordered an item in store for in store pick up. Item is a tablet for college to order my book cheaper threw ecopys. Told 3-5 days call back nothing, again nothing. call customer service at store, they can’t tell where or when the item will arrive. I call online customer service and tell then what the store said, they transfer me back to said store. Call them back to say wth and they tell me call corporate, of course no one answers. SO now I can’t afford books in time, have to cancel school and still don’t know where my item is….


ron August 12, 2017 at 3:48 pm

The best


Elena August 11, 2017 at 8:26 pm

They have the worse customer service I have ever dealt with; they sent over a new guy who just stared working there to install my new dishwasher; and the guy did not know what he was doing. Not only did we waste 2 days trying to get my dishwasher delivered and installed but the guy who did install it installed it wrong. The dishwasher is not working properly and it is not stable. It moves like its’ going to fall on out. Then when I called to get someone over to fix the problem, they tell me that they have other customers who are ahead of me. Boy you talk about blowing up, so now I’ve wasted 3 days waiting now on proper installation…………..and I paid for the delivery & installation! Get real people, what kind of a business are you running???? Never gain, I’ll go to anybody but Fry’s – they suck!


Kyle Kibodeaux August 8, 2017 at 8:01 pm

Never buy from them. I ordered a computer monitor online to pick up in store. First I ordered it new, but when I opened the box it had a sticker on the inside saying it was already used but checked buy associates to be in perfect condition. On top of that, the stand was missing from the box. So I called for a refund and the manager told me I had to bring it to him even though it’s a 3 hour drive and I was in college. Then after I told him I could ship it to him he said the company doesn’t do that. And hung up the phone.
Just never shop here. There customer service is rude


Chrys July 5, 2017 at 7:37 pm

FRY’s SUCKS. I tried to exchange a $10 item. After waiting in returns with three other customers that were very mad and asking for the store manager 3 times we all got a major attitude from the manager. Even the employees were apologizing – except for the lady who stands at the “door out” she was useless. All of the customers were talking about going on Yelp and talking about the horrific experience. I was just trying to exchange a $10 item. The employees said they used to carry that model. I wanted to exchange for the similar model – same brand – same price. The manager wouldn’t do it. Does ANYONE at Fry’s work in customer service. Why would you have a rude manager treat 4 of your customers to the point we were all saying “WOW.” I have the managers name and employee number. When I called customer service 3 times I got disconnected EACH time after the front office lady transferred me to the manager that oversees that store in Campbell. 3 TIMES. I also sent in 2 emails – no response. I am on hold now. My next step is to go virtual and re-enforce your lack of customer service and continue on with my experience with BayArea news and the Mercury News. Someone needs to get out of corporate and understand how customers feel about your stores.


Ron Garrett June 19, 2017 at 7:50 pm

I bought a Bose Wave system after being told I could plug my phonograph into Aux jack. I paid cash for item. I brought Bose system home & plugged in phono. It did not work. Turns out it needs a pre amp. Took Bose system back and was told that they would have to issue a check. Hummm?? At any rate, after two weeks, no check. Is Fry’s a rip off store? Amazon is able to issue a check within 24 hours. Fry’s, I don’t think you’ll last much longer. You definitely are rock bottom in customer service. You must pay pennies. Sad.


Abbas Darouian May 25, 2017 at 6:40 pm

After driving from Brentwood to Concord (1/2 hr. drive) with a borrowed car I picked up an internet ordered 55″ Samsung TV at concord Fry’s at 6pm. I set up the TV next day and turned it on. The upper half of the screen was covered with vertical colored/gray signal lines. I repacked the TV and drove to Concord for exchange. They opened the box turned the TV on they took pictures and asked me to fill up some paper work. They said they have to doXXXXent the problem and send it to the manufacturer and get approval for exchange. They forced me to take back the TV to Brentwood and told me to wait for a couple of days till I get a call to come back for exchange. I am 72 years old and am upset for all the hardship I have to go through to exchange a defective product. This company have the worst return policy I have ever heard of. The whole process is based on distrust between the store managers, the customers. Apparently the managers of the stores also don’t have the manufacture’s trust. For a defect so obvious they do not have the authority of exchange. The manufactures have to review the defects case by case and give the store officials permission for exchange. They will not even refund me for the purchase I made. This will be my last purchase from Fry’s. My advice to everyone is not to buy any electronics from this store unless they test it first. Horrible Company, Horrible service.


Byrd May 23, 2017 at 8:26 pm

Normanly i would have great things to say first time they help us it was good now this time not so good. Dont want to be rude but customer service sucks they rude they laugh at you. Why spend all my money just to be treated that way.


Kerri May 14, 2017 at 2:12 pm

My husband and daughter took me to frys in Anaheim CA last night to pick out a Mother’s Day present. We also had a return and did not have the receipt. 1 person was in the line to return something, once it was our turn we explained the situation about the BB8 with force band we had purchased there and that the manufacturer had emailed us saying we needed to return it to the store we purchased it from to exchange it that it was a common malfunction with the droid. We stood there for 45 minutes while being treated like criminals as 4 employees including the rudest manager I’ve ever met. They continued to pull everything out of the box and try to discredit and prove us wrong. Finally at an hour I was done, when the rottin manager had returned with a new one. She scolded us saying she will as a one time courtesy do an even exchange but if this one didn’t work we could not bring it back. I tried to remain courteous and said thank you and she turned and gave me a dirty look and walked away. Moving on to pick out my Mother’s Day gift I found an open box beats solo3 wireless headphones on markdown only to get it home and open it so I could charge it and use it today and find that none of the charging cords are in the box. Now what? Go back and spend how many hours on Mother’s Day being belittled and made to feel like a criminal again? Happy Mother’s Day to me, thanks for messing it up frys! Thanks for makinging my husband and daughter feel like crap because you didn’t do your job, on the markdown label it stated you inspected the contents and the same manufacturer wananty would apply. WOW


Brenda May 3, 2017 at 5:17 pm

My husband and I went into the store on 4-30-17 to buy a stereo system for our truck. The salesman in that department looked up on the computer as to what all we needed and went and got it all for us. He then booked a installation on the same day, we paid for the stereo, installation, and warranty. When my son went down to have it installed, the installer guy informed us, that the kit for our truck was wrong and they don’t even sale them at fry’s. He gave my son the information for us to call or go around to like Best Buy and see if they had it. I was not going to waist my time with all that, nor did I feel that was my job. I was upset called the store was on hold for over 45 min. The manager then said I could return it and get all our money back and for the inconvenience, he would give me his employee discount on a purchase as long as they still made money off the item, and as long as he was still working there. I laughed and hung up on him. My son then went to the store to return it, 4 managers later he finally got someone to approve the return. We are now 3 days into the return with NO CREDIT back to our Credit Card. Mind you this was a 511.00 purchase. I am more than livid. We had to fight to get our money back, they say it was credited back to our card, I have the receipts, but it still has not gone back on our credit card. Seriously you are holding our money, we are unable to purchase another stereo from someone else.


Michael Chester March 19, 2017 at 2:06 am

On Saturday, March 18th, 2017, I was forwarded a Frys ad that had a Canon 7D digital camera body listed at $386 at the Milton, Georgia location. I was amazed because even though it was the Mach I version, that price was amazing. When I went to the actual web, I was even more surprised that the price had been dropped to $159.
I immediately called the store and was reassured by the person who answered the camera body was indeed in stock and available and he instructed me to order online. I asked once more and was once again assured. Immediately after ordering the camera body from Frys, I ordered a grip and battery pack for the camera.
Within 20 minutes Frys sent me an email saying that the camera was unavailable because IT WASN’T IN STOCK. I called the store and informed them that this was cause for stress because I was REPEATEDLY assured that the camera body was available and had bought the grip and battery pack.
I was told by the manager of the store that the camera was broken and that’s why the price had been reduced to $386 and then to $159. He also said that at least 30 people had responded to the ad but they were told that the body was not available. IF IT WAS BROKEN AND UNAVAILABLE, WHY DID THEY STILL HAVE IT ON THE WEBSITE?

This was a classic bait and switch. I have been a customer of Frys for years but I’m furious at this turn of events. I am out time and money because of this situation. You’ve lost a loyal customer.

Michael Chester


Nandu Narsappa December 16, 2016 at 1:50 am

Hi Shweta,

My name is Nandu Narsappa. I am originally from Bangalore, India. I have visited the U.S.A about six times from 1982 to 2004, and thereafter have settled

down in San Diego, California. I love shopping at Frys. They have a huge selection. But I have to say that Customer Service does not match the huge

selection. I have had some very disturbing incidents and a few memorable incidents.I have about 31 years of experience in the Customer and Health

Industry. And as such, I have an uncanny ability to identify excellent Customer Service from Sub Standard Customer Service. The last 3 times that I

visited Frys, I have had Customer service that exceeded my expectations and Customer service that was deplorable. The last time time was on the 10th

Dec, 2016. I had gone to pick up a 4k hdr movie (Jason Bourne). I wanted to speak to the Supervisor of that Dept. and I found Mariah( her name was on

the desk). She was one of the most rude persons I have met. I stood at about 2 feet from her waiting for her to ask me what I needed or at least

acknowledge my presence. She did nothing of the sort. She kept ignoring me. ‘When I finally had a another employee David, speak to me. she just

looked at me and waited for me to talk. I told her that I would like to put in a good word for an employee, Autumn who had given me good service. She

very CURTLY. told me that Autumn was off. I mentioned that I only wanted to put in a good word for Autumn as Mariah was the Supervisor. She just

kept Glaring at me. I mentioned that Frys would definitely like their employees to smile and greet their customers and talk in a very courteous Manner.

She just kept staring at me. I know I am from India. But does that MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am dark skinned. But does that MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I

was very very upset and angry that a customer could be treated according to what color he is, at frys. From your name I suspect that you Indian. Please

correct me if I am wrong. But how would you have felt. It is very humiliating. This employee does not understand that the food on her table is

indirectly paid for by Customers who shop at Frys. I am very sure you would agree with my statement. I have tried to contact Corporate and have not

done so as yet. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, very good food and clothes, 4 cars and a very good life. And do you think that I should put

up with this discourteous and rude employee who may not have what I have?

I immediately told her that I would complain about her behavior to Paul or Ruben. You are

going to be shocked by what she replied. Mariah told me to go ahead and complain. What Arrogance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unfortunately Paul or Ruben

were not available. So, i insisted she take me to the next Manager on duty. I was taken to Miguel. He was very courteous. He greeted me as soon as he

saw me (something Mariah should have done when she saw me). I told him about the incident and he said he would take care of it.. I am getting the

impression that nobody is looking into complaints and addressing them there and then. And that’s why employees think they can get away with any

behavior. Kindly look into the matter and deal with ti firmly. It would be nice if I could get your contact #. That way I can keep in touch with you, if I have

a problem whenever I shop at Frys.

Very Disappointed Customer

Nandu Narsappa


P.S. After talking to Miguel I had to pass by her to pay for the product, and she was laughing and talking to another employee. Why could’nt she smile at

me. Kindly check all cameras and you will see what transpired. Could you be so kind as to give me the contact # to the Regional Manager of Frys? I

would be very happy. Will certainly expect an email from you.


Nandu Narsappa December 16, 2016 at 1:49 am

Hi Shweta,

This is Nandu Narsappa sending you an email again.. I have’nt received any confirmation that you received my first email. If you are not the District

Manager of Frys, my apologies. But if you are, then I definitely would expect a reply, as it concerns an employee of Frys. I would really appreciate

getting your Boss’s contact email.

Nandu Narsappa


Nandu Narsappa December 11, 2016 at 2:49 am

Hi Paul Ardolina,
This is Nandu Narsappa. I had the pleasure of meeting you under unpleasant cirXXXXstances. I was the person who complained about Eta not knowing your

last name. We spent some time talking about Customer Service. Cutting to the chase. I came in this evening to buy a 4k uhd movie (Jason Bourne) which

had a promo code. I went to the section where I usually get info on all 4k movies. Mariah ( I read her name on the section table) was there and I needed

some info and even though I was about 2 feet from her, she did not even smile or acknowledge my presence. David came by and answered my question

but did not seem very friendly. I told him I needed to speak to Mariah. He asked if he could help. But I explained again that I would like to speak to

Mariah. He told Mariah that i would like to speak to her. She just looked at me, did not even smile or look at me. I told her that I would like to put in a

good word about Autumn. She rudely told me that Autumn was offf . I politely told her that i just wanted to put in a good word.She kept Glaring at me.

I asked her if Frys has a policy where the employee is supposed to smile and greet the customer, she just glared at me and said she was confused.

Paul, I am sorry to say that this sort of behavior is totally unacceptable. I maybe not be white, but she was definitely profiling me.

She continued to glare at me even though I kept saying that her attitude was not at all friendly. When all talk

did not help, I told her that I would have to complain about her rude attitude and behavior to you or Ruben, she said go ahead. Which employee

would have the courage to do that. You guys were not available and I had to talk to Miguel. He immediately smiled and addressed me as Sir.

What a difference from a rude Supervisor and a Manager. He apologized for Mariah’s rude behavior and assured me that he would talk to Mariah.

This is the 3rd incident that I have had at Frys, with very rude behavior. I would be very grateful If I could have your District Manager’s Number. I am

beginning to feel that you have to be White to get Customer Service that exceeds your expectations. I have 3 strikes and that definitely proves my

point. I would be expecting an email from you.

My Invoice#25530814 Sat Dec 10 20:06:46 2016

Very Disappointed and humiliated Customer,

Nandu Narsappa



Jerry Owens November 3, 2019 at 7:56 pm

It’s not just you. White people don’t get even decent customer service at Fry’s.


Corey Johnson December 5, 2016 at 1:04 pm

I was recently a customer at your Irving texas location and to make a long story short the customer service i recieved was the worst I’ve ever gotten the guys that were there didn’t know what they were doing at all i was there over an hour just to buy a car stereo and the next day i was there about 4 hours for an install because the guys sold me the wrong stereo i will never buy anything else from this company because of the service i recieved and i will definitely pass the word around telling other people not to spend money there until something changes


Kevin Ke December 12, 2016 at 1:43 pm

it has happened to me now. I brought up the issue to local store manager since November 17, 2016, till now It has not resolved. I requested the updates, no response. It was the worse customer service I have ever faced it. Fry’s is terrible in customer service. It sounds to me they do not care about the customers.


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